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10 000 00,*1K, &*>LI>.,N..TmKTY davbi
illD IJlTH l.th 0 1'StRTIrffl.
HuoU la the unprc e touted rate of
?st? Prentice, of ibe Louisville Jounal? it rivals the aar?
oaam of tie "Potlphar Paper*," aa well aa the dro lery and
humor of ' Ham Slick."
Bays the Hew York Obaervcr A volume mora full of gonial
humor and irresistible Yankee (barucm* bail ooi yet boon pub
llshed?uot even excepting die expediences ot dm renowned
Say* (he Albany Argus?lu humor Is perfectly trmeDHble,
mad tboee v ho open it should flm! look well to their buttons, for
they may depend upon It that their risible organs will demand
lthera?n<.m fur etcroisa.
Thi ouy hout the Uumoroa pages are Inter speraed some of the
enoat orli'loal "paltry " extant.
The Wide w, in speaking of her lata relict, Deacon Hetekleb
Bedott, ran
In- never jawed in all hta life,
He never waa unkind?
And, pbo' f aay K. 'hat was hi* wife J
Such men you aeldom liwL
And alnce it waa my lot to be
The wife of aneh a man
I tell the men that'i after me.
To ketch uie If they can.
Wbleky end rum he tasted not,
He 'bought It wea a sin ;
The Inconsolable Widow o' Deacon Bedott,
llon't intend.!.) marry ngln.
Shortly after the " lreor,?olah.? widow" telle in love with
the preaching of K derHnimea, who la " laid up" with a old,
aud indues the following:?
Ol i ei trend sir, 1 do drclare
It drives me a'rnoat to freniy,
To thing o> yon, a lyto' there,
Down alok with to Jucoxy.
A body'd a thought U waa enuugh
To mourn yor wife's deoarter,
Without such troubln aa ihla 'ere
To come a tollertu' arter.
Then rroorn not for yer partner's dee'h,
Hut to submit Miderver,
Tor 'rpoaen aba buditnt a died so goon,
shecnuldeut a Uvtd lor over t
Oil, I could to yer fcedaidn lly,
And wipe yer weep'n' eves;
And try my best to nure you up,
If 'twouldn't create surprise I
s a ? ' ?
Both rick end wall vou m?y depend,
Youle never be forget
By your faithful and sfii Uouate friend,
The lender sentiment of this poem reached the Rider 'a heart,
on acknowledged to a luellng response. Hhortly after the al
low retires to a grove, in the rear of Elder BnUI'e'x house, sits
down one log, and slngn as follow*:?
Ere love had teached my lean to flow,
I was oncomiLOU ebeerful
But now such misery 1 do know,
I am alwava sad andterful;
Wliat psaoefu! boi.rs 1 once enjoyed,
Alt on a summer da?!
Hut O, mi comforts wore destroyed.
When Hhedrack rrosfed my way.
I heard htm pr each?1 hoard htm pray?
I heart him sweetly si g;
Dear 8uz I how 1 did feel that day
D waa a dredful thing I
Full forty do hirs would I give
It w e J continnered apart.
1 apart.
Fur thn' he's made my iperrlt live,
lie's surely c uxt my heart 1
The Rider overhears the song, and yields.
After the widow's marriage, to Elder Hhadrack Huiillei the
<y?ulribuica the following 'O the Scrabble UU1 Luminary:?
P: iec.lll.i the fair ana Shadruck the wise
Have united their fortunes to the teudreat or ties;
Being tnului.lly joined In the matrimonial connection,
Have bid adieu to their previous affliction?
Ho mote will they mourn their wlddered sltUwatlon,
Audb'onilnua to sythe wl>b<>ut mPtigatioa;
Hut partners for lUe, to be parted no more,
Thet e mirrors is ended, their trouble* is o'er.
"O Hhadrack 1 nv Bbad-ack I" Prlecllla did speak.
While the rosy red blushes anrmaotled bar cheek,
And the tears of affection bedonrted her eye,
"O, hhadrack I my hhadrack I I'm your'n tilt I die:
The heart that waa scornful and cold aa a stun,
Has surrendered at liet to the lor dull one; ?
Farewell to the miseries and griefs I have had;
I'll never desert thee, O, Shad- ack, my shad 1
The future fortunes or the Eldorand Mra Sniffles, snil her
atater, Aunt Magutre.'are they not reoerded in the book, with
Dieters to match r
nan be had on the cars, steam) oats, and at the bookstores.
Price SI 25. J. 0. DKRBY, 1'ublisher, New York.
hound complete, fourth volume now ready. A splendid
book for a bolide) present Also, toy and Juvenile rift hooks,
in Infinite variety, at STROMA'S Publishing Louie, $8 Nassau
few days, by
n. trri.iTox A fa, -ltd and 34s Broadway.
The requirements of American village homes considered
end suggested, with designs for such nouses of moderate cost,
by lleary IV. Clcavlaod, William liackus nod Samuel D.
Becku*. I t ill. Svo. Illustrated with 100 designs. Price 22.
The antliorsof this volume have hut tu view a clam, nume
rous end important in every community, but specially so in
ours, coiuprchendm.; mechanics and tradesmen ot moderate
circumstances, the small former, and the laboring men ,;one
(?esc i
I designs lor cottages vary In prioe from 2'SOU to 22,000,
which are .iccouipanlcd in each case with appropriate dcscrip
Uons. It I confidently believed that no work hasyci appearud
which in-ela a want so long dost rod.
Wtih r.o*ra anil Illustration*, ny Fiunk Moosh.
More aold things On not show Hie complexion uf the tltnci as
Weil aa haliada and libels.?seldcn
1 vol. 12 mo., with two Uluat/etlooa by Barley. 21.
The vrgunio present* ? selection frnm the numerous pro
ductions In verse which appear* 1 dtirlng the war of the Ame
rican rcvolu.lon. Many of tir-m arc taken ir.unfile m-wapa
Bora anil jierindleai laities of the time, odiers fmm oristutl
ballad sheets and broadsides; while some lieve been received
from lbs recollect i ng of a few aurvlt log Mildiors, who hoard
end sang th? m amid the trials of the Cainu aud the field. Near
2 every company bad Iti "smart one" -a pact who hegullnd
e wceriucas o' the march
cli or the encampment by b,s mm -
etrelST grave or gay. and the imperfect fragment* which *'ir
vlve lo ur proviso our regret that so few ot t'.iem have been
preserved.?Extract ti-oin Editor's Prufaiu.
? It.
Comprising the following
Ctxysxsur, Jam run Oi lid Kiij.kh.
Pl-sop* Boots, Lirru; Ban Hltxsu Homo,
Ton Tin. un, .l ira unm Bs-shBtsik.
Each volume ia I lustrated wtth ten superb designs, prltr |
in the b:*t slylc. Pri.e iu illuuiluated covers aud edge*, St
Cents; fell bound, wHh gilt edges. 80 cants
The extra vayancc of the * tortus, the a'tractivc manner of tell
lug Until, the picture* ;ue scenery doscribi d, the inaivellJi*
deeds i?luted, the rewaiu ot virtu t and punishment of rice,
upon priii-mien *lr1ctly lo Mtordanee wl'h euikal laws, a* so
plltd lo the formation of chancier, render tlicm pwullarly
adapted to Induce ohlldrco to acq uii" a lore for reading, and to
aid them to cultivate thy aflecUuui, sympathies fancy and ima
Ifr Joh.i HorittcH Phikkii.
I vol. lino. With a portrait of the author. Price 91.
Front tint Newark Dally AdverUaer.
It baa beer. raid tliat (hero In evidence of ? deign to mtko
man a laughing at vmal, in the (act of the eiivtrnce ofa grt au r
Dumber ft miracle* drawing tlie mouth up than aie urot idr 1 to
draw itdr.wu; and if eicr.-lie la neceaaary to onaurc the rfTI
cirnt action of the o muaclra it may beaecurodby turning over
the pngcaof ilili volume.
O icuistirn t opte*.
BitAiTii:. or MooitE ; forty-eiglt' ex,pibtlie engraving*, with
denerlptjvr letter pre**.
Fi.owt.it* or l.'iYrusr.v; torty group* of female t g'trea, cnt
blemauc of flower*.
a Cc.wrir rr. Wot:a 1 or TliHJinTrr; profn od In a Kyle word>y
that Inimitable mor.Mbi and eart.Mtnrla1
OOMri rir. WmutR or htiAK?io uiuv 100 porvralta In character
of the t elcbr* ed American afora. uken by iba daguerreo
A .treat vartcy of elegant btrdtn taped to theprevint eeawin.
The ixitxlon Priming and PubU-blni t'oinpany.
D. DKAIN, Agent, ,'>S Oq *'r< e?. Hew York.
TKAltKh" I.IKK or JKBlJ. e~VoT 01)71 .'at;
FoBip.c'* Pcaitlva Phllo* ,phy,- vj , pp '.*>1,91. Keticrb*. k'i
~eiKOOI Ohil*ilUilt.T, 12 tno., pp lli 91 21; CJrei.'h freed of
Oirtat.rtletn. 12ino 91 IB; Hot' elfa fllaiorv of Prieatcraft, 12
mu.. 7.'><en a, Taylor* Dlegeaia, 3 to., 91; Hume'* Raaaia, a
*0. 91; D'Holback'a Hyutem rrt Nature, K To., 91 25, Palnr'a
Thesiu/U-al Work*. * to , $1, YolUi.re. * Phlloaophtral Diction
ary, 2 vol* . N to ,91. Veatlaoa of Clvlllcwioo, 12 nn>., 91 X>.
