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alteration of importance Bflls upon St. Petersburg were
a Utile more Inquired for, the quotation being 140 to 31,
but those upon Austria were almost unsaleable.
The quotations of gold at Paris is about 3 per mille dis
count, (according to the last tariff.) which, at the Kng
liah mint price of ?3 17s. I9)id. per oz. for standard
fold, gires an exchange or8b.09)4 ; and, the exchange at
arts on London at short being 24 95 it follows thai golu
is about 0.58 percent dearer in Paris than in London.
By advices uoui Hamburg, the price of gold is 420 per
mailt, which at the Knglisli iniut price of ?3 17s- ?' *
per ounce for si; n 'aril gold. gives an exchange or 13.. .,
and the exchange at Hambrrg on London at shor "
13.21,. it fellow a that gold is u.od per oent dearer in nam
burg than in London. . ?? <??,
'lue course of exchange In New \ <>rk on . . f
bills at sixty days' sight. is 109 pe-cent. ami1 , the par_or
exchange between England ar.'l America
per cent, it follows that thsaitoJa^S
percent against la ' ^'rooof interest tl.o
for chnrPCf ot linn oil un1' '?'?l . _ ? ?
present rate leaves no proi.t on the transmission of gold
either way between the two countries.
LivXRroOL. March '27, 1854.
The weather continues dry, and highly favorable for
flpripif op6r<i. m'HS? t ^
On i lie 251h li< lders of Hour evinced increased anxiety
to sell and some purchases of Philadelphia and ltalti
moie were made at 33s. a 33s. 6d. per bid., but this day
there is less anxiety to soil, and C4s. to 34s. Gd. is de
manded, and but tittle on offer.
Wheat has been neglected, and no sales repot led.
Oatmeal has been pressingly offered, but no disposition
shown to purchase.
Indian corn has rallied a little from the extreme de
pression on Tuesday.
Liverpool, March 08, 183-4.
Our import of wheat since this day week is moderate,
only 7,900 qrs. front the States, and of Hour 6,500 bbls ;
-while the export in the same time amounts to nearly
0,000 bbls.
We had a very full attendance of buyers of wheat and
flour from the country districts, as well as of tho town
and local dealers and millers, at our market this morn
ing, when the trade in each article assumed an entirely
different aspect from the report we gave of it on Friday.
Holders commenced with asking an advacco of Cd. per
70 lbs., and Is. t'sl. per barrel on the prices of that Jay,
but ultimately an advance of 2s. fd. to 3s. per barrel,
and of Is. per 70 lbs., was established on the forced sales
then made, and of 89. on the general currency. I he
amount of business done was large, and had hoblors been
a little less stringent, there were buyers to a stiff larger
extent, both on speculation and for consumption.
Indian corn alio inactive request, and all tho parcels ot
American yellow and white on .-ale at 42s. were readily
purchased, being an advance of 3s. on 1- nday s qnoU
<Oatm*nl did not part cipate in tho improved demand
for th? preceding articles, and we can quote no change in
its value from this day week.
Oats in small supply, and only in moderate demaud at
?lir quotations.
Egyptian beans were Is. per 480 lbs. dearer.
Liverpool Cotton Market, March 27.?The sales to-day
amount to 4,000 bales, all to the trade. There was a
heaviness and irregularity in the market, and it closed
with a downward tendency In prices for all kinds. The
sales include 3.000 American--140 llahia, 6 Vl.: 39? Egyp
tian, 6d. to 9)?d.; 200 hurut, 3 '^d. to 4U.; 139 Sea Islands,
12d. to 2s. 8d.
Glaecow Markets. March 25.?Cotton Wool?The trade
this week have bought as little as possible, and tho mar
ket lias worn a depressed appearance, with drooping
prices. Prices for goods and varus arc a good deal weak
ened and the market very dull. Iron?Our pig iron mar
ket lias been dull throughout the past week, and prices
have given way considerably. We close flat this after
noon, with mixed numbers quoted at 70s.; No. 1, g. m.
b., 70s. 6d.; No. 3. g. ni. b., 73s.; No. 1, Gartshorrie. 83s.
Hamburg Markets, March 24.?Coffoe?The market is
flat ? the -ales during the week consist in 0,500 bags Bra
zil ?t 4X?. to 6>js;'1,800 hags S?t. Iiomingo, at 4%'s- to
fi s.; real ordinary Brazil, 4^8. to 4J,;s. .Sugar?Prices
are Arm 700 boxes Havana sold at 15 5 10m.; 450 bas
kets brown .lava. No. 10),. at 46tfm. per 100 lbs; 600
boxes yellow, at HS^m. to I8>?m. per 100 lbs. Cotton
has been in demaud. and the sales of tho week com
prise 1,400 bales Georgia and New Orleans, at 6s. a fl'is.
per lb. Rice?Little doing, and pricos arc nominal.
Spices Purchases are made or'yto supply immediate
wants ; cassia lignea. 13\s per lb. Spelter-Urge
transactions have taken plucc; 600 tons Bold, at 13'^m
to 14m. per 100 lbs.
Amsterdam Markets, March 24?Coffee?We have very
little to report. Transactions are very limited. Of Pa
dang about 6.0(10 bags have arrived; good ordinary 30>?<\
iicr half kilo. Sugu"?No sales to report. The market
is dull. Rice is terv flat, and prices arc Xfl. lower. Ar
racan, OJifl- to 1011. per 60 kilos. Spices?Prices are
nominal. Bnn< a Tin?There are sellers at 75fl. Hemp
-q.v, ral parcels have found buyers at rising prices.
Rotterdam Markets. March 24?Coffee?The only sale
lo report is 1.680 bags good ordinary Java, at 30Xc. per
1 atf kilo. Sugar?A sale of Java has been made at >afl.
1< wer prices than the public auction. Banca Tin?Price
is nominal.
Antwebf Markets. March 24.?Coffee?The market is
very quiet, and only 1.000 bags Brazil have changed
hands. Stock 69.000 bags. Cotton?l*rices are lower,
and transactions limited. Sugar dull of sale. Stocks of
Havana 17,6(0 boxes. Refined are lower. Rice very
quiet Carolinn of verv good quality has been sold at
15fl tier 50 kilos. Hides continue in regular demand;
5,000 dried and 1,000 salted Buenos Ay res have chang
ed l ands. Spices?Prices are nominal.
Halifax, April 14, 1854.
The royal mail steamship America, Capt. Lang, arrived
at this port at an early hour this morning, bring
ing Liverpool dates of the 1st inst.
The Cunard screw steamer Teneriffe sailed from Liver
pool on the 18th for Malta; and the Cambria, from Kings
ton, sailed on the same day, both with troops.
The 5th Regiment of Dragoon Guards were daily ox
pected to embark at Liverpool.
The Liverpool cotton market continued depressed
throughout the week, and prices were irregular, ranging
from to '4 below the rates current at the sailing of
the Kuropa. The sales of the week foot up about 36,000
The London money market was more stringent, and
consols had declined to 80 4 ?
The Liverpool breadstuff's market continued very 6rm,
and prices were on the advance. Pennistouu & Co. quote
Western canal flour at 38s. a 38s. 0d.; Philadelphia, Bal
timore and Ohio. 38s. 6d. a 39s.
Wheat has advanced?in some cases as much as eigh
teen pence per bushel. The average advance is about
one shilling.
Indian corn is generally quoted at about four shillings
above the prices curreut at the Sailing of the Europa on
the 25th ult.
The America sailed at eleven o'clock this morning for
Boston, where she will be due about nine o'clock on
Saturday uiglit.
The War.
ro WEB?.
The w?r ia to be in strict accordance with a treaty be
tween the Porte, France, and England, signed on the
night of March the 1:1th, embracing live articles:?
lit. England and t rance engage to support Turkuy by
fore* of arms until tl.e conclusion of a peace Pint shall se
cure the independence end integrity of tho Sultan's domin
2d. The Port* shall not conclude peace without the oon
*ent of her allies
3d. The s'.iiiu shall evacuate the Turkish territories nftor
the war
4th This treaty to remain open for the adhesion of othor
Powers of 1 urop?.
3th. Turkey guarantees to all the subjects of the Porte,
Without distinction of creed, perfect equality In low.
Several protocols arc attached, regulating the details.
Meanwhile the campaign Las begun in earnest.
It is confirmed that the Russians have crossed the
t)anub? in great force, the object being to strike a deci
sive blow before tbo arrival of the Anglo-French force.
On the 23d of March thp Russian detachment under
Prince GortschnkofT forced the passage of the Danube
above Tulska.and captured eleven gnns. and 200 prisoner*,
and occupied Tulska, together with several forts on the
right bank.
Gen I-uder* crossed with the main body of the army
from Galatea without much loss. Kpt less than 30,000
Russians are now ou the Turkish side of the Danube.
On the 24th General Luders began preparations
for the seigo of Matscliln. On the 23d the Russians
attempted to cross the Danube ut Oltenitza. when a
desperate battle ensued, and the Russians were re
pulsed, with drtndful carnage. The Russians lost
3,000 men, and tl.e Turks themselves wore so badly
cut up that they had to retire to their entrenchments.
It will 1* seen, however, that the Russiaus wave ef
fected the passage at three points.
