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merely to authenticate the action of Congre**, for he
?lltuiKiN an Intelligent judgment or be faithle** to
the trait repoMd In him. In the execution of hi* offl
olal dutv a* to lignlng bill*, he U not to perform a mere
Mechanical pait, but ia to ait and decide, and act as
sorting to hla righteous conviction! of the rightful
ness er wrougfulne** of the proposed law. The Pre
sident'* reiponaibility ia to the whole people ef the
United State*, a* that of a Senator U to the
people of a particular State, that of a Representa
tive to the people of a Stat* or district, and
ft may be safely assumed that he will not reiort to the
clearly defined aoil unlimited power of arresting legisla
tion and calling for reconsideration of any measure ex
cept in obedience to requirement* of duty. When, how
ever, he entertain* a deciiive and fixed conclusion, not
merely of the unconstitutionality, but of the impro
priety or injuitice in other respect*, of any measure,
if he declare* that be approves it. he is false to his
oath, and he deliberately disregards bis obligation*.
The President 'eels called on, at the threihold, to
notice an assertion often repeated, that the re
fusal of the United States to satisfy these claims
In the manner proposed by the present bill, rest*
M a stain on the jnstice of our country. If
it be so, the Imputation ou the public honor
is aggravated by the consideration that the claims are
eueval with the present century, and it hat been a pe
s>bU nt wrong during that whole period of time. Thi*
the President denies If new fact*, not known, or not
accessible during the adminiitration ofn Jellerson, Madl
aon or Monroe, had since been brought to light, or new
aourcts of information discovered, this would greatly
relieve the subject of embarrassment. But nothing of
this nature has occurred They never recognized the
alleged obligation on the part of this government to pay
the claim*. Indeed, it stands not only as a matter of con
trolling authority, but a* a fact of history, that these
claims have never since ourexlstence as a nation, been
deemed by any President worthy of recommenda
tion to Cong res* After reviewiug the entire his
tory of the ommi, be concludes his menage a* fol
lows:? This reView of successive treaties between Franca
and the United States has brought my mind tu the un
doulitlng con vie ti.. n that while the Uolred States have
in the most ample and completeit manner discharged
their whole duty toward* such of their citizens as mty
nt any time have been aggrieved by the aots of the
French government, so, also, ha* France as honorably
discharged he-self of all obligations in the premises to
ward* the United State*. To concede what this bill aa
? times, would be to impute undeeurved repronch to both
the United States and France I am aware that the bill
propones to provide indemnification for such vaiid claims
?f citizen* of the United States against France
M shall not have been stipulated for and em
braced in any of the treatie* enumerated; but in includ
ing such claims, it excludes ail, in fact, for which, dur
ing the negotiations, France could be persuaded to
agree that she was in anywise liable to the United States
or to out citizens. What remains, and for what is the
five millions appropriated ? In view of what has been
anid, tbere would seem to be no ground on which to
mice a liability of the United States, unless It be the
assumption that the United States are to be considered
the insurer* aad the guarantor of all claims, of what
ever nature, whicli any individual citizen may have
against a foreign nation.
Mr. Bayly said, that as little as he was impressed
with Uiereascniig of the message, vet as a friend of
the administration, and still greater friend of the vet)
power, he moved that the consideration of the subject
be postponed until Wednesday, in order, in the mean
time. to afford an opportunity of studying the document,
and in rvspect to the President.
Mr. Jo.nkh said hut twelve legislative days are remain
ing. and he therefore moved the previous question, with
a view cf acting upon the mesaage forthwith.
The motion waa voted down, 02 to (Hi.
Several amendment* were offered to Mr. Bayly'* mo
Mr. Campbiei.l wiihed a postponement till the 3d or
March. Ihe bill could not be passed by a constitutional
majority, and it waa a foolish waste of time to debate
it. He had a respect for the I'reildent, but no respect
for the principle which sought to strike down the will
of the people by the veto.
Mr. BAKKfcDALK referred to the pressing public busi
ne**, and urged action forthwith.
Mr. Ui'nt was for postponement. The great constitu
tional question of liberty was involved. Were they to
he slaves to Kxecutlve power v
Further debate ensued, but the Hous** adjourned with
out talcing the question, ana it will be the first bu*tne*s
before the Bouse on Monday.
Sunday in Jrrrky City? Mayor Manners, of Jsrsey
aty, assisted by the Chief of Police, Mr Fenn, has boon
engaged in an attempt to enforce the statute prohibiting
Sunday traffic. Not only are the liquor shops closed,
but the kale of newspapers has been prohibited. The
public officers deserve credit for their endeavors to en
force the observance of the law*, but the newspaper
agents complain to us that the segar shops, livery
?tables, and so frrth, are allowed to do business on Sun
day, wbile the selling of a book or a Sunday paper la
punlthed as a crime. This ia all wrong, and it la the
duty of the Mayor to see that no such favoritism ia
Matin* Affair*.
Lakok N'i mbkr or Arrivals.? The favorable winds
which have prevailed (or the last two or three days have
greatly increased the shipping la port. No less than
ninety rail of all classes arrived on Friday, namely, 2 2
?hips, 10 barks, 23 brigs, and 20 schooners, Ate. Thirty
stx were from foreign ports, of which but two were from
Kb rope.
Lacnch.? The bark Alamo, of about 000 tons, was
launched on Saturday morning, from W . H. Webb's yard,
and was built lor a Texas packet, for Wakeman, Dimon
k. (?. '1 he launching of the ship for C. H. Marshall k
Co. was postponed to a future day.
Cravats and Jolnvlile Tlea? Latcat French
styles, ju?t received and for sale, wholes-tie and retail,
by C. it BATCH k CO., 00 Chambers street, northetst
corner of Church.
To all who Vac Hplrltaoua hlqaors?Poreons
who use liquor of any kin<l. oitiier a< n beverage or
Milicine, should give the preference to Wolfe s Schiedam
Aromatic Schnapps ?
1. It la manufactured at Schiedam, la Holland, and
exclusively in 'he factory of the proprietor, by processes
and from mats rial- elsewhere unemployed nod unknown.
2. It is pro red. by the repeated analyst* of several
emmmt clien ists, to be entire ly free from the pernicious
loail oil which remains in every other liquor distilled
?rem train and which ia the came of the nervous and
viaceral derangement, serious congestion, aud morbid
desire for habitual and intemperate indul/enoe, which
?och liquors invariably tend to superinduce
3. It is proved, by tha same unerring tests, that this
Holland gin ia nut llavorad with the loarse acrid and
indigestible oil of juniper heret ofore used, but vith ths
?^i ideally lighter mom volatile, aromatic and raedi
e nal of the two essential oils of tl,? Italitn juniper berry,
aagltcted by every other manufacturer.
i. It is chemically proved to be ?b*olut?ly pure in i ta
rectification? a quality obtained by an ontirely new
process, and which no other Hoilanl gin in the world has
ft It ia proved by extensive medical experience and
tMt'mony, to be an efficient as welt as an agreeable
remedy in many cases of incipient dropsy, gravel, gout,
chronic rheumatism, flatulence, colli, concretions in the
kidney* ana bladder, dyspepsia, fever and ague, general
debility, sluggish circulation of the blood, deficient as
similation of food ami exbauste'l vital energy.
C. It 1* a most grateful and renovating cordial, anl
when need a* directed, even as a beverage, never in
fiami * tbe system or induces inebriety, but tends rather
to subdue tbe latter frsilty, by creating a dislike to all
inferior liquors. And it invariably corrects the ill elTects
of bad water, whether <n swampy or inn-stone district*.
In all ef these enumerated qualities It has no rival in
out market in tbe world.
1'nt up In quart and pint bottles, with the proprietor'*
name on the bottle, eork and label.
For mI< by Hegemsn, Clarke t Co.. 181 Broadway,
Irving House and M Nicholas Hotel: J. It J. Coddingtnn,
New York Hotel; and all the respectable druggists in tbe
Caited States .
Choice liondon Dock It rand I re, Holland Clin,
Scotch slid Irish whiskeys, Old K. T. Madeira*,
Anentillaito Sherries, lioarto Rreun do., Lonluo Duk
Brt*. T-ondou porter, .^otch ale llivaona cigar*. No.
, Fulton strait. R. E. MKflHINOKR k CO., importers
for DMIIIlers and Uqttor Msnufarturora^
Ml of cognac, essence of cognac. (F-ign-tte. Otard, he.).
Jama ca and St. < roix rum. tfchiedam schnapps, and all
?tber flavors for liquors ant cordial*. >'or sale by F. H.
ELf'hLSO, 12 Frankfort street.
m A lot h Fight In Havana," I* a great ?tory,
la tbe January number of the Kalcherbocser Magazine,
^ebenptiuos it-*) including a chance for Powers' "ireek
clave, worth 15,000, or a valuable painting, received a
lav nays kingir, at the office, Ml Ilroedway, up stair*.
?Malar* In < lothlng Vlaltlng *'W York this
??aeon, are respectfully invite.) to examine ear stock of
Zing and summer c lotting, ss we feel assured tbey Will
o it, from It* ' xtent, vaiiety, style and cheapness,
well worthy of their cena.derat'oa. While the disposi
tion of otr manufacturers this season has be?n to great
ly redne* ?beir stocks, we have availed ourselves of the
a<Hraatages of a low market for good* and labor, to m?n
afett'jr* a much larger stock tlian w* have ever d<>ae;
which consequently. we will be enable ! to otf-r at is
Morkably low prices D. DEVIiN k CO ,
268, mV and JBO Broadway, eornsr Warren it., N\ Y.
