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Owr Cuban Correspondence.
_ . Havaba, May U, 1844.
?Ve Re0al Amu?emenU-A Spami* Bull Bail-Coming
^SKadowe Btfore-Arriral of 7H?
T* 'J Tf ?* *ar-E'?**on of Ou Span,* OfI
cuUt?PYmtch Intervention, and tie .\eourity qf Speedy
c ?* ** I?* if our Government.
Yesterday being Sunday, we indulged ourselves in
the luxury or a bull baiting, in company with the
rest of the dignity of Cuba. The Marquis Pezuela
and lady, full of loveliness and charms for everyone
that comes within her mesmeric circle, were giving
sanction by their presence to the scenes of scientific
or artistic butchery that were be ng enacted for the
amusement of the rabble belbw them.
We cannot say here that the diversion is not re
fined, and consistent with the exquisite delicacy
of female sentiment and ta-te, when the " upper "
one o! our social s ate lends her sweet counte
nance to the exhibition. Three horse skeletons
were killed by the infuriated bulls; one yieadort was
badly hurt, and one bull, christened the " Yankee "
for his disinclination to fight, was graciously permit
ted to escape by vice-regal clemency, with a rope
about his neck; and others-by my computation,
ive were duly administered upon with the sword of
t ie " principal knife," and their agony of the death
moment duly smiled over by those whose hearts are
Idled with love, and the charity that covers a mtil
itudc of sine?and that have them to cover. One
bull, among the pleasing varieties catered for our
amusement, was beset by eight dogs of the mastiff
bull stock, making a scene unequalled in my
recollection; and when the agony of the
poor brute had been sufficiently enjoyed
by the other brutes, on a signal from the |
upenor brute master of cereinonie3 near the '
v H-e-regai box, he was consigned to the knife of a
? >'ro, who took five thrusts to accomplish the re- I
trchr butchery. Two others, after a tournament '
"CI "i'? ,lRi " piendores," on the bone racks of !
"with uA <i ; / s0r'CS tMelr ^ wcre tormented j
r l- I! i i ? l.,rcParations, thrust about the
'fSjt , d h?l< flzztng r,;.d exploding very much !
t , htsluon of Mr. Soule's diplomacy at I
S of "the'V Tn',Ue "(dst>> 88 the detouatinns were I
' , ?' "IC revolver volume. Two had more I
sou[ .<? t:i atn eat. with tlie ordinary torments of the '
ortunientid arrows Muck about the neck of the '
^52TJmtfc P i! f*Jiectat>on and enjoymfnt were j
an w d ,nT, R?" thcy wcr,e *illp'1 at the uJual signal! !
and w ithout any more lingering process bv vontba i
ssrrs * s
V ? i Vl a t0 the tr?n,i i""1 faitl,fu'
2272 rrfOHJ "S,II'V- ,vp rct'red with the most
f 1 ,ian ^ntiments warming our hearts
the. v "K W"? rmmKin Preparation for m-arion
{VS? ofJ'rayernnd thanks for the
being the mo t ,d1">'~ofwhlc^ the scene just i>as.sed,
c?utf?lie in s ,'loo,,y. was therefore tlie most ac
and cultivation, our religious experience
CauSfcith * PUrC ^ntimeuts of our holy
iniouPv 01 prT0S? goin? a?ain t? this receptacle of
Z11/; 'na< (1 respectable " by being shone "
rJlft o V the lowliest punty of our society, as I
eel that it calls into too active exercise the bad fea
tures of iny good nature.
?:,rr,iT.T0air<;U of French hiterfcrence with
our (uban .affairs was given yesterday by
in L", t,;er offlng Havana of
, h wssels of war?a frigate and
* earner-which entered port at 2 o'clock P.M.
t i t? PL'Ktn ' i,.n<1 tllc war steamerOcteon.
.ung up tlie harbor, the frigate got out of the.
I.rd t? "the 1 her keel 11 the ground, just op
js.rito the vl. i imperial palace. She was got off Sn
ftuwwaaTan l...... by atretching a hawwto a
mwdByYankee chain?always ready to assist the
Ihi-ffi- i,,:i j-art of the population are in ecsta
fcfiyg .r* "[?? pr? : <? d with more powder.
H ' : ; u lit\ is scarce; yet
? r. " ' ' r Hi, I ,, ..(? the north'*- -
will pour in a rnpply In a few days, so that Spanish
r'V Ti''1 no, xruw> for not Paving
h.VTu t i' tl,ne (0?e*' f"r ?'hich they
?MtMMiaac waiting with anxiety to diiplav
h. ummpai .-.I , hot,. ty of Toledo steel, and tlie
Jt^oftbtir mar.h their i lwarka and thalr
' >1; 'i-iton of national honor and the
Ul ry in u, wet. where
Tbe Atesnwr lllui k v . rrior entered port last even
tf.o,:. nil le,vU<a,-lvtliis
" * Hi t I sboiu,, |?t ;i:.J this by her were
; V v, , '? ;i ? ;? ? "f H" v.encii ,iis
?f ( -i ' t. L' "'a'. f" ha!r of the " integrity
the tJlT.'f ,i -I , 'icmjly pleased,under
, . ; s " 11 ' wait for
' " I ? li t nti i, <.f tin. three Powers,
, , , "'."-'t' ?? I'?- ion of the tie
p < . . i , r the imprfial sway of one who
1., 1 ' ?.\pr < seiop the other day.
ine ?w haa come Tor action, if Mr.
*-**? ?'though the Qmw
?nd lb, V mother have twa or three
*mrn fytwty waentel I. the proVets of Mr.
, ,' ? ?"<" '???!.. II up bv exterior
.1 .'I ?> f.r the Kir S ft tend or tin ministry, and
J mm frY' .1 ! , V !"!J,rn'Ll mini-f' rial conclu
elm,* from lb# ob- masy of the royal will, until dc
.i . '' ' "M" "?determined to sink or swim
m nL ''. s ?? '?"r *hUi",b< P?h?CC atillise
to nw and j ,1 a,, fra?ting g . on as usual, Mv last
adivu cm were acrnmpamed t.y our commercial con
3?"'1 W|.rta of markets, since which I And
not! ,,r new t tr fiur sheuHl. continues good;
April and Msv arc generally our worst months for
V.rrT ' i "i have none sick now. Our fair
Mirror will bare on tbe Isabel for Charleston.
wbe'T -nc wih U heard fr tn in her own playful, and
yet (ritieal, atyle. and tiod wpoe 1 her hmne.' She has
given < oiutort but no Tbocbli.
IIATARI. Mat 18, 1864.
Ir, Aitrti /V'v m cm the /'art'/ the Spanuh fiixernmrnt
It Ht%?t thr Wind?the Anc Capitation lax upon Slavei
?The /V.? UIMM y tic Jaw Analyted?Destination of
Ikt I'm-' ??<*.* .Vi.au that ait I be /'reduced by fke TljJr?
Rftrt qf th* Arrival of the Frewh Men of War.
My last |H>r Bla.k Warrior,ni hurried to a close
by tbe at. am of the steamer, aa she was under way
almost when my teresnt got on tmard with the
package, and 1 am not quite certain that it has not
gone aa ford (or tbe tithes, as I got a eery equivocal
report of tbe expedition from the "Asiatic," for the
first t.mr trusted with such neghgi responsibility.
Hut aa Mej. timers! lb tux-It Kiley would say, if
be st U wore a " yellow sa-h" in these diggings,
what I have rnre said in twenty-aeren pages or leas,
I cannot repeat, although yon may not get it. Ry
the way.I hope there ia a good quantity of that same
honest manhood an.1 soldiership left in your country,
for the material for yellow and red aasbet ia
abundant about here. and th. promisee of our gallant
chief, if they hold good beyond tbe utterance. are that
there shall be glory enough to divide for
thorn who can cut the /vtar/a?thd warp that he
has knotted; U.I I am very much of the opinion
that, if let alone aa my same servant always says.
<1 like to give authority.) it will rut itself. The
tl.ieada are b?and too at rung to tbe loom, sad are
a't* rether too hardly twisted, ao that tbe tilling will
fad. and the cloth id his fabric will fall to piece*
t e'ore he ran get his tailor's shear* to work upon
it to rut cut th* demt-roral v*etarent? that are to
wed him to aa eternity of fa? In Mark. Well,
the name baa aa bono* sad boaorable attachment
in a wester * ? '?t lisbment and my yet be endow
ed with good il ing" for wemorv to dwell upon, if
ke raa get owt of hi* present im iliiamaad
Thr (/??> i, was lavish ia birth of" royal orders'
on tbe nd of Mar t , which will harnfter be
leirbrwted ia Mpaai*h simanae* aa tbe wonderful
day of bet tabar. or that <?f her Hart <rius ministry
la thaw things I preo?r tbe daliaa err bunt. aa
well aa advisory Tbe last <.rder ipp?red oB the ,
1Mb ? hen the gwM people of t uba th sight the
gevrro?at <4 Madrid had ran awl of material, bal
they art as larabMMlitdr aa tbe maa ia the tub?al
wnfa " a few moee left id th? samr sort." The date
I toe* givoa the oified is " to ra.se the wind." that
another fund amy arent with tnoajpoo4bie ageaU.
for the .aar of tbe ruyal family. Aa in all aach c aare.
the poraoaa 0" (gn?f * ?-?ene.l. y f r an? boae
?aaat ohtrct art. pmaaote th> agrrteahaiml Interests
of the r?muwMy. bat wb h la ?? lav. deed la enadl
turns that. asset Man that venting the wall or
dim s i lt? oadsr th* rtra* tar* of the law tor funds
wtl of arm? ?ma M the ? farm wbeaee
they ?nag thai ia," is ?ar royal choal. to wail
oar royal Mlilmg to sat #f? ?ar r. a>a*to"
This law |.rerides taaattoa tar all *isv*. ia the
' ties at towns at Onto sr "torvwto not .-rroptod
Id lahor apaa plaatotuo.* al a axial ?wtstaM rata.
