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WHOLE NO. 6597. luNDA^ MORNING, SEPTEMBER 17, 1354. ^"pmcT TWO CEtTTsT*
KAA ? ?0<" i.E-W THAJf v,utf, ON
fflUtOv'Ut eaat t?.m. ? ?pU-udM ne"
.three atoty iiriok and hro?i. ???(.<> b?u with
and inb e? liar, and ?' nil. e> -? lmeiovt mrn'a, "vii *r
tb* fwiU-n, In WUiUili-uu g iiiuuir* ?r L. T. i/Olai,
S5aBro?o??y,N Y.
f.AA ? >0 8H.E, TiK NfC* AITD
'? tlej^nt th-M ?*o?r and lii^h baa*
nit-Dt bonne No 12'J ? ??> I l<htwii>k a'reet, rtni?bed
throughout in the m<'t> diuuiuc?ki and e ?tlr *t?le,
Willi ffCTj incdoru i'n r >??? -.ent. frir? $U4 ?nX>: $S,000
?t?*b, b#L :.oe on mur>*?g.. >pc>i? u? B'.'.'K *1 >N, Agent,
?7 Bow*i ) or A. H. VU t. * , N? jonal i h?>alr?.
<xAA ? V('H SAIE. * FIRST (I S! SA
?>'/*/? torn* a '1 r<- tauratit. the corner < if
two greet thoiooiibfa'cx wih pd'btoea ranee for a li*<;
or * partner wt?l be lake; I <<? in a npleudtd e'innoo
Aj j !} a. lis Na*?au itiMt rooa No # Pl'Ki'Y Ac CJ.
iJj^TrOv' nected w>th oi.h ? 1 our be?t railroad*; tliii
include* a *n per lor bur e ?td wortn aio> e tho
atise a*ktd for 'he bu-iuesj, Will be Mild wi'.uout the
?orce, it <.e-ired. Apply a. 10J Naaaaa street, room
><-.?. FCttl?Y k CO.
ffiQTi | *"B A Ml *i UaHK-KT
B)Ol)V b"?t Men k uy ?n. n; i'
TOry rn .nii<-r ? i>o poa ,.e? t?n ir
uarkkt? one or t?k
in Ul'vd up ia a
. .. ? ? .reiud'd v;i>n tbU
h? ?c e-tccJJ r.t bo:n? ?rd y, goo. Apj.l? ium nijiel . at
JCL' Naeeau ro. a. No 1> i'l RDY Si tW
dl?6>6)r ?JOR tlAlJi? GROCBTlY VNP L1QC"R
lPai?t)i ?*oie 1 o.i e ^ ia W illi ? mn t??? r*. Ilie
?!W, Ac, *lil ie tod for ?<w> tulnl t eir
Talv.e. No eVit?" <.f ibii Lti.<l to the nei(;Ul>ornnod. 'flic
?*ry place far a Uurmau ai j'ijat Kcn au afreet,
iocuNa. P. PKiU)Y Sc 00.
<& 1 gr f\ OVLY? V0H A SRG *R PTO K, LOCll RD
?J.Ovf 'on <J'?? the 1 ?>t avenue* at tliejunc'ion
?rtw? gn-a'. thoiong'ar.s No e<>oi(*tition <li<? u ai
C'ceUen* thi?nce foi acy nut r' young man with thia
auiotmt in cash. >pply at 10!{ Na??au ctrMit. room
jiital ? Tf;P tu rhio- r> of ?> (Id ektabiirlied aa?U,
llir.d ano . tcr f?cto'y. f"r m!o all in giKvi running
*r>'er. ln juiie at VI fctat lbitty ?eeor1 atr*< t.
jf\ aalv ? 'ir.o etorc ie Jim '.i*i ia Ohti of the gfentest
tliiioi.^h'?r^ iu th*i ? it?. and t olnir a fine ro'nil trade,
?wPh a jobbing tr&de of nr?r A a nUna of
ea^li oiw n>rh rti? nt< c> , leaee, good will ar>d Sziuroa
will be oi pnacd of, on '?? ima ?<? torma. .\u pl? ou tU>
ji-'iriaes 10 Fulton f'reit, fut further partiuulara.
?y$an*>F, ^tati-n i-lano.? the sub* :trer or
fern for sale ao<ua of ?hi> b?n sitjatcd oi.i!d;,-ig lot*
?w? Clifton. nc*r tbe N?rro??. n the 'ntot of W W. V<u?
Vtaeoe?. l. q. Tbi* uokIuik. U tne most aU.-aotiro lor
rebkenee oc the Uiard M 0'">?NNICH, 13 J^.;<le b Mot,
or at Oif end of the oo>u hua route, Clu ton.
CAMFl.l.A^ FOR fi 1 I.E. ? TWi i VE'.'.Y I.A'.GE *KD
fine l ot.We white cameliia for nh1? > To be
in en f?r tluee <3a.v?, ?? ???' ureeo houac, oorner of Thirty
sUith atru i i^nd Madison av?Lue
f " of the tunic l?viiiieri?),'?n Grtilary, ed
In th? r it bobinm* j.urtif Kt.x klj n No S7 Fallon
?t'<*t, win V lold cbeap tor e?h, If sppli.-d for inn e
^lately. i-a:l>f?ct rj reaao"? gi^-n for veiling Apply
vji Lt a preo.i.ae bftw?rn tho noara of 10 and 4 o'siock
?tore, fi'.uatt-d on tbo comer of two metn streets,
M'.nbliaiKd ovt-r tbirte>'D ji'?rj, fully atockea with ataple
and fancy go&da. doiog a prescription und family
'-inline**, l" < ffcred for ??le Toe proprietor being on
gaged 1b otfcrr busiDo-a oen-and:i>g hi* whole ticu* h the
only re &?<?'. f<>r aelllng Apply In-fore 10 A M or aftor
>1 P. M , oc rcor Court tu.d Atl?i-tic stiei-ts, llrocklyn.
" i cwli ? 'ifcr?e iota opi<o ite the Central Park, the
K-o,lhwot <HTr:cr, and one- adjoining on the a-.ente, and
one ac jou erg on fevf-ntj n.-ai) ?Vmt; good Sultd xroaa"!.
Piiee lor th? ibie?ilot? ?lao. clicnp loti tn liar
>iu f rr mUo. Mi.l'lit.X l'.OBiUtl S, Blup smith, 303
Ji larit'. ?? tna'c-d in W<>-o ollvier cc.iat ?. ?>j
BlOafios l.ii? cit>, Up?" ?L.' > w York c New 11*
vcu Laiitfii, *]>pl> to J. a. iVt . .gutu
???. hue
L"Ah5J FOR PALI? 8^ n.iU* fr<m tic dilrga or
1/ Flu*iieg. J. I , contain!- k el^Vy ae.c of U.at. rata
taid, on U o p rn? torn ; it lit* on it a go.*) new (1 .rol
lb g mid outbt ift"-, and p?e?ty of fruit. Would be Mold
tcge her or in lo'a In auit pur jlmi-era. App.y U> K
aJTIUCT, : 4 Wall (trc-t, N< ?# Yarn
' wv~or PAir ? the uonrpN rnv.vx; i*ros? and
f beat* out hou:<o I7h tast 'i *vn; ir'h artoot. Size
flpfeat fn tii ar.u (.8 feet t*>rrp Lot balf the tol ck. The
ViuMortui'ai all the ej <iorr- lrapiOYrmeath, aucli h?
kvt-air fwn:jo?, #*>-, i?lu, kr., nod biilt in t lie best
mu'? (luKtuwot in co"ud t wuM ita.% ?wi m? .
a. A'TOH r.l N.vii<ia stieoi, up stoira.
lyn, on Facillt ?u?ot and Oruiou arvuue. No
?onah rffjv.-'.vi. if if.-poo '.M- pertie*. For tonus, ap
f4jr (? CKO A SHUFhLl'f, Jr., 90 Nisr.an Btieet N- Y.
For a. ll? one of the best nonn.1 is the
lower p?t of the ( rty . Sale [ ositire, us the pr>
urletor U p'*cg to Lou'l >a. K*nt nominal f -J 10'i
.Kumu aUrvt, rcom No 9. TtJAD > & CO.
|7?or haf.r ? one of tht: ni>-T pormr. bocvks
J; down town, on tho Kmi tirer. Reason* for Mtiiug
^atUfkoto. *. For paitioulu: ? iuquirt at 19 ?oonties slip
P Brook! t n : lot 26 i UK) Bouse conrcnient, U?atlon
MMsiat W'tl-.?a H?e mu?n*c?' wait of cithor Fulton or
Tall (treat fc.Tiaa $S,(X o may remain on morttfuso. For
fcrtbar p%r<.: ralure apply to wUJJAM U. ROftiE^, on
fet botvroeu the hours of 10 and lit A. M.
' of ? t-hr.val manufnet >rj. All of tbe above too's tied
snachiBVT/ axe In good or cr and of rvocot countrucUon,
and with iho iatoct lajp'-ociacttj., and capable of ta-a
L"g out fifty e oron hbo*e ? pvr day. l emons for .'k-Uios?
mad* ?Mb'octory npoai Strewing A. C. P., BrrrJlof
in fouv nilnu'e*' *'?1K o(" t'"? forry, a Tc.ry h-U'l
f ime Ootblc fi-amc cotta^o lilltl In with brick, ballt in
tkf beat nannor in tho Eo*li?k rural stylo, together
irith twalra aud a balf l .> of execlbnt laud, aituateo
on tha piirp.l* road opposi'e to Ro!*rt C'-octer'j estate,
i.ear VaadeiMlt a?<!DU?, (liCon. H. I., and rlthin four
niinotw' vtu of Vanrierbiit lunltrg Hi? houxe eon
UJdj a pa.* lor. olnlrj room, aix nkfj ,ug room- and bath
room, ma t*4p rnnn<als an l ra'e<, kitchaa with .-an??,
ujk] a good cellar, ulro a w< ll of t-'-ollett water The
gtriaa en.fcracoa all kiud oi' m jottiMe* in altindnnco.
and tbe gr nada aroni.0 thr h?tu^>- ate t?it<;fi.lly iaia oat
'iritb giarrl walk*, abruba, Sc.; in fact the place ia all
that a git tlenan of teste r.tn -I*1* je, and la tte cr.ly ono
tbat oan putebxaed at Clifton no eon vri.i<v t to tbo
:t)rry, am. iy aialning that aamuot of land The fatni
taie is tb'' bouse, which w n w and of the tost Aosocic
tioa, will aold with -r wltlir.oi tbo hour*, as ro.- 'iirad.
