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WHOLE NO. 6394.
Jtngland and France v? the Reported
Btuuian Privateer*.
wans or senators hunter avd butler
'"legislative Bnsinrsi in New Jersey and
Rhode Island.
Ac., Ac., Ac,
From WaihlngtM.
sum AN peitatjtebs ? rpot esth op England and
WigjiutoTOM, Fab 14, '864.
?k* Pleach and British Minister, viiited Mr. Mar oj jes
Hlfy QgkrfAflr to Mtw ttilt protests against American
fNNli Mac employed by Rustle u privateers lit i? far.
tt? stated Out their rwpeotivc governments would tlwt
?11 nek m pirates
Ssaetor Alltn. of Rhofe IiUnd, hu been exiled home
%y Mekneae is hU family.
Ike Nary Department bu received adrloe* torn Cora
?audors Perry, dated Macao. Dee. 8, announcing the low
?f St John Ha' he in and thirteen me* while fishing at
Boom Inlands ? prerlously reported.
"The aaaual election or ofHsere of the Unltel States
Agricultural Sooietj took plaae this morning. Marshall P.
Wilder, of Massachusetts', van re eleoted President, with
thirty-two Vise Presidents Exeeu'ive Com nit tee, 0. B.
-Calvert, J. A King, J. D Wo. ton, A L Winer. A Wa'tt,
M. P. POere; John Jones; Corresponding mod Reoordlng
Seeretstry, Wm & King, or Massa ihusstte; h1 Tree
eurer, William Sheldon. Tae er salons to day were quite
Reports relating to Gl< v*r'* fac sftnita of fruits, agrl
?altera] Implements, tbe establishment of a National
Agricultural Bureau, and on the ealtnre of the Tine, were
8. W. P. Oustls sddressed toe m toting at leegth.
An aet of ineorp oration fiom Con [resr la to be applied
A reeolnUoe approving of the eiuotioa of a monument
?o John 8. Skinner wa* pavrd
A diaeuaeton arose uprn a m> mortal to Congrees to pur
?base the Ohtneha Islands from Peru, and the Importance
el guano. Tae oommittte withdrew to report on the
A reeolution to memorialise Congress to establish a
iwwi?t experimental farm at Mount Teraon was
B. P. Poor* lectured this evening.
The unfinished business was referred to the Exeautlre
?Committee, and the aooiety adjourned has die
Wi8Ht?dT0?, Feb ft, 19M.
The Qua presents d a oommunleatlon from the Secre
tary of War, with a atatement of ooatrsete mads fey the
War Department during 186)
?umibibimi aoahbt the kipiai op tub Missouri oox
Mr. Iran, (whig) of Masa , presented the resolutions
M the Legislature of that State, sgaiast the repeal o f the
Mini I eosnpromiee.
Mr. tana, (Are* soil) if Masa , presented the remou
Utraaea of Mrs. Harriet aeeoher Sioue and 1,100 woman
?f Aadever, Maaa , and al o of 1100 men of the eame
. plane, against the rep:*l of the Mieourl compromise.
Mr. Punrr, (cem ) ot la preeented a similar petition
"fr?m Indian*.
Mr. Hamub (iem ) of Me., preeented a aimilar petition
?fTosn Maine.
_ M rair.MCUiBfDAU
Wm taken up.
?Two kills weie peased.
wi amnion or m ruu mrnon a or.
Sir. Walksb. (dem ) of Wu, reported a hUl eatendlng
Che righta of pre emption to antnsl seitiete. He and
?hie Mil woo id proteht, taka the plaee of the H jeaeetead
yi and It ease nsater than the otner ?....re to ee
?uring a homestead to actusl settlers.
iCQnnjt or got. uaxot t p raaioua aBAMa.
Mr. Oorrroa, (whig) of Pa., from tae Jeamittee on In
dian Affairs, to who si oertaln ebarg* s against Alexander
Mamssj la'e Superintendent si Indian A Stirs in Mmeeeo
la made a report thereon, unanimously acquitting Mr.
Bamaay of all Impropriety of oonduet
The resolution directing the setilsmantof Mr. Ramsey's
?neonate passed
The Siante then took up
Mr. Dowlas, (d?m > of lii., said mat the friends of the
?<11 supposed lhat all dlssu ston proposed by its oppo
m#m\? ud Ukio pUo* Md had eotfidirtd vim would
?a the proper tins to vote upon it Taey had came to
the iHBMiluston to oouiinue th? cebate until Tueeday. Oa
Wedneeday he eould more to elota the debate, and the
Senate pot* on the bill.
Mr. CUife, (free soli) of Ohio, said, as he bed previous
h given netloe, ha had aim?rou? amendments to offer. He
would at the proper time tff? them, but would not throw
?beteelea in the way of putting the question.
Mr. Brnnn, (4tm.) it V? , said that oompleiata had
Seen made that the etavsry q lestioa had been thrust up
-an the Ssaate. It wae not so No maa wboeupported this bill
flisM il to revive the q uestiok ; but it eame up aa the ante
(al result of eireumsiai o>e (olloving the eonrae adapted
?f 18*0 in framing what were eetttd the esmpromlse aete
?OT that year. He did not see bow a majority U the Senate,
fit m the House, end in tbe oouotrj, who approved thoea
flsfaauree, aould vote e gainst the repeal of the Mieeouri
nrohlbition , without great inoonsietaaey ae to their for
mer iirnfnmHus aed astioas. Tns Missouri oootrjverey
wae Bottled by establishing a line ot oivieioe between the
, nlave and the non slave holding territory Tm9jnth,
though always opposed to it in prineiple. had iltsjs been
In favor of abiding by it Tns douth had carried it in the
, msec of Trrsr Tbe South had voted for It ia the Oregon
hill when the North r?j?a<?d it In 1860 tbe North not
ODlv rejected 80 80, bu i admlttel ae a Stato the tew poo
nl* who on the Paaifls had. without consent of Jongrees,
Oaken up aa much c f public torritorv as they saw Ot aad
nailed it a State. In HJ0 the South wae practically ut
? eluded fiom all the territory but got la rsturn. the saa
mlseion that It was unooastitutlonal for Congress to SB
nlods slavery, aad also that the people should have ub
Uority to irin* their own domestic relations, nil tM
?as aow caked wai to sztead the same prlaciple to an
other territorial organiza ion abiuttobe aloptnd The
Mieeouri prohibition w?s no eompromiee, nor was it n
nrmpaet The Senator wae utt-rljr mistaken la sayiag it
o*me from the Sc nth or ?s< > apported ay the South It
was a Northern measure ai.d offered k j the North. A
majority of theSouth voiedaga'nst It. He gave a history
?( the vatloue votes and ?iooee lings on the Missouri
oom prom lee, to show that It was aet n Southern meaeure.
It was no com peel, for a ms jority of the South w-re oppossd
Oo It. If It wae a compact, and Clssourt was tae price gi 'en
to the Souths why wasf h i*?n In lull by th? North la re
tost** to admit Missouri f la fee" of the feat that it was
? Northern measure, and th? 4,uth had elweja adhered
V* it. and the North eontlnualijr violated it. it was strange
to t^ar Northern Senators ?aikirg about honor aad gool
tai'h. Bhakaspeare had deserioe; a eanotlmonioui p rate
wfco sieeys carried the ten oommandnata with him, but
t<f ttcd cut tbe ot? he h%i no deeirc to ob erve. The
Pens tor from Massac'iupetts seemed Mspvsd that oth?s
aboi id keep honor ann ratts wnen it was to ma
hut seemed Httle dltp"?*d to observe them himself. He
Mraed that the consiitution was framed to eeenre per
fMt ?qlilltl UB0?| All lht CWfTMi bM BO
Hr xiren to it by tbe eonetl tattoo except piwsr to
la we, general In n spliaatton ana extent ThecnnsU
designed to preserve domestic tranquillity aad
???the blcsslags of Hbeity to all aitiMns equally.
I The objects woultnot be oarrhd out cr aeeured bylaws
Idiscrtminatirg la favor of tha Nirth aad agilnit the
Ift'Uth. Tha Btatee had toot >M Interest in tha terri
Itortee? firet In proee?di of rsl*e of lands, nad nfxt la
I right of nltiten' to settle upon, use, and pa? as If a
I preposition wis made to appropriate for the benelt of
I the non ?lavehnldtng States the procesds of the sales of
I the puilic ip.ndslothoterrlcriHi who would admit lis eon
I atituUocality. Why was it core just to givs to tha people
|tf con-slavehi l<"ing H'a'ee th? exclusive privilege of
notog to, uiing and possesslig tbe pa^lic lauds ia tie
territories T H? contssdrd that tha power to regulate all
domestic reMticas might safely be lart with tha people.
Tbe aonstltuMonailty of such a course was admitted by
' UlL Be would place but oce limit on their legiteM*
powers, and that wss that they should pasemaetde
a*rnji?g the tquality of the citixeus ut the several
States. Hew far the sor?reigoty of the psopie
eitetf'ed, and to wbat snrjscts thvlr legislation
ormld be consldersd rlghtfal, was a ma'ter which this bill
left to tha decision of tbe four's. H? argued at length
the aaeocntitutloaalltr of the restrictions of the o <11
nanoe of 1787 and <<f the Missouri compromise, cltlog
various <*eoUionii of the He nteaw Court to sustain hi a.
He admitted the South would derive eo praetlcal advau
Uge from this set Nsbraik* aed Ksasas would neithet
aver he slave Statee. Toe N .<th might, therefore, we!!
eonneat to be just when it }|*ided praeticailr nothleg.
