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iwtowl, *e.
T*Ornu.?We ere positive.> assured ttkt U? pn
MBk s?ibslily prapmu opw ihim at the Awl*
?qr of Mnsio will elose with this twk, iat that the Now
Took public will only have two ep partus! tlai after to
night of hear'ng the units rani favorite, Do Lo Orange -
thOfiiM donna who never disappoints an aadlanas.
Tkla Mag the ansa, <t behoove* tbooo who have beta *o
fcUfuanttv delighted by tho famuu* maestro, Marotsek,
to go to work tad got his up ? beaeflt, auoh m ho fairly
dooorroo. Mainly through hi* tal?nt ood exertions, opo
rto ho to of ioto boot rendered ? unexoeptlonebl* otylo;
hio etroor to t manager, tboug i brio/, boo booa taproot
doatodly brilliant, and it now devolves upon tho votaries
of good aausi* to mo that bo >0 tho recipient of t real,
ouboUntial benefit?ouch as no othor maootro ever ro
ooirod at their hoado. Verdi 'a opera of " Luioa Miller"
U to bo gtToa tan oroning, with Mme. La Orange la tho
principal oharaeter.
Broadway Thxatrk?During the part wook thio hooi*
hao booa goaorally well filled by tho frtonde and admirer*
cf Mr. and Mrs. Barney WlUiama, who aro annouaood to
commeooe tho forty-fourth n ght of tholr Tory ouoiooofnl
engagement this evening. Tho burlesque purporting to
ha to hooa expressly composed, written, arranged and
adapted for Mrs. William*, called "X. L., tho Female
Forty ThioTM, or Fairy Filibuster*," hao boot with
drawn, after a run of eix n'ghts. So long a* those artiste
continue to ottraet fuil house* with comparatively old
but always favorite please, It seeme like throwing money
away whoa they pay it tor oew ones; unions they aro of
tho boot olasa, tbey might ae well etlok to tried aad popu
lar ploys. To-night ibis oonple plsy in throe or tholr
moot anaiing pieoee?"Young America," "Darby O'Don
noli," and "It's tho Custom of the Country."
Wailack's.?Tho disiloguishtd actor and manager, Mr.
Wallaek, closed hie brilliant and highly profitable series
cf fifty perKrrrenie* with hie benefit last Tueiday. sine*
which tlsuo that old fsvuri e, Mr. H. l'latide, aso'stod by
the strergth of tho talented a'ock company, has been
dedgutiog the patrons ot Ihi, estahlliinont witn good old
comedieo played In rsre "ty!e. Th9 3hak*perean enmedy
of tha "Twelfth Mght," aad ih? oapital tare* ef "Mew
Year'* D*y," which were produoed for Mr. Walcott'a
benefit on Saturday, will be repeated this evening. The
c*/-t of the former embraces Messrs. Placide, Lester,
Pyott, B/ooghair and WtIco', Mesdames Hjey, Conover
acd Waoot.
Bi'ktoc '8 ?Maatger Burton, altera long and exceed
ingly arcuous sieg? ot constant actirg, daring which
time be frequently persci.aud two enl three of hie pope
lar characters in the course of an evening, last Monday
gavn way to the favorite actress, litss Agues Ribsrtson,
aad ofed author ?ud actor. Mr. LHon Bcurclmuit, wh>
pieytd to fxcoi'eut audit-ucs throughout the week. No
bct*tr evidence of their success is reijuireJ tban ths fact
that M- iiurion has le engsged them for thsoomiog weec.
It is h< pod that, before "bsy close, he will find himself
sufficiently ieiuvig;.rat*d to add the weight of hU own
comical aci .'.Irs to their cas's. A new five acf play,
celled " The Life of an Actress," and of which we mey
L?ve scree1' ing m re to say hereafter, was p-cduted for
Sit . 3 Ritertscn's benefit Wet Saturday, aad wlil he re
p-.ated 10 niijht. It li vary lengthy, occuoytsg tn* en
tire tvetdag in reprossntattoie; is re pie a with Bturtling
Incident', and was written by Mr Boureicault expressly
lor Mies Robertson
Laura Kehti'- ?This elegant, popaiar'y conducted and
fiae.yviuti.e e'. nearte -wnlinues a great foe is of at
traci-n to 'he eulii'.ufe rf amusement seekers, includ
ing a 'a-ge pcrncn of the refined and the fash oaable In
the early part of the week Miss Keene personated the
leidirg female characters iu the " Marble Heart," the
41 La y 0/ Lyons," " Cumilie " and Mr. Wiikna' spark
ling littuj com?'y, " My Wi'e'a Mirror." Unfortunately
the fn.- K ofgere * brcs-ne aiiiieted with a ?? Vsrj cold
on Thnndsv, sn-l wis obliged to withdraw till this pvsu
1cg. when sits reappears as the heroine in a new fire act
p ay, w ifieo by Mr. Brougham, entitled ' Jene F.y re, the
Orptat ot Lowoed," founded on the celebrated novei of
that nemo. The other cbarao'ers are admirably dia
tribcted a-nong Messrs. Jo*dar, B**?, Hall, Dickinson,
Johnston end Carp>nter, Uuwee Reigno'd", Wells, Mo
Dooagh acd Waiters, Mrs. Leedernier, &c. " My Wife's
Mirror" U the afterpiece.
Koto's Gauex has been filled to ovarflowing of late
by the adtciews ef unapproachable pamomim'.c ac'ing,
of eiegent teipeichorean performances, and of really
astouiicg tight rope evclu Ions. With the reno vned
Sirla, ii'.ie Robert, aad other aceompllehsd members
the ba let corte, and the unrivalled Heng er, playing
the violin ar d htating itedhrum while turning somer
tl't on the ccrd? all perMhning on the same night?it
cot to be wondered il all who aeek admission cannot
arcmmodated with seats. To-night, Mr. Heng'eris
to open the tctertaioznents, and add to the already great
amazement tf thoto who hare seen him, by executing a
eo.o cn the piano while turning somersaults on the tight
rope The pleasant ballet called "Flora and Zephyr,"
and grand spec'acie of "Mazulm" consti.ute the stage
repreeeu atlccs.
Bo web Y Ti'>_atre.?The necromantic maeisal romance
s'yledtne " Devil's F.iixlr; or, Shadowier? Man," which
was piaeed on the swage and performed in exceedingly
creditable style, was played every night last week, with
the exception ot Thundey, when some half a dozen
pieces and innumerable songs and danees were executed,
for 'he benefit of Mr. Joseph Miles, who must have an
immense number ot friend*, if the densely thronged state
of the house on the cocaslcn is a fair criterion by which
to est'mate them. Mr. E. Kd iy, a great favcr.te with our
theatre goers, commences a at art engagement tblt even
ing He e<eays the charae'er of Masbetb. in Sbakapere's
fsmous t needy of that nam*, and will reoeive the sup
po.-t cf Vif-ra. Prior, Griffiths, and other leading meat
ier? cf company. This announcement itself would
at since' any time be quite sufficient to attract a
la-g<> sui . uoe, but whwn It 1* added that the "Devil's
E.lxir" ut to follow the tiegedy, it may re* sac ably be
expee'ed that the house sill be crammei from b**e to
Bhoatwat VAKSttffl?Those dfmloitivs bu' at
mre 'ut , immeoie favorits* with the pleasure "M ijr
pub ic 'be Wood k Herat jnvtnile com*.. at;.". *r) 'o make
tb-ir afpeoance la entirely asw -;t .?r'c- (to th. m)
tb:s trmtg. They bate de'e.in.ii . ?fs-d their
it';<*<}) < is .rguished reputation ap-T tbn cociia p'r.-ce
of "Tbe Tcodlee," and they tilll sncce*. bol>' bo bate
seea them can entertain a doubt Man. 6 eat go pcr
?or.aUi Mr. Toodlee; Little Mary, Mrs.JToodU ?, an 1 Mis*
Lcui<e, George Aoorn. The performance# commence
with tne amuiicg farce ceiled "Perfection," in which
the child.ea here gained such enviable notoriety.
EmtM Ball ?The mre; flattering encouragement la
nigh iy til rfled to the elegant tableaux produced at this
bail, uo'?r *he direction of Manager Keller?such en
eonregfR;'nt ae it ie believed will ere long induce him
to peimat...nUy loeate In onr city. Artlate and erillsa,
the educated and refined, all coincide in the opinion that
Mr. KeUar'e pictures eciipee everything of a like charac
te- hitherto seen; and especially thoee which purport to
be representation* of the work* of world renowned
ar'K'e, are atrletly correct In all their detail*, even to
the minuteat shadowing la addition to the tableaux, of
which teveral new ones will he given to-night, the spec
tators are favored with a variety ot fine vocal and instru
mental music, by Mate. Lovaxny, Herr atcepel, the Ger
man la Quartette Club and a euperior orchestra.
