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Arrest of Several Persons as Alleged
Accessories After the Fact.
&C-, Ac>, Aic.
Evtr a'uce tbe flight of Taker on the night of the Stari
wix H?l! tragedy, the public has bee-i in a constant
of ?xcitement a* to the result of the officers' labora
employed in ferreting cut tbe billing place of th? fugi
tive. Itays went by, but no definite information could
be obtained an to the whereabouts of llaker. The ni
thoritiei, an a general thing, teemed to view the matter
coldly, and theresult was. as all know, an entire failure
to capture the fugitive. Judge Stuart, who has been
watching the movement* of the police with a great d.-il
of interest, came to the conclusion that same bold pUn
should be formed and acted upon, to discover the plan*
of Baker's concealment, which he had reaton to believe
was not far distant from New York. Accordingly, he set
bimaelf to work, and, with th? assistance of one or two
confidential oflicsra, was soon upon the track. A num
ber of persons whom the Jnitge had reannn to anppoxe
knew something of the whereabouts of Baker, w?r? ar
rested, brought before him and what Information could
be obtained from tli?m relative to the matter wan ?e
;uied. The baggage of Raker was discovered, and a
secret mark was put on the bottom of his trunk, ao aa
to render it recognizable to tbe authorities in all the
principal cities of the Union. This piece of work
was telegraphed to the authorities in Philadelphia,
3oston, Baltimore, Albany, and all tbe principal cities
<ut West, which would render Biker's presruce pliinly
liscernlble, no matter what disguise he might assume
n traveling. Still believing that Baker was concealed
n or near the city, great exertions were made t > dig
over bis hiding place; and accordingly apiea were placed
ipon the trail of some of the fugitive's mint Intimate
riendi* A secret court of inquiry wan held la the
udge's private chambers, where a number of policemen
od pngllista underwent a rigid examination at the
lanla of the Court. From the testimony taken on this
r'anion, it appeared that whin Raker entered Lyng's
lace ia Broadway, ctrnercf Cunil atreet, he was at
ended by ft physician, who probed his wounds and pro
ounced him out of danger, aid fit for travelling; that
e had been aided in his ercapc by a Councilman and a
ollceman of the Eighth ward, and a number of the fancy
itn of the lower part of tbe city: that while Raker's
ccoirplice wa* arrested at Lyng's place at 3 o'clock in
ae morning, the alleged principal wan permitted ta re
ia<n in the house unt'l daybreak, when he left the
remixes unobstructed: that by a ruse those police
ho were really in earnest about the arrest of Baker,
ere drawn oil, and the ^Ifen ler permitted to escape,
?st having been disgui?e>l in one ot the parties' coats. It
alleged that he departed from Lyng's along with Co 'in
Juan Kerrigan, Lauiel i.inn, one of the Eighth ward
Mice, detailed at the Mtyor'a office. Harvey Young,
, ?rge Burns and John Morris?ey. The party, it is al
?ed, Went up Canal street to Centre, up Centre to
alker, up Walker to the Bowery, and up the Bowery to
e Third avenue, and from thence to Fatty Florence's
iblic house, at Macomb's Dam, a here llaker was con
aled for that day; tl at Kerrigan, Young and l.Inn
turned to the city and proceeled to Johnny I.yng'i
ice. that on tbe recond night after he arrived a'
icomb's D?m, linker nai taken away in a close car
?ge. and hronpht buck t-> the city again; that h? atop
a that night at the house of one Brady in Elizabeth
*?t bat kin friends becoming alarmed for ills safety,
ey had him removed to ( bonne la Woo iter str.-et.
re the fugitive rrnnined for a'ewdays, until due pre
ration! had been made by hi* friendn for bit final depar
re from the city. A meeting of his friends took place
te. and it was resolved to present linker with a
Trse to defray hi* expense*, which of course would
ft be lii/ht. A false psir of whickers and moustache
Ire procured, and everything that \:ould be doue to
pid arreit was promptly executed A milk wagon wi'.h
&e , placed in it was conveyed, from Jersey
as it waa their intention to srnngxle Biker
loesto Jersey a* a in lkman. Accordingly, everything
I Dg in preparation on the night of Tuesday, tue fith
|t., Baker was oonveyed to Jersey City, by a well
>wn lirerv stable proprietor in that city, w'no owned
wagon and Invented the plan to furthT Raker's es
>e. Crossing over the fi rry, the fugitive was taken to
liveTy stables of tho man who aocomp mled biin,
[ere he was concealed for that day and night. The
:t day he was conveyed t>> the ho.ise of ths foreman of
Jivery stsbles, where he remained but a ih'?rt tins,
inmates becoming alarmed at his presence, he was
iged to more still further. The man who brought
<er to Jersey City, procured h's admittance into the
|u>e of another friend of his, residing in the suburb* of
towu. Here Baker took up his quarters during
brief tine that was allowed him to stay in
country. While here he was visited by his
uds from New York cn several occasion i, who
noled 'him, and bsde him be of good cheer,
arrangements were being perfected from h's Im
lisle removal from the United States Th? wounds
the received in the allray at St.tnwix Hill became
y troublesome and painful, particularly the one io his
omen, which swelled alarmingly, so much so as to
is him believe that the ball was still in the wound,
pough the doctor who attended him at I.yng's had
iroi hhu to the contrary. Whi'e stopping iiere Be
used to send a woman for the n? wspapers every
nine, and read the accounts of the Stinwix flail tra
' with greet interest. nis pistols he always carried
i htm as well as a sheath kol'e His conduct whits
seemed quite reckless, as he often talked of the
ounter to the wife of the proprietor 01 toe house
I re he was secreted. He told this woman that Poole
shot him and attempted to goujre him; also, that if
I officers were to take liim be would be hanged to a
alnty He relates the whole account to the io
?s of the hou-e, and seemed to put implicit faith in
r secr-?sy. The woman uiuW whose protection Ita
|wss placed became alarmed oue day at the danger
lodger she had in her house, an 1 fearing
if the officers should find out the hiding
j of Baker 'hat her ebllJren might be
I'd in the attempt to take toe fugitive prisoner, slif
bted for the ferry, intending to give information to
(authorities In this city of his whtre iborit*. bat after
|;eg ai>e it half way to thr ferry, she cnn:lu lei that
[ouid be better to remain slb-nt in regard to the mit
|anl scrordingly she returned to h?r dwelling place,
jiout having informed any one of the presence of lb*
tive io her house.
was about this time that Judge Stuirt trace] th*
tive to Jersey City, and thinking that be might still
it the town, be u'*n! every ellort in his powi'r to ferret
the concealment of Bnk?r. As It ta'ies I me to ft
all things, so it took tbe Judge some days hard w^rk
ire an v trace of his hiding place could be obtained;
[at last, by Indefatigable exertions, the lo.allly was
tsintd, and th? next <*aj the exact boute wherein
/was concealed was discovered I*r?ps rations w?re
kly made for a d?sr>-nt upon the premises Captains
ling Speight KlsniT, and one or two more officers,
i selected by Judge Htuart to a""ist him In the on
aking The party, armed with revolvers, started
i this city on Friday night last, and croes<>d
tirrry on their wa; to the place .n question. Airiv.ng
V the premises, tte horses were put ui< :n a quint
bsr, add all approached the building hastily, but
?fully. The front door being reached, it was opened
I the party, with Ue exception of one or two, wh> re
lied outside to watch, ruf tied Irto tbe house an 1 In a
I moments searched every room, nook and coruer In
Ib'til^ing. but the bM had fl >wn some hoars before
r arrivnl, as the o-cupants of the dwelling test fled
On -earchlng the room occupied by Baker, it was
|rly evident to all that he had be?n ttier- hot a few
previous to th?ir arrival. Tbe bed of th? wound
kn was found spitted with blood, and bore evident
es of baring been lately occupied.
jidge Stuart return" d to the city the next m?rnlng,
I however, until he had made a vigilant search
kngh tbe entire neighborhood for the fagitire, but
bout success It is ti lie ved by tb- Judge that infor
lion ' f bis plans la' 1 fi-r the arrest or Hiker on fie
were (? sclo<c t n some untenantable man
| to th- friends i f B??er who, using active prejau
? ?ui cteded In bsftt n,- 'lis pn;lc?.
psterdty Judge Stuart learned from a reliable source
j Raker, who escaped from here on Friday night, had
fan fir the f'anary Islands, and was. ere be obtained
is' ion ef the fact, four hundred miles from this
It was aseertained that on Friday a ptaiage hal
ter gaged for Bat. er on board of the brig Isabella
tt then lying In tbe stream near Jersey 'Sty, laiea
[lumber and sundries for tbe port of 1'aimss. Grand
try Island. This ve'tel cleared on tbe 7th inst. for
Lbove port, but wts.frcm bad weather and unfav>ra
Ir.nds, de-ainrd at J*r-?*y City tor three or four dafs
|rs|>tain of ths brig, he understood, when be dis o
V wftat kind of a pas<er,ger he had on board, pe
Eterily refaned to set stii until be was taken ashore
|r. however, (Irmly r?fuee<( to acc?de to fie wishe.
ie captain, telling him that he would make him
. to hie bargain at all baaarda and an additional
Ired dollars having been paid the worthy skipper,
nnacientione scruples were stifled, aad tbe fngit re
Uiowrd to remain on board. On Saturdar morning,
f ng northwest wind having sprung op. the Isabella
M wsdjhed anchor, and with all s?<i set pro^eaded en
jojsgn to the Canary Ii'andi, A urnng wind blow
ing faTcrable to the craft errr ai& "" "Bt ?'l, It !?
me re than probable thu Ltd >? 'taker i* ndw
freed ft cm tlie clutcbe* ot the It*, h'owaver, the fitting
out of a steamer, in *carch of the '? Mrlou?ly
contemplated Judge Muart will hold ? con*ult*tlnn
with the District Attorney on the propriety" daapateh
irfr, forthwith, the hteamrlup M*gnolia a ">? '?*?
beiia Jewett Baker in by profi-ndon a aaiU r. ha*.
