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WHOLE NO. 67?.
graciAii wyram
jn commission agency. ? Mereaderee street, No.
Sr. J. Q. Boxarte, for a moderate rate ot commission.
?Will execute orders for tbo purchase of (ho different
product* Of the inland of Cuba, such aa augur, molaaaes.
tobacco, sogers, wax, to, 40 alao the effecting aalea of
eonalgnmeat* of merchandise entroated te hia oare. In
the brokerage department, Mr. Susarte will attend to the
purchase of abaraa of tue different atoek companies,
landed property, bouaea. villas and country seats in the
delightful environs of Havana, allotments of laad, coffee
and angar eatatea, farms and oottagea, to. His long ex
perience and extensive acquaintance places hia in a po
sition to obtain the moat favorable purchaaea and aelec
tiona, sod flatters himself that persons entrus'ing or ters
to him will be satisfied. Mr. Busarte will produce the
heat reference* aa to standing and capability. Ordera to
he directed aa above. J. Q SUZABTB.
February lk, 1855 ?A awiud'er, call'nr himself
toy nephew, having lately offered in payment for goods
In Philadelphia a forged order, purporting to be signed
by me on a friend in that city, the pubil'; are hereby
cautioned against negotiating any inch order or draft.
Notice is hereby given that there will be
a special meeting of the atockholders of the Ameri
can and Foreign Iron Pavement Company, at their olftee,
110 Broadway, New York, on the 18th tiny of February
next, at 1'! M? for the election of seven trustees.
New York. Jan. 84. 1855. I. U SAGE, Sec'y.
J3I Mail Steamship Company, 50 Wall straet .? New
York, Feb. 1st, 1846. Notice ? The annual election for
directors of this Company will be held at this offloe, on
lfcursday, 1st March next, between the hours of 13 M.
nod a P. M. WM. L. YOULE. Secretary.
JLl annual exhibition of the National Academy, will be
" opened to the publio on Monday. March 12, at 6 IS Broad
stay, between I'rince and Spring streets. Artists will
sleabe scn-1 their usual lists to the ini'.ersign?d, at the
university, as soon as possible; And they are particular
1 j desiied to have their works In readiness by or imme
diately after the first day of March, as the arrangements
will absolutely forbid the admission of any contribution
whatever later than Monday, the 5th. They must also
remember that the limited capacity of the present tern
porary galleries will necessarily confine every exhibitor
to a smaller space on the walls than heretofore. " Var
nishing dsy'' will be on Saturday, the 10th of March,
10 A. M to 4 P. M , without further notice. By order
of the Council. T. ADDISON RICHARDS,
Corresponding Secretary N. A.
New York, February 15, 1885.
X* having luggage or any valuables at No 1-2 Hamil
ton street, emigrant boarding house, that they must
-cal for them within three weeks, or the same will be
-sold at public auction three weeks from this date, Feb. 14.
' JOHN MITCHELL, proprietor, late of 3'.0 Water st.
? anniversary of the birthday of Washington, on
the 22d of February instant.? Oration at the Academy
of Music, Fourteenth street.? The patriotic observance
of this day. revived by our order into a nat'onal holiday,
will he o?ieb rated with spirit, and all chapter* and mem
bers are requested to complete and report their arrange
ments without delay to avoid confusion. For though
the demonstration must b? in harmony wi'.b the timet,
it wiH, it is trusted, be fully creditable Members of the
order throughout the State, whose chapters ara not re
ported, are requested to unite with their brethren in the
city in their appropriate regalia. The Honorable the
Chanceries of States are requested to report early the
number of chapters or members that will ascompsnv
then, that their proper place In line may M assigned
Cekgates to the Convention will plsase bo punctual in
attendance on Wednesday evenings.
W. W. OSBORNE, Chairman, 278 Gran ) street.
Uua. E. Gh.d'hmlkxvi:, ) Secretaries.
a the order desiring regalia for the celebration wiil
please give orders early. Equipments provided for the
cavalcade or marshals. Orders should be left without
dely. W. W. OSBORN, 278 Grand street.
\/ street, New York ? Notice ?An election for live
Inractora of the New Creek Company wiil be held on
Monday, February 26th inat., at the ofllce of the Com
pany, in New York, between the houra of 10 and 12
A.M. The transfer books will be closed from the 10th
to 37th Inst. New York, Feb 14, 1856.
gers. By City ordinance the cars are requested to
?top above tne street crossing going up, and below it
going down Passengers are requested to make it con
venient to take aud leave the cars on those crossing by
the rear door, to leave thorn un the side next to tbe side
?wafc, an i not to jump on or off while they are in motion.
WM. E 13111 T, Superintendent.
JL sad Manufacturing Company of Virginia are inform
ed that at the request of several of the atockhe Hers who
ttlaappreheudel the object of forming the new mining
company, tbe subscriptions for tbe remain'ng shares
wUl be reopened until Saturday next, the 17th inst. On
that day the subscriptions w.ll be finally closed and the
stock apportioned. Apply at l.'l Broadway, ro">m No. 6,
second story, between 1 and 4 P. M.
v V No. 3. ? Th* delinquent members are hereby noti
ced that on paying up the arrearages now due from
Xhem, tbe flues will be remitted, providing the same is
?wld by March 2. By order.
J. A. HANDc'CHl'CH, Secretary.
Usance Committee respectfully give notice that
on 8undty next, 18th in>t., at St. Mary't Church, cor
ner ef GranJ and Ridge ttreet*, in CO operatlsn with the
?ffbrta making th" taw^.ation to relieve the groat
dlatreaa i xlfting among the poor of the ward, the Rev.
Tbomat FarretJ, paator, will make a charitable appeal
t* hit congregation at etch of the four jiuni or the
day, aaaietad by the eminent Dr. Cummingt, who will
?leJiver a dltcotirae favorable to thit charity, at tbe \Q%
o'clock morning maaa. Tbe entire collec'iona of the four
maatra, and that of vetpera, and alio ta:h eubicriptiont
Ml contribution! aa may be marie, will b* given to thla
attociation. Tbe charitable are Invited to attend.
8traag?ra te Che church will be (applied with teat* by
Jfr Drnmgoole, aexton.
Finance Committee Thirteenth Ward Relief Attocia
JL public meeting of thla aetoemtiun will b?; beld on
Friday evening, February 16, at 7>, o'clock, at Onder
? lenk't Hall, corner of Clinton and liraail etreeta. The
?l? are respectfully invited to attend, aa buaineae of
Ttaace will be tranaacted.
JOHN H. BRKJG'', President
DANL. P. SAMVH, Treaearer.
Wm.-H. M'Concut, Secretary.
\3T or vicinity, a gold watch and chain, made by I..
uTSaniiel A Co., IJverpool No 18,900. Tbe Under will
he rewarded on leaving the name at the hardware (tore
?Jit O reeowlch ttreet.
Ma tbe Uetty Houw* or ite vicinity, a clutter diamond
ritg, blue enamelled. The ftnder will be liberally re
warded by leaving the name with the proprietor of the
fietty Houae. or at the Fnlton Hotel, corner of Eait
Broadway and Rut gen ttreet.
?j Rosenberg in favor of Etrl Rrounfeldar, dated
New York, December 18, 1863, on demand, for ?even
h? dred dolltM. with interett. The fln<ler will be liber
ally rewarded bv leaving It witb Rernbard k Koeenberg,
J?f Ho nit on ttreet, a< tbe payment thereof hat been
M A laiy't tingle atone diamond ring Tbe flnritr will
'#e liber til; rewarded by returning it to
O 8. HAYLOUK, 19 Maiden Hoe.
A dollara la apecle certlll'atee, itanel by the Bank
ot America to the aeaociated btnkt of th.a city? three
j>t M.000 each, three of 11,000 each, and.ooe of $600?
were lovt yeeterday by a clerk of the Bank of tbe Com
ttaniealtb, on bit way from the clear ng honte to the
beak * Aa tbeea certificate* are payable only 19 tbe aa
??ciated banka, they can be of no valne In the handt of
any private Individual or other rorporalion. All per'ona
nre req'ie-ted to atop any one who may attempt to paaa
off either of theae rertli. tte?. A auita' le reward will
be paid for their return to tbe Rank of tbe Common
-wealth. (1KO KIJ.H, Cathier.
A J pec ke tlx -ok, with notea pai<t ta I unpaid. Tbe flader
?wifi be liberally rewarded by a<Mree?lng p. M , Herald
-e*ce. Tbe notea are paat due, and of no ute to tny one
but the advertiser.
V War, on Friday, tbe 18th ia*t , at 7 P. M.
* A. W. JONES, Lt Col Com l g
k ' ani the f^wth and Weet vtn Jereey <?? mail and
nreie II net ? Iieave Ne# York at 8 and 10 A. M., and 4
r M Fare, fS Tl In 4. and ?-t in 8 and 10 A M.
, P m!; aewnd claaa, 13 in H tad H U. at II
.? ,11 way etationa. Thrtaik tMketa told foi
STm 8'?Vi I? a. ?L aji ? Fm.
The Attitude of the German Powers,
Ac., *o., Ac.
The malle from Euro?* brought bj the eteamihip
Asia reached thia oity about half-past twelva o'clock
last tight. Owing to tho latoneaa or the hour at
wbich cur deipatchea came to hand we are com
pelled to limit our extract! to a brief synopsis of the
?pfeehes of the Ktrl of Aberdeen and the Daks of
Newcastle on the Ministerial chance in England.
The remarks of Lord Dtrby, to whom vu entrusted
the taak of forming a cabinet, are, howevar, glvea
in Aill. We also give the latest intelligence from
Piuisia an* Auatrla, relating to the political com
plications of those count; lea.
MlnbttiUl Explanations.
