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11 * ? Missouri, died last night Mr. Gey er was a native of
1 Frederick, Maryland, and can* to the West la bis youth.
! HI.pareaUwerePennsylvaniaOsrmans. Hahaalongstood
* ml among the flrst la the profeMion at the bar of St. Louis,
' II Md took a prominent part in Uie debate* In the Hemte.
II Beiog a zealous whig, he owed hia election, aa successor
to Mr. Benton, to the dissensions In the democratic party,
which brought about Ihla result. He wu succeeded In
the Senate by the Hon. TruBtea Polk, the present member.
N?wi from California.
aiik1val of the ovhklanu mail.
St. Locia, March 6,1859.
The overlind mall of the lllh ult lias arrived. Thore
vara nn (Itronvh nuanneraM
The stoamer Uncle Bam loft San Francisco for tho Colorado
on tho lltta, with three hundred troops of tho Sixth
Infantry, to chastise the Mohavo Indians.
An additional section of tho California Central Railroad
had been put under contract.
Tho war lathe northern parte! the Stato was being
rigorously prosecuted, with a fair prospect of a speedy
Business was brisk at San Francisco. Candles, coffee,
provisions and American liquors were advancing.
The paisongers by the mall roport hear? rains In th
Colorado desert, an unusual occurrence.
The Mall Company had root with complete suocess i i
I sinking wells, finding an abundance of water at the depth
of fifty fret.
Severe snow storms prevailed at the Pachico and Tejon
I A large number of additional stock woro being distributed
along the route.
Lieutenant Labile, previously reported mortally
I woundod in the light with the Apiiche Iudtans, was rapidly
An expedition waa about leaving Fort Buchanan, under
i Hwall, against the Apaches, who had killod two army
I sergeants in Jiuiunry.
I Arrived ships Competitor, Archer,and Robiq Flood,from
I New York; Osborn, Howes, from Boston.
I Sailed fcUius Great Republic and Talisman, for New
DTewa from Mexico*
Nkw Ori.ianh, March 7,1850.
The brig MlaatKlan arrlvod here on Saturday, w!'h
Tampieo dales of the 20th ultimo. Tho liberals wero
actively prosecuting the war. Juarez had taken the Hold
mid gone to Vera C ruz, which is in a perfect state of defence.
General F-spaga had been taken by tho liberals at
i Aguascaluntes.
The Afrlrnn Sijundron?Trial of Dr. D. R.
Borrow, March 7,1859.
Tho fla,' ship Cumberland was at Porto Pray a January
2(3, to lc:.vo Foou tor (Jjico. lho Dale had left Porta
( l'rcyn frr Monrovia, and tho Marion to cruise on the coast.
Tho Vino, nncs was daily expected at l'orto I'raya, froui
whence .slio w ould probably go to Madeira.
The prolonged trial of Doctor David R. Brown, charged
with caui.ipj the death of Miss Susan A. Webator by illegal
pracliccs, resulted in the jury being unable to agree?
eleven f?r conviction, one for acquittal. Tue jury was
together forty-lour hours.
The Slilp Vanguard.
N'rvr Orleans, Much 5,1859.
I The fire ou board the ship Vanguard has been jrat out,
She is saved, but is considerably damaged.
New Orlians, March 6,1859.
Cotton?Sales to day 8.500 bales, the market closing
INKrilly um-hnoged. Red and mixod wheat, $1 10 a SI
16 Oat?, liams steady at 7 J?c. IatJ til kegs 12,
a. 13c.
Nr.w Orieaxs, March 7,1859.
Cutton?The receipt of the advices by tho Jura caused
greater firmness in the market The rales to-day add up
8,600 bales !~ugar steady. Corn active at 87c. lUeon?
OhAitMord .lull o Tl//? bi<l. a ? fl ! /? Tar/I ntilal o? I
iTxc. "* " ?-*
Cincivwati, March 7,1359.
Flour unchanged: sales 2,500 litis, at $5 00 a $6 for superfine.
Whiskey dull and unsettled: sales at 24c. a 25c.
Bulk meats In good dormud. Me?3 porlc and lard?no
The Theatres Last Night.
Doctor Johnson says of Antony and Cleopatra, whilo
praising the rapidity of its action, " which keeps curiosity
busy and tho passions always interested,'' that, with tho
exception of tho feminine arts which distinguish Cleopatra,
no character is very strongly dlecriminaud. " The
events," tai'h tho Doctor, " of which tho principal aro
described according to history, are produced without any
art of connection, or care of deposition. These conclusions,
the verity of which have always been apparent to
the critic*', reader, become absolute matters of exigency
with the manager who attempts to put tho play
upon the stage; he flnds a great many, perhaps to?
many, opportunities for sccnlc effects?somo grand
cpeccliCE?a grout deal of action?the story passing rapidly
trom Alexandria to 1 tome?from Uieuce to Syria, and
sga'.n to Kgypt?and numeror.3 situations, strong enough
in themselves, hut toj inartlsticully arranged for the entertainment
of a general avdlence. The work, in fact,
roust be done for the author as well as the artists and artieans.
To use a familiar expression Sbakpperc's play Is
weak m the back. Nor l?as tho subjcct been more
fortuitcueiy handled, is a whole, by other authors who
Lave attempted to treat it in a dramatic form. The Coun??.=
?r f. n.l r/-.L-o Hn.!li.v UK.I nrvilian in.fl.>
comparative (allures with it, although Dryden's "All for
i<>ve" is coDtltloro'l hu ben dramatic work. Just a
Ctutur; ago (Jan i.'k p.oduced an alteration of Sliaksporo's
play at Urarr I/>.ne, an 1 It v .is acted with moderate
success. Slnco that thus tLic play lias boon
rarely acted in Kng'&nd, and !t<>" performance
hi the Cnited Slates is not within our remembrance.
Within the |>a.-t three years it ?tua
produced it tbe Sadler'* welis, I/indon, with Mr. Phr.lpx
end Ml*n Olvii .is Antony aud Cleopatra, and being tlnely
done, had a gocU run. Its performance lafct evening at
tbe Broadway theatre wus, therefore, especially interest
Ing. In tie (its', p'ace, It wus the last grand event in the
hibto.y of ;be Uic?tre, w'.icb, In a tew week?, will give
way to toy exlgeniita of commerce. Then, iin elaborate
, preparation akened public coriosl'y, an I although
the p!ij !f but little known to theatregoers who
are no', er't'eal rende: a of Phakcpore, > . >ry one
was fawl!;.v v i;b the om'.'.jc of the story. The love* ol'
the it.'tn.riii "fciieial and his serpent (if the Vile, Uio grand
Etako b-i tarcw a*a> while (ruling in her bega.ietncnt',
Is the oh; -in f over again, bat atifl far-it.atin an erer.
So the nijij ba.1 due a'ti ntio.i Irom a largi audi*! 1
The t-xi his b<en arranged, on tb" wbo'c, sinfully. A
Jfjrrat deal 'if Shakpper-'g t->xt hir hen erp'ngel.
nnd a portion of [Myden's addod, to sustain the Interest
of the i.tory. The events havo 'boeu marshalled
Into something like order, and the actiou flows witb
decent r hilarity flora tie rl=lng t3 the tailing of the cur>
tam. i\ thai, tlio play n we ijhty, and mos? d< pi'nd for
its prt-Et m fiver morn npnn tlir acinic Illustration of Its
action LU .it upem the art'on J self. Tbe performing i?, in
fact, a sp'endld scrlen of tableau? In tbe highest stvle of
theati , ?; urt. The glories of luvi-tiau architecture,
the voudiowii beauties of old Nilus, the storied
pyratn!'s and uncimt palaces, are repro
dnced with Mrlklog fidelity. The elTi'Ct IS
pram!, ."omt poi t:or.s ol' thj panorama of the NTl!e are
executed In a ?ijie I uhov the ordinary woiks el sceue
painter?, and the lnt< . ior, ait> geno..?: y >vell duuo I'.verj
scene ha^ hf en painted exj. < ssly for the play. The e i
tumes, &r? down to tho s?ndal latches, are new, and
made after tb?> best claFticii authorities, f e .1 ct of this
particul&vtty !s to give a reaiiiy to tbe iniini (,<""n<! which
is rarely found 'u American Mi utreti.
Aftor '.be characters of Antony uu'l (, 'TV pi-ee
aflnr d? ao extensive scop* l'or uulInK, and M >"c 'ad only ;i
number of pertnna who cam* on the *tajo aixl went
away strain after Fpealc'og tow diaioxue wbteh waa J11dlcioutiy
compressed Into the smallest p<> mbfc space. Mr.
Eddy, the Antony of tho nigfit, played the part spiritedly,
intelligently and vigorously. llia'perTu m.in,,.' of tho last
Scene In tfii third act, ; I l.i : i' u . oiu
tion, w.i? especially excellent. Mme. Ponlsl was not q't'te
fa'ctoal n. ir.ugb to make OtM throw :iw.iy an empire, to
say the li isl; anil t&e others paid thoii say, as we have
said btfoio, moderately well. The play went offsnviothly
anil Ptirceeslul. The audirnce was in oxeooding r*r>tures
over some of the very beautiful scenes, and If the t'mo of
last night's home he a teat, the manager ?ill have a long
rtinforblirevl.al.ur.il reap due reward In dollirs and
reputati; a ?cr liU faithful, arduous and artistic labors.
" on; RNOLIfin COUfiW" AT TtlK BOWFiRY.
For sometime past tho ilramatle chmgns have been
ricgtng on " our cousins." " Our American Consin" or
the male geuder ban attracted large audiences to I.turi
Krone's 'or over a hundred nights, and the same rclalUs
of the feminine class has boon fascinating the fuibiliwi of
Burton ?. LaHt night a new piece of consanguinity. In the
Mi ape of " Our Cousin,'' wan produced for the
ilrkt lime at the .Bowery, with great hucccs*. It John
Brougham would only from his fertil Brain givo tit "Our
Irish Cousin," the lint world bo comp'cte.
U" the extent of tho andlence, aud the enthusiasm which
greeted the performance, bo any test of the success of a
piece, "Our Knglish Ootisiti" cannot rompUin of his rocep
tlon I ait night. Tho play Is an Imitation of Hie popula'
ooo which hut had such a run at laura J<i ene'n. and tin
%n m u''nii7 wi'n: wen BunutiiH'M? umi ?n iur n''iiwmuw
Mr. Cecil particularly go, by Mr. Fox, wao, W<* oollnve, 11
the nuti.or. The house was crammed la C7ory part, and
we liavc no doubt Ihut tho piece will have * good rim.
