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Dramatic Matter*,
'the amusement world has been rnj dull during tlM
past week, nota single nnrelty of any done squeaea baring
been produced. Mr. tud Mrs. Char lee Mathews closed
their eogngemeet U Burton 'a oo Saturday. U we* uot ae
profitable aa Una* wbiah preceded It. At Laura Reese's
theatre Mrs D. P. Roeere baa bees playing with ber Phi
ladelptia oompnuy in Pauline, Utaxca, Camilla and other
old parte. Mrs. Bowers Is an excellent actreee, but, aa
we hare had occasion to say before, our andieocs will
not go to see any one in the old " legitimate'' piecea. Mrs
Bowers has in her company Mr. Conway, an established
favorite here; Mr. Davtdge, do., end Miss Ann* Crulte, a
capital urubr<tle- The men, exoopt these named, are what
they call in the Weal "ornery " In dressing modern
plays tb. ir costumes, bottt in ont and blandlng of colore,
are wooderlul things to see. Is the style l'niiadelphiaa*
At WaUsr.lt'a theatre "The Froieo Lake" and ' Ameri
cans in Paris" bare been playod to preUy fair house*.
This house wiU be cloeed this evening to prepare fbr the
new piece, "Deeeret Deserted," which la to be brought
out to morrow night In grand style. Sereral clerer pens,
Including that of the worthy manager, furnish the words,
the scenery is new aac. splendid, and the play wiU oar
taialy deserve success.
The Academy is still closed, but we hear that Um artists
of the Maretxek company will open it with Italian Opera
during the coming week, the artists?forests, Hrtgnoli,
Amodio and others?are doing a great deal of nothing.
Several of them wont to Philadelphia to sing Tar a oom alimentary
benefit to Mr. K. A. Marshall, at the Academy,
on Friday. Max Maretzelc la cultivating hie
of. cum dig. and radishes at States Island.
'U (man aalla for Europe on the Pe ua, and
will doubtless conclude tcrtna with Burnley for tho autumn
season. Burnley baa two young, fresh, banIsome prime
dwme. Just think of that, when we have not had one lor
no obc knows how loog.
Ibalberg, Vieuxtemps, Ca^alori and Miss Juliana May
are oonoert'slng in the " Nor ncr-Wsst." btoakosoh and
Frezzollni aro at Cincinnati, and Vent vail advertlaed to
give her farewell conoeri at New Or 1 ems on the 14th.
The Europa, from Boston on Wednesday, took to Europe
Hue. Do la Grange (engage! at Rio for several millions of
dollars per annua), Kjnc.nl (engaged at Covent Garden),
and Tiber ini, gone abroad for bis at. Also Mr. C. Fisher
late of Burton's, and Mr.-. W. C. Gladstone from the West
nod elaewnere The Fallon, from this port on Saturday,
will take the charming Mrs lloey, lor her three months
conge on "the other side."
For the summer sesson we have no brilliant pro
anises. Wallai-h's will probably keep its doors open Ull
mid August. At Ntblo's there is to be a dramatic season,
and Button should keep the Kouzani company five or tlx
weeks Tuts, with aomo opera, will keep us lively enough.
The Broadway theatre will be opened this evening and tomorrow
tor Mme. lo.a Uontez, wbo will give her own autobiography?clever,
sparkling and well delivered. The
price of admission la fixed at the democratic scale of
twenty five cents.
At Barton's theatre the Ronzani ballet troupe, whose
triumphant heBroadwiy will bo fresh lathe minds of the
atre goers, commence an engagement, appearing in a new
ballet?"The Orphan of Geneva." The favorite L'Atnoreux
appears?like wise a new danoer, Mile. Galetti?with a foil
The pleasant little theatre In Broadway, opposite the
Metropolitan Hotel, built for the Bookley Minstrels, and
now known as the Metropolitan Music Hall, has boon
opened recently for the performance of French vaudevilles
by a good company. The success which attended
the first performances would seem to show that the affair
la urn fati accmnpU. The third representation is announoed
for tomorrow, woen there are two new pieces and two
debuts (actresses) on the same night. That looks like
Kiiainaas ITmro MA whn iff iuf)willflr VPABrJl ihfMllH hltfif
the delivery of the colloquial dialogues la theee vends villee.
If you ere feel enough to follow the actors It la
capital school.
At laura Kerne's theatre this evening Bucketone'a
comedy of " Leap Year" la announced, with lira. Bow era
and other good artiste In the principal parts, and " The
Two Buzsards" (laroei.
At Niblo'a garden the prreent la announced aa the laat
week of the Ravels, who appear to night In ' Godeaski"
and " Boreaa," with a aandwioh of Ught rope between.
At the Bowery Mr. Eddy revives the favorite add
oomedy of " Wild 0?u," and the " Wrecker's Daughter,"
the latter with new scenery and edeots.
At the Museum the new drama of < Rosalind Herbert"
las succeeded so well that It will keep the evening bills
Tor the week, with Miss Susan Denia aa the heroine
Ihe afternoon selections wiU be found in the bills.
The aanonaoemenla of the colored opera oompaniaa?
Wood's, Campbell's and Bryant's oontaln various novelU<*.
Heoorl* Solo, wbo la now la the city, has daring the
peal three years travelled throughout the Pacific ooaat of
touth A morion? through Peru, Chile, Ac?win sing fame
tad fortune everywhere.
Thiatkk aih i* Boaruir ? Mm. Barrow is weklag up the
>ld rogtee la Boston ?y her vigorous aad liberal manage
sent of the Howard Athens-am. The house has best
mnhnt-1. ao as to toek like a June rosebud. The moat
parfeot order reigns in frost of the ourtaln, and on the
Hags fresh scenery, appropriate furnltore and an admirable
oompany make this the best theatre la Ihe oounlry.
They have lately seen playing the old English comedies,
with cants including the names of Mrs. Barrow, Mlm C.
riuoiwa. Mies Msrr i err Mr. Brougham, Mr tieorge
Jordan, Hi H. W el lack, Jum Baanitl, J. K. Dlreaa ud
Mhera, making altogether a much bMUr Hook oompaay
than we Uari had m New York thla inm The Bottom
theatre will bo opened with Midi Charlotte Cut h man, oo
Moo<ln/, IIlit At the liuMum they ore pin) tag n atupld
pi ere of irnnh colled" I talk inn at Home." Mr. Mark
Smith la eogeged at the Howard.
I'u.MiiKmiia.? Mlaa I aura Keen* haa tba Walnut, where
rite la piayiag " Olaactie of Brand/wine" to full bouaee.
Salter haa gtrea hia farewell ooacert. Muaard la aa1
>x MMun-kr. F. Booth baa been playing here.
annuo ? Mr*. Boat wick aad tba Mimical Ualoa
have eung the oratorio, "The Creation," with foar
hundred votcen la the chorea. Thla la the
IrM oratorio perform aura erer ft roe bare. Chan
|tM *M ?l >'"u> ? ware, ???i n i. ?
RcVioAer's laet wee*. Frtaeolini waa MndM to give
a ooaoerl on the 34U>.
Nakhviixb ?Mlaa Anna V*U sad Molleahaoer (rtoUaiat),
tin bMU coooer Using her*.
Rich ? Mlaa Charlotte Cusbman ?M playing tiara
Do ihe lllth
WatRitaorav.?Tha Keller tableaa and ballet troupe in
ftl Um theatre tier*.
Saw orijuxa.?VftBtTftji and MIm McLeaa adrertiaed
Ear t well convert bar# on May 14
HrrTAUv?Mr and Mr*. Waller w#r? play tag hare lad
GUnmAti?Mr and Mra. W. J. r,oreace ware p)aytaf
at Wood's OO the 1Mb to full hoeaaa. Ulaaea R Pureed
Rodeoa and otbnre, war* singing Kngllah operas at tb<
haliosal Tlialberg's ooorart waa aaoooarad for the Mth
Porkuk ?At Har Majesty'a tnay hare brought ou<
a now ballet, " Kleur can Champa," with which tb?
/ nd la In ecstasy. Pooohlal la tb* Flear FVcilomlni hai
reappeared la the "Trariata." A ooooert la to ba glraa
at the Crystal Palace with a chorea of?,000 ohildrea. Wt
bear aotbtng alout Ooreat Garden, and tb* I/mdon tbaa
trea are barrel of novelty. Tha Italian Opera at Parh
BXwad May 1. We extract a review of tb* season fro?
This theatre oloaad on Friday nighl, tha season baring
bean prolonged Una year for a month loafer tbaa nana]
the regular period of termlaatlon being tie en 1 of March
I he opera waa tne " Troralora." Ho oloeea the aeaaoo ot
INI M Wliat tha pwuniary reenlta bare been the
pnhlir know bnt little. It la coivJenturad, how
tear, that there baa boas little profit or loan
rbe ati -ivtaaee bat bean oa tbe whole good, but U11
^^ktumrdiy high rami paid for certain ny gone repntauona
Kru a mistake, u the director has, no dwbt, by this Umi
. Txro.i anaong tii" proltnble engagements, Mir".
HhoM|b rery highly paid, murt he oooeldered number one.
