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ummmm renbwsb every iat.
.? No. 2, American Protestant Association, are spe
? lly requested. without exception, to meet la their
Lodge room on Wednesday evening, Feb. 21.
V> minx ?>/ name, has be?n obtaining money on mr
presumed respoaeibility, this in to give notice that I will
not be answeral le for any debt* contracted by such
part/. JOHN H. CHAMBERS, No. 8 City Hall placo.
XI cowuni**ion agency. ? Mercaaere* street, No.
Mr. J. Q. Busarte, for a moderate rata of coiniaia*ioa,
will execute order* for the purchase of tte different
product* of the island of Cuba, inch a* sugar, molasses,
to^acoo, MfUi, wax, he., an al?o tbe effecting sales of
coSigsmeaU of merchandise entruited t* In* care. In
the brokerage department. Mr. Suiarte will attend to the
porchaae of *bare* of the different stock companies,
landed property, bouse*, villa* and country seats in the
delightful environs of Havana, allotment* of l*n<i, coffee
and *ugar rotates, farms and cottage*, he. His long ex
periooce and extensive acquaintance placo* h m in a po
aition to obtain the most favorable purchases and (elec
tion*. and flatter* himaelf that persons entrusting order*
to hua will be satisflod. Mr. Susarte will produce the
best refereoooe a* to standing and capability. Orders to
be directed as above. J. Q 8UZARTH.
1^1 tere, and others connected with commerce, are re
quested to atteud a publ'c mooting to be held this day,
{Saturday,) at the Merchants' Bxchange, at3}{ o'clock,
to take into consideration mitttr* now before Congress
affecting their interest.
M. H. GBINNEIX, ' (,,
J^l a special meeting of the stockholders of the Ameri
cas aad Foreign iron Pavement Company, at thel* office,
110 Broadway, New York, on the 16th any of February
next, at 12 ML, for tbe election of seven trustees
New York. Jan. 24, 1866. 1. U SAGE, Seo'y.
public not to negotiate the three i olio wing notes,
made by me lb"/ are are ail date! November TZ, 1864,
sixty-aix aad (VC-100 dnllurs cack, payable to the order
of Henry Jutte: one note two month* after d?t?; one
Bote three mouth* after date; one note four months after
date. JOHN CO /.FILL, 172 Forsyth street.
against trading for a promissory note, drawn by
*nry Wood in my favor, for $36 ), datel July 2.>tu, 1851,
at 12 month.., aB said not? ha* b??n mislaid or stolen.
MARY liUINN, 07 Cannon street.
Mail Steamship Company, 66 Wall street. ? New
i, Feb. Iat, I860. Notice. ? The annual election for
'Sireoter* of thin Company w ill be held at this office, on
Thursday, let March next, between the hour* of 12 M.
and 2 P. M- WM. L. YOULE, Secretary.
11 annual exhibition of Lhe National Academy, will bo
opened to the public on Monday, March 12, at 64H Broad
way, between Prince an I Spring streets. Artists will
please send tii-ir usual lists to the undersigned, at the
University, a* aoon as possible; and they are particular
ly desired to have tbeir works in readiness by or imme
diately after the first day of March, as the arran comen'.s
will absolutely forbid the admission of any contribution
whatever later than Mouday, the 6th. They must also
remember that the limited capacity of the pretent tem
porary galleriee will necessarily confine every exhioitor
to a smaller apace on tbe walls than heretofore. " Var
nishing day" will be on Saturday, the 10th of March,
10 A.M. to 4 P.M., without further notice. By order
or tbe Council. T. ADDISON RICHARDS,
Corresponding Secretary N. A.
Now York, February 15, 1S.'.6.
L in* of owners aad drivers of public ha:ks, at No.
White street, this cvenirg, February 17t'n, at 8 o'clock.
Punctual attwutaace is reqaested, as business of much
importance will be brought iiefore tbe meeting. By or
der of James Leonard, ciuinu m.
Wm. H. Caputs, SecreUry.
m anairetwary of the Mrthday of Washington, on
the 22d of February Instant ? Oratiou at the Aca lomy
of Muaie, Fourteenth street. ? lhe patriotic observance
of this day revived bv oar order into a national holiday,
will boeshbrated with spirit, and all chapters an.l mem
ber* are requwrted to complete and report their arrange
ments without delay to avoid confusion. For thongh
the demonstration must be in harmony wi'h the times,
tt wUl, U la trasted, be folly creditable Member* of the
order throughout toe State, whose chapters Are'not re
ported, are requested to unite with tbeir brethren in the
city la tbeir appropriate regalia. Tbe Honorable tbe
Chanceries of (Mates are requested to report early the
number of chapters or members that will accompany
them, that their proper plac* in line may be assigned.
Delegate* to the Convention will please be punctual la
attendance urn Wednesday evening*.
W. W. OSBORNE, Cbairman, 278 Grand street.
JOS. C. Hot*. l>U-ratarles
Cma. E. Giuihwlmvk, J ??<*??"???
0 tbe order desiring legulia for tbe celebration will
yleaaegive order* early. Equipments provided for tbe
cavalcade or marshal*. Orders should be left without
delay. W. W. ObUORN, 278 Grand s'.reet.
Office or rut: raw cheek company, a? wall
?tmt, New York ? Notice. ? An election for (We
urectora cf tfce New Cr> elt Company wUl be held on
Mondiy, February 20th nut., ut the office of the Com
pany, in New York, between the hiura of 10 ami 12
A. M The transfer book* will be cloned from the 10th
to 37 th font New York, Feb. II, 1936.
(J gera. Uv City ordinance the eara are requested to
?topatova the atreet eroding galng up, and below it
going down Passengers ere requested to make it con
venient to take and lsare the cara on those crossing by
the rear door, to leave them on the aide next to the alde
?walk, and not to Jump on or off while they are in motion.
WU. KBBir, Superintendent.
I and Manafaetaring Company of Virginia are inform
ed that at the request o< aeveral of the atockhaldera who
uiieapprehended the object of forming the new mining
company, Ac subscription* for the remain abarea
will be reopened until Saturday next, the 17th inat. On
"that laytk subacriptlons w 11 be Anally cloand and the
atoek apportioned. Apply at 13 Broadway, roim No. 5,
?ecaad story, betwtea 1 and 4 P. M.
Lost aaj> found.
Exchanged, ok taken through mistake, at
Fartaro't ball, Fourteenth atreet, on 'l'huraday
evening, llth inat., in grntlemen'H dressing room, a la
?liea' largo plaid wcollea shawl, dark color, one takia for
?the aame, aamilar color. Anyone having the same will
oblige the owatr by returning it for exchange, at 773
and ehain. with charm* and locket attache 1, which
wnar caa nave by provlo? property an I paying ex
peaaea. Apply to GBOROE N. CUTTER,
19 John street, up atalrs.
Bote, oa Friday momlog, the ICth inat., io one of
'lath avrnue and Fourteenth rtreet line of stages,
?and got out ia Broadway, near Eighth atreet, can have
the mm by calling on|C. K., 1 _o I'aarl at., up italri.
or vicinity, a gold wateh and ehain, made by I..
amoaJ k Co.. Liverpool No 19,900. The finder will
be rewarded ea leaving tbe aame at the hardware atore
271 Ureeawfea street.
I I Roaaaberg in favor of Karl Hrounfeld?r, dated
New York, December 19, 1943, oa daaaand, for aeven
knndred dollars. with Interest. The finder will be liber
aDv rvwaread by leaving it with Hernharl k Rosenberg,
1U Hoaetam atreet, aa tbe payment thereof has been
1 J poekethoA, with notes pail anlnnpai 1 Tha finder
?aru be Mfearally rewarded by addressing P. M , Herald
office. The antes aia past due , and of no uso to any ona
bat the adaei liner
onr? on "the evening or January urn. av
old faalaooed gold ring (representing two rings;
t Initiate M. McA , cut n lar/s letter- on the ma de
rh? finder will bo liberally re varied by leaving the aame
with FREEMAN k BENNFTTT, 2*? llrovlvay.
I i Islaad ran. croaeing Hoath ferry, or la one of
Eipp k Brown a atagee, to the corner of Eaight and Ca
nal itreeta, a gold watch, chain, hook and locket; the
hoot ia aarLra "M E C ," anl the locket marked
"Kate." lba floder will he liberally rawer M by leav
ing the atarvw at Wm. B. Scott k Co.'a, l'J Wall street.
No. ?f watch 9,44?
line ef adages, Sixth avenue. from Twenty-Ninth
atreet, a ten duller note on the Mechanics' Bank. Aa it
la tbe property of a poor ftrl, tbe finder will oblige by
leaving It at the National O-inxrat office, 34 Ann atreet.
bare and friends of the above company are respect
lully reqaeated to meet at No. 490 Broome street, to at
teai tbe (aanai ef our lata brother and aaeoclata, Nathan
R. II ilea oa Saja< lay neit, at 1 o'rlock P. M. By order
of JOHN WIEDEY, Captain.
U C. Man, Secretary
Aeadiwy Hall, M3 Broadway, on Sunday neit at
o'ekek. P. M . when an original poem, on tha
"" "'l^aintaal 1 r? will be rented bv a lady. E LIV
derwoad wtS Udure on " Hi^laJ Reform," at S o'tUwh
Two Thousand Table Tippers in the
Speeches of Cot. TaDmadge, Rev. T. L. Harris,
Judge Edmood*,
&c., Ac., Ac.
