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the immaculate conception.
TO r*A*r or in immaculam coNuarriox or m?
TTKOIN MART IK IU>1?, Mo. 8. 1864
_ tb* (.invert), Dec. 21.1
. ik *1UJ impatle iOfl the publication
i P?> laimed by the Holy Fatner on the
. ^ . ,et w# ' *v? 8e?a but * f?w Hum of it
ta V? j' lwm lh,? offlou!
t? scrip tion of the Ournate di Roma, towhoeeedi
fr they awe dictated bytne Hoiyfiuher himself.
* f M"artKi', bowtvtr, that the bishops nave re
^ijed ? copy of the decree, but an nn at itbert?
for ualiaitte j pubicatioa unill it l?
timt ftddieeaed to ail the epwoopate. Only wiea
Uis ta Mcomplnned *ul it feu withiu the domain
*V? ??5 ZoVt ?* SSPWfiM*
translated ud p m:ed a Ro^e it .? Lfl V"??"?
authentic in mo* of the Sun5pe?n *nd even some
tae ^wJS
^doc^t ufeomBcbUaportanje. and upon waioh
"vo'.^l. "U"U ?*? uizt.
..---e..A'T".thc. de>criptloo above alluded to as
traced by the Dubiui PuM* of Dec. 23, will"
'Qe "whops aul or the fait.ifiii
Kcotfldea to their care, wi5od has bee* for.?
tthe pioua aud universal belief relative tn?h?
?t dawaT of ?thC(r' D 01 tue Mo8t Hl,|y Miry.
mo08' ?rabl>Ua<led dtfVotioi?
W? "?<> luimatu au Compiiouof
1? "? ol 10. Cb"ro , J, , ,r
fte agitatious o," ,iie na"t ot- 'ne tempests aud
tJ?^?DtdlhetB^0Ck 411 tbe Cardiaal8.
POitaicaSTM^mh" d n,aop8' ar?7?d "? l?>8lr
the Prtlacy at ihe sfiuS e ,8?r6ra' colleges of
that assembly tot .,nly the Cwrfin'*UA'B(Vra in
whose habitual wwirtl.!.. 'Cardi inel g aad Prelates,
Caniaals Aroab'-xn^ a io R?me> but also the
nf the world u !?'P ? ?nd Biaho,is frt>m all parts
thf Antrim ? ?lThIal 8 <"8a if Italy, from
i ^ hTl ? 4 eH' ftt>ni F?"ffice, Boltriuii Kmr
mj -r L^. ' Grwc?' Bavaria, of Prussia
and other Crtmumio couotries. a id if others aiH^
"crH ?' "ft
o?nJta??i t'lM? fve,n ,rom,be 'Host remote parts
? *" lhe o?1151"? "f Catholic
y1ol' ??of tbe ?u cassor of Peter.
^ereiKn Pontiff. "aving -entered the
chapel, hadbeeu uves^d ?ikh his P mtiaoal rubss
the prooesaion set out to descend bv the rovtl sutr'
cawiLto the basilica of tbe Vatican I? KL
lack walked the 4p'?fc>lic Pr?? ? e hih" n
fetsor of the Pontifical ;iom? -old, followed by the
Purveyor's Genial of the Keiigioui Orders bv tha
pfn^fiD'lSM??^,r8' t?1? Ofcipliio* in Ordinary tlie
Pon?flLai Couriers and Assistant Chamber Mai
^^l^K.Uf,P,1V?,e^'ks> ??<? the Honorary
aSlfni. f. th" C>nsii4'orul Advocates the
iftir A hh* a0d P ,nUdesl Precentors.
Alter them the Abbreviatow of thi Briefs, the Vo
?k? a ?ii?Ue tr?? Clerks of tie Chaoabsr
the Auditoi a of Rota, an-i th* Master of tha Bni.
foIWd t w crMss. b,rnl g^f
ditor of RoU, in the midst of ttv^a Prelates hour
ing candlesticks with lighted wax taners- fol'lnvin r
2**^,? "f SobieacMj, the Penitent! ar es of St.
016 Ar, hbishop8, and the Jar
T' ^ t)?ecH' opv, came the Sove
S 5 immediately following wh )n, bAf ?re
rt! ^?e levies Cam?r!engo of
Uie Uoiy Church, the two At?i?tant Car.'inal I)pa.
eeS"* tk" r?6 n' who* duty it is to
aasibt the Poatlff in the celeb' ntion of the Solemn
^itor tho Ro'a, the Au
tf?h? rhJmh.Vn^,r' ?' Msjir D>mo, the Master
m V^X!r 01 "" 0b'"?lte'''
procession ibe LHany of thf Saints
ihL?th! p ' concluded at the m>neat
Ihea the Pontiff enterrd in'o tae basilica k.ftmr
"? wwJiwtVfa
Jf? t to adore the tfost Holy sac.amsnt: frim
oo^don f*10 accurap*nied by the oro
oe^ftion, ?<> the Papa] ai^r, aad from hH thro up
#?*??? p,wit Bi>' rooeived tie homage
of the sa dioa t>, tae a^c/ b'shops, thebishias an<i
the petitei.tiarifs. All tbe arenbishops present at
the thmne0l^l ,^'1 v?'e Q >? yet "ass.stauti at
he tbrone, were declared suci by the express will
t?i^r? '^Pontiff, ,t,d from tha*tlawThe
the t h An L n ?.C alfc<!d 'hemselves around
Ktfj 4<f L* t?* <im8 that tie ceremoav
IT i S" of r,erc? had *>e?i intoa*d
aluftih p J1 f ,4t5f' in h's vest
ii? ontlttcal Ifas#, having for nssUtau^
Sh?SLild^unCe/ C2*dinal M*1'?!- sib^eai of
r* t:,T deacon, serving a: the Mass
?p ssss.'isis yg?
-^^K*JsiSSS?,.-ffcSSa KSff
aqs. ,'j
ther'^Zu* h-T C-th?n cWh, Moat Holy Pa
for a " **"' for w,ti> a" h 'r ^?rt
PS u- ^"t your su re me and in
lfii o JQ<l8roei.t sh' n!d pronoance on tbe Immwa
Ute Conception of tbe Most Holy Virgin Mary Mo
Sc^ofJLirn^i WJch .m'4y for her an
lacraaae ot praise, of glory, and vene-atio .. In the
name of the Sacred College of th? Cariiaals, of the
BUhope of the Catholic wjrid, and of ail the faith
^?'.ri*.i!ST r^mb.y "!d n'gcnt|y t!?t the mi
oburcb may bs accomplished In
V irgin Conception of the Blessed
J' Ao?ro*' 8tcriflce of
be offered In thu temple cjosec rated
this aotema ueemblv of tee Sacred College, the
a?lsn. Moat Holy FaXr to
tmrz? ^KS^ir^lr0! ' Md, 10 pronoun J? that
tganliu ?aor?i of the Imnacolate Coooeption of
I JSl mort livMvrfii,0,,,fSt ?^?J for betT<a' kQd
1 ^5. JJJ ' gladnean f >r the earth."
j *J5 ????? 10 the<* wo,rf ? he re
t >iyed wilUagly the prayer of the Sacred Csllege
I a ?' the f*Uh^. bu t that
{ *?*? *? grant It it was oecsaa.ry to iavoka
1 iat the HBtotanoe of the Boly Ghost. lmmi?di*i?
v^,?,r4tor " wm lQt 'w,d- ?d ?S.K
vised ohant of that hymn ?ras executed not o Uy by
the stogeis of the Papal Onapei, but by al th- pe '
l'lSv*MeJ",bled. Animated with the m>,t ardiat
faith aad lore towards her Wioai all the nations call
UMMd, easb invoked tie ligst of heaven upon the
tevereifn Poatiff who was ready to gire, from the
height ,of the Chair of Pater, a deiiaiin which would
oaoee Immtdiatelv to bend with reip?ct the f >re
iJT1 JSLl ?T^I*i.tll,al CatfMllc abroad
throughout the whole earth, and notirlt'ietand.n*
ffjsz 5
load Totoe, and ?Uh such deep emotion that fre
awrtl/ the rsaning of it ws s sus.?nded far some
nnanta. Every one of thoee who assisted at this
giant act shared the emotion of the Pontiff
In thin Decree the Sovereign Pontiff hai solemnly
"That It U ft dogma of faith th?t the Moil B ?m
| ? d Virgil Mary, from th? firat taattnt of her on*p
! 1 lon.bj a utaguUr pririlege ?ad gr*oa of God, in
virtue of tea marl u of Jmoj ChrUt ttia Sarloo.- of
auui triad, waa j reserved pert fci y f?c from all aula
Of criftwd am."
"Eetert damma di ftdf, ehe /? Aiatiuina Vtr
fine Maria nti prim ? itlant' d'lla sua Ctmeetione,
jttr Hagtlar* prmileg'o e fr?:u <ft C?o, in wr/ii
dn fiMrid rfi Oee m Cruta, S UvUore deli uman fie
m?ra,f?rr?*trvata immmt da ogni maethia delta
inch Ta the ?olami dogmt'.tcal deflation for
W' 'eh tho Holy Apuatolle 4m hw raoMrtd ao ?n?
r. rayora, and coooaltrd tha entire Cftth ?ltc Epia
I?r ,*ie. tbaaolaan d aaitloa whi h -nmuy bUiopa
lii.tenad to haar with J if, and will ann>nqc? to
?ftht-i ; fcitaful 00 rata nlig to their rwpaciira
E ?r. 64 -m.
