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V T?M?.
mutant is rax Ti?mw ? iut luu I cirr,
oc routs 6, MM.
com km ion Mnn
fa m.. jigh councils, in biiboy1 Marts, ltd is all
other departments for MMettM oar buiinNi, the
church and kingdom of Gad, witkUM Lord kliaigbtv
at the bead, will ? sum tvery mw ta exhibit the feel
ing? o) hut heart for vou recollect H in written that
in tike Inst days th? Lord win reveal the secrete of
the hearts of the c hildren of men. Does not the gos
r?l do that ? ft doe*: it eaaaes men and women to
reveal that whiih would have slept in their disposi
tion* until they dropped into their graves. The plan
by which the Ijoiu lead* this people makes them re
voal their thought* and intents, aud brings out every
trait of disposition lurking in their organizations,
la Ibis right ? It is. How are you going to correct
A n an's fault* ? b y hiding them and never speaking
of them ? b) covering up every fault you see ia your
l>rothei , or by saving. "O, do not s? y a word about
his Units, we know hut be lies, but it will uot do to
aay a word about it tor it would be awful to reveal
Bmhi act to the people That in the policy of
the wortd and of the devil, b t is it the way the
Loid will do with the je> pic in the lat er days? It
ianot. Tli in in ? mutte r that i-ee.ua to be but little
understood by suBf of tfce Litter Day Saints; it
may he understood )>y a pot lion of ihetn, but others
do i>< t c.nderet u.(l it. Fa cry laidt th.it a portion has
will be made manifest, that it may bu corrected by
the go?j*l ot s-alvation, by the law* of the Holr
Huppo*e that a mail lies, and you dare not tell of
it: '"\t ry well, ' ays the man. *1 am secure ? I can
lit ?.-> much at. 1 please.' tie is inclined to lie, and
:f ? c dare not ? ha?ti>e him <bout it he takes shelter
under tlu t pnvilion, cloaka himself with the charity
of b> btotbi en iUid coi.tutnes to l,e. Jty and bye he
will *>eul a little, and )a ilmps our or two uf his
brethren kaow aiot.t it. hut tney say, " We must
CG'ei t p this fui lt with the cloaU of charity." He
ooataucato Bo and i< steal, aid wc coninue to
bite Lis fjtalU ? whe.x via ii le .d that person to '!
wLe e wifl t.e end h - ? aitert N<> where bat in hell.
Wl at rhuli v,c jo with *acii n c ?? Shall we reveal
their faults? Ye - wheuevir vit det u it right and
piojer. 1 know it is list I t > re eive chasti-e uent.
for to i battlement is joyous, but i^rievous at the
tm ei* is givtu: but if n' iktso i w ill receive chas
tisement and pray for lie Holy Hp rit to srst upon
bini.thathe may h.ietLo spirit of truth in his
heart srd r leave t? thut which is p eaking to the
I.o'.u the Loid will gi\e l.w. grace t-. bear the c i?
tisc n ot.uD j he will -i l n.it to and rei oive it kuiK, tug
that it is tor his- gt*d lie ? ill endure it patiently, and
by at (1 bye he will get <>>er it und see that lie has
been ( oastised foi his fa It-, and will banish the
evil. and the chat>i in tncni will y eld to idm the
pcaceuiJe finite o! righiii?taine? because be exer
c>se- himself pi eftiabiy therein In thi~> way clui>
ttoe rent is a lenetit i > wny j r5on. Grant that I
ha\ e a fault ar<l wish it ? " iiceiled ? would I not be
likely to hide it? And it the I. rd would not re
veal 1 1 might clint to it. ii 1 had not the spirit of
revelatlHitodxe.i i my u U ai d itn coa.-efp ences.
Withe a t the infli ei ie ot toe spirit of the Lord I am
^ust as liiibl" to li c and abide in fil e priirciples,
rabc notions arid uaeghteo actions as true oues.
It i^? :<owith -.on I. y<?ur fault are not made
Itnoan to you. flow can \i<n letmiu fiom tuem and
overcome them '/ Youiaunot. Unt if your faults
aie made m mi test, you btve the pnv le^e of for
wk n*.- then and < lotting i nt < that which is good.
The dee^n ol t?>e g?aati ib to re^eai tne secrets of
the heai ts of ti e chilli en of men. Wheu men inti
mate to nie. whether in j.m.lic or piivate. that their
taidtb m?< st not be sprketi o , I do nut kunw hnw
woildly roindni n ?>n feel in Biniilar caw*, bnt like
Elijah 'when be mockfd the piie-ts of Baal. I ft el to
laugh at J Oiale dcn-ioi <>f si ch men.
Do yon trappy that I will thorfar bow downto
an man Ixi tun Tirr torv. or ou the earth?
euppote tbut -i for my-eif to be ao m i/zled
that 1 carnot n veal the rani's oi t he people when
ScinSt.- txie to doi? 1 fear nottbew'ckcd
haif r-o rot ch ?> I would a iiHMjmto in my tad
room at nipl:t f?. - 1-t- ^?>uid keep me Sfjfc
but fcr the unrigWec' *. tho^e * ho
lain aud cot duct theBDselve" wor? than thedevil.
to ii?inrate that 1 bu.e uot the l-riyileRe of?Pt?k
h,g of their lauH?,t akee iMe*el
ti*ir fo?lv. Iwttl*peak > f men a laulte.^e?n*1^
where 1 plea?. ^td what ut you going to do
?U)Uil,K bMBlTa Ol JVOT *?c MADE ?.*F1JCT.
Do yen know that thatver> pn .cjple cansed the
diathoi oil the i?ropUit*. h in the days of Adam
intol nowr Let n prophet a.i^ npon the earth, and
?S,7?rf ?W Wi'- ?' EPS?
#jk?A fi?e wicked would de r c to kill him. rio, lo?
he w? Id cense to be a pn.phitor the I*rd. and they
would invite hiai to the?r fra.-^. andh??him a a
friend and brother Why. Bet'*"* "
imDOKiUbie for him to be anything but one ot them
OTtapoU-le tor a pr-phl* ot Christ to J'?*?
tdolteroua generation without .-peaking ot the
tokkedn^w of the people, without revealing thei
(aulta and their failings a tl there xh n010"";.^01'
of death that will stay him from it, for a prophet o
God will do a* be |?Iea**.
Ibavaleen preached to. pleaded with and writ
ten to. to be care ul bow I tpe*k about men * !au,t?;
mote eo than e^r Joseph smith was inbislfe
tin** ever? wetk or two I reeivea letter of in
(.triic'tion, warning n.e 'o l>e c areful ot this or that
iran'a character Did yon ever have the spin ; of
the Lcrd.ao that \ou Cave telt lull of joy., and like
jumping up and bWting bulkl jab ? I leel in that
way when auch fcpi>tk* i om?- t?. mi ; I feel like aa -
ton? "1 aak no odd- ot vou nor of all your " c^n tbia
,;jL 0? hell." 1 have wi e brethren around me who
wLU wmetimes na?-''l'?.u t speak *o and eo: be very
careful* now do t*?e cat tious' and 1 have oteu writ
XmZuZ the East: I have package alter; package
of Utter*? yea. a wheeli-arrow loaiof them? aay
ing? "Oh! Lrother Brghaa, I would beseech and
t>i?v and piead with y< u, ii I only dare, to be i art
ful Sow yon apeak. ?o Id i.ot tbi-. or that <-Oun<e
be better than for you to get up in tlic stand and
tell tie Gentile" what they are? Would it not l>e
belter to keep thie to yourw.lt '
Do you know how 1 'eel when I get . a.ich rornmn
ni.attoiw'f I will tell you: 1 feel jo-t like ^bing
their n<*ee with them. H 1 am not t? havf the pn
wiUiie ot apeakiug of & >int and rinner when 1 pleaae.
tfS 2,T"hgand let me goto tbe crave for my
woik wcild Ve d'Be It wiw i?r thw that tiny
kl.led Joneph ar.d Hyram; it ia fur thi* ^at they
?u, to J,-,): rae and my bieihreo, we Itiiaw tneir
iolqi itj ai d v t- wiil tell of it wh? u the Spirit die
Utien tf 'aik about thi". that, or the other person
and coccLet at the r roper tune.
Tl?rf- e people in <?r inicb? *ho grant at thw
ti e base i TiU thU I think .
w c\! w worth notii e, for 1 doi.ut think that f ich
bie * k? cood for anything, even ah.*ild they
La?>Pfco to |i"t into the kingdom of heaven, though 1 |
happtt. t i. .. ? their plate i, we ran find
WTCLl ftV^,t M V^t a ., .gaorautof it; I pre
^Le ^Vtti lordtuow. whe^ rt ta. but I d . not
TJrtJ, i^lav to the Elder* of Israel-t ? all people |
v .. ,.n ?, of m' iniquity a, d talk ?bo?t yol
^ Sjjfjw !JS ixzi CSi^mSSS
Ti. n-r.it> ??o n.?> Ml
?om e of you have been brought beiore the Hlgn
(oui.cil charged with ihla fat.lt ai.d with that, and
Vou ha? that it i- to? moch .or you? that
y ^ cannot U-ar it. But you bav c got to l^r it. and
ir * imi will not make up your m'iid?< to go to hell at
J^ ind hav (lone with it. If y<^ wiah f? be -au.U,
SSTm I have four evil* take., away and yonr toiqm
Tmpoted; this moat be do, c if you remain i.i the
l , 1,1 of (iod II yon do wr ng. and it is made
before the fflfh Council, don't gr nt about
^^,r?h^eaVx?t yc-'r loving, preclon, character,
iu^ider thaTyU bav. i.W.e- that ia the best way
with it. Myriad- have acaodt.lizt d roe
TJ* TJZ i. tlT ch..rcb and I have been
23Sl3 TlSSw, are von a g in* to bear thi. f
do you not know thai aoch and anct pew ^ are
x-andalizins your charade'/ Haid I. 1 do not
hnowthat 1 have an v character: 1 have never stopped
in?ulr* whether 1 have one or not It ia for me
? TOm*a courte that will build un the kin^do.n of
f. rt!Tthe earth, and you ro.iy take my i baracter
!ShniiSe-I care not what you do with
it k> you tat keep your hand* off from in* It yon
? ? * ff v^filrA thf> Iliirh I MMUi Of before a
bwho'Va'court. and it in proven before eithor of tho.-ie
t.ibi nala that yoe are coret?iw, don t flv in apaa^don
and beoune ao excited that you are ready to hurst. I
mav htt lit to expoee aon e men who have not paid
fbeirtMiii'g; nowif jonare going to get nervou.
about H and are afraid of bursting, let me know,
mid we will alip an egg shell over voti and y.ior pre
? ?v..T__irfL What pre< iona character* no ne of
??$?., to England, in Scotland, and per
j apa to ^ THJ! tbikvino haiwtp.
T>n not i f wared if It ia proven ggainat some, be
from vour neighbor's garden fence. Il J?o did, it
?w o?:W 1 e far b < tier for yea to get right up and own
It-? lor 3 on hft' e in reality lort vour chara.:i Mj*. ore
f;od anaela and Ben--and then refrain fn> to m?c ?
evila' anl tr> to c-Ubl iah a good character. 1 1 would
i e better for yoti to d?< that, than to become anj. ry
"w hen your fault* are n.ade manifest I it ia pr^v r .
lerore th. High Council that you did ateal a h>-ef
| do) 1 1 g* t angry but riae op and aflkoow
?.?? >ou M ,Ukl 4U U k{ U ,0*
have been to some person's wood silt aad irtole wood,
doa't be fttchkraL for if yo? wffl tfMl ttawt be
made manifest. So?e one MJ ma, "Why, I did
not think saints were guilty of aneh deodar Nor I
oitber. Such crivea are mmwiUlod by peoplo
who gather with the MiMfe to toy Mica, to af
flict aid annoy them, and drive than to their doty.
After we had given the brethren ouch a scouring
two or three months ago, about returning lost pro
perty when fourd. one or two men brought in two
or three rnatr naila of no value, which they had
ficked up; thiawM tantamount to sayiftg to Rr.
j.rague, ?? If we had four d your pone, or if we
bad found Brigliam's purse, we would see you in
hell before we wooid return it." We wish to im
press upon yon the necessity of your bringing the
axe you find, the hty fork, or any other lout pro
perty which yon find, to the person who is appoint
ed to take charge of such property, that the own
era may again [oeeess it. But. if you should pick up
a piece of rotton wood, and bring it to Br. Bingham
or Br. Put-ague, with a t-how of honesty, and in de.
risicn of the counsel you have received, it would be
ike laying, " If we could fiud or steal your purses,
you s)*iou!d rt ver see hem sprain, we are poor
miserable devil? und mean to live here by stealing
liom tie saint#i, and you cai.not help yourselves."