Defiance Salamander 8af< a. ? HoIm rt 1. Pat
RICK is the eeh manufacturer In tbe I n'te-t states of
the ab^ve ee'ebrated safe*, and t C. f .1 n'* Impene
treble I'eflanpe lock* ami ernes bars. Dej rt No. \'fi
Pearl street, one door below Maiden lane.
Ptanoe.- Pike* Lower than ran he hart rise
where ?The largest assortment to be found lu theTnited
Htat-s, comprising pianos from ten different manufao
tori'* nmong tbem tbe mod celebrate,: maker* in the
vrerld T Gilbert * Ob 's fir*t pr?nrfnm piano*, with or
vrKbent tbe irolean attaebmsot, and the modern im
pvovetl horaee Water* pianu*. Beautiful *econ i hand
motean pianos lor sale at great bargain*; do , without
the woleon. Melodeon* ot every (trie, fro-n five dlifer
eat manufactories at price* which defy competition.
PlaaM to rent. HORACE WATERS, ."U3 Broadway.
Ilollow*|'l Ointment anrt f.wrt Kagtan.?
I'rofe-scr llollowsy has. by or ler, d spatche.i to tbe
Hospitals of tbe Army of the last, the celet.rat-1 Or.
Kaowles. with a large shipment of th* ointment, to be
oae4 under hi* instructions. It will cure any wound,
?ore or ulcer, t-old at the manufactories, No *0 Maid
eo Ian*, New York, and No. 244 Strand, I/ondoa, and by
all druggists, at 2A cent*, 62)< cent*, and $4 per poi. Bi
Wig* and Tamper* The Largest and fleat
aaeortn ent of wig*, toapee*, braids, aad all kinds ef
ornamental hair work, can be fonod at BATCHEIX>R'S
kali manufactory, 233 Broadway: alao, tatcbalar * oels
hated Uair >1;*. cold <* applied ii aiae jwlr?V* r?nw,
Bnuidrvth*! Pill*.
In 1836 the ?alea of thaae pUla wera 06,000
183 6 160,000
183 7 200,000
1838 250.000
m# 275,000
1840 820,00 J
1M1 400,000
1842 430,01)0
1843 565,000
1844 000,000
18*5 75'), 000
184 6 800,000
184 7 820,000
184 5 8AO.OOO
1849 870,000
185 0 880,000
185 1 MO, 000
?1852 1,240,000
1853 1,450,000
lt>54 to January, 1855 1.760,000
One million h?q hundred and alxty thousand boxes
of Brandretb's pill* were sold In tbe year 1854. Thii
?ale rpeaka well of tbe pilla: their reputation 1* all tna
time on the increaae. To uae a homely phrase, " they
hold their own." Step by step hav<> they arrived at
their pi eeent position Other medicines are now being
Eu*hed into public notice. I have nothing to nay; bat 1
ope and trust that the publle will patronize that medi
cine which will do them the moat (rood. The public'*
servant, B. BRA.NDKKTH.
Nkw York Feb. 2, 18S5.
Pr B. Bjunpuktii ? Krnm the great uae of tobacco, I
bee* me bo debilitated about eight yearn ago, that my
pbyaiciana cooa.dered it Impoanble for mo to recover. I
waa worn down to akin and bone*, wax aillicted with
chronic dyspepsia, and everything I ate dUigreed with
me. I bad constaut pain in my cheat, my bowel* were
coative, and teldom moved without recourse to medicine,
which debilitated me more and more. In thia condition
I waa recommended to u*e your '-Vegetable I'niverNul
pilla. " I did ao, and gradually became restored to excel
lent health through their uae. They m Idly, yet ener
getically, purged, and alt-reach portion I see ined to be
endowed with new life. My original robust health waa
soon restored, and, I thank God, I am now a vigoroua man
of fifty alx. But lor your pilla 1 yerlly believe I should
be now in my grave. I aliall bo pleased to aee auy ooe
at my store, anil will state further particulars. I am,
very respectfully, your obedient servant,
JoaiPH Krrr,
No. 813 Broadway, above Eleventh street, or at the Ir
ving Hou-e, New )ork.
Braudreth's pilla are sold at 25 cents per box, with full
directiuna, at tbe principal office, Brandroth's Building
entrance 43 Canal street; alio at the branch offices, 211
Hudaon street, and 274 Bowery.
Remember Brandreth'a priuclpal office la In the build
ing corner of Canal street and Broadway, entrauce 43
Canal street.
On Wedneaday evening, February II, by the Rev.
James MUlett, at bis residence, No. 308 Broome stre?t,
Mr. Chario OwtROK Fowlkr, of Westport, Conn , to Mia*
GeoBQIAna t'ARAii Mai.vkkn, of Newburyport, Maax.
On Wednesday. February 14, at St. George's Church,
Newburg, N. Y., by the Rev. Dr. Briwn, Mr. J C. Smith,
of Brooklyn, L. I., to Misa Clacuixi K. Poktkk, of the
former plnce.
New Orleans papers pleaie copy.
On Sunday, October 2D. 1854, br Rev. Mr. Lewla, Mr.
Wil l mm IIk.nrt I1avk.ni to Misa Mary Lottoa 1'atkkjo.n,
all of Hoboken.
On Wednesday, February 14, MAKUARrT Murphy, In
the eist year of Mr k^e.
The relative* and friend*, and these of her sons, Ml
ehnel, Nicholas, Jamea, and John, are respectfully in
vited to attend her funeral, from tbe ra?ideace of her
bo el No. 210 Fifth atreet, thiH afternoon, at two o'clock,
without further invitation.
Washington City and California pa peri please copy.
Another noble heart ban ceaavl to beat. ? On Thursday
morning, February 16, if congestion of the bowel*, Cipt.
Rohkrt L. Maiiky, aged 47 yearn.
Without further notice hi* friend* an] the me Tiber* of
Abrama Lodge No. 20, are respectfully invited to a*HiHt
in removing hie remain* from No. 82 Hudson ptreet, to
the Harlem Railroad depot and thence to Columbia coun
ty for interment, at half pant ?ix o'clock thin morning.
On Saturday, February IT, after a abort illness, in Iter
66th year, Maria Livingston, wife of John U. Steven*.
E*q . of Iloboken.
1 be relatirei and friaud* of the family are retpactfully
invited to attend tiie funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at
one o'olock, at ht. Paul's Church.
On Saturday morning, February 17, of pleurisy, Mr.
W i i.i jam I (am. in the fiBtb year of lii? age.
lliii relative* and friend* are moil reapectfully inrited
to attend the funeral service*, at hi* late residence, No.
200 Division atreet, at half paat one o'clock thi* after
noon. Hi* remain* will be talten to White Plain*, W?*t
cbcstc r county, to morrow morning, in tiie half paat
?even o'clock train.
On Saturday morning, February 17. after a abort and
aevere illnea*, Mr* Matii.ua Clark, wife of Luke Clark.
Her friend* and acquaintances are rsapentfully invite 1
to attend the funeral, fro A her late reaidence, No. 187
Franklin atreet, thia afternoon, at one o'clock.
On Thursday, February 16. John I'm .urn born in I<on
don, l.ngiand, aged 3i years.
Hla friend* and acquaintance* are Invited to attend hia
funeral, thin afternoon, at one o'clock, from tbe City
Hoapital. Hie remain! will be interna lu Greenwood
I onion paper* please copy.
On Saturday, February 17, Mien ail Co.vkkv, aged 02
The relative* and frienda of the family, and those of hi*
aon-ln law, Thoma* Forater, are reapectfully invited to
attend tbe funeral, to-morrow moruing, at ten o'clock,
from hla late ref idence. N? 72 Kldridge atreet.
On Friday. February 16, Mr*. Cath brink Mackkt, wife
of the late Aloxander Mackey, aged 86 yean, 6 month*
and 16 day*.
Tbe relative* and frienda of the family are reapectfully
invited to attend tbe funeral, from the residence of ber
fon, William Mackey, No. 293 Henry atreet, thi* after
noon, at one o'clock .
On Saturday morning, February 17, Michabl Rr an, in
tbe U2d year of bi* age
Hi* relative* and frienda are invited to attend the fu
neral, Hi ia afternoon, a' half paat one o'clock, from hi*
late residence, No. ft) Wont Nineteen'b atreet. Hi* re
main* will be taken to Calvary Cemetery.
On Saturday morning, February 17, at three o'clock,
Ann Hrmiant, aged rt9 years and 11 months.
Her friend*, and those of ber eon, loho Hrehant, are
invited to attend the funeral, from her late r?*tdence,
No. 104 Wootter atreet, to morrow afternoon, at one
On Saturday, February 17, Mar<i?r>t Sullivan, the
beloved wife of Mirtln O'lxmgblin. in the 42d year of ber
age. a native of Katbford, parish of Killtulla, county
tialway, Ireland.
Hi* friend*, thoee of hi* brother*. Mlrhael and Patrick,
and of hi* brothers in law, Henry, James. Stephen. Tno
mii< and William ?ullivan. are respectfully invited to
attend tbe fnneral. tbi* afternoon, a*, one o'clock, from
her late residence, No. o7 I'ark Mate Cro*a) atreet. Her
remain* will be iuteried in Calvary iem-tery
On Saturday, February 17, Ja>b, wife of John Kerrea, i
aijed 26 year* and 9 month*.
