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fMMk Driven A bora and Ben Frozen to
AFFAiKS 1.1 A L 6 i N ? .
Debate in the PrD&ic on the Mouat lemon
Bt solutions.
The Dispute About the 8chool Lauds.
Qistery ef their ??!? t* KiDroid Companies
and indlvMa&K
Pittsburg Democrats Approve Judge
Douglas's Bill.
BaOread Accident--- narket B?p*rti,
Ac.. Ac., Ao.
Effect ? of tha L*l( Storm.
riiiLAiiiirnia, Fe b. 22, 1854.
Tbe oaptaln of tbe brig Ft woo?, of I'rovl encs, from
this port for New Oriaaua came up to tb* city to-night,
hla rraatl having eote aahore ,p Bimbay Book bar on
Monday night, to foar leet o' H? ouni np t) pro
car* lighten. Oa repurta ibe storm a? the moil tarrlbl*
*xperleno*d la nmj ye.re.
Nine THieli wee aihore, ?? ) ( i m?n war* frozto to
A schooner bound tu Ne ? York pat tots the Breakwa
ter in distress.
Uu) tmnIi are stbore ontti '?
Two wreoks Mr* b< la* tower) tip to the ei'y to night.
Rammm* feb'ii, 1864.
Railroad travelling betwran hire #??hiagton la r*
The roads to Wb*tling and Philadelphia kre still gl *ad,
but a train vent out ihu mo uiog on the Utter to la
d??ror to fero* a pataag*
PninDr.i'iuv Feb 33. 1851.
The track between th<i el y and Baltimore Is now clear
Of now, ud the train* Hill tun ragi.larly.
Damon, Feb. S3, 1861.
A mow stona.is now prevailfg here We had not
?ny now an 111 to day for over * week peat.
Fiom Wuhlngion.
JOHN TAN IU'Bs*? ?. 1I< N Bit Arm ?? K aeS ifl AND TQB
HOMBbTaAD 11 1. 1.8 ? N r W r h?K S<>1L MOVBJI*Nr?
Wif HmoTo.i, Feb. 33, 1864
John Van Baren hu arrlva-1 here, (nil of wrath against
kh* admialatratioa and tb* Nebraska Ull
As aaMndmeat will be prr poaed to the Homestead bill,
extending It* proTl *I<>d? to the territories of tb* United
Btatee Thl* will prob* My a'ir np the fe*Ilngs of the
South, under the Idea that It (? proponed wl h a vl*w of
crowding In a Northern emigration I. Nebraska and Kan
Ma, and tbna practically aettllng the Blare ry queaticn In
those qaarte ra.
The Naval Committee of the Senate will reeommsad
three sloopa-of-war in addition to tb* alt frigate*, all to
Oe provl-td with auxiliary ear** power. .
Tha Senate Special Ooannl'.te* on ttte^aotfla Railroad
Bet thla morning, and It la nnderatooJ are prepared to
report a bill is mediately.
Bon. Mtrman P *w?r, in* .'< eel: eat, and \V d King,
the "* c . eter y i.f th* United Sta *? Agncul u-al Sootetr,
with a la-ge delegation fron th* East en Wert, have ar
rived In thia elt? A meeting of the society waa halt
yceter. ey m >rntcg at .h. Suit h<ooi?o lot atutii n, and
adjourned to th'B morning
Tliere la avlJeotl. e great an-' iocr.ailng Interest fait In
the movement* of (Lis ca'iooal aoolr y, and ita pretest
?aaalon prr miree to be th- ni *t itre^auog, aa It la one of
the meat important that baa b**n held.
Affairs st the Stata Capital.
qcisma AWAUufP? rok >n caTiiouiot in fub
LIO roll! ? AN ?FPr>Hi T? OCIF TBMM ? A Ml!.
ai.hant, ft j. 31, 1864.
Bath honaaa were In qalet bnmor tu day. and dincuued
Dnit*d Staiaa lighthonaaa on th* li idaon rirer, and plsnk
roads in varioas ptrta of the 8'ate in a manner of d*oo
Fnm and oonrtaey becoming tnoh olatlngalahed bodies of
th* people'* reproMDtatI***. Ta* rasolallons Introdaced
In th* Asa* nbly at an early day rala' inf to the pnrohaw
Of Mount Vernon, by tha B -n. Joe*ph W Sk^aga, repre
aentieg th* allrar gray whig* of the Tenth Aaeemaly dis
trict of N*w York, apoa whljn hla celebrated ap*rsh was
knag, aad which haa IJo doroaant, with a a ight exaep
tlon, in the Benat* *r*r sine*, waa today called np by
Mr. Brooks, aad lo*t by a Tot* of 11 la the affirmative an3
14 in th* negative. So the wisdom of Ooogrus most d s
po*e of tb* ant>j*et without th* af?iatanc< at tb* Solon*
Of th* New York I.epial*ture They wo oil hare paaa
?d lb* 8*oate unanimonaly, aa ther did th* Soua*,
not tha fall spirit of abolltinninm per cued upon then,
OMtroylag them, as it doea everything el** *aouBb*r*d
With that pollution
Senator* having axbau* t*d their twenty foliar* worth
Of atatlooary, aawapa^ua, ft*., etee*d ta* bill from th*
Hon** adding ten dollar* to th* amount. Noeietty d*
Banded that th* additional sum abould b* at th* aerrlc*
Of m*mb*n.
la* old lend in relation to public *oboo'a i? again be
eenl>( a matter of agitatl xi S-o?tor Whitiey pr*
??n ted a petition from eeveral buudred cltiseas o' >lew
York, recoratra'lre againa envloylng n xnao Catholic
teaabera la the public ecaonle Tory aii?(* they 8nd that,
through eormptmn or intrigue a lai?e nu nfter ot Rouan
Cat nolle teactera hav* b?< n Intrudawd Into th* public
achor la; that th* B bl* ta oftaa axaladed from aa* la
th-m ; that meana are bet*g taken to aubvert tha mtoda
Of th* ohtldi*n of frotretan a Aad remembering th*
Galium cf the Catbolie Church to have a law faanic to
aaparat* th* eeh ol fued in tb* r favor, and re
gard lag that Cbur?h here aa th* organ of a for
aiga dMpotta power, whtah d?? r*a to eruah the
ft*adias? ef thought aad (peach, and to deprive th*
f*titiO(*is of *a 1 meson ot obtaining a liberal *dn
oation, they farther aee*r* that b?y have g>od caut* to
fear that by latiodactag. th-ough Intrlgu* aad sunning,
Malt taaober* Into our a->b oU, they Ute?d to la) a
fcuadatloa of*:uea'loa whteu will be aetrioental to
Pr t*-taat belief Toe pe iu >n quotes from Uatholia
prlats and prli ted pab Icatinaa aateral extraati toodlng
to co* Urn taem la tb* neoaeaity of imo?dl*te leglalative
InteiBanaa*. The I^g'aiatur* will d >aothlag la rafer*aee
to thla mat tar. Tb* p litialaai will not burn their flog*ra
by any lata rf*< ens* in tha** tbeol >gloal quarrel* Brtter
let tbe ?abj?ct rest with th* tru>t*ae aad othera of
aebool* wboatojil y t*acb*rs If there la aa *vll th*
p*opl* thamaelvea have tb* powar to correct It
m. Speneer laid a M l oa tha tabla of auflalaat la
?octaaa* to jaattfy aa leaerti a, a a there are anquea
boaably large sumbeve who may beaacae lataraatad tn*ra
(?- A aopy I* here given -
Air tor roa in rrauniiuirT ov orTAim-ro voarr on raorarn
rr st paiaa roKiaa a?p i Hmoiaa
Th* PeoaJe of the Btato of New York, r*pr?*e?t*d la
Beset# aa^ Aaaembly. do ? naet aa follow* ?
Bittt? 1. Evary rereoa who,wtthlat*at to cheat end da
fraaa aaoth* r, a Ball Oa? lgo?' ly. bj eolor of aay falaa to
ken or wrltirg, or by nnr falae pr?t>na* or reprwieatation
?Dad* in wrtttag aad etgaad by tbe party making toern,
Obtala tb* algaatar* of any peraon V> anj written loa ro
Meat, or obtala from any pereoa nay moaey, paramal
property or velnabi* thing, up >n eoavlotlwa therno', ihall
ae puatahad by laapriaonatnt tn a Stat* prlam, not *x
aeedicg tbre* jeara, er In a oooo'y jail not exvedlng oae
year, or by a flee, ait exoe*"lag tbr** tlmee tb* rdm of
*na*y, property or tblag, so obtained, or by both
<M?h Bae aad l nprt>onmeet
Baa. S. tfecitoi thirty-tar**, o' p rt four, article fourth,
? *1?* Bevtaad St a ut*i, I* h*reby r*>*al*X
"**? ?? *?t ahall aot rela-* to or affe*t any iadict
p"' paedlog andar the la* hereby r*p*al*d.
B** A Thla a*t aha 1 take a (lent immediately
* tAh * aal becevo'eut ladlea of th*
fy* !.V* 1 a^plioatloo for a ?bert*r to
la **rpo*ate th* larfW H ma Mi. mo< era ft^l*t? of tbe
Method! at F.pleaoaal Ounteb ?? The .am.. la?rt>d in tb*
T R Itenell Mr*
Pbska Patoar, Mrr. Julia M A tee am. Harriet 'ktdia ire,
?ad mas baogin* Mataain To y a.lega Vdat they waat to
katd real aa.d p*aeeeai property v, uve ammnt ol oa*
feuadred aad ifty thoueaad (V llara, r?eut? leg tbe
annual Inerme ft th* pereoaal pr aerty f> thesaa tf
flfteea thouaaad dollar*, exslaala* of dooa'tona Tnetr
praMarad object la to all "rial* the waatt better the s m
ditica of the degraded aad poor, toedaoatepoorohiMrea,
a-< <o emplry aniaa oaarlee to vtalt aueb pereoaa. aad to
pr*a?h tb* goapal among them Aa tbe nbjaet of theee
(a. I** 1* lo be-" tow tbatr benerolano" npoa toe aufo-ta
nete* of tb* Fiv* Pol a 'a, and th* llttl* aw**p*ra at the
atiaafl eroaalnge, tha legislature abouH Immellataly
(aaat thalr raqueat aad let the S n ag mla lel Blootaera
*a alt anotber year Mora graauag them all th* right! pa
trior ed far.
