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Balling of thr Frigate Sabine and Coramlo
frtonrr Rnwlln?Llrt of OBIccrd Attached to
the expedition.
The United .States frigate Sabine took her departure on
Saturday morning at ten o'clock from her moorings in
the North river, and was towod down to the lower bay
by the steaming Huntress, when, the wind being very
light and dead ahead, she camo to anchor off the South
weet Spit for the night.
The Huntress took off from the barge office at the Bat
tery to the skip a very private and distinguished party
?f ladies and gentlemen, among whom wore Mrs. J ad go
Bowtln and her friendr, Hon. Mr. Bcddingcr, ex Miniate'
to Spain, and other dignitaries, who accompanied the Sa
bine down the buy to h<T anchorage ground.
As the frigate paused the Quarantine ground she was
saluted by the artillery of the military encampment,
which wan returned by the frigate with thirteen guns, and
with colors flying, and the baud playing a spirited nations
air, she proceeded down the bay in gallant style in charge
?f Mr. John Roberts, pilot. The company was delighted
by the exercise of the crew In trimming the yards, and oc
tar onally setting the after sails of the ship when required
by fee pilot, which gave full and satisfactory assurance of
bow things would ho done when, with three topsails
sheeted home, she should bo made to "heel it"
by the breeze. She has a flno picked crew
?f young able sailors, among whom was seen
occasionally, however, a regular old fushioned salt of
fee "Jack Bunsby" school. It is remarkable that
Mtls ship goes to sea without any midshipmen, who are
ahrays considered the safety guard of a vessel at sea.
This is the fault, we believe, of the regulations of the ser
vice hmi ing the number of midshipmen, which should bo
remedied at once. What few midshipmen we have are at
fee naval school, or on foreign stations, but the number
m entirely too small for the efficiency of the service.
At three o'clock the company sot down to a magnificent
dinner, at which Oommodoro Shubrick presided, and
Chptain Adams did the honors of tbo foot of the table.
Ibe dinner was really a splendid display, and did honor
and credit to the culinary department of the ship, which
was a sufficient evidence that the officers intend to "livo
as they ought to live" during the voyage, whether they
"die clever fellows'' in the l'arona river or not. The
band played some most inspiring airs during the dinner,
and wine, wit and sentiment fiowed freely. Among the
good things that were said, on American officer, who had
tetely been employed in i'oieigu service, remarked
to Commodore Shubrick tbui " we sailors all knew what
a running bowline (a knot like a slipnoosc) whs, and ho
bod only to say to the landsmen present, that howsoever
often the necessity for their use might be demanded on
board, yet he would guarantee, if the result of the expe
dition came to a fight on shore, there would be found no
running Bow.ins on land." A filibuster drank a toast to
fee gallant officers present and tbo noble ship Sabine, rc
toting that the ship was named by John Q. Ad.ims. after
fee river in Texas, which was then the dividing line be
tween the United States and Mexico, in the south; and
feat the frigate St. Tawrenco was named after the river
dividing the United States and Canada, in the north. He
hoped thai " the ship, like her namesake, might prove
Ibe settlement of the boundary lino of alt our difficulties
with Paragury,endiug with the annexation of the valley
?f tlx* I* PUtU "
On the whip coming to anchor the company depart*! on
hoard the steamer, and as she loft thn noble ship three
taarty cheers Mere given b> the gentlemen.
The rigging of the Sabine wan then manned by the crew,
who returned the cheers with loud horns, which made
even o!d N'optnne himai If raise hia head atiove the waters
ia the shape of a large whale, which came close to the
ship, spouting in tine style, aa if in response to our cheers,
and as an omen of the success of the expedition. Tho
monster was some forty feet in length, and frequently
showed himsch. A wag on board observed that It was
emioous that Lopez would either " cave in" or catch a
** whaling"?a prediction which is sure to bo vended.
The che. rs were responded to from the steamer and again
hy the crew of the sb'p, and handkerchiefs were wave 1
uulil tbe distance left but lint dim outline of the beautlfhi
?hip, nearly bull down on the borixon.
II was s clisrniiiig day, and tbe party returned in tbe
evening, delighted with the trip and tho pleasant eater
tainrr.cnt. which will serve to many hereafter as s mos:
daUghtful remtn.seeiioe.
Just at the moment of tho departure of the ttabino
Commissioner Bowtin received important despatches from
Washington, in tbe shape of additional Instructions (Tom
the. department of Mate.
I'mtiP Stats* Frhiatb Basinr, 1
At Bra,Oct. 17,1868.
Our gallant fr gale weighed anchor,as you will prob
ably have already noticed, yesterday morning at twelve
s'ckKk. Slowly, in obedience to the stroke of tbe Hun
tress, she turned her head in the direction of the Nar
row* and stood down the hay. In passing Quarantine the
Seventy first n gimenl saluted the Commodore's flag with
thi teen guns, to which the same number was returned by
the Nsh.ne.
Tbe excitement of hoisting the anchor sad getting under
way had quite subsided, when s man, affected by deli
cti m tremens, Jumped overboard, and as usual upon oc
casions ?i sceh surprise, gathered the crew around tho
mainmast The fellow was picked up by a schooner, and
wbru 11 taken by one of the officers of the ship, was found
m an attitude of prayer.
At bvr o'clock wo anchored off tbe Southwest Spit,
abuut a mile from the Susquehanna, which, with bouse.I
topmaris and a roiled appearance, looked shabby enough.
The fabbatb dawned cpun us with a sky beautifully
serrue and a temprraluro as mild as the sunny land to
which we arc bound, but the littlo wind remaining tons
bail g< nc aiound lo the southeast and left the vessel still
at anchor. It seemed. however, to relent towards mid
Say, and at half past twelve tbe Sabine's sails were spread
to the- wind for tbe first lime. We have now Just crossed
U>? bar, and tbe pilot is being discharged. Ail are well
and in good rpirlts, s fa r wind seta spun our quarter and
all thing* are propitious. For tbe present adieu. When
we sLati ba.l tbe waters of La I'lala, then
List ye landsmen?list to me.
Annexed is s list of the names of tbe offF-ers of the ves
sals rem posing the Paraguay expedition ?
nag officer?Wm H. Nhubrtok, commanding Rraxll
equaih oe and Paraguay expedition
< spts.ri?Henry A. Adsuis, commanding Sabine
t< rr.m. ii :er?Thns. J< ITi-rson Page, Captain or thA fleet
Cbmnwndor?I'ereivai l?rajton? ordnance officer
l.-euu-nsut*? M. Woodbuil, executive officer: Chas S.
McJ on. i gh, lion. P. Wclah, Wm. il. Murdaugh (flag), Wm.
?ttaoii, R. F. R lewis I,. H. Newman, W. r. Bot'aon.
) teet Burgeon?James M. tlrecne.
Purser?John F. Herts.
dam Murines Kot*?rt TansnHI.
rust l ent- nant or Marines?< 'has A. Henderson
N ror.d Ijci.tenant of Marines?Ttios R. Wilson.
Passe-1 Assistant Burgeon?Janes F. Hair won
Assistant Si i g* mi?J C. Hsrtolette.
t haplain, Rev?John Clarke.
(oSBBMWtore s fteeretary?Thus. Jefferson Pagr. Jr.
Cap>siu's Ch-rltc? L. M. Goldsborough, Jr., John Pago.
purser *s Ctrl k John M. Falk.
Rnstltwatti- 1-aoi Atkinson.
Gunner?Jumes M Casket.
Carpenter?tt in. i>. Jenkins.
.-a laakei?John Joules.
Master's Map s?Vaii ntine IT. Voorberse. Hani Duns
more, t lias W. Inwrr-nce, Juhn C. Robinson, Wm. U.
Racks, James F., Towers.
Captain?John Fan nee.
Urn tenant*?A. P. Stanford. P. C. Constable, J. W. Wtl
? Or>, Itnshiod W. Frohel
f urgetm?Angelo Tons!.
Parser's < ters, in i li*rgi>? Kdwnrd Willsrd.
Captain's t'lrrk?Vim eot p. Travi-rs.
thiet Fngineer?J. R. Prrburgh.
Assistants?Waiter feott. Chailas rt. Pale, J. * Webster.
