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pledged as ? security for the payment of the interest
?nd the redemption rami which was then established.
In 1861, however, the i; t. rent had got greatly in ar
*ear, aud an arrangement was entered into betireon
the Mexican government and the bondholders under
which the latterweie to reir'vw t e Mm of two mil
lion* and a half of dollar*, Wing part of fee sum of
fifteen million dollars paid by the United St.?tes as
compensation for the cession of part of the Mexican
territory. And this aum tnev were to take in full
discharge of all arrears of interest up to that date.
They were further to reduce tho rate of interest to
three per cent, for the punctual payment of which
the government agreed to net apart "25 per cent of
the import dues of the maritime and frontier custom
houses, 76 per cent of the export duties in the Paci
fic ports, and live | ercent of the name duties in the
Crts of the Gulf; the remainder of the dividends to
paid from the other national revenues, if tho du
ties thus set apart should prove insufficient. The
bondholder* were, moreover, ti be at liberty to ap
point agents at the Mil rent Mexican ports to receive
the portion of duties thus pledged. A ad the Mexi
can government undei t > K to provide for the usual
charges of shipping and laiuKn r, insurance and
freight. Thisarranpe'vr.l wn acceded to by the bind
holders, and the boud.n were (.hereupon issued, which
are now known as the Mexican Three per-Cent
Bonds. In the year It- 3 the interest of i<ie^e boids
was considerably in arren.r, . .id Messre. Jeckar,
Torre A Co., merchji ts r -idei i at Mexic ?, there
upon ofl'ero?i to tue Mc.\i n vemment to trans
mit to England a bill oi excluuare for ?50,000, or
$250,000, to complete payment ' the third dividend
upon terms whie.li \vt r?; agreed t"> by the govern
ment. These terms we:e t'i? ? t the ?30,000 should be
repaid by mtnns of tr mitt tt.? es m ide to London
from ana after the ci rent n >n , oat of the reve
nues set apart to meet the ol'ih-.of the bondhold
ers. That for all expend 1 of interc.it on that loan,
as well as of comr:<? .i m and poundage, the said
Messrs. decker & Co. were to bo at liberty to Bhip
a oertain amount of <t liars, di'ty free, which
privilege they acooi iingly availed themselves
of. The bill for ?$0,000 was transmitted to
Mean*. Baling, and paid by the latter to the com
mittee of bondbold r?. 'j'tie ;".'euts of tlie bond
holders iu the diU'eii >t Me-.u i ;??r*.s had remitted
to Mc^td. Baring, o-f o tae ivveati'- si t apart by
the Mexican goven.ni at. rot i . ly the 311m of ?30,
000 which Messrs. Hyri ; h "I p id on account of
Messrs. Jecker, hi t a 'ier . "'ii of r.17.30'5, and a
bill of lading tor f <,(M>. Thet e .-uins, it was alleged,
bad been tiausmitted by mi-nike, nno the commit
tee of the bondholders applied to have the am rant
paid over to their ac-> at,, 1 t.t the Messrs. Baring
utated that they had 'euivej .ud?rs to hold the re
mittances teceivcd from the arious ngenta at the
Mexican ports a* tV r ,r i f Messrs. Jecker A
Co. nntil further ii.s'.rneti u, end that an official
letter had l?(n tin.-.!: 1 > Col ! u :o, the
agent of the Mexican govemnent in Kngland, not
to apply for payment of this mm, i:i :ch us by
the liquidation which Me .->;?>!. ,l? ker had m.de with
the Mexican government, t ie balance in the hands
of Messrs. Bating was appliesble to other require
ments Hatistied by them. Cpon receiving this in
formation, the plaintitf liied the present bill on be
half of himself and a" I the other bondholders
against Meters. Bating, Messrs. decker & Co., Col.
Facio, and Santa Anna, thu President of the Mexi
can republic, ard applied for the present injunction
to restrain Messrs. Having from parting with the
fund, exceyit for the purpose of liquidating the
Claims of tho Mexican bon iholders.
It was stated that the Mexican mail was already
overdue, and hourly expected; and it was, there
fore, necessary, that the orde.r should be made be
fore Messrs. B iring received directions to deal with
the fo&d.
llis Honor granted the injunction.
Knllic Fl'Ht.
> Thc London Time.*' Danzig correspondent tele
ttrl T)he on Friday, as follow;?The frigate Desper
ate* 'M arrived here. !->be left the Ueet on the 7th.
AfU'j Hango had been bom'o.irded, without suc
cess i the fleet proceeded to ilelsiugfore.
Swcflon. *
The.. London Arcuu' Hamburg correspondent tele
graphs * on Friday, that it i - reported there, on very
rcspcota ble authority, anil generally believed, that
Hwedcn has declared openly against Russia, and
retail 'e<i her minister from St. Petersburg.
Grvrcr. ,
Athens, May HO The King grants an amnesty
to thc office ra engaged in the insurrection, if they
return to d? <ly before the expiration of a month.
ExcnBQf* n Bills.?These bills were rather
heavy on Fr day at 4s. premium, owing to an im
preb/ion tL#i the South Sea Company may throw
upon the m x kct l^u large amount in their hands,
although it wi 'ult* st>cui il moro judicious course to
divide tliec. i-? stead of mouey unoong their stock
holders. _ _ , ...
Tbk MiSRTia , AL Changes.?Tno Duke ot >ew
? castle will be V Secretary of Nt>te for \Var% Sir
? <Jeortrc Grey take, ?> 'he Colonial oi:k;e. Lord t.ran
? ville retires to tht? Chaucillonthip 01 the Ducliy of
Lancaster, with ffi seat ru the Cabinet, that oilice
being vacated tor the purpose by Mr. Sirutt.
Gulf of FhiUnd.
The postscript of a reliable letter from St. Peters
laura Mates that a number af English vessels are
near Cronstadt taking soundings.
Paris Friday, June -9.?The Morsiteur, in r.o
UriniT the Meeting of the Emperor of Austria and
the Kin<* of Prussia, Bay there ia no doubt that their
object ifl to conceit together respecting the evc.rtu
aUties pointed at by thc treaty of Benin, and taat
liie bent reniltn are expected from the interview.
At thc Bourse there was a general recovsry.
Funds clofed 71 00 and 97
ViSKWA. Friday, June 9.?The journal Adrian
Cor respond en: states that it his news from C zerno
wiiz in thc Bukovrina, by which it become* ^ldent
Ruwia meditates an attack upon Austria. abe po
sition of the Austrian Embassy at St. le.ersburg
was painful in the extreme.
Scrlotis Chnrgr Against a Catholic Priest.
|From tlic Cincinnati F.nquirer. June 22.J
The Police Court was crowded yesterday, in con
sequence of it having leaked out that a German
priest bad been arrested upon the above charge.
After the usual business bad been disposed of, 1 eter
KAccrcr was arraigned upon a warrant which bad
been sworn out, for assault and battery upon katue
riue F. Myers. This was, by request ol the 1 rose
cutuig Attorney. Mr. Logan, dismissed, and a charge
of assault with intent to commit a rape preferred.
Thc defendant is nil elderly man, apparently about
Fifty years of age, middle sized, and or rather a uo
rid'cast of countenance. The giil, Katherine Mvers,
is turned of fourteen, a rather stout built, good look
ing German girl, of a very mode-t appearance, 'n itM
remarkably large speaking black eyes. She did not
understai.d English, and her testimony had to be
translated by an interpreter. She appeared to be
laboring uiider an excess of fright, and gave ucr exi
gence in so low a tone that it caused considerable
Relay, as Mr. Moorman, who appeared as counsel for
|he defence, insisted upon the right of his :licnt to
hear what she said. Upon being sworn, she de
posed as follows:? . . ? * ut.
Am fourteen vear* old; am acquainted w th Mr.
Rrccktr; don't know what day I went to confession, but
It was the day betore yesterday (Monday); 1 foundlilm
In the church on Fifth street, built on the Bit* of the
*ne burned down; I went to confession; ionic girls went
tritli me; the first question Mr. Kroeger asked me w.ig'
"if 1 had ?inned;" it wne in the aonfessional, there was
ft girl with me. I replied that I had dODfl nothing; ho
then came out of the cnfesdonal nr>A told me to fol
low him into his house; bo then asked me if he was al
lowed to whip me; be ?pnko to me in low Pritcn; I
apeak high Dutch; he put other questleng to mc I did
not understand; he asked me if I had ever sinned with
a man, he then asked me if he was allowed to whip me;
he told me to follow him in the room; the Kir's *md no
thin* to me; he said I want to know it, meaning if I
bad dinned with a man; this waa tefore 1 wept oat of
the confessional; be haid nothing of whipping in confes
Morurl, when he went in the room he asked me to
tell what sin I had done ; I replied, no more
than I told him ; he locked the door when I
first went in, and asked me If he waa al
lowed to whip me; I told him he no, had no right
to whip me . he then again asked me if I had sinned
trith a man; 1 told him no; he was speaking in low Dutch;
I did not understand all he said; when I told him I had
not alnned with a man, he told me that I must hare done
po; he lifted up my clothes and sai l he was going to whip
me, he lifted my clothes behind and struck me with a
dmall nick;he siruck me four times on the bare skin; he
lifted my clothe* up In front directly afterward, and said
lie wanted to ere, l then said he dare not do it, and he
HiIff was allowed; I said nothing; he th<>n looked; be
2weSrhipped me and told me to go home, and told nsr to
lell my mother he wanted to see heT, 1 sail my mother
iiad no time, when he whipped me he laid me on his lap;
when he lifteid my clothes with the right hand, h? pla^'d
Us left hand on my stomach . I screamed loudly, and the
neighbors heard me; that was the time he told me to go
liome; he unlocked the door and 1 went home r.nd told
my mother that Father Kroeger had whipped me; I did
not tell my mother about bis lifting my <lre"? until she
made me; when he was in the confeseiocal he toll rue
tliat was not fhe place for him . I must go to hN room.
Cross-examined?It wa* about the time *rhool com -
trienced In the afternoon; the room I went into wn ion
tlx main floor of the church; it was on the r-aine sul.> a
the school bouse; Father Kitter carre ir a> <l nfked if
there were any more girls who wanted to go toe n**"
rion; Father Kroeger said no. somebody hallooed nl
that ? girl was getting a beatirg; lather Rifer etm
the door that goea Into the house; I r <her Kroe->t
locked it to let him in, and locked it when lie vrnnt o
I heard eArpenter* working all tho time. I know of
difficulty which bad deviously occurred between at!
Kroeger and my parent*; be (truck me four tnic.w
II e niiek; Fatnoi P.Hter wa* not la tho room when 1 was
nVlnMd. . .
Jurana Pcbmflt/'in sworn?I lire near the ebarch,
*>nly a parlltion between my room and the churoh; on
"bisu'Uy aftOifluvii i heeid somv epebaiiP;
Ah ,re
no to
ir un;
f no
out to the priest that ho was performing an aot of cha
rity; I heard the btatirg again, and hoard him *ay,
' 1 m going to teach you to go to church." I heard the
pirl frying; 1 h' nrd the l?n "un*<? in high Dutch; dou't
Know if any other girl* *cre whipped, I th nk it .ix?
between tr.rre and fi>ur o'olock; tbe screaming ctroe
from the church, hut I can't nay exacilv the Bi>ot; tne
carpenters heard it too, ami were inquiring about it.
Helena Myers sworn?Am mother t<> Katharine; I sent
her on Monday to go to confesaion; 1 kn iw she goet wber
evtr I fend her; sometime* on Sunday* I Weep her at
heme; on Monday, after oho came honse, she ?a< crying
and rick; there wan a man, called Henry Gable, there
when t-he flint came home; 1 was in a var4 hack of the
home; 1 asked her what was the matter; she nai l no
thing: I toll) her she must tell mo, and she ?uid Father
Kro. t;er had whipped her, and Haiti she did not know *hy
he hud done it; t he l>..i>t l ather K. wante l to know if she
liai' stolen or not; said he io"k her imo the churcu in'o
a ro'm and whipped her had'y; afterward a youn* ram
coaxed out of her what he bad whippel her wit i, an J
where and in what manner; ?be did not tell me about his
j lifting her clottes, because P'>o was b taumod; I never
g&vt him authority to whip my chill; she toM mt that
he wanted to Bee mo, but I did not go, as I did not Want
to .-oe liim.
t'roH-. examined.? 'lie lias gone to the s.:li >ol about five
years; during ever) four weeks the romainod at home
about eight da.va.
