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WHOLE NO. 8219.
I War Preparations Continued on
the Continent
Austria Objects to Discuss the Italian
Question in Conference in Paris.
fardiuta Likely to Precipitate the
More Complications on tlte (>anuHiiteii
* Ac., &c.( Ac.
The fc-fw (luamnhlp Jura, C-pt. Moortto, winch loft I
Umipooi about ulcro'i o'clock on Friday, tholHtb of Feb
Iiaary arrived a'. tbm port oarly yoaieruay mo.-mug.
Tbe now* ,h two d.'.ys later tlian that brought by the
"J of WMtimore, and is rutber important in Its character. I
k tk'fpatcb, dated In London on tlio 18th of February,
noeivcd just previons to the Bailing of tbe Juki, says that
Atuti tu *yr<it io tend a rtpretmlatim to tho J'aris Oonfovmce,
prev\d*d England and Prussia will sua runt :e thai
| M>t ltruan quatien ?Aall not le ditcutted.
According to tbe Pari* correspondent of tho London
iVaj peremptory orders bwl been given to too cbambcra
f etinmfrce in France to abuUui from giving expression
to tb ?ir e rdont Witbet for peace. I
tbe I.ondou I It/all Paris correspondent sUUn tha'. tbe
> wktiv army of J.yons bag been placed on a war footing,
? ?< tb&t its eqrtipag't di campaigne have bee* ordered to
Ttt got in readiasrs without delay.
Tbe advices from Paris arc dated on tbe l'tli of February.
La J'retie lad received a warning for an .irtlcla
precisely of tbe n.irao tenor as Uioeo which it h.ul bocn
publishing for weeks; and the general supjiceitlon was,
ltd tbe measure was taken on the representations of the
' Awtritua ambaBH.-idc r. The warning liaJ a gool effect on
tbe bourse. HetiLos on tbe 1Vtb ult. advancod acr.rlyper
lent, but the rise was not fuHy sustained. The closing
<1 rotations wcra 08 for money and 67 90 for account.
It if. rumored ih it M. (lias. I .a tit to, tbo Pu is banker,
ao?i two English houses, were about to undertake tlioMcdicoriti^e
Tho Vans correspondent of tho Ix>ndon Tint, ass.irts, on
totttworlby gronnd, that tb?i King of Sardinia la detor?in<
it onma^Mg an attempt to drive out tho Air>triin?,
w.Ui the object of corstitutlng for hirapc'.f a kingdom
Strang enough to resist Austria on the oaohand,aad
Trance on the other, if nf'.d be, and that it will coaiprlso
Venke and at loacUwelvo ml'lioii i-objects. An absolute
certainty wi,s 1-It at tbe Cotrt of Turin that Franc 1 Will
kelp Piedmont gains'. A'-.stria, and that Russia wi.l bo
?B licr pirVTOiy tr Austria do io i to agus. a;oiie, mu
rtiV">!? a;.il openly if any other i'owor u:s.at Austria.
Enf.'Uivi Mid ]'rua?ia arc cxp.xted to bo neutral. TUo
aixne in a' v rU:d to be th.> deliberate plan of Die King of
SmiIiiiu and Inn Utbliiot, and nothing but th' vrilh-irawal
?i Franco will Oivort them f 'Oin It.
Hie 1\?u; and AcH'l, ol thj 18 th alt., both ropo. t l\.i. '?
0:1 tho l'tli, Mid a bettor feeling prevailing at an
I nlv#tec of_Sg. .Mark t, however, Uuntin;ite Discount
I Market unchangedThe
teWeraphio cows received tc Ixmiou or. tbo nmv.t
af Htii 'lit, from lbs rwu't.ntn PrlncipalitlM, in rantnb.it
alum.ag. Tlio n-w l'rcmdent bad ulreo-iy dorreed
tbc uuiou of Wulkcbla aud Moldavia. The i'orto won des|W<lilil'iL
more tioops lo the Danube. There iB, wo arc
i Wild, tbc i>rj*6ibiJity ol a "lurkish and Austrian army rrur..hnig
into the Pa&'ibiau Irincipalitios, in order to prevent
Q?' Kaii'id iliiB from becoming a united i>eop!<. under Trinco
Couxa, their universally elcetod Uonpodar. France, K\iacbt
and 1'iclmoLt *11! obj.ot to th!d,und England n.ll
yioUibly nuppjrl lu.-kcy and Austria. Cat in order to
?D<!TtHbuid tbe d<u.| "r which tb.ca'.eaa serious oomplivaMone
m that quarter, it should bo known that if ibe VIo'.loWallaibun
tcii .tJry is attempted to be occupied by an
Jtuatro rtii'KiBiJ army, wo nu; c?iiai a tuvuu ui ourvat,
Bmxa uud tho k>i*i;d of laii'J.a.
Tko Bombay ma.l of il.a 25th of January arrived u>
Jktvi.inJm, with .B>i<orU.ot news from lnd.i, on tho Utu
Tho ljigHth campaign in Oude wu i nded on t!ie 8U1 of
Jaaiiary. Ton rebel lead era had surrendered. Tho lie
ruiii. Willi aumo follower*, hail i'.ed into Xopaul. Nana
Sahib wiih supjootd to bo with thorn. Ixird C.ydc was un
: 4 bin way to tacknow. All tho forts destroyed, an.I 400,"00
stand of amu; gunendorad. a liboi-a! Zoroindaroo roUIoincnt
wa" frolng on, and wiik to be finished on the 10th of
February. Tuntia To(>oo was etill at la:ge, in company
with rcri'.o Shah, but liad i ocn defeated three tirr.es in
kmwaeion. Iho VI .rreo tribes wcro ta;.i to bo timing
tumble on thu Ssludo frontier. Advices )Yoni Jaulna repott
Revere ruge.ginici la ftotween Col. Campbell and ."..000 I
Mill .
In the limine of Common*, on the lTtU of l.bruarJ, Mr.
Lover took hi* gi-nt for ttalway, ar..l Mr. Sa'oxoQ* for
ttreenwtch?tho latur taking the oath uvordicg t?i tl.e
Jcwinh inttom
Mr. Oiiticombfl gave notice that ho would move that the
reaelutiou permitting J- ws to Uw.o their S'vta, omitting the
wcrdH in the oatha, "on Ute true fu'th of a Chris t:*a," bo
made a standing order.
Mr. ttilp.it gave notiuo of Ma intention to nmvi> a roiotatnm
dei .Ming it <>kpau.rat that the man iivi-. ? ui
pi am by the ^nveroraout of India should to.'.*.
Mr. Piaiaoli mat'd that the prei.ru.nnrieB between the
British ami A uatrian ROVorniti nta tor the eoimtr icU >n ??
, a telegraph ! no to Alcxan lria h:iJ boou apreeJ r.pir., but
tbe (HTHlM i.ad not 1' M I |gl ML
I^nvn ww given Mr. Ayrion to bring !n a Ml t/i swoon
iw?v 4&.11 Irgal dlntim 1I01.K b> iwocn uew>.,ui era and other
In tlio Houne oi I/>rdn, oti iho 17th ultimo, tb eut*' of |
alUim in tho Ionian Inlands claimed at tout! in. Vlin liirl i
f Carnarvon ?aid tlwt the vai lout doc'imeu x which h.ul '
ap|x'ar?u In iho jupora were perfectly autheu'.iu.
Tito I.iri of Ikiiliy deprccuted u i*rtial d.?oj? . n of
tiw matter, and on bis svig?tr'tiOri tbu Hubjeet wa* di(>ii)>cd.
I* m tiouH fal crca at Orleans uru mid t- e - u 3 , u?
twelve million' of Irani*.
M. do l*M-ips Iffti'aria on tbf 1 fit U ult. for Alexandria.
>r the est-i i'.g purpose ol romrnvneing th<> Snex c-'iual.
'In tio 1 .'.tii ultimo tbo ' j/w <lfi tnouft ol a ittufat i.'jnntm
? * 1 Pad to tho Frill .1 -cuutC, bavllitf lor ite > ct
to incrcam frcm i,;i(i0,"00 franot to u,200,o<i0 ti'aucn thr I
annual dot Awn of tho I'rlncop u'd l'rlnec ?e? of the tin
purtal liiBi'.'y; to allow I r.non N?Tw)|?oti lUcsoni 01 ->011,000
fraocn lor Inn 11 rriaf ?If eni i and ooat Of wtibiiab |
nctu.a > 1 to fit tl litil' rv of tho Prlnww Clctildu.
Tlii> .l.unt'r nf tb. friends "1 lb.' vote r>y ballot Uxiit
l*we in Jflii um on thv litlt ult. ?.r Cbarlot Naplot, In
rrturnliig thank* f<r tb> navy, ten.!! fpi kc with fear of
Km '1 onch naval power. He chairman, Mr. Borltiloy,
?rprotii?>i! douM* hi-- to tin iwmibillt) of tho or n-'nt go"vernm.-nt
(irlxiraliny a liberal reform >411 Iu apologizing
^jf tott 1 11 <i|. iii tuui c, \h HiiBht aa.d the 1 . ! 1 j irty
to a ballot p rty, and Hi t any utb inj?t to give aatlafiiction
Vtfhoiu tl; b-illot mnat full.
C*?rrcH|njiid?-ril of tho l.oudon Wilting from
V. wrouv-r'r Inland on tho 17th of IHicoirlcr, nnyt ?
.^firo hi gold burr *nd aoinfti.lng mom. ru in 1a a
III'1 liUlirtt^, a rlrli iot|. atnd fthtriiluii'i- nf L. i f-jvern
ohil \?n{lo<'or* h<?v? IfiunJ aoTornl |?w b< twroii th
atom, tain* wt'ii h ol>tru!r botwuvn Caniula and iho Pnclilc.
I thro uxl> wlilali nven railway* inny r>>>] Thi' bflnullota'
I rmuH ? tw? ta b?y id -n.-- ? n< II * I, ;?
?|i irront*, add to l u?liiiiJ * gritntiK^ iuiJ |>rouporiiy.
I Thu Ha wo write." nddj, however. that oonsilor Vulo li.vdI
tihtpB in th? rppor country from Iho Kcinity of
I pTOTWhtm. Tho atlncrs 01 o ri .luuod to bono flonti, Ik light
from I to* !ivii..i.? at <ino to ono Mid a liulf do!, irs |ior
I |w>uu<i. fho Wlou r doi not a| i>oar to bo noToro or likoTy
t... .11) mil.:. ^ 1 ii Mil , thu rc|>ortii ' the
K i ir.liin i i n[ tt.o l | >tM,r ff.u r river, about tlio l>ir!;? f the
FraMr ami Thomiu on ' 1 ""Ivor*, and tbo (xmnlry b.n IlLtferitis
?>.> ' il<M. S '-lr "P l'o" mi t. t.
TI.p IiiicIii'mi of I/'lnfc.^'r died at Mnyuooth, irulnnd, on
hi) Wh
tiigi ih war iliiitoor fvr iho iwiety of wii li
'om? uiictjf wu felt, bad arrl e*l >t B-rskaryn? *J1
> 11.