Be thought the diae>mtn stion ?f elsvery arver a great-r ex
tent of territory would work ao bar a| to tbe North, i
g? antes number of sla'ebolding Statee without looreaM
of slaves would reduce the ratio of that population com
?and with whitea, aad would loosen the street pro slaver]
iisWag which now pervedsd the iWatse where elavsr]
aodstad. The predomiaanee of white popnlatioa woaM
1MB pteuBt all ii Mtmssnt tad alnrm Slavery wouU
I aiereiae eo powwr bat tkit of conservatism on the si?\ '**_
j qnestltn Tnere ni noifsar now, M Ultra <u 1b lb '*
1 or la 1810, that tlaveholdln? Statea would ever hire v
' political majority. The Noith had political away now
and always wtold have, and lud no'hUg to faai from
I Bending a few slavia wiHt of the Mlaslmipjl and reducing
I tba number eaat of it Ha supported tkla ai a measure
of paaoa. Tbii pa' ion *m cd therveof jrsate rents .In
tta general European war It waa to traaiaot tba ootn
scarce of tba world It would have great dutias to par
form in tba work of tba elvUUation of tba worlJ. W*i
it not Una to etoea up ooi own colamna anl mareb for
ward to meet tba duties crowding upon ua 11a* eculd
tbla nation bo prepared for tbaaa e tents If It wara torn
and diatraoted at home by auob pitiful quasttona aa
to wbatbar a faw mora sJavea might ba earriad west
of tba M'toilaalppl and a few less remain aaat of it f
Tba peat question of extension ot empire waa bofora
tba nation. It waa not troubled wbara to And ex
taca'cn, but whan to aalaat. Union and harmony
waa racaaaaty to ma at aU mob important qieetlons
Tbara waa nothing to ba galnad by eontlauad distraotion
and vexatious annoyance upon thla^quaatloa Tala bill
presented tba broad constitutional ground of popular
r'gbts, which mat the approval of clnaty nloa hundmdtha
of tba peop'e of tba Coited States. Tba Senator from
Kve religious Massachusetts. tba homa of tba Puritans,
I de dared tbat slaves bad neither fathers nor motbara,
and W'ra almost without a Gjd. Whoaa gov-roment did
tbia statement impugn? tbat of maa or or 8od? Waa it
, not aaeariDg Ocd or abandoning and forsaking tha ha man
brirgs art atad after bia owa liksnsss f All o-har human
lcatltLtiora had their fault*, bat ware the; to ba abjl
i?bad for tbat reaaon ? Ho daferdad slavery aa it bow
exitta, for aoma time Ha than said ba rajolaed tb*t tbia
quaatlon wss now about to bo settled npwn ptlnaipla, fjr
ever. Tba democratic party at tba Nortb saw tba nasae
aity for diip-sirg of tfcU qieitira at onto and fortver,
ap<? constitutional (rounds, and vara gallantly oeml-ag
to tha rescue Tba Senator from Hlohtgan, four yean
afo. deMrojed the Wtlmot proviso lorever. The Senator
f/cm Illinois bad now stepped forward and assumed tha
responsibility fcr tbia great nseasun Indiana, too. was
raepon' iig to tha coastitutirni Pennsjlvsnla, the old Key
stone State, was lolsg well In the oause. New Hampsalrs
wss ealllrg i loud to bar sons, area from tba highest plus
In Ibe land, to noma to the support of the constitution
Iowa, the gsne oeok of tha Ncrtbweat, waa now, as sb?
htf1 always been, on the side of justice atd right? and
California had already spoken bar sentiments With auah
a column, lad on by inch Itaderi, who staid doubt the
result T
Mr I ctlxx (earn ) of a. C. , said he desired to utter no
word to oause sectional agitation; yet there waa much
which had fallen ficm tha Senatora from Oalo, Now Yotk,
and Maataohnsetts calculated to provoke it The Senator
ftrcB Massachusetts had sail hard ihlags Walk ha ad
mltwd the Senator to be a elaselcal gen lrman, aad had
displayed all tbe qualities ot an orator, he waa foroe I to
caelare the Senator had net displaced In h a ipeeohany
of the wirdim, justice, or responsibility of aatataimaa.
The Senator might be ranked wish Wtlbarforoe, whom no
historti n bad ever regaided as worthy of being entrusted
with affaire requiring tha wiadom and prudenci of a
ata eeman. H? would aiamine tbia quaatica under four
brads? First, That the Mlaaomi compromise ought to be
repealed; saoondiy, that tha Missouri compromise, if not
violated, would be as advantageous to tbe diutb as tbla
bill, thirdly, tbar the Miasourl com promise waa aevar
passed by constitutional authority, and waa only aub
mlttad to because tha South waa willing to make any
sacriSoe for peaee and harmony ; and, fourthly, thai while
than waa much in tba bill to whleb be objected, still il
waa aa approximation to something like justtea He thea
examined tbe statements by Messrs Be war!, Chaae.Wade,
aid Sumner, upon slavery aad replied to them wit] > plea
aanti y and aarcaatle eommenta. He quoted Jefferecn'a aad
Jack bob 'a opinions o( the injuatioa of the Missouri CJm
promlae, and Oelboua's declarations that it waa tbe
aouree of all tha a la very agitation ;lnce Its adoption. The
Koitbdldaot admit Missouri, because of the oompro
m'ae. He was told by Calhoun of another cau e operating
on the Nerthern mind. In 1821 Missouri waa a sovereign
Stata. and would be ao, In or out ot the Union If n<t
admitted, aba would be a nucleus cf a oonfedarasy, from
the hetd watan to the msuth of the Mississippi, with a
highway thiongh It unequal ed in the world. The Sinth
and Weet would have joined Mlaiouii. It wai a aid then
waa nothing ao oauatie aa the asbea of disappointed am
bMon. If Hisei.url was not admitted, the Eaa'.ern Statex
wruld have been the ashea of tbla oonfoderaoy. He read
from tha lawa of Maaaachuaetta and other States to show
how aruellj they hated negroes until after be Missouri
compromise, whan it became popular to take part la
slavery agitation. He had not concluded whew tha sub
ject waa poatponad.
After aa executive aeasion, tha Senate adjourned.
House of ReprtsenUUve*.
Wituninos. Feb 24. 18&4.
Mr. Wambktmm, (?U|) of IlHooU, In (rodoesd a bill di
?idiag that But* la to two jnllelU dlitrloU. K?:?rr<d to
Uw Committed ?m Judiciary.
GLUTS or LAUD* rot TBI THUI8 Of 1112.
Mr. 5t?atto.\. (dtm ) of N. I , prtMnUd the mola
tioM of th*L?K<aUt?n of Now Jmmj; and
Nr. r^cuuna, d*m.) of Va , th? rtcoiaUoni of th? U
(tilatwo of Vlrfiala, aiUi| for addl'ioaal graata of laad
to toldiara of tha war of 1812. Bifimd totho Military
THi dhjcuti nan MW MtXIOO
Mr trim*, (tea.) of K udt a uaaalmoaa npors
fiom tk* Ooomltt** oa ElMtioaa, eoailadtec with th
itaolatloa tbat Joi <> HhwI Galiagoe la entitled to tke
Laae, t>i
108 TOtM. The resolution ?u adopted.
A larg* Bomber ot private bill* from th* Scut* w*r*
Ennttrc (OdiMilMtlHi of bo ifHbl la
poiitMi won laid before tk* Houm.
PBOPO0BD althutioii oi tui ru minui mm.
Mr. Tatiob, (wklg) of Ohio, aefcad bare i? ud?r a re
ad u Ion. laatruotlng tha latest oommlttaa appotaUd to
Inquire lato the expediency of wt nclag tha eoaatltntioa
relative to tba elaetlon of Piwldiit ul Vms Prealoent
fortter to lnqolre Into the exp*tilanoy of limttfar tba aar
Tlea or tba Prtaldaat to wo term, and making Mm there
after Ineligible.
Mr. Davih, (dem)of Indiana, objected.
Mr Id-bit, (d?m.) of Ohio, from th* Committee cn
rnblle Lands, reported a Mil ojnBrmatory of certain
fcboclieetions, ecin* 8taU* being now deprive! of the
ilitHitb aeotlon to whioh they are entitled Tb*r* are
tiataea or tint; oaeee paadisg, and th* otje*t la to pre
vide a r?madr. He moved the bill be pat oa it* passage
Mr. Lman, (dam.) of Ta , opposed tk* ooorae, aad
referred to tke fact tbat dsring tk* drat session of th*
l*?t Cot grata tke Committee of Pablie Las da had, br ln
eittirg on patting bill* oa paw at* directly they were re
ports o, <ama*d*p the boaiaea* ot the Boa**, ta the detri
ment of other oommltteef. Be hoped tk* Bonae would
not cow tolerate enek proeetdlrgi, aad moved tke bill
be rtfartedto th* Committee of tk* Wkol* oa tk* Mat*
of th* Colon.
Mr. biu, (dem) of N. Y., ran art ad, though tke Mil
prcposad to dleposeof only two tkoneaad aer-a of land,
; ?-t, oraslderlng tba fotaier onoaaet of the Oonmlt'ee of
habile land*, tk* Boat* ahould, la a*lf defence, rater tk*
Mr. Di??rr, replying to Mr. Letehar, inquired whether
tbe attention to baalaees bj th* Committee oa Publte
Lands waa so ntter.y violative of ka rnlea of tke Ha use,
at d to great a depattnra fro xi tha gentleman's own at age
and praetlee, tbat be muat object to reporU mad a by
tbat committee In obedtanee to tk* order of tk* Bstteef
Waa It tk* eoatraat famished by tba eommlttoe which
traada on tbe pentleman's toeef Th* gentleman from
Mew York (Mr Dean) took np tke eorg and te eekocd tke
atraln. Be talked atxut no boalaeaa be eg done beaaase
tbe eommlttoe bad oeeapled the attention o! tbe Hiuee.
What tloee tke gentleman call ba?lnea?T Was It discos
floes be'ween barda aad aofuf Tbe Commtttae oa Public
Laaes, aa beietofore, won id eoatlnna to flo their boaineae
toll lligently Tbe Mil only relates to ^actional town
?hips nad involves bat t?o thousand a area of land. If
It abill not be paaaed tke ooeta of litigation ?tU aaouet
to Beta tbaa tba leai la worth.