The relatives and frienda of the family are respectfully >
invited to attend the funeral, 'this afternoou, at half past i
twelve o'clock precisely, from her late residence, No. 129
Crosby atreet, without furtheT notice.
Oo Saturday morning. February 17, 8o*an S<'<rrr, In- '
fant daughter of William Jay aad Mary Kliza Murphy.
Tbe friend* of the family are ro<pectfully invited to at
tend the funeral, from the rtaldenreof her father, No 2d
Oliver atreet, thia alternoon, at two o'clock, without fur
ther invitation
I'oor little Sue' no more ahall I view
From the casement, her beautiful face.
Nor welcome at eve, for the haa bid u* adieu?
And vacant and silent, her place.
Under the ground, where yon grr.en mound
Cover* a grave small arid new ?
In a sleep so sweet, so quiet and sound,
Rests my gentle, my antral Hue.
On Friday, February 16, Tiioma* L'olmkrt, Lieutenant
of Company W, 72d Regiment. N. V . S. M.
Hia funeral will take place from hi* late reaidenca. cor
ner of Hoyt and Atlantic atreet*, Brooklyn, thi* after
noon at one o'clock. Mi iUry companies wishing to at
tend are reaper tfuOy invited
On Friday, February IB, Cathbrinb, wife of G'harlea B. |
reirce, *ged 37 year*.
Tbe friend* or tbe family, and those of ber brother,
llenjamin Moonej . are re*ifectfully invited to attend the |
funeral, at one o'clock thia afternoon, from her late reai
dence. No. 170 South fourth atreet. Williamsburg .
At Para, Brazil, on Mnnday, January 1,1* A Ei.nRitHi*
ft. P. Hovt, and on Wednea lay, January 3, 1H66, Tuowi*
O WlNSHtr, eitiren* of the I mted States. I'a|iera which
belonged to the deceased will be delivered to their iegil
representatives on application to Henry 1/Oe Noma, No. ,
3 'leaver atreet, N. V.
l.n TlllKH.
JXl tlia gtnius of Burn*, Illaatrated by eeiejtio** from ;
bis sonic and hu moron* anecdote', ?> Clinton Hail, j
Artor p.'ace on Monday evening, ??(?. 19, at * o'clo< *
Mr. Mitchiaon will preside at the piano.
tures and amusing eip?riment* a: i?in?er?n<e ,
I, 26 avenae D on Monday, Tuaeday, Thura'lay aod
Iriday evening* (Fen. 19, 20, 22 and 24 ) at 7^' o clack.
Increased numbers every evening seem del-<htr<: with
the entertainment Admittanre one shiil!n.f Ofllca for
medical and electrical application, in-tr iction> in the
science, kr , at 43k Broome *tr??'t. N. H ? 'In rhura lay
evening, Jan. 22, I propose giving a benefit to the needy
and deserving American widowa of tbe Kleventh ward
Admittance 26 centa.
, have the honor to announce a lecture by <>eneral
m iiouaton at NIMo'a Oardea, on Mou lay erenlnj;,
Feb 19, atl o'clock, fuhject? "Tbe Arnerican Indian* "
Poor* open at 6>, o'clock. A jiopular band will perform
favorite aira from " to *. Ticket* to cent* may he ob
tained at the principal hotel* music -tores and at tbe
boi office, where private boie* may be secured.
F WILLIS FI illKR, M. D., President
E. W. B. Ommiop, Secretary.
and ?h?e* or < tb?r merchandise, a good tenant
bnuae, in Thirty th.rd street between First end Second
avenue*, alao, 100 Iota at Hi< kaville, L. I. Addreae IM s.
I'nwn eqnnr* Post Office, postpaid.
Aram opportihity? i wn.i. make for
a beautiful and nswful set of 33 taetfc, upne* and
lower erta, en the heat gold plats warranted for llfa.
luck aa I wear myself Teeth can be inserted without
eitrnctuM tbe oti mot* br NkmWH PIUCnDUtE,
?O Mm4 wa/, fonterly M0 Craad (Uati.
?>!*? AT iDonoa.
niture auction sales ?The undersigned tog* takvt
to Inform hi* friend* and the pablio, that be U prepared
m usual to give hie pereonal attention to Bret class fur
niture rale* at anetion, at the resldense* of families that
' Intend breaking up housekeeping thi? spring.
ALBERT H. NIOOLAY, Auctioneer, No. 4 Broad it.
Large house tale of fnrnlture, tapaatry carpets, pier
I gla?se?, pianoforte, ai'verware,&c. ? ' To-morrow morning,
Mom'ay, at 10*4 o'clock preciaelr, at Itttf Weet Twenty
i fourth "trft, a few door* from Ittahth avenue, compria
1 ing the bn* selection o tiered at auction thia season. A por
tion of the content* in here subjoined: ? Roaewood piano
for'*, full seven octave, richly carved ca>e, coat 96o0;
?olio rosewood brccatelle furniture, en aulte, very ex
pensively carved, anil covered with the richast material,
without regard to coat: large pier and oval mirror*, with
marb!e alaba. and gilt brackets to match; marble top
rosewood centre, aide and aofa tables; elegant rosewood
ettgere, marble top, with heavy plate glas* doors and
back, made to order coat 9125; about 250 yar 'aof tapes
try carpets, in excellent order; roaewood corner et'(g?r*a
and corner stands, beuutiful auit heavily emoroidered
white lace window curtain*, rich brocatell* curtain* and
cornices for four window*, large gothic reception and
ea*y chair*, In *ilk and embroidered brocade; oil paint
ings, among which may be found a choice ollection by
modem artists: French porcelam decoration* and vaae*,
Bniahi il and painted in a high state of per'ectuin; heavy
rosewood and mahogany bedstead*, both of the modern
? nd antique ityle*, with very elegant marble top dron
ing bureau* and washstanda to match; pure curled hair
raattreaae*, bed*, bclit-r* an ; pillow*; mahogany and
inapt* chair*, sofa* anrt lounge*; heavy mahogany ten
fret extension table, black walnut do. , tea and dinhig
tabli a Jcliina tea ret*, very expeneively decorated; elegant
m.ntel clock*, common rro'lm'j lud glaaaware in >.aaa
ment; a large auortment of silverware, apoons, fork*,
heavy plated castors, with cut bottle*; silver tea aervioa.a
elegantly chsseu and engraved . large aalver* with solid
*llv?r edge*, b**t of ivory cutlery, Ac Term* of *ale
ca*h, city fund*. Ala* at 12 eVIook, a magnificent pair
of work called a Priet'a Hcarf, taken from the cathedral
in Mexico, while on Ore during the war. by Captain
Houton, and preaented to the late Enoch K. Caiup.
Valued at 9600.
tioneer ? Choice wmea and liquor*, on Monday.
February 19, at the saleeroom* No. lti Wall (troet, at 11
o'clock, cloaing sale of rare and tine old wine*, Ate. , in
cluding aouth aide maderia, Stalker'* vltria pale *herry,
Romano'* brown CO., Hunt ft Co. '* port, Ismdon dock
brantMe*, Holland gin, Scotch and Iriah whbkiy. Jamai
ca rum . al*o aoma Hungarian tokay, 1H42, all of which
belong to on* of the oldest importing houses, and are
warranted pur*, and will be *old without reaerve; also a
choice invoice of warranted imported Havana ae^ar*.
Auction notice. ? pamaokd boot* and shoes
for caah. ? About fifty rases will be sold at the
?t< r? of A D. Dale, T1U IVarl street, on Tu?a<l?y, 20th
init., at 10 o'clock A. M , by order of the inmrance com
pany. alio, at the lame time, a complete assortment of
Ireah and aeaaonable good*, direct from the manufac
tu rera.
1 \ auction, on Monday, Feburary 19th, 1RA">, at
twelve o'clock, M , on the premise*, corner of FHrit and
North Eighth atretic, Brcokijn (late Williamsburg)
the following artirUe;? One houae, one '.ar?* truck, one
?pring cart marblo monuimnts, ttniahed and unfinished;
a lot of marble, a quantity of brown atone, cut and un
cut. Abo, tools, banker blooaa, timber, fie., ka. JOHN
W. COO "KR, Anignee.
By t. moriartv, auctioneer? auction no
tic*. ? To be aold at auction, on Monday, Feb. 19, at
151 Chatham atieet, at 10 o'clock, the content* of a bar
room, constating of winea, liquor*, Ac., counters, de
canter*, gia>*ea, beer pump and pipe, gaa fixture", stove
and pip?, water pipe, fco., in coiuoquence of the pro
prietor retiring from buslnea*.
j brick hou*e aud lot, w<th store, and a brick itable,
j ;.oi K%*t Broadway, corner of .^caaimel street, in a drat
; rate neighborhood, on eaay ternn. For particular*, ap
1 ply to A. W. KEY N 01.D8, northwest corner of fireenwich
| snd Fulton streets, in the basement, or It. I*. WELL-*,
hiecutor, I'ort Richmond.
Ij 1.1 N ti NU HOLS, office M N'aaaau atrwet.? Spring
lurnltuie auctioa aalea ? Tne aubacribera ber leave to
inform their friends and the public, that they will give ,
their p?r*onal attention to furniture aale* at auctioa, j
lit the resilience* of families that intend breaking up i
housekeeping in the *pilng.
acre*, in a high atateof cultivation, with abund
ance of marl alao a peach and apple orchard aituatelax 1
milea from Red Hank, on the rjad to Freehold, N J The '
building* a~e all new. conaiatiug of a flr*t claas dwelling I
house, two ' arna, and all th? necessary out building -t.