In tb? House of liOrda on the lit in?t .,
'1 tie Karl of Ahxkdesn Informal Uieir lordships that,
after the rota in the House af Commons of Monday last
the government had felt it to be thalr duty at once to
place their resignations in Her Majesty's hands. Ha
would take this opportunity to sUta that, while the
tate adinldistration did not shrink trom any inquirr into
their conduct, he believed that such sn injury would show
that no indifference had been shown by them to ihe wants
of the army in the Crimea, and he as firmly believed
that the *ufTeriugs of that army bad bean exsfgerated.
Tbe prospects of success, both from tbe strength of the
British forcts, and from the allies by which these forces
were auppoi ted, were cheering, and the ficaucial post
titn of the country was satisfactory. The conntTy,how
hit, demanded a strong administration. Uoa that was
lo be managed he was ignorant, but rumor assigned the
taak to tbe Kail of Derby. All be would say at present
WD* that any administration which might be formed
by her Majesty would receive that support fiom himself
tin<l hi* friends which tbe exigencies of tba country de
lie r>ul<e of Newcastle rose to give some personal es
planade ns ss to his conduct while at the head of the
War department, ex plana) ions wbich were imperaUvuly
railed for by tbe observations which had fallen from
Inrd Jobn Russal in another place When the question
of dividing tbe oflicee of Secretary of State for tbe Colo
nies and Secretary of State for War was discussed in
tbe Csbinet, be had cistinctly raid that, so far as
lie was concerned, lie was perfectly ready to retain
"either or neither" of them ; and yet, In tbe Taps
of thts ..expression, 1-ord J. Russel bad asserted
that be baa yielded to his (the Duke's) " strong
wish" to occupy the War Department Nor, though
! ord J. Russell asserted It, bad be ever heara ai that
time that I-ord J. Russell had expressed any wish that
I I.ord Palmerston should fill the post of Secretary for
! War. Hie nobis Dnke then wsnt at length into the cor
respcndence between the .Earl of Abordeen and Lord
J Hnssell with rtspect to tbe reeignation of the litter,
and showed that, so Tar aa he was concerned, that step
bad been qnlte gratuitous on tbe part of Iy>rd J. Russell,
for be (the Dnke of Newcastle) hail expressly said to lx>rd
AtirRiiKKN, when l/>rd John Rismkli, was comi><sining of
his conduct. ."Don't give my l>ord Jniiv Ri>s<itM. any
pretext for quitting the government. Do with me what
ever is beat for the public service " Finally, before tho
meeting o: Parliament, be had informed Lord Ansa
dkfn tlm ? . in consequence of the strong feeling mani
fested by the public, ha should feel it bis duty to resign
the office of War Minister, and that bo shou d do this
whether the government were In s majority or not lie
had now said all that he had to say, except that he
would endeavor to ratke the path easy of any one who
might be cslled on to sneceed him.
Tba Kail af Iiawiv? My lords, wbatavw may be the
parliamentary Irregulsrlty of the course which tiai been
paraued by tfce n< hie duke opposite, In hi- reference and
his answer to the speech of the noble lord, late hiis col
league in the other House, f am ready to ariralt, and
your lordships will probably feel with me, that that
course, if not regular, may well be reparoled sith some
indulgence and that a sufficient apology if afforded for
the explanations we hav# beard this eveolug. (Hear.)
[ 1 ran easily understand tbe feelings under which tba
I noble duke thought it nrfcesssry to offtr before your
lordships, as Minister of the Crosn, a vindication of him
self against tbe charges wbich certainly atfe -ted most
materially his chars rter, not as a man, but as a
Minister. And I should not for a single moment have
complained cf any portion of tbe noble duka'a reference
to the proceeding* in tba other House of Parliament if I
did not fee) It incumbent, at the outsat of the few obser
vations I shall bava to submit to ycur lordships, to no
tioe with regret one statement which fell from the noble
duke, and which to me, and 1 believe to mo<t of your
lord*bipa, was utterly unintelligible. The noble duke,
in spas king of the assistanee which be shcild be ready
to altord to bis surceator, made an alluaioa to some gen
man who, he said, in tbe other house crossed over
tbe floor of that bouse, and, apsaking to my right
honorable fri?nd the leader of the opposition there, asked
his coucunence to a motion, not directly impugn
ing the government, but impugning the con I net of
the noble duke himself. Of that statement, of that
ptrson , of that unknon n individual, and of that fact, or
(f anything like that fact, 1 can assure the noble duke
that op to thia moment I have been in complete igno
rance. f urther than thia, 1 assure him that if he be
lieves the decision comu to by the House ol' Common* to
exiresa their opinion of the conduct, not of the noble
duke, but of her Majesty's government in the manage
ment of the war ? if be conce.ve* that that vote was tUe
result of concert or of previous communication, directly
. or indirectly, between any parties whatever, to the best
of my belief and knowledge the noble duke ia absolutely
.and entirely mistaken (Hear.)
The Puke of NkwcaHTi*? The noble earl has entirely
mbspnrebendfd what fell from me on thia point. 1
meant precisely tlie reverse of ti at which bo infers I
meant. What I said was entirely founded on the speech
of tho right honorable gettleipas, the leader of the Op
position in the House of Commons. That right honors
tie gentleman, in his place in the House, made a state
merit to the effect that there had bo?n such a commuui
tun made by a gentleman to him. Thia is my authority
for the 'act, but the right honorable gentleman <xpreas
ly said flat he had repudiated the oiler aa made to him.
(Hear, bear.)
I The Earl of I ntRY ? It will be unnecessary, then, for
| KS to proceed further w.th th? observation! I was
about to mate < o that point. But, notwithstanding the
statement which the noble duke hsa just made, I hope
he will forglTe mo if I do lay bete in the moat emphatic
manner that tbe vote cl tho Houae of Commooa proceed
, cd the other day not from sny one party, muro espe
cially not from the party in direct op position to Her Ma
i jesty's government,? nay , more, thai it waa the earnest
I recommendation. as I know, of those who are intrusted
with the confidence of that party to abstain from bring
ing forward any motion wnfch sboild cast a censure
upon tee government, or tend in the slightest degree
to embarrass then. (Hear, hear ) Now, tbe noble duke's
statement this evening, so far as I could infer from what
(ell from h:m, consisted In part of a vindication of his
own character and rnrtly or a reply to the statements
made by bis 1st* colleague. I and other*. I am afraid,
have twen compelled to differ from tbe noMe duke md
from his colleagues with regard to many point* a fleet
log tho conduct of the war; and I have on more than
one occasion expressed my opinion <>n tbe subject to
the noble duke and to jour lordship* ? not uncour
teously, I here, but with that fraosn??s which I
think ought to be exercised in this House. 'Hear, bear.)
But I never hesnl any me deny to the nolle duke tbe
merit of hav ng teen laborious in the diacharge of
bis duties, and of having devoted himself assiduously
to bis office ; nor have 1 beard any one? I know not,
T*f course, what may have appeared in some papers, or
what conversation may have taken place at the clubs?
T say, I have never heard the noble duke barged In Par
l!arr,?nt, or by any ra*p>>n>ible authority, with in 'ifler
ence to ths sufferings oi the army. (Hear, hear.) (rhe
fiuke of Newcastle ? "Certainly not in this bouse. )
It has lieen said Indeed, bv some and I have been of
opinion myself, that when the right thing was done, It (
waa not done always at the rigbt time (bear;, and that
tbe neglect of tbe government ia not doing the right
thing at the right time bad led to Increased sufferings
and privatlcns on the part of the army (Hear, hear /
Hut t?od forbid that any of us should have imputed t?
tbe noble duke, or to any member of your lord* tups
House, that he was in the slightest degree indiffereat
i:pon sneh a subject, or waa spanng of his labors
In tbe discharge of the arduous and responsible duties of
his Oflire. 1 am not, my lords, about to enter upos any
discussion? I his Is not tbe oeession on whkli to do so ?
as to the conduit of the government or any m - in ">ers of
the government Nor am I disposed in the slightest de
gree to diminish the effect of '.bat " Picture <>7 an Into
ricf" which has b*en drawn in such striking terms bv
tbe noble duke, (laughter ) It Is really one of tbe
mast ef.Swtivt pictures which I lave seen proeentod to
i'sr'lsm?nt? (bear, hear)? and when, after having gone
tin ough all tbe correspondence, and conversation, and
j frlmiMy coramunleatif ns which have taken place be
twe< n "him and <te of his colleagues, tbe noble duke
' eoimd up tbe who'e picture by sating that he belteve<i
that colleague was tl.e one of all whose on ni< nt seemed
tobavemoet of Identity with h's own? (laughter i ? the
effect wss b<ifhUoed and a complete view afford* I of
ike beautiful Internal harmony .f that Cab net (R?
newed laugbt't. ) My fords. I sm txmnd to ssv that I
think the noh'e duke I* luite excusable for hi* state
n ent In thin bouse to night; and, sa far *s I can loam,
although F+ffcnfa it is contrary to tbe Horatian motto
to decide now? for we are probe My always move strong
ly impreeael by what we see and ntar tbaa by what we
read in the newspapers? I coatees I thiok that between
tbe two noble eofteagaee tbe nobis date baa ooaaidrably
the hestof tbe argument. (Hear, hear, and a laugh )
1 don't know what 1 might say If I "heard the other
side " but that, at all ovesfta, is my present lit*
preesion. If, bo "ever, these dietusetons are con
stantly to tabs place in this bouaa? if tbeea represents
| tloue are to follow one another eo quickly- I can
I snggest only nno mode hy which to aeaere norfeet ia
wfiaM. Tho snsinbi rs of tho two honaes should meet
i in the large central hall hoto ? a thia and tho other
I H??se of Parliament, ths berds ea on* s*io and ths
Cotnmou* on the other, and there, tli* champion* uaeet
iag in the centre, there m'gtit be, according to the eg
pieaaioo of the noble duke, an exchange of word*; aal
I ooljr hope it might not lead to tbe tieluip o( tar
thing lesa friendly than wortU. (laughter.) I will,
however, have th* picture of the interior or the Ca bluet
? the picture of the relation* between the noble duke
and hi* colleague* ? entirely aa a matter to be aettled
between tbemselve*. Nor do 1 think this a fitting oc
caaion <br cotuuient upon the picture which the
noble earl opposite, at the commencement of the
evening, drew of the goneral ?tats of tba country.