Court CiUentlnr?1 hi* Day.
srrhkiik Coikt?Circuit?!Part 1. -Oyer .ind Terminer
r?rt 2.?No*. l;ox, 1004, 61W, 580, 42a, lM>f, 294,336,
&6R, 3S6, 4S0, 460, 4^4, f>72, 038, 942 fart 8 ?Noi 67,
647, 169, 683, 437, 616, 163, 176, i>69, 418, 88, 98, 244, 23ft,
204,330,358, 284,388.
8fPHK*K CotHT?Hpeclal Teim -Non. 21 to 27, 29,32,
demurrer* 86 to 47, iaiuicn lnw and fact
PtiPBWfiRCourt ?(In the old room*.)?Mo* 66, 872, 602,
f!S'M7'402> ,83> 55'A fcf'8- 654. 666, 5148,667,668,
669 , 661, 602, 663, 604, 606, 667, 608, 60?, 571, 572, 574,
674X, 617, w9, 681, 682, 6^8, 6p6. 680.
J'J Calpn,J*r ?Nog 482, 498, 165, 616, .rv32, 686,
OomoM Piju* ?part 1?Vn?. 747, HOS, (W?, ngfl, "27,
618,328, 844. 729,321,207, 74ft, 780,761, 782. Part V.?
NOT. 206, 64, 202. 287, 247, 711. 2M, 303, 80ft, 030,174,
681.707,716,721. ' ' ' '
I'm Statm Diwmirr Cocar.?Xob. 08, W, 100, 1C4,
1118,1110, 41, 62, 68, 65. '
Tihattik Kiustaim ?The now French (heatro will bo
opened for tlio flrat representation of tho season this oToning
The artl?ts, who rtuvo Just^irrlvod from Pari*, wll
pi 1a I fro caplUl ptocci.
Hurl of UimwHit
Tins Boat(1 u.et U*t evening, Fresldent KcSpedon iu the
i cha'r. I
' 1 ctition* were received from milkmen to bare an inspector
of milk appointed, to be stationed at Ike Harlom
Railroad depot, to protect them In receiving the lawful
measure, many of the cans not holding the quantity for
which ihoy are charged by tho partioa from whom they
UVrm R T. R;nff?w &nd rtlhpfii tn Ii*va * nr.? f^rr-r
established, to run from the foot of Ohorry strrst to South
Seventh street, Williamsburg.
Of Jaoob Harscn and others, for a change In the grade
ot Eighth avenue from Sixty seventh to Highly flrst street,
In conformity with the plan submitted by the Street
uommlss toner.
Ot Charles Johnson and associates, for a sttge route
from Manhattanvi lie railroad depot to and through 126Ui
street ana Third avenue to Harlem bridge.
Of William H. Adams and four olhoip for a railroad
through Broadway, from South ferry to tho Contra! Parle.
Petitioners state they believe permission should be ttrst
obtained of the Common Council before m iking application
to the Legislature. The paper was referred to the
Committee on Railroads.
roMMraicmox nt/iM THS OOMI'TROUJCR.
The following communication was received from tho
Comptroller, giving the general ledger balances of the
sinking fund, by wnich It appears that the capital of that
fund, for the redemption of the city debt, ou 31fct Ike.,
1668, was M,338,191 19 ?
CoiinKOLLEK'a Orricr., March 7,1969.
Okmti kmkk or the Common Council ?
lu my communication under date of February 2, transmit
tins to jour hocoratle body a statement ol the "General
Ledger Ualancra,7' or aecouuls purporting W> be due to ami
lrom tha Corporation on December 31,1M6H. I slated that the
aesounts and balance sheet pertaining to the sinking fund
would lie transmitted as soon completed.
1 he work of pouting the vni tous books being far behlndn&nd
at the time 1 assumed office. U reuillred much more time tlnu
was srtiejpa'ed to prepare such nalunee iheeta They huvc
at length been finished, and I now have the pleasure to submit
then herewith
The want ot room and clerical assistance have th'in far pre
vented a thorough investigation of ihese acScmnta by the pre!?<!ni
Comptroller. From acursory view of them it appears
teat Lne capual or uie sinking land lor lne redemption ot tins
city <*eht on theDlst l>e?ember, 18J8, amounted to $8,338,191 19
Lewi amount ot city stocks redeemed... .$6,t>%,i;70
Fire loan, bunds and mortgages 43,600
?- 5,610,170 00
Actual amount of capital 2 698,021 19
litre was alio Invented on account ofatld fund,
as ?ta:ed below, moneys borrowed from, anl duo
to the sioking fund for the payment of Interest on
the city debt, at the same date, tbe sum of 1,298,011 00
Total $3,960,035 25
ibis amount mpep^ee^iiUMl by the followingltmnd:?
A mount drawn from lliis fund by order ofllio
ommtu Council. In 1636, for tb8 purchase of ttacdaji's
Island and vailous market site a in tbe city., $130,-121 00
Due Irr m cltv treasury ou accdBt.t of dltTereurn
In cmhange of bouds and mortgages uMid la act
tlementoi Central l'ark r. wares, and stocks re
ceivcu thereto'' 1.462 25
Sundry stocks of th> Corporation standing In the
nan.e ot the ' 'omahuloncrs of tbe blokkig Fund,
the cettulcates tbarefi re hiving been received
ftom ex CoinpUoilei l'!?gg 3,781,162 00
Total $3,9oii,0J5 26
The b'.otB peitiUr.hig to this fund show a large amntnt
(fG08, ISO ifc) (i 1 lxinda ?ud mortgage* received lor sales of re U
estate; alio the sum of $l.'l SOO received in account ot the Fire
I.oanBtock, the net proceeds of a!l which, when collected will
belrngtolL '1 here Mao appears to be u small amount of rents
due, which will be added thert to aR collected.
The capital of the bluklug fund for the payment of interest ou
Ihe cltv debt, on Lecetnb'.r 31.1868 amounted, lejcordiug to the
bonkl, to $2,679,634 12.
This ?um Is leprcsrnted by tho following items, viz.
Amount advanced to and due fiom tbe ''otuinla loner
on account rf the sinking fund for the
redemption of the city debt, us atuve ttatfcj... $1,203,011 03
Amount duo frcm the City Treasury for advances
to pay Interest ou Central furk stock and other
uU'eks, to be provided far Km taxation 824 31
Amount due from the City Tr. saury for Interest
on $154 000 Public Kduca<lon stock, provided
lor by taxation, but paid from this tund lor the
years IS' 6,1867 snd 1858 23,M0 CO
Amount of rash in handaof Chauiborlain December
31, 1.868, us per his receipt, to the ci edit of
the Commissioner ol the Sinking Fund 1.159,695 72
Total $8,679,534 12
Hesldes the above, there nppeai3 to be ouefoireiits
cutslandlug 8217,110 09
And lor interest accrued upou sundry bunds and
nortgagfs, the further sum of .... ? 33,519 88
Total $230,616 05
Why Uils largo amount has not been collcctcd. j.nd whit porHon
thereof MAT Reconsidered good, is more titan I c in now
titatc. 1 hi stun* if nlized from itaie pledged, und will be nald
over as collected to tho Commissioners of the t-Ii. king Fund for
the payment of interest ou the cry debt.
Furiher particulars rupfctlrg tie se fundi will heretfter be
Oommucieated In a special report to yoi.r bouorable body,
which -.v HI be prei r<-d at tho earliest moment practicable.
it will be reeri that the rci enues | ledged to tbe fund for pay
ment ot Interest on the rllv rteM have produced an s roaiU't far
exceeding what war. anticipated at the time of its creation.
1 here v '1 be no charge against the Pinking fund for the redemption
cf tbe city debt until January 1, I860, when the water
stock IvKtitd in <!cr Ihe a:t of ;S34, amounting to $2,500,000,
becomes due. ard !spayable from aald fund.
I a so raL.-uiit a bUlenient t>? which 1 beg leuve to call jour
special attention, as sbowli g, In a coovet lent tabular form, the
amount, orlpiu and cmm.ter of the entire permanent debt of j
the city, tbe acta authorizing and the purposes lor which it was I
Ctoateu, .HSO icc pel .or.s ci reoc;;iimun. itcnpecu any iiikiuii
led. RoMT. T. HaWH, Compt'oller.
Til? following comn.uijlcaUou was rtc<.ivcl from the
Strict l'< partment:?
SjTUCli Gjamsj iu--.hrOcricis, t
ntw yokk. march 7, 1&>9. {
To lur Honorabie imk Common Colkoil:?
The communication made 10 youi?hcnorable 1k>JI',3 by lb1!
