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Thf Stalt Lmmllr ARylnm-EIfTtnlh \iinual
The eleventh annual report of the managers of thf
State I.unatic Asylum, 'or the year ending Decern Hor 1, |
1853, submitted to t..e Assembly in February la*t. his :
been received. From the annual ieport of the Supsrin- <
tendent it appears that a larger number of patients
were received into the asylum than in auy prer un j
year, and that a large number of application* for ud
mittauce have been decline I for lack of accommodation. (
The whole number admitted since the a-vluni was
opened, on the 16th January, 1S43, is 3,923; of whim i
I.625 hare been discharged recovered. 85 mnoh i;n- l
pro Ted, 59f> improved, 763 unimproved. and 4(kl have died.
The number admitted duriu,; the y.ar was l.!4, giving ,
? toisl of 840 under ii eatnu ni iu tJie oourH of the year.
Of this number 16V were di?chan?ed recovered, 21 much
improved, 45 improved, li 19 unimproved, and 39 have
died, leaving 44t remaining at the end of the year.
We learn Irom the treasurer's report that the receipts
of t In* year amount to $114, 6o7 42, after all payments, a .
balai.ee remained in the treasury ol $2,5?il 05.
The number of admissions lias heed greater by 31 than
on the previoua year ? M more males and 27 lesi women. '
Jt is ?u observable fact that the number of males hM ex- \
ceedod that of any previous year. By far the largest j
number of patient* admitted were between the ages ol 20
and 30.
Of the total number admitted, eighty males and ten
females were intemperate; sixty-nfese males and thirty- i
one females addicted to the use of tobatyo. Twonfy-uine
of the whole number received an aca bunic and three
hundred and two a common school education. !?ixty-Qve
could lead and write, twenty eight had no education.
One hundred and forty two inen, and forty -litre women
were not connected with atiy religious dun.imination or
In regard to the former occupation of the patients ad
milted, it appears that those engaged in domestic occu
pation), greatly predominate. Out of the whole number
we have 84 employe 1 in housework, nn 1 <15 housekeepers ,
of farmers, there are ti9; of laborers, 52; of merchants,
II, of other occupations, the number is comparatively
A long and interesting list of the probable causes of
derangi mont is given in the Superintendent's report.
The greatest predisposing causes are: ?
Intemperance and vice 64
Onanism 67 j
Domestic troubles 30
Business perplexities 12
This lost item is beginning to constitute an alarming |
feature iu the report of o.ir insane asylums. The lists
of predisposing causes of insanity, issued by those insti- i
Unions during the Ust fen years, show with sufficient I
plainness the fearful ede ts ol indulge ico in this mise
rable delusion. And probably but a small pr iportiun of i
these causes iind their way Lulo an asylum for th ? insane. |
The injury actually accomplished by the spirit rapping l
mania, through the "medium'' of "circles," spiritual
publications and peripatetic lectures cannot be estimated
i>y annual reports.
During the year, the institution appears to have been
more than ordinarily successful in its mode of treatment,
lbV having been discharged recovered; 45 having been .
pronounced improved, and 21 much improved.
Tho asylum has been warmed and ventilated lately at |
a large outlay. The workhouses for patients have con- '
tinned in successful operation, and have been a source of
benefit to them as well as u prolit.
Dyspepsia .
Spiritual Rapping*
The Selection In !\>w Orleans and the Riot.
[From the New Orleans Cresccut. March U8.1
The excitement, the contest, an>l, we must a<id, the ;
disorder at some of the many polls of our city was yen- '
terday such as to forbid ail possibility of our to-day's 1
presenting any returns nt :? 11 to be relied upon.
Other thing*, however, of tlio most deplorable nature,
are, we lament to say, abetter ascertained. NTot only ?vas
there, at the Seventh wnrd poll, (heretofore the chief
scene of fraud and turbulence ) a vust deal of both, but
finally there was bloodshed aud death.
At that point where, from previouH practices, it was
?well known tlm\ all the vigilance, backed l>y all the
strength of the friends of legal voting, wo il i be neces
sary, in order to defend the ballot- box from unbounded
imposition we were, except for a short interval, person
ally present during the entire scene. We little thought
ever to witness such a one in a country which at least is
yet entitled to be free.
In spite of tbo throng of determined friends of order
and of fairness who guarded the polls, tho voting was
almost a continual scene of outrage aud of open perjury,
aided and abetted, in the must shucking manner, by the
one-sided commissioners, who. in total defiance of their
duty, and of the challenges of the must respectable citi
zens, admitted a great body of false votes, and uppa- (
rently in the end have preferred then. selves to eke out
to aay extent which the state of the polls elsewhere may
needful; even that iniquitous state of the poll
which their own violation of duty had created.
tor, while at the closing of tho polls, it was proclaimed
that but 9o2 votes had been registered, it is now, at the
hour when we write, one in the morning, declared that
they have counted no less than 1,400 vo.es ? a number
which they will, no doubt, be ready to change to a still
higher figure, should it be necessary. To give an idea of
the manner in which such things hare been brought !
about, we need recite but a .-ingle instance; in one case, :
a ?>ody of twenty men who liad vot>d at the Fourth pre
cinct, were seen to set out for 1he seventh ward, headed !
by severs I police office: s They wore thereupon followed i
by a citizen of great respectability, whose person and ;
character are known to almost everybody, l'as-ong into 1
the place of voting ahead of them, he warned the com
missioners and the bystanders of the approach ami pur- I
pose of these men. In A ain, however ; the commissioners !
were deaf to his information and to the protests of those 1
around them. They were Jmt only permitted to vote but.
we are assured, passed without i von the ceremony of
swearing. Beyond a question, multitudes of voters who '
were challenged were allowed to vote without really j
swearing, l or the questions and oath were repeated to
them as rapidly ?s possible, without Waiting for an an ?
?wer, so that no one could tell what he swore, nor hear
what he answered.
About two o'clock, .in attempt was n; ado to drug one
Of the indejiendent challengers from his stan !. The as
sailants were instantly driven back aud Ued with vast
After awhile, however, a fresh on?et, led by one of the
officers ?>f the police, and encouraged by other official '
.persons, burst into the large ball sndonee more attempt- ,
?d to drive out the reform party, wthoee only oHfoncc had \
consisted in ch:1 Merging bad voters and preventing i
frauds. The onslaught was led by one Uocler, the bro- |
ther of him who was killed on Sunday morning in a brawl '
provoked by his own uasaults. This second bro ber was
like him, a police officer. Ills followers were a band of \
picked vuftians, wielding clubs with bare arms. As in
the former esse, they dashed at the reform men, who oc- I
cupied a large part of the hall. The mere sight of such
An attempt by such a band kindled up, of course, a vio
lent indignation. They were met in the fiercest manner.
The clubs weie lifted in the air; but fe .. blows were
?dealt upon the crowd, before weapons still more decisive
were plucked forth; a rush was madt?upon them, and in
scarcely more than the twinkling of an eye thov were \
cast forth from the doors and the windows, in utter I
route. Their leader, Mocler, was struck bv a blow of a I
knife, from which he died almost at once; and another '
of the party wae laid out in little b-tter condition. Some j
others an Bald to hav e been wounded.
After this there was quiet voting for the rest of tho
Various efforts were no doubt made to lead on new par
ties to the attack, wined with musket < seized at one of |
the armories. i>0t fortunately these efforts were unsuc
cessful, or were given up. It was clear that American
Mood wns up. and that any fresh attempt to trample on
it would bo yet more signally punished.
Grievous is it that we should hare such things to re
late in a country of the laws, in a eountrj where the
rights of Americans have never before been so daringly
assailed, while they were attempting merely to exercise,
in peace and in honesty, the great right of suffrage. In
defending it they have been forced to spill blood, but it
must rest on the heads of those who had trained to c >r- I
ruption and tinalh urged on to a murderous assault the
body of men of whom 'lie two victims were a part.
lAst night, about eleven o'clock, a company of men
proceeded to the Seventh ward polls, where it was re
lated tho votes were being counte 1 without the pre
Bence of any witnesses of the reform party, and re '
quested admittance to th" room in which it was being
done, in order to see that no foul play ?as practised.
They were refused admittance, whereupon tho door of
the room was burst open. Those inside fired several
she's from pistols at the party outside, none of which,
however, took effect, save inflicting a slight wound upon
Mr. O' Leery. Chief of Police, who was outside.
We have heard of several rows which occurred in va
rious othes parts of the city during the day. but nom of
them were attended with very serious consequences.
?Several arrests were made during the day.
It was reported in the streets this morning, at four
o'clock, as wc were going to press, that the room whye
the ballot box of the Seventh ward wae deposited, had
been broken open by a Urge number of men, the ballot
box taken, and its contents scattered in tho streets.
In nearly all the precinct- he?rd from up to the time 1
of our going to megs this morning, the reform ticket had
been elected by large majorities.
Exnunntoov a Hi man Hody in a PrrKiFiw) ? Yes- j
terday afternoon, as some workmen were engage 1 in ex- j
cavatinga cellar on Linton street, a short distance below
John, ther came in contact with a hard substance about I
nine teet below the grade of the street, which, after some
trouble was exravsted ami brought to light, and proved
to be a human body in a jerfect state of pctriiactioa.
This extraordinary specimen of the human race is a tnalo
about five feet- seven inche., in length. The hair is cut
very short, snd seems to have l>ceu shaved in several
Jiarts, as its formation is perfect and ap|>arcntty unin
ured by time. The face is singularly formed, and differ
ing in shape and expression from any of the race* of the
present age What Is more remarkable, the body is perfect 1
in all its | arts, every muscle, fibre and sinew being per
fectly developed. The color is rather (fa lufct grey,
and in some parts approaches very near to the white
man, although this may hare been produced >y the ac
tion of the soil in which it has been buried, perhaps for
ages. A number of eminent scientific gentle men visited
this remarkable and strance exhumation yesterday after
noon, but nothing of a dc tin ;te character <v is arrived at re
lative to the cause, or what length of tim? it had lain
there, although all agreed that several hundred years
?null have elapsed since it was buried. The Ik>1v will be
removed to the City Council Chamber, in the City Build
ing!, this morning, where it may be seen by those of our
citizens who are desirous of witnessing mis' of the most
wonderful freaks of nature. On Monday it will be hi"
ped to the National Instil ute at Washington, where it '
will remain permanently for the inspect! n of the world I
at large. ? Cinrinnali A'1171/irer, Jpit I 1.