That funeral oration (a laugh) which he pronoanced
upon bimaell aud hid colleague*? that general and oom
placent laudation of each and every one of them ? first,
of the War Minister; next, of the Chancellor of the Ki
cheotier; neat, of the First l?rd of the Admiralty ; next,
of toe noble lord oppoelte, the Secretary of State for
Koieign Atlaus ? I have no doubt all the** Laudation*
were enceedtogiy well deaerved, and that it wa* equally
satisfactory to the nnble earl to have the opportunity of
making them. and to hi* colleague* to receive them at
hi* band*. Tb< noble earl alio touched upon toe general
state of the nation, and although, perhapa, he Introduoed
aome debateable ground* Into hla obaervatlona with re
gard to the general and abundant prosperity which, ac
cording to him, prevail* In every district of the country
at the preeent moment, this ia not the fittest occa.
aion on wbich to enter upon the debatnable ground* he
haa introduced. Nor, I think, *honld I have risen to ad
dress your lordships at all oa tlii* occaalon. had It not
been that the noble earl did not think It t? coufln* him
?elf to the usual announcement oa auch aa occasion?
namely, that he aud hia colleague* had reaigned oflloe,
and only held their preiient poaltlon until Her Majeaty
*hould have appointed their *no?e**ora. I *ay, I pro
bably (hould cot have ri*en if, In making that atatement,
the noble earl had not thought it nereaaary to make a
Cr.vDnal refer*' nee to tne aa having been charged by Her
aje*ty with the formation of a government. The noble
earl, undervaluing and underrating the aourc* from
which be derived hi* information, *tat?d *a a matter
of general rumor that there had been aome communl
cat-on between Her Majeaty and mynelf on that aubjuct.
1 ho noble earl baa, I ear, certainly underrated the soiree
of hia information, bee* 11 as not only general rumor may
have informed him on the Nnbject, but previously to
entering into thia bouae I had, under my on hand,
given the nobie earl information aa to the result of this
communication; and, conaequently, the natoriety and
general rumor arlilcb led him to believe it m'ght be p >a
slble (a laugb) that I had had aome communication with
her Majesty are phrases which muit have been employed
by the noble earl in hi* ?mal eaie to guard sgsinet ex
aggeration and to avol.9 reratatlag any part'of hi* case.
(Laughter.) A* your lordships may not b? all la pos
session of such 'iiformation, I can inform yoar lordships
on this eubject that, fur once, the noble earl 1? not mis
taken (A laugb.) Upon the resignation of the noble
tail, it is p*rfectly trna, and was known to moat per
ions, that her Majeaty commanded my at en<lan"? yes
terday mcrning at half paat 11 o'clock; that I had a
long audience, in which I need hardly say I met with
that which every nerroa admitted to the presence of
her Majesty Invariably meets with? the most cande
?cendiog kindness, the moat perfect frankness and
openueas, and a manner of dealing with all public su!>
jecta a ccnaideration for all personal feellnga, which all
who are called upon to communicate personally with
her Majeaty knows to what extent ah* pojsoases, and
wbich most increase the affection and loyalty that every
person wbo ha* hal a knowledge of tho** qualities must
fiel for her Majeaty. (Hear, near.) 1 do not think it
would be for the public Interest that I should at thia
time? even if I had the permission ef bar Majeaty
to Co so, wbich I have not ? avail myaelf of this
opportunity to atate all that paused upon that occaalon.
aa well ua all that subsequently occurred. I do think it
would be inconvenient to the public service if, while ne
gotlations are going on? (hear, hear)? and the step*
taken by public men should be prematurely detaiUd. 1
tl'lnk to do so might lead to serious inconvenience to the
public affairs of thia country, (Hear.) When I aay
tbat negotiationa ate going on, I mean that previously to
the formation of a government, I think It t* extremely
Ibcmvenient tl at there ahould be a public diacuaiion
day by day of communication* which may take place be
tween different parties tending to the formation of *uch a
cabinet. (Hear, hear ) 1 think it if the duty of every pub
lic man, whither he accepts or whether ue abataiaa from i
accepting the gov eminent. to be piepared to give at tbe !
proper time a fall eiplanation both to hla owu (roods j
and to the country of tbe motlvea which Induced him '
either to acctpt or abataln from accepting office. (Hear, 1
hear ) ilut, my lurde, I tbluk that tbat explaaat-oa
idioukl never be given uitlil a geveramaei U> actually I
lurmed, and tbe st*(e of atfair* la decided. 1 therefore. ?
upon tho pri'ient occasion, content myself with saying
tbat, feeling deeply grateful to her Majeaty for the coti i
Ildema with which sin lia* regarded me, and feelicg !
deeply conacious of my own inability to discharge i
the dutie* which thir arduous position would hare
imposed upon mi>? feeling at the same time tbat,
with the probability of success, the v?ry difll
cullies with which the couutry is surrounded
would be an additional induccnvnt to any man of
bonrrand character not to leave Uer Majesty without a
govt innient to grapple with these difficulties ? J yet felt
tbat. In the present state of p*rtie? and in the pre?ent
condition < f the Hour* of Common*, I aaa not enabled to
oiler Her 1'ajeaty that aasura*ce of tx-lng in a po-tion
ratlafactorily to c< nduet tbe alfairs of the country which
would induce me, at Ilia pie?eut mom at, to aceept tli*
tack wliith Her Mnjesty wa- pleaded to confide to me , ,
ai.d consequently, at tbls time, I have no cliargs .
from Har Majesty to attempt tne construction nf
a govei nment. lui'.lier than tbls, my lorda, 1 tbink '
it would be im^oaslbl* for m* to say, ax:ept that I'l
concur entirely with tb* noble e*rl opposite that,
wbstevrr may be tb* composition of tbe governmen'
(while I concur al-o with blaa as to the difficulty
of obtaiuing it) the great object whih this cotiitrr
looks for and icqulres in the preaanl moment oi dilicul
ty, of embarrassment, and, I will aay, of peril, ia. if It '
be possible to obtain it, a strong government. (Hear.)
And. whatever government Bay be intrusted with ber
Majestj's confidence to carry on the affairs ol thegreit
war awl tbe great* political questions in wbich tbls
country Is now Involved, that man ia unteeerving of the
character ol a patriot, or o< an hoteat man, who doe?
cot to the utmost extent of hi* power give to the gov
eminent of the Queen for thase object* a d ids teres t- 1
and, aa far a* he can. a eoaeciaaliou* support (Cueers; j
Pi uaaln unci (he WtiUrn Powtrt.
? ?n the Viet of January the Cabinet of ll?riin addreoae 1
tb* following deapatch to it* repreaentativea at Pari*
and London ?
Ki.hi.ix, Jan. Jl, 1HA5. |
Ho.xmixk I-kComt*? We have received with particular
internet the accounta jour Kicolleney baa aent ua
of tout interview* with M. Drouyn <1* I/iuya (or
l.orJ Clarendon; on tbe aubjeet of an aalabliahm"ut
of an entente Ww?n our two government* m the
aeaae of tba deapatch which I bad the honor to
ai'draea to you on tho ltrth of December. To our ,
great aatia I action, the adbaaion of Prueala to the |
treaty cf tb* id o> December, aucb aa it wm
at.flr?t propoeed to ua, baa nine* boeu recognizor aa Im
practicable, aa wall by tba Cabinet of Parla ua by that 1
of I.oudon, nad tba idea of an arrangement ta'-ing it? .
point de il, ran from tba aituatlnn and >pec<al iateraata
of Pruaaia baa barn tbe object of confilential eonv*r?a
tiona, at which, ??? do not doubt for a moment, on all
alder tbe ainotre draire prevailed to overcome tat- difll
nMm by endeavoring to eoncl.ate the object wbich j
tbe 1'ower* puraue in common with the want* (cxt
genet) dictated by tba particular interem* of each of
If tbia exchange of ideaa baa not yet lad to the renult
coaloimabla to tbe deaire of all parti??. wear* of oiioiou ,
? and we will explain ouraelvi-e on tbe aubjeet with tbe
moat perfect franknea* to tbe Galineta of Parla and loin
don ? that the chief cauat thereof la to be found in lb*
important change* of fact (rKangemerttt de fait) wblc'a
bate occurred, aa well aiara tbe treaty of the 'id
of December waa aigned a* alace my deapatcb of tbe 10th
cf the aame month. In tbia reepect It la of gr*at
importance not to loaa light cf the fart that tbe
delay fixed by the 6th artlclu of the treaty having ei
plred that which at tbe conclualon of the treatybore
only an eventual character haa aiace acquired a greater ,
artuallty : and that tbe offen<i?e tendency of the treaty,
eclipaed tn aome aort b< fore the eipiratlon of tbe term,
arafna now their bearing to tbe atipiilationi of the
2d of lecmber, and inuat undoubtedly react upon the
i atuie of tbe engagement* which Pruaala, oa her a. da,
in Klit declare b<raelf eventually leady to eiotract.
