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Ouj%t effieeri from performing their duty. Ha asked (
ftor IB Mquit&l.
The District Attorney. Mr. Underbill, followed. In M
iiwliil the jury he Mid they ell knew who-, comprised
Dm aeeecaery accommodations of a public house u re
paired by lew. The traffic of liquor*, he eon ten 'ed, wu
net recognize! a* e business inch as other* which were
fallowed for the purpose of obtaining a livellho xL It ia
alio wed aa a right, a* an incidental right, to those who
keep accommodations for traveller*, end no other*, j
they are allowed to ?ell by retail to the truest* of the
home; but aa a distinct bunines.v it i* wholly illicit, un
lawful, and must be put down. In place* where the sale
of liquor is prohibited, we have all heard of the evaaiona
by selling peanuts, cracker*, or segars, and giving a glaaa
in to bargain. Thla la a device which has besn decided '
illegal by the courts whenever brought up. Now what j
ie there about this place but a mere sham; not for the j
entertainnunt of travellers, but lo sell rum; he even
drives a cart in connoctiou with the bullae** to gein *
livelihood. Let ms see the accomiaoilfttion*:?he
ha* three rooms, t>ne la a barroom, the other a |
sleeping room, a kitchen end a small garret. Now, I
weald like to know where travellers are to be entertain
ed The on./ place in the house destined for entertain
?oeat ia up stairs, which, it ia said, was occupied by a
hoy. Thin is the only place for the aooommodatloa of
travellers Coming to the stables, we find that by aqneos
lag, it will not accommodate four horses, aa required by
law. At beirt, Gnbblna makes out but three atalla, one
eX which i* occupied by his own horse. The fact la, thia
Man has not the accommodation*, and it iae-idont that
a tavern there ia not absolutely necessary. The number
?f hcenrea in the immediate vicinity, on ColumoU street,
U wvcotjr, while it appears there are two grog all op* on
tike corner of Amity and Columbia streeta, oeaides that
kept by Onbbina. in Atlantic street, it la the tame, and
the district Attorney t.rcneeded to enumerate the taverna
ia the vicinity. The defendant, living in the Immediate
neighborhood, muat have i.nown that a tavern there
waa not neceaaary,without making a particular examina
tion of the locality. It appeared that 140 tavern license*
had been granted in the Sixth ward alone up to the 2ttth
Of July, tvhon Oubbn:* obtained his license. Ia it not a
aiiame tha' menJn public uo*r lwiis .should act In auoh a
manner ? uj; ' I think it in high time that the law ahould
be vindicated vnd a blow turuck :igain*t the opening of
theae pest houces. How could any honest man judge
that 144 taverna were needed in too Sixth ward. They
were no eriors of judgment, bat wilful violations of
law. It isa wilful neglect of duty th?> law punlahe*;and
did the defendant not violate the law 144 time*, and
dee* he not now come into court and try to justify it?
I think we have made out our case, and that these men
chould be made to resp*:t the wants and rights of the
community. It ia a cape of plain facts, and any twelve
men can get their way through it without any difficulty
Ju^geBockwell then delivered his charge to the jury. ,
In commencing, ho alluded In terms of dli approbation to
the degree of U1 f?*ng wUlchliadbeen **
counael duritg the course of the trial, and remarked
that procfedicgH of such a character should nothave
been introducea into a court ot juatice, as it bore no re
tation whatever to the ciwe. The defendant, he ^ntluu
ed, U Indicted for the violation ot a law ofJ.he land, on
which, if found guilty, he must be convicted, andir in
nocent, acquitted. The Indictment ehargca him with a
wilful violation of duty in granting a Uvern license to
mat William Nubbins, wiieu he was not legally author
ised to do so. My attention la more particularly called
to this subjet' in consequence of a remark made by a
juryman yeoteriay, something like
violation of dttfj by public officers should t* made A nun
Ji-ct for trial the courts would have enough todo. Al
though I do not agree with the gentleman as to the cor
rectn. es of his inferences, still, it may be true; and if
true, it furnishea a reason why the adminlstrfttlcn of
justice, if it is lax In this respect, should be tightlv
drawn and strengthened, for If there Is an offence which
?units the severest punishment, it is the negleot of a i
public officer to do his duty. Wkfct k ? Jaw good for, if
office rK aro not held to strict MctnUW And al
tkouch I am a public officer myself, still, I say it, that 11 j
I tod any wilful and culpable neglect of duty on the part
?f any one coming under my authority, l?e shall be
punished with the utmost severity allowed by law.
All the difference that exists between a free and
a despotic government Is, that the former is a,
government of laws, and the latter a government formed
according to the caprices of one who goyernn it. This is all
the difference I can see, and it la therefore necesnury tnat
these who are stlected to execute the Uwnln a free govern
ment should be faithful and competent in the perform
ance of their duties. In regard to the ease now before
us it has been correctly observed l>y the District At
torney, that tli" ..lling of liquor is prohibited by law.
There are grocers licenses, however, wiieio liquor U re
tailed : bat I speak no v of Uvern licences which per
mits the sale of liquor drank upon the premises The
aperies of sale which ia prohibited cannot bp oarr *a ou
unless the person ia specially licensed. It 1b tlio policy
of t he law that he should be licensed, and it la no recent
policy?it ia not taught by the temperance lecturers ot
the present day, but was brought down to ui by our
fetters. Licenses shall not be granted unless under re
?trictions, tor which thero is a special rule. Thoy are to
be grafted as auxiliary to those who want td keep inns
or taverns for the accommodation of.the travelling putt
lie ; not as a principal but as a secondary business. The
noltey i f the law i?, that tlie Commissioners, if they sec
?, mat great licenses, but the law prohibits the grant
ing of licensee where it ia Intended as a principal busi
iHii. lhere are tippling houses, commonly designated
as grog thopa, which it is well known are the most co
pious fcourocs of vice?they originate more crime and are
the ruination of more of the youth of our cities than
any other source. This is nothing new . everybody
knows it. The defendant in charged with a wilful and in
tentioi.al violation of his duty aa a public officer, aud
at* every other man in the land, he Is bouud to
know the law, and ignorance cannot excuse
kin. You m?ht start with the presumption that he
iqm knoW tlie law, and it you are convinced that he wil
unquestionably he Ui guilty. No
tuJuMr shall be granted unless the applicant proposes to
keep an inn or tavern. Wee it here pro]>o?ed to keep an
fan or tavern, or was it to sell liquor t The best evi
feme on this point is that, of the man himself_who pro
fesses to sell liquor and drive a cirt for a livelihood
"Unless the Commission*? were convinced that the ap
plicant was of good moral character, (and there can be
no doubt of that, as it has been prove 1 that he bears
an excellent reputation;) having sutlcient and the ne
eeecary provisions to accommodate travellers; that ne
baa the necessary house room, two beds bes.dos t hose
used by the family, stable room and other requ^ites;
they had no authority to grant him a license for tho aale
of liquor The applicant must actually have these accom*
m<x!eu?ns?not a mere sham?but must have them
witlkln the plain, common sense meaning of the law.
And another thing: it must be shown that a tavern ti
absolutely necessary at that pU.ce. Has the law been
exerclted In this spirit? Did the defendant intend to
exercke his authority in comj?lir?ace with or against the
lawf You have the evidence. If he did believe
a Uvern absolutely necessary, he must be ac
quitted ? if not, you mnst convict hiin. There is
no difference of opinion between the defence and
the Court as regards a wilful violation of the
law; the violation must be wilful, or you o&nnot con
vict. The place licensed must not be a mere grogshop
for the sale of liquors to ueighbors, or to any one else
who might call, but a place for tho aetual accommoda
tion of the travelling public. (Keferrcd to case of The
People agt. Noiton and others, 7h Barbour, p. 4i7.) Now,
gentlemen, it baa beon stated on both Bides that the de
fendant-is a very respectable man, and there can be no
doubt of it; and tlie consequences to him, if convicted,
have been referred to by counsel, but with all that you
have nothing to do. I need not aay to you that because
he ia respectable he should bo convicted, nor that he
should be aoquitted on this ground. There Is no man
so respectable that lie can commit a direct violation of
-the law, at least In this State. It may do for Kentucky,
but not here. If he is guilty you must so pronounce
~him. With regard bo the consequences you have nothing
whatever to de; you must leave that where it properly
"belong*?with the Court. Whether'lt 1s a heavy or a light
pnnifhroont.xjr whether the Court Will suspend it alto
gether, to see what steps are to be Uken in future, you
Save nothing to do. The Court can only assure you that
tbey will deal with all, high and low, in such a way as to
crush out any spirit of resistance to law which may ex
ist. The oase, in my judgment, is a very imporUnt one.
It is hppcrtsnt to the defendant, ana it is im
portant to the public. No doubt you will give
It befitting attention, and you will give nim the benefit
of any real or substantial doubt; and if on the otter
hand you have none, you will pronounce your verdict.
It is important, if innocent, that tills defendant should
be acquitted, but if, in your minds, you have arrived to
a full and abiding conviction of his guilt, then he must
be convicted.
The .lury retired about two o'clock, and in two hours
thereafter returned with a verdict or guilty.
Oourtol for defence moved lor time to prepare a bill of
?xeeptlr4>s, which was granted, and the Court adjourned,
-tlH Mon ay next.
Previous to the adjournment of the Court, the jury in
-the caae of the Farleys (tried for the murder of Joannah
Jtarfiy, by poison,) was sent in. aud, not having agreed
?pon? verdict, were discharged, and the prisoners wer
wemanded for another trial. The Jury had been en
?tg*d in deliberation since Tuesdav evening, five o'clock
Itis understood that eleven were for conviction, and one
.leriacquitUl, at least such la the report outside.
City Intelligence.
battle of bcnksb hill.