CouDtil to the Corporation, on tho tf.'M of February, IKS'), cm
'a'na certain statement? refle-tlng Injurloua'v opoa tlda dap irt
nont. makes It Incumbent on mc to aobclt your pe.-nilgsu
n to otter tho following explanation* in refu'i'lnn ot th"
prave changes therein marie:?1 he attention of thlS'tepBrtovm'
b?'. Is? been called to the cane ot tLe J'i Uljjiew juJ^nien m
eluded In'be tax levy for l*.">9. an In veatlgatlon was duveled
on the I'Jihof febrnary, which resulted in the dlaoover* ot
tht facia ret foith in m\ communication to ike Common Conn
ril two daja thereafter, and which. ?. they were not kuo?u to
thla department until the ItfMh culd not, : e the Corooratlon
t'outael uLcouitCflutly charges. ha\o been kept 1mm ni?
knowledge In a m l', whleb wen derided, and jodgmect fUe^, In
January lest. Pelilgrew's complaint !u tb'n nfcr ?it
ameiided in l.'ecetn* er, 1898, which Rare the iJ.->rpor;vt|on
OoitpiI the lIjtbt to nrneml tia answer by the addition ot
acv ni w facta which might bfuroe known the law
dej ailn ent, however (In deilftUou from what la atateil
to hp II" liana! cuatem), neglioted to eall uton thU
oil.co far i.ny information In the mat tee, and 1 b?d no know
lcdjre, official or otliei wlM, of the pendency of the ant<. 11 ?>i
audi e?'d been made, there ia every i eaeon to auppoao that the
Corporation C< udfxI would ha?e beeii placed in p'wralon of
the tart* 'atrly developed, ni thr- were brought to light within
fbrt? eitjhi noura a:t< i attention nad been called to the rubjeet.
a 11 the information that the law department arema to hnv? obtained
in enableit to attend tb'B I'ettlarew null appear*, from
.be romnauniealloii ot Ibe Corporation Counaei to * our honorable
1-odii -, to li-.ie Uven uvnb.il aLatemant, alleged to Lave
been made by Vr. 1 nrn?-r, that the eontraot for ti ling sunken
lo.s !* 'v een tilth and 1S.M atr. eta ?aa a fair Ijai vitloii. It
ii'iiot ptett-udrd tb?fcan; steps were ever taken ii ohulo from
tt * ... psrtinPTit an\'kn> v. 1 dge in relation to the contract (Or
regulating Plity ih'rd st-eet. fllclal cotirteay would nfterthe
It i H'cm to BUfpeot the pro; rtaty o? Bending to the <>or
deration I'ounst) a " j of m> letter of II e 2irt of February;
but in u prc-Mcua In 'ant e-, when requoated by the head of this
d'i ar'rroDt ioUk? .nie i cttoa for i a recovoiy of lar^osuma
ot u.i u / alleged'm h ive cm lilng illv wltbbelJ from the city
i ./Mir\ tyie'iHiu (epotv .oil"'n?ra of n^.HPii'.euia, ho dla
IU.< U.'XM ... .... ... OlliCfcoi
mt ?k)f ; i to ti:k 1 O'ii'OTiATiOX, >
rr iiros J .vav, he pt. 21, 13M. 5
KiAyakh Coorcit, Em , :rfta Coaniiifctljr.er
mk-I uid in rcceij t of 3our oom:nui:u ntirn of the lTihinat.
requeetiog me to coromcuce actloc? the l.ite collector
ar.<t depi ty collect* ra rf aaaerameQta ?nd tttlr iup-'Im I ?r
monies a)lend to have teen received b> :h?m an ! withheld
!rom the cii> ; and alao to t. k" proceedings, under tb'r atatute,
to recover j.ul'iic i>ouksaul p?h 'R alao Hiie#?? a lo be withheld.
In reply 1 hare the honor t* observe thai, in r^y -piotop, I
In?? no authoriiv t?Institute le^ ?1 r.Mjeeiiioya, and m&ke the
. aplainiifl ftfjrall 1 legl iti e .iiie m ?i
it ? Common Cornell, or in the language or ?he charter, unless
when so ordeie 1 by tht ? or portal- u." When the Common
, ( o?M il aliu.il di.t" ' m t' iiilti.itepi > seeding* n tUu <?*. jpwu
reler to, 1 will promptly ccmtly. Vm? obedient r-ri rant,
Cr.u?"] *?*h" Cor ; oration.
| /rfumlrg thnt* t>c law depart n < : t ;I1 - t m ??* s?oel:\l
r r fcr speefal esses. the report lu U ow matter wa
made to your honorable hodie.a nlonc, In ordfr th*t tu?* itoro.j
ration Coucse! mi^ht recc tve the I^cUl iHm direct! n' which
he aerias to ccBkMf.r ewemial And 'li our ? mint n
airily be pursued hereafter by thin dep-irfruent under alrciUr
cl'cumataLcca. until such time * it i? t.otlfied that the lawde
partme that thought proper to a ir u loo fta i i I n
Mi d In iht leitej i n Uif day after my a nasi
. tUon to Um Common Oouncj it 11 n t he Me all ?a of
the Petlij:rew contract, I r?? a letter from the Corporation
Counae1, calllrg hoc u n.. for a ' .u ^ .rn au^muf t" li Hi i.l
U ;. ,t !'; < Ul A U'TJ.tl M. l'i wfc? 1> i repl,i ITM lli^t offil
tng to fnrniah tli< I rtiia the case, nd en aslnga dealreto
cooperate utth mm In tin Met which 1 Hteil MM
already laid befon youi hooonbu hodlea. I he p*vpirail n
oflhi proper legal utljfvii,.- ft.,nin >; i? ?< ..
upon (mi fhda, waa i PMeitd ol i| lm?te
duty of the law di| rtm< 11 The street i ?ner I e
not the time, ror la I auppoa I ) p bum the egal know
ledpe, t*? prepare il?-c sie ! 1 -n : i;iti- v The pr?*ent
courae of the law department, In m itt^ra ot which tlite de
partmnt baa rognlsance la U obt ? in faota la Hi eaaa
which - thet pnt In prtp 1 a ardacatt ih trc I (baa
reU^oct r for r a.h .vh? n .u-c?>. iry. TUe rcaaona for the ok
ccpti i? In ihi are not ap^?rrnt.
[Here follows tome cori\B|*v dccre b^t-rcen the T.aw and
Btre i mta. wb i i eonpela 11
In furthc re,eri tee the comniuclcHiion ? : tbe ?rp ?rutl ?n
Couoae.t to xonr honorable bo<||ea It U i. ?t pro;?**r to.. Id In |u?tlce
to .bit n< parto-ei.t th*t In a. me ca*e? ao *11 v\b^l?*ver nuit
nm^a i n tb'? . fllce for In formation, nod in many others the eall
Wta not rr.ud" until n oonsl'lrrable pirtl. n of fh. t!?r ? a'' nrc.1
fcrtjhe r had elrtpeed In the htirh - > t fop or* ant mat'er- f
toe ii'iihm Mini i.iam arnm-anon on u ir fi-ji.tyauto
tlnlm. Involving an amount of $(; --ft), ,ia.l > 'IIT.' fraMil n M
been alltfoil lobave been oonnnii'fil w oil! I ir Infirm*'! m
wa? made on Iti)* odlfc by the law ''eparftuet t t?o the -Ht
of neremt-er In ?t tte ilay before it l'inw nep??a%ry ti jr?Ct'Cd
with the defeuce. ? letter was aiMrvasp I by the t'arfliirrt
t'.uti Cputiael In the Vuyr, Baking m Informal I t), liy u bom U
w aa referred U> tlila department, will-1. It rnlv reeoMdlhru'tih
llil*elrcultooarouUl on the day named for ;ir j-PoUiotr wi n the
dp 'pure. ' h tliia w*f i pomiilipated r,na?* Involving ti* pon
ti-iuti an<l t*o Injuncl < i<r, tins ?l?Hi>rlii."iii rnulj a'uraelr be
e\[iw teil l'i o fm; Jimi cp lo It on such short notlee Mm p'aaoti
In Inown wbr llil? e?*e, In oomnum with othe's, ahould not
have been sent direct to Ibis oUlce ?ot?l'!ia>aii'liii|r thf" a
rtntemertof facta waa iurnlahed on Hip asine .lay, ae'.tlni; firli
the lmi?'ilatt polnta that the eontiact was n"t made ..Tib tlr
!ni lit bidder; that Hnrain hlmaelf waa a lower bliMor tlivi
CMeni a, the contractor, but declined to make thecontract alter
It had bprn awarded to him; that it actually
made with another party, *nj that after two a*
alpr-menta the portrait tbt-s made Ml Into 11
builds of Ilnlaln at au advance of fAuiK) npou hit OJtrn
bid. Judgment wa? netrertkelpa* rendered awlnst th? eitv in
Uip report or the referee, Mr. Wm. f nllmfm, frr *<*,0110. >.
addition to (tt.fWU whlPb bad already been imi-l lit Pip t mnpti m
lr.r. J!KS'U' on l'lu I' of November, IM". it pall waa marte
hy lie law deiiarlit >'tt P<r Hip He'a In thf matter of I hn
Calbthan va. the Miji.r, Ac . f'>r regulation >our!h i;vpuii.\ I .
Iwpi h I evenly llrit and Bevcnly ninth etreeta, and 'I U.p i'uimj
day tin nrilf r of Hip court whs made, iilmiittlsu Iho ui?p to a
rr' hp, Mprwln n Brewer, F'?i , t'> ?l,li U rofm nc thocougi'nt
of the Corpcratlon Ponmel hvJ been alrm nlnr day* h?
fire. Ihe iu,a?er to lb' complaint, whii-U i' Uied ?tiii I'm
Jud*?r.cnt ml), ta not r.rn to, pi'b Muh thf eomplalot was lu'v
re rifled nnder i?< th. The. m I'mlf, w,. ill h le ruin "J the
cotinael (rr the plalnlllt'. Mr < hulei s Miy, to itjirnc'ifd lar
ani? er and to lutv< ant ed up ajudKmrut at the i<plr<Uoii 01
hla twei.ty day?, aa ll no ?n?wer hid neen in'- le His I'p.iamn
for not ao ilolnp are, or comae, known only to lilmaeH In lla*
lettrr to Ihp law dep o tm^ni, tut niFtliiiift J il fi-11 In lb" in ivo
cane, wtl li wiir irnnMiiliii'il on the'J<1 01 i<pc?mti?,-, ibe nnla
Bolnl lor Uin dofencp of the ault * ni b vrsa eiade k11 ?n by
lit department, w^a thut ,fr>l(n McUrane. wUhw ir :n tli ton
trnpt wna madp and by i> bom It waaassli-. : I . < r. than, uu
not the loweat binder, Ibe awnrd of contract havte:: I e''n made
I uril duly confirmed to Ml, linel Tmrny . *, ? r 1 . "-r ' <
| doc talon of th? .Snprcm>i ?lourt, ir.tlro > .it Spc-IM
turn, MoTCmber 8, MM, 1 matter of Ci- ... >' '
fl*rRtoff Kiflf-rnurtto Uutm? Tterd urf ?5?nut?,"
de*Ur?a 1W1 " there U no aulWto lite* it An
coclraeliaK durartniMrt la tnaka Ik* oeefresl with Mr
ottatr party Una Ibu lament UdJ.r, mU, if u?*ie
?llb .'my oue elar, It U ultra ?lre? and v*td. Jul^innat
icuuniou ( ii.i IOC Cltf, Hp?n IM ro
tort of th? referee, for mora (ban $10,000 Neither panaaa.