It ia evident that tba government of tbe Kln(. f*eliug
tbe blab reapcnaibility attached to anch enra?eni?ntii
would be fouad wanting to ita moat aacrad iluti** If It
did not make them depend upon the moat ccmji>te
knowledge an<l moat conacient'oua tiamiaa'ion of tb?
l?litical objecta wblcb it ia detired to attala. It la 1
tbia rotvittion which induced m- already in iny de
epateb of tbe 11Mb of December to eipre? the daeir* to
I now the interpretation whtrb the Cabin- ta that
eigaed the treaty of the 3d of December gave to ibe
four point* formulated by them aa ba*?e for tha
? egotlaticna for peace, and accepted by l!ua*ia. It *p
fear*, in ecath . tbat when 1 deaun<**d that inllap-na
abia information the thr?? Cabin*.* haJ not yet agree!
among tbemeelvea upon tb* aignlflcatlon or at l<a?t
upon tb* dreciae wording f redact ioaj which ongkt tt b ?
given to tba four preliminary pointa. Hinea then, bow
rear, aa e**ontlal change haa taken [lace in tbe altua
tion. Not only do tbe Weaterw Piwer* appear to bav?
come to an agreement with Auatrla oa th? manner o
interptat ng the four po'nta, hut their threa repreeanU
liven inuet have 'OP' <1?r>t'*ily comm to an un leratand
tng ?.tb the Itua-iau Plenipotentiary on th* prel unary
baai* 'or tba negotiation of pea?-e
1 he Cabinet o' Parla (or I on Ion < I* too enlighten*!
ia it* Judgment tad too impartial In 'a appro* atlon an*
!o be, a* we ounelvee are (truck wi'h tb'- eri ten ?? of
tb< n?o?t intimate c^MNtki which evlata betwoen tb
'Mnlomatle tapy>^ trhrmitt wbi !> haa taken alar a
\M?I, and kttwwa tb* alter'er >)iiMtlM> far
Hie ?? !ut!on of which Ptuaiia would he eveataally
na?iy to aa ui* ber enacirraace by roatra-te-t
i Wltatirna '/a/rati'll'i Xn w, th?
( a bi net of King ia Igaoraat ->l tbe teta > of
<he coafldeatlal conv<-raatUn? wblefe haea tak*a pU e.
It la ign'itant of the praci>? re ? aft of tboo* -naferwri ??
The laMnet nf pt. Pateraburg Haa tim-Mlf roaamuai
rated to aa a morandum which Prince <ior*erfcakiff
had eoafld>ntlally preaan'ad to ll? iepToaan'aUee< of
tba tbree other I'owere Wafoand Uwreta taeaiMin
aad pacific Jlapoeiiiona But we . <nH aot appr-eiate
tha rnll beating of that manifeatatloa bacanao it ap.
peared to bo onlv the rr rrlhrj of aaother documea*.
( tr trm fl ) ?' tbe tareo reproeentatleea, with mh>ek wa
are not arqnaintod.
It ia, In met, larooteetahle that to ha a hie to form a
aroelao judgment on oar eventual eagagem*nta it ao
loager aofbte. for aa to be mada aaqnalntad with tbi* at
that document, upon which tba other rejireoeataUvoa
eea n.hled at V ienna. *itkar all or aaaaa of tboaa, may,
- * - pa, bare roate to an agrewaaoat among tbawaairaa,
It a nereaaary fw tbia rib>eet that we aboaU kaow
I il ? a :'m?* ?f tba Motiva* 'kick Uaee almiM tba
deliberations, and, la *om? iMMUlf, ^'rn*id*d over the
birth o( nuch document*
Th* consideration!* attached to the ?Mr?, s?4 to tffcteti
I dispense gietnr further <l?v?lr pm-nt b?** MlT teadad
to coaSim the King, our an gnat master, to the intimate
coevictioa that all nsgottatioo oa the part of his got
eminent to conclude an imn|(tm*(t oa tha trabjoet of |
hi a concurrence ia eventual cstnplleatioas will remaia
fruitless, aulaaa preceded by the praaaaoa of a repeasoa
tati ve of hi* Ma j*? t j at the deliberations whioh ham Haaa
opened at Vienna between the plenipotentiaries of tha
belligerent Power*, ao<i from which our aaguat miafer
pray* simerely a remit nay ensue proper ta assort aa |
noon a* possible tha bieesiogn of a awd and dara'>i? .
peace to hurope.
Taking thin conviction aa a startieg eeiat of hi* future ;
attitude, tha King, our august master, hti aot, how
ever, let hiej?elf b? gui.led eiclunlvely by tha pra-t'o?l
an genres which I have Just indicated. Hi* Majeaty hat
alto sought tha motives of this reaolut'oa ia considers
tlona of a higher order. I do aat hare lay *!?*** upou
the ronteqn*oee? which tha King attribute* ta the qua
lity of Pntaalu a? a grtat European Power. I do out do
ao, because I hare no motive to auppoae that frjm auf
quarter whatever there ihouid be aur ilea of queetion
og that quality, or attempting anything against tta pre
i otattre
But th* government of th* King hai more positive,
more special claims, which aaaura to it aot only th*
right, but make it its duty, to take part (ctn4?*rlr) la
the deliberations destin?d to pat an eau to tha Kastorti
crisis and to the oooiplicatioas which have arisen thara
from. They are the protocols of Vienat, which have
given to the solution of this question Uie character of s
work In common Tha representative of the Kiar sign
?d them, and Prussia has the oonseianea of having
faithfully fulfilled the engagements they embody.
I do not here moot the question to know whether Hie
actual Vieana Conference i are a continuation of tttoss of
last year, and I abstain from renewing the ooutrcverny
on th* causa of the cessation of tha latter. Oa this sub
ject I confldently await the et lighten lag effect of tiui><
and truth. But. however this may be, the protoools
?liiak are continually Invoked agam<t ui when the ob
J*?t t? to dadur* obligations from th'Vl, assure t ) us
4so rights, and we cannot admit the first without euter
ing info full enjoyment of the latter.
These principles, M. le (Vimte, are a* simple and Batu
rat that they do not appear to need an advooate I heg
of yon to bilng them under the notice of th? Minister
of Foreign Affairs (principal Saoretary of State), wtio,
we are rally convinced, will not refuse his approval ol
them, and like ouratlvea, will consider the frsnknesH
with which we have s? press.*! thi ni of a aature to facil
itate rather than obstruct the eventual entente of the
two Cabinets.
Ittcchre, M le Comte, the assurance of mr high eon
alftratioo. M AN'lI.i'SVU.
The KianUfort Dtrt? Tin- Declaration* of
The followii-c in the text of the declaration made by
M fie Bitnirk .' fh?nhati>en, tile npiweattUfo ol
Pruriia In the fitting of the German IHtt or the 2HU of
January : ?
1 am authorised to make known te the High Assembly,
in continiiatlon of the former oommunicatuiua made to
the IHtt, and in fulfilment of tne promise of an ulterior
mtmte, that, by the note annexed of the 28th ol Novem
ber, from Prince Gortschakolf to (Joaut Baoi, the Cabinet
of St. Petersburg ha* accepted the fonr point* which
have been recognlud by the federal ce;i?ion of the Ut'a
of Dseotnbar, a* forming suitable bases of pesos, Hint
he hss accepted them without reserve, aad in ttie form
in which they were proposed to him.
Coastqueatly the belligerent Powers are agmted on
lioth sices ou these potato, put forward by the Western
I'oweis .heniselves as a preliminary buia for be* ottatlom
for pesce, and it. may be confidently foresesu that they
will shortly commence; aad as soon ss tbese negotiations
shall liars a**u inert a European character, by the direct
participation therein of the two great German Powers,
the government ot the king will not fail to come to ao
understanding with the Diet ou the subject.
In the-e negotiation* everything will depend upuu Hm
interpretation of the four points. The government of the
King don not know officially whethirthe Western
I'oweis hare alieaJy taksn a decision on the detail* of
i he intorpretatioa which tbey intend tu give them, it
caanot, eons?<| neatly, est mate In how far their inter
pretation will coisetds with tlie sis niBcatioa which the
contracting parties of the treaty of the 20th of April sol
of its additional article* sttach to ths four points, w.iich
treaty sad sdiiUooal articles extend to the whole Coa i
ftdevatiaa by the resrl itioi.' of (he list relating thereto
?a signification which alone makes of these point* s '
bails ol obligations eontfacte^ by the tierinau Mate*.
Expecting that ths aegotiatioos which will Uhe pUce .
M t'.im (|uestlon may exercis* a practical iuduon<;n
upon the validity of tno treaties which hitherto form
the bials ol public right la Kurnpe. Prussia w II not I
only maintain on her own account towards the other ,
ftatra who participated in tho e treaties the viawsac |
cording to which she participated in the reailulion* of
the Diet ef the 24tb of July and of the tfth of December,
but she will also endeavor to assure to the ton
federation that participation which is reserved tor
It. llie government of ths King is, he wever, already
euablrd to observe, that if on the on* ban t it sec*
I hat the consideration of (terman interests, which fuund
sn expreison in the resilutlou of ths Oth of I'eoenib.ir
is assured en ail side*, on the other hau l it can inform
its confederates, with no less latiafacUon that tie re
iterated and conclusive assurances of Kuasia exclu 1e
the fesr of sny attack upon the Austrian troips Ny Km
us. no Ion* a* they themselves do not attack Russia
aud that <on*C(|ueutly, the rase in which German
fortes would t* called Into ac.lve co operation, in vir
tue of the additional article, will not be reali?ed.
