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B*>* RlabMng In Ulr Fourth Ward LmI
M|kt-TlMWMfr Html Bstebrry Death
ml Anothrr VlrUa Jlrmta on Caapt
rtaa TW M lllbM SUwl Hwdtr
Varthrr Drvrl?|iemrnto-Dr(|W
ratr Attempt to Ilot? and Att
MMlRatf Dr. Maft?Onr of
Ihr Uarruton Bitot and
Badly Woiinilrd,
Air., A. *.
tart rrrt.w.f at o'clock ?ui Irishman, named John
|larn<> live* m Vr> K2 Vnew?M i-lr?et \trooklyn. wan
?ree (mx? in the fkte by a trfc> *rf riifUan* id the
Fftarth ward It appears CiAt Rnrnp wrjs Romp what in
?oi?ciit"d and while fftaadLip on Otr corr ,t-r of l'earl and
Tftn>i<*??tor street* tlw"Oiro men oa\no up. and one of
them Mtd to Ivvti . "i m?' along home, fpou reaching
Ibe earner nf Knee and Pearl Rirwtn one or more of the
slablMvl him ib the face. infticC.ng three deep, but
men danf.wr.iu; wouriR ? one on the choek. one on the
?"m- aiwl Vw oUt** uuder his vye The riiftun* took U>
?ight who saw th' affair, spoke to a young
aiMi naarsii Jerocoah IVinarar. who was sundmg by,
point**! <> i?i>' of tlx* fellow*, spying tliat wa* one ??r tt???
men ' v.Dov?r .mmediately (Tabbed the fellow, and do
Mvcrr?i liini fdiertiy afterward* to a policeman, who con
docie. . hur. in the Matron bease. where he was t earched,
feat no we.ifrr.- were foosd on him. He said hw name
tu Joiui idcOuire. Burns, the wounded man.
~wb hail fel down. w?- Uken to a drug More corner
?i l'<arl kw i , when1 b.s wound* were dressed by Dr.
Sobert R.*1Mon. nftcnrhich he was carried to the sta
tion hoiwi by a part* of_ policemen. The other piirlies
to ihj ou?r..ge were n\ arretted and were not known.
Boms' ww nndd are not serious I hiring tlic evening two
wn wt'i* ariested or suspicion of being concerned in the
?uau-r,%-jt the bov who saw it not identifying them
8h i w^-e discharged
A l>or ' 0 o'clock Inst niL'ht a Wel?li sailor named Thomas
Price. went into a place at N'o. 290 Water street, kept by
? wnr ui, named Kate l)urn> lie took an apple and was
jror#r>ding to lean - the premises without (laying for it,
when Nome nf the women remonstrated with him. and
^uite an altercation ensued, l'rice suddenly drew a
terg- ?l?eath kuK" and ttabbed a girl named Mai y Aim
Wir'tijvon ill tip- left breast, but not Inflicting a severe
?wound. A policeman attempted to arrest him aud Price
are vi his sbcuvi knife upon him. The officer knocked it
irwi; with bis club. took Price in custody and had him
h>ck?'d up for the nifht in the Fourth ward station houxe
The girl, Sri can Iiempsoy, who w:u< no badly wounded
to the at?l?rr.eu in the dance house, \'u '.'77 X Water street,
? Thuriday morning, died in the City Iloepiul yesterday
morning aid the condition of "Barrett is such a? to afford
little hope **r his recovery.
The policc were very active all day Thursday and tha
? igtil is making arrests of every one bearing any rogem
blance to the description given of the two murderer*,
fcotne seven or <-ij;ht were taken up in this way, but only
three hare been detained on su-piclon One of them, who
was found w ith the others at a bouse in Cherry street,
between Roosevelt and James streets, Thursday, has
be?*i positively Identitiod by one of the girl* of the house
?r a constant companion of the two men who committed the
??.nler but wa* net present on the night of the affray
s'- is a S|>aniurd. about Ave feet two inches m height, very
?allow, with dark eyes, moustache and imperial. He can
?ot speak English, but gave hir name a- Michel AguiUra
He refused U' give the Coroner any information about his
?Din pan ions, and wa? accordinr'y committed to the Tomb*
The three men a? rested had long dn k knives on them.
We suited on Thursday th.it suspicion rented on some dw
baud'xl soldiers from Ha\ ana who arrived here some lim?
ago en their way to Spain, on a Spanish ship in distress,
?iid who were temi>orarily lodged In BrooWyn at the ex
pens. of thi Spanish government This turns out to be
??rre< t iu- the prisoner Aguilara Is evidently one of thu
?rt<wd. and from the description given by one of the wo
?"t. in ber testimony . there b no doubt but that the whole
. fan* belong U> the same party. Far several w<>eks past
*om< six or seven of these fellows have been observed
?rau rig the Hamilton aveuue ferry at lat*> hours of the
?igbl They are moatly small meu, and invariably wear
glased raps
In the HmtaUr of Heptem's-r an aecount wa,- given
of the bark Amelia, containing 100 of the?e soldier",
Which put tnto this port in dimes* The m-n wore said
by s^n.e to lw initially darters and convicts, and by
Mher- to be part 0f 1,700 soldier* dent out to Havana by
<ke Spain- h government IomsM in quelling any filibust<*r
ag demonstration in tliat quaiter K--j?.rt- were circu
:?te<l that the men *ere in a very destitute condition, but
they w-re denied by the Spanish Consul. We are informed
feat there w?re several dir. harged ooevlcls on board,
who I net i*en transported to Cutm for political o0ence?.
Tlie soldiers were a i*rt of thoee who ha.l been conspi. ,1
mm 10 Ike Hi surreetion at Saragnasa, and were sent to
Cuba for puciahment
Wi hope the t^ianieh Consul will a3ord every assistance
b> Coroner Ootuiery la discovering the nam"" and where
about* of all these men. Uiat tin v mav be confronted
with Uie |iortxs Who wer. m the dali<-c hou*e ?n the lata!
tught ?h?n U.jr murderous deed was done
THE IV?jtT68T.
Ooroaer foonery resumed the examination of wrtnesiet,
M u.e lourth ward station house, at eight o'clock yea
torday mornii*
Mark Iitifcull re examined? There were only two
?alwuis Uiey Lave bran in the l> ?>>?? of cnmmg to my
place for ?U ??eks. they tame at Lilies dressed Ilk-' mid
tfcipin< i), with ? lui coat- the man who stabbed the girl
bail wi quarrel it was the tall min who mabhed mv
brother m law I saw htm stabbed the little luhan who
Sour ik bed his dirk when I went outside, must ha\ - -1
?ot'-a-ed and the man from Ith'ide L-land muuodiaiHi
1 lavs had ccrfirersation with my brother in law he cWld
recognise the Italians
The throe h poniard* who were in custody were then
brought in Wi see tf witnr .? could recngnue them but he
?wild rut
laab# Ha Anderanc sworn? 1 live with Mr l?riscnll m
Wat< r strr-et, 1 htve been there two year* I havese^n
V- twr wpamarda troqucntiy ?ho were tliere on th> n ght
?r tb? murder. I sat near the unrtladr the tall span.ard
called me np stairs, and gave me a quarter I ran d?wn
a#* m bec-aue* that was not enough , an I he followe.1 me
??eJ rati* bt me in the hall, I u?n ran into the ?iuing room
W went <??t iii*b the barr<..m Hf- l?nd?<^d ? am* iot? the
hfcii and ask*') what was the matter the Npuvard spoke
?a Lin, atid he went away . I saw uo stahbinit I tidn t see
l^lFCili t tirother in law at all . 1 could rocogmae theae
1 >aw Uietn a w"Ht before
This wiuvei s was sent down to see the prisonera hit
cowlfl not r<* <t,ne any of thrm ar one of tLc murderers
Mir Kiei,une* me , however, at being otten intomnanv
with th< murderer* 1
(Wharit eK 'ev sworn an t examined ? I have reaided
with Mr lirwusli tn Uat?r ?tre<-t nearly five ??.?r- |
kave m en U>" lulUm* w!w? were there <,n the night of
m.irder ?<? in very <4t?t, I was out a hen tie- iuu-?
?*anmereed Ch? J were tlh hi ng when I nmr m J saw
lirieeot- and a M^iiiard quarrmlir.g about a q-iarv r 1 b<
beve U e girl Anderson . rtod Lyr help, and the har tender,
Hsrretl 'atl in ht.xp her ahd the ?mall
rai after him. bwt Mr I *r is < asl i p?~| him. the S(mniard
? rew * u f* on hm Mr limaH.il was going bar* vnward*
tile stre. I when be | K Iti'd uu a |*>f. ??^t|e and struck the
H|?niard < nd than en into the aireet the Spaniard then
?urne?i and tatib>v3 ihe mar star ding next to me Mr
Jaa->, Mr Jatnee. ar -ther girl uid I ran into a ba^ k
rwr/i and sAit < ?r?-w?'' In turn Ihe tall man with a
dagf ? r at Mr UriacaO f hmther m t?w they w?re Oghtin^;
) tent liesn the MTjr* *4 Ui?ne || >-n
T?. i.luror- l?ri~o?/ ?yiu* the ma') with the bottle as
be was going tgt if Us door
1h? < ' toner preese?t V witnewi ?Jreely as te the id*n
titv of th^ m< n in eustod* but she joMi-ted m aaying
that rtoae nf t, em w?Te the men (?ne ol the men.
Wle> oar Kii' w 1 to' hav* freijueuteC the house. wa?
tlx T hr V'| r, a I inn ra ; t??l with the Witneas but she
a.ud uial tus sctal tuali heal a broader late and briiiliter
I ? ' lla 1 - r?oe a i t,( ? r<v-a Uvt nrid ry>nfri?n'e 1
Willi tin m* * L f a n 1 w uune ae M.cL < Agmlara. and
? r"' "'drei h r 1 ? irk i used to k<..p e/im^any
will Hi n - ' ls l.e ?a l /t with Ui**fi ui.t fht j
' r'- ? ?? ?' very ? ,a? k ? .lore.) a 'b br,t s I
'LI' ? e I U J.. IM M' eiU>'*r could lit -t
it wol U'lt-iMl I'/, ? TbeOiroarr ask<v' him h.s
l arie CO'fW t>ot UaJ neither could he trv it llie
< iironer fvte' bia if he aadi-rMuwd latiu but he slns>k
his brad
? r .p a loud k'xWaMI r* a^wee
l'risoi,er. 'vMiKotme- Iretod.
?t,?- 4.d ol kii mi' rpri t<-r Ihe Coroner 11 f erns ) jjie
I ?ot 1 r Uiai jt >m did mi gua Uie iam* of uie men who ?
*' '' "> tb? J^i it U gouig to that boas" wiUi h,m lie i
w. tte .. nd bin Ui fHtmtm He aaid he did not'know their 1
t>.iiii' ? Tile ( orouer ei ?n> ? < ?iBilintted him
Mar , aui furrsL iwors? laired with Mr fmi <wl about
an > . WW In Uv barroom the night nf lh<- mnrder ]
! the two h jumarda name in tliere one of ttu?n
et?MwtU back Ui tile 0r>- llie otiier walked over to !
