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Bmhcock H wn uventovroiily agreed that the election er*
<lM?d by CobgrcM b? tlxed for the Orel Moaday u> Aujixt
xL The Ooaunieeloa then adjourned. |
Governor Denver errivtd here thii evening, end pre
eroded to the fort. Rumors ere ia ctrcuDtioa of e battio
an the Southern border between the free State force end
party at Mleeoartens, In which twenty one parsore wera J
killed end eleven wounded The newe U not euthentic.
Trade of the Lekte with Liverpool.
Ci.kvklaito, Ohio, Key 19, ISM.
The berk D. C. Pie roe end schooner D. B. Sexton, with
Mens end lumber, end schooner Oorres vmdent, with
wheel, ell for Liverpool direct, end the bark II. E How,
to Detroit river tor e cargo of lumbar, and Utance to |
Iuverpooi, sailed to-day. (
Bailuta '
PHiLADCimiA. May 29,18M. 1
Anoka beevy Pnenoylvame wwte 6'e, 89; Reading Rail- 1
read, 20\; Morris Case , 42; Long luend Railroad, lift; .
1'eaneytveela KalJroed, -11H
Raltimoks, tfey 29, ISM. r
floor deli end lower; Howard eireet, $1 2ft; City Mills, t
4. Wheat tending upward*; white, tl 20 a gl 30. Cora
Arm at 84c. e flflv tor wctto, end 6 J a. 69c. for yellow.
Wblakey dell at 20a a 21 j*c Provlatoos dull end heavy.
Balk ataouldara, 0 ago.: siuoi, Sc. eSigo. a
l'lnLeDXLruiA, May 29, 1868. f
rvwi.n.l .K<.I n..IO ....I I Cirll hnnsult' *
7" low, 7fc"a ^30" ""wbTakey ud provisions -without d
change. _________ p
ANmpt to Overthrow tho Government bjr p
Dot. Kinney?A>mln( the Natives?Appeal fj
to the Vaiaea States Ship Jamestown? 0
Ptlfkt of tne King?The Den (ialxotte of the B
Nineteenth Century. c
olk a8pin wall corkbspondinci. d
Asruwsix, N. Q., Hex 1,1868. p
JliUory of the G'rat Iniari m?Colonel Kinney'$ Financial t
and Military Strength? Hit AUiei in Washington and l
Utah?The ColonrI is Brought Bock to Atpinwall?Htno t
Be vol Made Prisoner q
Id my letter of April 19 I Informed the Herald that c
Col Km Dry, with tome balf dozen followers, sailed from
this port a lew days previous?on Um 16th April?on the
American berk Otprey, Nssh, for San Joan del Norte. It r
wee not mrmlsed here at the time that Kinney and his par- t
?y bad aay intention to subject the little government of i
Grey town, and proola m blmeelf Governor. Such an Idea, to q
aay one knowing the quantity and quality of the materiel c
of the lavadtog army?if the vagary ever became an Idea f
? was too ridiculous for expression. The esquenoe shows, ]
however, that the clt sens of Asptnwall were kept In the t
dark, although the colonol, it appears, ventured to disclose i
his warlike Intention - and ambitious prqjects to your I'ane- t
ma correspondent, and to give him a peep at tne "oat la
the meal tub."
Immediately the Colonel's "nominal commercial specu 1
latioa" assumed proportions sutllcient for furnishing a g
mall army, his collapsed treasury had a surplus of (
"840 000 cashand his balf dozen followers were converted
Into be rots "ta every way calculated to win re- '
epect and laurels" *bade of KaUUfl"! t
This was in ended for a Saw York latitude, and In oaae l(
aay shrewd Yankee should venture to ask where the
Colonel had made a "raise" of the $30,000, one of his r
party had anticipated and answ -od the quest'on by in- (
forming the Washington Si at he bad been uego j
U si lag with Brigbam Yousg a, t.ie Mormons, proposing ,
they ebould colonize on bit Hoa<) .ito grant, and the pro
petition having been favorably received by the Mormoaa
Kinney waa thua enabled to raite the $30,000 IB oath,
and $80,fOO la merehaadtio.
Tbe nboie affair?"cat, ctah and lanrela, Mormon*,
meat and mercbaodiae''?waa a moat arrest humbug,
and at you will anoa lento, but ioveaioo (?) of Greytown
? moa> rtdlculoua affair, an t would have been oiacreditable
to a ecbuolboy corporal.
Kinney, aa I bare auted, left here on tbe 1.Sib. on tbe
lWprey. He waa aooompnaied by the pertiea wbose
namea I gave, and took wito them abent $2,000 worth of
previsions and grocerlee. Nothing waa beard of Uia oarty
until Iba arrival of tbe Brititb steamer Treat from Grey
town, on the 8<h May, whicb brought back Kinney aa>1 ma
party, eisept Capu n Hill rh<e yeoUeman, it appear*,
waa leH Ptbtad in charge of Kionay 'a hours and tbe pro 1
Hnch U tbe Greytown vereloe of tbla affa'r, which baa
thrown that litue nole inio apatma, dUguaied Ctplaio Kenoedy.of
tbe Jamevtown, aid tilled me mail with deh
patches lor the Honorab le Secretary o: SUte, aud my
Lord Napier.
In addition to haaltng down the Mosquito iltg and ran
ntng op in iti pla:e tne Nicaraguan. Kiooey tamed and |
t> nt*>d up a manuscript or v laiuati .u Mgned bv bimaelf
as Governor, and A. B Sutherland, decretory. I encloae
a oopy it the prnotvmation varbatlm
Kinney, Be I and Iireaeer were taken prteonera by tbe
Grey town mob ooapoeed o< aocut AO infuriate 1 negroea,
armed witb mutkrta aod citsr weapons, leu on by a few
white rneoala. But for toe timeiy loWrtereooe of f-eptaia
Keeneay toe wbeie party would bare been anut tinted
Kmiey lenvea m the Grounds, via Henna. for rax as,
Young Bell la n nephew of Won. M C , of Ve , and
ex Governor Bell or lexte Setberlaed la from Richmond,
Vn , far revere! j ear* a resides' at Aspiawall GUdoon In
from barton. and Dr. Poole from the neighborhood of tbe
Ihnaai 8 warn p
Tbe Panama Star of tbe 16Ui May contains tbe following
norouat of the adventure of Colonel Kinney ?
By tbe Hriuab <earner Trent we have reoeired eopiooa ror
mpnndra- fn.m ptcaraaua, gtilngfuil particulars of the
re wet atu mpt made by Got. K Inner to pnawaa elmaelf of
Greytewu by foroe. and to aeauma tbe government of tbe
To Iho telegraph oporalnm wo arc Indebted for tho follow
lac rrtmm* of the prwi)i?|? which wo hoi not apooe to
pnbUeb la oor mora lag odlilaa H?
l-'erraph from nrplnwaJL, May t. 4 90 P * '
Tho Hrlilah tnaor Trent ju?t oor I rod from Urnytowa reporto
lhot on ihe ?h Arrll rSrf Kinney, with moo armed to
tho tooth hauled Co wo iko M or qui to flap, holstol ta Its atood
tho Mtcarapuaa (a lora, lor ? 1 h way Into iho Bar tr'ahouao.
aod forothly dragged him mt oat prtroarr Tho rlutooa
woro op la oi-ma etrecily oad o arout wao aoai to (loptoln
KraaMf of ihe Jameetnwn. for laatilnw. who oamooa
aK.tra talBAdUtAl V llfc 11 ITTDMl bOll'l OTtV,
Mr. Hum imnaa Intriguing lo anpporl KInnoy oad gala
tha oapport of the Jamrooiwn miad that ho waaiharaorooawUlira
of lha Nlearegimn forrramant, and had haan la
form ad by thrra that iho traaiybetween tho United Hi* tea oad
Nicaragua had haan rauftad. aad thai ihay woro at all haranU
t<. holm 'ha flap of tha obooa o inn try la too Juan, Unfortu
o.'ly ha had to rat hla own wot da, for Mr Do Itonrol. Acting
traavl and latoly ap pom lad Mlaiator to f ana by tha Ntoa
ropuaii goremmen'. produnod hit pepero of offioa aad pro*ad
th?t lha trrr'j waa not ratldod. aad tan Mr Tomaa darod not
abow Na fare la thai eonatrr. harlap boon ootlawad for neap
, aa rdl?c*r 'n Walter'* army N'Hhtnp waa Icfi <o bo duao
U rre'ere. no'l.e rl laona of Urrtt->wn MP ad uoon taking
Kinney and hia band prlaoor ra of ti the Jamaatown. from
thaooa to ha arat up la lha flriiiah atatmar t* oapiawaU,
which waa dear
Tha I olocal aad hla parly had arrirad at AgpiawalL
Two ffnr Onu ftaenow at two Aramurr or Mrwr ?
Tho Jotnt atork opamtlo eotarprlao whloh rommoaoaa at
tho Asademy to morrow night will, wo hopo, turn out a
prohtablc affair. Tha artlttp who hart undertaken It?