[Here a qmstion was naked if there had been any pre
vines difticulty bt twion Father Kroeger and the witness,
wl ieh, being * ecmed irrelevant, wa? ruled out.)
Julius <jrafenliabn sworn?1 t lkod with Katharine
after the occurrence; when I sa? h?r in the r?nin abe
' looked curious; I naked lior what was the matter; alio
! went out of the rot m, and laid down on 'be bod, and
' cried: she would not tell her mother anything but tbit
1 ,-Le viia whipped; 1 afterwards a M Mr abut the
j whipping, anu ahe told me it wait in the room after she
1 went from the confessional; ahe deajril?eU to me in wiiat
part she was whipped.
Ileniy Fitter sworn?Ou Mouday, between throe and
four o'clicl , I was part ol ilie time tn the room and part
' oft!, time in tbt chiireb: when I wont in'o the room
wlie/i the girl was, Father Kroeger traa In the room; the
door ? as not locked: 1 then went into the church, an I
remained there until the girl c me out; 1 kne? her well;
1 li ft the dt'Or lea-'ii-g from the room to the churct o^ien,
j 1 hea;tl i t cry. 1 was a'out live or it ir u tno
i door nil the time; I eivv her stanuing iu the room; I
l (i i:lti n e in all the time
( rt s? exBtrlecd?Fnthor Kroeger baa rlnrge of the
! chilereu w lio go to school; if tbt y do anything wrong he
' ctT.et.ts tl.im; he it th" President of the Hoard of Triu
ttea; in c mpany with him. 1 visit tl?>i scLool.-, three or
four times in the week; if the chi riren do wrong tin
tract era have a right to whip tlvm, so h? . tiie 1 "re-{Itt? nt
the right, but the trustees bnve no right; 1 wout into ?h?
ro< m about t'ue same time that the girl went in; I a?ked
Father K if any cuildren were there who wanted to gi t.>
conferaieL; be sanl no; I then went into the church; I
don't krow what l ather 1C. said to the girl; while 1 wiu
in the ehuroh I was praying; 1 was there threa quarters
ol an hour; 1 am josili\e the door was not closed; I could
s*f all that was goingnn in the room; Father K hid no
' a'ie.V in bis 1 and; th' girl 'eft the room in five or d'X mi
! ni.tcf after she went in; Father K. did not come in the
church; I ditl not see the girl cry; if a chid does wrong
j in church they are punlshod ts if in acliool; the room
th y weie in i? Uhel for a dressing room, and for private
i tiiIk, tic ; 1 athcr K. li\es in a hou?e conocted with the
| church.
By the Court?I heard a cry afUr I w.cnt from tte
chuich; tbis waa afser Katherine had left; girls and
others confess in the church, but for other business they
go into the room, 1 have Been other girls in that room
v.ith Father Kroeger; 1 aaw no other girl* there on that
day ; do not. knew bow she waB dressed; I know her well
by sight; ha\e known lier a yearand a half; ahe has con
fessed to me; at the time ] ?aa sitting from the altar,
four or fi\e steps flora the room; part of the time I walk
ed backward ur.d forward before tho altar; ia turning
round I might have had my back to the aoor; did no*
sec anything peculiar in the gii 1; Bhe appears now i,;>
ufual; generally she ia not so pale as now; I am certain
it is the ei'me girl; 1 fcnow all tiie scht ol girls; I have
not visited the seh'.ol i-ince Easter; nm certain 1 heard a
child cry that afternoon; it Is of frequent occurrence;
there was no other priest but mt self and Father Kroegor
there that afternoon; there is never confession had ia
that room; the door is generally open.
Lewis Lambright sworn?I havu b.'cn at work at tho
church two weeks; am a carpenter; at near four o'clock
nn that day I was desirous of getting into the resrentry,
and endeavored to open tho door of Father Krooger'B
rt't.m, when be hurriedly opened it, said something in
Herman, and closed it ag.'tin twenty minuses afterwards
I heard a Bcrtnm; I thought it was aomewlioro abovo; a
fellow wor).man was with me who henrd the scre.tm; ho
ran out; Mrs. t-climelt/.lin, at the window of the riom
near by, was asked if the scream wna from her room;
ehe, ] erbaps not understanding the question, replied,
"Yes;" I saw F'athor Hitter about, but did not see him
doing anything.
Here the examination eloflod. After lengthy
Arguments by coun&el on both sides, the J twice re
viewed tbe cas-e and testimony in all Its bearings,
lie dwelt particularly upon the modest demeanor of
tbe girl, her artlesMies", and the genuine and ferrid
maimer in which ??be bad giv.*n her evidence. He
could not, under tbe circumstances^ bebeve but,
from tbe conduct of the accused, that he intended
to commit n criminal outrage; bis manner of first
taking bold of hfr proved it; and that the outcry of
tbe child havinc attracted tho attention of persons
outside, causcdnim to forepo his purpose, and bo be I
pretended that lie was only chastising tier for not i
coming regularly to church. An cfl'ort bad been ]
made to induce belief that the scream had em.inated
ftt.m another child; if an, why not brine that child i
hither??the incident was of too recant a dato for
tbe identity of tbe child to have been forgotten; it
is evident, therefore, that the witness, Katherine,
was tiie jperecn from wbom the screams proceeded.
The testimony of Father Hitter was, that tho doors
were unlockt d; that of tha carpci'ter and girl, that
they were locked. Taking all the testimony into
consideration, be considered it his duty to hwld de
fendant in the sum of $2,000 to answc-r the charge at
the next terra of the Criminal Court.
Pfrsciinl lntrlllcrncc.
Hon. J. noe Abridge atld lady, Raton P.ouge; TiTadain i
AnnaThillon ?nd servant, London; Mr. Hudson nnl aorv- |
ant, London; Hon. Jofeph Walker Plnror co , Califorr.in; I
Hon K. D. Sawyer. I'laccr 20., California; Rameea Loon j
Sfinches, Baited Stat a Consul, Carthnijena', Castor 1
Aquirro. Ecusdor; Carlos Mnrtando and servant, Pan:.ma;
H L. Revnelde. Mobile; Rev. Q. Sidney, Wi. Ington; I
,'udgo A. ltabinson, St. Louis; C?pt. L. 11. Xlill, U. Stales |
Army; Dr. J. S. Hunter, Ohio, airhed yceterd../ at Ihe ;
St. fSicliOl.13 Hotel.
Among the departure? from the Metropolitan Hotel
vesturdjy, was M. Staeriltl, Russian minister, for Wash
llou. M. Johnson, St. John's; Hot 3. C Chtencg, In
diana; A.J. Duncan nn l familv, Nwhville; A. Blake nnd
family, South Carolina^ Col. B. L. I.'aall, U. 8 Army; II.
L. Alleuson, British A ;-nv; D?.n Ant jnia Sa-a. Limn Wm.
E. Seabrook, Charleston; S. M. ^\olIsa and party, 1'aris,
vc-e amongst the ar:.sal.-t yesterday at the Metropolitan
(.'bos. Haskiss, Washington; R II. Moss, Virginia; Gov.
Chinch, Albany; J. W. Meredith, Avnttto. Gn ; Ci. II.
Potts Mid lady, I'otrville: Jsme Harding, St. I/>uis; Tt
Fallon. New Orlraaa; J. J. Flocam and ladv, Ohio; Dr
McCune. Co rgin ; il. Ames, Comeeticut; C. W. Ciiapln,
Springfield; Ji. B Clort'on, California, arriveiTyes'.crda,
at the Af-tor Bout.
The following names w.rr recorded at Gilpin's Lx
flvnge Reading Rooms. "W>? :I st;o t, yesterday;?.la-jira
F Orecnough. KocheHter, N. Y.; 3. Stow, New Ila en,
Cri n.; R. W. FTaser, U. S Consul, Halifax, N S : .:oho
W. I)ix, I cn-on; C. F. Lager, Frankfort-on-the-iiaino,
Germany. ?
Messrs. .1. Von Gerret. Redden*. Minister of n K. the
King of Prussia ; Jos. Riddle, K. Falroquette, Jr . and
Chitf. Roitand, besrers sf despatches; and A. W. .Stharit,
1 * Consul for Falmouth, E., will leave to-U. y in the
t-teamfhip Pacific, for Liverpool.
Pr. Frederick Na-b New S'ork; E H. Cnrrin, do; A. A.
Guild. Poster; C. N. Hudson, Va.; C. L. Riddl*. Ronton;
John Bird, N. V : R H. Croloy, Boston; .1. H. Hall, Now
II*ven; II. F. Wibon. Ohio; T. J. Wheeler, do.; Benj F.
Alienor n, I a., were among the arrivals at the Prescoti
House yesterday.
Tlic following is a lift of Americans registered nt the
bankircr' ISce of Livingston, Wells k Co.. Paris, reported
for the Nkw York Hxn\ij>, June 8, 1S54 :?
C. W. Kichar. s, New York. S. A. Mercer, Penn.
J. H. Fell, " J.W.Brown, "
E. F. Biddle, " E. W. Wells, Conn.
R H. Johtster. " James Budlong, Mass.
Pr M. Blumertral, " W. A. Aikin, ??
R. Catlinand family, " O. W Tildon, "
! C. L. Sl.arpslcen, " " C. A. Bartol, "
! W. H. Hydecker, " John Chandler, "
| William Taylor, " W. Blakr and family, "
G. B. English, " Mrs. Prince, "
I!. Ullinsn. " William Bowen, Ohio.
J. W. Pecrett, ? " C. Wo.-thington, "
A.M.Eastman, " W. E. Joliusteu, "
S. II. Ingereoll, " <L Arpegraw, Virginia.
F. E. Pavis, " J.F. Kennedy, Alabami.
Mrs F. Stevenson,fam." Jamei AnderBon,Kentucky.
John A. Bell, " 11 P. Cameron, H. Carolina.
Morris Wilson, " J. F. Mtllirliamp^ "
Col. F. KalJ. Penn. Col .1. U. Mngrude". U. S A.
J. Steiner and family, " W. F. Gla'sel, U. ?5 N.
1 raua Grube, M. V., "
From ITstts. In stiam^Jiip t'nlon ? Mmo Goner and darzh
ter 8 Wolosbi, Str Hami ton, F .Varilly I, P.irii" Mm? M?
thias Mm* Lnnper and servsrt. E Mnl'.rr, N?fl llnrnlrtl.
Modi C.ra.iar.i ?rid lady. J op linlhrr, Mrs Know ao three
ctl dn.n A Litlstt, A C.^ iirom. MrSiaio, Mr
Rcn?.?r lady snd two children, Mr Pesotte snd lady. Mr
j Dceebfno Mr Prinx' Mr Sei^, Mist *?ftbe'.t Ml?? Mlehell,
I Urns Amchard, i'r Guillsmot Mr and Mrs Hrnehoux. Mr
: Walter*, Mr C.noty, Mr Palle, Alexander and Lonla lleri
and, Mr Ko-s Pi-rce fl< ?z, Mrs I.aig and two c?>iidron Mr
[ Frarkfelt Jos Manger. Mr Morsl. Mr Hernard, Mr a? d Mi?s
Sebsiifer F rnr'ers, F Camillalady. MrOardy. Mr Mon
roe, Mr Ctira, Miss It Cordelia Miss E 8ni?any, IT B Hooper.
F. Ornss, Mr S nedelinir. Mme rBcbin an J daughter, Dr G
11 C Salter, beartr ? ' dofpatrb"*
Ttc m 8an Jtinn, in tl < iteamship Vorth Star?
and v ife, Mr Miore. lailv and two ffhildren, 1
and thrco < hildro-. Mr* Sout'in. Mrs Knt.inin*,
M*di me Tbil'en. J Hndion, J Carrol, II Degran
Mofrs Wctmore, Ooortwin, Parks, Adams. Sin
Clark, Affron, Coortwriybt Hopkins, Calden,
Ferris, Cook, I.ent, Criham Boell I, Anthony
despatc. .
Frrm San Jnan, in the stesmship Vorth Star?F. W Tovey
and v ifd, Mr M .ore. laiiv and two ffhlldren, Mra Slef-per
and tfcrco < hildro , Mr* Sost'In, Mrs Knt-inlnx, Mons and
M%d^me Tbil'en. J Had ion, J Carrol, II Hepraw, A Brown,
?"-* , .. ? .. iBith, Harris,
Flub. Miles,
_ .. . . - _ J Anthony,
l)r Moore, .Mosfrs Bordan nail, l'lant. Smith. McKlnlor,
May, Davis, Hawyer, Waiknp. Tovcy, Richards Joins
( "Ie?, H est, Gase. Bnok. Ca lls Honddcr Clark. Cos, War I,
Kryes, Lr Clark Mcstri Havens. lTnll tirant, Heaman,
Rysn, Jeres, I.evl, (Illnc . Smith. Collin*. Tay. Ferins n.
