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The New York herald. [volume] (New York [N.Y.]) 1840-1920, September 17, 1854, Image 2

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as* h jiwt Ilk* tSe p'rtn ill have aeon. T^e on *
Or li'O* bt t >???'> N I'Wlu i.oaf at?d whw W 1 I
bim wr<>i? I in d??erptlon !?, that, like all tS? .
Ci'Kf by *??? ? tit-ip I* ha' oe*n grev4y da i
Btitneil. aid tit p.i..uUtoo uiu h i?-Jn?il. I'ha >
ta|<> 'al B'tltV trt- iit)u|j Ihc dt : bu1 Up ItlWB, U
here ibd e?-*r> pi-*'1 i'< 0 '?* *he o the re
ttelsbart a fo. tin id. tory ("iiperla'i&T*.) a-? totally
ifli-mji^ble o' |>k tpt.'iuj ?!>?< tl tli i n??ttll ? tie com
I lite overthrew i f tf<? "tan cbno dymitf.
Way 23 ? * > Hi er> w?i.t mi mho e to diy, I
antf were tn a ed wtt'i tbe gieaVat kin tarts, rue
BU mo < r m oi ? tot ?itdf < ?a.? *i ri pro xj'-de 1 on uo i
tbe ilttr 70 iniU-a mIi Ntokiu, tj t >e itf of
?Wubu. Tola wr* n?? i?i, and OOti'ai it about
half a mi li?*v ot oeofl*- Ii * unco <HV?<ttirul, l?nt
it now bt?n. iht uu ks f ?h- couqiifinrs. Here
MoUl with Maim* <?' bamboo ii|m nc.l the w*y
through iFH-t-n ot (^rin. .Men, tiv a waive ?>f th^ir
ba'ri *, far H>? puiiittft nf our officer* wb > weut on
A tla* e on ??. ir tu lai utht tu'erio , told
??' ?!- <t?t Uic i' v? r ?*? d-ep euongb for the
K*^' t-. aii* a it> tt?< 4(1(1 if 5()() toilt-a tiirtnor o i, and
M.? \rr ?b I- ctiui tr * . n it* b?< k* ?a* tri t -r thi
n ?? r> i i.f .??! ?* h ()u \i inUier 'e t '|iin? tji'.'ttfl^d
l?ti? ?b?< ha bad *????(? ?-o fa , having tiaea w th au I
A a riraii irun ?.'-?>?r *iur n >ue *t<rverHiD ot
fote, an it >?,m cif. ui u.-ti to te'arn to 8'i.iOg
hae, ?Ln'' ?aa oo i ?i U'-ut au? ih ci' i oil or hc
c* w.t Tb< i?f- !? if i? (r-uuitieu to be ?liout
<1,000 u?i Ira lug, i t i evi Ms, ?r i. t?r c-fta'n
t* at a ia (;? Kiiip at t < t> e fc'i u-mrt ??.Met f.om
?toe H?-a ou lie ii Mint i> ai?f- " , t-?t f.ir a-< ?? of
tiaUt it outic rut <1. It dr*i< * r'.)1 .,t fii* aid
te? ri* ric atii * ??. ?? . ?uj t.i iou<n i; i.nd iw
litbut ti<e? 100 00l> 0?0 i Chi m< t; tn bo r^i b"d.
AiIUt>d> IH?. v til lit 111 ll?r tuir |)/Olill't\ 8 > tla W0
VwMd not Iw rtt.liL* < i . (1 . ut *o Aili ioJapat,
Ciruto t( e iiir it iv ioiurt>M tmr iM-opU and
f"Vt I1J J/H,l ih t 111 | ti i| til * of Hlr.h Ii i, no
hat m E1%> ingitt.iaif ihrouyb the l/otfe d St i?0i
tuttio it ? h tw n i ? itie f ?? ? i imn ht i . ? | aHvi
otion of 'mm u ut o in co ? iu' t 141 a: erv I :ie
QHqneanti.a ot ,1 kiu i i' innt-d t- it." r t ??
i <rt ah b r It uk1' ? ? 1 "t ; t-nii t, a d -wt t 10a ia
II i I ei wu'tt. 1 ' t (j . fin- mi 500 ton- b ir'tboa,
li*u not obam ?>i on 1. 1 .nho- iu t m riv< r, but did
Mil it crtik n ?' bl? pjiiMigli t >e kw Ii mtb It,
?!?'? ft'uud 1 v. i, lit - .j 2 r.v T'i 1 i v. r it ca.i9^<3
al>.C IN US ( I'm M-l, 1 :hlH Ilib'llifC tl'.l Ml-tl -3!fl
P', n- u ? o*>. o ? \ .Hif ? ? -pfft.-. NT. 1 jnio?n
ft Hib' it-- ctp?i il - A' N ?' km <?<< suv aiid !
oMa'io-d 1 omI. kt- ? r i' u >ii >\*uhn, ?iiil th
Of tbt 8uh)ii? :t'u' a >1 iii.torto ii lirip o^tl for
pt< am. ^u? ai>H f 010 ?, tud rxper un-nt tii.it it I
JCW't-'nh ti< iw ? I" iiila1 tea "ft o VW-.'-t and
Cumbfilani. I1 tliiH is t u?-, ?ud 1t c?tia ? ? bsrea
B'^na'-Jy (jural ;>ib('d. ? ? 1 t h it it u c .l yi't
4lMOv*i*d Tt'K ti iva .M <-m *nf an naiu'^rriiot-d
ConiiiiPirr "u tb Y:n g ki <-og I f>avf ?? w nrwfi/
k4viiU'j to ? i< < U' K"k* r" "i "i fill ?!?.? u tf<? i?ro
Bratti-btii D.it run b- njurtd. ()a this MUhjpct
t IB# Pa> ft *nro Wit .?f ??r ra ?v hfc*? Iw n be
leligiwuti Hek'init u' fro h wn n t r^in rvbcUi in ftriit
?r.M-i , (At1 tii'uif 1 " 110^ b-j it id dtmbt aud t* ^t
is, if our p?0|i ?? r a *tt to gain m >r(* o aimer
Olal at)vaiil-((t a ti> C ii -d, c?"t ap-?k "? tUe ijieit
probabriity ui'ibtii i<>si u what ttii-f tiuvo it iniiti
D* d n?t> ti>r<>U((i> ? i-?- >? 1 i<g >tr<iiia>'iit of sbioH of
imr. Wbii*> N .< k Mr. M 'Li w* r??f,eiTeil a full
i.f 'be rrlitiMM id' *? "f t e reb -l<. lb-*y a e
fl, thta : lu 'Ot bfki iaan iijf fnun ttui. nupe
rtor offlicrn |> t > lit- timnrt, fi-i rtiaico aritn itreat
ec?ur* V. the h'ai"'y "i tu# M?rl ?n1 toe ohufo'i,
pa In kfco*t* tu in* tliojk'ii ton O'd return- .it. dome
Of tbtir b?<'ka writw- ?*y 'h-ir iufe ior ollioers are
(fa yttf low rb? act r "f en o(t,?ii?^ ia t e in?8t
iWlcili'it* (D'KUiui '?ud oe-wiid it? ti> 1 1* ribaldry.
At* Sbakeapt-a n n-v v lira tot 101114 ftiwtteQ aoeues
of F^glisi oifitory iu pi* , ho ttu.at men attempt to
KproovM t^v aBcti*' t Cbr'Bt a 1 cuurch. Th*y
mtfii m?< hitiimH in itir wra'b of Q 4 vij'ted oa
GKyptutbe. as ?*'??? ou ti e Jeara. la 'no ton 0 >ui
Biiac meet t , to w ich uej ac d two m ra, viz :
uilnit bmokluK "u ii'iLhion. I'he-m are t")e pro
fMaiOBs i f tb-i' )c?d> >a ; u e aaves know ootMng
B-* tbaa thin, that 011 o <.b*>> nad i >o e to v <ratiip,
Md cowthry u ? vii none, y t tbiy gft alo ?? juat an
*r?IL Or? "f 0? itnarioi *'i a ? aecoxpanied
Mr. MoLanc t? N'at kia +*? sent on phorv to t?Uk
to aa office ; ftfu-rto bad ex re-a-id oar general
reUgtous vie?a >o It m, tbe ullioor rt-plli-d tbat
Ida fotelgn bt'i'her kuew well ami true all
yhmt G?t and bia s"ti Je-.ua, but w*s onttely
Igooraataf - ia Vet oi.d a.-r, laeadug Waax, wbe e
avofl be prooced'd <0 ttacb an.i itnpr?? (iq imr una*
Biaaary tut- ivpnrtanCe t i? point, lltey uiaiataia
*el theli lfod?r ""a ?h??3e g doen face ')? oae aaa
C*?r looked," Ima baeit c-miiuua-t neri b> G d to coa
??Kr die world, aud b<ii<g tbtm to tie at-rvicc of tna
true God, exta -11 *oo refuse. To ajooin*
?Uab a l *1 wotcb, G d took him up iuto hftv^n,
?*e bia a oeal.and a "aword nDC<*qu?rtb*c." Toe
. Mole world iduat c q>< uu >tr tbe authority of Tan
?teg Waug. Iher* mi 1 lutut-i a e euu rUm-d with
?r? aiicMB out i-urpa-.Hd b) vUq xn ji- da ?? Cipt.
Sucbanan waatoti that, if be w ?ulo ki? tni1 ground,
bnep tribute to Nv. kin iV. Ac., he c u'rt . him
iw. if Mr. Il'ljin? fimld becoiite the wntster "f
lat-pitg W?ng a 1 wmild oe well, but thi'. he c ;ul<l
?tot comc there aa the Miu'&te of the Vfti'e 1 8t ?l ?,
?a U e wt ole ?* i" 'd f uhuic me un<iitr the rule of t-e
Mooed aou of God Snoiv ate bru-fl. ttie :i ioul >11^
preteoaiorB of tteae d- lutb d creatu?es. I'his prf ti
ot(>l* of I ia diviD? in .ta'.uu ia the c?ruc etoue of
Stiftr g' veim ent fiib'tc. ran i^vcr roii t'ato
with tbim at loug hm lit) ente tain toese id. -as, aid
now toa? tbty a t- fltuthid with vi tory, it will re
<inne ?tnia #ud met!, aiid a few dtfialt, bef'>r'> thiy
will retfcquith it. The strong a d juHl titnl of
power ot tie Unttt d S'?t?n ntu-tt l>o brt'imht to beir
up-. n them, and tie sooner ".be better You caa uo*
OM hiv futile ao? ?ff rt ni the ovrt if M Lvi#
would ba*e been, bad he at^njiitd to negouate fof
greater fommercial p?i*i cue*.
Captain Buchanan a-kt-o to e mM officer, wi'h
Whom muoh lOmaium *tioo h<*d been t el. I airi ?h)
bad made a gooa mj'e??i?n on iim,"ifheha4
ivtr ?een Tae piug W .uk ?! ' Tne offl er replied,
1 that be had never b? n uis golden ftce." C* .taia
B. tbea aeked him "U he bad ever eceu J?wtH
Cliriai?" Tiie offlcir rtpiied " yea. twi e." Tul*
last ieplT w*m too itiuf.h for " Old Million," hi> loit
bia equanimity and bur-t < ut in para Eo^lia ?, " Oh,
jou d 1 raatal." Fortunately, the offii-er oid not
andefbtaod one aord ot i-ia fo.eiga b.otber'a 00m
plumtit. Nrw of ua thitik the ca^taiu'a compli
Bieat nnmerited. fh? devta'allou and d**ao'a'ion
Wbi. b t)**e re be la uve o-rnmuted wher-ver thay
bare gone, tbe air ck'Mt bwbaritioe, to which aid
(fttcir fanatical blaa bi-my,are enough to duigust
mi ra'ioaal mmd. Tbote be e are n > >? -rae, aome
ttitek better than thuee at Nai,ktn: bnt it a tpearn
Mfe to aay they are par noUi abcla. H<:re they
?tl k np human hernia to orriaii-ont their houaea aud
ebopa. and ao th?y *0 at Nankin. Tnua far wo
?re oeo\i?. *d tba'- a Chinaman will b* a John
Chinaman abether he i* an im.ieria lit or t*b- 1, *nd
Mb at ?e ?i 1 barn mo e tr ubl? ?>tb hin as a rebel
tban ae an imperial'it nnUsa our governmrut nip
bbelr pretetetiN'e in the bud.
