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TIM Turf
The second day'. raws on the National Coarse
were all that coull be desired. and wtire the adt?>ra
ToTof all Who witnessed them. The
two mile heats, between Garrett Dari?.
man. and Bam Letcher, the dnrt "'"J""* "
handily in two straight heats. VT, d W?? ?J
the favorite against the field' pre* ?'" ? '
atone hundred to Mty; b-? the flret hef'
rett Davis was offer* at almost any odds. The
?<?ond race was between two young Glencoes, a
filly and the cM Henry, mile heat.. litnry had the
call in betMng, at one huu.ired to thirty, before they
exhibits their speed; but *'terthe tin* heat one
hnndrod to thirty were current on the fitly. A very
I amount of money wan posted on this event. In
one group of sporting men we saw $13.0')0 stake J,
besides numerous scattering wagers in smill
amounts. Hhere seemed a perfect frenzy to bet o:t
this affair, the losers ?u Wild lilshinvu enJeavori i?
to recover their losses on Henry. Number* wont
home with lighter pockets thau they t.?ok with t urn
in the morning. B .tli races were finely coute-ted,
?b will be fcten bel< w.
The attendance wa- not so large as on the pre
ceding day, no doubt occasioned by the neglect of
the persot s having ib itfce of the advtrtioin,? to
have the eutrie* for the day announced iu the daily
journals. The person* who were theie were all re
spectable and orderly, ami the best feeling seemed
to pervade the entire crowd. A goodly number of
ladies graced the stauo, a I appearing to enj ?> tuo
eporte of the turf, and evincing a detrrmoiat ou t >
jnakc the enterprise ii' -h h id prosper. lhe ao
commodations fcr l.dh- a.v laultk* , aud when
they once are sure ifc.t improper p. r,ons will be ex
eluded from the coune?wh.ch will be dm u all
cases, proper offl er h v ..g b.en mgaged for the
purpose -tlun we ex^ct to u e that porho. ot the
stand devoted to tLl- J.itrea crowded will the beauty
and fashion ot tie land.
The police force under Sj'iire B-y l?mty la
number?are very vi.;Uiut. u.i'l muJitaiu the strict
est order in and about the premise*. The only
thimble-rigger that was seeu in the neighborhood
yesterday was arretted aad lodged in prison, and
he probably would not have b^en there but for
the fictitious stoiien o; on^ of our cotemporarics,
who persuaded him that he could carry on his pro
fession without molestation. Th? course is entirely
free from every species of gaming, save getting on
the raoCH, and pr>f?-?ioual gamiilerdi of all kinds
keep at a respectable di-taDce from Squire l>o,*d
and his officers. . 4 _
At the time appointed for tl.e races to commence,
the bugle Bounded for the li ?sea to get in readiness,
and in a few moment they were led ' '
T he jockey? were then w?*ig-ed, and instractiens
given them in relation to tlie race; and t'-e
mons to saddle was heard, the track cleared by
Scuire Boyd, and the horses came up for the
F:r:thcat.-^m Utoher won the pole, Wild
Irishuitn the next" place, Garrett Davis out
side. H ey were started very nicely, Sam Letch
er tak tig the lead, clof-ely followed_by Garrett
Davis, Wi'd Irishman trailing. Garrett Davis, al
though as lord iu hand as the strength of the boy
wouU! permit, oashed in front of Sam Letchei
on the backstretcb, notwithstanding that the latter
was doing his best; -eeiug which, Gil Patrick, the
rider of Wild Irishman, put his dorse to his speed,
and won was iu front of Letcher. Gil made play
to clot>e the gap between himself and the sorrel
horse, but the fa.-ter he went the swifter ran Garrett
Davis; he would not he approached. His style or
running is vigorous ami graceful, his stride im
mense and bis riner s'-emed to have no control over
him. He was bound to win. He came up the home
stretch , and pas-ed the stand three or four lengths
Ahead of Wild Irishman, iu 1:50, Sam Letcher fill
in* off badly. On the turn, Garrett Davis opened
the gap in ascend ng the hill to half a dozen
lengths, which he contiuued to maintain down the
backt-tretch and arourd the lower turn; but, swing
ing on the Btraight itrttch home, his rider, in the
endeavor to keep liiin back# pulled him off hid
balance, and be came near falling. It was a mo
ment or two before he strui.^htened him again, and
bv this time Wild Irishman was witlun two or
tniee lengths of him. He, h>wevci, opened once
more, and came rushing pant the stf>nd, three or
four lengths in front ot the other, inaki.ig the last
mile iu 1:56,1, slid the heut in 3:464. fWi, ,
As soon as the bent was over, the backers of V\ ild
Irishman were seen m >ving to aud fro. looking Ifor
a chance to " Ledge.* their high hopes of vVild
Irishman's prowe* hav.ng entirely ^nished. Gar
rett Davis was offend ut great odd*?100 to 30?
but there were no takers. He was acknowledged a
* Stcatid^Hcat^-The horses did not get away the
first time they came to the stand; but a second at
tempt was more successful, and they dashed ofl at
??i?i5M in a heap. Gai.ett began to show in
"front as he got into straight work, with Sam l,etcher
at his girth, WUd Irishman trailing as before. .Gar
rett ana Samran lapped in this way to thelowir
turn, when Ganett. seeming to tire of Sam sass()cia
tion cut him. and parted company. W ild Irishman
then ran up to Bam, aud also passed him, opening a
gap of two or three lengths Sam began to show
distress. Garrett Davis parsed the stand a couple of
lengths in front of Wild Irishman, hard in haud, in
l-50fc. On the upper turn his strides were increased,
and be drew away farther from the others, and was
half a dozen lengths ahead of W ild Irishm in oi the
back stretch, Sam gr-wing woise and worse. Oil
Patrick urged the Irishman, ami lie worked ad
mirably; but the vigorous, steady strides of Garrett
were too much for ni?n?he could not keep pace
with them, and was l?euten in consequence, (.arrett
Davis made the last mile in 1:54J, and the heat in
3:46. Sam Letcher was distanced. .. oa
The above race being over, the h ?r?03 for the se
cond rare weie ca led. Tneir baokers be^raii to
malie their offers, and in a few moments the whole
trac* in front of the stand waj tilled with finan
ciers m busv as bees, in arrauging their accounts
for the coming struggle. ThJ^ horses were announced
to contend ; but one of them?Little Arthur
having been matched against Ellen Batemvi, he
did not ?>me to the post, leaving the r.icc to two of
the Glencoe family, brother and sister, to decide
which was the t* ?t. They looked much alike ;OOth
bright sorrels. The colt bei-ig rather the larger
and apparen ly the most powerful, he became the
favorite at hign <Hlds. The filly is finely nude up,
ar.d h.okn a racer at every point. More m mey wiS
t?t on this late than oc any other ot the n?ett"??
Fir*t Hoit.?The colt Henry won the p de, but
,-oon after leaving the stauu the filly t-'oli Itfrom
him and opened a widt gap on the turn. On the
barkst retch the running of the fllly was far superior
to that of Henry. She posi-essed more speed, and
her Style and action were faultless. 1 he celt is not
a graceful runner, and will never make a first clas*
racer. The filly be it hiin home half a dozen leugths,
notwithstanding that die was pulled nearly double
the whole of the last quarter. Time, 1:61 fc.
Stccmd Heat?Those who laid the oOUto on Henry
were in more trouble no * than were the bacW?re of
Wild Irishmau ait. r the first beat of the two mUe
race. It wis settled that Henry ha 1 not the gnost
of a chance to win, and they l >oked in vain for a
flat to take the <sld- they were willing t? give: on
the filly. One, however, was found, who staked
#'tOO against a $1,000 ih.it Henry would win. Ibe
hordes were Varied head biid head, and lay ttms
until they made the first turn, when the filly drew
away, and, opening a gap of three or <oiir lengths,
went on her way as sUadiiy aud easily as possible,
under a haid null, and caiue home a wlnuer by half
a dcr.en leiigtns. in 1:624. _ ....
lhe following are the summanep or the day s
8PNatiO?al ConiPit -Second Dat. June 27?Club
purse $1.000. two m'le heats.
O. W. Delahnnt named ch. h. C.arTett Dav is,
by Glencoe, d?m by Leslie, 4 years old, 101
lbs., dress white and blue...
B. B. Cheatham named R. P. f ield s br. c.
Wild hi hman, by Glencoe, dam Mary
Morris, by Medoc. 4 years old. 101 lbs.. ^
dress blue and bine ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? *
A. J. Minor named eh. c. Sam Letcher, by
Wagner dam by Medoc, 8 years old, W lbs .
dr< sb red and red ? flls
Tin*? Fli nt Hi of. r.mc?Sfctmri
FirBt mile 1:50 First mile. 1:^
Second mi-e 1 'Mk Second mile 1 w?*4
Total 3:46i Total 3:45
Sank Da*.? Irving House stake, for three year
olds, mile heats, $260 subscription, $100 forfeit, th?
Irving Home to give $260 if two or m ire st irt.
Thomas Whit ten nsm< d ch. f. by filenroe. dam
by Medoc 1 1
G. W. Delahnnt named ch. c. Henry, by (>len
coe, dam by Medoc 2 2
r. S. Fowler named C?>1 (Ilafsc^ick's g. c. Ut
ile Arthur, by Oleneoe. dam Bin*- Bonnets,. dr.
Time, 1:64 j?1:62J.
The entiles for the thr-e mile race today srr ch.f.
Blonde, by Glemoe, d?m by Wagner. 4 years (1.1 ;
and b. m. De Clappeiton, hy Boston, 6 years old.
The hotel sw<epetsaes wlfl also come off as adver
ti e('. The race between Blonde and D o Cla,?p. rt in
will I e a great event. An op;mrtonity now offers
to tr\ Ihe mettle of the Bostons and Gleoc 'e*. They
hie Loth fawf, and a capital race mav be looked for.
Ti c n n t pleas?nt route to the S itl >n il Con
?nd n have t i<rl ?h?? r? f hj G eenpolnt, th-on<h
? even- ,voi d to Astoria, and th'-u over the Newton
?ti it: Cvmzu
RemtMton of DuHm.
[Tnm the WubufVm Union, Jun* 36.]
Office or rax Commismonkm, \
9 Lancaster Place, London, June 8, 1854. j
As many citizens of the United States have a
claim against the British government for the return
of duties improperly levied, and as the ground* of
; the claim and the tune when it originated, seemed
| not to be understoo i in the United (State*, 1 beg to
address the claimants through your paper, in order
| to nave the trouble to them una myself;
. Their claim arisen under the second article of the
I treaty of commerce between the United Ststes and
| Ciieut Britain, concluded at Ix>ndon, .Inly 3, 1S15.
That treaty, among other things, provide* that " no
higher or other duties or charges be imposed in
either of the two countries on tl>e export,itiws of
any articles to tlu I'ii t? <1 fttates, or to his Brit,in
nic Majesty's territory's in E irope respectively,
1 than Mich h* are pa.val>le on the exportation of t .o
lik?* articles to any other Ion ign country.
From the eoncliisi n of thW treity, (ire.it B.'itai'i
received on woollen goods going to the United
States ten t-hillings per tent ad valorem, liotwitu
stand ng i-he j^eiinitted the sauie goods to be ex
ported to certain other countries free of this duty.
1 his violation of the treaty wa? discovered by Mr.
