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?3ea. Com aid the Religious Liberty of
Americans Abroad.
?it?* W Senator Toomtu on (fee Nebraska
Debate on the Distribution of the Public
Lands in the House.
- le-irmt of tke lartha Washington Conspirator!
Ac., Ac., A*.
From Waanlngton.
WiSHrttOTMl, Feb. as, 1864.
JkM la b rumor eurrtat that Mr Baehaaaa will re
tan ham aooo, dlaguated with bla treat meat by Eogliah
nfllalala in tha matter of bia raroMl to appear la so art
Biaatar Blight ia Tar j 111 of Inflammatory rheamatlem
?t Beoigetoim.
Tha mail delaya bare materially iImM oparaUoaa at
tha Tiaaeary Department.
A eaaveotlon of apiritaal mtdiuma ia ihortlj to b? bald
The UBited Statea AgrUolturU doeiety met thla mora
*ng, aad tha Prealtent delivered an addreaa. Tba Se
cretary of tba Ttaarary irvlted tha members to rltit him
thla arenirn
Profeawr Mapea exhibited acme wheat aad oreas grow
Sac oa the aame bead.
Many pap?r> aad propoetttona w?ra received and re
tarred, aiad tiebalea of the most inutrtetiag nature were
lUtened to wi'h marke atten-i >n The prlnolpai rpeak.
?are Were Ma -thai P. Wilder, W 3 King Prof. Mtpsa, Baa.
t. Poore. Calvert aad Froaeb
About one huadred member. are p eeeat, repreeentiag
twerty uiie jtatae, aad ether* are arrlvtag. The annual
election of oflcera take* place to-m>rroe.
Ia the eveaiaf Prof. Mate* ahteed a model it aa tm
proved tab-ioil pkragb, invented by hlmaelf, aad Dr. War
lea, of Ohio, tictriDuted some Jtpta peai aad deaatlbad
The Supreme Court thia morning rendered lta daetaloa
?ia the eare of the great Dubuque, Iowa, laad olalm. The
-?JeoMon ia agaiaat it oa all pointa.
ram bbbsiok.
W-unn.voroa, Feb. SS, ISM.
Mr. Baku* (dam.) of Me , preaaated the credential* of
Mr. iMMBMa, Senator from Maine far all yeara from the
3tk of Maroh laet.
Mr. Feaaenden appeared, a *fl waa avorn.
Mr. Bbdkm, (dam ) of 111., predated tha credential* of
Mr. Dooglaa, Senator from Illineia, foj alx Tear* fna tha
4th of March laat. He iraa awora laateprlng without tha
pneentatioa of hla credential/.
Mr. hiui, (dam ) of 111. , pretested tha petiUoa (Of the"
investor of the Atmospheric Telegraph, aaklag as appro
yriatioa of $6,000 to ooaa tract hla telegraph for tea mil* a.
'Be aaetrte that he oaa trananlt paokagee welghleg too
pound* MO mllae an hear. Referral tj a aeleot commit
tee of be.
moaLua auairer m mpul o? tbb niaeouai oo?
Mr. SrwAKD, (free eoil) of N. Y , predated tha prooeed.
l?ga of the peopla'a meeiiag la Nee York eltj, ud ilto
the meeting la R<eheeter, N Y , egaiaet the tepaal of
the Mimoori oompromlae. Alao, remorlal* cf a like ohar
*ot*r from Niagara, Ontario aad Oraage count lea Nee
nnrioea rinnnD
Mr. BaooaxAD, (daa > of Pa, preeaatad an am fall of
yettttoaa againat (ha removal of the mint from Pailadel
pbia to New York or anywhere el.V
Mr Caaa, (dam ) of Mioh , preeeated a petition about
raiu tone freedom.
Mr. Qua (free aoll) of Ohio, praeaatod a fioi aa peU
Mom agaiaat alavery la Neoraaka.
The tU) for tha relief of tettl?ra of lander* eel red by
graata ft r railroad purpoaae w? taken np aad paeeed.
?uottca umnrT aaaoAD? vsjuRKaor ?an am
Mr . Ckb, (dem ) of Mich, ??li? 1 hare a petition to
present, whleh la bat tha io" rueaer of many other*. It
?ak* the later poeltlon of thi? government with forelgo
Powere, where ineh intorponti m le rf quire 1, la order to
aroara 'o American eltlieat ab- oad the enjoy nee t of reli
gion* worah'p while llnag. and a p aee of lepultnre aad
tM ritee of Clirtatlea burial when dead; aad atraoge it la
that inch damaada are rendera* aaaaaeary br the arro
gecee of earthly pr-auaapttn In ttti lay of knowledge
<nad of aeaiohlag irquir,'. Bat no it le; and pa bile opi
nion la tola aountry la awakening to the lateroat of thla
qaeatlon, aad It la time oar voice aboul4 be heard and
heeded The freedom of reHgloua wrahlp 11% aubjeet
which hetorga to the klagd >m of Sod, aad ant to tha
kingdom of maa; aad ao human ruler eaa Interfere
with it without equal iojuatiae and praaomptloa.
Of aouri* wa claim no r ght to laferpoea be
tween other gOToremeate aad their owa people,
wuept, indeed, tha right of jalgmeat aad aoedamaatlon,
aoaiwe to all oouatrlea not oruebed by the toot of tha
aapueeoe, whea en eh act* of revolting tyraaay oca or to
ahoek the feeltoge of mink nd bat when American eltl
wane art the eolferera It la the nodeaiable duty of thla go
Tarn ai eat to take all auch meaautee a a are jumfled by the
la we of ration#, to lan re promotion aad the enrol** of
right* whloh ought to be wholly without the eoope or po
ll no* 1 laetltntit aa, aa they are wlAout their Jaet nu
thotlty. I propria, air, at eome oenventent time, whea
tte Senate la leee engaged thaa at preaent, to more the
reference to tha Uommtttee on foreign Rela'ioua of tha
?zMBent report made laet eeeat >u op jb atml.ar pitltlore,
by a aeca> nat finable member, (Mr. Underwood ) now no
toiler atcoa* u*: aad epon that ocatalm I ahall aak to
he heard la relation to tale general au jaot. lade pendent
Of the momentooa priaelplea Involved la It, aad whtab,
of themeelvea, tnrnlah a audi ileal motive for their
examination, i bare aaother whleh la pereoaial ta myeelf.
It win probably be renolleoted by aomn of the Seaatore,
that I enbmlttod a few remark* to thla body wreathe
qaeettoe wa* Hilt before aa. Ojt prooaedlage. and par
aiealarly n ?? aaare of them, were reviewed with eome ee
rarlty by irahbiahop Hoghea la a letter eigned hi him
naif, aad publlahed la the paper* after our adj >aromen u
1 do not oejeet at all to that cearaa. though oertalaly I
B.ait hare beea greatly mlanad.ratood, jadglac by eome
of tha aaatimnata imputed to me Now, air, I propoea
not an mnoh to review the review, aa to redeem myaelf
from mlaapprahenaloe, aad to reaaaart aad maiatala my
true vie we; aad while I ahall execute thla taak wltk aU
the due recpect to the peieonal character and ta the high
r altion of ihia diatlngnlahed (.relate, I ehall do .t with
the freer'oia whleh btloaga eqeally to the aubjeet aad to
my owa position aa a member of thla depoettory of ao
sneh of the national power. I meve the reference of
thla petl ton to the Committee on Foreign Halation*.
Docvwaam rclativi to tub vcmixm woai.o a ran.
Mr. Paaaoa, (whig) of Md., reported a joiat reaolatloa
araeptlng oertala volomea pr?a?n'ed by Her Britannic
Majeety'a goverament to the United Statoa, ooatalalai aa
Uioatrateo catalogue, report* of jury, ha., M, of tha lata
World'a Pair to London Paeeea
na Kcaiacv axd thf rawtm
Mr. Baooaufi, (dam ) of Pa , in roduaed a jolat reeola
flaa allow lag Mr. Kennedy, late Clerk of the Oeaaua, to
aie oertaio cflieial doaameat* la tha Oaaeua Offlea, la pm
yertag a work he I* pabliehing aa private aaeoaat. Ha
naked it might now be paeeed.
tereral denatora nbjanUag it waa referred.
aooocim wrrn maktlajtd.
Mr. Paaaca latrodaeed a bill for the re-exam Inn tlnn of
aiaaaata betweea tha United Ointea aad Maryland. Be
Tha Senate than took up
TUB namu>Ka irrt.