Tbe eso mnua aovan'agea to be derived from an
OPPHlitcted tradi with China, and o-p?J all? with
the iahabt anta of t o-e proviucet in tha Y iniftze
Eiaag, will tv? g'eutj r by far than J ?p?rv-c*a ever
be, and it taken hold of flr-nl by i>nr govern, nent
Bow, will n?t ro*t or, e third tbe ? reaeurt* wtii. h Ja
Mihtn. Ho tier o iafi r 'hn ^te 1 m'i?t be t ?ken.
The divtre m.n-ion of 1?e- Inn Wang ia iu dir^Hit
Op oaition to out t- ?-a'y wit 1 Culna and t ?? eom
Bteruial p ogreae ol our country. OainNrAL.
PtiA^ooAF, Jul-. 12.
J httrn of the V. S. I to S tanzhat?
liis nwjiiinxit in rtla ivr to tht hi\urgrat Party ?
Pof'ii'ar uti r * nt to ilni> < bjtttt frc-, fyc.
The D. 8. Commiaidoaer, Mr HcLaae, hn ro
tmrr-fd from hm vie'Mo the Southern p >rts and to
Nat/kin, ai d. aa b< for , ia living < n *hore a' the
bonw; tf on* of our hospitable me chao'.s, thcro
bdrg do govf r ?m .a'. e^tablL" intent bete, anino
bmiKw t> be lir*d.
flia pfteoial ?-xp?ricnce with the ininmrents has
led to lather un??xii<*<*tel reaulta ia hU opinlone, at
tfce ejm a?hy Be fe't and often exoreiwd for their
caute b? f<.re be met ibem h*n given pluce towh*
ia evidently a ver\ hoti?*t indignatiou, at the ch i
racer of thrw <>bj?e> and tha meana they tak j to
attain 'bem. No donht but ?iewt> are fully convyed
to govmimnt In hi< reapatnhea, wtiich will be
pabilaVe*, if t err i?aoy u ioait/ at home od the
?ubjeat, to I onl? give a aketch of the ttnoresdoa
which hi* coootrjiM-n have obtained from conver.
Bat km wita him aoo gentlrcaan of hia legadoa.
instead * f bring political r? furrow a, the near men
are 'imply th* npholctrr of a n?-w dj otnt.v, erected
M?a pteci-e'y t? e mn?e | tit <-ipl?> a* the former ?
tfce good o? t'>? k< vein ir* and 'he abatement of the
??ren(4. Tbue U n t ? gign or a aympto n of
BberaJity o> e?i rgm mi of polht ai tde? la aay
SMpect.bat r*tl.e ? gr*?tt- ir>tenxiona 10 (rcatT
?DmrollittumeM t^a.. tr>e Tartars ?rer dr- .?mt of.
T^eir religion, it?wual of allying t'j?m wlt*i
Christiana, <o iik?iy to make t ? ?"m a* implacable
?MM'ea aa the Ma^oue tHiia wr>n* of nM: for ore of
the maia article* of belief la In 'he d>vW mi^ nii
Of faaplag Wan;, and hn right, by direct up oint
Jneat frt ni (Jo<t to th? (-moire <>f the whoV aro 1 J.
Tbe Ofciaeae barter t* not .i*'ca a'en 'or ??na
lict? a. aad ptobab p ttmrn ia litfe r< tDoaW*<ii for
lha mm tootrloe m toe rank*; w i<* tin H?4er,
V lM laaaae, mil <4 b ' it*are of the lupriimr> he
li praatMiig, aaJ may ttivo w >y in hn oicten-ia a
?rl?ea he rcabaeM tbe p i*?r of Mkwn.
Mr. M L?na haa pro'tneed a m w eg^eahl* im
mt??H'o* ap *a the r^aiden'a mC'<int ? twti \>nerf- i
San aiid Bngliah-aod uoqieatlo>aWy th? m at
gwpaUr Oommtaaio er we bav*1 yet b?d. Whil-the
?eimhUo i-roftta bt hia dillgt-n.e and eoergy in
aaalctog hlm??>'f thoroughly acqaa'wted with toe
?rreat ouaatioaa to be decided, his c roitrymen are
jWimed wim hia nUaitnt and aoclahle m?nn ra,
yiofeaatbat by th^ l bi rality and jOHtne'W of hia
Vtowa. Tr.ere Kmn* to be no doubt felt that he it
|pU/aqnaltoU.etaekbef>rehlm. ?
i. . , 8**Koni?, JmwItM854.
^ ?r'mont '?**?** >he Rrr^ Um and
_ , 'A* RrM .
B ?.?hl r "" ?< "? ?>"><" J?. .. ?t
eoluion if ?<?, wMe; *''J ????? J
wo., i ik. n c,e ,n tsp Nku Yubk rrBKAi d,
-C^,rwcut<d * ihe ^ ^ 1
For some c*u?e or of be.-, there i j no v?-T Mtitf,*-.
of tL?I P08<tiVP ,iufornn"on K'W ?n t.,e ntrralve,
,^7 T ?r i0t'r ?BWe 'hlc'' ? h*4
tJ? t *njeH<*n Mioiste , If r. MeLtoo *ud
Uo insurgent chiefs dt \?0^0; HUj j, ' ? ,J
be, the>f r< re, inappropriate to a>ld ia tills , cMcc
"?eftw fa^tbat h.ve lrin.pl wl, toucilog the 1
t^Tr0. clvi1 PJ,,CJ of tbk singular revolu- !
^u^^ta'U l?L0( ?ar c? >m,u lB the '
the public run,: h. * of A?*tic. ana Europe, f, -m
u *'uk,n: ???*
cult to m.,e. ,inn!^?rait i'/"''1"'' ' U rMh*r d< ffl"
i ' 1 prrpoaa-i, at t u i.-? vini?
t" atU m i to ,'iiialyjce t e t-ror,,.' eaor it b it
had fc0llylr o^v-a.k.o, o?
iJ'.VutV-'10' wV 1 . vtbj' ,r' f?v?r o- all
Tail ,ir ,1 I, , .. , 'j y ? * ?? Ola
th, < 'hn.-t : ? ij ti,s, ;'?ri,,u ??
be '| ' ' ? 1 1 I ,,i, ' . " ,lr> vv ''"<1
ST. ^r^,4:?vr "5Si "K <
?? SE ? ? -
. 4 , : ,k ? ' I" c-iiibli.xned, .v,i . ,j t, .
A* liJj/ w?V a ?7? u" ' c'^"> "?? *?
a: on H.,,r .L^ d
'fc'u "l S'J' '? r'" t"" be at ??i np.rpr.WQg if) ia tho !
gn?a'i>J.U J ? tm Wil1 b:) a ' j imi
Muc/i of * h i#? ffor ni'jt br* tri""fl tn ?Sj .??? i
U?r?? L';i, J?
>??" t""1 c ! ?n !or lu.iii* c - m-ios -n
& r?iS" 'i toSrt"
lIM Hi-"'* Iwy bad at o nude rre.t nr..
C'(Sf. 1 ulttjie hixi -.be ir h t?u u th' #b ot'
tuiore?a^B.nie.^ k. b,,b,^o, a" tin r A
wltu<l;Hot Am? nca *efe oul tn.<].im h/to^ui
Uu I. t'i?. Nor ?o e th. y et-en drtli writ jn ,kn Jfi.
b" hie xulTii 'i- ",l!l tll(' ?ho'v.iou u,., t
xibh n?ei u iir |?r H, ltlHDV v.iard, a*a a-iveo
SthfiCld10-^?:- 0f coln? 'rM,!l *h.j rest
fclid Oeceu r?? avec.,IUtll 1 bt'coiurt feeo'o
* fjf. [at-. Corrtijti m, arto^ni ?? ?ud i ol?s
fffH Cmra"1'*"^"^ Ot thnr h.tfb
b.v, k-,o*u a.i. tiimr <.f tneu
W(f,rem?liltT,n Ul( eir 8 c,i' 't0" ?}*"tn
" g'?JU?K*lnat itcouW ncai oeijr b^ oeiietred
ht Vmi J charge aiw.bj lor ttio better; aud
yt ftom the Oevt-loj emei.M beinu imckj Mt
ot tt,e i'-nnection, .b<8 ooly too aJESat
thil iiibleuo ol xn aovno xs.-yp toA'anlsa burtiur o? vi
bzut'.ou, fig , ol!t> i, d,c.dJl> retrog ;?TA des 3
*'I1,lrto'-y c'? HCdfCrl, be irn.^ia
on^t,:,rt7 ??iab:lahel by raping Wang
' ? CH,al.?Uuicit">n8 n,ad', t0 l,?? Atmricm
ft iLit-ttr, a> d his pe w?ual ia eicon vriib tlieir
<'0L'i'u"(1 l,l? im -r^sHio-Js ?i t.e Eu
f ^ 8no Frrnob Miniatora, ax to tie diffi mltv tdat
fo> eiK?< ^atlollM will have m boiling ao? dioloiuatlo
fXrr;r. ???,*? "?* j" ?"f ? ? s?"?d
to thi, ,,t ikto, "urp"s? ?">tolog.v? imo ?
cJn'lVJ* r.n?l"> D0 one Bubjocl ?I,on which there
fmo e?? r"aeuus opioiuus tnaa the rj
ligiouA tuith of t eiasurueii H. From tae bust in
be,wbui!;ed. " ?:>re m-urlj rese-ubtoi
\DU> Cnna,i?i"y. altnoaKh it would
th % M ^ "0me baZy' inal-l>?C'. DotlOtH Of
f,.!'. . xt K CU Hte trn?Hlationfl of b ?th Um
Old aid Now Ie?t?mer t we e found anioo>c tiorn.
/uiweir t ffleiaJ coinojuuicationa to Mr. McLme.
KJ bJso then own deems, weio cau hed ia Uioltcii
waa^hff forth ?t>e t ? r i"11*0 I'rodau,i*li'0ni It
L .k t 1 i God cr"?tcd ae<ven acd
eaitb, laud and ?ta, mm and thinira ia
tnx days; ? hat He tir-t mani-'ented His wrath
by t be cehige ; next by tie uii^i u of Mom?
iu Ktiypt; tjirdly, oy tie mission of his ei<lc?t so a i
JU-sne Oi.iwt, upon earth; all of which a .pewi to
al ?? *vID ^ ?' ?*n?8U and th?? (}o*pei i
?tW,k th<n fepK^enteo thtt th-s prs
?cnt la tte lourth di^peasuioa, beina tbo rnlMion of
tbe \onrger brother of Jtsua ; r*e,pinS' Wan?,
T I l""* ^c,n *,Dt d,own on o*rta to ext^rmiuate all
H?r ??.Dt i t,y obey ft'id w'0 ,,biP birn and
tin CHential ilo?r brother, J*nas Christ; tia', his
mi^ir u it. r i t only to rule over the Celestial K (noire 1
of China, bo* to extend his oomltinu ove. ttie ,
^h. le wetld, and g*thei together tae entire ha nai
tt Hr hi K? ?f c ' *nd tb*X a" nati(-,Q1 nuist aotid
. Mf 5. mintetera annually to hw wlos iai court
u' NsDiln, and btiDg with them tribute aud rui
Tao Pinff W?g isth!. T:wt
crn King, n? alao stUrd the Jomtor?er rrhi Res
P froni Calamity, or the Holy Ghost, wi.o hii
wtn fen? d jwn from heaven by toe Father to a-tist
at 1. 1 heaven y , ou-t ? f the Yourger Btoiher.
imtead ofan? desire beit g manifested to culti
V8te frienoly reUMocs with foreigners, qUi e ai on
.^,l< ^rw"3 manitested, ana there can be no
fow^L i^n i i T.*f ^,n? WaD? ^nd his deluded fol
lowers ebould nltlfcaulj aoccetd, (an at thi^ time
ms mere tlian probable, as Ue last news la th*t
bia army m under toe w^ila of Pekin.) western ua
tions, uibiead ?.f a more enlarged, wLl hiv^ a more
K? ,,llCrCO,U8e wllh *ciia lh? tt?ey no?
llLf'.?^,0n^U,dJafitiry U' tle readers of the
tiBXALD. ot world woe le^utatiot., may expect fu'l
dt'ai s i f every o^nrrence of inttreat in this dl*
tsnt part of tl e g obe .
should fall, there will be presented for
the cotuidera-ion of U McLane, the A me lean
Minister, sr me of the moat imi ortaut ques'l >ns th?t
m'n t ^cr occup ltd tiie ktttQtion of our govern
n-r^?fr,fV,lr T?"-a To? pfopittons tim> than the
p e??x.U(-r the lilted Stau s to act out a >>ol(i and
inde(H-n ,^nt policy. Y\o have at prerent in the
? i A largtst squadron tha'. tho govera
mett Iihs ever conccntratc-a h-rc, aad wnich i? now
?M?mblrig on the ^??Ht, liavinw so signally tii
nnihtu at Ji?par>. We have no w in tnig harbor th?
