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Jftml ?( Stra Itttki' Frtettdiiigi oa Board
the Kxfbriig Ship Keaelatc.
(b* SiHSNolHillllH TbelrTlM.
?a. Jfca, *a.
in our rldt to the ReeotuU, M Friday tost, wo aod
dentally pioked. up the master's lof, containing ? ooa
-pieto history of *U that occurred on board the vessel
from the at of September, 1803, to the let of April, 18M.
'WbU knowing that it oould not toll to be a matter of In
Aereet to the public at large, both la Uua country aed la
?u?ope, our reporter made a* exact copy of all the ia
' Jasnetiog Hems there given, whloh will bo found here eo
i ?X00XKMK?6 or hex majesty's Mir emoujte, or
TWO oma, comumcxD thoxsoat, September 1,
8ept. 1. Observed a large hard of musk oxen about four
asfleafroori the beach, to the a W., tot 75 6 57, tea 163
*?*?. The sun set with unusual brill Ian oy; light swell
from the east war J.
Sept. 8. A tone of water between the pack and land,
to the northward: lieut Ifeaehasi and l)r. Domville left
to shoot musk oxen; they killed two, aad a party was
pent on sledges to bring the carcasses; pack close heme
against Point Griffith* and point to the north of the ship ,
a pool at water between ship and the pack two miles
Bide; lee leaving slightly to the 3. K. At noon, the In
'T*r*4 '? company, party returned with muak oxen,
we%fct of meet 340 lbe.; Mr. Dean returned with en old
Jo* and three cubs; uo change In the ice; at midnight
counted about forty stare In different part* ?( the
Sept. 3. Ship secured to land ice, three mile* north of
Point Griffiths; obrerved that a broad lane of water had
aiada along the east and south shores of Melville Island.
? mt offiiotn the floe, set topsails, jib and topgallant sails,'
running for a light in the pack to the S. K.; shortened
call and made fact to the edge of the pack; the pack from
? CPows heat appeared slack, with several pool* or lanes to
the eastward.
?Sept. 4. Soundings from 30 to 17 totkom,. Drifting
southeast. Peck' opening and closing at Intervals
*eoto aad tosm of water opening aad dodtig la the paek.
? Hhipeemawnced drifting to the northward. At noon, the
iBtrvpId lu company, pack closing with shore of Melville
Island. Han la towards laud floe north ot I'oiat Griffiths.
Nacur,<l to land Hoe about 2# miles X. N. K. of Point
? 6. Got SLOther hawser out on port quarter. Puck
" around the ship. Carpenter repairhffi the stodge,
loose pack* one mile to the eastward. large body of
water south of Point Griffith*. Paek closing with large
?oe about 300yard* distent; at 11 o'oloek P. M. shot a
Orpt. 8. Ic* drift lag off the tost edge; wind increasing,
With heavy "quails; got out large anchor aed stream
ehalm. Employed provisioning Intrepid. Sallmeksv making
? *?|to*etjh busily employer Paek about 2'j or 3
?UOlPtoat, and closing with streaks of wntor. 9:30 P.
M., snipped rudder.
?ept. 7. At daylight observed packs of ice extending
? vompJetely around to the dtvtaue* of four or Bve miles.
Strewh., of water In every dite:Uon. Made aad with double
reef topsail, foresail and Jib; ran down aad skimmed
along the edge of the pack to the southward. Pound u.e
ice closely packed and no sign* at land to the eastward.
Standing along the land to the southward, secured ship
to toed ice about three miles N. N*. F~ of Point Griffiths;
latreple in company.
Sept. 8. Ship and lender secured fast to the Ice V. of
Point Griffith.
8ept. 9. Running to the east sard, fist In the sludge ice
and retaining to laigu foe, slipped from the doe sod
stood to the eastward, under double reefed and top-gallant
?alio, intrepid took ship in tow (? order to extricate her
from the sludge Ice; carried aw*y the hawser, eieared the
"Judge. tors and alt sell*, secured to tost ioe N. of
Point Griffith* Pleven musk oxen, weighing 1,870 lbs.,
killed and brought on board.
Sep'. 18. Secured toot to Ice K. of Point Griffiths , roo
ming .'own to rejoin the Utrepit 5 o'clock. P. M.. hovo
to, sent whale boot to Intrepid, (apt. received on board,
ho re np K K., running through newly formed ioe. 6 80.
P. M-. brought up, sot studding sails, put a boat under
the bows to work abaft and loooen the ice. 7 1ft, P. M.,
?hip went ahead, running in this Held of newly form
ed ice. Intrepid tost about two miles to the east
ward, ttred two guns as signal of recall to In
trepid. 11, P. M., ship brought up oeetxioually;
put hawser to Intrepid. Blasting ice. Making and
?beriming sail to avoid fouling the Intrepid. 11:38, ei
periraced a sudden and riolent squall. Down sail.
Iter led topsails. Midnight?Intiepld about 200 yards no
port beam.
Nepi. U. Khip be-et in nesly formed ire, about midway
between point Grittte's and Hjam lUrlin Island
Sept. 12. Ship and lender beset In neely formed ice.
?Sept. 13. Captain communicated saitli (he Intrrpi L
-hip and tender bestt in tewly formed Ice; 1st. 71 47 00,
king. l?ft 00 00.
P8p*. !'? Hmpioyeo In cutting Ice around ship In order
to bring her bead to Die ivoi thward. situation the same;
used 12 lbs. of powder and live fusees in blasting lee.
flopt. 15. Ihe condition o'the ship lbe same. H?u em
ployed as on the day previous.
-opt. 16. .ship and Under beset in lee, southwest a'
Jfto Msilln Island. Kmployrd In preparing sndf pack
lag travelling jetr; stowed provision* on deck.
?"vpt 17. The cbodi Ion of vereel the same. Ie? moing
?around the ship.
"?ep?. 18. i-blp sus'alne.1 a pressure from th* lee, and
listed to port, ice neatly ,ev*l wilh Jport guawsle. Ship
wtatn-nary; n<> motion In the Ice.
fept 10. Nomovment In the Ice. KmpU.yed In h?Ut
lag I'lutl-ions from the lower deck* lor the intrepid. Car
penter employed In making sledgee.
"f1'4 kh p beset la the paA. Ksiployed a. oa
the pie,ions day.
?"?eft. 21. Took down top gallant yard and unbent
small sails, Employed In lashing sledge* and dLunsetliag
?hip for winter. Carpenter making stodges, armorers
mak'sg rivlte and all makcm making tents
"?t* '22. f-Tiip beset In the toe 1st. 74 38S, long. 104 5.
'?Bil k* sj in utowiog away ?pur?, secnriag nidd.-r for the
winter, Ac Cape oilman N. 34 mile*
kept. 23. Mill beset in the pack. Isnp.'oyed la r#
saovirg ripped i.p les from around the ve^ek Mra us
ptoyelea on the previous day.
??iepf 24. Kn change In tht ien Holy stoned the !ow?r
teek. At noon ;he Intrepid la company M* n employ-1
to cleetng away lee and building round hens**.
Kept. 24. (Nuoday.i Performed divine serrlee. Htill
hat in the ice Saw slight gHmiser ,f the tu -ore. Cap*
w oskbwvt N. 32 mU-s, ?. 87, UH. 74 33 44, Ion. 103 24 48.
rapt. ?. No rhaag- la Ik* ice. At aoua the Intrepid
III eonvpmy. Men etnplayed as on the J4th.
^1*. |f. 8UH tost ta the Ice. imploys 1 la sejuriag
vtdge ?prt for houaiop. .nilmakere. carpenters and
armoreriai work.
'eft- 8 \e tharg* In the Ice, men employs] ? be
r'ept J The t ew el still beset In the pa-k ssea em
Fk'yed e befr*e.
Pept. $? So ebinge In the ioe.
<tot l.Heeey fall* of -now
Get 2. (Fuaday.) rtrine aiult* pertorm-c. N#
? hange lathe foe.
?tot. C. the ve-sel still tost ta the pock: carpenter'.
?ai'.joaAi t and a.-moier* at worb as usual.
?tot- 4. tmpl j-ed is ar-engiajr main hold tor the w'.m
tor. erK5 toth un?.
Get. ft. hmllfie of tiusge ?* on the day prerluj?. A
eraek ta'.fe '-e rlsiblo.
Oct. ft he change In Uvs Ire. M<*n ?rapinyod as ntuel
(at ;i?? on.* 1M??A.
Oct: T. Eknployed noting upper feci". No clung* in
the ice.
