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the superiority of our crew, belter disciplined end more
eoited. Let us take advice from the enemy; let oa provide
our marine* with a sufficient number of atx barreled
revolver*, aa the Americana have, and we may in thia ej
way be aure that in the act of boarding they will have no O
advantage over us. th
Hand grenadea, fbr the purpoee of bearding, and pro- b<
vtded with fulminating oapeulea instead of fusees, may pi
likewise be of immense advantage m the same caee. at
With regard to the eventualities or a war, we must also w
prepare ourselves t* attack with advantage the ports or
the enemy, by constructing a number of gunboats des- pi
tia?d to receive mortars for bombarding their cities and
carrying destruction in the midst of them. at
These and many other measures, superior to what wo p<
now possess, may in our opinion easily be carried out,
aad prepare in tbis wsy for the triumph of our arms. tt
We purposely omit 10 insist upon the importance of the aj
measures proposed by us for augmenting our naval force; p
? fur their advantages will be far better appreciated by the el
Crsons to whom we address these lines than they have U
en by ourselves. We abstain for the present from 1?
communicating some reflections on the due proportion ti
which, in our opinion, ought to be observed betwoen the a
augmentation of the naval materiel and that of the per- f<
sot.net, without, however, giving up our intention to com- ?
muiucate them on another day. 11
Oar Hondusas Correspondence. e
Bkijzs, May 21,1888. t
AVto Legislative Acts?A Salvage Law?Appropriation for a
a Fir* Engine from -Vew York?The Dry Season Ended? ?
Produce of Mahogany and Logwood?Low Prices foe #
Sugar and Rum?Trade Very Dull-All the Merchant, \
tUt ailing? Honduras and Guatemala to uo to mtr? Britith
Progrett and Hold in Kuatan?BelUe HoiUhy? t
Ifothing /rum Vucatan, <?c. fi
There is nothing In the way of political news worth re P
cording from here. Mention of two or three cf the act i [J
paned by oar Legislative Assembly, at its last session,
may be of so one interest to yonr underwriters?so 1 give ?
7T7 o
u to you. Q
The first is an act in relation to salvage on all property
saved from wrecks or distressed vessels. The principal B
features are that all property save! from wrecks or J
picked up at sea is to be reportod to the Colonial Secretary?all
articles so reported to be sold at public auction, o
and a salvage on the net proceeds to be awarded by the J
Board of Port Wardens. Disobedience of or an attempt to |
evade the act or any of Its clauses, subjects the offenders a
to heavy penalties.
The great advantage of this act over our old law Is in |
the manner of awarding salvage. lTnder the old system, ?
arbitrate ?often men interested?sometimes gave enor
mous awards, by which small schooners, for a week u J
work, have made over two thou*and dollars.
The second set makes an appropriation of fifteen ban- J
dred dollars to get one small piano firs engine from the 1
eity of New York as a sample. Ws have six engines
bow?two very large and heavy, (hard to be worked t
though,) which require twenty-eight men to work, and c
wbioh can only throw a three quarter of an inch stream I
about ninety feet. The four others are small, old fash- 1
toned, worn out machines, which throw s half inch stream "
about fifty feet. Our Assembly, satisfied that those are
useless, have resolved to get down one of the best New {
York engines, and if that Is satisfactory, then they will ,
probably replace the four small ones with otbera like It. or <
some others from your city. They have also resotveu to I
have down two ladder truck! from your city, and 1 have '
no doubt that all our articles for the Pi re Department will
hereafter be obtained from New York. '
Our dry season?a very long and good one?Is over, and 1
our mahogany and logwood cutters have made good work, (
getting out large quantities of wood. 1
Our sugar estates have been very sucMssful and have
made large quantities of rum and sugar. Duriag the past '
four years this branch of our industry has neon very pro 1
Stable. Rum and ssgar have been very high and paid
well. This year the supply is much greater than the de- 1
is and, and a large quantity cannot ma purchasers, oven
at four cents a jiound Tor sugar, and sixty two to sixty nine j
cents for rum 22 deg. above proof. This makes It a losing 1
game to the sugar growers, as our government taxes them
fly cents on ea -,h hundred pounds of sugar, and eighteen I
cents on each gallon of rum made tn this settlement. This 1
Is not only unjust, but is a tax on the industry of our work- j
log population.
Our town merchants have bad and at!U have very dull
timet. The town la completely overstocked with goods,
and no customers, the clunato la such that Urge stocks
aro soon spoiled unless sold or continued. In order to
tell and realise our wholesale merchants have commenced
retailing, and now a I of our storekeepers retail in the
smallest quantity; and still worse, some of them have resorted
to the unfair plan of mixing taelr brandy and g'.u
by whole*ale
We have aot htd such dull times, such bad trade, such
heavy exchange, such a scarcity o( money for more than
twenty years. "What are we coming tor" is the inquiry of
the mercnanH. " Belize am dun." says the Creole.
Vot several days a report has been in town that II in
V durae and Guatemala had made war again. Several pevaooa
hare left the coast of Honduras and the town of
Truxillo Tor safety. Numbers have and several more
were moviag over to Rusted for protection.
That eoloay, under the care of the present I.lent. Gov.
M<Uolr, baa been very prosperous, he baa introduced several
new and salutary laws; has mate Improvements in
tbelr roads, has civilized and Improvod the Inhabitant!.
It is said that sums of her Mk)e?ty's sable subjects thore
have become honest, sober and industrious, and that toey
are feat getting rxh by selling fruit to the New Orleans
vessels. U Is also said that tbelr fruit bring* twenty
four thousand dollars par annum, which i>um I thlak Is
far too high, b it still should it b- oily b?lf that amount,
tt would soon enrich the Inhabitants of that island, ai
they have but few wants. They aro now building a hospital
and maklzg other Improvements?does this look ai
though Great Britain was about to ,- ve up tnese islands
to H'mduru *
H ir town Is unusually healthy?no fevers. The smallpox
is nearly over and oar doctors unemployed.
me Supreme Oourt commeacse its May term next MooThere
la nothing new from the Indiana In Vuoatan.
Bnenos Ay res and Uta Argentine Republic.
(From O Correio Merc an 111 of Rio de Janeiro. May .]
lf> the steamer Tocatlne, arrived here yesterday, we
are la receipt of news from Buenos Ay res to tb* 17 th and
from Montevideo to the 23d of April.
The rears of a war between lbs State of Buenos Ayr**
and General 1'rqui/a, chief of the Argentlno Oon'ederatmii
which, according to the laet news, sesmod to hav*
disappeared, were aeakoned again, and with mors reason
than ever The uxcltcnen. wt* general, and was
much increased by the provoking language of several
We take the following from a correspondence with rsspect
to what Is go.ng on la Bnenos Ayres ?"fbe
J a* res la rewarded as having closed
tie correspondence with rrqutse. Ooooderihg the terms
which tblesfleir has err:red, If the (ieneral does not
march upon Buenos Ayrc* be consolidates nod st-oogtben*
IU actual situation. Already the second note of the
go eminent of the Coafr it rat. n, modifying end softening
U>e harsh terms of the drat, give morel strength to the
dmr.dent province. Now. accepting arl submitting to the
afl rente wfc.ch the gorernment of itucnos eyres inflicted
as It, It shows IU impotence end incapacity rtie que*
f inn In nMre serines than it appear* at too begins ing.
The duenna Ayreana are about u fortiry Martin Garcia,
and this act, besides other reesona, will doubtless bring
oa questions with regard to Bran I not < * , to be settled
Tr.ese last words of the correspondence, at far as ws
aret inoeroed, Intimate perhaps new p-* uniery scrtitces,
n*w Inaniu and new Ingratitude on the part of our loyal
neighbors. Already several engineers hare gone to Mar
tioi fierc.la for fortifying that point
fbe rumor was current that Col Mitre was nominated
to the post of Minister of War.
According to the name correspondence there ware new
plow planning agaiael the oriental goreroment, In ep U of
the bloody lesson q( Muinteroe.
Counsellor PersMhoe was stilt in the city of Parana,
where be had been honored with a splendid offl;lal bail.
Hie t.xreUecry was to glre another m rstern, as an ac
knowladgssent of Has fever.
The news from the oriental repnbll: la not very impor
taut Tranquillity bad been again disturbed; bulla the
elds there were straggling bands of robbers, composed
of Individuals who hau ?? aped from thelaat struggle, and
la order to arotd punishment, ad op led Una sxpwdleai to
lire at the coat of the Urea and property of other* |a
the meantime the government too* measures to mat ? dia4
appear these remnants of the last civil war.
.Conor |u-n Marino Baudrin. a merchant of Montevideo,
has been recognised as Charge d' Affaire on the part of the
Confederation near Uio oriental government. This la aa
Innovation in diplomacy
Vessels proceeding from our port and from oasis
Ay res were subjected to s i|iisrsnline of alt or eight days.
The mortal remains of lienors! Ortbe were, with great
pomn and solemeliy. removed from the CO arch of Paan
del Molelro to the town of Cnlso
our squadron, after several dart of mauantvrea, bat re
turned to the port of tfontevidoo, The v e-weia are
models of discipline.
Dr. Requeue was beaten In the election of the deputies
for Mines the b'uir. m puroacarried the victory. despite
the efforts of the opposing party.
Cwrwnera' Inqartta.