Wood's Krasran*.?During the past fortnight Mr.
Wood's commodious and el gaat hall fcai been well SUed
with spectators, Who have been moot lavish In their
applause of a new burlesque, styled the " Mischievous
Monkey " This affair, whioh appears to have l?en spe
cially designed to introduce the faeedoui G?< rge in a
new character, that of the cute animal, has met with the
most uci "ended success. It will be performed all tela
week, p.e-rded by tha usual variety of songs, dances, k"..
Allan Isvimi gave 1 Is grand annual concert at Niblo's
ealooo, on Saturday evening. A numerous audlenc
was gratified with its sueeeae, the popslar manager being
eceis'sd by Vestvali, Badlaii sod Cersea. Veetvaii's per
formanoes gave the highest sat is (action, though mlnglel
wl h rsgr?ts that it was ber last appearance before a
New Yort aadi'nc*.
Concert To-ski ST?This will be a grand mu'ieal gala
week at Niblo's Saloon. The celebrated Pyne as
fltrroon Rrgiish Opera Troape give tbsir first con
eeit tbere this evening. Tneir programme contains a
choice array of the most popular sentimental and buff >
songs ballads, glees, Ac., in the English language, be
sides '' I'crehe non ho," from "Lucia di Lamnermoor "
" Tor nam a dlr" from " Don I'asquale; ' - D valor del
euo BtriUo," from "II Trovatore," and "Deb eoo
Ueta" from " Norma"?in all which Miss J.oulsa Pyne
appears in tha course of the evening she will also sing
"Home Sweet Home," and " The Sky-lark," for 'he
beauttfai exeoution of which she has became eons pi cu
cusij famous- Thoee nho expect te get Inside the sa
toou should gt early.
Mmu. Isisoua Clam announcer, a concert at N'lbio'e ??
loeu for Tuesday evening. The eeleetions embrace a
aumbee of the beat muileal compositions by Verli,
DouUsetti and other great author*. These are to be exe
ectslby Mxm Clarh, Hlgnorl B-'gnoll, Atnodfi and M*u
eouehl, aas'?*?!'y a fu,'. orchestra aonducted by Mr.
flu gweer
Mm. rtfilU ptlfOM |Ml| I *??* ? ?* **'
bio's tialooa oa Thursday. ft? will be *Mj MMitcfl by
Mr. CottMfteft, Sif mti Brigooli onfl Badlali, Mr. Out
Walla, andoooduetor* Albitee ut Mantoimhl. Fart ens
01 Rceelnl's, Verdi'*, Doaieetti'eand Gottsckalk'e oempo
MUom ere embraced la the program**
Mb. Foaxxb will (in one of hi* pl*u*nut entertain
ments , ~-?-???t"f of ?hotohM oT eminent compo*er* and
other di*tlnful?h*d personages, at the Polyteohaie In
stitute, Brooklyn, next Thursday evening.
Bt cklxt's Ball.?Every body who deelree to beeeme
thoroughly posted respecting some cf the thrilling laei
dent* oonneoted with the lerolutionary war, should see
the great diorama of the " Battle of Banker Hill and Con
flagration of Char lee town."
Broadway ATHxaai*.?By the expenditure of twenty
Ave eente and a oonple of hoar*' time yoa gain quite a*
mush, if not mire, information concerning the principal
cities of Europe than you could by making a flying trip
over that continent. The panorama 1* one of the largest
ever exhibited.
DueexLToor Gallxrt.?The "Martyrdom of Hum and
other great picture# In this gnUery are worthy the
attention of all who profess to hare a taste for the flue
arts. The eolleetion is the largest in this country.
Mibckllaxvocb.?Mr. J. W. Wallack, Jr., will shortly
lee re this country to fulfil engagement# in London, Purls,
and Australia. It is nnde.stood that negotiations are
peading for his appearance at the Bowery prior to his
depart ura.
Mr. Duffield, late acting manager of the St. Charles, at
Mew Orleans, has leased the Mobile theatre. Mr. W. H.
Crisp is making arrangements to build a nee thea
tre In the same city. He Is the present manager of the
New Orleans Gaities. and was lately presented with a
splendid service cf silver plate by the citizens of that
placa ou the occasion of his benefit.
Meters. E. Eddy and C. J. Smith, manager# of the
Troy Adelphi, have engaged the services of Mynheer
Glenn, the favorite delineator of Dutch and comical ehar
aeters, for five nights. Mynheer commences there this
evening. He and Mrs. Hough are reported to have made
the necessary arrangements for starring it together next
fall. In the meantime the lady offers brilliant induce
ments tor authors to furniih her some new pieces.
Mr. W. C. Forbes, late manager of th? Providence (R.
I.) theatre, has recovered $2,1100 fiom the proprietors of
that establishment, for neglecting to deliver it to him
folly stocked, as per agreement, two year? ego. He has
now opened Liberty Ball, in New Bedford, as a theatre.
The Gabilel Rave! troupe ere to be in Boston next
Mr. Henry Welle k is to be stage manager of the Boston
theatre next seas u.
Mies Heron will remain inactive till August, when she
commences an SEgn^rnent at Chicago.
MLs Adelaide Phi lips is giring concerts in the towns
and cities of New England.
Mr. Harry Wat kins, who has been f:r some time en
gag'd in very successfully managing one or two Wes era
theatres, is about proceeding b; Europe for the benefit of
his health.
Wb?n last heard from Mi is Kate Hayee was givltg o?
certs at Hobarts Town, and Mme. Anna Bi.liop at Syd
ney, Australia. Gustavua Brook, Fanny Catbcart and
Lola Mcn'es were playing in Sydney.
A Hint for oitr Mas At, rag ?A letter from Pari* say?:
Tntre is one thing in this piece of ?'Cimme il vous
plaira" wMoh I have never sesn before, and which they
say is now done for the first time on any stige Instead
01 having the scone representing a wnca, and a chamber,
anc a sneet, etc.. ail on th? saui? board*, they make an
artificial ground by covering the whole stage with painted
canvase, ntder whica are represented the natural irre
gularities of the gnund, flowers, rock? and banks, and
al! that sort of tbir g extctly as in nature. Von have
no idea how perfect th* Illusion Is; and the only wonder
is that it has not been tried be ore.
A Good Rkasoci,? Itschel ha? two son* in an lcstltu
ticn of high repu'e, wh?re the Arjhbishop of Paris was
lately making a past' ral vUit. His Graoe, finding the
two brcth?rs very well versed hi the catechism, compli
mented tie motntr on the religious instruction she had
caused to be given to them. "Certainly, yonr Grace,"
was the reply; "their fathers were Christians."
Boston ?Benefits have been on at the Boston theatre.
Mr. J. B. Wright, the efficient etsge rauneger, had hi?
benefit on the 19.h. The Gazette cay?:?
A meriirg of greenhouse keeper* and gardeners of this
ricini'v sill thonly be held to see what testimonial can
?. , . i r? ~ ?..A TXTaava? 4a* ihais
?IC IDi J+lH mwrii; UY7 AAVAV w nW " "*? ' * * ~ ~~
bf ifccdfied to MehdameB Barrow and Wood, lor tnotr
Beneficial influence in Horticulture.
Something ought to be done be-eforL* Grange and
Vestvati. Mr. Davenport i* playing at the Nation
al theatre, and Mr. Proctoi has keen starring at the
Museum. Mr. James Bennett commence? there to night
ITuladkuhia.?Mr. Brougham's version of "Jane
Eyre" has been done at the Arch. Mr. Wallace, the
proprietor of the Am?, has written a new fhrce, " tit for
Tat," for Mrs. Bowerw.
CrscnsxATI.?Gayler'e ecmedy, " Taking the Chances,"
has been brt ught out here irith success, MsVicier and
Mi*. Frost playirg the principal parts. Mr. E. L. tilton,
formerly of the Bowery, had a complimentary benefit at
the People's last mk. Mr. Hrary Mathewman. an Eog
liah pantomimist, died here last week.
Chicago.?A movement is on fiot here to build a new
theatre, of which John Brougham and McVieker will be
the managers. A strong team. Mrs. Miriam G. Kobb
(formerly Miss Goodenow) died at Chicago on the 24th
ultimo. Mrs. Ribb about seven years ago became a
member of the celebrated troupe of vocalists, the Alls,
ghariais, with whom, for about three years, ehs travel
led through the Atlantic States, winning admiration and
esteem from all, as much by her amiable deportment and
engaging person, as by her rich end melodious voice. As
a ballad singer she was almost unequalled. About four
years ego, she accompanied the Alleghealana to Califor
nia. There she met with Mr. T. P. P-obb, a former aoqualn.
tance, and ttey were married She afterward* made a
professional tour through all the towns of California, and
In less than two year* accumulated a handsome fortune.
