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Trial off John M. FVnrty for Araon.
Before Hon. Judge Roosevelt
April IT.?'The court mot tin* morning at 10 o'clock
The counsel employed for the defence in the case of Mr
*nd Mr*. Hays, intimated that tbey were rea ly to pro
ceed with the trial, which wa? set down for yesterday
Ihe District Attorney said that two material witnesses
were unable to attend in consequence of illness. Mr*
Lntener wag in a delicate state of health and could not
possibly appear, and Mr. Shallow wa* suffer.n< from
dangerous illnesa. He could not be ready with the case
for several days, and would set it do* 11 for next Thurs
day week It would be utterly impossible to try the case
tin* week.
After home disc us ion the trial was *e' down for tho
lay specified. , ...
The '.rial of John M Fene'y, for arson in the fir-t de
gr<-e, waa then taken up. Ihe oirouiu-u.noss ol the ca?e
v ill appear front tho opening rouva;.* ol tho District
The District Attorney said that ihe charge against the
the prisoner wa? tbst of arson in toe tirat degree. This
offence consists in the vvihul si lting fire to a dwelling
house in the night time, there being at the time some
human being therein. It will be shown in evidence before
you in this ease, that on the 26th of February, 18611, the
prisoner. John ! eu-ty. procured a policy of insurance, to
bo effected in the Faclfic Firo Insurance Company in this
city, upon the merchandise contained in the store So. 383
Eighth avenue, the amount of that policy being $2,0 )0;
and that on the 26th of March he procured another poli
cy to be effec ted on the merchandise in the same store, to
the amount of $2,600, in the Greenwich Fire Insurance
Company, making a total of $1,600 of insurance contained
in that stop I', will be shown to you that those prem
ises were occupied in the upper part by a family, who
were there at the time of the breaking out of tho lire.
On the morning of the 28d of August, about four o'clock,
in the morning, the inmates of the house were aroused
by a smell of smoke in the upper apartment, and having
their suspicions, excited on certain matters which had oc
curred during the day previous, and the female of the
house haviug several times in the course of the night an
ticipated some tire. rising from her bed, from these sus
picions, went to the entry, and found it full of
smoke, and the lire had progressed so far that
while the female was on the ruof the male was
obliged to go into the back room and close
the door, anu there ho remained until it was e\
tinguisbed. It will be shown by the cleric of the
j risoner that on the evening of tho first of August,
a proposition was made to him hy the prisonor to lire
the premises, upon the allegation that lie had some notes
coming due, and an otl'er of $600 was made to hiin te fire
the premises, and that after some remonstranaas it
would seem, from the subsequent acts of tno parties, as
if there had been a concert of action in the crime or
yiel ling ? n tho ;?irt of the clerk to iiis employer. There
was in the store a porter and another clerk, and in the
afternoon "f the first of August these three, tho pris
i ner, clerk and porter, were busily engaged in the store
in n moving boxes from one part of the cellar t > another.
The District Attorney said it would be shown that the
porter was sent for a candle; that this, about four inches
in length, was lighted and placed in a position calculated
to lire the premises, and that Fcnety left the candle burn
ing in that con lition. It would also appear that u num
ber of the boxes, purporting to contain teas and coffees,
were filled with saw duBt. Tho case was quite plain, be
cause the testimony was positive. If the witness Kourke
is to be belicv ed, there was no doubt whatever of tho
prisoner's guilt, lie was free to say that his (Rourke'a)
evidence was to be looked upon with great suspicion, for
to a certain extent he stood in the position of an accom
plice. It was l'or them to determine how far ho was or
was not to be credited in a case of this description.
AmosT. Hatfield, sworn?I am connected with the Pa
cific Fire Insurance Company, as Secretary; there was an
insurance effected in that company upon the storo No. 383
Fourth avenue; I heard of the tire the next morning after
it occurred; 1 went to thejromL-ies at 10 in the morning,
and examined the (Mmffmes; 1 found police in charge of
the store; there were fourteen or fifteen tea boxes on the J
wharf; one of them whs broken (pen. and contained
sawdust; I went in and saw Mr. Kencty; I asked him how .
the fire occurred; he said lie did uot know; there were I
counters on one side and a row of tea boxes on the other; J
the fire hud burned a hole in llie middle of the fioor; the |
boxes luid burned the floor below and the floor above; I
asked the prisoner what amount of stock he had; his re
ply whs that he hiid a considerable stock in; 1 askel
now much; lie said from $1,600 to $2,000; he said he
thought not less than $2,000; 1 asked him to show where
the stock was; 1 pointed to the boxes, and .asked if they
were all tea; he said he believed some of them contained
tea; he went to the back part of the store, where there
* ere some eleven boxes or hall" boxes, which he pointed
out as containing tea; lie then took mc behind tliecounter
ami showed me tbo retailing boxes, five or six: I told him
that wc had better have an appraisement, and he agreed
to k, and selected his appraiser; 1 selected Mr. Bucks'ono
?* ilm appraiser; these eleven or twelve boxes back were
fifteen or twenty feet from whore the boxes wero piled up
around tho lire; ! was afterwards furnished with a copy of
the appraisement; (copy shown to witnoss;) that is a
copy of it.
Cross-examined?1 never saw Fcnety before this day;
the application to our company may have been made by a
broker; I cen't tell who it was, if so; this store was very
handsomely fitted np, about twenty feet wide and
fifty deep; there was a good skylight; there were
paintings on the wall; can't say whether tliey were
Chinese figures or not: can't say if it was unfurnished;
(a plan of the store was produced in court and submitted
to witness;) 1 asked him about the saw dust in the boxes;
he Mtd it was .lone to make a show; he did not deny
tlist there was sawdust in them; 1 saw no tea or coffee
in the street: there was sawdust all around; after the
?ppinisemeir. lie made an alii davit of the amount of
stock; Mr. Fern ty flame to our office before he made the
appraisement; 1 have not at any time offered to settle the
matter; I told him all he could claim from us would be
only ti e amount of the appraisement; we had no desire
to prosecute Mr. Fenety; the first information we luid ol
the fire was from Mr. ltourko, the clerk ; he called
upon us fourteen or fifteen days previous to the affida
vits; lie was at our place about three times.
Timothy Whlttomore, sworn?1 was the President of
thfTacilic Insurance Company when this policy was
made out: (policy shown to witness.) tho late is th ? k4lh
of March, 1863, for one year. $1,500 upon stock of coffee
slid teas, and $600: the "total was $2000.
Cross-examined?Mr. J. Marsh acted as our surveyor.
Peter CVIwell, sworn?In August last I resided at No.
383 K'ightli avenue; f occupied the ri nrth floor; t!;e st con 1 [
and third stories were occupied by Mr Kenrny; my family i
..nd resided there over a year at the time of the fire. |
I gavethc alann 1flire my-elf it was between three and 1
four o'clock in the morning of the 2d of August; 1 was I
a rooted by the smoke: I vvaa laying on the beaat the
time, I went (1< ?n into tho basement and discovered that
'.here w is lite; there is a side door leading from the lower
hall to the store; it is near the west part of the main
build ng: 1 went to the front door and gave the alarm of
tire my wife and throe children were put out of the
scuttle; on Monday I observed :? large quantity of saw
dust at the fco' o! the basement stairs which lc 1 to the
front 1*o-uient; tin re was piled up in that basement
forty ouv or lorty-dwo Mtcks. ri-lit in the centre, the
spot win re fit ? brot?.? out via a little to the north of the
line of the eacl ;th y were piled up to within fomr feet of
the ceiling, on MMhiay evening 1 saw that some of the
shelving had 1 een !ek- n di wn In m the front part of the
Croat-examined?I stated io m\ wife on Hon lay even
ing that 1 thought it likely that a fire wo .Id take place
within twenty tour hours; 1 thought it would occur In
the lower pan of the house. Q. Fi l you make any pre
parations foi th. fire. A. Yes; I did not go to -leop.
vy Were yon waiting for the fire? A. I suspected there
would be one; Fcnety and I are on good terms; I never
had any quarre about cu'.ting wood in the front base
ment; tin r- were Some words bet* en us the day after
the fire; hem ty came up to uie and beg.iu sympathizing
with mi about my narrow e.-cape. I told him tbat that
was not the lime for sympathy now that 1 had got out of
the smoke of his sawdust: met fcnety ou'side in the
street and had worn* with him; was ordered out of the
Samuel Cobb. sworn?I reside at 174 Wi st Thirty lx:h
-tr<-et; 1 know ,ho prisoner, and was in his employment in
duly of la i yc r; i recollect the time of the firo;l left the
itore between S and 0 o'clock on the night of the (Ire;
the porter lynch, went vviih me. and 1 enety an 1 Kourke
reniamod; I rame back from my -upper about half past
C, at tbat time they were all tlier* carrying down bags;
the boxes were left us usual; we burned gas in the store;
I saw one piece of cam He in ou? of the drawer.- an inch an 1
a half long; the portf r was sent about 5 o'clock forn
candle; 1 dirt not see him vet irn. but after Icam-- back
from supper 1 saw the candle lighted; they were using
it; it was !n the front entry; tho porti r had it; therc
* ere about eight lags full of coffee left In the . tore; as
much as twenty five carried down; they afterwards atood
telling topi tier. Mr Rrarke usually closed tho cellar,
and somi timet 1 did; Kouike said he would close the col
li i himself that night . Fcnety lived in Twenty-ninth
stroet; I ami the porter went home; I hoard of the tire
next meruit, at J o'clock; I I en ca it down to the
?tore; 1 saw n large quuutiiy of sawd -t; about three
eet across of ?li floor was burned through; the ceiling
< f the ato e wa- thirteen or fourteen teet nigh, we had a
nod many fancy boxes, some made of wood an I others
< f tin foil and p > er. some of these contained tea anl
rotlie ..nd oth'-i.--asdnst; I don t know how many con
tained sawdust.