Mr Im-Baai aid betook It for granted hie attentlin
to liiiMH IB (OEDttiftuil la the H ign would aomp *re
f?Tr,r?bIj witk tha: of the gentleman
M. T itqirr ? I am gla to hear it.
Mr Ijrrnm rammed- Lo.k >t the Iat'er aa it wupn
?nM cnnag the Brat emtaion of the laat Cjngreea, and
tee wt ether the Coinrnl'tee of Pntlli Ltoda ara entitled to
cniplimeata. The II nee ?f re eugeged for nootha tfl
ecttlceiirg matte r? of thla aort, andn?w, aa thin, at tka
latter end of rebraaty , ate begtnnlng to *v oa bill* di
rt etly tha? ?' ? rapcr'al, eltb'ot giving ana
t ma 'or fallbenlUea Why ahoo <t not the rapor *
of tkat committee bo refcrreof Why abonld ther
bo faroredT Wkaro will tbla oonree end? Yeeter
da j tka ram gentleman ra ported a bill riving land* to
Wlroonaln for railroad purpoeea Thla liea over uettl
Taetday ; bat thla morning the geatleman al*o brought
forward a aohool laad but, aad aioral It b* pa: oa Ita
pain go. Aa boar haa already been apeotoa It, aad mora
time will bo ooatsmrd to morrow Tko gentleman from
Alabama, (Mr. Cobh,) of tko iamo aimmlttee, wh?a tko
geatlen aa from <<hlo g?ta tkrocgt, will soma forward
with aa aim fall of aaab Mil* (Uogater )
Mr. Ooiir, (dam ) of Ala , ramarkod by rxamtilog tit
ealeidar It would bo foaad tkat mora billa from the C>m
m litre ?f Pablle Laada hava boaa referred to tka Uom
mlttao of tko Wbola oa the Hate of the Union tkaa from
aa* otkar committee.
Mr. Lncant aald tko Committee of PoblM I.tada had
bo right tapertcr to that aooordad to otkar ataadlag eom
Mr. Corn ot Barred ha only a poke of tha bill* rofarrad.
Mr. Ijtchik rapllod, iba member* of tha Oomml'.tee of
Pabilo Laada, oao aftar aaotbar, gat tba floor aad mako
tbotr renorte. Bo bad r?o?ntly aaoertalaed thara ara oaa
hundred aad lavon appllaalore for railroad" oa tbo
doaket. Huppore oaa Of tbaaa bill* ahi aid ba Drought la
?y?rj mcralag, la tba same of God whca will tha matlar
Mr Haw. (dam ) tf Iowa, aald a grnt many 1 f tka>o
applloattcaa wara for tba aama road Ha had hlmaalf
pieeeBted twen'y for oao road.
Mr Ierrraa ramarkod that kla Mend of A lab ana, (Mr.
Cr.bb.) bad aekaowledgtd "tba oora " -o Bee of tno<o
villa. Bow many otkar geotleroen Jiara ha did an . kauw.
Mi toim? I have raportad lira, aad hare mora yat.
(1/ ogb ar )
Mr. hara fonrteen, bat tha Committee on Pob
li? 1-ntda hara not granted oaa yat
Mr. LrrrBim? Grant Ond ! Ia that not mod oat ft r a
yooBg (Mate lite I own! (Laaghtor ) Forty-foar I adopen
cant rallroada are betofe that Committaa.
Mr. WMtwoara, (dam ) of III., aald kla Mate had Bak
ed for bom 8ho caght to oak tor aaaaa tar getting twa
and a half miUloni of am of tha pvbik laMa a year
?f "? (Inogh w.) Ha bad <na4n the** romark* to *h?
tint II tb* li?OM> ?honll tolor*t* the ovnrwof the 0t?>
ml. tee cd Putlio L\nd?, do other oom<nitteo oould ft A
ohenre. and ought to ttbaadna tho effort.
Tb* bill wat inferred to the Committee of th* Wbolo
%ou the eta to of the Union.
TH? MlSfOUKI oojintom-i arc
V). ArnwoB ('big) of lUti , pro-anted resolution*
frrm ta. * Ma.iarbueetta Lfgialalur* agalnat th* ropeal of
the Ml?a?. url oempromU*.
Mr. Hori <ucsa< ("^ ) of H ?1 nor* the Bout go late
ooir mltUe 0."1 th? prtTat* oakoCar.
Mr. Joku, {.d"n ) of T*nn? I Fcgte?t that w* lot tho
Committee on .Pablo Land* got through with tholr
port* fr?t. They .*n?7 rot *p another large bateh of bill*
before another week bb?U W- (Laughter)
Tjo Houm went U'to Committee and ocxaidorod ra
pri van iiiua? tb? ?T*r toxk TOLmrrme rro.
That pr< poekg to reimburM the Commoa CjoboQ of
Now York for expenditure* of tx&og out tho hit regi
mant of New York Mexican Vol untOvre Wae read, wboa ?
Mr. Jooes. of Toon , *a?d ha thought lb* principle la
tho bl I wrong, and wasted to dtaoue* it
it tbt? ?? * obje?tloB day, tho diaaont of Mr. JaaM
Mured it to go over
When the Committee ro?e tho Houao puna fjurteea
pmate bill*.
Mr. Chi'Iichwxll (?j?m.) of 111 , announced tin death
of Mr. Robert Armairoag, printer to tho Bona*, pawing a
I Igh eulopy on 1 It obaraetor for hooeite, bravery aad
virtue, tad moved that ohoa tho Hjo** adjourn it bo to
M01 day. to enable the member* to attaad Bl* futoral
Meaar* Kwx* aad McUcllw (poke ia high term 1 of tho
Mi Cburehwoll'a motion wm agreed to, aad tho Houm
adjouiaed. .
United State* Senator from Olklo.
Qaamun, Feb M, 1814.
Tb* democrat!* eauen* of the Lrglalature. at Ooiutnbu*,
ballottod all lait right for a candidate for United tjtata*
Senator, without a oboio*. Tho la*t ballot atood a* fol
Allan 3# Pugh l?
Ban ley 80 Oorwia t
They thoa adjourned till Thursday next
The Ntbraik* Question*
A cone* pot tea ea hn taken plaoe Mtma John M.
BotU and Roicr A I'ryor, editor ef tbe lllobmond Bit
quirer, 1b relation to a mm erltioUm in that paper en
Mr Bott?' N'ebraaka tetter. Pryor iron the aathonhlp
01 >be artiste, and ju*Mfl?* iti levarlcy but explain* 1' aa
relating only to th? pnbllo ooarM ol Bottt, aod not im
prarhlng bu ptlvaU boo nr. Botti exprtaaa* hte sattafas
tioa wirh tbla explanatUn.
Baktfoxd, Keb 24, IBM.
A large aod iplried is rating of our clt'ien* waa bald
th a (Tuix la oppaaltloa to the Nsbrecke bill. B?
Tbomae S Wtliiama praaidad. Th* meeting waa adjreeeed
by I tie chairman, as Gomnor Eitewortb, Add. John M.
Mile*. Si d Jamea Dixon, Herd* M**ar*. Bmbneli aad
Murdoch, Tbomaa T. Fuber and J. R Hawtey.
Rhode Island Le?lilatare.
BIN1 mci vr ON GOT. DORK tNMlLID) 1TC.
Pbovidxnc* ??b 34, 1*44
Tbe Senate tbia afternoon pa*eed a bill to r ?Tewe aad
aannl tka natiim paaaed upon Tbomaa W. Dorr, by a
m?jojity it oi e rote
tba General A*aembly wlU a/journ at boor to morrow.
New Jaraey Lieplelature.
Ttuw, rah 14, 1814.
Tba *erate to fey, by a rota of 18 to 6, pueoi th* Mil
(Hoxeey'e rutatitute) extending tbe ohtror o' tbe Cam
den and Aa boy Railioad tol8fe9.bat allowing the eree
tloi of competing road* whtnrver tbe ^tate or any
antbcrlsed ecmpeny takea the work* of the preaent eom
peny at tbe prloe the laet ?toek cold for. tbe moeopoly
prirliegee ere aurrenderad wbenerer tbe atock la taken, aa
Tbe bill waa taken to the Home, aad referred to a ape
eial committee.
Bxtcnalw* Hall Robbetlw,
New Bavht K?b k4? 8 P. M.
Mr. Holt-rook, a ayeeiel Poet Ottee agent, baa jo*t de
tected an extra*!** and bold mail robber, of tbe name or
Smith. Be wai a bargag a maater, in tba employ of th*
New Baven and Bprltgfcld Railroad Company, aad V*
robke>te?, which have beea carried on for aoma month*,
exeetd tiOO,KO.
From Bmltlmor*.
Bai.timokk tub. 34 A8tk A
An artiral at Cbarteotoi from St Thomae, aaya th?
tTtlteo State* frigate Columbia left tba latter part oa th*
7tb in*t , for St Croix
l*e bneinrpi portion of the town of O.-angeborg, S 0.,
?aa dettrryed bj Ore < n Monday sight.
Tbe elrwi o'clock mall bring* tba mall from aa Car
? oath a* Barannah.
The WmUmt.
CorrusD, Fob. Si, 18M.
TMtirft; Borilat'l train trrm Boatew did oat arrive
B?'H 1 o'clock to day. No ?lhw trata Itoa tkt *??? ku
yet KMlatt. ~..U *4-1 p-k.
The weather to day la dear aad pieaaaat with a atrong
mo, which U oauaiag tha mow to diaapptar wj faat.
Trial fo* Btmder.
Boftok, Fab. 34. ISM.
Tho trial of John L Chapman, for the mardar of Reabaa
Crttar*. la Sberbnraa, oloaed yeatarday. The jary vara
oat all night, bat wart naabla to agr?e, aad ware dli
charged thla moralng. It la aald there wara eleven for
ooBfletlon. A new trial will be had.
Naw Oauutra Feb. 1.1, 1861.
