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time Htec?, remained >o part only one day, and prooeoded
on her voyngo.
Three American r??idenU or Talcahuano, viz: Davidsoa
L. Ferguson, formcrt/ of Holm-a' Hole, Misancbugettg;
Horace Young, from New Bedford, ami Beujatuiu Da one,
shipbuilder, together with four OtherK?two Chileans, a
Fronrbii.nu and a Portuguese?were drowned in the Bay
of Talcahuuru on the 7th inst. They had been on a nailing
rxcurbion, and while returning towards evening, a srjuall
shuck thr boat which contamod them, cupsizing it and
drowning the entire party. Fergnjoa and Youna' leave
families in Talcahunnu.
Caiaao, Jan. 27,1859.
Landing of the American Wooden Houses and Termination
Of the Trade* Onion Hiots?Government Quarrel with the
French Minuter, and Dijlomatic Relations ISrolm Off?
Reference to Napoleon?77ur French Sjuairan to Concentrate
at CcUtao?Important Despatches for Washington?
Change in the United States legation at Lima,?An
Fchanique Revolution Looked for, Sc.. Sc.
The government has Anally succeeded in landing the
wooden bouBes, or, rutber, the door nnd window frames,
which wore the cause of the riot at this pluco nnd Lima
last month. They were landed under a strong military
guard, which effectually intimidated the rioters, and thus
happily prevented another disturbance.
But the most important Itom of news which I have to
communicate is the rupture between the French Minister,
M. Huct, and the government,growing out of the imprisonment
and alleged ill treatment of a French subject, who,
It appears, claimed damages, through the Minister, for
false imprisonment and cruel treatment. The government
resisted the demand for damages, and the French
Minister became indignant, hauled down his (log
on the 23d instant, and broke off all diplomatic
Intercourse with the government. Full particulars
of tho quarrel cannot be had. Suffice it to say that
the French Admiral interposed, which resulted iu tho
matter ta controversy being referred to the French Emperor.
The Minister went on board tho French frigate, wboro
he now is.
A few days ago the authorities of tl place cn"-"d the
I hulk belonging to the Pacific Steam Navigation C piny,
laying in this harbor, to be starched, under pretext that
arms were concealed on board. 'Iho employe in charge
of the hulk sought tho protection of the French Admiral,
who sent a boat alongside tbo hulk with an officer in command.
This officer and the Peruvian officer who was
searching the hulk, got into a quarrel, which led to the
f ormer's challenging the laltor. But tho Admiral interfered,
assuming that as the alfront was offered while his
officer was on duty, it required his official notice, aud bo
accordingly demanded reparation. Ucro the matter
Orders have been sent by mail for the rest of tho
French squadron to concentrate at Gaiiao. The (lag ship
ot the squadron, with her tendor, are about sailing for
Panama, while the corvette (Jonstauliuo Is to remain
, here.
Captain Reynolds, late master of the Georgiana, leaves
to-day In the steamship Valparaiso tor Panama, en route
for Washington, in charge of Important despatches to tho
United Stales government from Minister Clay. It is understood
that tbeBo despatches refer to the seizure and
confiscation by the government of Pern of the Georgiana
and Lizzie Thomson. Mr. Cluy bus communicated to this
government tbe ultimatum of the United States, and has
repeatedly demanded a settlement in conformity therewith,
hut has not been ablo to obtain one. In fact, the
government of Peru peremptorily refuse to settle at ail;
ana Mr. uiay lias tuereioro asseu nis government iu enforce
its demands, as, vithout the co-operation of a ship
of war, ho can <lo nothing more in the premises.
It is to be bopod that orders will lortliwilh bo sent to the
flag officer in command of the United States Pacific squadron
to repair to Callao and demand a settlement from
, Peru.
Mr. Cavendy, Secretary of the United States legation at
Lima, leaves with bis fumily next month for the United
States. Mr. C. retires from the legation in consequence of
ill health. His absence will be deeply regretted by every
American resident of Callao and Lima.
The accumulation of large amounts of Bolivian coin in
Peru?which la almost the only ctrcu ating medium wo
i have?has given rise to great compl unts among the merchants
of this place and Lima, who are about to adopt
some steps to get rid of this base coin.
The government of Custilla Is booming more unpopular
every day, and the general infercnco is that wo will sooner
or liter have a revolution.
Echeniquc is still in Bolivia at the head of a large force,
watching a favorable opportunity to pounce down upon
Tor a.
Panama. February 19,1859.
Teruvian Blockade of Guayaquil, and an AUack Expected?Citizens
Hying Away?Provisions Very Scarce,
and Much Suffering of the People.
By the arrival of the English steamer at this port on
the 17th instant, 1 am in receipt of private advices from
Guayaquil, Ecuador, to tho 3d, at which timo the Peruvian
blockading squadron, consisting of the ships of war
Amazocas, Azechunnca, Arancn, Petonla and the Llzzio
Thompson?the latter boaring the name of somo Peruvian
tencral?was before that port. From indications that bad
een made by the squadron an attack was expected the
sex*, day upon the town. Tho citizens of tho place wore
greatly alarmed. Many famillcB bad eft town, and others
were preparing to leave. There was a groat scarcity of
provisions at Guayaquil. Flour was .lelllng at $50 por
barrel. Two thousand sacks had lately bom imported
from Callao, which atlbrded great relief to tho Inhabitants.
It appears that they were WMboed hy tne way of
Fstero ttalodo, an estuary which runs up to a point near
Guayaquil, and which the Peruvians hau overlooked.
All provisions which wcro sent down the river for the
relief of tne ciwsens or wuaynquu are intercepted aaa
destroyed, by order of the Peruvian admiral.
Oar Panama Correspondence,
Panama. Feb. 19,1859.
?fo Repent from Kvmta?Freer Amongst the English at Ta*
bega?Refusal of the French Consul at Panama to obey a
Court Summons?Pojmlar Excitement on the Subject?
Transit Agents for Xeu> l'ork?American Capital Invested
on the Isthmus?Vindication of the Rights of
Foreigners?German Emigration to Chiriqui.
Tht last mall from Bogota having failed to reach Car thagenu
in time for tbo West India Bteamcr for Aspinwall,
I am consequently w'tbout any advices from the capita'
or interior Stales, and I ran only give you the news from
this quarter.
The sickness at Taboga among the employes of tho English
Steamship Company, which had somewhat abated
when the last steamer -"ailed for New York, has increased
of lato with renewed .lolence. Mr. Alexander Ross,
Purser of the steamship Valparaiso, was attacked there
with the yellow fever on tho 13th Inst., and died on tho
17th; and Capt Bloomlleld, tbo popular commander of
this steamer, the Purser's clerk and three of the crew,
are now down with the fever.
One of the roost notablo events of the fortnight Is the
, dispute which has Just arisen between the French Consul
at thia place and the authorities of the State, respecting
the Immunities claimed by tho former. Tho Supreme
Court p* the F'atc having subpoenaed tho Consul to appear
befor - hem and give testimony In a cause in which he
bad previously acted in his official character, he refused
point blank to appear and testify. Tho Court, after consultation,
rtfci-od tho matter to the Governor of the
State, who still has it under advisement.
The French Consul, I understand, Is hilly determined to
resist the order of tho Court, and, if matters come to the
worst, and ho is forced to appear, to claim tho protection
"df the French Admual, who is daily expected in port, no
Is willing, bo nays, to givo his testimony in writing over
bis official seal, but protests agaiu.-it appearing in open
Ilia affair has very naturally occasioned a good deal of
excitement here among tho native population, who Insist
pen it that the Consul should bo required, by force, if
necessary, to appear in person in court. I venture
_ the conjecture tbut tho Cousul will carry his point, and
that the Court will roccie from its demand?particularly
should the French frigate make '?? appearance in our harbor
before tho termination of the matter?although It is
perfectly clear that the court Is right. Thoro la no plainer
'principle/* public law than that Consuls aro not entitled
to the same Immunities conceded to diplomatic agents.
The only prerogative they can claim Is exemption from
nil public service, from contributions, personal and ex,
iraordinary; and, iu matters that pertain exclusively to
I the exercise of their officicial functions, they aro inde
pendent of the State where they roeido. But whero their
pretence Is required in the courts of the country, If summoned
in writing, they have no right to refuse to appear,
unlets the contrary is utflrmed by treaty. France,! bo
Ilevo, t sa no consular convention with Now Granada, and
Pence the French Consul can claim no greater privileges
lhan ar conceded to Consuls of other natlona who hare
treaties with this country.