Ami Met kef, Robert A. Habersham.
Orderly Pergonal?t.corgo W Koiibms.
Acting Boatswain?Joseph lorkman
Acting Conner?Tn?maa Pole.
Carpenter's Mate?Isaac. Main
Commander?P. II. Ridge ley.
Ijeulrnanl*?John I owes, J R. Egg I'"ton.
Passed Assistant Horgcon?John IfTBrnwa.
Asennd Assistant Engineers?1Thomas ?. Jones, Wm 8.
TTs-mpsot), snd KdwRrd R latch.
STF AMRIt M. W. ( ItArtN.
Ijiwitenant Commanding?Win Ronckendnrff
Ijrut iissts?Jstma F,. Joneti, Jolm Wiiln r-i, .1 W Pun
ntngton .
Acting MA?ter?A. P. CPwsman
Second Assist tut Fngtwecr?T n Fv<Wet.
Third Assistant FJi%.ueer??Oeorgu P Ijmng. P I,
in. k
Armament, one nine inch goa.
Commander?John B. Marchund.
lieutenants?Charles W. Hay*, Auguslua Fendergfft.
Assistant Burgeon?Fdwiu B. Dcnby.
Feeond Ass,slant Engineers?William Roberts, Geo. W.
Ri;ey, and Jackson Mclllweli.
Commander?John H. Mar<.hand.
I eutenants?Charles W. liayea, A. Pemlergaat, I). !.
1 uracr?C. C. Jackaon.
Assistant Burgeon?E. R. Denby.
Second Assistant Engineer? Wm. Roberts.
Third Assistant Frgineers?0 J. McKbmtll,TbOB. Cro uu,
George 11. Riley.
Armament, two ninn inch gun*.
Commander?Augustus L. Caes.
lieutenants?Wm. A. Webb, N. B. Vanzandt, Benry
Wilson, Ldwanl P. McCrea.
Passed Assistant Surgeon?Washington Sherman
Second Appistant Engineer?J. S. Albert.
Third Assistant Kngmeers?G. F. Kutz, Z. K. Rind, F. J.
Armament, two nine inch gone.
Commander?A. M. Peuuock.
Lieutenant.*?J. Wilkin.-oo, J. H. Rocho'.le, B. E. Hand,
James A. <>i eer,
Assistant Burgeon?John Vansant.
First Assistant Engineer?A. Ileraon.
Third Assistant Engineers?L. Campbell, D. 11. lackey
R. A. Cope land
Armament, two nine inch guns.
Commander?Thomas T. Hunter.
Lieutenants?T. S. Phelps, J. Young, A. E. Benham,
Charles H. Cushmati.
Purser?Jumes K. Harwood.
Second Assistant Engineer?M. P. Jordan.
Third Assistant Engineers?George J. Barry, M H. Plun
kett, Wilson K. Purse.
Armament, two nine inch guns.
lieutenant Commanding?John J. Almy.
Lieutenants?Miles K. Warrington, J. B. Stewart, Rob
ert Selden, M. C. Campbell.
Purser?R. H. Clark.
Passed Assistant Burgeon?B. O. Mayo.
First Assistant Engineer?Harmon Newell.
Second Assistant Engineer?.J. A. tirter.
Third Assistant Engineers?N. F. Burron, J. B. Houston,
J. Tie Kraft.
Armament, four nine incb guns.
Ijeufnant Commanding?Robert It. Pogrom.
Lieutenants?V. Barbot, D. A. Forrest, K. T. Npodden,
F. H. Bsker.
Passed Assistant Surgeon?Charles F. Faha.
First Assistant Engineer?N. C. Wheeler.
Second Assistant Engineer?R. N. McCleery
Third Aseiftaut Engineers?R. B. B. Wharton, B. E.
Chassain, C. A. Shipley.
Armament, one nine inch gun.
Commander?Kernel II. Kidgely.
Lieutenants?John Downes, George B. Bien, J. R. Egg le
st on. H. M Garland.
Passed Assistant Surgeon?J. If. Browne.
Second Assistant F.ugiueer?Thos. J. Jones.
Third Assistant Engineers?W S. Thompson,E. B. latch
W H. Glading.
Armament, two nine inch gune.
Commander?Thornton A. Jenkins.
Lieutenants?A. Bryau, Robert D. Miner, K. Randolph
Passed Assistant Surgeon?J. Y. Taylor.
Purser?Win. N. J. Kelley.
Second Lieutenant Mar.nee?H. L. Ingratiate.
Acting Boatswain?If P. Rmx,
Ailing Guuuei?Joseph Swift.
Carpenter?J. G. Myers.
Kailnmker?I'. C. Ihayton.
Armament, ten thirty two pounders and on* nino inch
Lieutenant Commanding?Fabius Stanly.
Lieutenant*?A. Read, Jolin KeU, I. I). Blake, J. H.
Purser?George W.CUrke.
I'un d Assistant Surg, on?P. J. Uorwitz.
Armament, tour guns.
lieutenant Commandiug?Win. A. Parker,
lieutenants?T. H. I illchrown, J. U. MaxwJ.
Midtbipiniui?G. 8. Perkins.
Armament, one gun
Tie* squadron at present on the coast of Braid consists
of the following vessel*, vis ?
Fag Officer?Frem h Forrest
CajitaiD?J B. Hull,
lieutenants?P. J. Murphy, J. n. Parker, II. C. Blake,
N. P. Bucknor, J. U. Walker. W. H. liana, L. C. Potter.
Feet Surgeon?^. Barrlngton
Passed Assistant Surgeon?George Peek.
Assistant Stmgcon? F. L. tialt.
Purser?-C W. Abbot.
<"ha|.Uir?M It. Talhot.
Major of Marine*?J. u. Reynolds.
Sccona Lieutenant Marines?A. W. Stark.
Mblshipofii? R L. Thy trail, R. R. Wailaoe, W. S>
Evans, W. 8. KhYTccfc.
Boatswain?Wm Smith.
Gunner?Asa Curtis
Carpenter?S. T. lalphton.
Pa: I maker?George Thomas.
Armament, nfty guns.
si-oop KAmopTH.
Commander?P. Farraud
Lei.L i.aMe?Edward W. Rogers, W W Polk)Ck,0. R.
Franklin, G? urge Krown. W A. Kirkland.
.surgeon?J. J Abernethjr.
Assistant Surgeon?W'. M. Page
FYcond lieutenant Marines?C. A nebb.
BoaUwam?E. II. Bell.
Gunner?F. Cunningham.
Carpenter?John Ftini|*on.
Sailmaker? John Wivbworth.
Armament, twenty guns.
I.ieeleiiant Commanding?K. L. Tllghman.
Ji?ut*uauta?W. T. Trustou, J. J. Oornwcll, & C.
Pa??ed A??U?t?rt Surgeon?N. B. Greenbow.
Midshipmen?T. K Porter. W N. Allen,
Armuntcni, six gun* aud ono nine uich.
Lieutenant Commanding?Fraucis R. Rensliaw,
Leutenaiiis?1Goo. A. Stevens, 8. 8. Barn tt.
Aiding Master?A. Hopkins
PsmuwI Assistant Surgeon?K Wyaham.
Armament, sis gun* aud one nine inch.
From the above it ap|iear? that the Brazil squadron and
the Paraguay fleet, which will be used, should necessity
require it, in the demonstration on Paraguay, coin
|ifIs*s seventeen vessels, tarrying In tlx aggregate
?ne hundred ami fifty thirty two pounders *i?d twenty five
i lne lin h guns, besid.w other armament for bombarding
forts, Ac. The number of men. besides oflloers, k> , ha*
not been definitely ascertained, hut will probably amount
tit aLjut two thousaud nine huudred.
Petition from Klrhmond County.
We bare received a copy of the following petition:?
To ten ruse,a Joirv A. Hivr. ?