?? '? " ? \ul< rs<>n and t/?4 her tip stair* they rniivi?.| '
? t tl ree niliintee wlten Uiey came down the mm ,
'"J. *. and tried to take her up again, but she
ret .sed the landlord's broUier ln law went to her pro
vj-tea I sa? A?r Rpaniarde draw ibeir kmves. I halioad
ark M^rk |.a% at Uie klnve- " I ran Into Ui- entry
*>?') Miirt U.e dis>r ; the small one followed
?P ?e ?<a,k sailor m with us. he w?a tartly
? v 10 w ,.k | did rs? know he was "tabbed. II must
' t' a tM| 1, ,*r who sta'ibi^l lia'rrtt the girl
, * 1 alien, gTl* | am dead I'm stab
,%rrt n "* If' 0?l t"*" with ih--e men.
, r " V'ii thsn, ? th 1 eatw po together nr
'' ' ' ma** m tell auvUilm? abut this iflair |
1 1 v! ?eeiiig Migha*! Agn.lara aver/ tiigBt,
Ii (inri|*py w ttli the other*, hut I did not i?o him *1 All '
that night
Mary Knowles "worn- l-ived wiUi Nrinoofl for threo
week# , am Ihe nurae, an<l was m the kltoliwi the night of
murder minding the chtM; MW the man nub
"10 ctrl. 1 fit* James running Into the kttchcn.
*r d thought he ?u one of the men with knives, and t
r an uim1?t the lied- I heard * racket and a cry of
kni?ee," nu>l 1 looked out of the door and saw the Spaniard
with Fii?an IVni(*ej' against the wall stabtotng her. I t-?w
no more Witue** Mid ?he wan a decent. ?ronan.aud U.vl
ho ax*?ctaUou with the barroom or tfce girls. w Gwn
uer ?aid that she might |r<>, hut he Mil the other three
girls in cui-tody, and said he would fceep them until tbey
told the truth.
The Inquest then adjourned to title afternoon at three
The Jury cxpreimed a wish that they should continue
Die |>riH'4HHliii|(tt today until Kome conclusion w as arriviMt
at. and the Coroner assured them that he would doevery
Uiing in hi* (tower to facilitate them. He then urged
upon the police the necessity ol the utnrvit vigilance and
activity In their effort* to secure the guilty parties. We
believe there is but one important witness now to ei
amlne namely, the landlady of the dance house, yho
it appcarK was present at the affray. But there is not
much chance of getting any Information out of her on the
principal point: that is. the identity of the two assassin*.
The Coroner Intimated his Intention to take Uie renponsl
bility of committing every occupant of Driscoll's bouse on
that night until they revealed the names of the murderers,
which he insisted wore known to them.
The inquest in t)>?* case of Francis Ylnoent, the proprie
tor of the wine ccllar No. 13 North William street, who
was no cruelly murdered on his own premises on Tusday
night, was continued yesterday morning at 10 o'clock.
liavtrt l.inton, a private In the 1'nlted Stat** army, wi?
the first witness placed on the stand. He deposed as fol
lows ; ? 1 am located In Chatham street; 1 was In Mr. Vin
cent 'k store about two miuutee before the murder; I went
in for a separ.
y Who was in the store at the time? A. Mr, Vincent
autl three or four others.
Q. Did you hear any conversation between them? A.
Yes, they were talking Sj>anieh, I could not understand
what they said.
Q. Could you recognise any of them? A. I might.
Q. Tid the landlord join iu conversation with them? A.
y. Could vcu describe the tnen? A. They were sitting
down, so that I could not exactly say; two of them wero
about 6 feet 6 iaches in height, and one of the others
abcut ft feet 10 uiWes or 6 feet high.
y l ook round the room and see if you can see any one
resembling any of those men?
Witness? I think I saw that man (pointing to Michael d*
Lorenio) there, 1 have seen him somewhere before, and
1 think it ?as ui the wine cellar on the night of the uiur
y. Did you see that man there? ( pointing to Jos White.)
A. I could not f u> that I did.
y. l'wl you sec that man there (pointing to Francis Vin
ccnt. Jr.)V A. 1 haw him somewhere that evening; I am
positive of that. 1 would not swear that it was in the store,
hut 1 saw him somewhere that evening.
y. Was it after dark or in the daytime that you saw
him?. A 1 think it was In the evening that I saw him.
y Was there any one in his company at the time? A.
No, sir. not when 1 saw hiin.
Q Where dn you suppose you saw him? A. It was
somewhere in the neighborhood of William and Chatham
y. Are you acquainted w:th any of the S|?aniards who
frequent Mr. Vincent's place? A No^4
y. Where did you go after getting uaBaegar? A I went
home to my place oi residence in chan**9irect, between
l'earl and I KliuM
y. When did you hear of the murderf A. About 10^'
o'cloi k 1 1 at night
y. Where were you then? A 1 was standing at the of
fice door in Chatham street. I did not go down to the place
that night. 1 weut there the following day.
y Bad you any conversation with any one when you
visited the" placer A I had not, except with our Corporal;
he and 1 went down there, passed by the dcor and came
haek again
y What were th<*e p<W?ons doing? A. They weretalk
ing to one another; I did not take much nouce of what they
were doing
y Wat- that man there, (pointing to Mr Hilton, the wit
ness) ? A. I ?an't say positively, but 1 have seen him
somewhere before.
y. Pid j ou s?e that man there, (pointing to Antoine
White) V " A. No. sir. I don't think that be Ma.'.
y you say it wa.- not more than two minute* before the
murder? A* 1 should Judge so, 1 walked back from the
saloon to my office. and had not been standing there more
than a couple of minutes, when I heard of tin- murder.
Margaret MuipLy lining duly sworn. itepo?ed asfollow*
? I live at No In Ynnac water street 1 did not know Mr
: Vincent. the deceased ; I rented risim No. ltt in my house
. to a mali uam-d Tliomas. I forget his other name
y l?o you see that man in the roomr A Yos.thatU
the man (pointing to Joseph White)
y. When did he rent the room? A. About three days
i ag<>. he only slept in the room one tight . he moved iu all
his furniture he rame almut five o'clock in the afternoon,
when 1 gave him the key of the ro-Jtn; ho left again the
' next morning; I heard that his uncle was taiA'ii up,
i charged with this crime; 1 did not like to have such peo
I pie in my house, for fear the tenants would boootne
alarmed; 1 went to hlui lb the morning and offered h.m
h:s money back provided he would leave the premi-eit;
1 went up stairs to his room, where I saw his wife; I gave
hei back the money and told her 1 could not have them iu
the house, his wife did not say anything; ifeey left my
house that torcnoor: th*rc was' a m.m in the room w.th
hi r that i- the man (pointing to Michael While, father of
Joseph WhlteV
y lint you see any spots of Mood about the house* A.
That morning I saw three little spot- of blood at the
threshhold ol the hall door. I di I not hear any one my
who the murdMfcn were. It was said that one of the
tenants at No ? fflndewater strut had the watch ai. t
?MM J M|lM to the d<-cea*ed.
John Kentiy recalled ? 1 do not know the names of the
t^reons 1 law standing opposite Vincent s store when he
w as murdered . but 1 should know one of the persons
again , I did n<-t see anv one in the Cntted ^utw *rmy
uniform ( atr me while I was standing >ptx?ite Vinceut s
I store, I was there when the crash of the tumblers and the
cries came from the cellar opposite me; my attention w.?
nut diret ted U> Vincent '? pise. until 1 heard the crash, a
man might have passed out ol the place previous to the
cra>di without being noticed by me; ft there had l?e.?n any
l*>lic*men in the neigh borhood I have no donM the mur
derers could not have escaped. I searched for one up and
down several bio. k* but ooold not And auv . Mr Sii*r*ey
a?s?' seart bed, any could not find one
(?fl eer yuirk. o( the Fourth ward, here explained to the
lury the icwson why a pultceinsti could But hare bwt
obtained There wero hut two officers to a. loud to a boat
boundi rt by l'earl, Chatham (Spruce and Kerry struts, -o
that It wae IntpiaMlhl* for Uiem to be everywhere at ih?oo.
A Juror? That l>*al cover* an are* of over twenty ?ere?.
? 'fll er Suit' 'ii stated that be was loel by oOr-r I mining
that tberi was a row on that beat at a point distant from
I V incent s saloon at the time of the murder to whicn the
att- i.tnu of the policemen was called.
Examination of witnese resumed? I first saw private
wat? hman Cohen coming from ;be (?S.I?e M s-I to?ar is
Vincent's M??re I told him that Mr Vincent wm murdered,
I w hen be said . '*Ob ' no. Uiat is not *o, ? it?" Ind lbinitu
rap for the police, but he did not do so until he went up to
the store, slid >?? loin 1) ing oh the lloor
y Wat Mr ("Is'ii s'li?r' A I Oould not say. I <sml<l
not aay w liether he was or not . lie appeared very stow m
j the matter, and that wa* all
y L< Cohen in the habit of gettmg drunk ? A. I canntH
i ??)
y Mr Hilton rtatea that he conid not open the door I rota
tie .nsale w h< t, you heard the crash did you *i.y i*-r
son -unding on the ?uteide ? A I did n.?t ujr i?>';
Mr ll'lton in hu fright may ha?e r.?(1g it h<>M of tint |?i|
j of the door which was fastened
y Whwh w?y did the men run ont of the ninm, * A
| Tlie) ran i low n the ?elewaik towi?r<le liie ttloln* Hotel ?n I
I turne<t up old William street
A Juror?' That is tha very p'.aee where o(?e nf the w t
i i,e??e. wtvs Mr C<-hen arrested a mau and let him go.
Tlial |?'int is now established
lisiitiaasr Brooi h legs I rerallsd ? Q r?n y>m state l?ow
far from the <?k>be H"tel prlva'.e ?au hman Cohen bad Uie
' man under arrest r A. About Bve or ten j ar ls above the
j Isinl
Juror? The! would make tt just where the witoess
Kentiy sa)s he taw one of the murderer*
y Are you sure tt wax not Mr. Hilum that you saw ?
I A Ye*. 1 a? sure it w*. fft him
y f>o you know Mr Cutiea? A Yea. I kn >w him for
| two years
y Are tils habits those of sobriety or lntemper.?nc??? A.
