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? ^fH jH. if. Ctiurcd mt D?Ui Kerry.
? flic comer stone of n Methodist KptocopiJ church
was laid jester1 lay at Pibbs Ferry. As this was an
event ot great interest to t tie mtuiberL. of that par
ticular denomination, the ceremony was attended
by a large audience. Dobbs Ferry i? remarUbl#
both for the exeeedi iff beauty and grandeur of the
aeenery which su rround* it. and for the numerous
iucideou by which it is distinguished in our revolu
tionary history. The *ite chosen for the edifice i-* on
the summit of a hill which command* an extensive
view of the Hudson and the adjacent country. But
as the Re*. Mr. WAelj has d >ne it full justice, both
in iU history and t ';H^raphy, we will not say any
?lore on tho^ subjects.
Among the lar^e audience were the pupils of the
Sommerfidd M. E. Sunday School, who bore a ban.
aer having tho name of the school inscribed upon
it, ana the following words:?
? O
o AN1> KOc.Ull) Til KM NOT. O
? O
The exercise- commenced with an address by Rev.
8. Martindale, Presiding Kldtr, after which the fol
lowing hymn was suug by the whole congregation:?
ihia uttoe toTtiee, in 'aitk, we lay;
Thia lomple, I orrt, to Thee we raise;
Thine ey? <>ik:u nip-nt ?rut day,
To guard thin hO'isti of pra;er and prals?
Within ibeM- ? all* let heavenly peaoe,
And hoi) love and concord dwell ;
Itece pivc ti'? hiird'-uuii comoienoe ea #,
And here tbe wouudtd oplrit htM.
Ivt ?:i:ioiit-ed J> hi villi deign,
Hero tu ui'io. no raument gu<<<d,
' Here *ill ou- ku*t KeOremer reign,
And here thoiioly .Spirit rcat.
Va'er !et tby glorj b' uce depart,
Fet choo?e not l/>rrtt this shrine al:?n?;
'i'hv 8|>irit dwe'l in ev?-ry heart,
in every boaout tix thy throne. *
Imjv. Mr. Bro>* n, of Yonkers, next made a prayer,
alter which the following interesting address was
delivered by Mr. Wakely:?
Auspicious is the duy and joyful tho occasion thnt
has summoned us together. We have met in God's
git.a? cathedral, in uat.ire's magnificent temple, to
lay the corner stoup of a new house of worship,
which, when completed, will be dedicated to the
worship of the great Head of the Cbnrch. There ure
so many historical associations that cluster around
this place, that give it such peculiar Interest, that
you will not be surprised if 1 dwell upon It a short
time. Romantic is the place; grand and picturesque
the scenery by woich we are surrounded. 1 do not
wonder that Washington Irving said, some time
since, " 1 thank God that I was bojn on the beau
tifvl banks of tbe Hudson." From thisehvated
position Tvliat a maguiUcent view. Yonder is tho
noble Hudson rolling on in majesty towards the
ocean. Yonder the Pallisades, heaven's great wall,
higher and stronger than the great wall in China.
Yonder are the beautiful mountains?nature's monu
ments. Here are beautiful glens and charming
dales, that give variety and enchantment to the
scene. Yonder is the old Vantassel House,
?reoted in 1650, now Sunny Side, tbe resi
dence of the author of the " Sketch Book." Yon
der is "Sleepy Hollow," where the celebrated
Ichabod Crane taught school, and whore the won
derful scenes described by Washington Irving are
said to have taken place. Yonder is Tarrytown,
where Major Andre was taken prisoner by those
noble young men, Paulding. V'anwart and Williams,
who loved their country better than gold?whose
patriotism was stronger" than their love for filthy
lucre. Congress testified to their worth by giving
them each a farm in this county, as well as a silver
medal. Their names are written high on the pillar
of immortality; they sleep in honored graves, and.
"tutHJgh being dead, they yet speak.''
How sweetly sink tbe brave to rent,
With all their country's honors blest.
We tread upon classic soil, that has been wet with
the tears and stained by the blood of patriot*. Pecu
liar Is th? location of Westchester connty. The Hud
son rolls on its west,while the eastern shore in wash
ed by the Fast river and Long Island Sound. In its
tosom is the Croton lake, formed by the Croton
river, which has been inverted from its channel, and*
mad* to pierce the mountain rind to bridge the gulf,
and carries into the city of New Vork its healthful
strewn, purifying the city and adding to the health
and comfort of the inhabitants. I<et as notice the
history of the place, Greenburgh, or Grninbargh
literally, signifies grain-town. When discovered by
the Dutch, in 1614, it formed a part of the
Indian territory of Wikagyl. There was an Indian
town here, called Weck^ueskeck, m^nuying the
place of the bark kettle. This wax the name of a
powerful tribe of Indian?, who had a large village
at the- mouth of the beautiful stream which descends
through the present village and flows into the Hud
sou, at the upper landing, called by the Knglish
Wikfrs Creek. The si'* of this ancient village can
be traced un the neighboring hanks by the numer
ous Indian shell beds, which in .some pUces arc
found to vary two or three (eet !a depth. Another
ind.'&n village occupied the site of Tarry town, called
\nn?b:konpr, a place of loaves or "rich foliage.
Sohooloraft says, "a ptece of elm?." Prom the bark
of the white elm the Indian manufactured his light
caaoe. As early as 1644, there were three en
trenched castles belonging to this tribe of Indians.
On? of these stronghold* was remaining in 1CG3,
and garrisoned with eighty warriors. The wars
between the Dutch "anil Indians were very
tjevere, and many of this tribo w ire cut off. Thoy
ttold a put of their lands to Petrns Stnyvesant in
164>. The next great sale of lands made by the
sachems of this tribe, was to Frederick Phillips, for
merly of Holland, then of Xew Amsterdam. This
purcWtc embraced thenortheast part of this town,
and a part of Mount Pleasant. He also made seve
re! o'her purchases of the Indians, which not only
covered the present town of Greenbuah and subse
quently formed a part of Phillipsburg manor.
These landa remained in the Phillips family until
1779, when they were forfeited to the State. Under
commissioners they were parcelled out for small
sums to the Vantassels, Van warts, 0 dells, Lawren
ces, Postn, Archers, Dykemands, Requas and others,
former tenants of the manor. Many of their chil
dren, and children's children, still reside here, and
their na mee are as familiar to you as household words.
The first independent elcctiou in this town was held
7th of April, 1788.' The descendants of the abori
ginal inhabitants were very numerous in this town
nearly a half a century after their Inst sale of lands
to Frederick Phillips. As Into as 177.1 the banks of
the Hudson were thickly populated by the Indian**,
particularly south of Tarry town. The wars between
the Dutch "and Indians were frequent and awfnlly
stvtre, and many of this tribe were cut off. Many
treaties were made and broken. After many years
of war . mtiider and bloodshed, the 30th of August,
l?4?, the chiefs of several tribes and of the tribe
residing here, Heated themselves, silent and grave,
hi front1 of Fort Amsterdam, before the Director
and having religiously smoktd, concluded in the
General and his council and the whole commu
nity, presence of the " sun and ocean'' a so
lemn and durable peace with the Dutch. Bat
why was this place called Dobbfi' Perry? We
answer, it derives its name from the ancient family
of the Doblis, who had long been settled here, and
aLo from the fact thut they were the early ferry
mt a. As early as 1693, there was living here Jere
miah Dobtn and his wife Abigal, both members
of the church at Sleepy Hollow. Thomas their
?on, was born on the manor in 1712. Jeremiah
Dobbe, former proprietor of the ferry, left several
childien. two daughters and two sons, Jeremiah and
Peter. Several descendants of the Litter are said to
be still living here. Dobbo' Ferry is not only distin
guished for its antiquity, for Its Indian tribe that
resided here, for its early settlement, for ita ancient
and important feny, but as the scene of early and
active military operations during the Revolu
tionary war. ltd name is identified with
that fearful struggle that tried men's souls.
Very early a fort was built here, which was of much
service during the war. In 177*1 a skirmish took
ploce in Edgars lane between a body of Hessians
and a troop of horso under Colonel shelden. The
Hessians sustained a terrible defeat; but one was
left to tell the tale. He fled to Yonkers, wounded
and unarmed. To this fort, October 9.1770, Gen,
Heath ordered Colonel Sargent, with .">00 infantry,
40 light horseNand Capt. Horton of the artillery with
12-ponnders, to "watch the movements of the ene
my up the river." To this place the British nrmy
reared after the battle of White Plains, closely fol
lowed by reconnoitering partiej of Americans. On
the 29th February, 177?^ General Lincoln's division
Of the Continental army was ordered to Doblw' Fer
rr. Dobbs' Ferry was seized by Benedict
Arnold, the traitor, and Major Andre, the
spy, as the place of their first meeting
where they were to consummate a plan for the ruin
Of oor country: but in this they were strangely
thwarted. Arnold wrote a letter from Dobbs' Ferry
to Gen. Washington, assigning false reasons for hii
coming down the rivr, and thus managing to de
ceive the General, and not to wake any SMpickmi
as to his real intentions. Here at Doom Ferry an
interview was held between <>en. Robinson, of the
British army. deputed by Sir Henry Clinton, and
Gen. Green, deputed by Cen. Washington. The ob
ject of the former was to prove the innoeonc of
Major Andre and to effect his liberation. The plan
did not mm coed. After this unsuccessful interview,
Gro. PoMnson wrote a letter to Oen. Washington
to nec'ire his liberty, bat the letter did not avail at
all. Major Andre wbh executed the -*am? day at
Tnppf'O, at 12 o'clock, Oct. 2, 1780. After this, on
th, night of the 3d of August, 1711, at 11 o'clock*,
the l'rli 'all and American guard boat* met in the
1'pWW' TtPf, wlwre Hwre nw wasidm
| ble fighting. The 7th of August, 1T31. the tul
' cans were awakened by the firing of cuinit
t Dobbs' Ferry. Two of the enemy** gunboat* had
com*- op at) high ad (he ferry, probably to seise ves
sels. On finding they wero discovered' they fired
I four cannon, but to no effect. Po<ir cannon were
i discharged from the buttery at the boaU, and
they went down the river. There are many aa>
I cient relics here, which are carefully preserved.