[ .a. tar lit* reading of I'm Decrw tha Cardinal
M ?tu rM to. tha foot of toa tirone rat jra?4
I <t>ai<)u to Um Holy Father far hariat, by hla k joito
I loa' authority, dafln^d tba toga* of tna la nacala ?
I lonoapttoa, praying him to b* ple-oad to pablUh
I iftp Bail relative totlut digmaJc definition. Tha
1 ip wloAlProtfeonoUrtai thai praa ?ntod taamealvaa.
| qi t* pt>* )t?r of tha faitt. Mgr. F<?tiUi, la Ua
capacity of conntatorial advo ate, made entreaty
tuat they should proceed to the drawl ag as of the
deed* of the process verbal of that solemn act. Hia
Hcliueaa gave his consent. and the Dean of t&e
Apostolical ProtbonoUrles aaid that Una it should
be done.
Meanwhile the cannon of the castle of Saint Ang*
lo announced to the whole city the promulgation of
the d9 ree. and its multiplied salvo* seemed to wish
to make the tiding of thu great event reaon even
the most distant oonntrtes. All the bells or the
towers and steeples of Borne rang a full peal, and
the inhabitants, to manifest tielr joy, ad >rn?d neir
windows and their balconies with tapestry and
hat gings.
After the Pontifical Mass, at whioh her Royal
Highness the Princess of Saxe, the diplomatic body,
ana the offloers of the French army of ooonpation,
wen present in the reserved seats; then , in the
Slace which bad been marked out for them, the
ecretary and the Special Councillors of tue Extra
ordinary Congregation of the Immaculate Concep
tion, and, in short, such a multitude an for m?ny
ages past people have never seen in the vastest
temple of ths world, sung the ' Te Denm," in
thanksgiving. The Sovereign Pontiff, who acc im
pani?d the voices of the CMlimUa. the Arahni skoua.
anu oisoops, cnanieu a verse, to whloh the peoale
replied by the following verse. Tha eontlon was
The Holy Father, carried upon the ttdia gutato
tia, then proceeded processlon*lly to the Chapel
of Sixtw IV, commonly called the Chapsl of the
Choir of the Moat Reverend Chapter of the Vati
can, and caused to be solemnly crowned there the
msge of the Virgin, representative of th3 Conoep
ion; the crown was of gold enriched with procious
stones. Then his Holiness passed into the ohipel
called Leila Pitta, to nnrobe himself of his Pontifi
cal vestments there, and (he Holy Fa '.her resolve!
theie the thanksgiving of the Very Rev. Father
General of the Order of Friars Minora ot the Ob
servance, and o the Friars Miaors Reformed, for
having defiued,in reference to the Immaculate Con
ception of the Virgin, that which the FrinMacan
Fathers have always taught. His Holineai after*
wards re-eoter^d his apartments.
On the evening of that glo. ions solemnity, Rami
nresented. a maguiQcsnt spsctacle. A I the houses,
from tb'c palace of tho greit nobleman down to the
Cite*, or the poor man, were resplendent witn
d.cS. T! e municipality had caused to ba illumi
nated the dome of St. Peter's and the palace of the
'Japitol, where two o chestrai performed until a
very advanced hour of the night some choice >ieces
of muni. , which were applauded by ths cro vd. Ths
magistrates took c?r;> to prepa-e in thair hall, in
honor of the Io.macul ite Conception, an a iadenio
reunion, at which his Eminence Cardinal Wiseman
pronounced bn eloqu wit <iis:;ou'se Iq presence of a
numerous ooucourse of c\r unals, bishops, prelates,
and otber personages.
Rome, upon tf is day so solemn, has manifested
m the mos; striking manner what is ner d voti in
for tl e Most Holy Virgin ; and the bishops, on re
turning to their dioc??sen,and in announcing to their
people what the." have neard from the oracle of the
Vatican, can also tell th m what honors people ren
der to the VirgT in the ca ital of the Citaollc
world, and if Rom>; on this occasion was benaath
Ephesus. The tdttovj of the church will mirk
amongst the most ro raorable this day of the 8th
December, 1854, on whlci the august Mother of the
Saviour ot tae woild has received from the chair of
truth a new triumph.
[From tlie Freeman's Journal, Jan 13.]
Among the touching incidents lu connection witll
the anuudt ceremonies in Rome, we Hod the follow
ing, which we translate from the Univers:
" We might tuw have the Basilica of St. Peters,
in which the cert monies have jam been concluded,
and thus, so to speak, handed do?n to posterity in
visible and imperishable characters; bat, flrst, we
must notice two or three incidents wbijh hare sin
gularly stru< k all who witnessed tnem. Da you per
ceive at half-past 8 o'clock, A. M., that sedan boras
towards the Council Ciamber by servants of the
Holy Father, cloth- d in brilliant costuaie ? The*
move with a pre aution and respect. It ii a salut
they are conducting to tne fete ?a learned and
holy bishop, turited bv tue Sovereign Pontiff ; and,
although seized < n his v;jage by a deiperate malady,
he i as braved the perils 'of an agitated ocean, and
despised trie fatigues of a long joarney by land,
nay, even forgets the approach of death iu his
auxiery to rea h Rome, ia order to place, his jewel
in tbe diadem of the Queen of H aven, and hear
the dogma, so long aemnd by his ardent vows and
fervent prajent, by his votes aa doctor and a?
bishop, proclaimed by the successor of St Peter,
the vicegerent of Cariat upon earth. Having heard
it pronounced by the lips oi Plna IX., he retires
content, happy and full of joy. He can now die; he
ha* se-n tne tiinuiph of ula bel <ved Mother on
earth; be also has pained bis battle. His courage
bas Lot been leas heioic than the general w iose
death the world hta recently admired and lamented.
After leaving the cfmrch i e was met by one of tils
parishioners, who expressed his happiness at seeing
him. ' And I also,' responded tha sweet and ploua
E relate, 'lam fappy; I h*ve witaesaed what I so
ing desired, _..d I am ome here to die.' 'No,
Mviaeigneor,' the otntr answered; ' Bweet Mary
will cure you.'
"'If Mary, conceived without slo, wishes to re
stOie me, I shall retnrn to my diocess to pro tlaim
ler power and her benignity; bat I am satisfied to
die here. It shah Lot grieve me in the lea?t to de
pa; t here.'
" This waa a French prelate, the holy aad cou
rageous Bishop of Mans, who, rather thin not com
ply wit i the call ot tbe Holy Father, to offer in
uere ?n nis tribute or devotion to the H ly See, aud
be present at the meeting given by the holy Virgin
hem-lf, cboie to ex ose himself to the d tagers of
dce? i by sea, or on a road of France or My, dartag
bi* journey to Rome. Thus, behold what oar pre
lut? b suffer lor the love of Mary.
"Aid see here also this venerable old man,
clothed in white, supported by two persons, and
taking his p'ace among the Senate ot Cardinals, who
is he f He is tbe princ < of the Church, dear to the
poor; and, though poor himself, be has always beea
their kindest benefactor: he is the friend of Gregory
XVI.; he is the venerable Cardinal Bianohi, coma
to heur proclaimed from fie mouth of the Vioar of
Cbriat the triumphs of the Qaeen of tne Clur n.
"Then, whilst the Bovereign Pontiff is taking off
bis sacred ornaments, see aporoaohing him two Re
ligious, two chteft of the great and holy family of
the eerapMc St. Francis, the Gene-al of the Con
ventuals and the General of the Observants. The
one holds a branch of the golden lily, tne other a
branch of the si.ver lily; they present them to the
Hi ly Father, and beg of him to receive tiiem as a
ieeble homage of the gratitude of tne Franciscan
family for the new glo rj that he has jast given 1 1
tbe Mother of Chris-tans, to the special patroness
of their S"cular institute, for the consecration defi
nitely and infallibly stamped upon the belief tiat
was always the dearest Inheritance of its doctors,
atd its sch .ols, and its numberless saints and
blefsed, which it had given to the Charch Tri
un phant. It ia with tears that this tribute of love
la offered by the piots children of St Francis; it
is with tears that it ia received by the Bovereign
In conclusion the Unwtrs says: ?
"Sac:i has been the festival ot the 8th December
at Rome, or rather such has been a part, the nmt
feeble, perhaps, of the imperishable feu. For the
rest, that ia only tae first day; it is the omnsnca
meet ot the ftun. On the 10th another solemnity
attracted to St. Paul'a, outside of tbe walls, tbe
whole of the Holy City: tne Pope, assisted by two
hundred bishops and mil the clergy, went there to
oon sec rate the Church of the Apostle of the Gen
tiles, the dedication of which is thus allied to the
triumph of the Queen of Heaven. On toe evening
of the same day the Academy of Arcade* held ia
the capitol, in the great hall of the Senate, a so
lemn sitting, in which Cardinal Wiseman oe ebrated
tbe recently uefioed myatery; and the next day, the
11th, the Academy of the Immaculate Omoeption
b?d announc <i a sitting net lesa brilliant in the
Church of the Holy Apostles, to fitt the glorious
privilege of which it bears the name, and in whim
it has always professed the belief, re deami are
held In the majority of the churcnea. In fine, it is
a festival without end, and indeed the peopl. cannot
weary of singing the glory of re eorating the vic
trry of t' e powerful Queen or Earth and Heaven.
