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blamed, or how the ?t'1 can be amended They are ia a
motxl to be angry with everything and everybody. They
rail at tbs Peelltee a* the mala cause of the mischief,
tbev rail at tba liberal* who bar* stuck by them, for
landing thtm countenance; tbey rail at l.orii John Rus
Mil, both for adhering so long to hi* ex-colleagues and
Cor lea nog tham. It la t?k?j to ?aj that all this ia vary
unreasonable; it ia not t^ie Una dangerous on that ac
count. But it ia not altogether unreaMinable. It ia the
natural temper of a nation suddenly awakened to the
consciousness that those whom it trusted with tha con
duct of ita affairs have led it into a position or extreme
peril, and unable at th* moment to discover any means
of ex^cating itself from the danger. It ia exactly the
mood in wbilh a people is in dauger of being betrayed
into ra?h and destructive cotir-.es, un'esa it can Had
clear sighted and fearless l?-ac'era.
nuaalnii Advance In Inilln.
fbe rorreapondent of the London Tmrt, writing froui
lloinbay on the lrtth of January, says; ? I have already
alluded to the probability of Persia 'be-omin; the para
mount power in Afghanistan on the death of Dost Ma
homed, and there are two other directions besides Can
.iahar in which she ia r-pidly extending her frontier.
A battle liaa beeu fought at Bunder Abbas between
the Arabs and the PersNna in whish the latter were
successful. A Persian force of 12, (HK) horsemen, with
?ia guns and two mortars, appeared before llunder Ab
liasln the btgiDuiog of Heceiuoer, and shelled the place
for two davs and nights; on the third d?y the garrison,
( onsisting'of 1,700 men, met the Persians at the gate*,
and aa engagement took place, which lasted for several
nours Hie Arab force, overpowered by numbers, took
to their boats and lied to the man-of-war belonging to
tha Imaum of Muscat The Arabs loat in killed and
wounded about 1,400, while the Persians lost about
4,000. The Arabs were commanded by the oldest son
of the Imanm. Ha is determined to hazard another
battle before giving up Hunder Abbas to tba Persians
The Imaum is said to he mustering a large force, which
ha will command in persoa: so that we may shortly ex
pect to hear of another engagement.
TTie ownership of Bunder Abbas cannot at all alloc t
British interests, but with toe probability before us of
tha Shah becoming the paramount power along the
whole extent of our InJus frontier, from Mekran to Pe
diawur, it is unque.-t'onably our policy ti do all in our
[lower to prevent Ru?sisn iutluence from* becoming para
mount in Perria, for if the Kuss.iitis were established in
Turkistan, Persia woulJ be merely a Russian satrapy.
Sir Char lea Xa|?ler and Admiral Berkeley.
lmcHUROtrv Hall. Horndean, Feb. 11.
Sir:? I have been very much surprised at Admiral
Herkelel.'s reply to your question.
I do not intend to bandy words with tlie gallant Ad
miral, but I beg 'o tell you, when the papers? which I
hope will be asked for? aru produced, it will be seen that
1 was goaded to act conttary to my own judgment? that
I was censured? an'i Anally dismissed my command.
I have the lionorto remain, Sir, your obeiient servant,
? Craufurd, Esq , M. P. CBARLE3 N API KB.
COONT catouk's 8PKKCU.
[Turia (Feb. 8) Correspondence of Londou Times ]
It is not probable that the Sardinian contingent will
embark for the seat o war before the middle, or perhaps
end of next month, but General La Marmora, who is to !
command it, will proceed to Paris and London imme- .
diately after the treaty has beeu ratitled, to take counsnl
with the military authorities there as to the measures
most advisable with regard to its destinatioa, the I
amount of particular arms, aud other minor details.
According to the terms of the convention, it will amount |
to 15,000 men No positive distribution of this force
lias yet been made, nor can it be, until the peculiar cir i
cumi'.ances oi where and witli what troops it is to act
have been definitively arranged; but it may be supposed
there will be 10,000 or 12, W0 infantry, from l,Ot.O to
'J, 000 cavalry, about 000 artillerymen, a company or two |
ol sappers and minners, if required, mid a strong force i
of wagon train and ambulance corps, which they possess I
in a very efficient state.
The Pope's mnnitorio has not yet obtained so much j
notice as it destrvts. which is cnieBy to be accounted
for by the pre- occupation of the public mind on otUor
matters. Tne King, however, is Maid to leel accutelv tbs
want of consider.it iou towards h'tn-ielf in publishing
such a document in his kingdom ut t tie moment when
be was oppressed by heavy domestic afllictions; ani the
? ? .? nment has given instructions to ull magistrates I
and law officers ot the crown that they are t> take no
tice of the reading from the pulpit or preaching on the \
ntonitario. as bringing priests within the meaniog of the i
act passed : ut so-sion for the modiilcation of the penal
A new IojQ from the house of Rothsch'ld is said to
have been oontrae'ed by the Roman government for that I
apparently unattainable object, the withdrawing of the
paper cuirency. It ia certain that firm has advaoaed j
money to the ''Banc a Pontitica.' It may be iut'erred i
from this that the elderly ladies ot Belgium, who grasp
so eagerly anu devoutly at Honian "coupons," ate equal j
I y anxious to tnpport the credit of tne Pontiles! Bank,
and that the great Hebrew, finding such to be the case,
has, as usual, aisintereste Uy allowed them to have all j
that was at his disposal. |
The discussion on t be treaty of alliance between Par- |
dinia and the Western Powers terminated by the adoption
of the treat/, by lol votes again" 00
Count Carour, the Minister of Foreign AlViirs, made a
vary remarkable speech on the Otli of February. He
stated that towards the end of November, instructions
were sent to Mr. Hudson, the English Envoy at Turin, by
the English government, to sound the Sardinian govern
ment as to whether it would adhere to tha treaty of the
loth of April, or plact 'a body of troops at its disposal.
By -ome accident these instructions were delayed on the
toad, having gone fir?t to Marseilles, then to other parts
of Italy, and aid not reach Turin till the 12th of Decem
ber. At the same time official despatches were received
from the governments of Kbgland and Trance, instruct
ing their respective ambassadors formally to invite tbe
King of .Sardinia to ndhere to the treaty. The govern
ment replied that it never would have consented to place
a body of troops at tbe disposal of England, but tbat it
was inclined to treat for adhering to tbe treaty of April.
This led to the military and financial convention actually
uriitr ciscussion.
Yvtkotr and the London Time*.
[Erom the London Athena uui, Feb. 10. |
The following is fiom a correspondent: ?
'? ? hen the Timet llie other day cast such solemn dls
r.re Jit oq the poaaibility of any persuu, such as the M.
WUcofl', of ita ' NlchofT ' mystery, having figaied an a
contributor to any journ?l of repute. such prateet can
only hare been registered on the writer'* own abort me
mory. Ia 1848-60 thir peracn vim an avowed and fre
?liient contribator to La Vrtttr. in Paris; and in a num
l>w ol the Spectator of January, will bo foun 1 an
elaborate English panegyric on the Wikofl letters there
printed. V. Y."
Halifax, March 1, 1866.
The ii/ai itaII steanikhip Canada Captain Stone, ar
rived a*. CtU port, en rout? for 1'oaton, at one o'clock j
thli inoiu on bin- left Liverpool on .Niturday, the litii
ult mo, her ad \ ices are consequently three days later
thta those irrelred in New York this morning by the '
tit Itu'a
Tfce ( ma. a lepoiti, Feb. 21, in latitude 15. longitude
-7 ?C', exchti nged signals with a large American steamer
stce* rig ej-tiw.ird, and on Eeb. 10, a hundred miles east
of Cape ( ir, pa?s?d the American ship I'hiladelph'a,
boiiud e?>t
From t'jr >ent of war there ii little or no additional
newsul importance, the state ol affair* leuiaining pre
cisely the same at laat reported.
The Peace Conference was to open at Vienna on the
26th ol Kebruary.
Lord John Russell has already left lAindou for the
Austrian cup.t ?l, toassume the ortke of Plenipotentiary
Horn the Br tl-b government in the conference.
The Western alliance has been further strengthened. ;
hy the icc'ssion of the kingdom of Naples to its rank*.
Mr. F rederick I'eel has been appointed I'nder Secretary
of War, and Sir Kranrls Raring, Chancellor ol the Duchy
ol l?tir aster.
Much distress eli*trd at Liverpool from lack of em
plojiueat, about fifteen thousand persons being thrown
out of work from the dullness of trade and the severity
ol the weather. Some five thousand of these are un
employed from the non-arrival of American shipping
Measr*. Keen. Rippln k Co., warehousemen, l<ondon,
and Messrs Kirl At fumes*, Liverpool have failed.
High easterly wind* still prevailed oil the Engliah
-a the government s.-amers Esk and Kimoutb
of the Channel to relieve in
- weather pre
Ruasaoa mule a sortie on the lit ud 2d, but were re
pulsed by the French voltigeurs.
I'rHKt AEv 0. ? Nothing of importance llriaf kept up
briakly oa both aides.
FtMRCARY H. ? MennchikoiT briefly telegraph i that the
general situation ia unchanged.
The Vienna Prttte says that the English are retiring
from the tiege line* and are, with the French Guard, to
form a reserve at BaUklava.
General Neil, who arrived at the camp on the 27th of
January, baa reported to the Emperor that the aituation
of the French army ia, on the whole, good, and that of
the British not quite so had as reported.