Hie sale will take place on Tueeday ttie '20th lust , .it,
the store of Meaira. C Hcoby II Co , adjoining the I arm
Persons from New York, who wish to attend the atle, I
ran tska the Kejport boat, from the loot ot Murray
s treat, at 2 o'clock, and from there by the l'lialaox
stage. TUOMAri 'lUESf.
Henry h. i.eeds. auctionkkk.? bv h. h lu:m
It CO.. on Monday, Feb. l'J, (poaipna?l I ruin
Thursday,; at l(i>j o'clock, at 75 Seventh atreet, be
tween Flrat and f^acocd avenues.? Uente^l household
furniture, conaiatiug of Bruaaela, three ply and ingrain
carpeta, ruga, Ottomans, mahogany sofas, arm, p trior
and rocking chairs In haircloth, carved black walnut
cane seat parlor chairs, marble top centre, aide and plrr
tablea, mirrors, looking gl.issea, mahogany Are -craena,
black walnut work tables, musio aud light etanda on
broidered cushions, o?e elegant black walnut seven
octave piam>, made by Barmore, luperier tone and llniah .
miieic itool, elegant bronie sad ormolu clocka and !
bronze figun*, chlha vs*?s, mantel ornamenta, kt ,
ormolu aud bronze ga* cbaud'-hera, p<-ndauta, bracket*,
engravings, he.\ eleirant mahoginv e>t*nn on tabl?, ]
j nearly new. with leavaa, extends 14 feet; mahogany 1
j break la*t, dln ng and tea table* and cover*, maple caun
seat dining chairs, mahogany and black walnut French '
| and cottage be?Ntead* marble top waahatan ls, toilet do ,
I looking gia>p?e, dreaniny bureaus with gla**, wardroN-,
tnuilib ainduw cm tains and aliases, bela, holater< and
pillows, hair and straw mattresses, blsmets, quilta, 1
comforter*, fcc.; Ilrusael* atalr carpet, atair craau and
braaa ro<ia, oilcloth*, bronze bat stand*, cocoa door I
mate parlor door do. Silver ear* of urn*, Table, dea
aert and tea ipoons. table and deaaert fork*, lad'?a. fee ;
*llv?r plated ware of variou* erticlea, china andglasi- !
wire and an aaaoitment of kitchen furniture Tbe
wk?le of the aliove furniture la in excellent o,der aud
condition Sal* without isserve.
aale ?f Hon xroc?-ri?*?. wine*, tana, \c , on r i?> lij,
>eb 'W:h iMt , at ll) o'clock, at No. 766 Mrovlway. oor
ner of Kmhth a treat a g* r? ral aaaortmant of g?*idi In
the line, ?y or<ltr of the aherii'., coaaiat.nf of gtuart'a
and t'ht-r r*tin<r'? loaf, aruahtd aol brnwu augara,
green. hU'k and En*'l?h brenH??t toaa, >u 'h? di'lemnt
<ar;#tyof pacaagea, Java, tvjmatra and Kin Coifora la
baga, wax, aperm und uiojld caadlea, fan-.y and oruaa
aoapa, a general ???ortnient of fan-y wine*. apnea,
? wectmaata. condiment*. paatea, aardmet, aticlioviea,
cordiala, jelliea, cooaa, choul<Ute?, |{i'<k>T'a gooda,
farina and Hour. Alao, the a!ock of liquor*. in wood
and glaaa , wis** nf Portugal. Spain and (iermany, and
otbera, aery old and rare. auj in great laftal/itMfllM,
ruoi and gina ii ?o<kI and gln*?, of the protmatnr'a
own importation and of high mat fr i te'i ?od Knghlli
alca and atout; a no* atock lierinan, Kogliah aii'1 Ain*ri
can rhtrna, in a variety of atyioa ; cat'-ip* p?a !i?a,
charriea, walnut* (rwn ?*"*", Ac , put op at IU? Amer
ican I'halanx. with a (moral aaaortm<-iit ol ama.l warn),
uiually found in a flrit claaa citabliahment. Alao, the
fixture*. counter*, acalea, taa and oil ooa iron ?afa,
deakl. Alao, one aupertor /ray horae. Ternta a* aale
gave aalaof groceriea, fliturwa, Ac, no Vlon lay,
>eb. 19l1i inat-, at 11 u clock, at the corner of %t*diaon I
avenue and 1 wrnty -aeventli atreet, by rirtun of a chat
tel mortgage, 10 '/arr-la ol flour, one iron aaf ?, counter,
?ca Ira and weiglita, 4 o.l caua, platform tcalea, lotoi
lucaaurea, aufl the mortage** interest in eoantera,
?helving. kr all a'*w. never in a?*.
CHAltlJM*. WATT*. Attorney for itorta<ee
gntww.II of the ftncy gooda tad toy *tor> aiteated
at IM llghth avenue will be tol l cheap ior caah. auder {
for?< loaur* of mortgage Tte *U?ck u new and *ttl ??- .
lected, and the hu*iaee* In a floaruhir* condition. Ap
ply for particular a at &'> William atreet, up ?t?ir?.
EtwrnvKi.Y thk i.a-t WKiJtT^aiatsrN * pow
M'-fl will continue the aale of the balauce of
atcck of O* Brian k Iturrtr 204 and 2 >Mj Htith j
a*#nur. on* do" h*law iH? corner ef fourtcutb [
atievt, for oaa week iooger, in ?? rnar lo cluav ont lUc
atnek. preaioua to op*nmg fbeir ?prin< go nla No oria
ihuuld loll to a'-'end tlia laat of tli-?a ojij*). tumtlaa 'or
o'ltaislug cheap dry (rooda. carp?ta, Ml cloth I, */-,*?, I
wbl?h baa* eaideailr Man apvri:itta>l bv tile rait cim
bera tbat Uaaa pu<?haaed Irom toia atn.-* ?!??? tb?y j
con.inenced telling off ll.i a?m? principle aa hara
tofr r* will be con'ioued, bj margin r aaarf ar* 'le H
plaio flrnroa. and at au':h pricea D.at no aoate?enl can
bej oa-lhl . ina< e from tLe p: ic* ?< marka I. <>oot? for
wardatl lo all part? of t?<a c'!j. Mr^oklfn. W lliamaborg,
J?raey Otjr and Hnhokea, f-ee of c|iari(e A'l pnrcaaw
of 9110 and linear ' par > art off N H 1 ae ]?at
opp'rtbi 1 * ? H<memt<cr the atiiabefa, ""1 a?-l -"nth
ateaua. hi MSB' At lOWHtx kotoo'Rrlea Jk Ouryee
SMSSffi bais.? bK i oxoH* no. iffTuWr,
at 10 o'clock A. M , w.li Se aold at parlie ..o'tian,
on tba premi.i a, c rnrr of Hroa :way aad Vt .irerley
place all the n^ht, tltlo and mW?at of Ha* well (Jraaw
which ho bad on the 4*b Voaemb^r. la.,4, or at any
lima theraafter. ia and to the houa?h> It fornitnr' . ap
Grtennneee and eontaata, of the buildli.f kuntD aa tha
lancy Mauaa JOHN OMKA, tariff.
T. J. ULtliAf. l epnty HhariT
Tba above > ale ia poatpoood Uj Mooday (he JS-h ln?t., j
atn' hour aad place. JOHN OR4Mt , Hharllf
T J I.iuji ?*, I?epuiy Hheritf.
S~~IIEBIK? S f?AI>: - BY TfBfOl or ?maut BHI !
nf attention U> me di>ect#4 and datn?r? 1, I will e? |
po?e to aale at public Taadna, on T ieaday, the <i?r
of Fetrnary in-t. at 10 o'clock In the loraao ?. at 76* ,
Broadway, rorner of Figbth a tree' all the right tltlo
aad Interotcf John I to? , whi'li ha ha ! ?a the oth fay |
of June. I*'i4. or at any I'me afiar, of, in and to the |
property contained ia aald atore
New York, Fab 17, l?%& JOHN ott-EK
n?* AMI TN.
aad Italian ?-hool ? la roo ly to doeorate ia Uva
moat approatd manner, and la all atyiea Addreaa. at
?am spring atreet, New York, GEORKB FITCH.
Fink Ajrm-flocmi, * oo. *mracm;u.Y in
forma tha puhMc that they wjl bare on aihl'^Uoo,
for a abort time oaly at their Float Art (fiery, Mo
Broadvay, tba painting hy Horaca V.roet, "The
Brethren of Jnooph " RoherrlptW.na f<f a taa a;. graving
A the public.? In consequence of Uw 1m?M de
mand for
rendering It liapoaalble for ui to obtain a aufflclant aup
ply from the pi inter* and binder*, ?? are compelled to
poatpone the publication for a few da ye longer
We (ball, however, exert ouraelve* to tfce utmoet to
publlab thia work iu the courae of the preaent week.
H. LONG A BROTHER, 121 Nnaaau a treat.
What more eaaentlal to every family, counting
room, atudeut, and Indeed every one who would know
the right uae of language- the meaning, orthography,
and pronunciation of word*, than a good kngliah dic
tionary f ? of daily ueceaaity and permanent value.
W'bater'a unabridged ia now the recogniaed atandard,
"ronatanlly cited and railed on in our court* of juatice,
in our legialativo bodie*, and in public di*cu*aiooa. ae
entirely roncluaive," aaya lion John C. ripeucer. Uii 1
Make a better iuMetmi-ntr I'abliahed by U AC. MKIt.