; My friend Mi. Warner has in his po-ueMon a
: bayonet, a cannon ball, and an Indian spoon.
| Upon the suspension of hostilities, May i*l. 1783,
! General Washington, his Excellency Governor Olin
i ton, and Bir Guy Carlton, the British commander,
and theii respective suits, met here. The two former
| came down the liver in barges, the latter ascended
the river in a frigate. We see .this placo, though
little among the thousands of America, U rich in
historical aseociations and revolutionary reminis
cences, having been clc-ely identified with the his
tory of our couutry in the ever-to-be-remembered
period that tried meu'o soul**. Washington and
some of his noble compeers trod this soil, and pat up
in the dwellings, and ate at the tables of your fathers,
distinguished by the presence #f Hritish governors
and generals, and for the transaction of business in
which our common country was deeply interest
ed. The oldest church in the State is in this
6ouuty, a little north of Tarrytown, where Icha
bod Crane used to t??t ti}t Psalm tuOQs, ?reeled
in 1099 by Frederick l'hillfps kna Oatherute Van
cot than, his wife. The pulpit and communion
table were brought from Holland. The communion
tabic still remains, a venerable reiio of former ages.
The Presbyterian Church In Lowpr Greenbusli, was
organized April 11,1R2.">. Zlon (^hnrch (Hpiacopal)
waa erected in 18;t3. We are- now to erect a Metho
dist Episcopal Church. In reviewing the past, we
.shall be reminded of the great changes thit have
tuken place. The magnificent Hudson rolls on as
formerly, bu; where are the mighty tribes of Indiana
that lived, and hunted, and fished upon its
banks, and paddled their canoes upon its watere?
The}- have disappeared long, lorg ago. They have
left the t.'iavcf of their ancestors, and Ihe home of
their childhood, lnsteu.i of wigwams aud Indian
villages, .\e have towns, cities,and flowery villages.
Instead of the war whoop is hoard the shout of joy,
the harp q{ mlrtl', and th?- anthem of praise. Tlx*ac
WftrriuK. that once stained this soil with blood are
gone. The dove of peace ia seen with the olive
branch in her mouth. Violence is no mnro heard in
the land. Our lines have fallen !n pleasant plaoes,
and we have a goodly heritage. The fathers,where
are they ? Washington sleeps in his beloved Mount
Vernon. The re t have fonght their last battle.
We will now talk more of a corner stone, the great
object that has convened us tosrether. Who can calcu
late the interests that cluster Hround a new place of
worship?interests not confined to time but reaching
onward to eternity. 1 rejoice that you are to oall
the name of this new edifice the Buoitnerfield Metho
dist Episcopal Church. Bummerfleld, a name on
which we love to dwell. Summerfield possessed
much of the spirit of the beloved John, whose name
| he bore. There is nothing that can add to the name
i of Summerfield. We mignt as well trj to add to the
i fragrance of the rose?to the brilliance of the rain
i bow?to the beauty of the moon?the splendor of
I the sun, or the glory of the heavens. He needs n>
' church crected, called by his name?no monument
to perpetuate his memory? he has one deep in t ie
hearts of the people. Ills is one of the immortal
names that cannot die. He was the model preacher.
How brilliant his career?how peaceful his end. His
fame is in all the churches, his name aud record are
on high, his fame is eternity.
At the conclusion of the foregoing address there
was some singing by the Sunday scholars, during
which a collection, amounting to was taken up.
The corner stone was then laid according to the
prescribed form, the following articles having pre
viously been placed under it in a sealed box
Metbodbt lirmri book.
( Minutes of the New York Annual Coafereuee, 1354.
History of tlio organization of the Suuimerueld Melli
oditt Episcopal Church, Dobbs >erry, in 1852.
list of Members, Probationers and PMtor.
Teachers and Officers of the Sabbath school.
l'aator and Trustees of tbe Presbyterian Church,
Dobbs Ferry. ?
Hector, Vestrymen and Churchwardens of /.ion's
Religious nod daily papers.
Older of Excrcises of la-. Ing the corner-stone, J" ne 'Jl.
The ceremony of laying the cornerstone having
been concluded, a prayer was made by Itev. Thomas
Chadwick, pastor, the doxology chaunttd, and bene
diction pronounced; after which the andience dis
The cdifico Is to be built in the Gothic style, will
be forty l'ect by sixty, and will scat '-i.T hundred
person?. It will cost, with the parsonage, *5.000,
$2,o00 of which have already do'on subscribed.
Minority Report on tlie Tariff.
Tbe undersigned, members of tbe Committee of !
Ways and Means, dissenting from the views of the 1
majority of the committee, as contained iu the bill t
reported to the House, entitledA bill in altera- j
tion of on art reducing the dntv cn import*, and for 1
other purposes, approved Wth July, Ibie," beg j
leave to present a bill, wliich the undersigned believe
to be more responsive to the present demands, and ?
more conducive to the general interests or the ?
country, in its several departments of industry aud ,
enterprise. I
Tho general objections f.f the undersigned to tho !
bill reported by the majority may be biiofly stated |
as follows:?
The act of 1810 contains eight schedules, or differ- I
ent rates of duty. Spirits are placed in the schednle, '
neariy prohibitory, of 100 per cent doty, and other
articles in schedules of 40,80, 2f>, 'Jo, 15,10, aud 5
per cent duty. Leaving spirits where they were
placed by the tariff of 1846, the bill repotted by the
majority make* the next highest rate of duty 20 per
cent; and as this schedule embraces the principal
duty paying atticles, the nndersigncd apprehend so i
great a reduction of duty will give an undue stimu
lus to the importation or such articles, which, whilst '
it will tend to the injury of American industry em
ployed iu the production of like articles, will have
the effect to countervail the main object of the bill,
which is to reduce the revenue, and not to increase
il. The !ik'N effect must be expected from reducing
the duty ou the arti :les in the lower schedules, in
stead of malting many of those articles free.
The tariff of 1940 contained, as lias been observed,
; eight schedule* or din'erent rates of duty. The bill
! reported by the majority proposes to retain five;
i thus keeping up, against the lights of experience,
tbe complications of the present law, and the evils
which are known to flow from it?namely, uncer
tainty of i,la?sili:*t?n, contrivancos to evade the
1 proper duty, injury to the fair importer, appeals
fromapprai&emcat and litigation, with the expense,
loss of time, and dissatisfaction which these contro
versies produce. All this evil is obviated by the
simple expedient of a single rale of duty falling
niton articles of general consumption, anci leaving
free from duty raw materials, articles of little
dutiable value, Ao., Ac., npon which the dnty is not
required by the wants of the treasury, and therefore
ought not to be taxed.
By abridging the free list, and subjecting the ar
ticles whi' h tlie department had placed on it to the
low rates of live, ten, and fifteen per cent, duty, two
objects, proper to b? kept in flew, are wholly disre
garded in the bill rci?orttd by tho majority : 1st.
The euc'ii.rageinent of American industry, by ad
mitting the ratv materia! free from duty where the
duty I" not wanted; whi< h is deemed by the nndcr
I Kigned n matter'.f jnst and f ound policy". The effect
w ill bo to enable the American manufacturer to com
| pet'* with his foreign rival, as well in other countries
( ?s his own, and by nuch successful competition
' abroad, to add employment to our shipping interest,
I both in the export of American manufactures and
the Importation of dutiable and other articles in re
| tnrn; and, 2d. Ho far as the duty is not needed on
I the articles in the *ald list, the nndersigncd consider
: it to V>e incumbent upon a free government to relievo
1 the pcoplo from all custom-house impediments and
i restrictions, am! the government from an increasing
line of officers, thereby rendered nocesssvy.
The bill which the undersigned present as free
, fiotn the objections, and as combining the ndvan
i tjges severally stited herein, is substantially the
! bill prei*red by the .Secretary of the Treasury. and
recommended, with the reasons therefor, in nis an
nual report on the finances, at the commencement
of the session.
There are souk modifications in the details of the
bill of the department, but which do not interfere
materially with its scope and policy.
John itOMHNS, Jr.,
Jnnc 19, 1S"1. William Aitlktov.