Rent by t. all, by K. 111.AM.HARD ?2 5a* -an ?tr at.
mow ohii.i* vi utctgiw.
JLUe-'rau'd by Joltn M lenan. 1 vol. 12mo. PrlC" 91. full
gilt, gilt edgee, 91
1. Tlie rrleatlal alatrra, 2 Tb? boy who get a entire for tint
aun. 3. htrong dosire aud the Rod Rorc rer. I. The wonder
tul en.loUt.of tlrarrhopoer. a. tiaaen. or the -on of the r.'ree
tag titar. *. Ortvy Kaide aod In* tlTe bro'her*. Tin' toad
woman. t>. Tim-ortylg af die robin II. *hbe Feather and the
all atenle. In ShiMB, Ihe loraalven boy. II. Tim magic
bundle. 12. Tlie Red Hwan 13 The man with hie eg tied
up. 1! The Idt'Ie Kr?trIt; or, the bo> mati. IS The en. runted
nyxnaa lil Bt of the Utile ah*!!. 1". Manabo/ho^lhe < in
ehiel maker. I? Leeltaan, the tu?t daughter. 19. The Win
?erbplitt. 2il lite Fire Plume. 21. Wcefitgoe* aed the Bona
Heart 22. The bird lorer. 23. I'oh w?, the hn npba k.
?Jf. Tba riane thai ero*.-ed the river. 25 Wun. , the father
of Indian rorn.
We have bete a colleeiino of Indian fhlrr leirewd* whleli
?ijiia! in temanllt Intcre*' ami invint etiraragivn e ol faoejr
the taira ol rtirwry wlib which all am l.imt.u**, or eren the
m<wi gorrecti* and fanciful of Ranternja-oih a?Jew York Bit
The atory of the ee!e*tlal elatera, with which d open#, o iital*
anyihlra li Utla branch of literature, eteu he far taut" It.try
lalea of r.aautm land*.?for. B-wLjo Atlaa
A collective. ot goma, ga'htrei' wto criula'te laalu, and ar
with the *klll ot n matter.?Bo* on Atlaa
Home ortbc atorfe* are McandinglF i?"er, and other* are aa
deiica t ami a< graeeiul aa the beat Ortao al legend*. - II > J m
ll atoned* tn thonc grttera of Imaginary and p..cti fan.y
whhJ. xaih tin oral radtaog*ol the Red Mm.?I'hl!vdclj la
'Ibe oiianf the riAume before oa ore not frnm'he drnaray
*? .Moat, but tr.,m our own Weal ' i*n I ?
Indian, n r n ? n d r,?i?nre. ,,f d?n*? r. ao l yet of beamr aod
? -i., hao iin n:. * ? * It will bo road with delight??l >.'oO
Pttbll Ind by VJMO.v BRDTHFIlH Re* Yolk.
__ IfEWWinRI.
JtrT PI Hl.lrl.no lb Ufa- ill*?1 UK Ah'.Ul ? V\0
a weekly cev? .payasr, devoted o Br.ileh and fohyttlel: t
?e'llger *e, bandcomeiy priu'-d lr'h. |to form I'rte * : r
actnun, l*ya ,le la tommce. Agent, I'llad II. WKIi.l, No.
0 Rout!I wi diam *u< ot.
*f ORBIh "k WTLMB:5
HO Hi'*? Jnrraat^ rtu I VPl
The ftg.oWjic ate the taduwtaer.K to * iWrlhe I a? t
BOTt by V V wilbe, a >rr ea o' ?k?' -be* ht 'freertil Hiwtt ,
Mod a ret'. efv t? by / B. Field. Hobaorlbri at on ?. Tem.?
92 a year. UCKW i?n Kidton tvvreei, _
THK Rl w YORK Ml *? I'PT
In tt* nett li-< i# (Da ??y, will w.nin. *M 'ha pu^lcVb i
of a rrmaitaloy Ihrll n r ?!??' rom?nUe orl<n?al .tory.
TDK ? RMllJk A'11 h;
C* a F*t;r raon tur anc* ?? ?; fit ?rorv-.uiof Fa*i?ii*
"Diw WM.detlnlKrrt . fo'tn.ltd *i|"n It '.dei. < in real !!/?? I
Parle I aa harp wrlta-.b one rt the wwt popnhar tfi.a-,-at
wi 'era. ar I *111 e-> a'e a l. Met 1. a* t?m' t in :. r
lua.4e r aou.y wo{UL
Arrival of the Bmolate at Row London,
in Charge of her Salvori.
Interview brtwffn Capt. BnddJjigton and Our
of the Herald Kcportm.
Wonderful XIacape of the Resolute
from the Zee.
Her Discovery One TkcauaC in lies from
where She was Atandeoed.
dee., &c.
When we beard of the arrival ot the British discovery
bark Itcsolutc at Now London, we despatched one of our
reporter* to that place, to obtain a full aejount of the
discovery oi the ship, bcr condition, and the diflloulUe*
her rescuen had in getting her into port.
The Resolute, Captain Kallett, It will be recollected,
was one of three ahipi?the Investigator, Assistance and
Ke?olnte--Hent out m I860, or thereabouts, in aearch of
the remains of Mr Jchn Franklin. Some time in the
autumn of Ih63, we believe, they were abandoned by
Sir Fit waul Belcher, in Wellington Channel, about 1*1.
7b and Ion. W. Whon found, two yearn afterwards, or last
Eept.mber, by Captain Buddlngton, a gallant whaler of
New London, the hod drifted through Harrow t
S'rad, H'if in'i /??./, and into Davit Strati, n diitanoetj
? ne (konttmd mitre.
Our icportoi found tho Resolute at anebor in the har
bor of New London, and her fortunate finder, Captain
Buddiagten, at hie reaidence in tiroton. from him the
following intensely interesting particular* wcte ob
"n the 28th of May lost the whaling bark George Henry,
Capt. dames M. Uuudingtori, aet sail from New London!
Conn., on a voyage to Northumberland Inlet and flavin
Strait.". Tbo bark was manned with a crew of seventeen
men. Including the first and second mate*. On the 14th
of .June, and while lu latitude 54, C?pt. Budulngton
encountered, and quite unexpectedly, too, large fields of
lc<, thrc ugh which he dared not penetrate. However,
wiab'Dg ,0 artive at hi* destination ax noon a ? possible,
be followei the edge of tho "pack, '' BH i,e terms it, up
north as for as latitude 07. As the ship wan much
damaged by the floating ice. Capt. B. concluded to wear
out the season here, and accordingly the crew or the
ba'k were employed in catching whales in and abiut
Ksco Bay, with only tolerable lack, however. The llo"*
e-e represented as being very extensive, at retch lug far
and w'de to the north, and completely blocking up the
channel to Pavl* Strait*. From the masthead of the
lieorge ITeiiry nothing could Ire distinguished but miw.c?
nf ice. Kven with the aid of a telescope, nothing but
mountains could bo descried in the distance.
On tho 20th of August, and while off Cape Washing
ham, in hit. o7 N , the Ice became, to a certain extent,
[?euotrable, and tho b.vrk was forced through it In a
southwest direction for about 150 miles. At this time a
heavy gale from the northeast sprung up, which, last
ing three days, tl e f.corgo Ileury became unnavigabl**,
and was drifted in the tlx In .a southwest direction.
L'airtain UudOtngton saw land, but could not aay ti what
continent it belonged.
On the loth of Fop1einl?r, latitude f>7 K., and while In
this field <if ice, Captain Buddingtoa ditcovered a ship in
tho distance, bearing northeast, about 'JO mile* from
Capo Mercy. He ascended the rigging of liis craft, and,
looking ut her through the glass, pronounced her, from
licr appearance, to bo an abandoned vessel. The heed
of tho stranger appeared to be due east, and during the
whole 11 that day and tho one following, the course of the
ihip did not vury moto than a point or so from Die cast.
?'Wo kept gridaelly nearlng one another,"' as Cnpt. H.
'?ay, ?' aj^hough ! could not exactly say what caused the
thing to cmo about, except, perhaps, the ship may
haw been struck by a counter current lro*u l*avta
'trot's and driven towards us in (that manner.
I'or five .lays wo were in sight of one an
other and con'lnucd to drift tovards each other, On
tho sixth day alter waking the diseivery, aad when
the ship was nbout seven miles off, Captain B. ordered
tie two mates and two of the crew to proceed t<> tlie
abandoned vessel across tlie packed ice. and after inspect
irg her to retain to the bark as soon a? practicable.
Scon after tlie departure of the party a southeaster
sptuog up. and In consequence thereof no communl-a
ticn was had with those on board the ilrlp fur two days.