And that festival, c >mm>noed la Rome, will be on
tlnued throughout the entire world. The bell or St.
Fetor's will set In motto a the bells of toe entire
earth, and even in the aolitudee of the New World,
and in the farthermost cjuntries of tne 0 d, the
word of tbe Sovereign Pontiff will be reueetsd, aad
bailed with acclamation. Everywhere tne I<n macu
late Conception shall be celebrated and glorified
At thin thought may we not h ipe, for the wo Id
and for the Church, the great prosperity whl h tbe
saints lave foretold for the period which would see
the Incomparable privilege of Mary urojlalmed?
May we not believe toat our M ither will repay t>
us in bleesings the brmage that wt have off* -ed he< ?
How doubt that the lacreaee of her gl >ry walci she
baa just received, is, for ns, the pledge ot a better
present, and a more prosper ra? future? That haa
oeen the hope of the saints; it ia tbe hope o> Pins
IX., this other hoi. Pontiff, this anitel of the
Cbnrcb, whose pontificate wia bs henceforward glo
rious amor gat all theee which have ad van eel the
reign of Mary, which have exalted her privilege
and her greatness."
In a subsequent number, the Utivtrt says i?
The accounts received of the holy Biahop of Mans
are m<*t couaollng. The Holy Vi gin baa blessed
tbe courage which condu ted the venerable prelate
to the Eternal City. After t ie fatigues or the
voyege, much augmented by hia aeilstlof at the
augu-t/fte on tbe 8th, a visible amelioration took
L.'.ve, and we hope that t ie learned and plooa
Liatop will soon be sufficiently reetored to enable
him to retdn to J>'? dear dloceea, and again over
whelm it With hie biMMagf. It ie the re?mpeaee
with which the Immaculate Virgin will reward the
great love tbat inspired him to eawut* tbe ptrik
of* long and laborious journey to order to be pre
?eat it the triumph of her Conception.
The medal offend by the Holy Father to com
memoration of the decree ol Deoomber8, although
of email proportion*, la very pretty. It boara on
one aide the Image of the Immaoulate Virgin, and
on the other the following inscription
Deipat at Ft rgini tint lobe concepts. Piut IX.
Pont. Max. ex auti Auttralia prtmiliu ribi oblatii
cwt\ juttit VI id dee. M'lCCCUF.
The engraving waa done at Rome, and la not lees
[From the New York Crunader, Jan. 13.]
Rom, Deo. 17, 1854.
Riot in the " Holy City " ? Outside Doing! at St
Petet 't Church ? Btdmi and John Hughe* ? Monu
ment to the Ooddest <>J the Roman Church? Amu
ting Anecdote ? Masquerade of Buhopt? The
JSe to Ministry ? Biography of the Secretary of the
I shall not annoy your renders with a description
of the ocremoty prformed by tue Pope, assisted by
140 bishop* and 60 cardinals, acd who
munc aoAiit <ni HOW
r..ooui ana mars; I s iall limit my
self to wtite you some incidents which may have
escaped the eight of the correspondents of other
papers, they may be of some Interest to the friends
of the Cnttader.
While the cannon of St Angelo was thundering
fotth its destructive elements, announcing to the
world at large the - nation of the Qsddeis of the
Church by the infallible authority of Pins IX., in
Trastevere, where alone is to be found the true
genuine stock of (he ancient Roman character, toe
peopi* were engaged in a ce'emony quite different
front that performed in St. Peter's Cnnroh. Several
boats loaded with wheat and oorn were tied to the
shore, ready to be towed .tj Civita Veoohia, and
thence set sail for France. The price of bread
being high at Rome, the inhabitants of Trasterere
decided to oppose the exportation of oorn fro n the
city, to feed, at a low price, their own oppressors.
The steamboat which was to tow the b jats down
the Tiber was attacked by the popuaoa and pre
vented from approaching; the police were assailed
with stones and missiles, and compelled to with
draw from the conflict; but several companies of
Frencn soldiers finally appeared, who unceremo
niously charged tne rlotere at the point of the bayo
net. TMb happened at the very mom ant tie P <pe
was decreeing a new arti le of faith f?r his Holy
Church. Pius IX. was much affected on beamg
the news of tais outside council, aud felt grieved
tbat the Romans sbould have offered sucha s andal,
and so mnon indifference towards the " Saored
Mystery of the immaculate Conception."
Within St. Peter's, I confess tuat the cerenmy
was, as It would have been called In some New York
daily paper, "imposing," but without, the procession
pieatuted more the appearanoe of a poor masquer
ade tban the assemblage af toe rich prelates of the
church. With the exception of the Italian bishops,
almost all those from foreign countries were com
pelled to hire carriages an i servants; in a few hours
they improvised in Rome new lwaries, joiskies dressed
to tbe most strange and ridiculous costumes; coaches
bearing newly painted coats jf-aimi of some mlcnd
baibarian, and the ghetto ot the Jew* was ransack
ed to dress up and to give some dignified showing
to the suit of his Holiness. Am >n< '.hi dilapidated
bishops who looked more like pilgrim* than prelaw,
I am sorry to say were those from the United States.
They looked very sorrowful, in balng driven In sujh
an i.umble c .ndiiion, aide by side with ca -Wages
worth seven* thousands of dollars, and which must
have remembered to them the style of oriental lux
ury. Your Archbishop John, and toe one of Balti
more, wtie provided with a decent eta h by tneir
fellow friend and companion Gaetano Bedim, but
unfortunately, not one of the Amerioan prelates has
yet been made a cardinal, nor was there assigned to
them any conspicuous place In the processing.
Durir.g the ceremony, boieg wit a in 8.. Peter's, I
witnessed a curious ooourrenca between a papal ma
jor aid a F reach officer. M .j?- Casoiaal (father of
that famons young Casciani, who denounced to the
papal polioe several ot hia political friends) having
ordered his soldiers to kneel d >wn, perceived that a
French officer was itandiog. Casuani commanded
him genou a tore, but thi foreign otfl -er rema ned
immoveable. TbiB irritated ihe papal centurion to
such a pitch that be d ew his a word in the temple of
the Goddess ol Heaven, and was going to assail the
Frenoh officer, wheu Ol. Guglielmi Interfered in
time to preveut a collision. I learned afterwa'd
that this offieer is a Protestant, and when the cere
mony of the Immaculate Conception was over he
atked the MMl major with what right he ordered
him to kreel before the boly wafer. "I am com
manded by my sovereign,'' answered the papal mi
jor. ?' Well," replied the stern Huguenot, " tell
your aovereigo that tbe Frencti have no orders to re
wive from him. we being his orotectors, and that
for myeelf. I knrel only to God."
To < oamem rate the final declson of the Concep
tion of the Blessed Mary, "born wiihaut Origin*!
ato," the P. pe has ordered to be erected on the Pi
azza di Spagna, Just opposite the College of the
Propaganda, a moLunrnt, on which Bhail be placed
a statue of Mary. This will be nothing ne * to tne
Romans, there being in Rome slrealy a like monu
ment consecrated to t-ie Blessed Mary, on tbe aq lare
of Santa Maria Maggtore. It was relied by Paul
V., the great lover and protector of the Ioqnlsithn.
Durii'g these taat Cays we nive had a change of
ministry. Gall, Secretary of the Treasury, na/Ing
r bbed tnough, waa adviMU to resign. <Ls suc
cessor is tr.e Right Rev. Mr. Ferrard. My lord
Peutini, a constitute NMH prelate, oas oeen tmdered
with tbe charge of Secretary of War. Before the Pope
could be induced to make a net minUtry, several
deputations from various classes of society we it to
bim and begged bis Ho laeas to relieve people from
the robberv of hiB secretaries. Each, commmton
rvomitcnaed him to namo B s top Ferrari as Min
ister of tne Treasury. " Wnat!'' exclaimsd Plus IX ,
'?is there no other honest prela.e in tne chur h but
Ferrari?" At another luterval tbe Pope Bad:?1 "I
see that we are bet rajed and robbed by aid Well,
let us try Ferrari."
to aLother letter I shall give you an interesting
biographical sketch of Galli, late Secretary of the
Treasury at Rome. You will see that by his ances
try and unscrupulous princlp'ea, he was well fit to
be the c:mptni'"i> of Cardina. Autonelli, oir pre
sent Secretary of State.
Theatre* and Exhibition*.
Broadway Tfikathk ? r e graid fairy spectacle
of "Cinderella," pioduoedia a atyle of magnifi
cence, will be prewited on Monday evening All
the atention of the manager haa been given to
acinic effect, machinery, consumes, and everything
that can give grandeur to the piece, and all the
leading artist* of the Pyne opera trouoe will aopear.
The amusement* will conclude with the farcu of a
"Blighted Bsing."