Witness aafcl in hi* cross examination that some of the
"i-oves lu.d been moved for the convenieuceof the carpen
i rs when alteration.- had be- n made ,,part of the shelv
ing bad Iwni moved ?! o; th?-re hud been match. - ? >rew
?d over the I'.oor, and Mr Ken?-ly had complain ?<! of it;
i picked iheni up from the ft.-or near the side dour l*sd
?irg to the entry ; Fenety a*k. 1 I.vncb topic's tbem up
siso; had used candles there 'store
Then as Ilsui.egun wtvorn?I am Captain of th>- Twcn' T
second ward police; my station house is about four bloc .s
from the ; remises; w..s at the fire in question; tliofrott
of the store was burning pretty Well when we arrived;
found tl e fire midway between the partition and counter
alirre were a great many boxes in the street, nee rly all
saw Kouii.e at
rokm ; did not go into the basement;
e station house.
The CT an here adjourned to this morning at 10 o'clock.
The trial i.f Ft n'ty win resume i yesterday at 10 l*. M
Thomas Jeremiah. uf the i'acltlc fire Insurance Com
pany, testified that O'Roi.rkr luid fir?t given inform it ion
of the Affair <n the Uli .,f November, ,nd that heli.nl
afterward* ad van* d '.dm (O'Kourke) $.V
Capt. Ptepht n?on. ol the r'isteenth wa d, was eveniine I
as to the con 'iti' n of the hoosOdelingand a'ier the Ore.
Nothing niateiiel wa elicited.
Janice Kearney iworn? In Angnet 1 t i lived at No. 353
Eighth avenue; I oec pied the second Mo t over the store
in question: at the tin. if the ti e my family were at
Pateraon, New Jor*ey; when ! I.cart] th? nia mlg t up
and looked out, and finding it woe the building i went
back for clothes, but was unable to get bin k ag iin. an i
c<caped through the roof, (diagram ol hniWiig shown to
witness, who nrnntelv described the premise. ) Prior
to the fire 1 had been tiring there five years; Tenet/ hi 1
been there m-me . months; ] don't rem: mbcr seeing any
saw duat about tic- ho t. e before the Are. afterward* [
saw agood deal sn tter d over 'he basement to tlie depth
of two feet; the store was lighted by a row of ga? lights
through tlie centre; I was pre ent v.hen the extension
wa? made; it was a short t me pri viou* to till* tire, ray
bn?lne?a ii that of * coal dealer; no person connected
with insurance com; anica baa called on me.
Matthew O'Ronrkc tie principal witness wa* then
called, and dsrootd as follows:?
J h" eounsel for the defence atatAl at some length hia
oh -i iona to receiving the testimony of tliia witne**.
J - di maudeif to know whether lie (O'Kourko.) waa not
A*, resent nndir a charge of forgery.
sh< J h r-si Homey, in replying, fetid that the wit
nesses' testimony might be received if there were fifty
cliBrges aiainst him.
The Court said that the prisoner ws< present like any
other witness. Be ??< neither admitted nor provetto
Venn arc niplicc, an I, if he were.it would at ill be dis
crete nary with the Court to allow his examination, pro
vided he iiad not been already tried and convicted on the
W itn. ua? 1 am twenty three years of age; I hare been
in this country about twelve months; I am a natfvo of
Ireland: prior to my coming to this country I have been
iu mercantile purauita, and latterly in tlie British army;
1 wan engaged in the nriny for about flveyeara; 1 bee mio
acquainted with the prisoner about tho middle of last
June 1 was doing business in the Howery, and heard
that he wanted a clerk, and engaged with liim; there
wan no stipulated i alary; if I would advance the bu-ducss
he would pay me accordingly; 1 wai about to leave
the first month, when lie agreed to pay me $10 for
the first month, und 812 for the ensuing time ;
I remember the fire in Kighth avenue; the day pre
ceding it, in the afternoon, I was behin t tho counter, an I
Mr. lenetv came to iin> and tol l mo that in consequence
of some I ills coming di.e he w ould be glad if the rest of
the stock would burn down; that with the Insurance he
would be enabled to start again with a good stock; 1 told
him Unit It was a dangerous speculation and 1 did not
wish to have any knowledge of it; he said no more then,
until after the store had been closed that evening; pre
vious to closing he directed me to make out s one bills
and close some accounts again-t some persons; I had not
finished that when the store was closed; as soon as the
Htore was closed, the lioy and ]*>rter having left, the
door was closed on the inside; Mr. Fenety begun moving
| ackuges and boxes from the windows; soma were tin
foil packages; they were removed to the space between
the counter and the north wall; when he had arranged
them in a sirt of circle he went behind the counter an 1
took some paper- and placed thein there; he then took
a piece of caudle, four or five inches in length, and put
it inside, the candle was set against one of those pack
ages without a candlestick; it was lighted before placing
it: the gas lights were all turned olf and he left the store
immediately. J locked the side door on leaving the storo
and went out through the front door; Fenety left the
store five utinutrs before I did; after leaving the storo I
went to an oyster saloon on the avenue on the opposite
side; he was sitting down to a table with somo friends;
be called to me, and 1 had an oyster stew and aoiuuthing
to i mil. utter having there we separate,; at i'weuy
tiinth stre-t, and Kenety went towards home and 1 to my
boarding bouse; that was the second house from tho tea
store: whi n 1 heard the alarm of fire 1 wa* in bed: I
jump! d out of bed atuLpullnd on my pants, and took the
keys and went immediately to the store; I opened tho
side door, and as soon as I did the smoke issued
out and 1 could not get iu; I remained there until the
fire was partially put out, nnd then put on my hat and
great Coat and stisul among the people; on the day pre
vious s number of hags containing sawdust were carried
into the bti eroent; there were throe of us engaged in
removing them; I knew a week after I had been io tho
store that a greater number of bags and boxes in tho
store were tilled with anwdust; while I was at that fire I
saw Mr. Kenety; lie camo in his shirt sleeves and re
mained until the fire was out; after the fire I went to a
gmt email of tho miiuo of Cannon, who was about to
open a store on the corner of Twenty ninth street and |
Seventh avenue; I remained there ten days; that was
the last place I went to do business; there was a placo ,
hired for me in the Bowery, culled the New York House; I
it was hired for me by Mr. Kenety about the middle of I
October; I intended to open a military school there; I ,
had a lease of it; it was about the first of November that
1 first made known my knowledge of this matter to tho
insurance companies.
The witness was subjected to a very long, minute and
searching cross examination?Witness said he was born
in Jtublin, and had served in tho British army ss private I
nnd orderly room clerk, hud served first in the 13tli Light I
Dragoons, had left his regiment by purchase, the sum
luid lieeu paid by his friends; had then gone into busi
ness at a place called Balbriggan, sixteen miles from |
Dublin; bad engaged in business again in Dublin, :
nnd afterwards enlisted in the 2d Queen's regiment; ]
had in 18I>1 sailed for tho Cape of (iood Hope under |
l ieutenant-Colonel Burns; returned to Knglaud in 1353; ,
did not run away from the Cape of Good Hope; took pas
sage for New York in ship Andrew Foster, arrived hare in 1
April: passul under the name of John Doyle; had gone j
on leave of absence, and was on leave of absence still;
(laughter,) cwild not remember saying todilfereut iudi- j
viduals that the prisoner was innocent of the offence '
charged against him; I know a gentleman of the name of
Clancy: can't recollect ever telling him that I had to
make this charge to save myself; piy conversation with |
Mrs. Clark was two or three days after tho tiro. Q. Did !
you not say to her, "For God's sake don't mention it to
Kenety, that 1 lighted y?u out of the store with a piece of
paper t" A. 1 said nothing whatever about paper, it
would be hard to light her out of it with paper, or she
was not in it at all; 1 did not help to put tho boxes in
the coach; 1 knew the house was indebted
Moses Jackson?1 was one of tbe assistant cnginee-s
of the Fire Department, when 1 went to the premises I
found a number of persons there; the smoke was coining
out in great quantities; 1 said break in the door; 1 assist
ed and drove in one of the paucls; I was compelled to
leave from the fire and smoke; I put my hand in tho hole
and took sway an iron or wooden bar, and got the loor
open; wlion w.< got tlie fire down at eight or ten feet from
the door, there were a laige number of tea boxes piled
up; 1 desired the men to see what it was: they wore
thrown out on the walk; I suppo-ed they containe I tea,
and desired th.eni to be careful; with my foot, for what
reasou I don't know, I broke in ono of the bo .es aud
found sawdust ; I broke in a second, it was the
rame; I found eight or ten other boxes there;
it seemed to me tho fire originated where
the boxes were filled ; the floor was c.iarrel about
eighteen inches; the boxos were piled against the north
wall; there were five or six fee' between the counter and
the boxes; there were no goods in the north window; 1
do not i.now as to the south; tho fire had not reached
there: 1 also looked behind the counter; 1Lo foreman
of 42 Hose is John ITice; I saw no books on the co.m'er.
By the Court?It was not daylight; a httle mooplight,
something near morning.
