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list of Executive, Legislative and
Judicial Officers*
Financial Affairs of the State, the Canal Board
and the Sinking Fund,
Business to Come Before the Legislature.
Iits fsr the City ?f Hew York? Report of
the Polke Committee,
Ac., Ac., Ac.
The government of the State of New York, holding
Office from and after the first day of January, 1866, ia
Composed of the following named persona, who will meet
at Albany, at noon to-day, to organise the government:?
BLaek republican* in italics; Know Xothlflgo in small
capitals; d? mocrats in roman. *
Office. Nan m. Ttrm Expire*.
Governor Myron If. Clark Jan.l, 1857.
Iieut. Governor Hmry J. Raymond.. " 1867.
Secretary of Ht*t? .torn. 1'. Hbadlkt ? 1868.
Comptroller Lorknso Hirbowh. . . 11 1858.
1 reaaurer f*rFrn?N Clark " 186?.
Attorney Goneral Stkpudi B. Ccrhino.. " 1858.
Utaio hugimer cii-ah Srymolr ?? 18E8.
f Cornelius (iardiner. " 1857.
fanal Comnai-sioncrs. . -I Henry l i'sh Mjh " 1858.
S. WHAlIO*. " 18 >9.
I Thomas Kirkpairivk.. " 1857.
UMpecto't Sta to Prisons- Norwood Brniiu " 18.18.
( vViuxam d. KrgsKix.. " 1869.
Deputy Secretary State. .Nhudoau P. Htamoi, Jr. App'd.
Beputy Attorney (Jei.eral.S H. [1>?i*o\d. <?
Bup't I'ubtic In-*truc?ion. Victor M. Hie. ??
Su/i't Hacking Uep inent ,1'unirl H. tit. JnhH. "
The Auditor of the Canal Department is oloeted by the
Cowm^Bioncrs of the l anal Fund, and will be a Know
legislative department.
The Ix^jlhLattve power of th? State of New \ ork in v<wt
o>iin i Stnafe, ani Ascembly, elected by districts. The
fcknate confine ct thirty two members, and tho Senators
?re elected for <wo jears,
H>-nrv J. Kat/mond, Pr*si . eat, ? officio.
1 Suffolk Kich'd ano Q eens Jiimes Kider.
2 Kiiuri P. Smith.
5" New Yotk first 6 wards I'uniol K- Siokle-.
4 .New York, 7, 10,13. 17w*rd?....J luKri< H. ITcrr*.
6 . . New York . 8, W, 14 wds Mailt Sponcer.
6. New York 11 12, 1C- 18, 18,
10, 20, -1, 22 wards EkabiuH Bbookm.
1..W<*tchtBter rutn;uni:I>.3c'd.....l<>HN W. 1 ikdos.
8'. ! Dutches* it CV.lumt.ii Wm. Koliy.
0. oraof re ft Sull'.vau fc/isrard M. Mad w n.
In. . lister ft wkoiu K S Niuboi#.
li . . Aibanv ft Schenestauy |o?'-v ^ , Habcolrt.
12. . Renssnlaer AMOP ,
18. . Washington ft .-?rst< ga Jrantr A. Smith.
14. . Warren, Keiei ft din">n w iujam IIoTtllKibS.
lb St. Lawrence ft franklin Zcn<u Clai'k.
lb. . Herkimer, Hauilton, fultou
ft Montgomery & '? r.nilmiW.
17. Schoharie ft Delaware Joseph II. Hurii*ay.
18 . . Ot?< go ft Chenango Ammisox M. miitii.
l'i fiutida Eaton J. IhchirJ. oil.
20. . Madison ft Oswtigo M. LintHry Isc.
21 . Jeffer-on ft i.awis
22 . Onondaga
23.. Cortland. Broome ft Tioga Gcj. W. Brwljvrd.
24 . . Cayuga ft Wayne Sonnet C.
26..Toin|Lius. Seneca & Yates ,.,u? H<mt>npton.
SC.. Steuben ft Chemung '"J,N *, !/"
27 . . Monroe J"'1" E,J ft'Y* ,
28 Orleans, Niagara ft Genesee A'on oF-Vphani.
20 . '. Ontario ft Iivingston ? ,
80 ABeghanv ft Wyoming ait;
81 Frfi . . . . ! James W ad* worth.
Bi'. .Cliaauu({ue ft Cattaraugus Roderick White.
filark republican# *"
Know Nothings
J?euictrats ""
Total 32
The following das* ideation has also been mad*: ?
Preston King "republicans" M
Joel T. Headlej Know Nothings 1 ?
Know Nothing softs -
jUit i-Know Nothing softs j
Total 32
The democt a s were all elected by the soft shell wtng
Of the party. 1! y. ill be seen that the Senate is in their
bands. Accord it g to law the Senate should meet on the
first Tuesda} in January. The Senators will he sworn in
by the Lieutenant OoTernor, and thon proceed to the
election of Clerk. A message will thon bo sent to the
Douse that the Senate is organized and ready to reoeive
the Governor's message. If the House should not or
ganize on New Year's day, the Senate will adjourn over.
The seat of Mr. Sickles, in the Third district, will ho
contested by Mr. Barr, hard democrat. The seat of Mr.
Firdon, in the Seventh district, will be contested by Mr.
jhandretb, soft shell democrat.
Jx composed ol 128 members, it meet* a' the sa-no time
?s the Sena'e. members are elected tor one year. They
elect their Speaker and other oflicers, and are judge* as
1fo the claims and qualifications of persons claiming seata.
The following is a list of members: ?
JHft. a' kavt.
1. .Isaac TN itbpek
'2. . jAl 1MK1N KlNtl,
3. .11.
4. .James Brady
AliMi *NV.
1. . 1-aa- Hampton,
2. .A. n. Main.
WaUn J.. I'- l
1..L. P.C'Dbb,
2..Pa>iw. BrtKiJK.
1 . . Safti* Thitll 'H,
'2. I jm>> <nr> Simons,
3..HW 1'tnnr*.
1 . Henry A . PwUiyratt,
2. . S^ni B>jiitv.
J. iturr Clark.
? UK> <soo,
1 . ,T. H Matteaon.
5. friHrtirk H. Jtdiwl.
Tfm'dhy Hoyle.
1 . . Pahvm Ti:5 Bbobtk,
2,. A. A. HowtuaPT.
jxirtt \.vn.
Otorpt J Kim/man.
1 . . Juhf> M'O'I,
2.. Josh Haith*.
1 . . J. II.V II. KtT( II VM,
V. . Baiiiel O. Ward.
21. Vaa*> H. < arftnUr.
J...1 n iwiiisk,
1!. . Itiniel livening. Jr.,
.1, ..Ioh* Cmhi,
A . Betijamin 11*1 Iby.
Jon A . 1 w.
Alukht Ht.nic
IsAAl* l.AI^ HI.
, J >arid Mai lory.
l..Bt'l MALJi,
2..M B- Matih*.
mount bu
1,.,S(imi/'I Grrerr.
?2. .a. H.Pnworr.
I . . Hun .Vih.*'.v,
2. .Kranklin l'arker,
2, . Imsc Well*.
XI Ml".
l..Jobn llatiford.
3. .Iran is B. Sptnol*,
.K. T. Woon.
Pa'i'l A Alqr.
1 . .T . Ot?wj.
2. Alonro Brad/)'*r.
1 . ,S?Tiuiel Whi'-e,
2. .John Sum?.
1 . . Hrnjamim Stiiilh
'2. . Elipba/ Trimmer,
3 . Jot< 7 h Ihti-ni.