A call was published la the duly paper* for a mass
meeting of *pirituall*t* ? 1. e. persons who believe in the
new theory of communicating with departed spirit* by
means of tipping* of table*, knscks, and other physical
demonstration*? to be held last evening at the Taber
nacle. It was further announced that Mr. T. I.. Harris,
the autbor of a spiritual epic, Judge Edmonds, Mr.
Dexter, and other well knewn lights in the world of ma
terial eplrlts, would be present.
The announcement created a great deal of curiosity,
and at an early hour the Tabernacle wan crowded to
excess with sceptics and believer*. It wa* the largest
meeting of tbe season, and included all sorts of people,
impelled by all sort, of motives. At leant one-third of
tbe audience were women, from which susceptible sex
the new spiritual party draws its best media and Its
firme.t adherents. Some of the regular attendants at
the women's tights and anti-slavery meetings were
There was some dtlay In starting the meeting,
which seemed to be under the direction of
Mr. Partridge, editor of a spiritual newspaper,
and during this time a middle-aged woman in the
audience favored it with some remarks, more severe than
coherent. She denounced tbe spiritualist* and Judgs
Edmonds as a sit of devils. She had quite an audience
at first, but after ("peaking a few words she complied
with the request of a young man who earnestly urged
her to " simmer down."
The audience was getting rather restive, and somo
rapplngs, not spiritual, were heard in the gallery. At
this juncture Hr. Britton, a spiritual publisher, cams
forward and made an apology , for tbe gentleman who had
betn engaged to preside at the organ, but had not
appeared, lie called on Mr. Harris to supply his placo.
Mr. Harris did not appear, and there was a long pauae>
with more stamping and tome hlsxing.
Mr. UftrrroM again came forward, and said that the
vocal mu.io would be gives without an accompanimnnt,
and be done as well an it could under tbe circumstances.
Thereupon several ladies and gentlemen came forward
anri gave the chant?" How beautiful on the mountains
are the feet of him that brlngetb good tidings!"
During the last part o( this performance there was
some disturbance in the gallery, caused by a pugilistic
encounter between two highly excited young gentlemen.
A large cumber of per.ons expressed audibly a wish that
these belligerents should be put out, an! " order reigned
in Warsaw."
The platform wa* occupied by some of the recognized
leaders of the movement, including Judge Edmonds,
Governor Tallmadge, Dr. Hallock, Dr. Orton, and others.
Rev. T. L. Hahrjh, a clurgyman of the Vniversahst
persuasion, came forward ami delivered a prayer, lie
blesred God for making spiritualism known on earth, and
prayed that further developement* m'gbt be wide, an I
that great good to men might rosult from tbeui.
Mr. Britton introduced ex-Governor Tallmaihir, who
Lamkh ant) Gk.vT1.kmbi? It ill with the greatest reluc
lance that I undertake to say a word this evening up in
the subject ol spir luliam; not a reluctance to apeak
upon the subject, but because my time :? ao necesiur iy
limited that 1 can neither u justice Ut the subject nor
to myself. It in, therefore, proposed merely to make
f me preliminary remark* before the gentlemen to whom
this duty ia aligned will speak; and these remtrk*
miiht of course be very desultory. The subject uf spiritu
alism has not been generally understood by a large por
tion of the community. There are tiro reasons, perhaps,
why it has not been wholly understood, and why so
many pre.,udices exist against it. The Grat is the course
taken by the public pn-sa in not presenting the fact*
connecter with it to the publie mind. In saying this I
do not aay it for the pur |"M?e of catting censure upon
the press, but merely to express my own regrets. Tee
conductors of the press have had reasnna satisfactory
to themaelves for withholding this information. Facts
bare been developed, in tbe course (f the investigation
of spiritualism, of the most aatouuding character.
They have exhibited phenomena the most extracrdinarr
in tae history of the world, and whether It be spiritual
or philosophical, it ia worthy the inveatigation of every
practical and intelligent mind. (Applause and hisrea.)
The time will come? and I predict that that time ia not
far distant? when the conductors of the public pres-i
will feel and know that thtir course has not been a cor
rect one, although they believed it to b* aucn; bat they
will feel the truth of what 1 aay on this occasion. There
ia another reason why spiritualism haa not b;en under
stood ? why the prejudices of tbe public mind hare been
so wrought upon ? it is because it has bet n denuuncod
liom the sacred desk also, and denounced by those who
have acknowledged they never luvestlgav-d the aubject,
who profess to know nothing about it, and who a'.ill have
undertaken to give, what they call light, in regard
? to it. Now, I undertake to aay that tb-MH spiritual
manifestations are in acn rdanre with the Ilible ? that
the Ilible proves thn manifestations, aud the nauifesta
Hons prove the 11 hie. 1 therefore maintain in allthia the
truths of the Ilible, although they have been ignore!
and denounced by many. We have had mo instance ? I
allude to an occasion iu the city of Washington? where
the It** v. I r. Butler? I speak of him merely because he
put Ins vie*s before the world, undertaking to contra
dic< these manifestation* ?
A Vmrc? A curious coincidence.
Mr.TALLMAUue? Aa I remarked, I will nut occupy more
than a lew minutes, and it is not my wish or intention
to go into a formal investigation of the subject. If I
had one or two evenings I would be enabled to do that
indie* to it which 1 find it Impossible to do now. 1 mere
ly intend on this occasien, during tbe few minutes al
lotted me, to read one or two communications on this
subject. It purports to be given through tbe rapping*
ami tipplngs. and is signed 'John the Moved," and you
will dud what ia pnt forth in it to be worthy of aertoua
consideration, and of the source frym which ft ccmes ?
"i lie follow mi communication, purporting to ?eme from
tbe author of tnat Epistle, enforces tbs same dootriao. It
was made to a (sleet circle of the most intelligent and in
telle?*ual ladies asd I gentlemen? a circle composed of tboa*
described In the commuaicatioa? and through a medium uf
tbe highest character and respectability? too wife of a Me
th'idi't clergyman. I took down the commniteation my
sell, letter by letter, as It was giren through tbe lippinga of
the table ?
I o an assembly of wise men from tbe Esst on I from tbe
West, and the North and tbs South, lawyer* and doctors,
Indies and goeernora, and divines, are met ts try the spirits.
Beloved, ye do well Ve are instructed from the sr?st Hook
of Books, even tbe Book of (Jod, thus to proceed Beloved,
If all spirits were evil, or if all spirits were |0od, this trial
would Ve neeless. by tbolr Irnits ye shall know them tie
loved, can Ithe leopard cbanrs bis spots, or tbe Ethloflsn
bis skJBt When tbs spirit leaves the earthly form for a spi
ritual, tbe spirit is the ssme, bnt in a new temple. My little
children, ye have tbe prit ileus to maks that asw mansion an
a> ode of haj pinsas or misery. Beloved, ys have been truly
instructed that every tbougVt, word ami action Is register-id
in heaven, even ia the house to which ys go. When ys meit
the deeds done in the tody ys will know them They will
cause you unutterable Miss or unutterable woe. My little
children, be instructed by one who loves you. Herve ttod
with singleness of heart. It ? tn-r.l to the race for which
Jesus died JOHN Till. BBLOVEU.
And here is another from John Howard ?
"r. mission, both In my physical and spiritual f rm, has
ever been, and still ie, to an.>-li.. rate tbe condition of the hu
man race. I have penetrated the darkest abode of vbe in
ev ry elltae, and dropi tbe seed which sprung up to reform
etd repentance. I have vlsl'ed th.< cell of tbs rasnlac, and
calmed the trouble*! spirit, aad le t forth tbe sporkliar gem
to si. w and espand In tic snnlvhi of rrsedom? to a. tract
anil le attracted. I have looked upen the poor sites in hia
t hales and degradation. 1 Save Inspired his sink a# soul
with hope, aad taught to revile not when reviled, hat to look
f< rwsrd to that great day when color shall he lost in brilll
at.oj. I have eat la tbe eountfls with the framere of human
laws. I have sxpand'd their views and softened the rigor of
their spirit, and Infused into their souls the spirit of llf cfty.
My i< al will never flag, neither will my spirit wesrr-or my
labor rease, until angels shall look down fr'a their bright
abode npon this darkened sphere, and behold reflected, as
fr< ? the Ikes of a polished mirror, the image of tbe Most
High from every heart of every soa of man.
Tbe following plee of poetry waa oommunlrated
through a young lady not m?re than fourteen yetra of
ag*. 1 give It to you aa a specimen, and I undertake to
aay that it will stand alongside of Kev's star Spaogl?-l
Hanger? [laughter]? The Kter H pen g led Banner.
A Vjono? Plate who Is tbe author.
Mr Tallmadok? It waa given threagh a young lady.
Til* Voir?? Ah, now you have got If [lAugbtor )
Here the speaker read tbe following piece of poetry:?
VT?g of the planet gems f
Whose sapphire circled diadema
.-Hud ev'ry sea. and ahore. and shy?
oh! can thy children gaze
I pon thy silver blase,
Nor kindle at thy rays,
Wblcb led the brave of old to die?
Thou banner beautiful and grand,
float thou forever o'er oar land.
