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R?U|Imm hl?Ul|*M?.
iter. Dr. Jeaae T. Peck, the newly stationed pastor, wlU
1'ieach U the Greene street M. E. church, this morning
end evening.
By request, Rev. Dr. Cheever will repeat his discourse
on the "Divinely appointed Freedom of the Pulpit, the
Henele end the Press," this evening, In the New England
church, South Ninth street, Williamsburg, at half-past 7
The Rev. ? McVtenamy, b. D., aided by Christian
friends of various denominations, will continue the ser
vices, conducted on the Apostolical plan or dealing with
error, in Spring Street Hall, 186 Spring street, this eve
ning, at 7>? o'clock.
Frederick W. Evans, with a company of sisters and
brethren of the Society of Shakers of New I,abanon,
N Y., will hold a meeting at Military Hall 193 Howery,
opposite Spring street, this evening. There will he
?peaking and singing.
appointments bt thb protectant episcopal
Ti day, forenoon, seminary ordination at Trinity church,
In th-- city.
Monday, forenoon at Rye; afternoon at Port Chester.
Tuesday, forenoon at White Plains; afternoon at Scars
Wednesday, forenoon, at St. Mary's, North Castle.
Rev. W. L. Gage was ordained on the 26th inst., at the
Unitarian church, in Manchester, N. H.
On the 24th inst.. Feast of St. John the Baptist. Bishop
Timon, of Buffalo, celebrated a Pontifical high mass in
St. Joseph's Cathedra*, and ordained two sub-deacons and
one priest.
Rev. Morrison Hoggins, for nearly fourteen years pas
tor of the Presbyterian church in Havana, N. Y., has ac
cepted a unanimous call to become pastor of the Presbyte
rian church recently organized In the city of Rockford,
III., and has entered on his labors there.
Mr. Samuel J. Wilson, of the Alleghany Seminary, has
been called to the Sixth church (t). S.) of Pittsburg".
Rev. E. Hale of Worcester Miss., has boen invited to
take the pastoral rharge of a large anil wealthy Cuita
r.Mii Society iu Boston, and it is said accepts the call.
Mr W A. Campbell was installed over theO. S. Church
In West }(.<. en, Va., on the 23d ult.
Rev \s C. Turner was installed over the Presbyterian
Church in We-t Mill Grove, Ohio, on the the 26th, by the
Presbytery of Maumee.
The Rev. John Milton Henry will be installed pastor of
the congregation of the Presbyterian Church at Pittsylva
nia Court House. Va., on the first Saturday in July. "
Rev. David M James was installed pastor of the Pres
byterian Church at Flanders, Morris county, N. J., by the
Presbytery of Passaic, on the 18th instant.
Rev. Robert E. Wilson was installed pastor of the Pres
byterian Church o( Clyde, June 4th, by the Presbytery of
Rev. Charles Goddard was installed at East Windsor
Hill. Ct., on the 11th.
Rev. Thomas J. Evans was instilled over the O. S.
Church of Blauveltvtlle, N. Y., on Tuesday last.
Rev f>r. Robert-OB lias declined the rail to the Second
O. S. Church in Louisville, Ky.; his decision in reference
to the professorship in the Danville Seminary lias not
The corner f-tnne of the Central Presbyterian Church In
Wilmington. Del., was laid on the 18th instant.
The corner stone for the Methodist Episcopal Church to
be erected at the corner of Spring and Coming streets, in
Charleston. S. C., was laid on the 24th instant, with appro
priate observances and ceremonies.
The corner stone of the new First Universalis! Chtirch
In Fair street, Newark, N. J. was laid on the 23d instant,
with appropriate ceremonies.
A new church was dedicated at AsbfMd, Mass., on the
The following officers have been elected by the Board
of J>ouie?tic Missions for the ensuing year:?President,
William B. Crosby; Vice President, Rev. John Knox, R P.;
Recording Secretary, Rev. Harvey II. (ianso; Troasurer,
John I. Brewer; Executive Comim'tiee, Revs. Isaac. Ferris,
I). P., Isaac N. Wvckotf, P. p., Gustavus Abeel, I). D.,
l"aul I). Van Cleef, Messrs. William B. Crosby, Samuel B.
ScTjieffelin, Leonard W. Kip.
Tlio following are the officers just chosen by the Board
of Publication:?President. Rev. George W. Bethune, I). p.;
Vice President Rev. Gustavus Abeel, P. P.; Correspond
ing Secretary. Rev. Thomas C. Strong, P. P.; Treasurer,
Rev. Peter luiryce; executive Committee, Rev. Prs. Strong,
Ik- Witt.Chamber-. Messrs. Maurice,?. Viele, Jerotnus J.
Johnson, Abraham J. Beekman, Mortimer Pe Motte; Fi
nance Committee. Messrs. Jeromus J. Johnson, Maurice
E. Vlcle, A. J. lleekman, James Myers, Jonathan S. Burr.
Rev. Samuel IT. Hall, of the Park Presbyterian church,
Syracuse, ha? a-ked leave to resign his pastoral chsrg".
lire Presbytery meets to con-ider his application early lu
Rev. J. H. Newlon ha? been di-mis^ed from the pas
toral relation of the Presbyterian church in Perrysburg,
Rev. John Bowers was dismissed from 'Wilbraham.
Mass., on the 22d ult.
Bev Mr. Hall, formerly of Troy, ha? been appointed to
supersede Rev. Mr. Hawley in the charge of the Metho
dist Episcopal Church at Saratoga .Springs. Mr. Hawley,
who preaches a farewell sermon there to-day. is removed
to (iloversvllle, Fulton county.
Rev Moses Kidner, formerly pnator of the German Re
formed Church cl Hagerstown, Md., was inaugurated as
Professor of the Theological .Seminary at Tilflin, Ohio, in
May last.
At a recent congratulatory meeting given to P.ev. T. M.
Cooley, in Fast Granville, he stated that during the sixty
years of his ministry?all in that village?he hail laid up
sixty cents. Tcople fond of money would hardly take to
preaching in that village.
BJtmr.FPORT. Ct.,.Inne 25. 1856.
This body Of nla Iters adjourned this evening, after a
pk-asani session oi one week, Nome of the more promi
nent clerical api>ointmeiit3 for the year are the following:?
William H. Norris, Presiding Elder of the New York
district ; Forsyth street church. R. M, Hatfield;
Cherry street church, W. P. Corbitt; Willett street. W.
McAiister; Second street, S. tv. King; Alion street. H.
Bangs; Norfolk street, J. E. Soarlos: Ninth street. J. Hen
son; Seventh street, B. Pilsbury; Thirty-seventh street,
H Husted.
Brooklyn?Sand? street, John Miley: Washington street.
C harles Shelling; York street, C. Kelsey; First place, J.
H. Rylance; Pacific street. J. Kenneday; Carlton avenue,
J. B. Wood; Summerfield Chattel, J. M Reid; South Se
cond street, J. S. Mitchill; North Fifth street. C. T. Mallo
ry; Sovitli Third street, L. C. Cheney; South Fifth street,
E. L. Janes, Flushing, T. H. Burcb; Hempstead, H. J.
Bridgeport Di.-trict?E. E. Orb-wold. Presiding Elder;
New Haven district, A. Nash, Presiding Elder: New Ha
ven, First church, M. I- Srudder: John street, J. Pegg,
Jr.; George street W. F. Collins; Hartford, L. S. Weed;
Middletown. W. C. Hoyt.
lb Whedon and Dr. Floy, both of this Conference, are
the editors, the first of the Quarterty Review, and the lat
tor of the Natr'tial Magazine.
The pai*' sent down from the General Conference re
commending an alteration of the Discipline, go as to allow
the ordination of BishOps for Africa, was non-concurred
in. by a vote ol S8 in favor to 59 against it.
The Turf.
The Trot Betweex Tm Hi.vxx.v and Mirrrn's Dxit-KT. at
Brtrxt^.?It seems there is an attempt at misrepresen
tation on the part of gome individuals at BufTalo in rela
tion to the trot between Tib Himnan and Miller's Damsel,
so far as relates to the time made on that occasion, which
Is about on a [sir with that celebrated trot Tib made on
the ice some time ago. We are at a loss to comprehend
the motives which have led to such a perversion of
truth, unless the owners of Tib Hinmnn hope to dispose
of her to greater advantage by misleading the public. A
gent.cmau of this city who was present and took an
account of the time of each heat, furni hes us with what
he asserts to be a true statement, viz ?First heat,
2.36K: seconi', 2.o7; third. 2:37^x , fourth, 2 3*.'I fifth,
2 40 sixth. Dam?cl withdrawn.
Stfwx from Havana.
The t inted Mate'' mail steamship Philadelphia, Capt.
John McGow an, w hich left New Orleans June 20, ar
rived at Havana June 23, and left at 7:30 P. M. of -ame
day for this port, arriving yesterday morning.
The Philadelphia landed $75,000 In silver at Havana,
BDd brings $100,000 do. tor this port.
The heuIth Of Havana still enntlnues good.
The United Htutcs mail steamship Empire City arrived
at Havana at 6 P. M. on the 23d in.st.
June 22. at 7 P. M.. lat. 25 12 N.. Ion. 84 26 W.. the
Philadelphia pa- -ed ship Maid of Orleans, hence for New
A nti-Slavery Celebration op the Fourth of
JctT.-dlMmanagers of the Massachusetts Antl.slavery
Fociety hereby announce to the frlenda of freedom and
squat light- in tin- common wealth, that n mass meeting
w ill be held, as usual, in the beautiful and commodious
I'U'VI III I Mil III I..Ill '-I. '!.? I i.- , I., I . : r? I. .' .1 I!??? the
laudable deiign of w hich is to rescue that annlver-arv
Irom the ordinary popular desecration, and to consecrate
it to the cause of impartial and universal liberty, by
? inking a mortal blow at the existence of slavery in our
land, and to which all who "despise fraud, anil loathe
i a|?tne, and abhor blood," and who " reject with Indigna
tion the wild and guilty fantasy that man can bold pro
perty in man." are cordially invited. In view of the im
pious cluims and alarming strides of the slave power?of
the necessity of combined Northern opposition to it, root
and branch, to the utter forgctfulness of all sectarian
divisions and partv lines?of the awfU) baptism of fire and
blood through which ill-fitted Kansas Is passing?It is
hoped and believed that this gathering will be unprece
dented!} large, and animated by.a spirit equal tothecrlais.