On the very day, the 22d, when the Russians com
menced to cross the Danube. Omer ba<k intended to at
tack the Russian headquarters at Pojana. A plan of the
battle was drawn up, and the entire force put under c >m
mand of the French Colonel Drew; but the Russian
movement di-'-oncerted the plan.
A despatch from Omer Tacha, dated the 3th. siys:?
*' The Russians have lost all desire tf attacking Kaieli.t.
and purpoee crossing the Danube at three points. If
they should really do so theywoull render me a great
service, by enabling me to glto a sound cbastisem nt to
these barbarian*, who have broken into oar house like
robbers; but If the Ruariana do not resume the o(Tensir*,
I shall undertake nothing important until the arrival of
our reserves and cavalry from above."
It seems that Omer is prepared. He his 40, Oilmen
In the right wing, with a line of works connecting with
BSUstria and Phumla.
The British steamer Parnsnn roports, by tab-graph,
4hat the Russian* were abandoning ti.eir posts ou the
?**t coast of tho Black Pea.
flonchnm Kale wg* in ila-ncs, and tho Circassian* plun
The Furioui, steamer, was sent to gather further la
^n^UUterthan the explanation given in the British
Parliament. ^ FLEETS?RUMORS, ITC.
Tiie allied fleets remained at Bejcos.
There were rumors, (not credited, however,) of Turk
ish preparations to attack Sebastopol.
The British frigate Retribution found theSulina mouth
of the Danube impassable.
Napier's fl'et at 'ant accounts (the 29th March) was
again ucder way, the supposed destination being to sieze
the island of Aland. Kioge bay is named as a rondez
Lord Bloomfield, the British Minister at Berlin, tele
graphed to Sir Charles Napier the declaration of war,
with instructions to commence hostilities.
The Russiens were making stern preparations for hos
tilities in the Baltic.
It was supposed that the first collision would occur at
Vesel Island.
All tho lighthouses and buoys are removed, and
formidable fleets of gun-boats arc collected tn shallow
waters at the principal points.
Masses of rocks are dragged along tho ice to intricate
parts of the channel, to block it when tho ice shall melt.
All the houses in Croustudt not cupab'.e of defence are
pulled down.
New batteries were erecting everywhere, and two
hundred additional gunboats had been ordered forthwith.
The Czar and his sons were personally superintending
the preparations.
Discontent prevailed in Finland against the Russians,
and some arrests had been made.
The accounts fiom Greece are unfavorable. The
Turkish Minister hud demanded his passports and left
The Greek insurrection was reviving, but the Turks
bold the fur tress, aud havo 8,000 troops In Eplrus. They
hive as yet had only one or two unimportant rencontres
with the insurgents. An Anglo-Frencli occupation of
tho country was not Improbable. Envoys were daily
expected at Athens with the ilnal commands of the Eng
lish and French governments.
U was given out that several nobles had.joined the
Fifteen thousand French troops had already embarked,
' and tbe lemainder of the army, (50,000,) will be in Tur
1 key by tbe 1st of Mr.y. Four thousand wore landed at
' GaU'poli on the 2Cthnlt.
It was reported that t British land force was to be
increased 50,000 more.
The first division of the expeditionary force was being
rnpid'y forwarded from Malta to Constantinople.
The English cavalry re invents were to go to Marseilles,
and thence by steam to Gallipoli.
Tbe Sultan bus betrothed bis daughter, tbe 1 rince&a
Muuircb, to Ilbaini, oddest son of tho Viceroy of Egypt.
Paris, March 31, 18o4.
It is reported that Austria is more inclined to approach
tbe policy of the Western Powers. This report, coupled
with a rise in consols, cauced a rally at the Bourse.
The Th-ee per Cents closed at 62 60, and after the
regular hours were done at 62 80. The Four and a half
per Cents closed at 88 90.
TP P failure of Leroy, DeCharrnl & Co., bankers in Pans,
is reported. It was a joint stock association, and Its lia
bilities are considerable.
REPORTED attack on KALEFAT?TnE difficulty
Vienna, March 31,1854.
A Greek mercantile house has just received a despatch
announcing that ou the 29th the Russiana attacked Kale
fat and took three redoubts.
The rupture between the Porte and Greece is complete.
The Austrian Bank yesterday declined the proposition
of the government to advance hard cash on the security
of the State domains.
Constantinople, March 20,1854.
The Retribution aud Caton had returned to Beycoa Bay
without having freed the mouth of the Danube.
It is supposed that a stronger expedition than was at
first thought necosary would be required for that pur
London, April 1?A. M.
The parliamentary debate on the addresa of the Queen
occupied twenty-nine columns of the papers.
War was formally proclaimed at London, in the Royal
Exchange, on Friday, in the presence of the civic au
Liverpool, Saturday, April 1?11,^ A.M.,
Nothing important by telegraph has been received this
The report tbat Sir Charles Napier had taken a Russian
frigate is contradicted.
A report is current that a Russian ship from the Black
Sea with produce has been seised at Waterford, and the
crew sent to jail aB prisoners of war. This is considered
Tbe Turtubai victory is considered dubious.
Affair* In Great Britain.
It was rumored that Lord Aberdeen would resign, but
the Gkte?government paper?contradicts the report.
Tlie London papers are full of proclamations, itc., reg
ulating the details of tho war.
jreme further official documents of the Russian series
are published, but show little additional news.
Parliament had moved an address to the Queen in an
swer to the declaration of war, assuring her of the
nation's firm determination to co-operate in a vigorous
resistance to the projects of Russia, whose further ag
grandizement would be dangerous to the i>eace of Europe.
The Earl of Malmesbury asked If it was true that a
Russian fleet had left Sebastopol to operate on the coast
of Circassia ?
The Karl of Clarendon replied that government was
not so informed. Ten Russian ships from S-bastopol
were reported near l'erekop, north of the Black Sea. The
cpmldned fleets were at Beycos Bay, Admiral Lyous hav
ing just returned from a cruise. #
In the House of Commons the Attorney General gave
his opinion that the sale of Russian shins to neutral par
ties. if brentt Jide. would be piotectod in law. Tho Attor
ney General further stated, that Great Britain cannot,
and dees not, frrgo the right rf search of neutral vessels
for articles contraband of war.
The hill to double tho income tax had passed the
House of Commons.
A banquet was to he given to the Earl of Elgin by per
sons connected with Canada?Lord John ltussell will
At the Queen's drawing room there were presented
by the Countess of Clarendon Mrs. Daniel E. Sickles.
Madame Pagceli, Mrs. Vphnm. Misses Caroline and Ame
lia Denny. Messrs. Sickles, Upliam, N. L. Upham, and
Welch, attended.
The ship Isaac Webb had arrived at Liverpool, with
sixty five passenger* from the lost ship Russell Sturgia,
(previously reported.)
The ship Regatta, from Newport, at Plymouth, had on
txv.rd the master and six of the crew of the wrecked
Swedish Mp Julie, lost on her passage from Newcastle
or New V ork.
The French Umpire.
TLe Frineh government make* s ilmiiar announcement
w ith the British respecting the commerce of neutrals.
It also at present will not Issue letter* of marque.
The Minister of Finance reports that 00,000 persons
1 n\c subscribed to the loan, tin-subscriptions amounting
b 4' ".in,i,Out) of franc*?twice as much a . wanted.
The Minister of Marlte lias addressed a circular to the
Chamber of Commerce, highly applauding the United j
M. ti .- for rcf ing letters of marque.
11 ? greatest actiUty prevailed in titling out the expo
ditionur. mil y.
11 e following is telegraphed frctn Madrid, of date 25th
March ?
"Tie Queen has amnestied all prisoners implicated in
the I.< j < /? in\at h n of Cuba "
The Sardinian go\eminent measure for .a loan of .reran
millions of do) la is Is sanctioned by llie legislature.
T1 e Austrian consul at Smyrna during the KosztA af
fair Is appoint) d An 'rian consul at Genoa, but the Sar
dinian government refuses h'? exe<]iiator.
Hie ministry h- di-selved, an 1 Duron Ward ordered to
quit the couutiy lorercr. His expulsion pleases the
per pie.
M Salntt Is appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs,
M I'ulatlcioi ot Ike Interior
Continue* perfectly quiet as to foreign po'ltic*.
Austria and Prussia
Here not yet committed tbem*etrea by any overt act.
The King lie* made no change in the Itiniitry.
Commercial AfflUri.
Messis. Baring Brothers report money rather easier.
Consuls had again declined, and left off at 85% a 86.
Dollars were scarce, and quoted at 5s. Bar silver
5s. l%d.
Messrs. Bell, Sen & Co. report busiuess almost totally
suspended, and quotations in most cases little more than
nominal. Messrs. Daring Brothers report that govern
ment stocks continued to sell for remittance, but there
was no demand for other securities, which were offered
at lower prices.
The depression continued, with a very limited demand,
and prices irregular, the sales being generallv at fully
>^d. lower. As yet there has been no great pressure to
realize, but a large amount of cotton is daily on offer at
market rates. The future tone of the market turns en
tirely on the prospect of a speedy or lengthened termi
nation of the war. Messrs. Denuistouu & Co., and
others, quote as follows:?
Fair. Middling.
Orleans 6%d. 6.'id.
Mobile flta'd. 6 n-16d.
