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and is intended merely to pro ide for the reception and
distribution of the forces despa'cl ed to th? assistance of
the Sultan by the Wegtera l owers. It ia, In fact, a mlli
tar; convention, ami aa it does not extend to the political
questions involved in the approaching content, so it U
confined to the two maritime Power*, who are already en
gaged in sending their ttteU and armies to the theatre of
w r. We must again, however, urge on our own gorern
ttfnt, aad on all the alliea with which it is now connected
by more or leas formal ties, the extreme Importance of
concluding, at the earliest practleahle moment, a treaty
which shall define the real political objects of the war,
assure to the Christian population of Turkey our united
protection, and determine the means to be employed for
the attainment of our common objects. We trust the
time I* rapidly ap roechmg when such a treaty will ob
tain the assent, not only of Kngland and France, but of
the German courts. and possibly of Borne other not less
Important auxiliaries Nev. r was there a more brilli u?t
opportunity for a sovereign to give the signal in Ger
many of that nation;1.! policy, which would at once obtain
the energetic support of the whole country, and strength
en against all internal and external dangers the founda
tions of his throne. The young Emperor of Austria has
within his grasp the means of regaining all the ancient
influence or his hous<> in the councils of Germany, and
of inaugurating his reign by an act of policy "which
would command the respect of Europe; for, as the King
of IVusiia leaves the duties which devolve upon the lead
ing Power of Northern Germany unperformed, the
whole German nation will rejoice that it j>ossesses states- I
men and sovereigns of greater energy than he has shown.
The reluctance of Prussia will in no degree affect the
measures taken by the other great Powers of Europe;
and, though she may content herself with a secondary
part, her position and tho spirit of her people forbid the
possibility of her delaring against us.
In the north of Europe the best feeling prevails to
wards the Western Powers, and, although Sweden and
Denmark hare taken the precaution to declare their
neutrality, they will not be unprepurod, if necessary, to
maintain their Independence by more vigorous means.
The whole sum demanded by the Swedish government
for the defence of the country haa been voted at once
nnd unanimously by the four estates of the realm. In
formation having been received by King Oscar's govern
ment which led to th c belief that seme movement <tf the
Nvuian maritime forces might be intended against the
t.tand qf Gothland , which is one of the most imjwrtant
ftrateyical points in the Baltic, Jive reyimmts oj Swed- i
uh infantry ami one or uiiahy t vere embarked on the
1\s1 ojr February for !h< defence of that position. Thus
it is by slow degrets, but by common and lasting inter
ests, that a league is formed frym one extremity of
Europe to the other, to insulate the Russian empire,
and to abridge the perils of var, if they can no longer
be averted, by strengthening and extending the great
confederacy of legality and peace. These are the inter
ests which in our day i ppilv outweigh the tempta
tions <f ambition ? interests b<. universal, that if any
Power hesitates to take the part assigned to it by its own
position in the general defence of Europe from aggres
sion, it will justly be regarded as the accomplice of the
aggreasor. j
COK8TAKTIN0P1.E, Fob. 23, 1S54.
A camp of 30,000 is forming at Odessa, and con Mer.i
hie additions are being n ude to the for'.lflcatluns of Se
Zuinit Pacha leaves on the 4th March for fsiloiics. to
quell the insurrection, -hi. h greatly incrcaats. The
English steamer Niger goes likewise thither on the same
day. Four daughters of the Sultan are betrothed.
Viiw.ma, March 7, 1854.
The Austrian government has published an official
document, in which it makes known its views in regard
to the differences between Russia and Turkey. In this
document the Austrian government expresses regret that
the communication sent by the Western Powers to
Russia is of such a nature as to leave hardly any
hope of a favorable reply. The document proceeds to
say that it was never doubted by the imperial gov
ernment that the demands of those Powers were just j
and in accordance with the interests of Europe. Till the j
very last the imperial government has obeyed the calls
of duty to Europe and those of friendship to its imperial
ally. Should war take place, the sole duty of the Aus
trian government is to maintain the interests of the
nations under the sceptre of his Majesty, which interests
are not in conflict with those of any other nation. Austria
is prepared to meet the dangers which may accrue from
a great war in an adjoining country, and from the sub
versive tendencies which may manifest themselves on
the frontiers of the empire during the continuance of the
The Austrian government, it is said, has sent to the
Cabinet of Berlin the treaty entered into between Eng
land and France, as well as the modifications it proposes
to introduce into it, with a view to an understanding
with those two Powers. General Coronini, commander
in-chief of the army of observation on the Servian fron '
tier, has changed his headquarters from Temesvar to
Paris, March 7, 1854.
The Legislative Assembly ha 3 to-day agreed to the bill
authorizing the Minister of Finance to contrast a loan of
260.000,000 francs.
The bill was agreed to unanimously, without discussion,
by the 238 members who were present.
The Assembly also unanimously agreed to accompany
the members of the bureau who are to present the pro
jet de M this evening to the Emperor at the Tuileries.
It was stated to-day that a despatch had been received
from Berlin announcing that M. Manteutfel had ofTered
his re.-ijmation to the king. This would imply that the
able Minister Ends himself unable to struggle success
fully with the Russian tendencies of the court.
There were many fluctuation* in the prices of the
funds to day. The Three per Cents closed at f>(5f. 55c.
for the end of the month, and the Four aud-a Half per
Cents at 94f. 25c., ex. div.
Madrid, March 2, 1864.
Tlieie are rague reports of a difference having arisen
between England and Spain, and of the expected recall
of M. Isturitr to Madrid. The persons expelled from
tpain and sent to Cadiz are to be transported to the Ca
nary Islands.
The carniTalls very gay. The news from the pro
vinces continues to be satisfactory.
Thiee per Cents, 3fl,V
Tpbis. March 4, 1854.
Krance and England have come to an understanding
for the repression of any revolutionary movement in
Ber ux. March 7, 1854.
Tlie Hecln has surveyed the Kiel and reported it suita
ble for great fleets. The Prussian government has re
jected the suggestion of Hursia to forbid the entrance of
the fleets of the Western l owers into I*russi:tn ports.
(bt TnxnKArn took iondok to uvmrooL.)
Lojtpcs, Wednesday, March 8, 1S54.
A third edition or the Homing Herald announce* the
arrival of a messenger, who was immediately clopeted
with the Queen, and brought the announcement that the
Russians had csrried Kal' fat, and massacred all within
it ? walls. No details are given.
Thin is generally regai ded as false; but it is needless to
aay that the statement ? true or false? has left tlie pub
lic in the most trembling state of anxiety.
The I/>ndon 7t'wwi correspondent mentions that at a
recent concert it waa observed that the Ling and Queen
Cid marked diatinc- ion to the American .Minister and
Iv, and that similar attentions were aliown at a grand
hall given by the Queen Mother. There may. of course,
be nothing in all thla; but Court iro-'sip sees in it a round
about way of casting a slight on Napoleon, whose Am
ba??adcrr Mr. Soulo lately shot.
There had been bread riots at Gijon, in A- 'uria'.
Of the insurrection we learn nothing, excepting that
General Calogne, Captain General of Navarre, hud hlni
self set out at the head of a force of 3,t>00, in pursuit of
the 800 fugitives. As to the fugitive* themselves, we
learn that i&O had arrive 1 at I rdos, a French village on
the frontier of Arsgon. where the Prefect re'aiue 1 tlieuj,
awaiting orders from his government.
Placket a.
1 /is do a Mok*t Market ' Tuesday Evening. March 7 ? I
l'hc quotation of gold at Paris is about 3 pf-r inillf dis
count (according to the last tariff,) which, at tlio Kug- |
liah Mint price of ?3 17s. 10){d. j>er ounce for stau lai I ,
gold, gives an exchange of 25.09 V, ?t?d the exchange at
Paris on Ix>ndon at short being 24.95, it follow tha' gold
is almut 0.68 per cent dearer in Paris than in Lon lon.
By advices from Hamburg, the price of gold in wi pftr 1
mark, which, at the English Mint price of $3 17s lo?d. !
per ounce for standard gold, gives an exchange of 13.3^ ;
and, the exchange at Hamburg on London at short being
13.2, it follows that gold is O.W per cent dearer in Ham j
burg than (n London.
The statement of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, I
showing that thera is no probability of a creation of fresh
atock, caused the English funds to open this morning
at an improvement, which would have born still greater
but for the simultaneous Intelligence of a French loan of
ten millions Consols, which left o(T last evening at
91, were Crst quoted 91^ to whence they receded to
91. The scarcity of stock, however, which is beyond
anything known for many years, continued to render any
prolonged decline impn**iM?. and a rebound 00c 11 red to
91 %. There was then snMh. r partial reaction, and the
final pricea were 91 .'4 to >, Tor monev, and 91 '4 for the
18th of April. Bank *t*>ck left off at 319 to 220; Tliree
and a Quarter per Cents, 92', to %\ India slock. 235 to
233; India bonds. 6?. to 1P? ; and Exchequer bills, 12a. to
10a premium.
Foreign at cks. with the exception of Spaniah, were
generally better ttla afternoon. In Kussian an improve
ment of from 2 to 3 per cent took place, tlie transaction*
tn the live per Centa being at 89, 87 >j and 89.
I jvm poor, March 7, r854.
Provision* ?There is no change to advise
I*arj> faaa declined la. to 2s. without leading to much
bu ineaa.
Tauow la quiet.
I'maMB dull and lower.
In bark, linseed cake, and riee, no transact ona are re
rwAnmr* are better Philadelphia, Baltimore, and
ir good tna&da of iour, are now worth 89s. to 40a. i
?tore. Prime white wheat 12k. per TO lba. Indian corn |
is fcd. dearer, but tlie demand U slow.