Signed. sealed aud delivered by the Committee of
Important Railroad Movement ?Th? Buffalo
Courier sat s the authorities of the various railroad lines
running weat from that city have unanimously concluded
abolish, on the 1st day of July, all ticket OfflC$?, agents,
tinners and solicitors east of Buffalo.
Oar Puii OermpMuktiM.
Pabu, Jan* 11, 1366.
Opmiam in France m the Difficulties between Great Britain
and the United State??Further DetaUt Concerning the
Inundation*?Movements in Aid of the Sufferer*?The
Emperor in the Inundated Districts?The Distribution <ff
Prises at the International Cattle Show?Arrival of the
Pope's Legate?Baptism of the Imperial Prince. <?c., dc.
The rerv em'non# *?? trhne* ?'
relations of tbe two great sections of the Anglo-Saxon race
have been often expressed with much less reason than
be is wont to exercise on subjects of a French, or even a
strictly European character, and to which, from time to
time, I have drawn attention, last night, at the reception
of a Polish Princess, in my own hearing, thus expressed
himself:?'-There will be no war between Fngtand and
America. The English were wrong in the first instance,
and it is not proved that they have been right in the se
cond. There is something mythical," he added, with a
smile, '-about the apology. Although there is uo official
confirmation of Mr. Crampton's dismissal, I have never
anticipated anything less. But war i3 an impossibility."
The accounts from the inundated localities are of a less
disastrous character. The beautiful weather we now en
Joy holds out every hope that, for this year at least, the
deluge is stopped. The di-tricts of the I<oire still suffer
most, aud, unfortunately, a considerable time Is likely to
elapse before the evil done can bo remedied; for notwith
standing all the efforts made to prevent It, the waters
have made an extensive irruption iuto tbe extensive
quarries of Angers.
Hie Journal de Main* et Loire gives the following do
The Force (thesp are the name- of the quarries) wa3
first filled : then the Krinitage, and then the waters
reached the niomula which surround theUrandOorreaux.
There, in presence of the obstacles accumulated by
science and devotodness, they aeem?-d to redouble in
rage, and rose with prodigious rapidity. Very shortly
alter, the crowds collected at the mouths of the immense
o)K>nings were struck with horrible admiration at the
Fight of this furious torrent, which, surmounting tbe last
crest of the barriers opi*>-ed to it, described an immense
curve, and rushing into an abyss with a roar louder than
the loudest thunder, dashed aside like straw the im
mense masses of rock which stood in its passage. A few
instants sufficed to fill to the edge this gulf of two hun
dred feet in depth and as wide as the Champ de Mara
(some two hundred English seres), and to annihilate this
wonderful work, the result of so much labor and anxiety.
To the noise of the fall of a rushing cataract was added
the ioud whistling from the galleries, the opening of
which was burst through in a moment. The ground
around trembled a? in an earthquake, when the torrent
rushed into the galleries, and the spectators in alarm
hastily retired, considering that it would be rashness to
brave these convulsions of nature. Thousands of indus
trious workmen are thus thrown out of employ.
The same journal states that the verdant valley of Beau
fort, the real garden of Anjou. has disappeared beneath
the water. The ground is everywhere covered with at
least a depth of two metres. The church is flooded, and
most of the peasants' cottages show only their roofs above
the surface. Bouts are constantly moving about, endea
voring to save the property of the inhabitants, and con
vey bread to the persons who havo sought refuge in the
upper part of their houses.
The subscription for the distressed, collected in the
capital up to the present moment, amounts to 748,351f.
The Monileur of to-day states that tho Emperor quitted
Angers this morning (the 10th), and at 8 o'clock set out for
Nantes. The Divatte had broken its barriers. His Ma
' jesty went to carry succor to the victims of the inunda
tion. Elsewhere in the town the waters liavo recedwl,
and circulation is re-established. It is impossible to ex
press the enthusiasm with which his Majesty 13 every
where welcomed by the imputation.
Yesterday, upwards of 6,000 persons were collected at
the Palais de l'Industrie to witness the distribution of the
prizes. M. Ronlier, Minister of Commerce, of Agriculture,
and of Public Works, presided. The scene was really a
very animated one. Tho beauty of the Palace, the deli
cious garden in the nave, the variety of costurao of the
successful candidates, the number of senators and legisla
tors in full dress, the perfect arrangement and ample
space, as well as all that upholstery which on such
occasions the French know how to introduce with #o
much dramatic effect, gave the exhibition an air of life
and bustle, and reality of usefulness, which to a practical
mind rendered it very interesting. Of course the lion's
share, and more than the lion's share of prizes, fell to the
English, who may be said to have almost swamp*' the
Exhibition a? regards its universality. But it may be
fairly calculated that most boncflcial results will accrue
to French agriculture from the experiment. From the
moment it opened, every day has witnessed an accession
of visiter?, aud sometimes it was amusing to witness tho
anxiety of educated Frenchmen to catch any stray Kng
lishman by the button for the purpose of extracting in
formation on a subject which, although evidently deeply
interested in, thev were as ignorant of as a New Zealand
savage A fillip "has, however, been given to the popular
mind, which, once awakened in France, never fails to
The Pope's Ix-gate, Cardinal Con.-tanline Patriz. Bishop
of Albano, has arrived in Pans to perform the ceremony
or the Imperial baptism. He is tbe subject not only of
the most profound attention from the Couit, where he is
treated with Papal honors, but the clergy generally, with
the Archbishop at their head, seem quite overwhelmed
with the effulgence of this l'a|>al rav. The addresses to
him. as the representative of the Pojie, h ave luA6 for the
I>eity liiniseir. whose minister lie calls bimselt.
His Holiness the l'ope has remitted tho sum Of 15,000
francs towards tho fund for the benefit of the victims of
the inundations.
The number of children to whom the Emperor and Em
press will have to stand sponsors, in fulfilment of their
engagrment to take upon themselves that relation for all
children born on the same day as the Prince Imperial,
will be 3.000. Tbe prefects have been ordered to inform
themselves exactly of tbe situation of the families, and
to give assistance to such as are in want. The intention
of the Emperor and Empress is to transmit to each of
these families a certificate recording the honor conferred
upon them. An annual sum will be devoted by th?ir Ma
jesties for tho relief of tire necessitous, and for the sup
port of such children as shall become deprived of their
natural protectors. The mayors have sent up information
that many familif swhavc dolayed their respective bap
tisnis until the day appointed for that of the Prince Impe
rial. Tho Monileur informs the parents that they are at
liberty to choose whom they will to represent their Ma
jesties on the occasion.
The official journal gives to day the Kogramme or the
On the morning of the 14th alvos of artillery will an
nounce both the commencement and the termination
I of the baptismal cer"iuoiiy. AfPr tbe termination
iHiiir Majesties wi I dine at tbe Hotel de Ville. In
I Tin. cvi mug this clvii palace and its environs will be gor
geously decorated and illuminated. Tbe tower of Saint
Jacques la Bouchcrio and the public building* of tbe capi
tal. will also be Illuminated.
<m Sunday, the 16th, salvos of artillery will bo fired
from the cannon of the Invalidee at six in the morning
and fix o'clock in the evening.
Tie. fiu lie jour will be kept simultaneously on the
Esplanade des Invalids? and at the Barrier du Trone.
On the Esplanade of the Invalided two large theatres
will be placed, representing in turn military spectacles;
also two other theatres, representing gymnastic cxer
ci-es and rojie dancing, Ac. Four poles, well greased,
(ma'i il' affiw) surmounted with prizes, will be at tho
ccrvice of competitors. At two o'clock 300 balloons, full
of baptismal sweetmeats, will be launched from the cen
tre of the e-planado. At 4:30 a grand balloon will be
loosed from the same spot, projecting in the midst of the
crowd parachutes containing bags of sweetmeats.
At the Barrier du Trone two theatres will be set up,
one of which will give mBttwy spectacle*, tbe other rope
dancing, tumbling, Ac.; also greasy polee, and so forth.
At one o'clock gratuitous representations at tho Imperial
Opera, the theatre Franqaise, tbe Opera t'omique, the
Odcon, Ac., Ac., Ac. . ,
At night tbe garden or the Tuilerios. the Place de la
Concorde,the Grand avenue and round point of the Champs
Klv#ee?, decorated with iiorticoes. garlands, lu.stree and
vases will be illuminated with glass and colored lanfrna.
The fnra/le of the garden of the TuEeries, on the Place de
la Concorde, will reproduce the illumination executed at
Versailles In honor of the Queen of England's visit. The
Industrial pal*ce and its environ? will also be illuminated.
The Hotel de Ville. the tower or si Jacques la Houchcrie,
the Arc de Triompbede 1'F.totle, the Harrier du Trbne, the
Pont Netif, the esplanade of the Invalidcs, and all tho
public edifices will al-o be illuminated.
At 8 o'clock the Port d i/rsay will be illuminated, ss
well as numerous large vessels assembled in the basin of
the Seine, between the Pont Koyal and the Pont dc la Con
corde In these vessels will be placed hand* of music,
who will execute various airs during the evening. At 9
o'clock two displays or fireworks will take place, one
ujon the Qual d'Oraay, before the legislative Palace; the
the other at the Barrier du Trone. Each of these will
represent a Gothic architectural edifice, with a baptistry
At the end of the fireworks, on the Quai il'Orjay, there
will be a grand explosion, representing a shoot of wat'-r
and burning ca*<ade? This will be seen the whole length
of the balustrade of the Pont d'Orsay.
Pants, June 12, 1866.
paru em File Pay*?The. Pkilotophy if National S/te
la, Preparation* for the Imperial Baplitm?Theatri
cat Chararter of the Mine en Same?The i/uarrel between
Great Britain and the. Unitol Stale*?Singular Ineidenl*
if the Inundation*, dr., dr.
