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tu jv?t pnoiiMD-ronroiman or rn
Hon. Judge Strong, presiding.
Aran. 30.?DW People tw. Louie Baker?8hortly after
Us* Mtttng of the Mart this morning, hi* Hrnor en
MOMi that tktn wh ? m*MM(0r la attaadnnn from
Mr. Fox, mm of jar or* sworn, who Bad Informed Use
?Court that Mr. V. woe confined to hi* b*d by a aorno
attack* rheumatism, and would in all probability ha
obliged to remain la his ho as* for ovor a week. His
Honor thru inquired If the craned on either ildo hal
.en* notion to make.
Mr. Brady observed that, so far ai the defence was
oor.cnned, b? had no motion to make. He supposed,
bo?e?wr, I bat the ciose would be retained, so that it
might go on when Dm absent juror would be enabled to
stteLd. Ihe fact was distinctly demonstrated that a
jury oouM be got In this ci'j to try the ease, but hs (Mr.
B.) was entirely willing to pioeeed with the trial with
ihr icmaielog eleven jurors.
ihe Court?I will not do that.
Mr. Brady?I know cf no lt-pa' impediment to the ac
cused in an; criminal cate (he being present) assenting
to sueb a oourse.
the Coort?that question same an in Dr. Graham's
esse, ai d 1 know there was a d-tterenoe of opinion upon
it. My own opinion then was that It waa not oompatent
"t ? proceed with eleven Jurors in a capital case.
Mr. Hall oonei >rej that whatever the ruling may
have keen In t .e Grata am case, it was not such a prece
dent as < ught to be quoted.
The Court still expre*>ed Its unwiUlngnes* to go on
with eltveu jurors.
Mr. Brady rem >rked that whether or not the Graham
esse was a precedent to be quoted, it was at all events a
matter of history, eh t wir g tha t such a course had keen
adopted. The Court m gh t withdraw a jnror.
The Court? Does the Distric t Attorney agree to go on
with eleven jurors ?
Mr. Hall?By no mean*, sir.
" Mr. Brady?1 now nfier also to draw from the panel of
jurors the first name, and tak* that gen tie rasa as the
twelfth jui or with /ut a challenge on either site.
The Court?Will the proaeoutiou tgrte to that course?
Mr. Hall?No, air, wa cannot.
Mr. Br*dy supposed that tbi* matter mn?t Ue orer,
and in view of all three objection* started, he would arc
that another panel b? ores e '. He would take this op
portnoity of raying that Baker, hit client, had been
seised upon the high seas w.th >ut a shadow of warrant
or authority, and kidnapped, as it were, inte this
city, to rwrll tfce feuds ot parties not
neeeeeary to name. He had jeeu in prism nearly a
yea*, and earnestly desired a settlement of this matter.
Alt hie funds were exhausted, and what had come to his
counsel as fees for their ne-vics bat been contributed by
hUfitaui's alooe. But be (Mr. B-ady), with his ass tola e
a* ooumel for the a-v-u-ed, would stand by him so loug
an ihe j p' freshen thr breath of Tfe. It was a matter of
vita'i importance to hi. client that this case should be
decided, and that no unnecessary delay* should be cast
in the way of In 'rial.
Mr. Hall tented'h?. the prosecution had thrown any
vbetacle it ths way ot atrial If the prose jutloa had
not beee alvsys ready, ana the defendant seldom ready,
thr.e might be aome n'rg in ?ha', the learned counsel
addressed to the court; b it 'here were various c? .sidsra
tions ths t i boula be looked to in thl* case besides the
oot-veniet ot> of the refecdaat.
The Court?T have insie u e of every effort lu my
power lo have ' bis rratter deriled. I have now arrived
to that stsgs of the pr cetdirg* when 1 can go no furthir
-without the consent of c ? ussl on both sides, and even
?with that consent I wouid d->ubt my abi lty ?o gi oa.
Mr. Cu.k taquited if a jar; cou'd not bs emnauntlled.
The Couxt lopp'sed that, at this imiaediata time,
tbere would bs coosiderib e difficulty in lecuring a jury
in \tew of the iltdoulty ih?y had airoady experience 1 in
procuring ihf jury, l'bs next terra ot the Oyer and
Terminer would bs in 'be fall, but th* Governor could
oider a t pedal term 10 the n-.-.vri i-ne.
Mr. Bait remarked teat in tbi* c..ant.r the presiding
Judge was empowered to o.der a sp?ci?l term of this
eruxt if be saw (it.
The Cturt. after listening to the observations of coun
sel, came to the conclusion that the jury ought to be
discharged, bhoul-1 hi* engagements permit him ke
would be willing to preside at this trial another day
Mr. C.erk? Let It be understood, sir, that the defence
do not eon-eut to thia course.
The Court?Cei talnlr, sir; there is no consent about It.
Mr. Micbael Shiets, residing in Nineteenth street, was
then, at ihe evggrni .a of the counsel for the defence,
sworn and extmln d in regard to the state of Mr. Fox's
health, '-the abient juror."? From his statement it ap
peared that Mr. Fix was eta ?ject to attacks of rheuma
usm, ot more or lees duration, and was at present suffer
ing from one of them.
The Ccurt?Genileuu u of the jury, you are diacharged
fiom further attendnnoe ihis tera. I will adjrgrn the
court till tke first Tuesday in June I w>U make an ar
rnt eement wl h some of .he Sew York Judges iu my dis
trict aud I will ocme here. The cleik will enter an order
for a pat el if a thousand j-rroi*.
The cou-t wa* then formally adjourned till the first
Tuesday in June, at 10 o'clock.
Ttit Parish Will OtH.
B? for# Alexander W. Bradford, E?<|.
Anu.30.?Inthe Matter of (he Will ef the latillenry Parish
-This mm rki resumed by the farther cross-examination
?f Mr. D, Lord, who ban been on the witness itand for
fix days. He deposed the*, he drafted the oodictl ate a,
mbodying tbe oodicil ol 1849 with the eame disposition
bat had Men deciatd uf on at Huiiga'e; I enclosed it lo
m envelope wd rent It to tfr. Parteh's hvus*; I next
hot Mr. raiieh between 4 and 5 o'clock P. M , oe the
.bth December, at hie house; we went in the library;
Ufa Pariah wae present: I told Mr. Parish I had br u?h
the oodiaU, and asked if I should teal it; be answered
yes; I then read tbe duplies\e copy, slowly aad stopping
at erery ciauee until tbe reading was c>inple>; he mads
no remarks or motions daring those pauses, I ihen as be I
Mr. P if he approved It; he answered yea; I ankil him
tf he witbed to sign it; ho sail yes; 1 then e ked him
who should write ms ntme?Mr. Davis or wyelf; to
which he mods e sign, or bowleg to indlsa'e ihit I
sbnwld do tt; 1 wrote his name as it is on this paper, end
laid the papar before him to make his mark, which he
did; I steadied hie baud while he male the eioss, but dll
not anile it; I asked hiui if he wished Mr. Davit and
myreaf to sign it, as witnesses; be answered yes, and I
wrote my name in the blank m the attestation clause,
and then read the subscription clsuse to Mr. P., Mr
Davia and myaell having signed It; the dnplicate of the
second ccdocil wae slgced in the same way; this termi
nated the business npon which I called, and tha papsrs
were left there by me; 1 think 1 wae there about an hour;
in 18*4 I eras requested to dra * np another eodocli; it
wee at die hours of Mr. P., in his presence, by Mre. Pa
rish; I met Mr. P. agsio in June, a; his house; when he
utdrrUxk lo communicate with tne, it wae anggoitsd
that be wen'ed to cbaoge some oi tha gifts to the chil
dren of bis brother, and the residuary clause ot the will;
Mrs. Parish marie that suggestion; 1 do not know who
introduced the t<*ea to make another codoctl; it wae the
object tor wliiih 1 went there; 1 asked Mr. P. ft I should
read ihe retiloary clause to him; he answered "yes;" I
retd it to him ai>d expliinel I's purpose; my impression
la that Mrs. P. ties sail he wished to give that property
tn the residuary clause to her; 1 asked him ir he did.
and be answered "yes;" when Mrs. Perish made those
suggestions, (ha addressed them to Mr. Parish as an in
quiry; I remember those tuggeitions were aaflarorable
to hie brother'* children, and I dissuaded him from the
change; Mrs. Perish did not suggest the revocation of
the girts to his brother's Injury; Mr. Pariah made a
sound expressing a heaitetsd acquiescence, in answer to
my woi da of objection: my impression is very strong that
Mrs. Parish said somettipg, a"er I had spoke again*:
euttirg i ff the cLillren?1 cionot rec >11ejt exartlr what
?hat it was in accordance with what I had said. Ad
Jews ad.
Police Intelligence.
Allsgkp Exnuas* Row kht.?Thomas Gallagher was at
res'ed aad brought before Justice Osborne yesterday on a
charge of stealing esreial dozen cap patterns, valued at
911T, from the premise* of Adams k Co.'* Kx press, In
Broadway. Tbe pn-oner was committed for examination.
Cowtcaivt Dimussed.?The coirp'ulat against the Rev.
D. K. Thorns son, for perjury, preferred some weeks ago
by Mr. Mortimer Pemott, has been dismissed by tbe
magistrate at the tower Police Court, and tbe aoensed
haa been discharged from any further attendance In the
Ttieatslcala and BxhlWllons.
Bboapwat ?Mr. and Mrs. Barney Williams stlU at
tract large audiences?by far the best of the season at
this hone. eThe greater portion of the dress circle Is
generally A.led witn ladles, the flair sex is also well re
presented in tbe parqnett*. " Ireland as It Is," " Widow
Jaedott," aad "JPaddy, the l'iper," to-night.