Captain Spencer, who has been lu Nicaragua for some
time past, looking after tho Interests of the Van Price
Company, goea to Now York in the Illinois. As President
Martinez has no confldouce In tho ability of that company
. to fulfil its engagements, it ta fair to infer that Spencer has
crompilnod nothing for those who sent him to Nicaragua.
A brother ot Yrlsarrl, who arrived hero in the Columbua
from Guatemala, also proceed! to the Unltod
Blatos in the Illinois.
From the annual report on foreign commerce, recently
pub'lthcd by tho Plato Department at Washington, 1 compile
the following statistics, furnished the government by
the United hums Consul at this port, from which It will
|>o seen that there Is an Immense amount of American
capital annually expendod on this Isthmus ?
nf raPltal Invested by American etttrens In the
district or I anama, exclusive of the railroad and steamship
companies, Is estimated at follows, via-?
In commercial pursuits 7. $180 000
? In agricultural do 10,000
f In industrial do 40,000
The Pi nam* Railroad Company disburses annually for la
90& 00o' Aaptnwall, an I along the llue ol lie road,
The Partite Mall Rleamahlp Company's expenses, for labor,
Ac . at UiIh port, are put down at SSO.OOO per anaum, and the
United Htales Mall Kicamshlc Company at $130,000 per anturn,
making a total of $900,000, In Arrerl ,n capilnl, paid out
nnnuslly on the Istlimuaof r up r, r ,! ,bor, Ac., by these
Ahrrocotupauie*' alone.
The report given a nUl' tnout rtlftU ? lo con of coal* landed
. ? , ? _ , . . it! an! th? Panama
at Panama via f'a|>; Bmt and via A?p?*
ltailroad, aa follow*, via ? vU the iMfcmns
CoetorCuinberlaiulooal placed in PMfam.
rout*:? DM
('Of t in Baltimore, per too 4 ?7,
Average freight to Anpiuwrtll .?
H uniting cars to wharr. Ac .
Transportation to Panama _
Total coat via Asplawall and railroad ? - W 00
Via Cape Horn ? ?j on
Coal In Baltimore, per ton At ft
Freight via Cnpe Horn .. ?' j
Landing expenaei * w |
Total coet via Cape Horn gir , ^ !
The report goea on to attic that the Pacific Mall hieau^xbip (
Company haa hoporied. during the tear, fur iia < uiaurnpUoti,
at toe port of Panama, 11.H03 tone of coal: value, j,.: 17 Sftl
The Paciflo Mall btcamahip Company uhat imports, annually,
about f76,000 lo Mores and provlelocs
There if much gratification here among the foreign real
dents at the <lii<mis8sl of Cassanova, the Captain of Police,
whoso brutal treatment of foreign sailors while under
arrest for drunkounets, has been reprehensible in the
highest degree.
His dismissal was effected through iho French Consul, iu
I consequence of hi? inhuman treatment of some Kreuch
| seamen who were arrested when intoxicated u few daya
ngo. It is Baid that the French Conaul, when he requested
the dismissal of Cossanova, took occasion to toll the superior
authorities of tbo State that since the massacre of
American citiju ns on the 16th of April, 1856, the abuse
aud ill treatment of foreigners iu this country was quite a
common occurrence.
Quite a number of German families have of late settled
in the district of Chiiiqui,in this State, which Is celebrated
for its agricultural advantages. About ten famil.es iu all
of tbiB industrious class of people have taken up their
ul'ov'c there. Buy are, 1 learn, from Texas. Some tifty
families more at e expected out soon. A missionary of the
Protestant faith has just arrived from Texas, en r iule for
Cblrtqoi. i
It is rumored in town that an order is expected from the i
federal governnu 11 at Bogota, bv next tnn'l, directing that
the Govtrnor ol this State, the District A'to- ney, theStato i
Attorney and Criminal Judge be held to ak'.jlet acconntabilily,
for hav,jg failed to bring t" trial ex Governor
Krone,lsco de Kabrogn, as ordered by the l'rcsidi :.t of the
confederation some time since, for his alleged complicity i
In the riot or massacre at that place in April, I860. It will i
be recollected that he gave the order to the chief of police i
to flro upon the roailrood ,-tatiou houso, by which some
fifteen (iefeDceless American citizens wore killed outright.
This fact has never been denied, not even by Fabrega i
himsi 'f, and an order for his arrest and trial from the go
vernmeut at Bogota has been in the hands of the authorities
of this S.ate for a long time, which has never becu i
exoi utid: and tho:-c deuMMBt officials are about to beheld
accountable, it is sa.d, for the noa enforcement of ;
the order.
?JL,287,967 IN SFSCIB.
Another Military Expedition
Against the Indians.
Ac., Ac., Ac.
The United States mall ftcauisliip Illinois, Capt. Johu
McGowan,arrived yesterday noon from Aspinwall, wheuce
she sailed on the 19th inst., with the moils, treasure and
passengeis, brought down by the l'aciflc Mail Steamship
Company's steamship Johu I,. Stephens, from Sou FranCisco
6th Inst. *
The United States sloops-of war Savannah, Cupt. Jar vis, i
for Vera Cruz, and tho St. Louis, Capt. Ogdeu,(or Greytown,
sailed from Aspinwall oil the morning of tho 14lh
Wo aro indebted U> the exprcsa company of Wells,
Fargo k Co. for lllca of California nnd other papers. We
arc also indebted to the purser of the Illinois au.l the
California news agency or J. F. Fecks fur favors.
The following is the freight last of spccis per the Illinois:?
Amer. Ex. Bank...8122.000 Janson, Bond & Co..$!3,-C.0
Win. Applctou ic Co. 6.989 Jin rungs k Brewster IS J} I
T. H. k J S. Bacon. 6.000 Eugene Kelly k Co.. 50,000
BateB k Co 10,000 h. IS. Lawrence k Co. 8,50} i
Butcher & Bros 17,000 ICMeadcrA. O.Adams 10,000 I
Clark & Wilbur 15,(-00 P. Nuylor 10,000
J. H. Cogbill 27,013 J. B. Newton kCo . 20,000 i
H. Cohen k Co 20,264 J. G. Barker k Sou.. 2,600
W. T. Coleman k Co. 60,103 James 1'atrick 45,000
Crocker k Warren.. 4,000 Bernard & Co.- 8.300
C.W.Crosby 6,000 Santa Clara Min. Ass. 4,000
C. H. Cumniings.... 2,000 Scholfc & Bro 134,4G6 i
Dc Witt, Kittle & Co. 15,000 W. Seligman k Co... 36.000
BuncanJSherm'n&Co 00,432 n. 8. Soule 15.000
Z. Ernatcin k Bro... 7,456 A. F.. Tilton 16,000
Freeman & Co 67,180 Trcadwell&Co 15,000
J. & E Giflln 6,000 T. Wottson k Son... 745
T. J. Haiui&Co 2.000 J. B. Weir 20,708
Harbcck A; Co 1.800 Wells, Fargo A: Co. .310,000
Wm. HogeftCo.... 42.000 Order 23,895
Howland&Aspinwall. 12,520 ?
Total >1,287,967
Our San Francisco Correspondence.
San Francisco, Feb. 5, 18j9.
Gen. Clarke, commanding the California department of
the Pacific division, has gono to work energetically to pun
ish the Mojave and Pah Utah Indians, who lately attacked
Col. Hotftuan'." command at Bottle's Crossing.
The One steamship Unr.lo bam has been chartered by
the Quartermaster's department to convey a largo body of
troops from this city to the mouth of the Colorado. She
will sail on Monday, the *th inst. All the stores and munitions
of war requisite for the campaign arc to ho conveyed
down on the Uncle Sam, and the soldiers will be
spared a toilsome march from Los Angeles to the Mojavc
Pour companies of the Sixth infantry, A, C, F and H,
will leave on Monday. The steamer will touch at San
Diego and take on board company G of the same regiment
before proceeding to the mouth of the Colorado, where the
live companies will be landed. Thoy will inarch rrom
thero to the scene of tho lato attack. This force will bo
joined at Fort Yuma by companies K and E of tho Si it It
Infantry, who have received orders to march from San
Bernardino, and u detachment of the First dragoons from
Fort Tejon, numbering one hundred and fifty. Thotwo
companies of artillery now at Fort Yuma will form part
of the expedition. The whole body,infantry and cavalry,
consists of 700 men, with two mountain howitzers. Major
Hodman commands the expedition.
Colonel Swords, Deputy Quartermaster General, has furnished
to the JUrald tho following statement or the expenses
incurred by his department for the late Indian war
in Oregon, during the months of June, July, August, September,
October, November aud December, 1858:?