I I saw him In liquor several times
i y I nd you ?e?- any perscma running at the time ? nh?m
arrested the man'' A 1 saw no one eX' ?t>t the man he *r
) rosted
y (in you remember t ? hen ? saying Ut the man "I Hr
j rsvt you or an>thlngof Uiat kind? A Y??,he put his
, band u|?>b th?- nisn and said, " Vou are my |?ri?mer '
y tt hat kind of a looking man had Cohan un tse ar.
r? str A Th< man he arretted was a persoa of medium
1 height
y |?d he look like a ^aniard* A I did not not.<-e what
; c li.1i j nuin I looked like ?
| ropier i ry h* r ? titreet/'d .?1t -er yux k to proceed
| |c Hfoikli ? slooi' w th tlie wtUteo- Hilton, and s<? il the
; ;ter r. i.";d flnd any person- so '.'ig tlie num'>er <if
' trh soldiers at preuent Hv.ng there who r>*embled ths
men b> saw in Vincent's siihsm ou tho n.gbt of the mur
1 der
Ii* Ay U. n t<** a recess until 8 . 'clock T M
Oomrer Ormncry kejit the Jury watting more than hal
aii hour alter the time assignedfor the meeting to com
%j??ee. stating that lie had been detained by the Public
Administrator, Mr Wildes P. Walker
Mi tliarl'Si f Spencer and Mr Jonas It Chillip*. two
legai (?etitlemen. were permitted by the Coroner t/i be pre
sent a I the examination. Uiey stipulating that thev would
not apes k a word Or.roner Oamery retnarke.) that sa
lof.g as t.'iey did not under take to onme tlM "Clinton affsir
over Sc*l tVifinery,'' they should not bs molested
Tlie prie. siers were, by request of ths Jury, taken fr?rn
tlie room
(Vironsr tv.merj tlien addresse<1 the Jury at som? 1?' eth,
stating thai w tth" Ui< ir |>ermi?*ion Mie legal g. ntl' in *n
would be allows, "llo remain It had been proved, he said tlie
j>rnate wnt'hmai. when l/vds. on the night of the mur
der. arrs*t?-d a mi n. heoidse Mr. IMw>n, in front of the
(?lobe lion i It had been pnsitivsly sworn to by a man
ot iJiaracter The witne*? had be<n partieularly and
minutely qu<stioned cy the Coroner. Jury and reporters,
and tiad not deviated fr "m his statement In eonelusion,
lie asked mu?t he hold L'lat man rean>aislble for letting
that man ?10 9"
The Jury alm<wt uranim.'USlv expressed the opinion
that the prtvat'- wat< hman. (? >hea. should he arrested
Tliefe riemg no witne??f. pr' "nt. Onroner t'onnery's
?on wa? ssrd to look tip any tl iM could he fhind, and tlie
( oi oner a' ked the opinion of legal gentlemen ac h> bi?
deu'rminauou to arret Utt wau.i>ntan
Mr rtuUtr* expressed the opinion ihut the Oomnet
shouM, it >,? deemed proi*er, arrest the tqau and compel
hKi) u> ts'coui tf<r tiM evroordinary proceeding
Mr. V.jH-mvr <iU i1 * case for the odifli atiou of the Ooro
wr, wln'i* Jwip HHcMI mN ont the testimony of ?
witness who had died since the Coroner'* inqiloat, he
ransn U><> counsel had been prevented by the Coroner
flow quesboti .ug the witness.
The Coroner *oon finished writing the order for Oohen's
arrest, and placed it in the hand* of officer Shangle. The
Jury unanimously expressed their approbation , and the
Onroaer ? titled tliat the man waa to be arrested by re
quest of the jury, a* being in some way connected witti
the afiair, OB account of letting his friend go on the night
of the murder.
.Tusttr MoDtag, a witness, waa here brought in by an
rfhrcr, and stating that lie understood Knglish partially;
was sworn by the Coroner aud testified as follow* ? 1 live
at No. 11 Frankfort street; I am in the jiaint
business at No. 6 North William street; I knew Mr.
V tti<et) t very well as long a* he lived In his late residence,
slid altogether nearly aeven yearn; I have not frequented
hiti house often, but have b*?ii there sometimes; I waa
there last about four weeks ago before hie death; I did
not, during my visits to his bouse, see any Spaniards there;
1 knew some who were in the habit of going there, but do
mt know who were there; there was no one in the place
when 1 was there, it la true I believe that 1 have not been
there later tlian four weeks before his death ; I waa there
the same night of hie death; I went in there at about a quar
ter after eleven o'clock on the night of the murdor; tliero
were poloemen there when T went In; there wore
about sixteen or eighteen persona there; 1 saw Mr.
Vinccnt lying on the floor dead, covered with a
blanket: 1 saw a tinsmith who Uvea in Frankfort street
named Thomas. I know many of the police, but do not
know their names, 1 saw Mr. Strauber there, who liveg
in my house; Mr. Mandevelt was there, he lives in Frank
fort street, I believe, No. 27; also Mr. Meigs; I believe be
lives in Clinton street; private watchman Cohen; I do not
recollect any more, but Jacob Bough; the body was lying
with the head toward* the door, alongside the stove; the
head was lying about two feet from the door; the stove waa
sli feet from the door, and the feet were on the left side
of it; I did not see any one attempt to lift the man : there
w hh son ?-thing under his head; he was not lifted on
cl.airs this was at a quarter past 11 o'clock ; one of the
fifflrers lilted the blanket and I saw the face; I think it
war a quarter past 11; It was later If anything; I was there
until 2 o'clock ; if any friend of the man or tb'? officers
came in the officers would lilt the blanket and show the
face; the body was not removed for two hours; 1 went in
and out durii'g the time occasionally; at the last time I
came in the body was not removed; when I waa going
away the body was still lying in the same place : Mr.
Tboma* and Mr. Straubcr left the house with me; we talked
uhout the murder as a very bad thing, but did nut kuow
who did it.
V. Mud you any notion In your own mind who com
muted ihe murder? A. That is a hard thing to say.
y. (Repeated.) Have you any notion who committed
the murder, and if so why do you think so?
Witness ? I will answer the question. [Hesitating for
sonte tmie. | 1 can't say anything; if I say anything
Coroner t .itinery (Interrupting)? Po you know, directly
or indirectly , who committed the murder? A. 1 do not
I '"coroner? Now, sir, wc will bring you a little farther
Have V"U ""V rPMon, from any cause, to suspect any omtf
\V\tiii s~l'was sittintr yesterday mgnt in a lager
saloon No. 10 North William street, with about five of
my fnenda (naming them) ; there *.v a boy came in
named Jo. who has beeti exammed here as a wttac- Vj
asked l.irn about it , an?1 he said he was looking between
U..' (-butter* and witnessed Uie whole affair, he
al! about it. and would know the inau a hundred years
liencc hut his heat t would not let him say.
u Pid vou hear anvbedy else eav anything about it? ,
A Nothing but conversation about the newspaper re
LxJ he -aid he i-aw the whole atla.r, the boy ?j
J) j,!, Ceri.galiu, 1 Uiink, he wan a small boy, with black
'"'An officer wan hero despatched after the boy . for the
liurtx-e ot having the witness ident fy him Mr. Hilton
accompanied the ? Blcer to point out the boy.
twcol the lurors here requested that the Police (om
missioned should be askod to place a sufficient force per
irnneutiv patrolling the Fourth ward to protect the ctU
^e^trSbewouldgoln for that, and the sug
sestion was indicative that the juror was a sensible man.
Alter waiting some time, the officer returned with the
boy. Another interval e.apswl to givetiino for the pro^
duct win of candles, which were finally brought in an I
stuck in s^r?iu>arilla bottles.
Kverv thing bong realty, the young man Joseph Oerlgolia
wm th u confronted by the witness, who said he wad the
Im'V whom he had heard say that he had witnessed the
whole iitla.r through the shutters. Th? witue^ oo^
tiniM-d:? The bov said he looked through the shutters, 1
i could not w whether he said he could rL-coirmsc the man
i or men h. ^aid he would recollect them a h indred > cars
, hem-aiit the men in Mr. Vine, nt s barroom baring the
'C[?rigr Ua here attempted to talk with the Witness, and
?everal word* pawed, but the Coroner stopped the pro
Crw\r;J continued ? The boy only said what I have to*
tiflid hi h?id Iiih ln arl would not allow bun to say .ui>
! th in the conversation occurred the day before yo t<-r
l dav at No 10 North William street; the men who were
: w .th in e ut th.- time tin- conversation took place, were
W. M-ii- Ibed , Ko-t, koblank and Jacob, a cook of mine:
u.>rr? Heed and Kost do business al Nos. 12 and 14
Mrne Ktieet; Koblank is a confectioner, corner of
, I inane > tree t and fcroad way ; Jacob is at 10". Mulberry
I "w?h (Vrigolia re examined? The boy, Joseph t'eri
i ><>Ha w iu- again placed on the stand at the roque-t of the
' jur\ ' he pi weeded to state that he was ol a very n-rvous
' temperament . and ha- 1 been under the sup-rvision of
i several doctors tor two years.
1 Ornery interru|>ted with one or hl-l'>ng,charae.
). r ,r,? st?"<liee, when the wllnc* pr.? led at
? W. II. sir it appears 'hat 1 went Into
tlie l.i '? r bier saloon. No. 10 North William street;
1 relieve it was on Wodnesday evening last;
ther. a. re three or four boys standing a hont the stove; I
, ,,1,1,1 not *k\ * bat the time was, as 1 do not oft-u I'"* at
the d.N k u may hsve Iieen -even or eybl or iun-o dock
I wold not be |*?itive that It was Wednesday night. It
an '-ais that when I went in there were three or four
voi *.ii tellowH .lauding there; one of them told me that
il e i ther v anted lo treat me. and 1 went up to the bar to
te ; 1, in th.il hit doctor had forbidden m" U? drink when
I turned m nd 1 believe this gentleman (Mr. Montag.)
w i- -taiv! j k b| with two or three otbm, and h-wudw
... ? ?!,?? Ik-* bIh.iu this murder?" 1 said that 1 was
u?. r.g therebetween* and 10 och.k ttoe opposite
;,.l. oi the street. 1 had been doww to ret cruller
mo,, owing back, eating them the comer, by Mr
__ >t..r.-, 1 l.? ked over the way, the shutters were up
alid I suw two men sitUug in Mr. Tincentsshiip l *ail
it - wa- a pWNlKJameet that I n-ver wa< n b-f. rr about
recall /.i k 'he men, and it was very liar, 1 1 if I should Ihj
1 it?iit'Ueu to itKnlif) the nieu on account of my eyesight,
or ?i i'TMint nt uft iPK th?* m*n far off, w I m phi rornf
! dim- some i.i Ment pei>ons as the men, and my heart
WO..10 t t sllow m. to du It, 1 told them that I pa- ?l the
; abop ?t< fur-day niglt and saw the same men there, I was
I on tl < "t>l?<- te ? e of the way mating the crulie-?, I ??*
tin i iec n Mr Vincent s ?al'?m. I think the Mind* were
' rr, ,.n- window but 1 c<*ild see thro?igh the door an 1
the '-the, window. 1 happened to ?.?* through th? d-.r
htsh ?i; < )??? are very weak, and if 1 close one I ran t
i pee but a short dislatice with tlie other
Coroiier < oiuo-r) li-re eiamined the wltni-ss eyes , and
mai>! he ?nw nothing In Uieir appearance to indlcAU- weak
Tin witness said that when h* was young hi* mother
| I a ) dr ftwd '<itne camphene in hl? eyes and h" could
, rov- b> the pbyricians Uiat heba-1 beeu under treatment
? f p? ll^ torooer? Could you recognl-e any b<s1y In that
| rt? m' A I roulo as 1 -aid. identify th.-s. men oue of
! tb< m had a Mark moustache
Tl - t.r -? tjer? were here brought In, one or them hav
irg a hi . k moi >tache The witneMi eiammed them and
! th? y i?*?t n . 4
a Jtttof? ?Ar#? ynu iirqm wtlh m?t\T A
I ' < reti? r tannery at lh? point ha-l a long alt?roar*n
! w ,hth. Wine., who, ac<ording m the Coroner .Idea
Itad r ' tu?< <1 to answer a que.t on whether he could seo
,.tre.t ai,.' thiougbaglvs door with h?
fret eve*lght so as to ren?guise the men In th- store
Tt- ?m?>* ereral times answered yes. the toroner in
tl,< ni'aiitime threateaiag ta tmprfr"ou him, using a great
i loud wc rds and ge lures. The mry at P agU, el
frersed themselves satisAcd. and the t?stimon> pro
"A' juror? Were yon acquainted w-th the mi-n in the
ttin* A I have r.cver serei but one belore
li t? A viu *av that y< u looked tnrough the shuitersan 1
.aw the whr.ie afla.r' A No, I made no snch e,,H-ea.Hm
1 ? ,? oo h affnir 1 saw o?e of the name m-n on *ia.Uy
I t ight ?s I wa* p?u?:r.g 1 know Mr Unto?, I saw him
, there the evei nif <4 the murder.
j THk it K1 WlS?t TWK etu?0<*s ??TA|VKI>-? ooaosafc OneVKST
wit j *i'*rr m* to aatt tv M
(>o? et the inrv a> tte witnos" wa? shout retiring, ?a-d
tl,., I the jurv Would like U> have the Witne?? deuoned The
w u,-- s said that he could pn? ure security for I* app-ar
i, nt tb< l?,rv obl.? ted to waiting The IhTWtT then
1 ,?? be would m<Tiiiit b,m te (mil in ??fl.OOOrea' ?gti?e.