Uplands did. 6 5-l1d.
The week's s.iles amounted to 30,470 bales, including
1,120 on s|ieculalion, and 3,440 for export. Slock on
hand 082,000, of which 304,000 w ere American.
Messrs. Brown, Shipley & Co. 's circular suys?The mir
ket has been much exehod. and rallied from the extreme
depression of the previous week to the extent of Is. ftl.
on wheat, 5s. Gd. on flour, and 4?. on corn. Western
canal flour in quoted at 38s. a 38s. 6d.; Philadelphia,
Baltimore, Ohio and Canada, 38s. Od. a 39s.; sour 34s. a
35s.: white Indian enm 43s. a 44s.: yellow 43s. a 43s. id;
mixed 42s. 6d.; white wheal 10s. 9u. a lis. 9d.; rou 9s.
9d. u Us. Wheat and flour closed in good demanil, ami
eorn quiet, as above quoted. The weather was extremely
fine, nnd the arrivals 'wero large. Messrs. Richardson
Brothers quote fine white wheat at 12s.; flue Canadian
held for 12s.; red up to Us. Gd.
George Ttadenach's circular reports a largo business in
beef, on the spot, at slightly advancing -ates. gales of
1,000 tierces liomiuick's, at 112s., to arriie. Richardson
ErolherB quoto new Cleveland brands at 106s. No de
mand for old. Pork quiet, with trilling sales; prices
rather easier. Bacon sold at a reduction of 2s., the de
mand being slack. Good sold at 45s.; fair, 42s. Should
ers were in good request. Cheese?The market nearly
cleared. In lard a lair business doing a. advanced rates,
and holders firm. Quotations 53s. a 57s.
Messrs. Dennistoun & Co. report as follows:?
Asiies in good request, chiefly on speculation: 2,000
bbls. sold at 31s. a 33s. Gd. for pots, and 28s. Od. a 30s.
for pearls.
Navai Stores.?Sales of common American rosin, 5,000
bbls., at 5s. 5d. Nothing doing in terpentine or tar.
Clovkrsbed is inactive.
Tailow is again dearer, but ealesrather limited. N. C.
had advanced to 71s.; a lew cash* of North American
brought 70s.
Kick.?I-arge sales of East Irdian at an advance.
Nothing doing in Carolina; quota ions unchanged.
Oils.?A good business doing ir palm, at C48 10s. a ?51;
seal unchanged, llape in fair request, at 47s.
Dykwoods.?A moderate bui iness is doing in dyewoods.
Tea.?Tlieie is hut little chaise in tea.
Freights.?Kates were well supported, but without
much change. Steerage passengers continued to offer
Baring Brothers make the following report:?
The colonial and foreign produce markets have been
affected by the declaration of w?r.
Sugar, coffee, cotton and ten are dull.
In hrendatuffs, rice and saltpetre a large business had
been done at advancing rates. Russian produce was also
White American wheat sold ai 82s. a 8Gs.; red, 78s. a
82s. American flour, 38s. a 42s.
Saltpetre, for arrival, sold at high as 49s., being
gvarnteed six retraction. I'arceh of good, landed, sold
at 45s. a 46s. For nitrate soda, Its. was asked.
Messss. Baring Brothers quote amoderate business in
copper, at previous quotations. Welch iron is easier;
rails sold at ?7 15s., free in Walef; common bars, ?8 5s.
Staffordshire active and firm. Scotch pig, 75s. Gd. for
mixed, on the Clyde; market firm. Common pig, ?25.
Trade in Manchester was quite inactive.
Havre, March 29, 1854.
Cotton.?The sales during tLe week were 4,500 bales;
stock on hand 110,063. The market was comparatively
steady, New Orleans ranging from 66f. to 72f. No im
provement in the accounts from the interior.
Ashes are languid; sugar is flat, and rice neglected.
Passengers by the America.
Mr nitlingBtsiri, Rev P Kent. Messrs Alaop, WmThomp
?un, Kenny, Bell, Dwycr, Doul, Young.Inch, Dent, Her
bert, Ilctner, Bnllouk, Hear Admiral Fanshawe, Messrs
Museum Cann, James, Scott, Mrs 8cott and S children,
Lieut A Young, Lieut Jones, Messrs Brown. Bell. Walka,
Lecg, Koom. Francis, Davies, Tompkins. Woolen, May,
Oliver. Inches and servant, Mrs Scott and infant, Joseph
Inlis, Capt James Ford.
For Boston?Messrs Evans. Ellen, Lang, Misses lyerton,
Everett, Owen. Parker, Fonhurton. Mrs Fonhniton and
child, Daxano, Mrs Dazano, nnrse and child, Cart Seton,
Mrs Campero, Cauipero Jr. Powoli. Ilandy, .Vilchers,
Elows, Dougherty, Wilson, Egan. Agrada, Douglass. Ro
meo. Watson, Coy, Greigli, Silver, Coombs, Taplint, Shera
ton. Capt Trelo, Holman, Pope, Wire, Billings, Mrs Bil
lings, Kerty, White, O'Neill and lady, Peter, Christie, EJ
miston, McAuliffc. Desoandniers, liaison, Roderick. Mas
son, Pickup, Whitney, Anderson, Andrew Massot, Perry,
Landry, llobson, Payxant, Cbapelor. Harper, Parke,
Morgan. A hair. Heattie, Shaw, Muir. llodgkinson, Wood
house. Byrne, Charles Fox, McAvity, Goodfellow Yonn7.
Mrs Your ? and 2 children. Cook Thomas, Hall, Bales, W II
Ditch. PolUt. Harris. Keuir, Wm Kemp, Holcroftand son,
J Fleming, Mrs Fleming, O Fleming. C Dullye, J Dean, W
Ptcphenten, J R Stephenson, Newman, Capt Dootnan, Thos
Shipping Intelligencer
Arr from New York?March 28, Empire; 2Ptb. Gen Wash
inrton, Geo rhilillor, ltosclns, and Andironach. at Liver
pool; London, at Gravest-nil; John Hermann, at Belfast;
20th. W Cnshing. and I Ion. at Cadij; 30th. Be-i.apore, Ja
cob A Wettervelt, Isaac Wright. Sonthampton. Continent,
and Isaac Webb, at Liverpool; Pride of the Ocean, at
Crsveecnd; Black Warrior, and Dinah, in the Channel; Re
gatta, at Plymouth; 29th, North America, nt Liverpool.
Arr frt m Philadelphia?March GO, Watuga, nt Ileal, with
hir decks swept; 27th, Creole, at I.omlondorrv; 30tb, Sa
vannah. Superb, and Buenos Avres, at Liverpool.
Air from Norfolk?March SI, Esther, at Liverpool.
Arr from Charleston?March 30. Haidoe.G A llopley, Anc
tillert. Hclois. and Manchester, at Liverpool.
Arr from Baltimore?March GO, David Brown, at Liver
Arr from Mobile?March SO, Spartan. Washington, David
Cannon; 31st, Sisters, and Conran at Liverpool.
Arr from New Orlonn.?Mart-!. 20 J Everland. off the Isle
of Wight; 28th, Ann Washburn, at Antwerp; Cornelia,
Helois: E9th, Trimountaln, 20th, Mary. Adeline Lee, Glen
mnna.W Sowall, Meridian. Ariel, Poll. Berton; 21st, Milan,
Silss Greenman, and Clara Wheeler, at Liverpool.
Hi for NYork?20th, Illnsaom. from Seville;2.1th. Fancy,'
Londonderry; 27th, Dsnura. Policy; 2) th, Medorah, Shields;
Yorkt' wn, Ir-.m Plymouth; 29th, West Point; 31st, Orlont,
Constantino, Liverpool.
Sid for Eaatport?31st, Trident, from Liverpool.
Sill for Boston?2Sth. llamlct; Philadelphia; 25th, Supc
rior. from Londonderry.
Sid for Portland?28th. Arabian, Cardiff.
Sid for Mobile?Slst, Ward, I.ivcrpool,
Sid for New Orleant?Mary Ward, Liverpool.
Legal Intelligence.
12.?Hen Truman Smith, of Connecticut, Daniel Wood
liouse, Esq., of New York. Hon George E. Pugh, and Va
chel Worlhiugton, Esq., of Ohio, were admitted attorneys
and counsellors of this court. No. 77. lessee of Lot Clark
etal, plaintiffs In error, vs. Joseph A. Braden. The ar
gument of this caute was concluded hy Mr. Iteverdy
Johnson for the plaintiff in error. No. 70 Neal Benson,
plaintiff in error, vs. Jamea Fehott, Jr , el al. In error to
the Circut Court of tlie United States for New York. On
motion of Mr. Sherwood, of counsel for the defendants in
error, this case was dismissed with costs, the plaintiff in
error having failed to appear. No. 83. A J. Marshal,
plaintiff in error, vs. The Baltimore nud Ohio Kailroaa
Company. The argument of this cause was commenced hy
Mr. H.Winter l'nvis. for the plaintiff in error. Adjourned.
A run. 11.?No. TV. Lessee of Lot Clark et at., plaintiffs
in error, vs. Joseph A. Braden. The argument in this
cause was commenced hy Mr. Mayer for the plaintiffs in
error, anil continued l>) Mr. Attorney General Gushing for I
the defendant in ?rr< r. Adjourned.