Aiata laaw o ery half hoir In >Q(uincr, antavcry hour
in wbit< r Tt'ima oe>ty ?l > titla iact?puta<<lo I'or eai.-da
admijislon to wo tbe prea\iJti>. ai<d full pa- t auiara,
a?ply to }? l.BKBl H. M (?L V, No 4 ltecad .street.
T7?OK HAI Jv? A StTPLHfO". G^OCTRY ^.V"< I.T^rO''.
J; rtera; cm cf the h?'t IxtUiona up town? f long
leaaa at ' cheap tout. '? he rU ck, Uituren. Ac . will bd
aold at a Ixitgaln. Ari ly iir mediately at Wi Nas-au
atrtat, icoi. No. 9. PCRDY K (X?
atck and fiztarct of < i o!l e^'aWnde l cii'Iinery
ami fancy ??era, sombnr K ir> t aTrnae. cornc>r of
For saw ? a laro>; s ;o\p huchj: at peluak
*U!a. feet, ha ??'!&<. nt. ono atcrr ?ud attics,
with balf ?%a acta of ga. Jen, on tho New Haven liue, for
C",?b. Apply to I AMI* DI VCJC, 11 CheriC at.
F? kale by j if. ''a Kr ? rwo norsT- on -?ev
antb atcoue: one bou*? on list Twalfth r.tneot: four
'iooa?a In lirxillvn, near tbe ferry: one boa -? in Wtt
Hamrburg, r ear the f<rrr Will ba acid on a<uiy braa
Apply ta J. rki: iKR, 168 Hester atraat.
FB HAL.'. Ti RW ? K ?\r? "HRKK NSW FIB -TCL >81
four story fcca!?M, iu the bltck of flTe, all alike,
each 20 by f-N leat, No '. 3^ ?I') and M Twen'y fo trth
atraat, between fourth and Islington aaan^ea. H?va
atary c<nvcc lot ee and all) bear thoroogh examination.
Wee *U,(?0 aro tern. A sply at 44 ; aat T?anty fourth
atraat, or &i William atnet, to CK.Vt4. U. SlUTfi.
tbr?o atr.ry and ho cnif tt, in Fifty tui'd ftre^t, oe
?W?en Secci ?j and lilrrt ovetiocs llodern improre??nU;
hot and co'<"i aaUr. Terms rany. Apply ?o D. R0BINH,
78 ,'txtb ktieat.
In )?&hway, N J.. oiu >i:Ung of an eVgant honne
and gocd farr?, with twe unres c.f land, eo\vM-el with
abada and frnlt ttaea, *c. It i? onl? a faw rod.1 frr m tha
la In par'aot ori'er an in ara-y wa>|a raoet dealr
ablo recldtrce for a gcntlemru dciog bu?-inervi in tt.aVltT.
Fraa??|. n aivan cn tha I at of October. Iaqutre of
SAMUEL tl>I>Y, 08 Vtil atrMt
J; eight lota of ground, rttna'ad on tho coru?r of
^aneevoort and Waahingtmi ntreeta. with ho I'd igs suita
ble far tbo planlrg buatne-i, toganar a ith planing mo
china, engine, ke , all in complete ornar. will bs acid
few. Inquire of DaNlEL CNHKRHILL, S16 Waahlngton
P aaglna, with hniM\ beater, fnmaaa, front grata
?are, aWaa ptnaa anfl aaroty ralra all In good running
'?dee, will baaold vary low If api llad for Imtnadiataly.
Apyly to J.LOlUd, FlahUU taxiing, M. ?.
Mojtotbl'ER roB a^ut? a spi kkwi) kab wo
w tl* tWJ>CI MtATa, COd'fcJ.Ufi (.004
hih, 51 0)U?> l?io? IVtw^iiiiri, utrr ouun<- Tt., h)
1*4 ?:1* fro? lx?w I'oini Wl>?rf; apm. a tin? vat* .ul?>
ot J?*e riT? i lor l>i|* cU?a vtwneia ib*u'
WH> ????? ot tb>- iimo? m wail UMlfrwl *t'b u tie, o*l
b>ck> rv prino>p?l j tba Vnt t, ( on ?biat it it
a?"m???> that fr>>n. Io.imio to 30, i* l> no ?ia o' * xvl m+j
! b? out *B<t . at IILtli MDWW, t' l<U? l*?W*
I ai>d tb?r cr ?Dlpi?<i to H rtb?r? eiitoa, vbam it U Mr I
'BR 'or $" .ri<i ,?r 0"?rd Iba'? is ? ji??t rn*tf nm
^.''ditji ?Hrwitiv tbrouak *???t a lar to Lo? ?omt Tb?
?oi), mn<rb ot it, (* ??r> ?u|4irior bn t? ?tl<l ugn ta
gcxi j tyv.-' 1 l"D, ? ih*. latSif humI wu o 'ii.fue'jt *ro
Jl?iJ o{<V t-juprt'ti-ca in abaaAanc* a< ?? ?^??j aoaaa.
?h!e. \ {*.?' efflrc, te ?jr apu o4>o?, *'.<> e i?n? hwtat*,
Vhmd .Ku'.'milT ant) f'oiat li ?a ?o4rt>na that
fcucc u? upp<i?iafitT '?a#r? for iha cnron**- of % to
(#ru) ?i o fo'- c?.rjug on ili? ?oikI ?*<? coaling
biicit vr? t" |iT"fli aio u * ? ??c.^e rbo ub'.'a if p?w-ti
? ill oJi ii" for ??W pri??t>l? (II 'b# 4tb of t>>'oh-*r
?ml If not ib??i .if. *ill ba?\uoai>i Mi'rtMt* f.?
eft.1- at 12 i.'olfci of >Uit ?la? on tUh i,iiwih?, Km
t'-in or oil at iu-'cr.. auor to J n. PaOU- Pltori
bmg, Ya
M?NtTAcrrniNc tirtiwcs for sals.? mn u>
Tt rtiacra, brivu euenurd in a flown t??t]
bu?in<v-#, w-b >0 dit|Of<?f i i>>ii i- <??;#<* h r. neao
U'?0>: !"??,: 'l/MUr? U im I hi*"* Cl C'f fc "OallufaCtur
C?1 i'o-. Hi'. .r? i(i flartl tr ? ?? *dy *<l- ?rktU
? l?"'< ma-fciu i> i iiiiiH To ? j*r mm uf nniin^ry e?
ient> M h ?i? x 1 ino urn ? i>a? from ?*,<* 0 to ?
wi.i ? !d aivM -'H i peroral *' teii iou io tic basto-iS,
tl ?? fiiTr > n ut *? it! <1 ?<> s- ii eyo lieu' ??'*. tun
2 s('? I ? ?t t (fico, wuh protor im.u.0 ani rtMiliCuoo.
iiocsufi, rooms, &c , waxtku.
\ 41 i \ I i ' CIU ^ ? WANTEP, I' >\v a LANP * LO ! V
rl ? V/' /I I ?'<! by Kieb'la* HaU'Ctfor perna* J(r
ii < in i ml tear New Yorh A|.|ilj toll. *iiU**on. N.i. ii
>0k-3n .?< iv?> ' , ibu- lluir, frob' rurra
AI'HY.-kian w.vnh as omas *n? b^mkoom
in a firft ciftiifl Uotikp. with modtro iinpro.rr?*<,t <
l ngi^h r.?nitii>uv jin-ie red. Hunt be on or b?twreo
loiD'haud ~lxtb avenues *nd Fourteenth nnl I'wt ntjr
iiimii flrwt< a< iiro'd All< u, oox No. 2U Harold otUoe,
htutip,., jmr icul?r? and tcraih.
HoupE w ntei? fwu choky ani? a rn )??.;*
foner Ut?r?n Ht oai er und Twciity ftfh etroeta,
attA i^onmi ?nd G'auth avenues >-?--urtU ?'*?* '??' t!*?
ii>i4 it n t wbtch ia net to exceed *iwO. /.ddr<M?
ic-iiriit I?orU<i odice.
1 M<o. 4 djjr.u J H D., ller&id ofiw
rr.wo c?h t wi uvr'titNBaiJt roomh wanot>
J Hj the flrrt of October, witMn flee or tet? minutes
? n'r < f t.li? iifml'J < Oio" l(?-ut about 313 (>er moti'h,
?bict ?lil b?> pnid monthl j- In ndrftace. Addrv>9
lauzilon, 1 ?t?<dofl)c?.
f? rcinbtx ili- o<t -n tt!?< 1o?t p>rf. of tho city,
nr in HrooLI> d, n> ?r bn ?nll R'n el 'e-r?. Kpat mu??
ie ni'iilnp.ti', oii't will ('ill quRrtorlt (n advauo^ ii
lieu of r?ftTi nee. . dur.-sn, ?ilb i>arUouUr#, b.ix 2VI
N. Y.kFo?t
f? boii.-o, in tb? b.-st purt of the city, far* f?o \y
t.iibout chi'drt'i ; or ? Mir? of !?-gc tucoi<had ap?rc
r.?'i.ts in a Kniilr who taU* to bo.r ori, and trill pro
\We a privuio uvl'le. Addrort box 1,0(H) l'o?t I'flice.