Madame wattaalga, hod !t ignore Brlpaoll, Amollo, (Inapt
reel, aad othere?eotnpoaod the troupa which, owtaf to
tho waat of appreciative taaU on the part of tho Philadel
nhla ainiletori en dad aa o*arr other mieaJ npaciiiAtua
la nr? In cad in thai city? la a pecuniary fa'lure The
, dtaUagalebed ftrtlata composing tbla troupe loot esreral
UMMMfti d dollars by their rffwta to miftlater to Iba gratia
ratios of the Pfailadelphiana. and they court upoft their
?? at 'he icadomy to make up the deSrtaoreas Ift
ooned la that unforiueete apccmtoUna We hare m
doubt that tbla fact will ruralak aa addlt*>aal iscealire to
j oar muatc losing public to aatoad cardial aad Uberftl
patronage to artlata holding an deaerredly high ft ptoea la
their estimation The reeell of the fortbcom og aewaa
will, we think, abow that Now Tort la Iba oaly rity la
the I'alca which can be *e< ursly ooaated upoa tor Uo
eaooaftft of mualcal or dramatic enterprises of aay aaru
Ma namerr at Iwrat Ran * ?We are that tbla ad
tollable actor baa been Induced to atofca bis appearance
to-morrow night at tbla theatre in bta popular rtararaar af
laleteff la iba "Marry Wires of Wiadoar " I'aaqaatled
la tbla tmpereoeatloa, the hare aanoaacemeat of No repe
tli'on baa aiwaya beea eafllieet to draw crowded hie see
It la to be hoped that Mr. Ha. belt may be ladnead to prolong
hie perfermamoee for a few night* more, aad to fire
ue ihe fail rerlea of cbaiaotore la which be aoblere4 aw
artistic reputation
City latelllgmra
rnm re A use dntaxr ? Between aarea ami atgbl o dock
yeolarday morning a lira broke eat la the dwelling beaaa
Mo. 0 Allen etreet, occupied by Oenrgs a Uy and Mre. H
Millar. I in nra onjiiMM irom w """! "
nhtmaoy No Alloa rtrwrt II anpnaro that tha Imt
Mat* of No. tm mo into tha wall to wtthta aboot om
and om half of m Inch of iho toalda of tha daa la No
Tbo (Iromon woro promptly on baad aad oooo ilincntoh
ad tbo flro Tbo bolldln* ? ownad by Mr (Mrtol^ M
h damafo<1 about WO, and la lomrod. Mr*. Mmar'a far
nlloro la *it?htiy damagad by walor, oo Inonraaca Nr
Loy'o loan will bo about $20, Inanrod fbr ll.OOn la tbo
Ratfora I no aw m Company Ibillitltf No. d woo oloo
aii*htly damagod. II to inaurad to Ibo Bowory Inauraaoa
Nroomao Amur?About do# o'clock yootordoy oftor
noon o man nomod John Shaw got loin a family qaarro<
with hi* wit* Ann Shaw, at No 60 Bailor otront. wboo ho
drow a dirk kntfo and * tab bod bar la iho ab l oom, la
fllrttag a aorlooa If not fatal wonad flbo wa* Immodiaioly
ooorfTod to tho City Hnopital, aad Rba# armoiod and
lorkod np In tho Tnmbo to await Uo ram it of Vr In,!"""
Now To** Hortttai. ?Tbo fallow to* la tho woo lily ro
port of iho abor# iiurtit.itk.ri to May ?S. ma* Romania*
? May il, IM; admltlod to May n, n, dlacharoo 1,aaraJ
or ralloTod, 64, dlod, 8, romaJniag *1 data, 210 mai-w
)m, fomaJaa ft.
Roprooa* Court a amatol T?na.
rfbro Hon. Judgoa Car loo, Ia?rahaa* ami Hat bor load
Mat ? ?Jfary Aim* Or*r m Han,**., sL,ni -n
lb la waa aa aopaal from Um Judga a* t porta) tarm, who
doctdod that an allon widow waa not oauuad to dowor to
tho proporty of bar docoaaoi boatload Jndgmont of tha
poatol tarm afflrmad.
B- fara Flan. Jndgoa In graham. flotherktod aad Hakewb.
fbrrwMM T. X RnottvV to. flkmem Drapor tmi ?Ui ?
Tbio waa a Ian aa appaai from tbo apodal tarm raapoottag
tho rajtdtty of tbo purchaao of tho (laiworoart proporty
from tbo city It wa. hoU by tho Jodgo at rportal Wm
IM.al tha aalo waa logol Tbo fronorai u>rmaow reraraaa
that dactal.-o, with loave to plainUlf to am and
Nowi from Halt Ub? City by ?* Way af
baa ViMCbco.
Bar raancmon, May 5, 1448.
Msrw'tNg News from Utah?lhe Saints to Vacate the CVy
and the Northern Portion of the territory-China
Porno Cotoniee cn ike Colorado, Mohave, and in the l ot
leys of the Sierra Nevada?Brxgham Gives Order not to
tight, and Oatlt far Assistance to Leave the City - Srcsrrity
in Utah?J he Women Wearing Chats and /'ante?Some
thing of Chi. Kane, Sc.
On the 26th ulL we were eiartled by the unlocked for
ntelligence from the south of the ereoaeUoa of Beit Lake
llty. After ell the terrible threats of the Prophet, end
he worse Ullage that were to be done by the "army of
Job" U the expedition ever attempted to more towards
be Great Basin, we were little prepared for the news
rbtch baa beeo brought In adraaoe of the regular mail,
re bare not received the Deeeret News to stamp the
sport with authority, but there ere oboumatancee which
brow an air ef coeaiatendy about it which entitle It to
The news reached San Bernardino by the nrrtral there
f e lew Mormons on the 20th. They bring adricas from
treat Salt lake City up to the 24th of Merob?fourteen
lays later than that received by the last mail from that
ilace. The chief of this party is well known In San Berisrdino;
and though hiaitatemcnt of the change In Mormon
clitics waa unlocked tor, he la, nerertheleaa, fully beloved
by thoae acquainted with him. He aaya that aa hta
arty reached Cedar City, a distance ot fully 2S0 mllea
rem Ha't Lake City, on the 29th of March, they wore
ver aken by a courier from Brigham Young, who brought
printed circular from the ''First Preeldeocy," also spelal
despatches to the authorities in the different settlenenta,
announcing that the United States troope wool t be
permitted to enter the Valley without moteitation. It waa
be intention of the Saints to vacate the city and all the
and north of Utah county and go south. The Mormons In
he southern settlements of the Territory will not be re[uired
to vacate their Islits; but thoae who leave the
iorth will lorm colonies upon the Colorado, the Mohave
ad In the valleys of the Sierra Nevada.
All thoughts of war are, therefore, abandoned, and the
e petted assertion that their bouses nod property wrull
.e committed to the (lames falls I) tho ground before
be assurance that whatever losses they sustain in conaeluetics
of the occupation of the city by the troop* will be
r.et by tho government. Brigbam, In the circular re
trted to, co mm aids his followers not to light, nor I) op
xse In sty manner the army of General Johnston. It is
ielleved 'bat Ibis charge has been uccomp'ished entirely
hroi-gb ilie inllueLce o' Colonel Kane, ol whom I wnAe
o you in previous letters.
The Cole ntl arrived at Salt Lake City oo the -Mb of
fi hiuary, and on the 10th or March bo left for Camp
Colt He had returned to the city or sent to It the result
if bis negotiations, which led to the despatch of the courer
with the news we have received. It is further etatsd
hat In the rirrnlar Rrisham had made a call f ir Sen h.m
lied teems to aid tbe removal from Salt Lake City.
lo tbe absence ot something offl-ial, tt Is MMM arive
at any ooocicstco on tbia important change wub
my degree of confidence. Thtre ig, aa It stands,
lectded evidcLce ot a back (loan on Uio part of
b? Mormons, lor tbfi pa'ty alluded to tteles that the totHer#
wtie to erect id Salt lake Valley a military fort,
tbich is something ihit aa* never to be permitted: out
be staitment, ag they have It, that the absence of the
'ropbctg trom their bomoa la but temporary? toat after a
ihr.rt investigation the troope wiU pate on to the I'acltlc,
kiid things will yeturn again aa before-would aeem to
m-fiy the ci-rclurkm that a compromise meaaure haa
iren held out by Ootorel Kane to Brig ham Young, and
Dei wub eorne support tn the camp.
It ig very t vioect from letters trom the fouth that the
meeibility, yea, probability, of no jrar causes consisera
ile rbsgriu Ibe-e. Col. Kaneooee not eland very highly
d the-1 esterm for the services he hag rendered the Morr
odk end as be has the intention of returning to the Beat
ly the i'acihc, be is not l.kely to meet with much friend.
ine Alia'i lea Angelea ccrreapondent, alluding to rtah
ffaira, rays ?
! is ?a:d that the people have ceased to uae augwr ?,
'(Tee, and o<ber attic es which are considered Indie nab
e In ncuaekeepii g, because tbeae things are not to be
lad. There la aieo raid to be a scarcity of material for
omen's clclbir g, and many of them go dressed in pants
mil coate.
The people of the southern settlement# are almost In
ipcn rebel.u n (MM the . butch Thry are taxed ae
normously fcr the support of their army that their sub
itanre la nearly raten np The tax amounts to 3S per
eat ot their wnole property.
Gen. Hunt will arrive Id San Bernardino by tha next
nail to kok after Lie aflaira. He bas the contract for
airy rg (be mall betweeo San Bernardino and Salt lake.
Ibe am? corn spocdrnt, writh g of the emigrants from
its* Bernardino, saya-?
Some of tbeae people have arrived in Salt Lake, and
.hoir identity !e mlog'td with the body of the oburch.
Hbers are scattered in tbe t liferent settlements, but ine
treat bo?y of them SHU keep tog ether at the Vegas of tbe
t*?ia C'ara nncet tbe Presidency 01 Amaaa l.yman
fbay are not to remain here, but are to move down upon
he Colorado, where explorations have t>e.-n making for
brve years past, with a view to coiouixisg. The) bava
our a a rcn vaney MiwtN in# >*r,i? ultra am in# vir
#o, id wMrh they intend to cultivate cotton, ngar mad
".< # The mil and clonal# bar# been irted aad lound
inttabl# Thla vaiey region they helleve to b? acceMlbie
?> aUamboata up tbe Comrade, aal tb? Salata with to oc:upy
it b? for# the Gentiles ehail b# able to get in. Sugar.
tin and rtoe bear ex >rbitaat pr.< ## ta I'tab. because of
be expense of ir#i?t.ung taooe arlicl?a across tbe I'laioa.