The loug talked of important change in the French ar
my in the Crimea ia now aon <unced. The army will be
divided into two corpt Warn s, one given to Gen I'elit
?er, and the other to Gen. Bosquet, virtually rendering
Gen. Canrobert a mere cipher.
The rumor ia that l?ord lta><liin and the Karl of Lu?an
will shortly return fioin the Crimea. The olrcumstanccs
why are not atated.
The Alvniteur aays that Omar Pacha woul.l embark
from Vurna on the 6th. accom.>itiiei by CuloaoU Dieu
and Simmons, for tlio Cr- me . .
Tut: Baltic.
Admiral Pundns ha-> been nppointed to the chief com
mand of the Baltic fleet, Admiral Seymour second, and
Admiral Baynea third.
The Swiss federul government preserves its ueutrility,
ami continues to forbid enlistment for foreign service.
Prussia sends a circular to her diplomatic agent, indi
cating that the entire Prussian army will be tin madia te
ly mnde really for the field.
In Austria warlike preparations continue with una
batcd energy, and briefly all Kurope is ia arms.
All five Powers have formally signified their inteation
to coufer. The Congress has been postponed from the
10th to meet again at Vienua on tin 2Gtb. Lord John
Ku*sell represents Sreat Britain; M De Ifourquelley. or
perhaps a special Minister, France; Count Buol, Austria,
Ki/.a licy, Turkey.
Gortnchakofl', aaaisted by Mr. TitolT, to bs ex-Minister
to Constantinople.
It is reported that Prussia will be allowed a teat at the
board, an 1 that the business will be limited to offering
GortschakotT a categorical yes or no.
Count W'edell, the Prussian Envoy to France, remains
in Paris, hia mission being unaccomplished . Ilia secre
tary has returned to Berlin for further instructions. The
opinion prtva'ls that no IcrmB can be come to between
Prussia and the Western Powers, hut that Prussia will
be leltto neutrality and its const qucuces.
Count Fsterliazy, the Austriaa Minister, has returned
to hia place In Berlin. His return has caused a rise in
the funds.
Negotiations are on foot foT an Austriin loan of fifteen
millions in the English market.
The Kmperor Nicholas has issued an ukase calling the
whole population of Russia to arms. This ia remarked
as a menace in reply to the appointment of Lord Palmer
ston as liead of the English government.
It was announced by the last steamer that the Russian
troops on the Austrian frontier were suddenly ordered
to retire into the interior. This movement is explained
either as a political move in support of Russiu'.i asser
tions that Austria is cot menaced, or at a strategic
move to take up a stronger position. In eitaer case it ia
An important statement is made that Naples has
.joined the Western alliance, and will send, besides a
Ueet, a land force equal to that of Sardinia, to the Cri
mea The guarantee of France to prevent a revolution
in Itily has brought Naples to join the alliance.
Count OrloiT, the Russ'au Minister, and 'Staff, have
left Naples ami retired to Caseafra.
The Belgian journals announce that Tuscaov, Parma
:ind Muiloan. have joined the Western alliance, "with one
thousand men each. This is probably meant as ironical.
It is rumored that Spain will likewise join the alliance,
with the view to have the influence of the French
against any insurrection that may take place It ia also
reported that Portugal will join it with 12,000 men.
This is rather doubtful, however. All that can he said
is that thu Western Powers are seeking to unite all the
i eccDdiry States la a general fcuroiiPan league against
Russia, and that they are making steady progress to
wards that end.
Sweden continues her military preparation*. Molt of
the smaller German States have their armies nearly com
Rights or Nentrab.
The folloviug is from Warsaw:? The treaty concluded
between Bussia and tn? United States relative to the
con.mt rco of neutrals, is published . The treaty is left
open for the adhesion of other States.
TV Turkish government is about to issue tiro millions
sterling bonds st teu per cent. A fir* broke out in the
Arsenal at Constantinople, but wm extinguished without
do.ng much damage. Old Chosiery Pasha in dead.
C?irat Britain.
The Britihh army estimates for the current year have
been published. The total number of men in tue British
army, including foreign auxiliaries, ami excluding India,
in put down hi 104,000 men. The expanse* have beeu
?13,600,000 stei ling. East year they were only seven
millions sterling. The proposed increase of force in
36,000 men. A new department of the army ii to be en
rcileil tor Idu'I transport eervlce. 'llie enlistment to lie
for five _voar?, ami the pay good.
Tbe British government have concluded a large con
tract for provisions at llanUic, at high prices.
The sL:p Abeona, at 1 Iverpool, report!: ? Sept. 1th,
paw a sea serpent one hundred and eighty-six feet long,
in lat. 38 deg. South.
Parliament reassembled on tbe everlng of Friday, the
16th ultimo. l ord I'almerstou explained tiie circum
stances attending his coming into power, but the la:ts
weie alrrmiy known.
The French funds were considerably depressed by a
wilu rumor that the Emperor would immediately depart
for the Crimen, leaving the Empress regent. Most pro
bably he will command the array ot the Rhine, ihould
war be declared against Prussia
Engineers are surveying tbe grounds for a camp for
HO, 000 men, near Metz. Apartments at Nancy are
being prepared for the reception of the Emperor
Tbe French police have placed all Spanish Carlist re
fugees in France under surveillance.
It is rumored that Prince fiapoleon is about to be
married to the Princess of Wurtomberg.
Count l'olignac is dead.
Forty-seven bales of Algerian cotton, resembling Sea
Island, were sold at auction at Havre, at two francs
thirty seven centims to four francs, fifty. ,
The Conc'e de Montemolin has written, recommending
the Carlists to defer Insurrection until the Kspartero
government shall be quite rotten.
The afUir of Mr. Phillip*, an American citi/en. arrested
for Mar/ini, is settled by the payment of $2, <100. and the
Chief of l olice at the Bastile has beeu reprimanded.
Commercial Affair*.
Hell's circular reports that the market continued
active, and pri es generally improved.
United :-tat?s Six per Cent Bonds of tSi.'J .... ;i8 a ;??
Uo. do. 1868 10 ?j a Hi 7
Inscribed Itock 105 a Kit)
Pennsylvania bonds, HO a 82
Pennsylvania Fives 7H a 80
Ifaweach i setts Sterling Bonds 102 a 103
Maryland Bonds Wit P2 'J
Alabama Fives Merling 83 a 84
\ lrginia sn per Cent llonds H6 a 87
Virginia Fives Sterling 85 a 86
Eiie First Mortgage 101 a ?
Eric Third Mortgage 78 a 80
Erie Convertibles ?8 a 70
Erie Income Bond* "4 a 76
The whole of the Illinois bonds of I860 were taken.
Me?srs. Brown, Shipley Ac Co., report market dull with
a turn in favor of buyers, yet tbe trade decline to pur
chase bey on 1 immediate wants. The easterl? wind pre
vents arrivals, oniy 6,000 bales beng the import of the
week. Sales tor the week .>6,320 bales including 1,700
lor export, and > .0 bales on speculation. Ma Friday, the
sales were 6.000 bales, market tame anil unchanged, and
?imitations as follows, but those can only be realised for
small lots. Fair New Orleans, 5),d. ; middling, 6 l;d. ;
fair Mobile, i>)(d. ; middling, fid. fair Uplands. 5 VI. ,
middling., 4 15-lbd' stock 3.8, u00 bales, including li?7,t.00
I The market continues very <|tuet with prices slightly
| in favor ol buyers. Wheat anil flour rather tend down
I wards. Corn less so. Messrs. Brown, Shipley k Co.,
| quote Western canal Hour, (old,) 41s tic. a Vis. 6.1. ,
; new ,17s. a 40s. i d. : Philadelphia and Baltimore, 44s. a
' 44s . 6d. : Oh o, 44s. a 45s. White wheat, lis. t>d. a 12s.
>"s. fid. a lis. id. White corn, 43s. a 44s. ,
' ' "Ilxel, 42s. gd.'a43s. J
-?? wheat and flour of
eef con
i. Pork
, met a
at 44s.
; sales
and My, Dr Do* linn. Mr Agara and lady. Vtltir Redout,
Rev Mr Bartholomew, Mrs Ksid. Mr Ur>r tad Itt) . Mn
Riobarde, Mi?? Schwiit, ("art Morrison Meuri I'ooka. I'la
monaeh. Ambler, Major, Houghton, johuaon. Stauburch,
MoKtan, Daune. Eteraber^-. Eadon. Ratlin, Scully Earle,
Brough, McCucay. Pollen, jluanda, Wilaon, Plai, llavlei,
Hull, Held, Hudson. McDonald. Barring, Taylor, Chad
bourn*, Maynard. l'cr*iia.in, Uat.orne, Moroson, Smith,
Tayar, Cramier, Hicke> . Leneker*. Miller, Clayton Hayton.
Cbarney, Turner. Jenkins, Hall, I'hiltlpa, t'roft, Illackwood,
Bacon, l.awton, Rhodes, sandcrs, Muokligohn, Solon Flau
uigan, Harding. Guiinej , Harass Shaw, Hamilton, Fer,-u
?on. Anthony, l'ow all. Mitchell, Claaton Eager
Shipping Intelligence.