A a? own njr a? "tare pay* two dollars, g lw boa
two Uuoe defers three, fear doll?, la the same
ccmpatar aa sad appsnwe. t *attl atWn is moated,
**d after that a?her sUM dell? 1m eseh over
snd ahiti mid naaator runaeity. all semid
slaves paid <me doiiar - apitali ? ?aa. this, th-*?h
?fined la the mains (toe wsasra Irtog (too tr-m
lamalisa ) wtl] iareoaae toe a?t of tales from
this jedporty aeoeeal header I par <oat and my
1 rt.y pewdiu* aa eaanaoas rieraar
It la ?tod toool gnosde, aad the tarmnia Ire pro
erd?gtvwe wtth aede mteatoa? thai toe taadi a>
d vidsd aro la to deperaied ia toe royal < torn. aad at
tbe itow of the year, ar at a parts! thai ?y to
e I. ? estly date ran*, d toe whole a?not ?? to to
.<? * ed r.u. throe equal aarreln rrhdrb ? to to
a ,T' ?? ?ws*ds?oo yas dreo?e year fob pr?mta?
dfit He U t term, cwa ar i^-aa taOav*. ar aeaHy
as I ran recollect, not having tbe royal
schedule before me:?The And,
an rotate having over Ally
schedule before me:?The Aral, to the piupsWSw af
ver 11 fly MgroM, wlss ahaU
have the grest?>t number of lo*ttta*Ae
legitimatized children b?rn apna bla proper
tv. in pro rata proportion to hie elork;
the second, to the proprietor who has a greater
number of negroes than the An* named, and in
proportion as before, shall show the smallest net
rentage of loasby death; and third, an equal ixirti-u
is to be aligned to snch proprietor with a still ?upe
rior number of male negroes who has a larger quanti
tv of females, and in the same prwpartlsa, aassodiM
ail competitors. The difficulties in execute m of this ,
ordinance are apparent at a glance, n the flr-t
Elace, the aggregate of funds In oar royal chest, if
onestly counted out, that will be a<1 fp-in
this .source will be too enormous so to ilivi.le??
it would be a dishonest application of fund*
drawn from other industry for the advantige
of the planter, for which there wonld be no equtvj
lent return?it will force holders of negro property
or our
occupied in the ordinnry trades and business i
cities and towns to sell their negroes to the planter*;
while the proportions to be obtained, as stated in the
law, can never be defined or calculated with certainty
to enable a distribution to lie made by the judgus sp
st intelli
pointed, presided over by the richest intelligence of
i the age,the Marquis de Pezuela. The principal ob
: taction which will first attract the discriminating
| intelligence of the Queen and her royal Ms, will lie
the quantity which some sudden State necessity will
j require them to borrow, leaving the div Ulead to
wait a future accumulation, as has been the case
, with some half-dozen other beneficent projects.
I believe the royal wants have not drawn upon
the funds raised by voluntary subscription under the
; admonition of Canedo's orders for a statue of the
Queen; but the sum bos been too insignificant to
look after. The statue will be finished by and byo;
and it is said by competent judges to be a very
excellent work, and when the head is finished ft
will find a very appropriate pedestal, which is
also in process of execution. The arrival of our
; allies we acknowledge in the papers, with " unani
mous satisfaction of the whole community," and
we no longer fear Black Warriors or Yankee.
Havana, May 22, 1B54.
Mm? Details respecting the Mull Fight*-'"Our French Al
Uet"?Five Yankee Bulls show the White Feather? De
Iight of the Spectators?Feminine Nerve?Hews from
Mexico ly the Spiritual Itlegraph?Arrival of Two
fresh Cargoes of Negroes?Ue Ayuntamicnto Veto on
the Apprentice Schema?Newt from Madrid respecting
the Difficulties with the United Stater.
Immediately after my last, by the Empire City,
via New Orleans, I was compelled to go toMatanz.as
and Cardenas, ami as I could not telegraph myself
down, 1 took the tardier rails, so that I only re
turned yesterday, but 'just in season to be in for all
the display which we have been making with our
French naval friends.
The temple of "Apis'' had been decorated with
the intertwining banuers of the "three nations,
and tlie officers of the French vessels of war in our
poit were invite!! to be present at the "feast of soul'
prepared for them by their host and most charming
hostess. The Captain General and the Viscount Ad
miral Duqueene, the Marquesa, and an
filled the State carriage, followed by the palace bac k
with articles of less degree, and a troop of demi
royal " lanceros" as escort to the temple, where
they were bound to worship-not precisely after the
manner of the Egyptians, but, witli far lesa reflue
nit nt after the vitiated customs of the Phoenicians,
or in conformity with Spanish-taste and Spanish re
finement in these days. The entertainment was de
mocratic, too, opened to the rank and file of .the
squadron. A delegation of about a hundred warrant
and petty officers weie met by a party of the
Queen's soldiers, and escorted to the bull pena from
the Admiralty wharf. The assemblage in the vast
arena might have embraced five or six thousand per
sons. aha, aside from the disgusting performance
that we there witnessed, the spectacle was imposing
and full of interest. ? , , . '
Thediess even of the most refined and elegant ^
gentlemen is in consonance with the amusement,
and mav be fairly classed as vulgar. If a black
coat hat, or other evidence of being well dressed,
is perceived 1-y the crowd, the person so conspicu
ous is singled out for remark, and in every way pos
sible, by calls, hisses of the serpent. Act, from the
throng, from which he can get 110 it lease. He V?
annoyed until he throws away hat, and determines
that hereafter he will conform Jo the divine will
of the butchers. The dress of the arena of Apis
for gentlemen is the checked or white linen coat,
vest and pants to correspond, Panama straw hat,
cravat of yellow, red, plaid, or other fancy, save blue, ,
which is at present an interdicted and contraband .
color. On examination of the festoons and barber- I
nolo twists round the columns, I did not perceive the j
Uag of the United States, nor was there much taste
di?iilcve I in the ornamental arrangements generally. 1
Five "Yankee bulls," that would not be routed from
their phlegmatic state for the fhitiftcation of the
tri-icitc congregation of dignity, were led from the ,
field inghrlously, and saved the privilege Qfdeath. ,
Eight bulls weie skiin, after the usual trial of then
temper with tire, steel, and dogs. The company, in
ihe delirium of their enjoyment encored the ?l<* j
scene, so that two beasts were catered lor their ap
iietitcs in the second art of the bull-pen j
The music, by a black band, was good to till the |
apace between the acts?perfectly harmonious with
the occasion?and, I should suppose, was extracted
from the "Bull Opera," if there is such a compo
sition in existence. 1 have observed a very partial
ly bearded face that is always peering over the
chair of the muquese. having tlie most interesting
points of attraction in his view, while discoursing
with amateur intelligence or tlie tilings below. He
seems a favored man, and is the son of one, it to
said, who has been familiar with the favors of roy al
ty, so lie is in opportune practice for the parasite
vocation of his life.
1 saw one of your country women in a box pre
pared for lier, ttia't she might not leave Cuba with
out cecing this spectacle; which shows more
graphically than any other given amusement, cer
1 tain traits that belong more to Spanish charac
ter than any other that I have been familiar
with. She was evidently disgusted, and was com
pelled to draw upon all lier net vc for the endur
ance of the scene, which she did very becom
ingly. and without attracting observation, but or the
one "who was there to scrutinize the observers. She
will "Mirror" the picture, and make an evening
leas dull for some of your New Y'ork readers, pos
sibly. Fhe leaves us this morning in the steamer
Isabel, to rest two weeks in Charleston, then to
hurry forward to the waiting friends of her home in
Improved health. . .. ,
The result of the evening s amusement, 1 am in
formed by the picodores of the company, are eight
bulls, five bona, one dog, and last and least, one
man not quite killed; but there are some hopes
that he will not live, so that the fever of public ex
pec tation may be justified in this, the most remark
able baiting of the season, and all but regal in minis
try for the occasion. .
We have news from Mexico, by our independent
spiritual telegraph, that Santa Anna has been cut
-off from las capital by Alvarez : but as onr conduc
tor ia a new beginner in the transmission, we thing
there must be seme mistake, especially as we read
a few dav? since in the Diario, that the whole coun
try was quiet, and all the factious had been dis
persed. captured, or hung.
We have had two more large cargoes of negroes
landed in safety, and distributed, one on the south
and one on the north side, notwithstanding the
sincerity and the vigilance of Hie Captain-Gene
ral. The " Ayuntamicnto" have vetoed the pro- ,
position of the Captain-General, to introduce appren
ii. ? - from Africa ; have refused unanimously to give
tl.eir consent to the proposition; assigning as reason
for declining to do so, " that it will serve to in
c ease too rapidly the coloied population; besides,
a* these laborers are freed on expiration of service,
it a ill have a tendency to Impair discipline and
?tils rdination among the slaves, who will not under
stand wh*n they should be free, while they arc
barriered in chains for servitude of life. The
remedy that sleeps in the Vice-regal mind they arc
r <>t aware of- of repeating contracts as long as the
life of the sat dec t may be worth the money.
1 hiivc seen a letter from Madrid from a very dis
Mncuished gentleman, who has acress to all infor
mation before the rainistnr. which says-" Mr-Sonle
. cu tie us a great deal of trouble, but. notwith
.tsr.l.t.g. we have strong grounds for t>eHcf that we
? til h. aide to settle the difficulty with the United
-He* amicably." I have been applied to by a gen
ii. u.so Of a good deal of place to We the goodness
to ferret out who your correspondent is that lias
beea gn ng the government ao much Trouble.
Havana, May 22,1&?4.
/' ?? 4 AyiX^riting lAt Inkrmarriaye of tht
M orl and Wkitt Rarro?lrrt of th' A'eu> CapHeUxcm
T*?- Iti PralaUt Sftei in tKf liUnd? Banquet at th*
J ' a-' in Honor of Admiral Dtojtuonr?Blandrrs of
it* tdtyraf A? The Blark Warrior Af air.
A report * hich hv> been In very general circila
tl<n here, that an "order" wan to be inmed authoria
?>e intfrmarriagen between the white and black
.<?*. although It ban canned conaiderable excite
b ti l have hitherto aulfrred to pann by an the Idle
n tm* m one of thoae nilly ntoriea which are no
w navoly put in circulation here without any an
? ?m. fi t ndntion.
Having, however, aarertained that It la more than
pmhaMe that aurh an "order" will soon be lamed,
aa aim th* raaae of it, which may poaa b y excite
aoato anrprtne, I feel jnatlfled in vending It to the
Kiw Ton lie*at n aa authentic n ormat'on. And,
Ant h :*e cuae of thia intended monattvrity:?