"7b>dey ia the anniversary of the battle of Bunksr Hill,
wfcftah erill be commemorated by military parades in
wartons parts of the Uuloa, and particularly in New
Kqg^and. On the morning of the 17th ?f June, 1776,
th* British under General Hewe, marihet up the heights
of Bunker or Breed's Hill, to dislodge the Americana
thevw assembled under the cam mend of Generals Pres
eott wed 1'uUam. This, theflist important battle of the
Revolution, 1s one upen which historians love
to dw It wes a bright aumaser's day, and the hosts
of Kns%Mdi mars hailed for the Attack, presented * bril
liLnt si'?fc? wbtti on tbey came with glittering jbqsm and
martial WMsic, to strike a death Wow (as they tWght)
U the Rebellion. It was then that ''Old Put/
m he waa lamiliarly oalled, gave his celebrated order.
^wre y?mr Are uf you can see the white of
their eves " The eelid colamps of the Rnglleh had *r
ri-^d within pistol shot, la otter words <lhe white ef
their eves" nenld b? eeen, vifcen the command "ir*
co- *-ed the American hreestwork with.one solid sheet
of lleme. and sesri deeth and deatrucUoa into the ranks
?f th. assailants. Three different times was the aaaault
^X,r??7to. with the like result, when
at last the Americans were obliged to retreat tor
wantofj^owder. to tie retreat th.jy were pursued by
th^mitulj and having no bayonets they were compelled
to ."fendtthemselveTtith the bute ef their muskets,
nitrh/orks or anything else available they oould lay
fhriMwands npon It was during the retreat that th,
brave Wsrrwe fell, who was in the ranks at the time as
a volunteer aaid among tlie last to retire from the Ajne
In tills engagement the British lost
in kill* d awl w ounded 1.064 men, and tho Americana
463. Notelihsteariing the retreat of the rebels for
want of ammunHldi:, tWa has always been justly re
irardofl as a great Ame.Hean tictory, and is ?o cooimem
orated by the granite monument that now stands upon
the ground of which the corner stone was laid by Gen.
laKayette in 1R26 It Is 79 ) d?/ "f**!1!
rannrn thundered upon Hummer Hill. How gr,,et_ the
Xhange botween now and then. let tbe Wi therffore,
Ul ^ ^ ?,uuad ^
WV ?h.^a5^.? t^r'eretiea tt>e ?bova event.
?h? ,he memories of the part
when they are so pleta. ^ todwUuponf
? fatal affray ih cha?.?hrs street--dbath
T. . ._...? .. At Hi POUCKMAN.
Last evening, nc 4 f^r from ur, o'clock, a dispute
V?*?1? .VbiuM, 25 Chambers strwst, kao ?a :ut
the Manhat'an.? between Jun??Cl->UMMy, au ea-fM>llee
man of the T*r (fi Ward. and John Kefntyre, who keep*
aporter-hou? 4 |q Centre mreet ne.ir Iz-onard stret.
{"? word* they carao to blow#, and during the scuttle
Melntyres. Clohesey audfr toe ear. Tills took place
r"n v " *-walk, and CToh??ajr fc-Unz knocked aeatelesa,
jTj 1 pavement, outtlng a ??-vere guih imme
diately #XTr his l?-ft eye. At t'lia moment policeman
I? *?'/ *? the Sixth warn, cam* or to TepurAte the par
ties, when Mclntyre, a* is allee d. abu?ei and violently
INlriM him while In the rtlacb gc of his duty. He
w?? secured, however, and taken to ihe Tomb*. whore ho
Vaa lacked up <m the oOi. > r h Hint. In the mean
time, Clohesey had been pin od on . cart end conveyed to
1 the d'atlop house, from e. ly order of Coroner
O'Donnell, he waa sen', to the >;sw Yo k Hojpital. On
reaching that institution however, ho was pronounced
dead by one of the surgeous, consequently, he waa
taken back to the police station, where his' body now
ii .T . decea'ed. tho time of being itruck, waa
partially intoxicated. as also *u Mctntfre; for had they
ootn been perfectly pobnr, thu un'ortunate affair pro
bably would not hare occurred, *> ne ther of thorn have
heretofore been r nsideri d iiiiarreltu-me men. It la not
I alleged that the a.>ailant, in striking the deceased, In
tended to take hin life.
1 The deceased is about 59 year* of a-e, and a native of
Ireland. He resided at 84 Ernie* street, where ho has
/!* Tfe *nd amoral chil tren. Word wax sent to th m
of his death. An inquisition on .the body will bo held to
day, when all the facts in the case wUl be developed.
?**ral witnesses who heard the conversation between
the parties, and saw the assault committed, will be ex
amined before the Coroner.
Return or tot Boston Omens.?Lost evening, United
St4<es Deputy Marshal John n Riley, irith his aids, con
stables Asa O. Butman, and tieorgd ('oolidge, ami Messrs
Charles G. Godfry and William 'f. Llack, who were se
lected by Watsou Freeman. Esq., United States Marshal
at HohtoD, for their peculiar efficiency, tcr conduct the
fugitive slave, Anthony Burns, beck to his owner
in Virginia, arrived in town, cn their way back to
the city of Boston. These gentlemen have been tho
recipients of many hospitable attentions on the part of
gentlemen of the South, and speak of the "peculiar in
stitution" of slavery, as they were enabled to observe It,
as one entirely misunderstood at the N'orth. The slaves
of Norfolk and Richmond. V* .. they represent as happy
and contented, many employed (n the tobacco factories of
the latit named city, and earning from 52 to $4 per week
which they could save up to buy their freedom:
but this not being desired by them, tliey usually spend It
for such wants as appeared to them most desirable. On
their arrival at Norfolk,Va., on the llth lust., the Miyor
of that city, and the President of' 1m> Norfolk Club, R. W.
Bruden, Esq., extended to thciu every kindness and hos
pitality. For a time they were relieved from the imme
diate surveillance of the slave, ar ' wore taken charge of
by the Mayor and principal cl*!/.onaof the city of Nor
folk, who made them fori ti.it .hfy had rendered a ser
vice in doing an act of jnatice to tho Souih. At Rich
mond, Va., the rcceptiou of t< " Massachusetts officers
was, if possible, still mote cor<tuland hospltaolc. Tho
principal cltiecnB vied with e tch other iu showing these
| "?cn, "who had dared to do their duty in the lace of
. an idverne public opinlou," the honorablo esteem in
wliich they were held by the men of old Virginia.
I Messi". Dickson and Sizer, of Richmond, wtre especially
solicitous that the Northern officers "who had braved
death to execute United States law" should not depart
without foeUog that the South apprcsUted their exer
tions. Every facility waa offered to these officers to in
spect the '-institution of slavery," and it is their unani
mcus opinion that the slaves, from their own personal
admission, are happy and contented, and look with dis
gust upon the degraded position held b7 the free blacks
at the North.
The citizens of Richmond provided a splendid supper
v 8- Marshal Riley and aids, at tho American Hotel,
v>hich waa of the most recherche description. While
stopping at Richmond, they were -waited upon by the
citizens of Alexandria, who had also made preparations
for the reception of the Boston officers. v<hich they were
compelled to decline. Arrangements had been m*<le
Iheie tp Are 100 puns on their arrival, and to receive
them in the most hospitable manner; but Messrs. Riley
end otherf, fearing that they would bo stepping out of
the line of their duty to stop and receive these attan
1 tions, however well mean!, were compelled to decline
?hem, and proceed direct for home. Mr. Brent And Col.
Suttle, both assured the officers that Burns would not
u ^a? d- They say he is a negro of uncommon
shrewdness and intelligence. He appeared to be reli
I giou.-ly inclined, and upon the voyage to Norfolk avoided
all use of profane language. The officers confirm the
statement that Burua denied all knowledge f Jones, who
testified to his being at South Boston prior to the time
when it waa alleged that ho had escaped. TIvj gentle
men leave for Boston to Jay.
Fui b I)?am Ptkxkt. ?Yesterday about l>f o'clock
I. M., the Hall bell stru-k an alarm tcr the Eighth dis
trict, a nre having bur.-l forth from tbe upper stories of
the building 201 Uuane street, occupied by A. J. Hop
ping & Co., dealers in weed aud will -w ware. The tiro
men were promptly tipon the spot, hut a heavy damage
bad been done before the flames were subdued. Mr. Al
fred E. Baker, the new Hre Marshal, was among the flr*t
who entered the premises after the fire was extinguished,
to make the neccssary inquiries into tho origin of the
conflagration. He ascertained that the Ore originated in
the third story amongst a quantity of brooms, and under
suspicious circumstances, Inasmuch as no fire was used
m this pUce, and furthermore, no firo waa necessary.
The Marahal is now engageu In a rigid examination, cal
culated to bring out all the factaTn the case. The ad
joining building, 199 Duane street, was used by the
klessrs. >tcwarts for storing sugar; some damage was oc
cagmnea t>y VaTCY; injured in the Irving. Mensrs. Hop
offlefsw aie ingured for ?l^OOO in the following
Brooklyn $1,600 Phrenix 2 000
ken?x -7 f000 Na8MU M<W
'd rnr,t 8 1,500 Rutger's 2,000
2>000 Home 1^500
v- Ir'th<)onfi & r<) , wholesal grocers, occupied 811
^ Vr'r/ "" "tre.'-t> next d?or- The damage to them wai
but trifling, as the water only penetrated the cellar.
/CCttBrr os thkSixth Averub Railroad.?At half-pest
eight o clock yesterday monring, a little boy about ten
jeara or age was attempting to get upon the platform of
one of the Sixth avenue cars, in Varick, near King street,
which, at the timo, was going up town, when, at tho
ssn;e moment, a car coming in an opposite direction
pasped and he becoming frightened, attempted to re
exoss the down track in advance of the car. hut was In
stantly knocked down by the horses and horribly crushed
by the wheels, both of which passed over him. He be
came insensible almost immediately, and in that con
dition waa conveyed to a drug stare, and afterwards to
Z York Hospiti. The driver of the car applied
tlie brake aftei the child had been knocked down, but
lflm Te cle coul<1 ^ Bt?PI'?d it had passed over
Mechanic*' Ihbtiii uti?At the regular monthly meetlmr
of the Mechanics' Jnstltue, held at the Institue rooms, on
Tuesday evening, the 13th instant, the following gentle
men were unanimously elected to fill vacancies, viz:?For
j itaideal, Willlaai Miles; for third Vice President, James
Bodgetf; for directors, (ioorge W. Glaze, William W.