An K.vrLiuMKNT in Fep.niso thf: C*nai,s.?The
llochcater *tdcti User . ays, a* the volume of tlie
(Scnesee dlminUhes under the iu Hut nee of protrac
ted daylight, and 'he consequent exhalations of its
w.'tors, the superintendents of the canal, by direc
tion of the < orumfsfcioncH, have resolved to te?t tho
practicability of feeding from Loekport, and thus
dispensing with the aid of the river as a feeder.
Home three d.iys ago this supply was cut off, leaving
the Valley canal and the west to furnish the neeev
srry amunt of water for the purpose of navijra
' tion. Tbe experiment so far Is not favorable to its
sucee-n, though it may not entirely fail. If the ob
ject be but partially attained, it will be- ofconddc
rallc advantage to the millers. who occasionally
suffer from the demand * made by the canal for tho
j water dicm^d rightfully the property of the ilia
nufa' torers of the cily. and not for the Stale.
Mr. OusIavus Wilcox, of MiMtetown, (South Farms)
Conn., vliilo liding homo on top of a los<l of wood, on the
lCih Inst., was hrushnd from hi* seat by tie limb* of ?
tre#, under wliirh h<> was tlw wbi'?U pisH'l
over ku und wv??i of ;U? jit* hnKfl
llu Tmrf.
The ?eond day's rncea took plac? yesterday after
dooti, couutlng of three mile heat.* a ad mile heats;
the entries for which not coming up to the wishes of
aportiog nn-n, very few were in attendance
Thoae who were at the course were sadly disap
pointed , ari l retnrned home di&guuted with the whole
arrangement. The proprietors say that they have
been dee?i\ ed by the parties owning race horses,
who promisee to enter them for the purse* offered,
but haw held back from Home unknown cause; and,
in consequence, the four mile race will not come off
to-day. A swee pstakes to-da>, closed with three
entries w ill terminate the racing at the Unlou
Court* until after the race week on the Nati-mal
Course. Then, it is announced, they will have a
four mile day, and the badges sold for this meeting
will stand good for that occasion.
The three mile race was between b.m. IHe Olap
perton and ch, m. Dizafj The bffore tlie st irt
were one hundred to ten on T>le Clappcrton, and
in bocne inutances, one hnndred to five was offered
without takers, ho well were people posted as ti the
capabilities of the nags. It was the m -at meagre
a&iir fVW wttirewd 00 tlie turf, Paring the flr.t
two miles of the first bent, the hordes looed almig
on the elowent kit d of a canter, occupying five
minutes and twenty l ine seconds in the perform
ance, and never made an effort to run until cojuueuc
Ing the third milt. They then wero opened, bat
the speed of Die Clappertrn was so much greater
than that of Dbszy, that it required nil the power of
the darkey who rodo her to keep her back ?nd
make an apparently passable heat. In the cecond
heat they ran from the score, and theu the superi
ority of the bav mare was more mauifebt than be
fore. All the restraint that the boy could apply was
not enough to keep her back?she would not wait
for the other, and tamu home :i winner by nearly a
distance. Tlie following if a summary :?
SecoKD I>A*June '.21?Furse *700; three mile
N. B. Young entered b. m. l>ie Clfcpperton, by
It jston, dam by Monarch, <? years old, curry
ing 118 lbs.; rider's dress bine and white... I 1
D. McCoun entered eh. m. Dizzy, 5 years old,
by Clarion, dam bv Henry, carrying 111 lbs.; ^ ^
rider's Uret" red -
Time?Fir.it heni. Seroitd hut.
First mile 2:37 2:11
Second mile 2:52 1: ^
TLird mi'.o 1:544 ?.:1?4
Total 7:234 6:254
Sauh I)a v.?A r.we of mile heats followed the
above, which was another one-sided affair. It was
between br. m Maid of Orleans and ch. h. blmigrant
Pat. The former won in two straight heats with
the greatest ease, and was never headed in the race.
A summary will Btifflce for tnis tffair.
J. Little entered br. m. Maid of Orleans, by
Bethnne. out of Alice Caineal, by imported
Barpetlon, 5 years old, 111 lbs.; red jacket
and black ca'p ???????? ? ? ? ? ? ;? \ '' '.'
Mr. Bradley entered ch. h.Kinigraut I at, aged, ^
12ft lbs.; dress green. - -
Time, kiwi?2:0o.
Board of Councilman.
This Boaid met laat evening lid win J.Brown. 2?q.,
Pieaid'nt, in the chair.
jwrrrtONS ttttrr.nKn.
By Connoilman .Uoksoh? For a new hose carriage, to
be located at the corner of Eighteenth street and Ninth
avenue; petition df Jarnej B. Brady, to be allowed pos
sesion of Eighth street, to procoed with his contract for
paving said street. ....
Communication from the Chief I.oginecr, relative to
firi- companies running tlieir apparatus out of their res
pective districts, in which he slated that lie was unable
vo prevent them an the power was not vested in him to
prevent them from so doing.
Petitions of cltisens of Manhattanville and Carraan
?blej for the erection of a bell tower in their neighbor
Remonstrance against sewer in Thirteenth street, from
Tenth avenue to the Hudson river
Petition of J. C richer, asking that Iaidlow street l>e
cleaned, :?ccording to contract.
Repeat of Committee on 1 ire Department?lu favor of
procuring s lot for house of Fngine Co. No. 10, nod
Hose Co No. .'!0. ...
(if Cf mmittee on Vinanee?In favor of referring pro
posal of Hugh Master*ou to Committee on Fire Depart
Committee on l ire Department?Concurring with
the Board of Aldermen to direct the Commissioner of
Repairs and Supplies to require contractors for house for
lio?( Co. No. 9.
Report of (ommitte on Railroads?In f*. or of cutting
oft bt< am on Fourth avenue, concurring with the Board
of Al letm?n.
Kerort cf Committee on I?nilrotulB-?-Th rotation to
running the cars of tho Ivghth Avenue Railroad to Fifty
ninth street, accompanied with a resolution directing j
the company to run their rir= from 1'ifly second lo Forty- ,
ninth street in future.
Heport of Committee on 'ire liennrlment?To wuoiu
was rifened a resolution in r>l?t:ou titWo purchase of
s steam Cr? engine for tbc lower part of tli > city, in
favor of the protect audrecomnu utbnfc tlint, ir tlio Bo.ird
of Alderman would concur, a oorumittec of (with Hoards,
bo appointed to proceed in company with tho Chief
Fngini cr to C incinnati, there to learn all the necessary
information relative lo the same. And concluding by
authorizing the Comptroller t? ciiaw his wnaant for
Jit .0(H). in favor of the committee for the purpose of
paying their expenses.
iieport of Committer on Streets?To fuvor of widouin,'
CUO street, between Bookman jind No. 61 CI ill' street.
Report of the Committee on Powers?In fnvor of sower
in Forty-ninth street, froui JJevcnlh avenue to
llio'srn "river. In favor r<f sewer iu 1 Aureus slrcel,
near Bleecker street. In favo* of sewer in Forty third
street, between Tenth avenuo and llnC?ou rtvor. In
favor of sewer in Eleventh avenue, from l'ot ty second
to Forty-fourth streets.
P-opirtof Committee oti lowers?.Advo-!? to sewer in
Forty ninth street, from Ninth avenue to Hudson liver.
Aceerited. . ? ,
Kcport of Committee on l amp', and (!us? In Tawr of
movi oflectually lighting the lottery.
Tlie Board then went iuto
ooKKtrrm or ra* whotk.
Councilman Fkv k iu the chair, for the purpose of tiVlng
into consideration tho various matters rc Terrod to thorn.
nic icport ?r tlie Committee on Finance, ia relation to
the memorial of CieCroton Aquedust Department, pray
ir<g for an appropriation for repairing C'roton Dam after
tho lato freshet, and also an appropriation for the pur
pose of extending works, wan then read. The report was
accompanied with an ordinance makir><r provision* for
appropriation of ten thouFiuid dollars lor tbat purpose.
Ordered to a third reading.
A number of other reports were then read, and or
dered to a third reading on Friday nctt.
The committee rose about 0*j o'clock and soon after
ward* adjourned until 0 o'clock un Friday evening.
Prrional InttHltrnor.
Hon. Mr. Meeham, Burlington; 8. .V. Clarke, IxiulKTille;
C Wilson. Philadelphia; GcorgoHunt, Misslsiippi; A. P.
Cooke, Midi.; George nunt, do.; an ICapt. l,orence, Ga.,
arrived yeatcrday at the Ir. ing House.
Hon. B. Carpenter, Illinois; lion. A. Scott, TVan.; Cap
tain it. W. KirUiam, U. P. A.; J M Meek. in. U. 8. N.:
Colonel I>. W. Boyd, Pa.; J. Montgomery, British army;
and J. I>. Kimball, Boston, rarrtved yesterday at the Me
tropolitan HotcL " .
1). P. Hubbard and parly of (he, Hartford; J. Cart
wright and party, Genera, S. Y.: S. Child* and party,
PittsUnvg; Col. Sfchouler. editor of the Clncinati Cn:e*/e,
formerly of Ibe lloiteou Atlas\ K. Lt M.atin, I/i.; O.
Brondhomer. do.; M. 1". Ballet. N". Y.? and J. 0. Pooley
and family, Neiv Orleans, arrircl ycsteriiay at the Pres
cott House.