Bl'wkrt Thkatrk ? The programme of amuse
ment a* announced by Manager waldron, cannot fall
to please the fiequenters of this establishment. The
inter< a'.ing drama of the "C.'otk of Gild," the
comedy of the "College Boy," aad tie equeatrian
diama of "Timon* the Tartar," are the featuree of
the evening. Thowwhogoto the Biwery taeatrt
to-mono w evening will not regret their vuiu
Burton's Thkatrk ? The comedy of " Living toe
Faat" la the Aral of those pie Ming features which
haa so much delighted the audience* of t ila favo
rite retort. The next piece of interest is " Circe
and Her Magic Cup," and the concluding piece will
be the comedy of the <;Ni -e Young Man," all of
Burton 'a star company appearing.
Wallace s Thkatrk. ? The new Ave act play
called " Night and Morning" la announ ed for its
flirt representation to-morrow evening? Men. a.
Leser, Bland, Blake, Mra. Conover, Mlas Rosa
Bennett, and other artiata of celebrity, in the cat.
The acenery I* said to be betutlful. The farce of
the " New Footman" concludes the entertain
Metropolitan Tiieatrk.? The drama of very in
teresting tenures, as regards aceni - effe t, ca'led
- Monte Criato," will be produced on Mondty eren
log? Mr. E. Eddy aa Edmund Daate*. B+?id-s this
romantic and beautiful pie e, Binds' uari vailed
equeatrian company will dlaplay tkeir boaotlfal
feat* In the ring. Toe grand apeotaole of the ' Vir
gin of the Suu will s loftly be prooaoed.
American Mrsitr*. -This establishment seen*
to vie with the otter theatrea of the city in dr*m v
tic novelty. To-morrow afternoon, " Lend tn? Five
Shillings, ' tod the " Hole in tne Wall'' will be
performed, and in the evening the hlswrical diamt
ot " Wallace"? J. R. Scott, Halaway and Clarke in
the leading character*.
Wood's Minstrels - Mechanics' Hall? The
entertainments of thl* establishment con?Ut of ne
gro mlnatrelay and the musical version of the
" Mummy."
Buckley's Shrenader* continue suocessfu'ly to
give their burlesques 'on virion* opera*. Omlt
rella for to-morrow evening, with other anase
Metropolitan TniiTRE.? Another of those
pleealng concerts Is announced for tils even! g.
Mad. Cam .lie Uno. Herr Qoent, Herr Kreutzer, and
other artists of celebrity, will appear.
Mr. L. Short, tve manager of Buckley's 8m
naders, take* a benefit nex. Satnrday evening, when
it is heped his friend* will give him a hamper.
A Special Mxhsaok prom thi Pmiident It is
said that President Pleeot 1s preparing a special
mrssags in relation to the Black warrior oass. The
President, it is effiraed, will not reconaetd any
i-artl nlar c mree towards Spain, bat will conflae
himnelt to a statement of facts and the traoaasMon
o'd enmente, leaving the representative* to act as
they may deen fit. This action of the Esseat ve la
rap|,o?e4 to be superinduced by the wait of sympa
thy and non cooperation of Congress la the pro
visional measure* recommended last sessioa in re
gard to tmx SpaoM nlhttOM ? Pemufivmmmn,
Mnmlclpal Afhln.
a coMMima or the wholk? th? filthy
There appears to b? no diminution o t Interest on
the part of our citizen* in the complaint book open
ed at tbe Mayor's office. Bat the natter doei not
?top with the entering of the oomplalnt on the
book. Mayor Wood, whenever It Is practicable, *a?s
to It immediately and.haa the matter remedied. Emi
grant runner* and baggage smashers are compelled
to return money they have taken wrongfully from
emigrants. Lionises given to unworthy persona
are being revoked, and heads of departments stirred
up to pertorm their duties. No derileciion of doty
is overlooked, nor is any matter deemed too trivial
to pass unnoticed when it Involve* a wrong done to
an) perton. Cases where poor emigrants have bwn
defrauded out of a few dollars are attended to with
as much ewe as thon^h weret; ?t^e.
The great bulk of the com lainta relate to ob
structions on the sidewalks. It appears that contain
persons in the marble cutting busioes* are iu the
habit of appropriating all the sidewalks to them
selves, and cot oontent with that, also ocmpy a por
tion of the street. This, according to one complaint,
has b?en done by one person for the last ten year*.
Old pumps come in for no little denunciation
These relicts of former days have been allowed to
lemain as ornaments, doubtless, tor they have been
no sort of use to anybody for a number of year*.
The police must look out and pay their tailors' and
shoemakers' bills, or else they will And their name*
recorded on the oomplalnt book. By all means, pay
ycor tailois.
There la a bint contained in one of the complaints
that merits attention. It appears that a number ot
very poor people are In the habit of frequenting
what are termed policy shops, and there spending
the money tl.ey receive as charity.
It is to be hoped that tha Mayor will hurry up
the contra' tors, and compel them to clean the
street*. They are in a shameful condition. It ii
positively disgraceful to all concerned? to the au
thorities who do not do their duty, and to our citi
zens * ho tolerate, for more than one day, the out
rageous cordition of our oity. The strteta are
flooded with mud, and it is a perfect torture to walk
more tban a block. Largo hi lea filled with slush,
deep enough to diown a man, are allowed to remain
day after day without attention, and these, too, oc
curring in the most ciowded thoronghfares of the
city. Hurry up the contractors, Mr. Mayor; hurry
them up.
We reoommend the following to the ad Hirers of
light, pleasant reading
That a grooer, corner of Hamilton and Catharine
streets, encumber* his walk to the detriment of
Catharine F. Fadere complain* that Lozents
Bmyth, an emigrant tunner, defrauded her out of
twodollars. . , ,, . ,
Cornelius Hannington eompla'ns that he paid $50
passage money for Liverpool, in the Bh'lp Theodore:
this was in the offioe of 1 hos. H. 0' Sriea, who will
not adhere to his agreement unless he pays more
That the bells In the Twenty second street tower
are not rung.
That the sidewalk corner of Bleecker and Birrow
streets is obstructed.
Ttat ash bfxrs have not been removed in front of
No. 79 William street.
That, a number of ragged crazy biys sell button#
in Canal stieet, between Broadway and G eene
That a Urge number of ugly boys congregate In
fror t of 308 Madison street, to the great annoyan e
of the neighbors.
That the sidewalk opposite the Port Office, In
Liberty street, was constantly obitru.ited by mill
wagons, aLd aaUea a<?o; a sickening ateaca arise*
from the habit of committing nulsa'ioe at that place.
A tailor comi laina that a pjlicsmin did not pay
hi* bill for along time past.
That there is an excavation in the sidewalk No.
3G Murray street, which causes the peop'e to pass
through the mud, w flic a is no to the anklet.
Builder has been requested to build a bridge, but
*111 not do it.
Thai a number of noisy boy* aseemb'e on the Sab- |
bath in the vacant lots on ttte south stde ot West ;
Twenty-eightb stieet, and there piay ball, and in
dulge in otner imuopsr amusemeuts.
That t>e hotter oruer Broad way and Fulton
street obstructs the cellar below wittt boxes, Ac.
That ,the siCewalk No. 55 CortUn it swet Is en
cumbered, so tha' the pisungers to aod from the
ferry are obliged to pas* through the mud in the
That a conc- rn called a policy shop has b'en
opened in Varl k stiver., near Hamerslev. Poie
people, n>en, worn1 n and 'hildreu, spend tne money
tbey receive In charity in this place.
Tha'. a number of dirt cms block up Spring
street, particularly on Sunday.
That a pump encumbers Bensnn street near Leo
nard. Has not been used in two years, and 1* m a
stinking condition.
College place, from Warren to Murray street, it |
obstructed with all nuauer of filth. I
Tnat there <s no sidewalk coiner of Broadway and
Houston street, and the mud is a foot dtep.
Tbat Robt. J. Brown has used the sidewalk co-ner
of Franklin and Greenwci s- eets aa a marble yard
for the last fen years. Erei the street is used, and
only a carriageway open.
That theatrical boxes for poster* have boen
reared up at the northeast corner of Broad ray and
Broome street. . ?
Caerry street, from Ca'herine *tieet to Franklin
square, is in a fl thy condition.
Tbat an old pump at 97 Madison street, which
bas been out of use for three years, is a nuisance.
The boy* congiegate around it, a&d throw dead
cats in the well, rhey al?o throw atones in the win
dows, and make mnch disturbance.
Tbat ball* are held by improper persons at corner
Anttony and Church street*.
Mary Flynn, emigrant, that she has been over
charged by her boardinghouse keeper.
Captain Halpin.? The culvert* corner of Wall and
Nassau itreets, also corner of Wall and Pearl, wtnt
cleaning. A large atone, encumber* the corner of
Broadway and Cedar street. The culvert at Coen
tie* dip and South atieet la In a bad condition. Ths
water has oovered the street* on both aide* of the way
for half a block theee two week*. A large hole la
Washington street, near Albany.
Captain Leonard Large holes In Fulton stieet,
opposite No*. 44, 64 and 56. South street Is In a
filthy condition. Maiden lane very dirty. Nassau
street ditto.
Captain L. Hopkins.? The street* la ny district
are still in the same flltny couditiou as last reported.
