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tot- tf.io fW th;tl Plumer -a * new relA'.lie of
tin led ^*** a*?*'*r to -JOutredioted.
ibb obniral mkw-pai'kk n watch
W?rtUN<l10* July I, I86ft
' <!? IVn Oflk* n? e-ruieneu* oi
>blCO tll'MUle ? ??rU? OWf* ?f Vl"' * " """'P U*
bi-t?e? ?*v?0?b, *e? U?d rt?
% USB-, HlBWNAcf >" i"*1 "? ov?" U" *l>
r,dt K^oed ua K-y C*' 10 ?* bMk-*9
e*. w w.,1, tbe p,oPn.W0f ? I-?" ???* ?
'LitnijBiWce bet be-a ordered to um fri<u? uiegreea,
ea< L'Ji rein** io Uie?us?aier dyeila.
The Bxpti ltd Itm tram Europe.
Montrjul, July 2?7 P If.
Tsre we jet no eigne ot the Norm An- rloea ti ruber
(noce thenbore km received the llrtee beve been laterroped
by lightning.?R*p ]
' Sabot Hook. Jely g?II P. M
Tne Uiemett;> VuBdrrbili, now about due ntf lb A point,
Wi-h L -rpooi dure of Ute 22d uit, bee not been eiguailed
Up w pe preMLt tm Weuber nor?/.
IVewe from Kutti.
L*av?hwoktb, K t., July 2,186?
The OdMUiUooAi OoDTenilon eeeemblee et Wyendotte
tii Cuevdey ni al me repubiicene claim e majority o
twelve, but m the oertiSiuriea wri>l oo< be uieued until the
|! cry or the Convection, lie kbaelute political cbwester ona
Mt to * ?*(. It l? understood Wat in nay event n oon
-at""foe will be framed prohibiting slavery, and tbnt an
?ff >ri will be made to engraft n provision eiciadiag
o (Met from tbe Biaie; alauone profaioiiu>g ttie iu?rpora
lion of b take efteeue; and that aotlnn wi'l to taken in
r?*ei Mone to tbe olwrna of the autfwero during the past
Ueu*>l<w In the territory. rbt* proportion to annex sooth|
era Netoaaha to the State ta to be oonaidered, and dole
galea ironi Nebraska will bo present The project la thus
tar favorably received.
Bleave from N?w Ntllru.
t?t. L .ou, July 1,1869
The New Meniean mail of the 13tb ult., readied tude
pea lUuj to nigul the dtoiucrata had amelol Mr.
4H <o lur reeierl'iti to Oiogrera. An cX;>oUitioa w?t
hi' oy out at Altioq ie'ipM to I'bertlae the Na -*Ji Indiana.
hl't Skti>rn on Imm> li ot Use Sluap-of- War
Hi*m>x, July 2,1859.
' The o'oop of-war Bavannab waa discharged from quv
ramm* ymteritay afuroooo, having no yellow faver on
tmard, hot sixty tour oases of Intermittent fever and
fou. turn of other dlaeeaee, none of them c > itagious Tbe
ship iv iu perfect ord?-. an<l io the tick bay the air w.tg as
p"io ?? tu onj well regulated hospital. There has been
no Mrkoeeo o' any imporiaooe among the offloera. The
Chip will piooeed to the Navy Yard today.
Suicide at Wavertry, Jf. Y.
Wav?vi.vt , July 9,1880.
Gabriel bayer, one of tbe meat wealthy otticens of this
Tillage, committed au>efcle leal evening by cutting with a
e raser the blood-veenc a tn his arm, while temporarily deranged.
He waa wide y known and greatly respected.
I Sailing of the Anglo-Saxon.
. Qcawto, July 2, 1880.
Tbe sietmihlp Anglo-Saxon Bailed at tt 80 A. M. for
XJvcrpcol, with 100 paanengera. Wind light from eastward;
slmoat a calm.
Southern Ocean Steamer Movements.
Cilarustoiv, July 2, I860
The United Statu mall nteamahlp Marlon, Captain W. L
Foster, from New York, arrived here at daylight thin
(Saturday) morning.
Momti, July 1,1880.
Cotton?Sales to-day 400 bales, at llJio. for middling.
BaIc* of tbe ?Mk 3.000 bales; recelnta, 886 do., against
1 ,2to CO. In the name week last year. Stock, 10,800 bales.
Sterling exchange, 1C9 a 100??.
Baltinorb, July 2,1860.