Purchase of forage $15,825 06
Hire of teamsters, packers, guides. Arc 44.858 53
Transporting troops and stores 96.404 13
Purchase of means of transportation, including
horses, mules and oxen 92.971 57
Purchase of clothing 910 78
Total $250,036 99
Tim expenses of the march of the Sixth Infantry from
Utah to B nicia were $07,740 16.
ITe hive had the old war between Rroderick and Gwin
ret -.f'1 dur.ng the post fortnight. The arena was the legisiat
v< halls, where certain resolutions condemnatory of
Brooericg were introduced and debated for several days.
In tb- ."Senate, where they first came to light, the friends
and opponents of the resolutions made speeches: but after
their puFaago in that body they were at one# forced
through the Assembly on the " previous question,'' amidst
the grealcst conlusicti and uproar. TbiB action of the Legislature
is generally condemned as a mere part son assault,
Intended to benefit Gwin and a few small try politicians
who are looking after senatorial honors. Uruderick
ii not asked to resign, but disapproval Is c pressed of his
course on the Kansas question, which, it ir said, was pursued
in violation of instructions (rem the Legislature of
1858. The latter is not ll>? fact, however, as Brodorick
voted against the Lccompton constitution long before
the resolutions in question reached him at
Washington. Tho action just taken may be
considered the commencement ofthc political campaign for
1W. A number of federal appointees in this city, acting
probably by the advice of Gwin, mo making Torts to cs
UILM1BU UII muucutu IWillU IU17 UUUVIO w I uc 'U11UI w
them horcafier, but which, in fact, must ' -Unco 1 ietn to a
greater degree of unpopularity thau they now cnJoj. The
democratic party in California, if unfortunately left to their
guidance, must succumb to the opposition. These politicians,
in their disorganizing policy, do not look beyond
the present, and calculate on nothing more thau an ephemeral
luccess. which they mistake Tor a permanent ascendency.
The administration of Mr. Buchanan is popular
in California, and would maintain that position if it bad not
to bear the heavy burthen of about half a dozen aspirants
for high offices, who are ln.lh >u U ' gust by the people.
Thi y are men who have Lother character nor ability to
recommend them, and if dejii st of the stations In the
Cubllc service which ctunco has given them, would sink
nek to utter insigu m ai.oo.
It may appear strange,but It Is true nevertheless, that
the war of the email faction who assume to represent the
administration Is not confined to Broderlck?it is directed
Willi ei|ual violence against Governor Weller. Mr. Welter
has tilled the office of Governor with satiefact ion to the
people, find it is believed that he will be a candidate for
rolled States Senator to succeed Mr. Gwin Accordingly
he is to be sacrificed, nnd tho attack has commenced In
good earnest. Ills friends have been ostracised in tho
choice of legislailve officers, and several bills have paused,
or nrc now under consideration, which deprive him of
patronage always held by the executive of a State.
summary of Mnrs.
The steamship Hermann will be sold this morning to
satisfy the claims of a numbor of seamen who Ubellod the
vessel for wages due them.
The last mall via Panama did not bring any order from
tho Treasury Department to pay the persons employed in
tho government sorvlnc. Custom House clerks and others
have to go without their pay for last month in oonsoq
enco. A number of men have also been discharged
Bom the works now going on at Alcatros bland.
A petition numerously signed will be sent on by this
steamer to the I'nltod States Attorney General representing
that Mr. Stanton, a lawyer sent out here by tho gov
ernmcnt to assist In defeating allogod fraudulent land
claims, is himself Interested In tho largest one of the
batch. They ask, while thanking Congress for attending
to their rights, that n man may be sent to California who
has no personal views to further and no private cllonts to
A Mil has passed the Senate providing for a division of
the ^tate into two Congressional districts. Heretofore
representatives were voted for by the electors at large.
Some opposition was made on the ground that when tho
census is taken in 1HOO a new division will be required
It la t ertam that the present population of California entitles
it to at least live members In the House of Representatives.
Thomas W Sutherland, Collector of the port Of i&cia
m> a, died in that cite .'weary 2. The deceased gentle
mi* * is a son of the Hon. .,oel B. Sutherland of Phils
dsiphia, had resided long in Ca.Vtofnia, and was b'gmjr
??< need by a very large circle of f,"*ends.
Tbv miners iu several sections of the interior have held
I ' lints end passed resolutions to the effi.Pt that it is
'niperative that we should drive from our c*idst the
hcrdisof Asiatic locusts who are robbing the nof of its
mineral wi-alth to the great injury and mortldcabon of
American citizens."
fin the. 9H?h .?! iha fl-?s Pav.- 11? s. I
twctii Vallejo ai.d Napa wan planted. The line will be
completed immediately.
Tbc dr por-itt in the United PU"-? br>.nch mint in this
city last week amounted to o4 ouuc*. r of gold, worth
William K. Kcyee, clo'hi-j mo'chant, end William GalId'
*ay, pilot, bare tap pl.nl lor the benefit of the insolvent
[T:T*? Coleman k Co.'a Sun Francisco Circu'ar.J
Saw Fhabcibco, Fell, ft, 1859.
There ii ?e Increased demand for money for this steitn
er, the late speculative operations having as yet requ re I
but the dciKXMt of mu.gus to confirm contractu. R,tn
arc* uncharged, and we renrw our quotations of 1 % to 2'4*
per cent per mowth, according to time and secsrlty. The
operations of the tailed States Branch lt>nt in this city,
forjhe month of January result as follows ? Gold deposits,
56,244.30 otiudso; value, 9660,710 ?8. Gold coinage,
cU.uOo pieces; value, 9600,000.
An improved demand from the country for goods occur
r:ug since the departure of the ocean mail of the 2utb lit,,
a conesponding activity has been noticeable in our own
market, inducing buyers to operate with more confidence
and checking the duwuward tendency of prices.
Speculations iiave occurred iu caudles, coffee, American
liquors, and, to some extent, in provisions, teas and raw
sugais, all of which have imjiarted a feverish feeling to
the general market, and perhaps stimulated prices beyond
the limit they would have otherwise legitimately attained.
Boots and shoes continuo dull and without improve
mcnt. Ship bread is lower. The heavy stock ot candles
is controlled by s|teculutora, who no yet find little outlet
i'or their purchases. Cement is rominai, and finds no sale.
I'tffce is higher, and now in few hands, who make their
own ti rms to the trade. Anthracite coal has slightly improved;
desirable qualities of English are held with more
firmness. Cordage is very dull, with but little demand.
Corn meal unchanged, liry goods are quite inactive, and
prices for staphs have declined. In fruits, sauces,
Ac., ready tale is found for arriving parcels ol preserves
and pic fruits. Raisins, app'.is and other dried fruits remain
as last reported, nuts ol all kinds are dull and aup- ,
plies ampie; sauces und cauTfruits hare come in largely .
. 1 are net readily placed. In French goods, sardines are |
stow o! tttie at our quotations. iisu au:i w.th light ro- |
reij.ts. Gunny bags ure no! much inquired for: the mar- I
fabow bo mprovemuot. a good demad exists for i
lumber for export to foreign countries, at previous rates.
Malt liquors show no improvement?market very dull and '
fevr filing. Molssaos and syrup ure steady. Metals con- I
t;2iue dull without change 111 price. Nails quiet, but show |
more frnincss latterly. Naval stores inactive uait scarce- |
Iv asked for. Is oils we tiaro uo change to nctc beyond
Kimc-wbat more demand for linseed und a further declino 1
;n <.!.n.a nut. Provisions declined Just at the time 01 the
tailing of the last steamer, but Lave more recently im
proved to an advanoe upon the quotations then current
for forre descriptions; beef finds no sale; bacon is more '
active at better prices; bams in brine find readier sale;
ibc stock of patent covers light, but not much sought j
for; pork is held flimly, and commands somewhat !
better rates ; choice butter is lower, but now 1
firmly held?inferior qualities arc easier; iard is active and j
huds more favcr. Oregon meats continue to come forward
llowi) to our present low market, Poreign rice Is Still
r.r< oping, and except for lots of No 1 China, buyers make
their own terms; Carolina is siow of sale, without change,
[lomcstic sp'rits have advanced matcr'ally under a speculative
inquiry for common brandies and whiskey; a moderate
business only has been done in foreign liquors, and
we have no change to note in the market for any description.
P.aw sugars have been active at lower prices, couR
deiobie parcelscliangirg bands at our quotations; opera
tors have taken several lots, and at the close-locks are
more firmly held; refined have been a good deal inquired
for, and prices are better. Spirits turpentine Is unsettied?the
stock is too large to admit of being handled, aud
the demand for consumption light. Eastern ground salt
BOPtnuw to rule high; receipts find quick sale, and some
lots on the way have been contracted lor; Sandwich lslaud
Is lower; in other coarse there there has been no change.