Market*. 1
(From the Liverpool Tost (city arts le), Fob. IS '
i'iiOKolc opf Kfd id Jondon on tho 17tu at yctste- ay't
(lf?h) rJofn? prkw, and finished firuier, aitboug. bo
at meir reel point, F-Ai'ways lOmm.mced steadily, and
k'fl elf (rood, Foreign stocks began about the same and
ilosed bitter. ("losing prices:?Consols for money, "6X
aj<; de. for aeconpt, OJ^a?;; three per cents, 9fl: ,
Bank stock, 227 a 9; Exchequer bids, large and small, 34
a 7 pieniiMu.
To ere wan no export doir.and for i?pld, and the recent
supplies were chiefly purchased for the Bank of Kngiaut.
Cousols closed,after official bourn, at 96 5-10 a 7-ltJ.
J.nnupooL Cotton Mm in, Thursday evening, Feb.
11.?The ccuianil continue* very /ood, and n >ldert ,
ucft it freely at tbe advance on lost Friday's quotations
I t. i aler. ureegiirrated at 10,000 bules, of wblab 1,600
American arc on spit illation, and 600 American aul 40)
Miiatt arc for export*.
, Saltt: . < Imports ,
Hreritoitiy lyr?oimi%li
Visariftitm I'rutt. today, thit week. lb-day. tkii we-k.
liner jf.. a 8,400 43,500 3,004 10,716
I^yj-iru A alOJi 400 1,900 ? 2,<007
Peinam.. .8 a? 00 #10 ? .100
Habit.. . .1 a 7)4 400 tl?4l ? 87
Maiaiibft<Q8 a? 5o 300 ? 1,329
Herat.. ..tj.u (,% 700 :;,000 ? #,841
Total 10,000 60,000 3,004 8U/.79
10,C*0 3,004
Total since Thursday last,.. 60(000 36,693
Total speculation this week 11,800
Total txport tbiE week 6,200
Nupor.?'Wo have no chaogo to notice in our market; 70
bLill'. ii 'in vara are report'' I at lbs. 3d. to 31*8. 0-1., an J
6,400 Vaii l'orunwrt, In bond, at 24s. Cd. per cwt. Nothing
li..s been done in nolows or mm. Cofleo.?1,200 bags
Cape lb')U havo mHnd 493. 6d. per cwt. from m qn 1j,
lij. rt. ooh.?160 tons .-it. lominno logwood at fA 2n. ?>d.
(all faults J small rale ol Kokuite camwood at ?10, and a
lew t"iih of bar wood at .C3 10s. por ton. Allies dul', at
late iiitec. IiUiotujitevd.?lOo bag ; at .Jos. Cloverseed.?
300 bafi lluo Amerwan red at 62s. Tallow.?1*. Y. C. 54*.
per cwt Hof in.?IOO tiblH. common at 4s. 10d.,anl .1
t. w bbls. flue at Ka. por cwt. Spirits of turpentine 40g. rtd.
to 41f. per cwt. I'ig iron ?Quiet market,o'.osing with sell
uit at 62s. fourteen t'ayg, and 62s. 9d. tbreo months'
open; buyer at Tils. 00. fourteen days, aud 62s. Od. three
I omion j*H<iiii< K llasuQ', Thursday, Feb. 17.?Sugar
qi. ot, Snt both raw and refined tirm. CofFse.?Native
and plantation Crylon again ratlior higher. Tea.?Fair
business, although nuclides declared for next week.
?l iW. r . .ilillM In (linimul' bAtbw Kft?b not nuu li
runted, t?alt]rtro?Buy em I'or urn val, but dull oniric
y\io\. 'l'allcw quiet.
Tbi iipdjiv EtTMao.?On 'Change tallow at.6-s fid. to
fi'.Y. Oil. ou til': ?pot, 62s. Oil. March : .-iolU'rs), aud i-M. 3d.
to 0?k. td. for la?t three months; Untoed oil ut 2thi. 6d.
to 26s. '.*d. Scotch pi,; iionut bit). 9<1. to 02s. A giiittll
lot of p litpctM Bolil at lull prices. A cargo of H o Crande
migar wan also sold for the I'nite.l Kingdom. A number of
burgt truMMMtott in rice.
City Intelligence^
s?n <iv i!i> I'akki h Tamtam.?Messrs. J.eavitt A Co
closed the fcalc of this collection Sat-.n day o-ght, th.i wholo
n: the i;mr-'.oj;ue having been gone through. hi gcuorai the
jitHts ringed iij-hei' than ut a-iy sale which h.il t ikuu
pinco under the h:i?oriier within the last lew years.
Amongst the bnokr ro'<l on Friday and Saturday wore iho
following:?Eona['.*i tc's Aw:ican Ornithology, fotir'vo!s.,
lo'.io, half morocco, *.14; D/idguwakr Treatises, tw..l\o
v )! ., Dana's Geology cf the I t>i<! states iixploring
tii ditiou, tnO; Darwin's Zoology ol thf> Vuyiig' of 11. M.
> '. Keagle, >18; Donovan's X;toral liis'.'?ry of British Birds,
ten \ole. i fiv.:, 8v?', $80; do. do. of KrltibU in -,<:ets, six
volt;, in l i^' t, 8r?>. Ijicyok>pu:.ii.i 1>; itmni'*, seventh
edition, U" i:t)' iW' vo.s., 4io, half ltiuj t. $110;
.oiild's Birds of Ku/opc, five yuia., itaji folio, v.'50; ltar.
, ?' Autoliiia, J15, JI.jJbrofik'B Amoiluun Qu/pitolojcy,
five vols., 4io, $07 5d; Jjiiubci c'il Conns l*iuuf;,?ivo
vole., imp. 8vo, $J9; Uadh-y's l'oiiivlogia Jlritaiuiioa,
?i2 60; l.oudon'p, Arbowiuai ot Fruitoetura Uritaauloui/i,
V-0; Mrn X^judoa'a b'Vi.jAfr ( irden,$12; kl.r um's
North American Svlva, $50 70; nil's North Auiorieau
1 Vm, $ii7 7S; 1'ic'iorlu;Kaces of lion, tto, co1 Sl.i;
W'louii'B A*neii ':m Ornithology, atac vol*., Jollo, ad;
iii'. do., three vo's., Sro, $30 76, Oua impels of uericu,
tiiuf vo'a.,folio, 1 Ua, 'In. Cover.;ale ropiiuWd from
ti.o copy in (ho hia Uto;.ry, -it-j, bjuit"'. ;<i tSre.i vo's.,
**J; Waltoji's B.'? ia Sww* 1'Oiyi,, wilb Oiw*ollo's Ljxi;
on, eight vols., foi'.o, Knfe'a g'.It. IY14, U.. tu?" i TT. <apla,
two vols., 4w. *>'?l; -Ut .j.U V .ut:ns :,ihr o
voL'., folk), cl> , fail . -7 I. ?S?t F.io'e 7a;.i, ic:, j9 25;
Nfl'oiii' of Oic I 11 i*i> World. ? t- r ? ;*, lol.o, old,
nil, $-17 60. Hie total awvtu.t roi-i *< ) by th< site was
:>VOUt #16,1:00.
A.y</>Bui Yn.-ioj. Thkow ..?On lYi.lay evening, uboit
J.ah pa?t seven o'clock, a onng l?-)y got into a stigo in
J ntteuth Btr< tt for tlio purpose or going to lbs Si Nicholas
Hotel, i-.vera: well dr-wsd lilies got ii'to the a.imo
.i? it passed Rlmi.tr its rout.) Ii. ouo oirncr of t'io
fJ'.go, near tbr Joor, g.xi iuhu who appeared to i>e m.ikn
KiroDj-.B mau.pitiaiioBB as <-1 b lit ly er t..r?- Je stage.
>n tlio ium.il >>l one o: the lulit-' attV) houal ih,,vi n. n
l < u il the tllsCovvred that jKdtiOriS ol her cloil.. ilrc.^g and
I'nJor clothing wje completely lu rn ul to t ii'lor. Tiio
v.nniitigated pcamp who committed snch an anvr&rraatnd
UHtoowatO] act dcaarvw ihtMverltf of ilw l;a him
?ode. it'>k earnestly boped that a sliari'loj's o .1 iu iy ho
V"pt for thif iuIIow, and that i:p?.cdy justice uiuy be administered.
Tin: Fwsorijiaf V.ittKi ?Hnn <\ I?ktuxDKii?A
ma*- pv ot'ng of tbe j 'iirneyui i. I 'uiof'jrto
Li-Atru of litis city was held at N ). '.'-J CirutiJ street, on
Saturday rvculoK, and another If < ailed, by a Ivor! nvnt
iu t'aiB paper, at the fame place for t'liE .voun?. Tno
men (kmand an addition of fifteen per if .t to the pre
fctiil w. i rs, nnd -'.iy that if they do not get it ttwy will
Bltike and have the uhop8 iule. A dotorii iicd fei'lltijt
esl-ts anion^t them, and Ihoy are h'.ely to bo well suphy
the other trades, such a? the cabinet mikcrs,
&? ., if they stop work.
Y.yyt Yohk llreriTAi.?Tlic fol'ovnng j? the woekly report
of the above nstilution to March 4,18V ?Reiveiining
on February -j, ?48; ndoiitteJ to BUrch 4,31; ?rt?ed,
Ciiird or relieved, 29; died, 6; remaining at date, 215;
uialcs, "07 females, 38.
Caronrra' tllH' i .
Tliieo fatal iw-ualtios were reported at the Ci. oners
cll cc on Saturday. Wiii'am ''urey,' > lad abont twelve
yo.u* of age, residiui; al. No. 'H'i West Sixteenth
Street, was run over and killed hy one of the Hu'ison
F.vcr Railroad e ju s at tho corner of Tenth avenue and -i.v
tei nth street. Tlw accident wd a good deal of excite
mcnt iu tlic ncighUoi hood, aod tbr < wore made to tear
nn the tr.ick. hut lie iiresonen of lie police m Urite iiuui
b. r? prevuntoil a?y it el* of vkilonco.
A young ma*,ui.urinan. apparently about tweiity tivru
yours of aflc, niiirinrf tiotleih fuha+v non>"i tt .1 8ui?*'<le
3*. hi; rraid.Ut'-o, Nu. v. Ulan Htivot, itur'i'y morniar,
by tiunyinjc him.-!!'. Ikn ;?>.l h.i 1 b"en m.irrter! but eve
Weelr*. He wan subject to bl?<94lng at lb" Jtintf, vhioh
brmvht r.j r witnl alin itioi: an<l a determination n win
iiiit r.elfil atiuctton. Co: oner N:h.rnie hoM ui: iii<|i.o*i
iipcii I'm boav Vcnivt. J?wiU> by xi^Ud-.''
IV iiinrmu 1. Couckbn, Jr.. it fcttfVr; !?ro. r?ai?llliK at No
?i (.hr' hiird etrret, fell Intu tin'holo of tho hbip Munt
|y.OB ai P'tr !* Vu*t rirrr, ituHi.y Momlnt, ar w.->
a'nioM iiiitimly klllotf. 1 >rf?r.o't-.! . ui-r h?sM iin .I'.queit
upon tlio body. Vordlct ' 4.'oidi'UlU c 'alU,''
Kbonercr ifcitter, fotnicrly or Troy, New York, :.od <?
b iard the tsloup Meohablc. hi Ptar 48 North river, troai
ceng. i-t'ou of the brain, bi'Ki^bl a^rout by iutoinoorau io.