Ibey wish tbe profit# wh'eb mar acirue fro-n raising
his- necessaries, wnlch wl I all be consumed amitig them Klt
# . to be divided among their peop'e.
Of Col Kaae, be add* -Hie expedition to Mt Lake
la one ot bumtatty He never vaa a ManBoa,aa has
been aeaerted. In 1M6 or '47, heaocoropaired Geo Kearney
aa volunteer aid It wna In tbe lime or the Mormon
axodoa ffom Nauvoo They were camped at Kar Wcet, In
(own, * hen Kane ramo no. II# i# a gentleman of great
klndniM or heart and hht sympathies war# strongly exited
at the appearance of that flying crowd of men, women
and children. He aided them to vartoaa way*, and
a a token of tbelr gratltute for bla klndaee# tbey named
their camp Kaneavllle, after Mm, and liave always re
lained n strong regard for blm. In IMS be delivered a
Irctnre befcr# Ike I'enneylvanla Historical Society, which
waa an akvjoeet and graphic deacrtptire aoe-motor tbe
Mermen departure from the A Vaa tic State# Thla lector#
la a |orlkn f tktlr hiatory, and la regarded a* almo#t a
tarred book Tbe object of bla vtatt to Salt lake baa not
Lrao*p r#d. Ha oarrted lettera from President dacha#an,
ano It ta supposed ba waa t.tber aa agent of the govern
meet for ?fleeting a oempromlae, or that, knowing bla to
rtucnce with tbe Mormon#, be took upon lumveif aa em
beeay of mercy, bopir g he might bring about a reconcile
ton aal avert bloodabed-?aa object wbicb.lt eeem* to
mo. w one of humanity and oconomy. Cot Kane will re
lorn by way of I-oa Aogeloe afier hm vial! to Camp Scott.
A c< ii.idera#le pnrt on of hi# luggage, including tbe iron
badatead u*ed by hit brother, tbe explorer, la now ta
tlor# at San Herri rd mo
In a few days we expect Important news from tbe
Salala, ard doubt net that tbe change la affairs of which
I hare written will be confirmed.
? We we" frown L'fato, by the Way of Germany.
(Parts (May 10) cori'-{cewnce of the loodon Time* ]
Aa direct newt ft?m the army Rent against the Mor
or# Vdty rar?, the follow,ng letter, which haa been
received by Ike lag a burg f.'asidCs from a German in Oof.
Srott a camp. a.ay Interaat your reader# ?
So-tv' C*nr, BiJitv Fonv or Ghkmi Rum,?
ftb SO, IMA i
Yeeierdav. at aeven In the morning, a maaaenger arrived
rrom te > i un ?n? U'i uii in iwiuurn 01 i rinrou uo
tlw 1st light Raitrry merited orttors to march Im
madmtaly n*iag lb* toad towards the mil lake. Hto
Ceatiaatiaa of the troop-. was Kci Can nana. a pass about
forty mum from b?ra the para la ahtat twelta ml'aa
toa?. aad oaly broad raoagh to admit ona vehicle. Tha
eatraare to U>r drill* la arotaatod by two rodoohta,
who* hat* heea aw?ip*ad afaaa th* id of December,
IM1, by tha 1st Hag mmr of Voinataara At aooa to day
a wagoa with waaadao maa caaMt iato ra?p sad mad* iba
follow teg report ? Brtaaaa aataa and eight lathe rocrrtag
of iba 1Mb of trbruar > tha two raooobta wars allocked in
ftoat aad roar IJaat CW Katrbaaaa. a (Jarmaa, who
was fnrairrly a aat-*ai* ta tha HntMh Karmm lawtoa, toot
foar aompaawB to lab* tha s?eiieMa ta tha rrar, wblla ha
was da load tag tha worha with l?ir of bar onmptslea. At
a*aa a'rto A a ?harp flraaT small arm* waa hoard, aad
< aptaui Magraa, Iba -nmwanfl-i of tha four rompaaloa
obw-a baa b?*a aaat oat, anna after demented retaforr*
aata laataad of gr lag si might to tha riceor of Captain
Magma, tha rot aadai atarohad thra* oompaotaa to a
height a boot aa lafot. mita distaat from which ha roald
tab* lb* awamy la flank aatd mar Tba operating was so
iwwtotl that tha Motmnaa warn ma pot ta flight, hot
nafbtiiiraiaty Oaptaia Wagroa emM msdrr no aswlatanoa,
aa bai fawr anmpaatee bat baan dneee bark fall a mlio
MMd A kAlf f?M*t Ifttdk f ai il?ilbMa Ka A oa. w attMrlAT
T>a Mm mow aa* t ta* ladtaa* tho wrra *p|rm?d U> Chpi.
ft" ?" aaanawd * walaa AP?r Oarta* pi*
af> >?rt af it? n??y-m ha? ham tknTt atatad-liaat
(tntnaal Ra?-hat>a<i l?n hair a ixmpaay ?m tha bai^M
a* a cnrpa < ? ohartum, anal om on at party harp to IM
radovMa.aad Will a ampaar a?1 hair >o
ife* aMiittir* at t ar"ata Map raa. Tha aaamy atond hn
prruad, aiiltmiirh |?m rBarpaa vara aaada Tha . -?l?l *11
an fraal thai oar taaa miii rnt (Ira thatr (uaa At half
paai tbraa tha r?|ia?art of raiuaiaam a a* frlvra lata 'ha
ra'rnbta, ud M hi Marti thai I ha nrmatniltr ?aa
atafc n? r-raparatwet ttr Snap antaa. whap ahnia fan
ta tha flat* aa<4 raar af tha an amy Tha half enmpaay
laft aa tha rip hi had laraad tha aaa?y*a p wWoa. aad tha
r< maiandar, at in itiiiibf ?M bad bappaata. aalxad
tha ralnra. aad, at tba haad af (ha rfhnaat of mlaaaaarr
aria a m r Tba aatay, ha'af batvaaa tam firm. pm
lata diaardar, aad dad ta di(T?raal "raatioaa Twai-ty
rp?r prtaaaata aad dfly alt ara'aa tail tain nmr haada oai
Inaa ?tm oaa aftnar aad ill taaa miraaaa hillad. aad r?*i
< fltnara aad thirty lat taaa wnaadad I miirtui Oninaat
Ratrhantn traa wmiadad hy aa arrow la Uia app*r pari
af Iba Ml a rat n( tha (ata ?f tba aarmr I taov ixMbiap
aiara than that A la aaid la ba rraatdaraMa
fit IP. parbapa. naaanaaaarp In <ay that Ibara la ant I
trord af truth la tba abata 'laharat-b Sibau> )
Politic* m InfU** ?<>ot. WUWird and I .tat
Onr. Ramotnad hara alraady labaa Iba alaaip aad ai
artiTa pan tor tha daf.iBMc party la tba maiiac ant*an
raaraaa Oar Wtilard haa apnfeaa la aaaaral raaattaa m
tba Wabaah aad la aaanvarad ta addraaa tha panpta it
"than l.iaat Ony naaiatottd addrmaad tha dwoerati
at Tarra Ranta na Ratarday arraiap
Bna O. I' Mnrtmi, tha Rrhiaoad /'adadtxat aayt. pa*
Uvaly dceUaao ta ha a oaadidat* far Ona^raaa.
A??th?r Harder by a hfw V?rk AIkmII??IA.
tin win or a uotxl niru in <cuuhakib
In Im4 Sunday '* Hbhalk ru published tbe erreet made
oa Uw Oat previous of l>r Cobel, of No. 17 Second ntrtel,
o? k'Aj'iOWk ot baring caused tbe (leetb of Mm Ainviis
Weber, a married woman, who lately resided la the tasrn
of Werrtnvtlle, Schoharie county, ibis 8'*k, by proourisg
aa abortion upon ber. The fact that Mrs. Wober had died
eery suddenly at the residence ol Dr Cohel, thai she waa
piteately burked without a funeral or any ol her frloude
beti g ineited to the burial, and other mysteti'Hi* circumstances
la the carte, were brought to the knowledge of
Coroner Perry. The Coroner at once set about making aa
tBTestlgafaaa m the caee, and so strongly waa suspicion
sidled that the deceased came to her death by unnatural
oaunea. that be ordered the body to be exhumed for
medical examination. The body waa taken to the medical
college in fourteenth street, and there examined by
several physicians, who immediately pronounced It a caee
of death prodnoed by abortion. The alleged abortion let,
Dr. Oobel, waa arrested and measures taken to secure the
attendance of the baa bud of Um deceased, and other wit
awm, at Um Ooroaer'n inquest, which wa act down for
yesterday at I P. M. Dr. Oobel waa at the inquest, ae>
completed by ex Judge Stuart, aa hie counsel. While the
hue bawd of the deceased waa giving hta testimony, the
Doctor became ao boisterous la hia remarks to the witarea
and unmaeagable, that aome officers had to re more
him from the room. Borne half dosea witaeaaea were
examined altogether, and the evidence, aa given below,
ualalda the whole history of the case:?
Cat ha/toe M. Wood waa the first witness called, who,
hetog du'y swora deposed aa follows:?I reetde at Vo 60
Beooad street; oa the aflernooa of Wednesday, Iklh last
I saw a hearse at the dour of No. IT, on the opposite side
of the at/eat; a ocflln was brought out of the house and
pat la the f earns, aal the be arse waa tbro driven oft; this
waa all does in a hasty and unusual manner, and I waa
lead to supprse that it mu?t be a caee if smallpox, the altet
US of others ib the neighborhood wan nttrnrted by the
nttgu'ariy (d the pecoredtogn; there were but three per
note engnged in lbs r? movsl oi the body.
Men* in e Myero, being duly nworn, eayn:?I reeide In
tie eawie hmme wbb I?r Cobel, at No 51 Second street. I
?xt|) the besrmeat end fl-et Moor, on Wednesday, the
lfith ait, about five o'clock, 1 first heard that a pereoa
tad ''ltd In the bcuin; Mrs. Oobel gave ran the in
fortrniirn abe tald first, * I witl have to tell
>ou i- or oewr." and theo naked me it' I bad
sot seen a resale lady c.me to the house,
at the name time giving a description of the lady; I told
bcr I etc iet rear* mb*r having eeen any such lady as the
car diner bed, ale to'n me me lanj bad ootne irom the
enostey t?u is rit> to visit ?< me friends, sod that havinr
betnukintlok with icllamniatu a i f the lungs, *be bad
pteord h* r?el in tier wiieeee'a b'l.lnc:'?k< ar<> for treat
mint; I raws ??rarg?r la ?ba ball, whom the wttnees
to'd o< waa the bur baud id the deceased lacy; I am not
inHmtu w.ib lie tnmuy of l>r. Oobel. I know nothing
n>< re relative to the death o the deceaerd.
lens J Hrftmnn, beirg du?y nworn nays:?I reeide at
No. 15k Houston street, t* Cob*I railed u|iob me on the
ncrnirgcd ibe Itih net . and rt'|Ceete1 me to attend to
if. bortni ,.f a dead woo-ad 'yteg at hi* house; ha natrt be
*et*<i I rb uld bury h< r, aid i ii be (icly wanted but
one rairiace beside the hearse, I found the
deoianed lying oa a bed la lb- garret of the
b<u>* ebe ase tbca dreeaed for burial; tbe body
Crlvto > ; Mr Weber, the buahaad of lb* decerned,
war Lot able to |*| d? .u loll at th* tune, bat gave bk
cut* tor 620, Bhicb Dr. Cobell endorsed, lhi? 11 u I
ttn* of lb* c*?e.