. ^rr?.fr"m?N:a" York Fei. 12 Jas Foater, it. ISth Emerald
l'l'i Want Point, at Liverpool; Hermann, at Southampton;
lflth Sir Koborl 1'cel, at D?al. r
Arrfrom Hoaton Feb 14 King Philip at Portsmouth.
An from Cbarleaton Fob 7 l.ueinda Sears, at Barcelona.
An from Savannah Feb 16 "Ellen," at Liverpool
Arrfrom Mobile Feb t San Muiul. at Barcelona
Arr from NOrleana Feb 8 "Oro linbo." at Genoa: 10th M
Khnhalll, at Marssillea.
SldforNew York Feb 15 ship Thornton, from Liverpool.
Sid *or NewOrleana Feb 14 slip Belt Hock and Neptune;
16tli Tirrel; 17tb S Scraolon; j(p?ui'?r, fur Ne? Vork? all
from Liverpool) 16th I.ady Westmoreland Liverpool.
lnlert sting Debute in the Assembly.
Ac., <ko., dec.
Albasy, March 1, 1855.
For amending the la?r of 1861 relative to the reipoasi
bility of stockholders iu banks.
Adversely to the bill allowing town subscriptions to
tlie Albany and Susquehanna Kailroad.
To incorporate the Merchants' Flag Signal Company.
Allowing parties in civil suit* to ba witnesses for them
The bill relative to the swords of Gen. Worth, was re
ferred to the Finance Committee.
To prevent b*nks loaning money on their stuck.
The Bamliardt claim bill was passed. Also the Panama
Kailroad bill.
The Committee of the Whole passed bills ceding the
jurisdiction of lands to the United states for lighthouse
purposes; also a bill to amend the act deQning the re
sponsibility of stockholders in banking associations and
corporations The bill was tmbsequeutl/ re?<l and
Tlie bill for the Assembly to secure the exhibition of
the swords of the late Major ('.en. Worth, coming up.
Mr. Robkstson asked consent that the Senate consider
tue bill in Committee of the Wbole at this time.
Messrs. Hopkins and Yost objected.
Mr. Bishop, of a bill to facilitate the acknowledgment
ol conveyances of real e-tate and other instruments.
Mr. Sl'KNCKR, of a bill to prevent hauls fiurn lending
money or discounting on their own stock*.
Al.iiA.VY, Ma roll 1, 1850.
The bill authorizing a special town meeting in Smith
field, Kithmond count/, wad passed.
Mr. Colkman moved that the House resolve Itself into
Committee of the Whole, on the bill to increase the
capital stock of the Manhattan Gas Company.
Mr. O'Kkekk? Mr Speaker, I hope this motion will not
prevail. 1 lie bill is the most infamous that has been
brought beloiu this Legislature.
Mr. 1'fcTXY ? I call the gentleman to order.
Mr. O'KKfcHh ? Insajiug thiH I ilo not me in to reflect 1
upjn any of tbe New \urk members who have introduc- 1
e-i uud advocated tbe measure. Hut 1 do say that it is
of vital interest to the citizens of Mew York ? thst it af
fect.-; the very life's blood of their prosperity, and should
not be acted upon iu Indecent haste.
The Spkakkr ? The gentleman from New York is out of
order; the motion is not debateuble.
Mr. O'Khkk ? Thin 1 inove to lay the motion on tbe ?
Mr. O'Kkkkk? 1 now ask, Mr. Speaker, if the motion of I
my colleague (Mr. Coleman) is in order ut this time'/ It
t?l.es the bill out of its regultr order, and makes it su
persede other bills of us much importance as the inter
ests of a giunt corpoiatiou. 1 ma lie that paint of oner.
The Si'kakkr ? 1'E.e point of order is not well taken.
Mr. tX)u:MAS? Mr. ^peul.er, as I made the motion to
go into CommitUe of the Whole on this biU, I suppose it
lsluonltr for roe to say a lew words in explanation.
Ihe bill in necessary lor tne safety and convenience or a 1
large number of Clttxen* in an important part of the city. J
I The municipal government has requested the Manhattan
(las Light Company to lav down their pipes in the up '
per part of the city, now iu darkness. In order to enable ,
them to do so, it is necessary that this bill should be j
paired. The light is needed ns much by private indivi- |
duuis for tlieir own convenience add comfort, as by the I
city authoritie s for the proper protection of the public, 1
and I or the ellicient carrying out of the muoicipal regu
lations It is for these reasons that I move to take up
the bt'l now iu Committee of the Whole.
Mr O'Knn ? I want the Houae to know, Mr. Speaker,
tl.at if this bill is taken up now, it takes precudence of
other and more Important bills which have been report- i
ed for six weeks, wnile this has been reported but one
week. Why air, should tbe interests of a rich monopoly
be sutl'-red to Kiipeisede ?
Mi . Blatchford? I call the gentleman to order. The
motion is not debatable, and if he makes a speech 1
shall claim the privilege to reply.
Mr O'Kkxfb ? Well, Mr. Speaker, I will take my seat,
although 1 should like to make a few remarks, even ]
though tbe honorable gentleman should reply thereto.
I must first, however, move to indefinitely postpone the
The motion to go into Committee of tho Whole was
then earned, and alter the reading of the bill, Mr. linker,
of Montgomery, in the chair,
Mr. MAGtmtE moved to amend by reducing the price to
be charged tor gas to two dollars per thousand cubic foet.
Mr. Hi.at<iim>ki> hojeo the mo;ion would nut prevail.
The gas could not now be furnished at two dollars, and
ibe amendment would virtually kill the bill. It was tbe >
interest of the company to tuinish their gas at as loq^t
price as pirns ib e. They had always evinced a disposition '
to do so. and would not attempt now to keep up the
raws beyoLd a fair and equitable profit.
Mr. * ATI- him ny ? I hope, sir, the amendment will pre
vail. I ask what the Manhattan Gas Company's shares
?re now >e,ling at' It is a huge monopoly, and under
the snug little airaugement now proposed, the company
will realize some $3UU,000. The gas company, it is well
known, subject tbe pen-one who use tlieir gas, to any
rules they choose to lay down, and the public should be
protected against imposition as far as possible. I hope
the motion to reduce the price will prevail.
Mr. Maui ins stated that he had nad a conversation
with the I'recident of the Company, who expressed a |
desire to ImnNh the pa bill witu gas at as cheap a price {
as possible. He (Mr. M ) thought It could be furnished
at $2 per thousand leet. He contended that tbe resi
dents of New York pay one hundred per cent more for
gas lhau they ought tu pay.
Mr. Cocks moved to amend the amendment by adding
fifty cents ? making the price $2 60.
Mr. A. G. Williams. ? I hope the motion will not pre- |
vail. Ihe sole ooject of the bill is to enable the com
psnv to furnish the upper part of the city witti gts. Thf
cnuipauT, of their own free will, have already reduccd
the price from >4 50 to $3. They have never raised tbe
price, although the cost of all articles used in the manu
facture ill gas has greatly increased. l'he company will,
I have full confidence, reduce the price still lower, as
soon us the reduction is practicable The object of tbe
company is to he enabled to extend '.heir pipes through
the upper part of the city, whore ihey are needed for
the comfort of the inhabitants, as well ak for tbs muni
cipsl regulations of tho city, fie hoped neither amend
ment would prevail.
Mr. Watkkbcry said the object was to shut out the
formation of sny other company. This ompany had ill
ways been a huge monopoly, and wished to continue so.
The bill would, he repeated, put $300, (tOO in tbe pockets
of the company.
Mr. Aitkkn said that every person knows gas can be
made for fifty ceDts jier thousand cubic ieet. But it
?lust be of an inferior quality, i.oo.l gas cannot be i
furnished under the price at which it is now supplied by
the company Their charges will always be as low as
possible, for it is to their interest to reduce the cost in
order to extend their business, ami compete with the
other means of lighting houses, now in use.
Mr. Waokr opposed the bill altogether, but if it was to
pars, he should favor the amendment, putting the price 1
of gas at $2.
Mr. Column said that the matter did nut appear to
be correctly understoid. The Manhattan lias l.tgbt Co.
could furnish gas from their bolder at >1 25, and
would be glad to do so. But It must be borae in miud
I that they have lTu miles rf pipe, and the leakage In tha',
distance materially increa'es the cost. They now furnish
the corporation lights at >1 TO.
Mr. Km a mx was opposed to the bill because he consi
dered it a monopoly, and had no faith in the liberality
cr promises of corpciation*.
Mr. Watkhih rt said, the iiuMtion as to whether the
company could allord gas at less than t'i was best uiet
by the fact that the shares of the company were selling
now in Wall strsst, at $130. Pharos did not fetch in
these dayssnch a price, unless the busine** was unusu
' ally profitable. He should like to hear a reply to the
charge that tbe company make out bills for gas thit has
| never been consumed, and then deprive a citizen of lign
tbe moment he okjects to the imposition.
Mr. A. G. Wiujams argued to show that the Gas
Company was no monopoly, and that ft had been of in
finite benefit to tbe public lie ateo showed that the
bill could not create a monopoly now, as it remained
with the Common Council of the city to say whether
I other companies might lay down pipes a ong the same
' streets. It was necessary for the ?aiety of the public of
the upper part of the city that the streets should be
lighted by gas, and only by th* passage of this bill could
that be done.
After further remarks from several member*.