<n preriaun occaaiona, vtnite.1 Palma* H ?>?'"? Hred
f. r foirn- year* in one of the Canary Inland*, it It "ot un
l.keiy that bf will make tbe?? i?l ?u<1* hi* future t omo.
Pending t'1* ? ?arch for Baler, Judge Kuart, npm
tettiinrny taken at hi* office, felt him-elf jua'itlai iu
on't ring the arreit of a cumber of peranni charged a'ith
having aided in elfactlng the escape of the fugitive, aWil
accordingly warrant- were leauel (or the appr?lien<io(i
of Councilmxn Kerrigan, of the Sixtn ward ; llirvef
Young, an allied gambler ; Daniel IJnn, a detllle 1 po
lit email of the Kii{hih ward, doing duty at tbe Mkyor'i
office ; Johnny l.jng, keeper of a aaloon corner of
ltrt adway and Canal street ; (ieorg* Burn*, and John
Morrlpsey. AH theae men, with tne exception of the
lntti r, were committed to priaon in dafeult of $10,01)0
ball tacli, on charge of bela* aeceaxoree, after the fict.
In tbe poa.-teaaion of aon.o of the partle* arretted were
found It turn from Bitlior, while he wai lyinj; conceal*!
in New Jeraey, going to itltow, evidently, that thou*
with whom he had been correapondlng had been hi*
frequent viailtri during hi* brief atny in Jemejr City.
Judge Stuart i* entitled to a great deal of crcdit for
the untiring zeal he mimlfeHted in endearorintr to arr**t
Itaker ; and for the fearle?l manner in which lie canned
tlienrie?t of thoae whom he had rtMM to auppoae aided
and abetted in the eecajn- of one charged with the killing
of a human being deceive* not a little praiie
Before Coroner Hilton.
At the opening of tli? inquest yesterday morning Coroner
Hilton informed the jury that he had caused the arre.it
of a hackii.an named I.ively, whom he had reason to
suppose knew something definite in regard to the uian
that drove 1 taker and hi* party ofT in the carriage; also
that be liad received a number of communications from
parties, without any signature, who intended to give him
some information respecting those who would, if thny
were placed on the stand as witnesses, reveal important
matters to the Jury; that upon his subpoenaing these
persons they all aeemeil to know nothing about the case.
He wished to state that any persons who were able to
give information ne?l not be afraid to give him their
nani(H, as he should not make them public unless he
deemed it of the greatest importance.
The first witness put on the stand, was I.eon Oliver,
who being duly sworn, deposed that he resided at U'J
I aureus street; I know something adout the first dis
turbance; 1 left, l'oole'a plsce early in the evening,
along with him and Mr. Jauciray, and started for .Stan
wix Hall.
Q. What time did you arrive there? A. About 0
o'clock, as near as I can judge.
Q. Well, what happened? A. When we got up there,
I heard singing in the back room, and Mr. Poole and 1
looked in and saw Messrs. Suyriam, liyler and Morrissey
tlure drinking; while we were looking at them, Mor
rissey, who hud been sitting with his back toward us,
wheeled around and saw us looking at them, I imme
diately tapped Mr. I'oole on the shoulder, and told him
that wai private company, and that we had better step
up to tie !*ar and call for whatever drink we wanted;
someone of the company then asked us to drink, and w a
were about doing so, wben Mr. Janeway said, ''Let us also
have something to eat:" as I liad my supper previously, I
refused to eat, but Mr. Pool", Mr. Janeway, and hn
friends, sat at the counter, and took their supper, while
1 sat down slos side Poole, with my back to the coun
tcr; we were not saying a word to any on?, when Mr.
liwin came in and sit down ojipo-ite to u i; h> said
nothing to us, but sat perfectly still; Mr. Cioodbeart
was with him.
<J. Did any of ycur party speak to him ? A. I did not
bear any one speak to H!m; Mr Itaagle, one of the part
ners, then camo up and spoke to Mr. Poolu; they were
standing in the space between the eating and drinking
counters; Mr. 1'ooie had his back towards the back room,
wber* Morrissey and the other party were sitting.
Q. Well, what happened? A. I h?nrd Morrissey say
ing "'1 et me go, I know what 1 am doing," or something
to that elTect; upon bearing lnm 1 go*, oil the stool I
had beeu sitting on and stood with my bark against the
counter. Mr Morrissey then came ou: of the hick room
and wit Iked up and down the room, opposite Po?le.
Q. Did ho come out of the back room alone ? A. I
tlilnk that he did.
Witness? As soon as Morrissey cams out, I think Mr.
Janeway stepped up, aad putting both hands across the
t-pAce where I'oole was standing, there stood with
his face towards Morrissey, >u<l bis back towards Poole;
Morru-sey, wh?n he aaw tbo movement of Mr. Janeway,
said, "You need not hide him," an 1 as be panel
he said, "Ah! iri it there you are, yoJ tUlnvilig,
murdering sou of a b ? ," or words to that eifec'.;
Mr Poole robed hit head up. looked it him, but dii not
say anything; Morrissey then commenced calling liiin a
coward, and said he did not cure to meet him muzzle to
muzxle; upon this 1'ools stepped out in the middle of the
lloor; the friends of both I'oole and Morrissey then cama
forward for the purpose of preventing a collision; Mr.
Irvln then came forward, got hold o' Mori is?ey, and tried
to stop l'itn : as far as I could see, be did all iu his puiver
to stop the quarrel
Q. Idc you see any pistols? A. I did not; there was
such a Hurry that I could not see whether there was or
not; I then went towards the front door, ind stayed
there until the police arrive 1, and wh?n they cams I
w?nt in with them Morrissey was taken away bv the
front door, while i'oole was taken down to the Kl^hth
ward station hour*, by the back entrance, to Mercer
Question by a Juror? Do you knoiv who took Morris
sey asrsy r A. I do not, but I heard it was officer Hue.
Q Did you see any pistols in either Poole's or Morris
Bey's hands ? A. I did not.
Q Did j ou hssr the pistols snapped * A. No.
Will, am Janeway, being duly sworn, deposed that ho
resided at No. "?& <.i<en? street; lie agreed with the evi
dence of the last witless as far as it rel tted to what
occurred in Ntanwix Hsll In the fore part of the evening.
Coroner ? Mr. Oliver said he did not see any pistol, did
you see one * A I did.
Q. With whom A. With Mr. Morrissey.
Witness in continuation ?I did not know thit Morris-ey
wss at S-'tan wix Hall liefiwe I started for there, or else I
would not have (.-one there, as I knew the 111 feeling that
existed between him and Mr Poole
Q Wheu Morrissey came out of the back room did yon
see a t>istol In his liacd? A. I did not.
q. Wben did you see It, then ? A. After Morrissey
had made use of the epithets towards Pool*, and wli. n
the latter tame forward.
Q. Did you bear Morris ej's pistol snap? A. I did.
0 Did the caps explode y A. They did not ; It sounded
to on' as ii theic had be?n no caps on the pUtol
(j. Did you see a pistol in Mr. Poole's h >nd t A. I dl 1
not, but I was under the impression that he had one In
his habd wben be was standing beside the counter, but
1 did Lot see one in his hand.
Q. ? Do you recollect what words Morrissey ma le use of
whrn be came out of the l>nck room, and address* I Mr
Pool*? A. ? 1 think he aaid: " Ah, Is it t'uare yon are,
you murdering sou of a b? ," or soms such words.
Ily a Juror ? 1 id you aee officer Kue there at thia tiros'
A ? I did not.
Ily another Juror ? Wben Morrissey addresed Poole, di I
l.e make nny reply? A ?At first be did not say any
thing, but merely smiled; about a few seconds aft-r
wards, liosrever, when Morriaaey called him a eowanl,
I'oole said, " You tasted my mutton some time ago. and
you did not seem to like It much."
Q ? Did you ue any ooe band Morriirey a pistol? A
? I did not
y ? Ii Poole bad a pisWl, would you have been likely
to have -<en it- A ? I sbomd think so, although my at
trition was directed more to Morrissey than to the for
q ? When Morrissey came out of the back room, di 1
vou see any one wwn; out with him A. ? I think Mr.
hyler came out behind him.
Q.? Did you know who ws? in the back r om when you
entered Ikt saloon? A. ? 1 did not, if 1 lu? 1 know* it I
would have token Poole a say from the place, b it, a< it
wss, I did i.ot Sue any of the party until Morrissey came
out of the back rootn and fa:ed I'oole.