She retained to this 3tnte somo flf eeu months ago, and
early last January removed to Chicago, where she has
?Idc remained.
?'.rx Rivn, Makf?Emergen, Senford & Flake's eom
Phi, , Ui re been p'.syirg here.
. .m C. W.?Mr. Devidge commenced hie Canadian
U ur here on the 19th.
L> js ?Grlei has re appeared at the Gye Opera atd
n ha* Bosio. Mr. and lire. I lorenoe were at Drury
Lane. The Times says:?
The Yankee ' gal," of humble life, a* delineated by
Mrs. Florence, ia a being to vhom halt measure* are un
known and who wtulfl be drted'ully puzzled if she had to
find an English *qti! relent for the French word nuance.
If the i? abashed she buries her face in herepron? i! she
Is kindiy disposed to an admirer she pokes him in the
ribs?if she frels her cignity c :mp-omlse l her first ten
dency is to ilap the face of the offender?If the deeire of
gaining a "bard dollar" steals upon her mind ehe
soorns everything like a hint, end with the moet bust
n#?s lie air asks, "Wbftwi'l you gi'e met" And all
this Is so heartily done, with such an appearance of in
trinsic frankness and good nature, that the result is
almost fascinating, while the movements acquire a sort
cf active grace Item their uncontrolled wi.dotes We
have had plenty of male delineators of Yankee pseoliarl
ty, and some of these, we suspect, have rmthaf owed
their position to the circumstances of oeing b^rp amid
the round of a certain dialect thsn to any oiatiaetive
talent; hot from these Mrs. Florence it wholly distinct.
She Mtarally sparkles with vivacity; and. whiia much of
her attraction daper da on the novelty of the character
she represents, she most convince every spectator that,
under whatever drcumstace.es she had made her studies
of humanity, she still would have been an Intelligent and
efficient actress.
Paris, &c.?The new pieces don't seem to amount to
mash. Broban has sued Figare for a libel, but was
A most attiactive oonoert was given at the Halle Hen
by Mile. Huet, when Mme. Rlitorf declaimed one of her
favotite peerages, afer which U Ssmson read a short
poem, paying an eldqneot and enthusiastic tribute to the
talents of the great tragedian. It wu applauded with a
wa*mth which left no doubt as to the genuineness of the
admiration for "la MhlirM Mme. Ritt/ori," to use the
words of M. Hems n him elf. M. Selomoiski, a barytone,
and M l'oiti, a tenor, also came in for a fair share of the
honors of the ?v?nlog.
The JvurruH <ie Irar.kfrti says that Htandigl, the cele
brated bass singe;, bas gone out of his mind. His Intel
lect had been failing for a long time, and he haa lately
been removed to a Inratic ssylons. The same journal
says that Mme. Helnfstter, (who sang in the German
operas with Standigl in Iondon), has died in a state of
insanity, brought on by fhe lose of her fortune.
Personal Intelligence.
Ex Governor Bfgler, of 'lalltornia. Senator Blgler, of
PmuasyIvanla, H"n. .lames Lyon and Colonel Thomas H.
Kill*, of Virginia, are in Wasalngton.
Ex Governor Coiwin rppeored in Court In Cincinnati
on the '2M instant, tor the first time since the accident
of Is*' winter, by whiah his tbtgh was dislocated.
for < "hsr.eston, in the steamship NarhvlUe-J Vanneit, R M
Rhi S7, V. W fiacsn, Owen Lynch end lady. A Cunt Ingham,
'? Potter ,fr Tbomaa Lang. A 8 Peaee aod lad/, A H Hicks
?u.c isdr, Mrs Adams, Mr Backler, F H RaliosAfrs Jan Btun
phrey H A Hnmpbrey, J H Burton, Bar J D Campbell, lady
and three thtJdwn, Mrs A Roberta and two children, Mrs
QuIntra] sod child, Joo Jorj, M R Bldweil, H H TutUe, F O
Mitchell, W?J i>norma, T C Cronkhi e, W A Burroughs, D
Wallen.C F.Scott, K A Mart hall, F O Wadeworth, W a Racy,
B DtcWcsrm. Wm Obtirrbld, Jne L Kemp, and thirteen In the
For London In ship Iwmdon? Mr and Mrs John Marker ns,
Mrs Blsnd sad two children, Mrs f, P Holmes, Ww* Bunrm, Or
HOW Til 111 Mil Ml 11 OOMBOOTBD, AMD tmi Til
wood oomm two*?ran, hokobt, oa, maflb,
During the put fifteen ** twenty yean the flruwood
trad* bM increased to an almost Incredible extent. Un
like many otbar trades, its growth has not boon limited
by that of the elty, nor has It laoriand In proportion
with ths iaorsaso of ths population. Twsnty yuan ago
the amount sold annually did not ex seed ths sum of two
hundred thousand dollars, while the yearly sales are
now estimated at two millions and a half. These figures,
we should state, are based entirely on estimate, es there
are no ether means of eaoortaialag the amount of the an
nual oonsumptioa. ForsMrtjr firewood was purchased al
most exclusively for douteftio use, but it la new used In
factories, mill* and steamboats mors than over, and ths
great demand for It on railroads has eontiderably aug
mented (he prices. Aa la the ooal trade, the business
varies With the season ot the year, and Is always
more lively from the 1st of October to ths Christmas
holidays, at which tisaa our people generally lay lu their
supply of winter fool. In the months of February
and March the trade begins to revive again, and
the dealers, the eartmen and the wood sawyers are kept
pretty active Ull about the middle of Msy, when it falls
off sgain, and osaUnue* at the lowest ebb throughout ths
summer season.
Ths wood market, if we may so call it, Is not confined
to any particular locality, but exteudi along nearly the
whole length of the North and East rivers, within the
limits of the city. On the North river the wood yards, ae
they are termed, commence at or uear Washington mar
ket, and are to b? found at iutervala from that paint up
to between Thirtieth and Fortieth streets, ths largest
number, however, being In the vlelmity of Spring. Oa
the East river their extent is a little more nondnsd,
beginning at or near Rutgers slip, and terminating about
twenty -flf h street. The "wood yards" must not be con
founded with tic timber yards, aa there ie a very great
difference between them. Wbil* the former are situated
portly rn the piei s and partly cn the streets,along the bulk
head', and have not their limits confined by walle, the lat
ter are mslcly off the street, and walled in. The dealers in
firewood hire or lease the ground at an annual rent from the
owners and their buvines* U, or rather was, regulated by
an ordinance which has long niece become obsolete.
Tlere is no trade, perhaps, which le free from impcsltioa,
acd It would be absurd, therefore to expect that the
wo <1 dealers, though as respectable as any other class, are
exempt from the charge; but we believe they are smoig
tbe mo't houest. Still, housekeepers complain sometimes
that they do n:t receive tu'l measure, and that it is not
always quite up to the mark presort xd by the city or
dlnsuce. Acc rding to this ordinacoa, the load is mea
sured ty stakes on the cart, within a space of two
feet five inches by two feet sine, the height to which
the wood is piled being in proportion to i s leng'h. This
is the regulation, hut it is net always complied with,
as we have intimated, nor ar* there any means of
doing so, unless by the passage of a new ordinance.
The 'rati* has oertalniy reached an extent to justify the
ptessge of such a l*w?acd we submit the subjeot a*
one deeervlcg the conridere'.l&n and attention of our mu
nicipal legislators.
Its supply o.' fire-wood for the whole city is obHinod
by means ot beats, and is brcught from New Vjrk, New
Jersey, Conneeiicit, Virginia, and North Carolina. The
beat* are of all aires, ranging from two hundred down as
low as forty ton*. There are, it i* calculated abrut two
hundred el! (get her, and the average value of oachii es
timated at four thousand <!o)l?ri. T1 is give* an tggro
gate of eight hundred th usand dollars, which we are
assured Is rather under than ever the actual amount.
A considerable number of these, however, are not ex
clusively engaged In the firewood trade, hut during the
dull seasons are ccoupied in carrying other kinds of
freight. It I* very rare that the dealer* have any pro
prietorship in the bo*! a, and the wholesale trade, which
is confined almost exclusively to their owners, is con
ducted on a different system frgpa -the retail
business. The syrtem is, however, Jest as simple and as
easly understood. The captain, who Is not unfre
qeently part proprietor, la responsible for the payment
ot the crew, and, in consideration therefor, is allowed tc
freight ore half the revel for his own profit. Th* other
ball belongs to the proprietors; and If the osptaln be a
proprietor In part hs is allowed a share fn the profits
proportions'* to his ownership. No matter what msy
be the risks incurred by delay* or ether tosses, accord
teg to the terms of tbe agreement he is held responsible
for the psyment cf his men. He also sells the wood to
the retail dealers, landirg it at the point from whloh It
iscispoeel of by Uism to the consumers. Ten or fifteen
years ago it eras Ike practise to sell the wood from the
deck of the vtssel by retail; but the business has increas
ed to such an extent that the boats find the wholesale
trad* more profitable, and have now almost wholly
abandoned the retail butlner* The wood Is sold
at wholesale by the cord, each cord consisting of
tbres leads. It Is not, as a general thing, so subject to
fluctcatirns in the price as ether articles of domestic
use; and aa the supply 1. eeidem below the demand, It
generally remains at the same rat* from month to mon' h.