Ihe limit* of German in;c-ejt/ which Is the actual
itsle ol sllsirs are to be supported bv the srm d force o'
i lie Co n'ed? ration are ludicst- d In the re-oluUons of ths
Im t of the 27th of July snd the 'rth of Il-ct.-mb.ir Thos* 1
resolutions, after a careful examination in vie by all the
< OEtrartirg j .irliee, fixed thn measure of the obligations I
r??lpr?ia.!} imposed upon tli? German < onfe l-ra'ieu
upen Prtin-la and upon Aii'tris A ?rest?r develope
aent of. exi-tirg rela'.lous iu virtue of tlio?s treu'le*
i ould no'. taie iilace, if the wadt thereof becani" sens!
b'e. except by the fiee consent of the tbrve coatractioj
parties, grounded npon the cUar and complete k no* '
fei'fe ol ti.e relations of eaih of them with the bllliger
>ut I t. wen
Tin- new foim of Urn relations in wUich Anitrii finds
herrelf with the Western I'owers, in conssquen'-e of ths
tresty of the 'id of December of last yeer. a* well a* the j
action tbey may nereise now or eventuslly, d< ??rre to |
hetko'oiato ?rrU>us con iiterstioo.
Hi* Maji sty will fsltblully fulBl In the future, as he >
has bi'li?ito done, ev?rj obligation emanating from bis
liberal relstlois or fr?m treaties, a* already declared in
tbe <!etj strb of the Mh of January to ths Anstrian Gab- I
.net, but lie will decline all demand* going beyond until 1
? he exact bearing of tbe lacrlflces which tho?e demand* !
n>; impose upon Germsny can bt appreciated, as also |
the relai on there may be between those sacrifices and
the object 'U*y may have In view.
HI* Msje>ty i* convinced tbst in his double quality of
member of the tier man Confederation and sovereign of a
Kuioptsn Power, in holding this conduct, commanded by
bin duties towa.ds ths Confederation snd by ths loltci j
tiide he owes to bis own subjects, lis acts in a jor lance I
with the news of hi* high confederate*, an 1 consequent
ly hope* thst, otsnding witb them upon the sum ground i
of tbe resolution* of the Dist, snd la eornple'e aoeor- I
dance, be will obtain for tbe Confederation it*el'. and |
lor earh of ila n'imbers, garantces afsinst any preteu
atoa Wtrai/T? tbe dignity or Interest* of(Je-maoy
even if tbe 1. pea of sn srraagi ment ahoul l be realiae'l
lite Va e-ty unceatiaglv endeavors, In view of sueti a
case toohtsln, by confldential negotiation* with tbe
belligerent powers, guarantees thsl Germany may not
be tfiifged into tbe ' ompliratlona of war except in tbe
desaiire of - anger tkat miy threaten her own inter
<st? Hwt, lndep? adently of tbe suc-sss of hi* effort*,
his Majeaty *>e* in hla own atrength at in that of all I
Germany, and ib the sore foundation* of tbs federal 1
conatltuticn sufficient guarsnfeea for ths maintenance
of tl.e'ugtiity, for tbe ssfety of the honor, aad for tbe
trslateasnce ol the rights of the common country.
Pi ii mIii. A nutria, and the Or r man f>lr(.
[Kiobi tha T1k?? ? orr??poo'l?n ?:? Jan. 23 )
I'olitira) ?!t?lni ?r? at pra??nt no astr<>m*ly romp)
t?d, that rrof?#a,oaal corraipondaala h?t? but l>ttla
mort taught :nto tba fat or* than th? puMlo.
Iliinga rapl'lly romlng *o a rrl?ta lo Ormtny and
tbrra ar? ayniptooin whi'-h mail intura the attrutl??
< I ?ar?*r to laar that Jtuitslaand PriiMU w II r??ntu?ll/
ba Icund lo o^prxit* tin;i. Tim attltad* of Iba l??t
Dtioni d I'owar b*com?? mar* ao1 mora amMfti ??,
and ft ia i?lat?d that tiro irrnr rrrp? ar? about to ba
plartd hi tba Rhin?^nd on* in Mila?!a
| !?u<.h m?anor?i ?oull nffunl ? V> distal aft rn'.
Kran<*? and Auatria. and roul.! tiai !ty '*1 ' ?
counter demonitralloaa on tbapart of tha alllad h??ri
IJttl* In-porlaaca would h??a baan atta<-)i*d t? tba ,
rifoft. t i at I'ruaaia rat?rt*loal tba Mm of minti
a part of bar arm/ mobile. had not raliabla laforn*
| t on to day lean ref?tY*d that the snine<era of 'ha !
larlin ]!ra>laa ttdarbarj r?f!way? ba! racaired oriara
to bold th'-mtaltaa prepared to con>*y troop'. >rom
l-rankf'tt at Kara prtvata adri;aa that Harou I'ro
With will ban!!/ ba ?b1? to obtain a majority la
the I Hat oa U.a >|tiettl?aa of th? mob.. ration ' 'b
< ttraan roaiiagenta, aad of tli# e!e< Hon of a cowman tar
ta ehlef for tb* f' .aral army but If Anatrla ii la a an
DMlty In tka M?t tba will raacluda a ?aparat? al. aa?>?
| wltb tboaa htatea wfelrh ahara ia har op a im that tba
le??tf?ta aad aaftty of riaraiaay ara a?a'?t by II ??
? a. Tba Otf /'???, la Ita laador of tlna m'>ra
or 'h"*t ?aa that tha Bond a about ta anderfo a rery ,
ri in a trial aa 1 anrh la, ia tm'h tha ia?a for ^t la aoa 1
tailed on to ahoa that It haa la It tba prm-ipl* <>' ?>?
Kn'> the l!'iad ail llr>' ronatltatod Aaatr ? ia< a
>?HaMy doee all la bar ;ottar ta maintain ita no ty ?ad
?1 in ty, but ?u h bat not W?? tba <~aa* wiUi f*r ? >? a,
at da- auAtUatly la lb* T?ar? 1W* aad )*>'
?b a a I'parata ewtfa ration ??? firm* 1 tot a .?? ??t
a atr <>*i man poa< bat a?a ?at tbi* ?rop r? Ara
? ? a ! a >r ' ? aba** mention"
ral 'UUai ma la u. pia < n that Austria n revolted
to know aiaatlr who la ?i?h h?- an l who la i|i ?l bar
ib? pa>>aaa allia4a4 ta la tba (allow d< ?
I ?'Mo il't A tiatHa ba aaraa??alA4 ta lorab "Wpara'a aUI
an?*a in Uaiataar bar palky. win Mill ba <i?rna?o ataa
| tboaili that a< bar aatafoa ^ta abould b* raaipWtaly
Raaaiaa. '
Cnaaa aaa >aty ia fait !aat Rataria aboald raia n, ta?'-*
raiw altk Pioaaia if that powar abaaid aaaataal.y
dai-lara la faror <4 R?*aia. but aaab aprraliaao n? a-a
probably aafoaa4?4. Ha* aria la aa aatblttaaa Cta'a
aad "a??a aa a?paft?Mty of d apianac Ha lw
partaa '? ; bat Kiag Mat la a Uaa ura?? aat
? baa tha kanaira aaoataat aaa??? ba vtU ba faaal
I at tba a 14a af tKa tmp t,,r Irtaeli Jaoaab, roatr
ta do batU* far tba lataraala of tba rawana fatWWal
Hi at la a, tba faa>r?pbl?l panltlna af hnru (arbUa Mf
? ou t f lata aa illltkw wlHab aaaU br<a? bar iat?
I '?<M'?t *?b rvaaaa aad Aaatrta at mm aad tin *?ai'
lime. While I'ruMla ajd the Ibuiberg (Vinfrren1* Hull*
1 atrainlng erny nerre id order to prevent Auntru'n
| entering into nay n??r?r relation* with lbs fTeaUra
: Ul imperial gorsrnmeut cvotinuM to adrnnoa
I ateadlly, teen ifelowly
On the lat or 2d of January Count Hiaol, tba Karl of
' W eat Borland, and M. da liour.|uenejr began to deliberate
"on tba a (Tact sal M?aaa to bo taken for obtaining tar
obj *ct of their alliance.'' atould the i'aa< a I'ooferem" ba
will out reault, and perfectly auUaiatlo tufonnaUon lia?
ta da>" bean glren m?. tHnt tUa "mora iinfprtiot ' mil
taiimHium bare already been agreed on. An Ana
tii?n ofco**? General Ovvnt Itenneriile, an la aaid? -who
will occupy* alra.lar poeitlon to that w'.ii'U (lateral
ixiang baa hdre. nili nun leave t>* I'ranca
Here* Hrwck, who U e-apected I tare to morrow (Min
day) week, la beliarf d to Liar* ewbarkol on board tba
war uteaMer Cunto/ia on tbe ?Id. It la nut yet known
nbatberM. von Uruck will have tba ^portfolio of ttun
merta aa wall aa that o( Finance, but 11? ia considered
probable that ba will ba at tbe Uend of both depart
menta. Advkra hare been received from Havana tbnt
Baron von dar I'fordteo Intanda to take another journey
to Vienna and Meilin, but ba ia uct likely to do any (fool
hare, unlaaa ba ia the brarer of tbe newi tbnt Ilararia
baa reaolvtd to aupport Aualna at Vriakfort No morn
lrr? |>a go l>y railway to (.alina, but :?*tlllerv nod amniu
nil ion aie c< at.uiially aaut tbrre.
Political Intelligence.
hl.NlHA, ?'nb. 13, 1A0&.
At llic election held hero tbla day. for town otlnri,
the Know Nothing ?> polled two third" of the vholi nun*
bar of eotea cut, electiag their ratlr* ticket by ui ijorl
li?* of fiom 900 to 400 over the united vote of th? whl< '
and democratic parties. Tbo vote iu November ?t >m> I ? I
Hunan OS#, Seymour 844, Clark 3 22, lltouaon 'JO, being
n balance at that time against lite Know Nothing* ol W7
eotea, which alio wk a u?t rain of from 400 to CQ0 eotea
for the Nnow Nothing* in thla town in about four
The Ititit I.*m]? and tbr In In tlir Rlrrrli.