James Irvin being duly sworn, deposed that he resided
at 1UU Ea*t Twenty first street ? I raine to Stauw.i Hall
between ?i^bt and nine o'cloca when I enteral, l'o da
was st a or. ng tietween the eat ng count r and the drink
Ing di; I sat dowp on a chair with my back agaiaat
the well opposite tbem
y Was Mr. Janeway there ? A. Yes, be and five or
til other* were atandmg around Poole
(J. Did rou know any ot them ? A.I did
(j. What were their names A. Mr. i'alrchill and
Capt i?wi> the other parties' names I cannot remem
Q. Well, what happened * A Poole stood with his
right hand in liis packet.
Witness ? I beard Morrisey, wb<> waa in '!?? back room.
aaj Ing he never assaulted a man in his life without
l aving ;en?on tr>r ''"ing so
0. Di 1 yon bear him say " Go away from me A. I
did nr.t
Q. Wei', what then ' A Mr. Morrissey then came
out ot the back room an i be gwi right opposite to
Poole, ietween me and Poole fsbriubt Judge be was
about five feet fn n I'oole, be ea?l, " Voi sre there. *re
you" How hsve you been-'' Then Poole >a d, " You
bavs taeteJ o( me? jou ongbt to know ," " Tee,'' says
Morrissey, 1 jou b ?ck mulled s m of a b? , you and
your fan;: tried to rour ier me,"' IMsmM, " V?u are
a-'amne'l l) ing Irish son of a b? with that Morrissey
stepped up U> the corner of tbo drinkiag bar towards
Q. How far wai be from him ' A. Hetween two aad
three fret, I stepped up between tlx m.
g. Did they speak to one another- A. They growled
but 1 could not say what was aaid.
Q. What happened' A. Poole stuck his linger up to bis
nose sod said, ' Yon taste 1 of rue. but didn't like ia?
t*u*.h," Morrissey was saying somethiaf bac* to Poole
at the time, bat 1 cannot say what he did ssy, Poole
then drtw a pistol and pointod it at Morrnsey'a breast
Q. Wbtre did he get the pistol from' A Prom b.s
pocket; when be drew his right hand out of his pants
icons' pocket be <!rew the pistol along with It; I sp**a
to Poole and said, "Won't you p. it up that' Merr.aaey
bss no weapon with him,'' P<-< le theu st-pp*d out from
beside the counter and aald, "You Irish son of a b - . I
will Aght ton l.reast to breast with piatote ' I again sai l
to 1'nole '-You know he has not got aay pistol with him "
Mr. Morrissey tben replied ''Yea an a coward, aad lets
not fight an vV^dv,'' Pool* then earn* raah'ng up with
a p stol, aad aeld "Ye*. I dare," at ti>e ***?? Uew pee
ssnttng tb* pi* tol at Morrtsoey , at Uia ba* stverai per
toon got in between tbem, aud officer Uu? r?t i? beC'-wW"
Momaeer nail 1'oolt, mil tried to etop tht H|ht u>
? < he could; rotU backed up to the waeb tea am ilwj;
with tbe piitol Htm In bin band, the ciowd fcflowad l??r
risaey up to the wall on the oppoai'.e aide o." tlio roo*;
officer llogan then jumped in to atop tbe alK^r. whea
be had hi* acarf torn (rom hia ueck, aud be aaiit; ?'Wha?
ia tliia done ferf" officer Kue then tried to at*p' the
disturbance; when 1 jumped in to atop the dlaturbanee,
the mur.zle of roole'a pialol atrnck me on the aho^Wer;
Mr. Mark Magulie, who Wait alxo there, told Poile r.^t to
murder the limn in cola blood, Poole then jumped en
top ot the wash ftund, nod ironi It lie got on the bar,
aid here he lerclle ! tlir pialel at Morri?aey agaiu.
y. Did he anap hit pia'.til. A. I did ??t ??e It, nor dfrl
I liear it mapped; he merely pointed It at Morriaaey.
By a Jnror ?Did you not ruit Poole at hie residence,
after he wa.< i>liot, and did lie not tliera arcuae you of
being the * hoi ? mute of the afi'iir. A. fdid not riait
him at hia reaidence
\\ itnei.a In continuation ? l'owja then juropad down oil
tl.e counter, called MnriMfr an -Mriili baatani," "Iriah
ion of a b? n," and aaked him if "h e waa one of thoao
who weie going toTexaa. Mornaejy on tUa other hand,
called I'lrtilv a "coward " l'oole then called bim an
"Irieh KonM ab-h." Then Mark iiaguire aaid to l'oole
that ' an Irishman wia aa Rood aa anybody elae; a? long
a- be behaved himaelf." Poole called him a "d? d liar.
Mr. Magnire gar* him the lie ba?k. Vi hen Pool.' aeked
bim if he wanted to tight Magulre Mil he woold flght
bim "on an equality." Poole then caught up fating
carving knife, and aaid "Now you aoa of a b~h?
tiire him another one " Mr. Maguira aaid ion
tare got tae advantage of me with knirei, X0" alJ*
a bigger aud atronger man than I am Poole
holding the knife in hia band, aaid "1 hare got the
but of you and I wiU keep It." Then M.gmre
aaid, "1 don't want te <|ii*irel with you. Poole, b.<c*u*e
rou are no kind t? my brother; ' Jerry Haley, who w?<
nreaent. launhed at tbia remark, and aaid "thut'a a nice
war to get out of it " I tbeu turned araund, ami I
think I aaw a man banding Morriaaey a piatol; peerioua
to that I beard Moiriaaey Haying that if he only had a
piatol be would give Poole equality; Morriaaey the?
readied towards Poolo when 1 and Capt. l/?w.a and Mr.
Deen caught hold of him by the neok, Morrta?y ahored
I it hi and Ijewi* away fioin him, knocking Mr. Deen a
hat off; the latter itooped down to pick hia hat up,
While 1 bad bold of Morriaaey by tbe collar; Poole tiering
liia piatol pteneoted at Morriaaey, 1 got out of the war
fearing he would ahoot me, Morriaaey then p eaented
bin piatol. when Poole took down hi* nlatol, and putting
it iu hie breaet, Blood looking at Morriaaey.
y. Pid Morriaaey i-nap hia piatol * A. 1 did uol see ruin
do ?o. . ?
O. Did Poole anap hia weapon' A. No.
Q. Well, what happened? A. The minute I aaw tbat
Poole bad' put lii? piatol away, 1 went up to Morriaeey,
wbo atill bad his wtapou pointed at I o#le, and ?at?l,
.?You d d fool, what are you doing,' at the ??0'
time ratrhing him by the collar; Morriaaey replied.
"He ia trying to kill me." The police then ruahel in ana
all the crowit aeemut to gather around Morriaaey; aom? i
one aaid, " Arrevt Morriney, ".when I aaid arroat both of
tbem; officer Hogan then tcok Poole Into cuetody , when
Hue coming In I told Morriaaey to go along with him;
Morriarey raid, "I will if Poole la alao arreated; I tol l I
Lim that be bad beon arretted , Morriaaey then aaid,
' Very weU, 1 am wilPng to be taken away."
y. Did rou erer hear MorrUfey or auy other party
Uneaten to take the life of l'oole? A. I did not; on one
occaa on wten Po?,le and hia party threatened to whip i
me and I told Morrinaay of it, Haying I wanted fa r play,
be Kaid, "If more than one cornea at you, 1 will do my j
beat to prerent th?ra;" that la all the threat* I ever
heard Morriaaey mike agiinat l'oole. ,. ... ,
(). Did you erer hear ??y on* threaten tbe life ot J
Poole* A. I never did. . . I
y Did jou erer hear any one of late threaten to whip
bim? A. No, eir, 1 bare not. i
u. By a Juror.? IHd yu not go to Btanwlx Hall on j
Sundav morning to ace Poole? A. On Sunday morning, |
while '1 wa> ut my reaidence, jome one called a' "'/
bouce and aaked me ir I would not go ball for Mr. Hyde,
who li*d be?n nrr??te<l for gamldlng in Third arenue,
w?' came down to the Tomba, and there I want bull for
him and two ot hia friend* on my way up Hroadway I
Haw C'rrua Shay, who told me that Poole waa ay ng, I |
wf nt up Broadway and aaw the blood upon the al !e?aU,
I felt aorry at what I heard; I then went and had aome ,
l n-akfaat at Klorence'a; on my return to Stanwi* Hall l j
went into the room where l'oole waa lying, llyer waa i
there, aa well an the ioc'or who attended b-m I went up
to bin bedrlde to ree how lie wn?, wlieu he roue up in th?J |
bed and auld, " Tou are one of tboae murderiog ?on? of
b_a I" 1 rt plied tbat I did not cim? there with any fe^r
?tbat It waa out of good feeling I eamc there; Poole |
aaid. " 1 will take you one <d theae daya, when I re
plie^, " I hope *ou will get w?H," I then left the place
By a .luror? if. Waa Baker U- the roi,m at the nr*t fra (
en a' A. He waa aittlug in a chair, but be waa not aty j
'"?! Tl'lj'?'kn?w where Bake, ia or where he went to i'
ntter the occumnc* ? A. 1 do uot know anything about I
? Wna Hue roberf A llehal been drink ng, but he J
wa* fit to do hU bnsineaa. |
y How .lid jou know tbat Monger had r."