Tha aalea tf oottrn to-day wara 8 0C0 bale*, at on
ebaoftd prleea Middling la qaoted a Be. Tba
atoek oa hand la bow SOf ,000 ?alee. Tn? miaej market
l? eaawr Exobaaga oa Naw York at ilgnt, % a 1 par
oent <9 i> ens at. Rio oeffra la aeUva; 10,000 baga eald t->
?*ay at ICfce. a 11a. Flon r la doll, at fT 50. Cora ae
tire at 8(s.
Cbabumtow, Feb 23, 1884.
The aafea of oottoa to-day amooat ta 1,200 oalee. aad
during the week *,800 balee. Middling fair 1? quoted at
(\e. the market ?howa a daollae ot a X? daring
tie week. Tha laealpta of tha weak foot up 16 060 balaa,
aid tha atoek oa taad la (8,000 balee.
I iirarni n *eb. 34, 1814
8a lee were ma Se to diy of 3 000 bbla. fl rnr. at ?? 80 a
86 40. Pork baa deel>Bad to tit 36. ProrUloca generally
are eery doll Kaetera exchange baa advaaaod to 1 pram ;
New Otleaaa li aearee at IK preaa.
Piiilaphjmiu Fa a. 14?3 P. M
Tba oottoB R. ark at haa been Kora active. aad about
ftO balea add. neatly oplaad. at 10a. a lllfo. per lb.
Floor r? trailed dull,[and bujera aad eeilera are anxioaalj
aeaitl g the arrival of tha tteamer aowdaa; 1,0?0 bbla
es ra aokl at a pilie act B>a< a public, aad etaadard
braid? are b?td at 88 38, wi ?bout aai-a, for koma aae
?here le a limited demaid, wlthia tha range of 18 36 a
88 76 per bM. for eon son and txlra braada Rye fl?or
la doll at (6 (0 par bbl. Corn meal la bat little teqalred
frr. and 600 bbla conntry meal sold at St per bbl Orala
lain mall aopplj, and bald above tha rhwi of buyara; a
final ra'e of gird rei wheat waa made at 91 90. aad
white la held at $3. Rya la doll, at tl 06. Ooro la of
?ered at 86c. a OOe. for Penaaylvanla yallow, In a 'ore,
without ealea. Borne lota oRSouibern. efljev are held ai
the latter ra'e In oata bo farther aatee Grooartei ar.<l
provlefc na remain nnabanged. with a moderate boaioeaa
doltg for tha aujplj of the t-ade.
Penonil Intelligent*.
Fob Jobs P. U?ata, ?f UvTtroor of O.ejoa, l? at p "?
WDt i d a alalt to WarhiDfton.
OoTrtnor Meoill, of Oblo, lialao on a rlak to W?>.hlrg
trn City.
Fnm a prlrata aocroa, (>iji tba Snu'k Ciralinian, o
OrlomMt, rt. 0 .) wa If era tb?t two ? f the m at araloao.
m*n lo Great Britain wiH *Uit tb? I'nl'ad 8ate?ineea
eatoR >prlrR? Profe??"r Rrbtrd Owee, the emiiaat aim
para'lre aoa on la'. ard Dr. W. B Carp*Btar. wailknoan
? iba an hor of the lataat anl moat approved wark on
Tbe Knvtox't Journal njn : ? We 1'arn that our be
I ??d arrbtithop may ba?*p oted bona ibont tba " M
dleif Marab. HI* h?al'h i? ?o*|V?S ra>t"re1, aad ta
that b? rnrpoaeri ?aillna In tba Bleak Warrior, for
Mobile, oa latt Friday Krcn Moblla ba goea to Csatleatoe,
and (baaaa aomea borne.
J H. Cow?*er, Per B*)lTasU; J. H flmlth. Colambtu;
W. B. 8t<rltn?, Baoth Carolina; K. If. Patteraon, N?w
BtOBawIck; M B Inabaa, BoeVm. vara amoeg tba ar
rlaala j eaie -day at tbc Preeaott (total
Boa. Mr Giria, Waablagtoa: W P. Narmandla Tesaa;
L Hajari, Calt'orala; E M Kbetta, do : J. A. Peek Sao
Pi aveleeo ; J o Cold heart, Alabama, arrived yeatarday at
tba M'trrpolltaB H UI
C. R Ja?lt', Buffalo; P. Bart, 8prlojfl?ld: Oaa. Raad,
Erie; M-jor Winthrca U 8. A ; Hon. A. W B. Clapp,
Portland, Be , arrived yeatarday at the St. Nlabolaa.
from Liverpool, la ablp WaWUr? Wn I Draw Hi lair.
Prcei LIt rpiol In ?Mp rr?ada?n*bt? i Ttmv. Marr Ty
tra W n Harrlmn. Ifarr Ann Hi rrla?a, A Ball* t, W Ma
Roberlr, W William* MIm B R'Haaya
Fr n> B>tr? ib atlr Eawln Ferrok? Mr Barnard, Mr > 0
Riti, Mr Paetwall A BonaaeWt.
1 ros> t> art* in eMp Rk l?a? Mr aad Mra Titer pi a, IF Ml*
drr, W Bntetgtr. W Ooti
Fertlvarporl. la rteam>Mp America from W^a^aa? M?aara
? W Rolllie. o' Briton; W Bar-la. Angvata. Me. Mri Dnr??e
ard ?b Id. Me?re Tbn'atoa. C 1 Bharpatret. untliiimM,
N\ork; WO Ball. A 8bot<n Phlled* phla John Commie**,
Vlra inmirinea Canada: Madam Bnlan, Meaara Ooriet,
Franat; Bate*. Inglaid? H.
Ohw ? Yraierday r'.riinR, talagrapbio daapatjaee wate
rrmlnrt at tba p-lioa oflee, from Waahlac'on Farat e
onaotr, Oslo, >ta t?f tkat a maa BaaMd Wbhaay bad
b>ao uudarad ll.ei.lRbt prtrlooa aad robVd of tl TOO
Wkl'B?y vaa froa Plokaviy, aad had reeatrad tba moaay
from a B.an eamad Matpby, la tbla eity for porb that be
bad rold him. Tba mar?er?n ako ato a blaborae, aad a
(Old aaatab malted "E W." la tbalr flight they dreapad
a iB?B?rtaodoBi book, la vhiah the aaaiaa ef Hay, Bay h
B*n Bra vrtMw.? <?he(m0 Mtfirw, |?. IB.
C#*brfc|,?" or ?*tfc or F?bmarr-0?.
moft* lrm,lon ?* Universal Republicans -
Specs.*"* "'???? Atmim#,*. BmwUm,
Itudi ig .'w*? Tolon, Mid wtDcra.
Tkt tlxth k m?1t?W?7 of ths French revolution mi
celebrated jeetei '1 1" section "U Mmti|M" of
U>* 8 Dole 1 7 of Unl\**r*41 Republic**. In aeoordtaee
with the notiee publish ^ ln lh* nornios p?pei?, between
tw? and three hundred p* **oae, members ef the aaeocia
tion, assembled at the Booth %Ta 1? Leonard street
where, after a brief delay, thej * formed in proeeieton tn
the following order:?
Ttmri' Baad.
Babel Baad
OnEBltUo of Arraag*mrata.
(Jtlnrwl Boonbliaaaa? aoapoood of tot? Otfk.ana ?nd
tba MilM of different Etunpu notion
?Tba American a ad Cabon teg*; the trl IblhT ct Italy,
boerta f the word* " Di? e Foftin," the UnlT*?U(l?pnb
lieaa flag at Fnin, iinmDMd by tko eayof l Yerty; tod
thaflegofFblead. After forming io order I nLeee art -street,
ttt prooeoeloo marc bod to the mute of tiat moat rtirtt
atirring < f all national a It a, the Maraelloiee, into ?to*d
waj, into tba Park, paralog by tko 09*y Kail, then down
Naaaaa atreet a* fax m Wall, ap Broadway, a ad thenar >
tko Sbakapeere Bote]. They atopped fjr a few jnlaoln
before tba City Ball, whero tba bud pfayed ??flail, Oe ;
Itimble," end other national air*, mneh- to the anuMr
meat of a large arowd of pereoaa who were aaoambled 01
tba atepo of that bnilding. At tboy paaoedt tba )ffloa o 1
Le BepuMcUn. ehioh waa illuminated In honor of tbo
oooaaton. a rod flag wai dliplayad fiom oaa of tba win
dowi, ThU DiaDlfooution of sympathy with tba aanee
of tba Maoeiatlon waa leaeWed wlth-entbatlasUe <fteera,
and tba proceeaioa waa arroatod tor a few mlnnte* an til
tba band plaj ad tome popular aire. on ihe arriral or tba
prooeaiioa at tba Bbakapaara Botal tbo mombera aaaem
bled la oae or the roooea, wh?re MTOral addraaw* la diffir
aat langaegee wara delivered.
Tbe meetlig was presided over by M Baoarlsse, who
latrcduced u tie tost ipntu General Avxzzaba.
Ob pmsattof blmaelf the Geo art] *u reoelred with
load applause. He congratulated hli fallow sxilee on the
prospect that after all thslr misforuaes aad sufferings,
tba period of their terminal ioa was fast approacnlng.
There w?ri grounds for hoping that the despots who had
so long satiated themselves en the miserlee of their sab
jeets, would mob ha overturned by their aaltad efforts.