Oct. 8. Mm employed in elesaing lower Hold. TW ice
near th* chip in motion.
Oct. 9. Heard the lee in motion to the wool wart.
Oct. 14. Sounded 46 fa'homs. Brww Incroaalng, with
Oct. 11. Sounded in 69 ththoms of mod. Gale break
ing, heat7 drift", wind began to shift. Weather clear,
and aurora ex'ends in an arch from nor'h to couth.
Oct. 12. No change in the position of the ships. I'm
ployed in building "now walla.
Oct. 13. Beard the ice in motion. I'm ployed in banking
up around the ihlp, digging away dirt, he.; observed
land bearing W. by N.
Oct. 14. A crack opened around the we***!; founded
68 fathotr#. Men busily employed Cor the appicaching
Oct. 16. No ehnnge In the ice Ben *116 employed
! steadily at work.
Oct. 16. High hummocks N. E. about 6 or T mile*. Di
I rine service perforated.
Oct. 17. Carpenters Siting winter hatches, tad watch
banking up ship's side.
Oct. 16. Employed in building wail around 6rshale:
creeks opening; sounded in 44 fathom*.
Oct. 10. Employed in building snow pillars between
ship end tender.
Oct. 20. Employed as on the previous day. No ehanga
in the lee.
Oct 13. Removed lime Juice from spirit rsom to the
main hold; lat 74 40 7, loo. V*i 13 24.
Oct. 22. Employed in cleaning lower decks. Caps Cock
burn 40 mtUs north of us.
Oct. 28. Mastered by divisions and performed divine
1 service. Observed By am Martin Island.
Oct. 24. Artificers making frames for bousing, hound
ed 64 fathoms.
Oct. 28. Observed Cape Cockburn N. E., true; watch
| collecting snow for upper deck,
i Oct. 24. Men employed as on yesterday.
Oct. 27. Men variously employed. No charge in the ice.
Oct. 28. Watch playing rounders on the ice.
Oct. 20. lighted fylveatier'* stove. Men employed In
cleaning upper and lower decks as well as th* outside of
the ship.
Oct. 30. (Sunday). Divine service performed. Slight
flashes of aurora observed, Int. 74 46 23; long. 10110 46.
Oct. 31. Nothing new.
Nov. 1. Employed In snowing the upper deck*; the en
rnent for the surface composed ot wet snow, gravel and
Nov. 2. Employed as on the 18th Inst
Nov. 8. Men employed as on the previous day.
Nov. 4. Employed in securing housing* and otherwise
as requisite.
Nov. 5. Deed In burning effigy of C. ay Fawkes a large
quantity of powder and firework", such as rocksta and
blue lights.
Nov. 6. Heard the barking of a for quite close to the
Nov. 7. Watch below picking oakum, watch en deck
taking exercise on the doe.
Nov. 8. few land distinctly. Weather bright and oleer.
Nov. 0. Watch picking oakum.
Ncv. 10. Mustered by division. Men employed in clean
ing ship.
Nov. 11. The same repeated.
Nov. 12. Calm day, mecahght night, latitude 74 41 63;
longitude 101 22 46.
Nov. 13. No entry.
Nov. 14. UMiy H. Salosbury, mats, aged 26 year*
Nov. 16. Tart of the era1.oh digging a hole In the loe for
the mate's grave.
Ncv. 16. Mustered by divisions; consigned the body of
Henry H. Salnsbnry to the deep.
Nov. 17. Gerpentcrn preps:Inr a theatre.
Nov. 16. Employed as on the prsvtons day.
Nor. 10. Hauled over quarter deck housing for the
Nov. 20. Observed a meteor.
Nov. 21. In accordance with the expressed wishes of a
part of the crew, Dr. Isuavtlle rend a paper on chemistry.
Officer*' rehenral took place in the eamn.
Nov. 22. I'eople taking exerci e oe the ice.
Nov. 23. Theatre Mil* printed.
Nov. 24. Kalnt flashes of am ore in the west. Officer*
Now. '.5. fleemenV rvhesrsal; faint flashes of aurora.
Nov. 26. Employed cleaning loser deck.
Nov. 27. Comlderable drift. The Intrepid hidden trim
Nov. 28. Employed forming ;i snow stag
Nov. 24. Employed preparing for theatre.
Now. 30. At 6:.1*. M. officers and arew of ths ship
and Under attended on the upper deck to witness thea
trical performance*, he.
is-c. 1. llurtercd by division, employed in dismantling
Pec. 2. Employed In clearing away snow from s'ong
Pec 3. SLrdglnc away dirt, and otlierwi?e engaged.
Dec, 4. Mean position of winter quarters since N'uveni
ber 6?int., 74 41 34; long., 101 2.'-10. Cape Cockburn N.
. 4 miles, r? 26 mile*.
Pre. K. A |?|>er on Arctic evplorition* during the prt
? nt century ?? rend to the officer* ud crew.
Pec. fl. Kmployed la lore Ilia* walk* iling-lde
IVr. 1. People taking eserctne.
9tc. S. Mercnry lr< yen.
Pec. Height moonlight night.
IVc. It. Mercury frozen ?g*ln.
Dee. 11. Mercury partially frown
IVo. 12. Mercury liquid. Craw t?ok erercl ?e.
Iter. U. ("apt. Kcl!< tt icad a p?p?-r on a-trooomy to
'.Hmf and crew* ol both the chip and tender.
lYe. 14. People tiling exercUe on the 8oe.
In-. l;>. S'ltl.icg Interneting.
I ee. 16. Murdered by difieion.
Ilea. 17. Kmpioyad in clearing eway dirt, Ac., from
ar'.'Kvi the ahlp.
I ec. IS. Muttered and performed dlrtne *erri??.
Dec. 1'.'. Pr. DomrlUa rend a second paper on oheiu ?
try, the officer* ami crown nil attending.
I we. SO. Intrepid completely hidden by inew drift*.
I Ye. 21. At 11 P. M., rend *mall print on the Hi*, by
ibe light of the aurom horealU.
I We. 'a. Captain, officer* end crew left ?hip to wiutee
theatilcale am! tegrrd'-main oo board M the Intrep.d.
Dee. 2S. Mercury few en.
two. 2*. Craw employed In denning lower bold
lac. .5. Murtemd to perform dlrine ierri?e. t aull
not ?ee the intrepid, for the know drtfta.
Pec. W. people taking ere rtine oo the lloo an I re
niorlng Ire frmi the bread room Mereury frorert
Pec. 27. Mercury etlil frozen.
I we. 20. Mr. llarae fmate) dellraeed ? tartar* to '.he
rJPcer* and crewe of both ve*.el?, on the eauee of wind*,
Uielr pi'ralenre and iii recti on, land and *e? lirew/r., and
remark* on local wind*,
pee. 2*4. Kngsged In boUtlcg up prorUi.wn
Iwc. .70. Carpenter* laying out wLren of nlee'.rle tele
graph befwewn the rblp and tender
Die. 71. Telegraph n weraiug order, aeeernl me^ige*
tent. Hererai men fr> m the Intrepid detained on board,
on*' of Ibeni reported a? ml. Ing. ?a? reported afe by
Jan. 1, lt?> Wa.t.re.l by dlwidun* *ad h>'*rd <ll>lae
.!??. 2. prperi?d hie life, 11 omn? lt<*>d H It M . of
?be int. - pi.I.
Jen I. < ffi -rr? and eree left to atteu I the burial ai
the deaea.?<f. A peprr on geology read by Mr. Htm
Jan 4. Kmplojed In grtt.ng np prorlkione.
Jen. ltuktfrrd by dirlelon* ami employed ?< re
Jen. A. U' cfercd by open ll*t
Jan. 7. tleeiing aro<j?the ihlp Mercury fn. ?n.
<an. t. Pertnrmed <ll*tn" *errtc
.Han. *? (.leaning pr> 'erred me*l r?on> *nd ?urT*yiag
Jan. Mr. MePer.fr; read a p?p?r o? Ar?ti' oyi,-e?
ta the ?hip'* company. Mercury anlld,
Jaa 11. Mercury liquid,
lea. 12. Porreyeil Pur .er'a rtore*
Jan 17. Kznpfoyod aa restrict te.
.lea. It. Artanging upper deck.
Jen. Id. PrrArrw?ed dlrtae arrto*.
lah. 1<I. Mercury froaew. Mtore* tarrfrinl.
Jan. IT.oMcn uty aU.1 frown. I eo-da taking Moraine.
