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WHOLE NO. 828a
*c., Ac., &a
Tbe W* tw*tnfhip Adelaide, Capt. Nicbotaon, arrived
at tbii port yerlercay afternoon from 9l John*. She left
C?i*.a> tivtml houis after the Persia nailed from liver
jgrol oh tbe&oib ult.
it's ba?r a copy of the Gal way Vindicator of the after
ne< d ni the 30th ult. The Vindicator gives the follow
M ;?
Va.dicatok Ornrg, raw Day, apml 30?5 o'Clock P. M.
Paris, Saturday, April 30?10 o'clock,
lbs Acstrians have paMed the Twioo, oral have cbMr
i-re d fc.it liti'4. Thtf it official.
Th? profer'eo mediation of Lord Mslmeabury had be-m
declmeo by France. Reason assigned, that t? ham accept,
ed U nrter the prnpo al f t Huttin for a 'Inujreu, agreed to
bp / 'mine. J'rutna aoa Knyland, had failed, it u>o-dd be
mt. ituulf to Jiuetia to entertain the proposal of England
Yesterday was the final day or the foreign share settle.
Rx-i.te in the Stuck Rxshauge, and the pane has oootmued
lb airooit uninterrupted force. Nineteen additional
failures, making the total forty-five, have been declared.
FtortuatioLB (gum extremely vioient prices, finally almost,
?a at every per io1 during the week Fundi this day?
Cersois eighty nine to half; new three* eighty-eight to
that uf a half Austrian, no market. Turkish sixes, slxtga
sixty eight no., scrip fifty two a fiity-eight. Sardinia
five, sixty seven a seventy-two. Russian lour and a half;
c>ghty eisbt a ninety two.
arhe total rise in the corn market since last week has
hern about 8s.
Liverpool cofon market this week shows a decline to
the extent of \ a X per cent.
tea?Small business, done.
Hews from China favorable. Sugar dull. Prices reeecrd
fid. a Is per cwt.
Greater excitement In leather trade, and wheit being rapMly
cleared at aovauoed prices.
Electioneering returns of this day give majority in favor
ef liberals,
Ti>? Persia sailed from Liverpool ibis morning.
(This message left London at 8:64 P. M., to-day for us.]
the Vindicator bas the annexed
The consequeooes that have followed from the initiatory
war stepe are already tearful. The Cngliah funds have fallen
ever three per oent, and immense mercantile failures are
announced. The rate of discount has i>een raised, and it
Is calculated that within the past few days the depredation
in funotd and autre property may be estimated at
M. Ader, formerly editor of the OomtituHonnel, and
asthor of various dramitic works, died on Tuesday, the
Mtb nit., in Paris, aged 62 years.
Lord Palmer Mod, in addressing the electors, expressed
bis tO|.e list this country would hare nothing to do
rno i.<ie war. ne may wifq success hi toe gooa cause,
Bad hope that the liberties of Italy will be rsiaol shed on
a good loondatioo, but England will act a wise part if she
preserves a strict neutrality, unless English interests reqane
her inter.'erence.
food fboflfbcts.
the general demand from England on the French corn
Miktte would, in It*elf, bo >nougb to account for the pre?*di
advance in France 01 2s tods, a quarter on wheat, to
Which must be added the sales for Portugal and the anticipated
opening of the Spauisu ports. It would appear to us
lb .1 those causes are all sufficient without the imminence
tf war, which would of necessity reatriot buanoss and
rentier transactions difficult, should it not even In Frsnce
tvop an ex porta
rhe remind from England is a good deal caused by
(peculation on merchants' parts, being anxious to have
weeks fiom moat markets, to the event of a European
war, without biofatbe prevent rates ol wneatand Hour
itc at a IW spe-'ulaUve point, and oau aoarce leave a loss
f we taSe an average at .teats, tne crops la the United
fvimooui are looking remarkably well, rhe last few
>k.hts fresi only administered a wholesome check to prestatute
nib nbw house of commons,
the Leedon Gob*, <he leading whig organ, now admits
!?at ihe rr"i; l of the pending elections will make the
si'iosier'ai rmngth in toe new douse of Commons about
J?ir? eti u o. e t >au it was in tbe late Parliament. This is
lbs miu.'H" n of an opponent, nu?. tbe supporters of the
I vi ri.tntit ate justly more sanguine, and according to
dpi' penmate d ia more liseiy that Lord Derby 'a followrre
in the d<-w bouse will fall little short of 320.
talway and america?arrival of the pacific?
sailing of tub aiikcaidb.
This (April So) waa. in practical reality, a great day for
Salsay, *ud in mrie tnan one s-nso a great day for Ire
lai d I be i.mus of our space ouiy euahie us to announce
khatthe Pscffiu, Osnt. Tbomproo, arrived this morning, at
ix o'clrck. wiin tbe uiai s, nritigrpg 154 ptsaeogers and
id rpoeie. vah daieB from St Joho'8 Ui the 21?l;
uid that the Adelaide,C*pt. Nicaoi*oo,?a led tblseveniug,
aaitig 6(2 |m*eei<ters, toe lvgnei uuinbur that ever suite 1
t> out rh p rrom Gaiway, aodthe mills ftom Ureal Britain
b St. John's and New York
the feeling in the tcilkkiks.
(Paris (April 28) correBimud"Ur.e ol Liverpool Journal ]
the Emuetor ts said to be as impatient as a scaoolhov
ft ot pait. The Bouaparte family are divide t greatly ceo
erniug tbe measure Old Jerome and tbo Princeas Ma
bt.0H a- e boib ot them ion > m tbelr oije.nions: tbe foriff
bar a wave experienced a sort of servile jeal iusjt at
very attempt mane by his nephew to Imitate the great
lapnieon; and be is never sparing in bie chuckling ear
arm w re never an .-xpreeston drops frooi tbe Emperor's
l>s betraying tbe one wish at bit beart?thai Of emulatig
bis one it in toy perticu'ar measure which may be oa
le tapu Tbe I'r ncees Mvtbilde is so decido-lly averse
t ibis wild goose d? psrtare, as she cabs it, that a day or
mo ago en open rupture with her imperial relative was tbe
unsaqnance. In tbo iutemperance of tongue to which
nntradiotton wui give rise, even with tbe greatest of her
ex, the Princess let aid to have exclaimed: 'Lf.lbim alone;
e will never be happy till be baa shown b.mtelf in his
mnokn jffamnce " tbo thrust mast hare told; for the
w.petor wbo bss forgiven tbe Princess many a slip of
ir itp, did not (org ve ber tms one, but grew angry outgbt
as-the bmperor oooe said bimeelf. none of bis own
milv could b-ar tbe thought of his seeking glory at the
mood's mootb but Prince Napoleon. It is certain that
its jonj laoiviouat oas been all along very urgent for
i# war, and net at all adverse at Dot to his cousin's
Mb'og to glory; but ots sentiments are said to be quite
lend ainee be haa been appointed to accompany the
tptditton Be evi ;,nOy t -ought to have remained
ebu.o for the better defence of Paris, but tie Emperor,
?' n bite, dese rot mean t> lose aigbt of hlv relation,
kd bus hie own private reajeoe for judging that Paris .
til be ail the safer without the presence of Prlnoe Na- <
Tbe health of his Majesty has given him so much 2
ie?Mne?s, as concerted with the ex-edition on which !'
t bss set bis heart, that, having consulted all bis doctors, '
,d aud-Dg that the last one, even Trlat, tbe professor of
-tneastics, had expressed an unfavorable opinion ooa-1
urn y nit- nepwrwre n u? pn-nu mnntn, en r rictay,
i.k avutg the chapel, be erfht suddenly for the black do? ,
aif whose domes Paris U at the present moment quits
II. It is taid toat the black mao sbje na entirely to his
??HkT Paris till the vStb of next month, when the reinsis
he has exbtb.ted sriu bare bad tbslr due effect.
arts y. jru 28) oorre*posdenc* of Ltrerpool JaurnaL]
rt-e ?tr upoo wbicb tbe ro-ing Emperor of Austria Is
m cDLouig b*h basti iwfter suddenly nor ranh'y ad
ed Iwetmt that from Cin vmy first tbe Emperor's
Ue-r.thj Arcb'-ucWa dopnia, has ente>t>inod a deed
rt-puwioo toward* tbe Imperial fsmtlv of France.