Vhhv AmnioiT ?Coronar ITIfta held an tnq mat oa
Wnlnwili;, at the hou?? No. 3(6 V net K.ifhteenth etreat,
ap?a Iba body of Marrnret McCantay, a child ninateaa
j m on Urn old, who dlad from la J aria* racatrad by a fall. H
thai an ami af the lac-.v.?? I wn cmmn| IT.fH'i
atreet with tba -mid la bar arm*, and la bar auiiaty lo
avoid a wafon which wa? rapidly ?p <roaohiuc aha atom
bled and fell. Tba child'* head (truck agaiual tba curb
atona, and tba tn|nry rnralrnd prored fatal A rrrdtct
or accidental daath waa rendered by the jury
Bot Focan Oaowirmi ?Coroner Gamble bald an imnnm
on Wedmwday npon tba body of an mkn<nrn boy, found
drowned In tba North riaar. near the foot of Thirty aulh
atreat. I'eoaaatd waa about fourteen year* of ace, ba t
brown hair, anil waa draaaad In blue cotton pan la aod
white ahirt. The body had bean In the water about
twenty four bonra. Verdict?"tonnd drowned "
Priina?Oonmar Gamble held an Inqneat ea Wadn?a
day upon tba body of a man, whoae nana I* snppoe"! In
bar* ixwin Hamnnl Wllllana, who oommiwo-l anleU* hy
throwing btmanlf upon the trork of u>* Budaon Klre*
IU ?<l,nNrH hty ?iith ?treet ia?t la alranca of
tralBofrara. The art wa* bo quickly p*rfnr ne,i mat the
eminent ?U nnalBn to hreak up, anl In an ln?Unl the
C,.w catcher oanmt the de 'eane'l, and threw liloi ab.vii
two m>ii, H? wan pi ked up anl taken to the depot,
wh?rn hofoon rtie i N on* prenent at the laquoit ktie?
hi? UiHtory or what Induced him to dentmy htmeelf fb?
Coroner 8 jury reBdcwd a yft'llot of aulctdn.
Miyywarr*.? Tin MtatMoU stata iroyarnmai.t want !alo
nptwat'nn ia?t vwk. Tha tate officer* are Oorernir,
Henry W ?bly, Lieutenant One araor, VlHIMI aoeo-nhe
Prrre?arynf ''tote. Prnnri# Raaenn Tretturer. Ueorgf
*' UiMniij Attorney > 3t:?l, C- :t. Boary A-ilitr
Wilhnai t Ihinbar.
Itcntuy Cobb on AMon Imlcnitlwi. I f.
Trkssiry DcriimcsxT, May 22,1859. I to
8m? It appears from your letter of April *0; 1858, thai G,
iplicalion hw boon made to you by MM", h. IottUte & do
)., mercoante, of Char lee ton, South Carolina, "to cloor do
> American ship Richard CoOdon, W. F. Blaok, ma*tor, ha
urthen 760 31 96 tons, for the coaat of Africa, for the trc
lrpooe of taking on board Afrtean oaalgraoto, In accord- for
loo wtlh the United States passenger lava, and returning
ith the same to a port In the United Stales." tei
You ask the opinion of the department upon the pro- av
riely of granting or refusing U?o application. as
The question is an important ooo, and I hare delayed an sti
iswor to your letter until I oould giro tin - abject a pro- fa<
sr examination. Mi
The form in which this application is presented involves tic
te question in seme embarrassment. Tne objeot of tbo of
;>plicante must be either to Import Africans, to be die en
jsed of as slaves, or to bo bound to labor or service, or lai
ise to bring them Into the country like other emigrants, Ui
? be entitled on their arrival to all the rights and prlvi- co
iges of freemen. In either of the two lirst named con- cb
ngenoies the object would bo so clearly and manifestly vi,
gainst the laws or tho United states as to leave no room co
>r doubt or hesitation. I deem it proper, however, to co
all your attention to the provisions of those laws, as thoy p?
idloata very clearly the general policy of the govern- he
lent on the subject of African importation. ah
Prior to the let January, 1808, the time fixed by the to
(inHtHution when Oonarees would be authorized to pro- 0u
ibit such importation, the sots of 2d M-croh, I79t (1,347), co
ad 10th May, 1800 (27??), were passed. These laws lndt- tr
ate the strong opposition felt at that time to the Afric an v<
lave trade. The subsequent act of 2d March, 1807 (2,420), in
nd20th April, 1818 (3,480), as well as theacwofSd w
larch, 1810 (3.832), and 16th May, 1820 (3,600), show not st
nly the promptness with which the power was exercised si
y Congress o< prohibiting this trade to the United States, re
ut they also bear evldonco of the stern purpose of en- ci
irotng their provisions by severe penalties and large ex- fo
endltsres. Jhe legislation of the Utivebolding States w
rior to 1808 sxbibits the fact that the Qrat steps taken far
a suppression were lnangurated by them. rl
There Is no subject upon which the statute books of oar w
ountry afford more conclusive evidence than tha general tl
ppoeition everywhere felt te the continuance of the Afri- U
an slave trade. si
By reference to the acts of 1791 and 1800 against the b<
lave trade genorally, it will be seen ibet their operation in
ras confined to slaves to nomiru. The first section or the fcr
ct of 1794 providee? M
That no citizen or citlzons of the United States, or foreigner
r aoy other person coming into or residing within the asm*. tl
hah, for himself or any other person whatever, either ae v:
naster, factor or owner, buhd, fit equip, load, or otherwise gl
>repare any ahip or vessel, wl'.hin any port or place of tha
Jniisil States, nor shall oause any ship or vessel to asll from
ny port or plaoe within the same, for the purpose or oarry ?'
ng on any trade or traflls In slaves to any foreign oountry, or f
or the purpose of procuring from any foreign kingdom, fc
ilaee or country, the Inhabitants of such kingdom, place or *
ountry, to be transported to any foreign country, port or dl
iloce whatever, to be sold or disposed oi aa siavea; and tf any '
hip or vessel shall be so fitted out, aa aforesaid, for the said 1
purposes, or shall be caused to sail, as aforesaid, svary 11
uch ship or vessel, her tackle, furniture, apparel and other si
.opurtenances, (hall be forfeited to the Untie 1 Mtatee; and B<
iha.ll be liable to be seized, proseet.'twi and c indsmned In any cl
if the Circuit 'iourtsor HM Court for the district where
he said ship or veaael may be found and seized. ^
The language of the act of 1800 la the same in this re- 0,
ipect. Both contemplate In general terms the prevention g|
if the trade in slaves. When, however, In 1807. aud sub
lequent thereto, Oongres* undertook to prevent the im- u
lortatlon of slaves into tha United States, the language of f,
he law was made more stringent and oomprahenslve. y
1'he first section of the act of 1807 provides? p
That from and after the first day or January, one thousand
light hundred and eight, it ah all not be lawful to Import or
>ring into the United Stales or the Territories thereof, from ,
iny foreign kingdom, place oroountry. any negro mulatto "
>r person of ooior, with intent to bold, sell or dispose of auch tl
tegro, mulatto or person ef color aa a slave, or to be held to p
wrvice or labor. p
This law seeks not only to prevent tho introduction Into Jj
he I d lied States of slaves from Africa, but any negro, 0
nulatto or person of cotor, whether Introdnred as slaves a
? tola held te aervioe or labor. Whether or not the r
wisdom or our fathers foresaw at that early day that ef- p
'orta would be made, under a pretended apprentice eye- e
?m, to renew the alave trade under another name, I cannot
undertake to say; bat the language of the law which
they have left to us on the statute book leaves no doubt of 1
the fact that they Intended to provide, in tho most unequivocal
manner, against the increase or that class of po
pulatlon by immigration from Africa. No one could then
nave contemplated an object for whUh African emigrants 1
wonld be brought to this country, which it not clearly o
guarded against and forbidden by the law to which I am o
now referring. It le only necessary to add that cubs# o
rju ent acts on the subject contain the same language, a
This view of tbe subject is strengthened by reference to tl
the provision} of the set of 28th February lgtj# ;1,'Ai?). 1<
The first eeoTon of that sot ia as follows ? e
That from and after the first day of April neat, so master
or captain of any ship or vessel, or any other person, shall ]
Import ot bring, or cause to be imported or brought, any ?i
negro, mulatto, or other person of color, dot being a native, cititen,
or registered seaman of the United Mtoais. or seamen
na'tvrs of countries beyond the Cape of Coed Rope, ln',3 any 0
Krt cr place of the Called States, which oort or place shell t
situated in say State which by law h\e prihlblted. or shall e
prohibit, the admission or importation of such negro, mo- <
let'o, or other person of color; and If any eapteln or master ,
aforesaid, or any oth-r person, shall Import. or bring, or '
cause to be imported or brought. Into any of fti* pur'a or c
places aforesaid, any of tee persons whose admission or is6ortation
Is prohibited sa aforesaid, he thai! forfeit aud pay
is sum of one thousand dollars for each a ad every negro,
UMNO, or other person of color, aforesaid, brought or imported
as aforesaid, to be sued for and recovered by action of <
debt, tn any eourt of tbe United States?one half thereof
to tbe use of the United States, the other half to any person 1
or prrsoes proserin ng for the penalty, and in any action in- I
ell tiled for the letovery of tee penalty aforteaid. the person i
or persons sued may be he'd to spealal bat) fronted al i
ways, That nothing In this act Shall be eoaelrned to prohibit
Up admuwlou of ludlane ,
It will bo seen that Congress, by this act, undertook to '
co operate with those States which, by State legtalatton,
had Interposed to prevent the importation of negroes into '
Ibis country. At that time tbe constitutional prohibition '
to whit h I tiave before referred restrained Congress rront j
Iheextrcire of tbe absolute p>wer of prohibiting sucn
Importation. Tbe Mates, however, being under no such '
restraint, had tn several Instances adopted measures of
their own. and the act of 1SO.I shows the prom pin mi or
the general government In exercising whatever prwer It
possessed in furtherance of the objoct The language of 1
this art ui important in anoJier view. It will he observed '
that lie object la to prevent the importation into the I'.nteU
States of "any negro, mulatto, or other ponton of color,
not being a native, a citlisn, or registered,teaman of the
I'nilad stales, or seamen natives of countries beyond the
Cape of Good Uope." It ta not confined to atavei or negroev
bound to labor, bnt contemplates tho exclusion, in
the broad eat ternia, of all auch pert one, without regard
to the character ta which they mr.y be brought. It excludes
free persons ss well sa slaves, and persons bound
to labor or sorvlce. The only limitation In the act Is, that
It is ooaflneJ to such persons as ars prsvented by the
laws of any of the States from being Imported into such
At that tims there existed laws of some of the States
not only prohibiting tho introduction of negro slaves, but
also free negroes. ludeed, tho policy of the elavehvlding
States has always been oppossd to the locease of its free
negro population, and It is proper here to remark, thil at the
present time that policy la mors earnestly sustained In
those States than at any previous period of their history.
