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WHOLE NO. 6444. 1 ? SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 16, 1854
ij^vO OENTSi
&c.. Ac., Ac.
Interesting from Albany.
Albany, April 14, 1854.
Tl.e first doy of May lias been fixed upon for opening
the canal* of tliis State.
MuntsonJ. Lockwood, agent at Sing Sing prison, em
phatically denies the statement-; of Inspector Kirkpotrick
in relation to the indebtedness of that institution.
If the people of this State at large do not fnlly appre
ciate the benefits provided for them by the Legislature of
I8fi4, the organized band of conspirators upon the trea
sury. In the lobby, assuredly will. If the |>eople wonder
why members of both houses so willingly remain at the
capitol, confine themselves fourteen or sixteen hours a
day, voting upon bills, without any remuneration from
the State treasury, the artful schemer* in the lobby do
no such thing. They perfectly understand why the Le
gislature is kept here against the individual desire of
every member. Bills are rushed through upon the ex
piring moments of the session, which will allow certain
favorites to accumulate thousands upon millions of dol
isi*. and yet many of them are passed without scarcely
any investigation. There have been several of this
character carried through within the present week, and
there are yet many others to follow.
The Senate continued its yesterday session until half
past one o'clock this morning. The last thing done was
the passage of the Brooklyn Consolidation bill. It being
extremely lengthy. Senators did cot feel disposed to re
main two hours at that time of night, to hear it read by
the Clerk. Tl.e reading wa< coinin"nced. but the Clerk
had not proceeded far before some of the Senators
thought that all the sections had not been read through
in their order. The Clerk read uud re read, when finally
the nuestion catnc up on the final vote. Nut a quorum
was found to be present, and the officer* were despatched
to the hotels and other places of known resort, who
finally succeededbringing in a sufficient number to
finally succeededMh brinsrii..
compose a quorum, and Vie bill passed. The consolida
rion bill was sent to the Hoeue this morning, and the
amendment added to it by the Senate was concurred in.
An attempt was made to reconsider the vote, but failed,
and now Brooklyn, Williamsburg, and Bushwick may
fairly be considered under one charter forsvermore.
The last executive session was held to-day, but no
nominations were confirmed except a number of notaries
in various parts of the State.
Mr. Brooke believes that there is something wrong in
the management of Columbia College. No doubt of it :
but how to remedy the evils, and lay its errors before the
people. It has been tried for a series of years with the
management of Union College at Schenectady, and strong
men hare been engaged in the investigation; but as yet
everything is reported as being all correet, proper and
honorable. Mr. Brooks introduced the following resolu
tion, vlx.
Resolved, That a solect committee of three be appointed,
whose duty it shall he, during the recess of the Legislature,
and at as early a day as practicable, to inquire whether Co
lumbia College, or any of its trustees, have violated auy
provision of law Mr of its obarter, and particularly whether
,aid Collage, or any of its trustees, have, in any way, and if
aay, what, made religions qualification a test for any can
-filiate as a condition of sppointmentto any professorship in
.aid College. and further, to inquire into the means ana re
source* of said Co'lege, and tbe administration of its affairs
at largo; and that suoh committee have power to send for
jersons and papers.
Mr. Bpenoo moved to amend as follows.?
And tbnt the committee also fcavo power to examine into
all obarges, now made or may bo against any other college,
or -luring the time they shall ie engaged in their duty, and
to inquire whether any creed i* taught. or test required:
whether any of the colleges or institutions of learning have
more of ono persuasion among their teachers than another,
and whether they teach any improper or sectarian doctrine
This amendment was rejected, and Mr. Brooks' rssolu
ticn adopted, syes 17, nays 0.
It is understood here that the case of the professor
ship alluded to is simply this: a certain Doctor Gibbs
made application for the vacant chair of Professor of
Chemistry in Columbia college, and the authorities eject?
il him because his religious opinions inclined to Units
risnism Instead of Episcopacy. Is Columbia a branch of
Senator Barr is upon the heels of the Commissioners
i f Emigration. It will be recollected that the Legisla
ture has heretofore sunt committees to investigate into
the transactions of th-ec gi-ntb-men. The Senator now
wishes to make another effort, and it is hoped that if he
succeeds something of more consequence will be brought
before tbe Legislature than has yet appeared from ail
the former investigations. This is the Senator's resolu
'ion of inquiry:?
Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed, with
rower to send for persons and papers, to investigate the
affairs and management of the Commissioners of Emigre
tion, and tbe charges made against them, and that they
report to the next Legislature the result of their inveatiga
tion, and wbnt means, if any, can or may be necessary to
be adopted fb remedy tbe evils complained of, and that
said committee have leave to sit during tbe recess.
This was adopted, ayes 17, noes 6. Mr. Verplanck
will pleaae set his hooks m order with all possible speed.
His Excellency, since he vetoed the prohibitory liquor
I ill. has exercised his prerogative in that respect on sev
eral recent occasions. He yesterday tent in his reasons
for refusing to sign a bill relative to matters of bank
issues, as follows:?
State or New Yore, Ex. Department. (
Albany. April IS, 1864. S
Saniord E. Church, Presidhnt or the Se
SATS :? ...
I herewith return, with my objections toils becoming a
law. " An aot to amend an act entitled, an act to amend
tbe fourth title of tbe thirteenth char ter of the first part of
tka Revised Statutes, entitled, regulations concerning the
aesossmoat of taxes on Incorporated companies, and the
commutation or collection thereof," passed July 26, 1863.
Tbe first and only seotlon of this bill is as fellows:?
" Section 1. There shall be added to the 10th section of the
set mentioned In this title as follows, vii.:?And in all eases
of banking corporations, where the amount of loans and dis
- nnts are limited bylaw, snob corporations shall be al
" eir 1
lowed to increase their loans and discount* to an amount
equal to tbe amount of surplus profits on hand."
It will be seon that there is no connection whatever be
'tween the subject of this bill and the object indioated in the
title. It snbetantially allows all banking corporations, for
tbe purpose of making loans and discounts, to increase their
capital to an amount equal to their enrplns profits, under
ofor of amending tho laws conec.?n1ng the assessment of
uses on incorporated companies. 1 am not prepared to say
that this great change in onr banking system is. or Is not,
vitsitable. Bnt I cannot consent to sign a bill, the objects
ofwbiehare not in some degree expressed in its title. Tbe
Legislature should give full and fair netice of the subjects
of its legislation. No practices should be allowed which are
-calculated to mislead or blind the public as to the effects of
proposed laws. It is apparent that the refereaces of this
i.ill, either upon the journals of the Senate or in the colnmns
of the daily press, would in no decree lead any one to sus
Set its noture. Tbe publications of the proceedings of tho
w branches of the Legislature arc designed to rive to the
people of tills State an opportunity to express their ohloe
tiuns to all measures which they may deem 'hurtful to the
g< ncral interests or destructive of private rights. I cannot
spprovc any Mil the title of which is calculated to mislead
the pnblic as to its trne oharaoter an-I purpose. I therefore
return tho bill to the Senate, where it originated, without
my sirnaturs or approval.
lis also vetoed a bill In relation to the sale and redemp
tion of property sold in tha city of New York, under cer
tnin eoif-'dortition. This message is also iqser<ed:?
State or New York, Erecvtivk Depar tment, i
Albany, April 1.7, 1864. )
Hon. pAnroitn E Citi'RCH, Fresh-tnt or rnr 9k ? at a.?