Dee^nacd wa? n*tj" >enr? of agi' atvl a iifUivo "T VVnier
foul, New York.
Coroner .inui 11*11 h'Mi ;;n lo<it!"*t ye?t. r )sv in th <*iw- j
ci WlUium <'ariy, tho boy who was'k.lWnl by a.uH ran
ou r in tbu Hu ison P.i.er Roilr<uil on -?t tr>' ly ironing.
The evulefe rolled ?i M tn f-h w th >! thero wrr* tin
i-?rcl' ?ntni on lb'port <* th- nonparty "n r.nn.'urvi s anil
tljo r n.lrr"it a verihet 01 " A.'Urni'*! 'lonlii," ex
enwattng tho driver from all bi nt".
Jo! n ?<fH, n clrij tr.'o j ,ur? old, 1 ".l ?y it No.
170 K? I'f 'II rtl "t, Ir >lil 1.: ? <.! ctr ,1.1 r.tly t .jfciTrJ
by tho t > lag , n of ' 1 ajs ! >r < I*
pel tori CVuunerKUiTi. -r h dan t 14- ? l:t?- ?- - ly.
Pi'llir Ii.1rl;in?ii(c.
iNoli inp of 11 *t;?rii;?? uatnre transpired n ttic p.>'loe
court* yesterday. Tbrm DCwlb< wvre urroMel for
wiling uo* |?p' r? on the ' at'i. .tiigtioc -te.!ri< J
churged tho pr rs from rustody, *mt joul h irnorodly
told tho pol'?n,an tint hs ni ' ht be rnjUrfOd in a twtlti
um?l'.ni)n UKII uwiu u; iv-l.n* JWV n??r*:x>>?. r:i
Con i ail brfwf Ut b Corn Jut Urn t,?r u Vcnhvffli on charge
of throwing vitr o! njum the drew .mil ..loilun. .>r Ml**
M.uy Anne VrMuiD, <if it Th< ni[?on *>r ot, mul n tl<<
f*u!L ol i & 11 w.i* rumm.Ui il for trial. ?'wr n Hnaloy, employ!
d in < ornish'* tiitnu i M lory, w?ui am?tod hj
< nr Mnli r \ at' livimg. oi R? Imtci'. on bar*.- I>r se lnc
tk>n, proforreU oi'nlnn Mm by Klkn MlddUt'Hi, <>r thi?<
|)!i'"?. Ji.itiii st<-w* Onlimri 4 thei prl->owr oy. r n tlie
: it -t, who itar(''ii lor Koch -m+t with Lim to t)i? .'y?i n,'
trniu. .i.iitich Ainb'itoti wan bri-mht brfrre .hi?t,. * o*
b"riic, i:ha: cJ n tl. )ilflUsg the |?H;k?t* oi Sir. S.tauid
Irwin, ol' .>! W .irri < meet, unit iw*IIdh thcnfiom i pi Id
wnUh Wi'.l thaw. <''l.nnltlcil fi r u Uil. I in; l Mahay !
w.ik loi.B'I run i "il> il iii tlif loilur ol' Hi, .foliu ,Vi);.liv<il'','i
bciitn, J?o. 8 I^l.un'y *Wi'*t, und'T nml? clri'umi???4..,<p
did not )cH?o lutii'h doulj.' of bin thliM Idi; ilo jjne. c
( 'teers ii'inmitted the pi .Minor for tna'. M.mit *1 ..ovino,
I on nil in ii v.in hir munition at tho Ijoi.k ?f R ;o|.)t \p
pel. If- HVtot niri'i l, *?.i nlro mrnnaittc l M. trial by i
jnlttco ,wuor*.
Honin: iHmp-iir 'litV. i lit. J>.tviJ Curw hi
Iririit.* <', #Iiai .'nhu loafer. an IVirl ?!imftti n li.lov u,
N. V, Oil tlio lib Hi't. 111. wlf* lirirf linen fv^iiag
f)nti?e l.ir 1 n*tor ?nBir tlmo, ftn l CArry rcqucnUM hir |n
iidtnts b(ini??. .-Jie rofnf 'I. I o"it"i nwil two other men
b'at CXury badly. wiih hI.. jist ,ii?ivc t'io ??>
ilomrii, the bill pflwinr through Mm body and loi(."iir 'n *
Vi re |>f? I it tm du I a I it. hoiirn altorwinl*, Klwtflr
mvft tun iif on Uki o])|?i'ite *Mr> of th* *t reel from Cirri's
I oil* \ ami mi ! r w.iy in htl work. JI" wd.i alvint tli: ?y
j cm a of nuc, ai.il a Kii.tr^v Ourry was Iram liai-ly
iirrotfv'1 i?Ml ciiniwiiU" ! t'? jail. Tlwio iacoimi'larabii hiI'aui'
m H?Uvu? iii iv/xid U> it.?.* ' nion
Af>m* 4.
W Y ()
rhe Pff Hi h and EngUih Attempt to Croat*
Juarez?Practical Karopcan Intervention
In Mexlean Affair*?President Juam'i
(Statement to the R?pabllf-JIIi*nMi?'i
Support In the Capital, die., At'.
Vma Cues, Fes. 21,18W.
Tht <>utr??eoui Demand* of F/tnce ami Ktytavd?Ojjlcial
Xtatmini of Sew* Ucmij??Hml/ the litmaiainy
lievenue JhmanJtd fur Mir ovum, <?f., <f c.
I herewith enoloee a copy of a circular from ocampo,
Minister of i oreign Relations to tho Juare* dOvurnmeut,
adareemd to the Governor of ibis Stain, but intended to
bo read by the nation and the reel at the *or!J.
It is an important document, getting fortb in plain
wordi: the 'remo measures taken by France and England,
and thrown information upon lo*.a) moltenj of Qli?
Yet the tociOlof yoar reaitc-s here it thfi traiiaiatini:?
Miihi Titjuut-vr SrR:?During tiio ' *?'- wmt). iho commandei
i ol ;h.i naval fonVn ?at:cuea at Sai ri&cioa have
r^eavrt wu!i more nrp*ney, ??the mow of '.n? g.irerntnente
of Kngland and France, the chuins which, on tho
ground ot withholding the payment <'f rec>gnU?d delita to
eltizena o( both nations, tho Ministers of '.beso two I'owere
had be n addrenlog Vj tho medlstio:i of thuir Oonsata to
bis rxfllency S nor I' Vauv:I (J. /weora, am tho Coreriior
f f tho State of Vera Ouz. In proportion m tfo
notra multiplied, the uiginclra aUo wont ou increasing,
lint tho representative character of the person to whoui
they were aildicssed waa cbangod a lit'.le. As Lib Kxirlkm
j Vonor /amorain hlaouiuintini'^ ioBs afilrmod that
b.s gavi-rniiit it was a oaito tha> of tho }Icx>.An#<ipnblic,
but tha' it did not rejireg ut tho litter in it* relations with
foreign 1'. wcis, and as ho likewise stated thai his Jurifldlctiou
as Covynor did not extend b > ond hla H'ato, it bo.
uuii! BwoFary lor I tear Adni.ral I'onud aud Comtnodjre
IUiniop gia'l. ally to recognise, although ji an ndlreot
u: nner, the government ol hv-i Excellency tho conatltutkmiii
i*rts]<l*nt. Thus, in Ibeir hat communications tlioy adurefitd
tbemiielvca to his Kxoellt-ucy tho Governor of
\Y;a i.'ruz, is the regular mediator bet;tcm tho govirnr.itnia
of her Britann'o Majesty and hui Majesty tho Kin
pei or 01' France, aiitl of tho chief or chiefB ol the party
whoh'.' headquarters aro in Vera Cruz.
At t .e outset there wan only a question of ccasiiij ail
nurj* tfion of payments of the foreign ilol)t an-i penuiDjj
orcleif. l.itcr tiny insisted ujwu the Urltrof I85ti heiuti rcc??ftfcJ>heit
ir. a!I its vij;."<r,ai?d ?t ompfflisation giv-ju
lor the diflcronie wilich ixlisted between what would
have corresponded to such d?bt3 it' the duties had boon
paid according to the quols-i of the tautr ol raoriumo
dulit 8 of tho 31ft January,an.I bnt^een thoso which
reunited from the liquidations ol the amo,made according
<j the il? dud; jrib do .reed by tha StJUo of Vara Cruz ia
Jan:.iry end March, 1858. 1 hey Insisted r;vou the payment
of tho arrears, which, in th" aatee year, took, place,
on ail loccgnized dcuta, and ti c utslgoiiicnt of a new per
ccBlage was demanded to compcteate lor the Bald'rrreiim.
Thry demanded immodlntc payment am! u lemniOcation
K>i ih'- loE*e* and damages of the sums vhich,a,s a forced
loan, Governor (jatza, in Tumpico, had exacted from various
foro'gneis. fhey likewise ta? s?.ed up^n a s'.-.tainont
of Ihi account, l>>th lru;;li>li and I'rineb, Jar 'J.e wivjle of
the j <ar 1808, uiid a monthly statement of tho sumo for tho
following }cur being piescntod. lastly, they demandod
the irinin:u of Sr. Urfci .ti: 1 hb b :ug ari: .1 .>ij account
of tho matter of tire fowl loan !u Tamyico.
A ki.oi t t m< after the constitutional government ufSr.
Jiaie*, in consequence of the cventd known to your ?xcelltncy,
had been transferred to this port, ia>tico was
i-ittu by it. that tho funds aarlifned to the English and
French t ebls would continue o bo set apart a.'id hauded
ov\i to the respective creditors, llicrefore, thoro was
good reason to reply to theflift reclamation Sr. Zamora
locc.ved?h.? Kxcellcncy the President alrnuly residing
i*<l ? Iliat v,hat was demand 1 by it ho hai already ordered
to be (lone, o'jt of respect tho governmcEt of Sr.
Josres nsd to tlw wmceuenta entered int-? tij Itoilnii,
anil out of the de3iro to boo a Btop pat to tl:? almost conHunt
Y,.uit oi' exactitude in the pa., wonts of winch almost
ail administrations of the republic had :>eon guilty.
Ii v o.i,J be urelefB to enter iuto a. the det'jihs Ud 9j>??
riilcati 'iia of th.i< kind of negotiation; and thus you will
! Iin:t :i. . t'> ind.cat'! .rii'iii.ar.iy lie reatuii.: wir :i? lr.3
> .i. ii. 11 y the President made . ?e of u th-i repii h i succesm
?)y addre.^ed to tho iiovn of Baid Meters. Fenaud
Bad J. u.t?p, and 1 Mbo.lt add bciori.hand w)iat those genn
en declared 'r. the n une of tho Ministers of Enguuid
ui a Krjn."f, and according U inwructiuBJ IVoui tlio goveinT).
i t ; of th'.Bo iwo couutr: v.
Atinov.(edging, aa w?b ju?t, tbu noil founded com*
j. aiii'e i( owr Ci .'Otters n.Ui r?<:srd to 'Ac almost constant
uuttManty ic the pojmebU, the l'/eaideut be?;jn wun
'ttiuK th^M anght, and offenD^ that, as far it de3>e:?