Tba cruelties whtoh thoaa tyrants had mada tbem suffor,
were owing la a great degree to their en genoroslty and
forbearance, aad also to their want of anion. If when
the (artist on triumphed in IMS, there had besa mora
salty of aetloa amongst them, tne f raits of that rerola
tioa wend rot have been sna obed fro n them. He hsd
bad thirty-two years or exli?, but ha stlir hoped to see
tba consnmmatioi' of tba p-inoipes to whioh bit life hid
been devoted (Cheers ) If tbey themselves did an
pioflt by the success of thoee prlcclpes, tt ?u aeoaso
istien to know tbat their desoearaats would. AU the
martyrs ef tyierry, of dlflerent natioas, had recoga'a-d
? be necessity of uattlig for 'ha overthrow of despoti ?m:
and their praeeat meeting was a gratifying proof of toe
?rm and determined an r it that antma'ed ib?m (C.'ieerJ >
8?nor Ruhr oc*z, tbe cdiior of La Ceniad. wan next
called upon, aad read a long speech i i F each He
sale that in celebrating tbe aamvrr?ary ot tba 3?th of
February, tbey were only faUHug a duty towards those
*<cd Fretchaec ? tbe marly* wh ? bad saad their bl xid
(n that cay tn tbeareaaoi liberty. Tbe blood of tbvir
brethren. ehed f >r t bat cam e cn t be Held of battle, tone bed
tbe seminente ac<1 claimed the syropUby of every pa
trittios.nl (Cieera.) a single oron of that aoble olwiil
was worth all tbe Moi d of tbe tyrants who hat lur.dtd
the aerth and afflicted humanity (Continued cheering )
Let them botior tbem, then, by the seatimenta of grlet
and respect wbieh tbei- martyrdom awakened in tbem;
let hem I nner tbem by tbe solemn promts* to avenre
1#?m ? (lond cheers :) let thsm honor tfcem, ia
? hort, by a saaiad and unaatmoua oatb af hatred to tbe
tyiants of iba earth. (Continued applsnae ) Let them
declare war against nao shed tba list drop or their blood
tn e iqkat'.icg despotism and in favor of tne principle of
feiro-prjudol the sovereignly of the people. Tb?y
war* bat few? comparatively few to tba vile and d*
? reded soeiaee of thoee wha sustained < eepounm oy aa
sieving th?ir conn try aid m-saeelra'.tn< their bretorsn
but the) tbrnld reojiltci that tbe soMtas if tyratcy
war* mu enable eiwarde, for aowatds only would sail then
a?lv?a te tyientc whim they? the soldiers of the repub
He? were IneUcible. (Cheare ) Toay were lavtnctbi*
because tbey defended j isttoe, and baeansa tbe prtaclpla
tbat tbey lus'alted wsa tba eoamoa cause if all the pe>
pie on tbe earth. Should evaa tba prateut general on
euccoa a in the struggle the prtnaipla won la survive, and
?oald lad de.'tadeia la fntare geasratiots. (Great ap
pie nee )
Signer Mabb nest address* d the maetiog la Italian H*
?ai?! be ep< ka ia the aame of all tba ratioae mere rapra
eeated. sort ia tbe neeea of liberty j op doe aad truth. He
did eat believe ia tie power or charaeter of tba Pope, aor
?a tie Virgin Mary. Neither did ha believe la GevaixU
Fmntewer' w.-fced enssahere M aa emissary of Victor
re was an ally of a moaareb r>? ..
whole French people, and eel led them la'amom 5*tSi
act of Loais Na poison la saacbg bis eoKiera, who were
meie machine* to the assistance of tbe Pope Notwitb
stsediag tile abnsa of th? French, be Cihe speaker) be
I lewd they were a great people, and tuat they had proved
by tbslr sacrifices their devotkn to liberty. Gsrtzxl In
Usulting ttsm bed lainlted every hoaora?le m?n, svery
nobla seatiiceat. anc t a bad iasultac Hszri I and Itsiii
aa. (Tt rse cbasra wete here given for the universal re
public sad llheity ).
Mr Ararm Mobibb was next introduced He *3di eased
tbs mo tii g In English, sa follows:? It ts far, said be, be
vead try p<iwer to add anything to what has already besn
>o well ?aid. Cs-talnly it Is is the eature of men that
biveitjoed SBclustve prtrllegm enforces b/ power to
cling to ard deftnd wt'h Kaetiavelli-m a right that they
(intend to bava reeetved from heaven, and tt snaoeel
bare t;aied neither treaeore or blood. Tbe pretenders,
rompoeed ot hinge, emperora, popea, even queens, duhaa,
a best of nobility, ana their ormpe?rs tn hypocrisy and
cr i.e. tbe clergy? aacb are in Europe tbe mighty oppo
cents to human rights. United to tbem are an influential
communltv, men living on their iaeoma or oa government
saiarv. No sy it pat by eaa be as pee ted rrem inoh a ejm
potltirv. Thence tbat nrejudlces should exist In Europe
?g .lust republicanism te Bet astoaikhiBg, go?arne i as she
tsa been during centuries by derpota aad tyraats. Bat,
cttiMER, ran we not be astonished that men b>rn in this
isnl ot liberty, and ot whom a little or no notice bad
bean takes heretofore? a class of America? bora, parti
nolaily burners maa ? wko visit Ettrope, sot for tbe pur
pose of acqbliiag ksow e<*ge, bat esM^td by the
elevated o lai?B they eoneelve of tbemielvss, have
tbe ambition of being entertained is aa atis
mt ratio maxner. Tbey scoa persaale thems*lves
tbat tbey ere beings of a superior orrisr, and their
contest with aristocracy lalatee their vaaity to such
a pitch tbat, Mbe PompoUao, they far.oy tbey daaoaad
perpt ndlcularly from Peter the F<.o:iah aad hoiisontaliy
fnm Barbara tbe Cruel. Notwltba'andln* their esar
ttons necessarily It requite a practice Is otdsr to ape,
therefore great moat be the deridon ard llsgust of those
wto tssdily dietingulsh the aas fnm the lion. On their
return to their native sou these men very seilously asxi-rt
ibat En rr pear r are net worthy if being free, an I 'hat, a^
tbey are a cons ton ad to live under the go*Bram*at of
tyrasts ft r the welfare of acclaty they sbould remain tn
tua reme etate. Bai tb<y foigal tbat Uiey have not
? Iwejs t'en (ufed by tbo e een im>nts. Tney ?b uld
r -o? Ilsct tv at tbelr ancestors were a llttl r more modest; and
no d< ubt if daguerreotype.' had b'tn hnown at tb>t tlm?.
aad tbelr portraits bacdeJ down to them, w mid It not
col tte v.tity of manjt Actions and principles of *hat
llnd ii jure a good ren*c, especially when from nil wen
the revetse otgbt tosxpscted. It It to be hopad that a^
he reitatten.pt tbe is publican" will die tlat'.ieh foes from
friaads spd n ska a pripar ebolae of ;hsir leadert. In
tbe expeetatita of tbat event let oa respond to the call o'
oi.r btelbrer in Knrope, and, pirsnirg aa nfTaoUiiaate
((arte, let us ^e united.
Herxr Toiojt tut arfrtraaa'd the * aa'.log in moth
Hi ?M that it waa a area'. dtatla i*1on for him
to ba appclntad c,na if tba lnt?tpratera of ti'i
0 |itn?ii, >b? CuY.au, bafira tn.ib a nomrrtftia io<"
t'tilhaat but that honor ha toaM n*t
h?T? T'rtrrfd to areapt without knowing ttat ba n>l(bt
rt tit open tbatr lni'alf'Qoa. Hit cam?
lb* fut that Gal'ln bl9 d ran la bt? Tatna. Srmi
of hi* aneatfora bad Brit atn ttta light un'ar iha boa -
tifbl ?kla? of Prcranoa; bnt ha btmialf bad baaa born in
1 it of Ihi Inland* of Amaroa? nnfortuna aly, Cpanlab ap
?o th? | rarant lima. Bat tba day waa faat approaaMajr
a ban cxff?if noa of laagaage, aa wall aa arary aort of aoolal,
political and iail|tUua diatloetl n, wot. id eaa*aloailat
inrti mi. (Caaaia ) fbla onlaataal ual'y would b?
lb* e. mplan>*t>t of tta* grant work of ni darn oitIi'z atlin,
wbiab n?r prrgraataa, aotwltbalaadtag tha obi*aa'a?
?1th which i|t?rt(ea and tyranny andearor to itr??
Mi path. Ia aaytag thla ha onl? ga?i ?xpra?aion to tha
k.??? and tha aaniimanta of tna I'nbm tamooraay.
(i btara.) Tb?y wara but a ?mall band of poor
? waadarlag ogon a foralfa ahora, whllat
thalr tatlaa laid groaacd uod-r iha Iron h?-l of
ba ookt karbarnna opptaaMia. Bat tbay did a>t m?ka
ttat ahcra ae?o wi'h chwi erWr ? tliay did not gi Ilka
tr> rpli ? wnm?n to tna bankn of Mua. in tha allot I ? i.f
tba ?'.e?att to awail with thalr trara t ?a torraat of the
!ilar?tng rotolutloo, tfca adr?at of wh'eh waa aliaidy
? r rent rad fr? an tha watch towart i f tba pn'itiiral world.
(< h-ara ) Tbty wara abgagad, Ilia tb?lr brathrau of
ctk?r ?' uottlaa, In adranolog thanof l work whleb ?h?y
bad In bud Llka than tkay had tba faitll of jon'tta ia
U air tool*, and bay had tba Hp bt of pa?t aip?rl?aja to
?trt>t tbau to (aaatrata tha dark e*?a of tba fotaia. rba
??and ? lea of fn'yalad'o tbam It -m abora, and it
mt with an aatfcailaatla raapoata la tha da nth of thatr
baarta. I4t tha day antra ? 'bair anna wara raady to
natrb tha woik of hnmaa raganarttloa ' l-at a< aoittnua
to adracat ? happlnaaa la thata " aa II Dthird (aid to
UmattUa; ' proeaad tmwariia? aaah atap aaadnata ?i to
tba and eftbia day. aadtkaaall thaaa fattgaaa will bawall
t?eoi?ra>*ad, It mattora aot whatbar that raanmpanaa ba
tha area* of tha martyr ar tha erown of tha euaqaaror.
(I And applanaa )
Nr Bafnawvai tba* aawa forward aa a <akaf*ta of tha
Pr Hah Onnantttaa, t? aaaaratkatr fallow aillia at Traaaatrf
tMr Bt mtmd m fcMM **wrti M rrtMt
?tnee 1MB, and rhowd tb?t dcapotk, m and the arbitrary
will of an iaMrldnal bad taken the p.'aoe of jaitlie M1
Mbertjr. Thenuon of tH? aru, tbat rrv "<>? waa alooa 10
tie moggie The aoIUarity of tut mk ??*?. ?o1 their
iDltj of action, voald, however, too a rotkVdytha erl'i
aiider which ah*.' tu tulle; log, and aaaare Ikv' liberty of
hw people.
