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[ooNiromm hot* mer paori
the to quest ra adjourned n i.r?ouert> Baa ?a*-d
?icb feeling. as dkd also I wlvM
?omokxr's ino' UPOH rHK body or VOrxti
hamuton- .venpicr against the pu*Nu, mo
OoMB'jfBlll held an inquest yesterday. at the Flflb
FUU*uo house upon the body of liw; F. llamikea.
?W yoiiati man who was killed while engaged in a qMrrel
WHJ> a man naaied .Vohn Moroney , in the oyatar satato So
8 '8 Canal street Tl* evidence, as adduced, corroborated
?II that we have already published relating to th* occur
ence and showed a most conclusive casa Tor theiprosecu
?u apaia^t the prisoner. Moroney wus shown to have
"keen lb* apgrospor throughout the whale transaction. and
o have Made a most wanton and imjaxtiflable attack upon
be deceased The tfollowiag is a report of the evidence
Hi ftcd, tq^her with the examhuttion of Ute accused and
fc? reply *> www to tbe charge preferred against him:?
John Johnson, residiag at No. 388 Chnal street, being
My sworn sa^s ? I k?ep a dwing salooa at the above
yiacc 1 have known (kroased Tor about hi months; he
wa>- ia the Viah,t of visiting my saloon very often, almost
?very night. one weniug last week, I vaflaot say the day,
etb.iut 8 o'clock, doevnsed I'ttie into my saloon alone. ho
toft alone in about halt an hour .ifterwi?rds, and did not
<roin* back again to my knowledge, 1 went to bed that
aveiiwg h1h>ui 12 o'clock; tlie next Uaae I saw deceased
wx- at the Fifth ward station house | lying on the floor,
?utlcrirg frem a pistil shot wound deceased knew me;
fee did not tell me how he was tapered; I do not knew
lmw deceased was injured, on Mohday morning, about
?0>k o'clock. 1 was told that llarry Hamilton, the deceased,
hi.: been shot: I arose immediately and came down
vttir*. but deceased had been removed to the Fifth ward
ntitiou house 1 know nothing of die woman except what
has been tola me; 1 was told that deceased was shot be
tween 'J and 3 o'clock: the deceased was quiet and peaoea
lile w hen in my saloon ; I nevrrVnew him to be in any
George Higgs. residing at 'No. 3 Milligan phwe, be^ng
doty sworn, deposes and says ? 1 am tiarkwper
lor John Johnson . at No. 38S Canal street-, we Veep opea
annaily all night; 1 Irave known deceased for tho last three
mouths, deceased came Into our saloon on the morn.ng af
the l'.th November, about ten minutes past two o'clock;
be came in alone; ther< were in the saloon at that tme
John Hare. Martin Ongletree and myself; deceaset re
mained about twenty mnutes, when he left to go home,
taking one of the Eighth avenue cars, when he saw a
youtjg lady getting out of another car and go down into a
drinking saloon opposite; deceased thea came hack and
Kki i that he had ee<* the woman before, that he had seen
her the week before; deceased waited in our saloon un
til the woman came out of the saloon eppoeita, when be
went across the street and s|M>ke to her; deceased and
the y< iuag ady soon i?me down into our saloon; the
lady complained of being cold; soon afterwards she said
ab< wis warm enough, when decv.ised asked her if she
would hke to take a seat in one of the private "boxes; she
replied in ttie affirmative, when they both went
hit<> ? box afu-r they had been sealed deceased
asked m- to get a bottle of sarsaparilla. which 1
diO deilind saul. "put a little whs key .a it,T which
1 did. id atnwt four ftiinutes. Moroney. the prisoner,
?Btor- <kwn tht stops and deliberately walked up to the
private l?'X and opined tin- door at the same time, staying
t>> the woman "You thought you would cet away from
me.' or word* to U.ai eflect; deoeased *ai<l to the lady,
?' I h> you know thi.? man." when she said, 44 No, 1 do not;"
de ised thei said, " What do you want here," to
MIorom .v, at the -.ime time pulling the door to . the pri
n< ii. r then pulli'ii Um donropen; 1 wtK passing into the
kit' hi i. i< ill - time, and what words passed between the
tin- 1 1" mi l di-cea-ed after that I do aot know. I returned
hi 'it a nmiute and found that thrre had been a muss
|m tween tl u parties amounting to Mows ; the waiter. Hair,
aatd "We w-11 have no fli:htit)g here, lit me taki- the
?rU>~- ? a?ay he did so as I turned tound from the liar
I walked t" win-re the prisoner was standing . 1 saw him
draw ng i- mi'tl iu- fVom hi* pocket, and as the prisoner
rawed I ns arm 1 caught ii^ht of the barrel of a pistol;
? t of the woai<on \va? covered w ith the hand or
th? pr niii r aad at the same time I saw the prisoner
gr dt-ceaeed * u standing on a bench in the
l<mat#i xut thi time; he clapped hie hands to hi? bead,
vxrUiniib* "I am shot, stop thai murderer." the prisoner
It ea rat i > wed by deceased. for a little distance; 1 ron
tfu. ? lib- !? i en -- I hat k n^-sin to the saloon; he asked me
?-? tn '? I * a- taking him to." and urged too to hasten: the
!>? <o?t*r ?a> then ameted by a policeman; he wa< a per
f. ? i *trai ,ir l. nie it n'liversat: n with the girl she said
Ual M r -ii y had l?een lull iw ag her about all night; that
all- di t wish to b< mounted l>y him, and that she
? . s In wi uld m nd h:s own businena ? that she hail
taken a car to * 4 aw;.y from him. and that the conductor
ka>l put tier 'iiwn B Canal street, that the owner of the
aa.ooa epp<? t<- bad plaoed her m a private box, and that
? mar u ib? i'm nn ? out of the saloon that ilect-aaed saw
Is* a? ?!?!? 1 do nut know who struck the flrst blow;
a* ? at- d * a i>erfe tlv sober; I do not recollect ever aee
tog liioiMM) lake a g.aaa of Irauor. the prisoni-r appeared
!?? ? i * ? ' i r an ! rational 1 anw nothing on the part of
0ae?-.t*< d to provoke a quarri I
J<?[ i lla r reaidiiig at Va. Canal street, deposed
Mat be knew deceased ilightly. on the morning of the
aftra* I wa* at tl.* above place; I have heard the testi
tupi y - I U- rge II a-*? aud can fully corroborati- it as
?? trin wbi n tiie pr - >ner went t< ? the prtvate boi he
|-i.. i thi dour open, aud it w as ahut again by the de
*?af-rt tikiwv a. -e g ti n ty deeeaaed; 1 do not know
Wl" It ef t?<- str ik ''i i ???? d he tried to do so; 1 did not
*#?? cr ? m- J n-.ki the pr wio?r Morouey fired a pwtol at
M? d?n iw a il . bit! lag MB IB the head; 1 saw no othi-r
I at y aaw i in 'tint tired 1 r<*cogniae the priaoner
a* t?>< who tired the pistol at deceaaed.
Mart i V? H?;r?-i. i *n Mr?a t? ,ug duly sworn, deposed
?* t ? -I m at No 311 firing ftreet; I knew de
??*?. !? ?l?t't I ? .?? I'luwot at Ji'htiioon's saloon on the
?H^aib# ?* the lub *?l beiaeeu the hours of 2 and 3
?'< n. 4 I was ?uuMllar w lb*- saloon wben d?ceased came
h >i i - afWra r "? a man and a woman came into
tht aa air. tic mar was Intoxicated and treated all
ar -ni, whea *ecea -?'i1 came tn he said - It is near time
? ?( MtllMI along. s<M Afterwards he went mit,
I < ft ried * fie i 14 that it aas the arrong car at this
? ta< ai< thaae m the nation had f'-tie oat. eX'-ept Hamilton
??. n i?. ' liain IM said. '? Ym oaght to see the m<?
gw I p k-d caa ?k a- *o a#? sonn an"t her car ime
MMBg wii?- di-r- *M-d wi rH out he returned soon agri.n,
a*) >4 . **Swn Ii tk vary gtrl I was la king *l? ut ? -ha
ka> i?sl ' -?ae nu ?' that car. and a man after ber." the
ywi W aatd had a*at MMa the salia? opposite -he soon
tae.i nut ?. ? i*??. d' at i *t.*i street towards Thomp
?> ??? wet her di.wn on the opp>?iti- s di- of
V? st ?- 1 t it 1| aa be I. ft se. that if he should over
Ui ' ti' ? t> * ?? i - r if bar Uark while dereae*! was
gasw Ma r case arrival the street and aak<- 1 mi
? I,* I. .ay f.i' g.r ha t ?>- 1 told I. m that she went
a Oaaa ??*???< be tin-n Mid. " L?-t ue like a walk and
?w ' ? aa* fii ii'-t we dtd aa, and a hen we got hack
t- the ?? ?? i we f ut t doe? 1 1 an 1 the girl lifting at the
a* ? ? h jit-amm ana: th' pr;? ir did notgodoan
?II m ?? the all- o Hit ?tejif*l to uik with
?a c vea*'t ???? a --a?rd? h< ittne d ?* 0. and
?.ng the waiter eeaaiiig oat of the box
wti.re do -a -t and the g r) a ere ha walked up
% Um <Ha* an i it. a?d ?M-m ng tin- g'rl, aaid,
? > tt *tn f i had g'rea ai ttir slip did you>" or
? M ti.a* ?f t, ahec ?!?? .?#?'<! ii.*i|ie.l tp and p?nl,
??*?.al ?? jo watit L f !>? a?ki-d the gtrl If
tin* ii.i i ie i?ii r, win a ahtaatd * No " tin n Hamll
$i# |ia ??l U. <??? wh< t tU? ariaoser p illed H open
araia Mw d<?* awe epea? d aiw ehut m this aray tome
Iw. ?? tfcri t.- tl ? laat t aw the dot.r was ojiehed it
?aa tftiKi I" Maai i i, al > sac a oartliing t<- tlie jirt
? ??? i a ? w .* rntre I tlHBtt thai he said. " You
#?'1 k mm the gel ?? ? aw thai f 4a;" at the aauie t me
h fa ? I I * t * at 1 m?li a hacvw.rd ?t'lti-ih, at If to
|. t l?,r |* ? a r V ? tii * * r,. |. tt d. M l hU-w Were
?*?? ? <? b Ui ? ?* t ? ? i?r th-a caniefarwar 1 1- take
aaat It# ink ' ?t aar tl.- i would hi bruk<-i llamilt ?