IV as are better, with considerable transactions that are
not allowed to transpire; the advance in coffee and China
I'lvices have brought them more into favor. Wines are
uuebasged, with hut Uttle business doing. There has been
little done in woodenvrare; prices remain as last reported.
Personal Intelligence.
Prince Svlkowski, who has been liviug for several years
in retirement on a farm In Lewis county, in this State, is
ihout returning to take possession.of his estates ard the
l.'uchv of B.elliz, Irs difficulties having been adjusted.
From Havre ard Southampton, tu the steamship Fulton?A
Arnaud, Mlrs Bul'er. Mis_j Riles, J Brought , A BrtHse.au, S
isregna, L, eiumei, Geo uatonem a (jtmrveL li cuaparla, H
Camor, A Cuter, Mrs Dauphin, H Dubiety, Mrs K Dcmas, P
Pasdus, H 1* Dickie, W ft Rgleston, F F.ngol aud wife. A do
Greiff, Maurice Kleutet, D Fe?t?r and friend, Mrs Sarah Fran
els. A Gralllle Pr J Gael her. Mr Gary, lady and child; M Gotthewer,
Chas Good, A Hollweg, Bev Mr Holler, W Hoch, J
1 mat so. Mr Lipmau, Inly, child and servant; A Lonclas, M
Lenz. V Laecur, W 1 ealy and wife. Rev Bishop alcllraine and
dauchler, Rlfccra deMontjote. P I) Miller, Lieut V I". Morgan.
i! s n; A Mauperin, lady and daughter; a. Muudel, M May,,!
Meiln. X Meyer. .1 P Maurice, K Purln, J Parenlin and chud,
KB Ridgely, H Ichall, Mrs Sheldon, Mrs Schroeder, J B
bclmldt J Schtimaker, F Sohutt, W eeminier, wife and infant;
Theo Schwartz, Mrs A Storrer, A Sina.ley, O Summers, J
Thourit, N S del Vlllar. K Victor. A M Yog and wife, E VI
mont. O H Work, O Wesley, Louis Will. J O Sage, manager
of the following members of the Theatre Franeals:?Misses
Pen, Chevalier. Oupont, Montheai ix, Messrs. Laba, Jiertraud,
Delalaln?Total 93.
From California, Ac., In the steamship Illinois?MajorO A H
Black and servant, I) J Willetta. U Monlo and wire. 8 Her
mann, li G Whtlmnrc, ( has Forbes. MrsSnelling. fourchil
dren and infant, G W Peako. Y J Farnsworth, W R Owen,
wife, child and Infant; J L Garth, Mrs R A Honey, Mrs Emmt
Frnnklln, E Delesier, N Welsh, L Layard, wife, child and In
fant; Mrs Jaokman, Mr Crenshaw, J W Mulford, Mrs Dr
McCoruiack and daughlt r, J Boke, J R MoElrny, Mrs M Gram.
Jos Lewis, J Goodshnw, four children and infant: Emory, J
Gcinltis, J Price, wife and child, L Lewis, L Rickets, H Pike, J
E Lancaster, H Ornmpe, STandicr, D J McCutcheon and wire,
and 200 in the steerage. From Asnlnwall?Mr Henry Smith,
G Llndo, J F Ferguson. Lieut CF Thomas. 8 Samaljoa, 8 Reynolds,
Miss Amelie San ford, J II Vela. J Palacio, 8 M dpeucer,
M Lamson. fin flleld, T M Goddard. F. Mongalo, G Hirschfeld,
F Cromwell, R Osborne, and several In the steerage.
From Bremen, In the steamship Bremen?touts Gnnther,
Fmll Meyer, Anns Much, Julius Hrrycrt, A I, Matt hies ^ Anna
Matthiea, Joseph Dupresne, THS Comelson, Ernst Lumler,
Louis Munch, and 04 in the steerage
From New Orleans and Havana. In the steamship Empire
City.?From New Orleans?Mrs R M Hooley, Mrs Hopkins,
Miss Shew, Capt 0 Cheeber, P M Jordan. From Havana?Mr
and Mrs A D Stmlogo, Mr and Mrs F H Btanton, Mr Walch, Mr
Btaubop. W Cameron. W Curtis, and 14 in steerage.
From Havana and Nassau, In steamship Karnak?Rev Jno
Bcwden and lady, Capt .lame* Rogers, Oapt Thomas Lad better
anc lady, Messrs Jos Banks. Bent Lenton, J B Davis, Jno Millet,
Yiucente Canal, A McNalr, Vincent J Jenkins, J W Rowze,
Geo Hunt.
From Savannah, in the steamship Star of the South?A Harwltz,
M Laugh.in, V .1 Whiffln, D B Wagner, LO Scott. I A Tyson,
Col W D Woodson, Capt David Flanders, E W Wettgale,
P Walsh. 8 A Sutton. HUigrins, KLStsnwood, P Robinson,
Wm F Perreil. W H Meade, Jr, A A Crochnron, Miss M E Cro<
heron, Miss J A Latourette. I H LuB burro, Thomas X Beall,
C B Edwards, I L Webster and son. J Fredenberg, J G Illlus,
R P Gallagher, James Avers. M Marks, P Cohen. James McKenua,
Wm Gardner, I W Warren, ?1 Winder, Chas Walker,
1 Tetlow, I W Nichols, A W Johnson, G 11 Nsramore, F P and
C Dobson -41. And SO In steerage.
For Savncnsh, In the steamship Montgomery?Win O Knoys
snd lady, Mrs J A Brown and child, lhos O'Douohue, Bennett
Stnedcs, Miss Eliza Laughlhn, A Metiely, D 8 Mason. 8 8
West, Jss I, Armour, Paul Degrool, A 0 Cordultes, Arthur
Frazer, V T Wlllets, W R Jennuigs, lady and son, J Cnna, J
O'Douohue, Jr. C Unities, H Humell F Foster, 1)1' Dudley,
Allison Cobb, Jss P Benson, P I) Mc Arthur, F C Putnam, "E
Coddington, Chaa 8 Stevens, J W Holmes.
For Richmond, Ar? In the steamship Jamestown?W Vanvalienburg,
V J blandish. Miss A D Spalding, George Mapoire,
Jr; James Taylor. Mies Rodgers. w n Thompson. W P
P Puff, O L Loomis, John Rmlth, Mrs John Temple, H Harrh,
<1 D Pturtevant, Thomas rmlth, two Misses Blem, L D McMsnnon.
M P; Mr Bstty and lady, 8 M Drske, W T Partridge
Madame Werthermer, two Misses Hammond, Miss U, . tail, W
L Patterson, wife and child; E 8 Colder. W) Lulu. , J W
FarquJer, C Ingersoll?and 17 In the steersge.