Kiblo's ?The Ravels, M'ile Robert aid the entire pan
tomimic and ballet corps appear this tewmfflflii s variety
of excellont pieces, viz ; too ?? CocscriD^." ?? TttP<i~
?? ??Tt'>'L 1 Itallao Br'gand^P
house ** quality sufiic ofo to insure an overflowing
_ BowaikT.?It is qo'te Ufreshing to drop in at the
Bowery in tbeee i^?J|f|?hou?e full, acting good aad
everybody p emeijr_)t jeitind* one of old tirass. Mr. fc.
Jwb Roy" to-night, supported by an ex
i? - ~ Lost Stip" follows, with Mr. Glenn
- wAVM ffllitenhsro.
Burrow's.?Those ubirersal favorites, tbe " Sericne
Psmily " and the " Toooles," ate io be played toge'.ber
to-night. This announcement will b* very apt to nil tbe
bow to He u most capacity; be at the door early, if you
deeir* seats. Mr. Burton l.as just added several talented
and popular actress** to bis company.
Wauacr's.?The admirers of floe acting generally, ?s
well a* the nurcsrc us persotal fiieuds of Mr. Waiiaek,
will regret to hear that his series of performer ce* is
drawirg to a close. He play* St. Pierre this evening, in
tbe " Wlfle." "Away with Melancholy " eonstitntes the
afterpiei e.
Lai xa Kkeiz'*.?This elsgact establishment continues
a favoilte resort of tbe talsct end fashion of ths city,
whe nightly throng the boose in immeoee numbers, to
wltaesa the powerful deiiirn ions of character by Mis*
Keere, Mr. Jordan and their asioclatee, in the " Marble
Heart" and " Novelty." Let It be remembered that Mr.
Jordan'* benefit takes piaca an Saturday.
Bboai'Wat VAua-nm ?Those nspeeial peta of the pub
He, the Wood and Marsh juveniles, will again astonish
their patroas this evening by their wonderful aetlzg in
fbe eomes'y oi "Paint Bear*. Ne.var Won Pair Lady," and
the extravaganza callsd ' Beau'y and the Beast."
Wood's Mixwnusi* ?Multitudas s'Jll raali to hsar the
sorgs ste the dances and laugh at the acting oi the*e
funny fellows. "Mcuruguu State Secrete" Is the farce
for to night.
Af AJOWT H*u ?Ger. Tom Thumb and Dr. Valentine
remain at this ball. Ths General astonishes the eyes
end he Deetor'* jokes aatocbh ths sars of ail who call
vpra them.
Broomtx Atv?wami.?Miss Kimberly will delight car
ee'ibt.us this severing with the readivf of tongfellow's
(stn ?? i". ir "Uiawetha." A* the hell wtU most >Italy
( iV. ? ?u ne er bel. g a great favj.-te. has
?L I. ? s l-s .LouV |'?*r'jv
?nklyd AfUn.
cokkuiomsu or roue*.
A* Ooeamisstooers of PoUm met yesterday, ?tt P.K.,
La ths Mayor's ottos, to boor ths trial of polissmsn
charged with violating ths roles of ths department and
dereliction of doty.
The sees of Lieut. Baubling, of ths Ninth word, was first
called, ehargsd with not entering upon ths blot tor at ths
out loo booss an arrsst mads oa ths 26 th of last Febroa
91, and not reporting the cose to thsCsstalnof ths ward,
o eridsnea was taken. Ex-Judge Beebe appeared as
couniel, and ahowod no violation jof the role alleged in
ths specification, spon which ths osss was dismissed.
Ins text earn called was that of Qoorgo V. Suingsr, of
ths Foor:h ward, obarged with absenting hunasU from
his poet on the 11th March last. Sergeant Owen testified
having rapped at several pluses on Stringer's beat oa ths
evenii g ot the day in question, bat got no response.
The ones of Capt. Walling, of ths Eighteenth ward,
came np next. The charge brought against bin was by
Coancllman M'Cahill, of refusing to protect his property
when called open to do so. CinuoUmaa M'Cahill
stated, in his examination, that Capt. Welling
re'imd to at ad men to arrest persons who hover
ed aroucn hi. place, seeking opportunities to
break the windows, stating that It he csussd arrests to
be made they would be discharged without farther no
tion by s.me magistrate the next fay. John Dialing
conoborsted Mr. MeCshill. For Cap tola Walling was
called lieut. Bennett, policemen Sherwood, Coaon, Kelr
m n and Arneux They testified to having been instruct
ed by Captain Walling to give particular attention to
guaidixg the corner of Mr. McCabill.
Dennis Tracy was text placed on trial, the charge
?gainst him being that of aetdiog an Insulting latter to
Judge Cspron, Impeaching the ehmrec.er of Rerorder
Sn 1th and the District Attorney, besides casting a slur
tpou the Court of Sessions.
Mr. Bustted appeared as counsel for Tracy. He
submitted the letter upon which ths charge
was brought. The letter, after referring to judgment
being suspended upon the parties attacking him some
month* tiuce. and robbing him and maiming him for lifp,
pronounces the Criminal Courts of the eity ?' a mockery,
a delusion and a snare " Toe letter of Judge Cspron,
rent to Mayor Wood, upon receipt of the above communi
cation. was alro submitted. This letter called the atten
tion of toe Mayor to tits letter of Traey, and left it to the
Mayor, as head of ths police of the city, to determine ths
course to be pursued toward Trney in the premises.
Mr. Bus toed argued that no off rues had baas com
mitted. Re pronounced the conduct of Judge Cspron In
the ncat'er as puerile and ridiculously small. la the
course ot his remarks he was frequently called to ordar
for the xeverity of his epithets upon Judge Capron.
The >ast case called was that of Charier M. Vender
voort, de ailed at the offloe of Judge Capron. The charge
against him was disobedience of orders, in not reporting
hunstl' for patrol duty when dlrectec so to do, by Capt.
I'ottai. cf the hirteentb ward.
Ex-Judge Beebe and Charles J. Spwnssr, E<q., appeared
as Lis counsel.
Judge Brebe said he thought the ease eoald be adjust
ed la a few minutes, as the alleged dlsobidlenoe arose, no
uoobt, from a misconception of Mr. Vandervoort.
The Mat or raid tie should pre'er >he case oould be set
tied, with as little difficulty as possible.
Mr. Spencer stated that the o-der given to Mr. Vander
voort was a verbal order by Captain Forter, aid did not
proceed from J edge Capron, nor from either of the Police
Con-mirBt.oners, and was not given in writing.
Tbe Mayor expressed the hope that the matter being
now [tied erst cod, Mr. Vandeivoort would at ouoe report
himself f>r patrol duty in ihe Thirteenth ward.
Jucge Capron here desired?if it was not acting too
much?to be informed by his Honor the Mayor if the
withdrawal of Mr Vandeivoort from his office was owing
to suy personsl feelings towards hlmse'f, or whether the
public service required his being placed on patrol duty.
Tbe Mayor stated that he had done a good deal for Mr.
Vaodtivoirt;he placed him in Jucge Uapron's effise at
his own request?he bod since proved hlmielf ungrateful
fur tbe <avur shown him, and one guilty cf such ingrati
tude as he bad evinced, should never hold a plan within
bie gift. *
At jt-umed two weeks.
Tbe Cfuucilmen Committee on Streets, Mr. Van Riper,
chairman, met yesterday and heard arguments of peti
tioners for tbe extension of Franklin street. The peti
tioners ask an extension from Baxter street along Dryer
street to Cha'bam rquare, opposite Catherine street,
fbe petitioneis urged that by extending the atreat ni
ashed tor, a nearly direct street wou'd be formed from
the North to the East river; tlat the grade being higher
tbsu Leocsid or Antbcnr street, the prjjeit would be
nc ore leasitle than the extension of either of thoae streets;
and, farther, that a stage line across the lower section
of the city, now much need, oonld be established.
Tie Crmaiiitee r.a I'ablio Health of the CounoUmen
set yesterday. Tie only subject under consideration
w?s filling up Butken lots in the upper pert of the cl.y.
A g:eet em j petitions weie before the committee, ark
irg the flbirg up tf ?u:h lots, charging thet the eeue,
now til .id with stagnant weter, were detrimentel to
the health and livts of thore livingarjccent. It waa
roted to report in favor of filling forthwith thoee ageinat
the Glhtg cf which no remonstrance* appeared. A
numtti ef cwnara of tone two hunited vacant lota
be wetn Fiftieth and Fifty-fifth street*, near Second and
Third avsnue*, a ppeares ia opposition to the filling ef
these lot*. They alleged taat the water they contained
was tie result of baa c< nstructbn of the sewers. The
committee decidid to visit the lots before mating their
The rale of (be lease ot this uev ferry, recently ordered
to be established, from Thirty-fourth street, East river,
to Huntei 'a Point, advertised to take place yesterday,
waa postponed until the 27th of May. The partita de
siring to put In bids desired the postponement, that they
might examire into tbe valtc'Dy or the tills to certain
water rgkta involved is the ruining of the ferry.
Tbe argument upon tbe injunction recently served
against toe n-eeMcg cf the lease of the Stolen Island
ferry, it I* expected will shortly ha heard, when the die
p sftion of this terry will be adjud isated.
City Intelligence.
S-Trikb on the Sixth Avenue Railroad.?The t rivers
-employed on the Sixth Avenue Railroad have had a se
rions difficulty with their empioyere. Heretofore they
have been reqniiel to rnn six and seven trips per day,
three men beirg allowed to two cars. By a new order
the company require them to run eight tripe, one man
to a car. To this the drivers object, alleging that they
now woik e even and twelve hours per day, aad tbe new
rule would compel them to work thirteen to fourteen
bears, aid allow no time to take a proper meal, aa they
cannot leave their ears but for a moment with the one
man arreogemeut. They tecaive twelve shillings psr
dsv, which they think U Utile eoough lor what they do
Last Monday, when the new oider w-nt into effect, they
declined to go on the ears, aed for a time travel was sus
pended. New hands were got, however, immediately,
and no serious inconvenience resulted. Forty four dri
vers are rn tbe strike, a few only having submitted to
the cew rule. The atritera say the new drivers are na
il opeed, and that the Mayor baa not done what he pro
nieed, In not ordering all thoee who are not qualified off
the piatfera. Tbe Superintendent says that flat new
hones are to be put on in place of the muiea now naed,
and the eight trips will require no mors time than the
seven tonnerly did. Some compromise ehould be made
between the parties.