'Ihe metropolis Is lotting Itself go, as a young lady of
our acquaintance used to say when the sighs of some gal
lant swain bad relaxed all tbe fibres of her heart, in all
the delightful madness of the tender passion. Paris is in
the full delirium of an expected file, and that one of tho
greatest of its kind.
The reader who has never visited labeUe France will
rorm a very Inadequate conception from any cbroniclo
be may have perused, of tho effect of these
dii* fetta on her population. To visit Paris
when alio is giving birth to one of them is the
lifelong ambition of tbe distant provincial. Having
witnessed one of her high days of glorification, he returns
to his dopartmout an Inch higher iu the estimation of his
neighbors, and probably much more than this in his own.
Now, however, that the ekemfn deferli daily opening iu re.
saurees to toe extremes! border* of the empire, these pro
vincial visits increase in ? rapid ratio. Desire- increase bv
indulgence, and they who have once visited the scene of
their fascination again and again find themselves drawn
Within the tnagio oircle of th* capital on these great occa
sions; and it is a fact, that the enormous influx from the
departments, in a financial point of view, generally more '
than indemnifies the muni"'- ' _ _ ... -
. scanty tor tne expense it his
To the Anglo-Saxon race it is incomprehensible bow a
highly civilized people can derive not only pleasure but
Intense excitement, from this perpetual ringing of changes
on lights, poles, flags, fireworks, trumpeting and specta
cle. That the provincial should do so, who beholds all this
dramatic array for the first time, is Intelligible; but that the
Parisian should be thrown into a frenzy of extacy by scenio
effects, of which from day to day and hour to hour
be sees all the modus operandi, is astonishing. Yet very
few, even among the oldest, wisest, gravest of her eiti
sens are found who do not look upon these fooleries
as belonging to the res tacra of the capital. They declare
that no government or dynasty can afford to dispense
with tbero, and tliat an executive studious of the common
wealth in the matter of file* may afford to be careless
* bout many thirgs of far graver Importance. Aa a mat
tcr of policy they are pronounced to be unquestionable.
They disseminate the renown of Paris throughout the
length and breadth of the empire. They bring foreigners
from distant regions, who, coming to gaze on an epheme
ral show, remain to inspect, and spread the fame of the
magnificent monuments by which they find themselves
surrounded. But apart from all this, toe true Parisian
declares that there is no spectacle, no reunion, no domes
tic episode, that gives him hall' too pleasure and thrilliug
sense of erjoyment as do these file*. " Talk not to
me," he says, " of tho brood ways being interrupted by
the erection of scaffolding, the object of which is too tem
ple of a day?an hour; of the earth being gutted to admit
conduits to supply fountains which vanish at sundown;
talk not or plastered statues, gilded kiosks, improvised
gardens?the labor of weeks?the duration Of a day; I
tell you that they are the means or setting nil classes
afoot, of giving sweet pleasure to high and low, of develop
ing toe ratior al civilization of Frenchmen?of making the
heart of all Franco, as one man, sing for joy; and there
fore, legitimist, Orleani.-t, fustouist, socialist, republican
call me any thing you like, but give me, give me, in God's
name, from time to time, u national fete."
After this, the render will not be astonished when I tell
him (hat this moment, before the portico of Notre Dame,
in the broad place in front of the Hotel de Yille, all along
the long line of esplanade facing the Hotel des Invalides,
thousands of Idlers are collected, watching the prepara
tions wliicli are being inndn for Saturday, the day of the
imperial baptism, auc for the fitr which is to follow on
tlie Sunday afterwards. How the greater part of them
can ailord to spare toe time from their daily occupation is
inexplicable: but. as if such u thing had never hapiiened
before, there they stand, watching wiih intense interest,
(minted figures or the saints in cardboard, as, with a noose
around their neck, they are one by one hauled up by
w orkmen, and placed in niches on the facade of the cathe
dral. Then the quantity of painted bunting which is be
ing nailed hither and thither over the sacred edifice, is
marked with a scrutinizing gaze. In fnct. many, fi om tho
determined manner in which they seem to have planted
thetnselvea, apiiear as if they intended to take up their
abode altogether in the locality, till the ceremony has
been performed.
As far as can be Judged at present,' the cathedral is to
be idled up. within and without, much in the same ur.a
ner as on the occasion of toe imperial wedding. The
whole of the interior Is hung with silk drapery, so that
none of the architectural decorations nre visible. The
effect of this will be immensely increased by tho ten
thousand light.- and burners, which will give tho chapel
the np|>enrance of one of those spangled ctherial domains
pictured by the pious enthusiasm of devout poets. Im
agine all this sacred jianoply relieved by tho brilliant and
various costumes of the denizens of all Europe, aided by
the strains of exquisite melody, and the pealing notes of the
superb organ echoing along the vaults of the fretted roof.
There is no doubt of Its being a sight that will long be re
membered by those w hose vision has not been hackeyed in
such dramatic scenes. The procession is to be one of
singular impressiveness. but, though I have been indiflged
with a sight of the programme, I will not spoil the de
scription I hope to send you by any previous forestal
As a specimen of the dramatic character which run3
throughout these prejuiratinns, I may mention that In tho
space before Hie Hotel de Ville, a row of new houses is in
process o! erection; but not being finished?indeed, some
of them scarce begun?Fronch ingenuity has hit upon the
follow ing expedient:?A canvas facing, amply secured by
scaffolding behind, representing the houses us they are to
be, Is put up. and painted so artistically that not till the
eye is brought close to bear upon it is the tluslou dis
covered. These theatrical houses run on either side, to
the distance of some UOO or 400 yards, ot" a beautirul arch, j
under which, through a new boulevard, linofi on both
Fide- with Venetian masts, bearing oritlames a,id
fairrravT of the tricolor, the Imperial cortege will pass on
it- way to the hospitalities of the Hotel de Ville.
1 have, to advert to other matters, left myself littlo
room to speak of politics; and probably, as you are just
now so fhll of tliem at home, you will not be sorry for
the fact.
The remarks contained in an article in tho Hkraid,
which speaks of " those scenes of lawlessness and out
rage which have signalised Mr. Pierce's mal administra
tion.'' luive produced a profound effect among diplomatic
circles. It begins to be thought that the chief organs
of public opinum In America will so thoroughly scout the
pretensions of Mt Fierce, that thcro cannot bo a possi
bility of his re clertion.
On the probability of war between the United States
and England the Urn'mr* baa the following pithy sen
tcni e:?? 'Tho Loudon Journals state to-day that, in the
event of a war, Faigland may count on the support of
France. Wo Lc,p< that tbey are mistaken. We are en
tirely disinterested in the question. "We have 110 neces
sity to seek soldiers in America, and tho jpescnt alliance
.Iocs not compe l us to espouse all the quarrels of our
The Kmperor dined at Nantes yesterday, and returned
lo Paris in the evening. He spares no fatigue of body or
mind In hi. charitable visitations. The various rivers
nre gradually nub' irtlrc. but no language can exaggerate
the terrible distress which prevails. Another list of sub
scribers is published in the Monsieur to-day, amounting
t n upwards of fioO,(H)Cf., and sums are still pouring in
from all quarters.
The Cardinal Archbishop of Tours has placed his own
palace at the service of the victims, and not fewer than
500 persons have been accommodated. In the Varenne.
a district between the Cher and Loire, the boatmen had
to cut through the roofs of houses to get at the inmates.
Incredible though it may nppoar, some obstinately refused
to quit their perilous eituat.oM, and were obliged to be
carried away ri rl emu's. In one house an old man armed
himself with a knile, and threatened to murder the boat
man who proposed to remove him. In another homo a
woman declared that nothing on earth should induce her
to move, and threats were made that she should be bound
hand and foot and carried off by force, so as to gave her
in spite ofheraelf. Seeing that these threats wore about
to be carried into execution, she at length got into a boat,
i nsisticg at the tame lime on taking with her fifteen rab
bits. which she could not find it in her heart to abandon.
It is calculated that out of the olghty-lour departments
of France something like fifty have been more or 1??
affected by the inundations.
Personal Intelligence.
The Huntevillc (Texas) Item states that Genera] Hous
ton lias recovered from his late attack of catarrh, and is
now ahl" to utir about and see his friends. He will re
return to IVsablngton shortly. The General's attack was
very serious, and at one time bis friends were alarmed
on account of his danger.
I.ist of Americans registered at the office of the Ameri
can European Express Exchange Company, Place de la
Bourse, Paris, from 3d to 11th June.?
Samuel Biker. Now York; X. A. Doiolchan. Now Orleans;
I,. L. Armani, do.; Philips Jostle* and Isdy, Philadelphia; J.
. Cameron .Sfone, New York; G. Tucker Blake, Washington; l.\
K. Goodwin, New York; t'. N. Mct'une, do.; Henry H. Hun
ungton, do.; John W. Fox, Jersey city: N. <J. Penntmin. Bal
timore; John S. Perry, Albany; Wm. Allen, New York; X. P.
Whitehead, Mrs. Wilson nnd family, Cincinnati: Dr. Mh
Wells. New York; J. Chase Drem. Baltimore: P. B. I,. Smith,
[ Cincinnati; S. Grlflin and family, New York; John 11. Hall, do.;
Ernest Miltenberger. New Orleans; W. H. Brown, Erie;
Alfred Waller. New York; Maxwell Wood hull, do.; II. Levy
and daughter, Mobile Wm. Bourne, New York; Thomas
I Grclg. do ; W. W. Chapln, Providence; Edgar Edmunds, New
Orleans; K. Mncdouald. New York; Uaorge Jacques, Worces
ter, J. J. Van Byekel. Philadelphia; J. F. lllaek'oek, Charles
ton; Dr. N. M. Humphrey, New York; W. S Hopkins. Balti
more. Jas. I,. Wire. New York; J. Hurmore and lady, do.; J.
Thayer and nephew, CinrinnaiiiH. O. Hurnap. Massachusetts;
Atherton Blight, Philadelphia; W. D. Greene and lady, New
York. C K. Tuekermann. do.: Jaa. H. Woods, do.; H. B. Corn
ing. do.; H. H. Cohen and daughter. St l,ouia. J. H. Huper,
Boston; Jas. Swaiin. Philadelphia. J. K. Ttmhy. Syracuse; P.