Tbe greatly increased consumption within the laet fifteen
or twenty yean has, as we have said, necessarily led to
an increase in the price. Tn* following a-e the rates at
which firtwood ia cold at present:?
Bt iih Cargo. Per Oord.
0?k firewood $6 to $6 60
Hickory firewood 6 &0 to 7
Pine firewood 6 to 6
Maple, beech and birch 5 to 6 50
Retail Pricm. Per Load.
Oak firewood 181, to *?>'.
Hickory firewood 20s. to 22*.
line firewood 18s. to 00*.
Maple, beech and birch 18s. to 20*.
Our principal supply of pine oomes from Virginia and
8outk Carolina, and ia more extensively used than any
other description. In fas*, we bcTe been told that
the consumption of pine In this olty exeeeia more
than double tbe amonnt of all othar kinds. It
ii used elilefl j for firewood, as it U ran oh easier to
kindle tban ctber wood, and is also in greater demand for
factories, mills, stsamboats and railroads tban aojr other
While it is superior to oak, hickory and other hard wood
for lighting fires, it Is inferior to these, in the opitlon of
tbe eoonoroieal housekeeper, on account of its burning
more rapidly. It makes, however, a pleasant, qjieerful
fire, and from its ie*taous quality is Mid to give out
mora heat. A portion of tha pine sant to the New York
market comes from New Jerrsy, bat it is so small that it
ia hardly deserving even of mention.
Hiesory Is, as may be seen from the foregoing table,
the highest in price, and comes under the denomination
of hard wood. It is a particular favorite with economi
cal housekeepers, on aocount of its "lasting" qua
lities, and nszt to pise is more extensively need
lhan any other kind of firewood. It is pro
cured principally from tbls State and New Jersey,
and occasionally we get a supply from Connecticut.
A large proportion of our supply ecmee by tbe way of
the Raritsm canal. Hickory has been known daring a
severe winter season, wben there was a deflslancy, to
bring $3 % a lead.
Oak is not so abundant In our market, aid is, we be
lieve, generally considered Inferior to hickory. It comes
also from this State, Connecticut, and New Jersey. B-eth,
birch, and maple are regarded by some as superior to
biekory to the amount of from two to fonr shilling* in
the cord They seldom, however, come separate, but are
mixed up with hickory.
The retail dealers on the North and East rivers num
ber about on* hundred, and each of these furnishes em
ployment, or is at least the mesas of giving enploymen
to six eartmen and six word sawyers. If to these we add
tbs captains of the vessels engaged In carrying wood to
New Yoik, and a crew of Ire to each, w* have a total o
two thousand five hundred persons who are directly de
pendent oa tbe trad* In this city. In addition to these,
there are a large number of grocers In the poorer locali
ties, who sell firewood in still smaller quantities than the
dialer* along the tiveia, so aa to bring it within the reach
of thoea who are usable to buy a load at a time. By
these the woed is chopped ep and split, after which it Is
tied In small bundles, and sold at from six penes to a
shilling a bundle. Quito a flourishing little business has
also D?en etmblished by wood pedlar* within the last
four or five years, and In soma quarter* It is now a com
mon sight to see little boys and girls bearing on their
heads small hamper baskets, surmounted by a pyrnnid of
firewood, almost ss tall aa themselves. What tbe poor
have to pay for a load of wood in this form, and sold la
this w?y, or how much tbe poor Httie pedlars realise, we
cannot say. We are safe In saying, however, that the
peor pay more than double tbe amount for which it la
sold by the first retailer, and for which tboce who are tor
better able to pay higher prtae can purchase it.
The woo ("sawyer* obtain a rather precarious subst*.
tence from their business, and, exospt atoertain season*,
are not so wsil paid as common .'sbnrsrs. Thee* are
very *ew, 'nieed, who ran p-ocu re steady employment a
anything who will tnu i at meh ill-requite* later when
than U plenty of otter work. An expert ha ad will ear*,
with tail employmen , u much m eight or aiae dollar* a
weak, bat tbcro art month* whaa ho doo* not roads* too
dol or*. Many of tho woo*aawy*r*_indeed, th* majo
rity of them?ar* poor, broken down, superannuated la
borer*, wbo ar* enable to erawl up a ladder or *hoolder
a hod, and who take to this aa the last resort to proeur*
a subsistence. They take ap their station by th* wood
pile, seriously lookinf oat for eoatomers, and where
there are six or seven to the on* pile, or th* oae yard
we should say, they take the customer* In rotation.
This prevent* 111 feeling and jealousy on th*
part of any. They * en* rally get three or four
shillings a load for sawing, and even then
although It I* sometimes not more than one half tke pro
fits realised by the dealer, they ar* occasionally obliged to
rednee their prioee to conform with thoso rigid rules of
domestic eoonomy which always find th* poor th* best
snbjaet* to praettoe upon.
Tho ahawoee of th* wood sawyer, poor a* they are,
hare bttn rednoed considerably by the application of
steam to hi* branch of th* business. Companies have
been started within tke past eighteen months, called
Kindling-woed Aaeoeialions, which saw, out np and fur
nish the wood in boxes, ready for use, without farther
trouble. Thee*, we understand, are doing a thriving bu
siness, although serious complaint* are mace against
some that they do not give full measure.
The number of cettmen wbo are employed in oartisg
wood about the city is estimated at 6ix hundred, but
as it does not tarnish them with sufficient work, tkey a?
oept any odd job* which they may be ao fortunate ss to
get. Their usual rate for carting a load ot wood Is two
shillings, bnt this Is regu ated by the disrates?although
it seldom exceeds that amount. The amount of capital
which they have invested in the business, in the form of
oarta and horeee, Is about ten thousand dollars, which Is
held In shares of one hundred dollars eaoh?the estimat
ed value of each horse and cart. This, added to the
value of th* vessel* employed in brirging firewood
to New York, makes a total of eight hundred
end ten thousand dollars. How uu>h more the
amount would be Increased by the addition of the various
litte Investments of the Itinerant juvenile retailers it
would be a difficult m\ ier to calculate. The ?fcjarity
nnd a largo majority, too?of the cartmen own the horse
and cart they drive, out -oaie are employed by the deal
ers at a regular salary. This is enly done by those deal
ers who do an extern- ve business, and who ore able to
keep five or six men c nstantly oceupi-d.
It might naturally be supposed that the great increase
of late in the consemp ion, and the rapid encroachments
of civilizstirn on the limbs of our lorests, would greatly
diminish the supply of wood for the purpose o! fuel, and
that the day is not far distant when we shall bs obliged
to fall back upon our ioexhtuslible ooal beds; but
no sppiehenbionc, we are told, need be entertained on
this subject during this generation, the next, or the one
that follows, or, indeed, for one or two hundred years to
ctme?for as yet then* is to perceptible diminution
in tie vast storehouse with which ns.ure has supplied us
in cur gigantic tores'.*.
"It will be some time, I tell you, before those old
woods are chopped down," said aa exporienced retail
dealer to us on exprea?ing our fears upon the matter.
" It won't be in my day nor In the next hundred years.
The woods are going further away from us," he added,
" but it will be a mightly long time before we get to the
other end cf them."
City Intelligence^
The Sidden Change l\ the Weather?Extraordinary
The flacloations In the temperature for tne thirty hours
preceding 10 o'clock last night, war Ytry great, and most
remarkable eren In oar changeable climate. At noan on
Saturday the mercmy, in the eh*de, at the IIbrald
office, stood at 88 degrees, and in the streets the mean
beat was about 60 degrrea. The heat continued oppres
sire throughout the day and eveuDg, when, about 2 A.
M. cn Sunday, the mercury fell, and a str. rig wind began
to blow from the weet, whleh did some little damage to
awnings and other loose gear, and fouled many of the
thipe In the docks, as well as Injured their rlggitg. The
change in the temperature and the direction of the wind
ehowed that some violent rain storm roust hare taken
place not far lioin the city. Yesterday noon the ther
mometer marked 16 degrees, and last night at ten
o'clock the mercury had fallen to 49 degrees?a
dlflerence ot 39 degTeM in a little oyer thirty hours ?
a change that must affect tue weak and sickly most un
favorably. There was a ycuig bunicane blowing from
the west during the cay, and U'.o city was wrapped in a
eicud of oust no dense that a pedestrian on one ride cf tbe
streets could scarcely see the bouses on tue other Bide.