Thate win be no aaaetoa to m trow, being th* aa*lv*r
fhi| * th* MftA * All IM BM?b?n |M
fcttietr* ara tiohattd ft r Troy- C*'?\ ftU?ppoU?M?t baa
bwg er??'ed ?t th? nature of tin ??\*rUiatttal to ?bUa
tb?.U*l Utnr?baab?aataTtta?. H-r??ofnr? aadaa paa t
?l)j ?T?r ?!?-? tba Alba*; brtdga qint'oo hu bMM tM
r?r?.?t? ro?mb??? h?r* baaa hdu1I< f?a? *4 attha Troy
HouM in ? atyla aad aplrBdnr whtsb your A>tor or 81.
NioholM ooald not nod Bat ?u?, from ?om> laootnpr*
btniibi* etur?, thk mibHi ara to toka ?t?nd?M la a
rai'road d*pOt with lavatohN aad oold watar to k*ti,
with iba Uarroomrtar apprcaahtof to iar>l Th? ottiiaaa
of Hbarai aad ?nterprblDg froy baya traaafarrad th?tr
patriotism to a railroad company aal. aadar tha oaaopy
of 'hair abed*, ar* to ba aaurt load. Ob, for ttaa iplrlt of
a Hookar, a Warns or a Jtr wf !
Albany. Feb 22. ISM.
In tbe early part of the session of ths preseat I.egOla
ture, Mr A. B. Dioklison made several speeches la the
Sena'e ob the subject of the publlo 1 todi belonging to ths
Common School Fund of the State, And distinctly charged
that the IaU Oommianloners of the Land Office had aquaa
dared Immeaae portion ? o( those lands upon political f?
vorlurs to tb? great detriment ot tbe above faad. Toeee
charges became so frequent, d reot And d latino t, that the
Senate final*? eoseludad that an investigation should bs
hid into ths aoBdnc: of he lata State offirers, and thera
fora appola'ed a oommlttaa. A month or mare hat
e la peed since this comrnlssioa *ai organised, and up to
thU tine bo report hae bean enbaiitted, Bad It le doubted
wk ether any steps cave teen taken to arrive at the facta
Tbe lands Blinded to lie la the coantina of Herkimer and
BamlltuD, and are Inapproachable by any opening, either
by roads or canals A few jfara sincc a eonpaoj vat
orginised, known ae the Haakett'a Hirbor sad 4ara
to* a Railroad C.mspary, ostensibly for the purpose of cm.
a trotting a road from Lake Ontario to Saratoga, runatag
moat!}- throu|h these Ian la. Ai an toduoecent to open
that regioa of sequestered ard impenetrable wllderaeea,
tbe L glalatore authorised the Cosmtssionsra of the Laad
Office to a?U Urge alternate aeatleni of thoae iaada to the
compaay for the nominal earn of fire oente an aore9 in
eonaideratioa of expending a o-rtaln am rant of money
upon tbe road, or by making a deposit of a certain earn
to the treasury. Under tbe latter reqaliition, very large
quantities of these las la bars been thus secured by
placing the earn of some five thocsaai dollar* lathe
trfainrj Tbe c ompan j baa expended small anoaati to
procuring tnrveys, whlth iemonatrated the fact, as li
alleged, that it la Impracticable to build a road throagi
the regioa originally contemplaUd; atd efforts aia, there
fore, no* making to Indnoe the Leglslatare to allow tbe
road to take an entirely different routs, that Is to aay,
toatead of rax sing dlreeetly from Saratoga to Saokett'a
Barker, by way of the Flab Boose, aloog tbe east branob
of the Sseondaga river, passing tbroujh the Moose river
township, through Joba Browa's tract, Bad ao to the Til
lage of Carthage la Jefferaoa county, they petitiea for
tbe pri 'liege of mating from Saratoga Bortaerly
to Clem's F*lla, tbeuce to Caldvell along the
Diddle branch of the Hudson river to J.<kaabirg,
Warren caunty, and theaoe weaerly acroea the
north nd of Bar llton oouotr to Cartbaga ii,
ronning aa eatirely different route, of double tbe die
tance. Tbe company want to ooa^trncc aa entirely differ
ent road, an 1 at the same t'.me retain the privilege of
securing a l the school fund iaads at the nominal sum of
live cents per aore. foe agr-emfut with tbe State is,
that whenever twenty- fire trllae of the Saratoga aad
Saokett's Bsrborroad shellba e uistruo'ed, than the com
pany shall have the privilege of taking one h cdred thou
sand ?etei> at fire oeais; when twenty five n: ilea farther
are oompleted then aaother instalment of tbe same num
ber of acres may be taken, and a inrtber quantity upon
the completion of tbe whole line These privileges the
oompany now wish to secure by balldiag a road upon an
estlrely different rout?.
During tea year 1861, Mr W. C B. Wendell, of the elty
of New York. President or tha contemplated Railroad to
question, secured, personally,
In Beaver to'csbip, at 16o*ata ft, 120
le Moos* river iraot 2,286
In Oxbow tract. 8,211
Making tbe enug territory of 10,646 aeras for tbe looja
aiderab e sum of $1 6P6 60.
la tbe aame je>r Dr Brandretb, puibastl 24 036
acree to lowaship No 39. Tottea and Cro-sfield, at 16
cents, |aylag therefor $3,605 40. Ia tba centra of this
tract there la a l?ke e?mpr alng aoma eight hundred
acres, with aa outlet ojataiaiag power for Unmans* hy
draulic purposes
I i the j ?ar 1862 tbera were aona of the laads belong
ing to tbe acbc>al fund dispoisd o ; but aa the surveys of
therallicatl progrereel spcculst rs begaa to a yea their
eyes, aad tbe valne of tbe lands increased. In 1863 tbera
were several parcels sold William A Dart obtained
10,023 aer'a in tbe Tottea and Crosefleld patent, for which
be paid S6 cents par aora. Wm. C P.nter purchased
2,401 a ores at tft oasts. H W. D?puy, 4 489 acrei, at
1ft etnte. Lroo is Kir by. and West puroha<?d 8 691
acres at 20 c*nts These latter amonata are greater thai
ever bef< re received for any cf tba school Ian ' a, from
twenty five to tblity three per caat . and It U of tbeee last
atd Boat beneficial sales that Mr. Srnator Dlektoe?a has
thought pirper to make frv^n?nt oomplatnia Now, If
the Crmroifelonera were ana -l. dto obtain tan ceat? an
sera mors for the laoda in 1863 then tbe President of the
Saratoga aad 8ackatt'a Harbor Rsllna t hima l' pa d la
If 61, ?e eannot diecover wby ihoae pu alio ofll sera ehouH
be cbarged with lavUg ?'rqusnderet tbe school futd " as
the Sscator slleged. loatead at rscslvinc areprlmaat,
tlelr crrt'uat cugbt to ba approved by tbe Legislature
ant' the (ubUa.
But there is a eonsideratirn wb'cb Ilea at tha bot
tom ot tbla oontroverey, and it 1 < this;? the man
sgers of tbe railroad orm aa? c at?mt that tbe Com
?ul-sioneis of the I.?nrt Utti.--e.tave ni right to dl> pose
of any of tbota publlo laids aatil the demands of
the road are latisfled. That is to say, they shall
lay at the marcy cf tba eompany for aa Indefinlta
period of time, whether the road is ever built or not.
Tbey claim a p' saun puve right to euoh aa tbey may se
lect. tincer th?lr grant givea by tbe Legli atare, aad tba
CorrulFstoners matt su*p*od all aotina until tbe company
(hall bava secured whatever thsy desire It may ba
tbat tble i errand prevented the sale of Bay of the so Bool
lands In 1^(2 bnt tt appears tbat in 1863 tbe Commission
ers took a d IT- rant vi?w, aad an'd oon-iderable quaa itias
at a greatly esbaneed pr'ee Toe compaay wish to ob
tain for five cta<a, without building a foot of road, what
tba Cemtnlssloaers are receiving twenty five oenta fa*.
From as sxplaratsry acta of Mr Joan C Wright, recently
puMiihed *n tbs lleRAil), la which he wishes to bava it
understood tbst be did not vote f< r tbe sale of lande to
soy (f tbe ladlvirual* referred to, there U reason to ba
lieve tbat he took tua view tbat tbe Commissioners of tbe
Laid Office bal ao power ta teli laada while tha railroad
00 t pany wa< to the market Will geaator Dickiasoa en
iighiea ib%pubUc with a teport at tie aariiaat praatioa
ble saoKenT*
For ihs first tima in many years tba Saeate of thia
Htate has retrained to eessioa oa the annlveraary of Wash
Ingtoa's birttday An effort was made jeeteroay to al
jeurs over until fbureday, bot d? fratad, aad a ? that body
met as usual at eleven o'cl-ick, and proceeded to tha re
gular order of business V<ry llfle of importaeee waa
tranasctai. Amorg tha bills intioduced were the two
foilowirg by Mr. Wm. CUike, Chairman of tbe JudlaUry
An Act to Amend (Ac Reritfd S'aiuU a in Relation to Agentt
of State fruoaa
The people of the 8tate of New York, represented 1a tba
Senate aad A>aembly da aaait as <o Iowa: ?
Section 1 Section 26 of article 1st, t>tls 2d, chapter 3d,
part 4 b, of the Ks vised Statutes Is hereby ameaded ao as
to read as foll< w?: ?
All trscsaati, bs And dealings oa asoonnt of tba said
prUcss ah* II ba eoadncteo by, aad to tba BBaaa of,
tbe reepecive ageats, wao shall ba capable to law of
anlrg la all courts aad plaeaa. aad to all matters eon
cemig tbe raid prleoas, by their sams of office, aad by
that nsmathe said ageats reepectivsly shall ba aad ars
hereby, aatborlsed to sua fcr aad reaover all sums of mo
ney cue from say perron to aay former ageat of said prl
tons, or to tba people of this State on aooouat of said
An Act in Ktlatitm to IAbtU
The people o tha Bute of New York, r*prseected IB
Senate an< -AMen.bly, do enact ai follows: ?