Injunction Against the Second Avenue Setter ?It bav
lrg been made apparent that the Secmd avenue railroad
was obstructed by the earth which waa uunecsrsnrtly
thrown upon the trajk. at the instigation of the con
tractor of the Second avenue and Forty-ninth street
sewer, an injunction was granted on Tuesday, restraining
the workman from ptacirg any farther obstructions upon
thetiaok: aad the workoo the sever will consequently
te suspended until the entjeci shall come np for a final
beam g. The track was cwared on Wednesday, and the
cars were again enabled to make through trip* to Har
lem. A number of men were arretted on Tuesday for
maliciously placing obstructions upon the toad alter the
Injunction had been granted.
Cane or Mr. Wm. a. Branra.?This gentleman wai ar
rested some time since on a charge ot false pretences,
preferred by a max named Wood. The case came np be
fore Judge Wood, of the K*?ex Market Court, on Tuesday,
when, after a pa'lent hearing, he decided that theoharge
was without any foundation, and dismissed the com
Games Can Light Comfant.?This eompany, which
wte organized about a year ago, have commenced the
construction of th*'' works, t>n? fcfft o? Ii C& :t7TS?
Kant 7i?rr, and we learn that they contactplnfe having a
portion of their mains laid early in the coming fall. By
a grant from the Corporation this company have the
privilege of supply log gas to all that portion of tha Island
north cf ths centre line of Soventy-xioth street, which
include# the vil sgee of Harlem, VorkvlUe, Manhattan
viL#. Cam acsv-lle and BI:s>mirgdale.
Fipr ? TBt Bari sm and New Han en Railroad Depot ?
At one o'clock this morning a fire broke out in the en
gine room situated on F-im street, in the large buttding
knewx as the Harlem and New Haven Railroad Depot.
At the time we go to press, the fire was sttil burning.
Tbe building extends ever the whole block bounded by
liacklln, Elm, White and Centre streets.
Fir* m Cro?bt Drain ?About 1 o'clock on Wednewday
morning, the alarm of fire la the Fourth district, waa
caused by the homing of a portion of the woodwork
aronnd tte chimney piece ia the room occupied by
James O'Nlel, in the tenement house No. 36 Crosby
street. It was *x ltgmiihed with a Isw pails of water.
Damage about $6
huprebbc Court?Special Term.
Before Hon. Julge Da vies
Arrm. 20 ?J at. Lwit rr. (A* Mayor oaf OorporjUion and
ffoiU' B. Jor.n ?This is a suit brought by the plaintiff
or sub coufraster, for raising ths ihip Joseph Walker,
llain'iff claims his share of the funds wbish have been
or, gird to be paid Into court. Judge Daviee ordered the
matter to bo brought before the General Term Tne
point* ot bis deet*'-< u were:?That the contractors, wiife
the underwriters, hare a Men upon the fund for thoit ex
penditures under the contract, which U not destroyed
or the unlawful interfersnc# of the Corporation. That
Jones, and those acting under him, have no botvor rights
then the t orpo atlon, thstr principal. That tnasmuoh as
the Corporation one make noOontract for the expenditure
of money beyond the sum of *260, according to the tws.flh
section eft ho charter of 1863, its alleged contrast with
Jones wn? invalid aad ocn'ormd no righto. Tust th-re
fnro. the motion fort non suit should bo denied aad jndg
went safeted tot tha plaintiff.
Mr. Catlingrsqasstod nfurthorhaaring opoa tha p? ata
involved. . _ ., , .
lbs ?i nr- * o'm'.ed, a?4 U?? YV * ) v r ??4
I r.u' i Ki
to tfc? onw or am riigm u
The Porto Magi tto melancholy mm of tto death,
by accidental drowning, mm tto Island of Guadeloupe, of
Lieutenant Couturie, commander; M. Mjr, enrgion; tad
tr* sailors, of tto fmok stsawsehlp La Onator.
Tto La Grandeur, u our mtai reeoUset, earn# Into
tto port of Now York during laat tot, is oeiar to axeeute
? commission for tto French government, by tba par
ohoaa of a lot of horaaa for tto uaa of tto aaooitad poHce
of Guadeloupe. Lieutenant Couturie was than U com
mand and M. -eby rargaon of tto raaaai. Doric f their
nay tore both officers and men reoommeaded ttoouehrei
to our people by their uibaaity and good ooadnat The
reporter* of the Hnstit were received on board tba Le
Groofleur, and anppUed with iaforaaatlon by tor Oeoeaied
etmmaader with all that gentlemanly bearing and
polite et'entloa which la characteristic of the naval ear
rioe of France.
We, therefore, publish the followief with regret
A letter from Guadeloupe, of the 27th of lurch, pub
lished In the Jtmrnai <fu Havre, a no onsets the malau
choly death of two oSoers and fire aeamen belonging to
the ? teem frige's Le Grandeur, when lying la tto road
stead of that It says
A beat, toring on board Lieut Couturie, 11. SaVy tto
sutgei n, at d s'x seamen, left the reaeel to proceed te a
smell ie'aad at some olitaaoe, but meeting with a heavy
eqoall the boat eapsixed and turned keel upwards. Tto
Cisons in her told on by tor for come time, hat tto
eutecant finding that tha current was carry leg then
rapid y oat to sea proposed that they should lot go their
ho d of tto boat and endeavor to reach tto chore by
swimming. This advlee was followed, but aoon only the
Lieutenant aid one sea rain were left, all the others
having been wsaried out and gone to the bottom. During
a kind of halt which theaa two made to tooorer their
breath, M. Goututie said: " Courage, men ami; The
land la before us. Do you feel that yon are strong enough
to reach it?" "Yea, men Lieutenant; and you f" wis
the reply. " Oh, I fool ationg enough," said the Lieute
nant, u but I fee none of our shipmates near us " They
continued to swim on for some minutes more, when the
sailer, turning round to speak to his officer, found that
he also had sunk. The man, by great exertions, at last
reached the shore on a barren point, at sereral leagues
from where the Grandeur was at anchor, and could not
reach her until the following day, exhausted by fatigue
and burger.
Mrwi fiom Kansas,
[Oorrespondeuee of the 3*. Louis Republic an.]
I .boo kpton, K. T., April 10, 18W.
The Committee left Kansas City, Thursday, in hacks;
and arriving at Lawrenee the same evening, were wel
comed by tc? freest iiers. Frldey night that plate was
wild with shouts of fsnatleism and drunkenness, on the
oeeasion of welcoming beck the notorious 8. N. Wood
and bis company, of whom 1 have something important
to say pii>ately.
Meetu6.* Johnson and Howard, the "majority," cam#
here Thursday night, remain! rg till morning, wbeu they
left for Law.enoe, where tbey will stay for several days.
Thru e'erke are tnakiogsnne abstraots from executive
files, copying the poll books, and doing other senseless
things. Tory intend, I learn, to susom in every voter,
and make him answer on oath where he lives, to oim
plste which, it will take something less thin two years.
Mr. Oliver, who is making a very favorable impression
on the law abidicg people of the Territory, Is now he e,
doing ail he oan to get matters thronvh with, while the
mejoiity ate rusting after tha rebels and tanatl? ot
Row, to 3. N. Woo.'?Sheriff Jones attempted to arrest
him yesterday, but was prevented by forcible resistance
on the part of Wood's friends. Finding him in Chris,
tisn's office, Jcnes went up to, and told him he had a
war:ant for him, He rep.ltd, ' I isckon not." Tho
Sheriff assured him that he tod one, and proceed id to
retd it to him. Wo, d then said he must oonsult with
?x Governor Reefler atd in-U tremor Robinson. Jjues
w< uld not consent. He "must see bis wife." Tae Sheriff
said he could if they were sent for, and brought to the
office .where they wete. Upon this, Wood tiled to get
away, when Jones reized him by the collar, and would
have sncoeeded in taking and securing him, had not the
ebolltioilets interfered, seised Jonee, and rescued Wood.
To-day, Sunday, the Sheriff, with a small posse have gone
down to lawrenee, to try i' again. If they fail, Governor
Shannon has but one thing to do. and that is to call out
the United Slates troops to sustain the laws. WtU ha do
it? I' to does not, it were better for him had he never
seen Kinsss. 8. N. Wood is a free soil editor of Lswceuee,
and is cbsiged with rescuing prisoners from the Sheriff.
The twen is crowded?all excited about the Wood
affair. Wbaie now camming out on tto Kansas river,
skirting Ltcomptou.
IlfHi from Hew W.TH,
to the
^SSffiS Orierl^^rtet0^
a sea ?a?et WiS
c cstitu'e a court of inquiry in " .*?
ST"4 at hu -?S3tA SK1?& JStt
! sSf!$S^2S?^S
u>. MU.!^prrt^r uWS'Siul* fr0"
effic^^fce b ^ "d *"* W?> '*
G?def"FSrtSL^#"rZ^*tn?Uto fr0I? *? Wo
l.tof *ffiS?V&iS!Viby &??? ?*'
Dial ion hu been mcMm/i?*JcJTLInfor
Apache. ran offVv7.\ ?iwlr?i. lty ?' Wnehara, ?:me
the major demo. i^id^'h^ m0rt* '/ wounded
tbe 26 th of r.brua-y d 10 hkT* Uk8u P1"* ?H?ut
p.??"< ft," jsts1"
occurrence, and invreti/afe art the ri.i i,81*11' 0f i,hta
with tbe drpiedation connexion
ooHitiona egalnat him the court r.,i7?w 1 *c"
Mwoaleroi are quiet and peaeeabto C 12>tiwt <*
oJ5?a2&,$58? J&v*. ?broth#r of
from Pcnaeco tilWtheT^wftl <?t
.'W,.^?lr^s{s^ ^
a?.S! ?:.SWJJS
on foot, aid unable tornate Ui .2? i W; *? ?*?
winter!** *"? 1* *' WW" M~?X?4S%i5?t?
na^to^L^ViK'an^Li^t^ 0rlW^?8'^
Ur^' ft Lb#ir ^^.%iou ,C*r' ^ ?B *?