Cress examined?I saw no tea cannislers or books; it
dhl not appear as if carpenters had been there
James Lynch sworn?I was a porter with Mr. Fenety
for about four weeks; there was a clerk and assistant In
the store; I was sent for a candle on the day of the tire,
and bought it of Mr. Hastier; I cant any whether it was |
tl.e clerk or Mr. Fenety that .-cut me; 1 hud never pre
viously been sor t to buy a candle, and never saw one used
there; I was in the habit of staying there until eight, i
nine or ten o'ch rk; in the afternoon I ns-iste 1 in remov
ing some bags to the basement; they all containe 1 saw
dust; when they were all there 1 ripped them open and
dumped thorn on ihe floor, Mr. Feuety and O'Rourke
assisted me; when 1 left the store 1 loth them behin i me;
in the front windows wag some tea in ennnisters; I did
not know what the boxes contained until that morning;
when I left that evening the boxes were not piled up, and
no api earance of it.
'11.e Court adjourned to 10 o'clock this morning.
Court of h'ci.i'ikl Session*.
Before bis Honor tbo Recorder.
Aran IS.?The Court met at 11 o'clock thin morning,
when the tollovflng icrfoua were arraigned and pleaded
Henry C Emlthuist, indicted jointly with Isaac Selo
ver (who was Convicted in the past week), for clieatin.:
emigrants by selling truuilulent tickets to them, pleaded
guilty, and was remanded for aeu'eucc.
John K. Baker, indicted for passing forge l five dollar
bills on the Brandon Bank, pleaded guilty to an indlct
nv nt ior forgery in the second degree.
Sentence deferred in order to permit albdarits in miti
gation of punishment to bo put in.
Henry l'ike, indicted f; r stealing wearing apparel, pi-o
peity o! Marg. ret Johnston, pleaded guilty to an indict
ment for petit larceny, and was sen'.enoed to sis months
impx Iaonnient in tne penitentiary,
,'ohn He Italian, a young lad. was then arraigned, and
indicted lor assaulting Michael McUuire, an alia ft'?of the
Coroner's i fflce, with Intent to tuke his life. The main
feature! of the oase were reported In our paper pre
viously. It t] peered that Mr. Mci.uirc had been spend
ing tlie evening with a friend in Seventeenth stront,
uboi t a fi rtnight ago. He had taken some drink tlnring
the day, and on hi- return heme got Into a light with the
prisoner and some other lads, w hen he was wounded in
tlu cheek with a knife. After the examination of a great
many witnesses, the jury rendered a verdict of g iifty of 1
a sai.lt and l attery, and not guilty of an intent to uill. |
Sentence deferred.
William Drandie, nod Mary Anne Brandts, his wife, |
wnc indicted for petit larceny, in steeling a po.-tetn u
1?'containing two g#bills on the Newburg Bank, from !
th? person of Johanna O'Mara, when travelling in tho j
In isoii Klver l'.aiiitad cars from Ne.vhurg to New York |
lsht Wednesday. Tlioy were found guilty, and sentenced I
as fellows Tiie runri to be imprisoned lor six months in i
tl.e penitentiary, and the woman couliued three months
fu the eity prison.
iath ease of James Many, indicted for assiult aal
1 alt'ry on tl.e j erM.n of -Simeon Nolan, four., t.ic jury
c- 11.d 10 t agree, und 1 1j Honor dti barged them.
The Court adjourned at 6 o'clock.
Serious Accident on the New York Ccntrnl
Unit road.
(l'lom the Albany Journal, A| ifl 17.]
The express train which left Butfulo at 11 o'clock on
.-'.iturday night nu l with a Bad dis.i iter at lie con, even
tecn miles west of Bochester. From the best information
we could obtain, it appears tliat the accident was cm ed
by a COW ly tog near the rails on the track, which the loco
motive passed uumole-tad, as did also 1 he hagg ige and
i .prOss cars. From the np,icaranccs, the firs' passenger
c.11 must have scraped her bee for heneath the platform,
afier the accident, a large quantity ef hair was found
clinging to the wood work under tho pla form. This
must hare awakened the 00W, who being perhaps bswil
derfd run against the train and was caught under by tho
1s t ptsiingi r SSf, wbiel was thrown off the truck' and
Mib.-ci|ueiitly became detached from the train and thrown
< own un 1 ii.l?i<kment and the car deui.disheI, l'haro
wit' ii. the car some lourleen or fifteen passengers, in
ch' ling the conductor. Mr. II. Stearns. His head was bad
ly ' ut snd his era considerably injured. All in the car
wen 1,1 ore <t l ss wounded?t ,.0 arc said to have been
'hii'.ly injured. U,t car rolled down the emhankin"!!', an 1
was c- to, len |y destroyed. The train ran on for a sliort
distance, but the en Ineer soon discovered the accident
snd returned t the scene. They found the car at the
1 ottom ef the embankment, and the passengers co cire t
Bp in till ruius. 11 .y were soon liber; led, and u II pre
ptulvcare t> r us tsr us it w?b within the power of tnoie
on the train.
Ih iiry S. V>ell-. of New York, l g broken; 0. 0. Vail, of
lei tm. lad heck I a 1; hurt; IT . I. W in-low Chicago,
nn ih bn i.-e K. Me DonelL liutlalo, head and face cut
it sprained.
d w rist s| I
.1. I M?I>owifl,8yrneusc. slight injuries. FevrrsiotHer
ilderab' ' " "
I et -om are cc iiilderablv lmilielshout the hen I and face.
John A. ( lark, of Rochester. narrowly escaped with his
lite 11 h overcoat was torn to piece , but he received no
? orb u? injury.
Adum.-tew art, of Bergen, i" hadly hurt internelp. John
.1 Hon en. of Rochester, and Cham.coy Tucker, of Hun
kirk, wi.eon hoard, hut fortunately escapi 1 serious in
u ry.
1 In i e wss a rumor that a lafi was fatally Injur,vd, hut
v.' wi re una! le to ascertain that the report w.'.s rnr-eet.
At least three others were seriously hurt, one, it is fear
ed, cannot live.
(ibltuni y.
Ca)!?iin A. M. Hermit', of New Orleans, I/inlsisns,
died in Washington City, on the Itlth inst. lie was a
brave man and a gallant officer. In the late war with
Mexico his n.errtorlous services were the theme of ad
miration l>y his grateful country and his brother officers.
ni? Turf.
[From the N. O. Picayune. April lo.'l
Firm IUt?Yesterday being the last day of the Mi
tatr.e Jockey (Jul. mooting, und a day of recreation to
many ylio are usually engaged in busine**, there vm a
very Urge attendance at the course. The fame of the
two hore< ? that were to contend for the club pure ? of
$1,000. at three mile heata, waa well known, and a fast
race war eonfl lently anticipated. Arrow having ran a
lour milt- ilasli in i :J59t on the 6th of Janutry last, flnish
ing the tart inile in a gallop, and Little Floi having on
VS t t!ncf-day lant, run hd I Pared hii diNtance a?ain*t the
fli-et luondn, who made the then f.iHteat thro? mile race
011 record, via. : 6:3flJ<i and 6:34, all guvo token that if
both of thein worn " right," time would be literally used
up. The bettii.g b? fore the start w is in favor pf Arrow,
at odds of about 100 to 40, at which tigure considerable
amounts were staked. On starting for the first h?at
Arrow took the lead, and kept it for two miles by aboat
four lengths, v. ben Flea gradually closed up the gap, and
on the bsckstrotrh of the third mile locked and'appa
rently pas ed Arrow handily. Arrow now made great
efforts to regain the lead, but the pace had boon so tre
mendoue from the start, that he could not do so; Little
Fit a, to the surprise of every one. kept up his rapid run.
and won the beat by a trifle, in the fastest time on record,
S\ Arrow had in the la?t few jumps of the heat
evidently been gaining, and aa the two passed the Judge's
stai d, Arrow was at tl.e saddle girth of Ilea.
As Arrow bad apparently labored more in the first heat
than Flea, and appeared more distressed by his exertion
aud tl.e gi eat lu at of the sun, the race by tome persons
was looked upon as almoat finished, Flea becoming the
favorite at odds ol 100 to'20. In the second heat Arrow
again led the way, opening a laige gap, and apparently
running with more ease and steadiness than in the first
beat. Arrow kept the lead, in spite of every eirort of
Flea to take it, although ho strove hard to do bo; but
Arrow won the heat in the quick time of 5:3d, by two
open lengths. 1 '
Again the betting changed, and Arrow came into favor
at, odds ol 100 to 30. In the third heat Arrow again let
oil, soon opening a gap of twelve lengths, and never
more even lapped, winning the heat and raco handily, by
eight clear lengths, in 5:43
Tlic whole race was a most remarkable one, the time
being the best on record at three mile heats. The two
first heats were also as exciting as ever witnessed on a
race course; but wo must stop our remarks and give the
Srwi/T, April 9.?Club purse $1,000, three mile heats.
I). F. Kemier's ch. g. Arrow, by Boston, out of
J< nnnetteau, 4 years old (Abe) 2 11
A. L. Dlngainau's b. g little F lea, by Cray Fiaglo,
dam imp., by Acteon, 6 years old (tiilpatrick) 12 2
First Heat. Seroml H at. Titird Heal.
First mile l:?l 1:52 X 1:MX
Fecotid mile 1:51 1:51 1:51U
Tl.ird mile 1:61,^ 1:62 X 1:56 X
Total 5:33 ki 5:36 5 43X
IsjCBIANA Jockky Club?ITkst Hay, April 11.?Sweep
stake for two year olds, mile heats; subscription. $500'
Iorteit. $200; declaration, $50. '
John Clark's (Col. Coldshy's) br. c. Brown Dick, by
imp. Margrave, dam Funny King 1 1
W. J. Minor's ch. c. Kicardo, by Voucher, dam Nor
ma, by Longwaist 2Uis
Time, 1:46 X? 1:4C%.