The humble pctttii n of the citizens of Southtleld, Rich
m?nd county, d?th represent
That your petitioner* have seen wtth jealousy the favor
.bown by your Fjnelleney to the citizens of tbe town ot
Cavtleb.n, in stationing militia regiinenta among Th-m,
that your petitioners are credibly informed and do verily
believe that said regiments are a source of great fan to
said town of Caath ton and that the venders of lager l??ri
whiskey, brandy and schnapps, likowise the tailors, like,
wise the bootmakers, likewise the ilorb>r? and *|sdh*c*
ne? of said town, are greatly enriched by tbepreseneo of
said militia, aud consider their preseu,.- Ik M fcM
thing to tbe removal of the hontntals; that your petitioners
Ih g hi ussiire your F.trvllency that they are. in tbo Ian
gnagr of yonr I vcollency's proclamation. quit* as great
reprobates as the men of iMatlctnn. ami need military
watching quite at badly.
Whrr' fore your petitioners humbly pray that your R*
ceilency will order one or two regiment* of the ftato
militia to be quartered on the town of Bmithfleld without
mi J tORCH,
IfiCK YH- ?PHoRUff,
thm cJSkphehk,
And a thousand others
Pmlar petit; >ns are, wo understand, about to bo for
warded from Kirhniond and Westfleld.
Arrsnenwo Itgrign r.s or i.rvgsti l'*a ?Tnvvx* or
rws Hart sijo o? Vgvsai ma to twb Ai rttostriwt ?Tb"
Vrursuiran Commissioners who have been charged w.th
the duty of inviting General Pact hi returii L> his country
will wait on the citv authorities to day, to officially thank
them for the welcome given to that distinguished soldier
and rtatrsman when ho arrived amongst us. The pro
v isiooal governm. at of Veaeswela has directed that a 'Ik
expression ot it* gratitude ho presented Li the eiecntiv
and people at large of the United State*
Mar .a de los Angele* Mora, a lady well known to tbo
CRban residents of this city, died yesterday at her rssi
drnre No 1!4 East Thirteenth street, agetl eighty years
Iter husband lived to bis 110th year, ami I heir wedded
life evtended to over flftv years Madame Mora wa* from
11 .are. and her family is one of the most influential on
the Island tin the lut'h in*!., at 10 o'clock A. M , her re
ma ns *v 111 he taken from her lite residence to the Roman
Catholic Cathedral in I'ritire street, where the usual roil
clour reremnniee will be gotw through with, nud the b?*ty
deposited in a vault until such tlnie at ber frieuda can r*
move it to Cuba.
The Central Park-.Progress of the Work.
The last appropriation of 1300,000 for the work on tho
Central park havtog been exhausted, with the exception
of about $80,000, which, with Urn present force employed,
would not last tho Commissioners longer than Ult Decem
ber, an application or $300,000 more wan made at a recent
meeting of the Common Council, and tho Finance Coin
miUee of tho Beard of Aldermen, at their meeting on
Thursday, reported in favor of an additional n?uo to that
The number of workmen on the park has heon lately
increased, no that there ore employod now $,700 men.
The fate of the park is ueHuuung u progressive aspect, and
premises to afford some enjoyment to our citizens before
long. Already quite a number of carriages and eqncH
trains are daily to bo seen on the grounds. About four
miles of the drives are graded, and in pretty good order
for use. The promenade has so far approached completion
that in a very few woeks it will bo available. The first
huge shade tree, transplanted from near Sing Sing, arrived
on the park u few days ago, oud was planted yesterday,
at tho opening of the promenade. Out of the hundred One
elms required for this part of tho purk eighty have
already been selected in Westchester county, aiul will bo
transplanted as rapidly as possible. In addittou to the
proim-nude ami drives, several miles of meandering walk
radiating through the lower park aro already (Unshod and
gravelled. Tho construction o three bridges, according to
plans adopted by the Commissioners, have been commenc
ed. These bridges will bo very handsome structures. They
are designed for tho purposo of carrying tho drivos across
the rides at different points whore the naturul features of tho
ground Invito Buch constructions. They are of uarrow
spuu, being only twenty-five foot across, with au elevation
of cloven or twolvo feet. They will be built of solid ma
sonry, fronted with Nuva Scotia stono, of a dark drab
color, and red brick. Tho playground, fourteen aoren in
extent, near F.ighth avenue, is now as level as a billiard
table, and presents a very flue appearance; it is manured
and ready for sodding, and will moat probably ho sufll
ciently Arm and in condition to rcceivo bono bail and cricket
clubs next summer. Tho skating ground, which covers
nineteen a< res, is nearly ready for filling, llie daiu only
remaining to bo completed, and Mr. Oimstcad is of opinion
that it will be upon for skaters by Christmas, if wo haro
any frost before that time?a consummation devout y to
be wished. A large portion of grounds aro ready to re
ceive shrubs, several thousand of which w.li be at once
put in, reserving certain kinds for a more favorable sea
son. If tho Corporation docs not bestir itself the park
wii) be in an available condition before the approaches to
it are fit for use. At present there is not a good road to
it io any direction. Fifth and Kigbth avenues arc in a dis
grace fuI state. Fifty ninth street should bo made t. n
feet wider at leust. The streets entering tho park
from Fifth avenue should bo graded at once,
so as to enable visiters to enter it from
that approach. The contract for grading Fifth avenue
has been given out, and the Street Commissioner Simula
see that the work is commenced and pushed on w.th >ut
delay. We believe a contract for grading Kighlli avenue
has been taken long ago; but nothing has been done there.
If the contractor does not at once commence the work, it
Should ho given to some one else to do.
On visiting the Central Park on Thursday we were gra
titled to observe the substantial and mc-t important parts
of the work m so advanced a state. There is time euougli
for the ornamental portion; but if wo have the drives, pro
menades and some miles of walks ready for use by next
summer, It will be a great satisfaction to the public. Hut
there should bo more men employed. In a couple of
months from this lime a good portion of the work will have
to be suspended, owing to the frost, and the Commissioners
should make the most of the intervening time. Wo hope
they will use the money at their disposal to increase the
number of hands while the weather permits, and we hope
the Common Council will assist them.
The discipline on the park seems to be very perfect, tho
rules and regulations for all bands are strict, ami the
Architect-in-thief assures us tliat they are very sal * Car -
toriiy observer!. Orders are. to a great extent conveyer!
by means of bell and flag -amain trom the bell tower tot
Yu-tarock. Tie following extract from tho "Order' wu
convey aa idea of the system;?
The bell will bo topped Ave times five minutes before
roll call.
Tho bell will bo rung for roll call live minutes before
work time.
The bell will cease ring ng and the Corporation flag will
be displayed on lire fUgr-ialT at the oooimi-ucenieiit of work
Tbe flag will be alruck and the bell rung when work m
k? be gsgkshdsd.
TL? bell will bo ruug uoo minuto Mid llio flag mi for
returning work
The bell will he Upi?'d Ive time* Ave nuautee before
?topping woik fur the day.
Th> bell will be rung and the Cog hauled down at the
end of work Uun for the day.
J}i Kk.sm?The bell will b*> tolled for one minute,
?no Ml (he end of ? minute from the lime of commencing
to toll the bell, ? red (lux will he d -played a* a rinii.il to
CSMMkr e l>la>.tirg No fuse it to b- flied before the red
flag w lo he ?ee|i at the m.i-tlioad, Or after it leave* It.
lot i Warms* Sm.vai?A "cpuire blue (tax, wlclone un
der the Corporation flag (lo be looker! for in Im*I weather),
will -ignify "Oont nue work or qmt wot k, at Ihedi-cretam
of foremen(rllreet order* from (Jenerul Korcmcu will bo
at all tiStts regarded, whatever the signals.)
A bine |ientiard mean* "Oie ral Foremen will come to
the Seventy ninth street office after work time."
Two blue pi nnanui Sean, 'Foremen will assembls at
the Arsenal after qnittinff work "
The torporat'on Itax ?et under the blue pennant* mean*,
"All luinrt* a*?emt>k at the Ar*enai "
The t'nited Stale* flog nie.ii>*, "Holiday."
Signals ?et on a *econd and shorter mpsLifl are for tbe
polu e only.
The roll of each pang of workmen i* ended by the for -
men morning and evening. Tim subjoin, d la the ord>
for thi* part of tnc discipline ?
At the tar* of the hills in lorn work, tbe men, oar I*
?ml team* of eorb gang will eome into a line, carime.ii
and t< nm-ter* standing ea< h at ibe collar 01 h a Hrne.