Mr. VAont said, that for the parpose of introducing
resolution catling upon tbe company to furnish, un
- oath, a statement as to tbe capital of the associa
l, the price they charge for gas. their receipts, ex
h?s, Kc. ; he would now ranve that when the commit
ise it report progress on this bill.
? motion was carried by aye* iS, noee U.
P?ttt introduced the following bill to define
-ulate the naturalization power* of tbe courts of
No court of this flat*, except the Sapreme
?all take cofniranr* of the petition of any alien
e nst u'sl'-ed as a citizen of the I'nited States
No clerk i f env court of this 8**t*. *tc?pt th*
Clark of the iuprfmi Court, shall record or place on fit*
in bU office the declaration of any alien of ni? intention
to become a citizen of the United State*, nor shall any
such clerk administer the oaths required by any act* of
Congress to be mare by such alien at the time of ma
king declaration as aforesaid: provided that nothing in
this act shall be so construed a. to prevent anv clerk
from famishing certified copies of any inch declaration
which may hare been made and filed previous to thU act
taking effect.
tec. 3. Any clerk of any court *>f this State, except
the Clerk of the Supreme Court, who shall violate any of
the provisions of this act, shall be deemed guilty of a
mlactemesnor, and pay a fine of no*, exceeding two hun
dred uurt lifty dollars for every such offence, to and lor the
use of the State, to be recovered by indictment before
any court competent to try the same.
Mr. Llttlrjobn and the Office of Harbor
Nkw Vork, Feb. 28, 1855.
In your issue of the Hkkild of last Friday, your Al
bany correspondent " Dal ton" mit ices the prevalence of
a runiT? without much qualification ? that I was on
the "slate" for Harbor Master. He baa been informed
by positive "qualification" that rumor was false, and he
did promise to correct the report. Not feeing it in the
Hkkau), 1 desire yoa will publish my disclaimer to the
honor. I am not now and 1 never wa? an applicant for
any office of emolument or nonor from the present or
any other administration. My business pursuits are
quite congenial to my tastes, and fully equal to my am
bition. J. 0. LHThEfOHN.
Saint David's Day In New York.
The natal day of the patron saint of Walts was cele
brated last evening by a public dinner at the Florence
House, given by the Saint David's Society.
At seven o'clock, about sixty gentlemen, members of
the society and guests, Nat down to an excellent dinner.
The chair was taken by Mr. Miles, the President of the
Society, supported on one side by the President of Saint
George'* Society, and on the other by the President of
St. Patrick's Society. Ex-AMerman Purdy and other
well known gentlemen were present. The chair was
faced by Ale*. Jones, M. D., Vice President of the So
After full justice liad been paid to the dinner, the
l'KKsniKNT announced the following regular toasts: ?
I. 'Ihc Day ? Cherished for its reminisoencei and (lodicatod
by the devotion ol Welshmen to patriotism and deeds of
'I. W ale?? The ltmd of romance and beauty, of pootry,
patriotism mid religion: the preservation of her laii^ua^a
tut* enabled her .? on* to shield from destruction tlieir civil
and religious institutions, and wherover they have emi
grated they have borne with them their sacred palladium,
and beyond the reach of ecclesiastical or political tyrunny
they bate lostered and nourished to maturity the ennobling
doctrine of tho freedom and the equal rights of man.
3. The Uritcd States ? The uiodol government; the early
Welshman was an active and leading operator in its founda
tion and erection; hie descendants will die, ir need be, in its
4. The President of tho United States ? The executive arm
of the sovereign people, w hose power is wielded to preserve
and defend the unity of the body politic.
8. The Queen of Orcat Britain? The heroine of au op
proved and insultod people; her gallant defenco of Ilr.tiili
nationality agaiast Russian absorption challenges the adtni
ration ol the independent nations of thj earth.
0. The City of New Vork.
[Elijah F. Pukdy respOLded]
7. Our Sister Societies.
Mr. Young, in responding gave ?
Tho Home of our Ancestors. Whether in the smallest
principality et the lnrgust empire, it may well be the object
ol our sweetest aspiiktion.
Mr. Stkwakt, ol Saint Patrick')) Society, also made a
brief anil pertinent speech in response to ttii t toast.
5. The Welch heroes of Alma and Inkermaun. Their deeds
of h> rnisiii will lie indelibly inscribed on the tablets of his
tory , aud add bright laurels to the brows of Cambrian
D. The Judiciary.
10. Our Invited Uuests.
II. Woman.
Judge Daly made an eloquent speech in respect to
the ninth toast, and pai<l a tribute to the memory of
Judge Edwards, who was of Welch descent.
Mr. Hoiulk 1'rookh responded to the ninth toast.
A letter w?? read from Senator Houston, of Texas,
regretting that be could not be present, on u:count of
sn engagement la another city.
A telegraphic message of greeting was received from
St. David's Society of Philadelphia, and suitably answer
ed. Volunteer speeches, soegs and sentiments succeeded
flu- regular toasts, and the affair was a very pleasant
one to all concerned.
The LnU A It ray In Stanwll Hall.
To nil PURUC. ? My name having appeared before tlie
public in a very unfavorable ligbt, and my part in tie
late diFgracefui atlair which occurred on the morning of
the 26tn ult , at tho stanwix Mali, in Broadway, having
been gromly miirepieaented. I submit to the public the
following stutvuieut, and beg of tliem to suspend judg
ment until toy cane is investigated:? On Saturday eve
ning lust. at* half-pa.-t eleven o'clock, 1 wan in No. 60
l.ispenard street. \V bilst there, Turner, Hylerand Baker
came in. and naked me to take a walk; 1 declined, aud
left them in there, and went to the saloon corner of Lis
penard utieet and Broadway. The sanm party caine in
there, anil naked me to take a walk. 1 said, No. They
tlien aske 1 me to go acros* to I.yng's, corner of Canal
street anil brrauiray. and talco a drink. 1 went with
them to I.j tig's. While there, the name party aaked me 1
to take a walk. I refused, and would not go. I was
then aaked and urged by Uaner and Turner to go, and
refused them. Then Hyler H?ys to me, '? I'augene, will
jou not we me home f" I said, "yea, 1 would." Hyler
Uvea in the upper part, of the bonne where this trans
pired. After we got to the ooor, Hyler aimed like to go
and take a drink befoie I left him. Ah I was going in to
take a drink, a can-lap* drove op to the door con'Jiinlng
inter. Turner. Van 1'elt, and otbera. An I went in, I
saw Poole. lie and I were on bad terms, I'oole having
threatened to ben l^f a greit many times previous to
this. Myself and I 'note had some words, when my
friends came in and took in* out of doors. As I was
going out, I heard the report of a pistol. I did not go in
again, und was not present while a single shot was tired.
Personal Intelligence.
The Hon. I'icrre Smile , our late Minister to the Cabinet
of Madrid, who arrived from Europe yesterday morning
in the St- Louis, left tosrn again in the afternoon for
Washington. His family will lemain for the present a*,
the Metropolitan Hotel, to repose themselves after the
fatigue ?i the voyage.
At the Metropolitan Hotel? I.ionoe Kodillon, I'nris; P.
do laGuardir. Mexico: lion Sr. M Gnardir, Mexico; linn. II.
H. Henry, Vermont; l'. B llul.ball, St. Louis; Samui'l S.
M?rk, Lnnisv ille; i apt. Uaruncr. I". S. Navy, W. D. Bell,
Philadelphia; S. S Gilbert, Boatou; Capt. KnVle, U. S. N.
From Havre In the steamship St l.ouis ? Hon Pierre Smile
IV S Minister to Spain), lady and servant. Nevillo Soule. A
TMollnllnti. Mrs Brown, Mrs Itobingon, .1 Mlcolon. A Konlli
Ion. J. Geroud, A Sain and lady, C Mu^lestuu and lady, M
I'ari'dl. J Soholl,C Ferdinand, X Meyer. A lluster. W Smith,
A Julllerat, Mrs Dei, man, C Blnchain, .( Pearson and son. 1'
Lepage, F Straiten, J Perotton. A Saoourcn, T North.
From New Orleans and Havana In the steamship Empire
City. ? i rem New <irlear.s ? T I ram ll Meajhir, C8 Chus
man nnd three children, K McConnell, It Poroeroy, I' l<
Mi-Art hv.r, M Douebert v. wife und two children; J Pl<er,
B Smith, M Hook*, M Brierl.y. I' Ityan, 11 llanterty, S
[)eei-aw. J R Sinclair. I, Kilpatri' k, J Ayres, M Caahan, J
Mver, J Keboul.
From Ifi vsi.s? Pif'a C Kottilct. M A Molina. Sij'a A i
Amielo, i W Werdinr, M Bombalier, O Cromwell. It Are
nas, K Enrique), T M alias, K Yiliuas, W K overman, T
Cllpalrrt. KMop' l and brother, Mr? lllara, Y Naskelslty,
T Pryor. S Dobe, l Morris. T lierry, E Ilenaley, T Paverne,
0 Yonaot, I> Hoilidny, n tiasier.
For Uverpoel, in steamship Asia, from Boston 'additional!