1 l>mou'h, t e \ andalla, and tho Susque anna, al!
in suptrl coLdHion, and ready for "auyb .dy."
Fhanoitae, .Tun* 27, 1854.
Diplomatic Viae* and Negotiations ? Necessity for
Government miction.
Tbe visit of Mr. M?l,nuc to Ntifikin, so far a? onr
crmuirrciil intuerts were conoarntd, was must un
tatisfuclory. He tbcefore deU-r.Tiiued to visit the
Vk?* Hoy of tbeee two Kiangs, *ho i* an imperialist,
aid Ke what he could do with tim. Aocordlu.:ly
tie city df Quar ksIibu, <ib ut s'x'y miles from burc,
vu d(?igi'atcd a* the place of meaing. Tbe Mum
ter I a* been up and returned, and It in generally 111
di rhtood that the Vtcc li >y con-tnted to do ail o;ir
Minister atktd. Ihe English M'i>i?terU hero, aa i
it is gene ally bellev d thnt e'fh is trying to net
a. vanuge of he other tbn ugh the neoet-sitien o
ti e Chinese government. But a Yankee ism.>rethin
a match ft>r an Englishman; in this inatauje U it ,
kt' iku gly ?mi#. f
i On Hi. 2it.t there tvasa lia'd b?ttle here be' wen j
tbe tt t? Ir- a> d >mi enallats, but ma u*ii <1 tbo f irm^r \
! eld tlier own ngaiztttbe litter, tJU>ou?h infe- or
in unmhe'. Tre Imperialist* havr prepared anotn r
mil e m eer the city wall and tb?y ^ay they ?li( now
take tbo city, omasa. Tone is a gr >wir.i? f.ell'<?r
hmong the Ri^ibb ard Ameii ana L.m in f*r<ir of
ibe imperialist. )me?d, it is UMtersto* d tu'-y li e
attempt. ng to negotiate t e t>urrt> d?-r of th? city,
j en lbepi<ond that tbe prraen-e of tie-e rebel* U '
I dest initive t(. tbe <ommetci>t) iutertgU of /on.-t<aer<.
Fnch a tonine of policy l? extremely uncertain. ,
In reality we b^vo no il^bt to i/.t- i-f^re at til, :
bat we bate* a rkht to n,y to both parties you
must not ir.teifwe wiih our priri ege*; but
to say to tb?*e r*b -U ui tie city yon must i
enrien er to tbe im^riaUsts, appear* going rather
too far. Tbe viei'. of our Hini-?'?r to N uikln, and
?ie ;den? denvet from the renel* on religious sib
cte. he?ms t ? hhve p rjodi ed rti.?tiy ajaln.t thrtn.
J- w nt jut<t they are. to expert a t arburian a hea- j
tLen, tt j,H-g it ara? ter Irom bin idola'rj to the **r- 1
tl'tefiL* true God. witbotit a,?ot i?r b'< JnMh ! Tiey
b&v* mticb gwi Htno> g ttcm: t;iey ' o* tv t?be
ecco'ir?f?c ?t d n< t crushed Ro? Htahii.'h tio im
V< nalbte, and yon have idolatry Htfain; crinii oue,
ut dyoo cmsh tK'<b. The rebel* h'ive h rao >tr.nga
icpfl* of tb?ir king and of government; * litti*
wboloone C3rr?ction will a^jnst ?iia' ; bit t o? do
UmttlkH poea gs the pe'iuioe i of P'lri*
tiai.ity, mind up with a little chsfT bit^i'liall
ti elr miacooen'itioM they ate *?r b.>tt"r, t"4 <t# '
mvf ou' aid f?r n>ore tb:iu tbe beaUiCj, pa^ui |
| 'd latr re rf the Mnrrbn dji nsty.
One of tie miMiotari>s ?* to n'wmrinnifd Mr.
*rl are to Nat l;it> '?a* wtlfrji a*r y tit c ac sonn'
, ef tfec trin to the North Chuia Hi rata, n'lica I (Ml
J < Intn.
The iaet acci untf from th? north s'i'to th.t thf ?
rebels weie at', hdily kev pa ? n Fekit. Linr.- I
r'av *eesjtpcct*o hear Cf iif f;' 1. and tee fiiirb' if
Manohn. >*?
aNO WU?[T.
fV'prm North c hlna lln?lrf, Ju?*> 10,]
! TV mt Ki cm>H) of ti e UmU d HtMm-fri
ga*e Hiwqti' L*- n i op t e VKt't-'?nKi?#|. ?u "M
ot vt'j ^ ??' #at In all oo bo.rd; a miw fall
Di?r< alive of it may pe<ha ? be p*e,?'?>l hereafter
bet, h<j??vf>r, Kii) ioai?ur?<e c<*u-ra-nt? co?r get
at'- i d, 'be fd'oninp vwj hurtied accouir m sub
nj(,t? d tu t'ie editor of I0e AVtA * hina He. aid:
: Itna> be f mem?iered. tint id th* spriuir <w UM
tbe Bm-qm hwna, wi'b CoL M ant all oa b?*r I,
r-fhiitd on a t-'mi'nr ? \pn1i"o , und alih?hirb Oaut.
Bur) miji n ?*r> t Id.hj :.l! *ln piifewi ?o kn w
mij> i h i.g t f the ti*'> ijin ion of t'm river, thtt it wmli
i be fu'iie tu n ot it in *o large a vessel, i?e ?a*
t i'l vn'l i a to ibokt tl.e illo.t, in ??? paittculary,
tit at thai lin tiVti- jieat ..Vim' ?ti fell touching
tha - Hnmikhbte inn's ioth- ir.Je'ior.
t 1h stip K'our>d>d oo tbe'B- Hide aboil snoi aft<-r
gv | ir?j? lii to tbe r.\er; the di<- appointment ?a ? r*
tn;^d '> v*0 >Wht u? ?il on b'Mfd ua' ei.p*clai> to
CufrK BoiAMjo, who would, u that tiai? bav* :i<t
MVvii laid ?-? ? tie ('D, bud liot the seivijea of ttia
1 Hn^qua ' nabN-n n^-cd d 'd t ? Japan Eipedituw:
hf- r:-?a "ltd, tberefo e.wrb retiiatHticc.iate' hi># to
t-tj. wi?. ( t' < flint rppor .iii i?y to a tetnpt U anew.
ll?9?Jt "Imtcj Mr. MeLm ; ,t?ie p Mat A'nMic*n
fbvir gs me itt-a. i <n, in coorifc no with
bu- t t '? j!" u j the K a> d toe Su-qifbaooa
J nduy t#\ u j ? < c-4 .5 b> tbe Untied 8t ?tbn >(<>VKra
lnnc a' i\ ? "in Ca Uii' iiuuau was oaly t>>o
fcl? .i in li ?** ?.<itlifr< pp ?r"uui?y.
(beui tpl "'t ^?-r ?t i-h in Wt ognnc no Min
(Juj.ibn v ay, about 11 t>,cloi''k, the "eitlur ir?i
*ii>y ini .?*? * ble, H' J s h? ily a*'<*r m -r
w y -hi wi^na iVt* open iu u ii am fop; it co> tiuuid
tu raio *. I iiny. About t?o o'c'o-k sue nearer t^o
B'-i neB o- \ ? n ?' bud prevmuBt^ gr<inod?d,
vMnll IS S ( * lull'. J to l>f (Ml* Of tbC BMMt MTt lUt
oi,ctM-les> tf 1. 1 1 Bvfgatjun of ihe /i<>r. ro?5 nr?.a
r*t fi.'iH'bie u e olntm'.d. hdJ uf'er toAcbiag
fliabtlj tht v r ??<?' p- ? <-d mid sbe (jot i??f? y oy(*-;
Ibt ivcai Lt i L?Kiir m h b?<r, ; w ik u?; io?u pni'jeut
ioc u-etoi a??i ai >'? A-j th> niijb1. Ot uj* u >i
t1'.} flh# < OB't 6i"rt k'tf C'lur-c >is far a.i L)Sg-i!im
< i ???>!*?, wm i; tb ? wkU r w?a f nnd ^ery n-ml,
oi <i wj-t-K- 1 1 * Hr?mi? (foti??<ed sKMgii <1',4 - ?
ii )/ bu?i i'liCi 'rel- \ ? J i *-i ful Moiuuli K 4 Were
bj H. nar' ^. ni H'e." ?>i" ibr 6<iai}u<'b<iina.
? ben cttpvr rb' ?rifi 1 ?a t fotMif) and eiw hipp ?r ?
ti t i'f-ii ? i<. No ri-ry J* *1 :ifi ?ulrien ?ffio fit-p
fXpwH'-'Cadt ufxhouun the H>a'i?toga oo tw curt.
?? ?i {lAtdtu brirMtcir<t6,OK :i? iroba't); t > t
ebi'T'Kt' i by the cb*i#>ei nince it sr*9 'Pd.
i'be i-bvo in ly rui-icfcr dfcirii'K tao #115 , #i?i*n
tbt wer>i??-r *** iiroMhlr, ^ilvw lniu?<>, wnert Mia
iiin.e'iai Diet ia uoihureo. ?r*a n it (eic:ied uaul
Ti u?bday 25t<i. ub' ut 1> <>' ii U A. Id.
The i*u|ieri?l ?d uitnl a-'id >?t eiMw* on
Iwu d: bu b>?il bi-fcii uj'unsed of tbt? vi'iit. -.ai a f
long iMeiview ? it < bin cxoaliMe;, Mr. ?< I ^ne, i
tbeiataieof wlsich h not knewo, a^iboiutb, it in
fcaifi to bn\e hteo perfe tlv >r e:?ely. 1 .e ->bip t
bpprt a lied the iro,ieiiu,i fl??f, laJn .en *<;<? tt-ed, |
t loug't^bt the- Uoe, in bot>or of bl? f jtoelleaay. VIr. I
WcLikte, *bi l> *tre promptly rvtnruMl by 'he S'i?
quebui.ua. Silver l*l?nd im ooe v?f th-> mis* bmnti ;
ful p itn on tue rivtr, acd t ouj*n a ? opi^rtaoity !
waa afoide l ot goiog oa shora ?l iu*ttio?, soma
ofibe 1 "li ?m vi?<tetl Hot: the i-:u n t?ip.
Ah CbiD k)abg fa, tbe firrt p?'lut op the rive?-, in
tbe pooM-esii a ui t c ubel forcoih ai)^roa?hed,
a bhot -.rat died acro-a tue bowa of tie R-t^i; .it-ii ?n- ;
1. a ; UaMa Boonaio ionaditWi st?pioi, di- ;
re tly hbrcant or tue hatieiieu, wui orders wero ,
iD?ttt*ii:)y t'iTi n to clear the abip lor actio*, her ?
heavy gurs were run ou;, oi>d evu?y thm^ I
wom in ieadittsd, if any father hoe tie ir.dl 1
catio' a ba n teen ?bovm, to> :.d minister a proper
r? bu-au; a boat w if 1 wertd, cod Liaut. l)oe. and'
Mr. Vw a C?rr, of tbf Legation, iccooi^aaiej by
ltev Dr. Biiiis'D>ao and R v. Me. Culbertaon aa ia
terpra'eia we" e sfLt on 6bort? to c matauioate wi'Jt
tbe authorities, and demand an ezplaoati Hi for the
sbot. T e rain fe'l in tomuits, an ft it w*? on'y af
ter a greht rlilBcuity they auccevded in Indmg the
olBcer in com mar ii of tti g?riwiD. whose reaidsoco
mm distant nome two or tb. ce mi let* Inside the ^lia.