For Savannah, In the steamship Florida?Miss Nelson, L
White, Jos Llppman, T H I lark, Mrs Pnncc, Miss Brown, Miss
Bush, Mrs C 8 Rhodes, E \ Meene'y, G IT Lawrence, Mum
Peril, Miss Huntington, B 1 udluw, H G Ludlow, Mr and Mrs
J F Allen, L LPcotll, Itev C 8 Putnlm, Jno Nelson, C Dana,
a 8 Nichols, Mr and Mrs T W 8tradtman H H Cowdrev. Mrs
Robert Dlioii nr d two children, Robert DUon and servant, Mr
Dickson, A B Hutchlngs, W H Sharp. J Abrams, M Isaac, Mrs
('apt R W Foster and daughter, K K Dunbar, R J Swan, C M
> caring, Wm Fearing, 8 lietlbrom. J Iiertzfleld, 8 D Cole, C T
Pbie, JL Daniel, J F Treuthea P E Bennett, E D Root. E
Graves, H Clark. J W Clark, J Fnnenbaum, J weir, A Habcr,
M Morrison, H Morrison, Mr and Mrs OA Miller, II Monhelmer,
J Megan. Mr and Mrs J B Gilbert and son, Mr;, Ned well,
Mrs Fredk Grifling, L James Mrs H M IDlldsv Mrs R W Potti
r. Mr and Mrs W O Wood, Rev a Fay and lady, J W Gilbert,
G W Brady, L Young, J T Bmld. W Downey, G B Pease, II
Gooeroan J Goodman, M Landauer, L H Goodman. 8 ? eh hselbautn,
Mrs G B Pease. Miss Pease Cant I) 11 Wood, K W
Parsella, T Brlggs. A W Trouer, Major B Macomber, K it Macomber,
Wilton Hall, Jr. J W Frask, Dr Mauran, Miss Mary
Janett, M ltean, 8 PascPtlpsey, W W McLi-ndcu G W Dixon,
8 Mayer. G A Denning, G Wiebe. H Moore, H M Holliday, J
Flrken, M Berg, MrOuyler. R M Potter, J P. Meeker, I, lfam
burger, J L Rowe, 8 Hojt, I) Hoyt. H N Ward, Mlas Mary E
Peters, J Sylvester, M R Locke, R 11 Riley, O F Kayiaonu~, W
15 Pearl, J A Webb?and Ave In the steerage.
For Charleston, in the steamship Columbia?Theo Sedgwick,
A Belmont, lady, two children, maid nod servant. Mica Perry. M
>' I>u?V fhlln T Rnnlu .n.l lu.lt- Ul>. R..!,?. II >11.- I
W rig 111, l?dT, child and nurse: lien Atkinson, lady rind maid;J
It Berry, F Hornby. lady, eon and aervant; J Phillips, u We
Farland and lady; Mtaa M A McFsrlsnd, Wm C Mc Paris ud, Hn
Lawrence nrri child, Mr* Chan Van Tassell, Mr StoUbcrg, 8
Bwvkle. J Town ley, ,? Wlnml'.l, f! Cnwlea and lady, Tnoa
Rmlih, Mr Austin. Mia* F B Wsyd, Mr Clifford and ladr, N O
Paiid, R Tobias, P <;ooralea,.lno T Flynn, T Jsverell and lady,
B Kttchnm, Chaa Gordon, K lierrUaon, T Ii ramp, lady and 2
children; ."ilea Carroll. Mra Specht, Capt J N Wood, lady and 2
children: ,lno R llerson and lady, Mtaa tngraham, Mr* Norrell,
Mies Norvell, J C Van Ararien and lady, Mies 8 Van RantToord,
Miss llutlon, .1 W Montgomery, W H Young, 0 A Jager,
A 8 I?n Pols, .1 N I)u Bo a. K Ii Karle, 0 H Huot, A Leugcuck,
Rnbt Winter, P Kramer, I)r F A Utiles, C Pienge, Mra II Vet mllTcn.
Mr McCnrty, Jno Currier, Lewie Brown, II 8 Vanrie
!(?', ,1 111) lAeler, J Rhaw, HOilor:, Mr Ferry, Mr Olidiauu,
(1 M 0 Callnm, .1 M Marvin, O H Theobold, O Theohold, Mra
('apt BCghtman, Miss .1 Atkinson, J 8 Wllherbee, P Lawaon.
Mra C Bertroau .'no Douglass. Mr Bank* and ladv, J Montgo
nu rv, Kubi Riullii, Miss M Uoughton, and m<u>j o'Jbera?and 1
lu the atcernge.
ContT or Claims.?Monday, Feb. 21?Wm. W.
Manu, Esq . of Buffalo, New York, wm sworn an attorney
of Uic Court.
R. K Ward and others, assignees or Jacob Barker, vs.
the United States.?The assignor of the claimant* took a
part of the loan of $26,000,000 in the year 1814, with a
contract on the part of the Score!ary or the Treasury that,
If any portion of Mid loan wm afterwards made upon
more favorable terms to the lender, ho should have additional
stock to the amount of the difference between the
terms upon which he took the stock and those allowed to
others. It was claimed bv the petitioners that the stock
was granted to subsequent "subscribers upon more favorable
terms than It was taken by Barkof; and this suit was
brought to recover that difference, amounting to nbout
$386,000, with interest at six per cent from 1815. Kach
of the Judqos delivered an opinion adverse to the claim,
hut coming to that conclusion upon somewhat different
Trwruv. Teh. 22.?Wm. (Jcigor vs. the United State*.?
Mr. Mel'herson, Deputy Solh iter, sgued this cess in be
ha'f of I lie government. General McCuli* conclude* In
behalf o! thee aunnot, and Ibo ease was snhnalttsd.
Jan es Buchanan Henry, Nsq , of New York cl'r.was
sppoi'if >1 $ Commissioner of this Couit,
*DA.r, F&WARf 28, 18
Dramatic and Muk'*1 "*"*** .
A large majority of the subacrtb. * 1
theatre, who number nearly two hundred a
1l attendance at the meeting held at the theatre a.n
day, and the content for choice plant a waa quite spin-**1'
According to the arrangement of the directors, MM. Wtd- i
dowa and Sage, each subscriber is entitled to two places 1
for each representation. To decide as to the choice, the |
names of the subscribers wore placed in a hat and drawn ;
by a committee appointed for the purpose. A good oum- I
ber i"f the bribes, purquette eeats and orchestrastalls, were
thus di^pcsoil of. lbs diagram of the house gives on the
ground p!an seventy orchestra stalls, eighty parquette
seats, six befees aionl Kent, and ten balcony boxes, with a
Urge number of scats in the b.iicony. In the drees circle
there are th.rty five open boxes and eleven doaed, making
tixty one private l^ies in all. with scala for from two to six
persons in each. Ai.' the places In the dress circle are numbered,
and the house, which is a pttit bijou of a theatre, will
scat ootuforlabiy about h thousand persons. The principal
artists, whose names we have already published, are
now in the cnjr, and Lve opening or the loo aire will
eventuate on or lit for o the JOth of March.
While new tbeatrcg are going up old onet are coming
down. Thug, we bear' that the final destruction
of the Broadway theatre has been resolved
upon, and the present owner, Mr. James R. Whiting,
will commence the erection of u t>lock of stores on its
Site about the middle of April, lite present manager of
the Broadway, Mr. Eddy, intends to coustructa new theatre,
using lb3 materials of the Broad way, near tho corner
of Houston etreet and Broadway. Nothing is so suggestive
of the upward movement of our city as tho cbunge in
the location of our fashionable theatres. The first theatre
in Now York was in John etreet. Then came tho 1'ark, ,
which held its place nearly fifty years. In its temporary |
decadence Mr. Wailaek opened tho National at
the corner of Church and Leonard- streets,
which Lad it. run. Subsequently Burton made
a fort' no in Chambers street. Tho llroad a ay theatre
was 'nltiatcd by Mr. Humhlin, b'lt passed into other
bands, and lias had a singular1/ chequered existence for
ten years. Whcu .t goes down thoio will be uSts end of
theatre building south of Houston street. Thore is a
rumor that Niblo's theatre will come dowu alter the first
of Muy, but the story luc.a authentication.
A private o.iera'-c performance of " Lucia di Lummermoor"
was giv n at HodwortYs rooms ou I riday. H ia
tud to have been o.ghl;. amusing.
The stockholders cf the Brooklyn Academy ol
Mt.-lc beld another meeting ou Saturday last.
Their stocic is nearly all taken, and they will
commence to build early .n the spring The project of a
new theatre in Biookljc is talked of and finds favor with
some of the cleverest of our managers.
Stoepel's Hiawatha, which made such a flue success at
the Academy on Monday last, will shortly be repeated.
The Fbukepciiau play,' Antony and Cleopatra," will be
brought out in grand style at the Broadway In a few days.
JJIi. IHUEVU, T...VUU.1 IV TU(?5 "UlC, 1.00 O
part in it.
The new piay for tlio Dramatic Fund Benefit (April 18)
is marly ready. It is understood to be founded upon a
Fi encli piece by Deanery and Ciatrville. The performauce
promises ta be the great event of the season.
Burton's theatre lias been closed for the present.
At the Broadway theatre tlie Star Sisters, the Misses
Western, will remain tbrtc nights longer. They play this
evening in " The Flowers of the Forest," " Swiss Swains"
asid " The Phinoaieuon."
At Nibio's ciarden " Cinderella" is to be brought out
tire evening by the juvenile comedians attached to Nixon's
circus. Other popular entertainments wiU be addod, all
ol which are duly expressed iu the auuouncemeuts.
At Waliatk's theatre "The Veteian" will be played,
with Mr. Wa'.lack and all the splendid tableaux, marches,
&e., tic .
At laura Keene's theatre the programme Includes " Our i
American Cousin" and the Washington tableuux, which (
arc very popular and very patriotic.
At Barsum's Museum thr prlng theatrical season will I
be commenced this evening. The company includes
several actors of repute. Among the announcements for I
this evcnirp is the d ,out called "Louise" and the farce, i
' An Alarming Sacriiicc."
At the Bowery theatre the evening's entertainment In- I
eludes the drama called "The Writiug on the Wall,''the i
pantomime, "Raoul," and the drama, "Esmeralda," a
capital bill.