?r. Toow, (?hin) of Oa , aaid ba appro** had tha ooa
?l deration ot tola biU with a kttrt f mil gratitnda to a
wiaa PrurWaaea, ttet af tor a protraatrft aoataat at yaara
thU qoa?tloa M a boat to bar* a aolotloa, not by aay
tampon'? ?po(l*Dta, tat apoa tea broad prlaotplaa of
joaaiitntioaai joaUe? a ad right, which ?u tha oaly
g laail npoa vhtah it ?o*ld be aatiafaotorily aad parma
aaatlj aatUtd. la oataiiag n?on tha dlacuaaioo ha daalrad
to naamhla tha At banian uratar, who, bafor* apaahlag,
?Iwiya ? praiad tha goda that ba might attar no
?? iaeon* infant with juatlaa aad tenth." Thara waa a
narfcad diffaraxaa batwaoa vht ariumant nada by
tha appoaaata of thU Mil and thoaa b J lu
frtaada. Tha frtaada of tha bill bad attorad no wogd
wbiah might not ba aaoapWd by tha paopla aa tha trath,
wwJa tha tna icilara who tared, moTtd and had that*
Mag la MaSta aioat aad agitation, bv a?at forth maah
that abomid aavor hara barn nd?ra>s?d to thap<opl*.
Thaaa latt?r har? raaivod thatr o d apawshaa made la op
yoaltion t-> Hao aoanprouia* of 1 too, aad dallrarod tham
?gala against thl? Mil. Thay ara battllag now agaiaat
too aaaw groat tiathamamc and aatablii had by too l?
rUlation of IBM TlaSaaator f-om Maaawahnaatta (Mr
Baaiaar) la hw aeaaoh, aat only tradnaod tha paopla af
tha Booth, bat alao ht? aoaotryawnof hla r.wa aortioa, by
fltyMag all tkoao who did aot agraa with him la hU f aa
aaU had aboMMoa aaatimaau wbl a aUraa. If traa. waa
It aa argaaaoat to adtlra-a tha Booth to shaago bar poll ay
of Afrtaaa alavorjr, that thara might ba whita alararyf
Waa It aa aiaaaiaat to tha ?tooth that whita maa ahoald
ft* dagraiad ha otdor that thara might bo aloratloa to too
>* hiaahaf n waa a Mhaloa tha North toatytaall who wara
ftaa adan whita riavoa. Ha had aaoa lataiy la Haw
Tak proof tt at it waa a Hhal. Than wara mm ttoto
ghtwM ?? fiMMial umWIig with firoaaoUar* nl
abelltlonlata, and who area refuted ?. "???? th* P?1 ,?f
that eaaoeieti^B Th'M men !? N?? ionoity who <"ld
thia did not etnad alone OMhudi*! ihoaand freemen
of the Slat* bad eua'aiaed the Ml \Were tieae mea
tlavea? We could not kut, lit* Ireland th?' oar land
produced do reptile; bat while admitting ,r'at we had
rep' ilea amongat aa. we oonld tout that w* had aa ia
tef Igesce. a freedcm. i-d a oooattta'ion, wk^ *>' e?pe
rior to their ??bob. The qareloa now before tks? Senate
vii the (an* old one of the right, power, and ?xy*<lt*noy
of Coagreea inter ering la the rvgulatioa of the dc naatle
t?Ntn of the peope of the T-riioriaa. Uuob has1 bwa
?aid of compact#, and honor, and faith, aad inviolability
of aaered i>bli?atl< aa. Who epoka of thaee Utiagaf Tha
men whom bo oatha ooold bin l, no obll^atlona of *?tf or
of law at aid aweive frvm the execution of tbalr fall p?V
TKw? . The Senator fr?in New Turk apoka npon public
faltb, atd aaered honor, aad aoli-mn osmpait; and ha,
whan Governor of Naw York, aad a arn to execute the
eaaetituttm of the (JnitedStatea, refused to execute It oa
tha ground that a "lave wa? tba ant j-ct of a telouioui as
portatlon of p'opeity Hooa of three Senators kaaw
scmethicg cf com pacta to d?feat tha will of tha people.
By arm* of theee 'onl eompaeta ? coalition I th?y ware
called In llaaitohusetta-- tte people war* tfefranded of
being properly repreaenta/, that soma of there man might
be Mat to the Senate. Men wno o?ed tbar elevation to
such fraudulent coin pacta aa there, now talked of pligh ad
faltE, honor, and the lnrloiabil ty of contracts? who,
while openly declaring they will not oarry oat a com
prnnlM, ttlk to othera abiut rbservtug them. What
cid thla oonduet meaa' It di>a'?:B>l that they wen ia
aaneible<o shame. Ha would oooaTer the pat tlcalar pro
?taloaa of thia bill nndar four a*pec ta Kir at that it waa
wiae, just, oenstitutioaal. and orght to ba ad>ptel,
Beoondly, that it had received the acqnl'eeeat approval
of niaetaentweBtiethe of tha pibllo e'Btimeatof the
Unltad Statai. Thirr ly, ha wjcld rep y o tha obj ?et oa i
to tha Mil, aad fourth!) ha wwld dtaprora that thla bill
waa a depertura fron tha ancient pjltc. of tha rap u bio,
aad disprove that that aaataet policy waa ptoiibUljn
and ilavety. Than waa bo ohj-otloa to tha owatttu
tionality of aJlowtag tha paopla of tha Territortee to aattla
thia quaatioa aa thay thought f roper Thoaa who a* to
eatad tha prohlbltloa of alavary by Conrraaa, aa wall aa
thoaa North aM South wha deaired tba power la Ooogreaa
toto 10, all admitted it was eonatitutlonal to leave tha
qoeatioa with tha paaple of tba Tenitoriea to daoide for
themieleea. Ha did not believe tha aoremigatf ovar
Terrltorlea waa la tha Ooagraaa of tha general govera
maat. Tha Supreme Court had aald aome thing ahint
aoveielgnty in Cocgraaa, but ha did not place muoh ton
fldenoe Uere. That court waa undoubtedly tha aafa depo
altory of prWata right, hat ht kaaw of i> usurpation of
Solitleal power by tbe general government bat whet tha
apreme Oourt had found aome authority for it He be
lieved all aorereicnty ovar Terrltorlea waa la tha people
of those Territoriaa. Coegraea bad no powar given It.
The aovereiga powar waa In tha Itataa or ta tha paopla.
A population of five thouaand la tha Terrtt >rlaa had
tba tame aupreme polillaal aoveraigoty that thay woald
have did they anmbar Ore milliooa That aova
ralgnty might ba for a tlma in abeyaaaa, bat It
eoald not be dietatbed. The very 11 rat man who
?stared thoaa TerritttlM waa oovarad all or?r with
thaaime coaatitution that ouvered him la aay Htata,
aad hid tight to lovereignty aa one of the propie ooald
aot ba naurped. Ha mi.^ht sot ha able to aatert aad
maintain It by force, bat it w?a aa isoah hla aa if he had
armlea to dafead It The people of California had exer
cieed thia lovereignty. Congteaa admitted th?ir lawful
exeieiaa of It, aai Ualiforaia waa ?b a to aaaert it. Hhe
had the power. He and maty oiheta had dafaadei the
admiaalon of California bacauae of thia great prluoiple of
popnlar aoverel?nty. Ha bad voted to apply the eame
priceiple to Utah and New Mexioo. How wer* th y
treated T Who had. reeogane^ th a great prlrolpl* by
voting far thoaa acta f Many of taem had bean hunted
don a by thoaa who aow oppoeed thia bill? huated do en
to their gravea an ) their mtmorlea tradaoad and vilitad.
Hyeaa? led ob dead bociea, but these need feed oa soma*
thing more preeioua thaa the body? name, motive and
ra putMioa. la hla mlad there waa uo queitioa or doubt
that the people who go to theae Tairitori-a are reeled at
ea?? with eomplttapbTftalgaty ovar It. That aerareignty
a>ay be held in abeyaaae for awhile, at uatll 0->cgreaa
gave Ha ascent to ita exerclae, but that it la all the Una
held by ttla . people aloae oouli not ht disputed. Tha
comtltutiCn >aid nothing of alavaa. He denied ihat C m
greaa, by a?^ lmplfdatlOn, ooald draw tha power to pr^M
on iikTir; in me lorritorirs. it naa bo power in toy
?hap* over slaTsrj. The constitution ?m not framed
with ief?ien-e to slaves? this vss a government of free
mcn. It* liberties wfcrs woo and npheld by freemen for
,fl?*inen and ijot slavUk. Slavery, at the Uma of tha adop
tion t f tha eoc (tltntlon existed In many of w&at aranoir
(re* States Toelr constitution mada no provision rea past
il K African slave* ; tha fxvedom 1 boaa e natttn ions pro
vided was for freemen, tad not lUrai. Tha moat of tbam
||T? frseoom to whit** for year* before they aboljhed
slawrj ; and baton they set thalr iltrai fraa tha/ took
car* to sell tta greater part of tbam to Sjnthera States
Tbl> question o' tha tcvsrtlgoty of Gmgreaa over tha pev
pie waa tha old is>ue batwaan the parties who earn batted
prerogative against priMiege Vtaun bad written mash
sgalnst and long disputed wl'.h thse whs far end pra
rogattve, and baa hala moat strsnuoualy to tha dootriaa
that all ipowara were vested in tha States or paopla
not sipmsly given to Oongreta. Ia 1*98 Mr. Mtdiaoa
argued In tha Hons* of Rep-esentativos against tha
sovereignty of tha general government II was thaa da
elded, la the eaaa of Mr. Jay'* treaty, that eran tha treaty
making power, though art* fined, waa not unlimited Tha
people of the North vare not averse to thia prlaolf la of
popalar sovsralgnty? thiy wiuld not b* ia armi at Iti
recognition or adoption Some of tftaee Senators who
live by agt'atlon think tha worli la ia motion oaoaa**
they are ndiid. He well remembered, la ISM bsaring
tha Senator from New York procUtmlrg the atorm wbioh
noa'd follow the aote ef that year, and hli thraataalng
that, tbaogh passed, the time woald oome when tha cry
would go up of repeal! repeal! tepeair Thoae acta ware
adopted, and wlat waa the r?*uMf Aa Senator wwat. a
few riota and reaeoei wspe got up, and than all wax qaiat
The people of tha North w?r* then, and are now, willing
to hare this queitioa settled on the principle that the
sovereignty waa la the people and o:ght to be left there,
notwithstanding lb* SsoatoT's loud prophetie* in 1860.
