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Police Intelligence
Mamjn apfbay between bowdies and ths
About two o'clock yesterday morning a party of row
<tw>? entered the poll room of the KJghth district of the
Eleventh ward, while the canvassers were at work making
up thoir return*. uu<i commenced to break up the furui*
ture and behave themselves in a very disorderly manner.
Policemen Miller and Duffy, of the Eleventh precinct, who
happened to be pruaent, interfered, and ordered the row
dies to leave the place, wheu a general row ensued. Two
?of the rowdies were armed, one with a gun and the other
with a knife, and a ftp r re onslaught was made upon the
policemen- fortunately, officers Van Taasel and Hawkoa
came to the assistance of their comrade* at the moment
.of tho attach. htlorts were made to disarm the fellowj
without shedding any blood, but m the attempt officer
Hawks received twe severe stabs in the shoulder and
breast. One of the disorderlies aimed hia jjuu at officer
Tan Tassel, but luckily it missed Are. and before he had time
?to draw the trigger a second lime hie was floored by a blow
?from a club in tho hands of officer Duffy. Another of the
gang made a plunge with a dirk unite at tho last namod
jinliCAman, when officer Van 'fiUMfl, toeing the imminent
danger to which the life of hu comrade was exposed,
drew a revolver ?i>d shot the assailant ?ipou the spot. Phis
?ended the row. Tlie |*>li?e succeeded in scouring two of
the fellows, but the third -me escaped. Toe name of the
rowdy who was ihot is Vauglmn. He was conveyed to
Belle vue H'?pit?l yesterday , where his weund was dress
ed by the House Surseou of that institution. The other
prisoner, who cuvo his name aa Canady. was brought be
fore Justice Wood, at tho K--..iex Market police Court, and
there committed for examination. I'obcernau Hawlu1 la
juries are severe, but it Is hoped that he will speedily rn
cover. Inspector Squirea, of the Kleveiith precinct, mifc.n
the following report of tho occurrenco to Deputy Supenn
Undent Carpenter: ?
The desperadoes came into the poll room of the F.ighth
?tlittrict about hall paitone o'clock in tho morniiitf, before
the < auvass wis * I? >se<l , and commenced a tight by knock ,
iuf down Dr Diiuou and Jumping on hint Offioer Miller
interfered to save Dimou, and fio.tlly suoceeded in rescuing
him, when the assailant* ran Into a house hu<1 insbmtly
came out armed with a gun and a Urge knif** , and made a
furious onslaught on the officer)*, who rapped for help, and
? officers Hawks and Van Tassel soon Cauie to their aid.
Notwithstanding the officers had been obliged to use their
-rtubs freely, it only seemed to exasperate tho ruffian*,
.and they no sooner saw the othor officers arhve than
? one of them made a desperate rush at officer Hawks,
plunging a large knife into him in two places, while another
levelled a gun at another of the officers, which missed tire
fortunately , and before he could pull the trigger again he
was knocke.i down by officer Putty, when the outlaw who
had stabbed Hawks, left him and made a rash at the
other officers wdU knife drawn and reeking with blood.
At this momuut officer Van Tassel seeing that there was
no other alternative, drew his revolver and shot Pat
Yauglian (the man with the knife), but he still continued
ills assault, wheu a second shut was discharged, which
brought him down, and thus, beyond doubt, saved thu
lives of both officers , Miller and Dully. Vauglrui u badly
wounded, ami was sent to the Now York Hospital after
examination by Dr. Kimbark. John Oaoady, another of
tho desperado*'* . was sent to the police Court, and ttie
third of the attacking party made his escape. bat the ottl
cers know bint and he will undoubtedly bo taken. Or eat
credit is due to the officers for their firmness and intre
pidity in this desperate affray. Officer Hawks is badly,
but not fatally injured. l?r. kitnbark dressed his wounds.
Illkuai Yotkks. Tho magistrate! at the police courts
were busily engaged yesterday in holding examinations in
the cases of persons arrested the day previous tor illegal
voting. There were five cases at the Tombs and six at
ibe Essex Market Police Court. Decisions in each case
will be rendered to day.
Vicu Sax a Bcmm. ? John Kleroaa was arrested by
tfticer McOnrd , of the Lower Poller Court, on charge of
stealing five pieces of silk and cloth venting, valued at
4'MO, from the public store No. 12 Broad street The pri
soner wa^ brought before Justice Connolly, at the Lower
Police Court, where he was committed for examination.
llicnwAV Koimxnv. ? (m Monday night Mr. James J.
Morrison, of No. 115 West I'wenty second street, whilo
standing in front of his residence wis suddenly attacked
by Hugh Hughes, an Irish weaver, who knocked him
down and robbed him of a wild watch and chaic, valued
?it $376. The fellow then fled, but was pursued by Mr.
Morrison, who caused his arre.it. rhc prisoner was taken ,
before Jiustic-e Davison and Incited up, in default of $!>.ooo j
twill, for trial. Ho says he w:u drunk when he committed
the robbery.
I>*t?ctio* a \t? Arskst of a Bcanuut. ? Joseph Gard
ner, a sailor wsk detected, ahont I o'clock on Wednes
day morning, leaving the grocery of John 1*. Kunn,
321 Ninth avenue, wtth a large bundle of tea. sardines and
other groceries, which he had stolen frmi the store, hav
ing just broken into it. Th. articles were identified by
;lie grocer and Gardner was locked up for trial.
Brooklyn City Kewi.
The Ktt'amsliip Florida, winch arrived at New York on
Saturday , brought arnoug its |%*sengers a n^gro named
John Smith , who had secreted himself on board previous
to the aailmg of the steamer, and was not discovered until
the vessel was at tea. As there U a heavy penalty tm
?jiosed at Southern ports up"u all captains of vessels who
by accident or design aid In the esca|>.< of slaves trom
Southern ports, the laptaiu or agents of the st?mer wore
vixiouh to return the negro to the port tmm whence he
nsraprd For this purpose the negro w ;?s placed io the
custody ol * men named Thomas MeNnlty . who <eeps a
grocery and iiquor store at Ked Hook Point, aud a watch
?et u|*>n him to prevent his e cap \ Tin persons employ
ed to guard him weie Thomas laiwler, Tiui'Hhy K Ma^?>n,
John Jack ion and John Cowen. who relieved each other
by night a/i I da> ffcet that a fugitive Slav* was In
Brooklyn came ti> the knowledge of Mr Lewis Tappau. of
New York, who 'XXnmunioUed the fact to Mr. Samuel L
Harris , the Clerk ol the Cit> Court. Brooklyn. A writ of
habeas corns was ol tamed from Judge Culver on Tues
Jay, and Mr Hauls, ae. . iup,n'e.l by a or nttlcers,
went to the place designated and succeeded in obtaining
Is?s.bhiou of the negro, whom th"y t'?k to
;hj residence o( Judge Culrcr, in VfllliaaMtmrg, on
Tuesday night Yesterday murniug, the |>arlius interest
ed appeared at the City Court auu waded some lime for
the Judge, when it was ascertained that the writ of ha
;>eas oor|>-?f was made returnable at the residence nt tho
ludge in William- 1'urg. No further fact? have transpired
n relation to the case, but It t* rumored ttnt the negro
was brought before Judge i alver on Tue <day night and
Hk*Tut? ?r a I\*ntvr H*r* iimum*.? William I,ee wiu
couvtcted iii the Court of tfenaiotui on Tuamlay for grand
larccny, m having stolen from 1 rnrtrlH flooday, of Canada,
?rJO, u few tlu> n since. Let; is ? pul-ul ?*f? operator, uutl
turn frequently been before th? lower court* on charges of
*wrtndling I > tueanaof the patent ?aft game, but has here
tofore managed to escape punishment. im thw occasion
he and a companion m< I Mr (iooday at the dock uf Ibe
'Joliforaia strainers. and after ascerlaini'ig that bp was
bound for t'alilornia. induced him to rtant lircenwund for
the purpose .if (K'ritig some Iwffin ? hicb tbrjr pretended
ihey wne umae to uke out to California. Ou rexhing a
lonely ?p<>t ther triad U> induce him to tot on the patent
safe, buthc deeiincd. The prisoner Lee then thrrateaad hts
life if bo did I ?'( tfi v?> ihom <nmo nrnnny lie lnvami
'rtghteucd, and look out $iJO in gold, which Uiey seized
and made <4T lie made complaint to the jiolK-#* of the
Third district, and La?e wax arr> sted and iduntifled by tbo
?-.?ounUy man .?* one ot the part.e? who robbed htm Hit
"was U.ed by tbo Court uf St ?iuo.< . and neuteuced ou
Tuesday to imprisonment in the Hut.- pn*on at Sing Sing
'"or the Itiii uf f >ur vear?. elevi-n tuuntba and twenty nine
-la/.. Thw is th< first conviction of any of thrao patent
naic operators that bar Iwii had ui this county.
t'nnrt ? Kprrlal Trrm.