Chai les Barry, tiow oi Meriion's wb irf Bermonsey,
Ixi'don, who on the part of the shippers ot't:';o
goot'.s remon tinted against it, aud in the year 1830
the duty ceased to be a violation of the treaty, bo
caut-e tl e Bi i'ish gi vcrnment then put the Uuited
, States iti on the footing or the most favored nation,
j Mr. 13arry, on behalf of the shipper', obtained
: copies oi ti e entries showing the p.iymc it of this
! duty for the time indicated, aud claine I its return.
I The claim was allowed from ls'23 to 1*30, and tho
' money paid overt the shippers; and if the A neri
I can merchants have not received their shares of
this money, it is probab'y because the shippers
have l,et u ui able to tn d them.
1 TLce now remains a claim tor the return of thh
duty liom l^lo to 1K23 awl this claim is now be
fore the ecmmis-iQB. Mr. Barry li*s preserved the
I evifHme to establish tb> e claims, and it is beiievtd
! t hut it ui be obtained from no other i-o re -.
The ctirtcm tiouwi ? uok of that period have been
destroyed, nod lie htvlt g obtained the particulars
oj the entries when the documents were in exist
(i ce, the shipper- h .ve employed him to obtain
the rnu.ey diicct Iron the govern taunt; and not
hi \ ii g yet recc i\< d tl e decision of the Lords of the
Tieauny, he tiow brings tin* matter before the
c< mraissiooers. Very iespt ctfully, our obedient
I tenant, .J.vo. AnorsoN Thomas,
United States Agent of Claims.
j Ri h * t'i vm
By an arrival from Waive.-ton we have received
) Ti xas | (i) (j-.- to the 17th lost. We c >py the fol
lowing items:?
Moke Km,i,j.vo.?On Monday, the 15th instant, a
, nian nan < <1 banc Hoogun was killed at M 'aeley's
Ft try, in Burleson couity, by Dr. M ircellus H trris.
The wraotms used were two doable-barrelled guns,
: fr< m w hich three shots were fired, all of wiiioli took
efleet, causing inslaiit death. Dr. Harris is in ous
: tody, and the ease is undergoing legal investiga
tion at CuUI well. His brother, Orlando Harris, is
also on trial for being access ry to the killing.?
Tixas Ext hni gt.
We see it stated that the citizens of Salurla and
Texana have purchased the steamboat l'r'?y, aud
have plactd her ii|ion the Lavacoa river to run froin
Texana to Saltiria, in connection witu the steam
ships running from Salaria, via Galveston, to New
Orlenn?. We see it al.-o stated that it is designed
to place a line of coaches on the route between
Texana s;rid Austin.? Monument.
Homicide?James Tomerlin wa' murdered on
last Monday, the 2;)th ult., about three miles we.it
of this place, five buck?hot or balls having (entered
various | art< of hi? body, from the effects of which
he survived only a short time Clarion.
Killed by Lightni.no Two young men.re'i
i dt-Lta of Victoiia, (savs the Advocate,) Simeon C.
| Rogers, of ti e firn of Ropers & Brother, and M. S.
I Jfapiaiid. son of Judge Ragland, was struck bv
] lightning near Victoria and instintiy killed, with
the horses on which they rode. One of the unfor
tunate victims still grasped in his hwds the reins
and whip, aud his feet were still in the stirrups.
Sad End of the Romance.
[Fiona the Sv incuse standard, June 25.]
It gives u? pain to record the tragic and melan
choly termination of the romantic attachment and
marriage cf Fletcher Woodward, of this city, with
Miss Susan Denin,tbe actress. Mr. Woo I ward has
tesided in Syracuse nearly all his life; and thou/h
young in yeai*, he ban always merited the co.ifide ice
and esteem of thorc who knew him; and we believe
all his ai .^uaintunces v*ill sympathise with him in
Ilia uripltasnnt position. Miss Susan Den n w.is an
actions of rare merit, whose education and early as
sociations were somewhat peculiar, and wuo had
little opportunity to learn anything of human na
ture bey< ntf the illusive stage exhibitions ot it?
among whiili fbcwus bjrn and educated. While
we condemn her conduct, let us throw the m intle of
charity over bcr faults, und attribute them to the
circumstauceB that suirounded her from her biitli,
iather tl nn any innate propensity to vice- But the
mischief has been done, ami cannot be remedied;
and we shall welcome Mr. Woodward to our city, and
hoj c in the excite ment of business he may forget the
lahe 01 c if lie does not forgive the scdu er.
We have heard the story from several persons
who have arrived from ("aliiornia. which does not
diffet materially from that given by the Troy BuJgtt.
[Publii-hi d in the Hkkai.h of yesterday.]
Sim e the above was in type, we hive conversed
with Mr. Van Alstyne,of Liverpool, who returned
from California on the same boat with Mr. Wood,
ward. We learn from Mr. V*. that there was no ac- '
tual separation between Mr. Woodward and Susan
previous to leaving San Francisco, but th.it Wood
ward was displeased at the intimacy existing be
tween his wile ami Bingham, and desired to bring
her home to her frieuds. Kate did not leave San
Francisco, but remained in California. On the pas
sage, considerable ft-eiing was evinced by the pa*- :
sengers who nad become familiar with the circum
stances. Tl.ev endeavoied to persuade Woodward
to shoot Bingham, but he refused, and the pa?scn- I
gets would nave killed him themselves, but the ;
captain interposed, and agreed to deliver hiin up to
our consul on their arrival at I'anatfla. The consul
bad no jurisdiction in ti e car e. and was obliged to
set him tree. Bevolvers were exhibited by Bing
ham during the whole time, and Mr. Van AUtyne
states that Susan was ulso armed with a revolver.
At Aspinmtll, while the passengers were <>n their
way flora the cars to the hotel, about ten o'clock in
the tvci ii.g, Bingham was shot in the back, the
ball entering just above the hip. He imiaedi .tely
fell, and wa> taken to the bote . where a phy-ician
examined the wounds, and declared there was no
ho| e of bis recovery It is not known wh> shot j
him nnd variobs surmises are aQo.t
BiifJitm is lepre. eiited to be a married man, with :
a wile and two childien. somewbeie in the Atlant c i
States, and another wife in California, whose lather
heard ol his former marriage and obliged him to
leave. His name was probaolv assumed.
Susan refused to come on to New York, and Wood
wanl was also desiion.- of remaining, but the pas
sengers took him bv lorce and put him aboard the
steamer. The waiting m.tid wa" also brought away
by foice.
* Mrs. A>nold Woodward arrived home from New
Yoik jesierday afternoon, nnd informs us tUit
Flotcht r and his father miyht he expected lust even
ing. She also states thit the r.nn >rs are greatly ,
exaggerated, and that Snsan is expected home on
the next steamer, when it is hoped matters may ;
be arranged satisfactorily.
Ni. f York and Brooklyn Firkmkn is At.bant.
?(tn the 4th of July two lire cinpan.es fru.n
at ioidnre to be received by onr lln-nien. lix el
sior No. 10 will receive AmcricusCo. No.6, r >m
New Y? ik, am' Belief Co. No. 11. Constitution No.
7.11oiii Br eklyn. On t' e 4th, A tnericus engine ?vi!l
be i?lnc? d on ? cur to be drawn by six b'ack horsej.
The etit te Fire Department ofourcitv will turnout
eti thi occasion and unite with the military and civic
so< it ties in c< lebr.itm/ the day. On the 5th, E i<f ue
Co. 12 will take their clients t>> Saratoga Springe via
the Noithein Railroad. No. 11 will on the sumedty
take their Kuests to Hudson, they having chartered
two baiges Is longing t? the Swiftsure line for that
puri oee. On the evening of the Cth there will be a
grsi d torchlight procession by the entire depart
ment, in honor of the guests of Fawine Cos. Nos. 11
and 12. It will be a magnificent affair. F.ugineCo.
No. 2, of Schenectady, arc expected on the 4th. to
unite with our firemen in celebrating the dav, a* is
also the Hudson River Ihiilroad engine, with the
hand" employed at the depot.?Albany Evening
Journal, June 24.
Cosvicncn of SEnrcTioi* The flrst conviction
in .It f!i rson county, under the seduction la?s of
D4*. w*w obtaii.ed last wok against W. A. Jen
kins. of Ellis burg, clouped with i-educing Miss
Sarah Claflm- of the same town, under promise of
mairiaet . in Aoril, 18iV2. soon after which he was
ooni| lair eo of by the overs?ers ol the poor, in bas
tardy , before Dexter Wilder, Esq., who, upon hear
ing tie ividence, made an order of affiliation
against him, from which he appealed to the Ses
sions: and on the appeal a full am; laborious trial
? as nnd. ami the order of Mr. Wilder affirmed.
Stil.sect?ntly lie wus inoicted. Tiie ev deuce i
show* d that in the month of April, 1852, he se- '
duct d her nnoer promise of murrligo, ntid trntt in
.'at i.nfy follow ins she was delivered of a child, the
te-ult < f the illirlt intercourse- The prisoner pro
duct d (juite a nt ml.or of wimci-s' a to s>v?w th ?t at
?he time alleged In- was visiting Mis* C. he was at
b< n e < r?hew here. Th?* jury wert out ub>ut two
aTid a li&1> hoi is, nnd totuihed with a verdict of
gi.i ty. Sentence *as suspended until Monday
moil Ing, wl in his counsel made a motion to stay
srr tet (i t titil a bill of ex<-fpti ma could lie taken
nnd the esse tt vised 1<y the Supreme Court; hut
ti e Cnirt denied the motion, and sentenced the
pristti<r to lie State prison at Auburn forth ee
jii k He is a young man, twenty-tinen ycirsoid,
<>' vctv te peetah'e p?r*> t". and ?lnce hi.-' Indict*
uimikm auiMtief jfounjj !?<?/. j
Theatitwl and HmImL
Bboadway Thbatkr?Two hv dnmu," Dick,
the Newvboy" and "Uncle Pat'a Cabin," are se
lected for the amusements of tliis evening. In the
firrt piece Mm. Williams will sustain the chiraster
of Dick, and in the concluding piece Mr. Willia-as
appears as Mickey Malone, and Mrs. William* a<
Wim w Caney. As this engagement will do-* veiy
shoitly, those who admire their light and amu->in^
perf imanccs should embrace the preseut opportu
nity, us thi y will soon sail for California.
Bowery Thkatkf.?The receipts forttiis eveuian
are lor the benefit of a verv popular actnr, Mr.
John WiiraiiH. The play of tV " Hunchback" will
c< lunic nee the entertainments. Mr. (1 >o iall appear
ii g us Sir Thorns# Clifford, and *(r,?. Macretdy a*
Julia. Mad. Olinza will appear on the tight r?p?,
ai d walk from the stage to the third tier, and will
iciform a solo on the cornet-a-piston while a*eend
tny. The force ??f the "Wandering Miu<trtl," a
scene lr?>m " Othello," and the drama of the " Three
Jht k l-heppards," will al-*? be given.
Nino's Garden.?The cntertainmentn will
cen m in c w 1I1 performances ou the tight rone, by
La l'?t.te I.alM'l. Mudame Axel, l^eon Javelli ami
M. Blmidio. The much-admired giand divertisse
ment of seven fiances will follow, in which Mdlle.
Yrea Minimis, Mdlle. Kranck, Madame 'vfcuetti mil I*,
ltrilluni will appear. Tfce entertainments will con
clude wiili ihe fairy spectacle of "The Greeu Mons
ter," willi the Ravels and all their fam >us company
in tlie respective characters. No doubt the house
will bo crowded.