After this reference to the iawe on the subject. I. is hardly
neor??ary to repeat that if the application of Ifeaers. LaQUe
k O contemplates the introduction or negroes into
ths I sited Steles from Africa, either la the character of
slaves, or as apprentices bound to service or labor. It le
clearly la violation of both the latter and spirit of the
law, and cannot be granted.
The torm oC the appltoatton made by Meeara. Iafltte k
00 would seem to < ontemplete the introduction into ths
I'ulted States of negroes from Africa, entitled, on tbalr
arrival, to all the rights Mi privilege! of freemen. The
proposition, upon Its fto"?. Is to absurd that it Is hardly
wor by of serious refutation Messrs. laflUeAOo ask
i? to nelieve that thsir vessel, Sited out In ths port of
Charleston, S C , is goisg upon s voyage to Africa, to bring
to seme port in the rolled Stales a cargo of ires negroes
The port In which the vessel expects to return la sot
Indicated. It cannot be the one from which It sails, nor
anr oth?r port 'n the State of Sooth Carolina. as the Intra
'luctioo of trea negroes into that State is wieel? jirobiblted
by Mr'r.fft t laws and heavy psnalt es Tl canu >1 be tbe
pr? if uv other slavehnMiDg ^UI4, M similar laws In
oa<-b of those Stales allka forbid 11. The raaann for such
laws la so nunlfeet that I do sot feel called upon e.ther I*
produce tbe evidence of their esMeace, or to Justify the
policy wbich led to their adoption. It m eufllclent to know
that the public alnd of that section of the t'atoa Is not
more < ord tally agreed upon any one subject than u poo
the propriety and necessity of prohibiting, an fhr as pomI
hie, an in -reaae of the free negro jvomialton. and heocs
th* laws to which I refer prohiblltog their Importat 00
from any plsce.
Can it be that Meeer* laflUe k Co. propose to return,
with their carg0 of free negroes, to a port In soma of tba
non slaveboMlng State* t I ant not aware of e single
State where these new ootnere would rare ire a tolerant,
mucli irss a cordial welcome; whilst. by stringent lews
and "anet dntlopal provleUms, some of them have provided
tor their uncondit ional excluaton.
I oolong beyond tbe legislation which has been had on
tbe subject by tba general governtneai. and Isv-h the
"aveboioing and the non elarobolding SUtin, I may be
permitted to refer, In this connc-tlnn, to the vaitous, re
pealed and earnest clfirts which have been mails In every
sect in of the t'nion, to proti ! >r the removal ff in our
mi let of this mo?t unmrtur t|c claee. Flowercr v*ri*nt
tbe motlvea which havo Indu wd these elforta with dtRer?nt
persons. In dimereateectlOM of tba cmnlry, they all
eshlbil an earnaat desire to dlmlmeb rather than increase I
the Irve negro population. This public, opinion, thns
memfeeted in every fbrm, Is familiar to every me, and It
would be doing (treat loiuMIre to tbe intelligence of 1
Messrs I afllte k Oo. to aoptswe that they alone worn Igor 1
rant of It. Where, then, do they propjee to land their
cargo of free negroes' Whet le the motive which 10
duces the enterprise' It ennoot be the proflle of the
voyege. There are no African emigrants seeking a
wsaa**?/A c.'.iuntrv a.O?l f thorgh ?.*rr th<S\ h&V4l
no meant of remunerating Meaar* I.ifUtr k Co < >r
bringing them. The motive cannot be mere ph itn
Itropy, for It would confer no benefit upon thee*
negrooe to brtag them to our Rhone, where. If ptrroiUe 1
to lend el ell, II would only l>e to occupy ojr
peelliouaea, huepilel* end prleone. To believe, nn It the
olrcumeteiH*'*, that Ibere la e bono Jilt pnrpote on the
pert of Meesre. I Afttte A On to bring Afrl'ao emigrant!
to Utia country to enjoy the right* end privilege! of free
men, would repair* en emoant of credulity tbet wnal<l
jaxtlv aubiect the pemon eo believing to the charg* of
meetel imbecility Theooevlctloo le irremetible the' the
object of the proposed enterpriee U to bring iheie "African
emigrant*" into the country, with the view either of
making ilevee of them or of holding them to nervine or
lebor If eo, it le ee attempt to evade the lewa of the
nonntry on the nhjeot of Arrtcea importation to which t
have relied ynar attention.
ord'narHy It would he en nnaefe rale for e pablfo nm -ac
to act upon <he emplclon of a pnrpnee on the pert of another
to violate the lewe of the country, but in thie rue ?
la pet eo clearly beyond the rnecb of doubt the'. I think
i yon tot only eta, but that yo* ere In dety bouad.tiaot
upon the preaampt on thai It le the intention of tfaaer*.
laflitta A On. la avadn the la we of the Tolled -oatee, end
you thould accordingly reTnae their veeael tba clearance
uked Tor. BOWKI.L CtBt,
Pecrotary of the Treaaury
Ww f. Ou/vw-k, Fhq.,Oe1l*'.b>r idiheraatame.fbarleator,
H. C
Reply nf Newr*. I.afltta At Oa.
to ma Kiiiroa or ma nuaiavroa wwwtrt.
i We have read with norprtae, eo I not Without aome
feel,i g af indignation, the etter eddreaee-l by the H*?
Howell Cobb, Secretary of the Treasury, to the li*i Wir.
Coioock, Collector or the Customs at tom port, to reply App
oar application for a clearanca for the ship Richard I
bden. We think the proper bounds of olll hal duty aud Oat
sofun have been taransgreised, and no little violence Bark
ne to cantor, in the manner in which thie application Jai
been discussed by the Secretary, coming as It did Get
>m private citizen*, and conatituting a simple question Wi
otilcial discussion and decision. tlca b
We had prepared an elaborate reply to Mr. Oobb's let- 9ai
but after mature conaideration we hare decided to
old a discussion fraught with elements of passion Etx
it of discord, and that! confine ourselves to astmole point
dement of our connect!"!) with this application. Toe Phi
:ts are simply these ?We received Inalructtons from point
C. A. L Lamar, of Savannah, to malts applies- WU
n for a clearance for his ship ' for the coast point
Africa, for the purpose of taking on board African Byl
ligrants, in accordance with the United States passenger sppol
vs. and of returning with the same to a port In Ihs Jai
lited States." There wss nothing in the letter of our point
respondent, well known as a hignly respectable mer- Jai
ant or Savannah, which could lead unto suppose that any Plii
olation or evasion o' the law was Intended: and as we C. Oa
uld percelvo no impropriety a the mere act of applying to Th
vernmeLtfor pe< misi>on to perform a voyage, which lie
rmiasion they could either grant ur refuse, we did not Th<
isltate to make the appVcatton. We do not in fact con- reapi
ier that we had a right to refuse compliance with bis Sis
struc'.lons. Mr. Collector Coleock Informed us that, aa appo;
r application was of a novel character, and intimately An
unacted with the grave issues now agitating tho coun- Wl
y, he deemed it hie duty, as a subordinate oiiicer or go- poini
irnnieni, to refer the matter to the authorities at Waah- Joi
gton for their consideration and decision, and that he Jol
ould refuse the clearance until he ebonld receive la- Kd
ructions from the Secretary of the Treasury. The an- point
rer of the Secretary not having been received within a Da
asonable time, Mr. Tamer wrote to him in his official Mo
ipacity, urging a prompt reply to our application, made Jol
r his vessel and in his behair, and informing him of the
hole seops and design of the proposed voyage. Jo!
Our application was made in proper form, sod we heda NT
gbt to expect, if deemed conformable to law, that it polnl
ould be granted, and IT deemed otherwise and refuaed, Ch
lat the refusal would he couched in reapectrul terma. In
latter case we expected tnat tfr. Cobb would have Sa:
atcd the points of law upon whlob bis decision win Male
sed. as It was bis right, and perhaps his duty.to do. We -In
silt, however, thnt he should baveemflned his remarks Jo
i an exposition of tbo law, and its application to thi* case. Kb
'e utterly deny his right to go beyond tbs record and Ha
iggest designs and intentions on our part not declared id Jo
i<- applicat.on before him. But if it ha-1 been the pro- ed.
inco of an executive officer thus situated to Inform hi m- W
ilf or the possibility of coneealsd designs, or ulterior aims D)
t variance with tbe law, Mr. Cobb already possessed W
rery information on thoie points from Mr. Lamar. Do poin
as aware that we were acting as mere agents 3*
ir the real applicant, one of his own constituents, reap
ub whom he was well acquainted, wbu had ad- I'll
rested blm in but olltclal capacity, avowing him- At
ilf a* Ibe principal in this transaction, aud glvig
him full information of bis intentions and de- poin
gns. This being the case, ws cannot perceive how the CH
rcretary of the rreatury can defend himself from lbs po'n
oarge of disingenuousnesR, n seeming to discover, by a Hi
lurching scrutiny Into our motives, the real objeets of J?
le proposed voyage, or of cnarglsg cither oursslvos or J<
or principal with improper motives and concealed da- Ki
gas. pom
He professes to have arrived at his conclusions by a W
-sin of reasoning, when In fact be was in possession of a B<
ill avowal, which obviated the necessity of looking be- Kite
ond It, to arrive at a decision upon the merits of the apHeaiion.