Bibas easw oeen sosM-umas p~ri<Jlie, by her own Gttniiy
?HAat bas been na>led S?r o<c fashioned prejudice. The
ffcdocheaam a smroae of the .most p iwert.il intellect,
I stid u-nds her rule nwer her boo as tlroly ss intho
a of Am m>a?i Py H. r iienwtration is proverbial; and
> stU o4osia.is with Mi-tiemtob upon a", subjeov couooctwitbaba
m test sis id ibt- aurirjAc cown Erers'scetbe
niagcof Hrtaae Napoiena me a lsp'corw of tbe lady
re beeuAiouMMi;. and at leagth, -bp dtat of a"MAce and
my. "f-Ceiih in.lpemselvv-aaod the Want of It In others,
experienced pair hare s-e-cwrded .in obtaioiog tks full
j ot the tester* of ->rwce Napvieoa aad the Empsror of J
Freni h to tbe Km* of Sardinia, l?y which tt becomes j
" tl"" the a?r u Italy is r>utaa secondary ohject? 1
t toe uUaiace end is toe heetowal of L'lotbardy on '
p Victor, home oo Prince Napoinon, Kaples on Prince
frit, ani tha* <jf?rihrna r.f i.wtsin bk..
7 ? - ? niiKu v*?m uuc y
d ojx-n to Bueste; ano then burraburtbeioug cberisfc
k"? a of tbe uuci oo England!
?ary eu-p which 0*8 miUcrto beat tokos t>y AaMrio
orro tbe result of oia'ure deliberation amends; tbe
oriel family, by er?rv memwer of whop tbe young
mot I* regsi ded M e p hcmius ebarge conbded to their
i "Tie Imperial ftnuly of euatri* assembles at ita
icti board rlxieeu grcbaukea, all ut the pnioe of life,
igor, and ratellignorn all moved by tbe a<me late
a, and aM a? ?ri> ndiy ?nd netted ?a every family ebon Id
No measure or viu.1 importan t* is emr undertaken
out the ad vtoe of ail and tbe adbeacin of tbe m t
y Ta'a aaeembiy, appealed to on the present occ ?
, was tinaaoooon in ue dncinon?U)? A'Chduobcas
ua even more urgent than the real. LI>w pr;uJ aoi
.<> * rh> moat liui. irtit woeo her son, riaio/in th?*
t of bis relatione, laid hta hand upon bie suro-d, and,
siear to the protiomtion oi France, which hvl been
iwed, exe'anoed, ' {. t the Emporor Lnia N'ajOieon
lid ibat 1 am ?a yet 'o?* vo tog to axticate. Oo xani*
unib (pick) tbe iaairiao eagle; better to try and C i
ibioat. "Oor thing let bim rem-mber in theamnio*
f ie, that lb# game la far from e>|nal betweee us I
a ptoTinoo; be awtkea Hit empire on the laaus of tbe
[Froui a Vi< i u/4 letter in the 1/xiduo PubL]
To V>eiLa ? f to day w. can baral; leooruiee the Vionnt
f <848, tbe cuy of pleasure and gayety, of semi I1* un
' amiH ol t'l e*p Imuj, of easy manner* combined wito a
<m r iiId |>at; arcbsl bimU nnu, wbico seemed to in-itci 10
m i Bible Hit-K purutuiii between tbe Emperor and tbe cuts'
n Vitoiia Id ifcfO i? tbe milittry si'lluess of Uerlin,
w ibout the muht cumt cultivation of to it capital; it la ?
ibt itvir ol plebpurn ib it e fsia in Paris, with jut Uto ao
M'n paijyii g grace ?d<) wit.
tbe revi lution ?(f b-4d aod Its wose.pieaoes?Jmpovafifianiit
ko?i general doarntBs?military domination,
?f gov of laxatioo, tbe effirt* of its government to weia
o g' ibe r heterogeneous or hotUH: oatiooaiities, alt this
o- uitiiteil bin produced a complete metamorphosis.
1 will if t dwell longer on tbis subject, bat will turn at
once l<i I be tult ol public op'owu reg.v lug >ne pre
i t rotfib'.t who Sardinia abd France. Toe Austriau
j mntutp uuK vri ? itigi-ijr ui iuu vuuiiibiihui wutuu
*>gns m all provncta of tb? empire. This is
lkii>u. "Wrat own it mailer to me, inhabii-itit
of ifce Bokovijit, if Gxllicia, Hungary or Bohenna,"
you Dear s*id every in lim i t, "if Austria
oo lipid, or 101,1.' ioOtrdj or Veurna. Tuete proviuoej
run a glial tiral tnoie iti m tbty produce; tbey Ulroiv the
empire w w continual political trounirs; the Krapstor will
oubl et? be chagrined at to longer bearing the utie of Uie
Kugollle I-omberrJO Venetian klng-uun, but that will
make little oiff. recce to the taxpayer*." Speeches of this
kind j< u bear even at Vienna whenever one feels safe
fr jm ib<- spies
fbe Vientere have cettalnly not much reason to Q titer
lbcmteive* with tbe grandeur of the House of Hapsburg.
You will barely imagine wbat bouse proprietors pay la
luxes at Vienna?thirty three per cent for the general
raxes, and tbree per cent munulpxl rates, and that
m time of i>e?ce Wbat will they pay in time of
war f Tbe state of the imperial flnanrvs is most dmastrous
; tbe resumption of cash pay meats by tbe bank,
decreed some months ago, has ooly been a pretence,
and it will eitiii"y erase the day oo which the Qrat
shot Is tired. The voluntary lout of 800,000,000 llorius,
Imposed by the paternal government on its faithful
klihiAftfl unit Hpitinoii In romt.d? flnmnriml auila hue ru>on
employed In ambitious objects and political aggrandisement,
and loses nearly 30 per cent of its original value.
Tbe Credit Afubtiier is quoted at 20 per cent, discount; tbe
shares of the Austrian Lloyds, largely subsidized by toe
State, bave fallen from 600 florins to 230; those of the Danubian
Navigation Company, with 7)4 per cent. State guarantee,
bave fallen 10 to 16 per cent, and other stock In
Tbe Austrian army has been greatly Increased since
1848, and part culariy in officers. It is not astonishing
that they rnouid desire war. But the old and matured
generals are far Irom feeling assured as to military successes.
There are not many generals of distinction. It
Is difficult to name others beside Bess, Wlmpren and
8cb)ick, as commanders of corps, and Benedek and one or
two otters as generals of division. General Gynlai, Governor
of Lombardy, has as seldom smelt powder as tbe
General Count Grunne, the ail-powetful favorite of tbe
Emperor, and whose general unpopularity rebounds on
his master even among military men.
Beyond several otber causes of discontent, there are
private ones peculiar to the Viennese citizens. Accustomed
to live, so to speak, on a footing of familiarity with their
sovereign, and to meet every day the Papa Franzl
in the public gardens and promenades dressed as other
people, without etiquette or paiapbernails, tbe Viennese
are now frown st the aspect of an Emperor always in uniform,
stiff and haughty. The Influence of the ultramontane
coterie, secretly directed by a former liberal
advocate, now Baron de Bach, the silent advances of this
coterie since the establishment of tbe concordat, has profoundly
ulcerated nearly all classes of tbe population.
Religious intolerance is especially paramount at this
very moment when they implore the succor of Protestant
countries like England and- Prussia. They have recently
piarou uunwiei tu toe way 01 cue promotion or rroutUDl
subalterns; they have refused, in certain provinces of the I
empire, civil employment to Jews; burial is even denied to
Protestants in Catholic cemeteries, and here there are no
Protestant cemeteries. An ancient law, fallen into
^teuetude, and wnich forbade the Jews to have Christian
servants, is about to be again put in force. To represents- j
lions made on lh<B subject by the Israelites in Vienna, j
they have replied by insinuating that tbcy bad better
keep quiet, or the decreo in question may be put in force
in Prague and Pesth.
In euch a state of sffairs a foreign war cannot be popular.
Add to so many other causes certain apprehensions?
tbe instinctive dread of the population with regard to
Ruseia?this spectre of Banquo rising in every revel to
banish joy and confidence. Do not, then, believe the
declamations of the press which. In Vienna, is not like
that of London or Paris. The Viennese subscribe to a
jour eat and read it occasionally to see the quotations at
tbe Bourse, the pieces given at the theatre, he.: as to the
lead ng articles, tbey have but UUle Interest for these
people. There is, moreover, no prophet In this country.