National Theatre?Three celebrated perform
er an engaged m tlun theatre. The amusements
c< limit nee with the drama of "Rob R iy," Mr. .1. G.
HhiiU> its Rob Roy. Mi.-3 Leslie will tl nice a High
land liii g, niter which Herr Cline will appear oa
the tight rope in hi* giacci'ul dances. Mr. Yates
will give a grotesque dunce, und tne performances
*ill t lo 0 wnh the drama of "The Greeu Mountain
lioj." The famous Yankee Locke, the American
(omtdian, will >-ustnin the < haru ter 01'Jedediah
Hot' 11 ltd. This is a good hill and ougllt 11 draw a
gowi bouse.
Ami UiCAN-MraF.iTM.?The aflernoon and evening
peril miance* will consist of tne new and original
(?>intd} of "The Hoj>e of the Family:" Hadiwiy,
Mis Jicbtiijer und ott er favorites are in t'e oa-t.
A living rl.inoceios, n boa coustri tin- ami a s a
tigtr. with other rare curiosities, can be ocou by
the viutt r.-t.
CtiMtjn f Minstrels.?The melodies of " Maya's
111 tie C< 1<i Oiouiid," '? Nancy Grey," and other la
vi ritef will he Ming thii evening oy the company.
'I he o?l er icatmta are the Concert a la Jullien, ami
n pt rtiu\el ef the peculiarities of Southern negroes
in tLeir ueliday pastimes.
Wtop's Minstrels A bill of great variety is
announced by this band?representations of the
" Daiidv Negrces of the North," a " Grand B.tr
lesqi.e Musical Congiess,' ui.d the new burletta en
titled " Black Douglas," which is very much ad
min d.
Buckley's Serfvadkrp.?This company are win
ning public tnvtir eveiy ui?ht?they sing sweetly?
to l.wir the laughing song is worth the price of ad
tni.-sion. But their br.rleMpie operas are capital?
Cirderella b> produced in splendid htyle?the hall Is
gei.trallj ciowded.
HinbMtOMK ?TLe light and very amusing per
foiniumes wnich are given every evcuing at this
establishment, cannot fail to be successful. The
pageant called "Games of the Crusaders," will
con roenee the entertainments. There will be clas
sical te presentations of Grecian Chariot Races.
Some of the must accomplished female charioteers
and saddle liders will also appear.
The Sum lile of William Pierce, at Pinion
llolow- Stru ct 1)< VtiO|x mm til.
[Krum the Ajiiimy AI Ins, June 2d ]
T-i>pt?? (k we published the acc xint ot" the sui
cide of William Pierce, as related to tke Exprtss
by Deputy Sheriff St. Joun. We have received the
folli wicg account of the transaction from Mr. Falk,
togttl er. with a copy of a confession mi te by the
deceased be.ore committing the deed, attached
Pkb-ton Hor low, June 2'1, 1851.
An awful t re ?? d > h:is just transpiri din Preston Hallow.
All any coin t,\. N:. Y ibo lac's aro those:?On the even
ing ot'ile&l <'f Moy last, about 11 o'clock. the clothing
and wool (Aidini; works, ownel and occuiiicd by William
Plene. of tIda village v.ere destroyed by Uie valued at
about $1,600, on whrh there was an insurance of $1,000,
in the I'uitcd S'atcs Insurance Co. of Weit Pot?d*in,
N. V , ending May Cth. 18.">4. Soon after he lire and on
the 2:.d clay of >lay last. Mr. Pierce made n statement or
the Kre ufcd loss, and forwarded it to said company, as
directed in hie policy Mr. P. tn the 19th mat , worked
en tl.e highway . came bomc aliout 4 o'clock in tbe .-ificr
milked bl:> coa, shared bituseir, combo I his hair,
and about sundown went to the barn witn toel
for Lis bigs, (be bad been in the habit of going
to this b in to piuv.) but staying so lung, his
wifewiutto lea n the cau-e of his long absenco in
the burn, nud a* she opened the door, she be
held hir husband bunging by tbe neck. The a'.arm *-as
jii*?u ti e c.tir.fns rukhetl to ihe spot, unl lound M.',
1 i< rce hanging, anu his neck disloeited. Me was d-'ii l
His funeral took place yesterday. His deatn caused pre it
< xri'ement. Leb.-ncsn wi-e and four children, to moura
his lots Fii:to tbe funeral, bis brother in law, in look
ing over the | ocl.pt hook of ttir deceased, to seo if he h id
givi u any xasor fot committing ;o horrible a dec 1, ?li
co\er? d n |?per on which the following ennfes-dsn to his
fandly, with a request to his ct impel, Laurence Folk,
To My Family?1 wish to make a confession to tlto
world that I died my clotions works, on the 3d of May,
without any ot my family having any knowing ol the
siibo. And 1 fee the great injustice 1 have done myself
and family by injuiiag us all. My cealre is that tue Al
migl ty w< uld b> merciful tn you ell. And that your
neighbors would sympathize with you and comfort toil
in y ur ? ulTering, and Hod have mercy on you, one aud
all." Life is a burden to me, after having committed so
gnat a ciime, and I deMre not to live. Ou, my chilIren,
take warning hv ibis. let nothing tempt you. For the
e\ 11 one. and jour hearts, by nature, will lead yoa
astray; ihercfoie, s?k the Alnrgtity to gnide you and
protect \ ou throughout life. And may (iod grant you
y< ur oef.iie. .Inr.e 10th, 1864. WILLIAM PIERCE.
I wiib Mr lalk. who is my counsel, to notify the in
surance ci mi any of this, aud that iluy ought not to pay
or 1 e prosecuted fcr the insurance money. Juno 10th,
1804. Wll.I.l Aiu PIERCE.
Tiif State Canals,?The receipts of tolls on the
State <ai uIh, I'm m the 1st to tbe 22d of June, this
ear ttd Itst, bave been as follows:?
W>4?Tbret) weeks in June $305>,382 90
18,r?3- " ? 2SH.064 14
Increarein lfil $lj,418 76
Tbc entire ieeei|its of tolls oti all the State canals,
frrm the opening of navigation this year to the 22d
of Ma}?a jicrio.i of fifty-two dajs?and from the
opt ning of ravigation last year, for the sane num
Ler of dav?, have been as follows:?
ISM?52 eays... .$813,013 W) or $15,<534 8(5 per day.
1863?52 da^8 720,251 65 or 14,024 07 ??
Inc. Jn 1854 $83,7<i2 25
Ai> increase pt r day of over $1,600 In favor of the
pretent yiar.?Albany Argun, June 27.
Excitement in Bedford, Kv.?Escape or Dema
WlBBTKB.?Miss Webster, as most of our readers
ki.ow, was indirted some years ago in Fayette
county, for stealing or abducting a number of slaves.
She wus convict* d and sentenced to the penitentiary
of the State for n term of years, aud was pinioned
oi't by Governor Crittenden after she had served
but a srnnll portion of the time for which she was
eentenct d. Recently some of lh-5??e old indictments
have Le? n revived, and a warrant was issued for the
?ppiehi nvion of Miss Webster, which was served,
but the lady I ping very sick, could not lie removed.
I n< er 'hc.-e eir< umstm.cesa guard of three men was
ai jointed to icmuiu, tend and watch her. The
gna <l slept at their pott< or were c.ireless. aud Miss
\\? lister escaped. It whs rumored at Bedford on
Ti e?<'ay that a party of men h id w-'td the river
fn m Mad'son, ai d released Miss Welister by force.
The inni r cauwd gtent excitement in that place.?
l.mnttillt Timtf, June 23.
Fatal Accident William Peel was smothered
to death, on Saturday afternoon, by the caving in of
a well which he wa? digging for Naylor's refectory,
at lied Rank. He was in an instant covered with
eaitli to the depth of six or eight feet; and although
the most desperate exertions were immediately
made for his recovery, near an hour elapsed before
be wa* exhumed, perfectly dead. The unfortunate
iiiuii lost his lite by Ids own perversencss, as he was
sevt ral times importuned by the proprietor t? put
in the shield to the well, which was prepared for
him, bit refused the entreaty, and perished from
his temerity. He leaves a wile and two young chil
dien.? Philadelphia PtnnsyIranian.
PAciun Tmpropem-t Charged with Lwtter
Postaoe.?We have recently had occasion to ascer
tain tliHt underthe postal laws and regulations,when
a senlid |>i?( kiige, cnarKeable with letter postage, is
opei.i d in presence of a postmaster, ana found to
coiitmn printed matter only, without anything ?e
cteted then in, he msy remit the letter postage, aud
deliver the package at the rates charged for printed
inHtt* r.? IVufhingU/n Slur, June 26.
Idfutity of Pi NsiONKHft?It is held in the Trea
sury Drf'flitnit ?,t, in M.ttllng pension accounts, tb.it
when eppllration Is made f r arrears of pension,
under the act of July 19, 1840, or when several c?ill
dien aic imbtaier in the pension certificate, the
oath ol Identity pio-nibcd by tho lorms ami in
stil t tiei s of Hepternl er, 1H40, i* not required from
tin m all, but oi ly from the one wh<i may be author
ial d Iy tegular pow? r ?f attorney from the others to
receive the j.ensiun money duo.? IVathinghm Star,
Jlltll 26.
Tni: Ho<? TRAnr.?During the llfty eight days of
tiftvipstn ri, theie have been ov? r 40 000,000 pounds
tf laid iotl< und bacon received at 'tide ni?trr, by
wr-vof tb* es' sl- ri> InrwiM of <',('i00.tH>o pounds
i *A*t Aiuat ?Jitany Aip'i,
?*.? R?m> 4 29 | moon ion. 10 U ;
MID U? 7 M I UOU WAVffL 11 09 t
h>n ofBtw tMnK,JhuuaT,UM.
8lt?u>l.l|iAritli(Bi) Utrilxi Live-pool, E Cnaard.
hiHBiliipt*k tdtlpLlt. Wiaale. ?w Orluu, HO Re
ship Patrick Uwrj. Uulttl. UtlM, OfltuU, Mlatara
A to
fMp Cnrntilan Grinuell. Fletcher, Liverpool, Giinnell,
kiiiii rn A Co.
M :ip Mr dons. 'ikvlcr. Mvtrpool. Ju Foster. Jr.
Ship t Ui<li!r;, Hlnoklejr, villM, Goo Bulklejr
fcl U' Ernst ktriu trrnli (iirem), Bust. U?bii, F C
Slip Llvti 1 uiAm, 1 ho ndyke. San Francisco, F?ster A
>i 1 ? iKKD
lirif l'ui boitllu C-lc) Ciiif# OiV.no, Ji>lin 3 Lawrence
l?rig (Littiii), l.trluK Trinidad Oeliiuha A Co
Brig Hunu kii-tior. ttiucbe.-or Ualtuiore, smith A
1,1 Jltvli.
In^hu'k n. Philadelphia, 8uiltb 4 ttoynton
M l I I n. r]" ..I, A 1IU j liwiloi lelauJ, Mill?r A l.u?*as
bill Irk-u W IIuk'-1- i>? da, iSowbern Datis A Uoluer.
