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Vmm of tk* Ship Columbiana, of *ew York,
and or U? BrtUeb Brl| Frtdtrlck-Tktlr
?nwi BtHmid by Uu Packet Ship Cor
nellun Orlnnetl? Abandonment of the
?eboonera B. P. ? parka and Major King
gold- Sinking or tbe fchooner W. F. Balrd
?lavwe Weather, Ac , Ac.
Ihl fallowing additions to the disasters at sea duriag
?fe* We aavare weather, war* reported yee terday
Qapt. Fletcher, of the pack" t ship Cjrnellos Grinnell,
Who arrived jeaterday from Liverpool, report*.-?
Jan. 20, let 48, loo 32, saw a raaaaJ with the Ataoriaaa
?ag, I'nion down; want to bei aaaiatanoe, and found It to be
the abip Col am bleva, of New York, Capt. Stabl, from Mew
Orleaos bound te Liverpool. On rounding too aader bar
lee, saw that bar decks had been ewepL that all her
?Muto wore gooe Tao sen laehed to the pampe. and the
bulwarks ware Tory mash broken. The aea at the time
?a a running very high, a o muoh ao that it waa imp' aalbla
to lower a boat with an; deg.oo of safety, coneequinUr
hove the ahlp to under bare polea uotii 4 P. M. next day
"*? ">e wealhn moderating, we aaoae?dod is getOni a
heat near the ship, an d hauled the captain, o fillers and
?ew, stxteea u, nambsr, la the boat ttrough SuSa^y
Une? Bade fait arouud them, and Irora ttie boa', to tbe
4 ' '* *b* seme nnunor , whioh waoaoooai
SSThJLfLei ** Tbeei.w were U a very exhausted
state from fatigue and fipodorf,
?' ,lh" Ul"t ??nt lu the bo?t to rea?aa
toe Uolnmb4aaa'x crew, we e;Sd ?eri Ba itlog, boat. wain.
Bturlns rurdy, seene?n, (formerly oap ain in tbe British
merchant aervioej Sjutb, eeauaa. John Keeley,
Wilflhui B uk baa, aeaman. i'bey es'iuitWd
KlJSJ* M *Ql1 ere Qe??rvieg of the greatest
7**' *? JJJ* ?*? '""j nppreelate aach ac> of raljr
? M tji VltDIU
Tbe following la Capt Stahi's aeo junt of the disaetor:?
Columbiana sailed from New Orleans D. comber
**.' Urorpool; an January 21, let. 46 43 Ion 89 20.
While lying to in a t.evy gftie rr llu s N W., wan attack
?/. ? heavy aea on ih# Urooar.1 Oo?, wbljh aaus'd the
?Alp to make tnor* wa;er than usual; *nppo?ed It had
?tarted the head, but coull not a-o?rtei-i tbe certainty of
it Ming thai e. Janua y 24, at 3 SO A M while lying to
in a h?avy gale froci W a W. to W N 4 , wee struck
?7 ? '?? o? the eUrbo.rc bow, whiih swept the deck
harrying away ibe 'oraarc? bouse gal ?y and mala jojp
otore bulwark H itanebi ms, apl itiog plaoksbaar, an I
aoiig eonalcerablo Htter damage. At 1130 t M, the
Dimmut went bj th? dec *, iak log fore and
nluenaiast bee 1; etore boat on alter nouta, eollt head
cf larboard pump, and dotug muna oth?r iaina*? to the
after honae At 8 a 11 of ih* 2tth eor nd?j the pamai
and found sU feet of water in tbe hold; th? putnpi were
krpt eenatantly g jng. At 10 P. U , the forfait went
hy the deck, the ship oiakiug wat?r v*ry faet, with bat
one pump tbat oould be aaed. At ? A M if the 29th
WW ??hip 10 Windward, and at 11 A. it a ao bore down
ror us, aid hore to uncer oir 1?? tbe sea at the tins
SSJSZ hVr A- 4 P- 11 of th' 27th weather
Moderating, aha a?at a boat to oar aaiitUoce,
al- '? ? i h elrnumitancea, I deemfd It pro lent for
too caret/ of our llres to leave tb- salp, at sbe was un
^Manogeable and in a not in* o ladl'lnn. At 6 P. M. we
00 ,^?lr^tte "hiP "aioa Pfo*?d to be the
jaokot ahip CoraeUas (.rion.ll, Oap: Etcher, from LIt
?pool for Nrtw York, who did e*?rythlog in bis power u
S make ds oomfortab!#. Mjoh oreii. is due him for hie
. "T," ' in """??? ? tr ,m a watery grare, aa
frilfc^rn r 7' woa,d h*T' b''*0 our ,ate 00 th*
- .Ta'J'w*^, ?l?* -'"t waurlntbeholl
. w i a ' weather beii k ?o rough we were
Mable to as *? any ihli g bat wbat we stood in at the time
01 Marlof We ware to let. 48 N., an< ion 82 W
(Signal ) ALFREtl SfAHL,
Miater of *J tlambiaaa.
Capt. 71* to her, cf the C (iriotiell, further reoorts:^
Oa the i 'ollc wing Tu 'tc'ay, January 31, about euaset,
?aw another dismaitted va ael, wlih the British flag Caioi
down; wont to her a'listknje, and suoaerdrd in taalag oil
? *nd crew, pin? in nu abrr o.' .he brig Freder
lek, Capiain Paiker, or Par. oro', S S, from Halifax
Bound to Liverpool It was dark at tie time, and beiui
???pa!atlveiy moceraie. rwy little tr jublo or danger at
tended tbe oireumstacre. "
The Ooruellue Grinn^ll had the roughest passage orer
ijporienood by Capt. J , bat has reoelred no damage to
kaD, spare or a. 11a
Tko C. G. was forty -two days to the bank*, and on
Holiday laat, SOth, was compelled to haal off the Hook j
ftndor oloso roofed topsail*, in a anow storm and gale from
N. E. Oj Tuesday saw the wreek of a achoonot'a spars,
?sppoood occasioned b ? the gale of ibe night proriou*.
Capt. F. atates: ? ? He hare laat by deaths one adul;
P*"'0f*r, ? German, named Joseph Roiamana, and eight
Uhnta. The other piaroogera are in as gool health as
?aa bo espoeted, af .or aach exposure and depriraUons aa
??avoidably attends a long anu rou^h patiago.
Tko ahlp U as ataaneh as over. The Forbes rig work*
Bost admit ably.
Daring the whole pioaage did not aeo a rosso! bound to
the weatward.
Tko pilotboat Mo?n H Uiianell arrived yes'.trday wl k
too ooliooaor B P. Spar* a in tow, having fal on in with
kor on the 2Sd inat abandoned, about one hundred and
**a mile* aouth of Sandy Hook. She was bouni to Hoston
taa tko Bappakannoak, with grain, and when found was
?iking water, feat bad all bar spars standing.
1" about aa koar after first seeing the Spark* ths pilot
koat fell in with the wrecking sahoonor Hi nj gold, of this
?"it ???? abandoned. She waa lumber laden, probably a
yart of the cargo of some vessel lately wreaked. She had
aaahor down and waa half full of eater, aad kad loot
fear fnramaat aad bowsprit. Her mainmast waa steading.
Zka oaly llvlag tklag found oa board waa a oat, which
waa brought away Owing to having tbe Spark* la tow,
Md a gale blowing, wore obliged to abandon bar again.
SINKING or THB S JHOONIB W. * ",aui tr0?
- ? ?.ul6st, at 1 A. M., High
in, N N. W ton mi^s, ,? a boavy ?uall
?wt N. n. W., and snow *o thick that w* could not aoo
too length of Uu ahlp, and all tho tepiall* clowsd down
US, tTT *MU<1 np fj* eJo'8 came in contact
Wtth tea aohooaar W. r. Batri, Croweil, of and from Boo
teo te Philadelphia onftag tbe larboard bow oomplet lr
?^?aeaing her to sink in leas than twomlauVoo. The
?WW, seven In antnVr, escaped without saving an arttals
?Mopt what they had on; and at ahe *?k immeC lately
after paaslag a?U> a, bra-od overythlcg sha-p abaok, and
noooodo d la gettiog a lino to the boat, whioh was with
^TtpT^.WwV,T*d *" ',0*pt ?????-Jjhn D.'xtor,
0,,, ?f b3?"M??we
W*?a haullcg him on b ard. and f.U, striking his head
?gainst the bow of the boat; be *ank immeciateiy. Capt.
ft. of tko W. r Balrd, report., at the Umeef the oolli
"?? ?ekooaer wai hove to ander roofed foroeail, and
?11 bands busy double reoflag the sails. He wont forwa d
te asoorta'a tho damsge. and found tho Bow completely
?at through, and tho rcboonor sinking rapidly
Ob Thursday, about 12 M aa tho pilotboat Nettle No.
Bwm hove to lit the H'gMandu, putUng a pilot on board
tko atoamaklp Northern Ujht, tbo two ve>ael< came In
aontaet, which ratultad la the Noltle being out down oa
tko larboard side aad quarter to tho water's rdgo.
The pilot beat DaTid Mitchell, daring tbo easterly gale
?n the 901k last , waa lyiig t? aadar eloee reefed foresail.
At 1 o'clock A. M , the jib, which waa lurled oa tho bow
sprit, wat blown up, and gradually tore ia pleoeo, aad
WW yawl was sieve in by the oea, wh'ch swept the docks
almoei Ineesraatly. At 3 o'clock A. If , whea th? gal,
bar reach- d its utmo.t, a young maa. named WlJlaa
Be 1, while In the act of roauriag the lee yawl, was (wept
overboard by a bnge *>ve, am' never e?eo agala. Ta>
boetkeoper, Jokn Wolfe, who witaessod the a?ctdeat, law
tbo wave ootnlog, ard called out to bin to tak. care, a d
tko next moment tbo oea otmeb. The boatkeepe? wai
baoaked down on the deck by It, but held on to tho fore
featoh Assooaaa ho |ot on bis leg* agala, ba call d
and looked araunJ f.r 3oll; bat In vain He wae ao
???? *Ote, for otter d*ika?ee prevailed Iiecoaoed vi
twenty years cf aje, ar.d a native <"! N?v town Htewirt. ia
??ottend, whore ho ie eu;poeed to bare a sister living
Phi adolpbla paper, pirate sopy.