1 .Joseph Spraker,
U,,Johii Vantl?erer.
saw voux.
1.. Daniel Me. ban,
2. . Benjamin Kay,
3 , James liases,
4.. John 1). l>t*on,
8 , , .lotin J. P.'elly,
8..A. J. II. 1H-UAVNK,
J'iil. .NEW YORK.
8.,Javk* A Doi iv,
0. . I.rns'tis W. Giorer,
10. .Johx M. Rki o,
11..Cuahln|T. Miii.s.
12.,1'eier Oawson,
13..WnmM A. Un^T,
14..Hcn"y Wiltse,
15.. Arthur Woods,
10.. John H Anthon.
1. .Wif.tj \M S. Fi.i,
2.. John Gould,
1 . (7"rrjf r t . t'nrltrr,
2,. Junes J. ilanihc't,
3,.Tlioma'- D. I'enfi'k,
4,.'-'.ilcb flooilMk
1 . . ft <? iii William,
2. . Jam?* Ijmofhroii,
.'i. . rinrr Burton,
4. .Jibe* 1/ wis.
1 . . Sam'te! A. I W,
2.. On * Kit Caj?k.
1 . . Isaac W^od,
2..W. W. ileer*1,
y..A. J. Mill*.
Pan H t'uU.
f <*. v. nr:o.
l..()rvil!' Itobin'o-i,
2 ..Andrrt" V. WarWT.
I . Timothy B. Haiix> ,
2. . B: ? wn I tin ?nek,
' 8. . 6. C. W right.
Befjviiln B.nl'jy
S. M.
air>.*:*i <EU.
5. Ge->. Van S-intvoord,
2.. A- ? rrp Jonmnx,
a. -..iw??oiin A Tb< t.
?in iixaw.
William J. Sh ?.
it >. Kl ANI>.
l'.n\ \nn Wnamjv lv.
1. A'. W. AlJiott,
'1. . V.i vj tmin Sqjir <?,
3..D.P. Jr.
1 . .George, (f, Ssott,
2. .Joseph Baucus.
Jamfj itominM.
l..Jolin K. IOT#tt.
2. .Charles Holme <.
Jamkx B. Thomas.
1 . .0. Prwiso*,
2. . Albert C. Morgan,
3..Hartm)w Hakvu.
David ?l. 1'lovd,
2. . Wm. S. Smith.
Wiumm H. Brcstxr.
A. H. Miller.
1 , Wm I.IAM C. O?0*.
J., ft. H. S. Hydk.
1,.0m>K'>k \. Drni i v,
2. . P. Si HO0NMAKJTO.
liiomas (;ray.
1. .J. 8. CnriM,
2. . IIkmiv B. NoHnRnr.
1 . Tftrlmv Hydr,
3. . Thi/mai ViXrrHi.
l..Abraui K. Strang, I. C. Paint.
?1 . . Kh Curtis. YATW.
Henry 11. 0<tg'.
Democrats 60
Know Nothing* 44
lilack republicans 38
According to the naw line of parties, the following
summary may be made:?
l*re?toB Kug "?epublir.ttn?" .10
Ji el T. Headley Know Nothings 4T
Aaron Ward democrat* 30
Israel T. Iintch soft* U0
Old line whig 1
Total 128
The Assembly should rieet on Monday, January 1, at
eleven o'clock. The oldest member Is generally elated
Chairman yro tern, and the House procoeds to vote for a
Speaker, sometimes viva v of., and sometime# by ballot.
The organization of tho House wi'l not be easily elected
this year, unless the republicans cast all their votes for
? soft shell democrat, in order to defeat the Know No.
things. This is the current rumor at Albany, and Mr.
lioblnnon, a soft shell democrat of Oswego, has been
named as the man.
The Judiciary of the .State of New York it arrange! aa
1. The court for the trial of iapeach -neuti of Stat* of
ficers. It is comp<wd ot the President of the Senate, the
Senators snd the Judges of the Court o' Appeals.
2. The Couit of Appeals, which consists of eight Judges ;
four are elected on 1 be general State ticket, and serve
eight years, and four are selected from tho Justices of the
Snpicme Court, haying the shortest time to serve. This
is a high court of appeals and chancery, and it has the
power to hear causes from the lower courta, to act aside
thi ir proceeding*, to re. ice their decisions, and to order
new trials. The Judge of the four chasen at large having
the shortest term to servo, Hits as Chief Justice. Si*
Judges constitute a quorum. Er^y cause oiurt be de
cided within the year after it is argued. Four tcras are
held each year, at Albany, and there should l?? one term
every two years in each judicial district. 1'iach Judge
h'.is a sa'ftiy of $2,500 per annum.
Tli is oourt is oompo-ed ot the f 1 lowing nauieJ Judges: ?
Hiiain l>enio. of Ltica, Chief Judge. Term expire*
I)cc ,1807.
Alt xai.der S. Johnson, of Albany . Toiiu expires Sex,
GfXijii.i K. (elected t*> fl'l vacancy ciU'O^by
tl e resignation cf Juig" diaries H. ilugjtles). Term
expires l>*c., 18i'l,
Soiruel 1,. SolSen, of Rochester. Term empires Dec.,
Three doin oo rath arid one K r o v> Nothing.
Clerk, H. J- . narwood, of IJvii ggton; l>epnty, rtusse:!
llicks' of Albany; Sta'.e Reporter, Fran sis Koroan.
Tfco Judges of the Court of Appeals f.- ,ai the Supreme
Bench aie taken this veir from the odd districts, a- rel
ieve. Their terms all expire in 1S57:?
Mitckrtl. of New York.
H'tltuim H. Wri'jht, of Kings V>n.
Frederick W. Hubbard, of Walertuwn.
Tlicmas A. J'lhuson, ofCornirg.
Making the court .Hand:?
Whigs o
Know N othing ...... . , . . ? \ \ ' \ |
The tew Couit of Appeals will organise at Albany, on
the 2d tf January. 01 tho new Judges, Mr. Seldon lias
long been en the bench of the Supreme Court, and Mr.
('linstock has Wen reporter to the Court of Appeals.
The new court i? considered quite equal to its prede
3. The Supreme Court, having general jurisdiction in
Inv and equity. The State is divided into eight Judiohl
districts, each harfng four Justices. They terve for eight
year-, (na ary $V00,) but are so clwrificd that one in
fuch district goes out every two ye if*; consequently the
people cloctcd eight new Justices at the last election, an 1
the Bench now rtand.< thus :
***** *4,000
, , ?/ri<i h.rjnm H cembtr 31.
" it. (Oj)i Mitchell j of Now York. 185"
Jan;es S. 1 loose velt, " * is-, A
l-Hwani J'. I 'ouil/v* ?.
Ibonias Vi . Cltrke, ?' ic-i
James it. Whiting, " !.!!!!!!.'.,!.! 18(5:;
''Contested by Henry K. Davie*.
Judge Cowles was appoint, d t? till a vacancy caused by
the death of Jui'go Morris t.vo or three days before elec
tion. Tho several politic*! paitlos prepared tickats, and
Mr. Davles. who was a Know Nothing, recoivel the
gr>-a!0i number of votes. The Kxecutive, however, de
clined to acl.nov. ledge the validity of the election, on the
ground th;ii no lr?al notice or proclamation was made of
it, and the state Canvassers did not count Mr. Davles'
vote. The matter ij now before the Court*.
John W. r.rown, of Newburjr i?-?
Sclah J?, Strong. ot Sc' 'ukot .... iq'v,
Wi(i;"w l.wiv II. of L'rouklj n. , . , la.i
***** ? .. m
Tnillli 1>T STRICT.