?$"???? isijarsm asss-i
SSTKiS ???ft iSRfiS
?* *??*??
= pfrman ball ln Wllllamabwrg.
A ...raeeful riot occurred on Taeaday moraine at a
? c*rw an baU to thegerwteenth ward (Green Point), which
wan commenced by a party of tea or tweire men who bad
become overcharged with fighting ram, and .ought thia
occasionto moleat and beat quiet unoffending German eiU
?WL About forty Germane, a ith their wire., ohUdren and
friend, were prcent at a ball at John Geaner'., in Frank
ieiTMm Ab^ndt^!7lbii * P4"**3 off 1n,8t,y ??"?? them
bly intoxicated enteredth? i^f ?r twe]T< m#B CMwldera
'orced their way in
m and attempted to atop the d-'.tnrbaaoe at whleh time
kn howe for awlataaee, and nhi. tbe ware ?bJ!mt
the Genr an. escaped into a back room and tnmt?m?
n.o a garden, while the rowdies were in a deanernte .<),?
| emepg.t themselves. AftoTTS^SuL"' ffiSKftB
otter prop r'y to the amount of about \.Xt ther went
in,o tbe street and cmaabed the window* with narin*
atoeee. and tben ercaped before the polio* foroe coulSeome
P0^ warrant waa Inaned on Tueeday by Joatiee Smith,
of Brorkljn, tor tbe arrest of ffm. Water. Alex Ferrt.'
John"'^ (iT^'
Herbert, John 9nnth and lemuel Ferrt. Ir wk? m
charged with,heto,;erM to tSrtot.^thl
itOter* were badly injured by ih.ir own par*.
The Kndora Imogene Mystery.
DNIT?P STATia cowirwaiovKn'a cotrnr.
BefoewGeorge W. Morton, E?q.
Aran. CO.-/* the matter of Gwrgt Wilton-The Com
mimioner dwcided-1. That the master the Eudeea
Imrgene hadibee. unlawfully and by fcrce deprired of
hi. command and authority on board and tt>*
both tbe captain aad mate, and a'arwuSITLnt^inl ?h.
T* eel, eilrw irg her to sink wito^t^S^"4^1*^
ot ?r*e? o'm a wttbin hU |?wer_.ppVoDvu25J nJSJJ!
& 4
iiuuimm mirt
mm mm f?|aoMM
mm in luliwi wa
mrt ?r K?W Twrfc, Ayrtl 30,1800.
BImmMp Kncnvllle, Ludlow, kmwk-l L MtfohUJ.
^Steamship Marion. Footer, Chorion on -BpoAord. ruedon *
foasmibtp Boaooke, Bktnaer, Blohmmad Lndiam * Pieae
as^^Mas-.'ias. ?
Bart C are Bre -er. Qlaagow-Duohan A Dtaoo.
Bark Vrede (Bol), Van Btpor Rotterdam- Punch * Keineke.
Bart BoninAe*a. Brawn, Gaivestoo-J H B-ower A Oo. H
Brig 8ea Lark <*r), Burma*, Humaooa-D B Dewoiff. ?
Brl* CelMjlDa Pickett Hnmaooa -Thompson k Hunter. ?
Brig W T Dugan, Thomas, Port au Prtoce-Voae, Uvtngstou
? Co. i
Brig Ben Jua? (Hex), Berrcttnga, Harana-PatreUo lache-|
I Brig PetrcHt, Bobtnaon.PenaaoeU-J W Mwell k Co/^B
Brg Zono, l.urcoanb, Wilmington?J A Hackedo.
8c tr 1 oocmatra 'Port), , Oporto.
Sekr J Carter. Johiatoo. Triniaad-Screntoa k Tellaaan.
Bohr Jno Benson, Qulnn BrMneirator, N8-J 8 Whitney.
Bchr Bonttv Coffin, Halifax - D B Dewolff. ?
Bobr II D Lame,Gardner, Mobile?Lane, Watt A Oo.
Bohr Augusta. Ccfflu, Jacksonville?Peek, Church A Oo.
Bohr Kurily, Chndwlek. Beaufort-Derla * Holmes.
Bchr 8a*maa, Lank. Georgetown?0 H Plorion.
ffiMHUffiWhittV, Norfolk?
Bohr M Mabre Bunker. Norfolk-M Bedell
Hebr bow York. Brigfcaaa. Blchmoed?0 H Pierscn.
8r?r Julia A Martha, An d, ubictahomooy?Yates A Porter
"fic'br M J Ganae, Stephenson, Philadelphia-J W MoKee.
Bchr AUaatte, Kill', Pa em -B W Hope j.
Hotr New York, Ooodfoli, Boatoa?Dayton A Bpragus.
n br A Btee'.Snow. Harwich?Master.
Schr WbUt'er. Prtab/. Tauetou?Maater.
Sloop T W Thome, Davis, Pall River?Maater.
Propeller 1 otten, Morley, Baltimore -Cromwell's Lisa
Propeller Man, Nlchola. Philadelphia-J A N Brigga.
Steamship Brtoraon, Low her, Liverpool. April II, with wall*
end38 raaMogers, to a K Collins 23d taut, at noon, tat IS 46,
47 Z2, paned ?team>Mp Washington, henoe tor Bremen,
80th 6:30 AH, 90 miles Bit miles of Fire Island, spoke ship
Oorra Lb n, from Glasgow for New York^^^^^^^^^H
8jee?fol^>^^^g^A?plnwm^?r11 71, rta Havana
96th, with apeefo and paaaonter, to M
SkipOtaraBrookman(Of Bath). Higgles, Llvrrpool, March
99. with codec ind 37 tteerage paaseogers, to H D Brookman A
Co. In the Mersey. B Rldgauiwl, Maanan, of Rhode island, tell
from Ibe jlbbocm overooara and waa lost; April IS Wm Bock
ley. aeaa an, at Lnneaaur, Pa, tall from the foretODsall yard
ovarbcaid and was lost; be leaves a wtte and lour ohtldrea In
Philadelphia. April 16, brake the fore traas on the centre bolt,
wbloh caused the tore j aid to break abort off In the allnga; part
ed the rope of the lot east! anil split It; had to scud to the East a
ward in a seven gale to sarethe foretopgallantmast andto^
sail while getting the sail and yard scoursd. From lot
Ion 26bad cither cam* or beavv Westerly galea. March 23,
lat 6S 07, Ion 610, spoke ships fchamrock and Wellfleet, both
from New Orlcaiaior Liverpoo ; same dole. In the Irish Obnn
nel. apokaskip R;lea Austin"from Mobile tor Liverpool; 26th,
lat 49 47, Ion 19 20. r -
?poke ship Owen Potter, from Pot/notta
(cr Liverpool; 29th, lat 47 28, Ion 24 SS. spoke Bremen Dark
Aides, aiecriog K.
t-hip Albino, Williams. Marseilles, March 13, with radis to
TapacottACo. Pa>aed Gi oral tar 23d.
Hnv# had very Ugh!
v eather the entire pawage. 6th toat, lat 28 80, .'on 3020, spoke
Br berk Lord ?*hley, from 8t Dftes for New York.
Bark Tivola. G*rt iner, Guaiaca PA, 17 days, with molasaei
Ac, toRturgea A Co. Have been7 data Nof Hal'srss. 23'h
lust, eff flattens. had a very gale from M to BE; lay to (or 36
hours; had a pilot on tioa-d 3 days. ?
Bark Geo Leslie (ot Mouth Thomaatou), Sleeper, Catdanas, 9
days. wldt sugar, Ao. to at W Trandr.
Brig W to Stewart. Scales, Pcrnambuoo, March 31. with au
gar. to Bspfor, Johnafon A Co; rescel to Albby A McEee
>prll 19. 1M 2711. Ion64 39, spoke ba>k A A Oribbat, from
Pal'adelphla for 8t Kittr, 7 'ay* out; Jist, lat 31 2.), Ion 70 68,
apobe 3 aaattd aohr * una Cook, 5 days hence lor M folic; 26 h
lat 1*619, ton 7618, spoke brig Wm Plus, from Charleston for
Bchr Grandee, Ttbbcta, Jacksonville, 7 days, with lumber, to
J Gilchrist; veeeel to Brett. Son A Co,
Bchr Sally Borer. Jackson, Klimloglon. NC,7 days.
Bet r Velocity, Perry, Norfolk, 3 da' a.
Bchr W Kirby, Pierce Norfolk, 6 days.
Bchr Ttlton, Sroer, Vlr. tola.
Bchr Beoor, Urenn, VlraUla.
Srhr 8 Morse. Hea.ev(Virginia
bchr J 8 Lane, Cobb, Virginia, 3 days
Sohr Sarah Aucuttua, Smith, Virginia, 2 days.
Scfcr Maurice Kitchen, Alexandria, 6 days.
Bchr Moimouth Grant, Bnl.imoie, 4 days.
BetrHJPeaae Curtis,Portland Ct.
Bchr Jcel Ball, Ardravts. Portland, Ct
Bidarner Gov Dudler, Tittle, Charleston, 70 hours, In ballast
to matter. Came to this port for repairs.
Propeller Jackson. Lay Held, Haltun .re
Propeller Pelican. MilHems, Provlrenee.
Propeller QninBebaDg, Holm, Norwich.
Propeller J N Harris, Snith, New London.
Ship Mediator, Bel?, frcm New Or'mm.
tbtp Maid of Orleans, Dentin, from New Griears.
Berk ROW Dcdae, from Cltntuegc*?(AU by steamtng
Brig Ocean Traveler, from Dorian, Qa. 7 day*?(By p'lot
boat Rcmer).