r a ? > al tl i-ei t I nniid ?><< sa. ?h -th- r la*
?? aa ar nat It- Un mm t. aiohg and let
War , f a a* tl <?iti,'iiHl at '?ut.d r ? war :? tin- d??* to
I~? mm at bee t laaM Me rise af a putol. I
at- twet* t h?>a t- wt." *e I 'tad stand
| H|. ' ?? Mp ? '?** I hMN a votoe
?at ( I an ahal t ? I' -r Hafti -aa e past trie
(hi a aad mM aaatw iati m .? |i agWMrt , deo>a?ed f d
?aa ? ai a- t I *i atter ivbi Kanaf'toa wu
h??'- ??# . ?a> wry ??. ?r ' ???ai aflerwar4l
laaa iw. a*.,..*** ia* the |tswa to the stat' ?a
I" '? 1 I *? l ? -1 s'? at, ; . i ! , 1 >aa aw a rfMVt t;ni?
art* iiiv a Ma- .*t ??' a <al? aratoh iaaO (The
i* ? aa alea- I 1 1 TWr? a as "aiy na> re
^?ra i?.e esa* tt?iM i ?a? ? t it< prtMhar wa* wn?B h?
e?? ? ?* e. ? U ? ?? -aa Mt> t Me arhwh wa* tk- rirl
lax* ?"-?* the |e wmm %tha aaat. atia iu<af t **-?v
VB lasM ; Mto ?MvMmM aa he a Ml tip thia
(Pla|<a I ? ?? ' -?? a ??* ?* it a a ?! i ?~i I't a' 'tte
toi .<?!*' ( a t I a. light ha a? alia- what ahd- r th* tta ?
tf- ? ? 4 !???" aa W? ?aH?4 hsWnt ataa. ?iwt '
I. aa Maar 1 a a* ew?<ea. <t>. : m, , 1 t.at 'c- 'nf
?a. ? >? a -tt a ? ? a 'a-lsa t rui I kasa ?*??> i>
?aaaaat I iw Mh tf s yaaa> aa to the HK^awtr w is
?M I gad sk4 Imssw Me Bhwaaatf'i tali a?a?e I did a 4
las ? the ? ? ?? a ' ah U. ? rtei < the aiiir<trr as
I a* ??k?* ?>?<*>$ a.'- ? aar?e* lb* i-eaaiwee 'SMW *? >a?
aa ? ?. e to. I r- . f, . ~ , ?and < ? ?a. 1 Ml. |ae tol
t ? I at' m W-a ! a to ? aa- 4 J * <
as t ? . |bs e> r ? *?? a ? has ???!' a ' ?. ? ?<*i . wtiea
I aato- 4 tl pi-m le ? t.? - ? ar ! aake#' l* e
t 1? ? 1 1 ? t|'| ?al ag ak t ? * ? mal
th-- ? *> i as* ito getaaans aaahihto |he ??..??
faea aw wahtoi a eg iaara. Inaeto toe, hM I w-aitd h 4
t 1 a |?^ ' the fiairna I ? . t. |. ? ii?# 4W. O'
a l a , ? a ? ? ?aawsa" lb- teatot I ' H t" *?
to ta*"'- 1 i*e * ^ ' t a . 11 #- aat uad that
h* a 1 1 1 * a th I ? t awt aa d 1 1 '
*? t ?? a a mt* >? *ae I wal
> 1 t the -?r ?h ? ? "aw
I* ?"
aft * - 11 1 whaw V iaa tiasaia wtoa was
w a aaw I lb p? war aad naaa ? n -d ta lai
w 'U hto< the pr1***"' thaw vvm itnaa aMr> J?daae?e s
t -a .ag * at>w he* toMtWtol ahf a ardh ha ratoe ap
toaa * 1 ' t - 1 ? 1 in 1 1 wha was e>th| M >rtor '
?atai ? ??? * I p ie??d th* imm i was daw Caato "to 1 ? ' awl
aj I a .raw >"?< a hs>a f bil h<to h< tof he gto aa lh
to?- ? -at* t whet .dtose. ?*??* a eaaaaa ag aad toM hita that
l? a .-a rab tto as a> hm> e the yea a?a aatd. "Ail
r*w I aMad gt* i?e * a r abat ate Ibe aaatto' whaa
?? wa 4 thai te?aaw ' had etew a k-ta aaat that he had
aa? .. ? ? . . , u>- w.m.) Bag bt?a
? **W rr?~n aaa t"m It* sa"M? to the Mate* imaas
to-- tonasi 1 toatowi i Mm pnaia,! ? laaraato ?teae?
iwiEHsi f ? t 0 v* tmrif fpiNll mm?f wf flMMil
? r**' ** *** taeast '-wa aw- tha aat ?a th* pwtad a aa
r' ' *e?to * ? - 1 ?'??4m, . ta iwrnnhf ta~
1 mm (Mr nr *Wa I w4
MtoliM h.? m IW bh Mk
?M < rt R??, M I? , V *0 My i?wv (*(-?? ??*
Nlpa-I ?? *???# * ?kr % ? Twk II f Hi I ,
d.-. ????*: mm wtwMfc*'. tm ??? <*?)>< ??? m iM mm* ?*
t4 Um> mi. i m NUmai Ml ?- mvmn t -??)??
above Um tell ?ya. a*4 Uw mtmt m 9* I ?ft h ?!????
r.-i.ll) ? aaMtf b? p?*4 Imitate oat* >u?uj..' i>? On- mm ?*
lie ei?ar\ r? dW?*aa>< ixmt mm 4e!w *?i* M a
later p*tHHl in-i-s*Hr, ? whK*'o?d.u> a *?' c?*t? Ml ?
to Uw luM^kuMlk. ?klK. r?f?i Mt n >**
?veamg of Nov*wb?r l> m utakiag * pmt * ???< * ??* '
aauaatioa of Um> M? i f?r,.| n?i nqr whjikI mm n i
Dieted by a Hail had ?aan I ?*????** tt>*
skin. aad thru Oau< n?d ?>* ;f awl i.|?? U>? b?*a
jukI abo?e llir |2 ty?, l'..- other wuMnl mm r*w?<le?
hi mi tar ball, which "catered the middle ?< i*e Mft IMfll
and then pa-vM .I rr^.v '??. kaard
bow an. I the left b?m?t<l>era <4 lb? ?>rani, *?.4 ?n?li?
lodged in lbs t*?tei*>r vi tbe nam-' hem>?|>lirre reft
mar Uw writrf at thm lath r point mm ? ?w?n clot ?
blood, ud along I ?? w bole oo" r?? M the baii were r*i
deuces of recent irilUmats* hi m? ?fm?i? lb* itaw
named injuries <"m the i-iw uf deaih
The cnse wan then given in tbe Jar j , wb? aft*r duo
deliberation rendered the following
vmtnicr ?
"That th? deceased came to hi? dewUl by a pteuM ntx*
?wound recalved on the morning ?' If.- iflth November,
W5 7, at Ob. SS8 Canal stiwl at the bar It of J aim M.?r?
Upon the rendition of the ab*v? vardMl (Voneer lid*
proceeded to take Um ?xamtuattou of the pruu uer, aa
follows: ?
John Moroncy, being duly rxaMined betore the ta ler
signed according to law. on the aaaecerf cttarr*. an4
being informed that be wa? at liberty to aniwer, or u?4.
at: or any quexkoaf p?t to him . etatea ac folb>w?, tl*
Question? What u- your naaae? Anxwer ? John Maroney
Q. How old ar? youf A. Twenty t we year*.
t). Where were you bormJ* A. la tlawojo.
Q. Where do you live? A, Corner of Weat anil t*uaa?
Q. What ? your ocmpaWon? A. Boatman
Q. Have you anything *> aay ? and if so, aflkat ? relative
to the charge bere preferred agatast you* A. I aas sot
j guilty. Whatever 1 have done ha* been ?n aelf deftmee.
The prisoner -wan thoa committed to the Tombs, w await
the action of the Crane Jury.
About 0 o'clock ob Friday night, as * gentlemaa named
Samuel Smith, a resident of Brooklyn, was proceed tng
along Maiden lane. In the direction of the Fulton ferry, he
wax attacked by a couple of garroterr , knocked dawn and
robbed of hw gold watch, breast pin and poSset book.
Mr. Smith was found lying upon the sidewalk iti an inscn
Bible condition by some gentlemen who happer.ed to be in
the neighborhood where the affair took place. Me wax
conveyed to the New York Hoppltal in a very exhausted
condition, aad It was uot until ywiterday morning tlat he
was sullio.eLtly recovered to gr e an account of the rob
bery. In a conversation with the House Surgeon of the
above inptltutmn he stab'd that his name was Samuel
Smith, and that he was walking up Maiden lane on Friday
about 6 P. If. . when he reached the corner of Water strret
a well dressed man came up and asked the time of day,
and alnaost immediately made a grab for his breastpin.
Smith struck the fellow a blow Willi his tlst, when he was
utruck from behind with some blunt instrument by con
federates of the gtirroter, and wax knocked insensible, m
which condition he remained until yesterday morning.
No clue has yet been obtained to the perpetrators of lh?
during robbery.
Horrible Murder In New Orleans.
[From the New Orleans Bee, November 11. )
A horrible murder was perpetrated, At the early hour
of sa o'clock yesterday morning, in an old shunty ut the
corner of St. John and Perdtdo streets, the partien thereto
being George Siovsll, a notorious chATACter, a* the mur
derer. and Mary Rev Llurand as the victim Tins Stovall
had taken up wali the woman, win > wag deserted by her
husband. u Mr Be.v, of this city, about a yeAr Ago, on ac
count of her drinking And other bad habit*. St ' v All is
Also addicted to very hAnl drinking, and hats had violent
dmnkon quarrel? with the woman lor the last month ? the
murder of yesterday being the sad result of it All. The
poor woman must have made All the resistance of which
she was ? apable, as the bed is greatly disordered . the mos
quito bar torn to shreds. And the whole a scene of violent
bloodshed. In joint of (strength however, she could hAve
been but a straw in the hsnds of Stovall.
The first intimation of the bloody deed was given by the
woman rushing out of the house or shanty m which she
lrved to the room of her neighbor, &nd falling lifeless on
the floor. A razor had been drAwn fAUlly across her
throat, and two deep cuts inflicted with a hab-het. till her
head was almost severed from the body. The murderous
deed, as thus related, Is not denied, but, on the contrary,
lias been voluntarily Admitted by Stovall. lie even
acknowledge* the fact of the quArrel, and Of his de
termination to take the womAU's life, and is. therefore,
confessedly the murderer. After the murder, Stovall
jumped into a well? of no drowning depth, however ? And
the next moment wis Arrested by officer Haley. He was
sent to prison to AwuiiexAminAtion before Reorder Stith,
cm the 17th inst. An inquest was held by Coroner Olivier
yesterday. And a verdict rendered, After a post mortem
examination, to the eflect thAt Uie deceased rarnc to her
death from wounds on tbe neck, severing the conical
vertebra. sAid wounds having been inflicted with ahAtchet
and razor in the hands of one George Stovall, on the morn
ing o| the 10th iuhI. . &c.