Do you not suppose that it is ne essary to have
de\ lis mixf d np with us to imike saints of us ? We
an as v<t < bliped to have devils in our community;
we reold not biOd in the kiugd' in without them.
Many of you ki'*w tnat >ou cann< t get your en
dowmfrnt without the devil's beiu^ present; iodeed,
weianmt make rapid progre.-^ wiifcoMt the devils
1 know that it uightciis the riirb< ? us sectarian
world to think that we have so uiauy devils with
>o iuunv poor, miserable curses. Bless your
son]?, y-t coni dnot prosper in the kingdom of "(lod
witlioi t them. We m?st have ?hore amongst us
who will -teal our fence poles; who will go and
steal bay ! i orn ih?ir neighbor's hay stack, or go Into
his cornfield to steal <orn. sod* leave the fence
down; r e?r!y everv axe that is dropped in the kan
yon nm-t 1 e pick* *1 up by tbem. &' d the score) of
It st wat< tea, gold rings, biei stpins, etn., must get
into th? ir hfti.es. tbouih the) will n?t wear them iu
your sight. It is essentially nece-sary to have such
charbcler* here.
live here, then, you poor miserable curses, until
the tiir e ?f ittnbuti?ii, when your heads will have
to be severed from yur bodies. Just let the Lord
Alunghfj suv. " la\ judgment to the line and right
eous ners to the phunn.et, ' and the time of thieves is
hbirt in tl is r< n:nui!iity.
What do rou iuppo-e they would ?ay in old Uas
sschi'^e its " thev hear that the Utter Day
Saint- had re-elveda nvelatiou or commaniment
to lav ?' j.idgn tut to the line and ri.?hteoasi>eaa to
the plunnet?" What would they say In old Con
nect Jrnf.' T> fv would raise ft universal howl of
? H- >* wieked those Jb-imons are. They are KiUing
the evil doers who are among the ra ; w hy , I hear taat
thev kill the wicked, away up yonder in Utah.
1 hev dr, not kill anj tody down there, do they.
A? for the inhabitants of the earth who know
anything about the " Mormons," having power to
itter wone epithets ngaini-t us than they do, thev
have totet nioie knowledge in order to do it; and j
at* tot tho-e enemies who have been iu our midst
feeling utiy worfe than they d", they have that to
know mote: tlev are aa fill ?f bad feeling now ss
tluv own bold without bunting- What do I care tor
ti e wi ath of man ? No more than I d" for the cluck
tug that run in my dooryard I am here to teach
the ? a \ s rf the Lord, and lead men to life everlast
ii g, hut if they have not a mind to go there, I wiali
them to keep oat of my path.
fllf Lut ol WntaUnton*! Ul*
fFrcm The w org *tSD 17 J
I l*r:.l Krapp. the l*.?t of the life Guard of Wash
ington, eiied, at hi? residence, in New Windsor, on
Friday lust, in the ! 5lh year of bis age. Th?a,
within ui not a year has tallen asleep the last officer
ot the rcv? lution? Major Ilnrnett- and the last of the
1 ife <?uard; and it is a singular fact that the-* t*o
ltlics ef the rev. intioti. occupying the pomtiona
which thev respectively did, should have Jived side
by *i<5e for -o mar.y yearn, and been called home no
tetiriv together? tl>e former attending the luneral
of the Is tier as one o thechier mourners; and when
r.o longer a mbult?m by death, lay ing down hlsstaSf
and patL oiing hie robes ar< ond him >n that weep
1 wbkh the trtmp of tied will ulone break.
1*7 al Kuan-p neriorn.ed active t ervice danng the
whc-le n' the {E volution Ou the 1st of Jn e, 1777,
then eighteen yea is of age.be entered the army
4 for und drriDy the war,*' ai d waa on duty ?^)DJ
that time i.ntil hi? final discharge at the hand of
Washington at tie dose ot the war. Hw first ?er
vice w? s in the battle of White Plains, and his next
ci der Gen. Wew*ter. in the rkirmish at Ridgetield.
At the -toimirg ot F.*ts Clinton and Montgomery,
he was stationed at Peek; kill; nod from them e
marched with bis reginient to \ alley Forge, en
c<?i rterii g on their way a detachment of Howe a
am y at Ch. -tbnt Hill, in which engagement his
regiment kst llif men. He arrived at \ alley r orgc.
and there passed the men orable * inter of 1777-' *,
w.tb bi- naktd. staiviig and sick compatri
ots: ai d was. at the time of bis death. the
last survivor of that encamped band of sufleruig pu
tiiots In Mav. lTT^ . he becw-i e a member of Lafay
ette a ccrp? of light infantr* . a> o took post at Bar
re?? Hill, subsequently retreating to the fields or
M< nmonth vheie bis corps forn ed the rallying
print alter the disgrne-etul letreat of Gen. I*e In
ITKibis regimei.t was encamped in the Hudson
Highlands, ul d while there he was detailed to form
a p. it in the temporary increase of the l.i e Guard
of Washington, and receive a ? v?rgea? t a commw
sion. Thi- hcleciion was in itselt the beBt evidence
of the f,del)t\ with which be bad served his oountry.
He was discharged in June. 1763. having served i nvo
rears and eleven months. His discharge is sign
i d by Wii'l iriKton. and countersigned by J.True
t ell Jr., his secretary. The lollowing iaacopy of
bis disi baipe: ?
Bv hi* lxerl'*i?' > G*frg? WR-hinfton Em., General ?no
. onM?rr or ycaiei If -before^ ,f 8r.ee. of
1 le^?.sr#> V. e?rtity thftt the be* *r hereof, Cnl Kn?pp,
? ^eicr*t>t In ibe it i'd C. ni.?> ttcut regiment hinw
y -nr d 'he I m fr m June I, lTTf, to
? he <?*is I e??>'. b.|B? miIis'hj 'or tbe ??r only is
K*rrt>\ 6t*rh>Tt+<- fn n. 'be /n.^ncai. ar-ry. OiTeo at
b??d uuaners the eighth
py Jf ^ury.
R<cb.te-?<1 in tbe booki ct tlie K.?tu*ot
Ja?? < laRK, MjntUlt.
Tl e ??>? v. I *?> Kr.?p? a S^rp-.rt hja ^ bonoeed
wi'h le tin it ni*n'. tot six }<??" UttMut ?e T,oe
f SAXtEt 8 Wkbb C ilona.
?bottlv after the close of the Revolution i Mr. |
Km t p renoAfd fiom Connecticut, bis native State,
i to tU Slate of New York ard aet'led on a small
farm in the town of New Winds' r, Orange county,
wl eie he quietly and peacefully spent tbe remainder
' ' Having devote d the vigor of his early manhood to
bis coi nti v m bei hour of dee^st peril and need,
be was gra< tr usl; p*nnit,ed b-v 8 k" d Proy ldtoce,
to live tei an old age, advanced more than a sc?>re of
5 ears bcyoi el the limit o dioanly allotted to man,
in tbe ei j",n.ent of all his raci lties. witnessing
fr< m xear t. year bei bappy progress in i all that erfn
elevate a nan. n and the strengthening of tbe M>rle
which he 1 ad tnken ho active a part in e*ab!i fa.n<
He saw the biith of this gloiioua tnion amid the
thine or the revolution, watched to Hidv"*nl(jl;l?
stet# throi fb infancy aid j out h. und beheld It
in the Ml t-n'poitiors .1 manhood, assuming
thr noblest pe?s.tion among tbe Joremost of t'.ie na
tions ot tl.e ear'b How .lLlighttnl was the ret ro
ppe< t ot such a ilfe! With what consuous pride did
his lie art Loimd a? his ears ebank in, with eaejh re
coil in k ^ ear the soendsof a grateful nations re
joicii g at tbe return of the anniversary ofite lode
pendeBce irom the oppressor's yoke! Hem calmly
and .onteite.ly oiel he note the *
iesr- w hi. h 's he Id the steadily ho wwdiig pro?p?n,
ty ot bin b. lo\ed cuntiy, for which he hart pc i rilled
all: The i.e.hle patriot lived, honored and
rd : bis nan e will eteT be- venerated with those i of
lis htro-toii panioi s in tbe sting^e f?r..A"fl1W
freidim who have gone w-foic him ti> tLeir final
of thf b?n<t o'nrhl# m*n lemam :
llitl. si ill's have obryei. < he ??!)?( Hod,
w?*>e bt t e?t 1- deemed * h?l o?'a sod.
Tbeir peifl* '? artul? msa^nr' !e#>. b?-ir fait !
te hi'? tois of t<nf tie iresmati's hrsa?t shall fill,
Ibetr fan e fhall r.?u*e th? trs. man'n heait t'< th.llb
th* ftnural.
Newt nrg has not witnessed in rnsny years such a
press "f i eople ns yesterday assembled to do honor
to the n<< itfll r? mains e.f ?nc old soldier. All seem
ed .mpieneel witlt tbe Kilemnity of the occasion,
and tei d? it il the tribi te of tn e and patrio to men.
The village seemed robed In satkcloth, the insignia
ol mourning draped the front* of the place < of bn
finew.aidtbe "rtars and stripes" were furled in
tbe emblen s of sone?w atrhe death or one who had
so often ranied in their deiet.ee In tbe strife that
gave them t ilth. ...
Tl e body of tbe decease d was removed to this
village m'Mordav, bv a i oaimittee of citteetis: re
ceded by Col. Parmenter &nd a delegation fr m the
j. th Regimeit.andtheNewbnrg Washington Conti
nentals, ( apt. Kc?p, and placed in stmein the centre
of tie receitlon room ot heart q artera. whet- he re
maii.e 1 ni til Wednesday, visited by th >u an<l<. T^e
old eoldier rep<?ed in a metallic colli t .of ne# style,
ni d I eautifallv painted and varnished. On its I d
wa. a silver f-late on which was inscribed "Czal
Knupp. *ho deraited this life Jani ary 10. lsfifi,
ageef <M years, 3 mos." On tae ceiflln was htid tlie
unilerni oramonnted continental soldier; under it
vse i be rational flsg the whole re-ft.ng on the old
maple tabic ?o well Uown to vUitw? m one of tU?
curiosities sod rei tea of '<Le placo. The fesftares of
tk* dttetttd Here &? caim and natural u though he
were hi a gentle- slumber. Hp seemed, without Mia,
<>r preen or struggle. to hare resigned himsNf to
th? embrace of death, and prepared to auswsr to
the roll rail of his Maker.
Tie funeral >-?r\ieei were held on Wednesday.
About half pact II' If. , the procession formed la
FYont fetitet. under the direction of Col. Puimenter,
tbe Marshal, a*>.-i*ted b y Major W. It Brown and
Col. A. Lilburn and was compoaed of? li?t. the
Clergy and Physician. and Field and t-taff Officers
of the l!-th Regiment; '2d. tbat noble band of mili
tary. the Albany Washington Continental Company,
I P, Cant P. To*r.serd, of which oompany the die
ceased waa elected an honorary member lu Septem
ber ls?t; 3d, tie Hearse, mitabJy attended, attired
it BMHireinK drapery, and inscribed " 1777 ? 1783,"
drown by four firuf s and led by four grooais; 4th,
the Kt-wburg Wasniugtou Continentals, Capt. Kemp;
f.th. tie Orange Hussars, Capt. W. C. Brewster;
6th, tbe Moitgimeiy Guards, Capt. P. Decker;
7th. tbe Pirt Jen in Light Guard, Capt. J. H.
Norton; Mb, the Order United American*; 9th,
tie trustees of the village, and citizens and
stniifes , n great nun; hers; the whole forming the i
iiioi-t imposing precession ever witness iu this vil- I
upe. end ctt'ditaUe to the occasion in the highest '
tit srec
lit- I'Tik tf.-ion pawed through the principal
f tints to l iudquaiteis, whore the bod t of the de
ceased was received with appropriate honors and
ceremonies, and conveyed to St. George's church, I
wl?eie tbe fineral reuni' nies were performed The 1
mur 1ml ai d bib aids first entered, then followed the
bearer* with tbe coffin and bidy, which were depo- j
?ittd on tbf platform immediately in front of the
altar. A m: meton* oom;jaoy of friends and mourn
ers then followed and occupied the body of the
cbttrrli; tbe military followed in their ordee, and
speedily the cbuiuh was densely filled with an at
tentive huditoiy, while a large concourse were
nimble t< gain admission.
The sublime and Impressive funeral service of the
Episcopal r) urch wan then read; and the choir, un
der tbe dii eetion of Professor Reid, rolled forth some
m< st excellt nt and appropriate music.