Rows, New York. H. II. Knrnoss. Philadelphia; H. K. Cox,
Wisconsin; H. llowland. Cayuga. A. Van Bergen, Jr.. New
York: C. K Robert, do.. K. K. Coming, do.; J. Sloper and
lady. Boston; Wm. Cheeks. New York. J. G. Cutlet!, Baltt
more: J. W. Seymour, New York
The JVetv 1'rvuxan Jourral, of Tlerlio. liaiU the advent
of the Empress Dowager of Ruu-ua in tho following
words:?Her Majesty, the Empress mother of Russia, has
arrived. Thirty nine yearr past sne fthen Princess Char
lotte of Propria) espoused the Grand irtkc Nicholas. Dur
ing thirty eight years she too J truly and faithfully by
tho t ide of her princely consort in joy and "orrow. But
in her attai hm<ujt to her adopted country rhe did r.ot for
gi t her native land; she often returned with her husband
to the court of her royal father and brother.
The Tfoiiimfil Gotftis, of Berlin, announces, under
date of Christians, 16th of May, that M. StWbern,
Charge d'Aflitires of Sweden to the I'nited States, is re
called in ordor to become head of the Cabinet of tho Vice
roy of Norway.
Prince Frederick William of Prussia, who is about to
marry the Queen of England's daughter, is of tali and
commanding figure F! ? complexion is naturally fair,al
though blj fa' e is slightly browned by outdoor sports and
exercise. He has light hair, cut very close, a still
lighter colored moustache, which riyis into n thin light
whisker, and does not conceal a pair of large red
hps. His nose is long and Men jwonon-Y, his eyes are
blue, and his face is of the somewhat broad German
Rossini, who has been in Paris all the winter, loft on
June 8 for the waters of Wildbud.
Madame Ristori is said to be 150,000 Irancs the richer for
the representations she has given at Paris in three months
ending Saturday. May 31.
Mr. layarrt, M P., arrived at Constantinople on the
20th ult .'and has been entertained by ix>rd Stratford de
General Monravietl and General Williams have met at
Berlin, and it is said that they have been seen walking to
gether arm in arm. Both are invalids; one goes aa such
to the hatha of Ta.-plitg and the other to Baden Baden.
A steamer arrived at Stettin on the 27th nit from 8t
Petersburg, bringing from that ctty Count Ncaselrodo,
Baron Meyendorlt, Prince Woronatofl and the Prussian
Minister at the Russian Court?Baron de Werthern.
General Sir Wm. Williams, of Kara, with big ||MN-44<
C?mp, Cupt C. C Teeadale and Capt. Henry A CliurcUill,
arrived at the Hotel Meurice, Pari*. on June 5.
M. Hakuninc, whoso pardon by tho Emporor of Russia
has been announced, is a Russian subject, who took an
active part in the revolutionary disturbances of Prague in
1548. and who commanded at the nuumsction at Dresden
^or those offences he ban been sent to
naron da Meyendorff, who, by order of the Emperor
Alexander was to place himself at the hoad of the suite of
the Empress Dowager, but who was detained by indisposi
tion at8t. Petersburg, liaa arrived at Berlin, and taken
the pert destined for liim.
Count de Nosselrode, who was received with a good
deal of distinction, and who met his sou in law, Baron de
Bsebwch, has left Berlin for the waters of Kis.-ingon.
Tito following eminent personages have arrived in
Etrasbnrg:?l'rlnce Canino Bouaparte, from Rome; the
Princess Mary ot Baden, Duchess of Hamilton, from Ger
many; Prince Wasa, likewise from Germany. The desti
nation of all is Paris,
The Grand Duchess Dowager of Tuscany arrived at
Verona on tho 39th nit., under the incognito of OouMom
of Caltano.
The Princess Charlotte of Belgium completed her six
teenth > ear 011 the 7th of the present month, having been
born at I-aeokcn in 1840.
The France Cenirale. of Blois. publishes the following:?
Our accounts from Venice inform us that the Count de
< hambord had been suffering for a few days from an in
disposition which was at one time serious, but which be
bad desired should not Ve made known in France. On
16tb May the Count was present at a tairee given at the
Palazzo Vendramini, by the Duchess of Berry, and had
retired, overcome by the heat of tho room3, with the in
tention of embarking at once in his gondola. The gondo
liers were, however, not at their post, and his highness
v as detained on the steps of the palace for above ten
minutes. When he reached the Palazzo Cavalli, where
ho resides, he was suffering from fever, which excited an
alarm that is now dissipated. The count will continue to
reside iu Venice until the oud of June.
M. de Lamartino has consented to speak at the ap
proaching Liege conference, which is to take place at the
Socictlc d 'Emulation, Liege.
The Grand Duke Michael, who accompanies his mother,
the Dowager Empress of Russia, on her visit to the court
of Prussia, is understood to have in view a matrimonial
engagement with a German Princess. The only Prussian
Princess now unmarried is Alexandrine, the youngest
daugeter of Prince Albrecht. now fourteen years old.
Statues in honor of Vasco de Gama, Camoens and
Cabral, the discoverer of the Brazils, are to be erected in
the city of Lisbon.
Count Alexander Meusdorff arrived at Buckingham
ralace from tho Continent morning of 29th ultimo, on a
visit to Queen Victoria.
The Prince Royal of Sweden lias made Ills solemn entry
intoChristiania, in his quality of Viceroy of Norway, on
the 27th of May. lie was received With acclamations by
the population. Huron Palmbsicrna, Swedish Minister of
Finance, tendered his resignation, which ha3 been ac
Garibaldi, who liad been for somo time living In Nice in
great retirement, lius taken liis departure for the island
of Sardinia.
M. Thiers is about to publish a work on niudoo art.
Sir Archibald and Indy Alison have arrived iu London
from Possil House, Lanarkshire.
At Hie Clarendon?Mr. and Mrs. J. ,T. Pringle, four chil
dren and three servants, South Carolina; Joseph Hide nor, Vir
ginia; Mr. and Mrs. Roelossoa, Cincinnati; Mrs. K. B. Smith.
Chas. Smith, Washington; Mr. and Mrs. D. Stubletield, Penn
sylvania; Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Silverman, do.; Mr. and Mrs.
Erands H. Hall, New York; Mrs. Ollingswortb, two children
and maid, England; II. II. Stout, Cincinnati; Miss Helen Smith,
Washington; Mr. and Mrs. Wlimot Johnson and daughter,
Baltimore; Jonathan French, Ruxburv; Tlios. Kbnbcr, Phila
delphia; Tellfuir Hodgson, Princeton, N. J.; Ijy o. Adimn,
New York.
At (he Lsfarge House?Kx Presldent Tyial:.}'fA't.+^Sol.
F.. O. Clark. Albany; B. Wm. H. Nichols, "
l'helps, lthode Island; C'apt. Josoph I,. .,
shot; John P. Pulaney Virginia; E. Mon'J
Ky.; K. 11. Riddlek, North Carolina; lt<|
Larftniu, N. II.; M. demons, Washington,
ner, Stat en Island.
At the Stevens House?Col. J. S. Smith, W! Point Comfort;
Col. T. Ihaynr, Boston; Col. R. G. Stone-.Vlattsburg; Hon.
Samuel Engler, Hon. (1. A. Timothy, New Orleans; Rev. O.
N. Phillips, Massachusetts; Dr. W. P. Norman. Chicago; Dr.
Charles Zely, New Hampshire; Captain Lewis Elliott,
From California, via AspinwaU, In steamship Illinois?C F
Fargo, 8 W Tteknor, H F Paris, Mrs Bruder, Chas Roberts,
W E Dow, M C Howard, P N Emerson. Mrs Ames Every, F
Tukey, lady, son and infant; A U Sneaih. Mrs Heed, L Pierce,
L L Batcbeldor, W K Wkherel), E' dimming*, I) J Halter, J
Movers, L Pickering and lady, Mrs Uidwelf, A B Yeoman, li
Cefcen, a S Pealmnn, L M Pealman, C E Corser. Oapt Hrdo
and hoy, Mrs Stephenson, Miss Stephenson, R Stephenson.
Mrs M E Castor. J no Daniels, A Frasieraml Iadv, Mr Hunker,
Miss II Trask, J K Bottelle, M Littall, P M Kelcr. F Foster,
iadv and child; MrsTuUle, Hon Eidwd Stanley, Mrs Rogers
and child, II Msrtin.D T Murphy, A L Adams, Mrs 9 E Fields,
J G Hubbell, W ELowry. ZY Moody, lady and child; Catt
8now, O T Poo man, M Alger, D Dustin, G B Newell, M M
Wheeler. It R Norton, Mrs McHenrv. Col Fisher, Mrs E II
Clarke, It E'orsyth J 8 Welton, Jno V Hays, Mrs Ronnidson,
child and servant; L Sawyer, lady and child; N Paddock,
I.ieut.T C Honnycastle, USA; R S Mulford; I, McLane, lady,
sister nndchilli; R Hooley, MrsMcGuire, J 8 Hittell, Esq, A T
Robinson, J B llcweit, 11 K Cutomings, 11 Newhouse, K N
McLaren, Esq, Mrs Green. .J Fouratt, Mrs McDanlels. N
Booth. Mrs Hedge, Lieut Forsyth, US A, N Moore, R Mitchell,
Mrs J II Burns and child, J Allschue; Mrs Bearer, It children
and servant; A Kerstlnir, A A Cole, J Keys, Mr Chipps.