TW Ai fa wtinliBd to be a pom
fmm. tmmj gvwUaaMa, who It partial to travelling
to vartoee eatatoa la toe tooceoe la qtoto a patriar
rial MjW; and baring witnessed a mat deal of im
ef Itoe plaatationa, each u black
bring la a etoto ef concubinage
with white awn, be dttonalail to pat an end to the
evil by repairing all eaoh cooplee either " to aepa
rate, or to enter into matrimony." The gentlemen
ware not willing to loae their com pani n?, and the
?bw's provlatona prvrontod the anion, by marriage,
of the two raeea. 1'poe this latter circumstance
tiring (minted oat to the Archbu-hop, hit Keverencc
proceeded to prove that nuch a law waa unacriptu
ral. and that. aa a g?od Christian, the Captain <xen
eral war bound to repeal it. and to substitute another
anthoriitrg the marriage ol blacks and whiten. The
"conl?*>?r ' of the C iiitain One ral waa accordingly
requited to exert hi- influence with hi* Excellency
to effect the rebuiltd alteration in the law of the
land- and. although the ordinance has not yet ap
peared la the official thutnt, yet I believe I mav
Kif. I> affirm that it haa l?vn 'drawn up, and fa
at th'i- moment ia the |>ortfolio of the political secre
tary. The Worka and oolorod gentry, already aware
of this in tendril ordinance, bear them wives more
independently uad impertinently than before; they
uo longer give the Inside of the narrow pavement*
of this city to the white lady or gentleman so wil
lingly aa they formerly did, and if anything betokens
the forthcoming emancipation, it U the altered de
meanor of t lie black and colored race*.
A far more important -object, at least to the -lave <
owner* resident in the citira, towns and villages of
this island, U the recent imposition of a heavy capl
'tation tax upon all non-pradial slave*, by a royal
decree-, published here on the 16th in-tant, of the
articles of which the following is s translation:?
Article 1. A capitation tax shall bp paid on all slaves
nol ertplojed In agrleulturr oa estaSes, with the excep
tion of the stipulations that shall be hereafter inane
Art. 'A. the ovrneis ol (lave- pomiolled to pay capita
lion tea, shall ..nnually pay, instead of the royal order
ol lVth July, 1M1. ae follows: Two dollars for the first
slave, three dollars for the second, four di-llara for the
third, and increnaing n dollar upon sash slave, up to fif
teen slaves; and cm- doll?- over for all slaves above ttf
l?cii in number, t-i*ht d. Uars each per annum shall l?e
1 >il
Art. 8. The capitation tax ahsll not be paid for women
i r for children under 11 yean of age
Art. 4. For married slaves living with their wives,
having children living only Iwe dollars for each man ia
tote|*id; hut if they have four children, then no tax
will be required to fa- paid lor auch slavoe, no matter
wiiat number of such slaves there may be
Art. 6. The capitation tax xhall be paid each year by
the proprietors of the slavoe, in four equal instalments,
one always in advance.
Art. 6 lhe money, the product of tbl* capitation tax,
is to go to the royal private cheat, to be divided annual
ly in three premiums. The first one to be adjudicated
to the proprietor of mint than fifty slaves, who had ia
proportion to the number brought up within the year
the greatest number of children belonging to 'hose
slaves; the second premium to he adjudicated to the
proprietor w ho haa the greatest number of slaves, and
who has lost the fewest by desth In proportion to the
number during the same period, and the third premium
to be adjudicated to the proprietor who has the greatest
number of male alsves, and who produc-a the greatest
number in proportion at the time of presentation.
Art. 7. The adjudication of these premiums shall take
place on the 10th day of November, in each year, by a
Junta, composed of the Captain-General, the Regent,
the Prior of the Tribunal Comereio, some merchants, to
be named by tbese authorities, amongst them two of ihe
principal merchants; and it is left to the Captain Gener
al, as Civil .Superintendent of the Royal Kxchequor, t ?
ado) t all requisite measures ho m iy consider neccaaary
for the earn ing out this project.
Art 8. 1 he Captain General Is nuthoriied by hie faculty
to appoint all civil srovernors or su| oriittt udcnl? of the
treasury, to adept all ncoea-ory measure', according to
roval approbation.
Art. t>. 'Ihe Junta de Fomento will remit to the politi
cal secretary all the antecedent documents relating to
the capitation tax, that have been suppiessed In 1841, to
lie preserved, and to remit to the royal chest al! produc
tions relative to the rame.
Art. 10. The tieas irv duty on slaves sold from the
publication of this " royal Order" will not be paid when
they are fold from the city to be employed in agriculture,
when the sale ia proved to bo so.
Art. 11. rhc Captain General will adopt all requisite
measures to prevent all slavea living bought, without
paying duties on account of .their employment in agri
Art. 12. Double treasury duties shnll bo paid for each
slave i mployed in agriculture that is aold to nerve or
live in ihe city. ?
Art. 13. The proprietor who commits a fraud, with the
Intent of eluding the payment of the treasury duties, tu
those cases where be ought to pay them according to
this decree, and who is found out, shall pay double the
Hum, notwithstanding the oilier responsibilities to
which he may be liable, either civil or crlmiual.
Art. 14 For the alavea under fourteen yevrs of ago
that ore sold, there shall be paid only half treasury
Art. lb Th-re rhell be no treasury duties payable?first
ly, for sales of slaves that are married and who are disposed
of under Ihe arrangements published in the regulations (
for gi o?l government for the yrar 1842, provided proof i- i
given of the celebration cf their matrimony; secondly. |
for vales ?.f legitimate slave children, or for sales of th .se
legitimized, born alter the publication of this decree in
this is'and, when they are ta'.ien from the domlutons of
their owaeis in whose bands they were born
Havana, May 16, 1864.
If this royal order does not produce rebellion or
tevolution I'kttow not what will. Unpopular with
ilie planters the MnRuis de la Peznela haa already
tendered himself, antl ibis "royal decree" will cause
4;im to be equally, if not more so, with the other in
habitants of unfortunate Cuba.
Generally speaking this "royal decree" is con
sidered as a mere cloak for a something yet more
evil. I heard a respectable gentleman oiler to hdt
ten thousand dollars that a second adjudication ol
the three premiums wonld never take place, but
Vfiat total emancipation would take place before
November 1865, and that this was a scheme to
" bleed " the inhabitants of the cities and towns
under a false pretence." Of this I scarcely dare trust
myself to write; it is possible, nay more than possible,
that within the hour my papers may be seized and I ,
placed in "durance vile,' although 1 am unconsciouB
of having committed any offence beyond the too
honest expression of my feelings and opinions on
one or two occasions, but " God and ray right fa
my motto, and I fear not the mighty Marquis, with
all his powers of persecution and tyranny. I am '
not a subject owing allegiance to Spain.
His ally, the French Admiral, the Compte
Duqueenc, arrived here in a fine frigate, the
Iphtgcnia, on the 4th instant, accompanied by
a miserable looking steamer, the Octeon, as
a tender. The admiral landed under a salute
from the guns of his own vessel next day, but
was received by a guard of honor on the wharf. On
the 18th inst. the French admiral was honored by
the Captain-General with a grand reception, auite
after the style of royalty, and in the evening there
was a dinner party at the palace, at which amongst
others, were present, the French admiral and the
captains of the French vessels of war, the English
and French Consnls-Gcneral, the captain of the
English brig of war Espeigle, and various others of
the upper ten. There wete two military bands
stationed that evenhig in front of the palace, which
discoursed rno-t eloquent music until a late hoar.
At about half-past one A. M., the French admiral
was noticed wending his way to the wharf, having
evidently partaken of -omething more potent than
"Catalan wine."
A bragging paragraph appeared a few days since
in the Diariodela A/nrmn, iu which it was pompously
heralded forth, that during the month of April the
Electric Telegraph in this island had delivered 657
messages, with a total of 11,259 words; the greatest
number of messages in one day amounted to 44,
containing 73C words. A vast deal to brag about is it
not? It is, however, not stated that a little while
ago a merchant in Matanzas, perceiving that an
article, of which he had a heavy stock, was scarce,
and bad tak. n a sudden rise in price in this market,
telegraphed to his correspondents here to sell a
certain quantity at the current rates. The t^egraph
people understood the message in the inverse sehse,
end gave it as directions "to buy" the quantity men
tioned, which was done on the instant, lest the article
should still further increase in price .and thus through
the carelessness or stupidity or some of the telegraph
operators, the Matanzas merchant had an increase to
his stock (already too large) of an article forced upon
him, which has since decreased in price, and upon
which he must sustain a heavy loss; but of these
"little errors," no public notice is taken here. We
all wait with impatience here to know what farther
action will be token by the government of the Uni
ted Statei in relation to the Black Warrior aflkir.
Were the principal ports of this Inland blockaded bat
tor a single month, we should hear these brave
Spaniards crying jxrrtLnmun.
Mr. Savage, the Secretory of the United States
Consulate here, proceeds in this steamer to the
United States, for the benefit of his health. He pro
ceeds via CharleatoD, direct to Waahington.
Great Bank Robbery at Cleveland?'There
wns taken from the counter of the Canal Bank of
thin city Yesterday afternoon, $4,600. The pile con
tained $20,000, bnt the thief being a modest person,
or perhaps a little hnrried, only took one quarter of
it. The money was a mixture of about one-third
Canal Bank notes, balance mostly New England,
vizCity Bank, New Haven; Farmers' ana Me
chanics' Bank, Hartford; Mercantile, Hartford,
new notes, with the letter O in bine on right end;
Westfleld Bank ; Stock Bank, Bennington ; and a
few Wheeling and Akron Branch Bank notes. A
reward of one thousand dollars will be paid for re
tarn of the money and thief, or Ave hundred dollars
for either alone, and a proportionate amount for any
part of the money, and we are informed by the
bank officers that tbev expect to get it. There is
no suspicion who the thief is, and the coolness of
the operation In broad daylight, during banking
hoars, mnst call ont the admiration or the most
adept In bonk robbery. The crow-bar law oonld not
be more eflbctnal, and we recommend this fellow as
a valuable seivant for the locoloco party in the en
forcement of their i louder law.?Cltvcfani Htrald,
Mi i 25.'
d?T, ?!
Priwnal Intelligence.
During the pretest short reeete of Congress, the
President, accompanied only by Mrs. Pierce, will take a
trip to some one of those agreeable placet of retort
which hare made the bankt of the Potomac quite Glot
tic, particularly in the eyes of politician!. He wiH be
absent about three or four days.