Bb' |reat*want of the rompaay ?l young aad aUrao
Birr prlmadonna (more yon I ringing te not eaougb for Uw
m<1 n light baritone tor the Kigrroe. he
Hi theee additions the troupe would h?-.e been iHtn
ether Itret rate, counting, In nddltlon to Mario, the tol
^ nwlnc dletingalahed artxftrt ? Maes. Alboni, flteflanone
^BeinlT rbain, Uambardlaad NanUer liidlce. The laat reri
^Bpeedi.y woo her way to the farm- oi the public, both m
Bn actress and finger Mote. Oriel la an eineptinnel name
^Betng engaged only for a email port of the aeaeon. Th<
^Brlnnpal male empire were Oraxianl, Corel, Anfelllnl
^BaicIiIoi and lielart, with RnoeUI, a conductor wbOne e?|uei
^Ba not eaetly tonnd. The composer moat attractive beyonc
^Bnmparieon wee Verdi, whose Troralore" and " Rigo
^Ketto were pmdurtiec to the last. By the aide of tb<wi
^Bhe erer freeh and young <? Rarbtore" of Rnselnl hel<
^Bh* next place, M " La Onsen" aad Unit'' wen
^Both failures, though they were well eiecuted. tbi
^Btyle of both are, la fact, gone by. Alboat en th<
Bie line of the Orat. and Mm# Imnsteill (a ladi
elm ear a for a few olghte) of the eeooad Madami
^Bvmatelll wae a good aluger, with a aopraao of brililao
^Buality, but without freshness Two other operas bolt
?w to I'ari*. though some years old. were also produced
^Bnd both well rewired?" Malta," by Kiotow, and <[>oi
^Bieelderlo," by IYibw Joseph l oolatowrtl, a well koowi
^Bwmteor. We muet not to this anmmary paan orer tbi
^Biu-'X*I1 e of Tawberllk, whore etiraordloary snoce*
^Bare anrb a flllipxn the close of the season?the iheatn
^Betag on hie nlgbto crowded beyond all precedent Hli
^Bngagemrnt cloeed at II had commenced, with the aam
^^Bpera ("<dello") and with the name enthusiasm on tbi
^Bart of the public The remarkable sucreen cf famhAr
d wae ouquenlkraabiy owing to hie wonderful C sunrp It
Ibc tea af tba ?oaad Mt. Wl l jitu in ft"
?? I, ?*W?| MM ate Um)i a>Bi> Ml
flM Biwl) *>! Mir kH | Bu>> ?M?> <?
M> u; *MU?, t?? ted te M<M r>.ini< tte la
ante Mi aa*? te> m? km wi mm'oiaary nw
it Pwv tte tm Bumii.w ?k. * ??ry maly
iu te fated Kahun pawaaaad a, tet H mm tm km
iw? di Irte or MtdMa, la >tal Itet gr?al aadi. k/
bat fca'cLbra tlili and leaf atady ted giraa teitewaa
i tetoij (km Um uteai. ana m'l^aatBi p??*? awte
kucva lo teM of aar faiiataa nbimi. ate vktte atfte
af *r Ofbt HM Id rtfittrt tte aadioaoa Oka*
on r*r? dtaaaaa la aaaara hat anuat tar tte aaaateaf
?'gt.U af tte ibob i a. ate tdtwl 1MB aartr Maaah* aa la
t?i?a Hui i?a.WrU4 a?aiaa Ia aajay fa>?. ate twrt
ail a itiia raf , altar tte vvwa a" a<a Hi iBitea ate
tag' Jwi Tm?pumm* part af ?te atari a, that itef
atarjr algbl tiaoa Ite daaaaf Mi NfnataHMi N M
IteM tela# i?m ??* M aaaaarta f>? Um wM af
bia brrdter trfaM, ?J aaarat^ |imbiiMal^tei|l)te
Na. Ha agrinkli la mte aaoh mm af (wrter
ktn.au W> ite paMlr, MM ara oefwtaeear'y eeatawtei
rata ta ite artete vart* Thar a a, mm taara. a atraag
j ti bahtlitf af M flateH^ raiaraa^ la tte ihiairi te
a ptwiioa af ite aact aaaaaa. te mm praaatea ta law
am at Cartel Partes mmm mm "IT
Mr own "
Tbe grand riyrmantotim at Ma trim, a <toar% tar toe
Vpeat or the AriMta' ilinn r?M i?n iiwlpl of
Tbo MarartUao jowali MM* MM ? mMb tf Mo
thratre of MM place, mmI Jmm hi i?m to ootor a
content. tb?y toy MM it woo Mo tmpreaMan >riliin
oo hor wfcea performing Mo port of o orfor of Uri;
o* hit h haa rauaed bar to toko Mb titiwbrt o
Tho theatrical crttto WaaMyo, ao froo y ?h'IMby Mo
actor Fred. leataJtre to tab tor ear*. boo brwagbi too or
Hon fur itotaMMtoa. <ibmi 10mm If Mo mwtm
player woo bM poot Bgbliag a**, Mo mm wnud bora
bo?B obo of eat end ibreet
A correspondent far o loo duo paper my* ritMioo to
the paragraph about l> at baring Boobbio o
Frier s?" There io bM m word of truth to to. Tbo iBwr
urn la wool to Ulk ebaut Jooioo BBd Mo oaM wbo had tor
Fbillp Frooelo ao tbo author tbaroaT, ra>iiog Moot ? -bo
ciacetio ' lirrt may bo obo of that aort a* volt at Lord
Macau lay , but, la |>oiot of fart, tbo baB-juet at Proabarg
was only a ceremony, aad boaorary membership of Mo
holy f rate rally ta a common ad to r in l ay taoarda baao
factor* aho continue layaira. True, Htaudigi bad boas a
Benedictine monk to eao to.MooM abboya MMooarbaag
tbo Danube tekjw Raits boa, aad tbo prooaM writer bob
bear wiUiee# to tbe prodigiou* oataat to bta rartad loara
illg. "
HiwhlyB CMy Maw a.
Ajuuetr or BauiLaKH.?Thora vara ao looa ibaa Bra bar
glara arreatod by tbo poiieo oo Saturday aad yaatarday.
anil some of tbo gooda atoloa recovered. Tbo lot Iowa
hava booone ao bold of lata that tboy oator baaaoa
tbo daytimo with impunity (Hi Saturday tiwmo
cfflcers Raynor and Wm. H. Folk, of tbo Deputy a office,
detected two men entering a bouae la Fultaa avenue,
while a female aoMclato Blood aootry oo tbo ?do walk
They then entered No. 204 Jay atroM, occupied by Mr.
Ed oar da, from which place they atolo come 1100 worth to
articles. Next they entered the bouae to Mr. Drew, ta
Fulton street, from whioh they extracted some tnnketa
Tbe offloera took the woman into custody at the loot place,
and then wailed until tbe men came out Wbea May
ar.Btfs th#ir inttMrinnfi ihst mam nthhtod Oua of iktom
bowed fight, but be iu soon brougot U> mu..i of hut
situation. They glva their names m A'lll.am Morns, Hoary
Moore and Mr*. James. They are detuned lor a hear
log. Yeeterday cUloer Holiday, o.' the Kirsi precmot police,
detected two men of fashionable elienor. making a
felonious entrance Into the house of Mr X B Sis-ell, ii?
Ijvuigstoo street. Tbey were also observed by several
citizens. The family was absent at the time The
burglars finding they were detected escaped by the rear,
and ji mptnc several fences, took to their heels la diflto
rent directions. After a pretty good chaee.they were arrested
by officer dtaw, of the Kirst precinct, aed odi er
Wilson. of the Third precinct. They gave their name* ae
John Cobb and William Shaw. A large number of skole
ton keys and burglarious Implements were toaad ta taetr
possession. Some Je welry, silver spoons, he , wars alse
found upon them Tbey were committed to answer.
Piuzs Fikhtshs on Thkik War to tub Corvntr.?a large
party passed through Brooklyn, s little before daylight
yesterday morning, on their way to Queeni county, to
witness n mill between two of their number. Toey were
in carriages, and being alvided into three parties, crossed
dltlerent lorries. There were suae thirty rehicles all to
gether. The police followed them to the oily line, where
they last trace of them.
Police Intelligence
Quiuir ov Kales rmiwai.-luiciu* A. Phillips and OW.
King, formerly commission merchants at No. M Water
street, wore arrested on Saturday evening, by officer*
Karros and Keefe, charged with swindling the firm of
James L. ttrecnaaan k Co., of Syracuse, N. Y., out a
gS bOO worth of goods by means of falsa and fraudulent
pretence* U Is alleged that in April last the too used,
i.rnnaOisair fiaant < na Vr pdArtr.k it llurkM. huuihl Of
(.Herman h Oo. goods to Um> moddi of *1,433, for owih
ta 10 days, tbe goods being sold and delivered upoe representations
made by I htrkee that th? parties la Jaauary laa.
ottnmanued business with *26,000 capital, were doiag
well, and making money. The gooda not being paid forat
the time named, Mr flrraaman had an interne a anut
K r.f h Pblllipa, who oorroboratad Ourkea'e atatameni,
end induced Ma. G. to tell Utam another bill ol goo u. oa
30 days, amounting to abont H ,*oo In the meantime,
Pbiilipa k King failed for 140,000,and made aa assignment
of what Utay callad tbair # fleets, to ooF James K Weston,
who la represented by complainant to be in ao business
and wltboat responsibility. Mr. O. therefore cbargee
that the representations made by Phililpa k Ktag were
falaa, and made (or the purpose of cheating and dafrauiUng
blm Tba accused weia lake a before Justice Ooanoliy,
and held to bad tn 13,000 each to anawar tba charge.