Br for? Hon. Judge Roowevelt.
Pw\ i ? Mr Joseph Btnnt made application on ho half
of certain las payer*, for an order enjoining the Corpora
( on front e*?w.ulmg and the I Ionian Catbolic Orphan Asy
lutn from accepting a leaae of half a block of ground ou
Fourth avenue, Iwtween Kifly first and Fifty frond
? trevta, for a term of years, at a nominal rent of $1 |?er
annum The Judge did uot grant Ibe injunction, but
would grant an order to show oause. aud he had no doubt
the Comptroller would, upon llqf order, rcf.ise to tike any
rti'iw until the n. alter was dispwed of by the Court.
This lease was granted by a resolution of the Common
Council for so Ionic mi said land* ?hail be ooc-ipied tor the
n?p of the Roman Catholic orphan Aaylum, and for no
iitber pur|*??e
Tlieatrlcwl and Mii?l??l.
Rmdadwat fuKATHi ? Mr. C Matbew* will thw evening
*>na?-t hi* Ckvnrtt*' i hara?,teri of I'ulf in the OoflM^ly of the
"CrWtc" and l'li?Ml?lry in the faree < ailed the ' I'ractieal
Man ' Tlie afterp?.ie In u> be the "Wandering Minstrel."
? Zanfretli'a tight rope feaU are to open
the entertainment" to night M lie Kolla follow* in
the ballot of "P?m?IU, and the lUvet* m< luding the re
ttowned <;abriel. In "Koberl Mil llertram."
TV)Wk*> ? A)uite an attractive list of gymiiantie, aero
t>aUc. and equi "irian feaU ban been prepared (or IIim even
iog TJie i liwing r"? e I* h novel lot al whimsicality call
?"d ? "Visit to the Bowery."
Brim ? Ibe offer. ng* ft>r t<i night are the drama en
(it ii>ii "\*nityfar ami tba trave?tie of "Hamlet," in
which Me**r? Burton and Brougham perform . and ' Vou're
Vure tn be ~lwi in winch Mr Rogers plays the hero.
WtUArii f-' A lady in DMAcultlea ' and ? Twohitme*
nre annonmed for rc|ietllion this evening Meadames
Hoey and Allen M ti.innon. nJii Messr* Hlake, lister
ftivenport and Holland are in the catts.
I.?ra* KBwm's ? Tlie romantic drama called the "8ea
?>f Ice," m wbkb Vli-? Ke?-ne. and Messm Jordan, Jeffer
aon and WhraUcich have won ro much apidanae during
tile past five weeks, I* to be giren a few nighta more.
Th? Www Jtrvmui prenent an attractlre bill for their
oeneflt at 444 Hroad a ay , 1-iU- l)M Christy * Wood a llall
Tbatr select ton- oomprlM the "ftWMW Swain#,-' "Stook
Broker in Imih ultiea," txnigs. dauaea. *c. +
Amwiics* Mi shi m ? Tlie dramatic entertainments are
io oonawt of the "Wandering Buys " in the afternnon. and
' Time Trlen All" and ?'i^ogh and Drow rat" in the
evening All the places are very well cast.
Ctarra - Thuee who take pleasure in seeing all around
them eieeaeh ely happy and Joyous should mingle with
the maNxes ?ho tbrnug Yryoa'c circus, at S4 Bowery,
every night See the progamme.
Mnnomms*. Rurlerques, dances and songs, of the
tnoet aniusiUK descrl|>tion. are on the bills for to nigh l
'JIVter liper I'rpper Poda>" is to be given at Deo Chri'ty
* Wood s, and Sbukatterean Keadings' and the "Horse
Opara" at Bryant's.
Oovnwr.-M me Be Blentllle aaaouaee* a noncert at
lV>d worths So loon to night Several choic? musical com
t>witn?s are to be perfurtued, and many egcelleul trmt'
are to ashirt '
' Board of Ten Governor*.
The Board of Ten Governor* met yesterday ? C Godfrey
Gunther, President, in tbe chair. Among the members
present ?u tbe Mayor fleet, Daniel F. Tiemaun.
A bill of $30 for certain (Mini purchased jby tbe Board,
camo up for tbe Board to puna upon.
Mr Tikmamm expressed a wi.ih to look at it, and having
done mo. passed it to Mr. Beuj, F. Pinckney. who is also a
dealer in paints, and asked bun if it was not ton exorbi
tiuit'r Mr. Plncltuey thought it won; wbureupon Mr. Tie
maun declared be would no: vote for passing tho bill. It
was finally referred to the committee to report upon.
CoKJtiUJca V. Am>kkhom eullod tbe attention of the Board
to an abuse which be thought ought to bo abatod. It wad
In relation to discharging persons from tho workhouse and
other institutions on Black well's ft lan. 1, m m to citable
them to vote on election day. This practice tho Governors
strongly condemned, and ho understood that twenty per
sons niul been discharged from the workhouse last Mon
day, by one of the Governors who wished lb'-m to vole for
a certain candidate for Mayor.
Mr. Tjewann was of opinion that the Governors had a
right to discharge paupers from ibe workhouse, but they
bad an opinion front the Corporation Counsel which forbid
tbein from discharging from any other institution under
their care. He hoped that if any one had abused this
power of the Governors fur improper purposes, tt would
bo investigated, and steps taken to prevent, a recurrence
ot this practicc in future.
Mr. Towtouckb thought it would be well to postpone litis
subject until a fnll Iir.ard was present. l'erha|M the |*>r
son most interested in this matter w.m absent.
Mr. ItKNj. K. 1'iM kkkv thought Hi.it uuder tbe law tbe
Governors had <1 right to discharge all v -(grants. The le
gal opinion lliM bad bevii given ou Ibis subject Mas so am
biguous tbat it it left th>> matter as much Lu the dark as
Mr. Outer offered a resolution to tbe effect that tbe
matter should be tullj iuvestigatod, aud a repoi t present
ed embracing all the f,?ota. it was admitted that twenty
persons bad been discharged from oue of the institutions,
and tor the purpose ot voting, i' or one, ho was opposed
to this mode of procedure, and if tho tiovornors did h.?ve
this power, ho wished their praotu o and prerogative* so
guarded that it could not bo abused hereafter and Ivy wbotn.
Mr Tiexakx moved tbat Uio Warden be Instructed to
rive the names ot tbe parties discharged.
Alter Some further discussiou the mailer was laid over
for a week.
As the Board was about to adjourn, Mr. Tikmavx rose
aud mud be wished to say a tow words to his tellow uiem
lK-r- ot the iJoaru , as be was iu some doubt wliutlior he
could be able to meet with them again They all knew
the result of tho recent election. Ho hod been eliosou by
the good people of New York lor tho high office of Mayor.
Heverat Govkrjiokh (interrupting; ? lion t be in a hurry.
The votes havo not. bOeO countod yet.
Mr. TtRKAKN ? lib, I don't c^re tor that I am satisfied
tbat I um legally elected, and intend to t ike my seat next
January in the it tyot "s oilier. Mr. Tictuanu then wont on
to say that be could nolact with tho Board for the coming
I month, as he wi-jhed to acquaint him?e -arduous
duties m was item to WON. He t! re had con
cluded to resign his Office. It was w regret that
he left the Bo.ird. He bad been kii >> ^il tho
member*. and there were certaiu rc: the in.-t.iu
lion* be wished to ei" eifected bettor u the Boai d.
He referred to the Beiievue Hospita , i the I.unatii
As) lum and Workhouse, and hoped they would always
be under as goon management h.j they w.re ,.t
present. He was in favor of building a new peni
ti ntiarv for tciuales immediately, and he bad hoped
| to so#* it done before lie left '.lie Board. There
j wo* one other reform lie bail set his ln-arl upou. It was
to separate ih? IMi.t.'Pfi .ry Hospital from the Peniten
tiary. He was Of opinion that the hospital ought to have
a warden of its own, an<i ibal the resident physician should
be tbat oflicer Under tbe present law respectable females
w bo were diseased l>y dissolute husbauds were com polled
to de. laie theuutelv es vagrant* before they could be ad
milted to tbe hospital. Tins all wiolk and oughtto be
amended foi tliw itb. In coucluskm Mr Tie maun expressed
bis regret at leaving (lie Hoard, and acknowledged that be
bad entered It with strong suspicion as to the honesty of
its management. but all bis prejudices now vanished and
he became thoroughly conviucod of the good it was tho
meatus of doing.
Mr. Snira aud ether Covert ore expressed their sense of
tbe loss Mr. Tiemnnn would be io the Hoard, and hoped
the democratic members would ftll his place by a worthy
ti:;iu. Mr. Tiemann's resignation was accepted, to take ef
fect on the iMth instant, wbco tho Board will elect bis
successor .
CBMtiw of TnK ixsmrrnovs.