VV }<iiiec, i?jr a g^ntlem*!! ami hta wife, four r >oa< ?
Hil tile mc> no floor piufernnl ? o' a aicleru bouse, iu a
goi"! i c^iitMiiboof*, a ?mali tamily roeirtxif; quiot tea
ant1!, BifinR i.&qiicftflnna'ile refer? ieoa, wlU jiltaae nd
die j Bo i 2ie2, New York P. O.
Ti' rn:n to prncnASE, a firvt cl?oS LToo.-i'n
f y fcr ca-h, three er fear atoiics, lasom nt -itid sub
o!Wr, wrr'h ah?.ut H4,000 A wi m s'reet preforred;
l?e w?CTi the Btfth nrd NmtV a?er.uon unrt ujt j boro
Twi-ntj-tbird atteet. Powe>aion imra?yi'ut<lf. N<io<
but o?nei8 r.etd call Apply to A C. LOOjiI 1,1J8
Hion.av. ky, uear ihir'y fouriii Btrt et.
(JAHnlAUH?, ?U,
|> Aim lT L til.\CK HOUSE, 10 HANDS HIS%
( i aevcr. jW!? u'-* L a rou-> lunt'.>er top u .r
i. -I ?ii!i rl-j oat, oomph to, for tr>)e very oiv;-p n iiu'i.
"Itkntt t j 'Ug; reki ',,r - ol tiM. 0?? be ?!? -ii n' l '3
Pjtmpout - rt f>t next to the o wiiSt of Ftftton, Oro?i;1} u
t < -r*ry t-iwi. both cttw anil eeewiul hit.il, on U4o<l
orjrooe te or.icr, at -i. A. V" N OitCWfOiC'<$
>0 4<i fi In ?i>oet, y* ooklyn One eepetlor siv *?*<
rodnfti, r m> hi tbebctt tttyUj ?jji but li>i'v rora
foi t.ale. *ilh utbtirr., vers aheap.
FV'R :'ilf ? A 1> >IiK BAY BORXE FJWnr Yl Ut
oM, H iund, 1 ruo, u;.rt bind, tret* a wle "o thro*
ti.li i.'es. Mitf lib KuecwMlon, 16X iModitn tuiii*h*,
?very adapted to ibr- u:h- or i? fr>o< ;>? <r.n wiebtB? a
c- n.i inotioo of btnnty. apeef, aid mduiaooe Apply r.t
Wood'a Uvcxy eUUie, 84 ?c?o(l ?vwin?, coinaro. Ftltk
can t>e mlly recommended. lie in very lw^V>om?,
>i>rv gentl?- *n?l -ound To be i-een at JAC&*>N k WIL
I J To l.vo.y nUbba, No. H84 llroad ?ay. Price $IM>.
J? 16Ji bai.i* high, aov an >c#ii"h old. clio?r> aotioa,
; ? > ij tfww4eed kind in hr.rtK?ic, and a coid tra
tel'er Ho in ?mteble for a ?fotiblc'berocM or lU(lit rock
o?ty. For particular* MMree.i X, Journal of Commerce
Fob mu- a bi. ck cjnaji n *Taluon, k>x
baco? bigb, tlx yc-.ra old. IT? 16 suitable foe any
wo:*; km full ruine and tail, and li vn eie?*nt mi/O
bone. j- 1*0 a ftrontr -econa hiad carriage sutUblo for
hr.nt >0: k. Tiny will x> tin cu infttt u-Ue torinn, U1
tb? ov&er 1?*. ito fuitlur u a for thorn Iat^aire of
JaM'8 IjARri'It, 137 Co'.rt ctrret, ne*' Dean. BrooUyn.
I*0H SALE? A B.iY M ?3K, 8CVKN YliAH. '. OLB,
Httk over 15 brotfa blf(h, pony buiU, wnil adapW
tor b pbye'iiif.u. fts ?f:? will r.tand wl h'<ut tylnc, war
r?nt!y |.on>o?ly tov.nd aao hitd; Ubcwl?o a ??*'"> md
h*nir. ni?w la>t May Afply at Ityerm u fe tfoward'a
F'fchlo, 78 UnlT*r?Hy pla??, o^rm r XhirlfOn U street.
holf yeojB old, tfco o*nor hr 1 1 11c no u?e *or Mao,
wnrTAnKd aousJ, U ;<?i. end intMiig n', c.nd rtngo
Tfrty/ivt vrph ? lutndHoia* 'Ight ^a,1; >n and ha-nrm;
vill '.>0 ?o'd oh' ?p. tan bo hccc at 'otkUo Ca'l't ata
bl"B, Falton ilreet, m.ar Fulton forr/, Brooklyn.
g^lbor wltfc ft IIrIu ^bifUng top wr^on ?n.l barn???,
Ac . rocjtile'e. In go. d order, bt-le n?od aoM cb^np, the
own*r taring uo f?r her a.-e for them inqulrr at WJ
iyr. S-. flrothor'a btablw, ccitw-v cf KlMeitt and Crosby
a!i ;???ra old. flfte^i: h'.idt threo ineho* blifh ; can
not bo nar;JMw4 lor atylo and beauty; baa narer b<4r.
trt.'npO, iLtd caa trot tc tbrto min it?n; warranted ouad
ar d kiTi-J. Applr at Y. J Noiine'n staclo, i1errapv.nl
rtre<t. near Kult> u, f'rockljn.
HOI>r^ F< :R ixMJt ? A 8P.1N OK I'A'.X DlPPLS
gitT 16 haa b bi?h, 8 an l 7 yeari old. o nti ly
catcbcd.gr>- 3 UtTciSem, drlra n|> to ti:? bit, rerr sty lull,
futl ns*ur-! tal a, white tipa Any jjBDtleta .a do aroii ,
of seen? ;r> ^ n ebe!oe pn * kind tc?ra tor fatally n?o, rill
fled ^h? m a ohanee (in be ??-eo r.t tbo Btabie 00
1 ft id *t .* c (< -.fL .tr.*- lL'o), C; .>?. L" ?- s w ? of
HO' -f. ron 3a LK ? V HN/FAlft 0* B\Y C\l>
ria-;e ImrtOi, pvioe MOO. Alto, Kmc rrell ?red
il g'e bor *?-. r.od 'rrte ."'nt'land p<.: I'*, rhl -.h will le
t.~'n chtap on aroot-r t of >ho owner tfliy to I^nropo
li ct 48 i '!($*:>(? plflM,
_B .-iilrt of Uor??i<, wagc.n/' atkl haiMM of all dtms'iptxnn
H. PiiHrs, -r '.???? ftu 0fx? ( I.KK0*1-, Prfptistor
" nwwui,
C-Alv w. Ij?/.riO?F, LA1K ??FTin:0tBlT0N HOCffi,
1 b-(^> cm to to icforrn i.i* Mood*' tiiai u* la now *?
?o?'i?,ed wit Vt rbarleu Tata ut the Cooper Hotiae,
oomei of An heny t acd Btoadnay, wbera he wll'
Ui nioet bsj p? to w-fct t!.?nt. N.R A good atook of
llqaora nod rem r> always on bar.d Lonoh dally from
10 A M till t F M iriEODOiJi U. I'EL. V U.NR
JZi dome below Cortlandt die ?ub?oriber respect
r?I}y ifcforma km friendt and the pnbilo.aod cupoetally
TlhlttiR to tbe elti , ibat be h?a opened :ne abore bouse,
wbieb wi>l teoontnodate one hundred (fueeta All the
dellcselee of the tesonn lerred ap lit a i??t1? not exoolied
bj any other tome in the lover part of the eitj, fot toe
itck e*?to charge of fl par day. The home ia eon
t- niett to tte >?? York and Brie and Hudson RItw
Hs.irovlfi. alro tbe PhlKdelphla and Goeton ?te>mb?a?i;
it i* within one mlnaU'u waii of CortlanCt ctwot ferry;
ftjgfa al?o pans tbe door every Ave tnlnntee. A dloicg
e&'oon artnohed to tbe houso, conduoted on the Ivo
p? on plan. P. It fALLUS, Proprietor
I'vtPEiT n- cw; umon pquare -Ithih BST^B
j lli-bmenl la crndncted rot '#'y on the r eoeh plan,
kaml ten ?oyagi?g r<otn< will have tbelr meala aerred In
t' n diiilr g rt>ora aitaebed to their apartmouta; each f?
tnlty arc ne private en Hoogh lirlng ia tbolr o?a e#t*t>
li?hm?ft r ingle g?ut leicea oan take their mea>? lo iha
revtanrant. or in anail nining roome eipre*?Iy foe that
poitoen Tbe pre pi fetor will be happy to ehow par una
the of ap?rtnent?, who wiah to enrage for tho win
ter faion. n iWLET D CL iPP.
German Rxtavuit, fr ?> IT Naaaao atrett, la re
j ot-ered to eoUodld atyle at MM Broad va*. between Poaat
*nd Faarl. frr the aeoonnodatioa vt the pnVBa and wll
bo open Sottdeya tow T A. ML tfll ? P M for breakCMt
*???; and a^ev. U GOtoUMO. Prop***
1h.t WhlfX biul b OntrriiilKtK ?J)k'fS*w*
artw. *pt *
.n ti>?* 6r?tdi?thet o?nv*u'lr?u wiMh Mten'uhK. ^
city ttvd?j, th?r* waj a dt>agie*ia> at ?*??'? ^
te?!?d ? ?*?* for WYtifojinwn, whi-n niAttd ?? ft "V11 ,
' h? rose eot ioo haWqwu tlj onr iMtotina
Pallor V. U(N*o(re ft to the ?iat? <o?nveoti?>n ?t
A v hurt, hird lbs aro'ioo < l*et?wi I). >*? Pr*?ou<t.