J on hia ajmui.atru'.ion, hu woiui no longer penult
.*,out oi ite aiobt lively rttB'.ro h? haa tbat Hexioo way
H.q?iie. by ;v rooi'. ntano nUr'ita, iae reo^ocatblHty 'trvd
cKtMt which urs o'jtum.'d only Ly a onat?at riapeet for
j ifctic or ate a^Jbrded only u> m . who rof *e" ;ea far?!o
ji.'d i iwcr*?in either of wbicb Jtcxica is xuii'aitunatsly
Ai'ti Itt're. Rf was j'itt, the prnU and f.'ll rln'it tbcSicVs
f v ;. id m're nu fits -. I Otf fftn by
tbe ?ii fedion of Br. torn onion tw rop.hlio hoi rt.uami.J
withovd a chief, and Lie lability wl.nh consequently
devoh dcu Vera Cruz tor. , wlkit it deemed tho
nn st convenient to its port, ho refuse 1 a!! ^ )n\wc :atlcu
fur the din::ci.ee of dt'lii h hct<v-.en tl:-lir.fl of liOo uid
Die, d iuiiictions introduced a \ ra 'V< z It was not to
be (or -, 'led that the nat'irr.i r-ieht- which the c>vcra
ii nis oi all nations nu,o ol teUViRB'ng in uicn' doiv
u'liuiiiiHtratiob wbdte.cr tli > i' oru t-Oiiv uiwit
should suitor any restriction
fin con; eut?-d to re c?tftbll.'h n ihsvio'c "tr "th .ir.d
v :^cr tLc- tarn! of 1860, ai t;c' X. oi w'i. b li. aeon re's . -it.
Vac com man dors of tbc naval fm * bad a'., aly been
nude acioalnted with the dcair; of t!w gorcivmcnt lo
cobiiauo I'avorii'K eontmercc tvlth red?3tlon>s, as a < omin
tMh? lor tl i Don aJmis ,i?c o' iiierolmndls# to tbo int<
>ior mark)whoio t^i y b nlj.i iy lind Ct .r cuatoinus,
and the i,ovcrnmcai d^alainud v^atoyar damage
nnj.lit lo'lott fiom that Innovat'on, putting 1!, aa It was
libt, uu ih 5 responsibility 'il vU wo w 11 l.'KUC' "1 >u
History will isp'ain tho motive t:.at engaged tho il.uUters
of Vrancc nnd Knglan-i to tnako tlrj demand. It is
undid, nt lor my purposa I > declare n f'tre you thai, aa
what wen drii>and:d w;.s toat tlio >a: ;.tatn>a.V. gvtmnn.ent
should collect twenty per cent n; n o Htm what m collected,
us to ttat amount tlio >\ mus ofth.- tar..t" ;o iiouaoqu<
t.c of tho decrees of tbc Sutfo of Vera Crux h.-iv: boon
d nuu.'hed, it corccntod to re estnbl.'sniug art' .ie X. of
said tsrilf. If was wall understood that It did not re.-.ifr
niv.e any right of any nation whatever to latcii'e.ro w.ili
lb . b -m .i'alrsol any other Ballon. ItU . . dan to
fXI'br.i that the ball'of the <l itn . wl.? i>, cunlai :.iabiy to
aitltfle X. js to bo paW In M?nioo,v.;>i:M l>e a^plif 1 t?j tho
j,ay nil nt of foreign debts, ?bout aekU'mLdg.U;; any
right In t!>" uairpcrs who are oc upying tlio ci, :t:il to tip'preprint
to liietnsolvev any amount of this half of tho
out ICH.
Hiiro wan acknowledged tbo rn.!,' existing aa to every
account current to eiaiult''';i.*' actrtl ?UU, and ;.ti oi'.Vr
Map mado to present U<o gcneia! atateuicnt >, WW, rind n
order ilf presentation lor th - lodow.r.g n*"u'.hs, which i?
already ordered hy a cireu'.v. o February 2j tlio Inft.
Tl.o authorisation wh eh wan dcasftu.lod f >r amenta no
nnnatod by the Mi/'ish and lr< r.c- rredilms to e~it tioo
oar niftuin boosei1, bivaig a free adin tvanw to Uuir
lei nr.papers, wu absolutely rclnrcd. Tho ci ?><fi<-nt'.onsm
i-s o: ?ur rwnpioblty ana ifc<? toflai itlmii i.o
uu.l inijiartial, are enough to justily tho ?oj icuuri of na.'Ji
n buniiliatlug claim. Tliero wo? a tit..- when soino aUaurietiutiotiH
gToulwl tho ownem of I ug iab botnls privilego*
ud set ur u< dl boi orablo to Mexico, without U: ropnhlio
having for tbfttrcatoa bo<;L moro ciilcacioua a.'it! c?f
ieutio\,? in it; imymcuu", or tbo ored.lors more religl'aos
V 18 i. 'tht ' upfin; b .t. iil'Mlj the Commanders Of tl:
i v# ion ? iii the (inIf J Mod fr.jrn it, doiaiintt v.!
est ti.u gtt'lUfc' 11" otlior o\(ilui. utian tli.ili tbu ?oJC:\Ul
liiotcft, i) i.l itny J id iiiii roitijiuii; i.? Irjnl ibu govern
iiiuDtv. II i I'lxceliLiny iivaiutnt Jua.-< i.
\ fircut good foitvi o it vi:i?, oi a: , wt! <vnt u?t it w
toch, tba' .i ./ii Kt .n which wancrejetiod by * U< ownitloii
?bio. il. ll iil tlio llbci al* of Mexico wro liuuiite aul p?o
pic Wbo n -K'Otct no r.^1-?>.- i 1 j: innately ..-r uiBated.
W. bad, 'ii oidoi to rope, luorii pM'totihioas,Donm
Oi ?bU- Tvtl' exafcgorbt. d, ii< .iii - bill >'.r ic i >ini,'.hr
prod ri;,tit, utid, If Jon wii pcrma On.'. to t ty it, t.io a...
i< *:? m. n I'orPuuii probity, wlii.;h nobeiy ruBt'mu to
U'.ore wl? utti.. liy t avc tlic ! >:?! r? imBsi'.'iity of i c
const,lot ual i'ovt ininout.an.l in our \.b.< I, cuKicelkacy
tlio l'resldMt. Tl.n om:.uj.uii waa erltfcMi. Xlie
threat* which hurt k<vn made could havo t.\*ly boon car
ii. v! ??\it th (llKintront cHit f< iw. ** i . '">d pom*
tin e iigo ! y an or. a* f n of lb a o.a. ... t,?v m n'.i.ti*
t' <t.-iiii' ! rei^ountoBUppon-; if" j -llltnkn [>i;ice .vltliiti
ami dir . wit inoe?the ic-' iu. ii .'i w.t!. wtuoli I .mi
on i Died w re f t fortu under tlK wi.rM |?"?nililo
ciirr.u.siAOf" lor tba lilxr*l >v.n??' it. by refusing
what they were founded in rjbt t<i demand,
Wo bi I > uncntm i" r ct ditora oi their wbkI rmre
vi'blHtivi ! if by graiifnit ino?c Ihtin wo* J in wo Bad
jroutked exaggerated uunounds on tbeir imrt, or If by
msiukhp . iicumFtnr.f?R and wo ivu-.ri tedto
rnnioithy dlUiOiy piocedi.ii ? uu.l mti for U.C Kdttien.<
ut I itu-w ir;.uc:?, tli?awn kmiwe u, what oxtrcml
t '??' would two bri n earned, or i> .'ii' fatal tsrnc
r^attirf woiilJ bare l""?n bioi ,,ht l'ort>:c >ly, I repeat
aiul vrry Dra- ly, the qutxltoii h m b'- u *olv id.
As to the cli.vt'JvBieat .wtl ilettltatiou of w> nor Gw.a.
tin: (?ii.naudcin of tb" oavai f?iOMM weie iiifor.aod Uiat
I'. .Ii ir Jo " do U (.ar?n, (.nv* ttor of u -ile^ted by
|MifUli>r v>vi, v?? ? !' , . i i . V v .Mm! ru.aury,
an pf.t w h'-ni lh'' govrriimonl of th* I'uion -van lin'iWc to
s< I, rn\ within the torni* it tiuitiiucil by the law*
ol tu ifftnlij Urm- yti iWi w?re uot to be ilisre*
S.kfilfil lj the viry la An wt i> fought uul i' the baa
urr l It.'' tot.: lit Hi oil .11 ?>r-'.cr to *ttVO t'll'Ul
ilikt 111 Imt liiloftiil ('liber t. ill. un.w
or lojii i.ivh him. Ap i ;uiU?1 ?a provlnjr hit i-oiuluct?
ip Ui.^i lu. t itcti and ihi> cImiu ! ** !w cn rciinCiM-Uitro
* ? rt) ,*. rir>n:, lD'.cnvrr Hti\ ^liiri1 t>H< unv. rnip, nt hiHl
<l:>:i|ii i r.fii it ironi tlif lirtt nvurtom It wm nojMnntiit
wltb tlio iwniji of Tntnplco: ii virtue whor^of the
ciri i lur i..' tho '.tHIi of Jum \ry, nlitrh you will Iihvo re fifed,
t?#F 'wjiTititcd nu<l iniHtc |>t>l?U?'.
1 hi j ill iDmnleJ?I h?'l lorgottoa to tell you, but uow I
appr i jriii t il thu' Itir tin; of l''.n|l*ii<l ?ml Vriuico
thoiild rm Ptlut<M in Tumplno wilhmit suv bll|iAtl?a on
Um!r pint lo ri-tl :n the honor; (it tt WM pulil to tin in M
ft on r.-f th? eiftiicp whirh it mn? ^ij^vkisiI thnv
i... I i i ivi it liy li.? 1.1 -"r ' ii i . t!
ton of II It were, lliui i lh< . Cm tto i wtm
finllct, lnf.aii.-n it Win In > v il t< bo foiii.livl Iri j.iisticp,
and In orler ttint It. might lice- -nw nvUlont thnl n thor
tlir ?( !> .. l.|?- i. >r k"vi>' i,unit, nor any fund uiuy
wlinl'iT rr. IhhI evt'r Unit tlK> !< ,i?! ;'iti nt'on to b? w uiling
towards fiU-nOljr I'oww hi tlf ro which ftli cirUUfd
p. iiti)<- in nnoially ultanrv.