From the report of the wardens It s??m? tbat th?re
are 7,610 pel son.-. iu liio insliutions under tbe charge of
the Goramors ? showing an increase since last week of 179,
and an increase as com|>ared with last > ear of 1,662.
Board of Education.
Tin* Board held llictr Urst regular movliu^j fur thin
mouth ?t the usual time and place yesterday ? Andrew II.
Green, President, in the choir. After the minute* of the
previous meeting were read Commissioner IUi.kwt* a?ked
U> have theiu ho amended or changed as to read that
the Adjunct lYofmaor in the Free Academy shall receive I
$1,750 por annum, instead of S-.OtK), thin establishing a
difWence of fttO in the professorship* at the Academy.
An irreguiar debate artve upon the motion and occupnui j
nearly two hours of thv time of the Hoard.
I)?. Webster, Principal of the Free Academy, wan pre- I
Mr Bkmu>I'T uiauiUued that tko minute* were correct,
and considered any attempt to talf.ty tliem aa at least ;
Several other MBben spoke against the motion, some
denouncing the Free Acad.-my a* the greatest humbug in i
the equations! system of New York, ai.to bitterly com
plaining about ao mu'*h time being tak?n up hi the' lloard
la dbcuxkii ob the Free Acadetuy, two or three hours
hemp thui apent at every mooting, to the neglcct ol other
t ?lam.
At length the previous question wait called, and thn
motion to correct the minutes was loet, and they were
A communication from the ?? h< ol officers of Ward
SCfeool No 14, making appl? ntK'U lor the alteration of
.-aid . rboul hou*e, waa referred to the Finance Com
?MM, I
A communication waa read Trim l'rof<Htsor 1 tar too, of
the Free Academy , returning a check fur 918 4il which
hsd been paid to him, wider the Idea that the salaries of
the proti si or* of said in itttttinn had been ranted by tho
Hoard. The Board bad previously voted the MUM to the
l'rof> s*nr, and ordered too check returned to biui.
A quorum not being present thn lloard ihnn ad
Cltjr Intelligence.
A Cnuora ELtrno* Waor*.? Among the bete made on
Tui-Mlaj laxt as to tbu probable result of the Mayoralty
election , waa one the payment of which will doubtless
create considerable public excitement and amusement.
It seemr two gentlemen, anxious tn emolite the tame of
B? u Perl'*) Poors, agreed to a wager tj the effort that
the one whose favorite candidate waa defeated should saw
a load of wood in front of the Girard House on Thurs
day, between the hmir* nf on# and three o'clock 111 the
afternoon. 960 to be paid by the party who should forfeit
As Mr. Wood w.w the un?ii<w?Jtul < an. li bit* of Course
his backer will lia\?to saw the loud of wood or forfeit.
It t? undrratood that he refuses to do the letter, and con
sequently a ant absurd scene w ill lake place at tho cor
ner of Weat Broadway and Chamber* strnet to-day.
Mr. Sewall A. (Mbert is the name of the party who will
Hit lite wtmmI. Mr. Jam?H H. llrown is the person with
w bom the bet was made.
SmsTtM Amur t> WnrTKiiAM. Strskt. ? An altercation
took place last evening in Whitehall street, fcrtween Wot.
Burns, a letter carrier, and James Leonard, a hark man,
t during wMcli the latter received three pistol shot* in dif
f? rent parts of his Nwty , lircl by liitrn- ?>ue ?bOt took
effect In Uie Beaky part of the itilgb, mflu tiug s severe
wound anoth< r hell struck him on the forehead , passing
over the top of the bead, without doing severe mjury The
third passed through the breast of his coat, hut without
1 entering his t*?ly. Tin- wounded him Waa mnveyed to
the New York Hospital, after an examination by I>r Van
Uer Burns was arrested and taken to the First precinct
i tatiou house where ho waa held for examination.
TBI UrxstnoYitn.? Another meeting of the unemployed
was held at 'AKI Bowery, yesterday afternoon, for the pur
poee of receiving the report of the F^ecutire Committee,
relative to the formation of s Workingmeti'a Protective
Union. The report of a plat form of principles, by laws,
constitution. *c , for the propound union was read by
by Mr. Settler. Secretary of the committee, and discussed
at ( unstderab ?? length t>y various members of the com
mlttec and meeting. Tlrr meeting adjourned for one week, '
after hat nig adopted the report with alight amendments. [
Finn tv PmKXTH Aviwt s ? Aboui three o'clock on Wed- j
ncsday morning a Are was discovered in the grocery store ;
So. S70 Seventh avenue, corner of Thirty -fourth street, I
kept by Patrick '?wens. It originated sm?ng some empty j
boxes, Md was extinguished before it did much damage. ,
The building is owned by Samuel Sparks; it t? damage 1
aitoiit t-iu mid lnsurp?l. Wr. Owens e??imate< his lo-x at
alM'iit >.".?> lie is Insured for 91 .000 m the fk'-ean ln-u
ranre tomi<ai<y. Tlie origin of the Are is not known at
present; It will be invnstignfd hy the l*irn Marshal,
t, as KxrKotos. ? Tli<' alarm of Ore for the Fifth district
on Wi ilneaday aftemi 'W, between 13 and 1 o'clock, ww
caused by an explosion of gas In the restaurant kept by
Perry Ms pes, under ? Md l?ll"wa' llail, corner of (Irani
anil Centra street* It ajipi ars that escaped gin w u smalt,
m the xaloon. when Mr. Mai?'s t?H?k a lighted candle to
tlnd Its whereabouts. On opening a door leading to tin'
area, whw b had been covered In, the escaped gas ignitod
and produced a terrlQc explosion, tearing down a large
portion of the ceiling and shattering the doors and win
dows into atoms, file km of tho explosion als" dan
troyed the windows in the tailor's store over the saloon,
and ripped up a part of tbe store fixtures It also threw
several of th?' Stone stej>? out of plare. Mr Mapea fortu
nately craped with burnt hands only. The damage done
to the building will probably amount to $M0.
IttntiAt. V?nwa? ? It appears that Mr Benjamin 0. Tru
man, who was arrested on Tuesday for attempting to vote
Illegally, was discharged yesterday, it haying been shown
that he had a perfect right to vote
Naval Intelligence.
Tlie United States steamship f*?n .laclnto. Capt. Bel, was
at Sluuinhae on the lfith of September
Tli.' stoop of war l#vant. Com. Smith, waa at Hong
Kong on the S6th of September.
Csart Oalendar-TWt Bay.
I mm Statw Kisnucr Conn.? Noa. M to 91, M, M to
The Cajulted Boat of the Fidelia.
?Hurl" Ku-kija, Kaet Kiver, Dec. 2, 1867.
8iK? In reforonrn to the Hiuemont in the Hnuui of' to
day, regarding ih<> acrldont that occurred In the river, by
the upsetting (>f a boat, I beg to say til at you are miam
formitl. Tlie boat ws* not going "from," but to the ship
Fidelia. 1 was on board at ttan time, and saw the wliolo
a.Iair. There *m not " one man drowned," as tho |>?p?*r
Mates. I Immediately lowered a boat, which succeeded in
re?<uing the foUier, mother and four children, who were
at out** brought into the cabin, and received every alien
bon till ijuite restored I am, sir, your ob'd'l serv't,
W. H. COULATORE, Chief Officer.
If Yon Wmil a Fine Winter Style of Hat
?o and eiamine KSPK.N'dCHKID'S. at 1U Nassau street.
rlee K1 60.
"White's Fall Style |3.-Lait Spring Style
induced to the low price of $2. at WHITE'S, the hatter, lid
Fultou atreet, live doors east or Broadway.
Putty UFp. Knox's Fall and Winter Style
of hsls ? Also new style of boys' caps. No. 212 Broadway,
corner of Fulton street.
The Port raits of Daniel F. Tlontann, Mayor
elect, wnd of Feruaudo Wood, present Mayor, liy llowland,
from amhrolypes by Brady, are published In ili>- New York
Weekly Sun. Two crnis pr.r copy. Keady at the counter o<
the Sun office this morning.
Furs, Fun. l.adlu.' Fun, at Uanta'i Old
stand, cornrr of t.'&nal and Monster streets Splendid seUol
mink and Hudmu buy sable, in large cupes. half c tpes and
vtctorlnea, with mull's and eolfs lo uiateb, now selling olt ?t
greatly reduced prices, tor cash, at BANTA'S, eornor ot Ca
nal sud Woosler street*
Iterance Salamander Naltu*? Vilth Patent
powder proof locks an.1 cross bars. A tar. Urn and burglar
proof parlor safes. Depot 18 2 Pearl street.
Queen's Artist, at Holmes', 289 Broadway. ?
Dollar photograph*. Mi ccnt miniature* and city views. Citf
Hull taken yesterdsy.