As *ot? as the wind subsided and It was safe for the
party to retrace their step* they left the ship, and alter
a bidinus ai d haid march nrrlTed on hoard of 1 he hark
in safety. They immediately represented the facts to
Captain Haddington, saying that tho abandoned vessel
was her Hrttauic Majesty's ship Resolute. The captain,
knowing the history of Sir I'd-raid Belcher's expedition to
Die 1 oltr sca?. at once divined the reasons of the vessel
Isn'og ! it in|(ilint condition; and knowing that the safe
conveyance of that ve??el to some port woull b* bet'er
than catching whales, and kmiwlng withal that It
would Is- quite 11 pi.ee of gl >ry to hand bark (lie Uiliu ti
er* a vcsicl h.ng since abandoned by them as bring Inst
to the Queen's -ervtro f..rover, determined at all harai Is
to try the b<'ld and arduous task. Aeoerdinrly, h? sect
hi* mate back, with six m< o, gi ing tb?ni in-, tract ions to
free tho ship ol tie watc with which -he va - hnithr ,od.
and slgnrvtlve their sneer-* to htm. It tlwy <111 n t so;
coed in frseirg the vessel, they weo ta h ? a - gntL
whereupon the captain hiuiif womM | r-. it., th t
A- It took Dni: ty a day to HtMfll 'I- jtw-wyti
the ahip, no'hiug could expected m h it, t? ?
party that day. Bulthtnist moMilug, j i ' a? ' ., I*,
anticipated, the signal ril b'deted tor bit ji .-nr. rn
b"?i 1 the Re olute. Taking two nam ?rh him, and lew*
ing Uie bark in charge of the reond mat*, the eaptnin
rtartrd, on t!?>? lmh of ?ept< rn' -or, to the relief <?' h:
mnnde*. .Mt>r a hard ilay'a true. Uing orer lor and
through poola of wa'er, half frown, th" little | art)
eeedcd in reaching the ifeeolute in perfect entity.
He commenced imm' diately to search the r^a! in or' r
to aeC'rUIn if "ho wi- seaworthy. "n do. ?u lhi(r tho
hold H ?U found to b" ant I rely full of watT up la the
floor of the Hr*t deck. The well was then aocudnd and
?even ft't of walnr arn? diseoxpre.1 to bo in tho ahip. The
pump" mil then riiftod; and below of a uaw ?, n met! n.
none hot ? sptain 11. tilt ac uaint.-d with '.!?? mode
of working them. One "f them, whicli was a f iree
pump oftery gloat power, wii rigged, and the fdinwlng
morning w?- got In working order. A gang of e < n win
then set to work, nnd for thr"Mlays the pouip w*> kept
busy. Fourteen hours out of tho twenty tour were eon
enmrd in thus freeing the we ?el. iht the tu rd day all
the water was cleared from )?? r hold, and the attention of
tno captain was turned toward- extricating the priro
from the dangeroua po-itlon ahe was then placed In,
The appearance of thing* on board, a* reprobated |,y
f ap'ein RaddingtW when he bad lrirur. to examine
the trerael, wa? d'lefol in the extreme, fory tiling
of a moveable nature seemed to b? out of its
plane, and was In a damaged wrviitlon from the
immer l?a la the water. The eatrin war str-wed
wf h be* lr'o'hlng, preeerred rocaia lot/-r>|,er?c<t
here and th< re with lamp of tan. There wt ore th.ng,
lowerer, which struck ('apt. fl. an being ? rr remark
able, and for which probably no satisfactory explanation
can be gtxen; and this wr?a th> pre MM* of < e for -< xera'
feet in thlekne-r on th# larboard ei i", wlilln the re ws*
not a particle on the atarboar<l. The only argument that
can be presented to explain th! ftiioun freak ot the lc.
nientw te, that the Reaolute, lying with her kca<l to the
rvtwar l for probably more than a mnnth, ree.lr.si the
dir ct ray* of the eua ?n the starboard rpr. tcr and no
where ilae. and thna a daily warmth war Impart. 1 to
thin fltdn of the ship while the "tlmr -1 >, being without
thlr heat, knt 'l- solldlflcd Wtlli ice a- Or. gl, the
eon newer shone <o it. Thlr rafptltlon may be rwy
planaibta nd v. 'acory to rainy, for to the certain
kn< ?te>vc ?t C'r.p\ R. th* head of the lUv .lute
t.rter earta i from the eaat f r twen'y iay , not
wit' 'andiag he eu oorislntly d t'tn.g in a
emrthwe*'. directim, (;V c <1 rb of the pack.)
The . ?... ocarfely anythi-ig on hoerd ti.e ao^wion't
?? 1 that war not wrt or te?e denhwyed. There war e
| geeat l?<;i. of fuel ja bongC e't'jt u;h. In Jhe dqgran <{
the s<areb throughout the vesael a Utdt ooal ?M dis
covered io the bold, but the qua?t"y V?s ???7 ??*11
acd entirely inadequate to tupp.V the vssel more
than a wwk. Of provisions there wa* ?n-ugta perhaps
to last a crew of seventy flee men (the i vumber originally
cariied by the Ite-oinl*) for nine mot.?ha. The eatt
meats were the only artielea that were at a ? '? ? a'ate of
[/! wervatlcn. h'verj thing had g>no to deeay.h Kv*Q
sbiy'i wills, fiund hetwien decks, were so rv,',*n that
the r altera coulu thiaat tbeir ting-re through ti tetn like
to tna*h brown paper. Am attempt was rubaeq'wenUy
trade td-rig a topmast at adding utt eut of ?<?ne o * the
canvass fcurd saturated with water. Out it blew out! of
the glaring and was mattered to tba winda likart.alT 1 Tr?
lower hold was fr uod t > cootain the Mbrerf e' one otth *
offlccTs of tiie expedi Jon, valued at over a th >usaud dol
lata. The beska were entirely valueless when ol-?overed
by Captain Rucdihgton, and subsequently thrown over
bonnl aa woi thleas rubbiah.
The Resolute being entirely free of water, preparations
were made to biieg the chip to the United State*. Capt.
H. derided to sail the vesssl himself, aat accordingly,
taking eleven men with him from hla own bark, he began
in good ratne?t to releaae the abandoned vrirtl (mm her
ice bound situation. The rigging hrd to be hauled
taut and the aalto put in order, befoia he could venture
to start. Thl* job occupied him aouie time, but w*? suc
cerrfully accomplished. Capt. B. was in a great dilemma
for proper navigating Instrument!, and the wherewith 11
bring him to Now I/ondon after being released from ttw
ice HLs rem pass was very uncertain, aad not at alt
trustworthy | be was without a chronometer, aud he bad
no otter map or chart to ateer br than a rough outline of
the great North American coast, drawn on a abeet of
foolscap. With his lever wa'rh. a quadrant aud a misera
ble compass, the l.rave fellow bade adlsn to hl< comrades
in the bark l.oorge lUnry, and, trusting to l'risvideo ic
and his expeiienee In those latitudes, prepared to bear
hrno the prize he Iiad so cleverly won.
I ron: ihe time that Capt. Uuddingtnn took charge of
the iteoolute, up to the lflth of Oct , she cou'iniied to
drive in a south-weit direction with the pack oj ire, whon
she sue ceded n getllt.g clear. Wishing to be inesmpa
ny as long as possible with the baik, Capt. It. wsJ>< d en
the out-ioei f'.be Itee for three or four dtvs, with the
hope cf m?eting her, hut the Teasels mbssed "no an ither
and did not meet a;,-run during tho roma'nder of the e\ ent
fnj voyage.
While hero waiting for the Ceorge Henry, the Rritidi
bark AUlu hove in sight, and on belug signalled came
along aide tho Resolute. The news of the recovery of the
Ite-oluto was communicated to ('apt. Stuart of the Bri
ish baik .and a pair of Capt. Ki-ilett's epauletter,found on
board the abandoned vessel, were entrusted to hiiu by
(apt. Huddingtoii, with instructions to have them for
warded to the owner a? speedily as possible. A letter for
the owners of the Ceorge Henry Informing tlietn of what
l ad occurred, was also pluced In the hands of ('apt rh,
who promised to mall it irnmed'atoly on his arrival in
tireat Britain. (This letter, U apiwarw, reached the own
ers of the bark, at New London. Conn., long before the
Resolute arrive 1 there.]
We now come to the homeward voynre. Hhort handed,
l-xrrly i Vfnxl, and unfitted for thu Ion,' voyag# *k the
Keaolu c was, (apt. Itiidiiingt'-u found It no easy Usk to
Inlng the ship into port. The ballast tank* had ??urtt in
the boM long l>eforo he rime la poisNastoa of ber, ren
dering her very light and apt to roll heavily la Ike
trough cf the .-e?. Gale after gale war experienced; yet
tin- brave fellow labored day and night, and at laic waa
aucceosfal in the praiseworthy effort made to reaeuc tke
abandoned Vessel, driving across the mouth of Nerthum
berUntl Inlet down to Tape Klizalieth. Die open e> a wan
g ilntd, and on tbe SOth ol October the homeward voyage
eotnnieneod. After a succession of atrong galea and
bead winda, tbe Now I .oudon light houae waa ntde on
the 'itth of December, and lb* voyage waa aucwiafuUy
accomplished with credit to all coneeruod. bnt espe
peclal'y to Captain ft., for h? wor! si m rning, no >n and
night, 'fhe condition ot hia hands at present la atrong
evidence of their having reef?d sail* and bautsd taut
rupee dating the enlire voyage. No doubt he ue<t lure
felt proud when, entering the harbor of New l/iolon, he
thei c safely anchored a valuable ship which had been
locked np in the dreary latitude* of the Arctic region*
for the space of two years, lie did fuel proud, and Justly,
too, fir be had the honor of adding another triumph to
the vail directed ah(11 and enterprise of the Se v log! md
people. I
The K' olutn now lie* anchored In tho stream off the
t< wn of New l. .n<ion, and I* the ehl f object of attrae
ti> n in that ntighlrorhrsd. Mn Is about flOn tons bur.