Rl/ M, Springllt W, Uaaa. riold by all bookseller*.
juat. ? Now publiahed, Stanhope Bur high. the
JeaultN in our lit mea. A Novel ? by Helen Dhu. (none
eUgant volume of 410 page*, illuatraUM with line tlbti'd
engravinga, beautifully bound in mualin. I'r <_???, II.
Ibr extraordinary romance ia creating a profouud aen
aation throughout the country. It baa thrown the puli
tlciana and critic* into an unwonted agitation; it ha*
already been the theme of diacuaeion In many legislative
bo<He*. It tiel n?atea, with graphic power, tfce untitle
Intrigue* ol the Jvauit* in America, in our hoiuea. in
aorlety, in ( flit ich, and in government The corrupting
and degrading intriguca of uaprincipleil political denn
goguea, of all partiea, are brought Into full view under
the intolerable blaze ol light, while tlie artiatlc develop
menta of the plot impart to the work the moat hrillian
characteristic* ot the tl neat romance* No novel, blend
ing the aocial and political pbaaea of American eociety
into auch ii harm' ny a* to make a vivid and completo
picture ha? createil before thia a general interest anionic
all rlaiaea of reader*. It i? valuable for ita faittiful
hiatory and
who bave been active iu our political flelrla, awaiting the
aeaaon for harveating. The flguree thrown by thia
novella' upon 'he canvaa* are bohily drawn, and tho mo
tive* which actuate thein are atrongly depicted. But
that reprment party and patrlot'am in thia graphia
dramatic novel of realitiea. Numerou* aelf aatiatied
critic* have deai^naUii very dUtingulihed peraoua a* the
original character* of the work; tho reader wLlI discover
if the turiniaed impvraonatlou* ar? correct whan the
dagutrreotype* are examined in the volume. And who
U the artist?
the author, whoae cauatic pen ha* exhausted thia very
pi oil tic rubject, ao lar a* to have already clipped the
wioga of *ome of the leading apirita who are depleted in
auch life like color* in the volume.
The public can form something like an eitimate of thu
interest of the work from the following oplniou* of
WHAT Ttlk cumin THINK,
who have reviewed it. The Commercial Ad ver'.laer re
" Thia I* one of the book* which aeem predeatlued to
have an immense circulation. We learn that the pub
lialiera have already been alme?t overwhelmed with or
der* for it." The New York Courier and Enquirer *aya:
" It ia a book for the tiinea, and i* hound to hare ita
mn;" and the New York lime* inform* ita reader*
that "A copy of tbi* ' powerful production' ha* been
aent to every nember of tho Legislature, and it ha* the
endoraemei.t alao ol Ham " 1 he New York Evangeliat
observe*: " It ia au energetic Know Nothing work, for
cible both in ita ityle and ita facta. It will undoubtedly
| meet with a great aale " The New York Evening llir
I ror preaumee " Whoever Helen Dhu may be, the tone
of bar book indicate* that abe ia a man. ami one who
evidently know* conaldorable of the world." The Saw
York Sunday Mercury lemirka: " Although It* leave*
are hardly dry from the binder'* hand*, taia book ha*
created a furore in the country." The lAuaiugburg
(iaiette confidently ntatea: '? We heapeak for 'stanhope
Burliigb' not merely a popularity e^ual to 'Uncle Tom'*
Cabin,' but one far aurpaaaimr an* publication which
ha* for an age been u-hered before the Amern'an public."
The lioatou Daily U?e, ia au able review, jedgea that
" It* literary marita are very high Whoever wrote it
?whether Helen Dbu be a real or a fictitious per .image
? haa produced a work that will mark itaelf on the tline'.
Ita vigor, lire, fact*, characterliation, truth, logic, are
all vital, and of the time." Hutdiahed by
No. 223 Broadway, New York,
*nd for aale by all hookaellera aod new* ag"nt*.
bold furniture at auction.? Tb|* I* out a coaaUbl*,
mortgage, or ataignee >ata, but an unreaerved *.*!* of
houaeliula fuibituro, which will take place <>n I' onlay
nor DDK at 10 >> o'cloe* precisely, at 12 l.lghtii a ? ??nue,
oar lourteentb atroat, embracing a lar*.- ?nc| el gant
ractlji ol lotraood and mahogany furnituie el i/?*ry
dercrlptlon. being the entire furnitur? in the b>> iv?
rale positive rain or ?hine? ounalatlag'of carved ruaawood
anil mahogany a.ifaa, atatuary, marble top taolea, two
rli-faiit lituch pier glaaeea, to match, mirror front
auperb rosewood ptaauforto, tapeatry and Wll
tx.n carpet a, crlraaon bro-ade ault row woo I parlor far
nlture, ro??woo'l parlor furniture an ault, rich mantel
vm?. ormolu clock,|oek and cottage > haira, rich atlvar
war*, I'rencb china ?eta, oil paiatag*, nchly framed
with a laige an 1 raluaMa variety cf 'bomber liiraiturc
rotewooO and mahogany bodateada, bureau*, w*abatau I*
toilet Mta, gaperb hair mattreaaei, feather t>ed?, Am.
with the baaement furoltup , exteua.on J uing table, oil
cloth, Ac. Catalogue* at houee.
The 55 traSOTL amSucIm rook? hum
1 1. Ml, , a domoatic tale of tbe pr>*i<-ut time. lly
Fanny Ktrn 4?mj pp., T.'mo. Cloth Price, ?l ft It
ban bean reaerved to th a .lletinguiabad ajtporeaa to
??ichiave what mar, under the circiuinUuioea, l>e regarded
aa tbe m< at brilliaot aucne-a e\er obtained by hu Ame
rican writer of fiction. Ruth Hall, b?r Oral c intln.iotia
atoiy, though deriving no interc. r ilarity from
connecil<.u w>tn any of thoie *?*ed queattoto wblcti
agitate the public m'lid, haa, In ?b" two montba ? oca
it* Drat apparency reached a greatly larger ?al? than
any other An. urban work of Act on wh<t*v>-r within the
aaiiH' period. Thla extraordinary tact ia, of it?elf, abun
dant a\ idenca of tba aboorbiog Interest aod graphic
|>ower ot tUe ramarkalne work. We have in our p >a
ar*alon aeteral hundred ravlewa of Kutb II.iH, which
have already appeared is the principal n* wapapera and
periodical* Nearly all of tlieau |ronounc? it emphati
cally a work of g?nlua, many preoleting for It thai lirg
ea*. tale of any American book, anl il?i)*.iR| whole
column* to Ita euloglam, while, we hav vet eeen hut a
very few (not tweUe in all) which deny l?> .ingnlar f?e
claatloa. Rath Hall ia for cale by bookaol'ara generally.
1 ubl ebed by MAPON llKOTHKRd, No. 23 I^rk roe, New
f M'OAI.WAY t.KM'l.rll! 1 >-111'. ?? f- I
OOO furoiablng baiaar. 1.KWW At KaCORI) invite
? peciai attention to their nyatem of ahlrt inakln^? om
|ilete niraauiea?a1, .areful .'uttiog, b?*t te^'llc work ,
witli artietlc Onlah, and no aal* if not to pleaae. J ut
rccei/fd, tbe lateet Lon.lon and I'ari* faabioaa n prfnud
J without reaeree, to make roozn for (priog go<e1?,
! ii* t artlred per aleamer Aaia, aa per advtcea from Parla.
Ihc ba.ance of the winter e'?cU will t>? aoid at half the
original price. I adiea are not eipe/-te,l to purchase .in
h aa p? r1ictly ?atiaile.| they are getting the worth of their
money. The rtylee o! the cloaka now offered at au-.h
reduced prlcea are auch aa will be wcrn neit -eaa^n
MOLYNK'JX BKM^ :* Canil .tract
j The b.gheat pr1c< liberally given, an<l caab pail.n
en rrent money, (lentlemin Willing to dlapoae of lar^e
or imall lota are reapertfuily re>iuea'ed to ad.ireaa or call
i.n JAMR- MORdNKY, II RaiUr ( loriueily Orange ?,.re? t;
near Ctatbam.
. foimwl that tbe above hoaaa, ao long and favorably
known aa one of the Brat claaa hoUia in the city, la atill
open for tbe raoeptlon of the traveli ng riiiaigugit;
??Cferal important aad dea'ral le rbangea have Deen mad",
which eaai.ot fail to augment the comfort and ooave
nleo'e of ita gueata, aao all Ite old filemle and ptlv-aa
m?v le aaaured of reraivmg tba' atteutioa nil klnoneaa
which baa eier ?.?en one <* tbe leadia* featorea A tbia
hoaaa. Irainteat beard, aa tormerlgr, 12 per .lay
Blttl*, IIIIUrM ?A NKVl ~Tt> 'k OF iM?ORTWM A
nama loag'.rewda, hulIliocb?a. goilla^hwi, ch*f
fiachek.Slackbirda. atarllnga, tiirtiabea, a k;i??, Uaaeta,
mockingbird*, red bird*, ear' inaia, pigeon*, p?ir<ta, Ac ,
for Mkle at II. KIXiNIJt lUtmUKM, "t KultoO alreet,
corner of (jold. Alao, ragea and aewia ' uua lyon
rcinma Aa*
1'H RM \ WANTtl) 01 H k Rl A?ft
bar two chilorea, who left li"erjK?<I K'u ao . ?i the
? tea me r America, wlitoh arrive>i it IVa'ca m lk? ?4th
I ecember, 11:4, by ber l.u.'.an , Jobs ll*U ??r4. wr.o la,
for tbe prearnt, realdlog at M l/.uia M *?o?.1. IIiUi
l?eo unable totrac* h*r a'.y f'irtl??r tbau I'. ??'"?, aad
l?ing amiou* for the taWj of h*ra>lf an' cnildrea ??!
twlng in poor health htmeelf Heai-e. any f^raon w? ^caa
aford him aay laformattoo r?epect'ug tt.e u t<i a- tr?aa
him at *>t I oaia, aod oa return of poat be will resit
aa. table rot?p>-aaatioa
fpenwr, aad' llr tree makera. & Marking well, l/>o
Ai* i, euppoeed to be ia or ab?.nt Saw Yi^a Ar.y per*, a
bating knowledge of their wheraaboet" will greatly
ol?l ge a reiMlve ay addreaalag I'r^larc* -peo'er Herald
oAc?, where a letter may be foaod for th- n..