The appearar ce or tns p'.i e was inelaec o'y in
deed Fucb disolation and misery every whet* oh
servuble, auflicieLtlv told tho t?!e o' the rcceat dis
turbances . A moi c 1 trf-xv burlesque en a uklitary
oigonizution, c?a scarcely be imagined than t&e
tr?K ps within ibe works pre-^ntcd. A motif cro vd
0) men and half n b >ys had crtire pwaescim
of all tbe water batteries that command tbe river
at tlds mobt importatit pent. There seeaved to be
no one who cou d be d'gmlled with thn came of aa
ofiicer; ti e grviitest pocbibb kindwas wi?, oowevejs
exhibited by the > rowd, and tbe visitois wvre ud
diesbed as " Oar B othce," which waathe dedgoa
ti( n tiivrn by ibe rebel psity on c>7ery occasion
where any cocomun tuition wa* bad ?-.th theu.
On reaching the residence of Woa. t e cfi'?er iu
command at C ir-kian^-fu, Lieut. Duct aid. Mr.
C* r Hue coLuuccd into bis official c> amtHn?, and
writ lectived wit.j some ccremon> aud at ftp an- nr.
a ow cf Btitc. An aveuue was for?nad t>? tLa ? ?a-da,
tbroush wbi' b tbej na-s-'d, aud on r^aeii'ng tho
Gem ral , be was observed sea'e on a olatfurm. Hu
]<oii ted to a sub' rdinate ptacc for them tabu aonttd,
tbej advaaced, h< wtver, and toc-k tb-ir pl4Coion
eitr cr t-icc of him, on the i-atm- ? lcv*lion ; of thy
tumbtrsnbo crowded itto tbe ro^m, many ^c.e
tbscivtd to make their omittance by ktoeUaj?,
tiLkjii appears to be very gecer-il as u a act of rev
fcif-cce tovatds thoj-c in authority.
The 0?ncra' tlatfed that tho fell t h^d bean fir- J
t< iause they ftnudit receamry to stop all vpshp's
nhcmoiig thic liver, but now thit ttis tnet?ill>
cbfra-tei ct ti e *bip wa? asce taiiad, propirin
atmstions would be civi n to the office r. at tue ba>
ierits ?o l>) event a rccaneuee ni it.
Mr Cair wke i> structed by his Ex dlency tbe
Mil let- r to Mute that. citizens of th? United e".at?s
n i-ioirg in Cbit-a, ucder (be guiiantee-* ot a solrmi
treaty, ixp Mil, both in their pewjua
and property, by tbe civil strife now extending it
self over tbe >ni|'ire, unit thit it ^as tbe determi
nation of tbc MMibter to exact from bot \ parties a
pro. ir ret-pect to our leutral rights, ard in . order
that be rn'got obtain n 'urate information otr their
relative p- ailion*. be intended to atoni the river
Bome distance; that be would atop ut Nankin, tad
m gt-t tbeie commauicatc with the aut ontie-.
Vmo replied that te nouid ma?.h prefer that the
Mir>i?t*r * ould remain at Cnin kiang-fu, until be
could s ake kxowu bib intended vlait to the Kist< rn
Kmjj, and t ai the vtiit of i is Ex ellen y would bo
ttiule more f-atiaiactory by so doirg. Tie interview
was so ne what prot.ac'ed, owing to the peculiar
dia ectveed, which tbe Irteroreteis imperfectly un
den-tecd. Tbc result of this interview beiog re
ra-red. Captain Buchanan, on full cousultniton ?rih
Alr.McLaiie, wax cot altrvet r avUli^d, aod he
lb- 1' ar dressed a let'er t > Gen. Woo, demadalog ui
Itnncdiate apolegy fortheineult that hid been offer
ed to the Mutrican flag, and that unices it
was fi ll autf ample, be would effectually prevent
a similar occurence, from that bttv ry at leu%i. Be
d! o erchsed liim a d awing of "&<? Car, (-hat it
might not ogaie bo f<itg0t'0B. Lieut. D ?er, nccoai
pi.nu-ti bj Mr. E. A. I a- II- >y, of tbe Legktioi), was
diiecteu to deliver the let er: brfur* it wan re
chived, I owevj-r, a c wmuni ation wa* pent on
boaic, cor.ta oil g a very Bit^fae^oiy ap dogv, sc
comi ar-ii d wit-> a rrite ated hope t 'at tin lixcel
b>cy lb ? MtuiBttr sbou d aw?it ?? dh communica
tion tn-m Nar k r. Mr. McLan? b log unwilling
to Bi.fl't i himi. deuntii u, Ca >t. ILir'uuau uppr sed
General W o, 'hat he wool i pr<*e<d ?>u the f How
iiig ds> fct rex n, wiicli be uceordinglt did: none
ot l? e laitt-rW no. ean-0 at r?'l disponed t.o ob-tr.ict
the ptog cui of the s' ip. On ap.irc ai-blug K ?a
chow, fiotnf distance above C tin kiur'K-fu, a strongly
foitilic u |>oii t at toe in uih of tie liraud Caoa1, la
the voi-ies* on oi th? r? b? Is, *?>e i 'flier > in command
a p oactM d ?!)>? Sit qutha/ 1 a, win* a letter, ie;?- at
?nc wt-?t had pnvi -nsly lie- u ittten l>y vV o,
aijt nt iiotni! ? ru it ?v n f.ai i to him io r-i.ij, that
tl e ot ject 'J no- Ml'iictir wa- filet d y, acd, t'i?f he
o?ulu"cri)y fave iuttrcourto wun .tLe*Ui?i er
auibornicH at Nar kin. [t gettmi; rather
late bj d *b fn ii Um > : i aic> h?d bin (r>on it) .t
a ch'vav.r-rfi-f'izf bad N-ut thr iwci a ro-M
tt c jiM-r, to I'terrac'. tbe pan me of th?j loi;><-rinl
f'?e*, 1) e cspttdrt catne to an an.bo: r tie aignt.
lie j?n*r>l ?.i* cue uctpd th'-ong i ih? Bliip, aud
trt ij p eat at'miifttio i of her bittery; ^e
I aui ulaiK 1 * jifivo imiw.d or.fi ct ;iio : e*v; o'ght
ii cn i leer.*: l er traverse p>v<-t ct>r >v i baMti
fn appa atus f'ir r * -irg an?j d^p ts-i .>/ exiited hN
? MC'al intention, lie r trailed o.i board untla
latf ronr, and ultimately ex o*enwd a >rr? >.toe<i e
toin c??doDit>t'eihip. He left, ?tating tb?t he
wen d cor e on 1m<iuo ir. tie morning, but the *<?*-??
lenvli g at an early onr, he <ras n ?t tatr n >n h >a d.
On apptoacMng Nuiikm, or, ?:] t e low. flxt Itnd
ou'side of tte no. 'b*ast wall of tie cty, cm ma we^n
a?wn>t'l?d. and aa It waa fn>m this point that tie
Hume* a. .<> C'ajyini weie fired at, the men wo ? hea'.
t > quar ? ib, ai d ev??rj pirp.rntl <n niaHe t<? give tlieiu
ah nneide if any howtli* detnnnatrat on i ad ben
n .idr. Nor? whs, tioaever; and the 3a?qa<'h?>ina
slowly and grac? fn'ly movt-d uo to hsr anch i-?se
jr.?t oft' the corner of t e wail above wnii nid.
Tin d?y w,i heaotiful, and th-* thousands and tb m
tar d? ?bo zed at In r. as abe app>oa<^e<l tvere evi
cting tnui h impret-aed win her fine n^pearH'ic.
I.unterant Dun *i?d Mr. Ctrr, with fw- ituv. Dr.
Bi diti an, w? r? airain wt t ?n shore wi'h a let er
f. < ni t'aptiitn nnebajjan, to the t.lgnect ofB<ter cum
n.ai. iiiw at Narilon, tn.M-nnctig vh? arrival of a
I'wt* d Rtati ? i-h'p nf-wa , nith h? Am.-iicau Ml
D'strr oti boatd: t^o le't'T a oel vered to a <
' ffle.*r, ?fco a?i>t?d trint wiuld f *mrd it at on e
to Yn g tbe K?a'?ro kin-r, ?#h ?*e r?-iii?oc* wa" in
MdetLe i ity wa.'is, dixtn t ar-m* elghi ?>r nln? mil"".
A i- am< >er rec-lvui by Oapt-Ui Rn- hint i, fhe
ictie nnn a'y?e of whioe. <? v?rv ex'raordio ?ry.
Hih H*c?-ltf riey Mr. M- I< -n- i-u^i* qne?tJ> be. ? ao i<
c r ?-*i on< ? i ce v i'h thi- auth?iiMe".tHe h racter
of wb i'h fp not. know-; it 1? Hlnewfi'v at^mi^fd.
Ii wr*> r, tfat t' e correspond fe<- deve oped views
ot p"'iey, hrth p >itleiii aid rdlcluH, quir? a? te
m!i kiihlr oa Bfiv pi? vlone ?cc tirta had of alii
utjla.- n ? vixn>r>t, wt cb fiom i'a v>ry o igin to this
i ?n? mm n.~ u'tnly to baflle the c< tn j;? t c aim uf
n m kind,
lm >ng ? etwo or t- rr e ?'avs ?ha ah'p rnainp - a'
N>rk r, she wes two voii wit \ tbon?;ada of rU
tara. fa>a prir cee aid geverals (rtiN wiVw It
bglw), oown ?? to?i<?N). utl i4 whom a >MtiDi ail
?d Mltb hQlMKDM-U &l lier tamthtei (.)>? aa4 el*
gmr* ; ra-ny of ihe officers r<*he<l the oti?. ?,d
M?tte oi ibtlr ndvec.t iir? m *ere ood ?t>nuc? (joiaib'y
iu> tn conet of some oi tbetn m?j i*. gveoi
Tbe BMp lrftNabkin ou W*edo? r-day, the 31st to
make an ?xnmu-aiion big?ei i p the t Tver. Oa t-ie
vie H of lb* Ileno h, ebe weuf un t >?o r?0 or t*rl re
niijee; with t i" exoption the Hat'ine latina is tbe
file* equate ripped tbut ever diHturhd ?'ie
w*'trh-t U is noMe river, m> far froai it* imut
Tte epectai le tc*t was re-entnd ?? tn?t bsauufui
moi ning- o'.d a more lnvt iy one eu-e'y m v?r d t wn
er- w*< i.l'i?j?ttd to produce wo injpm.^?n not
t*-i!v v.rg ?V D. Iler* ?u M?u ft mtgoitl^e t
< I>* ol t(U 1* gt&tVr* *-!*!!, i ,
J or toniupe a?r. druft of wuter su.p<tae*d b vanr
fo vT Ue latest th ee-decktia, afoea wi h thi
ni'rt impr. v?d tiead<> implements of des<.iuo
tio row iiijbii cit'v? of < (Doers ; no ra?-n wi.,&
piaoil die if p rie t; b-rtiun spar*. statoly dim n
eron* sot e i guw of mooe , would r?ak?? lie- an ..b
j?h' of toml/ati?n io miiv btilx-r in t>e w *ld: he-e
? >*pci tbi* not, c* ehip h'-hujiok boldly in'o toe
;,'t * vwt Emj.tn., np a river wnob i- soanwly
bur|.?.fudbj?lh.rtheMU?i.jp|,i ?r theA?u..a??;
tl ? nijrii.f)? i of >>umao t*iup? wtio crowd, <1 tie
if wohfd ut li< r Hfl tUn oii-a'd <10 Mid a
Iiji.d ?f aota>ratiftn, not itr.mixot vritn ure
wiceiipg in t> etr own iooocta* and i?a>
? i ct fiota uhrn(6 HDe cime, or irbitur Me
va? po.; ij ? pjtt'e did to*} ?m,.gio.
xj'.'i C4 ro?- from a distant !t?u I t Kumn-i^ of
n Ob*a). acd to?t h- r o .jpct., |Q tb#w? ,+ti*o<?