Flour dull: lalea of Howard street and Ohio at 86 60;
City Mills, from new wr>eat,l6 60 a IT Red wbeat, very
I choice new, II 60 $1 76; white II TO a 11 85. Corn
I firm: white 80c. a 82c ; yellow 80o. a 83s. Provisions
Ij dull. Whiskey Ooll at 27 Xc.
I [ Philadelphia, June 2,1811.
I! Flour declined 25c.; superfine quoted at 16 26, with no
P tales. Wheat steady; white, $1 60 a II 70; red, II 50 a
|1 10. Corn?Yellow, 82c. Oata unsettled. Whiskey
Mbtbopoutas Musical scarry ??This youthful and pro
m'aing association gave a aeries of very pleasing and suc.
cesaful concerts at Palaoe Garden last week. The regular
Season at the Garden, with the band under Mr Thomas
Baker's direction, was commenced on Friday.
The miliary.
A correspondent suggests the necessity of having the
pavements in Broadway dry on the 4th last., In order
that the military may make a creditable display without
being expeeed to any inconvenience In marching. Broadway
was dry last year, and the military in marching kept
Mop without any difflcntty, and preservod the proper
company dir.tano- a. It would be Weil to sprinkle Broad
way on the 3d of July tflgbt with brine, which, when exposed
to the ray* of the sun, would form a crustaceoos
substance by combination with the dost, and thus obviate
any inconveniences.
Gsnkral hmxyuarvxiw, Statu or New York, 1
Adjctakt Gktsral's Ones, Albany, June 29, 1869. J
I. The Commander in Chief having in view tho welfare
and advancement of the service, Is pleased to direct the
Commandant! of the First division ao 11 ho Fourth brigade
concurring, tb*tCompanies a and Oof the lute Twelfth
regiment consolidated together, Computes B and H of the
lame regiment consolidated together, Companies G end F
o( tie same regiment consolidated together and trans
femdto tho Tenth regiment, under special orders from
the General Headqna'tere, numbered 60, of March 16,
186P, and Company D of the same regiment, also transferred
by the same order to the Teotb regiment, Fourth
brigade, be disbanded. Such companies uro therefore
hereby d(handed.
II. The officers rendered supernumerary by the provli
Blond of this order, on reporting in writing to the Adjutant
General's offloe, will receive supernumerary certificates.
. lit. The Commissary General will Immediately direct
the return into hie possession of ell the military property
of tbe State in poem, salon of the late Twelfth regimout, or
any of its members. Should such direction be disregarded,
Brigadier General John Kwcn, after consultation with
Judge Advocate General, will direct a commanding officer '
in bis brigade to take immediate possession of suob military
property, pursuant to section 19 of chapter 129 of tbe
laws of 1668.
By order of Commander in Chief.
FREDERICK TOWN3EMD, Adjutant General.
First Division, N Y. 3. M. \
Nsw York. June 29,1859 /
! wo concur with the Commander in Cmef in dtnoandiDg
the several companies described in Ibe foregoing special
orders, No. 106. CHA9. W. SAN'FORD,
Major General First division, N. Y. 8 tf.
Brigade General Fourth brigade N. Y. 3. M.
SrEOAL orders no. 8.
The foregoing special ordo-s N'o. 100, of the Commander
in Chief, are hereby promulgated.
By order, John Emus, Bilgauler Grnoial,
ROBERT TAYl.OR, Brigade Major and Inspector.
TWELFTH ltiomEhr.
to tub Kiuruit or run uKii.an.
Hkk YORK, Juno 23,1853.
As there appears to be ad erroneous impression conYeyed
to the publto through the dally preen by some of
Our unprincipled assailants, whoso motive it appears ever
|0 bo 00 tho alert to convey gross misrepresentations of
*. faots concerning tho Twelfth regiment, and Imposing
thereby on tho respectable portion of the Journals, I
would most respectfully bog leave to slate, after wailtng
/rjfll ibe pre,lent, la tb 1 hope of seeing gome more able
sad make the correction, tbut tho rog.incnt did not tnako
the parade of Tuesday, the 21st tost., as tho Irst as so lodspi-ndent
organlsttlon separate Ironc tlio First division
fi-wwr, ? J ?. ? u,u .nrj uunvu i.uil |i?' .v.m lu
tbnir Hat as ttio Twelfth regiment, Independence (heird.