Cumberland. Louis Bail and James Davis.
Rum Otkii by a Siaoi.?A young man named Edward
Uennesey was severely injured on rhursday evening bv
belnir run over at tbe corner of Liberty and Nassau
street ^ by a Wall street stage. He was con /eyed to tha
ew 1 ork Hospital.
Personal Intelligence.
Got. Beymoar and mite, Albany; General Cazonove,
Washington; James H. Rollins, England; J. Fklips Alfonso,
Havana; Bon. Manuel de la Gury. and a party of twenty
two, Mexico, arrived yesterday at the St. Nicholas.
J. 8. Banks, North Carolina; A. H. Polk, Louisiana; E.
Bright, Jr., Boston; Geo. G. Stammopt, Chicago, 111.,
were among the arrivals yesterday at the Prescott House.
Rev. B. Sunderland, Washington; F. M. Buroe, United
States Navy; Chas. J. Mcl)ougall, do; Hon. E. 1). ycMas
ter, New Albany, Ind., were among the Arrivals yester
day at the Irving House.
Hon. J. Mott, Ala.; Hon. L. Hempstead, Ohio; Captain
O. B. McClelan, United 8tatea Army; Col. H. Arrington,
N. C.; J. Knight, Mississippi; C- 8 tan wood, United Mates
Navy, wer? among the arrivals yesterday at the Metro
politan Hotel.
Col. Gray and lady. United Slates Army; S. Forrest,
United States Navy: Capt. Allen, Montgomery, Ala ; Cart.
Little, ship John Wade; W. C. Fountain, New Orleans;
Dr. Jarvls, United States Army; Oapt. Higglns, steamship
Hermann; Col Pendleton, Washington; J. J. Day and
family, New Orleans; 8. R.Cook, United States Hotel,
Boston, were among the arrivals yesterday at the Astor
B. Hcst, New York; C. D. Williams, do; Hon. Robert
B?ale, Washington, D. C.; Hon. C. Bore'ami, Boston; C.
F. Cromwell and daughter, St. Anthony's Falls; C. Vau
dcrbullt, Jr., 8. i,, arrived yesterday at the Union Place
From Mobile aad Havana In the steamship Cahawba?
From Mobile?Mr. J Tattnall, Miss C Tattnall, Miss II Tatt
nall Miss M Tattnall. Mrs J Strong aad throe children,
Mrs J Gage, Miss H Gage, Mr* H (Touseler and servant,
. Hits L Brer, Mrs C Barney, three children aad servant;
MrsSR Walker, Bve children and servant; Miss Bobbins,
Mrs ? B Ward aad child, Mrs M W Olivet aad ohlld, Mrs
H I.anidnn Mri K Laagdon, J Davis. Jr, lady aad servant:
Mrs C H Sheafs, Mlse R Parrot, T McMillan, lady and child:
Mis J Keeie and child, Mrs R Rowland. Mrs V David aad
two oblldren; Mrs K BSeawell, six children and servant;
Mrs W Bond and servant. A 8 Farlngholt, D H Taylor, D
Price, G Reynand. From Havana?MarqnisPrado Arsons.
Conde de La Reunion, son and servant; Jose Troneoso, Mrs
T Vaides, Mrs L R Aukermau, A O Mendesa, Mrs R Plna
and daughter. M Adritasss, N T Maria. R Ceteves, H J Ro
binson and lndy, Mrs G F Crtndo and two dnaghtera, Mrs L
Kernaadss. Mrs L Armeotero. J Baoatloa, a Fernaades,
Ed del Oaminc, W H Knowiand, F Dnnnty, Patro Frtiiai,
lady and servant; N Del Pino, lady aad chiHren; Miss I,
Gar*la, V Durege, lady and ohlld; Madame Dlron and three
children, C Rostond, J Alfonso. 11 Frye A Aispem L Aok
ermaa. F Koslllo. F MarUner, F Naldee. F Peraita, J Per
alta, J Morales, F Moreno, J 3 Macias, J Ritas, B C Nnnes,
J Foster, C Laehefort, J Doaenech, F P Grass, J L McGre
gor, lady, two children and lervant; A Araero, A Parejo,
Mrs M JTIaeera, child aad servant: P G Ssncber and (er
rant, Jose Moatnlvo, Mrs S F Gonsaler. Mrs J BerndUs,
DrO ilorrln, lady, three children and two lervants. Mary
Rlliare, C Clbacb, lady, four cMldren and servant; C F
* ?!"?, lady, three children and rerrant; C Madden, lady
sfaild and two servants, Miss A Madden, Miss J Madden,
M de Paca. PMIer, A Pennte. Jose Ramos. Total, 117.
From l< en vitas, in bri? Toledo?Santiago Vails.
Mblamioholv Accident at Charleston, 8. C?
We regret to record an accident on Ashley river,
about ten o'eiock on Saturday night last, by which
two estimable and promising young gentlemen of
this city lo?t their lives. In the- afternoon a party,
consisting of Meanrs. L.ongman, Powie, Miller and
Warley, proceeded to Cbisolm's mill In a rowboat,
and while returning, with a strong ebb tide, when
opposite Bird's shipyard, they came in collision with
a schooner bound up, under nail, and were instantly
CMriMd. Two of the party. If UMTS. Miller ami
Warley, were, with much difficulty, rescued and
taken on beard the schooner; the ptber* were Unfur
natcly Lost. Mr. Longman wan a VAtive of Now Jer
sey, and was bookkeeper to Messrs. S. A L- Mowry,
on the bay. Mr. I)owie wan a native of Scotland,
and was engaged with Mr. Wm. Calder, Kl?g street,
as salesman.? Charlt$lon Courier, June 12.
_ CUcimUl' . rkl( Omy.
Uaim> srAim Disnucr tent Mo'iont.
'Jwbt?Smdtl Term ?Motion*.
1#64- ?m. ,a*>. u*i
III' ' ' ? m7> 8*,? ow> 4M> 6W?506
Sfphuo* Ockt?Motions and decision*.
1?Sv*- 4C*< "if to n*),
1078. 1 art II.?Mo* 87'J, 1127 to 11S6.
1r,,*1 ?rr*t Krlf*v*e._ ChOM Twrntr>rl?ht
iflaa'tii cfth#' J*Z? a'the hdd o&q so ?oen
?VSaT. f *' lJT" ""eg"' ;ai?eent daguerrean
'7 Brnt Jwty. ?U-? '.yiM-t rravorn, photographs.
Ji inuC'rulJlW! u? p?p?,r, ?ien t? parfectioa.
1D^*trrw>?JJ?, Lame Six*, for SO
??Ure?i'! ' *, * 1', U *?? "n*"1 *'?h velvet anl pr,
IT.. Aj . J"? 41 * '!"? ?' ?*h,r P>*o*t for Hfty
M9 R..A Othos.Ur.-.. ?t $2 "laewhere. AW BON,
?*? Uroadcaj, op|?ortt# Hotal
Co., 3 J? Br i.viwa,-?We would a?t
T e 4i' '".0i' "??J ? d??uerroolyee for 25 ?enU.
*?? "J* J ? '* *"'? "'V? as ean *>? -urn by
&V) J of lf,33 < (for'
Rcete <Ai Co., 'MB B. oncl wny._ rttc preaent
f** ?"'y prorrletor of tbe original two .hillings dwaerreo
ty pe rooms *J" the flrit to ? IT- ? the oheap?at pioturoa in
fh':r'v* *:??tbi' w,? <,o?? i?u nam. ia"
ovrn ???*w *. *.'!M ,l0,,, *"? P?rtaer-lip in the o-B
Wf#, Mi it ii trot? th*1'. no miB haa & ri*bt to repreH'nt
?ho"h?.Ul r0tS??7',4i bUi *** "f'thN oom .auy,
?oo has lal<or*-d hird and es)M-nd**d i |gw? amount to build
up a business at 219 flroad way, tsh'te ha U ??>
For Summer We.r? We aawiae KenUem?n
wowtaaaeide their eld aud (M?d hata. and
propose to .reat themselves with one of fresh * >?? ?-tl ele
cta* appearance for thu Inmmtr. to make % p..la'. *f
ing bB* ot kMUX'K ?tnros. Mo IV# Fulton d'.reot or Vo .133
Jiro?d-??y, ?n^ .el.rilng v h?t thry want from hliampU si
?"I'??;1. , ' A?? "? t^at Suo*'? li?ts throw StiMw
into the il>ad? entirrly, la poiut *f bvautjr of tppttr?u t
and eouubo.y of 1'ilce. *
Tnnt Ilkt.?A Ueaatifttl Cover t>><; Air the
Rataifl?r the Mai.y-Wt thli day ofiVir, and
wniaoDtiBa* tb? MB?uDtil ,fily <? h, lor tbe aoroiaui?la
ti?? of our labornx frienfl#. of laihiounM* d??crip'ion. ta?t
for qokljtv ?iid prloo oauuot b? found aUewixro vatviur
Irom $1 CO to J2. LEARV k CO.. Uat *r"
Ailirllgin, Broadway.
The Ser.ntor Hat?Flint In Faahlon.?Rail
bitter, <11 Broadwtf, corner of Lirpanurd itceet A oo?a
?t')o ,,6ort,IMB* 4'1 iladi of bate, ia a new and elo^aa
Ciiiiln'a Suhmo' lluta.?Kt raw* not oulv
?|10**h>?h tte wind hlo??,lot IndioUe tb, tUte of
tLe thermometer, 'i be quiokit rer ban now rtaohed etraw
bat point and gentli nipu who duelra to keep their head*
vol arc incited to examine tbe light votilatma fi'.rle* of
?very dexcripiicn at Uei.in'e eetahlMimori'.. Tho variety in
??raw and grate hata. end touibrero* m infinite a>d tlio di
v' MlJy Of'aaw*b?p?>, ?de?tfd to ail t t.tii ufTorde i wid?
fliM for oboloa. The orloea will be found eieeediagly node
r???- PEN IN 214 Broadway, o^putlto St Paul'*.