-eotion 1. No repoiter, editor, or proprietor of any new
peper. khsll be liab.a to aay action or proaeoutioa, civil
or criminal for a fair aad troa report to such newspaper
of aay jadlclal, k glr lativa, or otaar publlo offleial pro
o?ecin|e, of any sut*meat speach argument or debate
le tbe m uree of the earn*, etc- pt upon actual proof ef
nallee in making each re^nt, which shall to BO case be
totlltd from tb* fact of iU i ublieatioa
? See 2. Nothing ta the pnesdiag section ooBtalaed
shell be so oei stracted aa tn protest aay such reporter,
editor, or proprietor, from aa aetloa or lodlotmeat for
say libellous ocmn* ats or remarks sapsradiad to aad
toterepersad or aoaaae*ed with eusb report
See. S. Tais set shall take effect ImmeillAtely.
When tba order arrived for teklag up motions and
rvsolutioaa Mr Brooks aroae aad remarked, tbat ae tbla
dey waa lis atalvereary of the blr'h of Washiagtoa. it
waa a very appropriate occasion for tba paeaaga of tba
resolntloaa on tbe table, asaiag Cony-ese to purchase tba
relebrated Boaat Yerata estate Tae ayes aad aces
ware sailed upon tahir g up tba subject, when it rv suited la
a tie vote? 11 ol4? wbaB f*r aeldee t Church oama promptly
to tbe aid of Senator Brooke, and iecidad tbe motion oar
rial Senator W Clarla tbea teok tbe floor la opposition
to their passage, bat bad aot proceeded far wbea his
voles was completely droaaad by akartial music, which
?as catering tee ball below, escorting tba military, who
? era patriotically celebrating tbe day Tba gentleman
suspended bis real arka, aad riesator M H Clark moved
aa adjournment; bat a majority baldly ??faced themuaic,"
'aid refused to adjoarn. After tba ??aotsa aad eoafuaioo"
aad somewhat sabsided, Mr Cla-ka raaomad his speech,
bat was shortly nfterwarda relieved by tha arrival o* the
hour for going into exeou Ivn aaaeioak After apeadlng
bnlf aa hour with nines d doors, during which a number
?f notaries ware eooftrased, lerteiatlve baatoeaa waa ra
anmed another motioa vaa made to ar*joara, aad agata
defeated, SeiaWa prefsrrlcg to remain aad liataa to tba
able nan laterasting speech Mr. Clarka waa aagagat to
deiinrlng. Tie Senate at a late hour adjourasd without
disposing of tbe rrsolatioaa asking Ooag eaa to purehaas
Mouat Verion
Tbe day has bsaa vary Baa, affordlag tba allitoTT aa
sxteUsot time for tisplay. S. noel H Hamaknad, editor
ot tbe Aepirfer, delivered aa oration, whlsh waa oaa of tbe
ablest preeeeted for maay a day. Though the subject
bss be?r beet neyad tor fifty yeara, still tba able orator
preientsd many new aad later eatUg featursa to tba Ufa
and tlatr ry of Washington aad iba Kevolatioa
At two c'.-k-ek tbe mem bera of the Leg tela tore aad a
large a umber of oateldera took the cars for Troy, ia com
piiar. ta with aa invitation presented by a railrrad sona
pary to pirtaks of Ita boepitall'iae Tha tables ware
? preea la the large new depot c f tha I'aloa Compaay, aad
the collation waa ample for all tha multitude who war*
?"???t. The Trojan a nre alwaya Ibaral Bad hospitable
on i each oncasioae, aad te day falto maintained tha rnpa
ALaunr, M. B, ISM.
raua nrom>.
Mr. W. Cusx, (whig) of Way**, reports* '4 buI ...n.
tb? ???(?(? of the geaeral ?ninwc', iaeilglble for tttato
Mr. Bncnm, (aat dm.) of Kiaga, a bill to authorise
tbe Baperrisors of King* toiitj to appolat additional
clerks la th* Criminal Goorta
bills tmm.
to ir corporate p Ivate c-m?letUe.
T? authorise loans for tbe King* *rnnty peaiteaUary.
tn nomrr tiuo> woinioni.
Mr. Bbooks, ( whig) of New Turk. sailed ap tbe Meaat
Veraoa reaoiuuet ?. Agreed to by the oastiag vote of ths
Pro it! wat.
Mr BHop, (whir) rf Monroe, move' tonfw the reso
lute ?? to ths Judiciary Ommittes. l/rt? ayes 8, ??T? IS.
Mr. W. Cuik spoke oa the Moaat Vtraoo resolutions
ap to tba boar cf adjournment.
Pennsylvania Denocratle Convention.
PrrnBCKQ F?b. 22, 1814.
The Democrats Coaventioa to-day ia tbia ojty elected
delegate* to tba Stat- Convention, aad isstruo'sd them to
vote for Governor Blgler an<t resolatloai la favor of tba
national administration aad tba Nabraaba MIL Anti
Do glas molutioaa were laid oa tba tabla altar aa exal
ting debate.
Anil -Nebraska Meeting at Anbnrn.
Al'Ut'KM, Fab 38, 1SI(.
A n anti Nebraska meetiag was held at 8Wnrord Hall
lilt evening. It was oaa of th* largeet aad moat lottr
esting meeting* erer bald la tbia elty Strong resolution*
weia adopted approving of Senator Hews riJ's reoeot rpeeeb
oa tbe Nebraska quesuoa, aad dsanaeiatorv of Mr. Ooag
las' bill. Speeches wara made by Kev. Messrs. Austin,
Hcscer Nelaoa aad Mell -a, and A Howard, J. A. 0 ox, aad
othsrs. A large a am bar of ladlea wara present.
Election In Maine.
Poktlahi*. Me , Feb S3, ISM.
Aa election took place to day to flU tbe vacaaoy ia tbe
Bonss of Representatives oaueed by tba eleotlca of Mr.
Fes?e aden aa a Uatied 8'a'ee Seoator C G. Gaae, whig,
waa chosen, having about flfty plurality.
Rhode Ialand Legislature and the Railroad*'
PaoTiuMcs, Feb. 33, l&6i
Tbe whole subject ambraoad la taa Railroad bill has
beea re'erred to tbe Railroad Comissioners by thlrtsea
Railroad Accidents
Phjladblphia, Feb. 32, ISM.
A collision occurred oa the S at* road a?ar Laasastar
last nlgbt, but fortunately no lire* were lo*t Several
persons ??e slightly injured, aad one man employed oa
tbe toad bad a leg brckea.
SPKj.vonsu>, Feb. 33, ISM.
The expresi train from Boston due here at 7 o'oloik
this sveniir did net arrive till twenty minutes past 10?
tbe engine having given oat between Warrea and Palmer,
oa the single tract Use of the drivers waa loose, wbioh
threw tbe engine off the track six times. Another engine
was procured at Palmar.
The Reported Failure of a Mew Orleans Cat
ton House, die.
Nsw Oaijuss, Feb. 10, ISM.
The reported failure of a large cotton hease la this elty,
reseatly telegraphed, waa a mall olnun falsehood.
Dyson, tba icioojmaster, who haa beea Imprisoned
some months, for aa alleged attempt to iaelte aa insur
rection among the slavst In this olty, died yesterday la
the parish prison.
Terrible Tragedy.
Wist Randolph, Maim . Feb. 33, 18M.
This morrlog Augustus Wtlmr, a resident of tbia towa,
killed bis wife at the breakfast table, and then eat his
own throat Ttey leave a family of ssvea children. Wil
bur waa a maa of ooasideraba property, and insanity was
the cause of the terrible act.
From Boat?nr
Bosioif, Feb 22, ISM.
A meetiag of newspaper publishers aad edttois of Bos
ton aad vicinity was held tbis af'ernoon. Tba press was
quite faily represented, aad Mr. H?le. of the Bostoa Ad
rxnitrr preside l. A report was made s>ttiag forth tte
greatly lacreaaad expeases of tewt paper* within the past
few years, aad resolution* ware adopted to laersass tba
prioe of advsrtli log twenty- fire per cent.
Tbe tiial of Jobn L. Coapman for the murder of Reuben
Uzi-BS. at Sherborne, in September laat, ia orogressleg
before tbe Supreme Uourt cow siflag at Cambridge.
Chapman ia twenty years old The evidence is stroag
agalntt bin.
The Southern Btiameri.
Moiiilk F*b 20, 1884
The steamship Black Warrior, bom New York and Ha
vana, ha* arrived at tbia port.
tub rtoaiDi at savannah.
Pata-nnjih, ?*b. SI, 1854.
The steamship Florida from Maw Y jrk baa arrived at
thi* port In sixty boon passage.
Cium atrrox, I'eb. 21, 1864
The Vol ted State* mall steamship Marlon, Oapt Wn
Foster, fiorn New York, arrived beri at one o'olosk tbia
New OiLHw, Feb 18, 1884
The salee of cotton to-day w?re 6,000 bale*, at Irm
prices. M?VII?k ie at Rio ocffte? S?l?e of
the week, (,000 *sgs. moetly at 10a allH*- the stock
re bend Ie now 7-.fco bag?; gunny beg* are antiva at
14Jic a 14^,0, and holder* are asking 16o Mesa pork
baa declined to 913 75.
Niw Orikahs, Feb 20, 1854
Oar ootion m?rket has beta verj antie* to day. the sales
resoblc* 10,0c0 bale*, at firm prlcec. Micdltrg U quotsd
at fic The (took on band here if now 800,(00 hale*.
Gonry bar a are astiva at 16*. The Baltio'a new* same to
hanc after buatoaea boura.
Nfw Ori?a.i8, Feb 21, 1864.
Oar money matkft U easier. ao<" eiebangea are better.
New Yo-k tight is quoted at *?' a I diaoount, and iter
litgattX per east p-amlum Freight* are advaaciag.
Cotton to Liverpool la taken at IS 161., aad soma are aak
tog %\.
Chakijwtom, Feb. 20 1864.
Tbe talea ol cotton today were 900 balea, at prl**
ranging frtm 7*, e alOo Good middling 1< quoted at l>?c.
The Abortion Cue
Investigation before Justioe Stuart
Yeaterday wai tbe day appointed for tba Investigation
to oo me off la tba matter pending against Madam* R tat* 11
and Geo. R. Stackford, charged with producing an abor
tlon on Cordelia A. Grant. At aa aarly hour la tba af
teiBOcn tbe court room began te flU with myatorioaa
looking pereooagaa, wbo (tepped lightly iato tba oourt,
tlelr eye* waa daring all aionad tba io*m aad ultimately
Ixlng oa tba miglatrate, aa If tha?fuctiocary had really
got ooaeaalad la hi* peocet MU* Grant, Madama Be* tall,
or Mr. Sbackford, or, perobanee, all three, lor what
they know. Aa the time approashed- -three o'clock? the
oo art rooa became crowded to cxccaa; aad whaa Misa
Graat arrived, aador tba aceort of Coo*** Ho* Baa teed, a
tremendona rush waa mad* toward* bar, each oaa willing
to aee a* mneh aa be ooald. She waa, however, taken
Into a avail private room occupied by the magistrate.