The names of the following fiertons were recorded yes.
terday, at the Reading Room, Merchants' Exchange:?
Senor Martlnde Pennusu, Paris; Mr. O. Withers, Hono
lulu; Mr. Thot. Clark, Demerara; Mr. B. Bendinen, San
Francisco; Capt. Smith, lattiof the transport steamboat
Routb, San Juan de Nicaragua.
Among the arrival! at the St. Nicholas, yesterday:,
were Hit Exovllenov Got. fl'm. H. Host, Delaware; Hon.
Wn. Preston, Kentuoky; Hon. Caleb Lyon, Lyomdale;
Hon. I. P. Dowdell, Alabama; Hon. H. Hibbard, New
Hampshire; Dr. D. Tilden, Sandusky city; Judge Scholey,
Baltimore; C. J. Helm. Esq.. St. Thomas, West In
dies; L. Longuemsre, St. Louis; George R Robinson,
Milwaukie Hon. Wm. L. Hslfensteln, Pennsylrania.
W. G. Meenee, Manchester, N. H; J. Rockwell, N. Y.;
Hon. W. A. Bsrstow, Wisconsin; J. Trafen, Albany; T.
B Carter, f'bicsgo; R. Klrnay, do.; A. B. Babcork,
Utlca; P. S. Oliver, N. Y.; Hon P. B. Koran, Aurora; D.
Putnam; Captain A Oldney, N. Y.; M. D. Ogden, Oblca
K; C. H. I'abney, Providence, R I.; A. Duffleld, N. Y.;
pt. Lang, Boston, were amongst the arrivals, yester
day, at the Astor House.
Rev. J. W. B. Beck, Coburg, Canada; E. Howe, Jr ,
Boston, Mass.; Col. E. Wyman, Philadelphia; R. F.
Cooper, Esq., Cooperstown, N. Y., were among the arri
vals at the Cooper House yesterday.
J. W. Hale, Boston; J. B. Lombard, Washington; Miss
Lane, do.; Miss Barker, do.; Thomas Hick, New York;
John Woodward, St. John, N.B , were amongst the arri
vals yesterday at the Preseott House.
Of the large number of one hundred and ninely-two
ngers that sailed by the steamer Atlantic, yester
iy, eighty-four were from the St. Nioholaa Hotel.
From Charleston, steamship Soutbeaor?Miss Moore. Mise
A F.mniett, Mrs Rote, Mrs Wm Barnwell. Mrs Moore, Mre 1.
A Maynard and Son, Mr* Bullen and three children, Capt
Tucker. Capj Hodgklns, W H Evas, J N Fraier. K L
Knowlton. A Freoenburg, John, George, S G Pieroa, L
Morris. Master L Morris J K Burke. J M Wtghtman, W M
Whiting, J W Crayiiun. J A Kiniaett, Jas Macbeth, J E
Crsnneat, U M Holland, B W Barnwell, J S Barnwell, H M
Branch, W U Whittle, Jules Louelleux, Charles Marsn, Mr
Cranston, J K Uagle, J H Masterson, and thirty in the
From St Par's, in schr M M Freeman? H Q Anabla, R
Dinsey and three children.
For Liverpool in the eteamehip Atlantic?Mr and Mri Wm
E F vena, two children and nurse; Miss Adams, Mr and Mrs
W Ashuret. Philadelphia: Mr and Mrs D Urqubart, NUr
leans; Mr and Mrs J F I>us:an. sow York; J B Alison. E W
Cla'k and lady. Mis* H 0 Clark, Mis* Fanny Clark, J {
Clerk. Mr and Mr* Albnne, child and servant, London; Mr
and Mr* Parmlee t *o misses Parmlre and ohi:d. U*o Brad
eha. J W' ?Uog?r Mr Knler. Geo W lichee Jr, B A Mit
chell. Mrs H A Walton and Mre M W Turnbull. Scotland;
W S Hiltnuntb ai d Henry Bllmou'h, Philadelphia; T 11
Blackburn Jr. C W Blackburn. Liverpool; Mrs end Mtsi
Meeting. Mr and Mrs 9 P Duncap, Mr and Mrs U M Sher
man Mils A M Hayes, Miss 1 Sherman, Mr and Mrs Ahren
Mdt Misa Ahren'nldt, 11 is. l.ippman. R G Darden, N V; C
W Taylor, Mr and Mrs Ilarl't, N Orleans: J A Constant,
N Y. Gen Paul Anderson, CG Spanza. Cln; Mr and Mrs
Goodman N Y; Dr Brown, St Louis; B D Fiuliy Bait; Dr
Embury. Jr. NY: A Brooks: HP Brantly, Alabama; Mr
Tito Vlsino, Consul de S M le roi de Baviire sur 1' ito ile
Cuba: Mr James Cocker. Liverpool, Mr Da Tetreandla.lv;
Mr P K Wickufl and two Masters Smith, of Mobilo: Mls'es
W'yckoff MiasGofle. Mr' B Smith, Mrs G Pair. Ala. lie Mil
llgan.-Mr (1 Gutb, Mons Jules Fernier, B Barney. Mrs Arm
eticng Mre and Mrs A M Barclsy. Mr Haughwout and
son II Barnard, Ha'tford; Mr ileesly, N York; Mr Ackln
ton and friend, Charleston: Mr and Mrs Dines. Mr % a than,
h M thenar . Jas Bag and W Warnook. Ky; A Barret. Ya:
it lianey. Jr l.ouis Lyons, Montreal: Mr Wright and Mr
Winter. Mr Toulinan, Mobile; Mr A Lobfor and Mr M Pin
una Hart; Mr A G Cummins, Philad; Mr P A Tift'anv and
W Pox.Jr;MrK V Haugvwout and W Cabill New York;
Mr R Digging and U Bell, Now York; Mre Hator and
Miss Tnthill, N Y . Mr C Street, NY; M K Bell. A Rnmse-,
R C MoCormiek. Jr. N Y; W D Gllnn, Jacob 0 Morris. Phil
adelphia, Mr and Mrs Lopes, Mr and Mrs Domlngues. N Do
minguei, Dr A Atkinson Jas Steele. F Lanlng and eon, G
Dindati. N T: Major S Beale. Boston; J W Cobb and lady,
MrMorrii; Mr Pillockody. bearer despatehes to Switzer
land; Mr Dickson, N Y; sir Goodbead. NY; Mr and Mrs J
G Gsinaa N Y; Mr ami Mrs Lyman; Mr Anson Baker, N Y;
Mr P M Lrdlg and P M Lydlg, Jr; Mr J E Maxwetl, P II
Foley; Mr Jones. N Y; Miss Phelps and Mils 8 Bond, Mr
Phelps, child snd eervant, Mr and Mrs Bond, Mr and Mrs
J N Phelps. Lieut J G Bond, N Y; Mr E Giguel, Mr Parkef.
Mr J U 11 illiameon. St Louis; Mr M Arrlaga and lady; Mr
J G Guticrra and friend. Mr W K Barber; Messrs P J Perry,
N Y; W H Mason and J A Pierce, Mrs R J Cordova, 2 child
ren and nnrao; Mrs Capt Howe; MreChrystie, Snicker, St
Lonis; W Price Theo Schonn and friend; Mr 1 B Buchanan,
Mary! and, Consul to La ltuchelle: Thus Youcg, Cal: John C
Brown, N Y; W S Thomson, Geo Mtnke, St Louis; Lewis
Mssson, N Y; A Barbierc, E J Spring, do; Thos Burchard,
Cal: Mrs Dean and ohtld, Canada: J R Smith. Total, '92.
Par Savannah, in steamship Alabama - P Germond Rad
clifTe Van Wagentr, J II Bates, James Meyer. C L Martinis,
C A Peabcdy. E W IJodges, A Davis, Wm A Kinnilv. D 1
Jewell, W II Halsey, L E Storage. W O Carpenter, A Davis.
Jr. Miss Sanger, Mrs LavgJon. Mlr.s W A Swooper, John M
Swooper. J H Betrien. Jane Lindsey, and 17 steerage.
Pot Havana and New Orleans, in steamship Crescent City
? Mrs Broad, IDs llrowcr ana syt. Mrs Hlnkley and svt,
Francis Ray, A Kodiguer. M Maldonads. J B Peck, D K
Schrneder, J M Tegno. T Armend. Roslnda Green and 2
children, George Abnart, M Hewlett, F Myland. J Calgoda,
A l'ront. Juan Newell. A Alga'a, S Cordero, J Y Bartia, T
ia. E Mtnir.W Morinda, W Lyon, A Lontrsl, and others
.a steerage.
Coroner's Inquests.
1 rein from 1 'h-rack or TBI Hkart.?A colored man,
named Abraham Freeman, was found by the police in the
Ninth avenue, on Saturday, in a helpless condition He
was conveyed to the station-house, where he died soon
after. Coroner Wilhelm yet terday held an inquest on
the body, and a verdict of ' 'death by*disease of the heart"
was rendered.
Deaih by Ciioi xi'a.?Coroner Hilton yesterday held an
Dquest on board the steamboat Raritan. lying at the
oot of Vestry street, on the body of Tiarnet Williams,
ged forty years, a native of Pennsylrania, whose death
was produced by sn attack of spasmodic cholera. The
created waa a baud employed onboard aaiti boat. A
erdict was rendered accordingly.
Kiitkphy F>ixino from a BtniJmrn?Coroner Hilton
yesterday held an inquest at the New York Hospital,"on
?he body of Jacob Courts, a carpenter, who was engaged
' ester.'ny at work on the building No. 426 Broad street.
He was working on tbe fifth story, near the well hole,
and accidentally missing his footing, fell through the
hatchway to the ground floor. The unfortunate man
waa taken up insensible, and conveyed forthwith to the
Hospital, where he expired In about two hours. The de
ceased has a wife anil family residing in Twenty-ninth
street. A verdict of "accidental death" was rendered
by the jury.
At Brooklyn, on Thursday, May 26, by the Rev. Mr.
Csaeidy, Mr. Fpwarp C. Hanboon, of Belfast, Ireland, to
Miss Eiiza H. Km.nky, ol Carrickfergua, Ireland.
Jo?rn K. Bark, printer, of consumption, aged 50 years,
4 months and 26 din s.
lit* friends, and those of hU sons, .Tames H. and Geo.