Hon. f! I'.vang, Maine; M. Briglmin, Savannah; V\. R.
Ilaliett, Mobile; T. H. llallett, d".; M. Corbln, Waaliing
ton; Re-\. t4. Itobicaon, Clicrlciton; A. C. Allen and fami
ly, N. O.: A. W. Gordon, Mobile; \. Hi.-.kman, ridladel
phia; Col. .I.M. Bird, New Jer-ioy \ll. .1. Roger*,Baltimore:
Col. Hamilton, Albauy; H. R. fhcrman, ilU^iseippi; C.
Wood, N". 0 ; I lev. J. P. Kuo\. H. Thoma.-; Culnnel .1. M.
Thompson, Springtt'.ld, Has-.: If. t-. I tint, Ohio; P. B.
Slitt, Philadelphia; TV. M. Convoi -e, Ooniicetieut: and
I'. 1'. T.ijlor, Chicago, arrive 1 yestordij at the ,\-:tor
Patric ITenn-'a youn.wrt *?n. >?s 'Itanicl, di-.-.i roaently,
destitute and alone, at .in inn in 1'lnjM cjuuty, \ irginia,
without nionov, friends, or rc-ource* of anykiud. The
keeper of the tavern applied to the "\i racers of (ho poor
for payment at his board and f un^rnl evpenwj, bat was
refuro't. Nathaniel died, of dropsy of tho ehe t ;i f> w mo
menta after the opt ration of tapi? ,,h\d I .eon j-erforniod.
His hist occupation wae teuchin .*.
From Bremen, lu -bin Holene-?Mr? I' I ranMU? \
Irani., 1.mil Crank, Mi-n K KiiUn, Mlf S Ufiu, MU< 11
Kot??ab< r-', Ht*> B V D Hock, Mr O V f? Br k Mr 0 Knh
lcr, Mr A 1' Lcid?lt7.,W Bil?mbcr?. A hoiiafftr, 1 II Hloak,
I. Hallcnbaek, r Kelt/. S Schmidt. r Panckelmanii, C l.?h
; innnn, lady and four children, A Wolff.
From (trond Cay, TI, in brw Mieanor?Mr Ford, .1 Ar
tlinr, .lr, Mian tiiwada, C Art loir ael ?<.r\?it, Mis< II TV
Wym?n, Mr 0 L Ch?*rman.
1'? r N'erfolk Richmond ami Prtcri'tn/ o. t' , midii
l<oannk*?Dr i>nd Mra Morton, .Mis^ IV WeiMi and boy, .!<>?
rott?r. Mr" 1'oiter and eliile, N < lMocre, .laiu?? C and
fobn l> 1 all.er, Mi** ? C Monte. Mr* Mary C Buchanan.
Mr, Mr* an ! Mi.< Nawtea, .1 5 M l) auugh, ft .Y^Guwaa, H
J. Wallace. U Clapp, Mr Allen nnd ?1y. Mr Banki, l.vly.
ehlU and irr\?nt, Capt. Wade, MIm Mltoiicll. n C'roil'y, .1
J Oldner, lady Our cbildreu ?ud *(rfant, E M' ll< uton, Hri
Bonton aa l chili, Mr. an! M!i< Wabb, Mr? Harris Mr?
LaU, Mil? Itoueon, Vr l.ale, and '.'t in t'i? itecr*',^
SnvFRF. Thvsder Showiji Iho thunder -liower
yp4erday #ftci-nr.on, althon^rh of littlu violcnco in
thij* vkiuity. w?h very Hevoro alrnig flic south shoro.
At Kingston the flhowrr U repre^ nUd as the nvK
novcrft ever cxricricnccd in that towu. Little rain
fell, bnt mnoh damt'qre wh ilonc hj tho lightning.
Tlic hplre of tho Unitarian church was ^triu-k and
eoniplctcly demoiisJicl, the dtiaagc ta the ediliee
heing alK>nt ^r?4)0. Tlic h<m?ci of Col. Tiiotnn,
widow Lucrctifi Chandler nnd r.apt. .lax. Fulton
were at-o htnn k and iiomcn i?a?? dai<tagcd. I'ruvi
?lentlolly the iuniMt?R escaped unburn* <1. At Dux
burv n limn was ntruck, and reiuaiued iunonsiblc f?>r ?
two" honrs, Dr. Nichols, of Rlug?tf?ii, fire miles dls- ;
taut, eomiiip in the meantime to attend him. At
North Jtiiilgoiratcr a young man, twenty-two years
of age, VJ8 instantly killed. IHh name l? ?ald to l?c
Reynolds, a harbor hy trade. At Taunton a nevote
thunder st( ito wus ex|>erlemcd, l?ul no damage w.w
done. At l.owdl the mngurt in the office of the
Ve rmont and Ronton telegraph Hue was destroyed,
, l?ut wn- replaced at an r.irly hoar thii tttOiulng. ?
! JBo*ioti Tr???>cript. Jvn* 29.
Uk?na iMUdM.
The delegate! of the above body held a regular
meeting last evening, at Pythagoras Hall, Walker
street, which was well attended.
At half pant eight o'clock, Col. Forbes was called
to the chair, and Mr. Weichel acted as Secretary to
the meeting. The Last minutes were aead and ap
Col. Forbes, on the part of the New York Com
mittee, appointed to confer with the Boston Kansas
Emigration Society, made a report. 1
The committee had met with a few members of the
last named society at the h >u?e 398 Bro.tdway, oa
the evening of the 12th instant, and then and there
stated their objections to the proposed plan of ooa? ,
ducting this new emigration scheme. The commit- '
tee stated that the objections were princip illy th it
tbete was no proposition to aid the emigraut suffi
ciently, so as that he could oxUt in a deiert until
the first year't? crop came in for his support. On
the following Wednesday, Colonel Forbes had an
iutarview Willi Mr. Thayer, President of the Ba
ton Kansas Emigration Company, who had oome
to New York in. the meantime, when he
(Cot Fork*) repeated the same objections. Mr. I
Thayer lad shown several letters which he had
rice.,ed from various points of the United State*,
which exhibited ft stiong popular tlosiro for emigra
tion to Kansa?- These communications came fr>a
parties able to sustain themselves, and Mr. Hi?yer .
hoped that a sufficient number of Americans would ;
bo found to go, and he hoped that the lirst detach
oiviit would he it ady to march abmt the lat day of
August next. Such laborers as would go down at
that time would bo sent by the society at a oo?t of j
one-fourth the regular fore, but none would be sent I
by the company who did not pay that amount, or
who fc\pect?d to be relieved by the company. The
committee reported th?t under these oircu in dances
they had concluded that they could now only cen- |
gratulate the Boston company on its prospect* of |
apeedily filling up the territory'und making it Into a I
fiee State, In mean* of the many persons of property
ready to gOthue,and ft.^ they may require labor
help hereafter, wheu the committee can see that
with help will find the means of existence'.here,
then, donbtl' -s, the ?oc ety will assist and succeed la
procuring goc-1 and snitpMe anti-blavery person* to
forward to the it ttloii-s. I util the atfuir shall at
-ume thi3 aspect the eommitteo could not see what ;
I they could do in the roHter.
1 be Convention adopted ti??? report, and orderei |
it to be insrrtC'i iu the minutes a-expressing the !
feeling of the general body on the Kroat question I
of slavery or freedom in the new Territories It ]
wan, however, feared that the Bostonians were not j
solid on the subject of slavery, and that the rich j
Americans would cultivate with slaveJ before a suf
ficient number of poor, but really free emigrants ,
could be sent there to vote (he stain from that por- |
tion of the laud.
Tae Spouftaka read the following letter as the
leply of the United Liberal Society to a comma- i
nicutioa from the Polish Democratic Society :?
New York, June 21, 18S4.
?to nr; rotWH roraocnATio socirrr, t-;r<v ?-ork.
CItlzsna?You will c Kcvuc us for ne t lur. ;n~ answered
jour letter earlier, because It lias been lo?t by one of
the reporters.
We have given full cor hiderst ions t" all your retairUs
regarding }ot>j>eives and us, p.ml though vo deplore
that you consider yourselves only as guests in this
country, (wbi<h exclude* yon from voting.) yet there
it re ties enough left to unite ns. We heartily approve
your noble a m, expressed under No. 2, and "ai demo
crat* wiio.-e views are no'bing but liberty to discuss the
?roper step* to achieve the victory over the reactionists
u all parts of the world, we invito you to join us. Tbere
may notcetimes arise queations. in the discussion of which
jou will not participate, but you oannot be indifferent
to a contention of societies where object Is an eternal
agi'ation asainst otipret'ion in the nomination of none
but true republicans to public offices, and united action
of the American aad foreign democratic, by which
alone we can hope to arrive at peace, and at the unirer
b?l republic. Kcned (for the body.)
It was moved and seconded that the letter be
adopted and inserted on the minutes. The motion
was carried.
The question? of the sustaining by all legislative
means a new system of license law, proposed by
the body, and the establishment of a new Board of
Health for the purpose of inspecting all liquors,
beef, vegetables, ii?h, bread, and every other edible
nnd driukable necessary for the support of the
human race, were next considered.