Among the colored opera novelties is "Our African
Cousin ' at Wood's. The Bryants also announce several
new tbiDgs.
The business of the theatres during the past week was
very good, and the spring season promises to bo vory
We iotice among the list of passengers by the Illinois,
which arrived yesterday from Oalilornia, that of Master
M. I.twig, the Ethiopian "dancer, formerly of Wood's Miu
strels, cf this city.
Tire Kamliy Heriild.
the Family Her ald, In its regular issue of Wednesday, will
contain a full account of the arrival and reception of Win. i
Smith O'Brien, wlth a report of his speeches, and a memoir of [
his life. It will gins a report of the proceedings of Congress;
Interesting particulars respecting the Atlantic Bank defalca !
tion In Brooklyn; the news of the week preceding its pubUca
Uon of an Important or interestlug character, and all the local
news of New York and the adjoining cities. Tollce Reports. i
Theatrical notices, Ac., Ac. It will also contain a full report of
the condition of the New York Cattle Market, the retail prices j
of all Idnds of Family Marketing at Washington Market, Com' ,
merci&l and Money Market Reports, Marriages and Deaths
for the week, and a large quantity of miscellaneous reading
Terms?Two dollars per annum?single copv four cents.
To be obtained at the office, and of all news agents. Advertisements
inserted at the usual Herald rates.
The Latest Drawings or the Legalized Lotte
ries,as reported to WOOD, EDDY A CO.,
Official Drawings, by Telegraph.
The subscribers, Commissioners appointed by the Governor
of the State of Delaware to superintend the drawing of a lot
tery authorized by the Legislature, having this day attended
the drawing of the Lottery for the bene lit of the state of Delaware.
do hereby certify that the following are the numbers
which were this day drawn from the wheel, viz:?
Extra Class, No. 191, Feibvart 20,1899.
99, 52, 19, 91, 41, 97, 19, 38, 27, 68, 31, 48.
Class No. 192, Fetruart 26,1899.
7, 47, 10, 41, 93, 39, 12, 73, 48, 66, 29, 27 . 6.
And thai the said numbers were drawn In the order in which
tlier stand above.
Witness our hands, at Wilmington, Del , this Saturday, Feb.
80.1849. GEORGE r.OKDON, >
Al.EX. 1'ORTER, J Commissioners.
The subscribers, Commissioners appointed to superintend
the dmwln/r ofthe Spa-ta Academy lottery, to berehy certify
that Uie following are the numbers which wers this day drawn
from the wheel, viz:?
Class No. Il9, Fbbruart 26, 1899.
10, 12, 19, 29. 47, 70, 95, 9, 16, 15, 38, 10, 76.
Class No. 150, Extra, fcsruart 26,1859.
22, 21, 13, 69. 41, 62, 8, 89, 44, 66, 61, 73
AnA tVa* thft All id nnnbrriir^rfl drawn In tho order in whlnh
thy ?und above
witness our hands at AuruatA, O* . this Hal unlay, Feb. M,
18W" L P. &CGAS**' |? ommlftlocera.
WOOD. KDOV A CO.,fr,hu&DU^'
Drdunce Salamander Safe*?With Patent
powder proof lock* and croM bar*. Also fire and burglar
proof parlor sales. Depot 10J Pearl street Will remove
April 1 to S3 Murray atreet, ooruer College place.
Herring's Patent Champion Fire
And burglar proof safe*. 251 Broadway, corner Murray St., NY.
Cure lour Cotmh?MS Cent*.
115 Third avenue, near Fourteenth atreet
Southern and Wcatem Trade.
We beg to Inform Southern merehaata rial ting Uke eity for
firing purchases, that harlng began very early the raaaufaoture
of our slock of aprloa and aummer clothing. It la now
complete aud rcry full of all descriptions of our well known
afrleaof fnehlonable clothing, and a large atock of low priced
and medium gooda, manufactured with the aame taate and
atrle. Alao a complete assortment of our abonlder spring
shirts, furtdahtng gooda, Ac.; all of which we efer to the trade
at taa moat favorable urlcci and Wrap
D. DIYI.IN A CO., 258, Hag and MO Broadway.
IloUotrny'a Pllln.?A. Certain Cure for
dropsv. The? relieve the fullness, and gradually, but surely,
di??lj e.e and disperse the waierv humors. Hold at the man'tfkctory,
MO Maiden lane, New York.
Young Men of Talent Struggle (tor Success
and Ml, beeaosethey have mistaken their calling. FOWLF.K
A WRI.i.9, SOM Bromlway une phrenological etamlnalions
daily, showing th* taleuta, defects end right puranli for each.
Rupture Cured by Marah A Co.'a Radleal
cure truss. Thrv alao keep eflk elastic atoektngs fbr varicose
veins. supporters and shoulder brace* Inatrumenta for deformities
made to order. No. 2 Veaey street, Astor House, N.T.
Barry a Trleopheroua U the Meat and
cheapest article for dressing, beautifying, claanaing. furling,
oreaervtng and restoring the hair. ladies, try Ik Bold byaH
JruggWa. ________________
Bate helm's 11 air Dya, Wigs stud Toupaas
The t>re' In the world, anrpaaalng all made. Sold aad applied
at the malt afactory. TO Broadway.
Hlirn Hair Dye, (10 Cents a Box, Black or
hrvvtn ?I Barclay atreet and all druggists. Arctic ointment.
Crtntndnrn's Ilnlr Dye, Wig* and Toupees?
T- e l? it in th* world, wboleaale and retail, and 'hp dye prt?t
y'PP ibd at No, 0 Aavoi Ujoae.
| The Mod Fopalar PI?m of Uu Day.
Rpleodkf ooiorod military uile pay#.
Publiabed by PIBTH. PoND A Co . 5?7 Broadway,
f or talr by > U m uio < e.lara In Ufa United Bin tea.
?hl"> 1?301 Broadway, Fmllerton'a Oentle-c'a
fajiiklnof bullae.-Superior ahirta made lo order by
, warrautod to lu, (lorea, boaterj, Ac.
Mm** _kiIIoV'i French Yoke Shirt a aire of
au ruir mllaea wanted to fli, at BaLLOU 'B ahlrt emporlum,
tU9 bn adwey.
H. I.. Hlllrv*? Rnropi'n Express, No. 3
k?<- liem ment. sends likenesses parcels, Ac., to Uf address
la t ly every stesmw, anscea**
A. V\. falMrt LmI PtMfli M K Hatalt
Or kil re, one ; at wholassle, OOtf by KUBHABD FABU,
eoU ??rol W W illiam street
Wheeler Ac WIImb'i 8ewtna Naehluea.
Offloe COS Broadway, If. f.
Will PoiKively Close Batnrilajr Welt-Ban" 1
vard'a lji-euacu. n f Jeruial-m. I
WanliA j
Apam*?Hhus ?Al Benton Centre, Y&tea county, X. Y,,
on Wednesday, Feb. 23, by the Key. W. W. Taylor, Daxiki
Ai aw. Jr, d this my, to Fjjjev K., third daughter of |
E nry Il ctis,of tbe farmer place.
"AdT8i.ce and fear no danger."?St. N. i I
Albany papers pie .ae copy. (
CONWAY?WAIISS ?On Thursday, morning, Feb. 24, a St.
Peter's church, Barclay street, by the Her. Wm. Quia : i
Joes Kichakp Conway, M. D., to Kbily taws, daughter a [ "
\li.rt;o Waters, fiip, oil of this eily. I I
Hctcbxjuc?Nobiiy?ft> this city, on Tuesday. Oct. 19, \ '
i1-.',8, by the !l*v. Chaa. Fletcher, Hasccs A Hctchbam to { (
McN/jit?Ckiwxaw.?M Brooklyn, S.Y , on Thursday, ' i
Jar. 13, by tfce He v. Willis I/ird, I> I)., Captam Wiujam ' "
H. McN.ist, of Breoklyn, to Kiss Joeainunr D. GnaamAW,
of Philadelphia.
"Tcr faitb is well founded."?St. N.
Philadelphia papers please eepy.
TirriNY?SIakyw.?ib Lyme, i'onn., on Tuesday evening,
Feb. 22. at the residence of the bride's fWthcr, by the
Bar. Mr. Bus, Mr. Oso A. Tutasw, of I.yme, Conr.., to
Mlisa Mary L. Marti*, of the same place. (
Khhtcin paper s please copy. t
Died. J
?On- Sunday morning, Feb. 27, Miss Ja;vx
Anlk.x.~o?, yo'mgeet daughter of Alexander AnderiO", 1
Uj-? t -1 > f;ui, J
The friends of tb? family are respectfully invited to at- *
tend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 214 Clin- ^
ton street, on Tuesday afternoon, at two o'clock.