A. J. Barr, are invited to attend the funeral, from his
late residence, No. 12 Division street, to morrow after
noon, at half past two o'clock.
On Saturday, Ma* 27, after a long illness, Mrs. Ass
1 66 years.
AnnANe, aged
The friends and' relatives of the family, also of her son,
David B. Addams, are respectfully invited to attend her
funeral, to morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, from her
late residence, No. 10S Laurens street.
rcekekill papers please copy.
On Thursday. May 26, Gaonaa W. Oaurr, aged 37
years . 10 montns and 14 days.
The relatives and friends of the family, and the mem
bers of Jefferson Lodge No. 46,1. 0. of O. F., are respect
fully invited to attend his funeral, at two o'clock this af
ternoon, from the residence of William H. Ilalsey, No.
172 East Twenty sixth street. His remains will be taken
to Grevnwood for interment.
On Thursday, May 26, Natxa* Busck, aged 48 years
and 8 months.
The relatives and friends of the family, the members
of Arcturus Lodge No. 274, F. and A. M., and the maso
nic fraternity generally, are Invited to attend his funeral,
at ten o'clock this morning, from his late residence, No.
102 Sixth street, Williamsburg. ?
On Friday, May 26, High MiCoixtk. aged 82 years.
The relatives and friends of the family, and the mem
bers of Brooklyn City Lodge No. 6, A. P. A., and the or
der in general, are respectfully Invited to attend his fu
neral, at two o'clock this afternoon, from his late resid
ence, No. 97 Bridge street. Brooklyn. His remains will '
be interred in Greenwood Cemetery.
On Thursday, May 26, CaARun B. Bi btos, in the 40th '
year of his age. , .
His relatives and friends, and those of his father-in- I
law, Francis Bos, E?q , are respectfully Invited to attend !
his funeral, from his late resilience. No. 483 Greenwich
street, this afternoon, at half past one o'clock, without
further invitation.
On Saturday morning, May 27, Charim* Genua agad
69 years.
The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully
invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon, at one
o'clock, from hit late residence, corner of First avenue
and 8ixth street, without further invitation. His re
mains will be taken to Greenwood.
On Saturday morning, May 27, Jams Mnnrni la the
42d year of his sge.
The frlende of the family, also tbs glaesmaksrs of Jer
sey City an 1 Brooklyn, are respectfully requested to at
tend his funeral, from his late residence, corner of Hoe
rum and Pacific (treats, Brooklyn, this afternoon, at four
On Saturday, May 27, Mr. Obonoa H Kuan, agad 88
years and 10 months.
The friends and acquaintances of the deceased are re
spectfully requested to attend bis funeral, this after
noon, at two o'clock, from No. 76 West ati set, corner of
Carlisle street.
On Thursday, May 26. Mima* Bcttxk. of the parish
Ireland, aged TO years, a ro
of Nrwln, county Tlpperary, lrelai
sideht of thia.eity for the last 22 years
The friends of the family, and thn?e o< his *>n? n laa.
Thomas Britt. John Keeffe, Bartholomew Clan*. Mlcutsl
Ryan, and Prtriek O'Brien, are requested to attend the
funeral, from No. 231 Delaneey street, this aftaraooa, at |
two o'clock.
On Saturday, May 27, after a short illness tlmrgnr la .
fent son ofWm. and Margaret HaUaday. agol II mouths '
The relatives and friends of the family are respect
fully Invited to attend the funeral, this afteracn, at
half past two o'clock, from No. 1<X>S Bowery Hi? re
mains wiH be taken to Greenwood for interment
On Saturday, May 27, Mam* Lorsei Cooa. aged 4 veers.
7 months and 8 days, youngest daughter of Iteory K. end
Sarah C. Cook.
The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully
invited to attend her funeral, this aftern-?>e at twe
o'clock, from the residence of her pureeta. Mo 104 Nas
ran street, Brooklyn.
At Pertcheeter, Westchester county, en Friday, May
26, at the residence of hla brother, Oaonoa W., sen ef the
late Barest Romer, aged 20 yeare.
On Saturday, May 27. the wife of Joseph M. Huh.
Her friends and relatives are invited to attsni her fa
neral, frpm the residence of her husband, Hudsne, North
Bergen, New Jersey, this afternoon, at fire o'clock
? In Favannah, Ga , on Thursday, April 27, of eoasump
lion, Joexrn W. Baipwik. In tbe 87th year of his age
Hie Mends, and those ef hie brother-la lew. Was H.
Thompson, also members of Culled Mafias Lodge. No 207,
? and JL M, and members of Oaited Mates 1/vig- No
of flatter* '.l?ut
F. and A. M., and members sf Called Matss^^^^M
888,1. O. of O. F., also msmbers ef Hatters'
Association, and tha fratarnlUas In general,
fully Invited to attend hla funeral. this afternoon, si twe
o'clock, from tbe residence of hlfiVether te law, Ne 107
For?: % i
Port tf ##w York, Mar *7,1854.
Steamship Crescent City, W indie, New Orleans. M O Ro
Steamship Jamestown, Cavendy, Norfolk, Ludlam A
Steamship Alabama, Sehaaek, Savannah, S L KitehlU A
Steamship Nashville, Barry, Charleatoa, Spofford, Tllaa
ton A Co.
Ship Onward, I.ana, Quebec, Naamlth A Son.
Ship Fortitude Lord, Quebec, Bieka A llell
Ship Atlaatic. Worth, New Orleana, W T Froat.
Ship Foreat Kin*. Allen. New Orleaae. J H Brower.
Ship Shuridan, Clark, Liverpool Jaa Foatar, Jr
Ship Abb Washburn. Winchel, New Orleaaa, maatar.
Ship Cbaa Hill, Hall. Quebec, C C Duncan A Co
Ship Colombia (Brem), Garkaa-, Mataaaaa, Meyer A
Bark R H Knight. Mitchell. Snrinam, Rnaaell A Vluing,
Bark Lord Mulgrive (Br), latard. St Jobs, NB, Baralay
A Livingston
Bark Leamahagow (Br), Webater, Quebte, Roohe Broa A
Bark Eaatern Belle. Havener, Maraeillaa, T H Sandford.
Bark Grampus, Dyer, Cardaaaa. Badger, Peck A Co.
c Bark Syiphlde, Hitchcock, Kingston, McCready, Mott A
Hark Gen Jaeobl, (Brtm). 8a mm as. Bremen. Poppe A Co.
Bark Anna Dorothea, (Frus), PhiUip, Kichibacto, NB,
Thompson ANewhaaa.
Brig Lena. Webater, Sidney. A A Solomon
Brig Eliae A Charolte, Kortliag, St Jage, Tbompaan A
Brig Clark Wiadaor. Peroiral, Boatoa, 8 W Lewie.
Brig Locblnver, Sufkia. Antwerp, W F Schmidt A Ce.
Brig (irtciina, ue Boo HaraBa, a D Haribat A Ce.
Brig Principe, Gllohriat, Philadelphia, Plaoe A Watte.
Biig Courier (Brem) HaTigkorat, Mayagtaea, Barehard A
Brig Martha Rogera, Boardman, Hamaeoa, B D Brook
man A Co.
Brig Moaelle, Carlton, Baltimore, Wm Iagalla.
Brig Borneo. Rogers. Jacksonville. JaaGrice
Brig W 11 Groton, Oeyer, Philadelphia, master
Brig Nile (Br). Long. Port Medway. F A BioomSeld.
Schr Alice, Howell, Baltimore, Mai'lar A Lord
Schr CAN Kogera, Kogera, Frederlokabarg, Tan Brunt
A Slaght.
Sol.rU Laurent. Gould. Philadelphia maatar.
Sohr 1) W lildritlge, Ogdau. Frederlokabarg, C M Fry A
Schr W H Rotan, Sprazno, Richmond, C H Plsrson
Schr S A Apploton, Nielcerson, Boston. W F Herri,k
Schr Virginia, Revdlnnd, Savannah, Dtmill A Co.
Schr A BPreston. Millor, Haracoa. Tbos ODinartin.
Schr H Hallock, Pow, Wilmington. 1> C Murray.
Schr Knight. Saara, Portland. 8 W Lewis.
Schr Flora (Br). McKay, Halifax NS, Smith A Boyatoa
Schr Panama Allan, Portland, 3 Ltwis.
Schr Isabella. Faooklin, Boaton, maatar.
ScbrH RBarnea. Abrams. llntbor island, Bsh, II Barnes.
Schr Rover (Br), Sima, Nassau, NP, W U N'awmsa A Co.
Schr S B Strong, Lynch, Georgetown, Dtlner A Potter.
Schr Statesman, wloke. Sturgat A Claarmau
Schr Marv Nlles, Walan, Glcneaatar U Bahaoa.
Schr Josephine, Card, Dover, SB, maatar
Sloop Frodk Brown, Gardner, Providence, maatar.
8 oop Eliza Sonthport. E'lwxiod P-ovldenee ia? o
Steamer Jackson, Parish, Baltlmora, Parker Vaia Coal
Steamer Delaware, Clark Philsd' lplna Sandford'a Lino.
Steamer Ironsides, Allen, Phil ado! p tin, JAN llriggs
Steamship Southerrcr, Evan. Cberle-'. >n *7 hours with
mdso and M'r.tengers lo Spoffor.l TiUst"U k 1 >
Ship DatDl Cannon. Robertson, Liverp'x. .'dars in bal
last with AM paasengera. to Da .1 Pilkiezttn v' ? > I. tie
let or loo, sow uteamship Wnshlu ttoa, nca< f . 3 >e .U
amt ton <?... Brem m.
Ship citj u' Bristol (P.r), Alexander, Kawenat e 4! dvvs,
with iiidso and S pas, cogent. to Bet clay A Litine?t u?
consitUrablo i< e, and experienced heavy weather tost L.sl
rait itove bulwarks. Ac.
8Ltp Champion ot the Sesi (new clipper), Newland, 11
ten 48 hour' in 1 illicit, to Urinnall. Minturn A Co
liark H ratior Gage, Carr, Palermo todays, and Gibral
tar 32 dnya with mdse to 3 Sehlffer A Bros. May U, let :;8
02, Ion 5880, axohaogad signals with n balk painted black,
standing E, showing a white signal with hlaok letter ti 19
It: 26th, lat 38 00, ion 08 BO, exohanzod signals with pack, t
ship American top grass hence for London: 2*th, let its* 17,
Ion 71 21. Broke Br sblpEvnngelina, from New Orleaae for
Bark kmelie (Olden), Ahrons, Bremen. 3A days, with mdse
nnd ISO passengers, to Mannings, Muller A Gosling
Brig Dae Soielle (Sicll), Uuipe. Messina. "J days, with
fruit, brimstone, and 2 passengers, to A M Lawronee.