Two other nominations paid forfeit, an I five declared off.
Second IUck.?Sweepstakes for two yenrolds?a single
dash of two miles?$300 subscription, $100 forfeit.
John Turnbull'a b. f. Nalnueoke, by imp. Ulencoe,
dam Sally tthannon 1
A. W. Small's ch. f. by l.allatin, dam by Leviatlian, 2
Time, 8:4t>X
One nomination paid forfeit.
Thirii Back?Purse $201, mile beats.
W. J. .Minor's ch. c. Lo Hoi, by Belsliazzar, out
of Veracity, by Pacific, 2 years old 2 11
T. B. tii ldabv'a ch. g. Hough and Heady, dam
Sally Kiddleswartb, by imp. lUddleswarth, 4
years old 5 3 2
A. Lecomte At Co.'a ch. f. by Gall itin, dnin
F.liza Mills, 2 years old 3 2 3
John Tumbull'e br. f. Katinka, by imp. tilcn
coc, dam by imp. Sarpedon, 3 years old 4 4 4
D. F'. Keener s gr. c. tiold Dust, by tiray Modoc,
dam Ha'penny, 3 years old 1 dis ?
?Ihrew his rtliw.
Time, 1:48 <??1:40,V?1 50\. j
. , , Nifw Oiujc.ins, April 13, 1854.
A race took place here to-day, in three mile heats, and
was *i.d bv JlHry Taylor, who run the distance in five
minutes ami tbirty-tive seconds.
Vi ci'U of the Srw York Legt9latnre,
3C0. Further to amend the charter of the city of Ro
chester. '
302. To enable William Russell, Alexander Russell Ellen
Bryce, aliens, to tuke and hold real estate.
303. To incorporate the Sixpenny Savings bank of the
city ef Albany.
304. To enable Isabella McDonald to take, hold and con
vcy real estate.
305. For the improvement of the soutli branch of the
Amnbie river. Essex county.
306. For the relief of John Dillenback.
807. Ri vising, amending and consolidating the several
"CIS in relation to the village of tireenhush.
308. To amend an act entitled an act to amend "An
net to authorize tho election of a police justice in tho
VrV??Newburg' MarcU -> 1S5J," j ussed April
10, ititl*.
809. To amend the act entitled "An act in relation to
weights aud measures," passed April 11, 1851.
310. To incorporate tho United Stales inebriate asylum
lor'the reioi motion of the poor and destitute inebr.ate.s.
311. To enable the trustees of the lumc.ister School So
ciety at lYmghkcopsie to convey the real citat - owned
end l.eld by said society to tbe'tru-teos of the village of
312. To amend chapter 281 of the Session Laws ofl83il,
entitled "An nc? to protect sidewalks along highways "
passed May 10, 1536. J
old. 1'roviding for the publication of motereologica! ob
Fcrvations, made under the direction of the Regents of
the University, fiom (lie year 1825 to I850, inclusive.
?tl4. 1 or the relief of t bo Williamsburg Dis-eiisary.
315. To incorporate lti se Hill Savings Bank.
316. To amend an act entitled" " An act to authorize
the sale of real estate in certain cos s to pay msesa
inents, aud for other purposes," passed May 26, 1841.
817. To amend an act entitled '? \n set lor too relief of
assessors, lor enrolling the militia in the ye ir 1853."
318. For the alteration, reconstruction, and improve
ment 01 the public highway in Frankfort, llerkimer
county, known as tLe Mover Crook r?tad.
319. To amend the act entitle 1 ?? An act to amend the
several acts incorporating the village of Owogo, in the
county of liogn." passed April 9, 1851.
o*0. To amend tue ch..rtorot tiranite Insurance Coua
I any , an 1 to authoi i>.c tiuit company to cbau :c its place
of business.
321. To provide for the education of children of the
Ttsoarorn Indians, in the countyjif Niagara.
822. To ammd an act. ei titled an "Act in relation to
j_urora in the city of New York," j aarcd December 15,
323. To amend an act entitled an " An act to simplify
the manner of collecting arrears of taxes, assessmentI
mm regular rents of Croma water in the city and county
of Now \ ork," pasted July 20, 1853.
824. Authorizing n tax upon the taxable inhabitants
Of the 10WI1 ot bhawaiigunk for certain purposes.
825. Authorizing the payment of an award to Ilarr*
826. To confirm the proceeding* of the town meeting
?rid In the town of Cf uence, in the county of Flrie, on
the ith day ol March, 185-1.
, mm' ir VXteU?. "'e t.ime for Win? the capital stock
ofJ"'c Hoffman (.'rove Association, located at Filraira.
Jz8. lo amend an act entitled "An net to incorporate
? o ? Juvenile Asylum." passed June 80. 1851.
|? !ECOrI" cato the Bn(,alo Cemetery Association.
00O. To incorporate the villag ? of Lyons
331. Making appropriation* to provide for defieienoie*
Cxi* ing in appropriations for the pre, nt fiscal year to
meet claims and demands against the treasury on ac
count of the canals.
C32. For improving the eld State Hall, for the better
arrangement , l the cabinet of Natural lJistt.ry and f"
Ibeacci.nimodr.tlinoftLe New York Agric. .Rural Society
ami itu Agricultural Museum.
383 Making an appropriation for the purpose of build
ing 11 brige across St. Re.J > river at the \ iliage of Ilogaus
burg, in the county of Franklin. ' tiogaus
?ct cntitl. d "An act to incorporitto
the city of Troy,'' passed April '.2, it?l>'.. I?rwx?
JM.J0 authorize the board of suiorvisorsofthe eountv
of Suffolk to change the site of theLurt bousl Zd jaU In
said county, and lor other purpoies
"26. Ceiling jurisdietion to the United Slates over lands
to be occupied as sites of light bouses and keepers' dwell
1 sfa^rvd'ln t ^e Hudion'rh er" ' reli"Tu,?hi?li "tie to Uttlc
com io incorporate the Bloomingdale Saving's Dank
w m', 1f)n';r.,",.lief0r '?'? drainage of a part of tl.e Rome
swamp, in the town of Rome, in tho comity of Oneida
v iv " declaring Salmon river a public.high
841. To provide for certain expenses of goiomnn nt.
Personal Iitfrlllgs nee.
Jton Humphry Marshall, Kentucky; Hon. Bishop Per
kins, M. C-, H. Lawrence; Dr. Hauiel, hit Petersburg;
Mr. Chcde, Parts; lion. John Vnnderbiit, I,ong I-dun I,
lion. B. Woodward, Vermont; Hon. A. Brown, 0<
denRburg; Hon. N K. llntl, cx-PosimnMtor General, Bof
falo; J. McMuntry, Lexington, Ky.; Col. Walton, Scho
nectndy; \\ m Patterson, Montreal; |ir. 0. W. llemsted,
St. Louie; M Myera, Norfolk, Virginia, and Capt. S. C.
Hun es. Fort Washington, were among the arrivals yes
terday at (lie St. Nicholas.
liyi. A. Anderson, Virginia; Hon. Wm. Duncan, San
Francisco, 1 C. Sl.atfnor, Washington ;T. M. Taylor, Mont
real; .lames Harrison, St. lamia; 11. Sax ton, L. S. A.; J.
1 Houghton, San Frauciaco; II li. John.t.ui, Kentucky;
S. l'ecV.maii, Salem; Geo. L. Ward, Boston; J. Mullen,
t". S. N' . were among the arrivals yeatorduy at the Metro
politnn Hotel.
S<m r I memo Arn.eda. Spanish Minister to Mexico, ar
rived at Boston en the Itith Inst.
Hnu. renjumin S aver nuu Thomas P. Rich, lis<j., wore
in Home on the '.let March.
Major Johu Heard has rceigi ed the oilice of Comptrol
ler for the Slate of Florida, his successor being T. W.
Brevard, Frq.
'il.e Richmond Esi'mincr says, th.at it is untrue that
the resignation of Mr. I'anlel. < har;-< ai Sardinia, has
been received in Washington. Nor has any iutiini'lon
been nn.de to the State Department of anything of the
From Savannah In steam-hip Angusta 11 II Carhart, Mrs
C. I! i arhart. child and servant. Mi-s Kot. Mrs (' ? >nn,
lira W<.oi!l.,t''g.' and cL11 t. Miss Tsinter Mrs Hyde. 11 Pow
ers Mr* V k tt Boo.ly. Mrs lira o, A l. -Fu. t and lady, Mr*
My. is and child, A wylle, lady and i?n, J S Parker, Chas
Havis, Jr, A M Brainard. 11 It Wadswotth and lady, C 3
Fleming, P l< Msrden, K Dhaiy?# is ths i. Doris..,
Fr' ni Norfolk, Ac, In * team-hip ttosuoke - )?i W II i war J,
0 C McNeal, W C Lake. I) C Woodward, Wm Plorion, Mrs
A Spsnocr and son. J C Cnrrior. 1>C Pond and lady. M I,
Sonic, t* A Maxwell, Cantsin P llanna. J C Hilton, W'm K
Ptndlsy, S M Bnlnsr, A M Ilcofsts. R Crawford. M ,N Vtnal,
1! I ,M< ken. la Mrs M I. Faulkner and two chilJron. M M
Ketcl.nm, I M llcvie*. Sheldon Kinney, Capt Wra Parrish,
D J William*. 11 H llrophy?34In ths stcsrage.