Tbe fonerai sermon was then delivered by Rev. Mr.
Brown, who most eloquently and impressively said
the things meet for the occasion and the place. His
remarks wue bused on tbe words of Job? "1 would
not live always. ' The pi eachcr first presented those
coortderaUons tliat should r concile us to the com
ing cf deatli? that should lead us to embrace in the
daepekt sincerity of our hearts, the above words of
that Godly servant, Job. He then gave a brief bio
graphical sketch of tbe deceased? enun erated
his services during the war? eulogized his cha
racter and tirtues. and cave some affecting remi
niscences, that filled the heart and moistened
the eje. Uzal Knapp was a native of Stam
ford, Connecticut ? was bom in October, 175^,
and enlisted at the earlv age of eighteen years, for
and during the war The sermon gave many Inte
resting facto iu relation to the Body Guard- He* was
one or tbe?oble men chosen by and appointed to
guard the lei^ou of Washington It was this fact
which tbe old beio loved to recount in after
years. It was tbe evidence of Washington's confi
dence* the mention of which enkindled the eye and
troutbt to the old veteran the fires and energies of
youth. He bad embraoed religion in his youth, and
was a woithy and tried soldier of the Cross. Scrupu
lous b< nesty. fidelity, humanity and patriotism were
his ruling traits ai d characteristics. The eloquent
speaker g ire s me interesting and affecting state
ments relatirg to the sickness and funeral or Major
Burnet, another Revolutionary soldier, who
but a short time since was committed to the
<arth. I'zal Knapp atttanded at his bedside, and
this interview and spectacle were alluded to with
feeling and pathos An interesting narrative of
the funeral and burial of Major Burnet, at which
Vzal Knapp attended, as giveu by the late editor of
tbe GatrUf , was read The preacher then paid a
tribute to the spirit and patriotism of the Albany
Continentals, and concluded his remarks with an
earnest application of his theme.
The 1 ody was tbeti re-taken to the hearse, and the
procession moved through several of the streets to
the Heedqi'sifers. Here, near the north corner of
the old house, at the foot of the lofty staff on which
waves the flag ot liberty and Union? ou the oonse
crated spot where Washington trod, and the hn
uuntal detcKted held his vigils around that stinted
fottn ? ou the banks of tbe majestic Hudson ? was
the grave prepared as tbe final resting place of the
last ot the Body Guard.
The concourse of people assembled to witness
this ceituiony was immerse. The body was
'owcrtd in tbe grave, and buried wiih all the. honors
cf w ar. Tbe -Continental s fired three rounds over
the giave. while the booming of cannon in the ad
joining enclosures reverberated through the High
lands. The grave was closed up and the benedic
tim given, when the vast multitude speedily dis
It in impofcnibto to utter the feeling tb&t filled the
boecn a-1 this old aLd noble soldier was lowered to
his lovlj earthly bed A link that bind* us to the
erolutioDaij fust it broken. The la*t of that band
? bow pre-c minent services, devotion and watchful
i.tw- gamed tor them Washington'* special rr^ard
?the old hero of many years and battle-*? s-Wps
his bat Meep; the earth covers his venerated form
li? in cur s'^ht.
Hit 1'iriul place i? mort fitting and well selected.
Bin gratefil country rr.su intend raising a suitable
ii ? nvmtiit ovc r tbegruve.
1 A ?IT I l?Tlf T SLUG E H C E. "
Mm ernenU at Ocean Steamer*.
r*OM suutirv
h'amn Leave* Dot * Far
BelyHjue Antwerp Dec 50 New ? irk
n?rbugKD SoiKhntrp'on ../la f S w York
Airic* Liverpool Jap. 9 Now i"<fk
c Live/pi-r' J?n. 12 New York
Aralti l.i\erpr?l J?o. 19..'.. Koton
farifc L'vcrooo Jan. 2^ ?n k
Litfryool Jiin. * N(# Yo-k
Amgo Havre Feb. 13 New York
vox amor a.
H^rrranr. N?w York In IK Bremon
Mil* limb Now York Jan. TO O!a*eo ?
/> n.rry a Bo?'oo Inn SC Litrerp'"/!
I-e-tlqir New York feb. 2 ,....An'?erp
Fultui fsw lork teb. 9 Ilarre
roH uLiroHNi* ?o.
S?. Lon'-f! Now York Jac 21 Aaplowall
Quaker City New York Ju Si ? fUrua * Maklia
For A ins wall ? Ueorge Law bth Mid 8t Loula 20th of each
tiiu fVXTk AiiUil fct*r oi ttio Waat 9th and Nartnem
Lufat S4tii ot back mcnU:.
tu?nr- Frt.ru < tiarlenkm iv?t> atd 4th, do* at HfMa Uf
acc ;cb fr<*? ?1aniia llfca and Klk, duo at Wow York IT 'A
aid tut
Montn Stab? Trru Now York M. arnvtac a: Havana 8s*
ana New urie*aa KKh From Now OveaeaMlth H?T?oa Ma
auo at New Y*rk 9*h- _
(>nu<1tToi aw Qbaba**? From How York rit,u
rrrinL at Htraua aid and New Ortaana Js-h Froo. NewOi
?oar.* Mi H*v?r* Sii doe at Now York UMt
Hue* Yt hi ok ? from now York iO<h. amnM at tla^aae
?6th art Mew Orioao* 1Mb *r ??- tvt04.au that Bavan*
t-tfe, date at No* York Si
JOAkr.a Crrr? Froc sew Yrrk 20th, arriving at Havaaa2ttb
MorMe Z >b Prom Mobile Wi, oataua Sth. due at new
Yi.rk I t t.
aba wba -Prom Mew York 2Kb am vita at fiavana *>?
and Now Or einr 2d Vrota No* Orl??nj 10th. Havana ISto
a* M.r York l>th
Wbett tbe ahot.fi dat?j> taii ocBontaj the Ceamera W.'l oa*
Mi Mouda'. Tbe; toar* No? orioaon aa n.iac 8 A. M. aa Udt
wut admit ai<d 'ho Iiabo loover OhBrVoatoo aod Haraaa at
41. V
The to jo* izia M) be or ealce to tboor woo tmee oorroopoo
?co * (th thf K**l
Th* mail loorM Koutbaoapwc oo too Atb and <0tk of ot
Mftoih, aikd
vrrivrt.at Uiars tar tci 9tb a*< SMft 04 oanae miotlk
*rrivc? at Me 'la abou' tor 14^1 aod SOtfc of samo id mth.
kxrf. ph at Ak tat drta aiiout M IMh of aoBM aod 4th of to
owing mocda
Learr* 8ue7 aoo?i the XKfc or H?i 04 mom aod Mb Or Mb o
toUoalug monu.
Arrive* at A?ol atoi- the SA or 31th of Mux* and Uth o
Uu. of v.l'ov m, modtt
Aden (?i.i th# MXn m t!tb o( *?mo aod lai ot arr
f?. Mr B in?r ay. aod 11C> tc iMb tor Cblna, At
Indaat, >??j atrairer a/r veo a> Boaabftf ahou; th? Sd 10 tw
aod IVrh to 2Ut m to !><??. h j imolA
r mo O reamer armw at Pttm de Oaila about UaiU g>
Ttb atx* Od to ZSd of totlour itu> aaooih
Lravex Fotrtrte u?<ia tor 1 ak Pvamag tho aara?Ca>, If
MMaoior baa air^adv arriny! ?h ob uuroa tho raat. on.
Arrireo at Voio f w.mu ahoat iho 1Mb or Uth aad 3BtL ant
mtt m fuitowm^ bkh>u
Arnvoa a? Mogavf<ra aboat Ot* Utb or VHk aad Mm or i?
m (ot owtna mooth
Learoa Htagaoore a.-xm 12 boon a!V>? ami*.
Anivri at tfo^ji t-.tia about tho MM or Vit aad Ka or 10t?
m folio* IDA aoool.
Loavrapost da? tor aaanaba*
T* o um<m 'oa*e Rljjl o ? crm*j rm the #14 aad MXh of a*.
vt? Mart-otlleo, and aiTi** at itaBMdr?* abovt he msa*
ante a* 1>e Hootbwept^o maf
aca> AC pnrtmr* ma iMMrt MKwvUd far On Bm Tom
tf f " ihtm Id V aanhd.
aulas ao ?o* kbw roaa? rra dat.
m MSB* 1# I "00* ?*? mO" 8 35
M* arts ? 03 1 aioa w atbs mini ;3
port af St* for*, Janwu7 19, ISM.
fi ?? hip A'lantl?. Wert, Llrtrpoci? K It OoUicn.
Sum-., bp Ativuata. Lvon. cavaooab nl< Mt<enliU
K'eamabip bcttllKruer, twan, t'naileatoo ept tfuid 1 THea
i.lp Af^*T>ee '?J-OBopaon. Harre Walah. Oarrer 1 c I aaf
bb p W p l.iwiny. t?ray, Bin re? I W bin-oil 4 tJo
M?H Kate Ll-ooiP. Wols I'oatrara.
Ht-ik Jt.bani.? Lou;-a (Brea,, T/etil*ebL C^arloafoa? Good
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bw!> CoiI?4ya>d Baekir'tb Ne? (Vlfaoo? l??,e *n?rarj.
I Bolivar (Hf m). V< u Hegon. Bi llvar? orlrlch* % ()o
llfla Marl* ta (I*/ ) ?taittb tl?rowaJ Ic. Fe-1> K newolff
b"Z ln-. f*nler, LoMer. Kr) Weat? k L Maltav a i^>.
H- u 2?*ra. I'lglton, Ja'.kaonrtlo- UAKJ I'rtrr*.
hrr-i ? I' RlifM Priun ct MO H*rb?? Ihi Valle * Co.
Kb- J W YTabttor Leiu>?tt, Clar f Um-?ciar.ton k Ta..
Scbr An>en, Cole. Wfktilngl''n-Ij *< k Orai-t
bfhr or.ltfrhi. I 0*rf0. W ?ip.'ngton- J K OII*ftr*l Oo.
b'hr s 1. 1 j?-rt- Weak*-, *a?htcK'co J
> trhrFnppJ Hj-rrce *? B?tl' utoo? Johntnn k rtlaght.
ffhr hr-ftr'n > ?? re. <JM? Ho nt-J Hu utr k Co
>- ?! i lib * Ktviek Ma'wiok, fkl adeipbta? Jaa Hand,
(lit i (? 1 1? r., 1-atHge, s? etti KM Hoprt. a Oo
b< li> ? W/TPKti I e r? Ho?t"Ii? 8 W l?v i?
brhr A '*!<? Hii'dl/>>. W? rh..ni? J M B*rrai
^>^?r^alKl, IlK'kr* *?" Hlv*r-lla?lor
frrtr a I. faaker Hfn-iroli **?>, ?"w Haven? Master.
1'ic/j f l'? r Moaioi: por t ? ert PniUand
P oairti'iT KnMrrlllf. L dlo*. datraonttb, (17 hour*, with
ftrfLe m4 , x .i*t ' a. lo H l- MMbul. I/tb tait 6.30 ^M, off
Jfat'WM Shoal. eaekM*cd i?iu wt* Na?hnHe. I
8hJp J W FeaulM. Leddy, Oalvaatan, Jtn t wilh md?a, to J
B brewer A Oft. JialiM 1 uu M, loa KT, experienced % nla
Stm ? t . MS .Dd *; 1?*,|S ajji n. - 1
Ml* irow It ? 1 1 MWMbM-lfd w? kMrirtbial tell ihr* ifh
ou< theg?J?; 1Mb, tbe wind hauled to Mil. and blew wt'h vio
lence ??-r U hear*, blew the Mora. ?Ujulltroin the holt reoei.
a trrmeitf i ue ?ee on, having (br hours three tit four feet o'
? aercneecA l?*,htfS?5?JloB7& ttwaaiipper skip eland
U'g bou t, with tuw vtb re and main tnpmeeia
.-hip FarWeet Beoueu New Orleans aod Um bar night pf
Dec 31. with flow.-, grain, 4c. to W T Froet l*h imt, off ITrj
in? Fan fchnalt, law a (Wpor hutkof 4 a. 100 loos l mli?w
uider f ur lee ?tth uain and tsizen mm pte e ow> to the
de<k fcreeall laultd up tncetepmul, fti'eu>pB*l'nui?ui ndjl>
fur fd, ? t?fc a schooner hove too close under Mr ???, Ha.iposed
to bet. kig oft btr erew Kbortly after the ahr ten, the
week ?> in* la the Mire potflm,. tuppoeed Wudow 1 The
K W hit eiptT'ence'' severe wetther the entire p?M??e
F?(ji Tr 'lion. Cf ibur, dew Orlo.nl, and the bar Dec 31. with
trwlx , to fan'on a 1 tu ar neon H?ve Lad ve*? he *?r we ueer,
?pin ml p. CO' e hatch house, end received a ne damage to Ihe
Biik 7#ph)r I.ant, Palermo <4 da a passed (lib- a tar Dec
?fl, with brttr>tane eutuac. *e, to (*esnber taut Kotxawo t
t<-. fcave been l ? da n W o the aok>, ?ub ?-r? h?*. r
?>a<ber i?c 4 off -anil ?a. p"*?ed anhr la-nuel 3th of
It lea. ?pikr "Aik WbllaWlug; 12Mb. off tUln(a M<r ?- Am
th'p > om o I a?t ? tth F u. ber fnretonaat'; 16 b pa *?e1 >?l
i >klta? t' KDip i' i w th hu ua-c well, >t Car*
?< r ? tw Yirk; 12"b. l?t 32 It), o- 71 10. pasted a t?ar? Bloom#
Sot'ili with le?er H In her ?purine''.
lihik M Mnai, I'ean. Ne?0'le?ns, feci" tviih sadae to
W a Kb, Carver A IMM 1 ?th *nd I tth tu-t, ex e lerced a v?r>
hi??> fn:r I lew E^r. to hK, in tet 31 tO, leu 77 ?t?Ilt ratnoii
> 6l< ?i.d lot' end Move part ot d?'k .oad, -tore boat, io?t lis- 1
bilin bead, darted cnwa* r, and received other di
m#t ? aim. hod heavy |?? tmtu the Westward.