report that the reg'nn at did eithnr is u mallcloue
falsehood, and calculate*! to rilehonor ojr rcglmcniat doSfcioanpu?boll
dear to every member by It?, Mine honored
IVinitntion aud aaeoomtlons -and plate ue in a Ulse pom
tleu h. fere Ihe eym Ot too pub.lt, We are ' legall*" lb
nine nnr^M ever, ?t II hrarlnir our pr >nd title, and will
so remain, ta? thecal and tyrannical oruer of ci>u*blidu?iou
J notwithstanding it < ?i'i < irry ounces op to the highest
II court ot law, and there aoelt that justioe which we cannot
obtain from at Imbecile mmd, and one w ho ie put that j
II iimo or life which rnuiera b.m fit for the position ho j
bohlR We will do our duty faithfully, and obey all legal ,
orders that may' ne transmitted to ua with the name alacrity
an heretofore, aa is ttio duty of every member of the
first division. Tnn regiment is now In at prosperous a j
rondlllon as its most sanguine friends could wish, each
compauy rocrultleg largely, and well oflkored, loavlug
jiotbiuR to he wished lor nnt that common juatiee
1 which every clttz?n la entitled to. and our highly eiteemad
Colonel at our bend. Knowing that tha public are watching
our oouree, and the military portion with anxiety, and
Chat any item that baa any bearing on our oaee would bo
acceptable to you for the purpoao of laying before your
readern the truth, which they alwaya seek for In your
. valuable journal, and that a refutation of tbooe reports so
cunningly circulated haa been anxloualy looked for, I have
taken the liberty, aa a member of the regiment, to aggtd
you this oommuatoatioa, hoping yon will allow tha coryoouou
to be mad. through the
0111 Olll/nCllUS.
Tl* Rev Mn,y X Corwy - "* " i"*
air lu the ef^loi
street church lulu rtvjm.- * < # ^ (b( B,h(
n.ih i?H)tnrc in Ui? s-id- s oa the V"dDo "
-til bedimed ^ ?rrMB.hu
? Kc? Dr. M.-Mrnsay ,Dd the hv nor?(|,.? n
will proclaim Ita IruUa in oppoeltion Ww. ^ |
mas*.-, lor Ibc dead ?:id purk Mr J, la Uta Ujtper . '
186 Mptlng street, torn cvroion
In tbe Third Unitarian flocktf, corner of B-oadway ind
ihiryev.... ?r't*n . (I 4
ftr the aim clog *hl bo, "hoiigiou and L'bariy."
In Ibc 8 ring HH?t Presbyterian chucub near Varick
silent, Rot Luther H Via, Uo-nr,, pa.uy, will p.-etob in
the morning on "The value of ib? Btblo;" m tbo alternoon
11 Br-tlcotioos and Lessons salt able for the Fourth or
Bon. Matthew Hate Smith will peace In the M?mt
Oil* t Baptist churcs, corner of Forty Ural street ea t
S.X'-h avenue, tbis afternoon, on the Oorooailon of Obrwt,
n bt.mou Tor the Fourth of July. On next Sunday, the
loth tnet , tbe new chapel, corner of Forty fourth street
nod Sixth avenue, will be epen for divine service,
Bev. Mr Remington will preach to llaivary church,
Brooklyn (Penrl Meet, between Naasau andOonoord),
this evening.
In the PiotenUni Episcopal Mission ohnroh,Clinton Hal'.,
Astor place, in onarge ot tbo Rev. RnnertU. flielrann Th
vine Mr vice this morning and e veiling.
New Jeruea'em church (dweoenborgiao). Public worship
this morning el Goldbeek'e music bell, 76S Breadway.
In the North Dutch church, corwer of William end Pulton
streets, Divine service this moraine *Q<1 eitersoan, end
e prayer meeting in the evrning.
lire Core U V. Butch c ote* her engagements to ep?<k
at Dodworth Hell, M6 Broadway, today. Morning sub
Jesi?"The Protestant religion, Its power over the Romas
Cbuich." Evening subject?"The Science 01 Life, tuu
W rc?life moans to ue, to diet."
R.'V Dr v?n Klcec.lt will preicb th'e ereelag in the
M. u.o ltti cl?'ccb, corner of Hammond atreetead Wsverley
place Services also in the morning and afternoon.
the Firat independent Society meet at Hope Chapel, 7if0
Broadway. Mohiug dteoourse by R-v Samuel Loi'g
fellow, of 8'Ooltlyu; evtsuiux dnoouray by Rev. <i I
Noyce, oo "rhelndejiendm c Day of Theo'ogy."
Rrv C. A B"Cltbee will prtaob at the Central o**k
Bartiet ' burcB in Fifty third alreet, between Egbth
evecue and Broadway, this morning. The ordinance oi
the Lord's Supper will be observed iu the i'tetnjou.