Anaurr or a Jrmnui Picmroour, who Rohs? I/tta
Miuma or Kowrr Dotxaaa in on a or m Cm Raiijuhd
Can*.?(m Saturday afteruooo oHioer iloldaa, of tha
Mayor's aquad, arrnetad one of the boldeet and darlag
young pick pickets known to tba police of our cltv, named
Ihntnae Hogan. Tba above oflloer caught blm In tba act
of operating on tba pocket of a lady in Chatham street
He wan < onveyed before the Mayor, wbere be was idea
tided by C. H. look wood, a conductor on one of
tbe Third arenas railroad cam, aa tba lad who relieved
I?o!a Monlez of ootna MO wblla riding In tba cars about aU
weeks ago Hog so bad aacrseded ta getting the money
successfully out of Lola's pockat, and was about Jumping
ofl the car when she mkeecd tba money Tba oeaductor
observed something ta tbe band of Hogan, and made a
grab for him, catching bun by tbe cottar 0' bis oost
Hrgea was, bowsver, too smart for him, and slipped out
of hie ooet and made off, laavtng hia jacket la %gcnange
tcr tbe *40 Hogan ta oaiy 14 years of age, a very tatelii
gvit looking led, and has no fear of an eel Be baa beea
repeatedly arrested by Use members of (lie detect!re
force, but they have aevar l>eaa abia to natch him at
work oo pork eta. Several times tha young rascal baa
called at U>* detective ejnsd r.mm and bimseil up
to the officer*, nay tng that he had uoderatn A u>ey bad
been look lag for blm, supposing bim to have beeo Ibe
party a bo baa relieved certain pert lei wbi had been
robbed As they were never able to fasten ear thing on
bin be always auc-reded in getting claar. II- vu an
Saturday afternoon committed to the Tomba fur rcamioa
1 Am Aiuwm Aamrmtm?Char lea Oobal, a Iierma
physician, rending a Ne. 17 Seroo 1 etreet, vm erreeted
1 oe Saturday on euaptcie* of having caused tba death of
Amelia Webber, a young married woman from v.hoharta
1 county, by procuring aa abort**. The youag woman, It
, appear a, died at the bouae of Oobel, and oa Wednesday
, laat be had her rrmaina interred In <ire*nwood without
apprtatng her (tirade of her death. Ooroner l*crry baa Ute
matter In hand and will cauee the body to beeihuneri.
1 Oobel waa locked up to await tba result About two
I yeera ago be war erreeted on a almUar charge and In,
dieted, but aeraped ooovteti*.
t Brunei vd Amur.?About four o'clock yeeterday after
, noon an altercation took place between two young men,
named Buckley and Jackaoo, at bra .loee* conf??U?oary
atore, la Iludaon street, when the latter drew a club aad
> began to bant Buckley about the heed Hockley Iodine
i that ba waa unable to defaad himself, drew a kaife aad
plunged It into Ibe bowele of Jackaoo, mil ting a aertoua
ir not fatal wouad. Jackaoo was Immediately oonraped
t to hie residence, So 10* Sullivan street and Buckley
> arrested aad looked up In tbe Kighth ward Station Mouse,
to await U>e reeult of jackaoo a iajurles.
Coroner's laqaetL
A bwuiwi Mii Foran paowmn> ?The body of [Hotel
i Conner*, who baa been mlaalng (Tom hi* residence, 402
| (berry street, Once Saturday week, waa found on Sua
day tit the dock foot of Montgomery atrcet, lUat river
When last seen decaaaed was under the Influence <y
liquor, and while la that state la supposed to bare fallei
, into the dock He waa an uamarrted man. 3d year* o
aga, and a native of Ireland Aa loqueat will be held upot
the body to day.
) Pled, til Alloa eonnty, Ohio, oalh?1Tth Hurt . rtoaora
, Win km BiAitwmi, a?ed 71 year*. Ha tm one of ihi
pioneers of Unlomblaaa ooaaly, and after earring the p*o
, pi#of b* district la the TefteUtnra frnwi ptif |o IMA
without tnlermiaaion, General Jackson appointed him Re
j oelrer of Public Money* at the land offlon at Uma, Allei
I county, van Buret reappointed htm, and ba bald tbi
oflloe nntil 1*43, when ba ratlrad to hla farm la IU1 h<
, waa attain rent to the I *t la latum from Allan noonty
I Pied, at Wilmington, Ooan , April 14th, Ma Taoaa
I Kmowima, at tba adraocod eg* of 03 yaara aad 0 moathi
s Ha waa eon of Ool Them** Kaowltoa, a dlatlnrulabed old
oar and patriot of the Herniation Mkatha father, tba am
r waa a daunted friend of bta country, aad though yonn
I reread ta the army in the tama war for a period of aorn
t eighteen montha. Hla poat of duty araa at New loadoa
i where ba ta laoomraead of tha gen-Una ta oaa of thi
, forta.
Rafiarrroif or Hrwii Pat*!* in Morn
? rAaoiiMi ?We alludad a raw daya alaca to a meeting a
? tha T'rarldenta of tha noo *pe> la paying hanka of thla city
* at which it war determined not to reaume apecle payment
? prerionn to tha lnt of July. Ma- a that time ther ban
* liad full roannltafioa with thatr reapactlre Hoard* of IMrec
# torn, and we are informed thnt they hara detiJlely deter
mined to reanme epecia payments In Ja'y next ?(*Vi*tn
1 low Afercwry, if ay 30.
CI f Intelltgrncn.
IkMun Moniu ?A m?unft to btftslf of toe Afri
ran Itolw >h held Into esoaiag to the Trtntty chapel
Tmmtf M* sheet, atar Broadway. There was a larg<
toeliiw mi not sympathy wm manifested la M*
i to nie m toe awto| hat owtog totheojeUroctloo to Ihi
chapel tot tpoakara were aol heard to advantage. Ada
toe wad NTTMe, la Bedel lelruduced the Bret speaker
le Raw he who has heea lahoctog etoe 7 tan la Africa 11
toe totowiiMy cause, aad feelingly alluded te the Kar
He Heatog, whe area* te Africa in the year 1844, ant
artor mbenag tor terete! years, from the nature of thi
rt wee Aeprired el hie eight. roe Rev. Mr Rtrubi
rate he had ?r*M yhtoart to givieg hie letUmoey or whai
he had w?e aee whet be awi beard during bis amy li
A'rtoa The re*arras geei saai at length ehosedtht
hrto Artel freest which had axnasy foilowtl the lah'in
a> tor toweieaar) m Attica aad gave an luiereeUagsketsh
af hw ire*- le 0 lihe>to awH aJoeg toe afrtcea e?aut Ttu
Bee tw Mswsto (toe htoi wweiwnry) followed to at
ehttooet asertes. It which he appaa*4 t> el. ChreUaai
te toppert toe etettiree of toe Baee Mission la e wvertini
toe tiato >s, aes referred te the prog nee which they had
ed* to aiiwe ihieeghowt tor din?reei trtoee. la wools
ene he totpr* seed ?t? s the eeegregeiioe Ihs aeoewlty to
?te< ? waeto eg he lied t two, ia-iead of folloettc th?
e* - ways to taw life fa# Detotagy wet thee mag, aad
11 >*aLu ? Jaaae P Au-uaa ?James P Alla.re,foaade*
to toe retehratol altoire werfea, died at the Howell work
to New Jorter leal Thursday, and wee harlnd to New
Berhiito 7 ewer cay The fee oral took ptoM froei the re tdeeee
to hw heather, tela007 J AUaire, Nn. 16* Henry
sheet The Bee tor ?lag to All dmato Kpwoepal oh arch
itotto we The AUaire works war the tret a teats totchia
Of w tow as St in . sad is feendar wae associated with
toe eewerattd H. Sort ran ? la hw tret oiporlmeats.
lb* arwara ibM a My a>h?r twrnw ahoy a ?ha coubtry
Mr Ai?*t mm awuaaiiiil fro a Piarra aIImn, one
m ibe 7 >?t IKgoMM Mibn at N?? Roob?tie, ?aJ be
mm barwd a IM mm tomb rtti kM Moakiri Ha wai
"I yabra of aa* a u>? ua* a? bw drub and laarw a au
mia fw I, of cbHdna aad graat eaiidrab
*>r? T Mow-mi.?Iba Mlnarlaf w the work 17 re
El ?f a* atorra iMuubM m Ma* tl, MM - Remaiaia*
r M .41 adto>Mtd a Hay XI. M. dw barfad, enrol 01
taMaead M 4M I KMtiN aA dale 443?Major ?4
Tho Itariii i>wn MtmInI yieMNay b aiM
Ike faa aJ of Itobaw B hfl, aa as utmi Rarbaui <>' the
??d?r TWrr *m a ar?a aAuwdatoa of Iba aaaoaia ai
Iba baaar ad ibr imail, Na w rti rd Ureal
^ roaaal law IHfratr.
Aan| Iba yawMfiri by Iba VaabarbiN aa Saturday
tor Matbampmm abd Hare a, war* Haaavor (4am aar, Uaal
lleary A Wtaabbd Mra War, daughter of Mnrl Kra
rr 1 Tt?a Yaadartoh laafc aat arar Urea bund re J |*aaaa
faaa aad MM,7*1 71 la apana
Iba Boa Hand RaM of NoWh OaraliM, arrlrad la
tabnfrr oa Iba 1Mb 1Mb Hb baaith appears to b<
aabraiy reek* a*
(Mi ,'anwr T >'?fcatt, aa Coaaal la Vara Crua. raachad
laaariila ?a Iba 1Mb te?l, ra r*u la ITaakufUui Ctly
bia 1 iimaaral raatbaaaa
Oai la?i Iba gallMt c->m?*a?ter o( fl R M 1 Orb
Mara labia rr^tarral, arrived hi naraa.>ab oa Iba lb Ui
bkl , ra m* tar Cbfiaixt
Ua Haaa Paaidlag, V. i Mry, ia la Waabuuftoa
Iba randaala ?f MiMrnnri aev ia W??mo?toa haw
pnoMWd to Mrs NaMtar Roe % pair of rataabla carragr
lunar, reMlay irralas baadrad dallart Tbay look Um
(irrt proartMun a tba raoabi agricultural (Mala fair ia Ken
lira MlMaf. Umgmm.vi Narlb Carol:m M lytbf If
vua paralya*
A oarrri paadnal of Iba Yartabirs (Kag ) GmnU* mj* ?