A Mure, C P Jackson and lady, W Mansfield, Mr Hickman, W
I nwden, L Skinner, l)r Cornlck, II B Wheat, M Scott, Cspt E'
crifling, L Goett, Mis White, two children nnd servant; Mrs
Taylor, two children nnd servant; Mrs Brooks and child. II 8
llohlltzell, E' Smith, Captll D Gardiner, J C Trescntt, C A
King. Elsq, J N Beits, Mrs E'orsoe and son. Dr R T lluaMart,
t; Wood, L A Ross, J Lee, J Shields, W C Wilson,
E Horn, J N Cross. Kso, W 11 Comstock, W Hodge,
C Comstock, Judge llaie, .7 McDougali, J Thompson, C E
Woodman, Mrs Lancaster nnd brother, MVerastegul, Mrs R I,
Sanchez and two children, Miss 8 Druce, Gen Uraaua, Pedro
Brin and three children, J f'arlis, R Vaiiarlno, lady, six chil
dren and servant; J Va Marino, Mrs Brower, Mrs Livingston,
Mr GUmour, I)r S Rogers, G M l.'gher, J B Robinson, W Ber
ry, Mr Wcstcns'le. J Banks, LCobbett, C Worgle, J Williams,
?fas Jackson. A Riher, Wm CahilL J C Kiag. El G Granger,
Cupt D C Mitchell, I. H Bellows, C Bellows, II Bellows, S D
Harris and lady, L C Taft and iad v. M M Watlsand lady, J M
How hi d, Iadv and two children; C C Davis, lady and two chil
dren; G W Ritchie, lady and child; G Rose, lady and child; M
Rose and brother, Mrs Williams and four children, D Hum
null, W M Thompson. W I) lilanchard, C Saperln, J J Nichols.
J Woods. II lleadlcv. Jno Gross, 1, Cox, II P Elmer, Wm
Lewis, A N Cagy, J II Ball, I. M Russell, K T Nye, N Harris,
K N Harris. Mrs Hewea, P Levy, M Levy, 8 White,T W White,
M Neal, O Spear, O Allen, K llsrrts. J C Dewey, A Dewey,
T Jones, (J K Bartlett, J O Bradford, A Collison, 1) 0 Ferris,
Wm Robertson. O Mossermau?and 059 in second cabin and
From New Orleans and Havana, Id steamship Philadelphia?
From New Orleans?James ilarran, K H Ashley, MrS'Hartt
ami five ehildren, Mr* llanmer, K Henderson, Mr* Henderson
Mrs K Bonnet and infsnt, Mrs J K Forbes, Mrs V Simon, J B
Jaume, Mrs J B Jaume. Misses T and 8 Keixag, Mrs J Jacobs,
Mrs Marks, Infant and servant; Miss A G Cousins, Miss J
Dyer, Mrs J X>yer and three children, Mrs B T Knery, Mrs H
G Veizie, A Bernard, lady and child; J and H Montgomery,
Misses Shettloee, Smlilt. M Mlllaudon and lady, Pr Louit and
Miss Loult, J B Reed, C Hylleated, H Moalfs and lady, Mrs P
Paponte and family, H Vedrlnes, lady, three children and ser
vant; Kmanuel Bushe. Mrs M Dorey and child. J F Otis and
lsdy, Mrs Swell and Infant, MissM Ginot, Mrs P Blrac, Francis
Busto, Alfred Trubll, I .eon Dcstey, II S Crawford?and (57 in
the steerage.
From Havana?J R Urguerdo, N Ferrer and daughter, F de
Corrona and son, 1* Bruzaln. J Dttro, R Prasos, M Alvarez, J
K Pclgado, .1 S Foster, I' Michel, II MeCulloch. W P Caldwell,
J Caldwell, C J Helm, .1 J Hoeffor, 8 Lloyd, T Lloyd, F Har
ris, R Smith?and 20 In the steerage.
In the steamship Southerner, from Charleston?Mrs B Le
cart and 2 children, Mrs. Brlgeaand 2 children, Mr Gunman,
O G tilave, G F Campbell, G F Mlndolh, Miss K Campbell, O
^ jfr - w- ?
II Kellon. W Hunt, M Grant, U K Trcmaln, Miss Hill. Mlsa
Wright. Mlse Read, 1) J1 Dum .in and lady, W Tultle, .S II Le
ble, and 21 In sleeragp.
For Havre, In the ste.imshlp Aiwgo?Mr and Mrs Cipriani
and maid, Mraml Mrs Chin Moran, three children and two ser
vants; Mlsa M Moran, Master ( Moran, Mr and Mrs J F
Frfsoher, Miss K T Frlseber. Miss 8 FrUcher, Miss M II
Frtscher, Miss M F Frischer and maid. Miss Uodon, A A
Williams snd three children, C llolmea, Mr Kanshawe. Pr II
M Halg. Z Pcderlck, (.'apt Bounand, N V Walker. Thos B Pay,
Marcus ('one, J M Wilson, Ed Magnan. Mr and Mrs B Oracle,
Miss K (irscie. John Jagar. H Oppenheim, Major J A Heard,
Mr and Mrs K Bngonen, child and nurse; Mrs Ferret. Miss ?'
Guerin. Mr F EUyade, Mr 8 Eltyade, Mr K Azzonde, Mr R F
Smith, Mr N Perelll, Mr and Mrs R Mniiion. two children and
servant; Miss J Maiton, Mrs ?' March and friend, Mr and Mrs
Hiletean nud child. Mr and Mrs K Peeoppet and child, T Gull
tu.n. Prcoppc. Mr K H Ordftnough, two children and servant;
ilr and Mra J de Lobe) snd two servants; Messrs. E II Frost,
T G Parker. T K Otllon. W Regnelferos, G lluhler. N Santos,
Mrs F Oci ha, Mr ami Mrs C C I'ambreling. Gen P'Evraux and
servant, Col H Sparks, ladv and servant; Mrs Brandigee, Mrs
L.nr.h and two daughters. Mrs? has U Grtignn, MrHLavia. V
Frtonel, Mlsa Green. Misa K Brnnner, Mr .I Sorrel and son,
Mr? J H Smith, Mlsa Smith, Miss A Sorrel, Mlsa X. Sorrel, Miss
Williams, Mies Berry, Miss Hell, J I, Williams and brother,
Mr llerry Mr Bell, A Marxism. W 11 Gtddings, T Gomes,
Mr A Wob-olt, Mr A Flllot, S B P.tndolfln, Mr A Topi, Mrs
Mai menu and daughter. Pr F T Mtlea, Pr P G Robinson. Mr
and Mrs Handy. Mr and Mrs Guincbault, Mrs G It P.indoltlne,
Mrs Mantini and child. Mr I. A Ouillnman, Mr R B Htivlland,
Mrs P Jamco. three-daughters anil svn't; Mr J I.eman, Mrs J
I.einnn, Mr I. R Strauss. Mr 11 F Hhuter, Mr A Frisk, Mr 11
Briengne, Mr P Begneal, Mr Beyer, Mr O 8 Schmidt, Mr W
Hart, Miss O'Connor, Mrs Jierard, child and curse,
II Besger. Mr Caloo, A Boioblank, lid Puinnman, J J Lyons,
Mr Victor and ciilld, J 11 Cunghy, J 11 fhvlch, Mr Saluit, Mr
and Mrs W F Uodofson, Ed Aulnr, P Godfroy, F Sehmltlt, Mrs
Ko.-he, Mrs Siinheimer, Mrs Arnold, T Segur, wife ami child;
N Segur, Mr Preston nr.il three children, A Ja/piet, N Wyant, L
Chitvaune, J Holakln. N Ohelstein, Wm Sehuynge, BJost, C'haa
Alt, M- ssrl. J.launders. J. Lonhell. P. Omtcing, Mr. Lmlam,
N Alexander. A M'Fhnj
N Alexander, A Mct-liny, B Ia-mon. Mrs I.udam, Mis*
Brun. Mrs J Levy, Mr W It Framo. ("apt Jenct, .Mr R
Mlm, Mr A M Frauds, Mr M Malenthan. Mr II F Parker,
Mrs 8 Paysamale, snd iwo children, Mr F Kille. Pr
Altaud, Pr Yardin, Messrs. A Gay, J Guvs, 1! Molier, (}
Oaten, 0 Adler, Thos Beits, L Deloehe, Mr* i ambler, Messrs
It Avegno. Ktans, Fuitstln Cantonl, MrsForman. Mr II ('omora.
-Total, 230.
In the stcsn.ship James Adgcr, for f harlegton P 8 Brigga,
r. Wm Bell, M: Weatemlorlf, J K Ne?.m, Geo 1) Stirgent, A
W Itrighlman, Mrs Augusta Klmpman and child, A Penny,
John McDonnell, J 1' Kaymoud, Susan 1' Barrows, Thos K
George, G Welsh, J Waterson, K Blake, G M ltluke. Jus Ren
tneiay, Jns Adams, D Pove. U 'ioodman, Thomas Smith, and
tl.ers in the steerage.
In the steamship Jamestown, for Norfolk and Richmond?
8 F Skinner, G Spest, K P I'nyce, M p Cayen, Ale* Gould, O
A I ike, >1 Mitchell. W K, Oddle, Daniel H t arpen'er, A Kill
~ ~ "' * " can, ('has
ton, A F Benedict. O O Clay, T P Miller, J Bolsseau, ('has F
Goodwyn W K Gett, K Rcrmck, N Vtssoato, Jno Frceland, 2
Misses Freelsnd, Miss N < nperton, Miss MP atton, MUs N Me
Farland snd servant. Miss II Heirne, Miss 8 Bcirmi, Mis* Bun
vrnn. W 8 Urownley nnd lady. Miss Bttrne, Miss K Brown,
Mrs S Itoerum. B 8tokes nud lady, Wm McLean, R J I.ongec
nnd lady, J L Patleson, Miss L B Coeke, Miss s B Cocke,
l'hlllp St George Cocke and lady, MUs Wllllnk, W F Wllllnk
snd son. and 10 In stcersgc.
Police Intelligence.
CtuRi.y. ofPassino CwtJmntFFn Mo.vft.? John Kelly anil
Willism Morrison were taken Into custody by officer
Cants, of the Tenth ward police, on charge of having
passed two counterfeit two dollar bills on the Steuben
Bnnk, of this State, to the proprietors of a couple of gro
cery stores, in cxt hange lor t;oms articles purchased. In
the possession of the nccused were found seventy dollars
In counterfeit biMs, and forty seven dollarslngoodmoney.