?ie Uoicq Roiigtoua Services will be continued to (Ley
In t'e large bad of trie Cooper lustltut*. Rev. Measiield
French will preach
A discourse wm t>e preached this evening by the K v
Dr. t Itoever, in tba Church of tue Punune, oo the " L.o
ment of Christian Joy and iu Demrabl.meis."
In the Christian church, Asior place, C.totou Hall, tiie
Rot. H Clay Banger, Professor of Logic and MlML*t<fM
in Antloob College, will preach tnU morning. Subject.
" Freedom of Thought.''
In the Bleccker street. Colversallst church, corner of
D.etcker and Downing streets, Rot. muses Ballon pastor,
subject for lli? m rrumg,'< True Religion; What is 1,?
for the evening, " Civil an1! Religious Liberty "
The Anttpa bo Ida iu meeting ior tbe public th's morn I
log, at 187 Bowery
At tbe Houston street Presbyterian church, corner of
Thompson strort, preaching this morning and aiierncoa i
by the Bee James A. Little.
OHv<*r Johnson, Erq , Kilter of the ArUi Xlatrry Stmrni I
ard, will preach this evening, at 8 o'clock, at Christian
Church, Clinton Bad, A?tor place sjea's free. .
An ordiratton will be bold In tit. litorge's church, 9tuyTrsant
square, on Thursday, July 7.' at which several persons
will run ive boly orders at tbe hands < r Bishn Bonne,
to Bail Witb b in two days alter for the Held ot their future
labors tn China
On tno 16ih ult. Hasbrouck Dubois, previously !tc?ni-. I {
by tbe Clussts ot J*oughkKpt.e, was ?. darnel no1 \z
stal ed as pastor of the No-th Dutch churchj Newark n. j,
John Letouruenu bag beeo ordained pastor of a ftapiisi
church at ftwt Eiiouburg, Vt., in<du up of persona ot
French origin, convened houi Catholics.
Tho Chart b of the Saviour, West Philadelphia, have ex
tended a coll to the Rev. Henry A. Wiae, son of Gov Wise,
of Virginia, to become their pastor: and. It Is said, there I?
very reason to believe that the call will be aocepied.
Roy. W. Pats more, late of Brownsville, Texas, has ao
ocpted a call lrt>m tbe congregation of St. John's Protestant
Episcopal cohrcb,7n Philadelphia. Ho will outer
upon bis dutlis to day.
Rev. Pr Parker stated on Sunday last to the Thirteenth
Baptist church and society, now worbhippiug iu Wil.mms
Ball, Boston, that he bad accepted the oall wninb bat Von
extended to him some throe months since to become lusir
pastor. This society has purchased tbe stone church on
the corner or Rutland street and Ehawmut avenue.
Tbe Tblrd Prcaby terlan church of Cincinnati, Ohio, have
extended a unanimous cull to Rev. W. S. Kennedy, of tho
Old School church, Sandusky, to become their pastor.
Professor Board man, of Hlddlebury College, Vt., has
accepted the call to the Presbyterian church at Binghamton.N.
The Government street Presbyterian church, of Mobile,
Ala., have Invited Rev. Thomas A. Boyt, of Abbeville,
8. 0., to become their pastor.
Rev. Mr. Kucben wu Installed pastor of the German
Lutheran congregation in Harriaburg, Pa., on Sunday last.
The Installation of Rev. 0. B. Herab took place on tbe
it6th ult., In tbe Second English Lutheran church, Weet
lonjbard street, Baltimore. The vaoancy in the pulpit of
bis church was occasioned by tbe resignation or Rev. J.
A. Seise, for tbe purpose of accepting a call from a congregation
of New York city. The serman wan delivered
by this gentleman.
Rev. T. Dwlgnt Hunt has resigned the pastoral charge
of the First Presbyterian church la Ithaca, N. Y , said
resignation to take effect on or before the 1st of January,
Advices flrcm China announce the death at Sbr.cghae, on
the 9th of April, of tbe Rev. William Allen Many, one of
the missionaries or the American Board. Mr. Mncy wan a
nephew of the late Benjamin F. Butler, and left this oountry
for his miseionary field in November, 1854, having by a
former visit to Cbtna, acquired considerable knowledge of
tbe language and character of tbe people among whom he
woe to labor. During tbe past five years he has been an
active and enthusiastic pioneer In tbe work of the educational
and religious advancement of tbo Chinese, and
having mastered the dffllcttlties of the language and become
thoroughly conversant with tbe peculiarities of the
Chinese mind, woe about to penetrate Into tbo interior
and open a now sphere of missionary operations, when he
was attacked by tbe disease (a malignant form of Bmallpoxj
which cat short his career.