' aldon, St.v ns Oakley < oml.?r?oti ronV I?a"lel, Ilr iw<i
< spts 1 a, IU-eoVs, Ifanons 'B^r^ord ft Co'* Exprrs*) H^bin
sod Mi K'}f, Ha-li t. n, Ca|it H?r-y Lore (?ho oaptoied the
renovti'droM. r Jes iin) C-1 .Ir!,B?-n an,1 ladt Colonel
Gl. H' D snd la?.v, J 1. 1; tf?dv'?n(Tand 1?dr. M Their an <
ladv. .1 W 1 .ton -nrt ,ady, h V-n lioren sr.I ladv; I) lie
I'ilei ', I .1 ... f \v Itieo. ' rar>r i,t rte?r>?'oh>s from ?'ie
I sriiviir. werneent to Wrsblr too. a-I f.?u.r . Mr
Brntnlfy, of Ad-in- A C?. s V rrsr* a > ' np-r of Wells
Iir^oA Co * 1 sj i????( nr,d 242 in th ftcffftrc
From Llvsrpo. I in ?l.lp Phunl*?Mrs Dalton sr l child
Ml*s Iiallor. 1 t?, ilulirv J (tiam'er* AM H ioki- Ml)
Margaret BuUsr, Mttia Palt'.r, Bv.th Baiter.
Midshipman Joi n F. " emft, and Mr. than, n Cfush
man, U. S. N., nrrivsfl m Salem 22d ltst., in the brig
Plnnet, from the const of Africa.
Ueut. Robert W. Shufeli't and Mi-lshipmen fclwatU J,
Wii Jvbn T. Riiutuall. b?v? rcsipnei.
SDN KU3H 4 "'?* I M )OM UlrfBti 3 S3
BCK 7 Ilfl I UIOU V. AfHii S So
I*or? us lie*' * oi ?, /un< 5i'i, IH&'i.
Fteanship P?eiflr Nye Li?*rp>el. 1 K Oollina
hhip. Liverpool. Kuracy, Liverpool, U'lnaf I klitttucu &
Ship Universe, Bird Liverpool. Williams A Tuion
> bip Thalm t?, BtrV*', Q- ebec. J O B?k r ,t '~o
Ship StalKnneu. v? us, Q.ioh '-, iBo? A II t.? -
Ship Thornton. Collies. Sr Johns Wiliains A Oain^
Bark Elko (Ham) bohuman. U'.obur^. E !>c-li 4 Eua
11 rk John B'naon, Ptnnei.t r, IKmn* StarjoiACo.
B> Ik S Thornton ''<>?'*, I'iboy I i?nd UP IKok ,t <" ?
lint Suauncee, B?- rctt K.e> o>t. Sicallwoou Audiiraon
A Co
Sol r.TO White. Wc-C'i!! ck Pt l>omioi*o.
Sri r Mar) K lica.ao. IAe?>;aa Curd uas, n T> BraokUAU
& Co
Sehf Vivid (B?) L'kev Sy l&oy. J B Q?*er % Co
I S< l.r f 1' 1. ro -n.ifi, li tl'iin. r? Mull r 4 Lord
I btbr Charger. la lion li i.'hniot 1, C U 1'ier* *u
Hebr Alid* D'Janav, Kl tmond C U PIuwd ?
! Pclir Etipl < loin. Etrtrtdve Port ;m >uth, d w L.'wia.
jx.hr J U U'l* arl, Hill, Portland, Foadlek t 3j4iam?0.
S*br Globe, El n Sue . >t IV .!o . ..
Sleep Warron, s,a?nar'l. hcwH&^eo ul%ator
bloop larlJua Blyuen'wrg l'rovidouoe, u aat?r
Stoainahip Union. Adama. llavre, 7th init. with re V.' ar.'i
p??sougei? t" .Mortimer Liaintaton. Eapeiou ?! ver?
?e?v* v eater! y niniN te.rly all the paM*,;.'. June hi, &? 10
AM. lat 45 *s ? lc:i 37 MS nl -r.?Ii ',nd one of vio lin* atoawura,
bouid t (the Ha 't?e>, IMh lit 4J64 N, luu 4 1 20 Vf', p? aed
an iD-n cDK- qmM.tity of icebno'.a.
!-teamt.liip Nortli {Star, 41 arnool Ayiin all, Juasl'i, 4
LM wi'h ' 4" paatcnirtr- nrd apt-cle to J M Cross
Ship 1'hui.n (clipper) tinxl" Liverpool Mij 1*, with
cutee u?'l 251)1 pactencor to Kerm t ?> r?r*w.
Ship New 1 i iilunii (of Muth), Orr, Nowport, VI.
villi r*ilroatl iro ? ai d f>S paocii^n, to Neatul'h k S>na
Juoe b letI .? ,;4 ID fell n witti ilia week V i fore ; od
?.ft HeJ.r, lumber lotded, with ia"vnt Rone, ahort (j'l rior d?at,
h. n ? ?>u p?iot?'l fiioea. aa.' h?J proviou?ly boos
81 ripped; uan.t ou or water
Ship /?.iitn.'.p. (olipju'r) Shinn. tl.irro ll?y l'l, wilh m.l?
ami SeOpartiooRnrs, to VV 1! liar '?ok >t C". Joue 12 l?t.42
22. Un f'fiO.'i, ?( i lie alirp f VV Uiti ej. o? Krooport frim Lif
etp'>el lo? 1' ili. i.;.? ;* Tlij A til tiro birth., .il tire
d. allia o* 11 p in -e.
Aiiip 1: e ' ? ? lUw. (I*. ';?> r.ofcUmunn Aut"?.>rn. >1 rch
4 hi 1'Olt till ? til, t ><liin)?, Wli ? lod ?" anil 27 '? |I? . ?
(fin t" W V ,-ot".Idt t Co Jntto 11, I * 4'J 'jO Ion SJ 03,
H''i rMji iTfc/tnVine, H?rdint^. from hicii ao\ i. V a, i r
l.er J01. Ht ys i.nt,
Ship Ar. iro (nial, S e-.iiri * Trieato, C2 djys, with m I'O
UI r s pnr-1 i.re-., 'o i >?? li.tont
Lii;' Mclali.ii (P.r), ('a lahan. Sl'lney, 1J d iy?, witiiookl.to
Johl' Hhl^i'llA 'IIf
?Silu * nt?; a VVcek? I!?fciiferl NO,
Sil.r L'arrltt Auu, llutciiiuga. Lubvc, Hdaya.
Ship F*'e'n'or ITi- 'liey froui Liverpool, May 10. with mJas
aim i Hrk? i f-i.rti, to lliompt n A N'pHow
l.i.rt lyuMilatu ?h day* from Cardiff
liii('k.rly| o fri'P Pale r.c
Hrif Sari'h Xar;*rtl (o'Stooliton) 4 dayii from Bolton.
Tlie ship Kpa ulii rt' ? ? tod a.' h i'o"- yestor lay, ? ?a tho iir
? 1 ip ..<?'Mie ii. . ? !?.. o i i.<i>iiv irriv^il) and n?t Aa Anfihio
Cup' Me ? Imth v ft m l.l'i?*pi >1, and w-''o fulh dns, th<>
B ah'p ha>inE f-llod oa the 6th May. and tho otUar on t'n
The aborts whi 51! Mai ap7iia?ed in yn?'.?r la? 'a odi'lon. ia
nntiTo-. Itibt'iu lamoahiu forni?r!> CO.n i a.nle.i hy f"?.\>t
Bull, who tow oodkiM'i I'll) l.ivi.rpo"l pkt chip >V"iiim
Tupaoott, ?nd is o Brtliab ahipof a arp rior flan?, and net
an American, although frotu the frequency of ber urriraU
ha^ caually 1- on taken for one No otbor aliip naiao-l Koi
Bu'h liae tiai'.ed fr"ia I.iverevol lor soma time, bolero tr
eiECC, this Iv^esuth, Capt n.iwoo?, juut arrivoil.
Ships Oruat Western, Liverpool; Ilendrik Ilrtdaon Loi
don. ?.vtr>pclis, Havre; JUartuioo, Uohils, IB W^alef,
StoKtnsbip Clydo (.:?), Ilendcrsoii, foi Olaagow, eailcd froa
QuaruDtiue thi.- morivuR.
B'md at eunriae, N?, meridian. S; auDset, do.
IIIy Sandt Hook Printis? Tri.ccrami ]
Tub Hiohlanos <nui- 22?Sundoirtt.
A svip to & Gulo'i ia abreaat of t'to Bighlaodl,
in tow, and one h**!< in the SE "fftn;T. honed in.
Six *1.i;?? clear of the l>ar, eight ahipi and twt> bark- and
two bi i*i *t anchor in tb? lower bny, all outward hound
V'lud modcra efrom SMr. Weather oloudy.
The ehip Wm R.thhone which ftrr 22d inat frox
Livtrpnol repj't?nl neats* on tho )Ut the ahip Empira State,
bound to ^ew York from Liverpool. ThU muat bo a mhi
t*ke, at l ho latter did not aui: until tha Si Juno
Ship ?> Ktiotal Eag e. at San F anciacn ?0'b ult, from Bos
ton waa elf Cupo ilortii from f0 S5 SE side to 6 '? ^6 W side
frim Jlari'u t to April 1. (rotted th? *.i)ui,.t?>r April 18, lou
KM) md taper Itn.-ed stseoij northerly w nda moat of tiie
time after V>'u oU the H o.>da t?o dnya in t. thlok log.
Sbip Scniuaii'a Brido, honce at do 2T,d ult ha 1 fine
weather oil' i ape Hum hut eMpe'inticed li'isvy woa:nor bo
twti i. the Cape an., tho Il:vt<r l'latto. Cr .ae-Hl tho Enuator
h>) 4, Ion 117 W, alter which < orunccd Ufht aud variable
Ship Winred B&eer, at do 2,1d nit fromTtoi' nn waa of
Cope Horn la deja in heavy palea Croaatd tho equator
Ap-il.7 Ion 115. a. d cxperieuccd northerly ivtnds t > lat 3").
altir wl ivh had ets'.crljr to Ion 140, and if .erw&' ds light
NW win oa.
fhipJohr Gilpin hetce at do aht ult came around
Capo Horn in line weather,with royala r nd atndtlinR'ails sot.
Croraed the l'.quat>ir Awtl S", Ion lit), and toQ.i tho.NE
trudoa to lat SO >>, !on 242, after vhioi. oxporicacei light > E
Iloitud Watlria Co ii*j?or<it<nw>
PniLADEM'lllA. Ju?? :j, 4 PM-irr ?l;in A Chose
borough. Kelij . Liverpojl-sthra A F Tobias, l.'aud; Einra?,
Ilual ?ad; J S Shrher. Cam; Maria Jana, Jcr.cs, nnd L
AudetTri ! Cnrai'.n. Bna'.nti, Jol-u O lleekaJivr. lhumpsun,
ej.'I >orna ( l oater Cora n N Yurie
C <i nl lj lltr*arO llotc i'.1 t. Ca'lio; hri;i .\dele, Lewis,
StKil.a, Mi.ry Pci. iva, N4 ' eriion, Salem; sjiiri J S shri
voi, ('???? r.natoc. iTarir -Jtiue .lonoa, Pruvi.ienca; llonri
? t'a I.rk-v fii* Bddfort , J. AMdecriod Cor>jo npoaaet;
n L Taj Cain U"Bton; ?iorris CLeater Cotaor, I'rovvionoe;
I^ew Tori, Uaper Bridgepurt; C V Rockhil. Shaw,
l-.ill; St> :? a, buaband, Newburjport; atotsaer Tacoay,
Hnlid, f. York.
ffi" 9ce Arrlvnln.