Sol t * a bicgtou, Mulru-r Ali-aaucria, dMrga* cletr
nikii A i'o
takl i llicott kia,,fltod, Baltimore, Johnson A Lowdcn.
vl.t lli.icir. l ,6tih I'r-MUgLctj master.
belli p lei, v rlir, orw'ch J it Havana.
Moop 'liiii'i pti, Kd'iIdniu, Nantnokct matter.
steairi-r Piedmont, hobiisun. Baltimore, Parker Veto
attaun) ID C' UipaUJ
fct. ail.tl in i iurida Woodbull, - avaunah. 60 hour*, with
ui ?e kkd pa??? u^ers. to S L. Mtvchlii.
Mi nii.ti.ip A:4tiuo Leloniet, i bkrleatoa, H boars, with
iwrt buil i n-'cuKur^, tu Spoflord, Tilestoa A Co Uu sua
iiuj.mtii'v ( -,?i iiattra* lirfht -anting M W it^oaUiii
>tv.u?l.ip ?a. hville heuce for Cbarleetoa, a*J nt H *1 FM, '
iJbtt< ri>e iiniit ??rmg 6 */, kiguaiised atcawsliip Alabama,
bei.t e for iiitii Ha -.
hhi^lijikg Scun (tilpper), Put'en Liverpool 25d?ys,
with u.d>r ti'd il |(Mi|ii|>, to Howe* A Co Jua* 14 lat
4. 66 luu 4U lu, apoli? tir kri{ Avit iU, t'roin Glasgow for Fro
M if l.xe<>l?ior. Hi.aLv Liverpool Hay 16, with rn'se a el
tC-' iiuxiitt a, to a lkw|i-iiii a >epheiv.
M-ip U.'japum tlii). Bo-ay. Liveipiol, 38 da * with milie
ku?i t pi.?M*ii|(oif to C tin -uel t Co Juan 11, lat VI, Ion
4;' fib. pi Uteo neural v. . > ar^u iceberg*. 2UI. lat il JJ. lou
? ??I 3h, lift kli. u ' ti.ip t.i ia ->iai no, ue.ce or itottv.daia.
iijiii loui ii.ttba uiiti blj ii ill* oil tir p*r?iitfe
tbi,' O tbu H ri 'tl, eiuinii us Llvorp ol. !48 dajs irith
in icmuMr paa>iUS?r?. io livvrcti A iirowo Juu? (t, m
lat. At rpuKu I'r lirtA A(cU?, ii nui l'orto caLello lor -Naute*
rlii i t ul | r> \ itiou> uiiiJ toi'k fri'U her fvveu of the crew jf
hi Vri^ r*fpi i.c friiui >!unUf i land, t>l'b c ui bouud to N?w
il ii \ < h v uliKuru niilci d o? ftiu lust la h siu'iu(j 0'>n
m li t jiili vii. i k ? r? ip yu?ic ' ill 'l.? 2Ut, lat 1. 30,
lot id ill | it ? i o *I.IV St Patiiek of T? oumalo u. from
port tr .?* t ? Yt r' ?Mo40P>*>iit
i ip \? i iiuii. I ill Fi.u > ll.vrc M*y -'1 with ind-e a it j
UU |w??i jjtN, to licit1 4 liiuilN < r 'todttio vootb ptrt !
ol tl.c Cisn Bank Ii. l-t W 36 Ion 51. suw a ltipo icei.or;
JuM l.~> -at 41 13. loli (il -U, i i< hniitfcu ?iiu?:? ^itb aliip i
'-"itr 01 tbi M t'jgt. rrpiu Mv|,t^^oi f r now to^a I
* Ship ttttiU (J'-vv., L.iuety, iikrre, 17. in ?al>an, |
mlh 44-1 | .tfituKi i ?, to l.m.0 A Wnt June 8 at 4V 1ft Ion
74 4> phtH d ?bip iuteruationul, from Mew Uri?an> for
i.<<. i rpio : '7ib l-t ?1 20. .on 63 4? pamcd tbip Itare is |
wood, I tote lor iluv The K y had twelve death* ot tue
ShipCliae W ard t'f KentiehonV), Uonld Cardiff 41 il*j?,
?itl rkiiitad irnu, to Vt H Kitenuilth. Juuc- 1ft, iai..IK loo
tfr, kiioLe ihlp Ui* iu. benco for Fa; ai; aauie time, kl^ualixod
h clipper >hip. i-ttorlng SK
Sbip Afilta (of l.ruDnwioh), .'nr.Inn, Nowpor', W, Si ,
del >. w itli bilrokd iron auu 01 paaeviigera, to oraer.
ship tu | bvti? (ilrcin). bchiillj|t. breu en. Sj d*>?, with
miltv and 34U p.i-aengerH, to ileuniog? Mailer A UOU
ling Jtint ti, Ikl it' 5tt lou 10 40, upoke Br ebip otntaoonit,
liou: Qt.t I ec toi l.ivorpool; lUh ram the maiuuiaat of a vea
H-l, t*itli toe maiioa'd and gkft attacueo; 12th on the |
Bniika. epone kolr Urane. wltt 7000 hah three wceki. out. )
1 roii. i>tl to 12th iu>t on ti e Uanke. Wb? aurrounded by ioo !
Mipctepheu i Aoatio, Clark, Oulvekton, 27dtjra with I
cntioi At tt J 11 Biottur A Co
?Llp W 11-luii altr, Madden. New Orleans, Ma; 31, with
mdae, oM 'll robt bkilou in ooinpauy with rhip louiau,
fot ?eu Tirk. ?? m in jompaoy witu at ip Juliet, of .Sciv I
VorK, Iroui >o? Orleai>> tor beaten, on 16th and 17th iuet.
ri> rk o car i (Noi), lhitro, Havre, 57 da>e, with 146 paa
teinit. to tok?t> r
liaik Mil* s (> aui) Vnrfene. Oarnhnri, 48 dayo with tniee
auu !k(i pun-tn; CID to M F o. hluldt A Co. JuucM las 41 20.
Ion 4t>, mw tumii'ibip Ft.tnklin, iiouce for Southampton
ubd baTie. June 10, on the e*?t ed^v of the Bknaa iwir |
loeltrga, lltb, in 1st 41 li u '2 >a? two Icebergs. Jnue 22,
lat , i n bo a(.< kc l>utcb galliot 4taiia Adtiana, from Bos
ton (euppoatd lor Hotterdaui).
U irk /uiin t01.:ei.) Baake Bremen 35 d*y?. in ballast
With 1KJ pkfM-nger? to Hennlngs, Muller A Gosling.
tiktk hitiiift tuu (liauil Kiansc Bauilnrg, 62 aajf, with
li<2 larettgvie o tt * Schmidt A Co
bitrh lirtiL etto (? f tt aldohuro'). l'reblo Rio Janeiro, Mty
19 witl o- Bco. to uikbter June 2. lat 215 d loo ;>s. upoke
pl :p Ceiei'ial tmpirc, fiom Ctllaofor !? ew York 62 days
Bark Jasper Bi dm tt. Charleston, June 18, with cotton,
Ac, t Liu l.l. a Hi A l>i-imn.
li.-u vt elhe imiio (Urvui), Bayken Bitmun. 35 dare, in
ballkrt. ?i h i4ti paascn^ore to liruchard A Buok. June ?.
lat 52 Ion 23 spoke Brtiu brig Emma, from Bremen for N
brig Loui- (Brcm) Heller. Bremen, 51 days, with 141 pas
etug*ri<, to order.
lirig Owi I'Vkrr* (Br), Stannat, Bio Janeiro, 45 da>s, with
Coffee, to i Kich rdaon
Kr<z fltzaMith, Gardiner, Pn'S, 21 days, with mdse, to H
K C< ri il g A t o.
Brg ho|ivlii,o Crowell Apalacbicola 21 days, with cot
toii, tu lister A XViekeraun. .luut 15. off Cape Florida,
>pokc ship ' Leritmpore ' (>o n^deratobd) from Boston lor
f-t'W Orkaus L4il?>Bout.
beLi li K Sii ith (of Aew Oaren), Dill, Mataasas, 9 days.
With tlbir,"to J A'1 Pekrrail
<v lir J G JohnMin (Br) Allcrry, Eleothora 8 days, with
pineapples. Ac, tu Lutl.ar A Stiller. June 2U. lat 30 24, Ion
77 36. rpi ku Mhaiiiig hark Spa: tan, of Provincetowu, 250 bbls
on, all well.
Set r C ti tu i crUnd, Perry, Sagna la Grande, 14 days, with
sugar at d molkh es, to to iaylur A Co.
scbr 1 eerit'Ra (br), Mcaiuioie. Harvey, Nrt, 10 days, with
huiioiLi. ilnte. o i Pickard.
fckr N tt Mnitb (of LrtokbaTen), llohart, t'fcarlestor, 6
(Iiija, with coiton. to UcC'teadv, Mott A Co. .luue 25, lat
1^- 40, Ion 74 aignaiized schr H ake, hence for A liiniagton,
Schr Carthagena (of Portland) (Vil<on, Charleston, 12
dajs wiib cotton, ti OfiHA Blaok.
bibt > i riuunt, Lliivtt, WUmiugttn, AC, 9 days.
tiLrSoplit Collins, Allen Plymouth. NC, Odays
St L i liia. h St|ual.. Koro, A e.xaudi lu, 4 dajra
ScLr t aro int Auticr.-mi lord, Virginia 2 da.vs.
Scbi li C Cbute Smith Philtdc pbla for Bor'ton.
Sthr 1 t-Miryitai ia, Bartittt ?llbWortb, iodays.
Stbr lii liur. Brtvn Aachiss. 6 d?y?.
Si hr .li l n Joi is, Jobos l'ottlai d
Si'.r Capital, iinoll, Loatoii fo. All any.
SbipOspray of and from Bremen, withG.'0 pasaeugers.
Bit ii. Mnp Ki.ri ]a from Bremen.
Bark Lli/.a (Bnm), 1- days trom Bremen.
Stf stnsblp Fhiiadelpbla, Ilavana.
tttndat eiinrise. M.: meridian, d; sunset, do.
UcmurmiKik. *
The clipper ahip On oen ( it v. Canfitld, wliich Arrived at
Shanghae Airtl 10. arrived at if ooaung on ti.e .'<th in .'t6 (lava
tri m Sail 1 taiiclto.i. hitving leH on tbu 28ih Fob -reporte 1
tbe test paaaago tins ) ear. The Atlantic brought no advices
from Ai J'tr.
lAi^cmn At Bangor, 2t?h in?t, by Mcaara Donning A
<.o, a hue t i ia < f silt h bk, called tie Mungu Park, orued
by Hutu* i f Bmpor, and to be commended by < opt ?Vm
l Nici.o s, la'c ul eobr C V kauei , and will load for Weat
Itid < a
At Uellow?ll. 22d ioit ship Loroora. 1 070 tone, to be
comn er> ? d t y t apt i cwi ? rtow, ol Howucinham.
At SoHirfi" tt. nub lnat, fr? m thn >ard of Mr itrnry Mat
thfvr a ec| per Uttencd n-Lr ? f 173 tone callod tho I'ncaiey
Mati'iiid oj -.h? bulidtra, Car' Jc;ominh Warrou,
v. Iio conni r i.r her, and other*.
IVIr^raphlr Jlmltie Rrport*.
NEW OKI.K<? N s Juno 26 Arr iLlpa Admiral, Baltimore
Ctnnni.nwe?ilb. i^ewbnryport, baika Koocrt, and Jenny
l-il.it New > < rk
liilov? fbin* St Lottie and Maid of Orleani. New York.