IM I (II 1 AM t'lm'Hi. AH m MU COMMISSIONS* Klll.lNll
0??ick orfirnt*iMTiMir*T ar I. turd two <ln, )
NiW Vokk ITeb. 15, 1S&&. >
To Tin Kditob of rni IfxittLit ?
In conaaqui nee of the Dumber o( lamps found not burn
log during the aigbt, I hive addressed the lolloari:tg
communication to each of the gat companies, and also
to Mr. Bellows, the toot motor for Ugh ting the oil lamp*. ,
Aa thu publication of it ma/ be of some benefit to the
public, please pubtiah It If you think proper. IharenUo ;
uctifiel the at rtet contractor a to remove all tha aah*a ,
foitkwitb, also to clean the crosswalks, and leesl the j
mow in the streets, no aa to inalta them payable for
tehlolea; alao to clean the ica Iroin the gutter a, ao that '
ti ? water ean run into the culvert* which If not done
after taeniy four houra notice, I sbsll put nteu on iuy- |
aelf to do the work, and deduct the etpenae thereol ftoni ;
their billa. Kenpactfully jours,
K. KHl.IMi, I
? tiairaiasionei of Streets and lAuipt.
Omc'K l'oiiMiaiio?K* ne Htwutt* *wo I. ami**, I
Saw York. Veb IS, lllbA. f
TOTHK f l!??IDI?T or THK fKW > OK K (i ? -IUIIIT Co Mr A \ r ?
in 1 ' v and with the dlreot'on of hi? Honor the Mayor,
I hereby notify you that owing to the nnoieroua and juai
complaint* made of tha nooMilltlment ol your contract
with the city fcr lighting the lampa In your district,
thai It will be Incumbent on me to declare yonr contra'',
forfeited. If yon do not attend to the'lightlng before ant
niter r?rei?lng notice from me Many of onr street* are
left In total tlarknesa, owing, In nearly er.-ry inaWj"i, ,
to the groea careleaanea* of tTu> peraoua ??inplofd by you
to attend to tha lighting. lrnp?ctors will hereafter !??
required, la connection with the police to r?p?rt all
leupa not lighted, and a pro ratio deduction will 1>* niA'le 1
liom ?o?r Inlla for all lampa louod not lighted. Yn?r<
leapeetfally, JOHKI'H K Kill. 'NO
Commissioner of. Areata aod i*tnps
Uclnn on Utrauii ttdtUMtaliiy.
TH? Utiwa Nillnilll; ta Aiuetica wa* t Ita l>?>
chotan by Mr. (I. A WUl*c?uua for th> ftret of lb'- w<k>? I
?*iio? ot Herman lar.turaa to Im 0eliv?ro4 it Ilia Mvroaa
til* I.lbrniy. Notwithstanding the unfavorable ?a*t!i*r
taut evonlug, lb* lat* Alitor <)p*ra llnuae wa* ltt*i'lf l
by a very fair audience, Including a great in m j ladie*.
Mr. Wiklii Rita piorecded to ?ay tliat tho subject of
th* laetara? titrmtn Nationality in America ? wan nc**r
tuoit* ini|>oitant than at tb* preavut day. Ilundrwla an 1
thou ainU i f l?arniana am ariiv.ng daily 10 lb* 1'nlted
htatra, wlirr* It ia eallmateil th*y oamyr air** ly ft**
niilllooi T1i( newly arrived Orinao* ar* orrrwhalmxl
by tbc Anglo American ram. Th* tinman arrive U*r*
with bis rationality, ami x?o 'taui into rolliaioa with
tli* Ani. uran'a ruitonn lb* Anglo Abi'Ti- an la in |>oa
ai'naioa of th*Kiinind. h? baa inhabit*'! tb* roll loi a
ongptrutd. it ia bia t?ngu* that I* apokan to bim ba
in *? tb* induatry au-t tbr almmutratiun of lb*
tMatfy lb* <<*rinau 1**1 1 tba' b* la a atraa
ft, ? ad tbia break' t Im dowa- Th*r*for* w* ,
? mnat of th* (??raaii.a trying to g*t bold
of th ? An**r>can ruatoma, and throw away th?ir
i.aruian nationality. Tb?y try to intMiituf tb* Knn!bli
language for tliair mother tunu*. T>i*y want to ha
come Amviirana, and ar* aahaui-d to he livrtnaoa. tb*y
go ? via ao fat aa to u?* th* Kngl ah languag* w ttt t I air
own countr; ni*n. Than* <t*ntlm>ntii ar* to t.e tonal aa
? all amongat tb* iu*n aa among*'. tho eUik4r*n. Tbm
tactairr went on to d?m'>n*lr?t? what ttinr netbwiaUty
waa. It rannot t>* thiown away like e'tr*-aor a bat out
of la?lnOD. It l? inculcated t mm > h ldhood . the ' lul l
MH'k a it fiom tb<- brcaat of bu mother Th* l*a? tag*
wblrh b* li*ara night and day lapmwa al hi* thought*,
It becotBea a pait of it* bun/, an i all that ha iai?< aa*
been taught to him in hi* natlr* tougu*. It ta the opt >
n ou of th* apeaaer that a Iin man ran ar<juir- a auffl
rlaat knowlai'g* ol th* Knglub lanzuag* to ?|<*ati it and
tianxart bualn*??, but n?v*r will h* b* able to patwai
all Ita strength Mi Wlelaaaaua apok* at i*ugtb
<f tba eorrupt *0*r ta following tba loaa af nationality
tat ua b* proud, tad b* "that w* belong'u'b*
(?*1 u.an natlna, ob* of tba (It at nation* of the
?<rk) ? we meat out leaf to aebaowladga it.' Tbe
I'ren'hmaii boaat* of tba auli'ary ganiua of hi- na
tion Inyishiuen boaat ol tliair |>owerful tl?*t, thatr
grtat roloo l*a tbrir mannfactut*" and tb* r w*altb the
(ietinca la <-*l*brata<; for bi* *ru> itioa an 1 bia art*, in
vLlcb be gloria*. It ia not ?o glittailag a* tba gb>ry of
altnt or of a Saet, bet It la a moral glory U'b?u we
airita baie we bat? to b*">wi* a<- |.ieinf..| wltbtb?JCag
Iteb laoguage, aa.l tba iaatltatiooa of thie rtun'tr I 't
tbia ?!?<?> n"t ou t* to atiji.ia our own. Altar ra
vlealtig tb* raptibluaa edara'.ion rae*lr*d m tb * una
try, anil paylDK a high *al<n(tiim to the luUlligant p>i
tion of tba Atnariran |>*<>pl*. tb* l*<-tiat?r tarmiaala*l by
wiali og that tba llM,U<^i l.e 'uan la tbe olty abtt'iM
KiTim i aaav latloti. wb*r* th* ti*r>aaa I4*aa ?ho il l
not l?- for(ott*n, and ?b*r? (.? laaany and Ita mbabitaata
roabl b* ''f itly r? m?m h* t ?<1
t oronar'a ln<|iir?ta.
KXrbhTEO C'AIB Or MlMfliK M V roi OX|v<J-r*t.a?.
At an ? arly boat jlitaiJtj morn ng a toao naaa* 1 Jo
? *pb Mlwtf waa art' U.l by OUt er 0?llie> of tb* V rat
aard polie*, ( o ample', on of bar. ig piiaoa"! a woman
na ma<) l aabae M*i.a*l at No ? Albany atr**t. It a|>
I -an that '.h* pn?on?r and tb* Uwawl < am* t4 tba
aboT* |hibihi, a Merman boarding bo.iae, and ?a<k' I
U>a id aid !o<ltaga for a few day a. tbat oa tba a.gbt of
tlelr ainral at tbia piae* tba dfaaaad baaaaM oawall
and a?k*d tb* prlaoaet to go oat and bay bar aom* ai*
dicla*. tbat tb* pt.'oacr 414 aa, ani la a few lioara
a:t?rwarca tbe woman bt*ath*d la*r i**t, dyiag ?*r?
? uil'Ublr Tb* ?u?plcloa of th* o-'upaata of tb* S" ia?
bHi>? amna*d, tb*y ??f.t for a palieaaaaa ah'i arr*?t?d
Ibaaacuaad. to await tb* i*a?.- of tlia <.ot <n<-r i in , i*at
( uion'r t)|i no* I bal l aa io<j ia*t y?*t-r lay a'tar
tea* If a tK* body of tbedra' aa*d at tba a>>??* pla *
?l*n 'n* f' llow ng fa?ta ?*r* ?.i'ita>l ?
Ml-4ia*l i ii*fi*f, ?"??Hag a*. No 6 A.bar.r *tr?*t
t.n g >!uly >*' rn, d*^.** 1 ? Tl.at ha waa t;.? p"?p; i?v i
of tb* pia> * to '|B*atloa Paulina M*aa*l. niw ly ag
<!*ad ib tbia b'.u?? nn* ) *r* at II o ai" ? > n th? ??>:?
no' a ' f )*at*rday , I ? aa out ob t??t:a*?* at tb* Um* of
1'tatriial but my vlf* laform*d ?* of bat i oMlag
let* I ha^t B" '<intrr*ation with 'ba da?*aa*<t *M aa'.
ii na| of tit. at flay ia th* btrro io in caa.^any with tba
E>.'oa*r I >sd not ao*tr? *L*'? aiucb abojt II o alo ?
at night aty baikr*p*r Uild ir.* -I?a ?a? '.'*4 t waat
ap Malta aiiire *b* now It**, an i .'aaad bar d?a.)