! at II house, but a* the jury ohjected, the vot>" was t*k tl,
I an ! th> juroiK ntiaiiimoiisly decided that the witness ought
l? letaiii. d r?.? Coroner, however, dec.de.1 l?adm-t
til. w :tne< to bail in the .Iimof 000 real eeUte Tlie
Coroner th??o i^ounxvi Uh? inquUition until 9
In J i?t^'- to thr son of Mr Vincent who wa- ai retted
on sue pic ion -f -ompiiCity with the allair. we would state
t!i*t \t> nifht lb* *n??r?W VMiUsf ?'*
ther 111 law three miles bark of William- burg that he r?
tired st alrfuit 10 o c|o<k, ari l was awakcaed hy hi?
brother in law at 2 o'llm lt Ui the moru.ug, when the ????<
of the murder arrived
oimor t T< e m snot *i?n a*ni.T wm npkh m.wtt
ami IBSI in O* TIIE IIIOH w aymkh an ihteukst
petwe. n 12 and 1 n'etoek yesterday morning a desperate
attack wa- mail' upon IT. Alexander R Moll, of No f
T> nth str? '-t. hy a couple of garr'dets. at Uie corner of
fV-ot>d a\<ii je an t fleventh ?tre? t. as th> docuir was n
tnrnir* hom< from ami call tmenf the rn" ?ls self- I
hm b) the collar and sir's k him over the hack <rf the
hVad wdl, an il'-n b*r Tie b'-.w bad n>d tli? en <t"f
d aM ng the physician, lor he pr- mi tlj drew a revolver
ai d flrvl at his assailant, wnumlin* h m in Ui<* si<le l?r
M<4t tli'U rush*l forward U? arrest the fellow. wh**n the
o?it> pans >n of Uie wounded mau drew a pistol and flr~l at
Uie (Water. Tlie liall entered tl?e bat of th" intended vie
un, and paeeed out without d.ang any furUier damage.
The rolihers then endeavored to e.cafie from the doctor, j
hut the latter was determined not U? allow Ihem to de
u?rt ?a* ly lie followed th^m up and graeped the
wminde.i man at the s;ime tim- rryln.- -eit for th" pol?
lie held on lo the man until U,.- re|?-a#ed assaults of
th< fsrn tcr - confederate oh' ??1 h'iri lo I'-'-e fn? h"l<!
Th. wounded man was then dr?irg? I off by hi- confede
rsle ai'd the pair "tweeeded in makin<r gorM Ihetr . .. ap.
H -ri after their departure one of th. Seventeenth ward
poles came up and on hemg informed of the o<. i.rren. e
the pair Started in ptir.u.l if the fngttlves down fifth
,? reel ?? far a- FirM avenue bet they could fl.id no trace
,A the htghwa) men They then -led u. J be Seven
tcesUi ward Kunoti house, and iWortmd Cipt lUrtt at
lb? affair, when a |?w of men wa* ordered out to acoi.r
the ward H? e*ery direction, with the hope of (luding the
robbers ; but after a dllligent saaruh of over an boor the
officers were compelled to return without having accom
plished anything. They sucoeeded, however, in tracing
the fuglti voe a abort distance from Mrat avenue. by apoto
of Mood which they found upon the sidewalk , which may
yet lead to the detection and arrest of the guil.y parties.
At the Seventeenth ward (station bouse Dr. Mott gave the
following detailed account of U>? tfaneacuou U> Captain
Hartt I?
M. Holt's ACVOTWt.
I>r. Alexander B. MoU, resi ling at No. 200 Tenth street,
in the Seventeenth word, while returning from a sick
rail, between 12 and 1 o'clock, and passing op the
Second avenue, win assaulted by two men on the corner
of Seventh street, lie wa? struck on the bark of tbo head
with a final 1 iron bar, at the same time wax aeized by the
collar of hie cloak, which became looeened by the button
glvii-g w*y The do lor turned immediately upon the
robber* and drew a revolver, which he tired at the damn
time that one of the assailant* tired at him. The ball from
the man'* pistol went through the doctor1* bat, just clear
ing hit bead. The doctor suppose* that be shot ono of the
men either in the right arm or ?tde, as he seised him with
the other band, whtcb was oovorel with blood wbon bo
came to the station house. He held on to the man until
he received a blow in the neck with a pieco of iron, which
threw him off his balan<*>, when the tallest of tlie two
men dragged the other away. An alarm was given,
to which the police officer on the beat responded
immediately, hut the men bad made their escape
through the Second avenue by the time the officer
got up to the doctor. Th<?y both gave chaae down to
Kifih street, and then went to the station, from where the
officers immediately went in search.
No cine to the perpetrators has been obtained as
yet, but one of them will be easily recognised, as he
has a wound on the right side, and it is to be hoped
that any person called to attend such a wofind will re|>ort
it Immediately. Dr. Mott is a witness in the cose of
James Biglan, whose trial for burglary was to have taken
place this morning. It is supposed that the friends of
Ihglan were connrcted with the attack upon the doctor.
The police have traced the assassin by hie blood a long
distance? how far, and in what direction, we refrain from
stating, at the request of Oapt. Hartt, lest the ends of Jua
tice should be derea'.ed by our doing so.
Cnpt. Hartt, in bis report to the General Superintendent
yesterday morning, makes the following allusion to the
matter : ?
As Dr. A. B. Mott was returning home from a profes
Fiona! call, between the hours of 12 and 1 A. M., he wu
assailed by two young men. at the corner of Seventh street
and Second avenue. Annexed is an account written by
himself, to which we will add that strong hopes are enter
tained of bringing the whole matter to light, as the despe
rado has already been traced a long way by his blood In
this case we may Ray that, in our opinion, this deally as
sault may very likely have come from the confederates of
a desperate burglar in this w?rd, who Ig now in prison,
whose arrest Dr. Mott contributed to bring about, ami this
may be in revenge for the same. This we throw out
merely as an opinion. The gallant doctor gave them a
warm reteption.
The attack upon Dr. Mott created quite a sensation in the
upper part of the city yesterday, and various rumors were
set afloat in regard to the occurrence The police were
busily engaged all day in searching for the highwaymen
They have tracked them pretty c.osely, and It is the gene
ral opinion that the rascals cannot escape. Any person
having information of the whereabouts of a man wounded,
as the fugitive has been. will serve the ends of justice by
communicating with Capt. Hartt or any of the policc in tbo
Seventeenth ward Dr. Mott had a most miraculous
escape, indeed The hall which entered hw hat passed
within half an inch of his skull.
Scntrnre of Canceml Poatpontd.
Before Hod. Judge Davies.
Nov. 20. ? It having been understood that Qincemi, con
j victed of the murder or policeman Anderson. would bo
! brought up for sentence at 1 o'clock, the paHsagoa leading
to the Supreme Court were densely thronged a.i early
a* half paKt 9 o'clock in the morning. The doors of
the circuit were besieged, and on their being opened at
10 o'clock the eager multitude rushed in with Riich vio
lence ihHt many or the foremost were thrown duwn by the
pressure from behind, and suffered a little Inconvenience
to thdr persons, and somo slight disarrangement to their
garment* and hats. One fat old gentleman was uncere
moniously thrown over against the hot, hissing stove, the
proximity proving very iuronvcnient, notwithstanding the
coolness of the morning In an instant every available
m at for outsiders was occupied, and even those within the
bar were selaed upon. Hundreds still remained outside
the doors, the Court being incapable of containing more
Cancemi was not in Court, nor any of the counsel for
the prosecution or defence.
As time wore on wonder was expreoscd in every coun
tenance that the prisoner had not arrived, nod that the
Judge was proceeding to call a Jury in a civil cause At
leugth it w.is rumored that there was some doubt raised
as to i he power of the Circuit Court to pass sentence of
death, it being merely* branch of the Supreme Court.
Yet it seemed rather anomalous that a wise legislature
should enact that a criminal trial could be heard on the civil
aide of the court Without giving the Judge the power to sen
tence in ca>-es of eonviction. It was also rumored that
(lie Judges would consult as to whether the convict
should be sentenced ut general term.
Shortly before 12 o'clock, Mr. District Attorney Rail
entered the Court and held a few minutes private corner
salion with Judge l?avte? on tho liench, after which the
Judge directed Mr Rertbolf, the officer, to announce that
Can.'ciiu would not be brought up for sentence until next
Monday week . the 8otb in?t Th<- crowd then dispersed
almost as quickly as they liud assembled.
It is understood that i'ancenii will be sentenced at tho
Supreme Court General Term.
Frrt Rlste Declaration of War In Ksiiiu.
moment 'h waknimu!
Htnoe the adjournment of the Constitutional Con vents jo
of K atinw the followiug warlike declaration has been re.
published by the I'rosident and Secretary of the Free
State Executive Committee ?
To m* nmi or Kj>?e.*s ?We have ut the late elec
tion car ried every county In Kansas by the leg*! vote
Every scheme that malignaut ingenuity could Invent has
been reported to by our oji|??oents In defeat the riprimisl
w i?h of the i*ople Fraudulent returns have been tnanu
factured a) different |K>tnts and returned to the Secretary 'a
office. h glaring that Uie authors of the \ ile forgery daro
I net oper ly sustain th< m tiovi rnor W Hiker an i Heeretarjr
Slant' n have refused to allow the certificate* although a
' corrupt Judiciary has endeavored by a writ of mandamus
I to compel them t-i do so. If these officers stand firm, mi
' ?* have every assurance they will, in the position they
take, you will have the delegate to CoUgreKs and a nuij' ri
I ty of both branches of the Territorial LeginlaWt
Hut this victory, great as it is, <M not fr*?- Kansas
i Tin I at lie 1* n<'t yet fought nor Is the victory won. A
1 body of usurper* are now assembled at iAOtNBplaa, under
the gnard of the I'nited States army, concocting a scheme
' to perpetuate the slavery oligarchy in Kai: a< To their
I action we re?^rtfullv call y.<ur attention; Knld mrrtinp na
rvrry l?. n i/y (im I dirn<ailk< tkrm ; f>rr<> nrrv ami prtfml
yoi/r mi/iMry arganiMtifin <U rvrry /<in/ and hr pr.ywi red
| I, mtirrh at a smvaCi w.ir?iinfl, V?U i vtirn v?r rxMWe ami
ym/r i miry i all) y>m siuy (>r.>i?t;rf| v rwyowt Ry partlcl
pating in the late election, ynu have shown to the world
! your earner! desire to settle the Katvuut difficulties peace
1 ably; by that vote you have proven that the free
Stat?' party are In the a*< eudancy Id every
county in Kansas The election frauds, act'jUly
perpetrated to defeat the wi-ties of that majority? the
. hellish scheme now being consorted at loMymiiitou?