A Pt'CAiiK# lit> t old mM ll?
Q Did TOO h?ar any of tbe p.rty aay tber would come
back to Htanwlx Hall and ta*e l'oole ? A 1 d " ""'.
y. Did you liter liaktr aey no? A. I did not *?' Ibik r (
wft^r t)ii? police c?nio in. ... . ??..?:? ?
y How did you know that Morriaaey waa ia SHnwix ;
ir.n !? p nMitr n'tfht ' A. A man 1??M m ? tn*t d?? .
!i*, rt."f r.. "t.- !
nerd aaiaulted any man in uiy life, without pro^o a
U(MiIba. ICucnlaghain being duly aworn, depoae.! that
be n ilded ?t No. Ill Uaiienard aUeet- I know Bothing of
tbe muaa ; wbilel ?*? irinking In the "
t ?i,iiir il atreet. aome one came in and aaid that Morrla
ney bad a difficulty with Poole in Hroadway; I tb?n go ^
up and a.k?l tl.ia young man where ^^^7 ,w"rt^
told me 1 e waa in Bioadway eomejrhera, and I a arted
in, llroailwaj to ?ee it I could find bim
o What tin* wae thief A. About t?n o click wben |
1 irot un 'in far ah Canal itfe?t I law Morrin*?jr ocrminf
down to tbe corner of Canal aireat, walkiug with aome
? itb himt A. Officer Hue, < barley Van ,
reM. and, 1 tb.nk, Paugene, but 1 am Mt
the latter l*icg in the rompany, I went up to Merrteiey
and aaked Wm W come boie, -h-n be lookrl around
"m" nd .ail, ' I will a. 'y ? 'P 1
take a drink, ' we wtnt up to Johnny Lyng a pu.e,
and S'oniaary called for a bottle of wine.
y. Waa 1'augene there then/ A. I can t ?wear tbat h
WQ.' Wee Turner there? A. He waa , be appeared in a
few minutei after 1 came in
y Waa liaker there' A. H? know
y. Waa be in company with Tomer. A. Idontkoow,
h? wh<i tliere along with all the reat
y Waa C<irneliue Linn there ^ A. I did not aee bim, b ;
be might l.are l?en there.
y. Waa llyler tbeie' A He ?a?. (
y Wliat time waa tbia/ A About 10 o'clock
y W bat wa. .aid? A I did not llaten much , but the
ron vernation appeared to be n reference to tbe diflic iity
tbetoeeaired atfcUnwlx Hall; I di 1 not baar -inougU of
the talk to form any Idea of wliatweaa going oo.
y Who appeared to lie t?li.u>? the unit A. 'Iyler,
but' be appeared to l? ttlkl- all l?bo??i ? u-tch tba. be
ha-l made on l*oni?ey in I biladijllih a
o Wha* kind of a mat?'h eld heeayi-waa a |
cen t *ay wbctler iteaaa lighting maUb or running
Q. Vu Btker theie wh?n you flrat want In? I etn t
IJ I>id he go in alon j with you'' A ! can't aay.
<j Wee Turner lo U.<re when jrou first weut in' A.
That I can't ??f
Itjr a Juror? I)o /on know him? A. I Jo.
y. Wat lljler th're when you flrnt went In' A. I
rtt't ?ay that I Haw an; on? ex apt Morriaaiy whan I
ftrat wenV but wl.pn I zot !n, ani when tlj?*y at?pp?.-l up
to ilrlna, I thru a?w all tlieee ui?n.
?; Mara ton heard any on* of thea? p<r?ona threaten
th* Iif? c{ Huola" A. I did not, ?ft-r they hal tfot
through dr ntinir, Mr Mt rrl ?-y and I went to go ho no,
when be aaid we might aa well eto|> at Mr. Alien'a, No.
i n Uapeaard ?treet , here we entered alone, an-! M'irriaa ay
ce'led I'ta Lottie of wina, a par! of which ha drank , I
did lot dr'nk ; Morrtraej treated the party, wa '.lien
n'arted to no home, wheu ha In Hated on going Into
I ycg'a again to hare another (?ritk, ami ha rrimlaa-t aa
eoon an ha got that if rink he would go home . wa vent
into lynx'* eg?in, and aft?*r getting a drink In there
etarted and went home; I put him to ??d ha aaaroad In
toxicated at thla time
Q. While you were at I.yng'a, who did yoti ???a" A. I
eiri't tell who wan there I did not take particular no
tice of anybody.
Q Wat Baker there- A I did not ?ee h'm, all my at
teuton waa <lir?eted to Morriaaay , 1 wae 'rjing to get
him home and that waa aa much aa a little fellow Ilka
me could do, we went aa far aa leoaard atreat, and
theme to the Belle I mon and there took a drink again
re there mat Mr. Miner, hot none of the party In <|ue?
t.< n. we t rank there two or three tim?e | too'. Morvto
ney from '.her- home an-l put him to bed and I a'ald
with him until ha got aalaep, it waa ona o'clock before 1
laft him
y. Wban did yaa flrat hear of thla difficulty* A. In
the Belle Usioa at thla time I knew nothing of the
? he* ling affair; when I left Morrlaaejj'a I ram? towar-la
ti e Halle t nlon . I met Mr (iabrtel < aee. who lleee In
Norfolk a'.reat, an-l who told ma thai there hal haan a
?hooting aerape tip at >Hanwli Hall, that Poole ??i
killed, 'lurn?r wa< ahot and Baker wa? ehot . he aal-l he
had tear-: of the affray : he coold not haee Men IV bo
rauee h'- waa in th? telle I nl' n when I took Morrlaaey
down: t ia^ulrtd o' i ?? > -. ? rurner wa? he aaid h?
beard le *a? in J '.n ?. where I ?ft*rwar-ta want
I aaw Tnrr-er the, h * on a mattreae in the be rk
room, v th a doctor attending to t!?e wound In hia arm
l-aker waa n- t there; 1 did not hear any one -ay any
thing atMut I taker, or that ha had been there a Mr.
fetry and Mr Hayhea were there I hoar! with Mr.
I'atry and h a wife, at 12 LiM>*nard (treat
W. Hate you heard Mr. lvtrjr aay where Maker waa ?
A. Wo.
Q. 1n> yon know yonraelf where Baker ie" A Mo
y. Hid you hear any ona aay who halpad bin to aa
cape' A No.
Q Ware yon wall acquainted wit - thoae parte* * A
I waa only well acquainted with Turner aol Morriaaay , I
don t fcr.ow moeh about the othera
<j. Were Baker and Turner eery la'.imate A I don't
know that tbay were particularly ao -not more than ' w <
acquair taacee; Paugene aad Turner ware aboot Ike
eame they uaad to meet raaually ta a frlaad!y way
Tt.rner baa ?-een back ftoa 'ahforaia betweoa two aad
three montha.
To a Juror? After I look Morriaaay to the Bella I'aloa
I did not bear hian aay aaythlag about tbe part aa re
tun nf to Dtanwli Hall, be waa too drunk to know aay
tbiag about It.
Qrtitto* b/ ? Juw^etttv ctM ;a^ V? be a? lata teX
ed in takinj him home tbat A. lw*?
??d of hii, ami have taken b?m ''M* *fore.
Q Wire jou in dtauwix Hail that '"Kht? A- ? ?
y What In j our occuj^innV A. 1 decline
that qne.tlon; I don't roBor ?teaf. . ..Una
roioner ? Vou are not obliged to BMwer that qu?
ir It would degrade yoar.elf.
H'itne.*? Well, it might. There are many thla?? ?<*?
n6C Vil with one'. .elf which a man would not wish to
toTb.\?*a!ni nation ol thin witnea. w?w here elo.ed, and
<1* fm oner notified him tha* he nbrnild girt bail in lua
(iu ? of k'bW f?'r bla appearance a? a wttnvM It* the ca.e
of l?aol* ?*hen the trial came M?. _ ,
vrxirla VeCab* being duly .worn, iWpO?*d--l U*? at
43 (*r?.by ..vr?-et; I l"4" MorrU ?ey ihortlj after hi* fr?">ub!p
W,u> DeyonV wi"* l7' "re "the fir* arm. v-r? got that
?.rt WJrt-en Poole wa. .hot' A. No; I do not an...
Tod have never lV"?rd whether the ?artie? 1 ?l
any |>?act> 1o load tLeir arum with ttM intention of irtioot
Art TOW nciun '"ted with any of ?ie*? part*" A.
! Y-i f am Vciu'ann -1 with M.rrU** Hakar, Turt?,
w?9tflp Lyrtf. ami > acquainted ooU.
Q DM you cypT hear anj or then# thmttu to
Ukc Poole'- life- A I don t think {have i
0 Are you ?u?e that trou never have *?>?< ?,
U Ml! Tou ?ee the pur 4ie? on the night In trie way "ho. |
. Y / w ,n | i. own plane about i o c,?rl'
I iaw -ie other p.rWee at Mr I yn/'n about 11
that n?ht I u> none of fte partie. botwee.t the time
I raw Pt?Ie en* eleven o'clo *-k that night.
y IHd jou bear f.mn thet,?v A. Y??. 1 heard a g. n He
man aay Hint Poole n:vl Morr i?ey had had ?d. Acuity.