He noon after wai one if the Brat n ea who ? Beaked into 1
a political orgaafaatloa which endorsed every one of
this* meeearee h* bed ao bitterly oppo<*d. Tde Stoat*
might reat assured tha*. ao atorm would ever come from
that Senator. That !>*na tor's than; e? waa not ml, bat
sheet iron and pt oepbnrons Another lnitlridne), who
then MMM* ?d Neir Hamp-.hlre, undertook to tr II the
fate of three who would vote foi thoae nuMani, at d the
remit ef <b* prorbeey waa h* w>* ao longer la the Se
nate. This princi|1? of popular sovereignty wai the
great ptinclpi* fi r which the battle* of the Revolution
wet* fought It wiaaa dear toth* people of the North
?of and at ell ti nee aa to aay other*. They knee that
tbii bill proposed nothing 'mar* thaa that prloelp'e?
they would approve It. Bat tkey were not to I J this by
the speeches of to* opponent* of thfa Mir The fr** soil
m did not '.inly r*pr?aent the peeple of the North Tney
bad got ia the Senate by getting ap excitements, and
woala go out of It aa mod aa tta people oonll reaeh
them. All the South aaked was tfeat the principle estab
lished ia 1850 and given to Utah a ad New Mexioo, ahouM
be eztri.de l to other territory protested by th? same
tl>g and ram* constitution The people theie woald
at the proper H<a* and In th* prop* m inner *s*r
olia their power. The Praetor from Maasashusetts
tad falslBsd ti* history cf ThemUtoele* ant) Aril tide*.
The proposition of the former waa of undoubted power
they ?hnold exeroie* that might to do aa aft of lnj-i*
tica. Aristides deemed the njght to do injure* on tha
role ground of power. The 3>uth waa powerless Tae
North i ad th* power to ast justly or asjastty. f leSiu'h
tow said. a* It *id in I860? Yen have the power to do
right: will you do i J The Senator nays No; rather oon
tlnue the lDjaa is*. There wai another ator/ of a minis
ter who waa aaeking peace at Rom*, and wh*n a?k*d what
guaraate* ba ocall give that p*as* would not be diiturbod
repliot? "Oiv* us a jast pease, art It will never b*?
brckrn." Bo with the South. Let her have a joat peace
? p?are on soma bread national priadpla? aad It would
be permanent Tha North had never approved the Mli
sonri *ompromla*. It huated dewa all of It* represent
ative* who voted tor It. Ia i860 a Senator from Nsw
Hampshir* taunted Senators with the fat* of those
Northern ?*a who voted ft r the Mt'sourl compromise.
Th* aompromlr* of 1860 waa adopted oa a different prln
elple, aad bad bee* endorrad by ta* vhol* nation. Th*
demcoratlo party hai aftarwards in ooav*ntlca uaani
monaly d*elared It to be a flra itf, aad la th* ale*tio*
earrVo ivery State of the Valon but four. Th* whig
paity bad rs*olv*d th* *an* tblnc, bat there wer*
?lxtj-iix o It* *obv*ntfaM who refas*d It They wer*
rfj-e'ed by th* whrl* paopl*, North art Booth, who
wi old not trust tl em The paople had ao eoaadene* la
?neb rasolvlng. Many whtge, Uk* hinu*if, had tharefore
tcrnd their basks oa thsm aid sough-; a peac**li*wh*re.
That permaasat p*aee had been found? it was tendered
here to day by this bill H* did not bsliav* th* Senator
f'OB Nsw Yoik bad a /ok an th* e*atlm*ot* of th* p*oal*
of bis litat*; aad hs thought tba Seaator woalJ Art him
comet *h?a b* triad aa *)*oUoa by tba paopl*. Th*
Seaator from C aneetlest had ep^ksa half a dsy about
Brlgbam Young aad bis ftrty wlree He veatarvd to say
U at la ao tB*taao?,from the time of th* nrdlnano*of 1787,
now eaaoa is?d by pisfaded frlen V, had gorernmeot *v?r
lntrrf*Tid with th* p*opi* la th* r*gulation of their
doBMii* erne* res. Tba paopl* ef Utah, wh*a admlttrt
Into tts Union, will bare to regulate their owa iastitu
Urns la Hieir owa way. U It salt* thorn, th*y can ooma
aa >*ai the state af patrlarsbal blsri* taess a* they thlak
lit; there was na power ia Congre** to prohibit them;
'her* vas a provlsiaa la th* eoos'.ltaUon that C?ngr*ia
?bould not Mtahlish aay religtoo by law. H* was not
prepared to say wh*th*r ea*h power waa prohibited to
tha Statee; but Coegress bad no powsr to pr*v*nt Rimaa
Catholics ante ring the Territories: it had no power what
erer over aay domestic oonosrn of th* people This prln ?
dpi* af popalar sovarsigaty was powarfal; It was riok ia
the vitality of truth, art would live forever The
Senator from Maauihuiatts asked if Brlgham Yeang
could carry his forty wives to Pennsylvania. Cer
tain ly not. Tta* Booth did not a* carry Its
s'avs* to Psnneylvaata or to New York. All It aak*d
was the tight to carry tbslr Slav** everywhere where
slavery was act prohibit- d by law. Slavery was prohibited
In Pennsylvania art Nee Toth not br Congtees
but by the people ef thcie States The senator from
Cccnsctieut told the Senate twice that in 1860 Mr. Web
ster hsi" eomptlmented him for /emonstrattof the' the
W ilosot Provian waa a humbug. Tt a oompli men t seemed
to hav* Nan thrown away, tor th* Ssnator oa every ossa
tirn bai voted for this humbug, aad hug<*d it to the laat
rsritrut of It* M'stence All th* op pones ?a rf this bill
bad ltvcked th* spirit* of th* Illustrious d*rt to sustain
. belr opposition The Banator froes New York had oalled
on tbs iplilt of Mr. Clay; bat the Senator waa th* last
?as In the wsill who would Invoke th* inlrit of Mr.
Ulay, bed h* not known It woald not eome at hi* bidding.
It was cbaraeleslaUs foi thoae to invoke now th* spirit of
tta* dsad wbo had trrtuead hi* sasu when Uiing? wbe,
at Syracuse, la defartlag tha Jirrr reaenera, had aonght
to ctshoMT hie memory. These free eaflesa had falsified
htotory by wni*a th* Ml? ???! eoipromlee aeompeat,
was nswssary tot to ta so to make up HfaUon.
B y thoiii DMDii, and by the aid or fanatical ram, atroag
miaded women, bl*o?era, &v they aought to c-ceat* ">
the pubilo a. ltd a fala* ImpisulOu u to toat l*gi?.'*tlon.
It >u do oumpait ? a compact L>. aoatething agreed i' P??
bj ptrtin cowpeteBt to do ao Goxgrers hid o>> ponr to
mala a compeot between tbi North and th* Soutn. If ?"*
bad tbe N< rth was imi a party to it. Ia thi H >>ne th*
whole Ncrth escept sixteen member* voted e galoot II Is
tba Miiiata th* Nor '-a voted agaiuat it. Ta* Njrtn aid
never spprovtd it. It eoa'amawl all who
to it exoept tana. tfcnoa tb?a It had move
than once repudia'ed Ic. Huitorr had tc b?
fa'eifled tj irak* it oat a ooiipast, and then th* p wltioa
of the North haa to ha fala tiled to sustain tbi* faarioatioo
of hit or/. If it we* a oompaor, and th* atfcalsaloa of
Missouri was the prto* given to th? S-u'h for tb?prc hlM
UoB north cf 30 30. thaa the Nortbrepu it ted h by ra
fusirg to adult Wieooc,en Ib 1821, and, tnereVre. re
leaeed th* South. The pretcno* oq which the North I
rafu ed to admit th? South wee too txiSlvg to be ooBdaaa
ed. It wae (kid that Arkansas waa part of th* pr;0?gtv a
to tbeBoath ft. r prohibition. Upon the queatlon of ad
mitting Arhaeaas, ia 183"), John Qulacy At am* aald that
If no otter inaa mover it, h* >ould morv to apply th*
prohibition or rlavery to that -Hat*. W lore wae th* i?