From London, in ship Marssrst Kraas? Mr Moors, lad/
and tires children, Mrs P?r?eft.
Interesting from Mexico.
[Ktoin the New Orleans Picayune, April 12.1
The steamer Texaa, ("apt. Place, arrived yesterday, as
due, from Vera Crux, which ehe left on the rith Lust The
loilowiug is s lift of her putw-oiigera
Dim Hedro Anmrtioln, lady and two ohlldran; Oaa Mi
nim and lady. 1) J M Downet and acpbiw. J N Libat. A do
lister. J 1.email, 1 S VgleRiaa, A Snli?s. A (TcthSfey, M Gar
ditt, 1J iiniladier. J Micbadd, N Ha'an. E Koaen, J B Too*
ma-. W Tallin, O 'falllu, V A Kepper, U Peter, N Y Dallas,
Is l.np'^ and five in the ?i??ra,
The Texas brings $1)2,734 in specie.
lVi' rercive by the Texas full tiles of paprs fnorn Vera
| Crux to the 8th inst., ant from the city of Mexico to the
! 4th scat.
Or course the principal Auhject of reports and discus
sions is the resolution of Alvarez. At the latest accounts
RaiHa Anna was at Cliilpancinga, where he had establish
' cd liis headquarters; and the official account, which had
1 betu received thence, and generally from the theatre of
operations, represented progress and prespocts quite fa
vorable for the established government, and reported
Alvarez to he very hard pressed.
There had already been some skirmishing, and it does
not mem m> certain, from previous accounts of the
lesult. that the latest intelligence is most to be relied
on. Prom the lirst, however, it has l>ecn state! that
throughout the route over w hich Santa Anna had tra
velled, he had found manifestations of most cheerful
and firm adhesion to him. The latest reports give in
stances of several who had at first juiced Alvarez having
abandoned him, and sought and obtuincd pardon and
reconciliation from the govornment. One whole district
within the assumed jurisdiction of Alvarez hail joined
Santa Anna. One of the first occurrences of note since
our last advices happened to a detachment which was
escorting some four or live stair officers and a small con
voy of money, near tlie river Mvscala. Arriving at tho
bank of the river the little troop halted to reconnoitre
and liuil a convenient ford. Their Indian guide invited
them to go up to a saler place, as he said, situated be
yond an adjoining wood. They Agreed without distrust,
and fell into an ambuscade prepared by one of Alvarez's
partisans, a guerilla priest, named Vill.ilha.
One of the officers. Sen or Monterde, was captured, and
was reported to have been immediately cruelly put to
death. Teres l'ulacios, commanding the advanced guard
<>1 the government < xpudition, however, in unofficial
despatch to the Minister of War, unnouncos the capture
at about the same time, or immediately aftorwards, of
the rebel Lieutenant Colonel .lose Maria Torres, and the
subalterns, I). Laurcano Rodriguez and It. N Arroyo.
The lirst was to he shot; the others had been handed over
to u court martial.
Alvuiez, apprised of the capture of Torres, who, it
would api ear, in a person of consequence, standing and
Inilucnce, in Guerrero, immediately wroto to (Jen. I'&la
clos, advising him that lie would be held personally re
sponsible for tho fato of Torres, in revenge for whose
death, should he be shot, Alvaruz threatened he Would
cause Lieut. Col. t-aiubouino, Lieut. Holzioger, of the
navy, and s> me other officers not named, whom he had
kepi in his custody as hostages from the commencement
of hostilities, to be immediately shot. At the same time
he proposed an exchange of prisoners.
General Pulac'os having referred Alvarez's communica
tion to the Minister of War, the latter said that justice
must take its course without reference to its threats.
The C< mmundunt General, in replying to Alvarez, makes
the statement that his prisoners had been seized without
having been in any way engaged against him, while pur
suing their peaceful avocations. In short, this commu
nication is very long, dwells on theatrocity of the threat v.
hut at the same time professes not to be surprised at
their being committed by Alvarez, seeing his character
and position in Guerrero.
The latest accounts received, however, leave Torres
and his fellow prisoners alive, and endeavoring to ex
cuse or juslifv themselves. Torres is reported to have
declared that when ho was surprised by the troops of tho
supreme government he was on his way to place himself
at its orders. But lie did not appear to have established
Thcl'adrc chief Villalba was reported, on the 28th ult,
to be pursued by the government troops and the inha
bitants ot the circumjacent villages, that he had been
driven to his dernier resort, his forces being complotely
disi ersed.
Alvarez, at the same date, was confined to the hill of
Peregrine, the hacienda of La Brea and ?1 Coquilla ; and
was entirely without resources, as indeed he is reported
to have been all along, and desertion was daily and ra
pidly thinning his ranks.
On the 29th ult., information was sent from Miclioa
cban. announcing tho capture of the chief, Gordiano
Guzman, with his son, and a man named Ramos, and
adding that the forces undor them had declared their
adhesion to the ''national cause.'
Perfect tranquillity is said to bo reigning in all except
itricts to which Alvaroz and Villains are re
the narrow districts {? which Alvaroz and Villains are re
ported to be confined. Santa Anna would appear to be
acting with his usual tack. We find it stated, for in
stance, in the JYaitd' Union, that nine persons compro
mised in the revolt having presented themselves s;x>uta
neously to tho militnry chief of Cocula, Don J. M. Mata,
(and there are several such instances reported,) the
President taking into consideration the circumstances,
granted a full and uncnnditionkl pardon. And again, on
hi.- route, he lias contributed munificently to various
popular purposes, getting in return municipal addresses
ami applause.
Theie are reports of another attempt at a conspiracy
in Guauujuata. I). Mariana Gusta and I). Susan.? Sal us,
have been arrested on the charge of being concerned in
it. On searching their papers full particulars are said to
have been discovered ; but they arc not stated iu the pa
pers before us. A couit martial had been summoned to
try them, and active measures taken to prevent the pro
ject in which they were engaged from being prosecuted.
The terms on which the privilege of constructing a
railway from Vera Grus lo the city of Mexico had been
granted, as we some time ago announced, to Senor D.
J in: u Laurier Richards, having been considered objection
able by the capitalists to whom he had applied in Ixin
don for the means wherewith to prosecute it, tho Mexi
can government l.as made the necessary modifications.
T he deen e containing them is published in the Ifcratdo
of the Kth inst. They relate to tho rates of charges to ho
made, and to the dividends to lie declared.
Tin report about Gen Cos Laving placed somo obsta
chs iu the way of the prosecution of the works on tho
isthmus, is indignantly and emphatically denied, and he
is spoken of as being most friendly to it.
ftoot Lon F. de la Vega hud proceeded to Mexico to
give Minta Anna personal assurances of his patriotism
and fidelity, and was about to follow him to the South
for the purpose.
A project for lighting the city of Mexico with gas was
about being commenced, and would he followed by simi
lar ones in other cities of the republic.
The Caroline and the Guerrero were being fittel out at
Mazatlan, for the purpose of protocting Acupulco, on the
coast. Great efforts were being made to get tlicm ready.
The Diario, official, announces that Senor Don li.iinon
Lozuno Aumniii, who had lately arrived, as Minister
Plenipotentiary from Spain, was the bearer of the ratifi
cation of the treaty entered into last year for the pay
ment of Spanish claims on Mexico.
Don Jo.-e Bustamcnte, Secretary to the late Legation to
Costa Rico and Nicaragua as Minister, and the Marquis
Rivera, lato Minister lo Mexico to Berlin, in the same
The F.iodr\ Comrrcio, of the 5th, complains that some
sixty adventurers hat, landed at the island of Los Areno
sas, lying tost of Si.-al and were illegally appropriating
tho guano on intending it off in two vessels they had
there. ^
A new conscription law has been issued, in which the
population is assumed at 7.641,520 in u..inber, and the
aimy is ordered to consist ol' 10,000 men and the militia
or 3",t 10.
Ton Crcgorio Gomez Palomino has been appointed Di
rector of the Post Office Department, vacant by the death
of I'on A cay a.
The ludians still continued to commit ravages, notwith
standing the government forces were gaining advantages
over them at somo points.
Wc loarnthat just previously to the sailing of the Texas
from Vera Cruz, u telegraphic despatch hail boon received
there, announcing the cessation of hostilities between
Alvarez and Santa Anna. Tha lattor, it im reported, liad
olTeicii concessions to Alvarez, which had le i to an im
dcisincdirg, anil an arrangement of the difficulties be
tween the two parlies. j
A communication which we have received from the
city of Mexico, dated the 4th inst., gives a very dilfereut
view of the state of affairs w ith Santa Anna and bis forces
in the South, from that trhich the intelligence gathered
from the newspapers would induce us to believe. Ac
cording to the statement of the writer, the government
forces, since their arrival at t'hilpancingo, hud dwindled
away very materially. More than n thousand are re
ported to Lc sick in hospital, and the muster roll exposes
a desertion of more than 2,000 men. So that, without
any serious encounter, the forces of Santa Anna are re- J
riuced, at the lowest estimate,>by some throe thousand
and mere.
Alvarez, on the contrary, is reported to be in posses- i
sion of impregnable positions, while additional chiefs and |
fi llowers are joining him daily, and he is infusing terror ,
into tsnta Anna, as will be perceived, says our corres
pondent, -from the circumstances of the treatment of
'lories, and tuc threat of Alva rev, to avenge his death, ]
and in which nothing but fear could have been the ruling
motive with ,-ar.ts Anna in restraining him from imine- \
dlatrly executing Torres.