Kul H L K?l#e.ts. itiio M M?rE?, la d?'? wl h c iboa
tc, :obhfco '0 I tod e 4 Peoe I. Ilnin>t. off tVp,- i/n to i
raw a bvk pmr fed Mack, ?iih ? white streaki had m un t <1
m/ei it ac' < ?rrtedawa- clone to tie deck, the fo etnuat ?iand
rp, vht t i^ilwti iioooit; *a- necH'i* NK
hrlii IteliHr. KiilttU latnpirr, ft daja, ?ith hides au<l wu
I ar Ua tr t-hi^rr A Hhve- kxterteneer vee> beavv g\ ei os
ninii , ti. ? -uu. ll'h Inflate' the Uult Stream, na v a litre a i l
Hfi t.rtivi>r vth Mi rat b pKe, dba a orlg cIom> alouftld<j *p
[.t'ffii* a?wp? li-r
Bity b?" Dnm ltig nt Portlaa^^, Dunning, M"ille, If dart,
; ?iili iAi-.ki ru?t, Multh & ?, o. 1 ^th lust, t-ipeneace l ?
violet t itkliliroai bF. >o * rthlwv, lat 2j 1", Ion ,9 M, tar
rbl j Hli> i a Ku t W>uid H.
PriK V / cu- ? * cities ct Ht'kt, 18 daya, wl hcutwn, to
Pntiatwoot'. Alderron A Co Jan tt. latSb.tW, U MM dn-tng
a Hal- bed ji f tolit .'cut for >acd aaalu Ixxi'u, Ac; same d?v
?ret rirrr. tbe howtprtt, Mtnr.n Por er, a m imuti, of AlaSnu*.
ubtrele Wve?af?mUy. Lvth, lat :w ( 3, !??> iltf, sp.'ke ?*<?
hrl k ara^la. at Mucerluid In Cutrm.i>. had taaotnv*',
fo'etopmnst rud a't u< hea I tear, ulwarkeeiire, ?c ??ne
day brig Kuco ae.ot t .tnipneu. from B iizn (Houdj fo -
Botucti l.i daj ? out; 1 6m lat ;i<i 2 >, kto 7 1 kS, spoke schr Koun
tale, of aodi'or "a1! Ki'er from No f >ik
fm; Larnkah lof t'rnugton), Brnwn. Belli". Hoa 23 davi,
with metcfanv a-^l lofffvord. to K Oidio; ve^url to K P B ic?
A Co Kape ler coC vtj v toarv weaker; recnlved datntge la
call* r'ei'injj, Ac l>ate bteu 12 days N of Hatte/as.
hebr He'Iaiice. RuseMill, Ucr.iclto.NC.
fcit So omen Andrews, Pr.inatn Waihlngtoa KC, 6da;s?
t'cbr t.tiriMUoa Wfoltwy , Virginia.
Scrr J rrolib. Grazer vtrptnli.
t-chr PkriCA Wo't. fir*!, to.
Bchr Tilrrc, Van Name, Virginia.
e<hr \V W Wood Pa ket'berjr, from bark Johu Farnim
Mfccre at i-quan, with tugttr, Uwuoco acd rags, to the Uoard of
& Ir O P Kane, . 'rr-m Norwegian brig Kong Thrrm,
asbnrf at ^arrr gat wt h brandies, tn Board of Uuier writers.
Fcbrt J H Ple'ee Oigh e ). frou tbe wreck of ban John Far
nuTn albore nn hquan Beach
t*eior t ml'.y A lian-at and 1?ad->ra fUatiterf >, from the
wtck ot tirlii Si ml J Edward a k'tt on the Uook.
Pj ope ertitceola, A drldpe, PtoTti noe
Prt'peuer Qriiu cbauc. Bo lum, ?or?ich.
Bnviiiies-lbe ?bip Ellen Austin Gacick, keroe tor Live
peel J?n 4. returned -o fort thl? morning having been sert
outb damaged in the gale of He 5'U Sth and 7th Inst. Jan 6>
lat ScM' . -ou ?2 4">, whlJe U lngto In agaie trom SSK to uNK,
re< elved a btirricance fotn N and W which knocked tie v?e
sel down, blew aw ; the oat s eweit deck- half atlsd the caoln
ano loierau e with *aler. ?tirted etern and wood ends, Nhifteo
carRo and ? a* oiherwiw daini . en She htd eleven tea! of
wair r in the hole. .ueve-al of the m?n were frr^at bltteu. and
ocl>er?, with ibr oOlcera, were n?rtrm> 1 hurt, nth i??t lat
15, Ion 73 soolie t-ng i^erah I'e'er*. from Ucuiir uu for New
Turk; * afc dumagtd in the name ija!e
Sh'rOphtn K.'mr'cn, rem few (Mc?r.t
Baik Ji-i ar, temett in m tftatketon.
Steamships Atlantic, tiverpccl; ?'outhener Au
gusta, ei v?rr.?; f ip? Advanc* Earre, Mlcb&C'. AUgelo Aut
we p, Aunrt, Llrer^orl.
W lac du;Ug the d?> M to KNE.
MYcillanroua and Dliaatrn.
The Coi:;nt men mar Atlant'c, Capt West, tailed yeticrdar at
totn fir IJverpool w lib revest? puc<n|era.
Tux honatHN frrtAMX*! ? ?' Tbe aietmers Jamestown, which
w?sdu-? hut ISih list, trom hichmocd. Va, did not arrive,
?ztd if cot expect* d till Mono*?, the 21u: a no, the James Ad
ger, dm the IMi. from tfcar'f ston, did not airive, bat ii ex
per^edonluesfey, tbe 22d lrtUiA.
lat t ew (,cre? e-eatrer Bexique, Oapt Tack, *<41ed from
Astwtrp cn Ue tnori.iug of the MKh ult tor hew Tork, wiih 110
pat*eDgt/s and tOO ions of uarcfaaodiae. Ia the London Iim <*
cf Oe 2d Io?: we Hud Uit UA-owtog tore.*Uoo to 'hi* tew line: ?
Tub Bxi/.t.o M il. ^ticambwa. ? ??'crni tsfrrox, Jao t ?The
Belgian mall sleeimblp Be.'glqrir, (J&.iutn Tack, arrived oif
?outitu?i>u<n an rij;bt f-otri Auwcip no l.er way to Near
Yoik *Jlilt s (tui er bring the |ji>cun?>r of n Hue a.' steam
Khip?!c rtiD between Heigium and uo Lwed States calling a.
tcutbpoipioii tbe Mayo aid Corporation of douibamptoa In
vllt d the caotair and ofllre a to a dejt-uuer at toe Audi'. H iute
. w*i*rda> : bu a> the *e'gi<tue was delaved oq the (as**** by
' a slight cerao?'ftrent of toe hoi er. the did uot arrlvo uot I
a^ait litre atu-r 'Lr boar fixed tor ihe enerwinrnent; the ii?u
(juei accordligljtors jjnoeand -eot off wlibo'il ile attendance
of m>j 01 e "i nnecul tiiher ? ith tfcu shlo or the cumpan v io
?M< b tbe Be'gkiue >ie onga. Tbe H^itiqut* was to iave tikea
b?rdrp?rtu<e u. cay for New York nut owing to the dia
awsigenent oi the macblrery, nod the nrc.stl'y for
?akirg to coals i- he ban coon? inui he tidal ba-iu. Tbe
l:clcli)ue bad tbe ntUfrrtune to run on ?bore off llntcile tn
man- g ibe touibanip'on rlrer h it it Is l-ili-ted baa suua>oed
r.'dnnatc. When entering ibe dork - Una afternoon . the ship
ws* greeted wiiiaroya1 saiuut from iht flatfom Battery,
she ?? a fit<e !tx>kli k iron tefw xeun-hip, of about l.HOO totiK
'egvier ban rt*?ed and oon-uucieci b> M Vol Vlla-iln 'en, ot
Ameierdam 1 ue aemmoLOca'-liiija I t Qr?t and foiond c am
i.a?*?tiRerft are of lb? uana1 flearrlptlon. t?ne I'aiu-e of tbe
lire la the provision oiane to th- cnvejaoce to e*ct? ahlp ?f
or ?ti ateeraie pa^.-engera In ooen hi?rtha HTanned ri-nl
Jtr 'o tl e omlfrutit >t -pa lr. tbeae a larg* ?u<n'^er of
nt l*<l(naf I>ui'b Knnii t-wiv?ani! "tin* endgrant paaseu
ccra will doobtlfi- be carried ?? !?? Be gt^ip- wl I t?k-< but ta ?
jeraanC a aniai niaMii o irculi' trom tliU purt aol
t ? pr??-l(.e limp of her d?r .rt:.it f >r York U *t prea-nt
axefialn 'iln I nt'?d Maio- uatl <? e*tnship Waahirittton,
ha?lr 3 bi-ei) ?e-c??ked aDd cpp?'e<l h*a n>me nut of the
g'ftTto? dork ar.d t^ (va'ire and :?i ttoR tn cargo, ehe la to
leave tor New York < n the 4th tnM_
hBii' Wjluam Hxrci'.roPK ? The captain and c-ew of tb%
tbtp VtUlam Hl'thc ica, before reported destroyed by fire at
tea. wre taketi off b j ihe ahlp ueteral Farkhlll, C'aotaln
MeKonn arrived at ) Iverpool Jan 31, from Charleston. Tbe
(?a'e wken taken ( A cr fa ltn In with U not givm. Tbe ahlp
had been alnirk by ilgh'olcg.
Miip Irknk, frnm l.lver cti. a<-bore c?ar Point Sblr'ey, re
vali ed df Hght Huh. lie a'eatn pump waa at work, and ahe
will iirotisb:* be ireed lr -tn *a'er <>n l?th. ?o a? to al'ow ihe
parpo to e dbcl arged fmw the lower bold. All tbe ctr^n
fifm 'be two upper derkx baa been cUcbarged in good order,
a? d foi warded to -he public.
Satr Mri.:> <a ?The ati tops- all ablp previously reported
arbo on Horn islaod, (at one ilme aala to br ?f Buxton a*,
anotler of bvb ) piovt-i. mbe the Me'ls-a, of tireenock The
mate arr at Mobile S h ll:-i to procu'e amiatance.
h?ip StAM-lir Kait?, cbain% ng<iog proviilons. furniture.
Ac aared from tbe xblp Slam, stranded on SI Catharine'*
beach, v ere K>id on Uib Inst for >4t0W. The hull of tbe res
tel brought $26,
Br Bui 1 somas Ritchie from ihl* port, abandoned a. sea,
(before reperied) cleared .'Id li st lor l oMrernt, tilth tOHl
bn?b?a wheat. I j . 9P do rye. and P30 do buck *h?tt, value! in
ai: al out $.1:100 fuppcmd Insured in ?u t pe. Ihe T K waa
hinli at M. Mary's May N <t to l>44, 1911 ton* nrttier rating A
2 o?ced in hi Johns, MB, tailed at aoout $14000 andiu.-iwed
In Sew B uuavkk.