Soon after two o'clock several lad ice appUad to tbe
Oourt, asking permiaaion to be preeeat daring tba lavs*
tlgation. Oa* lady la particular appealed to tb* magi*
trate, after being lafoimed that aon* but witoeeeee would
be allowed to be pre seat, taylsg that *be was a principal
wltneia againat Madame Res tell some *1x year* ago, aad
?he now wished to b* present to see bow It waa ooiniag
out Tb* Jodie* Informed tbe ladles that the room
designated for the holding of the examination
waa not of sufficient aiae to accommodate maay
people, aad therefore It would be aselai* for tbaas
to wait, aad they very relaetantly waat away.
Numerous were the application* to be preeeat at tba ex
aaslnatlon, aad bat few were fortunate enough to be aa
common ated. Tbe only way that we oaa *e* will be.lt
tbe Justice wi?bea to gratify the public fa* line to tnU
n atter, he mnat hold hi* examination hereafter la tbe
old Court of Seastct-e room a*, the Tumbe.
disc Grant look* considerably improved la health atoee
the time beSota, aid of coune la mneh better spirit*
She waa dre***d la a black water** silk, for tippet aad
cuffs, a daik blue satin kat trimmed with black velvet,
a brown veil drawa over ber face, aad dove colored
At about half past <bre* o'clock *i Recorder Tallin edge
entered tbe court room with Mr Ahaekford, for wheat be
act* a* oouneel, aad soon after Madam* Reetell'a eouaael
sp peered. Tb* magistrate wa* notified that all
wae la readlaeea. Tbe parttee then proe**d*d to
a sid* room, end took their reepecllv* aeata
Mi** Grant wa* **at*d by Mr. Bestead, aad
directly oa tbe oppoaite *V!* of tbe table sat Mr. Shack -
ford, d.eesed la a suit of bla?k, with glove* oorretpoadtog
la color exactly to tboee of Mis* Graat, which wa* eoaal
dared t reaarkable fact. They looked at aaah other fre
q neatly i oriag tb* *xamlo*Uon, be appearing at ttmee
rerj tirvrus, especially whan tb* STiieeoe bore atroagly
s gainst blm.
aadam Restell aad ber buabaad were seated in the rear
of their oounaei, and as all were now la readlaeea. J antic*
Xtuait af wlnieteied the oath to Mls* Graat, aad remarked
to tbe eouaeel r?r tba ('?fence that h* now lnt*qd*d to
examine tb* witaeaa anew, aad to son due tb**vid*ae* to
the last abortioa, as the ctber tw j bad become void by
statute of lis Italic a.
Mr. Tallmadge, ooun*al for Mr. Sbackford, remarked
that before they proceeded with tbe wltnese he wished to
know if Mr Pampeca or Mr. Bllger were to court, aad If
so. he requested them to leav* the room, a* he waa to
formed ibey would be o*ed as wltnes***.'
Mr. H?*teed? I do not keow that M>. Bllger will be aaad
aa a witaesa. Ha ia here la eoart; bat at preeeat I am
aet awaie that be I* a wilaeee.
Magistrate? I am not a war* tbay are witn*a?m in tbia
matter; aad I ha v* ao tight to sj?et a el tJ sea from the
eoart at le?a J ou shew to m* that ha I* a wltaaaa.
Counsel for Midsme Best ell? I shall iuppc*e that the
court oaa make Ita own riling aa to bow maay (ball **
pieeeat Although It I* presnmed that;*uob fxeutaatioa*
are public, j*t you could not admit oa* half the oltj.la
tbia room.
MagUtrat* ? If 1 thought that public justice would axf
far, I wo* Id order tbe paitiea to leave the ro*m im n*
< lately ; bat until aaeh evidaao* appear* I doa't tbl ik (
bave the right
Mr. Baa teed? We have not aay witaeeeee.
Comas a I for defewee Will yea, Mr. Baatoad, my that
yon will aet produce Mr. Bllger aa a witmaria
Mr Baa tow 1 wtO certainly aot make aaf aaah etlp
alatto* f
Ml, IwMI km b*ld ? few MHh' iomiiKw ?ttk
Mr. BDgor, tad thea *tat*d?oth* Ooart that It a?|k\M I
r? quired, tofurtbor th* and* of pubUa jaatla*, to *iaaiM I
? M*. BUgar, yoo win plaaae r*tir* firan tb#
Th* ?M?? M ttia pimmM with, u follow*:?
Ootd*iia A. Gnat, miitmi by the awgiatrate? I now
r*alda la Ml* York: I w two jmn of an Mil
aaoath; Iui tingle iady: I kaow Mr. G*org* R. 8ka*k
ford; I alio kaow Mr*. lohiaaa. other wla* kaow* M
Madam* Heetell; alao Mr Oharlee Lohmaa; I kar* kaowa
Mr. Bkaekftwd for icraa year* part, aad tko e>har two
akoat fowyeara; I have beeaprogaaat by Mr. George B.
Siaakford mom thaa oaoa? I kar* b**a pnput ky kin
fl** tin**; during the *aUr* pariod of tk**o eereral
preraaaeiea I bar* b**a repreoeated a* kU wllk, aad put
of the time u kl* ward; I hare aerer girea kirtk to a Mr
hot eklld; I became pregaaat with my laat oklld la tko
y*ar 1851 ky Qecrge R. Sfcaektord
Q. Ia what rcanaer aad by what maaa* won you da
llvarad of that ohild? A. By having aa abortiM pro
H*i* eraarel for th* defeat* wlakad to bo lafomad aa
to th* mod* of exaBiaattoa, wh*tk*r it ia aowoaly
a|aia?t Mr. Bluskford or afaiaat th* two partial charged.
Maglatrate- Ihi* la aa esamiaatioe to auelt all tho f*a ta,
without r?gard to whom tb*y wiU touch. Upoa th*
eroaa examinatioa tha eounael aaa arail theoweire* of
a*y aad all tha erldonoe I am aatiafled that la tkl* cm*
much depeada upon tha ordor la which It la brought.
CodbmI ? W* wiah to uadorataad oar potltloa; If wo aiw
to bo laparata or together.
Tha Maglatrate overrated tho objMUoaa.
Q When wa? that doea, and whtr* 1 A. Itwaidoao
la Chamber* *tr**t, ia thla olty; at 103 Chambara atnet:
It waa dona about tha 28th of September, or tha lat of
Ootobor, 1863; it waa oa a Mao day.
Q. Aboat how long had yon br*o la the family way ?
A. Aboat thraa month* aad a half.
Q. War* yoa living ia N*w York at that tUnef
A. I waa thaa living at Sullford Point, Ooaaettiout; I
came from th*r* h*ra; 1 waa th*a Urine with Mr. Shaw
ford m hi* wifa; wa oama to New York, r*maia*d caa
day, aad tk*a loft again ; w* ? top pad at tha Howard Ho
tei, tn Broadway; tha day wo loft th* He ward Hon** waa
th* S8th of July.
Couaaal for d*f*ne* bar* appUad to oompel Miaa Great to
remove tha rtii from orer har face, aa they wlakad to aa*
har expreitlon while teat# ylng.
Mr. Buateed? We ahall not (ratify aay auch enrioalty.
Ooanael for defenoe? We are entitled to eee the race of
tha witaaai while teatlfylcg We may want aoaaibly to
Identify bar, aad how oaa that be do a* 11 ah* u permitted
to oover It up?
Th* maglatrate auatalned the application, aad requeat
ed Miaa Oraat to remove her veil, to which rrquaet aha
readily oomplled.
W * ratur ned agaia on Baaday mora lag, about tk* 3Tth
of September; we atopped at th* Qlrard Horn*, earner >f
Chamber* atreat aad W*#t Broadway; wa eama oa that
oecaaioa from Gap* May; w* Dad been at Gap* Ma; a fa w
dayi oter two mcath*, r**ldirg th*ra aa man aad wifa;
wo pat np at Oentr* Hon**.
Q. For what purprte did yon and h* l*ar* Cap* Ma)?
A. To love aa abortion produeed by Madame Raatall.
D. At wkoao inataaoa waa thla doaa? A. By Mr. 8haek
tot thia pnrpowT
ObjeeUd to by ccuna*l for Midtm Baitell. " 9
th. J^lT .^??ii*oUo,MkW*' WM ,lr,? R#,t,n
SbMkfirt. , ,oUd; ??fkt ftffeot Mr.
Quaatloa altered to read u follow*:?
Y?rt, ' B"',,U ",#cU(1 fo: tt*t purpoae9 a.
Q. By whom? A. By Mr. Shftok'ord.
8 S!/0nvk"o?1rwfc>f *?
. V? Bt*i? wb j ? A. Beoauu flho had ftttiaM ?? boforA
for the purpote of produetog abortion.
ranriT^'r^n ?*~W* P^jtet ta any rridenoe being
guilty knowledge; bat la do other **** hi yoa b* allow*d
two 5Z????t?Z1 fMWh""I,blW
Mr. Buitee d? All that a miiiitnti In to mv from th*
?tisane* adduced to, to thera prtSft >to oau? teSTlto?
tb. partiee ftocued to bo gnlltyof tha ofci* ehwid
?*rtt OUNNM th* deolaiouef
a raaglitrate is meh oarta
Mlgiitrit^ol AQl litlffild til# DrOMfllltiofl flanimf k?
mSh? tatoatVtU?^" ^ PU"0Maf ?"*??*
Objection autalnad.
^ Mr. Bhiokford, to jour know] id m will m
IS ri? * ""*** ***"? "d " A.
J-S.,^*'Lh* yon together rial ted h*r at bar ml
dMMlaauab?rR atreet en any pnrlooa oocaaloa, [for
pur^oNfl within her profusion ?1 *?
Quaatloa i objected to by oonnaal for tha dafaaoa.
ba .W kw out ^ tte tatUf ^%ot qu?*tioa to
A. Yea, rir.
Q. Have you arar remained la Mftdama Rcetell'a honaa
*W UHXh * Ume T
9- I* fc*?lth or alokaaMT A. la atikaaaa- I wn aant
tiara at tha laataace of Mr. Shackfard ? I went thEa ?
oompaalei by Mr. Shackford ' tt,M M
Abont^twri ">?? ?t oae tlmef A.