Davids Drab Beaver and CtMilmerc Hate
for K?Dt1*m*n'a snmxi.er wiar. ?*? dt?oif*?>a!y tho h*nd
?omcabatfl vet iniroancod Call on DW.I) m Broad
?*.y door from J)a%?9 streaf , if jou want ? beauti
ful f-rtiele. Soft I tta and sirawn of every variety.
Mer.llo's Drab lleovor Hats, lot Ca nmer
wear, aro remarkable for their rare beauty. The 'lualltv ia
unejceptiona le, au.l their durabi ity, iigiitn^t. .ud ?lo
tieit/^ire unlT-.riO <a iefactlun a varied a?4 exteaelra
aaurtmoDt of lumtnor bat# of all kinds.
Statical CongreM._The Huh to Hcnrthla
t'^2ra"i not STe*t*r than the ru?h|to i?<-nro one of
f KaHMAA S ineomparuMe drab leaver -b4t? wliloh f.r
eleganoe and ??auty aurpasi everything ye'- ijitj-oduood?
light an 1 graceful In the extraua lie keep ai a?>or*n?o?t
or gentlemen ? bats and earn for fammer we*r at full
prlcee that make tbc eye? of tho economic tniaklt. Nc 90
r ulton stieet.
The Max Sntalne llatn?IVew nijl', new
Uitpe, light at a i*pb;i, o iol ttd vtntllating, ai o the " .Ve
?ius mtra " of elegance ia Uea'gu, matoriul and manofte.
txre. They oan be oh'.nipnd only at GENIN' S. 214 Kroad
a ay, and at Oenir 'i Buaar, Ss. -Niohul.? 6vt?l ?'3
Broadway. '
Piano* and Mi iodionii.-Pcnioin wishing to
pur?ha?? ?uT>eiior pianoa or melodeona at extremely low
Jf H?m ?''.1?'.,oP'aD0 and mufio earablijbmcnt
of IIURaCE WATEitS, 33'* llroa- way.
IVew Mnelc^-O'ir Girls, Song and <lunrtctt?,
V> cer,tg; Angel Wllipars ?ong ZBcenta; V, .md^rar'a ?o
tuin (vignette) sot g and qnartette, 8H co ita. Park W .l
tiea 38 oetita Fair.- land Sab .tliab, 3rt unta, with buaa
ti'ul vignettes Tue abovo mnsio c%n he fully rocoui
100,000 Beautiful Villa Sited at Auction, on
Tuesday, June 20 at Kr-rt Hamilton.- riiis p-op?*rty it wi^h
??\ /I?^fice>t location for a country residence in the
vicinity of New York It commands a viowr of the >>ay
Coney and Staten Islands and the snrrcundinx country,
the 0cen?ry of w hi oh Is nni?rpasied The steamer Nor walk
1'ftToa Pier No. 3 North riT^r at, 10 A. M and IP M , in
time to attend tho salo at 2 o'clock, and retara) afi6P, M.
Free tickets and further particnUi f c*n ho obtained o' the
auotioi^eer, at his office r; o. 3 Nassau street, near VTall.
Woshlngton City Star, in thla Cltr^Set
*m up on both alleys.?New Yo. k fulks will new bo abla to
r*i?ith? faitoit, moat ralltll?i and Urgeat oiroulated ot u.l
the W ttrhlngton papejra, avory la.irniag, aa early at oar two
dillle. ur* laaued. Tbii movement cuinot aut work wt-U
Beeeircd bore by 9o'clock e* ry morning, freah from the
lsst Lirfht a cress. To bo obtained of newnuien and bovs
i.^hS ageVt here.**'" **' * ? C00PJEft- 103 >"?" ttrtet.
A Biographical Sketch of the .Vn^el Gabriel.
?The Sunday Courier_of to-morrow will cootain * eketeh
explaining who and what tbe ativet praacher, John 8. Orr,
otherwite known aa the Angal fiabriel, ia. In addition, the
soncluiion of the ltosanee of fUoh and ?*oor, or Peept at i
the Amateurs; A Tenant'a Houae, and other original arti
elet, will be given, aa well aa tlie naual variety of editorial! 1
a.e. rrlce three oent* per copy. For tale by all ageata.
Jonathan's Whittling*, with Twenty Ilia*.
tratione. for thU week it now retdy. It ia full of hl-t at
tbe timea, and cut* at all aorta of thinga and all so.-t-of
people besides a full aooount of the taarrUge .f M i. Hen
rietta Petowker. rhowing up everybody who waslh,.r? and
a good many who were not. Price. 61/ ceati. F ?r sale at
all tie news xgenta'and tcnota anlby
T. W. bTKONO, 98 Nausea straat.
Atlantic and Pacific Tlallroad Company..
F; Olo" Peebles, in regard to this ovianaay
will be found at length In the next Sunday Dispavch.
Portable DrcMlng^Theae Articles, aa Con
ducive to tbe ooinfort of travellers and otbera ean be noen
at the tnbseriber's ttorei ia great variety.
8aDN DERa, N'ut. 7 Astor House, a?! 587 Broadway.
Comb Factory, 387 Broadwajr,.T.?dlet are
IS!?f-tfj\!,iB,Tltfd %i '""ilneonr assortm?t.< of tortoise
thtll and buffalo drees, all of whichare of tbe newest styles.
Fancy Cutlery, Kmbraelng a Larm Vartety
2 ,p?,^',n,e"i p*n *D? Pocket knlvea, of the a?l rare and
beaatifnl patterr t; alto an sisortmtat of fineket outlery.
SAUNDEkS, Mot. 7 Astor Honte, and 387 Broadway,
Rem?yvat,?Oliver & Brother, old e*tab
h*T! r*moveU ?o thai* now marblo
nuildieg Mo. .tZ Bookman street, between BTai.ao aid WL
'vi1?! *uere tbey are, hotter than ever, prepj.ru 1 to exe:ute
all kindt of printing neat, quiok and cheap.
The Dordentown Female College is one ot
the mort pleasantly situated lnitltntieas ia our oonatry
furnishing M the tame time a no<t tgreeaMe and hoiltb v
''?JR'.J0?' j* th* Ixirtadvantiages fur the acaulsi
!kA-.iR1,?? ?Biorn??eutai education. The Pre.fdent
of Jba Jnt^otlon Bay. John H Brakeley, it now He "io
oitf, and fertont having daughters or werds to ed?oa>*
mayhavo an interview with him by o ailing a', the Irving
The Moat Beautiful as well aa the Moat
healthful Sonday excnraion of tb? khoi i?by theiteumer
ELECTA, ? nr.t. Beilby, to Haveretraw, Sine Sing k>< ia' er
mediate laadinga- leaving the foet of/ay itreet at i) o'olook
A.M.. returning t? the city about ? o'olook P H., teaching
tt Amoa itreet eaoh way. For particular*, eoe adverti*e
The only One Price Store In Sew York?
Gentlemen la want of flue, faihioaable, and aeaeoaabla
olothlng. well made in partiinlar. ars expeotad to
e*U at ALFB1.D MUNKOE A CO ?S, No. 441 Broadway,
wbere erary article ii marked at tbe loweit prioe, and aa
deviation la aay initanee ia made. _
B. ErAtii, Clot hUtg WarrhouM, IVm. 04 and
68 Fnlton ctreet.?We obierve that tbia large store ia a', way a
fall of bnyare. aad it U no woader, for Rvaaa i< lilting
clotting cheaper than weaver beard of. /ait think, a fine
frook eoat for 910, and complete maimer anite $3 30.
Worth Remembering.?Summer Clothing
cf every deaerintien made In tbe bebt manner, of soperi ,r
itylea, now ready, endowing at the lo-?eat p>aiibla prioee.
N. B?Perfect iatitfaction guarantied. CUiVAkO C.
HACKBTT, Clothing Emporium, 109 Fulton itreet.
To Suit the Preeent Age Everything N?it
be good, and at the iame time low pric-d. Everything ia
(? that was at DRCttGOLD A PROCU'S clothing eatab
lirbment, 120 Fulton atreot. The article* iold cannot be
excelled, and the price* are rery moderate.
Rousseau laid It wm better to be great In
one act than *?|>ettelal In many. GREEN, No. 1 Aetur
Ilouia, believing In tbe maxim, aimed at perf.iotion in
ihlit mat lag. Ill* euttomora aay ba ha* attained It. There
I* ao exception to tbe fit of hia (hilt*, no dlaappoiauntat at
to lima of thalr delivery.
A Curd for the Ladles ?John Madden, MT
and 67S Broadway, hat opened tbla day oae c?.e of on
broldarad mailt a jeekete, whleb be will offer at ha'f their
anal prioe*. Alio, from auction, a groat variety of blaek
lace ikawla.
City Ladles, and Ladle* "Visiting tbe City,
caa tad tt Miller A Co.'* in Canal itreet, Udie*' gaiter*
at 12i.. Ita. and 18a ; trit quality illpperi, tyea and bu
llae at 9*. and 10*.; aeeond quality tame etyle at fle. aad 7a.
par pair; alto, boy'a miaaei' and ehildran'i booti aad ihoci,
of all kiada aad price*, at
i. B. all.LER A CO.'8,134 Canal itreet.
Boots, Shoes, Slippers, Ace., for Ladles, Gen
tleman, miieea. boy*, and children, (tbe heat that can be
mada ) ia great abuadaaee at BROOKS', IfTS Broadway,
and 160 Fnltoa atreet The cheapeet and boat placo in the
city to gat a good aniole.