Cci'itT of Artists, At bant, April 8.?No. 8n. concluded;
dt fault in 69. opened andean c set down for fourth week; |
default in 14, opened and cause set down for April 11th;
10O, set down for 13th inst.; 82, 83. restored and reserved
for 12th Inst.; 107, reserved for 13th inst.; 89, restored
and stiuek off; 118. 110, struck off; No. 94. Wallace agt.
I at son; judgment affirmed by default; same judgment in
96, Hope agt. Hart; 90. Caldwell agt. Murphy; judgment
reset veil and new trial granted; 98, passed conditionally; ,
99, Lockwood agt. Thorn; on argument: Mr. L. Tremaine
for ttpp.; Mr. U. Hogeboom forrespt. Adjourned.
A run 11.?1E3, 108, 117, 106, struck off. 79 restored
and struck off. Also, 98. 111 reserved for fourth week.
02, default opi ned and cause struck off. 62, lloDry L.
Wibb and another against Norton am! others. Barxilla
Mossen. reci Ivor, kc., respondents, against Krastus Corn
ing and anotlier, appellants, fuhmltied. 235. Lodewa
Bishop, appellant, against Lewis Bishop, respondent.
Submit'1 d It 3, lo l, J aw.ed. 102, argument concluded.
b4. Nathan Paheoek against Ransom 13man, exchanged
with 1( 5, and on argument. A. E. Smith for appellant;
T. Partington for respondent. Argument not concluded
at 4 1* M.
Cf tr;t op An E.I 13. AfRft 11. r M.?No. CO, struck
off. No. 220, submitted. K<?. 84, cuncluded. No. 1d6,
Levis epair.st lew s cud others; 011 argument; Kobt.
111 irett for o|; ? II..nt, M. S. Bldwrll for respondent; not
courluUd. ( i ; 'nr if r April 12?N .s 112. 113,114,
1 6. lie, K 5 119, 120, 121, 17. - 2. 40. 47, 82, 83, S5.
Api.l I?-- N< s. 111, ?'.<, 123, s'ruck oJ. No. 112, pM-md.
No. 113, res-mil Lr fourth week No. 114, rat rick
(ntioil against the Ni v. Yt tk an 1 Nr v Haven Railroad
Ccnjery, e 1 i. ei.i; not cm. !udc 1 st 1 P. M.; Mr.
A'o miii llaroil in Jr., coi.un 1 101 appellants; Mr. 11.
Morrisc D. counsel for rfs|^rd*nl.
/ pril 12. 1' V!?No 1", 1 ?Cm: 1ml ? No. 35 ?Stanton
rgt Eire. Argued. l> 1'. Noxnn. counsel for appel
lent; George b t'omsiock, enuriM-l for respondent. No.
115 ?Ftruck off. No. 110?Wcoilrull sgt. Huntington.
Jodf.tr. 1 nt affirmed by default.
A) lil 14 ?Nos. 48, 49, 60, 121, 167, 17, atrnok off; 119
passed. 122, reserved till fourth week. No. 105.?Wall
and oO.ers, respt* agt the Howard Insurance Company,
spj I's Argued. W C. Noyce for applts ; J W. Gerard
for respts. No 120?Judgment affirmed by default. J.
H?t:eor for rept. No 205.?The People, defts. In error,
agt. Weller and another, plffs. in error On argument.
W 8. Bishop for pills.; K. A, Raymond, Dial. Ally. Mon
roe count/, t'ordclU.
Telegraph, Express, and the Mails,
New York, Saturday, April 1A, 1854.
Three o'clock, P. M.
A lb ant, April 15, 1851.
Friday's proceedings concluded.
Tlie Judiciary Committee reported against the bill in
troduced by Mr. Bakr in relation to stage routes in New
York. Laid on the table.
Was taken up. A motion to strike out the appropria
tion to tho Eye and Ear Inflrmcry was lost.
The bill to examine into the affairs of the State prisons
was passed over the Governor's veto.
tub treasurer's accounts.
Mr. Walker whs placed on the Committee to examine
into the Treasurer's accounts.
In relation to the Common Schools in Now York.
Authoring town subecriptions to the I.odus Railroad.
Authorizing towns in Chemung to subscribe to tho
Otica and llinghnmpton Railroad. Passed.
Authorizing tow ns to subscribe to the Oswego and Troy
Railroad. Lost.
The general appropriation bill was passed.
Mr. Crcbbt introduced a concurrent resolut'on that
the Attorney General proceed against Lite late Cacti
Auditor, if there be cause of uction, lot moneys ad
vr.nccd by him to ceitain Canal iluperintcndeats. Adopt
ed. Adjourned.
To Incorporate} the New York Inebriate Asylum.
Relative to tLe manufacture of coarce salt by evapora
For the relief of the Erie and New York City Railroad.
For the relief of Will air sburg IUsp' nsary.
To amend the charter of the New York L'ry Dock Com
pany. Passed.
For the relief of Brooklyn Female Academy.
The Senate refused to r< consider the vote on the bill
allowing town subrcriptlons to tho Troy and Oswego Rail
The Troy and Oswego Railroad subscription was re
considered and passed.
To take the eonsus of 1R55.
For the publication of meteorological observations.
Albany, April 15, 1854.
The Supply bill was taken up in Committee, pending
which the veto of the Governor on the State Prison b.^/
was announced, and the bill was passed ove" the veto by
74 to 27,
The consideration of the Supply bill was resumed.
No amendment! of moment were made, except reduc
ing the compensation of the managers of tho impeach
ment ca e.
The bill was reported to the House, and the report
agreed to.
Adjourned at 5 o'clock this morning.
Saturday's proceedings.
A rerolution from the Senate relative to Canal Audi'.or
Niwell was laid on the table.
Amending the New York school law.
Relative to the salary of the Secretary of State.
Relative to the Now York Institions for the l oaf and
Columbia College.
A rerolution to examine into the affairs of Columbia
College was introduced and rejected.
The amcrdments to the supply bill were passed.
|tvmo:cd Failure of the Cccftltunte Bank,
of Be tan.
Bo ton, April 15, 1854.
Rumors affecting the credit of the Cc'-kituate Bank
baie been current here for mrry days. A very large
amount, of tie b'lls ere in circulation, and it Is reported
to-dry tl fit the bark has stopped payment. It is certain
that the Lulled- Rank re frets to t-i"o its bills.
Intcicr.ting f .am New Mexico.
Baltimore, April 15,1854.
New Or loan b papers of Sunday last ore received, They
contain news from El Faso to the 30 Ih ultimo.
A fight had occurred between a party from El Paso,
and a party of men under Dona Ana. The El Paso Party
was composed of seventeen Americana and Englishmen,
and a number of Mexicans. Tlicy were well armed, and
had two fix pounders. The fight lasted twenty-six mi
nutes, when Dona Ana's parly fled, leaving three dead on
the field. The victors captured a lar^e number of eattle.
The American Consul had been arra'gned bofore the
Alcalde of El Paso, on a charge of having said Santa Anna
had sold a part of Mexico, and would pocket $20,000,000
thereby. The Corsul refused to say anything to the
charge, hut held himself responsible only to our govern
ment. He was suffered to leave the court.
The Southern Convention.
Baltimore, April 15,1854.
Wednesday's proceedings In the Charleston Conven
tion, as detailed by the pn|>ers, show that nothing defi
nite was done. The whole day was consumed in discus
Ling the Pacific Railroad 'location.
A br.U took place at night, and was a grand affair.
The reporters of the Nkw York Hkkald, Tribune and
Fryrets had been elected honorary members of the Con
vention, which had caused Rome excitement, and was
denounced in the A'ewi and Siandard.
Ohio AntHlavery Convention.
Cincinnati, April 14, 1853.
The Anti-Slavery Convention in session heae during the
peat week, adjourned sine die last night.
Fntel R( 111 -ad Accident.
Nkw Htvn. Apiil 15. 183*.
An Irishman named Robert Dorr, fell from the top of a
freight car yesterday in this city, and the train passrd
over him, killicg liim instantly.
Mate of the Weather.
Boston, April 15. 1831.
About four irebes of snow has fullen here since two
o'clock this morning. The weather now indicates a change
AI.IUNY, April 15, If51.
A heavy snow storm prevailed here during ' v.t n'-ht.
No beats hr.ve yet aimed, and the exprcrs ..ain iiom
New York is not up ycl.
?? A
Cincinnati, April 14, 185'.
Flour lias advanced ?5c. under the America's news.
Barrelled I ard is in good demand at Hi.ic. and is now held
atfic. Money is t'gnt; New York Exchar.ge firm at 1 >4
I -< mlunt.
City InfoJTfger ce.
To-day, about 12 o'clock, a s-ra'l sloop war struck by
a rqr ;'l wlcn off Cove aor's Isir.' d, sod c.prised. The
South ferry boat. Wynndank was crossing at 11 etime, and
tl e p 'otob. erving the condition of the s'c >,>. hastaned
to l.er assistance, but arrived too late to rescue the
di owe'ng men.
Three or four men were rren upon the sloop at the
time she went over, and as tliey were not ' . sight when
the .erry bo-t enme up, it was suppose 1 they had all
tunk and perished.