? i> l?rfka ("'hwrd.t being daly ?warn d*p- aad -Tbat
i ?.* wee tb* wife or U>* laat wlta*?< th* 4' #an>* I
to tbe pi?m a*e aloag with tb* pn?'.a*r J<>**| ?> lM*w*r
I ?aa lb tb* barrooea at tb* tla? tl?? fr-mtr a*t*t for
I aHitg aad la ig ng far a f*w 1??. tb* prtaonar aet j
?V <??'*?" ?*r*a).owi ? f n. .lir.aa tb**T**iag -!a'***?1
ompiaii*! of i'a*a* af btaatb ao t palaa .a ?*r
?,.*rt on tb* B gbi ia <(?*??.!**, tba oiUm-* waa -atllad
U.* ttr mn af Uw 4aeea*e4, who was tbae tyia? 4^1 , I
I i**i*?a to tb* 'laatb >.f <taa?a4 ab?- a*k??i f?* saaaa t**.
tad r*-| a**t*-t *>?* |tt* *-r ka pataba? bag >*?* tw
I Heater 'h*a w-at'-at aad bt- a*b'. beat ml aaeg.- at
. t tb* !*?aaa? ! wko partt<? of it
i be ' l*rk of tba *potb*'*ry at??? wbtr* tb? (??i**??
! at'b***"! tb* -If Ufa wa> tb*n tiaai n*4 II* a'atad tba'
if9 |iila?a?r flat iato I . **af* and a?k*t for *ean?
bitaa'. t*a, wbt'b h* >b?*t?l Vi blm tSata wraSd
h*<* i**a rw m..taa* la tb* patt-ag ap of t>i* pf*a-t . ??
t.<o. ta b* taab pMiWtatat car* ta 'u* [r*par.ag of Ue
i't**M t fci M !?., r*?i i.ag at >?? I Haat atr**t Wa ag
awt ta **tt*~ 1 ba? ?**<?? a pott mmUm eiaaa4#eMee* ,
tNMyaf FmR** M?ai.*i tow lyiag MM ?? INb ?
a hat. y etr**l tber* ?*r* ao *at*raal at*:a* of r>at??**
oa tb* t*4y tb* pat*at4Uai waa CM wltb Ial4 aa4
i?w*4 *t ?:**' 'ra *e <,' p*rv*> Hia tba atbar riaawa
**r* In * b**!tby 'oa?i'.-ata, aad tbara wart a* ttanaa af
IA *|??>?4 la tl>a at' ma. > frwae tba hi abary at tb* '?**,
Ingr?i.?t alth tb* *iaaMaaUoa nl tbe btvly, 1 aa af f
ntaa tbat 4*ath wa* *aa**t by p-naar4ll.?
tr I' Haab?*. wba aaaiat?t la th* pwtawtaai t|
am t ai oa fatty <M*er*a4 Ml tba eektetfa g< tea by th
t hi
tba aiy, vttbnat i*atiag tba i a*aU t^4?*?J a *??
nl 4*aU> fraat parUai4i?UT' TU' taan tb*n*p*a Da
'barg< t K?*W frae* *%atodt
Tba iuniaei* *?? about M fa ar* of a?*. k*4 hat ta
I a 11*9*4 tetatirta bftof ?? ?i . a?ab*'|
Mayor Www , Ofrfr.loe. of the P><hmmv<I
( Itjr ChirUr.
Ho*. It. |f, ~ uw in, i ? Alb*?T ?
IV ah Mm ? |q relation to lh" ?rtT charter, I
ran ripreea . laeurable o, H-l?* ,,f ,u U*<Un? tmHium
Wllh tl.? **cep! .on of the mb Ua**M* ?* lh* *r**t
or Irarlag our local hmm to h * 'to?" M *l U* (??"'
e taction, I Hod much to appro. r ,U featuree
curie* pond with ray blear of a T?0"1 for? r>vem
| Bitot i?npn*a#til lo ny iuti|?nl vi IbeOom
mon Council. Io the mIi, U M W) ' Uhe that adopted
by tbo framtra af the ftdml guc*rata? 11 " "" preaant
coaatltuliaa. With alight iao.lifli alaon* i. W,U b* ? mo*i
eierllrat auhetitule Ur that now io force. 14 14 *u *'
ror, however, to aappoae lliat good governs*
upon tba organic lav. It doeaaot, beoaua *?
henaat, fearlraa aad capable oaOc?Uf? il*IIH, ,un,f
perfect (mm of (mraiarnl <m JirM Iiii tu?n ia
tailed will prove eatlre'r inadequate lo tba auU ?' "*?
people. Therefore, w e nut sol/ ? >,nn>! oh "t,r
but alto good functional >ea tu ei?aute the Lew a u ? ,"1
It. Tbeer murt be c be tea with eadutlvx i * ' *
their dtnree aoii e*|n?il; far tUa plaaea to tt tilled W
I htm
Toaacuia 'rfkeera of tbla hind. xmt elliet IU"*< Insal
Itaiiee ahould ba permitted fo rutcr tb? unnu. wlucb
rait oaly bo acnaipll bed by an entire aaparatioir tt tbo
election* fur oat oonl aad rttate iWhc-re from thoee for
municipal nllmi aod tbla la tbo objection to the sbar
tor now propoaed It Iravee u? aa we aro, With our own
local inleie-ta cut. rely at Ilia mercy of the e*<iUng aa?l
? t timer. orer whelming imim ol national ao4 Mat- |>oil
Me*. A* favuiabte Ha 1 thin??f tbia new charter, It
will, in my opinion, entirely fall In rcmorliar the diM
eultlaa under Which we eufler, if It doea not al?e prvvUa
lot the election af i barter oCcurt at Mat other time
Iban tliat at which werkioaee Male an ualUxiat aflleara.
In tha nu-?*agt< ?mt by ma tt th* I iinm >u Caunoil,
J?o. 11, 1H6A, I rafor lo llita aubjact la lb* fotiooiac
laoguaga ? " I cannot mull aapi<>??iB( uiy cun?cli*a
tliat morh IwnaSt cooll bo darl??d to tha oity l>y
rat inn tlia aUftino lor cltarutr olltcai t from tlial IwMiU
? a<l ontioual odii ara. Aa mw rim luctad, ourliK *iiu
tcrrata ara aluio?l aatiraly loat alfht ol in Ibr coofliol na
Htata or national laauca. Aa lUa laaaor la alwajr?ab
Mitbcd by tha grralor, >o an- tba apparwutiy auiallor af
fair! of uur aity ???" nawot loat alglit ol lu Uw ovaM
on candldataa for big bar oMeoa."
Ibc tuagaltuda of our uiunii pal intaroata eaU*fort%o
rloarat aciutlay <at? th? <|ualiflcatiou? of paraoaa la
taLa ebaiga ol thoai. No otbar roDanlaratuina tlioaa
tbnacronnacUd directly with lo<al i|UKaUou? aUouM !>?
Included ta tba aaarara for atty rulara. Tba artii af
ficquaut alaatioua ara of little laiportaaao aa coatpaia#
with tba Uaagri af tb* a^lartioo ol iuipropoi iota la
tbr atiuy|U fur i Doirrimr ur a I'roaiilent pataona
txrljr dl?i|iialitla<l will ?onwliiota aiMi" uaol'aarrad int?
a iilai-a ol local trmt an-l powor Tlia aleatiuo law,
waicb plaraa tha raadiilataa for county o(Bcaa oa tha
>?? ballot with eaudMataa foi .Htata oAoaa, laemaaoa
tha anl At the lata alrvUoa tbara wora tw ?- otaaa
i n tlia tkiua ballot. In tlta luiata and atcttaiuoat af
tltvlion Oky, it U ttry ilifltcult for ????? lU? m-tal Intol ?
llg'nt Total tn mm) tba n<inta of tho?a for wlioai ho
ilmtrta to n.t? wliaa found upon tba aaaaa tilkat, bat
?bat> tbr duly i? lui|M<aad upon tba illltarata or Igooraat
it la iwlilom atarciaad, aapc< laity il I be re ba a cuoniafty
i?< tiaeil l?l'ft. out penaittlng oraaura or aubeUlutuMt
Ibnuiili in olb" <? but ana mont'i hihi tha abort
wan wrtltrn yat tlie tiporianca of that ?oatU baa
eor>nrai>il tbeae tiewa. 1h? nmne<tioii batwaaa
Icral MM|h ami that of tlia Stale aad aat'Oa la
i1rUim>ntal to tba 'lnt?real* ol the tiU Naw
Yi'fk baa n grirerumrnt and a mnalciptllly ?>: ita ota
of too ifrrat a uia?uita<le to be jeopaiuiaad by belag
tuaile mroniiary to the otrraltadowiag uifluaaooa taw
trt>d at I lie rapital. Tba poeer ilaitrat f row the pa
Ir'iiiaca ol tin- ireneral goternment la tbia altr orar ?