J'*?? li tii Dg w pre | in ta?or of 1>. M 'or
Lkute<.*?t Uovtrtor.
b 'li? n*mj (ilt'Hoi Gftorgv W CouTik ?pm
drlr^j <tr tola* EM?'? convention, M>d iu the 8h?r4. dJtriot
R. (i 8?*trj
fUHjkNXU, Sept. Id. ll* *
Tbo iIWf|!?'e lo it* Whig iSWtu Convention fto<a t
firtt dUt.-lct ja Joht (/. Hott, ?ud irom the ??ootid A H
tcict A. lisclft.
IUkkkttiib . ^pt 16, 1384.
"ifc* Wlitg Cooven'icn cf tils o'?Tot linn ul oto.'. \
ptnitl G. At><!r??? d?-iej:.'.e to S.yraoam, and Q> K ? J
Pkive* RutaHtute. ! 1
Vrom Wn hmttmi.
Piy.ST I'KSl'ATCU FllciM TQK UrtlTiSll i>0 VKRNMiNT
Wa8iumoti>m. 3ept. 10, 18W.
The iSJar uiya it ?portal ii>o><-?oger hat arrive* ?-t Wa?h
ipptoo wi'h t?c fli t coromunir?tloo from the Urt'.UK
tfvvtrumcLi to tho Mir inter here, relative t:t (rroytoe?.
from Bnk'on.
fAM ? OP0 PKLi-OWd' B*NQl'Kr.
Bohtok, opt. M, 1854;
Ti e ship Mountain Wave arrived je?ter? ay from fr*pv
ni. brltip'HR ike r<-n)?iOH of her luto matter, Irate Keaeen
c tv. who tiled at that pl-.ee Aoguat 1. The authorities
of Troiftrti rafvacd to allow Lit burial there, enropt at
low waier mark.
A (panil coni^Jtaentary bhrqict to W.'.liara Villa in,
Faq , Host Worthy Grand Mra el?-ct of the Inde^ndeut
Older of ('<14 F? llows, wat phtn laat evening at tb ? Ke
*e>e Honte The offlro fa the be?d of the orter la the
United State* and Canada. Cffr one hundred per* ns
w:" f re tent, and the rocaslon wa< one of much la to. -eat
Sale of CuMgreM (toll, 4 nrntofa,
Sarattku Sept 16. 1851
Ihe negotiations which htre been rome time In pro
greiH for tho bale of Oopgren Pall. In this rill ge, have
been tMs day closed? H. n Haih >rn, Esq , formerly of
the^alon Hall, and another gi-ntieman, be* ing putctia-e I
It Ike; will tamer iately corn i>eore rebuilding, Intend
log tonaiend at leaot forty thousand doll?r? before open*
lop next season.
* Rklrig of the Ohio River.
Cwcwati, ^ept 16, lt?84.
The Cbio river lina risen several (nt above here, end
we eipeet It will rl?e hero tiro or tliree feet, widen will
inale it four fro* above its v.iwvl height to I-ocilsville.
Hautforh, i*pt. IS, 18&4
Lortnse I'.ae, for seventeen jeurn a teaober lu the
Pee/ #n<l Dnmb Atilum, died ver f suddenly thin m >rn
ii<C, at h >m residence in tbla oKy.
PblJaetelpMu (Hook Baud<
Phi, idilu:iu, ticpt ir. 18??4.
Ptrebe wi re Arm at our flri?t board this nwrnioj;, with
the folV wii g Hej.,' a4 .laUroed, 84; Loau Wlui l
iiaProeri, l:i j.r; M- tri* ( Si *', Jt'!-; Poena. H ?' ni i lUlt
i<e4, ; Pn?n!nsh Stito Rvti, St>;. ItotaMf
market shows to rhar gp?
Tt*? Ut inral flra-.f tu
^nr. tKti.oir nrvu m havankati.
[from the .-nvniiiikb N< wh, fe^t 12 1
A (JijOoky 8aw?ath.? Yf^terd-i} *-is, perhaps, tho
glsosnieet 8<inra> tbnt no?t MneH in onr oaaovi a' '?
bate ever spent. Ilie cbutelics w> re oprool, but fh?lr
C' vfcn jailor a were excc??li?$l.v 'bin. sua ao an, oel <>'
ui xkMj uid dejection w?? visible on cvr? taco Tiio
er.ei oi-et* 'ere brief. >ut solemn and t upr9-.~u-o.
Ti< truth cnt id Tie ?ppar?ut, it k'ij e?id?n?-o of it
woretreded th?tU'0 clergy of our cite hove Dec a w ira
sm wearied icwn by t! o fai'liCul and unr-w.i g >1<J
ebarg* of pious oflioea to the siefc nod <'ylr if. n* well o?
b* th? funeral rite* they are da'' If, or rather hmirty,
called upon to perform over the doM
Ir ae of the ehorches ('be Cith-llo), which hn a
pen* . , (ration in times <f honlfli an<t pro.*;;erltv, vanlng
from 1,300 to 1,000 tools there wa* an atUndeuee jes
tarda. at the Burning service of ret rooie than frota 160
to ilfO persons as we are Informed; while *t aaotuer
wbete tho wcrshtpieni usually umcbur from C00 to 700,
were p:eser.t orlv shout SO perrons in ait
Ti e jh tileooe is on the in<'.ree*d, both among lb?
poor* and tb? hotter tlu> Maov persons in com'orto
ble cm uns?t m -as, tad nativon of the place, ari' now
f>ick Several ph;?iot?nfl ate alao do?n with the fever;
It la alaiOi.t imuofcuihle to (.el nuraw, for thry are not
hero to be had The ground throagbout the city Is
corned with pro-U-a'-e trees ajd Oc-csyiaa leavea, the
tndmtiHeC the atorm, aod everything before ua UxXut
gloofaifr aod aadder than ever.
B*i.Ti?ci>t?B, -ej.t. IP, ISM
Tlie^Cftlla at -avannah darltK tne weel: ending on
Tuetcny last, axoonted to -10, of which 123 wens frjm
yellow fever On Tuesday the U4ul number of inter
iD*?ta reached 61. inslndiof 34 from yellow fever.
Ap:ook the <?ead were the Jlev. Josha.t Payne, of the Ul
tbodlit f-'nuroh, and Hight Rev. IA iranl Barron, CataoK?
M!.'t-iimary Uishop of Africa Mr. Ilflton, the editor *of
the O-vrgiaP, waa cocvaleecent.
An arue7 waa leocJved at tfaoon for fifty coflina and
five hundred pouoda of bread dally, for .Satannth.
In bar caton, on Wedneedoy laat, there were 31 ileathi
from yellow fever, aod on Thursday nineteen.
Cholera bad abated at KnoTvilie, Tcno.
The cholera had ma<le ita apj>?srrjio? on tho rice pUn
tctlona on he Povascah river.
The paa^ngertt a&l crew of th? lost -htp IMIo Mario
v ere all tared.
1'rrmroBO, 8cpt 1??, 18&4.
T>? chclera la diminishing ai th? veathc U nvsre fv
vorbtle. i wanty deaths took p'aco from these attaokol
joati. lay To-day tbe.e were tea Dew ca^es.
Bo-tok, Heyt. 16, ltf64.
11m dctUia la Bctitea, for tho week oMing noon to
day, were olaely thrf*, aovn of which were frtiu ?ho
"!he :lty w?, n'vrr more LetUthy t!-*.i at t?U seison
firlkf Tor flu Bnffems hjr Trlietv Kmr
at Navannah.
Ihe mettfnf wh'ch convened jester, lay at the Kir
ebon a' Fi'harge,to take Into oonalderotlon suitable
roc&hares for the relief of anffortrs by the yellow fever
at Savannah, nt the time ?; polr ?d wr? erlled to order
byG. B L^rcar, ?<|., trho, af er brlelf allad'ai to the
objects of the meeting, moved that Sir J H Brower
take the choir, who on rea?hiog the platform male a
few lomorka In reference to tho tee lofty of speod/ ac
tio* -n behalf of tho doat'.tnte and aufTerlng Inhabitaota
of rat ooh, wbleh were well received. Mr Onyon waa
appointed Pecretary Boon after whloh, on melon, a
crnmlttee woa appointed to take np oolle-ttona for the
object In view.
wo ate requested to state that the committee wCl
meet at the Benh ot the hopubllc, on Monday morning,
the 18th Ins'ant, at 11 o'clock.
In oonoeTton with the above, we root scote thA'. the
beat fteliogs of benevoteoce have been excited la tbia
e tt'int>Dity, in reference to the snfT?rera by disease at
Favaoeah. The ep-demic is rMd to have been very
severe amoeg the nnaecllma'ed portion of tho Inhabl
1a> ts, many ef v?hom went there from this oity aod
other part, of the North, as wetl as from Krrote Faml
ll?a t ave teen rierlmated and broken np, while remnaita
of them heve been left In groat destitution and rttetreas.
It la in afford to relief In snab easea as theee whleh 'oat
tbe spirit t'f I me benevoleree. We hope we shall be
pardoned for alluding to a noble act on the oort o' one
of oor merchants, which we acctden'ally heari of on
fa'nrday It apteara that thn loose of -am<i*l U
) Itef.ell, Esq , aa soon as ho heard that great so (ferine
erteud ar.tl that relief was needed, ot once ressit'ed
. ?3 '00 for that rbject. This tbe hoiae desired to be
lrpt from public view; hut we think It la meti actn,
| obeve nil othtrs wMch (leeorve the greatest publlo.ty an
an example to atlmnlate g w AeoCa tn other*.
Deasrrtle ilstellany.
> Tbo resoipt* for the Was tagton National Vonumenl
dnrt?f the month of Augr.ut amounted to 13,409, aw!
t the ompoaeee to
I A ?o?n? atao in Bnetoo having been attacked wltt
dtorrlsssk tnjodldouelv tookadoaeef aolte, and ir Iw
thea eta l>?cn he died of ekelera.