Ari JtO' -7. iblpa Piurol M'eUrtCr. and Northern K.u le,
B?at?i>. Inrka Kctulin, do; I'ndtr.o, NYork, brig May Ouocn,
l'li:j*d> Ipbla.
BO-TON Juno 27-Air (hip Wandering Jew Livcrpoot;
btlgs Nerei.e Manrablllo; li<auora Charleston; liuntroi"',
UlarKOti; Kebee <a francos, savannah; Panlioa, l'hi a-el
pi ia, fcarah Bounce, JSYj k; steamer granite Stato, Haiti
Mriatil Mailue Oinrr>|aHi<i?nc?>
1 fUll.A I t t fill A Jnui)2f>,4 I'M-ah brige Got Brock,
Y<r> Pieblbtgo*. LMmonte Locke Park Uiator; echra
Oiean Wait, t'liue, Providence; J U Ireland, Whildin, Boa
ton; l.-aue emith 0 ark Mattcam; Mien swaine. Now
Lo.doti, luph-aie" Vnilli n .annon'a ferrj; Wui W
Bun.a. Bail. Happahann jjk, Brandt vine, Turner, Boaton.
Keli v, Blip Luipreae I'om C'allao; bark st Mary, Mediter
i ai:tai.. !??V tito v Cruc >ti, Uiikoy, Cienfuegoa
Lid iohra W 1* l'hi lips, Wataoe. Button, Jai U Oepnly,
WiutDiOie Roilury, I atgo U Burden, Pitt. Nuw kurk;
btlg 1). lu.oi.te I t eke. Para Boaton. berk Japonic* Power
liavata tchr* Lratidynine, luincr Hon on, D i< SturgiJ
Norri , do; JMa?a>e, Haruy, Providence; Cbiof. Shatter,
Par i rd. hchuylki 1 Boy A?ery, liridgopor ; r^aauror,
W ap.ee Prot del CO, J F Toblaa. Hand Koxtoo; Ocean
Wain fin (i Pi j'idoccr; Merry May, May. Boston, Lllaba
Smith, Clark, Jhidoletown A K dohail er Pratt, go; K \ to
ll'lliook, liali UoHton; JoS'ih Baker, Amea do; J U
Irtlai d. *heldcn, Cambiidgo; H-rron, Newman, Now
Inn |titl
9jrSe? arrival* at thia port.
^^w *mr Oa^v1lFl,r or >owhtiryporV from K* Oeorge,
N h \ia i. latport, f< r L ndon, pot aa >? io 12th io>t oa Campu
Hello, ai d w?? towed up to Uoaton CCtb. fall of water.
Fot'li what i^o went ashore at Tale\husno ia
tbe k ? le oi 6ib nit? rl.i( MoetiT nod bai k (Joluuibna. of New
It-uli r< tbe >attor losing rudder ?nd bowaprit. ehip At
kin , Adaibi- i f lauhttm which lnat bowaprlt; and nark
(?(car, f MattaiK.laett; but all wore git ou, and tho
Oa ar waareaay for aca
Miip CohaAm, atranded at Ptpnda, had but little of bor
cargo ol copper aatod tip to laat date*. Tbe crew wore all
i li.
Ship 8th n.^A loit at Revel, had all h?r cotton aaved,
exie| tubal a 'llic bnll, alter bei k (tripped, waa aold fur
abet t 0, to I e removed nltbln In day a
Ship CAMiLl.vtt 'I Le ateamcr Giv JUadlcy, which w?l
dea.atcei Item C harleaton 17th lnat to aaaiat thia (hip,
aahoro m ar t'Crai ? kr l.ar, roturutd to port A M of the 23d.
t lit l K lie1 ty O e agent of t ,e Charleston underwrite,
who was en hoard the rndloy cxpretaee tbe belief that the
flnp W'll ho not iff, ahoold tl.o weather eontlnne favor
able Tho Ondley lift Cba-lealon again P M of tbe 23d for
the eliip, taklig with her a powerful (team pnmp and ?
force ot l.ai da
f?t? Jwii.v Dorr.i for Philadelphia, before reported
aaloie en <e"p 'r I lard aad the lobonner which wa(
aah> re on Oalli p laland. have got off and gone to aea
Hchu Purer Ann, from Pall Kivef ft I'aatlee m>(
atayid night of 2Ath lnat and went anhore on tbe l. iw
Pom', Mertt'hop H< lmoa' Hole, but would probably be
got off without damage
Arr at New Bedfort June 24 ablr Gratitude Cornell,
Art-tic Oeean latcahuano March 3,00 bble ap 2 000 do wh
o iiilHi'|i> l on\ leut home W ap 27.000 bone Uae on frt
I.IKO |.l I: w>< oil
? Id liith I ark Pioneer, I.ambort, Atlantio Ojean Sid
lart ? il-l.a l unbar Pacific Oeean
Oo'jig iut > >euinckot June 26 ?chr Win P Polllver,
Mil.i I t Atiantio Ocian, with 100 bble black ftah oil and 2
? p wbale>
Ai'a' Pruircetown Jniie "I aohr Ilatriflt Noal Cook,
North Atl .iitic Ocao with !?? tilla wb oil 3no\e Juno
10 l?t Si 10, i<n H ^pa-lau > ook. of P MM) ap 4'lbhli lah
ill. la'S2 2 Inn 72 10 Mouti'iiu Spring T"U"g, ho, 'J8 ap;
lat.'j'j on 7?>, W trviig Nlokorvoii, do, 10 ap; llth, lat
32 e" I'n 72 SO I en'aa Tllaon do el?an; let 31 20 Ion 'li,
Haldii n H?ll?'-a, Vouhg di clean lftth. lat .'lilU lor.7iH,
Alexander tomtll do, clian; then Ucdgo, Oaburne. of
liovei \ 215 ap
At lalcabiiftno May 3 (by le'ter from Capt Jenrey ) At
I fi> a <>tt b?. J<tme> ready f?r ai a
M iloMa) 4 (bf letter from Capt N irton ) fleet tr Nfl,
ready for r? bouan offeli i'e Had rhipoed bta oil (9(10 *pi
ht tie /llied Gibha. and Columbni or B, an 1 apphla
Mai a. of Nant _ ?
1 .in led r t t al en Mey 21 Ar.d. ewa, Smith, N B. 100 ap,
and ?ld earn* day to crtn-o, fioal leat, t onng Wettp i.t TiO
hp t apt toi in, reporttd April 10 no fat Ac, Halarua, l> r
n an p B 70 ap _ . . .
Arr at Valpartiao May 14 W in?I w, lldridge, NB, aad eld |
li'hn acnlte
At Bi avo Ilee 20 OMo, N B el-ai.
apet. n - Ju*? Vft tail Mil wood Veaae fr ^Uelf-rd, i
Ia t troll M II a ? ?ll tfl with 900 bble ap 140 wh aa-ne
a . '. (.; :. lt.it . .1 i.. kaja.:.?. ri.to j
to llifc?U-t>7 pUot V-vfct ilciei a GjlantU. ]
(?tinitif Cearga Lt* Cum tor iiflaviU. m |in<
J?ae ? ? PM, a* Ut it.
blip J<L> * I wj. Mrt wer. from UvitlMlbr Melboarae,
J?ie II ?* bardtey
ktri iMmiw Bl'd. I'tMf, fria BtH?t()u7) tor
Ilea* hot g *u pux4 Jaa I). In 9J 33 N, lea 41 10.
Ha-k At b JikiMt from MtUtui '?r Hambarg, *u
?<gi allied data (abt J .?>? SO), 'at 34 SO, loa 76
Hajk Odd Fellow, (ram Portland for Clta, /Ul IT. Ul
V V> lea 71* 06
fcri* Hollander Brow*. 11 days (ram Legbera (or MTark,
no dale. 11.
Il l; K?l'?(, (ram Barton (or Jacksonville, Jul IS, lat 38
lb. k t 71 19.
Voirlyt. Port*.
Ai r?- Art Ma* II (?t>t V) baik* loeeo, Pntiam, Ztaii
k?r. autk Lawit, Hntohleauti. Mutoar.
UtmviA?Ar June 16. brig Grttta (Br) W??"i hea'e
t?m Arr4|ml 19 tbipa Aaraka, Whipple far Miw
Yoik toon belt err, R. undy. for Mi rr>Ml?ot; Urk Vet
u ? id So itb, for Miaaaln*. 814 about 12 h *hip Pampero,
(i.ppius. Mirk
< aici'TTa -la pert April 29, skips Pltoataqna. Weadall,
4iip to Iran for bo-t?. irtik Johaa.ta, catbrep; O.naa
li,lr ,-oniw, anu Ooaaa Pea*l 8'ars d? du: anther a
I ro*e, fame, lor ue about May 1ft, (inmof tbo O -oan, Croa
Ij l.< to* I tckit and I'ohota, Ur ry lor do. ia?t e tniiuaa?
td Idg, Malay, Hutcbin*oa. uno; Sky Lara, Henry. for New
Ytrk, log. Ji tepl as, Paine, aad flat- of a aloe Fori, for
Lornon, Ion, Hindoo Mtlur, for t hina UdMlh, UitllMlk;
lark* L>D>ea. l'i*rce from aad lot Ho*ion, dlag; Kit tr,
( roat-11 In d? about Key 10 Md from tu*u 2?<.!>. ?hip Ar
abella Co ? bi?t?D f cat io tea from Saad H?al* Ultk,
tl ife l.ady Franklin, bmith, ucttoa; Kd Valparaiso, Ken
itlt China.
iiiAbAi ai. (Chil-)?Sid pre* to May Iff, Cbileaa bark
Olfa, boetoe.
t AM irr Air June 6, ship Jan* Heidorsoa Kaowlei,
I aiama arr May 26, eehr F yin? Bail*. Joae*, Con
atantiLopI-; Stub, br < Smyrna uro/ter, M tlia.
i'Aiu kiv Aft Arr J une 12. hark Hrnnette. Nm k <aad al<l
Jill, ur fcatanta?>. Ilia Conilova Piovideuoe; IStk, bark
liinroi'ii, Ili tttii. bid 14>k hri** John Keudtll, do; Coa
Ml .Mile, NVork, 171b, bark Union He*itt, Phtta
dt lj l >a L.'lf? M m Crawlord, Ft rry Providence; ^oto*!,
blUb., bit too; illtb Mo-troae Matttusa*.
CiurriCH Ar< June 11, bark* M St<st oa Ba-ford Ho?
?m, L T Mi loll. Mslinli NVork, brig jEu'i>. Furl'aud.
blr K'lli i ?ik Holla, Hayet, M'oik; bru Flilaure K.r*ie,
Pl>ileii*l| I la
i ial?Air Jnue 12, Wild Wara, Kuowles. St John. NB,
(Or i md. a
ki enthi-k a?In pert abt Jaae IS, Bi schr* Mar/ Jsae
am, Dretieuoiia lor M V ork, Id*.
Falmui ih. L-ofl Julo .0, batk France* k L ui?a, DarU,
7.ura lot iiaiubn'g aua prooeroea
M idi. ri biiALi. in p r> June!, ehip lealab Crowe 11,
Cu'rur frou Matautao, arr 1-t.