then, and I* built in the strongest manner, licr bow* are
? heath'd wi'h Iron while her entire frame la coppered,
and copper lartened and bolted. The topgallant m??t*
? re dov.n, having, a? It is supposed, toe n used for fuel by
h*r retnvnndnr previous to the abanCOMBMkt. She I*
very bluff in the bow*, but ir a pretty good sailer. Some
Idea n ayle formed offher strength, wl.en our readere *ro
told tb..t she wa* forced through sheets of ioe varying in
thickness from live to eight fee', whJle goiog at the ra'e
of fix knots jicr hour. Vo danger * a uritieipated of ber
Is ing 1.1 nh by the ttei of in on account of her great
strength. But there waa np-Hrd in the history of the
htkf vevage ? Inn lie lives of all ou board huag ' y a
thread a.itwire. When a little to the north af th* Btake
of KewtotmAland, th He-oln'e cam.- In contact wi'h an
| feat og abont l.'Ki f?et In 0i?ight, ou top of wjieh ti.eie
wa* a dctrichrd piece of ice ol many tons weight, ami
which the ea|>tain eSJMeted ? very nvmenl would tuuiUe
down up< n the vr -Mil aad sink the prlre so gilbintt/ ob
taini-l. Ho go at was the deafer, that the boat* want
*11 in readlne** to pn*h off, should the overhanging
glacier be precipitated upon them. However, after a
git nt deal of careful working and hard labtr, tbo dang* r
ou* o'-tm lr wa* rlearerl, and th*' star of sure ** ono*
not. tr ? * brilliantly upoti the hardy ami Intrepid
If i, 'he i pini n of f'.ipt. Huddlo/lnn th*' If the cr* w
* f tie l:< "olut* bad remained on board ol her, with the
hope of vi ntuaily releasing her, they coobl not hare
Iffs-ted the ta?k any i-ovr th n It was p* rform* d by
It e * \t iral eauae* which eventually treed her. and
he net-, L*c thinks, that Wr I d war I Belcher, who bad com
mand nf the vradron, act d perfectly right in a-andvn
tog the vi tels, under the elreumsianc"?.
Amo; * th article* found on board of the Hwsoh fe vo
rigging ami a-ici.i r? value-1 at h'.'.fWO whaling gear, full
?'nts of winter clothing and other tiling* nee-sssry f< r a
vrye-e to the I'olar "ka?. A tb"?e are g*wl * ?u'iject HI
duly aCii rn flouro i Iflc'r ha* boae *1aUon* <l on board
of tie s!.:p to 'ook af er th' interest* ^sf I ? b Haas,
until lb" destination af the I'.esolute is rosily det*r.
mined J'in.
Tbrpri/" !? valued at M#,000, although ? a plain H. in
i'.ra. ui she wo* n< ver fltud out for les* thaa HO", f*?.
ibe pr* "ds of 'be cru se will have to lie divided among
'h'oarer* an1 crew of tb' fl'o.ge Ifenrv. for In whaling
voys ? , the entire pr' eeed*, no matter what turn* up
axo V> he shared aaong' t th? parti* * interest* d uibc
!y, the caplaia, crew and the ownerr.
lhe George II- r.ry It will be rt mew bond, art re I a Ihw
-lay* pi views ts> tho Herniate, having on board air rut
i:<0 bbl*. *rf oil.
Whether the Brltl. h gov rtiirunt will pay the fader*
el th-Iiesnlato the val'A cf fha ve -el or not r.-mtfn t"
Is* se.-n. At all event*, Captain fhr-ldlngton d arm a
sut* tantial token of r-toeni at their hands for '.he Intre
pid and pralrewLrtby part he look In tbu* rear ring
of Uu ir am I e vessel* Igom a long captivity In the
I'blar region*.
mr nKfTi?n n!o*nvmr tttxi kKsotrrv.
(> rem the New 1 sir.don fdirooiele, l?ee. Jit. |
lhe dlecovery baik Rgeoliite, which arrived hero
on Htuiday morning lust, thrcigfi n noble vresel, ?(.
in l re-ctlfil fr * i r f 1 -is jsedtlon in the Arrtl
reu oi.s, and f ? ' -iMy u-tu p "t, with
r l it. 'I'ty and innrh In *rd
to tlie brave m> n who underwen' no nwnr hard-hip
ind ran eo erikrae a risk of their live* in Urn trader
Utkinif. Hhe was, when abandoned by those on
ls?rd, fast lotked in lhe iro for a vast di*t in-'* -i!
nrotn.il her, and could not, as < .tptain Hodikngtuti
intotfna i.e. lave lorn Iowa than on* hnn-lnsj andiifty
lj ileafr*m the nearrwt open water. I'ndi r .u* li clr
m-linces, it h? hl?opinion tbit tbe Hr t huff
were fi.l y Jnntihedin almmtonlng tier a* H- ,? dpi it
a an. he says, a natural inijKi-MlrilUjr for tirem
to have ? virkatcd llrmstlvca for -t 1* *?t
twclvtmontl , and vti) doobtfnl abetter tb*y mkl
have done it all, before their provlalutie fa I'd the,
for tlmrgli. when the Am* rkens trmk |MMsakrn of
lur, hIs nt eighteen migitti* afte wird-. *h" was
will suf'jl t*!. *h" had by no ng-an* enough on burd
to hare loetid a rr*w consist og of wvtai} Ave
>r,nl? thai 'enath *f t if -. With the p-r-ui ron- f*?l
in pa of a tri e sailer, Cap! Bnddingtrii I wa -n and
tarr rt In d- daring tb.it Hir KsduMd H I ber V.
avf'i m Cai't, Ktlie't to*l las cftw wtre perfectly
right iu the course tloy took, anil thai it if n'if
neious and unm.nl> to censure ttiem lor it. They
bad done their duty like meu.iuid to have attempted
mere would have twseu nothing better tuan tail
hardiness. However this may be, every ojc
will accord the highest credit to the oill >r>
aud crew of the George Henry for their g.d
laiit, pereev Hug and finally successful ctt. tc
in suving and bringing home the derelict
inmL Her water lank* luul burst by the inteu e
trust of that frightful climate, and wiieu Capt U.
and IiIh men went on losid, the water uav up to the
lower deck, and the whole crew were eogaged 14
biM.m a day for three days In getting iicrelear, when
the iniiueiou masses of ire on one ride gave her a
list H-port, which they were a long time in relieving
to a* to bring her to an even keel. All three didteul
tit a wi re at length surmounted. the officer* aud m< n
Ol the George Henry were divided, ami both ie.?cl*
commenced the task of workiug into open water.
The George Hciuy. alter never* trials, succeeded In
Teaching home ou the lltith inat.,ai already rep mod.
a nd the Resolute arrived on Sunday inoruiug. us was
rt. vttd yesterday. The lutter experienced an ahno.t
coi.*muous series of head gale* of wind, in several
ineb wires amounting to utmost hurricanes, aud was
at last driven south into the latitude of RerrauU.
The He solute is perhaps one of the stauncheut ships
ever bu Oi, us nearly ice proof ns any vessel ever tit
ted for t. Va perilow* navigation ol the I'olar si- us, and
all her pi i*kuration* for encountering the Incident*
of the rugg ?f region* to which she w;h sent wore as
peifect a? stiP arid experience and a liberal govern
ment could it.wJcL' then*. A large urauiau-ut of brass
cannon and M auw* lillw iu perh ct order, snUT- ieiil
for any ereergi try, was Sonnd on Isiwrd, io> well us
an imu.Mine um sent of eh*thing and everything else
that could eondnce to the eomfort of the crew or
contribute to the objects of the cxpreVtinn. Nor
weir the intcUcctntl wantsoi'tboouon board forgot
ten, lor thcie was ,v valuable* and extensive library
pf lull i-el?ctcil looks on board, though we at* sorry
to luuu that the iil>rnry has sutteied -eiuvivhal fraut
the vii i-odtudes of the sea, and that boat loadi of
becks h*<l to be thrown ovcrlourd. saturated with
water and rcndeied utterly worthless. There was
also found on board n e'onsideniblO quantity of
wbalelsme. hot whether tak'-n t>y the ship's en-w or
purclui-ed of tie Kaqulmaux was not known.
The Resolute is o! course an object of great cari
osity. and has ts-cii visited by conHideruble uuinbev*.
tkoi gh aLe now lies ut a distance from tho <hoc ",
and enough it la known Hal everything on board la
securely kicked, as it Ls very pep per it should be.
What steps the owners and those interested in the
George Henry will deem it their duty to take iu re
hitimi to the rescued vessel we do not know, nor <h>
we know what will tie dune about her by the British
government; hut us there is not apt to be anything
sn.nll luuiul in that government in pecuniary tram
? actions, we have hut little idea that her Majesty w ill
lie disposed to interfere in the hindy seamen's well
earned right to their prize, especially as she would
hair no shadow of justice on her side. There never
was u ca-c in which there was less semblance of
ownsi.-liip hit to the original proprietors of u
flohvn) than there is here, and believing so, w< lime
the impression tluitthe sailors will be quietly left to
tho |*>sM-*einu of t heir prize.