?Messrs. Hearv St' well, Jr., and wile; J. R. McDonald,
Mrs. E. J. Crocker; Messrs. Michael Carter, John Costar,
1 hiueas Lawrence, ?. lirennan, J W. Powell, M, 1).,
Fuller. J Flavell Jr . T. Uoodbody, l? Pau<|<iet, l>. i ?'o
burn anil wile, I). /.ad> k. J. Rlioa.les, Mrs. tV. Herring, of
Nov York; J. .1 Biir-h'11, Manchester, N. II., Jos. Mackay,
of Philadelphia; M Button, of Italtimore; D. E Morris I
and lire., Utiea; P. J. Flood and daughter, J. Kay. Mary
Donovan, J. West and w ife. of Dotroit; P. Croise, of Mexico;
M. Ho;>n. W. Adams, of Scotland; Jas. W right, T. Mill
ward. Motional), J. Smith, Mrs. II. Ellis, of England;
Messrs. C. Di kson, J. Dun at, of Ireland; P. H Oeissie,
I,'niteil Ststes Consul to N orembure; J F Brosssau. James
re?kie,'J. li. MoQrath, J. Walker, ol Quebec; E Sehubar',
S. Mark, ol Valparaiso; (I Krurman; Steii khauler. of
Germany; Captain Brostock. of British army, Alex Wil
liams, ol I ' ndoo; Roheft Brophy, of Dublin; K G Newblj
fint, ol Torente? Ti.
Court ( nleiulai? Thla Day,
The Supreme Court adjourned to Friday in coas?
?inence of the death of Judge Kdwards.
I .XITKD PTATRf Ini-TKll'T CorKT ? 10, 32, 62 to <50.
SrVKRIoK Cocrt. ? Nos. 424, 731. 673, 13ii, ;i09, 7SS,
?74, 976, 676. SbK. Vm, *01. sty Sit;!, Mlti, ??%, <*)s, ??.?,
?10, 911. 91'J, ilia, 914, '.117, 9 IS, 919, 921, 922, 923, 924,
{126, i'26, 927, 928, 929, 930, 931, 9r,2, 93.1, 934, 93, >, 936,
937, 93h, 939, 'j-lti. 941, 943, 944, 945. 946, 700, 440, 86o,
781, 620, 002.
fin Thursday. Marrh 1, at St. Toomai' Church, by the
Rev Edmund Neville, Mr. Jonv MirI.oroiti.iM, puhli?h?r,
of this city, to Miss Manv E. I'rRKlXft. adonted daughter
! of Robert U. Elton, of Kltona, Westchester county.
By the Rev. John !'. Hernia nee, AUIKHT B. C. MrKroa,
I Esq., to Mi?? Cl.*k* Rhoiib., both of this city.
On Monday evening, February 26, at the'residence of
| th? bride's latb?r. By the R- v llr. MiUett, of No. .109
Broome streat, Mr. CtianiM?. Lkmso*. of Canandaigua,
N. Y , to MiM Ammja 't-iKM-s. of this city.
<>n Tuesday, January 23, by the Rev. E. K. Hatfield,
; at his residence, Rkiuru L. Oonmx, Eaq., of Hunting
! don, L. 1,, to Misa Caimu.tk Acorsta (ioRTiwr, of this
On Thursday morning, March 1, at the chur-hofthe
Holy Apostles, by the Rev. K. S. Howland. ICiltom I?
P ? |> i to Ha>naii, youngest daughter of the late William
Neale, Eiq., of this city.
( n Sunday evening, February 26, by the Rev. Pr. Mil
ieu. at hl? residence, .So. i09 Itroome street. Mr. Wn.
UaK S. PlTnolttW, of Iiorchester, Mass., to Misa tifcOR
i.uxa W . Fatl/lojr, of Dover, N. H.
cm Moncay, Kebroary 19, by the Rav. Mr. Taylor, min
Ister of the liaptist church, Mr. J.H I.KWia, of Cardigan,
Enfla d. to Miss S. Lrwid, of Brooklyn.
On Wednesday rooming. February 2>. CKILI, only
daughter of Comalia and tha lata Robart Munsjn. aged
11 tears.
1 he relative* and frlendi of the family are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral, thla afternoon, at two
o'clock, from her late residence. Ne. \%> Croaby street.
i ib Wednesday, February 29, Dayib L. MoOt iaa, aged
41 vears.
His friends and relativee, and the frfanla of the family,
are reepeotfully invited to a (lead the funeral, from hie
late reaidenoe northeast corner of Twenty-ninth street
and Seventh avenue, tbia afternoon, at one o'clock
On We<lnee.lay, February 2t, at five o'clock P. M..
Man ma Ik, wife of William Araout, and daughter ef
William R. Got, in the Mth year of her ace.
The frietde aad acqnala'aaeee of the family ar? ret
pectfully invited to attend the faaeral, tomorrow after
aoon, at three o'clock, from the residence of her father,
No. 180 Grand atreet.
On Thursday, March 1, after a lingering illness. Rich
ard Hill, Sr , aged 67 ) cars, 1 month and 22 nays.
The relative* and friend* of the family *? requested to
atteid the funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock,
from hii late residence, Mo. 3D belancy street.
On Thursday. March 1, of consumption, John T. Blood
ooon, in tbe I'.fitli year of his age,
the relative* and friends of tbe family, and the mem
bers of the Excelsior Lodge, ',1. O. of O. F., and of the
Clay Festival Association, are respectfully invited to at
tend tbe funeral, at St. Jobu's Church, to-mormw after
noon, at one o'clock, without further invitation. Hii
remains will be taken to the family burying ground at
Flushing, L 1.
Suddenly, on Thursday evening, March 1. Thomas* C.
Kkroison, sged lfi years, son of Thomas M. Ferguson, of
No. 123)6 West Thirty-fourth street.
Notice ot the funeral will be given in to-morrow's
On Wednesday, February 28, Lkwis Tappy, aged 82
The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully
invited to attend lnt funeral, to morrow afternoon, at
bull past one o'clock, from his late residence. No. 161
Tenth street. His remains will be taken to New York
Bay Oinetery.
On Thursday, March 1, Mr. Louis I.kkoy, a native of
RicbilioiTen, France.
The friends of tbe family, and ot his son, Charles, are
respectfully invited toattend his funeral, this afternoon,
at half past one o'clock, from his late residence, No. 481
Houston *1reet, without further invitation.
On \Vednpsduy, February 28, Jkrkmiaii Mali/i.vky.
The members of Hermitage Lodge No. 166, I. O. of 0.
F., are requested to meet at their rooms, No. 132 Bowery,
on Sundav, at twelve o'clock, fur the purpose of attend
ing bis funeral. C. J. THOMS, N. O.
Charles Swift, Sec'ry.
On Thursday morning, March 1, Mvi.ks Tonr.N, late a
meichant of the city ot Ihiblin. aged about f>5 years.
ilia friends are respectfully invited to attend his fune
ral, this afternoon, at three o'clock, from No. 102 Eaat
Thirteenth street. His remains will be interred in Cal
vary Cemetery.
On Thursday. March 1, Jamim MoCnunr, in tbe 3d
year of his age, youngest son of Robert A. and Leonora
Reiner Adams.
Funeral from his parents' residence, No. 217 Eighth
avtnue, to morrow afternoon, atone o'clock. The friends
of the family are invited to attend.
On Wednendiy, February 28, Francis R., son of Anto
ney and Matilda M. Frainer, aged 3 years, 4 months and
10 days.
The relatives and friends of the family are invited to
attend the funeral, from the residence of the parents,
No. 1S5 Fast Twenty-third street, this morning, at ten
o'cltck, without further notice.
On Wednesday, February ii8, Aijck E., aged 13 months,
daughter cf llenjamin and Sarah Foster.
Funeral from the corner ol avenue D and Seventh
street, this afternoon, at two o'clock. The reUtives and
friends of flip family are invited to attend.
On Thursday. March 1, Kmily. infant daughter of Tho
mas W allien, jr.
On Thursday, March 1, Emma Smith, youngest daugh
ter of Win. ami Catharine Skinuer, aged 2 years and 18
'The relative! and friendsot the family are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at two
o'clock, from the residence of her parents, corner of
Park aud Portland avenues, Brooklyn.
At Westchestei , N. V., on Wednesday, February 2S,
Andrkw Stkmuison, formerly of Stutlordshire, England.
His funeial will take place from the church in the vil
lage ot Westchester, th s afternoon, at two o'clock.
llepartcd this lite, suddenly, on Saturday, February 3,
Eu/.a Kvkrm, daughter of tbe late John Kvers.
We dip our pen with sad feelings as it sheds the black
ink. tbe natural symbol of tbe sorrowing heart-throbs
that embarrass the mind, a? we proceed upon our mourn
ful ta?k. lu the death of this unostentatious and pious
woman, a Christian family ami benevolent community
hate mt t with an irreparable loss: a once happy house
hold is left bereft of its most genial companion; its joy
ous ri ?sle is uow by this desolation stilled by the sad
quiet u e ot sorrowing heart thoughts, deeply mourning
the loss of its peail of great price, the combination of
? xc< lu nee that marked ana adorned this Christian lady
through lite, was remarkably sustained by an over faith
ful example of religious character ot peculiar frankness,
beneTOlence, and charity. In all that she did was to be
discerned snch manners of Christian beauty and kindness,
that i. lie seemed rather to be receiving tban conferring
the most generous and benevolent gifts when others
were made the recipients of her kindness ? thus aeeme l
ever living within her mind t lint love which ch*ract, er
i?d her atlection towards her fellow beings, reflecting
such a soul as few present within tbe writer's! limit! of
observation. Her deportment under the increasing cor
tainty of bodily waste ? the decay of death was beaut'ful
Indeed, like the test of her terveut Christian life. Com
mitting herself with a patient fixed purpose, confiding
and stioug in her calm spirit of resignation to tlie care
and goodness of her blessed Maker, a'ter little or no suf
fering during the sa< two ending hours of Itfe she
qnietly'and peacefully passed in the last sleep of earth,
and serenely sunk in death; without cure, witiout fenr,
without the least hesitation, she yielddd to the will of her
God and Saviour. Her funeral was attended bv m?ny
sympathising friends and deeply mourning relatives;
tbey all loved her dearly, and fervently deplored her loss.