We have taken some pAins to retrsce the history of
Stovall, and learn that, boom years ago, he was married
in Mississippi to a widow lady Of some property, who had
I at the t:mi an interesting young daughter and tW" grown
sons. He wa* then a Hu|>tist minuter, And. under the
sscred garb of that CAlling. effected the seduction of the
dAUghter, threatening her with dosth if she dared to
make an exposure. Tbe results, however, in dus
i time, msnifested themselves, and so mortified one
of the girl's brothers that he repAired to the
| cornfield, and. hanging up his hAt to indicate the scene
I of the Act. commuted suicide. Tbe mother and
. the other son fled to Texas, where Stovall, after
1 starring his triAl and squandering all the means of the
faui.v wln< h he could obtain followed them, but was
? mobbed ar.il driven Away. He then came to this city upon
ahorse which he either stole or borrowed from a Mr.
I Hark and which, if borrowed, has never been paid for.
Here he hes been known for years as a negro driver, or
! whipping manager for sIav* mart* Hn lived for a time
. with a eoiored woman, with whom he eras continually
quarrelling, and who consequently deserted him. He is
1 rather maliciously disposed when in liqaor, and the writer
I has had occasion himself to knock a p4stol out of his
band as be wss in the act, while drunk, or drawing it on a
Sul>?<'quently io all this Stovall was duly married to a
widow woman* of this city, who is said to have two inte
resting dAughters, one or whom he fired At w.tii a piMol,
one night. as she was sleep ng wth her mother, pending a
suit fi r divorce from him. which the lAtter hAd brought
In one oTthe IHstrict Courts, on Account of StovAlI's uito
learble cruelly as her hu?l>And. He was susp^ted of
waning to kill the mother in order to consnnimste some
hellish design upon the daughter: but was simply ex
an.u,' d aiid i ommitted to the Oimical Court for trial on s
i hari'e of shooting with intent to kill. Before the Recorder
h" * as well dressed, and conducted his own 'aamuiatxin
with considerable tact and shrewdness. The last chapter
?<f his eventliil history. as we have seen, is to marry and
murder thi? MAry Bey Iiuran I An Irish woman. of sbont
twenty "even yesrs of Age Verily, if such a ooe e*. ape
I Hie gallows, w bat demon of crime may not remain ''tin
I wlii|4 of justice f '
TVrannaJ IntrlUfrnm.
Th? P.nTnf"" <tnbn.--r t> l.nglaij'l, i c <>f Phfft
Munln Hjiwywan**" PrtaetMl AmUaiwHor from tb<? Fiiat
King ?f puun; Qia Mni Nakbtdh Rra<*ty. S4f*.?rt Am
Iw-wk r fnV> It**' ? V ir?t Kin*. ChM-bun Mandir Bfinw k ?
Find Ainlm - . - *? Nai RicharSarhknk S>?con I a i ?
m I. r fr<>?ii th?- .<-.?<-? .1 ,. ! Kiiiic of .Sam, with twelve prino |?l
<41 f?r? of Natn aftd i* rcilnuf of aervaot*, In all twntjr
?< t< n | < r? m?. ha\ * landed at Plymouth Th* < hief Am
t kWl'T arki,..wl?dr'>? Vo the Imnry of flfty aijht wivea'
?tid i w rcAi. >t ?* htm that on fntnv rouci th?' d-mkynrd
1 1* eyr lighted rm a younjr lady wb.na he would have
Iik< ' ?*? lm*? toad* flit fl'tv in nth at the roirrluMw moo*-?
o I ?.1,000. TU? was relate I by a lady to ?lmn th< ***i
< m Mi?rm?ti noafraaed the ?*r*fcr,*??. with wtae abarina
be a)M> arkixwu-died btm*clf atnitt>-n
ftol '"he C. Fremont and lady arrived In Breton on
Mr? 1 a ;*t>n litf keen ?!> pointed prwtmiftr?i? at Smr*.h
Pi mfln t \> 'moiit, and Mrc ! ?-*? po-tm^trei* at spread
i*. ie, <"b<*ter toniity . ra , it U?o p.aoe ?>! kieir <tec"?a>?l
An r > an* refiatered at th? bwikln* offW-? ?-f the Amen
ran Karnfmui I - ?B'l Ki< hanga Company , Pari*. Ir<>w
(li'l< '?r 'A Id Kmmber ft. 186? ?
F R??W. K V NyatrMd. ? Wt IdlfWd, It riu-h, A R.
F '? h and lad*. F . W I ' lrman F W A*|tl, )(?? A V>r
rri. * III. Iter F I ftlcwarl, M D., A ft Kcri'.n?r arvl
In- 'f .1 4n I p?-f. V II. f Ntrwart M II . I' W Ri
ekarda. I. H Ly laf'\ W II H<-yd?*k?r. ?' W MrCnne, ft.
T>?u *? I ? . firw Y?rfc: th-nrg* ftrari.nnm th Ranlnrty;
In .1 Welia and faanlj 0 II Townaend, ttiananUro'. w
II W hive. A OarT. lynaiana, F V Daytna, F vVilli?>n?
Sr? Jerwy A. W Wkltlaf, Jl I> Ohl- C F I.riaaii K .1
[u>. Tifr?j <1 W lllacd*-!, M %aa?< liua?tt? Mi?? F f' Craw,
Mia* 'irl, r. J. B I rmi,r Mtciugau.
A Hit It A I .a.
Ft ti tn lh? ??? ainalrtp .lam?? Adrrr? 0 F Onr
r?- ?n<1 lady < I?anlela, H Bt -die W BBiehlii??n, C ?lrav.
au-l U ia *ie?-r??<.
f>* I "-'i ! la *t?un?l. i <?*1)1 MrKlnna-?. W !f;
? la* *r\? ft urn Mr ariil lira i )>*? II K?l?Kr?. *r 1< hn
F ? W kt-a i it, .1 ?? Iti;rb11n An ' <ta. F William*, .lotin
y.?ni". I * II t il iraau, P'?l I W Lai ? afi<1 wlf? I'r J Whil
n,'- '?<?< W V lt? l< 1 1 mil Waiah. f II U"ai7 Mi lt"?l"liar.
* ? r? ? f. Tl, * ?a ' r.r? II M All'-n. A li -It. A MwhH,
A Mr M'-'i- r. W n K >|il n Th m Taylor. V wiltaTltiit
Ha Tbxat riMnm M W Ilanr/Hnoith. Allen,
lit M'l^an ? "h?? Manner and wM<- Mr Rmm?. T ( ltar??y
I r *a< ?m.?h In ilw ? ?-ani?li p Alal?ma ? * A Berry. !** hi
? i l'j<rliliiii?t. J H-iir'^nl iiri' ft Koaenthtl I. w K?(
,i I1 l"ra'| Mr an'l Mr? J II k lear-Ia Mix hHiiiw. Mr? A .1
Wf,?| at **uah'<>r Mr and Mr? [I K IWar ifra WM l>ar
1 0 v ? lariaT' tin a>!t, F?ra l'?an. Mr^i ililnn, Ml?a
kWi Mea Ht lltoa MraOowder fhH<l and imiw. .U? Mnir
i ? *? ' t . . ra Kbi Macra* Mr? *h'l?. *t?a Wnlt<".
IK. ? \ ? I. Ir Vr and *r? W ft llallct. Un I'lr'aVPr. J'M
ai ' M In 'b* aie?m#e.
I M b >i ; in tbr ?<> aaaliu1 Mrmpkla? A K Ryan, J f l
' - > . i t* I.Aldan Mtiaa Ald?n N Kmai <i W m
> J i i i .. W Ralil, Tb>ai Ketr. Mm< llHimali larett i
F ? ui '?ra.i MraJWarien. Mary Ihiborty, Mm
It i, mrMi
!??*??? t he it ?'<-air?hir Jainrntown? Ifpnrr Lad
I T I Maadfh 'n, F II I Jitiea. Jin inkl?) K 1
y )? * Irk J V Hi>v?>rldjt<\ Rd I'nl -
I ' !?>??? Hailaj ?<a, r. and Ri'-lmi 1 (Yt**. MM Hallett,
Han kai tirh* Vr? i h.rl-a Wnaoa. A M Hikar.
* ? ? at* >? Mr i ^ ,, yr KiitoM Mr BowdlMh ani aer
? ? Mr* J n Imw* ?m> kl.wu Katwm. J I' Maraarau, tMpt
? Kit ~l * ?,. ? t, ?. and m in tba ?U'?ra#e.
? ?? t*a?? , , lark Wen a- - I'r Kliaha K ''^tk,
ll't'i i.?t I'mu'wiM1, HI Wymnn <1 IN
ft i a^i w Ma?'<n Ma.'itn'ir* < apvaln *
L *" > ' 1 ? " H Kn^war M"w Turk
' * ?' "*ra w Randall 4a
r ? ? W '* MfamaIMp F?ihfll*-J R *
L" LVii a u! H. ?ar. Fftaar *nd I id -
2 ? ? v*" M 1 f" ,n"
*v *\ 'L SjEIbJ If , " ankor. R Hmitli
!1 M <i i' i ' i P .If kaop A
| ?<* f'? ^ B J | HVC Ui||D| fata j^y^J |g lllf
??"MitW i'l nut W uilca. Vknir
*. adv. *\ iY,katkf.-M?\ C. Mathew*. vhose
earning de'ipeatioin of chainrt*r were watffl'y ap
|kUu<W U bv rfip lavltt nceH every night iast week,
will t o-m-rtw eeening P*y Harry Jasper in the
etwirdy callea the "Barbelor of All*,'" and Peter
fatter ia the whimsical iirceof "Patter vs. Clatter."
The " Wanderugt MSaativl" La to be the afterpiece.
Niaio's CaBMcn?llie Ravels, including Gabriel
m his (Treat eonuc. pail of Godeaaki, are to perform
ton morrow even tag in the amusing pantomime en
Ktkdthr t-ktter* of Wiltm." The famous rope
dam-rr M1W fenfretta, will afterwards go through
hrr ai4rv li'ii-ji feats on the cordt tend r*, and tne
wh"le will -conclude with the scenic romance of
Bowery Tnaini*.- Manager Eddy has effected j
an srraiigrment that will enable him to entertain
hi- fr* n?t* with the novel performances of Messrs.
Sand*. Nathan* A Co. 'a gnat triple troupe of gyra
na?i?. arrobats and equestrians. The bill far to
rn- mw evening comprises a number of features that
apt" tr to be entirely new in this locality.