The prisoners were brought before Justice Wood, nt tho
Kesev Market Police Court, where they were committed
for examination.
Thkjutmbmj to Btab as Alpfrma*?James H. We.sseta
was arrested on charge of liaving threatened to stab Al
derman Belly, of ths Fourth ward. The accused, it is
alleged, was engaged in a quarrel with a yottng man
named Pat O'Rourke, when the city father, interfering to
prevent any further depute. he was threatened with ft
formidable knife. Bsld to ball to auwor.
fcS?Ulv ral
T1k? SH f/Hlis RrpvbUsom K,ys that BeQt0? n0 id<*
of being elected Governor of K ",BOuri> but th* he h?Pea
to get votes enough to defeat CrA, lbe mtl-Benton candi
date, and give the elcctroB t? k." Ew'n8i Know
Nothing. In that event he will' fpr bt% "? the nezt Legia
laturo and ask at the hand3 of the Junv "!an3 an e'ection
to the Senate of the failed States.
We have a record of the following mure V'avtn3 bcon
subscribed to aid the free State mew in Kama* 10 carry
out their designs:?
?errit Smith $10,000 Detroit
Chicago 3.000 Boston
Milwaukie. Wis 2,500 Rnynham 3U0
Foekford, III 2,000 Chicago women $00
Taunton. Mass 2,000 New Bedford $00
Janecritle ?. 2.500 Da lion $00
Providence 100
Totul $53,900
The New Haven Palladium, which endorses Fremont,
but as yet takes neither af the candidates for Vice Presi
dent. recommends the friends of Fremont to unite either
upon Johnston or Dayton. It says the democrats are
destined to a terrible overthrow in Connecticut, provided
a conciliatory coarse is taken by the wbigs, republicans
and Know Nothings.
At the Burlington. VI., Fremont ratification meeting
llie following resolution was passed:?
rte.-olvsd, That we pledge ourselves, now and hereaf
ter. to the extent of our ability, to aid our oppressed and
sullertug brethren of Kansas, until Fremont and Dayton
shall rescue this outraged country from the wolves of
Missouri and Washington.
The Baltimore American, old line whig, which has been
looking about for some time for an opening in one of the
political parties, wherein it might locate itself, has fiually
settled into tbo Fillmore ranks.
The Settling Clerks at the Clearing House for the Bos
ton Bunks took a vote on the 26th instant, at their rooms,
for President, as follows:?Fremont, 22; Fillmoro, 6;
Buchanan, 1.
The New I-ondon Chronicle says that Millard Fillmoro
was its lirst choice for tho Presidency, and is yet; but as
it is earnest in its wish to elect a candidate opposed to the
present admistralton, it will not, therefore, support Fill
more, because it knows he cannot be elected, but will
exert its influence for Fremont, because it thinks ho can.
The Germans of Boston had a pic-nic on the 23d inst.,
at Newton Upper Falls, attended by about three thou
sand persons. They there accepted an invitation to at
tend the Fremont r&titlcation meeting by acclamation. It
was found that out <<2jhe Whole company all but about a
dozen go for Fremont and Dayton.
The Columbus, (Ga.,) Sun publishes a card from sixty
four members of the Know Nothing Order, withdrawing
their support from Millard Fillmore, and giving in their
adhesion to the democratic nominees. They say they
have undiminished confidence in the patriotism, ability,
and integrity of Millard Fillmore, but they consider it un
wise and impolitic for the South to run him for the Presi
dency in the present contest, for by giving him the elec
toral vote of two or three Southern States the election
might bo thrown into the House of Representatives, where
the same power which elected a black republican
Speaker would insure the election of a black republican
^ItouisviHe Journal says:?A vote for President and
1 ieg.Wosiclont wa3 ta],.eu among the passengers on board
Tue steamer Highflyer, on tho 23d instant, and resulted:?
For Buchanan and Brecleenridge, twenty-four; for Fill
more and Donclson, fifty-nine; and for Frcmout and Day
ton, two.
The following is tho result of the election for Mayor in
the city of Norfolk, on the 24th instant:?FiulayF. Forgu
eon. K. N., 692: Abram F. Leonard, dem., 611?Know No
thing majority, 81.
Mr. Bucnanan was one of the Senators who opposed the
confirmation of Edward Everett as Minister to England.
Four great mass meetinge have been arranged by the
young Fremont men of Ohio, the first at Dayton, in July,
and the others in rapid succession, at Fremont, Zanesrille
and Massillon.
One of the Know Nothing electors of Kentucky?Col.
Thomas L. Jones, of the Tenth district?is about to resign
bis position, and take the stump for Buchanan and Breck
enridge. Col. J >nes was a delegate to the Know Nothing
Naiioial Council which recently met in this city.
The old line whigs of the Ashland district of Kentucky
have presented to Hon. J. C. Breckenridge a handsome
pair ofhoracs "as an evidence of their pride in their fel
low citizen, though of opposite politics, uud as a pledge of
heir confidence in the coming administration, of which
be will be a prominent member."
Movement* of Ocean Steamers.
Names. Iota. Date. Fur.
Alma Havre June 3 "few York
Hermann Southampton. ..June 18 New York
Canada Liverpool June 21 Boston
Baltic Liverpool June 25 New York
America Boston July 2 Liverpool
Alma New York July 3 Havre
Atlantic New York .... July 5 Liverpool
Asia New York. July 9 Liverpool
Hermann New York July 12 Bremen, Ac
Baltic New York July 19 Liverpool
Quaker City New York July 1....Havana A Mobile
Philadelphia New York ?....July 2..HavanaANOrlcans
Illinois New York July 5 Aspinwall
Isabel?from Charleston 19th and ah. due at Havana 224
and 7tn. From Havana both and 28th, due at New York 17th
and 1st.
Kkpire Crrr on New Grarada?From New York 17th, ar
riving at Havana 23d and New Orleans 23th. From New Or
leans Mh, Havana 8th, due at New York 13th.
Qcaker Citv?From New i ora ist or each month, arriving
at Havana ftth, and Mobile 6th. From Mobile 15th, Havana
18th, due at New York 22d.
When the above dates fall on Sunday, the steamers will sail
on Monday. They leave New Orleans as near 8 A. H. as tide
will admit, and the Isabel leaves Charleston and Havana at
19 A. M.
The following may be of value to those having correspond
encs In the East:?
The mall leaves Southampton on ths 4th and 2Mb of eahs
month, and
Arrives at Gibraltar about the 9th and 25th of same month.
Arrives at Malta about the 14th and 30th of same month.
Arrives at Alexandria about the 16th of same and 4th sf fol
lowing month.
t.oaves Suez about the 20th or Mat of same and 5th or Gth of
following month.
Arrives at Aden about the 2ith or 26th of same and 10th or
CTth <f following mouth.
Leaves Aden about the 2fi?h or 27th of same and day of arri
val for Bombay, and 11th to 30th for < hfcut, Ac.
Indian Navy steamer arrives at Uotabaf about the 3d to 5th
atul 19th to 21nt of the following mouth.
P. and O. steamer arrives at Point tie Galte about ths 5th or
7th and 22d to 23d of following month.
leaves Point de Galle for Polo 1'enaag the sane day, If ths
Donir.tr has already arrived which takes the mall on.
Arrive* at Pulo Penang about ths 12th or 13th and 28th or
29th of following month.
Arrives st Singapore abont tba 15th or 18th and 31st or 1st of
following month.
Leaves Singapore about 12 hours after arrival.
Arrives st Hosg Kong about the 22<1 or 24th and 8th or 10th
Sf following month.
Leaves next day fsr Shanghas.
Two Dirtila leave England?one os the 8lh and 20th of each
month?via Marseilles, and arrive at Alexandria about foe
same tkne as the Southampton mail.
All package and letter/ intended far the S'nw Yoke IIbmalo
ehcmld be eealed.
?ds sis as 4 31 I hoA^rism morn 1 51
StJS BETH 7 361 Hlg^TATBR... eve 6 11
Port of New York, June 98, 18041.
Stecmship Knoxville. Ludlow, Savannah?8 L Mitcbil).
Steamship James Adger, Turner, Charleston?Npoflbrd, Ti
leeton A Co.
Steamship Jamestown, Fairish, Norfolk?Ludlatn A I'less
ship Constellation, Mulltner, Liverpool?COarew.
.-'hip st Peter, Savin, London?'Thompson A Hunter,
rhlp ( hlmborazn, Morse, Antwerp?W F Schmidt A Co.
ship Louis Napoleon (Ubod, Weinlioltz, Hamburg?W F
Schmidt A Co.
ship Macedonia, l'rehle. Ilk ?II Smith A Sons.
Ship 1'am Flush, MoGtllre, City Point? Brett, Son A Co.
ship S llolmes. Griffith, New Orlean*?Wm Nelson A Sons.
Park Architect, Bailey, Matanaas C Dnrand.
Hark Ranger, flooding. Matanzaa? Russell A Viulng.
Brig Oman (Nor), Latino, Rotterdam?W F Schmidt A Co.
Brig Venus (Br), Scc<t, Wlndaoi?C Dewolff.
Brig Echo. Cor.klln, Jacksonville?C 11 Plerson
Brig T Walter, Hath, Philadelphia?J Duratid A Co.
Brig Czarina (Br). Davison, Boston?Herckcnrath A Snef
Brig Beatrice, Coffin. Boston?C A F, J Plerson.
,-ehr Alba, Taylor, Savannah?.1 R Oilmore A Co.
Fchr Wake, McCready, Wilmington?K I. Powell.
Schr It W Brown. Mott. Wllmlngion?Dollner A Potter.
Schr Rebecca, Woglon, City Point?Jas Hunter A Co.
Schr Arctic,' rltchet. Alexandria?Merrill A Abbott.
Schr Alexander M. Christie, Baltimore?Muster.
Schr.) C strong, Liicum, Baltimore?Malller. Lord A Que
schr M Taylor. Niekerson, Philadelphia?Jas Hand,
hr l.oulsa, Fuller, 1'hHndelphta?.Jaa Hand.
Schr c H Rogers Langley. Newburyport?Merrill A Abbott.