? general newi ; alumna for lo?j of st:?tccr ArDpe,
itl'.J Patlflc.
pi *--br Pfa Emii f-am San Di5*o for San Francisco,
Rt 2 Ait 7tli May. off i'sint t n:\o iN uevo, J>.lt*.<>" riiu strap
vblt j onnDeoU the pUtonr- it *ith the crn-a-^eac!. which lot
dct>:i the ) iston red caarying amy the had filnte of ?ha
cjlirJ'r, surf otherwise darn i> unthe machinery rondcring
it tifloii At day'ight dee&? jhed a hunt to ttnnterey for
relii /.' ami It blowinf i> I'o??-vj vie, itood otr.fltn on until the
lltb, vkN having d-.lttei H?l to Point, .Joncption, and
tl.o ilo moderating s?do anchorage undc..?-the l.>o of the
I-f.ir.i-. On the 12th'. ttt. 2 PM tl ' U S Rteiur.or Active, Lieut
Aid.ui. eon raand'ng aama t-> ber assistance, aud the same
ov.ain-t took her in tow Rod pr-reeiled to ,* onterey, woon,
utt'_? tailing in a ixv;>lv of foel i ailed fu ban Fra:iclsoo,
wl.2rc Hie artived May 1C at 6 AM.
{?':?!? 1'ed Drrrn, bmco *t San Fr neieon I3i' ult, *t! c ?
Ce;m. Hon: 19 imm in string W .\ W w.ade, during whltk
i. 10 she only irif'i ilOmilaa Cri ?' d t'j> Senator \n-il 3,
in t?> 118, and w?> bar-ilmed three dny? r .>er orossing ->-r- ?
i! d tke NE t*sde w'.vl* to 1at2A N. and i:b". light an t va*i- ]
fi le *lnns inn! of ?># time al r On the 23d nit ?' s? 1
I avy gi.le, split main top.'ail, shipped a heavy a<a lest
?i.t rfceard cjnar'er boat, utove the r.ilcb, felled tho ctbia
tuth water, imd msiaincd other damr.'j.
Br FhirAme h-j.-.h. bt Sen F ancUeo SIst ult. from 3?r
i;f. i > p< ioeced 1 ifiv v N W gain ;7 c nit which split aails
>.d ("in iitber dai i??;*, a Mb off o I'D di.y^iu ?truog g*U vand
thick fog
Br Bask If.vprLtjL, at Fan Fr^sc;?oo 29th alt. from
f 1 afi ? t-xverieprfO tea?t NW g^lca afirrrountinw tJape
II r rn, dun up " nith l?it bulwarks, ruain&aii, <ic, w ar Jl da>s
off the Cape in joavy gales.
Er. Back i .,aui> at Sir PrapSsao frcm I,on '.en. in a
hia>y gate off Cape norc lost for: uaJ iu*in topu.u>>, aud
pu:tan.cd it itir (iaiaa'e.
lilt Bart: Ikcos?ta:?t, *t Dan Francisco 2pc! ult from
Livertcol. *?s off Cape Horn four weeks In h >iwy c*lo?,
from Den 2t to Jaa 1; damaged rudder, ana pet into Falk
1 land Iilmjt foriiptlH Pa", -i again Jar 27. %:td ?M off
I t ape |i. ro two d?y?; <lamnget*. v ulifer a aKoon''. time am* ir?a
cf tupeUei toj?nt l.ack Mgaln *h^r? the lav nn'.il .v?h23, ftnd
I v is c.11 < aoe Hiin 20 daya it caoatan wcAtir'j naloa.
I Brio DKxr.sir, In heating ont of San Fra'jcisoo on tha
I 1,'th u.t ran tonl i f the hurk hat C!i?ar, aim outwari
| hound. Thf1 t> 0 tnatttined bat little damajio. and pro-ocd
? id to >aa r-'Ve Detroi* uar'ied away >om? of bet bead gair,
anil caa.o to anchor to ivpai; duiut^ea.
| lit Bhiis 1'jist Bo6Tr>-? ? S<-hr r 'lee arr from Sahle iilaii
j at ui ifax lfcth ir*t \ i?li 11. i.aji hunxj and M balo/t ragi,
(Mod fri? meek of tils vt.??el.
;>rSoir Vmok (of ?Vt'eymrnth. KR . Haley, from fi dnoy
fur Botton ?ent aanoro trcrr.ing of lith inst. In athiok fog,
! -ju the Highland* ?rScattf rie, and vrith h?r raric bei-anio a
. total l ibB, ere * iavc>d. Capt N ai d tint otlk?r UaToarrat
rpolldM ?
STlp Vonparoll. T>unr,. frcm New Orleans for Liverpool,
lfth iu t. in th" Iiish < hannel
s-lip ^i?r ol the Weit, fruin New Torli for Liverpool, May
15. I at 4>. Ion 40,
Ship l arama. frrm Liverpool for Shanghr.e, May 31, no
1 r.t Ac (by an arrival at (J1?h?ow).
Bi.rk i-ainhow, from Bultimore for Rio Janeiro, May 13,
lat 3 27 S, len 34 IS.
Scbr E*e?l, fmin Mystl: for Pan Francisco, no date, in
Strtitt cf Magullan; would touch at Uallao.
Foreign Hurt*.
Babn^r.ors ?In portMav3ii, barli N H Wolfe, of New
York fi r Belfast, i lame day; Ji *c?Ultr, Whittietey, for
I'orto t.ioj do. MU24tb, Luri C S Olden, Donglas, tiema
("Artttn (ifd't of *fiica)?In port April 30, hark f Pot
ter. l< pei., t<r (>?mtia via Bitsan Bisian April li-'j.iohr
A ixaiidiT fcitcl ell, llaker, for Uam' ia aoon.
C'ABDirr?In port June 7. tbip I^iiingtoc, Hill, for N
T rV Idg.
Coi>'iTAi*TiPi'OPi.r?Sid May 24 Htnoverian brig Johanna
?ro?n, hirjrta. to tinieh Idg for llcilon
Itmarapa? Arr Mavis, trig Wa'hon ting, DopseomS,
KVork: 2CJ, s'hrfl fcoho, Phillips Baltimore; tiolphin,
fane, do; Lespotch, k nrray, JiYork
tir.vuA?in tort alt Jan: 2 brig llolea F Ryder, Smith,
OiAsrcvr? In port .Ir.nn 9 barli John Henry. Mnset, for
Boeton soon, brii Mary Kllm (Ur), Jamoj, tu lead tor do,
and others as i elore
Harbor Grace, NF?Arr Junei, eebr Bro'heri, Walker,
I N York.
j 11 ai.ir kh?Arr Junn 17. br t Tanola, Wass. Philad-lphia;
I schr ltacipti.n ?.'dins. >redrrirki<hurg. lijlh, b.-ie belle,
Bliircn, Wilmlttton, NB Cld I7tb, brig Billow, Ratbbun,
I BI'bmAnd: ecbr Ma?y Gli>*soB, U)
I.owrci*~In port June y, ship Equity, Naton, for Now
, port. Jc, and N"i ork.
Mai at.*?91d J ay 30, Irigi A rn EiLzabetb, Tiylor, and
Hsrp M?rey N f er*
?'\n arn.i.i a - In port Juni 6, batk Splendid, Savage,
i lor UostOB next day.
? f'Ai?AMA-.&rr June 14, ater.mship Yankee Blado, Saa
! Francisco.
H'Ai.? RMo-In port Junel, sciew rtcatner fllc'lian forNYork
i the last of the montb; hark l?. aits 'laylor from Plymouth,
K, arr 2!'tl, ult, to 1-ed for NYork; brig Trentc-, Jlerritt,
i from Trieste, arr ?l?t, fo' Boi'.on Sid May 20 Brsehr
| Phrnron. Phiiadelpbla; night of 234 hark Prompt, (lor
I ham, Beaton 24th, bicoi. < tioiia. N Yi rk;'^th.harka Apol>
|o, Bnrr, do; .f'th. Aheona, Beeeher, atr 2">th from Xesfna,
| do 81st, Br bill J. hn Gray, V'.-lght, Boston; May 24, Bx
I brig t Birhria, 1. r Cire?t>ti and It .ston.
((UIuro-Atr June lii, shipe Von Weickm\nn (Prna),
Br.in iboff I'biladehbin; ' has Hi 1, Hatl, NYork; 20th.
Kr. j rem cf the P?a. flail, do, Entd for Idg lHtb, ehlp May
fl'-'te- for I ivcrjool
^ r Johks, ft*'?Air Jute 7 ItU M.iri#tta, Cwynne, New
York lfith.
[i rn *t? Avritir caxapa, at nngroiv.]
/TtrTtosaAN?Sid June P I'rha'ose, Mintg m"rr, Boston.
Aktweii P?Sid Jnne Ted"?co lligglns |to?ti n (bfl'l
'-no. Mi shine 4tl ); (ith, A 'eJIno NV ir>; An-nsto. do;
lufp. e, .loiiea. /v^wport, r. Id f?.rn FinshingMay 31,
V ; . Jtrvl i BaMb ' V> ? k, .In ? n I t4Ir, Sonla, do.
I bi'toi - *i- fit, the l'l' .inn . 7, ancy Treat, Trofct,
Irstil I it NY'rl.. (and rl.i 7lh )
hkfMr rr.lire.'i n? I irton (.), Linei. NYrk.
Bremebhavik - S14 Jitno I, Ret Ju 'Vet and Hermann,
< ll'nrtlte Haatloop de; 4th, Triton, do; Hei.
I lictte. f.isve, do
' dm v?i \ itoat a-PM May 30, l'rfittv. United 8'ate*;
.'Is' Pi u v Edoi ri- NYi r ; Jnn# 2 l.ooilb U?lM II ler,
,i- ,|. , | |,.most N(?rl. aps
A'1? Dante), and Towr.noml Jub?a, for NOrleaci, Horon,
i and Delia Chapio, for Mork.
. "'l.r-','v*cU-0a Joftt) ?, J!wEUl?b*U>, ?t
Cowti-Sid Juno 2, Waehlnfftoa (<Wroin NYork) Bremen.
OH the 'oartm?. Jciu J Defensor GOI?;litr, from New
carl 'e for Peri Mil
i 'ti ?hi M*r'. 51 I Peking fr^m Ni.-uw l>i?p 1 >r Oaliior
tin. ??Si Abt* o i n, frnn Attvirp t^r N 1 ork
i i'xn Ivan?bid Jnc* i, WooiucMb'i h York; 4th, BcO
el< II do. ?
< ai.iz Arr W > r m. On<ii??T)p<ait, t? York
LiAurituL i ii uLJuuib Vuk ?t. in. from U York cl and
fcr i-nr.ie *.
IM'Nuimbi? Ofl May CI, roeaiddon, from Bremen for N
1>?AI- Arr Jnr.? S. B t'olfd, Park, London fur N-.n-port
?o.'p-ocodci); Bth N*r'*g :ii*cil, E i?uuJ-, Lioil^i for
artiiti hi o irlolk f*n I ptoeea- Mi', 7iii, Willmtn, Sira-o,,
London ft r l'- f*.o? (had pr.ie-edi i).
l\.i?i>J by ill ult fr-i-s A J u-rp fir NYor't; 34
tnat, c Kb*, hi Pai-kt-t, m' lixriai.nu fruai Ureu-n lor'lo.
In hsudgito Mi'tJibtii 3*rub Mokel., Nio'idis from Hi
to-in* I tr Krt ierickrt) all
KLSii>(.l'R *ui May SI, S li*., NOrleAnl fir
Fatal?irr M".|i 24, Ii, rilikv/, ^oitin, 2Jth, Eu*t
y lud J r S< Miah-i?l(.
(liJLinov ?d,?ini?5 \l indor r. m?ll c NYork.
iimrvtei?SI1 Joiiii. :.iod*!utor W;nan 'I '<-n;B'b,
Adri?i<lo ?.""w r, <;-ji in-, do (Jvh. ffndtitr, Wilaoa Mi ?
Y rk:7'b, IU ooca. Umi le, Bvi'o.i; Kia, >) nij Jo I" *ru
V il IJn''f tug } i a<v w I i 'U? Cly in E'ua'jetU
ai-C J< bn '-or.-y >r A ?.i->o lor NYotfc, Qii<a
Yicioria alio K" ?nn , fo Pr*vi?tfio*
li?i.voet?IMd J7 B NTork
Havbk- Arr Jnnn 1, KcutU O?'olio? Gr"w?, Lend >?.