An affray took place in Charlottesville, Va., on the 3d
Inst., between a student of the Cniversity, named Flour
noy, and a young Mr Garth, of Albemarle, in which the
latter was wnunoed? mortally it Is thought. A difficulty
had occurred between the parties a few days before, near
the University, about some rattle which Mr. GArth was
driving. On this occasion i.srth met Hournoy, as weare
informed, in front of the MonticeJIo House, and the en
counter was at once commenced. Garth was shot in
several places and severely cut. He is not expected to
.survive. Hournoy received a severe cut in the arm, but
mot dangerous. I
?' rei t Conflagration in DsnewlUe, W. Y.
LOS $108,000? HAI r PK TI1K Bl'8IN?aa I'OKTIOfC Of
[ rm thePansviil* (N. V.l Herald Extra, April 1.]
arc called upon to reesr# the moat destructive eon
( tlon tbst has ever visited this village. The lire
1 , out yesterday alt< moon in the wooden building
t ing this oiBcc, which, with the high ho it h wind
] ir . liug ut the time, swept northward with fearful ra
, , and beyond the power of humau agency to stay
it.- regress. Tbn entire business jiortiou iY tlio village
n . oth sides of Main street, north of the point wliere
the fre originated, is one ina^ ? of ruin->. The H raid
building*, (brick.) in which our office is located, had a
narrow escaje. 'lhe we*t end of our officii is opon, wiu
dows de troyed, but .ve are able to regulate matter* sut
flek ntly U> i sue this at an early hour thin morning, it
U of coursr ir.pc 'ible, in the present confused state of
a(Tu rp ;oarrivcat my definiteness ax to loiwi and in
surance, but we 1 - ^tily u .ike up the following : ?
w?: i .^iuK or main .vtri ei
J. G Fprsgue. bookstore. &c-, lUnild barilillnga; ware
house in i car, stored with glass, paints and oils, burned.
Loss $1,200; fully insured.
Home of II. Ki rshncr, in the rear, burned; no report
a* to value or insurance.
M Ciiliunn tc Irother, hardware store, wood building ;
insured tor $2,000 on store and goods, sufficient to cover
Win. Hubert#, gunsmith, ovor Gilman's ; insured for
$350, s i flic lent to cover Ions.
Y'm Brown &Son, bakery ; wood building, two stores ;
loss $i!.f>i>0, insured for $'2,000.
Mrs. Maty, milliner ; goods all saved.
American block ? three torr woo len building, 100 foot
front, o sued by (5. llviand ; loss $10,000, including his
ow n hat nnd ury goods .-.tore ; Insured for $1,500. In
this block were also J. I,auterbern. shoe shop, little or no
loss ; Meng, oat store ; L). T. I'rajio, crockery store,
los* $800, insured for $1,200 C. Kenncr, buriior ; O.
Porter, American Hotel. loss ii'.'.OnO, insured for SI ,500.
n.e lie her*" crowed Oasiau street, and extended down
both Main arid < >ssian streets ; on the latter as follows : ?
8. Wilson, sad'ilcr shop, poods removed. Building
owned by A Brartnor ; lo<ti $700, insured <(00.
John r". Howartli. building next wet',, in which was
stored four or five hundred barrels of pork. I'ork all
sa\ed. Builoing worth $ll'5 ; not insured.
James Kai.lkcer ? wood hi. ldlng, occupied by John Mc
Curdy : r storage of some four or Ave thousand bushels
<?1 oats . lo.-s not ascertained, but probably insured to
full amor.nt. Building valued at $4o0 ; no insurance.
< i ining back to the comer of Main and Ossian streets,
and proceeding down Main street, we have the dry goods
store of W. c. Bryant. Goods mostly raved. Insured
for $3,01 0, will cover loss. Building owned by James
1 aulkner, estimated loss $1,200, insured $GOO.
McCartney & Kdwards, dry goods; loss on building
If 00, insured for $5o0 on goods $1,600, insured $2,000.
Brndner k Wilcl), dry goods; loss on building and
goods $5,000, int u red $1,200.
Mrs. Brown, grocery store; goods saved, no insurance
on building; iosj say fSwo.
M I nvis, dwelling. We have not ascertained loss or
insurance, but put down value at $1,500.
11. T. t-tacy, grocery store; building valued at $500,
insured lor $276; goods insured for $750, sufficient to
cover loss.
8. S. ftney, same building, segar factory; $450 in
surance, loss covered.
A row of email wooden stores ? first occupied as a whip
factory by .1. Gillium; loss not ascertained. Building
owned by M. Davis. I)r. Revnale owned tho next build
ing. which was occupied as a grocery by 9. K. Johnson;
goods saved, building insured for $'300, valued at $800.
]?'. Collet, recess and tegar storo; loss $250 on building,
fully insured. D. Bunnell, store not occupied; valued at
$f50. no insurance. Mrs. Hendershott, vacant storo;
loss $1 (.00, insured $300. Joel Cranmer, shop occupied
as a. saddlery C. Futon; goods mostly saved, building
valued at $400, not insured I'. R. Smith grocery store;
estimated loss on goods $'2,000. no insurance; building
insured for $500, valued at $800.
An open space here prevented the further nrogross of
the fire northerly, the Salamander Danaville House again
escaping by a narrow cliance.
KAfT mm: or main street.
R. 1 ay, dwelling saved, with ,-ome damage. Day's wood
block of three stores, insured for $1,200; loss not estimat
ed. Two of these stores wore vacant; the other was occu
py d by Ruslinell & Harebell, boot and shoe dealers; goods
all saved.
liarntan Jones, carriage factory; wood buildings and
shops; lots $3,000 on stock; insured $1 ,500. Buildings
owned by L. Bradner; n< report as to valoe or insurance.
J. W. Brown, dry goods: loss on goods $2,000; covered
by insurance. Wood building, owned by L. Bradner; no
rep< rt as to value or insurance.
R. 8. Faulkner, Ory goods and carpets; wood building,
insuri d for $1,200; valued At $2,000; loss on goods $1,000;
insured $3,000.
M. II Brown, wood store, lately occupied by Brown k
Grant : no goods In ; insured for $i,0OO; loss covered.
Wood building, owned by C. R. Kern ; no report. Occu
pied by Mrs. Curtis, sslllinery store; goods mostly Sived.
Also by C. W. Leonait & 1\j., segar factory; loss $tioO; in
sured S>500.
C. ithei herd's line brick block, four stories; cost $12,000,
insured for $0,000. Occupied by Brown At Grant, hard
ware store; less $6,000, insured for $ti,udo. i;. O. hard
ware store; loss S7.5SO, insnred for $3,500. E. Niles,
drug store; loss $10,000, insured $0,000. K. S. Palmer &
Co., clothing; insured $8,600; lose covered. L. B. Proc
tor. l.iw ( flic?! up blairs; loss $.50. Livingston lx> lge I.
O. of O. F., the Phoenix Jlasonic Lodge; furniture partly
saved; J urtialiy insured.
The > irst Presbyterian Church, next to the Shepherd
' lock, destroyed. Ilie church was old ; loss not stated;
policy had just expired.
M. 'laft, grocery store; building insured $000, and
$2, ( CO on goods. lo;s not stated.
The tire was here checked by an open space interven
ing. Barns belonging to A. Bradner, some distance
north, took fire from Hyii g sparks, and were consumed;
less estimated at $600; no insurance. Constant watch
ing wus irquired at the north end of Main stroet, and
ninny of the houses were repeatedly on fire.
Ihe str- ng w ind which prevailed rendered the fire
terrible to contemplate as it rushed onwards with mad
fury ami rapidly destroying march. Its roaring was like
the rushing whnlwlnd, and its appearance like a buruing
volcano. We hat e not time for reflections as to the ef
fect of this sweeping calamity on our village, but though
a sever, blow, we shall hope to see new and more s.ib
.-tantial buildings rising, phoenix like, from the asBcs, to
take the place of many of those destroyed.
?We regret to state that one of our citizens, Mr. Ken
nedy, was so severely Injured by falling from a third
st' ry window in the American Hotel, as to render his
recovery exceedingly doubtful. He struck upon the
round of a ladder on his back, but his injuries arc mostly
The tiro originated above the gun shop of Win. Roberts
? in what manner is not known.
To sum up the tire, we may count forty buildings aud
stores destroyed, with a total loss in bouses and goods,
according to the above estimates, of $100,000, insured
for 960,000. The heaviest loss by any company is pro
bably by the Ontario and Liwngston, say $^0,000.
Tlie Ttirf.
Mctaif.ik CorKPE ? Kkw ?kiKanh, March 28. ? Proprie
tor's purse $200, mill heats.
A. L. B'tijfBmi'u'N b. c. .lim Barton, by Gray
Faglo, dam hj" Eclipse, 3 yean old 2 11
P. M Head's cli. p. Conrad tlie Corsair, by
Voucher, out of Lady Jane, by Leviathan, 3
yearn old 1 2 2
J. Turnbull's cli. g. Charley Hiley, by Cadmus,
dam by Cbilders, 0 years old 4 3 3
A. Lecoiiite's ch. f. by I. all* tin, flam by Levia
than, 2 veins old 3 4 dr.
Time. 1 1:60 >,?1:52.
Baiie Pat. ? 1'roj rieti r's purse S'OO, two milohe its.
W. J. Minor's b. f. Mary 'Taylor, 4 years old . . . . 4 11
A. L. Pin^uman's b. f. Ally by Duller, dam by
leviathan (Arnbian) 12 3
A. Lecomte's g. h. White Eagle, by Gray I-jigle,
dam Barah Miller, 4 year* old 2 3 2
1>. 1 . Binnpr'sg. g. Cold 1'ust, by Gray Modoc,
oi t of Ila'j i nnj , 3 years old 3 dig.
.Turnbull's ch. c. lln^h L. Krenob, by imp.
Gloncoe, 4 years old 6 dis. j
Time, 3:61^?3:41 3:44.
Mbta rant Corns B ? New Okikans. March 30. ? Criterion
stake. mile heats, for three years old, subscription WOO,
forfeit S.II.P, $260 added by the ( lub.
A. L. Blngaman's (11. P. 1 ield's) br. c. Wild Irish
ninn. by fileiieor. dum by Moifoc 1 1
T Wells' b. f. Edith, by S^oi ereign, out of Judith,
by l.Uncoe 2 2
E. : levin's ch. g. C<*irad, by Voucher, out of Ijidy
Jane pd.ft.