The hill of Pciegrlno, our correspondent saya, has been
fortified by Alvarez, and ia |>erfeclly impregnable. It is
an exceedingly high mountain, accessible only by a wind- i
ing road, alot g w bich there is not rcom for men to walk
but in single tile, lie lias mounted a battery there, by j
which all points are commanded, and he has mined many I
of these, so that if any of the troops sent against hiin
should escsj c the eirccts of the cannon, they will have a
yet moie destructive assault to encounter.
Our correspondent dwells on this mode of defence with ;
giest confidence, and refers to instances in the war of in- .
dependence, in which it was resorted to with signal suc
cess. i
Our correspondent then saya that hostilities w. re to
be commenced on the day he wrote, and that tlio general 1
opinion of intelligent people was, that Santa Anna '?
wdfcld he defeated, as his officers were ignorant cowa: ds, |
and ids soldiers forced levies, who would soon seek safety i
in flight.
Should Santa Anna bo defeated M Teregrino, the peo I
pie cl ewhere would rise m mane against him, and he
must he overthrown. Alvnrez, he saya. Is destined to lie
the aiori!.c* of the republic, who will shoot him without
waiting lor Lis confession.
The system of terror, our correspondent says, con
tinues in the capital. Well paid spies circulate every
where and few unys pass without three or four arrests
of notable p* rsi ns, and many respectable men are being
punished as criininala for liuvnig complained that Santa
Anna governs badly, Gnrdlsuo Guzman, whose arrost
we have already noticed, our correspondent says had
been bougnt ovir by hanta Anna for $5,000.
Baltimore, April 18,1854.
New Orleans papers of Wednesday last are received.
They contain the details of the late news from Mexico.
The accounts In referenco to the condition of Alvaror. aro
very conflicting. The most reliable are decidedly in favor
id Alvarez, and predict thedefeat of Santa Anng.
JL young lady belonging to a very respectable family
was seen staggering through Chestnut street l'htla*
delphia, last week, and when she fell down she was
nicked up and carried home. Except her fondness for
[lijuor, she bears an unexceptionable character.
Lrpd Intelligence.
Kpfrexe Contr OK 111* L'Nrrm Staw ? April 17 ?Sid
re;, Uartlutt ami Nathan J. Dow, Es.qs., of Mussachusott*,
wore admitted attorneys and counsellors of this Court!
No. 84. W. .1. Bennett, am ell t nt, vs. J. W. Motle The ar
gument of this case win continued by Mes-irs. Brewster
and Keller for fie appellors, and by Mr. Campbell for
the appellant. Adjourned.
Feakvul Kah.roa d Collihio?*?About 1% o clock
a freight train of twenty cart., with locomotive No. 21
attached, passed Bpcnceivllle, two miles Irom Broadway,
at a furioua rata, the engineer, owing to the mow, being
unable to cheek the speed clown the grids. It came in
collision with locomotive No. lit, standing on tbe track.
It damaged it badly, and started it oft at a rapid rate. It
came down tbe grade, crosso l Broadway, and ran into the
passenger car on the track, which at >pi>ed it. Thefreight
train came along also at a lurious rate, and when near
Van Woert street, the switch was change 1, and the whole
train was thrown olf, doing great damage. The trucks of
several cars were broken, and the contents scattered
about. Engineer Outerkirk, of No. 10, is surioualy if not
fatally injured. The engineer of the second locomotive
was but slightly hurt.?Albany Journal, April IT.
Court Calendars?1This Day.
l.'.vrrif) Siatks Dihtrkt Coubt.?Noa. 64, 18, 29, 18, 34,
24, 26, 44, 83, 39, 47, 48.
Scikkkmb Conn?Circuit.?Nos. 227. 294, 368, 377, 378,
405, 312, 109, 328, 303, 413, 4'-3, 400, 407, 469.
Si'i'Mu* Cockt?Special Term.?Nos. 21, 14, 18, 2?, 65,
91, 1 <'7, 3, 25, 69.
Common 1'iJua.?Part First?Nos. CO, 399, 369, 644, 545,
602 to 6t?6, 007 to C13. Fart second?Nos. 683, 682, 684,
5, 680, 588, 590, 697, 698 to 001, 603, 005, 606.
SfllOiloK Colirr?Regular Trial Teiui.?Nos. 406, 475,
601, 347, 79, 617, 521. 623, 525, 627, 529, 683, 636, 537,
639, 641, 643, 645, 647 , 549, 551 553, 555. 657, 559, ,
661, 663, 666, 569, 571, 676, 677, 679, 681, 683, 685, I
687, 6b9, 893, 379, 461, 87.
Spi'ERIor COVET?Special Trial Term.?Nos. 406, 418,
24, 210. 242, 304, 428 , 430, 432, 434, 436, 438, 440, 442, I
444 , 440. 140, 260, 231, 88.
On Tuesday, April 18, by the Rev. Br. Evans, at St.
George's (.'Impel, James Reankt, of Baltimore, to Miss
Itjl sua McW nckiut, daughter of Alexander Mc vViioktar,
of this city.
In Calvary Chapel, corner of Twenty second street and
Fourth avenue, on Moo<lay, April 17, by the Rev. T.
Tow 111, Mr. Thomas Watson to Miss Fanny North.
On Sunday, April 16, by the Rev. C. F. E. Stohlm in,
Mr. Christian fcTKiN to Miss HsNKirrrB Meyers, botli of
tli in city.
On Wednesday evening, April 12, by the Rev. Mr. Mil
let t, at his residence. No. 808 Broomo street, Mr. William
H. Williamson to Miss Mary teomiAKrixingkr, all of this
in Williamsburg, on Sunday, April 16, by the Rev.
Alvuh Uuion, Kami kl W. Boyd to Maht E. Edridqr.
At Sing Sing, on fhursday, April 18, by the Rev. John
See, Damml 1). Earie, of New York, to Baa
Esther M., daugh
ter of l.-oac Thorn, of the former place.
On Wednesday, April 6, by the Rev. J. J. Lyon, David
Hkjnknann, of Postou, to Saimji N. CollEN, daughter of the
late Jacob 1. Cohen of this city.
Boston papers please copy.
On Tue bay, Apr if 18, Cakmjnk ACGibT.t, olios!: daugh
ter <A William 1!. and Mary Ann Galllker, a ;e,l Hi years.
Tin* fiiei.i s and relatives of ti." family are respectfully
invited to attend her funeral, from the residence of her
parents, hilly seventh street, near Second avoiuie, at two
o'clock tliis ai term on, without further invitation.
On Tuesday. April 18, the Rev. John Carroll, in tho
27ti. v ear ol liie age.
'll i* reverend cleigy, and the friends of the family, are
rcspicttully Invited to attend his funeral, from the resi
dence of his lather, Peter Carroll, No. 30 East Twenty
cigiitli street, at nine o'clock to morrow morning. Fu
neral services .at St. Stephen's, Twenty-eighth street, be
tween Third uud Lexington avenues.
On Tuesday, April 18, of consumption, Thomas Jeffer
son, in the 36th year of his age, a nstiv e of Wigton, Cum
berland, England.
His friends arc respectfully invited to attend his fu
nerul, without further invitation, from his late residence,
No. 51 l ike street, at two o'clock this afternoon.
Ou Tuesday, April 18, David Scott.
His friends and relatives are respectfully invited to at
tend his funeral, at halt-past one o'clock this afternoon,
from his late residence, No. 127 Amity Btreet, rear bouse.
On Monday cveuiug, April 17, Mrs. Mary Oshornk,
daughter of the late Dr. Gardner Jones, of this citv.
The friends and relatives are invited to attend ner fu
ncrul, without further invitation, from the residence of
her brother, William G. Jones, No. 43 West Twenty
eighth street, at three o'clock to-morrow afternoon.
On Monday, April 17, Mary, daughter of John *tfl
Mary I.kvus, aged 4 years, 5 months and 12 days.
The iriends and relatives are respectfully invited to at
tend the funeral, at t jm o'clock this afternoon, from licr
s, No. of> ~
father's residence, No. #6 Dunne street, without further
On Monday, April 17, Elizabeth, wife of Luis Sanches,
of Porto Rico.
Ihe friends of tho family, and of John 3. Bengough, arc
requested to attend her fuueral, from her late residence,
No. 90 West Twenty-seventh street, at two o'clock this
afternoon. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood for
On Monday evening, April 17, Mrs. SrEiUK.Y Coflxy,
after n piotractud illness, aged 28 years.
Her friends, and those of the family, are invited to at.
tend the funeral, from the residence of her lather, No.
134 Walker street, at two o'clock this afternoon, without
further notice.
On .Sunday, April 16, James Dsas IIanna, in the 43d
year of his age.
Carriages will be in waiting from eleven till twelvo
o'clock this forenoon, at Hobokcn ferry, to convey friends
io the Grove Church, New Durham, three miles from
Ou Tuesday, April 18, of whooping cough, John, son of
John aud Bridget Daltun, aged one year, 2 months and 18
The funeral will take place from No. 81 Broad street,
at two o'clock precisely this afterncou. The friends and
acquaintances of tho lauiily are respectfully invited to
Ou Sunday, April 16, Mrs. A. V. Byiow, widow of Col.
Charles W. Bulovv, of Charleston, S. C.
At Hailiensack, on Monday, April 17, Evu, wife of
Adr.lphu.s W. Campbell, in the 47tn year of her age.
, Her friends, and the friends of the family, are respect
?fully invited to attend her funeral, at eleven o'clock to
inoriow morning. Stuges leave Hoboken at nine o'clock
A. M., reiurningat three o'clock P. M.
At South Y'onkers, Westchester county, on Tuesday,
April 18, Hannah V.kia.n, widow of Jacob 11. Vuriun, aged
73 yea rs.