? nag of the atrlpes'of Are'
lx-ng as the bard hU lofty lyre
Can ntnke. thou shall Ins Dire atr song?
We'll stng thee 'round the hearth.
We'll sing thee on strange earth.
We'll e!ng thee when we forth
To twttle g?. with eUilM tongue'
Flog of the free and brave In blond,
For be tb? hls>st of Qnd;
KIsg of the bird of Jove!
Who left hi( home, the cloud* above,
To point the hero'* lightning path ?
Around thee will wo e'an d,
With glitt'ring *word is hand,
And iwetr to guard the Laud
Which quell'd the Rrit.sli lion'* wrath
Flag of the West! be thou unfurled,
Till the U?t trump arouse the world!
Flag of two ocean shore*!
Whose everlasting thunder roars
From deep to deep, in etcrm and foam
Though w.Ui the sun'* red let
Thou wnk'*t to (lumber, jet
With him m glory great
Thou ri*e*t and shall snare his tomb!
Thou banner1 beautiful aad grand,
Float thou for ever ov'r our land!
The Rev. Tiiom>?j) i? Hakrci wrh the next speaker. The
following li the enbatance of hi* speech ?Freud*, hs
eaid, in the remark! I am aboat to make, I nhall try to
give you a compact atatement of what spiritualism in.
Spiritualism 1* twofold? subjective and objective. Under
the subjective there la that realm of pure thought
which tie intellect operate* on in all time*? that realm
from which genius ha* come forth to do It* mighty
work. There i* also an objective spiritualism ? an ex
ternal territory? sensible demonstration* of spirit* ?
facts? colld facts, and these facts serve as the bail* of a
grand inductive philosophy. (App'ause.) 1 a?k no
applause, aud seek no appiauae, for tne word* 1
utter aie worthy of silent thought. Wlen the
dltciplt* asked Jesus? '? Art thou be that should
come, or look we for another f" ? he pointed to
phyaical facts? to the blind made to see. the deaf
to hear, and so forth. Thus do we to ui^ht.
We siioply point to realities? to fact* which aidieai
tliemiehen to all; and we ask to be judged by the evi
dence* we produce. The facts of spiritualism are its
beet angummt. First, we a**ert our faith in mod?rn
splritusli-ui, becauae it is proved by rapping* which cau
come and do come from no other source than the world
of spirits. Much as them; raspings nre spit upon, in
formation is conveyed from the .-pint* through their
mean*. It is the speaking ej e, the letting heart, and
not the diapery of the persou we b> hold. You do not
judge of the stability of a thing by t tie mode in wuick it
is expret'ied. To us these spirit rapp ng* itomu as burn
ing and potent fact* fforn departed fiieuds. Thus
it was with thone who stoo l in the UleffrapK office
waiting to liesr news of the lost ones iu the wreck
of the Arctic. Have not our heart* been torn
by opposite theories as to the ev rUsting ungdiib of
the loved and cherished rues ? whether they had
?oue to heaven or paused to thi lake of fire ?
i hen we assert that a that a telegraphic wire runs out
and counects us with the world beyuu I. imny say that
if the spirit* will only help them to build up souu) eccle
siastical tyranny of their own, they will believe. But
the spirits cannot be used in Such away. The spirit*
prove that man it better then liin accident* and superior
to hi* creeds; and because they do tht*. men contend
against the-ui with appeal* ti the passion* and the fears
or multitude*. The question I una is whether iny de
parted friend* arc sate or not? We want to have light
on this subject. We have thousand* of paths arouud us
in all the confusion of Christianity, and do not know
which road to take As fathers snd mothers, a* wive* and
husbands, as children and li'.eudi, we go to the ipuitual
manifestations, and if our friend* do but speak, it is
enough. I stall be told that, after all, tlii* i* not practical,
I imy admit that the iplrits will n >t tell of tueh things
a* the accession of i.ouis Nepoleeu oi the storming of
i-obastopol But 1 ask whether It is not practical to
know that a dear departed friend ha* gone up to heaven
forever ami ever? And you, ye spirits above, ye deem
it prnctlcal to come hack to men and communicate the
ravishing realitit a of a better life. There are 300, 00<)
intelligent, n.en in America, who have publioly asserted
that the phenomena of Hpiritualhmi are occasioned by
spirits. We canuot explain the rationale of tne mode,
but we appeal, a* Christ did, to the fact* of tbe cane.
I ask, a* wan asked of old, has this thing been done in
a corner.' Not only in America, but iu Europe,
the man.fi statin* aro believed in. These be
lievera are gray haired men and woia*n ? they are
clerg.vu.in, physicians, im reliant*, mechanic*, anil
philosophers. Every cla.s iu soc ety, from the h>gae*t to
the lowest ? all bave yielded up their testimony to the
tiuth of these facts. 1 he rapping* have l?en hearl in
tl e moat crtw led assembles, and in the lonely midnight
cl amber. And what has been said through these com
munication- Millions of test answer* hare been given
to heart qut*lion* from the mill on* departed to the
millions jet iu this mortality. Deipiie it a-, some may,
it is as il the mighty heart of all ill parted spirits im
p? lied it ? love Urop? to our mortal spl ere, and left them on
the kite and bere.ived ones in this lower earth. It la said
that ?10, (M 0 k< nll? men ot Am. rica who did net believe
in the in.mt ? tailty of the soul, have been converted,
tlnough ecmmunicat ons with Hpirita, tub l.e! iu tbe
resurrection of tl e dead . I ask, if (tod's blessing i* not
then en tb.s caiif* '? We assert also that sp rit* actu
ally communicate without any visible intervention o
nied inn. One of the mt st scientific men in the world
told me. not long rince, tl at he lia l seen five sheet* of
paper laid down, atd five pencils grasped by Spirit >,
wrltiig out communic ation* untiled by mortal hanl.
(Exclamations ol incredulity ) If we relieve in the testi
mony of Ave hundred person* who lived eighteen hun
ured year* ago that Jesus Clir'st died, are *e not hone 1
to accept testimony to kindred facts coming, not from
Judeans, but from Araeri'-in*? ni"o wbo have gr"wn
gray in .the sendee of (tod and their country Why
bran! a man ? wby trample on a man because he honest
ly te-tlfie* to what hi* eje- have at en snd his ear* hnvct
heard of thi* great fact of immortal lifev Me beleve In
spiritoaiitin. because spirits assume temporal organize
tion and hold communicM uni with us. Vot long
ago I *vas told that tie daughter of a (Mitingulahes
jurist, pirsent heie to night, who wai quite un
acquainted with Greek, was used a* a medium by
General fti/arrus, the late 1'resldont of the Greek
Ft nate to a Greek i(i ntlemsn fr'>m Athens, now in this
city. We are tain :n the Bible that on the day of Pente
cost. by the g.ft of the Spirit, every man from all quar
teri of the globe heard the Apoatles suddenly spea>. in
their own tongues Now, here is a repetition of thi*
rlenomeson. Yet, when Greek, Ijitln, Hebrew an 1
erslan dialect* roll out through children's mouths, the
peopte of to-day trample on the papers wirch tell of
such thing*. They cs II tbese pheni reens un mrthy of
investigation . ami when the l>ellever? r. ? J. le what they
have seen, tbey are ostracized T as? whether
thete manlfss'atloas have not been mec.ed atr lln*
not tbe cry gone up? If these be true, save tbysslf,
and come cown from th s crom, wherever th'>u
?rt crucified. Tliooe who btlitve In immortality
? limit tilt il the pp.rit, ?f'er death, rould hold Iti
cfrpaeliki' lmnd, or apeak through human lip* il could
tell u? ? tat It ba<1 ttta We are told in tfcripture that
the dinciplfi of Chriat panel into auch ? condition that
tbey might *ee ?nd convei e with aplriti. Therefore,
ycu believer* in theao truth* of Scripture ? believer* th*t
(Jod never rtn'radirt* liimaelf ? IrMievera In the realities
that lh<- departed dead can *pe*k, I hhK you whether you
ought not to believe eomapcodlng f*ct? in the teatlnvmy
of juat men and true In regard to *plrltuali?m I If you
brlieve in the evidence cfthe *en?ea at on? time, are JTM
not bound to bel eve In the ? video** of tbe nenaoa at
aiiotber time* It l.e admitted that man do* a not origi
nate ideal ? that hie Intellect to en rappvrt with tbe akiea.
Kerry ieli|Moua *ect teachea tbli We aland upon the
a*me platform aa tbat atood upon by Plato aad 1
otbrr ancient pblloaopberi, and we find n eiterna!
phenomena the eeldenree of internal faith. Aa by
tbe body we are connected with tie earth, eo by the
(pirit we are connected witb the *k ea. Not alone are
we aorrounded by tnaterial agmcle*, but we are mlnia- i
tared to by angelic fotme. I aing our intellectual facul
tlea to diacnm.nnte. we are convinced on the evidence of
the t-'crlpture and on the evidence of our eyea ami eara
of tbe truth of what we prof***, and we are wil'm* to -
Buffer reproach for our faith. Thanking you, frienda, lor j
yoor k ... i '? e in I'atening t?> me, 1 here clow.