How can we lock for the expression of public opinion In
tbe Prate of k. Zsog, wbo formerly sold little Viennese
cakes at Paris, and who now distributes tarta even less
digestible to 23,000 subscribers? Is it in the Oat Deuitche
Put of tbe fiery M. Kuranda, a Prague Jew, and which
Count Buol baa chosen as hia organ? Is it in the lncapa
mo f rtmaenmau, ooitea ny toe r> rower or toe great poot
Heine, a journal which baa 30,COO subscriber* in spice of
ite stupidity, become proverbial? The only journalist of
taleot in Vienna is X- Warecs, editor of Lloyd during the
Ea-tern war, who since * * * but he was then the
z.-alius admirer of tho French government.
as it is strictly forbidden to the journals to mention
anything respecting the movements of the troops, we
buve only an Imperfect knov'edge of the foroe or the
aimy concentrated in Lombardy. I know from undoubted
sources that as soon as the Second corps and tbe Grenadier
companies combined shall bays entered Italy, there
will be 220 ,'K 0 to 230,000 men.
The state of industry is deplorable. Tbe factories
starve; at Prague and Brunn, manufacturing towns, several
failures are expected. Tbe products of Austrian man
ufacturere, w< <so principal outlets were Lombardy, Turkey
gnu the Hanubtan Principalities, have bad but little
sale for tome time past, owing to tbe political condition
of tbeso cov ouub, brought about in a great measure by
Austria herself. Industry makes no progress in Austria,
tbanks to the old monopolies of corporations, he., which
arc so obstacle to free competition.
The Vit uijcte revenge themselves by sarcasms, and tho
B'nncr W>t:r (Virnca witticisms) are not wanting in
reasoning, but are almost always untranslateable.
A vrry t"gh personage frequents a great deal the circus
of Reuz. the famous eqwilibrute and horse-tamer, and
eboeo daughter, Xdlle. Catherine or Cathy Reuz, is a
pretty and bkiitui pupil This has given rise to an atrocious
pun respecting tho relative interest of the government
in tbe Cathy-reuz and Coufe reuz. Lord Cowley,
giving a toast to tbe army, said, " May God preserve
(erhalte, signify irg also in German to nourish) the Austrian
army." Tbe Minister of Finance replied, " May
God do so; for, as for me, I am no longer in & state to
do it"
The retirement of colonel O'Donnell,aide-de-camp to the
Fmperor, and who saved him from assassination at
Lib. ny, has greatly surprised the public. Indisposition is
given as tbe cause of his retirement; but K is asserted,
nn thn nthflr hand. that tha fklton nnlnnal haa for an onamo
ibe all powe< hi Count Gruuns, and that he haa fallen
from power for endeavoring to enlighten his master as to
bis false foreign and Internal policy. Count Grunne passes
for a first rate sportsman and great connoisseur of horses.
Baron Bruck, the skilful Minister of Finance, has hitheto
raved Austria from bankruptcy. Ike financial future
s gloomy in the extreme; the remlnisoenoes of repeated
bankruptcies during the wars of the empire terrify all
Tht War in Enrspe.
The last news firem Europe leaving hat little room for
doubting the opening of a mighty struggle on the tented
field for Italian independence, a very interesting meeting
of the influential Italian residents in this city was held
on Friday evening at the house ef Slgnor Gajani, in
Eleventh street. The convertaXcme was confined wholly
to the consideration of the claims which Italy at home had
upon her sons and friends abroad. Instead of the wrangling
which too often characterises the reunions of foreign
petriete, the Italian amenably on Friday evening was remarkably
harmonious. The love of home and lis endearments
was evidently uppermost; and though there were
gentlemen present from all the States of tost delicious yet
outraged ' garden of Europe," there was no local preferences
sticking out here and there. It was Italy free
aad undivided that they sought, and free and undivided
in sentiment they met to deviio the conoert of action now
required of them.
Tbo speakers were as markedly unanimous In their hostility
to Austria as they were united In their anxiety for
the welfare of tbelr oommon country, and to give tangible j
shape to tbeir aen&neau a subscription was opened to 1
aid tbo national movement. It was decided that their
dollars should go "so assist the families ef the soldiers
catlea to fight for indepeDUenoe." Considerable sums to
ibw and were immediately contribute!. Tnis subscription
is net in-ended 10 be oeoliced to Italians. Toe poetics!
dreemcts of tbe clOd!iess akles, rich vineyards and dark
eyed signers* of that clasaic land will now have an opportunity
of contributing te the common cause. The leading
ojco of tain movement ocprcoste section slUnt, ud go iu
for a national subacrlptma, or ratber a subscription from !
aU who low liberty la "Hail Columbia," be , be th?y
conservative, red republican or anything else. The following
gentlemen wrre appelated oa the Commiuee of Invitation:?
Prof< ssor Finoeeao Rotta, President, ftl Wrst
Thirty seventh street; Ottaeto Fabricotli, Treasurer, merchant,
31 Beaver sweet; 6. Albinoln, merchant. Hurray
street; Dr. Gmsanm Coocavlaj, physician, 67 Bieecker
fitreet; E IV Fiotrl, merchant, M Bread way; Gaglieimo
Gajatit, lawyer, IS Wail street; hhchele Paatacaidi, mer
chant, 67 I'oau street; Vincenzo Bquwzt, merchaat, 76
Fulkm street. The active co operation of our leading cititens
who teel interested is solicited, and there Is tittle
doubt that ton rrrangements entered into en-Friday evening
will accompush something, as the war feeling Is preI
sc,rUy very warm, and with the anticipated reports of
glor ious naives to help them, the Ualfr'-n Osmmlttee will
Una the hood life to lead them dn to sucttttsHowobabi-t
Dv oujua?.?Wallace R. Bandsc, against
whom a chsrgo or false pretence was prt-ferre ( hp James
Donnelly, w?s honorably discharged by Justice Keily,
there being na evidence to suetam the complaint.
Sti^rrue * ourt-Gtnsrnl Term*
Beto-e a fail Bench.
Jatres P. Fisb v* Themis L. Da Wolf ct al Ca.se scat
back to be resettled.
Walter D aiowefrtal vs. Geo-geB OramJss ? Deiket
rscated and the repiwt, or pending of referee, sent back
for further hirerbg.
John H floo'ane et aU v?. John F. ButtarworUh-Jodgmert
affirmed with costs. I
^1,180,115 IN TRE ASDRE.
Our San Francisco Correspondence*
The Acts of the Vigilance Committee
Before the Courts*
News from New Granada, Nicaragua,
Sandwich Islands, Chile, Fern
and Ecuador,
I The United States mail steamship Star of the West, Capt.
Gray, arrived yesterday morning from Agpinwall via
Havana, bringing the California passengers, mails and
specie which left San Francisco on the 30th April in the
steamship Sonora.
The Star of the West loft Asplnwall on the 4th lnst. and
Havana on the 0th.
On the 7th, in lat. 21 08, long. 84 48, she passed the
United States storeahlp Relief, standing north.
The United States steam frigate Roanoke was at Asplnwall?all
It was reported at Aoapulco that the liberals had taken
all of the city of Mexico except the palace.
1>e following Is the specie list of the Star of the West:?
Wells, Fargo & Co..$281,000 Baker k Morrell.... $30,000
Am. Exchange Bank 126,000 T. J. Hand & Co... 3,000
S. Strauss,Bro.&Co. 114,268 Neemlth A Sons.... 6,000
W.T Coleman k Co. 07,200 Renard&Co 11,800
Freeman A Co 88,368 E. C. Knight k Co.. 4,630
Duncan, Sherman & T. Richardson k Co. 6,023
| Co 86,711 J. H. Ooghill 14.083
Jss. Fatrick 66,000 Howlandk tspinwall 14,101
Richard Patrick.... 63,000 Colin C. Baker 8,000
W. 3ellgman k Co.. 44,000 Conroy k O'Connor. 10,600
Taffee.McCahill AOo 37,000 A. E. TUton 2,600
Butcher kBro 87,000 C. C. Bastings 4,000
DeW itt, Kittle k Co. 86,000 JenningsA Brewster 0,000
E. Kelly k Co 34,(00 Clark k Wiibor.... 10,000
Order 36,600 A. Hardy A Co 7,073
Roes. Falconer A Co. 26.436 Chas. W. Croahv. l? ftnn
Trtadwell & Co..... 25',000 J. AMcGrawV.'.~2/?6 !