A small boat put off from Governor's Island for the
wieck, but it is hardly poistble they could have been of
Cnltcd States Marshal's Office.
Abraham T. Hillyear, E?q., United hi .tea Mar bal, re
ceived the following wnri.n l ,rom the Pepa-lment of
State for the exttudilion of Van Aernan, charged with
forgery in Canada:
Petartmpnt of Rtatr, 1
8.5-. |
Wash;. :ton, April 13, 185
To all to whom these pren nts shill come gree.ing
\V here. .John F. t ramjit on, Envoy Fxt-uo-dioary and
Minister 1 !? riij01 ? ntiary of lier Majesty t..o Queen of
Ureal I lit. in and Ireland, linth ma le requisition in con
foiroily with the piov'siorsof the 10fh article of the
treaty between ihe United Stu'os .:ud Great Britain for
the mutual sutr ndrr of fugitive criminals, concluded at
Washington the 1 111 day of Au<>.i?t 1842. for the delivery
up of I mil V Van Aernan, charged with the crime of
forceiy, committed within the jurisdiction of Great
Aidvlurens said Daniel W. Van Aernam has been
found in the Mute of Now York, within the jm ' diction
of 11 0 1 ntti d ' later, and liar l>y proper warrant and in
di.e lor in of law b en brought i' fore G orgoW. Mo'on,
a < in.mindi ner duly appo'nh d by the Circuit Court of
the United Stale (for the 8ouih<m Uliirictof New York, !
if r exuminaticn of f :.id cl ige of forgi ry; and whereas
said Commisaif rfr heth de nied the evidence sufficient
to nil) oiive the eommilment of ssid Pnnlel W. Van
Aerram, and lias according!' committed him, all of
width a| pears by a copy of ihe proceedings transmitted
by 1 aid < t n mi sinner.
N< w thoro preients are to Trqnite of the United f'tates
Marshal of thr aonthern district of New York, or any
otl ci pnl li# officer or pcrion having charge or custody
(t the nff reraid l'r.niel W. Aernam, to surrender and de
liver bim npto thomai McGrntn, wlio has been duly an
thi tlrf d by the afotoerld pleniputontiary to receive I im
in custody.
I11 tcstirr.i ny wlYaci f 11 nve lirreuntosigned my name
and retired the t1 al of tbis depar'ment to be affixed at
Washington thiaHiwr day of April A D.| 1854. and of
the lndei endencc ol ihe I nited States the seventy eighth. 1
A writ of habeas corpus was applied for and issued by
Jedfe Ingersoll returnable on Monday morning. The
therefore (till remain* in Ula ?itj, 1
Sapreme Court IpaUl Term.
Before Hon Judge Clarke.
April 15.?Orion D. Munn again* the Auociation for
the Eihililicn of the Indvitry of All Nations, Theodore
Sedyfdck, William Whetten, Akxandr Duncan, Watt*
Sherman, and William B. Duncan.?After bearing coun
sel for the defendants, the Association for the Exhibition
of the Industry of All Nations, and counsel for the de
fendants, Alexander Euncan and others, on the applica
tion of said defendants for the dissolution of the injunc
tion issued in this action, bearing <late the '20th day of
March last, Messrs. IHlion and O'Goimon appearing on
behalf of the plaintiff, it is ordered that said injunction
be, and the same is hereby, dissolved and vacated, with
costs to abide the event.g
Before Hon. Judge Roosevelt.
In the matter of opening such parts of Sixty-second
street as are not now opened or ceded to the corporation,
the court appointed John John Alwice, Win. B. Ripley,
and Wearc B. Parsons, Commissioners of Assessments.
In the matter of opening such parla of Sixtieth street
as are not now opened or ceded to the corporation, the
con: t appoint d John Alwise, Andrew Clarke, and Win.
S. Milledoler, Ccmmis. ioncrr. of Assessments.
SAVOiinAT, April 15?2 P. M.
Ashes and cotton favor buyers. Flour Is dearer, but
unsctU-d; the teles embrace 4,000 bbls. State, at $7 60 a
18; Western, at $8 a $814; an(l Southern at $81, a $8%
per hbl. Wheat, rye nnd barley are held above the views
of buyers. The sales of corn have been confined to 15,
OCO bushels, et 84 a 88c. Provisions e~e in better de
mand at old?a "s. Whiskey is held at ?8 . per gallon.
Stock Eichsnge.
Saturday, April 1?, 1854.
$9150 la Spec Prf. 5's 14 fto shs N Car Copper 3 '
li ?0 do 10 500 do 3
650 do 16 400Gold Hill M ie... 8%
1C00 Mich So 8 p c b 98 S t X Y Ccu PR li t;
6(00 III Cen PR bds. 79% ; > do. 106%
4000 N Y Cen RR bs 92% 45 do 10.
1000 do 92 % 160 do bCU 106%
34 shs Bank of Com 102 150 do b'10 106'_
i Continental Bunk 99% 60 do s30 105%
150 Cant on Co 2-1% 6 do lo<?
100 do st,0 24% 50 long Isl RR, ,s30 28
S O dt) bCO 26% 150 Ston'n RR s60 68
100 do 25 17 K.rie RR 70 *
HO do sou 25 250 do s30 70%
HO do 1)60 25% 900 do s60 70%
50 N .Torcey Zinc Co. 7% 100 do b30 71
5(0 Flor & Key Jt Stk 1% 225 do 70 %
200 do K.0 2 350 do blO 701
400 N!c TiarBit Co... 95% 200 do b60 71%
200 do b60 26 100 do b60 71%
200 do 25% 800 do C0%
100 do 1)30 20 160 do slO 70"
100 do s60 20% 15 Harlcn RR 60%
100 do s30 25% 450 do 50
150 Pern Coal Co.... 101 10 Reading RR 73
100 CumbCoalCo.sCO 20 200 do 72%
'.'00 do sCO 20% tOO do 72%
350 do 26% 600 do s60 72%
200 do 20% 100 do.,..,..s3 73
100 do btO 27 400 do slO 73
100 do hi5 27 200 do sCO 72%
200 do sOO 26% 300 do s3 72%
200 Tur Vein Coal Co 8% 600 Hudson R KK.bOO 04)
^00 do 6% 750 do s60 C'2%
? 00 do bl5 6% 175 do f'_%
200 do bCO 6% 10 NY & NH RR.... 9'
200 do bOO 0% 124 Mich Cen RR.... lo!%
400 do b30 6% 40 Parama RR 101
100 PI mix Min Co.. 4% 80 Cleva C b Cln RR 114
10 Crystal Palace... 60 10 Cleve & Pitts RR 8b
10 do 49
Cleared litis Day.
Steain?bip Jamcslowu, Cavcndy, Richmond, Ao, Lndlam
A Pleatsnts.
Steal: rhip Knoxvillc. Ludlow, Savannah, 8 L M it chill.
Stcatuihip Jas Adgvr, Turner, Charleston, Spofford, Tiles
ton A Co.
Schr Cbas Robert, Irclnnd, Washington, NC, 8 L Mltchill.
Schr Howard. Lovell. Boston, 8 W Lewis.
Steamer Piedmont, Robinson, Baltimore, Parker Vein
Stermsbip Co.
Arrived tills Day.
Steamship Alabama. Scbcnck. Savannah, April 12, with
mdac and nasieugers, to S L Mitchill.
Ship Julia (Brem), Krdmann, Antwerp, 41 days, with
mdse and 201 passengers, to Mover A f.tucken. March 4, off
the Isle of Wight'spoke ship Patrick Hence for Liverpool:
TOIL tot RO Of| 10"* * * * - * ?
13th. lat 52 30, Ion 17 30. encountered a hurrioan which novo
the ship on her beamonds and filled the between decks with
water; 14th, parsed several ships with loss of topmasts and
yards; 17th, lat 51 40. Ion 16 50, spoke Fr fishing brig Amelia,
of Cranville, bound E. with loss of foremast and maintop
mast, and wasyijjgin"; ujp a jury mast? did_ not require any
resistance; 19th, lat 60 2o, Ion 19 25, spoke Br bark Ann Eliia,
from Glasgow for Savannah. 16 days out; 2lst, lat 48 38, Ion
29 48. exchanged signals witb ship Devonshire, from Apala
cbicola, steering E; 31st, lat 44 i>f. Ion 43, saw a ship, (sup
posed to be the Osprey), bound ?; April4, lat 43 05, Ion 4912,
saw several large icebergs.
Brig Tearer (or). Chisbolm, Gnsyama, PR, with molasses,
to J Whitney A Co.
Biig Santo Legrando (Port), Gomes, Oporto, 48 days, with
wine, to P N Searle A Co.
Schr Hardscrable, ??. Rokland, 6 days.
racket ship American Congress, Williams, from London
r-d Portsmouth, with mdso and passengers, to Grinnell,
1' iiturn A Co.
5bi|> Constitution. 23day from Liverpool.
Bark John Wesley, 51 days from Havre.