Mr. juctBim, tht> fre?i<1?Dt, then roee and laid:?
We celebrate to d Mf the Milwurj of tbe gr*?' *?t
event < f modern tlmri? of the moat atrlklng manifeeta'
lion of the prognta of h am an reaaoc and tha leoadanoe
*r arc ml rmpirtcutui. Time, whloh Uaa tha etfevt of
ealmlnj the effei v?ac*noe of poMttaal feeling and of
eici.icg light even from the depth* of i arkneea, per
mit* na to day to eiamlne,. with um treafuUtliy and
icreaity of a pn fouud coarftjtlon, the eiuM aod tha
tfftcUofthenrtd glnua movement of February 1948. That
great aid glotk un year protected to ?* * uHque apeeta
ole in hiatory, for we belt Id tha whole of Europe veiled
with a enbllme eo Unlet m moved by Matfcnenta drawn
fum toe moat n>yaterfon> eoureetf of the human heart,
buratirg ev?rj where, tbe fetter* of the ilare and hull eg
witb arolamatleo the new ioeial dogma of tramaaity ?
" liberty, equality and fraterolty" ? that dogma whlsh U
<fe?tined toduripatetbeiterkteiaof tbe wtrld, end display
to tbt eye* of gladdened humanity, theaaroraof uulrertal
repebUeeaiim. (>7brera ) Happy ehanMl bold entp A
pom. (Ovntiturd cheering ) Providential a lonrge raited
, >y(iid to ehaaliat mankind for their laptety, en the
o\ b'r band, eay those who Itring on the asnreniia of the*
pa, t woaid like to arrrtt the prrgreta ef humanity bv un
? ft.ul benier. Three b'.iod aod obatinate obamnlons of
Msbi.'uy co rot r?em to eituprthend that notwitiutand
irg thi* Avqueoey of th??e p etenled no lurge* they re ult
fr-m rrvn of ?'hteh notfclng ean prevent the m?jia io
?1r*rlo)wi.T*at. All thing! here oeiow ae in th? r*et
if tie buiTM, ooe/ a |?neral and I may er?u sat
?u inrviia*> Jaw. eteoe It leave to ev ry esnUeat
*el*g bat tie MWrmof n vir.g forward? 'hat u t-i f?y,
o' n j.i ogrewiT* and iafiB.'1* d*ve:opem*nr. and trauefiwma
t.?n To i>iart lA'O life, ijortase wed devc ope; ts p?ei
fiatr an inf-rior" ?i? a brttsr c-ndllfcM. wi'-haul It b-tog
, r>rtle to rppo??a liirtt te ttelr prrgresi? such lrttw
la * ihat goverai and l.ltelllgenx beluga. (Cl?e ? )
li?ryt?lrg that U>tdi to opar^m this a? ;?odin* ra.??
r-.rr yrocuo?ei'|ji ?ter: thi* disorder e-g?i.ders ?ulf?r>?g,
d jVom thin sufltr Bg fpr.ng.T Ih de-ire to put nr#
t It Thin deeire, JomnMBgly fed by the reuse tb ?t
liven btrth to it, pr"..ttce? in the rad an espl'jaion whith
pith*. -Ifattvji or die <trf?h?? tbe ob?t?ol?, and the orier
of tb.3g*, that ie to nj, the prlL.*ili of progression, re
?ff?r a bound, o?nQi.v a wit ?triiV, it* normal
and rexnUr cO irne, Sfitai navolr.tlona hrra no other j
ci u?e tli?u Tvbet 1 ba*?" * J-uet deeorl sed; but no this sauae !
i? never rtij clearly arp.-ectated, owiwg to Its metaphyai.
CJ' ei?ene# on the one h.? ji, ami on tlS* other to the faot
?hat the lirt?r?et? whioh * afftots ar* obatfaateiy and
fiercrly d- flawed, It always fctpprua tLM rerohatioal*'.*,
lad set jay by the error ?lJ empiricists Id lbs- mid*;, of
'"'oh th y !r*v? lived, dl"?et all t^eli-efTjr * agaiuat
thoae men ajd thiae parties- "that la 'o *xf, agtlaat th as
aercnrary appearaieee and 'fmlitie*? whuitthey allow to
ho Mat. aliroat Id lta integrity, the prlnolple of atitho-ltf,
tie generator ?f the otaorder vhl ih they taaw the mmitlua
to trp'ate by thepr lolpk u( iittrty,lh? ma<ntor of 01 d?r
Tbe principle of liberty represents this movement ; the
principle of auSbo lty rep. riant* re?Utana<t. (OOeera )
This latter, tutelary and civtlizlcg In 1 a origin, ha* la tbe
cc urte of time and b? lta deslie to perpetual* Iteelf be
joid tbe limits that lta rule ant Iti nature aac*?a to It,
beet me* an oba'aole to progress. Invaded and ooattm
ally atom of lta proportion! by tha aoulal, religion*,
pi II ..eopbica), and political revelations which A r the
>a?t lew cantariei have succeeded eacn other with eon
tlouallj IneraaMcg raptdti;, it seemed destined bytba la
flexible logic of progress to be <1efl>.lt?iy excluded f> on tha
flreial d main by too greet universal revocation of Pfbra
ary (.'bene) Torough nt the whole < f Europe, cha
rrvoluiioiary element, rich In tha migatSsent itunm
hl<>r? of 1783 atd 1880, dlepensed 'or or a and means suf
fluent to foabd lta liberty and aarare tha tature of the
tew o-d*r of lhtoga. But, by a deplorable oonfcoUa of
Idea* and of facta, no aocner wa* drspotlam overtarned
than tbe vat qc labera of tha principle of authority ha i
ttnad to te eatabliah or to maintain It, contenting mom
relvea with merely chtaglug its form or ita nama It waa
ic?t liable l hat tbl* baaisrd organism, created in lb* ml 1st
tf the atoim, lu the name atd in the tatereit of ilbirty,
but havirg authority for ite ba?l*. and for Ita aaxlliarlea
tbeaimy, tbe clergy, Cranclal and feudal ortdit,and other
power nl element* affected by it, almaid en dearer to re
?tore to pnati tbe man in whom, aooordlng to tha p>pa
lar piejuelct ?, tha Triiciple o' authoilty wan represented
*rd lncairateA. ThU la what oame to paaa In Franaa.
Garwauy Hungary, and Naplea. ThU deplorable ml*
take ha* plunga- Europe in all tha horrors of a daaput
1HP, tx?fger*le< by tbu fear and tha humiliation which
baa pasted through, and tha terror* wlth whlah tha
fotuie iitpina her. fhia failure, ao uaaxpaoted and eo
profound in ita Immediate oomrqaenot*, Ailed with
Ucubie tiid d"patr many dtvo ci hearts, and
maLti tham bailers In iha o> finltlve ooir pretaioa
of I. u iv at progress, If there be at-y peraoni amongst
oatbl- evenloir tbn are rgUa'ei by ihlt fear, let them
i?Vc hfait Tfce pr"girtn of maik od la incompressible
Er:b. rraired in the * o train of faota, man pragreaaea la
that of idaaa, an* tbe laVer are not lota: In auratlog
!hr< nub tl h bonda by ?M ib tfcej areeuo >aWnec (Oheera.)
laftlim it holdly, and thnr* who haar me wiH join me in
t ba raatia sat. that m power en earth eau prevail against
fconun pngre-p. (Voairaroca o ^eerlog) It would' o?
ar. eaiy to pt?r?nt 'h* e'. nenta of mat'er from depoilt
lrg thro, i rhe-, or the light from tbitlog. Movement ia
life. To live ic to fraeaform con>rqueotly movameat !?
to li e what we'gbt ia to matter aad bril lanoy la to i ght
*nd ba>ld's, eltlzanr, the malaaoholy apaotacle that
Fnr.pe prrsnta to na to rfay? a apeatae'a at whioh we
have reaton to gti> w, but not to eel dloeoura^ed ?? ta not
naw ia tha hi* ory of humanity; thaee oletarhanaaa are
?? ? errentlal slenant of ita moral and Intellectual
C*T*lcp*mM>t They are bat be Itsviuale rwsolt of tha
lew* ar aatloB and rtatiioa We i offer their ouaeeqaeQjaa
W STiWPWV^tSPi'tfsfe th,ia 7,r??'"rl7 ? ??"
aa tagHivata. as to seek to save and td
Tbere ia, nrverthrlaea, this difference bat ween tha two
tendsBeki? that tl a ona altbnagb bavin* all th* llvlag
foraaa of rociet) la Its seivlce, is continually raaatving the
lie, wbllat tha other, without any oth?r ratoaroas
? baa thrsa which It darivea from Its vtrtualily,
i ree Ives dally atrorger and atrorgrr onflrmatloa.
(Chtara ) Tha past, in fact, imtruc s us, and tha
ptenett crnflrna tbe Iramn Bare wa not beheld
la France, llirabaan, tbe atormy and eotuaseoua interpre
ter of tbe Kitnch revolution, an<:danly rstlagotshad, Ilk*
an exbauctad voieano, tbe moeent that, his pereooal
iraerlmieata acd his egotistical caliulationa aatlatad. ha
att'saptK, tblnklrg tha aovarei^n force which ha dls
gtaoed wan bla own, ta lealat the prodigious moTemeat
which drew Into Ita vortex the whole of French society?