? we-H, *?., to witiob ncr <vi h a ctrp'ul h.itic tuc??,
?>() piiiuaq wis t a ancillary O'nuptt'ude, t}?J
t-1 pnU-ft v>Alai?oa of the ri^ .fct or privil-?oS (,f
tt-ort tHioce fl^n hW. bite ? ira y it was a hi^bh a>t
n to t* lorgmh'ii,
Tb- vbiied Mxctrj on^i" er biiik of ttm riv<>r
ahiivo N<fk)b,ie not f-quall'd in ibi! *r<> Id. f(i?
j I iy I LtWUX'ti Tfljr brond, ID H4)4irt {? ti Oi ?ovn*?l
luH 8, aijd ?h mri *r ti iri-i -.m-ratiln lfl ttu.m
honafcOf ?Ki<'har \e> He?uii(nf; the vUir^Ha.ci
tvui IG? tlil.'r, 1 1 thiir Vm'i HU:U Oltj, Hi >n
fMDiiu 11 ? itb a ve/ft utiojt, ?}k.<, u <iu uo?, f.?rtn
?? _ *? 1?IS y (,f fuoi Vo B'ipjiy tu?
iviiiMoi r who fojb*?w. itiis tfi^i
. wi'mow rtoii ??(! fir ??> W.i'i.i,
< fintviure <<! i.?n?ah*')jr, ???? of ih? U a nt
ii UK : t^wim nn tt>e ub<>u*OM? buua>ed uiim,
ibon- N^iifcio, a? n*t?d i< I>a?U' *,.rk: it m
K..r ? !>? I'Oit-vrr so far. ( Tbe .ii,t*T c*- bv sUi >8
noboMnii k about M ruilcn..) Hen tie n iu ^u<l
>M-te f-L'g'iN-a *ne u?/na ?t wit> ?-v*u gr^wtr as
t otiinbii.fi, t ih-u In-low; at, ? bad xcirnel; drooped
a no, t, .'are nnuraerabl * bo^t^ liilrrt v, rb t? u
h np.Tvuj* bfd '?( m t? o h?.oip; a? tbi ne r .?da
can e oi, W.id, t -fir wonocr %?.g too *rei? r.<r ntt??
rhtiro; at nte line tb? i iuub r wi>- bo gitjit >8
a'mc.-f to jtoptrdiz* tbeir livea ia R<*ttiag up and
<].,wn ibo ^^aDgwa^BJ ho*tvcr, nothing c>u'd
? x?^"T tboii g?t>d biiitor or c -irrct ,r. Tn?
cit> <>< ? ubo and viCMtv wo* vMt*d In m wt .?f
ti/f i |Bc<ra, >Pd to? gr, a??*t kibti eca was a>i<i*rt !
lb<n)l>vtt e people ai,<l the auth",riti?-n; gm<im u> i
c< rejiono d tkcm *b<obg^ the gtre?t ; tb?y nntm !
kh ?,m wbon cai?ed br-tbe-a Tbe xamn a *-ne of
oet-ol"ti n waa aUu obi-erve 1 beie as at Chin kit- it, I
f u and Nai.kin Tbe cltjr is e clo-ed by a will I
BIJ.. IB said to Contain a popu'atmn of balf a rau' '
lion, its imdf, however, ie at present koUiwIt
iifte>mit*d b? tiif, revolution. Thee are few oU
J"<ta paiUiul.ilv ?rortbjr of tote, exwpt t ^e nun jo
ta?,?bat st/e cbes out for a di-tuaje of -e#pr*l
ini c h, joat k front of th? lowa. Tf e great b^od ?>f
lie liver at this polrt mak^a tbe vo? snsrulirlw
grn i d Th* ci'y baa been in tha poaa^aaiou of cae
r*t*U for several months, (it was t?k?n b/ the
r( Lels cx, tlie 4th of March, 1853 ) alii,oo?h J io l>or
tiOL rf tboir a my it left there? the force eonsUliwr !
entirely of anmd juika. many of whi h are eS- 1
pi :jed ia carry ins i iotIsioiib np ai d d ?rn tlie t iwr.
l-rosu tin beat mSM-inatiiin obtained, th- r^hela h?ve '
entu a , oawaaioo of tbe n?er for a g;eat diattaoe. I
Boree of tbe cAief* visited the ship and their an- '
p(urt.:ice general iiitelligpoce male a v- ry> t'd- I
vornhff impreasion, aa indeed iran ibocaae witithe
ioim of ?t e pwple at Wubu. Tb?ir c mpluttooa '
ar? lighter and phvMognjmy mut K better than the
con a: y Gh Mse i earer the ooa?t . rtomt attention
ft! WM also obierved tmooa i
tbem. The ibn o' tbeir foreign brothers, in the
' oiideiful Blip, gave them mn Jh appa ent pleaaura
aid w aas ol t' o higher officers ex..reaB? d a bop*
tbat tiane and comnM-roe migti be carried oa in
bu< b atenneis as far as the aavigAtijn axtsads
wbira is btltoved to be many ->nndicd miJes.
A veiy enfierior quality or jemi biturniaom eo?l
WM fmnd at Obin kiang-fu, r* aiso at M*. k;a and
? i> hu ; the mcntitaina not fur from tha latter place
are aaid to c ateio coal m graat abnndi-n.e, ar.4 toe
tiaoe rannct be far distant when this rest, mineral
wtttl h till be full) developed, aa au aaxilliary to
U e eteum navigation el tha rker. To as
ccmpli^h thia, qntit and a .eatonuion of order
is ni*ded in Lhua, atd whicbever party ia
u liiihit ly riotiiied to rjtain poaaosaion of the go
ten, m> nt, tfcere can be no .lonbt tha". it will be
,1'^cb to 'ho r, ai InurKa of t, e Umpire tb?t. t .e
navigation of this unlimited rivei, by Ht*un. should
opened to the world; the pc>eoca wb ) ati ear ar.
p *>eLt to ci tot tbe revoiatioo, aa far as can be as
c? i tain ? ii, a' e iRtiorwut of what, aiiouia be I'-eir true
iptrre?tf jexpertini; forti?ng >ve natenta. Ir a blind
cno ut'rrly aellUb ^uiaticiata .?)iou d oontiuae to ac
tuate 'hi m, (andtbeii iuflueacelBas sb^olate am nil
tle'r follower* ?vs was even tbaf- of Ma omet.) very
'Itt'e can be hoj^il for tararda a more enlarged '
iollcy ; it n.aj be t'jat thm na'ioua oft ,* West may
liilinmiely t o obliged 'o m'erlure, and ?ive a real y
C'hrihtii.n diHcticv to thl? revolution, tbe nia?aci wie
ere iDpkpec in 't wonW, it is believed, bail an:h ui
iiierfereree with unndxeri joy.
Op t^e moni;ng of tbe 2d Jan.-*, the Basquehaona
got under way at hulf.pa?.t live o' dock A. M., on her
retctn. Fbe was only four hour* and a haif in
reacting Not>kia, and case to an anchor off Stive*
iakad at t. n u'chx k, having mado the ran of one
bmdred and twenty miles in nine hours. Aa abe
pa^wd tbe batteries alot,g tne river, all hands w<>re
at the guns, ia readli-fss fo reptl any boeUJe indicv
ticn. Notb ng of tbe k nd was observed, however; I
crowds of men were seen on the wo/to, an ahe
pawed, lo< king at her wondeifnl ?pce i with much j
cororr? s?e ?a a muk:og ah u*. fourUva k otem mt
oi tl e way to tbe io aod. Hi.s Ex elVancy ag-uo had
an m>rvlew with tbe im: e>ial adtniraJ, wbo ?m<i
on boaid, and icmaintd a? vcral h-^irn; na'utes wer?
fired from his aquae run aa the Suaqueb&noa pas?>ed
On tbe morning of the 3d. the shi > left Silver
IMand. ?nd rca bi d Sbunghae ou t&e4th ahmt aix
o'cloi k P. W.. ba\ing been d'tulnc-d on all th^a^oaU
to sound, where i-be exp< uetw d diffi n:ty poing u >.
Tbe ("earner Confuctns, un^er the conim ml of
IJi ut. Rio wo, tf tbe U. 8. nhip Susquehauua. wita
(Wipt. Dearhorn act ng as l ilof, a co u ><uiied tne
Su>qnebiinna oj. tender, and the invaluable ?erv ces
i^oderca by bo*b U ese penilcuieu cib t:ever be too
highly appreciated by II w ,o obseived ?he rare
pVili exlobited b> tbem on t*c entire oasstge.
Ttr- selling directions of K. II. G<rw on. maater
of 11. P. M. l,ri(? Ks. i^ #le, with an? i i nal notes of
t ap'. FisLbotu ne, of H. M. B. atci?ni"r Hernies, were
fo"i <1 of very great losistan e to C*pt, B tcian v .
Tte botqiiei arna waa in ccr -.t-ani 61 hour* 20
ttimtec, afc?nr.|rg fr?,m Wo >au ar to Wuhu, (TOO
mile- ) a* d HI hours dts ending tbe river fruji SVa
hu to Sboufbie.
an Lxcrr.piON to tiir roncEi.AW tower avd rn?
* ?? n, ex art accoui tof an t x ursiou in id<? by
Mr J^llry. in company with Lien'. Hunt-r and
Pom r Party, to the porctlaln tuwrr and the inte
> tor of kl e il'j:?
1 i* Ai (i it mpiiiKaMa tha'. ai,y tem\f?>ton nrnnl,) b?
gixi. r t' ?? bU'toritiei to rn ? r tl city. <re ?tnri-(t
? (ii t^e ?t. ip at i ne ?Mo?i ?t thv JiO li Mat. ?i h 'he
? ?t. Jit aa'lon. if toflittle. to ^te lb" cit -n-nl tOe fnr
fanieo I owl-fo "oa r Tr,?re w. rn at. i^mrd a', t-e
M,. ei, ? u< !,?rrf iiltioK tP o?n >wo <,f wli m, iui '1 f>
W* t-n< - 1. 1- . i rom's-d Utronyh ..ui itit?*rpr< T, r uiai a<
" *1'1 ,,,v< u; 10 tT' offlow bt> 1 r . ntili! 0-r:iiU
?i< !. to r>kM thrr, jfii 'h# aaid ?> i,
i.ln id biir II J i'f t,. ILf nur. Pi r ( fc -Ml. I Whi h w ?
MM lib juoks ?nd in tbe ut-(r'??i ???n*i
?t :< ? fDt rl-iarcaf on? the call. Af-er Ua in? .??