BtrtomV- Manager Burton haa revived the pic
torial drama of -Tans and London," which proved
ouHe wfcrmfnl at his Chambers street esfcihlish
ro? nl. To render the piece atiU more perfect, he haa
?*eured a troupe of gymnatite for the masquerade
<*-?*ne, and added a comic pantomime. "Burton's
Hew York directory" is tfte afterpiece for to
Wall ACt's. The good old comedy styled the
"Itaehrlor of Arts" is to be given with a pretty
stmaf cast tmoriow evening. Mr. Lester play#
l*arry .la?-prr. and Mr*, floev undertakes the part sf
Adolphu- Thornton for the first time. The peetrtfcir
drama of the "Invisible Husband" ? one of the great
est wm eana of the neason ? is to close the entertain
I.?nt? Krrvr'a. The grand romance entitled
the "800 of Ice" coutinues to attract large and
fashionable assembkge*. and the superior acting of
Wis* Keene, and Messrs. Jordan. Jffftrson and
\Mi??tleigh, and elegant music of Mr. Raker, inva
riably elicit a great deal of applause. By the way,
the hitter eentle.nan haa composed a new quadrille
that will be introduced to-morrow.
Nami i'i Jcvkkilk Comedians have tlms far done
a very fair business at their snug Ifttleiheatre, 444
Hr >a?lway.and judging from the enthusiasm evinced
by their auditors, are likely to |MMM as pre it t fa
vorites here as they are in other cities. Go and see
them tomorrow evening in the "Bay After the
Fair," the " Alpine Maid" and other novelties.
Amkkican Mrnrn.? Multitudes of people still
ru-h to this old established place of amuse moat to
enjoy the dramatic representation* and inspect the
cariosities, including the wonders of the " Aquaria,"
or oeeaa gardens. Two very laughaHe farces an' to
be played here to morrow afternoon, and the pa
triotic "drama ( ailed " Our Country's Sinews,'' in the
Geokok Christy asp Wood r Min?trei.s tender
a fresh < omicality for to-morrow ni?ht. called " Dogs
in the Dop Day. which promisee to afford an abun
dance ?f fun. in which (leorge will participate to a
considerable extent. The far:v is to be preceded l?y
a number of new *inp* and burlesques, grotesque
Jam es and other whimsicalities.
Ttik Bryant Brothers isetie a programme well
stocked with Ethiopian eccentricities and melodies
for the coming week. Pan and Jerry are announced
for a series of those peculiar and inimitable bur
lesques and .lances which never fail to excite the
liveliest merriment, and thev will be ably seconded
by the other lights of their black cor]?s.
Circts? Hundreds of adult* and thousands of
juveniles will rejoice to lenru that the popular vete
ran manager. John Tryon, has pitched his tent,
completed his ring and located a su|ierb stud ol
horses ut 84 Bowery, where a number ot the most
celebrated male and female equestrians in the
country will entertain the multitude to-morrow even
Tiie Arctic Reo ions.? -"Nobody should miss going
to Empire Hall and seeing the paintings illustra
tive of the scenes through which the lamented
Kane and his companions passed during their peril
ous journey in search of the t ranklin exploring ex
Mr. G. ViNTOsnopr. the popular actor and elo
cutionist, proposes to give a lecture at Dodworth s
Saloon next Friday evening. His subject is -Com
mon Sense; a Dash at the Doings of the Day.
Forxic.* ? Our I /in <1 on correspondent (rives us the ft-!,
lowing account of the ttrst night of Balfc's now o|wr? at
the l.yct um: ? The expectations of the Ioudon musical
world were last evenuv agrcoably realized by the pro
duction of Mr M Balfe's opera The Hose of C.uitille.
The libretto is a free translation of Messrs Deanery aad
ClairviUe's drama, "I<* Mtiletier de Toledo," and of the
late Mons Adolpho Adams' opera, of the same name. The
?Wry was dramatised two years since at tho ITiucesii ,
and has been rei*'ateUly played throughout the theatre?
of the United States Of the merit* of the mu?ic it wenld,
on a first representation, be unfair taftpeak critically W e
can, however, safely record a success. Owing U> genera
encores. the opera was not over till Just upon th* "mail
hours Miss l/oui?a l-v?ie. for whom Uie part of the he
roine has been mnsicaltv written, successfully revelled in
that ornate style of vocali/anou in which she now stand*
unrivalled The composer was evidently deeply indebted
U? the vocalist for her laultles* execution. as was the v.v
mliM to ihf compo**f for lb# fund of melody ho lUMfnr<*i)
her to draw upon Mis* Susan I'yne and Mr. W. Harrison
shared the honors of the evening with Mi?? l/eiisa Ptrne.
i and were with Mr Halle, summoned enthusiastically to
apts-ar before a delighted and crowded audience, after
caeh art. and twice at the end of th? opera
I.umlev closed hia season in Ihjbltn recently. we take
the following account of the last night, from the fWrman t
Journal- "The Opera Mason has rlnaed in luihlin for the
present year, and the noblest cotnpoeitsm of all? the
'?lion l.iovaim; of Motart? wa< reserved, as a t.-nisr
hour A* for the concluding enterUininent on Saturday
evening . and it would seem as if our m-is.c ?ovtng public,
of all ranks ai.d classes. had reserved all their enthusiasm
I for this <?. o "i !t Iik.- .ften ' een our pleasing talk to
r.,r.r 1 the occurence ,.f flattering detnonstraUOBaof popu
lar regard and admiration evtBTd towards eminent actors
and vc?-ali*U within Uie walls of the Theatre Hoval. hut
certainly on no occasion within our memory have we wit
I . -c d FU. li a funrrr as that which perv ade.i the vast S'l
dience which contrived to get crammed an 1 packed into
everv part of available space in cverv c ompartment of the
theatre on Saturday evening. long previous to seven
o'clock every approach to Uie interior was besieged by
dense crowds The colonnade leading to the he* ???
trance was densely thronged, and the cruah in t <e
vicinity of the pn door was immense At the
openltig of the doore the rush Into the pit was
really awful, whllo tlii crowd poured In hk* an
avalanche Into the galleries, so that In a marvellously short
1 time the interior of the house wiis crowded in every
part But "the cry was 'still they come.' and we do
1 believe that the problem of how many living Icings could
be, lacked into a given apace, without suflocation ensu ug.
has seldom been more efiectually tosud. After the
a, I there was a gem ri' f- r M
ptorokxnlsii . by kn?d CbMflif. Th** f?if
I waf >1 in front of tb^ourUin,
v. I , newt I thunders ol applause, kc II. r- ?n offer
fr. m the godi." as well conceived as t was cleverly
, : . nted to Mdlle FVcoiomini Frew the
t<-4 i i the theatre. >11 intrt of the stage, a very I?mMM
w III .r I oronal . composed of natural (lowers ?f the
rsr^t km I was seen descending. I>eing let down l'_r slen
.!.? .trmg- from the top gallery at either side This
wreath was taken by !hgaor Mervuria'.i who. aft. r di?. r,
k u . ossifl pls< "'I t il- *
ue fair donna amidst one of the nw*t 't' i i
ag uablc Appended to the wreath, and confined by ? n. t
work nf < ilk thread was a baautlful cat.arr terd A rtaMy
cmhowrit nr 1 I Mliich.-d by red. Mue and ?h t r >
bonst,. Uie wreath. 1-eartt.g tne f-di-.w r?- n ' i t -m -
W th the I est wiahes f?r her further tame and fut iraljap
taness . this w reath is presented by the g<sU to Maria P?
c lomini. as the m<?t ?orUr> offrrtiy? U- gemu- . w ?l1,
and beanty Mdlle rteoolom*n ae<'in?
presn d wah tins compliment not for I Vr if bin 'or t??e
cordial manner in which it was <rf1ere-l 1
put their vocal < ho r nto requ sits* nader their er*
duet' - I White waa l They M?g WMIktm
t.t ?. - . n.tl *on^. thr r^fr* ? ? ' n 1 ' 1 1
bv s large number of the audita**. I>uriii|t the rest of
Mdl,. I on t. wore the ? reath ? her
arm ' "" 1 ' 1 * "
gnen and responded to by the ohnrus of " He ? a right
gav felk-w." and loud cheers general Havekwk a?d
, It '.a was then given w.tli t?ir air Rule
BritaMia." Whilst this was ' the ? a-um roae,
reveaimg Stgnor* Bclletli and AI1lghlh>?ri on the <tage
NBbreros in UKiaon Will I'
merit After the second act the tnaetof "The ladies waa
gv.fi with an appropr ate song, also "The Memory "f
vi.. r. At the |>orr>rnMnce. the chief ar
|j t?*.tnone liady, were railed forth, and shov'-rs ri
twv ifuets wereiiun* at their feet, and the farewell >4 the
b<*i-e wasgiri i) in three parting rhaers 'Ibu- has < lo?e i
th< Italian o|?>ra snai"?i in f>ublin.''
1W? Ntw (iivxirr <;asMts Tmunw ? A onrreapa i b -it
of Uk llhutrnlml hrnrt writ** ? ? I have t?aeiv?i1 some
FT' VIS ? ? H '< rtliVI on re.|* < VP* the new(i?ent t.sr len
0|?ia ii i it oi,. i v> hn I. are already Isid and the
works are f*vigresamg so rapidly as In matify the aatiei
panon that all a I h rsi'l) (? r Uie o>mm< noenrent ot 'is
scnaoo in April ne?t M' "llarrv the son of th" emir ? ->t
?ir ? |,.,.|.? - tin ri ' te i aii'i before wtt' i i o;?>?i ?. *
plabs 1<?- ma?h' Uie kii.r ij the prinsioal c ties it Kuroj? .
and sei ting s? laetli'iig from ? ?< h , aas prisliK - I draw
ings of svich a balMing as (or tie romMnation ol s'nais'
and i*<mf<?-t bas not yet be<-n real red in l/>ndon Tlfre
will |.< but three nersof Ih>*"S. The pit tier rill bw
rs ?ed merh higher than asual, In fuel, alwtve eowrer a
ti?Hi level then will nine the grand tier, then ths 'n'y
other iwixes, ami ttosn a large and riem? fwirwa, Whi* h,
to my action, though It has never yet inwn tried in F'jig
land, will become to the reel m i-ual r?ainoiaeenr. aal n 4
the mere atten'iaat for fa?hsiti ? sake. Uie most fliv^rlta
tiorlKSi Of II e bouse Behind this will be the galW-rv
The pit will lie axtraordman v Ur^c, cwj?ble of holitmg
i Mfim sn i each -1* I will ha mMfltMe arm
i hnir The space behind the ?renc? wiB be so great a? to
ailm t of the prodiietmn Of even greater efli-cts than thoae
*lr?w/!y familiar to us in the Mugis n<it?' and the 'IT '
, I , i,. Th' plan- I'* O-e i. w theirfre were auhm'tie ! ?>y
*!r live to the Qm "n and tb i'* ' ?? <V>n?ort at Oslwwne
mid were highly approved by them."'