Brig Pilgrim (Br), Collins, Sunderland. 40 days with
coal, to ordar. May 5, lnt 44 M, Ion 43 34, saw n number of
Brig Acadian (Br), Locknrt, Windsor, NS, 8 dnya, with
plaster, to master.
Brig Young Amerioa (of Plymouth), Rogera. Jacmel, May
10. with oollee, to matter. On the passage out was struct
by lightning nnd lost mainmast; May 23, lat 38 10, Ion 73 30.
spoke whaling sohr Hamilton, of Nantacket, on n oraise,
with 38 id Is oil, all well.
Brig Sarah (Br), Daniels. Hillsboro' 12 days, with plaster,
tc J Piokard
Brig South Plctoa (Br), Johns, Port Tnlbok, 3S dnya, wi'-h
iron, to order.
Sohr M M Freeman (of Brookhaven). Glover, St Bnrts. 19th
init. with frait. to M M Freeman. May 26, (no lat, Ao, given),
spoke a hark irt ni Trinidad do Cuba for New York, under
stood her name to be "K D Sprngne," (probably the Geo D
S"hr Courier (Olden). Rnfer. Bremen, 38 days, in ballast
With ,l3 passengers, to Gudcwell, Mobr A Co.
8cl r Gen laylor (lighter), Brewer, from ship Montezuma,
ashore at Kocknway.
Schr Odd Fellow, Koiebrook, Machine, 10 days, with lum
ber, to Smith A Roynton.
? Schr Temperance Bonner (Br). Hently, Wixdior, 10 dnya.
Sohr Glide, Loveil. Borton for Albany.
Schr Gnlota. Bacon, Boaton for Albany.
Schr Mery Manktn, Beers, Boston, 2 days.
Schr An;ore, Brown, Mnohlaa
Schr William, Colo, Calais, 10 dnya.
Schr Liberty, Gray, Saco, 10 dnya.
Sohr Martin, Hill, Sneo, 10 dnya.
;-ohr Emetine, Miner. Providence, 2 days.
Sctr Kiohmond.New Haven.
Schr Denmark. Pools, Gloucester.
Schr Agawam, Beasey, Warcham.
Schr Bay State, Veml, Rockland.
Scbr Monnt Hope, Poet, Koeklend.
Schr BollTer, Robinson, Rockland.
Sohr Superior. Giover, Roekinnd.
Schr Joseph Fnrwell, Hopkins. Rockland.
Scbr President. Jemes, Rockland.
Sohr Lucy, White. Parry, Rockland.
Schr Knte, Holbrook, Rockland.
Sloop Ketolntion, Snow, Uarsich.
Sloop Orion. Coe, Portland, Ct.
Propeller K B Forbes. Morris, Boston, having in tow new
clipper ship Champion of tha Sans.
One ship nnd two brigs.
Steamships Atlantic. Liverpool; Crescent City, New Or
leana; Nashville, Charleston; Alabama, Savannah; Jamaa
town, Norfolk, Ae; ships Gov Morton, New Orleans; Ant
arctic, Liverpool; barks Dnvencort, (Br), Quebec; Sarah
Park, Bay of fcock.
Wind at sunrise, NNE; meridian, NE; annset, do.
(Br Sawdt Hoon Paiwnwn TibHiiri.]
Thi HisuLiate. May 27- 8 PM.
No inward bound vessels In light Wind NNW. Weather
A viuh, supposed new, and apparently laden with Not*
Scotia wood, was cast away ldthkinst, off Isle an Hant.
Clothing, pieces of wreck, Ao. hare been picked up, inclu
ding a new main boom, newly aineed, and marked with
black paint, "sehr St Marion. There was also picked up
two 10 foot blask oars, with white blades. *
Bn Bask Achilles (of Snnderland), Smith, hence for St
John, NB, was the unknown British bark reported lost on
"Moose feck Head." She was lost aboat midnight 10th in
stant, at Harbor dot, near Jonesport, Me, hawing gone
artore daring a tbiok fog. The eaptaln writes, under date
of Moosepccca, May SO, that the bark was breaking np fast,
and that the oargo was all lost, except a few bbls, whicl
were picked np about the w eek. The crew had a very nar
row escape, losing everything bnt what they stood in. In
ten miaftitee after she struck, she filled and fell over, decks
to sea, giving the crew but very little time to get out the
long boat, at the sea made a flair run over the bark after the
fell over. The cargo saved was very mueh damaged, and
would be sold for the benefit of those concerned. The A
had a oargo comprising 1,964 bbls floor. 747 do corn meal,
470 do pork, 10 do beef i [ ----- -
_ _ pkgs tea, 10 bales hops, 100 tons
ooal, 3ft boxes candies, Ae, valued at about 930.000 which is
principally Insured in this city. Her freight, 91,700, is un
derstood as not insnred. ?
Schr Mono, from Boston for Philadelphia, went ashore
at Southampton, LI, abt 24th last, ana Is probably lost.
Crew saved.
Arr at Holmes's Hole 26th inst, ship Bnterprise. (of Nan
. Talcahuaao Feb 26, with
tucket.) MeCleave, Pacific Oeean.
1300 bbls wh 730 do sp oil; also on freight 776 bhlt wh oil from
ship Indian Chief ?6 do sp oil from ship HI be rain: 1000 do
wh oil from ship Java.
Arr at New Bedford 26th. ship Vnoas, James. Aretie
Oeean, Honolulu Nov I, Talcahnano Fab 21. 440 bbls sp 2000
do wh oil 16 000 lbs bene; sent home 16,074 bone; took 140
sp on the passage home Spoke Ap 20, lat 3)?N, Ion?, Mon
tesuma, of andlor New London, SuOO bbls; May 22, lat 33 40
N, Ion 70 60, Intorprise, M Cleave, from Talcahuaao of and
for Nantncket.
Arr 26th. bark Dnnbarton, Muaroe, (late Hathaway, de
ceased) Atlantic Ocean, St Helena Ap 9, with 130 bbls sp 110
do wh oil and bOO lbs bone. Has oil and bone on freight.
Left at fit Helena, Iowa, Maybew, FH, to sail in 2 ds on a
?w, (bad shipped 30q bbis wh per Millwood, of and for
Bedford, in 3dr); ft ~ ""
,.n ._ wmw,, San Fraacisco, Phillips. NB. no re
port of el1; Tenedet, Noroy. NL, do do; Osoeola, Skiff. NB,
do do. Lying off and on Mch Slat, Joseph Butler. Mayhew,
do, wenld probably return home bn account of stokness ot
Ap 4, eek
Capt M; Ap 4, seb Alfred Dexter, do clean, to get men.
Spoke May 20. lat 37 SON. Ion 71#, Sarah, Bonnseville,
?fid fifth. bark Wave, Stanton, Indian ooean; brig Ameri
ca, (of Mattapeisett) Fisher. Atlantic Oeean.
it New hay. Falkland Islands, Sept 24, Parana, Smith,
8H. 2 whs taken with bomb lanee.
At Talcabusno prev to March fSl, Z Ceflta, Rose, Nant;
President, Folgsr, do; Addison, Cash, NB; Balana, Dor
man, so; Robert Bdwards, (alley; do: Oliver Crocker,
( ask. do; Oscar, Dexter, Matt; Ohio. Sawtolle, NB;"Hen
ri'ine, ' i) M Hall, Pratt, Fall River; Cenatitntiea. Wins
low. Nant. Heetor, Norton, NB, Nantncket, Oibbs, Nant;
Josbna Bragdoa, Swain, NB; Clifford. Wayne. Davis, FH
(and sld). Ocean, Fuller, N B (and eld); Julian .Cleveland,
do (sad sld); (agents. Wood, do: Raphrates. Peakes, do;
Cornier. Hewlaal. NB Sld, L Stsrffaek. Jernegan. NB;
Triton. Dornin. NB. Othello, Beekerman, do; Leoaidas,
Clark de: Stafford, Francis, do. Peru, fltarbnek. Rant;
Mary Wilder. Cleveland. NB. Oratitndn, Cornell, NB;
Petrmae Arkley Nant; Nautilns, Seabnry, RB; Horning
fiter Cleveland de; Montgomery, Cashing, de; Clarice,
Clffcrd de. LonMaaa, Norton, do. 1 The above Is from a
vagee Spanish repert, and is net entirely te be depended
Vpeten?He date, eff River ef Plate, Wm C Rye, Adams,
NH,<6 wh stars leaving Sendwleb Islands.
April M, let St 138. lea 39 96. Mary WUder, of and fer R
Stir Modem. Brewn, 10daysfrem Beston for Nassau. NP.
(by lbs laces at New Bedford, which was la lat 33 40. Ion
.a May V> ao le< A'
fit Is Rnenrto (t'bll), frem Now Tort for Talpersleo, Hay
Idjal 30?. Ion 72 W . . _ ^ ? _ . . ?
krig Adds fietft, tn?t Ada Jane), frem New Tort for Ha
Asrm waLL-BM April brigs Alvaro. Mablmaa, Ciea
'"Sirotar-lt pert Hay M, bark Tedsseo, Higgles, fer
_ n?In pert
B ?resa a be Jeev I.
Ceneva onnorLB-In pawl Hay 1, sahr Ply lag Bagla,
Jaaea, disg. for Smyrna. te lead for N York
Caldoba - Arv prev te AprBH, chiloaa bark Olga. or
. teflakb Idg for B?e?ea
Cbanaral. ?
(leaea?la pert May 6, obip Oxford, Stroot, nae; barks
Ardsmeos. I am bo. t. and dearie Brower, Ulnar, do, Spun
... - Tef" " "
did Mvago for Palermo, Tolaat. Soars for Leghorn to
load for a port la I aitod Btetvs. Sld Mh. brig (?vergs W
Joaoo Berk. Iitnkere to tatob dtag proeeeds from Leghorn
to toffily.