I?r. U A Kreeect man, being duly ewnrn,far*;?I reeld*
at No 'jX2 r? icti? atieet, I Baa cai'*d o? Friday. tbe 14i!i
lt>? , ?o re* lb* <*er< ***<i but wee i.rah'e to ir* ber octU
th* Mil day. I mb Mr. Wetwr lying in bed; Dr Cobel
iido n* th?t ?b* I *d b ddhcully in u>* lung*. 1 found b?r
hnetbirg with difbeu tj Ml rit hi i.g ih* ijmploin* of
It iimnrniT of ib* mrga ibewaa In * romelm* state,
tb*r* war bo cough, no rv,<r?icrati o. b*r symptom*
grrw wrrr, until .be d.ed, which wen about boob. I at
u toed IL* !iiurra!. I*r Ou 1>?I and th* husband of lb* deceased
a an went to U<e tunnel
Cbailou* Mabel rtmra ?I ?ma ro'rapt la t' * employ of
Mra Vyrte. at bo AT Her id atrtel, 1 knew nothing of
the death rt are ooe m tbe hour* M trie right ari*r the
rt mceal of tbe body, 1 <raa caver u> th* rouiua occupied
b> r>r Cube I in the unt bouaa.
lie. G. A Kreeechitan i* celled ?Dr. Oobel ceiled on
n <o a*e Mi*. Weber oe tbe I4ib <>t May, be teM ma that
a perwn l?y very tick at hit hi net and waatrd tne to cob
eoH ?tth him io the rs?* I arei t llie ml ''ay abrut ooo?,
Dr. Ctbtl Lav It g come for me again in tb* morning. Dr.
Cobel did tot tell me ebat waa tne m*U< r b .tn Uio wo
nai l fotnd Mra Wetei breetr.'tg wy ard I aup
poeed that ab* bad it flamamtioa cf the lung* and pleura,
aa I prcrvvd duiers n If# rtgni alo* and broeehlal
rggpMIW >be?Mt'i< ir a ciMl * atate, owing to caa
tea m<l ot tbe bralo, ranted By ittlatrmaiioo or tba lunge
endpluere, I did d. t th.nk II at aujthi^elee waa Ute
trailer with bee; her oooatetaar* Baa paild. her breath
trg was ma it regular, but eometh.ig . .rthaa naual.
I *ew ber again i* #>, ebe bbt tbe a very bad. oo
Miaiday t'lirtxt I beard that ate Bar dead.
Htny Webee, being dalt awota, depn-a* and ear* ?I
reside at Warreanlle, Hearbarte bounty, the deceaaei
won an, An elm Wr her, wa* my wife. w* trere married
Cm to ber 28, 1861; I area b*r ateccit buahead ah* baa bad
cb* child by me. at# had two children by he? trat baa
read; 1 k*?p a hotel at Warieevtile. my wife It ft at* e*
It* noratag of th* (tb #f May laet fur the purpoee,!
tnppoaad, of thatiing ber trier fa In Mew Tort, aad to
maka a few purobaaea; a be ramptaiaed of a bead
atte and a i*o in her limb*, ebe bre tbe nppearanoe
of a perm* who au ?Ab cbiki, but ah*
raid that ah* could cot be pregnant, a* amr* th* btrth of
her tot child ebe bed bad no ret me of her menstrua'
periods; 1 rhould have awppoaed. tndfrg from her ap
pearance, uu im ?u ww in rre or icor moll UK ad
TWMd T pn gnancy had rhe tot tn.d me to the contrary .
en UK 1Mb rf Hay I rtoeired a letter frorr I* Cohel,
ii*lin| Ual ay wtfa tu kick at t* bout* iba latter
oeted May IS ? ? tha one I recall id, on t'.e 17tb I ra
? ir?d a recood letter frrm'be P.ctor, a lab eg that my
wtia waa wtw; 1 '?r mediately look Uia at age ant < as a
to thw cltr and proceeded directly to Dr Uohai 'a bocaa
I irquirrd about ay wifa, and tha Doctor told a* 1 had
ocaa too lata, aa iba waa dead, I aeked htm bo* ay
wtla happened to ocme to hla bonaa, and he replied that
tha rani a tbara two a tbraa daya bafora aick,
and 'bal >ba allerwar'a fait rome bell'r, ao<l want
cut aod bought aose article*. hut ou bar return com
plained of batag rrry tick; h* adrlaad bar tn go to had,
which aba did, ha did not toll ma that try wife bad g'ran
birtb to a child. ha raid that Iba c?iim of bar death waa
loflamp'ktlrD of the lunge; be raid aha would taka i>o ma
dlcira: Ihr. Cohere wife told ma that my wtte bad dr*a
blrtb to a child, and that Inflammation of tha Innge aunaa
quetlh let ie; I attended Iba Iuoaral of my wife. Bona of
b*r fr coCa ware tnritad; t>r. Oobal told mr that ay wtfa
bad not aara bar trleoda, but thai aba Mm# diract to bio
be una m bar arrtral In the city; I Inquired a<a'n bow It
l ?ct > c ' that tha cama tbcre,-and the IKrttor ropued
that bytiquuUg In a drug akwa aba laaraad whara ba
I'vrd. abd than cama tbara, tha cama, ba ?ald, ueacccm
taaiad by any una, bafora tha funeral i naked tba Doctor
i! tt wruld he nccaarary to or ti'* a r in t er, and he aa
awerrd that tt would Dot be, aa he abouid giro tae nacaa
aa/y cart ideate fhr burial, tha funeral waa attended by
Pre Onbal and Kr reach man aod trjtaif
To .lunrr?froie tbrra yrari alnca, aeoe a Dor I waa
marrtrd, Dr Cobel called ot, my wtta at ret houee. 1 bal
tcyar area him before and did net ace b.m again untJ
a'lar tba death of my wtfh, I aakad Dr. G'bel what my
hill wrul" be for aMecdlrg npoo my wife. and he aatd
Ibat m; wi'e bad paid him iwtnty ccliara, and that tbara
waa nothing more to pay I gave the uedertakrr my note
far $20 la pay for burying my wife. I?r Cobel endorsed
tbe rota, en my return home I found a letter from Dr.
Cube) anotuiclLg my wtfe'r dra b.
At the cone'uricD of Mr. Weber1* teaHmoay tht fbl
W>?ir# 1r(f?T* ?wfrrT$?fi to ta htvint Hmm rrrmir +A hv h m
trrn> l>r Cobel, warn offered la ayidepr*, and read to Ik*
J ry?
Htw Tni. Ma* 1.1 IW
Kmrmin Ma Wtiti-Pa Frmnmln* mh of F.
yt of wlfo mO'ii all i a aero^r or Ml oa account of the bad
wrntbor. I??y brforo Monday, tho llih of to.a
O" ?'h waa bar latottina frliliod. |.ni oka la ?<*r) w -*k f*
account of II. Itaf wc noat Morda*. tko *' h of tbla mnk
tl will fr urpoaa'Mo for l? to loa?c kit bniiw, If you thuu'd
rof prr'rr to ra'l for h?rrn Saturday the Ibb. In ?h?* aaao
I will porirlt bar to go with if it ibopram if you to 'aha
Irodcaraof 'hr rbLatra and taat yon must o * tr+i about
?mo!f MI'h tkta I hn?o roaioctfull* fu!*'lod the ra?ja?Ot
tarn tat anil barr 'ho kor.or, In the Mat* of y* IT * If a
and for wyarlf. to proa* yoo with high r> lord and ti Hg.i
n.yaolf, ymra r<?p? <*luDy, T>r rOBFt..
67 "aeottil a'roat, ft. T.
M*w Ton* Ma* 16. IHM
b?nrrc*rb Ma Wrara? al'k->n b ycu? wife dor* art do
atrc it, bocarao tbo In af??Jd to fHghtcn yoo, bu I aauat laf
in too that or acrrint of rroratrd oo'da, lafl tarnation of
the luara has tab'a nlaro i ad that a nro w d?o*day th* ha#
brrn ??ry atok Indeed i will try all In ray powrr toaa*o
br*. I' thleh t my do'y to ft rtn yi and if H
should tot bo In ?our pr wot to f tno aourar'f at 'oaat wrtto
| lo tor bona art'? praja cf jc- .o bltl tho calf an.l to toko
ear* of 'bo child ran obo *(? ? a and arret* } n boartlly. and
, I bare iko but ? to alga mytalf with blab reyari) aoura roa
paoUa'.'y, l'r ennau
67 (Vrrod atroet. m. t.
Maw Took M** 17. im*
Moot naarrctrn bfa. Wraan -MUfonono ac? ma l > oat bin o
1 tipon ra I innat a'ao with the urn--at gr'araroo and lado
arrlhah'a arrrow Infort* ?ou ihat torr wlfo'a Inlammatloa
of iha lurto. by affnatoa baa brrraac highly dangomna and
I that ahr now lira dying, I haro callow in tl.? noa'atnarr uf
another donor, aad wn rball do rrrrytblng wo nan to aaco
i her Mbr'bor ?a aba II bo ablo to aaro hot Did baowa.