Hawk RiitaTO. Kerdri-k. a'. ( WeV.oci for Roatoa, on the 6th
lost, lat ?0 11) N. lot<a 70 t), dnrinir a heavy gal* from K to t W
lott c c#e rtr? nr-nta'^-p^all, carried aaa; luauitupsatl yard, lost
part buiwsrka aMllU'ed the caMn with water.
Ua'.s iis.ri.iA, Baldwin, trrm H York tor ConttanJnople,
wa? atiandrd ti' <he la'anc of Andros. netr Syia, about the
U'h I ec. ut d bbaLdooed by the crew.
Babx 1 cho ? .n a letter from Captain Onrran a? Qiofruo. L
T to M?mi? .lohiaon A HUgtns, which 'hey re-elved to day
(l> h It la suted that tbe nark Kcbo, ashore ibere. la In a <a
vorsh.'e predtrameot tor he) g got off. All the eargo e\ceot
Vmi 1 .ihti- u ot cu;n and some iron, baa be?n tor ? ?a oat. t he
con b til tr theuoid.and lhtr?> is not much cbancc of
saving it uti'll ?be l>p' mped out Ihenumna are at present
rhuktd wbh the corn, and toe water In them frozen, (ihe lavs
well to be batited off, a d is not ? opposed to he bl gad, as too
water Is btgbe<- m aide than I' la out. tte'.ore going a?bore her
meat- awlctit awav, ar <J a large nart ol bercargt, with all
the enrhor? ard cahlea, hove overboard. The following is a
rcheduieol Iter cr 'so lsn<*ed on tbe beach 8 sixty gallon ctsfcf
b* ?r fi hh' * do Cf?.' bbl? flour, 6 bxa drj goods, 125 nbia mum
and lampblack 1VS bd.s leatoer
Hi ki ASimoA. at Halifax 9 h Inst from Boston, was hove to
frt m 'he ? veiling of 6tb Ins* tin'!] lorenonn of 7to, In a tremea
dons par ft- m KnK lx>?t mala topgallant oiast and several
?Hs Inrludlng the ? lore reefed main topsail and main aUrtall
??!< wn o-itiif the 'Oil ro. ea was hove down and at wtne Tapt
t >' 1 n<T ru** 1 bv . readv to cnt away the malnmaat, but fortu
tialeiy litr veeael r'gh'ed.
Brio * AhRiaan at llo me? Hole from Savannah, on the l.'ttn
Inst, m a faleftor tft, osi pa-tof deck lnndor itimher, aod
had stert bneis ard quaiter I oarda varied awav
H'br KavoT? A letter addressed to Messra Johnsoo Hlrftna,
in?urnr<e htokers. frm a >-oii< f Citpt John M Briwn, the
vieelfr v niaa'er St bquan s'atra that aetr fc* Aoy. asaore at
that pore lies Ins good po?|ilon with be<id to n dertow that
he carjo ??11 be saved, a a( Ihe veeael on by caskiog. pump
ing 4c.
HUM M JilXK I. ?*OB#i*," where from or bonni4 not stated,
wsslallen In wi'h '1th Ir.at. lat.'tAM). Ion 70 60, wit* loaa of
?si's and ? oat. and In a aliiflng condi'toe, by orl^r (ironatadt,
fn n huitnair, whlrh teak off th* erew and carried them to
l-cnh Savah VirtokU I on?, frrrr. StJago de Cuba for
in l ade pi ia. can.e a*l< >e du tog tbe late ME pa e?, on Sard/
Point l ar> t.esr bsne.y lnl*', Nt ,? no bilged The crew took
to uelr bos' ?< t>n<* 'aedtd at'hout diUlculty, baaing nothing but
what tbey stcsd In.
t *? hPRvaviN'. K hu OtrrnuiB which wstit Inle Llttl* Rgg
arbor, tn dbtreas, ahect il>c a?h u t. and waa abandoned,
was raved, anc baaheen brougnt on be-eby Uapt Klnue', of
? tttir Kg* Harbor ehe row Ilea at the fcavy Yard. There
?r*> CiC ber a I olios Ol Usuranr* b?r tuXKl
r (iiv .tA*?i L Moaats, (Jrupper, from Virginia bound'to
hlf port with a large and valua > e cargo of <ysiera to I A G
'i.(B psrii. sifliBg a leek to the gale Trim WW, on Tu*sd*>,
).,? Pa at a when ahe oad 3 1? e' of wa'er in her hold, and h*r
de-k l etw e> n * " d anc. watrr she wn* a' and"diwl; lb* rnp
aii srd eitw taking tothe 5?wl ine* were afterwarda rick
ed tip abrg ?-mu d lo 'S? Hemp-hi e Ihepreolse oaio*
si d o.hrr particular* could not yet he ohtain?d; hnt ?ometblng
iro>e deiiplte (n tegn-i? to It may h? learned u, adar or two
rrnii H M Mrtewict*. Cfilbnt.n 'rom Bsnd 81i >al in'.etfor
vew York, was crl??nathoredrirln? h h?avy Bale llih Inst a
f v mile* north o' Assateague IJght Honae aid hecamn a to
al is* Crew reached with d'IBculty, saving nothing but wh^
ecB* LitrASAB. tft1 f'etp Virginia foe Br.aton p'tl lutoB
George Me prevlon* It Hj'L Inst, hkvltij been blown oil and
ti e crew t ad Iv froat bitteti
H br 'i c* *rJJ a*bore on Cape Pore, remained 19th, leak
ing somewhat.
Dewier* ?eponed a few days store aa comlr * a?hore al
loog Fold Najiturket. waa part ot schr Horace Mchola,
which atiutli on fnw *nd Tigs a low ?ee?s since.
t Tttt Host Phastob. No 17 asbors near the scu?h end of
tV? ? cod ai ds a J la so badly di.maged that her o?a? a eon
. der ke' W* worth satrii sr ard have determine ? t/siriither
?he ass r-'iier an o.d boat, and hsil beet in actlvc i ervlce
?er?nt fourteen ' ear*
Pan Ho*t JttUA, fo '6, is now at the Screw Pock, Kast
Rltee getileg re i airs of ("airafie* received while laving along
ide tfusfiletsh'p Itomtoo at sh hor out Ide eandv (look,
i esr 'be Ba . to 'le ? navy blow tn n> N W o the a ght of the
HiMlst Her a r oarrt bulwarks, Oato p a e* ani f.ire rlg
*tn? wfre ra'H f awav; *iso som? of the planktn* on th<i
Tene side note to, t estae Pctng more or lex chained ei*?
wleiestoveards of.
f-xtrsrte '>0P l^'er to K'l" ood Halter l,s<(.]
Pi 1u(?a>. Jan ?? he ?Mp Msr*?r?t r??for? rrpoisd, 1*
ao< *Jt finished. ?od will ltava tor Vaien^a ^axt woek. lae
?Hp IVttiM W >?>?'?, of (m Atn tlniiiwr, bound l?
Naw York, bui to here tw* <i*y? >|o wtifc but o> maUitnMt,
win ba >eadv is eight or >*n d>i<
Bttg M<ro Oapt Atituliealer, of Stat port, tenia Boatoo tor
Montvidao with 'ee l??ky At- will ha e mAIMuriA.
tltrniw Item*, from r^? to? for Now Vor*. ariih bxt
of Mils, wi, Ac, but not eakbig ma>-b, wUI asafca uuratrr
rrpair* ft,
OuxusiRovit, B 0. J*n U? I he aabr (Xaurov. (of Qardluar,
Ma). t?pt KefciXML on be' ???*#? from At < ga> Har, Jun tl
ca. foe y?mr ihh t kiadel < >'b roifae. Ae, Kx this 4?<r put ia
bt-r* wi'b om. ? f?alla, '? tejurd. ' c. In a gile to ho iio-tb?*ril
ot Vm 'er%? on nr ah-m' the 7 th tnr; ?b? art II re It hwt tn4 oro
caed tm b-r ??? ue wiih ?i d??:?uh We will proour ? aaU?,
Ac, troa Cbarlee'rn fr- CI.
Notice- to M*rti?*r*.
Imr[iRxiriiriii<u<ii Cap' ? mi Ul'n m tba * *-fc to
d?|?i<ait- recently ar'ivt d at Mt '?? o fru-u the ifmi
ink uf America. ?'????? tot nn 'be "tbiif Aign-t be e?ttt
MTON bn -eland no* la>? d w ou toy r.har in lit IS if n, 1 -n
f3 4# W from t<rerowr.h; hl? rhrooor?t?>- r >ng correct al ttie
tiaa* ob-er-attwi, hi?ln been ii--'t'ie t ool? (wo
days pitvlounlv. lu neiise fl" k- of bit * w.;re ll >'n* ivnr die
wblcb esteadMt f>- noma ait.rt fr?n ibe share* of tlw
Bid flreir Hot ota * ( ct Ml i ai??-t?r <Vv?'\ WB, ?ne??it*e
At lah'tna Kot lh, Jesnne'e, Ha"-* * H. W wfc, o'i
tp ?hslii,g.
<?tdfi Not 10 Ma-t] *. Vcad.r, KV, NH> ?p. had rellttel f.'r
tr?tb? r ?> af?>i do ,I?i>ai. sp wl. . iu(.
at Co Nov W, Baraasf. Hidden, -???t. 9" bW-oil
i u* ; Fbt-u'*, More ? l*eo\flfi"wh >M? ?*?an, b"itn<t lio aa,
* t 1 itSfell hart or, Ne* Zen ?im1, Jul* 3?, Fraud-, U'O ?i,
?L MHp
? ff fa; dwell It-l-nrts Nov 94 Uium (-re.i?, Si ll'"* *1
this peewit) W?M bound Into the Ulead - u- (1U up irlth fre^ht
?l>d Mil lot borne
At I a>rim|..|F Ba> Jnlr It, Alto, tine 11 NB, 4A0 sperm on
' t hlihn'a Tnlitrd, Oct o Kk f>n 1, Kdtr?r<i, Smith. *B,
?i b 9U> bole lbl?reM n, lb mUl"*- Uatuiwlnh 1M? d< the il^t
?!? <*.
t"p<*ei,? Ko i ate. Ac(ey the kli) Ome.t, patnorn,
FII lifii' bM? thto eeaw li
Nov 4, lat lb 208, loo '.fl 45 W Wlnxlow. o: Me w Badford.
ipoken, .fr.
thlp Uzrle Ttomp*oo, Kellay, l<om L tervoo Jul) S3 for
0?l< adi 111, l?t I. A loii v. <v
Jonephloe Jeii ean. frotn l^i> don Oc! I fur Otleutt*, Nov
34 ?> lf> S. lor, 28 IS ?
Sli p Oren'ie t<U>te " e?k? Iro-u Bo?u>n t'ovl fcr Caliutta,
Nov *, 'nt a. 2t> n, to > 4b w .
Ship Beppah- mvx-k. fr<m N?trieau* for I<lrerp<vo , wm tl?
ra tn-d Jan t. in Florti'aPa-e.iMt
A ?btp tiitring HW, o*tiied hiaek. to ally dutttatfd,
rcen Jen 11 lalV>24 I t "i: U?d ju>> frm u4 in zca ins?i<
rifrtd, ? ir^t hlowtcg ? Kule Oon. >*;. -he eS > e1 a wnue
?if t ai wuh ted <?,tier>, t>ul c"oW ti<>< id *e out ibe na-ue
A hark ebowin* ? ?rli'<e Ilea, wi'b "<i rmisi, erea eUrnilir xl
Jan lit, t'.epe ami Wti) NM rr ll*.
Brig et-a F(?m, 16d?jaitom NTo'k lor Ho Janeiro, TVc 1<,
lat 17 & N, loo in :<T W.
B>U w Hcl?f a V>btttey from 8' Mar lt? via Kay Watt lor H
York, < tort of provlaiona bid lout w?e >aru, Jan Iri, lat S9Ci.
too "i
W'Jir IJgonte of ht Qeorfe, yd* e from Rotten tor Varum,
Jan 1, lat 34. ton
Voreljn fori*.
I)yjt \baua, Dee It? ait Kremnn brig Marietta, Gw/au.
In port Zltb ult, rchr Alice Howe, Pike, from H?ltlmoro, arr
16lh r
HAVANA, Jan IK? Arr ehip /ooa? Weern. Waehburn. dU?;
J H Jarvin, ? miliar, for Ham'iur?, idg; W iti*?h d iteklmts
dleg; Bie dwell, Iilg>Ui?i>, do; herfc* Amerioeii, eearef oh?r
len d to o?d at Ke\ KnutHn tor . oivdno; Kiprvta Boat for
h York 2tt'h; T?p?ka Obu-ch ?na: K A Oocbran lYiebrun, foe
N York, log; eooiland, haaoklnford. il'C; 41 H HamllUxi. i;h??e,
wtg; barhoae Hay ley, lor Por:la >d Idg; i^yaadoto, Bryant.