J. H. Brower & Co. 23,203 ?
R.Meader&0. Adams 22,000 Total $1,480,116
J. Goldsmith & Co.. 22,000 from ashnwall.
B. Cohen & Co 21,236 J. Krause $1,700
J. B. Newton 4s Co. 20,626 Trevor & Colgate.. 1,000
Buckl'n 4 Co 18,100 McLean k Lints.., 611
Z. Elcatein A Bro... 18,000
J. B. Weir 16,010 Total $3,311
We are indebted to John F. Patterson, purler of the
Star of the West, for favors.
Our San Francisco Correspondence.
Sax Francisco, April 20,1860.
The tenth Legislature of the State of California adjourned
yesterday at noon, after a session of over three months.
It was not remarkable for any great talent among members,
nor would it in pertonnti or labors compare Cavora- t
bly with like bodies that have assembled at Sacramento 1
during the past three years. There was much special
legislation and very little of a general character. Below
are enumerated a fe# of the prominent measures that became
gen era i. walker.
General William Walker remains still in this city, keeping
himself very secluded. There are many surmises as
to his future movements. Some think he proposes an- |
other exDedition to Nicaragua, others that he Intends eoioar !
to Sonora. All, however, agree that he purposes going
somewhere In the character of chief of a hand of adventurers.
General Walker Is nevor seen in the streets; not
so Colonel Bruno Natzmer, who, with tho exterior of a
bold soldier, airs himself often on Montgomery street. I
bad a conversation with the gallant Colonel last evening,
and learned from him that he recently passed several
months on a tour through Mexico, Including a trip through
Sonera. He does not consider the country worth much.
There is a dearth of water and food in the land, and it
would be Impossible to support an army there, particularly
in Sonora. Col. Natzmer " would not give one department
in Nicaragua for the whole State of Sonora and several
other Mexican States into the bargain." He said
Walker had no designs on Sonora.
Messrs. Broderick, Gwin, Denver and McKibnen arrived
here by the last steamer and immediately proceed
ed to Sacramento, where they now are staying. The object
of tho visit of these gentlemen to the capital la to hold
counsel with their friends as to the approaching election,
at which a Governor and members of Congress are to be
chosen. The division in the ranks of the democracy,
dating back to the Kansas question and Mr. Douglas'
course thereon, has not been healed, and the same forces
will battle at the election in September that fought lost
year. The offices to be filled are of much importance, and
exertions of the most strenuous nature will be made to
achieve success. It Is said that Mr. Broderick intends to
stump the State, and call all the opponents of Mj> Buchanan's
administration to support the ticket to be nominated
by the Douglas tide of the house. Mr. McKibben
expects to receive a nomination for Congress. He was
elected last year; bnt In consequence of the Legislature
having postponed the time for holding the election he
will not trust to this fact, but ran again. There are numerous
candidates for all the offices to be filled. For Governor
Mr. Welter seeks a re-nomination, and Messrs. Latham,
Nugent and Denver are also understood to be candidates.
The strongest of the four at present appears to
be Wellcr. but a few months will certainly effect changes.
Denver's friends proclaim him to be an aspirant for Gubernatorial
honors, and Latham, a young and energetic
man, is not idle.
It is probable the contest in the convention win be between
Weller and Nugent. The adherents of Douglas and
isrocenck will undoubtedly nominate their stroogdfit men,
and with the aeeiitance of local isauos and other ctrcumatancea
poll a much larger rote than they did in 1868.
The approaching election, it Is believed, will decide who la
to be Mr. 6wmr? successor in the Senate. Mr. Gwin is by
no means a favorite bare. He ia known to be a man of
energy and talent, but, Justly or uDjoatly, it is thought he
employs those qualities, not for the benefit of California,
bat to subserve his own personal ends.
ran vigilance txuurrrncs mats nitrons rns contra.
The case of Martin Gallaghpr vs. the bark Yankee wes
decided last week in the United States Circuit Court on appeal
from the decree of the United States District Court,
which awarded ltbellant $8,000 damages. This ac ion
grew out of the proceedings of the Vigilance Committee
in 18b6, who oantehed Gallagher, and added a tnreat tq
. deprive him or life if he dared return to this city. Tbo
captain of the Yankee conveyed Gallagher to Honolulu,
where ho remained several months. He returned wben
the edict of banlshmont was revoked, and filed a libel 1
[ against the rhip. Judge Hoffman assessed damages at |
$3,000; and now. on appeal to tbe United States Circuit
Court, Judge McAllister affirms that judgment. The latter j
delivered a long opinion, in the course of which he ]
wiih the mofsea of these who pronounoed the sen tec oe 1
wbki. was carried Into enecutlna by tb? reapondent, this Cour
he* nothing to oo; bat It la tta duty to apply to these acta la I
orpnecMn whli'te issue of damages la this case, the cunso- |
qurnca t'blch the taw aooexss t them. Ia order to do an it
i* necessary to ascertain be'her the respondeat knew wba
had been tote to the libel last, and that he wi kes*y lent him
aelf to the elocution of the to called sentence. That he wa I
aw?re rl what be waa doing: that be acted w'th hla esea onen I
ib*lae snew an UifgaDy oocdemoed man ess to hkposa-a
Hod ts be transp.rwa from him country. Ue evidence ss^sfloi
me. has been proved. The existence of the VigUwee Con
mtttee *u open, pubits. notortoa*?the mat's of their notion
n?ere *t the fame known to eeerr men, women end ehud la
Ben Frasnlseo If the reepoodent knew not bin ( of it, he vu i
the only l>um?n being la the oh/ who did not.
The Court eltca an English case where ?300 damages
was aneaeed for an Illegal arrest under a general warrant
and remarks:?
it order the British menarehy a wilful violation at law in
tbe person ofa hrltlsh subject is regarded by thejudistary sea
csee Sir eteeaplarj damiwes. this usurt oaanct outsider in it a
mncb grosse-violation of law u the person of aa American
citizen abomd be deeaed by the eeurteefthia country aa fully
recompensed by an sinouLt la dollars and cents whi-h may
cover the actual less of Ume sad espeases of the Injured
la the esse rafeiMd to the amount of personal injury wse
small? ea ?rrest of a few tisys. to be compensated for tuSl
r'euUy by ?4) The plaintiff acted under the color of legal
process Issued under the sanction of oocstKutod authorities,
and yet the gross violation ol law was visited by esemolary
damages to an amount nearly tfteen times tits value or the as
It is probable the ease will he taken on appeal to the
Pupreme Court of tbo Cute States,.when tbe views of
tha' sngoat tribunal wilt be biu on the insorrectloa Jbere
iKtsumt rxwrcu.
The bill giving to tbe wbart compvuies tbg right to on
' ' **" """ ^~?a'
(}, MAY 15, 1859.
struct * talkbriit for the harbor of Ska Francisco *M defeated
last week in Ute Senate. Huperbumaa efforts were
?> to efltot iU passage, and on k vote being taken It received
ibrer majority in a house of thirty three members.
Bubrequeatly the uiMer was reconsidered and the bill re
Jecfed Ibe principal newapipem of this city vigorously
opposed the measure on the grounds tbU it gave the last
and mat t valuable franchise we possess to parties wno
were to make ao suitable return. It would place in the
hands of a private cornpiny the entire water front of the
r>ty with the right of collecting such tolls as they thought
proper to assess on shipping entering me port. Tne defeat
I lur nil WW reueiveo witn much r?jolciug, as the pubho
heltevtd there exist* uo neoeesi'y for the wo?k, and
that improper influences were brought to work to effoet
its pursue.
The bill granting the consent of the Legislature to the
segregation of the southern counties of the State anil the
trtabHsbmaU of the Territory of Colorado passed bow
a bill 1MB passed the Legislature providing for the sup
pr< > rion of obscene piblicatloas: a much needed law.
/he Govern* baa approved the ant for submitting to
the people of the State at next elect on tho question as t >
calling a convention to revise the constitutioa. The pro
position, It ie prcibib'c, will bo clodded in tbo affirmative.
The I* glelelure has appropriated $6,000 to emb of the
Orpbaa Aeylums of San Kraucisoo. This is by alt moaus
the be?t act of tho eessioo.
rbsoht or Tins latb im>lan wan rs cauromu.
Gen Kibbe. WBo eoodo .ltd the hostilities against the
Indisss in Humboldt county during the last eight or niao
months, bee returned to Sacramento, and submitted his
report to the Governor. The General, who is State Adj ttaut
General, rays a high compliment to the bravery and
eocitascy of Ute voIudWois. Ho declares tho war at on
end, altar severely punishing the Indians, an J their sub
mission complete. Bessys:?