H i. ii'tt) li. M of Kingston IS.'T
l> *i j /iii i it. oi Al'jauv. i , -.11
Malbor.e Wftf?>n olCa'lwII i
_ . l oriirn tusTitrcT.
.\tOV ??? C. J'lni.r I8fi*
Co-rtHti- I A'ltn. of nl# in... . .. , iVvi
of (>nii, nhb:irg ! {got
fount ii. r.otiMiKA.Ns j*;..1.
.. , I I FT II DHTTtK r.
Fredt i-k W. Hulbard, Waieitown 1H57
I'ani'd I' .it. .Syracuse., 1S69
W t 'w i', Ham n I tic.! IS"!
AVii.tiam K. Aijj.v 180';
wiJiiam n. .'hanl.laud, Itiiaea is;,
II rtm li rav, 1 iniit a . . . . * . .' 18.r''''
t har'es Maaen. liun.ilt'm im:i
J/ithf.til Jnlh I \r ' 18u"
n | . . . fEV? ^TII MHTIMCT. "
llioua- A. Johnson. Cornm^ 18, "i"
llirron 11. ;-tionar, I'elniyrrt. IWii
li n )?>/ H'lUrn, I'enn Yan. ? Slii
K. I'akv s nr ...... i ISO",
, . ? . J iailTlt DISTRICT."
L'l-I I. Hoi ???n, l/ockport. . . . lor,"
?h >n..< Mil!',/'. Huffalo is, V)
Hif>jOtiii;i /?'. OrriT.. , Uuiiulo iuj!i
Rk ii m;j> 1'. M.u:'. j.n
Almost the first document 1h?t will be pre^ente l to the
I.'giij'attae nill be tho reprrt of Comptroller Cook, who
gees out of ofllec, and which will be handed in by hti
? uece or, Mr. Uurrows, who it ii believe J will be a rafth
rul hiiu eflu'iiint guui/ian of the treasury.
Ihe linan<-Isi system of lliia state, under tbo eonstitu
ti-?u of 1817, la somewhat complicated, end we have no
l'"s than "ix sf ecih'. iund?, ?k folluwf: rhe iJeneialFund.
siiuir" i i jid, ( ml I t nd, Common >chool I'lind, l.itera
tuic 1 nil I, and I uii.cd .<? tatcs I'cpo-ite Fund.
Tin: GCT.ERAI, Frsn.
Hie (iererai Fund is that set apart for the payment of
til" oii ii.ary ?*pf of gotcrrinent; Its revenue is de
livedti maclreci f.ix of oeomillon every dollar of the
?i ?-i cJ property o' the huile, the net proceeds or wlilch
ta\ aniount to t.H)0,000; an appropriation of $200,003
firm the surplus canal reven le, auction and "-alt duties
($164,01.0), State prison earnings, ha.. 5^0: >,(;00 more
making the entire revenue to this fund about $1,500, H00,
the es imated (xpni'e. of this year for salaries, printing
legislature, State prisons, charitable Institutions, river
improvement*, lunatic asylums, *c., to about $1,660,000
Ihero has been a deGcleney In the revenues of the
seneral fund for several years; commencing in 1810 with
about $37,000, It grew at the end of 1864 to $279,054 38
and probably this year It will be increased another hun
?Ired thousand dollars. The direct tai alluded to wa<
?aid by the Legislature of 1863, tor the purpose of extin
guishing this deficiency, but as tho means of the State
are increased so does tho rapacity of its law
imik-rs extend, and the UsfWature soon made
appropriations enough to snsllow up the whole
of the mi'i tux, although it netted over
$ri)0 1 00. Wo understand that during the past year,
a hili' the receipt* have been increased, ,ind while thero
should have been over a million of extra revenue put in
thi treasury, including the appropriation of two hun
dred thousand from the eaiials? the whole mm being
neatly two millions? tho deficiency is proportionately as
giea< ss ever. When Millard Fillmore was Comptroller
of the State, he urged upon the l egislature to practico
tlie most rigid economy in making appropriations Irooi
this fund, and every Comptroller lias followed bis eiaui
pie, but without muehelTeof. In 18 IP, when the dedcioa
ej ooumunced, the Sute expenditure* on &is hcoohoI
.,70?,000; but ^ "me they hare
docbied. A little ha. been tahen ben and a l.ttle tb?re
-oonupl,?o bu run Hot at Albany, and each sucoeed
bg aJminu.trat.on ha. nurp^^d Its prad,**?*or i? con.
tiMag tchemex to deplete the tieasnry. Thin shows the
1 jo the direct tax, unless guarded by lair, for the
Wi" ^ c*rri#,> ?P to the revenue,
mil tha legislature, knowing that thare will be a certain
?mount id the treasury fn ,n .11 .ource., are sura to
Tr ' le,TC 1he ^^ney to be provided tor by
thrtr srcoesscrs. Th's 1, made plain by the fact that the
VM thu^lP*n"e" ?f 'h0 gOT#rcmfnt haTB doubled siac>
Revenue.. !??-'?
<w."7.vr:::: *58*8 Sffiffi
T.. the la*t Item of expense must be added the deflc'ien
to !iL tl000' Wb'Ch W0Ul<l brin* np ,h* 8Ute
to wore than double what they were wren year. ago.
The rnly possible excuse for thi, u In the prison debt
which amount, to $260,000; but taking that out we
should .till hare our expense. double!. '
The mr.de by which the 1-egislature gats the money 1
very . mpla. The School Fund and literature loud are
made .acred to educational purpose, by the State. The
ronning expense, of the government, a. appropriated
by the legislature, must be paid, and if the General Fun!
revenue .s deficient, the Comptroller. borrows from the
School fund and a direct tax is laid. The authority t>
lay thU tax la given in article 7, section 5, of th? const!
The aggregate valuation of taxable property in the
Wato In 1864 was $I,304,164,e25_real e.Ute, $1 OKI 614 .
^3; personal estate, $272,888, 11?. Acre, of land tared,
*W73; State t? $1,023,116 27; county tax, $6,608,
?C2 80; town tax, $2,006,061 70; total taxation, $9,038 .
*9 03, of which over one half ($4, 846, CSC 07) was paid
^ ?Cl1} 0f New Tork- ATer?K? ra'e of taxation on
one dollar valuation, 6.3 mills; In New York, 10.5 mills.
0 ertire geueral fond S'afe debt amounts to $C 866 064
3. ; the contingent State debt, State stock issued 'and
' <c v*rtous railroad companies, is $9'J(j ooa Ttie
.tneral Kurd i? funoed in stocks boanng Interest aud
payable at corialn period.. whon it due new
stock is.asued to pay it. The principal falii?g du, J.in.
let, 1S?j, ha* teen provided for lalely by a a now loan.