Personal Intelligence,
For Liverpool, in the steamship Atlantic?O Honktnson,
Philadelphia; Mr Kitcbin, Dr W H Smith; A ll Smith, Buf
Mr Merrill and son; J D Hill, N O; Wm
King, JlrandMrs J FalinjO Sohooller, Austria; Mr Ilaw
kinf. Mrs nnd Miss McKee. Boston; A J Wilkinson, borer
of despatches; II M Stone. Mr nnd Mr G Pott, Miss Day,
Miss H Buckley, Geo Phelps. Chas Powe, J Foster, Wm
Holmes, Messrs Brnnning, Caron, Nassau,Weimer, Piorson,
Blackburn, Ramce, Mr Kent, U Fling, J Jules, Mr
Grnbb, Mr M M Holt, Jr, Mr Houston, N J; J
A Wicks, Mr Morales, Washington; J Fuller, Mrs Fuller's
nnrce and child, Mr Ramon Acbs and son. Gen Conder and
on, Mexico; Mr Bergmann. Mr and Mrs F Meyers, Bal
imore; J M Robinson. Mr Evans, Ohio; J Peel, Mrs Com
modore Perry, Mrs Hawkins, Ifm. Mann, Philadelphia;
Mr Frant, Malilon Day. J Chandler, M D. Benjamin,' Mrs.
Humphreys, Mr. Himricks, C Eichkrn. Chas Graas, Sather
thwaito, 0 E Draper, E L Trinhoim, C Priolean, SC; George
Jones. NY; A Wortberg. Mr G B Tenant, lady and child ; J
Pott. J. F Delaplaine G A Drost and lady, B ltimore; M
Shulti, Mr Stanble W Ilenriqnes. W Fontaiee and lady, C
Petric and lady, NY; J Chadwiek and lady, NJ; Mrs Alley,
Mrs Martin. Mr Fontaine's nurse and child; J. M Bull, F
Clark. Mr Ripley. B Edmond, Wm Underbill, Mr. Faxon,
lady and child; Mrs James Randall, London; Mr T B Law
rence and lady; B Deep. Miss Lane. Washington; Miss Tal
lis, Ohio; F Calcmard, France: Mr Bonnard, Count Renard,
C W Wolfe, N Y ; Mr Warrin, Jos Moors, E Koeehlin, Mr
Brush, J Baines, J Warner. Mr Soherer, Mr Nelson,
Mr and Mrs C G Goodule. Mr W H Piatt, Mr Otto, Mr J
Benjamin, Philadelphia; llr Palacio'S four ehildron, Mr M
F Davis. Mr G l'omeroy. Mr S W Waterbury, Mrs Hawley,
Drs and Mrs M Dolt, London; Mr J Birch, Mr and Mrs
Amhe. Mr M Ctoddart, Mr H M C'orey. Mrs S S Corey, Phila
delphia; Mr Clinton, Mr Ambs, 3 children and servant, Mr
Laugban, W Sbapleigu, Philadelphia; R B Lockwood, Connt
Renard's tervant, Thomas Mrtrowltz, V Motrowlti, Mrs
Scott, child and infant, Mr William Thomas. Mr Fnta, Mr
. ,an*a, Mr Palcis. Mr Fallis and friend. Mes-rsII Cohn,
.' Uowe, John Thompson. J A Miller. Mr Brigger, J Mo
Kewan. Mrs Civin, John Wilson. John Jobnson, J Davis, E
H Riley, E H Arnold.?Total. 17tf.
Port of New Tor*, April 14,185-1#
Steamship Atlantic, We?t, Liverpool E K Collins.
Shin John Kutlcd.ce, Sands. Liverpool Jus Foster Jr.
fchip St Patrick. Whitman, Liverpool. D Ogden.
Sl ip President Fillmore, Nelson, Glasgow, Dunham A
nil i on
> n S F Austin, Clark, Galveston, J H Brower.
I' ip Meguntlcook, VanDohlcr. New Orleans, C R Groen
Shin Marathon. Tyler, New Orleans, Eagle A Hazard.
Dai k Loretta Kiak, Close, C'ienfnegos, J IV Elwell A Co.
Brig Acadian (Br), Lookhart, St John, NB, J S Whitney
A Co.
Krig E A Reed, Reed. St Marys. Ca, Brett, Son ACo.
Brig Crawford, Small, Jacksonville, Mnyhcw, Talbo'.
Brig Beronda. Cotter, Georgetown. N-smith A Sons.
Brig Frontier, Hoyt. Wilmington. Brett. Son A Co.
Sclir Mnrgt Harrington (Ur). Soveicont. Halifax. A Leary.
Sohr Stephen Tatar, Tuthill. New Orleans, Fosdiek A
Schr Montrose, Winslow. Mobile. Stnrges, Ctearman A Co.
SchrElira Jane, Snowman, Jacksonville. Brett, Son A Co.
Schr R 11 Huntley, Hammond, Richmond, Van Brant A
Schr Lyncbhnrg, Neleon, Richmond, C H Pierson.
Schr Judge Baker. Eogert, Richmond, VnnBrunt A Slight.
Sohr A-a Eidridgo. Rowland, Philadelphia, J W McKeo.
Sloop Rhode Island, Hull. Providence, master.
Steamer Novelty, Hell, Philadelphia, JAN Briggs.
IT Steamship nermann, Uiggina, Bremen, via Southampton
20th nit, w ith todse and 130 passengers, to C H Sand. En
countered vriahlc weather and immense quantities of ice;
was obliged to wo. k through it for SO miles nnder sail alone.
On 7th inst. int <8 10. ion 17 19, saw a ahip supposed to he tho
GB I .amir (from London for New York); 13th. latdO 30.
Ion 69 40, passed ship Defiance, bound E (hence for Lirer
SLipGatelle (clipper), Doliard, Whnmpoa, 87 days, with
teas and s ilka, to Taylor A Merrill, Feh 12, lat 24 *0 8. Ion
52', K, upoke ship Moses Wheeler, 36 days from Calcutta for
Boston; March31, lat 8 36 N, Ion 4A 20 w, elgraliEed n whale
sl ip t onr.d N, shnwlr.g a red elgnal with wuite cross; April
4. lat 20 86N. Ion 07 M W, signalised a wlialeship hoond N,
showing a bine signal with white ball and a small piece of
red bunting attached.
Ship Sheridan, Clerk. Liverpool, March 15, with mdne and
443paifingers, to J Foster, Jr. Experienced heavy weather
on the f assure. April 4. lat 45 48 N, Ion !6to 51, fell in with
a great quantity of iceliergs to tho unmberof about ono
ban f red. The S had a pilot on board two days. Had eight
deaths on tiepn*sage.
|3M ip E ilar'iliorn. Liverpool. and Belfast 27 davi,
i here she put 'n fir repairs with mdse. to Zeroga A Co. ?
April 5. Int tl 40 N. ion 54) 40 saw an iceberg. The EX
took a pilot from the pilotboat Julia. 225 miles east of Sandy
N, i k.
Slip Northuml erland Lord, London, and Portsmouth
Feb 1.0, with mdse end 161 passengers, to Griswold,
Ml rgsn A Wiley. March 12. lat 40 SO, Ion <2 20, experienced
a hnrrlcnno frrm NNW. carried away fore, main and mizen
topmsfts. lost all the sails and rigging attached, and was
hove cn lor hesnicnds; had to throw orcrhoard 60 tons
of cargo to ylght her On the Banks saw large
i|urr.tities of inheres and field ice March 14, lat 43 20, Ion
44, Fpoke Br ship Sf. rah, hound i'(hence for Glasgow), who
reported speaking thin , of Bath, painted Mack had
lost her forimnst and rndder g'.no; wanted no assistance;
0th, lat 42 52, Ion 40 54), saw ship Sir John Franklin, lumnd
F. (from Baltimore for Liverpool)
Skip Matilda. I.ee. Newport. W, 36 days, with railroad
Iron ar.d ,"6pasrenrf rs, to 5. 1, A G Griswold. Left Newport
di eka Ctli nit; ti e weather being ao feggy, was obliged to em
ploy ri w t i ats to eomlnet the ship and t owlioat nut of the
river t'sk Mereli 18. Int 4h8(), Ion 10 3". spoke Ur bark Com- ,
berland, from Cost.tol Africa for Liverpool; 21st. lat 48
43. Ion 26 80 passed a largo iliip steering K, abont 200!) tons,
painted I lack, white mouldings, bast figure head, and bright
n.ai tr. with thO lore of her topgallant mast, fore topmast,
and heed of tniren topmast, eke having replaced the top
mast with topgallant Visit and topgallant sail a In place of
topsails; 4tli iii?? a. Int 4.5 1", Ion 55>bu, was in oompany with
an Amfrignte 1 eaud W. Tvt M oipi riencoil hoavjr westerly
gales, split sails, ptovo bulwarks. At.
Frrk John U i sit y (of Srari-porlbCurtls, Hnsr*?,87 days,
with mdrc and 226 p<is?c!t<??ri. to R w Ropes A Co.
Br.il, l.anrtnto (ItcUi Jansrn, Antwerp, 6J days, With
Eil'ii nnii 24 pafrci grra. to Notiel oom A Go.
II:ig Jbbann (Hrem), kohn, Bremen, St days, with mdM
and If8 passengeis, to order Had two deal.is on tho pas
sage From let 45 ion 46. to lpt 44 60, s?* a laf(? qnanW
t) of icebergs.
Brig Axel (Swe), Belbnnd, Port Talbot, CI daye, with
reilror d iron, to Fnneh A Meiaeke.