The I*?.rrer. al Jnbilrf,
A(iA INST 111. KTI1.H I>r WAB, N?TII.I*0?, ?>1)
Tin foK< wu g u a trans'atioa o? <h? ate circu
lar Ut?er of the Pope to tie Primatee, Arohbiwtmp*,
Bid B'kio a of <he Church, announcing h rt(*?
OK'Lti a juhilec to t'te throughout ChrU'en
j dom. We r?ud?rfd it from the But tomed
' ffrsion put>luh(d iu th? F.ea<h Cet>ollc paper,
Aime dt la Rtlitioit, wlikh is itself a tr<?a?'?
tm> ,rom ^rn'igiAsi Latin iu witioa the d ii^ nBiit
w?b ?
rhtM ? ' ?H #HtHBIKHIi',?, A40 OrilKK
PlUS IX. V'or"?: ?
Vi-terubii- b ftJiren, be.-tUh a/id apobtolb bene*
diction !- In plii?ciug with t:? boiioiudj huJ the
KM'-mettf oi oui au> ?t 'lic chai ity over ttte wh ?ie
Oatbo'ic ?otld, we caa ti.rdi/ express, Vv'iieraole
b ctbien, with w a? jro oaud soifo* we arc poue
ttateu wv a *?? fe<?- Oirmlia/i ?ud cdvillB >1 m?ui
! tMnib^d on ??1 i-l ??* in a U act able anaaor, t?.<-.
K cue , aco tif-n were o|>pr<**?. a, t?y me sauiKM
ca uiutua. You a>e not ignorant of the faot ttui
flu 'Mi*o eationaat* a1; this m -meat aflli led in J
ob* d by civil wai?, by inter loe fetid*, bj
pi9ll Want uonltdiiH, bf feurful earthquake*, aud
by Hi ?t iMitfd oalatuiti**. But wh.it if* mo.-t k
be <h?i lowd is, t? at amor.? to many mlsfortuoei
?td &n <*tu?4io?iid? to ba i?e^ai ea, tae ohildreo
of doH ut*s, who iu in th?i r ^(Qoritios arc
wiwr tl tUJI children of light, enoemr >i
more ar-f , ?o?? by every kind of davlllah artiflce,
by maoL^% atlon* axf conhp'raolee, to {.urwio a
bitter ?galni tha Cattioiio church unci it*
fwJuiary del *? ovrrthr w and to ruin all
hftKiuiatc aw 'hority; tr? pervi rt and corrupt every
wbtre the d* aiia the t?e<?; t? of meo; to propa
gxto in aii [it* deadly poiaou of )ndiif<rt<bU?ra
tud la te3uii% v> couti.Dud ail lawo d Tine tad
bantu ; tj orn r? a d foeter qua rein, ol^c-Yd, rt
v ills uiid impm sjovolutl ni:. K'opplag at a t ciicue
01 no oil 0'i em '? Rl"' r'0t t-hriiikuiit from an, al
tm>pt to aiitdiih te ? '' ll *Me po.?.,tbte? >ur uuiy
lebgton, Bt??i n *? nlieily destroy all aumai
Majeure, It ifl>i "i tni? or conjun Jture*
so ciition we? m '"ileuti'K that by ttic special
mercy o' God -e _* "?'?e^a ike I'i-eource o? pra/er to
i btaln ull tim Ih-m Its -iiCh we require, auu to
? vaio all tbe fVL'? uhicu ?e d<r*d? u<?v? net
ceat-eo to nww our if ? to sards the higu and boly
uiuituua ?bc.'.w v *"? exp?ct all tiul(> to cume.
Ai d we tjwe i><t, fc * *bo humility of our aeait,
etnuied in invokhitf ?"d tu supplicating tnc
Cua ri h in mercy by constat ami ier*eut
l r#ym, tliat be amy drtjen t > mohtj war dis
?ipear fjom oao enl ? tM earth to the ofie -*
tbat ?ftfi Lavli.g appeal ed the dlneensi >aj exi-aiui
a/.oig ( hiipui.u priuc ?, toe n.ay i c?tore tj their
I eopirt. uear?, <x uoord as* ? ranquility; ihat he m?y
ii>pire 'Ik-. epnncce ibeim five* with an iooreaaiair
zea', ruojd aiifi more oevota i to tbe defot.ee ai.d pro
p tt.- ina* of tt t faitu aud % tbe C ?thof o dootriae,
*Licn a e tbe ch.tf hour* * <f tuo iMppiaeed of
i aiii jib; Ji, Am*. tli ut o ni-.y drllcver both 1,0 ? va
ulgijh urd toe aati'.as & ">m all taa bcoargas
i/yt ufliic* i.lo th<?t i* may Ci\'*e theui t?
reju.ee by fts-tow lti^r on tuete > '1 tnte oro-j^niy ; tu,i
ie?.a.> givf Hi t etnir.ft tin sift i f hi, hiavouiy
IHnc*- to bru.pt 1 hem ba k froea toe way of perdit on
to the putb of tnita *rul of jut t'ce, t i couveit
thtui t-liiCtrdy to their God. A besdy m onr well
te love a t ?j *0 b?v? prtMCi U-4 " ajocs to Itn- 1 ro
rivipc-p.ua; w.-.r .?b?.av> * 'bu't-. the i.v.u.p't
Ct our ill .Ktti.mx p- ? d: V ? '?> ill.-' > r, , V.lvtu
H.A^jijrrt 10 j> u? v?.-'wo - a i . t<j?.:(fth->
lr >? fuT thnt purr-o^, voirtr-\fc v t-?c? -*#? t >?
r?u*& it * ? y .i t!> f ? V/,i/mc -i
t'TjiK tt 'U l? :ip ? '. t-r 1I,U iv,f.h
wJl pcMQbtr 7X ;i ft. 1] r. re . .xh .it f: <? fciMi'aj rn ,ii
d.-d io your ? l.a: t rouuU tUf .? .?rr. ai.^d
to Uy C??'U ny i ?iuoe:? ?;t'ai-0'/<: e tt/
01 ti ? a tin. ? t.s^iont-, mi l to m d-H/ur
b) supp K ??i(v f. by fl-V.if.gf t y aftUK, /ttid |>v v..||j-r
wrjii-ol pif>t> upi'* Ud wra ii OfOud, tyH)nt
tt>? cruf ct irfi: hivp iuoi u^d.
t> tj,e fani.fnf, ??? your frrvact pietynud
Bi-. ?* II ii.-pijo )ov,u'W U.H'idA-fc ar ? tiie
bntck'h t.J G(h1 fur . II t'icw* who c dl upou Iliro ?
r!:?' po-C! Vhrrr * in ; i .?_\er if <?o cl:j<? ii(t ail -
c? >b t-iit- o? * ^ ?i our ?-afpty and d'tw neur
to Tbe | -iid. "I'rayet ' to hwi v tho Un;rtrt<*o of
. t. J '.it (rj pi -.t'-tm ' ? i. ' thr s \ircp, 1- 1- c r-Mjt,
in tie r>?nti>t-> of counties t>b ??'(i^n ; th* power of
j ta rt fxtir tie fliio s.ca bs t ? fury of
!;? i>t> '?.??p'litH wars, eombaffl, rilmn t'ie
t?iBifr-ts. ptita the tkinoox t? fliuot, opens the
(tnt? ? of beavon, bn akn tlieb^nds r f death, oaroe
oiM^ea. drives away miKtortunew, -tirn^tncrif tot
trig citka, the woui^h of He- veil and tho at
tkekn i f mer: there aie no eviL- wlii ,'h prtrct does
n ia dt?aipiite."
\Ve ea;ci*tit!y ikrire, veuetAbio brethren, tba>
whi 1 at we ? 111 be acdiea-iti^ fefve.it p ayer* to tao
rather c.f Mtr ie? for the eaunca announced aliove,
jon do oat cea>^. accoroinft to the wuth of ou.- eo
cjctlcal k-tteni of 2d of February, 1*49, dated
ln.'^r VBu to' 10 i"'Pl, rp. ir? ?"nr?rt with ail tho
faphfu), by BtipplicatioB* mid vow? more aid *nt
Man evtr, the bounty of tlie simo father, that LIo
nia? ocign to t nHjjhiea o^rwouls with tue light of FIib
holy ppult, ai.d that we may thn# tlie sooner come
to a oecision on the rpiestion of the conception of
the liolv Mother of (Jod, the ianiiocalate Vir
t< in Har> , * hich in?y be to the glory of (jod and of
tbjrtmme virgin, our well btlove'l mother.
To iLdu e who faithfpl erniided to your caro to
carry to tt(* prajctsa more ardent fervor, and
that thej may derive more bountiful advania Jea
therdiom, we have been pleaaoi to open the bea- I
vmly frtanirca? tbe dispensation of which has boon
contldtd to tu by the Most High? and to diapeuae
turn abroad. Therefore, roiying on the mor y of
tbe all- powerful God and on the authority of His holy
apostle* Peter and Paid, and in virtue of thit power
of binding and looaintr which the I/>rd has given to
its, notwithstanding our un votthiness, we, by the m
piesents, giant to all and etch of tie faithful of
your dkKeees, of both *> ?*, who within a opm of
throo nionths to be fixtd by each of yon in advance,
and to commence from Ibe oayto be determtoeil
on by catn, >-haa liave hurahly examined t'jclr trans
gre-Hiopp, shall havo eoifcwed them with a Ma^ere
deti Mation, and purnied by uacramsntal a-jsWution,
bl all have rexp?.vt,f.uly reocivod the sicramenl or
tho L -charlst and devoutly vlMted thiw ohnrchefl
dcMinatea by jon, or ono of them at three diff_?rcnt
tints pra>iLg w;Ui devotiun for sumo ti.ue ieconi
ing to our nutl od for tbe oxaitati n and jjro jp^ri'.y
01 oorbolv metier tee churob, and of tho ap ievolic
o?y? for the extlrpatioa of hcrcsi*#_for pcaoe and
coreon) p.mong Ohri nian princes? for the peiiceand
cniiy of mr> Chri-tUn per.pie, snd who besluea,
in \ut snrnc tntervji, ?ball have Tasted once and
g:vtn alnu to tb? j o-ir, as thoir jii: ty Jiotates. as
ii.dnigi.Lce in foint of a jubilee which ttt?y miy ap
ply in n atiiic: oi privilege (TOffra^e) to tho souls ia
IkaiiooH of f?cllitattog t'ie gain of thin indidgon le
?3 Tihin (ttUfuiujt*) aud others living in pori>?'tnal
wcIuMou, as well as to t> o?e wbo arc dc'aia ?d ia
..iwr n, 01 wtom orporeil inflrmtty or ot >er tmpe
d mn.t may p event fuitillhig all the works of pwty
nhtit.omd a^ve. we accord to tfco confessor* the
power ft commuting tbone works to other works of
piety, or of prorogui^ in their favir tho jabilee for
a nuort time; we also accord to them tlie fa ulty of
disposing wl h tbe communion of children who
have not yet been admitted to tbe first commaoion.