The streets were comparatively deaortsd, and the churoccs
slimly attended; but then there is a fund of pious conso
lation in the thought that the church members could
?'remember th?y were dust" on such a day, without be.
irg fold so by the ministers. _ ^
We 'earn that a very violent storm visited central
New York on Saturday. Fulton oounty was the seers or
terrible havoc caused by a hall storm the most extraor
dinary that ev.r tell upon that district of country. It
commenced to thunder and lightr leg about 11*. M , and
presently tail began to fall with such violence and cf so
large a t ire aw to est-urd and affrigh; all wao bebeUl it.
A eerie ehower of cobble stones could not have done more
? iechief In Johnstone, Fulton county, there was not a
window blind or riece of iat'iee work in the town that
was pot brrken. The window glass was imwhai, email
hcuses and bans were torn down, large trees uprooted,
and those that withstood tbe ga'e were denuded of their
branches and leaves. All the toners were levelled, ant
irreparable daznege doco to the fruit trees and growing
crops. Several men were knocked senseless, and It is
reported that one or two were killed. The cattle also
ruifered severely. The storm lasted bat half an hour,
yet it did Incredible damajo In that short space of Ume.
gome of the hail stones that lay unmelied la the sun
two hours after the storm was over wire four times tbe
size of a hen's egg. . . .
The most singular part of the story is that the storm
was not over five miles ia widtn from north to south, but
must have extended over a large surface cf country from
west to east. The haii storm of May 24,1856, will long
be remembered in Fulton county.
Opening of Lackers Street Throughto Fifth Avenue ?
There will be a meeting to day, at 4 o'elock, F. M., at the
City Hall, before the Committee on Streets, with reference
to opening Laurens street through to Fourth street, and
then regulating a thoroughfare through Washington
square to the Fifth avenue. The counter proposition to
the above, tor the effectual relief of B'oadwav, and to
avoid tbe deiecration incident upon the conversion of the
Fifth avenue Into a street ot stores. Is the following, viz:
to widen 1 aureus street for the cistaoce of two blocks, as
far an Broom? and th*n to opan a Btr?et dlraotly
acror* to the jenotion cf Carmine street and the Sixth
avenue, thus afforcing a thoroughfare averaging nlnety
flve feet in width from Barclay stTeet to the Harlem river.
This plan also will save Washington parade ground from
being destroyed. It oould not be well spared from that
part of the city, where it is a very tovorlte resort for the
children of the poor. Maps of these plans can be seen at
the City Ball. Tbe relief of Broadway below Barclay
street should el to be taken fnte consideration by the
same committee, ae the press ot vehicular travel is great
est between the Park and Wall street.
Fatal Rani op a STAnni.NO Affrat.?William Potter,
the person who was seriously stabbed at tbe coraer of
Chatham aDd Doyer street*, on the morning of the 27 th
alt., while engsged In a fight with two brothers named
Timothy and Bernard Hand'ey, died yesterday morning,
at the New York Hospital, from the effects of h!? injuries.
Tbe accused were arrested at the time of tbe affray, and
will now be brought before the Coroner on charge of man
slaughter. The deeeased, as will be remembered, re
ceived fever el stabs in the breast, ore of whloh pene
trated to the lungs. Every medical aid was rendered the
unfortunate man, but he gradually lingered until yester
day morning, whan he breathed his last. Coroner Can
nery will hold an Inquest upon tbe body to-day.
The Baiot Church Brad.?The exhume'kn of the Brick
church deed progresses slowly, and at the present rate
it would take some weeks Wore they were all rem reed,
but the City Inspector has determined to quicken the ac
tion of there who ere moat interested. Hshaa Issued a
notice that he will grant no permits far the removal of
bcdlre after the first of June and the work willIcoiwe
uuently have to be ecmpleted before that time. The ap
proach of warm weather Is tbe City Inspector's plea frr
tbis notice, and it is eertelnlj a satisfactory one.
Two Both Picked vr Adrift.?The pilot boat David
Mitchell, whle beating up the bey ytsterday afternoon,
at four o'clock, picked up a row boat below the tall of
the Weet Bank, containing two boys, named Henry Pal
mar of New York, and Clarence Griffin, of Brooklyn,
who' bad been blown off by ihe strong N. N.W. wind
from Btnten Island, where tney had hired the boat, and
ware vainly endeavoring to regain the shore as tbo wind
and tide took teem ta?t out to sea. When taken on
board tbe David Mitchell they were completely exhausted.
The owner of tbe row bnat can have the same by calling
on boero the D^id Mitchell, Ijtng at present at Wall
street ferry, Brooflyn, or at the pilot's office.
The report of the New York Hospital for the week
endleg Msy 23, 1869, was as follows:?
Surgv-al. Mtlicdl. total.
Remaining on May 16 177 101 278
Admitted to May 23.... ......... 44 17 67
FMsohaTgedT eured or relieved ... 47 22 60
Remaining at date ........? 81 266
Of tb??? th?r? ai? ?fcl?* 211, fowial?*
.J. DAK&ACFI, Supertnterxleut.
Thi Fieht Ahhwtant Enoinhtr of th* Firz Dm-ArmiBNT.
?A meeting of the Assistant Engineers of tha Ffrs De
partment was held on rriday evening last, to e^anlse
the board for the ensuing year. Heretofore it has been
rr.u to wive the position of First Assistant Engineer
to tte memcer having the fclgheet numbu, of ya)*U* the
annuel election. This rule would have given That honor
to Councilman Bauleh, but on Friday the Boerd, on mo
lira of Harry Howard, adopted a bylaw making the oldest
ergirser the first; ard In tbe aberaec tf the Chief and
First AmIiM bfteir tha om who la Oral oa the
po?4 tokos waiot By this amor*meat John A.
Cregier, being the oldaat angtnaar. holds tha poat of
First Assistant.
Enodh Company No. S will oommonoo dot/ la tha
Bixth aad Sevsnth diatriota thla ovtning. Tha bow
honao for tha engine la Chatham eqnare haa recently
bean finished, and no doubt tha membera will give a
good aocoaat of thsmsolvus.
Mr Iiu Topnac:?HiA* Si*?In tha papers of thla data fat
ha article headed "The Base* Market Pnsou," I am made
to appear a* hartsg charged you wttb forging mv atgoa are,
aa one of your suret'e* upon jour bid for building the Court
Bouie at the Ka?ex itreet prtaon. I vrt?h mnat dlMnotlj toetate
that the word ' for*ea" wna not uaed at all pheJCbalrmao of the
Commutoe slmnn showed me mr name attached to a paper,
ard asked me if It was bsj signature, when I at once answered
that It was not. and then, eo far aa that paper wae oonoerned,
the ma'ter ended, and I had no Idea that yon had ever Impro
per j made u ? ot my -name, and my confidence tn your In
tegrity Is not In the least weakened, and t should be at any
time aa ready to lend you my aid or name ae an* man I know.
Very respecUull', 4e.. O80AR W 8TT7HTBVANT.
h.aw You*, 218 Fulton street, May 13,1806.
Letter From Colonel Parker H. Frenoh.
Mansion Hocse, 03 Ciiamukrs btrkkt, May 20, I860.
Bib?I beg you will permit ma, through your columns,
to giro a general answer to the numerous letters ol la*
quiry that I am dally receiving from all parts of the
United States, My name has beoome eo Identified with
the history of Nicaragua, that although It is well known
1 am without official station, I am in daily receipt ot
many communications from almost every State 1b the
Union, making inquiries about the climate, soil, geogra'
phlcal position, and general products of my oountry, as
well as everything slse pertaining to Nloaragua. Tha
great number of these letters precludes the possibility of
eparate answers to tbem alL In some instances I have
received two or three from the same parties, urging early
atswere, so that tbey may take immediate notion on the
advice I might give them. Unable to reply to all, and
unwilling to let tbem suppose me indifferent to the In
terest they take, I have selected this mode of common!
catirg my Inability to answer their Inquiries, and to in
foini them at an early period (say one month or six
weeks from this du e.) iberr will be issued from the press
a small but complete work, to be called the " Emi
grant's Guide for Nicaragua," a short but suc
cinct account of the country, from its oooupation
by the cor.quested' rs down to the commencement of
the Me revolution, by which the present govermnont
received t s existence; the circumstances under which
the Americans were invitid to the oountry; the pro
minent events of the late and present war, with bio
graphical rketsbes ot s'-me of the principal actors
figuring in her history ; the whole sprinkled with late
re si in* and stlrrlue ar?cd"t<s illustrative of the timis
and the men; which, if unrecorded now, will be I.ret to
the world for ever. AJs.r a description o.' her commer
cial advattegre, srisltg from the peculiarity of her
geography; n?r climaue, scenery and products, both
mineral and vefOtab'e, together with an outline of her po
litical policy, aad the character cf her people; to con
clude with a chapter of advice to emigrants, accom
panied with maps and engravings. Tne work has been
prepared and compiled wit'u great care, my position in
the country and acquaintance with the leading men,
enabling ree to obtain much valuable information never
given before. When completed It will be offered to the
public ata price wiihin the reach of every one. Five thou
sand copied will be distributed free, for the benefit of Nica
ragua, and for the sake of giving reliable information, and
popularising the cause of emigration. I shall preserve a list
of all perrons kerstufare making inquiries ot me, and, as
soon us It ocme! from the press, send thetn !re? copies,
In a.cdwerte thilr letters. Those requiring immediate
information ere la the meantime referred to our Minister,
Don Annustine Vljil; Dr. Leguro, Secretary of Legation,
or to Mr. F. A. Lalne, all now in this city, working in
behalf of Nicaragua.