wlxltna all otter political < .inaldeiatioaa, and It U al
moat intarialilr I be fart, when the central power at
Wraliirgtou baa a illrert in'tiett In the jeaulti of an aloe
txm here, that <mt local loteraata ait tubaergad eatiaa
It >%l.i-n al'ieeidtnt la to ba i uoaea, or a C'eegraaaiae
al nitjtitity tu be teemed, ci aajr ineaaur" to ba aattaia
ed c.i o|.ii?ed. thia pow-r la irraalatlbly erirelatd, aa4
rarrti r. In all tha iaa.H4ataa aa well for municipal oAcae
aa l>'r thane iienu required Tba general gaveramoat
Uaa uattr lieen b-*l?-n in tbla ettr whan it hal a Ureal
?'ale ill the reeult At ttery rreaHaalial alartlon far
twenty yea n tbe then eai?uo( national adai niati at xiaa
hate been tnalatbe I lu th'a ally, and all tlae ' ?ali Latee
of the p? it/ With w hi* h it waa identlAed bare bean aac
? ettftil. Tlitrt la ifiaigiiini; agalatt tSeaa facia Tha rmm
clualoa <? IllflUMa, that otbar tnterwat< ibaa ear
own lufluenra If net control tha ae|e?.l;on ol oar own
t alar a wlieu tlectti at the genera! atactica If,
under thtte circumatai.rea, l.un-it aad raptble nta
hap|.en to !>? dniytalixl for ue, wt are ladaMad
for it more *o arci lent, or ta Iht Interpooituia of Ihrtaa
1'roei^enca la our !?>'*, Iban to tha loiatuongbt tad
di>ci1minat.ng ?' tlou uf t Jit tolera tbemie|?ea N'o Ut
there l, a a>"j>aiatlon irre?oe?t?# and eatire ? lot l bore
lie but una ia>ae wh?n local MHwi are to ba cb??o?,
and th..t referttog to tl.a welfare aad lruaporlty of New
\ orfc If, dlifi t i r upon national tr Iflate q 'ia?tinaa, ww
ran unite will out ?rnbar>aa*i rut or nbitrurtlaa npow
men fitted far charter office it. wl'ln.utef r< ren e u> tbe<r
pally ar.inillea ?t ataociatioa> the oonelderatioae will
le not wtutheir tbty are .n fa ror or agaiail a ay out tide
h.i ee, Inroltlnr matteranf national Import, Nat W Wet aor
la favor of an ecooaalaal foetrameat for tbla city, ?t
r.ppoai"! tn Imi.j .ral tiee <?rrjpt <>aa aa I b?4 gor
irriarnt 1 hare not Ume to preeent teetral otbar p<>4 ota
e.,rally worthy of at'eat on If thlt change he ma le la
tha charter aow proposed, I could gt?a it my aeppart,
though ant approving all Ita 'letalla I look upoa ai<rla|
? barttr elatto na aa e?>eatlal la tha wall being af thia
city. It ta, In eiy opinion, paraataunt to kllotatr '(uwa
tkini ipfcrtiin'nf to the >|ty roeerantaat. With tbla
altera!!' n tl,. pap<r now aubn?itt?<l ky Ute llgarl of Al
?len ien will he u|'f>ltrabb> lo in.r wanta anl will gtva ua
the |tit g'lTrrnu.ent ea have lia-l la thirty jieara
Vnjr iopa< tfnilr yeura
rHtSA!?l*? WtXIO, Hayar.
Poll** UUIII|rMr.
Miint vim an allmibb inuuvi ixr our ?*
ibm-ma* ??r aai.tmiuteiir .
Km m>?? tlaia part tbara bit nl?M it 4M liotl
aajr *o ralat>< atnuaat fcioan k; apcruUlnra ia MUrf
(alltki t?l <itt aatarpr >aa aa " Ikaaball b 1 >>, a Jfa
Ucnal < ilt latrrprtaa Oi?," a a<l ilat* ill arpal?
ti' u >rtaial af lt? ipuMmi cbarartar Uara
iwt* Mmi IIm author)')**. Tlu fiapto; >U<a
ID tb?.r clr> * lar, " That lUalr aa-a?? la laauraA k; tba
#itraor'la?r/ W?i?a I for ll?b*ta, aai tba ptal 4atil
button all! f r1tmJ)i umk *4 vllliaiit toll ?? Ika IMk
of March ' Afala, Ik* Hrautor atat?a I Wat, "f.m;
tirkat hoMaf a fift of Mat kiwi Waal 4a ? ba*ag
?at.'la<! v* tba aplriM >o(rmr>n? of tWa laaof aral?-?a
of WaablB(taa ' Tbaaa circular* Ml| Irwaljr aaat all
nam tba ?matry, ial a?<i| tba uaauapaatlag labab?
taata af tint aa! tba aaigbtr r ng a 1/ of It* .all/a, a
till* iwiiifit of ? uoa*jr baa, af rouraa, la?*l tat* tba
i <-?f!?ta III l<ubl!l b Co Tba pr.ra af tba gift ttahat aaa
ana dollar, aa4 It la aaid so 1??? ttiaa % fi '*W baa
Uaa rrailaad by tba a bora |>art ?a la tba aato of tbaaa
ttokata. Boaaa paittaa, faaMaf tbat \h*y ba-l bat IllUa
ebaar* af ?*?r flaf a |llt, ha?a <?afl?iaa4 af tba
anii iNf I j> tba Ifcaball r?a?*ra i? >*ar .r* faa-t*.
Yh'ii''i; a raima aa m?l ("barto* 1 r?? i|^i'?l ba
!<.r*Ju*t?a Walali aa I |*af?rtB4 ? aaapfaMl afaiaat.
tla.a lartaa aUt>a{ that ba p*rrh?aa<l af IW? Aai
lar il'lrta fr< m 11a ( art!** la '|ti*all n, at tbatr *?<?* la
Bread a* y ar.-l tba*. >.a?ir? l*a?a*-l ala?a tba parr baaa
i?f !b' ti' I ?t tl<al iba ill fa an-arf.fi? *aa a ? ?la4to,
I a >o-igbt tba iM af tha I ?a/i t? pialah tba aUagat af
fraAara Oa Hi ">aa*la)Bt a' CraA, J??u<a Wa'ata
jaa ?4 a warrant for tba artaat of tba pkikM (?afiaa4
II f tea a<'*fcliakfc.?at (Hi ? ra |MMn4ar iaf ' aaap
' ? ! ??r? ?ta'al1*"! for tb* ? . rfa-aa ? f a i*r utla( tba ??'
rant ar.d Waal tef If ^ulbla, tba raai partaaa Tha
Mil a oa a a a| -a ' b? mv m aaa ia llf.?t?ar,
te >t (' IB'! thai M*a>r> flaahal: k (a. Vara ?? ti ba
???> a aft'! -halaicb paitMi 4*<1 a*' raalif a?iat aa4
?teat aa4*r tba t tto tf liaabali b Ur> Wa4
*ft tba city aa a* to a raid Um *rraat*4 Tba abtara
f< ua i tfca ofr'a la "f a faaaala aba aa?a>*4 t'a
IH ailbtog irf bar naytofara abaaa ra, aai raf?aa4
lb ( >? lb* |-.|lra *Bf iB'afnnt. n alalia la tbatr
?bareebaata n brt tha *a-ira?artna f?n??ia r*''iaa>
* ? ?ai a 'Bfc ItM ? ta tk? - *i-? bat B'?arll>abMa Iba/
treka ?at" It, aa-l aa- ? -a-l abaat !?? '*&) of tbai> I ?
ata lr? iiaia ,> bana'a k ? , tafatbar a itb ? larfa aaa
laiai latlara aa4 at bar yajati
Alt (ha |4|'n aara ktiaa to Iba laaat Baarkat f?,Urm
I fHrt, abara, aa ? ? aaa'aataaa, It a;i|*a<<C'
MaaWr '1*atalaa4 * >r 'am ai tba abara ^la#*. war*
tba ag? ata of 'ka graat I'aaball ??ia-?Ta Aa4 it 1> ??ry
fr WaM* tbat 'b*** Klirilaala, aaa a baa ait, a.n tea
iimtaf 'a a 'aa <i?j. a?4 HaM to aaaaar aa tka
? I iif'i |?r'im4 a?a ait thrta
ciiwt or ytt/ifio' * A?u<%T.
irauiia- i#xr l'H ?< wi-M ta <ka laavr yaliaa
?atrrt a(f? tat a ralara 1 ataa aauaat J' ba llafaaa,
I * ?f *1 II La'aar ! a'r ?' rbaffltf 'm tba iaa|blal af
| Mai; TWraa* ail? baaiag ?U'?WM tar altb a
ahaaa* kai'a la W* ?"? Aur Bf aa aKairal.oa tbat '?*i
alaa* Wat a aaa tbraa iba a -j--4 tateaa ?<a?or a
J altera K?.?1 tet tva fcaiWa. ak? brt< b 9 ta ball Hi
11b* tala cf IWt to aaaaar
ALI.r 1 l> 1T? ^1 1* '? A r r ? * T .
A ;??B? MM, aamal Haa-r lb kiaaa. aaa arraaWl
, l. j lb >aartb aarl | tot oa tia4aaala/ arfbt, ?S?i|al
ai'fc bar af, abil* ia a <*i*?aMy atetb rbowaa Wllaa*
HfaUan Ittb*? f <? af n?rrrf aat Ot rar atraata,
f atabW4 b a. a lb a ' .'? kat.'a, I a/a? a? bla? aaaaratf.
IV a> ?i !i< ata ?m !??*? I* lUa v?? Tnt Ha?|IW,
? k-.a frarkaaa aai <?a<aya4 ta tba T' aaba ?b*a ba
aaiiaia ''Mai aaa ta aa I Ua ?a*?M bf tha aaaai ?
a4 aaa a lajuiaa* if Jaa4?u* fbtfat*
Iiir-r o? a* AI luii rrnTTiri i?/m /cnum.
Par (*aat ftaajat, oa* af tba '"Ma* a ikla, ?rra*ta4 a
?teaa la ?ioa4a*7 jaaUMay a*raiaf, aaial ;*ba
Mjrra aba* J aaa Sfral <k?ifH a 11b baiaf ? fa#ttfa
froai j'iaUa* TW* a*tb?rtti*4 af Hafal-a aa4 rW UAH
ybia t/a?b rlaiwi l*a Wear of eattliae tb* at<?aa4 aaa
nualt. It to tibial tbat ba baa baaa iwifil la tba
iawa>^?taa af aaraaal bar?tariM at ?-l?ta *? *aa
"?wtiti far tualMkoa, >*1 .a nMwl n Mb
<Jh*Cl lM"

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