Therefore we rmpiwer vou, on U !?? occasion only,
and ouring tbe space of three months, to grant to
tbe confee?rrn or your dioceses all ihe powen con
ctdf d by us in tto Jabileo, made koo*n by onr en
cyclical letter of 21?t November, 1M1--Ie?ten ad
dmsedto you, printed, and beginning with these
words, -In virtue of our other;" always, however,
makicg tho fame except^ as we made in those
U.?U?B. Bet-ken wo grant you permission to ac
. ora to the faltt fnl of jour dlooeaes, en well laymen
ssfojnlar andiegular ecclesiastics, of whatever ln
stitutk D, e?n thoouh it may not have any special
dciilp&atb n, tbe right to chocae aa confo*eor on this
occasion whatever priest tiey wlsa, waether secular
or rtguiar, among tbe approvtd clergy, and to
acco?d the fame right to nuns, even to tbo?e woo a> e
ex?iupt frt m tbe Juiiridi tlou of the b'shop.andto
tie ctbor women who lead a conventual life,
to wojb , therefore , vcnfrahle brftiren! ?ou w*o
wc caiJtd to pa< tlcipato monr soU Jtude, and who
have been constituted tbe guardlana of the wills of
jfiwsb m. Cease net to pray with ns day and
tight to join to your con?tant lhank-givirgs, witi
hcmiiUy ana earneetntss, your oiks and your ?np
llcattcn* tow art a tbe I/<rd out (lod ? to Implore Ida
dlyine mercy, tbat blaprcpitioua band may turn
away the seonrgts brought upon na by onr trann
greaei na, atd that lu perfect eleatncy H may
aoat *i oyer all the >1 bea or bia bounty. Wa doubt
1 >?n?Ul beta vat In needing In the
i w^Mrfrrt manner to the deeirea and to tbe 1%
qQMH wblah wn kw? jasl ttptmmi to joe. Wa
&>e Odl . percu?<1e'). a1*1, tha', abnvo all, >he
ftla?tic*, tb?> n<ocikit, and thn *om?'?, ooo-e r '<
G d, a* ?rell u nil the Uic*i i?imiul, * uo, 10 !???<!
ii>g a |?iows <?>, WNlh ?cr > ilj ia th? war of t*imi
vo> *tn n, ubivi u< ii t' mii?u-<t'y a< d wii'? i' e inwi
aidti-' f iU ?oc it** tn?ir auuphcaot iin)>nt( ?
Alul >liat iD< |il"? I Trt (XI -t * liild a ??<?r<J It<) ? 'Ct -m
to Got*, fmittt Br.t vMi<-r.ihfB b' ibrrn. t? iuv ki
tie o( wo buvr alri'tdv thn
nowt did it?e |iu n ?-f vic^ori ; an* uoovr nil M
fur 1 7HjfT or i c M-Trrtog'y ad 1 feted to M?n,
Mo'tw of God, t e virgin imnkruKco: t'j nr
wboe u le U* ai< at. r??v rabl< utid toe
ii o<-t pow r'ui t*f< tr U>>d. toht*r *'?? i* 100 tn iVier
ol artier Mi'd tutr j ; l?-* u- *!? > di-unuu tu* p' >tw
turn cf tbi> ??"'> a ? IV ?< i a?a i'^il uQ'l <>J ?>l
tbr wbo niK" "?it'1 ?'<*"" Onm in tie
scmDc. Oo 1 1>? ol ir land U ??. a xbirtK (h? a<-*rar
to v< at bm>', ?f'0 cot >i< *c i ?????:? <4* hi ho 1 'n
t?bi tbaii *i ? ? 'Bictoyau'Di of all t w?> t? of yoar
ib ?fiiitm.ij iX' Uttxit U(> fait fui o?'ti
n.'Uta t;' jour c?rt?, lu ir.ii>; t>f?at >oik ?r*m
i b?ft aid jour i*. t-iU tci-jr m*y
t* aily oi' jt ad w r< i -i !>'nM in (1 <u
itrH tu .j iu vi') pr.liF.-na of too
Cbibofit C uictt, leu'. tl?fr j ru?y ?ntu M*
IXOot hlixioufc uat? a\ c.U Mm- HUM ?*-. tuO hill
bift ?"*-?< Mad i !i" h ud of <u.a * o Mi k lo
Mm hnn.ttirt ttini iinj may ?i'iifiv??r <<? aici
w tb iiii )oc? ivlcir j-?> .u ue iwUi or Giod'a o
n?w ( tn: tt;-, -r i>iu ? ? v rio n ?ri<M>,
1- U't ac-viru. ot a.l tbf t vi)i? tL'*l ?illict huu<nn>.
1l T?*0?f, l(8Ve U th (>|4 UUO- i t) t? b'lUlill li' UH
n?vch s>h t (?db)t t> c 7.r.?l o the <-ar4?o iu partio*
1 *lkt t*?t ?> |ieifom tw OA(i-iuU> a&i itii/ ^l^y
t * iititj ot tour cbur^r, not u> m nic?'e
i * t n?u dhof t?e C'?"? i?oi? to .t'did t ? 1 1 ??, ac
coiniig to tacir c.v fcit . <Ao li load>>uti *.?? ? piv.
? . ur c'itit e (ait , ?f (???f?)Ctio< lum
of r.nuri* i/K lit m caicfuil; by i-he ud
" r I-'ia'ifii of ti.c Mii-rHmtusta, u< d <>f cii rtlug
all 'b?i ?ri r?d f-uiS'ait the be a ihl'ul
In < obc)i >i< n. *? a i-I-d?te<>f ? 1 heivenly aift4.
arid at on c viim.ee nl ?U vcy arilmt o ?antv tb?t
?e la\* for ji u, reoc>i.? th^ A hm^iIic bonciicti >u,
wh cb wc ^ r. o you Horn tun iHi'.toiu of ourliy ift,
biid ?)tb li'Vs to y> u, r?*i;"rui-le nrtt iron, to all no
cl?-if?J,aLd Uit Jul c u.i'hd to your guardian
st ?p!
(liven at Bt. IVWr'n, at Koine, AugObt 1, 18o4,
tic Until i o.ir < A our PoutiQcuk
1'lOd IX. PoPU.
T*f Wll 6hdl Truu<ti?4.
1.'AM?I>aT? iuu UKUTBNANT U4>\ KHM'll? BKI'liV
10 4BUAU MAM4, Jit.
NKW Yobk, S'pt. 18, 18,'i.
TO 1 ilfi, tlUTOU 0?' Till UMNO POt*T.
(>K?TiJiMkiA~Ou my ?av huuiv (run ttio Wont my
attii 'it*. ht>t> Itn-n cii'eo to in extraordinary lector,
adonwod 'one by Air. Ah',jali Maori, Jr., tail pub
li*hea <n your pa pur of Mi i duy luat.
To u foei o 1 ?cn < vt ie.?ry to respond frankly,
bn!ifa> tone ;u d truip?r ot that Jtt v?r, aad VU3
pnbli atim of i", wn.iout flrnt cotnmuuicvlog it 1 1
ne.au w> U'COfctiatftt "Kb We rclu'iuiui he ot>t or*
i v':-t'rp between oh, mid pi\utottie wbole |?rodet>d
li t m? much of cliR'?ct*r of iui apponlti tbo
1'Ub'lc u?:ii< st me, th.n 1 H'mtl l onnuU my
?.-li ttt.j t ot by autir.'wlr.a my reply to tli- journal in
v 6ic.*' I lint ictWi o no Ice ol ttie ?us?ult.
It 6t*ain to be lUt pirp?*? of Mr. Miii'i'h lotter
to c ?vt y tbfuoufuH-ion Mutt 1 ''Voted dOitrary C ?
try ???( vt< uhly txpiee.a<-d opinion and deCc-ralua
tM>D '' i'p. n the itwoliitioua* euomttted by htm to
W' nt -yntcuM'. Waivion Bfflcot?Hider.?'l >u
of tee ftranpe db?iutnrf by Mr. M*on from the
rf mtn, tiy hia pnlyiicti iou of privato
, *'5v? nation it a pi'mae room, I will s*y belt fly in
Kay S-~
K'rt-t Mr. Mian did not report to llw convention
ai.y ftoointioo whica he bt>d previously submitted I j
Seendly. Thr reuo.'nflon wblch ho did report tw
orawn by hitctiif r i^ntimon, juid ?vu?i uot i ubmlt
tto it mr by Mr. Man: .
T'iioly. Tt>> i * ..titiora vhich Mr. Mam did -uli
tnu '.o n.i* 1 did not vile vgaloBt ; or.-, wheo, rtb 1
qu? ;t ? i.ooptjt i,i mm: rn.tj >rtt y n >-??., tooy
>? < < ?' <a b> htm i,? tvidt>?Ujr, 1 t(.tod wflAin-t
j ft t i '.o t'ii tin t ti>W\
a my i v rttict uu ufc tScse j.oiiit.-;, 1 ap^O'd to
I t* < KcorO ? l lot c<>D\ea ion ind s c tc.*luv>i.:uy of
erriy ok ji.be i' ??? Uit-c b i;iy, fin "lttm i'i tns of h<*.