At the flrtt stroke ol the hell fur roll call, the toreman ot
car L gang will begin to r.al> the roil, he will *und racing
i he men tic call*, and the aasiKtaut foremen will utand at
bis side; he will eall each name dMSMttf, and Sach man.
when his u*me I* called, will advance two Maps ami
inawer The aeaietalit fori man will look the man .u Ui
fate, and nay aloud, ' Right"'
Win n a name la railed and no man anawer*. the a*
? .Mam Will ripe.it the UBK, and aay aloud, " Aheciil"
No man i* to he ailow<-it lull time who is not p< vacnt in
tbe line when Irs name is called.
At Urn up* before quitting work, the assistant fori;
men will lake charge of Urn work and 'ring it tn a proper
flmsh, compo te the loading at carte or bariow* which a,e
partially loaded, and aetid Uo-m to the dump, rend bails
to the cheat, and arrange harrow* in line, bottom sp
Tlie foreman Will go In hi* tool rart or cb??t and receive
the tool* ?* i hey are **M fiom the work by tbe assistant
foreman When everything la arranged In proper order,
the men ami rart* present will fall into line, *a al*>v>>
directed. and, alter the hell ha* commenced ringing, tint
never before, the roll will be called deliberately. an In
tbe morning.
There ia a forre of twenty four policemen regularly
statoned In tbe park, who perform duty night and day,
and In addition (Virty foremen are sworn ia a* *|?'
rial policemen to awnst in any emergency. It
might be expected that where to large a number
of men are congregated on one work, im mniy
of whom are necennartly employed on reoommon latkm
of Aldermen, Couaellmen and other politician*, that some
influence* would tie brought lo tiear on the workmen, for
potttleal purpose*, particularly preceding an elect*>a K i
ttmr* to that effect having reached the Architect m Clef,
be caused a rircular to he printed, and ordered it In be
read by the foremen to the gangs once every mouth, tn
forming them that their dutie* Mid obligation* to the
park left them entirely free to act as they pteaaed in ad
other matter*, and warning them against doc opt. on.
" Kvery man," *?y* tlua circular, " ahouhl dtatiin ti)
understand that he ta employed *n|ely tn work on th><
park for his regular wage*, mid for no other considers
lion whatever. Nothing hut hi* labor, compliance w ill
the rnlea of the pnrk, and a civil behavior to ail rug is" d
on it, can be required or him It is entirely contrary to
the intention of employing men on the pnrk that any in
flurace of any sort should he brought to hear upon their
prd it leal opinions or action*. Officers ami fbrvasa 0*1 the
park Will, thi ttfofs, absta.n from talking with the m i
n|*in political topics, and ate distinctly forbidden to su 1.
uwlr rotes for any perron or m< asure, on any pr> t n< >?
whatever Men are trfgsM to inform the ArchK ?? i in
< luef if rhey are ever told lhat it is their duty to vol" on#
way or another tNMMMS they are emplnyed on the park
or that it ir aetv a*ary for them to vote one way or another
n order to be kept at work isi the park " This courae <f
Mr 01mstead is very itimmemlahle, and will serve to
leltsva tbe tVniral park "institution," to sotn ? ? itont,
fiem ?n*pieioii of being employed ft* |wrt-<>* p 1 eposes.
Rival Intelligence.
I rT-T* Tun ma Hi svn* Avshm aso I'aaAorAv ?The
I t ted Plates staresliip Reli are, Lieutenant Cotnm.it,ding
Wildnm A I'aekfV, Will sail tu a few days for Buenos
Ayri s ami Fsrnguii) A Mter bag will tie kept open it the
I < rei ki at the Navy Yard lor Un recept ou of leturs and
PnlU-e Infelltgr-iire.
Koine weeks ago the Deputy Superintendent of PoHce re
OSived information that thorn ousted in thin city or its tin
mediate neighborhood a den of expert and daruig counter
friters, where bogus money of all doscriptionH wan nwuiu
factored on an extensive scale. Immediate steps were
taken to ferret ont the. gang, and In the prosecution of the
took a number of experienced detectives worn employod
night and day. But little success attended the efforts of
the officers until within a few days pact, when fortunately
a couple of notorious counterfeiters were " spotted" (to
dm a professional phrase) and followed to their residenoo
at Mott Haven, Weutchester county. The police watched
the premises cloeely, and after duly rccounoitcriug tin
establishment they returned to Mew York fully convinced
that they hud discovered the whereabouts of the pang they
were in search of. On Friday owning Sergeant lefferlHuwl
officer McPouga! paid another visit to Mott Haven for ih :
purpose of watching the movcincuts of the suspecto
partiee. They found the house already referred to emp
ty, but secreting themselves in an adjoining dwelling
they patiently awaited the return of the occupants.
About 10 o'l lock two men entered the house, and soou
afterwards they were observed to retire for the night
The police then hastened to New York for assistance, an I
on arriving at the headquarters in Broomo street, a num
ber of other detectives we<-> <.c\ 'Icd to work up the
case. The jmsk proceed' I io Mott Haven without, d day,
arriving there about one o'clock in the morning. The house
wan immediately surrounded, and at a signal tiio rear
i.oor waB burst open, and three of the police entered the
house. In one of tlie upjier rooms they found two meu
named Leonard Bui ker,.alias James ( Watson, an I James
Jones, who wero promptly handcuffed and taken .nto ru
tody. The police then searched tho, premises, and in a
short whilo succeeded in linding about $12,000
worth of counterfeit "tens" on the Ogdensburg Bunk, .V.
Y., besides a number of other counterfeit bills, some diet,
plates, preBscs, chemicals and paper, URod for nank not.
purposes. In fart, they found a rompleto set of counter
felting apparatus and coutrivanccs for ch-uging the ric
numiuatiouii of genuine bills from onc-H to threes, Avon,
teus.ic. In a closet was found a copy of a hank nob
safeguard, describing the hills of every bank in the United
Slat en; abo a I land bonk containing a tucsimiUo of the ? g
natures of Hie pitnideuls and cashiers, of the various
banks in each Stale. A quantity of burned pup-r w is
found in one of lb grates, which on examination proved
to be the remains of u number of iui|wr(bct counterfoils,
which bail been committed to tho flames as worthless
Among other tilings seized by the police was a lot of
counterfeit Turkish mouey, which no doubt
formed a part of tbut discovered iu Dmmc
sin et last week. How those plaetro bills
came into tho possession of the prinoneis remain a mya
tery. <m being qot aitonsd relative to tbiH un-l other mat
ti r?, they refused to give any informal ion relating ther-10.
Y. stcrday the accus 1 were brought before Justice you. k
i nburh at the Jsfleraon Market Police Uourt, where after
undergoing a brief examination, they were committed to
prison for a further hearing. Tho arrest of tho prisoners
was a fortunate tiling fur storekeepers and otls-rr, for in
a few days the entire city would have been' tloodcJ with
the spurious money seized, it is thought that a ta, g?
amount of the counterfeit money in question w.ui tatonde ;
to be sent to Car.ada, for the purpose of being passed n|s>ii
the rsspcctive admirers of Moiissey and the liontcta Itoy,
?u the occasion of tie approaching prize tight. The hills
ls-nr oat" Mhh Ii, 1&6H, and purport to be u a new issue.
As a specimen of art the counterfeit exceeds anything of
the kind ever produced.
The following is a lac simile of this counterfeit:?
Will p?y ten dollmsou demand to lire bearer. 1U i
V isnctle ?Map plan*,
wharves and ware
Klesmer wd twobrlgi
ui lite diatauce.
Mo. 1,?M. OuuaassLSO, March 4, ISM. ^
C A Ui NBHAV, I'ssb r
Sa-E X
'Ihe general getting up (f the. bill M rseell. nt. Ho good
if the engraving ll>ul UN pvraenn nut ul ten would bu apt
to declare the bill a genuine one. The forgery ot tliu H gis
ler'* nam" M welt done. TU' paper in uot so Aae uk tuat
generally used lor baukuig |W|nKi>, but ncvorthcleas it
would '?? apt to <!e? ?-lvo moot person*. It is of a iight p.uk
color aud of the ordinary tlii< kness The ?'|Bitki is very
(nelly. It rcp'raeiila * scene at Ogdoidbwrg, ??aaily ru
ng nixed by cny person inpia.nU .1 with li>al city.