!? ..'lilt '!U u<0 thnug I ibis v....p,. . >1' *1. left
'*? #:;* ( o t:o?a of t'c-m We thi*i> >???ii on to
ii .tt ??t til- of the c'tr. a*w>ut a rn, a dMaot
mi ? i ra dUti |.<.|?Ud at 1 uf( it ?1 net "U oar
apwiacK Ne tlKr |,>r uwiooa n r ?,(T? * ?r
ii or ^ <!<? of ar,f u-?. and ??* r,? ?,( ?|.
|..?p.i to enter ?Mla yrf re thnrn at? !???? afi'vo
eravo roiieoted j>ai?inp t. . po In. ???.mnl i,Mt,i
kcei ou ?uit t*y nio*h?r iraie, toi ln* that ?- rn fht m"nt
with omit* ?u- ce?? then retrnro'lonr ?t?p^ ( r -t.nia
< i?-?i w* , and took a p??h *hirh ?-? j.v iKP,t fr,,m it,
Vn.r ?ieo ?|ji ? an?c led to ?u tber n?t# F.,ll<iwin{ thla
h f(,rn i>r?l milo. bavinw a oioiit nlUd w.rh *nl~
l+t? ei n up an ? ? b?- wnlla *? fimn'ia ?acon?i p?'o. *f
t T |UN PR Ilimiiph a very prattr wnn'rr Alm ?t' nil
the hotivearrn our ?ay *ara 0?*ert*4 ?nt In r>nn?, but
w'o-ke ?r ae n et nuy of t^e p?oj,lc w?ra treainl po
U'el>? tliej *ho?|rig s errj tii Oily dUpoaitiuu tiwae a
ua. ihl?MP<iB mi ?an atotnaelty e?oala7?<t of ?hr?a
e.i^1 iin t ??!? k, Vtiirte* t/ o outer pa e wai -b opao-4
tbicuyli t' e main w?!l llia? ?ar? e?ch ooeerai >>y a
enlir i rcb 'on? ?orty or fl'tt f et la opt?i <N? w?ikat
tbr ugb Un t,r?t nd<1 Hi-mi d mih mt ui'erruptl ,n. 'u',
w?i? Mi j ie n> ?? ?etr- uNiiit golo; fbronah t' e tblr,l.
tVe tho-en t' e | ? ?. |, It* at tbo ira a ? rnii^b rke'cb it ti,a
tr'Wct. ard n'Bdf tlieoi uni'vr .tumt tb'it wa wl ha, t.i <jr?
tbnuph tbe citv tr> ne, it. Ttifj t Id u* ?h\t w?
e<,nlr not. g.r into th- city, hnt ?h?t c >al I
i lie* tl,e t>??r h? fnll i,vtup on rmUi e th# Wal'i.
W r tberi-f>. e rrmfiButil on our path n?? lv L g *t tha
e?n i f tbe anllir l>e> u i rw m ?.n,l tbe w?tar tbo dU
'air totbr-neit n tna.- ?<> ationt four m Ba
ti>rr w* r ?fbr<l th>a <hlr 1 ?ntrftr.cA *4 tn -t wit' a I'e
ti rbuMit ot HVtriit hundred wntren, of all nkrn an I
f'/e ; ?,ev ? ,|ffcKi ro K? rmp r.,,1 in <!%; ji 'g rloi
? nd ??'i" ?ir. " |, Mi <i by r>i.ly a *ew ?e<y lialri l oil
ti er w.- w. ri ap*ii. n p?be.. m' tbispa'o and a'.ill told
to teei. oa ontsi. r. il?r pith n, ir rhu^'l tii lb <>l>i>o
e te ?'< e of 'h? noa*, ?nl, nftfr eic?<ii,K wi a ?n I
Iiei) ii.l,?i?ii1 h! Mr>nt* s>idp?. w9 proco ed , n imt l ?-.?
c n <? to a i. i knot k?b'| ,n. or watch to er ?hi a ??
at Prct thooubt mt ftr bar p , Rremt w,.uld ho ?.o;>pi-d.
I V >? wfr b, M-r-\er. Iwi k ne,l to rrt^r, an I, nn m?o pr?
Tir.t t>n, w ?-nt lo tbe top of tU- tn*?r r?h,ch *?s
j d nir- ?etentv ? Mph, a:.rt ?ere t> n? niabl^d in ir-t n
I 1 1 e \h w of tb# ?My un ii e nurnmcdl ? e.>ii:ite, , i>?
1' ne "n "o ???r Ri.^trrxl t..b ah.nt flv rr>f n f irth,,r
I , U a asteh wa* fitoat.*.' oa latte.-nrant
cf ibr in?UTfect ;iu? in ?>?'? quarter and ww defended
se?*r?l HMNI beMnd * st'ekada, thrwugfa
ehich ?e pe*.?d bj n?ax?'f agate wLtoti im owmI
It* ui by the kM" |> nb ^14
1 leant* t|.i? ?uirkade wt. walked th ough an opau
country for ?t Inaai til* mil's K. an'.tlie a'nctMi* .?<vt.
t?ry. ahub summa'td tin tultnrlii, by the toj- 'h ra r.
I?? abich the I'.uce a?a oaer w*m ?ituat? t #..<*
P'Oi.r?ad io'e thin a'?o?*dr bj a qii.tiIwt ?.f *..M era whom
w? !'??? ?o<J wtio led us to li e huase o i one of tn*ir
fftfi ren a(r(tf ttw re a khorMime 'h? tr?-noral acting
??our guid-, ???< k uii thmu^b live fuur: ii gate into tae
I City. pacing by il? t?.?er
! - '?,i* i? ?'lll aa 0hj?c1 of vrj gr*S" interest,
it? ?gt- nm appe?ia?c*. th<>ii.,h C"Ui|??r M--^y in
ri.u>, lor ?o?? *hf cit> was'akfD by the robil- 'he
in *er cr of U? Uitfr ?a? h >rii?4i nu] 1 ? yi-pi, a*<d th?
j lowrr part ?iui m ?11. d with iubt.it.li thvt au entrance
II* iv | o kittle
/tur e?.t ling the city our anlde led ;.s along v< a
Bert ? vj-t-t 1 irt-ri'on to t e !>ou.->- of a .-UM h . b--r /-ne
I lai ?n?'e r?man?>l fM,rl? t?- . hn. .n Tin rt.., lance
( J''"" 'be g ie ?a? t->,e mMne at letit; the ti'nt ptrt of
, tie ?*? a Mirnnsh went app?ai?t ti>b?<be '?>inii?
querter ..f tberit>,f<r ??? s-? ibe? M ve-al 'hoa-*?4 i
?< n>D ai d < o met b* tb< ar ?ho ?er? (all 'wtmr afier
ua Tin- *>>cn* were ?l|^r. and hater i?vr.) h*u >n
; most n iwff eitien, hi? tbe ho,,*, w? e 10?,;h better
I Ocuj'Mio.. t? en ?t ? I l.er Obla kia? g.f., or Wuh 1
' "? J""'*. ?< <ttTer?r.t diMauaes, l<t ?? -h ?en
1 pr? uh**?l t*? the ditto *riiaa ? bo
j q> ar At ore qu.?ter we k?. ft-ve u,l h imun h.-?. a
1 ha, g up, with Cbfne-* oh?'?rU-r? cu ?- on n e f?oe.? the 1
nilctl *(? OOllM 1 er
| Oui ce-eiitt n at thi.t.fn^r.it. . , a.?r.i br bin ??nd. i
, '?'f f'r te for ua t.. I.are ibent v f r wntvut
I ttut tbe^ine- c > I?1 i?rt M>op?t?d ?t tn?t huur. It fte'.-e
I Hit 80' l.rhH M trl^.r to u^e ua v u?,
?'.D?'Ui>i(rionui(t a".'t >o .It- pat U< t?uw t>ut ??? i
o? litft ? in) imr gui^ h' tnj rnjd^j r e oad*' la u * xeu '
I atii?t?r chi, iui ?.yto 1 he 1. hi j. ?.Iuk tbruu?li t >?
f>rrtr? e,n'(tiKen t.y tt.- p, h ? .i -u ?? 1.* 1 c?tu- ta
tf>?- af'tirx- n Onrur nt h-ik ?? mro b?<l 1 m m
[ w-i.tij on -bfi ua'lii <>'?ry few uiln<itr? ami ww- fat*
iiat<- id havti i' n i!U! te t?. exhale tthn ?e ?t?re t?r ntbar
vie?t|,ij wouiil t.dvo fl'eo upno u?. wB r-aehMi tbe
el.ipM.iut ? a 1 j ??' 1 m fxee ?iln?Iv e*H?ui<t?l, l,?r
had ?klitMi at h fjit tn oljr Dillea. but wme ?t the
? ot-tinii wn i??*i wnu t .e ?ucct mk wbi .b h ><1 at
tem ??; 1 U' ? Xcllt f tf'U
U kto-u ?! (j, Su qneluon*. .Time S, 1851
Ti c folio ?ii jf accourt ?f I)r. 0 i*rl?s TiflorN.
M. I), 'iij. to Naitkm, frivcH hu u coiiut of tbi<
" ?? lnuttd imiiodH. 'I h- )??-i rltu-^> < f t(iit> aoc >'t t
I*. lniMi ,1 m/ s why It is ho# Clied up wiiij n'j
bi 11 in ?h?' l.iwt-r i-t^r^ :
Pu* It lar ill" 11 o?t iotor^tio^ and attractive ohj"?'.
? t Mil l.io i^ th- if.u.oiiK Pur^lna |'ii?^r of ?? .ril w l?
eeebiit< it ?an hulll a ?>ut t??. jear 413 by Viim^
loh tt.c tbi -q < ai^4"or of th? MIiik ri. onit y Ko.tre-o ??
1M oii? of It n't- I ui* 'I 10 r*itri> ntl tbe >eko.il ^e i^ra
| hl?^ I f < i< llist-d Iiatio a; ar.t woitr.n man* ol ua r.ui-.o
w-r be ? ho iU>> i< fa e fo oa??i of it< luilty ??h t-o?><
a e< cUtHt *ith ti o tnm ? ic?laio ?! l? iu ie*itt? U >t
? c nipt'?'t4??ly -tm.lt [rfirilon < f it m trii te Ore->. U
the |,n* otnltinnt e -lor. from th? fait th?t tbe n.irvrd
tl'tccl it p> jenin# ro..f-arc all of tfcj. nol >r ?hile the
?<hm) ?or? pui p?rt>r(f t? ?ae rt> f? i- of th? raorts ib.
eten'lnl cbari.cter, in the t^oulfar ett le of Oblueannr.
ebi ec'ui*, e.jrinijh)> wrought rtitblj p?tut?l i.i
\a?tou- coh th The Imnr or t.bnft of 'be oihtice u built
t?f largn, weilbiiir?t b ic.k, aod on the extj?ri<*r n>,r a<3^
lie* a>? red, .\ei!o?, green end wbtto Th^brickxant
tilt>- ai* of verj fit e clay, and bl?h?y (tiar.-.!, ho th?t ihe
l"*e- rrifOutu a iiK+t ?rd beautiful au[>"i'an.-t>.
nbtch ingiratljr heightened wh n ie*o in tbe rodeota.!
It h<e nine Motli g, and l? 0C? Gsglinh feet high At
tbe bithc it is o*er 81O ft-e' m clrcuutlortxioft, etc aicie of
ti e uctnyon bt iog at. -ut 4o leet. A't??r Ue Ilr<t ?>r
pout..i a'orj, *11 the otb<.rit are quadrangular <>n toe iu
J?de, iuatead of cooforu tuc So tde oot?g > <al ?xteri ir.
Ou each tace it an atched op<*t?>ag iu whioh om can
Marc. Hi>d look oot iifion the hoi rounding nc-oerv but
a ico<Hlen gr*tmg prevonta jou from Ktepplog out uiiid
tbn gkllene-, ? hick are rot pto?iied witb t??lu?tmda*.
Tbe iDuer w?lla ot taen itntj a>a fo sed of bl*ek pol
Jjnen tile*, a foot i-quare, ..n evU of whi.;h an I n<ge of
Buddbn i? niou'd-0 in nae-'elibf, aud is rie ly gilt Tb"re
?re, n an a*eit'|e, n?i.r? than two hunored of tbeiie
imxges in <-?ch ?twj. girio? ao agg ^ate of ne?rl; two
tbuu and id all A ?t?^p k aircaee on oo? aid^ of *<cb
equme ?) ar ? . jt leadu to tbe one ?h re, a ?1 br tbi(
Dinni )oi. mat tea h the top fr?.ui whioh a niego'Qc*ot
pacoran ft in wi 1 pread out before jou ? the ?oi le el'y
?i Nankin tovardnthn north lie*, as l*. were at vour
f?e ? I ? One a-apbitbeatie of hUla, yet n??t eo hUh an to
?but out a praepeet beyond It* aotte direeUnn* as far a?
the eye can rr*ch ? then thr?e or fonr o.ile* dUtaqt
do tb .aro, ) o?t?e th? nob e Yarg tze^ kiat.g from ?h ob
? f*"*' l?-?dr..ap to the cl'.y, ?nd nurr<.utide it fortnio^ ,
tbe n>i at a flat, fpneioue temple, cote red with je low
glared tile* and Ollea with gil"#l idol*, a aodu at tfcai
fott of this pajfuda, and ia tUo use ezteuiive eucloeura.