The object of the last proposition seems to be the
cm-ur'ng to all men of plenty of the "mature com
forts'' of good quality instead of curtailing them in
quantity, a^ proposed by the Maine law men. A
formof bill to be proposed to the Legislature of tlie
State fov adoption was then read, and it certainly
g>ropot?d the enactment of heavy penalties for the
Nile ur manula' turc of weak beer, bad rum, Mickey
cheese, Ac.. Ac.
Both bills we it ordered to l>e printed, aud a copy
furnished to etteli delegate, when the general ques
1 ton would be considered in a fortnight.
It was Resolved That the delegates do pnt them
solves in communication with all the other liberal
> ocieties in this State, for the purpose of the holding
i f a State Convention of delegates, with a view to
t'le holding ofn general convention of all the repub
licans in the Union afterwards.
The 8ecrttr.iT t-aid that he believed that the cor
: uptlon of the democratic government now c\i-ting
iu the United States, rendered the statu of affairs
worse than the worst system of I'ussian despotism,
which was tierce but honest; and lie hoped that the
democracies of Knrope should be instructed upon
the true state of rnle in America, by a cam mil tee of
the body inspecting and revising the new political
catechism, for European circulation, which is attach
ed to Col. Forbes' military work.
A eommitteo of five was appointed for the pur
pose, when the meeting adjourned for a fortnight.
Police Intelligence.
The 1'ii) AttUnnc'?On Tuesday tho City Inspector,
Thomas K. Downing, together with A We nil in Drake of
Twenty-second win, accompanied by two policemen,
irade a Tisit to the various hoggcrles established in the
Twenty-second ward, of wliick fo many complaints Lave
been made, and which coupled with the host of the
weather, have crown to be an intolerable nuisance. In j
t!.e Seventh avenue, between Fifty-eighth and Fifty
ninth streets, two largo kettles of olTitl collected from '
the various hotels, were found in the net of preparation j
for some hogs belonging to Itoger Clancy, formerly '
Health Inspector of the U'oard of Health. The animal-i i
owned by nim numbered about forty. Yesterday Clancy, j
in company with cx-Aldciman Dougherty, called on Mr.
Downing, and at-ked what conrv the cDe"authorities in- |
tended to pursue. On beln^ told it wns intended that he I
should be prosecu'ed, ho became very abusive. and said i
they had better commence nt once, lie was taken at his |
word by Mr. Downing, v. ho sent for offloer Master-on. of I
tho Chfef's office, and caused him to be arreited. Mr. I
I'ownlng attended be fore Justice Osborn, and mule the !
necessary affidavit, whe n Clancy was held to bail in $500
<o answer at the next General Sessions. The City In- i
Sjieetor states thai Clancy lia* ten acres of 1 ind covered 1
with shanties, bono boiling establishments, pig stye*, and !
other snch nuisances. Ou one block alone, 1.100 ho^s t
were found.
A Baft I Ihffl ?Joseph Holt on, who was in the employ- '
meut of Mrs King, ol No. Ill llast Meventh street, was '
arrested yesterday, by officer MeMahon, of the Seven 1
teenth ward, or a charge of having stolen a gold watch, I
a silver watch, two bre.istpins and a gold cros?, of the ,
value together of $100. Holton had been hired by Mrs.
Smith, Svho" keeps a stall in Tompkins market, on tlie |
15th of the month. After calling him curly on the ,
morning of the lflth, she wen' te the market n'bout her 1
'mjiness, when the aecui-ed, who tlept with the non of !
complainant, a poor hoi pic hi yonng man, crippled with
chronic rheumatism. got up and took th> troupers of the
young man, and emptied the pockets of the above pro
I perty. The poor voting man saw the perpetration of the
theft, but was unable to preyent it. llolion then made J
j ofl v Ith the property, and kept ont of sljrht until yest"r
j lay, when ho was met with and taken before Justice !
I Wood, by whom hi was committed for tail. A few days J
I tsick he was arrested for emptying a till, and cscopjd i
I owing to the evidence bein^- Insufficient.
I Kripittti a Ditcrdrrtg Jtome,?J. bn H. Ilolfman *ud |
I l'hilip II. h*lo*s ?eio arrested yesterday, by olHccr
| ' ireen. of the Nineteenth u.ird, on a charge of keeping a
[ liscrdcrly hou.o, at the corucr of Third avenue un<l t
l ifty-ninth ?'rtr t. The compliint wa- made by Mr.
Doctor, of Fifty-ninth street, wlio charges tlio house as .
| a nuisance to the neighborhood, and U kept open d?y '
and nii;lit, including Sundays, where dancing and drunken ?
brawls ::re of continual oocarrenee. They were tvk?n |
before Justice >tnart, ard committed for trial, and wvre f
held to ball in tt,000 each.
Grain' ?SUalinu a Diamond Ring.?Miry C. J
Ci'tley ?:ii arrested vesferday. on a charge of ha>in* i
stolen, frora ceorce H. Ho Jan, ?r Ptttkirk, this sure ?
] 'jut now staying at the filrard llou?e, a diamond ring, of
1 tbe Talcs of It appear? Mr. Ho json, with a friend, '
1 were walking down Mercer street, at 8 o'clock, on tho
, evening of Monday, when Mary cam* up. and threw her i
anna around the neck of his friend. With some diiueul- i
Iy, he dUengsged hun.wlf. when tha waa attracted by the 1
glitter of the ring on the finger of Mr. Hrlsin. Sh? i
caught hold of Mr. ilodson in a vory loving nuuuer, and j
adroitly mauajt-d to slip the ling from bis fiacer. and
1 whlcnhedid riot inls.s until lie reachedhts hotel, lie ?
made a complaint. yesterday, and Mary ws- arrested, and
i taken before Justice Stuart, who committed her for trial.
Her bail was Axel at $l,00<>.
SktHUtff n Uriitch.?Henry F. Coles nnd David IT
were arrostud yosterday, by car.t.iin Ackerman of the
Ninth ward, on a charge of stealing a gold watcb, the
property of Maria K. Suiitii, of ,ii7 Bloockcr street, of the
value or toO, The nc'MM admitted to complainant's
father that they had stolen the watch, and pawned it*
Hiey denied it to JuiticO Stuart, before whom they w< V"
t.ilm. They werec <mmlttcd for trial. The property win
recovered. Hall was fixed at MOOcach.
'flttObl Atop, uJtutfoe USlov) htU Pun."?la this in
t.'rce. however, wo any Hay that in'l i ?? w is <-|nlck i nd
sure at the same time. A< i'olice Justice Welsh, ono of !
our prompt and rlTKlcnl magi trat^i, wai parsing
tlirci!f.;ii the l ive Points ye t?rday cranni??, on a tour ol .
1 obcerxalion his notice was drawn to a powerful Irish
man making nn attack on ono of tho policemen. Tee as
w?iknt held a lsrge club and was jusi in the ac! of felt
ling tho officer with it, when the Justice ran up nui
noised tho fellow by the arm and prevented tho blow
from taking elToct. A tremendous struggle Mow ensued
betWMB tho magistrate and the asaaflniit. In which the
hitter beef me minus his shirt. The rnfllan ww nltl
nwfrl* secured aid taken to the station house, and was
lo<;ke^ up to await the morning call. Thi? a?ti\e magls
Irato Is ever rnady to l^mi a luind l" .<r:t ,t ths ofltCN ui
i tisoe of n*fl.
Baltimore, June 21, 1854.
The Southern mliil, u UW as due, is reoeivet The
Charleston papers state-that ?tup Caalllai, aihor*
oo Oeraenke, at hut report* m K'og in twelve feet of
water, with several feet of water to her lokt. She had
plenty of assistance, aud elTorts ware being made to get
her off, but her situation was jrvc ilou*.
A German tihfsUUn in this clw, named Igtehart, this
morning out hi* throat, audi then threw hUnielf from a
third story wloilv.
The HoiiqathiMria Railroad.
BAinEonn. Juno 21, 1834U
Tit? tirat branch of the City Council to-night passed
the Susqueh..noa Railroad Consolidation Kill over the
l-ayor'ti veto. It is now tally enacted.
Departure of the alagara.
Boston, June 21, ! 8.4.
the royal wall steamship Niagara, Captain Leitch,
?ailed for Liverpool at 10?f o'clock thi* msrnlng, with
111 passengers, to which thirty will be ad lei at JlUifak.
She takes out ?448,Oi'O in Amorioan goil bars, 9102,019
in American gold coin, $3,000 in silver coin, and ?16,000
in sovereigns.
N At loan 1 Horte 8how at Providence.
I'b j\ IUE.NOH, June 21. 1654.
The l.ars>' shew now taking place in this city is a very
fine one Over 270 animals have been entered, and in
evi rytfcing except stallion* it is said to surpass the exhi
bition at fyringticld Last year.
JVn -igaUon of the Ohio River.
PiTT.BOB'J, June 21, 1864.
The river li^re measures thrc? feet three inches, and
ih fa'lkg, The weather U cloudy and warm.
Starke U*
New Ouuukh, June CO, 1854.
Our cotton market has been firm to day with sales of
C,000 bales?middling 8c t 8*?c. Mess pork sells at $10
50 a $10 7f>. J"-eij-Mjare ftro'.. Ste-Utgexchange 8 per
cri:t (iremianft.
Chabi Uiro*, Jane 10, 18C4.