Counterfeit 130 Jill* on (lie People* Hank "f this ? ity
were put in circulation on Saturday night, w th pretty
tolerable success. The police became aware of Uiv exist
eoce of Ui? gang in gtod Pine, or nlw much injury Might
have, been done storekeeper*. The Fourteenth precinct ?
police arrested a man named James Pumii-wm on th ?
< ba go of atu rapi uf In p*a* ouo of the ? owatarfbttb at ita*
?tore of Wise ft Co., No M Bowery. Char Ma A. dtod
wick, a too man aegar maker, aged 33 yearn, wa* arrested
by lh" S'.oth precinct polwv.oti a aimilar charge IV
prisoner went into the rtur* of FnlwarH W?rri*o, Vu. 4d
Kgblb avenue, an t all- mpted to (atM one of Ihe above
mentioned counterfeit*. (In being told that the bill w<*
?piirkxi* be secreted it in nonio manner and traal to
taeape. The bill could not be tound, notw ihet-ui i
ing etr .< t search was made for tbo aaine. In tito
Sixth ward ? ITorta were nude to pas* the lulls. Iml
the police oon put a *U?p to th,> Ofwraimw* <i the coon
t? rfrttera b> arresting tw*<>f the tang lu th.* N'liodceiitli
waid a oun.bcr of the hilia were paused, an i btlm tlw
police <Ould get u|ion the tiack ol the coilutoi ioitorw, tho
Salter ? n ape I. Thin ronntcrfr t m a dangerous one. ami
would be likely to deceive even c*{* ru need Julg -a of
nut). It ia a remarkable good im.uiion <>t the g- uu.no,
MM n<> doubt tost tha countoi inter* oof hlerabb to get it
up. The loiiowiug la a taiiunii.eof oue of tuu bum re
i overcci by the pgtidn:?
T .
At m on aa tin es;?t< txe ot Um oouaterl Aswan known
at Ihe i Ibee ol Uie Id neral NqwraMnMI tk Ponce, word
? its U egraplicu to nil Uic d.Ucri lit stolioi *, an ; the pope.
wt ii I untamed to fcw p a bright kink out lor Ui' rogues.
It,, i ii,| w-ita that Home ban dorm arrest* were main in
lie Sixth, Fourteenth, Ninth and Mnveoto nth (we. in. |a,
which liad a b ndi nry to r. mi? I the gang to anap nd due
ration* at rather an ? arh. r hour thin they < t|tecte.l No
due ba* y? t b< en obta.ncU an to tbe !i.-adituark ?* of U>.a
rang. bt.l it la (upturned they r< side in tbe upper |atrt ol
tin uty.
lie dufurrriwiypf of tl.o pr "oner Marker, aluta Wale n,
ia in t ibib.tion ut tbe ibicna gallery. but hi* cum|*uiion
ngil < untednate. Mr. Joniw, has yet to enjoy that honor.
1 lie | to.ei are now ttideavo ug to terprl out inn arnoni
pi,. e? of lb.- pi iMUiera ,<n 1 ibtiwe fe*fwws WlM hiv tie
,M the bull.I llf poillntau.g llle ?)MIIKNIS OlolM'y. KoC
y. *ta |?sl the alts tii|<C* of lie-puttie to row Ii III.- iiuwiu
i.n Infer* nt ennt.tern t mum v in tbia r tj have |.rove I
lai iinc. The i-ficen m tcr ittingnrl tfc.il th ? ma t mac
?nrihf liwwtt war iaii oi m, in ih<' suburb*, oo<l that
lb'reemployed Ml the <s li MwboB of Mm bilie were ? uabtuwfti
I I am tber ne n|t Tlie'r teorelu ? never ell "idcl oula. tj
of hew York or Hmnhlyia, ? .m-fpeuilij tin-y war* <?nn
ptctrly at fnult. Tbe ;lwoveiy id tbe < onuterfcit og
fOtabl rliOlel t at M II liaveit, ami tbe Ita.Mii btlnMII
nt Yi ikville,?Ih w? that Uneven are load "f living n
flir*d ami Iiim* itobie ueigbti'>rlioo * iud that tmur
tiauntbare not iiu.Ih. I it. ibutib dre't ami the P*iv?
II nt.->. We ha\i hear ! of no wrreat* for pwoiaig auy
oi ihe above iin : trlh il" Wh iher there hw b n any
of the fpurhHi* money < ?dilate, or md bin ? bom* .an
let near. It if ihi opnk.n <1 tbe pono , ftsniil il, that
none bate been Met*:.
Atim n ih* ItJiMkdt Pm?T-4)n Aituruay niglit,
If.ih mat , oflii' r* We.wh ovl O'tt en ari"-ie| f?nir Imn
i niti'd John Mr< inn ?im* lint.mini, Jin. ? He m ,ig?
I * ui.onl, John lowiey, r-? - illiy lYofn llw Slut" |Vi*<*,
Ihi t hat le* My i . ? ill HHwIiiuif iMing alxe.t |o rob
II ?*< i i. the hi i ii iv, r lliey Weff :? ought Mbnfi ?od
? k' -l op in Ho- Drnt wafd station bow*" Tli" al*>v
no ii ate kiHiwii h., i otoi imi* ilvef Mtwve* Hfir law
t.dnr wdi be taken In looirow ami pianwi In tb? rogowt
JMVetim ?or Mi tivv ?1"<1 evro ng oflh?-r? R ir<l"t
and IV veng. of |larbor INUico hunt Nn. 3, hurled th
vl Pllo tb lb?e, wbkb airh .1 dor,ng tho day, and ar
-i iteu * eolortu man nam'd IcWit T. hmiUi. on a .hare
o, - laM 'cg lite r*| ta n He wa* taken to llw First ward
*1*1 ioH house and lorkoi! u|>
Kliipa Cednly Pnllllca
The Ameru an and Repnbtii an County Conventmos re
atttmbie to day , with Um v w uf miopting a nnmn ticket
tli a> i oi dance with the prngi imme ariangeaf by the Oki
ten r.ec I ommntccg of l-mh latrnea The Am r ran tkm
v sr. i en, after bavrng iiominate-i a straight ticket, ajjonrn
cd at 'he call of tbe rha<r. Tb< m Hon ot Its i'nnareadotMi
CcB'frmceCon muteia ?iu< l.?* ioIm*I Mm chatrsnan
to call lbs ron< ent'i ii btHkri, TlwSmtIMM for Omnti
Orb promptly Aeenmu,** Sen ?* K- a* orusnml tb
hsstg of the union,already I a.i y cutis ri in itel, by Wb ch
tbe candidate ftn that of i ? i ft w Mi th., rcpuh asm*
An cflirni wilt a m he ma-'e to g re 1*1 w th? 'Vmnty IMpu
tiers to Ib* s .n,., I ?, l? , -miiothinp to oe don h*i
V ?mShui(. It o i pre an ?v n heretopim ovui
lr- krd tb< c'am,. "it i , I on 11 tie c ly.
TherrfutiMswmief th< uni disti ii have man upe
?i nersl H. P. Hsrjio t. t! A' mbly
Th- .'mer>ran-' of ti < i t m'ny d.*t.. g kivt
r< m.nsiwl A Irak am W f| Ym ..agicn
Dlflr.nmllr Relations brlwetn Buenos Ay res
and Fart|;tt?y- Utrcptloii of tltc llrtrtih
Pitnlyotciitlai y by PrnlUfiit Ijofiti,? !>?
fi< l?m y In the Utim.nu Ayrea Kiiveiiut'
The >'i w Bu(li(ct- Trade and M > icy Kx*
changes- Political Troubles In Montevideo
Import*? l hentilcuU.
Hy th<- arrival of tho bark Homer, Captain Plutnm'ir.
from Hu. uos Ayres, at this port, vre liavo u?.>. from : "> ill;
Amci ica, dated at Montevideo oa tU<: 3d, and at Hue
t.ud A res on tin: 7tli uf August.
Bl'ENOrf AYHI -i.