Boots, Shoes, and Gaiters, Just Received
from Pari*, by Eb'UtNB FfRRIa, 0* Naoan atreet He
baa on Land a large aeaortment from the beet dipVera in
Parle. Gentlemen who really want good boot* and nte and
to get rid of oorn*, wunld do well to call at <U Nataaa itreet.
flouanur Ihoe* and Ualiers,? tfrnntlful u?
the rainbi a'a ray*, light a* ag aanmcr, and lnr?Me ea the
rur embrauce of onr flrat love era th? pedul envoi ? i> vn?->te
mannfaciured by WATKIN8.1I4 Fqltun atroat. Thcr? ia a
pcetrj abont H atkio'* choee that innit b? **en to be ap,. re
Carpet ln?a, Oil Cloth*, Ac., .Vc.?.t dlvernl
led and unique aiaortTent of th?*e anlentild good*, whole
*1* and retail nan be procured at the popnlat <vtar>llah
?eat at tbe aubeorlbert at pneei a ehade higher than eoat.
o*o ii ni.ny. lii acoadway.
Burgundy Wlnea, In m\j>? a one dozen <ech
landing ex-Hoidelbt rg. from Havre. In itorx, a varit '.y uf
Rerdeani wlnea, from good Tin d'ordlnalro to tla tint
revthi end heat vintage*. For tale by JOHN OUNCtN
BON 8,4W Broad * ay.
..w Rbadc UuaHNtu. ? -
ef gil1 twuMi lace anl ??alia onrtaiBB.
boliaads is ? Kelly A 'Hlliti, Nos. J89>i Broadway and
M liid? itwit 'Nn offering groat ladnoaaaai* to iwny
ml of' bi tbuti |ioif| AlTtladeof Wiiilo* lb*lH (Mil
to ? rdar Our 'tip?H- r manufacturing faeilitiea jaBbleus
It k-ip ?? btu always kt4-?f betag tae
eueapeet hout# in the Matos.
ir.C Po-.t t-i y, and "4.VJ Grand afreet.?OI?l
win**. ?r. adies Ac ? w? ha<? on hand at ymut MM
?#ri choice o d Msdeira Malmsey Madeira, pale sherry,
ic?u?ri(T?. pale L"Bdoa dock Lort. sweet port, Bad ChuH
r?r?-? wi?e?; I>*1? *?d Jerk O ard Hense'scy, a?d Base
Tin b'Btxtin oH Holland gin Irieh Bed Sootoh utalt whis
v??. ai d oi* M^ionrahela whiakey, t'l of wh'ch aic war
raa.ed pur* tnii ?f ii>t T?r; Swt iiitUij. Wekaveal.oa
v-r-etv?.f lo?rr *'?deti 01 wines and 11.1 an re, sult iblo for
fli*n it on pifpf'ift. ALBRO A BROTHERS
- b>?wfalo ard ? .tall dealers in <??. lUiar, <10*
Ac If* Rowere, fMrtla ?lnor ahoee Brootae street ai^ i'Ki i
Grand str.1t, second block cast of tlie llowery.
?8?w'iik MweMnes.?The CoinWnatloit of
need W aid c nttlein Sewing Ma?"iin*?
in b I ? p nperiy I!'-' deowlon of the Hon Chariot Maa-n,
Cun.i. !??!? ?< <? of ra entJ. proves that; tH.
mad< Ly Wa!t;r Hunt in 1S.H a?d that it ha? been gi?en to
tkeiub.ic The CaW-liors of ElUs Howj. Jf Bad j^'V"
,o?i?t.s. are no* ?t .n and. Copioiofthud^ulo* ?an be
had gra'.it a'. any of i.e owces "i I M. 3I?iU*.it ? w.
Oitucr ^ali.mandrr kufci^-Robert M.
PATRK k <3 the anle manufacturer in tho Unite.1 Htatea or
?.he abova *?'.*brand f?f?? and F C. Colttn's impenetrable
i-vfiaaee !->?:?: aiut cioas b?r?. tb? bat', nm and loeka ??n
t>in?4 it ?h* wo>!d. IV p^t, No 192 Pearl ?>(???,, cue d or
y.lan Kaiduu Una, manufactory, 00, 62, M and tio Cauaoa
(tract. _____
Om Cbohlng and Hi-atln^.?American P<i?
tantGa* t:?9kln* and Latins Company, Brjadwa.r,
croud Hocr?A r.i'cnt prcoaa*, of graat *o?alty, nt llty.ana
iMkiiiiy Tl.? pnbUe aro tnrit?d to call andaaamina tuo
variona artirlea. Himdhnin^cnn^bej^ta^?^* ?
$15 Only lor a kfrautlful Country ?Midene?.
A *r?*t urportunity to gtt oioar of payi.4K norinona
iwt.. and Ktcariag ft healthy and pleaMnti. ^oad. ???
buildinx lorn. U'O f?ct r-uarf, in tue (loar.aiiing village or
l.akclaud aud 100 faruia will bo divided among nOtl euV
rri era in afaw iaya; oaoh ?nliaori'?er for flft will recei/o
?-Tirrai tee oecrt for four bnildin? lots lUy IK) feet, or a
a'irtu of iroui 2 tu '21' aore??; a f? v suAori ?epi oaiy wflbolea to
t\??* the books. Apply lmy?dUt?ljr to cu^H-h^9^i?06
UroadTray, tihero maptf au* 1 pamphletb ooia oe nftc gratid.
j ht iU?z Malum* Cnampngne Oro|:?? e???*
^aln< the 'tire ?>ne area novel triumph in eonfeisiomery,
ar *-b Butt delicate ?u>t doliciona bonbon of the'em >n,
wUchthe ??tontion of the ladiej .aenp?oi*Uv dirooied.
The Mas hut?i..e Or?rs nre prepared and toli only at TAi
VOB 3 Broadway.
ftafcbriur'n Hetr Dye ?? ??H #hn leading
Tt'ole. by r.ll iodg d to be the bert dye juttant. rot
erfectly onlorH* the bale tho moment :i U applied Tonj
K thcn.at.d. in all ,-art? of the iproalalm it thy o ily
mU(U< ijc kno?n. hoid at BATi-llBL'jR S, ^i IjC^ai
Noty'i the time to ten lt< power I
"?Vonld >011 aliine in beauty'? bower,
Making enviona rivals covrsr. ,
V!?a OBiaT.t DO HO S dye.
Sold and privalsly applied at Ho. 6 aator House.
What tlic at venfold thick IlnH'iHide SWtld
v?ito ?laxieGOOH*Ul>'8 Italian Me^ioatod Soap to the
wornbipreia at the ?brin? of Vunaa Under ita oovec ih'-y
find ample protection from tho ax?anlta of tan, frecklea,
p'nipler mnborn, aallowneai, and all ether iile .i?at??iu
le heir to" Gourand'a t'onnre Subtile uprioti bale from
ant part of tbo body. Ltonid Rouga impart! fho moat por,
liianei tanJ apleidid color imaginable to pal-i choehe and
lipa. Lllj a bite, bni* r?toratl?o aed dye at the old depot,
tf w-a ker atretV, tlrst -tore from Broadway : Callender,
tSBonth llard ttioet, PhiUdelfl'ia; SheM^n, Troy.
Vclnau'pi DInrrhcea Iltmcdy and Cholera
prevent ire ?1 bia celebrated remedy ha? been need in '.hou
aavda of cifoa and a air,,to dol-> ""J?'*1.'* 1 '*,f"
a'tack of dlarr' ?#. Prepared oaly by RU8UTON. 1-li AitK.
A CO., HBBroalway, lUAator House, 273and SUBteadway.
KrddlnuV Ilus*ln Sal ve?Twcnty-flvc Cent*
a b?x?a Bi atou romrdy of t.h'rtr Teara atandlng?a aure
and sp?o ty ?ure for lmraf, a?.ci..". IjOila, aad all external In
jiirlr!?recommf u le-i by rhyrlciaaa. 8"ld by all drnK/i it'
In the United States A. B A l>. Baud C. V. OUekene? A
Co , C. U. Ring, >'eit Vurk, **4 IV a B. /leber, 1 hiladet
pUia RKDDINC A CO., B latun.
The Only Kffertaal Artlcle<i?Coatar'a Rat,
jookroacfc, Ant, Ac. extciiuiuator, and riot tar'a re-cian
lt?eet Powder frr ?'cdbujtt, moth*. Ac , Uhe Powdar
I2?cen m pa.ksgrl tad Cottar a liy paper. Wholeaale
tuo retail depot, M8 Broadway.
Jk.)d?m CieaOK-thl* Kajw rb romponiid
'ox^/oBK-boniuK Md the hai?, p"0pr?rtod
?jt \Aj W. A. BATCniToK, ..t h:?celebrated batr dve
ltd ?lgf*rtoiT, i33 Hroadw *y. Dateliclo* ? hair dye ?a)i
tk* applied Ninetoomfc
Universal Preference l? nart n to Hl'd'iIm?
mored Inat;int?ncon?HairByo.foi ?? r oonosdedaupirlorify,
'?? natural col?ia Je: blaok raid tn Vow brown, eo ?wan?t
fnl. U>aT!?g the hair soft an ! g.-'Ki. are tdmirable. o;'ld
>r applied at W Naa.-au .tract, aid at drug and fan<\j
j-.oie? generally.
To Wholesale McitIiiuk^-I will famMh
Wuni'a Bair Wo?tf.rer to one hundred hal-i-fceaded
trerchaaitiu thla city to uae, f-e- ?f < h*e?o. P "Otw
and left it thoroughly, for it v i'i r-'ltively prodo.|^ a ?n?,
groatfc of liair iu uny bald head. \V. C. lit tD, ?. 1 Br'.au
It's no l"sr. nimit rmmot dlwovcr the
ae-ret of the ooiupo>ition c.t Bern .net A Moyerj1 li'tuid haif
?tyo wl'.icu .-endera it auperlor t ? all otiiar'. Odo t0tt.0i ??
eterral youth. Prinelwu , 1'i Borttandt ?
alto be hal at 77 *.a?t L.?*dv,ay_t lJowe-y, Broadway.