I herewith return, with my objections to its lee-mlaz a
law, tho bill entitled "An aot to amend an act entitled an
act to sin plify tbe manner of colic ting arrears of taxes, as
scsi-Bitnts, and regular rent* of Croton water in tbe oity
atd county of New York," pa, ?? <1 .July CO. 18.VJ. Section six
-tsan If the third article of the constitution of this State
directs that ' no private or local bill which may I* passed
by the legislature shall embrace more than one subject, and
tbr t shall l-a expressed in the title." Me bill which I return
Sa a local aot. Its first section provider that "the President
of the Croton Aqueduct Board shall avowedly, on the laet
?lay of April, eause to be prepare I and transmitted to the
ite aocoa
Clerk of Arrears a separata account of each ward for all lots
en which tbe said regular rents for that water ye-r m*y re
main unpaid, with the amocnt due on each lot. and shnll in
dude in such amount which he shall first render after tbe
passage of this act whatever regular rents may remain un
fold of previous voars, and shall at the time notify the
I'omptfotler of the aggregate amount of tbe regular rents so
returned, and shall thereafter re eivo no payments on oc
cunt of tlio fame, hut may, nevertheless, certify to the
A lerk of Arroars any overcharge, which shnll upon suoh car
tillcate be remitted by the Clerk of Arrears at any time be
The *"
fere settlement." Tfie socond section is as follows:?"See l
ti'-n 2. The owner of any real est w hich rosy heroartor be
?old for taxes, or assessments, or for water rents in the city
oi New York, or bit level representative, shall huve the
right to redeem the same from the purchaser or his heirs, ad
ministrators or assigns, at any time within twenty yoirs
from the day of sale, rfter one year's notice in writing of his
intention so to do. hy j eying the arnonnt lor which the pro
l-erty was sold and ton per cent interest thereon fr- m the day
of sale until the time of redemption, and al?o for the improve
I,. - nts mode thereon at t Mr fair valuation the vaineof such
inipri rements to he determined if no*. s ;rc? 1 np n between
the parties hy three persons to be ap-.ieinted hy tbe Superior
< i nrl of laid city."
It will beeoen ilial tho socond eecti. n makes great an I
radioal ohangea In the esse respecting '.lie rertempti in of
property which may hereafter I sold in the tity New
VorV, not only for w ter rent-but for t*\c and n?i?s
ments for all other purposes. It Is apparent that this t? the
most import.mt feature of the bill Hni it Is in no reaps t
oxpreread in its title, as required by tbo constitution Ii
also violates that Instrument by introducing Into this local
<111 "mote than one snbleot" of ),. illation. The proiisi .as
<f tho constitution, which I have quoted, was designed
wot only to prevent improper combinations In the Leglsla
?re among the Ir - ? t- i ? -ts, but to give
ibe public at large some notice of the scope end ehar.i iter
of proposed measures by reqniriag that tocy shall lie ex
l reared in the titles of all private and local hills. Aside from
^institutional objections. I am unwilling to approve and
'ign any hills which violate saintsry principles by com
' 'BWg fn the same art snide, ts which nave no necessary
OWN nee tionwith each other nndsu- a UUe which is calculated
Oil mislead the nulilie, and to keep it In Ignorance of the ef
frt Of pee peace manreres. Ik is the policy ef our eraetire
Hob. and should belli* object of tbc Legislator o *o to oon
duct the paw-age of laws tliat l<i? public may be advised of
their effect a ana conatqaenoe*. and allowed an opportunity
to expreea thoir objections to them
Mr Levi Smith, of Troy, law partner of Job Piertton,
haa been remove! from "tlio office of Collector of Cue
tome, at Troy, and hie place auppiied by the appointment
of C. L. McArthur. It may be proper to add that the
' former gentleman ie known aa a national democrat, and
hie nuccexeor aa belonging to the eoft flection of the very
' harmonioue democracy. Secretary Marcy has sent in
i structlona making inquiry whether there are any more
i of the name nort of government officials remaining. Tho
I Maiahal for the Northern district ia diligent in hia in
' quiriea, and it ia threatened that he intenda to vinit tho
city of Albany for that purpose in the course of a day or
Albany, April 15, 1844.
erragi row.
The Judiciary Committee reported against the bill in
troduced by Mr. Barr In relation to stage routes in New
York. Laid on the table.
Was taken up. A motion to strike out the appropria
tion to the Eye and Ear Infirmary was lost.
Tlie bill to examine into the affairs of the State prisons
was [ asaed over the Governor's veto.
thi trkardrkr's accounts.
Mr. Walker was placed on the committee to examine
into the Treasurer'), accounts.
In relation to the Common Schools-in New York.
Authorising town subscriptions to the Sodus Railroad.
Authorising towns in Cliemung to subscribe to the
CHcu and Binghnmpton Railroad. Passed.
Authorising towns to subscribe to the Oswego and Troy
Railroad. Lost.
The general appropriation hill was passed.
Mr. Crosby introduced a concurrent resolution that
the Attorney General proceed againat the late Canal
Auditor, if there be cause of action, flbr moneys ad
ranced by him to certain Canal Superintendents. Adopt
ed. Adjourned.
To incorporate fhe New York Inebriate Asylum.
Relative to the manufacture of coarse salt by corpora
For the relief of the Erie and New York City Railroad.
For the relief of the Williamsburg Dispensary.
To smend tho charter of the New York Dry Dock Com
For the relief of Brooklyn Female Academy.
The Senate refused to reconsider the vote on the bill
allowing town subscriptions to the Troy and Oswego Rail
Tho Troy and Oswego Railroad subscription was re
considered and passed.
'Do take the census of 1855.
For the publication of meteorological observations.
The Military Code bill for the enrollment of the militia,
the organization of uniform companies, &c.
Mr. Barr moved the recommitment of the bill, with
instructions to amend so as to exclude the city of New
York from its operations. Lost?bill pusaed, 19 to 4.
For the better regulation of the Fire Department of the
city of New York.
Mr. Barr moved the recommitment of the bill, stating
that the Common Council had full power. Lost, 6 to 11.
Mr. Barr moved to lay the bill upon the table. It had
been moved forward during his absence. I<ost. and bill
The Supply bill came up from the Assembly, and the
Senate, in Committee of the Whole, Mr. Monroe in the
chair, considered it. Pending the reading of the bill the
hour for a recess arrived.
Albany, April 15, 1854.
The Supply bill was taken up in Committee, pending
which the veto of the Governor on the State Prison bill
was announced, and the bill waa passed over the veto by
74 to 27.
The consideration of the Supply bill was resumed.
No amendments of moment were made, except reduc
ing the compensation of the managers of the impeach
ment ease.
The bill was reported to the House, and the report
sgroed to.
Adjourned at 5 o'clock this morning.
Saturday's proceedings.
A resolution from the Senate relative to Canal Auditor
Newell waa laid on the table.
Amending the New York school law.
Relative to the f alary of the Secretary of State.
Relative to the New York Inatitions for the Deaf and
Columbia college.
A resolution to examine into the affairs of Columbia
College was introduced and rejected.
the supply mli .
-1 he amendments to' the Supply bill wore pane it.
Work of the New York Legislature.
140. Authorizing highway labor to be expended on the
Half Moon and?liftou Park plank road, in the county of
141. To regulate stage routes in the eity of Xew York
and to provide for the promotion of companies to operate
the same. *
142. To authorize tBa-village of Port Jervis to hold an
election to choose its charter officers.
143. To incorporate the Oneida Plank Bond Company.
144. To authorize the Commissioners of Highways of
the town of Ridgewuy. in the county of Orleans, to re
survey part of n certain road in said town.
145. To increase the capital stock of the Buffalo, Corn
ing and New York Railroad Company.
146. To qroend the third article of the first title of
chapter Ave part second of the Revised Statutes.
147. To amend the charter of the Schoharie Kill Bridge
148. Appropriating money to Clinton State Prison.
149. To provide for the settlement of the accounts of
the Commissioners appointed to erect a court-house and
jail in the oity ofUtica, and to discharge them from their
'official bonds".
160. Constituting the village of Glens Palls a separate
road district.