About two watka; Itwaa In January, 1862; It wa* ft bant
tight moitt apt erioua to Saptambar, 116'i.
J?? on any otlwr prarlona oooftfloni baaa 111
at Madame Raatall'i homo, and whila thera treated by bar
la ft prof* Mi nftl capacity T 17 Mr
^r"Cn1?bj'?U<J u b' tt* wnwl far dataaoa.
. 'ha rr/ttatrftla raquftetad that "profaaatoaftl capacity"
oot of tba prerlcus queetlon, ?ad ftddad to
WkW U?der ' ?? UborUg" to
-Jfl5SE35.ffiU!?:w^: ?
beginning of OtU bar, 1862, for tba purpoa* ofhSllZfZ
CoSr^?rtCh?^itt.*d^"P>B rcu bJ Malwna R#ataU*thftt
yon and ba irrirtd bare on ft Honday morn In*, ?t tha
la U.rt SjJKTT Yr.^li*01 0f 7??r TUlt
raana^ti^' imT m*fl* alroawataaoaa tkftt ooenrraC la
I ,V^ ??tUr after your ftrrlral at tha Qlrard
baaMaid a?wV' M,MWM J?? ??, ia wbloh thay
l??^lVh*,M"* P??81,0^.t ^ Mr^aoWord0^'^
re?.2tbt^ Ti" i09'0a Monday moraine, lrftaytblna, la
"*P to tt* ?ubj?ot of abcrttoa ? a. Ha told no to
'? ?/ rocm until ha waat dowa town aad rot
?oa to go to Madame BeatalTawlth; t
^ uV^u.7 ""^ ?"?. WO, aad told ma to
?_ Mad mbo lUalill; ho then onmo vith mi nnt nt
I. * ??m 1 ** ,tk* ?WMr 01 tbwnbara aad Hudaoa atraaU
Xfra ? nnmtSt?ir>,i?hM,b0U:#i h# ^ha wo^T/S
twra until I retn/Md; I waat to Madame Raa
m .ha00^i It* JM ,*? ta; bar aarrant told
5? * Mr. LobmM'a offiio in Lib
?t***t, ftttaadlac to Mr, L-thmaa'a buMaaaa
Ss 1 ^rr w^
'Lb'jr,;J ^ ?? -S5 ^ aUto"
fire me ta flTa bar: tha aooatcd It and aaid It waa rtoht
ih?tbf? ft ?? ? pillow axdput tt on tbaflojrTiill^
"b* produoad the
?'th her fiagar, oparatlag lataraally.
Q Hnw lorg a time waa aba employed oparfttlac unoa
yonr wrtot? a. About fifteen ?laStaa M Bp?"
****** A ?"ooo ?
Q After thto had oenrrad aad too antaa .mm
ss,ts asa ^'?-r
^ yo* uut 4i~?
?Shack ford, and ba ftakad ma If It waa orar, aad if i TU
* . **'* w|tfc blm to the Waatabaatar Bouae; ba told
ft* * hWP alraa ly oa a baadaart la froat of
^0am' w# t1**" *alkad together orar to tba
Jaatabeatar Bouae, aad we there oacuptod room No. S3
th* 80 wary; after dinner fwaat to bad aad
?S*5ft alght, about 11 a'alook, I wa*
. J2?' Shaekford waa In bed with ma ftt tha time.
^Q.( Did any oae bat him ftttead you oa that night f A.
ao&dW ad
Wtenred to ma buraad up tba elotblag that
_ Q- 7^? took away the inbataaae, wbatavar It waa, that
paaaad from your A. Mr. Sbaokford told m that ba
burnt It ua; there waa a aolted btaaket oa tba bad. which
^1. n ?* ^ Waat charter
Bw*'.4, I *amalaad tbere aboat twa week a, the laat
wo m three day a 1 left my room aad waat to tba table
?7.h^D**" ?? ,bV oesMton *' Sbaokford at
taftdaJ lC ftl! my nata atd aun>d ma; the head waiter
Drought tha mania to the room there wfta do medlaaJ a*
u aJ/r"^." ,poin ?' ma by Mr SkaokfOrd.
g. Badyra felt any motioa of tb* oklld witbia ron
ftbortloaf A. Ta*. air . I fait i i maUoa
of tb* ohlk about tea daya prior to tb* aWtioa.
-J0* owt^" *>?? ""fo" ot tb* abild, cm
wa* Itaaeralj aa lmpraaaioa or ballar f A. Yea. Iam
Q- I* or net Mr. BaaklM, te year kaoatedra, wall ao
i?nU n^!,fc "SliT ^R*,to" Md famlfif A. Her
temUy ftU kaaw him; tb* 1* acquainted with him.
Q ^?*h* *? kaowa ta tham prarlona to the time of
**?. *^J110"*^0*t which you bar* teaildedr A. Tea, air.
A YaaTato ?quauj bra* aa reapeata yoarealf ?
JL5S7* T?* *7*? to Madame Raatall'a to traaaaet
bajtta* >**pectlDg tb* aabjeet of nwdlaal praotlw?
objected to, aad ana ta la* J by tb* aiagiatrata,
(J Harayou aver a**a Madftme Raatell wrtte/Md do
^oa kaow bar head writing? A Te*. air.
?^g*fltrata aald? 1 propoae row to eror* a totter
wrltl*a by Madftm* Reat.ll, but a*t to b* read at praeeat
tel ?? r ",Ul UV'f"t*1* of "?<>??? R"
w ?>? write **T*Tftl Umee to
Lob man Tarrytown, orar tba aam* of Mr*.
Coaawl fbr dafaace? Wa claim to aee that totter; It la
aow la pcaaradca if the Court, and wa feel aaUrflad that
a teal coaapiraay h?a b*aa got up for tb* moat odlona aa J
TIM pvrpCNi.
?Hf P?r,T 't1*11 or eaa ever oomp*l m* to
J l*tUr' ^ 1 mort <3???*dly obj*at to ptr
mlt it to b* i*aa at preaeat; I merely axhil I ted the letter
to the mtgtotrate aa ooaddeallal
Otme.el fer Cef.noa-Snch doctrine aa that may do for
Q Bare ycu lately reel red a totter parportlag to bar*
b**a wrlttea by Madame Reatallf A YaaTiir^
. 9. *" tott*r la tb* baadwrlilag of Mr*. Lobama.
to tba b**t of yonr kaowtedga I A. It waa.
Magtotrata- I ahall keep thto letter la my in,
aad aae It at my ova dleoatloa. '
Obaaaal te d*?a*ae objected ta aay am on Ha* of tot
Jld'JSlte'bST1 ^ ^ ?SSrba orm
lb. *Mlw4 I ?b?il u? MX* mmli. 1 ikal
*taaa? Mtr utU Tlindtf of mt w**k, ?t mm ?'?look.
W* uaderetaad tut a dell eutt ku k**a in Mi
oa Ml. Bhackfocd y**t*rday.
Account* of Um Item
[Fmm th* Boetaa Jeurnal, Ikb. 31.]
IkM wm k Mim itoin Urt night, Mnmearingat tk*
eoatheaet, end ehaagtag to the aortheMt tad north It
wm aMOMjaalad by mow, thoaghaot la gnat quaMtt?
Tho rkllroada wan ?et obetractod.
Iki rtorm wm my mtm# oa tha ooaat, bat wa hava
beerd of do Marine dlaaetere. Thaia wm a heavy Ma la
th* bay thla nor* lag Th* itMnn K ? Forbee weat
dtwa to aralM for dlatr****d thmIi, but retaraed with
oat having mm aay tmmI requiring her Mrrloee.
Wa naderetaad that tha a torn hM bMa Mora eeme la
tha aoathara part of tha Stat* thaa la thla Ttetnlty. la
Maw Bedford a boat a foot of now fall oa a Ural, though
It wm maah drifted.
Tha boat* from Naw York har* aot arrived, aad fro
bably t Id aot leave Naw York.
[Ftom tha Naw Havaa Joaraal. Fab. 33 ]
Wa hkve kgala baaa rial ted by a Mrara aaow atom, fhr
outstripping aay of lta predeoeesora of tha praaaat aaMoa.
It oommeaeed anowleg la thla rlotelty about i>lx o'aloak
Moad*y evening aad ecn tinned throng h tka alght, during
whlah Urn* a high aorthaaat wlad prevailed, whloh hM pif
*d op tha aaow la aiaay plaoea to tha depth of feveralfeeL
rendering tha atietta aad roada almoat impaeeabla, aad
Mrloatly retarding r pe ration* oa aoma of the railroads.
Notth of m tka atom waa Um eevare aad tha aaow
muek lighter, affording bat tittle obatruetloo to tha aarly
traia of ear* froM Bprlngfleld, whloh arrived har* yaatar
day mornlrg about lta aaaal tine ; bat oa tha Naw Y*rk aad
NewLoedoa roada It >M drifted ao badly aad to euoh great
dapth thai bat llttl* progm* wma made by th* looomo
Um la performing tfealr arnal trlpi, aad ao trala rron
Naw Toik arrived hara until lata la tha aftetaeua, whlla
the trala* oa th* N*w Loudoa road won equally lata la
getting through.
Oa tha Oaakl road maah dtffiealty waa erperieaoed, bat
th* trklna aaocMdad la making th*lr trip*, though math
bohlad th*lr usual Um*.
Th* Naugatuoh road aJao aofTorad ooaald*rably by th*
htavy accumulation of aaow, but managed to gattbar
trsire tbroaf a "after a tfcahioa," m did alio th* Hoaaa
tcel* rokd.
Th* Hartford Timet of th* 31at laat says Mr. Jaoob
CI a pin, lomter laipaetor, kgej about 06 ytkra, WM fonad
niaa th* Wladaoc road thla nortlag, (Fab 31.) f resin to
Brooklyn City Intelligence.
Dmanmos or I'kizsb? The annual t latribntlon of
prizes to th* pupils of th* Brooklya Institute took pUe*
?Ml evening, In ooBpliaao* with tha iMt will aad testa
ment of th* founder, th* late Augustus Graham, whloh ran
(rn it obligatory oa tha dlr*etora to nrioure th* dellrsry
or aa ardraM upoa th* ?haraet*r of Wuhlnftoo on each
ecceetdlig aaaiT*rrary of hia birth. After some latro
dnctory ran ark* by Rollin Sanford, Eaq., aa Miay upoa
tbia sutjeet wm delivered by Mester George Woodruff,
one of tha pnpU*, when gold aad silver Medal* war* dla
trlbated to th* nor* advanced eohotar*, and th* produe
tiona of oth*ra oomia*nd*d. Thara are at the preeeat
time over fovr hundred attached to th* institution.