Cotton ? In the abifiicf of further advice# from the '
Slates, the markt-t remains in a dull sluggish state, and
although prices are generally considered pretty steady,
buyers continue to have ?n occasional advantage. The
tales on Saturday were 4,000 baler., yesterday 6,000 bales,
an<l to-day 6.000, about one-fifth being for export or
circulation. Therein very little business doing to day in
Manchester, and prices art* weak.
The mails per A u, erica and Africa were not delivered
till after business hoars.
Ijvmirooi., March 7, IS54.
The weather has l>een very fine since the 24th, bat each
night severe frost* have occurred until the past one.
Up to yesterday the trade rer.iained in the same quiet
state as we reported it on Friday, but then the low prioea
at which Hour whs offered induced attention to be given
to it. and a purchase of 10,000 bbls., '-In a Une," having
been made for shipment to Glasgow, imparted more Arm
ness, and there were several buyers at Tuesday's lowest
Siuotations. but holders became Urmer and were looking
or improved price* again.
Wl.<at without change, and the same may be said of all
other articles.
Our suj.plie* since this day week of wheat, floor and
out.- , show a great falling off compared with this day
week, the supply being 13,8^8 quarters of wheat. 8,060
quarters of oats, and 19,100 bbls. flour less.
We liave also to call attention to the increased export
of Indian corn since the commencement of this year ; in
January 27,100 quarters, and in February 60,600 quarters
are reported.
We had a more numerous attendance of the usual fre
quenters of oumnarUct this morning than this day week,
but they operated with much caution, and only a limited
quantity of wheat was sold; prices were irregular, but on
the whole sellers evinced a firmer tone than on Friday.
FuCK, being relatively cheaper than wheat, attracted
more attention, and a fair business was transacted at
figurec that mark full.v 2s. per bbl. advance on the lowest
Nili s of "iirlast moiket, and Is. on the general currency,
gooil qua lities of Philadelphia and llaltlmore obtaining
?ICs.. und 3Ws. for No. 1 Western canal, and similar quali
ties. Sours l:a\e also been in improved request.
Tndun" COM! in limited demand, but good yellow held
f t liV and line white 4Hs.
OA imkal neglected, and prices are nominal. Supply of
(Ms short, but the sale very i-low at Friday's quotations.
Wo notice no change in the position or value of any
other rorenl article
Lrvrapom.. March 7, 1864.
Thecotion market hns beon very quiet, the sales in the
three days being 13,000 bales, at a decline of nearly }jd.
per lb.
Wheat and Ind:nn corn are in limited demand, whilst
there has been rattier more doing in flour at Is. advance
on the forced sales on the 4th inst., re-establishing the
quotations of tlje above circular, at which the market
closes steadily.
> Isinpon, March 7, 1864.
Curing* !Ve ; nsi fortnight the progressing war with
i ? cc: t.Mied to occupy the public, mind, and the
0|ii.i"! . .- o l>e almost universal that munr months
m i -lii \ ? | -e 'oefore we can hope for a final solution of
th< qu< s' <?!?. The public are now in possession of more
lioeuni .. ? evidence from which to form an opinion ?
the lei i i <.i i he I'mperor of the French and the reply of
the i nipi rci of Kussia. The manifesto of the Emperor
Nicholas to his people, the speech of the Emperor Na
poleon at the opening of the French < hambers, and the
Parliamentary documents recently published are import
ant, as representing the views of the various interests.
The specch of Napoleon is the first document commented
upon with satit-faction by the press of England, as ex
? pressing the opinion of the English people relative to the
j Turkish protectorute, and Franco and England appear to
| be uuited in unexpected bonds of friendship. Commer
i ciul ad> iocs from all parts of the Continent represent tho
I markets as characterized by extreme depression, with
| lower prices in stocks. The fall in Russian has been j
about twenty per cent within the past fortnight, the j
, Urge issue of paper money by I'.ussiu, and the state of j
| politics, ha\ ing alarmed holders.
Money for some days past haa been in active demand,
and, as'indicated in our last, we look for enhanced rates.
The current rate of first class bills in now 4J?to 6 per
cent, with considerable more paper offering. There are
a few failures reported within the week, the largost of
which is that of Messrs. Dickson Si Co., of Glasgow, with
liabilities of upwards of $300,000.
The government propose to increase the income tax,
and, as their necessities require it, to issue a further
sum in exchequer bills to the amount of two millions
sterling. The government of France also contemplate a
loan of ten millions sterling, which will be delayed as
long as possible. Tho Turkish government has also txien
for some time in the market tor a loan of four millions
sterling. Gold has been in demand for shipment to the
Continent, and some large amounts of Russian and Dutch
stocks have been sent to London from Germany for sale,
and a large sum in American eagles taken for payment,
to supply emigrants whose destination is said to be tho
United Pfates. It is probable that there will bo an unu
sually large emigration from Germany during the spring.
The exports ol bullion for the fortnight have greatly
exceeded the imports, and it is supposed that the next
bank returns will show a very large diminution of the
precious metal, which is likely to continue so long as
stocks are forwarded from 4he Continent for sale in
London and the proceeds remitted in specie; last week's
returns show an increase of ?32,852. The tendency of
the exchanges is more unfavorable to this country.
The com market is dull. The weather has been unusa- ]
j ally fine tor the spring crops, and tho quautity of wheat
sown is greatly in excess of that of any formor voar. Tho
position of Franco relative to the short supply is more
favorable than was expected; It appears that the defi
ciency has been provided for by the purchase of 3,000,000
hectolihes In progress o( arrival, and the further turn of
7,OCO,OfO already imported. Hie quantity in the hands
of farmers in this country is stated to \>c larger than
usual at this season, and the supplies from the east have
been much larger than was calculated upon; the Rtock
at Liverpool is reported as unu ually large; there is
therefore every probability that we shall have a consider
able decline in price.
American securities have been in limited request, con
siderable amounts ha\e been returned to the United
States for sj.le.
The English rrovernment has received a detailed ae- !
count liom the 1 urieu Exploring Expedition, relative to
the r< ? i te of till proposed Atlantic and 1'acilic cau'tl,v,hich
If considered favorable to that undertaking.
Ijvuti-ooi., Wednesday Miming, March 8, 1854.
Tho ship Robert Kelly, from Liverjiool for New York,
went ashore on Arklow Bank ; the passengers wore all
saved, and the vessel was discharging her carjo.
The Great Fire In New Orleans.
[From the New Orleans Picayune, March 17.]
Between one and two o'clock 'this morning, a very
i alarming fire broke out in Magazine street, and before tho
Haines were subdued thirteen line brick stores, with
; nearly nil their valuable contents, were destroyed. An
estimable citizen, and an old fireman, Panicl Woodruff,
v us killed by the falling wuli's at the corner of Magazine
and Natchez streets. Mr. Woodruff was an exempt fire
man in New York many years since. He was also an ex
empt tinman in this city, l*resident of the "Exempt
Firemen's Benevolent Association," ex-forenian of the
Mississippi Fire Company No. 2, and one of the clcrks in
[ the Mayer's < ffice. Several other firemen were badly in
I jured. Mr. Mcl.eod, the foreman of No. 2, had one arm
brol.en in two places, and one leg broken in three places,
and is otherwise severely wounded in the back, but it is
thought that be will recover, f-'amuel G. Hisk, Mr. Wiug
ficld and Stephen O'l.eary are said to be much injured.
Mr. Woodruff saw the danger that his company was
exposed to, by the walls being about to fall, and was in
the act ' f warning th. m to remove when his foot slipped
and he fell, the walls of a store falling on him. lie lived
but a few minutes after tho accident occurred.
Tl.e fire is said to have commenced in the store of E.
Wood l'errv, No. 69 Magazine street. The store was oc
cupied by iiouse furui:hiug articles, stoves, oil, kc.
The store of A. Pelagrave It Co., No. 71 Magazine street,
was burned. It was occupied as a liquor store.
The store No. 87 Mag:izine street, at the corner of
Natchez, street, was burned. It was occupied by Bur
rows tV Oat rem, as s liquor store, and by Sosthene
A. L. Addison & Co., No. 31 Natchez, street ; Price,
Walsh k Co., No. 33 Natchez, street ; and J. II. Heald,
No. 15 Natchez streot, were next burued out. The above
thiee stores were principally occupied as tobacco stored.
Die Canal Bank, which is on one corner of Magazine
sr# Natchez streets, was much scorched on the outside,
bet the inside is not damaged.
Wl.ile the fire was raging the sparks flew about in pro
tt sion end a window iu one of the store liolow the Canal
1'iuil l ihig accidentally open, a crate filled with straw,
i?av tie window, caught tire, and soon the tire raged
! in n ii' w place.
lli -t< if of Murphy k Ncvlus, No. 57 Magazine street,
w bur. d. It wiis an auction and commission store.
N< . ? and III Magazine street were occupied by 11. M.
I Parlor A Co and .1. B. Burgen. one of the upper stories
beiLg i.< cupicd by R. B. Sykes. One of these stores, No.
I f; v. :i - own d by Mrs. Berry, of New York, and was in
su v< <' in the Home Mutual insurancet'ompauy for $10,000.
The large tobacco warehouse of C. k C. B. Tate, No. 34 1
Nntchei street, was entirely destroyed. Thoy had on
hand ii very heavy stock.
The laiye brick building in the rear of and belonging to \
the Ci.nai Bank, was nearly burned up.
No. 51 Magazine street was the well known auction
store i f B. B Sykes It was utterly destroyed.
A vucant lot now intervened on one side, and the high
wnlls of the new stores of A. B. .lames prevented any fur
ther progress of the flames in that direction.