Yellow and Brown Sngarii a* Low Prlrea?
r.lso teas, fruits. Ae.. may be had at J. O. FuWI.KH ? t.'O.'l
200 and 438 Greenwich street.
Hill's Hair I>ye, only Four Shilling a Box?
Black or brown; No. 1 Barclay street. InfaUtblu ongucot,
troth powder and e?trscts.
Bntrfarlor's Hair I>ye, Wigs and Toupees. ?
The best in the world, surpassing all mitde. Sold aud spelled
at the manufactory, tin Broadway.
I 'rlstAdoro's Hair Dye, Wigs and Toupee*
? The very l?sttn I he world. For sale, and the dye privately
applied, ai No. 6 Asuir Howe.
Harry's Trtcopherous Is the Best and Cheap*
?st article for dressln pr, hetulifyliig, eleansln $, curling, pre
serving and restoring the. h*u l-iUies, try ii. Sold by all
Rupture. ? Mivr*li & Co.V Radical Cure
Truss office removed to No 2 Vesey street, Astor House.
Dtaraeen of the Throat and Lungl
Cured bv the application sud inhalati in of
Circulars conuuning testimonials trom Thurlow Weed, j
Tsssc V. Fowler aud Wm. B. Townsen I, Es ps , tlen. Dull' i
1 i recti, and from many other prominent person* Can !>?> had |
at lti Suite strewt, east side of the Battery. 60 cents a bottle. i
Croup and Whooping Cough.? Croup ean j
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To Dlsenfevt a Nkk Room use J. R. Staf
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Murray A I<anman's Florida Water. -.The
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Holloway's Pills Operate Upon all the Organs
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ing the w hole pbj steal fabric.
A Retired Physician, 75 Year* of Age,
Whose sands ot life have nearly run out. discovered while in
i he Ksst Indies, n Cfi lain cure for e <^tiupM"ii, asthms, bn'ii
chills, coush%, rtilds and general dcfilfl^-. The remedy was
dut i \ered l ) hi.T when us only ebild, adanghter, was given ,
| up to die lie had li. ?r.l III Ii.'li of (lie woudarful r^eiorallve 1
and healing qualities of preparatlont made from the KujU lu
dis hemp, and Ibe Ihoiiglit occurred o him thai heiniKht make :
I s reine>ly for hu < hlld lie studied hard aad suceeede<i in ]
resltringhiswlsl.es. Ills child wss cured snd Is now alive !
and well lie liss since administered ihe wonderful remedy
to thousands nf snti?-r? re in all parts of the world, and li- has ;
never faili d In making thera completely hi alihy and happy, j
Wishing lo do ss much giaal ?n possible, be will send lo so< h
of bis ntttlctcd tellnw beings as request U, this recipe, with tull |
and ripltclt directions lor making It up an.1 siieceKsfully using !
It lie requires each applicant to inclose him one shulisg? |
three cr nts to he retiirm d as jioslage on the recipe anil the I
remainder to be applied to the pai ment uf this adrerttaciaeQt. !
Address Dr. II J*u?es. 19 'iisiid stre.-t, Jerse) City, N. J.
Wkonkspav, Dec. 2-8 P. M.
The stock nmrkct remains in a cosnparutivuly
quiet state. The transaction* to day were princi
pally for run h, arid aH a general thing at higher
prices. At the first board ( Cumberland Coal Caa
jmny advanced 4 lH'r cent; Delaware and Hudson, I
|t New York Central Kail road, 4: Erie, 1; Hud* in
Hailroad, 1; Harh-m, j; Reading, Michigan Cen
tral. 1; Cleveland and Toledo, $. Hi le lioud*. IHU,
declined 1 per cent: Cleveland and l'ituburg, 4
Michigan Southern, <>ld, op?ned at an advance of '2
per cent, hut fell off and cloned at ye*terday's price*.
Chicago, Burlingtou and Quincy Railroad stock
closed at 63 |>er cent, which w a decline
since last mile. Thin company has paid an
nual dividend* of twenty per cent lor *me
years, and ha* showed large surplus earning!*. It is
now rejtorted that the company have a large tloaling
debt. and that it lathe Intention of the Hoard of
Management to pax* the dividend* until thin debt
ii* paid off from the net earning)*. This is the true
policy to pursue. Tliere ii actual safety in noch a
system of financiering, and we wi^h there wa.; rcore
of it. The movement in Li ('nM?r and Milwaukle
Railroad stock to-day wa* strong. and price* were
well sustained. The reorganization of the !fcmrd of
Director* of thw company is likely to lead to the
happiest result*. The lsuidt-d debt ban I wen limited
to an amount moderate for the pn?|>erty represent
ed, and the future will, Isyond all d >ubt, develupe
result* satisfactory to all parties interested. At the
the second board the market wm without nmch
change. The ino*t active movement wa* in Cleve
land and Tcledu, and price* were well auatained up
to the clow.
The Assistant Treasurer report* to-diy as fol
Tm?l receipt* ?_?*
Total (Mymriil-i AM,'** t>5
Total 1 1? lain r 4, 097 ,0ft 37
The receipts today include f 11. 000 from custom*.
The steamship Niagara, from I lost on for Liverpool
to-day. (Wednesday.) carried out (71 1,500 in specie.
Upwards of hall a million of thi.* sum went from
tins city. The steamship Atlantic, from this p>rt lor
Liverpool on Saturday, will take out a large amount
of sjiecic, and tliere will also be a large shipment by
the Africa from this port next wrek.
The exchanges at the Clearing llon.se this morning
were 118,2.11,6*1 39, and the balance* paid #.?U,
218 (Hi.
Tlie steamship America, at Halifax from Liver
pool, bring* thne day* later news from Europe.
The financial intelligence l< interesting and Impor
tant. In Hie lsmdon money market there ha<l been
no Improvement- The pressure continued undi
minished, and there was no diminution in the de
mand. Several heavy failure* are reported. The
cotton market was very dull, and a further dcrline
in price*, to the extent of one half to three-quarter*
of a |*nny a pound, is reported. Breadstuff* were
lower and the markets Inactive. From the manti
factoring districts nothing new I* given. They were t
generally quiet. The closing quotation* for consols
were R!?| a !H> per cent. The rate* of interest re j
maincd without alteration. There can lie no perma
ntwit relief to the Lmdon money market until most
of the large borrowers are removed by failure.
Thought improvement In consols is in consequence
of this distrust and loss of coulldence in commercial
paper. A similar state of thiuga exists here. For
commercial purpose* money is scarcer here tlian ha*
licen known for years, and it is likely to continue a<>
for several months. In l.ondon it will be the same;
and in the face of thl* we expect to see a steady ad
vance in quotations for consols.
The financial advices from England are not at all
favorable. The Bank of Kngland ha* l>een compelled
to issue note* beyond the point fixed by the Hank
act, and it ha*, therefore, forfeited it* charter. In
1847. when an Order in Council, permittlnK the bank
to pass the legal point, was made for the first time,
the bank did not avail Itself of the privilege, and the
charter was coasequently preserved without any
special act of Parliament. Bat now a different *t?te
of thin sexists. In 1817 there wan no financial, re- j
vulsion and ilie necessities of the commercial classes ?
were not no pressing as to le^uire tlie bunk to ac
tually make the issue. The fact that the bunk had j
the privilege of doing so from the government re
stored confidence, and all difficulty at once disap
peared. Now the rase u very different. A financial
revulsion ha* spread over the wl*>le commercial [
world, and the financial aflaiix of ever y trading
nation are seriottsly disturbed. Credit and
confidence have, for the moment, dbapi>eared.
and the hank or systems of thin country and Oreat
Britain are all deranged and upon the point of being
remodeled. Tim two great mo ivy centres of the
world, London and Mew York, are struggling along
uuder similar difficulties, produced by nimilar causes,
and likely t o result in bimilur effects and con.se
qur nces. The banks of each city are under a stato
of suspension ; in eaeti Ike charter k forfeited by the
sus|.cnsion; in each the suspension was the result
of the same influences; iu each the law has been for
the moment annulled, leaving it to the legislative
powein to destroy or protect the different institutions
In their operations. The Bank of England depends
upon the favor of Parliament in retaining its char
tered rights and privileges, and the banks of this
city depend npon the support of the Legislature of
the State of New York in retaining their charters
and in avoiding the constitutional penalty for sus
pending. In the investigations winch these legis
lative bodies must institute regarding the sus
pension of specie payments, it will be found that
the same influences were at work both in New York
Rnd London. Ilere the Anglo-American banking
houses, in connection with many depositors among
the mercantile classes, by a combined action forced
our 1 tanks into susi>ension. In London the same re
sult was produced by the joint stock banks, but in a
more indirect way. The private bankers here made
a simultaneous attack upon the banks by drawing
largely for specie. In England the joint st<wk banks,
by aiding and encouraging speculation, by favoring
all sorts of enterprise, and extending credits upon all
kinds of operations, produced a state of affairs in the
money market which forced the Bank of England In
raise its rate of interest rapidly from six to ten per
cent, without eren by such stringent a^ts removing
the difficulty. Notliing short of an Order in Council,
allowing the b?nk to issue an unlimited amount of
notes upon approved security, was the alternative,
and to that thv bank was compelled to resort. Par
liament will investigate the matter thoroughly, and
the whole affair will lie presented in its projier light.