With the points of law raised by tbe Secretary, and B
rith tbe application of tnem to this case, we have nothing G
) do; it is for our principal to judge how jar they serve
? debar him from the prosecution of his proposed enter- T<
rise, and it ia for him to take such steps as he may deetn '<1
roper to test the legal question aUectlng his rights. All '?
lat we desire is to derood ourselves from tbe impstatioa ig>
f meditating designs contrary to the laws of oar country,
nd of tbe effbrt to accomplish them by a retort to cos G
ealment and sabterfuge. and we believe the mere ex- sigs
lanatlon of our connection with tbe affair will suffice t# J
xonerate us from all such imputations. poii
[tie Association sf Use Friends or Ireland, o
1N4N. D
[From the Savannah Republican. | pou
14 * /?r tVin flm-lokv nf IV)a Frim,d8 of Ipftlud.
Alt m uiccmuf, wi ??v ww.w?j ?
848, held at the City Hotel In Savannah, on tbo evening
r 2d June met., in pursuance of a public call, to take into
onaideration the preaent condition and future disposition
f tbo fund originally subscribed by the members or tho n v
ociety in the year 1848, for the aid and relief of Irishmen j
lien struggling for liberty in their native land, the fol)wing
preamble and resolutions were unan'mously adoptd?
Whereas, the members of this society did, in the year tim
848, contribute bv suhsortption a tnnd lor the relief of the
beir friends in Ireland in their eilorts (or liberty, wblcb le8
und was remitted to Robert Enmstt, Ksq , as Cnairman a I
f the Executive Committee of Mew York, to be Applied to loci
he aforesaid object; and whereas, at a meeting ut the ex- Rtei
odtveof this society, held in Savannah on the 28th of ,tvii
ictober, 1848, when the news arrived of the arrest of lu;<
Villiam Smith O'Brien and others, the cimnhtee then fcn
onvened at the Ctty Hotel ? me
City Honti. Oct 28, 1848.
The following resolutions w?re offer el by P. If. Sulci*,
nd seconded by Jonn Kverard;?
1st. Resolved, That we hare, and ever hod, an alild- J
eg and undiminished confidence in the probity no 1 integ '"j
1ty of the Kxecutlve Committee of New York, and that
ho late ahlo, eloquent and patriotic amanation whieh ap>eare<1
in the New York 7nbun* or tb? 4tb last ia
another BiroBfrtheauig bou t to our oonB lencs. ' 1
Be it therefore resolved, That we, the Executive Coram ittoe
of Savannah, pledge ourselves to retain the money when 101
ecolved as a nucleus of a fund, together w.ih any ottisr 01
money we may collect for that purpose, to be put at Inte- "
rest, and be prepared, when called on, to rem t to the Kx
scutivn Committee of N'ew York all the funds in our bands OT
o lie used for the original jiurpoee lor which it was col- B1(
lectod *'
John Ifclfahon, Chairman; John Kverard, T. P. Murphy, *!u
B. K. i-'biele, James O'Connor, Executive Oram: tee. ro1
Aod, whereas, the said food was returned by l(r. Km
melt to tbe Kxecutive Com mittee of this society on tbe
Ith January, 1849, imf* lately after tbe commttlee J
were called together, aud <i sob committee of tbros ap- j*
po.uicd to 'overt <t n stock, the Chairman appointing I*. K. J'"'
Shiels, T. D. Murphy, and John Kverard as that < imoul- lt"
tee; the two latter rest': I I*. K. Shiels with full power to
act, who invested the fund* iq tbe C-ntral K? 1 road and '71
Hliking Company's Mock of Gevrg a, in the name of "I*
Henry Harper, Esq., President of tbe Society, as trustee *'
of said fund. J"
And whereas, the ssid Henry Harper bav.ng depar'od Y?
this life, Robert J. Ceng hey, his admin wtra'-ar, assumed 'ol
the said trust.
Al a marling of tha KieouUve l-.imm.uaa 01 inn aociety -if
tha Friend* of Ireland, held at the home of Mr John "
Kvarard, on Monday evening, 10th May. there war* *'
pr.wol John Kverard, John McMahon, K Shrnli, M. J. ' 0
Hoilly and Robert J. ('anyhey, by invttt'ion, to lay before ,r
u* tb? paper* in Mr. Harper'* band* btiongmg to the aoslely,
it was moved by Mr. John Kvarard, and eenondad by ,
Mr John MrMabon, that P. K Shiels la*a the chair; M. J. ,u
Kailly moved IL J. < aughey act a* secret*ry, which *h 101
unaatnioui-'y agreed to The Qr?t business In order wa* ie
the reading or the minute* of the laat meeting, whan the
Secretory, Mr. Caugbey, **id Le left them at home. M.J. "
Keilly than moved that the fands of the society be dlatfibvited
pro rota. ~
Mr Kverwd objected to the motion, and moved the re- M
solution aflerad at the laat meeting, that the Rev. J. K.
O'Neill be appointed truatee, tu pia. e of Mr. H. Harper, ri<
de< eaaed before any other proceeding* could he tav- n rtt
which waa no*, seconded. Mr. Redly than re moved that m
be fund* of the society he distributed prorata, which wae *
nesonded by Opt. Mctfabon. The Chair ruled the mill to
not In order, ae the nomm.ltae hail *o power to dMrtbot* p
the fund* ontil a meeting of the contributor* should bj M
caile<l. Mr. Kedly then requested Mr. Csngbey to read Ri
their resolution again, which he did; be than raid ' algn ~
it," and ha and Mr. McMahcn tnen Rigned it *Uo, and not p
aaylng oo# word moro the Uiree gentleman left the hou*e.
It being than half past tan o'clock at nlgnt.
And Vrore half paal nine o'clock the nait mirnlngthe D,
aid stock wan sold and traniformd, with a dividend fall ur
ing due on 1st of June, twenty day* *ftor *?le. a* fol- {<
lows ?Thirteen share* to K. R. Young, tea share* to Mr*. 1,1
Margaret Oendon and three shares to J. R-yau k Ini; ^
aleo two dividend* of ten par cant, IJr'O, taken from tha g
aid bank, making I* afl $3,146. ny Hubert J. Caughey,
wbo was proceeding to distribute said hind* to the few L
survivor* when tudtota) proceeding* were commenced to a
aecire tno ihdq.
Be it therefore reached, by thin meeting. That the er. ^
tkm of the en-atyled Mid Kierotim Committee of the lOih
of May w wholly lUrgai and void. m
1st Heeeuae the resolution to dlatrlbute the fund wai w
not paaae.l by a majority of Mid oommittee present, ?'
Robert J. (eughey d<M being a member of that 1.011m ttoe
2d. Became th? rommltlee had no euUior'ty Intake any "
aucb action, the right to determine the dNpositioe at Mid
fund being with the membora of thin aorety a' larg T
Keaolved frrthrr, That the conduct of the <a d rt obert I
J. Chughey in precipitately telling the itock and attempt- u
ing to dtatrihute the Mid fund to a few (nearly half tha r
uhgbribern being dettd and one fourth not to be found), '
??mJ^I punier author y a d a v uat.r.n of h a d be? 1
of AiHH cant "poo him by lha death of our appomlad J
ll Seolred, a? the eente of thin mtetlng, That thi? fund 1]
ought not to he dletrtbnted. and that no worthy tnem iter p
of thin eoclety will cot.aent to withdraw hia contribution, o
thla ?r ety atanda p> 'gad, by tha reaoln . one of the Kx
ecutive Committee < f2Aih ???<>bar, lggg, for U># preterm i
tlon and eeeuff>n1elh>a of vh'a fund.
lie it theraiora further reeolved, That John fear ha as Jj
pointed trnatee of the fund, with iMinvitooa to re Invael ,
the name (a* anon m it can ha obtained hy the order of k
the court) In ban* along, m heretofore, to be preaervwt a
an 1 accumulated for ite original ptiri we, or for au< h r
other purpose aa the aocicty may bciaattar direct, hy j
rote of the memhera of the aeme
IV t ree< trrd That the ao tly'"l r niuilrt '''l?i >
out of the ong nal committee of aeven, - a ?* J
deaerve our cenenre for having dtaiwed of the ?to'k of
this aeaociatlon without calling a public msetiag or an- *
Knrlta of i?w. ~ 1
Re M re?olr*d, That our thank* are do* P R. (I vole, n
a tr 'mh"r of thi* society, for hi* protnp.neii- *ud pe-?e r
nrucr tn employing eminent otuneel to ?are the fun I*
of the a?*?ct?UOQ. 1
Resolved, That the proceedings of th.a meeting be pub- ,
Ilihed In the city papert, Omi'hrrn /ri<K Amtrir.m
i l>ith .V<or?, and that a oopy o' the nam* ba forwarded ,
to Robert Ktnmett, l*?j., of New York
dn motion, the meettnf adjonrned
MARTIN Dl't.'UK, Co airman. <
klii it*m Rmuv, Rerretary.
gjt\ anaAH, June 9,1MI.