The mud that was hesped is scattered about, and left
Captain Squires. ? Complaints continne to bs made
tbat the aan carta do not take away the aahes m
different parts of the ward. In the meantime, eve.y
effoit is being made to prevent their being thrown
In the street, bv arreatlog all who are caught at it.
Several lamps before reported still unlit.
Captain iniks.? Mercer street, rear of theatre,
wants paving, ine paventfai wm taken ap last
summer by order of John Lafarge, and hai not
been repaired since. Lamp* unlls in Hmston street,
Bl^pUS^art1^Tlifrteenth street, between Second
and Third avenues, filled with heap* of dirt and
broken brlcka. The eame street wants fencing in
some places; large pile* of aahee In the vacant lite,
extending to the sidewalk*; dirt In the 8e joad ,
avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth stream, j
and portions of the sidewalks not flagged. Same
on the oorwrof Filth street and Seoond avenue.
Caotaln Speight? There ta a lirge hole netr the <
onrb stone and oppoeite 56 West T oirty-flfth street, |
oMwedbjT the settling of the pavement. Both aides,
ofTwenty-nintb atreet, between Third and Lexing
ton avenue*, are enoumbe ed with building mate
rut Several complaints have been eent to the Cor
noratloB aturney. but the evil complained of still
oootlnuee. The third svenus rallroad is makiac
reoairs at the southeast .*>rner of Third aveane and
Fortieth street, and have left the place in a dan
' IL condition. The ash boxes have not been
takeiTi fiom the cor uer of Fortieth street and Fifth j
avenue for the last sixth months.
Superior Court? (Jcneral Term.
Preaeot all tbe Judges.
fVm. Redmond n. Thomvt U. Stnrart Order
racatiof order of arreet Ml Mid*. PUIntUT to pro
ceed ????. ? ,
TV Sew York Lift Imturante Company ??. 7V
Board of Super tn#or*. ?J ndgment of court bilow
rewstxi. No ooata on ftppML Coeta below to be
paid by defendant.
AugMtlut tV. Payne vt. Gamaliel Barilett ?
Jod?meflt ravened; order at apecul Mrs to be mo
Wm. O. Fuller ?*. Jok n H. Dmvu ? Jod<mmt
renwd. The defendant to here liberty to uiftr
ob p%; neat of ooeta.
1%? Pr trident, +c., of the New Bmntmek Bank
V*. Uaenuti MeWVr-Qt&H ifflnMd, Wtttt COit?.
?briMMU at Omh Meomen.
???"? 1>UTU rOB DATS.
Cauda Liverpool Bort. a Jan. 6
filM Liverpool Now York - Jan. 13
Alia....... Boiton Liverpool Jan. IT
Creicent City Now York Hit and N. O..Jaa. W
City of Maneheeter.. Philadelphia. ..Liverpool Jan. U
Qlaagow New Ycifc Qlaagow Jan. 2?
North Star New Tork. Aapinwall Jan. 30
Baltio N aw Tork Liverpool ......Jan. 21
Cahawba Now fork Bar. and N. 0.. Jan. 15
alkadao rom maw roma ? thii dat.
row urn 7 as I noon a him 9 23
?l!> SETS 4 66 I HIGH WAT** i W
Port of Mew York, January 13, 1855.
Bteamihlp Augusta, Lyon, Savannah, S L Mttobill.
Steamship Southerner, Ewan, Charleston, Spofford, Tile*
ton A Co.
Steamahip Roanoke, Skinner, Norfolk, Ae, Ludlam A
Ship Theodore (Br), Mills. Liverpool, A Leary A Co,
JrJjip * Aliop, Yfiif, Antwerp,. l'#it,_iUnJl4 4. Vq,
-_.r uuar tiiaxn) Ehlera, Hamburg, Booh A Kunhardt.
Ship Art Union, Sherman, Buenos Ayras, R P Buck A Co.
Ship Atlantlo, Worth, New Orleana, ?n T Froat.
Bark Commercial Company (Dutch), Horn, Antwerp,
Punch A Meinoke.
Bark uldenburg (Olden), Menke, Bremen. Henningi, Mai
ler A Coiling.
Bark Hehemtaulfen (Brem), Lanke, Bremen, Poppe A Co.
Bark F A I'erley, Lelsegang, Matanxai, M Echeverria.
Brig Eliia Ann, Mean*, Cardenas. H 1) Brookman A Co.
Brig Marcellus, Norton, Jacksonville, Thompson A Hunter.
Schr Matron, Taylor, Havana MoCreadr, Mott A Co.
Sohr Garland (Br), Kenny, Halifax. Wheelwright A Co.
Sohr II L Oroutt, Jonei, Mario Oalante, Guadeloupe, R
P Buck A Co.
Sebr Lucretia, Burk, Jacksonville, Bailey A Co
Sohr F Nlokerson, Lvnah, Charleston, Dillner A Potter.
Sohr S Burnen, Pler.on, Georgetown. Doiiner A Potter.
Sehr Laura ? Johnson, Johnaou, Newborn, t*C, Davis &
Sohr Emily Johnson, Tunnoll, Baltimore, Johnaon A Low
Sohr Lewia Perry, Chase, Baltimore, H Underwood.
Sohr (Uim Kearney, Parker, Boston, S \V Lewia.
Schr T C Lyiuan, Stannard, New Ilaven, master.
Steamer Thomai Sparks, Morriaon, Philadelphia, Hand A
Steamer M Sandford, Sandford, Philadelphia, Saadford'i
Ship Mediator, Bell, New Orloaui, 15 days, with mdse, to
W T Frost
Brig Mattns 3d (Port), Santalna, Liabon, 62 dayi, with
Ddte, tu l??pew A Leal.
Brig Fornax, Gardiner, Sagua la Grande, 15 day*, with
sugar and molasaet, to Moses Taylor A Son. Deo SI, lat -J
18, ion 78 4U, apoke iohr Lookout, from Havana for New
York, with loss of mainmast; Jan 10, 2U miles eaat of Barne
fat, apoke ?liip Comoro, from i'adang, Coast of Sumatra,
ound to Boaton.
Sehr Ophir (of Fall Rivor), Garland. Port au Piatt, St
Domingo, itf daya, with hides. Ac, to master.
Schr C W Waterbury, rook, Attakapaa, 35 daya, with au
gar, Ac, to Johnaon A Slaiiht.
Schr L N Uawkina, Griflin, Charleston, 11 dayi, with cot
ton, Ac to Mdready, Mott A Co. Experienced heavy
weather on the passage.
Schr J U Shad born (three masted), H'alnwright, Wilming
ton. NC.
Schr It L Perry, , Beaufort, NC.
Schr Mary Elisabeth. Price, Philadelphia.
Schr S W I'onder, Klliiign worth, Delaware.
Schr C P I'aynter, Banuir, Delaware.
Sblp Iaaac Allerton. Scars, from New Orleans, Dec 18,
with nnlto, to Wm heison ft Son
Shir Tellaner, from Callao; br: ; White Squall, returned,
With bulwarks atove? by pllotboal Ellwood Walter, No 7.
Ship Dorcas Prince, from :
Brig Mansfield, from .
Alio, ono ship, and ouebark, nnknown.
Steamships St Louil, Havre and Southampton; Augusta,
Savannah; Southerner. Charleiton; Roanoke, Norfolk, Ao.
Wind at auoriie. SE; meridian, do; Bunset, NNW.
Brig Parthenon, Savage, from Coattaeoalooa and Vera
Cres for thia port, eir;o matogany, Ac, put into Marie pre
vious to ilOtli ult, in distress, ma-ter and crew lick. A
?tenner was pent from Havana by the underwriter'a agenta,
M libera Chirlei Tyng A Co, to relieve her. She waa towed to
Uavaua on the 2vtb. One of the crew died aitor her arrival
at 11. The crew wero taken to the hospital of San Francisco
(Dr Wilaoo'a) on the Slat. The 1' would aail for thii port as
soon aa practicable.
Br in Avon, Qaw, from New Orleans for Marieillei, before
reported dlcmasttd, put into Norfolk tith lnat.
Schr JoarmiNK (of Weilfleet), Paine, from Tangier for
Boaton, with oysters, is ashore on Abseoomb Beach, and hai
Notices to Mariner*.
Notice is heroby given, that on or about the 1st day ot
June next (1855) the proaeiit lower light, exhibited from tfce
Whale s Back Lighthouse at the entrance to Portsmouth
harbor, N. 11., will be discontinued, and there will 1>? substi
tuted at the same time for the present upper fixed Usht.
A Fixed Li ibt, varied by flaihea, of the tourth order of the
systen of Premel.
Due public notice will be given ot the day on which the
proposod change will take plaoe, accompanied by a full
description of the appearance of the light aa it will be seen
by tfre mnrtner.
By order of tho Lighthouie Board.
Lighthouse Inspector First Diatriot.
Portland, Maine, Dec. 20, 1M>J.
next (llvV.) the present lixeil light and the present revolving
light at < ape Eluabetb, Maine, will he discontinued, and at
the time of the discontinuing uf the two lights,
A Fixed l.ight, varied by flashes, of the third order of the
tycten, uf Freanel, will be exhibitud from the tower from
which the present fixed liuht la exhibited.
The tower of the revolving light will not be removed, bnt
the two tow era will be left standing a> at present, to lervt
aa a distinguishing mark ol the iooality by day.