Is e?tabllfhed by the constitution, art. 7. It wts
tended as . gradual means of extiogulshins the canal
0 ' *,lioh ,n 18ae nm;,unt<>a to 83,000.000, and which
has r.nw increased to $l7;W'0,ff(0. Jt will be seen that
ti t' ril.l h,g fui>d sohi jt<o haw been an entire failure. The
MnMi u ion provided that on and after June first, 184rt
?be sun of $1,;, 00,000 should 1* set apart from the canal
rrr-J'" 1Wft' W,'en tbS SU"5 1,110,11,1 ^ '"oreaaed to
V to he N sinking fund, to pay the
mtorvat and redeem the principal of the canal debt in
c n.U? g the K*o 000 then to be bombed. There Is a
ttrxhei fiovlficu appropilaticg $?60,000 of tfco surplus
???.! avenue, to p.y U.e general fund debt, lb are is a
["ro lL0""80 m?- "^n tl,c ?f
$.10,100, to go towards rajing; ihc State expenses. The
ir,1"0: rruo' ,o u e<,t ,,i: ?,e ? t0 be
!s I*? ,u ' 11,11 rrob"b'jr fu;i "hort cr thai
HtO.OOv at lenrt. This deficfc noy , ,U have to be met by
t. J the sum raid to the genial land will be cut
nr. and th?- the deflelrne, in the general fund, t j be -u.t
3 C!',c! t**aUoD, fill amount to half a n
t, 'WH th*f *'?*'"?' l?8i"^tion at Albany, and
the facing off m the ca?al roctipta, eauaod by railway
ootvpctiuon, have, toother. enta,gled the State in a
JJ.-OI debt. The duect tax nnJ he cJSS and
0.C i ma.ncer or the Tevmnrs of the canals, after puyinir
the tntei est oa their Celt, will speedily si,k to notUng
At any jatc, the linking fund cannot bo relied upon to
accompli -li its purpote, which was gradually to extin
fnatdlti II to the above, the la'e admlnl-trati;u threw
CTor to the fiscal year begiun'rg October, IS,".:. Hn adti
tKnnl iLurgc ol $100,000, to be met from the cau.U reve
ILe Mn" !, g fu?d, then, can only be relied tipcu to pay
to n^!! r I ^ 1 ^ i
In n ??.c .h-> bunnr?? of the canaN, o. help th. ir rove
nuts. it may eventually fail to Co this.
amounts to $2;42C,?11 07; the income of which *U0 ooo
is equally dl viced among the set ools of the Mate. The
IJte.at.ire lund is $2C8,t.201j_thc income, $ iy..8l 80 |,
dlTi-cd between the academies in tJ.o State, a.. J applied
for the purchase <,f hook., map, . jrlobes, tec.. 11le |
I-eposit I'uwl? $4,014,620 7J-i ioou.e $.-64,000, is
uniced between common ?ehoola, Indian schools a^ade
e*> Staio normal -caools, Teachers' irutituu.., \c.
xriE t'ANAi. rr.so
conaifcl. ?n the State Canal., and their value is e.;ti.ulted
at forty millions. Their Ineon.e is in toUs, and may net
his year two millions in round numbers. They owe a
<>cht of ,'cvcntcen millions on touMnicUon account. Th"
(.m.ni?sieners of the Canal l und are ti e Lieutenant
i.ovi i nor. the Seere.a.yof State, the CompUoller, the
1 | mtr, and the Attorney Une.al-one l.Lack repuhlt
1 ? and ihe rr-t Km w Nothings Th eCimmiv
Mf-f.er.ekct tleir AieliU.r, who is to t?.? canal financ
wliat the Cf,mptrrdloi I ... theS.ut. . If \. S. Beuton will
unrtoi ,t, y fill thia . duifi jr ho ? ext tw <years, and
the c.u n!s wl.lhe ia tl.. h-.nd. ct theii f;i< nds.
U.? i^g'-lutme will be ta'f.d uncn to do s? uie;iln? to
uiicaie lite tii ,ancf Ir mi!., toriible eniaaglc
i: e<.t ... wl.M, ti.ey Iwvc l?.en hivolud by a couia. of
iUfh i * j .ii litli : o to .. J a hi tiff} |. '.?.y.
Till (' VXAL HO \!M>,
I'. I .ll9 ftBfiHl \ ? . t, ?? ll-M- oalu.tltatad _
llfttry J . U? ut. (in>?.u'jr, rrt . Wcnt.
?lofT i\ Ur.tM rv >'< crvt.iry of Ma'e.
<>]' ??!: ( < u'pf i 'lor.
<'? m Tifft-nrer.
Ptinrv II. Attorney General.
? > l it -t.itw I limine j.
I ' ? ? I
!? U' a I I ... ..(full C< mmiHf lor.cf*.
!????? J. Wi ?
Ti v ci iri.'.i ;!< 11 i : ?? Hi Mid ?!< ?> i.'ed;;' Know No
t ii ? si* of iliftt pa : iy t" three blu. V : i pit blie* n w i"'p".
Tb( -*n:e vfl i or . i ? (>. t'msal Commi "ionrra and
-tnte . : i.c , >' ?'<??? v.i . r* < f tlio Canal Fund:
nnO i v cp1. Canal CV M'H ? 1< i 01 aith the i .- of
ht ,W'tKbl,r, (yttn be cltovon :?c Commi- ioco. t of
ilit I ii'.d < ii co. Ttc AjKCtlenns win have complete con
i ol in the* ?? llirti in portnnt hottd*. The Commi stou
frsti tlic f'ltnnl Fund choo^# the Auditot of tk Ciuai
He du'y of tl ? Ctm n! 1 f>ai \ i* to fix the ra'e of t?.lj
i: ppo.ct roller!. ? , mm int> ndetit- ol refiul's, w? igh
u.i and it. .pent r . hi ft nppi sis f-om th< Ctnnl lp
i mi i t . i t I, in ftf, art ae the gene al executive an
'hotify I" all i 'I ers appertair.Itif to the canal;. They
L v> ii li go : i " n' of pnti ? lingo tn tholr hand- ami iu
')?. l.nt;i of i ii cr i| ii lou*- politicly * ti.e cm ul revenues
I. m lif (-ii iliv r'od to pnily purport s.
li e ( 'i n >mi r'l./ 1 tlir ( ?.nnl Fund have th* cam Of
? bo iv* t os of the canais >tt d the canal dob'.. Tb omul
luctip' 1 in IC." I atiioinileil to $2,f*8H.CfiC 21. and lite nr
jlun ii >i t.ue ?a . otjljr * cob? Moral i drli
ckurv. It wa? in tht power of Uw <'omitl? ?!? ol tl.o
C'ina' Kniid to li:ive atipgcated a remot'\ i >r i It i ? l>j I n ing
U ii* on tbo RTOat rftilwnya? tlir t'ontiiil in' .iii -?rhic!'
( ?nto tho canal u>Tonuen to dimici-U bv carryfag lr< 'ifflit
at rato# vbir.lt are not pri lltabie to t !??? r.>mpn"i^ ?, and
wbich aerioufly compote vith tbo eanals. liut tlio old
Cannl lionrd was in the railway Intore-t, wlilch now oon
irola tlie State, and the railway bare fought off the
The railway toll a are paid In T'onn?ylTania and other
State*, and would haT? boon Inld !>? re long ago wore it
not for the dominant power tn Albany of tiio Centra
Railroad Company. Our reader* will t?ko notice tliat the
canal intereat ia ft public inU rent ; therefore it baa no
friend*. The canala represent forty mllbona of public
capital, and there hae been no one to defend it. Tlie rail
road, on the other hand, represent* forty million* oi pri
>?te capital, and ita ahrewd maiiAfi rs have no dilliculty
in controlling the I^flalatare to their inteiosts. It ia a
singular fact that lome two or three small oM fashioned
loc*a have b?en kept near the centre of tbo Ht.??e in ordor
to diminiah the bnatnesi of tlic cu.i.il. No Urge siced
boat* can paaa those locks.