The few remaining members of her alllicted family ivere
in the ini< st ol the gathered crowd who sincerely rejoiced
in manifesting tbeir prize of her honored memory and
excellence ot churacter. Well dul her calm, fervent and
perfect laitb sustain this most respectful regard. In
their memory will love to dwell the respect so justly due
that child ol failh who has passed from tbeir Christian
and social circle, having none other sorrow than the sad
irrevocable fact that she is dead. Lastly, in her, the
being who has departed, the writer acknowledges a
blessed aunt ? nay, a second mother, for in our early
years the dear one who gave us birth died and panaed to
immortality. We have said second parent? if tiie incea
sunt cares of dally nursing and nightly trouble attendant
upon childhood1 s early years lie ta*en a* a proof of u
mother's tenderness and" affection, tbenlsurely the dear
loved departed one whs our parent second cause. Sin
cerely do we appreciate and freely, justly record this be
nevolent nnd loving trait of her life's excellent denial,
pelf was never considered nor thought of in th-? mind
and heart of that endeared friend and aunt. In that
being who has passed away and gone, we truly feel and
joytu.ly realize th* liappy fact that shediel in the calm,
steadfast, implicit teliscce of the true teachings of her
Bible aud the perfect infallibility of its faith, and the
joyful hope of a blessed immortality. The latter years
ol ber lile were Bpent, in a measure, in retirement, as her i
general intercouse was con lined to a few special friend*,
who, knowing the peculiarity of her circumsttnces, were j
ever rea< y to alleviate the monotony of lier seclusion ,
from the gaypties of society. Those are best suited to I
appreciate ber worth, mourn her loss, and bear witness I
to the truthfulness of our ooituary and soothe the feel |
logs of lier lone brother and sister. The Lord ha* most j
mercifully sustained her under each and ail of her many
severe tiialaof bereavement and sorrow through life
unto eternity, with the Messed onsolation, through each
tribulation, that the spirits of tbe just are made perfect
in Christ.
1LMA.1AC run new YORK? THIS DAY.
?v n n i firs ?? .13 j muon aacTs morn. ?> 2i
a* x nwrn ft 51 | high wati:r morn. 8 38
Port of New York, Rkrrh I, IHVi.
Ship Aphrodite, Hatdie, Australia, C C Duncan A Co.
S*t.tp Commonwealth iMtJ? Figari, San Jnan, Cuba, J B
1 ? :? r A Co.
Hark II Spalding, Sleeper, Clenfuegoa, R IV Trundy A Co.
Hark Edna, Uroton, St Ja.-o, Cuba. Moset Taylor A Co.
Brig Walhonding, Peohtier. Oemarara. J N Mnith A Co.
lirt,; John Stevens, Peters, Trinidad, Ytnaga, Delvalle A
Piig K Drummond, Pinkham, Trinidad, Neamith A Son.
Schr John Clark. Mcltar. Kingston, H S Henry
S?l.rJ T tirico, Rogers, Mobile, Easle A llasard.
Scbr Tanner, Weiton, Apalachicola, Eaglo A Hazard.
Schr I' Nickerson, Lynch, Charleston, Dollner A Potter
8<hr James Turner, Mvrlok, Alexandria, J W Mcke?.
Schr Merchant, Winters, Richmoud, 0 II l'ierson
Schr < T Strong, Liscomb Baltimore, Mailler A l.ord.
Scbr It F Reevea, Shaw, Philadelphia, muster
Schr li 1. Warren, l.ovell. Boston, W" T llerrick.
Sell K Freeman. Chapman, Salem, R VV Rope.
Sloop I' IImwii, tlardner, Providence, master
Steumr Westcrnport, Hall. Baltimore, Cromwell's lint.
Steamship St I.onis, Wotton, llavre, via Cowes Feb l.">, 2
AM. with ladai an.: ;?> paesenceri, to II Livingston Arr at
the Hook at I AM. Fe h 25, ? I'M, 1st 14 .V, loo 36 31. sew a
large Iceberg.
Steamship Empire City. Winale. New Orleans, Feb 3'. and
Havana 24tb, with indue and pasaenfers, to M O Roberts
Ship Java, Jackai n. (ilar^ow, 3D days, witfi md?. and 2>i .
pa<f rm-era. in l>'i nbam A 1mm n F. >| ? r .? n ed ii"a*y * ? ?' li ?
sr. apht .alls. Ac. Fe n 12, lat 44 III, Inn 45, while lying to j
in a heavy tale trom .N W, shipped a aea wbich broke main
rsil, stove hnlwarka, apllt planksh^ar, and received other i
damage, was eight dsya west of Nantucket,
Ship Francis II Cuttinc, Rockwell, Ajitwerp. Jan 10. witb !
md"? and 2H) passengers, to Post, Smith A Co. Had one
death and one birth on the pasaace.
Ship Simoda (new, ob Lincolnville), Hnstner, Lincelaville, j
Me, 1<> dsys, in ballast, to master She Is 44<i ten* burthen, i
Bark E A Kinsman ol Portland), I'eatteld, Cardseaa, 15
days, ?ttb sugar, to Maitland. Phelps A Co. vessel to F
S?ilt A Co. Experienced heavy weather let the last 1J j
days; had asuccesaion of heavy N and N'Vf nates.
Sehr U N Hawkins, (irilhn, Charlestoa. " lay., with cot
ton, Ac. te McCreedy, Mott A Co. Kapert"n> 4 heavy X and
NW gales.
Schr Surprise. Cole, Petersburg, li days. Feb 2S. >aw a j
tbrse masted sehr ashore on Absecom Beach; was discharg
ing her deck load into a lighter.
scbr Mary Hart, Ayer, Norfolk, t'. days Feb 5*, saw a
t rig an ! two (ore and aft schooners ashore on the Besca
nn'ler the Hi.'hlanda.
Schr Josephine. 1)1 soswa* Norfolk, 4 days.
.- ?hr Mott Bedell, ireadwell, Nortjii, tf days.
Schr N A D Scudder, Turner, Norfolk. 0 day*.
Schr White Siiaall, Chase, Baltimore, ti days Feb 27, in \
the night, went aabore on R mrr Shoals, and was got ofl this
morning and towed ts the oity without luttaiaing any serious i
Scbr Moies VsnName, VanName, Baltimore. 6 dayf.
0t~ Ship Wm Tell, from Uavre. arr yesterday, had J27
rea-engera. had two deaths on the passage; Feb 4, laa 45 25,
Ion 25 46, exchanged ai .nals with ihip City of Mobile, Mar
shall, hence lor Ijverpool; Feb If lat JU 58. loa 64 SI, ex ?
ohanged algnala with ons of the X liae ol l.ondon packets,
I bound W The Mm Tell is consigned to Messrs Boyd A
I llincken, not M Livingston aa reported.
Brig laratins, I.ufkia (aet l.amkm), arr yesterday from
Cardenas, experienced very heavy weather oa the i>a??a;e, I
lost head rail, split sails, and damaged rndder and rig/iag
One ship, nnkaewn.
Ships l ookout (clipper), San Pranelseo. Express, and Silas
Oreennan, Savannah.
*iad at sunrise. .N; meridian, do; sunset, NN W
?V There are large uaantitles ol drift lee in the lower bay.
Telegraphic Marine Report
NEW ORLEANS Fsb IK? Arr ship Riebmood, H stos.
Herald Marine Correapamlrac*.
PHILADELPHIA, Mar 1, 4 PM-CId hri*s tirand T.irt,
Hl'ksoa. (all River; Malvsra, Jsrman, Ciantuegos, Chico
pee, Howes, Bo.toe.
Ship Eutsstti, Bliss, at New Orleen* tioa llavre, oa
the let' ol Febtoary. ia lat 25 5ft, laa id If, was atruek by s
hss?y sqaall, which aear'y threw the ?hip ?? her i^aaaids,
beiog under doable roefed topaails tl the lint. carriod ???
eroM jack) ards. mnen and main topsail. trusset tree i, tot*
and and misea topaails. troiijack and fore topmast ita/iMiA
all to piacea. Since that time tba ahip worked badly.
Bark Li cv Rims, Thurlow, from Havana for Europe, waa
passed 19tb nit, 91 miles east of Havana, by acbr Ail at
IhsrlesUn, with Iom of antwater audjibboom
Brio Tarrv Not, at Holmes' tlola. had Terr Him
weather oathecoaat; loat part of daek luad of logwood aai
8c h h Mackliak Cloi d. Irom Card-mat for Pirtlatd.
which put into Newport leaking, proetodod I7th.
Schr VitacMKR, Jaokinn, of and for WiirHMt, from It**
ton, atrnck on Turopkin Inland Ledge* 23d inat. Yoasel anil
cargc a total loss; crew aaved.