, evidencing that a rrjmri U> f met ? m/iy K nnvmry rind ksi*
1 ittfl rtkmi/V it rvrry fn-rwralie mmiurr, it u Msmf ttuit tKr
?? r Id iciU juiti/y y-u IS rrtorting to arm < H- rrndg |Vn
' frltn ae ( re. mm nf Kammw, Jfvu mi U nnt hr oallrd Uf"1 tmltl
that rail it tittmjutrlj) ind up-iuatJ' , and v km modr Irt all
irifkrmt rrgard to ag- rasping, that the enemies of Ameri
can institutions may know and feel that an American peo
ple, when once aroused, are as irresistible as Die gr.-at
on an when moved by the mighty storm
Ry order of the Territorial Fx?-< utiv* Committee
U W SMfTll. I 'resjdent
C * W. If tm i. "mow Secretary
now tub ncort.? op eansam rro ard the nbw cow
fFrom the St I/outs Republican. Nov 1*1
A gen lie man who left Atchison. K. T . on the nth nail
ed on us yesterday evening and gave us the latent tnteiti
geni e from Kanaaa. There was not much feeling in the
Territory on the subject of the constitution framed by lbs
bobtail drancraUc Convention, lately adjourned. The
total vote that elected the members of "that iVwvention >1m1
not mi h exceed 1 .600 while Uie voting population of the
Territory now is between 16,000 and 90.0W), so that the
free suite republican party are quite ouaftdeut tn their
own strength . and quite independent as to how soon the
the slavery constitution In elected in the Territory, and as
?n how <|u>< kly t'ongrees may admit Kanaaa under the
constitution After the admission then Utey Intend to do
si me "taT work," and take thing* entirely into their own
bands, a- they nave the power and the vote* to do so
The rlnu.o in llie constitution providing that It shall not
be amerd d within llie next six roars, and that other
dsn** which fastens slavery upon the Territory , whether
or no. are quite Joi ularly recened by the free State
P?f1?e _ _
lUnernee Walker sayt the t'onvenUon wa? "a d? d Ratt
Jon. s institution ' Tills Ratt Jones was the father of the
Jr linson and Mct;c* county returns, and though a resident
and m tor in the Territory has bis family living in West
ji'rt. Mi-sourl
Wnprrlor Cotirl .
Before H<Ki J<i<\|re Woodruff
H ilhnn H ilhumt M William K Ihtrtm ?
?< the on a irotnwrr not* made by the defendant m
folio Wf , for II ,2&0 >?
Nirw To**, May 10. 1?M
Thirty day* afl?r demand I proruiae lo pay to tin* order
of Mr* A A Rand?r*>ti twelte hundred ami flftr dollar*,
for value received W*M l III IITON
TTi?- note wa* andnraed by Hi*. A A Nanderaon and by
ber liridhrt, (imr(f H. Burn*
Mr Cram, for the defence, elalmod that the money,
wlnili wan the ronalderallon of the not*. belonged and
bail b< en (lp|K*tt4Mi with the defendant by J M Haad^r
arm . the hot# I keepor and liuahand ol Mr* A A .Sander'
aon that thr piamufl wa* m4 the real owner of thr not*,
and that n? Ither the plaintiff or Burn* had ever paid any
( on*Mer?Ut*i for It that the not* really beloofed to .1 M.
ftatldertna, and thai a? again*! Inm Uk defendant bad a
oonol'-r claim amounllng to and that the note bad
heen trai aferred nominally to plaintiff to prevent the pay
ment of tb? counter claim, Mr Nandcrcon being Insolvent
1Mb Ui?- plaintrff and Kanderaorj weie examined and (tava
evidence lo rebut thia def?ice fWi<1'-r*oti tretifled that
the note wa* (riven to Burn*, Ida brother In law, who (fare
to Sanderson a letter of credit for ooe tundrod pound* .and
*uppll? d. or wa* t o aHM'l.v, Mr* Awitrr-ton with monry
during her I u?bnnd'? ah "nee in Kiirope William* toatl
fled that be bought the n>.te from lluma for one thoaaand
dollar* The mi it w%? v< ry *harply coulmtod , and a great
deal of fe? ling wa* exhibited between Mr Sanderson and
Mi Burlon. who. it * a* proved, had formerly bean on
term* of great Inl ma? y AfV-r a two day* trial UN Jury
brought in a vrrdtrt for d< fondant
Wat ml Intelligence.
The I'nlfwt Plate* aloop of war Vlnccnnet Commander
R .1 T' tten ?*iled y<'?ierday for the Ooaat of Africa. A
rnrret t Hat of her officer* wa* published yoatcrday 10 our
c luffiM.
Rnprrmc Court.
Before Ju^ge Roosevelt
Im Ac MaUrr if Ou B-wry Hunk ? Tlx* Judge an
nounoed that the order made tuunl be modiflud au as to
permit th- reeelvers lo act ob fftriBfl MVKllJ.
KMiZZ!?L?f2,k!UTdiriA?J*- MiJ*"
K (KUUa* ?nrf am<her w J^,? Bdman- These c-aaes,
the JudM Mid, involved ? mvUer of great doubt, and U.e
^ *uu?U<? ??? be
*.In r* ,tltJLJpplicuti?% OuarJian lo Mrt. Knney.a
Married n man. ?an. Fumey m entitled to real mid per
sonal property in Urn State a* tho daughter of a Mr. Ilortor.
Her husband applied for a guardian to be appointed in ac
ccrdacce with the law* of Hlwoun, whore thoy reaidod.
The Judge said he had not the power lo do that, but he
would make an order appointing a guardian using therein
the precise words of the statute of this mate. He sup
]?*ed t hut in Missouri the lady's bun band would be admit
ted to be her legal and proper guardian, although that
doctrine appeared to be questioned here in reoeut cases.
Order accordingly.
mil ism 6 54 I moon kith eve ft V
em am 4 % I high watei eve 11 45
Port of New York, November W, 1857.
Fleamship Adriatin. West, Liverpool? K K Collin*.
Steamship 8iar ??f the Went, Oray, Aspinwall ? M O Roberta.
8teamshlp Mexico, VUlamore. Havana, Ac ? I 11 tieballos.
Ship Emerald, Cook, Liverpool ? Howlaud A Fr?thingham.
Ship Geo Evans, Cooper. Glasgow? MeCready, M<>U A Co.
?'hip Rebecca, Hanson. Kin Janeiro? Foster. HUiott A Co.
Ship Baltle, Morae, Charleston ? 0 C Puncin A Co.
Hark Prince Phillip* (Bel), Dei weigh, (-ark and a market?
W F Schmidt.
Bark North Sea, Man.nl, Olasgow? Fundi A Melneke.
Bark Delpbos, Oil], Liabon? underbill. Hart A Co.
Bark Tereaa, Berry, St Thomas, Ao? Maltland. PheljMi A Co.
Brig Cuba, Wallace, Trinidad?' Thompson A Hunter.
Brig Ornate (Br), Fenion, Halifax? I?eayeraft A Co.
Brig Iearian, Chadbern, F.Uitabeihport?F H Whittemore.
Schr Julia F?il, learning, Aaplnwall? Merrill A Abbott,
Schr Amanda, Drees, Laguna? llenmngB, Muller A Uos
%>r Wing of the Wind. Pea real!, Curneoa ? J Folke A Bona.
Schr Humming Bird. Neff, Ctenruegos? B Hlosaom A Hon.
Schr Koaa, Farrla, Norfolk ? Rowe A Marsh.
Schr Surprise, Powers. Boston? K W Lewis A Co.
Schr Howard, laivell. Boatou ? S W Iaiwla A Co.
Echr Wonder, French, Providrncc Master.
U 8 frigate Niagara, Hudson, Plymouth, Eng. 5th Inst.
Haa experienced heavy westerly galea the whole passage
Steamship Black Warrior. Knilth, New Orleans, Nov 12. and
Havana litn, with mdae and paaaengers, to Livingston. Croch
rron A Co. Nov 18, 8:30 I'M. 38 miica North of Cape llatteros.
exchanged signals with a steamship, bound 8; 19th. lat 37 40,
ion 74 .15. exchanged signals wlih steamship Columbia. hence
for Charleston; same day, 8:25 AM, with a tea mil hip Florida,
hence for Kavsnnsh
Stenmsbip Philadelphia. Bnggs. New Orleans Mb. Havana
9th. and Charleston loih Inst, with mdae and passenger*. to M
O Roberts. 18th Inst, 80 mtlea HE of Charleston, experienced
a heavy gale from SE. during w hich broke the shaft on the
starboard aide, and put into Charleston for orders. Came
from thence with one wheel
Ship Oregon. Porter. Havre, 45 days, with indse and 2#0
passengers, to John Klley. Had two deaths among the pas
Bark Sclo. Patturson, Bombay, via Port I<ouls. Mauritius,
Kept 3, wllh linseed, Ac, to J O Baker A To. The Seio nut
Into Mauritius for repairs July 23 (as before reported). Oct
?8, lat 6 30 N, Ion 451(1 W, signalized brig B K Eaton, from
Rio Janeiro fnr Philadelphia; Nov 17. snoke srhr Alabama,
from Baltimore for Matanzss. 2* hours from the Capes.
Bark Nathan W Bridge (of Portlandl, Cobb (lale Bubeyl,
lUXv, w 0 Africa, Sep; l.v with baas woo<l. to J II llelaiio
Died Oct 8, lat 1 3D S, Ion 12 30 W, ('apt Frederich K Bubey,
of Boston.
Brig Havana (of Boothbay\ Ciirtia Malaga. Oct 15, pasaed
Oibraltnr 16th, with fruit, lo Hamilton A Co. 8ept26. on the
outward paaaHKe, wu run Into by an unknown vesHel when
211 miles Kast of Malsga, losing jlbboom, sprung bowsprit, lost
bead. Ac.
Brig Times (of Boston), Jone?, Jacmel, Oct 51, with log
wood and cuflee lo llablehl A C-o, of Boston. Night of 19lh.
when off l he Woodlanda, during as.|iiall froin Westward,
split foresail, msin xUusall and lib, and broke main boom.
Brig Kilsworth (Br), , Windsor. N8, 12 days, with po
toes, to master.
Kehr Everureen', Hinckley, Tamp loo, 1R days, with bides
and funic, lo master.
Hchr Cumberland, Chase, Alexandria, 4 days.
8chr Brave, Cordon, Virginia
Kt'lir Bay Plate, V e rrill . Rocklanil.