Maosit ? The Msdr;d 'xrre?t*itident of the 1 .i don /'? isf,
writing oa 14th of f?rt< ber, says - In the m'd?t >4 our p"
t '.it'"!, tl ? et"? ].???' claims in mmenae
share il e ail. i ? ? i Sh< I .s lately t?oen playing
rti'Adrienne ** Tbe journals are full af crlti.ail c/impar isnns
< ^<twe?n her and I* Teodora m ths same character Itis
|..n I'-aves Ma.irvl <<n the Kth t< ? \ alen.ia where ahe
e |il reprewi/ltattons In addifon to flie present*
. I |',v -.Wv r?eii' dfr m tin Que, ? I.er Ma -Mr I. as
tatslj iriven to her a maftr'ficent bracelet, set With die
end* snd she hue received a roa. mad* also of dla
H ><ls With lie follv*jnf DMftptioo 1U the centre ? 'The
?rtifU Sala* _ Hai'ambide, Barbiero an j 0>on? to Adelaida
Bistort," October 8, 185T.
Prtff ? A great success has aCtoivded the prodnrtion of
"I? liarbierc" thin week at the MitiOptr*. wKkMnt'
Alboni, MM. Mario, (Vtrei, Zuqchfcri and Angelini When
Mario is in voice the cast could not be better, in an arUa
tic point of view. The house has been fllled every n:ght.
M. Belart is to replace Mark* neit week in "Rig<?letu>.''
an o|?era which k sure to draw together a full audieuce in
Madame Bobio ajid M. ISamberlik have been received at
the Opera house in St. Pwersburg witli flattering marks of
fawir by the royal family and court
Verdi's rewritten opera of "Aroldo" is going the round
of the thmttres in Italy. U has just been played with
great suoces-s at Tnrfei and Bologna. The Italians do not
a^jiear to be tired of the "Trovatore," a* that opera figures
m almoi-1 all the mrnlval programmes of theatres on the
vtber side of Uie Alps.
The Odeon trns presented us with a charming little
comedy, which is a satire on the age worth recording. M.
Iiltonx ip the author, and the tithe of the comedy is *'Per
; roqwt Oris." The plot runs thus: ? A young dramatist,
*b? te often unsuccessful, procures a decisive triumph
for bis nem piece by a little stratagem ? to wit, he pretends
j te blow out nis brains on the night of Ike first representa
> (trni. The fatal event getting wind, the ptece is applauded
In the rtr.es in the theatre, and a generons publisher
) hastens fc> offer a munificent price for Uie MS. of the un
fortuiiHte poet The "departed" upon this soon returns
I to life, delighted with the success off his little scheme; and
It lielng now too late to retract the euloginms bestowed
upon his work, he is allowed ? tHfwegh with some reluct
ance- to wear tlie honors assigned him under the mistaken
f nottnr. of his suicide.
It Is said to he in contemplation to create in Paris an
Italian gymnasium or conoorvatoire, wherein will be
tanght singing, Italian music, declamation, and which will
consequently include opera, tragedy, and comedy. The
mo.-t distinguished artists of the peninsula will be honorary
members of this establishment and will by turns give a
representation for the benefit or the new* institution. A
number of artistes have already given their full lyid entire
adhesion to the plan , among whom are mentioned Salvini,
Graziani, I a Steffanoni, R it tori, 4tc.
Mme. Catherine Hayes passed through Paris en rouU
."or Pau, where she proposes to pus the winter in com
plete retirement.
Arnal, after five months' absence, has returned to re
sume his post at the Palais Royal.
M. Salvini, the eminent Italian tragedian lately in Paris,
is now, we learn by the Milan journals, acting in that city
with the most brilliant snocess.
Morelli, the baritone, has returned from America, and
is now singing with success in Rome.
Mm. Naptal Arnoult has cancelled her engagement with
the director of the Oaite, paying him a forfeit of 12,000f.,
having accepted a lucrative offer for St. Petersburg.
Bomiuv, E. I. ? Mr. Stephen Masse tt, vocalist, of New
York and elsewhere, is on a tour through Inda. We ex
tract one of his advertisements from the Bombay Oatrttr:
? First appearance in the East Indies ? in commemoration
of the rail of lielhi. Mr. Stephen Massett will give his first
grand entertainment in tlie Bombay town Hall, on Tliurs
day evening. 1st October. Tickets and programmes to be
obtained at the Bombay Ocurtl t office only. First class
tickets, 5 reals; second class. 2 reals. No money takea nt
the doors. Doors open at 8 o'clock, concert commences
at 9 precisely.
Fair at the Church of the Immaculate Con
ception? Address by Archbishop Hughe*.
The Indies' Fair, already noticed and advertised in our
columns of last week, lias surpasssed, as to its success
and the crowds attending it, the most sanguine expecta
' tions of those who have undertaken it. The beauty of the
new church, in which the fair is held, the instrumental
music of the band engaged for the occasion, as well as the
excellent vocal music of tho choir of the chapel of the Im
! maculate Coioeption, aided by several fine volunteer
i voices. help to attract the crowd that assemble there every
! night, and which is Increasing as it advanoes.
t The pleasure that all seemed to enjoy at the success of
i the undertaking and in meeting so many of their friends
' and acquaintances was greatly mlMBced by the appear
ance of the Mc*t Rev. Archbishop among tlicra on Friday
evening. He himself seemed equally delighted at seeing
the array of tables ranged through the church, and the
assembled multitude that were cheerfully patronizing
them How well it was attended may be inferred from
the fact (hat on that night alone $117 was received at the
door, in<ic|M'ndentof the numbers who came already sup
? plied with ticket*.
TTio pastor and the committee thought it a favorable oc
1 casien to have the Most Rev. Archbishop address the as
semblage and give a few words of encouragement to the
ladies who got up thi* fair. His Grace having kindly as
sented, as soon mm silence was obtained his clear, sonor
: ous voice wax heard ringing through the virgin [-ortals of
! the new edifice. It was quite appropriate that the voie?
of him who first conceived the idea of this church should
also he the first heard within its walls.
Handing on the elevated platform on which the altar is
to rest, he commenced by expressing his delight at seeing
. so many before hint come to aid in completing the beauti
I ful edifice in which they were assembled. It was, he
! said . a proof of their faith and their steal to promote so no
ble a work. When the dogma, of which this church is to
be a memorial and a monument, was proclaimed as an ar
ticle of faith, he was but four or five feet distant from the
Holy Father. Just at tliat moment he resolved on his re
turn to New York, to have this church erected to com
memorate that event. He knew the Catholics of this city
would enable him to carry out that resolution, but be de
sired especially that the ladies of New York ? the chil
dren, the daughters of Mary ? would have the credit and
Itoiior of t Ins church, raised as a monument of the Im
maculate Concept 11 n. He felt happy that he was not de
<-elved or <lisap|a>int<-<J flow consoling to tlioae who have
contributed to this church, as well as to those who con
duct and patronise this fair, to reflect that when they and
all of us have passed away, and are complied to our last
resting place to make way for another generation,
many a heart will come liefore the altar to be here erect
ed, hurthened with a load of misery, to send petit too* from
this shrine to the throne of grare and mercy ? that many
su< h heart will depart from here lightened of Its burthen,
full of joy, of peace and happiness.
He s|s>ke for about half an hour At the conclusion a
simultaneous burst of applause and cheers reverberated
j through the church, snd all separated delighted with
what they had heard and with what they had done for it.
! The fair being so successful, the ladies resolve to continue
it next week. They deserve encouragement.
City lntflll|fnM.
Fiki n Worrn ? Shortly aft or 10 o'clock but
nipht a Ore broke out tn the attic of ? two itcry frame
hone*. situated at 60 Worth *treet. occupied by FVirnctt
lialkxi, pawnbroker. The flrst floor waa the pawn shop
and hi* 'i welling on the upper storloe. A Tery considera
ble distribution of unredeemed pWges was mvle. and
many of them were carried off by thievea; several, now
ever, of the rogue* were caught by the police
and lodged In the station liou*e. The (Ire waa
cuneed, It I* said, by the carele??ness of two boy*,
who were In the nttle *e*rcliing for pledgi-s
with rand lee. The roof of the bulldlnp in destroyed
and the gable end of the house, No 44. adjoining, I* aluo
dain.it >'d. Mr Mm Hon rays he ha* an Insurance of 96,000
on hie property tt.000 of wlm h is in th* People's In*u
ranee fompany , and the tialanee in the Jeflkrson Iromranee
Company. The home In owned by Mr* Hoffman, the
damage ?u> the hollding t* fully covered by insoraoco.
Btuld.ng No 48 in owned by James Crelgbton, who oeeu
!>w? a i*rt r>f It for dwelling, the other part I* let <mt to
famine* the article* of furniture were con?lderably
damaged by waler Mr. Oreighton lin an Insurance of
tl mmofi hi? bolldine in the iviwery Ineurance Company,
and about icon on hie household efforts.
Wnmai I'tiits oe ths Third Rniiinr nr Ilimtsa. ?
The third regiment of Hussars, S. Brooke P<*tloy, Oolooel,
will parade in rtill uniform fwinter order) on Wedaeeday,
tin- aMh i??t The rendestous will be at Madieoa ifSN,
at > o'clock A. M.
Miutakt Kursemsp ?The Cleary Guard, Captain D
l??.gherty, numbering fifty muekete. wont <* tbelr third
animal target rietiret* to Jones' Wood Hotel, last week.
They contended ft>r thirty two valuable prito*. Among
j the rnmit?*r were the Mb>wu.f ?A ton of onal, a barrel
| of Iw ur a very handw.m? silver watch, two very pretty
1 cilr* r t*a ??i?. and ?< < eral ' th- r? ii?' numeroue to men
tton after wbM-h. they i?rtJ?& of a very eomptnous dm
1 ner. and alter sever* I toeete and -enum- Ms, adjourned,
feeling well pleasrd with their third annual evrurssw.
| Tlie Bate* Ouard . numbering l???ly market- paraded
, to >-tat< n U land, where eiiteen ptHM were *h ? for
The Orean il?ard?. Ilapt l'r> u MM, with fifty markets,
also slatted laten Island. win re there eal some excellent
shorting and aiaetee* prisee were distributed ameng the
best she** ?