The following are the amounts of insurance upon tho
property destroyed, iu various offices at home and
abroad : ?
Sun Mutual 47,000
Crescent Mutual 44,000
Motiir 48,000
Orleans Insurance Company 25,000
(' (' I^ithrop's Insurance Agencies 18.600
Louisiana Mutual 10,000
l eluw are Mutual 10,000
Tennessee Marine and Fire 10,000
I colon and liter) ool 5.000
Three store*, occupied by E. W. Perry, llurrows &
Ostrom and 8. 1 nomas, ownod by Sain 'I Nichol
son k Co., and insured in Philadelphia for 10.000
Total amount of insurance $228,500
Fit at District Conrt.
Hefore Judge Van Colt.
Maw ii 28. ? In the absence of Judge Green, Judge
i Van Celt presided. Several rases for the violation
of the corporation ordinances were brought up and
the parties fined In various sums, from $f> up to $100.
So much for merchants encumlierlrg the sidewalk* of
New York and compelling pedestrians to pass out inio
the middle of the street and wade through eight or ten
inches of mud. The Hrcad street wholesale housen cum
pletelv block up tho sidewalk with their merchandl-e,
and a few unort fines on them might impress them with
the fact that the street is a public thoroughfare, and not
?olflj for tfceir scoomniodation.
Black Warrior Indignation Meetings.
A meeting of citizens indignant at the outrage lately
perpetrated l>y Spanish official* upon the Black Warrior,
at Havana, vaa held last evening at 600 Broadway, (Hit
owing to the abort notice that had been glrea, there
was ft very email attendance? some fifty persons only
being present.
At 8 o'clock, Mr. Fambwobts, of the New York Vo
lunteer*, called the meeting to order, and proponed Mr.
John B. Hall as President, which, being pat to the rote,
was carried unanimously.
Mr. J obm B. Hall then came forward and said that it
was not necessary to rehearse the objects for which the
meeting was called. It wan a regular adjourned meet
ing from the one held in the Park on Tuesday last. He
felt glad to see that there were gentlemen present who
were particularly interested in the freedom of Cuba, but
thought it would be better, from the small attendance,
to adjourn the meeting until some day next week. He
then proposed as Secretary Don Francisco Aguerro, ft
Cuban patriot, which wss agreed to; and the following
committees were also nominated :?
; Committee of Speakers ? Captain L. Louis, Christian
W. Schaffer, W. Datam, H. Rabineau, Judge Morton.
Committee of Arrangements ? Major Kimball, Christian
W. Schaffer, Denis McLaughlin, Major Farnsworth.
Committee of Subscriptions to Defray the Expenses?
; John Clancy, Senor Castelaones, John Bellldo, H. Nonus,
Capt. 1. Binders.
'Hie l'linsiDEjrr then introduced
Judge Mokton to the meeting, who said that he had
noticed his name on one of the committees, and under
stood that the meeting was held in relation to the Black
Warrior outrage. It was not a new matter ? an outrage
by Spanish officials on American rights. It was because
the American government had been forbearing that this
matter of the Black Wurrior had taken place. The ilrst
i outrage that came from Spain was not resisted,
and it was submitted to because Spain was a weak
power nnd this country was a strong one. But
these things are passing. The arrogance, pride and
presumption of Spanibh officials are doing more
than anything else to throw the island over to this
! republic, nnd arc hastening " manifest destiny."
! Ct.ba is an inviting island ? Its people complain, and very
justly, oi the intUctionB imposed upon them, and are
! anxious to throw off their yoke. They look forward to
; tic honor of seeing the stars and stripes floating over
th< m ? for under thst. flag they know that honor and li
| lerty will bo their right. (Applause.) Americans have
! no ideji of tho tyranny under which the Cubans are groan -
, ing ;atd.if they ask for liberty, why not let them have it?
I There is one event that is very little thought of now? the
! Ixpez expedition. Lopez was unsuccessful. But how dif
ferently would helia\ebeen looked uj>on if he had suc
ceeded in his attempt I The messenger sent by this gov
ernment to Spain, is authorized by the voice of the Ame
rican people to say that outrages perpetrated at Cuba
shall hereafter be atoned for at Cub*. It wfts not In the
power of the President now to take summary redress; but
j the messenger sent will see that this will not be the case
: hereafter. He thought that t lie re should no longer bo
any forbearance shown towards Cuba, for the time had
[ arrived when insults should no longer be borne from her.
i Senor Tolon here repeated in Spanish the substance of
! Judge Morton's speech, after which the meeting adjourn
j ed until Monday evening next at eight o'clock.
[From the Mobile Advertiser, March 18.]
I Pursuant to the publishod call for ? meeting of the
: citizens of Mobile, to consider the outrage recently per
petrated by the Cuban authorities upon the American
steamship black Warrior, an immense gathering of the
1 people filled, at an early hour on Thursday evening, the
I nth Inst., all the available places of the amphitheatre?
j the moBt spacious of the publlo buildings of tbe city.
On motion of John Forsyth, Esq., the following gentle
! men were unanimously appointed to preside at the
j meeting : ?
j 1'ratidenl ? Hon. John Gavlo.
I Vice Preixdentt ? Hon. C. C. Langdon, Hon. E. 8. Dar
' gan, Hon. A. McKlnstry, Hon. T. B. Bethca, W. B. Hallett,
; Fsq., R. S. Bunker, Esq., H. Ballentyne, Esq . , Wm. Jones,
Jr., Esq., J. Crawford, Esq., Jas. Battle, Esq., W. F.
; Cleveland, Esq., W. H. Pratt, Esq., J. M. Withers, Esq.,
1 J. E. Saunders, Esq., Jas. Perrine, Esq., H. V. Chamber
lain, Ksq.
Secretariei ? A. J. Requler, Esq., A. L Pope, Esq.
The Hon. John (Jsyle, upon taking the chuir, addressed
the meeting briefly respecting Its purposes. Intimating
his unwillingness, from the proprieties of his official
station, to act in the distinguished position assigned him
by the voice of the assembly on any other occasion of a
popular character, save an exceptional one like the
preseut, involving, as it seemed to him, some of the most
important interests of the community, and the honor
and dignity of the nation. He impressed, in brief but
eloquent terms, upon the vast assembly before him, the
necessity of meeting the occasion in a deliberate frame of
mind, and announced Its leading objects to be a clear
ascertainment of the facts of the particular ca*e, and a
dispassionately grave definition of the sentiments of the
community thereupon.
The venerable chairman having resumed his se.it, amid
the entliusisstic cheers of tho assembly, Judge Lusesne,
after a forcibly condensed series of effective introductory
remarks, moved the Chair appoint a committee to inquire
into the facts of the outrage and to report the conclu
: eions attainted in the investigation thereof, together with
suitable resolutions, embodying the sentiments justly
piedictable of them. The motion having been duly sub
mitted and approved, the following gentlemen were ap- |
i pointed by the (hair to act upon the proposed committee,
viz.: ? Hon. J. W. Ixse.ne, A. B. Meek, Daniel Chandler,
I. Bell, Jr.. B. Boykin, Robt. H. Smith, Archibald Oracle, 1
W. C. Clark, A. R. Manning and John Forsyth, Esqn.,
who thereupon retired to discharge the duties assigned
? them.
During the absence of the committee, the Chairman
introduced to the meeting the Hon. H. W. Hilliard, of
Montgomery, an ex-Congressional representative of the
. State, and Minister of the United States to the Court of
Belgium. Mr. Hilliard was received with loud and contin
ued cheering. He sketched the facts of the outrage In
a style at once lucid and stirring, and enchained the at
t< ritiVn of bis auditory for some twenty minutes, with an
exhaustive pnsentation of its several aspects, in connec
tion with tho views of which they seemed reasonably
? URgestive.
'Ihe leading idea of his discourse ? that still enforeoil
through a diversity of processes ? was, that the case
railed for present, immediate redress ; that no action
on the part of the government would be effectual
which wns not sneedy, within the utmost limits of
practicability ; and, in abort, that upon a simple
demand from the offensive locality, wc should speak
to it through a controlling naval force, and leave the
results attained, whatever they might be, to he subse
quently adjusted and moulded, as best they might, by the
pen. 'llif long-continued and vociferous plaudits with
which this idt a was received, in all Its phases of presen
tation, conspicuously evinced it to be the actuating and
un:iirmous sentiment of his hearers.
Judge DAr.OAK succeeded Mr. liilliard, and interested
the meeting with various historical considerations tend
ing to show the annexation of the Island of Cuba to this
confederacy as among the inevitable facts of the future,
and the < utrnge under consideration as the providential
cause by which that effect will he superinduced.
'1 he Ctr.AiKX.AN then announced to the mee ting that the
committee appointed, through'tlieir organ, Jndge I<cs?sne,
were ready to report; whereupon the report was read.
The report is a recapitulation of the facts connected
with the icizure, and concludes with the following reso
lutions: ?
Resolved, Ttmt In view of the amicable and peaceable re
lations till aUtiujr bct? ecn the government of Spain and
that of tt.c Cnited S'nter. the rcccnt seizure of tbo steamer
Klack W arrior vva.i a wanton outrage upon oar commerce. a
wronp to the privatu intoro?t? of American eitiiens, end an
insult to the American flag.
Resolved, That It is the bouitden duty of our government
te inquire Into the wrong which has been committed, and to
take immediate and decisive step*, not only to ohtain pecu
i.iary redress for those who have teen iajured, bat to resent
the tlscrant insult which ha* been offered to the country.
Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions he forwarded
to the President of the I'nited States, to our immediate
kprejentativ cs in Congress, and that they he requested to
urge in every proper form Immediate and decisive redress.