Tn* CtoiRt in Iowa?Tn* MouoMi-A oorrea- '
poodent nrlVng from Creaoant City, Iowa, atates that '
the rr pa In that neighborhood loot ngiee.iingly (
limirlant, and that there la a moth terror hreedtb <
of land cultivated thta year than there waa kaat The i
rraeahoppera are making tbelr appearance in (treat ni.m 1
hers, and lo some placea fear* arc entertained that they
may damage the crop*. Kmifrtnta were constantly arriving
and new farm* were belnr opened In all direeMOM,
Ac 'i gat the emigrants were lar(e parti"* of Norm >ns
anxiously awaiting inatrnction* to more forward towtrda
Rail lake CM. H. R Kldridge and Mr. rta ?ht had charge
of theae partiee. aa scents of the Mormon church. hir
correspondent add* that he haa It front impieaitonable
authority thai abonhl peace be onarlnded between the
government end Brigham Young, more than two thousand
Mormon families would l?e on the rea 1 tt Utah
, w Mo In Uurty days, ,,
PAY, JUNE 27, 1838.
btWBU by the President, by ud wttb
toe Advice and Cwuuil mt Urn Senate. ~
to I- Sayre, of Alabama, Second Lieutenant in the J
ae oorpe, Tice Butterfield, resigned l<
nee D. Murray, of Minnesota, Purser In the navy. ait
arte W. Clarke, of Arkansas, Purser In the navy. eti
a. H- Wllcos, or Connecticut, 1'rofeeeor of Matbemaa
the navy, vioe Plye, resigned. A
neel V. Ilunter. of Kentucky, Purser In the nary.
uujmtokh or tiik customs. Bi
tn W. Allen, district of Nantucket, Maes.; roep- ?
ed. J
meas W. I.eland, district or Fall River, Mess. , reap dJ
lllna Bartoll, district or Marblehcad, Mais.; reap- JJ
ed. it
annus B. Phinney, district or Barnstable, Mais.; re nted.
nee Blood, district or Newbnryport, Mass.; roap- Jc
ion M. Terbell, district or Sag Harbor. N. Y. 11
ny M. Bromley, dtstrial of Genesee, N. Y., Tic# Jes. ~
mpbell; resigned. A
eopbllus Peugnet, district oT Cape Vincent, N. Y.
nry J. Ashmorc, district or Burlington, N. J.
onus 1) Winner, district or Great Egg Harbor, N. J.; j
[Minted ?
ipben WUllte, district or Little Bgg Harbor, N. J.; re- ?
toted. ^ . -
ioa Koddidk, district or l'orui Aroooy, j. .
litem B. Ho wen, district of Bridgetown, N. J.; reap- ?
?d. at
teph B. Baker, district of Phllalelpbla, Pa. m
an Brawler, dlatrlct of l*reaque Isle, Pa. re
ward 8. Bough, district of Alexandria, Ya ; reap
ad. J
rwln II. Stapp, district of Salvia, Texas; reappointed. ^
ritz Schoetller, district of Mllwaukle, Wis. d<
an Adair, district of Oregon, (A V. ; reappointed.
an Ryan, district of Halem and Beverly, Mass. -*
cholaa Brown, district of Nswburyport, Maas.; reap- i"
led. b
ambers MoKibben, district of Philadelphia, Pa.
oouel J. Anderson, district of Portland and Falmouth I
*. *
mos Nichols, port or Fast port, Maine,
slab H. Hadley, district of Portsmouth, N. H.
*nezer Dodgo, district of Salem and Beverly, Mass.
muel Porter, port of Beverly Mass.: reappointed. i
hn In gal Is, district of Marblehsal, Mass., [reappoint- n
illlam P. Dolliver, district of Glouce ter, Man.
mlel L. Willconib, port of Ipswich; reappointed.
illlamC. Barker, district of Providence, R. I.; reap i
ted. d
muel Maxwell, ports of Warren and Harrington, K. I.; a
laha Atkins, district of Newport, R 1 ; reappointed. 1
is Gray, port of Tirerton, R. 1.; r?appoinled. J
tward Ingraham, port of 8aybrook, Conn.; reap *
ted. "
arke Elliott, distri;t cf Midlle'.owo, Conn.; reap
ted. 1
kianuel B. lien, district of New York, N. Y. J
din Hamilton, Jr., district of Philadeiubia, Pa.
imeu A. Gibson, port of Pittsburg, Pa.
obert Edmonds, district of Carter's CreeltyVa.; reap- ,
alter N. Haldemun, district of Louisville,Jiy. I
snjamln L. Iiorsey. district of Alton, 111., vice John
b. J
series V. Hsgner, of Pa , appraiser general.
amuel Pleaeants, appraiser a*. Pbl'ulelphie, Pa. j
sorgo R. Berrell, appraiser at Pbilaleinbia, Pa. 1
rbuistirh op uaan omens
>hn O. Henniug, at Hudson, Wisconsin.
'm. E Keefer. at Ppringfleld, Illinois
isse Bradsn, at Charlton. Iowa, vice James Baker, re- j
. L. T. Blake, Tallahassee, Florida
eo. L. Curry, Oragon Clty,0. f., vice R. Wilcox, reed.
W Whitfield, Kicknpco, Kansas Territory; reap- '
EKCEivBRR or rrsLic nova v.
. C. Heradon, at Springfield, Illinois.
scar A. Stevens, at MacklDac, klich gau i
aniel Woodson, at Kickapoo, Kansas Territory; respited.
Tinrinc i juri,
Before lion. Judge Tbonpaon.
vseph Hull killer vt. Wm.Dorr.?Th? parties are tieris.
Plantifl keeps a lager bier restaurant op town,
oh was entered at a late boar of tbe evening, a short
e ago. by defendant, wbo got into an altercation with
proprietor, and was forcibly ejected from the proml.
In about twenty minutes after lue defendant threw
arge brickbat through one of the windows of the sai,
which broke a show case and spread terrlOc en nation
among*', a large group of Hermans who were
etly quailing lager. Fortunately, no other damage reted
trom the mirsJe, and, ater repr.mtsdlug the dedant
for bis malicious conduct, the Giurt gave Judgnt
for plaint ill for $50.
Before Hon. Judge McCarthy.
i n 23.?Juste* Wilcoct m. Melton Wells.?ThH is an
ion lor damages for alleged stand*)' by tne defendant
ling the plaintiff a d? d tn.ef and a scoundrel, and also
.using bim with having rob he 1 his (drfooiaot's) nrothcr
?ano The deienco set up is thai. p'.amUl ma lo falae
ireMBtatlnna to aim n to the properly be poaaoaxed,
iich induced the de'endant to end use a note for hltn
$2,500; that plaintili lalJed, and made au assignment
the benefit of bis creditors, glrlng pre'ersao# to tne
elusion of defendant and his partner, that at the time
the endorsement of the note the pluiolill was Indebted
er $14,000, the total amount of h.? aiseis being not
ire than $4,COO. The da'ecdant a luru altering too
rds complained of, but subm'ts that under the clrcum.cres
they were lustihed. The Jury rendursd a rerdio
* plaintiff for $'J60.
tames Dalton, by JerenuuA I'slum, Kis r.'uarJtan, vs.
Sn //urii. ?Ttiis ? a dogged aad djgm.u'ai osse, wbicn
h led to more than one legal controvesy. The plain,
Jamea fialtoo, a lad, was bitten bf a djg bekmgirg to
s defendert his father, Jeremiah l>a.t , uh?*>i u jt'y
int into the prcrn'ree of Mr Herd, found the do? there
? ? l.aw.B^ K m ami an 1 u tllA.l IUA AH I
Illg Uk'iOr uru, M. X
ll. Hard look an an .an far fee page a.;*1n?t Italton the
ier, Hd brought tho cm? before jueti.' naaeobury, of
t Bixtb dtrtrict, who gave Mr. Hard atx out. damage*.
plaint.ll in thla anion aow hnnra his at: t lor damage*
r the bile of th?j dog, aud coote.i.tg that tne
unal a as vicious,' and bad Injured other persona,
e Court < barged that to entitle the plaintiff to recover
i mual prove lli-oe thing* Klrat, thai the defendant
u the owner or bar borer of tba d<y. aenind. that the
a waa vtdoui; and. third, that dot. infant rial notice,
tne plaintiff railed to prora e thar of iboae thing*, then
n uuieudanl wai entitled to the verdict o: tba Jury .n hia
7or. Tbe Court then laid down for the gc...lance of the
ry, tbe rule that should govern thetn in aeaoaalug da
igra, abould they think that tbe pla ntlff ? ae entitled to
lover. Tbe Jury rendered a verdict for plaintiff Tor Orty
aAhna ur "??? n?i A
perty. paying 'be balance la cub If rnuul*ed About
n<. acre# 'ramrutely Improved. aburdanre of every va
ly of lr.ill. all aeonunry buildings. a few m'ee trout the
y. ronwnnntraUoK wtth tt seven Uoio a d? v. It IV ' V- a im
rr revidesre of ta? praeeot owner, who*. i.'.aioeM at ere
ni re.pi.rna all Ida in. bare, In rilrr a*, aU ?r?n.l street.
lot rai.k-riw*t oi.auh rocit rtokv iiocrx wo. i
1 ASiartine plane. Twenty amlb a reel, b. iween tlgHk
A II In lb a van una reran aaay. Ayylv ti H. WOOD, M
end way.