The AII?k?I mibiuUi'liiR Rip*dlUen lo Ail
on rug na?Tlir Iailhrni.LI|ht Ifarrbnl bjr
tlif AMborlUti^Thit MiipptuHl Cannon*and
niiltt, tmrnrd Into Hndtllft, PlottKluhimn,
T? pr ?mi ? Prti.tii* Ptorn?Ucpntarc of (he
luuitklp lor KUturiplWi
There vu a great oou. notion }e?terd* y or rning
hi and about the nlBee uf th" I'nlted Ftalr? Platrlrt Ai
toraey, at th* foot uf Murray atreet. Number* of peraoa*
thronged there te ***? trhat a*, to he <1 una with ihe aup
pored rrpe'lttcoMe. Ahull 10 o'clock. Capl. bauDC, of
tit* revenue euttri \\ aahington, caui* to the o(bce aud
.loliwrul up ttuul part!e. who bad been taken from the
Norfhrm light and left in hi* eta'ge namely?F. II. O'
Keefe, Wni. I yater. (a member of the dramatic profoe
rlon,) Peter M. Kef don (ban. Wal'-ei* and Pr. (itrner.
Mr. Reaele wtw taoiadrd in the number ordared to be
brought aahore, but be did not make hie appearance.
Mr. Joaeph If. haott, agent of thu Tranait Company,
who hail been arretted tbe day pieviuie, but aet at large
oo parole, appeared toamwer any ota-ge that might bo
ii bde ugala-t him.
Mr. Pcott, Mr. Frrdawi and Pr. (lienor ware ul>eo>|uent
ljr aiaehaiged, ae th* aocuaaUoa agalaat ihera er*a not
prri'te^it in by the ewlkorl'Ie*.
Tlie following afllhr.it wa. made by Mr. Allan, of
ftro* klyn:?
S'llhnn Itij'riti <if V-?' I'.wfr, ? ? William II. Ail.-n, of
New York oily, being duly aw. ru dotn depwee and ray:?
Tlial Jobu Oelgbtoo, kraneia 0 heef. A .1 Morrl.'UI,
thai lea Walter" nnd William I jraler <11.1, on th" -JO>h day
of Peoeml^r, Ik&.Y at tbe rifycf Sow Ymk, in tha -nti'.h
ora illoUlrt .if New Yore hitman.! et on I ml a military
evp.'ltl.n or en'arprlto to la. rariltdnn from thence
again t the territory nt tb.< Ftate of Nicaragua, with
vnoan the totted -tat. a then wrro, ami noa ?re, at
pare. All 1 further It. . y no'. W. II AM I S'.
Pworn U> helnfc lue, I<oc. Jfrt, 1N0S. (.au. W. Mogi i ,
I . S. I ' Ir.p,I.?lr.nor
In tl.o Couraa of 'he .lay the following lotior waa re
oiycl by ll.o IHatrilt Attorney:?
oimvi.i no A"m- kv rt!c*rr OrarA'-T. I
New York, Woo. 'in, 1Mb. j
JI<'N..bins M'Ki">, fntiict Attorney:?
lli: > Aa I hi leralnrid that you hi in information
that rannon and moid ion* of vtr ban- I. "?>? put on
hoard '(? company'* a'oain r N'ir b> rn light, r rmoalol
u?< or li ? cal I I.a a to reuot tba'. yon will h.iml
of deiatnini the abip to i?i?.i? the coal und tw > nfl. -o ?
to In of n Ai. oaa In her, t? aupcre ?? th" landing
tiUght from her, and to ?0"ih?' nothing contraband i?
lan.nl f I "til her. Ilo .aid ollicer* to o. lakon On*, and
brought )><<ti.e foe of oapeuae t . the gnyor nment In
ikitng wliiob you will ." Hi. i an oldiga'dori upon the com
I any au.l your obadx ot act ant.
runs. li?K!>, Pr? . dont
To thfa Mr, M.-K'eon ?wit tbe following reply:?
Joi TUHra- IhoTWuT 'U Son Yums, i
P F Pianury ATmttanr*a t/PPKW Ik*-. 2r., Jaf,.',. j
Fir?I liaee thi honor to acknowledge rei-lp: of your
M i nt.(cation of :bi* date, reepacing loo ' aonoo, Ac ,
allogr.l (o l ??? lain coQceaie.1 uacer the ?al ?f taa
Northern light.
I lu.Te Maiueattd tbd Marabal of thi< illatrlet t > detail
f o offci r? in eouipUaneo with your ptopo-al, and wh., e
MIIO" wtll be glTrB to you by him. I Iriv# aleo V> aak
a <ti[ubtl n on yonr part the ?l ?urh rannon, A may
beietumod by 'be North, rn Ijjh' to ml* city. I am,
very rreioetftliy, J"IIN M Ki/iN,
I uifed -!ale? Id.trirt Attorney,
l.o ". 1. Bf., |'n" dml Ace. I aueii C' jtn
pany. "WFSI
To thi* ttluif Mr. MeKc< n fffHrol th* r#*
r'r? _
Otpira <a ini Am -cu-t 7u a r < ..erivy, i
Nil . Yoaa. Hw. yt, It'i i. (
'1.?.1" a M" Kg. Vjh ,1 -.1 l.lii"' Attorney?
b, -I be?e tbu ruoww-n re. 'iyo.1 roar f?ror of tbia
lot mdo contonta. I will iinm'aiLately give written
liuitiri> lion* Ui i aptam Ttnklo|*mrii, to b ing l.aek any
>n or u.miillima oi war, iI any *la.uld lie b>nnd -?
cioti.i ?n board tr.e Sor'iiern IJglit on h'-r arrival at
I', nta At. naa, ts< mloiml'y lo yowf r<.|U>-,it. I am, vary
toap. ctiully, your ol??lient erTvn*
ilt'iS. \Alitll. I'rtriiloat,
T7.?t* wa* noorrmlnation to .fay of tye partioe cbogwh
Mr. lyeter enferfl lu'o r-r -1?! in ? in th.- "itv of
Vi,WII to tu.wer tbe rlia frv?Mr AUi.l laere- f?.
rtaurant keeper, S4T llr'a.!way, eo'onng Int.. b ?>!. In
that am iiiit for Mr. I y?trt
('apt. HnUejetugh. "ui? i. ter ol th Nor'li ? v I <hf
la already under tionda of I Jl.'lOtl tbo Cej 'ai i unj Mr.
J. opb I . White being the aur'tie. 'Ir. 1*1,1 e u aiao
l?'l f.,r ' (Ikort Towbt, the e- jli.for.
John ' rrlghtoa and A. M !?<?, aim ??er/y.(/
y lef.'ay a? wtlr,'"*.* are no* b> Id > ? prin a,
ordered to And bail (u t. U"'.
(,*o. H Hail, aoa >M the Mayor tf 'irw^lyn ?a hei.it.
tiail yowteiday In tl e aom ?f iJ Ttdey the ld?* "i''
iltirtrj illterta.! 'hi! kl.lall I. iigmol Ir H
Hi* Mar.bai'e .logulb-o proce? led on I,! tba S'etatj
?: it light at a U t'e af>r "tw o'el k, b.r tbe porp
inapectlrg 'he ov an 1 ? 'Hog n riff ? yjii.*(
that 'be* not appear on th' .hlp'a man.'rah
The Northern l.gl.t W" ew ?? t j??'?o' .; by tie*
government aoUw rltiea, lo *?e fee* llel' .i * had an
tear I any if the rantell o an t arm* ?i.eli aa.^H a
had placed on board of b". Ton n a a **- to
n romuc* early In 'ho "*? ? JV - reh wa h ." ' f
th" wind that elleov.raua.ca weeo-rt > " row. t'v re*
eel wl'h .mall boete, aa.1 It wan a t aa 11 llo'ei! ?? '
lb* Chatcm U'nu* c? l we* pi - l o b v. 1 1/ e
? am tag.
7wo cf tbe ?nlte.i "a: nanrwla i'iryy*e| ? .? > I
the yewael la the f cwiww, but were ? vyaird lo I rn
beet. The wind 'g^w e petfec karnnar and o email
beat, arci'lrg w> be .^lu 'aef tfca t/Ta*oo>w, ?. Jt
U?e lu the ? a that wa# raua'ag the fravior p* 1 ' u#
Farly la the al''.r a ?*' rer'ieter wa eacrhet -n
Uwr ! th* Jioeihrra .1 by t?? *to ? ui tag J y fco H,
/apt. I l.i It Bto'i., which It <1 reeo ?ngaged lor
l>g 'lop bp tli? authorities to eenyep the elhcrr. to eu 1
line ibi
The .?vn(?fl i.f ?ll'U(l ? ?u h .aid the Northern light
*n ?lfu* the -Mete ee mi the .lap before. Th ' t'ompanv
trrr In got"* ?p:r.'fe, h' ptng oC dti'ing Ut? dap and
In the. to i.cfcthe gouoec'l. u with (be t'ocldc ateomera
Wt California. Tiu irtrc tve rotter Wa-Mtigt-u Up
wrll. h f, p.wd, of fhe ? reamer, with h?r guna atill
beoi ing upon bar, and u abort liiaMoc l-eJoer lor the
attain tie,a, oil >1M]r Cu.' ?Ct"ni.
l?ur rgl' f In no-* tb?< c?r jit tn the forward foil of
(lit bad tern bi ekcu up ond plain! on flf<A realp
for I ho tnrjiefiloTi of t.a prunri rltieeia when tbejr rem"
on boor J At XV o'rlorV Mr. H. V. riafdfmt name uu board,
?nil at onoethe examinatir'n of the e*tg> wn commenced,
Urdu the '*? paction fcf 'Ai* went ants, t'epl Kotinre,
Jlent, Arlh,tt P. Kandfird, end IJi-ul. f, K. Jttlwon, of
thieuUor Wa-Vngton Ibe hone* < n dwk wore broken
open and tbelf eon("tit? emu .(Mil. Tbie pnrtbiu of the
ea-go herlng b"ro Pol-bed the' Inqnlait we l,.>miiillteo."
at it nvi called, >5rrfttndCH'. to the lower hold and rooetroi
the March.