Due pullic notice will be given of the day on whieh the
proposed change will taka place, accompanied by a full
description of tbo appearance ol' the lUlit a* it will be saeu
by the mariner.
By order of the Lighthouse Doard.
Llctithouse Inspector First District .
Portland, Maine, Dec. JO, ISM.
riLOTa at a AL1N A9.
The follow Ing extract of a communication addressed to
Henry II. Dew ey, Esq., L'nlted Suites Consul at I'ara, Bra
all, has been officially oomnmnioated to this offloo by the De
partment of Stato, and is published for the information of
Extract from a communication addressed to the Unitod
States Consul at I'ara, by the Captain of the Port of the
aanie, dated Nov. IB, I KM.
Km i rk-i.ee baviug proved that it is much m<?re convenient
that the aignals beretufote made in the village of Salinas for
tie vessels which touch at that point to receive pilots should
be made near the light house, on account of bein< more dis
tinctly seen Irom on huard the vessels, the Captain of tbo
port has caused a flagstaff forty (40) fast in height to be
plaoeti at the distance of fifty ei^ht (00) fathoms c*st-north
east of the iaid light bouse, where the signal* will he made
with seven (7) different flags, as follows:?
No. 1. A red flag, with white swallow tail.
2 A nliitu flag, with a blue cross through it,
3. A II#/, upper half red, lower bslf white.
4- A flag, nil blue.
6. A it*., inner half white, outer half red.
6. A flag, bine and wuite chequered.
7. A lla;:, red and white chequered.
No. 1 signifies to vessels arriving at Salinas that a pilot
it t litre, and a boat to take him on I oard.
No. 2. That the pilot goes on board immediately.
No. 3 That the tide will not allow the pilot to embark.
No. 4. That the pilot will go on board before noon.
No. A. That the pilot will go afternoon.
No. 6. That the pilot will go on board before miduight.
No. 7. That the pilot will go on board after midnight.
When from on board the vessel* a bonttro is seen in the
village of Salinas, it is understood that there is a pilot, and
a boat to take him on board as soon as the tide will allow.
When two bonfires a?e seen it is a signal that there ia a pi
lot bnt no boat to take him on board. When no bonfire <a
seen during the night in the village, the vessel having appear
ed duriig the day, it signifies that there is uo pilot at the
Vessels whieh arrive off that station wishing a pilot
should hoist a red flag at cither the fore or mainmast head
but never at the peak.
When on board the vessels It is known by the signals made
on shore that the tide wilt not allow the pilot to go off, ves
sels not wishing to anchor In six or seven fathoms, keeping
the lliht-bonse bearing southeast, should lio off and on,
standing out dnring the flood and in shore during the abb
Vessels being northwest from the light can reoeive pilots
more promptly than in any other position. Tbe pilots em
bark at bighwater. which, at tha full and change of the moon,
is, nn the coast, at thirty minutes past seven, (7h. 30m.,) and
at the place where the vessel should auchor, fifteen minutes
past eight o'clock, (8li. 15m t
For information between the village of Salinas and the
light house, two flags will ba used at the said village; one of
which Is all white, and the other red with a white square in
ths centre.
Tbe white flag hoisted on the staff in tbe village signifies
that thve is both pilot and boat.
Tbe r?d flag with whita square signifies that there la a pilot
bat no beat.
The two flags together are a signal that there is no pilot at
the station.
Masters of vessels need pay no attention to these last
named signals, as tbey are merely mnde fur the information
of the keeper of the light, who also ba* charge of the
signals. HENRY B. DEWKY, U. 8. Consul.
I'ah A, Nov. 23, 1864.
By order ol the Ll/ht-House Board.
Triaii-BY UrrAHixisT, office Lljlit-Uoase Board, Dee
90, lt&4.
? ATTreAT? Lieiir on the sonata oboi'isd.
Official information baa been received at this office. that
the Danish government has given notiee that the temporary
lightship stationed on the Kobber Ground, at the distanoe of
11 miles 8 by K Irom the easternmost part part of the l.mio
Island, ha* o?*n removed, and a theae m??tol voxel, carry
ing a fixed light nn each maet, bas been moored la her place.
Karh of the three masts Is surmounted by a ball
The new ve>aal is painted red, with a whit* crose oa her
side, marked " Kobher granden."
The light oa her mainmast Is 4) leet, and tha two other*
2V feat, above the surface ol tha sea.
Tbe position of tha vessel Is at 3X cables' lengths SI by S
from tbe Soath Ueao. n (Ny Vager) of the Kobber Ur innd, in
I fathcors. and in 67 deg 8 min SO sac N, and II deg ?>' mm 3D
sec K.
The upper light is visible at tbe .11 it anoe of 8 miles; bat
masters of vessels are rsmlnded that the three lighte will not
be opened ont clear ef each other, aalees seen above a point
aad a half on sltner side of her fore and aft line.
This notioe affects the following Admiralty Charts ? Bat
tle. NoZM'i; Kattegat, No 3114; also. Dauieh Pilot, p 1 IS, aad
Kattegat Lighthoase l ist No *9 By order ol the l.ighthooea
Board. THORNTON A. JENKINS. Secretary.
Treasury Departmeat, office Lighthouse Board, Janaary
6. IMS
Official information has baen received at tols office, that
aottee has t eea given by tbe Danish government, that, ia the
course of the pre>eat m< nth, a red light will be established
at Dusterntreok, In Kiel Ft- rd.
The light will he exhibited on a small Iron t ewer at the
Bathing establishment ia Dusterabiook. aad will be visible
aa the starboard haad, to ehipeapproaoblag Kiel, at tha dis
tance of six mile*.
This aottee affect* tbe following Admiralty Charts:? Bat
tie, No X29i. Kiel Bay. 2117; Si so the Danish pilot p 342, and
Kattegat Lighthouse List, No 106 a. By order of the Light
house Board! THORNTON A. JKNKINS. Secretary
Treaeary Departmeat, office Lightbonsa Beard, January
?, 1866. __ .
At Capa Verd Islands Nov 27, Moatetuma. Forsyth, XL,
with 2 Sf whs, tahea oa tbe paseage.
Payta, Nov ?? Off end oa, Sea Braaaa, NB, 170spl.f(IO
wh. ( apt Cushman was recoverlac fast, aad would Join his
vessel ia a few days. Spokaa on Catlao ground, ao data,
Y<<uag Hem, Wyer. Naat, oil aot stated, small pox oa
board; Oat 17, Sappho, Saadford, If B. 80 bbl* since leavieg
' fTdVota da Dee 7, Moatgeaery, Clifford, NB, for Tataa
huano aad V State*.
Tbe r< mains of tha Memnoa. burnt la the harbor of Payta,
Nov IS. (all aadar water) was to ba told at aaetloa oa tha
I7th Nov.
At Hie Jaaeiro Dae 6 Carat. Maaekeeter, NB, with loaa of
?tbssmbi.W; iflsxw. t?
At ValparaiiO Not ?, Zephyr, Gardner, NB, arr 9th, ?0
wh 700 ap.
Arr at Talcahuano prnT to Qat 31. Young H?ro, Wyer,
Naut. (and aid on a cruiao); Maria, Perry, do.
At Tahiti Oct 29 Wm Rotoh, Mor.elaniier, FH, from An
tic Ocean, 200 bbli oik Sid 14th, PotomM. Naut. oa a
cruiae, 120 bbla oil. Cast Aekley waa lift on Khun, sick.
At Honolulu Not 11 by letter from (Japt Edwarda On
Waihington, NB. 1000 bbli oil thll .ua.ua: would take 2UU0
bbli on freight at 8o per gallon, and aail for home.
At do Not 14 Sarah Sheafs, Wall, NB, 480 bbli taken
aeaeon; wan ready to leave for home.
Cld atdo Nor 23 St Peter, Young, NB, to cruiae; Callao.
Baker, of and for N Bedford ; 34th, N P Talmadge, war da,
of and for Green port; Iiabella, Smalley, NB, to crul.e: Uar
Te?t, Riddell. Nan, do.
At do Not 9, by letter from Capt Fleher, Cowner, NB, 3900
wh (1480 thil aeaton) 25,000 bone; would aail for hom* In a
few dava.
The China, Howes, NB, at Honolnln, had (hipped 1400 bbla
oil by the Virginia, of and for New Bedford, and the India,
do do.
The Eagle, Cannon. NB, had .hipped SflO bblt nil by the
Cherokee, Nil, and Will lba bone, by the Oen So?tt, Fa.
Arr at Hilo Not S Syren Queen, Lakey, Fll, 1090 wh, 18,000
Arr at I.ahiina Not IS Jlreh Perry, Lawrenoe, NB, 13M
?p; Uowdltob, Waldron, Warren, 1100 wh; 20th, H on t real,
Cr*Jlj X?' 11?0 wl?;2Ist, Junjur, Koj[cr., 311,700 wh; Roa
Ciiff ?J. NB. 000 whin.-. if.rdluj, do, 780 wh;
_ T.rd, Smith ila, 900 wh; 23d, Lagoda, Lamphier, do, 730
wh ISO ?r.