I aarstlbiard ymlarlay Ibal ><M*a fceada <d aiaa, a fa
lieniM and bw wiM. aba bar a ra-?atiy ifoaa li Nar
York, mada iba ra*aw ta ibarama aarSw adb All**
ii* *m pwli whhw. m ikiti ims au; iiuk
MrtteN.itekHWtM ftfWf au |?artarto '*r t >ua|
trarr llrra Ha bacare* a pnnl faror.ta oa board, M
gnat aurprtea. to aair m n|m w Mparraaoad ?M
It ?M liwiad that reward ? teTor ?1 lor k l apprabaa
Ma m m aoMMRfiio* m tba MmM attaint* triiM mi
turn M tea Ka? lapteiadtir
lard Owl*y bad M M May M mIimw of lire tap*
rer Sopniaua lo praaaal V Monad CMateaa, Maara ary b
Lb? K?i>uay, Mr Krea Ka.Uta, HUM , Md Mr* Hail IM
aad Mr I rat <'tey, attach*
Great K?rM aire pcdarelid I* KM Merely M Ml;
C"aa?'!lMr ?| mala ?ad HoaMaa UaMmaawaar la Mm IM
BuhMa rtiatepaliina
Tbo kaginr aMa ( a private aadnaiw te M L*ht
avail, ta? I-iUb Mu later, wV> prmatM te ha Majaalj
a ooUaetiv* Mwr freaa IB* KM* or Hoilaad aad IB# ibiki
of Kaaaau. m wall as tea ia???to te ?h? '*<Ur of lb<
Ooiddo lore of te* Hnn te Naaaaa, jute fonadad br te
king aad Um (toha.
Marshal* OMr<-i?ort Md liaraysa/ d Huttare are ooati
a a iz ( terir toar through teoii r? pa Mi re Military com
audi tao formar baa raited a rmni R*air?
moat, Itoabio'M, Vtarel, tare aad Itoifart Marsha
Harag uay <i Mu mt?, a lit# aaaaor, tuwrgaa, Ohateaa
rout aad Ijaogda
Md dated Victor Hogs (wifa te tea reidhratel paaC
who has baM m Pari* far tea late two an at hi aan
to bar relatiret, aft as tea Jd iaal, into Mdi.a H?y
bar daogbtar, far baamr;
Tba Kreptrar aad Vjbpraa te rraaaa hnaorad tea Orea
( para with thaw yraaaare oa tetarday rvrmag, 1st last
10 wiioooa tea idpridMtoina aitraardiaary firen tor it
baaadt te tea pwiatoa (Md A coaaidarabi* crowd a
rtnblad oa owhar aula te te* boutovsrd, baiiad lhair Mi
j retire aa toay paaaad wMh tea Ire darl aoclawadina*, M
tea appaareaeate ted Irepanai party m tb* tBaatre gar
naa to aitellar mMifaatotioni Priaoa Jaroaa aiaa aidaad
ad tba rrprredoUIMa
Tba King te Praatea rearers* bla ratedian na tea ?u
ult lreia CBarkHWBBkourf Id lAa fhatdBu df r aadaw Hi
Majdatj Will MM t* *? Bwmi SoMCI Ul U>? B.idla ?r Uu
mcDth Ha to la JMIT r?4 bdalth, praaaa
at U>? atrtai* of UxPnirwi mapkaaia.
Th? An bdoko Tw41?art aad ik? Arr*d?eMaat CWlott
irrtTtd ti Vm? oa ikt Mk ?A, rtm a*; iff i
At the riarwadoa HoW-Bla ifQaory M da Dm, Pa
rurlaa Minlwer, aad famUr. B Ht;aw> m4 wild Mr a
I'fdrtiw i?4 haitr, Htrui. U Ool muut 'Iim <Vw
dirk fa?lnr, < 'at uun < nopf IrilBli Araj^i luw*. Sr
add Mra. Hrwry fto-aaaaaad faaBiif Ka(iaad ?b.?iw??
I-ancaaicr, Pb . j u norkaai lia mhui a.m m. Bbb><m
(j lotrr two mImwi (lkrawr aad maid Haw Tuck C B M4(
wick, Byraenaa, Rd IBwi Pan* P. Re* aaata?a* PBila
drlpkla. P. AljraMnra, Waahlafioa
At UiO MalmiioUWa lloiai - Prra lw CVmoofae aad Mil#
Mailm ; a? Mlniatar Nlfial krw-wa, do Mas
M Mood, Mk. Kl Ilm i>?VI, tqwl H'W l> ?ia.aar<
Ohio; <Oi A. J Hp? cur ofeio Baj'? J |_ Hultrir
Mil A UcB r. lOWBJBB 1 AlkBBf, UBOBtf Mia JiMBaa
Mlok.. Major clarka. of Ta?aa
Prcm LlnrpooL It tAo OMuhB C%y of WuMtM
Faaioa Charae M I. TnrrtfwUl, W ObBwb, J Heater Ma
Jraklaa. Mr Hoard. J IfiilBlaa. MUural. R If itarfr, ,
rlart. M llorhaaaa, K l.fla. r a ParBar. tl Pmr
kiikkaa Bad m. a ?' Mada M Trwat B M Banrawi M itaaa
rack M Borr Mr* Melmwall kwt Mi-la.wal. Mr M<
I a wall. Mi Hadwa and laJy, hWHuluac. M,aa B IArrwl
alaa ad imanail. A Aatoai Miaa M Murtaa Mm J A ra
nrraa, Mlaa ft. < ak'll, J ratrk Mlaa Mar Mm PMkta
Mim Morpkj. Mlaa Pi aad y Br (acta. Mr Marr< t Mr Ha.
Mlaa K Imloa Mlaa M i.alway K?? I Ur??a It*, f n kn,|
B?? P O'Hrtaa. B?r M arroU, W Hanaaa. M m Milan
aad Khi
ft mm Baraaaak la BaiaiMf PlrrlAa - Mra W B a, ?aa
aad ^rraai Mlaa Miiali. Mraawtfl Mlaa ftaaay (??? I
Mr* k*nr?W1l)?n, tirsra ?llaMiat
O A Ar* . ! **?. :*? *.
Ir i A Hu la* l> W h. ,m.. M?* ? ?
I'raprr. H N A?!rW*s. Mkrllm (ViUlM M* UK
.,rrf* ?*k?o??l A*. Ml Ik* 1?^1* I )
Hralk. J C Applrl.r, Mr* B C Bar-.* N llmr'it, j?
Wialc? I Mortis* rr. ? J oklaar w4 M) J
Oro WI.BII M .IOA.M. * l?v.?Mn ,, J B #2U ! I
1 pion lArata Rio*| J r larki*. m H farprMirr B-wsn
I"lf Hd ltd; (. b ' rreutMd lolf Rn ? .' V?*t Mm*
Bust H C fe-vkr u4 it la ifcr ?i?r???
wfr7" "V***1*0 ' *? '>??-< ? >* L ? I"***
Mr* J|*A hHiiM, Or Mm rirt.nat.lMr M??Ma
A Kouriir.
n?r AirrrnM
For Anntfeamptmi 1*4 ll.rrr a lnlT| 1H*>
.r." M h? .? , ?, ,, ,
u W,.1a>rrr, w h * ..... *b1 fMn>t M, F . ,,
Maotviak. Vle-or A tartan i*4 m N I*. ?. ? r W?*m M
Jta and laky. Bra Brnnfc* ?Tim rkir-. tali*.**
Kir Mrllart iWr.iWpaUa ?rt?? o~. ta. J.I.
InirferateaakMy. HrVwna u4 Ml Jp^li Am *a
lady. Mill ..??*, M MM mm. |b Hotaak. u?
hartd. Mr Uppta kail. lam. JM-. ? VIM Mr .1 M.
tbrn i tan Buy J ? *lta? iM Iklr Jsta B Brr*. ? IABKB
I' falllark, A KInJ, 1 Kwvi* (<Wt M-*~.
Htnnirl. Mr ItKhraiB aarTkni. Mr MM, Rr JAi la
vrligbmiw rWnd JutMUraMr lih*Mi ' M
A km*. W A l?yh?4*, lota C Fakir IM dkty B k ta- r. m
J H I'M.*, two cktUrrr. kit kursr Ma* Ii?b mm"*
can r B T?rprn. Famr fc W;fc?M t Irrrni Jr J H f?n
1.1* Marl r Rmm w A B#J. U?o ? turnip L .> a
M? C fc Kr??l. O H M>p*kam. A i t Ink .r iirki*
rln*. Jlltw J I BM, M M Sums Jkakia r *<!.-* V |7 n
Mr Aimtii kk! l and Mr Marl* ? i.#W "|-p m * ? ?
Mil Birry Jnta k -1u Marr FW-m .>
r k*o?r Rnk MkA ?rk M VMrkkH. lis Biaaa. <1 rrat
Krkrrwnm M Mr A Mrknrsr t Hill ui w"r * Mm
'*r I llnrkslrr tr k.iahM" I M ?.r? J H.t J C ? ark*
John Bit -ball. J l.mnl, fc rrw*ta>, f Tnrsrr J J ?
k_ Mr* l><ib.4aknd Isiiakiir Bib* FisirMand b?? bb> Ma
Amns. H rralrl. Juli*Ps?BBai Mr ib4 taJTskM.