Jemn compact th*i>? Did tba North thaa srooWIm i ? a
oompao' never to ha broke* T Eighty toot N rtbera
men voted for tha'.prohi ttion to the Arkacaaa bill? more
than a majority cf tba who ? Northern delegation. It
?M voted down, but upon the passage of tba btO admit
ting Aikaaaai fifty fjur votes wet* given against it, all
but two of wtioh war* from th* North. Th* Nona,
B*ar>y >a a 'olid bo^y, vo'<d agalait the MUaturt oaui
promlie iu 1820. The Njr-h repudiated It altogether in
1821, by r> fusli g to at* -nit Mieeourf. It ro'ad >y n.tj?rl
te to tepud at* it in 1838 i-jioted it in 1848 and M?D,
Bad fa peculiar advocate^ and special friead* miw openly
dicla'f 'he- wouM vote it down to morrow. Yet they call
upoi the Sooth to atand by a bargain to whlah tie No'th
n -ver ?a a party to? to atacd by the oam past, whioh tie
No-1' ne\*r approved of and i (way* reputiatid? to
atao by tbe comprimi-e whlah the North un 'irmly
oond?mnfd Th. y tela loudly of honor. plighted faith,
ana it vleleble c lupact, to be observed by toe B >atb, and
ye'- admit they oarer were bound by it, and ar* not bow.
Whoever beard snob language outeUs of a land of a>
aaxiBi t To hear tbam ta'k or honor qnd faith ?>i like
Menieg to the devil q voting diripture. It could ao*. be
fonnd an) wfcere that it waa th* poHoy o' th* rounder*
of tbe republic and framera of the ooaatltattjat* pro
blblt alavrry to Stat**, ? r to rtatrain It la any shape.
He q Doled a letter from JalTeraon to Madiaoa. la whioh
th* aettlcmeot of tba alavery queation by a gaorgrapht
eal lice w? atyled a moot portenton* movetaant, jal ot
whioh De Wit' Ciintoa aad Hofui Kmg expected to g*t
tbeir party into power. Alao from ladiaun to Jaffar
?on. and al'o a l*tt*r from Jasknoa, ia whioh he
?tyled the Ni'^oari com promise a raub, deap>tio policy,
act, *o. The Aerator from MaatachuNtta, oa a former
o caeica, and twioe oa rnesday Uat, declared that at th*
tine of Waahlentoa'a InangBratiOB there waa bo a tot
tiac'er tbe jorl*di*tloa of aha Uait*d S'ata* where th* flag
floated ovir on* foot of alar* territory Virginia eeded the
aortbwfit territory of the United tatee with thaeoadi
tion 'bat alavery ahon,ld be prohibiud. North Caroliaa
eeded tbe tm itory of Teen ?*aee, with the c ndltl 'B that
Cocgteaa aboBld never prohibit alavery theraia The Srat
Ccajreea tinier tbe oonatitutloa accepted both o**ato*a.
W*a tbii the policy of prohibiting alavery la all territory
of th* Dai ed Btatea? Traneiaee waa aot admitted aatti
1786 and tharefora dtuing the whole of Wathiogtoa'l
admiDiatratloB remained (lava territory, and waa pro
teoted by Watbingtoa aa well aa the free territory of-th*
Northwest. In framing th* conititotin, th* father* of
th* ooBBtry rratrictad 'Jongrrea from dUtorbleg or eap
prtiaisg the aiave trade for tweaty year ?, a ad gar* their
permiialon to 11* contincanoe forever. Waa thia the an
ciei t follcy ?' aapnrea.iing alavery f Knowing teat, ia all
ptobability. the slave 8tat?* wonld b* la a minority of
whit* population, th*y provided in the oonatittidoa ftr a
rrpreecatatioa of thire flltha of th* slave popula
tion Waa tula th* aaeient polloy of diaoinataaaaa
lng slavery ? They not only did thU, bat tuey gave
the tlave States power to follow their elavee Into
bee StaUe and reoov*r th-*m. Th* acelrat policy
of our fathers did oot l#ave one aeot la the land
wber* a poor alave ooald flad a k site- . He then rsferred
to the cesalona, 4a , aa to the southern part af Georgia
and FKvli'a, acdaaid that the OB'y part of th* original
territory cf the Uaitad Stat** at tiat time owned waa
?lav* territory. Tbla waa the ancient policy of the gov
eminent to iat alavmy alone, and to give bo p >wer to
0<D)gi*aa over it Thing* thus temained un<ll the old
party, wbovrre la favor of prerogative again* t privilege,
ard who had bten ao cften defeated, got np an exalte
meat la tbe negro quedioa It waa aaid that if alavery
wa* admitted (to th*.'* Tonitorlaa fo<*lgn *nalgraots
woe Id net go there. Be might well say that If thay woaU
act go tber* tfc*y might I Uy away. Bat faota
proved the fella ay of tba statement. Within the
laat t?n ytara Euiopran emigrat.ta ?ue coming tu the
8<utteib Sutos am aettllxg mere by thon-aad<, ? de by
Md**i:h tbe rative planter. Timber they obUla*d
from tie laid piodustions in value unequalled by tt>*
promotion of any other lani*. under the enn of e<iail
population fo'tliraara w?r* coming thtra Thfygav-ti j
tbem good !ato, f ?x> law*, *ooB<nnicarg9VArBinant, and
baarty wtlooma. They *tme t*vere aa frevm**, aad war
welcomed and trta od aa freeman All fraesaes at ft*
t< u b were ttfaUd aa freeman No body of people andar
tba ana could inrpa-a ia oomfort, iutnl l<Mca, aad
? raltn tbe freamen oi Georgia Frtm the handled th >a
??ud In th* day* of th* Revelation tbe p* petition ef that
H at* had ran op to over B million Kur -tgn-ra, theo,
d d go wb*r* alavery waa. f:i Senator from llaeiteha
*? ta, In *aylBg that it wai a derradatloe
for frees an to go wber* slavery wae, no
only maligned th* freemen of tba North, hat thoe* alao
of tbe Honth. The Seaater from Oeaa**ti*at objected to
th* phraaatVgy of this Metioa becanae It gave the rea
?onforihayepaalof tk* Ml?aoarlaot. It aad the ptia
dp'.e adopted 1b I860 waa inoeuaUteat with tha Miaeoarl
compromise. The truth of tbla oonld aot ha denied. Bat
In order that daaigaing men mfght aot read tie law aad
give false reaaona for ft, it was just aad wise to pat the
reaaoa to tha law itaelf. that thay shon d bath go to
gether Be r*ad extraeta from a apeecb delivered by him
in 1861, In Georgia, before tha Htafce OenvecUon in which
he bad defended the admissioa of Oalifarala oa tba ground
tbat tbe people there bad fall sovereignty and had an
dnnbted ifgbt to ertraiee it, scd ihtt h*r almlaiioa wa*
tb* reeogxltloB of that great priaclpla of popular sov*
telgnfy whioh the South bad harterad away by tb* Mis
loorl com ptomla?>. The Senator from New York had
a<kad wber* tbii prlaclple wae to stopT ? whether it woald
stop at the Cblneee wall or the Himalaya M lunUlna ?
He would aaawer by taylag, let it go every vhare where
the flag and oonatitatioa of th* United 8 '.a tea ehoull be
ka led aa a protection Wceiever the arm* or tb* destiny
ot the United 8 ateaihould leadita flag there lattte prin
ciple e f popolar i overeignty extend, to ooatioue and fructify
to protect all tb* cade of tbe earth, until the time when
the A?ge>l of th* Lord shall ataad forth, with hia right
hand oa the aea and hia let on tb* land, aad la a vale* of
aev*i* thunder proclaim that time a ao mire,
Mr. Brum, (dam.) of Va-, got tba floor, aad tba iub>
joct waa poetpiwed.
Th*S>aate took aptbe bin appropriatieg three mlllloai
for tie construction cf six eteam trigat**, aad pawad It ia
leas thaa ??* mlnu-*.
After re executive sessiao th* BsbbU adjourned.
Home Of lUprtHlUarci.
Washirutor, Feb. 23, 1861.
ntoCUDUOA or vktharicb i* riw tore am ism Tin rephil
Hi Whoi.kk, (dem ) of N T., preeented the pro teed
inf ? of the meseanloe of New York, on Satardiy leet,
i|iiiit tbinpfkl of the Mieeonrl oom promise.
The Ciskk m about to read the retolntione, whin
Mr. Clwumar, (dem ) ?( N C , otjtoUd, the tale being
tbat sembere pieseulog ft p?p?r ehall atate briefly iu
?Oct' Dt?.
Hr. Wiirara did ?o, acd mored It* refereaee.