After the reading of the report, whose lucid statement
of facts and dignified nppro) r in tenon* of sentiment com
mended it, at all points, to the enthusiastic approval of
the meeting, Messrs. A. B. Meek, l'ercy Walker, R. II.
Smith, and C. C. Langdoti, were successively called for,
and entertained their auditory with graceful and occa
sion oily vigorously expressed reflections upon the con
tents of the report and the nature of the occasion. Mr.
Walker concurred In the conclusions attained hy the re
porters, and the resolutions piedicated thereon, but sug
gested an apprehension that some of the gentlemen who
preci ded him had enlarged the scope of discussion, as to
question and sentiment, impertinent to the immediate
i: sue of outrage and redress.
In consequence of the lateness of the hour the meet
ing was about to close its deliberations, when Mr. How
ard arose and felicitously addressed the assembly for
about ten minutes.
The question being loudly called for, the report was
submitted and carried with emphatic unanimity. A
motion was then made to publish the proceedings of the
evening in the daily prints, which was carried; to which
succeeded a motion for adjournment, which having been
put and passed, the meeting adjourned indefinitely.
Superior Conrt? General Term.
M/nrn 13. ? The following order was made: ?
Ordered, That the calendar of causes for trial at the
ensuing April term of this Court he continued as the
calendar of the next May and June terma, respectively,
and he taken up at the commencement of those terms
respect ivelv, at the place where the Court leaves off, at
the close of the term immediately preceding.
Causes rot noticed for trial at the April term, and such
as are during that terra put off for the term, or called,
or passed, may be noticed for the May ami June terms;
and causes thus put off, railed, or |>asaed, during the
May term, may bo noticed for the first Monday of .(line.
The clerk will place the causes as noticed for May and
June terms, respectively, at the foot of the April calen
dar. according to their respective priority.
Notes of issue are to be tiled in the causes last men
tioned; in other causes on the April calendar, no notes of
issue need be Bled for two subsequent terms; but a notice
of trial must be served for <acb term, that the causes
mav be put on. or continued on the calendar. All notes
of Issue must be (lied anew with he clerk, on or before
to morrow, (Saturday,) the 26th instant
ITnlteri States Circuit Court? In Rqulty.
Itefore Hon. Jurtges Kelson and Detts.
M-AWCU n.?Hmmee II. Itay r* the New Nnptand Car
Sj riny Vcwit any ? llic following order wai made:? The
defendants hating filed their answer in this case, deny
ing the title of the complainant to the pretonded dis
covery, and averring titlo thereto in themselves, In the
[leadings mentioned, and having therefore moved to 'lis
folve the injunction grunted in the cause, anil counscl
for tie respective parlies having been hnanl hy th-'
Court, and it being cons idered hy the Court that the
rights of the respective parties in the subject matter* at
issue between them are projier subject to bo hoard and
determ ued upon issue* at law, and n it upon proceedings
in equity, It is thereupon ordered by the Court, that the
injunction heretofore ordered lie dissolved, and that all
proceedings in this suit in equity be staved until the suit
at law now pending bo tried according . o the rules and
practice ol the Court.
S-ome two yeua ago, it will to recollected, a (ktrmto I
waa murdered on the Battenr, his pockeU rifled or (36, j
and bin body thrown into the rirer, where it waa disco- j
vered the following morn tuff. Coroner Ire* caused the ar- i
rest of a Gorman on suspicion of being the murderer ; but i
ss the evidence did not sustain the charge, the Grand
Jury dismissed the case. Subsequently three notorious
thieves, named Saul, Howlett; and Johnson, were arretted
for the murder of a watchman on board a ship, which
they had entered for the purpoee of stealing. Tney were
tried, convicted, and two of them ? Howlett and Saul ?
were hanged. Johnson waa tent to the {Mate prison
for life.
At about the time these murderers were convicted, we
published the fact, from authentic information, that the
German on the Battery had been murdered by the Saul
and Howlett Rang; that fact has now been more fully
corroborated by one of the gang called " Frenchy," who
died "In the State prison on Tuesday last, who a short
time prior to his death is said to have made a confession,
in which be admits that Saul, Howlett, Johnson and
himself wore the murderers of the poor German on the
Battery. "Frenchy" a?serts that he was the one who
decoyed the German to the Battery, and Saul came be
hind their victim and broke in his skull with a bar of
iron. They then rifled his pockets, and all theygot was
$86. This amount waa divided between them. Tno body
they threw off the Battery into the river, where it waa
discovered on the following morning.
Fihr ? Yesterday afternoon the tolls rung an airrm
for the Sixth district, which waa for a fire in the bakery
No. 144 Houston street. The fire broke out in the base
ment, where a washerwoman waa engaged, she having
left the rr.om for a few momenta to hang up some clothes
in the yard; the shavings she was using ignited, and
thus H?t fire to the premises. The firemen were immedi
ately upon the spot, and the flames extinguished; after
a loss of about 9260. There was no insurance on the
Mama to Build a Chukot.? A meeting of Congre
gationnlists wan held last night at the Broadway Hall,
near Thirty-third street, to consider the steps neces?ary
towards building a church in Thirty-fourth street. There f
were present about twenty members of the congregation.
Mr. Rom? whs called to the chair, and Mr. St. John ap
pointed secretary. The prospects of the church ami the
enterprise were then discussed, and it was stated that
48,000 was necessary before the work could be com
menced. Four thousand dollar* were subscribed, and
that was all that could be obtained. It was therefore
voted that the project of erecting a church in Thirty
fourth street be abandon"d. It was also moved and
seconded that the congregation itself to broken up and
the paBtor dismissed. This motion was laid upon the
table until next Thursday night week. The meeting then
Tim Emcm ot I lion Rbnw.? 1 The exorbitant increase
of rents this year haa been up town as well as down town.
And we notice, iu consequence of the great amount
charged for small tenements and atores aronnd the Crys
tal I'alace, a great majority of them have been vacated,
and are at present unoccupied. If this vacation of tene
ments whs a little more general, it would teach Ian llorda
a lesson that might benefit them and the whole commu
First Tow fro* Auuny. ? The steamer Austin, Capt.
Getty, arrived on Wednesday at 11 o'clock, with five load
ed barges fer the Albany and Canal Line.
Williamsburg City Intelligence.
Firb? A IIok.sk Burned. ? Yesterday morning, between
one and two o'clock, a fire broke out in the stable owned *
by Mrs. P. Short, corner of North Second and Second
streets, which, together -with the contents and a fiue
horse, was burned. Loss about $500; no insurance.
The fire communicated to a three story dwelling house
adjoining, occupied by two colored families, which was
damaged to the amount of about $600, covcred by in
surance. It belonged to the eatate of J. & H. Corbett,
of New York. The fire is supposed to to the work of an
Shortly after 12 o'clock a fire waa discovered in the
cellar of a bouse in North Seventh street, near First,
occupied by Fatrick Flaherty. By the prompt action of
the firemen it was soon subdued. Loss trifling.
Serious Accident to Alderman Eamm ? Alderman
Thomas Eames, of the Third ward, met with a serious
accident on Monday, the 13th ult., from the effect of
which he has been confined to his bed ever since. In the
evening of the above day, it seems that Alderman E. was
returning to this city from East New York, in company j
with his brother-in-law, when the light wagon in which
they were seated gave a sadden lurch, in consequence of
going over a deep gully in the road, and Alderman E. was
thrown to the ground, injuring hia spine, and it was
thought, fracturing one of his legs. Upon surgical ex
amination, however, it was found that his leg was not
fractured, although badly bruised; his spine, however, ia
severely hurt, rendering him incapable of controlling his
limbs in the leaat. His physician entertains strong
hopes of l?in recovery.
Summary Manner or Treating a Creditor. ? Yesterday
afternoon, a German named Bernheim, called noon a
colored barber for the payment of a small bill. lie re
ceived a drubbing and was shown the door. This not be
ing consideied a legal tender, the man of the strop was
taken to the lock-up by Officer Guischard.
KiP!?APr*R8 Kidnapped. ? Last evening, between nine
and ten o'clock, officer Miner, of the First ward, detected
two females in the act of bagging a quantity of groceries
at the grocery store corner of lourth and'South Eighth
streets, and were accordingly taken to the lock-up. The
um total of their gatherings from several groceries con
istcd of a side of bacon, two bundles of prepared flour,
one potatoes, bread, coffee and brooms, together with
n empty gin bottle. They gave their names as Bridget
Dugan and Ann Gallagher.
Youno Men's Ijtoury Socnmr. ? A public meeting of
he Young Men's Literary Society waa held last evening,
t their room in the bank buil'ding in Fourth street, ai
which there was a large attendance of ladies aud gentle
men. An able and interesting address was delivered by
he Rev. Mr. I'orter, on the organization, character and
bjects of the association. The society, of which Mr.
Geo. Preston is President, was formed about two months
since, and now numbers thirty-flvc members.
The Annuai Meeting of the School Board of Finance,
which was to have been held last evening, was adjourned
to Thursday evening next, In consequence of a quorum
not being present.
Jersey City Intelligence.
A Carson Lkagik. ? Last evening a meeting was bold in
the Old Dutch Reformed Church to organize a Carnrm
league, ou the plan now in operation in western and in
tenor countries of the State of New York. Mr. C. H.
Hoover vra? culled lo the chair, and W. II. .TelllfTe was
chosen sccrciary. After pruver by Rev. A. W. McClure,
Mr. Carson proceeded to iti.te the circumstance! which
led to the formation of this league, the plan on which it
is organized, and the efficiency of the system. This plan
conflate of a tax, submitted to by those willing to aid in
the work . by which means a fund Is raised with which to
Siox'cute those who violate the law in the sale of liquor,
[r. Oirscn estimated that the rum tax amounts) to 35
ccnts on every $100 of taxable property: and if citizens
will submit to a league tax of 6 cents per $100 to take
care of the cause of all this taxation, they would save
the remaining 30 cents of the effects of it. lie related
circumstances to prove this plan efficient. Remarks
were made by others, and about $40,000 altoget her of tax
able obligations were ofTered to torm such a league.