Tbe rtvt'lutl n lacreaKt: ta foro* b| the rasiataasa ap
pcsr? by tbla treaa< c, broke It dawn with lte wltheriag
bretlb, ptrstd on and eentlnued lta woik. But it Is In
tfce drutlDy of troth to be cun jelled always to oombt-..
tflrr Mlrabaau came Bon?|a-te (Hfiad with aulasom
paralle genlua, laaulig from tba vsiy bo-om of the revo
lution. armad and it ru ed by It with foil power* to pur
ine aad fluiah tba work fo broadly akatsbed oat by th*
Ti *n< of '80 atd '03 be did not hedta'e. forgetfal of hi*
ml>*lon and of- hie origin, to abandon hioaaelf to tha moat
axtravaaaat ditam* of an lnaatiabla ambitlaa Vjr ten
y*ar* tbla raie and Indafatigable aoldler waa to be seen
nrglug tt a bewildered aattroa of the world *galn*t aaah
o'her, lila the aurglug* of tbe ocean waves, and than cut
ilag and parcelling oat Europe according to his f may.
And wh?n all fceoame silent befote bim? when all the
natlrpa bent to hia loperial will, aod wbf u 1 iciar seemed,
as It wtre, to govern destiny iualf ? the idea that ha be
lieved ex'lnct suddenly arnae before hia vict rloui legion*,
atd tha Empire and tbe Emptror vanlehed Ilka an empty
drrtm ((beer*) What now remain* of all tba pomp
and clroumatance that ooaatlta'ad the imperial aplof
9b*kan tbror ea, a papas? without prestige and without
Ufa I Or the rever. e side cf th* plctore, human
reaarn progreaeed. prajudioaa vatqubbad. aad rlghta
at d dutiSa better nnderiitood (Continued ohaarlng ) No!
aol Tht revola'lon cannot te wrong, for It la tha
evldaccac' I fe, aad life cannot fail to l'.*elf Neither
?*t> It b* vscqnlah'd, beraute it hat a 'jrrm o expaasloa
wbleh B?v?r atopa aod which lnorea'ea It ptopjrtl>a to
ibe tena'ance with ? bich it m*et?. It ia in ullrrant to
tbelrlnm h of the r*v?lu'lonarv prlnoipie whether ltls
ra>la ed or favora*'. S.cc r* foes wit advttct its pirgrws
a mlrute. I *111 ?ven go far'b*\ia< say tha'- expailenca
?Vrafratra*** that p- rarcu lon, b? the ?wn and t#e
?!<ry v.tb which It anolr',!?? It* ilavoted vic.lm power
t-l y rin'rlbtilrs to Its tiiumph. (Ch*?ra ) From tb*
?I ick of t'eaa aprl' * lb* llaU'* w il*:. enlarge the hori
tonof tb* titallec'Btl wrtld, and etrao*'^ truth* pre
timaly unappT?cia',"d fellow el ??*' a, ? o word m<re
. r d I orcluie Ib Fet 'narv, 18?8, t' a nvolotionarr
flrig tie torld I".- brilliant eulfsia SoalaHam
? < peared, tot a* a cuinierleal abetractl-jn, * od at m >st
to everelie the vlt cf tbe rbetorlrlan, b it as a great
tiutb. ?> lid ar.d hair of the p wit, and tiMer tble title
in .ilnad to preclptt?*e the ruio of the ai.oisnt order cf
tjlrge, sau to raplace It by as rr>'*r aofrtly tew.
(i t.?-ra ) Hot there then happened what always h*o
pan* nadar similar clrcamstsnoe> : Tbe new word, ilttle
? ?<???< at 11 *t by men of good aa well a* by men of
bad will, ptodcoe^ a general *topor of a*toal*t m?nt? a
atvpor -1 at. skilfully turned to aroonnt, g*ve te despo
Ham atd lta parti* m* the r-eaae of evrry where r*falala#
p?**e?m.n of their loat power. H was thea that a
? (eeterle tiuly sublimit wa* givea t> tbe """d
Oa ? ae MCe ?** lebald a!I tbe power* and all
ibelr Intareals menaced, abandoolag tbemaalees to
tfce txeearee ef the moat abject fear aad deapoodansy,
and on ihe ? tker h? imali ai d the weak, or, la other
wirda, Ibe -vile multitude " In aplte of tfe moet horrl
ale pereeeutlota, In < eaplte to??o( the appareat rule of
all Ittli h? pea. prerervlng a noble ard ioler a ealameee,
pricureor or the *ezrpr?t toat reirctloa alaay* pmdacee.
tChaers ) Ih' Sk.w elaboiatlon of humaa thought baa at
laat lean (eifectrrt Tbe new truth ha? luaed la Its la
i??rl?y from tbe p pular brain, ready for the dec'alva
etnias'e which le *tprr?ehttir (Cheera.) I At the aio
rr.t bt arrive ; let the Mgial be be?rd? signal lood aa the
,a?t trumpet, ?td t'tttl rg aa the HghtuWig whioh em
l-iacr* the whole uorlrcn? atd tbe era of popular liber
lira can no lorger re vo< ipoeeri. I( will eome, I swear to
.on, St.d will come KI n, brlagleg with It, it la t oe the
ralsfol tbiaa* that alwaya at company the partaritloe of
H ce*|i!?a But ''f^t will M) n ple oe llir ngh a I thl*
< aikaaaa Aad tb* fecund Influence < f tbe la'allectual
aun, ut ce tbe na'l t? of the world ar* raatnred to thetr
i ? n f tutlanee and rinrnkwrtaxd of the iceial obstacle*
which Lave hitherto prevea e-1 tbaun froa? re*ogal?lat
? ?.(1 IIDDII' 'og ?*cu o'.l.er aa brethren, will develope Into
? ktaitay axiatetce the n*i?r?al repubiio, bjoUI reallsa
? ion of the bntuaaltaiiaa <1 gtaa? iberty, equality aad
Ibe Chairman coMtadeo bla diaeoar?e of which the
abeve la hot a heirled tr***Jatioo, amid tha load and *?*
thualatllc cheer* ef tbeaaaemoly.
m tAKQintr.
After tha aca*la*k>e ef this ipeaeh tha m?etlaf ad
joined to the banquet roei?, where a I
wm prop* red fcr tha Company. Tha foil ?*!?? ? oopf
of tha larlutloa IhmI ta the | ra*a
(ociiti i>* u urviiJ4vi rairiliiui.
X<vt*on 'ha
r 'l"T?n- Vcuile* nou* f*rra l'honneur d*co*?lacU oacta
?I IiiIih en UEtl|aif< de I'mUs* <|0? UHMMIMt
tour i,'? MTTloti qi! row* Joarnal a taada ?? I?u taaaUa
jour# t tutc do ll D*mooraMe.
Salut rt Fraternit *'
fH ordi* 4* 1* "Montagnt."
About Uuov hwdtad perama Ml dona to tha >m?H|
and * good stray w me etwppotntad of Math Iki (til
of the room ?in decora ud with Um iaalM, Oabaa,
Ita??? mm] Pott* l< i?gi Or?r the prlmrfpa able, vhM
tte Chriraaa ??t, w** <1* played the I ail nfTMllMlii
At t*e (?f pc*ite en J ef Uie room wm okearred ttlfewt
lug luecriation
? nvi la ipomign rf.iinui ?
? ? ?
090090a 900 c 000 Ks o a o o o 0 4 0 o ? ?
M oa tha bal*oay of ttt aiohaatia ?
0 ?
o u Die* rjcunaOL a
o tr ptcz ma or landr who nu*?raxiw ?
o ^ (
I Ob tM w*II? at r-guUr lateral*, war* taaarlbad la
l larga letter* the aamaa of tha ooactrlM aad oapfsahl
abioh had baaa dtetingr labad by l-varncUotarr mora
Tt? ?Milan 't aria, I'olaad, Cabal. Barlfe, Baaa
, Caaaal, Bona, BraacJ*. 7*aioa, ltonaa, Btdaa, Muriaa.
ft) odb, Vianaa. aad Bnhgary. Wa ftvi tham in Aa oc
flar ia wbiofc th*y wait placed
BafAra tb? or?jp?uy aat down th* baad flnnl tha
"JSmf illoUa. " aad ot tlr? propcxriMcn of tha ohalntM
tbr?a chaara wrrt jrlrfD far nnlvaraal rapftblleaalem.
TV flrat rtgtter ioa?t waa Tha S4th Fvkrualry, 1851,"
wtalfi wan ir*?oodad to i?l*h math elo^deae* by M.
Mal'nt?ne At tf ah?ral o?:t fr m tha eoapujrH Oo
la j? iftatian tang tba v/t>rda af tba ' MaraatlMaa."
Tha aaoocd toai^wax, -'Tha Had Flag "
It ??? ra*pvDd?i? to bj M ?T atadana la u HluM'
r p?rcb, aft?r whiofr "La Carmagaola" wva plajad by tlw
baad. wi>h 'he lull oeonmpasi.neat of all th? voloet hi
tba rente. Hignor l>?fi tnan aarg an Ittllaa |N(
Th* r?^toa?t wu, "Tb? M-mnry of Maorga Wathlag
toD." wb'ab wan crash with gaat enthu?i??m.
The fcu.-rh tnaat wka, "tba l'raaa." whtah waa r* pi lad
to by Mr ^ bowty, ot The W?|ifcfc.'Mari Ho "aid t;tht If ha
,ac??pt?d tb> taak of replying to ihl? tnaat, it waa baaaan
thalr fympatfalaa rem'.ertt It aaay to bin. He hal an
n? ad rf p'eaJlt gr In thair preeeDoa tha a-.illty of tha- praaa.
Xitbont It a>'l arraat Irieojrof progreaa aad of the fa tar*
Jratlny af ?3Ciao* wcu.l ba atiCad undar an almoat
t n*' al ? pat>"7 aad the worka rf great mlaAi wor.ll ba
k * va r nl< to- a email 11 3 TO bar of prlTllegea parMW.
( ?1Wer?.) By tha praaa tr tth waa prcpagatad la ?pfla
of ?? ?r a obftao'ia" oppTaMi to it, and jrraat m?a wara
r?al?rad ablqr.%>ai. When through it* mad lam tha
llg.it baa odck tmmad from Oa orapnaoalar rapori thM
?1 r?Wtmd It, It rem ao da^gar of kalng agala obaanrad.