Time, 1 :66 ? 1 :67.
Swoni) Rac*.? ftake for til ages, to carry 100 pounds, I
three mile heats, subscription $aoo, forfeit $100, $260 !
lidded io the stakes.
Judge Hunter's ch. g. Rube, by Trustee, out of M;u
strel, aged 1 1 ?
W T. i l.eiitham'B cb. g. Compromise ) y (.lencoe,
dam by stockholder. ?"> years < Id 2 dr. |
l; P. 1 ield's b. p. Little I lia, by firay Baffle, dam
by Acteoo, 6 years old pd. ft.
Tune, 6:13.
The Whitehall Chronicle announces tbe decease of Jo
SKin I', liioi .NT, who was, at the time of his death, one of
the proprietors of that paper, and a gentleman of pro
l ied, at Pt. Louis, on the l!>th of March, Her. .Ton? B.
Mkaoiman, p??tor of the First African Church in that
city. He fell dead while reading his text. lie was for
merly a slave in Virginia, but was set free and went to
i?t. Louis, where at one time he was at the head of n
Urge capering establishment, and next an extensive
dealer in real estate, and owner of a large amount of
steamlxMit stock. But for reverses of fortune, it is sup
plied he woul I have left his family $300,000 or $400,000.
As it is, he leaves them a comfortable fortune.
A correspondent in our paper of March 14, says the
I tic* llrrald, made some notice of Mrs Jrnrrii Town, a
lady resident in the town of Marshall, in this county,
who had attained the remarkable age of 107 years.
Hardly bad we published bis note, however, before she ,
passed away. On the 16th of March, with hardly any
I revious indications of so speedy a departure, she termi
nated her earthly career. She was born in October, 1747, 1
anil *?,- consequently a woman grown when the lirclarn
tion of Independence \fas signed. Her recollection of |
the events of those days were vivid in the extreme. She
was undoubtedly the oldest person in the county at tlie
time of her death.* We are informed her oldest daugh
ter survives l.cr, at the venerable age of 80 years.
" General Average" Damage.", asChahgeabi.k
TO TBK (Hivkhnmjnt ? It is held at the Treasury I>e part
meat 'hat when property belonging to the government is
freighted, it must contribute towards general average
tinder the same circutn -lances and to the same extent as
that of private individuals and when a vessel is acciden
tally stranded in the course of her voyage, and by I.ihor
and e*| ei so is set allo.it. ns it produces benefit to all, it
Is a charue upon all according to the rules of apportion
ing general average, and the rula for ascertaining the
cootiibntory value of freight is to diduet on" third from
the gi oss freight. Whatever may !>e the nature of the '
Injur), whether arising from voluntary sacrifice or the
perils of the ses, the wages and provisions of the erew
from the time of putting away for the port, snd every
other expense necessarily incurred during the detention
for the benefit of all concerned, are to become as general
average; but the expenses of repairing the ship, if not
occasioned by voluntary sacrifice, are not a subject of j
eneral average ? fftuAtftfrfon Star. April 6. i
Three Destructive Finn In Clerelw?d.
_ JFron.thcneT.UnU Waindenler April
1 *-?tnrrtay u! ht, 1st lnrt., at about half p<vst 11, a*
alarm of fire wan lung, ami It was soon discovered that a
frame building. j. t-t in the rtarof Engine Co. No. l's
house, on Seneca rtreet. was in flames. The Bremen be
' h.ngiug to No. 1 k.ou ha ! a stream playing on the lire,
th? ir tut;! lie remaining in the house. Hut the wind, which
I was strong, blowing from a little west of north, caused
the lire to spread, and in fifteen minutes the engine
house and two adjoining buildings were burning. Not
withstanding tfce almost superhuman efforts of our tire
i men, the engine house, the two adjoining buildings, oc
cupied by families in the second story and groceries beleer,
and l)r. Purinton's dispensary and druj? store, were en
tin ly destroyed, The ho. k and ladder company d.d very
efficient gei vice at the tire--by their efforts, in particu
lar, assisted by many citiiens, the further spread of the
devouring element was pre rented. The large brick build
ing en the corner of Supeiior and Seneca streets was
caved with difficulty, lie Stag's Head saloon was in a
hot placo, and had it* "horn*" scorched. The probable
loss by this fire is between $3,000 and $3,500. The bell
of N'o. 1 tumbled down, but was not injured. Purintou's
dispensary was insured for $1,000. It is presumed by
many that Ihis fire was the work of an incendiary, as it
, originated in an unoccupied house The subsequent tires
geiioed to stream-then this supposition.
; The Are above described had scarcoly got under head
way before arotlier alarm was raised, and llames wero
I seen dart'nf from the roof of the Messrs. Sturtwvant's
' extensive planing establishment, on the corner of Michi
gan and Seneca streets, near the canal. It seems to be
;i nfntter of debate whet hej this fire was the work of an
J incendiary or not. The wiad was carrying clouds of
! ?] arks in that direction, and the building was composed
i of, and contained, the most combustible materials.
I (Since writing tho abuve, we learn that one of the Messrs.
j Sturtevant saw the Are communicated by sparks to the
, roof.) The mill was soon consumed to the earth The
| loss of this establishment is $'20,000, with an insurance
I of $1,000. Tho exceedingly inflammable nature of the
j building prevented the obtaining of insurance. Much
sympathy is expressed for the Messrs. Sturtrvant, who
i have so suddenly lost their all, after having just got into
; successful operation in their business.
In addition to the planing mill a number of adjoining
building? were destroyed with astonishing rapidity. So
furiously did the flfttnes spre-.d that it w.is with difficulty
many ot 1lie inmates escaped. Considerable furniture
was destroyed. The house and brewery of John Sohenck,
mineral and soda water and ale maker, was partially
destroyed? loss $3,300. He was not insured. A larg ?
number of bottles containing various liquids were
broken, and several casks of alcoholic liquors were
destroyed. A good portion of hia stock was, however,
The rows of small buildings, stables, and residences
on and back from the street, were burned down. The
I horses and cattle wero saved with difficulty. Three
ana 11 cottages opposite the mill, on Seneca street, were
John Bappl'.e, carriage maker, was also a sufferer to
the amount of $1,000, with an insurance of $1,000. The
three houses of Mr. Martin Bill were worth $500, and no
insurance. The lumber burned outside of tbo mill must
have been worth several hundred dollars.
J ean & Frnnsted lost their cooper shop ? saved their
While this fire was raging with 'scarce any opposition
the btdl in the tall steeple of the Baptist church, near
; by, pealed forth another '? loud alarm." We could nut
help ob-erving tho expression of fesr and alarm on the
I countenances of tho crowd, when the deep notes of the
hell struck t heir ears. A large number immediately
started for Erie street , it being rumored that the third
, (ire was on the corner of that street and I<ake street,
j The (irrinen were by this time wearied out; but many of
them hastened to the new scene of devastation. In a
short time two houses were destroyed. Tbo one on the
corner, in which the tire originated, was unoccupied.
The incendiary had kindied the fire in the north east cor
ner, and the flames had made considerable headway be
fore they were discovered. A family was to have moved
into this bouse on Monday. It was owned by Mr. Keyser,
whose loss is probably $000 to $R00. The next building
was owned by the Widow McAnolly. and was occupied by
three Irish families. In the first story there was a gro
cery. We did not learn whether these buildings were
It is impossible at present to gi re I lie aggregate loss of
property by the three fires. Many families were driven
from llieir homes, but were hospitably cared for by
neighbors. There is no doubt but tbat two of these fires
, were caused by incendiaries, and we earnestly hope tne
' fcoundri Is may be caught and punished as their crimes
deserve. It becomes our city watch to keep an unusually
vigilant eye upon suspicious persons prowling about tho
streets late at night. i
T1,? M l ,D<>"*eatl? MlHccllaiiy.
JK oTKproSTne^'ci fLZ^J0', cLrf'nWe"
Uilw?uW_ttlich8"? d with Jm- f 1C1T' and onewf
escape of thtafLXe .U^G Ioi?g "* abt'Uia* in tho
able to ascertain. ' aH *kat l>a]?er Las been
^"Urt'ny'estah^hrocnt^ aV'frT0!*!!!' lr?n anJ ?kamboat
o<i by 4 on Wodm^day liut ' ^ W" *??>*?
ISS^^S' at \hVm^ of
?1-8.1 )Mt.t an-1 hlVd?Ugb& Med m??? A?." ?n
flan.es! The tire originated iA ^V ' l*ri9h<"1 th?
such rapid progress tin t it ??.. ? l>a?t'!nt'ntt *nd made
girl, wl.Po ,lerpt in the rt m above P0" * re8CU6 ,b?
>XS}mb* ?zz"y?r- ^nrat' of oi""
which llwd ill WadhiDKton. owned, and
"rim^ th? In,liun m? to be ship
i lie ??., ;?aB ;t v eTr 6'il00 000
I reWous season was 3.878, (W7. m * port iu nDJ'
Crmufj'a^olhrre L0UU ftr? tttltin* ??*>?* acting a
r"ty to an amount exce.ding *2 ,000. ?J ?f ,,ro'
JobMbu^wirren" cltntf N^^MtaineT f)M,',in? ,n
one hundred year, on the 1Mb day' of liir ug\?,T,
enjoys good health. His ? , .J > He still
"Pll?M..?lK.,ol"taCia b,? l,UI?
J hffirs ffisMrt sttss -m -
on the other Hide of the river ttv ? 1,1 8hots>
laily was in the ease Tim powder ? f that ?
?^'Sihdertatter PCUlL'd' Tbe sL",s
pr^'oatwTagainst any^ango iS'SCo^' "*
,v Kcvr N- J ' ""^o
bed around his cell, he obtained lire bv . t?i"traW of hi"
con l act with a stove in the hall 1? i . n,f a "'"P ln
1 la- d hi. n. i ll' in the eeX of tS^ ? tho ?tr?w.
dames. When discovered thni.Jh 1 T'. H"rroun(,ed by
ice to n^mahmg UiePahwT of' ilT"' #?"P 1aanti,,P!' of
formed in tbe fake one mHe r..M^ <?tario ?? ???
within the past two weeks than at In -111 the "hore,
past winter. Tho ho in the rier.t I)r!7{0\<* the
ing is very linn. M,me ice form,* .,1'110 Und'
not sufficient to obstruct the imTmno?"/ J? mouth. but
Ti e lawyers of < incinna'i nr.. lom*?ts of vessels.
mac.I fer counsel fees, $5; divorce ?M f' Thoy de"
Ibe wife of Mr. .Joel Willln! e-'.e1<'tlnc'>t, ?1()0.