Sid 4'h. shawicut, C*fEi)| ft York ; 7< ii Huti^'flan, Pallet
?on. (in
Ad v vai?! ill*, '<livi?, NYork; C-role a -Iannis \ \Furtffm
b*?r>; M?ieia Daj, tail Ixiuni*, Khodu/, >m ?<il&lor. nail
On avphekb- A?r Jim 8, Lisi'e Loud Cani. Careen*#
t|i Qa? en<-t?>w-i. Sid 3d lu^ulutv 1 " ry, Cau < u; 8lb,
An A Ii?l?rr EdwtiJ*. l< Vm *
Bakeuhg--Arr J?n? I, Arcblmadca, l'<tch?l!, TriaiiAi!.
t>ld V, Tbrudiirt, NYork: 1 of Q?-n t-u do
?ADTUCOOL- Uld June I JJIIa, M yiri*r:; flluvoa.
LivenI'rtOli? Arr ?iun" 3, Job*' ' c*0'-ie. l)im.nn. Now
0 loaiii; 7th. hircceo, V c*t, I'Liluciipl?* ; Alluutlo (?),
W rot, NYo It
Sid 2d. Otikoo Bi?b?? n?iKn; 31 V?l<<, llolra,
Colnmbii, iw>ir; i L.i"-?ld I ?!?> Coti>i>b, btul?,
B ijrftti. m'l White l'.la u Itjai No * Y"rk; 4th William.
11 rr , N York; H>'yhe Hirk'o'. M *^Un. > ?: C4b >n
vinoibHi. Jobn-ou 1*.tolf,* urno. 7*-b, !(o*it *V i tiir'??j Nor
iTlio, 1'iuliiiiore; Ah "i, .^oott, Itostoo; !H!i John .t Lnoy,
Urewrr i)i ll. i-n.o t?ooti?, hcLoan, liniiiuer j, Cjaipcj
nii.'o Z.ira a, '? York
C. d5th S?'?t- ?, Vrvk, f? York; 6th, SA'dlnli. Jnrlin,
Ni w Vork; Tirrell JU.or, dostjc; b'.h. Verona Jacob-on,
ft ^ -r
In the ii?or rntyir^ tionnd Coriko lAr,d, I'orfi- for
l'l tliuMpl..? ii I jn r?ported (Id tor lia'timorc) Midllo
ii * l'a ui Ire. rrM ih
/>ilv Mocri-A ( ) i 1 '-n Wl:; Turo'. Hi'er Mid Mlon
% a> l?. W bi'ni'i dollfh, I*? li?D"D-, r.tnirn do-lth;
Goo I'e- body. Mam r, do A' I u'i" ( ), fnr /Vr ?? Vo -k
Kth k u?o|i* <dol7tb Si I'*iri, k owd fiJo>,a do lOth;
(.liiir, co IliJi; Jt'*t t'liow. a-id G"i oaii- d> I3tli; Hon
ftolin, and Toriiad >, d>< 14 h: f:d " St inlay '!? 13'h Ktdslfa,
and Hi * Nyiijib, d.i lfii.li; Si.i nJ in Keir.rlrti; du 17th, Con
? ?i-ljn ion iloitfUh: K monlda nnd Am Uni m, di JItrt; 1)?
?id Cm0( ). n 11 ui,,; I'r, <i n' I'.o Si <* It) ? - ii it ?1>; CiLy
01 Mincheitor (>?). f?r 1'i ilfuV.phla 2'th; .'-'hvnuV. To??
rorr, ?r.d Kuml, do 12tli. hirvrco, da .*tb; Klnra
Hud Junia'a ior iiiv liiroro "ntb; Croinwi"l and i ,im
> uiir for v- w UiUauii ?0 li; !?I'n ira do IStli; tmilie. for
I<n''Bo> Ayrtr o >n: Greit Bri* ilr (-), f ?* Mclbinra* 10th;
1 ? not. do r? n; hloia TompU. |>io vii.ii lix^pjccb; I'mis
AClli f?r Sr.n Frenoi^oo
Tut for I K'ltd 2J iiir>t Elvira Ow?n, Orcn for Phlla
d'-lp1 to; (liimnula W ood Ki?r Vorl; t>.h. A'l un'ur r,
r>< > rof. and Wr.tabur Crocker, i , I th, tilanoe Tv? or,
do; Slieridn, Kn'Ji^ <>n M l?en .Id. il >;7 h. O;I. r I Aikolnd,
T'' - tou; Ci.iri ? Iliis' o, InuVaport; 8tli. Ails* W?m,
r lilladvlpbin; Jesiie Mi. lMiokelt, ? York; 0""> Poa
bnd?, Maefon, K.i?tor; Will, N -emila tVri?>t. ?e* Vork;
Lonixh?June 6, int 1 iniv .rd. Spirit of th'' S^a, OlilTjrd,
i Ii ml -I olslail. iitb, K a Coi.br-ii, CJOUrmi. i!.iv.-.u?
I Cld 2d, r?rk!'.cld Witilei fl, ll nutnr,- sud N Yo-k,
f bar Fii tcher. Cardiff and City f*niut G-Ii Opo IT "iry, Pnn
i dlston Madeira aud 1).uir.mra; Pmujiaro, 'Jiiva. Xivi. ier,5
ar d NYork
In pnrt fl<h, Briitol Balls flponajr'c for Bofiton Id*; St
Jago. ?dni!indi, and l.ncindt S-i?r?, Hoird. for d > d?; air It
Peel, Chanwiok fr > York, abt ready; Klylei; Uutchi.Tvn,
Hubbard, for do ?bt 10th, I'liait.m UulloJ, d.i ISib (b Till
Id; in the paoiit t line, drtttaation of latter ohannod irom
Pi Philip ) goboiidlao, I0"4 to?.ii bni t at St Ste'ihen, N B,
for ?ali^ WtltfA, Walfird f. r Pt Philip, l<n; Blaok tV ar
rior. Murpbv, do do; ftinkuide, Huliiu, an i Euphratoa,
CI apmai, ior Sar. Pranoi co, do; Uruid, Scott, for do, &ud
nonnlu'c. do.
Lkghoji;*,? 4rr May 29 Oxfird. Street, Oonoa.
Limbriov?bid Juno 6, Qiocn Hiobardi. t- Vork.
SIAvac?t.i.ER?Sid M?y 31, Ka eh>i 4e. Sauries, Beaton;
Jur e 1 Ve'urJa, Crrft cio; Am 'M.?ior, Patterson, Now
Yor?; South Durham, Purdy and St Andrew, Coker do;
4tit, Cob Greet.v. U*i -di<n do
Ai'v European. f?r ^Orl?AUB; FlorHa. for NYork.
Mai.aca?Arr May 2C. Si^niou I'rapor A 'bbv, NYork.
NrwpoitT? Axr Way 31, John Miilor, Beal i^ondon to load
foe New V orV Alexander, Cox, Liverpool do do; Adelai lo
Hrt^alf, Scott, do do; Mh Mi.ry II iVniluM lirook, Londen
to load for Mobi'i' Joeny Mud. Gili, do to load for New
York; Faithful, Claro. WhltebaVfn, to load for Wilmirg
ton, NC; tld 7th Parnoni* Kfj;olkin. do.
.Newcasti.e-i.I1 pr?v to June 2, \Yoi(ja, Allen, NYork.
In port. Kovor, fop N Vork Id*.
Napi.m?Arr M?.y 23. Kmi'ia A Celiitina, NYork.
PiM-AtJ?Sid Jnne 2, Cumbrlo. Pevv, stoeiiholm
Ri^TTimrAM?In port Juno 8. KepoUlio, S> wyer, fot New
Y'rL; Coopbandol, Loot v. it*, and llndar Pil<;?r. M?ren, for
do. hid from the Texnl, June 2, J Aue llebdcrion, Knowlet,
SiiiFi.ng-Sld .Tune 1 Inabolia. Hty. Iludapeth, NYork;
Bth, Cactus, Pollard, NEavon; John Simm, , NYork;
Elisal oth. , llo?ton.
Tmi.BTr- Arr llay 28, Kary n. Yoso, Ballet Havana,
20th, Almeida, Cufe, Mobile.
Liverpool. Jvc^ 4?''? ho Cnnada (a) Stono arr from Bo?
ton via B&lil'ax, foil in with large icolorga May 2i, lat 43,
Ion 50.
Hoiae 4??rts.
ALEXANDRIA?Sid June 21; bark AJaa (Br), Moyco for
3t John*, N B
BOSTON?Art Jnne 22 steamship Canada Stone. Liver
pool 10th inut vit Halifax ?iw op at .t? A M; nhip George
WarliinptiiD Co.iiiups, Liverpool 17th tilt; bark Lnoy L
3nlr,tl<i.')l Galea .ta t ab 4; bri^.-t Union (Hr\ Merrill, Turk*
Island athicjt; Orinooo (?t f!hnrrjfield) Najb, i" lila; suhrs
U K Wetson, ?..loy, Alexandria; CAN Koporn Rogers, Fr
?deiicksburg; Swan, li> se, B?ltimo.?>; New York Thomp
B >u N'iorU: N Jones, i onog, do Signal-far two brUs. Cld
alilpChilo, De-hon Manila, barki Lamplighter (now, 865
tunf), K'ir?p"j; Vjandotte Rrjcut, Bonal'e.; Echo,
Jjder, Philado .phiu; lH-rsil a tiallci t.inlao; brlxs Maha
It U Comtry, Vhitlc: iiogr.dorf- Join It Dniv, Qi ibs, dt
fkoinaH a< d a cV*; schrj L ? Fotd Crowoll Philadelphia;
iepbyr, Perry, N York; ('atoCod Kdlcy do. Sli ?alp Bo
vt-rlv, remains in tl e Reads.
BATll?Arr Jace 21, tclir R Joweit, Baker, NYorK. Cld
irift Sh?? t Anch)r. Christy, Crow limber, tla
CLALLAM ( v T>?In port May 10. bark Alary Anne, lilg
timber lor Mtll</Urne A
V ALi lilYE -aid Ju?o 21, nchri P?alol Rnwn. Heald,
Alexardrit; i r.ech Frmch, Kail U*ltim< ro; 22d, Matthetv
C Dnrfoo J?.ni a. Alexandria, in thi l ay a lops&i achioner
With limber, (opposed John ltu<gles, Pargor.
GEOKGETCVvrt, DJ?Arr June IS, bark Wm Chase,
Sorry Port > iico.
GALVESTON?Arr Juno 15, bark Trinity, Colburn, Bos
OARB1NE&?Arr June 18, soh'9 Copsne, NYork; 19th,
Emerald. St Msrvs. U? Sid. IStii. acnrsJIary P Kuarp.
Philadelphia; E G liuxtol, NYork; lyth, Alexandria and
Osoar. do. .L
HOLMftS' SOLE. June 19, P M.- Arr brig Jnd^o Blanoy,
Bradley, Crrdonnt .'th ia /.art, for Portsmouth; ai'hr? linn
nth >v,il llaiilda, RocVhil' audi Jair.es B?-r*tt, Oobb Bo*
ton fir Phi Aflcipbia; llay attrto, Vorrtll, Kocklandfor Now
York: liar^ II t;aso Hairingliu, l.uoeo for do; Panama.
UalW-tt Portland for dtr Eiiun Morriman, Trott, do lor
Georgetown S. ; Jacob Will-.aras M&tthtwi, Nowburyport
for Baltimore fcld brig Daiiol Wobtaor
Arr Kti ulirh Sri ah Ai n. Irol.-vnd an..' S F Ilollidav, Bar
rett, Philadelphia for Hoitor: Bull winkle, Cutler, TAomai
ton fcr New York; Mirror, Alley, Kuckland for i-o. Md
bri* Aur .ra ,iJuUk'- Blnniy; ?cur* J S "JhrieTor, A liarratt,
Woortri ? bins, itlan*io. I'try Mankiu. Lexington, D P,
Monutn l< F.r.rVe Ltnlsa, C<r) Centurion, Snl^n, Gulf
Stream. J 1 Tobias, G W CntDriina, ;\arah Ann, John I'er- i
kiua, t^io. Delaware, Balloon. .Jnu&'.h Uatil la, J irncs Bar- \
ratt, B?j State, Mary n Caso, Pai ama, fclloa .'lerjimm,
Jacob and Wilulnl
P?tj*d by fhlp Ferniot(Noj), Staen, Nowcastl# ?, ult,
via 1'ya i!.i? for t c? It k
at, Jli t. b&rUe Jl.iry F. Slide, Baker, PhU^iJelpbia for
Bor on. J Ti Buvall, > l.-ltf?????*, Niolers in, 1'altimore for
do, Srir* Vinnennw, Oi tef ell Havana 7th inat for Sc-lem;
R J. tiabkiisB, Svottf, Cnxdt'.uai 7tli in it for Frankfort;
MarshueH, flodgdon and X. (?" Knox ami h, Philadelphia
for Boaton; Bchru A Ann S O Oattell Willirjna do for do;
BB Shsrf. Sharp, A'tiandria for Silern; II K nunton,
Vat'i n >*o foi io; U nrjvuaao cutter Mc.'nt, Whitromb,
'.i''rfolk ior boaton; Fcraft., Mi ror, Choptujik, Va, f jr Bath.