There being a league existing in Jersey City among the '
friends of tempepance, it was decided to refer the pro
priety of this form of an organization to thnt league.
After which the meeting adjourned.
Work Kim MKT ok ih? Wat** Works. ? The work on the j
water works has been resumed since the impro\ einent in
the weather, and is now being pushed forward with all '
due diligence. The lurjje syphon by which the water
w ill l>e conducted past the draw at the Hackcnsack draw
bridge, was sunk to its place about the first of the
month, and readily settled to its place. A connection is
now lying made on either aide of it with the main pipe s.
Workmen are engaged on the engine house, on tho ;
Belleville reservoir, and on the Bergen Hill reservoir, for- I
warding tlie work with the utmost rapidity. They are
also covering the trenches at the salt marshes. " The 1
pipe has nearly all been laid. The citizens aro Impatient- I
ly looking for the introduction of the water; and the '
Jrospects ate that it will be Introduced as early as in
une, if the weather continues favorable.
R>24'vu> kkom Prownijmi ? At 7 o'clock last evening an \
elderly man, named Thos. Quigley, who resides at No. 31 :
Leonard street, stepped overboard us he was aboutgoing [
on board of a ferry boat on the Jersey City side of the j
ferry. He Booted under the bridge, and was rescued
when nearly drowned with great dimculty by John :
Rogers, watchman at the ferry, In the employ ef tho |
company. He was taken into a room and restoratives
applied, ('apt. WoolMy, superintendent of the ferry, j
arrived in a few minutes, au<l having procured the atten- !
dance of a physician, had him taken home to his j
family as soon us he was comfortable.
The ball of the Morehoute (iuard, Jersey City, consist
ing of resigned firemen, will be held this evening at the \
Hudson House.
Bt'Rf-tART. ? The office of S. Davidson. cnrnerofYork !
and Hudson streets, was entered during Wednesday night -
by burglars, who robbed the change drawer of a small I
sum snd broke the office furniture.
Richard Coror, Injured last week by a railroad train i
in Jersey City, has died of his injuries.
Theatres and Exhibitions.
Bowntv Tiikathk. ? A varied bill Is announced for thU
evening It inrlndes "I/>ve's Sacrifice," ''La Tour de
Nesle," and 'Tutnsm." In these pieces, Mrs. Hamldln,
Ml"* Alice <;rny, Mr. K. Eddy, Mr. W. R. Perr. and other
favorite members of the company, appear.
Broai?wav Trkattir. ? Mr. Forrest will appear thlseven
ing as Jack Cade, in Judge Conrad's plav of that name.
As this is one of Mr. Forrest's favorite parts, the house
will be crowded, and it will be necessary to secure seats
BCKTOJI's TmtATRR ? The "Beaux' Stratagem.'" which
was fda.ved last night for the first time in many years,
will be given again thise\ening. Mr. Burton, Mr. Fisher,
Mr. Jordan, Mr. Johnston. Mr. Andrews, Mrs. Hughes,
Miss Raymond, and Mrs. Buckland, are included in the
National Thratri. ? "Uncle Tom's Cabin" i? the nt- i
traction for this evening. with Little Cordelia Howard as
K\;i. and all the other excellent actors in the cast, as ths
piece lias been played by them nearly three hundred
WaiiackV Thratr*. ? The favorite comedy, "The School
of Reform " will be played this evening, with L. S.
Thomps< n as Tyke, and ail the other popular artists in
the company will assist. The charming comedietta, "A
Soldier's Courtship," will be added.
Rarim m'h MoRUH. ? The successful local drama, "Th.1
Old Lrewcry." will be played a, Tain thl* evening, with
the same ciist that lias delighted the |>atrons of Bar
num's during the last four weeks. A good performance
i? announce <1 for this afternoon.
Cnim iY'k Mim-trrt*, 47'i Broadway, give one of tholr
excellent concerts to-niglit. 11m company has been pro
minentia before the public tor the last five years, iiadiUs
popularity seems to be on tl.e inrreaM?.
Wood'p Mixj-trrls. ? This populir eompanj is drawing
large bouses at No. 444 Broadway. Everybody ought lo
go and fie* the " Virginia Cfc| ld?." Th") will oe cowl
od this evening.
C my ?? Hail.? Th? already great attraction of Buck, j
toy's band has been augmented by the attraction of Boh.
Horn. Oo sad m them.
Tax Cudoll'i hare t levee for all their frienda at 4W
Broadway. If one half the admires of this band were to
Tlalt the hall, they would fill it up for moo the to come.
Bboadwat MaaAawr ? The Lilliputian King, the fat
lady, the elephant, and all the other curious things about
the establishment, No. 327 Broadway, are in fine oondi
tion, and they will all bo shown to visiter* this day and
HoremenU of Ocean Bteaam.
City of Glasgow Liverpool Philadelphia .... Mar 1
Africa Liverpool New York liar 11
Canada Titer [tool Boston Mar 18
Baltic Liverpool New York Mar 22
Washington New York Bremen Mar 26
City of Glasgow Philadelphia... Liverpool .Mar 25
Crescent City New York Hav k NOrl'ns Mar 27
Arabia Boston Liverpool Mar 20
Pacific New York Liverpool Apl 1
Africa New York Liverpool Apl 6
Illinois New York.... .Aspinwall Apl 5
Northern Light... .New York San Juan Apl 5
Norih Star New York Aspinwall Apl 5
Curlew New York Berm. k 8t Thos. Apl 7
Frui.l.lin New York Havre Apl 8
As J '! jxicl.agei and leUert intended for the Nsw You
II nun: thould be tealed.
Km KIHB) 6 58 I MOOR Kim 4 03
SUJf torrn 0 16 J uiqh wans 4 io
Port iif .Vew York, March S3, 1854.
Ship Minnesota, Allen, Liverpool, Williams A Onion.
Shin Ph?rnix, H?iio, Liverpool, Kermit A Co.
Ship Baldur (Nor) Dahl, Cork, W F Schmidt.
Ship Ceo Kajrnerf, llatchelder, Valparaiso, S O Baker A Co.
Bark I.eono (Sic). llartolo, Naples and Palermo, Chamber
lain. Robinson A Co.
BarkAnra, Crosby, Clenfuegos, Rasssll A Vining.
? Bark Ilecla, Peterson, Csrilonas, K C Reeve.
Brig Fashion (Br), Faiier, Antigua, J B Uager A Cn.
Brig Umpire, Hill, C.irdwnas, Thompson A Hunter.
Brig Dolphin, Miller, Sao Juan, Cuba, M M Freeman A Co.
Brig Eureka, Kinney, St Marys, Thomp-on A Hunter.
Brig Martin Van Buren, Cogglns, Jacksonville, C A ? J
Brig Tyrone, Cogglns, Jacksonville, C D A J Petera.
Sehr Albatross (Br), Vlgures, Kingaton, II S Henry.
Scbr Tempter, Brown, Mobile, Sturges, Clearman A Cn. ,
Schr Thos P Cooper, Coraon, Bnrnt Fort, Ga, C U Pur on
A Co.
Schr Corfu, Cudworth, Elizabeth City, Reod A Nash.
Sehr Maria Jane, Somera, Wilmington. B Blossom A Son.
Sohr Ann Smith. Burns, Wilmington, Dollner A Potter.
Schr Marcena, Munaon, Richmond, Van Brant A Slaght
Schr J W Bell, Rayner, Philadelphia, J W M'Keo.
Sloop Harveat, Corwin, Providenos, master.
Steamer Mara, Green, Philadelphia, JAN Briggs.
Steamship Pacific, Nye, Liverpool, March 8, 4 PM, with
mdae and 70 passengers, to E K Collins. Arr at her dook
at 7J? PM.
Steamship Jamestown, Cavendy, Norfolk, Ac, with mdse
and psssengers, to Ludlain A Pleasants.
Ship Lantao (of Boston), Bradburv, Whampoa, Dee 5,
?assed A njler Dee 24, with teas and silks, to Grinnell, Min
urn A Co. Dec 24, off St Sanda, saw a clipper ship supposed
to be the Wings or the Morning, from Shanghae for New
York; Feb 7, lat 23 30, Ion S 10 W, passed ship Wm Penn, of
New York, steering NW (from Calcntta for Boston); Maroh
)2, lat 26 N, Ion 09 W, spoke bark Prescott, of Boston, from
Rio Janeiro for New York. The P reports having touched
at St Thomas, from which port abe sailed on tho 9th inat In
company with shin Columbian, for New York; Alta, for
New Orleans, and bark Arrow, far Boston. Marob 14. lat
27 30, Ion 69 40, spoke schr YorV. town, of and from Balti
more for Kingston, Ja. Tbe L took a pilot on the 22d inst.
Brig Atlas (Fr), Juenlere, Roohelle, and Boston 6 days, in
ballast, to Renanld A Franoois.
Brig Duncan (of Warren), Robinson, Zaxa, Cuba, 2G days,
With sugar and molasses, to Yxnaga A Etulain.
Schr Francis Satterly, Reevuland, Savannah, 5 days, with
cotton, to MoCrcady, Mott A Co.
Sehr Chas A Greiner, Marks, Georgetown, 6 days.
Schr Ocean, Howe, Wilmington, NC, 8 days.
Schr Abd-el-Kader, Brown, Potomac river, 3 days.
Schr Daniel C Higyiiis, , Virginia.