Cld at do Not 18 Jlreh Swift, Karl, NB, New Zealand,
llary, Bayer, Nan, to cruise; Vineyard, Fisher, Edgertowa,
d<y Ocean, Norton, Warren, do: 17th, E F Mason, Jernegan,
NB, do; Hero, HcCleare, Nan, Taloatiuano; Omeca, Sanborn,
Fll, Honolulu; l.exin/ton, Broek, Nan. and MlnerTa, Pease,
NB, to crni.e; Co.xack, Tripp, do do: Prudent, Naah, 9 ton,
Honolnlu and Tahiti; Belle, Borlen, Warren, to crniee, 20th
Ohio, ISarrett, NB, Honolulu and n crul.e; Marengo, Derofl,
dodo; 1 <aao Hick., Skinner, of and for NL; Newburyport,
Crand.lt, Ston, Tahiti; 21st, Warren. Suilth, II Hole; Eu
gene, Pendleton, Ston, Tahiti; Cherokee, Smith, of and for
N Bed ford; Cavalier, Freeman, Ston, Tahiti; S H Waterman,
Hall, of and for Stonington.
At do Not 15, by letter from Capt Km noil, Olympia, NB.
t0O bbli oil on board. Had taken 1400 bbla ap oil on frt, from
the Kant bier and Hope.
At do tame date, hy letter from Capt Tohcy, Young I' he
nix, N B; bad ahippedfbO bbls oil and 12,700 ltubonc by the
Monnt Vernon, of and for Now Bedford. Waa bound to tha
Equator tp whaling.
Arr at do Not 18. Natobei, Hull, NB, 1000 wh; had en
gaged 000 Mile freight at So prr gallon, bound Home; Roman,
Cumiakoy, do 100 wh; 21at, Timor. Rnrera, SH, 700 wh.
At do Not 14, by letter from Capt K'mpton, Condor, NB,
1000 wh tUa aeaaon; bad shipped her whalebone, 20,741 loi,
per ehip Sea, for Warren.
Heard from no date Ac, Hector, Norton, NB, 3/50 ap ainsa
leaving Tombez; President, Yonug, of Weatport, 100 ap
eince last report.
Spoken? Off San Franeiaco Not 20, WmThompaon, Whit*.
NB, from Arctic Oeean, 780 bl>la.
Nov 2. off Pico, spoke bark Ellfkbsth. of Weatport, clean.
At Valparaiso Not 23 by letter from Capt Coon Matt new
Luce. NB; bad taken 70 bbla wh oil off < bilo Spoke Nov
11, no lat. Ac. Phillip I, of Greeoport, 28 wh; Oot 9 Wm B
Tripp, of New Bedtord, fell from the main topsail yard, and
waa drowned.
Touched at FayalSth ult, California, Kanoheater, NB, and
landed 70 hhli oil.
Sid Irom Taloahnano Not 23, Addiaon,Caah, NB. to cruise,
having repaired damme from fire.
Off St Matthews Inland, Arctic Ooean, Oot 1, by letter
from Capt Richmond, l'ranklln, NB. 3^5 whSO sp; waa not
going to the islands, but would touoh at Tombei iu Decem
ber or January.
Arr at Manlfa Oot 28, Winthrop, Woodward, from Japan.
At Bile Not 7, Rutusoff, Pierce, NB, 2SO bbla; waa taking
frt for home.
Beard from Not 1. lat 34 S, Ion 90 W, Auaoonda Law
rence, NB, 1150 ap, bound to Gu&ffo.
Heard from no date, lat 29 S, Ion 32 W, Sacraiponto, of
Weitfort, clean.
Ship Champion of the Seas, Newlanda, from Liverpool (Oot
11) for Melbourne. Oct 29, lat U N, Ion 20 W.
Ship Homing Light, Johnston, from Philadelphia (Not IS)
for Son Francisco, Dec 20, lat 3 ofl S, Ion 33 10
Sclir Wm A Dresner, of Bangor, 7 day? from Boiton for
Mobile, Jan 2, no lat, Ac.
Foreign Porta.
ArniR' ssan? Arr Dec 27 Cta* MoLaughlan, Byrne, St
John, Ml.
Bit t MKHHAVEif? At anchor undor Wrimtn Doc 91 (hip
ranttn a Raven. for .
Boiirr*vx? A<1t Deo Hi Jlarir&ret, for Philadelphia; Ron
Stan dish, for New Orleans; North Soa, for New York.
Cow ks? Arr Deo 22 Glamorgan, Pinkham, Loudon for Car
Dkal? Arr Dcc 26 ship Samnol Adam*, Gay, London for
Bombay (and aid 2Sth.) ?ld 29th, 12:28 PM, ahip Wood
cock drrm NYork), London.
Owu'CKBTrR? Arr Dec 24 Gen Taylor, , Wallace VS.
Glaxo< w? In port l>ec 27 Ostorvald, Jnrrii, for NYork,
ldg; Fame, Trefry, for Boston, do; Clara. Coward, for Port
land, do.
(Jr? ritocr? In port Deo 27 J McKeniis, Tilly, for Vow
OrlcM h, JUk; Investigator. Clement*, for NYork do.
Glovckater? Arr Jan 11 ihip Ocoan Stoe<l, Cunningham,
Calcutta, with crew .-Ick.
Havana ? In port Dee 31 ships Kn?sntli, SkUling'; Sea
Lion, David, and Lady Franklin. Smith, ilisg; bar In Welkin.
Glover, wtg; J C Niohols, Nichols; lleury Unek, Poadletoa:
Polrter, Sturdivant; Martha Ann. Itahcook; Euimi Linoola,
Watte; Yuba, Pepper; R II Knl cht, l.uscom!': Arcbimolee,
Mann, nnd E A Cochran, Coehrnn. disg: ori^a Grampus,
Powers, wtg; Parthenon, Savage, from Ooatiacoaloos for
NYork, tut in 2tfth In distress (we Memoranda); Ormua, Par
ker, for Doi ton roon; Molunkits, Hailey, chartered to load
molairee for a port between Baltimore end Boston, at
Lillian. Glnn; Arcadian, Wilson; Gcu Boyd, Clark; Matiso
nl, Amen; J Ilatluiway, Smith; Yankee, Poland; Anjola,
Morton; Jonathan Cllley, Jones ; Anta A Tyn,;, Pierce; Hi
bernin. Wotton; John Alfred, Ballard; Ku??tan, (larey; Oro
ilmbo. Kotebrooks, Northman, Frost, and Ellon Hayden,
Howard, din; aolird Midas, Simpson, fr un and for NOrleane,
err SOth: Republic, Snow; Jane A Parker, Somers: John
Fierce, Melville; Mary Wlee, Crockett; Edwin Dortey.
Schneiilan, and W Hatty, Burroughs, dim; Magellan Cloud,
Sarget t, wtc; and others before reported. Cld 30th, hArk
Louiriana (Br). Brownlow. NYork: brig Yelasco. Dilling
bam Pensacola; rchr W flatty, Burron.-h*, Key Wast.
Havbi? Adv Dec 28 Lydia, and It R Milam, for Boeton;
Express, St Paul, St Bernard, Ophir, N'-w York, and Olivia,
torNYirk: Henry Grlmiell, Republic, I etingtou. Cromwell,
and Mulhouso, icr New Orleans.
K;kgstowh? Arr Dee 24 Mt Peter. Gardiner, St John, NB.
Lohdommuby? Arr Deo 23 ehip Windsor Forest, Graflam,
St Jobn, NB.
Lnriroot ? Arr Dee 24 ships Lorenxo, Merrow, Hew Or
leant; 27th, Emancipator, Pettlgrow, Ea.'tport.
Ailv Canada (s), Stone, for Boston (Uh Inst; J L Thayof,
Sampson, do fith; Ell a, do with despatch; Pacifle (I), for Jl
York 13tb; Constantino and Dreadnongbt, do let in .tint;
Southampton, Auetin, do nth; Hardest Queen and City of
Brooklyn, do iltli; l.ncy Thompson, J i 8th; BcnJ Adame, do
]0th; Jos Foster, do Uth; E C Scra' lnn, do 15th; Prinoe
ton. do 2Sth; Antartie, A Z, Ili-hflyer, Vanguard. Enter
prise, and Lorhmaben Castle, do witS despatch; I.evi Wood
bury. end Edwin Flye, for Philadelphia let Inst; Wyoming,
do H'th; Celestial Empire, do with iloepatch; Amelia, for
Baltimore 1st; Jane Henderson, do with despatch; Rotun
da, lor Charleston 8th; Portland, for Mot ile with despatoh;
Itockaway. WelBeet, and Neva, for Now Orleans lat; Jaa
Nermith, do Ctb; Cbas Buck, do l.Vh; Hevcnuo, do soon;
Ocean Chief, for Hobart Town 6th; Blue Jaoket, Under
wood, Melbourne with despatch; Beatrice, Rogers, for Syd
ney Irt; Com I'erry, Mandel, for I .aunceston and Sydney,
Nll'S, 8th; Llgbtnin*. Enwrinht. fur Molbournt 5tn lust;
Western Mar, Hammond, for Caloutta.
l.ONDOB? In port Dec 29 ships n ll ideon. Smith for Vew
York si t ready; Rhine, Moore, for do Feb 1; D Brown,
Brewster, for Bombay Jan 10; Portland, Bratler, for Cal*
ruttalde: Romance of the Ses, Henry, for Honi Ron* and
Canton Jan 10; Gravina, Spragne, for Shantihae; and other*
as heiore.