Our Legislature should do the same. Rend for per
sons and papers, and let us see if we have among us an
antagonistic internal, which, in periods of distrust
and cmbaiTusMU'iit, can step in. and in so short a
time force our banking institutions into a suspen
sion. The suspension of s]>ecic payments by the
Bank of Entflam and the banks of this city is an
event not dreamed of sixty days before it occurred.
No one anticipated it, and the actual position of the
ins' itulious themselves did not make it necessary,
bnt a series of c reumstanres of the most extraordi
nary character, as unforeseen as they were vioh-nt
and formidable .n their operation, suddenly arose
and swept away banks of undoubted strength uud
solvency like so nnnch chaff.
It is reported by telegraph from Halifax that the
steamship America from Liverpool brings the intel
ligence that the house of George I'eabody A Co.. of
I>ondon, had been compelled to call upon the
Hank of England for assistance, and that it had
been promptly rendered to the extent of one
million pounds sterling. This fact speaks
volumes for the character and credit of the
house. The policy of the Bank of England is to ren
der aid where the financial difficulty and embarrass
ment is solely the result of circumstances beyond
the control of the party involved; and where the
bank does grant the aid required, the financial world
may take it for granted that the house concerned is
: perfectly solvent, and sound at the core. The firm of
1 George Peabody A Co., of Ixtndon, la intimately eon
I nected with American interval* and American finan
cial and commercial affair* generally. It hat for
many yean wielded an immense capital, and aided
and encouraged all the moHt prominent enterpriaea
of the day. Ita ramilicationa of bnainoaa hare been
ao extended, and it ha* been ao intimately identified
with American credit throughout Europe, that the
financial rem Won which has swept oror thia conn
try mnat have taxed ita inirnrnar iwourcaa fur th??
moment to their utmunt limit. In ruatuining the
hou*oof (ieorgc Pealaaly A. Co. the Hunk of Kiiglaud
waa well aware that it wa* auatawing vaat interrata
on thia aide of the Atluntic, and the wimlmn of the
act in therefore apparent. The liank of England ami
the great hanking houMB of Lood'Hi make up the
Ouantial power of that money centre. Th?*ii inteieatw
are identical, and there ifl therefore a mutual sup
port in the application of the aggregate resources.
Wc do not liaik now for the failure of any impor
tant Anglo-American hanking houae of l/mdon.
The poaitlon of the liauk of England guarariteea the
continuance of the principal prhate hanker*, and thin
remuvea all apprehension* of the panic heiug revived
or apreiuliiig hy any diaaatrou* intelligence of that
kind. The failure of the houae of ( Jeorge Peabody A
Co.. of London, Mould ha\e been alimwt a national ca
lamity, and the foresight of the manager* of the Rank
of Knglaud never waa more clearly illustrated than
by the protii|>t action in the matter and the liberal
support tendered. In 1M7, whrn the three great
houae* In l/nndnn connected with the American
trade? Wild, W iggin and Wilaon -applied to the Bank
of Kngland for relief, It wax at onne refnaed, and
tlioee hounen immediately anapended. The manager*
of the hank were well p<?rtcd in regard to the fin.in- I
cial condition of the hiaiae* named, and extended no
helping hand. The reault ahowed their MAgarity.
The failurea proved ao bad that the creditor* got
little or nothing for theft claim*.
?) S'
it %
?2* 00 Ohio 6'-. ..
M * 0 K) 6"? 16 yfa..
MJOO Mlaaoiiri 6 > . . . .
inc*. Keati?< kjr ? a. .
30*hi K> Bprci lfti? w
?CMNYCa.'TS, <'Siat 1<*?
MM X Y Can Kit ft a at
MXJ Jf Y OB Mt 7 'a
4000 Cm ?ia. "71
1000 Hail Kit lit iul|?
1000 Goalies Mr t'H. .
leroo 111 < *?> RR bd?.
i'mo lie
.">i mi T It A. AttCdmtg
1>( no M< Kfl|?'linH>?cb
6s *|va Manlixttaa Kk ll?
lo <\m Kx Hinb MJf
ft M'UopoiiUu Rk. . W
4*> Market lioik #1
a Impta A Trda Kk . Oft
lOOCautonCo 1*H
ib.1 Cum < ? *1 Co 10',
60 do a3 lot,
100 l?l A; iluj CI 0fc. 10:, >,
.10 do lOCifc
M do 104 Si
2ft rem ( ">al Co.,,, fit',,
30 lac M?.l Hip Co.. ia
.to *3 6*%
216 Rni City I Ami Co 4 %
200 'to b?0 4v,
(4 N Y OeB KK . <>|>n "4 V
Srtft do 7ft
100 <to opf 76',
100 (to (>PK 71
1P44 Frie RR 17
Rtarli Rirhnni*.
Wwnmr, r?ee 2, IfcTiT
MOahaHar Mtpr.bW ao
?? lvcaitme KK .<*> M
;xa? do... bao
S<ai do
<<oO do
!?? ?lo i^o
in Hi' fcOntRK....
M <to
M do
66 do
)o rantit.it KK
00 Mch S.A. Mi I KK
a: ft
?m, ,
'lo. .
do. .
Mi tlickSkMa pt
60 ito...
IN .to.
14a do
2ft "do
Ml 111 Cen KK t?4
M> do all) Wt%
100 Clef #. l'iUa'( KR.
lit i.aletia Ar Chi RR.
400 tie 1 A I'd RR
64 S
at V
3ft \
? 10
17 ?*
?t 'a
21 *
60 Mud Klvrr KR.
N . _
70 llarlom KR ai,
70 do n\
100 do
?tono Mtaaoiirt 6'a . . . 70
1?M K CkrallH . *7
MW 111 Cen RR lw . . 117
WOO T H A A!t2 tmtif fit >%
nam 1*' a: Mm 1 'ti .tlx 20
27 ?ha I?el * H CI On 104',
60 do a30 104 H
30 do 104 H
60 N Y On RR aao 74
2ft do .opf 74\
10 do Me 76
100 do t>30 76
10 Krta Kailroa t . ... 17
M do . 17 H
400 do aOO W,1j
Ml Chi A IVk k I KR..
loo do
10 do
10 dn.......^.
100 Mil *Mib* KK 1*90
:xn tat'r?"*eAiMiiKK
loo do bio
226 do...,,....
116 do
ftO do alO
10 Sew .tor?ey RR .
Vt C B A ijuui' ej' KK
14 ?
4-'1 '?
700 ?h? l!rte Railroad
M0 Rcailt!-* Railnakd.
M ??,, ,,,, ,,,
2ft MIrh Ho A V taRR
140 do
2ft WtrhHArMa prt^k
llKi (irv A Tot RR k7
ito ?16
100 I* Cro*?r
100 1'ananut RR lain
SO Ilarl"Ui Railroad
? '?
21 ,
43 V<
fly A H ATtonfay
$2,M*> Hlack IWver ami litica 7's Int adde?l 30
Z,i'?0 MU it auk to CHy 7 per ot into. of 1877. Jo. 58X ?5*?
MM) Sacramento City 7 [wrd bds. of 1875. du. 62
?t,i**j Ureal Wfs|/>rn(lll )HU 1st inor IO'h d.>.33>? A t*
1 ,610 AtUutic Mutual lua. Scrip of 1850. . ,,4 78
OoO <lo d* 1847. 08J?
20 fcluu-H KxcuUior Fire Iusurauce Co 100
86 do La C'rotuo & Milwuuluo Kit 13
Also llii> followiug business notes of haud:~
Beuie,Melick&DewiU,at4m.ldue July 12, '5T. $701 14 10
<i(> do 17, '47.1 ,()I7 46 . li>
do do AtOOdafra, dooJuoo 18r't7. 5?o47..lu_
By H. Mullrr.
20 shares leather Maaulartiirers' llank 122
VI) do. Tra4MMM% task Urt
!<o do. Bremen's ln.uira.iro Co 140
30 do. Metropolitan kirn Insurance $S **
60 dn. tirocers' Urn Imiuranrr l)o lt>4\ :
100 do. Arctic Fire Insurance (!o ?? Ul
MX) do. American k For. Iron Pavement Co. p. s. 2'i
Hy K. II l.u.tJtiw J llo.
$2,000 Cleveland and Toledo ",'n bit added 64
fr,000 Terra llauw and Alton 8's do. 61
/<y S lt*a\wr
*1 ,000 Galena And Chicago 7*8 Int. added 90 j
$0,000 California 7's do. 64 a 64* '
f'i.OOO Milwaukie and Beloit 8-'s do. 20
$2,000 Missouri 6's do. 77 Hi '
co shares l'heuix lfcuik 04 j
It) do. Bunk of New York ?4>?a944?