"ho wks bi'[ten by^ cat^wo'monU.V' *^
S?vs'be^'re0'>iU "?('Ivel untin^rM'or four
Mrs. Ilines. need 67 venn i n
riclett. were dLMule u^?" Chr'dren ?f Jam"8
river above Wilmlugton N (' a at in the
to Know that President l ieree Is oonoMd ?T?i. vr hapPen
bill n? it paFHod tbe Senate !" Nebraska
^'^XT^^^Tn'lho-lS rtn,PirI "fflVor,?m'nt
"ew Mayor, was ^e^Ldt^ nfe 8tr0n?' lhe
Ike Hen Ro^erB. Tan? v ( hi. f f? ?/ . twor? present:
^?yne, Hen. John Catron. Hnn wf-'v ?' Jn,ue" M"
Kimuel Nelson. JJ on. R r ('iirii? , i. an'ol> Hon
<?tnpbell, Associate Justices' w' p"!1. IIoa John A.
of fvmth Carolina; C B. K frv n . Ud?P,'?'11, Rsq.,
nia, and Charles Barard Strode F? ' ^ ?f ^eniwjlva
?dft,ltted attorney/ I1U | ou ?,n t' ?i ?allf?rnl?, were
(hi. f .I ihtice anaounrod to the 4 c 'urf- The
t?.e (irst ease railed for arKuinenr , ?** No; 82 "o>.ld be
nfft~7r Ule r?Kuh,r cai,of t^^ket^n*
VS. l,Moy f-wormstrdt et'ni'""'n e^w'1 ' "^llants,
LnioU^rnoc,i b>- Mr 8Wr;LoiPxx
m ??* Reserved
Keserv.d till Aj ril 13th Xo vfl u V . Vth No' 3i
Struck off. No. AC. IJvmtrston rlL l""IUed- No- M
respondent. Argued. John Van if"" 'nt' afr MiU#r?
pellant: Henry Hogebooin counsel f ' C0Hn"'1 for ap
/ rwi 3. Kv^t.vo S^'^Nr-mfrA rc"l'On,lent.
fd. ^o 170, struck off No So /u. *Um*nt eonrlud
Judgnient of (.eneral and Special ^? n,ft' K?Tnolds.)
others,' app, nsn / ^8^' W*) /lim" II ?I'uE,i"ha F,,lt?n *nd
"Pon.:. tits. / rgued Mr O Ms Mi no B "nd re
lants; Ml- H. It. t-ol.lo,, for counsel for appol
f"r A|ril 8,11 ? No. 48 do dn ?' -Nu"' 45- "?
do. do. do. 12th: Nos. 4fl, 40. M R1 A j i J No- 47.
do. do. fenrth week; Nos 27 ? ? ? 13th: No.
r?y (alendar for April 5th, Son Vf\ r-\q k*A*Hl 10lh
w. ?i, 67,9, 18, 28 The lL .(,?'? ??, 81,62,
Chief Justice, announced the foiul n^t ^l'0' Actin?
n.ent reversed, new trial Rranted-n
in error, sgt William I nrr, i.UinJiff?1' ' def#n,1?nts
ment afflrmed? The I'eoi le def.^J ? , erTOr
"i !? fx,'*!:
pellanf' sgt.^John 'Hays'! 'rov^ind" nT'"'/ ' r^trf x- ?P"
??d by default. Mr J. () }|m,( " , Ju lfrn??ntafflrin
Kp' iident. No. 60. The Feonlo ? p"""*"'! for re
Orphan Asvium, rest ondr n ts n t ' Jh" ,,r??klvn
Education of the city oi lirnoklrn . ,loard ?r
Mr. John A. I,olt. counsel for an, .11 Argued.
? ?ana, for respondents. No 30 subml tf ^ 'm A H> I
?*> r,ns^dt Nos M and 40, str'uek off vn ft?' 5fl and
for April 14th No. 68, do! fourth Iv a ' r<,??rved
No. 80 not concluded. Argun??ot in
BajtrU off Aldmnen.sui?d Scnttn.
_ Friday, April 7. ISM.
Present ? Natl an C. Ely, F.?q., Presides!, Aldermen
Br>>wn, Williamson, Blunt, Hurl, Hoffmire, Howard,
Mtodward, Wm. Tuoker, Voorhis, Trowbridge, Boardtnan,
H ak-man, Covert, Kelly, Chauneey, Christy, Lord, Her
ritK.O. li Tuckerr, Mott. anu Drako.
lhe minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.
By Alderman Chavncey? Petition of Joseph JJ. Vnrnnm,
to I e app inted a Commissioner of Deeds. To Committee
on Claries and Offices.
B? Alderman Mott? Petition of Hamlin, Rushmen A Co.,
and others, to have Liberty street cleaned. To ths Aider
mi n of the Xirst and Third wards.
By AHerman Cw aunckv ? Petition of Hook and Ladder
Comj'-u y No. 3, to bate building repaired. To Committee
OB lire Department.
By Alderman C H Tucker ? Petition of William White,
relative to Engine Company No. M. To Committee on Fire
l'i partn.ent.
Ity Alderman Chauncsy? Petition of Shelden Smith for
remission of tax. To Committee ou Finance.
By :he lent- Petition of Walter M. Livingston to be ap
pointed a Commissioner of Doeds. To Committee on Sala
ries ai.d Oflues.
By Alderman Mutt ? Romonstrance of Frederick Philips*
and others, a ainst flagging Third avenue, from Fortieth to
Fifty toft atreet. To Committee on streets.
liy the President ? Petition of Wm. II. Jephson, for re
mission of tax. To Committee on Finance.
By the rame ? Petition of the Rev. John S. Ebaugh, for
correction of tax. To Committee on Finanoe
By Alderman Brown? Petition of Irnest Q. C. Dohr
ir.ann, for relief from tax. To Committee ?a Finance.
By the President? Petition ?f Valentine Benner, for
relief from a*sessment for tilling in lota corner Forty- fifth
atreet and First avenue. To Committee on Aastffmunts.
By Alderman Kelly? Remonstrance ef Thcofcre Martine
an<i othcra, against building a aewor in Twenty-ninth atreet,
between Ninth and Tenth avenuea. To Committee on
By Alderman W?. Tucker ? Petition of G. W. Wheeler,
to be appointed a Commissioner of Deeda. To Committee on
Salaries and OfEcea.
By the Pr esident ? Communication from the Clerk of
M# Conrt of General Sessions, in re la', ion to room* for the
Grand Jury. Laid on the table
By Alderman Brows- Petition of J. Westerfleld and
othcra, to have repoaled the ordinance extending Albany
street through Trinitt Church Yard. To Committee on
An invitation was received from the Governors of the
Alms Bouse, to accompany the Governor of tho State and
Legislature, on a visit to the institutions under tho charge
of the Governors, on Saturday, Hth inst. Accepted.
By Alderman Blunt ? Whereas, parties owuing property
ou the northeast corner of Brondway and Canal street, have
been injured very much by the permission given to ct^tmen
to stand with their carts in the atroet in ntont of aaid pro
I'Crty. thereby injuring the letting of said property nearly
one naif; and there are now four housea adjoining said cor
ner that have sot been let and cannot bo leased oy reason
of the carta standing there, aud as said carts nan bo remov
ed to a small distance dov n the block, either in front oi the
Emigrant office or In front of the church, without causing
any damage or injnry whatever to any property; therofore,
Resolved, That the Mayor he. and is hereby, requested not
to allow auy cart or carts to stand on the oornor of Broad
way and Canal street, or within one hundred foot of the
si.id corner. Referred to the Alderman of the Fourteenth
By Alderman Brown? Rosolvcd, That Geor: o 8. Cartn'
chael be, and ho is hereby, appointed a Commissioner of
Deeds for city and county of New York. Keforrcd to the
Committee on Salaries and Offices.
By Alderman Mott ? Resolved, That the Street CommU
aioner report to thia Board immediately, the propriety and
expediency of using coal ashes in the plane ot rani tor tho
puvingand rcpa ring of ptreets, and whether coal a lies
would not be a better foundation than Baud to sustjia p ?vc
nieut. Adopted.
By Alderman Voorhis? Resolved, That the Carnitine
on Ordinances he requested to report an ordluaiur requir
ing every builder and contractor to obtain a permit front tho
Superintendent of Streets before be is allowed in any way
to obstruct the strcots, if expedient, in their opinion. Adopt
By Alderman HrnRicK? \vhereaa, on the 5t'i di>y of
January last, a Special Committee of this Board v. as ,p
pointed to revise the ordinances of tho city, and recommend
aucb amendments as are necessary to adapt them t-> tho
provitions of the amended charter of 1853, which commit '.so
has not yet reported : and
Whereas, such revision and amendment were earnestly re
commended in the annual report to the Comptroller, dated
February 1, 18M, and is imperatively necessary to secure
many ol the advantages expected to flow from tho amended
chatter, thereforo,
Resolved, That so much of the Comptroller's annual re
port as relates to tho revision and amendment of the ordi
nances, in order to adapt them to tho requirements of the
an, ended charter of l.u53, lie referred to tho Spocial Com
mittee on Ordinances, with in structiona to report without
delay, and before the closo of tho present monthly s?3elon
of this Board. Adopted.
Of Committer on Cleaning Streets ? To oonourto adopt
specifications tor cleaning the streets. Adopted on a di
vision, til:?
Affirmative ? Aldermen Williamson, Blunt, Baird, Hotf
mire, Woodward, Wm. Tucker, Voorhif, Trowbridge, Co
vert, Kelly. Chauncey, Christy, the President, Aldermen
j-ord and Mott? 15
Negative? Aldermen Brown, Howard, Uerrick ? 3.
Of Comjnittee on Ftrries? In favor of regulating ratea of
fare on the Williamsburg ferries. After sundry amend
ments, the same was adopted on a division, via: ?