A Torso Bigamist ? A young maa, nara*d William For
r**t, wm broaght bate* Juaiio* Biatihlr, or th* Seond
District Polio* Court. j eater day, oa th* sharge of bigamy.
B* U but nlaeteea ye era of eg*, wd it appear* he h*a
b?ea married to hie Brat wife for about two year*. He
married Mi?e Margaret Mollroy oa th* 8th or Jaoaery
laat, i ad cne menth thereafter wm united la th* h*'y bond*
of w*dlook with MUe Mary Steven*. All three wires ware
Kiat In eeart, and th* charge upon whloh h* wm
ght op being auitalned by th* moat oonvlnolng evi
ieaot b* wm fully oommlttad to await th* aotloa of th*
Grand Jury.
Mem* Roberta k lambreth'a sugar bouM la 8t. Lan
dry. Louisiana, with 400 hhdj of lugar, hM.b**aC**troy*d
by Or*.
auluuo ron nt tou? Tina mt.
0 44 | Moon rare. 4 25
? 46 I boh watsb 6 05
t orlL, ftbnurj 'Ait, llMi
StcameHp Africa (Br). Hanlron, Liverpool B Cnnnrd.
Bteamfhip Southerner, Bwea, uharlenen, Spcfford, Tilea
ton A Co,
^Bhip^Btn Lark (clipper), W eodberry, Antwerp, W ?
Blip Beejapore (Br), M'Lay, Liverpool, Grinneli, Mintnrn
A Co.
Ship Albert, yraaklla, Lent, Melbourne. B W Oameren.
Bblp Golden We?t (clipper), Car win, Philadelphia, J O
Baker A Co.
Bark Bllaateth Glimmer (Br), Simptoa, Liverpool, Logan
A Oollire.
Bark Goorre*,Robinfoa, Olinfuegoe, J W Blwell A Co.
Bark Wm H Brodio, Crary, Mobile Stargoe, Cleaimaa A
Bark J rasa. Nob re, Philadelphia, D argon* Brea
Bark Geldfieob, Bnrr, Salem. Croiby, Crocker A Co.
Brlr Bbe (Bio). Cotoelll, Naple*, Slmee A Boiler.
Brig Bra, Damn*. 8? Dcmlngo City. A C Koaeire A Co.
Brljt Wlathrop, Lotbrop, Bavanllla aid Baste Martha,
Everett A Brown.
Bt!| J Ciller, Tonaeeon Mobile. Bagle A Haiard.
Brig BelahB Sharp. Bheip, Philadelphia, Jae Hand.
Bolr John Q ? bite, Woedboneo, Baraooa, Maaohea A
Bcbr Mary Fararworth, Iruett, St John*, PB, J T White
A Ca.
Sehr Bt Btc pbeae. Triable, Ponee, Da Wolf. Btarr A Co.
BoVr Enoch Freaeb, HaU, OalTeeten, D 0 Murray.
B<hr Rio, Coffin. JaokaoarUle. Brett. Boa A Co.
Bohr L B Darie, Davie, Savannah, M'Oready, Mott A Co.
Bchr Sarah L. Smith, Baltimore. John ecu A Low den.
Bcbr United. lUllinr.Mew Oar en. J B Havana.
Bleep Aires t. Ferry, Provldenee, J H Haven*.
Bloop Editor. Can, fell River B Spragoo.
Fteim<r Georga a Crook, Powell, Baltimore, Parker Tela
Bteemablp Compary
Steamer Koine tec, Cofea, Philadelphia, 0 B Saadferd.
Stcameblp A ague) a, Lyon. Serena ah. Feb 18 with adoe
and refecngtra. to 8 L Mltebill. Fob 19, 11:86 PM, 31 til'oi
nottbof Cape Hattorae exeberged tignala with (teamahiM
Florida, hrnee for Savannah, ane Marion, do for Char lea tea.
Baconntered a beavy MB gale Kth and 21et.
Bteemehlp Jamee Adftr. Dioklaaoa. C harle*ten, 18th tnat,
11 I'M. with md*? aad peeler lere, to SeefTore. Tile* on A Co.
00 Cbiacoteaiue Bhiale waa oempelled to lay to SH honra
dei lag tbe ?rerelmoe of a oevere nB rale of wind Tuoedav.
6 PM, 80 mil-* ?onth of Baraoret Phoale, exchanged atgnali
with a Br bark ahowlng Holy bead algnal, and lylag to under
a itorm miaea.
BHp Knot aid Ielo, CoiaUh, Liverpool, 48 day*, with mdee
aad 01 ataerai e pai east ere. t< W A J T Tencoit A Co Jan
10, lat 49 39. lea 12 OS, (poke Br tehr Barl Mulgrave, 70 daya
from Kle Jantlro for London, abort of provlaion*, (applied
Bchr H Neeon, Mellon, Trial lad, Oaba, II daya, with gngar
aad molaraee, te J Collin*
Srbr Jamee Laafalr Grovor, Norfolk far Boitoa
Bchr H S I.aLf?ir, Tripp. Baltimore. 4 diy*, "or Boaton.
Bohr B**ber A Eliia Magnlre, 1 utec, 15 daye.
Bchr O P Kane (lighter) Lomae. from *hip Channcey
Jercme Jr. aahore near the Tavern Heua.
Sloop B Spragn*. Fiah Wareham.
Btoamer Ear tern State, Do anvil, Philadelphia for Boeton.
Bblp Wcbeter, Lewrenee, from Liverpool, Jan 3, with m jae
aad paetcaaer* to Bpi fford, Tileaton A Co.
Bblp Bavaria (?! t). Bailey, from Havre, Jan 27, wltb mdee
ant paeon gera, to W Whitlook Jr.
Blip Harriet Jane, from ? , waa reported below 14th
Inat; aotbiag son tea beea heard of hot.
Bttairehlp Southerner Charier t^n; abip* London, London;
Lacy Tbcnpten, Liverpool; Albert Franklin, Melbourne; flen
W aablagton. Liverpool. Metropolis, ; bark* John
Bird, and Zldta, Sana la Grande.
Wlad during tbe day bom BW.
[Br Banmr Hook PmnTine Tn.aoeara.]
. .. _ T"a Hisau.A>De Feb 23? naadewB.
A ablp, te Bpolford. Tileaton A Co, le at aaober on the bar,
bonad In. No lb lag elee la tight.
Wtad Light Crea S. Wen tier buy, and *tren? ladlaationa
of rain.
large qeaatltle* of drtrt Ice again made It* appearanoe In
th* baj* aad river* tbie merniag.
The New Havas Journal eaya ? Serlona appreheeelina
ere felt la tble city for the eafety of tbe eobeoaer Grey
heuad, Captela Marrow, which a ailed tram Oavaaa for
Llvertotl en the 16th Dooember laet. A number of voeeela
wkl:h left Bavaaafoi Ltverpoelabent the earn* time with tbe
Oreyhcaad have arrived, bat allrepeert having experienced
?evere galea. A vaeael ane waring th* daeerTntiea of the
Greyhound I a* beea eeea bottom np. tat a* it 1* aot oertaln
it waa bar, aba may jet be eafe. Cept Mot raw beloage la tbi*
olty, and hi* ?lfa waa on board tbe eebooaor with him.
The Br atoamahie Great Britain whoee arilval at H^bien'e
Bar, Aagtralia, tram Liverpool hae beea already aanooace',
mad* tbe paeeage la aloat ??? daye/ having left on t*e even
lrg of the lltf Aag aad ateboved la Hobeoa'e Bay oa the
moealagcftet 16 ?nla lnolndee deteatton at Ft Viaeeata,
where abe arrived Aug M. and aailod again nth. and ereoaed
tho line Sept 4 la 16 W. Her area teat ran la 14 hoare waa
318 kacta. Tbi* waa with half her bollere working, aad a
piraeare of oaly 6N lb* (team aad iaillag throaghewe. Till
aboat SB B the wind waa e?> ttaaaliy light, who e? for 31
/aye, till her am el at Malkonrne, the averaged US kaete per
da?. Ihe total diataace raa we* IS 1(3 mile* Cart MaU aw*
?tate* that ber greateet epeed waa 16 kaota, bat that abe
never had a abaaoe for any length of time te try what ahe
tea It eoald do; aaa that tbe paeeage might have beea male
m much ehertct time tad the wind* geae.-ally aot beea light
or be mint,
A eeheonir ft 360 teat, aew en the atoeke In New Bedford,
balldltgby Mr Bbopl ea Aadrewe, *111 be rigged wltb ahree
a aate, and la l*teaded_fot a trader oa tbe Pa lio eoaet. to be
Tckfraphk Katrine fie porta.
BOSTON Feb 2>? Art olipper bark Wlidfito, Meaelaa.
MBW OBLBAMB. Feb 10- An eblpe Go. rge Feahedy, Bee
toa. ClMtaa, NFotk; bark Ardaaaee, Cork.
Arr Fee 21, ehlpe BUaa Holmee, aad Memphle New York;
barki LUlla*, aad Mary Jaaa, do; Agnlat. Boaton.
Herald Marine Carriiywtdeaee.
BCOAKTOWN Feb 17- An aehre J a fleeart BUI, Phi
ledelpbla 'or Boete*: KlngOehor, Bolaee Norfo k for do;
Keteeca, Holmee, Rlehmoad for Salem; lfth. Coi neeet,
I'hbaey, do lor Boeton: Auetla, Glbbe, Baitimoie iar Ply
SI* l!Mb *ehr Cebaeeet.
la pcr> a><b, all tbe veeeela roperted eiocrtina the Cebat
eet. aleo brig Cardeaaa. rea< y for NT ork. Wind MN B.
Br!g Ltcy Watt*, for Thomaatea, will havt to repair.
PHILADBLTHIA Feb 2l7AM-Arr brig AUaatia. King,
Mew Orloene; aofeva George Edward, May. Mew Yorh; MB
Matiny. Mlebole. Wilmington MC.