The Hueiior Ayrrn IVm.? of the 7lh of August contain
the following news summary. The following are too piin?
cipul iti ma of the uow budget of government -Ministry
ol tiovci nrnent, $10,283,098 ; Miuistry of Foreign vit i i
$1,603,040; Ministry of Finance, $'20,'104,333 Mu; ;.yo
War and Marine, $40,307,670. Total?$'.K),shh,i. II. i'u
Ways ; nd M< ane amount to $H6.Hi.),inn), Including duti
on iin|autx, $66,000,000, and export* , $10,000,000.
(in the 6th ol August the budget waa pre, en ted to the
(ier.oial Assembly l.y the Minister of Finance, it shown a
detlcit 01 about Itveuud a halt millions.
Two applications huvo been lately made to the govern
m? at lor the establishment ot anonya.our oeioti?M n tlri
at)?ouo a lire aud life luturuitcu company, entitle 1 AT
pvrvenir de las tiimihas, the other the ' 'ompaiti.t d* M li
nos a Lujx-r?alio the aulhorlKHtioii has III IhiiIi e hum oe. 11
refitted by the executive, upon the pteu thai Mi ? ooiistiur
t.on of such societies deprive* tho public, of the security 01
a personal res|sinsibihty, upon win- h they can :a! I back
III cases of emergency.
Tho new project for lowering to one half the r tie- ol
postage on inland letters, will be very generally approv
< <1 of.
Tho Colon theatre was ou Sunday pretty well attended,
and the perform..neo gave great lAtistaction. "L'n Curto
It Btt" waa uu mousing SMwdy. well dslinaatnd; "laa
1 racias Ue tied-?-?" al-o was well rendered, au-1 excited
iontniuo'islaughter ill the audience, .lover, ax usual, wis
c? mil ally simple, and bis description uf the Spartans a.
Thermopylae, who walked about naked with their hml*
.n their pockets, was certainly not far from the sublime.
At the Victoria,on Tuesday, the farewell of Madame
bticlus was a very poorulldir. The attendance was vary
scanty, and the applause which greeted Iht) popular uc
trees um she appeared alone to read her "Despednla," was
very languidly la-stowed.
A dame of colossal dim- nsionx as regards width was the
other day ihe cause of a serious accident to an unfortunate
privet, who iu endeavoring to escape extinction in tho
uiioi mous mass of crinoline, fell oil' a sidewalk into the
luadwuy, and it was only hy tho strenuous exertions of
the lady herself that, he managed to r< gain his footing
The week has been signalized by one of those un recount
able tlucti.ations in the money 1111rk.it. wn eh Irani la
calculations of our most exiicriericcd financial uta, ilonli
icons which commenced tho week at 360, wer ? so|.; on
Wednesday at :w>5, and may now be quoted at 3ati, with a
tendency to rise. 'Ibis circumstance Iras exerted a very
depieesilig ell. .'t ill an those articles of country
produce which are generally ilis|swe<l of iu <1:
teucy, buy vis lor expoil either holding back or dc
manning a corresponding tall in price, to wumi boidi rs
reiuss to submit, but m dry hides, which arc bought in
f lata, the -.ranpactions have been on a very largo acaic,
ppei tally iu chutes suitable fur the American market, ot
which 'iU.Ovu have been taken up fur ex|>ort to the Mates.
In (iei mu 11 hides also something lias la-en doing, and
about 3,QC0 ba\e- banged ban-Is at quotations. In both
c'asses uearly all lb>' t-aosa* tions have l- en iu prov >u< la
bless. Llttls has beeu -lone iu the i'luzas. the supplier
received l-eing lnnile<l by the stale of the roads and the
kxchange on England 63 ?h: 6 and 64 ah: or 2d. 1|18 p.
collar < > Francs. 79 a 80 francs: United States,uouii a
T he Hank rsastvoa currency at 7p. ?. per annum, Jo. spe
? s- at n p. c per annum, adval-Oes specie at "ff p. c. -
aim in. advance* currency at 9 p c. |s-r annum, aver.a
mark-1 rate ot interest, 1 '4 p. c. |wr month.
[From tbc ltu< nw Ayrea Time#, July 31.]
Under dale <>f 17l)i 'tisum it de*|>wtch ha." been pub
< tliel fu m llii* VminliT of KcirrlKli A flair* b> the govern
?in lit of Hurtm* Ayrcs,acknowledging receipt of I wo notes of
? be v'<l, ft Out the Min.tb r of foreign Arta.i s anil frmo the
t.ovnrnot "i llucnoa Ayiea, rrlntoo u> the nupprcaaioo of
tl:r BueBra Ay man Consulate at Asuncion.
Tin- note fiom the Minister slated that the appointment
of a mnuxMiuii for grouting /ntfe/eAu of Paraguayan utU
7' tolop w.u< made nt the rrijin st of Severn) Paraguayan
? t reus, but the petition was uot published on account of
In i ontMinlnf sundry rernni.natiopi u|ion the government
ot il..* n puViln, The Minister of Koreigu Affair*, by
urucr id the President of iliu republic, eiaimn
tin- publicum n of Una document, or a formal
declaration twit su< b rccriiuuwiiuux do uot exist in it.
I be suppress ion ot the document in question is not con
initiM as siiy pried of the friendship of liio Bucnon
Ay reoui government to that of tin" republic.
Ioii Manuel l>dro de la t*ena, whose letters on Para
gi.ay .Hid .ta ruler lave occu|mcU no niocb aiu ntem iu lite
t?rant, baa beep condemned its default, by Use Tribunals,
10 tlie punishment 01 death.
tfti the .list uA It. W. Christie. Esq., II. I). M rieui|m
h niiar i, was officially received by the frcaidcnt. tin left
ot the Saiio de fiuayra aud in not* al Uie Parana.
Ily lb< Kalto d<> t.oayra. arrive! on the 2Stli from
Asunrion. we bare ail vice that the Itrit.sh screw steamer
I attic Pony was run uown nine hours alter leaving
Asuik ton, by Uie Paraguayan sb-ainer Tai uar I Tliesh'-'a
was ao m vers that she sank aiu.oel instantaneously TV*
tit,re eri w and the passengers wore torltuveM ly on
I?tu Were all aavad
[Vrasn the IWh-a Ayrea T me*. August J.]
We bar a dates fioui Muulc vttleo to lbs 3d last.
Rumors of |sihti< al disturbance were ajain iu eireula
lien A >h tn? brneni ha<l been sent to the (terra de Maus,
arni it was saul llat a ski'mieli lad taken place, in which
dial, the? oinmandi r of lite iletaa bmenl, hail Is-eo wound
nl t oloiM'l III iglilo Hilveira was re|SN Usl til liave entered
ikr territory from Itr.ixil, but nothing certain was tunas.
Ah anon) moos jwniploct Itad api?-aird, In-snug the tills
lelix tlrs.pi
Is roan is Jut ?Halt?1,440 fam gas sobl al ? )* ami 9
i< alt. Surer Coal?JI.MJ Wm?, rhiefl) importers' a< cuuut.
I.i nila-i? IW.Otsi feet, aold al |aita. |a*r mill.
Plrq his show a si ght improvement. hut hueinewa? ? aitwued
rather null, last ? hatter concluded at l*-u shillings, ami b
|s i r. at., t?eio? a ami bone aah for Uie I'm ted king-loin
1 tie A mere an a> roleiu wrie repi e?ent mg in e>*guu"tiua
With lb. nprratu ri.m|iaii) at Soli's theatre, .teUaiislung
.?n.I delighting the Ureut a IS by llie.r woodcrfnl leale of
strength aad agility
[Prswi Mm Hoemw Ayrea Times, August 7 ]
fe y oml the |*smuk "t the taw of .inferential duties hy
? be Mr a ate, as m lamiiesd m our last irsue, very utile of
lojaiflalK e loot SMsrud.
I nil Adoifo (am nan had entered into a i-ontrai t with
ikrimtUiRNBl loi the ? sUhliabmeul of a Hue id carta,
lor the K'lir ? yulee ot taai? ami piodoce, between Cala
raariaaitil Autu fe.