151. Authorizing the Comptroller to ascertain whether
the persons employed by the State to survey lots sold
Peter Smith made any mistake in measuring or comput
ing the same, and if so, correct the same.
152. To authorize the Watertown and Rome Railroad
Companv to endorse and guarantee the bonds of the Pots
dom nn<{ Watertown Railroad Company.
16li. To incorporate the Clifton Spring* Water Cure
154. To amend the chatter of the Fire Department of
the city of New York.
165. To provide for carrying out and opening a road
{ from township No. 8 to iownship No. 10 Old Military
I Tract, Franklin county.
166. Authorizing the Comptroller to loan ittoney from
the Common School Fund to the county of Wayne
157. Further to amend an act entitled "An act to au
i thorizc the Monticcllo and Wurtaboro Plank Read Com
| pany to purchase from the Newburg and Coehocton Turn
pike Road Company a bridge across the Nevislnk river,
and for other purposes," passed May 20, 1853.
j 158. To regulate the salary of the District Attorney of
the county of Putnam.
J 169. To'authorize the alteration of the nrticies of n*so
I elation of the Bank of Silver Creek.
I lt;0. For the Improvement of Racket river and the
' tributaries thereof.
! 161. To provide for improving Sacandaga river.
' K<2. To'authorfze the 'mposition of a tax upon certain
. lands in Herkimer and Hamilton counties to provide
, means for completing a road from Morehouse to Salisbury.
163. To amend the charter of the city of Ctiea.
i 164. Relative to the a ssessor* in the town of Oswegat
chie, in the county of St. I-awrenco.
i 165. To provide* for the eduction of the children of
the Indians of the Onondaga Reservation, in the county
I of Onondaga.
166. To enable the Comptroller to credit back to the
, county of Clinton certain taxes on non-residents' lots in
I said county, liereiolore assessed and cancelled.
167. To amend an act entitled ? An act for the supply
of Brooklyn with water." passed June 3, 1853.
168. In relation to the moneys levied by law on mas
ters, mates, marin*rs.and ?? amen arriving at the city
and port of New Yoik, and the disposal of the same by
a i . i . . .1 i L n k'Aamafl'a LVinn I anil I'nf cont
the trustees of the teaman's Friend and Retreat.
169. "to authorize the formation of a new election dis
trict In the town of Conewago, in the county of Catta
170 To amend an net entitled "An act for the preser
vation of the public health," passed April 10. 1850.
171. To prmido for the appointment of police officers
of the town of Newburg, In the county of Orange.
172. To amend the several acts in relation to the Asso
ciation for tho F.xhihition of the Industry of All Nations,
anil to declare the powers thereof.
173. To prevent the destruction of timber on the lands
of the Tusrarora Indinns, and to regulate the highway
I labor among said Indians.
174. For the relief of Richard Nile*.
176. To amend the several act* in relation to the vil
lage of Salom. and to authorize the said village to bor
row money.
170. lu relation to the public schools in the city of
177. To amend and consolidate the soveral acts In rela
tit n to the charter of the city of Hudson.
178. To amend chapter 17'i, laws of 1820, entitled " An
act to incorporate the Ovid Academy and for other pur
poses," passed April 18, 1826.
179. Relinquishing title and ceding jurisdiction to the
United States over certain lands in the city of Buffalo, to
be occupied as a site for a beacon light.
180. To confirm the election of corporation officers in
tho village of Malone, in the county of Franklin.
181. To provide for a deputy clerk for the Court of
General Sessions of Kings county
182. Revising, amending, and consolidating the several
acts in relation to the village of Kingston
ig the copies and certiflo
188. Directing the copies andcertlnoates of Association
of Banks to be transferred from the Secretary's offioe to
the Banking Department.
184. To authorise the Sandburg Plank Road Comp i <
te bogww money end other purposes.
Is. q? i?.. the Erie County Savings Bank.
]' T" Incorporate v Buperiutendonts ol the poor.
180. Relating to connv. (>,tfice ke?p?r of the poor
187. In relation to the
boww in the county of Giles ?An act t0 incorporate
188. 7o amend an act entitled ?. plltl1t1j A,,ru io, 1847.
the Niagara County Sav ngsBuuk, ?thl. town of Platta
189. Authorizing the Supervisors oi
hurg to lease certain property. 'n relation to
190. To amend an act entitled "An act . -949.
the Cypress illll Cemetery," passed Keb. 14, 1, vcknort.
191. To Hmend the charter of the village of U. <nsm
192. Changing the names of James Lovcland !'??
and Catoline Elizabeth l'utuam to James Loveland Jen? I
and Caroline Elizaboth Jenks.
193. In relation to the Court of Common Plea* for the
city end oounty of New York.
194. To hmend an act entitled " An act to provide for
the licensing and government of the pilots and regulat
ing pilotage of the port of New YQrk;' naaaad Juw J48,
1853. |
196. Declaring a part of the West Canada creok and iti
branches a public highway, and regulating the passage
of logs and lumber down the same, and for the improve
ment of said stream.
196. To designate a State paper.
197. In relation to the moneys levied by law on mas
ters, mates, mariners and seamen arriving at the city
and port of New York, and the disposal of the same by
the Trustees of the Seamen's Fund and Retreat and ot
the Mariner's Family Asylum.
198. Authorising the vleotion of trustee* and other of
ficers of the village of Fonda.
199. To authorize certain officers to administer oaths
and affirmations in particular cases.
200. To authorize the Water Commissioners of the vil
lage of Wntertown to borrow money.
201. Making the village of Flsperauc", Schoharie coun
ty, a separate road district.
2< 2. For the appointment of a commissioner to revise
and amend the charter of the city of Rochester.
203. Relative to the Hudson Aqueduct Company.
2<'4. To amend the act entitled, " An act regulating
highways and bridges in tho counties of Suffolk, Queens,
and Kings," passed F'eb, 23, 183d.
206. To amend an act entitled '^n act to enable Maria
Yintente Rodrinuez, an alien, to hold and convey real ca
tate or interest therein, and to appoint her trustee uu lor
the will of Vlncente Rodriquez."
206. To Improve the (Iras* river, in St. Lawrence coun
ty, for floating timber and saw-logs, and to declare the
ssme a public nlghway.
207. Declaring Oswegatchie river a public highway, and
regulating the passnge of lop and timber down the same
for the improvement of said river.
208. Declaring the west branch of the St. Regis river a
public highway, and for regulating the passage of logs
and timber down the same.
209. To incorporate the Yonkers Savings Rank.
210. To incorporate the Sixpenny Savings Bank in the
city of Rochester.
211. Authorizing the Canal Appraisers to examine the
claims of I<auren* Seymour and others for damages sus
tained in consequence of the destruction of a dam on the
Oneida river.
212. IVclaring the Alder Meadow Rrook a public high
way, and regulating the passage of logs and timber down
the same.
213. To incorporate the American Geographical and Sta
tistical Society.
214. For the incorporation of zocietios to establish free
216. To enable the city of Brooklyn to b9rrow, in an
ticipation of the tax to be levied and raised In said city
for the year 1864, the sum of $11,500 for the use of the
F'ire Department in said city.
216. To amend an act entitled "An act to incorporate
the Buffalo Trust Company," passed April 10, 1854.
217. To repeal an act entitled "An act relative to the
purchase and laying out of certain lands for a public
Park In the Nineteenth ward of the city of New York,
and the powers and duties of the Mayor, Aldernmen and
Commoualty, 111 relation thereto," passed July 21, 1853.
[This is a complete list of all th ' acts signed by the
Cor ernor. and registered in the office of the Secretary of
State up to 1 o'clock on tho 14th inst.]
Appointment by the Governor.
Notaries Pvbuc.?Jfew York?Thomas A. Richmond,
Charles A. A. Kapello, J. C. I-awreuce, Erving Harris,
James W. Wilson, Charles T. Winthrop, Nathaniel B.