Kip; N W Uriige. H'oodhury. dl?K . \lma alien, for N York
Ida; v Blueblc)'. 8toul, ding; hierm M-vada (? enter, dig; K
H Kt.iiihi, LuKron.b. wt?; StJar>, Me?n> <!?>; K t)uurcll>ll,
Blale. dleg; Mar; I'bnpmtn, 11111, dw-g; Paul Bojg*. Dlzer,
dia^;8iar urookai, do ; Aurcila a^out i< g; oten ''raniire.
do; J M No alee. Btiwn for Vhurn, lSih cUd; Stem (Br>
nndeix n to 'oad at? for??York : bnr* t.aoipliaH rr, iKer,
frrlch! '?? chatter; Htary Le* Ment-.k, f> ltn*ton. d?; K
B Liwii u tiardner. wi|; tnnlkieo'V Melnl a do; Delta m*.
lxHkr Vaik, for Wl niln|,t<>o, i?) ; J >h'i -"Aiifoh mrstow. do,
PetinudH No"on,dlfe; w M Ornion. We >?>er, wtg; Keatu'jky,
Mrbol* d f?; It rl'a Tht.tni'w>n, do: Maiula, Luot, for Bot
ton. 'dp; y damn Orav hbtr-, lor *e? i trie an-. Idg; ct M
Chat Hid Liabibouni for eavat.n**, In; Jo- o vlfod. Per-y,
fiel^h < r thatiere* . antiawHu t? u<tli. dl?g; r.io Urande Mc
tale do; Htn-y. Ollehi 1*', f 'elebl or ciart?r: R!:/ahe h lirle,
for Prrtiand, Mi; I.uncfe. lork ?tt; *rea.lia, Wili-on dl-g;
h??>i Meid?r*nt cl^g; tMuia-i. 8Ur aon. ab"ttt dt?<; Kenriek
Fu4i, thaw Co; Haonvk. tioen. ? o-tland, do; Yankee Bl-He,
Per-y. fi.it.and, do; aebra Marga.et add uee and A JC Mc
KitrJe, I'lfrroit, din;
''Id Illh urlgi> B It Fator Katnn Catdeota Manttnllla, Kil
ler %hia Honda, .tohnl'ane M?lvt-'e, n^vao- ah; lou-vthm
VDUi, W i ion, J!o> i e; Urn, ahlp Ha<"rsbtir?- Wl*<?ell, Nov
i rit-oiit; barks J U Morales, Brown, New luk; aimlra, Port
fcio Jakeiro. Dec 2? In port be '-k? Halmetto Orowall, fmo
Llnbt-n arr 27th; M B Steieota Urozler fr m Satllla rlvar <>*,
arr Nov M>; >be berk going in ?*lth 1 to a wbt'e algnal, wa< the
DaalMoii helium. I'omRoMom; brie Ai?by Jo'ei , tinn
B'tunw Iclt. Oa, arr 26th t 'ti ,^ov29 ba-k-* Hodman Browa,
Sr?y?. B-rtvepo-vi Ualr^eia; I>o<-gia-a, Uuawtek, lla utnore brl?
>> 7 1 ouijwio, Hanr-Dien, N > < rV o)i h?r 17, eeh' titepriou
HoiehUHh MurtfOc N ttr car*; 5S~<h ba>k Wtuve Oloud Tod"",
de; Ktk hart < lJrrie l^'tid, t!ann, and Hitxard, uoad, do;
He*i'deai; franknn, M??? lie
P< :.r Baltic, l>ec SO? Arr chip Volga, Balm, Boston, via
KriMUA l ac 19? In pert brig* Loiit?? P fniw. Price, an
ai ie too*>i?b> a cargo; Puniam, Muaday. for MTarfe, Idg; M>n
?trel. btarse, for K York, w.?
JPr.u MKiasuir at Bo?ro*-J
Amwkm, Dt-c!*>? Arr Ajt[lrc> ana au(u?il ft York; Wa
b?DO Dow. do; ht'wen, Wick*. <)h?ri**t<in; Hint ???? La-k
AO'. rr*. %YO' k; John speer Sreur, NOrleans (t>o?b before r?
por ed urtiib). Jan 1 Ionian. t'?U t- , ft York, Alob,-\m\, **??
(pit. 3d lntmbn'l, Hmtth. and D Hoadl?y, Magua, N
Yoik; i <<hinvar, Nortoo, do
Md I ?! M , Bo'gluue (?). N York- Jan 1 Fldei Cutler. VOr
lektm; Metaiiza*, I.lobeT Havana; M bobt ? 'enter, Arnold. X
asjikv, Oct 14? Panaed ihotna* w t-nari, Andomon. fron
8u gi-pore trr ft York; 15th, North S'*r, bmith, fom Can on
t<T 1/ ndon : Nov 3, ftiptune'* Cur, Pat en, (rum Fori c.bft?r hi
tordo:?tb Sunny booth, Gregory, from Heme K?ng fir 8e?r
Yi rk; Mh. Jacob M. KiAnm from Mxnti- ( r do: K B fur
bee Hm.? c and St* w ?quail. Oera -d from Shan*hae tor N
Y' rk; 6tb Mam, W lNl.<mi, f om Mail* for Ho* on; Uoetoolan,
Maliip. from do for Qiitennnwr.; t urtew, Ortgorv, trom Boa
t< :. To- Hi, os Kong; 7th, Klr.ffUher. Croaby, from Wh*mp >?
for b\o'k
r??M d bf do Oct 28, Onieat. B'tirxdr. from CanVon for
Litdori; ."(ith Kaptd Coru'og. ?>oa> [/mora torCanioo; Nor
9, bevenue, Honti bom 8en?vla for botterJam
)Unui. uci It* ? at Anna Ktiu a?: Hoim, Bo. ton, and
?Id >i V I for Manila; Anrlope (?). ??ilu?. Boston and aid
P ov 2 '.or Horg Kong; 29th. Vulture, Hwltii, Melbourne; (in
vli.?, ppmgue Manila; Rlmn fo???, Meaoo.n, Sydney N8W.
bovS Revenue. Howe* bctiectla-nfa't 1 p >wel Ao.imr 5th).
Hour ay, ftor VI? ait Oracle, haulett, Loidon did Nor 23
t cueM, hrt water, t.'r.lna tai d |.a?*??* Anjler Oct 26
bAhtkMtiA. Dee 22? Arr ft ulta. Ot?*r enton; Ta< to, do; 23d,
Cmmet., do; Isabel ftorleana; Brun?tie i-each Jardlfl. Sid
2f>tb, Horemiii. NOrlean*
Buuies, Dec 27? Arr Aptew, NYork; 2*111. Rlbe, do: l?orth
I'D p'? n Delano, Kt>rle?.n?; Adolpl.lt ?, ba ilnxirc vSKh, Caro
Hut , ?i d <uia\?rc.a. N'Yirk, bkw, do; cermann, ("Orleans;
Mm. Bl'jrber. ftYuik
bom t.jrx. l?ec 31 - ait Marie Ctiollne, from Charleston,
bid 2Kb Prt t Adell>ert. NUrlenn*
Jan 1 hid Oen WIMshle <f/om Liverpool',
hitOAi'.,r.*iK<*. I cc SI? Off, Atlantic, (rem Bremen for Kew
hrLyj-T. ,'atil? Arr John Ber.rr, Mopci, NTork.
UAWVftA. ftov 10 Art Mornt tg Ulry. Ilo'iof (or TarvMin)
Havre: Wabar.. Paine. Boston; 8 tHover. baldly, f Orieam;
11th. It ton I.o'hrop, Boaton; h*m' Fnle?, Youau, Philadel
phia, l.t'h, Ja* < bt'?Ut. Br>?n. ?k*nh, 2'at, ^aml Lawrence,
Ptmen. hewport, K rla 'late bay, i;OU. Cld .Nov 16, Kd
? i, rn h HS5?.i Ixrdon
Kid txctij town >o? 9. frtrl, Fo?ter, Bo*ton; 12th, Judge
f-hnw Per.ke*. do; 15th, Halcyon, h\ rumen, do; lfth. < -y?nnt
Lecraw. do: Go den Kule. Ma o Loodm; aith KaUoatl
Kag>e. Maitbe**. Boston: 21aL, Pauhw. Biahop, And Archer,
lh' mac l ' Ldon
VAHinrr. J'cr 2#> ? ftld Roebuck. Wa den. NOrlfttns
Ohahi.e-toww, Hue 17? bid Orwlen, t;hr(ittAo?en. Cliarlea
tor. 8t.',
(.'i ssTiMiirtnjt, I rc Id- Arr Anrtin. 'iardner. Rlnope; prer
to 2lth Hokdirea, d'tckcev, ba aklava (re)x<rt?d for I ftAiei
tiMiAvis, lite 27- Aar ( atharlnc, Andrew*, ^"harlentoa;
^arhin^'nn. ft York.
i Kii.. J tc3l>? Arr ^psedwei:. A Uen. London for OalcuUi;
SUl ?il aid Mitchell, Lond in tor t ard'tf: Victoria. Oham
pton. doforftY 'k land proceeded); W, Knterpe. are*, do f r
do 'hoi pi oc?? ded ? ; 4th. Pampero, t togglx*. Ma>.lla Bepi2 .for
t- d abt i'?c 31 t'ru?ad? r. Rich. Savannah; Huntrea*, Atwcod,
Ct r.lii; Jan i, Kd*ln B Horn, r<U phon d >; 3d. Queen .lame*,
fravannah '
tx.vr.B Jar 4 Off. Magnet, reported 37 tUji from NOrleaiu
(f-erhap* ft York) tor in ink irk
riucilii, 1 ec 'A? ArrH A btej-benacn, Pout, Mobile f?r
1 UK
?Lt 'Ptso, Dee 28? Bid Huntre-*, At wood, BOrleaaa; J an 1,
biLMel'e Cole, ftYwk.
Okayt 8km>, Jau :t? Arr Oo den *prta? Sutherland, N York;
ktirocijicn, W?fk>rd Artwe.p; 4>h, Xfmoei>*ee, Kdrn'mtU,
ranoi.dii. Cn l*o v, a Va'.j araibo. and i2 day* from nlo Ja
Oc/iTi :;mnig. Dec K? Arr Jenn*, NYork
??Lti( km *n?. Jan 1? Arr bertha LeUid <"kiir;f ston.
OiA>uciT, Jat 2? In pert boUert lia^tle, bltobli, for Bc*ton
Cr.io^, Dcc T? Arr Manchmter Clark. NOr'e*nii
Okjusnoia. Lee 2b? Arr nobe' t l>?rar-d. at .'oho. NT., 30th
Hirmonta, Doane, Mctfc. Hd 2d Una, McOretor, (-an
* ranciwo
Id port Jan J, Java. Jacluon, fo- NYork Idg; Kictaai, An
Iboi j , tor savaorab do.
HiVKl, Occ T,? A'r Terraneovler, NYork; 18<h, Jo??ph,
(t?r>i-'oc; "O'h, Morne, ftYork M Italian, tvymy; Ark?u
aa.?. Ciow? and P? Hareiaue MeOrlUla. fttfrleaoa; l<nar
dvn, U'ttibb. Mobile; S0th. Treoton Orenn. and Oharle*
'iliomtjion Hna I, rOrleauH, 31at. M?ch->nlc a Own, Bui k,
Cbarleatoo; Jan 1 I'rion (*,, Adama, ft iork; Pointer, Web
ber Mobile: 2d, Utegoo. Porter, do; Hlgblaud Chief Baratow,
f cr>ear,r.
li 'be Boant Jia< 2. Wm Telt. Furck, from NYork; Alice
Co utce. Mn^er, from ^OrleMi?, Coiumt'la. Hturgei, from
Lid Jar. 2 M-^ea Wbeelfr Hmpncn, KO'Je?n?. Bid Dec 27.