books. nor pitifra were tailed for from this oBm id either of
the iwoowi last cited to eatobllth th* nil Important fact that
Id neither lottanee was the contract made with the lowest bidder;
u potet which, bad It btea eouflrmed before the respective
lefertes, wou>d probably bare produced a different result,
lullog IdUi eeMitieratioa the decision pievlnuilr saade by the
* uprenie I ourt, aa It bo re quoWd. It will Ibua appear to your
honorable bodies that In the?e tbrre important esses amouutIrg
in the aggregate to nearly fKO.OOO. no call was mude by the
i'.n department rn this office for Information. eiceut in one
instance; abd altbuogb highly Important lacla weie furnished
iutsoof tie caws- which. U weaauppoaed, would be uinply
ioflloier t to itefrat the claims of the plalntlflk?yet there la rea
on to icier thai tbeae facta were not, to the utmoat eueot, made
available Id the conduct of the defence. On the 27 th of January
Uila department waa railed upon by the Corporation Counsel
t > fiirnub Information la ibixteen anils, and the report was de
aired on the lid of Kebruary. On the day laat named twentyseven
(27) caaea were transmitted, with a requtat for the par
Uculara before the 6th. The records of this office will ahow that
there calls tor Information hare reoelved prompt and full replica
aa far aa circumstances would permit These pomti are
recited iti order to abow th*t the greal labor of preparing a defence
to the numerous suits brought against the city, does not
devolve altogether upon the law department. Aa the communication
of the Corporation Counsel, herein referred to,
waa entered in iull on the proceedings of your honorable
bodies. a like consideration is respectfully solicited tor this
reply, with a view of preventing the responsibility of these
judgment*, if any there be, from being imposed, oven partially,
upon ibis department. RespeeUtmy autaalued.
Deputy and Acting Street Oo mm Wooer.
A communication waa received from the Corporation
Counsel In relation to the fraudulent alterations In tlio Pettigrow
contract, in which be elates that the Deputy Street
Comminiocer had furnished him with the facta upon
which bis communication of Feb. 21 was based, and that
proceedings are being had to protect tho city In all Its
rights. Ordered on file.
After transacting some routine business, the Board adjourned
to Thursday next.
The Alleged Wllb FoUonlng.
- Before Hon. Judgo Roosevelt.
March l.?The 1'eople vs. James Sttpfims.?Tbo cour
room was densely crowded this morning by parties either
attracted bv Internal nr enllorf m h? i? i>,?
trial of this most extraordinary ciue. The prisoner, it
will bo recollected, is charged vtth poisoning hia wife,
Sophia Stephens, on tho 22d September, 1S67. Her bod/
was exhumed nearly a year subsequent to her domiso,
wfcea the Coroner, after investigation, held tho husband
to answer for the cause of her death.
Ttic Sheriff (Uou. John Kelly) was in attendance at the
opening of the court, wben an extra panel of tlirce hundred
petty jurors was called. Much time was lost in
hearing the excuses of those who were unable or unwilling
to Eorve.
Tho prisoner, whose personal appearanco has been before
cicecribcd, looked calm and thoughtful; he was well
dreeeed, and conversed freely with his counsel. During
the preliminary proceedings an affecting incident occurrcd.
Stephens was seated behind the railings, at the
left hand side of the bench, when his little daughter, a
child of BOJie seven years of age, come from tho centre
of the court, ruHlied into his arms and kissed him. Tho
unhappy accused, as ho bugged her to his breast and returrcd
bcr innccent endearments, shed tears, and it
it was some tirao beloro be became composed. The little
creature continued to bit beside her lutber, holding him
by the hand, as if fearful that tho busy sceno around
foreboded some danger to Mro.
The panel wa- recalled, and the uon-atlending jurors
(1D?) were flniJ S'i6 each.
Mr. N. .1. Waterbury, liistrict Attorney, said that, as
only shout fifty or sixty Juiors were available, it wovld
not be advisable to commence empaiiuolling a jury until
an extra raoel was subpo-nard.
Mr. Ashmcad and Mr. Cushing, ex-Attorney General,
irsifted that they should proceed with the cmpaimeUing
o' tho jury tu rn these who answered to their names.
The Judge remarked that the only way ho knew of
compelling the attendance of the jurors was U> call them
on a fine, which had already been done.
llie District A'torncy then called on the trial of James
.-tepbne, indicted for poisoning Sophia .Stephens, his wifo.
The fi*st .inror who answered was Charles E. Hadden.
Mr. AsUr.iau challenged him for principal cause. He answerid
Hal be knew nothing of the caso nor uny of tho
To tlio District Attorney-1 do not krnw that I have any
coi eoientioufe scruples in finding a verdict whero tho penalty
is death. Mr. Hadden was tben sworn.
Alex. W. flunio said he had conscientious scruples
agaii st capital punishment, but lie did not feel that these
iciuplet were so strong as to prevent him from Uncling a
verdict of pulttv if the evidence warranted it.
The Judge ruled that tbo jurt>r was competent, but Mr.
fcfclialler, ?ssoc!iited with the District Attorney lor the prosecution.
ctiallcnged Mr. Hume peremptorily.
Frederick U CI.use, phytlcian, was challenged peremptorily
by tic counsel for the accused.
Abraham Ciomp, merchant, wished to bo excused, as he
wi.s a (ictn.au and might not understand tho "hard"
words of the counsel.
Mr. Cusbing a?ked that tho juror might bo excused, as
thMe would be much medical testimony and doctors used
harder words thar tbe lawyers.
Mr. Stliafler said that tho cour.?cl were restricted In
their krpiagn l>y the code.
The JuOgc remarked that the cade was equally unintclllgili'.o.
Mr. Ccmpwas considered a competent juror and wai
Several juror? were excused in consequence of having
cor ?cientious E3rt>pleg ngairr t the death penally; six were
ehuilcnpcd peremptorily by Ihc ih-ffcuce, and two by tho
ptosecu.ioD: four were set aside by consent, two being
liens ai d two rcn-reaidents.
The following a,*e the names of the jurors sworn:?
1. diaries K. IhllflcD, 6S Troy street, carpenter.
2. A'frni Prtivb, Fourth street, raihoad superintendent.
3. (Jaspar Truoipy, Lexington avenue, baker.
4. Henry C. Hall, Forty seventh street, merchant.
5. Abraham Comp, Bevtnlh street, merchant.
fi. Marcus Hunter, Fart Twelfth street, merchant.
7 Kobeit l/cwis, Eldridge str< et. clothier.
H. ( aim.;.ton A. Fuller, Greenwich street, merchant.
9. James M. Marsh, Sulloik street, carman.
1U. Augustus J. Gtllelt, Varick street, merchant.
It I.\ man Ilnvward. Wnsblugten Heights, merchant.
1 .. ( . orfe Ackerman, Brthtine street, blacksmith.
n.r i istrict Attorney proc.ucdC|f to stato the case for the
prcsreiitlon as he expected to prOTO It by tho witnesses
for the people. He said it was n fttse in which there could
tic no ccmpiomiEe verdict, and tfcut they should either
find a verdict o! guilty or not guilty. I. was the duty of
int prut tint ion In a case of this kiud to show a motive for
the act, and the motive here was ttiat the prisoner was
desirous of getting rid of his wife, who was much older
ill... i BMW, in OTfef ItMt homight marry a woman
twarer hit. own years. They would prove that tho pri
suntr tail purchased poison some few weeks previous to
l..s wife's death, and that he had been seen to strike
ler, and that lor tome days before her death
she complained of a burning pain in her stq,ntneb.
A doctor war called .n, under whose
< ate the was recovering, but the prisoner discontinued
| the wrv'ocb of the doctor and continued himself to administer
poison to ber till sho died the next morning.
lLt y would piovo that in one year alter, when tho body
w:,3 txlnnded, it was found to be thoroughly imbued with
polfon; it would bo proved that when one of the yotin?
!rm<-? (11 us Hell) of the house In which tho prisoner
lived, a nleco of deceased, was about to bo nwrriod to a
meat rest*-table t< utluiu.ui of thia city, the prisoner
wutc an anonymous letter to liiru, cautioning bim against
he mania ?o, stating tliutsb'i had hod criminal connection
with the writer.
t>r Ji'tiali Cadmus, the first witncf* calM for the profee
'itioc, was sworn, when, on motiou of prisoner's counsel,
all the other witnesses were dircctid to withdraw
in.in therein until Ihoy Rhoulil bo culled. Counsel for
the prosecution hail uo objection to the medical witnw&es
rf ti BtDf '11 couit.
Mi Cukl Injr tald those were the very witnesses they
a Mud v> (xcludc. It w;i3 then agreed that the case
i .. journal Ull rnvte (Ikll) morning, wUeu
;t.r . dMN "l tins wilnoft will Mi"i.irneuced.
The jury, by lOiiEcnl, were permitted to Reparole, under
in. aitii.cuiiioii tioin tin Court nut to cnnvpiso with any
prison on tl.o subject, and v.. re diiected to report to the
(i urt the lMiincr of any party who should attempt to approach
them on the subject of Uic mutter on iLvcstigalion
b<-for? tUein.
PtlMiiai InUUI^ciiee.
Re' rrt McLean, Esq , who ia to go out Minister to Mexico,
If a (i utoIruisMcI-ane, of Delaware, who was Secretary of
f'Ua: under Ucncral Jackson, succocdlng Kdward Livings
ton to that efllce. lie was a prominent mimber of Conjirti-t,
icpreccnting the Baltimore district of Maryland
ruiirg the Ivik administration, and was subsequently
American Monster to China.
Hon. K. M. T. Hunter, of Virginia, has l?t*n invited to
native! the liUiaiy addrefS before the t?o noddies of tho
l'ui\erslty ol Mississippi, at the next commeniement, and
lion. Wm. 1. Sharkey lias beun invited to deliver tlio ad
flr<ss before the law i lass.
Hun. W. I.. Yancey has gone to Florida, his health not
being as geed us it was a month since.
At the Metropolitan Hotel?Bon. J. M. Wood, Maine; Hon.