Ihe relatives and friends arc respectfully invited to at
tend her funeral, at two o'clock to morrow afternoon.
At Toms River, Ocean county, N. J., on Wednesday
morning, April 12, of ucarlct fever, Annie B., daughter of
George W. aud Lydia B. Cowpcrlhwaite, aged 1 year, 3
months and 22 days.
Jlovruuntu of Octan Steamer*.
Sarah Sands Liverpool Portland Mar 28
Asia Liverpool New York Apl 8
Andes Liverpool Boston Apl 12
Nashville Havre New York Apl 12
Arabia Liverpool Boston Apl 15
Pacific laverpool New York Apl 19
Euiopa New York Liverpool Apl 15
Star of the West.. .New York Sau Juan Apl 20
George Law New York Aspinwall Apl 20
Hermann ..* New York Bremen Apl 22
Cahawba New York Hav. A-Mobile.. Apl 25
America Boston Liverpool \pl 2d
Arctic New York Liverpool Apl 29
Asia New York Liverpool May 3
North Star New York Aspinwall May 5
Union Now York Havre May 6
Glasgow New York Glasgow May 10
HI X RISK" 5 16 I MOOR RISKS 01 13
btX SATS 6 43 I II10U WATKR 01 OS
I'-trt of Sew York, Apt 11 IS, 189ft.
Steamship Falcon. McKinstry, Aspinwall, M O Roberts.
Brig Juhann (Brew), Kohn, Porto Kico, Kiohmuller A
Brig John Kendall, Stone. Kingston. Ja. master
Brig Nora. Benson, St Johns. l'K, Smith A Boyaton.
Brig Motes. Jnrvis, Charleston, Geo ltulkley.
Sc-br Isaae VV Ruches. IJavis, Newbern. Davis A Holmes.
Schr li 11 n I lock. Pow, Wilmington, DC Murray.
SiLr M C II iwe, Kranse, Washington, NO, J II Mathews.
Schr Ahbott Latvrenoo, Allen, Boston, Dayton A Sprague.
Stesmrl.ip Augusta, Lyon, Savannah, April 15, to 3 L
Miti hill April 17,2 AM HO miles SW of Cape Uattoras, e*
chuiigril signals with steamship Knoxville, hunoe for Savan
nah, lrth, 10 intles south of the Woodlands, saw a ship
Steamship Union, Phillips. Charleston, to Spofford, Tiles
ton A Co.
Steamship Roaaokt, Skinner, Norfolk, Ac, to Lndlam A
Pit a ran to.
Ship Margaret Evans, Pratt, London, and Portsmouth 29
r.a\ s, with mdss and 456 passengers, to J Uriswold.
Sl ip Scrvsmer (of Brunswick, Ms), Skotield. Liverpool,
24 days. with mdse snd 6u passengers, to Noaniitn A Sons.
Schr J >hn Dal enck. IUlflard, Virginia, 3 days.
Schr John S Higgias, Pervier, Virginia.
One ship, unknown.
The ship American Congress, reaertad below, was l-osrded
1 y pilot!oat Nettle No 2on 141* 01.
foe ship Samuel M Foe, alto rdfortod below, wai not in
sight from the Highland# at sundown.
Steamship Falcon, Aspinwall; ships Saratoga, Liverpool;
'Indiana. New Orleans.
Wind at sunrise, NK; meridian, do; sunset, do.
The new steamship Orltaba. Capt Lawless, wont down tko
bay in the morning on a trial trip.
[Bv Saivdv Hook rmifrixo Tki.kor asr ]
Tun UuiHi.arvns. April IS?Bnndown.
One sbip in the SE otbng, and a Parker Vein steamer south
of ti e- Highlands, both bound in,
Vt lnd light from N W. Weather clear.
Die morsiiKta.
Prig llnntington, 6 years old. 3o0 tons, was sold at tho
Merchants' Exc hange on Monday for $21 ,""0.
Sol r Grovelan I, of Eastport, 145 tons, 2t? years old. has
been sold to parties in St John, Nli, for $7C<>6 cash.
Laviichkp? From the yard of Mr Benjamin W Pickett,
Cujo Elisabeth, on Saturday, a line brig of about 27(1 tons
burthen, to he cal'ed the Niagara. She is intended lor tho
Went India trade, and is to Locommaudod by Cantaln Wm
Fits, of Portland.
T? lrgrnphic Mnrlue !(<-]? in a.
BOSTON, April 18?Arr ship Callendar. Liverpool.
NFW ORLEANS, April 13-S14 ships Maid of Orlsans,
ard St Lonis, New York.
Arr 17tb, ship Isaac Allerton, NYork.
Herald Marine Correspondence.
PHILADELPHIA, April 18, 4 PM -Arr brtgs Sarah
Ellen, D< nghtyXier.fuegoi. Emma, Baker, Charleston; schrs
Grace Barling, Itartlott, Ilridgsport; Wm A Dobosii. Perry,
Maiden, NY, Jaa Barrett, Cobb, Boston.
Cld brigs Saml Ilind, Cox, Boston, Oseaola, lllggins. 9a
Ism, sekrs J Vail, Delano, Charleston; Msooa, Andrews Ne
r>nsott. Mass: A R ShaHer, Pratt.Ilattford, Oraee Darling,
artlctt, Dightoa, Mass.
tAwSKfc*. Which left Button att o'oloe*
on Sunday morning, for Portland, wb-n fifteen mileaeattef
?*ln'e 'Y ''7V ?*' h?118 hoth "ank. of bar
engine. Soir.o ( ape Ann hiharman went to her aiaiitanc#
SSe iBp?n h7 7 AD<*or *n ?1?* Light, where ?l!"oat
h" w ithin?"/ C.hKUl" a At hiEh ??*" ??>? fiot into the bar
Wuula inwV .? I?* damage The aleanior K B Forba#
dioitn paTsergcrs " th# cf*" 8h? had ""U "boat half a
onod'itth" io that sU^u^Va1 ;V?"A?' ,N?: bad been light
bad not been aw? rded ? ,uto ih* b?rbor. gal
o r.^Hr y?L "and s*?Hh n't r*',orM1 io*
struck on stirtriD Cat 1 "tatcd in a letter to have
er. and bilged toon aftrn' A smil l ? fV; 'Q.th,ok W8A4h
been nv?td dry, the bkian * \ ?mall part ot the cargo baa
in a I at:Iy deia^a ?n?H%h" ^.a ?'xlT -?"d, XeEh
built at I'nlaix (lie) in l3w'??. J*]' J- *?? *? A i vossel.
city, t.u,l valued at $14,out,' 7hioh Jllh fW*.*c1,r'? * tfcl"
fully cc .ered by insnranei ht?r? Tl ($!,?)&) ia
apeorted one, vm raluod at *40 uoo Im,f?r*0'iA ?h w**
or quite insured here. ' ** to be nearly
Kirk E H Cmai'In. Buck,from I^ham r*. n.m
Naerau, N 1* (where she put in in di *trejf f" n?'"n?ore vln
I ?ioualy stated), which was rnn a.hoVe ,? N J?h r,"!: Wr*.
won after striking, and the captain, crew "Bd 0??" ?*
ger were landed by the wreckeri, with ,ome dlfflcaUyP"Jfn",
io the heavy sc. Nothing but the material* oould heaaTi^
She went to aea LOth nit after being temporarilr run.ilH
and returned when 10 miles out, owing to leakingiadPr 2!il
TM "xr, M.h#r* l",D" the *lad prevonted hor making U?
bar. The information is in a letter to Kllwood Walter bo
bar u'Y'^ about the leak being caused by atrikln^Uha
s _?* ?A.B* P.?*A ?"? abandoned on the voyage from
Sat an a ah to Liverpool, wax panned IBi ult, lat 47, ion 2S
Bit in Tuimtb (of Seartport), E Lanpher, on her paaaace
from Nassau, N 1, to Liverpool, was ttrown on her beam
cnuf in a heavy NNW vale 13th nit, Cut away her made
?prong; rudder. Ac. Tke gale continued until 15th when
ill"1 '[ hr? ,,f'r'"d the "e,"el became a oompletl
ho"^ eight" when ran.^' thi'time *J?* Brltiah ihip Sisters
off and c*Hed to LiverProoinP " C"W "8" ^ ??k?
tt w^e thv remai no d'l dftiu' ~
ashcrw. l?artt of the wreck as may float
amf an ckore * in* th# Ta'bor.' 0ff I,lM? ?? SAt"^.
' b?i"hVSHew.V,Ye"3krabi?ehh^ .ABd drf ??**?
and moored safely at the BroakVaU*! ,,d otf 14lh
Hook aT*kortthnVago"woi!t ??*
W hiilcmcn,
Ship India, from Honolulu, arr at Now inn i. .
was^on fA?ghtV ?Wn C,t?hi"KS' the remainder "l,MO*bblii}
Bark Alice, Wbite, from Honolulu Dap i / i... ,
OoVa'n ?JrS:;prdfi^4i;rrekp aiTd ano?wli^0,mer' Ind^
Oft Tristan d Aouuha iiec3i, l>y letter from r$nt it ll
?a8.*K"' AV: Sl1' <:l8nn. Ochotsk fr?m CBpt
At Amany, King (ieorgo's Sound Australia Deo Til u._
Uarriwon, NB ,nd ,ld re)l 4 |() orul,eu"r"1*- Vac 30, Mara.
m Hong Kong Feb 11, K L K Jenny, Marsli N'n aid
27, Leo Rowland, Wight, do; Feb 6, ( opia Newell do-fit?