StentrMnpB Africa (Br), Llverpoo'; Rnorvllle, Savernah;
Mat loo, Chariest >n; Boa. ohe, Norfolk, Ac; ship Mentattao,
Liverpool; bark Clam, Glasgow.
Wind duitrg the day fro* N to BSE.
Ha raid Marine fini i eaiiniliinna
KEY B EST. April 25-The ahip Pocahontas. for Liverpool,
with a cargo of salt, went aibore. 8fh fori, upon (be Sombrero
reef, anr received aerietaooe from the wrecker*, who ant her
afloat, lllh Inst, and allowed her to proceed to New Orletni
where die c alm* they have upon her will be aettled by the
(jailed Btates A dm Ira) Uy Oouri la that rity.
Tre ibip Jaa 0 uthrle, Oapt Oba<e, reported la oar 'ait a* at
Tortugos, reedy to be brought up to thl* port by the W a
stesmshio Corwln, arrived the 14th In frw of that vessel. She
ha* been ordered to be dlsefcerghd 6he ha* been hauled Into
shallow water, end allowed to ground on e mud bank. The
cargo, constating of Umber, ia made ap late rafts and anchored
In a eats poritira. The veatel will be repaired at thl* place.
The ahip Barclay, laie y loot on tie aoutb tide of Cnna, near
Cepe St Auvnio, waa visited by the pilot boat Florida last
week, and aU available maertals saved and brought to thl*
place. Iho sales * mounted to (61012. The Barclay wai a
w baler.
The brig Ymtty W Seeburns. '.Cant Hubbard, for Baa Jago,
bound to Trieste, with a cargo of c-fles and eugar, arrived
Ob the 14th. with caetaln and several of die crew ?iok and un
able to do duty, hbe procured additional men at thl* place, and
aal.ed for ber psrt of destination on the 17th Oapt Hubbeid
continued oa ia hie vtmal, having teoovt red sufficiently t>make
it certeetfy safe.
Tbe scbr Sea Bird, Copt Bryan, from Ee'valon for NTork,
with a cargo of 2ri> bales co ton, 66 hbds sugar and 200 bbla
molnasea, ?rr tbe 14th ult, in distress. leaking treeiy, and ana
hie to orntinue on her voyage without relief A survey; we* at
eoce called, and they ordered ber discharge and repair. She
Ir now en the marine raitwar, caulk Ag; will be ready to
take in cargo and proceed in about 10 days. Consigned to H
The bark Kate Wheeler, Cspt Stllson. trim Mataazas, with
2900 boxes sugar, bound to Bce'an, err the morning of tbe 16th,
In distress, leaking badly. The leek was dltcovered tbe pre
vious day, and was so great that aU hands were employed,
without Intermission, in freeing her. It was Impossible to go
on wl'-berut ?topping the leak. Borne 300 or 400 boxes of *ti (tr
were u ken out, wben the eanse of the leak waa discovered -a
defective treesall?and the vessel will now re load, and sail
tbs23d for Bori-o. Consignees, Backer A Clark.
The brig Kag'e Cnot Fish, wt'I transfer her cargo to the
bark Convoy, Capt Hoyt, and ealt, after some temporary ro
Sairs. for Boston. The Convoy will get off the 26th, and sail
irect for Be Moo.
Tbe bark Geo Thomas Capt Culler, is ready for see; but no
person having been found w 1 ltcg to make advance* upon her,
she remsiaa swaiting the success ot cspt Cutler's mission tar
sis'stsnce st Haveia iter bills exoeed 210,600.
The materia'* raved from the shlo Francis, lost on Dog
Bocks the Slst of March, were sold the I9'h to 8 Marsha'., tor
27TO 76. Cargo of Br bark Mary Is being divided, the salvors
receivfrg 40 per cent
1'repara'lons ate making to get tbe dipper ship Mariner
afloat, Mr Tift, the pur chaser or the hall, has sent up steam
and wind mill pnmpi, and n strong (tree, to make the attempt
to rait e her.
Br bark Balaclava asd cargo sold for 223.180 30.
Miscellaneous and Disasters.
Tbe Canard steamship Africa, Capt Shannon, ant ed at noon
ysrievday for Liverpool. She took oat 163 passengers and
$1,244,568 In spseis.
Tbe United States revenue schooner Washington went 'oat
yetterf ay to cruise enher nation in and about oar harbor. She
has recently keen overhauled at the navy yard, and farnlihed
with a new 18 pounder, which will carry a ball for from two
and a half to three miles with effect. This, K i* said, wCI,
perhaps, be a terror to each of our citizen* as may have tbe
hardihood to take pa*sage on board of steamers or other versel*
to Central America, or to California by tnat route, provided
that any ot our government official*, la their effort* u create
lor themselves political capital in opposition to the popular
will, rhouid enable them to make them out filibusters. It is
very much doubted, h-. waver. if our constitution and laws can
be so construed as to enable them to suceed to any such un
dertaking. In all cares cf vessels engaged la smuggling,
slaving or any other legal traffic, the W Will undoubtedly
prove e faithful an* efficient guardian fche is oomtnatided, a*
heretofore, be Capt Faunce; and it I* hoped that he may be
crowned with brilliant suecets to tbe rmintsrr performance
ot every legitimate duty.
I.SCSCH?Mr Win H "ebb launched from his yard, foot tf
Sixth street, F-P. yesterday. ?t5t4 PM, tie steamship Honda'
rss, but ? ,nr B Blanco, Fsq, of mis city, and intended for toe
South .tmerican trade. Ber ecgixe and boilers are from Messrs
P*T*e A Murphy's Fultffll Iron Works.
Ship Ocean Express, at San Franc'soo from Hew York, wna
31 data to the Equator ia the Atlantic, and crrsted it in Ira SO.
Was 62 days to capo Hern, and came around It in fine wea
ther. Jan 28th. 1st 62, Ira 79, experienced a sudden squall
from S by W, which blew witb much violence for six hours,
during wblsb split aalia, Ac. Crossed the Equator la tbe Pa
cific March 4th, In km 114 30. ani bad I'ght wind* for four daya
-took them well to tie Northward, and let the Trade*In Ion
133, after which bad tbe wind light from SB.
Ship Tornado, at (an Frwelaoo, was 20 day*from New Tort
to the Equator in the Atlantic, creased it to Ion 32 90. Waa
49 day* to ospe Porn, and eras off the Cape It days In heavy
gales. Crossed tb* Equator in the Pacific In loo 118, ?0 daya
(hip Reporter, at San Francisco, waa 23 days from New
York to tbe B junto? in tbe Atactic, and crossed It In Ion 34.
Pasted btaten land in 48 day*; wae 16 days off Ospe Horn tn
?trorg BB gales. Creased the Equator In tbe TSofia 84 days
Ship Brewster, at Sen Franetseo from New York, wie 2?
days to the gqustortn tb* Atlant a, and croaeed It In ten SI
Wae 68 dave to Cape Horn, and experienced strong galee tor
14 days, during which sprue g for rate it and sustained other
Ship Fiorerce Nightingale, at San Francisco from London,
waa&Scsya to Caps Horn, and wna eft tbe Cape 10 days tn
rtrong gate*, and during that time fori jlbboom and fore top
mast, beside* sustaining other damage.
Ship Coriftne, at Ban Francisco from Boston, urn* 28 days to
the 8ouster tn the Atlantic, and c oated It tn Ion 28. Was 62
day* to Cape Horn, and was off tbe Cape 27 days in heavy
(sirs. In coming out of the South Ohantei lost port anchor hi
a heavy gale.
Ship Rival, at Saa Fraactaoo from Boston, was 36 darn to
tbe i quator la tbe At'antlc, and crossed It la ion 29 Was 70
days to Cape Horn, where she experienced heavy gales for a
number ot days.
Ship Gladiator, at Saa Franetseo frcm Baltimore. soia after
leaving pott found the foremast rtt.en, and wna compelled to
flab tt in outer to carry fall.
Klip Ytetcry- at San Francisco from New York, was 44 Am*
to the Equator tn the Atlantic, and crossed it in Ion 90. Wae
79 dsys to Cape Born end we* off tbe Cap* 12 days In heavy
gale*, during which fori lor* yard, Ac,
Ship Emily Farnum. at Ian Franetseo from New York, was
S3 days from lat 62 S is the Atlantic to 1st 60 la the Paetfla.
Orotstd the Equator March 6(h, br Ion 109.
Bark Comet, at Ben Francisco from St Johns, XX, wna 28
day* to the hqntior in the Atlantic, end oronsed it tn Ion Sri.
Wee 60 dart to Cepe Horn, and waa iff the Cape X days in
heavy gale*.
Hnr Almto. at Cbarierion frcm Boston, while working uo
to Charleston Bar, cot a*bore on the break* r* off Euii'a IslarA,
which ha* caused the vessel to leak.
Bnio Lack a (ct Windsor, N BL Camps 1, 28 days from Bal
timore. with fiouv. Ac, for Port Mush. Ireland, put Into Hali
fax ?&th Inst, having encountered a severe gale, in which her
Mretopmari waa *nt aw sy.
Ha Bnio Asm (of Whtdanr, N 8), Putnam from NYork for
fit John*. XT. with pronators, waa totally loot an Cap* Race
on tb* morula ? of tbe 201b h?t, ard three of the crew drowned,
name* not given. The rarrivers were Captain Petaom Ca
leb rothem (perhaps Putnam), Chariaa Pattamen and Fetor
WDdon, ft H Ysrk. and ffdw Douglas, ofWelt load, NR.
Arrat NewBe-ToAd *Ttk *kfo Ckar'ee W Yw|u. E'olvv,
(lU)* if?, UlMae, X9i 2, V0? ?, WUA
Becdwichtaiaada. Spoke Fat IjSm 60 M km 88 W.dI
???, Soda. KB, iST trth. MX sib. I?ei 11V. ??
q Jcm.JMnt. do.Tl a. 40 wh; wu thus. Ban Fr
etacoJoUiSd^o390 a .'SWfcMbMtaTLST*
W*m W.ipeks liiik SeaFtowar, Maoombar, KB, 1M ap on
? Also err bark Iowa. Marrihew. Atlantic Ocean. Congo riser
last of Fab, with 180 bbia ap 180 do wh oil. and 1000 iba whele
Iba bona. Beports off Congo rtrar I ? . ?