Affirmatire? Aldermen Williamson, Blunt, Baird. Wood
ward, Wm. Tuckor, Voorbis, Trowbridge, Chauncj, Christy,
the President, Aldermen Lord, C H Tucker, Mott ? 13.
vegativo? Aldermen Brown, Uoffinire, Howard, Kelly,
He rick? 5.
uf Committee on Ordinances? Tn favor of granting the
petition of the reotor and wai dens of the Zion Church, to
remove the remains of tho dead to new vault. Recommitted
Of Committee on Assessments ? In favor of releasing to
R W. Martin the gore of land known aa No. U7 in the as
sessment lor opening Thirtieth atreet. Adopted.
Resolution ? That a joint special committee of each bor rd
of the Common Council be appointed to receivo aud wel
come the members of tho Legislature on their intonded visit
to this city to-morrow. Concurred in; and Aldermen Wake
[ man, Christy and Woodward were appointed such com
i mittie; to whi^h, on motion, the President was added.
On Bcotii n, the Board then adjourned until Monday, 10th
inat., at 6 o'clock P. M. D. T. VALENTINE, Clerk.
Proceedings In the llonrtl off Aldermen.
(Otir Special Report.]
The Board of Aldermen disposed of a considerable nnmhor
of papers last evening. They concurred in a reaelution of
the Count ilmen recommending the appointment of a special
joint committee to meet tho Legislature on their viaitto
New York on Saturdny, the .-th inst., (this day )
The report of the Committee on Ferries, recommending
the folio* ing Echedulc of rates for the Williams! urg f.-rry,
was received : ? For fort passengers, for single passage on
either of the three ferries, three cents; forty tickets, trans
ferral le. and good on all the ferries, $1; all females, and
boys under seventeen yenr? of aire, ah til be allowud to com
mute <or six men hs, with privilege of crossing all the above
ferries, ut Htf; males over seventeen years of ago may, in
like manner, commute for the samo prlviloge for elx months
fort.'?. 'I he periods for commutation shall aate from tho 1st
ef May and the 1st of November in each year. Ono-horso
flean-re carriage, la. bd. one-horae gig or sulky, Is. M ;
wo horse pleu.-ure carriage. 2s.; horse, or horse and man,
10d.; neat tattle, each. KM.; two horse wagon, with hay or
straw, Ioofo, 3s. : two-!.orse wagon, with hay ami straw press
ed, 2s: two hortc roarVet wagon, loaded, 2s.; ona^eaMBar
ket wagon, loaded, Is. 6d.; one-horse wa;on VNM *ith
furniture, la. 6d. ; a cart rr business wagon, not exceeding
ten teet in length, with ordinary load, la.: do., not loaded,
la.: hog, tl.eep, ( r c?lf, 3s. ; flour, ? r other artielos in bar
reU, pirl.bL, 3s.; liquora, I eer, cider. Ac., tid. ; for evory
hundred pounds of any (rticle not occupying extra room,
3d. All other articles not enumerated "above, shall bo
charged in pri p< riios to the al ove rates.
Aldemian Woolwarp opposed tho amendemont, and
made the very extraordinary assertion that the cbargs on
each f
its taxes.
Alderman lien rick spoke in favor of the amendment.
Alderman Williamson, as one of the committee, opnosed
the amendment to redttoe the fare. The committee had con
sulted inanv of the inhabitants <f Williamsburg, na well as
the members of the ferry company, and he believed the re
pert was in conformity with tho wishes of the majority. He
(Alderman W > bad nnderatood that tho Union Ferry Com
pany 1 ad lost $.r7 4P" during the last year by running at one
cent for each foet passenger.
Aldi rman I,oh r was of opinion that tho report of the com
mittee should be sustained.
Alderman Howarp wished to make one reirn-k with re
flect to the reduction; all tho ferry eompanlts running at
ons cent for foet passengers had already grown abundantly
Alderman ChAvwcy rose to a point of order; the Alderman
of the bixth (Howard) had already spoken twioe on this sub
Alderman How "D wished to explain.
Alderman Chavncy persisted in calling the Alderman of
the !-ixth to order. They bad had quito enough of him.
Aldern an Howard, (resuming his seat)? We have had
em u?h of yon too; but thia is your last term. (Laughter.)
Alnern an Mott apefce in lavor of tho reduction.
Alderman Yom, nirs was of opinion that tho report of the
committee, who well understood tho matter, should be sus
tain iU
SeveWl other members spoke fro and ron, and the report
of the ct mmittce was sustained.
1 foot passenger should bo raised to twenty tive cents or
:e shillings, in order that it uiightcoinpel people in busi
i in New York to reside on the island and coutributo to
Beard of Councilman? Stated Sraslon.
Fripat, April 7, 1354.
Prectnt ? Fdwin J. Rrown, Esq., President, m tho ..hair,
and flity-ninc n<in?lers.
petition*. ?
By Cenrcilman Kennedy ? Of Post A Hart, for interest on
coutruit. To ( omuiittee on Finance
Of 1 ewis B. Drown? For relief from tax. To same.
By Councilman Lee? Of Ueorgo Lovett, for compensation
for imp of bulkhead at foot of Watts stcect To Committee
on Wharves, Ac.
By Connctlinan Cooper? Of owners and occupants of pro
perty in tbe Third ward, tliat tho honso of Enpije Co. No. 14
mt,T be railed one story, for the tetter accommodation of iti
numbers. To Committee on Fire Department.
Bj Councilman Bcaklky? Of all the property ownors (73 |
In number.) in College place, praying that the cant track
of tbe Sixth and I'ifiLth Avenue Railroads to taken up. To j
Con ii it tee on Railroad*.
By Ccnnriluian North? Remonstrance of John J. Myer !
nnd i tbers. again. t the opening of 183d streot. To Commit
tee on Rends.
By Councilman I.ammeciit? Of Peter Cook, to be ap- 1
pointed a Couiu.iationcr of Deeds. To Committee on Sala
ries. Ac.
By Councilman Pearson? Of F. A M. Shaofcr and two
others, for a newer in Fifty tirst street, between Third and
Fourth iTccues. To Committee on Sewer*
By Councilman Conover ? OfUorham I) Abbott and oth
ers, that Broadway, from Fourteenth to Forty fifth struts,
be pa\ed with block pavements. To Committee on Streets.
By Councilman Pinceney ? Of K. Moore, for relief for in
Jnrlea received while lai the discharge of hi< duty aa a police
man. To Committee on Polio*.
By Councilman H. Smith? Of E. II. Ilerrlck and others,
that east side of Coesties slip, between Front and South
streets, he raised and repaired. To Committee ou Mroets.
By Councilman Vermii.ye? ' That George B. Smith be
appointed a Commlsiioner of Deeds. To Committee on Sa
laries. Ac.
By Councilman Batter? That the roof of police station
of Twenty first ward be repaired. To Committco on Re
pairs, Ac.
By same? That Henry B. Lincoln be appointed a Commis
sioner of Deeds. To Committee on Hn'aric?, Ac.
By C oui.climan Wit,*? Preamble, stating that Spring
Street, from (irreuc to Thompson stre't. is in a condition in
many sues impassable for carts and other vehicles, with
rciofowon that Coromisi-ionor cauae it to be repaired.
By Councilman Reed?' That the sidewalk in fro*, of No*.
17 r.nd ID Bowery le repaired. Adopted. '
By Conncttman North ? That the Police Commissioners
I e anth iriied to appoint twenty additional policemen for
the Twelfth ward. To Committee on Polio*.
By same ? That tbe Mayor be authorised to pnrchase and
i n jloy not to exceed kIx additional horses, t > be plaotd un
der I he dlrction of the ihief of i'ollee, for the pnrpoie of
increasing the efficiency of Uie Twelfth ward police. To
By same? Tl.at tbe Comptroller pnrchaae a plot of ground,
net Icr* than AO fiet front by 100 Meep, for the purpo** of
Imildirg a staiion l.onae between Mauliattanvillc and Car
ninnm tile. Toaame.
By ranie ? That the Commlasloner of Repairs. Ac . be di
reeled to advertise lor proposals for building a station house
on such sit* as tbe ( onjpt roller may purchase, so soon a*
said purchaae la made. To Committee on Repairs, Ac.
lly Councilman Monaghan ? That llHth street, from Third
atenne to Harlem river, he lighted with oil lampe. To Com
mlttee en l.atnps, Ac.
By Councilman Parraiv? That the Board of Conncllmea
remonstrate against tbe passage of the hill now before the
Senate for the re organising of the Fire Department by th*
ftPpotQtpieut of CvmwUsionsr*. a* tk* Board oonaidsrs it
injudicious at this timq, end not asked for by the firemen,
Ac. Adopted.
By < t uncilmcn Vibmilti- Resolve^ TliMUka lauiW
a ?.*? ? ?? ->? ' " i " ?
zs? r r*$
future on ttt?iriut*i.4M 1 city to-morrow. Adopt
cd. and Maluer. vtrmilje. 1 oung, fiimbark and
Convver, ?p| tinted on said Co?i tliee
(It is en an invitation of ti.o Governors of the Almshouse
for tLe nit tubers of tbe Loglilature, Ac., to visit the insti
tution] . _ ,
By Councilman Pi A*iOi?? ' That John L. Hurley be ap
pointed a Commissioner of Deeds. To Committee on Sala
ries. Ac.
Tbe Bosrd then proceeded to the election of an Assijtant
Clerk snd Doorkeeper of this Board.
Mr Charles T. Jenkins, on siith ballot, wae el?eted
Clerk, And Mr. V .11. Peabedy, on eighth ballot, eiectid Door
Tie President, In reference to the appointment of a Reader
to tbe Hoard, made by bini a few meetings since, referred to
the ordinauco by wbioli the power to mako suiU appoi.it
ment is given to hiin.
Of the Governors of the Almshouse, to visit. In eompnny
with the Governor And LegislAture, the institutions under
cfcnrge of SAid Governors, on Hatu rdAy, 8th inst. Acoopted.
From the Comptroller? Submitting a commnnlcAtion of
8treet Commissioner, recommending a further APproprlAtion
of J.'i,UOU for 1664 for removing snnken vessels. To Com
mittee on FioAnee.
From Chid Engineer of tbe Fire DepArtment? Suggesting
that a lot in TLii teenth street, near Fourth Avenne, belongs
to tl e city, And, if so, that it be appropriated aa a site for
A house for Hook And LAdder Company No. 12. and that the
?uhicct be referred to tbe Comptroller, Ao. To Committee
on Fire Department.
The communication of James Flanagan ? relative to eon
tracts on streets now in the area of Central Park ? referred
March to Committee on Lands and Plaoes ? was, on mo
tion, relerred to Committee on Koads.