Alt I bat an aad In'oMgoasr oar do ahall and rouat bo r no
I bow . abo rnty doalrra to aoat you onro moto thorofnro bo la
'.??to to romo aao do not loao en- mlnn'o tbon.-o .if ronr
| wt^ awntalaa onl* four do tare and anaM ranta an 1 ?hn pra*a
that ton ?lli rrmn protldad with von?y I* caao aha aho'ild
patd any ?nra radical tf?a'I?<-l?t b#r? With a th'< <aand
t>?artfclt (raatlaaa to rnnratlf and tha chlVrta, T ?M3*rrth?
jat'f fonra rravcctfully. I?r ('i)HKT.
ST Second atrtnt. Wow York,
t. C FtoMll. U D.. tworr ?t made a pn*l mortem
i rtarotatwn of tbo hodj of Amc'UWfVr, asalitsdb/
th flora Farfiiaon and Rnntoc. and pf-oral othnr rhf
ik itt: tbo rtamieaton va? ma la in tM Medical Col
' I. ft n Fotirlacr tb atreei, tic twdf had boon Mam ad
la daj* afi?r burial; demn prelim had cowman ?'
about Uto nack eldro nf tha r.btrt and abdomen; ?'
I hram ?a* mcdnmtolw onnr'ated. wllhul anr eiU >
anion nf hood, the heart. ici? a-"l ahdomual ?lr<v ?
w?ro healthy, etlfonoon M aetlta icllammatl'n wara oh
aataad in tha ttcinMy of rha womb aid m a; ponta;*,
I aannanl dark, ItIfemi d rpn'r were fro it on iL? a letter
I potlfro of the womb, which r?raai?rilad we !?(?
| toot y form (1 aheo?aeae ih? wotrh p'oaentrd U>e np
pear'Wen and rne travail? with nr,cr deittari at cr
k near foil prefnaney fVa?Tnente ofp'icnla ware .v*;
facia ihn eiamlnaMrro I am eh thn of oka ihat Cia ,1?raanad
caan In bar death by andorratntln, or u.fl?romalioa
of thn wrmh Willoetnf recent delivery.
T'ntn btltp no further fTldaora, the rvyener briefly
I ad'aoaad lha lory .aid 'Ban nan.'cl tha aa?" raa M
i ih to npran npan rVair aardld After a dallbarntlon ol
i ahwtl flf.ren minima they rendered. thn following
l nwmm
I Itat the raid ttnai a Webrr earne to her death, b) raa
-on of an abortion batli | mkan olaca, and that th? nana
a waa peimrrd at the bctxa of f*barva Oobel.
Oa Ua rnnu.liGi. of the verdict Dr. tttbal was mmb1bs<
SUNDAY, MAY 30, 1861
avtbeCererer He ttetod that e
I ar^ bo?o lp Prance t? enewer to the question wtia'
I tutt u. K*7 re/*uve to tbe charge preferred against h
) b# anee ?
I b*?w*or,7 ,0 **7 lb*' ttii lady came to my hooee
eo ei<t ?r<jv*1<,,?,'?'e o?t?t?ly, but (or me topreec*ibe (
ea ?llovmb*"^ an apparent pulmonary aff-otion, wbl
1 dio. Ibe iea.v mbstqneoiiy ripoed berreir io U
weather oe ea irVirntrnt day and caught aa addition
cole, which lee to a.' itrtiemu-aiion of (be luege aad oco
ooBkequeat altmrate wbh'fe resulted in bar dee to
At tbaolrae of bit examic.Uioii the Doctor wee rumaadi
to the fotnba, where be baa Ven locked up aiore hie a
rest, to await tbe action of the Great Jury. Mr. ITetx
tod rr Kreeecbman were eaofa required to give bail
tut to appear aa wltntseea. Tbe preeeat te tbe aaooi
lime Dr Otbel lite been arrested ow tbe charge of pr
curing aa abort ion. He la a email, aerroua man, wil
railow <xmp:eitoo, sunken chtota aad a dark, reatlai
Beltgloaa Intelligence.
citt cnUKCnas.
Rev. Peter Stryker will preach a dlatouree te brcmet
In (be Reformed Dutch church corner of Broome h
Greece lire eta, this evening.
Her H. McNeil will preach in (bo Rlrth Universal*
church, Twenty fourth otreet, this more log and nflei
Rot. Joteph H. Towne, of Bridgeport, the pnator eleel
will prenoh in the Northweot Prcabjrtorian church, Fil
tleth street, to day.
Rot. C. H. Harvey will preach to day In St Mathew1
Wesley an Methcdlst church, Christopher street, bet wee
Bleeoker and Fourth streets. Subject, tn tbs evrsioc
"The Mors! Ffiects of Revolutions," being the fourth of
series on the Theological History of the World.
Bishop Fetter will administer confirmation at St Paul1
free church, coiner of Untoa avenue and South 8acon
street, Brooklyn, this afternoon.
Rev. Sydney A. Corey will prencb, as usual, this mon
log end evening, is the Fifth avenue Baptist church.
Rev. S H Weston, sasistant minister of Trinity cbarcl
will pre?cb this evening in the Memorial church, eonu
of Hammond street and Waveriey place.
Rev. Sanuel Berwick will preach this morning in tfa
New Jen.salem church, In Eleventh street, between Tbir
aoc Fourth avenues.
Divine service will be held, sa usual, this morning an
aiUrncoD In tte Nuth Dutch church, corner of Wiiiiai
and Fulton rtrreta.
Rev Robert G Dtcksou will preach this morning an
evening in the Protestant Episcopal Mission church, Asto
The Rev P. Mscmenimy, D. D , and the Young Men'
Reformation Soiiety wl'l proclaim the Gospel, and In at
corcance with apostolic practice expose the heresy c
saint and angel worship, with veneration of images, r<
lies, Ac , In Spring street Hall, 196 Spring street,this even
A sermon will be delivered before the members o
Hudson Beck und ladder Company No. 2, of Hudso
City, N J , this cvecirg, by the Rev Jiimes C. Egbert, I
the Presbyterian church, West Hoboken.
Professor Push will deliver a discourse before th
cwkhiju cr t or id? new jtnuvns cuuri a, 111:
mcrsiDg. at tte Alter,cum, on the northeaat corner c
Atlantic and Clinton streets.
Mtthn. M.Queen, of tt e Cor 1 too. iuiJ ftiisbneil, of th
Gaboon M siiors, expect to call next week to return t
their respective fields of labor In West Africa In con
Dectioc with their de parture a meeting will be held tht
evtnirg, in (be Madison equate Preabyterlea cburci
( Bev 1 ?t. Adama) tor prayer lor Atri<*.a. Addrt-bam wli
be delivered by Mj . .lusbnell Rev. J. Le gblon Wileoo
I> D, Secretary cf the General ABnemb'y'a Boart o
f oreign Missions and Rev Dr. Anderaoo, Senior Secretary
of the American Board.
The Rev. Jc+epta H Towne, 01 Bridgeport, Goon , ba.
been call"! to the Presbyter tan church on Hfty seconi
street, New Yoik.
Rev r N llaekell.nl Washington, t? C , baa arcejteH
the call eibnoed to bim by tbe Maverick cburrh am
Society at Met Boeii n, to become U>* lr paster. He wi
be instai td early ni it a.tt'.h.
Rev Mr Brooaon, of Metbneo, baa accepted a cai
from the Baptist chimb in Wobutn, Mass , to becomi
their pastor
Ihe lratallaticn ol ihe Rev. e. w. Ncyea.over tbe Soutl
cburet) In New Haven, lock place on tbe 24th inst
Died, at New loaoi n Oo?t? , on the Slat tnatant. Rev
Camel Hunl.tgion, ageo 00 yearn Mr. Hantloalrn ?a
'be tbtid sod of lbs late General Jelediah HanUegtou
tbe eon bcre an impressive rasembiaace to tbe lather, ti
person, mind, manner ana character
Rt v Ai.guatcs R. Pope, of SomervlUe, Maaa , fltet o
tbe i4ih install Tbla dispensation ol Providence will b
MtlMM ocly to bla lam.ly, but to toe church <
which be was pastor, and to tbe Ciimmurlty at large B
waa 10 years cl age He was bom in Boston, graduate
at Harvard In IH.'.O, and euonrquenily passed Uiroigh U
Ihvtnity School at Cambridge He drat e gaged to Mi
umisxcd, una wuicn or rrraov?i naiaiPi
?rle lo take chary* of the I'nittrtu charch Id that towi
K.i Mmsor N h llaker of Nov Hotnooblro, bat onv t
luvo, to v. t K. Haie. of tba m>uih cbufob Id tbio ctj, fx
Bey ward SodtuoJ Klllot Cbar'ee M K'lta, of this city, at
Rev Samuel lo*yteliow, of Brooklyn, N. V , vara bl
i loo*mate*. Mr Pope vaa a member of tbe HUtr tear
of f dBcatk-o, aid for aerato! car* baa boeo a ouoceaal u
l?cit:ror before tbe Ten-here' Ioellate
lied, at Whoeitr*, Vn , on tbe Mb loot .the Re* Wll
lt? Rylle. I> l? agedHkytar* l?r Wylie hod ctallouei
ariive la b'? mlnietry. creocbog three or loar time* i
week udUJ pert bie Mtb year when be ?untamed a ien
oae injury fiota a fail, by wl, < b he woe erer af'er de
pr ted of tbeaee of dm llmba: vtUI however, notion* t
preach tbe b'eeeed (icepel be woe at bl* ova reqoeet *
differ eat late carried to tbe boaee of God, aod ad
treated reetreet Mtfl admlrlnf ctogregatiana from bl
erm rbair. with od ability aad I error nearly equal to hi
fonrer rea?m.
Tbe Her Pemnel Andrew* former!r mIrlater of Ui
Flret Coaffre|OIU oal churoo of Woo< bury, Ooon , bat <1
iaie )<aie a reeldtat of N*w Hartn, died middculy on th
. dih >rtt , While In apparent health Mr. Amlroaa lia
long beep a member of the corporation of Yole lode**
ad eiaoe tbe death of tbe late Mayor ftoodrich Itae bee
lie eeoteleay
NX* ciii'Kcaxn.