The friends of the canals baie hopoe of better tblng*
Ihia yea r. The n?w Board cont ains several at rung canal
men, and an effort wi 1 be ma le to Induce the Legislators
to toll the railway*. As matters now stand, tho cannl i
would soon become an actual burden up jn the Mate, in
mead of a aonree of revenue. The trno cau>e of this is
found in the fact that the Central Railroad ? the greatest
monoi power in th? 8t>t* rules tho I .? gislat uro. Wo
hope that there will be aomo dooi ncy fouuil at Al'iany
this year, and that the great canal mtoi.wt will not b*i?
aa?rIUve4 to ftll lite |>ooift4 of a ',o? elvvk
Itj an aft ot ilie l?gi*lata.re,'l'i't>ri!sry, 1865. a B"?rl
of Railway Commissioners was appointed. Their duti**
fri' to have a goners! auperrirfon of the re'Jroal-', in
Te?t'(rne U e cause of acc'denta, fee. The active roeaiberg
of hi* I'ourd weie Mr. John T. Ciark the ?Ha'e EDiln?<er,
aud Mi. William J. Me t'pine, both tneo of known ability,
?id well acquainted with the detail of their work. The
Slate law cf 1860 obi gen all the railroad oompanlea to re'
poit annually to the State Engineer. Thio jear thay will
report to the Comic L?>kmer*? flint, on their stock and
debta; seccnd, coat of comti uotiou und equipment*;
third, characteristics of road, length, bridging, *i.;
fourth, butineea of the year , fifth, expen-eo of maintain
lr>g roadway and real estate: eixtb, oost cf repairs of ina
cLiuery; seventh, cost of operating the road; eighth,
earnings, receipt* and payments; ninth, accident#. Th <
latter tablee will include clarifications ot all kh?da of
casualties. These reports have all been condensed into
one by Mr. Me Alpine, and hi* statement, which will be an
esceedirgly important one, will be laid before the L^giala
ture at an early day. There have been numeroua i?
prortments In brakes, platforma, &c., suggested daring
the past year, which we hope the Commissioners hare
d:iJy at* ended to.
Ihe railroad lobby mrn will muster stror^ at Albany
thi? jtar. Ibey hnvo xtveral schemes to push, the most
important of which is to bridge the liud/oa. Tli'y will
fijjht totho last the attempts which will '>e made to toll
the Central road.
Mr. Clark, the late SUte Engineer, h? prepared a re
port on the subject of the canals.
Thin subject has interested our friend* at Albany Tor
t- 7eihl years. I-o?t spring Governor Clarkami numerous
1 egithitors oame down and examined the point* on the
\'o: th and East livers where tie channel bus been en
troached upon. As long ego aalSUC these encroachments
<*>mr.enced, and were sanationed oy law. The following
Commissioners weie appointed under act of the L?gi-la
tare- 'nit year to investigate the matter: - Hon. Geo. W.
Peterson, John I,. Talcott, Esq., Hon. Preston King, John
Yandeibilt, k.?<( . and Jamei- Bowea E-q They at once
( jfijeo an office- and entered upon the di ob.irtc of their
dutie?. 'two United Ma< e* (.urveying schoonna, the
Corwin, Cupt. Craven, and the Nautilus, ('apt. Vain
wrlght, assisted them.
The duties of the pa-tie* conroetcd with the Ccr win
?nd Nautilus wexo ciileily pertau^ng to soun iiaga 1
Corwib's party commence! their operation* a*, the south
* r., end or KiackwellV Ulind, and obtuinod complete
?uundug* of till East river and the b v>8 down a> far a, e
p int between Batitsn h ?y an'' i i run beash. licit* '.h'?
nm en mpei tdU'Busfe i ope ,.t: by he iucleinoncie?
of the season ; hut not tilithey .'ud made about aevenly th*
thousand throw* of the lead, in two th< usand m les ol
soui ditga. It p parties troin the Smiii'ii t :e rti
ehaigeof tl eir duties in the IiuVon liver, jppwit' -pay
ten IXiyvel creek, nnd cade sounding- tlli they arrived
st (>>t~ie Carom, whence they prw<?3ed to 'he k!U
above n enlior.fi. Tie whi le of the WJik or tl.i- nature
incumbent upon the Commissioners is done, excep *he
sounding* ol a psrt of the lover hoy, HurUiateaud
Spnyten Puyvel cceck, uo"ss the l.e^alita.-e Hh.Jl ex
tend tl e duties of the Couunis.-l.mers cu thu Long Island
guie ol the Fast liver to Thr. g's Neck, io tead of stepping
them at Newte>wu creek, us now cnu cmplj.ua. The l.o
gi iatute, OA- inK to the desirability of preventing ea
crcacbnients at Hurl Gate frmi either aide wilt probably
oi, a it pro* Ming for such extension.
The Commissioners will submit a report soon after the
meeting ff the ' eglalatuie, but they will require a }??*'
or more to complete the work for which thsy were ap
, Minted. One duty impoenl upon them i", to ascertain
what grants h?ve been mr.de of lands urdcr water to la
clvidu.'ils, and low far t? e> have been improved and
tcetip ed. Son-e cf these grants date back a- fa as 1.155
-two hundred J cars ago-nnd to discharge their duty,
with regai d to then, tha Commissioners will find to be a
task or no little lUliiully, and one le quiring much time
and pa'iencc.
It is probable the Commissioners will recommend boun
dam'* for the East river, beyond which obstructions or
tuipl* .?"im** KM* ?>" ?*??ndel As r-jard* ilu
Ncith liver, definite action. we learn, has not been re
solved upon. It U hopesl and believed that New Jersey
will, during tLe coming winter, appoint commissioners to
lis the water line cn her side ot the river, aud a disposi
tion prevail* to a watt her action, and see if she does ap
point commissioners to act in concert with them. Cer
tainly, tl " authorities of New Jersey must see the ne
cessity of settling the \ ex d questions involved, at once
r.nd forever. In the meantime the New York Cimmi.
lontn s'e vigilant in prevtw'oir the extension of ne*
iDCKJAClimenls into either r'.ver. An injunction ha- been
, :vr<t upon the i-trcet ( ooiniissicner to prevent tho ex
?en-'n n o1 a pier at tin* foct of Taut; -eighth street, N.
R., uvl others are tlireatenel.
On the n'ips on which thri-- operations a^e set fwih in
detail, the C immisHioners have can ed a line to lie dia*n
around and oear the land where M-.o )oun<tingi are three
talbotr." or eighteen foet? showing hn-.r nc?r n vetsel
drewiiig eighteen f'et ot -.vater may approach the shore
at any I' >nl. e will he-re remark that the soundings
v-. m tAi'i at w -n ' va'er. The line spokou of, as
rrga. '!'? thiii island, fit'!" a'? ? wi'.hin a 'ew feet of the
hi.ie, even far up as "piyifi, l?u vel Creel . What a
. oc n ? i.taiv on the capio i". of our ha:'l> r in afie/iimi
it it ' in prove 'I m '? ought, ?> I tv-n If it is not permit
? i d- tn-yed for tcmpc i-ry be';eflt? to inlividu.?K!
A. d it sh >w- the at?uioi'y rf extending piers togr. C.
distance's, to ohlain a suitable depth of /;iter.