I went ir.tfc AeVer'. i bout 10? o'clock, and t tew heard
that one ct the p.rty wnx in.iim'il; Mr. Acker did no
??< then that I oole wi ? .hot', I ihen went to Mr. Lj?g
1 ?nw Morrl??cy, Hyler, luker. Turner, 1 a'U?oe,
neliu. Mnn and Van IVA; all th.??e neeined in company
tovnthei 1 beard Morriw?y ?ayii It be had a dlflcalty
^Ith IW>U-, ami thai ti e. both '%? P '; Morr
th<'n left the booHe, arwt M>nie at the party went , ut
w th hrni, hut ran*) barli I entertfl into cn?rer?ati >ft
with Htler, Hid a?ked Him whiit the diltlculty w.ta
ahout^le n*iil that he wrut with WAmaitey to ijtanwi j
Hall to ?et HUI>I*I. and finrol dereral ><f?er( In tbe Rack'
room they w.Te all there Viffether wh?w Poole came In
the barroom; M"rrt??"y w?it out and' epoke to I oole,
when the quarrel en/ued; Hyler -aid he wa, Ko.nic
home, that he had h.-. n cat of town, wl wa? not on
rery noo.1 term, with the p.O|.rietOra >*
a. they had not treated hit family well while h? wan
aw a* Paugene a.l U Hyler ir he wai *oin< up the
street he angwered '?Pre?entlyt"?i thla, .'wmeraod Ma
ker came in and tola llyler that Morr.??e7 waa orer in
ll^nard .treet; llyler, Pa mien., Maker Turner, Van
l'elt and linn all atarted out t (gether. ?n i "?o"r ?*Jr'n*
that Morrinaey wan in Uapenard ntrcet, tn-l that they
had better no and aee him; none of tl omand where
?h^y wm go'tur; I l.a?e heard that they went to I he 1
Citv Hotel, and from there to Ktmwii 1UU; they went
out about 11 ; 1 think it wan after 11. and elo, k
i> im? Hilar auk any of them to go r A. no.
& lrtd you hear Hyfer ?y that he wa. afraid to go |
h?U "ldd you hiarNa?ny of them *lvo any reaaon for rolng j
??u'..tC/ A. No" the, h,d tomo talk amcng then,
,eWM which I <1M not hear. ?B
y 1 lid you hear them th?eatemB? any one A. N
o Did they .eem to have a common uuderaUl'lltK
when tLy went out- A. Ye., at U-r Hyler a.-.ved them
t0g'\vaa Mr. Lyng the^V A. Yea. Hyler laid, ?!<et nn
take % drink before we go,'' ^medmnk ?dw?"?ke4, ,
' ga'ddWtheyt1^?1 M if th,,-T l,,d * COI"m"n P"^J !
Iioing out "together' A. When one w-nt they alt went,
theiS wa. a good deal of whl.penng, I'augtue went be
lilnd the coanter and talked In a low folce l<? a young
uar of the hanie ol William. , William. i? barkeepm and
My 'C the'r'e ?uy olheH low talk that you did not h.arf
A Y.rf ther Mewed to b?i Ulklng to one another . tlw re
i.re .t'her iVrlie in the hack room, but thi. low talk
w.a only among them.elT?.; Morri.aey had gone out at
" (j 'tv*. Morri.wy present when there wa. low t?lk
? ; '? V* . Morri*Hey apiwNirwl iutoxicatod wh**a
went eut, after they whi.ptr-1 they .t.rted together,
_ ? :r the v h<i?l a common underntanamif ?
"o Art you .ure that HyUr did not ..y he wa. afraM
?'n h^me- A Ve- . not white I wa. in the hou.e
4 Di'l yvaheai any threatening language toward, any
"I" PiT eee a" Vwea pou* ^th an, of them' A. No. ,
0 lidTuTeHa.Tr o'f them, y the, ha.1 weapon. '
X i hear' llvler ear that he ha>l ?ent an>l got a pi. ol .
A. 1 heard ll)i?r aay ^ ^ Ur An,lr.w4,
no otheii of th.? company ?ay they h.wl plrtoU
u Did Mr William., the bw?ee|^r. make any re
I.,ark? to vou after they went out? A MO.
y. IHd you aee them that night afterward. . i ?
' VlW h'"r *r,jr of tU" pirty Uwt ' ?"'# """
?'u'WreyoU'Veeu any of thru. ?W?' A. I nave m~u
n.l. r end ?lerrl-..y ?'??' ?, "?*' ^ uneo-eer^Uo.
hurt* UoMh,.,; and that 1 tb??M hewould dto Mor^
"r-'t tVmeV.i >-??
of roo>
the inUut^'n of g?S "J.UnwU ld^but cW^d m,
mliid lor I thought ther. might be .ome d.raeuuy
,bniWi^teeb.l.CbgU.*b.*ll ^'Z'lro of ??00 to apt^r
(?a, U.OIH ng at half pa.t nine o clock.
In ref,m"l? the a..erU.ne that dui.ng tlje obee
, i.(, William Poole, aeveral of the fan- 7
T?-^.-lUh^;r?"",.?lonh\rtUtC one 'of" them 'in
tt" at
^u'th.Twta'^fHei'?: trf the famlly of the de,ea-.l .
t? at W? .fen.!e.l the funeral, an I that no .uch tran?a^
to wMeh your informant refer. t*.W place, f> o-.r
i 1 anil that frem mir attendance, and the In
JDO*i wl t.-ok In the proceeding", bad .uch occurrence,
taken pUc^wi^ inX. Wrd of them other than
through the channel cf the U~ ?' /. KK>T,
ProcrrM of the Mniilrlpol RtTolMlon.
The harinee? at tha office yrator lay, waa not
?? tri?k aa ufutl. There were ? few petty criminal < *<??*
before Juftlce O-borne, bat nothing of auy Importance
occurred durini? th? day. The complaint ho>k wan In aa
great demand an erer ; many of tha complaint* reoordad
*n It, howerer, were of a. trifling character, while
other* were repetition" of gnerancea and ntilaaicea
which ha?e b-i-n recorded In It eter ain-e It ha* heeo
o|*tie' In (act, M It la mw permanently eatatihehe!,
and it* eiiatence well known. we ahall only publ ah audi
C'.inpUmta fr< m it a? are of particular in'-ereet an) lin
po-tan " to lb* public. Ktery caee of neglect on the
part of ofJU ial* connected with tlu city government eball
Se doly noticed, an I the other hu?int-"< of the nlllee rn
ported aa anal We hare given the Major our na.it
ance and cooperation in p?rm*n Dtly eatabliahiog hia
" ?mIi," an t i' la t? he hoped that It will prove a* ef
frctire a- It abould in abating man/ of the naiaancee
with which our city la at pre tent aflli tel.
The par Ilea arreated for the ndulteretion of milk hare
troctiftd t>?ll, bat the Mayor la determined to pioaecuta
thrm to the utmoat eitent of the law, an ! lui a lalge
number of wlttaaeon who ana toatlfy to all the pnrtlcu
l.ira of the offence with which th?-.t have baM chars*-!.
Tlie e m?n h??e eeen (hem en|a| -il In tha proc??* of
adulter*' on w th powder, an-l other euVtan ?> a, which
ar? moat .leurlona to tha health
Thie even nt the l'olr? (Vmirnlaaionera holla meeting
for the 'rial of eharge* air a n?t joli'-emen and lha tran
action of other hu?ine?? bekntiog to the department A
coa?i-!eral.l? number have already been rumored for
neglect '' ''ulTi iBtoticatioo, end verona o(!- e e.
againa*. the joiice regulation*, and othera appoint* ! in
their placet. In the caae of ISaker, who m ordered I'oole,
there a| (e-ara *o ha an Imprvea on that he waa a Biom
her of the police force at the time of the fatal I
aflrey at -tenw i Hall, whii* tha fact, la he reaignel
m cooee i >en' e of the chargaa that were ma-la egeintt
him el'e* hi* e-mult on Ihoana* M?er aMM (!?? >r ?>?
? weak* ?go In tha morLiag after that occurrence, tha
Mayor ha . him eu?p< nded Irom duty and pay, a*l aetl
ftr.i bim t-> appear l-e'ore the Coai-aUitoaero to MMwar
the -Large preferred againa*. him. He ?.m|.l e4 with the
not, re, hi t *>ked tor time to prepare hia defeat", whiet,
waa (ran'e>l. Inatend, however, of doing *o, he wmi
after Urirtered hia r* a * nation, which waa ace p ted, eu-l
reared U, to n( to the poitca atout three w>?ii before
the affray at'Unwii Kail.
The I i\ 'K>r law waa rigoroualy en'or-ad laat ^-in-lay.
and few. r areeela were roa'la than on any Htrtf ? ivfe
the lat of January It louat he ronatlerwl . ho? la;
that a large proportion of thea?liee were eropiore I la
utii . noil ' rder at U>a funeral proee?a.on of Iww
f.ater from the llahaaua.