Br ahip Satellite, from Mobile for Liverpool, Fe'j 19, no Ut,
Shin Enoch Train, from NOrlcans tor Liverpool, Fab 9, off
G?n key.
Ship .lamed Nramith, from Liverpool for Now Orleans, Fab
14. ('IT the I saaca
Ship Stephen Crowell from New York for Saraunah, wa
passed Feh 23, off Charleston.
Ship Britannia, front New Orleaas for Liverpool, Feb 17,
1UI miles SK of the Passe*.
Ship Horii' n, Irom New Orleans far Liverpool, was pasted
l'eb 11, lat 27 20, l"n 73 10
Hark Naramiaaic, standing SW, Dsc 52, lat .1 20 N, Ion
Brig .1 Nickerson. from Charleston for St Jag}, Fob 12.
lat 27 10, Ion 74 20.
ForrlKn Ports*
Call ao ? In port Jau22ship Promier, R na, frjm Loudoa
Abt Oct 27. arr 20th
CtiDiNA.1- Sid alt Feb 12 hark I'ilot Fish, Cann, NYork.
In port bark llecla, Peterson, hence (incorrectly r ported
Just arr:; lirig Glide (Br), for New York few days; dohr D B
Barnard, Farnaworth, tor do or Philadelphia 20tb. Sid 7th
brig Roman, Yale, Boston; 10th l.ucy Ana, Ur>ant, Port
Caikkkk? In port abt Feb I bark Lawrence, Upton, for
Caps. Havtibn? Sid Feb f> brig R W I'ackor, Poole, C
naivts, to load lor New York.
Jacm?.l? In port Fob 2 brij Santiagc, Uad!ey, from Doa
ton, arr 27th ult; achra F.mma Y Hush. from lo. arr 46th, t*
tail abt 10th luat, for Buaton; Abby Uale, Tihbett*, trum do,
arr 30th
Rio Janeiro? In port Dec 28 ahip* Marion, llallett, for N
York Jan 2; Carioca, 11 oil mr. lor l'hiladnlphia, barks '/. 1>
(befort reported eld abt 22d) Maxtor, tor New Orleans, ready.
Fame. Speight, and Juatiua (before roported all JT.thi,
Black, ti r tlaltimere; Joanph Fiah. Seavey ; Eriajo, Lewio,
and Isabella, Tufia, for New Orleans Jan 2.
Sin<;apok t? In port Deo 20 fhips Jo>iah Bra<Hoe, Emiae'
lon, from Liverpool Aug 14, arr 21th, dtag; Daniel Sharp,
llaaaett, for I'enaug and Boston; Tear, richibyo, (rum Boston
Aug 2S, just arr, dlsg Sld 21it birki Thomas Dryden (Br),
Brown, routine and Now York; 24th Falcon, Ilolt, NYock.
St John, NB? Arr Feb 23 bark Georgia, lladdoa, Ne?
York 22.
il'KR Sts: a mbii ip St Loria.l
Asrwinp-From Feb )l to 12 inclusive no arrivals or da
parturea on account of the ice.
Bohi>> aix? Sld Feb H Mary Ann, Battle, New Orleana.
Adv, CiudAd Bolivar, Olbba; Anna Dorothea, l'b-.llips.
Athena, Flutnrner, and Montreal, Lavender, for Now York;
Otonioctc, Howea, and Adame. Weicott. lor Now Orleaaa.
Barcelona? Arr Jan 21 Serafer. Rlvas, Now Orleaaa;
22d Aurtlia, Netta, do; '3th Celentine, Sensat. New York;
30th Rergo, Colomcr. Mobile. Tree Amitaa, Oliver Chariot
ton; Caaiinlro, Shartaro; Mat po, Mas; Castalano, Gelpc; Sa
biner. Fenecb, and Antoinette, Sola, NOrleans; Slat Curro,
Bicoma; Cella, F.lbaa, and Algondcra, Alaema, do: Feb 4
Anila. Liemona, do; San Mlgnel, Ventura, Mobile; Taeio,
Borrell, Cbarleaton.
('Alum i? Sld Feb 10 Samoset.Greonough, Savannah.
Chookii A vin? Put in Fob fl Matthew King, Cuniminjs,
from Wilmington. NC, lor Liverpool, IjO days out? had a
severe paisape: 6th Magistrate, Wheeler, from New Orleans,
G2 daye out.
Dkal ? Arr Feb 11 Busaii Ilinks, Classen, London ian-1
proceeded for Cardiff).
Di-kmork (H'aterford)? Off Feb 10 Josephine, Harding,
from Liverpool for Cardiff
Dovi r? Off Feb 9 Robert M Sloman, Woodtido, from H
York for Antwerp.
Di'MiaN fsa? off Feb 10 Am ahip ? ? , last from Cork for
Amsterdam, bad a Texel pilot on hoard.
Gknoa? Arr Feb ti 11 SI Comery, Wheeler, Boston.
Glaicow? Arr Feb 10 Glasgow (s), Cumminga, Aew York.
Sid from Greenoek 8th Dialao, Young, NYork
Ginn altar? Arr Jan 19 Greyhound. Green, Smvrna (and
sld 'or lloston). Sid 27th Moses' Kimball Moody, Marselllaa;
Jaa Bryant (from NOrleana), Lov. it, Genoa.
Havrf? Arr Feb 8 New York, Thompson, NYork; at
Husia, Follanebee, do. Sid 10th Aahland. Moore, New Or
In port Utb Scrntnpore Re id; F A I'almer, Richardson; S
II Fox, Aakina; New York, Thompson and St D'>nis, Fol
lanabee, for NYork; Nuremberg, Moltnnn, for New Orleana;
II A Miller, Gait, and Hortcnsia, Hathaway, une.
Livi Ri'ooi.? Arr Feb 12 .las Foster. Jun Porter, NYork
Canada is). Stone, Boston; 13th, Kincrald Isle, Con.ish, and
Wist Point, Mulliner, NYork. Sld 10th, Oriental. Robin-em.
Boston; Now World, Kui.-hi. NYork; 1 1th. Willem llarendi,
Jaski, Snn Franelaeo. (Id l?Ui, New World, Knight,
NYork. F.ntd tor Idg itth, New York Packet Br->wn, Savan
nah; Guiding Star, Hale, Calcutta; loth, Helen MoGaw,
Tucker, lioaton;'A B Thompson, Skaltield, Calcutta; Ja^oo
A W-eatervilt, Auatitt, NYork; Weatmorelntd, llalliday.
1'ernanibiico; City of Moat real, Guthrie, Portland; 12t!i,
John Liud, I'otta, NOrleana.
L?i?i>o>? Entd inwards Feh 9 Ariel, Panoin, W'lming
tou. NC. Entil out 12th, Ocean Herald, 1 urber, Marseille*
Cld out 9th, Amaion, llavey, NYork
Sld from (iravetend loth, Woodoock. Lambert. NYork
(and from Dial lltb); llth, Amazon, Hobby, do laud Irons
Portsmouth 12tb).
Lisbon? Arr Feb 3 Kglaatine, Gteaaon. NYork.
L>:i.imKM? Arr Jan 31 Wm Jurvia, Ballard. NOrlttaus;
Feb 3 Franconia, Lewis, lloeton.
Marsmli.i s? Arr Feb 8 Kopler, Tucker, N York Martha
Kendall, Plumer, W ilmington:9tb, Astoria, Hotm^s, NYork;
.Moses Kiinhall, M< ody. NOrleans via Gibraltar Cld 7th,
Brodrene. Ikllisen, N York. Adv, Loulsianu. Il.idger, ant
Tbeoxena, Law, fordo
Malta ? Sld Feb ;i Soltana. H'atsou. Smyrna
Ni wcastli ? Cld Feb !l I'bilah, Sp..lford, NYork
Pottlakd? 5Td Teb 12 Sir Robert Peel, Gifforil (f'ol
York), London. In the roads 10th, Cornucopia, Jams, froi
Kiver Platte, for London.
<Ji asr.inaTOWw? Arr Feb7l.ady Kinnaird, F.asson, NYork
Put in loth, Hy Cook, Py?, Irom Literpool for NOrleana
Ko'ii > ittiA? ? Adv Feb 11 1'aroliata, Kearnej, and Vaa
Ilrsse, Vanderboven lor NYork; Nederland. Rnyter, for
Southampton? Arr Feb 13 Hermann is), lllggioa. NYork
(and remuined 14th, coaling? it uaa undosedided whether ah?
should proceed to Bremen I
Liverpool, Job 12? Tbo Aepaaia (Br brig), frum NYork.
for Liverpool, with turpentine, wug abandoned an I burnt at
Chin ai.t.mi. > ?b 2? Tho bark, William, Ifolbrook, Iroir
NYork lor Malaga, went aehore near Eatopoua Jau 77.
Havm, Feb II? The account* Irum the various coaat
guard atationa ?n the eautorn coast* of Ku^lku l and Ireland,
aru extremely di.ia?trou?, eeveral wreck* having taken plao
on the line oi coaat bat ween LowcatolT and Newcastle up??i.
Tyne. A foreign Lark, name unknown, wax driven by th
violence ut the ?tortu on to the aatnle, and all hand* pariah*
The pilot* nf Yarmouth and Bridlington Hay reported th
aeveral trrocka had t&kuu place at ,ea, and frum the %e
<iunntitv ol floating wr<v-k which ?? paa ad, it w&icoa,
lured mat the crew* pcriahed by drowning or freetlag
death, the Irift being extremely intense, the wind blow
keenly Ironi KM, Tney also report tbe loaa of two flak
cobles and their crews.