AT 8 1NDT HOOK, ?1C.
8ami)T booK, ?b 24? Saadowa
Tb* sloop Jam*i B*ak?Ub, of Gr.'*oport Loo* I?Uod
ud lb< iloop storm Clou 1, balllof frcm U>* Mm* pUoe,
tN nkon m th* Hook. b?y (id*.
Th* former U bull; wr*?k*d, h*Tie| m'Ulnfd *h? la*1
?f h?r jib iUy, for* throad, bul??rk? b?4lj *tOY?, hotssm
Ma>**bit rtin la, **d the In fall of ?***r.
Th* Storm Cloud 11m wtll, ud ?iU b? ?*f*d with littl*
Both art uadtntood to b* owe*! by J B?ektr, of th*
r*Wo? M*rk*t Tb? j ??r* ta purtalt of fl<b, etmi la
?id* th* Hook to anchor oa W.dB*i<!aj aifht, and w*r*
drlvM oa thor* yftttrday moral of
Th* sr*? Of th* B*ek?llh ara oa V>?rd aao'.h*r boat.
Th* MhooMr* ??b' r* la 1! >r*? Bbn* Bij art UjhWt
fjom th* Ootd*a Olond, mho >a? athor* oa th* opp?
rtt* ?ld* of th* Book, aad ha** luttiiatd ao mat* rial
flaitf*, txmpt th* M>*4 of all th*li *a?bor?. Caaaot a*,
?at tola tb*ir unn.
Tb* pilot boat Jacob B*ll, th?t hu V*a anbor* for
Mtml daft, I* driv*a blfbrr ap 'o tb* hr?*h an ' tb*
Mai vovfc oa h*r ?nw?<e h< ,>*.? <>f g*lt!a| h?roJ :
with littl* taoT* trfwbW, u *h* it bj* **"l*r to b?
worktd at.
Th? Mboo? r BeMw M a<h?r? toa'.h tf th* Jtoo)
B?ll ha* dm it wik ci b*r dn:h?'t. t h*r e*rft of I
Q7*>, t*l H Ic ttM|4 tU t?i od wtth littl* I
UnrtH. iftT btr TtTT '* *" "** B0M0(k?INfMN
badJj chiliad.
cut rmoar arm*? bam aihou, bto.
Bonn, Kab. It, IBM
' lb* ?bip NI|hH"g?l> art I red hara to day, with part of
bar 6 raw froat blttaa.
A iqUN rigged Taaaal, pro\?blj a bark, wu mm ft'hon
oa tba Kaat and of Cattjhank yeatarday forenoon bat
owing to ft high wind acd thick now atonn aetUng la at
tba tlma, nothing ooald bo atoar'awad la relation to bar
Tba ahlp Colamblftaa, (raportad wracked by tba Ooraa
Una Grlaaall at Naw York,) waa format)? owned la tbU
city, bat ia believed to ba owaol la Bath, lie , aow.
The Storm and It* Effects.
[from tin Baltimore imerlou, Fab 12 ]
**? ?o? yesterday laid a itrtet embargo oo tha rail
road*. It buried the track out of sight, filled np the deep
?at*, placed embankments an Uw levels, and provsd a
conqueror e?? of tba Iron horn*.
All th* trains caught by th* stem w?r* foro*d to r* 1
mala oa th* roe's during Monday night. etposlng th*
paar angers to na ny anxious boon, aa w*ll aa mast dia- 1
Item Washington no train* arrived yesterday. Th* ,
Mala that lett Washington at five o'clook oa Moaday I
??enlng got fast in tbe snow near Bladens iarg, where It
remained until lata yea tar day afternoon, when It sao
ceeded In gettitg back to Washington The trala which I
laft Baltlmora on Monday afternoon arrived at Washing
ton at a*v*n laat evening, having been twenty ?lx hoar*
on th* road.
From Philadelphia no train ban yat aucossded In get '
ting tbson th. The train which left Philadelphia at 2
P. If *? Monday, reaohel th* 9u?qaeh?ana early la the I
ivenicg The sevsritv of the storm, however, prevented '
the boat from crossing, and the passengers ? peat the 1
night In the care aad on the boat They eufferad maeh
both from oold and want of food. In the morning th*
boat reared over to Havre ds Ore oe, but It waa found Im
possible to come through to Bal.imore by rallrotd, the
?now bfirg so deep ai to prevent tha passage of th* trala.
Aa a final resort the passengers wsre put oa board the
new ate -m feiry bo?t Maryland, and brought to Baltl
more by way of the Bey. arrlvlrg her* at itven o'clock
last eight, after a tediona passage of twenty nine hoars
between tbe two oltiss
Ont of tba cltr the atorm wan still wore*, aad aa a cou
sequence no mails reaoted us lest nl ht from any quar
ter, nor were any aent ou from the oity. The express
Ira n whioh left Philadelphia at 2 o'clook P. M., hai not
reached the ftuafuebao* a river at 10 o'clock last night,
and tieie was no prospeot of the boat being able to oro<s
If th* train did eucceed In reaching the river. Ths 7^
P. M. trala for Philadelphia dU not go oat. Bsyond
Canton It I* atated that tha railroad ii covered In aany
I laces fiv* end six reet deep with enow On th* Balti
more aod Ohio railroad. the earns sta'e of aiTal-s exists,
tie enow having drifted into the out* In the vloiulty ol
the Relay Home cotnp'stely fi'litg them up.
At about one (.'clock j eater day morning the watch of
the weetern dletrlct found a man lying in Pratt, near Ea
taw street, entirely covered with enow, and nearly frozen
to deatb. An effort wa* made to take him to the station
bone*, but the depth of tbe enow prevented It, and he
was kindly received by the proptletor of the American
House, where he wa* attended to and made aa comfort
able aa possible.
The the it iron roof of t*a depot nf Messrs. L?c>i* & Oo.,
in North street, gave way on Monday afternoon unler the
heavy preaeure of enow whioh fell npon It. t'aere wer*
several persons in th* building at the Um*, all of whom
escaped set ions injury.
[From tbe Philadelphia Bu'lettn, Feb 22 I
Tbe streets have not to* many year* beea la as bad
conditio* aa at preeent. The snow in numerous places
has drifted into high banki, which are made still higher
by the contributions from tbe yar 1a and sidewalks of tbe
buildings opposite them. Many of there hill* of enow are
absolutely lBanrmouutaM* for vehleiea ; and as a nonee
qu'n se, the entire line oi travel on many of the priaaipal
atrreta is cjofln-d to the centre of the carriageway, where
there is ecaicely room for two vehlolas to pass abreast.
Thin narrow passsge, and the preclpi'oa< banks on either
sice cause frequent colli, ions, and the utmost oeu'lon is
ceaessary, on the part o: persons driving throujh the
? treats, to prevent beiog entarg'ed with thoie coming
from an opposite dii action At several points there Is
barely room for a single carriage to get alone, and evea
then the occupants are in danger of a capilse.
The narrow (tree's and alleys ara piled np breast high
with snow, and I s removal bv meant of carts will proba
bly be necessary to prevent an ove II iw In the event of a
sudden thaw or ram. Most citizens have adopted the
precaution of clearing cut tbe gu'.ters in front of their
prsmlree, wbile others hive negleotsd this necesiary
duty. If onlj th* negligent were the enffsrer* by this
species of neglect, It would make lees difference, bat all
will suffer seriously from an overfliw We again urge
the strong neeeealty or clearing out the gutters to allow
the water to lied its way to the sewers
The sleigber* are availing themselves of th* nnnsaal
quantity of snow which has fall- a, and ?? bells have
been jingling merrily all day. The mammoth omnibus
elelgha are particularly well patronised
Philadelphia has borae for t he past t vo days the mixed
appearance o< a o arrival and a seige. As soon aa the
streets became at all passable yesterday every species *f
vehicle on ranners, from ths six horse sleigh that will
carry fifty or sixty passengers, to the Impromptu ? Jump
er," aade of a crate oa a oouple of haop pol?a, was oat,
daehlng through every thoroughfare Travel, however,
was perlloas. A trip along Cheatant stmt waa like a
irip through aa Alpine pates Huge Irregular banks af
'now, six or eight feet high, ware piled alorg the north
aide of the street, leavlag but a narrow space on tha
other side for sleighs, to move to, aad eollislona aad
si srls were of continual occurrence A geod many per
sons, v> ho hung upon the guards of the omnibaa sielgas,
had limb* and heads bru aad by tbe sudden luroatng
of the vehicles against other sleighs or eg tins* brisk piles,
and acme peracnawtre quite termusly Injured.
Towards afternoon tbe boys got excited arith the enor
meut supplies of snow ataaeuai'lon lylag ar-un l them,
and anow balling became the or er of the day. Ai every
coariBiest corner where alaight parse* frequent y they
mustertd by hundreds, and pelted the travellers aamer
o fully. At ths corner of TuiM and Cheatant streets the
ecsne began to approach tha character of a riot The
yoang artillerist* made do distinction in the object* of
their attacks. Women aad children were indiscriminately
assailed; bonnets were crushed or ki?o?a?? -?* --
** ln* seriuus, acd dispersed the young rioter*.
p?"?* roro* ?" ?oon collected isffioieat to prereat
farther <i?otder In that locality.
The weather? which had threatened a rapid thaw
became col i*r in the evening, end the side walk*, which
wer* PT*UT generally cleartd of anee, became very al n
pery Hacdreds of ptdea riana meisured their lengths
? . . T pavements as they j inrua ved through tha
streets at night To day a bright >uu 1. shining, and the
W 2 " "ot very rapidly.
We cantloa foot patseig^ra on tha north aides or the
streets renting east and weet to
Th..rf?, Bsw'rstbefslllBg avalanche!
The drifts thst bang down t) the e?va . ate liaMe to be
loosanet' at any time, and wo betide the trave ler that
Uk.T H tb*T '*? HouiehoWers should
? Iratnedlate measures to have such drifts removed
II thair rojfs b.'f reao} serins conseqnenoes ensue
wesgain remind our readers or tbeseeesdtr of olearlog
cut their gutters to prevent aa overflow or their oe liars
vd#b a thaw oc me?.