Py the arrual at Cli?fWftna on the Mb Ina' ? '? e
Hut .'i .chooser < arleton, tJa tain -eee'log 'rooSa
? au. M l' , we ?r? .a r?<-*ij4 of i? th? f?Mi n't
lh? Aioerifan hark < Lar ea B Trultt, tlap'aia Van
nern.an ^eft New Yo?k on tha ^tk of January, for W.l
| m>nf tor, C . In ballaat and arnrad at Nae^ao un t .e
Mth ult. la a le*ky eo?.j|tion.
1 ha bncantine l*rpendant r?pt Harllng. arrtre.1 at
Htr?Ti ' n the l'.th alt , in forty la; < fr n, l/in! a
Bermsda Three dar> after ahe ..ft Woym-.ath ->?
1 perlenre<l rery h?i ateroaa weather, dortng wi. uhef
I upiraa'a aere carri -l ae a r. I?ha waa ton daya on t>er
pa>aage from liermuda to Saaaaa. ?n aeroai t of *?l?a
i ft it eaaiel waa a H-.a. an pr?i?, eaptura4 la the ftaitw
and a a* alle>! IM Najnaiea
The ^it tua 'Jfcaer-cr, of tha 9T,th of Jannary aay? -
The ?,ri( >*.?-?. fcrown, ma<tar, of aad for lx>n<><'r. 'r>?ni
Haeaau. oat tLir y wti day*, pnt nlo Knghah HnrV.r
in dlatr?>i on Tt ur?day mornag, baring e? Mrenw-i a
aa-ere rale on the at h oat. , lat Vi M long 49, I J w *. ' h
? he loot #?e of the araw r**rt<?-nrl (the nu ?? **? at
the aoire t ae waahat Oeertward, hat waa fortaanl*)/
<i*ec ; . l<.ata gall^*. eeewrsl etnwhanee beiararke,
knifM hea n twirU-t off and Mnrtod. a la*, t. j ?>
<oim aad he^foar (ftaAnN ?p?, t%?ir; epara,
Ml la, U
Italian 0]Hr?? Brnrflt of the Arntlnny Km*
."he Academy <f Mimic wae opened njun U<t o./li!
for .'l" benefit of the ArtlntK ami emjtloy<-a of the
biuae, 'uHorerit ia conaeiiuence of the abrupt termina
tion of !.**? eaaaon under tbe management < f Mr Ola
Bull. Tbe ">pera on the occaaion wan " I.ucia dl Lam
(niermoor, " ? Hignor Rrlgnoli, ^hia (Irat appearance
in lb* United h tatea J ax lvlgarJo, Signer lladiali aa Aah.
toil, Pignor Cole ?* Raymond, and Madame llertucea
| Maret/tk aa l.uc. '*? Notwlthatanding the atfcacti<m
1 of a popular Opera w!"J ? n"w taaor, and tha paenltar
1 nature of tli* appeal made by I be artiat* ou thli> o'oa
, a'on, there waa but a t. ,iu hou <e? tlie Academy not being
' mine than .half tilled. P'**"uie that thia paucity
[ of attendance ia partial! T cauaed by the fact that It ia j
j not faahii naMe to go \ 0 ,h* Opera 'luring the aea j
rou of lent. With the exception of the Edgardo i
of tie night, there ia noth "* which call* for apacial J
remark in the performance o; ' ltt,t The I.ucia i
wae bardly aqual to the re.|ui "meuta of the part, bat '
*?nt tlrougb with It renpec ul|ly. -^gnor llanall la
peifectly at home hi aucli pai ^ ** Aabt'in, and bia
apirlted aaliug an i artiatic e*ec uUon bia tniialc re
reived a gre;?t deal of well deaerv, ,U ?PP1???. *l*aor
Hrigcoli haa a pure, eyuipathetlo tej. or Tolo#i *n'> *?ia a*
ecutiou prorea that ke ia a thorough . x,,l,t He did not
make an lumenae ?en*sti.n, hut rrea' * favorable tin
Jreaaion. Ijke almoat all tenor*, he U * ,'*'1 *ctor, and
ia. moreovfr, very awkward in theordin u' bu?iueaa of
U.-4 atage.
7hel,ou<e wip* a mixed one ? contain 'ng all aorta of
peojfe; very few qf the " Oiat fa mil'.ea " (?o
cnllei") honored the ocenion with tin '* "?'"?'da
patrojige. Ther.* wai a rery democ r*Uc P111"*
?luette i?d necond tier, nod the apt-cimen ' ?' *''*
torrary arattered Swra and there through Wl" P4r
qilette c.'Wle *eeme<l tn be "btosmiog alone." Tbe per
foimaiice, i>i the whole, waa above mediocrity, ? ?ml aa
the I'xpenaoa were tri Hag , w? preitame that tn ? atfair
will net a fair aum to 'be peraeaw ft,r whoae bei
rn* given.
Hrmihtay Thra'lf-Atwnirr Dflrnl.
fcb?rM*n Knt>wle?' pl?yr "The Wife," wiw p?rfori
leu Tory crowrte>J k?uM lint ereutnif. The M*rl* **
of th<- night w?? Mi*? Urn) jm, a young Uily ?lio li "
heretofore be>>n lUlte ?uceW?fo! ? i ? ro?d?r of Shaki.
An tbei* fcie r.n ??*t? to be tatil, an-l ? ni-url)
e?erj foot of evkitkble n'.uti'li m moaj n-tin o*v'ipli"l, we
w?r? uniil> e to no Anything -floro thm .Intecbi'J por
tions of tlie [crformance ? 'mrvilj i r>o"i;h to iu >x? mil
tally of tbe whole. I he part of MarUui* >a a favor 1 1* |
one with novice* unit nrnateur* ? why wi< - unoot a?e, bo- |
ratae t lie charaoter I* a diQlcult om to enact,
aud ranch of the inl?*re ?t crntrex tvpoa Julian
ft. I'lerre, to the eieluaion of the heroine vf the play
A* the author wrote Ht. I'lerre for Liaiielf, it waa only
natural that be aboulil make it oreratado** all the other
part* in the piece. A* the play in oft?n perfurrned, the
d< butant ' bun alto td ?rrn(fi(h' a^alnat comparative cr.ll
cmm. One'* friend* m?j hare chanty? tfu- play goin<
public 1 an little of tb;it bleated fjaaity. Th"i* were
lome of the difficult!** in Ml** flr!'g?a' path latt night.
We are of the opinion that *he overeamw tUein in part.
Hbe in a line looking woman, of about flvwivod twenty, ,
appaiently, Willi * fully developed Og<bT*, alglitly
inclining to rmbwijMint. Hbe ia gilted with a
beautiful face, and a reioe wbieh, '.Ikii.-Ii out
very powerful, 1* atill round, fnll an I plea
tint ller reading in that of a practise I "locution
iat, and ahe give* ui Kugli >h pure and undented Her
atagc In-ine-* la alter tbe aterrotyped atyl*? rather too
alow? but tbia may tm accounted for by th? cerroaanea*
attendant upon a llrat appvarance. It ia a common
fault with novitea ?>r? the atage to |i?t the act! m follow
the word, Inatwed of giving the action with tl.w woria.
>!? m the portiona of the petformmee of M.ir<r.mt which
we a>w lae t night, we alioiikl iBdge that M?? Bridge*
?** nut tree from tbia eiror. Hie la eaay and tmeeful,
and htr ge?t> re* *?< rued aj propriate. Hk? uxla a fa
vurable imprrt-.icn ? w?a railed out? recoived with g*n
ml applauoe, ami com|>lliiiea'e4 with oumrrcae boo
qaeta. Khe will appear eveiy night <M? ??.u, i.?
Etn'.ut, Beatrice, Julia (" Hie Hunehba l,'1) awl ao
Mia* Utilise* had tbe advantage if a good raat in the
male character* in "The Wife " Julian fit. I'lerre ' Mr
toirwayi, l.ecnar!o (Mr, Imitriu), and i'errardo (Mr.
Harebell), were all well played.
Pai. ii ? m> Oarum Hrurrr *> Mnoui ai ucaft.
?Many of our tlieatii<al reader* wUl rrrae nt>er Va4um?
Aegu-ta, ?o we'l known and a? |? pelar, aeveral^eara {
a nte, a* an accoupliebed duninu/. A* a wo nan, ahe
baa alwaya teen univeraal)/ re?p? i ted, an I aa an urtlat,
*!.? poaaraied great power, tendered by the mo*te?rjiii
ute grace anil Hnlab of atyle liurUig the paat ten da**,
ahe haa auatained a aodilen and aerieu* fanUy afttv.tton,
iu the diath of her hoiband, M. i'e .Saint Jamea, wlio
wa? one day vlgoron* and apparently hanllby, at U ?n
the lint died in hia arm cbatr, of aa aiTeattorvtii tbe
M. de Halnt Jamea waa dearer*;**! from one of the no
bl??t famille* In Kranee, and waa generally believed to
Le tbe only living litwl deaceni'aat of tb>' Htuart reya|
family of Kogland M <le Heiot Jarnaa t.eUl the raak ht
aa ofllcer in the fiiirdr Hu Cntj i of (.liar lea X, and had a
high petition In the Court of that monarch.