, w.r rni? mm4 m.- m IM |i . ,
lady *a2 WM Ka? M Ik-dammr h??4 Im? t??|
Ma/? A Haapann. A i-a?tar R Hraflar Uaa<a ??. ?'
\nft JfVO r fallow*. J II Rarlkar Mama mI kay Jm
|w largal. kraai-la J olar, Jakm frvsi Jama* f raai
' <i*rMtJuil Rlr?a J.wAai* U<? li<r?ia> *a ' a
I Prdra BioWt M. nn Arm mairhi MMnrtnl
f HUH* u rinkfrvf. R Iv Mmta I n >il< ? H ? - rl
. r 1-ailorlyA *m Kim?l J II R*a? J Haanar wlfa **4 Ik"
rblurfn H |k.?(kli Py I n?* Mr* Nokia > MrlMAry
Mr (ImmUIi*. if H ?|iailni|M i p r-u* uf >*4
W SfMiu, ; Hrruri, U ff?5TPr C ? f?fi
Aad Im1*. 0 Hall*ad aad lady . 4 0 Miara Mr* l?w *k ?
J 11*11. Mia# A W Hr*n?r Mra " ***!'?*?. T Da ivwv??? M
I h<r* and ytaiar. M? Ola? * W1?? aoa aa? ? ,?
tar. Mr lJy*rw?nrn and ?' M <?r>i?k?>i**. Ml wl Haid
P Rnrk.J botoa. A ftlj. J H Riii*. M a P.mi I .
' non. T R I n*'?. K R 11 intrr. I. Patiaraa*. J Bar kma M
VogalMBf. t Rrlla*. C Bofkly, C Riraal a Mwaar J k t
? M T Hraj .1 Rirailr T A Hartal I. R mr* k?l r in? k ?
I Hrnrr r Krlk.fr < harlaa Pa Riirtar MiMlit o M
a Taylor. Mr* I** Kuytar H N?nfc Mr i>m?a M.a
Idiylana. Mr* M Hilary ?.*nrj* I ki|U*i Praa< >* II '
nri. Mr* Rufral# Da OntMf, Mia* Car* a kaa J "Am n?i
i. Tlnrkard wit* tfcrra rklHran and Hi t a* la'rt u*'f
M M'!*ao Roarnto Noylafo. taooai Paar. Tum *rr
MarmaRarra Wprfkaln Rarra Prdm Ronrtar M*?il* Ran
, Inna. laaalafn A Aiiaaa*. Rrrwdln d*l Rln, M arrlan dal Ri
loan Rrtirrr Trnrha. Pr .loan Rlraaot'irty i*furr A *
' Matiandat Alat Oondrry. P KirU, A Naikar Roi k'ifrl.
k Jaeok Irabrr and wlfa (llarinoati Kobaci M-#**l t i #
Alhar" 1-amntta, Harry Rmy Mr* Haywood and d* |ht<
I Pa^lr I rratla Min i'' r?ir*a Ala?*t?drr
la", I?m?la*o Kndraff**. P R llaf?r .maayik ,loaay>k .M
Piah. Franrl* Marbnra M T Taaain Lxna I* l<aalTia aad ka
II Uardt*. Martial Ooitaa. l-nnl* MlrBM M Vlbart. la .ra
Krknl*. Prlrr Q t'o**mr. H M*rAn*t'* aarraai. Radar
( I'aripkla, .loaaak Raalay Roman Mar?" ? <1 ' r**"*lr
, 0 * olfar^lanrT Pimm 0 W I'hapaa TalMtil R Rrria. I
a Rv?nar. Mr* cordaa aad IworHldtrn II IAiifwknaKal. l>
, Joar*. Mia* Parry. RyaMa HP ??| 7?
h Por rhar laatnn la iVr aframatilp Raahrllla?Ml** MrOarof
Mlat Idndalry. Dr l.lndalar. Marry M'lc? )r,rka* .1 i'1!n<
P tihliabm aa. R ( oafx>r*lVdrrrr. Mia* I Hal , Mr* Jam
and rklld. R H llrjan, lady at d i?,< rh d'?a. ?a? Ranar.
Mrt Maotrraa. R X ITruar ?j*<? lad^ . Jk.> m "H* * V ffl
MONDAY, MAY 24, 1858.
I More, 9 A Campbell, 8 8.'aeAiotf, D YCintama and 5 In the
Poi Baraaaab. la tbe M<uuM{i HawUrttla-Prad sebau*,
Ifi'i H OiifB. a * M Mra. J A WillhMli, J 0 m*?io? J
. Rehroeler. Haaan B Bangerfot 4. .Vhu tmibKerford Jr. HO
Caliwtf. Jokn 1 tvar Jao DifttWD Mini Ui'lMtf Win
* Kmbhip ?n 1tap. MIm Mariba Lenta. VTra BUI. Kugeae
, Bennett. Jobs haMmnua M Mark* J .V Unina K Marke?y,
1 kb MoEldery, 8f?rj Hiaknae, Cnw 0adMi*iaat Uharlnn
r bnhmti
for Ha?nernh, In the n'^uanbip Alabama-Jar Oaear
MHiurbmnl. Hbi A i, HiiUwt, J HirliMp It W Hamilton.
> J MeMK-harl. K ieadergraai, K J I.arcoinbe, If O-Lenter j
nu, ?nd 5 In (be steerage
. For BiokaaoodL bo. In (be steam "hip JnmMtawn?B B
1 Morgan, lunar D Bartholomew, ? Hter. J Rice. Jbwvb
I Aldrlnge. J Rlcbard, J r u lodaon J Holders. J P Otnfer
bill John Bi'im, *l*a H Oreen. Mm Haslet Ayree Mmi
' Ttrrlela beddtch, Miu Matilda ttnddlob, Mian Ulaotrny, B
1 B wood and Inly, J Hot'man Janet Irwin and nun Jant**
i boott Mral. M Barry. Mint Mary *udrewa D Metfarotra W
, (I WUeoo, Mra Oarrlfon, bin* Thnrman. Minn Km ma J
Tbvrmaa Dr Iburman and ladj, Mra Wheeler Mlaa Bqaan
Haitih MIm J Perm J J Kelly lady and child, A Ternon,
| A Walker, A B Parker and 17 In ibe steerage.
Com! Calendar?Ttaia Daf,
Scranm Oourr?Tlrcuit _ Part 1 Noa. 870?, 4068 , 690,
ft, 600, 660, 66*. 664, 666, 668, 0TO, 671, 466, 476, 629,
1 406, 14*, 619, 624, 692. Part 2 ?74T, 749, 711. 768, 766,
' 767, 700, 761, 763 , 766 , 767 , 769, 771, 760, 776, 777, 609,
077 , 637, 669,
Surswoa Court.? No?, 632, 796, 407 , 606, 1006 , 07,
1 k10. 644 . 670 . 980. 1018. 1021. 816 . 611. 794 . 294 . 6t8.
184. 201. 018 , 013, 1048, 1073, 108ft, 1083, KXHI 1007,
10W, 1000, nil, 1114, 408 760, 007, 003, 874, 884, 822,
820, 002, 111, 760, ill, 212, 1081, 420, OH, 607 , 026,
826, 002, 003, 004, 808.
Old established pbotorraphlc gallery, 340 Broadway.
Photographs, II allotypes ltd daguerreotypes.
SO Cent Ambrotype Llkmciici, with C?m,
beeotlfuilv oolored. Visited last week by over MU0 ladles,
at KIMBALL'8, 847 Broadway.
Fancy Cutlery.?A large raiMy of Hpwtc
men's pen and poeke' knives of tie mot1 rare and beautiful
pattern*, (or ame by J. A 8. 0AUNDKAH, No. 7 ajMt IIjum.
A Card tram Samuel Swan A Co.
Ybe extraordinary course pursued by the rival manager*
t nf different 'otierlee to Injure ua because of onr liberal and
prrnptmanier of dolor bunneaa. haa materially affected
ibtm. compels ua lo call apeelal attention to tbe facte, wkioh
> eli who d?a) with us know already; that Is, <ha'our loUerieaare
legal, the managers and t'uaieea bonertand honorable men;
l that we lave eold more prizes In the laat twelve months than
nil other lotteries In 'be Union, and that they have been
' promptly cashed in all caaee on preenatatdon Tbe effort to
I tr jure ua la aimed uot only at our business by our liv.la, but
la alec Intended lo act politically on one of our partners; and
w# assure our trteuda and I be public that wit*> our oincera
all >a right and this tae tegal Investigation whicb we shall
urge to a bearing wlU fully denooatraie. lu tbe meantime
our business wui be conduoted as uaual.
MaMtiRL. HW ?K 4 CO , Augusta, fla.
P. A?Any ooe deubtlng the responsibility of our firm will
find, upon Inquiry at the Broadway Bank of this cHy that
at hare a data nee of SMI (ID to our credit, besides which we
are keeping bank accounts In six other otUes !n the Untied
i Porta Felt Hnta? Just Received at White's,
, 148 ru.ton street. Oenta dress ha*, spring styles 83, as
1 10,000 Curs Boots and Shoes at Auction
, priors. at l'llll-LlPS A BMITHV, 81 Warren street.
[ The One tillage thaprau HuMrd,
the latest Paris stile la soft hale,
at UKMN'B. Wo. 214 Broadway.
The Grand Hit In Parle
, Is the MVSsRI) HAT.
OBNIN'H, Wa. 214 Broadway.
The Maeard Soft Hnta for Boys,
at UKMN'B, No. 114 Broadway.
The award Had.
1 he trade supplied wl'b one doxen or half a doien, Preach
puu|M, uuwinn.no.ut nruiaw?j.