Matjima.h ? In rort Jan 1 ship Eri'\ Curtis, for Earopo
ldp mnlasses; bark.Johu Stroud, Sti-t ? jn, di^g; Corii thi <?,
Elsoeombe, wts; Brnnette, I.aneester, from Mol.fle, de; Pe
trel, A*ery and M m Henry, Collins, wtc; Union, H"*itt,
from Philadelphia; hri-s Eliia M' rithew, GrilTon; Thoei;e*
nor. York: I.illie Mill*, Putnam: Keoka, Treat, and I,o*an*-,
Iir oKs , dfs^; Rollerson. Crowcll, from Motdle, do; MArshall,
llmtell; l.uiy Ileywood, Hwett; Frr?-t, Surten* and Chlm*
btrezo, Brown, wtg; Benjamin Carver, Sawyer, from Hava
na for , Idf. Matilda, Lent, from Boston w t ; Sheet An
chor, IMc'tt.frim Savannah, do: Model, Rice, from Georce
tonn. SC. do; Teleeraph, I.ovett, for ? , ldg. Coiacia
I rig I A tt ard, Koff, from NYork.
Marsi ill**? Arr Dec 27 bark Panchlta, Worton, NYork.
Sid 21st Hrsteamehio Arabia, Jndkln*. Crimea.
Adv i'lladin, and Bolivar, for Bo*ton; Orphan, aad China,
for N York.
Kr?ni?r- Arr Dec 24 Carcaie, Raymond, Gal way,
load (or St Thomai.
1'onTSMot'Tti? Arr Deo 23 Svlphide, Hitchooek. Shield*,
for Constantinople, with lose or an anchor and chain.
imtovh- Arr Dec 23 John Baring, War I , Ul tsiow
for NYt rk; 2Sth &ypha?, Crosby, St Joha, NB, Sid 20th
ship Earetan, Ri. bin son (from NYork), H'aterford, leaky.
TonnAv? Put In Dec 2i Roseneath, Ellis, from London lor
San Fianclsoo.
Vibo? Cld Dee 90 bark Palmetto, Crowell, Cadi*.
Yinica? Sid Dec 21 bark Apollo, Dorr, Gir^ebti.
Horn* Porta.
ALEXANDRIA? Arr Jau 11 brig Shaokford, Dolan, Ea el
BATH -Cld Jan 11 ehip Syl.ll (cew. (192 ton*) JenkiM.
Valparaiso. Sid Mb brig Jacob Dock, Trinidad.
BOSTON? Arr Jan 12 narks Savannah, Hipson, Savannah;
Macan. Mayo, Savannah: Star Light, Kendrick, Baltimore;
schre Minerva, Baker, Washington, NC; Emma C Latham,
Hollrook; R K Freeman, i'urvera, and V H Hill, Hardiac,
Tangier; J H Horton, Newcomb, and Despatch, Neweomb,
Tanrler; Quickstep, Freeman, Tangier; Maria Thereea. New
comb. do; Hy Payaon, Mathews, Philadelphia; Sarah Aan
Roe, Chase, Philadelphia. Telegraphed- Bark Anonimo, tm
Palermo Sirasl for a brig. Cld ahip* Mary Ward, Cnrtia,
NOrl<ans; Concordia, Cnshing, Apalachicola; bark* Tedaa
eo, Fet<rson, Bueme Ayrat; Franklin, Gib *, Trinidad;
Reindeer, Lawrence, NOrlean*; schriOeorge Millard, Moat
gomery. Ilavti. hid ahip Westward Ho; barks Ellen Noye%
Jei.ny Ford, Globe. Justice Story, Laelnda; brigs Moat a
CrtstO, Fawn, Torcello, Aaa, Zotte, Africa; schs Abby Gale,
I i. htfoot, E Eiddcr. Steamer R B Forbes, Morri*. Newport
to tow to Boeton ehip (Jneen of the Sea. Bark Martha
Allen ttarted and anchored in the Koads.
CAMDEN? Art Jan 3 echr T B lledgman, Philbrook.
CHARLESTON? Remained la the offlag Jan 9 Br hark
llynson. fm Liverpoil. Cld Uth ship Wafrel, Hammer. Li
verpool: eehr N W Smith, Hobart, N Y?rk. hid barka Ca
re 1 In ? . Sherwood, Charleston; lloraee, nsaet: brig Moeee
HOLMES' HoLE? Arr Jan 10, PM. bark Robert PeaaeH,
Stanton, jlatantas 21st ult (via > Bedford) for Boston; briga
lusy M hit tier. Bartl.tt, Philadelphia Tor do: Matiaie,
Jobasen. Jacksonville for Bath; Niagara, Fitts, Baltimore
tar For' -month *ihr? Amelia. Dever?n?, NYork for Pfew
burypnr1; W Abbott, Parker, do ror Frankfort; Freileriek
Lawrence, Rick, r, Baltimore for Boeton. Returned sear
l.ytai der. SI 1 ithrs Rough k Ready, Sarili L Hi I*.
Arr I It I: tries u*? W Joaee, Burk, Catania X24 Nov, paee
ed Gilraltar lJth Dec. for ilostoa; Celestina, Bray, aad
Iraaees. < ohb, Tangier for Boston; Uleoroy, Kennisoa; Era,
I l.smherlain; aad Areturus, ILUI, NYork fordo; Ann. Little
John. and May Flower, Rol lnson. do for I'ort lam; Dolphin,
Foster, do for Macbias; J P Bent, Wallaco. and Forest,
Browt , do for Mill) ridge; Phmbe Aum, Nichols, do for Frank
lort: I rank <; Simmons. Lombard, Bo.ton for laa^i-r, Va;
Monutain Wave, Patten, and Helen. Long, do for N York;
Silver f loud. Darby, Castiae for do; Caroline C, Pomroy,
Eastport for do aid bark Rol.ert Penoell. brLs Fanay
M blttier, >iagara, Celestina, Trindelea; achrs Amelia, Fre
derick Lawrence, Olenroy, Era, and Mountain Wave.
Arr 12th e?hr* Day l.lgbt Mitchell, Philadelphia fur Boa
ton; Iioelsior. Paine, Tangier for Salem. KoturaeJ bark
Robert Peaaeil: brig Trindelen. Sid hrUe Matlnlc, Geo W
Jonee; schrs N H Hall, Eben Herbert, Geo W L*wlt, Ilia
Fraaees, Ann, Dolphin, J P Bent, F C Simmons, and 1 1 "Ion.
In |ort I2tb. 9 AM, calm, hark Robert Penneil; 1 rig*
Henrr, repg, Trindelen; schrs Lake. William Abbot, Lysaa
der, J W Dodge, Arctnrue, Msy Flower, Forest. )' tab*
At n Silver cloud, ( aroline O, Day Light, and Eie-lsi r.
MOBILE? Arr Jaa 6 sehrs N Crowed <3 mast di, CroweMr
Boston Maria, I'lcknp. Philadelphia. Cld 6th ship J L Bo
iiosion. anna. I'tcknp, rntiadelphia. ( Id Mh ship J I. in
cert, Coaway, Liverpool; scbr Wm J Arthur Uammoad,
NAl TUCKET Arr Jaa II *chr R B Smith, Eelley, New
I' HI LA DELI* 111 A ? Cld Jaa 12, eehr* W B Fargaaon
Smith, and Jos Guest, Shute. NVork; Loalsa, Nightingale,
B' stor, Harriet Louisa, Tlee. Williamsburg.
PORT CAVALLO (Teis.j Arr Dec a sehr I C Bleecksr,
RICHMOND? 8ld Jan 11 trig t ry Morton, Lawrence,
Ctila; sebrs I N iekersja, Mckersoa. itostoa; RichmonA,
Harrir.N York.
8EARSPOKT Jan Mb brt , Tr?vatora. Carver, NOr
loan*; Geo Ames NMtnli. llava> a
SAN FRANt I8CO- In p>;rt Dee lAebipe Whistlsr. Brown,
for lloag Eon* S days; TMmaa Wataon, Lyle for .New York
direct ar t 2Mb. Arcole. I'itmaa. for Callao; ?tiag Ray, Kir
by. for Bong RongMHfc; barks Ocean Bird, tor Ore* >a I Ik;
(.olden Fleece. for NYork direct eithdespatoh. trig Fraaoea,
for Onayaatas. 23d; sehrs Carollae E Foota, lor Honelala.
lvih , 1 rane s Ellen, for do Kth.
WII FINGToN, It C? An Jaa 9 brig Del moat Loeka,
P*ik. Matanta* Jaa 1 Cld "tb achr St Ijooa, Saaw, Boetea;
9th Br brig Paaioaa, Coveil, W ladies: brig Sarah Pot^a,
Lord, do; eehr* Oliver M Pet^t, Fa-rehili, NYork; J H Flaa
aer. Pierre do; I. F Smith, Derrickaaa, da; 10th bark Cka
rokee ( o?a, Boetea; aeitf* H llaUoek l'ew, N Yt*k, Marf
F twtU, Dttideoa, 4a.

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