JoL^ TV* ai d II. P. Useon, Pt. Louis; ('apt. J. Whitnev,
Cn l'i ri.1?: Col. fc. M. (.rrene, Texns; F. D. Iwlohtn, BuOsl'o,
W Al'en 11?.jd. New Orleans.
from l*ew Orifar.s and Hsvnus, In steamship Cabswbs?.!
| V W mi en. Ibes I'ln n, A J Ausltr. J I. Wsrner, I* B Baggerj
ly, A 1' Craig, 1 II Hi iilller, .1 Kiistn and servant, K Senas, M
In. 1.,;k V\ ?. I'luymf, M l-'ox, Mrs Bendetor, W B Batch,
1 >i ; aid.in nit, Mis S-'n.ltb, < spt Crowtll and lady, J She
I 'mi i i i;'c i;nn< . i. .1 iiHOmt?, it i initin, jr, A liar
cnnil li A Vndrlpftl. \V 1< I'nratx s, M Miller un<l arrvant, <}
IN ' |.i w< lib, K W Pavldaand indy. Mm Mbiitt*. .1 11 Htffli
I ma Mul :ndv (' Paai'nl, O Towtiriul, fl Faladrlguea, T <1
I ii p> u. ! lowlea, 1! ittonlmu, J Kac'avrr, JPUcn.M Kyle,
I I <ii 11, ,1 Sn7.fr*r A Ur*ln, J I.opea, K Uovlo, A Perea, M
I i .UiiT fl' McO'owan, K J Ogden.
J ' ni I ivM^eol, In (lie *1e?m?Mp Ktirnpa -Mr Patrmou.
Pa' nrk 'lufkrr, J ft 1 ronard. Mr Thomaa, Mm Myrra, .lobn
Can.err u W II Wimn, .t K Wlwalfr, R Webalcr and lady,
to-i id nnd ladjr, (,'fo 1'arr, Mrurn flmpaon, Harrlann, RS
rli" nurj. (I W nitn W l> Bjder, Ilnimttnti, Cumberland,
Human 1 W llnrrr.ii, C Ilatla, l?ea, .1 Ford, Bln\ne, C fflatz,
i ihlu-i Mupli Urn. II & hrrimua. C A fUone. J J Ilasgprty,
ISin I. 1. Kl.-kpa<tlik, Wm Hlnua, Ipmprub, Corbrt Mmlle,
.1,1' mi.lnmn ti, (lairen nod 1h.1v, Barrow a, .lag Drown, 8
Carlwrlubl anil Iniiy, Mra CarlwriyM anil two children, Cha*
I .?) / MHa 1 alir, Mia Kirk ard rhlld, Mra Inman, Infant, two
rliili'ri-n Hud Mir?i- A Uoulet, Mr Inret, Mr I<agrand. .Ino It
Mi uurt, ll> Hfririck, Jaa hUakfn, Mr Carter, Mr Qlgglua,
Mr 1?mpi>l'ii nwm aarvant, Mln l.uiell.
hi in i Ii.iiIi kU.d In ihi> aloamablp Columbia?F C BartleU,
.' 1 rv ! M Cabin n, J Webb, Mr Duller, W Armatronff. Hon
(jut H l'tilin and lad?, J liatubt, .1 Mlldeu, Mlaa M A Parcher,
Vra Mllen, <>(,1 .If roan and lady, Kfiouimaia, D Wallace, II
lv.i.'i.n.ni 8 r, Ilriii>nu>?, O Wfatrll. Il I) Could, W Maine, I?
II l.i ii.in-, T UTrtDt. Rev A K He will, K W K.dgerUm. I
l Mi inn j, J Mlrr.iiild, J 1) Price, I. Crcaa, W Llfcrbardt, 8 Mag
I nut. II Frnt, < I'linlr, T Ruah, KWIlkaa, T (I Hudd, J Mc
Kenny, Mini V Arthur, Mra Olenaon, Ml?a M Miller, MraJt!
! i ... . ' ii A t.. ill.. i ill-ihi u (' Vrliial*. a...i ik.ih i ll.,k*?
W W ,T lr^, T lV]o? I, R Root, M K.'tdnll Mr?
r I Id f r hi i' chl!?l. J'. IrnmOD, lr, II l> 1 iiIm, Mr? Mi'Domt'll.
Wi - I :?|K I I 1> r 1'autel anil lmly T Monro*, ,1 Kleld, Mr?
Ihi'rl , ?' I'rlijr, ,1 Hiirfclrj 11 V Wndi'Trcr, M Wr?l?rn,
K. II Utwr'l f .?-?!?niol.J II W Pe Morn <1 8 WUson, 11 Wllmm,
M ' nrell, v>? I.*wtenre, M Qlrthbev, .1 M F?yrc, ?
Wftrnrt .? Ttee .1, T Roar, M Reel W Tbnmrnon-nnl M la the
"UESDAY, MAltC'Et 8, 1869
| 1%* rtailljr HuO.
I rfikCnM paMmiimi ?
ami ouuu-'m?mp.iLMW8 orriiH wt.kk
xooal amd mlfohllankot'd m attkkj*?ma uk itt
HKro?T8, arc., bto.
1 he W amilt Hau a i d. iii Its regular Ihw of Wedased >r. will
contain a" report of the elosiug proceedings of Uj? Thirty 1Rh
Congress, wRhastali-meotofibe unoual of work doer, further
ateirstlng particulars it liie Sickle# tragedy id Washington *
tie of (1 ambling In Brooklja, the Four Beak Clerk*, with
II the new* of Ue week preceding lla day of publication
of u Important or interesting ohartwier. and >u the looai
news of Near Tork atul the adjolniig clUea. Polk i Ilepwts.
1 healrical notices. Ac., Ac. It will alio coutatn a full report oI
the eotnlltton of the New York Cattle Market, the retail prtoea
I or all kiada of Family Mart -tin* at Waaaiagtoa Market, doeamerolal
and Money Market He porta, Marrtigea and Deaths
for the week, and a large quantity of miscellaneous reading
Tarma?Two dollar* per aanum?alagle copy tour oeala.
To be obtained at the oMce. and of all uewa agents. Adrer
tlaemanta Inserted at the usnal Hbralo rates.
The Latest Drawing* of the I legalized Lotte
rtes.as reported to WOOD, Bddt ft oo.
mahaocu o* ma
Official Draw-tags, by Te'egrmpk.
Tbe subscribers, Commissioners appolnktd by the Ooren nr
of the Ftate of Delaware to superintend the drawing of a lot
terv ati r*A by the Legislature ha ring Ibis day attended
the draw : of the Lottery fur the benefit of the btaie of Del*
ware, do hereby crtlfy that the following are the aumben
which were this day drawn from the wheel, rtx:?
Sitka Cubs, No. 105, x* ecu 7. W53.
10, IS, 2, 26, 62, 71, 38, 73, 12. 77. 3t. 61. 19.
Claw No. 166, Maecii 7,1119.
28, 23, 67 , 68, 63, 74, 41, ?, 60, U. 61, 21. 65.
And that the a*Id number* were drawn in the Older In which
ther stand above.
Wltjiens our hands, at WHmtagton. Del, this Monday,
March 7,1BW. OKOKOK tJ GORDON, )
ALEX. ! OUTER, > I'ommlaeloatrn.
The anbscrlhois, Couinusaioiiers appointed ti superintend
the drawing of the Sparta acadriny Lottery, Co uereby certify
that the following wo Uij uuuibeis whiuh were this day lawc
from the wheel, via.?
Clais No id March 7. IBSt.
55, 16, 27, 9, 28, 48, 70, 20, 72, 8, 62. 41.
CLASS NO. 161, Etrm. MAUCU7. 1850
75, 63, 12, 58, 39, 19, 50, 4, 15, 46. 28, 62
Aji<! that the laid number* were dr? wn In the trdor In wtyrk
they atbiiu nbora.
Witness our tui-ids at A agitata. Ga.. tSbt Monday, Vtrch 7
Wt*OD, EOJlf k CO.. l
The Moat Popular Piece of the Day.
By TFTOilaS U/iKEft.
Fplendid colored military title pug"
Published by FIKTTT, POND & CO , 547 Jlroadway.
For (ale by all music dealer* to the United St&teu.
Cue* Your C?UKli.-li5 Cent*.
115 Third avenue, near Fourteenth s'-reet.
Gnrnty'l New Pliolngiuphlc anil Flue Art
gallery, 707 Broadway Phirtogrsplia daguerrwily ,)? ?, t'Unn
lares in oil, and ivory types.
Tlie Beat Pantaloon and Vmt Cutter
In thu Untied flUlis,
No. 1114 Broadway,
Opposite Ht Paul's t'Uurch
A Chest of Ooo<l Tea for One Dollnr.? \l?o,
lt>n sounds coffee for SI, at CHRISTIAJuStiN'.S, 216 Green
wlch street.
I<ooklng Glasses, Oil Painting* and Frames.
No. 366 ('anal, opposite Woonler street
Herring'* Patent Champion Fire
And burglar proof safos, 251 Broadway, corner Murray at, NT.
Shirts? 301 BroodMsy, Fullerton's Gentle*
Ben's furnishing lior.se ? Superior shirts made to order by
band, warranted to fit; gloves, hosiery, Ac.
Spring, 1850.?Tien ?y & Co. Introduce their
spring style of gentlemen's silk hats this day. Nos. 3, 4 and 6
Astor House, Broadway.
Southern and Western Trade.
We beg to Inform Honihern merchants ristttog the etty foi
sprlnp purchaser, that hovlnr begao very early the jiaaufnc
ture of our stock of spring and summer clothing, it Is now
complete and very full or all descriptions of our well known
t?lu nf r>ahlmiKhl* Alnthln*. Ul.t n itLttrn itock of low urlCtMl
and medium goods, rcanu&ctuied the ?*nie U?ui aud
stylo. Alao a caraplut* n?*iII Ul'"Lit nt our shoulder ai ring
shlta. furnishing goids. ka.\ all of which m offer to tbu trade
at tha moat favortble pilcrn and term a
D. DKVLUi A (.O- tt?. 268 and 260 Broadway.
Smithsonian Ilouae, BmnJur.j', Corner at
Houston street.?Ilotel sccouuaodaU-ina oa the European
Wheeler Si Wilson'? Sr?1nK Hnrhlntl.