I jUl'gMl I HIV .tll'V I'l IM.'l i 111 .lit till r 1 |m l'. Il'.irp :n
fniltlmi 1.1 ol I no order til hin Kift'llrnfiy tM I'lfKHlent,
nn I < i I' \e ll*i Hftlinii ?|> i>i wluicti" h?4
SDAY, MARCH 7, 1869.
ceenrrtd, and T profit of tSm opportunity not ov'y to pray |
you lo be pleaaeri to make it known to the lubab.tacu of
lite HUte at th* bead of wbieb you are placed, bat also to
Mldrec* you several efpecWl recommendations.
ll.o principal is to prevent, by wtutorer means which
may be sugi??i!;ed to you by yoar publio power, your
j,striatum, probity ami del tatty, from beinj; d;/ertvl j _
from the objffcta for which hm Kxcclloncy the Pre- |
wuent, in virtue of former engagements, of the republic
(lestiLod them, tho twenty live and ton per |
0 nla of the duties paid by the vcaaels, and which a:e ,
a Ikclcd to the owners qf the !,on is of tbe Englwh debt <
and to the convention of creditors of the nau;9 nation ; tbe '
twenty flvo per cent* of Uu> I'reiKb vewjeln to tao F run-:h b
ronvntion,and (ixtn t> per cent :noroof yceiew not Kreucb,
which will be tt,>pil> d by baiv<a to tbe annu J paj riicntw '
due of both connntion*, to the pending ordem of pay- '
ment u>d to tbe Indemnification of di-uap1* and lot 8^ c
wbicb may j istiflej an having boon H'idcred by their
tiliwiis. Above all, let ibfl v 'lH/srv.Cion of tbe uu)iv><toai
gutt autm be ngaiu reronmi-iaded. . "
Hit Kxcoiicncy the l'jfeldent believe <, and we big Min- c
Ittera likewise "volieye, th'it lbs ro hab lit.t 03 of I4-'\ico .
Wore the world, aud in the very eyes of her resi<scu.il
sent*, IS ini| ofc-ibic, uc!?a?i on :e for all, ar.d with the resolalion
not to aiatdon it, Mexico entc> 8 the pat'a of probity d
niidjurtico. Let him be lenu'.ed as a tea tor to lilt coun .
try wkp?oever, snder more or le.;c frivolous profits, an I
even will: r>Asrns wbioh M'y have t:i<5 app arauee of '
toiiiK well loanded, would appropriat) to Uiiaself tbono u
Junos, divert iLg them from tho only Investment t > whxh
tlmy are dcfknti, in eon-Miration of the good i.iit.i of the
republic, and Ui? g<wi *;. * ,ih wh ch wo <vnnuu '?ri f
01 the n-ival farces connected not ?o L. sulfate Mexico, v
by empl'-j ng, tor th^ > ut emnnt of the pay. n'.oflhr H
loans of crti/.i ns of tbo-w gov-rnments, ine i. si tfliea- >
cious possible m*iwJt'i atuy tbe intervention with tho eol- ?
k vting of tb<i ''lou m sue*. If this decituaiija is u.<t
nude 10 day, N cauae It may apt* ar to ba an exaggera
tien of milled awl, and boc.iueo amiJ3l the mxiiy horrors
pineutvd by (ItD *jiif .au'.t tho eaceitMof aU kindi wbioli '
tome E)l*HVllUtQ .-DBCDDQLu:'., tU18 JOCUlMUOU IDigti v
appear oven ridiculous, scveM and inpartia.1 li.aiory will b
chiige with tiu? inaied:.-t:unsof nir pueter.iy tboae >iDlV>r- <
tu&n'e m-11 who contribute to !orrcino by exo'&a-'w of thi* I
kind the vils already *. gr:j.t of Uiia unhappy republic. n
It in Lcccruuy (or Mexico to outer onco l->r .ill tii.u ro?ul ?
which ptojjl. who v. ieli to be respected u-nsl never Mian '
i!cd, and which Uier< tore oiirt begii with respecting t;
themselves and it iib rcept >4ing others. ?'
Justice, the strictest an<! f;;eieat justice, ecur.om;- and
morality in everything, are the only mei.ea by which t
Ui-xlui may etiil *>c tavJ fr.'iu the ruin into wh>cb she .s t
hi'rrj ug on. licr only anchor of hope m iu the disiut*- t
nsied i^triotirDi of 1) r good *011*; and eoaoiini, you .u 1
thiE h'<i ored nur..ber, !.is Excellency the Prt-s deu- of ih.> 11
r?public dot* not doubt that yan will contribute, with ul) '
your elicits,to tmsh:ii'.esireAi!ah?tiou)a.nd lhatyo.1 will, *
as the mo?t cflkaious meai.s, empio> those whose obrervance
if recommended to your care. Itoueive the r
aK-'uunif of my ;no?t diet.n^ue bed i.onsid.ratiw. <>a1
an 1 liberty! OCABPO.
To thb Go> ujjmih OT tbh Statc. 5
Vfn.? tin l, Kei'ruarj lfi, 18o'>.
Since 1 wrote you, un?lcr the date ?f.s*th oi' Jktn.-.iry and
3d oi February, many c.igry words and commnniiatior.8
liave r assed bottrten the Commander and the Governor of
the State, who is the W?ly one. recognized by the two Ku- (
rupeati 1'owerr, m:d who treats in the nan?' and an agent
of the ^uarer gov^ruincnt.
Yo 1 wiil perceivo tuat our government toasted the domain's
of peephg into the Custom ll.inso books and
niann^iiig the revenue, and the. new phase which tV demands
of the ailiC'1 Fuweia ban taken ib to bnve half of
the <luticr si pirated for tho benefit of Mlnimon.
Suppling, for a binglo instant, tLat KtigLmd should
Send a fleet to N?w Voik,aud there demand of Collector
j-chell to set balf the rovrnncK aside an 1 remit th'-m to
ilrielani Young, iu Ctab, what would Air. P H-Uonaa pay?
Xow, this it> juat what Francoand KDgUuddimur! nuie,
end tlio Juares poverumen! ni'ist yield to their pe* r of
brute f >reo and give In. Mr. Ocampo eal.s it buoi".a'ion;
and ut'ly Jfctico revor lo 111.! herself u..ire bmndiatod
tiian at prevent. (
I.ooi. at the behavior of tU" English in Tani;i.''o when 1
liar^i was tho object of tbolr rage. Aa onicer or. board
the Tartar toUl ite fl.ji h foit disgRfttnd to sc tiie treat. ,
ir,nnt Governor Gariii received from the liigl.s i oii'u-.ors 1
1: ecmi. i<ud.
Gee. Ampiudla has l'?en n-^Bied to comniar.d, with (;en. !
'ir&scuit as ECOon l of tb troops wbiob ..r tu operate
oultii'.e the city aitciiMt "I rarj >r.
TBR H'afOS or rOl.TllCAL i-\ktik is o an
lMrO?RiBIL!TY - -VUi'SlI>iJiT Mintlli'N 1'UOCL.AIMEU
in T*ir t.attc a UP TtlK Ki-iH .:LtO.
ik:cu fcl 'lc i\ (Ui-r.lso), 1-i
l'ht lata of ili- "= *- vi ail j) -ct'i t> ? uo iww w? i"be
c>f ??" >: Z'*: ""if, nv.n ronjeetot'.jflrr
*! <:? #? ' ?.lr >n , .? . J (a
any util toil policy, ai'?l v.-hat aid it a'.tc . fue men.urtB
or and uibu ..a.on it employed farfrcu* prot'T'v;
f,?r it the of ttio cnciio6 or oiaor,
l-Kidcre i 'in tu contrary r^ulta. Bnt why sbo;! 1 we
.k to afint d staacc tor tho proofs of such i f.iifcire *
Mili in Uio U eUioy uw facts ruve.'Ue-l by the
eu.' 'gojiu!i.al prss coBceiuing Ijj l'.?n ci' Ay MX an i .
. into r?cet: tbw of Carvajal an' hi-* prR, dirng th?
?aysof U?? iMiBiluiitrai'.'Jii 01'Oni-:'il Titer ? 'An
twin a iocd voice, and oouvfciicd the wuolc u?iiou . i the 1
>i,t fiK.cncy of all iUeirjjts r.? ,u?,3u., li v t.:n a bo ,
iHt really thjattexpt ?as mar u true > granted to the
p;>rl.sa?M ?>f J :aie*, in order that they mlgf.- ri'.ly against
u Ki cral points occupied by thu otica". ii array'
A t -rely rpV'ii-)t:cn jr. a statu i^.ij bee >t&elt? salvation,
ucrard: r '.( tlie means and eler-.r.>ts tv. w: . h it coin's, ]
f<> it:' tc '' uble to dov'V.po itEol* and to craatgauate ait
I i-iiitiiR. bin when ton ly thrown uito d.sorder and has '
t< t its .ofl'.luitii*, a*ti .-Kg ptiwt?r Is licoJji to i"t it in ;
lection and to hrir;? It bad;, cj t-> Bay. to Iti centre of |
grovttatior. Wo hate cvjnijks of thi- in th- n.story of
un iltiiEtiiotiS nation. lroucc, in he:- icvo tJt: )!i, scandalized
it. wcrld by hot political filial m- siu, kSo; ie sprang
to K' -?t 'Voters; l>ut the fact cannot j; deuicd that o.-.t
of her mn.st aiose the man who put a *vop t'> the e\aggerations
of parties. Wlfli should i?kA niva up all hop- hi
llaTO col Si' a thin ?liy a young ' "*<- coin .ortu, and,
u Url i3 vcioii s ov?r tlio cncu.os of ori.r, savo the I
Hate In ni destruction There if no doubt l'rovirien:e,
wli.h wattlies OTtr the destioy o: M?aico, gavu her a
(mat iii.m in t'.e unco i^uerahlc aera M rai.r i>, and,
p. iitocu.d t> it, he ciay uiil brcoinc tae savior of our
i't .a> cotiiir^ a tef'. to liu lior." hut to ca ry the war to
A?ra Ci us. :<"d to lake ail vantage of i!k niomon!, w hen the
iunii!. is 0i 'i.e sapjeiae tovoruinctit,overwhelmed by the
tiiuiiipi.r o. 'Uir yovirg lender, tho r rcso'jrce^ being exhsntli
i and dJ&couriifccmeot spf.-aJ &mor>^ il cir ranks,
v.iil be lunplctcly eoti' iert J; iud thoi; the u?-ro, tailing
his eye<) cu tho whole nation, lnav wiih go. ! t e i^on excla
lu?' ] havo fWUlk.d i.iy Uul.os, feilo? citizens, by i
taviog tlic ichgion of my aouestorti and o) my country.'' j
(.iiro-tiiox l'dJJ'OUTR OK TUK CO>ntT!??N OF VKKA !
; Front tbc suuo, February K.]
It ig <;nted tliatJoare2 has < are's e?f it *-'ra Cru/. a i
jini icl i- trcbanW ond d< raan-i-t' iron thorn 600.0<>) |
i. -?5n rfi ao'.int of futnrc dutioe. low suiu *. ? defined !
lor tia dij'iomaUc Yhiikce, 4imle, who was to go to Sc.t j
C< : u. cr'1 to eer.d fr tVre pinipV oii!.stod in the i
forv! * i't tho eoMitDilona rtt of Vera (Yua it crmf j
the i. rrl.iT.I" i l r*iy cvjii cup <rnt.