By Councilman Honok inao.n? Of A. Rosenthal and
others, that Thirty ninth street, between Third and Fourth
Avenues, be flAgged. To Committee on Street*.
The President Announced the following gentlemen Aa the
?peciAl committee on W Ard's lsUnd ? Messrs. Frye, Seelv.
Wild, V arian. Wainwngbt.
The Board then adjourned to Monday Afternoon, At Ave
o'clock, the papers ordered last meeting to A third roediug
to be the special order.
From the minutes. C. T. McCLlNACOAN. Clerk.
Proceedings lit th? Board or Conncllmen,
[Onr Special Report.]
Councilman VeMilti offered the following resolution,
V> hlcb (Ave rise to some debAte: ?
Resolved, TbAt, the Hoard of Aldermen oonoarring, A
(olnt speoiAl committee be Appointed to receive And welcome
> e members of the LegislAture, on their Intended visit to
the city on to-morrow.
Mr. Kennedy moved for it* Adoption.
Mr. Ci.akcy hoped it would not be Adopted, and he moved
to ley it over under the rnle.
Mr. Ktsntnv moved a twepeniion of the rilei, so that the
Chair might be able to Appoint tbe committee thnt evening.
It It was not Adopted tbAt eveniug, And they not meeting
until Monday next, why tbe LegislAture would Arrive here
unwelcomcd by tbe city Authorities, And it would be dis
grAcetul for them to neglect the members of the LegislAture
li. thAt WAy; therefore, as Mr. Clnncy objected t* the Adop
tion of the resolntion.it lAy over nnder tbe rule, And, to
Avoid tbAt difficulty, he moved for A suspension of tbe rule*.
Mr. Hodgeimon wonld like to know ii tbe Common Coun
cil bAd inv it cd the LegislAture to the city of New York. Not
forty-eight hours Ago be bad ro?sc><i to speAkin lond term*
of the conduct of the Legislate I C r? interfering in their mu
nlti| al buiiuFSi The Board hail panned a resolution not
two nights ago. condemning a;.d i ntirely disapproving of
that I onorahle hodv at Albany f i ! ? . . ?1 . Mu { for the people
of the city i f New \ i rk when they v. e. o no t Ac . uuii ted with
their v i.i ts And desires Uo utnicd tLun. it he hivd on for
mer mi a ions, the rijht of t)i" Legislature '? l'-s'ilate fot
thcfli when the power was ve/ted m the t.'o: ii-,m Council,.
Tlio J.tg, It Hire bail forgotten t. cm at Alb.vij U.. winter,
ltntl i..- ? i.t it was only ri t t.ttd proper that they
fh< nld in t l r.; t ll.unisilves by ??owing tlo'vu to UnMiaw
givers. The v wirt nut supple tools or wl.ipt kI^vjs. lie
v oi.ti t! to !.ui w it the Common Council sought . nv favora
fr< m the Li) Mature ? if they Intended to bumiii-t') tliaiu
1 1 1 1 1 s before a i uliy of men who had legislated a way tboir
ri, t s ? before nun who had taken nway from tho citisens of
> ? n York tluir right for a time to clean their streets? who
lia<i charged and upset tbe different departments and bu
rei.us of the city government? Was, then, the Common
Council to bumble themselves before A set of Buncombe men,
who nevei did At . y good for their constituents except cre
ating confusion iu tho different departments and bureaus oi
our city government t He hoped the rules would not be
suspended, and the paper would take Its regular courso.
Mr Cooper ? 1 am in favor of suspending tho rules. It
may be thAt a great deal of interest is felt In tho matter,
became we hAve had A temperance? a Maino law defoated.
I hope tbe members of the Common Council do not wish to
five them A reception on this Account. However, I hope the
legislature will be received And cordially welcomed to our
city, Although I Am sorry thAt Governor Seymour did not
lign tbe Main Law bill.
Mr. North ? 1 would like to Ask the gentlemnu of the
Forty-fourth (Hodgkimon) if those members of the LegislA
ture who voted to tAke away from tho Common Council
their rights, were not rurAl members f
Mr. Hodgkinson ? I will Answer the gentleman of the
Sixtieth by informing lilm that Mr. Henry Waring. a mem
ber of the Legislaturo from the city of New York, when tho
matter of cleaning streets came up, said that $1*0,000 was
too much for keeping onr city clean. And he got thirty-four
members to vote against the meAsnre with him.
Mr. Mather ? The LegislAture intending to visit onr city
and its institutions, I think it would be shameful if we did
not welcome them According to the nsuAl custom. I think
they Are entitled to it from the high position they occupy,
aside from any power in onr hands. Let us do the thing
handsome, whatever else be said or done.
The question on the snspention of the rules was then put
And carried.
The question on tho adoption of the resolution was then
put, And declared carried (evidently so) by the Chair, when
Mr. IIcdgeinson rose and said that the Chair had not
stated the question properly. Hv bAd not Asked the Board if
they were rtady for the qua tion, and instead of doing so,
rushed the thing through, And dcolAred the resolutim
Adopted. Now the gentlciran of the Forty-fourth contend
ed that such being the facts in tho case, the resolution was
not adopted, as declArcd by the ChAir.
Chairman? The gentleman of the Forty-fourth is oat of
order, and will tAke bis scAt.
Mr. UorcKinaoii? I Am not out of order, And will not sit
Chairman? Tho gentleman of tbe Forty-fourth is groAtly
mistaken. 1 stated the question, asked tbe Board If they
were ready for it, And no one seeming to speak, the question
was pot by me, and tho resolution Almost unanimously car
tlcd. Therefore, tho gentleman of the Forty fourth will
take his scat, as ha is ont of order.
Mr. Hoi ckinson? I w ill not take my seat, as I am In or
cr. 1 beg 1 'Ave t? differ with the Chairman, and believo
o did not say, " Are you reAdy for tho question?"
Mr. KiNMDv-Then appeal from the decision of the
Chair. You can do that.
Mr. IIOLCKINSOA? I do not choose to do so, but am much
obliged to y iu for your information.
Mr. Kemnedy ? Then I move for tbe expulsion of the gen
tleman of tbe Forty fourth from the room. (Groat excite
( liAiRMAH? Sergeant-At- Arms, do your duty; removo the
pentlefenu of the Forty-fourth from the room, or make him
take his seat.
Ibe Sergeant at Arms went up to tbe gontlmnan of the
Forty-fourth, and placed his hAnd on hit shoulder; when
Mr. Mathf.r rose (amidtt the excited members,) and Ap
pealed to the gentleuittn of the Forty -fourth to take his seat,
as he rose to a point of order.
Mr Hodoeihion ? I Admit that I am somewhat exoited,
and It is tbe gavelllng of the Chairman that has wrought
them up to such a pitoh. Bnt be was to the best of his be
lief in order. And wonld not be bullied by Any body.
(haiiiman Asked permission of the Bonrd that the gen
tleman of the Forty-fourth might continue bin remark?,
although believing firmly thAt he was entirely t ut of order.
'Ibe question being put on Mr. Hodgkinson's retaining tho
floor, it WAS decidec that he was in ordnr. and that he might
continue his remarks. He said : Now that 1 have the pcrinis
sion of the Board to proceed In my remnrks. And oxplain tho
reason why I kept the floor in opposition to the repeated raps
of tho Chairman's hammer, 1 should like to know why it is
that whenever I rise In my place as A member of this Board, I
have been told to tAke mv Mint, and tho Chair Iias endeavor
ed to gag me by continually rapping with his hammer, which
i.i the means of irritAting me. as 1 have been lAboring undor
nervous disease for thelAst two or three yeArs. I have,
wl.en 1 cnpised any measure, been gagged and put down in
my teat hv tho Chair New, as regards the facts, 1 would
SAy tbAt tne Chairman put the question without Announc
ing thnt it was open (or debate. This rnshing business
throi gh has been tho means of a greAt ileal of ooufusion. Do
ycu suppose it Any member wished to make A remark he
wonld like to be called to order, and told to take liis seat r
No. 1 don't think bo would. And it was to prcicrvo my j
rights in this pArticular that I rose, and contend"'! ' tat as
the resolution was lot Adopted I had a perfect right to tho
Mr. KEWNEirr moved that a voto of thank* be t omtcred to
tho gentleman of the Forty-fourth, for his eloquent ha
Severai. Member* ? Oh no? ^ withdraw that.
Mr. Kennedy? "Well, then, I withdraw.
'Ibe President then said that ho had indulged the gen
tleman of tbe Forty-foortb more thAn uny other member of
tbo Board, perhaps; and had At All timos extended to him
w liat courtesies he possibly could. The Chair put the q ties
tion after he bad stated it, and asked the mcmbors if they
were ready for tbe question. The resolution was Adopted,
when the gentlemen of tho Forty-fourth SAid tho resolution
was not curried, as the question was not put properly. I,
however, did put the question properly, and the resolution
was Adopted. I will stick to my decision through thick And
thin. The CbAir it a man of hii ward.
After transActing some other important business, tho
BoArd Adjourned until Monday evening next.
Movement* of Ocean Steamers.
runs uuvw roR oat*.
City of Mancliester.I.i\'erpool Philadelphia. . . .Mar 22
F.uropa Liverpool New York Mar 26
Sarah t-auds Liverpool. . . . ..Portland Mar 28
1 Hermann Southampton. . New York Mar 29
America Liverpool iloiton Apl 1
1 Arctic New York Liverpool Apl 8
Franklin New York Havre Apl 8
j Black Warrior New York Hav. & Mobile. .Apl 10
Canada.,.., Boston Liverpool Apl 12
| Nashville Havre New York Apl 12
Empire City New York Hav 4 N(Jrl'iuj...A[d 12
Atlantic New York Liverpool Apl 15
! Euroia../ New York Liverpool Apl 19
Star of the West. ..New York Ban Juan Apl 20
George Law ,, New York Asplnwall.t Apl 20
Hermann New York Hremen. Apl 22
North Star New York AaplnwaU May A
49- All fxukngt* a* id Utter* intended for the Nfw You
FIkhjud thtruld be traded.
uiuud rom nrw Tou-ma dm.
Bun Rim 6 33 J moon nrra 3 38
?on ore 6 32 I man vim 4 33
Port of New York, April 7, 1854.
Steamship Franklin, Wolion, Havre, M Mvingston.
Ship Defisnce, Kendrick, Liverpool, MeCready, Mott A Co.