Irish and Scotch psjiers pieane copy.
Aki me* ?On Sunday, fob. 27, alter a long and painful "I
illnc-SS Miss ilikt Aimish. In the 53d year of her age. I
Her friends and relatives are respectfully luvited to
attend the funeral, on Wednesday afUrnooo, from the
residence ol her brother, Edward Archer, West Hackeu j,
sack, N. .1., at one o'cioetc. p
Hook ?On Friday, Feb. 25, Mast, infant child of Clias. ri
P.. and Mary A. Rodo. a
Boyd ?On Sunday, Feb. 27, Wiijuam Boyd, in the 79th "
5 ear oi bis ace. _
The relatives uml friends of the family aro re .
ppectfully invited to attend his funeral, on Wcdnosday 7
afternoon, at cdc o'clock, from bis late residence, No. 359
West Twenty s'xlh street, without further invitation.
Bvhumi.?On Sunday morning, Feb. 27, LANCAHntn D.
UTTtuifG. in tne oiiiii year 01 u.s age.
Funeral from Uio Methodist Episcopal church, in Sullivan,
near Becker street, on Tuesday afternoon, at
i.w o o'clock. His friends, and those of the family, arc in- vile
J to attend, without further notice.
CtJtKK.?On Sunday morning, fob. 27, ef scarlet fever, i
Ai.mii> Wiujam, Infant son of Alfred W. and Harriet ti. t
Ciark, sod n months ami 13 days. j
The funeral services will be held at the house of Mr. c
Stanton Boboe, No. 98 Henry street, Brooklyn, at two
o'clock, on Tuesday afternoon. The friends aud rela
lives are respectfuliy requested to attend, without further
Providence and Newport papers please copy. *
Fawcstt.?Suddenly, on Saturday evening, Feb. 26, of ?
scarlet fever, Emiiy I.kshbr, daughter of Thomas and Sa *
rah L. Fawcctt, aged 5 years and 8 months. p
The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully a
invited to attend the funeral, at hall poet three o'clock, ~
tiiis (Monday 1 afterroon, from No. 257 Sackott street, 1
Brooklyn, wltnout further invitation. J
Hkimkk.?Suddenly, on Sunday, evening, Feb. 2".Isabf.ix
Thomas, second daughter of Isabel! M. and the lalo
Charles T<. Heiser, aged 6 y ears and 6 months.
Hekukkt.?uu Saturday evening, Feb. 26, of consumpilcn.
Willi*.it A. Herrbkt, aged 32 years. j
Tlie relatives and friends of the family, also those of *
bis brothers. Patrick, John and Thomas; and tho members 111
if Mutual Engine Company, No. 61, are respectfully in- f
vited to attend the funeral, from hia late residence, J
No. 101 Fast Eleventh street, this (Monday) afternoon,
it two o'clock, without further notice.
Hinchman.?In this city, on Saturday, Feb. 26, Lotnsit, *'
wife of Marcus A. Hinchman, aged 20 years and 0
months. a
The relatives and Mends of the family are respectfully n
invited to attend the faneral, on Tuesday morning, at a
nine o'c'ock, from No. 814 Rivington street.
Jackson.?On Sunday morning, Feb. 27, of diseaso of 1
the heart, Jambs Jackson, in the 49th year or his ago. .
The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully 2
invited to attend the funeral,from his late residence, No. i
C6 Br'gbt street, Jersey City. v
Ij?.?Cm Sunday, Feb. 27, of congestion of the lungs,
Wuliam H. I.hk , a native oi Scotland.
As he was a stranger at his late residence, if he has
friends who desire to claim his body for burial, they will A
plcBfe apply at No. 54 Bleocker street, before twelve i
o'clock to-day.
Martin.?On Saturday, Feb. 26, Wu. Martin, aged 40 cl
His friends, and those of his brother, Thomas Martin,
also these of his brothers inlaw, Thomas and John Kelly, c
are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from his k
Into residence, No. 264 last Twelfth street, on Monday f<
nltcrmxin, at half-past one o'clock. His remains will be ?
luken to Calvary cemetery for interment
Mkaubkk.?On Sunday morning, Feb. 27, after a short
hut severe illness, Margaret Meaohsb, in the 80th year "
I f her age. rJ
The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend
the funeral, from the residence of her grandson, Win.
I enlnrnll Vft Hit Wftllfnr ttrAPf (hifl /ifnn#lav> sffnmnnn
at two o'clock precisely. Her remains will be Interred
in the cemetery attached to St. Patrick's Cathedral.
moo.vtt.?On Saturday, Feb. 2t, after a severe and
painful illness, Wiiaum H. Mooktt, aged 25 years.
The friends and relatives of the family are invited
to attend the funeral, from the residence of his father,
Kiias C. Mooney, No. 45 Charlton street, this (Monday) .
afternoon, at three o'clock. His remains will be taken to
Connecticut Earms, N. J., for Interment.
I'retkhaio'kk.?On Saturday morning. Feb. 26, after a
lingering Illness, John Phbckhakmu, In the 33d yoar of his p
age. 11
The relatives and flrlends of the family, also tbo Gcrn
an Grocer's Society, German Brotherly Society, and ?
Company C, Jefferson Guard, are respectfully invited to
4'tend the funeral, from his late residence, No, 385 e
roomc street, corner of Mulberry, on Tuesday after- '
i.'.oa, at two o'clock, without further notico. His re- a
<ains will be taken to Greenwood cemetery for Inter- ,
iient. ?
Tonn.?At Newark, N. J., on Friday, Feb. 25, of con- u
mptiCD, Wm. r. Todd, aged 52 years. b
The friends aDd acquaintances of the family, also Nor- "
em lodge, No. 6, Free and Accepted Masons; Union
' hapU r No. 1, Royal Arch Masons, and the Independent tf
i irder of Odd Follows generally, are respectfully invited u
to attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at half- p
, st one o'clock, fioro the Prcsbyteritin church, corner si
f .lames and Enex streets, without further notice. J"
Williams.?On Saturday, Feb. 26, after a severe illness,
.1 maxiia C., daughter of Wm. Williams, agod 25 years.
The funeral will lesve the residence of her father, No.
"0 Charlton street, this (Monday) afternoon, at one tr
' clock, and the services will be held at the Methodist
1 pitcopol church, John street, at two o'clock Ths
ends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully
i. v i ted to attend.
woloott ?On Saturday, Feb. 26, of disease of tho heart,
furs. Eliza w. Wolcott, aged 60 years,3 mouths and 8
days. .
Her relatives and friends are respectfully invited to at- ?
' ud the funerai, this (Monday) afternoon, at half past j,
o'clock, from her lato residence, No. 93 Ludiow tl
street. h
. sttima. cougi18, bronchitis, night sweats,
1\. emaciation, eitremr deolllty. Incipient consumptioo,
tw-aknrti. decayed emu gv, decpoudency, or any known neri.
_h atlectiou, lnatantlyrelleved and permanently cured by nature's
great reirdy?Watu' nervous antidote. pyne a co.,
icc Nassau street. 81 a bottle.
a new articl*. j
a nkw article.
phai-ON A PONS COGOINK for the hadl
PUAION a SON'S COCOINK for thk haul
rnALON A SONS COCOINK for the hair.
PHALON A SON'S COCOINK for thr hair.
Bt.fT AND cheapest articl1
BEST and cheapest article
BKPT and chkapr8t article
best and cheapest article
for pressing, beautifying, cleaning
FOR DRESSING, beautifying, cleaning,
FOR PRESSING, beautifying, cleaning,
FOR pressing. beautifying, cleaning,
FOR DRESSING. beactifyino. cleaning,
CURLING, preserving
curling, preserving
restoring thn hat*.
restoring thk hair.
restoring thr hair. t
restoring thk hair.
inquire for phalon a son's ooooine.
inquire for pilalon A son's ixkjoinr.
incjrtp.e for phalon A son's coootne. i
dnquike for phalon A son's ooootn
inquire for phalon A son's cocoine.
beware or counterfeits.
beware of counterfeits.
beware ok countkrff.lts.
large bottles, fifty centr.
small bottles, twenty five okvtg. ?
smai.l bottles, twenty five of nts. 11
For aale by all jobbera, drugaiata and fauey good* dealer*,
In every Dart of tbe u ailed SlalM.