I*e?e v.eto the X-flre wl.lr'i hid catteed oil the ilifTleiil
ty There nere b<te? about fur leot long ond too op
thier bet wld" itorl helng err/ heat* were auppimd to
eon'^ln riflpa holle, er nan n. Tbeae were ehippH hp
Wlnee Ar Co 'h exprtee cud In tueothleet eaelelp tbwp
t?e-e opprOhPbOll The/ were tumbled uwer ami the mit)
lel erul phl/ol y< re epit'b d lo the elder olf oeruo (be
llile, iir.d In prolonid r b>n?c tb" neper wrapping were
rnfM .1. eud behold?what ?oa there -not r?nu?n.
not (ho Minnie rille* w wee reported, hat g"?d
eo'id, nioirt*- ntiol pioeoh tlioree. A laugh went
n|- e < thin dlarotrerp in made, end the order
wee gnrni bp t'eptoln Ktfliee and Mr. (toldeon. of the
C'netem lloiire, to ")*? Iherr " In eoine of ttirao eue
pirteii. ho nee wen- nedrllea, ml la other* plougliaharea.
ITotiehetnrer ond aaddW it re nod O printing preee, In
pbkco of eennona, rlllee, end joe ler oml bell' The in
tWliraliiD of the rurjfii an t ftm.raei. pi <i nt IV. end
CB'.fd ?t a o'plorh I*. M. 'Ihe wd-nte work war done In
two H?ou?' time. None of tbe peetreere rordarf bp the
( uat'm Houm- eod hrorlnjf thi Cimtta eenJ, were
opfi.pl. Nun* of the bunke were e oodued, not were
eny lniBka or piifele jno|>ertr of t*w pe-mater? rr
eanior 1. 'Ihr Ctirtoni Mouer oftlr.w ennaldePed thie
nnueritmaip. When the roijtn w:.u Ifol-hrd notllnjr
r*riiolot '* to look Into rtn jitinx II.? inoi ami there ho.
Inp obotit all hundred ton- of ti t. on be-w4, It ana- lookol
upon ae r. ?'little to., um. li id a uood thuilj.tra overhaul ell
tide."' Ihr ofler ?Oii riu.de bp the ulilia |. <4 the aleamer
to tear tw. of the I nitial ftoU>? Merehr fhto (Iroptowo
and hinn 'brui hack, ond tbeao < Ificora al.nraM lie "look
era n ' whllo llie cool war gradually dliop; ewring on the
Popege. Ihi" offer wn* noci pud bp tl? 4n*< rnmetit
olhcera of the 'imjulaitiro r immit'rr,'' omi 'the propnal
tii u too repeal to Mi. Mchoun In Iho ilUnMiD. Tluia
en itel t) " ,-ioicii f' r oiidni.ulli.it en Imarl tie N rtheru
Iho largo on board m eoinpored elth the ibli'iierr'
mar.ifi t, and a;ta*d 111 t very pellicular, eteoj Mug tli"
'Od .'li end pioupl i liere?, f imti loot of lumber, end one
or two other imtil perkog) ? atilcb were not en'jerod on
(hi n oulh'H* i tbe allljiJMT' Mr. C. It. Middlebroek r?
pu aci.led Welle, harg i o t'o.'o I (preee during (herooreh,
Mr. Wine* iepro..nt?d Wine- k fo 'e Kjlpieaa Mr. J. N.
Hcoll end Mr. (ia'.cr f'oli- trj re ami tod the Nlroruguo
Tronait ("ou.panp, both of the*'' yutleiiiou being rajen'a
In tbe roni]<a?p'? employ.
the aoarch Wdig imbd, tbi' It'juiaittie ctiuiidltce, ot
the imitation of Captain linklepeugb, ?et down to din
ner. A tabu v.a- -jm-ud With everp dele aep, ami adne
Hovtid In pn tuaion.
.luatioe bowlaig tao.0 .] ii.i-to Die-l"iu?'li on 1 tbi 'in
nar man, le((alii fault"" on I Mr. I I', i.uijaofi the
( ualoui lluu-o i fticer. left in the ah noting J. Jl Htoir,
for tkeebote, to repot I tbo tenult of tbu aeoieb to Mr.
Meh eon, ami to Iiotp I: tohviopbeit on lo the I'ri'eldotii,
ana ye I hi |Ol uileobnt for U.e rearel to -ait. Thia nun
poop Urlt lot tbe allo c about tin oe o'clock in the after
oiani. end prow.k ed they euold be bock to Oin ye.aol v tth
U.* eii"W*r of the l'rwabien? bp litre o'clock, and at elite
boar It wiii p?"ml ed tbe Nurtborn IJfht altottld h- ?*??
bet ai... h i a eud atond oul to aaa. I lout. Arthur I*.
rtaofrird *?? 'eft In chaign of tor teaacl In tki a?a<u:eo
of <'opt. hannrg. and a I ndml Pto'ea kforebel aloa re
tuoiatii on board.
i'UJLtg lite alter moo, i?twoon thro* >u<l it*.., wl.il.
fhpr Kantw-i- ea? <m ehora, (J. ut. <>'anl..rit gate onlcr*
toljiii'l' N. Jack.ou lo k ? on l>'.a :1th" -utu-r W??h
Ip/lcri uflil htiug Mi. I4?N mi btmnl (In- VpHfiirn
light. lii< got l? taring l??o ega mined, ao.I nothing
baring l<*?n iotiii<l in theia ? *c piii . nna liaml prlu' *v
prerr ami a ytixitliy nf type h w.? dl'rl m >1 ru ,,i
i(?< m?l i.ninn In Im brought onb.irl tn? \ ,riti<. n
1 ifciit, to ?aii with thi* renal. Mr. Mali wax iouml on
(be W ii')Uugl?m, rwry ?l.;t in hi* bortb. 1 !<? >? % I boon
ri k Un ?otne .lar* im-t, ami ar -or.ling to th* opinion of
Ih'- I by >11 tan VI tbe eutli r. wa? ?... Ill to I* l?L ri I,.
Mr. McHm u, icwKdiof 'o the- ..r' ?n ..I Mr Jovtiltn??< n
to Captain I nun *t?ri* "ly <o l.i og Mr l.y- or an . Mr.
Mai. kluii lliu at 10 o'cio - yi ?ie,,ia/ ui/riiair at hi*
officii, in Cvl I f plac*. Mr. Ma! ? aa? toW ha wax *an'a.|
i n board th ? Nrirthorw 1-lgb', Ud, "it., a* b* Waa? paJ<\
(inacklnl. an I 1 mlly able to itwl?lia g .( out or lit <
|ya)i. die ? ?! aaaa<ll wrmpp*4 up an 1 ? one.y.at mi
board th' *traai?r, ah' a he at on? relirM to hi* ?late
rt .ni. ami waa pot un.h r nodical treatment.
Mr. Mali >h ui m liatrlng anything to .So wi.h <? ttio?t .p
a flllfeuiiUrorgan!aalioti In Now V-.ri. lie -ey* ho ru
lately apt<lntaJ talc prlntor inlnr the new gut am
ment, ah4, vi <i'i-f t > i ntarire tin la-illtl** for piiat.a/
0. ouio.Bg to ti..? iii w hti. in ? 1." a ? .? to Xww Tr n?k
to por-Kme two ut three new Ion taut type, and a print
ing prion. Tr>?m? aril- !*? ware pur<b*ewl an . plod ua
i-oanl an I lli" l>ote* oon'eln g Uteni l? ing nathrr
hcary. ? nipltha ?t "?** fa-'eae-l mpen item a* a"w*a('i
it,g rl/ie*, aatr >.n, ami ttlihurler malarial, ail 1* tbi
owner, *a arreated.
Mr. Mak l? i yr>'> tig man, abwt thirty ;' an ?fwf*. He
at* bora in 1 oyion, Inatu, of An<ttrna piunta It
one" a.ilta.1 a J?ipar in ."?T'li.'-y, .1 ;?tialin ami aller-arlw
t-cara.* In part pruprUtt' of two m ?? paper * In fan
I rat tint >, tiiiUornji. About two u> .? be ago be tart"!
tie Jtl yii'irn ynen*. which paper be m?w war ami e m.
dret? and lor which ti' ho- Ju>t [ Mrrlu.ee. I tl.o jrlri- rg
j. e.*e at .1 h.tita urtype no boar I'he Northern light
lino elock ram*, art.} no ? ?mmte,^ ?m? nfl frvri the
?li?ie TUa tug lay wl b.n ighl, wl p.ir*. J N wt'i
ri?*r, ait'l a?a: y an auiiuwa ay wax thrown l.w?r4<
her, In hepo tha' tli* pmhlb- wh^rta niw'tl w-a to
rli a'dotk p3i?ej, m l no < aptaln leune* rat, e I ??.' .