Sbip Oder (Hero). Ehlers, Hamburg, K lleck A Hnnhardt.
Ship Mediator, Hell. Now Orieans, W T Frost.
Dark Koopbandul (Belg), Loewits, Rotterdam, Fonoh A
Ilark Sosan. Hawes, Havana, K Spragne A Son.
Drift Achilla (Neap), Staran, Bristol, E. Chamberlain, Ro
Viuson A Co.
DrigU W Russell, I.ioPegsn*, Mstamas, M Eschoveri.v
llrig Gen Marshall, Coleord, Cardenas, U 1) Brooknian A
Brig Ssrah Teters II ? Farlnnd, Pores, C A E J Peters.
llrig Sutton, llatcb. Zsts. Vrnsga A Ktulsinn.
Drig Hathaway. t.eland. Sagna In Grande, C A E J Peters.
llrig Helta. Dowser, Savannah, A W WiMcn.
Si br K' 1/ Penny, Davis, 8t J ago, J Thompson.
Schr F Menin. Thomas, Jacksonville, mister.
Sehr Ho? srd, Davis Newtcrn, KflLioml ,v IiuilJerow.
Scbr Sstnl l.ewls, Potter, Fredcrioksbnrg.
Sclir 11 N Stcclnisn, Taylor, Plymont .1 C Slanht.
Schr New York, Goodsell, Boston, Dayton A Sprague.
Sloop Oregon, bowler, Providence, rii i tor.
Steamer \ nlcan, Warthwan, PhtlaritipMa, JAN Itriggs
Steamship Knoivllle. Ludlow Savannah, BS honrs, with
mdse and passengers to S I. Mitchill. Mnroh 0, 13 miles S
of Cspe llsttsras. slgnallted steamship Key itonc State,
from Philadelphia for Savannah.
Sl ip Uelden Stale (slipper), Doty, London. 29 days, in
ballast, to Chambers A lleiser.
Ship Live Yankee (clipper). Brown, Liverpool, March 3,
With mdse. to Foster A Nieke.rso?.
Ship Highflyer (clipper), Waterman, Canton, Jan 7, Java
Heart Jar i."0, with teas and silks, to D Ogden. Jan 16. off
Gaspee Island, spoke and passed through the Straits with
?hip Smow Sqmall, Busley, II <vi from ShM|hM f?l Lo
don; lHh, in StraiU of Sued*, spoke Br bark Arm
days from lion? Ron* for Luedon, 234. lat 913 8. Ion ItfVflr
I I, 3 diyi from Java Beid, ppoao Hr bark K*to K?ini?/, IS
<W?n Cantor lor l.;v rpoo!; Feb 17. otf CftM af Goa4
Po?tBg**?K? bark Smyrna, bound w; 28th, la%
SUtfTte sTT?- * rvc fc::!: -r.:.. r tir.pm
?? ?r, of and fur Sakm, stop at St Helena; Maroh4,lW
ZnB7i?. v 14 yf ,r,0ke j)r bark Christiana, *f Akerd* -a,
14 28 S, loa - -?r. for Liverpool; March ii. lat 21 XI If,
?? J/t, r? V B^Xi '-Hi KlcL.*"? Cobden, of Halifax,
Ion 66 31 W. board, "il >*rm ? ???- .h*d >>"?" heoaia
2h days from Falmouth. *?' - , n8? ,11
?d 1ft cava, and during that IHB? k**' "?* l#n* **~ J" ?
wall, April ft, lat 33 50. Ion 72 02, spoke "hip TcnaMsoe, ??
bark R il Gamble, bene*. March 7. U*rrj Paige, seaman.
wa? loat overboard, every possible exertion was made te*ava
bim, but without avail. Tho 11 ha> been J5 days from the
equator, liffl.t wind? the wbolepaitage.
Ship Helvetia (pkt), Marsh. Havre, JS day I, wit'i m 1m aad
444 passengers, to W Whitlock, J r March I. lat 4940, lea It
47. cxcbajiied signals with a ship painted black. showing a
w liitr rignal with a hlack letter 1, in it, 7th, !at 50 (Mi, Ion 19
18, pawed (hip " Louisa," of Bristol. steering E; l!>t'? lat 4T
4li,loii 3110, taw t rig Commerce, of Bordtat?*, steorinf 8;
25th, lat 44 40, Ion 45, paaaed packet ship Victoria, frjm
London for New York. March 12 and 13, experienced a very
heavy aale from WSff to WN W; no date, lat 44 30, loa fr?m
<5 to euro of the Banks, saw a great number of ioeberrs.
Ship Sartelle, Stafford, Cauaoi 1 days, in ballad, U
Coniinary A Sardar.
Ship Hurricane (flipper), Very, San Fraaolaeo. Jan 1, t* C
W Thotuas. Parted the equator in the Pacific Jan 19, la
Ion 119 W, passed Cape Horn Feb 12. Feb 2ft, lat 37 30. l*a
IlftiSi, spoke whaled ip Helen Augusta. 84 days from Hasaa
luln for Newport, all well; 5th Inst, Cape Hatteras E3E 120
n.iles, Haw achr John Oliver, 10 days from Porto Rio* foe
New York. s
Ship Youth America (olipper), Babcock, Sandwich
Island*, 96 daya, via Pernambuoo 22 daya, with oil and
whalchoue. to Geo Daniela. March 6, lat 28 S, lonMtft
epoke ahip Cape Cod, for Hong Kong; April 2, lat 33 2% loa
72 40, pasted ahip Northumberland, steering N. The Y A
experienced a heavy rale from NEin tba Gulr Stream. J
Bark Zidon (of Lubec) Tburlow, Sagua la Grand*, lank
27, with smtar, Ac, to Brett, Son A Co. Spoke 30th ult, lat
27 40, Ion 79 30, brig Alvaro, from Pensaoola, steering If.
Bark ? A Kinaman (of Portland), Thuraton, Cardenaa, It
i daya, with sugar, to maater. March 2ti. off Cardenaa, *p*ka
brig Vermont, of Edon, bound in.
Brig Alalia (of Eaatport), Parritt, Palermo, Feb 23, with
fruit, to Chamberlain, Kobinaon A Co. Feb 17, off Cafe
Paloa, apoke brig Helen F Ryder, from Palermo for Boa tern.
15 daya out; 23a, at 8 AM, Tarifa ltybt bearing E 17 mil**,
waa run into by a <taaoI bound E; did not learn her uw;
broke in five atancheona on atarboard how, aplit plankiMra,
took off mainaail to the for* rigging, broke off end of bowancim
and Jihboom, carried away fore and maintopmaata, and left
ub unmanageable; waa spoken next day by Capt Dawaa, o t
bark Fruiter, froui,Meaaina for Boston (aiuce arrived), who
wriahed to know If we wanted asKiatanoe; ftth ult, lat 38 07,
Ion 72, spoke achr Emma Furboab, from Reokland for N*w
Orlcaaa, 7 dnya out.
Brig Chataworth, Brown, Para, Maroh 13, to Jaa BUfc*f
A Co.
Brig Deapaicb (Br), Murray, Turk* Islatds, 16 day*, witk
?alt, to Tucker A Lightbonrne.
Schr John Fyfe, Graffam, Glasgow, Feb 24. with mdae^ ka
Dunham A l>imon. March 3, lat 4218, loa 24 51 W, in a heavy
falc from N W, lost fore an", main topmaata; 18th, lat SI l(
on 67 34, apoke bark Horace, of and for Boaton from Mataa
taa. The J 7 experienced heavy weather on the paiaag*.
Schr Orin Cowl (of Portland), Healy, Tobaaco, 2V daya,
with molaxaea, Ac, to Lobach A Sckefeler. March 2ft, lat 13
M, Ion 80 33. epoke bark Tonnuin, of Bath, 88 daya bam
Iiriatol, E, for New Orleana, abort of proviaiona; supplied
Scbr E J Talbot, Ameabury, Mayacuei, PR, 14 daya, with
sugar and mvlasaea, to Culbert A fin ley.
bebr G Darling (of lirookhaven), Wheeler, Guayam*, PR,
13 days, with augar and molasses, to II Southmaya.
Scbr M L Roger* (of Chatham), Rogers, Bay or Hondaraa,
21 days, with mahogany, hides, Ac, to A Oaksmith. Vf a* 14
daya north of Cape Hatteraa, with heavy N and N W gal*a;
lest and split sails, Ac.
Scbr Telegraph (of Bucksport), Farnum. Franklin, La, SI
days, with sugar, Ao, to H D Brookman A Co.
srhrjonaa Smith, Furman. Savannah. 6 dava, with cot
ton and rice, to MuCready, Mott A Co. Exporienoed heavy
weather on the paaaagc.
&hr M L Hall, Tibbett, Attakapas, 22 days, with sugar
and lBolasrcs. to master
Schr L??y White. Sorray, Richmond, 8 days. Experlenoad
ktnvy wcatlter on the paab&ge. On the 6th, 1ft miles west of
li> f. Ihlaad, cmv a Inrge sohooner waterlogged and abaad*a
< & Rrevatt and mainmaat gone by the deck; her name waa
* a, like el. and she was settling by the head; did not board
i ir; war day. xaw a largo achr ashore on Barnegat Shoals,
? i ?< ii?v Intt gos:eon.
Schr MMeon Draper (new), Aahley, Myatio, It hours, la
lnllast.t* maater. The S D la 230 tons burden, aad intend
ed for tlit) California trade.
Schr James Newton Smith, Yir^nia.
Schr T B Smith, Charles, Virginia.
Schr Richard l.aw, Tuttlu, Virginia.
Sohr Ida Msiller. Lisci mb, Baltimore, 4 day*.
Scbr John B, , Boston, 3 days.
Schr Galota. Baker. Boaton. 3 days.
Scbr Mary Wales, Walcn, Gloucester, Mass, S day*.
Schr Chas Hawley, Jennings, l'rovidenoo, 1 day.
Brig Edward (of Sag Harbor), from .
Also, one ship, two barks, and three brigs, unknown.
The vessel reported below 3d as tbe brig W H Uolden. waa
a mistake of a pilotboat, supposed forthebrij P R Hioh
born, arr op 5th from Ctrdoca*.
Steamship Curlew (Br), Bermuda and St ThaatM; *hlp
Ocean Herald (new clipper), Livorpool.
Wind duriag the day NNff.
Telrgrttphlc Marine Reports.