Cld able Temraet. ratten. Live-pool; bark Buenoe Ayrien
(Br), * Ullama, de.aehr F Burrltt, Falrohile, Savannah;
ateemee Delaware Clark. NTotk.
. niMilert,
2 Valparaleo, wae beea'med
da?a bad the wind from MMWforlO
iiLrB.maftdViKbi!;A.'l#,e8- VU?? 1 "? "
Cael'/if,KMiI"v I9" ooe damned and eeldTR
aku>?K^a Jib. 1 S\B% ' ' "for eorvioe, and her par
^ ookBiBcid brctJtltK bvr tp.
.'r".Ar.,0CI Tt?" '?* *Tofk, whleh pat Kaeb te Llv?r
Pool with lae* of Cept Beat ett. apraag aleak an? laet all
pafra*'*1 ****' *" u(Mt^ ** *? H*e doek for; re
Bhif Boarnrvwa, DeCevrety. foe MTovk. before r*#ortel,
pat teak te Liverpool, had loot balwarke and eeveral
?teniboone, bo*te eg ether damage te ifeM, Aa.
2? It ?**? VUMM, W ?? Uoa^ool. ..
Bm I... J.. "*^J??^.71-,"iSSr!lj!M
. ?mi Am A 1ldi.ni. fro. ?*.f fjMliHl
MmriM?i<iilltJiuln ^ iKM .P"* **
there lath alt, with Iwil koweprft h*riai*?*kad U tM
while lytag la a gale Dm *. Ul ft 8 Capt Hy* writootiS
la ether reepMto "" u' weald nUtaifn UH. AHmM
.Ay,'*"? , ?? ?<I?W CriB OiluU*. la Ut 27 M 8 lea
SLh^.'jn ""?? u' t-rrida tyoloae ?hiMac ?b4
iltUJi **' VW wkllk took Ihl TMMl ibul u4
SWJ2K ? whelo (alt of !,.>!, Mill, wttk Itillkl
^uTAlu^fSLai1111 wtml uk?f? Mir FvtriM*
to wm, in we |il? ?! Dm 19, wm Itltff #m Bilvlty.
?big Octatia, Ira Baaior. atr at AluuirU iath ' ? *
rlt T.rh [.1Mb, klTill beOB kltwa 2t*2
load, tall a, &a. ' 1M,M"
Baio Ad ilk A, (of Moaat Dteotl). Mtllikew mm aehoro aA
Tnaoat, Mo.roeaaMy, aad 111*4 with wate?Tlw? m?
It vac doabtfal whathtr ill weald be gat oC
Ichi J 0 Viua raak at Oaao Iilaad, b taMMttkM
walotla Ihe iaad. A portioa of bar rluing aad nil wm
aold atasetloa 18th. mi Gee W 8a lth, wraokaaatw, h*4
lo't for N ? ork to proemre matorlala far itbbi har.
Bchb Iuia Abu. Bryaat. from Pembroke Ma. Cat B*?
tea, went aaior??t Nahaat Monday alckt, ia tho now atom.
Crow unl-BO farther partlenlara.
Bomb Mabia formerly of Ptaiaoola. from Vow Orleaaa
for ApaUobloola. wai totally loot with har oario di allM
out of FobiaooIa; orow land aad raaokod Peaaaoola M
la Haat.
Fcnb Colo kb Cvovd, of Tiaalhavaa, froaa a mttai
port with oo ra. waa reported at Bootes oa Ta today to ba
adonoB tho horao Bhoo; orow tared; mill la food a mm
tloa. Wo farthor partloalara.
Aw Am Tiiiil wae drives aahoro la Mataaaaa Bay MM
'?at; tho aapttim at the port had tost iauaohoa t? har amM
??ip bmm u?M, mm moiImm ?t UT?rpMi, ?*? w
efl 'Mates! 1* Ratf.
Bbl* Worth Cuttai. Ittnitr henoe (Wot 18) (W BM
Frsarieaa. Ju 8. lat 11 B. lom 38 W
Bfcla Conqueror, Routalle, frem Llverp*el (?* lltTNki
Fob 4 cff Point Limm
^ P*tl ,M 271 * ?ri? ?*"J Frtaklia. w
?bibtol, 1-1* port Fob 2, skip Diana, Citto, ferNOt
lease abt 10th. Art Ju 31. hark Jm Birut, H?w?, St A?
Cadi*-Ib pott Ju 28, ehlps Poo Lloa. Ooldlag. o( Hi tm
NOrleaas sron, ? 1th snffloleai Mlt to kallbrt her; Rmklaa
eordrmaed (Iro Disasters.)
r*Bn?wA?? 1b port Fob 12, bark Reary litk, fnililMk
for Coik and a mkt, ohartere* at ?8 par toa, e arris* 4.M
box** (oao scoonat fan to load eater for Cowoo aad a bM
at tbo abovs rata); brl* Bearv Lord*. LitUrJeha, for Bo "
Mk moleeseej eobr Georgia, Pett**d<l. for *0 ldg.
Air 10th Br brig Oleaaer. Mills, NTork
Cimrvrco*? la port Fsb in. briM A BlaaohaH. lw
?hard. fcr Boot en 13th a 14tb; Eliza Rurgeee, Gorham, far 4a,
to oommssee Id* la 3 or 4 dan.
Dtii.-irr Fob i, aMp Kate Swanton, Mom, Loadoa, Mi
Port Talbot (aad aaovorod)
Glaboow? Ib port Fob 7, ship Cent art on, Coombs. fa* W
Tork too; Br btrka Statesman, Com lot. for Bo -toa: Rritaa.
Twaddle. fo? Baa Fiaarlioo ldc; brio Han (Br). Croakett,
f?r Philadelphia do: Jooophiao (Foreign), for NTark; LaM
(Br), Rtokwltk, for Baetoa do.
OBaanoci? In port Jaa 7, (hip Jo ha Fjfe, QraFam, freak
Glarg< w for NTork ooob; Br bark lave*tig*tor, Rests, M
B oi toa Ida.
Gibraltar? No An tooooI Ib port JaaW. WladBBM
2Clb, wb*a a 1 arc* float bd W peeeed tbo Strait*.
At do 25th, brfca Etlsa. (Heap) Dart, 13 dan Cram Palsrm*
far NTork, arr 24th; Chlaa, Holmes, aadTonai Anariaa,
B<-*ers, do for B-?tor> ; Smyrna, ftrragne 40 dan from Qatar
? la for do arr 23d; D K akin, Rt d*r, 46 days from Pa1sr?a
for do arr 23d; N*ap aobr La I.u?e, laeevello. 10 day* BM
do for do do The wind wee WN W bp t? 3 Pk. whaa It ap
peared to b? ha*ll?ir NB Bid Jtat, ahlp Plata, Wood bar*
(from Mereaillee) NTork: bark 8 I Roberts, Datoh, ((ram Ml
do: Bard bilg Loaaa, Lovlgna, do da
Girgenti? arr Jan 21. bar) *?T Sawyer. RartJett, Bat
tor D?o 19, proeaod* to Pale'mo to fir iah 14* for Boetea.
Havana? la port Fob 14 bark Japoalaa. Power. for Phd
lidol|h*a. Id*; trigs Oaaallo. Brailor, for Cardoaaa. to laM
molaeeeo for Cork, ehart*red at ?8 par toa, eae-oitv 1MB
boxoo; Lima. Blmmoas for Cardoaaa, ?a load for NTork.
rota $7 ptr hbd near and $1 80 par b?x. tak.s Ib 280 boxe* ai
Havana for ballast; Ralabow, tmr-aoa. for Boa ton Immedi
ately Amanda. Boaa. for do, ldc; Emerahd (Br). Ma Donald,
lor NTork eooa: bbb other) as Before. Cla 13th 'ark Ua
?la Load Cbbb, Cardena* : brlci Dalmoat Laaha. Park, aad
Clara Ellen. Toon*, do; lntb, bark Camilla. Hoxlo, NTork.
Bavbb? Ib port Fob 5. tblpa Joha Q Cottar. Footer, tic
NOi lease 1 or 2 da; lie tare pell taa. Baretew. fm 4a, jnat an.
? Aai ai'BO, Fob 4? Tba rl*ar haabeea free of laa for tol
or tbiea daye pail aad a large i umber af Tea tell han ar
8 d from the Tazal 4th tatt, ihip Stephen Lurmta, Alia,
Jacmil- la port Jan 31, brl? Lnoy H Chate, Cook, CM
NTork 20 dan; lohr Coatnoa Allen, from Boetea rla M
Thonaae, for Boat n, jnat commtnoedld*.
Kkdgebee (below Caloatta) l'aaael Dee 19, (hip Catfa,
LeUbtoa, from Boetea Jaly 10 honad Bp.
LiTsarooL? Arr Fob 7, ahlp WiBoheeter. Moore, MobUa.
la port Feb 8, ahlpa D debater Howard, for Boatm
13th; callrnder, Diebmea. far do ldg: Chae Bnmberabee, .
Loratt; William Wltlerle, Weeeott; Bneeell Stargis.
Baow; Favorl a Thomaa; Ifoateiama (Br), Bnlle. Bad KtaM
Wilfht (Br), Violet, do do; Reporter Howe, fur do, lath*
rinr ready: Star of tba Wait, woodward, for NTork da da;
D Croo>e?i tpoBoer, aad Ex elalor. Hadley, do da; KMT
World, Knight, for do ldg; Falcon, Wade aad Zeaobla, B*
klaeoa for NOrleaa* da; Owage, Btenai, aad Oeeaa leaf.
Lord, fcr do, la the river ready; Spirit of the Tlmea, Drenr,
far Baltimore ldg.
Matarxao? Ib port Feb 13, bark Brelya, Hiohbera. far
Bortoa, ready; brlge H P Cu?hltg, Laneaeter, and OtvlHaft,
Niobole, fc.ri'o ldg.
Art 7tK brlt Mary Nortoa. Iflobeaar, Rlovmead. Sid MA,
bipk N W Bridge. Woodbury, Boetoa; 10th, brig Hbtbm
(Br), PbMtbb, B aton.
MABREiLi.Ea? la port Feb 1 bark Raaahoraa, Searlea, Mt
Boot b abt8th. Arr Id barke 8?a Daok. Piokerlag, NTark;
3d. Tork, Small. Boaton via Qibralta
Bai.aka? Toaebed of Jan 71 brig Nertnl, Small, 6 ram
Olbralter. aid prooeaed for Palermo.
kn.BoinsE- Bid Wo* 28, bark Aara, Oroaby. NTork.