Uiiiois-Arv fob 19, brig Jteine. Pmdt. Mirk Aagk
via lai I? Bay N?v 26
Cum.' ? ?la port Hay II. oorvw otsanse CkpdW. flat New
Terk 1Mb Bt tart Wanderer for doMMS Ry brlge Corde
lia, let Prevideeoe idg. J ? Hall, Paary, and TeteeHy. Pat
Jacaajb?la pert Has ?. eekrs J 1 Rneeee-Beew. frem
aad fir Boatoe 4days. B P (parks Wkesf, from de, JeN
"Lena rente-In pes* Hay II stiy Hewn tela Wave, Fen
?andas for Helta Soon.
WI mm*' le povl Hay V, shlpe Aaaa Tlf*. Uaeeett. fee
N T.rb about rntk. P?Mv Macros I Mho/ for a pott In the
_ or. far n ptf in the
Catted BtetsM berks Us ??-, de du.JpMn Howtwd,
Bsrttley one. A HB'mball. Porter, for N 7ernTtdg; Henrp
Ui lmsi kri. tor a -otsa. ready Ifid April ?, the Ik
May 2; slip iMauatalu. Condry, ST York;
fig, the i ni-ia. <?; 4". l-rig Hollander, Brown, do
At do o. niB '?*?. ">?? following for- isn veeeeli: Irabelta,
for New y? ""-dy, Piotro. an'l Marie Jobenna for do aba
26th'Marina and Ma-lla Glredln for dn snout 20th; Wachla
velli, for Bo*t about loth; Adelaide, do. el-out 30>h;
7-wail urn (Dwtek, for do: A1 a K.riui, for Philadelphia, 18th;
Gentle Fanny (3a.,"?4"ftn changed f*o? Boston), for do
SiHh. The Wavcrls,* <'nPP"?d Br), wai expected from C*
?oa. and woald I >?J v "/J1? H.?*}? _ _ .
Malta?In wrt Mm ,c"r Oraad, Savage, for Bottoit
about Cth.
Meuira In perl llrf i .bark WilJftre Parker, for Bo,,
teasooa. Kid 2#tto aprif, Win" fbatham, Hardy do.
Miuaot-aai-an fob M ba>\ Zlagara, Strout, Beetoa
?,?v it. pre? to P>b IT. rhtw Bowib ^dt, Cook. NYorh Nor
?? w 12th. berk. Three Brothers, '>)>?, Bat aria, with
Ffijf original cargo; Kith, Emil* M.'aer, Roger, CaUeo
CLd 11*7',,MF Gem ef the G^eaa, Creaky, Oal
r?a Tahiti * HelolM ? ""??!?* McKelX*. Saa Franciacw
ni?AI:il<'A?!"?po.rl M*y Si bark Mantlla*. Lincoln. for
Gibraltar aad Boatoo eare*night. Gaels (PruWt for NTorlt
ldg; 1-ig Harp, M-rvy. nne.
r ?B,5!IW*-U..pttf Um' 9 bark Kaei Horm. Searlee,
for Boeioa ldg; and other*
would*" ","u "Mr ?, nrhr Fancy Marts,
v5?TJg?DA? w1" P?rl ?5T ?v^' BapwbUc. Sawyer, few
NYork ldg; A Boninmr (Prus). Meyer, do de
St Johm, NF?Cld May 15, iwig Ann A-r*.lin, Fillmore,
Boaton, having been ehnrtnrad by the Governor of Mew
fonndlnnd, to oonrey 49 emigrnal ennmigorrof ahlw Win
St John, NB?Sid May 24, brig Theania (BrK
Sierra Lnonn?81d April 23 Br eohr Marqtrae, NYork.
Smyrna- In port April26, ship Tier,Sehibye, fen Boeton,,
Uj brig Iaabel Benrmenn, Morton, for do aamo evening.
Svnainv, NSW?Arr Fob 5. eohr Pride-of the Son, Uodgee,
Anoklnnd tin Bay oi Island*.
St Bart*- In port May 19, brig Adela, Lewi a, from M
KlUa wtg otderi ?
Talcamvano? In port March 28, bark Kephroala, Ball,
lor Boatoa, and eld pre, to Slat
Vai.rABAiao?In port ApiU 28, ahlpa Genoa. Kelly; 81,
Pitagereld. Koecnd, and Km 11) Taylor, Woet, nno; barks
, Carlisle, for Melbearne, aboat ready: Turtle, Bray,
fur Ceqeimbo aad other porta on the ooaet 29th. to lotd for
Ho,tee. Geo A Luc)wig (lirein) 114 days ffem NYork; arr
26th, Maria Autcincite (Ham) fiom Hampton Be*da. ant im
28th in diatrete. to dlaeharge partly for repairs. Sln2l*t,
barkaKeokn. The rnton, Oonatitucioa; 26th, Palmetto Men
Iry (from Tome) San Francisco; 28th, ahip Con air, Wood
bury for loenard porta to load for Boitoa.
Home Ports.
ALF. X ANURIA? Art May 28 ahip Wild Bangor, Searr,
Cnleacta; sobrr Arctic R Fmnch, Nellie D, and K K Ben
nett. MYork; 8 K-ckhtU. Ulgh-on. Sid tehrr Enterprise,
Boeloa. Charlee Whiting, from NYnrk,
BOSTON?Arr May ? dbip Ynaeooror. Last, London.
26th ull; berk Gem. Mckereon Philadelphia; echre JnHn
Newell Co,blag. Baltimore Julia Smith. Crowrll. PhHn
delptin; Martha. Gray, and B E Sharp. Sharp. Philadcl
phia. leader, Beedy end Spr. Mcker?on Albany; 14
gonin. Pray. Maehla* for New York, put la for a barker;
Arabia*, Co,sir Biseblll for Norfolk, put in for a harbor;
Teri<o Da,le, Tremoat. Ri - Uraade, Veaaio; Laey A Naney,
Fa-tn ?u aad Mere, i'laee, Bangor. Concern, Dante a.
Bath. Cld ahip Marloa. Yaotey, Havana. b-rke Lacitla.
Falter. Batt ladle*. Orilla Ashley. Mobile; Edw Everett,
1 oeelaad. Baltimore: x- br J a Sinip<oa(sf Boitoa, let* of
New Fork), Greta. PhiUdelpbia; Malriua. Keller, N York,
fild ehipr liuaila. Cowp. r. Alfred Hill. Wm Wither!#, Ar
iracea. ? ark, B T L. Mar, Sawyer (baring repaired). Ly
taader Hindoo. Maje,tie. B F.rereti, brig, Rambler Amelia,
Bamael A Edward Clrlliaa Kideoai, Jar Walla**, Henri
etta. aad firm below brts Cantos ?
Ila'i li?Air May 25 scare Convert Brown. Georgetown,
8C. Bleire. Wilmington l*C;IO Buxton. Ycomioo Hirer,
BANGOL-nd May 24. bark M E Uakkidge (new), Bab
bidgi. Havana echr Connecticut Yeaaie. New Ham.
HOLMES S IIOLF?ArrAlay 23, PM. brig J H Kent,
Pretle. Batb Hr Saraaeah. tihre Marblehead, Deator.
Thumaeioa for NY- rk J P Beat. Wallace. Cberryfield for
do. Mare Emily. Suow, Saeo far New Bedford.
At 24'h. ,1 ip Ckempioa of Ike Sea,. Webb, Boeton for
NTork. la too ef ?learner R B Forbee, bark E Gwight. Hal
lett. do for llaltlmore triga Kechablto, Tay or. Baltlnura
for Boeton. l-yrt. Thorns, Catala for Philadelphia: B4
ward. Kew o< St George lor N York Dl W ehater, Williams,
Bangor for Newport Biehmuad. Alloy, Wl?-n?eot forWil- f
mlnatoa Nti eebre Teaaeeeeo. Career. Jacksonville for
Bu'tun limner Parker, NYork for Boeton; Sharon,
fherloe PI ilare'pHa for do. Mary Ana A Carolina Hea
drrit, do for do; la-ieoeadonco Knight. Baltimore far
New I nt, port Mari MewolL Perry, Philadelphia for Sna-l
wirh Freedom (Br) Pacbbam. St Jobs, NB, 'or NYork,
Brngatie Melutjr*. Pamnriaoott* for Georgetown 8C;
Charlie A W illie. Tibbette. do for Dnrieu. Flyiog Clend,
Ciilord. oe far Saennanb. Mary E Pear,on. Coombs, and
Ban Mark. Coomb*. Camden for do Eeoline, Steam,, Bath
for Hanpakaaaock Hirer. Gea Scott. Hreokinge, do fordo;
BenJ Frank ia. McFaddcn. d- for Port Conway la; Nancy
Milla Card. D>eor for Philadalrha; Signal. Wkltaker.
Baoo fordo; Algoma Wlllard, Viualbaeen for do North
PariSe Many. Bo,ion for do. Boaton, ???, do for NYork;
K 1. M)rr< W aeks, do for Waahington, NC; Bangs, Kent,
Kocklaad for Now York; Vary Lang-inn. Simoaton, do for
do. Granite Ledge. , Kmkport for do. Sid brig J H
Kent: orkre Marlleheed, J P Bsnt, and Mary Emily.
Arr 2Atb. brig Philip Larrabee Anld liath for Sarannah;
acbr. Express, Allan, Port an Prince 8th inat for Boeton;
Abroas, W yman, Saeannak for Bnrtan; Nieanor, Hiake,
Norfolk lor do Sarah Ann. Ireland, Philadelphia for do;
B W Dixon, Doane Maria Jane, Jonea. aad Swan, Rosa,
do for do. T B BuUgiuas, Pbllbrook, isloboro for Charlee
ton; H l.oei, Orcatt Carr N ) ork for belfaet; Kooky Ull,
Clifford. W iacamet for Philadelphia ; William, Coomxs, ,
Calais for NYork (with lo?a of part of desk load oflamb**).
Bid brig Kechablte; achra Teams,ee. Homer, Sharon,
Hartford, laeepeMene*. Mary Nowell, Abeoaa. N'eaaor,
Stnop. Serah Aon, H W Dixon. Swan, sad H Loni, Oroatt.