Ifio i a in ub(.t-rr. to tbo inc nui.ifonoy Ikj! *csti my
t?-stia' ;ifs httd ia> acMon Jhni'i coutil i*ivoiy dts
jn?" d 1 1. Il h rot )ne'en<> J-bj aim tin', in f* in
it j n* iv bct*?cn ns ar.ytiiu.'u utMie occ iired tmv? atj
expre-^on <?( It oWidoui aenim.eu!."! attci ^oarnU j-ta
mi < i c*-, ttit?do twfi-r' tlie oiytiii /.ition of Clio ooa
ttouoc, in Ui< f:.Uikiic>N of irioudly intorooai te
it>r it pntei le^! rtat any en^cigomont wm )n
t?rd iLto n to ?.j wr^; i?> th? convention, or in
?> v v.n;, the ? < lh>!'e odopllon ? ' hi.i drat't an one in
be pr( nAxi nr tbat b? dy.
1 t.e Ha. lut!cnn t>f ilr. M'vnn, *?> f^r from havirff
be<D ooiefully cntf iwd 1?> me, ??? state 1 by rd -r,
ni^e Mich a slight iaore^ion upon my tatad , tu-v.
1 < hi. 'tut low rtCAil them el'li-r ia sabfltwtf or
detail. T?:r wboio >.or. versa! ion or Into'-viovr eoald
i ot biwp Inntod oT?r ilfueo aiticUH. and io1.
apuit reuewtd. TboroaJ dilB ul'y wiih Hr. Mann i-?
tlu.t b? had a pit? determined pr >grj!nmo, for tbo
txreudon of nbich he. In his own mind, oounted
upon my aid. In ibal be ta-i disAjtpoin^ed.
Ai to to the idle rtimor in referoi co t ) my notci
nation conntcVd w.rn my vote. ?t^?.ed b? Mr. Mann
to exi ?t, btn without auy Mtatemoot of itn.Eour<;e or
itn aatbo Ity. 1 am content, f > htand on tbe knov
led^e tti>d jno^mcnt of every meuiier of the convon
tioti f^Mrt Mr. Mann.
The Idea of ny pickicg the Commits? on Itedcln
tioD8 !a without the -lightest fmindulon.
I wiit coR(Tntal?ted by gcntlora. n repro=enlinfr
every ?hiueef optaion an hivirjr rxmaU'uted that
oommit:ee f?lrly nod.tndloion-ly.and bare no doobt,
b?o tho rsuw< of lio memlx rn heen prvv oanly sab
mUttd to Mr M&an, tnat it would, uuvo met bis ap
I bud no undor^ndlng with any me-nbor of Ibe
ecromitt-.o :i? to what courne he should pumne. nor
d d I know until tbe repr it of the committee eune
in what ree-nlt It h>?d agreed upon.
In my jnd;'tn*nt, ary demo rat who participate!*
In a convention condncud with the order, oeoorom
a: u Ktrlct oVxh rvance of par llano ootorr rales which
di?iirfrubl)e<t the convention ot the Cth loflt.and
wbo did not opon'j urd n anfulh withdraw fr .in the
c nvfnti^n.N tn bonor bttiod by its pio oodinat*.
Id Mich o?"P, wb?t?ver iDdivid'oU prcfrroaaea he
may b:?7e, be u by demo^ratio macro bouna to sar
render tbtm to tbn will of the majority.
In common with many otkera at Synw.iis."1 I did
no, and I coinrofod tbe ?<?mo course now to Mr.
Mann, and not that, under tie irnpilae* (?f de'eat or
tbo prtvtf'UMy dt-ieiuiia d dietitian of a Siratogi*
convex tim, ?r the prwpc.ct.ive aitloa of the one at
Auburn, bo abould repntllate the a?nion of a reffalar
dMnocmtlo convent im, aid make a deliberate
a^ault on tie motives of honoruble m?n and aoand
ctmo. rat4. My own individual new* on tbe Ne
braef a bill ?re well knowi. It Ia n >t my parp<v??
at tt i? time to ent? r in'o tbeir di'CTnxd ?n, bnt simply
to repel tbe nnfonnded rat'a'n iooa as^ainTt my
u< Civit iu iho convention. Yours very truly,
Ptmonai lnuai^cmf.
Coiuit BeMd, huA1** bd of the Uto Mm*. 8oqU{, kit
for F.oif'i# jcn'.eriij tn 'h? atMin hip PaJUa
At the Unl?!*?l'lueo Hotel ? Mot; aitto, 1 B. Jtnih r^tl
fornla; ?1 f It'ill-r, Jr , Mew York; H Miinh, <U>.;
TlfBiy leek, New iiaT?n; it '>er% i<ee.i? WftMiirv^in,
,K?< ? rt. W'.leon, I'tinnry (vanU; IT. IL (ioeola ?nd f?
ruin. Mi iii?
At tbe Howard 3. *. W..rt'?y, Jtnalct, W. T- ; P. C
TneknyJr., OaWes'ob, Tevca. A Wmver, Mount ter.
non. Ol to Juaitii Coltran. lUD lfin, Oau>la, J D. Hitter
Held. Nffth fare laa; H. C Mc^i*t. 7<>pne<i!?<s; P. M.
Cotter, Hoti(i!oc. to* vt; P.. C. Hall, Ka/et *yUW, N. C :
IL H. .??!, Te*rellint?, U.
For Llrrpocl, !n tbe At?,uuh>p Balt> -Ww .)?? Kliwj,
John fl Klliott, New York; H V Wamti, l'h.i?4?l( hU ,
i'furj Y#lT?rtf.o, Ilr Floni^x, Mr Berry. Wew York; J Ken
drtck, PbiU^elrnla; William I>efr?vt, Mr I%U, New
Y./rk Mr* UoKtln^n and nervaat mil, f VmL Tho* K
lee, II A (t arret',, S'W York, f^t Oott, Mr and Mra Diekl
nor , Krw .ler?ey ; Mr fuller, M J f-'ala, P?r?; Mr? Keatmaa,
four chlk rr n and Mraet, Mr ?n too, PortuMt; Mr Fan
sbaw, N Y t)urt:?, C A Lord, Mr Wadnworlh. Conat Bont-i,
Mr 1Vb<-el?>o!t, A .1 Ka^lea, ?r ?nd Mm Botrth. three ehtl
Hren ai d wrriet, C' L -harp?ieen. New York ; Ml** Mania,
M<m t>oe, Hartford; S Mornn, Jr, Jaa M Morgan,
Mine H W?od?, K B Peay, New York; M Ber
r'.n^r'.tiA, VrDoincU: HGeyer, lleltiaaore: M-ina'l Lopei,
Tosia lilc?; Ml-* Pt.uot, Mr BeoVer Mr -Wrlev, New
York ; R'.ebonl Karter, (V>?t? Idee; Jt?o F'uher, lk>arT Htlm
coti Ofdetick tVhhTf- k s Jnn Carl n*. J B I.eooard, Mr J
r I.owry and l?dy. NY ; H l'a?tor, K Touater*. Oerra*ny: A
Jl)a?ti?r Deary Bairoolhel, Para; 0-rn*ndo K?tHfat,
,li.i?r> Pamor ord *er\eet, Pi>n. ; J ? Me>>r1, J C;
l?r WU.or, l?dy. infn t aad ne^Tant. Ml>* L K*o?>t<iT, J H
Wdfop, J A WiUon, Ui>K Wrlibe mlna Wtlmm, J K PhU
Uia. !Ve A Phillips kred?rb-i? W.nteorth, A J WeoV
?not lb. W N Wen'.vft rth r.nd nerraot, S ^ ; Mr- and Mr* ',j
J la rchtW, N Y; Tboe ^c<ltt. f\n?iia; Mt?a renney.
^ 0 Wileox, ;?< I. J Cv. at, Mr* J H->mel* and daarVter,'
Mr and lire Hewn* Caitengbt, W 'dbbona, Ar>f aOQy
ley. Jr, bearer of de!?patebe?, Jnhn J Bray, *0/ trail*'
* r aad Mm John White, Mr* -'needen two wfr ata an(j
tervaaa, 9m Djde, Mam; Wm Iohed, Alex ?e^A|?,
OteeV la, l/ti!i } eirwler OermanT ; A J Oao/pbell Kre
land: W C Merrlaou. lreUod, John P Bow lea jM Wllaea.
0 TaJy , I lea Ana bal} . Mtaa Eat* Paly. 'Ohio; Jmw?h
T 9ro*+ N Y, Mr aad MlaaVi How^Ty,
Mr* Yea TVek, Padre del Oerlo, HB**aa,? Total, UK
I Tin: CBHESi: U1V0LU i 10*.
HDL". Mr lane's Zatcroo ur^o will
the BLetelfi.
IUu!tVb?uoaH I'rctcntiuiiit t
Tue-ping Wang.
fitsciiptioD of NakHkiu and tiie lanztzo-iiaag.
i'roi m>8 of tog iconecLisrs,
&c , &<? , <V-0.
Our (nnxiJO' iJriKt.
Siia*GUAS, Onlas, .lunef?, H64.
l\iy< igf t'f Su ijuthtrtnn npt/ir Yf.%tte fCn'ng
? Our Ft i'd on bu 'hi U bH? -Cm v>us
falt'r from the Ilrb't Chitf. ? ? Niinkm and th*
CuU'Ui y li-yttftd ? ?V?r, .*?.? of /.n/wring thr
(>fjty iin^r of lh* ttivtr ? I't >!rn.,mm of %
lii !oy !wt I gave y> u % bMef >.utenjAat of ilka
vfe.it of cur Min'tt-r, M '. il -I.mir ami auito, to
Foochow and Ninprp;>, t>vo of tt.o lire p *rt* opeft
for tnule witb Chios, am! als>t;,o latctt occurreocee
I concent' g tbe rebela of this > Ity Sincu i'tcn ae
I thing deci-lve h?s taken on e lice, t?u ? as iwtud
we have toen uav\l und laid battlei tiro o- thrc?
tin>e? ? week, without oecomplUhing nine iii*n to
nskc a gre*t non*.