Hoxie, William A. Darling, John H. Piatt. Robert A.
Adams, J. M. Irving, Sylvester Lay, John Livingston,
William Scblutener, Gardner Spring, Jr., Robert B.
Campbell, John B. Stevens, John Hopjier, Benjamin H.
Willis, James C. Brown, John Black, A. I)e Witt Baldwin,
Henry A. Bogart, Thomas 0. T. Buckley, Samuel T. Bull,
Henry C. Banks, W. L. Condrie, Edwin V. Corey, Jeffer
son Cotiington, George S. Carmlchael, Malcolmb Cam
bell, Horatio P. Carr, Cornelius 11. Disown;/, William Y.
Clark, William T. Farnbam, James l'arkor, H. P. Pant/
John A. Steroniler. James M. Sweeney, John A. McForlcy,
G. L. Taylor, M. B. McClay, William 11. H. Moore, A. R.
McDonough, N. F'ish Neilson. E. H. Walton, John Van
Boskirk, John G. Voce, A. B. Van OTinda, Peter S. How,
C. P. Johnson. David O'Keefe, J. W. Iaiwton. Nicholas
Van Sluyck, John J. White, Henry W. Johnson. Hooper
C. Van Vorst, J. M. Guitean, Jonah M. CI rk.
Kings?Richard I. Todd, L. Chapman, 8. Goodwin, T. J.
Noithall. C. H. Thompson. A. C. Welch, T. Hinslale, D.
T. Walden, Jr., L. K. Miller, J. kk dean, W. 0. Hammond,
Jr., H. G. Laddewig, D. Strong, T. G. Bergen, S. G.Stryker,
W. O. Walker, John K. Oakley.
Personal IntoDlgcnri'.
Honorable A1 vali Hunt, Binghamton; Governor Malti
son, Illinois: W. P. Newell, Georgia; Major Garnctt, U.
S. A.; H. Bridge, U. 8. N.; Captain 3. K. Dawson, U. 8. A.;
Captain McCnualuni. Washington; Colonel H. Crocker,
Milwunkie; Colonel John i'link, Chicago; P. C. Williams,
North Carolina; W. C. Griavrold, Oregor. arrived jester
day at the Astor.
W. Pickry, Jr., Quebec; J. T. Hansom, Georgia: J.
Quinn, Columbia; J. Briggs, Georgia; R. Blaucliard, Now
York; J. Rice, New Orleans: J. L. Wood. Canada; J. B.
Elliott, Washington, arrived yesterday at the Preerott.
Colonel Samuel Church. Toledo; Governor George
Kent, Maine: T. McGaw, Maine; Colonel Henry Sparks,
San Era no i sco; Colonel H. 8. Lansing, Chicago; Lieut.
Wilkes, U.S. A.; Honorable A. W. Iamb. Washington;
Mr. C. Slabb, St. John; Honorable Peter Rowe, Schenec
tady, were amongst the arrivals yesterday at the St.
Nicholas. v
For Liverpool, in the steamship Atlantic?I) Hopklntoa,
Philadelphia; Mr Kitcbin. Dr W If Smith: A B Smith. Buf
falo; J V Moutsir. Mr Merrill and son: J D Hill, N O; Will
King. Mr and Mrs J Falin; G Scboeller, Austria: Mr Haw
kins; Mrs and Miss MeKoe, Boston; A J Wilkinson, bearer
of deapatabes; H M Stone, Mr and Mr G Pott. Miss Day,
Miss R B?ckl?y. Geo Phelps, C'bas Powe, J Foster, Win
Holmes. Messrs Brunnirg, Caron, Nassau, Welmer, Pierson,
Blackburn. Ramee, Mr Kent, H Fling, J Jules. Mr
Grnbb, Mr M M Holt, Jr. Mr Houston, N J; J
A Wicks, Mr Morales, Washington: J Fuller, Mrs Fullsr's
nurse and child, Mr Ramon Asbs and son. Gen Conder and
son. Mexico; Mr Iiergmann, Mr and Mre F Meyers. Bal
timore; J M Robinson, Mr Evans. Ohio: J Peel, Mrs C . a
modore Perry, Mrs Hawkins, rrm. Mann, Philadelphia ;
Mr Frent, Mablon Day, J ('handler, M D. Bonjamln. Mrs.
Humphreys, Mr Himricki.C Elchorn. Cbas Graas, C sather
thwaitc, ?: E Draper, E L Trinholm, C I'riolean, SC; George
Jones, NY. A Wort berg, Mr G 11 Tenant, lady and child ; J
Pott J. F Relaplaine G A Droit and lidy, B .Itlmore; M
Shult/., MrStauble. W Henriques W Fontaine and lady, C
Petric and lady, NY: J ChadwK-k end lady, NJ; Mrs Alley,
.Mrs Martin, Mr Fontaine's nur?e and child; J. M Bull, F
Clerk, Mr Ripley, II Edtnon.!, Wm Ciidorhfll, Mr. Faxon,
lady and child; Mrs Jsmes Randall, London: Mr T B Law
rtnce and lady; B Deep. Mira Lane. Washington; Miss Tal
lis, Ohio; F Caloraard. France: Mr Bonnard, Count Rnnard,
C W Wolfe, N Y : Mr Warrin, Jos Moors, E Koocbtin, Mi
Brush. J Balnea, J Warner Mr Soberer. Mr Nelson.
Mr and Mrs C U Oeodute, Mr W ii Piatt, Mr Otto, Mr J
Beniainin. Philadelphia; Mr Palacio's four children. Mr M
F Davis, .Mr O Pomcrny, Mr S W Waterbury, Mrs Hawley,
Dr and Mrs M Holt. London : Mr J Birch, Mr and Mrs
Ami e, Mr M Stoddart, Mr H M Corey Mrs 8 8 Corey. Phila
delphia; Mr Clinton. Mr Arabs. .1 children and servant. Mr
Laugban, W Shapleirh, Philadelphia; RBLookwood. Count
Renard's servant. Thomas Metrowltr, V Mstrowits. Mrs
Scott, child and Infant, Mr William Tbomns, Mr Fata, Mr
J I.an/a, Mr PilcK Mr Falllf and friend. Messrs H Colin,
J Rowc. John Thompson, J A Miller, Mr Brigger, J Mc
Kcwan. Mrs Clvln. John Wilson John Johnson, J Davit, E
H Riley, E H Arnold.?Total, 17t>.
For Savannah, in steamship Knox villa?Mrs Smith. A A
Storrs and lady, A S Curtis. Louie Dhmougur, J R Way,
Miss E Vamcy. Miss V A Gardner, Miss Gate* Rleeckei
Nellson, Mitehill. Edwin Bnn Mitchitl and nurse, Mr <' D
Ludlow, Brig Gen S Armstrong and servant. G Carroll, Jr.
Mrs Graham, Mrs l'latt. Miss 3 E Roberts, Mrs E T Hicks,
MH Dessau, W II Tarrol, Rem Hnydam, Van /ant B L
Howes. D Snedeker. John H Hard, Wm H All in, Mary
Emerson. G Home. J W McClune, X <1 Bestwick?Id In the
For Charleston, In the steamship Jan;, s Adger? C P Cole
man. Mr Watson. J C llarnes, John Wi'liains. John II M u
terson. Cbas Marsh, H li Wtipfle, J 1, Whlppl\ -las C i'ar
ter, D P Ilingley, Euclid Cheosey, A V Stout Jas I) Gray,
Dr 0 B Finney. (' R Heyward. Mrs Merritt. John Kelly and
lady Jno Thornton Jr. D Iv Clark, A P I ymm. J Thomas,
Wm Lapp. H Cray, C W A Cook 8.3 Clark, 1) K Lamb, I, V\
Sblpman, Jas Johnson, L W Cobb, Jno Iloyt. 8 Lergott, B
A hern?and 17 in llie steerage
For Richmond. Ac, in steamship Jamestown?H Green. II
L William*, I? P Williams. D Miller, C De Roossey, Mrs
Hart sr. R W Harrison. 8 H i'orwin, Jernmo Summons, J H
Wells, V R Hrennan. lady and two children, E Jones and
lady. Major J P Graham, D J MmTat lady and three chil
dren?33 in the iteornge.