Sch* Mary Jane, -? , Virginia.
Schr Lydia Ann, Somers, Virginia.
Schr Mary B, Uanes, Philadelphia for New Haven.
Sehr John Thompson, Robinron, Philadelphia for Boston.
Schr Hammond, Smith, Philadelphia for Norwich.
Scbr Lady Brooks, Coombs, Belfast, 14 days.
Schr Z A Paine, Saddler, Eastport, 12 days.
Schr Flavilla, Taylor, Boston, 4 days.
Schr Victor, Crowell, Boston, 3 days.
Schr Catharine Wilcox, Slurgis, Boston, 4 days.
Schr Jane P Glover, Donne, Plymouth, Mass, 4 days.
Schr Snsan Chase, Snow, Harwich, 3 days.
Sohr Mary A Elisabeth, Donne, Harwich, 3 days.
SchrCorvo, Cables, Rockiand.
Sehr Mount Hope, Post, Rockland.
SchrMarv Brewster, Haltock, Rockland.
Schr William Henry. Smith. Rockland.
Sloop Wm H Bowen, Hallock, Providonoe, 2 days.
One bark, unknown.
Ships Rhins, London; Exulrior, Flying Send, and New
York, Liverpool.
Wind at sunrise, NE; meridian, do; sunset, WNW.
The steamship Golden Ace, which arrived at Cape Town
Jan V from Liverpool, on her way to Melbourne, according
to a letter from Capt Porter, made the following miles p?r
day during the run:? 200. 240, 240, 260, 255, 220. 200, 240, 2dl,
275, to St Vincents; 167, 245, 237. 235, 231, 242. 230. 230, 220, 251,
260, 200. 240, 250, 220, 216 to the Cape of Good Hope. Her
ronte was direct from the Irish Channel to Capo de Verds.
thence along the coast of Africa to Cape Palmas, across the
Great Gulf of Gulaea to Cape Negro, and again along the
coast to Cape Town, which Is stated by Capt P to be the
ihortest trauk, and that much surprise existed at ths Cape
at It not having been discovered before. Exeepting some
strong head winds for several days the latter part of the pas
sage the weather was generally favorable. She made the
trip in 2G,l? days, running time, or 30*$ days from England,
including 4 days detention at St Vinoents. Nearly the whole
distance was made under steam alone, the sails having benn
ret but i :ice, uud oil the.vr.rds and masts wero down on dock
most of tho time.
Mr Donald McKay, of F.ast Boston, has now on the stocks
nearly ready for launching a beautiful clipper ship of 3000
tons, having tlirco decks, and being diagonally cross braeed
with iron. He has also in frame a clipper ship of 4000 tons,
which will store mere cargo than tbe Great Republio would
have done. Both theso vessels arc for Messrs Jas Baines A
Co, ol Liverpool, and intendod for their line of Australia
pr.cfcets. Mr MrKay has ;<lso on the stocks a packet ship of
l.">iNltors. and is inal.in* preparations to build four picket
eli i J s of :?C4> toua each, oil or which are to bo finished in ten
months. Ti c aggregttj sue of all these ships will be 17,300
The old brig Oregon, of Frankfort, which went ashore near
Newbury poii, w aa got off and taken to N, was sold at auction
21 at inat for 91250.
Brig Royal Southwiek. of Boaton, 275 tons, recently aahore
st Cuttyhunk, has been purchased by Mesara Delano A Co,
and othvra, for$5(>03, as she now lies on the railway st Fair
Missitio Vessels ? Brig W L Crosby, Clifford, sld from
Bsth Dec 25 for Philadelphia, and has not since beon heard
from. She was a good vessel, on her first voyage, and was
probably lost in the great gale Dee 29.
Ship Emma Field (of Bath), Crowell. eld at New York
Dee 21 for Liverpool, with flour, grain, Ac. and has not since
been heard from. Fears are entertained for the safety of the
Telegraphic Marina lie pot fa.
BOSTON, March 23 ? Arr ships Fleetwood, Shanghae;
Pro?p"r?, I ?I:?y ; Marathon, New Orleans; Miss Mag. Galves
ton; furl;! Mary J Kimball, Mobile; C B Hamilton, Havana,
David Nichols, SIutan*as; Avola, Charleston; brigs Smyrna,
Catania; Almira. Matauias; Leader, Turks Islands; Judge
Bluncy, NOrleaus; Mary Elitabeth, Savannah; M A J Gil
more, Baltimore; Radius, Now York; General Foster, Aux
NEW ORLEANS, March 22? Below, steamship Star of
the South, from New York.
CHARLESTON, March 22? Arr aohf A 1' Pharo, Provi
Herald Marin"- Correspuinlence.
EDOARTOWN, March 1ft? Arr ship Three Brothers, !
Adauis, Sandwich Islands, via Holmes' Hole for Nantucket; !
before reported at lJoimes' Hole.
Arr 19th, iohr Uar'inmr, Coombs, Jacmel for Boston, j
with loss of part of deck loud of logwood inNW gale 15th I
inst. Fid schr Susan Russell, New York.
Arr 20th, scbra M m S Brown. Holbrook, Baltimore for
Boston; C t> Hallook, Smith, Northport, LI, for do; Joseph
Farwell, Conary. New York for do; Coral, Miller, Rockland
for New York; Cadet. Mathews, N York for Bath.
Sid 21st, schr Coral, NYork.
In port 22d, ship Throe Brothora, dlsg; brig I.ncy Watt",
for Tbomaston. ready; scbrs Harbinger, Wm S Brown, C D
Hallock. Joseph Farwell, and Cadet. Wind NK.
PHILADELPHIA. March 23. 4 I'M? Arr brina Mary Per
kini, Nickerion, and Canton. Kelly, Boston; sohra RoMdent.
(Br), Hunt. Halifax; A L Hyde. Emery, Eastport; Village
Gem, Case; Globe, Homer; H 8 I.anfnir, K?liy, Ellen, Nick
erlon; U L Sturges, N orris; Cuhaaavtt. Phinney, and Louisa
Gray, Sharp, Boston; Kedrun. Huntor, and Blien, Swain,
New London; Enterprise, Pendleton, Consul, Howes, and
Col Jaa Page, Edwards. New York.
Cld ship Mary E Whittler, Jones, Apalaehleola; bark
Atof, Simmr-DH. Havana; schrs E II Rowley. Rogers,
Charleston; Consnl, Howes, Boston; Col Jag Page. Edwards,
Norwich; American Belle, Brown, Portland; Hamlet, Hall,
Providence; Kedron, Humer, Bridgeport.
The SPARS and rigging of a largo Tessol, which came
ashore in Wellfleet bay. were undoubtedly from the wreck
of the schr Russell, of Plymouth, as Capt Simmons had par
cliased some spars. Ac. from tlie wreck of bark Amanda,
which went ashore at Marahfleld sometime since. Mr Har
vey Raymond, of Plymouth, who was A passenger in the R,
had a son with him, which makes the number lost in that
vessel amount to.mne.
Sons David Basios, of and from Gloucester for NYork,
(before reported mnk off Point Judith.) was si tons, bnilt at
Essex, in DM, owned by Captain Horatio Babson and
others, and insured for 92.000, at Rorkport, and 91.200 at
the Metropolitan efflee. Huston. Her carfo, codfish and
mackerel, was insured for (3,000 at the New F.ugland office,
Bolton, and 92,000 at the Gloucester Marine office.
Brum Tyuo, from Wilmington, NC, for Boston, whose
arrival at Holmes' Hole nth Inst has boon reported, is stated
to he the vessel spoken by the N'RiraToagas, and called the
"Trio.'' The date of her speaking was alio incorrect.
Sena Gko R Rt'lscLL, of Lubee, from Philadelphia for
Kaitport. put into Newport 22d, iu distress, having on the
night of 20th, off Fire Island, been in contaot with a lar^e
light schooner, and bad jibbcom, eutwater, and all the head
riggiiiK carried away, ateia bndlj started, and caused her
to leak badly. Must discharge and repair. The unknown
schooner was badly cut down. [The Providence Jonrnal
sayi the vessel in contact with theG R R was the aahr Mary
C Turl ell. from Pfor Rappahannock, and that thelattor put
in here 22d, according to n telegraphic despatch. Her ar
rival has not been reported here,]
Si-oor Caiot, fromNLondon 19th for NVork, with hoop
poles, struck a rock off Goihen Reef, and to return to re
pair; will have to go on tho ways.
Notice to Mariners.
The wreck of sohr David Uahson, of Gloucester, which was
capsiicd and sunk afternoon of 20th inst off Point Judith,
lies in a dongorons situation fcr vend a entering Narra
ganiett Bay in the night Iltr position is about one tnilo SW
from the point, with one-third of her mnsti above water.
Brig Linden (not bark Lindsay, as printed In New Orleans
papers), from N Orleans for Sau Franciieo, March II, lat 80
Son. ion 7m so.
Pordffn Ports.
CitKrrEtios? In port March II, barh American, Adl?, to
load for lloaton trig Plantagenct (Br), McLcllan. for Bos
ton soon.
Matak 7.AS? In port March 13. brl^ Elizabeth Board man.
for l'ortlamljiets 94 12!-, per hhd mmasici.
l'onoic, PIT? Iti port March 10, brig Norfolk, for Baltt
motu, a t? cargo.
TmsiDAD? In port March 11, I ri* Sarah Parker, Parser,
to load for Bosten.
7.a?.a (( nlaV? In port abt Feh 33, btigi Moehanla, War Bos
ton 10 4ayi; Frontier, for NYork lfl.
(fbs RTSAnenir pacific] . .