20 do. Kxcrl&tor Fire Insurance Co ft# .4 I
vi do. Grocers' h ire Insurance Co. 102
150 do. N icuragua Transit Co. $2
10 do. Commonwealth llank 80
Wku.vk^tuy, IJac. 2, 1857.
The current prices for tho week at all the uuukvU aro j
n>i rollowh
First quality.. $10 75 a 11 00 Omtmoa $0 60 a 10 00 i
OnUW] 10 00 a 10 60 Iufertor 7 60 a 9 00 i
First quality .. 60 00 a 60 00 Common. 40 00 A 46 00 ?
Ordinary 50 00 a 65 00 Inferior.,,.,, 26 00 a 36 00
Extra quality.... 6>i'c. a 7c. Otlier qualities 4}?c. a 6c.
SIlKfcl' AHU UM1B.
First quality . . 4 00 a 6 60 Other qualities 3 00 a 4 00
First quality,. 6*{c. a 6\c. Other qualities 6c. A 6>fc.
We saw no evidence of auy improvement in the market
thin week; but, In some respects, it wan much |s>orer than
laat week. 1 bore were ratlior more good cattle on sale,
but us the cvMiuid was very moderate, they failed to
brine any mere than the bent ligures quoted last week, in j
fact, we heard of no Kales ut over 11c., but some pursistud
in saying that >a)cs were nude at higher rates. That
story" was told, liowevr r, by buyers, who always think,
or pretend to, that the} are paying from to l,l,c.
more for bee! than they rtmlly do pay. There wero sales
to-risy at 7>,i , an l very many at Irom He,. to Uc. The
average qusldy of the offerings w*s much the same an last
week, uolwtllihlaud.'jg there wen* more good cattle on
sale on at co<uil ol' the inci ease lit the receipt*, and the
cou^equt-nt lacrt use of poor cattle New York was repre
M uU'ii by ab?jut two thirds ot the supply at Allertoo's, lb
tceu hundred und fli'tcou head bavuig be. 11 seut iu troni
ibis Male, very many of which were old, tough looking
creatures, witii but very little fat to hble tbmr bonos. It
?a? Hiought that quite a nuniber would l>? lelt over un
bold, but an the market ? a.~ more uitire during the after
no?i), vu presume the supply wils ezhausUMl. The yards
In the morning were very niuitiy, and butchers were
unty in making their appi aimnco, owing partly to th? late
polit'ioal battle. The contest was quite I'reely discussed,
e-pe< mil) dm mg lb" early part ol 'lie day wheu busianM
was very dull. A*>out 260 be, el of cattle elutngi ?! bands
at Berg? u Dill on Monday at from 7K< to Mo. At all tlte
yards 111 this city the market ia represauted as ha v tug
been extremely dull duriug the whole week
TJie receipts sre gradually decreasing, but are fully
equal to the demand, whie.h ronluiuex moderate for all
der-criptions. Flrhtrlaai cows sell a little more readily,
at pi >een ranging from $60 to $06, and iu some OH'W
higher prices are obtained.
vkal calvks.
Tlie receipts buve been considerably lighter during the
pa*l few Weeks, but the demand being moderate prions
have not advanced, 7 cunts being about the top of thu
market, w :th a few sales making occasionally at 7>,c.
The market has Ilurtuated to a considerable extent
di ring tin past week, In <?< n-equence of the light receipts
Of two ?* three day s, as likewise the heavy reeflpts of
last week. SNMdays prl<v* have range.) higher, and
s.'ine days l"wer lb aii our quotations of l?.it week, hut the
sale* of to day Cloned at aUiut the ratea that aer? ob
tained l?-t week Tlie market was poorer aupplied, and
\ ery good lambs w ere s.arceand w anted, alt bough the
demand in the morning was very moderate. Th" quality
of the lieat atto-?p aud lalllbn W u<H been very extra tbw
season, and taking an auuierage the quality has been
quite poor , there having been brought In so many poor
old sheep, which were loo old to be of auy prollt much
longer, and were hurried oil to market for fear that they ,
might die ou then own- r?' li?u>U during the o>ming 1
w iBler.
The receipts of swine in this city during the past week j
have been enormous, Mimt day n there have arrived by ;
the Krle and otlier railroads aa many aa 1 ,20U u> t,MS>,
and price* have rece<led l4c teconaeMMWe The supply
at Mlerton's wua uut so very large, but as there are s<?
many in the city aud they arc arriving so fust, prices will
in all probability decline still more. Tlie number on sain
at Allerlou's wan S.061 bead, most of which sold at froul
I" ' .V for corn led. Mtill hngn are in small supply
Thetidal recei|>ts of all stock At All the yar?ls for the
week were as follows:?
(Viet and t'eat Sh'-p'ind
flrmrg. CitltrJ. Calrrt. Lamia.
Allertoa's 2.JI37 ? 221 I
Browning's........... 75 10 11 2,270
( hamberiin's ........ . 2n7 (Wt 77 3, .'187
110 14 00 ?
Total 2,706 137 300 7,616
Total last week 2,66# 123 278 12.657
Total since. Ian. 1... 141, 7V6 12,4X4 32.7U5 4J| ,uau
Tlie following 1* the repo.l of lire sto* k brouKhl over
thia road, destined for New York, for the week ending
this morning ?
Cattle, head 070 Calve*.. 83
.?-beep 1,:V40
11.312 Total 13,734
Wri'VWDIT, l? r a ? ? P. M.
ArMiiei. ? (nUpm of 50 barrel* |*H* were made at 7c. |
IVarlx were quiet nt ?i,o.
HHBAH*rvr>* ? Hour ? The market, under lh? Influcnoo '
III (III' foreign low* li) (III) Alll' llttt, combined Willi It
i.r>x>|Mi | of |u :r<>Mc<l rec"lp1* and u limit>"l demand, wa*
In n\y, arid eloeod nt it further decllnn of about 10c. |mt
bairel. The Mlm were confined to almnt O.'iOO a 7 'MJ9 ,
barrel*, within the range of tho following quotations : ?
iNyrtii* Mate H a 4 90
Kura (Hate 4 W a 6 10 |
Weirtcrn atifl Ohio *tipcrftnn. . . . . I (6 t i W
i ? ir.i i 'I and ttmlfni It "0 a .*i 75
Canadian auperfliM and extra 4 !'i ? 4 ft
Italtituore, Alexandria and Georgetown 6 10 a & 36
r-otithern lanry and extra 5 to a " (?i
t h?*r extra family and baker*' brau<ls I Tit* M
tiff flour 1 4o * 4 35 ;
Cbrn ??I........ ?' -0 a .'i 70
Canadian Hour wa ? al*o heavy and lower. while the sale* I
embraced about 300 a 400 barrels atth" i'uk i i.itmoa.
Sraitbern l.ran'l* were in moderate re.(m??t, but dull and j
low i r with eale* oi mlmut *00 laarreU? at the aNive
tt?ur<?. Kye flour waa easier. with *ale* ?>i ttJO a
.oi) !>ari vie at quotation*. Corn m<*al ww t)rm
at our figure*, while aupplieM wi -re light and
*alea lituiU-d Wkrat ? The uurket wan b"avy
an ! |>r ;??<?? iin.-- ttli il The *alcj 'mora. < I i'm n ?? mm *
lo.ooo l>iie beta, included in whk h wre red Tmmmo* at
$1 Ml. ?li.h -Umtbern at $1 Jta9l 4o and Utilwankio
. lull ?t |l l.rr,- II.. ..I U..*|. ri. I I. nall'l?d
S*ic.. * U K- aaie* of about lO.OuO a 12.000 bm-hela, Inelud
ing mixed Anthem, new .tnd old yellow, were made at
fcor a Mr. from More and deliTered . new Southern 'to at
7 Ac. a 7*f , and Jer*ey now at It* a *..V Kye ? ?*!???? ot
it. ui 2..'iOO bil*heix MMtal Wer? tuadeal 7%;. MMMli
lialrey wa* at 70r a *?? and barley malt at i??r a ^"?c
"at? ? The market wa* dull, with small eaten of Statu at
4ft< a 4sc. a 5o>
Cnmft. ? Hate* of 400 mat* of .lava were ma le at lfi',r.
a 10c.. four mouth*. W'tb :;o0 Kio at t>?e. alb' . and
?J.KI't i!o do were wild by rim turn Ion urii'le*. it*-, a
10 S*"-, average U.SSc. , *ui?taining pr? ?mu? price?
iirrtm ? The tore'gn new* nn-wtttr.l ?r?<1 .li |.re. -e?! th?
market, and aa dealer* ware di?j -??.l to await tUe r?i I'lpt
ol the Anierica'i tMUla. tio aalea of niiimcnl wee i< i?orted.