1M 'iRMATIOH WAN fRll -Or i'AU.'l ? M
atoneeatter, by liia eUca, Ana* Marshy, at No 10
Vaa^ewatar etraat, room ia. Wnea laet haatd of, waa
n reieatb aveaue
ftf U >. l a<. s-; m
ijl abwat t dirty (oar year* ?' age, middle be^rbl
foil face, dark wtiabera, heavy board, and of |?*iw
appearance, foe tome tiue paat la the empla; of A.
Par more At Co aa bookkeeper, left hla Una*, el U?pa
aard i treat, r>n We4n?adajr a ght imal ? a'evw. - , *1U
out being beard from alaea He bad aa a bla^? Hit,
black overcoat with velvet collar dark fray paate, aaad
a tout grata leather boot*, rbere 1* every reeaoa to ba
lleea that nan aceldeat Ikae ace a read te bim A ay
lafaematta* from him will be thaatfull/ reeeieed at A I
I'armora A Ca '? laa a4Uo, foot of llabart e'rewt I
JL reeeaUy auaa t a eat of U/l? port, aod tea
aaaed to ho f*om Fenaeyl raaia. aaa bear a- metAia* ke
ibip ATLAN TIC, Gkpt. Jw. Weat, commander. Thii
lehip ?IU depart with the I'm tod Hut?< maila for
Europe, positively on V'ednead^y, Kvb 21, at 12 o'tjock
M., fiuii bar bar la, at the foul of < aual utreet. Kor
freight or paaaage, having unequalled accommodation
for ekgance and comfort, apply to
EDWARD K. OMXINS, 5? Wall .treet.
Paaaenger* are requraU-d to be on board at 1 1 W o'clock
A. M. The ateamabiip Baltic will aucceed tha Atlantic,
?ad tail March 7th. hhlppera plttaM take notice that
tha ahipa of thia llaa cannot carry any gooda contra
band of war.
[ Mail Steamera. ? Tha ahipa ooapoatng Um Una ara
e following ?
AT1-ANTKJ, Capt. Waat BALTIC, Capt Oomatoefc
PACIFIC, Capt. Nye. ADRIATIC, Capt. ..
Theae ahipa bare been built by contract, eipr*aaly for
government aervlce. Every cara haa been taken la tjleii
v'onatmrtixn, aa alao In their engine*, to aniure atrengtk
kud apred, and their accommodation* for paaaengere are
unequalled for elegance and oowfort. i'rice of jiaaaag*
from New York to Liverpool, In flrat cla?a cabin, 1130
M aecond do 176; exclusive uae of extra niae >tate inomt
$326 , f Mim Liverpool to Naw York, 30 and 20 guinea*
An experienced aurgeon attached to each ahip. No bartk
aecurtld nnUl paid lor.
racroNii) mtw or uiura.
now ,ir? york. rtum uvwrou
A'e<liiei.:liiy. i>?c. 2?.. 1AM. Saturday, Her 17....1M4
ArdneMlay, Jan. 10..18.'i4. Saturday, I *>c 30-.. ..1AM
M "(In* -day, Jan. 24..18M. hatur>lay, Jan 13.... 1*6*
W>-(Me. day, Keb 7..1M>5. Saturday , Jan. 27 .... 1HM
KeJWlay, lei,. 21 .. 1H.'?6. Saturday, Keb. 10. . . . MM.
Wemieeday. Uar. 7..1H66. Saturday, Keb. M. ... MM
Kor Ireiglit or iiaa^age apply to
KDW'Ii K. COIJJNs, No. b6 Wall atreet, New York.
KROWN, .-H1PIXY k CO.. luvarpool.
STEPHEN h EN NAM) & CO. , 27 Auatin Friar*, Loodo*
B. (i. WAINW1UCUT k (X)., Pari*
The o?nnra of the** Kblpa will not be accountable fo*
gold, ailver bullion, anee le, jewelry, preoloua atonea oa
uielula, unleea blUa of lading are aigued therefor, aad
Ih* value tbeieof therein expreaaed.
Shipper* pleaae take notice, that the ihlpa of thia Viae
mnoot carry any goo J* coutrataud of war.
Company intend ?ailing their favorite atnamahkpa?
CITY OK MAN? 11KMTER 8,126 tona. .Capt. Wylie.
CITY OK HALTIMOKE, (new). 2, 534 t..n?, .Oapt.
CI1YOK WaUHINUTON, do. 2.7k" u>na . . Capt. it. Ulteh
Saloon MO, $i .. and Ibft, according to atate r.?.in
A limited number of tbird rlaaa paaaengerii will be
taken from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and found ia
ruin Philadelphia >30 | Krom Liverpool Ml
I'artiea wiabing to bring out their friend* can obtain
oerttBcatee of parage, and drafta on IJvarpool, in auma
of ?1 sterling and upward*. Apply to SAMIKL .SMiTII,
Agent, 17 Walnut itreet, i'hiUdelpbla, and No. 7 Biond
way, New York.
Bremen, via Southampton. ? The Catted btalea mail
ateamahip WASHINOToN, K. Cavendy, commander, will
aail lor ilreman, touching at Southampton to lan l the
maila and paaaengere for England and Iran:*, on Satur
day, Keb. fl|| at 12 o'clock, M., from pier No. 37, North
mint or pawvki* twou sew you to aoVTUAHPro.f on
In drat cabin, main aaloon 1134)
In Brat cabin, lowar aaloon 110
In aer.ond cabin dO
An experienced aurgeon ia attached to each ateamer.
? i ? ??II- delivered in Havre or London. All lettera muat
pare through the l'<"t OlBce. Kor |>aaaage or frulght ap
ply to C II. HANI), Agent, 11 South William at
I be ateamer Hermann will auccead the Washington,
and aail March 24.
) direct. ? The aWamahlp AXJ"W will ??il from Havre dl
rect for New York, (without calling at any port la Eog
land.) on Saturday, 2Ath of November. The ra>a of
freight ami paaiage in final ami aaciad cahina will tM
terj Kuxlrrat* l b* aailing of Iba aucceo.lmg ?tanm
wUJ b? abortly announced Tbe rat* of Inauraaoa ?
>>??!?? la Iran by ablpa from Havre direct for New York,
Mian In ablpa railing at aa Kngllnb port. Apply la Havre
and I'aria, 17 Houlevards dta Italtrna, to Ikinald (urrta,
or la New York, to E. CliNiBI), 4 Howling lireen.
? wall and 1'anama? t'aliforalaua arr Informed (by
authority from (ha I'anama Railroad Ootnpanv) that tua
trabait ol tl.e lathmui ?U1 b? ma' I a by railroad, from
U* rati to Ucvan. No mora mule travel ? uo river boating,
tin Turxlay, February ilO, at two o'clock I'. M., trompler
at foot of Warren atrret, North river, will be diapatcned
tbt llret atraaiablp II.I1NOIH, Captain M. J llartataoa,
I H. N., to connect at 1'anama w tli tbe new aad aupe
r.or atramablp JOHN I. HTEl'IIKNri. A apare boat
alwaya kept at l'aaama to pretent detention la nana of
accident. No freight r?celve<l after onu o'clock on lha
?a. ling day. For paa>ag* apply at the Company 'a ulVca,
117 Wrat etrtat, to J. # HaYMONO.
j^l via Nicaragua. Tlie Accraaory rranait Company
01 Nicaragua Proprietor*. 7(K) milaa ahurter than any
atbrr r< ute The aplendid double engin* ? teauah p
NOR'l HKI'.N IJOHT. U, 000 tone burthen, (apt. Tinkle
paugb, will leave I rum pier No. 3 North nver, at .'1
o clock P. 11 , lor I'unta Arrnaa, < n Tuea.lay, February
27, eona*< ting with tbe I'ncle Sain, '4,000 tona burtbro,
avrr lb* Nh-aragua Tranait route, having hut twelve
mill a ot land Iraiiapurtation by drat cla?? oarrlagee.
Nvrral new aud awlft iron ateemboata have lately b?> n
put on 'be river and lake, which ?hor tone the time on
the tranait frsui m ean to ocean. 1 b< ?e atiainera are
unaurpaaod In thrlr vrntlllation and aocouimodatioua.
For inlotmaton or paaaage, apply only to
(HA*. MOROAN, Agent No 5 flowllng Oram
I#ttrr haga ma<le up at tbe offic e l*it*ra'4A cm la per
balf ounca.