J.a It. found* 1 .erretyuta fathom*. Merpnr 'till
frt -en.
Jaa Itt. Flirt find cvlf'eeV aou nr. Waiter hall
it g Mkreey on the I't.mr * etagaa "t boa,"4 the
Jin. 'JO. E'aipleyed in cleaning around skip and
ing dirt.
Jan. '.'1. Aurora feint in varioua part* of the
Jan. 22. Performed divine sen is#.
Jan. 23. Cleaning boatswain'* store room.
Jan. 24. Mercury froaam.
Jan. 23. Mr. Harria rend a paper en mechanic* to the
the ship's coniaojr.
Jan. K>. Might aurora to the south and eaat.
Jan. 27. Clearing out enow from under forecastle.
Jan. 29. Employed el eating lower deck a
Jan. 29. I'eneillinga at aurora aaffuaieg the whole
Jan. SO. Surveying carfenler's etorea. The aurora
eery blight.
Jan. SI. Moatered by division*; people taking exerc'ae.
E'eb. 1. Km ployed in getting up eeal from the fore peak
and ?towing it in the bunker*
Feb. 2. Departed thie Ufa Jaaaaa Wtlkia, lea quarter
master of the Intrepid, of diaeaaa of the heart.
Keb. 3. CSeera and craw attended funeral of the de
cerned. The sun aeaai-diameter abovethe horlioa.
I > I). 4. Employed in clearing lower deck.
Keb. 5. Twenty-eight mlirt from Cape Cook bo ran; par*
formed dt\ Ine aerrtce.
Keb. 0. Employed in hoiatlng up proriaiaae.
l ab. 7. Officers surveying purser'* atoraa on hoard the
Keb. 8. l'eopie taking exercise.
E'eb. 9. E'atnt atreeka of the aurora fram the aeuth.
Keb. 10. SaUmakerw fltUng travelling teati. ,
E'eb. 11. Employed in clearing lower deck.
Feb. 12. Mustered by division* and performed dlrin*
E'eb. 13. E'ailmakera preparing tout for an early travel
llng party.
Keb. 14. Drying empty casks.
E'eb. 16. Cleaning and drying tank*.
E'eb. IB. 1 lout. Hamilton commenced etercislng hia
sledge* by taking long walks in the doe.
E'eb. 17. lieut. Hamilton and party, with aledgei, 'eft
for a walk.
Feb. 18. Knqdoyad In cleaning lower deck.
Feb. 19. Mustered by divisions, and performed d riae
E'tb. 20. (leaning fore bold; mercury an 111.
E'eb. 21. Employed in ? toeing for* hold with provision!.
E'eb. 22. Cleaning after held for aurreying previa lea*.
E'eb. 23. People exerclafng thenwe'ves oa the floe;
lieut. n*mllton and party walking.
E'eb. 24. Hurraying gunner'* atore*.
Feb. 26. Arranging upper deck end removing dirt, ho.
E'eb. 20. Mustered by dlriaiona to perform dirlne sor
Feb. 27. Preparing and completing equipment for an
early travelling party.
E'tb. 28. IJsut. Bamilton and party left with sledgea
and dogs lor exerclae; Cape Cockburne much refracted;
Mr. McRougnl (master's mate) road a piper on Arctic
explorations, connected with the search of Hlr John
March 1. lieut. Hamilton and paity, with tbe'r dogi
and sledges, went off for exercise.
March 2. People taking exerclee; the drgs and sledges
out upon the ice.
March 3. Hammock* distorted by refractioa; anew en
a tarpaulin, but was obrecred to melt In the ray* of the
March 4. IJeut. Hamilton, Messrs. Court (master'*
mate) and Hoc he (mate), with nine men, nine dog* and
two runner aledgei, provisioned for Afteen days, left for
lieecbry Island, to communicate with the senior officer,
and the North Star sent a party of two olbsers and four
teen men to assist them a few miles from the ahip
cheered the pariiea from the ship; at noon, Ifeasra.
Hnrao nnd Do Bray, with a fatigue pat y, returned, hav
ing ndded lieut Meaulten'a party about ?*? miles
over their journey.
March 6. Mr. Roche, one man aad tlva -I g-, returned
to the ship with a bioken sledge.
March rt. Mr. Roche, one man and dega, left with
another sledge to rejoin lieut. Hamilton's party Mr.
Hare, pith a party nficven men, also l-fl, to arcotnpany
Mr. Roche on his journey. At II A. M., Mr. Hare re
turned. At 3:15 !'. M., lieut. Hamilton roturaed, sod re
ported th<- dog sledge coming back wltb Mr. Roche, who
bad been wounded by the accidental discharge of a gun
while la>liing the s'efge. 3:18 1*. M., Mr. Roch? arrirc<l.
Upon examination, his wound was pronounced not dan
gerous. For the mote rapid einrt yance or the suff. rer,
lieut. Hamilton bad left bis teot, provision.', Ac., at hi*
camping place, sixteen ml.es lrom the ship.
March 7. lieut. Hamilton, Mr. Hare's, two men, seven
digs and a sledge, left to return to the camping place Of
War h 8. The wateh employed In arranging and In
apeclivg the rledgea ami gear.
March 0. Travelling parlies ciaminiog their f ar
March 10. People taking exercise.
March II. Kmployeil In cleaning lower de<-ka. Cap*
Cochbaine nnd Mount Ruilock la siglit.
Marsh 12. Mustered ray dlvlslia ind performed 41 viae
-err Ice.
March 13. People taking m reite, and selecting and
arrangtog ?hsign, for trarelUng parties.
March 14. The people employed as on the day prerloa?.
March 15. l'copia i ir.pl ?>?<! as teuuiaiie; artiiicers
Maxell 111. Preparing travelling equipment*.
Maxell 17. ftepbjrd a* oo yertrrdey
Wan-h IS. Clearing lower <leek, cleaning areuad .hip
aO'l removing dirt.
liar ell 19. Performed divine rervtea
Marco .0. Kinployed In removing mow and banking
fromaround the abip, and j. epnrln,; proruiin fortna
Mai i b '.1. Implored a* on thepreelnu-i dap.
March ?. The raiplormrat of/**'erday continued.
Maxell -3. Kmployed preparing preei ion* for tra
March S4. Paint fa*b*e of Aurora.
March2*. Pmpli)*d ciraning lower deek, during
around iba chip, removing dirt and evnng?ng upp-r
Marnli?_??. Vua'pr< I my diruUoo, and performed di na
Marrh 27. Preparing for travelling
March 21. Arranging travelling equipment
March 2?. Ije'it. Meeham ami Mr. k rabbi", with *"W
ami clrdfree, left (bra ualk. (1e*rel away banking I rem
gunroom <k)li<l.t and Panic I beek'iiitr.cr trek h uaiog,
March lie-?a. k'eclum and Krabb'r with Un Ir
parti*-, takir.- *>*fUe. ArtliMvn at war in iv''iiu
i'aich 1. kiujdeyed pr"|a.[ii-.g equipment* r ' ar-l
:.n?- partie?
April 1 Pniiioyad cleaning U wei >t* -h, i p* Cnek
born pi. inly rl4bla withe- t rv'.-a 'U.n.
? April 2. '?! mile* &. W by 1'. fmm C. j? * b nv. Vp
mutnf ItiM paea. (So farther eg- .iw appear to
bare t? en made In the >oi.rtiai ar log bnok )
Tie Pewlut* wa- ia a'J | rt bablllty, ?ben.Vmr<'In a
(hw ?Mja after the la?t entry eaa tend*, ?. a, iMi Ike
of April, MM,
tU.W KirilOM Ol TPd T|>??kt Akl. M It 0*"> r -
crnioca imcimlvt co*)farrEi> wit* inert- . *?