Barker's Chevrnx Toiil?j?c?Tile Iilfc-Pi'lii.
c'nle of bair V> h?u the hair talis sway, ?"w it tv.? with
fbe pnre, ureiar'eae fluid. <voi-i uncle id. offtnjiTC <"im
Puuntli. Price tw my i>v?i coi.ia bold ov?Tyaihero. ilea l
quarters, BARKEK'j^jMJBroadw*y.
Brard orMonnatke fturedtnOrotT TieavUy
in fix weeks b> my Ongoent. wltluwt a ain or in,ury to the
? akin. $1 a boit.e. Sent a? a i> uart of tne innatry. R ??
bnAliiM, n Aunatrea- Zer.er, 44t"onth .hlrd street,
i'Lilade'.pliia ; Z B. (lilL.au, tVajhing:oa, D. O., and liJ
Fulton street, Bmoklya.
lUicnmollKin, ??n(fW?, fe^Hyatt't life
balsam ia the most certs'a roaiedy for theaa serrlole die
ia?es You Mho are euffericn the u.o?t torturing psias, re
member that a few doaea of this P^w.rfol ye, p.oauai,
oo^'P'-Ttod will a lord certain relief Tioii.aod.of c??eahaTe
c^tn ait-J ? *bo duu, llervlJ, *n*l other
paper*, lhflse certileatr^ from well kn<. vn oitiscn,
who om? be aeen and a?ii?c ".?4 at any In nr. Circulars.
containlCK the'e eertitioati-^, ins be hnd at tna principal
<?pot, Mo 'M Grand street^ 3.icuty lWe centa per bottle.
CiVrrr and Agae?Dr. Edward Bieeeker'a
lumpada mixture for the cure of ?*eor and agno and ' hagres
'r?> r This rameay offec*. po?itl ?e c ore w! th on', -j ni ne
-r ar?enie. Sold by the proprietors. ML? li A BLEEbKEK,
18 Broadway, and drnggxtsgenatally.
The Ma* Nntalae Champagne Calcea are
made by *AlLLARD A CO , ?1 Broadway, corner of
Bou,ton street. They are the on.y cakes to be par .aken of
with champagne, giving additioual teat and flavor to tho
To Ladled?Female maladies are treated
with eminent success by Drs. Van Borsn aad Whitney.
Fatients raiied upon at the!** otHco rooa*. No. 77.> Broad
way botweoa Ninth and Tenth street*, or attended at tbeir
Lyon's Magnetio Powder bears the p*!ra?
Death to all to man datoid of harm.
Prince Albert, Kx-Prenldent Fillmore, and
the ' World's Fairs" liave andorled it. ?m the medaU dlplo
ma?, rertlfleates, Ao , at 4^4 Broadway, *. V., and S3 Book
street, Philadelphia.
Medicated Inhalation, or Dr. Cturtle's Hy
geana. WiT.LiAJtsmjito, May 27,1WM
r*. Cu*tis: -Dear Sir?Most willingly do I add my tes
timony to the effliaoy of yonr hygeana and oherry syrap la
oaaet of ootsgh and asthma. I hare had a bad cough for ten
years or more, aad expectorated from a half pint to a
pint daily, mixtd with blood, and almost a constant vomlt
ng up ot my viotnala, acbompanied with s?Tsro asthma
gate me laataat relief, and has constantly he'.pea me ever
?meo. 1 hope a->on to be abl? toaay I am well, as my cough
Is almost gone, wi:h those distreasing pains in my body,
which none ean know but those that suffer. 1 will sand more
satisfactory particular*when 1 am well. I would aay to all
who are amicted, by all vneans try la laithfully. when I
?r?t took yenr meOioine, my doctor had left me, as Many
ether* had done, with, I presnme, the opinion that they
could do no more for me. Juun KtrBtsBEaay.
Koas street, near Division avenue. _ .
Any person inclosing S3 to Dr. CURTIS, 149 Chambers
street, will receivo the hygeana by express, t>ee. Sold by
Boyd A I'aul, 149 Chambera atreet; C. H *'-?*, "oratt of
John atreet aad Broad fay; P. II Cnapp, "iU Hudson atreet
and 472 tlghtk avenue; C. H Phillips, ooriaar of Wooster
and Hcntton streets; Mrt. tfayea, 173 Fulton atreet, Brook
'.jn; and Kuaaell aaa Schott, ISO Market atreet, Philadel
phia Piica S3 a package, or four packages for $10; ieat
flrec by axprei*.
New York Lmig Institute, So. 0 Bond
?arret.?Patients received dt'.ly from 0 to 4 o'oloek, for ti.s
treatment of all disease! of the lungs'* id throat, byithe lew
i^iltn uf inhalation introduced by Dr. Baabora. Per
loss are cordlall; in?i ?d to oft)I and witness '.be MCfHi
of tbia conr.s of trsatineat oa patients stbo daily ?i?l' thti
.situation. Invalid* of sonaunptiai wilt l>o frankly in
formed (If tbsy dealrs It) of the oooditioa of tholr lungs.and
Ui? pr-.spscts of cure. No persoa who applies for treat
in tat U a.oaiTad la regard to Bl* aaM. Under tba charge of
On Thursday, June 15, at St George's Church, by Rev.
?. H Tjng, Mr. FjtKD. B. Fhki to Mis* M. E. Wilsov, both
of this city.
On Thursday, June 15, by the Rev. Charles H. Halsny,
Kt n'8 II. Wood to Jot-arauni M.. adopted daughter of
Wm. W. CJay, all of this city.
On Wednesdsy, Juno 14, at Trinity Church. by the
Rev. D. V M. Johnson Mr. Joil* P. Avoir, of Richmond,
Va., to Mias Miia 8. Clabib, of Lawrence, ilaas.
On Thursday, Jrne 15, by the ceremony of the Society
of friend*, Jostra M. PmcHto Anita A., daughter of Free
man Htacoi, all of thla city.
On Thursday evening, Jane 15, in St. Thomas' Church,
by the Right Rev. H. J. Whitehouae, D.B., Bishop of
Illinois, f.?oa<i? W. Htrimwiros, M.D., to Miss Auci
linnnMin, both of Pittsfleld, Mass.
In Brooklyn, on Tuesday evening, June 0, by B. C. Cut
ler, D.O., Rector of St. Ann's Church, Abthub R. Oarron.
Esq , of Bnffalo, N. Y., (late of Lockport, N. Y.,) to
Miss Ami Kijzabkth, youngest daughter of the late
Joseph A. MiUiette, Kaq , of Philadelphia, Pa.
At Rideau Hall, near Rytown, C. Wi, on Tuesday, June
6, Thomas McLbod Clark, merchant, New York, to
Jbhib. joungest daughter of the Hon. Thomas McKay.
On Friday, June 16, Pirrm Caupwntit, ago<i 61 years.
His relatives and friends are roapoctfuUy Invite 1 to
attend his funeral, fr?m his tale residence. 27 Bethune
street, on Sunday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, without further
lav Italic n.
On Friday, June 16. Mrs. J.un Wmrctit iicH, widow of
John Whitchurch, in tho SSd year of her age
'Ihe friends of tne family sro respectfully invited to at
tend her funeral, on Sunday, at half past 1 o'clock P.M.,
from the residence of lier son-in-law, J. R. Thorburn, U2
Brrrow street, near Bleerker.
On Thursday, J uue lo, ? B McCov, lately doing busi
ness at the o?rner of Jefferson and South streets.
His remains will be taken Ibis day, (the 17th,) at 3
o'clock, to Greenwood, fr< m hi* late residence, corner of
Tompkins and Hickory streets. Brooklyn. The Wate*
av< nue stages run to ihe house from Fulton, Catherine
and Bridge street ferries, ills friends ao<l acquaintances
are Invited to attend.
On Thursday, June 15, at his late residence, 449 Sixth
avenue, of cholera, Wiii.iam Stareow. 57 years of off*.
The relatives and friends are ioylltd to Mten4 hi* f\\
iml at 9 o'oJoeh, this <uy, 17th 1aat. Ttao rotmban of
Rotal Arrh No. 2 an .-espoetfuUy invito t<> attend.
On Wednesday, .lur 14, Jon* H. PaaTT, ig.?! Id year*,
11 m.-'ntba and 11 da?*
Hla remain* weie in'erred in th? ''-inr ? rr of Ever
On rburalay af?rn'.on, Juno IS, .'lotmrru, in
the ?4* 1> ynr ol bis *gt>
Hi# funeral take-. place from the of hU
brother, R< bfr? Mclntyre. No 47 i'ult >n atfeet, t'.ooklyn,
thl* d*y, 11th ?t, at 2 o'clock P. M. The fi.enl* of
the fam1' are re?j.ectfully invited to attend.
On Ki ' vy, June 1 of consumption, IIa.Mii A Sawix,
in V'.tb year of liis apv.
Il n ..-main* wul be taken to Greenwood for iu'orraent,
from 64 Harriron street, ut i o'clock, tikis afternoon,
lli* lrien<* are int Ke<l to attend.
On Friday, June 14, of iua.uuTiation uf the chest, |
Ji>?pii. vounsest s>n of Kuiery and ll.::irletta .Jorrlil,
aged 3 3earn aud 4 month*.
The iriendx and acntiainUiKe* of (hi family are re- ,
specttully invited to uttend hi* funeral, on 3i:a<.'*y, the !
lbtb ln?t., .it 1 o'clock, from the re idt'uittofliU ? arenta, '
3*>7 Fight h strtet I
In Br.iokl) n, on I rlday, June lfl, afte* a linking ill
nr**, Maki.ahkt McKinmcy, wife of Alex. Mcitinney,
*(?nl 73 years.
Her funeral will tuko place on Sunday, at ha'.^ past 1
o'clock, from her lato rcsidfuco, No. 'i McKiuney street,
Rrook lyn.
In illluui?hurg, on Thum.',iy, June 15, lifter p linger
ing illi.esH, Haniah Cbomwmx, aged few year*, V months
and H day*.
Her remain* will be taken to Westchester fo- inter
ment. this day, 17th inst
In White Plains, on I'riday, June 10 Mary D.c?, relict
of ihtvid I ick, in the 92d year of her age.