Mr. Tatlor, (?btg) of Ohio, did not eee Mm propriety of
referring tt>? proereolnga ofpajlio meetlogn, ih?j are
tel<l all orer ite oountry H?, therefore, obj eased u> Utt
proposed rrfrt?nra
llr. 8r>.niKM? (dam ) of Mieh., fr< m tbe ^ommtttoa M
roM'o Lentfe, reported a bul e tat>ii?tile?e land w?"? la
the lower pf nix luAr of M ohi*av 1'aeewC
Mr. Pirmt (dam..) of Ohio. from >b? Land 0 mmlttee,
rrporudbark tba S-rate bill graoUeg two an 1 a half
rofllkaa eo-ee of land to Wnoooain f.'r railroad* la that
H ata Hr ibown) -.bat the haiaeeo ti th? ^ao'ii l?a''i
la tbftt State wen d be Ur|?ly lccretrel la ralao by naflh
{rent*, and quoted the viae* of Mr. Calbona la favor of
oosatltntioaal po?er for that porpo?e. Thla, bo rarer,
he ri gaid*: n?rel< aa a pranlcal qoeetloo.
> r Uttiirr (drmjif Va , a**d why all the other
liai b'll' aoold not be brought for ?ard at tba same time,
ie ordrr ibat tba Hoaae map larettlgftte ftad lie earn all
the feat*
Mr. Dvrit replied, that waa utterly lmpoaalble, aa laad
Mile ocailaae to eoaae In.
Mr. Lcichir lacgeeled that eoarae teeanne ha vlahad to
ka<? whether there will be laad aaoagh to mtet all the
ixobitflt dfDMdl
Mr Eumi, (rem.) of Va , eald that the Houee had not
bad time to eoaelder the Mil a ad aet iaUUlgibly, and
n>oeed to refer it to the Committee of the Whole oa the
mate of tba Uoloa.
Mr Dokdrll, (dam.) of Ala., remarked that If the bUI
war aov fentd aa IU pa**a?e he ahoold vole agalnet U.
Mr lonn. (dem.i of Ala., eald that La luueded to
vote, m 1 1 cly f. r thla, bet for ??ery other bill of a ?iml
lar ebaraotar. If he tonld aot do jaatlee to all, he woald
to part of the State*. If the bill abenld ba eeat to the
Uommitiee of the Whole cn the State of the Ual m It
cever will be reearreeted.
Mr. Siiiimi (dern.) o Tern , eonM eee ao Impropriety
ia act. PR on the bill ta?. Iu prioclplea were well aider
stood, and he ooold ?ee bo aeteeelty for ite referee :e.
Mr I imft laid the ternn aa1 prorl?loj? of th* bill
wr re 'i?.' *<i oa the model eblah the Com al ,t?e or Pab
llr l-icd* here molted to epply to all other alniUr
Mile, a-dwbfeh be* b*en acqaietoed lwby theSeaftte'*
1) mmiltte oa Tabiio 1 aade.
Mr Jorm, (drm.) o' Tcdd., adtnoated the refereRoe of
the tlJl, la order to >te oonkideratli a, and Rlre aa oppor
tunity fur Ite acatda>ent. Tbe Mil euntaiaed t(o Its
ported p'ln:lp'?? to be acted oa thne baeUIy.
Mr ^uriToH (6em ) of N 1 , ooaeidered enob grant* aa
9 or. joe*, to tbe are Stetee ae to the old. If aot mora eo, be
eaere they wield retard tbe eett'emaat of the land*,
which will be lrcreft??'! la prlee R??ldeet be wae eppcxed
to bnlUiLK op e?rpo.at oa* to lafrlege * ae Hbertlea of tbe
peop e. It waa aot oely uaeoo?tltntv,n*l, bat aewUe,
ard bronght the gore ra meat la oor.peUtioa with prirate
eater prlae.
Mr. Dam, (dam.) of N. T.. r^wed that the Ho tee re
bcItk itielf Into Committee o< \be Whale ea the State of
tbe Uatea.
Tae Strakir, la reply V, % qoeeMee, eald U the Beaaa
ebosld proofed to oth*r buslatss doit, the bit * wUI oome
ap whan csnmltlwi ?iv a?&i? oalled for rap >rt?.
Ua pr- ceeOlng to rota on Mr. Deaa's moiuo. the HouM
ww found to be ?lch.iut a quorum, waaa a motion *m
ma-e to adjeoro, wiiloh >M disagreed to? 13* members
AfUr another vote on Mr. Dean's motion, witb the
lima result u bafora, tha Bonne adjourned.
Albaxt, Fab. SB, 1161.
Mr. UffH, (whig) of Albuj, made i report adverse to
tbeelal* Mr. Storing for ai?i In tha Senate. Laid
?a the 'able.
M r Z Clark (free sol) o'3l Ltwrenoe, will present a
minority rejort.
Mr Bwnumo*, v'wblg) of dwuben, reported a bill to
authorise Oswego take stock la railways.
Mr. M 3. Clam, (whig) of Ontario, reported, with
aawafveatat the biU Jo suppress Utemperaaoe It waa
Made tbr special order fi% to morrow.
Mr. Bcvcbijh (oat. dear.) of Kings, reported a bill for
?cMltfc aal depot; olerka la Kings omotf,
ftegress wu reported oa Ihs blU for tha Inoorporatioo
of Is -ead transportation oomjjeni?s
lmiiw roa uuMworaxs
The Mil t" cede jurisdiction to (he Uoitsd States of
lawefer lighthouse parposos waa referred t? the Conceit
tee on Uumoiorse.
The Saaate rejurtea pregreaa oa the briber/ resolu
qanoin SAvrsoa baitl
The MtT to iacorporate toe Kile Joanty Savings Bt.k
waa crderod to a third reading .
The UsaaCs agreed to meet at ton o'aiosk oa an-5 aCisr
Albabt, 7eb. as, IRE'S
Mr. Hacxus (whig) of Klsgs, reported a bill lasorpor
atlag tha Biamaa of Brookiya; also oa* lasorporaiiog
the Brookl/a Jnveaile As/lam.
Mr. BanRsnT reported apalnst the bill laoreeitsg tha
powers et the N?w York Marine Ocort, also agalaat legis
lation retsMre to primary elections.
Mr. Ei>wahdh rvpo> tea a bill for the relief ef tbe New
Toik aad Rochester Ki'lwey Company; also agntsat the
bill to regn'ato way Hare oa rallroeis.
Several local MBs were considered ia oommlttee.
ma tsxfsrabcs Bin
It is probable that the sel?ot oommlttee of tbe Rhus
will agree to report the Traps ran oa bill as reported la
the Bsaato today.
Vita New Jtraty Leglelstnre.
1 annua, Feb 23, 1801
Vha reeola'lons iatrodneed ya-tordav, ei pressing iniii
astloa at the attaoks of tbe New York Tribumi, were
tsken ap to day, aad aftrr o< nslderable dUoassloa were
passed by S4 to '21. Those Toting agalaat the rasolatloas
expressed the sua Ives opposed to taking any action what
ever ia rrfsrsaoe thereto
Tbe last bopea sf tbe speolsl banks for re charter were
cot off to-day In the Senate, by so a me a ding the banh
bill as to nake 1*. of no avail
Tfc s Bonee pas tad a ooaenrreat rsaolatlon to adjoaru
oa the 8d of March
A bill, providing a sinking fond ef 950,000 the first
year, end flO.OCO addltioeal every year t her -attar, for
the purchase of tha worka of the Oamden and A 31 boy
Railroad, at the expiration of their charter, was ordered
to a third reading in the House, without op post Hon.
Tlse Mattha Washlagtea Conspirators? De
s tractive Fire.
Cnrcunua, Feb. 23, 18(4.
The Martha Washington eonsplri tors, including Klsiane,
Cnmmlngs, Cole, aad Chapia, were arrested this morn
ing on a r<qoi?Ulon from the Governor of irkansas, aad
removed forth eith -rom tbe city, all betng heavly Ironed.
The arrest of the conspirators oaused great exe'.temtni
today. Kbrana and others, who have bsen stopping at
the Walnut street House, attacked IUbert Shaw, who <raa
a wliaeta against tbe a during the let* trial, beating him
? e??rely in t*e barroom of tbe hotel. Thla cause! mush
b<t terms* of feeliig in the commaaitr.
Captain Cumuli ge' wl a tela* Sidney .Button In toe
? ro* and lb ea'eued bis life Barton drew a plat.il, and
fi r tbla Mm KuiuBitBf s h?d him arretted.
The warrant ucOer which the paitiee ware arrested
ohargea them with ar?on and murder. The trial *111
'? ka plaoe near where tbe boat wai burned
A < estroetive fire occurred last night m 'earth street,
b-i*?en main aad 3toaa.ere streets Mr. Oij-i's farnl
lure eetoblishmeit. Messrs Mraklo* and Plskering'a fancy
store*, and Mr PvaTioa'i periosteal stce, were destroyed.
To al lean, 171,640, which waa parilaliy oovered by ia
Michigan Fits Soli Uonvsntlsn.
Jack son, Mich.. f?h xi, Hit
n a Free Boll Rtate Convention nsve nominated H It.
Blnsbam as their '?an'ldate for (lover nor, Nathaa I'ieroe
for Lieut Governor, aad a fall ticket.