Our colton market shc.*? no change from previa Ji
quotations. bales to-ua/, i>00 bales.
0*i Tuesday, ,lune ?0, by the Kev. Evan T. Walker,
Jiil S f toab Cblocker to WaLtm Bc.w*e, Rs'q., all of thl^
C'a Wodnc-iduy. June 21, in the Seventh street Metbo
Ulfi church, by'ilie Rev. Mr. Reid. Camii ujs iBf.KAKD Co
Mi?d U jKAXiHinnj Barkr, all of thlc city.
Boston papers please copy.
On Tuesday, June 20, by tb<- Rev. Mr. Arrcitage,
Basil M. Lootkv KiTh.'Pi Commissioner for his Highness
the Viceroy of Eg) pt. to Mls< Haruikt H., daughter of
George Hidden, Esq , of tbl? city.
Washington and Philadelphia papers pleisecopy.
Or. Saturday. June 17, by the Rev. Mr. Millett, at his
re&ldencc, 80" Broome street, Mr Joseph il. Uorvb to
Ml>-s CfcAatOTrs K. Fowura; also, Mr He.ybv T. Bbowmuoo
to Miss Saraii Ma\ Jackson, all of this citv.
On Thursday, Juoe 16, by Re v. Dr. Pise, of Brooklyn,
Miss Sarah F: ajiacjan, of' Rondoat, N. Y., to F&itrcis
Walxb, of Botton, Moss.
In Brooklyn. on Tuesday, June 20, nt the residence of
her father, by the Rev. I). W. Bacon, Richard Pijeua.
Esq., of New York, to Miss Marc, uisr Jan* Bo\le. of
. California papers please copy. *
On Wednesday, June 21, after a short Illaesf, Kdwakd
T. Tjb, of the firm of Leadbeater & I?ee.
Bia ren.xina will be taken to Greenwood for interment.
Ilia funeral tvU! take place from his late residence. 137
Christopher i.-t-eet. His friends and those of the farailf
are invited to ?,ttend, without further invitation, on Fri
day, 2?d inst., at S o'clock.
6n Tuesday, Jr.no 20, Giakiow HOLME*, of Philadel
phia, aged yeara
Pbftadelpbia papers please copy.
On Tuesday, June 20, of typhus le'.ftr, kfiwaku H.
Keicbam, a^ed 83 years, eldest son of Rev. Alfred
Ketcham, pastor of the Presbyterian church of Augusta,
New Jersc-y.
On TuesJay, Jane 20, of disease of the heart, Ca
therine, -viie of James Morton, in the 20th year of her
Her funM-fcl will take place on Friday, 2Sd inat., at 3
o'clock, from Ainsley street, corner"of Lorema, Wil
liatr.Bbiirg. The friends of the family are invited to at
tend her funeral, without further notice.
On Wednesday, June 21, Jambs Fjukclu, aged 37 years,
4 months and 21 days. ?
The relatives And friends of the family Are respectfully
invited to attend Lin funeral, tnU afte rnoon, at ? o'clock
frcm Pr. Vinton's church, Hicks street, near Jora
lemon, Brt-oklyn.
On Tuesday. June 20. Am as S , son of Thorns* and
Sarah L. 1 Hw-ott, nfeti 6 years,. 7 months and 27 days.
The relatives and friends of the family, the members
of Mevchanls' Lodge No. 1.10, I. O. of 0.1'., are respeot
fnlly invited to attend the funeral, without further no
tice', this day, at 4 o'clock P. M., from the residence of
his parents. No. 102 Sackett street, South Brooklyn.
On Tuesday, June 20, at 11 o'clock P. 11., Gkorof
l'mutuc Botj'nnm, ? native of France, aged 70 years, 2
months and 2# days.
The reUtlTW and frienus of the family ure respectfully
invited to attend his funeral, from his late residence,
r.ightieth street, between Second and Third nvenuet, this
day, :it *j o'clock P.M.
On Wi'ilncs.lny, June 21, Jom.ih P. Vkkk-i, aged 45
His i(mains -will Lo taken for interment to Bye, where
the fineval will take place, on Friday morning, :it half
past 10 o'clock.
On Wodileadny, June 21, of water on the lungs,
Fmaxch BwncK, aged 63 year*, after a long and pain
ful illne^fl, which he bore with Christian piety, a native
ol' Lou^l'crd, IrelauU.
The lriend* aud rehitifes of the family, also the
acquaintances, arc respectfully invited to attend his
funeral, this afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from his lite resi
dence, 320 Motl street, near Bleecker.
At Staten Island, June 20, after a short illnesi, John J.
Math , nt?, in the 78th year of his uge.
The relatives and friends of the family, nud of his son,
l'eter L. Murillng, are respectfully invited to attend his
funeral, this day, 22d ins!., at 3 o'clock, from his late
residence, without further invitation.
Movements or Ocean Steamer*.
f'tron Havre NewYort Jane 7
Atlantic.. Liverpool New York .Tune 14
Euro pa Ii-.wrpool New York June 17
WdhliinjVon ftmrtfcanirton. \ew York Jane 21
Pacific NewYerk Liverpool June 24
C'ahanvUa Hew York Ilstv. Ac Mobile.. June 20
l'hiladelphl* New York Havana tN.O June 27
Arabia New York Liverpool June 28
1 nt.in ? New York Havre July 1
N'orili 8U.CV New York AiplnwaU. July ">
Prometheus New York San Juan July ft
Canada 'liston Liverpool July 6
Ktuvpa Now York Liverpool July 12
Wn -liington New York..-...Bremen July 15
Allpackugn and Mlcrs intendedfjr the New Youk
Hkraih rhovhlbe ctaltcl.
PCX TU'riB ,.4 20 I HOOK IUMfl 2 24
SOT 3m ,\..7 Hi 1 Hjoa watch , 7 4
Fort of Hew York, Jan* '41,1854.
Slciiuihfp ( lyde, (Br\Henderson, Gliijuw, H Paton
htcemihip Stir of the South, Mark*, New Orleans, T P
Steam. Up Jamei Adrcr, Turner, Charleston, Spoffor.l,
Tile-iion A Co. ?
Steamship Roanoke, Skinnor, Norfolk, Ae, Eudiam A
Sldp Ilondrlk Hud?on, .Tewett, London, Morgan. Oritwold
A Co.
Ship Empire, Zere.^a, f.irerpool, Zrroca A Co
Ship Ohio, llnteliln29, Liverpool, J W Phillip*.
Ship A Foster, Swiit, Liverpool, D Og.len.
Ship Java, Jackecn. Olftifow, llunliam A Dim.in.
Ship l,eo Canning (Un'n), Jacobs, Hamburg, W F s limi.il
A Co.
Ship Medomak, Ilvingtton, Qnebec, Wintsrlioff, Bipcr A
Alp Fea Eagk.WnttMiu, St Andrews, W W Schmidt A Co.
Hark Sewaio (Older), litye, Bremen, Ueuni. gi, Mnller A
Bnrk LolUnd r\or\ Jancen. Miramichi E Beck A Kun
Bark Suntor (Br), Stevenson, Sb Jobo, NM, Barclay A
Eh bi^st^n.
Bf"rk ?>rouio, 'I hoiapson.lVarren, Qrlanell, Mintarn A Ci>.
Ilr<^ I.MireUa. ( ha e. rara, Bu.-dott NoMe.
I'lit l.l<Mtt Ur), Nulkin?, tjacenstowa, I W El well A
Brig /MflHKchti>rt, Montevideo. J Norton. Jr
Brig A rue Wfcj, Duulae', Cbarlotteatown, I 6 Whitney A
Brit Ada, rime, LePreaot, NB. Nt ?mitb A Sona.
I'.tH oron tHr), Card, Cornwall U, P It DcMolf.
^BrigfilLa Ann, Clem, Doboy Island, 111> llr >ok man A
Hij?Carl?nn. AmN, Georgetown li D Brookinan A Co.
l;ri; Sopbi. Small, Wilmington A Uakainith.
9< Ur U O Dlttlow (Br), Miller, I'nrke Island', PennUton
tsobr l.eope!4 O'Donnell, Symon.la, Savannah, Demiil A
h.ilir Eu'hantfeir, Jaynes, Savannah, MeCr. .idy, Molt A
H.d.r I. A E.lwarJ", ttartick, Georgetown, Dollner A
Pott. r.
Heli* A J DeK'i?f?tt, Brew?tef, WHan'nstom, Doll or A
si-lr Ann, Hn>ton. Notfolk, Molt Bedell.
8obr tteaulne. Sv? i?D. Baltimore, Jolineon A Lowdea.
8<'Ur B l>a\idien, Bao*y Philadelphia, maitev.
S' Iir M'intcmoyeh. Uar%ia, l'ort Delaware. Vau Brunt A
Sobr Vlftor, I^ arM-. Portland, 8 W I.ewl'.
Hefcr llar\e?t, l'rcoimry. Taunlou, mailer.
h?r!?r tiontsle, knirfhtf, Ul"Uco?ter, maater.
Hei r Anietta'. Perry, New Bedford, master
t?thr Ellen Eonija. thowp^on. Now Hr.veB, ma it r
S. hr JoLn M Vaiko, Uuntar. BrUtel, maitcr.
81 on America. Baker, Providouee, mai-tar.