%hr Mlndora. Sargent, Boston?C A E J Peters.
Nrbr E Rodman, Osgood, New Bedford?Master.
Schr Ellen Iotil?a, Thompson, New Haven?Master.
Schr Pacific, Lawrence, New London?Merrill A Abbott.
Sloop Th< a Hull, HtlM, Providence?Master
Propeller Weslemport, Berry, Portland?Cromwell's Line.
Propeller Tritten. Morley, Baltlr
ropeller Totten, Morley, Baltimore?Oromwells Line.
Steamer F Rawdon, Green, Baltimore?J Rtloy.
Steamship Illinois, Boggs, Aspinwall, June 19, fi;40 I'M, via
Kingston, J, U8d, with specie and passengers, to M O Roberts.
Steamship Philadelphia, McUowan, New Orleans 3Mh via
Havana 23d Inst, with nadse and passengers, to M O Roberts.
June 21. 7 PM, Int 2512, Ion 84 26, passed ship Maid of Orleans,
hence for New Orleans.
Steamship Southerner, Ewsn, Charleston, fit) hours, with
Ovine end passengers, toHpofford, Tllesloti A Co.
ltark William (of Fall River), Gray, Baltimore, 8 days, with
CoaI, to ordrr.
Ihig Geo Whitney (of Philadelphia), llakcr, Matanxag, Id
days, with sugar. Ac, to J W Klwell.
Brig AColus (of Portsmouth, NH), Knowlton, Cardenas, 9
days, with augar, to master.
Schr Charles Mav. Bush. Norfolk, 2 days.
Selu Banquet, Bartlett, New Rochellc.
S' hi M L Hall, Coe, Portland, t*.
Propeilct Mount Savage, Wataon, Baltimore, 70 betars,
Steamahip Arngn. Havre, Knoxville, Savannah tJames Ad
fer Charleston; Jamestown, Norfolk. Ac. ships Waehiiiglgu,
.iverpool; Silas Holmes, New Orleans
Wind at suurlee. fl; meridian SW, ?uug?t do,
MIimIIuiwiu ?nd OUMterk
The steamship A rago, Captain Lines, sailed yevterday for
Havre. She took out a Urge number of passengers, a list af
whom will be found In another column.
The steamship Southerner, Capt Mwan, arrived yesterday
from Charleston. The purser has ourIV-~kr for fsvors.
Ship Sultan, at San Francisco, was 20 days to the Equator ha
the Atlantic, and crossed in Ion 32 So. Was 62 days to Oaae
Horn, where she experienced heavy weather for 8 days sua
experienced strong gales from 35 8 to the Falkland
Ship Nabob, at San Francisco was 17 days and 22 hours ta A*
Eqpator in the Atlantic, and crossed in Ion 28 37. Was S3 day*
to Cape Horn, and had strong gules there for 18 days, during
which ?ost fore topgallant mast and booms, spilt sails, to.
Crossed the Equator in the Pacific April 23, In Ion 11S.
ghip Derby, at Han Francisco, was 60 daya to Cape Horn, I
vi*M the Cape 12 days in heavy galea.
!>hip Kambler, at 8s n Francisco, off the lMh day out from
Boston, <n a violent gale from NortlieaJand Kast, lost jibboom
and Musts ined other damage. Was S2 days to the Kqualor to
the Atlanl 'c, and crossed In Ion 29. Was 72 days to Cape Hon.
and was ot ' the Cape 25 days In very heavy weather.
tic] , _ . _ - _ .
I'll sued Cape ft John Stateu Land. 44 days out. For the nest 8
days after paaah >u Staten Land encountered severe gales ton
the Kooth and We st. nuking during that time only 120 ages.
April 12, passed h > sight of Cape Horn, and was off the Cape 13
r ays In heavy gaits <? Crosaed the Equator In the Pacific liar
3, In Ion 110, Today.* Ire m New York, and bad no Northeast
trades. Was as far \Wen as Ion 137
fihtp Sea Nymph, av S?n Kranciaco, was 19 days to the Equa
tor in the Atlantic, and crossed In Ion 31 30. Was 53 daya to
Cape Horn, and had tine Weather In coating around.
6bln Don Qulxotle, at Sx u Francisco, experienced a severe
gale from the Southeast on the third day out, but did not sus
tain any damage.
Ship Tamerlane, At San FV/uicisco, wot off Cape Horn 68
days In htnvy gales, during wlucb split a alb lost booms, Ac.
Ship Alexander, at San Francisco, was 22 (lews to the Equa
tor In the Atlantic tuid crossed In Ion 34. and during that tmm
experienced very heavy gales, which washed rff spars, water
casks. Ac, that were on deck. Was 52 days to time Morn, atot
was otVihe Cape 19 days tn moderate Westerly winds:
Ship Empress of the Sea, at Han Francisco, wa.iOS diya from
New York to the Equator in the Atlantic, aiid 54 days to the
St raits of T.e Malre. Was off Cape Horn 11 days tn strong galea.
'Ifoca as
iiark Euphrates, at Sail Francisco, was off Capr lfom 24
days in heavy gales, during which split satis, stov s larboard
main rail, bulwarks. Ac.
Ship Harvard (of Jtoston), Hotchkiss, from Calcutta far
Bordeaux, before reported at Cape Town. COM, tn dlstrem.
has a cargo of rice. She put in about April 24, leaking badly^
having encountered a severe gale ten days previously, a lMUo
East of Hip Cape. Cn the "111 ult, the cargo between decks
been discharged, and Capt Hotchkiss had hopes of finding the
leak above Die copper, but it that should not be the case.
the vessel would require to be entirely discharged and hove
out for repairs, she might be condemned.
The outer telegraphic station at llostonreportedschr Tyrone
from Philadelphia, ashore on Oeorges Island morumg of 27th'
Inst, and that she subsequently got off, supposed without dk
Freight I.irt or tiie Citt or Baitimoiie.?'The (splendid
teamshlp City of Baltimore, which dropped down to Newoaa
stei _ _ _
tie yesterday,'and sailed for Liverpool'this morning,
following list of freight, viz:?14,133 bushels wheat, 2 454bar
rels flour and 100 tierces beef, besides $60,000 In specie. She
has 110 cabin and 200 Bteerage passengers.?Phil Eve Journal.
OoonRcNsittc.?Shin Golden West, Capt Putnam, at &m
Francisco from Hong Kong, left the coast of Japan May 13.
nnd made the Farallonese June 2?making the run from land
to land In 2l? days, a distance of 4,876 miles.
Bark flallego, of Providence, 372 tons, nine years old, bud'
in Fairhaven. Mass. has been purchased in Jtos'hm for $I4,7M
A portion belongs to Guayaquil, but the bark will haU front
Launched?At Baltimore 24lh inat, a bark of 400 tons, called
the Dorchester, intended for the Klo Janeiro trade.
Messrs Meigs A Cannon. Matte poised, will launch July 2, %
splendid ship of about 500 tons, to be called the South Seaman,
owned by Edmund Allen, Esq, of Fatrlmren. She is to be em
Bovert in the whule fishery under command of fiapt Thomas
Norton, of Kdgnrtown.
Notkc to Mariners.
Notice Is hereby given that the Graves Ledge Bell Boat, haw
ing been repaired, has this day been replaced upon her Mo
tion, and the 1st class Can Buoy (temporarily placed there) re
By order of the Lighthouse Board.
C H B CALDWELL, Idghthouse Inspector 2d DtsL
Boston. Juue 25. 1815.
Arr at New Bedford 25ih. bark. Sitsait Green, PacificOeemm,
Tulcubunno March 27. with 121)0 libls sp anil 1UU do wh oil.
Sid from do 2fith. hark Ocean (having anchored iu the Bow
25th). Atlantic Ocean.
81d from New I-ondon 25th, bark Restless'(late sohr), Mto
dleton, South Atlantic and Indian Oceans.
Touched at Fat al prev to 10th inst. Spartan, Cook, of Pror
lncetown; landed 20tt bbls wh oil. to be shipped, home.
Sid from Honolulu May 6, ship Hibcrnta. IIuunewelL for
Atst Carlos April 10, Citizen, Cash, Naut, 300*p, to sail same
day on a cruise.
At Ascension Mavch 4, Waverley, West, Nil, with,22 bbie ap
oil since leaving Sandwich Islands. Six men shipped at ttxa
Islands, ran away nnd took refuge upon a small island. Being
pursued, they undertook to-defend themselves withcius, when
they were fired upon four times. Three yielded and two were
subsequently captured, nad the five were taken ou board the
ship in irons. The other one escaped?would sail in four days
for Japan sea.
Near Banda Sea Feb 8. Winthrop, FII, 38 sp, 90 wh.
Spoken?June 16, 1st 23 47, Ion 68, berk Merriinac, from New
London for Honolulu; 19th, iai 34 21), Ion 6350, ship Adeline,
Brotherson. or?nd for New Bedford from New Zealand; 23d.
1st 40. Ion 41. bark Lnlted States, from Westport, for 1 nrtlaw
Spoken, dir.
Shin Coqulmbo. Kinney, uvidays from Boston for Ouayaqsl.
Ajirtl 13. Cape Horn NNW 20 miles; had bean 21 dnvs betwe
widen Land and Cape llorn.
Ship Aurora, (Tough, from San Francisco for Malta, May to
lat 35 36 N, Ion 124 46.
Br bark Lima, from Glasgow for San. Francisco, wm sto
nalDed March 17, lat 52 S, lou 67 W.
Bark Marian. Hotnewood, from Philadclphta for NOrlMMX
June 18. lat 20, ion 72 30.
Foreign PortM
HOKOLOtO, May 8?Arr schr K L Frost, Hempstead, Guam.
Jerkmif., June 12?In pert schr Speedwell, Cornish, from
Boston, arr 8th.
Matanzas, June 17?In port barks F A Perley, Liesegani^
for NYork 2 days; I* 0 Alexander, Merriinan. do do: C Chan
man. , dodo. Sid brigs Vulcan (Br), Card, NYorktlM
Grandin, do.
Home Porte.