Mr. epoke for o| wanU of an hour in a trana.
ft nder.tal and high flown atyl*, Tery well aulted to tbe
dofiraaand tbe doctrine* he endeavored to eiplaiu
torn* of hie Mntence* were ao long tbat hi* hearer* were
incapable tf travelling with him to the end, otbera (to
?|eak politely; were ao abitiuae tbat no one coul I
underatand lb<m, and all were io h*?pej
op witb auch prolific Imagery that oon-num
Mnae waa eeldom, If tver, dlap.ayed before the
mental virion of mi intelligent and d. <rr minating audi
ence. Mr llarria received very feeble encouragement
by way of applao**. He dwelt wltn peculiar empbaala
on hla power to produce facta in *upport of tbe theor.ea
of aplrltnaliam ; but though bia aaiertion* and bypotheae<
were nnmerou* enough, hla facta, with their wonte-1
atubtornnraa, remained reaolutely in the bee* ground,
and would bo* be produced.
Mr. Rpmur announrtd tbat the laat apeaker c It?
l!r. llarria), waa about to make a Southern tour for the
purpoae of apreading tbe doctrine of *p ritualiam? that
tble tour war nndertnken by the rev. gentleman at eon
?id*tabl>' pecuniary loaa, and tbat, therefor" a ooliec
tfon would now be taken up for him.
lb* choir then aung another hymn and the bote*
wire |B>'*d around.
Jon* W. ttif lM, formerly one of toe Judge* of th
Supra rr.e Gmrt, came forward and mid ?It >? with feel
in*, of repugnance tbat I e*nnot acetunt for or doecr.b*
tbat I riae now to audrer* yon upon '.hi* ocaaioa. Four
yeara have now rolled over my tit ad ?In'-o 1 be<-nine aa
investigator upon the * object to whkb your attention
ha* th a evening been celled. Nearly two yeara have
Jiaaxd away lince I became a firm beliav* la Iti
? ?t* and pblloenpby. and yet 1 have aever
until now, a1''ree?e?l an ***emtlage of my fel
low citlren* in thl* plnce upon thi* aubje^t
In other part* of tbe 1'nlted Plate*? beginning at the
taet, and eodmg with tbe Mia*i**lnpi ? I h*>
availcd myaelf of tbe opportunity of epeakiag to nany
who were etranger* to me but nover until now have !
rlaen among tbo*e who bare known me from my youth,
and attempted to **y angbt opon this aubject and I can
?earctly account for the repugnance l now feel lea
tared uaou It* Investigation* a', a time when to believe
it* tiuth we* to n>e * treaaare infinitely beyond aught
tbat earth could coaler. 1 pnreoed It ?arneatly, reel
ou>ly, and I boeame a believer not beeauee | willed U.
for It waa eot fcnf after my boyhood paee* away befora
I waa taught the lmi* r'*nt lee, on that belwf waa not a
matter of volition But I wae not doetrou* to thraat my
opialone cd other*, and I pura-ied my inquirler. tb*"
fore and imbibed my bel'ef qeiwtly. ur.Mroi valy and
ae 1 hoped, unheeded But to mi *or peiee | foan l that
in tbi* enuntrr, bonrtiai of tta freedom. I waa not per
mittod to do it. I found tbat in th a rjwntry I wae ne'
free to parino th* truth? I I' and that my deejveit
and trueat fooling* were to bo torn with rath!***
Soger*, when 1 eow fit to etorcieo my kir*V
rgbt a* aa Amorlraa in aeohing for tUe tralh,
evi a the Inaocwot and aaokdac member*
of my faatly wr? b*!4 up bofoeo pubUe ae the <*
t'?i rf ltd <?*t ?*f* r I 4* ne1 wrttfr* 1 , ^(,.v
that I have seme rrpugtaao* in speaking oa tb. ' ?llb 1
ject; bat I huf nubuntUil to the ?oUciUbai>ii o.'
friend* ratbtr than to tfce dlctaUf of mj own (Velii '?"? |
While, on the on* ban I, T acmowlrjg* no tubo>i?ai. I
tf popular claiuor, while I cannot bi?w In ob*<tien>:o k>* I
the con?entjonalitie* of society that would trammel my
freedom, while I acknowledge no ???>?'?*? tu that fell
spirit of tecUrunistn, and claim the riant to itau J up
in the (uprrmacy of my reason, ami acknowledging bo
allegiance except to the aource from whence I derl red
all power ? on toe other land I acknowledge the duty I
owe to those who have imbibed and entertain the came
faith that I have, and who say to me 1 hare no tight to
be so aelfith as to clone my lips when I ean be of service
to ao great a cause. Therefore I yield my own feelings,
and stand before jou m this occasion. But I came now
not to eniesvor to demonstiate to you the reality of
intercourse bet *ei n u? ami the spirits of the departed.
Such it n9t my purpose. How tain, how futile would it
be for aoe to attempt it !? how idle and presumptuous tbi>
task when Clod himself has planted the testimony ia y our
midst, makes it spring up at your own fireside ! I come
not, therefore, now to attempt to demonstrate that, but
merely that I mar say to you wnat It U that we who have
Investigated Ihink wi- have dlse?>vered In relation to this
mighty subject, and I cam* In the hope that many who
haee not yet Investigated may new be Induosd, by the
result* or our labors, to begin their investigations.
There Is much tr learn kven the most forward among
us bare learned l.ttle of that which la so freely prollered
to us. The harvest la immaiue ? the field is great ? la
borers ut? wai ted lor the wesrk Mauy min's are need
?d to investigate. Xatiy dlfllcoltii<? aie yet t? b? over
come. We hare to contend with prejudicesof early edu
cation?the violence of religious dogmas ? the active hos
tility of fear- against tie most unhappy and palpable
ignorance of the sub. set, not merely of the world at
large, *>ut even nmongst ourselves. \Ve have to con
tend with our own fanaticism; for I assure you, from
my own experience am' observation, that the fascination
of this lutercour e in so great that Its ten lency ia to
lead tbe mind nwav from Its proper judgment, and instil
a spirit of lauKtici tn most revolting to tbe calm a ad
natural mind. We have also to contend again.it the
proclivities of the age to build theories. Theory after
theory is built In our ignorauce, and yet all
these things we are eomtsntly called upon to
struggle against, ana In t-.o doing we forget tnat all
truth is slow in Its progress with mankind and tbe more
impoitant aud vast the truth. th? more dillicult it is for
the human mind to comprehend and theorize upon.
How many thousand yeaw paused sway before one
truth ?a* acknowledged. wuich mankind were building
theories upon in regard to our4planetary system? How
often were w?ll established in ts thrown aside, In order
to sustain the theory that the earth was the centre of
the universe? A* length fact* tn?ugh were adlaced to
give the true philosophy to niatwiot). la I we ask now,
In reference to this grest subject, such aid ia its investi
gation that we msy obta.n facts enough upon which we
ran build some theory in repard to this mighty truth
It ia no matter In what form that investigation may be
prosecuted? wlietb. r a'. tke tabic with its uuiet rap
pings, or in the bight r walks of spiritual Investigation ?
le it' In what foim it may. it Is the number of minds
I we wish to enlist In this matter. [Hie planetary dls
1 roveries made by thousands of telescope, were here
alluoad to as au illustration of this principle.) We ask
that intelllgint Bands of this country and of Christen
d< m shall devote to this subject also the same atteation.
that out of this wide spread invu.tigation, truth
may come There are many i|uestions in reference
to this whole subject of spiritualism, that the verv best
informed cannot answer. We cannot aaj: what it Is that
produce* the inpH we cm not m j wbat it U tl??t ciuio*
the table to mova, but we know wbat la infinitely more
important ? that through the e raps and this motion
thei* ia an intedlig' nee which speaks to in that ws can
understand. ho we may not know what It >? that causes
a blade ol grass to glow, but we Know what u-? to make
i nf it win n it is grown W hen Franklin discover* I
| electricity.be l.ullt lila theory, and that great philosopher
aud wise man made a practical use of hi* discovery, au .
mankind have in alter tears acknowledged the benefl'a
of it. 80 it ia with (pirltuallam. There are in my things
we cannot understand, vet w? may know tbe reality,
and make a practical use or it. Wbat we aak ts that
Dra< ticai ami Intelligent mind* should do as we have
d<,n? ? make a practical application or the knowledge of
the fact 1 bat status before us Hut uiaoy ass wh?t is
the u?t ? wiat be netit can possibly (low from it? With
us n y fi lends, It is not the gratification if ao idle
curiosity? it ts not to pander to a diseased j
Mi.tr.e lor tbe marvelltne? it I* something beyond j
that? we believe that we find it in the amelioration of ^
our condition b?r>- and her?after, and the exU-n ! rg of
our know ledge both of the arts and sciences. We be
lieve that we can have a pract.tal use of incalculable ad
I vantage to man here, where he ia enlightened, or else
I where where he m?v he enslaved or in ignorance ?e
believa that we find tbe advantage in tbe knowledge of
our temporal and future conditions. Ihe intercourse
I with spirit* of the departed has aleny* been a religious
| theory. History, both sr--re and pro'aoe ia full 0.' ac
counts of such c mmunlcatiou*. And tuns we see u
power re cog nl?ed in all age, of the worll. Shall we imi
tate the eark ages atd remain in M.ndn.'-s, or sh'iil we
investigate it for ourselees? We ask permission to do
this, aud *? ask tl at all Intelligent minds shall assist us
in the ecrk H ere never was a tlma so favoiable a*
the present for auch invest gatioas. I or the last lltty
year* v e l av. been # taadily advancing in thearlaand
aclence*, noli) wi have ri-eu to a pro par pitch, aud ar*
trepaiec for tie . uty. The question Is. whether we
,< nil riuain lu 'he dark or sear li for the light Hot
si.t i.'?e we sre willing to Investigate? some min is w,l!