Barglary and Harder at Onondaga
dT?Acroa, Feo 23, it?S4v
rh? bovse of Alfred Tiller, of Oiom aga Waet, waa en
tered thla morn la?, and while Mr Tiller was gone on: to
< b'ain help te secure the thlevea, hla wife was *Dot dead,
and four hundred doL'aia in cash oaired t(f A dis
ch? :> ?! blred man ia su>p?oted as tbe guilty party, and
the poiloe are in quest of him. A rlolsat storm wai
rsgisg all aieht, whleh aided the plana of tha barglara.
Items from Baltimore.
BaltiMuxb Feb 23 1811.
The New Orleaoa papers of Friday are at hand.
The North Carolina Whig Caaveutloa comma cat' Alfrtd
Oo^kery for Governor.
Tbe " atrlke ' among the miners la the Canb?rlan1
c?al re* loss a till contlnuea, anc many of the miners are
leaving to : othet ooal re (ions.
The coal trsde last week amounted to oaly two thousand
Departure off tbe America.
HoeTos Feb. 23 ISM.
Owing 10 the Mdt not aarving, tbe atoaalshlp America
("Id not leave tbe harbor till four o'eloik thla afternoon.
She takea out foattom paurcgeri; no ipeete.
Balling off California Steamer a,
Nsw OaLXAim Feb. 11, 18M.
The st/smsr Daniel Webster, for San Jusn, and the El
Dorado, f >r Aiplnwall tailed to day. As yet we havs no
notlee of the ataamera bow due here with Ca lforala news
to the Is*. Inst.
The Steamship Black Warrior,
Mobilb. Fei SI, 1851.
Tbe st'aaser Black Warrior will sail hinoe for New
York, via Bsvaaa, on Saturday next.
TIm Steamer SatteUte.
(,'HAKLttroa Fe"> 31, 18M.
The steamer SstteUte, f ous Nee York for M,blle, put
la here to day short of ooal.
Nbw Oklbahs Feb. M, 1?11.
The sals* of eotton to day were 6, COO bales, at na
ehaiigrd prices. Decreased reealpta, 6(5,010 balsa.
Hteck, .00 ( 00 balea. aterll-g exchange, 6\ Freighta?
large rhlpnveata of corn for I.lVf-pool are U'lag made at
Hid. jer bnatel 1'lonr 00a in lea la active deaaad,
at >7 K a V 76 per barrel.
Nxw Oblkavx, Feb 22, 1881
Tbe day Is parlhlly observed aa a holiday. Salsa of
f tton. 6 (00 bales at eaeier bet Irregular price'. Sugar,
fair, S^a.; molaiaea, 18a
CHASi acrow, Feb St, 1U4,
Tbe talea of today were 1,700 balea, at 7H? a 10c.
dbe , dcc , te.
Tho potat Imn whl th ttM wlad bio in makai all tha
eiffrraaao Is tha world. from tha aorthoaat It U almo?t
invtilably th? pnntiof or tbo ?ooompaalmant of a
ragtag, tearing atom, or a driaaly, frlsaly tpoll o t aararal
uooom'crtabla an^dlanal day*. from tbo Muth*a*t It
inn ally bringi oa a ruabiag rata; and la tha laminar It
i* itldon oltboot a fall orahaatra of thaadar ?od light
nitf From tbo aoatk, If tha ooatbar rw U malotainad
la that dlnattoa for avaa half a abort wlnUr'a day, II
briar* to aoaatbiaf of tbo batmlooaa of tha troploal
it land*, aod ramtalaoaaeoi and uwoelat!cn< o' tha baanti
tal ?prlrg Now, on Monday night, la fall oourt aoatama,
?a had a ragnlar wiat*r nortb*a?t*r. Oa TaaaJay, th*
wind obaagio* aeathaard, wo htd a alaaaani day <>*
a cdaatray with a kwi< atrafght np from th* Waat lo
dlaa, al v% tho traoktl tb* Uatf itraim, tba taaipira ar?
?k* ('.iJteiotii, acd tho afeigklaf woold naro bow dahght
fal but tor tba rapid ocltiag of tha aaow. Yaatarday, tba
wtsd btvlrg ahr.ppwi briskly arena* to tho aortbwxt, It
?w*pt amy rag aod raattgo of a aloud away from tba
?ky, a* naaal, bKiwiog a >taady hmrlotna froai aorn
lag till algbt. awl froaaiog into laa aad aaow
tgUa tha watory alaah of tha pr*o?dlag daf.
t>joa*qaaatly tha iMghlaf *aa rtamntd la th* arca ?>*,
at, 1 idafore?m?nta wo?a eoortaatly ?.!d?d to tba gaoanl
?trfam cf t!aitb* and ?>d? oa Broadway till tb* araolag:
bat tba wind was aharp, wh taking ahoat tha atraaU aad
aoraar* la aaory dlrwe'L-o aad drfrii g tba aharp partiala*
of tta polTonitd (Bo* Hko dart la to tho faoaiof tbo pao>
aaegora. Thta loadli d tbo apott aaythlag hnt agraa
I ablo, tboorh tho aaahar aai sagi*! la It, aal tba hraly
1 aafo ?( tbi tafthwA Mmqc dtff h boUa la ?Mk
H h , made It bo don St very amuslig, especially, wash ml
aa; *i> tbe looker oa from tbe wiad >w of a oaae oomforte
ble roi "Ci commanding a vie* of the busy iccm along the
great at tery of this greet metro poll i To ?*rd? evoatug, u
Ibegeat curr-nt of hom>B eelege pained ?p tow j uj
tMlr b< m * from be >us ueee port. loo of the lower eeo
tl'Xb of the city, th? deme-id for ao jcmmodetlins Mi a
even thn ?p? etou? four md ?lx-b .>/?* rle'g te, averaging
fr? n fifty to seven'y pass?ng?-s to 'he fullest 'itu t of
Uelr cspsotty. Ta?, about s'x o'aloak in the evening,
tr< m tbe Innume 'abt? bn.og irovlog op town on the el?i*
walk*, from the or irloedrd nuolbjvei, end r?m the long
procession of mon*t> ? Wh sleighs, tub containing the aver
eg* 01 g egatloo of Mt of our irbtOWkllt ohurohe*,
from thia *aet miirrati 'a f/om the toll of ihcdayto
their e?> oin < renul ne tm "tig tbe homes up t?wn, th*
strsEgerln Nee Yors. fro.* l'i* utend at tbe 8; Ntah lee,
would be eiabl'd to foro ilk pproxtiaate *> lma'e of the
llily work tnnsaoted In rhi?. ?w,"roi!ig end buey Bibylon
' Whet ta It bat a map of bu> ? Ji'e,
With ell it* fluctuation* i.vl l:s nut oonoerns."
Yesterday morning, en mini inns ir?r* 'riving cattle
through en open lot In Nlaetie i n-.jtM/it, wroer uf Tenth
ev?nue, they diaoovered >he deaJ budy of a man appa
rently a tiern an about ?0 jear e af age. nearly covered
op la a snow beak reatlcg partly ag.aicar n feno* The
deceased wae dreased lite a Kbnre:" and from tbe sister
aal epp?arnce of the body It >u erijfo^eel that while on
his way home be was over taken by tL? severe enow rtora
of Mosday night, at,d mtaelu* bis wsy , tocazue bewildered,
aad thus penal. ?d n a enow drift. The po lo* of tha
Twt-irtr ward 100k obarge of the body, aad the Coroner
will bo'd ?n lequeat to rta?
Yeab rlay fo.enoen, William Hook, a lad 16 ye in old,
llvirg at No 318 Nue eeoth street, wau rnn OVW In
Broadway by one af the Knickerbocker eleijhn, ?v rnnai
I of which one of hie lege wae broken. Ho wa? taken hnae
[ ic much pain.
The Late Iteiu-Dnadful Marina Dtiuten,
Puii^uKi.pau, Feb 23 1HSI
A letter from tha Breakwater, received at the Kaoliang*,
itatae that the atorm of Monisy night wae tha sever**!
??er known, and wai aooompaoied with terrific t bander
aad lightning.
The beach is itrawed with wreak*. Thirteen are
ashore within view of the Brent water, among them tha
followlaf eohooaere? the J Vail, Mioarra, of Fall Hirer;
11 M. Hot ? ooal laden, for New York; Kaohtl Jana, wfth
corn, for New Tort ; Jamee Maall, with corn, one of tha
araw fraaen to death; Charlae Pa.knr, with wood, two of
tbe ore ? wriianed la tba rtggti g; tbe Chariea Itoore, Mary
Parker, Qeeiral do tt; Brontir, ootton Udea; the (Jar
Bella, of Vail River; aad two oibere, name*, not mown.
We have > u rtpwr' from outaida the nape.
Oir of tbe otew of the eohoonar douifcx, aUo aihara,
perlahrd after riMblog tba ltbC.
Sr?nral vroeala in our harbor were dlema?t>d, amonget
them tha ichoonar Mary Jann, and an hermaphrodite brig.
PajLu>*u'iiu, fab 33? ? P. M.