Yesterday aternonn the ric'nlty o' Third anl Chestnut
WM a riotous saow bal ing match,
which came very near ending In a regnla* battle, with
something harder tban c'mprrased saow Tae naws ova
comtnecced pelting each of>er first, and presently men
engsjed In the eport. Every sleigh lhat p.ieed by^S
.'v M 1 and a hundred snowballs at a time
ZV* v r"w?l V J*- **|a:dleee of tie w< men aad child -en
Ti?l weT? 10 ? eh*4" Tii? '>'* little
girl we are credibly informed, waa struck In the eye witi
a piece o. ice that hatpened to be enoloeed in a snowkail
?# 7^' "? b.""r that she may loea the ?ight rf it'
If a driver of asy of the aieigha attempted to Infr ere to
preveet the out-age, the whole party wo?'d make Mm
men cause of It, aad pelt blm most unmercifully.
Mr. Bioe, the mall agsnt arrested a boy who seemed
mors vicious tban the rest, and the next moment tua
dreds of snowbelis were hurled at him, and with sash
jT ? Pr'? 1 '1?? I11*1,11* *? '? became a man of loe.
A number of men Interfeted, and a general fight seemed
Mayor Glip.n and a pf.., ?f hfs me^ to
gethsr with a number of the Marshal's police, finally ar
lived at the t. lagraceiul s ens, and eight arrests were
" ?llosh "aa th. effect to atop th e'di .g^Tfu,
cesdings Soch rc?nea are enactel oo the omsibus
r??,V-'? "1 Ptf,, of 'be city, mush to tSe detriment of
ienfceia u lh* ProPn,,jri l?j ary to the pa*
[From the Wash<ng'on Star, Feb 21 1
It would be superHu^us t? uioro oor readers that we
were visited ;ester<lay with * hea.y fail 0' ?nr.w-a glance
cf the 'nmel'"" to *?? in iaf-itlre
we^he, i.S tblrga out c t door, Bad however, ai the
Ji.k? U 6'C"oe t-nfold wires to
watds Bight, rendering travelling a'm >?t tup .ssihle ev?n
? rim rtreet to street, anl by tbe m irmng the anow lay i t
maiy placet three fast deep and m-Te
g *0" tke> awake no m jre A tiiwhtv i? .. t..
J 1 ! fltmfiti eoobioA him ?
one drives blm ferth. aad another a*nllitle'?< blm a
splertld ship, replete with all that ael.nvi could ?vl,f
goas f^rth upon ths waters; a single wave eruahee her
" Jlfs'"'*1""' **d <1t"U ,0 ?'?'t'Betion power lees
* withoat purp.ee. Ami evea this great city, whose
clients Wete yee er lay aolmated w.th the p ,1,. ?f Kt.a,
?nd tkrorged with th* busy mqltitce standa thi- mora'
lag stagnant Ib a saow drift H-re ere the on,,,,,,,,*,
with foar borsea flonnderlBg brea*t d*ep. Here are c*n
trei ?n wrapped up with cwmfortere, deliberatteg where
to linage iat? tk> unbroken saow bank, there le * P?rt.
of nerr? apprentices, who, released from the ihrald >n of
the beach or shopts-ard. pelt each other ?! :h sqowballs.
ri.ll each other Ib tae esow hk* so maey ^?ewf nai:?nds?
ik k i"?1 M ,f wvaiher was n>o * ds.ightfai than
ihebalrry air of me sunny south.
Th ,"<1 kok d0,n, Bsl'tmore street.
Th? o?Bt us lab, is no its monnteceui j nrney;afew
lonrf Ui e<l drsys are s rog*!ing awkwardly along like so
mb'\y ? al,,,??to". and all aliag the sttwet the
wfc I adalt popnlatlo a is ar ami with s >ed^, bra>bes and
ht ' fsmrlrted"i>^i?"? " " " Q* B,,?atT contractor
ba emplr jed thee- to complete a erntract by a glean
hour, feerv one Is sboveim, a,.y fnr in order that
tbe purchasing public ma; get to hie shop. Tae auth ?rl
V th# erc- ?a>s. or dltcMeg tie saow to
al .w tbe gutters to M^arg* their da-nm^, up wa *nT
1?? imneaee beape of ssnw thrown up slon* . be sidewalk
.be cross rections at the eroding, ai)<l ,h. ao(T,rwl
f, Tf* 'r"" ?* " a "udd-a laaaaioa wae eip?aied. aul aa
f . levy m ?,um had b?. made |r bartl,ide th, e'tv
' ?? a ?ndcen Itvasion; or two daya siao* tbe
??*? ??"?. aad eaaa nl- a p.rsoae spoke
i t ?/!*"? M *? ,r an'lcipa'ion
of . ?U knowiecge cannot *>i r?l the moveneats
oby ate trelr evils, or
a- i M.uit. ? ,to ,h# ^ *aj?vment. the
|lu> \? ? lllei ittbier aad ? iMu.1
. f? *eosen with eplrttaon* a?ia;las raeort to gles
elabe, or taka a lady to tha laeturao, or Mk the theatre,
they My ktplj *aa?
" U< Orujf 1mm Dim,
lad then we in Ult gondola of the North? the ilelgh
? glanea swiftly by, udMtr
"The til tiaabiilatfoa tkit 10 tatMy milt,
From it* belli, balls, twill, bf 111 "
What baa become of to* lad lea who lately thmngeJ tha
itnatar Th?rn la, to b* aure, a forlorn llttla mlnta, who
iian a locg bonnet, with laoad rabbir boots; ibala
cloak ad op to entire laTiiibUity, but carries aodar bar
ana a Mltehill'i atlai aid a ilata aha la thiakln* bow
of tboaa wood rata or Hibaria which ornamented hir laat
waab'a leeaoo. 8 he goei earafolly along, for It will narir
do fur lliaa Smith to make a mark agalmt hir for aay
thiDf . Ska la tewiog a imall aandyhalrad brottair, la a
?(luminous comforter aad boot a. Ha looka with greet
lotaraat upon a tingle oombat between two anowb Ulan,
and cannot "see tha naa" of hla going to lehool la inch
vaathar. Raaolate llttla Mlaata I you will work aoma
man and his ohlldraa out af troubla ona of
thaaa days, for yon win not suffer anything to
'?maka a mark" against yon or yoara. Bat whara
are tha rait of yaur entertaining m t Juit ai
shy of wet feet aa so many "damaltlon llttla kitten*. "
Not oaa of tham la to ba Man In tha wintry expaa'e, bat
?ach 01 tham haa baguilao soma ardaat individual to
maka a mow pi >ogh of himself an thair arranda, or to
break hla back shovelling bafore thair dion with aa muab
i*al aa if ha waa rolling eat tha goldid "akada" of Cali
fornia. And, indeed, a bright glanoa U worth ai mueh
ar gold dart any day, in tha eitimatioa of tbaia yonug
nboteUeri. I! at atbar ladles are behind tha aeinaa, deep
In tha myiterlaa of mLUnary. Thay ar* making prepa
ration to go alelgbing, a pel! it M you will. Their next
appeaianoe will ba under tha anrtgal eve of ssms
bearded gentleman, who, not having handled tha rlbbMS
for iome time before, 1* too mueh occupied with the laa
posiibilitlea of narl(attou to enjoy kla position a* he
?hould. And then tha lady alta up rebed like aa Ama
zon, with the ikla of the H t roaai aa tiger, protested from
the oald by the rich furs whisk hvperboreaa eaterprlse
haa contributed 1o her ooofort, whilst her roay faoe aai
laughing ayea glanoa past like ooral aad diamond*, tel
ling old Winter aa plala aa printing that it's no uae hi*
trying to make people uncomfortable, aad that ha had aa
well elsar up, or clear out, ai he may think proper.
Political Intelligence
iS3?S?^@ fig
should or .hould not b* tolerated. w*
thrv7.? wUUn, to lea* UiU whole que.tloo witttth
Territories Mid Wlt9 follclUMW to ft t it oat
writer. it Waeblngtoo .tndl'roaly to ml?repr***nt the p>
mUob ?a?o*3on of th. wblg repreMnUtWe. on &u
a ueatlon In order to ha*e an effect eUe where. Th*7 ^are
JSrUSM dltrl'ed, end thwth* nem*a of three of
the member* here been printed *?
Intention to vote a?elB?t the Mil? ju the'
ed Mr. Be . ger, of North Caroline, would d ;
t tclered tnelr pieltlon. YeHerdey morning we reoelred
the following d*.pateh WAimBOTO_ , rt. 17, 1854
WhU delegation frcm Mlmwlwlll
brack* MIL n Oi IVlR
Tt.li we Uke It. i? a a* 'tier. It .how* Uwgrouad
which Mneourl U to Uke on thl? queetlon, *nd we_ h*?e
br/M s&sasr psr.r? s\saK5
Su i Xu ^ km... Mil, Wd ought to ?*care
of MtMonrl I., bj thU communication, very
JulZl (dem ) end Oyer (whl, ) 1. the
Benet*, will rote for the bill. In the Hoaee, MlUer. Ltod
in m oirr*r. Mid Oamthers, (whi|?,) and rnwp? jjna
iMrab, (Cfroocr%t?,) will alio rote for iti p J*""**' nntfi
Mr Benton, (H-ntoalan.) I. .hlrering in the wind. >??de
taririnfd whet to do. HU friend, of the Tree eoll faith In
thin city iecUre tbat If be yote. for the bill ni.
i Vi? Vrflflidraer trft ecllpAao foww; end othtr crwnai,
^hoCkto'u *SbeVnponth* HUU ar* .qually p?tlee
In at.ertlnr that it will rnln hi* chance* for th* S9B*t*
!? he.houM not tot* for the bUI. We are Indlff.rent
?boat hi. fete.
The AugtuU Age conUlna n 9*11, "lined bT ??BT mem'
ben of the LegUlatore, for a BUt* eonTentlon to be h.li
at Auiuate on the flret or Mareh, to con.ldar end ledop t
tte ?St eff^Ure mean* to <efe*t ? meMare freeght
with taoh immeeeureble evila.