?i"iCr ' Baston do; all supposed to cruiso '
Sid from Zanzibar Jan 2. Josenh MakvaI] ur-? *? 1 ^
ven, CiKlbblssp oil; Rector, Johnson Warren if/
(Mai,n,lothFhJ*Fied h#r 2i?ac"T wk0 end^UlU
again luth), 3d, Florenoo, Boston, do. 800 *n 150 ?i, ?,-5
landod and sold a quantity of boni. P Wh* ^
B, !?" spN J,n' ?n Ground, Charles, Ranter, If
aU w'tlL ?ff M"'*fu9r?. Archer, Macomber, N H, 740 ip<
... ? , Spoken.
r'."vrj?sj.%iofe?hav<!'" ?'?
eaf'-BH^fefsshSrs, S'aw ** ?'?
lon"^""' D%y>'' honC8for Liverpool, Maroh ?1, lat
M^Zl'lih^ g}ffeS?' from LirerP?o1 'or Bosum.
28. U?47 12Ao"i2 W* fr?m LlTerP?o1 for Now York, Uarah
Pool,'PApHI 9.?lat? l6,Sl^g?&ft0m NCW ?rI#'Mf0' U?~
no date, latta M,' hon 2ui 5* d*,i fr0m IItTre for New Yeck.
3o' Ut 40Uh*on 53Augu,t?-fr0E1 ""'to* '? Antwerp. X?eh
Sofut^'aS'S?"oi SnlT henM CNot ? ">' An.tr.li.,
M.rrchb^.Vir2Monnl7Iio0dfcr,0k' fr?m Host...
se?M^e^offl?dKeyTid0n?# f?r Ap.lachiooU.wM
Foreign Porta.
9,,0h' MlBM'
?%>/" ?Wk?SKi^
Boston'ldg.*4' ,m0ng otUor>- brig Benjamin Carver, far
for'AWn^rAprrM*r0b S1, ,iip Et?- Call.o, and rid
Ca^c'uVtT u"d^fd'idj ,h,Pw'ab?n- Newcomb. London foe
lindo^rh^^i.^t^er^o8 *?U^'
MYoH?IdJ"petre?a* d^iin' ,BrabftJk CW?- H?nder.o^ foe
for Boston- Tnaklt'(Brt do di- a : b/'i" Challenge 'Bi?,
Ke^^veM.^altiiow iP* Fr*"#U Loaritt' NY?rk;
Abhy B'anc'^r'd/ttSj^^^" R?b#rt' Prince
Cal'cnttaPni*n" *nd. Cld td. al"p Finland'ohrX
Is;Xtr!tE?Sl.&ite* ls?- <* ?
?i ? J,'TA~ Ant vcxrol in port March 2>
10ad forVorkT"N?rwegian*scbr^SIf'f'P ,V?dora M?'?ry. t.
bid nbt March ia^b.Tkli" under Ad0.^0^;1'4 31 Ap-L
B"tn?)7;lffcni>oT^th''' Ocean ^Mby forT^o0"(,f'tor
tul, Hurd. for RatawJ- wi ; "^"na' for?alo; barks OrieT
Imi;y Miner, Roger *' 4i-owo1,1- f?r Calcutta J?th{
Carlisle, for sale l.riv' si,?. 5 * ranolaoo via Callae; Siri,
achraMaria 'f'eria iiwt.S (w0 ?*? ' "0,d f?r ?bt LtitW;
flelotae, McKeig? for San' (,-*fpt24), arr 2Sth;
Auckland Nelion il?- l ''h .nl" m" ci u ,d' bwrfc.
M*ssi?A-In port Mer.'-h ? " T ',cIPbin, Hoyt, CalcntU.
Hav^na?BT March at, '.hip JSSi pl,?&. Bowkor.
rp?n,rc1.'I.",e,; ' fctoVi'festLiV *nd 8#T#"
Tr, fry fo'r iiopton"jdg P"" Arri'd' ?r h.rkjNova SootUn.
Phil'adriphU1'*"-81'1 *lt F#b Braadywine, Cormaek.
di ldV u' Jo' w3dt,'; E,ii? Burgess, Ooraam. fbr
for t .rdii'/r nd M crv"'3' l?al oUa' An8tin. from London
Um l'?KA?No Am vassal in port Jfsrch "2
for N,Yo?k7o,mPOr4 MlroL 22'^,k AliceTarlton, William.,
BJstM.'^r1" P?rt APr" 3' brl,! C?rd,1U' Mi,oho,1' *"
fo^V,,,Mwr.'nPOrtAprU a' b?'?*8??pbbr, MarsbaM.
a^Am^e,Vfjrl.nJ'rrt Ja? ,28' s?rlt Fxaenck, Ward from
; < r!y Am vcslel std^tl0 A1' ?S1ber ro,ur" *bont Fab
Hboar. *C,?*L ?'<? -d, schr Eleanor, Swasey, Mad.
Horn* Ports.
ARANSAS (T?tw)?Arr March 3, achra Louisa, Bellows,
St Jagu; 7th, Sewasset, Hudson, NYork.
BALTIMORE?\rr April 17, ituamer Tlioi Snino, Glf
ford, NYork; ship Sophia Walker, Wiswell, Klo Janeiro
March 3. Cld bark Georgians, Aikens, Boston; Br brig
Standard. Newman, Trinidad.
BOSTON?Arr April 12. l ark Higgln?on (Br), Jonea, Ban
gor, W, IPth nit; schr Emily Billiard, Fredericksburg; bark
E T L (Chilian), from Valparaiso Feb 2, remained below.
Cld schr Fanny Varia(Ilr). Wlklund, Tort *u l'rinoe
BAN VERS?Arr April 14, achr Medium,Kickard, Norfolk.
GALVESTON?In port April 3, barks Maryland, Chaaa,
from Beaton, Just arr; Helen, llall, for Boston, abont ready;
B Godfrey, Parker, for do do; Montauk, Lincoln. forN York
ldg; brigs Tribune Klllinan, tor llaltiinr.ro do; Amonoosnok.
Mnneon, wtg; echra Mo.ee Taylor, Smith, for Europe ldg;
Enoch French, Ball. disg. M donna, do. Off the bar thraa
square rigged vessels bound n.
HAMPTON LOABS?Arr April IS, .hipj Storm Ring, and
Ocean Spray, fiom Callao forN York.
LAVACA (Texas)?Arr pnv to April 0, brig Random.
Crane, N York. Going up 3th. echr IVin II Ilaiard, .Isadora,
from do. Cld aohr Nebraeka Washington, do.
MOBILE?Arr April 11, ship Arabia, Boutelle, Livorpool.
C'lu ship Elizabeth Hamilton, Jones. Trieste.
NEW ORLEANS?Cld April 10, steamship Crescent City.
W indie, NYork via Havana, ships William, Boane, Phila
delphia; llortensia, llatbaway, and Sarah A Emma (Br).
Bavis, Liverpool.
Arr 11th, steamship Toxaa, Place, Vara Crni 8th inat;
ship Adrian, Unntor, NYork 18 days Cld ahlps (luidlnw
Star, Couch, and Stephen Glover, Baldry. Liverpool; Mari
on, Mt (iuire, Boston, ijucbee, Emerson, rrlooto; barks Orey
honud, Gull mdscn. N Vork; Catherino, Watts, Mataniaa;
I rig Richard, Bentlcy, llsltlmors; sohra Wm Gregory,
Fa.tard, Savannah; Edwin Dorsey, Sobaldeau, Ilavanv
NEW LONDON?Arr April 13, ?<hr Dolphin Lord, Wifc
n.inut. n N(';Crntnrion, Hatoh, from Frankfort lor George
town SC; Mountain Wave, Turner, I'roviJenou for Roa
doat: sloop Majestic, Johnson, do for NYork.
NEWPORT?In port April 17. SaM, sohrs Romp, May
hew, from ircmont for Philadelphia; Mtry Fort, Water*,
from Sullivan tor Georgetown. SC; Roscins, Cook, Taunton
for N York; Pi/a'rro, Chaco. N York for Hy.innls. Went to
sea ltitti. 10 AM. ship /Cretan, Knight, for Uavans, and
bark Peter Octuill, Iloey, for Savannah, both from l'rovt
NEW BV'RYPORT?Are April 1.1, aohr Edwin, Conway,
and lirtn n, Newman, Philadelphia.
PORTLAND?Arr April 15, Prig l'atriot, Paine, Cardenas
via Charleston, 8C,nnJ 11 lin.s' Hole; sohr Mount Vernon,
'ihoinns. NYork. Lid trl.s Elmira Hall, Havana; Vln
ctnnes, Gatchall, do; Emily Bougr, Uaskoll, Goantlnamo;
echr Harbinger, Knowlton. Cnha.
ROCKi.AN U?Arr April 13, sohr Eagle, NYork. Sid 11th,
a.hr Bolivar, do.
SAVANNAH?Arr April 13, brig A Bnnbar, Flynn, Boa
t n 14th, sohr Helen, Stites, N York. Cld 13th, ship Sonth
port, W ilson, do, 14th,brlg'l.noy Ellen, Ropina, and eehra
lngemar. Lyacb, Boston: Washington, Patterson, Wisoas
i set. Me.
I SALEM?Arr April 13, brig Henrico, Bit, Para 1Mb nit;
schn John, Cables Iton ient. Pavilion, Pains. NVork; Kithu
l ark Arthur Flekefipr KMun'm .' nr Isn Si
' Heifa ? Mar l> ,i

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