In coii | cay with Captain fa. Afnf- a and otv r\ v,t
rrf r'er ?tart#>l In a row Cat f r vh-- Reaolsln, an 'ring
at anchor me dtxlance ft m-hrm. Whnw WWapfmonad
? d tho ah p it ec U eaa! y hr [?rwtt?: Ikllfatw k
ordinary era 1. Built rap-a-, ly f. r the Arctic nv'-rv
h'T itrcng a|jouree -m hot# a ?fc.er contract to '
?hip* that anrrO'jndm! her. -J* haa ill t!/ in'i-aaw
of a i an of wax'a man, being la- rily tparr. 4 an i lie i
out, and i If gel In a r aenat ?irr.lhr :< a ?? e. of tii
SaWy. Her to? ar? pretested!n 'rent efth thief ?hNth
Inga if oak, owe*r? ! o* the outride with in ng ' er*l? g
Iron, whioh prevent* toe ice from euf ng * ei-a| ng Wa
?ip"?nd t mbert. T h'>?g b ?ery Malf lathe how* above
the water, he U mark** y aharp '.r.Vrv 'h an',
binco ahe ia a pretty fO?4 aaiiee. h? f? ha..
rigged, although b*r 4m and toaaag* at.gr.t an* *er
eery well lor a bp. On 'W-h "da .f iha b i.'war', *
and aheit the ir?.nica*t la a port hole Int'sdod
f<W Iha csrm n '? 1. eh the c*rrle?l b?* 'ra beii.g
aban'mrd I>y the eipkorlag party. Ik* arena an
j drefc tii one eeil cakulatad to la pre the b?ha>er wil .
adnilmtion. leer,, tk.ng waa okr'rartei In -urh a rah
ataudnl maniwr that eat wonli haigfoa a mint had i.-?n
piae.-l at the -UfK?aJ of the boUder*. aad thnra euperln
tet- rg ber gnntdranU. n. THa 4ecaa -era m aeil-l enfag
hxd a* the I'urt |tnt*tl and earn ?l4t ?f tha r-%m
rtiah of for nVM ?t| gr ?ev?j f.-?t ba.e?r^
?*?tod ?"? ptM' ?? " *
rtnx*b A ? lotl ? ?OA. Aloft, every %?ar*V
wife eoffm, and ?U to rm-to pw.md to-**
fastening* af tommamatal. Abaft A to melA-takAj
to winl wo* ooatruatod to i imndi w mmmr, ^
had nil to oowtola oW equtpmmtas siinmity WJ**
side of to bslwnrta wneo const ruttad A WW e?W??.
mating oo.largo ytata of ? <?* o
?erne MUrUI. The wheal U o **?"
mechauitau It b o double oo?, conAraAed of *P?
eft r and copper. There la wet a parVtcie A tow to o*
veral yard, around to wW of to j^ *?"
providiag ageln.1 any dUen??m..?t of tbacom
pnwi from attraction. Tho ehiy woo P1*?^
with three umnpo?ea two oo o tavA with tboafto?
of tho wheel, and to third ami (eeUom uood ?
orpt to toot to oorroetoM of tootor tuo> wns ??
voted at a distance A about to to fro* todaeh, to
waa constantly kopt cofUtud with oUolath, ?? topre
Uct .t ftom to IncWmewcy of tho woator. **
wttconntruAodtwoubh ? ?-??or tot, U a ton ?on
oft*, who. thai, wuetUngvroflW
wrroofaod ed to otornpoat, it eouU tony be unAJpped
ait who, tho Oonyar hod poaaod could be roe hipped .
about dva aaitoao. About to enbiw door waa a 8*of
nlaak of UOMOt work for to otoor A tho watch to paeo
upoutokoapa bright to nuteh??*, aw n. to te bo
lUi to |t?? thi gjjuan?n it tin wW timely warakiff hi ^
turn an icaborf orooy othor obetaela wm ahead. Tho
tto of to oA cor ton thlo potoit waa unlnUrmeted, and I
. altar aurroy of to ooean from horixon to herlsou can
ba obtained. Tba antranoa to to cabin upon to quarter
<look U unlika ail Aher raaaala, bainf oo to atnrboard
aida whlla It la uaunlly In front at tho ahaal on board all
a?n going vtwoele. l'aaainf fro" to mainmort. onr ro
portor prooaadad to take a vtew of to 4nA forward.
On each aide at to faok numerous ?pe-? we*
firmly lashed to tba bulwark., and wore In
the lama condition a. when to Resolute
waa ebeadoood by hoe coasmander about eighteen
month, ago. tba bulwark, ab off tha bow* were ana
rtruAad in a mown manner, and hero, a* well as abaft
to mainmort, the copper metal waa uaed In obuodneoe.
Two heavy anchor* at to lataat mso?fscture hunf from
to cathead, on eneh quarter. A plain ttfura haad, *ur^
mounted with a heavy bowsprit aod jiblwom, completed
the cnetwMe of to .hip'* deck.
t'ntei inf to captain'. cabin by turning to to
lafl after reaching the bottom of a idiort Hlgnl
of hlepa, the fir.t thing that attracted the attention
of to ilsitar was the "Colon Jack," *pte?'l over
the bach and aria, of a large easy chair. It had pro
baidy been iett behind by Captain KAIott, with the
vtUr hope tha. the vessel wauld ?m- day he recover
?1 by a Bitiiali ahip, and that a Mr.. Toodle* would ny
It wouhl " t? *o handy to have it la the .hip whan w.nl
td." Minever, as it Was a Yankee captain who had IS*
go'd fortune to fall in with the iri.O, the ga.My flag of a
bat gbty n.lton wa. devoted to no les? use then coverleg
to aim ahslr already .pokt n of. la to c ntr? of to
rem stood a n?ehcg?nj table '( ovai term, on which
we e scattered moral bottle, of" Ad port" and piece* of
novy Id-cut1 '? There were the articles,'' a. Capt. Hod
rtiiigtcu, tu hi* own language, declared, 'that carried tho
leoolutc into N.w Itondon." He could not have existed
under to many privation, which ha tutored, ir It liad
not brew tor tu " good old pott" and substantial bUeelt
at to Knglwh government. The library?a very *p v.fi"t*
ont-attracted a r-d dea' of attention, both from to
number at relume, and to da ? of htereture there to
ba found. Urge lolume. on onvtgetvon nod a?tronomy
tiHed to lower shrltaa, white to upper apsrtment e .n
taiard a Wrga .awrtnunt at hlatatiea, dicUonaiI-?, ro
manaea, Ua?tle end ?*plom?iena in both ha*Upherwr
.ta-i tu -rtfc, ant -AH. m-Amtad ?Ae,
of mary *Zme*. The* boto war. for the grvnter pa. t
in n good state of prsuwrvaUoii, aUboujrh they wire
much darner d frum the candle grease and tallow .pilled
ahout the cahln on the voyage home. On ?nch side of
the cabin were two berth, for to captain and lleatensats,
handsomely furnished, and vwunred on the outside with
mahogany. On handaome imcU, Ineide to berth*, were
hung vworda, cutlarwea, mua?*t* and telescope*. A ball,
cunoectiag with the man at to ?he<', *Uo hung atmie
the berth., Wi tot the Otbcer* might be called upon
deck by the steersmen without to latter ?.?vicg
bU poet tor a single moment. Having now disposed o.
to Library, the clseplng p'nees of tlio olhcer* ?ad th
rsund table in tba contre of to Boor, wo will now eo
ilmvor to give our readers n genera' view af to Interior
of the cabin. l veryUimg about the room boro Urn ap
pearance of extreme comfort, wlihout approaching 1 usu
ry or extravagance. T? e wine .Kker, facing the library,
.?n tha "ppo-lte .Ida of the apartmeot, wa* ft ed with ?
goodls arrav o botllea, ft'lcl with port, sherry, brandy
and champagne, lb* eal. Bg* wore antics y covered with
firearms, wba lng gvar, lance, su.veylng m-trnm-nts,
teUstope-.roci.at gjn. and signa l Indeed, e-.ery por
tinn of the entire cabin -ewmid to hare l>e?-? st-.m Jawsy
with valuable*. There were two closets *t ? ?sch *ld# of
to library, runairg bnck a* t?Aa* the 'lead kght*, which
were rooipletelr J .m'oed with cloth n*. Icwt., stojilng*
snd other ert'C'e* ?l wearing apparel Roll* of cordage
and gutta perclia piping (tha leltor nrtiele was w-dently
n <?nt to cover a tsUg uph w!r.) were also huddled to
getl er sror og Uv niu of rubb .h tliat bv! bt en "tow ? 1
lit th?A* , ,, _
I?-aiing th< cah r? we m-w pa into tb<- petty officers
it- in?'l,s eccuc of BUB) * n-gh'.'s merilmenl and fan
while the exploring sU4p sa. a cp'ivs 'n the dre.i: y ao-'.