From Chatlestot, in steamship Sonthe-ner?Mra M Valen
tine. Miss Bateholor, Mrs B Smith, Mrs Schaftcnhurg, child
and servant. Mra E Johns, Mrs Aveull and tbrso children.
Mrs David Martin and ! wo ohildron, C L Canelhus and
child. J C Chatterton, A Manscll, lady, two children and
servant. A A Williams, Master J M, Swoone.v, J D (loot, Geo
T Snundtr. two Masters Saunders, J Butterlield, M McWa
ny, A Guist. Lorenso Sold, T T Martin, E M kpraguo. Mrs R
Goraler. J C Mendora, Pedro Bison, l.eop?.,l Hi-on, T Men
dors, l'elar Menders. L Mendora. TE Laurence, S Bucli
sack, John Quinn, CA L Blanehard, M Kemp, CBpt Hooper,
Geo Mlibt. D O Ramsay?AO in the steerage.
From Savannah, in steamship Alabama? Thomas Morton,
Snmnel (J Jaekson. Caj t Roht Day, U 8 R. W P Abindo.-th,
D (' Rlodgett, E F Fell, J C Taker. B Welle, Thoe Young,
Mrs T 91 rang. Miss Louisa Strang?23 in the steerage.
I-rum London, In ship Ri, herd Cohden?M < Thrano, Miss
Msry Thrane, Mr Egan
The Tnrf.
Mbtaihib Cor wm?Third Iur?April 7.?-Tlio rac< was
for a Club purse of $760?two mile beats, with Katinka.
Wild Irishman and Mary Tajlor as the contestants.
A. L. Bingarnan's (II. Field's) br c. Wild Irishmen
by Glencoe, dam bv Modoc-?3 v. o 1 1
W. J. Minor's b. f. Mary Taylor, by Sovereign, dam
ClKra Howard?4 y. 2 2
John Turnbull's b. f. Katinka, by imp. Glencoe.
dam bv Sarpedon. Jr. n 3 3
Time, 3:44>,?8 30.
Foreign Conbttls<?The President has officially
recognised K. G. Gomer as consul of the republic of Ni
caragua for the poet of New Orleans; and Don Antonio
Mr Ha Segovia, a* Consul of Spain for the port of New
Anti-Nebraska Meeting at Trenton.
StQ#m and Disasters on the Lakes
. . Ac.
Ac., Ac.,
From WmMiik(mi. 'untkb?the
Washington, April 16, - th
gome time ago the Senate ordered to bo printed '
mechanical portion of the Patent Office report. This fe?
to Beverly Tucker, the 8ennte printer. Subsequently
the agricultural portion of that report was sent to the
House, who ordered one hundred thousand copies to be
printed by the printer to the House?lfr. Nicholson. Ac
cording to law, the printer to either House that orders
eitra numbers of documents supplies the other, thus
saving the expense of typesetting. Tucker claims tka
the agricultural part belongs to liim, that and the me
chanical constituting one documcut. The Committee on
Printing could not decide the matter. Tucker, therefore
resorted to the Circuit Court, praying it to issue a nun
damus oil the Superintendent of Public Printing to give
him the work. The case came up this morning, lteverdy
Johnson and Mr. Carlisle appearing for Mr. Tucker, and
Phillip B. Key for Mr. Nicholson. The argument was
not finished, and the last uaraed was allowed until next
Saturday to reply. There is much interest felt in the
The weather has been extremely cold and stormy dur
ing the past two days.
Interesting from New Mexico.
Baltimore, April 10, 1854.
New Orleaus papers of Sunday last are received. They
contain news from El Paao to tho 30th ultimo.
A fight had occurred between a party from HI Paso
and a party of mon from Dona Ana. The El Paso party
was composed of seventeen Americans and Englishmen,
and a number of Mexicans. They were well armod, and
had two aix pounders. The fight lasted twenty-six min
utes, when the Dona Ana party fled, lea ring threo dead on
the field. The victors captured a large number of cattle.
The American Consul had been arraigned before the
Alcalde of El Paso, on a charge of having said Santa Anna
hsd sold a part of Mexico, and would pocket 920,000,000
thereby. The Consul refused to say anything to the
charge, but held himself responsible only to our govern
ment. He was sufi'ered to leave th? court.
From Boston.
Bohton, April 15, 1854.
The America is bolow, but it is so dark that wo do not
expect her up before morning. The mails will not leave
for New York till Sunday afternoon by the regular train.
The reported failure of the Cochituato Bank to day,
led to a great run upon it. Specie and current bills were
paid out up to 1 o'clock, when the officers declined
making further payments. The securities are considered
good, ami it i thought that bill holders will be paid in
full. The sus| ension of tho bank Is attributed to the
failure of one of iu officers, who is largely interested in
Iron manufacturing. He is said to owe the bank
9100,000. Report says the bank will resume business on
An injnnotion was laid on the Cochituate Bank thig
afternoon, and business will not be resumed until the
commissioners report, about tho middle of next week.
a* Trentotn
Trinton, N. J., April 15,1851.
The Anti-Nebraska meeting here loat evening war large
and enthusiastic. D. Loder waa appointed Chairman K
C. Belleville. Secretary, and ten Vice President*.
Resolutions were adopted, strong and emphatic in their
tone, against the Nebraska bill, denouncing Senator
Douglas, and applauding Charles Sl.elton, the representa
tive from this district.
Judge Randolph, Rev. Isaac V. Brown, and Lewis R
Parker, were the speakers.
The meeting was without distinction of party, and was
made up of about half of each of the great parties.
This morning an effigy of Senator Douglas was found
suspended from the telegraph wires, and ordered to be
cut down by the Mayor.
Ohio Anti-Slavery Convention.
Cincinnati, April 14,18-54.
The Antl-t-lavery Convention in session here during the
past week, adjourned sine die last night.
The Recent Storm and the Weather.
^ftottTON, April 15, 18 ">4.
About four inches of snow has fallen here since two
o'clock tbi? morning. The weather now indicates % change
to rain.
Albany, April 15, 1854.
A heavy suow storm prevailed here during last night.
No hosts have yet arrived, and the express train from
New York is not up yet.
Disaster* on.the Lakes.
Buffalo, April 15, 1854.
We learn from private advices that the schooner Buck,
eye Hate, put hack to St. Clair river from I.ake Huron
to day reports that the schooner Fortune, bark Badger
State schooner Luther Wright, and propeller Forest
Queen were all ashore between Preaque Island and Thun
der Bay Islands, all loaded with railroad iron, lumber and
There had been a severe storm for four days past, and
the coa?t was very rooky. The propeller would j robfcbly
] r< ve a total loss. The lo-s is heavy.
Arrangement* for Kvpeditlng (lie Southern
CHARLWTOX, April 14, 1854.
A meeting was held to-day of the President* of tlm
Montgomery and West Point, Muscogee, Southwosf. rn
Central, Waynesboro', ^ou'U Carolina and VvTInting
ton and Manchester Railroads, to arratpe for running
a double service between Washington and New Orleans
and expediting the mails twelve hours. The arrange
meni is to take effect s? soon as practicable, prob.i
bly on the 1st of June.
Nnle ol (he Wilmington and Chin Teston
Chakijuton, April 13, 1854.