Kchr Welcott. Parker, Bostoii.
Hl<>op Oliver Ame*. French, Taunton.
bteamer Curlew, Williams. Providence.
Brig Ma Mcleod (of Providcnce), from Baltimore ? (by pilot
Jane, No 1).
Also another brig, both anchored on the bar.
r 8 sloop -of war Tincennea, Coart of Africa. hark? Jasper
Charleston. Ontario (Br), 8t John, NB, schr Khanuun iBr),
Harbor ]aland
Aleo, steamer Independence, Valparaiso; ahin Charter Oak,
l,Iver)>ool; bark Garland. 8t Jaeode Cuba, and others.
Wind during the day W. and fresh.
BdarcllMteoui ?net DUacter*.
Pttakfr II B Itiurn? Baltimore. Nn* 2rv? The II
B Nearh. arrived yesterday from N?w York, ?H pvrlkally
burnt la*t nlfibt m b< r whntf \ eaerl damaged ihonl $10*',
thrre feet of water to her hold; eariro not likely mnrb damn?
?*i1 iHy telegraph to Ellwuod Walter. K*q, Secretary Board
of I nderwrlw n).
Baku I.oftA Villi, of and from Ralem it Montevideo. waa
In to mart Aug lfi, S A M, l*t 912 N, Ion* Z M W, with an nn
known *hip 01 bark of ihont id) vr.n* *irerttig northerly, and
which h?-|>t on her courie ellciitly The I, M had jlbboom* and
other *para. afarboardeat hca?l, anchor. rail, bulwark* and
?tan'broiia from knight bends to fore rigging carried away,
naU'i way* and covering board* ripped up, a hole Ave fnet
long broken tu the *hew plank aaila torn, Ac. The I. M won
after boarded the Hr ahlp Rlr Oharlea Napier, Cap I (Yeaaer.
?9 day* from t'allao for Oork, who *unplled her with plank*.
?p1k>"? *n<l nail*, and kindly offr.ran to lay by and ?eud Ui?
carpenter on board.
Mi??ivi Vr?*n ?The Provlncetown Banner untmun-e* the
a rotable lo**ot *chr K Nlekeratun, of that place, with all on
board Hhe aalled fr>.m Boston about Hept I, for (ioualve*.
under eominiiid of ('apt John Pettenglll, of Provlncetown
The m*'<\ Robert Bichardaon. and Benjt'roaby, *e?men. alao
belonged *t I', ihe remainder of the crew were probably
? hipped In Boarioa ('apt Pettctigtll had hi* wife nnd two
I hlMlren tall hi* family) %? lib him, and Mi' t'roaby 1 -ft a wife
in Provlncetown who h** two children The K Nick eraeu
wa* owned principally by the Maa*r?Hoper, and w?? tuoaily
The ?blp Hlta* Holme* of Wni Nelaoo A Ron'* line of New
Oi'lrati* packet*, wa* taken on the 'lock ?t Hunter'* Point
ye?terdav for repair* The *ehr Neptune'* Hrtde la up at the
*ame railway, to be overhauled and repainted.
The clipper *hlp Black Yfaqdpr. 1W too* regiater, wa* ;*k
e?i on the large 8.-. it<.n*l doOt ye.ier??y afternoon for re
p aim. Khe will be * tripped, reraulked and newly coppered
The ilk) Wb Woodhwry 1000 ton* regMar, w?* ye?t>rday
momlna take on the imall Italarce dock for e lamina Jon.
The *hlp *old hy M' **r* Trufant. Drunmund A On, ha* heeti
nanie<l the Hon'bern t'hiet and t* owued by Me**r* II I*
Brookmaa A Oa, of New Turk, aad Capl A ti HUgiua, who
will command her
NoOft to Marine ra.
Ti!t*T*?n ?orio < '*ow a*d rtsa" uht TMn.
Notice'!* hereby given. that the Vineyard Hound l.ight Tea
?el. ofl "Sow and Ptgi, ha* been relieved by the light ve**el
"Relief." and removed to New Bedford for repair*
The "Hcltef ' l? achooner rirged. wtih a red ball at each
mial head hull palr'ed red w lUi "Relief," In white letter*
on e?i h ?lde She will ahow every ntrhl, from aannet to *un
liae two fued light*, of the natural color
When 'he \ Inevard Sound I Jght V?*?el I* repaired, the wUl
be re*'ationed of which due notice will be gt*rn.
Bi order ot ihe Ijgh'hnnae Hoard.
MF.I.ANt'THON HM1TH. fVmdr t' R N,
Boaton, Nor 30, IMf laghthnuie Inaprctor, 'Al lh?t
Birk Promo whlrh *ld from Warren on the 14th ln*t, for
North Piclfle Ocean, liaa sot liad her name changed to Kagle.
a* reported
In Little Flah Bar, Kept 21 B I, Baratow. pc*rdl. of Matt,
all well, wl'fa M)0 bbl* *p and llkl do hpbk oil Beporta at do
?am* tune Oareoia 8d, rarr, NB. >*> *p. IJrihnbkon board
Hpok* oil rwngo River Jnne 2K |i Kranklln. H>,a*?ll. W e*
|>ort, had m>' xen a ?hal< on the vovage
Hpnken-ftrpt 27 near I ape t erd l*landa, the "Ralph Plah.
Aiu whaler, im* month from New York."
R|?li?n, lie,
Khlp llirrem Queen. Morion, from t aUao July I# for Kng
land. Aug l? lat V. ?\ Ion V. W
Hhlp lady nullnlk. lavender, fro?? Uvcrpojl Hept 8 for
l<omba?, ??. 1 1 l*t II N, |.,n T 9
bhtp merhen <f lover. Malbon, from Liverpool flrpt S f ic
Cnleutta. f>et It. ut II V. Ion rt W
fthlp llortcr*e Harney from Uverpool Bept S for IVtlenUa
Oct 10. lat MU S, Ion a 10
Itr- men *hlt> li II Wigen, from l.lverpofil for NOrlean*.
Oct 14. lat .W Ion It
Hhlp ? armian Hand* henrrfnr IJvernool, vn ilgnftlllted
rw-t rt ut r no i -n u in
Phtp ' nrt llne. Ilainie from Uverpool for t'harleaton. Oct
V. lat '? ?o Ion 11
Hhlp K^gdaieti*. of and from Bremen for NOrlean a No* I
hit ?e IV. ?'n T C C W
* ?b ] painted ?kl'* with T B In her foreiopanl), wa* a*eti
Nor I. iat 9 N, Ion 7 W.
Foreign Pnrt?.
Ilovuf, Orl J-ltt port ahlp A B Thompana, Pma I. for
I ondori Idg and other* a* I efnre
t iF*r?*Ttinn* Oct SI Arr bark (toy Head. Mayo. Boa
( i?p?*i*. Not 10? A it birk M*rv R Barnev. I.ifher Ma
tanra* ?ehr Ulenvlew Baiter Baltimore. ISth bark ram
phylla. W.'ktng, NVork.
(ImiUil, on 24? In port birk* Kdward ?v.hen, ItiirgeM
frnm lagh>m for BhUwdelpMa repg Ham' ler. I'a^kvr.l
from Malaga for Sew Orleana and John Piyaii Fiiller.
from do Of New Twk, arr? b.*h to be t,>w~l on' flr?< faro
taSe rhanee *ehr I'lcto'i (Hr> <')>*dai,'k. f'"m Ithaea, wl'h
rorratita, for lt.?'on Wind HW *tr..ngan U.tual'> with rain
Hid 1 1 ih (not l?Wh< tiark Fi-rnandlna t'ot?r< ||, (from lag > -,*)
Trleate. ISih brig Phtenlclan (lln Kvana ffntm Palermo)
New York, l*lh, bark Otryhowrai. Unlbmndaim. Malar*
H?v?*?, Nov II? Arr tMeamahip Northern I.tgh*. Ttnkla
pangh NYork 'and aid lltli for A?pinwalli. brig Xen ,pK>>n
lioak. Portland. IJtb Mhr .1 M Vance Hui Igc, Mot.||?, nib
nr?>?htr yi*k< r t'tty, Hhiife.lt, NYork (and *ld 14th for Mo
hllei I ?t h no ar^val*
Rid ltt?h *htp A?hburton. Fmt'h tor fYnckerl, Havana ah
aekr "4 Hankelevet." l|..pkln* Newport
It *t tr*?. No* 14? Arr aehr l**rvti*e, Young. NYork. ("Id
I8<h *>rl? Anieloj.e, To' ker NVi^k
lir ir. W ? Atrua, Seti* t$~ In port ahlp AUantic Marrlci,
for NYork. Mg
Jirati . OetM? fn port arhr Kben Sawyer, Rnow, from
ind for P ?lon dl*g .
M ? ? ti ?, A 'if* |n port *hlt> rorlngt. Hmlih, repg, brig
Marv An .tone* <lreen. for batetn mot ho?inn> aoon
Pixt'itr* tM^-ln port. *lnp? OaMn*t, Mullen for
Ne?- > >rk, Shelter, Rhedd. f-e? roll tin. \n I V >*e?
Tutor Pre-,, h for New Orlean* l^.n -a'hlrc. Allen, nn. . j
bat ** Adi ;ai|f Ti'irham. Hea Puck. Peabody. and Phllcn*
pemlng14o f>rl? Blon Bradbury, Miller fat N". w Toi k . ?chr
H P Met her, Hmlfh. unc Rldfl*'. t>*rk Sotiihoriier, Olllffird,
Paint l?t I. rig W .1 Treat, I'ark. Malaga
Vi*>Titi *R. No* | -In port echr Orenn Bird, Nlrkeraon,
ft- m Verai'rttt. for NTora aht 4tk
M?ri?ri?, Nov? Arrbrts M W llolt. OonflM. New Tork;
KHk ?< hr? ("brl*topher lx>e?. r Hnow. I'bll < l-lphla 13th, Ktar.
T?vlor. Trovidenre Hid aih brig Kanla ,-1?>"a, Mllitgwood,
Ntirlean* l*h. bark Mary II Kendall. Broek. Mobile
Wto ,! ARrmft, Oct IA~ In port ahln flmy Kagle, for PWla
delphll Idg Juniper, l^lev re, for NYork, do bark* I'll*
din Wtlaoii. ft .m Baltimore arr IKth, to loud for Norlein*;
Rm*llwood M*nin. wtg. l.eighuin. Hunter, do; brig Tallti
lah Plnmmei do, and .^hera
Arr a' do #d. brtga A M Roberta, rota*, Penaaoola: M. W
II Htewart Hrvant, Mldelta; <Oi. bark* Pnrana. Mv*on, M*
chli*. !bh. Wlngaw, Monteildro. 13th, A A Orel.erl Hewitt,
do. Hid 3d, *chr T'liing America rower*. N'V-leau; rtth,
baika M*r\ Kb/ah<aJ) Hteta<m. do. *llia IffV Mo lamm. ('??!
lln?, Hiltlmot e, ttoraee. Cnrver, ("harle*lon. Ifth, ahip Rat
tier. Forre*t. NOrlean*
Harg!<?, Oct 14-Hld birk CeleMla IJowea, Hon* on
Ht Jour*. NF, Nov 2? "Arr eehri Trnnall. iiavt* Hamburg.