Inlios I't'ablc region* of the f'o'.r se*. Tlie Brf'lsh usvy
unlft ria wa. rsn'.U Oil about here la ?1> direction*, z/raa
of the - oata and pnntnioons were In good eonditl?a, aod
?|,.? eatly liad sufnroii but litUe fr-in the d-?nip In to
berth* w? iebo?/k*, suite ol cloth.ng, ftrrvrms. powder In
eanr-tor* 1'ju.I.s, pl< lure., tobacc ? pl(*? and meteV*.
fVsldr to aViv ar'ide*, there wa- * variety ol ealtbiss
and prcrtwM * with which to wbnUmen bad m.de "1
hsv-c. Many Uttlo i'uuatJ*w, -u'h a* ehrwolate. preserved
trnlt end jam., we.e (hood onugly *tow?l away In the
n-*k slid cr.rnsr* of to trerto. I? tb. OoliUe of the
afnrtnirnf lt?e u <?* t..bl? ?.ncs sVxst, but in be r.jage
hfini* It ls.l to plere* srul ln-d to h* thrown nrsrbnwr 1 I y
tbocrtrw. I!tr<- 'b r> were s. verA tlJ atric i es-'.um* ,
which *ow'-d bava b-en suitable for some of tb* let
'?.tars' of the 4?f The hat lletaOU ?.f O.heUn, I'.lrliird
and hli g leaf. w. re ciefi loi-mg a pil*
elothii g, wbiai. ?-r? I"> drribl laterdnd tuv elan as and
tiimLl' r'. for the spiral"* ?,,J ,a "'l * " tk'
latta w -.b: Vwi <*?? to ll?'-? that cen i-i'l"'"''"
acre had be?n attempted "O b srd the u
r?ie hone*, elephant, mi "**11 ponh cam '
It I* harl to Imagine ;r hly I'oUf h- '? ?" 1 *'?*
mati <log* were u-e-1 la their -ts'- aid
? tier . -?.? - Iie?..e/y to at" A r* ? "? ? ? .tlonoi.l t*f
.area ev vrarr-iy My re tired ar-.uo.; to . ?r In *
maul ) condition. 1" ? *b ??* "hsef r ta*r* ? ?* '??
?be n.'d.-es' r am * a*ytlr eg tJ *' to W. r- ?? i ?'
iml ,r;i ificiit 0oul4 ?i/,?#l"<%s
TV' I'tfUl'r proni e* were very eno*. aetwith
.??r ug the frail natnrnM-ho srtiei** %???*??*?f U. pr?
pare a f**t dinner of'blue *s-e sad ieli m y, tV-?
*ae stf.l St It chat h-tt U) ?4? o a f est *1- 1 'sbw ' 1' k
?kr.'A ngton my*'-hnthnnAr* .-?* '.?! ** war'h .? "i
;.ecq*r* <ra? I's.'seyv I ' 'h* *' ? h? ? ' f -Ye > -v
ng - I ike -Hp. fret' rv**, ?a a* ar. - "dim '? '
a, we ? tn ho kr.nd b? ? In ?? ? *""? '? ?? ??
ai.-t p.-es.-r.su man's, * k-i *pp>- 'B'la (i-> ? '
plot , ? ? r'- i. rhubarb *a . r*"' '' ' " * " " ' *
I fthe *.-:<>* peovWed b>r lb* ?wi-iH.hrs a* o< to -av
. . n f- wf.ets the I'svtrfl asslrp
?e t ow car w !? t?/ -earawn ? f ? *? ' '"v**rd
pn-t ( be?? nd <Wk. TU*r aeow-l to hsww bswo every
pr?v d( made *tr ih* -vac ?. .? ' *?ft a a
?-ha "ti'a" The *1 e ot '.b?i' e"m *?*? albwit h# -sw??
as let of tie petty W *? ** "? I -"l'" ?
goed?'U "rum I* by to en' >? Soand 'a to b"rto
??? i?h at e*K? ?"*tld Wad tl-a t-Ui to b* la**
?p^t <sa wa? La to s r*e?e ? Tb? a L . gt.ay sod
p-*^,i -s v t* sfr'n: 'a U-* sesa1"'* "v. ? - *? *'
m at but they ?"<*???> t? Vr * '1 ?^.pt' vsn a*
?,^s ng isoHi. oar* mm tJ. nmttm. frubably the as*
pit: ng party'br ight the** Ita aawtf VslOaMa
u>\ Usk torn away *th '-hem *b'fl '!?? v.??l?s?
abnrWe ot-L ,
i atthrr *k*?" 'tl.l, aa <W.va a :t .-ep* ?f utrw, i*
to iw^'#wa.a ? tob#??a ??*- fitn, pnehnd ' ?U of tha
ww?t v*Iu?b> t'nd of store* ?nt artleWs o< iiardwar*
pt. rt i* no doubt *< ??t?l to -*ant d aev'fw nb ? ' pi'*
pet-p reataroe 1 vtthln thi' 'li'to roans. Biryasr la be
ehot thrW'gh a |*a a-, tka mow* ?'* of the -top. ghaias,
Vol's at Ofprt, na la at tha ?nina madai. rgg ag. ?ai,
powdee, tmllvts, bAva* kat-iaitW ed ewepea am
wto at .bv Skct r*^*v'*v -is? iv.?s**? *a?*
B>r cutting ice, tol for taring anibUotog
the ioo, wire eU kiMM bore ta cowfu-iow, end ip?
really tat U"lo Injured.
Th* toculkpiua'ehop, on the ee> nod fleck. '* pi K/
wall furclehed with medlotae*. l<aU, op iwU mud empu
tiling implement*. Though not rery targe la IU one. It
?UU formed a complete npolbauai j'* ebop. and wa> eo
dombt found vrryr uaeful to thoee Impeteourfl l/ilhoal
meet unknown region* ?f the Arctic (k?m
Deeeeaulng the aecoofl deck, wo now cie? to lie hold.
Bvarythtng appear* to ho gioeeny ead In * pro aeoe of do
cay hero. tbl* 1* eeee/looed from tho dempecw of the
piece, wbkh heo not yet recovered from the moi'tnr*
*utiaafl?*fl by tankage. u wtll be reoteatbwred that there
wee atari/ rerea (Ml of water la thi* part of tho mood
win n aha WU boarded by tho crow of the whale- l.eorge
Henry fuM of Mrohuilhe, which hero rot beeu
dirt orbed aiaec the/ were ftrat put ea i>o*rd in K.rgUnd,
carer ol boeba, clothing, rigging, chain oablc* and aantu.ra
were here pHed in conftuiea ooo above the other, it wee
here, alee, that the water tenka, which oarred the purpeea
of ballaaf, were riored; bat tharo I* now no tree# of three
accentrj article*. 'Ibey had tareUd la the Aretle rW
gtnnt, ead nothing remnina now tat a h?w rcatVrlng
?1*vc? tad hoopt. elaaoot entirely corroded by mrt. Thla
accident waa the mala Impediment to Chpt. Huddingtoo'*
having a c<mif<.rt*bia voyage home, for M there
were ao water caekr beetle* there taaka on board, he
waa obliged to get pbeee of iceberg* and place tbam la
tour barrel*, to ewppljr hlmarlf and bla conceal one with
water. A* floor barreU are net aauaO/ water tight, U
an* found a rdry dtfoeelt metier te aeve aofltotoat water
to carry thorn ioto part. Am long ea the reoaol re
mained in thooe latitude* where ice era* abuadnat, the
weter wii earl-'/ obtained, but when the Iceberg-' began
rapidly to dlaappear drought ?tared lb* adrentnroro
pratly etrongly In the Iheo. How over, a* good fortune
would hare It, the brig Montgomery, of itowton, we*
rpokan In latitude ltd, when (apt. Mclfotyro, ?f tho latter
\ enrol, kindly luppUed Oept. Budding ton with water end
potatoeo. Thua the craw of tho Itaaolute wore oaablad to
roach New I-oodnn, without coon being ?tinted ie tlioir
?uppty of thu moat aaeraaery erticla of aubaUteace.
W* cannot refrain from taking ooma note of the aim I
table arrangement* made on board for pumping A
larg* force pump, which could ba worked by four
men with eaaa, together with aa engine for
lorciug water Into and ovrr orery part of the vw?
ael, attracted general attention ; and It waa mainly
owing ta thla prnvtaion that tlia Itaaolute we* cleared
from the lmmcnao body of water that bad cello-to.I In
her ho'd. Had there not been good pump* on beard,
f'apf. Ruddlngfon would hare boon ootnpol c I to Iraro
the prlre behind him, and hy Oil* tl:no tlie dl'nofery
?bip would have either been a t .1 ptlve In the Ice. or, mm
Ing In contact with -obi- of the lc*-b<-rg? In Imvia'Btroita,
would hare Iwen .|uietly lyirg at the b-itu-m of Die deep,
where lur renrort* In the ci) edition Uatedoubtle**,
lujcrneelh lh? rnlda Moor I* ?uppna*d to ba the nugn
nine, aloud with powder, obeli* and other munition- of
wnr, but a* the trapdoor I* locked end no uao I* permit
ted to antcr. we caanot otate for a certainly thai the n
are any coaibu*Ubleo la the ? perfmrnt. An old *alt.