The sale of the Wilmington and Charleston steamer*
tcok place to-day. according to advertisement, and re
sulted as follows ?The steamer Gladiator sold for $18 800,
to P. K. Dickinson, of Wilmington; the Governor Dudley
for $15.6i)0, to the Commercial insurance Company of
Charleston; the Wilmington for $12,000, to F. C. Mntthic
?on, of Charleston and the C. Vanderbilt for $10,100, to
P. K. Dickinson, of Wilmington. The wharf w.i? feM in
at $80,090.
Rat I la II road Accident.
Nnw Haven, April 13, 18.54
An Irishman named Robert Dorr, fell from the top of a
freight car yesterday in this city, and th* train pace d
over biro, killing him instantly.
' Departure of the City of Manchester.
Pmi.Anm.raiA, April 1-5,1834.
The screw stesnAhip City of Man 'heater sailed to-day
for Liverpool, with sixty passengers.
CiNOUtNATi. April 14, 1854.
Flour ha* advaneed 25o under the America's news
Barrelled lard is In good demand at lg?. and is now held
atOe Mooey is light: New York exchange firm at 1
Another l>url.
The ape Frown pugnacious tie 'code of honor" is
talked nlvoot us freely as t'ie r.ew code , all sorts of ihmj.
pie fiom e*. "rrearmon down to watch stuffers, grow t? a
der about their ?".riT ntatlon," and seem willing to
seek that ?'bubble at the [piatel'a] mouth." Hobokon?
that classic ground?that paradise of nursery man s?
that Elysium of cricketers?that enchsnting centre
from which rad ate bad liquor, worse aegars, rickety
carriage#!, half cooked dinner* and stupid bout races?
is the Fifteen Acres?the Chalk Farm?the lloia de
Bolcgno?the grand duelling ground of New York city.
The air la heavy with rumore of fights to come. The
Cutting and Breckenridge Hash it* the pan lias incited all
sorts of warlike individuals to dewle of '' dreadful note."
Two Councilmen have quarreled over a raoet interesting
subject, and one of them has " invited" the ?< code of ho
nor" to purify the matter. Chloride of limfl would bo better.
A doughty " Colonel," wh9 t'iitd A small evening paper,
lias been challenged by a redoubtable "Captain" of the
| Bobndil genus, who holds a government office. But the
j most amusing of all these attaint has takeu place
I between a well known military gentleman from the
| Southweat, a' democratic leader and ex Commissioner to
1 the Crystal Palace, anil a retired officer of the British
my.t) In order to preserve the distinction between the
men, we shall call the Western gentleman "the
gentle. ? and the Englishman " the Captain."
Colonel,' 'hat the Colonel is a very popular gentleman
It appears . ?n,i position gave him a place in the
with both sexes, . j10 m#,ie qUito a sensation, ami va
haaif feciiti, In whK wcre ,,ave bMn m ^
rlous ami sundry conqwes ? Jn the some society, and, as it
by him. TheCaptamviaHse'Lionel's popularity. The
is said becamejealoee of thtf ^ ( ^ wWI# th .
(elonol returned to the South*"'" ,, .. . . .
, . , , ?roul V1'0 ' a*t. As he ap.
pleasant rumors reaehedl him ? J
proaehed the East the rwmorrf t*VAme stronger, and lid
finally succeeded in ascuituliilng that tho Captain was
the author of certain charges reflec't'"'? upon his moral
eliaructer, wliicli had been carried to s'U h.'* friends with
the usual rapidity which belongs to bad news.
The Captain sa'e in his parlor at the ' Hotel,
wrapped up in his dignity and his robe A- chatmbre, Chen
Colonel 'a curd was presented. The Colonel did u'ot
linger behind the pasteboard. He demanded an immedi
ate retraction and written apology; the Captain declined. I
Whereupon the Colonel did then and thero bruiso, boat,
and evil treat the aforesaid Coptain?the aforesaid Cap- 1
tain's eyes were bunged?the aforesaid Captain's nasal j
organ received a violent contusion, and hemorrhage en- j
sued, and finally, to sum up, the aforesaid Captain re- 1
ceived a severe "blow from tho foot from behind," all !
these several demonstrations being from the hands and !
feet appertaining to Colonel , and given in and
upon the body of Captain , ho the Colonel afore- '<
said knowingly and wilfully being the author of said war- j
like demonstrations.
The Colonel took a cold bath and dressed for dinner,
lire Captain put his feet in hot water, soaked his
head, boef-steaked his eye, patched his nose, and In- !
dieted n challenge to his assaulter. Mr. bore the j
missive to the Colonel. No apology, of course, could lie i
given or received.
Colonel said nothing would give him greater j
pleasure; did'nt know before what he should do with his
afternoon; happy that the Captain had put him in a way I
to enjoy it?would liavo Hoboken as place; throe, past
meridian, as the hour; the ordinary Western rifle as the
weajon; Mr. ? was Ids friend. Mr. . allow me j
to presi nt Mr. Blank . " Glad to see you all. gentle- '
men. anil won't you take a glass of wine."
The eventful hour approached The llobol.en ferry boat
was just leaving her slip, when down came tho Colonel i
with Ids friend and servant, bearing the " ordinary West
ern rifle. " They crossed. Tli"y repaired to the place of |
meeting. In vain did they look for the other principal? '
the mlorous Captain had quAiled before the ordinary |
"Western rifle. " After waiting an hour or two. theordi |
nary "Wi-stcrn rifle" was restored to its case, and th" |
Colonel with the two seconds retur..ed to town.
The rage of the Colonel was boitudless, and so frightened
was the lamb-like Captain that lie made a written re
traction of all the charges against the Colonel, and ac
cepted the beating, kicking and so forth as quidjxo q io.
That's all, and the moral ts, that on? should be carofu
with his tongue, and more particularly when Siuth
western Colonels are under consideration. The n fair
caused considerable merriment, at the t mo. Th" n-di. ary
"Western rifle " is a great ?' institution. "
City Intelligence.
A unanimous complaint. What in the matter up
there? Will the winter never end? Will the children <>
the hundred* and thousand* of the suffering poor of this
eity never have the privilege again of going barefooted,
without being frostbitten? What a horrid time they
must have had of i-i this last season at the North 1'ule
and all nround that section of the* country ! Ah, me !
What has become of Dr. Kane and his Arctic expedition
in search of Sir John Franklin, missing since 1846 ? We
have been thinking of that. It must have been a tre'
mendou* winter above the Arctic circle?a winter of per
petual night?with the mercury at the averago of 45 de. J
grcea below zero all the time. Look at the icebergs, by
the Ave hundred miles square, in extent, that have been j
drifting down into our own latitudes, arresting tho right
of way of our Liverpool steamers. Those things satisfy
us that our friends and fellow citizens of Kamschatka
must have had a rough time of it?a winter which has
made seal oil a cash Article among them, and raised the
price of board prodigiously.