Brig Hannah Bnlch (of Lnbeo), Smith, Baetport, B daye.
with Ceh end plotter, to Brett, Son A Co. IxperienoeA
beavy weetber during the peaauge; loat deck lond, boat atom
bulwark*. Ac.
Schr Friend*, Longman, Oeracoke, NC, 8 dayi, with naval
atoret, boned to Boeton. Put into thia port in conae iuenoo
of being leakj, and to repair damagee.
Schr Matagorda (three matted). Pnrehaae, Virginia, 3 day*.
Scbr Jamettown, Smith, Virginia, 3 day*.
Schr Mary, Smith, Virginia.
Scbr J P Johnton, Smith, Baltimore, 4 dayi.
Schr Jamet Peartali, Wllliamt. Rockland.
Schr John T Potter, Samuelt, Rockland, 3 dayi.
Wind at tnnriae, MI: meridian, do; tunaet, SB.
[Br Sawdt Hook Pkihtiro Tti ron apii ]
_, .. Tun llioHLAHoa. April it?Sandewn.
The weather it to thick with mow that we oannot tew
more than a abort diit&noe.
M ind blowing hard from the Eatt.
Telr graphic Marine Report.
BOSTON. April 14? Ait iHb* Dirigo, Liverpool; Pyra
ri( , do; South America Cadu; barkt Corwin, X'ienfuegot;
V . lie Cltsgow; Io Fayal; Lady Franklin, Cadii, Elk.
lLLodclpbia; Cheater, do; Aquilla, NewOrleaut.
Herald MarlucCorretpondence,
r rriLADELPHIA, April 14. 4 PM-Arr brigt Viotoria
(1 > . Hall, Force, PR; Wbeaton, Jordan, Galveston; tchra
flu r.-nt (Br), Cameron. Halifax; Mary ilart. Hart, Glon
f (, (i r. Man; Ztrviah, Wuliber, Falkland Islands; Goo Holl
r : n, Nicker.on, Boston; J Learning, Godfrey, Fall River;
IVm P Corbit, llewitt, Fall River; eloop Glatablower,
A'len. do.
Cld steamship City of Manchester, Wylie. Liverpool;
harks Edward. Krousu, Londonderry, Saragossa, Turley, N
C eanB; bri;'t Daniel Webster, Campbell, St John, KB;
He: Ida (lir), Harriatroop, Halifax; Martha Kinaman, Dyer,
I'd .'and: tohrs Maria (lir), S'teumn, Halifax; MaryE Gage,
Dr'sfco. trd Trinmph. Miller, Boston; J Learning. Godfrey,
I"r 11 l:n< W G WLildin, Cain, Cionfuegoa; Wm P Corbit,
lievr.lt. : ;-il River; Connecticut, Scnll, New Haven; Br
uise, Fowlea, Salem; Waahington, Ludlam, Providence.
Shit Mobkhvo Stab, at Boston from Liverpool, In 1st
44 27, Ion 41 (no date), in a heavy pale, lost head rails and
cabin sky isbts, and the cabin was filled with water. On
Sth inat. 0','c d-e of the Gnlf Stream, was struck by lizht
ninp, which cot dre to bead of mainmast, hat did no other
damage. f
Shit Chahplaih (of Bath), Woodward, from Cardiff, with
720 tons of railroad iron, at Alexandria, Va. experienced
eonatr it gales during the pnasago. March 12, lat 46, Ion 41,
in a pale from SW to N W, losl. main and foro topsail yards,
foretopsuil andnmainsail, r *d March 17t'i and 18th. was
among large quantities of iceberg! in lac 4330, Ion4849.
During the night of the 25th of March bad a foot of snow ?>
deck April 1. was struck with a sudden sqnall and loss
fore topmast, fore and main topgallantmasts, andjmost of
the sails attached, and sprung fore and main yards; wss
without fore and main topsails eight days dnring the pas
sago. Dnring tbo sqnall on the 1st of April John Sploe, S
native of Sweden, fell overboard and was drowned.
Ship Richard Ai.sop, ashore in Chesapoake Bay, is
hound to Alexandria, from Liverpool Fob 16'dWade, master.
Schb Sab ah Jaws, Gooding, of Bristol, R I, from
Boston bound to Jacksonville, Florida, in ballast, drifted
ashore on tho 5th inet, ten miles south of St. John's light.
There was a heavy sea running from the eastward at tha
time and it was nearly calm. The anchors of the schooner
were let go in six fathoms water, bnt owing to tho heavy
sea they would not hold the vessel. The schooner will he m
total lots, having bilged in a few hours after going ashore.
The vesiel is partly insured A survey has been held, and
she has been condemned. The sails, rigging, Anchors and
chains were to bo sold on the 14th inst, for the benefit of all
concerned. ?.
Svrvkxing Schb Piienix, sunk In Mobile Bay, lies'la
three fatfima water. Attempts will bo immediately made
to raise her, which it is thought will be euceessful. At tho
time of the accident she was at anchor with all sails fui! od,
nud was immediately capsized by the tornado. Tho offioers
and crew clung to the topmasts till the storm abated, and
then got ashore on IJorn island, tho vessel being within a
quarter of a mile of the beach. , , .
Schb Rachel Jane, which had been ashore at Lewes.
Del since Feb 21, wsb floated off 11th inst, and moored ah
the Breakwater. _ , ....
Schb Bay City, Wardle, at Pernambuco, in distress, arc
leaking l,20t> strokes per hour. A survey was held on
hoard on the 10th uit. which resulted in a recommendation
for her to be discharged.
Arr at New Bedford 13tb, ship Emily Morgan. Ewer, Ja
pan Sea, Labaioa Nov 1, Rorofconga Deqg?3, with 1,700 bbls
spoil. Reports spoko Dec 14, lat 16 8, Ion 15951 W, Uncus,
James. NB, nothing since leaving Sandwich Islands, all
well; 12?h, off Rorotonga, Awashonks, Lawrence, Falmouth,
do, bound to New Zealand to cruise; Feb 5, lat 41 45 S, Ion
42 40 1V, Betsy Williams, Pendleton, Stone, crnising, no
thing since leaving the islands. _
Also arr hark Draco, Kimball, Indian Ocean, St Helena
Feb 23, with 1,050 bbls sp oil. Sent home on the voyage 70
bhls do. Left at St Helena, Domlnga, Tripp, NB, 500 wh,
(00 sp; Elizabeth. Soule, Westnort, 200 wh 200 sp; Monmouth,
Ludlow, Coldspring, 1,320 wh 330 sp;IRothscbild, Small .Bos
ton, 240 sp; Charlotte, Miller, SH, 160 sp 275 wh.
Ship Dreadnought, from Liverpool (Feb 3) for NTork M
inst, lat 3105, Ion 45 56?by the Morning Star at Boston.
Ship Francnnia. 14 days from New Orleans for Boston, 3th
Inst, Tat 34 05 N, Ion 76 V. m ^
A ship steering SSE, showing a white signal with red let
ters L L in the centre, was passed April 8, lat 35 08 N, loa
73Bark Eraxilioro, hence for Vera Crux, April 9, lat 37 OS,
1?Sehr'iAbby Gale, from Wilmington, NC, for Boston, 9th
Inst, ofl'Montauk. ?
Foreign Porta.
Cabdenas?Arr Muroh 31, bnrk Richmond, Thompson,
NYork; sehr Maria. Matanxas; April 1, brig Denmark,
Yates, Boston; schr J ltrown. Brown, Bath; 3d, brigs El
len Maria, Larabee. Frankfort; C H Kennedy. Corbet, Phil
adelphia: schr Geneva, Nichols. Portland: 4th, brig Mont
gomery, Philadelphia. Sid March 31, brig Lima, Simmons,
Cienfueoos?Arr April 1, ship Sagadaboek. Sherman,
NYork; hark M B Stetson. Basford, do; brigO WLawrenoe,
Wall, do; 2d, barks Geo Thomas, Amesbnry, and John Hen
ry. Oxnard. do; brig "Indian, Keen," do.
In port abl March 28, barks Mary. Gilley, for NYork, ldg;
American, Adie, for Boston, do; brig Santn Clara, KUing
wuou, <??&? fat NY?ri ?r Bostop,
11AVAN i-Arr llarch 80, ship Monterey, Porington. Bal
timore; Bell Rook, Pendleton, Boston; Thos Wright.
Lavender, Havre; bark Peri, Thastrop, Portland: hrigs St
Andrew, kean, Charleston; Gov Brown, Parker, NYork; J
Cohen. M'Gnne. Sierra Morena; Keying, Pierce, Boston;
schrs Pettingill. Boston; Ann, Poor: fl D Orlndle, Bart
lett, and Mayflower, Talbot, Portland; Ophlr. Grey, BrU
tol; Isabella, Gage, Charleston; 81st, ship Aphrodite. Mel
cher, Boston; haras Lunette, Monntford, Portland; Un
ci ml a, Smith, Baltimore; Medora. Roby, Portland; schr
State of Maine. Cumtninga. Wilmington: April 1, bark
Reindeer, Lawrence, Boston: brigs Monies, Rollins, Mo
bile. Sam Small, Trcdwell, Philadelphia; 2d. ship George
Turner, McLellan, Boston; brig Jas Gray, Cheever, New
York; 3d. shin Montreal, Snow, Liverpool; barks Sarah A
Nickels, Nickels, NYork: Ranger, Fogg, Portland; Luey
Elizabeth, Crosby, Baltimore: Ellen McGaw, Lnnt, Alex
andria; brig G 1 Williams, Kinsman. Boston.