BOSTON, April 7? Arr ship* Northern Light, San Fran
cisco; Star or Empire, Liverpool; barka Tremont. Moeaiaat
Investigator. Greenock; Bromo. Mobile; brigs Mary Per
kinB Philadelphia; Nerens, Palermo; Pennamaguon, P*r
nambuco; Marshal, Havana; E Baldwin, do; Zenobla. Ma
tanzas; William Pitt, Philadelphia.
Also an bark Elm, Philadelphia.
NEW ORLEANS, April 6? Arr ships Josephine, Noa
|p\7iude?phiialilvari<k' York; ljark? Paris, do; Tangier,
JACKSONVILLE, April 6? Arr sohr Hudson, New York.
Jas.es M Spinney, the mate, was lost in a squall when on* 4
day ont from New York.
Herald Marine Correspondence.
BDGARTOWN, April 2 ? Arr aokis Arno, Brett. Rappa
hannock for Bath; Juatina, Hewitt, New York for Portland;
Suaan, Kuasell, do for Nantucket, P A James, Gregory, da
for Boato n.
Arr 3d, schrs Thos Hix, Hall, New York for Boston; Mary
Langdon, Simonton, do for Portland; Ann Denman. G*teh
el 1, do for Bangor; Richmond, Spear, 'do for Damariseatha;
Bay Stat*, Verlll, Rondontfor Danvcrs.
Sid 4th, all tho above, and schrs'' Marietta Haod, Ba?pa
Vista, and Helen Mar, for Boston; Mount Hopo, Portland;
Wampatuck, Plymouth; Othello, Frankfort; Eath*r A
Elita. Pembroke, Me; and some others. ,
fith ? No arrivals thia morning.
GREENPORT, April C ? Arr bark Philip I, Sisson, Hono
lulu Oct f4. via Upolu, Navigator Ialanda Dec 3, with 2200
l.bls wh oil ou board (had sent home previously 450 bbls wh
r il and 4C.000 lbs bone). Spoke off Cape HornJan ? , ahip
Morea, NB, 1 sp wh.
PHILADELPHIA, April 7, 4 PM? Arr brig ST Hind,
Cox, Cardenas; aahrs Ftancia Burritt. Fairohild, Savannah;
Canton, Jobcson, NYork; Elisabeth, Baker, and Catharin*,
Loring, Boston.
Cldsbit) Oneco, Weston, Liverpool; brig Comet, Godfrey,
Chelsea, Mass; schrs H R Gibson, Gibson, New London; flea
Worth, Burt, Barbadocs; Alexandria, Chase, Portland;
Cautou, Jobnton, Bath; Catharine, Loiing, Boston.
Bark Rociit, which vailed fr m Baltlmoro about the
16th ult fur Loudon, returned 6th inst, having experienced
a succession of very heavy grles after leaving Cape Hearr.
and when about 000 miles out wai hove on her beamaada
twice, split aaili. carried away itarboard ports, and sprang
a leak, and the pumps becoming choked with grain rendered
it secescary to put back.
Bark Moparg, from Mat*atas for this port, whieh put
into Koy West leaky Feb 2S, and subsaqnontly proceeded
after repairing, is reported, in a telegraphic despatch to Bll
wood Halter, Es;., to have put into Savannah 6th iaak la
distress. .
JK3 r See Correrpondence.
Ship I.eander, at NLondon from Honolulu, has 3,490 kUa
til, and 1,400 on freight front ship Dove.
? S)H?krn.
Ship Union, Bnxton. Lence (Feb 3) for San Franaitaa,
March 1, off I'ernambuco.
lirig J B Shultz, from Boston for Georgetown, Maroh ST.
latSOK. loa 73 10.
Schr Olivia. Hnll. hence for Jeremie, March 17, nolat, Ae
(by the Philip I, at Grac&port).
FV)r?l;n Porta.
IU'fnos Avnrs? In port Jan 21 (hack dato), sehr H A
Barling, Kennedy, for Bos ton. Sid tth, bark Swan, Calat
Bay or Howiu'R Aa? In port abt March 17, schr Qoorga
fiteers, Lewis, for NYork. nnc. ouly Am voisel
Guavama? Sid abt March 25, brigs Comet (Br), Ennia,
Boston; "Ann," (doubtless Julia Ann. Johnson), NYork.
Para ? In port March 13, biigs Lauretta. Pease, from and
for NYork, arr Feb 2*th: Zaia, Morgan, from and for do, arr
12th: Ueniico, Dix, from and for Salem 17th, arr March 2; M
Shepard, Manning, fr?m and for Salem 10th, arr, via Haraa
haro, 12th. Sid a few days previous, Portuguese brig Porta
gal. for NYork.
PmNAMM'co ? In port abont March 16, brig Windward,
Marshall, for Baltimore 2 days.
Yvrks I(l.ABC ? \n Am vessel In port abt March 23.
('Id at (irand Yjrk Man I: 8, Br brig Gleaner, Crosby,
Boston; Br silir Orbit, Shaw, do.
Home Porta.
ALEXANDRIA? Arr April 5, steamor Martin Hoffman,
Preston, Boston. Hid .'>th, sohr A Steel, Boston.
BALTIMORE ? Arr April 6, brig John It Rhoads, Ham
hlin, Boston ; schrs Emily Kerr. Linden, St Johns and Ara
riho, P R 22d lilt: Win L Richardson. Collins, Arccibo, PE,
23d ult; A L Howe, Katon, Cardcna.< 13 days; Indopendeaea.
Kr ight, Newl.nrvpi.rt. Returned, bark Rocket, White, 'or
Londor.? roe Blusters. ;ld steamship Parker Vein, Tarnar,
N York : bark Cornelia L Bevan. Peterson, Montevideo and
u market.
BAT II ? Arr March 4, brig Judge Blaney, Bradley, B^sto*
via S ilt m, to load sut-ar box shocks lor Juba. Cla sohr Sa
rah Mere. Black. Havana.
CHARLESTON ? Arr April 4, ship Kentncky, Lenoi, Boa
ton; larks Briton (Br), Cochran, Bristol, (Kng) .">2 days;
Sumter, Humphrey. Boston; s'hrs R>ckpoit, Atnesbary,
Camden: Volant, Consins, Providence (RI); Clio, Kemntoa,
NYork. Cld lark Charles William, Hawes, Boston ; lirlga
Hi nry Guild. Anderson. Barcelona ; I'amaho, Adams, Wait
Indies; schr Elliot, Gould, Boston. Sid sohr Fanny, Hall,
HAMPTON ROADS? Arr Aprils, ship Geo Evans, ConH
lard, Callao, fll days. ?
HARTFORD- Arr April 6 schrs Hudson, Post, NYork;
Louisa Tucker, Miller, Philadelphia.
MOBILE? Arr April 1, bark Paul Boggs, Dii*r. Boston:
schrs John W Miner, Berry, and Jo? Craodall, Crowell, If
York. Cld llr ship Sheridan Knowles, McDonald, LiverpoaL,
N E TV 11URY PORT ? Arr April 6, schr Fulton, Jaqnti,
Georgetown, DC.
NEW HAVEN ? Arr April t, scbrs nendriok Hudson.
Lsete, St Croix; Golden (.ate. Smith, NYork.
NEW LONDON- Arr April 1. t-ht Edward N SUveat
P.aer.n. Boston for NYork; T Crammer, Hunt, NYork. Sla
Sti r Splendid, do.
NEW ORLEANS? Arr March 31. PM, ships Rebooa*.
Wolfe, Rio Janeiro, 32 days; Maid of Or'aani, Dennis,
NYork; brigs llaron d< Castine, Attwood, Charleston; May
Sueen, Jackson, Philadelphia, 30 days. Below, going ap,
ipa Jane H Glidden. from Cardiff, Wales: Sultaaa
<Br) Taylor, from Liverpool: Britannia (Br), Torroy, fro*
Liverpool. Cld steamship Texas. Place. Vera Cms; shine
Martha J Ward, Storcr, Liverpool; Jessie Mnnn, Ducket*,
Liverpool; Juo McKontie (Br), Dane, Liverpool; Sarah Par
ington. Muses NYork; brigs lhinlel Malony, Wilder, Phila
delphia; Samuel J Peters, Smith, Havana; schrs llrbana,
Lt.comb, NYork; Planter. Reynolds, Philadelphia via Graad
Caillou; Adventurer (Br), 8t?r?ns, Bellse, llood. rowaa
to rea 24th, ships Lamar, Franoonia, Norman. Jane. Vanda
lia Holyukc, t>arks Mary Annah. Ganges, C S Olden, brig
A'ne'wPORT? Arr April fi, brig John Baloh, Havana for
Newport- schrs J S Hopkins, Hopkins, Boston for Virginia;
\iarv Hart Hare, Gloucester for Philadelphia.
PHILADELPHIA? Arr April fi, I'M, hark Nashna, nilL
New Orleans. 1 rlg.? Eupbrcslne (I)uteh). Dade, ltordeanx AO
days Osceola lligcins. I ardenas IK days; l.anrarota. llarrl
tran Cardenas 14 days; Martha Kinsman, Dyor, Trinidad 23
days'; sol rs Jane Sproat (Br). MoNabb. Halifax; Chief.
Shail'er, Portland. Cid schrs Palladium, Avery, and W O
Nelsrn, Swayaa, Providence: Adelaide, NUkerson, Dan
vers, Msss Marrlinttan, Fields, Bangor; J oeeph Porter.
Errllsh, New Bedford.
PORT LA N IJ- Arr March 8, hark Gov Parrls, Bahia Honda
via lla\?ua INth nit ; I rig Sea Bird, Orr, Caadcuas via
Holmes' Hole. Cld brief Amanda, Rose, Cardenas. Com
Stewart, Dunning, do; schr Ottawa, Sweetser, Bath to load
for Cuba
PORTSMOUTH? Arr April S, sehr Iuphemia, KliMdge, <
B If IIMOND? Arr April A, sohrs Alabama, Loury, NOr
lesns. F.elipse. Hutohins. NTork. Sid iirhr Francis Elaiar,
Smith, do.
SALEM? Arr April A, schrs Small, Whorf, Tangier; Try
all. Brown, Philadelphia; L K Snow, Snow, NYork. CM
sehr Olohe, Ellis, NYork vfa nioneester.
SAVANNAU? Arr April 4, bark Oromoeto (fir), A Ilea,
Fleetwood, (My, b|?g Thetala (Br), Kavsnagh, 8t John, MB

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