ask Vf what he ix lit will It be to us' This knowledge will
be of vast service to us in man* inspects. Many myste
riea ? ill I *? mi.de clear. We shall uoderatan I onr own
natures better and tbe connection of the soul wl'b the
t,C<'y Will tu made pla n to us. It will be of the highest
be u? lit to u* In Increasing the rtnge of our
11 e -<r < nee of mediuroshp I* capable of 1... ng cultivated
to anv ex'ent, This means of communication may yet
! ?e a-'cotnnoin as that of speech. But w'.en this power
is found will in u*. Its pciwer Is grea'er than anything (
that we l-ave any ide* of It dives down Into our l.earta (
? nil r< v. als r.ur most secret thought*. Many a tune had 1
ti e sit al? r seen the stiong man bowed down when bis
1 eareat ss.-ret* were laid bare. And, If this I* true? If
this shot 1.1 become general, who can say that falsehood
I hi d deceit m?J not be preveote.lt What it may do here
I after is sbown b/wlatls done already. Spiritualism
has already teclamied the erring? it liaaarrested tbesui
c ;<i?? it ha*? reformed the > ruokard? It hat reclaimed
the thief? it has comforted the monrner? It has taught
! U? to meet <11 r fellow man with better and higher feel
|: Inga? It teaches us that offlr? I* not for t le ej.oils. hut
a place of h< nor destined to adorn it* bolder. It teaches
i us what death is and robs it of It* ferrers? it demon
I ?tr*tes to man his own evlstence in after life So man,
i after ereitg the*# facta, ran doubt that he may eomruu
1 11 cate with the *p rit of hit departed friend Wehave
' alrea<ly reaped many advantages from *plr tuallsm aol
tb s is what we suppose spir tu*lisni has done for us.
I And we ask that, as apirttualiem is sanctioned by acrip
ture and by bi*tory, wky not pursue it? why not cher
Isb it? why not investigate It ? And mav we not ask , if
I some say that It is the work of spirits of evil, by what
I ear maris ate we to know this v The progress of spirit
1 t.al'sm has not been arrested by opposition or p<rs??a
1 tlco. It Is yet destined to roll over the land, fathering
1 si reagti. at every fireside, and enriching tbe Und and
l esnng you up to a country where we may stan J hanl
n hai-d as one great brotherhood of tieemeo, worship
1 ng one <tO?l, hsnisiiing from our roi.lst the fell splnt
!,f aec'ariaoi m, which has ao long armed man against
1 his fellow. . . ?
Alter a benediction, the audience disper-el.
< oronrii' Infarcts.
Iium ?r Brine Rr* 0v? ?t a SuaiiH? Sh huxo
Cjim.? W?t*rdty Coroner Hilton h*M in io>|u?*t ?l t\*
New York llnapital u|?n the b<?ly of Job a B*'.ta tbir
Iwn year* of age, wh? di*<l from utter* injoriea rrc.ira 1
by b*ttg run o?rr, on Cunday laat by a aiatgh, on tU*
lllcomtngdala load. Th* eri'lrnr* elicltal tm tb* In
que at * 'ut to ibow tbat wh.U th* d***aae<l via cfoaa
ing tie road be * aa knocVtd down an 1 run or*r by *
?leigb, Cruen at * rapid rat* by two young men al?out
twenty two or twenty tbr** year* of age, who, on per
I reiving the rnltehitf they ha] caua*d, jjmp? ! out of to*
aleigh t' ok tb* lajurrrt bcr in tbeir arrna and carrying
Urn in their trbn.leaa (ar aa Thirty eighth at andg**?ntb
| av*Du?, brought blm Into a drog flan ?
1 acytng Hat t * had bteo nin ov*r by oth> r part.e< The
j de< raced, wbo wa* in a *tat* of inM-naibliity. waa left lo
| rare of tn? apothecary, when om of tha young ui-n l?ft
| tb* iter* on Mime pretext and tbe oth*r mi log that ba
| wa> go rg to look after hl? friend, drove off at a rap d
rat* in th* alwlgh, and ? ne* th?n n*.th*r h* nor fb*
ctbar tran ha? e?er I ?< n heard of Tie txiy wia *uba?
>,u?ntly rctTeyeiJ to tta N?w York lloap tal, wber* h*
? ai treated by Pr. Ifcrby On an *iati)ln*'i')n of tha
body, tt we* found that tb* ekull had be*o free
tor?d and tbat both ?y*? had l>*en forced from '.h?lr
aockate, f re m tb* Tic leu ?* of th* Injur!** rwelwl
The jury r?nS*r?d a Trrdlet of death fiam ia.url- *
r*e?i?*d frcm being run over by a ?)e,gta driren by p*r
?ona unknown Warrant* bar* been ,??*! for tt>* ar
r**t of tb* unt cown young men acd from tb* d*?crlp
tlon g i?n of tbwtr appearance and runr.era, it U T*?y
probable that tb*lr arreat wit) b* lOon *<??:'* 1
A C?*? or At LM<Kb Kaltuactv Coruaer O r?r.ne .
be 14 an in<|n?.t ye?t?rl*y at th* b?u?? fcr?t Twen
Ueth ?tr**t, opoo tb* body of Uita Mc'?"*orn a woman
about SO y*ara of age, who cant* to b*r d*ath aa la ai
j leg*d, from malpractice. Tb* ca** be.ng on* ? ?
Iawrrra' p?Mi** wer* ia*ol**d, <<ir?o*r O'llowawfl tV>*|bt
It hi* dn*y to (triatly Ineeatigat* tLe matter. Iron th*
*ti(*0'-* *lieit*d It apfear* that tb* dac**a*i, be ng ia
labor and T*ry Ul, ?*wt to tha di?p*n??ry corner of
H*rn?d *?enu* and Twenty third atn?t fo* i??ii?-al aid
| tnat tb* aorgeoa thwiw awat a yung at>.4*nt named
' Mcb< ??nt to att*ad tli* woman and that b* aot fe? ' '.g
i coafld> nt of au'-c***, waa aup*r>* ed by a Mr
from th* di?j?a?ary . who att*wd*d th* a?k womau and.
It I* a l*?*d c??*e<l h*r <W?Ui from ?atpra't k* Tbe
jury ren-terwd th* ftilnwtog rrn (rt >n ttta ?** ? ' *?
Bnd tbat tb* d*e*??*d cam* t o her <i**tb from a ruptar*
Tb* jury arao* oj, n>on that l?r. I >/*rngT ? tn?r<mp***nt
I aa an obetntnrlaa, ??d it waa e?lpabl* ia t?r. HUV n V'
a? nd a jotng maw, aaJ a* i**iferiaace4 <-oe, V? att*al
th* d*c?a*ad a ad further, we r?awa?: ? ?? V ?'
autboritt** U. nana* th? dxa*oattawaaoa of taclj pra<
r. I> CaaaMoaer'* (Mb*.
I'*'T* J m he|ar,B Rm.
f >* 1* ?> I'n tad M*t*a Ccmanaaior^-r Satawa h*a <u
mtaa*d tA* ebarg* Wrought by Marshal A. Math a a?a nat
( #pia n W:ll<a? W Ti?4*ikt,l far par;*ry ia f.aetag
?wor? at tha ' Utew Haw**, at ui M 4af *f Wept?w?
b*r laat. U>al ha wa* tk* w??ar of ta* ; at*
| *ic*. Mailt * ba* ?( mUUy 'i a4M *?pyart t?.? ??rg>
|, )|t
Important to Mrnt Conauinrr*.
The Opn.ni'tt*e < n 1'ublle Health of the Hoard of Ceuii. <
rllmen, conitUtiog of Meatr*. Kanney, Smith, Couen i
Loren, blerin and Coopar, tin t yeiterday afternoon at 3 1
o'clock, in tb> City Hall, to bear parties intareiita<t in
,'tae ordlcanoo proposed to be passed" prohibiting the
?L 'lightering of mtat cattle below Fiftieth atreet.
I r.< Dowmso, the City Inspector, appeared before the j
etttn. <tUe, and stated a number of interesting facta in ,
rsferet c* to the slaughtering of animal* lu this clljr. In 1
biaopin '?o the day wan not far distant when the city
authority * would be compelled to paaa ao ordioanoe
nlmllar to t to* one prepoaed, prohibiting the slaughtering
of animals lu' tht city. It would be an act of Justice to
the lutchera their aelrn to do ao, aa they woull be
thereby prere, ttad from increas ng rgpenaes to their
cwntual U>k*. Vr. I)o?n!ng relerred to the pork packing '
business, which t*? (.aid wan fa>>t leaving I'incmnati. j
This city la now I ??t becoiinog the groat depot lor that :
trade, t'ouic *?i i as many as tan tkou.and haad of
ptrk arrive in thi? c ty, ?nd ? gvutleman informed hiin
tli?t he bad ,*een over cl?-<cu hundred car* ot?
the Kri) railroad, filled with cattle ?( variou*
kind', which *n? to t? *Uui(lit?.r.?l in tbl*
r:t? In the Kixteentb trlrd va?t nu ntiera ol caitlo are
killed? more than in any olher wartf in the cfty. Oue ,
firm aliaghler* on an t-rwuate oat hot a miantn the ,
liar iftand, and arvcral o'tova ti'i an tnniMiao bunto?aa.