April 4, barks Azoff. Simons. Philadelphia; Casco, Collins,
Portland: Express, Ford, Philadelphia; brig Mensanillo,
Bailey, Portland; schrs G H Montagus, Simpson, NOrleans;
Jnana. Bsker. Stco: J W Arthur, King, Mobile.
Aprils, bark Wintbro- ??? -
Halsey " ?
April l
Jones. IniiaoJTPHEHwflxl ni[nni,
za A Cochran, Cochran. Matanzws; trigs Samuel J Peters,
Smith, NOrlesns, Gen Boyd, Gilpatriok, Saoo; Ada, Chase,
AViscasset; schrs Margaret, Smith, Apalachicola; Simpson,
Ilart, NOrleans. _ . _
April 7, l arks Jas M Hicks, Latham, NYork: Spencer Klr
by, Trecartln. do. brig Brownsville, Rodgcrs, NOrleans.
Sid 30th. chip Erie, Curtis, Matanxas; barks Rodman, Hill,
do; Odd Fellow. Green, Mr.ricl; brlge Lady of the Indie,
Shuto, Philadelphia; Kile, Thompson, New Orloans.
March 31, Iriga Brsziliun, Bray, Cardenas; Adela, Byera,
Santa Oruz.
April I, ship Huntress, Atwoed, Matanxas.
April 2. brig J Co' . > McCunc, Portland. _
April 5. bark L' . Smith, Cardenas; brisa R B Law
ton, Gardner, do; , ( things, Trcnls, Nsw Orleans.
April 6, barks V. it Vols. Vose, Trieste; Brilliant,
Miller. Matanzas; 1 y FlUabeth, Crosby, do; brigs Sarah
ooster, Wooster. New \ ork: Oov Brown. Park Cardrnas;
Enoch Pratt, Bightman, New York; schr Kooket, Alohera
April 7, brigs Susan, Johnson, Matanzas; Marcollus, Nor
ton, Boston; e< bra Alicia, Butler, NOrleans; Don Nicholas,
Drinkwater, Belizo, Hon.
llAvrr?Arr March 20. ship St Panl, Macey, NOrleans.
Hono Koag?In pori Feb II), ships Rnebnck, Waldtu. uno;
Wide Awake, Smith, from San Francisco, Just arr; Misobief,
Logan, from 1.0 via Honolulu, nrr 7th.
Matax'/a:)?Arr March 29, bars Vesta, AVinslow, Boston;
Lenox. Dillingham. Norfolk; Victor, Bishop, NY01E; atfin
Carver, Nichols; Evelyn, Heichhorn.and Hebron.Ktlhy, Bhk
ton; Harvey,-Barnes, and Union, Hewitt. Philadelphmt
brigs Windward, Killman. NYork; Kate Foster. Killman,
do; Milvvsukio. Cronm, Wilmington; Canima, Elliot, Port
land; S P Cnshing, Lancaster. Boston; Thomas, Collins^
Warren; Ipola, Park, Boston; Kate Heath, Bennett, Wil
mington: 30th, bark Ellr* A Cochran, Cochran, NYork;
brigs Swan. Morrow, Bermnda; Cordova, Arthur, Provi
dence; Stirling. Dickey, Wilmington: Grand Tnrk, Aldriok,
Providence; Royal Sailor, Adams. Portland; J D Pennall,
Hutchinson, do: schr Winstamoyeh, Morfow. NYork; 31st,
s)Jp Erie, Curtis. Havana; brig Martha, Edmonds, Port
land; sehr Mountain Eagle, do.
April 1, harks Rodman, Hill. Havana; Geo Leslie, Shep
herd, Boston; schrs M mucin, Kelton, do; M Rogers, Tanner,
NYork; Montauk. Bethell. Key West.
3d, bark Helen Jane, Batoa, Boston: brigs Mary Gaston,
Ceyer, Havana: Ohio, Sterling, Navy Bay; Keoka, Carver,
Boston; Poconocket, Haskell, ao;
na; Ellen, Young, I*York; schrs Wing of the AVind, Pier
sail, do: W A Presser, Doyle. Portland.
4th, shin Sea lion, llall, Boston; bark Cold Hunter,
Chase NYork; hrigs Henrietta. Norris, and Potosi, SlUby,
Portland; schr J S Wilson. Mitchell, . .. , .
Sid 29th, hrigs Pedraza, Dorritie, Boston, April L Ann
Elizabeth, Hernandez, Norfolk; 4tb, achr Heywnrd, Hc
1 Shanohae?In port Feb u. ?Wp Pioneer, ChJWs, fco?
San Francisco for Akvab. arr 11th. Sid Jan 18. ship? Bev
erly. Chase, NYork 24th, Onward, Creesy do. Feb S, Val
naraiso Bnrnett, Calcutta; Horsbnrg. Fuller. Bntav la. Ship
AVltchiif the Wave. Miller, arr Feb 10 from San Franciaeo,
and proceeded same day for Caloutta.
Homo Porta.
ALEXANDRIA?Arr April 11, sehr Le Roy, Oiborn, I*
^ BALTIMORE-Arr April 13, ship N?P??>1lishlS*
lao bark Edward Everett, Lovelnnd Boston, brigi1 Helon,
Hughes. Rio Janeiro, Feb 20; Abbott Lawrence, Crowell,
Boston: schr Lydla Gibbs. Glbbs, Providence. C d steam
ers Totten. Kellog. NYork; Mount Savage. Post. Boston;
bark Helen Maria. Hendrlck, Boston; trigs Carlann. Ames,
nc.rts in Cuba; Lcnl, I.ceman, Portland, Me: F illuiorc, Kir
wan. Barbadoes und a market; sehr Reus, Lrewcr. Port
'"llOSTON?Art April 12, ships Morning S'nr. Foster, Liver
pool March 20; telegraphed Ur hark AVupella, Irom Quoena
tovn Signal for two 1 avkr and r. bri*. Cid steamer Cale
donia. M< rloy. Baltimore: barks Franklin. Gibbs, Trinidad;
Wthsler, liy'der, llrltimore; Bay State, Dill, do; brigs L W
Maxwell, llnrt. St Thomna: Jenny l.ind, Browm. James
Hiver: sehr- AViuS l'.rown, Coombs. Capo Haytien. Oriana,
llntchlnron, Cliaileston, tjcecn, NlekeraOn, Philadelphia;
Sernrb. AlUn, NA'ork; Tribune, Hntcbins, do. Sid ablp
Rnttlcr: berk Costarelll; brigs Onward, F.xoroplnr, lVaeca
maw . Wlllism, Mvra. and from tbo Roads, ship Josephine,
llnrdirr Ships Virginia. Kossuth, Thoa Church; bark Gasa
Ha. and brig Magnet, dropped down to the Roads. wherw
remains hark Acadian siilpa Chioora and Juliet went ta
ecu from below evo of 11th ,, , , , 0-in_.
t 1IARI.ESTON?Arr April 11. stoamship Isabel, Rollins,
Havana: ship Grcj Eagle, Kinsman. Hlo danelro. jchrs
t 1 ronss (Dan). T) nroe, Leitb Ellon Msrryman. TwtL Port
ViTnckiev^o: ?^n
V*FA LL*RIVER^-AjPfJI VlSr Port'sxrTn
Darien. Ga.
NYork t?
Sldlrom Noank lf.ib, achr tV A Gr.fl.n, Ingoam,
'Tew BF.DFORD-Arr Arrll 12 schr Pharos. Nan.omond
iQtii anhrs Siflti. Sherman, RiohmonA.
NEW i-ONOON-Arr April U stca.n-r Sh.tucket, Gear,
KvhV for Novwleh. Sid sclir Oxford, liallei. NYork.
N? W ORLEANS?Arr April 7, ships Jaio n (Hidden,
fltld Csrdifl. Wales, t lariasa Currier.
i !a nirksTl e Duke (Br), Gould, Liverpool; Olive (Br), An
Irnr liver pool" M arv Mo Lr an. NYork; bark. Jane Do
tl.ony. ldvirr Jn) ^ 8tr#n)|| stetson, Matanaas;
P* *?, 1 r'av m i?iv Tampico; Aot^ik (M?3i), Martin?*, IjE
gnna Tswed U^a 4th Manh. J VTari, John MoK...
"'Notfroi-K?Bid'1 Aur?\ 12. aeb* Ocean, nowe, Boston.
C?e?smC0.n/AlT?7rev'",l,Ar,X?, brig B Havfort.
Tliinn- NY'rk Old bark Jaa llall, Tamp, Asninw all.
PHILADELPHIA?Cld April 13. P M. bri<, Martbfc
Kinsman Dyer, Portland; Maria White. Crosby, Boston;
scbr I"incline Chester, Iirower, Provldunee; Jauua Iluoha
lew, Cook, and Chas Ilsekaher, Endjobtt, Nlitven,
Iyer, Caymoi*- Uaflfojd.

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