[Frcrn tbe North China herall ]
**** The Sninjaehwioa and her con?orl. reaped
JjanWn en Ea'urdaj. afsaiooon, thf 27ta of May.
On Tut Jay mouiiag.acamaunication van received
from ?? city in answer to ot e frimCapt. Buotfiaaa.
co^iefato hava' not hev? made pibli , Lot it U
gt-nerr^y nod^r-.lo<)d that it was binilar iu i^stoo,
to tbe lommm :oati?n a<ld-e?M>ii ti Sir tfeornit Bdnr
bam 'Juittg the vmit of tke Her-uee. 1'. s?u fo.tb
tbe claims to nnivvrsal Bnuren>acv, tLuugn It
frtatr* tboec olaiai.", it ia believed, in turocgdr !an
fcueae.ano vUbaiuote preuo-.ter.iua t<me of sol#
V??*4t appeata kt tbe letter to fi? SoKliab
I'lenipotentiun. l'Le fcel ng mtoifeated, ho ov-r.
te *,h? same. rlw*e ia to evidence ??f aav a^ang# tf
policy or of ftellKg towards foreigner^ hui e t^e
v ji t.of the Iff irafs. On tbe part of ti:o pecpl* and
1 nborricute afflriaift, tbe <am? friendly ftoliag w<t*
.i.hiiiftaT. J that observed a year a if*.
Ihoeo laitLfl to au. erii ri'y are not ici;<?tiitistent
with tba exirte&se of * pnr^oee to i;au)ura;o f.
nipii cjmiLerc*. They arP the result of igu&ratic
and pridt-. lh?> will, how?ver be a bo- to tn?
formation of and therefore ia bai ornes the
treaty poweta >0 Mttbemri|ihtou thin point aa aoon
8? pe??ib)e. Tke re<eption given to Foreigners a*.
Nat iln do?a not prove the exiote^ e of a fee ing
of >-ottillty on tbe part of t ?e k aurgAot chief*.
Twy are naturally aver-e to euoh, vaai's, became
they caxioot Q-deisUud tceir object, and it U nit
stoaiifte Uat they stonld be mapicioua of thow
whom thev know to be on ftiecd y terns with their
em mm. Ho* are they to knew that their visitors
are not ppies net kit' g to gain in'ortuatVio for the be
t.eflt t,f the ia per t,l general*? The visit of th? Sns
qnehaEna t-t?B put ns in possession ??f facta which
prove that the im-urgent* huve aadlstu.b-a contro!
of a large extent of country? so Urge as to lurnUn
a ftDbraiitee to th< ir nltimate success.
It in certain that thev now bavo coalman i of the
Ysugtf.se rtver, ae far ai leant a-, Poyaag like, and
probably much further. T teie rct-mB t<i be nothiug
that 1 an pi event ibtlr tiinuiph but interuAi dlss^n
i-iors, of v hicb at pre^i nt do symptoms appear. It
is, tbettfore, a quo-lion of aome imp ir'anc.- 1 1 t^e
| treaty pewtrs wbithe t ey will innst upoo some
UMiTStsr dii g iriWi tbe nsipg party how, or Wait
uii til they shall have gititieo the empire.
In tbe iniBu diste viciiiity of N an kia, however,
tbtiouiitrj is rot iu ?ie pow. r of fio incurgeuts.
An ifpptnslist for e i^ enenmpad ce*e the E*st
?ste , 01 d this pTtvenU the f xerci-o of aorhori-y hy
the ii.-nrM" t-< ever th? comitry p?->ple. A. daily
rnK/ket is htld at a ? oint about t mile d sUnt fr.?m
the city Bull, for tbe sile of p<>al ry, vegitablos,
ntat, ?t,d other produce. The c.iuntiy penp e w io
attct d i' hti l tbave ttkti heads, a>id arc not p?;imit
Ud to nr p'Odt h ai.y uta er to the city toan the site
of the market.
The c ty Itself is ntder strict ma- 1 1^1 law. and. in
dff d. is a' present a mote military cauip. Tie mo.-tt
lipid discipline and perfect urdtr are mtitiUloet.
Nil e nre permit't-d 10 pass in or out at the gat?-s
*i'h<ut s e 'al lem.Usior, Wtfn the city was
Isketi tbi- victotb k em to have re? a> dei the place
ani. sll ? t bio it lh their own. Ti.e ini<bit<utji iie
tM.nn menhtrstftbt a>my. The women ind youog
I 0 Uc en weie eepar-t-d from 1 he uie.u, uud reiiie
in u tt narate quarter *.f t e ci'y, all beiog cl .t jed
1 at-d h a from ih' public ssoim. a <1 pro.erty wis
i f ? 011 tmt ed oe? r to tbe pablll trea- ary. Toe
1 1 op e tie all well clo*be>, aud doub.lese nav- an
at Ui d?i c? ol ri -<r total, thuagh tit eappiy of otlaer
articles c J d.t t msy not be \t ly abuodatir. The n-e
nl tot?cc i? t ot only p 0 ii-i ed, battlie ptohifi U011
ih ix.u' i- efii ctual. The pr i ibi ion ..f 0|jiain l*, of
c- tir , t'lli mi re fau-fully euforcni. It-vi cut,
t.ovc vtr, 1> finely used. G urn j luks briog cjcutvit
t-tjpi* of 1 e ?rt>m tht country bwdering
i n th* Yangiz? ;.nd some werti stcu *hi.:h
hni. j. kt oniveu fr m tie prvnee of Ho-puh.
\j* ge pertie* of vonjen ere tetn arr i g tin
ii? t irr.e tbe 1 Hy. It *a? pnck-d in sua ill btgs,
atidtac *1 m m carrlffl one ou her ? b<>alder.
kie iii-* et-tire y exe'ured durtrg the d*y, at least,
tr? 111 'lie eofret 's qusrti.r f"r niti y were s?*en in
tl estne's. Cai y oref>ed ladies were occasionally
itetwi b < n hm?-hrttk or oti donkeys, ridin astride
like U.? men, -no like them karlr.g their haels in
iteud of t> eir toes m the stlnnpa.
Where tver, thing iscttmmon property, there can,
of course, be i>c trade. No ahopa were atten, n >r
sr j articks ?xpOee<l t i sale; nor c >nld b Hts, sedai
thai s, or h< r es, be obta iied foe hire. Bo,ts we e
abut dant, and their nw was cheerfully gr?t.r?d oc
cs>-it nelly when reeded, without pay. fhe bi?ts
sie p'op)|td,n:t by scnliiog. but by oars, and
*? rt not nisnsged with as much ease and ekili as
a?i ve?D at hhu< gbse.
For tf e 1 Blares of the klrgs, and the *apital of a
great empire, there cnu be no m re niagn.fl ent
a tu-tion th -m that of N-mkin. It ise cl.i-?d Ov a
ti n p *'e circ e of illf, of v< ims height, whi 1 a'
Mce ji>ve an air of grut.dcur ard b. aoty to trie
not 1 er> , aLd fan Is . >,r.-a' fa ilitie* f ir militsr? de
?erce. The walM, *hich are tonie furtv or ilfty
f.et i,?Mh are bui t a ootid the h*?e of tbis m mu
tain circle, tho fr. nt of the bill in many pl*tvs
U?ng cut away so thst th? c^H forms a f ?ciu^ to
i'; Qndir soar 1 laces the soil .ock.r.i-ed b, thi
bui ?i of 1 -it'.ie, en ktitnies the w*ll. It ia 10 th?t
t s c - ut soiof th tti C't ? ?p"Ud with the face of f e
(?ortkHD built of bri k. Th? tope ?i( tbe hilli may lie
f' ? n at poiuts litiina Bbove the parapet, vrnne
'inifh only a <? m fee', and snmotimea twi o tu.i
1 fpi t ? I the well ifm If. Ry -hs h: s'. aoc mnts ih?
< i rrnmference f the wall is ah ut twenty railt-.
A p it> nmiii t, ii n vcr> igh bill ju-t ?nthlu tho
n tf n. or K-fiing gate, ex acting to get a gt>il
''i*'1 the it, y fioat t*o eteva'e. a ioint. Rutin
k'isd ' Iktfi'g b^iorti lh*m a cow/ed oity, the
!i ? k? d 1' at U|^n a ?lde ?xpm;? <.f fire-t', not
d. ?- tof*f?d, bft toe ' appearance aliiMtnnbr k-'i
f-tt) tcvered with aa A*nb*rant fo lag*. Thencsje
of tbt d.>; but u ?m?irTl? *r ?!!?
Z ll> '"wt w^Si" 5
t? Ua.a *1 UK. aii'.icc I?r lire or .t( tn,|.? r%de
jk?vc** a #. ui?w r x iw Hied i! * -nr? in^j
on .11 KVJ.H th'8 ?. ^o..tCM,t pa k ??io?"*f
jteak ajpeare. i . tt.f oout.e o. tn? d^iu Kum?|.^
by a watch t .?r r. T ci <y ? rp. r llwn , ?? ^
lejltd ike tor** t ga'dt n by *i, ci it U ? irrnumUJ
lb ua*?u p tlir UK't ?i..- tity iivl* ?*, ^ 4jr
? h'iitmh i? iu?'u oti.?i O'litt-frt oitiej except that
at'ineof l<4t m ? ve > wi le, ou.i upjtf ir u be
K'? pt )o a i-tate of < '? H i'iu-n- not utiea a n? it <Jei
1* Tb?> h. usis a e geu-rfly low, *? d nmty of
? I ? id at fir h-k nMi>tiiiii mi a <1 lunch h -oki-n up.
Uu? t ?;e ig ootbiou like tl e ft'-lwcicttoty d-so'iiia
oh ?bs ?m>.- *.*?.> ut C iu-k'nag fa, or lik; the
'r "j'tt'T'"' <l?'tra3 iott by dft #acit>ak
At. 14. the regions fer.tarei of this rem irk this
n.ov. n ei t, b vtral ;,,.u of gt *,t .nUrsei h*vi )????
b'ouRbt to il?ht The '?iMi of f*'.i?ti,; nm wniofc
Ih en ms<.if?sted tr> n the i? ojer.t'a* for
Mr I, B!./> > otvolnpu.g |T.e,f i? fo mH rjl8
K.,eien, hug ( ?B ac->. <1 t? Ho lUW i wn c ? h.ve
ben-Mom apiea ed la r u..eoii?tt wit* bu ?t?
! two o l.?i>. i|? ? a* *p bed til bita-ii' t'.c
e./phjee ib (illlSxflT'M V rmou of ims r?ii.
j irei t nr "toe ) ouif..ru?r," huh tbn.- u-ed by U?re
h> i in deM*o?t* t r Uoiy O o>t. Ir, *i| ht/pr >jU
b ) ? >!??(? on ? b*- v Iih ><- a|.p<??ra wrirh tirw*
tl l*f :? ?? t' e C' fn'ortfr, Uih H-ily |)ivn,H 0 euU"
He d< al'Oth* <h i [j'.inhi .( tbt- ti n?? In^jr.rt o' Ui <e
teinih, fci.c id mvi ?*nre of ?<e ui?-|)li.;iuy ?f <rbi?k
)?>?vui|'>. 1 hit* tsooHiltt 4ii>'U in y p tliut 1. t?it
. fcl HO . t*XCOh* tin;!# ttu M|.ptu|)'i*ti(? ot tur?M nf 4?#i
b?' iiiuht *?sl| k (.? aie Mt o ? Mcro I a^a.
r<OBl thtt I(? k U-li.f ill ? .'HID, a( r-!i ir??t
0 n i.t t< nt be i? t cuaoia? i i.poH<?', ^hJ h?: aeumi
to i ave tr.? t;bi-f M?i tij;<: /.m ot alftira m i(ii ura
t'H? dr-. lie # o c im tui'lji urt- 6<i in d. n>i<?*e
n Sui^et is a-< tb<* hiUiic ? f au'Lunii. [t u, w
?.?ib jj, be ij,fPrr?d thiatutt Hio* aio-t^ua*
1 n. I.nger living Out woe,, in.iuirv ?*i Mila
!? bou bin, tic uti.ofi* t?-stiuH>n^c tl>.?
v'f'K 'i" w?ii| and remoni ?*i?.iiin city.