The following U a aynopala of the ape*ob of Hon John
J. Crittenden at the dinner la Frankfort, Ky., on tbaltth
n ?'~~i
ib. mi. '?"S"
SSl r^.i?lo b. ?( ""rVJ
it. irmee. Whether le a minority or m.jorlty, the duty
ef the whig p?rty wa. the eame ? to (tend by oor oou.
trr. The whig party more than one* haOl aarad the
cmotry from Impending rain? la 1>20, 1812, end la
1S60. Wltbent Benry Clay, where would we hare been f
Waere would hare been the MImou-I eompTomlae, the
oompromlte of 18SJ, the ocmpromiw of 1860 T Tae
?bU nartr. though defeated In the great eanTa?a or
1842 with the great and gallant Butt f it tbelr leader,
ware not dead, and it wou'd be a bitter day for our oouu
try If it should die. The whig party wa? not mad* to be
k7le? by one defeat; It will awake to aew lire wbenwwr
the oountry demand* Ita aenrlee Here, In keatnakv, only
onoe la twenty yearahaa the whig party *en defeat^
Here we never hare laid dewn our arm. Thu la the o Id
banner whig State of the Union, and if oar banner ihouM
trail in the dual In other Btate), here. In old Kentucky, It
akaU.tand, and prondly erect, while there la a warm
heart and a ttroeg aim to uphold it. The whig party la
the party of true projrere, a prcgreae bxaed upon U?*
experience of the paat. Krery itep It Uke. la a etep
^BuVtha glory or our 'nture depend* upon the anion
of the SUte i. Diride the 8:et**, and the world hai nerer
Keen ?* wild a wreck a. thei* w( uld be. lie r*pr***aUd
a 9taU In wbish there waa ao c i? unionist no abolltl'mUt,
no aMeaflonUt. Here th* peep',*', motto wa* the Onion,
the Uslcn alwaye, the Urlnn a* It 1. Saeh are th*
people of Kentucky th* Sta'e In which be wa* born,
which he wa* ?o proud to rep,*'ent. Be eaw nothing
to c l? courage the whig party. The lu?t of office 1? not
to ft'ong la onr rankt a. to render u. utmindful of the
true honor of country. l)je million two hundred thou
>and Mh'.g. ?ot?d for General tfctt. He did not .noceed;
bat nobedy ccnld bare beaten blm but our demosratlc
fellow citi.en. Ie ooccluilon he ?aid he wm for Old
Kentucky a* the wa. and aa the la. So may .he reaala.
B>nator Pearo* h?a tran* nltteil to the Marrland Lfgia
lator* the annexed fjrmal acceptance ol the United State l
Wi?H..S(iTOir. Feb. 16, 18M.
Gk.?ti**e?? I hare th* honor to acknowledge there
eelpt of your letter of ttl. da e, lnrormtog m* or my
?leet'on a. a Senator rrom Marylaid ti the Congree* of
the United 8t?tee tor fix y?tr? trona the 'ourth or M*reh
eighteen hundred and flfty flee. I reseirt with detp ?en
eib'llty tbte renewed eipre?*lon ot tae contt leno* or th*
legislature, am". I aacept th? trust ag.ln reeled tn ?*.
mtb a full appreciation or the oh'.igatton. It e^of?r., aad
en earaeet detlr* to dlrcharg* tbem aocepUbly and u.t
fnllv to the 8taU.
With .reat reepect, jentlemeu, 1 bars the hrnor to be
jour obedient irrrant, JAHLS ALl'AtD PEiRCB.
Th? f*lioelrif 1< lhe card of a oaodidat* for jMtlae Of
the peaee In Haie? tine, r?iai:?
Fn ifiwCm/ics? With the iMuanoe oj thla *be*t If ?a
fu'Jed'ot:* brrtxe, whether tn lemp?tt or calm, my
l an ? b.fora you a. a oandMat* tor th* ofll ie ?r Chler
Ja?tie? of Aoderton county, at the enautsg au^mt el* ?
turn. I do It from otolae, not from eollciUtl ? i do It.
frr th* ? (He* I* honorable and pr^Atabla. I reel mfeelt
con peteat to dieeheri* th* dutin h{ the offlai. I claim no
on t* rlcr merit or qualification crer any one el" who may
cbot ie to tna agalnat m* I wcul I Hke toruntheraie
Kl,tin and alon*; but If any are <**?irou?, l?t them pltab
It-It len't deep. I rtand fl?t too *<t jq->ar* U*d. hump
.t-ouldeied open th* plat'ona of free rgh'? aad trn* re
DnbHeanltm. In politic*, I am oppoeed to th* nrswnt
1 .?t?Utnr?-ln farcr of Texae aal her eltlie... Ujpo?<d
tot-lewraihe t ?.on tb* time ?x>n?lon .ml*? a right
n b end down all o**r rallroa 1 man; but not at all of th*
twrbty aectlon .triae Finally, 'eUiw cit^M, If y*?
elect me your Chief Ja?tlc?. I will make the r*ry welkin
rip* In loud hurra! hum! for thi *ot'. of An-terion
o< onti 1 If debated, I will r*'.lr* with dlgi Itj and perfeot
?o> d homer, reia*mberlag a no.t be.utlfnl Itnle *oog
wb rh I ?i?? rennrkably well, oalled ?? I'm art wt, I m
aB at." ft* I hope ar* long to *** you fee* to fac*.
s A G. C iNTI.BT,
An (lection wa. hnlden at PorMaad oo th* 33d inatant,
tocboor* a r?pr??entati?e tr th* Stat* L*gl>Utnr*, la
pi. re of United State* Betator Willlan P. Feefeaden
Tb ?e candidate* wei* freeented, aad th* election wa*
d?r fled by plurality. Charle* 0 Cam*, whl|, wa*
ekrf.n. H* had 86" TOtee Th* Mori 111 democrat* of
I'otland gaee tatb.lr eaadld.U Mr B?bb, 314 ?ot*e;
tt?- tegalai .tralght demr-ortt. threw 1M> Tbte* for Br.
Htlree and there w*re 16 .cattertng vote..
1 ?.nty two ot the demooratl* journal* ot Ohio ar* la
f?? rot Colonel Allen tor the Uafed autw Sinatoritilp,
tbiee ere for Or.lonel Ma?j peony, two for Colonel Me.
dt ry, two for Mr. fugh and one for 0 eernor Hedlll.
Ik* deelenelcn by Mr. Willl.m* of a renomtoatton tot
lv? Mayoralty of Bocbeeter. hj the na'lncnl deaoeratle
< ? ty I* explained by th* feet that that gentleman be.
,li ce preelded at an abiUtlon meeting In that elty.
Both branrbea ef lb* L*g1?iatnr? nt Vlrgt*!* kari
peeed a Uw approprlatlag tl0,(00 tor a (U*u* of Tnoma*
J.'erton, to be eiteetodby Mr. Oa t, the jnath'al Fir
gl> Ie *ontptor, tn be plaoed ia the Unlrmlty ef Virglala?
a M^at approiwlaU ms lor n. Jdr
Son wa* Ibe father ot the Virginia CatrerMt y.
YIm Newspaper ItiUu.
anno or thi bditom and publishers or
[Trow th* Boetoa Oearier, M. til
la aoeordaate with a oall previonaly leaned, a Mating
of (Mton aad pablisbere ef M?ip>Mti, pabliahed ia
Boetoa aad vleiaity, ausembled at the Maioaaoa Ball, Tre
mont Tmph, yaatorday afternoon.
The meeting waa eallad to ordar abortly after foar
o'clock, tba appointed boar, by Or. I. M. Brewer of tba
Ailat, aad Boa. Natbaa Bala of tba Advertiser waa eallad
to th* c b* I r .
The organisation waa eompleted by tbe ahoiaa of tba
Bod. Gbarlaa Hudaoa of tba AOmi, aad Joba S. Sea par,
Efq of tba Journal, u Vioe I'reeldente; and R. Worthing -
toa of tba Traveller, aad Daniel N. Baskeil of tba Tram
KTtpt, aa Secretariat.
On motioa of C&amuB Balm of tbe AdoerHter, a con
mittee of ais waa appointed to retire aad prepare are
port wolatioof.
Messrs rardlaaad Aadrewe of tba TravUer, Baarr Ro
e of tba Journal, E. B. Koatar of tbe Courier, T. M.
_ jwer of tha Atltu. Martin Moore of tbe PuriUm Recor
der, aad Cbarlea Bale of tbe Advtrtiter, were appointed
tha committee Mr. Roger* waa ezanaed, aad Mr. 8. A.
Brad buy ol tbe Bet waa appelated. . ....
Tba eomml ;toe retired, aad alliiwaidi returned witb
tbe tollowiag report aad reeolutioaa ?
That tba ebaage* which have taken place In tbe newteaper
ayetcm sb.ee the preeeat ratee of advertlaiag were established
demand a material lacreaae of thoea ratea, to adapt tbem to
th# (teat Ineieaee of expense which haa nrieea la even de
pertinent of aewepaper publication. aad to meet the ex
igeaooeof tie iaoraaatd meane whtoh are requirid for aue
eeesfully oondnotlnr a newepaper. The Committee are eon
fldent that a dna consideration of the altered airoumsteaeea
under whlob newspapers are now leaned will fnlly authorise
aoch aa lacreaae of obariee, aad that tha oommerelat publio
Will obeerfnllv reapond to It, to aay degree whiah publishers
generally aha<l deoide to be reaaoaabla aad neoessary.
A mate aUaaion to tbeae altered olrcnauteneee, and to the
inoreased oost of publication which haa obtained In a 11 the
detail* of newepaper management, will infloe to j natlfy the
ccnolucion of tha Committee. ....
Th? telegraphic oorreapondoace alone, wbloh haa now be
come a material alament of a newspaper hai added vastly
to the neeeeaar* exposes, without producing a corresponding
ratarn. A large proportion af the ordinary intelligence
which la new eommunloattd by newspapers 6rom day to day,
and whtoh waa foimarly obtained through ohannds which
Involved no expense comparatively, la reoeived by telegraph,
at act at to aome establishments of thenaanda of dollaia a
rear? a oott wbloh, el *h High immensely i leproportioael to
tha Intricate t lueof the Intel llganoe itself, la neverthe'eee
aa lndlapanaable necessity. The oommerolal publio to a
greater degree than any ether portion of the community, are
directly favored and bencliittd by tbla new medium of intel
ligence. 11 ia to t*la elaaa oMefly. and to advertleers gene
rally. thalTubHihera muat look fjr remuneratloa tor th t ax
traordinarv outlay. No other eouroo of aeirapapar income,
in the natnre of tba eaaa ia adequate to tha exigency.