Offirt 6C? BroaJwa/, N. 7.
gtrsnurt In (lie City ran obtain Correct
phrrnoluglcal exainii U- s with .-hart* an I full wrlitou de
sorlptlona of charae'er, talents sad defects, dill/ at FOWLICR
A WELLS', JOB Broad way
Deilanee Salamander Safes?With Patent
powder proof locks and cress bar* Aim Ore and burglar
proof parlor eafej. Depot 192 Pearl atreel Will reawre
April 1 to 68 Murray street, corner College place
M. Ii> IllllerN Kuropenn ExprrM, No. 3
OkiakMl ?trr?t, aeinl* llkiuessfs, parcels, Ac, l>y IW/
steamer to Europe, ai 56 ceuir.
First Clan Boota, Mioe- and Gnltera Ready
made or to order, at the eld etiabilUimeut, nt 188 Fulton alret.i,
west of Broadway, I.OKIN BKiJOKS A SON.
Mrt'Ouglilln'a Imptoved Pimm It Yoke
shirts, ready made or made to measure, at 2UU tireenwiih
street, < orner of Murray.
Bntrlirlor'a Ilr.lr Dye, Wtga mid Tonj?ee*?
The he?< in tlie woild, surjopsiiifT all ma le. Sold ana uoplie.1
at (lie manufactory, 2X3 Broadway.
Barry's Trttoyheroun la the Beat and
cbeapext article fordrei>*lng beautifying, clejilpg, our'.lng,
preserving anC rtstorlcfi tho hair. 1-aaiea, try it. bold by all
A. W. Fntir? *? I,end Pencils S?i!ilnt 11 tnll
hjr a I' siatinrera, at wholesale only by iHEI.II Tsr> F \I1kR,
aole agent, 1J3 Wllilam sjeet.
Crlslndoro'a Hair Dye, WIk? and Toupeea?
The best h> the world. Wholeaiiln aad retail, a-id the dye pi I
vatcly applied. No. ti Astor House.
Rnptiire Cured by Marab A Co 'a RadW-nJ
cure ii una. 1 b<yv also keep silk elastic stockings for rarinona
velra; snp]>or>r?ami shoulder braoes InulrumeLta frrde
fonuUle* niade to order. No. 2 Veaay street. Astor House. N.Y
CSraiidjean's Consultation on I lie Hair?ttuu
removrd No. 60 West Twelfth street, near Broadnray. Oray
hair aad balducsa prevented.
Ilnllowny'll frtlln nre nit * n''npi'm, im'niuo
the b?gt medicine in the woild; over a m.llloa buxos of them
buve l>cen Bold wl'hln * fcmonth*, and inn JcniuiJ U mill .a
creasins. Try them. Manufactory hO Van i-a lime, N. Y.
Take Healthful Pliyslcnl Rwrr1k'-.\(
WOOD'S Oymuintuin, No. 6 Ku?t Twenty eighth efcet.
KlgiailUn. Plain villa,
A remedy at laat discovered.
| Tbe proprietor* of UiUJntt'y ee!chrat'd prepar?ltoii, to
| oflrr (lie maiaTlUa to the tWbM a ?ompleU* hair restorer.
I They do not feel H their duty to deoounce other pr?pwtUoul
admtlied If produce almlUr reeulta nor to loault the uatieur ?
M>1 (foJ annae of 'he public, by long winded tmtinonlala; anf
1 flee it to ?*v, the triur.vUU will bring bask the hair when appv
' rentir erttrelv ?one; and it >ieed iui dlrertcd.
And preaerre to the hair
j though one lira to the age of tbrre-aoorp *nd ten.
| Fold by all resectable (UuggUte and tuicy gooJ* Wl?ri,
' nn<l by the proprletora,
HAltLKa KKNR3T, A CO, t'arfumctra,
1 rrlee SOeenla. 11 (told atreet, New York.
Hapbim's?Pioxymoskt.?At tlto Pacific Hotel, on Fr!.IV.
Manli 4. by tl.r very K. v. J. C'a.Mi. l)y;n?att. Jamm
lur.ttifsfv, Kfq., of S-'mitbvtllo Hat?, Chenango county, N.
I Y.. ? Mr*. A. J. H C. l**<r?rMOMtT, of thig citf, and
gr' tn'Plfce of the late Richard Montgomery, fc*q
MiJ.t *k?Bl/ra.?On Monday .March 7, at the rosldcncn
r.f the biltle'l brother, by the Roy. J. Howling, Mr. .Ton*
| licI.t'RE, of Brooklyn, to Miss Eu*a A*.t Blair,of thiacity.
MiMcn?Loegi!?On Sunday, March 0, at lb* reftMeoco
1 ol the bride's father, John W I/oai-o, Kf<i., Kaet Brooklyn,
by the Per. John Bray, 8AMr*lG. Minki:, of this city, to
| ll -NWAH Ai>n l.orrt. of the former place
| .Iaci-aMi?I ML?On Hunday evmtng, March fl, by the
I p. ?. .Ii.rrpd Mlllctt, Mr. Atm ntii P. JAeLARn, of tliia city,
| to Slip* llAnrnrr S. I nt, ot Moultonboro', N. II.
Fastein papers pl<>n?o copv.
r Mkatiji?Mi ua.tk ?On Sunday evening, March 8, at
the ( htirrh ol ?lie Atatiin|>tion, llrook11, b> th" Kev. I?r.
K'ifR?ii. Mr. Maumcm O'Mrara, of Mill oily, to MlM Kim*
I r\v Mn i vm, of Brooklyn.
Aivm.?In Hronklyn, on Hundar, March fl, Lbovard
r>r>iN>KP, infant aoit of Henry ami Surah Allvn Avers, Jr.
liAiMht ?On SntuiUay, March 5, after a lingering 111bo*,
awibjw, wifr ol Wntfoo Ita.bloy, in ihe 40th year
of her age.
The n atlTM and friend* of the family are reepectfullr
IdtIIM loiltnul the fonoral, from tlie Reformed Dutch
church, Ait.iria, this (Tuesday) morning, at oloven
r.MDOB ?On Sunday evening, March 0, Mrn. Nancy
flrldge, widow of the late Nathan Bridge, aged 74 rear*
i'lu? funeral will lake place from Uio rvaidsaoo of Mr. D.
C, Nwfard, No. 10 Nev us fclroct, BrookJ/u, on Weduow
6+r fffu nm, at ii*?r p*?t two o'oioec. ttteadaot
| Vf i*n>"7 are mn?e?l to ilutil
Hvy-ca?Oa HuuJmy, March 7, Mr. ilMD BaiOM, ia
. ttf M* T?" ?* Wi ag?
Ti?f rfk'^vei and frlm 1* of the family tr? reapoctfu i
ir-nrd to luDcr*!, from his lata renidaaee, No.
<a .-Vvtotfr as otiue, ou Wednesday a/teroooo, at two
o'clock, witfeaoc lOrtfcer notice.
roL*ux? ?In Bat.'1?1. on Sunday morning, March 8,
IMJI.Y, wife f t KnaOoKWa, ?*<*> ? years.
Jhe friends ??f> ?ri?UvtB y tfee family are reepeotfclly
it. v iu-d to att**o<i the funeral, ftroB her late residence,
mth mi ret, b?t?Mi Fourth to>. fiflh avenue*, on
w<inctday afiercoo*, at throe o'clock, witiiout further
Philadelphia and Saratoga papers please copy.
f'oNfK.iK ? Sfe.<lden!y, en Saturday morning, March 5,
(*1* htNjAMin' F. CoftKLur, aged &u years, 4 months antf
15 dajs.
IT.t*k ! what solemn Bound Is that
Which bie?Ln ho suddeu 'pou mjr ear,
As though tome lov'd ooe'p gone,
Without a drooping tear?
Sec ' tig him; too true, too true?
He't goni-?would I were with thee toe.
Ob 1 could'st thou bare bad
Tby lov'd one's tender care,
To tmoolh thy dj ing piliow
Id iby tssl, thy fading hour!
Bui co ' ta?i i?t said "come,"
And tbj spirit quickly fled.
The relatives aua friends of the family, and the Mutual
Lc^ge No. 67,1. O of O F., arc respectfully invited to attend
the tunoral, from his late residence, No. 01 Orchard
ttUcet, on Weduesdiiy afternoon, at half p*st one o'clock,
w.thout further invitation.
long hjlau.i papers please copy.
CvmiiiHi ?On Monday, March 7, Mr. Jamm Cckkivo, a
i alive of Perth, Scotland, aged 70 years.
The funeral will take place from the residence of hi
son in law (Mr. H. McDonnell, No. l'ZO Wwl Thirty aevenUi
street, on Wednesday afternoon, at one o'clock.
I'erth papers please copy.
Kur.?(Hi Monday, March 7, Milton Ei.y, In the 43d year
of bis age.
Bis remains will be taken to Shrewsbury, V. J., to day
(Tuesday), for interment.
Trectun snd Freehold papers please copy.
I'j?kk?lit Williamsburg, on Monday morning, March 6,
after a tiugcritg illness, David Fkum, in the GTt'i year of
bic ape.
Ills f> l. iidR and relatives are invited to attend the funeral,from
bis Lite residence, corner of Johnson and Morrell
ttreets, Williamsburg, 'bis (Tuesday) afternoon, at two
o'( .,n'k, without lurtber notice.
fisiswom ?At sea, on board the bteamer Cahawba, oa
Sumtay evening, March 6, of consumption, Ciuk' ri G.
Gkn-woLn, of this city, aged 23 yoars, 11 mouth i aud 6
da} t
TL?. i(tiid<u8 will be taken to MlddkviUe, Herk iner
count), N. V., for interment, where thefoncra' will take
pure (.n Weuuesday, !Hh inMart.
i.i inlk - On Monoay, March 7, ji'ma AsfM Gvim, aged
1 } ear and fi months.
TI.l funeral will Ukc place this (Tuoeday) afternoon, at
twooVnck, lioin the retidenoeof her parents, No. 78
avenon It.
llteum? Departed this transitory life, ou Moudiy,
March 7, M'B. 1!a:iy Am* F. Hueniw, the beloved wifs of
ri.ocms liuptirs, auU only daughter hC Golem in and Mary
II,'.r nij>!ou, ajrt-d Vt yearn at 1 2 montb*.
The fuooinl will take place from her late rcbidouce, No.
137 nv.i ue c, thin (Tueslay) afternoon, ?.t t?u o'cIj k
Her :iuiairs?ill oc interred tn Calvary Cemetery. The
farn j rt.d friends are uiott retpeelfuUy invited to attend.