K?wm I.> .*k paoi't, ami thr ? Wr> grow why
t 'lptala > aonee 4td not en,? lar'. ami gin the nrdwraf
lit 1'iawdml I* let hrrjo. i;g,-.t o'tV \ *a'i", but
with il no ?afr tag or Ca tain i a?n'?. N .e all aorta
of eacurea w*rr-"tinjoni 1 op to < apiais the dehay. 'tih,
tho tahgraph ? rwe are <V?wn(" ?aya na, ?fil tl.e It
<Wjt oari t .i.mn.onleate.'' ho, tlitl he o t It 1 ?ay*
ai ?t?,f r, ? I rank I'' r - * h ?a t ? t p.\ irr?r l.i* ' lar wl
trie ?pl*w, an Iran t writ* a l> ,al k- '
u 'hi- iflrtM"*, Mr bailee tha italrlet Alt irw f,
P i. -rat I*?i1 to tt?a I're?t4cnt tt 4 th? rwemi h*l be o
?at bet, Ibat n.taing o-rtlahaaH hail Iroi h> ?. >et
l? mr4, a a, 1 It wo- y ye*.., V, <n I (?, lr ?? f
Mairbela eltb 'h- hoetlaeea Ugbt to (?reyto?n to "? if
any ii'taaara waa ? 1'#- '?! ? nto* the -al- Mr.
Mehi.-a 4^ta4 the l'r?wi<V-mt to ?ii >? he"hwr
?1m ?' ?? ikoiiM he an* lot w>r bta i ?h
A ?.jt ale* o doe a tin patch waa rm .to4 '? m l)w
I'-meten' lr?'- ?( it to Ui* .ieerwtl n ot Mr. MeK?tf, |o
aljww tl>? ?a- M to I' part or n-4
klrr * ?!"?* pa.?o 1 ku' atth ' rw. ray .rt frowa th*
.tore, 'nil? ?er? tww?4"it U.Pr m.tUf'i't#, awl wb ?'
yartlr* t?fim-l Ihn.tgh-mt the n t > pae* .way Ua
um (.apt r?4h;w i?h. eon 7*1 t* 't*alh e?h tha
. i|V*.. - . <W put P> hint, " (hptalra, wiiht nan be
tV, e? e of dh ay ? t ; 'ah fVa he y -? think we
a .. ??'. . t *' ret r # n th# -nh.'n an i ley Ve*
te to. >.itb. Twho'thtb p?aewl v. 1 t?w ? m;hiiy weea
10 more ?n.'ihu?e-l than thwy wwr# at flew.
pleew 11 ? riaeh, a?l et.il the etenai t 4 lay a* h e
w ail with h? eigwawlitfltwn hwnrl ?M| r *( n at* a
tp #e <h*t >h* wm.M be o# a' *11 4rt ay the w'gbl.
Oet refer'er ??< e*ill ow (.art and the rteawttd
bla * "? ?"* rh'hwe wguine* him. Thw
t ?(? id th* rtmaw ware a t alk wed to twaew
the fererl while ahe w mter ar -et, an4 thw wlml
WW* llut| *e.wh a *e * that met a ?tng'a i??.. b-?a*
, J lay le( a ye'^e wrfWn erft t <4 th- w < a*
h v'wal la o n w?a'b r to th ? ? ?*(*?/
It*- w*a*f r4 ' '1*4 UM1 m-t'*w Maehiagtr*, an4 rffler
p ; ,na. 1 at ;? hw hhhhetahd .;tm|trtt ageMw,
TV? feat won lay at the loot of tb? atalHraya of too
bor'b? n light. it.#* i ed with a.* ?HiWW man a*
war'* icon, ready to row to toe ?harf ad who wnrw
in for tin' |HMi|i'. Ilrut. I'hi. N. Jactnrn, not
*!"i loading thi' Hi Inviting utate of #hc WilthOr and
eea. I Indty romentcat, for the aminirun**ll"0 of limit
who wanted to go on ihorr, to command Uk? iau.lt boot
lo tie wbnrt
At liilf pi** 11 n'flcrk, I La company, ml in liod SOM
? whin,-* -fa thr aleaomhip I f the at.au. tog ?iMt Uro
o'clock tm 1h? nfirraocn, wecb Undid it Canlie lor l"*
i'ur rc|orter, upon arriving on ahnev, proceeded to tW
wharf i>t tlid atrnnvtug, at W?i. S Knrfh rlror, to oacortotw
the caiire nl hir ili-ihy. Arrhiug tte:>, h? found that
Uto ti g had l*-ft llir (lo ilruntr aV)?* fifteen minute*
tcfom unit waiting on the wharf a few rrhmenli a cannon
wu heard fronttbr Northern IJgU.nud after a abort
iu'1 rial >|ia wan rocn gaU.wly etearrtttig down Uic bop,
on her rnrage to Han J una del VorV. May r*1 Inch,
attend her.
KI,DIl'T)iiK HTlflJKT J Mia.
Our rep rrter vUltwt the jail In l Mrtd|B atroet taut
ftii.tog, nbiia eevrralot the ikaportli men win trl
prisoner* on the cha~v? of hllhiati-rtag' me court nod.
TSrir appr arauce oan hardly !?? aa.d to be ??kia, and it
wna diflleult to diieorer any traoe of that demoniac aha
racier which Irt.lrlct Attorney McKwn*? energetic mea
IUICI wan anted the puMIe In e?p?v on the contrary
our repmter found them auiu-ing tin ?ncetfri in tba meet
?jiiiot and gentlemanly rrauner, wi Ik none of thane
" at range oalbe," or other chainctenettra of the "aaf
<tirr*-auilden and i|uick In ifitarrel." Tb?r aeemed tw
icgnid their iro|.ih*.nm.ot uuljr a* a t'mpnrary inmn
nnu nee, and appeared uiuc'l eialol mlJ< thi Idea that
they af re ?o valuable In the eyoe of the government td
Wkb, that live thorn, and d Ueta a liead howld be da
man del a? aecuilty for their wntiuulnf -itf?wua af thy
metropuda. Although out par' otiUrly pieI.i.-d with lhabr
apartment*, they united lu ea ?? ml'.na ul xrinnncadaUam
of the land! ltd nt (heir involuntary roanlm at and a I Ha
great good humor declined lu Itallona to itep eut amd
'? lake aouifthtng'' In thu cornr- grocery.
mihtki.i.an :nv*.
TO Till! I I'lTOIt or H)'. Ul Kil. >?
Nt "Vint*, tkac ?, 1*66.
A, \ nur paper U on* of th* few d't.ly j,,qn af* whir*
? III bo appaajnd to by tb? bl.tnf.tiaof futqr thai** aa n
enmptr'n anil portent record of all Important ititU, |
telle*, you *<11 not he-IUte to tomet ? fa# ,tf.e,rpan
etca?probably error* ot the typaa?whloh (Vre .rayt
('.to* bitirraphhal paiagiaph. n* * tr end nt <.?-tamU
Walker, *< II acquaint*! *iiji hi- 'J!? nad npl-Wona, **4
alio **? ulib 1. Jut JurJio; *,ma of th* eicatfnj
period* ohth* laet campaign In N -fer*,rin 1 fa*l authn
lliol t* Mtlr tint hi* rtoci ?r* *trV?l/ otaii luUmtf
and 1* hu mmu of tl?e '? Miw.mu.f' or phvatral rqvnn
character. I .tiring hi- eonnaetlofl ??lib * cri?ln tu?w*
|>n)*'j in New <M Iran#, th*t ) mitul %?%% tu ? htpfely H?% t -
I-U g condition, and favored *trid!? legal an4 xnmm-rm
tire nlull,IH. flenattl Walker ha* ecu tiMinel for not
hating taken atrrngvr ground In th' <'nl>oa
Hi* te**on for not doti.4 ?, *?, u,,i ....
eith the oppiMwed i, n-1 ? iilfvnr.g 1 r*< !*?. but ?lmul77
eon** ha ariahed to m* a <lacld*-t * i m on th* part of
Ctila h'TMlf, Iwdbre immIoiIi^ |,?r tp t '.iladofaeaUt^Mn
which Inlajrttf mirit'lol to q. Jn N^rtJit* affaiam
?nt < llirdit Oio rnoMitutJoii ,.f ili ,t>?i*i* l.aam
deetroyad ami tramplod upon an.' ft.a meet oruif and
"loKpotlc ii.t uunw iotojifr.1 by the u ?miner*.