We have no doubt that the vast frozen regions of tho
North, and the fields of icebergs, drifting down towards
us from
" Tbc pitiless const, nf Labrador,"
havo had a great deal toslo with our wintry visitations
of this month of April, especially with the fierce snow
storm of Friday night last. The wind had been blowing
in uponth for nearly two days from th" icebergs, till
the sky was overflowing with snow?and it had to
come down. And it "did come down. It was the
February snow slorni over again. with a litflo extra
hail in it. Beginning in the afternoon at four
o'clock, it continued falling at a moderate ra'o till
dark, thence till fen o'clock it thickened, and from ten
o'clock till daylight it raged and storm" 1 as if the ex
piring ngonies. wrath and vengeance of old Winter were
concentrated in the merciless elements. But fur the
melting as it fell, there would probably have been eigh
teen inches upon a level of snow and hall In the Bark on
Saturday morning In fact, tho oldest inhabitant ad
uioniahrg us that tills lust visitation Whs very similar to
that of April, 1841, on our municipal election day. when
Robert B. Morris was flrst elected Mayor of this great
The city yesterday was one vast pool of slush, through
which all animate matter ph nged without th" benefit ol
soundings?now knee deep, now ancle deep, now covered
ft-f m head to foot by the lunge of an omnlb is, now our
selves serving some one else in the same way bv an
nnexpecti d dive In some secret puddle. The atorm was
accompanied by a strong gale of wind, ripping awnings
into strips, and in some instances Iron awning posts
wen- snapped In twain. Yesterday morning sicdfell
on the corner o( V irst avenue and twenty-first street, In
stuntly killing s woman who was pa -ing at the timi
?b nin, npiointnd tty the denizen* of Broadway to re
lieve It of the obstruction* of mud and tilth til cover
ing that there was a task upon bis hands in relict ing the
street of the foot of slush which covered if early i
in the day commenced operations. He divided the
'treet into six sections, assigning s gang of work
men to each section The*" workmen op-toed tb
gutters to allow the water to flow off Then from each j
aide they shovelled the sn> w up into the cent e of the
atrcet, where, from the continued pressure of t orses and
omnibuses, It would be the sooner' reduced toa liqulfa
lion. The work had thus f.ir pi-ogre -" d Is t night?
Grain predicting that unices there w is .i very h.ir I tro
Br< gdwuy would be as claim In the nmi t Ing as the side
wnlk in front of the ."it. NichoU- Hotel
Outside of the city winter *< ems t< relgt. in hi full
power. In the neighboring State ?>? New Jersey the
storm was. perhaps even mo.e seme than it was hera
\l.. understand that *' BUahethtown this morning
sleigh bells were sounding merrily in the streets, ,Md ]
that the sleighing v i? fair Ihe morn ng 'ra'n from New
Brunawfck was detained oonsid-rably beyond its t me by
the lea upon the rails. Beyond Klira!?:iht.,wu the -no*
wns eight or nine in. 1 "s deep, and the roc ?? w<.?? aim ? t
impasaable for wheeled vehicles Nor fleet the snow m It 1
ro rapidly as might ho efpeeted. The farmers feel un
pleasantly flte interruption to the al eady long delayed
agricultural operations of the season.
JtimSG Tit PBOTEfT Afl UXfT A Vt't INCE.
A meeting of the resldenta in th" neighborhood .f
Forty fifth street was held last nigh' at Turtle Bay
Brewery, in Forty fifth stre? t, between First and .de- ntd
avenue*, to take measure* to prevent the contemplated
deposit nf offal at the foot of Forty-fifth street.
'1 lie meeting assembled at 8 o'clock. Vfar. JanM* Mc
1 tons Id was called to the chair, and Jacob J. Rose nation
appointed Secretary.
Mr. Hbiry A. Wool* moved that a committee of tliroo
be appointed to draft suitable resolutions, ezpressivs of
the sense of this meeting.
The Cii a is v*x appointed as such committee Messrs.
Woo If, Gallagher and Kosenatien, who reported as fol
Raeolvad, That wa, as etMisns of tha Uaiud flute*. fr?a
oUera. aad r*#l4*eta*f tha Nineteenth ward, do hereby
^hTo5?1 dock
s-ibuinlr protest agiinst the r *?r. at*1 *' 7*
t'a I'pard of Aldermen, to have. soBovr in '?'
tie foot o( Forty fifth *tro-<t Eut rtv "snot ? ?lr i
r ucist the Hoard of Councilman to son , ,r
ltf?..|T?it, That we consider Iha said ro
triage nun l of our legal end jnjt rignts a*.
, ore -atcs llio value of our property, tout also on. ^
, health
Resolved. That, ia (??? a of ita pasi-axe wo pVidg-i our
to uaa all log il u o ins to soeure our right. an J pr-ile- *
? property
Resulted, That a copy of these resolution* be seat to t id
Heard of Counrtluion and to hta timer the Mayor.
These resolutions wore unanimously adopted.
I Tlie meeting then aiijournnil till Tu-s'.ay neat.
A iteopiu are Protxskion a i. (Vnm jmnfT.?We were thou a
the other day a cam of instruments designed for the deli
cate surgery required in diseases of the eye, and prot*hip
there has never been manufactured a more perfect aet of
instruments of the kind. Tliey were the workmanship
of the celebrated cu'ler, I.ucr, of Paris, expressly for ex
hibition at the Crystal Palace of thia city. There saw
nippers at fine as a camel's hair pencil among theiu.
syringes as small almost as a cambric needle, and instru
ments for pumping, so to apeak, extraneous fluids from
' the eye, of th." uroiii attenuated amallm'-s* of which silynr
I steel is admiasalile. This case of instruments hasheta
) purchased by T L. Kstabrook, of Me., H. L. Kelly of
Nora Scotia; 8. 8- Thorn, V. 1?. Beehe, of N. Y., end
1 some twenty or thirty other young gentlemen, who h?v?
Attended the lectures, for HdvCfal T6kM plat, of TV.
i Mark Stephenson, of tliia city, ulh,:. the anatomy, phyxi
| ology, diseases, and operations or the eye; and they hare
I presenled tliia case of choloe instruments to the lee
> turer, " as a token of their gratitude for his inddfati
j gable efforts to elevate the standard of opthulniic surgery
1 in this city." An appropriate professional compliment
WVlthily bestowed. Dr. Stephenson and Dr. Garri.ih am
the two flttfPd'nf gratuitous surgeons at the Mew York
Opthalmic Hospital; anu wue*S ?! U "limbered that
they had over eight hundred cases before theu. Z
of wirioua diseases of the eye, nearly all of which'worn
cured or relieved, tho amount of their labors for charity's
sake may be conjectured. The skill of Luor, in manufac
turing lhe>.e instruments of which wp hare boeu speak
ing, lias thus fnllen into hnnds which, in usiug the u.
w ill, no doubt, send home many a patient with his sight
res'ored, who i4herwise might have lingered out a miser
able existence.
Kaxit.b SrNBAY?This day is Easter Sunday?the day
for feasting upon oggs and custard. 'Hip observation of
4*?I?i <Ja? seems to be an ancient as the Apostles. "Pin
Eastern churches in olden times Kept the dav, winch u*
the nunivei?*r7 l^e resurrection of our Saviour, upon
tlie 14th of iud first Jpwish month The Western
churches eoinnieniorafod tftfs event upon the ere pre
coding the day of the reaurrection, until about the mi I
die of the fourth century, when the Council of Nice
fixed the celebration upon the Sunday following Good
Friday. The Catholic Church, particularly, veoervte
this day, end special communiona will be performed to
day in all their churcbea.
Thk I'oi.ic* TKueuiuMt huviD nv tiik Fjnmknt* ?
Tlie thunder atorm on Thursday afternoon disarranged
the north aectfon of tlie l'olice telegraph, and iioinewimt
surprised tlie police officers on duty in the Twenty second
ward station house. by tlie electricity from the cloud*
striking the wire, which "shattered tlie Apparatus into
pieces. Tlie following account is given by the Captain of
{'Mice, on the return to the Chief :?" At liitff-.uast three
o'clock yesterday afternoon, at the time of the liearjr
shower, the lightning attracted by the telegraph win*
ran into the station house, knocking the telegraph appa
ratus into fragments, making a report tike the dischan<i>
of a heavily loaded musket, fortunately without Injuring
any person." This difficulty could hare been avoided
we' are informed, if the operator in the station houac- kid
detached the wire from the apparatus prior to the ap
proach of the storm. It ia presumed they will know
better next time on the approach of a storm, especially
if one or two of the captains lose their heads by a flawi
of lightning; it may then tend to invoke more cauliou
and attention to those who are left untouched.