Sloop Non. y Janf, (iirdner, Newport, mailer.
Steamer George* Creek, danger, Baltimore, Parker VOn
Sloamihip < ?.!?? i any
Steamer Vulcan, Waitman, Philadelphia. JAN tfrigira.
Bl.tr Blanohard(efYaraoatb, VtLLawreaee, ilavro May
iu in l.allaat, wltliBfl# pailcngcri, t? KunlUt A Bona.
flliiii Uelene (,Brem), volekman. Bremen, May 5,witb ml le
and 1^*7 p#??ei)rrr?, to Vnven^tadt A Pchoiaaer.or.
Jlarl. Commodoie, William*, O'.unirei, 8t t)..min:o, 10th
lu?t, v< it It i oflce and logwood, to maatcr. Jnn? 11, in Crook
eaf lAlsud pa. 'tite. paaied a t.ark I onnd 8, allowing a ehito
fl.-i al -with red bbrder. ami l^tn-ra V E in it.
Brls Triton (Lubeek). V. ullV, BorJcaux, day*, with
liiaTidy. Ae.to Fnnoh A Melnrko.
BTitfOlaaM f, t ai>aday, (Ir.ind Cay, Turki lilanda, 11th
Inrt, villi ?aH. L> Tucker A Eiahtbonrn.
itrl.-e Warren uodiiard (iew), l^ineheiter, Bait port, 8 day*,
?i'b lumlier, M Smith A lloyntoe.
Hehr Ano/.ade ip..rt), 8i Ann#, Uebon, v.' dayi. with ?alt,
to 0 A Mar el ado. Jnne 10, lot .'Xi 41, Ion 04 8", ipoke three
matted ?ohr lira, he^re for HtThomaa.
Hehr Maryland, Bt;?l, (jMltuw, W 4?y?. Irtth mac. ^
M( MUM New lMiN(, lillii. | f|.H
with ooflto to H O BrwkMi * *?" ^
8?hr H arrioc fUllook. P?w Wtlate^a. MO, r daaa.
gehr El Dmfa. Wmi, iMUot, 10 tof
Sobr Dree4?a Mbjr.igdlin i 10 da/a
Sobr Tbree Sinter., N rt UurnntUo '* PMIkhUu,
Sohr ABtr.dt Church Sear?p>rl for Pkil#4?l?*v
8cb? Helena. Fcriytk, South ft eiHtn, 3 A*ra>
8obr UmtsiM. Johnaon, Port'ao*. fit.
Scbr f rwlerli k Bill. Dixon l' /iU?>4 Ct.
8obr Amelia Johaten Booklard 1 dara.
Sohr Shalor, Hmith. E"?klanA. Z dap a.
Sohr DrumawBd tighter), frow wreak at skip
Mhrntl New Iolot, LI.
ttuaiuer Ecnnoboc, do pea. Philadelphia.
Ship Kcilg'b, Ball, from Liverpool, Vnp 11, with hAm
and iwiiiMi to M t J 71 aparo't A Co
SI.i? Wm Raibbana 3Hda??rr<>ui UnnatL
Ship America* Eagle, 30 data fro? L?odoa.
Wild iwlni iha iat from E9B. aad (reek.
[Br Sai?i?i Hook Pbimting THHItMl
Thi Hisulidm Imtl tnlem.
The ohic Knuntb. from Lirorpeof, to ST AI TTtymtl A
O it at an otic r at the SWT Spit.
The weather in rtzj thick.
Bark Gem cf the Sfrae. I'll tone one year jldL hull#at
Warren t?I fc*6 treon told for tat 000.
Pilot! eat O'-'orite Stoert has b*en parrhaict hp the U 9
ROTerLOif at a< d Till hereafter t.e uaod in the llghtke
fleiviso, in the tiew Bedford dlatriet.
Telegraphic Morl? Repart
NEW ORLtiM, Juno 17 ?Act achr Geo Mangham. Hew
KXrraid Marine Comipoailcaee,
PHIlADKliPIIIA .'ono 21, i I'H-Mr ?chr? Mltb
?odsdOB, Calais: Wra Pitt, Nuter. B .aton.
Cld barke Von Vloclc U rdo. Bremen; Verowela. Ottk
I.aguijra; tr<? (taii.1 Stnall Tread well Helen; P Faharv
Jacieoii , St Jyo Cuba; Aadover. J oner, B ??ton; teknd
Chamberlain, Uallott lu.cltport; Star, hioboreoa. ProH
c*iCe ?ri\- Pf'tland; 8 U Kethormel Baaot
Mork: W fitgrtevant. Corner Newhurg; Besbnrf. Miek*r>
b?V. Walker; S?1?e<i. Fl?tiher and Ab-y WhUraaa.
l l.uord Boiton; Laurel. Johnien, lauaton; etoamor Dela
ware, Clark, ft York.
IN stutters.
BrPi'i? Caps Rover. i\t N? r'olk from Vowpert, W. lost ia
* hurrioco Htb lm t i ? lat 40 s?7 N Ion bMtl. ioretofosart,
m t i utopimllar tmast end sails.
Biup Camilu s. WtrLndoiff bwa ft.hore slrb* ?Mj?
p:uth of Oiracok Inlet went on ot 4 A M of tbe 1UI?. 8ha
li**n bows oa the boach, it about twel\e feet of water and
bad wveral fc?t of water in bcr hold Sba <? insuradta
Chariest^ for about 12o. L.ar oargor.f any U sufpo**
to ba isocred here.
Ship Hiumr. taller from Baltimorefor
suboit-on Sbarp'R Is i nd Che apta.e hay, I8U1 ana 19th
inst. Stean or Belvidere cat titte* dm* bcr.
Br Bahi nova Scotia*, from Bostcn far St John, KB*
tas botn t reeked, no particulars.
8. Hattiijkake (of Buckspoiii which want ?A**
on Block l.laad la.t oprinp. vriU bo *J?dyt? UaaohiB*
fe? days, when abevill be i--?en t? >ewport
Her keel ia entirely gone, othcrwiso shots Lot little asm
8ohb Mob A, of Belfast. before reported ashor*
amptcn LI rouiai, ed afternoon of lbth met. nearly jam
and dry at ht?h water, and very bad ly oovered wl' a saa?.
A Foii ans ait Sour. wa? seoa ???nlar of 16thl?h>
ashore near Eas hampton I. f ?be laid head oa, wsU afc
and appears to have recently (tone om.
8c hb Tiorao, of Boaufort was ?ha vmmI S??n li)tk last,
lat 37, Ion71 86, by ihe Francis * loan.
IVottctj to Murtners. .
SAVA^isAr, Jnne 16-From and after thla date.all
n-ispinir up oi down the Savannah nvo- nut keep to ?&? ?
Sf ^ Boa,, uatil further noyloe^ R .
Chairman, pro tern, Commissioners of Pilotajp.
Air at N Bedford 10th ship Columbus, CtoweU, Oohotak
Sea. Honolulu Dec 10, Pcrnambuca May 'ID, with 1W bhts
ep, 2 3H> <lowh oil, and ifi.OOG Iba bone oa b mrd. Seat
home 12,000 lbi bon). ? ,
Spoken May 1!', on Charleston Grouad, Ylrgiaia, W*.
of Orleans. oae month out. wI h 40 !>bli sp oil, all weu.
Spoken June 20, at 0 A M. c.ff t ire I.lani, .hip GtaUta4*
Cornell, of and for N Ucdfer i, from the Paol#o. fntL
Ship Soar;:o, from Boston for Calcutta, May 3,1st 5 (oe 00
"ft ntio'sta nil j, Dclesslne, from Havre for Sam FranoiM4?
May 0. lat 1210 S loa 14 JO W (from Paria)
Bark Chaso. from Mataniaa for 1 almouth^E, Jua# 11, uk
*"Samuel Small, fiom Salem for Philadelphia, 16th
init Nantuoket 8 Phoal, bearing Pi ?.40 miles
Schr Ana A Suaan, Brown. % day. from Bo.toa foe Ma
tiie, Jun? 1I>, Ut 37 40. Ion 69 25.
Fottlgn Poits.
CiEJ."rrc;rs?Arr June 6, brljs E'la Resd. Walker, Bee
muda. Sid 6th, brig Hsnier (Br), Paynter. Boston
Caedi nas? Arr StiiiG 10th, Bchr Ellen Djer, HaroNb
? 1At *do 12?h *brif Jere Fowler. Vf if'10*
(?ONAivi a?In port Juno 10, brig Chas Kershaw, MflMan
hence, Idg; the only American vei?elln port.
Havan a?la port Jane 14, sh'pt Robert Pittei, PuliT
ton, chartered for London at ?J, or ?u?* to a port oatfc
coniircnt, canie# "(100 boxes; Aleito Buret, oharterwl
for Hamburg at is, samaeawlt K.^/JarSS**0^
inc. :i 600 boxes for Antwerp, *eU ?<; Sierra Nevada, f?u
tcr, 11,100 boxed, for Cow**, tMt?n up ?5t2? 6d, Hy w?gj
ren. Rairden, char?ureilfor Falraoath at ? lit, ca_rrie? .yllM
"VaOboxoi; 8m Duok Brlard, ^kea up^orSag.a^*
l^adon at nne, cargo delivered aloupside, wiiuaja ?