A latter from Law**, datco tna 3let inn , atotae that
thirteen ooaet'rg arhoorare went aahora there daring the
gale of the 2Utb Inet , aid their canrw* nra etrawn al wg
the beach Tbera namae are? J. Vail, Minerva, M. M.
K lot's Itaehai Jane, Hnaeex Jaraaa MorreU, Cha^laa Par
ker, Chtrlee Moore. Mary Tarker Oto Soo't, Urontei,
Cornelia, and Wm. J. aklae. jlx man. belonging to tha
above veaaele, had perlehrd from expoenra aod eihaae
tlon. Pi re of tbe ah jve v???el? were b >nn1 t? New Yorn,
thr?e of whloh war* ooal laden and two with grain from
patta in Dtlawar*.
The Weather, Snow. Ae<
ai.iu*t Feb. 3R, 1864.
Tha weather here wu very eol.l last Light wllth a high
wind and alight inow florrlae. To day It la brtght and
Bostor, FeV 22, 186 1
From 11 A M till 4 P. M. to day we txperler.eM one of
the mo?t violent tempore of enow and wild that we have
bad thia w.ntar Binoe 4 o'clock the weather hat 0 eared
up, aad at ten o'elook 10 night li wae Intensely ojkl.
v Pobtlavd, Feb 23., 1864.
A trrmetdonnannw ttorm haa praval el here to day,
?ad hie grtatly d lttad. Notralnlrom U>atoa had got
through sp to 8 o'elook P. M
Pbiladiu-iiia, F?k '12? 6 P M
The weather la elear aid pit nicely o^ld. l'n. rtnometer
ranged to Cay In tha ehado aa foiloea:? Vt ? A M , IS;
noon, 24;. and ae taluie, at 27 d< g. aoove zero.
WjUhinctos, Fab. 23y 1864.
Thla has been tbe coldest day of tha eeaeon.
Clljr Intelligence*
Yeeterdty Depa'y Inspector Wooldridga, of the tias
tome, arr rated the steward o' tba British eteamihlp
Africa, on a charge of beltg ecncerued in the smuggling
of a large quantity of laoe good* for an Importing house
in thia city. Tbe merchant'* stare ha* been searched
and the whole of the goods are now under tha auparviaion
of Capt. Ryncere, Deputy Surveyor, who had been as
?igaed by th* CoUoetor for that epealal pmrpnsa. It la
ea'd that ft large amount of property has already been
? seised.
Tbs IUi.?wsh? or Ttspiut Niobv? Tbs Oil a."tt> Qai Gov. j
?sum or N*w You ? We have raoelvid the followiag
explanation from the Manhattan Gea Company rata ive ta
the BOB-llghtint ef tbe city lamp* on Taeelay night, no
ticed In our paper of yeaterday morning. The gas eon
pasy receive order* dally (torn the oil boo** up ton aa
to whether they are to tight the lamp* or not If the
oil bona* folk aay -'light," there la light; and if they
vlah daikaee* they moat be gratified. When the gaa
Wcmpany cannot produce the order of the oil people to
tbe authorities they cat not get paid. Oa last Tussle;
morning the gee company got aa oil house order l,to
light," and prepared to do It, but at noon they got n
oountermaid Irom the oil boure, saying "don't light.'
When the gas e rmpany inqalred the ctnse of this *u lJeo
extinction of the enlightened rule of the morslng,
they were told that tbe oil house people bad no oil
to pat In tbelr lamps, and bad, by soma strange
eoit rf resksonlcg, arrived at the oanclasion that if
the people bad no oil light, It were far more asfe aad
pleaaant for ihem, daring *ucb a slippery n'ghf, not to
have any gas light cither. The Mayor stated to the agent
of tha company that h* 00 old not remedy the matter,
and that they muet go by 01 dare and explain the affair to
the publls through tbe nawepacere. The Chief of Poltae
raid the same Now, we should like to know, what la the
oil hcone? a It a distinct d> partirent ef the city govern
menlt Wbc contract 'o the otrt* Are the people duty
credited for tbe aavmg, wh tn there is ne light? Why
does ctl control s*>? Perhaps tbe rlxty Ueancillors and
all the reformed Aldermen oould t?U if they oonaalted
ebout it.
Diaiutig Rsacikos at Hopi rnsru. ? The veteran ekt
ociioulst, William Russell, so oelebrated la past yean,
?Ml vlrit ttls city to give readings at Hope Chapel on
Saturday evening, asstated by Francis T Russell, alee
veil known a* aa artist, and another of hi* sua* It was
f'rmeily esteemed a very great trrat ta hear Mr- Rui
ell and Ihl* opportunity of hearing them all, which may
uev*r again < iter, eboali b? laprered by all admirer* of
this rare snd splendid aeoomplteh meat.
Tim InM.rK.'i'XKT Oo:ti.ixxtai. Odabd ? la our renort
yeettrday of the celebration of Waablcglon'a birthday,
we at sled that a etaadard was pisasn ed to tbe lode
pecdent Blcee by a lady In Brooklyn. W* have to eay
that t. e pr?>entatlt.n was to the Independent Coa'iaental
Oasrd, aril no to the IadepeadeBt B.ues, aa atated
Ma. Aa(ti?iuts' Scocn-oit.? Hayor W?*t?rv?lt, wa
are tn'oimed, bas r*eo vea to n jn-toats Mr GUiier, the
Kirs'. Msrsbal In hleollioe, to fill th? vaoancy whloh will
be made on the lit of March n?xt by th* reelgoatlon of
Mr Aicularlas
Tbb Umvxkbai. Rd-i hiica^ 1* N'sw Yo*k ?The ssatlon
" La Mon*'gn?" of the 8 'flletf of t'olversal Repub'.iaan*
in N'w York elll eeUbrate to day, the 34th of lehrnary,
thr a> I.I ternary ef the gr?a*. revolra I insof 1848, by a fra
tfrnal bsn|a?tat tbo Akaks^eare Hotel, in wtieb they
InvKe their den ooratie rrtends to j 'In them. Th* follow
log Is tbe pm.ramme:? Tie dsmocra'* who desire to take
pert >a tbe (e-tivltlee, ed?er at th* ba -auet or In the
p ooeeslon will ?i??t at No. 80 Leonard street, this dnv,
t ebiusrj 34, Bt 4 o'clock P M At Ave o'ol-ek taey will
lorm In th* followlrg order:?
1st, baa 1 of mosie; V, the Oommlttee of Organixatloa;
8d, the flag* of tbe Ualvrreal Republic aa>l the Amertoaa
flag on th* same lias; 4th, the llsgs of the several nations
bsvlog repr?*en'.atU>B* at th* feaat; 6th, democrat* of all
nation*. ^ _
Toe prooeeelon start to go to the plaee where the
baaqnst is to be hell, passing through the following
streets ? From Leonard to Seruoe, paeamg la front of th*
City Ball; frrm Ssruee to Wall, paatirg through Naaaan
bb'I Wall, and eomlag hack bp Broadway.
Ih? VMUt Polls I JlUtlM !?*?.
?? a?r*an rtruov, fab 33, ISM.
To m Knima or tji? Niw Voax Dauui
Pin-HnUg aaan la thU d ? j 'a 1 hm of tha Haui.n,
o?i *r tb? b?ad of City Iatali!*aaoa, ?) Itni Mi oaf
that of othara, HKdtM u pftitlot n?m?d u oaadldktaa
to Bli tbo Tacaacj araatad by tba d?ml?aof lb* lata Judge
*e'*r?tb; aa<3 ffTMtrinf. a?o, that bla brother jndfna,
B?t aad atraad to perform tua <"aty of tha oflaa, with a
???? it*l the protm f abocid go to tho rapport of kit
aldow and or^hao# ootll tba n?*t ngalar eleetioa, I
b*K to aay that with th?,e tatfailloca ud la than I
tolly ii.4 aatlraly aoorur.
1 alao wooJd eonwid tb? 4l?totor??t?d aeta of HI* ft*
m?r ???' ?!? '#? npoe tba banah, to tha eoaildaratioa of
tba ? appMaUa* po*?r," tnd bopathattbay may M par
untied to carry oat er> hanaaa and geaarooa aa act, M
?all bnaoiablo to thaaiaelTee aa It la oharltable la tha
ntrara. Tialy. yr?re, PATRICK KELLY.
i nnrt Oalaatar? Thla Day.
fljn?n Unr**? <*esetaJ Tana Juara?d tin Moaday.
Urmm doi it? tNraJt ? Noa. 1 coo 4M, 1.1*, 1,181.
114, IfO, in, 1SS, m, MS, 1BT, M, 111, 1*6, lit, *04,
294 HI, 907
9 ran OMW.-lfna T4, US*. TL SI, m, 1ST, SM,
MS, 494. MS, MS #19. MS. MS. 441, MS, 441 S4S, I IT,
101, II. ISO 4M 440, MS, Mt^SM to SM, Ml to MT.
nam fta* _*? i. in, W. H4, US, M, MS, MS,
*#, MS, 1X9, >11, .V, W, SI, US.
arrival of the steamship northern light.
Fifteen Days Later from California.