; \ ; i t^tea mail. ? Tbe new and eleg mt 'Upper
?hip (jH'Hi.l--, I.V00 tona. f'.r Sydney and Meibo.irur,
now loading at pier No. 7, Ka>t rlvrr, will positively aail
on tbe lat of March. Thla -In p o!T*ri a rare opportunity
for mi-.l.anlra, lalorerf, and iiom*at.c arrvan'.a, daalrng
to nnigraU- to -yduey , wbrrr Immediate employment la
obtained at enortnonaly high ratea of wagea Only $70
required to lie paid teie, and tMi after arrival to be pai l
out of rarnlnga The lieorgra will be followed t.y tbacoia
bale-' '-.Upper ablpa Ocean Ftaed and Nightlnyala Tba for
m -t t<> tail about March 16, ao'l tbe Utter April 15. Ilith
tteae vea>ela, on their ?e. on ! voyage*, having made tba
aboitoat paaaageaon record, the <Keaa -Van a eighty,
n'nr daja, and the Nightingale in aeventy-nve lay* f or
frelybt or pa?**ge apply on board, or to K A'. C.VMK
HON, lift Wall atreet.
|er ve?ae|) with Imineiiate deapatrh A few per
Miai poiaraalng %?*' 0 caab, or g> *?)*, anitabl* to tbe A ia
tiabai. market, 'o double that anr int can invaa'. re
crive A1 arrurl'y, and which will ln?ur? a free cabin
paaaige, with large ?urplua profit llona fi le appi>ca
tioaa a I" i ?? atteni'rd to, alth ronDdanrai. A tdreae, for
one oecfc. t'arainatta, Herald offi e
ikj ew youk ano new ohtjcanh *r> AM?Hirottr
pany.? lor N'?w firlrana. aUippinf at llavaaa ?
Cam lag the I nlttd Hlalet Mall.-? The a'ramablp 'A
HAWBA, H. W. >hiifaldt, toroman Vr. will rommti e
re alvlag frrlgbt on Ma>loe>day, frb 1 1, and aaufor the
above porta on Monday I rh in, at 1^ o'clock, from pier
a' foot I I lira' h atrrrt, North rl>ri f r- igiit for the n
trrior aad for Mobile, >-on>lgor<l to our e<< ill* in New
< t Iran r- , Jainra Connoly A Co., will be forwarded free of
nmnfeakae f'aaaengar* for Havana moat procuro
paaeporta liefore leaving port I'or fmght or p?a?age,
at.ply U) UWtmrON, CtUx HERON * < O , Agenta.
31 liroa<:way
N B ? Tbr UTAf'K WARl'.l'iR, J 0 liuiaock <om
maoder, will aurrrrd the (Ahawha, and aail Friday,
March 10. Hilla of lading maet le writ la for alga.og
i|i? > vrnlng prev.oua to tbe ablp aaillng
J1 paeaengara.
I he faat ?ailing ataamahlp
I NITEIi hTal^
?ill laave hei le-rtb fo<'t of lleaeb etrret, S'orlfa Riv*r,
on Ihuradey. Mar<b 1. at 4 I' M , lor Moinla and Ha
I aaaagr to Mobile aad Havana' "irat rahlo, (AS for j
ward ratlin I HI atrrrage. for i'ret(ht or pa ewg?
apply to IKNAUA I'tJ. VAIJ K. A "I .'a Mroolway, or
01(1 H1ANNARf?,Jr l?4 ?ruat atrrwt
a-i/K MrttMM.k, I > rri'.-IM I'.u A*l?
1^ ihe I lilted rtatra wiull a*eamablp r\'>.
"'.Inarr con.ai?nd?r, will leave pier 1 1 North nve?. om
\w. I,.?tay, jeb 21 at .'i a'rlo ?? f VC otllarr.taia
Norfolk tba n- it aft#ri>'>"a ab<l I'at-ra'.trg aad lUck
iitor d tb' following u.-rn ng Iron Norfolk pa^aeogeva
?or !?.<? - oth pi"-re.l ly railroad direct, wiU, tn-<^i(e
t,' ?r*a 'r?'fn 'A at oa to n ilm!|igt"a Augtaato, Ac i'al
aag* an fare to Her oik , |1, to 1'rter-t/urg aad Miiak
aioail, HO, tte'raaa half pr>e Apt.lv to
U I /I. AM k nJUIUJrn, VI Hroodway,
I H)K. an a>i> n/miOA?mnm ?i*tw
I Kiln Mm Ti ? n-m M4 ?Inaatablp
? I ORtl'A * N W i .wl hull. ? ill .aa?? Raw Yo?? lor
Kotimli "it *?4i ?a4af, F?'>r?iar? il, from p ?r Mo, 4
' < life rm ?? nrlwif M. tt>IU n? tarilaf NfiiH nw
*mat d. I?r fr^nlit ?(?>'? ?? kwH or lit ; aaa a<ra, I#
HAMI ri. I m i1 IIM I. la l?rt>*4vaf. fur riarito,
>l,r.u*h l '<?'? 'r?iu N??r Y??k l? Jarkaonrtlia. II 1a
Plat*., ? *. Tl.? iiifM't lapl ft.- ? l?Mir vlliaw
'?M, iii>I !???? >>t "?!!?'!?;? !?* M.
?~iOK "A > *' R <11 HUM ROX CUI-TIP I s.l- I.
' i t?t?. w. i t. p hi wtaty
IfaH ? a II l>-a?? Int imrtmnah an *0*
a^xlar, >''? il, a?IOo.lu?? A M fara, |Jf i|?f
?ga ?? 7t>? K? ???<??? M?t? will laara K> ? u 1V11I
r u ??<)???<?> Mairh 7 Ararat* a iof* It Yt? V
ViH k 1*U ,VA>, I ? "14 ? U p , abara ?UWo.ata
l? Mf?r*4
I.V.K nun ANI? '>l>fKII?A <KMI WK?jKI.Y
I ? rr.nl I 1*- lit* mil. iWimIiii
MARK'* * Jwatar ar?mawA*f will fe?v* mUf Hn. 4,
S H , ca WMlwwtef, t H" ?? ' J Jl at * a W? I* W ,
pr?' MI7 l<-? afi?I/ '?? i?-a#4, vbora ail Mil*
a' !?' i?r *U| 14 t#a*4, at. far p*a?a?> at Iba a*?a af
h crrijkii, * ?o, *6 ???<!??? Tbr?*?b
MM1 to l i rl-'a aa folltaa- To |tl %n
nitttt, 1^1 T1>? *> aM>*rn?r a,ll ??-?.?.) a? J
last* aa Natiantay tr'mmrp 14
F'<-h ir *r -m vm ray iifunrf,!'.^*
carfft. Navport aa4 Abaiu-bi'ola Yba >'xa
UWKIMI 9 [it mMit rr? ?Lt fa* tka itan porta it
i?? WfiVk 'o?t of Raa?->, -Ira- \ R R aa I tall *? JMb
laat ?111' V f< r ?r* .f?.t .-r pa* ?f? U? af ? j f?fv.t
??ifa<itmt apply VaUtAJ iTaN>a1I), ,r , N? 1*4
I real rtrral.
BflRin AI RAI-hSlj A*D wwn*'i ? MW IT) AM
wi'.i w*t ?? * irtfW IWi. I?l ???*? 4*jr to ? vaat,
?1 TM Hn*4*t> llaf-r 0.ap>i Im H>?* baar* U In J]
A. M , 4 ta A w4 lb 4 I V I !???? ?/ *? !?#?ta/
a?4 ^t'4ii4t; m?|M ) R l-Wfib ur?tw ?j ra
f\ London, ? deairoaa U obtain ad engage bo
ba? beea ?ccu?l?ni?<i In Eogland to th? hookunliug bu
? Ineae, but b?l 00 objection to engage IU any other ba
la of good ?duc?tion, wd >a able to give Ui? be?t of ra
fiTinfti Nk Yvrt or HmIm preferred. Addreea W.
Low, o?re of Manga, Drotber* A Oo., boob aur joanere, la
I ark row.
?treet ; aituationa procured for olarka, contracture
engiaeera, bark?*pera. portera, Ac., Ac. . alee, will acta*
(eneral agrnte for ail builneae traueartloa*.
ROUS A 00.
nection* wiehea to obtain a altuation la a atora, or
onaekeep?r IU a private family; U williag to aBtkw
beraeif uaelul. High relerenre given. AJJreee I. I. I. ,
Herald office.
A i rk. :>rk with kivk or hix yeailh ex
perience in the bin men, aiahee a aituation in a
whuhrale alorr. Han do object ion t<> going Wait A : -
dre?a F. R., 753 Oreenwtch atreet.
and ???'?'. in wa?hiu| and iron tig if ne.-ee*ery
by a neat. tidy, houaet girl, who can give the be.) ???"
refereocea from her l*?t pltoe of service. Apply at 177
W' ?t Twenty Fifth atreet, on Iton'ay .
a altuatiun ae ohllcreu'e maid, or <lo plain ooking
II re<|Uirwd, can I* highly reojmiii?uded, aud ' an be ?e?u
(or <wu ilayo at Hum* atreet, tbird floor, front room,
locate of Kra INN.
Aokntm wanted -hu^onm wishing u> kmi
(rate to " tbe Greet VV??t" can join a company
now lu opiradin a ret act for aaid company, by ? a'i.ug
on, or addreatng, (prepaid,) I.. W I I.I 1A ><-, l.eneral
Ag? nt of " I'biun ^etllrnieat Oo ," 'iV.t Itroadway, N. V.
r\ wee*. A'lo rraa, In own baud writing, b?i 3,1WH
Fo<t Office.
J\ alroua to obtain a altuation aa waiter, in a ( rivals
family Afidreaa I). II. McD., ( nlon ^juare I'oet Office.