Pan 70 ,0**' Knovofeu.,
Fab, Martoa, Darts,
iur, iiaraiiiBK iL%Rrsm
MlUtaokm, Tuber do, 70 an ; Fro lie Bird, Clark. do, 70 ao on
board; Ofara Bell, BebNns, Malt, 360 wh and a ap whaia;
*Arret*oSib^Mp Ttblgall Tabor,OchotakBaa,Honolulu
For 10. with 900 bb a mTuM do wh all sad 21.000 lbs bona.
Sent home 29 bb'sap, 3993 do wh oil and 60.600 lbs bona. Took
nova 19 bbia an, 9003 do wh ou and eo.fioo iba bona. Took
fblssp oU oo the passage Beporta, spoke Jan 91. lat 66
Ilea 68 W, Banj Turbar. Barber, MB, clean all wall
ir at HoeolnJuFeb 19, ship Omega, He was, 70 an 1900 wh;
i, thjjp Chandler Prlao. Own, from Marquesas, 1000 dM
bona (and eld 10<h). Old rab 19, ahlp Inrte. Lona, d
, ahlp Bnropn, Peaae. to erotaa; bark Harmon/,
900 bbia
Arr at
_. . ^ . whOOOO
Iba bona (and eld 10<h). Old Fab 13, ahlp Intla. Lona, Oehotsfe;
' Alp Bwooa, Fnaae, to or aloe; bark Harmon/, Hemp
Arr at Lehafce Fab 13, ahlp Jacob. WUtalow, nothing thia
aeaaon; )4th, ahlpa BUza Ada ma, Ho wee, 60 ap thta aaaaoa;
fepteewell, Gibba, na oti thta aeaaon: 7th. ahlp Oman. Ban
I era, 10 bbia ap thia aeaaon. Old Feb H, uaorga Washing
Allan, Japan Baa; Xtd, Hetaoom, Woodbrldge. Oehotax
25ih, Bpaadwali, Gibba, Honoltdh; fcth, antp tmege.
Bawea, do.
Arr at Hllo Jan IS, ahlp Mataecjn, Woodbrldgm WB, 400 wb;
27'h, bark Commodore Preble, Frentlee, Ljna, Hip 1900 wh;
Fab 8, bark Lagrange. Thomas, Fatrhareo, 700 aPlw wh; 10th,
hip iuphrates, Kil mer, notnieg tinea laat fall: 11th. ahlp
Northern light, Caapal, Falrharan, 30 ap 130 wh 3000 Iba borne.
Capt Chapel or the ablp For them light, spoke Jan S3, lat 40
W, Ion 103 W, chip Mar/ Ann. Dallmin of]FaljHumrt, 600 bbia
ip. Ate JM l.JbarkBaaFoit^eso ap: 1Mb,ahlp Ataeth/at,
600ap;3tth. ahlpBharoa, 1660 wh
Arrat Fuknhira, Marquesas la lands, Oct 31. ahlp Bpartan,
Turner of Nam ticket, wf h 690 bbia ap (and olft Dee 16); For 1,
ablp Benrr, Bunker, ot Want. 400 bbia ap tend old on the 20th>;
" Nuk Prea-denu Ycung.of Weetport, from Parte. 40 bbia
4th, fcarl
ip (and old on the 12th to oruiaa abont the Islands); Dae 3. ihtp
Columbia, Folgar, of Faat, 330 bbia ap (and eld 31th).
OB King Mill Group, no da a, by latter from Cent Oolaman,
Atlaode, Fan 9W eg; Young daejor. Bmun, sB, lt#6.
At Strong's Island Dee It. Basil/ Morgan, Obaie, MB, 200
Off ooaatof Africa Feb 39, Marr Ann, Maoomber, N S, TSOsp,
nil told; would sail tor home In snoot a month
. At P easant laiand Deo 21 Gratitude, Cornell. WB. 600 wh,
\0 ap; JB Dounell, Cherry,do 1,900 ap, bound WW; Gen Waaa
lrgton. Clamant. NB, c eta. tor Guam and Japan.
Heard irom Pah 47. lat 36 46 8, loo 6150 W, by lattai
Capt Cud wot lb, San rreaeteo, MB, 100 bbia ap 140 do
letter from
. J do htuap
beak oiL
Spoken?Jam 10. near Aaoaruloo, Atlantic, Coleman, Want,
000 bbia ap a I told
Feb 21,lat 1940S Ion36 F, Helen Mar, Worth, MB, no re
Fo data, Ao, Toung Haetrr. Sxlth, WB. 1100 bb's ap.
" blpTTOI ? ? ?
Wo data, Ac, ablp L O Blchmond, ot NB, 400 bbia; bark Arab,
of do 400 do; tb'gi Mogul, Clark 900 do; ahlpa Laonore, Sean
cell. 220 do; Fsptuee. Green, 400 do; LirerpoeL of WB.
Jan 12, lat B0 8. Ion 64, ship Caledonia, of and 6 maa from W
Bedford, on a mute, oil not slated; Jan 22, lat 66 06 B, Ion 61,
ship Bomer, of WB, clean, bound to Worth west Coast.
March 6. lat 23 SO. ion 113 46. ablp Mogul Clark, of WLondon,
from Magdaleoa Bay for Honolulu, wtin 800 bbia oil, taken thia
Sorkew- Dec J6 lat 68 atln N, ton 16710K, Washington,
HoUer, NB. bound to Hong Kong, at the class of the season;
no it port orotL
In Feb, off i'ongo rtrar, MlUlnoket, Taber, NB, 110 so, all
told- 40 bSls on beard.
March IS, lat 36 8. Ion 20 E, was seen an American whale
ship slowing a blue swallow tall signal, with two white letters
. r. igW.
in it; she was a deep ship, ataritng^
April 6, lat 2 40 N, loo 3t> 05 W, Fortune, of nnd tor Wew
April 6
Bp* Hen. ?le.
Ship Butny South, Willis, hence about Karoh 1 for San Fran
claoo, March (not i tb) 16, at tl N. Ion 30 VT.
bhlp O Griimell, fcence lor London, April St, lat 39 49, Ion
70 40.
Ship Champion, of Bath, hauce for Havana, April 22, lat 33
40. icn 71 CO
Baik Warren Hal',at, bound N, no dale, lat 26 60?by (learn
er, Isabel, at Charleston.
bark Baciant, Fdnn, iron Wllmlng'on, HO, for Liverpool,
April 7, tat 42 14, Ion 34.
trig Prea Z tajior, trom Boeton for Georgetown, SO, April
26, lat 37 17, Ion 74.
foreign Porta.
Cztxio, March 10?Arr bark Rodmind, Brown, Om'dera;
19 b, ehipe Hinged Racer, Gorham, Bwatow, with 730 coolies;
204). Defender, Beauchamp, Han Francisco.
Sid 16th bark PatbAcder, KeUooh, K*gland; 19th, barki Bad
mood. Brown, Oblnchss; 20th, Pastern star, Baker, do.
riEirrtrtGOs, April II?Arr brigs Paulina, . Falmouth;
Indian Queen, Brown, Santa Cruz; 16th, ship Onippoe Green,
Bavana; 171b, brig OS Llvermore, Durvall, N York. Sid 13th
barks K G W Dodge Jarvla, MYork; brig* Russian, Gary, do;
Vstacity, Mat on, HaUtai; 16th, Monica, Ferry, MYork.
Arr atdo 18th oark rahtti, isuckman. * York
In pert 13th ship E O'Brien, Watts, for MYork 12 days: bark
Leroy, Smaller, fordo, ldg; brige Rogehn. . and Bene
Fk wer, I lltney, tor do do; Oacelia, ol Prospect, for Philadel
phia ldg; Char ta H Frost Begin, and Moieoo, Perry, dlsg;
eshr Frank A Hall, lor Philadelphia, ldg
Cardenas. April 11?Arr brigs Georgia, Carlisle, and Pana
ma, Clark. Havana; Essex, Linnet, do eld 17th bark Gen
Taylor, Adams, Boeton; brig Manz*n(lla, Bailer, Portland.
Arr atdo 22d schr Thos Dennlaoa. Storr, MYork
^gpanaca. FK, Aprd 12- In povtechr OrmCowl, for SYork
HoKouri.c, March 7?In port ship John Stuart Chamber
tain, from ban FrsacMoofith; bark Washington Altaton, Clapp,
from Valparaiso, do.
Havana, April If?Arr brig Ktagnre, Hart'lug, Lisbon, via
St Thomas; 21st, Ship Rovsr. Davis, N Orleans; steamships
Isabel, Boillns, Charleston; Philadelphia, McGowan. Aspln
wall; 94th, steamship Grenada, Grlffln, MYork Sid ISth, bark
HarramUsfc, Stover. Cardenas; 18tb, ship Indian Quesa, Man
son, Sagua and Boston; bask Scotland. Sh -ckford, Boeton;
brig Ellin Memlhew, Gordon. Bahta Honda; schr St Stephen,
McGregor. Calais; 21st, scbr Young America, Smith, Carde
nas; 23d, Alps Exchange, Potter, Liverpool; Peiethoff. Owver,
Norfolk; Mscedonlan, DUllngham, NOrleans; bark Palermo,
U graham Trieste; brigs Gaegea. Fpear, Bagna; John Pleroe,
Melville, Boston; schr Mozart, Howland, Moniie; 24th, Sloan
Alp Plulade phta, MoGowsn, Aspln wall; bark Warwick, Hall,
EAurax, A pril 16?Arr brigs Empire, Crowell, Ba'tlmore;
Lnuro, fCampbsti, do for Port Bum, Ireland (see Disasters);
PhfladiSpbla ' ?*xler' '?1Um0l'e* Cid 23d schr Sarah, James,
Matabxas, April 17?Arr brig Shihbolsth, Morton, Boeton;
l?tb. brig Havaca, Bead. Asp In wait. Bid 17th sohr Mason
Rogers, rerren. HYo?t;19th, barks Zebra, Crocker, Sagos;
loo 1c, Berry, Portland; schr Booking ham, Hardy, Boston;
barks Octavia Woodbury, Portland; Luelnde. Tarr, Mew Or
leans; E B Hon, Stlpban A York; brigs WmGrotou Webber,
dt; Zenith, 0trii, fi&itiokU6.