But our Mini-ter determined to go up to bead
qn? teis (N'arkln) n . d K e for hlin*elf .btt these
n 1m Is weiv doh.g, aad whit they wore likely to d?
Aoco'dingly, Mr. HoUw empl ?><*! ? amull 500 t?
stenmcr lis a teD'ter to t' o mtgn'flc.>nt Utited
Stale* ream- hip 8ap<|U*t'auntt, and on ths lid
May irtrmo' d ur> tha Yang+M-KUug. Afidr r analog
twelve mi'cs wi- c.itao to the Blonl Sioal, the *p'Jt
wteio the Sntjquobaooa iai a<rrouud ab at oaoyear
?go. Ile'o wc au bored, scidiog the anull ?vud*
Confticin* order tho omtna< d of Lieu . Brown, of
tbe U. S. Navy, In advance, to mVxc aouoliage.
TLe water wm found ei$lit<?u feet deep la twa
places, so that tbo next day wo ate taied off, aid
anclojed on the nigH of t:>e 23d off Cho >?haa. Oa
tbe 24th ttWmcd ,agaia, aad in a aboit time arrived
at Biivtr Maud, a bcau'i'ul ?,>jt, the reedeft
voos, at j.r??seBt, of the Imperii! fleet aci
it?K, or pretending to a^t, a^itst the rebels ft
CbiDkiau <oo ;?ad Narkin. Ilore C ot BionaMR
cave tl.e utual tfliirc-o B?lnif, thrt?e grioa. Tito
Ain.irsl came ou board, and Mr. HilrfM had ft
?oufeieD.e wit.'i him: bu1. it only amoun/ei to tai
lup him that he wa? goin^ up tbe rvor to l.-ok a 'tor
tbe rebe's and our ovm int-rent?. A letter wt8 ff*t
from he.o t<? *Le V'iccroy of the I'rovinoca. Tnea #?
up scrhor oi.d arr'.vfc^? flS" Ottiuk>a4J foj, tiw
nepr ttie n-o?itl? of the ??ira'Jd Cn v. H* rpBfnm
flrcm lottery ua1 lU-ctl at it> t?j thwjrb 1*. Tito
(.?iilv; of ? he buhtjue:- inna were v ? in-4 and t *
yit i- t^otud, with the tall ^nteuvia on the >art ?f
Capta'n MucJinnan to ttnon "a Di"lion ft
mhute,'' d.v t">is U h!> uiotu> lu k ih a? well ??
r.i uncus, *v h< n tin ample apology wh mtle, to th?
iTTect that it wet- a Iwv on wb**1 r?ead bat ti tle
balr fc?d yet grown who h;;d fir. d the ^raa, mil that
H had U(u oidercd t<> lot d-/Uj?i g pa??; and' not
kuowir;^ hia ftmipn Irothon ho had lired. We
rrre now In the midfit of tae oouatrjr hetd by (toe
nbt.'?, a?:d Mr. M> Lom wou'd haye na iaior
crurse with them exempt turonx^ Captain ttfc
i bat an. llo tol l the re^N whore he ?.is p'deg.
At> all Chinese will, the? w?nt<d h'./n to w?H Ml'
?hey could ?-ud word forward to Nankla; baft
there wu*tro mnch of the Yankee on hoard to wall
tor wind ? r tide whfn we h?d a;>d oa Ptidaf,
Way 20, ?o aiichoreo at Ocideu Inland. Thin onto
lovlly m>et Is in the hoi iin of th? rebel*,
lice, wheie tbe long lino of ktage under
the Miog (i nasty wrre ac nstj nod to
rtsort to worsMp )dol? and upend thMr vi minora,
1? i ow to he found ti e mo^t moity lo'itriftg net as
men ai d tH>ys, so called solr.tC'N. trwt H haw evar
h?en my fort roe to meet with. Tbe on< ? tx>aat(rA
temples ana grottoca are demoluhr-d toeoapleto
tMr f'TtnicH-iotH, aod of<ea jra would uee a be?ft
tifal carved jnsx (idol), tilling a ?pice ia the sdtit
bnttieM of the f?rtincaMon. Tf/e denolltloa if
what was once beautiful in the Highest decree, 1m
omuce. Home convursation whs had with ttto
rtfcaiH, tint, aa I will refer more pa^ticaltrly to
their re'itfioat ideaw herea'ter, I s^all tor the ppft
Mnt, ooatini.e the brief namtive of tha tr-p. Oft
HatuiOay 27th got under way, and contlaoed the aft
cent of w>at has thro* far proved to b? oae of ttto
mofit mognillceat streams In tbe world. Bnoetiom
tbe river j a>?oe through whtt appears groat lakaa,
lntet>i*rw d with beaottful isl?n<M; ttx yk as wall s*
tbe main land, su* far as tne e^e an "<?,<? rered
with the richest vt dnre, or waving with the Hok
product of tbe in duatriouM hut bandman. Wi Ml anaft
a ^ent'nl pnwpeot we paseea the mootlm of tkft
trrand Canal, one of the urc*t?at arttllcial works, to
point or.n.ag-titude and Ubor, ia t'ie w>*td. Ia t?ft
oUtance cooid he ^-een tbe i>.ktng 1'agoda, the S'ddft
idllp, .ultivattod M<fut ud culutii. about 10 o'cl ?ck,
A M , paw* d the KiDgi>huTt Pagoda, and at 3 o'olook
P. M auchcrti op)K*-ne Niu-kin, in t'ront of wuk
wetnorgbt ww a "pig-?tve," hut was m fact a feel
with * w?ter battery. In a fe ? minutes t'?o sldos tf
the two ptenmers were jammed wltfi "8?mp*nah
from 'he boat of amautbirin down tot'iat of tk*
simi'k-leorted flshermm. Ia smaH putlcs
were all permitted to tome oa board. Tbolr astoft
iahment at tbe tinmen*) s*/o of the SuH<|U< hwu?a,
her machinery, &c., wan lutaaaoly lutereMiag
to nil otmrrrers. Ti:o oorrespoodence betwsen
Captnln B.?nd tbe Eastern h'tng aow hegta. Before
tbe ' Sfitaln could get off lilt letter annoanoteg
the arrival of tbe 8ai?[aehi'.nn with hit Rxoellenay
Mr. McLaneon boar.?, a letter from the cit" wee
r?ci IvitS. no peculiar in Its style. tba? S ?rn iodn od
to vive its opening, vfriwlim *t literatim. ?
*r hta ? nun liw any U Ins to )?>?, let biro My It glM
ly wb?o he hi* anything to So, U't hi n do It rifM.
TH?ts?o *Boi'tI, it'.arlni Vsw rour ulilp ban o<a?
into our h?| r>y water* wlt>r>at Wtt'nf tea ?i>j?et W
kt?o?a, t'laaa?-"'-tatc it, ?? "-bat \ m?,y lu/(-t?n my ?npe
rlora, an<i the >oWiai* u both be ;?it;aiued traao.
' rlr.g, Sie , Ac.
T? lemarkable letter was tepllod Vt. Other let
ters panned between the Ea ?err aod Cantiin
Bacbanai>; hut Yae-plng Waigwaevtves **xt br
u?, nor heard from, exoept by t'ae ^ptschen saa
wrttltga of the Infcriuf olfioorn. V, jrii & jeitin ioi
ty whiob induces as to believe tlW: It nod b?en dls
cu mo la higher Jrclea, we wwre asked "If Vft
wished to trade or. tbet river?" We roplled In.
tbe affirmative, and taM thoas tbe w ?ule world did.
No proportion, hawaeer. w?m matis or entertained
with lefo enoe to the tra<>e of tkls itrer, fisr reseoee
whi h will be pr*?v,tl? evjp lamed.
tmnaT, May Wu-Tlda being a ?ay of rest wttk
ur, none of the CttfnosQ were permitted to oeou eft
board , although we w*re surroundod by small boato.
crowded wtth pr-oyrfe anxione to see the mooetor
steaauhlp f sir. storn to stern, aod toastUfr their
ownminoaas to how niabj on It roquieed Insula
to torn her Voeela. A (MfitinaTia^ed General, hair
ever, dln?4 with ns. He aporawd to be a very to
telllpent. mm. When asked to drink wlae isd
unoke he dccliwd, looking asksnt at a little boy
with bar., it will be remtmoe'ed that aboat a year
ago U/,. British Minister visited Nariklo, aod toad
he ww i told tten they were edu attng a la?r> etftft
4 1 boys, Ac. I* now appears what for, via.: aa
fpb logUe actions of high officials. Smoking sed
nkiiur are violently oondetntwd under t"?e we
i '.isfty; and la order to eradtoate the
[ ? ooghly, tley bavo p'seed bo\s in high poalttoaa^
who. on account of their youth, have not aoqalreft
tl o rloes of tl e'r fatners. But fa this la<snoe the
temptation wee too g<*at for j*.un* CAeieM, wao M
the way , ? ben the great General smoked and dretk
to hla I earl's content, leering us wdi aaa par*?
rati (faction. ?ar bcyrid any^ons lleeak
tare fo'iued of the quality of foreigner* chrne tfoii.
B< me office s from oar shfo were aa shore
Ueottyaed a oond Its rarioaa waQa. t)ftt?akk
aod spkodor, tta temelee aad pamde*, I shad aa.
notttorat fweent; bat thoee>bo woaUllk?to
JSS a ooneetftewwint of H, I '.efer to Dr. W?J,
Hems' beak, the M Middle TkanHd^

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