1 at Astoria, L 1 . opposite glgatv-aii-li air v New Torn,
n lain lag naariy an acre of ground, beeu'.t'ulty to- aied aid
Id out, wlta a great abundance of all km.I? of fruit and or.mental
treea and tbruhbery. and a Large vegetable garden
ider ruMvatloe On me pmBlti a are a oimiortable dwel g
bouae, a good bam ana other oulhutanee, a well of eseeh
- ? ? a- *> ? ?i?m ..n two I. ahwava. and P'r
I* a i.o? upportnalty either for Inreetmcrl or apeoitlAi ion.
Ul t>e told ?o Tt?rv terma. Apply to W. U
IIA ARlSON, r2 I>ua?n str?el, N. T
fry Htilli >be town nt WtiK PNin*. e>n?'eimp of
ifbic o* *ff, neariJ )f? ir h fronl. * leal deep. With food
i' tulldlnae, r?r-l?r and plenty of frill, aud len anre? of
wm land. The aUoanon la h?%lihv *?i p'?ai?n< and lb*
ghiKjrlnf -i?'y eieallent *tl?n at> ''? nntah*.f
l > from Mtminswk depot, ?o Rentalmet, adj'dnlof tba
ftWwIUi rhurr! Price $4 Opft. Alfo ? pi* ? of four adrea,
Ijoisinc the aboee; bonne new and atem' the ai -a wi n all
e ??wv/ outbuildlnc*. I'rtee U.HO. l op pantetilara
Ire t,( TMaAt: t aRPRNTRR, 15 Kron' atreel, Raw
ork, or K P. lAwrence, on the premi-ea.
fOR NAI.R OR BX< HANOR-IW A" . frt OF i)K'
aire'd- load la W'ooonntn, wlthn two lie* < a pro-ni?nt
pninv on tba Wlee-mam rtrer. No to nn<n-.- a
lano weald be tabea la part Addraaa W. I"., tirrald office.
* nlabad A bcen'ilnl ?<> >rn bull r"*r eaar m?
'alar, at Ntamford. (Vieoacil. <it: bia ihlrtc. n ruin lira on
w beat flnor: banderon# Rrmrode. pVntynf bad.'and frnll
<e* and good garden, all la complete "-d?r. oaoi? lleta
?-ne??i n Inquire of B. KNOWL.TOR, M I'or.Undt alraa'.,
r DAVID L. NO>FIKLD, at tba Railroad depot. SLaaaiord.
.1 rt'la, located at Tonkera, on the haiika of tba llidaon,
ouaa emitalna Raa. hot and on Id water, forrvae, nitride
ii.mielr In ererr room two acrra of 'and a namua f voai
el f ergreen iraea nulla bridge#. oinim r h "i??? freen
ooaa, arhora, Rp.. one boor a rid# from ih* city care or
try mora, nearly arery ball hour. Th? bona# la nawly and
onplataly furniahed, and will ba enid If deair?d. Tba pla5#
iart or?r *90,08*, hnt Will ba eold for aim) ! *. Addraaa
lural llome, Herald office,.
l?KMr>tN< * AT FLUSHING FOR si Naaia *?>
IV win" A ra;'*r|o.|? botiAA, with all -n> "u'raom, ?.nW
Mr fir family, hoardtnic hona*. m?d-*J larlmto or ana
l? my. ku a larra yard, imtO'iUdlnf* >ii 1 ?*?d-n, an I omrolit
til to railroad. WR. K PR1NUR.
Fi.r*mN?, Juy IK. _______
RxF* kWWt, with all lb* niprti<rB?nta'
for pariA-nlar* apply to T. MTU T VRA a I* f, li Dcnlr* ate"!'
ou'.h (Ida, for Mir < heap, bctwwmi fila itA nod Ninth A?WMM.lwn
Into, wlib ccdtotc and barn, un -hltorhtmd and
t rm? PAiy It. (tilro I?f M I.A RUR, or, a'ore, 304 Canal
I'rent. near llroadway, or of J. F. Chain icr'aln, 413 Rlfhlli
TT oranbnrbaof N-w York, with p?r tab ?>l ** r*
aiadt r la nrat flaw tire, m'lrtjtag* rallr >? ) and towa Honda.
Ad.tr***. with |t Mile n torn, to Sr. * , fw i a, bot 1,470.
fc'J 7nn 1 "*vB Two nfif rnvMR cottaor
IT C- I " " hon**a in Brooklyn thr" v ? from MyrtI*
ivenn*, all 'omplet* for onrapMMy. 101* lmitAi ftooara
ICiiVi Well fiol?h*d and painted with blind* <'Mrt 94,4*1.
? ill 93.400 *n I ?o AA .1 a hall year*. and 'akath* ba'ine*
In any kind of marktdabl* K?oda Addreaa his day. Jnie*,
II era Id nflea.
RnglWih haunch of mnttoa.
All In Una condition for dinner to morrow
RirilARHRON A II AtlKR, 131 Water and M Wall atrrctr
Vor *ale In *mall piati'ldaa-Fn*!l*h baron, ham*. (TheIri?r
and Stilton cheaae, Sptuiwh onion* Alan, wo hare riter
vnd dlrm from Ragland waa? *?ry tin* 1 - tadina, wklaky
port aad tbarry w nea.
L othara boarding la town during Uia luamsr mxiiuu. - C
irge alryrooaaa wlta bath, fas, eloaeta; full board iu l every F(
entlon, at the Blaaeard llouae, Broadway And Twelfth Br
eat. forma low. pli
L tj third atreei, near ruth avenue, would Uka to let, J
th board, una or two vary rcool rooina lor the aum- ad
r. Aii
A gentleman And wife or two alngte gentlemen with full J
ard, In A prtvAta family. Boom ta prettily furniahed, with ?
a and clone!. Location convenient u> tha rteooad, rblrd a i
d Fourth Avanun oata. Tarma 910 00 per week. Apply ra
It Fifth ttreet, near Second avenue. fr<
- ru
L room*, handaomely furnlahed, with btcira. Apply at bv
Baal Eighteenth aUraai, three doora from Broadway; have Da
it few boarderA and family email. Terma quite low. au
, ? All
L to a lady or gentleman. Rent $0 a m hi Lb. Inquire at f
J Prince atreei.
L Fourth alreet. ne. r Broadway, to a lady and gentleman. ?i
tth board lor the lady only. Addreaa Mra. O. B., Broadway _
latcfllcw. Rcferencea ex hanged. ,
L bouae In an airy location, In the vicinity ol Twelfth atreei p
id Fifth avenue, would accommodate two or three gentle- a,
en with large room* and partial board. The beat ol refence
required Addreaa 0. D., box 110 Herald olhoe. -?
""ill. > lUaaant ixwtm in I Kaa tialorkln trkli utfi e\f (four- ?
cn'h slrert, between Fifth mil hlxtli avenues. Terms mo Jtrale.
Address D. 8. A., Broadway Post office. I
1 back parlor to let, with board, to two or three gentlemen, p
- a geui lemsn and wife. <1 a*, pantries ami tire place, una of r,
ilh. Term* very moderate, apply at 118 Obailton street, _
el ween Greenwich ami Wsskiuguio. <
3L sud wife can And pleaaant unlurnlahed rooms, .villi ?
tiard. In one of the mm delightful eltueUoaf In Htoolciyn. j
louee haa gas, balk, Ao. Termi moderate. Apply at 77 '
union street. ,
a. whole of the second lloor, with all the molern eonce G]
lem.es, to let, together or separate, with or without partial
osrd, to a family or gentlemen; the family In small, have no g
oarders or ehlldren. Apply at AS Banka street. ^
a. street, corner of Lalght, opposite Ht. John's park, very 0
ettghtful rooms, with board for families and single gentle
lea. Terms reasonable. a
Board.?a family, or two or thrvb orntlr- '
men, can have nicely furnished rooms and board, ,
rlLh a private family, or rooms and attendance. In a most de. j
lraole location at bS Lexington avenue. References re- >
aired. Terms moderate. I
ly can accommodate one or two gentlemen with room {
ind board. French lemons given. Apply at 'AM Micas street, h
tetween Harrison and Degraw. I
Board in Brooklyn -furnihued rooms, con (
stating of parlor and two bedrooms, with or without |
toard, in a Urst class bouse, eonvenieat to the ferries, ami t
lettable for a party of gentlemen or a gentleman and wife. 1
Apply at 1U3 Amity street. i
Board wantrd.?a ubntlrman, of qoirr and a
social bsbtie. desires board with a widow lady ikngllsh |
irtferred.) Addreas, stating whooonyirtse family, terms Ac., f
!1 II. ?., Union square Post office. References exchanged. ,
Board wantrd.-a lady wihhks auomforta. j
bly furnished room, with board lor herself, sear Broad - t
way. Terms not to exceed $4 a private family preferred
Reference given. Address Mre Janes, Broadway Post office, {
Board wartrd-for a lady and orntlkman !
(with board for the lady only > in a quiet family, wnere ,
here are no other boarders. Httuatlon must be pleasant.
Dear Broadway, between Ponrtb ana Thirty fourth streets.
Address D. l., Union square Poet office. I
Board wantkd-by a orntlrman with a !
tmatl private family or widow lady, where there are
do other boarders, w a retired pert of the city, between
Blreeker and Fourteenth streets, west References given
and payment In advance if suited. Address R. B., Union |
square Post office.
Boardino.-no. 211 kart trnth 8trkkt.-uandsome'y
furnished rooms for families and single gentlemen.
Dinner at atx o'cluek. The hyuse la In a very pleasant
locality, and eontalns every comfort aud convent-snce
that boarders can wtal.
urauy occupy tnjc % lint cinae Drown stone frost aoiinr.