Massac. MP, April 2?Arr bark Stanley, Lee, MYork; 6-h,
brig See roam, Parker, Portland.
FkBSAMBrco, March 31?in port bark Catharine Augusta,
Howe, from St Thome*, wtg orders.
Bro JairitRO, March 16?In port, Alp "Sarah Park," from
SYprk tor Cetitornta; bark Lunarttne. Thompson, for Phila
delphia; brig Mehemtah Hand, lnrner, for MYork; and others
as before.
Sagoa la Grande, April 10?Arr bark William, Grev, Bal
timore; 12-h, brigs Blanchard. Biaachard, MYork; 16th Ga
lena, Perkins, Havana; 17th Ships Sarah Boyd, Percy, do; 18th,
Arvum Chase, do; brigs Pcre*t Slate. Blowers, Matanzas; MNh,
Waadsrer, McOarty, Havana; 21st, bark Sebra Crocker, Ber
ry. Mstentas; brig Mary chapman. H1U, Havana.
8t J a go Cuba. April IS?In port bark Rambler, Packard,
for London ready; schr Village Belle, Pedrick, trom Bristol,
yust arr. B'd 13th brig Norfo'k. Emery. Boiton
Air st do 1 lth echrs Coast Pilot, Davis, S York; Baltic, Ste
phens, Baltimore.
t-T Johns, MP?Arr abt April 10 brig B B Porter, Beekwlth,
St John. MB, April 24?Arr ship Morth America, Clark,
BoaIcb; 25th, schr A urea, Floe, Balimore; 27th, Alps Child
ot the Beglment (new), Glover, Owl's Head; Harraseeket
(tew), 1 a.tot Poruand; Montezuma (Br), Sulla. Castlne; tchrs
Aic'tc Bent. Philadelphia; ebbyBMenno, Mussels, MYork;
Waehlngton. Acderson (or Cook), do; Jula, Morttn, Windsor
for a port in UStates, put In for a harbor Ctd 24<h brig Afri
can'Whltmore, MYork; 26th, Boston. M'Curdv, MTors. Bid
24th schr Mecca. Poison, Philadelphia; HJth, Alp Oxford,
Bristol, R: balk Chaster, Crosby. BaUtnors.
Thisi r ad, April 11?Arr brig.Col W Cogglaa, Cogglns, Mow
Y' r); 14'b. brigs B K Eatoo, Baton, Philadelphia; rirmguela.
Staples, Borion; 16th, Anna D Torroy Moore, MYert; a 8 C
Glimoie. Rldridge Fhiadelphie; lith, M 8 C Oourena Morri
eon, B<>too; Andrew Peters, McKarland NYork. Sid llih
Abby Watson, Smith, MYork; 13th, bark Alvah, Mevens, do.
ALF X AMDBIA, April 28-Arr sohr Ju tana, Harding. Bos- I
ton. Sic bitga America, Bobbins, Boston; Shaekford, PaUln- I
gall, Ft John, MB. I
BALTIMORE, April 28-Arr steamer Parker Vein. Baassay, I
BYoik; Atp Richard Anderson, Fitch, Liverpool; berks John I
C Brune, Gayle, Palermo; Solomon Piper. McClnre. Oarde I
raa; brigs Wilibm, Ctask, St Jagode Cuba; Triad, Wooater, I
Attaka;se; Led* of the Lake (Br), Newman, Bermuea; scbr* I
Attant c (Br). Demerrlt, Meamn MP; Sea Gull, Howland, Pro- I
vldeoce; Metis, Crane, Ca-denes; Bsaj Strong, Hawkins and I
fcsrah Mills, Ron ley. MYork. Cid ship John A Parks, Rich, I
aosduIoo; brig Lusllls(Br), Marines, West Indies; schr* R O I
Yt Widen, Jerman, Boston; Enoch French. Lewis, and C T I
Htrorg, Llscum NYork: Chas Whiting. Butter', Providence: J I
W Ledge, Pearl, Me a bury port 81d brig Cenaace, Matthews, I
Boston. I
I9U?Arr steamer Wm Jenkins. Haltatt, Boston; barks So- I
tsh, Attios Halifax; Edw Everett. Lovetand, Boeton; s--.br* I
Ti.be E, Turner, D'ghton, Mas*; M A Shropshire, ShropAlre, I
MYork; Prowess, Hulae, Co; barge Minnesota. Adams, do. I
Cld steamers Caledonia. Baker, and Parker Vein. Rnmsav, X I
Yoik; barks Jos Maxwell, Deris, Lagtuyra: M adore, Oafford, I
Beit IrdJe*; Emily, Ktcbberger, Montevideo aan Buenos I
Ayres; brigs Oregon (Br), Grtsn, St Jo As, NP; 8 G Bass, I
tt tnehetier, Boston; Twilight, Borman, Porto Rloo, Samuel I
Churchman, Loaiy, Richmond; schra SarA Emellne. Wilbert, I
MYork; Kllee, Stewart, Nor lean*; Paragon (Br). Parks, Ball- I
tax; Julia Smith, Orowell, Boston. S.d bark Medora. Suflbrd, I
Wt*< Inpfes: tnlgs LuotUef Br), Masters, do; Storm King, Du- I
bel, Itdianola, Texan. ^ ^ I
BOSTON, April 28?4rr steamer Palmetto, Baker, WJlAel- I
phta; ship lenuo. Barriow. MYork; barks Sultana, Watson, I
Pa onto; Gen Jones, Hodgdon, Baltimore; brigs Amerlka I
(I)titcb), Meerauns, Botiardam; Napoleon, Ingle. Ratanzu; I
Lonisa P Snow, Pierce, Sasna; J M Sawyer. eawyeiuN ur- I
leans; f besapeake, Daley. Jacksonville; Everglade. Weod, I
Chulerton; BlankUr.e, Ha?kell, ttllmlngtm MC; Amos Law- I
recce lap ley, alcnmond; aeora. Chase, ct and trom Alexaa- I
drie; Loci Ttiker. PMiadelphla; Sebao. Sawyer. Readout; I
schrs I Mm over, Atktts. J kernel, Susan Hail. KU born, Jeremte I
via Iragua; Allen Meson Smith. Georgetown, 80; Hnrraa*. I
towmerd. Wl mtaiton, NC; Jamas B Jewett, O tver, and I
Samuel M Smith, Weeks, WaAtngton. MC; Ange las, Herri- I
man, Richmond: Martha Baxter. ud Sylvaaus Allen, Soars, I
AlexAdrta; Wm H At wood, Bmlib, and Partboa, Paine, Tan- I
gier; Albert Dexter. Small, PrederickAurg; J V HiU Foster, I
Tocmlco; k 11 ewls, Berry. Georgetown, tC; David Howes, I
Wllecx. md J Bsker, Baker, Baltimore; J 8 Shrlever, ; I
Julia, Barrett; J R Plater, Gendy; Almlra T, Gaady; Presto, I
In galls; Jus N Bsker. Somen; Charles S Peaslee, Foster; I
kahlon BtUs. Godfre?; Globe, Homer, J H Deputy, Corson. I
helite P, Haley; Imbel'a. Corson: Marr, Rackett, and Ne I
brarka. Gartlll, PhliAe phla; Sophia Godfrey. W11 tluns,8a- I
lim. MJ; Jobn, Cablea, and Mary Langdn, SImonton. Ron I
dout; Bolivar, Rotinooa, do; bd win A elevens, Hodgdon, I
Albany; J alien, Snow, MYork; Isabella, Faniklto, do. Arr I
24th srhis Abby Porsri. Burrows TMg*er; ?b, Washington I
Freeman. Cmt'b do. Via Quarantine, Alp Asterlod, Gar. fm I
Liverpool. Cld Alp Uobert Harding. Putnam, talcum; barks I
J H Ituvall, Mckeraon. Malta: Harvest, Nichols, Bavannab; I
schrs Bar A KTlzabetb, Kelley. MYork; Amelia Rtaricey, WLx- I
on. MYork via Brkgeport. Bid. and anMired la Iks XoAa I
ship Robt Harding, wind SW early In the-morning, afterwards I
NE. Biigs Industry, May Quteo, and J Duffus, eld on Sua- I
day; brig Untie on eat uraay. . _ .. . I
ifrb-Arr berk Virginia Ann, Wylie, Ooltenbnij; briga J I
Harris, Steele, Trinidao; J Montgomery Mclntyre, MasaanUla I
Melazao, Mlcbo's, Masanras; Zoaro, Lelghton. JacksonvtUe; I
Davld B Posnr'Vearie favaniA; Mhra Idm Cwaoo, WU I
mirgton, MC; J R Jewett, Oliver, aed Rtchd Thoexpaoa, Wll- I
etts, WaAtngton. NO; Redtogton. Clark, and ATTrreU. Hlg- I
gin* Phl'ade phJa; Vintage, tWlsmu, Albany; Herbert, Mirk- I
erron BYork. tlgsal for a Alp, oatated black, Howes' rigged, I
and abt 1000 ti.ca. Cld ship* Bombay. HIU; Harry BluS, Red- I
man ardJu'let Mculton, NOrleasa; barks Tedeeeo, reternon, I
It Stephen, NB; Wabrier, Rogers, Baltimore; Chas. Brewer, I
Dsen. Rockland; brig HnmbokE, Gtaa. Caidenan schr Jo I
'let's, B*ksr. Kkhmrnd. Hid. aad anchored In m Ro.da, I
wind NE to K, moderate^ ship* Hntoik. Lmlf PrMfoltn Schil
ler; barkn Dftodfrev. Zephyr; brig Paleriine. Thin Robsit
Harding end brig HunUem went to sea from The- Roads this
"bruAoL, Apt 1126-Arr ?Ar Grace Darllnr., Carr. MYork.