IVi' lUeptst water Tound Is at t'.v Narrows. ^U-re i "
a liui V ed nnd twenty f.et deep, f om *M.i"ti lo|i?b it
, ;?! Utccliaunel u? al y f li iwtd i-y ve -sels in c *-t?iri^r
up to tiiee.ity, to thirty f'o< in some p'ac Tiie jfeitf -t
< eptli f'uui in the l i t river i t>| oosit " the loot ol' lliv
in^t n street, where . -event) -four feet of line were ruu
out. I n the route ol UieFnllon fo*r/ !? mts, tho a-ite
!s between six'y a ;d ^ronty foot deep. In But
lejnik Manuel there i an av< i?gc depth ot tiiirly
fet-t, though the water slie-aU to twenty-one !e>ei at one
point 'ti the c-ntrc o* the channel. ISetwcen Covorn ?:"()
l-Jaml *nd Contmunipaw, eommi aem^ ut t .e former
point, iliere is twelve feet of water, deepening suiidi-niy
'* si v i.t y , fr< ni wh:e i it - on . wie-a tl " Jowey It.M
sre reached, to twenty feet, a . I then to tine*, ilio
Soiih river in the channel is f o .i tuirty to i',?rt;--t wo
ti et deep, as far as sonnntnga have been (aken. l.'p.?n
1'inn.end Pceftlei.. is a p 'int *hi:h Jhei fioin th main
sirfore of the r< c.U i.eaily t?o l < ? to wi'hia tlii t tosre
fe-t :? 'f-d ah. If < , h On OientiM U tho - ?
|.*'ien lift oi aler. ih "> i? >h Ml oil the f.i >t of
t'ichtti Streil t I.I liv. 1-, e-Ufi it !? "i; p '-ed by the
run. nt winch i-' turn d in' " r ?< h ' " ? oach
? Ml' 1 \ ' 0 iriK lu?m t: e ' n?h st
A c< orflil t "In map ' ' 4 ' 1
rn. .iiebed up- uf om -K'y t- i* hnndi-..i tret at i be
,,i i,. |? int ii e f i- a - I i ' ? ? ' f"'iu t Uin
i i'< cka (Brooklyn t tew e ai o-v aui o . rl
, I . ? (. .M h . ...y, it" I. II 'Hi. ?1"'
i, .ixU:-n ofw.i'er I-' ? . 'hit >' 1 a ml !.??
1 ' ? rt. ai ?! li is> ii p: i 1 >?/ Is % cbantiei l. w
? :.hl? to vt cl. .i..twink' "ottiU ? ? *?
TliE < H \N'' ?:HY ! -
The folate ?r tho Kate ot he Voik, ati io l.?<t ;e
#teu cf the Leg! . attire, spp !u!.d Me m. Uolxrt i.an
ti g, OcO'ge V >et ar.d V in M Hi 1 art m, a e >,irii'. - e in
e.\nmtiie into the Tumm <>l ih. late Court of CuMicery,
which was abolished about ev a yea - up '.
lty an act of the 12th of Apiil, IS IS, the se;nrilie>a and
funds held t.y the Court of t linrre >. belonging to diffe
rent suitors in the oou it. *?? .it-trlbuted hy the Court
pf Appeals tei the raiious counties in the State where
the claimant# to the fund# Wi re supposed to reside. I n
der this law there were deposited with the Chamberlain
of the aity of New York?
lVonds und mortgage- amonntlni; to
cwd* V. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :::::::::: i<nVi? A
(ertil'icatfcs of depo-lt in the N?.* \otk Life
liii.urat.ee and Tiust lomp"n> , about 1 ->0.000 00
Total * u:,o.n oo
Ti l ', fi nds have I' I U In Iho eust"i|y of ShepirJ I
1 napji. 1'iancis I . i ? ? ? ml ? and Kohirt Kelly, suceessit eiy '
( liamhetlains of tin Ci', Mr. Kelly bt'ln:.' the pr' sent in j
( umhi nt.
Ihecrmn itt'e will report on 'he v'a.e of th fun 1 i i I
the stveml COtinlie'j at an (a i> day.
Me - is, Ii hop, l'ratt and Itarr, memlwrs of 'he last
f-ina'e were nppeinted to inve 'i^ste the nlfii.-< of the
Commissioner- of Emigration, aril r>port to Iho pre -a nt
Legislature fhereon. Tl ere ought to be some light ou
this suhji ct , lis t li I -. i.- tlir reo i nil time that a Committee
has been appointed, :>ad nothiig doue thai we cvr hesri
if. A* the Tliurlow Weed amtVesUe tiardta interests
not pet amount in this 1 ?^rt?litHTe w? ?ti[iporte that th?
BialUr "ill be biojght up iu the .~vu?'.e at au cariy day.
Which ha.* lately lx_-en in net* on itfthU city, will fir*
the Legislature a report containing inuih valuable infor
mation on ill# subject of the ma' admlnistraUjn of y iM
tiee in the lower court*. They hare fonnd a great deal
if oorruption in tie matter of ball? they hare found Out
tht election of police justices by the people opens the
door lo favoritism, and they hare found that the whole
aystca needs re-organiiing. Tliet-e things were long no
torious hi this community, and hare frequently Wen no
t'ctd by the independent press, but now the I/egUlature
lias them ander oath. The committee will gits all the
CsoU and reoommend some important ehangea,
such as ipcreasing the iimMr of pollse magis
trates, protecting poor criminals against "stunner*"
and Tombs lawyers, making mere stringent
laws as to bail, carrying concealed weapons and
malirg the police department mere efficient. The com
mit' ee received some very valuable suggestions fro*
the IHstriot Attorney, Mr, Hall, and the earnest atteu'tj*
of tlit legislature will be called to this vary important
An application will be made to the I/'guUture to gran'
a perpetual lease of Reservoir square, on which the Crys
tal Valace now stand.-, to the American Institute. The
Crystal I'alace Association hold it for fire years from
18(2, frcm the Corporation. The Association de?lrei to
sell the Palace to the Institute, the officer* of which will
biiy on condition that $80,000 ol' the purchase mon?v
(>lj,000) in raided bj subscription, and the legislature
will grant the land. It la to be hjped that the Legi.sU
tur? will net thus give away a sijuare tbat belong* to
the whole people to enrish any l>ody of private eUir-ens,
no matter how n.crUorioun the objects ol their combina
tion may be. The C'rys*j?l Palace belong* projierly in the
Central park as u winter garden, and the laud on which
It now stand* should be sold and the proceeds applied to
the Central park, which should not be reduced in dimeu
fdens cne inch. We went the whole of it.
A movement highly important to some part of oar
city will em.tnate from the Commissary (Jeneral Depart
ment It in to propose the sale of the present Arsenal
and it? surrounding grounds, and the removal to an
armor; in the centre of the city ? probably, eventually ?
tie lemovai of the hetKUiuarters of the dopurtiuent to
thi seat of government.
'lb* preet-i \ ursenal Ik nt variance v ith the established
gra<ie ol tie avenue? is within the limit* of the n? w
pa I ? to the pleasure and loveliness of whir-h, the pew
cer ua^(?iiie would p. it be an appieeiatei attrac'ton
The.S'?te can evidently make money by a removal, und
10 a'du to its wen 1th is n prospect seldom otfe.ei to ihe
ga^o of the-? who control the government.
fa all leai'y, but it will not be sent in until Wednesday,
e\cnii the Huure should cognnlie to-day, which ii nut
probable II will deny thn failure of the 1'iohiaitory la* ,
and will suggest rather the cxtersion of the powers of
'ho-e nctir j nc rer it. so ns to give them n clear gui le to
tbuir duty. 1 ju<'^;<- all this became the present Kxecu
tlvd n il! f( ? ? must oo ?that Ident liet as he is wi'h this
policy, i' Is lor 1 in to push forward rather than to refro
giade, Between the recommem' iiti^ns of the message,
the doubt f Ihe oourts, the opposi'ion of the intaresied.
and tne in differ rnoo of 'he people, nothiDg will be done.
We have thus brh My juiced at tb" xrost important
matters to come before nw Legislature of the F.mpire
Mate dm >ng the coining year. The pie-ent ses-iou will
be interesting and important. We hope for an improve
ment on lust year's legislature. It could not be woiae.
Heads of Departments md their Duties.