Depot, Noa 617, 497 and 197 br0^"j^^orfc p
grovkr A baker's celebrated f
family sewing machines.
new btyhk8 at reduced prices.
no. 496 broadway, nkw york.
no. 162 fulton street. brooklyn.
Bartholfb ?
rewind machines
reduced from 860
10 66A. TO TO 86ft.
OtUoe t?9 Broadway.
LOOAL AGENTS wanted. d j, leyv, Agent. '
Burdsallb abjfrta uimin curbs bob ?s.
paloa. barns, swelling* rheumatism, to, Ac. Arn c*
pteeoiaea (be greatest healing and sooMng p/swern. This U di)
al la made *7 combining arnica with a holing and ye ior
tfeg vegetabh aid for ailmec la of man and banal; II la w thiut
eijoal told ay nil druggWn.
Baldnbss of long standing
Cured by the magnetic salve. Conrad Pedis, .Vyask. N. T.
ror aale by Dr. 8. IT SMITH, 323 Canal street, near Chu-nba
uid druggists; alao by C. P. Wells ,1 Co , 115 Rranklli* street.
L> containing no mineral, la for tale by 0. K RUKAUP
rulton street, N, Y.
J male, or sickly child, la magioaL Try 1L Per sale by
Ira HatB, Brooklyn.
U ral fonnd In It. Per aale by all druggists everywhere.
73 suit the penes of all,
No. 211 llanedway,
OppcfteSt Paul's Church.
Since formerly occupied by (i*uin, Hatter.
llesb cured without pain, no that the Ipo* can be vrjrn
tnmedlttely after the operation without toe least mconredence
la the patient by Dr ZaC'llARiE surgeon thiropeiist,
7b0 Broadway, lie:era to the j.bysicit.ua uud surgeons o(
he city.
J vailed aa a specific for all manner of epileptic fits falltog
ickness. spBoiiiH. convulsions, nervous debiiltr, Ao. 1 imuma
lalsof the most undi.ubled character evidence its great worth
nd certain relief in all cases. For tale by 011 ANDl.PR M
lAYl KB. C Walker atrec: Nrw V. rk
Cj Btr*el, between Broadway and Filth avenue ?A. JT.
I.F.KOKfcR, HON A CO will sell at auction, am
ues lay, March 1, lsbti. at 12 o'clock, at the SferohanA?
scLaige?t<n lhiCy second street?1 be fir?t claan brows ?
lone house and lot 31 West Thirty second street: lot 20
1 bo.9; bouse OA leet, titree rooms deep througUout; frnenond
Knis und all modern improvemenia. For maps, terms. Am.
ppls at No. 7 Bread street, AC mutJeu lane, or to Charles Kd*
iiirus, Ks-t. By order ot the exeoutors id Wiulttu B. vdudlnb
J Gold and sivcr pencil cases.
Pen holders, Jtn.
Manufacturer. If3 Broadway.
Gold pens (mode to order) at Irtnn
F) lo per Uitm.
Order. respectfully solicited.
in acoonm of hi. removal next May to 6)3 Broadway, few*
wren Hi.nitoc and Blrrrker streets, his selected stock of law
>orted French gas fixtures, carcel and moderator l&mpm
doc.., liionzes, statuary, candelabra#, and rape seed ott, jHE
ec aired.
Highly important to both skxes-marrisv
or single, In health or diteuse? MEDHLiL AliV'LHSft
l.VD M REIaQK GUIDE. 30th edition. Over MJO page*.
2wo. ekrh; 100 elcclrotyped engravings. Price $L By a
elebrated Paris and l,ondou physician and surgeon, now of
lew York city. This Interesting book should be In the hnnda
f every adult pen.on. as It Imparts knowledge all hare sought
jr In i sin in any v her. Hold and mailed to any part of Baa
;uatry, by W. A. T0WN8END A CO , id Walkeratreet. S. t
01) K
dnced In six weeks by uiy unguent $1 a bottle. Sent tw
ay address. R. G. URAH AM, 15 Ann street.
> nkckivm rik STEsMsa.
Hare received some new groups for the stereoscope by last
An assortment of over *1.001 kept constantly on hsnd.
Family groups of from five to twenty perso.is, taken for tht
lereoacope, arranged In draw ing room scenes, presenting tha
aoat lifelike pictures that can be had. Specimens may be see*
t the store.
Stereoscopic boxes for exhibiting the views, from 75 cools
0976. _
a the ?i it Isi i can tn Dae demand far then admfeahM
nacbines?it has trebled within four rsnnfew Inrllralns tfeo |R>
irtng prosperity of the country.
The prices oi our mscelnes bare been greatly rndtmod
L M. SINGER A OO, 4M Broadw?.
J 1 be new family sewtng manhlnag at >90 and W? art tfel
acting universal attention.
In si! essential good qualities they tn muck tha bert MM
tune ever offered at s low price.
L M. SINGER A CO., 488 Bnadwtfh
j been Induced to buy sewing machines which will not par
*rm the work that purchasers expected them to do, are InSna.
d that Singer's machines never tall tn do say kind of sat
!o one la ever disappointed tn these machines.
I M. SINGES A oa, 488 Broadway.
T1IE LEDGER, containing the first Instalment of (Ms
opular story, will be ready Tills .MONDAY) AFTERNOON.
11 o'clock.
About three years sgo we published the ftrst original story
,-nuen by Sylvan us Cobb, Jr., for the LEDGER, entitled
lheOunmaker of Moscow." AttbatUme we had only abook
tghty er nlnetv thousand circulation, and the paper was not
lectrotyned. The demand for back numbers of that date WW
re consequently unable to supply, while we hare those manning
his other stories This demand, ae all the newsdealers
re aware, has at length become so large aa to be really annoylg,
in asm uch as to au the seekers we are compelled to yield the
ante disagreeable "No" (bran answ?r. Theses hath boundst,
ot it seems aa if tee popularity of that story has uone. We ata
lerefore. concluded to repub'ishit. But a small proportion
f our present readers hare ever seen It, and most of then
ai.t to see It again. The value of the story?and it* inter eat,
such a thing is possible?will be enhanced by new and fins
lustrations. It is a departuie from our usual course to reuhliih
anything; but the voice of the people demauds It. and.
.though we do not believe the stale Latin maxim, "vox populx
ix Del "jet we strive to obey both,consequently ??unt ohaars
of the Uunmaker of Mosco v will appear lu the I.K.U JJarn.
be published this afternoon, at one o'clock
The LEDOER will also contain the following original contbulions,
written expressly (or Us columns:?
By os? who keeps his e>es and ears open. .
A religions eotemporary in thl? city has a prominent eoutrtutor
who has evidently caught the spirit of the LlDOU
ontrlbutor " who keeps his eyes and ears open," If, indeed,
e does not actually seek to imitate him. At least, to our
lougbts?as Ihet oocur -lead us to believe; but striking Mmiirities
are often exhibited by productions remote In their
Br Jou.v O. Sax*.
An Illustrated poem.
Br Ota. Uso. P. Mohris.
Br I. B., A DxscemdaST or Aa.iR BgADeiKSST.
3t Aura Caret
Bt Amu a Cora Brrtma
BT Mrs Houihworth
By Krm a Ax icr Browrr
Br PR. S. Coritor SRiri
BealdeI atorlee, eketrFee poema, RR-1 editorial*. tee
mmerona ic mention.
TO K R h V S
Pab-nt applied Dir.
The iubaeriber. Rfxcr rarefiu atxidy and rarloue expertraeala.
>n? eucceeiied In cenrtrnctlnst a Freezer, wnl. h, for strap',Ictla.
InrahtlltT .-epldtly and ,|ua)ltv of IU (induction, to uboiurBm.
ml cannot fall to become a unlvereal favorite.
To e*U?x? dm IncrediilouR. there will be weekly public axW>
Ilium nl lid* Freezer, at No. 9 Piatt atreet. to prove Ma abtllkE
i) do all that la claimed for K. Size*, fr an 3 to >) nutria.
The undersigned will dtopnae of hie atook of HA9RT.RE
RF.KZKKH, now on hand upon favorable te-ma.
K. P. TOR KEY. Manufacturer,
No. 9 Piatt etreet. New York.
Alao, manufacturer'* wholesale a*rat t"r the eeiebrekeS
'Obi Dominion" i olive and lea pole, aud Arthur a patent a*MicalltiR
cane and Jars
Warranted fie# from '.amyneae.
No ?1 Breed way
Corner of Da? etreet. Mew T/tm.
JT4-. Atiarr.-I ' {<) uouble e le watevrr'jof eewed boolR,
93 J) double *vo 'c? uootr, w# rr ted ??'.?',1-tcrr.

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