In con?ei|oea>e of the revolution of la m, whl !a.l-oe?
tbe eM? r branch of tbe llourboa family frim the throwe
of Kranee, tf. da 9t .lain* (who ba I already l?e*n united '
in marriage to Ma lamo A ugaata, U>en a youa/, >???
t ;f ii I *nd very popular danim",) r ar.e to thi* cooatry, '
where he baa been well and favorably known for many
yaara, Madame Auguata haa now beeu left ia a aoana
wbal ? ?nt>arraaa?'l rood tioii, and we Itm that ewveral
of ber fr .end a are preparing to give h>r a ce npiiiueutary |
beneftt We hope aad truat it may auccaal. It ia x Uw
timoalal deeervad hy hi r waetli aa a prtate ladlvidual
and by ber pablie aatietle career. We call op</n <mt
theatrical filen>:? to glva their al I to awall the prr<caeda
of tbia tribute to ao eminaiat and deaereiiag an artlat aa
Mailae.e Aoguata.
11m Viae Arte.
Manoaaf Ac?- mt or liwio* ? The thirtieth tm ual
eihiMtiou of thi* aociety waa opwnel eeaterday at No.
Ml Hf a'' war, the laraU of the I)?*i?4dorf (ialiary. Ttie
pre-ent exhibition will rompare favorably wit! tb aa nt
former year*. There are about two bunlred and Cfly
ptcturwa on the walla, inclmi.ng a fee erayoa* anil aeve
ral eiedltable water selor >tetcliea. Want "f a; a.e
pala a* t o poetpoae tbe pobiication of aa >ilemiaJ ao
<i?r i nlflllKtut f
Tiiii i: m> .-mm M?r?n?o Uhmiki- 5? pukllo
ba 1 in o|'(?<rt laily /n'?f Uj w ng th > >?? ? nw*p
lit hinaa la of *tat'?a A vorljoo of N???a . atraat.
Ann Itmt, tn J Park row, ? u elaaaarf, ml U.a
trial tfmr ! u ?factor/ *? tbattba
*11 a?>r tha !,t ,t X'f r?at ta
fp?tUir af lk? l*araM iirl. It aoaM ba wall .a
loltrt lit*# v-wi.. o??, fart rotnpabaat rouuii .vaa to
ta aj|?.t?.t?>l. ?a l?r tta au'?tr?? of tba anUMrltiaa, la
n<i?? in ? i ri of 'batr aa I
paMlab tbrlf rajc. rt If all tfcat la aa'4 I* tbair favor to
Ira*, it imIJ to wall f r ll?? w'borlt 'i ta tut it, ??
that tbay at; Uta ItsKa-llata aWpt to br'r.j than ial<i
fraaral uaa. With r?(?r< 1 to 1ha>* Btarb*n?".t ?? aiaa
tn mI> a 'orrrcttcn <T a m MttUioal bums' a our 'la
ciiith i <J tUa Tl? material ?>f ?bl*b II# toar4 af
tha aro?l ?? U rt)tnpn*4 if ,??aba, la aiti (trunf "a
(!??? bat tha n'wtt act "f a i-j?. '.tolaiiaa" >? {Mint,
1 abttb ff ?? id *r.?t ab .0 l?? ? -.o '&? l~< '??* f ? ill aa
prorlara of Aioa)1 <ai, In Ihtul Tin* ? utolao'a la
, ?rr*l; '?.(.Inyad 'a luaflaivl la tba t-t.a?fac<?>? of
I rktba, liaalwa. aa a r.tottata l?.f bnitki la
Mt? lr i'uf< it baa i?n a * 1 h*aip It .*
?amC?fH bj Ja '??? to ba - jj-Ii r la \ -bar/ or ilult
k> aa h r liimoi ki i?i?> t?? alrrala alth
Til ???'*? a .? !.< a ? la* Maaa;?ra a^ tiia
| <?..<???! <npbva A?>l?ir. ar? ml a.tb an i|;?*l W, tba
(,? Ik b> aii that wwioVai, u It l? &o? <toa|>lj> !?
?alt Tba; La?? ?/> cb.l?r?n la ' bar (a , ^4 tbair >a
J? I ?nv ata to i'wiI S J, tlrr It la to ha b >^4
' that tbn .Ji'l'it'i. aill ba 1, ?? 4 >.a? Urn ? b.r
, r T. l i rr??i aaaft to Uaa |>arVaa far ah-, to ib aai
? ?Ubl>aa4
latatti'i" ? * h'rw Will 'V rrtt-Tbt a*? a?heol
U'i ? '?? 11, la Har?atoaaib atraat Mar t. < b 1 b ara
| Bo*, wy ba 4*4"?ato4 to 4ar, at 1 P M < WrWa Km/
f ? r ?' f <? l italria f?,n??a tail (b> ar-all'* r?frt< u(
i U> N*? Yart 1 ot?ar?-'j all! oar'.tc t^ta la lb? ?! r
1 ? 4>'a, ?it'b aiu ba '4 a* aVara?n*( (tvarvtaa
Wa? >l I . i. lit*. ... , .
Iba l't.U-1 Plat** raw* ao'a, Ca^'a-a T4
i l?tr?|lMlt a! p?r.a?i.t "f r. *? - ? .??
Ifc >1 l a ?? tba l*t o* Jaouarf fnr toa far t? TU
fr lb /. a ta baAb ba* f?ra and sa'a 'apa ?a1 b?r
r t ? ;?r<! vara di^crra-i to ba ia ?? ra"?a a - va4 U??
tut*, iba; ba4 U ba b / h> ??"
(. ollllrnl InttlllKriicr.
srvf UAMraaiu bi.mtiok.
The ? lectio* for is '?*" offlr?r?, member* nf T a|if?
Mil Legialature, will 1,1 ? f'?o* to dajr la Nev*Ilain|)
*hlr*. Tin- ranvaaa Uir?. ?gl-'>ut haa i*<<ii ?pirif4 Mid
exciting, *n0 no altorl lite >"rn "pared on th* pftrtof
Ui? politiciaa* of >11 partita l" *m tha affection* of 'h?
people and xrcure their vcte?. admlniitratlon drat
crat* and the Know Nothing* a "rm equally > angius* ?T
anrr?a?, while the wbiga anil free a. dtora?re ouly ?lrivi**
to keep up a ie?p*ctable (how, in ?'>!*r avoid loM
More than u?ua! internet attach** the *l*cU*?
member* t f the I e|( Ulature, aa on thl /'ody now to he
cho*en will devolve Urn ael*cUon of two met n,M!r* "f th?
I'nited State* Senate, In place of JohnH. Walla *U<1 Jw*4
W William*, who now hold their place* undft ?PPO*? l
nenta from th* Ciovein'.r.
n.c following arc the i.amea of th* can lidate* for til*
ofllce* <>f Governor Hailnnl ( ?mmi**lon*r, and
ber* of Congre**, an i tl.a parti** to which they bah?ic
aud aa oach candidate for Governor no doubt will rwo* '**
a ahar* of tha vote* aufllniint to prevent atthar fro*
g< ttlng an abaolutc nnj< ritjr, ai required by th* oeaat
tlon of tha Htati, the choice will probably be lafl to Um ?
l?|lalatuii' ?
row uovntMoR.
Admtnxitrah' n llrm k'niw \nlhmg
Nathaniel II Baker. Italph Metralf
Whig. >V?* Soil.
Jam** Hell Aaa k'owler
mu t tiiaoAii row * neo. >\ ?u
Ailvunitlratwn I' m. Anon .Xolhing
Mark NoIiIk Frank H l.yford.
Whig h'rrr Sm!
William Whittle .loaathan < ?rtl?n l
AJmimtlraturn Ihm. Know Nutking.
hi it.
1? U*0. W Klttridge, Jarae* Ilk*
2? W Morrlaon, Max-n W. Tappaa.
;i? fk'illiam I'. Wh**l*r. Aaron H I'ragio.
Tli* whole number of vote* that will be polJ*d hu
b<en act down at about ality tho.nand, which I* l?*
thounand mora than w are raat la 1AM, and a number at
? ?timate* have been made at to the number ea< h candi
date will receive, which wa aubjoin, aa followa ?
K .V. /W* Whig.
Metcalf, Know Nothing >12,000 21,000 'i.l.ofio
I'.akar, dent 'J 4 ,000 an MX) 2T,0#?
II* II, w!ii? >,000 #,IMW t.000
Fowler, free *oU 1,000 2.000 2.00U
I'trhap* the falreat estimate that rsuld l>* arrived *1
would be obtained by *<|'>aliriiig the altora? that la, hp
adding th'iu aud dividing
Tin ec<?rr i.rrrWB.
William 8. 1'aturtll ii.i mhcr o'Ciogiaaa aWct from Ik*
third diatrlct of Maa-arhua?i1a, ha* wrlttan a macular
biter to tha mi Itor Of th* K?*n? .VrnfinW, in which ha
IflaM >?!? Iii-lirl ih?l Un. Scstl'l lata l?U?r la a loc
?rjr. Hi I 'amrall gli?a, aa th* foundation ol tha at*la
, taint wlitrli ha haa atda itiHcUa| the tia 1? foi tb* (??