Ibe campaign has been auccetsful, not only in so Par ae the
result a are herein detailed, but in regard to the luttuencea it has
exerted upon the varkma trlt.es of Indiana living contiguous to
tke scenes of this war. and, in fact, lu th? whole northern sec
linns 01 toe State. It hsa Weight them many valuable lessons,
from wh*ch It is to be hoped they will protlt lu their Intercourse
wiihthe wh.Mi hereafter; it bus tanghl ihtmour power, for
a email tody of men. with tbe uneriiug rule, have eultr
drives them m large i nmliere from their Wetnesses ac.il strong
b<>kfs, With g- eat havoc; U has taught them our tudefaUgable
energy and tieraeverar re. for .we permitted no storms of
rsln or esow to deter us from a vigorous pursuit after them;
it has taught them our vigilance in dealing out punish
ment tor Injuries done our , itizens, for by dav we were
ouurea over ine ouu ana ravines, to watch luelevery
movement, and by nUht we were ready to itart upon
their eeeladed rsnebae, and take the inmates prisoners; it lias
taoeht them a lesson or humanity and magnanimity, such as
tkey emi expected would be extended towards them, fortn
all rasas where we had the advantage tn an engagement, and
could prevent their escape, they have been taken prisoners
fed and kindly treated and iu noetic have their women and
children been ailed or aeparated; it has taught them, finally,
that It M useless for them to contend with, or attempt to elude
the search at, the whites?arxi it is greatly to be hoped thit
these lessons will inspire s continued peaee with the tribes
living in the immediate vicinity oi the late disturbances
In the opinion of your oorrsepondent, there Is but little
credit due to the whites engaged in this so called " cama
pa." The CaiifornUn Inriiaua are by all odda, physly
and mentally, tho lowest on the continent, and tho
tribes living in Humboldt oouaty are of the moat inferior
clan. A victory or aeries of victories over them la
nothing to apeak about. They are armed with arrows,
and for months since the campaigi oommenoed they have
been in a starving condition They were driven to desperation.
aa reports say, by the conduct of white men, who
stole their squaws. They wore fbrctd to leave their lands,
and to save themselves trom starvation they killed a few
cattle. The latter gave rise to the war, which has been
one of extermination towards the Indian. Every man
with human feelings must rejoice at its termination. A
bill has passed apprcprinting 132,834 to pay the expenses.
There are three wounded volunteers under medical treat
The Coroner's Jury in tbo case of the men who lost
their lives by the explosion on the ferry boat Contra
Costa retained a verdict in which they declare that the
catastrophe occurred in consequence of the neglect of the
engineer. The jury at Oakland, where some of the In
jured persons died, did not Cetsure the officers of the
The criminal calendar in San Francisco Is at present
oppressed with a number of cases of homicide. F\>r two
weeks past the Fourth District Court hu been engaged
trying the persons charged. William Morris was found
guilty of murder in the first degree for killing Richard H.
Dosk; George Gilman found guilty of murdor In the second
degree for killing, Sbubal 8. Rureell; John Reynolds
found guilty of murder in the second degree for
killing Charles Mulloy; Jacob Ellyea found guilty at
Stockton of murder In the first degree for killing William
McWade. To day the Fourth District Court Is engaged in
the trial of Charles Bears* for killing a man named Mason,
in l'lacer county. Four other criminals are in jail
awaiting trial, and who are indicted for various grades of
The Grand Jury for the United States Circuit Court have
indicted E phi aim Pendleton for the manslaughter of Frauds
Williams, one of the crew of the bark Sarah Park.
Captain Pendleton must be a person of ferocious nature,
I jusglrg by the manner be treated his crew. There are
| six lnalogbents pending against him for Inflicting cruel
, pcni8hm?nt, and It would seem the chances are urn he
i will spettl s number of years In our 8tate prison.
| The above, it most be confessed, Is a black catalogue;
I but for Sfveral years such an amount of crime has not
| been known in California.
xjscKixAirsocrg mews.
JudgeHoffinan has awarded to seven soam an $200 each
as damates for forcible abduction on the high seas from
Johnson t bland to Honolulu. The Ubellants Were located
on the gesno island named and were last Decombar compelled
ty Captain Crafton, or the schooner San Diego, to
lnatTA the nlana an/t naMoaH fnthaQin d?i?k fnl.?.l. ?...
suit is tie result of a dispute between the Pacific timno
Company and a person named Rocker, both of whom
claim possession of the island.
Major Prince, Paymaster U. 3. A., la to leave to day for
Los Angfiles with about half a million dollars la specie?
principally in gold dollar pieces?to be used in paying
troops on the Colorado and in Utah. Major Prince will
have as escort Company K, First drago-us, Major J. H.
Carletoc. on his journey through the southern country.
The tcbooner Adeline was wrecked Feb. 22 at Port
Orford. Vessel and cargo a total loss. All hands saved.
The orerland mail from St. Louis, with dates to March
28, arrived in this city last evening.
Judge McAllister, of the United States Circuit Court,
leaves here on the oth of May on a visit to Washington.
Brevet Brigadier General Ciarke has established his
headquarters for the present at Los Angeles.
C:-mpsiy B, First dragoons, Capt. J. W. Davidson, will
remain A Fort Tejon.
tbs mohavx bxpxoitiox.
On Wednesday last, the 13th inst., Gen. Clarice received
information that Col. Hoffman crossed to the east bank of
the Colorado river, between the 4tb and Sth lost., at a
point near Fort Gaston. Be was advancing slowly, bat
without any unexpected difficulties, and would probably
reach the Mobavo country by the 16th or 16th of this
month. There are some fears entertained that the command
wll run short of provisions, and be forced to return,
nox sunsH cowjmbu?gov. docglas tubs to svpphxjb a
The late news from British Colombia would go to show
that new discoveries of gold mines have been mtde, and
that a fresh Immigration of adventurers to Fraser river
Is expected. Tnese statements do not possess much value
In California, as the true character of the country, and ita
bleak, climate, are known to thousands who became dupes
of the excitement that obtained last year. However, the
news has been circulated, and people discuss the probabilities
of its correctness. There are but very few to be
lound ready to place fahhln the reports, and certainly no
out? iu u? wiwcs nuu u vo wiiuuk w icvuru w uio nurut,
where thousands only remember bardthipe and cruel disappointment.
We bare seen the last of gold exoitemente
In California.
Governor Bougies baa added another to hie numerous
catalogue of mistakes. There is published at Victoria a
paper called the Briluh Colonist, ably edited, and which
criticises with freedom and severtty the acts of the colonial
authorities. Governor Douglas himself is not spared.
His official conduct Is reviewed, and in the opinions of the
CoUmitt it is such sa to show him wanting in capacity
and a spirit of Justice in the administration
of affairs. From the establishment of the
Journal this independent course has been followed
by it, and of course the auger and hostilities
f the Executive has been aroused. Tee Colonist has declared
over and over again that Governor Douglas Is
unfitted by character and antecedents to govern a colony
of enlightened Brittah subjects, and, speaking in the name
of tbe people, calls on the home government to remove
him and ?opotnt a proper peraon in hia place. It is said
also tbat bis conduct towards Americans has been unjust
and tinctured with s feeling of h;;tred which is exhibited
on every occasion, and which is prejudicial to the best interetts
or the new colonies.
On tbe first of this month a proclamation appeared on
tbe Government House at Victoria, sigued by Governor
Douelas, declaring that the statute law of England, requiricg
sureties for the Issue of newspapers, and declaring
that a fine of ?60 to be tbe penalty for every issue m?de
w:tbout furetl'.s, was in foroe in Vancouver's Island. Tnla
was intended to crush the Oolvnft, and it had the effect of
causing "* snsper etoo for one week, the people, indignant
at this uttack eti the liberty of we p * <**, aeiemoled
in pub ic minting end pueed resolutions providing for tbe
amount of aureties required being furnwued at onoe to
enable tbe CUoniti to be reiwued. Tbia was done, and tbe
om lequtred??800?promptly sobecr.b-d. Mr. Wrigbt,
a barrister, addressed the meeting, and offered the folio wing
resolution, which was unanimously ad in ted:?.