? '.'.i"?'i'?*' '?* l'*f,7 '* 'k ? I'ruto CVamorrau
but that or lx,n liunriTo <*.|;|?n ly *h eta Cat end
Walker we Invited and nrg?d tbrjigk ri?, tr-rel
M-ai-iKim *itb Aiu' iban t. 1 b>-grant of ni'.y two
.ml ?fo. of lam) >n pa.ecd I-, me, * ,li tp* u,
landing that It ?luui.tl I,, tran-l. ra? to I <>i.jaa| ? T
No republican of An.erl an liJitb non'J hnre aoy *?*?*
thy ?nli Hi* iieurpalii.ua ivl < ;ipr***Jon* o' |*u
mor n f*' io n. Th* people **ro bitterly ha-nle to Uo a*
(r??*or-. < "tonal Walter w*. laeam-d by Cia-tamoc/nda
jarty i.| Mcaragtia ?* tl.a aavU.ur and lorn' hop* a! Ibt
country. Ill* omul'.at ha* l??* n.uka] through tf*
wli- la ot tto" rendu'l..u by act# of algnal jratia* elaamm
c* an<1 lagald tor I* ?. I la J. a man ail only wt'i'atedla
tl.a all .rtaat *ch ?d of pubtlr J?*U'-a, la**! rt?ht and mm
*of>?l honor, liol III- who-a Uf ? ba. barn fro a boyttoai*
???*... Ilu'tiatlun of all Uo- laat |i-*tur<a <4 Amrrtmn
rnararUf, Aftar ib? l^ttlr ..( VlTfinliny, HUanam*
inait" U) t ?init ml Wa krr ttay warr tr*nlatf with *??a
atliaiiloi. ili# ir Votiri i* tr'nm), tka- tr **'.? mUiW
ami thHr lit-. I y inlorwt b, tbeiy html *ai not "it
rornluct nt ih.i nnriny
Tba a aiy of Culuta*! ttalbor aa* fad by tb* *aiw*atfe
K '.rritio.tai and mrt a* liar*naallptoaaly alatad W
rorairinf upon 'ha native* '
flir rl'ttr of tlo *a action* doaa not b?b an tlana 1 a
' air-net Walker bat to the Amerlran pnopl'y In atanaa
*? linola ami umtrr *ko?. ami and poittleal (nluannna
ha Wo. tao'/ht t#ie Ural early Uaaona of fiar?*n In aan
en nitty tr. !a? and tu tie dir'ataa of juatin* and ga*4
I.i'iv I ah" know 'he man. aad had an latliMU kan*
leil*n of hi* ? tttnlui t ami ma'lia* In f alitor nla and Vk*
larua tail 'e*'ily to In* u: J Corn aultr, eliiu'i antf
jai'nni of m ha.tot.
rIta pieaefit fnwrai en* of Mrarag ua la rwimnomrf of
? on 'l ? f the two |?, Iji , Ikm ,T,., Oeail, hi- bdlaw
? r* ???'* ?ihlng to aa.li' th'df fnron* *lth tlwaa of tka
' ?? till ?n pr t y , , t n* ailed i>.i|y the far* ' II I' III a falMlad
la a a'.iid I. 'at. man U. alter', if... in. n ant rmkain
Cmiuaaotit i*?.? ?ud .?? .t'ltumal * a Tint In
b OI .flit ? <ieh a man ?a? < olnnal Vain ,
uvii nf cuur.
T" Till: KDITO* Or T*r IIKKt t.O.
I note * lli" nan.* of " Hall." tijfu
)'",r f I"" t of tlir <1 iiajf* hu I. ^ifff -?f !h<? itt ith' f SorHi
?i n I ..'fit. Alio* no to ?ay that I ?a*nr>?r onhatf
that rt*i?l ami have r had ai.ytlsay b,-to wlih thn
? ntiiplir I i 't'-red to * Ih Ih'.i'H'i an n* J to t arka*
II I i<ii- la, t o hu .trel kb?rp'? rllt' a' a in* hgmto
which h* r-fu-. 1 T! I* I* tbe. i'erii f ,y , implicit^
al't th? No"her n Ij(M alhi. My p..I lei Bf the atwrva
you *111 reSie.e 'her* >at? of many of my fr -nta.and
r an n*(*vlal faror u
Wtl It. IIAU., 19 fc ata,,.
N>? V.dta, Per 3B |*66
Mr. Walter, ah., wa* atllattf 'a a'hargoof ttotaW^
tie aw- .f tie. 1 nita-l ? *(?? .n enilatlngmon few Mian
(-'bar;. Wallet- formerly of *hr J ~r a t ? ay th'n
tiv Mf W hi. I r?>er wa- ft'tc? a laantv 'rt the itatf
onyaBlea of WalLo a a. the Itrnmleay ant Itoaton thaa
f' Mr tuaifa r I, waa bitne ily .ir*. o, Aha r-))iava
It.* .*? * I ink fn.' ? fa on, and tapdain arl drevet M'dar
.d 'he New I'll V"I'lu'e-ra, Mi. l/a'r/ . a.i 1 letiana
?th utbera are .ti.imtaa *tt
yrmtn Veenarla.
Of'M ft I It TO 1 tEif.l.O ( OMNI "( O.aPrv. (r.
I'raat'i i imu- par. |, |*??
/fe ? I Hm.r, fa, ? of K-nur Araadi '<*, y
We. da
iiire my inat of ?d .'nc,..1 I liaaa but Mt> of import
anee to euwimaat-wta. TV ruaaoral rwt re an) frwaa Ik*
'nl nat 'f .'-ii'it Aran.a, th- fe'fitar^ at tttat' tar tka
He** fhpaftnwt,' an I 'if I ?*? ?n Adair, aa (aneraiiy U
beret. It la ?,??? ahlafawet aano-i? Upaa m l.iyh t h am
th*' I.I ).?? h**w af pmalad M a at?? Vi Urn I il'atd ? a taw
ho-.W thla/npn" pr-v* to b. tfaa iibiail.ted'y -e?ar
Aremta be b<*u fwl'y 'd "py ojr (.,ta? larartta
maaa t 'f M.iO" TT-e M'nlifera ot I're.ideat keutaa
In ar "ta keey ihe> paw |a tha < am net BIT at Viw
? fa*for* tin Oitxo ami ab.'.-i A. ?-T- 'n?'i T af tha
It., oa.-enr'la * V < , ant tka health of ttfaiw
antt ' .eiabt, r .? / poita la aary p*f (Via are m
'am* of aho^va Mi lape#' I- , .tu-? ..J ia.eeaafe*
from the int. .V pp ', aa|J',- N U^t , and lapwl.
<i man I 'or I .r .p? llbte. f,/ tha I nftwd ftatea, In ea
tr ar*- 'nary r?|ic ? a t ? aofbt'an' ,aMwa, r,y n* ' oa
It L.O, I Ma (?; It. J ieo*, T?ltf .
Pnllttanl I'lMIJlgvar*.
MOT y. -1 ITT fiaai-<ia nit co?*rrr> ir>T*.
the edl' w.aff !? a >(.y >4 a -h iWRant nhleh ta Ma?m|
' ' 'I; ? a ted, *c J laeek.tag ia any ? fTfait-iraa la
th* 1 twee*-, nel dw'rbrt af 'dipa'?
T. J ?e-t liar " 1/ Wa tt? naprde *1 rftf
en. ft! N' ?t Oar- . aeU d/atiler of npie. ah*
vrdad M yea M we*.bar if t*Magfmaa, kaia Man dtftf*
f m-adio y , fay yo^^.i lata aaraa- ?? tfaeVawUn mpen
.er.' -v aa ? -*' " ll. IIm m Ami tuur.t lor
' ' " 11 pfelng .ha! yw* aara .ippmorl v. the
f'b?.~ alt* ly parvwlav, yawr at, -rrwdo*
I ou^..i , w.a| . *a-"?wd la yoaa fWa
t./C* aa k- .a ant p ud that y i wijj a" ?? y raw,-, aat
- . lima the aaaanhTi ko tha pe-^fe -a y.e.rSm9C ' dr.
1' y *11 dn an. wa * fat pvo-.tw. y?., A adaanre thnh
.. . 4 |4a * y WW at I y aana.i m: wl | a feiaew .nich
O-'fOOJT, aa e'lit yaa.
ra<waej fattelllg a*.
A t Ir-vaa 1' e* H - II w h W' *fw*er M-t-n
"jg ""y v 3m. iv n AaW
T V J*" i 'I, m??*f ad?. Wlafjr.eva.
II l L* e ?t _ I ? ' UMl e l , I ?. . > -| Vw
OW . ? W W h- w. o-e, ?, ? f A ' v maw.% fa/Ah
. W?I*T Kh
ra*w'-fa TT'i.e 1 M.IVM ? T Ck Mr
- - ' ? . - ? ; ?
- - - i. .J " -1 ?ii*
M'aa '?* ? i'?- ." .-torn! 0 a Ma... L i,'
IXT^T V*? 'Miami. W i I*
TT J . "?'? J** m>.
T P J I *a i , . * r -? (tv .. .f
Job# ? -t t?y Ml. s i *. i.,,.,aV?a
| . .... '*"?'* ?? OA ***??? Af-? TA^-w' !.e?a-.
J ii " N r>. Utaow
i IL'i e T'i .1" '?* Mncpky U Vnaeadme-a 'onai
J r+r % *f ti li- viadi, ii w*
??'r;23&^1 ^ Pt'KtiLT:". .? ^
/ *:v-','ri
? II. f| K I'*, p. Ml.. i ? a
e?e , *1 1 -jMt? **?-??
Tw?|-?-d tUfi It tdfevaa'

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