Sid schrs lair Adams, Davis, and Henry G ardner, Brisht
man MYoik; sloops Maria Louisa, and Aril-a, do.
rih-AiV brig AEenua, Eldttldge, Pbllads'.phta. .
2t*th?Arr sAr Wonder, VrenA, MYork ft ,r Pro video OS.
BATH, April 18-Sid Alp Mont Blaar, Omart, Havana;
schr Mew Globe Brook lug*, Bu eksvllla. jfi
CHARLSSTOh, April ??JJrr ri eamAlp Southerner.
Rweo. MYork; bark Dtaaaante (Bpep). Mariatany, ft* reel una;
echrs hoi Batterly, N Ysrk; J T Collin'^ Burr. Brunswick.(Oa).
bonzd to Mew Londoa, put la far a sartor. Cld Aip l.vdta,
jnnae. Uvvrpool; brigs PseqnriU ke Tarragoaa 1 Span) Oner
"twi. niMW ?Trf? on| lom, jirni,vio;
IVhzs ^ri'lvnl T|fjur, 8M?i ARokyr, HcUtfrtt.
I CHaTBAH, April U-ruwd by alSAM.aohr Keen*.
I mOHtOH, April17-Arriohr Fault Orator. Tone. Wtf
m]IO| 21k, ~
Jflti?Arr tohn W H Ttte^mb. Johnson, ftahbuf Bur. Tl?
M?3i5S? Wm?1"1' "* "SfiWl
FAUU K1VKB, April 25?Arraohr Juut Wlno. Um.
Alexandria; Kloutae, Fletoher, Philadelphia. Wto/aSeM
O Uurtoe, Jtmct, Alexandria, Richard Borden, Biker, and
Wlaerva, Wine our. Baltimore; BtnolteoCbmitT^mrn'rU
Udelpbla; United, Bob otnx. Port Bwee;
?wn: aim -ittronant, do. m
? OaLVmTiom, April li-Arr ahlp Wee Mag. BeariT*Y<?k;
15th, brig Nor h,Axworlir, do. C14 llth. t>ark Bnehaaaa,
Doecher, 5Yort; 12J. brig teeta, TrarU, Boatoa; 14th, aohr
Waldobero'; Aim Ira Ana, Buck man. Bappahaaaook river for 1
Ibotnaaloo, Slav, Bucxln>, Luboj tor N London, with laaa Of
boat, g . ley. aid bulwark* etove.
Bam Small. Treadwell, Philadelphia Bar Sa
panofdeokWdof naval atorea; Banua, Cora*a; OoipNa.
Lord; L Andeoried, Til too; tuna Roman. RoMaaaa; ATirre*.
Blgrtna. and Preeto, Clarke, Philadelphia far Boa
BeSa, Godfrey; Lewi* Multord Doyle; laabeila
???. and Jab ex 1, White, Godfrey, na for do; Joba
Readout tor do; K a kt'e, McOlellao, Wilmington. WO, tor
Plymouth; bemoel Oaataer. Weiobra. Philadelphia tar Karhta- ?
bead; i r'an* Plnbhara. do tor Portland;
[defeK^Ww^rtSwmS the above arrival, and Ml
River for Bettaet; BnMmr ra, I
Bid achre W H Attwoed Star.
:hr Jacob A William, Matthew*. '
Clarke Votk
for Porttaed.
? 27th -Arrachr Jacob A WUllam, Katthewa, T< rk tor Phda
thoce before reported la port, exoept eobr Ranger.
Pamed by. herk John ray eon. Providence tar We
Tnrtlana. Tangier Bar Boatoo; aleamer William I,
ladeiphia. PM?Arr brig Are Bennett, Oalaia, for PMladel
phle; achre Try all, Adams, Philadelphia for Mantuqkst; Bel.
Sen Gate, Adama, Boetoafor Jeremle; Abbr LindAey, Nlok- |
w?, do lor Wonka ialnod; CheAeaj Lord!. Partem Kith far
York. C d 7th, echra Ansatis, lolman and Col Lomor, 0m
""i'oaitK, April 22?C'.d hart J?y 5g??;
cobra Moutroee, Wlniiow, MYork; B W Ferrintfton, Britten,
iKlftih hhln Ohlnm. . ? .
tohra Moutroae. winnow.* *w*, ?
Bftitimon. Bid |8ih, fchlp Cblne. niA km* OhutMi'
23d-Arr tblp Meteor, , Liverpool, Uld nri? untmm*
Bener. Cnrdew^ -. -- ?
po 4; Ophelia, Perhtaa, 1
Jueen ot the Meet (Br), Rok?rUon, L
T,U, w
Ftek, Burwwi, Havre; nc?u -
r^S?~Sr^%i^ feS3&SEfiStt
d*?.??_ ??!5R?e'
dan, end Be venue, Bobtoyon, rf?ni nom*m%************ i
from Bio Janelio. Cld aMpa Saml **RM'CtonTffri'
Globe, Baker. Havre: .lota Hpoy, Spew- ,Fat^"?n^L?-Bar
in, rcum t>panJ. Moil*?U-igiie T?rr??pm? RO* B*T
**?? K2^,LS?WM2?a-S&. mE^^ViS
lOWOQ iu am iwh
lend; berk* Jane
MToik: actus Uoied Bladea.HqbMna, ?2^2&i?Sl* nEST*
"SaSirr"i JSuS'b&Sr^Mr,^*'
ft>n suujn?rd, and Iaabella, Jenka. Naw York, John Loaio,
AiS^Mml* nrom*lsock.ind
Bo,coo tor TuZglfT: Coy Ion, (roaa Bocktaod, Bnnay MjB I
Oabome, Vanuc.; Marcellua, and Alpine, ot Brook Una, ?* I
I a ? ? ?? fMvtn Mnr^ntll ?. .1 a* I
*3pfcra3?tt HMtiSEJBSSSL
Tork: achra GoldenBod. B^htn^. BaWo^L
Km. Jiuneaoo, Mtork; qerlg^JaMa.ia, Art
and Mnronl u?. B?ny, do; W Pope, Holman, oo, nanoy
I n.^J _4^v. T AMinUnB BY A rtlATl< - . . u
ena mercei up, *w?/? * *
C^WBbB^OBT, Apii?^rrbri|W^irteto)e, Manna.
11udaoo; Norma, MiUtnn. Cold Spring. Sid ?*. aekr Man
PhilHpn Wea.
Sarah Arn. A! en, hYork. J^oKaa^tUag^riui
?1&SE I
S^bs^Bh jSiSSffi
I CSLH Bowrn; John Compton, Wanrnr, and
I V Bedford: Sarah Atn, AjMkM?Wfl^[ *
hrvajrtof, u?m. Helen.; DAT
linmelSr, Btliea, Provlaei.ee: L, H tndtoott. VanhW^ann
STlTla Htfbee. Huntley, "avrport; Theraaa O, ^ung,
tfJS, Rider, Tall lliver; Oooan Have, Eagllah, oynn, A J
Phi ?a? Old SfiTjbwka Dlllganoa, JghJMBS
I Ortnler? PLatury, Mooilebri, Aftnwjj.
I M{ Br Qea Horsey. Qllkey, do; itenmer i>ooaoi
I French, HYork.
1 WP>^^^SSS5SSiir?M? Tltoomk. *H
I pBV/l AU?atvvw) ?
Tork; ecbrs Freice#
^IhjS.lT^ry, i^^nSffgSLjySaglB
I Bahcoek, KwSanelpBla; Borion, Llago WTor*. atoopan
IfeUCOeK, rniMMiiywi ? ?
?ary AnM^wwen,MPMfL^-, Rnaer.and "*?" * '
pyzsrmwsrB&mi** ? *?J2?2a^S55i?
Velaer, Port Ewen. Maria to^Speamer^jM^
cr, n
York. 81 ? .
?SCSKfr.MmWaahWTh^. MMW|
JS b.i* IS; ?ssmJISfblJSH^Sl ?
I Pl7T;?ia4iH^^ltofcMkAlbaaj ; I W OoakUn, Plnaa/^at
%bSS ^and Compkanee, Br^rn,
^'^Zn^Sihia,' ?d Oomptanaa.
SSSSjm-KOSTSl ^U^hworihjnd^^ 5J5?
Toft: ^Q^ PMfWgr, MM*aL BawSu _
Hallork. dc; Anny^. Wl^. B^donl. BW^M^Oign H
Bird. Olbba, and Frnncta Freort. Baw wa, naujnom, H
ff?n^?^^tf7Ald^b 8Tork< MknJTon" ?
rrer?cb, to ;"j^WarT^aker.
Pert Kwcft; eloop Motto, Pool, do. B.d ecertA uiMi
Orawftied, Philadelphia; ? Daridaon, Long. HYork, aloap
April 28?Arr aehr ? ? ?P^ ^
rRichmond. >p^i*-s^^.?^nrsUtaS5u
Matnnaaa; CornaUa, Ro.?or, ^r?tm ? ni Vf I
Cbaa Parker, Compton, ySSg"* Bomam'
I ? ?lh In JSUMSti! Hew Tork; aMr
a?-?A^?a^i^?"^' ,
?fiSSBfSlrVw Kbr Beauchmnp, Harwnad.
kotr. S|nS
Cnllae; April let, aWp. iWdan *?*?JoS*
Zesohia, Tliaen, ? fiSBafiXdSSuPlW
?aVajHi AH. AptII 28-Arr act
SALEM. April ?-Arf brif ??? ^Boa TH8P.
? "-???l,il" ""
"CTAf'fR ?rk ?j2i?-S,.%SSS-Tdi
I Tceiwl#j|''eOMtT* ' ^?- '

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