The N i>remT.iirg, from N'Orlcan*, report* ? Feb 1, abac
imlea SVV of Mart I'uiut, a gale from E, with unow ?
very hcavv vea. Abont 4 AM, two r?ef? in the to pea.
atarl.oard tackicn board, pereaivnd clone to windward a br
on the port tack, which showed no light, and both reae>
immediately came in colli?i?n; tbe brig carried away b
foremaat i nil l.owaprit, and the Nuremberg, cutwater, ma
tingale, uh.i other rigging. The anow ??< ao thick could ?>
?nuke out the name of the bri,', but heard a cry a* thouf
ao in c one ou board of her had been injured by the collide
Home Porta.
APALACII ICUI.A? Arr Feb It) achr Norfolk l'aeka'
Bedell, > Vcrk.
ISA I 1 1 MOKE? Arr Feb > ?t-?mer Totten, I.ewia, Nl'ort
bark liaml Kimball, Anica. NOrleaiia. eld ?c!ira Miaaiaaipi .
Uopklna, H Indies, Squire X Brother, Crawford, and Charlea
Cofcgate, Seaman, N York.
BOSTON? Arr Feb 2X steamer I'arker Vein, Vatighn, Bal
timore; abip Mar Hawk (new, of N Vork i, Simmons. N?w
burypoit, in tow of steamer K B Forbea; aolir Smith Tuttla,
Baker, -N York. lid bark < cleatia, smith, Baltimore; brlga
l.ouiaa 1' Know, Fierce, Uolue, Honduras; Eliia Burgosa.
Doyle, San Juan, t una; Waveriey, I'arutl, do; Susan Dan
can. Iinnbar, Warwick Creek, Va; l'anllna, Taylor, Aleaaa
dria; achra tredk Dye r, Sinailey, St Marys, Ua; Catharine.
I. .ring, rbiladelplna; Mary llawea, Youn, NVork, Koa
i ury, llrown, do. Sid, wind NNW to N. moderate latter
? art East in the bay, st.auiehip Aaia (at lilo'elook); *hija
Napoleon; I arka Charlotte E lay, Cherokee; brigs Samuel
B. Vaukee.
( II ARI.EHTON? Arr Feb 21 ahlp l^rdia, W inaor, Havre;
brig Sonera Watson, Havana; i.th. aehrs Aid. Adams, do;
Francoa Sal'cryl, l.nthn NVork. Cld 24th abip Mackinaw,
Robinson, Liverpool. Md24llia. hr Jane, (Bri;. 2'nh briga
Waa|' (Br); J 11 Jonea, Milla, NYork; achra Lonisiae, Hud
?<>n. do; Arorlau (Br).
(iALVESTON? In port Feb 16 abip 8 F Auatin, Clark, for
NYerk, ldg; barks Milrord, Cole, for do, do; laland City,
Colburu, tor lloaton, do; and otbera.
(J Loll ESTKK? Arr lei. 2.) I rig Webster, Webster, Beet
por for N Vork. Sid 2iith bark Cul.a, Tucker, Surinam.
llol.MES lloI.E? Arr Feb Jt> , I' M, bri^a larry Not,
Reed, ( ape Hay lien 5th I en for lloaton; Sarah Ellen. Sar
gent, I'liilndelpbia for Portland; achra Fearleaa, Adaina,
Ja'tuel Feb 2 for Boston; 1 ranoia A Hawalna, Cobb, I'hila
delpl.ia tor lloaton; l>ou Nicholas, McliutAe, do for Uloueee
ter; ( baa William, b >o. Hicbuiond for Salem. Sid achra
Kouch and Ready, 8 A Applaton, onward, Oentila, Aboota
l.awrence, Eaceiaior, A ltauimond, Kaatarn Light, Moata
auma, < W Walton, and Minneauta.
Art 27th briga A Dunbar, Brown. Alexandria for Boaton;
Havana, Kaed, Baltimore lor do; Florence, llaakail, I'orta
mouth, Va, fordo, witb loaa of part ot deck load of timber;
achra Magellan Cloud, Sargent, ( ar laaaa 3 ith ult, via New
port tor i'ortland; Elita Ann, llarper, Satilla rlvar, (ia, fur
Botion; ^arah 1. I.ewia, Baker, Tanclar lor do, Emily 11 il
liard. Fartrld/e. Norfolk lor do, Edw Everett, , Boa
ton lor V rfolk; Jamea I'nrtar, Cook, 1'rovincelowa lor do;
Keanoke, amioff. Kaatport for New York. U !t revenow
cutter Mori .a, Wbitcomh, onai ruiae Irom th.' taaiward.
Sid tchra Julia Newell, Sarah K I.ewia.
Arr .*ta bark Ida, Iranian. Meaaina tor Boatoa; aohr
Oneeo, Aapley, Noriolk for I'ortland. Sld l ark Mary V
slade, bru- Emma; achra Francii A llawkina, Itoanoke.
In port s^tb, MAN. wind N W, i arka Jamea smiih, an<t
Ida; r.rlrl Keuban Carter, M ater Witon, Tarry Not, Sarah
Ellen, A Dunbar, Florence, and Havana; achra Ebro. W orn
patera, J W" Hun. a y, Albert Juraeaon, Fearleaa, Don N
chelae, Magellan Cloud, Charlea W illiam. Elua Ann. Kmll
Billiard, Edward Kvcrett, Jamea I'orter, Onaco; U s culte
JACKSON VII. I. E? Arr Feb 111 achr Albert!, Cole, NYork
MOBII.E? Arr Feb 22 Kr abip David llrown. V augban.
Jamaica; achr Minna Sehleller, Wilaon, NYork. Cld abip U.
H .ilna.,e, Kulmaun. Liverpool, Br batk Lord Maidatoaa.
*NEW ORLEANS? Arr F?h 21 ahina Cromwell, Half,
Havre. Eli.abetb, Bli?a, do via Co wee; 1 aany S I'arle, York,
Portland: Odraea, Baratow. Daaariacetta; Civlhaa I'uria
ton. Ilatb. Uolilea Crnaa. Little, kennebuak. Mary Ward,
Curtla. B<eton, K.^celalor. ^m.ih, Tneite, Loumaaa sulU
van. E (i Barney, Raiaey, and St Lonia, lloyt. Work, llart
lay, llcwee. I'biladelphia. ^oj>(.ia Walker. Uray. Kio Jaae'ro,
D a 24; barka spirit of tfc^ Sea, Clifford, do D- r 24; D?Il oe,
Boule, NVork ;|W lllard, Mitchell, Portland, I'athllnder, Ke?
ler, Thoaiaat..n;tcbti lleo K I'reaeott, (lUkey, Cbarleetoa;
lanair. Maraball. Boatoa; Ellen, Stewart, Baltimore, la
low ahipa M. rldiaa, Smpaoa, Ne*a, Broaa, and Jamea Nee
aiith, Milla, from Liverpool; Mary Ann, Hatrlck, Iron laoa ?
donrteiry. Cld ahipa Rebcc.a, Sawyer, NYork; IXean Bell,
Eellaraii. ;Liverp.ol. Macedonia, Dillingham, Bordeaux.
acbr_ Cajv In Stevan - Nlcbela. Vera I'm.
.'orfalk; Balle^
or and froat Glouceateri do; B D Chaae, (from New Bedford t
do; Cornelia, (from do) New York; Suaaa A Mary. Ifruaa
irta Verryi do. D W Dyer, tfrom Boatoni Tangier; aad
olheri Alio aid 27th. achr Magellan Cloud. Sarg-ni, (Imb
laMmi". havinc repaired' !'? rtland.
NEW BKDloRD? sid F. b 27 aehr Angeuetta, Rlaekwell,
Havana Sid from below >th achr K Wright, 'olley. Da -
rtei, 4>a.
I'll I LADEI.I'll I A? Cld Feb 2b aehr w Oar eater Rhu4ea.
I'RoVIDENCE? Arr Feb 2H propeller I'etrel, Jaaee.
I NYork; achr Jaa llolmta, Uoae, Baltimore. Kid a. nra Joha
A Cook, Fierce, Norfolk; Valentine boaae Buck, and L lb
i r ? i; ...din?. do, -loop America, Burton New V ork
I'ROVINI ETOWN? In port Feb M I bark. * kill rv?e4
aad 4 harm trice, aad 12 aehr*? all laward boaud.
RICIIMU.VD-Sld Feb S aobra Haaov#. Wkip^a, aa^
1 ewia Mel.aii', Bneklin. RoiUa, Ottawa. Custaiaaa. t ar
8AI EM? SI4 Feb 27 barka Ann * Mary, Afr ->a. leaie
W II.MINCrON. NC? Arr Feb n achra W H S?ith. Wyatt,
NYork; 24th, Lily. Joaae. do. CM Wth hn? A H Waaa.
Smit b. do. achra ( ha. Milla, Saiith, da, Volaa?. l^rd l?i*??
H '
Wl>( A"^r.T-ArT Tab n*hr Ee4rea. Or>?ee, \ rt.pt km
MlSt'hactir Deimark Ctotawell. Jaelu?n> ilto.

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