Twenty-two i^ayi from Ban FraaeiflM
to lew York.
Rearae of the
Final Safety ot the Vessel.
kir'mi $t $800,000 il Bold Doit.
Ac., 4m.
Tb? rt*amahlp Norther* TJght, Capt. CkarehlU, BfM <8M
Jdu 3?1 Norta, irriiti yeeterday afteraoon, kanif a '*?"
?d at I P. X on the 16th iiitut, with tool haadred H ?"
aengers and $80? ,00# epeele oa fre ght.
The pumprt ud apeole ?m brooght down on tS*
Field o aide bj tha steamship Cortea, whloh laft San Vra?
elacoat *P. M on tha Ut lcataat, Bad tha paa*age has*
thua ba? c made la pruoUely twsaty two da; a, being tho*
qolckeat W>p oo reoord
The follctHeg I* tha npaela lint of tha Northera Lights?
Donoaa, S jerman fe C . , New Tcik |3M,MT
American liohange Bank, do 19t.NI
Adama h Co , do.... 147, AOS
W?ila. Fargo t Co , do bb.Mt
I.'rlvn Robinaon, do; 41 IW
J. B oonilvgda)*, do 18 0OS"
W. Hcltgman b Co , do 11,009"
C. W Th ,m > a A Oo , do. 8 009*
K A Statue <*o fl 800
Uh??l?a ll'ir. an, do 18 1M '
fpc "^rd, Tllaatoii Ac Co., do 2,000"*
C. Hvraad, da 1,709
E. Kreoe, do...,,., MO*
T. P l.auaoaen, do 1,991 "
Dieieli & Co , Philadelphia 71,009 *
Total WOMI* *
Wa are indebted for Xarors to Mr. R iVnrd, puraar of Ik*
Northern Light, and to tha ante pricing exprea m of Bar
ford h Co., Alaaes ft Co , and Walla, Fargo H Co., ft* MB
fllee of 3kliforala papara.
Tha ataamrblp Cortes oa tha araalag of tha lat Ink
paaaed tha Brother Jonathan going Into dan Fraaolsoos
ax d on tba 7th paaaed the Sierra Nevada oCTOape St Lai ft*.
Tha mall ataamer Oolambla laft Saa Fraasisoo for Paaa
ma on tha 1st last., a few hoora prarioai to tlM Oertes,
Wa gatlar tha following nummary of tha moat tmpor
laat event* from the ^n Pranelaao A He. CcHfomi*
On the 19tfa tilt, a ataamer km launched for tha Casta
Riot trade, to rna fiom Pant* Arena* up tha Rio UraaJo.
She ia to be called La Fior da loa Ac dee.
On the 1 3th alt. a difii oulty oaouirad oa the ittnaHp
Java, wbleh eereral [eraona were about to eat looaa
agaloat the will of ita owaaa. Mr. Borrow*, who waa to
charge of tht Teasel, wa* driven to oaa aad of tha My
by the aaeaUanta, when he ahot and wonnled Tho*. Pal
mar. Tie Rtoort'ei discharged Mr Borrows,
Fifty bllla had been In trod need la to tho Asienbly, bat
they were almost all of a loeal o hares tar. Tha ooly la
portent bllla paaaed ao far are lepeali of tha Stamp M0
and of the Flour laspaotioa kill.
Tte party eagage d la I arraying the T litre Valley M
rne in, aad report that they hare laid oil tha aaMn
valley eaat of tho lake iato towaahlpa, lat a portioa ef a
into sections. A aomber of percaa* hare aettUd oa Talk
(leer, eol tho iureeylag eagiaaer* apeak favorably ef tha
proa poet* of tha valley.
Tha atriageaoy la monotiry affairs son aeq neat oa
the long drought, tha iirnll prodaoeof the ulaea^aadOb
orerbardeaed ooadittoo of the Baa Fraaoiooo market, hat
coea.lcaed aereral heavy 'allnrea. The earn of tha ?*
fcUitiee la about 9800,000, aad the arista $3(0,000 Tha
late raloa weie oanelng mere ooafldeaea, though thaw
wa* little proepeet or Improvement la the prlo* of gOoOh
Tba earn? lnfluoaeea bad oauied a alight tall ia tha priaa*
of real ectate.
The reo raiting agent for the filibusters had haea buy
in seeking for recruits In San Jjequtn aad Toolamaa
cocutlea. rta re waa no lack la aay portioa of the miaaw
of dlaapptiat*d far to do aetkera who would lor* not blag
batter, In their prerent dlagoat with matter* and thlaga
in general, than to rl.iK all ereatli a for tho glory a t
t'nile dam aad the exteaaloa of tha area ft fraedoa.
bnt moat of them wonld prefer eose hotter apooiUMaa
tban ihatof laradlag tha barren roek* at Lower Oaa
f oral a.
A ra port h:d Wn adopted by tha Board of Jailataa*
Aldrnnan to pay U0.000 for dafaallog tha alalai of tha
eity to land within car Malt* bafora tha U. 8 Land 0?
alfaloa. Other lama baaa already been paid Aa ordl
aanca ordering tha Immediate paymeat of 911,0m ImI
baan peated.
Tha rata, which began oa tta 11th, aoatlnaad Mil tha
lith, whra b*Mn noma weather aoldar thai tM oidaat
retldtnta ran an, bar to hara eiperieaoed. Ia Saa Tnm
ol/oo tea w aa froaaa aa laeh thlak ia poada, aad thraagh
oat tha Interior vara oomplaloU mada of tha aaow, iaa
ard akat Oa tha 1 th tha rata began agala, aad aoa
Uactd to tha 24ib, when It basama fair. Tha itrM^
eaeala aad gulahaa had plenty of walar for tha preaaat,
aad tha proapaat wa a that tha prodaoa of tha mlaaa faa
tha next month would ha vary large. Soma of th*
itfara had baeome rarj high, aad maay ralmaWo
damn, llama* and miU?, had baaa carried away. Ia tha
aora elevated portloaa of tha moantaiaa aaow had fall?
plentifully, a?< looking aff to the eaat from tea Fraaataaa^
tha whlta gtwaa of Moata Diablo aad of tht Saati CUia
mouatalaa ooald ba a*aa.
Wa wara told, aaya tha Han Jon a 1*Uy rapJt, by ^na
who la aagagad ia tha lam bar trade, that bayoad MM
Toll Gate ba aaoandad two milaa op tha mountain, aat
foaad tha aaow at that dlataaaa op tao (at deep.
Im wa a formed oa a larga acale at tha mralh of tha
HiaaliUaa teat weak, ?affleiaatlj think to haai tha.watght
or a mo la aad hia rider. ?
Tha IUt. Va, J. Kip, Mlaatoaary Biahop foe tha Pra
taataat KpUeopaJ Chore h of CaU'oraia, who waa oait!
tt ? paiiaagara la tha Ooldaa Bate, ofRaiatad at Saa fraa
eiaaooa tha ?th alt, for tha drat Una, at Trlalty Chare*,
aad delivered a aarmoa appropriate to tha aaaaaina tha
Charih waa atewdad.
Jaat bafora tha aatUag of tha Baaator M Bhanuaaa*
to ca tha HU alt., Maaara Adaau * Oa, reeeiael a*fr>
?pateh from PlaaarrUI*, tafomlag than that that maaa
lag a Bra broke oat la tha town, totally deetrayiac th*
thaatra aad aararal frame baiidlnga aaarlt Tha aittaaaa
wara ladabted to tha Hook aad Udder Oompaay tat
aarlag tha bahaee of tha towa.
Thadaaraaaaaio rnim of tha ?0th alt. aaya:? A aaaoa
named J alia Haydaa aaa abot with a piatel abaat atgh*
o'aloak oa Batnriay araalag, by a aaa aaiad llaiaij
dar H. Kaab, oa Fifth atraat, batwaaa L aad M atmiq
aba diad yaoterday morning about aU o'aloak. Faah hM
aat jet baaa arreet?d.
Tha Portaa?oath, t'alted Btatoa alooy of war, waa a*
flaaaaHto, aad woald atari tor Eaaaaada to a lav days.
Tha ail Tar auaa aaaoaneed to hara baaa Ha ?a rata*
nlaaty Milaa aaat af Monterey, la tha aanaatatoa, la aat*
to ba rary prrmiatag. Home of tha oca whteh haa baaa
triad prodooad M0 from 100 panda of ora.
The agitation to Klamath VaUay aad Soathan Oragoa
for a a aw tarrttory atill lenilnaad
Boa. Robart Oraaahow taodarad bla raaigaattoa aa la
?oaiato law Agent tar tha United Statea, before tha Uat>
tad Btatoa Laad Ooma>l?toaer to that My, aa tha Mtfc.
Sii raaigaaUoa waa a aabjeet of wgrat aad wQl f?abaht|
aotha aaaiptod.
Tha heavy ralaa had la eareral iaatoaaaa limail ta?
dirt abara tha taaaala oa Braaa Vatay Side to aach as
?ataat aa to aata aaracal ot thaat la, VhMtky taaaagte^

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