The Itahai. l.ylir ( oniftany, who had lea n |?-rforming
in Riaario, had arrived al the I'aiaua, ami bad made their
d.U/ in "Ilnunigiviug gicut salisiai Inm
III.Ill tlx 'lib to Hi. Till <if July lilbs II foreign vessels
fu Bi A a had eat* re?l the |ssl of Hum m Tlw Hour nulla
tati ty established there w -r> rbeng m rr|sitr,tlM'ir |iro
di.rttnaa hug wiirb prvfarrsd to .mi?.i lai.onn finm ii*.
Mat's an i otte r parts, aru anOM |arri b wers In pruoas
ot al.ipnn lit bi the li< ighlarriug piuvinoes.
I.alct fnua Hrnall.
R) the arrival In |<nrt on Hit-irUy of the srbnooer
thisan f'aiHAt, lapis,ii Carnitine R.sike, we have imwalr "in
r?n, Hi.ni, up b> the ITth of Hcp(.'inl?er Tlie captain
has favored ue, among uthrr nutters, wdb lli? Mkn
very interesting description ot a water spout , which p<*
close to bit vessel on lb" hi of August
to tint annua or ma n?a?u>
fin the outward passage, August 2, lat 27 'leg * m it
N , long M deg 4.4 nun W. at nivm. a heavy spiall
came down u|- n oa fti-ro aouth wnthw. -f, in the on 1st of
which there was a large watcr?;-o it form rig I < ndoa
tored to avoid it hy "toep t.g awayb it tluding It Would
come down u|?hi iu.' despite all my .a loa.ors, I '? Initial
up" and lowered away my sails I had jnat t me to g t
them down and rra ure l wtien it ame down upon ua,
< ieating a terrific r?uoni"tsai u|sai the Mriav of tip'
aster II p*s?d ararcrly forty yards aateri) of us The
wind for a few minub-s was very vsd nt, an I apparency
frem ainiost every |s?int of the i'oinf*?s* In the vortex
tie- water re- md to fo.m a luige tone, whirl ng very rs
|aol> w.tb the sun?that la, Ut? satoe aa Un liaoda of a
wall h
Above the pu nt of lb s ivwe*, as well na ! cmilil acc.
tl.? re ap|?arod to be a hollow ryun ier?if I m.iy be per
in,tied Ui ua the cxpri-aaam?toi tueu by Uio vapor of
< .outia, or riac raw. Tina cylinder waa very ?.agularly
arlci: upon, fbr, Iwerle* its rtpnl f"tary mot on, it won
ta itig sway.d In various dir. itxais. rr m n i ne toe very
lori ildy ot Uie swayibg ot an lutlatcd ha.baai b liss twiug
rehsSrd tiom una fi, ma
Idi the stufaie n tie- m an tlie water ?eemei| h"l'"Wed
outstd. the <aiMi, and was all in great commotion, tie,ng
seitt.y with loum. The bar>tn"tcr at the time stood
aut't, nr.il was not the lenst adecwd. The tbernmmet.'r
(sit ) a rr w m tiuti a betnre was it tut tog , but after tlie
Water*fs ut imesed, it fell b> 77 d"g. Tlie waterspout was
rlan tl.p or Iwsio fit .it diaoe ter si i? '
gradually increased as tt r< ac to the rlo nla, which wore
retiiiirkni 'J '?'W Tlieie was but a slight shower of ram.
The Mice of tlie ra n plainly visible a little distance
trnm tho w.itcrg|ae t. aud aptwri nt:y th.-re wis a groat
deal of win J with it, for the wat-r waa all "foal her
white." f'hcrtlv albT it ernse,st our ?t rn the Ciood
rylmdar broke, the Suae th.ii suddenly nieappeareri, hut
vneb a mmrMimi 'if the waters aa w in then rreated
? i aid have uncalled the heart "f Mm most ardent iuv ntle
lather's tab for ' rollers,' a series of rollers, short
Igbt fret huh. raliat.eg out Troni th. S|iot whence It
broke A hait an hour a?b r the rone broke it was entirely
slip It I14I Mi-enrWtm prev onsly. Taken altogether, it
was ? f n<i ? tmfb im t maniOstation 01 the i>iwr of
b. a mighty btd 1 aest *e >ni my n.-ar proximity to it
-.1 net i.l Ii ei.hunie the 1 njnvtnixit of toe < ghl per
entf 1 | v w.d H nte. h in Hi.' Xunto light aa soul ? lin k
wqM.kt I "ii n a gir gmlr" ff owt whence there
war t" ?* up-), wmill rog ird a fMrwwa hull ttuit wis
si 'i v ?!> f a< C'Mtr i.? s 11 hun. f think th a is the
. , .10 % k*<w bss ore' been to one 4 tIi.? w ui.lei
I I *?* 1 ? fi 1 a * ?( 1 al -11 e Wit ui 1* it r?*C"i v 11 g '.uii lg".
t It I I A lit '? d\K, tla-P r of th Ho 111 Canon
Ti ? Captain a.so r*|?ifU tb.it on Uk -Ah of AqOeuibvr,
ii 'it VJ 17 N., ion. "7 ;t", a ronwrltihijt brig'*' ???<
11 man's) wan soon in th? northwest, the Mil inclined up
tun unit northerly, at an nng'n of fo. ty tlvn u <>r ? i
(?< k a MTirn ot duitana n w tii a sexient, between it and
H ? V> i Hi?t ir. It " 01,1 urns' to b- visible night
I" urnn; In |>r"|M'i ** I" the southward.
l av. aImi rto iVh! UiiOukIi lh>' Minn ? oi-m fli-?* of
tin /ii.iiioor I'iirit up to tli>- 1 Till ult., but tli -; contain
nothing Hi Interest.
(Iptrallt uiul Duiiiiillr Matter*.
The chief topic or runveination among the Mtt i Of
tbr Ofrra is tho forthcoming ilOul"! J'lcooioiiuni, who,
huv ng arrive ! safe and sound, and being shelo n*l under
thr -tar spangled banner and tlin roof tin* Union I'Uco
Unti l, will mng tor tho first time in Anno ica ou Wedne*
?lav, at tho A'-adriny, In "Ia Traviata." Weimar that
sufE 'dent order* tor seats ui lit! the low r part of the Aca
demy for the first night ham already h m received. Up
to tliii time of writing M'lle I'leeolomint h is not sung, ex
cept at a piano rohearta!, win ro she enraiito od a select
purty ot' artist* and ronnoiHseurR. I ho and torium ?if the
Acatn tny has undergone gome changes for tho lit r, lim
particular* will ho found in Mr. Ullrmtiis ad
vertisemetite. The sale of gout ! will bo commenced
tin* morning, and thoso who wi*h for p.icon
wnnbl do widl to rise with the lark. A ivnuce order* will
riot lie regarded, but tbo earliest applicants to-day will
have their cboico of seat*.
Mr. Struckush has returned from Huston flushed Willi
Athenian laurel* ami loaded with SUU) stus-l dollars. ({??
rommenccd a brief Seasonal flurtoe s ou Saturday, with
Mme. Co'i-on, Hrignoli and Amotlo, to tho ? Traviala.''
The house was full and theitilKU.il; m first rule oiidl
tiou. Mmc. Colgon sang and played in the fourth *. t hot
ter than ever before; Briguoli was m su|icrb voice, and
made the most of u rvl* whieb r-aliy docvn t amount Ui
much, a* written. Tin1 orchestra and chuvu* were *au' h
better than before. This evening we are Pi have too
" Puritan)," with Mme. de Wilhnrst, Ifvignnll, Junea ami
A moil 10. The debut of Mme. do Wdnorr.i will, w.timet
iioolit, allraet a full house. Before sne went to Kuropf
she hud a very strong hold upon tho public, wti.ch h.a|
been Inrreasetl by her earnest endeavor* to pr( ctherseH
in the detail* of her art. strictly speaking, tberu is u*
*urh thing a* eultmiality in art 111 titers; and perhaps tha
fuel that Mine, de Wilhorsl. ip ail Amei ican, raised within
tho round ol tho City Hall hell, 1* no recommendation fop
her as an artist. But, ou tho othor hand. the tui.an*
should not monopolise tho profession of music, and tho
New York prima donna ha* certainly a claim to ta- heard.
It is Uu* general opinion among inu-ictau* who have h"ard
her rehearsals that she h.is much improved, both in voico
and execution. The Opera, It is hardly necessary to ray,
is tho perfection of cattlahilr writing, and atlbrds a fair
test for any artist.