An Imperial Photo|r?j>h of tho Uu Anann
' (I Thelpa mot lit bo icon tn?ii tho ooUeotioa of photo
*r i ? ot hew 1 ark merchoata ot BUADY'd (lottery, M
Ttr TVnpion'i.
' itkh Diamond Jewelry, Fine Watchea aad
i ? 11 n allrerwore ? D. 0 PiAt;<>0*. menufei-Kirer of rloh
and atl?erworr, Importer of diamond* end o'her pro
, hoe removed Ma manufactory from 16 Maidna
Lao-' to K'j Broadway, up otolrm, abnro ho olVrx for eolo to
tho pal.Ur hie Mooh of diamond*, diamond jewelry, watobee
.. rhajaa hr?eol< la, chatelaine* 4*.. at the wholeaaln price* fcw
A The adtenleao to p urrhaaers of obtalalDf flte arttnla*
<iroot fit m the factory et the whn'eaal* prtoea wtll readily be
per eat eed hapreeratod In New Tort by
DAVID AAIT, ltd Broadway, up ataira.
Hai aaai lowing Narhla* Oa.1 law Patent
M?lm Maahtaa, oaly Wh. hapeetor to the hlaheat prtea bp
etone for ?aa -pinnae the ouat Tarttea parch* am artll ra'
natee fall laaWaratoa. Na 447 Broadway
r .
I Hart fa Ttteephereaa la the Beat and
rhrepeel artlei* far di aaatag, beanUfylag, rleaneln*, cirlln^,
? l-roarretac ? reetortaa the aair Imdiea. try U. hotd by
all dru((teto
Metal Ur TaMet Hater Htrwp-Wholeeala
ead mail hy J. A liClllltlUI, Me. 7 Aator liouae.
J ttnern'a red Ldwer OH Jelly.
1 Appletod hy the Hew Yoch Academy of lledlaina.
Ptaamni to the -ante aa-i reutatat all the virtue* of the oil.
r gt t hf 194 Pourth aveaton.
Tahfi.|.D, Ol.ATAtfO .He aftetchee atreet.
?. latrhilirl Hair Dya, Win aaad Tanpeea
The heat to 'he world eorpoaatna all mode Hold aad op
4 ?> ?' al Ikiaiuitt UK). SO Broadway.
m HaUfway1! PllU?it* m Ictklt In body,
p- >a**paai* af Nirrlixn, dull, laacuid ud doapoa 11a* jr?i una
*. k>< u> rap ata tha etuaa K? laaund Itai u mi*U id iA?
. 0mm ??it ?ad lha aam H*? oryaaa. and thai a oourac of thu
[''y, and m'l ran| ramxdy will roalorn our MrnaytA.
artftlt/ aad ahsarfalp* a, and roorult all four saar*i*a.
frteU<ara*i Hair Df?, Wlf? and Toapara.
k tha ** la ** world. who Waal* aad ratall. aad lh?#dra prl
ratal/ aprplwd Ra 4 A*tor Haaa*
WUawatl Hair Calar, Only Wa. a BiWIi,
tahaaa tha haw ?a" fclar* or brows;" daaa aot d/a iba skta,
. kr aau aasply aa lha hair, turn la* arar hair or aar othar
ntar la a |faiar " bladh ar brows r l|aatr M Onal
' iraat. Is Wa dru* aw r? Appliod LUa wator soawia whal
Minuop un DIATIBJ
Cbtwa>?n? Dr*T*A ? la ihM on/, na TTiuradar, Mar 20,
ihr naptwt Tahrraarla la Kaooad a*aao*. bjr las Kar.
Thaaaas ArwMays. Wa H Oatwmsa. of Holm data. Has
Jars*7. to Miaa I'mbbs Aa*. daayhtor of Wa. Dar/sa, of
I <k? ?r?>t_Hira ?<m mda/, Ma/ 21. at tha boss*
k of Ik* brtds'h hr.ab*? M Bo war 7, by tha Kav J. Tbora
xa, (I n , Jtmm Obrrrrpr, Seraafa Pa., to Miaa
taa H"?aa?. third daafhtar pi Wa. Ra4|ora Haada. of
Hawiy. Iraiaad
1 aadoadarr/ llaalarl /Issas ctyy
la lha any. aa Ha tar da 7 Ma/ 22. at 11
ft a M Ara.tr li< m, w'fa .d (,..rd<ia Bur hard,
aad aaaahiar af Juba Ityta, ia Iba add /aar af bar aya.
l lha rr-.ar r?a aa (Vwhda af tba fam '7 ar* raapanvblt/
arwod I* aar ad iba fwairal taw (M<ada/) afWranss, al
Irwirkri, fVaaa iba raaidaaca af bar faibar. M Waal
IwiaAutb diatt
Ha.i t la Ibwob'ya, ? flalarda/, May 21. Mirwtai
, U?ta*i, af MMmitM, tl yaar*
i >ia tr ?Ma ao<i IM fi w*4a af Ik* fbatly ata raquaalad
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liruriy ?f te' rmj * IW? Mm4, af*4 M yaa#a
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#.-?'.! 'V May ft M Ifurwu* *?4
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? TV? r?*M. a a*4 f? M*a I* Ik* *-< ?* ?T b* MM,
I .,< k m< w?m4 r Hi af lb mm M Im
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r?->*??* U* limn, Mini n at ** #'< ta k
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f ba ra MM Ml N 1Mb* ara ayHM; ??**4 la atm
bilk* *r*l, M hnliy alaranaa, at IV* a'rUal
km 111" MUM. tna feu iMa raailiaaa. Ml
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a b .?-? tt ara M r mdmt. Apr tl a* y**?? U
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J a/ >m ?f Ma ak
nra -<lb MMNy, ft Mar a Hfrv* >Iimm.
M>a< a arMef CknakM EmM. ?ee? ?t yeare. i wuU
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'raak M? *|*aMM ?T Ma Ikalty bra *tM
la aaut i tea faaw* #mm m* mm rviMm wrur V
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k r?K* *?, Mir l?h>'" <* "??>?? m4 Cklk*r?M
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Tk? (rwdu an* uiufctkMi at Ik* 1Mbn7 am IB|??*
NMr ! * W4 M M-' ??#r AH'nl, M Tkwfct inww,
a M tan n'rMafc, (VMB AM MM IWAM, 1*7 M TWtf
ir. am ar#?*
?. litem *r?ra ?la kwi ti M "Mit'la* Ha* 0. Mr
? Jn*? II IrnifM Rl'l'rt Md Ntwi UlaMt a ika
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J; Tk# rilM'TM aMl fr'*a?M <* * rkaalt* m4 tk# M#a
a? k#raa'U?* Antta*a? rt l#"p ??* r?par Mail; ?*1M4
in. In at**n>i Ik# flu>#r?l Tka 'i?rnl aanaM will iak*
I k par# ma (Mftfrt*7) I'V'IU'7*, at a (tartar naat l??
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j. i'urtff Wniu?"!? kh #? jaw, m4 Km it r*ar*
"fc la Ik# taral arriM# i* ** ' k'taa
'?? Tkf ralattrra ai f' < *< ? * ' -HI#*## af lb# ' aMal
k;. Suim Nk?? a S.? t? ? > * i/, kra i?mm4 wak
frv" It fcrrni, M T .lay *ara<ag Mil* o*?laU
rr>m Mi late rwty Na IHfMTiwiy mm* > >?
I r 1'?TfHrffl 11 giM l
Mill ~ ca *oada>, May S, Mr? LJMU Mi, KIM
KM >f?r ?r k?ri(?
TTlc r?Mm iM liMO era Mij MfMif B HM? M
alWiM tba foaeral, ? Tiiiiif mM| m ?i-m
a'aart, f'ocn 1Kb r?i<??r> o< >o*a r bbjbmbb, Mb im
BlOOBrntPMl Hot rtBBM BUI MiuibB ImI 0K*?
trr'nr tnlrmrM Paaeral arr *waa Bi IK* Kmbbb. IN
(Minday) ifUrMit. BI Kro ^c*k*
Wiihom.?(la .HatarOoy. Nf B mm niiMn K Mr
grati<1tatl>*r, rhvmaa MwarO*. iM Vim TnMi M k
Mtr?*l Him fiiMB, daagMar of JoM aad rjfaa I ?l
or,, of Caaado Want
bar rraaalai will M Mai M i i nawud Ommmy. mm
(koad*/) attornooa, a* Ikm o'MMk.
Wnkl| Kipirt M IhalM
lattM oft? aad mwif of Now Tar*. rrw Mm UN Mr of
Mar to Ma no Mr of Map, MM.