Jui: km ? In Brooklyn, on Sunday. March U, Makikii*
A. .IirmfN, lieloved w fe of B. M. Jchlen, aged 41 years
and S n eelh?
The lui.t ral will take place from her late resldcuc?, N'o
IC9 !-< nth Oxtoru tire, t, Una (Tuesday) aJu.rnoon, at half
fast three o'cloci;. The members ana friends of the f*
iniiy, 'lie members ci Loup Inland l/i<1ge No. 18'i, F. and
a f? , and R'comiug Gtove Iajdgo No 383, I. 0. of O. F ,
are i rejiectfullv invited to attend, without further notico.
Joyce ?i >u Sunday, March 8, of chroni? disease of the
liver, Mrs Mahoahkt Jotea, wife of Patrick Joyce, in the
4Mli year of her ag?.
The It lends acd relatives of the family are respectfully
uvitcd to attcnu the lunerai, from the residence ot nnr
tiusband. N'o. 13 Morris street, this (rucsdaw^nftorno^n, at
or e o'clock. Her i cmaiiil wlU he taken to ciivary Cemetery
for Interment.
KinnY?On Monday, March 7, after a short but severe
illness, Jonti Kikiiy, aged 40 years, a natlvo of county
M.i) o, Ireland. May hiSfcoul rest In peace. Amen I
Ihu relatives and friends of the faai>ly are respectfully
itivucd to attend the funeral, from bis rate residence, No,
(MS Wathirgtoo street, on Wednesday afternoon, lit two
ICoik ?On Sunday, March 6, Capt. Casar** Rock, of Dii
l<-h brg Kcrgen Rati II, lately arrived from Bahia, in the
Wlh year ol liis age
All louifn capt a lux and friends are respectfully incited
to atlead the funeral, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two
o'clock, (mm 1. Petersen's, No 32 Rector struct, and t?
diepla) ttelr colors at half mast.
Ma mil?In Wntdunutoo. l>. C.. on Thursday, March 3,
Cahommi Ijlihos. wile of Iieut. John N. MilIKt, I'niteJ
St trs navy, and daughter of the late Hon John Laurens,
of Charleston, 8. C.
Mariin ?(in Sunday, March ".of cnn.n:mptioa, VYiiuam
n. M/MW, in the 42d" year ofhis age
The friends and relaUvcs of the family are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral, this (Tueodnvt afternooe. at
two o'clock, fiom his late residence, No. 20 Thomaa btteet,
witbcut further notice.
California papers pleafe ropy.
Mi CohKJCK ? on Monday uiorning, March 7, Pmui- MuColtKtcK,
aged C5 years, a native ot (Jiananc, co\.Lty Longford,
"lbe funi-ia'. w II take pla:e this (Tuesday) afternoon, at
hsll past two o'clock, ftnm bis late residence, Comoro
Djigtiiy and KUtabvta streets, Brooklyn. 1113 remains
?"il! I.c taken to the Cemetery ol the Holy Cross,F.'aftuth.
llM fi iOLds and relatives of the family are IM|mill\ll1j iO
f itco to attend.
Md'osmal ?On Sunday evening, M.wcli 6, of couturup
Uou, llifUAUn McDoxwux, tu the 37th year of his v
Mb friends, awl thoec ol liL- wife, are most rcapictlally
Invited to attend the funeral, tbix (Pneeday) afternoon, at
uu o'clock, liom l>is late residence, No. 40 lAurcu
(iiixvt, n<ar Ciand street
mcou.?In Brooklyn, ou Sunday, Mari.U 6, Catharine
K. Mouhb, daughter of Mary and tbo late licui y Mourn.
1 Icr frUnds and acquaintance, and those of the firmly,
are respectfully invited to attenu Ibo itinera*, from the residence
of her mother, No. 13 Prince street, near Johnson
ttrcct, Brooklyn, tin* (Tuesday) aflereooa, at two o'clock.
Mow. <n ? On Monday. March 7, MATXAiatr Gltsjt, the
beloved wife of William Morgan, a nntive of Rillinistoe,
county fcalway, Ireland, aged 2a years ami 2 mouths.
The friends o[ the IiunlTy, and those of her brother,
Martin Olvrn, arc respectfully irv'tcl to attend the fune
ral. Bt two o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, from h?r
lat> i< .-Idence, No. 207 Ter.th avenue, between Twentytevet
lb and Twenty eighth .?treelf.
t-alway p.jvci s piea.se copy.
Km mkk ?Ol Mouday, Uu ch 7, Ei>tfi:m>5KYMontr ai mkr,
of I- ug!?nd, aged 4'.? year?.
lhe luneial will take place oa Wednesday afternoon, at
two o c'tek,from his late resldeuee, Abliey," FuUon
;i venue, Brooklyn. Friends of the iainily are invited O
atu nd.
Roktvslt.?On Sum!ay evening, March S, Mrs Eliza
ntut I!of>kv?i.T, wife of Solomon UoDwelt, aged t* >e.?r9.
Hie fi ant! relatives of the family are reRpcc't'u'lv
icvitcd to attend the fuocal, from her late residence, No.
ii C'iULOa strer', today (Tuesday}, al twelve o'clock M.
Htr r< tr.n<ns wi'.l betaken lo Kr; port, N. J , fir ;uter men'
ivthhu-un Sunday, Mar eh 0, I.rcv Janr e!dc?t
ou'.'1,1,. r of Tlicdo'c and Mary Ann Wincuel, ;a the i?th
year of her age.
Tlio friends and relatives of the family are't3pe<-tfu';y
Invited to attend the Om,-?ral, tbi." (Tuesday) afternoou, at
tw,> o'clock, frcm No. 152 Wooster street.
Vorv ?On Monday morning, M?rch 7, ater a short
illnets, Fix'.ar Davidson Voi no, aged ti years, the beloved
tuu of John ?. and Ann l'oat Young.
The friends of ti n family are respectfully Invited to a',
ti nd the fontra'. frr.m Ills father's residence. No. (1 South
\ ,.ih street, VF illiumtbarg, on Wednesday afternoon, ai
three o'clock, without further invitation.
k J>y,. S, axkh, PLANKS, SAW- ANP A'.L KINDS OF
A lnulci.' tool*, aNo ctrpenU" *'tool ibai ? fu-nwh '.l
rcmpht*. wholesale ?n I retail, ?t W(i01>'ii old e?ubi'*h?<1 to<il
(.tore, OS ('balham cori-crof Husee ?a t C>ani!\rs sis.
KstaWUhed 1*31.
KO. <98 BROADWAY, nkw vork.
wo. im fpltok street unooKr.Ytr
Ah AS oot rcmttiujio to BET.I, b wants to
hiir, l"it ? here cm tbey bot'j neetr Why. at ths e^:n j
moc ' > nli'
Store tii'urra for na'.e are leniaiered on tiia
Afc e to nr '-th.
ri. cvktjs nroin.va
The Oroat Inh&linff rrtnfi/,
For C<otumptlori Aathtn* and all t.iinga I '1 hr^at dia^aae*
l"?iri reducr-l Irnm K to *1 per pkarag* to acoi>mmol*;a
II -- va? iicm."Dri of tbi* c. iAb roe to loi.Hi
b .PHIH 1'aI'i. A CO , (Old nijonLn for
I'nlf f 9l*?eii 21! Pull n air<v>?
At fverpjn.f wtipdiwo cari>* notks,
Tbe?c re'rl rated cai-da. aplondldl ? tTKraTfil can !>e had
only in Brwulw.^y, co-ufr of r> iano atreet.
Bp.owh's buohihiax. t ?t: ?pb t s
OR COr Oil T,07>-.V0?-tl
Currrt.iigt ro'.d. h Kmereea and In Cut ml aay trnuUoa o>
mcoeaaff lie Ihrou
Bt.iere lhe backing vo xli in rouj -npi^n broucfciite,
booplnr o> 'gh, aathm . oatarrli
BROWB'S bfconchui. tbacurr
? lo*ran1 strength"-' tl?? Woe of airier*.
Iiuliapocaahle to public rpeak^ra.
pootf.irg ?od f iu plr?<'biid--en uae them
/ ?"i|nc Mp<*fUiraU<m and rortDir hnu*en<M
" Pre eminently the tint md Veat"
rk\ hrbry ward hrkohtr
" I re.omaerrt their r.so to pv.bllr ?p<-*imn."
' 1 h?.ve pro*erf them oxceileot far Uooplui ennui,"
pkv. h. w. wabkkn. mat on
" An oM Urtj Iriend having tried in any rem-dlei for rj?*>aa
with co bent-ill. fmud crftal rtt'lef fron (he troehei "
" Great benefit in alTpclltnenf tlie bromhUl n-rari,"
" A flmple and elepint e unhlnation fur concha, Ac "
J lleah cured without )>aln. aotlat the I*>j om !> wan
Imrr.ediMely after tb? oticraUco without the Ma* inrnt>?e
nlence M the jm'lcnt.by l>r. Z ACHAR1K. awn' >n chlrop*
(!?t, 780 i'rondwaj. Keren to tlia phyaklana and aur?eon* ?
the city.
J t thra to the lluuM preparation ho long ?ror)"J?f, the
manufacturers now mate n pasta biackin* in Has, *men ia far
auperkr to any other Irtfor* th* publte. Both h?
h?i of Itrocert gem-rally at retail, and u>
YVF.uR, 217 Fulton atreet, agentjoi JKj A Martin, loodon.
W i>er ceut leea than Broadway prlce?,
YVUo:e *'? a"1' ret*!* iU
rxRODHOir nftomwRH',
wiinrtLA rmotJg"
I,Kn"Wr^'.?^ to KOir-f IttTTudIre. ^ .
?.? v Lea*Ilaible '?c??ni? oooUlaH la tfc- tmk
1'riS 0^1 Fo* of ihe 3d In-U
MS Brw?dw?y, New T?K,
S?ssm? S
Lod^biiwe, aUiuary,n#eUff<JC18S
droit la at the old Curiosity Bhop, 109 Nmbu. M?nu^
eipose of Freemssonry for inie.
T ADD, WKMTB1* 00-1
Tin ftiiilli in I nimftiiliiilin imrTiniilr ?m pufwiliien
in j other. Call and examine, or send Ibf ottMiftr.bSa*
pnrcfeealng. tMBwdwsj.