Ibat wkb reference to tbe proelamitfon read by tbe Cbalrmax
of tbia meeting, and appreciating tbe h*rdanlp It eotatls
on ibe uideptcdeot preas of Vuxo'la. more panljalarlf the
proprietor of itt Briiith Uolonitt, upon whom tbe said proclamation
more oirrctlr beare, and with a full deiersaiaau >o to
ohrv Ue law which hi* jticelieucy the Dorernar baa, by his
procla in? Hon, fated baa extended to tbia oniony. Ibis meettog,
w.tb a v.e* ot anpportlng tbe Iberty of tbe iodepeudc-u preea,
and appreciating tbe efforta made by tbe editor, dr amor In
COSW-*. of the British CnlmiUt. for the advancement of the
public laterrat of thU onony, are of opln on .hat Nr. imorlx
Onamoa be requested to again laaue hla paper, wblcb has been
stopped ty aata procUmailnn for want ot sureties, sod 'or that
pur oo?r tb*i a Itat of iboae who are willing to subs.vi^e toward
ibo gi.sraptee of bote who m?y be selected or re wiling to
be** mo *ec.orlileaoat of a?i(l llat andtliua enable htm to nun
ply wt.b the requiaiUona of too law aa laid down by bo p'jcla
mation ot Ma Excellency the Oovernor.
Tte view* of tbe m eting were promptly carried ool
and t"o money aubrcribed. The paper bas ainte been re
published, and it asserts that Uie law declared to be to
lorce p'operly is not applicable to the co'ooy. U was en
scfd for 'be mo ber country, and fior. Dingus has
tretcbi'd Ms autborlty la giving it force m the territory
orer which he i* placed. It arid be sreo tbe attempt to
toppf'S tbe G>loi.iit baa etKOuliy f.l.led.
xercThm r? ohuodsi.
Diaries J Roe, wbo kil'ed -bis wife M Oregon eome
nxtios since, *qd ploadej g lilty to the iodhiun?nt, w?a
executed at fti'i'iii on the 2d ins'.. Toe woman was a native
of tbe Sandwich Inlands, a-half bre?d. an J K*?
having good reaeoo to betters ber unfaithful, cat ber t
rp i> A
L ri HA
throat to ? lit of desperation. The unfortunate mtn, ?rh <
*? devotedly attached to tils wire, ortro rate with arti ,
acknowledged bt? guilt, and claimed as a buou U>?t sen
tence of death would be paved upoo htm aoa carried out.
The scene on the gallows was very solemn. Tbo priruaer
made a confession of bis sunt, was repentant, end acknowledged
the jnstloe of bis doom Ttto clergy man's
pia>er was followed by ooe m ide by Roo rbe wretched
niau courted his 'a*e, and was troubled wl h the fear that
perrons who sought to have his puoisoni?nt commuted
would succeed in their humane designs lie approached
a ignominious death with unaffected Joy too execution
was witnessed by about fifteen hundred iwrsous.
Massacre of Thirteen Whiten by the Mohave
[Frem the A)U California, April 20.]
A letter received in ins city from a gmtleinui conncc'.
ed w lh Mr. Bishops par ty, encamped ou vbe Colored ,
uentione tho arrival of three yumg iikl In their c*>np
belonging to a pnity of seventem, who were travel) ng
from l'lke'H i'eak to California. Ou the i2tn Mar. Ii ib y
were attacked by the Ionian* on this aid* of tne Colorado, <
and Lortb of tbe Mojave river, and out of the wnole party
only four were loft to tell tbe fate of the o<he s; ouu of
those ?'on gave out, and tne otber three, after suf
foriug thcrediolo hardships, made tueir way to a se'.tlement
on the Mohave Their namea are W Coleman,
C. Bonyrge and O P Brown. It appears they wero a
tatkcd at be edge of a wood, and most of the party ?hrt
down before resistance could be offered. Tbe survivors
Immediately made for tbe ofen ground, abeto they defended
their Uvea with tbe greatest bravery. Ooe young
man named Bonyrge displayed great cooiueaa, and covered
the retreat of bis comrades by shooting down every Iodian
tbat showed himself from under cover. So terrified
were the Indiana by tbe havoc made among them by ihr
revolvers of the whites, that they beat an immediate retreat,
offering no further molestation to this brave little
Financial and Commercial Tewi.
[From Coleman & Co.'s Sau Fraaciaco Circular, April 10.]
An Improvement la to be noted in tbe receipts of gold
dust from tbe country throughout tbo past fortnight, and
within a few daya back an arrival from tbe North has
brought a large remittance from the Fraser river region,
estimated at about glOO.l'OO. The minora in Britian Columbia
are represented as being more successful this
spring, sod the assertion is continued by tihe tangible
PviflfirvhO nllirrla/t Tha wo?IK?- !? sU? a a. ~
Slate baa within tho past ten days grown materially
warmer, benefitting the operations of mining and producing
more activity in all branches of trade. At the present
moment tho indications of a more than usually successful
season umong the gold diggers continue. The
money market in this city has experienced some relief
lrom the late more liberal receipts from the country; but
the large stocks of merchandise held in first and second
hands make the call for means still urgent. For
the outgoiog steamer there is an active demand for money,
and the rates upon good loans are still malutalned at two
per cent per month; some negotiations are effected above
this figure, but two per cent la the ruling rate.
The following is a st dement of the operations of the
United Etates Branch Mint in this city during the past
Gold bullion receipts (after melting), from
April 1 to lfitb inclusive 38,091 Most.
Coinage, from March 28 to April 18th, incl've. $1 :026,000 00
Our exports of treasure since the 1st instant navo been
as follows
April 6?To New York, per Golden Age $1,733 3S2 07
do. 6?To England, per Golden Age 347,244 60
do. 6?To Panama, per Golden Age 11,167 86
do. 6?To Hongkong, per Fearless 38,486 00
do. 16?To Hong Kong, per Bangkok 28,284 00
Total $2,148,634 42
Previously this yoar 10,176,469 00
Total lor the year $12,324,993 42
The 8'ate Legislature will adjourn today. No action
has been hod upon the outstanding State Indebtedness as
yet, and the settlement of such claims will necessarily be
deferred another year. A decision of the Supreme Court
is looked tor shortly upon the enjoined city of San FranCisco
bonds of 1868. it Is confidently expected that tbey
will be Issued, and tbe proper act has in tha meantime
been passed by the Leg s uture to meet tbe payment of
lntcrdlt due upon city and county bonds of issue of 1868
on the 1st of next July. Tbe Treasurer of this city and
county will shortly givo notice that ho will receive proposals
on 1st of August next for tbe redemption of $10,000
School Fund and $33,0(0 Fire bonds of 1868. As most of
there securities aro held at the East, bids, accompanied
by a deposit o' ten per cent of tbe amount tendered, cm I
be left with Messrs. Wm. C. Coleman & Co., New York
City. No bonds can be redeemed at any thing over face
and interest
Gold bars are in good supply, and ruling for this mall at
840 a 860 floe, par. Rates ef exchange aro restored to
their old stand leg, but one steamer being despatched at
tbe end of Ibis io. tnlght. Mexican dollars have been dull
of sale, with further ??celpts expected shortly. Sues of
$30,COO at 11 per cent ptemiucn, but would not now command
over our quotatiooa. Sto ics have beeu quiet, aud
State bond a declining; California Navigation Company us
a ihade better, and closes firm at oar quotation*.
Tbo opening week of the pact fortnight was character
ired by extreme dullness in all branenrs of trade an 1 the
continuance of low prices. For many leading staples, and.
Is fact, for almost any goods, it was difficult to get i figure
named by buyers, leaving Importers but the altero?..iceo'
holding on to stocks for which there was no market. Arrivals
from domestic Atlantic and foreign ports continent
to corns in freely, which, in addition to those oocurrng
throughout the latter part of March, increased Use already
heavy stocks of merchandise to an extent that has not
been experienced f' r several years. '
The weather bavirg been unfavorably cold during the
beginning of the fortnight.tbe facilities of transportation m
the interior Improved onlv slightly, and there was but a
partial revival of trade, affording city jonbers one or tarn
days' business, and again relapsing to inactivity throughout
the past week there has boon, I o sever, a good, steady,
though by no means a heavy demand. The weather has become
seasonably warm, while a manifest tmprovem-ut is
to be noted in the receipts of dust from our own mines and
from those of British Columbia, accompanied by more
liberal orders for goods. The spring trad* maybicm
sidcred to bave fairly commenced, but whatever its extent
In the future, It has as yel merely revived the market
from its late totally nominal eooditloa, and estib
fished some price for goods that, lor a period had b< en i
altogether unsaleable?leaving our quotations generally
somewhat within tboae noted for the last steamer, and
which were then referred to as nominal.