McHscrrs to lie Proposed for tlie Action of the
Common Council,
Ac., Ac., Ac.
The inaugntatlon of the new city government takos
I bee on Monday n'xt, at twelve o'clock, when both
branches of the Common Council hold their tlrst session
for the year I860.
There mill be no change :n the Mayor's Office, which
will remain as follows: ?
Fernando Wrod. <lem Mayor $4,000
?Ali-x'r Mii.g ('Jerk 1,250
Won. M. Cooke Secretary 1,360
Ww. II. H ephens First Marshal 1.1*0
(!. W liii.rhinan Assistant Clerk 1.000
0. F. Concklin Complaint Clerk 1,000
1.udwig Seir.ler Headol l.migr't l>ep't. 800
The duty ot the I'irsi. Marshal is to superintend, under
the direction i the Mayor or Aldermen, the grantirgof
tavern oi- exci-e liccnees, aud also those to cartmon, Ac.,
?nd rteeive the fees therefor; to receive tLc f es, profits,
revenues &.<?., granted by the charter to the Mayor, and
tepoi t oaily. under cnth, an account to the Comptroller
Of all the iLi.uey recci\cd by him, pn>ii:g it over at the
oamc time.
It is the duty of t'.e Mayor's Clerk to prepare and tile
in the Mnyor'e < Wee all oaths of office taken before the
Meyer; total e the bonds of such officer* a= are recplred
to give security bfiore the Mayor, and transmit them to
tv0 Comptroller ; tT prepare aM s.i'jh proofs or acknow
Ur^mcuts of deeds or other iui-trumeuts as rej iirc th"
oB t'ial fc'.tcsUlii n of the Mayor: '<> pre--< ne and l.eep in
the Mayor's oW;c a! bo< ' and p 'per* which ar<! r?
i|Ui f ,l by law to b< (ilfd thereiii : to deliver to the re
? pt c live lion tc aUrv sages from tlie Mayor in writing,
: i >1 to teeoid ni.d hi cr an a count to the C impt roller
i.n rr oath Of Hi moneys he ronv rec< ive.
At tv?'ve o'el el on Morday, iho 7th Inst., a jiro
tesshin will be filmed in the < ily fl.ill, consisting
if the nitived co' | s of the I'clce Iiepaitment, led
bv ti e thief ar.d followe.1 by the candidates wh ' are
to be installed in tlivir respective odlocs. As the
term ot the Mayor df.es not expire thi ye.tr, there
will be a s ligl t difference in the form of the ceremony, and
the procef -i' B instead ol g> itig to his (lice will proceed
ditcctJy to ll c chain' nr < f the l'?..ird of Aldeitneu, where
the Btw'y elected mcmbi is ?ill take the lollo i*ing > ath of
t flRce
I. . , ili solwitilf 'lis' ! will simp,),* heron
slitmion or the Ini'ed Hm s, ar.d ibe ' .'ostlinoou ol t'le Sia'e
, i r ( w Y' i k, and that I wdi i tt-l't ?< ily Uncttarfe tht du! c ol
iIiim t i" Al'ien ii rdiog to i. iiest ->? inv ablbtv
Ati.'r the ai'mitii teuton 'I this oath, the It'iud of
Ald? nuen will then be eon '.ite r i ? , follow ?
Tt, lit hi' (tjTict.
li v's. r<M >. 1'i irt,
1 ? .1 : lb \Y. I'r&wn.. .. .. I'ei.ioci ' 1
;__lli in t v in K.X. whig 2
.Utl M. Ml'S" . K N. wh .- 1
i ?n i! i ' Jt m. wn 2
. .. ! ' I; I ' I'm! r .... Kmoc it. I
, - .i. n < y 1 1 ii >? i ' 2
? ? ' li ! I'o ' '>? V. . ill,- 1
- ? Wr . i io.'T . ... K. N\ lfulg 2
*) ?? ' i'ii I'. Vi rliis K.N. whig 1
iO ? lues CiilTiti K.N.whig 2
11.- James H. ^tee s Oemoerat 1
12.? l'avid !*. Jackson .. liemocrut 2
13.? John H. Rriggs K . N. wh'g 1
14 ? reter Monegi sn Democrat 2
15.? I. 0. Barker K.N*, whig 1
16.? Peter Knhner Whig 2
1".? N*. C. Ely K. N. whi< 1
is.? j. II. Valentine K. N. wiiig 2
10.? Anion Herriok I'aniocrat 1
'iO.? Wm. McCotkey IV-mocrat 2
21 ? 4i eo. W. Varlr. n Democrat 1
22.? Win. H. Drake K. N. whig 2
Isaac 0. Darker, th? Know Nothing whif Alderman frera
the Fifteenth ward, will, it is (.t'lilblcntly i xpeeted, be the
President of the tew Boa-d.
The election in the -e'ond ward is eont.nstedby the
demociatlc candidate, Nicholas (-ogrl't, who clmm' the
oflice by a majority of some eight or ten votes.
'Ibe csie etroO beloro the County Oanvv-?ers. but was
bjLthi m transferred to the Hoard of Aldermen, who it is
bill ved will decide in favor of Drake. It Is hardly proba
ble that any change will be mod* In the cleiical force of
i iio Board, which i.-, compose! as Ulljwc?
A cnir/. BaUin.
David r. Valentine, Clork t-.:;i',o
John II. (.1 lumbers, Deputy Clen . l,.r>oO
Jo-.'l Ii 1!. doling, l'irst Assistant Clerk. . 1,000
; r ? K. FelBH'S Second " " ,. 1000
Alfred Cooper .... Third ?? " .. 700
T. s. Nltas City librarian 900
|| N. Vtuker, Me?-.ong"i 7S0
Th(iina< Vlender As?i?taut Meo-enger. 600
11. It. Weed sergeant at Arras 000
). W, til er a, lt?i?0r, J^O
* hen the Botri of Aldermen i? duly organize* <kl
prooemlon will re lo?m attain ted go to the ohaoQ Hot tt MM
Bund ot Coux.rllmen, where the fine ceromoay that wa
hi re described ?IU be repeated. The term of (Wfioe ?4
??oh member U one year, so that tlie oath will be ?<?ita
istered to every one of theaixty, noma of whom tt wfll be
peroeited from the following LUt have been r?-el?cted>
WJj. Dis. Wafiu t. Polttict.
1. 1 .. Henry t-ml'h K- N, Wk||.
2. ..'??? >, L Smith Dam.
2.. 3. Giooon Clifton Whi g.
3.. 4 . . Amo- T. Gavitt K. S. WW*.
4.. 6. . John Bauleo Data.
6. . Jamea Beiliy ?'
7..Gtorge P Bickfoid ?
6. 8. . Jan.** L. Waugh K. K. I
9.. George A. Barney K. N.
10 WuJiam H.Crane <
6. .11 Mathew Murray Dem.
12..Geo.ge Mckinley '?
13..Jamet E Kerrigan '?
7. .14. .Geo'ge W. Warner K. N. Wbtak
16.. Michael Barry Dw.
10. .Orlando Gray " l
8..17..Jonae N. 1 hilllpn ?
IS.J.taiea ? Uolgrove E. N. WM*
19..Jci?epk D. Marl in "
20. . Leriy ai <1 K. Avery "
P. .21. .John Keonard "
22. . Alexander Hoinphill "
28. .0. 8. Cooper K. K. Da. I
84 . . R. S. 1 t*?n "
10. .'.6. .Joan Hoehner Whig.
26. .John Van Tire Dem.
27 . . Char leu Wliitlock K. S. WVg.
11. .28.. Henry W. Colyer Ham.