The Th< mae Mahar goard*. 'apt Mrrgaa. went >? their
flr*t aanual target os? ur??ni i?t the Rrvef Haase They
mn?ter*d \(*l mukei- and shot foe f.*ty two (n* prisee.
owiivt Independent (laard. Oapta.n lame* UdiH. with
fifty mneket* shot hw IweMy priae* at l~b>*hing Among
the arwe ee* thirty ?tol'ar* worth ef clmhm*. prraeated
hy e* <4firw J<?eph K**f*
Th< Ihiaoe tinard. Oa| mm Hugh Itnrn* with forty
?m*kns, shot f.r twetii) It* gMaa at the River Nome
The fdwin " I'errtn Ow4 wen* en their third aaaaal
ei' ateton a> Reel M< w York laat **t
Th. W|i>t<i.a)i Me*krt>?ta (h|tam John M <arty, pa
rn.it d kfty mnaket*. and eaMaMed fer tli ft) ive priaes
at Weeh*?ken. and Iwd a t me
Ttie Andrew (?will I. tinard < a|-t lieorge KUi?tt fember
ing ab?*t fifty, rank and lie ?<*?t*-d the f << f .,n r
th rd street ia?t Wet k Tltey kiw*-k?d their tari t mm,
? ??iiUifrw ne . ' ' and n tWM* homa highly ii< lighted with
their exc?tr*?>o
The Y? mtr Hodeott I ght '??>aM mosk te.
and *lto? u<r thirty i>r tees al w? eha?ken
Th* 'trden tJnard alee |*r*d*d last week, an l noei?e4ed
III ? rret nc f?Me a sensath* T>>* *? atber wae floe but
ev ry otw <.i thorn an n nmlirelta In lie<i > t ?
tnusket, and drilled aiih it in true m imry atyie The
?rid turn ?nM rn?i?-d m-uli met' mm
The franna l.-rtit ?. iiar ' (a|>ia?n V e Oi'-ef i g
Hurt) m<iskete ? eot on their f"nrtb anneal eaenr*?>n le
fest New York, Where they ? , h t. > thirty nihalrti
prlaea. The) were ae> ? mpat. *.1 by Hndwwrth s tmn i
Tlie Mm i ns liglii hoard m th Im -nty fir* m>Mket?,
nh< d f< r |w<-an t<r r> at M ai ?area, 'y? lailfy
Oram mends this e. m|?n\
The Siam I Jght iltier i will go or their <1*1 targ*4 eMror
skwi on Thai.k-givmg dat the mh n*t The following m
a llet <4 the nffleers ? II R R .?. i apt* n ? K Arte
?deoiwr first lietilet^al Mm lia<4 Itoekley. Me??*d
I.lentenanl .fames H. I.ynrh f irder ly . William A.
Hi. lt*r?on. Se? reurr. J*- 1 ti Iau* Tr ?aearer Th<
<v?ii|ma> will go lo J .ies Wood
Army latrlMgear*
OmnpaMes r, and l? Heonnd l!>? m*at f'niu-1 Matea Ar
MWery , aow MMmned at Fmi *>ofliwg have fcae* ?* l*red
t? take |*wt al f'nrls Riple? and R Igels their pr<me?*e at
i hat po*t bemg ?. longer neaeeavy The ir v 4
Indian* who inhatut that ragloa wf the iv>en4rr, an I ??>i
have been a terror la lflnne?.<a for tear* hark , have now
rreolved to live ip pets e an l hwry hatrh*t
The liefoiqn irmr of th# Hen aid Artillery are ea^ ,ehe I
at >'oft Hamilton. s>w York harl><?r, Li*iil?t>ati t??)o?el
I> micjl in ' ptnmaud.
Police Intelligence-.
FXnwt Robbkhy. ? On Friday evening an expert rob
bery tie committed at the jewelry store of Horace Lite,
No. 478 Ouml street. The thieves managed to fasten the
store door on the outside by umwu of a couple of pieces of
wood, and then broke iuto the show window and stole
Hlxtul $60 worth of gold chains, rings, fcc , with which
Ibey made their escape, before the proprietor of the store
could succecd in getting into the street to givo the aiaro.
The Mormon Settlement In IWlaaottrl.
Nkw Yohk, Nov. 18, 1857.
Allow me to correct a material mistake in yonr I
account of the "Mormons," published In this day's
In Jackson county. Mo., they never had a foot
hold; but Caldwell ronnty is the place where the
foundation of their temple wm laid. The Mormon
pole (the Vmgent they conld find) was shivered to
shrrds bv lightning on the evening of the day that
Bishop fcgdou declared "the Mormon people free
and independent of the United States.' The suc
cessor ol Rigdon and purchaser of his house (alias
cabin) after his expulsion. I could give you many
items not known in their history. W. V.
Naval Intelligence.
H?e marine guard of the United States ship Indepen
dence were |>ald off at the Brooklyn marine barracks yes
terday. The amount paid to them was near ten thousand
dollars. lieutenant A. N. Baker, who catno home in com
mand of thi? guard, has been ordered to report for duty
at Norfolk, Va.
SO" An parfci#** mnd iMtn hhiiW for Ifts Niw YoiX
Htbalb tKouid W hU.
alm ah ac roa saw Toaa? mis pat.
so* risks 6 M I boob Rrrs eve 9 42
bus sets 4 Sri I Bieu watbb morn
Port of New York, November ill, INST.
Steamship Alabama Kchenck. Savannah ? K I, Mltchlll.
Steamship Nashville, Murray, < 'bar leston ? H paflbrd , Tiles
toil A < o.
Steamahlp Jamestown, Parrlsh, Norfolk, Ac? Lttdlam A
Ship Patrick Henry, Clifford, tendon ? Orinnell A Mlnturn.
Ship .lohn Merrick, Crab'rce Olaagow? J W Kiw. ll A (V).
Ship W Woodbury, M<i.rl,an Mobile? Itenner A Deikt.
Hark Almena. Robertson. Valparaiso? Wm Martlet
Bark Nor (Norwl. Madsnn. Kings Roads? Punch A Melneke.
Bark Jrla<Rr\ Leconler, Malaga? R Olnwiddle.
Hark Trieste, I.unell, Trieste ? Dutlfcl A Co
Bark William, Heath, Lisbon? C A K J Pc tors.
Bark Honduras, Rates. Betlxe, Hon? f Alexander.
Bark Almeda, (loss, St Jago? B Klchards.
Bark Haman. Orr Cardenas
Brie Trade Wind, Reed. Cadlx? C 1 K ,f Peter*
Brii' Jo?hua A Mary (Br I, Turner, fork and a market? Col
llns A Mar?h.
Brig Amanda Boekerman S< Cms? W P 'trhmidt
Srhr Amerirus. Walters. Cardenas? .1 W K'*el|
Srhr Ocean Bird, l-ockharl. Halifax? II ?i Donoran.
MirllswpjnlBri. Scott. St Ji>bn, NB- ^ Sin hcra A Co.
ScbrE Kranklln Mbvo. Key W >??| ? J Wendell.
Srhr Sea Witch. Egbert, Alexandria? M He. tell
Srhr Spencer P, Ma| es. Alexandria. A< ? M Hedell
Sehr r H Abbott, Smith Alexandria? Merrill A Abbott
Schr C T Strong, l.iscom. Baltimore- ? Malller, lx>nl A yue
Schr .Ino Cone. HuffeT, Philadelphia ? las Hand A Co.
Schr Judge Taney. Utlmore. Hangor? 4) C llsrriman.
Sehr Silver Cloud. Churchill, Portatn ?nth? S W I.ew.aACo.
Sclir Isabella, Paulkliu. Rmtim-llsiM A Kprague.
Schr Vndlne, Stocking. Hartford ? .1 B Kdwards.
Sloop Warren. S'annard. New Haven.
Steamer Memphis. Walaon, Charleston.
Steamer Georges Creek, Morlcy, Baltimore,
Steamship James Adger. Turner, Chsrleston. M hour*,
with mdse and passengers, to Rpoffrrd, Tilesion A C<>
Sehr Elliott (of Orleans. Mass . Knowles, St Johus. PR. Nov
T, with sugar, A<\ to W linker. Sailed In company with br f
l,otiisa P Snow, for New York
Srhr H P Stoney, Alden, Charleston. 6 day?, with cotton, lo
Ilollner, Potter A Co.
Srhr Jonas Smith. Lynch. Wilmington. 8 daya.
Srhr Hannah B, SMfman. Wilmington, bdaya.
Schr Richmond. Janes Richmond, 4 daya.
Schr E A Hopkins, Means, Virginia
Schr Chn? Colgate, Seaman, lialtlmore, S days
Schr R H Huntley, Hammond Italtimore, .1 day*.
I' R surveying schr Gallatin, Ueut Roe, Portland. Me, 5
Steamer Jackson, Baker. Baltlotore. Kaperlenctd be.ivy
W and SW galea the whole passage.
Bark Eagle (of Boeton), 19 days from Ctiracoa.
Bark Mar), 'Jtl davs ir.nn Trinidad
Brig Klora. from Gonaives ? ( All by pilot boat Jas Avery,
No .
Also a large clipper (hip anchored near the bar.
Steamship* Alabama. Savannah; Mexico (Spsni, Havana.
Ac; Jamestown. Norfolk. Ac. Memphis, Charleston, barka Te
resa M 'I hnmai: Restless St Martha
Sailed JOth, steamship Star of the West, Aspmwall.
Wind during the day, WSW, and freak.
MlwcUtnconi uid Dluiton.
Bahr .T.ao Wn?i. nf and from mhMfllt, whl<-h arr *t
Rio tirande prev to Aug SI, waa ao murh Injured on the to*
msc in i? pampero of ?r 20 daya duration. that abe ? ?* mo
dem*d ftnd Mud, bringing $44U> The J W waa built iu Pbila
delphla In 1846. And w a- fully Inmrrd. ,
Bhuj Kimko, from Bluehlll for Norfolk, wbirh went ??h?r?
at Soli uate, a* before reported, wan got off l?i|i ln?l. h) Mr M
B Tower, and taken Into ("tit Blrer, Mar*hneld, from whenea
abe w ill be towed lo BoaUm. The cargo will be real npped
flout Thawum Tatloe, i f and for Yarmouth from Port
land, -w hu h wu aahorr on I'rniii" Beach. *u ??>( off night
of 19th. badly lnjur?-<l. and taken lo Province town for rep?:rm.
The outer marine ttatlon at Ronton reporta'hat Brachr .fob'i
Benaon, frotn Not* Scotia, with w.?.d, r<* aahora on the >011
momlnR of the 3wh Inat, bat eame off at Z I'M, wnbout da
BiinvoRR, Nor 3ft?' The ateamer II R Beach took lire !??|
night at II o'clock (aa before reported), an l waa ooaaiderahtr
injured in bull aud engine Moat of her r*rgn waa diacbarged
before the fire, hut that whleh remained la her ha* been ra<w?
or leaa damaged with water thrown Into her hold The boll
la more .lamored than I had reaaon to *uppoae when I tel.
graphed toynu? probably lo the eitent nf aeTeral tbooaanl
dollar* f By letter to Kllwood Walter, Ka>|, Becretary It. ?rl
Of Underwrltera)
SaoaT Pas* aCC? The bark Greenfield, Capt Beatlle which
left here on Tueaday. 10th Inat. for Savannah, arnrad out in
ftt hour* from bar to bar? the aborteat paaaagn by aaillng Tea
ael know n on record.