I 111 k. (Sat den) in I < rt May 26 tbip Nath?r >l T' omp
???, ituuv, Irom N Or cant, air 2f?kb, gieg to load lor N
Yi rk.
ttLASGOw la port June 13, berk* John Heory Voaet, fo:
li fi< ii Iok lntei Ky-raou, fit do d<>; btij Mary Kllea,
111.lit, do do L?ft tue )? I of the Hank Aui, bark- A i
l?ld> Cooiier, Colli I hott'.o, 7th b;ig* u H W Jarltborg
( or), do; Keb<ova (Br), Keodlv no
hi luica?Arr Jute 10, brig N Suwer*, Trvat, Cu
< dfi.et-.
Oilil.Al.TAK?Way 31 Tbe wind ba n? (rotu E 25tli, ?H
I ti t w loii nuo rcu'la in tto ba-. *l^?oi a* r?ad> tuli o n
| li i ltd tth rook, *ail*c and i anted tue itraitt to the we<t
i aiam?Arr June 15. brig bnrah Vo~e, keliy Sinta
Cri i, (ana aid ltflb or I7iu for fonland); Kith, L.rkt 1' it
klBi.mil <, kilCrillit, Mataiizaa; Oamanll ijordon li.i.toj;
11? ? Cbiua, Lenian, Caiiulto (ar.delc lbth lor No* u y
Bon), 12a not klai., Po tlaao; I7tb, lly i??d? l.i't John,
1 l'ortlai d M-i i? i.tfo al.o>, Mibolr- do; Un ward. It ration,
ban Cayrtaao (and aid 2>'tb or 21 -t for iknltiui >re), lUth,
brig? K ( Mttr W ueatrr MamauUlo; B Youi.g tVooater,
Mo tit 1 uimouth, *; Uoetarwlil. uioaty, to?ei; uito,
baikt M illlaut lioaue. NOrleane, Sea liuck Br>ard Signa;
Kltb ? 171It, ebip l? abfcah liutohin*, to*M hart .North
Carolina Foat r, Uaiubur^ ibtn, lb p Jaiuoa Ir aae,
Tlnrpt n (or Jonet). Ma-anr.au a.d Felmou b; baral
A<i'ti u. MweH. rnln-outli, t beroeee, Collin, NV^rk, ?o|ir
1.,'vHi bot'ty, bchneloan Mirlean?; 2<).li a 2l?t ua k*
Loulaa lind.ay Kbllauelphie; Itbaiiag, Mor^e, Cli raltar.
Kia(.vti?' J ?In pott Juno \t. brg tilt Mood w aikec,
use; and other* ae before ...
LiTEhl'iH'li?Arr Jute 13 *hip Oraned*. Ba^che ier,
M rtiu , Fuilao. l|'Lia Fonlke, Pniiadulpbi*, Meroatio,
Mliliken. S?\?m.aii
In poit. 14th tbipi Oceea Star. Itord. for Ne*p3rt, E
n.o.'koik, Clu lUta bark Cora Uortoa, Bio Jaaeno;
12?b ?b?p lie t-no?, beataoa. Molbeuriio.
UH AVHA-Id I>ort abt June 10. bark A ZilU
Da>if, 'roni bt TLoka* for ?' Vork *la i'orto Cabrllo, to
aall cn the lotfc, aobr Alabama avowry, frim et lhomae Tor
N Ma'rila?lo port April 14, *hlp Rtogloader, Ma-hew* for
lloa'i'n a. out May 1. only im tutd. ,
kuiiRA-lii ftf June(2, brig limmirk aaa.act,for
^MATAR-IeAS-ilir Jnno 13. biig* J<P Elliott, G-aat Bo*
ton (and fid llth lor kiemtoiot), \auke?. Poland, and
Keoka, Carver, do; Maiia Fo?g. Providence. Denmark,
late*, For t and; Htb, Xenopb n. lor a and Hlnarja,
Penlieid i o; l&th, ahip liie W al ?i MatMta* 8ld Ut?,
CL*i Ibor p*on, bmail Llvcrpoo', 15th br g ? B Bmkth
Bill ^Yl?rk; 17th hark ^-arU ?er?ey. I?avl?, Ilottottiyith,
brig A?i> KlUa'eth. llnrnandei, >orfolk.
cwroRT-Cio Juue 9, Mirt 'i H*?ld0 y rke
^fcW^A8TLI?Arr March 7, bhote, Snow, eUig?pete and
'pokT l.oun. (Mauri'ine) In pi rt ? pri''5. (bip Brotu*
Marom Irom Calcutta tor Btitton, repeirod and reloading to
"l ALF.hM??in port Jure 3, bark* Kc?tta. Taylor, f?r
hYorL late; Ganuolfo (Mt) do do; bri?* Jodi'h (Br) d? do;
'ire-t?n, Mvmtt, 1. r B'nton do Sid ?*?, atoniner ilcilia
(?lc), Klork; 2o, brig tardu* (Ur), Whitburn (from Cat*
''f aba?In port aht June 2 bHiiB Water Witoh Conway,
(or Sl?m 4 < ay?, Clot bprar, Bunoe for > Haven 3or4;ta?
""(t*^JaVI'mo? It port May 19. ebip Amelia, Banker,
dug, bark- Baltimore, Hamiey, for Ualtlmor 2l*t; ?l- m.
boul, liallet, for Uo?ton, ld< (al*o reported fid abt Jiith);
Marathon, hmith for N York, d<>. Keila K?ndall for do,
wtk fjrt; buwarrow Stone, lor do, do; Wm T Sayward, Say
warc. (:m Boa on), for ban Frauciioo 21 et; brig Amo* M
KoLtrte, Co'ton for NOrle>a* 21at; echr aent, Hopkine,
dug Sid 17tb, ba-k Utah btet*on, N Vork
1?eai.ijo? Air May 7 baik Wagram, lngerioll, Sib Bits
to load > n tbe coait for Bo?toa
bnA? ciiae- In port April U, ship* H"i? Sktn'il'h. Pear
eon, l> r N Yoik; tlolden City Canlield, for do; Jacob Bell,
Ki baci lor do via lloag Kong; Bombay, Vtilaon, lor Foo
ol ow (oo and Hong Kong neat day.
birtaPiiiE?ln port April 29, oarkiDaniil Web*Ur. Bit
bee tor ko* on about May 3, Deuba** bane unc; Thra*
bTotltrt, Jajne, fi r Maur.ilu* chartore* at ?3 10 per toa;
Kate Batting* Field, for Calcutta
H D.it) ?Air Mirck 20t abip of thi Enst, B?rtl?it
for Hong Kong. ... . . .
biRFMi'MJE?Arr June 5 ktrk Jedo, Jsaklna Ch*rle*t'? ,
bsiiRRA? In port May 31 brig Johanna Brown, lor Bo*
ton ldg bid 2t'tb, bark Bo*? Pool, Harding. Boetoa.
fcAGi A?Arr Juie 11 brig* Wajy>?o, Coonb?# > York,
14th Viator i II*, Boeiou Sid 10th, *ohr Onin .erlan.i.
Perry. N>ork (rinoe *poko-.); I.'lth, barki Mar*, Chilton
lloatoa; W H Chandler, Ueanatt NYork. brU* lUtmio,
T born dike, and Cape Fear, Ollpatriok. d >.
Sas JuA*. Nic- bid June 10, baik Martha Clark, Roger*,
7bii*ti?la port June 5, bark Mary H Vo*c, Hallct,
dl*g lor tiir*enll. P\lermo and Bo.-ton.
Irisidal?Arr June 9 brt^a Queen Hither. Pendleton,
N Yoik; Manellalte. Pillebnry, do; 12th, Kmeline, Oilcliriit,
do; Kcl.o Phillip*, Dewarara, 13th Rain low, N t ork.
Md 1Mb, ba'k John tt Andrew*, French. Cowe*; brig*
Condor. Ha* dy. ?od Atalaja Naah, NYork; France* Jaae'
riuptiil, Portland
Home Porta.
BALT1MOH?Arr .lu.e 1'6 stoamor* Qeorge'* Creek,
Ttrry.K Vork, Locast ft.lat, Layfle'd, Botton; hark* Kate,
Oliver, bebnayra and P<-rto Cabeilo. 10th in*-. Yarm ?a*h,
banipaon, Cblnolia lalat dp, bilcM and J C Oil more, Dome,
NOrltan*. tclr- Mobawk Graham, l'oac? 13day*: Hootor
A Jone*. 1 Loiuphon, Si anitb Main 14 day*; Chaa T Strong.
1 ltftni; W m Hat-on, llnUc, and Cha*<t, WYork; *ta?hi> *i
(Lea) W illit-m*. Nb. ndon C'd bark Gen D Smotue
itn Boftt.-n. ncbri Che* Ull , Cary. Roatoa; Timothy
I'll to, Cranmer anr J Hnlmn*. Holme* NYnrk.
fcOS'luN?Arr June '/6, ateainer City of New Vork,
Matbtwi, Philadelpbla; brig* Juan J do Cartagena, Robin
ton Jacket nvilic Mb ins'; Cahnaac (new. of Bruto), Wo),
Wei* Kifl.n.ond; 1 F Knox Smith, Philadelphia; Matali
lleld bod^doa. do; ?chr* Washing on, Healet, and H
>iehol?. bu>tough*. Philadelpi la. Ann K G Oattell nil*
lums, do, S F Uolliday, Barrett do. B K Shu p. Sba*p, d^;
bev k ufl Veaile and Noptnre. Ca la^aa, do; Wm Kunoll
bini ell. and Klitabeth Weit Albany. Arr 25th, steamer
W ftternpori. Hail. Baltimore. Cld ?hlp* Aitriea Joba M
Liuvib. t allao; North Amerlra Dnabar biverpoo< via St
JoLn, N It. bark John Carver. Niohols. Matanraa, krigt Fer
dinando Ccr'es (cie) >ap:ll Trle?ie; Evmi. Itaker Piula
delpl.ia. Loul a. kohhint, do; Cantou, l.'rowell, do; *ehr?
Biuma V Uu-h Jacmrl; North State. Hortoa Savannah
kto Soowtll. Klehmond. Sid ahip Mariner, bark Haiard;
blig Iril ono aid Z4tb.
HA'-COR Arr Jane 21 sohrs Tjro, Weatwirth. Phila
delpbla; ? nrah tu.<th, V ork. Cld 24th, b ig Martha Hall,
Li.rlun Vartlnlqee _
1ANV1HS?Arr June 24, schr General Taylor. Joaci, N
If ork.
F?bl B1VF.R-Arr June 25, propeller Albany, Mtrble,
AhOBbMEb'S HOLE?Act June 23, PM brig Oleron Web
ter. Georgeioah bt: for Rockland; schr* Batavla Pendlo
ton, But k.vl'ofor Freoport; Wat?r?ille Hill, Jamo* Riror
for H*tb. Ualtimore Davi*. Baliim re for Portamootb;
24th R^br I'hi adtlphia, Unkrr, bonaive* 7th latt for Bo*
t> n ; tchr Ann bemoan Getoholl, Rockland for NVork. Md
br g* \ imenae* R K Haaklup, Oleroa; ichrt Sarah Ann,
Albioa, Forest, Ganges, Kmtnn Bolivar Laeinda Jaa?,
Wivgtd Huet-r batavia, Watsrvl le, Ba.timoro, l'biladol
pbia. Ann botuian. ,
Arr 2Mb. brig* T 0 Perlilns, Gina, Trinidad 15th inst for
Portland Kei eeea A ?ranot-*, Bay, bavaanah (or Boetoa;
langl r. (irlOn. Wilmuigton. NC;(ordo; sohrs V 11 H"l
Haioibg 1'hiladelphla for do luabella, Faolklln, NY. rU
fordo Hailoon, Fletcher Myatlc for do; Albatross Smith,
N Bedford for do. Jew Walte N Vork for lUngor
Art 2t th brig* Pierld-jnt 7. Taylor, Boar, man, Cnrdena*
1.1th intt for Frankfort; Hatton, Uner Huck*vi lo SO, f.r
Pimbiike; baiah Bcrnleo, ?a?yor. Murk for Boston;
lit l n n vlir) Card, do tor Wludeor, ^8; M ii Hall. Sargeat,
ao for Belfast F.nvov, Rydur, Itoadont for Pnr^moath
Md tilgs Relit coa A France*. Tangier frc*ident Z Taylor.