Asrwr.nr ? Arr March 3. Edward Cohoa. Ciarfc, ^ York.
lis iarot.?3ld March ?, Adairal, Crisp, Mohile
, hsrwrswATm-Arr F?h -JS. PhUMelpM* 5 aad
I Patriot, Ca???ai NYotfc.
If? ?? Aft fib S9, HtdfiBi Kof4nWii Ckirii^ii
<^Sssss-aw m w,
?^^d^r^ui^w ft
proceed far NYork), isdalllon, McCUntook do (?n^?c*
coded for Boaton); JuW *rd?"' W*?P *?*{??
Oottbbbvbs? Arr Feb ?, MIbobb. Rydia, Charl**oa.
6LOVOBITU- 81* Kirch 1, Annandals, Hltohlaa, Fort
UOB??ooB~81d Mareh 4, Lady of the Lake, DuBoaa.
Savaaaah; Statira Morse, Lawton. aad CeatarioB, Co?**
NYork; Lotus, Visohtry, and Vortex, Alloa, Bostoa.
aiB*iUM-Atr Fob 27, Atalaya, Nash, PalerBio. Cli
20th, Jaae Smith, Pott, Boaton (from Lo thorn.) .
II ambubo? Arr rob it,|D?Bu, Heydtmaa, jlTofk;M???
1. IludtoB, Nordoahalti, Charlestoa; Oldeabarg, Msneke,
N Orleans. .
Hatbe ? Arr Mareh X, Art Ualoa, Stubha, NYork; djh.
Hiedalbarg. William*, NOrleaus. Arr la tho roada Mh.
Sou tor Johnny, Small, from NOrleana.
Kibkw au.? Arr March 1, Arctlo Hero, Yoaai, Sunder
land fur NYork, with lota of bulwarks and earn shifted.
LiTKarooL? Arr March i Northampton, Km3, NOrloaaa;
Kate llowo, Norcroea, NOrleaaa; Huron, Wales, Charles
toa; 4tb, Mary Ward. Little, NOrloaaa, with mainmast
damaged; Johann Langls, I^mke NYork; Lightning.
Fur be.. Boaton; ?th, Charles Coopor. Catta. N Orleans; 7*1,
Africa (s), Harrison, and Orient, Hill, NYork, America (a),
I "la the Mersey 6th, Flora Temple, Pickett, from Baltlmava
^'sUl'tid/jane Montgomery, Dennett, N Orleans; 3d. Ameri
I can Union, Otis, do?Liv. Vankoe, Brown
Thomas Uoatoa; Laconic, McKenney, Portland, 4ta, nlaar
. nia Maioney, Philadelphia; J H Jar*U, Rloh, and Talarera,
Kla'ir NOrfeans Ostewald, JariU. Mobile; R?kt Itallay,
trcidaiifte6th''l?Mnntloy, Lawrence, Camdea. Enteredfrr
Ida 3d. Fraaklin, Say. and Laconla. Freeman, Charleataa.
Yorkshire, Young, NjYork; Goa Dunlap, Skolflrid. N|Yorfc.
(entered ifiid for N Orlean?);4th,Monteium^MoaliB, Boa
ton; Loniaa Monroe, Murphy, Castlne; E A Clark, Bapjac
boldt , NOrleana; John Bright, Sdward., NYork ?th ^yal
Saxoa, Ualt, Baltimore; B C Johaaoa, Couilaa, and JaaTtt
, comb, Hill, N Orleans. t park
London? Entered oot March 6, pw5?
1 Philip; Flying Childera, White, Blriaora. Cld oat 3d, Chaa
llolmea. llowl by, Newport aad NOrloaaa (aad rid
Gravesend 5tb); 4th, Florida, Sannemaa, NYork (aad aw
from Uravesond 5th); 6th, Albert Gallatin, Storor, Newport
aad NYork; Celestial, Palmer. NYork. wv?.fc. huh
] Lisbon ? Arr Fob 25, J W Coppin, Rubbins, NVork, aotn,
an Am bark, apparently from II States. Sid ?id, King Jtr
nest, Gottsohalk, NYork. _ _
Mn. roan ? Arr March 1, Bella Dona, Richards, Cardiff
(and sld 2d for NYork. . . ..
Madura ? Arr Feb 12, Brunette, Prable, London (aad sla
13th for Rio Janeiro); lVth, Pegasus, Magub, Palermo (aad
' ' M a n a k i l i ta^Ar r March 2, Hollander, Andrew, aad
WNVw"oB^4rrYMakrch 2, Charlotte Reed, Havre forSa
Tannah. Sld 1st, Edward Everett, Gunby. Portsmouth,
Va 2d H H Boody, Snow, NOrleaaa; 4th, Esther, Pearaa,
NYork; 6th, Mathilda, Lee. do ? M?. n Shilll,. f?
OukBKY ? Arr Feb 27, Diana, McMillan, Shields, foe
Alexandria, Va, with loss of bulwarks, Ac. . .
Pi.v mouth? Arr March 4, Antelope, Shirri, NYork fe*
^ Pk.nzakcb ? Arr March 1, Adonia, Roaaa, NOrleaaa fOr
Bremen; Neptune, Bable, Baltimore for . p
Qv ken'bto wn ? Sld 4th, Mariner, Savannah; Argylo, Baa
ton (the A waa reported sld 2Sth alt.) - ..j
STauinm ? Arr Mnroh 22, Peter Rolt, Llrorpool , aa?
Sorabstor Road.i for NVork, with damage and loss of aa
ChS^;A"a^Pi^dA?rarirdMarch 4, Robert, NOrlea
f?TniisT?? Arr Feb 26, Ella, Rosenkrans, NOrleaas; Loaa
tiTHB^STAK7^-Arr off Maroh 2, Roger Stowart. Skolfleld.
Mobile for Havre. ?
Liwrpool, Maroh 3-Tha Hiberala, for Philadelphia,
whilst towing down the river this ?ftern?on got in oonUflt
with a coasting schooner, and oarrled away tha lattara
DouoLAa, I M. Maroh 3-The Orleans ^1'
erpool for NOrleaaa, which waa towed hero on tha Urt,
having capsized after striking on the Calf of Man, haa
grounded in 8 fathoms water, and ilea on her ^
with only a small part of her I5iiWK^??oTar3l
pected that her chains, apara and rigging will be
and that ahe may then be removeS further In, her P<?of
deck is gone, and she haa a large hole In her bowa.
Tvrilla (Dundrum Bay), March 4? The Charles Hui*
berUon, Lovett, from Liverpool to B0;*?"' 1
tcrday morning, botween the Cow and CaU Moke a*e
Craigaln, and lies broadside on In a dangerous position, paa
sengers expected to land at high water.
p? dinob k IFeb 27? The light ahlps are still in port, not
having been able to proceed to their statlona, fn cobb?
quence ol fogs and atormy weather. Wind to-day WNw.
with line weather. ?
aiexaNDRIA Sld March 21, schrs William "VTallaoa
(BO mtpplerst John, NB; Julia Newell. Parsons, Boston;
lram Smith, Fall River. T ?. aivim
BALTIMORE? Arr March M. bark Justio ? St ory .
Jr, Boston; brig B K Koooe (Br), 8aunder?. Ponoe, PR. 7lh,
sclira Sea Gull Howland, Providence; Eunice H Adams,
Adams, N Bedford ; Sarah A Marv, CrookeU Lubec Me; Mo
hawk, Graham, Ponce, PR, lOtn insi; Emily Johnson, ??
?na wav NTork* Herald. Evans, Boston; Fair, MoPnomt,
NYorf' ' Cld ship Golden Raoer, Nagle, San Franclsoo.?_^
liOSTON? Arr Maroh 22, shlpCWoora,
Dec 16, via Hampton Roads; Jbarka Lo?U Itaton, Shialda,
Cicnfncgoa 1st inst; Horaco, Tucker, iu Sm
Provincetown; Gen Jones, Hodgdoa, NOrleaaa, via rro
vine* town; schm SilTer Cloud, Burro^s, Tangler; Pl^ln?
Fish Paine, do;B F Sparks, Whorf, NYork. Signal rora
shir and two barka. Cld ships Scargo. Howes. Calwatta.
Middles-ex. Paine, NOrleans; Nightingale, Mather, NYort,
to linish ldg for AustraUa; barka *??'?? 8Ur, Baker, U?
penba?on and a mkt; Wm T Wayward, (new oUpper, 462 muj.
Say ward. San Francisco; Mary F Slade, Baker. Huriaaaa,
Girnrd. O'Ncli, Charlostoa; Sylph, iRyder,
Potter, (of Boston, late of N ow * f *'
l>ri?? Vesta, Stevens, Galveston; Hdward, Rawlay, YarK
River, Va; schrs Saml Oilman. Berry, NYork. Bostoai^?
ley do; Jas H Ashmead, West, do; Gen Taylor, Jonaa, ??
via Marblehead. Sld ship Nlghtlugale.intowand waat to
aea. Bark Cuba started but anchored 'J the RoadiL
BRISTOL? Arr Maroh 22, sohr John Elliott, Wood, Car
^'hath? Arr March 19 sohr Evelina, Stearns, Virginia.
C H A R LESTON? A rr^Mar c h 19, baria Sophia C, fin.^J
ton; Laconla, Howes. NOrleana.Ketch Brothera^hUUjp^
pool; bark Quinnebang, Jenklna, N
?l.is, Boston. Sld Dan brU Laura, sohr N W
Arr 20th, ships Camden, Gadd, and Now York, Edwaraa^
NYork. Cld Span brii Junnito 2d. R?|g- ,M?.r?n
Br bark Burrell, Dodds, Liverpool; sohr Life Iloat, KUia,
^jl Gil TON? Arr Maroh 20, sohr Increase, Weeks, Now
York; sloop Senator Hathaway, do; 22d, sohr Samari I.