The following table ?1re* ? aummary of the reaaeta la tba
barbora of New York. Roatoti Baltimore Char le*t. n K??a'i
nah. Mobile and New Orleaiia, at the uveal acoounta from
each of iboae porta ?
*?w to??.
Stcam*hlpa SI Itrig* 1-4
Ship* tu schooner* vn
Bark* ltB ?
Total frit
Rteamahlpa 1 Brim ...TV
Ship* . ?! Hrboooera. 4*
Bark* ... 78 ?
Total *6
Rte*m*hlpa ? Brig* 9)
Ship* 17 Krbooneri 4M
Bark' 12 ?
Total 97
rttaai ???>?.
Rt*am*hlp* ft an** V?
Hh'i* 11 Rcboonera Id
Barka 17 ?
Total 66
Steamship* 3 Brig*..... 12
Khlpa 11 Schoonera 21
Barka IS ?
Total S8
Rteamahlpa ? Brie* ,... 7
Ship* 27 Krhoonera II
Bark IS ?
Total <S
Rteamabipa II Brig* 19
Sblpa 117 Schooner* 20
Hark SI
Total TO
l.At ?mrr?? At Cherr'AcId !M Inat. bjr Me** ra Ktnc?ler A
Bmlth. a fine brig of SM ion*, name sot reported to be com
miinded by Capt Jame* t<elghton.
Sotlrr to Mariner*.
r R light mwl Relief, (llffOrd. arrired at New Bedford *Xta
from How and Pig* *tatton. baring parted her mooring* at ?V?
o'rlork morning of 30th, In con*c<iiience of the rhaln getting
eatttfh* tinder a roek. and ibe *w*ll ralalng the rennet anapped
It off she will return aa *oon aa an anebor la procured from
At Manrl'lua Sept f. F.liaba Pnnhar. Lincoln. NB. for a
rrulae In a few dayi. had fW bbl* ?p. Kagle. M Nelly, do. for
artutae. ele*n. Maaaae?|L llandy M.itl. for a rrnl*e. Nit *11;
T? -tight. Tompktn*. NII. for a cruliw, lSnt) ?p. Brunvwiek.
Butler. Dartmouth, do. Nl> *p
Pnrrlfa Porta.
f'?of?*T?W. Ort SI? In nort ?hi|>* Kate Pwanlnn, Reed, re
pair* nearly completed, for KI*inore aooo. aa?,king freight;
I'tiblln, Rralda. for Boaton *amed*T
four*. No? a? In 1 ort ?hlp Moutiiain Ware, Hallet (flrom
fhtnch* l*l*nd* ordered to Rot'erdam.
Ki*mo*?, Nov 9? Sid bark Telegraph Ollea ffrom r"ron
etadti. lt<?ton. had atarted 3l)tb. und pat back on account of
head wind*
(if ana. Oe? SI? tn port ahlp .1 F Chapman, Chapman dlag.
OtMAiTaR, <>e? Ti? Rid ?blp Ch*|iln. M <>1111* irrom Tarra
f-nal, N?>rleai?a. ? ark* White Cloud. Hoyt (from Smjrnai.
Tt<wton Reph*r. Small (from Be?r'>iit), do. Rambler. Pack
ard ll'i* Malagai, R(>rlean*..f Paya?n, Puller (fmm Mala
?a 1 BY'^k S9th. *hip Caoova, llutebin* (from I eghorni. do.
The wind from Dd to Jlih wa? W, with *tormy weather, tin
ITth it waa P and proimbly for at me day* after,
llaMoa (ia?rr NP. t?et li?? Arr brtga Marian RldleT. liar
try. N^ork land rid Not S for Barhidoeai, SBth. Standard,
Attei ltaltlm>#e Cld ITUi arhr JuatlBa liiaodel. Peterann.
I.i* lamoi. Not 7? In pnet ahlp Thomaa .lelferaon. Hill, for
Hi(*rl"*n? lath
M ? ? tfttn * h?git #? In port *hip Yonn* Ame*dra. Rahoock,
from R*ni' n h r Palmnntb pn' In for refre*hm"n??.
A1 ("Aug.*1 ba'k (ilen'mtn. Tel.enham. from Macao for
F?'n ??nth. t.early flni?he<l repairing, would *all In a few dar*.
Mtiaot. tict 2N-ln port bark* ltrl*tol Belle (Brt, Sponagle,
? I*. -w 'on neil da> . Nata l ytioen lltom), (Raple*. fcr New
fork, hi*
I'linan fx) 24 fn por' *bi|> Prl^Roiuic on"
R?rTra^^? Not ??in | ?irl hark t^M'm, Donned, fbr Boa
ton ??h
i*a* * l.??*e Sept 9>- In port bark Aaron I Harrer (not
At l-| M titar from Monroria. une.
? ?tin th 24 la i" rt bark* Panry TTIM. Wataon. for
Jt'?i?a7dkva l*la??d. rldrldge ftir dn. aupp'Wr'd readr : S?a
Wr < ere Ha l for do, Idr Bark (tcean Itreet.- I^lghton,
wh . b *ld IS h tor tb- CoaM. la bound *n Kcbelle NeuTe, pro
habit to l ?d for Pnglan I
./om?* PR Not 7- -std brtf I, p snow. Pierce N York.
m .lona* BP. No* It? la port brig foeter im.< Paetor),
Cr??ell. f..r Baltimore. Idg {'Id tirt SI achr tlolden (.ale,
Hawmnad. Sydney.
Hnana Porta.
p(*Tnjt N ? Arr ?'lir Rn bard Yam, Prtnk, Phlla
Ite'j hia Telegraph d. ' rig Caroline, from Remedlo*. ('Id
?h I P "ir'aineer Wil*o?. NOriean*. hark ('.nwiaek. Itallarif.
Shi nrhae brig J Ntckerwm Nk kerv n. Philadelphia, achr*
Harrill. Iki". Haytien. R H IWkln*. Tbomnann.
P't?a<tla l.ather 1 hlM Nleker?in Philadelphia Htd. wind
S* M. na breefe ?hu * t nil* Tim.*' M-gonticook . bark*
1 llml *. r.-i* Wm llrde brta* Munfo Park, I??ct
Ani. Praiteaa Mien. Sarah Aoiitber. Sarah Starr. *ohr* Mar
raganar' Angler
^ l i 1 b-l'? KT Rat M- Art arAr Mayflower, flopklna. New
HB! T(t|. N t IV Ki l ahr Tlllle P. Hathaway. ( ar iena?
? -td w?n' m'o BewB.<rt
It't.MI.AOn I.HitfT; Not l? Paaaing ont *ekr Bra. f<?
BT"*k 4 V PM *b p* Vnnla Tor Ran Pranelaco, Tlmoe. for
U'tdon ft PM hark T ?oim (ireak fr>r Malaga. Wind W.
eerj 're?h
li'H Kb ntil.R Not |?~ *rr briga 4oaerh, Cable*. Phi
la ?. 1"f Nwk:?M It beret* iNri, Mun.hr NT.irk f ?r
Yaia*. nth ??? friom, b, Brt. *(kinat.o do mr Mo?ifct.^t, NB;
?rboBt ?bP?kan Mark* w; J ( <>mpto?. skarp , t uarie*
MrNeft. flendencb; W Marry Bnck and J H for
pun, l^'ladelpfl* for Boston; 8 T Garrison, High 'do fur
hraialre'r: fly.CkcMBM, do for Nantucket, Vermin (BrL
AyTes. NYerk for Hlllsboro, NB; Huntress, I>ianey,Newbn -
ry |iurl for Philadelphia; Abigail. Lee, Selem for do. kid briga
Joseph. Hfbernla, Triumph; arhra Ijimartlne, 8 D Bailey B
F. Shuru, Adellia, Fidelia, J Oompton, C M'Nell, W Harey, g
T Oamson, Kly, Vernon, and Huntresa.
Slth? Arr w hi Mary Munkio, Beer*, NYork for Boston.
In port 10 AM, schra Lucy Blake. J H Btroup, Niger, Mary
Mankln, Abigail: also a full rigged brig and Wa sehrs au
known. Wind W, blowing a gale.
HARTFORD, Not 1#? Ait achra C 8 Hazard, Blllard, and
J G Baldwin, Clark, Kingaton. Bid 18th sloops New WerM,
Smith. NYork; 19th. Harriet * Sarah, Rice, Philadelphia.
HARWICH, prev to Not 19? Arr achr Emblem, Kelly,
for NYork.
NKW LONDON. Nov 19? Arr arhra Mary, Leater; A the*.
Curry, and John Randolph, Nkkcrson, NYork; sloop Osrpie
baug. Nelson, Newport for do.
NF.W BEDFORD, Nov 20-Sld achr* D W Hammond, Chase,
Norfolk; Angenette. Hooper, Philadelphia.
NEWPORT, Nov 18? Arr brig Georgia. Carlisle, Boston for
Philadelphia; schr C W Chapin, Farnham. NYork.
19th? Arr brigs Tangier, Pendleton. Frankfort for Philadel
phia; Leviathan, Morion, Boston for do; Panola, Darts, do for
do; Isola, Griffin, and Judge Blaney, Dixon, do for do; sehrs
TUlle N. Hathaway, Bristol for Cardenas; D W Hammond,
Chase. NBedford for Norfolk; Cyclone, Dall, do Mr Delawaro
City; Rosannah Rose, Wynian, do for Philadelphia; John
Bowman, Mears, Second Point RI for do; Alh&mbra, Coombs,
Hau;:or for NLondon; Challenge, Hall, St George Me, for Phi
ladelphia; Ann, and K II At wood, At wood, Boston for do?
Whistler, Preabray. Taunton for NYork: Chelsea, Lord,
Frankfort for do; J W Hall, Friend, Bluehlll for Washington
DC; A Baker, linker, Harwich for Norfolk; Emblem, KeUey,
Dennis for NYork; Romp, Mayo, NYork for ; aloopa In
dex. Cash, Albanv for Boston; Neptune, Rarkett, Rondout.
20tb. 8 AM? In port all the above; and thsse reported 190).
Wind WSW. Passed up schra R 8 Desn. Cook, from Balti
more; lly W Morae, Phillips, from Philadelphia? both of and
for Taunton.
PROVIDENCE, Nov 2ft? Arr steamer Pelican, Aldrich, W
York, schrs Worcester, Rhodes, snd Allan Downing, Rice,
Philadelphia. Rid arhra J L Hess, Loper, Philadelphia;
aloopa America. Reynolds, and Willard, Buckingham, NYork.