Lace sustains, '
Muslin curtains.
Muslin borders,
Laoe borderv;
TeMbaie lM0,
Ac, Ac., Ac.
Wbolenale retlii
KELTY, BR0THKK8 A LUM. a>l Broadway.
and Washington City, photographed by UUbifM,
2K9 Broadway. Copies for sale at the nailery. These pKmraa
ahow the auhjacta aa they are in procreaeion end decay. IV
only true Illustrations of Mount Vernon ever taken/ 1,W?
other subjects on hand
Magnetic salvk dndkb Tint pillow.
For dyatepaui. liver complaint and cnstlvenees. Bob weM
lii before rising. For salt by Dr 8. B. SMITH, SMOanaleMueC^
and by diutglsts; alio by HaBNKm A PARK, 13 Park nr.'
The beet and cheapest In eriatenee, at the depot of HM
Bed Spring Company, 378 Broadway. Mo hotel, boepask
steamboat or private family wll1 be long without this anhH,
Call and examine, at leaal, or aend for descriptive circular.
HKOKRIj BROTHERS, No. 19 John street, mauufaotortt
atrreraoopea and import the latest views taken on glaae aaA
paper ol all parte of the world. "*
I 1 Kc C? M A IA kn? aairlno ?LIA iH ?*
,, .......... . .? ?"/ WUI'U miimiipwl'jrm
the work Umt pureu*aer*t:?pecti:<i them to ilo are lafocmr<1
ibat b'inger'a machines net ?r fail to do any kind of work.
Ju one U ertr dii.au! 'Ult.il in ttn&eimLuui.
I. M 81 N'iKH ? CO.. 153 Broaiway.
i? The ctw family sewing machines at fSD tnd 175 are
troding jntveiral attention.
In all essential noo.l (futilities they are mueb tho beat u(blue
ever ofleitd at a low prise.
I >t. biM(/KR A CO , 4M Broadway.
The imnienae luctenac In the demand for these aJroli ?LH
mr chines?It h?n trebled within four rnoMlia?lOiiitoJes the ?
viving pri uperity < C ihe country.
1 he price* of our machines hare been grrattr radu?4.
1. 11 SlNliER A 1*-'. W Brmlwir,
over a?,noo okdmud.
over eno.ono ortkukd.
ovrr 200000 ordered
ovfr 200000 orubred.
OVER 2001)00 OBiiERKD.
over 2(0,000 okphrkd
The rrsb ft our phi er h? . been hi R.reat that we c luW oa
supply half the demand. our pr???ri are ruoninx oigW w
d M
hereral attempts h ive been made to illustrate the
HlCKl.lS TH A'leot,
SiCKl.ks iRahimdi,
But Frank leslie'ala the oiuy paper which ??1m mlilW
rcprcbertaUoin (10 picture*) of thuth-tlUog affair.
AtnrrgBt tb liljistii t.s still be found?
1 6 l.cscpT' . e of 8ieki?s ^bootleg Key. from a dtatth
nmrie ne the spot
2 Pli ture ot h ey in lii? e-.8Bn
H. PorUstt ofHoo. Daniel H. Sickle*.
1 i'oiirai't Mrs hirlc.'ca
5. I;uPNt U lo < >u tpe body of Key.
f! Kleklen in prln n
7. Kej> epni. ?h' ?lii(jth? bullet h.Ve8
Kcj'b v.nl?(o?at, ?u m ing Ihe bullutholea
P Kcj'a walstfost, ir.aide iw Iik ti:e bollet Uiij*.
II. Parii< f hey'aroH : ud part of tUe gximt*. which eotM4A
the woutil.
nn FRANK Lt3l!tk'8 iLU.>TRATKD P APF.R,
111 \ FRANK LkoUK'8 illlsikaTHU PaI'KK.
BUY F KAi> K Lk.SLir.a 1 t.l.v a T>:a I Kil PaI'KK.
8Ct FRANK LKM.IKd ll.uus'l haTAII PaPKS
at a/.y news in-pot.
AT**\r NKW8 llKl'OT.
PklLK MX C.V.STii.
pj'Ick fix cy.srs.
TO in-AL HaKSH. Rounil Af.'D CU VPPRO 3KIIT.
aj:d leucer It Ueantiful'y soft. l>r oOI'RaI'ivm ttallaa
Medic^el Fc ap luT'Hd p-opertiei ot ?'irp-ialni; caergy, aU*
in produci':g a delicate yal'n iieci. han Is anj arms aad jiro
ie'-tins them fr> in rough v> tnti* It assuages lull immatino, r?u.o\ts
er.uineoui eiupii'.i.*, pimults, blotcUcs, tan a.d re<1t.ers,
by lis dilating piup'ities. Itpreveutg the f xmatinn of
wrlcklt.a acd bf. nuh< a ihrm when pre?"i t. The merits of Dr.
Ct'?iran<l> 'Jtcn'ed (Soap ba\e h?in attested by so ituiny
tbo".?and peop c. ilinl eulogize i'. a'. Ihc present day. beyoni
what has alread* t,c*n it.ll aeenn tlmnat a work of ?uo?tero
p?t|..n Krtnifc >fis, liere uu.y lie some who a.e still akepU
o?l tottssln 'al ' wonh ?ud ih 'sr nrr earnestly re<iuesto<l U>
hear in mind tk;.t it i-n stuoi!'be tea*, ol twenty years' e?|>?clence
Knital'y Bejehr-ited la Ooursod'a Vtvudre Subtile, for
tipruolU |t hslr from low frriJieads. upper p* . or any part of
tho body Mfelv ; warranted. Mjuld rouge, lily
white, h?i' dye an . !-? > stive 1mud u> tlie old established d?prt,
6. Walker si t cue state ftum Urcadv.*av; Mrs Utyna
l'irokl:ii Carey. Sank r A C.v, Ch:i:ah>>rs atrret: Park Jk
Parties' Park K"? *oi, HatWsv atreut. Hatea I ft Washington
street, Hoator: O Hinder Philadelphia Ac.
1'itf a' aprlied tor.
The auhw-iter ?f'ercn:eful study ami varkivs ezp?ita<Ml^
Of-I. anoreedsd in rrKistruntinft a f reerer, wruch. for tltnpHeH*.
di - iM'l y raj Ml'? spa quallt? of its ori.ductlou, 'i irrr j-isllil,
sod raom>l fall to become a unleersal f itot'.!c.
11'salia!, the incredaKus. there win be weekly p'llninf tMbin
i s of 'bl? Kreeier. at No 9 Piatt st.-cet, to t>fo?e Ua ability
to do k'J UlAt ti rl I'tre I fr.r It. fUrt-a, fr< m S to 20.quarts.
?knl? ?ok a circl'l?ft.
llie tidrrtifned will dispose of h!a stock M MASS^Rf
Til i/HiRtt, t.??w on bau l. upon favorable terras.
t. P. tORRKT, Manufacturer,
No 9 IMsU street, New V or*.
* 11a wftti -f"! ?nr'? t. hi >mji? nn?t? '?? u>a ealak??
"oil Dotnitikw < < fl?e aud tea pjt*. and Anhur'j patent aolfr
ccaliug o*ua -Ld jw~4.
J Polled ilex k of ladles', tulaaea' and chiidren'a (>ooU and
?li. e? i f Hi* brj quality and at one h?if (be canal pric(r; ala*
mt emi rol<*e<c<l ullpperi. Led sj, cuuou aud tee, at 8.
CMIIlL'?,3i7 Hroudwaj.
Jr. A' a t(! i-t. f I 60 dout ;c tolc w?temroof ?e?od boot*.
td tO donblt aoie fg t>"'!?; warranted ?ati?'*etirjr
J. I usirlul fcrtta aVo ncrof'ils, old ulocrs, nttl the worst
ran-ti l ilaeiv.'.raof the l>lt od, gn atdebility, tirer complaint,
k)'r>?ja Indolent rortump'l' n, Ac. ure m< *. certaiuly cired
liy ibig pre*t, ii'lflt r
Feq be arfliiieet No. S04 Bror.dway, of rheumiittam of
tlfthl rip ulia' C .ratlft, a bleb hid crlupled aadoonfined hla bn
hlarroos Kr Web?< waf PO j ears o' I T.ben thia cure waa eCiec
f.> ft f l?ll< aver'.e of wr. iula <>r ki.ijj i e t!. Theulcen>
had d??irojt d thr flrMi ftom lb.' neck untti 'he wludptp4
w.i* etpoa d ItftiUYdMtn (k>n> a tut if dyjprptla
Kri MO "ve street and 21 Clinton market, of I:.damu
' ry rii?v tuV.isui and gout, uftrr he hsd beeu crippled fir
* fin. _
E*? A1T 8 !T*K HA I V CtlKKJ> W" MrJ,k1\FTit
v^T*Lfl lit- leii.Vi I* i Hir of Ml nicer qotftir.f
tlic ft),..** t-.f from knee to ir?*u*p? th<s fleali rv. mg to Un* w?if
Fa.i Vi I f l-ki street, Brotklrn of de?n at.d terrlit,...,.
after M> ,.>valel?"? had decided that am
i itlJlii n wn uweiwary to MW Ui? life.
d! mailer diMa&ra. aud li ?ill u>c?tcertum/ cure any
C'.. "I i.-hrim b? rr .. hoi hr irrHrlne, If tiken la accordance
wtih tin-dire. :l i " ft ?lo?? not conMn ? p art lei e of mercury,
rr*111 o'bfi iimlnf-r-'l. I'KINCIPAI, WSI'OT, >'().
tMI On AND HTHfcl-T. Agrul for ltrooklyn, Mrs. TUyo*, Nj.
176 Fulton itreot
MR .1 ROBIN BOW. or l<tt HFI ANrT flTP.KKT, OF
(treat debility And drpifanion of iplrltn, re?tlesan?M and
Ion of energ y, Ac.
llta; kisn't ha.1 one m thrie m itha, aluoc taking Ikt
antidote. hue him.
her life, wltea all other medicine* had failed to bene*
TV to any addreni, H a buttle. >9 a dozen JFtJfl
ft CO , 109 Nana'i at-. Hayes, Brooklyn.
ratal* rlieumatlra. weaknena In the back, and tU n*tfOUJ
dUivU.fcj, I,wJ?geauuc ftlOwuleui tigMltut,

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