(j!- of I i' jirl'Vitte Ict'ei? Itti'ly retrod from Vera 1
(h ; stat.': iVnt a Lonnc'l of war ha ' "vien held, and that
Trir, h p dcclare 1 th?t the iVfence of tint pX-o h\3 to ;
f.vtn ?r. 'R ?'-o?Mcra,ian of th* emal! n\ :'?.r of people
vlo.'oi.i'i difjiceed c*. an* t - lera' > l'oreoe
t.) i. h ' -n. Mlranon lat>i'.ng:r:; Into luo eld. He then
pjo]h ed that tho constltr?ion:il govornn.- '.t -!.ou!J i>o '
l<. t .I'erred toOunpcacliy, n ort'erto nu,nta.o there tUctr i
; f.. ij i'fld ti.at tl:o so > & 1 ai'tl;3rl?.o8 Bud . i aied force )
i, \ r';> ( i / should hkcv.'t. ( g;'ftto there. eg itie
|,' t< in Uk bauds of tboo'- my. A m^at dr.. of tenfat,<
n vui cir-wl by this o!'t:.vn of tracmu. who, it is
a d. % at thu < !(*# of lhe euv.ucil, iwivv.l h: pi^porti
U) K'-> bin 'Clf to Ctaupeacby.
i iojiie luto.y aiTiT-1 frtm Terr. C/ ti- *ute :hv there J
gro i > more tnau 1,00*. iikt, ,v\> of whom a:.- irwf.- ol I
t: . i.do, ami ili# rest nut *! n .ir K ?. :.) \ j. a ','ru/,. :
On 'a and the cowi. th- ir llury | nfa .ind oit;?jsts 1
bi'in,' TvLi 'il, there we lull only Mi*? iv?n, who every '
eve itt tit working at tho lortlfWn'.iotis. .m. #ho, ni t'uc
d<iv rf ?tt V, will form tho rctorvo oo.-vs.
jl t .iiad tho reprseutr.t m* cr Hug! iract Prance
tivt i>rd"is I" tl.o ooiiitian<.frE if tho ?*r si: ;? at Sa< rin<'k?
lo give Dotlt to th.'ir f.sr> otive fe' w ' itlvrna that I
Ih.-y nic allowed to have V?ia Crua,\>j< ;'i n th their
i- eclv, within a tlxed timn, on accomt of tlia* pi.:-' be ug
on ?! '', Vl> "f being attad(o I by tit. trfto, t e' i v. s ,. omc ;
g<iv( rnuwit.
1lro?ilkiyii f lly Kcwi. .
i ta? i.* thk S- rj v.i ?A ruin nau.- t 1 onnis j
jk V T?.ira found lyiiij u Coluu.bia atreoi, mi Kriday ,
night, tnan iDMMiblo omvlU.oa, prcs?vi envv of !
tinvil., iH'i n RCVfroly bcalfc Ofti er <''itaurkc coartypd
him v Uio Third district tUUmu t >u'x wbir? li
att-n< i 1 to by Snrgoon D.U( and tin the tunsfcrrH to '
0 I I. College Hospital. Thii iiijnrr- rn..n w? iuiViIp
to % i.' any Intelligible anwst of bitnarlf. but t f '
pond be wr.18 rDR*g>Hl in an aiftay.
v > ilOi.l C ITT.?Tht li Ul B'MU'Kir of di-alb: In tb ! >
,a t *< ? k wfc- iOl?of which 14 *itr? m -n IT women,
b> j and !!6girl*. Of tliciP 1C dlo I . con . nrtion, 11 of
mi,!ift Ifl'iT, IS Mill bPtU. Sc., .v. 1 one yivir (T I
asi>, ;-t'. N?Hvi* of the 1.,'mud I retail.1, 2'J; 1
i>u>'Hiy, #; Kugtand, 1
? ?i v - a \ ASiCi.?r.m>K?v. AM i? ,:t \ i'Uul
nt occurred 111 tl.c wj tir r> uuery t?. luck .k Wlo-at
'ey, No. 44 Waier etrooi about focr o'clock on P.uorSay
an.Ti.. ' T). Mr. John Kc.ly. whoeo imu'ly i k* <p N?'? J
n.V, *as *?it for to rcp.nr a deftet Mi tu ?ou t?dW n#d t
i,?r I'OiNrg piyiup. It ? ix Vy tour |v.| m ijngtli ?nd j
? dtli.uu i (n o IV. t U.i.in* tun i/ottonn, with *
H|-an: of thi-? * liMrtwa bci*cvn. V- Kelly ? . i 'into the
wok, anJ tl<c tu.no *? < let uio thu n.ter. ?mng cpw,
?i,.n it cipUxiod, and ilr telly ?u llir *n u|> awinst
ilic coil' j nith >T-t'b tremondoca foru th u n :nr!y ?>v. ry
lent oli bo ly win hi ok on I if. wne i -.n'lrci i.-h.M
mi nt him. UcwMtd leaver a *. and ?ev 'rat ,
i.i iiin n.
1" v. Cm. ItalKMWiV Kuw Chi:!1! i\ ? .'. t ? oil the
It. ?btt'. vitbin tho bock bounded by 1U'?b, rtonisuo.
oTcctira oi n cbnrrb for th<" lli-v. li'iiry A.iril i
tYi-ct'i\ TU*> ombnvcB W>lrt#on I i.? i>' gl?n|!ul at n |
OOit I'l I ?,MH> * i?M, B:?k.liy .? Utt.ll ?f is; vhn).
on: jvuvbi correspondence.
u.v'nra !*rat? Fhxuru r; hivk, )
ftlo.Triviofco, Dec 19, lHiH. f
he Ars'in^tra Ajeimt lhe Americ uw? If *ty Sonw. t'cJpl*
Dt:Me the .Intericant?GajJ. 1'itg* at Hi' Po-i?P >paratior.t
<; Vut Au\iyail Ricet ObtbuctitM, dt .
Th'B i( ret l?ii lime to diet \w, the i'JSuen Invoiv >t in the
arsguay qaeitlon relati?e to ihekr J'mt. nor
ucccea or fc.!>ir?; Imt 1 ihooU not fail to aole toil tho
ublic tcnt'.raeat of Uotiievxlco In by 110 r:i"aD3 u oar
Ivor. It ie jirc')?blo tart a portion of tho p.'fls of ?-'io
ty i? in lie j*y rf Iopfa;it there ie,'a 1 t'.<>
ml, a feei ng againtt lai. A of our tv?.
itcnti, it I tic f ars ?, ret\ 5 j fl iKt,V:rm,- ex <IU' >? ?,
nn than'ar ?o?ii, bavs uu/.'J tj creite a '- >/.11jur.ilou
au kkemd. '
T!)"y fcavo pctnrcJ tfce t'ur.c^iy n[>" ',;'.k.n in : imio
ir.viful aspect than it roa i" :ti.tly *v. r wani'i, ?? de?
iuf d 1a >U: ope rations to eacronh uj>o' to*' < .& M and
iieitKtK ot the rirerin.' State*, and, rvspt 11 ?? (/fail
,t?i nalmsa.! rumnnct. .,Ji"?ir m.1,1 r i\i Ih.i
nprcta of An.i'iie.ia anhitAa xid i ivtet. W]
cxsa and Kti o, arc '.he namaH h>.id up In uv, ac>! I
*m<ng. Tfc..j good i^'opla win jot bj rightly couvinoed. I
: is fot ttwaU?, tjwover, that ther aro tuojgh of tiie
ictloie 01 J/>pc?'s syi unuy scattered throughout th.a
ountiy to cuiuj(tract Ilia iati..en.:e of tnc ragu.Vy informd
so l timoroai miolcJ.
Tho An ricnn i'olsu! has h.id i?n?or<ns application*
oin ptiEO: volunteering to :ako up aruw .vitb t:io
.memiif iga.ua: tise i'reaibntof \j. Aii't i"nt
t such ci.ui actors could b.j obtained, tad no douM tboy
avo deep wrongs to aveojje.
a'jj.t itu Page i<* ?boui en'ermjr upon hW dut! as <
Tpiain of tbe KWt: 'u tbo o.-2ini2?tlon oi'ou.- f>rc?. Yo-i
.ay ro.it assured \\x. h- wi'r ;>ut it in 01 ellioiensy
uffl ent to neat aw antsy, aad UMtthe rwponaib lltaw
"stinn 141011 this oilijer wi 1 be mot with ?n erwjgr ami
ooii judgm-nt calculated to redooaJ Bignaliy to l.-i own
udit-nd tuutoi tbflRQrvice.
It would be tlihjoalt to my what obstructions will bo
brown u the way "f tl.e F . tor,lho ,1'. I ant: iiv none,
criamly the ooaiu. ? . .aur m.W proceed in a<?0 oli.or to
be capital of Paraguay, though the President offer
ucofhiaowt. 'Vao ow/actions reporte d h?vo rfuch
nkm boaUasd ebataa boow?a acroeaDmrWar. 1
my Lay, by wj,- of pireutbesiH, that w; aro R;>cc ally |>roiccd
with 'una of r .Ii a wmffr us 10 anally cut tlio
arpeft <'bb.ee. Sunken impediment can bo t'asl!/ ronovtd.
liuMKviDiw, Uruguay, l)cc. *2,1H6S. J
ITif SaMtie /.teen a AoiVieni Wint*,.' anil a i'n-jiy
Summr?A Couit Martial?Ail \Yt\l?Humorz in tlx
hltd llapecting th ibrcerf L.tpi:?rM.nl UghiUiu to be
Dime, itc.
We crooned the e ii.atcrial lino on Iho 1st of I)o*mb?r,
Lheroby leaving tho tcrlhera hclc'. 'nhera on ba ln'g Qning
of their viBtar, and entering tt > ;iom B -:.?uda on
the eve of Ha Bummer.
During tbe paaFngo a grnarril court rcirtial convened on
board, for th.: trial cf a Eoat'ian <;tjaig':a wr.h U1b
superior oiiicer wbilo :n tb? d^ctargo of his duu"8, and
otlicr oll'eucea a ieged to be committ :.l by tho prisoner.
AH on board arc onjoyia^ excnllont h:a!th, and aro in
fine fpirits at tlr: anticipation of going up th,: rivor to r?
pel tbe ingiills of tbclr coantry.
The topic of conversation inrougbout the fleet ^ su^ctt
lating upon our ultimate eacceas an) the forces with
nboui we have t col cud. Romora a:o like foathera in
ti e wind. Ons aaya thit ti?o arruamsnt of l.ope/'i domluions
'mounts to one hnu lred cannons. \no:ber reports
peveaty fivo, an I a quantity cf small an .1. llut tho hat
inforn at:on was obtalaod from a Ppanwh pilot, who h:ia
lust tome down from Paraguay. Ho ~y? thi?. l.o(i?atn?
mounted twenty flvacaunors, wiich co mi I theaoutlirrn
part of the country. Whether this i? to. i a-: a blind,
nr whether it is to he rel'c.l upon, it i? lurd to tell, ana
n list remain to bo aeon,for irnachut y dwells everywhere.
Jlorc force may tic reijiiiri <\ before th i batt'.i is oui;!, as
Ihe greater part of the flzhting mujt U> d?a oa lani. If
such prOYCB to be the c*m?, "I is to bo h mat o r I'Ovemmeui
?r-n lie expeditious in Beauing it, ^ tlwc Li
rjtlier work to he done, ins-evl of Idling, to the elin.att
and rati^uei of Paraguay.
Our Buc>h>- Aylis loirca|M iiiUi'i'< .
Bi i so? Avium, l)cc- H.'i.
injUi Halting Lttin.it J'. } Vttliuus ]\r i)'f n- ?I. fining
and CLaininj the Jlfu?Uit J - i 'Voj- a
L.md fbrct?Vahtt <jf I c cj < CV.im '' in#
VClihty, <?'.