Mm, 9T: women. M; bora, 15?. fwio, MM?1MU, Ml
Julia, lt7t cfclbireo, Mb; aM, MO, Mii.l, 103,
oolurod pmwm,
Albumlaarla aad MrlfMI foror, aoarM
dlaeaae of kidnaya I Faroe, lyyboll t
Apoplexy 1 Prootaroof Ma lag 1
Bleeduig from bowola.... 1 rraotary of Mo Mall ... I
Blooding Irom lung 1 HMK, KUMMf. 1
Bleed log from atomaoir.. S Baart, dleaae* oT 0
Braia, dlaeaoa of I Heart, ' rbo?w?Uc . t
HroocfctUe t Haart, ? retailer.... I
BmM or ocaldad. 1 Hoopla* <*>u*b
sorr of the atomacta.... t InHaiaaaaHna of bo ore la ,.M
Oatcer of the womb 1 UImmmUmnmu is
OaauaUiea 8 hHiwHIni of HI ... 1
Casualty by railroad..... 1 InflamtaaiMa of kttrt ... 1
Cbultra Infantum 4 I?IIimiIW ?f Uwf .... 1
folic pictooum 1 IatUaimaUoa of Isaga... .94
Uornpreoeicn of the braia. 1 InlUnnatirn of slnnarb. 1
Congestiea of the brain.... 4 lafUmmaUoa of womb... 3
Onngeauen ol Um) kldaeys. 1 Intern peraaoeL. 3
0 ingestion of Um longs... 8 Killed or Murdered, by
booaumptien <17 (tabbing 1
Convulsions,tnflmille..... 36 Liver, disss** of 1
Group 4 lata* venerea .......... 3
CyanuHlH 1 Marasmus, Infantile 8
Debility, adnlt. 1 Meaalea 4
Debility, infbntlle 12 Neuralgia 1
Ibliilvv tremens 1 Old age 4
Diabetes 1 Pleurisy 1
Diarrhoea 4 Premature birth t
I>ro|wy 4 Kheumausm 1
Dropsy In vbe cheat 1 dorufuia. H
Dropsy in the bead 31 Smallpoi 17
browned 8 Softening of spinal curd.. 1
Dysentery 4 Spine, disease of 1
byt pvpnut 1 Stillborn..... 22
Knlargemont of the liver. 1 Suffocation, accidental.., 1
Kpilnpty 1 Suicide, by aborning I
Krycipe ae 6 Suicide, by stryoliauie.... 1
Fatty kidneys.. 1 Teething 3
Fever 1 Tumor, in the brain 1
lever beetle 2 Uuknoaru, not stated 1
Fever, purrperal 6 Varioloid 1
Fever, remittent 1 ?
ratal 402
The number of deaths, compared with the oorreupoodiag
weeks ot 1668 ani 1H1>7, and o( last wt?t was as t'oUoss: ?
Week tndiag May 24, i8M 322
' Kay 24, 1*67 883
" May 14, I860 401
? May 22, 1844 401
Deeroaae this week 2
aaoermrutnoa?Dunusns ouuwan.
Bones, Joints, 4m S Stillborn end pronators
Stain and nerves 86 birth... 20
Generative organs 0 Stomach, bowels, and
Seart and blood vessels 11 other digestive organs 40
'.angs, throat, Ac. 121 Uarertaia seat aad geosllc
age 4 ral fevers 34
fltln, Ac., and eruptive Unknown, not stated.... 1
fevers. 40 Urinary ergana 4
Total. 402
??n. wnico 10 ware iron riumu nun
7adw i re?r .....110 40to60yenr? 31
110 3 year* 43 MloAO^ri 10
3 to 6 ycani.......... 46 80 to TO years 11
I to 10 yennt 13 70 to 80 fowl 0
10 to 16 yuan 6 80 to 00 years 3
16 to 20 yours 8 83 to 100 years 1
10 to 36 you* 30 Unknown 3
36 U> 80 years 31 ?
30 to 40 years 18 Tout 403
antlrth America. 4 Sootlaad 4
e.nyiand 10 Hwedoc 1
Krance I UiiMDWm. 374
iermany 28 Unknown 3
Ireland 10 ?
Tout 403
klmnbooM, Blk'n latoad! 4 <Hd I,%dtea' Atylnm 1
3ellerue Hospital. 31 Randall' 1*4. Nun Hosp. 3
3ty Hospital 3 Ht. Vinoent'a lloapttal ... 1
On ored Home Hoapftal... I Hmallpoi Hoap'l, ll'k I'd. 1
I maud Hiaptta) 1 Ward's 1st Kmift Una'1..10
Lunatic Asylum, B 1 3 ?
Nursery & Child's llosp.. 2 Total 03
1 8 1* IS
3 I 14 14
8 3 14 3
4 It 14 18
1 14 17 33
4 11 14 21
T It It 36 |
0 17 ? 30
t it n 4i
it a m so
u to ?
18 30 Total 404
CMy Inspector's Department. New York. May 33. 1044.
A . Family tewlna MuMtsi
fa a useful and acceptable preasaT to a wife, daaybtar. Meter,
nr led* Mead. It la Ike beet machine la see. Omoe. 4SS
A. alagani. A TMUac put* u4 ptak ft MrA ? OR
Broadway, ooroar of Pm?* aAraal IHMUfcnA MAC
(*itrr?. id SO for palaal laalAar bald.
FOR TaNT makksjs.
pur nrkmb makkrjl
por ouRirr makrrr
pur BaNTiU.a m? It mr,
pub oaITKR plftkm
TV-?* at* Ua nm **w1d* mtoUnni >i?af ? aa*41* aad
bnui* praeUcaUf MUbllabad la AmarW Raw Twkar.
It la u>i<juAattr**bl* " * ft !>> boat -R'laday doartar.
I Hi'1* 4N Hroadwajr. eoraar of Brmma AUeeA.
Aaaau waotari. Haad for a similar.
AIA.AMIM. 9 Bdl Pnal RMM H V
Awnai.n-fl wnuME
N?U af infmdiaata rare. ud kaawa
To ixpwilWr )??.
Lyua'a lUfoatte Powder (In*
Doatb U? ?m4 luteal Vhtaa dtl Hrr*.
ato tbme IkM crawl and hlle ud ?Jnf
Vat baraaa an other llnaa lMa?
lUiAChM, *ff't
Ij-C oa plania.
Mhap. Maa.
Of era*1 aire.
Mocha bcctlca all.
Moth great ud will.
MoaqaMoaa ton.
It killa Maw. wta
Can fall if aaaa,
to bar Ihla banaf
Then Lpoa'a film, far aha and rata.
More tire tbaa larrtara or than rata,
Will fraa a booaa a barn a Mara.
Prom half a ihnaaaad rata or atari
IVfM* for l.lOfd Magnetic Powder aad llUa. tar laaaata
and rarmui. IM Broadwa7
a runiNkNT (TTJRE fOK
A rti.MBi rii.Mi riijar mam
TW proprietor af
ftn with mi rna mjrrrmroar
wtll yoaraataa to aara any aaaa of lafaal or aatai ail pflaa
aamnaa woonaann raaa or rrtaa.
ftata W HaKaa, *h>P{iMacmMiat. U front an at*, waa
' rare* of allaa by aatng Or. Wllni 11 pile teppuMUa ? Ha
waa allleaad with thwai tar tan foam an* at uaaaa naaiaa* la
bta M Call aa*aa? Mat Maftraaaa wtu ha (Iran ta any
mtw of paraoaa who were earn*. Oapot IM llnwary. 4rng
^tnra. TV* attain aan ba aaal la anr rart of 1*0 aaaa try.
A u. who ivrrn* wtth oommm, bcmtomr, mo,
A mm baoa them core* witboal pala, by l?r. XAOHABOC I
:?a Mtoa* way
IJ I.A'1 not* OOATM fit Bt'lIWMHN OOATR, I* TO
IJ VIA T rtta rondo tar auatnai worb froaah ?t<>0> frnck
mala, ta order V? faafetaaahle ciaau M to V7 f aahi ?a aad
la'ability nntbtae* alt'LAMK *. II* WUUatn nraat batnb
uMba* i*a* j
Mr* etf tea. Utwrtt prima.
MOO 1KB A RAT MONO, onraer f niton and Maaaan <ta.
HOT* rrtAW*T*. farct JAi-mrm urnoot. I
J) nlto Aa Ibaabian alylna and nbnapar tbaa nrr-r. At |
AtM.fcRa A RA YWiiNTi >1 nf r Ill/Ml ant Nuun ata
)? ' rnrnd without pain. an that tbn boat Ma bo vara ,
mm*dia??ly wltbrmt ibo loaal Inonaronlonm In tbn ->atMai, 1
by l?r A*<11ABIK aaraana -bimpodlnt. 7M llr-tadway.
U m-RiRu mruBf atiorr, im. at a orbat rk
DVfTIoB or FRirKH,
la ?M Broadway. aaar iiratid atmml,
A fa a?w Arm
ay'tak aat.ry RruaaaU naata aar yard
B*f ab aflil roirot at II 16 far yard
( I af Hr tannin at $1 10 ft Tar4.
Raf nab incrata at 7$ Mala Bar raH
a Ian a nAntna aamai nl of tdlelniba. window nbndoa. barn
r'irmiao. and ail o?Aar (ooda portnJnm* la ihn irada. at at| daily
law priona.
rwrad by l?r B Bat ha anim ( aarar It*
an> nan an amn an I vbn knnn mnlrantod ?n long to ho en rod
aaa walb ayaia. aa ?ai mr ata.or In law by your wonderful
aJan I'aibarlao Rnlnna, Ro ft Birmingham alrnot Bur aaln
at IT. ?. B ?A1TH A *P ' Saaai ntmnt. and at dm* pal*
taiKia aad trnataaanl of raiarrV and On nonaag ananas,
a an rata la ba flAi nor* Ikmat broarMHa and all Iba
tarann mnan# arln'nt from IN* dtanana la at Ao A Road
arm bow Tnrb Tbn Bnthnlngy ad ran rod and tttainlaiand
by tbn .adoratrnod wfll naanl Hmdf m tbo (adnranat
nf an and hm anMra aunaaan la tbn (torn nf tbn aaont fnrmlnabln
typaa or tbtn malady la naBjitmt guamatnaaf iba
ana nam Br an nf Ma nanttlnai
B. ' loon A I.B. M D. To ? Road t?mtd W T.
anuarind wi j?. -it pais. IB hat tbn stmt nan ba wool Im
mndtamlj afar tbn rvvnnaUna WHbn.it tbn Ira* Inrnnrralnarn
It. tbn y - ont, by f?r 7. At'll A RIR farnnoa t'blropodlat, 7IR
I |. n'??l bitoiuoan 7 boon of goo-t addrrm aad barla*
gwul raioyonnoa will ronriro a libora) anlary or .tommiaama.