Captain I'arrow, U now In rhaige of the Ihwolul*
a* ehlpkcej* r, while Capt. Daniel Tinker, a voleraa of
the 'aat war, U looking aft- r the inluwM of rnc In Kim.
Thla I art per*onag* la over TO year* of ago, wa* engaged
la U.a laal war with (treat llrllaln, and waa th- Ural man
who aver ptl?tod an I'nfliab frlga'e a* an Ante
rican ptf/a Into Uio water* of New VoiL. fa
Mill tbf! Macadoaiau, eaptnrr-l by i xnnmdnre
I weal or, aa* pliotod lew Newport, R. f., to New York,
by Itnniri Tinker. He I* con/blared th# v a*in pilot of
IU* connt, and, (a hi* own laegaago, hao " Had mdllon*
of traaewre wader hi* chore '
Aa our reporter deported from tb* Rewilnta, ? Here*
?now ?term ?prung up, mod It waa But without a great
deal ?f Irowbie dial the party, ol whlfh ha wa* a member,
reached 'he good town o' New l/Onden. Tb#i* la ooo
llttic Incident rwanec.tid with the he/olute winch we
laarred from ('apt. '.male. the male <d the i.eorge llcary,
tbaf may l>e rrry rprrpnt ?In the year lW, Momra
Or! in* A milk, ?kip owner* of V,* Ism-Ion, -cut out o
bark cnll- d tho MefVllan, to l'a,U "trait,, for the pur
pr?e of getting ''U and brn* While tt*hlo:' hna, tho I'ap
tain of the tfiflillin fell In wi'h *ir t/lward flalrhr '?
a.<uadruu wli.terlig in the l?* WluJe in toolroom
I my the hfcfVUan wo* ero-h?d in 'he In ?n-l It wa*
thought prud. nt l.y Ilia 'optaln to *k*a>kin the ,blp, *n-l
?ell her *rd the content* In too rofuwinnder of the
DntUh iwjUadron. "IV* w?* *cc?rdl*gt dune, and
the wliaJlug lark waa atrlpped of over} thing that
w*? t dn-iblo on board, and the ar<m'.* 'I? t* Ibutrd on
board ?i tb* varlo-i* ve- ?U ..oajwwlig -.he licet The
'leoifc llanry. f apt Huddtngt< n, wa* fllte.] out by Nco*re.
t'rrkla 4 un.lth to fil tb? ii'acc of lb' lo t bwk klc'VI
Inn. *nd tw Iboh b* pr?c*??le?l to U,a riry ??a where the
Utter wa* abandon* ! to fir i'lward I*- >h-r party, and
here In 'he rcurae of the Toy*ge one of tt* rery *q .edr> n
whk L ???i?f*d the Uc<1e an' <-eniinan<l*r la bl* dtlfUul y
we* plrhe-l up, *o >b*odr nod <hip, by tke reel fitted n it
In *l.r piii-o of the en* taken po*te,/ioti ' I by th* Brlttih
tbr?? y?*r* |ro?lou?ly. TV' l? n*?l ail. Outward the
I/m luta *r?' now pi. *? of no'l of Anirriren mo no fact tire,
which had d.M.b'.le-- hong fr.mthe f. pgallaut yard of the
ill fated MeCril-.n. It l? rery Dtrang', Oi?t ait?r "aih a
lapae of time a ren.nant of Mt rs. I 'rklo? k Hwiiih'a low
,/?/?! rhuuM be br'-igl.'. lo tl clr ?*ry dorr* fr -m ih*
?"?p'Ih of tho Arr ll irgloor 'n tbl* noinu/r
Am no ecniB'.a.cation baa b??n bad with th' Brill.h
g..ve|nn?ot la ffgar 1 to li.' I?r rery of 't.? t'eviu'. t.y
| I opt. Dwdc.ngtoa, tb* nnal dUpiOaltioa of tho atdp cannot
br .tcfcrmioe.1 up< n lb,waver, it I* cry Uk.ly the* k r
Cm mar <-wr?r* will buy her bark, an ! rroiuner?ta t.er
/oi"c? band-, e./lj tor Ibair Uealde. br/tery, aod uw
c? li/' je ?'vr ,li ?.
VDa/ra. f.rU.r.?d, Jt nt irn k Co og.nta f?>f Me-*rw. I'er
klii* A -mtfb, wtil It fa e.' arrange the Inatfc, with the
tngll.J. gey, run-, wl 1/ a n*ai.W a* latbc'oiy to oil pa/
'I'lM Snow on*l ????
Tk# ?i>< v uI Vati. "I f tannin# '#"1 In ? 1 .f li.u? kail ?
rail 1*1*111, whl'b <v n* inxl 'tnrUg 'It# ? II. arm
t t*t .#ll#4 *ol4 ?ri t> n A In lo Ik (fo'iafmuh o
J'cfj. ???1 thf r'fffclllf la tha ft'littp i < tk# c<tp p?*l#r
?uj w?? T>tf (*>vt, "ln/ikb it I* "Ti*1#*'. it ?t:> wtwt
b.C(. I*#r)tkir( in thf 'bapa of mu-t' #a# #t p??
w**t?f B<*. fc" f??" < ?b IV l'?4 'I. < fi'T riot a !j!">
>ntl< r*?<L lliwloif twt I win
' ii ratirila J i flu l).? aidxi.ti ?? ?? r?ra4 ? illi
?Mil g art-1 ? ? }Ul-a "< n."-| <? ; ?>* p?, i?r# .11* ??
of'I ? h le.Me* ha"; tr,?; ?r w ??-# '*.1. i|n>i 'Win
?>< i f m'l lnjlfc nf ut> mi' n# it k iili?f?fi*? ?
.!?/? I. ?!?? i '**? ? liirti (-v < It .t ??? a .
Iifl t anjtbi T'Vinato ?tlr*? "fib#
'?)'* 1 r.ii '.c? J.? jht a,, iiUJ ? . ii {\ .la
|V ' *f II lr*aA? ml_, 111 -niu ?!**!. I?.?|N.* Vi 1
?rr# ? nf4?rt<t ?< ?!??( tk- 'I ar k" t? t(i*o pro
1 nry ia? / rk a?r? t aa, M lain r# ...l ilinn
kaiffftba U.ar, 'ml It ?m wtu - 'on4|iu#mUp
Ikl# ?u mo eij "l?-t. Ik* ??a.th#f a'?l 4'? V' - ra
a.? ord "??"t.j'l" ?? ?"?: h? ?m ? ? ? ;k# ji'/'iirl mill
?!*'? '?fa V'fai ? ? ?p H all! ? trip >t|#app< It '? Hal'
'a?t t| IB) I<lt4? pa'
tr Htwllll Urn SI I '? *il? i-Wp iifV ' r
clai.'.! thf f-"l 'of al?V I Ii| be a taw,
'Ml *l.? 1" 1 .r? a ca ? Iff}-!- ? if !? (?t a ti I '?
nbci '? 'X* ? ' ?u Uiivok *fcirk *i? *i'j
r*. I'Viui *>a >f*#k* pa* a#?a a! a 'b a.
t>l ,n ?'<?a.-.nf lb' '. kl aul/ iaa)? lb# 'a f?
??...# k#U r?( mi t/'ia ? <1, Tkf fit' aaa U. ??
Iff eta (*. *1 an I! .#- ram ' a tt fw 1 It Una ?>? p ,
'? ti? t# Iff. 1 f'ilbr A* #o?? -h-?* ali a #
t t >1 '-if V?l ? Pap
r 11 jr In tf lllff ?*' .
In it a Ii *im?I - I tr i" f. ? ??# alarp fat# r
'iMtal lilt) a? Tl?'ii"ta; rmanr aatl in 'f
p/Hf It '.Vf l#??fn*v>?, t?t 7V|?#- f. fhtariina, bp Hi
Jlral 1. *ar4#r# m4 - Umra, at'a#! ? ?* k (fpauunfttl
it- '? af'ftt <4 k'? r?'Ir?ar.fil Irnta afl#m. far
Ixnif I'.i ar kU -f?tl#a la ti<a VftarUmmit V*
(.!? a ip f".pt<l#4 Iff k' iiivna ? ortaip uit k ? t
b4 ?* > a arpa t,.?.a#i a< fi'.?mf. airt| k..