The i'ara^i.jyuii go/mtr.tnl, In etij'r w, - o
Lojw/, is making ex:. u?;vo prepara ion.; ,j : ' ? ogress
Of the expedition; tho river .a ic t tui t.-.?
01 being estePfciveiy boon: i . .i chau" B., ov.ir
(wiuty thousand men und. r arm* at bo ,;ov ral i ij .n-l
n.iiitary ttationa. ar! Ii? L>- .'a, lo my know' ri^o, mvi
knltd by Brazil; his lort. now uiuui t ir.. i.y t*
poundcis, which have bvii hi! i . J it i iat? tl.o c >ci *i.v
since Coii.uiMder Pa^e loft, and l.uc'. ~>i i*<
I area L'maelf to land from iV'r to fi tli.j-i ! .v s.-l
timed men, we wflOM not reel CM04 ittt : nentt.
I'rolmbly there ic an Interpolation of Prov'deneo in all t'; ?.
is abould our smali licet meer with b t u <ing!t< rep i':v\ I
know that from that n.omc.t T'uru^uay, in r^.lliy. w : I
rnly exist as a in te, to be swallowed by to a
Btcin irh 01 the l u'in; nn?l wMd "iviiig vent to this
iLonslit, wc niimlit a* w?\ consider how tho So ithor ,11ler<ttF
of cor t n:or. would l o a' -cttd l>. at.ti .1 " it^ of
New Parniruay, by tt.-i Reeernphical position, on 1 by t!.?
I? collar dry, candy quality of its soil, is well eaten'ot/v nr
the growth of co'.icn, probably is much to an .. y one o:
our present cott 'n piowin.-. H-i pr?rcnt d-.- ..?"-t:sm
musttalIpcf ?!,vj.wt>r< ? later, and we ' !.'>? .0'.?h il ' * I
ftn.tt.on entloaeit iu the oWttg >:onu-pt w..: It I
w,?i_v il... .-u nf Ihi. cm.Ii ? -it
brtdtamMc hwUnt Lipti: it isq-iito antikoly
Ihst ho will rare t" my ?ny s",m 0' moiK-y (nuirev t. t)
which our gov* rnmeiit way demand, ns .n cage ui L- .or
he can easiy weano thr.ugU the lerriwry o. Bnii)
ami take np his refk)en:e itany of the ] i.pean iit'cs
which bia Iftftj may eel- t. Should gruh ar. event <-i:r
ii won d bo n* ,:i fcfl?ry I >r c r g.'verLliient ; . t X - mu
retain j. fc?et*ion ui tlio ccutry until our j'ist ?..ar;. ari
liquidated, either by the channel ci' it? re van es ox by
the fab- or iiap'iblio lands, mid :n tithcr ea?e i 'M!n.? yj}poWioD
for ".'veral ycais would bo necr?4iry. for eboulJ
we repnj our den'.uJids niirn llio rvvnuiios itwjuld undoubtedly
take th" united rownv-s o. so/ori! years to
i Mimutg m. MiouM rh-> |t?ermmttiki tbo public
lanoa we should fit:I. liave to govern til? "ountry to tnaLe
our titie sure?at least notil w > c? ' 1 Jul] ft>r*l. caeh piyctaec
i f from Europe or the t'nit'j I Stated. LnJ. r these
ctrcumafances it miy be well for th1? cotton growing portion
of our population to keen an eye oa events which
will trnuep re iu Paraguay,t may i>o for tli"m u great
lieM for faiora aoacalaticm an J pro'tt. AU these ocontrira
site pie eminently ca' i.Wuv fur ore, ant* from our
Southern and Southwt.'lorn atM>?. a* s-('U wo- 1 :.ud
rmuie ami onstoroR similar t>? their mis.
G'enciai t rr,ui.j h:m Uti ly eafi'ored a sccot:J appo|)le?tik'
Hi; ^on Ati?. lk 1355.
A'o t'iyi-tiv. Ajjco ' ?'?i'rge JMba in. it / -r,t.
The Paraguayan fleet Is so i'u: rut Ub:e l'?.t ihi *> Uttk
apprebeneion oi actual bostiKiic*.
Cat tain Haie has -< nl for l icut.M i-ary >-t . Comirar.i'er
oi the Kxploriap Kxpoditien, t. uicit .. in at
Ln? Inli'lllfienrc.
SiivtMK CVmi ii nut lx.ro> Miirrii
motion of Hon. H. W. rbompa<>t>, Audiew J. I? >..
i f Kan-aa, wa**ltn..te(t au atioi'n > .Ji l axai* eU-?r
(cort. No. "4. Wilharu I'. I, i, np,>cllint, Ui I\ I*
Ot.unty Coi<)h.> Co: nany o! W- ? fho arnom<wt of t ji#
carte ?.v roii'iimc.1 by *iv'?rs. Gitli ami I tld for th-'
Mvmii t-,01.1 ?" Hor. J.C .ittn-1-Ti, Alfred
Hy. t>n., of New \u,?. v k .4. iin.i" uf.-r.. y.wl
crutjell-'r oftb'sC. nrt. <" : I'tior ?-r I * : . 'W, 1 i\ .
tfy, John W. lihiDty. Ff.i.,' f Votl:, wif iJ.u.itail
an attoiery anit counsellor i'i" U n nxitoiiot
R. n. Cillel, lietiry ii. MoWiii, I -<l-. Wj - i.u,
Court. No. : ?. Wi!tlam P. Loa, oppcK.'ut vs. liv I o!V
C\mrly Collar C?u.r.?anj a'. f'wi ?rr 'uS <>.
Hi s earn w is r.,ri : :. by Mr. J. Mim:* Onaij b?!! ? >:
lb* apj*Uant. No. 73. H rare CVtnwrr, r'; 'Mr in
fitpf.M. 3ol< nton Meredith ctai. Ttu* c." w:vj st ,
by Mr. I'lijb for tbu plaiM r la error, ?i J i y Mr. li. W
liioroi s< n fi r iho of. uJunt ui errvr. No. io. ntatiartl
A .- '?? art. j-latntli. m error, vs. the Atlantic Rati* u- t'. o
c n ot Hrroklyn. lb cai:?o wa? ar^ od by Mr. iiajra
u.-r 'rr il 'platntlfTin error. aii.l isb.r i:
nt by Mr. lim-antm Co* liw de:>U'.lnn! u otr >r.
>o. "7. The wr torn lvVgrajii ? oropony, appellants, vi.
i:, V cift; I'jirajili C?h)|<ii'y at .il TVji ea,r?c an
: ny Mr C. Oilcan vtr six- i.r>p.-Uaii!r.
(, vi . OK', "if .: . *|.WJ >*. . .tif r?. Ui
i hv4 Diati tlf.Ktil u '.ahstl Dm oioaLiif a ^'101*1,1 iu
C ? taut for tbi claimant, an.l tbe i-om who imtuxl.
1 A. 11< n.ei.i-, n!u<ln.sti t"r oi Jam a X. liuUgat), v*.
ilie i n.lei! Slates ?A oja.os t'or ' issor on a rostr.uu w> itiri.
*h ti li icp stone os. tb? V-.i?aal) rive. for tlio nrortion
r-r a 11 i<V> "r- 'bo t' iiobcrbr, 1 ica!. Vn- ow Wylle.
I. I , n! Washington. opund Uio argiinuut for the
c.ii ir.r.nt.
V.'iw. ?U' nrv XI. M i. l?| , oj SVaiK ii..tor i ;?y.
wna s?orn ?i iitoiriey of t'.o onrt. U. A. Clements, a 1w
t ,'trater, \> who t.'i.iuM >tv ?Mr. (li'Ict, VnitM
futcs .vi iter. submitted h* .ir: itn. .tt In t'ms case iu l*>
half of tl.o i^uvortiin nl. !.lr. Kodtwoll e!>*. 1 Iuowruimt.t
po this part oi the cUi.iuut, uad th? iut ?aa
ruLUU.UI <1.
Knasjui ( > r if (!. >?y Atgm,
.i fJ iti New Dawn on On- th Intl. Mr OroSfTOtl was
bom tu , V, Y., ,.i l.v J, ih> pouofRov. n rry
< !? **? !!, D. I 'Otar of li nlly clmrcil, lu New Haven
Ihi wis prepared tor to . iu tb? grammar achool
' I Nc^ }Uv? u, ami wan ?r*il nt I ? Y ?!o c >llfgc in
Alter *tmt\ it-f; Urn Iw, bj \v.u ; Im'.iol ; > t'lo ?j?r iu the
jc?r 1?2?. In Ifilt ho r.-roov. ! ? AliMiiv, Vrliore bo wafl
> atcil with I l *.n ' I!, !' |.. n tins oriUoml inap?f
"! tlir .ii-jrw, Irom wii ue flutW/ro'iicd
in the ycur 'S.ti. Ill'?ooi ai r r>r,ovi.| t? ;>ow
Ravm, whi rc. af.cr a /'OU 1 \act, h u.ctof.oaguwptku,.
^i'- j
The Result of the Investigating Committees*
Efforts Made to Reduce the City Tax
Levy $2,000,000,
Ac., JLc., A<\
Albuty, U'.rrh X, 1
Xut>if*r </ Jlillt Pat ' l 'Aws far?Cbmpiwiiin wi'h Pretious
lV?r??'Ihe Tux Lt y an-l Pr<yra' .me cj rsgiilalion
for the City?Mr. Ifvr' I'otition -ProbaHe Iteducfioit?MoctmtnU
ami dontUsr-.Statementt about tte f ato
DtpattiMiti?Proposed Erttnsia* of Bu ci'j T<rm?7fce
Extetifit't Afp.iiiUin.ndt, if.
Half I ho S'-ta'.ou is ppnH, and Tory litt'.a hi tha
*.iy of lfgtolatxn ha* been accomplished thug fer. T>io
reason 1i?j a;r.a<ly lj<*u ?':\cn in U>? Hr?ii.n why thitj
reiou will jirobab'y b* ttk-i orablefor its moderationTbo
rnjiubllcaDS aro pr tclug ua for the la"'. sV.ps towards
u position of p< riuanci!t*.v;audency and a c9dbo)i< allon n(
their power, s?i every i>o lit, from Niatfira to liontaukThoy
havo j t, bowo-. cr, "to aceure Uw re-election cf
Seward next water, a. J tlx u fight the g/and battle fur
the Prcfiu'enoy. livery moasuro hero m caav/'sid In
view of th' so fcreat ends. The excess of legislation dur.
ing the r. taiou of 1S67 lost the Sate into ih? haaJs oi'tlio
ttcmicracy upou the election for Secretary of ?tate, Ac., in
the eu.MiIng tall. Tills lotnoa 18 not unhee led, now that
tho republicans have regained tbo ascendency, ilk you
way obevrve by acowjiarisot). as follows:?
Vunibor of laws jatised by the l/Cgtalat^rc in 1857.... 807
Do. do. in 1858 370
t'o. do. to leb. C? :n lso? 11
Subjoined ia a !itt of the seventeen billa passed thin s>*.
aion, neiih r of which, it will b<3 Keen, reaches the laa"
poriame of a je'Tieral public law, except one arRT.dt&en^
of littl" uionv nt;
mijl P-A5HID JIT TUB l.a?11Tl'PI! A.\n *lG38n RV Wit ?*>?