Fobthbr Paimcr la us in Reoard to thb Krib Railroad
Accidknt?We liuve learned further in regard to the ac
cident on the Ki lo Railroad, which was published in yes
terday's Herald, that besides the engineer, George Cof
fee the lircmiin, Mr. Boya, was killed. The train, we un
destand, was the morning expross traiu going west, and
not the mail train coming oast, as yovterduy stated. We
have not yet been able to ascertain the cause of the acci
dent. If anybody is to blame for this melancholy alfair,
the company owe It to the public to make the full par
ticulars known, regardless of tlie parlies upon whom the
censuie may fall.
Rwaimino Tint South Fkrry ? Great inconvenience is
experienced at this time by the Jlrooklynitea who havw
occasion to cross the South ferry, In consequence of to -
nirs being made here by the company. The slip baa
jg been out of order, and for some days past has-been
given up to workmen who are mending it. The South
ferryboat a arc compelled to entor tb*? Hamilton ferry alip.
which caii&efl groat delay in the tripa. It will bo a mat
ter ot congratulation to our Brooklynfrienda when affair*
here resume their old routine.
Death or an Oil) City OrsiCBB.?Amos .loues, long
known as niesfenger of the Common Council of New
York, died on Friday at his residence, 'J19Sullivaii street,
at ti e age of < 8 years His funeral will take place this
day (Sunday) at one o'clock. About a year ago Mr.
.'ores lost ills wife from eating shad, which was pot
tonona. as found by tin- jury. Mr. Jones and his daughter
rairowlv escaped deatb from partaking of the same tta-i.
1 he deceased is lamented by a Urge circle of friends.
Sioop Cmrr in tub East Rivrr?low or all on
Board.?Ye-terday. about 11! o'clock, a small sloop sis
struck by a squall when off Governor's Island, nod
. s | sired. Tlie South ferry boat Wysndank was oroasing
at tlie time, and the pilot observing the condition of'tho
loop, hastened to her assistance, but arrived too late to
r* (Cue the drowning men. Four men were upon th*
iloop at the time she wont over, end .is they were not fa
*i;:ht when the terrv lio.it esme up, it was supposed they
1 . it all sun'.; and perished. A small boat put off froes
Governor's I-lsnd fur tlie wreck, but before It reached
th- nnf> rttinate men theyhnd sll perished Tlie sloop
wns n lighter, and was beating across from Brooklyn.
We well- unable to uscertain the names of the lost.
FATAL Al l! Rnt'KI R.-VI M.l v sk or Hi.acting ROOKS.?On
Friday afternoon a melsiicUoIy and fatal affair occurred
at the ci ruer of Forty sixtl. street and Second avenue, by
the blasting of a rock, the fragments of which were
blow n in all directions to a considerable distance, a piece
of it striking a voting msn named William Pettigrew oo
the head, crushing his skull, thereby causing instant
death, it app' ars the quarry is situated at the eomer eC
Forty third street and Second avenue, belonging to Jolin
MoCormick, and belween 5 and d o'clock a powerful blast
was sot off. and fragments ef rock wre scattered in ell
directions, a piece of which struck the deceased, who we#
at ibe time assisting his father to put on the tire tot.
wh< eh Tlie unfortunate youth was felled to the ground,
and died instantly, before the father had scarcely time to
think what the difficulty could lie The police, wtae#
called to tlie *cene, considered that a want ot prop-r care
In securing the blast was the cause of the calamity, and
sci ordinate arrested MoCormick the ''i-oorietor of the
ouarrv, William Lift, the foreman, and Charles Buros.
tlie blaster, who were detained to awsit the action of the
Ti.B r.-iii i Sft'iKSlS THsCmr?We see that mules are
lioing introduced to some extent lalo the city. toUkO
thi idaceof horo.s, Tlie experiment was tried first <m
the Kfghtb avenue railroad, an 1 was found to work so
well tbst the Sixth avenue are al?o beginning to use
them The labor for hofiSi upon these roads is found
to lie such s-" to tire up out) ot these animals iu ?bo tit a
vear. Mules are of a tougher nature, and although then
appearance is not quite so plensinq as that of a line span
of noises?tlie most noble of all domestic animals yet
the v arc eh' ape -, last 1< nger, and work as well. We un
derstand they are purchased frein tlie South and West
unbroken to "tlie bit. by the railroad compviiics. an t one
it two trips in tlie traces render them very docile.
I'liips, Yesterday morning about 10 o'clock, a tire
broke out in the ttirniture manufactory of K. Voder No.
74 Fifth street, and caused about ?>'sk? damage. The loss
is partly covered bv insurance.
A fire occurred "about 4 o'clock yesterday morning "t
the fourth story of house No. <12 avenue A. which *?
? xtmguished atter damage to tlie amount of ?lfs>.
Eei'AFROF Two State Prison Convicth while
on hihr Wat to Acbprn.?We bad seareely announced
tiie nv let ion ?n.l -"iitence of Henry Hoffman and Henry
'Iliornton for th- attempted murder of officer Ager, befow
we art- informed of their escape from officer Henry Phll
, r, , i, the cars, and when within ten iniles of Au
burn. M r I rcsTf that tbe officer left Troy with them on
Wc're-diiv They were properly vhackled snd handcuffed,
i,ml r" tears were entertained that tlius fettered they
would'cv n attempt to escape. Soon after leaving Syra
one ot them feigned sickness, declaring to th? officer
that he was sbout vomiting, and wished to get on the
ilaturu'. The officer not mistrusting him, nor even
.nuqrft'.itig that it win a mere pretence to get beyond hi*
,. 11) t< ok VI etu on the | latform. tlicy being chained to
irctbfr, where th*y *tood. he on on* sl-lc of tho c*r, mm!
the brakemnn on the opposite site of the adjoining ear.
Iliey ri muincd but a short tiine. when the ?'ck man sal#
lie fell better, snd soon after, as tlie train was going at
t |,r> rate of thirty miles an hour, they both sprang front
th. ears, and rolic.l over several times on the ground;
The brakemnn, en s? ing It, sprung for the bell rope, but
from some unknown cans,-, eith-r lroin its being detached
termi). lio'l orfa?tenedrn the roofof near, it would
not give ihe word of command to the engineer t* stop,
snd it ??? not until office- i'dRips hod ran through th*
i.ttin and reached tlie locomotive that the cart wer*
i i might to stand still. This was not effected until Hie
train bad ran half a mile beyond the jumping oil spot.
Cli ier I'liUlip* and others immediately retraced tltelt
??. i-s and in a short time were on the *!>ot where tiie
, ri?< m rs landed, but they were n. n'ft. vfter s frultlaae
search of several hours, end not being able to gain any
tracs of th"m he returned to this city. He made known
to Governor Seymour their escape, who immediately of*
fered u reward of *'250 for their apprehension and delivery
to unv eiu ill in tho Htate. We are aim Informed that
tlie r-lien > i f Rensselaer county has in addition offered#
i.wiii i ilielrapprehension.?AffinityVohmwIiAptfll*?
Ktips-rlor Conrtwdleiirrsl Term.
Refotc Chief Justice Oskley and Judge4 Duer. Boaworth
and Nlns?on.
Amu 15?B'm. H. (Ail. <fc.. oj/airwl Jab Wrigfrt.?
Judgment affirmed. . , _
jflUrt 0 Tutriikti, <tc., apaitwf Damd B. NmiM ?
Judgment affirmed.
B m. //. Clark ntjoinH 1h* Metropolitan flanlr ?Judg
ment for ilefendant
Imtu II. U<wr iff"*** ?/o*n we?Judgment
""IsCitA Da it nifnimit John KrharBt ?Judgment af
firmed. _
William D. Mvrpby again* Angn*e Praaa?OtJat
tfirmed without ooom; f?n? of order to bo oet'.loa.

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