I hope my correspondent! will net think me indifferent
to their Inquiries; on the contrary, 1 receive tbem with
sincere plea*are, and hall them as evidences of the deep
interest and ardeat sympathy now pulsating in the Ame
rican bonou in behalf ot struggling freedom In Central
America. With me the democratic cause In Nicaragua
has become an absorbing idea, to which all other hopes
sr.> i econdaiy. The Americanization of those flair fields;
the new dominion acquired to the world for aetive com
merce, where civilization may roll her waves, and rear a
mighty commonwealth; another home for the oppressed
of other oltmes, like thla glorious and unrivalled Union.
I am laboring Incessantly in her behalf, and I am bow
here in her service. This explanation was due the un
acswergd communications I have received. I hope it
will be teceptabl*. I am, sir, kc ,
Police Intelligence*
Unarms of Fobgeht.?Christopher Sohaffer was brought
before Justice Brennan, at the Esiex Market Police Court,
on a charge of having forged the endorsement of J. H.
Bcwn, of New Jersey, to a note for $200, aad passing the
same upon L. H. Btlegalitz, of No. 2 Cliff street, in ex
change for a case cf mathematical instruments purchased
fr< m the latter. The prisoner was committed for exami
nation. ,
Stabbino Affray.?At a late hour on Saturday nlghti
two men, named Lawrence Eddy and John Baker, both
residing at No. 28 Spruce street, became Involved in aa
angry altercation, which eventually ended in a stabbing
affray. Baker, it is alleged, drew a knife and atabced his
antagonist in tbe breast, inflioting a slight but painful
wound, and then made his escape. The assailant has not
since been arrested, although tbe police are tn quest of
SrBPWioN of Bhrclabt.?George H*U alias Nichols,
was arrested under somewhat suspicions eircumstanees,
by offieer Davis, ol the Fifteenth ward police. The ac
cused had in his posseesioa, at the time of arrest, a
complete set of burglai's tools, also a bundle of ready
made clothing which has since been Identified as a por
tion of f orso property stolen from John Dorsey, of No. 1
Eleventh street, lhe accused was taken before Justice
Flandreau, at the Jefferson Market Police Court, where
he was committed for examination.
On Tuesday, May 20, Kt the residence of the bride's pu
rest*, by the Rev. LotJoi.ee. Mr. Cronos E. Douolahh to
Mlts Katk, daughter of cz-Counclhnau William faylor,
all of this city.
On Tuesday. May 13, by the Rev. T. Armltage, Mr. Ax
DRrwJ. I wiKK to Miss Amamia Q. Forms, both of this
i?n Thursday morning May 22, at Fountain Grove,
Huntingdon, Canada East, by the Rsv. F. Neive, S. Pb
Woltb, Esq., M. D., of New York city, to Miss Gboroina
W. Copland, third daughter of Alexander Copland,
On Punday morning, May 25, after a lingering Illness,
Maky Fbj., daughter o< L. A. Benjamin, aged 2 years and
10 months.
The friends or the finally are respectfully Invited to at
tend ber tuneial, to-morrow at tea o'clock, from 223
Cbrystie street.
On Sunday, May 25, of consumption, Mies Catherine
Fardei., sged '23 jeais.
The relatives, friends and acquaintances of the family
are respectfully requested to attend her funeral, this
afternoon, at two o'clock. from her late residence, 541
Sixth avenue, near Thirty-second street.
On Sunday, May 25, Artucr McClcbkey, in the 70th
year of his sge, a native of the eounty Antrim, Iretand.
His friends and relatives, and those of his son James,
are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from his
late residence. 255 Thirteenth street, to-morrow after
noon, at two o'clock.
Belfast papers please copy.
On Saturday, May 24. Jane Kin on, daughter of Richard
D. Marshall, in the 10th year of her age.
Her remaiBs will be interred at Greenwood, this after
noon, at three o'clock, from 188 Stanton street. The
friends and relatives are respectfully Invited to attend.
California and Ctica, N. Y., papers please copy.
At hoboken, on Saturday night, May 24, ^ou.v Bellmer,
aged 67 years.
Also, on the same day, at Japan, N. J., his graudehlld,
Praia Allxrmawn, aged 11 months.
The relatives and friends of the family are reepect
ftilly invited to attend the funeral of both, trom the re
sidence of Mr. jrhn J. Reimere No. 11 Union piace, Ho
boken, at two o'clock, this afternoon, without further
On Friday, Mty 23, Catbkrim Jane, youngest daughter
of William and Mary Crelghton, after a short idnees, aged
1 year, 7 months and 8 days.
?isv?aMntf of Ovraii HiWMKr
Lmrf* DaU Far
Baltic .....Liverpool May 14 New York
1 Ho Liverpool May 1? New York
I agar* Liverpool May 24 Breton
Krlceacn....... ..Liverpool May 28 New York.
Arable Liverpool May 31 New York
Cltvot Baltimore.Liverpool. June 4..... ...Philadelphia
Aula , New York ... .May >8 Liwcpo jj
Fulton New York May 31 Har ,-e
Baronkme ..NewYork June it*' re
Canada Boaton June 4 livery not
Baltic Mew York June 7 Livew^ool
Ak-ica New York June 11 .Liver pool
Niagara Boaton Join 18. Live rpool
Areola Few York June 23 ? Ur jrpool
Cahawbe Now York May 27.. .Bar. A N. Orleans
8linker city New York June 2? Havana a Mobile
Vnola New York June B J rptewaN
Po* A innwAU- 11 Uno is Mb and Oeorge Law * a o# each
Iransn?Krom (ibarleetoa 19th and 4th, due at Havana 224
and 7th. From Havana lUth and 28th, dee at ?r w York 171k
V.iAnn Citt on M?w Oua* ada_ From Near York 17ib, nr.
riving at Havatm 23d and New Orleans 28th. Vront New Or
leani 6th. Havana 8th due at New Yqtk 131M.
RuAca wabkio*?From New York 12th,ar .-tvtngat Havana
IPth and New Orteaai 21M. From Mew OM nana /,tb, Havana
Both, due at New Yerk Btb.
Qpaewi Citt?Froru New York let otr teh month, arriving
at Havana Bth, and Mobile 8th. From Mobile lfith, Havana
18th, duo at Mew York 2'Jd.
Cahawba?From Mew Yoik 2Ttk. arrtv ingat Havana 3d and
New Orleanr Bth. From Hew Orleeaa t A h, Havaaa 16th, due
at New Yoik 29th.
When the above date* ikil oe Bunday , the (teamen will mil
on Monday. They leave New Orleaer M near 8 A. M. m tide
will admit, and the Irabel leavea w dutrleiton and Havana at
10 A.M.
The fallowing may be ol value, 'to tboee having oorreipv rd>
with tbi
The mall leave* Bouthampkm on the 4th and 20th or tec*
" Arrives at Otbraltar about th# 9th and 2Uh of tame month.
Arrive* at Malut about the IF h and tOth of same moetb.
Arrive! at Aleiaudrln ahoel the 18tA of tame and 4th of fol
" L**ve* ?flnr e about the UN i or 21it of rame ind Sth or (th ol
^Arrive* at^Aden about F? KU or filth of mute and 10th o*
12th of following month.
leaves Aden about the 21th or 17th of mme and day of arri
val for Rombav, and llt'j to 30th for China, An.
Indian Navy reamw arrive* at Bombay abowl the 3d Bth to
and iFh to JIM of t*F fqiJowini woath.