The extent to which local information ia no n obtained and
?utile)' ed, and tbe gereral praottoe cf procuring repirts of
publio meetings and lectures, may 1 kewlee be regarded ae, la
a great meaaure, aa additional aourae of neeeoaper expendi
ture. Tbe demand for labor of thla description haa not
merely inercaaed with the progreea an* lnoreaaing demand of
eociety among na, but tbe ayit.m la comparatively a new fee
ture of newepaper management. It haa grown to it* preient
imper1 ant proportions wlthla a very few yeare comparatively ;
aad whea the prcaent prioea were established. twoity fire
yeara ago, it waa hardly considered a aerioua item o ' expense.
It ia a ayitem whlob involve* a very ceniiderable outlay ia
*, u? employment of permaacnt oorpa of icportere, ana extraor
dinary assistance, aa ciroumataaeea mar require.
(JTbere are other wai a, wbtoh will readl'y auggeal thomielve*,
In which the coat of newapapere haa been grealiy augmented.
Tbey are all attended with mere or let* expense, altaoagh
tbey are all la no degree immediate eouroee of income They
have aris*n and arc oonetantly arising It m the dotoaada of
our rapidly advancing community. Tbeao demanda inoroaae
with the progreee of ecolety, and enhanoa the labor and ex
penae of publication, without ytaldicg any dlreot return.
Tbe ordinal i permanent expenaea of a newepaper eatab
llahmert have very marhlncreaeei within a few yeara. Tha
incieaeed coat of living baa had Ita effeot In raiaing wagea. ao
that the pnoea of oonpulti-n are from twenty five to thirty
three per cent hi*b?r than ever before. The coat of preaa
work haa been iaoreaaed peraape a hundred par oent by the
Introduotioa oi oiponaiva machinery, tbe benefit of whioh ia
aaly f' It in iocreaaed rapidity ?r printing. Tha prioe of paper
alao haa vary meterially advanced, in eoneequenee of a de
mand which paper mahera find it extremely diffioult to eup
ply. Theilie cf rrnta. llkewiFo, lmpoaea up?n publiahera an
additional experae. Irdced. I every department of the bu?i
nose tfco coat of newapapere has been rradually advaueed till
it baa reached a point which it ia nooeaaary to meet by an
auementat on cf inoome.
Your committee, thera'or*, reosmmend arevialon of the pre
eeat ratea of ad vrrtlelng. and an lncreaie A at leu ? twenty
live per c?nt In the average chargee.
All ahioh. with tha acoomp^y lag rea lutioaa, li reapaot
fully ruboitxd.
Reaelved, That the Incrrate within tha latt few yetra of
the aeoeieary ex enaei of oonduotlag newapapera,- arlaiag
not oal} from tha advanced ooat of labor in all dopartmenta,
but aleo from the introduotlon of t'legraphic oimaualoa
caMon, the inproveaienta In the manufacture of printing
fireieee, the rite In U e price cf paper, and the enlargeaente
n the eiae of newapapere, rende -a It ixpedient aad proper
that there ehould bp an advanoo in the prlcea charged by the
aewiptpere to their ouat oners.
Keaolved, That it la proper that tha advanee ahonld be In
tbe ratea cbarg'd for advertlaiag
Reeolved, That it la proper that there ehoild be an inoreaee
In the ratea eharged f r a'vertieing, whioh ehall amount up
cn at average to aboat t teaty-fivo per ocnt, and that we
ar*< to o>-cpera'e in thla advance.
Beaoivt d, Tt at lu view of tbe faot th >t the average circula
tion cf newapa, ra at the preaent time if very mu <h greater
tban formerly, whea the preeent ratea were adopted, tin in
oreaee waioh we prepoee In tbe chatgea bearano proportion to
tbe increase in the equivalent ret d.red; la other worde, that
the advertiaer will now receive vaatly more bene la from every
?1 W expended In advertliing than he eoald receive for SI at
the time the preeent ratee were eatebliabed? and therefore
tbat the prepeeed increase oannot bi regarded aa extravagaat
er burden some
Reeolved, That we eeifidently rely npon tba bualnaei com
munity, to whcee beat intereata tba maiatenanee af tbe preaa
upon the preeent liberal aad enterprising footing le essential,
to anatala ne in tile meaaure; eaneeially In view of ita teoee
aity; tbe dlapreortlon cf Its advaaaa ia the ratee to ?he in
ere as e of faeillti's afforded them; the nnaaiaUty with wbloh
It la adopted; asd tbe taet that It will operate alike npon all
wbc avail themselvee of aevspapsrs ae mediuma of adver
Tbe report waa accepted.
Tbe qneatiea waa put separately on tbe rewlatloai,
aad aaan one waa nnaalmonaly adopted.
On motion of E B. Fojtxh of tba Courier, a committee
of aerea waa appointed to retire and report to tb* meet
??? a rebadnle of ratea for aivertisinf, arranged in can
formtty with tb* third of tbe above recolattooe.
Me sera E B. Foster, of tbe Courier, William Baala of
tbe Poit, R. a Nlebole of tbe OhmnicU, R Worthtngton,
of tbe Traveller, W W Clapp, Jr . of tbe GttdU, William
Dnmat of tbe Tnmicift, aad T. M. Brewer of tbe AOm,
wwA^Mtaf&ted aa said commit tea .
[Tbe acbelnle carrtee oat the prieclple of tbe third
rceohittoa, by preeeMbing ancb ratea '.or advertlaiag aa
?ban amount on aa average to aa lacreaae of ? par eeat.
Tbe principal feature of I be plea la a redaction of tbe
alae of the square, the prioe for a square remaining un
altered. Some of the rulea are sot applicable to afi the
Tba ratee repotted bp the oomm ttee were naani
mouely adopted.
On motion of Mr. Worthmgt o* rf tha Traveller, It waa
voted tbat tbe thaaba of the meeting be tendered to tba
proprletora of the Treaaoat Temple for tba nee of their
ball duriag tbe afiernoo i. Tbe meeting then aijaoiaed
tuteai*. NATQA V BALE. President.
J JUS 8 SLEEPER, j vle# Pr**?tente.
Da5xh. N. B^renx, )
R. Wobtbibotoh, ; 8Mr*urtM'
to takb arracr much 1.
Tii r Fq ra r k ?Twelve 11a et agate cr nonpareil matte: shall
ecnailtnte a square
Faicn or ADVEnntiito ?Balf Square -Six liaea and un
der, "rat inaertloi , .V) ccnta. each roatinnation, inside, tS
oents: eaeh eo>llnnatlon. eut>ide I2)( oeata.
U Sr[u/jrr - Seven and act over nine lints, first lasertioa,
V> eeuu; each continuation, iaaide, J7X oeate; each oouUnn
atien onWde, 1 eenia.
One Square-Tut ard art ever twelve liaea, flret insertion.
$1: esch cnntianatlf n. Inside, SO oents do. outside. 25 oents
Yearly Arfrertiieri - Tbe price per annum shall be *?'); for
aix mooids, tin, asd for throe months SiS-tbe advettisor be
ing ornfinrd tu the linjits 'f his osn> butinese, and to be allow
sd cn ar average cue square. All inside insertione at d?ub1e
tbeae ratea. All oepartaership notlosa. wants, removals,
(tores to 1st .to , to be charged extra ?t remlar pr.oea Suc^
discttin a only tbsll be made an extra ehargea to yearly ad
vertisers aa the amount would entitle them to without aay
ref'iwaoe to yearly adrertleiag.
Uailr.otilt -The oharge for railroad advertlaiag shall be S4D
per sauare of twe'vs liaea aoapareil or agate per taatn; and
all additional matter from one quarter cf a aquare to aay
ameuai of space ecoapted, shall be in all cases charged at
tie same rate, without vari tlons or special bargains.*
Probate AHverti$iri> -Tha fotlowlog shall be thi esale of
ehargee:? I'ltatiote. awe or three necks, ones a week, 12 50;
adivielitratora' a' tiers. Bl 50 axecnters, tl 50.
Intolvmt Adcertuiny -The following shall be t^e scale of
cbaiges:? Meaeenger aotloes two times laeide SI 5(1, atsigaee
netlrcc, laeide two time*, SI FO; do three times, SI 75, (If the
notice makee one rqeare thea $2 )
Notieri, in nrtrt eolums, leaaed or solid per liae of agate
type for ea. h lasertioa, 17 o<ate: do. eelid. in nonpareil,
mlaionor brerisr 3D cents. Bat no charge cf lees taan 50
lluiinrn .VofiVrt- Inserted fi-st under reading mat tor on
r eoadpaae, sight coats per line, fiist lasertioa, and fjor
cents per iWo eaoh o-ntionanoe. Agate matter.
Awtitimenli- The price p?r S |uare lor regular theatrical
advertising Sb?n be per wrsk. S3; all other amusements at.
I er 'qeare. witbsut aotiees, SI. with nolle s not exeteditg
twelve line* per week SJ50. Transient exhibitioae aad ooa
cer ? >1 'u?l prl ea
N tiese of rcllgicae meetings, not to txcced four line*. 25*.
Noticrs ft funerals. 25 oente.
Chitnary notices. j>er square of twMve lines. S\
Riprrts ef meeVngs. commuclcati.ns, A> , furnlthel for
tbe -sper and finished among reading matter, per square ef
tw(T<eliaes St.
Editorial notices, per line, !5 ceits
Jtr dlseouat shall be mcla on special notioet, nor on ad
vancements ord red lasivC cn both tbe semi weekly daya.
Tn? Tmiamific Rom.? To show the vigor
a?<! eeerpy ?iih which the parllea utder tha Slo; |r?a?
are prooeedlrj la openlrj thin ronto, wa pnbimh the ful
lowfa| latttr from the eklaf erirlaear
lllSAtfTUtJI, JM -10, 1844.
Col. A. G 81.00, Pear Sir? As the mall for
Vera Oroi bu two detained till after the aaramaay of
cor iDfatlDg. 1 htT? only ttma to *ay that jour road m
octnDMwd bar* to day at IS o'cWck, la praneoea of
Gerarnl Ooe, tba Roremor a art General la Chief of tb?