JL/ umlei etauria the boaloeea an<) cos bnaat eatlafacUirw
iclereace fr> u> hit laat employera may apvly to <Je?. W.
Ilualeed 3i!' I'll rd avenue A (irrman * lie apaaka * ag
llab well preferred To aeon from 8 to 9 lu tbe uiora
log and from 4 to 10 id tbe evening
Eng'Jeh nly-. lor a < anaiilan houaa. Application*
will he received, to Oil fl?e vacaoclee. by ilea Milloy.
Howard lion I, between 1 and 3 I* M., Mou lay. I'artiea
lately arrltad preleirrl.
j eale grocery bnu?e, an entry clerk, who write* a
rapid, hand Mime hand, and le alao <|ulek and correct at
flguree To a prraon of decided capacity, a fair aalary
will ba glvea. AddreM (poet paid), bo* 3,tb3 I'oet
law capylat, carrying on buoaeei la New York for
the laat alt yeara la deairoue to procure the uae of a
light room (not eicluilvely) from aome reapee table law
flrai, for which he aad hie aaalataata would la return
attead to all tbalr copyiag, at onuaualle low price'
Keftrencea uueiceptiuuabla Apply to Z. at
Anatlce'a, alalloorr, 17 >a>aau atrret
rate agent to eol'ert advertia^aianta for a paper
whirb alreadv anjoya a targe advartialng pa roaage aay
geatieaten of g<Miil ad irr.e, eonfldeace, aad good char
acter would hi' i apabU ol making a rend iar onie A d -
dreaa with real name, bot .'1,6)4 I'oet ClWaa.
IUW <KXM io iti" roTe?a yoi'Nii enuij^ii
woman of grrat eiperi'nce, wlahea to travel with
a lady, aa an attestant or eblhl'a nurae, la aot aukjact
to aea airlaau AUo, a young Kngllab woman wanta a
altuation, aa eeama'reaa or te wait <>a a lady, woald aa.
aiat iu cbamtjerwork both can be blgblj recomaaeadad.
A not.- addrenard to -< W Ctiatkam aquara I'oet
Office, will meet with alteiitloo.
| TT "he rihboa J'partmeat. I^ird A Taylor, < I rand
Vt cart aud work in a hakerv , oao who baa had aawM
eipenenre at both, aud 'an 'aka caro of a barao, pr?
terred. Addre*a Willi referenca, Maker, bot I'M llerald
Vf and m yaere of age In aa laiportlof, eamiolaaloB
or a?*rcbaal'a office halary aot ao much aa ohjoct aa
a permanent altuat.un Heat if city rwferencea glvea
Mcailty if required Heaae addreea Y Z , Poet (Mice
T? tome'l to attend lo a Aral claaa (aa y dry gaoda,
mllllaaiy, laca or cloak eatabllabmaal, wantad in go V?
Nia Orleaua to attend in the ab iw ruoaia of a mllTce^
aad cloak bouae Apply, Iroui 0 to 10 A. M and fron 4
to bp. M., at Walker A Karly'a, 1& I'aik place.
to cook, hake, and to taao charge of a ki'.chen, ur
would bo w tiling to conk, waah and Iron Apply at at#
1 rlaee atrret, in the baa<m< nt
atloo at in ?i|#rl*(ni) (oolcooa alto a fool
bakar, ??? n?ka Jalll??, l/l?i. ni tit?. tol ira > r?atii u ?
objection to ataitt In ?a?Mnj an<l row 04 it raoti,ra<l
city ralaitnt-a *'?to Plaaaa all a'. Na ** Waa'.
Vi|bt?>Dtb alrtal, U>t*wu fn'b ao'l Hatmth kitnuii
bit ;(iu?( * oBiftn, M rbarnbarmall at. I !<un
or Itair ?t?'1 U tally rompataa*. ta
till aitbtr altuatl'in < 41) (i t u|> ?ll Sot n??h
I lti( )? tlif n'aUat t.flr, it aill.tt* sod ?hll(iO( aB'1 'aa
(lit i>tt> rlly r?(trfn'?. In U "~n tor Ituilt;),
'/I# putilli irtnut, i.?ar ftintj aaarntb atraat a tba
| ttora.
V\ tontf alt I In a ptivata faiaCy, aa It ju lrttt m l
I tnl (aaiatao' fliambartitam, an" It alllmf t? maba bar
t?lf **a?rally utafgl . ? an ).r>4ura tba baal of ??!*. r r?
f?r?n<* liaaaacaU a*. I?l fcat TliirVaanah tiraa , fro ni
MM, t btr I II IM [< r ? ', r t ' lt/?
I ?l'ANTbn-4 HlTI*TI??# HV A HTKAI'Y, K A I T II -
V? r u 1 wnmiB, ?;?'? It ? a rr?fraa?4 taob at 1 bat t r
j un<>rtlan<ta all blB'la of a o'a llonarjr. paatnaa, '.a? af
had f?urt*rn ;>in' ripariaat-a la noit ratia tabla fa
lull *t la ala" a lint ra'a bouaabatpar Oat*'. If
ant-i- fi?a?t lian Ita a?an 'IBM/ aultatl at *B II!aa< kar
I atraat
Y|-ASn.f * I.IKI T?l l*? f.KNMtAI II PWliHK
i ff a Hf-' tat' oak, a at bat ar?<l rooar A rr?t?lati
I prtfarr^l .Nora bta-1 apply ualaaa m,Ui tba baat of Tjr
r?l?in a, at 1 7W *aT?rl?jr | ?f Bataaaa lUu. ran i tn l
| hir/iUHtt _
?run viauM, Mb
1>u~ TAIUIR- wan run. an KXilMBfCZD CoibT
rutlar. "1 to Vi alml Cttt4t A|p'y M
ItaaafVM, at tbaRain'o* II,'. I I Uaa a. an f.faal, fruia 4
taRo'tiucb aaary aranltif
/E?0 IHtXrikKH WAN I Hi, A (.\4l'4lU> TWO THIRD
'J baal vail ar<|ua4?IMl * lb ' ?patltito, at?-l 1a 1 1
rout to parfart nla?alf n oU.ar brae baa af tba r? l?
apply lairn* ?: abal/ at tba ol t ?f t?>a flaaUa Itlan4*>.
1'lt|>l't?t, I*. I.
A ?>( ? fablitbn *?t aa ib'.?ltay, a Irat lata r attar,
ra|atla nf '.abiag tba tatira baria uf tba aatttaf 4at?rt
witt. 1u oa* f'-*'"'"* t?n<a <aplta< a?l a bunaata
raaaacti?B ablcb mtf b? itl.al aa. aa fl>tn a^' ro ar
raagaatant traabl b* IT t'J ? All t'/attbuBl^BlkiHta ? il la
tapt ttrull/ >M i.-ria w.ll V- ra-a a>t aB
Uaa ar9?aapaa><l aim >aal aat? aa4 rat.4aara adlrataafl
I u A , HaraW ???
rpiv ami fvmn wrm wamtti -otr vtio hn
1 - ? la tftaa* I. ibint tellart 'aab
rapllal, aal aauMt laba aa iBtaraat n a aall aalabl afca I
iwt fitdallt run, Ub aa4 baitati* baataan . a 'ha
twarat af tba r'ata AM rata bat CV f ?al
yaart hi i(t ? nBiarrWt, to 'at* 'barn > (onat ra
tn4 l?o b'<rt?t 'ft, I ar lalau-l, tbrw attbaa ffatr tAaa
ftrry H? m<it? u a I t^-attan tn-1 aall ta ..?.<?at al
A | ply at 14; MutA lUttl a??r *ba blarttn. lb * tLap.
r (NIU4WKR, ?C.
I.vm *Al? 4 ?IU?t HIJIWK. -I* ykari '/fx,
? at'aa ? t a4 tal |aatla. aa, a 14a far aay ?it-1
t'f b'it r,?at alto, a lap *a?oa aa4 bataaa* aaar 7 aa
lultakU far fi'r??r? nr atpraaB. lb 111 V aubl ttfttbtf
?taapara't laiulia at Ma IktaHta; ?aat?4Bl
],tn? (AU -OKtlB'MIt II * Nil ftir WaMiN, njfB
ao top ?>a?f/, I t*a| t?<-a aaf . aa 1 '/aa -?<,'V<*r a
I f tla?,r ?aa wa 'aa taat pbtubM ? aa aaa artra ta
tb mar ta^ aaf'M a?1 a?a> tat fi b-p b i*rr a >
-f ab >b a il ba toll ahaap App-y at Ilka Utary t labia
M Wtal fa.aty tbir airaat
L'OK AIJ A ijlill* WAl.K.N - ? IJtr ANfi >UK
a?>? ?:i liprii'l ,? !tt a,U U a> 1 'baap '"r
? ant af BM l?a . ta at b'i M<i k O ITtftH /ataat
alap .M, 1M it I H<l Nta'b ilraat. bat a aaa a aaa aaa
< aa4 I t
aay ffni It to H baa!* blfb, f.rllab 4rlaara at 4
faat Aay '/aa ba?laj tba a - aa for tala -aa liat a naafe
rattaaaar by aMia a< A B , l?l II* faat 'tAaa
laa'#ipn< a. prV? A'
Sbjr K)*t - ?| i tinr??Rnu namf. 'ir
J,*) tba a>b" otar, a?4 I *t? aa b^ar-1 , Utat aaa
bBBa^aptl- t't, ?a tapaay a tb tba aibntta 'Vaa
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