A tingle gen'lrman can be accommodated ?rilb a pieaaant
r?um. a nit of room a for a Irn'itinu ad. I wife. Kefcr
encea exchanged. Apply at VJtJoratemou a tree i
Brooklyn hbiohtr.?families or dturra deairing
accommodation* may olilato Ike ami' at No. H2
Krmaen atreet. K (Out* on lir*t aud aec tad liojn la-ge and
liandaomely furnlrbed. al*o a pleaaant room uw liurd alo.-y.
Dinner at alx. Be teranoea exchanged.
J kept W|tkc nuropaan plan, for the anoommodatNn of
boifc gentleman and ladjei. Meald rent to mini wb?* debited
Prion p?r day, 25 to AJ cent*; per weak- from $1 60 la
86. Gentleman and wife, >1 par day.
' partial board. The bouae e lit* all thn n-.olr.rn tutpr<
ramrnla. No. 387 Fourth *tre- i. between Bowery aui
partial board, la a pb-iaeaat loeniion Mo. "V FourA am
one; only one aquare from Broadway, between Tenth and
Jtlorrmh sireeta, with all modern uaproremenla. Relervnw*
F Clinton place, aoer Broadway, to let. wiLboat board.
|M, warm, cold aad tborer balk*.
F Arat claia bouae, to gentlemen end their wire* or to tie*!*
grntlemen. Apply at 42D fourth atreel, between Bowery
aad round aittue.
a clran. comfortable nun lor Iron 81 Uj 52 2j per week,
or f rem 26 c- nt* to 87 cent* par night. at the Globe lintel,
corner ol W ill! am an d Frankfort atreetd. New York * Open
all nigbl.
Alao, room* for aingle g'Dt emnn, wttb or witnon'. board,
at MUrten atreet, near I utnton place. Oaa, bath. Ae. ReIn
race giran and required.
without board, In a aery deairable loeatton one block
fr< m Broadway n>*?r Union si'iare. Apply at Mu. IU Heila >n
place, bet wit n Kighth street and Warrriy place.
furnished anting room ao<t bedroom adjoining with prl
rate breihfaat, between t. n'Ji and Twentieth atrveta and
Uiondway and Htith atrnie. Atdrens box 311 Foal office.
0 enmaaodaled wttb boar* la a omall private family, where
the comfort* oi a borne and good sou let/ can be obtained.
1 be bo'iae la beautifully allu .ted wttAJn a few minatea' walk
of the Fonlh ano Wall street lerr.ea. be can a'ao bare the
use of a small parlor If desirable. Reference re<i tired. Addreaa
Varitee, Mcrnld oElre.
at ISA ail/sbetli Street, first door above Hrmme. 11da la
a new house, just built, rooms eool and pleasant. To a genlieman
of ales I. business hat es a - lb :r .n
bom furnlereri, win be let lor 11 an per week. Alao a roots
and bedroom l<-r a man and wife.
a lady and gentleman with meals served In private;
al'uatlon aol above Fifteenth street nor below Fourth, aed ~e
iwrea Third and Fifth avvnue?. Frier moderate. Reference
given and required. Address M. <1., ;? l,e?ngtoi avenue.
ant furoiabedronma, wlthr it meals, for gentlemen only,
o?a be bad by applying at the above number.
be areontmodatrd with board an I large airy room a, at a
fair rcmpenaailon, la h house ci vmihgiy aitua ?d. Ten
mln iitea walb from YanderhUt'a landing, h. 1 pleasant
country aoeeseitles House cahed lllr-bwood tlotinge. on
Maple aveaut. ser >nd bouse on the Irft lmm New York avaaoe
Addrem .1, A. Harlow, I itfton, A I.
0" ' to let. well furnished, arparate or logaiber, with or wttb
out board; by pteferwuee Without board, teema low. Apply
aa abote.
I A* It f-imlnh-o t nnf irnUhad ailubln for fnniSat or
fnr ainift prraoaa, at Uw*i>o*i VaKlijainamnr Innate to; nr
few rrtpaddabl* mm will dad food board, fartiia rnulrrala,
?wantbd, a loan op thir anoort, nr
?Pl\?X/. a m?p"n*Ma party, 'T>ll * ?? a m >ru'w? n a
.?n*ii) fc. i . (in d f rniinrr. *nd pay enah in an in lotho.
i.r i? Imn ibnrmf. <?r will giro full nr partial^ ><i*rd and a anal
forval in bowia. addraaa .1. ? H , boa Mu liarald ofllcn.
T*)l Krnadaray TV ?o?t dvatrabln and ranlral man (too
II IV a?T, hntrm la tba lanp-dUi.- rtmnit* rr aU lh? Ural mui
b.?r'? Prraaroml and Iraaaient baardara accMmmnUlaa.
Mania aaraad m DPWI If daairoA.
IIHf.l.iM) or TI RA KXPHBftM -Til* NIX
H fir Havana will h? inrwardnd on Wadnnad u , J .inn *1.
p. r I 'll T laabat. 1 rr a il mnal | Mil I r> '1 ? na, nr n
rantrd with la rote r, hrf.ira twalaa oVlnnk on lha day of aniltag.
coltacHona ndi ta all part* of fha lalaod. UrafW at
aigkt for aala In ana* to auli RfRI.LN, F a Hon A CO , Aj'ta.
TKT KlJJt, ftAR'JO A 00 . H
lap nal, ?k?i imi
No. PI B?ninw?r, Raw Tnaa
CATLFORRlA RX I'HWH irarra n? iV lib and >>h of aark
oath. IMiJXMl 01 UA RXFRi.tW laaraa (if all itw rdgi.lAf
iram- r?. any 3d, I Ah. 17th and J7th of nvh aaontn. On Ira
k... in n all Liir'i ol iha and umnasl rr i na
l>rafla at light m ? lMtOMftoa Havana. " "
- .''Auroawu.ooi.uaotio??
?mr Ma Pmnrlarn hnnw (Itm napmlal attention Sn roll *a
Uoo.o?aH primal ool.u. la Ontth.rala UdnJIiMB w a
KTTSiS22?L 7?~?PU""n *Bd atkuu ami*
for l.>lif ggi?or ma tranamit thnr I'll. of ?lm
i^-V ^."T ?"* h*T* 'nroM-og paM f* on tbr a-rl
U?- lirr flMkmr* full b??<| of
?# rui?f* ??W Prnparrd to roeatvft tbn nl.t of tV Mum
or Oalirornla, traaaport tha umt ui Hwroarii'i >;tt? ami ,,-a
ear* raw on-a. Iiumr w* -lib lb* aot of tbo * hof %pr>l
INjf.aM nanrn lha wuna 10 tbM "Up. Hotda for teha.im
rtjnnM ba prraonMM one*, aa tbo ttfao la umltM, an" an
tJUj" M Tift*" *' HUU* ?' '*JUjrmi4 tor '?>?<
. o?nrwL
PJ2Tw*.""?...? fJHmmlrmf.
1-hTladainian ' Ooort a , 00,
H* toil ' 20, t>raiaiu at.
Boltimom *0. 77 floii'fc v
"an Franalann t v>mr r Monlcnmrrr and Oalilnrn I a Mf
*?*!?? AJVLl TimAK O.
CA2L\ "AV* riL'- TWKirrv PER
rani by for.-haaing at mf rm*>>l>bm?nt an 5 ham a ...
lerilon from a abvh rf nrar a million Marina 1 .mwi< .nil
< rrman aafara K. K -. aab adcanoo. mada
o. chum, 17 W road may.
S?i?amit rrdam i- moonoo two am ron iTu rn
| pay atraaona. aa I want lo elnar ihmn out. I ? B .1;
uwm at II p-r bntr H p.r tboo.an 1 Alw" ?> ??Tr?oi3
' XiSLZSJZV***' " 11 P"r, 501 or *U P"*
Adramaa ma la. a I MOB* W7 Broad o ay.
. BY I'MMaOKW WlHHlNO i*?cntav HOARD, can rb
l ?<x'ommn(l?hd with tb? name by applying to jacob r.
>rm an, ob Ike road leallng from flog mo* to Pine'b
tdge, rery near tke Qroum Uk? Tb? ?tm?Uon la rery
raaant and Iwllhj Tartu* to ?uu.
rnlly of four or aeren peraona. furnltbad or uafarnlabparlora
and brdrooaaa, with All mod urn improremeata;
to, aavara1 pleaaaat rooma for aiagJa *rnu?m?o. Aldreaa
to, ho i 3.211 Pott oBce, B. T. Tenaa nvuli-.r^tr.
I superior rait of rooma aad a aaiall nonage, miittble for
party of genilrmnn, wtUi board, at Woodlan 1 l'?i, ta*e '.hn
Idenne of blekaoa W Ku*l<l, Raq , 49 mlnutaa by railroad
im Chambers atraet The spaeioue, elegant mansion. aurundid
bv .'IU sores of highly picturrtque grounds, 1* 1-bgtatlly
allnalcd on the hanka of tba hadaoo. commanding a
antlfnl new of tho rlrer. Kirnll.-nl bathlag. boating and
king * Ymtnodlou* ataole, An. TKn oara, steamboat ao<l
mi* within threo minute* walk of iho house. Apply at or
Idrem Woodland Park, lilat aural, i armaaartUa.
> no small nhlldrnn, in a rnapmlalile farm houaa. a abort
stance ft om the nlty. Terms mot', be modcrata. Adders#,
raonally, or by letter, stating full paitcti am, tfrm. Cable,
mail ion House, oornsr of tlroadway and Weal Twentynit
lb street.