At anchor in Dutch Island harbor 19th, achr Danl Brown,
Henld, of and from Kail River for Apalarhlcola.
PHILADELPHIA, Nov 20-Arr bark Cordelia, West In
dies; schrs Norman, Colllna, Llngnn, CB; J H Oounce, long,
nnd Jaa Harratt, Davis. Boston; Knight, Sears, Dennis; Corin
thian. Taylor, Newbnrvport; E J Scott, Taylor, Lynn. Cld
steamers Palmetto, Baker. Boston; Deleware, Copes, NYork;
arhra Jonathan Mny, Cobb. Havana; Solicitor (Br), Mason,
Belfast; Knight, Sears, Boston; Jaa Barratt, Davis, Roxbury;
E J Scott, Taylor. Newoort.
ROCKLAND, Nov 17? Sid schrs Mayflower, Matthews NT
Orleans; Orrin Cowl. Smith, Spruce Head to load for NYork;
Oregon. Illx; Eben Herbert. Johnson; Pallas, French; Me
dora, Rhoades, and Chieftain, Rhoades, NYork; 18th, baric
Horace Beats, Johnson, Dlx Island for Washington, DC; achr
Joaiah Achorn. Brewster, NYork.
Sl'Rl'CE HEAD, Nov ? th? Sid achr Wave, TUtwse, NYork.
SAI.KM, Nov 19? Arr schr Mary Emily, Snow, NYork. Cld
srhr Globe, Ellis, do.
TAUNTON. Nov IS? Arr sloop J P Wallace. Lincoln, New
York. S'd 17th sloop Sarah, Thrasher, NYork; 18th, schr
Whistler, Prefcbrev, do.
of the Twentieth ward, held at Mill. ?man's Hall, corner
of Tw< nty slith street and Seventh avenue, on Saturday even
Inn, Vo\ 21. 1857, John tJibson wan appointed Chairman and
(i Scbubach Secretary. The following resolutions wero
unanimously adopted ?
Whi rea*. ihe rights of the democracy of thl* city, but ranrfl
partlcular'y of thin ward. In electing men to their nominating
com cations. have been trampled on and the neople at largo
not being consulted, but the delegates of the General Commit
tee contrary to the rail emanating from Tammany flail, hav
lntf't*ken upon themselves Ihe right to dictate what persona
sliull form such eommlitee and what candidate* Khali b?
named allowing themselves such rightaof assumption contra
ry to the wishes of the people, he It ih? refore,
R. solved. That we, the people of the Twentieth ward of tha
city of .Sew York being directly opposed to such corruption,
declare thut ? e oiv consider attch t icket regular a* emanating
from the people at large, and not from a clique who failed to
do their duty.
Resolved. That we elect the following delegate* to our dif
ferent Conventions: ?
Council Convention ? lohn Ronrke. Thomas Baer, EdmonJ
Connely, .John Dlvomt. Henry Carrol.
W irif Convention? Michell Dee, Owen Mulligan, Charlen
Ms. h. .lohn I.ennon, .lohn Troope, John Donnelly, Alola
Muller. Constantino Grime*, liariholomew Doyle.
Aldermanlc? James Flnlav. Kdward Conwell. Jaa. McMul
len John Coughlan Michael Divine. Morri* Lew, Frederick
Milli man. Teter Fnrrell, Thomas McConuell, Francis Rey
R. solved. Tint we abide by such nominations a* they g1v<?
u?, as they emanate from the" people of the ward according to
the true democratic principle.
Retolvcd. That we endorse the nomination of the Hon. Fer
ntndo Wood for Mayor of this city, he being the friend of tho
poor, the champion of our municipal right*
R. solved. That the people of this ward are determined to
persevere In seeing their wrong* righted, and not W> flinch
until 'hey stand upon the sound basis of true democratic
The following nomination* were made, after duo delibera
tion of the different committees, and ratified by the massed
present ?
For Alderman lame* Connolly.
For OotUcttMO William F Sylvester.
For School Commissioner John A. Kennedy,
For School Trustees j
For School Inspector Peter H. Duncan.
r,.? r??...v.i? S Bernard Mullen.
For Constable* J William Keenan.
O. Sc-nrairn, Secretary. J. UIBHON, Chairman.
S??oo l.ortge No I.T7. of F. and A. M.. are summoned
to attend a meeting at tbelr lodge room, on Sunday after
noon. at half past one o'clock, to pay the last tribute of re
spect to our deceased brother, I.leut John () Remold* By
order of (IKORilK O. JOYCE. W. M.
Masonic hope i,odok. no. 2u f. a a.m-thb
member* of thi* lodge are hereby notified that ihern
will be business of importance brought before them at then*
neit regular communication. They will please be punctual
in their attendance. By order,
Masonic notice.-' thk mf.mrers of RXCRi-siore.
Ixslge No 19fi F A A M , are requested to attend a re
gular meeting of their Isslge, to be held at their Lodge rooms,
corner of Orand and Centre streeta, on Monday evening. th?
ltd ins' , at half past seven o'clock. Punctual attendance le
re.|iir*'ed. as business of Importance will be brought befora
i be I j?tge Hr order of OKORdK W R A Y, W. M.
J. I'sasia, secretary.
No Jtt?. F A A M are hereby notified to attend a spe
cial meeting at their room. Jf*7 Bowery, on Tuesday, Nov. M,
at *)? P. M Punctual attendance Is requeated.
den' |,odge laft F and A M . sre particularly reoneate.I
'*? at'end the meeting to be held at tbelr lodge rooms. Maaontu
Temple Bro-meand Cro*by streets, M'mdav evening. Nov.
St aibuatne** of great Importance will be brought befora
their no"ce B> order of JOHN RCS1I W. M
Joaa W PtatiT Si Uglify.
Masonic ?the members of Brooklyn ixwc.k.
No #??, F.A M . are requested to attend an emergens
meeting at the t?nd(e room corner of Court and toralemon
street* on Monday evening. Zid tnat . at \ o'clock, on bugt
arm of importance. By order of
W O. HiMto*. Secretary
Masonic notick -arcana loduk mo. a* r.
and A M ? Th. m-mbersof this lodge are earnestly re
quested to attend their nnt regular communication, as t<u*l ?
i ess ?>f much mtcreat WtU eome before the lodge. requiring
immediate action J AS I MORKHOChK. W M.
Marsh lodoe no m. r a m -the members
are hereby notified to a'tend aspeeisl meeting at their
room*, UA Orand street, ltr<- klvn E D . on Monday even
ing. Nov 0, at tW n'clopk t* M for the 'rnnsarllon of Impor ?
tan' business Punctual attendanee Is requested By order.
Wa Sliiii. See'y W M I.EWIS, W M.
i-' prepared to let from one hundred to Ave thousand dol
lars 'hat Fernai. lo Wixsl w II He elected Mayor at the ne?k
ensuing election ?r one thonaand a. sins' five thousand, or ta
that proportion, that he will have ten tfc ? isand m%J?rtty
M OOOOKRKtlN, No fctt, IWlaqiur*.
Hons*,) It Chambers atroot. New Yorfll mov I, as;
Rotiee ts hereby glvsn that one par eont will be ad lad on Mm
1st day of Dwaemher on all taisa remaining anpaid shm
two par aonl Wiu bo added mi the 1Kb day of Deeembav.
OlMafca and b Ilia on etty banks tat sn ? . ? , P ng
money and hUia not raootvad No monav rooetvad after 1
a'atoeL WlbSON SMALL. I.iaier
iFFNR W A Mil A TT A R on. OOMPART, l? SS'itD
' way. New York. ?? ?? a' -The atoehtotter- ?c
this company ars hereby notified tha?. In purauanee nf a vain
of the (tireotora, a maoting of the atoekbol Wra wtll be heM at
Uw offloe at the aompany . on tke fleet W?lnsodny la [I?eem
bor nntt, ai It o'alork M , to Vake Into ennslderMhm and af
fect, |f deetmhle, a redaouon of the aapttnl stork to Uieae ban
dred Umaaand dollar*, giflnf to all ?harea ibereWW eaant
ealne and character N Y Carryl, Edward Loarnad. % M.
Riven. John Rallory Wa Poltoek. Jamea ML mJUt.
Daniel R. Jonea, inrecwim.
ffllK AMKRH AW IN-TlT'J'^^
I ?
^ f"r h LKONARD.
J shades. glH oomb-es. tassels. Ac . Ac ,
Lord a taYlor,
aw i?7 NW siel MB1 Orand street
Have purchased, throiigh tbetr
M ?nche*t< r h"'ise.
At an immense reduction,
_ _ 2 (Wl piece* of
Which, with th. lr . iten*lve suck on hand, they ikiB??h??
priceMfnuch below
The cost of mannfaetitre.
Broadnay, Chamber* and Reads streeta.
' ??!"', ? in" ass:
. 'i'H ring *n egtra nourishing art. For tms purpree .>r
general f*mil> use n<"h?ig b. f er can be ntnnd tbsu th*
Fits* bet ban ale. Wh. n I' acquire* the satne *ae It eam.ot t>^
distinguished trom the eipenalve imported ale*. For seta
plot bottlnsi lu latge or amall qusntitles.
ft. HARLOW. Iftg 1'earl street.
j bottled, f't I be i-onvetl.life of families; pints II Mil
qu irts, S2 ? esse containing one doeen, flny cents allow <1
tor bottles an.l case when returned. Orders by post ron'aln ?
ng a remit lance aaactually attended JoflN DIXoN,
? ine i.nd spirit merchant. No. S Httd*oii Mrcet, near tho
Chamber* street rsllioad depot.
O Fumllle* supplied st the wlmhaaH prlee. Orders br
m.st era taming a remltisncc punotnally ^attended to JOIINf
TH XoN, wine snd spirit merehant, No S Hudson gtreet, neae
he ( Iiambers *tn?et railroad depot.
ht rndle*. * inee, Scotch. Irish, Monongsbela and llonrborl
whiskies; Jamaica rum Holland and Schleriam gin, l?fidon
an. I Pablin porter *nd Scoteh ales st prices to suit tfcr tknee.
Inr sale at 1 NDKRHllX A M ATTKKm >N'S, U* Rrooma
street, near Broadway.
I Tuesday, broken coal. s.iltaMe f.T large hall stoves.
ranee, furnaces Ac delirerci at %i N, pert<m, alao nut
o"S'. *11 Oeeene siree's, ,11.1
Hoeery. and NO llouston areei. JACOB WKEKS
Jk from the |m.i*t approved mine*. Uhlgh of Ihe vartaiut
*t,e* e arraBted genuine. Ale. Cumberhtnd. I.lverrod
otrel. r.ngltsh ( annel and llrrckeari iie c.mls all at the t.-e
Oanirt gtreete sad corner June and vt ett ?u??a

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