Mbmna of Tebnsntetes; tba jrlaeipal aatharltiM and
Inhabitant* of llmatltKn. Tba iMwiujt aertttoato* will
fer'gnadihis afieinoca, po that by the a*it ma'l I will
ba able to Inform yon tbat tba work* ara fairly under war,
ttf proper dooamenta obtained, aad year grant doably
seenre The party of Hjkee C >. commeased at SaobU
00 re 26tb loat , whleh fart will bo Incorporated la tba
o?T'iSf?'? of the aommeaoemeat at tbla plaaa. At all
events, I abtll see tbat tba work* ar? oar rial oa a*
s|<?dUya* po??lblf. I will wrlta yot folly by the asxt
ma 1. la haate, jours, raspentfolly,
J. J. WILU4U8,
Cklaf Fafloaar Tehnaatepee Company.
T I ?Tba ratlTca handle tka pick and ahnrel raaeb
bet'er than I expected 1 (ball hava from Ave hnn'red
to one thousand man at aork during tha oomlng waak.
Rwiuvliko ? Qnite a commotion was raised In
eeitaia ci -? 1 ? la tbla etty yeoterday, by tha dl*e< v#ry on
tn.> part of acme of bl* natlmn, tbat a man, who ha*
bit her'o boree a fcod ebaraator M a ellltaa, aad mi other
of tha II E- Ctnob, bad left for CaliroraU oa Monday
let Tlaf a lai |? another of debtl uapa'd. principal!' for
bet rowed money, aad la rani fiora tlO to $700. II la
aa'd tbat hi had qa'etly laH bis plaaa, aad oa Tartan*
protests, borrowrd money from all whoa ha aoald tI?
t<r fse, np to wl bin half aa bonr of his departure, aad
re h was tba ecnBi'mee reaerally repoe-d la him, that ha
hid BO dlfflenlty la pro?arlat It. The ei>eat of tba
'? r peratl n" I* rat I not to fan short of tlO.OOO. Other
ar d grayer ehargee? 1? the eye of tha law at are
ir?di a*ela*t Mas. bnt we refrain from m?atlnnln? thtm,
aa the? are en yat eaftafaaUy raU&wl ? Xcmmk A4mr
titer, JM. IS.
Treaty wttk Um Itknita ImNhm>
BtlTVl AT10NI OF TH? HI ATT? 8,000,000 Of
iFiom ths St. Lonie Republican, Feb 90.]
ltejor Onto wood, or the Council Blab Indian ageaey,
armed la thia city yeeterday. la oompeey with dxtooa
Iadlaaa from ths Hebreaka Territory, of wham fourteen
ara ehiefa, and two laterpretera Theeo ehiefa am of tho
followiag tribee:-Orabaa, Otteee aad Mla^ria-eeeea
of tbe former, four of tho aeooad, Md throo of tho Utter.
Tho perty ore on their *?J to Waahlagtoa city, Md wo
oo faronthetr journey by load. They leaTO oa oa Ohio
river boat to morrow eves lag.
Tho JBepubUcm of thlaetty haa been made eaoeodingly
latim by tho obatiaate oonduot of MM of tho *Pfar
Miasourt . rifor paper*, la atatlag, time aad agata, that
Major Goto wood woa going to maha, wai making, aad
hod made, treitiee with tho aforeaaid Indian trlMO. Tho
editor of tho RmWicm almoet became fraatio at thaoo
announcements, aad at laet declared that Major Gate
wood bad " ao moio authority to aiake treattaa with tho
lidiiu Una 1m hid."
Wo procaine the editor la right. Wo 'appoee that everv
a ib oo) boy haowa that ao private individual nor aabordl
aato oSoer of tho goverameat oaa "make a treaty."
The ooaatltntlon of the United Statee haa aettlod that
matter. Bat yet oa Individual, aa offleor, or a mla later,
raoh aa Nicholas P. TrUt or Major Gate wood, or Goatrol
Gadadea, may very properly receive propoeala for a treaty,
" beat down," suggeet uodifloaUoaa, aad fat tho beet
terma peealblo offered for a t>eaty, aad then aobmlt the
same to tba government at Washington city for ooniider
ation. Thla Major Gatowood haa done. The BepuNica*
baa ipokea, time aad again, of General Gadadaa'a lata
" treaty wtlh Mexioo." Bat la it a treaty, or only a pro
gramme that may become a treaty f tho BepubUoan'i
hatred of Nebraska moat bo iatoaao to daaaart to inch
imbecile hostility.
The facta, we tear a from Major Gatowood, are a a followa:
Ho waa dlreotod to pre Tail oa the I ad lan a meationed to
cooaeat to a treaty with tho United State* far a aale of
their land ; aad ho waa furniahed with writ tea power a of
attorney, wbioh bo waa to yot thoae lodlani to alga,
delegating power to their oh left to go to Waahlagtoa elty
to conclude the treaty. Major Gatowood oould not auo
eeed with thla plaa. Probably the Indiana had aa little
oonfldence la their oblafa aa Ue white people of Miaaoarl
havei la tome of their leadera and public tea a here. At all
eventi, they wanted to haow aomethiag aba at the treaty
their chief* were to make at Waahlngtoa. They wanted
a fcatd in making it. Taerefore, Major G. failed la the
Bra t rcbrme. Bat, oothing dauated. bo went to work
like a lenslble man, aad got the aext boat thlog he oould:
He g~t the Indiana to aay what tort of a treaty they would
make, aad be got the powora of attorney ilgaed, dele
gating cult fa to go oa to Waahlagtoa and ooaoluds the
prcDcttd treaty, with authority granted to the ohle'a to
mcdi y or adapt the treaty to the vlewe of tho Ualted
Statci government Tula la quite aa good aa arrangement
aa the original one, and it satlafied the Indiana. Oir
government ought, aad it no doubt will, be liberal with
them. The tirma o t the treaty agree) to by toem, we
tbtnk, ahi uld be aooepted. They aeem to oa vary liberal,
and we thick the thanka of the country are due to Maj r
Oatewcod for the tact bo ("laplaytd la letting tba IaJlaoe
to propose a treaty, and to aead on chiefa to conclude it.
And bin agreement with the Inllaaa la aa joatly spoken of
a* a " Gatewood'a treaty," aa Gadadea'a with Maxioo aa
'"Gadtden'a treaty "
Theie mattera Ming thai undotatood, wa hope tho Re
fuUtrm'i nervea wllVoot be too much ihooked to b?ar
another repetition of th* particulars of Major Gatewood'a
treaties, by whioh oae half of Nebraeka, Including the
great valley of the Platte, la to be cleared of Iadian title
and opened to white settlement. Bo here goea from the
Savannah Sentinel:?
Tbe main features ef the treaty wi?h the Omabaa ara aa
roUowe:? They cede to the government all the country from
the osrflueaoe of the Great Nebraaka (Platte) with the Mla
lonri, running north aa far ai the louwa ereet and wea? t?
tbe Loupe fort. Tbe land* referred for the foture home* or
theOnahaa la that portion of oountry embrao-d bttweea
tbe louwa oreok aad Neobrarah rlvar. The amount of land
an braced In tbia treat? It about 8 000.000 aore?, whioh will
probably include G SCO. 000 ef good or arable land, for whioh
It la itipnlated that they ?ball receive $40,000 u J ear for the
term of thirty years, payable aeml annually, forutih them
with a blaekasith, gunamith, break two hondred aorei of
land and pro leet them from the Bloux.
TheOttoet treated February 4. Tbe amenat of land em
braced ia thia treaty is between two aud three millima of
aerea. for which it ia eiipulated that the government ahall
pay th<m $11,000 annually for the apace of thirty yeara The
land they re ?r\e lcr tbeir future otcupaney Uee due weit
from old Fort Kearney, upon tie weet aHe of the Big Blue,
balng ten milei in width and running weet iadeflaitily.
The Pawnees are oat on a boat, but they have been ready
to treat for a long time, and the otler tribea having caded,
there la no douit about them.
Tho quantity of lacd bargained for by these treaties
amocnta, It la raid, to about 10,000 (00 aoroa. The isope
of countries estaads trom tho mouth of the Groat Nemaba,
near tho northern boundary lino of Mlaeourl, to the
mouth or Iowa creek, oppoalto tho aouthweat ornerof
Mlnnorota Territory. It fronta a bo at 2(0 mllee on tho
weet aide or tho M-aaourl, and ia a splendid, rioh lime
atone country.
Bikocla* Outbasb by a Boy.? The Boaton
Chronicle glvea full partionlara of a remarkable eaeo of
attempted juronilo barbarity at Doroheoter It appears
that oa Monday afternoon a boy abont flftaen yean old,
named Frederick Pierce, aon of John Fierce, called at the
houao of tho late Daniel F. Snow, aad laqulred for his
ion. a lad of about twelve yaart, laying he wis>ted to
take a ride with him. Asoertaiaiag that yeuag Baow
was abaent in Qam bridge. Pieroe proceeded thither with a
can 'ago and round bim, aad atarted homewarda. In
paaaiag through thia elty they took a boy named PhlUp
wagaer la company, aad attar taking refreshment* at
Vlaton'a lalooa. la Waahlagtoa atraot, by lavttatloa of
Plerco. the partlee proceeded to Dorch eater. Oa the way
yoncgSoow wae bound htad aad foot, aad hia month
atuOad with a baadkerohief to preveat outoriee. Pieroe
a .tained from bla homeaeaVo' niae-talle, several itrapi,
aad a dirk knife, aad reaching a thicket near b ivln Hill
Tominded Saow of aa old gradgo he had aeaiaat him,
ariairg from a dlfferoaco at Bakar'a achool a year ago. aad
that he waa sow golag to take his revenge. Aided by
the Wagaer boy, whom he compelled to ate tat hia.