? lata) ?' ,"a<rtiM#i
MH"?I tt?rv-A tf ai fi i ?Oi ft-i'lap
? fk , ? paf?r(ft ' ? on# "4 tka ijf'.tk ??? ? (tit
at > ii 1?# ?#*. of n?fft*S !*?' pX'lorm V>
U- | lift fl'|f#"t iat 't.l, ? .nail.'if i f/Vtara o
? tf jaa >ka Tb.,-4 ??H pnUn ("anja! l.Mlatlaa
s?a Vm. H'*fili' Ik* a#t?>il anc itrfj a'It ? if
?II i4 ' Vof'k 11.1 biff lip rtrafl# A bt,ii? aa-aH
ma Mrf am l?. ""i#* Urn pf'fna#"', ?>? Imt?r4?p
ki(U tIlk?" 'Vi?( H?a?4a*p arA Wiinttml, aai
-la" Wo t> * "> ??? W -M.
W?r Akwl (o (m Pw*hW Again*
Mala by tli* Ntraragmam U*?frna?? tatl
Itm Alllil fr?)?fttd Oif?nlHl.<M of a Ami
?aalktra Rfpabik, MnUJila| Croat
baaiHiyn ?? ?*?* Ctr?M<a iwpuflaot
br fNa Mr. <V. W. fhbta*, tba ?*W Ob
rertar af calealsatlew?Sara* las I
Vka> m ?antral Amaru*
Opkalana a/ Ihr Pmto Prm
V im)4 Kit I Mr I, 1Mb.
/V? ifti&nof th' (irmfmt wh/vt Wa&rr'i fir A tfiemm
<H*?o Om/ftrt u<u tArm/Ai? MrUimckatg Jtmwn'ei* qf
Arne?harvhwfi W lb >*?**?HW.'oia toUdaud tf IA?
Itfjita Ampul f p.no? I" /Vir,rruffti*n fnhi+ry by
(V /few Orwrmoeul ? t? .?(< upbrr U>?unwed, <#i, Ok.
1 bar* Juat rttarnad (run* IIWm, tlM *c*a* ?C Uatal
battle fought bp uaa. Wafaer. Th* hutMlaga ta tba
?atghbiwhoud v.{ %ly*r* th* tattl* am (ought atna
plefoly rid dim! *111. ImllaU, aad (Ua aoatmt mud bar*
haaa aaMat ooraro nar. X*r*r*l gMMlamawwha war* bad**
batU* acemnpaaVd me, aad th*y piliW out aihnba
?(arm th* mi'i Intel rating I oual ??!**. taph Uawta, aba
??> In th* batll*, w*a charged ?Hli th* Mthith* *f tha
b*ne? of th* American* who *?M (bar*, and aflar aaaaa
??arch a htap of rln and r!*Jtii indlrated th* apot a*
war* la March of. lli* atbe* wa?a raked <r*ar, an# aB
th* boa** eullaeted that could b* f*an<l. "yh" l ai d
ran* warr killed in th* fgbl at Rir*?, aad iweeeeewaaab
w*uud*4 that tbay aould not Uavo wttb than oawpaataaa
*t th* tin* of th* ratroat. Th* wouudad aatat tar
quarbr, bat no quarter * a* gtawa. tbata ; wad
tlndlog tt irrnwr; to Mill thrtr lint aadaarty M paaa*
bla, Uk*y dl. charged th?tr r?*ol?*r? at th* fa*, bitllag a
niaa at **rh -hot, aad when th* rooleata ol thair |
became a&hauated, they aar*, la tha aao.l einal
d?*paleh*d by th* ramty. ani Uiatr I* die* buraad, i
with tba bodlr* of tha** actio !>ad beaa L 111* 1 b*tora.
bono* that a* collected w?ra tbaa* of 'he.* bmo lb
a(11 Im taken to llranad* and thara IsWctd
Lira# I* an old toaa gun* rary raivli to <!?'*/, Uha I
tha town" ot (Vntral tarrlu, but l? i. ?l loot** lad
mtdet of a raat fartlla plain, near tba lah* Klear
and wl't, ptobaUy. flomuh igala win a tbo AmerV
?hall bar* Infnaed a tlttl* energy Into It* la*y I*
?? tliey otlt do brfora long lad*ad, It La aard that, MM*
ilia |<#*r* brought aboat by tcaaaral Walkar. ahirh bag
pencil only a (??* m< rk# ago, mor* improvement Ua* '
mad* ?n th* h*rien<t?a n*ar Kir a* than w*a
tha thr??year? prtrtotu.
fHd yoo La< u that Waahlagtoa had baan placed fa lb*
ralrodar of aatct*" Thai* la a ohnreb at Itiiaa, eimc tha
principal portal af wbfrb i? a very writ ei-cu'?d beataf
th* l*? >' of th* Am*itean devolution, aail oa inquiry af
a natir* of tli* town, I w*a inf'>rm*q that it ? aa a baabaf
1br I'g'oid uliit, t'rorg* Wa.l tugton " I routine that a*
I pa*?r.l tft* church T frit like t* lcg ff my liat, aad I
dhl It?not brcammui rmaloiii, bo'. bnanoc 1 *oaldat
"irin It
"lb* ?t**mrr t'a*'? ham l> ]oat lu(rooi.*n tiaaadaaa.
*ltb orrr ftfly rncnjt. be f.?o*iat thin Thry *H>
]-ro?:r*d to Cianada to a kw 4a>?. 0.
Wo hat* laralrisl tiia lollcwlag latter fruui J If, Kb
bea*, Keq , farmnly (,'nlted Ktate* Conaul at <>i*yt*wa,
ami ne w algomg hiniMtf ><tr**tur ot CY>U?lt*U*a hr NV
aiagua, Mxloelr g iha coJ.<niaoti>ta d' -r>? of th* aa* ga
rvinawei, ?bkh *pp#?r? In our a>(rrrU-iny naluata* k
tna-.Kt ir*t?? i .auvuaino, ?
t*?A?a.>a, .V.irmko* 'Jk, tldd. |
No? I bar* <h* b*nor to tr?u?mlt hera*Hh, lor th* la
tar m* I wot of tbm* ta'.ei*at*<l a tr?arlat*d copy af a da*
?r< # of ih* 'Itpr tne gurrrainant of .M aragM, nbM**
t* et>U>alra*lmi. It will b* '"?? 'liat thl* r*paWlr, aaw
that th* rr.tormtlu* of |?a<* wttl.ln bar boandarta* haa
a fiord* d tin* for tba anlow ? <>a>lder*tioa of th* 'il*t~g
lnt*t*?Lr ul the ttal*. haa tceea pl****d to Inrtta ?a Im
raigrntioa of pcrwioa of thrift *d4 Ind latry, ta k*MM
**tti*r? u|"n h*r Mill. TV* ii.dtu*nr-i?,r af|t-;?4 *i* *u*h
a* ?IUr It la bellerrd. It yc.-peily ma la baaaa, t>rtb|
many imaugraat* to ? ui *iu>rr*. It will l<e th* aim af $tm
l?Mibiii-*l tu turnl.lt'n |>or*na* cUtlrnua "f *attllag ta
nana ad
frdr, |il*m ally*, A< ,i*alr t* tr ot* articiaa of *nr
raawlol etiltul* in tlifa rauatry, at well aa any ylaaa *f
agricultural an-i truaing iopl?inooi? arif poaeg to bar* ad
t*Bl*gr*o?*r 0? ?* r w It uwhich tocher aith lufce
m.ill' n (prfn'e-l or u'br n .. , r*l*tn* to th* aaai* wtllha
?;r?trfully r*retr*d .a,, th# f??? r i*tl|ir>.*ied la aiach
way aa mat lie ?!<??*?**'< .1 A i?|or) from Uila D*aia*?
ne.tf, tmbractng It r*. J <a af uyiuni at* wttb IkM
nu i.a. t.e., wbJ V laaitr from tlur* to <Jaaa, aad a
copy W rurrdrd f> a^aH Moor.