The transactions from first hands, daring the fortnight,
have been limited, the jobbers having as yet had little
occasion to enter the market to replenish their supplies
With the continuance of the present favorable features,
we shall look to see more activity prevail among im
porters, but It will require a consnmitton unexampled la I
onr experience of this market to effect a reduction of ore. I
sent heavy stocks against the large arrivals that are yoi
to occur of goods already advised as In transit from all
points of supply, while the course pursued by shippers m
despatching cargo after cargo to a market that, were it
bare ef stocks at the present moment, would still bo In
receipt of supplies by constant arrivals to the extent of ite
current requirements, undeniably Indicates that a rally In
prices beyond the point that will cover oost and charges
is an event that ordinary foresight can have little expectation
of realising.
Eastern ship bread is slow of sale at very lo * figures.
Boots and shoes have been further crowded Into the auction
rooms, and prices have declined to about home ooet.
Candles have been taken freely and quite as freely urgel
by holders at drooping rates, with large sates at auction
at the ck*e. Began as last noted, with full stocks tor
present wants. Cement further declined. Coffee some
what more active and rates well maintained. All description
of coal art dull and lower, anthracite not covering
freight, and English heavy and droning. Cordage ts a
little more inquired for, without improvement. Corn meal
inactive. Weil assorted invoices of crockery are In request
and paying a good profit. The dry goods dealers have bad
an active fortnight, with latge sales at rates that about
cover laying down, but importers have doae but little. In
fifeh there has been little change: both mackerel and col
are slow of sale at last quotations. Most sty les of French
goods are very dull, with light sales. In nearly all goods
classed under the head of fruits, sauces, fro , there baa
been more or less decline under exc.-saive stocks. Gunny
bags bave been steady, and as few holders are offering,
transactions mark a small advanoe Hops have been
more active at hardening prices for last year's crop, la
lumber a fair trade for domestic want* with a small ex
port den and, bus been supplied st former rales. Melt
liquors here hardly bees saleable, but a little better in
qulry Is to be noted. Metals have not change!. In mo
lasses and syrups the usual trade has been done in Eastern
refined at regular prices; outer kinds hare been lest
active. China matting has declined, and is very difficult
to place. For naval stores are can note no improvement,
and the market is much depressed. Nails have declined.
In oils, the good feeling in olive continu e; whale oils dull;
lard declining , China doll at our quotations. Provisions
have been little dealt in, and all kinds are lowsr; beef not
askable; pork slow, with more sellers than buyer*; oa
oon in good request, with a tendency to Improve; brine i
bancs not asked for, and declining; some urge lots of patent
covers are yet in first hands, with offers at k>w
figures; butter uf choice quality meets fair sales in small
lots, but tbe stock of ordinsry grades la very heavy and
the market much depr.-sed ; lard has further
declined, and oOered freely to few takers. Fo
reign rice has continued a drug, with some
(breed sales at still lower prices, and the decline has
extended to Carolina. Domestic spirits have shown more
activity, with an upward tendency; foreign gin in p>pe*
has Improved a shade, but other kinds of spirits have
been generally quiet and unchanged. In raw so<a>? were
has not been much done; the market is heavy for China,
but good grades of musoovadoes are la lair request anu
lower qualities stow; refined sugars are looking up, with
some desire to m vmm. Easvrn around talt an I s*n twich
Island have neei n*d; no eauw oi !jvcrpool nave been reported.
In Si tc?sa specu'ative arm meat in f> n ?-ppe."
hasoocurret; tnier kinds unchanged dut-cb is dull of
sale. Soap eel's regularly at the establisbet rate* for
standard brands Spirits Wrr*"'.ine has solo at a 'eclioe.
e> V MTI iccuug m IOUI 11 ino CKnW. ICMB ui?v
been * stive; lh? trade take but sparingly, and borers
ouon * peculation app-ar supp'iel to the oeatrod es'-ent
Ifce Untie baa wanted but little of Mansard bran is sf tv
bscco, and tie market is quite dull, In ?ir e? tbo ? hit
bffn tome little demand for sherries and port n wood;
c'aret in e?*ka is bevvy, end races are to*">r. Wj-dea
were bss cecilned. Yeast po* 'era as last reported.
Throughout the fortnight a 'tv ouetnees hat been rlnn<t
in breeiiftuir-*. but prices sbnw li'ti* cOione, aod heynmt
It (bBMiwbat i* prosed f etiatt n fl i tr, tb tnarki l is inu^h
th -tau;- ?* i??t reported vit?Q'i<tj tbtj season i? vm
drawing to?ai?is a ch.se the re. e f>ta <d oro-.uce CO it uu
large, end so far i be rt-vral in prie s Custom try t?-fo'e
the incoming o! tbe m w crop a as not bean experienced.
The Rial to ana ktiiwaakkr were despatched for Melbourne
dnrirg the part work, and the pure bat ea for the Ooean
T< !<grapb, on the btrth (or New York, have, we
giund, been oompleted. At present the demand ior fetd
grains ts confined to name consumption.
Kum r ? InifOrt* from Ooceoiber 27 to April 15, 35 017
bble Kurtetn and 170 bhla. Oregon. A aomewbai "Iter
huBim ts baa bet n done in Richmond at prev oua jr m,
TruuBSi t oiii include 1,600 bb a. Qallegn, ex Crval ?f tho
Warn, at >9 50 lor superfine; 1,000 do Hasall, ez Qoepvt,
at tbo game figure, buyer paying Inspection; "it
>>24 bbla. Haxoll, ez Ioduttry, reported at
37 W. We niiotn rthhinw ?.l?u n* .0 ""it" *m
p>'( bbl. In domtBtlc. the demand bna been cou0ni'd
to local consumption, at S8 lor suirtrrilue, and 19
a J? 60 for baki-m' extra Any improve ni*nt. of oooseqoenri
in rate* ,?< enis out of tb? question, aa iCa advance
occurring in this mark, t would induce largo supplies from
Oregon, abcrt a heavy surplus stock l* ready at aoy u?omr>
t for au outlet.
Wbhat?Although the supply of choice mlilio;? coming
to b*u.l is not Fscesaivo, It has prnv< (1 S'.IDilieot for too
( watts o- city millers, w^o kenp in operation at lowtig
[ isles. The reported sa'cs of lb* fortnight were about
4,600 Pa-k? at r. rang, of $2 66 fjc ordinary, <2 76 for
good, iuiii $2 61 a $1 to lor choice nr'l.ng. wude some
extra rumples liuva c .nun ended a* It gh as 63. The mtrk>
t can b^SuM 11. m u' the to flguiie.
Bari*v.?file beavv stonk and cootlu'ied free receipt*
have depressed prices, an<l a gradual decline is t? be oberiveil
up occnrritig (lining the loitu'gbt. The inquiry in
ibis markrt for up country account has proved uuusua'ly
light, and dealers Doing lelt will but a local u. ntuid,
have been compelled to accept lower terms. The market
opened at $1 66 a 61 60, but latterly a gjod article could
he bad at 6\ 60. I,C00 sacks Coast sold, a few days back,
st $1 37X- We think our quotations of 91 15 a ?\ 60
fairly represent the current value at the olore, but not
much firmness at these figures is manifest
Oath?since the purchase of the cargoes of the Kialto
and Milwaukic, there have been but few transactiooa, aa
only a small quantity is wauled for consumption. We
think tbkt the receipts irom the country are nearly at an
end, and at the present time no quantity of aoy moment
can be bad, especially of a quality suitable for export.
Within the last two days some 16 (00 sacks have oeen
taken upon a peculation, sweeplug the market clean of
stocks In the bands of dealers The terms upon which
these purchases were made have not reached us From
the best information available, we Judge the busiaess In
the article to be pretty much over until the Incoming of
next harvest.
Vetsels wltb lumber ports are in request to load spars sad
square timber ou i'uget Sound, and engagements cojul be
made at lucrative rates. Aside from tbis, ihere is no romuneratlvo
employment to be had at present, and a large
proportion of the numerous lleet cow in port will probably
be sent away In ballast. The Blip Ocean Belle Das been
chartered to load guano at Jobi* >n's Island to Hampton
Roads for orders, and the Moonlight, from I'uget Sound to
China, and back to this port on Uu ms not made public.