Aa a T*r? ( of tb a ?Wm Hmo whom th? proaarlptioa of
dM(:'Nra hat ont^laad ta a *o?all l?la, iViH writ** for tha
aotlr '%orld. Thay wars aa wan awira a? ha waa of thoaa
faetf. aad ba wonll tharafor* aooflta hid aoawar to tha
tnant tvtbraa wor.'^whloa weeid *o<Eka to ahow thaaa
how tit pttiK u?d? ratood tha datlai of aabll?lt> . Ul
that II wd trinliy, Ida good, ib?ba>utlfnt aad tba trak,
of wbkk tb* ttpaa wara * og-aaad ia thatr 000 ? 'laaaaa,
ba tba oslv iaaplrtr* V tha praaa. Than * wc &lJ ba al
wayi wi nby to aatiat bumaalty in It* onward marah
towa <*i 'tbarty, aqo?l% aad fratarnlty (:Ohaara.)
^avaral otbar tna?*a and aonga war* psopnaad aat luf,
ud tba iinfuj did not aaparata niitll a lata hoar.
Mnalae AffUrOr
Bauc cf vm -Slavkb H. N. Gabhkil? TOe lebotair B.
N Gambrll, wbtoh m brought Into this port I abort
time ?Ism bo priae to the halted Statee frigate Oooetlta
tioo, hi st.'d by auetioB at the Hmbutt' Iirtifl
Festerday, by K H. Ladlew, under dlreo'loa of the United
Slates tlarahel There were thirty two bide, ooin omta|
at HOC ; and ebe >u ultimately h&oeked dowa to M. J. H.
Maobedo, for $S 600
Tbb Curm Snip Niubtwqaui ? Thlt beaatthtl
jn?t arrived at Boston from London, will be brought
around aa 1000 aa discharged, to take her plate in Tit mo
rou's l'tonser Uns of Australian packnt ,, as the alxteanth
ship of tb* line. The Ntght'Bfcalei i oae of the Bneeteltp*
per* afloat, ui wae bailt expressly for eahlbltlon at the
World's Convention, at a a at ef 9180.0(0. Shell a aplea
didly ucdtled ?.?aft, of I.C08 tone register ; la the
ebarpett of her alia afloat, and her owners gnsiantoo
that ahe will make the passage to Melbourne la a-laaa
Dumber of daya than the steamer from Urerpool to Mb
ram* port.
Quick Pxa*Aoa or tb? Hair Dnaarotouairr.? The oMpper
?hip Dreadnought, Capt. Bunnell arrived at tkU pert
yesterday, In nineteen da) a fron Llverpttl, beiag oae ef
the shortest passages oareond, and la teat a nioetra
markable oie for the aeaaoa, at it hai keen the 1M>
ti mpeatuona kaowa for aaaay year* on the Atlaatle Ike
following la aaeztraet of the Dread aooght'a log:?
Feb 8. at 11 P. V., took ate am to aea. Peb 4, at 4 A.
M , dlicbarged ateamaj and pilot, northwest lightahla
lontheaat by eaat half, eaat elxteen ml lea; mad* aall ?la
light southeast airs and pleaaaat weather: at aooa Orsee
bead bore scutbeeat eeven mllee; at 4 80 P. M., Hdvbaad
bora east oae quarter soath eight mllee. at 10 taafcad
ablp to the southward; strong breeae dsrlag the aUkt[
t? ^ muse., tnpguiaatseil, fly lag Jib aad araosjaah
ael: at mllee. ftih, fresh galea aad heavy rata
12ft miles. aib, fresh gaits toS^^ don the ??
Me reefed topsails- dietanoe ran, 134 naUas. Itt,.? y
breeae, aad dark sloody weather; ehlp under doable ree*
topsstls; at 1 P If set tipralla'nt aatla ova
toenail* ; at 4 P M. set flying jib, malatopa
?tt jitll aid aruijick-tlitaDi* ran 108 mllee. 8th, I
br?t e? from ainbuMt to east, and pleasant wether; kat
all call eet? distance ran. >84 mllee. 0th. flne
firm tea* to acuthssst, all aall eat? diataaoe
miles. lOtt, light breeae, aad variable from i
acnth; all aall set- -:i?tanoe ran, let mllee. Uih, light
aire aad okmdy weather: wind eoath to south
east, a heavy aea ruenirg from northwest? die
tan ee run, 117 m>l?s ISib, light wiadt from antk
moth east sac all rail eet; cloudy at 0 P M.; eae a able
beating >onih<onth<e-t, boond we*t? dlstaase rna 160
milas. 18th, freab bretae and clear, all sail aat; lattOT
?ari wind laoreaeieg, took la atnddln< aall. royaleaad Oyi
iog jib. wind aooth routhweet? diataaoe ran 320 mil re.
14th. o(imc.ri>ces with strong gates, and ? ark oleady
wea'.ber. ihi j usi'er whole topeel's aad topialleat aaila^
wind nuth lonthweet; at 8:40 P M the wind and
<"?t.lj ebasged to mrthweit, t<?kin 'opgallant satis eroaa
jaikr, and doubla ree'ad the topealls; heavy wss'arly sea
during the night; wlac va- table aad heavy rata tqealla:
dlatsLoe rn i 191 mllee. 16ih, mors moderate; latter pan
rqually, wind aoath soatbeast? diataaoe run 288 all aat
loth, (raab gales and cloudj weather; latkar part ligM
bieese aad thick f of, wind aootheaat to north nert heart, al
?all aet? diataaoe ran 280 mllee. 17th. light braeaafroat
eortbweet end tblek fog, all sail set; latter par) 'nek
bieaze from eoutnweat to north aortbweat aad sqaaBy?
diatanoe ran 118 miles 18th, f^eah galea aad aaowarK
middle part etroag gale aad heavy rain aqu alls; latter part
wind ncrth aortbweat to rar'hwest by north? diataaeera*
V31 mllea 19tb, eommeaoed with light breeae north h*
wast aad pleaaaat weathar, all sail sat; latter part free*
a a Its from teat northeast to waat by north, heavy aea
rnaalag ablp laboring very mnok? dietaaee rna 100
mtles 20th, freab galea from waet to weel aortbweat
with heavy use latter part more moderate, net all aall?
rlxta nee rna 17B milea. Slat Hght airs and pleaaart
eaathar wind weat; latter part heavy galsa from aorth la
east aoiUeaat, with mow? dittatoe ran 221 miles 23d,
waatler tbs >ame wini* northeast to north eeet? ilstaaee
inn 1M milea. '/31, flne breeae aad pleeeant; latter part
heavy gale from aortt)weet; mldalfht made the High
I at da, end at 3 A. M. anehored on the bar.
Piiisi>tatioi> or a ?ilvsr TRt nrrr ? Through the fhMo*
t ess of Brigadier Major Dillon, of the flraa of Ssyaaoot
Hoj t h Co , we were favored with a g aaee at the baaatf
ollj wronght aliver trumpet, bearing the following la
FOTtbiic.Q >
Praaaaiad by lha late Oattala foWrt HsOenateh. ef the
law ktrk Clfasnpclst. Is (leptela William O. Pakaaea. the
rairesar istlva an<) on- rf a aoe?b?r of Aanloan aaptoiije
at the Cb aala la'anta. as a toksa ef gratitude tar theto
ironies st sa aid nn>*:eo'cd asalstanee laaa hsar ef need, at
i allao. Avtr'i't H, 1HA3.
Capt MtC rmick, of the harh Oreeapotat, while eoatag
out of tbe |>-rt rf Ce Ian, loaded with gaaeo, wae raa
i own by an FntH^h ablp gotag la, aa4 auak wfthia twea
ty minu'ea aftar. Oapt. MeOormloh waa ia bed whea tha
position i f tbe two vessels wae stated la him, whea ho
immediately spang to the wheel, with aothing bat Ha
right nlotaee on, raariig the pilot wwald wot taWltaot
bis order* ; whan the abip atraeh it waa with auak tone
at to eae re tbe wheel to revolve rapidly, throwtag tha
eapteia agala.t tbe ratllnr.hieakiaghiearmla twoabeee,
and Ir jnrtsg bin- otherwise Internally. He WM tahia ay
Insensible and oarrie. heekto Ca lao, where ha had aa
'riant* a? ao afqnalntanoes Whea the aewa of the dWaa
ter reeebed theCblsoba Ulasds, tbe Ametleaa aad Brl|.
I,h esptalsa ib.n lying m port, made a pane tar him,
and seat tbs former ay Captain Putnam, (lav wham thta
trumpet la intended ) aa* the la*Ur by oae at th^r anm
fcer, (for wlom a aitnller token ia aow hetag made.)
apt HoCormlek wuhlng to expreee his gratttnde le i
'orm, has proetrsd thaae tfum >eta. oae for the 1
tstlve of the Amerieaa aad oae for the British.
Tits 0. t?. Hrui'l C'l lTBR MoCtXIXAM). Com. OU
arrived at fit Georgea. 9ermada. oa the Sd tost, frca
Mok'is, to laform tnasele that might res oh there la isavsh
of tbe steatu'Hp "an fraaeiseo of tbe reaene of the aa*
vivors, aad kft again oa the 8th, for Havana.
Thi IUv Mb. Ki yiui.i. Again ik Lmoo?? Klm
V all who?e aireat. ex>n.iia'ion an>: ucgowelaf^eev?rel
#eks alaee, at the poHee ofllce In thia eity, are familiar
tn rar readers mads an a'triapt to se- are an lata. iu>
h his par an car on MoaJsy n,or"'*f ?!"
acklt I/?-ar LaatlU g, "hers ?bs Is livi-g with a relative
> e waa reoognlaed hy eesrly ?lghty pea ar ee. aad
Dr. Theddeae
I died ia New
Odea. Clerks, the father
,w Brlghtoa. Pa , ea tha MJ Jaet Qt WW. A
wbo had to* b^. aflUMtA,

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