31d Fchr II llnllWinkle, Mirror
In port 11 AV. wind NK ?lth for. barks Mary F Sladu,
J A Lluvtil; brigs Viseennea K R Ilaakina, MirshAold, 1 !ia
F Knox; ?eli.'P Saral. .-inn, S F Uoiliday, Ann R G Cattail,
B it Sl'orp, H 1C Dnalon, ? S revenuo cuttsr Morns, Fo
reet Gai.gy and Kruuia.
LL'lit' --S!d Jan"> 13. aobr? iint'Jda O'Brion, NVork;
lfitli, Ua'- ict Ann, Iluokina, S< Vork; 17Ui, Molvillc, McOro
|ror, PViV deli hia.
MAt-'itUSt'OHT?Sid June 1?, B?br ?Tm Mitchell. Fatnn,
N*o*V. Ir. port 20th, wtn wini, brig Mary L iwoll, Poter
eon, f?r K:'?eaten. J, fohr Fame, Mi o?. for N Fork.
NKW BRl>i"OKI>?Old June 22, ulilfi I'hani.*, Rickot
aoc, Ca'lai and Chlntha lslan^a Sid 21st. scbr Louiaa
(ira> Haley, Philadelphia; Zld, elooy Vi?iiaut, Baker, N
NiB FOFT?t^li June 2" 4 PM, achrs Ellxn Swas^y (from
Poster), Rlchwiced; P?r.i?l Curry, Hcndermn (from t'rorl
dcnce), Jli'ford Pel
FHILAPEl.PHIA?Arr Jur# 22, stcamor Kenneboo
Coper NYork; Cld sobrs F.lleu, Glllord, Mobile; fearitoga
Hodjrdo-j K%l<err; Bloseoiu, BlfStt, Providenso; Janny
Lind. Thotnat New Haven; Courier, Tompk'ns, do; Har
rlctLoui?a. lir-fn. do; Mary Kliznbath. I'lekup anl Mary
lli.-nbeth. llubl-ard. do; IJ F SchonfoUer, schcnfold- r,
Caldwll NY; CAT CrV-or. Rots. Providonca; Champ! >n,
Bartlett, list Cambrideu; Harriett., Chajo, Biaton; ?o>n
trpt". Miller, Bridget. New Con-jame, Clark. ^Yor*;
t. A Snow Sburman salem; K Jano. Siniora, Nllnliord;
V II Hill, Htrdinr, Boiton; F A Hawkins, Cobb. ProTitee
iown: ME Mathiwa. Hunter (oot as bo'or?), Bri<?ro?irt;
Apil- pato Incicott. Nor ?ioh; sloops Erinino, Fowler, Sa
lem; J>n*in?fr. Lovett, NYork.
PROVXBJncE?Itt Juno 22, bri? R B Lawton, Gar 1
ncr, navar a via Newport; frhr.i Revenne. Corion, Phlla
dnlphia; II B ?!ra?o >id. Cor?on do; Alox Hander?on, God
frey do, (on afternoon of lbth whilo at auchor in l)?lawar?
Bay. van run into by an unknown achr, auJ hal jibboom
c.irrlrd awav); B'aihineton, Morris, d;; Leath, Adam do
fir Fawtuckit; Blfcp Hienii, Dnffee NYork; propellers
Putnam. Ortcne Albnny; Pctri'l. Jonos, NYork Bolotr. a
tcpfs'.l rohr with lumber, fid scbrs Swan, 8terlinK, B ilti
Olure; Ocean Wave, IVaril, and J H Brinkley. Cu'.len. Chesa
peake Hay; J W Gandy. ('orsoo, Philadelphia; Oeoan Wave,
Yat?o. do. Jano C l'atterson, lJol?,'do; F.lmlra Rogers
Ste'mon. Allan); Latiiel Fark.r, Itocmta, Rondont; *!oop
Intent, Tooker, N } or*
FO*TL<M> Arr Jnre n, brie F.liisboth. Boa-lman,
Cardrtish 7th inst. via llo'm's Role. Arr 20 h, lohr E
\l rirbt Merrill Earitn, Ineorrectly reported In onr last.
Cld, lark fareo, Collins, Havana; schr Lltilo \Y I'yer,
Cummlnei Cardtnas
RICHMOND?Air Jnno 21. nchrs Golden RtUo, Maleolm;
Ottawav, Cook, and Vosuoneer, John?on, NYork; Jnllet,
Bal er, "otton. S'd sch-New York, Adklna NYork.
SAN FRANCISCO Arr Hit '9 ?t?*mshlp Sierra Nevada,
Blether, San Joao; 20th ship National fagle, Hall (or
Mathews), Mofton Jiad; bark <Uaud (Rr), Buekwoll, Lon
don; S-d, schr PalostlM Perkins, New Lordon via Straits
of Miicliar, Ifci days;1Sld abipn Seam an'fl Bride, Mayo X
A'ork Jan 23; John Gilpin, Rine, do Jan 28; Winged Kacor,
Gotham li -ton Jan 24. Brooksby (Br). Clark, Grninock;
bs'k mconr'ant (fir), Owens, Liverpool; 24tb, R?d Rovr,
Fntnaro. NY >rk Jan 22 2^th, I.otd Dnfforin (Br), Matthews,
Liverpool via Cnllao; H6tb, bark Robert Syors (Br, Boeels,
Sydney Bohr (ti.Jco riaateo) Spray, llall, no;2nUi, bark Isa
bella (Rr), VoCnan Gla-gow; bilr Ida, Woodruff, Hobirt
Town; 3lst featrfhip Sonot a. Whiting, Panama 14 days,
via l'lteraiedlato pons, ship American (Br), Glovor, Car
Sid ISth, sbips Chr,rlott? Holbrook, for porta In the Pa
c'.Co; "Otli Catinia, Bates Calentta; Monsoon, Baker, Cal
lao; brig f yatio Bnrmtifter. Hou? Kon..,; 21st, ihipi Look
Ont, J >yre sti ! n> rai l of the Mcjrnini, llakor, Callao;
ha ks Fa'h^n.lcr (Ham), Johansen M??> 11 an ; Jacoba ("or
flelia (Dntrbl, Lndwyrks, -lorie Korr: ?14, ships Misohicf,
I.awrcnre Wbampoa; John ll.ivcn, llirkcr, Calcutta; bark
S'-nnt. r (Br), Wer?el?, llone Koni; 2;ilh, nhi'i Monsoon,
WiBelt, >;o; ,11st, acbr lloloiso (threw masted), McKoige,
Vilpa's o
l('?h, ships nersld of t' o Moyin? r<aker, Callao; 19th,
Corinea,nstt)?. Calcnt'a, 20th. bnrk S<>phie (ban), Bontion,
01 ' I'i'th f i Istihelli Hotc-is (flrl Itol.p tsm, llone
b 'Tr>utl, Alfred, I I'llII 1.1, do; Ills', rtio^od Raoer, Gor
hlir . Mar ill?. ? v ,
f dv ? I i>'in-.kint, Cml.innn for Honolnln Jtin# S; brigt
Mnr ?Bi tan li ' sr. ' . ydnry witlidespatab, Aatarte,
< c? b ... Csllso Jnne .
Mil i rr .In o 2n brif? CanlSeld and At'akapas,
n . ? <11 I ' . .(ltlphis; *cl'f I. lward Smi h, Kondont Cld
21 -.It! Merm Id i .. Bn \V itnit bk'op, NC. Oliver, Boar??,
NYfik via Boston (eeso rr<Hiondi?nne )
At :d, I'!.' Planet, lt,l?r, Ca-heo, C->ast of Africa,
/ ( riI :.!? f.atl nri River Gambia, May 13, Port Praya,
Car* Vord Mands. May 25. _ ,
W 1PCAS8ET-Arr June 19. oehTB Foeky mil. Clifford,
Maryland; Caspian, Sbortwoll, Parien via Newbnrypo(t,
814 lvib, brig Matia T WUdor, Cnnninghain. BaHlmot?,
UftffltnSKflJftril KISNBVW KTEfcY OIL
.^?/rta^uin ?\
J ? no; Dltte !?? I0r, l" C. -Do'>r? opoa at I
Jtj o^aitu-irt a? 7K KodOi ti"?? ut prices: ? Boim J!S |
t .'.n, 1'it ItW (Jul i:i?, lijii cuti. Saturday <?ea
llf. Jn>C( Wjl.LIrt* . ELI,, Madam* U trcarotta OUnn !
o< tbc riifi* k<r*. and the naiad quekn.
l?nd BO cento l>oom optn ul 7: ourtun rinea at 7V "'clock. ,
^ati r-iI.} ev?i iii" Jvn? M KKVMTU, F?a * it Poitar
i.^Lj 1 on w. tad MC'K Olf THE WOODS.
Tue omoi a.i (!#oroe cbk'sv a *ood?8 Mm
No 441 Bt??'lw?y1 perform or?y e?otiny.
Tiek#t<, 25 nit
L"li?oi?t. I-!, tu t>. uiwoiK'* fct <t e'vlook.
Thlw%'jixi pany tfct no cancftlion wit i M> > o'ter.
II. M'uoll ?n liDt (is M?o**ur
ceoboft CHRISTY. ?U| . lut'W.
Th( ttitrrtajrman* ?n roro'ud *i b the n#r? epcrat;e bur
lettaot BLACE DO'iGl.aH
Or. 1KB liOUT Hauy FoimD.
/?otr*|jft Bill l?onglr? George Christy
< ii caiUin, ?ctn?.'T. dr*< Mt, uitio, i?.
kt'M r O i i. i ?:1 ui w?ll Uii-*? fwrthel?bt twol*?
JliMn in ori??icMni? with r thiopitb >*iu?trel?y. lakn>thil
r tl.o.' of iut"?iiiir.f n,e pililio 'hfct In h ? fcrmt.4 It eiy
l. uet.bip with Mr In -y H ood of Miu .tie'. H?l> Wo, 4M
Jtiufnj ? ktwhltb jiIjoo k? wi'l appeai
ufti rTBRV nig at.
Cor e*t tonnn?r<j ? ?' * ?'i losk Ttaketi, 22 6+v.tr, it
IK red fi.vbom? e a- #'c nU.
Positively the Lint ? ? ?!< of tl ?) grand burlermj Oyerv#
b(IM \ A M r.lJLa,
Ir tfcrte with e- merj decrnt.ltod Ao.,Ao.
At * . null ? orl-wqu< of tbe fain Opeiaof
I (M)W' KLLi,
infourade, futb t.11 the urlninal muilc, tracoforiratlsit
new MniO'j, iri'ks Ac fee rill be pro>lacod cb MsiAi,
bToniii^ Juno^li iU t oofli. of revi?a> thoo??ad dollui. Vte
r UI. II ||||||||4 ki-t A. BlMBOr ?? UiniiorolU.
??S.s\ia?b Ml MSVK 'W (WI* LIT
I k |?( IIqioo e "? i" rio< |n?t ul fvom Bunsral;
elco. a liTio-. y, Ju' o 24 -In the after
noon at .1 n'c'.ot k last in: ; .. thi (Treat dram*of AAV
h . : I i aai' iils< iu the o'U' 'g. ?.t 8 o'olook, tb?dr?m\
oI 1 i\ > I f ^l i K AdmiM ?r,??? iioi a(4 obildron uu4 >r ten,
1: y i ?- flr-t b?l"n f. ?d p?*uu? t, I2jf ocnta ??tr%.
ElSi'6 *CTiSC BO?KB78. DCIOS, A1V1> 00A1.
rd I* litii'uI Cr-in ih| liLii?ijiiti ? Chinese l.ui diu.-j
fi iliotcwit ri?iii' .hi. mi no ii- lJ t>l, o'ory nUbt at k
iinii ??? i u-' end ??? itway afinruuoui at 3 o'clock. Ad
ttirtauce 2fr Mlita. Ci i.ar u ba f price.
r try Ibi utre KVInf MOHl'
A?"r>T VV X TUB 'llOUT Hop*:,
Fn n ?bi> St i n ? o tbp (jall> ry
K>th a Sulu or tin. Cmruet a r lston
Theatre to lf.t.-thk beahtifitlly fitted
op theai bnu-un an tbe 'St c bai lei " Noi. 17 a?4 1!)