Il.i-re ??* oue nubject Mr Xrvnin* felt dome healtMioii '
in nentloH'ng It wa* the p~*i?ili>e, but too coinmna of !
certain butcher* making uae nf the ineM of 1iok*mi1 j
*nd other rattle tint had <iie ) from hei i^ auff x-utxl tn |
the cara, or overdriven *o a* to rauie death. The ia?r
gave Mm j?rlcdlctioit over cat te dying in tli? city ; hut j
ti.Gff tLat l atue to toe city d?a> tin bad no wmlroi over. {
Dr. L\mjhu)II.l inquired ol th > (n*perU>r what 1
of the dead animal* r W i .<? they not cod erte-l tutu
Maiati'f V
Mr PcwsiNa replied, that to tb* hot of hi* !nM>wl*<i|(e
and belief they ? era, and, he <?> ntlnunl, were I to let
the public know all I am acquainted with on tint -ubjeet
th?y ?o?j'd be ln< ted tutoiiUiwl What wobld they i
Hunk, for in*!*B*c of the mea' of.1* row which he li ?d !
?eired. a* it wa* about being hold, which ?a< abno-'ulely
put rir j infr , and wl.ru the linger wa* pieM*ti a<?n.?t thn
h nd i|uarler? matter exuded, a* though from an ab .eeaar
And yet thi* diae.iaed meat I* aold every aay ami us<tr
pro en t regulation* tlieie i* no way of atopping it.
I>r . L'M'i.hiiii.l, (ilUgunted)? 1 am henceforth a con
Tfrt to Tt gitaruniiun
Mr . lioWNton cos tinned at tome l^nfth to (jive hi*
rtaiona fir lemoviUK the slaughtering t>*tabli*nuii'uta
cut ol t'>e city.
/Iter he h?d concluded, no other per*?n appearing, to
arrue ti e question, the committee poal poind the further
ctntlderaUcn of the aubject until uext Friday, at tue
UDil plaie.
t-everal i. tht r matter* came hefor* tho committee but I
w*te laid over until the n?*t me> ting
Arrival of the MtriiiiilMint ( omniodorr.
sixty nornx.
Conkldetahle eiiilrmm'. ha< been manifeiite 1 touring
the laat few daya, continent upon"', he non-arrival 0|
the iteamhoat Commodore. Captain Traree, which l?*ft
ftoningtoo for tlili cil r oo 'eat Tur*< ay night, with ono
bundled and nineteen paaaengera. It ?? reported, and
belavid by many, that ai in? keriou* accident had takun
place and, perchunce, livea ware loat, however, *? have
the pleaaure to announce her aafe arrival la?t night,
much to the gratification of the paoengera am their
aniioualy awaiting friend*.
It aeema, on H *dnr*da y morning, at hetwe?a eleren
am. twelve o'clock, whan oil Kand lVnt, the boat be
came enclo*ed by ma?*n of U' >.? t ng ice, until blocked
up completely. Th? working of the engine wan an .n
after atoppei. the Ice ruualng 'he engine to haug on the
ceutre, mill thua diaabled, ware coinpidiei to rail'. n
Jan. Bird up, the ice extending hi every direction aa far
a< the eye could leach Itnuy of the pnneiigera now
got on Ihe tee to annlat the han la wlt.i lever* to ertri
rate the engine, friro the centre, hut all the.r labor*
?fi ot no aval). Tie wind he^aa to blow from tbi
eouth *aat, ami In the afternoon the ?te:im*> >et Connec
ticut, I'aptain W.lcock*. hove in a'ght. A aignal of d.a
Hefa eaa hotatel, and ahe Imre dewo to their aid. The
Connecticut made great eiertiona to break a paaaageway
through the ire, ltd, in an doing, her engine became,
>lao, hung on tlie cei Ire The Commodore then by t licit
u?n iiertiona, get <>IT the centre, an t went to the nil
of the Connecticut, and, in extricating the Connecticut,
again l*rinir hnng on the centre. Tie l '?iiin?<Mi<u t
dik clear, fouid a'.ie could do no good, aleaiin- 1 up atid
will off. At thi* time it waa a'o.oit ? mi l >e n, and the
g.ile waa on the iicreaae. and u < other pro-pert but f?i
remain ire bound all night . here they rema m- 1 all t'ia'
night all Thuradaj and 'Ibnraiay night, uji to half |?*?W
ait o'clock on >ri'!ay evening, when raltevad bv the
Meambr.at Vanterbill Captain r '.one (m c oaiog up,
Captain f t' ne we* fir?t callfd upon to Ijii. ?h them
? i'h proviaiona and ?ater, and then rue!. After that
Waa dime, the Vamiulilt, with her powerful engine ei
Mi a td tlnni I'Oin tlieir iry poaition, ni l they a r vel
nfely la t a'lihl, between .< and lo o'i hea Toe paaeen ,
g> ra i ay that altar the Brat alarm wa ? over. th"y lieeem
irmewhat reconciled to their aituatlon, and imagined
thtnmelvea on an eipioiiog eipedltiii. The eapreaa
agent and aonje oth*ra aupplied with a |Oie, atarted i
from the I* at on the Ice in eeareh "f land, hut alter i
b? ig gone for aeveral houia In the fog, they ri' irtied
unancceraful, cedar, ng tbey ctull aee nothing before
tliem hut a held of Ice.
It 1* aeli'oiu that a a-ene of tlua dearr,ptlin ia wit
naoed on the round there waa only warring a few
btari', and the polar region would have lieen complete
( II y liitrlllKmrr.
Tur frtAM Fim* Kxi.ir ? Tb* atearn fire engine for the
city ef Boatnn imwl here on Tburaday 11 (flit, on It*
ioutr fro ii. ( me nuatl, ted will on exhibit < o In tha I'ark
to-day, when It* utility an>l power will l?* full/ tealed
TV tirangementa for the trial of thin novil invention
are to be conducted by a joint committee of the lioerd o'
Aider mm sod Councilor n, who are to riit.e a report on
the matter to the Common Couuril. Tim "Milt* (ireen
wood"? for aneh U the name of the machine ? U no* In
the I'ark, and waa vl-ited ye?t?r eny by thouean !? of
peraont, who all looked With eatonlahment ujou th
ptec# of mt< banlern Mao; of the Bremen among the
vlaitfra Wir not backward In pralelcf the atri. ture al
though the; frit no doubt, that it ? u rather an unwel
come vlaiter among the Ore "ngine companiea at pre-eot
In ejlutenre in tbie elty. To ? ay, at l'i o'clock the trml
will c< in- off In front of the City Hall -Ute M-mpt Hre
Kngine (< i..| a?y ?re to compile w.th the nee Inven
tinu, aol will put into u?e their new <ngine. (for
merly 42't double de<k?r.) To prevent >u; inter
ruptti n or dtaordrr, the epot whereon the (Ml will
be made la to be eurmundad with chaina
thu? giving diet nguiabed vial te re a fine < banc* for ob
?em nee, and the men working the apparatnt fro* room
fi r the eijerimeut T?be Mi lea ttreenwood wlU be eup
I'll' d with water from the cittern in front of the Itiief ?
I B.ie, Into which the auction plpae will be let down
Ibaa the machine will draw her own water, and pity aa
many a* four atreama at the aau.e time At th* men
Hon It ? wntto, ltd M tb* 1 e ? t of lta ua>f ..laeae la a
eery important matter to th? eity of Ne? Ywrt tb?ra
will be, no doubt a Imrv gathering in tha I'ark to day.
A police force .III b* on han l to are that the rn'/et yt
feet order will be me'utamel a* there weuld be other
will a great deal of cruah ng an l dieorder aro tig the
rrni'ri-e m*?? <f peoj ? ?).?? ? ;
the exhibition.