V atton barab llertilce; *chr* V H Hill, Isabt-lla, M I. Hall.
In p-rt it AM, oalm, brigs T B Perkins, Hebron (br);
*tbr* Albatron*. Jew, and fcnvoy
j V > i ?Arr June IS, *cbrs Bbea Sawyer, Gould Jaekaon
vllle; 2( th. Odd Fellow lto*cbrook Pbiladolpbta.
MOBU.E?Arr Jnno 21 brlf Metnmoka Davit. fYjr*
MM OKI liaNb? Cld June- ??. ships AlexaadriA, Coop
er. and lf-nac Jeaa*, Chapman Liverpool; bark Maypo
(SiO Mas barceUna; brig Maiy Elisabeth, Motoaaell,
llsvai.s; *obr L aibr) Smith, bellie, Honilnras
NOitloLK?Arr Jot o 24 b lg eluded Bolivar, Saabnrn,
NYtrk. chr tin Lltza brant, ^ York.
\KH LONLO.n?Sid June 24, schr Thos Denlson, Story,
Baltimore ... ? _ ,
Nbtt AUK?Arr Jm.? 2K, sebr Mary Case HBrrlBAton,
Lubt c Ne. SU eehr Msyfl-wer. Proct?r, Me
MWPOV1 - Arr June 2"i *elr Ja* L Morrl*, Norfolk
sloop* Ateawsn Brigs* Kon'out. Nancy Jaae, bardln-r
' Vork; ca ab Mooro Blark. Savanoah 8ld brig Ale*an*
Jelletroii from (kali hiter) for Balllmore; sahn Harriet
Lewis, (irom New Bedf rd) Norlolk ; James Pendleton,
(from PIilsdclplila) ?.cwLbriport. A;?o *14 brig Joba
H&lch Hat <*} Georgetown, SC; ?ehr Rio i rande, browa,
(from Boston) NYork. In port 20 h, 2P M bark Jeha
Parker, Francevllle, from N Orleans for Gta?a ready.
N*W BEDFOKD- Arr Jnno 2ft tebr* E*eel?l?r, Foaa
tt.ni. Frtderiektka g; Ida Mai l?r hiebntoad; W U DeWItt,
NYirk sloops Agent aad Helen, do. bid 20th, sehr aa
rub Perry Philadelphia
M.H BtJR* PORT-S d Jute 24 *blp Mercary (new. MO
tot t) Pednck, St 8 ephen t-. load for London; bark Rapid
C t *, Clt< toa*), Pike dodo 25th, *?.hr Regulator Wllmlng
tU| Ha?l El PHIA?>rr Jnne 2fi, P M, bark Laooala,
Harding Fo?ton *cbr* Fakir nopklus NVork; Hesroa,
fewnar >ewl?r?port; F. 8 thomp*eir Jinher l*rovl
doii o Cld ?team?T Uflaware, eiark N Yrrk. tehrs Leba
nun, Moogdor Salem, Ma**; Lotti*a, Cba?o, Bo*>oa; Joan
na, < vtty Fairhavtin John Vaadertllt, Mayor, Troy
Sarah E I ewi*. Noweomb, ho.koa; 8*rab Seleey Saltey,
bri,lfep"lt. *1oop W m Lea, Hilgl t SalO'n.
PhOYlIiENC'E? Arr June 26 sehrtHe. rv Baker Ale*
aadria Wm ? lark, MeCreadt, Ha'tlttore; .labes L Whito,
l.oofiev, at * Ovoca Ireland Pbliadeltibia, Kmp re Mason,
Alosi.y Vtbist'er I hi lipr, <|. , Arlm MoLaa?hlta. Hoa
dout (leap* Mary Dallas "aa kin*, George H Otvlt SmUh,
*bd laaae N beymour Wilmot. Rnndout Schr Washing
ton Morrl*. iHd not tail 24th a* repc.tcd. she U loaliag
fur C lit* ?
pi.h'i I aN D?Md J*?o So, brig iasttrn State, Carnage*,
Hli HMfiND?*tt June 2.^ sebr W B Joekint, Vendor
li t Mork
SAVANNAH?^ rr June 21 scbr Leo, Snow, Boston. Cld
brig K ate, Ibi m^son. Matai ra*
b io-^ l M. Itiv? Arr June 26 *nhrs Ja* K Stonobaek,
hls'cy Ph|it.4*it.Ma, Join ? e*terly. Sweet. All.an. , K
I"fgsr. Vork PortKwcn; New Dtllght. 'N V ork f"r W aro
ha to *iof.nt Harrea. Gray. NYtrk for Wareham Amanda,
batten, l e t kwea ....
sai EM Arr Jnnt 25. st-hr* A Bawver. Hatkell. Jack*on
vllle via 1 o ton II K Dimton f)<n.ton Ale**ndil%; Comlll,
Si. *1' NV.rV t Id 21th harkfeaMe* Habbl l?e Af-lo*
ibltfZ'd bi'ga Rormth. M Ke' iie, rhllade.pl la; 2T>th, Mer
r V iKfeE?-An JnVt btfk. 2c?*c, Tlkc?:i
xpimiKirrH waed. tui uiiooitno urv?
r Inn lltMtn of th* rtlMilk tirt will ??????? oa
? odaooday. u? Mk day of J*M. horn tho knn mt
7 aad VoJ cloth V. M., {|#. Hi Tarolftn t ivM ooar jljtt
avoaao, for Uu parpo** or iieciln oao (tlmu aad ??
tltentt* J? (In Ttlr MiUi 4Ma?l| 4li riot ia
tho ?UI? Ceav-alien p? order of tho W%rd leaamitMa.
?? Moormv. 8?c JuHn Qimutf. Otuma.
1 Committee of tho Stuy.oaaet laatUute, th* .a lath
V M# Coftmlt'M of dinovritto ripifeUetM biv? or4>* ?4
aa elooti >n t*> bi hold on Wodaoaday iraiiai. Ui ?th oT
Jtiu* 18M, betw**a th* hours ?i 7 an* fP. M.Ulti
Adriatic, ooraar of Uudtoa aad Barroo >irMU, for a do I o
5tU to tbo convention to >? hold at btiMi >e oa tho IM
ay of July. INM. to talout btkto odoan.
PklMahY I.LKC J1 v>??. ? AT A Mfck.11*U Of TjflB
1/vo.ucratlc Republican oaaerai Ujoioiittoo hold at
blB)\araDtlt>lilaie June IS 1664. tor the purpoao oi aad
lug kb oi out Ion for tt>? ohoioa ol delegates to it* mm Cva
veouun to Im he d at bjrMiiM on tho litla of Jul* a> ia U
hbtlvrd, 'ihat tho l>~aiorr atlc K. publican oioototo mt
tho tit) and oouaty of Pt? York wll asaeuibio la tiioir >?
?|M'?.ti?o warua oa H odn*ao?j, the Uoth day of Juno last.,
betaetb tLe hi nr? oi 7 and V u'oliok P. M f?r the parp.ao
ol eltctli-g ? a* drlena'e am ui a alternate froui oaou Aaaeaa
bly dletrici, to repreaent tho district in tbo ?t.i? Owuve*
Iton Itoo, lhat la each AiaetuMr d atrlot cumprisiaa
ntoao tLau nu? waid thare shall to elect** la eajb ward of
tub oiat. lot fe\o urlegatoa, who abati Boot la i?ttaada?
on tte lat uay ol Jul) neat, at 6 o'uiook P M, and ??loo4
one delegate ana one alternate tu reproivut tbs dtatnut ia
tl.e Mate Convention, aad that auak alee'ion shall h?
btlo ai the following pUres- -
i Irat Ateenib y District a? 46 Coid at evt.
(U'l'Otd A?t< uii.lj iliatri i at Ivy lu'on. fi Aim atraeh.
Tmtii hsaeoittla biatiiet at'thpua* Cair's hotel, ooraac
of Kn>u?i) and seventy ninth tirttt
loutUtnt * n?tmb y Diauitt at the LamarUao Uoaa,
itgl th tveaue. between iliirti. tu aad l'h rty brat atrrata
bitftntL osseinLly iilatiut at buith'i iiouae, Ooraoa of
To only ?cvt< th at'e?t suit fourth avOL a?
HoMlvcd lliht tli>' p.i 1> t>e Uu'C at tbu loll.winj plajoa.
aad that tho followiag peraons act ai laapeotora:
M aids Inapcot Jia
I D mq Ne?ui-.n,
I Ljrt< laooli L riuith,
( TuvutaUnoa,
k Johr M f en' h
Second I John Uonu ty,
( lilcnarl Kyan,
Plaoo of Kloott^
?110 Utoaaalohl
??.10 85 anaatMO*.
il'ilerU. Haiti, J
Third .a. \ auiuatua 1* lte.ta, ? No. i"\ Vosoy atrooh,
( Jatnea >larhott, J
I at III.
?D U
( ftUiv
va tlitar loo-.kt
Perrth... .,. I Mama Kattrrty,
a tlli - in Pbilli^s,
at lli>a.ui U 'tioiire.
Uoiri> as,
? auies i.awraav?,
ll tuia* <i an,
l/atlii Uio-ita,
Iamoa lloitao.
t Llu/t Sl'-C.lTre/,
, < titarlea It- ?ti.
/ tuUiri Fer?uocn,
v? altfr Hi ler,
Lj i n.
1 iiobeil IIi UjH
> r- o Si C?ak dtsoi
Tho Rmbloa." la,
cHi M eat Uroaadva*.
a v\ a I
f (ioba
V w '?
< t ha]
/ t;iiai
a J. J.
\ Will
( I'hu;
5 t harle- Murphy,
<?i -
liarlea ? Iter,
J. JenUnrft
illlain Jauuea
hurloa L. U rr:tt,
n 11. Illrh?p
. < Bei j No ar'iai-d
( Barnard Kelly
Mi< Lael Ualigner.
riuk t ol.au
Manna Houter,
a ??' naei
. < M 11..11
( Patrick
a Manna Honier,
< .-amuel ll'-i.u-r,
( K v. / rwkirk
Thirteen th.
S 'lhcodoro f j) im,
Jtsts. mi.u
John Cavats^h,
t John (ailinoi o,
Filtednih < Arrla Uogart,
( Uetrge V. btiH,
t Ir'rani-ia Darby,
Slxtotkth < Phll-ts * cLor,
1 Jaa W allace,
;jroo?. boyoe,
J Jam f brogan,
' Heroaru Keillj,
' L b. Krtnch,
'Mm U'Ditaoll,
t;. U. llunthrr,
a lit-BLia ru rtcy
MneteoDtt... <t U VVhoeler,
f Jutn Bart*,
a T. V* atera it,
Twentieth ... < WiHlaui 4"tee,
( Jraeph la-lor,
a U6v \V Votiaa,
Twenty-6r?t.. < J L I'lnoknev.