Carioi en, ft iorl; Slat, Mercury, French, do; Jan 2, Herald,
Cbnientp, ?o#ton
HtiL, Dec *!*??? rrJobann I ermann, ^ York
lin.ton. Di^c T? Air tioeau liume, Merryman, NOr!eansj
ff-'h >.M.'or. Wiimtngtoo. ftC
Lur.m-oot.. Dec 28? Arr Joaeth Hoi nn Jouet, NOrle?na;
3f'(h <}<n I arkbti. Pierce i ba leal, n fltij Maone-tng, bol
lard, ftYoik: 31st. Ariel, e.aio: Zeni la Pe era. and ocean
Peart O'andler, Ntitteana: Jan 1, uicero, Lorlng. do; Monaa
ca Oatrng*. Moil'a Kmpu-e Mae Hnggi. and Jno Brlgh',
Cu tii g NYork id Mobiaiik. Link, Gitlveaton, "d, Marloer,
Parker. ft?.rlean?; 4th. ibanoeor Meant, and Ihoma* Jef
Jtix n. Hill, do; Horatio. Ulveo, do; Ja* M'Carthy, Bro /nrlg,
atid JfifDilah ihtaiiifoa Pecwlrtou, ?Yor(.
t ldSVthmt l !ar rBck. phephcitf, Nonear*; Jan S. Frank
Pleree. l.earb and Aabla' d. Moore, d-?; Kn^ene Morrmon,
ai.? I'rogits* Cmae. Mobile; MoriuiRtcio, a.1 chanih, l'hlia
h'd 30tb u t, K Irabeth, Lock. Mobl'e; Slat, Kmptrr, Zerega,
ai>o Oa/eieti-r, Wat 'rgUn > York, Men tHe, Chapman ItuH
tor., Jan I, Judith bruwn fturienn'; Bxpre^ Kurdlck. Wo
bus battle M?r>e. Ptiladeiphla; Watdorer Elder, NYork;
2d, Judab li'wo Nkker^u, aid IJet,rv LV k, FJartj , NOr
!??:?: Mnj Vuren, ekolfield, Apalaebwola; 4th. artnur, Bale
anrnt, kid lielei' Met?aw, luctcr, fturlewit; Peter Mazircll,
Leliny.do, ? blo. Hutct'lPK bavai nah
Adtr Arat.la'"), lirBewton Ifrh; City o' New York. Mo'ea,
i<o6'h;J( bn K 'Jhayer, Paf pnoo.do ? th; F,Wlra iiweo, Aler
rider do a lib dt "patch ; Afrlca(a), for Hew York 9th, BaKIc
(?t, dol2?b, bime V right do fttb; ' ;it v of Brooklyn, Baeort,
A'bbvrtrn, Kicelalrr, J A t* eater vi It and Criminal Bath
]i; npt do 7lb; L'nderarlter do bt^; Pioneer do !??>, (Vm?tna
th b HP'' Manbattan do 16'h; a a> Lnl m, do flrt; w Caam-wr
ivln and "drrUal Prtnx adelbert, for PbUade)phla Mb, Wyo
ming do 12rb We? moreland, do "Whj Wm Y Kei t Bleh^rd
D.bden. and earth Park (Jo off patch: fHai.ce, ft>r Haiti
note ptb; J^pnol, do Tib; Ann M hoooer, d?
ai d wn.eite. Icr Charlwoo; Georgia, for -arannah;
1 oulea tia eb. for New ? T'ema utb; W Char'o.do Jib: Ca'natio,
do ll'h; 1'orlron, to 16th; Htw ot tbe Baat, (\m bariu. bcplt at
'Timber land, Me, St7 '<>'?*, for *?le: e*p4c'cd f-oM MtnlU
hnt Id* 28th nit, Mary Ogden. liOveiand, and M Whit
itoie Whl"*7 ?"-off. NOrleana; i onravbttee, taxtoo, Georgia,
Malcolm aidK rir'key, Boea. Harannah. Mantiauan, l lion,
aidJonn hntledge, Kfit*r NYork J9th. Horlion, Stone,
MHeana; Kent, Wtfcoi Philadelphia; ( amden. llolte?,
NYork. Sin P, ? berword. HsU. and Mneraida, M'Maau*,
Mirltknr; kU Whitney, Martin, Harannah; Ann R Hooper,
ball.*, Halilmore; R cobdeo Black, Pbllade oh'a: Rlvlra
? een, Alettaiider Po?U,o. la? to?t Carn?tic Dere'eu*; F H
Feriei. York: M J Ward. Store ; It dependence M* ahall
Jo?ci p .lore*. Hofmer aed < araller, Jordan, NOrleana; Wm
?nb?rle, At?rrd and ZenoMa Peter*, do; Joseph Howe,
Riper r*T*i.n?b; l.?ra tTbeever, ard Watoroe, Hammnr
(b*ile*t<n Pioneer Monlgomerr ftYork 2d Ma-lr**, Kob
iri.or, NO' lean ; Covei. tanter McPheraon, Mobile, 3d, <'yno
ame Pia> , and ?>lce>o, Lorlrg NOrleani,, l.ucmda, Freeman,
? liMiienon; < iiitivaur Auotin NYitk; Com Perry, dydney,
MiW : Keeei. Welub, Trlerte
i imk n l ec 28- >n' tr ward Jnnln*. Tlcwimb, and Tnciv,
Ht*git-e fr to alcnt'a Warburt/w, bobertaon, NYork; Kannr
Whl 'I'r. Gbge. H"?r?p; t'cran Quern, nmltb; ite .n-oa, Dougb
t> , l ?*le I r v, Vhtc- ? K?eiph*n I arra' ee,Gr?y; tl H l.tixar,
Ma-li* aiidl?ab?ila Pat'erarp, ftYo'k, HumioHt, Manner
n,?t I , T^a.'aijOrf ; 31?', Got Morton. Btagerji, from Ouicutta;
b?f. e'? <>wn, Frarer. Beatoo; ltH te*, Yorktowa. Meyar,
h Vovk; 3d. Mate or Me re. Pare, Calcutta. ^ _
In port ?h, H'?rk'!i . Wh.p, Hit'. hard, tor Bo?ton ttiv; Wmr
barw t>, f?.r <Vo id*; P?eat d??de; *outh
?BpUr, trait, fnr ? V rk loth. I) t?-lai*4l, Kle'<*?r. do 17 A.
Movthumbrrlaat*, Mtgef do 24th: Onean U mm, ftonl'h, tmr
do Feb 1 ; itnl.en* WlltU , Wild Pigeon. UMjM Ml Oa
w ard. Wi ft r do Mc Frigate Bird t ooe. for Philadelphia,
Id*. Otto*. ^aur'dern, for Ktirleaua do; Aud'okios, Brake,
lor Fan rr?nHi?n: Oaogra, HenJ* fr.r Calcutta ld<: Ph??t>n.
Ppooner for ttorg Kocg ard Canton do; * overeigu ot the -teas,
built by Jtoi.n!'' l'liy, (>f Boetou, now- under the Hawfcurg
Can, tnr nlf
CJd 'M t'heraHer, Knlgbt ''urdllT it.
I.imioh. Let St* Arr Colchu, Louglaaa, MOrteans; Part,
I'.aieU, hYctk.
Lmu, I> c 2T- Arr Fuwai (lOwirn, Norton, (lUlao.
Hd I'ec IB. t.ady of the L?b*, Mcita*, Bav?anah.
Lonuoifi'Ki.nr J>oc 2 I'iii f>ack. Kv; Ano, Haltrlck, for
Ni rlrwi with <o?e of winiJlA"*
M.ic*nit>. (tc< 31? Arr Kate Heatings. Ball, Celiuta for
B< mm rkl Oct 20, K*u- Hooper, Jwibon, (from dot for
a*. m. ? 24 Arr Of m of (be Ocean, Tharaton, Blfokl
27th, Jaa nail. Hn?e North, rn porta
?a?sbii *j*. Dec Arr Oo aa Herald, Purlier, Kamieeek
Bay; .lac I, .Vou?rc? of the eea. tiardner, do; R 0 fier.
Bradman a- d Wuiici Fl-bcr Gallagher, N York. Bid 28 <h,
Jolun fredc-icr Dele, Bo-toa
dd l-e< M, Maty ' -ooaer 'rocker, HYork; BeUaoa, Ha*
rlcksoti, ai d M ir-adon, ,i:di rj-?n. do
Mai-aix, 1 ? c iit-xi.1 i??v * iila^e B? I. Barrell. Klott
leo Ti? "???' r?"i Attain Oaf. Norte aaa; 29tti,
fwirurxtB R. fira, <Jalve<ton; Slut, ..hby Jlsocaard. r eedta
toi M)rVw>?
Kiwi.* Jan 1 SW picv, Polynesia. Morgan, fa rat rah.
Portcki cru. Dtc : t- Ar lie jtl<|oe t?j, Tuck Antwara for
h York >a< d *rt<* eded t<jr eou bampwa; Jaa 2, Widen, (bom
??, tTalcut-a 'nrlot-aon
Poiwt tm itALUt, >< v:3? Arr ICi oiurtj, Knapp, Havre, ant
aid tor Uangroo,
Port Glammht, Jan 2? In port V arna, CJlnej, for Sa^aaoaS
I'k.saKTu Ho.-.ii?, Jan 5? at ia, Additon Oiloeri, Pkias, 8
tirorge Kh, '?i ti*; h.
PiAaoriii. i rc 31? Afr Virira, Crtwltv, MVork; Jan 1,
Ceorgr. t<r"?Ld-ae'. < <->arn./t?, v?, lor lersey.
yt'BKSjiToWM. Deo 37 -at ttelta s, Waltenben, HaUiaorei
Jan 1 H<nl' I ??, tu>?rn>, < tiltuo; 2d. tiara, Cook, t:bl?OOM|
P. u.phj >ta. l.aiklH. lia'Uiuore
Md l.tc '.9. Caiivw Baik.t'lark (f<mn nalUtoo-at, Uk4n
(anr> put b?ci "lav; J>-d 1, ak?i< Hoagan: t wv>-rro. Can,
ai.tlwiu hatbb'i.e Trai' fait 'nun v ew Vnrk), l.->odoo
>-avgok, i* ov 8? ?cni t- sea Inur, W aw, London; John
llaven, fcheibu u bcat< n; 9tb. aonii Wind, ttlpley, K Vt>. k ;
litb Untie i obey. Brute Ilnvrc
SAM.iP. iKi.. < >C'. l.'l - <M A i#hT??l e Uird e. llo Hal
Full 1] r, I < t if - < d pri v Kong Bthkrn SalTeaseo, Ml
Ktu^ei, h So lr
In t "rt .Jatiit, Alllante .forKroA'de
f-c; DFftr.mp, I?ec :8? eld Ancotia. phleid*. NVo-fc.
Scivitf, Jan 2- 01T. likuMr, Luut froin L bdoa for LtW
t-i<1 Dec U?, buent Vlsl*. ?,.iUh?w? 'T)omCaku<t?i. AbI??'0!
C?iuiublau. Hbtobooor if' on Kturk), Havre; Jaix 1, Abbott
Lawrence. [tavlH i(>oin dm. Hr?rt
The 1*111. (belo* Brl?t >), Jan 8? Sid Irom, H I'otloek,
CrtHlahaDk, NOrleuns; V. ^on. Johnattt, Beaufort, S J.
TAnitKBT BoaDs, Dec 31? Arr Mllion, Nlckera :u, KOtl'ABi
for 1 lve?t f fcl
1 kx> l. l>ec IC? Air tub icon. Beckett, Daricc; 3lai, Ka^ab,
Clobb. NtirlenuH.
1 he Wight, lie* !(i,t A* Pasted, Margaret 8.ai>.,W?r
ner, lit'tti 1 codob tor ^Ywk
Vaixncij, I if Arr eiybll, Jrskina. fiallao; tOlh, Ar?
nlDgo. ( b??an do; '.I'd More; tten Maklmau, do; Z9d, (tea
Uon, Ball, to; 24lt. tropic BtnWh, do
Los don. Dec 29? The Faont Wb'Uler. Oaqa. arr ia (ke
ri eri-om Bo?ton >tft railn asdrprting a leak n>date lea II,
Jan 4? He *?m>- WhlHlrr, frou "ortoo. wblch aaaMr
ed by tho Itifper Hi lti?h t;ueen ??? otdftrtd by arblmtartt*
pay ?t4 tor tr>? aaawu-n.-e l b* claim waa tor ?t l<i
1 be Cioella. Bald *ip, from NTork for t^malaathiopla, trif
Mranded oi. the I -land of Aadrci, near Syrt*. abt Dec L&, ana
a* acdotied hy the crew;
"? be coaat n? thMMmea wa> vialted by a hur?ti*?e Dee 11
wtbicb ltu>ied ftvera' bou'8 ThoUorua (An?erle?a Mn<p?4
witii hay, run Hgrt ur*' at Kamlesci.; evtatr aud ca >o b ired
bCTiH-VHvros. Itc 'a? Tb? Waabitigt' ti ( ; from *e?r Ta?*,
wbapi arr ben: from the. Wcter oi the 2?th ha 1 mucbod tea
VoDf t*and and '"trained ; 1 j bcut ; ou tbd fi.ltowlo* asc-ia*.
when enlcrt; g 'be M-si f ot liovor -he wu (a roatft wltht a
refM) Maodltig tov ard< be hngliab c*i?si; bad herpadliefcor
aMne la, wilt mbtr nlnor c tute
Jan 2? V rl rt atl ateairer w anitit,(oo, frr New Tort hartaf
been reca led and enticed, ba? come oat ot the graving rack,
and i? reeling and taking In caign
Plymouth. Ihc ?l-TV>e Amablp Blvira(->f Boaton), flroabr,
aid Irtrn Ke* York Dec 7, put into Pumou'h on Momta for
Fa^noutb tor order? hbe bas bad fair w tod# do- tag the
aafift bu ?o t-trot'S UtAt the w a? conauaii? rippiag aaaai and
on tbe 22d a ga)e from ? W Mew m> furiously that loe aUo naaid
not run befo>e it as j l-npe/. and war eoa petlea tehear^ to,
when ?bc shipped fercrnl hci?vy eea* oue wbloh?wet>ta,?af
tbe >>u>.wart * and can te>' i ff u-e a^< nd mate aod two aeainoa,
who were drowned; tbo nar t- hi hruux-d iho ru muir aaAtn
juift* tfecerai of the men I ? o o> whom nre not orp?cted <? ee
rover. Tbe fcJvt-a has tost her maij topgallant meat aodeoaa*
Livebvooi Jan 2? Tbe *B>plre otate. Brtgga. trcja New
Yoik. Ih leak>,aud ba? larowa ovur from UK) to 304 tooaof her
CA I go.