Tuti oia Preebyierinn rhnrrh vaa orean'red on Ute ktl
of May by a committee of Pole-nine I'reabytery. at Tui
'-ela. a new and thriving Tillage la Oolat c:unty, lllioou
Tbe Church of Adreat Hocietj , to Hot ton are egtlatln
the rrm.lk<a of a Dear eclfloa Tba ouat wUi be obou
Tbe Rtrr Mr lawreace boa tmrome the oaoociat
m bieter cf lb# rbarub of U.e holy CmunniDioa, id thi
rty. lo roaae<iue(ce of the lirraaaed datiea devoir ng 01
U><- davclrd rector of tbe paiieh, tbe Iter Pr M unlet
Aelboey Gould, Fen . "f Albooy, dl*d on tbe 15th c
and yi? r* n?n?rm ? l#tarl#? to Tt#o<i# bo miV th# R hi
Vrioiy, tt? Heard of rrvctfu M'ahtoe#, and th
Him# k Mtooorr horl#?y. hi# rratduar# ?har
aad ?har# aliha, fey ?bicb tha?? aw#too, ool!#ctlv#ij
?U1 nrairr frooa $ 44.000 to 970,000
8t Mar)'* (Ca-ho'ta) charrb, ta Noraleh. Own , whlc
baa feata tffeui l aad #r.lar|td. *u . a. : no Rat ta
ta?t. aad tfer## buadnd aaa thirty p#r-<r.a racoit iA tb
r 111 of nilraaiM at lb# taut# ium frum lb#b?
MiF ar azd.
Th# Unfix* / N?iar aaya thai #t*ty p## root of tb
dk>a?y imma to# ration# aad rta> u?i* pur|?aaa I
?#d up m "i? ? riparwa aad ta pa) a( Iba niar'a ?
lite## who cot tact tb# away.
A r atlti ta n?a of lb# Ka?t#ra rfearcfe## baa lataly ha
(if,i led Ava btndred rafda (of a?r#ra. n?U,hvt?H
itfrr* <r? bt# ftt#*daat Iba fact ttat ha church ha# "fr#
rmta," aad ftpf###RM bi? illmar-t# tectflfiaaaat hat
t >r# marrtat#a aad fuaafata?do-ibt.'#M at Uit iborl#<
v,iw?y In a pohu'uih a <4 about a or" aa 1 a quai
t#r. Tb# Inbafeiiaata ar# n^urcu l? t> r##t?at fh?r? |
cot a Henna fStbottc church or ?t in tb# whola laa-1
v. I'm Jew dot Jcauit a nlteood fey tb# roMtuntlon t
<t fool t* tb# hot I.
Th# Kr? I* B?l)ow of W?w Y<.|, aad IVof Failoa
cf i uirhr <'?#. ar# aaid io b# th# a .1 n--<?:aroi > ?*d
datcufof lb# Fraud#*-# of Hurraed IVraralty, #bortt;
ta ht % Ktwd fey tb# lUt Or Waiktr
TT # ttro btaach?a of tb# lhr#ahTt#rtafi chuck know
a# iba iihir?i#?Dt Ahfoctaa# H#fb"B#d ?yaoda. ?lua
bav# brio la ??-#W* at t IWafeurg far a#T.-rai da>?. hau
ui ted i'Bi'ot tb# rath# of th# '.-yac- of th# t t tod I'rat
bytrrtar cburcb ' Tb# r#r#moatou ?t?#ad<a* tb# not*
and n ib? prreem# of a rrowde.1 rxcgregatioe.
tor c?tnoi.ic rm rch amp tor ai.ixr qrimo*
fre Ar'h^tebop U4 Rtebnpa of the Oalheiit rh?rct
wfo rcc ill'j ae-embied in ).rov!notal oooacil la Ra'tinaore
fan i??o?d a pe?t?ra1 b tier in the clever an-l la if ?
that o?i><)ir iratma Amntg tetter enhjacta V> which u r?
fWa in the elavrry quablman Wa make lb* folloatBjt aa
fi.t-Tlf peaceful aad roanatrat re chat* I"
in triple*. wh'ch ara adapted In every forta af for em
tree I and every >lal? of ? r tarty, baa here looted an <1 mad
wanl'eet "> the (rral i? I'Hoal atnigylee that have agitata
thr countiy un the aubjart of dotoeatlc elavrry Allonarl
j I u-to'j | la t!y loeliflee ti.at ihr rhumb beaalwayxbe
I f?l??i'od the l?oe aai lahoritg riaaana, an 1 rffl*
! lua ly prceorrd Iba in ligation of the evil* attach*
to servitude, uatll U rough bar oil'J io(J i?non I
u?rtf away 'row the aationa of (Europe, y?
aba far ittir diatarbel ea'eb.t.bed order or an1?<i
grrtn the yraea of KrUly by fwlltwiop throne* of phi
laritbri pv Faithful to '.DO teach i>g? aad example of tt
? tax a'waya tauaht ear vent* to obey tbei
t arrvlra to the eye mera'y, bat a* lo Chrlet
a. i? t e the cor man le maateea lo Ireallbeir ? ?
xante ait'1 li.mai ;iy ard Jaattre, remladiea tb?<o tt*
lb y a'e-have a H??ter in k*Rvta. Wa bare eot, then
fo?e,foordn renrtwary in modify our tearbu i? 'di
view ef a?'ar*lr p't to ami ctmueierenca*. Aetmg ?
1 there bar tven no agWUmi or lb a nt"rt fb - clrr*
' have wi'Oly ab*t?wed ft >m all inter'-reiwe w th 11
| judgwer.to the faitb<u' wbta-h abtuM bo free on a
| qurattaina of polity and . t tl order xrthln lh? limit* <
i |pe doctr.ee apt lawo? (Tt'lal Wa eahort?o?, vanei
ble brethnn, to turrae thla oonrae. an hewniBg th
mlnlatere or Oriel and drtpepxere of the myxterte
of Wod " " l-et tbw dmad bury tbnr deod.
i leave to werMltnra the "area aid analetiee of t*
r Ittical rart aaoeblp. th?rtmrrlra for aorenuancv and tb
mortiflmt.oie of >il*eppotnle<i ambition [to not ;n aa
way Met Itry the lrlerea?a i f onr holy fattb with the *V>
turraet an) party hot. preaching peace and good will I
> all wantrlri* atitdy oaiy to wta to truth the decided obi
dien of error, aad to merit the oonOdenee of yoar floo
1 ao tbat, boooa.ii| aU la all, you may gala all W CUrlai.
?? I tim- itiMPfintrrtr.
be Hl'l'UlU COl'BT? **?*
,m Iltlore Boo. Jm, Oartea.
aa Hjl r 29 -Jam*, H J,,Uo m4 0lu"? ^ ?^nan ni
>* 7?e Mayor and Commonalt, of Mr, ? rork.-TUa ?? I
^ motion tor a receiver on Umi Wwhob * Market proper*/
al "Hie pielattfh (Halm under l? e?e from % Commteolooer
* of Or lead Office, which granted Co ?m* the land aoutt
o' Weef street lor i tern of /rare
?d the time the leire iu r reacted the/ paid *" Ule dt*u
r >t Sto for three moo the reel in atvence. 0% th' P*1^ ?'
* the re'io<1ee?e ootttmel moved for a peafpea """HI, on
la he /round that a eeoootl cx><npfcuol had been n"'i'?,,,ui
id ohK.li t ew matter had been ael up, aod u?er wars there,
a- ''te r.fK'ed to ttme to rep'y. Mr John Vaar B?r\ 0 *"d
ia Mr. Ktougbtoo oppoaed a poatpou*tarat unlearn a !*"(">
rat j icctvrr waa appointed After much dtasaaaiow ft*
argument waa poatpowed until the ?th of June?the Ca rporoiioo
Couneel firing a written admmeloa that the Oam?? ?.
D nncil were now la pnareea'oo of the proper*?, warw
mv ivipg ita rea*a aad prette, and had been aofbrfonr
d I Tben|ht, I Prn/oo, I Hoped nnd Wlahrd
I bed a?v portrait taken tor ?j lorn, aod behold It waa dbne
^ far a ektlllng, at HUUB8', ia> Broadway.
r- Mare Ton Swan the \1rtorim Hat Can, oar
tboee ep lend Id ladiea' dreae aad aale leather truokaf It maa,
pay a vlait toNa. dMarra/street
t. JOHN BLACK. Manufacturer.
r 10,000 Cam Beati and Bhote at AaetUa
prior e. at PHILUFB A BMITH'a. 84 Warren street
W B MACKBNirB will open a large MMriment of
mhallllaa per Africa, oa Monday. Slat Id at
296 Canal atreet, BrandroUk Building.
Wheeler A Wllaon** Sawlaf WirMnm ?
Htghrat nrrmlumi awarded 1SBT, by the American Inatltate,
Kt-e Turk ; Maryland laatttu e, Baltimore; and at the Maine.
CoeeeoHont llilnola and Michigan mate Palra. Offloe SiS
Broadway, New York. Bend far a otroali r.
TTairbri at Wtuleaala Pilee*-Chraaoana er,
pawn'lere* ruplei, anchor and leplee wat-ibee lw aale
by the importer D. O Peacock k epreaeated In Mew tork by
1>A V11> RaIT, 406 Broadway, up staira
Dlamor d Hlngt, Breaaajilna, Brarelata, Bardap
A aelid gold nhaina, (bate lain aa for aale at maaofacut
rrr'a prloraoy D I! Peacock. Kepreaeoltd In New York by
DaVJD RaIT, 406 Bread wa?, up atalri
Mirer Ware at Mann fact tare re' Price*.?
Ppoona, fork'. Ae . Ac . warranter In quaMty. tor aale by the
a.auuf?oturrr, II.C Peacock Keprraeuted In Mae York by
I;aY'I1> KAIT, tOft Broadway, up atalri.
iHbauM Salamander SafM-Wlth patant
pr wcr p.oof loci a and crnaa bare aim Ore and burglar
proof parlor aafea. Itepot 101 Pearl afreet
Barry** Tvleoptoerona I* the Bit ud
cheapest article lor di rasing. beauUtytag. n'eaaalag, enrllng,
ptiMrtr'og and maturing tbe kalr Ladtea, try It. Bold by
?H ('rnggtrta
Oait briur'r 11 air Dya, Wlai and Toupee*. *be
be#' In *be world?aurpa'tdng all made Bold and ap
olied at the manufactory, 233 Broadway
Crtitadoro'a Hair Dye, Wig* and Ton peel,
'be beat In the world, wboieeale and retail, and thejdye prlrately
applied. Mo 6 At lor Bouae
Q.mrrti'a Ced Utn Oil Jelly*
Approved b> the Mew York Aoadeuty of Medicine.