In pert at II A M. wind lig-it from W. ship Enterprise;
bark Kdmand Dwlght, brig, Kendall (Br), lag; Lyra, Ed
ward, D,al We bate r Ricbiuond.Pnilip Larrahee; aobra Mary
Ana A Caroline. Freodom (Br), Bragaasa; Charlie A Willie,
F ying Cloud Mere n Pearson. Sea Mark, BenJ Staaaard,
Eieliae, Gan Scott. Hen. fiankMn. Champion, CareUna
Sloaa. Erie. Bangs. Signal, Naney kfllle, nlgoraa. North
Pacific, Niger R L Myert. Mary l.angdoa, Granite Lodge,
Aufuame, Express Maria Jane, T B Hodgmaa. Reeky Hill,
William. Maine (discharging).
Pasted by, a steamer, xei-p -eed to be the Loeast Paint,
Layfleld. from Boetoa for Baltimore.
MYSTIC?Arr May 25, sloop Noaak. Spiaer Chariextea.
N KW BEDFORD?Arr May 28. achra Paugaaset. Albaar)'
D Crookett, NTork Sid 26tb, acbrs N N Wll'.latna, PuEtr,
Fayal, M A Onset, BbUadelnhla.
N ANlUo KhT?arc Maj 24 ,ohr Tryall, NYork.
N BW HaVBN?Arr May 24, Bag brig Blaok Priasa,
Moon. 86 day* Snadcrlaad. Eng. achra Heckahirr, Kadioett,
Philadelphi?. Judge Uupklax, do; Ixaao Merritt, Wrght,
Alhsay; Lafayette, ??.do Md achra Enter prise, ?,
Philadelphia; Traveller. Gladding Klagttoa.
NEW LONDON?Arr May 25. acbr Elian. Sena, Phila
delphia Sid 24th rebr H B Gil-aon, Avery, do
PHILADRLPHIA?Vld May. 26. PM. eohr* Express,
Kmltb, Stoaiagtoa; Expedite, iielio* Providence. D TWU
letta. Smith, Nerwioh.
27th?Art (ieamahtpa Keyatoae State, Dardl*. Savannah;
Pennsylvania, Baymor*. Rlehmoad, vU Norfolk; aohr*
Telegraph, Nlckereon. Boetoa: Cera, Brown, d*. Uoatree*.
Dixney. Newbaryport: John l a-.a-crr 8-itex, B-iatoa, O
M Smith. Nlebols, Norwich; Hadioa. Champtia. NLeaden;
Mary Ella, Hunter Providence. Gazette. Crowell. Boston.
Cld bark K Banning, lUy. Porto Kico: hrigi Rosalia.
Holmox, fit John. Ml Lavtaia. Ttndle, Wilmington; aokr
Grecian. Peiney, Boatoa.
PORTLAND?Arr May 28. bark Caaoo CoUiax. Martel
via Havana. 12th Init. hrifx Coalition Plnkham, Cardena*.
12th iaet: Washington. Bil ker. Matanaaa. 8th last; Mary
Moretoa (Br), Miebeuer, Matania,, 11th lnat. via Holm**'
Hole; achra Marietta. Smith, Martel via Havana. 12th last;
Cbas ? Lnnail. Kicholi. Sagna. lOib laK. Wm Pop*. In
falle, Havana. 2d iuat, via Holmaa' Hole; Eoekport, Ames
nry, Georgetown, 8C; Geo Brooke, Steteoa. Philadelphia:
Deal Parker. Freeman, Roadoat; Gaaaet, Si axon ten, 14
York; Yletor. Berry, do; E U He nick Bridge*. 4*. WilUaa,
Hopkins, do; Diadem. Uiacklty, da.
RICHMOND?Arr May IB, aohre Hnxall, Cbiebeetar;
Richmond. II arr la: Ortaaa, Dodge: H P Brown, MoEeagi.
aad Nebraeka, Bonnell, NYork. Bid rebr Agaox Been,
Doane HnUfaa.
ROOKLAND?Arr May 16, acbr Para, Ner York for Ban
g?SAG HARBOR-Arr May 21, ahip Moataak, NYork t* fit
for whaling
?i whaling.
? Taunton?An May S2, aebra J C Chew. PhiladelpMa;
Virginia, NYork. 1
WARBHAM?Arc May 21, aehr Agawam. NTerk; aleep B
Bpragae, da; 22d, aloopmSiecian. and Mary A All**, NYorh;
23d, eebr* L Waterbnry, Alexandria; eloopt Warren, and
Anieeadeat. NTork. 24th, eohr* Thomas Potter. Clartk.
Philadelphia; Angler, Delaware City: sleep Bmily Crape,
NYork Sid 22d, achra Watchmen. Philadelphia,Bd, Lam
ia, Garney, do.
mm at tub
Mat 38, 1884.
Adelaide,S.Auzt'lia..Fab. 14 Matansaa, Cab*....Mar 18
Aeapnlco, Max Mar. 0 Mauritius. ln.Ocaan.Maf. IE
Alexandria,Egypt...May 4 Mayagues, P. R May IS
Amoj, China Fab. 4 Melbourne, N.8.W.. Mar. 9
Antigua April 19 Merida, Y uoatan Da*. 1
Antwerp, Behrium.. May 17 Mexico (city) May f
Aguadilla, P. R Jan. 31 Monrovia, Africa.. ..Ayr ?
Aepinwall, N. Bay. .May IT Montevideo, 8.A.....Ayr. IS
Athene May 3 Nanaau, M.P Iby IT
Aux Cayes, Hartl...May 6 Nangasakl. Japan..Nor. IS
Auckland, X.Z Jan. 7 Neuvltaa, Cub* May 14
, Brazil Apr. 18 ? Odeaea, Roaeia May 1
Bar bad oa Apr. 18 Oregon Apr 3S
Ratavia. Java Mar. 11 Panama, New Or*... Apr. SB
Belize. Hon Apr. 3T Para, Braail May 1
Berlin. May 10 Pari* May IS
Bermuda '..May 23 Payta, Pern Apr. ST
Belgrade, Serria.... Apr. 37 l'einambueo, BraaB. Apr. U
Bey rout Mar. 0 Peetb Dee. X
Bogota May 4 Ponce, p R May 18
Bombay, E. I Apr, 14 Port au Piatt, St. D.Apr. 18
Buchareet, Wallach.Apr. 28 Port au Prince, Hay. May 8
Bonaire Apr 28 Port Philip, Auat'la M*r- 4
Baenoe Ayree, S. A.Apr. 4 Port Spain, Trinidad. Apr. 8
Burmah Apr. 34 Port Pray a, C.V.I... Fab. 18
Calcutta May 4 PuertoOabetlo. Van.May 4
Callao, Peru Apr. 28 Rangoon, Burmah. .Feb. 3
Canton Apr. 20 RioGrande, Braail.. Apr. 18
Cape Haytiea,H*yti.May 14 Rio Janeiro, Btaail.. Apr. (8
Cape Town, C. G.H.Apr. 3 Sagua la Grande, CuTMay IB
Cardenaa, Cuba May 13 Salt Lake City Mar. IS
Chrtkagena. N. G...May 8 Sehumla, Turkey.. .Mar. <t
Cayenne,Fr.Gniana.Feb. IT San Diego Apr.1.)
Chinch* Inlands Jan. 1 SanFrmnciaco, C.C. .May 1
Cianfnegoi, Cuba...May 10 8*n Jo**,Ce*taRica.May. 8.
Conatantinoplo May 3 San Juan daCab*.. .May /
Copenhagen May 11 San Juan, Niea'wn. .May W
Corfu April 9 Han Salvador, CJ)... Mar. 1
Curaeoa Apr. 38 B*?ta Ea. N.M. Mar. 11 '
Demarara. Br.Gfli'a.May 4 WanghXI Apr. 14
Dominica, W. I Apr. 13 Sierra Loon*, A'frlea. Apr. 88
El Paao Apr. 9 Singapore. , Mar. 31
Bnaonada, L. C Apr. 4 Sisal, Maxiao. April
FayaL Azores Apr. 37 9m.vcaa.Turl .ey Apr 38
Fernando Po Mar. 31 Stockholm,i waden.Apr. XT
Calatz Mar. 28 St. Domingr , city... May 1
Gibraltar Apr 28 St. Helena. Apr. 4
Gonaivea, Hay ti.... Apr. 30 St. Jagi> df , Ouba... .May IS
Goadahipe Maiv 4 St. Petera> >urg May 8
Guatemala. Mar. 18 St Johaa P R May 10
Guayama, P. R May 14 St. Kitta Apr. IB
Guavaquil,Ecuador.Mar. 38 St Lnair t Apr. H
Havana, Cub*..... .May 14 St. Law m, L. Cal'a. .Not. T
Havre, France May 10 St. The maa Apr. 38
HobartTown,V. 1).L-Feb. 17 St. Tlr ,o*nt, W.I.... Apr. IX
Hong Kong Mar? 27 Snma tra Mar. f
Honolulu, B. I .Mar. 30 9nrW .am.Duch Qui*.Apr. 31
Jacmel, Hay* May 1? Sjr*isy, N.8.W Feb. 31
Java Dee. 37 toJU, Soo'y Ial'ds.Mar. 4
Jaeay, Moldavia.... Dec. 8 T? icahuana, Chili... Apr. 19
Jeremie, Haytl Apr. 38 Tamptco, Mexico... Apr. BO
Kara, Aala "Mr- * J0***" U AJ*- ?
King*ton. Ja May IB Tabaaeo, Mexioo....Mar. IT
Laguayra, Vens'la. .May 8 Trobizomt. Azta Mar. 14
Lahianafs. 1......-Mar. 3B Trinidad do Cuba....May 8
la Pae, Bolivia Mar. 28 Trtc/te May 0
Liverpool May 18 Trr.zfllo, Henduraa. Mar. 2
lie boa May 8 T-*rin Apr. 88
.May 18 c'arka laland* May 8
Madeira May 6 Valparaiso, Chili Apr. 28
IMaga, Spain May 8 Venice Apr. SB
Malta May g Vera Crus, Mexico. . May 8
Manila,PhUip.Is..-Apr. 7 Van Dieman's Laad.Feb. 12
ManraaWa, Cuba. Me.y 7 Varna, Turkey Fab. 0
Maraaaibe, Vaaa'la. \pr. 38 Vienna May .8
MazaMaa, Mexico.. .Mar. 90 Victoria, China Mar M
Martlaiqna Apr. 13 Warsaw Deo. 8
Maraaham Apr. 33 Whampoa Feb B
Madras Mar. 34 Zanzibar, Ind Fab 4
Madrid. May 8

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