Pierre then a tripped Baow oomnletely naked aad Uahtd
him ap to a tree, aad after diiplaylng the weapoaa men
iioned waa about to prceeed to execute a flogflag with
tbe cat-o'-nlaa-talla, whoa the iad'a ihrieka eummoaed a
maa who bappeaed to bo gatherlag bruih la the vicinity,
aad tbe young villalae fled Pierce waa amatod, aad
veetarday examined before Jnetiee ?hei? Wagnar
snm af" MOO* He readier obtain
ed ball, hie family being quito wealthy. The Okrottick
ndde ?The boy Pieroe has long beea a terror to too
neighborhood, ana haa.aeveral ttmea oom milted alnilar
aaeaulti. A few moatba ago he waa examiood, aad re
quired ti give boada In WOO oa a charge of oommlttiat a
moat flagrant outrage. Ho waa eap'ala of a boy'a alii
taiy eompany, wbea a led nine yeare old, named Stetaoa,
failed to perform bU duty to Pieroe'a aatiafaetlon, awl by
a ayatem of "oisoipUae." aa Pieroe termed It, he atrip ped
the boy, tied bim, put a lighted lama uadtr him, and
actually burned hia flaah in a moat ahooklcc manner
Be haa bow frr'etted bla bsada, whioh bla father had
readily assumed We ara reqaeeted to state that In eon
sequence of the above affair young Pieroe waa promptly
removed from tho Chapman Hall sohDjl at the time, aad
baa not slnoe been a prpll there.
Destkvct.vb Firs in Pn il a dilph i a. ? About
8 o'clock this moraine, a latg* three story brisk building,
which stood back of No. 600 North Third stra*, ahors
Poplar, had which ?M kKti u Leats's factory, *u
dlscorei ad to be on Or*. Tha g ala that I pruag op daring
the aiiht wa? at tha height at tha time tha Bra broke oat,
snd tha flame* spread rapidly through the building,
bnrilag with a fury that defiid any effort! to ebaoh them.
Tha streets were ia tocb a ? hocking condition that a e?n
siderabla period elapeed before tha Aiasea reached th?
gicuod with their apparatus, and wt ea they arrived thalr
htnoet exrrliona were required to preeirre the snrroand
log prrp*r*y from destiuotioa. The large bulldiog la
whica the lira commerced waa, with ita catenti of ma
chisiery, materials ko., deatreyed, bat few articles hariag
been reroued from the bt ruing mate. Tha greater portion
of the walls fell daring the progress of the fire, bat forta
aately wi.hout Inflating Ujnry upoo any parses The
building waa owned by Alfred K Lib r., wto occupied the
greater fait of it as a steem toilet and looking glass frame
maaafaeioty. A portion of the building waa ooeaplrt by
Thrmas Shaw, bone irory and faacy wood toner. The
Ar*t floor waa used for a machine shop by James Hep
worth. A lead manufactory was aho located ia tha edi
fice. Mr. L?ttta estimates his lots at $0,000- $3,000 of
which la otrered by Usoranee of $2,0(0 oo the tuildiog,
$1,000 apoB his stock. The ljes of the otber oesapiats of
promisee will, it is thought, be oo Tared by insaraaoe ?
I'kiladdphia Bulletin, Kb. 9 3.
Thk Trimont Horsi on Firi, Boston At 1J
o'clock ttts atternooB Are wa> disoevered issuing froiu
the a'tic rf tba wast wirg of the Tram on t House, oo
lisarou etree', and soob after at th? oorner ?f Bea; js and
' rem on t Hreets. and also near the centra of the mala
loilJitg on Tr*mont street. Tne Firs Department
I rc-mpt ly rallied, bat, n ^withstanding all tbsir rffirt*
r. oct of the wh< le attic story and the roof of the balldliui
v?re nearly destroyed. The but idlrg was fl >oded with
wa'er, and the damage t> furoCnre, fia , mast be quite
erge. probably in to* eidaity of $10,000 Wa aad*r
?tanO there Is fall imuranM ? ' BoiUm t'r&ucript, Feb 21
Anothir Steamboat Sukz We learn by private
i1'- that the ataasaer J. M Nike. o( tbla port, oom
miw'ed b? Cap ala A. R. I *? la soek In tba lediaaehate
of the falls of (ha Ohio, yeatetCay. a boat tto o'clock
A V , by ttriking a rock The cabla fl >a'?J off, aut
lodged a short distans* bel<w New Albany, and the hall
In a shattered condition reaehed tha shore, aad was se
cured jost a bore that tows. No llras were lost, aad each
of the cargo as was la ths hail will be eared la a damaged
condition. Two bargf s, the Charles Bammnad aad W. F.
Irrla, which were la tow of the Nibs, were eared. The
b at aid barges war* vary heavily loaded with port,
floor, whiskey, lard, As. Tha Nilee wai a stiuoeh boat
that had been la serTloe for far seasons, aad ths lowset
rsliia'lon pat apon her was I1$,000 She was Insured la
the tffiret of this city for $7,004, aad is a total loss.? CM
rfimoft Ctmmtrciol, Ftl 21.
Fir? in Alton, III? Rom an Catholic C.rracn
Briwii'.? Tte learn from 'he Telrgraph that a llreociared
at Alton ob tba llth lsetaat, by which a large aad bean
tifal Recsn Uetbolie Chnreh, the Soa restueace of Mr.
C'ota. aad other buildings, were destroyed. As to 11*
ex eat of tks loss the Id/graph my? The cbarah wai
arreted, topetber with tha orgaa and forn'ture, at a o,Mt
rf $18, OCO to $20,000. Maay of the palutiegi, hi, ware
rared. The o'ber bulldirge. eaoept Mr. Orota's, were ol
little ralae?p ratably $6,(M> to $7,000 would oarer all.
T??re wae aa (Bsaraaeela the I Jlnofs Mutual Corupaoy of
??,0(0 or $S fOOoB theeharoh, aad $1.00 taM: (.rota i
r?ndeiee We hart eot e>cnt?lo?4 whetQer thar? was
at. j lasuraose open the other bnildlngs. Tba Are Is bs
ila?ed t? bare beea osuted by tbe carelessness of a boy
plat ing with match's who aoeidantaliy dropped a lighted
mateh amocg some bay Us a shsd adj>lalag the first
house consnmed.
Fim in tbb Woo on in Mi.cporiiu? Tai.aiiurB
Pi 'isc iowy.?A genilxiuan who reaobe l tho eity yealer
I'ey la the atsge, by the rr ate south of tje Mlssoarl, re
I. its a fire in tbe wo-ds, sooth of the Oiage rtrer, whlsh
had destroy, d an Immense am* not of tlm>>or. aad burned
the te'efrapb polaa down for mile*. The tre hippea?l
t?c lays b?fora be left Jrffersoa City. a?d whe? ha paeead
ao moTtmeat appeand to be making to replace then,
ft s wire la aareral plaeae lay aeroe e the read, aad as a
u.a.Ur of C4.ui.a n aifiy rt*orsd It, st w#nt round It,
bo' orsr was tha wort ?* Lmk ItJMIfmmr, 1$.
Mad, at kla mUhn m FayetievMe, Nxth QmBh,
Mlud^, 19th hkwr 18M, Bon. Robbu kiwi,
tilth* loth y*ar of hi* *g*. H? had AIM may plaoee of
kigk traat la the State, aai iu always equal to the re
?paaaiblllUw and dutte* of kla atatioa. B* wm for aaaay
yaa n a Judge of tke superior Mart* of lav aad faulty,
aad from lise to 1840 a Senator la Ooagreee; aad at tha
tiai* of hli death waa Bo list tor of tko Kiftk Jadialal Olr"
?nit of North Qaroliaa. Wo extnet tha followteg parttoa
km of tho oharaotar aad Ufa of Jadge Btraaga from
Whoeler'a Hlatagy of North OnroHaa:?
fjST* ?* Wrglaie, aad waa ban oa tha 30th September,
1798. Bo waa ad Boated at Hamadea Sidaar Oallaaa.
the toaa of reyettoville. from which ha waa elootodfl
mm bar of tho Boaaa of Oommoau In 181L ?ad served,
with acme intermiaatona, until 1826, whaa ha waa elected
a Jadge of oar anpertor oourts, whisk elevated poattioa ha
hald with groat eradit ta hlaualf aad ao mnekaattatee
tloa to kla oeaatrymen tkat tha Legtalatore la IBM
a lasted kin a Senator la tha Onacraaa af tkeUaited Btatea.
In thla llluatrioue body (Patra amtcripH of tha aattoa,)
tha afltorta of Jadga Strange war* of a highly lataUaataal
oharaotar. Hla la flexible flimaaaa aad uawavarlag aup
port of whatever hla eoaaelaaaa aaaarad hla* waa right,
oommaaded tho laayaot of hlaocmpaer* in th* Senate,
la private olroWa ha good hamor aad wtt raadarad hlaa
tka woloome gueet of all. Ba raateaad hla aaatlatha
B* aata la 1840, undar instruction* from tha Gaaaral If
eembly, glad to aaoapa from tha " pltUaaa palttaga of tha
?ten**" of polltlea (or tha [mora germaae aad iacrattvo
paraalt* of ala profaaaton. of which ha la tha prlda aad
ornamoat. Ba u aow Bolloitor of tha Fifth Judicial 0U
emit of oar State. Tta erlmlaal oodo ooald aot ba ta
refer haada. Wille, from hla phllaathropla diapoalUoa,
tho laaoooat hara nothing to tear, ha la, ladaad, "a terror
to aril doora "
Not only la tha profaaaloa of tha law aad la tha Saaata
baa Jadga 8 baaa eoaspleuous, bat aa a writer ha haa
otto* baaa bafora tha pablie. BU atyla la highly laiaglaa
Uve, hla taata, ckaataaad by an Intimate aoqaalniaaaa
with tha approved aatkora of tha language of ovary ago,
la claralo aad beautiful. Bl* an Fogy upon Jadga Gaetoa
cat not bat effect tha heart, Improve the feeling, aad da
light the mind of all who may have the pleaearete
?ead It.
Jodga Btraaga, it will be roeoDoateJ, waa a candidate
? oonaeotioa with Meoara Dobbin aad Sauadera teflon
'he Legislature of North Gsrolna foe the poet of United
Stataa Senator from that State, aad la oonoeqnoaoo of the
Monde of aash refneiag to aaerideo their candidate, tho
L-aiafetare waa enable to make a choloe, aad the vaoaaov
a . ill rxlste. Be waa alao, at the time or hla death, a mem
ber of the National Democratic State Committee.
[From the Waahlngtoo (Talon, Fab. 24 ]
The melancholy duty devolve* opoa as of naaoaaelag
the death of Qeaeral Robert Armatioag, tka proprietor of
thf* paper, and oar aaaociate la It* e litorial maoagamaat.