Pleasant to the laete and retaining *11 the virtues of the oE.
K QUhBU, 138 Fourth avenne.
FaP FOLD OLA Y A CO.,No t Fleteher atreet.
Wlleoe'a Heir Cotorer.?Twenty-lire Centa
? bottle ? For gradually turning grey halt to a "bls-h or
brown." without lojur'ng the hair or etalalng the akin. I'.caa
beaprlled like water, turna any color, ao bad am ell Age*
cj, :t06 (Hand at tin the orug a ore )
( ? . Smitwlvta' Mrlallk Tablet Hmor Strop.
'be, the geoulne article baa never been enuailnd for produrlri
the I ecneat poaal to c'ge to a rtaor. For aale by J. k
?, bA I'MIKRH No. 7 Aator House.
Hrllnwny'* 1*11 la.--The Aae 1* not more ne
iu-?eait lo new aelUr mra'a then la una woodet'ul inrdtotaa,
vlnrb rurea wl'h rapidity and certainty ail debllttailng affeo
tlor? of the ttemarkand bowela, which paralyze tnaiuiry In
J unhealthy rrglooa.
ft a d Ira I Cue Trail, tnppartaw,
] nlaatic Blockings, ho., at M aKHH A CO '8, Ho. I a tree I.
I Will Troth Cenmand Attention!?'T<? IU.
t orn bealta we moat purtfr the blood Fevara. without at
, r-i..lon artae from for elan matte-a having been absorbed
1 and rttalned la the ntmilaUon Tb'ae oatiaea of alckaraa
? trw produce aa UiftuanrAj a croap a rbenmallam. goat,
rb< 'It. or a courIi But HruadredtVa iiilla atresia, potent
and vrgeUbir, remove the cauae, and ute cure follows. of
h noutae Ibr j a?e thr meaea of erera day suvng many rain
able llera I'rln lpal offlc*. 2P4 Oaoal atreet. Hrandreth
Bt:l <ttra fold, alao at 298 liowery and Ml Ilndaoa atreet. at
<> 1 man's Broadway, roraer of Twenty aeeoad atrreet and
by fera. bayrs, 176 Valton atreet, Brooklyn Prtco M oenta
a ? <*>*
. Dcncimi?Ssrrs.?OsThurnday, May 47, In 9C Ste|>hena'
M rbur by Rev. Or. I'rtce, Mr. fast initios IKimxjbr lo Miaa
u ixwiea Sw.th.
timet?Somm ?On Taewday, May 44, at the St Ntcho..
*aa cbnrrh, By ibe Rev Or A Boctimayer, Mr Ksio>b::i?s
II ?so?s, kd cf Michael Ortik. Ihq . to Mlaa Maris
brHMtTT. jour gaat daughter of Anthony Bchouls, faq , all
. tf Una city.
0 Joiomoa?liar, la ? os Thursday evening, May 2T, by
the Rev Joseph I' Thornpaon Bbajamiji Haaxa Jowsston
1 to Mute Raco ii H , daughter of Jacob Nagle.
J Dtod.
ij Dvai ?On Saturday, May 49 Jons G Psai. aged 0d
lbe funeral services will take place at the residence ef
1 bis ton in law.crraer of Ttllary end Stanton streets. Brook'
lya, thia (Sunday) afternoon, at thrso o'clock. The relativist
and friends are requested to be prevent. His re
malt a will be oosvejnd to l*nlladel|>bia for interment.
'' Caanotx - Oe K tday May 28, after a long and ledum
. Illness, kne abi> Cannotx. aged 63 years.
Tbe ftleoJa of tne family are respeot*al)y mvited lo at
trod the funeral; thie (Sunday I alternooo, itln o'oiock,
from it? rf-uVnw of hie brctbeni. William and Michael,
No 63 Mulberry afreet.
OhmiU ? Ob Friday,May 26. after a protracted riaeaa,
which abe bore with Chriabaa fortitude. Mama Cajuuill,
?*ed :Ut jeara.
funeral from the reaidnaoe of ber alaW, Mm. KJgnef,
No til Fuat avenue, taw (Sunday) afteinooa, at two
Ovarii*.? tftar a Uogrrlrg Ulaeea, fUmxmjm Opuranr,
ayoo 3b yean.
The tfieoc* aid ar^aamtaoere of the family, the mam
her* of (Vinpaoyn, fitly olrlb Regiment, at which be
waa a member, ?ad UxieM the regiment wvhing to at rail
ar?ii?h?<!to thefuoi ral, (rota bit late residence,
No. 16 Ihanm stunt, IhU fduoday) afteraooa, at two
Ihuir ?On Friday erealBf, May 16, after a abort 111
or*a, of taflaaaaiattoa >* the luaya, I'araica Dualy, aged 70
Tbe frier.da rf the family are respectfully reqoeetod to
afend the fnneral. thle (Sundey) afternooa, at two o'clock
prrewny, Iria Dla late reeideooe. No. KbO Mulberry
street Flits remain* will be tahea to Lie too lb street Oo
metery for lnte?u>ent.
" Dowaa ? Oa ttedoeedey. May 36, Wnuaa Down, Jr.,
J ayrd ft year* sad 10 months.
* Tbe I neurit aoo acquaintances of the family, and lb owe
* of Fatlip Armstrong, are reepeotruUy lartled to auead
* tbe funeral, from hia late real hence, No. 630 llrooaao
' afreet. ti<in (Sunday) afternnon, at half pact two o'clock.
FntTAtaica ? Oo Ratarday, May 30, William Ft ear * rb
aim, a satire of loiblla, Ireland.
y Hie frletda and acquaiateo< es are respectfully Invited
e to all end the fcaeral, thl* (Sunday) afternoon, at two
p 0 cmk. from but late reetdeaoe. No 16 arcane 0, corner
?d Ibitd street Bte rtmalne will be removed le Calvary
, Or meter y for interment
m Free ? In Brotklya.oa Friday, May 33, William IIdki
. Ftirw, aysd 13 year* and 3 rooethe
Tbe f?Nods and relatives of tbe family are respectfully
levied to attend the funeral, this f-mnday) afternoon, at
4 two o'clock, from tbe residence of hie mother, No. 16T
' Fulton avenue Rrooklya.
* New urinaria and Teiaa paper* please onpy
c.nw* ? iiii rriiay, mit ot nmMmmpvwi, nnia
11 Fuaat , i*?d u ;nii, wiiaof David (iiirw, abipearpoaUf
He* rr malraf* II br takaa to Crann wood Tor litarMl
H?r trwnda ur rrr part: oily ?? uj to iumkI tha rqn>ril,
I. thl* (*ja<.a) ) afteriMfrm, oi two o'clock, fro No. 143 (Coat
H. Job*, Now Rranawtrk. papari plrwaa orpy,
. Mammxt ?M<rt'lUit tJiT, It fai.t daughter of Mnrl
i* and Oa?b?rtnn Haadlry
_ 1*n fnnorai will tela rlam at throa o'clock Una (Hen
'toy > ilumai from No. U Wartaa atroot, -tooth Brook
Ijmm ? * ? ?Ob WmMit trorniaj, Key 29, ('?ni?i.*i
h Mmmrt, la root daofbtar of (Tiarlaa Jamoa I JviDfiton
Nun ? At Iltaanalh, Naw Jnrany, oa ttelorday, May H.
Hiaian lot I jam, aoo of Hrrjamu) ud Sarah Nanr, a*oi
11 Tror? and * mrniha
' Yap fiarr ? Oa flalarday, Kay 29, Ukkkt ? Yam Kixtt,
Naw York and Handy Hook pilot, a?o<l 40 yaora
i, Hm frwnda and acquaintance*. ihnoa of but father, Jatnaa
i, Van Hr?i, of Horri."towD, N. J . bla brother Jamai, bM
father n law. J Raory Barbel, Ma brotbrra la law, Joha
II > J ht?no Rrej Krar and Neleoti Baldwin, al*o of Mnaaa
k Cbt i?ty, thep'totaof Uio port, Iraoklm Chapter No 9
I Narbirgten < hapier No. 2, O. 1'. A . and the maaibara of
r the Nc|-ttwa Hub arc revpertrolly invited In attend tha
i fQaeral, w thoot further invitation, fmtn ha late raa<
0 dot en, No ! Bayard atreet, oa Monday afternoon, al four
1 o'dort HM ttnitioa will bo conveyed to tiraonwood Oa
h Btetary
Wa.iaa ?Oa Fr'day tnoralnf, May 2k, Out* Kr.;ava
t. i Wane*. ana of Cbarloa H. aad Maiy Whales, a?al 4
4 wraibt and It day a.
it The friend* atiJ acquaintances ara respectfully Invited
ri to aurrd tho fntirral, Crow U>? rratoaoca of hia r*tbar, to
' Trath atrrat. brtwora Ftrat and 9ar-Md araaitoa
* HiscaidiAAbWt
AWftRLit* wnantK
?ada af torradtaata rara, aad l?n
* taa ttntrMw ataM,
l.roa aafaaHa fowdar rln
n**Ui to art to???t tMac ?*at llrra.
a Ikn <tnm tkat nrawl aad alto aad atla*.
a to hanaa ao otk?r i*ta* thia?.
. Roaotxa. aata.
? i Uo? <ta ptaoia.
" ' Radbaft, M?a,
(*t arm atao,
* HoOm. baatloaaU, _
I M graat an.1 ?man,
* iSSgr
? TWa Lr*l rilia. for *toa aad rata,
la Vara aara tftaa taritoia or tltaa -dim.
i* WUJ frao a koaaa. a bara. a rtora.