CrElsi OHKKrB& Mareh 19. sohr Vita,
c 'i-'aI I.? Ik i V ER ? Sld Maroh 22, sohr Matthew C Durfaa,
^VllANKFOKT? Arr March 14. schrs Raven, Rose, Jaak
sonvillc: J Taylor, Matthews. Baltimore. Pmrk.
GALV F.STON? In port Maroh 9, barks D GodfTay, rm
__ fmAm rington disff (arr 6th, not 4th), Island City,
for do ldg; Helen, ifall, for do, la the ^roam; Norumbega,
Delano; N CBuctanan, Hanson, "?d L?m?rUne Coi ik^.
I for NYork. Ida; MonUuk, Linden, from do (i?rt arr). My
Amonoosuck, Munson, from do gnst^aCTh JMteph AIM? ,
Clark for Boston; and several senra from Southern porjs.
GIjOL'CESTER ? Arr March 18, ^riW.,9?"gVtrt?mo'ath &
Thomaston for Virginia; Samuel B, WUson, Portsmoath far
Brooks Hammond, Gouldsnoro for do, Louisa, urima?
Plymouth for do. ild bark Linden, brig A 1 ? t?A
nanchet Somerset, SpKndld, Julia Franoas, Bolivar, aad
Air 21ft. Jirlg liadiion, Knight, Searsport for Backsvilln.
81'; schrs H L berry. Sharp, Philadelphia far Boiioi; A K
M'Kcnile, Drisko, do for do: F A Hawkins, Cobb, do for do;
Mary A una, Haley. do for Lynn; Lady of the Ocean, Par
kins, do for Portland; Minnesota, Lanman. Tangier for da:
Philip Gllkcy. Hatch, Hath for Georgetown, SC;T A Heath
Pntnam, do for Potomac River; Boliver, Robinson, Koek
land for Norwich. Sid brigs B Young, Hudson; aohra Try
all, Rocky Hill, DC Brooks, Orinoco, Mystic, Denmark.
Louisa F A Heath, P Gilkoy, Bolivar.
Arr S2d, brig Hclvollyo, Davis, Kcnnebunk for George
town, SC; scbrs Bonjamin, Cai>sidy, New York for Boston;
Nancy Mills, Card, Rockland for NYork, Capo Ann, Piokar
ing, Thomanton for do; Ontario, Pcnniraan, Kocklaud for
Richmond; Banner, Parker, Gloucester for Philadelphia;
Mary Lllcu, Snow, Provincetown for Tangier; Edward,
M'Farland, Bristol, Me for Rappahannock; Rosannah Rim,
Coombs, Bucksport for Wilmington, N C; Planet, Perkins,
Bath for Viruinia. Sid sclirs Cape Ann, Ontario, Banner,
Mary i:ilen,.Kdward, Convert, Planet, Minnesota. Kobt Mil
ler, R Koee, Nancy Mills. In port 11 A M, wind S ?, barka
? Dwi; ht. Echo; brigs Mon tlcello, Onward, Helvellyn; cobra
John RuegleB Esther, Ellia, Angclla, B F Reevea, W H
Dennis, llannah Matilda, Tbreo Slaters, B L Berry, F A
Hawkins. Mary Anna. A K M'Kenaie, Lady of tha Oeaan.
Benjamin. Mary Miller.
MOBILE? Arr March 1G, ships Arab, Atohinson, Londoa;
Argo. Mitchell, Clyde. ( Id shipa Trenton, Urcon, Touloa;
Edward Johnson (Br). Lawson, Liverpool; Columbus (Br),
Lester, do; bark AltnciiU, fate, Trieste; aehr Mobile, Whim
penny, Providence; 17f>, bark Sarah Jane. Gray NYork.
?N EW ORLEANS ? Arr Maroh 15, tiliip Arthnr (Br), Maia,
London, 45 days; bark Naomi (Br), Wright. London, Feb 8;
?chr Alice, Butler, Havana, 5 days. Uld ships Connecticut.
Welsh, Havre; Saltan (Ilr), Brown, Liverpool; Arundel
(Hr), Mills, do; bark Commodoro, Williams, NYork.
Arrltith. ships Marlon, McGuire, Callao, Easex (Ilr), Mna
roe. Liverpool, 52 days: Amelia, Williams, Havre, 40 daya;
17th, A M. al'ip Bannock) arn, Swan. Greenock, Jan 1W;
Essex, M clsh, Havre, t>0 days. Cld 16th, ships Geo Ure?a.
Kednian. anil Crown (Br), Campbell, Liverpool; Jnlta
Seclies (Sp). Barcelona; barks Mary Avnah. Wade, Cork
and a market; Nashua. Hill, Philadelphia; Lcroy, Uallo
well, NYork; Indnstriu (Sp), Laronager. Malaga: brlga Wm
Clark, Daley. Matauias: John S Gittlnga, Tronis. Havana.
NORFOLK? Arr March 21, sehra Abram Oeborn. Thomp
son, NYork for Newbcrn.NC, pot In In distress; Antelofa,
Marvel; 11 Brown, ; Express. Sterling, and Ellia Aaaa
da, Williams. NYork; Rol.t Raikes. Chapman, Provlaea
???: Tlioa B Smith, Kelly, Portland; Ali|uiaar, Long, Boa
on: Orion. Clark, do; Wolcome Return, do. In Ilaatptoa.
Roads, sclir Huntress, Di.<uoy, from L'barlcat>>a for NTotk.
NEW LONDON ? Arr March 211, sloopa I <aaa Bowdaa,
Colllni, Newport for NYork; Active, Holmes. M yitlo for do.
Id alocps \\ asbington, Rogers. Agent, Perry; Jos Laa
rencc, Kcnney. and Adventure, Cbapell, NYork.
NEW BEDFORD? Sid March 22, achr Btadora, Gray, Phi
NEWBURYPORT ? Sid March 21, schrs James, and Inde
cndenco, Philadelphia.
NEWPORT ? Air March 22. sohrs George R Rn.woll (of
Lnbcri. Wooster, Philadelphia for Kaey>ort, in distress, ?eo
Disasters: M C Dnrfec, Jamea, Fall Ktver for Raltiiaora;
Mary Ellen. Snow. Maeton for Tangier: Susan, do for Phila
delphia; Banner, of and from Gloucester for .
OWL'S HEAD? In port March 13, schrs Ontario, Paaai
man. and Lucy Blake, Spear, from Kockland for N York;
Mensem, Elliot, from Nvork for Frankfort; liar 'linger.
Hooper, from Norfolk via Boston.
PHILADELPHIA? Arr March 22, PM, steamer Delawaro,
Clark. NYork; schrs Nlnctta Willett* and Saml Caatnar,
Smith, do. Cld sehra Mary. Murphy, NYork; Seneca, Olora*.
Pawtucket: Uaielle, Somer.J, Boston
PROVIDENCE- Arr Maroh 22, schrs B W BldrWfe (a#
Aarwlch), Taylor, (Capt Baker left siok,) Norfolk; uala
ware, Crowell; Worcester. Rhodes; Mall, Crowell, ana B
Townsend. Philadelphia; Elisabeth Hegar (new, 124 tons, af
Mystic), Koi k, Rondout; Clotilda, Glldersleeve, and Ma n.
Greenlield. NYork; sloop America. Baker, do; steamor Oa
prav. Kenney, do. Sid schrs Graee Darling, Bartlett, and
Reindeer. Jarvla, Philadelphia; Ktlen Perkins, Baxter, V
York: sloop Frederick Brown, Gardiner, o?.
PORTLAND? Arr March 21, Br steamer Charity. Pattoa.
Liverpool 23.1 ulU Cld 20th. schrs V Lansll, Nichols Sagna;
MnrLba llall, Cramer, Cardenas; 21st, brig Washington,
BIILer Matansas. .
RICHMOND? Arr March 21, 1 rig M Morton, Miehenou,
Culn. Bid schrs Ellen Dyer, Kclley. Boston; Mountain
Ware Tnrncr, Provldonoe.
KAVANNA&? Arr March 20, Prns ship Job* William,
Spben. Newport, Wales; larks Clansman. MeLailn. Groen
nek log: Macon, I.orenio. Boston: sobr J Smith, rurmaa,
NVcrk. Cld steamer Chas Morgan, Forbea, N Orleans (from
NYork); Br bark Tlernan, Liverpool,
WILMINGTON? Arr Maroh IK. ac.hrs Vermont, Klllott.
Borton: I'.'th, Harvest, Wliliaina. do; 20th, L P Smith, Dir.
rick sen. NYork. Cld lbth. scbrs R W Browao, Uulaa, an4
Seatbrrner. Burr. do. F.ngene, Parker, aad M mauda Pow
ers. Tibletts. Bo'ton 20th, Mary Kmlly, 9av,Tar, and lti
G' r, Sbortwcll, do; Elvira. Ingalia, Batb, Me: t A Ward,
off. NYork.
I WAREHAM? Arr March IS, sehra AJ'.an Barnes, Norfolk;
! llhh, Pocemoke, NYork. Sid aehrf Henry Gibbt, Snow,
I llartfi.rd; Henry Stratton, Baltimore; ?)lh, Cahot, Raok
i elt N fork: Cyrine, Norwich; Ya.tic, NYork, 21st, 8aa?
?or. Rogers, and Noma, Haward. %Vork
I W1SCA9SET? Sid Marek I.rlgs Rlelimond, Chealar,
Wllmlartcn, NC: 30th, JfUa (new). : Sarah K iiabatk.
, Toothaker. ?llm\a?V*?, Sr . Cld lift, brig Csribha.
I ton, Savacaak.

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