29. . Ii-aac C. .-kaau K. N. WM*
10. .F. 1 A. Boole Dem.
SI. Gerige 11. Raymond K. N. Wh %.
82. . John Hai i Hem.
IS.. 3?.. William Floyd K. Wk%.
34 . . Edward C. *li Connell Dem
i-6.. hphrnim Re-d K. N. Dm.
14. .36. . Francis O'Keilly Hem.
37. .'ll><>niaa Karran "
'8.. Michael Su.lih "
15. .30. John H. Brady *. N. Hem.
D. Bwau Whig.
4i. .Cnarlex E. Applibl K. N. WM|.
16. 42. . Andrew lieary Dem.
43. .George Men it' K. N. Wk4g<
44 .Samutl H. pper "
4e . (TmiettS. V Htrou* "
17. .46. .J. W. T. Van Riper "
47 . . Bei.jainin F. Hnckney "
4S..I .1 Miller Dem.
49.. Andrew J Gdell K. N. Wh^
60. . Bernard Rellly })em.
CO. . 51 . ..'auji-H Wnl'ace, Jr "
62. . I'enr in Kjpr "
63..?bomas A 1'unn "
21. .64. .John I.. Noyi'd K. N Wh%l
6ft. . William H. Xaybr "
18.. 66.. William K. BtXWr K. N. Data. |
57 , .
19 . . f-8 . . Hii am A Mt>>iuud K. N. WVgJ
22. .60. . lieiry A Ca'giil l>ein 1
12.. CO.. Isaac A. Hopper K. N. WajgJ
Ihe election lor Councilman in the Hfiy-?eventh i
ttiet, is c( nte*ted by Willinni G. Sterling, the Know MJ
tbir jr whig candidate, JhdiI the iiemociatlo can!ida*e, Joh^
K. Iliauley. lho claim to tie eon'eotod srut has leoa I
'.he decif^nn of the Boar'1, by the r?junty CainH-wi
?*Lc 1 reiii'eikt ol Uie Ne* Hoard will, it ia nnilerst*
l* H('i janiin F. r:nck:ey. the Know Nothing whig I
Ifr (tore thr- Forty tevcnlii dimrict.
TV follow iug are (he clfrka am! other oiioen ot i
Hoaid, all of whom, ii i* bohcred, will be retain^:?
A 'a turf. Aaiarft
C. T. Met lenachau Heik ?J,M|
John A 1i,wli> Hepvity Cli rk
( tarle* A. ?. Holdcn V.j?i"tkn Clerk
Nicholas M.SIi?tll Se-gean t at- Arms...
.l'.hn E. Gie. re ... .Messenger
Y . H. lea hotly I'oorkioper
K. 8. r?r. ickfon Header
the ci'v Is liil.lt
t i- n . and a bslance
collection of money
taxes and nn-f' wment ?,
After thi organ'tation of both branches of the Con
Council, the Major's meis.vge wi'l be sent in. This ?
give a uview of the condition of the various department
ant v> .11 aim suggest new measures lor the confident
and action of the member* during the present ye
Amor g the most impoitant of the atatemente he
make w ill be that oonccrning the financial affairs of 1
City, a- the subject is ore in which all who pay taxeel
a deep interest. From the last report presented by t
Comptroller. it appears that the estimated expenses oft
city government for the year 1856 amount to ah
six Tr illion* rod a half. To this the Finance Committ
the Board of t'cuncilincn have added $454, ?82 ai
iitlu att f?> tk Mfi tu?. of the nwt
months. The total sum, with this addition amount*, |
$(l,0C2,tSU<*>, showing an increase of 91,000,614 over
expense or the ytar 1856. Kow. in riew of the
burden which is thus imposed on tax payer*, vtiu
which they roccive a comparatively trilling returaj
become^ the duly of the Mayor to suggest some
by ^JUich these expense- can be reduced. lie has I
callcd the attention of the Common Council to the
defucta which exl t in the different depa.tmeuts as
are at present organized; but he oannot impress
stn np'y upon it (he necoi-sity for a more direct respo^
bility on the part of the executive officer at the he
each. rn tlio langr. ige of bis last year's menage, ?? |
no exaggeration to Fay that sometimes twenty offio
belong!) g to different departments are
in doing at the same tin e that which could be acc
plished by one m m, if acting for himself, in one-'
tn th the time an>t at one-twentieth the co?t. whilo i
department i- its own master ami acts upon its own 1
t ion. without consent or consultation with any ot
The J resent sjftemofc uti.^ct-, we undertdand, win I
be treated of in Ills message, and the mauv abuses <
grow out of it, and which are among the most grie
that our people have to bear. A more eijual diatribe
of tnxci on different kinds of property, and an en
nient c f the basis upon which they should bo le
the abol.Uon of feee In the different offices con
with the munii'ipal government ; the Imposition of I
tain rate of interest on all loans of fhnds from the clj
individual" the adoption of a strict rule by wh
disbursing rfl.eers shall he prevented from exp
uioi.ey or incurring obligations, to pay for
without previous apprj|
unexpended to melt it;
from the ?usjK-o<?od sales |
which can be obtained upoa
nee. ssary legislative iclion emp iireriug the Comptr
topioceed; the taxation of ci'y railroads by com p
the companies to piy a licrose on each c.ir these
form the principal subject ? which will be etnbrac
the Mayor'* Message. lu regard to the expense* i
city, which Luxe incre.wl at the rate of abjut
quarters ofa million every year for the last three or]
years, no person "ho is at all acquainted with the
tor will ?'< ny that the whole machinery of our munij
could be conducted bette- than It i- at present fa
least car l.o If the Mount that is annually exp?ndedj
1 1 c item i f lies alone, there a-.- imtances in ufaii
much hs l int twenty to thirty flwtanfl|
lsn per anrnm have bten paid to one pa
Tltrse fees .hoi. Id firm a portion of the
to di';ay tie ?j>c!.si* t,r the city, while the
AnM l e paid i ! lir aalaryfor the petfornisnce |
eflicial dtttiea. At other ws.y of diminishing tfce ta|
the city u bj chargii g a ce: tain into eat on the i
loaned, as fctn ir er.ded by the Mayor in his lait i
n-e -'sge; for bp he juftly remarks, there is no rra*od
the fiuanc a! affairs o! the city lu this respect, sho|
conducted upon .ny other principle than thatj
grverns the cosnmereial intercourse of individval*.
There are other entjecta la addition totliosei
juct alluded to. which will alio be embraced in th^
inge. Among those will be the Poliee Departmea
of the most fertile that can be presented to the I
Council. The investigation of U>e Legislative I
which adjourned iait week, ha* brought to tight
startling facte in relation to the doing* of a
ot the police. We are veil aware that it ia
Impossible for them kto put a stop to
prostitution, and the uumereu* ether evil* with
our city is afflicted, bat they oen accomplish nor
they are at present doing. Tkf Mayor being
head of that department himself, and one of the 1
Commissioner*, oan also do a great deal in iraprov
efficiency of the police. Every charge of aalseo
against an officer should be strictly Investigated,
political considerations be permitted to laterfere|
the infliction of the pens In provided for every vie
of duty.
1 ' >r the improved condition of our street* duria
past twelve months the v:i.tor is entitled to all ?
There is uiuch, however, to be done before New|
become ? what ii should be, and what Its natural i
tsg<s of location render It capable of beia
healthiest clfy In tbe United States. Then
is the I'.uss pavement? which U fast bee*
intolerable nuisance? and the manner in wl
streets ere opened and graded. We should like,
know what progress has been made la that
the new Cretan reyiretr, a?4 what in f bf

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