Bowery, vi l be lot ou vr ry reanonaMo tornw. by tbe night,
v e* or uii-i-th F-* tenni, *|iuly to GEO LEA, No. 03
llav try, iu ti>e aftc i oou or i T?.iJng
having beon enl?.r^ J, is ro cpotiod
Mostrri'.l. Mf.y 1, ISM 1IOGAN A 1'ENN,
Ciomsto-;k house. avo - springs. Livingston
J county N v. This limine b.i* been thoroughly re
pined and fitted lor the bc: son. It wilt now acoommi>date
nil increased number cf -i>iun. Tlx. Rrounda attached
hK\? been much an'trp^d and improved The house is now
opoa fur tlio reoo|>tiuu of company. J. COM3TOCK.
tiful vii up, nf Ny n K. wo(-L hjink of the Hudson river,
one liour>; rid* from Yo !t Apol.' to Mis. Parker, to
tore**, o 236 Spring street, huad r.t Clark street, Auir York
Mount yernon hotel, thirty mjnutes ride
fr.<n Kiw Y. rk, per New Hiven Railro# Tho u?
duriigned, thankful for past- favcrs inform" hie patrons and
the public l-Lal hid hen o is /-eooened for tire summer cea
se-. GEORGE H GOULl?. Proprietor.
JVI rr rvrietr.r*, Lot.g tlranch, Ne?- Jersey. W. 11. Vai
Dyke aud .)o??ph H Cooper oavu purchased t*5(> above h?
t? i, and ?. id bt> p-vpurt-i to anj?mi3'jde.'> hoarders on tht
26th J j?rt. The lo. rann? t be B'ixp**Bed. Tho hourc
and fnrnture n-e row the establishment Is rhe larpont and
most t'owmodrt-ua nu tho bore. There id a dally oommuad
ontioD, by font cten.ru boats. vir.. the Thomas G. Hatful
A ioe C Trice Jsm*-? Ch?ist.'j>Ntr. and Oo??n Wavi
Ev?-.ey accommodation for sea bathing A la'ro karg* bai
b><3n proenrod so that no detention will take vrhei
tho miter is ?co "|0? f'jr the st/>> mbonU to go up the river:
t! e taMo -nill be supplied with over} delic.oy of the ffoancn;
t-t r?p will be the be,<t of attendance; and it is the intension
?f'the proprietors to spare no expeoie in making the Metro
j' -ita-i in ovtiry reipeet a first ciaa? hotel. Application foi
rooms, or for any other information relative io tho hotel
Ejbv be ma^e to JofTb H Coor.ee, Long Rranoh, N. J., ot
to 41. H. Yaa Djko. 25 Catherine shp. JNew York.
i \ merit is now ready Tor the reception of guests. Families
viil find this a delightful ?nd healthy sommor resort. Fa
cilities by New Haven railroad, nr by steamboat from Fat
ten ferry. J- or particulars, apply or addrass a no'.o to the
Pavilion, or to Ts> West Eighteenth street, near th? Fifth
avenue, where can also bo had a front room on the aeoond
quot Houee will be re-opeaci for the se*<o* on tM lAtl
?f Jane, IK.'4 The honse has only bten bull', two y??rj, ant
yet has o v-ninod a very high repntation as ? first elin
watering plnce. It his received numerous additl >n? art
iinpr< m sii1 i'V last ??mn.er ar>.. is now fnrttUhod in t
stylo om urp'vesod by a^y nmi-?r lnitliu'ioc in No* Knj
lat>d. ') utci. ?t oar aii J atioi.1 u>u to tha w?u'4 of th<
gucais cI tho hotel will te en' togd by tbe jirup-ietort asi
?npenntepf nt, aui1 evcr^ facility afforned for fiahina
batbini rrjinc;. p*iliug. io. Coin tun uication bv ralsroai
and atuac.boais three t'mes a day, to aud ft;oni Boston. N ?>?
York, and Kdjacoi.t, p'aces ana by om-:ibut< fr -m tbe clV*
1% milus raining to tb t bote) ovcrv hoar io t!>o day.
0. U. VATUEtc, Suporiixtendent.
bnry, N. J.- 'ihia salubrious and boauiitully Iocat.r.d
retroat is now open for the rcjeption of boardeii, and will
bokopfrasii irit claBs house. For snrf aid still bathing,
boating, 'shiD*. gnunln-', drives %nd romantio scpnor;' i'.lf
tiusnrp.'v.-f cd lioatB will make four trips dally during th?
summer from foot of Kobinson street. At present thny leave
every inort lng, and return each afiernoon, Snndayi
ineludsd. No mosjultocs, or fever and ague. Fauilioi
desironit of securing rooms should make early application.
Also, a ootta^e to let?rent $100.
ties requiring ioci? c or C'it?ag<>s would do ?rel* to Tiaif
the house before engaging th )in Ci>n Km Soutii Fe^rj
Brooklyn, at 10 A. SL, and }? before 4, and U P. M.
J tional Hall.?This large, new and sflendid first olant
hotel, fitted op withgss. anil nnsnrpassod by m:j otbar, is
now open lor visiters. Hr.vmg no bsr, i'- is as 6i*eingfu>tie4
for quiet comfort ai fi-r its superior acomtnoda'iona. Na
tional Ball oocupios ai entire square of Dlvh ground near
the surf, with a lar^o garden in front, enjoying the pure
sea breeio, t .d a magcifl-ont v ow of tho oraan.
AlHUN GARRETdON, Proprietor.
The ocfan Hora>:. at shretsbtttiy, new jer
sey, is now r?ady to- the reoeption of boarders. Tho
additions to this eetablinhmcnt are ootnp'sjted. The now
rooms are fnrnixhed in a style uncu -passed by any similar
institution Every accramoda?ion for -inrf and still wat?r
bathing. Tho tela" aph from the Ooean H juso to New York
will be in operation in a fo? days
IIINK* E. RIETjIi, Proprietor.
v v Thin estabiiihmsvu'. havtnc been put in coir.plfV
ts on the
repair, wUl be opoa fc; the reception of guests cr th ><>m
f June. J.?. BHIGC3. "
pbla, ft?m pi?r No 1 North rrer?Two linoj raiij, at
7 A. M. and 2 P. M. Tho ui rnin^; lin^ at 7 A H. by st<i.im
boat John Potter, t? Sou'h Ami irf;'.heoco hy csrs toway
placet to Philadelphia Karo %i s!>0)nd c as^ ?1 7j E?
rre'.s lin?s at 2 1' at., by John Totter to Amloy ttenoe
oi'oct to Camden bj ct.rs; thri'ti-h la five hours Fa^e f.i
V a/aficomicodaiion mid emi^Mnt line at 1 P. M ; f re $2
SO, vmigiant line r.t S P. M ; late $1 V>
il and West, ^la New Jersey Railroad --United States
mall anil exprer." lines loave New York foi- of Oortlandt
street at 7, S and 10 o'clc-ck A. M., and 4!4 and r, p. M.
Tl.rouKh in four bouts Fare?2"> in 7, 3- 73 i i -i^, and
S3 in 8 10 and f> The New Jerasiy aeoommodatlon line
leaves at 12 B , atfstopping nt al< way jtitions Through
ticltets sold for tinelnLati (at $16) and the vYest, and rot
Baltimore, V"'a*hiogt. n. Nor. Ik, .to , aud through baggige
i-hecked to Waihin^.ton in H and 10 A. M. and (1 Pi M trains.
via Spriugflold, li< llow'a Falls, Windyr, While River,
at d HV'ells Kiver to Littleton, bate of the mountains, oy
railroads and via Mor.tpelier, Burling'in, St. All ans and
Rouse's Point to Ogdensburg and Montreal Tioket otHoos,
New Haven Kn lroaj, oornrr o. Broadway and Canal scroet,
and corner of Twenty sixth stieet and F ourth avenoo Ex
press trains. 8 A M.and4P M. Ba^ga^.o oho.'hod through.
FRANCIS li YDE, General Agent, 162 South street.
8ing Sing, landing at Yonkera, Hastings, Dobbs' Ferry,
and Ta rvtown ?The new and splendid sto imsr ELECTA,
Capt U. T Beilby, will leave the pior foot of Jay street,
6nr.day morniu/, at 9 o'clock, f >r the above p'*ce*, landing
atAn.os ttrift cach w?y. Returning, will leavi Haver
(trs w ut 2 I'. M.
Steamer HERO, Capt J. W. Han cox, will leave th?
(irrfoot of Robinson street, next above llarclaj street, in
conneotlon with the New York Central Railroad, at 6 P. M.
For passage or freight apply on board, or to GEO. F STAN
1EV. agent, at the offloo on the dook.
landin? at Yinkors, Hastings, Dobbs' Kerry. Tarry
town, 8ing Ping. Haverstraw, Yerplaucks, Coizen's Dock,
aid Cold f-t ring, touching at Amoi street each way. The
new and splendid steamer THOMAS E IIUL3F. will leav*
New 11 rk, frore pior at foot of Jay strset, Sandav morning,
Jnre 2S, at 7% o'clock, for'he above placcs Returning,
wIM lesvu Newburg at 1 o'clock, P. M. This excusion i* one
of the finest out of .New York, giving passenger s a Ann view
of tho scenery of the Hudson, and ai opportunity of rpend
ingpprtof the day at any of the delightful places on the
XN said for building th* walls of a stone ehuroh, to be
erected at this plaoe, wUl bo reosived until the first day of
July noxt The vork will consist o' a ooncret? foundation
and limestone wall to the suriace of the ground. The resi
due of the wall of brown stone, from the Portland (Conn.)
qnarries, to be laid in rnbble, with cut work abont the
doors and windows, buttresses and water table ?Informa
tion as to the quantity of ent work, style of finish, sis*
of building. Ac., may b* obtained of H. G. HARRISON, ar
obi'eet 61 Chambers str*et, New York, or of the subscriber
by letter or en application, when the drawings, sneoillea
t'ons and plaas, will be shown. Ail materials will be fur
nlsh<id tbe contractor.
R. B II ON ELL, Clerk of Vestry Christ Chureh.
nndson, Colombia county, N. Y.. June 13, leSM.
nonse and Jail at Riverhead SnfTolk Conn ,y, N Y -
f oali d prop.) ??). wi | be reoeivtd at the C"*aty Clerk's
ofllc- at ".ncl rad unMl the lUh d'?y of Jnly rful, forfa*
tlnhlnir rnaieriali and building a Court Hons* and Jail at
tbe above r nod place, as per >r-e<?..e.?ti nsardpians for
eaoh, w^ ^h maybe seen at said CT-titit/ (,1<;'?'? cilice, on
vhlrhdav at 8 o'clock P.M said ic f -;?.l. will he opened
by the rli'lrman of the llos?d of .^upervisiri In the pre
sence of the Heard, at the Court Honse in Rtvorhcad. A
printed copy of the spei Ifiea Jons will be funiihed on ap
prction to James n Cooper, Clerk of ?ai " eonnty Pro
fo?a s may be addressed to the Chairman of the Rnard ol
f'up- rvin-rs, care of James H, Cooler, li- fT jlk f.'ourt iioura
New York The Board will r'Joct any oa? ot all or sai4
K.p,?l,.?l.?yi-li!!fL?r 0,
/W(U,18M, WK. R. TOST,
JQ JfjClfl TO.
l"MW.-l>oofi opai< >1 7V?; to couiuienm at 8 ?'
Saturday ?T?rao* Jtint 24 will be nerforira*
Shandy MagwUe Mr Tlarnoy WtlU
I?"ogan Mr Nort._
G.o CantweU. .Mr. Howard
Pick Mr Croekar
frank Mr. Barnard
lit Oajdaoul... .Sir Viojaat
Lt. Joke Mr Groayeaor
O'.d Conner Mr. Diitf
Mar; Connar kri. Nagk?
Caroline Morton Mr*. Barnst William!
1I1B IKIbH VAf.ktt
E'enarar O'Donobne Mr. B WII"
Ltddy Jinao B. '
French parforiuanoe, givm by M. ?n i Hmn MU mI^
artiata from ?'uri?. The entertain<nsul %?ill comprise 'be
following piarea ?I.E I'lANO UK HKKTdrt LK CACHE'
HIRE V\KT H M;E OB l?A i.UNE, and in'e-mede*.