? paly af'nr 10 A. R , at tit ml way, tip rains, rnoma It
M l & U. HOuABtyOB.
I l?W"?X*fW)W
A 1*14(1
?l " ? ? *?? ?W a Mr vara - ill
tea i Mil Mi l ?? ?ja** <n* mmtrm, al ii
a mamrn+mmmm a? bl?* *r?xi d?>t*Mr. jw aw
?mmi. >iaa? ?*> iai??. wiaina *i, u,
w aat ?| n?a; f*ra fey uXa ??vda ynnta*
< >?a. kariatt wur. >wrara ?M Htera, te
Ikwia. ?>n>a miaamir.awaiUiwMa*
knnm(MaMH??(il,Hlakl uda'.aNllra
iwtiitirfaaartMftitMi r>? tvaaai
vimHht a* aat aaaJf aa* ?/ tfer lata Wta.
hrMi Wi ( ? a Ml a?iwll> ?" lw?K a ? . MMa"
?ai Mw na?ii. a* Mn?* ** * imaa
??aw* <aft bnaaM. . ..
* *?*? <la MT fctartM ?f"? " larfeftaMy wa
^Wailii at* fefetwfeM* na iknlw* tla yetiawaoee <M <ka
feta. **a IM?RM fciU'Wl ryMM. rWM ** dl
rw?i nana m iw r?" i"|?i ' rf <lw*a im
( MMKMlrwulaWakM haaM?aad bo4jr.
ana ikian iJw *f >*?j<au od uata
?mm mm? UM? ar? ?anni* a* p*n oat of rlaoraadl
* ratal tar |<wt (tx dm* paUtll; *M m*i?
mm?m a tfertr atnl aw la wferrrrri
ryttaRa ?m? ka4 luM
Hr?u.i.r. ?4 f uawta Italaia In ?mil ?mm at tfea
i?M?ait>i mum hmpmtmm mmm ml mMw u* MiM
??whm? M4MMaata((aiiii44ta?M|i#
Mm *m iMMm Ma*. aiffet (Ml* illiUtay fend anat
* i ?armm 4rm*mt umari, ??I aaladiaaa.
Ht4ttm uf* baimam il/bbil ku a oobb. mb
idaataliaklifkMt IMMNnM
mmrrnirn* tfeti MM Iha Mm hM a* Ml Um rMMkl VMMW*
l? an* ?tr? iw Ma at iHaMM*
H~ tattm Lira it *t4i*11 rvumn m? b. khb. m
arta* aad It Itetna (vtm ml MNmhw
iManllia *ad ? (. *Aa* hahat Maa?lp?Ud tar yw.
Htatt-m um i?u*ii -Miami m rubtob,
MM Mr?i. W rwftib of (hat B.xfe. h?.1 m* ?
Vb* ilmt bad ! >?> < the la the >wm. ptoaaPdi
Htattb my* liMAi no a bo wa j. ?aon
law of ?7 rnaaa ktmi if tlat.iia l/W ae had M
wl mmaMa^Miaiu opwittnaa. ebteh Ii?lin4 Mm to Ma
Htatt* mpw Balaam itubbh wrt.i.t*n iabttb.
R*l Bo r 7 Hv?? a>A Hmublya. of deep aad Ian A
bio iUr??a uo tfca tot alW Ma pbgtoatoap M dboMad thai aaaHTATTH
tai't Ibirteoatb ward, B. D, Hrwoal/a, af rbewaaailia,
afar > ? I...I beau naAar an<lal ImalMaal la fWM, Mff
arlpple 1 lot aiwita
wbaar bum* Is ho M Meade airaat, of aa nlrer onuitoa
Ihe ealire leg inxa haaa to laatop. Ma taah ruuiag to tol
Hyatt * i.ipb haiaam ourbi>mum wowbrs bob.
oer ol ISla alt rot and I Mr* ataaaa of a tomtila aaaa
of ?UfV' ?, tryttpelaa sad pttnploa whirb bail aaUmM
dea'inyed hot lair, aaa a> dladgared bar too noald n?l appoap
la public for yeaie. mo baa and * aaar left, and Lor Mir M
oanplauwj reaiarei.
c moor inbnn ardiwora bt before toi linear Kara*
Waaler re It. after the aanrer Kia deatrvyed Ma aoaa
wtoat uil<-? la Wo It Prapl etraat, of obroeM dyapaptM
ot ike moai tot turing kind
ofMnrenun II of dtapontla. Htor and kolnoy tornC'alaiaaailiboiimatlain
Ac arer be bad been reduoad to Aa
weal extremity, awl thought by all to ba laodrmlila
Hyatt-hupp baiaam cur?i> mr jaoobh. wo. b
Market ilrorl, of aoterbl large aaug*ant uioera wtoah
uutiilng elae could rear it
dorka>aa<er. 171 Ma<ilaon aimed of a torrlOo olaar dbr
be had boon la the. 'Irnndwey lIoapMel all noilkA aad Map
though! to be Inflatable.
XI M Th'rd a tonne, of Before InlHmmatorr i bnanMiM,
eougk. pain In the bread aad aide, alter be bad bean a batpleaa
auflbror for more tbaa a year.
12 Willmai Rtroot of klng'e otII. The uLoer aatarad tha
dntim Ipft g4ft? rti lk? mwik and fasten
the archltert No *"" ? * ? y ' -* - i "~a t? ilrt|
montha' duration, which had wlpplad ?a<l njalinad hi at In Hi
riMNn Mr. Webb *M el(bty year* aid when ihu core m
afar ted
Procure. No US areuoa A of a terrible oaaa at oih,
which had *Mumod the aature of otuoer aad raMWd dl Mr
Utapla la oura it
merchant tailor, of Lamtlngbarf, Naw fork, at Mrufotana
nicer* I aad rh?uatattna> which had penetralnd to Mb
bona, aad rafuaad to yield until the Ufa haleaa acBi ta hh
Joaa? h U. (Jodwta (ahoar oOoa la at US Rlixahath at^
noc*un>ptlaa. ooufh pals In tha atda aad bra ad. aia
of blood, nlfht awaaM. after ha had oaaa year* aBMalW
aad to tha lart uva or waakaaaa, aad proanaaaad |M
racorery by pbyBeiana
Darldaon (tha oalabratao aad wall kaowa Bra proof ad*
Bafcar of Albaayl. af eoaaumpilna, after the aklaot phyBBaai
of tha Btata aad IhB etty aad aaaauaad aad proaaaaaad
hia luaxa naar'y daatroye 1, aad but death laerltahla
IM Third araana, of aathmAf tha bob palafa) aad
dan(oioaa kJad Hhr baa be*e adluutd froa infaa.ir ami
tha apaaaaa ao eerera aa to foraa tha etaraum or traa baaa
Out of uIam
llyatt'a Ufa Balaam has eared in.uM naaaa of MbMh
dloaaara. aad it will nxiat certainly oara aay oaaa wblth earn
ba reached by aediolaa, if taboo la aaaardaan wtM tha
Ii mm nnleoataln a partial* of aaaraury, nr mmf mkm 4mleu
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through tbe aid of oar efficient corps of outlets at sswUr??a
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Memhaat laltaaw.
JOT. COM A <X) . Trtbnee Buildings, bara been appclat
art ika nal/ aad eioloslre agents for iba aawapaaor praaa mt
tba rtaia of Maw J?raa/. ai aa Ml orbtl rttaia Ooaraalioa baM
at Maw Hmawiat. Ma/ II Tboaa who wiab ta adrartlaa Mi
Maw Jarar/ will ploaaa nail aa abere.
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ara rsplrth In-Teasing trada la rertTtag bnataraa la Mapro'teg,
aad therefore now la tha Uma to purrhaee Waia'i
a> wia? warbiDaa Tbaaa ara the aal/ maohlnsa napebie ad
doing -rrrjr Vert of work, aad It ta aaaaaaa17 to bare <h?aa
t? obtala tba work. Hieger'a aaw faatUr sewing mai btaa.
baitt tba lataat and Iba beet. tba moat beaullfcl aad dm
rawest to rparata ta emamaodlng onirarwal fbrsr CeJlaaA
ire them anrt send for 1 circular
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n la r*o*l?wl bp tka Irad*.
\mtit#or"r haib notoBiig-it mm hot ntj,
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browa. It la Ik* rk*ap?at balr anlorar la to*. Oalp
_ _ T waatp At* aaata a botUa
Tbnaaaadaaf bnttlaa anid ***ry want; Anaa Ml aatar to
Injur* tk* Mto. aad la *ppll?d nk* wator. fr in ikr*a to fttoi
application* win tnra tfc* frapwal balr to a blank ar bramai
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in "Til* * **"* ,"**t Oalr to a bam* wt* Pai
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rnfraraf bail prta'nA ?Plato ead W ear la MM A
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rbaap. at a. 0. OLA Kb M* Brnadwef
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P*rrp atr?*t Carpoto. aaa Ittnraa nad totrron tor an
(knap A'an ib* fin* hon** So faaia* airaal Apt If to B.
lllHliriA f man Inanraar* Onmpaap, W toell #mnt
ri r.rr tup LABOR *vp <* v'v >'<A nmriuB
bona* An ? Ore** *-** ? tok-nnfb - Mr dliahla
for * Or* rlaaa boar l>a* *.>ne* b-** *l<?fe*t** .. . wn ?*.
ir 'lira Anplf to A HI inOlbik ' AA'jamaei on?t?y,
Ik W ail rrarb

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