The relative* and friends of tbo fnmily ar? respect
fully invited to attend tlio funeral from the residence
of her son-in-law, Joshua Horton, on Huaday ailernuon,
at 3 o'clock.
fuddt nly, on Friday evotiing, Jmio 1ft, Mr. Ja m< Cto
uftiv, in the 69th jrear of his age.
li e funeral will take place on Sunday, 18th last, at I
o'clock 1'. M.jfrom hisla'e residence, 11? Broom S'.reot,
Lear Willet The friends and ac ,iiaiut Alice* uf the fa
mily are particiilaaly invited to uttend.
J three years old Ugh* bin.bli eyes, cannot t 1 't. Ilia
mother, a poor woman. i. groai ly distressed. A r? s <rd will
to paid to* tho dir .'ovi ry cf the child Apply to Mrs Price,
Nil 138 Greenwich street, next to Harrow ba.'omert.
Hornby, (aailora by eeoDpatios ) by their sLitor Catherine,
who lift Killsilchat), oounty i.' Wexford, Ireland. la-1 fall,
and is bow living it 73 W'twren sircut. Brooklyn, L 1.
heston, Salem. PhUsdelpbU aad Now Orleans papers will
??if. r a favor by eopyin ; this advertisement.
veyid tevcral articles of Jowelry and ens hundred d >1
tsrsin uioiiev fr?iu the nroini?*i No A3 Wooster strset,
will return toem, tbi-y will sc.va themselves mnoh trouble
? s they sre known. Addrois Agnes Broadway Poit
eata with her brother, who only arrived Id th? eity
vttteruay, {V bnt*day ) June 15. Jersey City papers vlease
Ifoitarian Society at Brooklyn, will preaoh to-m rrow
(ooilaj) evening at the Od?cn, Willlamsbartf. corner of
Fifth and South Fifth ttru il. at <iuart*r to eight o'vioek.
ila dappled, aix or ceven years oil, abont nfteen
hanar i igb fall briirht eye, natural tali, very quick to sta] t,
drives up In go d style. Broke froin the atablo a:.d was
1..-1 tern cornrr uf Twe?'<y-aaoond s reet and 'fhir 1 ? ?onne
on the morning of the 11th May with his baiter on. Any
one set ding word to U O. CLAKK., Batvlay ? ro.-t
wh-r? the horre oau be tonnd, will tooeive tue ft jo vo reward
and the thanks of the owner.
?J)^U it??dteen fo t noat, three thwarts ster.t be .ches,
psioted Inside ?hite ?ti brown, Ibottoin hovrJs. C. J.
Thorns branded on the sti-rn out.iide, blank bott?m n..i b'.ue
ganwale. JiUt.S LEE, No. 1 Washington st'eat.
, _ kteamship Arabia a Ruaaia lovtUer hnv. marko! C
L. 11 in the t-ott iiu lpith the owner'"- na.ne o.i ? brass
plate io lr><nt The above rewarl Will So paid oa u> jilt of
toe tag a', the Astor House
%>? snpro-e'l to have bcou lolt ia Tj son's Im i o: si-tites,
(utngfroi* toot, ef Coitlanot strict t" the eurner of R-jade
??rrct atnisll vackai;.i oi'inanifct.s, of no uf: to any on i but
tl'.eowntr. Any peison leaving ?h#in at the No.thecn Ho
te . fo-'t of coi Hanoi ctroat, m givii.i; in:oru.itlou where
ttey may be had, will tceuive t!io a^iive rewar i.
to an.v v>cr?on wbonill *<r:ng to f;*4 Ur>.tdwa<, e o uj"
ofl'va'lih street, a ligh. t<j- ua:o, a'jout fiarioru hands
h ah, poi y bulit. blavk uiai.o and legs, short liw tail and
wide fluw-rh ears Any iar>m hrinain^ the mare to
Will ?rn Kelly, "i'4 Briidway, wUl reoeivo the above re
IjtVlKlKG INSTRUCTION, 147 Git BEN Sfllfc V-.>H
li i. bniii'-'ir a<n wi 1 <?< otintio his vroiitvc s< hoot thr?u?
tl.e stiBiiue . > rtvatc lessens. Ladies and gnotttium in?>
avail him < lvcs of a i^ood upportnnlty for ,'nvaie ksnu>
dnjinR tb? long sommer days.
WBIT1BG tNU 300ivRfcKPINa.-THK8UBS('l?'B?n
will receive new pupils daily, this wco?. for a tJwr.^gt
ccnrs" <1 Lattrnction ib pei.e ansaip and L?ok>> ^ep>n^ A
Indies writicg o asi> daily at li o'elvck A M . r .tlo j c aj
aad evctlag. OlIYEKB. fiOLLSiliHI. liroa^ way
SBW ?'t BLICA'fliM's.
J stesuitr .srahla Piloe 21 cent/. Jn?t rc ,'o?vtd ?? %iie
bookrtore ut SIIEHsi AN A Co , No. 1 Yesey stroet, A-#ir
J J place -Htalthy anu delightful l>c?M"n. c-ntiln.r
the 'acilitl*s of imwodlatu xeiort to Washiuyton Para1
< r< und, Lroa"way smueenicnts, Astor Library As. lien
V' uen alth fsmlll.s can now noonre apartments ,iood
advattsgeoBS MAM House Lewlj iltttd, recime with
evtry ?onveBience
Board nPTOWf.-to let. to a gen ti * man ' nd
vlfv it ? > i' 'Ingle gentlsmon. a furnlihed room and
?a? room nn nraisl'C'1, with board, in a priva*? fami v. The
honeo lr in a p'f^rcnt location, and has bathroom hot and
eold waUr, Ac., and U^bt?d with gas throughout Inquire
at 20.'t W-st Tuenty novfuth strent.
J tain, oppoiit* Ifoboken ferry. inltaMe for a public or
pAvate honte. Will le finished in a week. Apply on the
prftbiaes, or at the Otto t'ottage. Hohoken.
e?l In Paris, and for a season In JjonJon as head dress
i> akcr for Mrs Hill, dressmaker of the ladles of the eourt.
bfgs Sxave io inform the ladies of * ew York that she has n >
moir business oonnecilon with Mrs. Boniler Angler, and
has taki-n a store -t No. 34 Amity street, where she sa ill
make dresses cloaks, mantillas and corsets, to the entire
satisfaction of tho lsdli-s who will favor her with their
patronage. N. B.?An apprentice wanted, and also good
Lands, to whom high wages niU te paid.
? No 12 O V. A sre hereby notified to attend a spe
eial meMag of the chapter at their rooms corner of Grove
and d?dsoa atr eta. t is (Satnrday) evening, at 8 o'clock,
to make arrangements for attenalag the fnneral of a de
ceased hroetier. Also, to meet at the above place on Snn
day, at I'M o'elork, in fnll regalia Membon of the order
arc rsepectfultT invited to Join with ns By order.
D. W. Miuu, C. of the C.
girl wants a place to do plain o>okiag, washing and
Ironing; has no objection to go to the country. Please eall
at 139 West Thirteenth str.et. between Seventh and Eighth
avenue*, letweea the hour* of tea and two.
aile> a aitnation te attend a store. Sho ha* astendod
a store. AddreaeM. K., Herald ohioe.
man wiihe* a situation a* wet nnrse in a genteel far'
11V- Refercaee if required Ha* no objection to go Inthw
oonntiy. Address M. W , Herald oflkce, for th -ee days.
a respectable family Haaagood knowledge of drcsi
making. I* willing to do tight ehamberwork or wait on
table. Please eail at No. M> Fulton street. Brooklyn, near
the ferry third floor, front room. References fan ished.
natlon ii turn, and to do plaia aewlogor lenorai
homework In ?. private fainilr Tbe beet of city refareaca
given. Inquire >t 6fr)? tut Nlatta<nth itrcet.
all kind* of inlitoliiij tad plaia aewlng, dealrea a
iltaatloa, la a tm reapaotable private family. ai auras,
govern eta, or ohambermaid aad Ntartren. Caa be teen
at 148 iMt Broadway.
tj lr?di. datlree a permanent iltnation la mm re
?nestable family at drtianafter, aad to teaoh bar owa laa
gnage. Hat ao objection to (o to tha conn try. Addraw, or
apply far Mitt P., at S? Howard ?tr?at.
teel aad raepeetable boarding houee Ii waatad to take
charge of a fnraiihed boat*. eligibly loaatod, to lot, la far
?Uh?d a permeate, to geatleaaa. It haa all the aodara
Improvement*. Oood reference! aad nm eaenrtty will ba
rtqalred Addrett ladattry, Horald oftoa, with roal aama
tad particular*
ooaatry, la a light aad proHtabla baaiaeta, would Uko a
oompaaloa to engafe ia tha *amo; matt ba an Amefteaa.
Addraaa, po?t paid, WlUlaau, 20 North Maora 'ireet, ttaUug
wbtrt tn Interview may t? bad.
to apprentioa btmeelf to tomo ratpootablo trado; oar
penter ir bookbinder preferred ; hat ao objection to go la
the country. Adarett E. R , Herald office
aaeeritaadt hit batlaatt, with aaqnattieaable refer
ercet. Note otkera aeed apply. Iaquire tt 809 Broadway,
ia the baiemeat. A waittr alto wanted; apply at above.
BlioKKStPKR wanteI), for a firWTlass
hotel; one that onderitaadi hit butlnete thoroughly,
lood reterencee required. Apply Immediately at 908
A Co., I.V Broadway, up ttalrt. None bat thoae who
can ghe tbe h?at of reference neod apply.
California A" SOClaBLE, EXPERIBN<'ltD
J'on* woman wiahlag to go to Califirnla with a
iemily would h? wtlllna to pay half her paeeage, aad give
her terviree fi.r the remalnlag part; woald remain with the
family after arritaltf agreeable to them. Intoada going
heiaeif ?n tbe 2t?th laataat, hat would much rather aocom
ry a family Beat of referennea given. Pleaae addreaa
It , Herald office, for two day*.