0th Region *fble. Thotn**. Haltlmore. <tih Flvlra, Allen, New
York. 7ih. brtg Mllo. t amphalL Baltimore <*ld *th iinrk
Warrrn. It< n'hall. Baltimore
In port llth among o<her*. brig factor Cro well for Haiti
more Idg. ai hr* l^ird Baglnn, (?Ttrlen. do do; Tmnalt. I)*vl*.
ft* N York, do
T*?*?v?, Oct 27? Bid hart Wamboul, Kingman, RmyrtMk
Ten*? In ?*n*. Nov f. la port brtg Hampton, Dnmrni, for
Tlolmea' Hole tnr order*
!P*? Hr*?a?mr Ntiotm. a? Bo*roa 1
Aatwrnr. No* 4- Arr Harriet llotie, Sml'h NTork, Rher
W ood, llanaon, B< *tnn
Mhi'Toi. Kor 4? Arr Meg?olta Pepper, t^allao rid 4'h
Old f>. minion Hamp?on Ra<*m *n
Hid from tin' Pill kl v Teet Kngle, Crockett, NOrlean*, 6?b
Buiuti Choate, Kith, dt>.
lrovJa~Arr *??uily. Jjoyea, VOrleatM. RM
>1 Sawelv, Chlndow, do.
ItRorwsKsn a vkk Nov Z-Arr WnUru HUr, Hammond
Rangoon for Kotterdam ' oa
BowNUVft, Oct 30 (not aWih-6W Marjjaret, Wood, fUUwki
^CaMI, Oct 23? Arr II Pojero, NYora; 23d, J A Raaard,
Williams, 8?ii Lucar.
Cowis Nov 4? Arr B Norrta, Follansbee, and Mountain
Wave, Halli'i, Cat lan Rid 6th Trumbull, K lobar daon 0ttm
Callao), IJverpool. _ . .
Okinrr NovS? Arr BorwwaW, Gregory .London; U?
aon Waiu. Burdeau*. 4lh Ueo F Pal ten. Mitchell, Miramtchi.
PId fed Kdw Fverett, Ounby. Rt Thomas, 4lli Jaa Briant, Howe,
Cuba; Kalamazoo, Taylor, Charleston
CAJtMAlvo*. Nov 4-*ld Hindoo. Jones. tUrMnah.
Pea l Nov 4? -Arr .1 R Koetor, A11**i?. NYork for T Am^or. ?
(and proceeded); Mb Christiana, Owens, do do (and proeeeded
bi h In tow); 6th Reindeer, l'attersou Boston tor do (and.
proceeded before daylight); B D Patera, Curtis, 8underlan<#
?Dov?k' No* 4? Off, Tropic, Smith, from Chlncha Islands for
Bunklrk. . . . _ .
Dvmqeness, Nov 6? Off, Str Bob! Peel, of and for Hamburg
from N York. . .
Kabtbovkne, Nov 4 ? Off, Challenger, Johnston, from Lon
don for NYork.
Kumti, Oct 3o? Arr J J Ilathorn, Bickford, Rtettln tor
K ai mootr, Nov 4? Bid Young America, Babeock (from
1-oddon), Bremen.
1'umrd do 6th Lucy Klizabelh, Sargent, from London for
Fushino, Nov 2? Rid K O Kerauton, Rpeueer, NYork; M
Midnight, Hatch, Newcastle K
(jRAVESENn, Nov 6 ? Arr Am Kajrle, Moore. NYork. Hid 4th
Queen of the Fast, Wilson (or Htaley), Melbourne; 6th Ertn
go Bragb, Movie, NOrleans.
Guisuow, Kov 3? Arr Dirigo, Young, NYork. Bid 6th Co
ra Linn, I.uilier, do.
Ldg In the Clyde 6th Robt Haatle, for NYork; J cm aowan,
ami Roseneath, for NOrleans.
(Iishaltar, Oct 26? Arr Chapln, MuCrillls, Tarragona for
NOrleans; White Cloud, Hoyt, Smyrna for ltoaton, 2hh Jose
phine, Cheney, Barcelona for Charleston; 31?l, Flylngfoig)*,
Conant, Alicante lor NYork; Helen A MUli-r, tialt, Hmvrna
fordo. Old 28ih, Ciuiova, Hutching (from Leghorn), NYork.
See Foreign Porta.
Ha vkb, Nov 4? Arr In the roada Clara Wheeler, Delano.
llcix. Nov i ? Arr Jenny Pitts, Snow, Richihiicto.
Hawsi'HG, Nov 2? Arr John Hermann. NYork.
Livuhfooi., Nov 7? Ar Allanlic, (s) Eldrid^e, NYork.
C!d 6ib, Kvlvta, Rwasey, Charleston.
Sid 4th, American Union, Hubbard, NYork; Jane Lnwden,
Harrows. Savannah; Sultan, Hunter. NOrieans; Cougresa,
I.lghtbody, ApaLaehicols; 6th, Orient, Hill. NVork; 6th, UreaC
Western, Furber, do; Warbler, Ore bow, NUrleana.
Knt for Id# Sd, Alliance, l?e Foreat, for Charleston, John
Owens, Brown, NOrleans; Isaac Webb. Brver, NYork; Prince
of the Sens, Be la Ferelle, San Francisco. Mm, Perry, He ma
rara. Sea King, Barker, NOrlerna; Outarlo. Wood, NYork;
I'lThian, Ravage, San Franclaoo; '..Mil, Washington, White,
Adv. Antelope (a), Smith, for Portlaud 11th; Anglo Saxon,
<s) KM ridge, for NYork 11th; Afrlea t??, Shannon, for do 14ih
Kangaroo iks), JeBrey, for do 18th; Henry Clav, tlaulkina, foi
do 8th: Win Tapseott, Bell, for doWh. RndlMlon, Hallett. foi
do 11th; Culhoun, Trmman. fordo 14th: laaiie Wright. Mar
hhall, for do 16'li; Arctic, Z<-r?-KH, fordolS'.h; Isaac Webb,
ltryer, lor do 2Wth; Washington. \Vhlte, for do anoo; Toiia
w anda, Julius, for Philudelpbia 14th; Thos II I'erktna, Wayne,
for <lo 2tMh, John ("lark, Hale, for Ballluiore 2fMh, Kale Priaeo
Jones, for Chnrleaton (soon; Bridgewater, Itaratow, for Mo
bile aoon; AR4ineninon. Darley, for N Orleaua/th; rtt lames,
('olley, for <lo lOtli, Tlios Jelfersou, Hill, for do, to succeed the
St Jaines.
Also In port, Sea Flower, Thornhlll. for Boston (lli<* only
vessel ldg for B): Kebaatlcook, ?nd Valeita for UharleatOO,
ldg. Bialwart, for Philadelphia, do; Helios, for New Orleans,
do; Queen of the I<akes, for Portland, do; Tornado, for Mel
bourne do.
London, Nov. 4 ? Cld Trade Wind, Johnson, Ilohart Town.
In port 6th Margaret Kvans, Warner, for NV'?rk, about
ready; COrinnell, Fletcher, for do 12th : American Kugl?,
Moore, do 19ih: Msry C Fox, Curila, for Havana, ldg; l/itizh
Inf Water, flrant, for Hohart Town, do (destination elmnKed
from Port Philip): Wlndw.inl. Smith, tor Adelildo. ldg; Aste
rlon, B?iiiriie; Union. Sklllii'gs, and Alarm, Maohews, for
Sydney, NSW, do; W A Platenlus Benneit, for Mauritius,
do; t'fanssa Hird, Bird, for I'ort Philip Itlth llorodlno. I'en
dletou: Maverick, Kllia; Sumatra, Abliolt: Wl'ch of the Wave,
Todd; Jennie W Pavne, Colburn: Saracen Iterrv; ''h?nibim
Smiib Wild Ranker! S?ars. ami Traveller. Boardman fordo,
ldg; Welltleei. MetJIIvery. for Melbourne I?ec. 15; Ladoga,
Pearce, for Kurachee in nil November. Falrv, lllish, for filu
gapore with despatch. Fearless. Mansoti. for Hong Kong,
ldg. Manrj . Fletcher, for Shiinghae Nov IS.
Montrosb, Nov 4 ? Arr Thirty one Stales, Smart, Savannah
via ltoaton
Makkkiu.es. Nov 1 ? Arr Kallibokha, NYork; Sd, Rethei
Frances. I'rorker. Wilmington. HO. Sid 3lslRea lion, Ool
burn, Boston; Nov 1. Nortlen. N Orleans.
M alaca. (let 19 ? Arr Orevhound, (lulhrandson, Oibraliar.
Cld 24th Elizabeth. Ycmng, London.
Qceehstows, Nov 4? Arr (lldeon. Mlltopaua, NYork. 81d
4tl> Kapid, W indsor (from Callao), Liverpool.
SEAroKD Koaih. Nov y- In the roads John M Mayo, Cutter,
from Shields for Boston (or NYork).
Swansea, Nov S ? Rid Kdgar P Stringer, Wood, Oape Vert1
St'K per land. Nov 4 ? Arr Wales Thomas. Ilamhnrg
StNasaick Nov 1 ? Sid (Jolilen K.agle, Kabens, NY'ork.
Trikste. Nov 2? Air Ariel (Aust), NYork.
Ven ice, OrtSl ? t'ld Fanny Buck. Crocket, Palermo.
Valencia, Oct 28? Arr S Taber, Tuthlll, NYork.
Cowri. Nov 5? Steamer Vanderblli. {mm New York ?no
thla port for llttrf, purttit her chain cahl?-a and drove upon
tbr RrnniMt'i I hi* morning, but came nit at high water and
Th? Trurahull Richnrdann. which arr. Id from Oallao, had a.
bf?vy weglerlv gale S.-pt 16. lat 30 H, Ion Jft W, In which bend
of mkmriant and main yard *> vr ?prang, aalla aplit, Ac
Moktko?k. No* t? Th.- Thirty nor Statca, Smart, from 8*
vainiMh. with uitch pine ifmhrr, la lying hadly In the rl*er,
? tul no doubt has strained a great deal, and la making oonai -
derable water
PoiniotTl, Not 4? A violent hurricane wan cvperlenaei''
from Oct 17 U> 21 a>, in lat 21 X, loo ?> W, by the K Xorda, and
Um Mountain Wave, arr lien
Home Porta.