.lane, I'hIUlpC, from ltath; Eliaabeth J nrooVs, from PlgXap
ilelnhia Loaisa, Lindiey, for Philadelphia aooa, ChankMt
CoAn fc.^Vork do; j/h'a Jfaraum. oWiiaaA. do d.;?
Niagara, Fitts for Boaton 18th; and others. Ud 12th, ehjglf
M'llUam Doane, Nor'.eans; Perl Rohlnioa, **;
jeiil, I'iokey, Cowas; 13th ichjjEmma Tattle, C?ow?ll(?
* JaJm *-lBki?rt abt June 0. brl.
for WYoik 2 d#y?; ^nd o the is. Brig Harriet. fl*/.eltiaf hm
^ pcrt? June 12, barks P BHr.rtM
ll'Cri'li" chartered to load at Havana for /owea.
at ?3 ?A, parries -,600 boxes-. Jaeo^i Pfcntlm, l oriaj.
taken up for Cowor, at JU 15, carries 1,. 00
lilwia, llatch. chartered for same port.at wh
rine, Watts, from new Orleans air 9th; Alnah, ^ ork tr*m
do: sehr Tankce Bladc.Heagan, fromNewVork. aad otW^
Monti.vidico?In port Ma?l. bark Slsuto, Stlnson, fcoaa
Bnnurn, arr April 1< and oinei'B asbeforo.
Mavaoi i r?Arr Juoe B,B L Swan N Haven.
1ft vNZANiLi.o? In port .Jane J, tuij Mr?J ?
l'uree for >\ork ldg. 81 d ;ii. brig Nerc.u, Small, Boetoa.
Qvi ir^-Arr June Wth, ship ferehambaw.
.New York; bark Huma. Barton, oo;17th, ship* Cornel Ik
joncs do: Mavllower. Fates. Al?xan<)ria. . ...
Snt for ldg 14ih (hips Abby Blaachard, for I.ondoa, 1-th.
??KaVrt Jnne 10, bark Mary, Wlietdea, foe B?
*"tbin'wai*?Sid JuneS, btigsSpitfire (Br) Mead, Bestoa.
Home Ports.
ALEXANDRIA?Art Jnne 19, sohrs G F Brown. JojWt
M Tavlor Nickerson. do; Yankee Doodle. I olant, M J La
nan, fairfax. and J C Waterbury, New York; John Rog?a.
Providence. Sid 18th, schrs Loduskla. LovbII, BosUac
Statctman, Now York.
1?V l)Crs??u? aiiuiun wtwnHe uvton, nv?vuuj
Goodfpeed, Bobtoo; Clarion. BurUngame, Boston; Frank.
SicLcrson, Boiton; Brave. I'OTell, Boston. _
BALTIMORE?Arr Juno 20, bark ( oiao.Rean, Havaa*
via Charleston; brl?? China, Hamhlin, wfS
(Ut), Merrill, Uulf of Mcxlco; sehrs Kalos, Matthews, ?aat
port: Julia Ann. Hardin?. Boston; I ranols Burritt, Fair
child, Boston: Gar.olle, ? rowell, Boston; X II Adams*
Adams, NBedforJ. C'ld stoam r tfesteri port, Ball, Maw
Tork: ship An a wan, juoIauo, Callao; bulu Swan, JJutMrn.
Fernanilmco and a market; Daniel Webster,
ton; schrs Marv Ann, ltiohardj. Cohasset Narrows; Helta
Mar.Took?r, warehaio; Chai c.'lgate NYor* . |t(.
B68TON-Arr Juno :M. rteamcr Jackson, Parish, BalM
more-shinKato llnnter. Bush, Mobile: Lanark, Magoaa.
Baltimore; b?Sk* Octavla, Woodbury. Matanzas 6th^nrt;
Edw Eierett, Lorainnd, Baltimore; Sarah Ann, Dsdler,
Philadelphia; bri;; Mary EL/.abcth(of.Niork), Frost. Triat
dad 2d last; Pennamiquou, Hail, Havana 7th Inst, tnriaa.
Marshall, koudont; i-ftlir Harriet Newell (Br), Kobartt
Turks Islands fftli inst; Gipsy, Insalls; T/*"00 * wftjir
Eglantine, l'aikcr. J*cksouvlllo; Halcyon, Irebmaa.Bl^
mond; Onward, Bead, and J Porter, Bnglirt,
John Bell, TraukliB. do;lIoarietts, Mayo, Port Ewea Jwiu
PiankMn, Auld, Hondont: Lion, Rsthbone, NYorh.
Bangor, Jordan, NYorV. Bar. Sophronia HaU. whW?
arr l^th was from Sau Bias, W Coast oi ??
ico, am/ had toucho* at Talcahuano for
Cld steamship Niagara (Br>, Leitoh, Liverpool via HaU
Hl.iD?B?Tsriy\ chase, Calcutta; Martha, samppoB-Boio
h? ? bi?sr TEmilv Voir/, Haskell, Philadelphia; Delmon*
Loeic, l'ark. do; loom, Lambert do;
JlSow Baltimore. Sid brigs Sara h Margaret, Pitho, aa?
rrom Ihe Roads ship Phaston. bark Salem. Barks F.riugo.
rAi,n p0tt<sr snd btU Times sld evening of lJth*
ra \RLLbTON?Iu th* Oiling June IS, fhip ColambUu
?tu?ses from NYorV CM lgk, bark Jasper. Raamstt^
v. ?!?. i.Vii b CarTcr Sawyer, Boston; schr Alvaraao,
St^B. lith, h.rki Franklla (Hr). Jasper, bn*
FA LL* RIVER?-V rr June 19, sfllir Volt a. Raokett, Phila
?t? no'"om, Barker.
?SJIfin3^w; J?S ?rdoMn?, Bo a tolls, Liver
rool; bark Karen Eltrabath (Nor), Milsom, do . rr
MACH1ASPOUT?sid June Hi, bri? Jamoj W*llaoe, uy
ton West Indies; \V ir<jdale, sliackford, aad Bonaparts,
euole. "York; nchrs Manuoln. Kcltou, and Elvira, Ia
**NEW?Onl.r.AN(<? \rr Jnne.ll, biigi D S I'rown, Marsh
man. Pkiladel^iia; Fidelia, ",0r^,,.0,or^e\?_w2,' w,o*
BiTstir r"Wii"Va??J!S>!Sr
bam'Havre; livs, Phllbrook, Liverpool; bark Msrela, WH
rj; felt pSrWW M'uJini.'
Srriirlitllng So* MoKqwb. Btston; George A SSt ?
Vidoii o: Emblem, Cisndler, Portland; Mott Hedell, OH
VN*^rRE-AwrjPuMWM', sch.s Frederick Re.d OiMK
'^NEv'LONDON?.irr June 18, s^hrTssnsit, Chapel, Bal
UNEWPORT-SW 20,*-rlg Julia Ford, Grifftn (from
1 Nti'flEnloRD-Arr June 1?. ?=Ur Mary A Elizabeth.
ii.ii \Vnik 8W shl."1 Navigator, ( allao, *e.
NEWBl RYI't-'RT-Arr June 11>, fdirs Rcgnla.or, l>?
*'ph nBA^L^nf\?Arr JunVwTPM, schrs Aurora. 1UI
v.r^ New BodfoVd;Wm Lea, Wright. Salem. Cldschr.
ivnasll'HorrSi. DelAware, niokms.u; Philip Gllkey, Qoteh,
nntu Reaves Uocvn, Boston; John Home, Kcwi'Ofil
SilSi BUiSJ'h. and^ Sophia Aaa. Fall River; CharW
Wsrai. k' rn"erpri5c, Smith, 8alem; Gen Taylor.
?waft' NorTatk H S Lr^ir:Kelly. WovlnceLown, SyWto
U I'" rv, Cohasset; H M Wright, t isher, lUrtford. L S?T
iViour, Shore, Hudson; Pacific, l ow Troy. t.sdy raaei^
Merrick, and Mary 'V irginia, Dambcr, >ew i or.i; Haaws^
DUney, V?"wburj fort j LewU Clark, Vankirk, Newport^
Henilcrtoa. Gaoucy; Oen Marl n. Fordham; G R Portwi
Sndsom; J S Whelacn, lUnlul , 3 Stnrlevant, Corson, an*
"pROVlDEM'/Trr jSnVIX sloop Cinderella. K- llort.
Matania^ ud in?t5 ^oHntWan, F ^ M-rryn*s?t llarnn^
U1CVMONTV?Arr June 19, staamshii. Bjf (,k
vi-ntiia, N V't ri. fschrsEli!.% Amanda Briten, N Vof^; Hano
ver, Thil.plc, ?(<>; fclir* Messt Irode, Cramner, d*. At iMg
Pot'.it solir .luilot'e.frOB Boston.
i?ALl <4?Ar June 19, s, hr dm. Warren, trondotit. C14
sehr* Jonas H'arren, KeUey, N\ork; AUaa?4c, NlcUersoa.
I 1 VVcKFonD-sid Juse 17, sloopi Hope, Qar Unit, lUnl
I oat; U?th, Victory, BMMi do.

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