?lllflfl 1ITILUII1CI.
iUURil m tWWJJmg?Wtt ^ u M
I 29I ?? TtfHk?N .?.#? I U
Put or Sew Turk, Hoy MS, W,H<
Ship Epamandos,Brandt, Rotterdam,40days,With m>'???
ysssffis?zsr&?~. owtMuutm, w"fc
Brig O B Llvermore . Olenfuegot, Lg dars. with MUM'
nd no'MM. to Tnflkor * LlghtDourna **
Brit BeUe Flower (of Ptttston), Frltaer, Clecfusgae. If Sml,
with sugar, *c. to Bailey * Co.
Sobr Oregon (Br), Allen, Key Wort, 19 dayi. la ballast. to
Jss Dryer.
BcHr Ambassador, Welle, Union blend. On, II Un. wkfe
yellow piae to J Holmes.
Bohr Franklin BeUe, Boblnton, Btrd'e blend, Oa, withlwm
ber, tod Holmes.
Bcbr Hen them Belle, O'Rrlen, Wilmington.
Bcbr Bettpee, Oroten, Wilmington.
Bohr Ann. dele. Petersburg.
SckrS P Te>lor. Cooper, Petersburg.
Bohr New York. Brignece Richmond.
Bcbr BP Brown, Hezeltoa. Richmond.
BchrO CrsuDer. Towneeed, Richmond,
Bcbr Tionlnane, Crocker. Vmkila.
Bohr Ann Turner, Btrdsall, Virginia.
Bcbr Bdwerd Woolten, Bragg, Virginia.
BcbrRecbel 0 Rtusell, Lynch, Virginia.
Bcbr Alesander Dow, wood, Virginia.
Bcbr Oread Carolina Jones, Virginia.
SchrTUton, Bopber, Vlrtloia.
Bcbr R L Crook, Chandler, Virginia.
Bohr O B Bpoflbrd.Lengat tct, Virginia.
Bcbr Jl.awronoe, Borers, Virginia.
Bcbr Washington, WlUets. Alexandria.
Behr Joseph Guest. Rayntr Alexandria.
Bohr J W Willsnos. Wtnmnore, Baltimore.
Bohr R Raymond. Hu'ee, Baltimore.
Propeller Tottea. Horier, Baltimore.
Propeller Potomska Cusnman, New Bedford.
Propeller Petrel. Aray, Providence.
Propeller Ohaa Osgood, Smith, Norwich.
Wind during the day from NW. and fresh.
Herald Marine CorrenpotidameeL
PHIL A IK LP III L, May 24 a 35 -Arr steamer Delaware,
Copes, NYork; ship Ap&sta, Green, Mystic, Ct: bark Ohar>
lone K Tay, Clark. Peraaubnoo; brigs Magnet (Br), DoaC
and Ann Elisabeth. Tailor. Clenrucgoc; Yavalla, TTalima, it
York; sehra Helen Mar Nlckeraon; H E Weston, Ma toy; Md
wlnKeld, Green;BL Tay. Lake: 8F Bo.lday, Bomera, mm
Bio, Means. Boaton: Essex. Poet Mobile; D B Barnard, Parae
worth. Cardenas; Undine, Bayner, Portland: Geo Hoffman.
Nick arson; T Benedict, Rtbertaon; Larfcia. < harbnck; B Be*
lano, Bacon; H D Stannous, Barrett, and Tbos Potter, Glovng,
NYork; Wm Oollyor, Nay!or, Qulnoy; Jas O Stiles, Ooraota,
Balera; Hannah Grant, Newman, Newburvport; R Ito,
Wfckscn; ' Bgrange. Wa'es and J 8 Wetdln. Smith, b Bedford:
B W Pratt. Smith. latex; R Borden. Arnold. Pall River; Ma
rls Fetning. Jotes, Pleracoot; Ariel. Jones, Newborn: J A
Roche, Batem&n. Salem; Sylvia, Hathawsy. Columbia, Ma;
W B Ferguson, Wheaton. and umpire, Baker Providence;.?
Grande. Parker, Norwich; Arie'e Pallets, Rowley, Df "
Allda, Csrver, New London: L 8 Faroes, Skinner, and 1
Jane I'tL'se. New Haven; JssPorer, English, Salem.
Below, elilp TusoaroiVfrotn Llverpeol
CM ship I.ouita Marie, Weuke. Fa'month, Kng, (for orders;
bark bnardon. Oornlsb, New Orleans; brig Paulina, Lagmay
ra; ache Parsh Mbyte, Weaver, Green Point: J G Stiles, Osr
b >n. ProvMecoe; T Benedict, Roberson, N Haven; B Pratt
Smith. Providence; Allda Oarberry, New London; Lartoa,
Churbuck, Ws rebate; II K Weeton.Maloy, Boiton; J A Rrnoh,
Bateman, Salem; Csxon Bo"dalt. Fall River: bearville, Sean
Boston; Bio,Me?n?, Boston; tngsltela, Rowland, Bridgeport;
Swsn, Scboyemous. Quarantine I. T; Lazrange, Mayo, Mil tea.
Maes; M Maroey, Rider. Providence; J D Kiiohen, Warm,
NYork; Hartlord, Griewold. Hartford; 8 P Asbmead, Hlok
man, Providence: Robt Carson. Carson Boston; J as Morris,
Calaban, Bridgeport; steamer Kennebec, Hand, New York.
MtaeelUuieous and Dlnsttn.
The following table gives a summary of the ressett hi Htt
harbors of New York. Boston, and Baltimore on the 21th task,
end at Charleston, Savanrib. New Orleans and Mobile em
the 17th Inst,?
Her rose. ,
Rteamships .13 Brigs 141
Bhips 136 Schooners 2J9
Barks 123 ?-r
Total 7?8
Steamer 1 Brigs 41
Rlilps 10 Schooners fit.
Bans 66 ??
Total 189
Steamers 0 Brigs IS
Ships 14 Bobooners fid
Burse 18 ??
Total 194
Steamer S Brigs 14
Ships 20 BCbrs 19
Paris 13 ??
Total 69
?ivy are a a.
Steamer I Brigs 6
Ships 6 Schooners M.
Barks 7 ?
Total M
Steamers 6 Brigs 8
Ships Ill gohooners II
Bares. 32 ?
Total tar
?os as.
Steamer 0 Brigs 8
Ships 29 Bears ?
Bares. 3 ??
Totai 18
Brio Abborf.- On the 17tb Inst, s fall rigged brim appa
rently partly loaded with sal is loose was seen ashore om
Kb her'a Island, Me. Ihe orew were on the rocks, and a flSh
ing boat was a. anchor near by.
Kciib Bhoal Water, of New London, before reported as hav
ing been got off the beach South or Cape Henry, was, by the
strong easterly winds, again driven ashore on Wednesday Mat,
and Is cow a total wreck.
Pour Golobw Bole ?The vessel In oontaot wlthsebr Senas*
(before reported), was the rebr Golden Rule, BuUocr.'frmm
Rati port lor New York The Golden Ru!e lost jlbboom, hew
iprtt, heed gear, and was badly cut down forward. Bba aim
put Into Newport for repaira
Notice to Morinera.
The Aide n's Book Bell Boat was replaced at her station oo
tie 2W I net.
By order ef the Lighthouse Board.
W B FRANK. LIB, Lighthouse Inspector, 1st did,
Pert land. May 24, I860.
FwelfB Porta.
Bathcrst. Africa. Apiii 19? In port brig Sierra Leoae,
Allen, for Ooree next day eohr Geo TowosencL Kelaey, tor
Marsels , 28th. Bid 9th brig Mary Morton. IbMber.
Cspe do Veides. to load salt for NYork; 16th, achr H IT Gam
hrill, West, Bason Hirer.
Makssoles, May 6-In port ships Rate Sweetland, Bartlatt.
for Cuba same day; Rlneo, Kverett, and Atalanta, MantelL
ore; barks Henry BbeHon Burr, from NTerk; Kwaed.
J ores; Mondaw'n. Burgess; Louisa Bliss, Hyland, and Nlae
rrh, Htackpole, do; brtg Bearer, Ntckereon, do.
Mortxco Bat, Ja. April80?In port BA Tails, Foster.
for Black Hirer, to loadfor WYork.
Necvitab, May 8?Inpori brtgt fl ft Adams, Hemingway,
for NTork 25th; Chas W Ring, Corbett, lor do 26th; Hradea,
Bar. for do 16tt; Atal&ya, Lsmfcert, llrom do; soar Tiger.
Williams, for delfrh. *
Pehhambuco, May 1?In port bark Oathsrine Angastn.
How? a, for Vera Oruz In a few days; only Am reasel.
Port Br ajh, May 6?In port brig M.lrerti, Jartnau, fbr Balti
more 7 dot ?; echr Isaac C Hertz. Tor do S.
Bums**. April 2B?In port barks Cuba. Tucker, for Glota
eester May 10; Olara C Bell, Tower, wig otrgo; brig Oiuw
stadt Kendall, do.