( tieo MvDobBell,
a ihi.uiaa Uigams,
Twenty-secord < Patrick Murtly,
( itienc? MvCabe.
> oarriok's .iiitk Wart
) clotoU
Sl>e.iuurat.lfl UoaA
Qua. ten. So 17 ?*
dUua afoot
j liar u'un'a Uo*U,
>ooruer I Vinataal
) Lnmia.uk streoiA
( Smith's. INo n
I Pei ry atroot.
A Maaotiio Hal',
Wo 17* brand
I atroot.
i Untoa Uatl, <<*???*
Pourtii I ut
I AvoaueU.
I (taffoll'a,
? C.ighth avenuti UMh
I street.
? So. 4;i? Grand auoot.
. no. 42 Prlnco strooi.
81 Twelfth atreet
cor Mxth avoaao.
No.87 ronth arsatM.
Stvectceuth ,
i Ucrmltago Ball
) laaae Mi.raa'i, eor.
[ Movaatoaath atroot
) and Third avoaao.
' Littli Tammany,
j I urkviUo.
i Mullen a. No 1SS
> Weat Tbirtynaxik
) atreoi,
Sffittohei'4< Branch
llotel oor 2fth ?%.
aad 4ih ave
I Lgbert's forty
. oigltb atreot aad
J AigLt* ffreuuo
ltesclvod, 1 tat the call foi the primary eieot<oa bo a?k
liahrd in tlia National l?euioetat, and New York UoralA. oa
the 20th 27th, and 28tU ol Juae instant
U?<>BUa K aLBEM.)
B ?. II4K1,
JUll> Wt'l.NN,
tecond W erd in the Fielo ? At a meeting of the rege
l?r National L em curat* of tue Twenty-aecond wnra held
likt tMiiiLg at GerMua'.cornvi of Fifty f >urth etreet n4
Seventh avenue Mlch'l. Tratay in the chair, ti.e fullu *mg 1
prmml.lt end resolution* were, on motion, uuaaimoaatjr
aoop cd:?
VWru. Tbepartv calling tnemsilvea National 1i<m
oratu in this ward, who run a ?tump tieket la-t fall agaiaet
legnlrr nomination* bare eucceeued by unfair reoreaeata
tiom in obtaining admittance to tb* Geuetal and Yu*ug
Men's Co mailt teen fur tLia veer
heaoiveu. That ?o aliall not reeegniic an; nomiaaUen
tl.e> ua> make, and that we ?? lect from anting our atar
friend* "atauncli men and true," lor our aui' el eapport a*
ti.oioitbiom ag fall election.
ne ultoo, Tnat in pur?i.au?? of the foregoing reavluUna
nr W nrfl CYL mittee u.eet i n?e every fortnight, oa wnav
ei er e* ep ng they n a) tine it moit con veil' nt frt'.epnr
r?e ( f tran*-c>iug l.ualneaa, aao maklag da* pr >," ira?i -a
give diaotganletre aa nail aa the common tor a gaod Mj.4
ol it
Heaolvad, Ibat the following named p?*Mai ait aa
committee for carrjlng intu cfleet the onjeut vl t>-a inea.taa
Altar io-o vine tbat toe pr h imU?i of thia evenleg 3a put
lie1 cd in the liera d the meetiug t en'ailje lrnod, to aieet
on triday, tb* SUtb Inat.. at tlieaauio plaoe.
MICUaEL TttACKY, Chalraaa.
Johk O'Toom, ) ...
Jiso H Blvkt J?e"?'*rtea.
laaac Carr. i'atriuk K'liev. Jamei Skelley, Ht.hael Bnl
igan, Patrick Ralligan, Born *ni Maaterao' , Ciiuium k h ,
>. Jam** ?a*nlre Patiiok Stalled, Sic lira .'-?fcff.-d,
Hugh smith. Peter U'fy. P*'er bo uho?, r*<-a?(d K .-lly,
Felix I altmnn, Stephen MtEr j J 1m MeUouL*y, JUewpli
Dobenj, Bernard hie) y, Barnard Foj, Peter Donaallf,
Michael Fey ttornard Ket o ? id*, J >bn Matt-rsan, 24, it* J.
Steward, Ji?hn S Mngntas Petri k Magnlre JauieeA- H?
Cormlck, Michael Tracry Jaa Maati r?un Ban) Coll art,
John 11 Bant Patrick Mintnru Thome* Uokioy, Peal
Shook, Patrick Friery, t eorge team, Win. Lynch, Joha
liyatt, Bryon Kelly ficl.ael hcJ.iy, Patrick troUawaa,
Peter Maatereon. Jamea Ciowe, Thome* k< r, Peter D*la
t.v, Wm. took, Ueinan o?r>ei Ibomaa Carman. Thumaa
rl'ieimmone, l'atiiok Mci'ertbot. u?in Kyan J oka
l>w>er, Jamea Mcl er<v?t, Uuih *cDe>mot. Patrtok Mi
ll.rnot Un^h MeE ee*, Patrick Fox, lianala Mitoke t,
Ihoa Orchen, John Kniecil, I'at.ick Kavaiao^h. Patrlek
Can.I bell, Beraa d Met ortniuk. Of rge K. UUIa, J ika
Maatera'.n, Tbomaa Mag<rre Michtcl Eeel?f, Pat.K ernaa, ,
1 wen Molntyrr, Thumaa Kvana, Thome- Bra j Pat Rath
Pat ta'roll, Pat. Brady Jamea l'e?tello, Tiomat Mattla,
Pat Lyona, Jamea Bradley, Kdwara M?Olaakec, Jamea Ma
C'luaker. Daniil turlv, I'at Mooney John Dal.ou S<iward
Kcnaella Michael Connaliy (H i utr-oi. Jamea Connelly;
Thomaa MeManna, John Staplaton. Samuel > yona Hoaart
B. Siani on,'Ih?a OKnuon, l?renee Cahill, Joiin Bialley.
Pat. MiPart.and. Mich>ol Conway. Jr. Jame< t>oher.y
Michael R\en, lhoa. I?agg tt, Jamea Cnnaiagliem, Tkoa.
Gnrcey. Michael Coatello rhoa. Tolte, Jamea l'alte, Ua^h
Caaaidy, Charles Wnin, Peter Qutn, Chr-at'r Quia, Julia
Ward - Hie National democratic Ropnbllcan Bla<
tori of the Nlmeo"tb ?ar<J are beraly notified, that la
purf.nai.ee ol a call of the Ueneral ? ommittea at ata^T*
?ant Imtiiute a election of live 0el04at.ee will take pi???
on H edcrfday evening, the 2.-*th inst . between thuuouraof
7 and it o'ohok, at Littlo Tammany. TorkvUla, to foroa a
convention to nominate on* delegate and one alternat*, M
ri prcfent ? Ma dut lot In convention at Svraooae, oa tk*
12th day of Jnly next By order, WM WOltOa WUKTM,
Chairman of the Mn*t?*nth W aid Committee
Oprt .UUU. worth abonttl 1*10 or $S i?Kl, ??)> caahpaid
donn $btt>in one year ann the balance on bond and mark
HP* For farther partUalan inqair* of SAM. W. BAkU
lOL. 102 Fnlton e*reet
Cottage wanied,?wanted to rent, a small.
neat cott&go, in or xear Brook:yn with etabl* an#
garden attached Addteti b x 810 N*w York Poat Odoa
Furnished room wanted, without board,"
by n yoonc ^cntlemat. Addiei* tUnry, Harald oiAoa,
atating t. run aatt location
House wamld. part of a house is wanted,
by a wido? woman of reapeciability, who i? entirety ^
aline, thi icquires b ,t two rouuia au<l an ocoaaionai na*
of tho kit. ben oddiou box 2 616 Poat Ofllc*.
ato.c uttiched. altuatet in l?iTiaiou, Bowery, Oraad,
nr. et, ox at y l.ntlueaa atreet near the anor*. Alio, a bona* *
i nd lot in Chatham >t'*<-t, aultabl* for ttu?i> *?? Lot* ?
icbai a* tor in prcv*d pr .pert) or uierehaadia* t Mo
il A HON 1AM Ctia bam air*er., third atory, t.-ont room.
either alretdy *reet*d for opera'lun. or whl*h eante- 4
mediately he pat up fcr ate lnumr* of H. A. PATTER
SON, 139 Maiden lane npataira.
?lip* between Old ailp and Market atre*t, or eaa
tanning through fion Front to South atr*eta, or frean
W ashington to W eat atreet, and between Albany aad Canal
atreeta; or in any other alination convenient to nay of tk*
above location*. Appl} Immediately to
JOHN a. KENNEDY, 223 t?r*anwioh atr**t.
Piote tive Union will meet aa n?a?l nt ISS Sprioje
atreet on Thnreday eveping, at JU o olook AU bricklayer*
who feel aa interest la the trade are Invited to a it* a A.
Member* are particularly invited to be pan*taaL a* bnai
neaa of lmportnnee la to be brought before lh* m*e*l ig
HENKk T. itlZTREW, Preeident. ?
EonnnrC N ru.i, Sooretnry.
tnre, pianoforte*. watobe>, Jewelry, dry go?ti*, bard-*
war*, gnna. piatcla. mechaal**' toola, merotiaadia* a?d per-a
tonai property ?*n*rally. a'ao, en wagoaa. **rw aad *ar?
aeia at No. 28 t atharlne atreet, oerner of Hoary.
. R. ?? ALTERS, let* ofM Klvialon ltr**t.
N B -Colt'a aad other revolving pietol* tor aale. t
?II yon are about to bay. It will he to yonr advaetag*
to advlae with Proleaaor (X/NDON before yoe aaak* yo?*
?election, he having heea a neaUr in and teacher of taM
inatrumant for many yean. Fee S8. Addreaa 874 BreatwayZ..
my atreet, oorner of Wooater, eonat ti
n aerend and three roomi en third Snore
Amity atreet, oorner of Wooater, ennat tieg of fona;
r i-nir on aeeead and three room* on third Snore ail la oe^-.
pltte order, with C'rotoa on both floora, pantrlee, wa'
eluaeia Ac Kent S 7S to lat of May, thr ereu-ilieor mora
of wllcb will be taken In board If aeeired. Inquire on th*>
pr. mieev
goodwill aid fixtaiea to b* a?H cheap toaeaehcue
tomer aa the preaentowr.e-la going to Cr'Poinia. Plea*
oail at 2J-5 Bowery up ataira, front room, or irtd Bowery.
tiel family Poaictaloa given immediately. Apply i
t?l Madlron rtjeet^ "
atone front bona* ia Twerty eeeoad atr?*t, bet?r*.ja?
Ninth and Tenth avenaee. The bona* I < Jaet Snlvhed, a tl..
containa every modern improvement; would lit a >uo?t
?'ra ale realdence'nr a ilo? i. town rnntl?map, a* the Kl,i4k
t venue Hei'/neil, aMi li * ill a .< n n? H leln ,i ia ? n'r %t> ,,ib
kTttiit. ?'vUi1 Cr^V,Vf.>.

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