KHMcrrw ? IUt? ? were um hanK' d, wh le <'nr?t<<'m"til4
wrre Ipht T? IJfrrpiail about .>.ta*? barrr!* tlour wnro
MM part to Ull up. at l< M a l< Vd. (rain waa no
mtnai at M. . and eo?<w at 5 3'id To london about Itw
tier<"ea tx-< I were ri |t*g. d ?t 4? 4-1 , and !,&?*) barTeU
lb ur. to Ull up. at i?. hate* hi tbf Cont.iieul weru iimi
live and iiIh banged.
Kteit ? About boo qumtala of dry cod were mid at I.I iS
a>. :t7 S Mai keri l were more a< tiT?. The n^lue?|
r iii b.i? m ii ' ? ikhl In purrhaaer*, aalee witbin a ilay or
t*o bare eliibran d alxiut 1 ,J00 barrel* la.-g< Li;
?etl- No 1 at %\> a S7 . an t gnu a 3?*? No ado. at a
No 3 Wi re ?inlet Halifax berr.ng weri' in K^x^d
uemaud, with *alea of ^ta) a .H?> l?rr?u at ? . a I AO.
Mat ? Nile* of ?ome 1 .ftw a 2.ouo bab-, w?N made for ?
abipp n? at h6r a ffte
Hoi*- were Mi . with \igh? sale* tv w <-rop it Ac a ar
Lixr ?Tte market waa rtea.lv, wuh moderale *alea nf i
T:.*klard at H.'>e for common, aim at 91 f??r lump, and 7 <A) I
bbla. mmmon were mild, deliverable in Newark , at
MotAwta ? Hab * of A bh I* and -JH Merry Oitwt f?a> I
va<io wert- m<?de at .Or a u4e . atioot ltv Mi l* do , part
at 3lc. and the remainder at p I , and a *maH lot f'urto
Kin at 'it*'. , ?iiil 10 hbd*. do at 'JUr , 4 niontb.".
Saui PpiriU turpentine aere in fair demand,
with aab* ol ab?it)t I'Ott bbla at 4.1c.. r?ah. common r<*nin
aaa^n la.r ri-que-t. with ?al<? of 1 .1**1 bbl* at >1 ,;S |x>r
did lb dellvri .d. cru le *t' nomiaal, and other dea< rip
turn* without change of moment
tut* ?Mt -? el wa* in Iw'tti r demand at the present v>w
raiiKe of t>rice*, and the sale* embra- ed about IS <100 a
gallottr American lm*eed at ikic aUc. A New Bed
lord paper of the uoth ull ha* the following notice regard
Ing the movement* m that market the (irevtoua week ? .
Tr.r market bax been rery nnlet xiriee our laat , and tV>
oolj tran-ao IM i* a *ale ol aUiut 75 bbla. sperm at 91 per
galinn. at which price holdera are firm
l noxi.-i >!?* _Vork? The market wa* quite dull aiul*alea
rrn rtnt i| to about 200 a .'100 bbl* . Including r w ital old
me?? at tin. With a IM uader wet^bt at ?1T Ml, and prime
at $1?, and *<me under weight at a lea* flgura clear
mesa waa at ?19, and thin do 9IA 7ft IV< r wwt In gwd
mpplj and heavy, with *ale* of about 12* bhl* , in Tula,
at Wi 7ft a t 4 7ft for country prime, and H tii * fil# for
me?a do . 911 50 a $13 26 for repacked Western, acvl at
$14 a 914 7ft for extra do plain and uttra me** range<l
from 913 2ft a 914 50. prime mi*? waa nominal at 02<> a
9-.i llacon waa dull, with small ar.iea ot H eatern 'tiftked
at tl Sr * H\c. Cut meals conunoed heavy, with amail
sale* of rf^.uliler* at 7 HC. a *?., aad of hairo> at O'.c ?
inuo lard wa? hea^ y . with *ale< of IrtO % bhU
at 10c a 10SC. Preaaed hog* were at Ar a Oc Butter
waa in moil?r*te requ^t, at 13c a 17c for <>hio, aalat
1 Uc. a 20c. let ?*t>- ? M a'. 9c
PriiA**. ? Tli* rnarkot wtw without change of i
in price* , white aalea embrane*1 %bo?if W) hMa Out*
luuMXivadu MiUiiii the range of fi\c. aftl^e
Vra The naif held to day went off heavily, (-aporiaJly
lor the lower grade*, while aoveral lot* were withdraws.
TUu market wiUi the trade woe flat utii trauaacitoM and*
Wiidokt ? The market iru oaaior, with Rains of I
Uti hhU. at Yi%r?
?*H? lkdhkk is out
The Udfr la nut.
The Keener la out.
The Ladgrr U out.
The I.?dger la out.
Sohl evury where
ll(is.s * TOUM&Y. Agaatt
Nna Hi and MB Kullon utreet.
Over a quarter of a million dollnna worth ?f
Muxl be mil l ai ?? greal aaertllM
no wnoi.rsai.c or kkt*ii, nan.* cu orraa
I'-iint' au?l wfl
Don't buy until rou calL
Open until 9 F M.
TIIKO. R. n. anngQO*.
O r.UU. btiM, n>)? rMdf it JUk HI', U Au altml, i
the Mu?cm.
It Ml evrrvbndT'a interna luat now to r iimult rronnmy.
Ilonaekeeper* ean <l?i re by making llielr purcliaaeaof
fflaKi, gxa II (tu re* tod Htlvrr plated war* of
fi.11 *n.l?tl l!r??.lw?) K<>p pru<>r of tklaeonaiill llw? prf?*w. M
shown lu their front wlndotv*. aa well a.i ihc following lut:?
Willi.- china dinner aeN, 1i9 jiW't iHt M
< lilt hand china dinner acta. 14H piece* . 42 W
Whl'e chltia tea acta. tt pireoa ) 9t
White < bin* a<Htp loureeii* . 191
Whim rbimi covered vegetable diahea # T*
< ft ill bnllii ebiu* (hh m-ih, <W pieces 6 <"?
fancy and gilt china Ira art*. it pltCM It OS
ai.i. or THIMK
Arr full thirty per rent under the usual price*.
Th-' Ledger I* out.
The Ledger is out
The Ledger Is out.
Tlie ledger U Out
Hold everywhere.
Enormous reduction por cash
Musi poaitlicly he reduced one ball, and we *re tbererncv
iiilericc our (.'oods fi r ca*h at prlcea lower than they hare o?ar
beeu itoid m tiie L'tii.ed Ma tea
k r. HAriimoTJT * ro..
Corner <>f Iti >wlw iuni Urooiue alreM.
Handsome CAhroK hkavkr k \<jlans kok >is -
imiml j>riee, HD ?ray beaver raxluoH. fT>. usunl orto*
yli. bl.u-k lr?iCk c...?ta $11), iimi*I |irb ? $13; lull dreaa fr?<d(
$lii. iwual price $m i aui.. and veau< al coat
i'LARKK, 111) William aire.*.
The ledoer is out.
The Ledger la out.
1 he ledger la out.
Tae l<"i(f> r li out.
Till I.edger la oui.
K^ld every n here
I 111*, k Hlei fain V Milk lie-. - Klouud, I'm' ,
Twice around. 50c , usual rt-uiil prieea, 75c. mad SI Ml
Napoleon flea, aliK'ka unit a?-arfa eu'iallj low
SMITH A UltofWKK, m Vex-/ atreet, up autrfc
Rich and costly fancy uoodh
Mondar. December "th lintant
No (i Maiden Urn
Will ' 'tr?r to (he pnblie.
The whole ol ibeir immense mock oi f AN' Y noolM i/IM
iir. aeul a^aJK ii'a Imiioriallnti
Th- Ledger 1* out
The liedger la out
The Ledger la out.
The Ledger I* Out.
Hold ev. rywhei e
H' i. -i.i A TOUSEY. Agei
Gaktiv ? finny ?Id Brooklyn. o? Friday, Nov 13, lif
lite Ke\ Mr. Col, Auuikt ti. Ganr?N,to -Sikah lianr, ail of
Brookl) u
Brookl) n patier:' plra.se copy.
D*ar Air ? I notvceii antoug your I tat of marna^na UiU
morning mr name aa having bren married bjr the Rot
Mr. Weacot't to one France* K. i.otty, of tlua city. You
will do me tli? juetice to atuiouuce lu your ue&l imuu iUjA
no auch marrtag. ha? taken place, and that the *ame Iim
beeu itmerted tnaliccou.il) . and Willi inU-iit to injuru Uta
|>arlle? concerned. ? Y'"trs reapectfully . Hksry liaouu.
Saw York, In c. 2, 1467.
( Batw ? At (h>> Military Bmrw.llttf IVrt Tow mend, ?