AI.FX * NOKIA, Nov in? Hid achr Mark Monater, Town
aen.l, NYork
19th? Arr achra C Amelia, Riaaer, llallfai; T? R Saw* er,
Pcaraon; S 1. Smith, rmtih, and Whirlwind, Kldridge, New
York: .lamer llnnw, Spragg, Ronton
ROSTON, Nov 19 ? Arr al.-amablp Niagira )Br\ Wirkman,
I Iverpool rla llallfai arr up at .St^PM, Uark Kmma Onahing,
Foaaci, Iioug Cay, hahamaa, Sri mat; brlga Defiance (Brl, Wy
man, Si Kill*. Aim RUaabetb, Kavle. Tape tlayuen; Kmblem
lllllrr. Pit' Ewen, achra Mary II M ifU lo. Mclvin, l^tpalc, Del;
, I. A Oanerb' wer Miller; Isaac Klch, Smith, I, Audenreid,
Miller; Mountain A venue tircrnfirld, Kclliia?- Ilnichlna, .? J
| S|wncer, ,l*aoga afl*. Samuel t'aatner. t'ulfen. S > Solliday.
hi'imin . liavwl Smith. Dnurlaa Wm A llanilll ftomera an<-'
Rh<>la A lieulah Sharp, Philadelphia; New Zealand. Rich,
RooiU'Ut. J freeman, Allen; American Belle t:h*ae, and
lioulaa. Cbaae, NYork CM ahtoa Timor, Rltb*, Lm4n M
! rlri Saturday an reported*, VPtila, HuM<ar>l, San Frauciaeo:
Ka'hcr tl Barne*. llarney. NOrleana, barka William H ril?
ihri, Atkinaon, Vort Spain via Norfolk Ita llant. Fllnn. Sa
, vannab, briga Lucy Ann. Hryanl, Cardcnaa. Sarah. Moore,
i l(*fii>-i!i'<* Mongo Park, Ni'-b"la. Havana, achra Angler, Ho
! Telia. Port au Prince. Narragai.aetl Hall Havana an I a tnkt;
| R II Prrkltra Rob. rta. Pcnaacola. Kra. 'hamberlaln. NYork.
R I .each l,?arh. Vlnalhaven, t? load for IVnancola. Sid, wind
I hsW lo S. (food brcrw. ateamer Admiral
i BALTIMORE, Nov 19 ? Arr>h<pa faliope. Uondarln. Brla
Isl. Kn>. Orrcle, Wood, I'hlncha lalanda. t>arka lltta* Wing,
Riu nham and Antelope Farrell. Rio Janeiro. Rl.'lrvd t '<>6
< d.-n it ? hdi n) K|cdhu?on. Ilremen, lirlga Flenahnrg (l?an>,
SrW>n Malaga, Sn?au Huni-an. hard In r Areeibo. p R: Oanle]
llun'lev i Hri, Karl, CnrkWallta. N S; \ latnr. Rllla Stockton,
Me. via Boaton; Ketch Comet < Bri. Mrownlow, Trinidad, achra
Flying Head. CVmmean An-rlbo, P R R W flardaer llourn*,
ltal>ion, ??cam?h p Henry H R'-ach. Kamaay, New York t'kl
Meamei Fntllla, (Nilasary, SY'ork. brig Muacovado iBri,
' Thnratfifi Itemarara. a< hr Huth W Fry. Wilaon, Lasuarr^
and Porto I'abello s?d i-ark Bn-thera, t'ulver, Wllmiugioa,
N t'. brig t'cean Hclle, Wilaon A?plawall
HANOOR Nov ? Arr aclira .'Wi Faker. Wiiaon tuirf f'T
Ing Arrow Mllle NY'iTk. Cld lirijf Froatlna (new. af Stock
I toni, Berry <'n<ja* achr Venloo. riauaen. WInd;ua.
bkl.PAST. Not !?? Sid a. h: R P (Tiaae. Pattcraon. Norfolk.
RRIsTol,. Not 1^- Arr aloopa Agent. Holt, Kluaoethport,
Th'-a Hull. Hull. NY orb
rilARI.RHTON. No* IT? Arr a'eaaahiri Marlon. Po??er.
and Atlanta, tiager. NYork. bark lyiuiaa niLaa. Ilyier. Reau
W; briga Anna Margaretha (Sw ), .lohonatnn. Oran. A1
rlera; storm King Ma. failau*. S' Mar* a cja, Sp po| Felli.
Pla St I. Ilea; achr T l? Wagner smith. New York HM brl*
Siirednway Thompaon, (leorgetown Br achra Prea?l Not,
M' Kinney', and Kvclyn, Sawyer, Naaaau NP
P AM RIVRR No* 17 -Arrachra Katc1 Kkldmore, Kllna
lieiliport. I Sih Vlrior, Senra. do; Sea Wltcn, Sleere. NYorfc.
Md l.th'ichr .lolin It Price Smith. Oelawar*- <M'y, 19tb aluot>
T W Thome, tlarla. NYork.
'lARIHNItll, No* 1 V- A rr ??hra Fally Badger, flarland
andsomeiaei l'i?.|e, NYork; ]4th Loulaa, Mead?y. do, l#tP
t herub. Bailey do
OLOrcKwTVR Nor 17 ? f'H ah:p IJahon, Tortla. Ilavaaa
! HTANNIS No* It- \rr achra \ arm rn fhinney. NYork,
Kichange. Philadelphia IMh l^mlaa, riiaae, NYork. Sid I6'J>
; achr Pttarni, t'haae, NYork
Mllllll.K. Nov }%? Arr ahlpa Raodnakv Wllllama, NVorfcl
' I?amihe. t outer. Salim. lirl..a?lo* Hull. Nor;hnn. Ktekmond,
; liarlen, S'arett, Hoaiofi. ?'hr Ann A Suasn. Mrera, NYork.
? *ut?lce, eotnlng In, ahlpa Pelican Stale. Morae. from NYork .
Vaaei, Kay. from Roaton CM ahip Kvelm. Sawyer, U
; tHMl
l?b? Arr (mlaplaced In *e?ter<la*'a paper under the hern?
I of rlearcdi ahlr Roaciua IVmk. NYork. bark l.i?e? Fran
! re?, J. ne? Roaton. Sp brig Ka'eban Alberto. Rutbal. Ila*a.
na achr* Matron Tajrjor, d". R ? i- < i i .. Ii. ->n. New Vnk.
, Outeide. coming In. ahli>a onward 'B" ? "hlvera, from Ll*ar?
tKwl, llcger Sir wart Turner, from New York, t'ld bark
rant. N Iigetlt . 1.1% erpool ,
MAt'lllAri. Nov 17? In port brig .1 A II Crowle* fnew of
I Addlaon I Crowley, for M Tbomaa. achr A J I>y?"r, Rug- ra.
j for NYork.
N KWPt iRT. No* 1A? A rr achra Rentamm Whalen, Raat
|>ort for NYork, tVpla, Hnra>, Huaioo fif do. Wm A Crock
er. Turner. Tannton for Ralttmore. alnop Commerce, Palmer,
Wjrkft.nl for NYork A1?k> arr and ahl ae+ir? Harmon a.
wTie?- er. t ,-tlala for NYork Rirror, Ilia, and Oregon. Spar
row. Portland for do; Fleetwood. Bttrmwa. Halrtn for Rich
mond. John R Price. Kmltli Fall River for l?e|aware City.
Pnh. ? A M In port. ?< hra f'opia, W a IVttlar, II II Baa
rc.m ?>ovo Henrietta, X Haaaard Hid ?-lir B-njamln
NKW l.oN I>oN, No* IA? Arr arhr a Jimi Uwrrnc.-, Bald
win, NYork R II Palmer. Parker. Jamea River; t?rion. I>a
via. rnn Vlenre for N York Sarah. Benaon New Hertford for
do It I. I.ai I Ua t.amili|ar. St'^ilngtot. fi.r Port RWM Map
aon llart Keara N Hertford for N T'.rk . 1/>>iilaa Oyer. flmi?aim,
R.^-kliiud lor do. Ilrlle, Ounton, Hlo%icc?ier lor do. Bay Fer
rell R.a-kland for do. Woleott, Packer. Boaton for do; tey.
Ion. .'ack?. n, Newport for do; Neptune, Mctice, Pawtncket
for PhlledelpSIa . alinitia Miami. Packer. NYork. O Amea.
1 ? m'oti for Nl'or K
N1.W IIF.OFoRO, N.,% |9 ? Kid achr* R R.?e. Wyman, Cy
rlone Oall and Kt'heaier. Burmugha. Philadelphia
N? WRl R\ ptiRT Nov IS ? Sid achra Ufa Bod I, Reed. Ma
vaguer Young America Mutilt. n, Haltlmore
PORTKMOITH. No* Id? Arr brig M ?lunkua. Mitchell, TW
PROVINO, I OWN. No* 7? Arr achra Rllia^etk. T.lnnell,
I hath, m lo load flah for NYo.k atli Flla, R-^ton for Phila
delphia tand ?1d 9ih\ 9tn Alvarado, llopkina, NYork, re* eul
Morr a. ahito-mh, Roaton i'indald Pah on a crtilael
PROVIPFNCR. Nfii |1. Art aieain?-r Wrao h^ter. flark
NYo.k achra Kmnlre, Relley, Niwfolk. 4 fadwallader, <?.?!
Oe la ware I'lly, Flight.' Hiinil?%, .1 Uncaater. sti'e.,
J Nog. rs Rlllott and F < Kmltl . S-nllli Ph.ladelphla, al.nc
T Hull. Hull, NYork Fill a.-hr* 11 1* Klmmona Barr.tU, Phi
ladelphia. ( onl??- tic ott, prat' NYork
PtKI I. A NO, No* IS- Air hark fert a. (new, ?4tuinal Rlan
rhard . f art from Varrif?>'iih srir? Harriat, adle ?agua;
Har Ih ail k R:*cr. Va. *:? lloliaea' Hole. Trenton,
Ath^rtr>n Phllad. Iphla The re|a.rle 1 uriual of new ah'i
llarreat frotr. Kens.-I unk, w a arroweoua CM Wfc. bark CJ
H Hamllliiri, t'haae Havana; I .a tlgu'-na. S?*?ent, Matanraa;
hrtga leader, (Brl Barl.ad<? a; J 0 Mncoln, Webber, Canle
RH HMORO, Nov 1A? Arr achr R NU keraon. Nlekeraon.
ROt KMNI), Not 1ft- Arrachra .toaeph Baker. Torre*. N
\"r k for Bangor Sid llth bark Ore an hagle. I.ure, New
Oi leana
SAXANNAH No* lit ? 4 rr ateamer Wealernport, Berr* N
York, ahtp oeean Wave. Wlthard 1J*erpool. achra A I R|.
drldrc l^iwdeti. Roat.m He.ier, l'"|'? >. Tortland. nd achj
W Raleigh. Hot ton NY'ork
SAI.KM. Nor 17? Art achra (Jarelle. ft.mera, Phlladatphla-.
R.-rkingham tllllan NYork, l*th bark ArgenUne Putnam
Zanrl' ar via M otamhiquc
Tin IM ASTON, Nov 14-Rld ahlp B Rmeraon NmlUi, Crelgh
on, N( Ir leana
W1I.MIXCITON. Nov 1ft? Arr achr Baltic. Mara ton, Boaton.
t'ld Iflth halg Abhy Jonea Tucker. Nouth America, lath hark
t.eorgea, Magnne. Mllfoid R. aelr Martha Sklnder. t'hapiln
W It'k FoRll, No* 1ft? Bid aloop iVtmmerce, Palmer New
WKRTRRI.Y No* 1?? Arr achra While Rot k, tlaviu Port
Fw rn , IWh Q Smith, Hall, do. '
I and Twent* aec.^d warda At an adjourned meetlnr
' -Otdli i"l OMUi l iVinv? ntlon held at >h- l?>uan
; TXzafrzst*4 thoman ?i*u is
Part Baraa.^, " K' DOWNtNU, Ihairman,
Wa J. Jkiiiiitt, j'wre'Artti,

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