, Pro* half a tkoaaaad rata or atnra
Da pot for 1,1 OB* Mfotta Towdaa aad rtUa, for1
* aad ror?ta. 4U Broadway ?. rTOW k Oft
i, at jo nm, if Ann nrmwwr. a m mm oonrttnmm
A tauara. aad * tar pataat kaathat Mk
ilT*rFIT',1 * WRcm*.
a T HTMDHJ. K- VARIH MKuhirii utKim tVsM
4 reoelrer; ?rn eie?>ni rlvtu g 5 ??, u>< ^M
WW Broadway, (oneror lu*u,. Mn-rt kr.a'jllated ISA
A. ni.RMt i>iuwt pn.mt r.uia?
Vk? oroorlMor of
i nw WTTMMB'B rn-? ?urr.wrromT
will gu*raat*w (A rars My ?m? of muinul or aihwaal yam
uotim voitNim oou or rrui
iNM w B.Kea ii^iB, U frwl M-eat, m
> mr*d of pile* h? uatag DrWW??r'r pUn wypMlwr. ?
ra iOMm with throw ft* taw ;im ti Dm mMfe
klj hod 0*1* ulw Mb luftntM will hw (# $
.! ?>m ber at prrww who Mr* mnI Drpot LM Bowery, M
Herd Tho boUUm obw to m< to My wart of Ik* malrfi
! at.i. who nrrrm with oorjtb. imion, ml,
A eu h*.a thorn eared wllhoBl pal*. hy Dr. zaohabrc
; 7Oh Brand way.
j a t oithrinwr orioikalitti* tub motto-wm
1 A nyj BOOO, bvr load (ha fhrhlon and ftwalah Idaao tar
othnra Wo oooaeotlaa wtih Bay athar tor*, and aa war* at
*rjr tlndlorjewelUrB atallixirraor boohaaltrrw. "Iraryana
koowtB*'he merit* af good Irtah WhMtey. (MM R? M
I MrAULIFFK It CO atllf aeU at M 5W par gWKm. Ma. gar
j hot I la. IS Nmm atraai, odraer of Ubealy.
Bvaion ob avLABaBMnrn or thb <hmbt tmm
Jatol oar ad atthoat pal a, aw (hat tha toat oam h* Mam
hamrdlaUily without (ha laaet Moonraaiewe* U? Ihw padhM^
by Or 1ACHABIH, avian chh apadlat. 7M Hrowdwwy.
J lifll. Dirklnr bAHPI hh mi mnraoadiMlad IBM * am
| by J. w. OiAteK, Hi sanal street. ' *
tutrarled without pate, it that the boot own be ?m tm?
MHa'efv after the ope> atWra without the least Inoonvewtanam
toSe^eleet, by Dr. ZAOHARIK, tartm OhiropeitM, 7fti
J treatoerat end eurr of tmterrb, la at No j Hoad and.
New York, two dnora from Broadway Ilia entire aooeeam
Willi thla formidable disease la folly established
li (I FKaCOOK offer* tor sate rloh dlamaad aat wfl
Ifold jewelry, obetoe, ohetrlaioe, An , at mtnafadtwrara' lamiaprioaa.
represented la flaw York by DAYID RaIF, odBam
aod facto- j W llroadway, op attire.
tie pr-tmra bate for art motel tenth. The public mw
totct fully tatl'fil 10 etanlne thla loveotloa and judge far'hrmmlrra
Ita lm|>oria?ce cao bo aero at a glaaoe. lit. It
Waverlev place, rear Broadway.
U alto told at the Hmtihaonian news depot. Ilr (iALg.
11A H. hM 11 H may be ootinuln-d at tbe ml Jwooiaa, aad Ml
It udtoa ati ret.
ar i.raLic joHttttTotn
A word to the lad let? a word Id their ear
A a hlaper to many of comfort aad cheer!
If Jewela you'd gain -bracelet, time piece or chala?
Those rlrh dei/lmg gems of whlrh beamy It rata,
ToRVANSACO lo Bmulwtr yot atut (o,
Aad putehaae a book, which they'll acll yoo aa lew,
Or lowwr. perhaps, ihao you rile where naa Had,
Aad with every nook ao?l ? me rich gift la oomblaed.
I emember the number, a all aod two aevent.
I Lfenu-ath the Lafarge, la the gift ore of KV ADA
J always on head aod for aal# low at the edhnappadapek
SI) Beaver street
X nt-p i-eeplte the boat of costrnmt dally advertised, itRT
malolalnt lit popularity lu the rare of 'reoklee, taa, platplt^
tetter, tnd all thla biem tehee; I te alro the very beat thirtm
r -mpotind evei uaed Kittled at the old eatabllrhed depot,
Walker street, IW at ?toi a from Hrotulwey. Park A II mm,
Mrs Hayes, hinoklyr; wvilt A try , Carey A ('a ; Oallendhr.
t'hiladelphia Patrt I J! Washington ittewt Banian. Aa.
New patent tewing machine,
Onl< ??
Superior to the highest price machined, far
One quarter the nook
Agents wanted.
417 Broad www
li (for* sot <tj* ih- balr, t ui gradua'ly darkeoa ?anr Mr
to B beautiful 'black or brown." Iwtiti DrtoMUlMtl*
Tbreo or four appllcatirna will lorn the gray eat hata tm
hlark <>r brrwa rolor no slain bo Irouble.appUod Hko water*
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A i'?talo|n* roo air lo| Inducement* mailed fr** to any aOdraw
upon application ti hV ARM A (X) , 677 Broad way.
Hold by the pound (at JH **nui and ant by tha loaf,
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lb# uaa o4 ibia bread grraUr o tbMr tmumt
Allowance to daaJrra aa heretofore, L4 par raau fTJ
Wheat, taW, f?aa:17, ilrabaa tai rye, TH <* ? par
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Iba pnblln, of wblrb due on)Ira will ha *tr*a
JOHN HICK Kb. Wo M Hoigara straai.
Retail bread dap ma, wbara alao oaken. plaa, be.. May bw
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Da Itl t aaal street. Wo U 1a arena Waal,
bo S>? Pearl at 1 eat Wa lal ilr-ad s.reet.
No 7fl West Preadway. Wo M Kamaarali street
Private faailllaa by ? adlrg ibrlr trdara la iba adfla%
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(net nff present#! in iba pabWe. All wbo softer frmm Uaad'
T or aimeira persplm'lna of Iba fael ebotild try Iba *?A
T?r aaleoaly by Dr RaCHaRIK, aargaoe rblrnpedMI. 7#
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X W. I) , Wo Id* Howry, after a (Ware# of steady la I nlaw
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" "Aia itteaaaaa aa I r Ik an aria tag froaa am
taarnro tlala of tba nlnnd
R. R. R. ?Woo No. 1M Ftall<01 arwi Naar Tat.
Hold by driaggteu anA aaorahaota ttay
"H? rlaap* tka rrag wfb b> abod hart da.
O'oaa 10 lb* ran laloaaly laada
Rlt god alb I ho aataro aorlA ha "Ua'a
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Ro aatoboa frt at h'a mn.inaia walla,
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Roanllfnl aa'boaa I'noa aaay ba wo woaM boro an-Jala aaaaa
oUora hr a doatoatlo poet?a iaiaatr?l ol Na'nra'a ataaafaa
loro * bard of onr own ratalrg. la fbrt?whtoh wa HoNore
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?rd orory Any ta'orrat Tboy worn wrtuaaaRa
fl-mof Fntith Hrrdkooa. wbo bo'd tba ir?rVt-?Bi ofexMag
at or a kaowa aa tba "Marhlo Triad?" of F -iboa atraai Flrat
la tbo mart of atlll rbor aland,
all a<?lo? of pnnda ihoy b??o na haad?
Tbo coal, tbo alogant. lb* graad.
WoU bare ibo *mltba 'bolr fl?( ttafurlod,
A ail proudly 'kotr doA?ooo bar lad
To all tbo aloiklrra of tbo world.
"Mairb ua, wbo ran " tboy cry aad amilo.
"la rboacnora. tjnaliiT tbd djla:
Wo ha to led? load will load tbo Sir
Tbo Fat I tba are our "eagleaof tbo tlnthleg trade, ? aaartaa
far ahoao tba rrgloit of " mroUtltia aad loartnf aawaaador
baw bor attataln tbrmaolroa ai nncb aa olaratloa aa preflu
wblfb appoar -o n? la .tmn??h?n#IM? await Tba aoorrd.
woanppoae.U bellboy ao|i moro In two brmratbea aay after
olotbior* a bo rlt a do la a wooh of 'b?4r brtahoat baataoaa
HSfllH RROTURR' n?0 ?rlee wbalaaalo and iMatlatwb
n? a art'room*. Noa IB ISA aad MO F nltoa atroat. N T.
rn i>Fwor**Tjn nr.Anqrapthm,
Bo 1t8 Mrrad n?rr?t
A Ills win Ml And 11^ 'KW*
ri'AT7B??-ri?*w vbouph "noRnnrp in
TT p?'?nt 1???r wairkro ud w*tok wrni'iii for *)<? tf
tk* Baportwr't V>wrM wknlowto prk*>? P P PBAPO"*.
itnpntirr, rrprrarated by DAVID RaIT ?W Rrnadwaf. a?
ha Ira
Warranted fro* *mm daypaoaa.
Owwir of Hat Moo*. B T.
lUU Jnn arrtrrd lro?n rrannr porrklpa rnT?a?lCa?nr. km
RMrMf*. Ac ^ ^ rr-wtrfo*
? - - nwSs&ssc* '"* Wkita
?ad dw<? *d, trrm ?* BOO p?r Ml.
Tm nrrrisro ?od "Atr? ?k, .
<"k*n.Irltrr* aad (M flttnm Am ! ilMMI;
Blrrtln# aHrrr traart*
t m, ?pooM. waltnro, lorka. An
Frrark etorka hrrniara. Parlaa WalnarT
Olaaaarara Whrar p ?l?l wara. PaUary. A*.'
Ogr M?-ad? and tha paMtr *r?rr*llf ?M tariNi In Ham
tk* ktKrrr food*, whtrk wo nffrr tor ?<Uo
At ntmnplp laodarat* prViaa
* v H*nunworr * ?*.
?0CB?r of Broad r?j u4 ilraaac Wiik ,

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