A n a cm prt? ? Ut yi.t il-- lan-f. not #ub>a*t ta i
tie i hi b<' I I'd uprri lif g'cieramaat *o tkat i
may har? an opportunity ?( purchclng irtrla adjotatag
the . gran'* at 'h< l< we.t c.l** I aai Ir. imrr roapaat,
fhlly in . he. I.nt ?*! a*f, J. tt I Atlk.Vw,
I tractor of ? ulnalraUaa.
J tra !!? ti I "i Kriltar of th. gaw r>o*a
Hcai a.
tb* flat* all l? ..lid* i.it a* In tho | c<."<iUa* id t
haiinraa, and to *1<I In <hl* luaftai any *p*ctu?aMi af
piiKj'.utjmoN- run rm. w,ut aoaimmt
?. ? MIMA!.*
oK" mil. Valium tftrr to aiva> > with mm
moor- <>s ni AAALruiAjtgo ask tki t rrr ?r
Wo esjjr th* loi'.wlrf .mi*.fan! pim- at lo'tlllgaan
ft m tha ftetfy AUt I '</' ? ? >A ib# #?!, la*A ?
M r I* ai n frc ?; i uniii ? n % 'ilflm yf ?'?r lay I torn Om
trV Ailll-f ,r?, 'hat fallf'.- If# OM fowl <?
v. ?r i' ?? t?i j for* ? ! wlrh * on i iorabl# *'-r?a? te I aire'
cant In Honiara', tf> tor. f*f1 a I'll Pit
of jMt r?| ..Ntr, iplart lb# ' .aatru.aian Inti'Wa.
II... <u teiaifa/r M iro(ut *?' lino lira# u>
f.-n ? ? ^ ? )???? ? ir? n?' < .a'rmala, ?ho # a^rala Haaw
ft# th? <1 > ? trar tb "1 ronrtaatly n.r tba Alatetete
I'tBMti* ? < lb# T'f ;>?*r ?l I I i <fl. 'b# ra ??UWtab
ri. r?* if <h#' Ul j f ir. UJ pj.iift -(In T.xir "outhtem ra
| N"i ? I* '"(.trlai,! -lor *? Ihr v#' bint*
d or rro wl (til'IM In' l#-a Inn4 u> thU mm#**,
aaI'h* ova l- ii I# ? an,' l.kklitio'% w-ir tallralf
nan,# tli# ? !?! Tf t< . ilmuUn ay? ?l fb? Ur??o4
am) I'M.* if. im! ??-r rn?l In IValnl twin.
li?>r Itif I Mr. m < r?Oll >4 ?< 111 IHmim
foil 'mil!, r alt.f.r Til il<?.lh< : 7# If.ro It Mil Wawa
^nHllr till *i "? - II r -ri'ino* hi# laifvli Ik'oiik
lk? io ?>fj '?> t># Iti#. nt ??ainli'M#'# an) l ??&
"tela, ?.',*! fc-.Jr ry .,il,* a fi?#! Inatbra rayvblic.
*lr?' ) >? in l?l,ii#o(. i?r ?>)>#? f a a**) a TfcU ha#
lift* oil I f I M 4 tnlMlliOl 'M<illi?#r|ro#
jilil#*# h-A rr r! itn'r it.in I# yteal mm! Ik* r"M#b
HO# #? 'f*at of Ma f ill.l#w?i
I <?I; M ITIOV ui i .VII Aim,! AS SAVY.
I ? ? Vtllrr I# II aff-a - ataol in Utm ? aa- 7 In *M
him Ir. h ? '< '?? .?1<m-la #?(.?< 'ho hitewtec
I' Ui ? |M|#r lli ?
>rr ib? U*'. twa .??; th# t"i,ir~i "** ~>i tM y ftf
? -ra k# o<r? I* rf t Un ?.* m ? < " ..oay U lb#
ri'iUMUl -I *1 araff ? ?i*?f'i'?* 'r*fa 'b?4r ?fbj#
? #t '? ?#r? r4I#f 'Or r. by whirl *h#7 bl#iM?4
r hi of ? , .#.# U? .rfH- f. *, lb# ir-wwi?(|#?# ?<
?b? r-rj b#? (oini. ' ? * p+fp?ni of |b#?#
ii Irf '"I#. I,|.?. t/m liriof ? ?? 'I f.rl Mf M#W?
If-r 1#r riffimr r Kr will W W Wlurlk#
?? #M< h#-1 fin ?.????! ?! VorrOf aklrr WaA?'#
r ? ?, #1 ? . I ? ? ?<? ?? 'K?! b# ' > o.#
Of / II' ? Mftf ?
i? ,.<'.??? ? ii. r ? n ' . i I ??? rr I 4 wrr.
ror.i. at ? rifti ? ?t #V? *UI It f .r?l>#.a?4 by
k ,.w-#a r?f i? ? ? I ti 1 ? ? ? orf ir
r ' IMS p ' r '? far I r kf| rfakrb f m'?tfat ?4fli
? ?'"rfa r ? ) n| . ? tfar r o|rri Ik'i oja to fao??4? t?
liO ftrf r.llri ?? at! f(! fi#/#i
VON W lf?* OV I?u. OROWril o?*
we a.
TUa t ,> ?'.r? far*? w'.irfa ?t <a 'at m*#<b?
k?? liar / . ?><a II it, b? ? ? <f IMforMtl #k
b* |.i.?' MtlM, firun '? A# I|fi kt'iPi-afarf I*
*r.#r#i Wr.irt ?>/ sw*fia fbifaf #11 lb# ? iIbUm* ffaa-rw
?4 l? f I'sUal iawllr#, aw! bffa i| #? ofaf aal ri
-I ??arjr a'fa.n of #^* ?>> a*n#a '.#'#? Ofiij( ' o4 la Uaal
4#i aar.l #'J* a < f ar/ ? at iroot.
w. "If Ww"l? ' >*l >!?#*! ??.? arti If MM I f#
\#* '.Rati' a, farjii. f IR,
{<??!/? r??i !? loot !?*??*- Ilk.' Vrir??l of TN?'o*?/
teal a klbt (fftte fnan bo ,N| w v I'wn brfa?#R
?"#?* f JUr# in ??[' lira*' 4tlffat IC/ a#i, 'f?te
"faB >#? . I raAJfa t M, Ik#. Ira afavm..#? tellb Ifai
iMlla ft b#*M jtefaf #? 'Jar ten) #f raat Kl'?bl
|.f 'far . as a# lb# I #r, a at-I ?'???#, ??* I te
?r*#4 >.*? . ft. ?#/*. ?yww r.. f-rMl te
r*h? r, liirw^b ft la *.?## te tin tea a/
I *1 I'll tl/l ?#?'*?. ? ,? k or*, ll/talt
' trrr lOftrt) a !b# ' ??*-' r?!oa kill la taroy* ??
?St ? .ifSi'tl fayrta anfula'#) alii Ik# *tl)ai1 te ?Wab
?|#l lanff yti'aaa. . la i.-wal aaaaaay *?" Tlte 1'tetete
la'aa ?*.? r?oaaf la ' rw'rw: Ate' rvaa teUira Iba Iftte
fa oa ten Proroteal, 1 oa'fAJ ?aao*faafa ftelUaa, lia
I r ftfa) m# *a fatal*'#- b.- *>#-#r ?'-t,l|Ua?ah
? .a ? -a - ?* a r- '? ?*
.. #1 tefala'ate '*#1 v*b U lha I al'te
,,. - . (fa Bfab'fa r*o?'?. t away 111
ra'r I /??*?*., aba- 'a lite# that. . Ma llMif >?>?>??
rate if J I. A V I I a t'lrl' atelall tea a?u
m I ? fb#t 'tet id l? Ufa# I iteltel ma tea aaf tea
1. f a thte MhH# |iaii?..; ifal amy IHaa Mtaafaat
raa'fsj AteteVaa liaii Uteai tba' ?IMa Itealf Ifa4?f*<
>ara te jbj* lb#j bar* faa?? Of.frl a,late yaryilaaUg
,? la'oraaJ ? a- aal faa^ioOafar, bit Ub# f?M< r^ifi
r rati rf teribfaaMa* a?l lb# lilt 11 teb?A te UteO tefte
u ?t m m.ofa*'tel iater*?te
Tb# faote'?. lb#f team, #?J bf m -iteaf b* ??"'a at
Ma* iiai naaaratea, ate Jtei tab |inf " "'##
ft rl* tbbl Mbtei *7 Petwyeee kfka'o ti tefatetef Vi MM,
ITr ?ktor .4#*#* aa wtar/ te -a <aj
. ? te W'ffaUate* M jmb#r \/tr> WA M

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