Iial.TOKT. Dee 2P? Oeeao Heme, Merryman, frnm "few
f/r'e*?)*, * bleb ? an ushr m the Vtokje ISti, tou oeea anM
et lr berc; ?le rtinaiia tight.
fcoriL'iiruM, Dee 34? lfce Vr?de, YaaJftyn keaoe I* *??
York, which was ri. rlicra. aad had foJea over .a her olda, to
Katn ndrarb I>ec 70. biu> bee? got off aod 4at0 he hat bar.
U Ha* ac.t, Jaa 1-lto Bhitcer, Klapper. Irom Dear York for
UUa pott, tank tie ground nrttr Weddorwnrlno. la tht<#t*nr
during a fog, but wae towed off, atul is now in the deefc at
Bremer havoa.
Botiir.ur, Dec 20 ? The IraJcra, Dutch, for ?be Coitai
Hatca. got aground bere I. going out of port and remaiua.
CUuttta, Kov 2S? 1 L> Marcellua f Am ship) BatieU. ? .
cleared ftcm leooe Oct 19 for JJoMoa, bas put baok aod is dta
chargmz her cargo, which la eoniiderabi* damaged; she got
aground going dowo the rlt ar, aod has had sU (e?t water ia her
Bmn hoxt., Vm 16 The Eollaa, Briard, for Shanghae, ae?
haeklTth inat, with loea r,l fo;-elopn,at.' and everything ad taa
deck, and zoalnmAit aad bowaprlt sprung, ia a heary gala
Nor I
The Biiatamecte, V, Tana, hence for Formosa, struck en tha
Mneolrc Hoed, aod sunk; ore w <*ved
The great' r portirt of tbe tlik ot the oarge o' ahtp IartnetMfc
from ahargbae lor London, baa been saved in a sound at ate.
but tbe buit of ber cargo of tea waa found to be f
t a a teen told.
BOSTON, Jan lr -Arr Or Meamalup Amrriex, Little. Uw
pool Jan fi, Tim Haliliu I6th?*rr at her doek at 9 46 AM;
i rojjk-, hovel, K Grleait; Zephyr, King, do; ba-k?
1 erclval. M.U't; a rgela twwor.ttoir, Mobile; daraa UrMft
I atard, Apaiaebicrla; II Bewyer. ea?er. M Orleans Vena*
Kraittn, tiahef'on rta t ape Owl, where me wax a?hor?; Ma~
laiixai, Young Potomac Hirer ; Biaztltan. Fray, NYck; ?bra
llaule >tiiu, iKmgia*. J?ck-0' villr; Nan y PUUcd, tra
land, Rappahannock River; By Jant>>. Aktnch and iiec>-gt*
Pettetiglli. raltnnore; Ki</? add. ux d. Yieuia, Md; N a II
Gould, Snulh. Phi I ad i <pMa; R'amr pug Wau, f York; KrW
Word Int., Hum- Betaat for Maiabca*, put lnii> tiatreaa; -rteua
rr Wtn JrtUna Hal ett. B*i imorr Signal 'omahlo, a >?A?k
ai.d a brlit. C>d ahlpg i.?-uroih? a. (new oi b a na 8(9
Howe Nurlran*; lboa Parkin*, Htggia*, do; ba k? e?
King, Bio Gn<i>dc. ".U i l?xrai c? li?vii.g r paire 1), mbk,
Jotiet. *?* '.lucre; briji* B?autr.n'<F'), Buard Mitnwlllrt; ?m
tloello. 7a rr W!n>tn*tcu, NO; Mb* Jtarcla Titbou, owe^taar.
Ullcuti tlltk lio-h'iok, ? York feailrd, v lud
light, thii * Mo4?ra Timea. iMomnoo. Kamarl'an,' brig* Bear*
If d, Wcrcu?; baik J 0 Nisie's wen' town and achored lath*
Boana: br1? Ycnna Air erica a tilt d laat night
BaHI Jan li? Ait aclir Krw GIojc, Brooking*,, Virtrtaia.
hid brig* HiaB Dud'*; , Hopkins, Havana; ? tnew*. up? r.
Bhlftl .Ian lb? Arr brig A 6 Waahburn, Camm, Part m
I'm re l'cc 19
Chi HI kHOS, Jan 14. PM~Cld brig Herald. Beeau t*
l^arlu; fchr Mar; A 1/OUl** b-eMman, N York. t'.o op an brl*
Juanim trrundo, Bog. Rarcekwa: fpao vat Louiaa Aiatas
do; achri licfthon<a?, liuikej, NYork; W A ttp afford, footer,
(or a fcou there pott
l.Vh? Arr gtc>.m*hip Jaa Adper, Tu-ner, K York, Oldeebur*
baik ^ma I laje Horoburg in iheotBug barka rollock
LitJe, Liverpool; Kd-elo, Kendrick, Bo?toe,al*o a bark ?a
knov n.
16th. AM? Arr br.-k Edlato KrndrVsY, Boa'on. In thaofiofl,
Br baik Poiio k, little. irura Li\ erpool. Hid achr xi W immE
H>OAh1uW>, Jan 10? Arr gchrs Am Chief, N York fir
afcd remolt?d 16'b
PAIL BIVLK, Jm U? Arr bark M O Uiobborn. R?ad*?.
Apalachicoia, ?chr Kouiiiain, f-a?i?, Aorfolk; n?<< expe iaoe^d
heavy ?ri.in,r, been Ko? ? off the mart h&4 desk anp af
? icrjthiDs ui' re?i >, ?nd thr crew aaeba ly fruKi-biuaa pafeo
?car ra moti Wnrhbarr. Ihraaher, Morft 'k. of and Ibr Taa?
ton; ate ?ii' profa?i> dHcbar^e ber carfo oi earn here, aa tfca
tit rr is frozen abov e
Oi4Jti KMhB, Jan 17- Arr brig t rons'adt, KeoAall, Bm
HULMKB ft HOLE. .Ian M,VM? kn brig ('arrioee On laioc
fi\\ atuiak tor At wi.urjport ^1<1, t.ngn Matanzaa and Mab?t
wLia Lotilaa eoanolin, KobaH Miller, tialUe annak,
Law.baxon, tayrar grand Al^nUmr.
ota 17? Arr < ri#* ap^io ^a^;on. M ye, Port a<t Prinee Car
Boatfin; rudcraM, Haskell et>rlea?a f -r do; l j>4|a FraoMa,
1 apRtU Mobile for fr>rr*ro <olb; ilavld B i'oau, Vearie, da
*?i ah for >>r?k'*oa; wlir* ?lt<?ri Maa<?n, imith Kbarw?kitlir
Htwioo; J Iiaihoni. VewJ?. havai.n?i> lor lt<-ll?et; Lirzto -W
I?>? r Bariol, r ortc'.k Ihr i'o. t ai d; G M Par rtdg*. u rr, d?tir
'lb?na~!oti. LP Wrbtnl'.Cobb. boston for Bail /itore; 8*?auet
Aath, Otix, do for ^0ll0lk; 8 l> Hart, Wall, d ?? for Virginia;
V nn H Aiword, Hu.,;b, do lor rarxie'-; Jaroeg l/roemtn, rrae
iubj , Portlh^d foroo; u^lol o?', llarener. timss n for WU
nlipton MC; rei.'.wa-e iirtdge and Hia?uthv Blmonta^,
Poet laid IrrN Wrk; < harlir u.d Wulin, Tl>,biU. UatntiiMOt
t? f< i Yoiktown. Va; L?u-i? bmnb Jr, Crocker, Aieiaudr^ io*
KJolin'n J*H B'd, *rb>a i??iyreav) H.DIlart, W U U
wowl J amen Prermnn tn4 Bainbow.
.'tit Ift? Arr ?cbr> t'hai lea William. Torrey, Klchmind far
Bonioo; Man ilaokln. oreri, N tork Dor mo, K K f raniua.
ruivrrr. Mo?ioti to.- luoKler; ricuiiicroar . uinamorr ?? V ft
for porlmrd; Hean. v?k. nbermati, H? kpoi ' tor twvaanah- H ?n
ontaa, t'n ?, Provit t emwn for Ncrto k. Bid achra Albart Ma
?n?, L Vv it) er. Bia<aiba, ? e?'H -ml.k Jr Delaware t^h?r>?
V liilan>, Mar) Maukl , Koollifrocr, U K Prteman, J P Wetbe
rlll, 1'oodurfH.no fbirlio A Wi lie
ittttiaiLa *t t; aM. wind likhi f.-om wt ui, barka Warren Hal
leil repi.; 1 ?nnain rtady toa aea;, br?g? ? il/a Barge**,
av? t'srlbt re, Anglo hmx n l.iidor t L^tltu Krac.co< i) II
liocue; act rs ArMurur. ridv for an*; Ariadur, rp<; Late,
Si^i.al, J llatiorn, G M I'artr'd^e, fa h,ut\ Aaab, eamark.
eebr 1'elm ktrvtr pi* off u>.? u><i riiin*. am will rr. on tte
rawtmet. alrop BLnde la'arrt, from HYork. did 'ark
J' bn l enbMn, Havl?, Mobile brig ITacpoo, <XKimb?, Matan
r*r: rcbtn Kiver Qncei,. Fawier, KYork, Ma-fa roaa, Poar,
Newpoi4, to floUh loauior for ? arana; Alfred Bat rat', Oar
i f'ti, trlfiol, to load f"r Obrdepas
PKM?a< oLa, J*n R? Arrxhip Ialand Queen, Martin, Boe
on to cad fo* Provldene*.
PORTLaMi, Jao 11? 'Air bark Ionic, M'Cullocb, BoaUnu
? rhr VV It DarllDg, Ma 4biore. (lid, baik John Urlflln, (now.
rt Prctprol, TWff tobrl, GtlBn, Ila ana; brl? t. C.a'tiwln,
M( niton try do.
roltfPMOlTB, Jan 17? Ait achrm Motes Waring, Flallet, K
Yrrk; B W Elorldgo, Hakar. Norfolk
lii.CKL^M), Jap sltl ?cnra iila^atha /new, 130 ton* ,
Hmobtoo, RYnrkl Mary Karns worth. Bbermori do.
81 t+Kt'JTfTTT, Jau 10? Arr prev, sclir Le^abah Teel, Vir
llila Beaten? tail been blown v?', and ?rc?r okdlgr froK
8 ? LF.M, Jan 17- Arr whr Amor*?an fbief. PrcRwr, KTertr.
fid, bark Btorm King (MM , 372 tool, of Saltan Moaelr, 7<an
Ha V AUK AH, Jau 1A? Arr uteam'Wp riorl.la, V'oodhul!,
A>Yoik Old brig harnh, Olbb*. KoMxm; arlira fcllpne. Oor
?ln, Jonaa t-mlth, i urman, and w L Cogawo.l Krulth, w f,w%.
WILMjAGTUJJ, C, Jau Id? Arr nrhrs Or?rar? rtmlth.
>i* London, ft: facora, Bro .m, N York. (.'Id lftb. aohr
Adete.Orflln, NYork.
( allfotnia, Ori gon. i-ntxlwlch Ulawia, Obina and Hoolb
Amtrlra. /reigbit. parcel* and letter* will be di*pat;hed per
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