Bagua, Ma* 0 Sid barks Howard, Stanwood, NTork; He
bron, Shepherd, London.
WnAnroA. March 14-In poit ships Argonaut, Hale, fbr Bea
ton; Contest, Breuster, tor NYork; Warerley, Harden, Ibr
freight or charier; barks Hound, Stevens; Louisiana, 7711 Isms,
and Metrcpolls. Hwenron, unc; Maria, Peteraon, tor San Fran
cisco; Pea Nymph, , repg; scbra James Marshall, Dyer.
unc; PtDguln, wheeber, for Hhanghae soon
Home Ports.
BALTIMORE, May 2.)?A?r steamer Thns Bwann. Green.
NVrrh; birfcs Talarera, Merritbew. Rio Janeiro; Bdtnann
(Brsm), Webmann, Bremen; Sylph, Jones, Bottoa; brigs Mnr
ramtsric. Vampber, Cardenas; Belle, Hoolnson, do; " '
Laura, Iluttlrgton, Ban Blaa;sohrsRB Parker. Boge*s,Oe
basset Narrows; Lacon, Beasts, Boston; Brally Joknsen, Ton
nell. NVork; Lookout. Dov'.e. Wareham; Bmnllne Height.
Booth Fall River; Barah A Kmellne. W1I etta, NTork; Telia
graph. MortCch; Fair, Baedlcor, NYork; Adrians, Sargent,
Portland; H N Hall, Mitchell, do; West Wind, Burnett. NTora.
Cla etetroer Thoe bwann, NYork; sehrs M Van Name Van
Name NYork; Tiger. Kvans, Mao. Bid ship C L Preble. Long.
Bremen; brig B C Dyer, Bradmsn, NYork; sohr Baltlmora.
Sleight NYork.
BOSTON, May 24, AM-Arr shin Ncrihampton. Delano. N
Orleana; barks Franklin, Ml'cbell, Trinidad; Oak Httl, Mar
tin, N Orleans; Jenny Llnd, Bruce, Mobile, brig J D Pen nag,
Btront. Matanzas; scbrsBpr ng Hill, Freeman, Cane Harden;.
Revere (Br), Horion. Anx Cayss, M Y Darts. Robinson, WH
mingtnt. NO; P A Baunders Maunders, and Rovenue, May.
Philadelphia; Admiral, Nlckerton, Troy; Ollrer, Bearae; Mon
tsno. Crosby, and Adelaide, Nfckerson, Albany; Mary Maa
kln. Beers. NYork. Telegraphed, ihlp Bay State, from Mew
Orleans; bark Orlande (new), and brtg Financier, from ?
C.'d steamer Joaeph Whitney, Howes, Baitfmnre; barks Daniel
Webster Atkins, Marseilles; Richmond, Mltehell, Pensaeota
Ooldcn Bute, Flckerson, Charleston; Bam Bitch, Mayo do;
brigs Frederick, Baker, Para; Be i son, Posting. Wilmington,
Nt\ lo load for (uraooe; soars Flash, Mluter, Jacmel: Bens:
tor, Ardnrron, Savannah; Volunteer, FlokeM, Buchsvtlle, BO
Writorer, Rogers, Richmond; R Nlckersca Nleterson, Nor
folk ; Uen Clinch. Baker, and D L Bturxea, Morris, Philadel
phia; Homer, Parker, NYierk _
BANGOR, May 22-CI J brig Brook Ha Dtxon, Pblladelphha
CHARLESTON, May 21-Arr echr Zwhyr, Gam, 8t J ago
d? Cobs. At Quarantine, bark Ohas William, Bawea. trona.
Boston. Old salps Ann Deeatur, Paraona. and Nlcinox (Br)?
Amvroog, Llrerpool; bark Adella Rogers, Boow, Boatong
Netli gal.iot Frederick-Hendrlx. Hcff, Amderdam. Bid ship
Hwdson (Bran), NcrJenboltx, Antwerp; brig Edwin, Beanim
Martinique; Spaa poUore Roelta, Pages, Baroeloaa; sehr Oct
Bsilerly, Bte'aon NTork. _
FALURIVRR, May JS-Arrschr* J 0 Bony on, Rndlcett.
Philadelphia; Celeste, Patterson, Port Rwen. Bid sehr Ktaa?
tic. Barber, NYork. __
6koRGRTOWN.BC. May 15^ Arr brig P GQkey. Hatch.
Boston; ichra T^btnoc, Norwood, Newport; 18th, Ktlwhetto
Hied den, White NYork; Wth, brtg K laa Dudley, Hopkiaa,
Boston, wbrs Gassebeas, Hy'.und, Boston; Dazzle, Dodge. New
Beven. dd 16* sehr Rosa, Carver. NYork: 18th, brim Lillian.
Nicholas. West Indies. President 7, Tartar, Bboot, Boston; sehsp
Denmark, kddy, Fall River; B O Ohaloaer Thompson, Boston;
lawman. Lank. NYork; Eeodrlck Flah, Hhaw. and Hyena,
Pales, Ihomsston; 21st. brig hi wan, Crowley. Bt Johns; sohra
arcuiarius, Ellems, West Indies; F J Camming*, Parker.
Beaton, _
GLOCCESTHB. May 23-Arr brig Oahuzae, Wells, 8nH
DPID. . _
BIGHLAND LIOBT, Mar 24, 7 AM-Passing In bark Gem,
I rem Philadelphia for Boston.
MACHIAHPORT, May 17?Arr brig Linda, Carpenter, New
York. Hid 17th sohr Boston, Robinson. NYork.
NBW ORLEANS, May 17. PM -Arr ship Qntotta Leith.
Warden. Liverpool (notas before) Cld barks 0 W Poulraer,
Connnt. Bordeaux; Matanras, Lobby, Genoa; Leopold (8wa>.
Osterttrom, Christiana; brig Adams Gray, Heary, Havana;
tekrs Jane Elizabeth, Bmtth. Brums Santiago; Look Here,
smith, srd A Msnderaoa. Henderson, Baltimore; A L Grew
lord. Blackntan, Philadelphia.
Towed toseaHtk skip* Advlral. Bt John, and Iodnstria; 9th,
ships Highland i.lget and Pmronolla; bark Dennis Kelly.
NORFOLK, kay 22-Arr steamship Roanoke, hklnner. New
York; brig I.ydla Stover. Lovell, Portland; schrt Trcmoot.
Barnard. Maianzaa; Kndron, , NYork; Marietta Smith,
? , Falrhaven; Arlon. MeLonthUn, Providence; Mist, DUeoe
way; W N Leggett, Gibson, and J P Ober, Gafield. Mew Tosfe.
Cld sehr Jnre Otis, Flower*, Belfast
NKPONHFT. May 24 -In port sehr WD Dennis, Hewett,
from Philadelphia.
R BWPORr; May 23, 8 AM?In port sobrs CAT Cramer.
Hont'ey, from 1'hllsdelphla. dlsg; arlph Holly, from Provi
dence for NTork; Seneca Phlncev, from Troy for Wareteam.
end Golden Rule, BnJ'oek. from Ksstport tor NTork?both put
In to repel-damages sostatued whllale oolllelon. Pasted up,
ahsrk, euppoeed to he the Wm H Brodle, from Mobile lor Fall
River. _
PORTLAND, Mar 29- Arr brig Helvellyn, Hall. 8t Mary a
Oe; rohre Judge Tenney. Tootheker, Georgetown. BO. via M
York, end prooeeded to Freeport; Rescue. Kllby, Nortolk;
Home, Maddocke. Baltimore; Florence, Jameson, Rondout;
Ficel, bewjer. NYork. .
PRCVIDENCE Mev 211-Arr etearaer Pe'rel, Are/. NTork;
sehrs Llnnd City. Oonk'ln. Baltimore; Fidelia, Oanar; Kmpo
rn.ro, Mayhew; Emeilne Chester, Brewer, and A L Heejj^Lo
pcr, Fli) adr>pbte; John Wesley, Sweet, end Baml R Biwte, a
Jeyre. Albany ; Bctenoe. Gladding, Ponghkeensle; Oaronne,
Prentice. Rondout; Renlah Watson, Campbell, Oro on; Dote..
Varbie, l'lermor.t; Roger Parmelee. Bishop Cold Bprtogj Ri
ver Oueen, Few er, RTork; alaop Copy, Wheeler. fc>n4out.
Hid eehra Ansa .letiklnA Howea, Baltimore; Oregm. Hquitja.
N York' eli cna Harvoal, Cor win. and IN Ba^ur.
BAI.t*. Mar 22-Arrbrlg Da rid Ho (Tel I, ...
daipbla ?rhr? T*aan Aeborn, Brewster, Rondout Kamuei **<*
kin, Miuphy, NYork,

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