7a. ), i h ?a M.MHj'f rao bi d'y b* ax nMlna
!? \c" !w"f V," ' rat.ce. when >,t- K.vv3 out ta.t an ta
? b- iMbtn.f Ji'mik lh !f i iMtKr be*
n. lU tiif t b<- miat.a tn cl !m h raltt.ou..' i , , ecm
Jmr lo h iiiK ?f hiuto ' c f??uu h upiin it <4 ti J- i * 4^
biint.g? o? all ?. An offi r , f raufr. iQ ji!
t?-i vie ? ?i'b a KMit'eaiao ?>liiiW<m<<j f,j u nim
? t-Mfi n e it toe otiiY, ia-iated htimii l nj?n tiuj ?&.
!?. ion,! iji.and opon tt,e omneiju-jt oblUail <a of
? n? 'fonlgn lue'tirnu" 10 ooma to i- >urt witb ''Irl
t ui?, ai 0 pru) ared ?o t . t?.rt
of ibe ' whs ial dyi.M-ty th*?, ia, conn le.-, t*
i MK'im lie piMi ilmd I.ua.tmr . f uriKtir aMata.
li?vibg duly >Bi|jreen-d upou m ?iaitortb?i,iiO'?'iaitr
ol c< Dipliniice niio ibe p oper ceicm *oi -h, na b<4i
a ci iniliatiM, wit'. bi? coll a?u.i. calUd f.r birata.
ami * it bout a ariTU ot ?xpi..uati u ib^y hub ?bri?V
ly Itfi tre looja liib luiixotj and orreupro^y teas
bao mtihbeo I is pu>t u.?t ih re ?a? iitija b >pe at
tl at tin-e of cra*ii g out theU p?>cuili?t vioira in %
fnewijy cut v, ri-ation.
l b?- tffloi&l b o (ioiie do doubt to reonivotbo
n aida oi bia ?upe>iura, ano hin fgomt cai?v? vbM?
bis return umil toa %api oaottof wv^atac
Ft'iitiiuou biiu t>iih t in wtw ti roc to &e out f#r
Mdp. [a.me.ceven o..le? dii-Ui.t. Hjs a't-.ttut to
JeoTp *aa n-i-itfcd ty ibe at<?cCaat? almost lath*
point 0' ac'ua] loice, m,o witi an ex'iibiin.n u t aa
ftur iiii 1 be j art of boidb of tbcui wbiob co^umM
fttiaitge y with tbe t ? itbdiy fueltuir. that aaeau-d m
pievail i.tiuido of the wtwla. The orowda iatb*
ut/reta however, wen peif.ctly losp^cttul; a?4 it
wa# pjaii, that tbe titgij atwrnmata bad a tun ?hoto>
M Si C,t-a" cf ,he P?"*r l'f *be foiei^nera.
wbuiever HttDg-siu taiutn m ty mean Ur cVlier
I')B)?e!t the brother ot Jeaux. it is-bat iaatioe toa*?
tt>at no evidence w?a fouod of ite being biniatad m
ftsan ecsettiial art iciti ol.faito amort*< tfio ma*, i tf ^ii
ft ?ilowera. No ot er ptrsno bit. too one abitra rw
r?ried to made au> a)iu-Mn to it, and several oO
*b? robtoquMUy vihi ited t.ie et??iBer, ?Hi
?tato what ?at> txi>!it, by if, proteased tbemwlrM
imaMe to g re any lbfortuatiou oa tie subject, fut
?^r? ?o evidfLtly puzjelea that it wa? plain lidr
atifiton Lad Laver been ?alltd to the m it tor
be 'ore.
Each of tbe o?bor kings but aleo aFwnned a hlrh
snnndirg tit e, *? app<?r8 from iho foiovtor oSe.
(i ver out ?' b' tbt 'nvi.r of tbe H?iv?; ly Paftar.
'*? Heavenly E der Broihi >,i)vd the Q-avenly kin y.
Ibat all aoMft ta*.d ptO[.le an er coaveu nay ?i^r
fcate praites ia*! tordatao ?ith it."
P*aiaa U.e Ruler, who ia t:i? hoir H.i~Hr
Father, tl.e ?n j tilt* trua Omi.
l'raiae tiie Iiba\tnly KliVr Dooti.er, ti? darioor of tha
world, who Ja~' town h a Ufa lor moo.
4, Fr*,!Tt ' o", ,*sWl1 ki' f> n??r 1'1 tea Bra.th (I a.
tli? ik>l) 8jii^ u vied o j MerriMu 1 who ut? L?? far
fault* ton mt .'J04 nido
I jaiM the *%?je-n king, tha raia. saaober, an a* hifh
a b<-av?n bnn rable inau
Pi?i?e tba.foutfarD a'ag, tbe aload tetcher, aaaa
blyh a? bearaa upright ?i?
IratMi tbaKorti.a Dkk.3, the tUaadrr U>acW, aaaa
fl'ph as IiS'Tmi 1mii(,\oIiiil aaa
vi'ii* "v'"1* "" **'* *ut ''"S' lig^tninr U acUar, aa an
bub aa i; jtver. rigbtooua an
i.ow 1 i ieitnt are tbu truo do?<i'/ne* from the doctrinaa
1 till" world.
Ibey rae a'totoMje nj'n'a acuU, rauMng the aaior
n??Dt of Jui piticiD wiih^m tno.
The *i?a with aiuutiun receive iheai aa their soaroa
o? HftpMn?**.
to^becTea''' auj kuow by them the way
ncrrnceof 'the lT.avenJy Father la va?t, exceedio*
f 1+h ^ without Har ad 8 *
Bo spared not hui ftret Vorn Son, but sent him dowa
into ttp world ?
? I'??B ^Jia life for tbe redrmption of our si a*.
LI n-.ee esperieaca n>?ntaiic? th?ir aouts stiall a^cead
tart of the hjma ia token from the Bwk
of Bellgioca PrvceM-. The nane of the "CaleatUI
King, it will be obaerrev ia omitted in he ode. Is
it b? ran>e 1 e has *?>rhidiien tta being so us?d? Tbe
atcond ciaoses of the starzus, rel-tmg to tie
ver.lv Hrsiber'' aa? tbe E isteru Kiog, have been at
Ur. dunce the first publication of tbe piece, by
pattTR n slip over the cnar&ct?' a originally pr afej.
Before tbe alteration ttese clone's re*id reiiteoUvey
r~" ?? ''iBb as btavca holy mau" ? *ud ? "an aa
blshaa keaeen holy spirit." fne titles a ipliec to
tbe Be kings are no douot mere empty namea vitaoat
ary fpecinr m^anlte, and are not neix-^tan'.y to ba
68 lmpljitg a claim to any aape; eartaly
Whatever might be t cn^ht of such an oJe aisits
prrsoi.s betUr in-trn ted, th^re Is toe b-jst evideaoa
that it is not rr-irarded a? ? ffert .g wor-Lu> to t.i#
Jt'i gs mention, d. T e nnifu m u?t mwv at Nata
king was that nrne hnt tb^ He,veoly Faf.er and
Hwenly Eve* B?ot er wtre wo shipped.
Ibleaoihtip i-< very simple. Beforr. each of th?
thxt e meals ai. ofiVni.g ia placed upon the table,
c- CFUtir.g oi t Mi f boi?ls of /ice, three o >wU of re'
Jietabife, si,d three cups ot tea or wine. Ten ail
J in in a hjoin, leinai uig seated, at'er w? i h U??f
kneel aid i6,i? short priti cr- There I- preaching
as rften ac tt e pr i er autboii'ies pivo ord^s for it.
A la)g?- stage en-el* d in aa ope a fltild gail to
be t?p? d as a onlpit oi ou b < c hfl'oiis.
Little ? videice was fotind of reliui us calture, ot
of 8D> jotit sppieciatK n by tbe masa of the aoo
tiiitsoi CliTifT.anliy. Ibis, indeed, could not be
fXiei led. Vet uu.iiy o' the ninltuud^ win visited
t e sti^atii' rs coo! i rejKtat he t.-n cmon. andtn*- -nt* ttfl
gvtrii thnr i>o ks. Ir. speaking of tt:e D-f-y,
tf iy invariably ^e the cxp esstoi I 'i n foo, H ?%
vti ly Fatkcr. The printi. g of tr.i B.ole is atiQ
g< lug on, and tbe OUi restament ba- ts en c*rned
at lehht Ob far as Ji &r ua. "itieir | uhlii-ut'oius *tr?
1*1 eaudly 11 quirt o for, bnt lull seta co uld .not be
1'iocured. Tt ey were i ittmi^ed, iiowever, a ?<! b*|
it <re been m te tiT* these promisca would ni
dt nb? have be?n fnlfilii d.
Ottiecriwia who covertd th* di eki of the
ft? air f is there wi eirei frtm aim<>t fvery pro
vince of tr e Knifire, bu' Hn pi h and Hu nta seem
to have contr bat. r) most largely to the fncea of
tbe iiiiOTyetits. a fosr weri: Torn Kwanvai. Thee*
lutt? r were ail yoon* men of mi';siiaily flue Rpp?*r.
*tce, and nine ihan ? niuary iu?ei ieeuce, aid
tbrs? were dlatingniabcd b., toine alight pucadiui
t es of r ites.
Ob WedDi idr.y mrrulrg the vessels wel^hod
in choi ai.d proret i? d tip the iinr. Oue vf the Soa
(;tiei atii.a's men dh d d?i ic* the .l?y, and was
hrried ?a the f ll? wing mo' uiug on i? high point of
laid rear t^e pli>. e of anchoage for tbe nig nt,
abent twelve miles below Wh hn. The pla<H> was
Hfr?? 2??,fd ^ro? 'he mau wbos^bady re<ts npia
?i "'"Eih'oj " | olot. Tie e.xp. diti-^n tetclied tte
city of ?n bu on Tbufsday morniug. Hire thwaoat
corr. ial f*t ling was mt.mU-ted by thi? ant or<ti<? *td
p?op!e. The visit to this plare was o? great interest,
us it afforded ao opportunity of earning from j>arftoe
ul ob-trt ation tbe character of t'ie Insurgent rale .ivtir
tbe penp e in district-* wbl li ate no lot ger ttin seat
of war. The state of t binge is entirely different
from that at Nankin. Tbe people are engtifed ia
tt eli oidinary avocations, d'lopa are ope?o-d, and
t ade rarrien on, as nnner the old regime, ttoagt
t> e former prosperity of tbe place is by no m*ar*i
rest. i?d. H?re the eH no set i a' at inn of tie men
ai d women, ?a at Nankin, bat trie laws prohibiting
ihei.se of opinm and tobacco are richly en'oroed.
The . eci le slat d in gTent a?e "f their no a rulerw,
si d are obviously giverr.ed with a strong haed.
Thec?ty itas *ufl.*reo severely io tho w*r, a ltr<e
p<>??ioB of It having been bnrnec, leaving mtoy
sciee of Jaed . rvered Wlti heaps of rntjbiali aid
c i m til ir g wa) s.
F< w 1? any . f ibe \ eople bad ever ser-n a foreigner
or a forelgu vessel befo.e, and their cun ??ity aal
*oid*r were very gieat. Th? gr^atsht ?e ?ruaoe
??- shown, bowt v? r, to th se . bo wmt ataore. Ia
revtial nsTances it siiecrslile men even fell on UWr
kr???in tie atieeibtlore b" f .itiirrins ik.J thoir
j/ni. es, to teittfv tr eir reject. Tne jlaoeoaaaot
i.avt tifti) m. re t an tbne or f. or motitn.- widtr tie
i.B< la'nrbed control ol tie ii-ura. ota. as traa nhown
l'j t e ih it i a't o1' tr.e iat.nbttai.ts, who meant
I r W I f nutit d to s*.?ve the in ao. It *?- taken oi
?he 4t i if March, 1RU. fte i h.bi'ant? p-o?>?hly
ilt f* at tbnt tim? . and bi.ve slece giadnalU returned.
0' the ixifti J em ial? ^ho heie visited (tf Bt-.im Jr

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