Be died last evening, at eevea o'olock, at kla own real
denee la thla city, aarrouadad aad aolaoed in hla affl le
tters by moat of kli children. We are ta neatateof
mind to prepare anything like a aketoh of kla life Oar
relntleea with kim since oar boyhood have keen Of a
character ao Intimate aad na In tempted tkat ho waa
more than oar friend. He died at the aga of sixty- three,
of congeation of tha brain. Hla health for aome week*
kad baaa frail, knt until yesterday morning kla dteeaae
waa aot regarded aa tkreaterlng a fatal Issue. Hlsdis
tiagulaked and gallant aerviota in tka war of 1812 are
mattera of history. Ha waa tka bosom friend oi General
Jatksoa, and tta man leleotod ky kim aa tka dspodtorw
?nd k*ep*r of kla sword. It waa oar fortune to ka aeleat
ad by General Jaekeoa to deliver to General Armstrong
this la valuable legacy. Tba noble qaalltie* wklek ea
deared him to General Jsckaon were hi* stern integrity,
hla oool courage, hla aterllsr judgment, and hla devoted
patriatlem. In the several reaponaikle public t-este,
civil and military, whieh he Blled, tkeee nobU attrlbutaa
narked bla oondnat. Ha enjoyed the unlimited conk
dance of PrealdeEte Jackson, Van Burea, Polk, and Pierce.
He waa aa amiable and att> active In tke private relattoaa
of life aa he waa fearleea, honest and faithful la tha Co
charge of hla public datiee.
[From the Fulton Couoty Democrat.]
Died, at bla reaideaoe la thte village, on the 17th ba
it en t, Jchn Holland, Esq., In tha 8 2d year of his age.
The aabjeet of thla notice waa a native of Newry, coaa
S Down, Ireland, and came to thla country near tha
oee of WaahlDgton'eadiuiaiatratloa. lndaoed by repnbli
can principles, which were ao early dereloped as to maka
kim an active participant wlt i the Emmsta, HasNevaa,
Fampson, and other patriots, ln]tke commencement of tka
struggle wkiok terminated in the famous tebellion of '98;
asaoclatloae mowed ky a permanent friendship la thla
mere favorel land of freedom.
It waa at hie houee at which Mr. T. A. Emmet waa
spending tke week of an attendance upon court, tkat the
writer, then quite a youth, witnessed tba affecting accae
of a meeting between Mr. E. aad Archibald McLarea, a
soldier who waa oa guard at the OaaUe of Fort George, la
Sootland, at the time Mr. E. coca pad from aa tmprieoa
ment, tha rigor* of wbiek were greatly mitigated by tha
gentlaaesa of th* warm k ear ted *o Idler, a greeting of deep
?motion and eordial satisfaction to both
Mr. H. early attached blmaalf to the repablieaa patty,
aad ooatlaaed to aot with ltto the oloee of hi* lite, fre
queatly enjoying lta honore aad the ooaflSeaoo of tha
people geae rally. It waa a g rati Baa doa to him, whieh la
accord* d to bat tew moa, of having voted tec Mr- Jatec
at a for Prealdtnt, a a wall aa all the democratio candi
date* for tkat kigk poaitkMs, tj the preeent time Ba
ha* It koen ear lot to wltnoe* raoh deep internet ae haa
Veen exhibited during kb Ulneea, par tio alar ly ?y tha ali
people, who knew kim keat and loegeet.
Be wae for maay years a practical aad ueafal mm'
of the Preekyteriaa ekoreh, ta whieh faith he died,
preeslcg the fullest eonflaenoe of a blissful immortality.
Wt ooald aot bat remark tke interesting group who
formed the pall kaarer* on tke sal oooa>lon of hi* funeral,
maay of wkom were ia tko aelgkkorkood of four aaota
jeers? one a Revo nttosary ckaraoter, Mr. Joeepk Baleh,
alrtady paaaed nlnaty-foar? all of wkom kaewhlm teM
mate!y for half a aeatnry.
Biaremalae were followed totaelr deal rooting pkee
by a large ooaeouree of frleaf* aad altiaaa*.
traca Fisan. cs or age, ated la Wrantham, Ma**.,
oa ?k* i">- '?** i the oldest peraoa la that town at tha
ume of hla death Be served tear year* la tha revota
Uoaary war, aad waa with tba northern army, where ha
received a wound at tha capture of Borgoyaa,
Mr. Cbabu* A. BoDoaa, oa* or tho Stete prlaten at
Maine, died la Laaalag oa tke 20th last.
?ewapaper Pilnttnc Proaaoa.
Naw Yoaa, Te> 22, IBM.
Jims SoanoN Bursrrr, Epq.
Si a? I obeervec ia jeur taper of tke l'*t lnataat that
a 11 ua ion waa made to my oyliad leal rotary printing
pi s? a, aeoou) paaied by aoaM atatemeate ree pee ting Oa
capacity and tke facilltloe wklek it alliwdi la piriatiag.
Yon truly aaj ? Tka eoonomy of woiking it la aaiteaa
of great importance ia a pecuniary poiat of view, dlipaaa
lag with feedera aad if boys," and tkat "It la capaUe of
wotklrg ten thoeaand ooplea ae hoar, and wonld bejaet
the thiag for awetkly newspaper;" aad hore eoneetii?
In jour eta'ameat ends. Bai jon continue:? "For tha
Haasu), however, it is unsuitable from the fact af tha
difficulty of makli^ up the type, involving a lose of ttma
whaa every moment la of importaaee, aa, for lnstaaee,
on the arrival of ike ateamakip Baltic, yesterday morn
ing, we were compelled to alter ear forma to pnt te
news:" aad that by my "syetem of at1 jutting type oa a
oj Under this w< uld have been utterly lmpos-ible, nad tho
public woa'd have been ceprlved of the la. eat letelli
genee from Euiope at a moment wken all were andooaiy
awaiting new*."
Ton farther state that "an Improvement ooald, how
ever, be made by placing the type leugtkwiae oa tho
cylinder instead of rrund il, which would allow the aae
of tyna aa now made."
I* Ugard to tke power of this prera it would not be
difficult to show that it wid ful'y justify your atatameat
aa it respeets the rapid multiplication of lmproedoaa.
But with respect to your atatement of n diffieulty axiatteg
In "making ep tke type Involving lo>a of time," von
certainly are la error. No ays'em can be made mora free
from Impediment than tke mode wklek I have adopted.
Composition, tram position, making np fur on aad tko la
traduction cf any article oi no we, oan all ka aoaompUahod
with 'aelilty aad eaee, aad ia quite aa abort, it not la
muek less, time tkaa ia tka ordinary way.
Asd as to tke auggeaiion of l?ylng "the column*
lengthwise on the cylinder Instead of round It," 1 hava
to remerk that my patent already claims this mode, nad
folly aeia forth tke manner of establishing tke type te
column nitk llaei, rules, he.. Ac., lengthwise on the
cplinrer, consequently it cannot now be suppoeed that
there would be any liffiouliy in exercising the forma of
type eltk tke oolumn running as you surg'eted.
Therefore, ia justtae to thla invention, I have to re
quest that j on will have tke goodneea to publiah thla
>tatement, aad thereby remove the impression whieh
<ke error In year atntomeat published la the Naw Yon
B*asu> of th* 21*t instant waa oaloalated to make. Let
i kla and all other lm pro rem en ta in the art of ptlntlaa go
forth to the world witkont prejudice, aod, If possible,
without error in tke meeanre of their claim, e*<k reetlag
>oleiy on Ite own merits, and believe ma to r* mala very
reapeotially jours, &e., he., J KPT 3 A A WIL&lNgM.
The llwmihlp Afilca
Niw Toh. Feb 84, ISM.
Si?- I troit you well known lore of fair play will
tolerate the appropriation of a imall ipaoe la your orowd
?d rolanu to tha ooatradletioa of reporta, widely aad
tcattolrualT circulated, whleh If allowed to mm surraat
are caleulated aerioaaly to Injure tha character and
ulaniUf la bli profeeeioa of one of tha moat popular aad
riperUaoed aemaaadera la tha Atlantio mall ovaamahlp
Tha flat of Uum elmaderooa ramorl par por tine, M a
manor of eonrar, to be on the baft authority, enaaUto to
tha alltgattoa that tha underwriter! and aetata of th?
?t*amtbip Africa hara rtfaied to maka aay dlebWN
tctau eomequeat apoa tbe eip?a?iturei au<l loaaaa la
e. ir?J by the griundlag of the'. T?ual oa bar laat trip to
thla port, tart that Captain Harrlenn, la order to ?Hill
character and prereat espeoae, bad beaa aomp*ll*? to
d?!rey all maU orata aad ohaifaa from hU ova prtvato
ireouicea. . . ?
A? ? pfiaoeal frlead of Oaptala Harriawi i I hara the
iatlaf*elU?n to ?'ate that, from Inquiry at haadqaattora, I
lean 'ha t.tUr fali'.tr of aU tbe?e rnmora, and in, la
dled, iuf?im*d that, b.laf a caaa of general aTera<?, Mr.
Canard and the aroer writer. for the-nr?? are eetuia? an
e'alu * ud bill* aa pr???atad. I will only ?dd, that tha
IrrgardUta oaaee of tbe aoeidaat la qnselloa appeara,
from a ??era eteteraeat, to ?htab 1 hare had a***, to
b%Tatw?a. that in a deoie fog Bidl a * I land waa oil
tiken for Joreraor'i Ialand by tha pUot on x?ard.
1 am, atr, yonra. \j , C II. 8.
The German Meeting.
Hn ViJM, Fab H 1*64
t\n? Year paper of thla morning baa lone -nlatakea
about tbe Bu? meeting of laat atiht la Waahingtoa
Fall. There ee*?r were mob word*e?okea aa "Djwo with
IhaCatbouxpml'' -'fMwn with the Poaa!" Tbe seeking
1- ad D'lthlr r. to do with rellgkt ? ; bo t tha ery waa "Down
?iib ?lwarj!" " Down eith the Nebraska bill! ' " (Iowa
with tha Maw York Statu ZeUtmn and Ita alaTery p-ieci
A touwant oubc off At T?llaia??e, FIa , oa Vita*.

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