Tbu orchestra of Wattack's Theatio will be coaducted bf
B. La Manna.
?*M?i<'.flr.Dd street Organised In lHil The Ctl
Mtablliibed eoinpaaj in existence
THB MOl>a.V Tliv DPt OF THE ? Oltr,Ti.
Ores Lvuu\ i-tour, uniiER tut Soi.r Uirkotiob m
Tbe oil? iodividnal of tha ttr e of Christ/ engaged ae a j?
four.or (a Ethiopian representations.
comedian will airiva in town III HIU n > n.i.g. I
will appear i very evening next week at Purdy'i Natie
porforuier havlnc just retnraeii from a m nt suom
fui tour through Eu*o|>e, liaa been sejuroi by Mauag*
Pvrdy, and will appear at the Nutional 'theatre every
evening next wreck.
grdibii having Just returned fr^m his fc a-tara engage
incuts, baa been secured at tbo Na-ional theatre and wiB
appear at that eitat>U*kment every night next week.
TT o* nigh?ly and on Saturday afternoons at i'io A merl
can Art Union Koouii 4%Broadwuy offl'e for the tale ad
certificates ia opau daily froin 9 A. M to U 1*. M. Look ore*
his programme, or Imiolro at tbe office.
in tbe lily of Albany, will bo rented oo favorablu tecial,
for theatcicnl j.artorr.iami * cxbitiiti- ns and coa ?? rts. Tliis
biiiluit c ia Ir u ciitrnl o tt'on and has b?cn lately fitted
up wi?b a fine variity of so-nery and eccouiiuoHMona,
wrlch offer a rare ? r.portu' lty to any out wl<hlii? to earvt*
il Iheelfliftl buiutl or (in a tori.-s of t . ivnin.atn.
All inquiries by m-Ji promptly auiwirec. Inquire of."
C. 0 Nloholi, No. ti Monro's Hulldlcts
Exhibition for saie-the two beautiful
i tntuca Venus nud adonis u>ado by tbo celebrated
Minor Lanti. and all t):e otb<r ui'Khanical <lgnroe now exai
litlrr at S2i '< oadwn.v. Fox trthtfinliplTIt tbe pre
] r etor, on tl'.o premier*, betwei Q 10 and 12 o i <ook A. It.
a^ove Fonrtli ? Pbiludolpbia, .luno 17th, liW -4^. }.
MacLFI.LAI, flato of Jonn-' Hote* ) ha? tho pleaa .ra te
inform hia friomlti and the t'aveili?? community, that ha
baa tca??-d tbia h iupo for a t?rw ft ycarj. and in n >w p a
fansl for tlic reception of The looal advan'.agen rt
bia fuvori e old o^tabliahm?nt are too well known to need
comment. Ihe liouac and furniture hav ) betn pot In f)r*t
mto order: lh? tonniK in largo an 1 wo<l veatilat id. Ttre
Wl<lea will Rlwava be auppllod with tho beat and the pro
prietor plndgex bimgtlf tha? ua ett'irc on bia part shall "
wanting 'o make tho United States t iuai iit oomforti to ai
hotel In tbe Qnakcr city.
Urookljn.?Fu rnisbed beJrooum to let, by the w^olt
or icon' h, on r?a?oDabl? terma. Apply aa aboro. The Ba
ropean papers ngularly on file in the reading reemtt
pisco lorto?Fopetlor toes, round vomers, Men um4
lcs< than three months perfect in a 1 renpeeU, fully wae
runted. by oelebiated makers. f or rain for $125. Oan Im
teen at ffl Krauklii- street, from 9 till 1, and (rum 4 till JT
o'clock. The ownor is going to Europe.
For sal*?a very fine toned, small siz?
organ, has ftre ittps. rosewood curing, and is -rail
adapted for church or parlor use. The instrument is ia
veri good condition, and wi.l he Hold for oast, ipotji
II. R iOOT C8 1!roadway, either personally or by ietM
lr->m 2 to 8 P. if ' _
Musical instruments.?a pair c op ttkst
ra-.e kettle drams, large size, for sale by BRUjvGl
WklSSEK*' BOR> jt CO., importer* of lnusioal instrument
Mo. 2 Maiden lane, (marble building.)
?lYllifher trom Glasgow is desirous of entering into busiaeaa
in f cw York.anil will be glad to meet any parry to whom hi*
iurviocB would bo of use. Address No 04 President street.
South Brooklyn where specimens of tbe numerous publioa
tioim edited by him, woU known in Europe and Ameriot^
may be seen.
f-pleodid tone, imported by the owner from London, t*
l>e disposed of at a very low price, as he is going to leave
New York. Can be scon at Meiers. Bristow, Corse A Co.'a
piano rooas, 123 Broadway.
Excursion to coney island.-the new as*
et loud id meaner NOKWaLK, Captain A. Hitehooek.
will make three excursions daily to Coney Island, as fol
lows.? Leave New Yo*k, foot of Spring street, at9}? A. M~
II'H ant) 3K P. M ; pier No 3 N R., at 10 a M. 1 and 4 P. M.
Coney Island at 11A. M., 2 and 6% P M ?landing at Feet
Hamilton eaob way. Far a to Fort Hamilton or Cone? Is*
land, and back to New York, 25 cent*. No half p.-toe Mc
Excursion to the fishing banks?na
steamer LAI7K A KNAPP, Capt. Anderson, will r**krr
a trip every day in ti -3 week, except Saturday; leaving foot
of franklin street at 7 o'clook; Amos street, 7^ Sprfikg
utrret, 7%\ Peck slip, & o'clo lk; Broome street, feast riveCi.
t>,'South Third street, Williamsburg, b>i; pier No. jTl
Excursion.?the fifth annual excursion
of Empire Lodge, No. 1. A. 1' A., to Mount liermoa.
late Kiddles Orove, will come off on Monday, June A
The splendid steamboat America, with barge Merchant,
are chartered for the occasion, also Atkirs' .celebrated
Band will be in attendance. N. E The tickets (issued for
the Laura Knapp will admit, the holders. Ticket! 91, to
admit a gentleman and two ladies. Ticket* caa be had from
the committee and at the lavioinirs on tbe day of exoursioa.
Steamer leaves Fifth street. East river, at 6 o'clock;
Brooiue street at 6V o'tflock; Fulton atreo' Brooklyn, at 7
o'clock; Nineteenth street. North river, at fto'otook; fpriajr
street at ti>? o'clook; Pier No 3. North river, at 9 o'clock.
G&OKGE ABRAMS, Chairman.
Henry C. Cabby, Sccretai^-.
decked barge Clinton, having been refitted and painted,
may be chartered for excursions. For particulars apply t?
tbe oaptain on board, or at the office of the stave yard, look
of Hudson avenue, Brooklyn.
Grand temperance pic nic excursion of
the St. Mary's T. A3B Society to Mcnbt Herman Grove,
Staten island, on Tuesday, June 27. The splendid nteaa.
Kit'. America, Capt. Levi Freligh, also the well known
double flecked barhcs lovet K. Mullen and Merchant of Ti
voli. are engaged a dkirs'.- celebrated band of twenty-four
pieces arc also engaged for the oocasion. Tickets, 60 ocnta
each, can be procured at the following places :?Michael
Kerrigan's furniture store, 153 Chatham street; Cleuiy 4k
B:othirs'book store, 427 Grand street: a.. Carroll, oo-aer
of Division and Montgomery streets; M. F. Cowlov's hat
stire, 223 Third avenue; W. J. McCarthy, 4!9 Giand street;
cf the sexton of St Mary's church; also of the Commit to*
of Arrangements, or anv of the members of the sooiety, ami
at the landings on the moruiag of the excursion. Tho boat
will leave the foot of Delancey street at half-past 7 o'clock*
and Market slip at 8 o'clook.
patrichcalhOON, Secretary.
German lieoerkranz excursion, oh sun
day next, the 25th instant, to Hudion Park, below
Yorkers, en the North river.?The Gorman Li)derkrana
Rive notice to its membi-rs aud friends, that for thn parposa
of making the above excursion the steamboat liirk'?eok and
the spacious and splendid barje Merchant have bee?
charterod, and that a good Band of mnsio has boon cngaget
snd ample arrangements ma'le for their accommodation.
The "'earner will leave foot of'Twolfth street, East river, ak
7 o'clock. AM, Peck nip at 7)? do. Tbe stevmer and
large will leave foot cf Frtuklin street. Norfh river, at 8
o'clock, A. M , foot of Canal street, do. 8)? o'clock; fjot at
Hammond street, do. 9 o'clook. A leooml trip will bemad*
by the etAamer alone, starting from foot of Franklin streak
st 1 o'clock, P. M. Tickets may be procured of Mr Math*,
slue, Pythagoras Hall Nos 197 and 199 Walker street; Ms.
liillcrt. 2b Cedar street; Mr. Tivy, No. 24 William street;
Mr. lttcer, No. 115 Grand street; and on board the steaaHV
on Sunday The price thereof is Twanty five cents (for both,
ways) for members and Fifty cents for othnri In casa tho
weather is unfavorable the excursion will be pottpoaad
and further notice g^ven. THE COMMITrUL
cisn to the New York College of Medloine and Phar>
mac;, graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin,
can be oensulted In his speciality, from a A. M. to 7 P. 11^
at bit consulting room, No. 92 Prince stroet, oorner of Her>
c-r. Letteri from the country aUendnd to.
ty, at No. AO Vi bit* street, four dour) we at of Broal
way, from 9 A. U. to 1 P. H., and from 6 to 9 P. M. Sea hie
eaut of Broadway, can be oon?olted ai usual wMh
oertainty. Hours from 9 A. M. till 9 P. M. Dr. W. ia a
graduate of Edinburx Scotland, am', ha* b?en sixteen yeacs
moat successfully dototed to bli specially.
Dr. riRRY. graduate or the colleoe or
Bnrgeons. London, la*<e of the hoepitals of SS. George
and Bartholomew, and of Parlt, may >>e consulted from f
to 3 and from S to 9, daily, Sundayi excepted, at bis olio*. >
and reatdenee, 118 Heat Broadway, oppotlto White street.
Dr. corhett, no. is duane street, hTy bm
consulted on his treatment. Twenty -four yean ta
one speciality enable* him to guarantee ipeedy and per
manent cure*. N. B.?Dr. C. ii a member of the New York
University. See hi* diploma in bis office.
suited. Dr. 0. would respectfully solicit of thoM l?
trrested a osll, being satisfied, from a practice of trail
two years, he can firs entire satisfaction.
consulted at bis old established offloe. Dr. J. is a i*>
gularly educated physician, and has baen ia active praotiai
at his (present location for the last twenty-three T?fti
IltJU^s from eight A. H. to half past eight P. M.
Doom :powellT"disciple oiF-the nuu
RaspaU, ean be consulted on all dleeases Incident ta
the human frame, at No. S) LiipenarJ street, near Rroa4
*ai. His suocess in the treatment of ohronie. nerrous ant
pulmonary oomplaints, has been truly wonderful. Ofln ,
h iurs from 9 A. If. to 5 P. *.
43 Walker street, a few doors west of Broadway. Pa
tients treated at their residences. If desired. Speedy and,
Jerfcot cures guaranteed. Office hours from 9 A. H. to 4
M., dally, except Sundays,
? aid enrgern, 1* consulted in hit speciality, at 42 Reada
street, ocrner of Broadway, from 11 A. M till 2 P. M., a ad
fr m till 9 in the erenirg, enept Sundays. N. B.? Nat
the drug etoie.
rurp for dieir'n-a, dy?en*?ry cholera and sea sitk
m ?*; it In prompt in giving relief in tbe tnnst of caies safe
ir any cuo- p ^ce ' wenty IWe o*nt? Ibottle. Als<v beau
ti'ui transparent ?tre k hon.nn i ast r, spree ? on '"anton
fl'-nuel, Isrr'mpt In r?lieTii* pain, and eo pliaMe It c.\a
l s ?.irn rn tli* ji.m's-price I2H'"n'? I' B W,? \f AN,
M I'., Tror' tor, So.1 llude. a strsat. For sdle by drag-,
l.Hi- F.r i?r:>lly. llall, Ilurkel A Co., ^"bole>ale agents, 224
Greenwich street.
vho estat>lii>lied the Ilnntunin 1> spensary, No 3 DiTl
eion st-eet, New Vork city, in IKI4 cau l>e consulted, ae
usual, from 7 A. M, to 10 r. M., Sundays excepted, *t his old
tand. No oounootlon wittj ??y <Hh?r Lt. Hm(h<

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