Tw? Lt?r or to* fjrrr Kerr* rami ?It will b? i
remembered that a committ'e an appolat*l, by a |
meeting held In Metropolitan iUII. of th'-*e latereetel In ,
the ?rb?m filft Enter) rle*. to dietrlbut* th* property I
ol th* ronerrn a* aoon aa th* reeult of th* drawing wai
made known. W hat ?a< don* by that rommitte*. la
no* a ruatter of public aotorielv, and need not b? d*
tailed hare Alter th* drnelng had taaen plae* a great
number of people found th#m-?l??a to '?* th* fortune t?
owcera > f a a*<?n by nln* pletar* ot the I e? lerata a of
r, 1 1 ii ?n'e ar.1 a t<w<* with nothing in it fat
etrange to aay, tber* la a "|?aotitj ot tt,* prooert r of
the en'erprta* atill unela rr.?t by tl>* parttee who ir*w
th* fortaaat* nambera laat night tb* dietribut a
K B mittee met at No Hro?1?ay, \u mate a (rial
dlapaaltion of the ]>r< p*rty bat what traaepired la not
kiw.wn at th?) ib'< rmeo tl.e r?|' r?*r that tk,e ra*-t r.g
waa a pr.eataon* It la rerta nly dw* to ttn pnbiie,
and iiiii" partiriilarl) to Ike ymt tiea iat*rwe<*4 in t>*
anterpnae that the 'ot*K>it'?* abo'.ld maie a |*ii'll'
etateu.er.t if the (til Clip tlt.on of th* property fill
they do Itt
Kalirvr Og Tilt frwot Maima>..? At th* meeting of
the c mm"** tf arrangemeat* apyclatal to get aptb*
Ileal | rot if led fuaion mewt ng in tamvaay It*.:, I?*H
c? the Mb IntUnt, tl>ey adjoarr.ed to laat ? renin# , th*
Uthlnat Acordlagly latt a gbt tb* coal hole wat lit
ap tad every preparation male for the ei p*cle t ra**t r.g
Half patt eeeen rtme lut w t b II noaa of the faan.a
l.ta I fhto'tloel wttb ao better reailt. Tha rej-.rter
titHero) 'rata n?w to rtx wi th nk<ag that perbape
they bald t me*t.og in hxm hot* or outer 'o Wan aa
iioen TTfte r> t h<> the a/'>o?oing d e'Bf room. Uke
? ari rm a i and the fr>?t ro> an* were *t*it*i la vain at
til at laOftk a happy Uoagbt atr amg bint, he fowad l a
way to lie barne m bat ?4 a atagle fueaoo et waa VIM
le It wee reported that dor ?# ta>* *veMn( one n aa
wa< aeen who had atl?nted tb* wx*tlaf of tbe noaaaai t
t>e bat l< waate aot Cr mat tea * net haa bao*?>e ef
tie fiatoaleu* Whera I* f^apl Hyo-Vera'
h?.*t??i ? M' A * ilk aeoa 'ormer'y of Rleh
Biid ti but at preeant la baiiatM at Wo 11 liar- lay
e,reel, n tlia ??ty, had kl? J?ek*t pakal of a parte
?aoaaale eoaUla eg wbt^ a* hi* way from fTi a
d*lph a to tbl* ?!ty >a the r tr?de* aai Am bay rallna.'.
Mr W. A<d tat dtaooaer bta Wee tlUl he had left tb*
ateambnat ai.' .ag at pet No I. a*, be e'r?og)yly eat
pecta Uat km at pert ph4po?k*t maftaget U eitrwt
tb* wa let whUa ha waa |ta? og from 'be teoat I* th*
4aek Of ftr b'Ua U.t there were a e t aad *evea dollar
bill *a th* H*a> at >yatUriaa, Ta wblak b* ag rather
e-ar?* w.-a?v tha fact nay M ta tbe 4,tc?rtry of Ue
The Jujiin H<|iudro?.
ahriv"< <>> nit arouitHiiir uuunuton.
T1i? l nitad Ri'aWa ?tor*i.ta4p I**ln*ton arrtrrl
day fri.aj ll?D( (L ">?>(, Clilaa. Vlfta?n Inialidn brlootfnx
to the I irnt India uadrou liata return -d !? thr UiiAft
loo. at ????, J?k' la, lU!i, iliuniai ( *rapb?U, ??*
r.u?\ recdvril from th<? Mac< don *n, JIubk Kong.
Tin-re are on Iwuil tha L. mvi-qU "" <????? of aiolie
planta (i'r tliu |o*einmnW nIImIii,' '? < l'lu?, I
Oico, and Jajian. ILiy nrr in char** l)r Jarnaa
Morrow, aprfculturiit In th? Japan '?? ?
Tlx- follow !uk ia a tint of theoX ir< alt. ?k?d t*> the
I.rxlUK'.ou ?
John .1 Ola??oo, Coinmm 'iaj
Jolin T llatraod, Acting Mua'ar.
Al> vandtr J Mllcball I'umr.
Wililait A. Ntltua, I'aaned A- utant .Surgeon
Ho'jtrt I) Minor, l'a???xl MItlahiiiuian.
HoN?rt Helden, dr.
John J. Udell, I'uratr'a Clark.
Muitmi AITalra.
Tint Cuil-kit Hair Uaullu. 1 Immunol, *j>o Osmnnvii
or a N'vnx* or I'iiimmh I'a .<*!?. uu.? T New Yurk
cllppar ahip UimIIi1, Captalu Iloliart, from Su Kino
claco for (hum, *>? towed into U' ?g Kong Itocembor 6,
completely dlamanted in 0 heavy typhoon la NovamtMr
The folio wlag are the par iculara fro ui the log ?
Nov 10.- K , mwltrtll, e'ea r, with heavy avail
fr< rn W lir H , >1111 under all atudillngaalla, (nine 10
knot*. I I M , getting equally, took In all light aaila.
S. IV II., touk two reefa la the Uapaaila, fur lea) nu a Mil,
jib art apanker. 1U IV M , fiiiaila incriuaaiug, wiUi a
VI rj haavycioaa tea rall?1 ull Uauda to oluae reef tbe
topaaUp, in doing which loal for* and iu-iDt-.|>.ail. f?r|
aal the uitveu top ait and lor?*iil, and bovo tba ebip In
UD(*?r bar* pilau.
Milnlgbt, H. H. K.. very >laltnt with a triwniluM
lea. ii A lit . , mnint*> x?l'aiit mot blown away. .1 Ma
.1. M , ?u ?track by a iw, wliteli knoaka I the'etiip oa
I.tr Irani enda, untl an the inatamaet ?lm-? lbe .aaior.
it *?? broken rloar to th? lock taking the imiiMiniaait
wllk It; tl.c iiHip tlirn righted aem-what, but waa nwt
by a teiOBi! aea, putting the foritupniaat eroaatraea an
tti ?-!/ out of nigh*, unc'ar watar, and aa tlia aMp atiaigbt
1111 1! up, thr fi ri -vi i?t went cloao to t!i* deck, taking tbo
boaaprit with It. Ilie alilp than righted, with a Itaary
lia'. to atari oard, thn ballaat ami tlorea haito* If 11 biv*
to that aid*, aouatto I the pumpa uri I foun 1 tau faat mat
iDcbc water In lb* loM put th? Chincee paaaeofan ta
poinplng. an<l tba crew cutting away tlia wreck , hefuro
we 1 ould n t tba wreck clear, the hernia and copper em
badly cut, and tt c atem atarted ofT l?o |nli?.
A (real dial of time wan taken in getting ti,? wrae),
clear, owlag to the a para having goee un<'er tba abip'e
but t< in, leaving Ilia lae lanyard uui'ir water; It took
?lily oca bnuia to gei the water o-it of ILa whip.
hitirn 'i( tbo Chinee* were dro? ii?.t in the hetw?ao
ilOCra, and when the aea atruik the abtp II broke tka
ci.b.n *1.) l.ul.t and lb' aataar ruati-i down, nearly filling
tlicia'ln ee Toying the 1 timiniiiii in mtanli, liiioko
the clothea lelntii'ing 'n tl e captain arid hla fai.nl) , awl
breaking up all the etateinnme en the Ire aide Had aot
tb* ataaaid lean In IUa nab n at tba Hum Mm, Dullant
ai.d the children could not bave eai:a(*<l drowning, tliaf
Ult'R in hid on that tide.
t<n examination ol tin- atoraaaavet, t,ui flftaaa bun
drid gailona ol water, Hftawii barrela of b(ea t,tw? af
b?cf, ani a few hag* til poUt?a< were found drv . an that
all wrr? put ou Iba very abort allowan ?? n' ap.ntof
? ater an! abl.ouitaday ? there batng 1 1'J C!i nam-n left,
with of the crew
lbe capti.iu eij#rieneet| great diffli ulty in iMVigatiag
tl i ?h p, having neither lna!runi?nta uor Iwuu im
board. Ni v in at 2 l*. M . a topaall aeboonar wi< ? I
atei r i?g northward and beiin? auaioua to aarerta n hta
poaltion, Cant. "*"*r* biklaa the aluji by tb? a 1*4,
abowlog at the t>iue a aiynalof dlati*?a, hut I ha acbuour
tuna no botoe, auil kepi on h?r eouraa.
?(,, l a'er eon h alation, however, w*a ilman lij lap
lain HnilU, ol lite IhltUh bark ^i nal' r, who UnderwH
bin be?t aaaUtaure; hut hla kind oiler- were 4?olia*<t
aitb thauka, aa the liaaalla waa than eloae upon Ilon0
hong, aheia aha arrivad wllU the uiamto;ieall yard fi?
a :i nu.ail baling a ui/en tojiaail aet on It inaiatap
gallai t and loyalmaata lor th** main aaat, witn a raatu
topgaUantrail and a email aail over It atud I ngaailU??M
lor a u /? i.n.aal. with lontapgallinUa I wt to It fura
t< | maat atay-an for a a^anaer, and fore an 1 ma n "I"*
car? tinder which rig abe cam" about I ifm mllaa In
day. -7 to a nillea par hour hat rig b*en at tune* iiiitiiaaa,
th' iigl a number of h<-r upper .ie- > beann an 1 kuaea oa
t: a kt*i board tide wera brnaeu iu fart tlia ahlp atari
en In eiery poaitioil. !*eveial of th* Tew ware waeUail
OV Of hoard' OOt w?ro eventually gilt in a aia All iba
bna'a but 1 ua were atova by the fati ng of tha ?para
II. wlod dor lag tba hcrrtran* waa fmui H I. aa4
ri V> but for a number of ilaye i.revioua II ba1 beaa
i a. ha lienV) awe. I | H lo Il W.