>:vnok thia "wshw 1 r ro >ishhrarv 24
An act to regulate tho supply of stationery to iUe member#
and cSkltrs of thj legislature.
An act t huv nd chs nier .i p vr t '2 >f the ?.9t'.3ed Statutes.
Au act to authoriz! .'olin V Hrngerford to f'<li and convey
Ills stock ani interest ia the Geo. Wrv.hingtoa Rink.
An act to legalise the a< is of ?lw A??'''?s \-8 of tho vi!!agi
of Wolcctt in 1'inking an4 completing tl. ; auoesment roll
of said Tillage liny'Jo, 1>* >8. *
An act In re latlon to the town meeting iu the town of
cicero in the county of Onondaga.
An Ret iu relation to the O110 county poorhoose.
An ,n t to change the name of CIaii?a Sadler to Ciariaw
Au .'f t to emend the articles of iiseoeiatlon of "le lfitual
flu.l:, Troy.
An act to cl.i't go tho inrno of >fa,-p;rft Sk.!v..igton to
Winnie Alida 0 trandcr.
>i' net tit.'.ci 1 ua . t entitle 1 "An ae? to rirUe. amend
ond consolidate the several acts relating to the vil'tgo of
Whitcsboro-jgU "
An act am:.or'; . g ttj Baptist society ci" ,-iw(y1?.a ami
I'ur; "n i f . :r narsfnaje.
An n:t t.i provide for the nj-pomtmeutor Conr;i 'E?oucr?
1/ 'ii the villote of Pv;?iou Pj*.
An 111" ; ".Uiorlsetha Common Coimci1. ?f ti>-> city of
to ftn;'. the lioataig deU. of said city, itud for r
other i 'it ,x*ps.
An ?et U? ?tt T /C the Rochester El'.1.!: to reduce its
tap",ft' si
au n t ii rclntic to Wat' r -o L'nion School, an:! school
cVjtr:.-4.? T.brr l ?7F or.o an i.ftec.n,ir. the town ol' tYaivrioo,
c -unty cl Eei.eca.
An ait to anvud tl.airttr 9, title 9, article R, part
??r?t of the lie'. d Statuvs, entitled ' t'.jgnfci ?? uud
pe nltiiT "ocecii'inf ibt nav-atim or t!'. Cvjjk'us and tho
l : xticn ! : to'l*."
All a:t tc sni LQ an act entitle! " An to i -p?< Ale
th? BVyjin ng Ule Sfavitp; Built;" J>*s? ia A,wu 17, ibW,
c'n?n?in^ met to ' Ttnrn Avenue'' lUuk.
But heaves th* general po'.icy w'liut /Hit.-jia the pro
giaroitit* b.re, there i* a1*-.) a <iiprr>r'.fr,Ec .>iwr;r t'-i na
jor'rty v:h cb practically defeats ita woi UiEff. ,'a o,.posit
n t<j the u< uocerats st ;n<! tfcu-e factions, which, although
a nominal party. are by no m-ins a harutonio . < jrgim*tion
nit )M t lrd ol'KawarJ wh;gs, with t' eir vital
adjunct*, tl.e free soil Vmecr.iti, together with tt? Know
Nothing wing of tle Le^it-'atoro, now so 'oa"? mv.nodi
do not all agr'.e by a:.y is ins. The bu i.cas oi ..** ??'
E 'jn has beta constant;/ < hearsed and dobnVd ia can*
cuces, either held in the C :rt of Appeal ro\n or to thj
several hotels, tho Etgl.ry law bta thus far arrayed
the free soil J^raorrate with their original brethren a,>Ina'the
old -.vh.g? and Atner^au-. and threat us ii.* final \!e.
feat of that measure, if not ia the ASSemb'y, theo eertainly
ia the ui jier house. Cpon tlie City Baiiroad gi auta, the
cans'* and ether qoeetions?ctat,J city and na'.Mitii!?a
'iko want 'X conccrtcd action, uad cousiaait .vifinjjl.r.g in
theto private ca'.cns' -, prevailed. N'ow, homrw, it is
given oat, es from Mr. Weci and tho otter orailea, that \
matter* are r.-a.ij '->r ope-rat ion?that the temper and
strength which can l>c counted apoa for <l:frir?nt measures
are 4?t ruit. !, ub'I tl.it a schedule rxcordicgly
wUI be rv through it an ratiy Oay.
With - "?i'*ct to city matter*, tho tax levy will present
(lie ir.rTi ha^is of legislative a tion. That document gbauM
i* aeh bwO to i'ay, b'it as it v. i'.l be at once referred to a
c< tnnvtu-e, lis fii-i.t! thai* vill ho manipulated :\rA delay
nl nutii a variety of tone' or-irns are e>-tort?<l iroui tua
i <.n mon Council through Ihoutiuence of tba lobby. I
think. h< v.ever, that tuore arc sufficient indlcatiout to
* .irai t tb. cry* t.'loii that a !ar<;c reduction Trill bo
j? ?,, _: rl aim a million or tw.', from the amount
b} lhe i ou.'jj' u Ci OLCih
'i t: ijx !' vy, as it stands, was drawn ".p by
Mr. i !gg, .TX.it was in tho |??sos4K>n ot i'>e OwibK
V (I/ ' , il hcior - Mr. 1jiuv? came into ot ~e. Mr.
IIvaij iicd-1strod to d jciaim al' responsibility
in i.ctit < ?:?. n with the i -Kijot us .t stani e. Iho various
jadjimeU* c am.; l.o aikt;ts he docs 'rot en'!or*i any
I i ihor U ..u cs to Tr.af.) ccminucicatimi, au I bifl friends
in U'Ui branches of tho Legislature will claim for him an
opportunity for rev.i.rj the wh>>:e an'air wluiat in the
hji.il; i i the comm.iti- hen*.
Voi. tavr published the bills relating to tho la* Djptirtwc'Dt.
txcept, 1 believe, that ciiaui'ug tbo Corporation
Counsel's !<u.re of ctfue to a mayoralty appointment,
l'he e?Ml'r*t i -'gramme of btf'ccis to be p',. through
hdc pic i <?ed an cgctei'S'">n of Bcstc?rs terin for three
ji..i?noie i-t Corporate Counsel. This c .casiooei a
(Ut;-<on Aniens the lusiile mauogers, so that counter
moxiuett wks tut :n one rati m U> to^i&LoJ-o Bjntevl out of
Hi e und make Iho Law i)ep.u tinea', to be filled by appointnia.t
unler tho Major or the Comptroller. .t?i tho ciiiet
t.wis prtprtPu lor n union o! the two c.ty fael'oog ol' tho
t'cmterucj in tiw r? xtcity olixtioa is r d'v. tni of the
Corpoi.niou Cov.necl to I"w'er aud tiie M ayoralty ,o Wood,
tho i' puolii OLt are bound to iioil this ty eit/jer |irobii|{
i,6 13'isUr: tcitL, or ri:. rp eg the ofti.-r from a.i eloctive
to nu appoinltd ten. r., bj as t' ont.nuo tho in Juimi)iali>
iuid i ' tn i hanoc foi tiirrvin^f the City against a
<i ..t... Aai-vtwy .ijcntiie m :>oitaiit i?ae o.^a cwyoraJ v
R. at'e l ia.! Fu.r -r w<. lire al! last wook, and
i . to the i Ity r:at> - ,th the r prospects, notwiUl
B Jii'l t.^ Mr. upujtof i i. icry Ituiy r;jwi iui
atn1 . I'roj rniu !?!?" tba clran p vsago of tbetr
t *.< i ihi u.t levy iju thn paoia pr^ramtco tha
t. ai t-v if cpiuin *i>i>o Ltni'-i.ts from tbo t>an.'..? of tbe
jj-iyxi. lucfailOR fcomo oi t'uo bireawt in tfc,; Street Doparttm:!.
?; pri'i -\d to be transferred to the t'o^.jd/oller.
lh?t ' .is 131 f tin- bargain by wliich the Corporal on Coon*
_i\? :< im ;g to le ?atcriUeil < ;.ileccil to have rrferetpij b?
t'jnj.H'P-' <1 Bri*il-#.>> juii'.ol railroad obertr, ant Ui?
11.1 m l u>' .cl? c of itio ...v. ofiicer of tho Ccfi* ration
1 at ,v larc- ' V1 citation In U? h??i
i .? i.ow :tom kLoClt?. i'!i> nprptiioa that t'.:<i rienu.m
m : ml Jiv. tic. t Xi * nil a liumbug lia* br :gai bark
i v.l.iu it had uiivrt) rrnr.iy >cf..i;e. Ibero iva?
?' .f u i .nn' l>? the ,.?bi?y ui a Jy way
.'vr ; K tb' <*vcclall} in" roj,ar 1 to > o <'n crnor'a
i o utru< r.l fur Harbor Master*, Health "t',? r, an4
? ! i . a <"i . ii.irs, > -'? . ' lally the Boai.l ?t' IKm.
' ...o>u a '? : ui "5 r- for the lait rpoo i.ou
t :t ? i 'i 'y uTmrat I'l i. v. -mo vi tfco prci'u
, lUmir! rwuic to terve ont iboir tormr.
Ibo Anuilr.r if tbe t^tul J < (vutJOJnt ripottod that
< i .-lC : ir>?.or.ota. jj . i .iuiU. irdi.er liaTO fivt'D ilrafto
i.itb an .nn i to i.'.-tnal coutractora, iOHtead of
ii.oi.vy. ibis uncoMlit t.CLal debt* ?uo continually iiml<na
cn tb? ucar.ry.
lti? total rvpcB'i'tuie t'j i> ?!>? n?weso .-anal has b-vn
(i -.1 in., b?>'t>f moro than r no half lite ort -Uial rod
>f Li iin'carai iiim ' Ilwuiv t j 1'uOalo.
Auust, Marri I 1 V>?.
7.'. > .i'i a( ?.Vna.'cnc / ??*
.Yafeqf Lienor,d
Hip Hnu* vr?j kc^t In a lUlo of watcJ-.^uoM thin
morninf while a portion of the members woiro dtfetiraini
I lie b!U c: ta'.inj; a Uatoli of new tluto offloors, to bo Jonoti
.iMtJ ' Cofn'.i.iMkump uf .VMcMint&Ui, stcn?.i>!y for
Uw |>u: f one w fqu.un.n* ti.M.on .11110114 tin tttnl
k it.. ? in Ito state, tut n>ail) . an Ifc^or geortfleM (rep )
u> lie iinf'.o)?<! ;u it '.. ii.uUsg polA.il " 6rn
throi*hoiittbo *l<. " It .?that the an*
Mfc(v?oi? ni two (,r tii. . ciuntil**, (OtoMt w. I EmM
net" r wu.h!,) *r? ;n t'j 1 -nL' t of nadern!. t'JO r.'il
i tf< \ ji 11 ,U r t:. t tl rtm may tie ler * -ued tusreii/.
111-.? r< mU Pt n"l WD .tod. fh?
mot' ti ^ v,. r > < 11 '> "ro llr. Tlx 1 . f?' j, t, Mr.
):i. ...... of . ? >r. Morrii-o.
i tu?, >1. (>i.?rj?f#t J**ivOOO. J*rf Cif

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