Puget'* Mound, Waahuitfton icmturv on Thur-day, <?>*.
I, CiinmlllMU, wlh of Ijeut. I'ranria H Rate*, 1.41
Infantry, 1'nilrd .-utm army, and daughter nf 1'etor M.
?waine of tliia city, aged 21 >- a r? and U mouth*.
line l on paper* J'lraff rimy
lixrib In tin- < it j . ou Tueaday, IV*: 1, J ohm Bum, ia
tin- 69th year of bin age
The relative* ai.it mend' of the family, and *l*o Um
m< inbera of Bedford firtri M K. church, aru rinpec*
(ully Invited to atfi ad the fnneritl, tht? aft<-rn<v>u, U dim
o'clock, from Inn late rnMwic*, No 17 Bedford ilrf?t.
CijtKiiT - In Brooklyn, (K l> ,) on Wcdne lay morning,
|ie< -i,J ?*w ft a*kt, JUi-nceot iho I'eace, Fourth distrto*.
aii' d 34 year* and 7 tuouth*.
The friend* and acquaint wire* of thn family, an t thoa* of
In* brother*, Hu*h. John aad franca, of hii lather in law,
John rv>n*rny,and Mhrnttnr n law, Thorn*.' Wallace, aro
rceiM-ctfull) invited to attend his funeral, to morrow morn
ing. at II o'clock, Droa his late rualdeuce. No 20 South
Hwoad atrwt, Brooklyn H: l> Hi- remain* will tie tafcaa
loM. |vt?-r - anil St. I'aul - rlmrrh, where a aulwan rw
quieni tnasa will he crlchrat d, immediately after which
the funeral will take place
CaaiTiiua*.? At Tarrjtown, N Y , on Monday. Not .90,
Ruiuku fl., > ounfi'Mt son of !)r. Horaua Car u then, aged 4
yi ?r? and H month*
Sa\unuali paper* pleaea ropy.
Una*.? Al Kltialatb, N J , ooTM4if,N 1, .Iamm
If , mn of Jam*-* II mid Adrianne J Chat*, a^od U yeara,
0 month* and t) days.
The relative# and friend* of the family ar? nvtted to at
tend the funeral, thu aiti-rmxm, jlI four o'clock, from tba
feetdetx e ,4 hi- 1 athar, without further lavitolMi
Dtan a ? At Ban '.-lone (Eepaitne). le Nevembre 13,
feaar Ixif l>li?a I'Ukinno l?o?K>ant , da !"ierto Kico, ft
lage de Wi aua
UuaaLfatoa.? On Mnhy, Nor. 90, *u<idenly, of i-oogaa
t;.u nt the lung*, Jauai liniuww, of thi* city, la th? DM
year of bi- aye.
Th" r*latne* and friend* of the family are reapecUully
ttiv:tiM to attend hu? funeral, thi? artM'tii? , at noa
o'clock, from hw late reeideu'T, No. #7 Mourou Htrnei,
m ithout further not* #.
tloeiaK. -tin Thud Jay eveuinit, Twi'Jth tuonlh lit, aad
dcnly, nf d -.a*i of {he heart, Juiut ILanaa, aged 04 yean
aa?l -4 day.
Hut fn> rid* and tb<iae ol hi* family we reapectfully ta
* ie<I to atieu'i bit funeral, ah Kdth day ? thin ) luoruiaa,
al bine ni !mk, from ht lat> re-idenre, Vo l'i aTen'iet;,
witb<'iit furth'-r tnviUH- u TUv reina.iLi will be Ulua ta
liiunaroi eck for intt rment
Hot .?ma* ?At lour o'ekwk, r>n W*<tiM?<lay afternooa.
Per S . liUAt Hot of HuUea blaad, In the Ud year
Of btt t*e.
The Irieti'la and ae^ua ntaurea of the family are r>~<paei
fully ioTit<? tn attend hw tunera: . this aitertiooa.ai 'wu
? clot k. from tb? Mor.it ua < huitb.
Motile. AiabaUiu pap< r- ( leaee r ft
? <?tl W fin. -dm !>??. I M??T lXK!?4, '*lf
daughter oi J. I.. R and Mwlanna Jenny*, aged 7 year*
and i& day*.
The friends ami reUtitrxe of the Tamily are rnapertfallr
Invited U attend l?er funer J. t.'n- MWrnonai, *t iwe
#'rk?k, IftMl th? r> < 'i <4 fcer inrent-. No jio w?t
Twenty ond -trert ? itln nt further m\ tUiioa. Her re
main- Will h? Liken t?> t?reettwn< ,L
Vitti" ? "ti Wi-dto-eday , l>ec. a, Jtms Mtua, Jr , ta tba
fi7th yeer <?! hn age
The friend* aim *< n nam tine* a f the family are reape*
fully intr.ted to atti uo but 1'int ral, to morrow iuorai-ig,aa
tea o'thick, from ba lalt rcaid uce,No mie.
M<MraR*o? . ymii io alOaat itauahter of Cluartaa
an 'i tfttheriue McM< men -y, aged >>-ar- and S mm lb*
The friend* aud ag^uiUutam e- >if the fiittnly, ao'l tbma
of her utu le?. John ai ?! I'bilip K?'ll> , are tartled to at
lend thi ut rn.l, tlil? ?n< rn<? n, al three o'cU^.k, f-vm No.
IMi firand ?tr' et . W llUam* t< i'?
Pmp? -in Wedne Ktaf. !???? ]. after a abort at <l *erera
lllr . . Immii V I'liT*. in the jWb year of ha 14 ?
The relative* and t rtenda of the fiiraily . and Ui" ro*m
bet- < i Tan niHtij Hucirtf or t'oiumbian Ord' ', are raa
frrtfullj invited ta attetid It's fuaeral, wttho^i' further in
vitatiob. to tnoi f j?r alferi.ooa. ai thr- e aNclock, from hM
late r- o, dei.ee, No. 114 l-wil Twrnt) Oral taeel. uear
pen nd avenue
Haittni -O'4 Tuesday, 0*< 1, of roti*Bn?f)tloa, Mra.
Mattiiaitrr A. Kmtfr, tt* ibe ll#t year of ber >*?
Tlie relativ ae and ftt> U<J? o( Uie family a*? f-[-ertfally
Invited to attend her f *i fat, tbi* a!lerie*>e atwourlouk,
from her l*le residence, No MOHoutb .'?ei ud atreet. W1
Htttsan ? !"udden!y, on Wrdr- 'ay, '^rc t, M**t,
daughter of Michael ?nd Man Hign, ag.'d 5 year*, f
month# and ti naya
Tha mrnda of ifie fknll/ are re?p< a;iy inrtwl to at
tend Ut' r funeral, thi*1 * ti ra*'ii af ot *j clock, from th*
ta C K e Of h*r t*r. ?:?. No. I7t- Kaat rhi.ty fottrth ^reet
Sttarriiap ? "ri Tne?rtay even g, Dec. 1, 0?>>i 0.
fanrnho, M lie M?h t. arofhi- age.
Tlie RMh40 a.nl retailor <rf the taai:ly are mm id to al
lf?sd hi* *ii -?eraJ , tomorrow after-icon, al tn? t>viock,
from hi* 'ale reaidaadO, No 171 Atvilt atraet, Bt-??kl)a.
Kan- -j" N't bratka aad Mh our ^aiera j.,eaae copv.
Miawa ? ' l'? M??o.'<f, !*or. :ta very attddenlr, o<
du>eait of the- haarC .N athvlmbi. *, Striaw^ a?;iU 44 yoara
1 br fr? a^* art' relatlvea of tl?? family are feapet tfully
inrtte<l to aMeud ba IMbiibI, Uo* day at tw*tve o'clock,
fn di hi* iaU- reswore at ( ^rcss H.lla, I,. I The Inag
Uliutl Ri ' uad can leave lb.- '??+ W Ulantio *tr?at,
Bnx k ^ii at ten o i lork. talniuing at 'Juea. aad -t
' t > i r? * avtaue dei-H, otjji a few roOi fiom ua lata teat
wit iwas ?On Welrt-ilaymorti'ni.Ow. 3,R?jt?ci t.
TT-tilMt- , In the Wd vear of b a |ge
The friend* of the family are respectfully iavttod to ai
tetiu hiafuneral.to?korr< ? altorn wtt. at two o oijck f n?
In* father'* residence No. 1 Vl l*iwr*uce s treat. Brooklyn,
? ithout farther jivttatiim.
P"Cbe?ter I'tica pa<x-rs plearo copy,
Wtunw ?The funera! >t Ihc 'ate Mr?. Matttjh
will take niace th ? afiertpon, at one a'?lo.k, fram lb<? re.
*i-lfaci of h r brother m law. H lu >?er. So 100
I Tw?at> fCfm i treet fletat --e^ a?il fr leftA* ar? rM M-Vud
I toatU'Rvl wUiUttttwiiUk'

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