Our Panama Correspondence.
Pax am a, May S, 1M9.
Peace on ike Jtthmut?No More Weapon* to be Carried
by Individuals?A Protestant Church for Panama?
Movement* of United State* Steamer*? Visit to the Merrimac?Movement*
of Diplomatt, dtc.
Since the disturbances of the 17th ultimo, of which I informed
you In my last, peaco and tranquillity have prevailed
in our midst; and though no measures for future
security neve oeen resoivoa on in too it to conference between
the local authorities and the citl-scne of tbo place,
we have no appreheneiotis of another outbreak. Bo far as
the foreign residents ore concerned, they need not entertain
the slightest fears for their personal safety?-oolitlcol
and native prejudices being the causes of these our ogee.
On the 18lh of April a decree was Issued by Governor
Obaldia,prohibiting the carrying of weapons of every description
by private individuals, and the delivery of all
such to to the alcalde of the district.
A proposition has been mode by the Protestant population
ot Panama for the enco* ment of a sanctuary of wor(hip.
Ariongementa are in contemplation for the accommodation
of a congregation, a luumoutcoo has been donated,
a performer thereon has voluntarily offered his
services, a choir bos been formed, and inovtmenM are in
privities to sicoro a past >r lor the- spiritual conduct of the
little Sock. The Kev. Mr. Uavies, chaplain of the United
feUKK frigate Merrimac, has regularly favored the Protestant
residents of the town wnh a dlscrmtse on Sabbath
evenings, alter the discharge of hit ofllciai engagements
in the tquodiou, and to hie efforts may t>e mrnuly attributed
the pre scut desire o? this portion of our people.
The United States 6tn[? Merimuc, Stratum, St. Marys
and Vsndaila arc still at anchor in our waters, and are the
only men of war in port the two first mentioned will
leave in a few days for Cailao via Guayaquil, to undergo
ni.cess-.ry repair? and to >hvc&i;ga<o recent outrages porpelroted
on (ho American sLi, :>ing which has sought anchorage
in that nay. It is coneuiiy reported teat Uncle
Ssm baa an avaricious eyo to fie Guauo Islorw* of the
Peruvian coast,should amp<e r.-tisiuction not be accorded
him for tuo looses sustaint'i by ii > numerous nephews.
Tbo Ui ili d Mates dig ship ItiMnuak", bovn-ig tne tl\g
Of the .-umtiiuncant ot the II.me Squadron, arrived in
A(paiwall 011 the Tilth ultimo, from San Juau del Norte.
The .-loop o' war Jamerlo am u a'to at anchor off uie same
port; and the Panama Cornea' v's bra lirummoud, fro-n
New York, mth assorted cargo, airived turner oq tne
night ot the T'tb ulumo Tne storetuip Relief i? now oa
her way to tee United States, with tho invalids of the
Ho"r-e and Pacific njuudrous.
Tbo United Bute* Consul at Pan ami, Mr Aians B.
Corw.no, io.s passenger in the steamer Star of toe IVest,
for New York.
Col. J H. Turuhjelm, Governir of the Russian North
American posses** >/ ?, acc iinpualed by bis laiy, secretary
and comealics, s at present in town, en route per tne
Golden age for bis place of destination. 9
On the -Tin u natty of our citiz ns, among whim were
the Consuls of tt? United States, bor Briconii Majesty's
reprenDiuuve. the consuls of Ptru and Vetn z tits
Grace the Bishop of tue province, twenty or t.iirty gentlemen
of Panama. sii'i a goony assemblage of iu< f- mala
beauty, embai Zed ou board the Railroad Jump.toy '3 el : inter
Ti-aaienco, for a visit to that uoote specimen cf American
naval arcbltectuie, the Merrimac. They w?ie moat
botptabiy received by the gallant and pu ue tt?g officer
aud by bis official Buboroioates, enjoyed a trip ou "the
Itgbt fantastic to- ," were icfreebed with all ibe "creature
cointorts" of the Beaton, and returned to their homes
apparently much pleased with the evening's eutertainn
eut. Such little courtesies from ibe offioere ot i/ur uavy
to ihe people 01 foreign ciimcs are not without etf ct In
strengthening and pcrpetusiiog friendly nauooal relations.
More Is oft tltn-r uc ompnehcd In this way than through
the sterner means of s frigid, diplomatic representation.
By the steamer of the 27th ultimo, MUD. Aqutles
Allen. Consul of the Holy See; two State messengers?one
to Krsnce and another to Now Granada?auo, by rumor, s
person charged witb a special mission from the Southern
Pacific republics to the United States, camo pan xengers m
the steamer of the above date, and will take tneir departure
in the Atlantic, Eugl sh and American Ones from Aspinwaii.
Our Atplnwall Correspondence.
asm wall, May 4,18(0.
The Crete is /or California?The Way the Huamert art
Crowded?Let us Pray thai no Accident WtU Happen.
The Star of the West arrived here at eight o'clock on
the morning of the 2d instant?a few hours snort of
twelve days from New York. She bad the usual quanti
ty of freight, and ono thousand and fifty passengers. Two
horses, In transit for California, tftared the forward deck
with the steerage passengers, who were packed as closely
as sardines.
the "universal Yankee nation" will travel. You might
put on a California steamer a thousand more persona toan
her registered tonnage enabled her to carry, and still
there would bo hand rods left, begging tor the privilege to
go, and swearing thev would cheerfully submit to any Inconvenience?go
witnout bed or food?would stand up all
tbe way to San Francisco. They are admitted. 11 tbq
voyage prove calm and pleasant they encounter numberless
annoyances, with the free use of the deck; If rough
and stormy, they mutt keep below for the actual safety
of themselves end ship, a on then their "sufferings are intolerable."
rhe very meb who insisted and beg?od most
persistently for she privilege to go, even if In she lower
bold, aru tbe first to cry out and enter pro Vests. Thus it
|CM s.
The large number of persons In traasit bring do'l.ir* by
tboussndv itito the treasury of itio 1'auuiba U%nro*4.
During the month of April 4,SCO pussen,ere crossed over
the road. If you will multiply tots number by ii it will
Sve you the oumpany'a receipts for passengers, foe
eight business was also proportionately Urge. B-sidss
the usual treasure In gold from < eulornla eon sdver from
she South seific, a large quantity of ai.-rcti*a<ii*d, many
tots of coal end outer freights b?ve passed. 1 u >ubt
a betoer their rooelpts for April nave ever oeeo equalled
lor eny previous month.
May bias opened equally favorable. On the 2d, 1,1(0
passengers crossed over, brought oy tbe Star of urn tkest.
Vfat y w. le in tbe cars and off just twenty misutes alter
the ship touched the wbs'f. rue number over to-day
(SUA for New York is bo ?w the average, not wf.U <.&?
I three ship* jet lo srnve from New Y irtc ami two (ruu*
6-.D Francisco, It will proDabiy equal lae ,,ruo'? m April,
rpe rueii Is id nmat excellent oubditloo; lu I i')l, t;quu to
| any railway in tiie United bbties.
Afplnwau,, may 4, 1369.
Affair* ?>? J1 gUa?Xcw RegiH'y Law?Lou oj rA? ''jiJlcan
lrcAty in ike Vfjydakna? The Lata'. from Vicxrat,
"a?^ A'dW, 4c.
Tbe Britutb ttetmor Trent, from Curthageiu, arrived
hero on tbo 27th a*. Date* from Uugota are vi t in 1%^
of April The regn'ar session of Congress cl ?s.;t ? i "ie
Sltt of March. An extra section commencod on ui- 1st
of April, to termioata on the lith Tbo mrst 1? orta-it
act passed la one re'ative to the elective ft au.o bisb
takes from tnfty ctti*."i tho right to tow, atd h n
at the mercy of a boarl of jurors. It In m* " ^ :J
registry 'aw, far !n a<!y.u.ce of any in yonr ' Vro
M?rre 1 have not seen ih? act. but I learn IVo n " > '
Las. that it proviasa teat tbo - ?r -. * in i il > '
* ntaiiTre, wnb ?be Supreme Court, snail **,|,> "u l" or
jiiio'? in the scleral r> uics, *nlc > o;?rd ar1 to iii<9 %
st-gimrj of tuon persnta aatn ibe Ju )yp?o* " b'tri
siu qualified to vote for the meiauom cm b i -< Qou*-e or
OiDgMg, iiuw only stow wmei ?it to oigaiotM trr ?

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