Til* Cnma tor Uouat U?ri.- A letter from aa
' fl er of tbla veaaal, dated I'atavia, I?er n aaya ?
(11 t> I> ; . ii at. (Hun 'ay > ae male a ea>l Otandiaf to
ua, helm a the and. W ? chaa* bau'el We ware wiuls
lo with In in an backed laaiatopeaU, waitiag for
l.ini V' go alibi r to learaar 1 or haul hie wind, bat murk
>0 mi. 1 . diiu meal lie continued hla eouraa and ran iwtaa
un. I n iiwl* i'tgiaj( taking our JH boom, carrying tt
awa) ai. I Ina n a nto| gaiiantmaat Kr We were 1MB
to lit MiaUiWard of tbla I laea taalve laya from Hba?(
liaa. We weie twenty houre geltirg here ? tba abnrtMt
|a 1 age aval L ard of. V>- ?ball ba>e aoma Mkrally la
replacing the apar and ahall l-? deta ned here a weak,
lbe eaather 'la Mioat 'unpUaaanl. ram ng almoat rata
etanlly. Our ahip la at In toely fail, having made t kraa
data 1 n eli.ra leating Kbangha# if ' .Ufj and .itQ
anila-a by ? baervatton. Me aailel ?n tba Tit Vovaiahar
In c 1 n . pal. y with tha clipper aiitp furpriea for haw
Yolk. 1 apt. ilantett hating ebarta 1 l.at broagbl hla
in'o Inrn.'.aa hy a rut tuough it>e l*band, the hui priaa
Ki t tha lead but on tha 'ill), the lookoat aang out a
riail ho rl? bt aliead. upper aaila juat ak le tu? bort
un. 'aUA M.
We fi nt n i?d ta> gain upem b?r at 12 wa male her owt
to bo the ,'urprtaa, at auadown aba waa about a mllaa
ahtaai, WiUi a line freah hreeiw a Until 1/ i(uartar<aa,
tarrying royal aieenog aalla on Ixitb a lu at 10 1' M
ae paaaea! ber ' I nee alnoga.de 1 !.d lot aiieak / and at IS
k,i l.? bte wire out of aight aatern. Wbea we |>aaaa4
lbe uipiiaa aa aere gniog a ' ruaiaal 1& gieet , mating
our l.tctli unla al merviaa ae?l nay had wa ool laa*
our jibbi iu, he . Wi day t wnul 1 bava haan all tne l ata
ae ibould have taken to raa<bl?na|ou Out alup waa
tailing tga net aaveral Inf. Ian eli|,p*ta, vlf Hplrtt of tba
Age. r*dy Hot. bkiaa and North fieei all track reaaalau
win boat ed tbay could beat ue without diCiriilly. aaa
I 1 iceadli gly r*g'*t tbla af'nent u out abip laprlviag
tba in Ol tbe npja.it unity to try It."
Him* or Hiir i-Tirv<i*j?<mae ? Tha lettar bag of tka
III faled thlp >"taffordabire which waa l ?a t lo I "aaUr,
It.' J, waa reeen'ly foand oa tba l?rh at "abla I ? I aa<.
I' ron<a?na the ahip'e p?|^r* her regieter b I. a of ladiaa.
>. I I | pa | a If that wa ra I'mOd to bo ? a tola abla
t<al> of | eaarrati'.n, wera lent to tba ' wneva ?f tbaa
ti p, Meaara Train k Co of Hotiam and tha r*g atar af
th. vttael baa bean pieaeatel at tbe emtun .'. uaa,
taitnao hat Idled. M-.at of the euata nta i f tba bag wora
rac nre<l to a palp by tbe action of the tea
Itt? : I l>n H*? Mi IT m VimiBJVI-NlUgtM
r?i m ii ? i' TUa hark Ja ??? N. Cu"par wht h iinnt
' |THUi4t; morning from IUr-1 Jalat>4, I ?t-r utif % r*mBrmm
1 tl ? f^nri af tha Hliart of Ih* liitti) by lb* ' ? ~ ?
I ae'lirtt'a, at. 'a at tlial <!?(?, w?rm la Mi |
IB t.,?t tf ( ! (??),?! I ,ara ?.!. n 41
' ran vomIi tl.aia.
f Nu "aii At Tt?*a lata acat ?Tit* hr% Waif ->i?4l?g,
wh . h ar Itr4 yaa'a Ha 7 owiralnf, la 21 <Uj>a fraaa iiitfu,
anab'tn* Ii Mlait, ik?n Mt| u? aalt lhara or at
>1 .aa ?r Turk! UUu :
laTal ,
T! ? '' K llatnirr FtllM ? l< at ftt Tlnw Jan II,
to i'*va for ??u Cra? wit i!tf.
flat' ? 'bf Vim alia vaa *1 fluia|ha4 Ma* '.a*
Ftiaunal lnl<lll(i?<?.
At it. Ir.iaa H aa. II- a M larl aU-ai II * a*a .
I' ? 1 I r> ? faa-a ft -4 J H Nun), f oi Futai,
I' ? MaraU I |.,k *.r? a? ' II Ii aarl I'r k+aaa.
It I ' ? I' V f r* ??!? ).>a, *aat??l II rwil M,ia .
I ? aii.ii m I ? ala, *aa Haiwr. Iiirliirl'i *? .
* m !*? I ? M- ? far *!?? h*+4r>* k III J '.aa, >
I. P < I tkarti a I Maaa
Hair 1- la II i.l - li t 4 Mar4a?.rtk B-. faia. IMak
I 1 aa II ?> lla 1 a < aa4 faaii.a , M Uall lit Iitnl
1 M.a ala II > ??> (i?|li-i |r ulit'i lit*
* * a4r r Ui.- W T Maaa 1 ait!- rata ?-a? f It aa
a n' !?., WlttlMB II fra wall, 1 iartxaati I" l.axala
lira ) l? ..a I * Hat.. r> I! W.x *?? fr.aaaaaa.
1 A t 144 r. I ? A fe?a H *??a.rt?aa M.a.a
?I la. II 1.1 -flaa U * ll-a-.a,' a. R w ?
1 *l i - ra> ?? <a ii.?,. k - 1??< ? j |- < r ki?a rta
a <? I' < * aijki Marti. ' .fall. a II * M.a. a Natal-.
I J '? liuun Al'.aaj II ? ltas.a ha ' ? n flat I **4
, , 1.1 / f K...aa *a J X Kum Waa'.aat a ?!??
? la I i i 1 , ? j ta H H l> Ui> ?>" >. 0 A m aaM
a?aj?..a t. I . lU-aaail M I rtak a ra< .aa.k
raa'aa fat* UMlf 1 ? <? ? ?
I t ?? w aa~n*a Oaa 11 ral -ai *ar?k Car iia*a
A c Man - a. 4 !a-';. >a? ? -a ta (1 l. ai' a K?a ,
I ian ii 4 11 AH' II v !< ?? Ma a 1. 1 ? '? 1 t.a> r?
' Ma I a* a* ? ? a ? rata Al?a- Ma1- ?? s ? ? ??? ? Mr
, ai- *11 ii ? a 4.ar< l > ...a i'.a II II llala (lata
! t III. J<I|| III a-1 MH4#*|'I< /aaa?. 1 ? <a? f>M|.
II I allga * I '.la 4 I r ?? a?a I# t Kaaa
II.4* 1 J f a.a< a < I taaB-.aaiaar 4llll|
fr?aa M?H I l< la alaaiM j Janaai ,w? Hiaa M
' f?a,aa |f . . W I , I ia'i< aak If Ta<? I <.f.a.a J?k|
I [ ? a ? I > i 11 ? I*r l/l Ii.*'. M J a? ' I , Mi. |la ilaa.H
I la Ml aaa A la Matal H A 9 Jaaxa. .? k fuu^aaa
Mlalf 1 laii-1, rj aii M l> >aaa t ll-alf- a ia tka
?u? rif*
?raai Mkai'a la a' 1 ??<r?iai..- Ma N 0 Itata--*. Iiikw
rna ra.i ? ' la tart I" *< a?a a .ii~|h < arUa V?.
ii- a. a ?aa Mflfaat M- raa- 9 *r.??,
|r>alaia.a . I . >k /a> * Kaaa> a-T 0 M Walla Aaaa t
k ia a a, ?.a '1 Malla I M l*,aaaa '?? Aa*kaaiaa (J
A 1* I 'U?rtl l? D.raailn '.aa- aa laaMarataa
raata <? T\??aa la akla Mm ?? taafif Hra Waakvf
4 a?4 aaraaat t I faltaa?, t br*f. It ? M C A
ft ? ? I aklaa la tka tklf ? k flrtai Caft MMka laa
?i>a aa4 aaa.
fratakaaaaa lalka kark Mial.?-?a- T Ma?a'J. >4**
I aaa, ( a.<a?a t Hataa. 4 ( W av4. ? Bit* I*;, W H
A ?"> 4 Na.liar, lal ataa la tka Maanta
It.aMa.ila, ia tka alia |aa iari aat ? Mnttl M*4
ul tlraa atwrw, Ma. U*n,
Ii I- 'a aA.ia* 11 Hi lift ? a-fHaM Mk t Mk
| ? a ? I aatf (I Caff*) al C? at

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