, tolic voir at th* rr*?l<lanti4l aire lion that ha baar<l m
?akiT in u Nt <v York locating ear Uiat "lliabop llughaa
ha '' Pr' I"'"1'1' ('at!iuTlc rot* t<i tbf Hcott party,
ur lb..'.- Iiarlntc tha ??*u?*ral In rharg* that hr vaa pi*
Mn t ?hrn th? matlrr waa talknl orrr by bla (tha <<*na
ral ?) frla&da, and that ha waa r?a I y to furnieli proa >f at
I jlC '.rad* hjr thi-l'lari ? partjr II it ahou'.l arar Im Oeairxl."
^ , orn anood*At of tli* ll?- un TtUammk aaya that it la
UBdai al' ."f hjr hie political f r I *- r? la that lha lion. ItaeUI
J lla It not '"Beaut to be a randi.lat* again to n
i.iaaaii t the Third dlaUItU la Coiigraa*. W>vaial gaatia
tuan ol worth ao<! talent ba?a I" <ri ap<ik*uof, aaoag
thrni i ol. Ollpea J (Ireen, of tha ?-i tjr ol UrltHii.
John I ' % ? noin ukU* I ah th* Know Nothing
r*n<l ?U; ' 'or tl??ofttc? of M*jor of l4>utiirilU, Ky
fl*n. Vt IHIani Tiuuedele, of Tennae e*e, la put up by tlM
Bumat r 4 f,,r the office of I'raaMant of the I uitwt
Arilval I'" of our llilt l.tgW
A larga m %Jorlty of th? maaibar* of both braarba* af
our Html* I. *nl?latu?a, irrlrad la our filty jaatorfey
morning ?t?? ,l o'gloeh, and pot up At lb* A?t?c
Hour*. Thay w#r* ?l?l*?> l**t aranlng by raprawut*
lir?? from tbr BluriUbU iMtltlUsoi, all aoilous
10 rt-eaira * ? **it 'f*"" xh*'a b*1'"* their <Jap?rtara. .
llrw il?f?ir' U> I* darola 1 t?? tliU Inlaraating Ii miumi
tod, ludglog fr< "? the pait, tba/ will ba thraa "Ujr? ?.
imntinr, srinkii ?? g'n>-ral Jolliflratf'ra. For ItirM
? hoi* itifi tb>; 'lo notbfng ?!??, hi ?oju/ ihmm
?tdvra at lha aij.i "*? ">? ?"7, aft#r all, tbalr rWt
t<> tba inalilutioni l?oa'jr of ???"n<tarjr laaportaara, athar
tbinga coaiMmi). roatubara woul | obtain a muafc.
bat tar kuowladga o ' 'hair cluradtr, bjr nail ng tliaaa
artvataljr, Uitiad foln< In larga f.adiaa l^-rart ?
lloaa, wa un^aittan o. bata l>a. >i inada for no laca tbaaa
l?? bundrad and Of' t k" '?? ?Kog?thar. tut tin* It
to ba [if m. r,i d, intli i^aa aJao tba Inm-U of our worthw
law luakara.
Iba Jollification of t ??"?"Uja eomaianaaa tbU norma*
at olna n'rlo'k, and a lh ba . .j l Uy? rardiag U. Wia fuT
lowing iiroyramnia of a raangai, i.(,la. nij-i, W4, . d .
l??t attain.' at tba Att ?? llnuaa ?
Tr?l ar? iMia at "<-?t .,f liarrla/ atraat at nlaa
o'clock, for Randall a. \ 1 a an I Iliac* vail'* lalaa la
Wn ar.nat Otjr ll?. p t*i (jaarantlna, ~mm h.nldlaa
fur lli' Inttltutiou of tl. ?? *?af and l uiut , lli*h iin*..
Hr<?kl)n K?m?la Aradur 'J.
lilt ?o.r?AT? Mairai,t.la b'arj, >raa A-a-lai*. a Pub
lk fcbool, llouia for tli ? WlaodlaM, O'artl itrnbaa
' a/lorn Inatitulioo fr>r l I.* film. I, lmtit*iu,a fort&a
1> ?( ao<! iHimb, laakranu* .*a?u ' >r f>l. * u laji im
Ttirffh Flrr In t Lr diMitm of Canllaa.
ihmii.lino Bwcmrnow or ma */???
or rim n. AMan tu the aiLijM.riK
< iii-jti mi *aii.K?*i> Tnmamni PU^jrrAriuNi*
MbTHOYtl', IMMSXKB Uf'mr., Wrc.
To ntr rniwi up rm r irrs^ui.
Tlia | on (ba W .uuamUia a ad
ICailrtad, ntt?nortU?ra (a-*, of Kaulk laanllaa, a*
joyad, oo Krldajr aifbt laat t4aaa'ltin( an I aaa^alAr?a?
?J.? tafia III a flta In tha a.,1 4a, aitoBdlag o?ai a lia
tMM* of t?o nulaa. aad ?!,. a r?g flraton o-,a atda, tbaa
on tba ttbar ai-1 Ira |U>ndjr oa b-.th ? 4<m af tha ro?l.
'*eea*ioaal)7 t'.a aran? ruaa I* tba digait/ ot aabUaki^/.
Many a tall /allow flu* ??? > a Ufa to Ita *>ay toy, *a?
ln? iB tba atr< n( a lad lika a ?>at plana of laaata No?
tba flamaa would crawl up *.*4 lick tb? akaali of Um
lOMRaotlTO, raadar og tba air aaar Um wl? ??> l?o
lo ba an^urad and tiling tba um wltb aur. tUaf
antoka and (ban, aa u- paaaad raptdl/ ?a, l?a< ?a?a?
1D( llnaa of Ora would b* ?a?n ?a??[ aa to attach
aama naw tad uaburat f.ald Now and tbaa wa waaU4
paaa a laiga Bald wblali ..al baan 'aiUrat*J bwt
upon thlab graat aumlmra of oil alaapi
atandlcg , Ibaaa, aljioafb e- t Mai rm fraal $, wara
? till all oa Bra, tha glowla# roala a'ai?Ua? oat la th*
darkaaaa Ilka anUIIoaa af aalarad lamp* <iraat abowara
of a|?rka would la I <i?a? ij, filter ag aad daariag
al?ot lika a cl >? ) of Rra tlaa mat >.?a a alafla l^kt
wa> I not would ifb ta ?|? Aft? faat fraaa tba
(roua>l? a (la> utic U,rej .o lb* "ark |raan <if tha Ovar
lint | i.> ly.bg rankli f faac r,g wara oa lira, >ad
> uaa or tw 'a wa u< tba bright atn'aai iaaaiii<a| afta*
U." faaro wara t',n. - j?1 ? an aadlaoa aarpaat af ItrlmQ
Tbla Art had ?oa?ew*ae4 ham.ag abaot Van or tat Ira
b'.ora |f ? ? out I at 1 ?!r j aaa tb> taavnal tbat I' bait
aitrn-'ad for tu lac a baa wa jaaiad, aa'l Iba alarm la that
?Klallt aaa gaaar^ aal a I Iran -a tam.-ra a?ra aat
ait I tnair ban If ta arota^t tba r ha Id '>/?'" ^luaa,
and larga iimla't af man vara WaUh a? tha r?MI
' t >t wt a gtnara,!) tbou?>.t aoMa ' -.a. >rabla |
of if rr.uat b? bur v 1 A ? l?aaaa?a aii ' iat oi
aail Itata ratal'ad aa tbara ara larga tarpa?Viaa |>taa
tat ona la tha aalgbV"h'-"1
71 a aoaaa aaa aaa of t'.a laaat thr Og ii4 a iMlaaa I
I ita Mil witfraata L at. I afl oatar ba f'^rwaltaa b?
I JIE iMf.
Mi.VMf Hoaaif. Marrfe 13, UM.
K1r?? *?w V ork .
?im it UtPU -rtrm ?Jn i *??"?; ? <??>??.
?!?? ??4 '?? '? timk , ? Ar* *M 4iM<vt* a>) a IM
tlnr/ >f l*ui M*. Ill (irt?4 imp** kf Mr*.
I, >*/ ll*v MB, M k lk<n' ru?T?'?.<t. ,
natd r. ? rUxwt let Xh* fi?/a? b?W??a ??* ? ?k*V
SlllMf, tl fax m Mr> lf?t- b'trt*
l?a? ka - riM* '?? h?f k- f? r? ' ?f? U>
UMilkl ltdl In ' ? ??. "it- . ???<* *|*?f .
Tba fenaf* * ,41 |>t' taui ?? <?i l? I. ??' Tlia
Jij |?/> ' HurWl, ??linnlt, ?<At
Ml ?' <7 ???" ?? la f-'l* ?W
p*a*.M> ?f ? inl 1' ??>??* ? ?-'????
la It.* f*??I JVo?4a?f, ' - !?? ??1 olt^t U<aluM
I mi?n ?' 7h? h>U'*| ? b; w ???*? Ua
ll(. VIM ? ??! ?"*
l(?m ?i?* ? ?*'?' '*,lfo?.'.?r ? ?M.laf .
>???.?? tai ?? k ? V- ?? | ?-w la ll??
.?'/r? ?U - ? ' ' * *> ?*??>??? I" ft'.; 'Wan, t
Mm it lv; :?7 C"1* -?aa??4 '7 **.? ?/ \<w <mbv
r..'i tIM I u ?" ??< !? "??'< ?!?'<??.<
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