Mr. btrak'urch ha* become tho temporary losses of the
Americnu Academy of Music at I'luladelpma.
In the theatrical world there ha* been nothing of
special interest. Tho auno incm-uw for this evening
are numerous and voluminous t'ut/a !
Tlie Broadway theatre will be op no.I .or the regular
soasou under Uie niaiiageineul of Mr, Kiloy, and wth *
scale "f price* regulated upon the democratic, standard.
The onupaoy include- artist.* of acknuwlu !fod ability, and
tho theatro has been put in first rate order. The alien
ing pn-ces mm hide "The lady of I.yous," "A Mura
ingCall,'' and "Tb?i Miller's Maid." In the first |Heow
Mrs Julia Dean llayne will make ber llcst appearauo**
here since her California lour, and play Pauline, one of
her flni st rotfJ Mr Fddy is the Claude The net*
management ho* the iairenl pros)** ts of uo.-ccss
At Niblo's i.arden Mr Itourcicouit * clever diam.i,
"hnvrttle," commences the third week of ita xaoosiiful
career. Mew Robertson, Mr. IVmrctcauit and Mr. tfeorgo
Jordan play the principal parti.
At Walla* It'? theatre, a new tumedy by Ctaarle* Done,
called "Marring** l/dhwy," will b? pc<?lue?d Him cant
includes Mr. Letter, Mr Bloan, Mr. Floyd, Mr*. rtlonn and
Mrs. Vernon. The piece won recently produced m I nn.lori,
and was highly gpukun ot by U?o prcna. Mr. Hrongban. H
burlvf<tue, "Nepiuoe't Dcfimt," it:tl kecpn it* place n thd
biUi, and eevm* tu grow iu popularity with the public.
At l<nurn Kaenn'a lle-alie, a n?w como'y.w dt -u f>r
tbu theatre, by Tom Taylor, and called "Our American
("onain," will be product*! for the (Vat t oi ?. Tbero will
bo much curkwity to neo the drat
American board* of the lact work of the meet popuuar
London dramatat. Mum K.*n., M. JefKoanfi oiel oilier
favorite ortiato ore in the cam, onl the p. con wit be doo-i
with nil the aida of new "e-nery, Ac .giving a porte:t
mi?>li to the may.
The tow cry thenar a km add ad Mr. Mrwekw.iia
"HlllitoMa" to Mo repertoire, end M wilt he giv-n for ilwy
firstborn than rma|, with "TV Magm Trumpet" (pan
tomime) and "Thn i dm of lloaor "
At Bari um a maaeura there are to bo given after no a
and evening performance*, wh.ch inciu la n froai wel/
of entertainments gutted tu all tan tea
A? W<??i * miuMrela, in ad'I it ma to til J usual Ethmp an
opera, M?s Jul* Pniy will appear in the burk Ua called
"In and Out of linen," in which *bc will appear In a preaA
many < hararters, muging many aoog* an t dancing mmf
dance* At Peel a and Itryani a m n*tr>'la u.. i? a m .<?
Umui the URoal variety ofek-vcr ?utuc.-t. burlenqiian, ?r , Art.
Notwlthaunding the prvval-noe of fore gnem. th. not.re
American opera Malt keep* the fioM.
The prm nciol theatres do not *"era tu be done much,
*tco|4 at fk'<iiai, where Mr Borpm Irta been puvng to
Crowded bootee Mr* McMabou, the pe-su wring lud
been playing at iMrwil, and hai pub.Mix; I another lew r
impaling, *m<t?hti*g, cutting up, and, in ict, aii up-th r
onnibilnttntt kw unfortuualn country editor
Ma<Uiiie batlamga haa been engag".! by the d reck rS
of the IkooAlyn F'hdbarttioui. for tbdr trt rnur rt. W
the .'With Mr Noll aa ill Ropply Mr F.cWil'1 p * r n cuo*
doctor until the return of that gentleman Iruto Fayal.
Tlie rommii)*e of arranu-'ifttta for Uwctmynlng of a
general meeting of (lie citln*na of Br *>*iya, on the *?tj)<<t
of the proponed new memo ball, have Awl up a
Thursday ryrnlag ?e*t, at the ivuyte. ha- . for lie* meeting.
Ihe rbalr will betoken at half p<*i tuoiii'c'aJl. Tint
mil M figned by the follow.ng leading citir n* ?efaio i"l
B. |N>we||, Mayor; A A Lowe, Henry E. Pierrvpotnt, U.
W White hoo ae. B It fblttetelen, Arthur W Ik aeon, Ale?.
M White. Theodore NkeMw, Jr , W r. Inogley <? ?? Ij
Har?tow, Iu* luiqaer, J. t'ar?oo |tr'Toort, Itev Or Storrv,
Her llr Farley, Judge Ureenw>md, Jielge <*mult, L. B.
Wyman Samuel Bl.wui, Itoi' n ftaielfool, J Frot'i.ngbam,
A Nteboll*. J W llngraw.C II Han.I, 1\ K W ?el, Dr.
A t or* Hull. Hr Itadley, ITn?. *?nr J II Ray in k I, A* ,
Ar. It la eipei ted that the meeting will be to.- of tint
large?t and neet influential tliat haa oyer been bcid for
any a.ml ar purpnne in the t iler c,ty
The Metropolitan nine and Madrigal t'n on will give tbeig
flr*l concert f?r the *ea*<>n oo Friday , A lob *r 12, at th-j
Brooklyn Polytechnic Inntltute.
Antnmn Regatta if the Mrw lurk VarhC
The Regmta Committee have awordej the pete* *d
fnll. *? ?
1 it t la**? Sloop He he era, J (Mtrdon IVnnett. Jr.
2d (la**?Bbmp Mam-ratng. C T ?>? aiwell
Ad (la?a?Monp F ar, ay. K II White
Hctonarr Pr?i'?Br homer 7.nga Wm II Tbnman
The pr.d<*t by the owner of lb Margai A, at uutt th<}
Far.ny, lor running to the ??t??nl <>f buoy So 13, wad
dirnnrcnl. a* the pr>d"?tanta (ailwd lo conTincn l)M com
mNtnw Ibal the F'tuny held *ueh n ncairse.
The Margaret ?a? rule.I not to Uv? uim|?lel for d
price. Inomurh a* the boat *h>< carried waa not b< Id <3
have been a wrv * cable <m?, a* required by the coogtita?
ASjbiN UVlSfFBTUS, ' (omm ttee
J HflWAHtl Wa| .WH|isHT )
New You, O t I. 19M.
(Ity Pnlltln.
hgVgMTH ftlMIKKesnih AL PiaTHltT.
Tlie Ticpubftcan Cnnvt-nlioo f?w the fkyrenth dictr-cfl
met on Friday cTrtung. The report of tb?> Owfurmg
t omnuttew, ll>at it bad imital upon fbae gw Prtgg*. 'lid
inietl.an c?n>'i,|ate. wa? dl*i?gree.l to?yea* 10. nayatl-*
uml UmOWtweetwn imnahd ut?m Mr. Augunamt F ft.w,
ti.e enmltnate prey <* *iy nano*t Mr l??w wa* wa:t<ai
upon and accepted the u.uriration The voW' in thia di?
Irlet loet If. ember w**ab>>'t .-.pial w hetw.-en the le
noawat* and republ car *?the A?vr . ana be ng ahe il
1 Wat \of' * b? hind ? ti er Tie- fTieuda of Mr How are to
h?M a ma.* meeting tbi* evening in J* k*oa a^aare to
tatily hi* nominal > ?
C.i**wi? * - Tt - Pymerrati. Judiciary Omventmn at
Tnmo'nnv Hi h? letu naP*! Jaltm* Monertcf Air Jmigy
id the "'lp.'r i f'< .ei. ih't ".l.din V mcrief," a? rvp<?i t<"l
I etitv *it votea w?te given fct Mr Moaarief, m-tewd at
<(kty etc.
I, . i >r W . mi ft I i-ffcr in th. d -i watlc cttmlkliM
for fVun.tr, ti"' ? I * ' mer." ae print -1. Ikvto' Srti r
bwt hr.d the th rl ? tmuijef of vnfc-a on the baikA.

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