Pai.kbmo? Ib port Jan r, barke P Pendletae, Cartte,
NT erk, Id*; I yenixoa (8 io), do d->: hrige B T Martin. Fraaah;
Atalaya. Naeh. aea Arali*. Paritt do do; Qaotavlaa (S4a),
do do; Helen FR>der Smith; Bdinbart, Swett. aad Reory
Mat he we I erertni frr Roetoa do; Eroole (Sle). for PhiU*
del alia, do; Carallaa (Bio), for NOrliani. do. Bid 22d(M*
V(ith), Mery A Forreet, korrret, Baltimore, 23d, (.ot Bat,)
bark Ann A Ma-y. Jehnaoa. B?etoi: Bio brig Nora Ke?aM?
MOrUani* J(!th, 8ie ihi> famatia Boator.
Pei?ai?o? Arr I??c 8, ahip Aoadla (Br), Daaa. Blagapan
Not 28, to finlah Id* for Boetea.- -and remained la port Uhh.
Pbbw am?vco? Arr abt Jen 14 Bt bark Berkshire, FiUml
from Benolniu rla Byd??y, NSW Nor #, for N Bedford , aai
protatly rroeoaded fmmedlatfl'y
Bio On AituB? In port Deo 31, bark May Qaaaa, Klag, fet
Boetoa 10 or 18 d?/e, oaly Am neeel.
Rio Janeiro? l? port Jea 14. barke Byrea. Tltna, ta laa4
fot hOrleani: Bern itago, I.ebrow. with oo*l lnteadad for I
?teamrr Sao Franoi-co; eohr Topas Waltei, from
li'aad* for thl adelphla; othara aa be ore
Far J i' ar (Oaba)- la port Feb 10, brig Sarah, Oibba, toa
Boetoa 14th.
Sot-BABATA? Sid Des 4, bark 8- a Breeie, Newell, Baehtra,
OB the Pereiaa Onlf -will retura to J area
PaivBRA? No Am *en?l la pert Jaa 28. A ettamer had
arrived aad lepott. d at Sjra bark A H 1 Arlington, Oorkam,
Irom Roaton Dee 19. fo'So.yraa.
Sabta Cbvx (Cuba)? la port Fab (, brig I W Mai Bell.
Burt, for Be>toa 12th
Ft Jago- tld Jan 28, bark Joha Weleh, Amea, Bremen.
8t Tiiomab- tld about Jan 28 >h, brig Leghorn, PeaAlaAtm
(from Wilmiigtea, NC), Smlaam
Stor won a v (Orkaet lalaad*)? Ib port Feb d thlp L
(Baa). Sehnlta. from Ooaatadt t r Boetoa wind bona 4.
Br Bis am? Ib Port Jan 28, bark Ronble, Uawtoa ftoa
for Boetoa. oaly Am vaaeeL Bid ?th, brig Pleladed, 1
Phieldo? Arr Feb 6, bark Barllagtoa, Trott HaU.
Trihidad? la port Feb 11. bark Fraaklla, Olbbe Daetea,
arr!'ih;echr Marin A Qoald. Partridge, for Boetoa I ?r d
dara. Bid abt 10th brig Lney Bllea, Parker, do.
At do abt 6th, brig* I Drnmmoad, Piikbta, for NTock S
dan; B O Holt, Defllnr, for d 10; Jondor. Head from 4a?
WiiAvroA? (Id Dae 8, Khip R*eelate Perrr. Loadoa.
Tabmoi'TH. Nt? Arr Jaa 2d, eehr Zttlasd, Hlltoa, Mat
folk; ,'iuth, bri* Pannlt. Cr <ekar. nTork.
Home Porta.
BOSTON? Arr Feb 30 ehip Riebmoad (aot Blohtrd), Kaaa
llton NOrleaae; br*^ L R Palmer Par*. Cardeaat, SthiMb;
eehre Isabella. Faalkia. ai d Laaoa Norrto. NTork.
Arr flat, ihip Joha Dnslap, Llaa-ctt, ApalaehioM*; brto
At la a (Fr), Gnerlalere, Roobell* Deo 17; eohr Haaorac,
Holme*. Jaemel Jaa 31 Cld ehip* Bippegrilfe, Bewae, Ma
dras and Cajentta; Nabob (bow elippar. 1,248 toas) Dww
hnret, NO leans; Job ay Liad, Gill, PMiadalobla; barka
Juniata, Pbienty Bie>?s Ayrea; Mary H Toe*. Ballot, Ba
tbbb; b ig Caroline. Cook, Remedioe; tihre Mareetia. ftl
mer, CbaWeeten; Gatfite, Crow.li, Blohmoad. Bid bark B
Dwight chip Towntead haa left Ue Roads; a rery haaiy
era la the bay.
BIUSTOL-Arr Feb 19, shops Wm H Bowea, Halloak.
Prorldenoe fer NT< rk; Monitor. Davie, Fall River, aad sM
fot ? York; 20th. I tig A Q Oathbn'B, Last Mataaaaa, (es
PfMMMd very heaiy waather on the paastg* ) Bid slaa*
VfmBm/r** n. Btllook, NTork At anehor below brig OaUA
leni^wfcat, ProTidenee for Cardoaaa.
BAlff? Arr Feb_ 17,_s?hr? Gen Scott Brooking*^ Rag
FALL BITBR-ArrFab 19. sle^p Maria LoaUa,
NVark Sid aloop Monitor, Davis do.
HC I.MAS' HOLE Alt Fab >8, I'M. set re Wtnfleld Baatt,
Kemp, Boftr n Irr Tander , Vineyard, Footer. Tangier far
Boetoa. Ratnrat' sobrs Cornelia, J Mall F Ballet.
Arr Feb ID, btrk Blm. Taylor Philadelphia f r Bosbamt
?ebrs F A Bawh bs, Cobb, do for dv; Martha Wasblagtsa,
Thomaa, llal'lmere for 1'limoeth; Col Bimoas. Brieaaa,
NTork for Rock. aad: Otla, Frlsbie. Portemontb for FuM
ieksbarg Sid sobrs Tlaeyard, W Saott, Coraalia, J Stall. W
llalUl, Otic.
Arr Feb 10 eehre Bar Ptate Bearwood, NTark for Beats*;
Coral Cook, do for Baleen, with oee ef part daak lead a *
rein ard eergo ablltad fid eohr Ariadne. In port 11 AM,
wlad BNB bark Blm, eohie > A Hawkiaa, M Waahlagtsm.
Col Blmwa Bat State. Coral.
JAf'RBoN VILLB ? Arr Feb 2, brig MaraaUas. Nartsm.
NT<rk; 3d, sehrs A R MoBenale da. Hy Alfred, Tabbvk,
Bnataa; 4th btl* B'aiami H'latyre Nnbleboro; sehrs Jw
B.iee, Ha*ch. Boeiin, 7tb Cl atoa, Watarmaa, NTrrk; BIB,
Fore**, Cole d >; 10th, Jos Jam?s, Smi'h da. Old 3d. >ri>
Frask, Oarmow, NVork; 4tb, Bu>aa Small, Small. On ha;
eehr talon. Paraeae Boetoa ff-eee arrivals aad el ear?
nae were before iaroTTeetly data! )
F RWPtiRT ? Ib p*rt Feb 20 etr City af Naw Terk. Ma*
tb ewe, Boston fer Philadelphia, (eaaae far pattts* la a*A
stat?d); bark Regatta bae haaled ta the wbaif to Baiah *?
pairs; bilg Raebabita has *sarly aomplatad rapalre, sshra
Kate (tea art, Matlir. Privld?aee for NTork; Raacaa fat%
aa, dlee. Bid 19th. a-fcr Oare.lae Staae. Bovatoa (fTeaa ne?
deaoe frr NTorki Wllmtactea, NC; aad the veae
reported boned ueetward.
NEW BkDFOBD? Sid Fab 18, tehr Thamas
Stojy, Norfolk. - ww^oa
Arr 9?h eehr Ma-y Abbb. Cokassst Nan ewe fw WTeee.
Sid 2iHh, brig Afiieaa, Haekell, pkuadalphla. havlat ra
P n'i W B C R T r ORT- Arr Feb 19
V>*). Bm d. Darlaa eohra Aatalia. RaaA R^Mmora,
' ' P*H 1 LA*i"l fl'B Feb ?. J*1!1**
U F O * TLA VD^ri*F ab tlTbfi* "a?ab Bliaabeth.Teothakea,
Norfolk f? Wleo??et: aobr Hopa. natehinsea, AaMmara;
I [.Aa Wlaal'w, 4e. cld sehr L S Psnd, Orowell, NFork.
PR^ * I PI NCR- Bole w Feb ?). sahr hoae. Raaiia,NTerfe.
Bid btlas California Weat, Cerdeniaa; Rlia'ia Daaaa. I a hag.
Philadelphia: sehr Sea Witeh, Smith, N York; eleop Ft* hi >*.
Bljdeabati, > Fork; 31st, brig 8 Conine (of NTark). Parka,
"PORTSMOUTH ? Arr Fsb 18, eehre Ksanebaa, Badglef.
Teamloa rlvar (with leas of a* anohor aad daaaga la baa
eud rlgglag). Bid 19th, ahla Rxpreae Waeka, BOr'eaaa,
BAVANNAB-Av .hip .Inrieh, Riah, NTark; bar kgaaak,
Oram ley, da; krlg Hollaader, Brown, da. Ralaw. aa am
knawa brig
BT MARIS? It port Feb 14. bark Charletta Wraas, J F
Boam*r and Cenvcy, Basper, fer NTork with drepatah; M
B Oaaible F Hoamer and Civile, laeraham. aae; brigs Rev
eld Laee.Taverntr Leetar A a* O Pratt. Drtak water, aaA
Gov Brown Park, de;sshn Jail* M Hallaak, Aaderaon. aaad
Nrrliaa, Powara, naa
8AI.EM -Cld Feb R> barkDragoa ( f Ba'em, late ef Mmp
Tork), Pbbb F- lie lelaad. and port* la the Pbeta*.
BTONINGTON ? Arr Feb X) e?hr Rmerald, Crewall, X?
folk for ProvidaBoo. fexporlaaead heavy weather).
WA RRRAM ? S.d Feb If, sehr Agawam, MTstk; Mm* ?
-An Ftb 30, bdg Fsnii, Otilia*, 1

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