BOSTON, June 27?Arr berk John Poller, Kemerson, Phil
adelphia: brig* Helena A Olga (Dan), Ludwigson, MaroiD,
Brazil; 11 G Berry, Race, NOrlean* 7th Inst; J K Khoudee,
Mathews Baltimore; Augusta, Cofllu, Philadelphia; achro
Kingfisher. Rogers. Pcrnambuco; Life Boat, Reed. Mayaguea;
Golden (late (late Adams, deceased), Weeks, Jeiemie; Sunny
South, Weeks, Wilmington, NC: Chus Hill, Young Baltimore;
Brothers, Chambers, and T I* Cooper, Godfrey. Philadelphia;
Ariel, laird, Rondout. Telegraphed, brig It M Charlton, Irons.
Havana. Signal for a bark and a brig. Cld ships Stephen
Glover, Geo B Kellum, Caleutta: Magellan. King, Valparaiso;
brigs Caroline, Cook, Jacksonville; Chioopee, Howes, Phila
delphia; J Nlckersou, Matthews, do; schrs Gen Vcazle (of Bos
ton, laic of Ipswich), Trel, Poll au Prince; Stephen Hotchklss.
Mnnson, Mobile; Kben Herbert, Nickersnn, Philadelphia; Co
pta, Sears, do; Lady Suffolk, Baker, do: Yarmouth, Phinney.
Albany: R J Mercer, Cullen, NYork. Sid wind SW to E. latter
part NNW, good breeze, ships Magellan, Tlriell. SXlurUng;
barks Halifax, Hndlrv. Ship Franconla sld yesterdam
BANGOR, June 25?Arr brig Mayllower, KilbuiVr Balti
BATH, June 26?Arr ship Pelican State, Morse, Liverpool
achr Belli Frankllu, Oreenleaf, Georgetown. SC.
DAN VERS, June 29?Arr schrs Gen Taylor, Jones, NYork;
Stoneback, Rislcy, Philadelphia.
KALI. RIVER, June 26?Sld sloop Isaac H Borden, Collins*
GARDINER, June 19? Arr schrs Sally Badger, Garland, M
York; 20th, Delaware, Hamilton, Baltimore; Only Son, Phila
delphia; 22d, Lookout, Doyle, Baltimore; 23d, Louisa Iialley*
NYork. Sld 21th, brig Catharine Rogers, Call, Philadelphia.
HOLM US' HOLE, J une 25, PM?Arr bark Ilanl Webster*
Ryder, Boston for Baltimore; brigs Norfolk, Blalnbford, Alex
andria for Boston: Tocoa, Stinson, Savannah for Camden*
Adelma, Walls, Port Kwen for Portsmouth; schrs. Tyrone,
Stroul, and Almlra T, Gandy. Philadelphia for Boston; Hannala
WiHetts, Cranmer, do for Salem; Wlllard P Phillips. Smith, do
for Roxbury; Amelia Htarkey, Wixon, Norforlk for Kingston*
Ms; Senator. Verrill, Port Kwen for Nahant; Wlllirm. (Br),
McAlmon. Harvey NB for Philadelphia: Richard Vatu, Prink*
and Vasliil Sharp, Sharp, Boston for do; Anna Smith. Smith*
do for Wilmington, Del; Union, Baker, do for Charleston; R T
Stockton, Edwards. Salem for Alexandria; steamer Jersey
Bine. Kelley, Nantucket for NYork.
26?h?Arr schr.* Anna Homers, Barralt, Philadelphia for He
len; ; John W Gandy. Hewitt; J P Welherell, Cobb; Eliot*
Bnckaloo; Henry May. Watson, and Revenue, Corson. Bostaca
for Philadelphia; Ezra P Lewis. Stetson, do for NYork; Chief
tain. Brawster, Rockland for do; Tantamount. Davis. Cslsh*
tSr osi Klrm. Smith and John Compton, Weaver. D.uivers for
nrttadelpbla. Sld brigs Norfolk, Toecoa, Adelma, Emblem*
sshrs Tyrone, Almlra T. Hannah Willetts. W P Phillips. Ame
lia Stsrkey, Senator, Richard Vattx, Omega, A turn Homers,
Win Thomas, Tantamount, and steamer Jersey Blue.
MACHIASPORT, June 19?Arr sehr Yantlc.llolmes. NYork
Sld 19th, schrs Bolivar, Small, NYork; 22d, Win Mitchell, Ka
ton, and Splendid. Mitchell, do; 23d. brig Jenny Llnd, Hmall.
NfiHKOLK. June 25?Arr bark Eastern Star, Baker, Ohln
cha Islands; schrs Mary Jane, Burcb, NYork; Solon, Homer*
NEWARK, June 26?Arr echrs Isxndonderry, Kalkner,
Windsor, NM; Joseph W Hrh-k, Evernham, Totn'a Rlver;Joe;
Whitlleld, Kingston; M II Williams. Anderson. Crotoo; Deta
ware. Hunter, Phllndeluhla; sloop Pilgrim. Stoney Point. Skt
schrs Brig. Weaver, NYork; Physician. Denbigh. Haugerttea;
l) 11 Perry. NYork: sloop Lueretla, Chs-k, Isllp.
NEW LONDON, June 25? Arr sclir Mury Eliza,lloakell*
Providence for NYork.
NANTUCKET, June 25?Arr schr K H Adams, Adatns,
NEW BEDFORD, June 26?Arr schr N C Hall, Baker, Nor
folk; 27(h schrs Laura Jane, Young, and Latnartlne. Glbba*
Philadelphia. Sld 27th, schrs Elizabeth M Smith, Child*, New
York; Cyclone, Handy, Philadelphia; Henrletla, Bourne, do*
,1 Trumrin, I.amphlcr, do; Nympnas C' Hall, Baker (from Not
folk). Yarmouth.
NEWPORT, June 77, 2 PM?In port brigs Red Wing, CanU
denoe, Vermont; sclir Golden Rod, Brigntman, from Balti
more for Bristol Sld schr Science, Gladding (from Bristol)*
Albany; and all those reported In port 26th.
PORTLAND, June 26?Arr brig Harriet, Pratt, Potomac Ri
ver: schrs Hnrd, Wood. NYork; Ann Den men, and Z'lftiMi.
Jonesport for NYoi k; G D King, Calais for do (leaky), Hid brlje
Thos t onnor.
PORTS.MGl'TH; June 26?Arr schr Sprlghtling Sea, Ferrta.
PRGV IDEM K, June 27?Arr steamship Osceola, Clark. If
York. Sld schrs Mary Powell, Church, for Wilmington. NO;
John Harris. Poster, Plymouth. NC; Wild Pigeon, Mllllken*
Piiltlreore; Maria A Elizabeth, Bowker. Rappahannock; John
Rugplcs, Ruler, and Ella, I'lmcr, Philadelphia; Geo W Snow,
saundcrs, do; Alex Henderson. Godfrey and Iuiok Here,
Smith, do; Charter Oak. Kelley. do (or NYork); Kate, Skhf
more, Norihport, LI; Adelaide, Hntchlns, Albany; sloop* Mi
das, Smith. Slid Frederic Brown. Gardiner, NYork; Eliza, Kl
wr od, Albanv; and from below ship Island Queen, for Boston.
ROCK PORT, June 23?Sld srhrs A H Kells. Sweetland, Nor
folk; Maine Law, Packard, Charleston; 24th, brig N Berry.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 21?Arr shins Nabob, Bartlett.
IWston 112 days: Derby, llikrhlnson, do 120; Sultan. Wyman.
NYork 122; 22d, Rsmbler, Lothrop, Boston 142: Alexander.
Holwayi do 123; hark Sophronla, Hall, Tahiti, HI, 36; 25th.
-hips Sweepstakes, Lane, NYork 93 days; Sea Nymph, llard
iug. do 113; Tamerlane (Br), Daniels, Ismdon 136; 31st, Dob
Quixote, Flwell, Boston 110 days; Hurreda Brothers, Paeta;
Manila AO; June 1. aienmahip Sonora, Wldting, Panama 14 da;
2d, ship Golden West, Putnam, Hong Kong 42dav*;harka
Frances (Brt, Mnnson. Sydney 9tt days; Ilanmet (Fr), llohler*
Marseilles 195: sebr Genera! Morgan, Avery, Tahiti; 3d, ship
Empress of die Sea, Wilson, NYork 116 days; barks Trident
(Br), Wynton, Sydney via Honolulu 89; Euphrates (Br). He bo
gie. London 164.
cld May 28 shins Jersey, Andrews, Callao, June 3, Carrlar
Dove, Corner, Melbourne.
Sld May Zt ship Oshorn Howes, Kelly, Callao; 29th, hark
Pathfinder (Ham), Ahlnian, Hong Kong; 31st. ship Stephen
Baldwin, Smith, llong Kong; June I, hark Escort, Schlbye,
Bats via: 3d, shin Adelaide, Wakeman, Callao.
THOMASTON, June 20? Arr achra Almlra Ann, Virginia;
22d, John M'Adaro, Georgetown. 8c.
SA I.E.M. June 25? Arr schrs 'K A II Estelle, S P HolHdayv
Lonsdale. MhIiIoh Belts, and Renown, Philadelphia; 2tith,C'ai
xen, Woodhull, NYork, Sld 24th, schr Alice Lea, Corson, Alex
andria; 26th, hark Arrow, Harrington, Rio Grande; brig Manx
Small. Treadwell, Philadelphia, schrs Gazette, Crowell. and K,
F Htocklon, Edwards. (In; J A P Chssc, Snow, NYork. J6lh*
hsrk Iuirla Msrla, Cheerer, South America; schr Treasurer.
Casio, Philadelphia.
WARREN, June'27?Arr schr Grace Darling. Dorr, Pier
mont. Hid brigs R A S Lamaun, Daniels, Doboy Island. I Mia
Poule, Hcrrtck, Philadelphia
WABKIIAM, June 22?Arr schr E Franklla, Newark S:,|
20th, schrs Monitor, Roberts, Philadelphia, 21st, hltprCs*.
Clark, NYork; 22d, Jane, U&rdmg, dq

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