J rallleartea At Port Lee, a quarter of a m 1- from the land
iK. where boats are running evsry hour fiom 7 A. M. to?
. M to New York. Inquire of M. O. LANK, No. 76 Fourth
recur, corner of Tenlk etreet.
3 airy room*, eulteble far families, ean be secured, on
umedlale application, In the large farm mtnaion of the subirtbsr,
near (lien Hove. Aildress Charles Underbill, Ulrs
J taken in a private famtlr, to lake twe meal* a day and
idglng. or eutlre board for others applying. Terms modetie.
Address S. B. H , New Kochelle.
J on Htaten Inland, within Are minutes walk of Vaoderllt
landing, cau accommodate ope or ten maple (emlemea
lib par Hal hoard. References exjhanged. Address R., bjx
4b7 l'oet oilioe.
J ean be obtained for the season by nailing at tba reatnnre
ol B Y. Brooke. Heesman avenue, n tr the Institute,
is third of n mile trom the depot. Tarrytown.
J ooun'.ry for a small family, convenient to the city. A
rtvsie fnmtly preferred, with no other boarder*. The h?%t
f references given snd required. Address box 4.11211 l'oet
J bouse ralied the Highland cottage, situated half a mils
ram Ooruwall Imndlug, In a fine, neallhy location aoo flao
lew of the Hudson river, and of easy access l>y tno i"aaer
'bomas Powell. For further particulars address Wm. F.
Ilxon. Cornwall, Orange county, NY, or lnquxe of Smith
'aucher, 26 Water street. New Tort.
J preferred, for three laolea and one ll'tle boy In a farm
oust or a hotel, for three or fonrmontbe, termenot to ercee<l
112 per week. Address Mrs Clarke, 696 Broadway.
U liouse, near the village of Morrleiowu. N. J The place
situated on blgh ground, well shaded and plenty of fruit,
'erms moderate Apply at 128 Ninth avenue, or 469 Eighth
ivmne, corner of Thirty tilth street.
In a delightfully situated bouse In Astoria, being 100
e?t above the river end llnely (haded grounds would olfer a
lUltcf parlors, opening on a larae plaza, together or aepa ?!?.
l hbi la a rare opportunity lor a party wishing a cheerK.l
?el - Wlea liAmA fnp lKas a?IIAn R*t?TAQfiAl rtla til*ed.
Addreea Iownsend, hoi 862 Poet offlce.
boy.?Two families or ail or eight alngle pern ins, 0*0
jave two mill* of room*. eeoeted by the regular ou-inpunie
luring the school vacation (.Inly St 10 Kept 26>. Refercnee,
Marcus Spring, 146 Broadway
guod board, may b?t had iu a private house, near second
landing Inquire at 61 Broad street. In the (tore.
from town, three furniibed room* ao<l kitchen tor a
gentleman wife and (errant, or would boar l a'a feu or
h here no other hoarders are taken; near the water preferred.
Address P. U. A., Herald ofll ?.
Union square Post oAce. she will Dad a note to her advantage.
left by a certain Anton or Otko Prh drtcka. a native
of Hagrnsu, Alsace, Fraaoe, who aerred In the French tray
under Napoleon I., and ts aald to hare emigrated to the
Hatted Statea In 1M4. and who la supnoaad to have resided la
Virginia and died ta Baltimore In (letober, IRS7, lea ring a
very largt estate. A suitable compensation will be paid to
ant one who ear gt*e reliable Information la rtlaUoa to -he
said natal* and the present owner of It.
KOBT LKUR, 31 (legman street, Raltlmore, MdL
Any Information eoecerntng her will he thaakfully received.
by addressing E 1). Clark, tierald offlce.
ver'.laed In the Pittsburg Despatch for Mr< .lane Wane or
Lrr mother. Mrs. Ogormen, can hear direct from 'he? by
writing to No. >3 Market itrtet, I'luebujg.
Louaville. Ky , was on board the PeausylTsnta at the
tWne of the eiploeton, Ibe 1Mb Inat. lti( frtendn are anile in
to ohtsla any informative noncerntng his fate. He w*u about
fueled, ai> lodes t'gn (oil hull', 4*?k enmpleiloa and
wore a m>uuiache. Ills Irtrnd* would feel grateful if any
ore would 00mnunb-aie aught of him Ad-l-esa H. Barnard,
21 Third areour. Ia>al*vilJe papers please copy.
Mr ai.ixandrr rurkell, arrived the nth,
last trom Oosta Rica, by ttie aisamshlp Fhdaddpkla
from liayana, will oblige iha undrralsnrd ay calling at IS!
(iraod street, ouraar ol Rim, Ita.ua grocery, for imoortaet
refer*ace. F. (I. M'JLPINO.
7th ward rk-iui.akh ativ.nr> prntrrcat,ly at
thn PotowIi Ward Hotnl 17S Mod i too ?r?m. mi Mmtday
even log, .luno 2b, IM6H. ?t 7H o'clock, for p*j meit of d ica.
rvk lUiK.
eoffm aad cake aal x n No 17 Np.-u?e otrcoi. llu > (ood
day Aii 1 night trndr, haa An advanugo oror o?luir pla'ca of
li? kind. no m mi-j la rojiilrei for r^nt <J?od re anon for
idling Price till*. Apply to 11. W. URKK.?K, llMpr.cn
street. M. T.
wboie of a *oda watar tarniry. having ma old ao J wall
raiAblUhed bitaiu?*s, poo l Am! reliable dialotuvr*. For information
mill at AH liow?ry .1. NRT
city; bualoeaa lecr'aoing The proprietor *l?h?r to
fell. hiving other occupation which wlU mploy all Ida lima.
iD'inlre of Mr J. IIOt.MNU, Monrrr.utfi Hotel, comet of
Barclay Aid VhIMnii
ijiarot ptorr por hai.r?with hto< * pun rixr
Infer, will be onld tery low for cA?h, In <onea., i tact of
111 health. Apply At 41V Uiidfon street, Now York.
For ram ?rriRAP. a* oi.iy R?tT4Rt.rRBRl?
batcher's aBop, doing a pood t outness, with tlrtu-ne, la a
holiness partrftAoeUy laouirenf H. w Pin; K, eoraor
of Ntalh avenue and Twenty fourth atroot, from # to A
F Mia boon rarertly renovated Aad newly lilted up. And la
d0to| a pool bnatnrM. It ia attainted la non of IM boat locnMana
la lae any for bnalneaaaml iBo comfort of peseta. tiwtng
to 111 health trie proprietor la obliged to acll, and wo tid dlabam
ft it At a bargain If add Had for anna. Por f art bar par
(tauter* apply ai~tha ortiaa of lk? koAal, M Whitehall terra l,
nomar offoulh, ip ataira.
rR SALE?f>NK or THE MOST VaU'AUT R REMlauraat,
wi'.h har, down town. <h*n* ? larr? DiMnraa
In nippl/tog r i*i..m r* wttk bnttlra and i-mjohna. Moat od
nbl in e(o?? an ratal*; bat llUIr annoy WMKil If kk i.-td.
lo'j'lir* u! M Waal Klf btornih term
F^hor sale-onr or the bent bar and lurch
raoma in ik* city of Brooklyn. on tb* principal 'boroughfar*,
no* uon* * Rpo-1 buainaaa, an I ?nlJ ?ul? In >-* * Vianr*
of th< o*n?r hartng another ptecr whi-a <t**ul|
hi* ?bol* auroUoa. Incurs ot I'Klli A OOl.f, ]ij F.ilujo
Mai, Brooklyn.
u*or sat r-a first ci.aw rORTRR house in THE
I* Fourth ward, four doom from Sooth aimai, n?*r uh?
firry Apply at HE Ifaldra Ian* No agrnta nrod apply.
Fm or salb-thr fixtures or a ootftfomocs
building do*n io?a auilabln for ab'al. ntini*
room w*h adapted for cmri or hall* ' i-b ahatf
throughout I'c nmaloa |ir?a immadiataly. apt.y at 74
ijIOR hale-tiir maohin1rt, htram enuinr, a",
r of a apooo and lork <rf In Brooklyn ha* two
roarauiruo Krrlt.w Would make a aplm ltd naa-thtoo
hop Apply i I H IlkNTX A CO.. A Hadomr atriot.
frol< aund Id una o' tha . rle ipal tcrrloa, doing a ?o-l
raak buau rea. long and wail aatabiiahrd by th? pmooai .> ?rr
Rant nominal. Apply to T UAFFItRT, No in noir*
atroai. up pom a lb# Cl'y llad.
Ihd boat toeaUona on If roadway Tha *<>.*. bar. fittarca
and tbrea i??rf laaaa f .r at a bargain. For partir'
lara aldr-M .1. ii. J . f or J *71 Foat ortira.
ctram tari.r. a stka* t a BLR. labor size,
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KriMwu, tvnr Fifty fourth atreet, from to 8 A. M. and
I to 8 F *
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a r-anonatble and enrrpetlc maa for partner. Apply,
by lat'cr, u?T. K. W, gnadaiy I'.mt offlan, B. T. _____
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bnainaaa, the proprietor betnp obliged to learn thn city. Ad drenn
A. H. C , llarald oiioe.
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Han ha moony aehad for the whole. For furtbnr partkoiinra
addrean 1 homaaTonnp 10'Irani atreet., Albany, B. T
Bew Tort-^Baopenad. ebtgnnl'y Airnt'nad, wiUi
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permao-ct board at lownr rata*. Pnlilte patronage eapectfalll
an Hotted by U>? now management

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