' it>i< n wantao in a private family. Good city refareaoe
8lvea. Aii>h at 111) Eaat Twenty eaeoad atreet, between
efinri ana Third evenuen, for two dayt.
teataat alrl.?Slmalloa wanted in a private family.
).ood dty rcfemnee given. Apply 00 -'-a. <rJ attest,
Brtekljn, ior one day.
",?!vv"'u"*?swasrsfwbk i?w
C^h ?mb1rmaid wantedtt nnor?
; looking, ?wj ?d .1111.,0^?> 0?j?w*l
preferred Call Ibia (Saturday ) rnorali. 12
at 67 We?t Thirty ?rititroet near blitfc
ing- mtaatlo. ...ud la aariraufc^v"1^:
maiai a given Apply tt?o i ualua court. llr fwodayz
p?ok washer AND iron'ek. ?SITUATIOn" Was*.
'??"?hlpr??a'a family App'y at ?o. 1J7 Eldri iga
?'rt?t, ia the Mir, for two da>?.
c?i??lei). ??acnman WANTED?a STEADY, 80
' iadoatrion. man on* underataniiag the earo
ilnm fi . P'*ferird, and ma<t ke aa excellent
t0 th* coantry. addrra- kox 810 paat offlee.
dbac"?k *ra-v"rd t?? goto LA SALLE. illi
tviiatiar. a ?!*' r' P?r?0b. competent t? ill pre
0d.?.nt al .1? * p*'*"" ^ ?r ? klndtbia offer, a good
opening Addreaa i o* 1.901 i-^at ooca, giting refe
ittaku lik* y "*? th" bwlaeae. aad 1? oapakla
i*1"* charge -f a irh cla?. .tor. Alao. a ?ouavma?
"/r? 1m bo'werr ??,1'pl,U,,4bU r,f",B0* " Ap
i)?eaa avdcr?^|n? re (?btai vi!d at tiie AMERI
Zi&ttcJZfuKZZ 40'*th8 Sooi#t'''Uw
emmnke7rvuntl :n GOOD DSJCS8
Eng. .1 lugic^ui ajv^u.^"svllt^plotlat ?{,wo,h'
br?!li>a'y ' ""?tiob,'at *?'-"ior i^oo'io itilarjiuilu.
tfarmkr WANTED-a comp1trnt fah*kr ^s0
i waaiod to take iliargo of tLo uiauatc
men!1 of i.Mrga farm in thi- State. sa.iiwrj r.f.ii aj
f "e a"*?<? j:
Giri-h wanted, wanted, fo* a *iust cla??
diuingsaloon. twelve goo.) tjuy grl?; american kna
ll"nd at*?focsf" r*d* lu'1<,lr* *' " d#* itrmt minu
oovexkeeper and COMP ANION.?wantsd BY
j~? ? yjong 'ajy to take -arocftha
to all. .? ?i vary well educated and know kow
a j ??? German lady prcf. rred A good
girl %ni had il.fiia very 'c fortable home. addreea with
paruemlara, W.N, a , Broadway fo.t Office '
fta?jtanted'1n a hetail Hardware
mri.?vi it .h k * > ??"? "i?u who hat had soma
in -h i* bn',"M"' ""e who can give good roleran^i
"?oe. r*cter at0" ?<ljnbox 43, lirooklya poa?^
vtr8e WAMED-A-n experienced~PR0TE9T
m.-j's ?"j5r,e "'a "?Biatr? ii. Apply, mtae.ik
i-and . a clook. a* Fiitl* arcuue. cor ilex ol Tital' a
aeventh atreat, fof twi 4aya. ?wen.|fc
nu?avt?.wt^.>'tf,i> ?^k *""0, " capable OF
and vv. tfi \t v* nh??k? ?? an infant ton miaths old
and eat. krina th? i.oat city r. areuco. Aonlv.t -in iso
Wtit Twenty third itreel near sevoiith ave?auo.
c?alfstre88 ? A person underbt,\NDTNG hfr
P.?UUZ?:^IV t,? ,n^? herself otherwiajusfsln
htaln ? dwbrable situation b> apply
"* *twg lfgtt tw^atjr fotrti1 atreet, after 2 o'clock P. m.
c1tuati0n htantkd-bv A touvo ut~iv
i sjfps at!6 ?" chainherniaid aad ?oan 'tromi
i in v *1 ?liildr6ii. 'icst of city reference and pannrit?
l ri'- .5 ^e1, bvne?ty and integrity' Can h? ??an
three "t^lh *?"??? '"om'io'iodo'c'lo'v""
Silj!r(r,lat,erts?> journevman wantbd im
ns w^&'ttiavt0 tw0 burnl'1,e"' at d*vld *?"*>% no.
wanted?as light porvsr r-. a
j -5 ^.ftno re'*t! ??torot by a man of ntoa<i v
?nni ??Ui #?* * nB<l i& not to work. Cm jivo
fin at???." app1' to' or at,jr?m- *'? h.,
xx&xsjsz* "?*?
?llc ad?erti.uf de.iraa a aituuMoa aa la esinan in
at'oul.11 WInPloj his iclinre time in working
at hia trade-tbo apbolati>r>?and make bltugelf uaefnL
???_k ea.'nl'ure, 10s Thompeon atreet.
Teacuf.r wan.k.d?wanted, a young man
? > j**! i*'i*tery ' ono ho,,t to t*'0. to r'te leaaunii ii
at'enne! udk?mi> t0 t"? ??>u^en; at <1 (ireenwich
tp' jkcne fraj. vis, parent arolais, d?
aeoi.e ii au^lftb?v',e cooler dun. one maiaon hour:
ws fo r. l J. p i *'>n "rvf?? et la villa; ii
num #? ? i t , ^5% rec?:xr.inf ndation 4e ?a dernier#
11d mon at reet*9' ^ ^ *** ^ B ^
wa?(tf d*"~v^'j^ation for a you'fc girl, or
. t . fr'teataot, t-. n?*l.t in the ( are of ohiidren,
irt>do i^hr.h oaework. a' piy n 21 Cliatou place whera
rcf.n j.? ua he h?d lor todays ptace, waere
vv i"n1i{uti1'' a ?esi'1i uble YOUNO woman
.i'* m r"am)iorin?i<l or laundrif.a, ah? aa lor!
ll*, .r. ?v^i7,".prt,tuy apl,lv ? her pro.' nt cm
ploytra, ? o. 6i?5 iiud.cn itrce'., tu whom .he rjto
w as an? seamstrt^s*
one t.ia ? snde'>tan ia 'irti makiog. City rif<,rune<?
i'& a a"1' " WMt ?"? "?*? atreet, aiter *3
tv"an7j_f)-a WOVAJL to DO gkneral hoih "
the re?y??jrav"'iZd'ifpd> "vt"^'^'w*m *? Vy?
>t.*oet. llrceklya, mrP'y> at No. ha wluonglby
ryavted-a PROTESTANT WOMAN, aftook
V ""k /,Z\?8*. j? r#qmh'4- ai w/ ji 38
waxif.D-a Wfim?N. protestant prferited
?'* t:ot,D COOK. in A PRIVATE famirv
leaidibr tor th. aommer a abort dutl?w?? o? fovj
w^?f,i^rbt a "espbctante YOUNG woman
t litoatiob to cook, was1} uu<! iron, or to d i the ronaraj
w n,^k?r't/,r,t8plt takle scotch OlRf, A
at 170 > "?h a,a?.t 1"ittZVty klcfcm ??a
wa2&.br. wo?a*r*
be aeen for two day., a.^ly at 47 norfolk*.^?1"7, c*u
W sjlgg's?
p c,u m 59>i city
V'J hi u ffaat >?t pUe?? noed'ap'
way. between th. bow. of ) and", a.
applffr/m h ;'o "o stlssk ?us's'o'te ii th*
- a meftr^on n<iqiri4, it xc?
W mS??2Zot\gr pa5?si2hl
? Itnatlon aa c.erk ia a '.'nhiu* vtor. , r?.'n th* oonatrr. a
atore; la nnexperlfneed ia the bcilnu. ?! Oth.r klna of
Addre.* C. 8., off *14 obe, b"iu*"' lob*?* *?d fal-.hfnl.
T? ftantlrmta ?? clerk or oorruepaadaat, who ip?ki and
maa, a lUnatlon la a ttorc m porter or workla* aia
barkeeper, er to attoad la a irooery (lore. Weald
bar* a? objeetloa to go a ?hart dletaaoa la the eaaatry.
Salary not eo meoh aa obJeot M a ckeeoa to laara the baei
aoM. Good reTeienoa giroa. Add rata P. K. I., Hmll
bookkeeper. Inquire at the St Deaie Hotat, oorner of
Broadway end Kleteath etieet. between 12 aad 1 o clock
of age, a eltaatloa aa light porter. er aoeUtaat in a
wholesale etore flood referenooa glrea, If raqalrad. Ad
drew B. C., Herald o?ee.
4, ap itafre.
for ? brick yard, atf IB a month; a porter, for a botr)
ten mtlee from tfie city; two oooke, for notele; plasee foe
cltrkn. men oa etaamere. bo>? for trade*, elrle a< cham1**
malde Ac. Apply to THOS. St'INE, S41 Broadway fbaaa
$1 to HIOO. to travel In the eltlee aad ooantci, ta eall
an aitlcle need la every femilv, aad from wMch alerja
ineomn een ba leallied. Apply at 1B0 Front street, third
?T the ceitcra pert oft;nnr??tloar. Protectants preferred.
Call at 2W Weahinfttoa etreat, cor .or af Chambcre, hotweea
2 en<l 5 o'clock this dey.
Felton itreet, lir??klyn A;ply between S and 10
o oloik on Satnrdty fburning 17 b Jane.
kir'e office; or.e who can write a plain hand ani ie
acqnelated with the lo??r pert of the M>?. Shier? #?.'> p?r
(imam. Apply thin mciafog, at 9 o'clboV, at ,i k'rjct
itreet, up itrlrt.

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