Dr. Arm'.tage's Church, in Norfolk street, on recommendation
of its officers, have concluded to remove up
town, to a location above Twentieth street. Tbe trustees
were instructed to soil tbe down town property, and select
the ground lor tbo sew edifice, which is to he a plain, but
large building, capable of accommodating about 2,000
people. Dr. Armitage baa already, including his up town
station, as many stated bearers as almost any of our city
preachers. The Norfolk street church, ef which be has
been pastor for eleven years, Is almost always crowded,
notwithstanding a large congregation of tbe membership
have gone up town, and ore now drawing the main body
after them.
The corner stone of St. Peter's F.plscopel church was
laid on tbe corner of State and Lodge streets, In Albany,
on the 29lh ult.
The Presbyterian churcb In Clinton, Iowa, was dedicated
Sabbath afternoon, June 19.
Tho Rev. H. S. Kepler Uae reBlgned the rectorship of St.
John's church, Church hill, Richmond, and accepted an
uffi e established by the last Episcopal Convention of
Virginia, which is styled "Evangelist," and the duties of
wui.n ronsin in vmn.ug nuu aiuwg uiosu r.piBcu;).ii
par label of the State which are withouta putor.
TL? Hey. Dr. Buihnoll bids farewell to his church in
Hartford, Cenn., to day.
Key. Alexander Caldwell, of the Methodist Protestant
church, was received by tho Presbytery of Dubuque, at
Its late meeting.
Key. J. T. Wheat, for many years chaplain of tbo North
Carolina University, has taken charge of an Lpiscopal
church in LHUe Rock, Arkansas.
lienry Clay Dean, who was at one time chaplain of Congress,
had very strong objections to the custom of tho
members of his congregation looking around when any
one rntered the cburch.
Being worried one afternoon by this turning practice to
bis congregation, Mr. Dean stopped In bis sermon and
"Now listen to me, and T'H tellyoa who the peoplo are
as fiich one of them crimes in." '
He then went on with his discouese, until a gentleman
netcred, when he bawled out, like an usher:
"Deacon A???, who keep* a shop ovor the way;"
then went on with his sermon.
Presently another man passed up the aisle, and he
gave liis name, residence and occupation; so he continued
tor some time.
At lfDgiu sumo or.o entered tho door who was unknown
to Mr l)i an. when he cried out:
"A little old man, with a drs# coat and old white hat;
don't know him, look for yourselves."
The congregation was cured.
The Turf.
A trotting match csmo otT en Friday last over tho
j Union course, between b. g. Little John and b. g. Live
, Oak. Littlo John won tho race In two straight heats,
| beating his antagonist in hand sixty or sevouty yards in
I each beat. Ho was the favorite prevloue to'tto start at
two to one. There wero very few persons presort to witness
the race. The following is the summary
Union Con sum, L. I Trotting?On Friday, July 1,
match $260, mile and repeat, to wagon and driver weighins
266 the.
I W. Wheelan named b. g. Little John 1 1
I W. Peaiiody named b g. Uve oak 2 3
| time,3;WX-2:*?X.
A-onnot A Urn*.-f*n K-?m?ni ,
R ,h* 0"^i4",? V.r<0?- j
to Unite kit the Odd* 4fw" ' 01 'u>*? " ??)'? ,
lien, North ?>d South, which (t t? ' notog"o-jtn to ih? j
(IrtMw-mry, ?rth he eirvjiu >o of "wwerdv " %en
i?nD, etui g<- in for the o'<aln?toih o' * otn loltto or 'rto- '
d?ht Lett fur. lu new t in bkci iwpub ic*n p?'ty
btuig a'rrady pr?cUca''y Olwuvel, the l< y Oeniful ll .
me h nelinwel loiituiiw brought I gmber oeat?,? .
wbKb tbell b? caI ?1 m l known ?- toe oppCittiOn (. '1 j
veolion, tur Um uoui'Dnu m of o*n<iMtt *<r PfHjll
vm? frentdeot Rrooli?cit -t wwit vti *? *
are to boonlrtoiseu U/ " '* #?nn flbKn,: I
tUMHirn ?Hn# L.J C Lunar, to w. 1
aa4 Hoe. lieubeaDatfv.ioui.atooiiidietriciof iIimmMiii i,
tsiib ilMoo in't, bnvn beta aonunaMi (or re e ectioo to
A NiwHrApeK QVARBCI. aroit RIVAL PnwwiHnrnn. A*H
"AitTf ? The K-chaiond Rnqvirrr, wtucb m tAM tor m into
(Mr Gov tVue, end ton Uicnmua l Bmmmuitr, tod <V*?" of ,
Hon K. k. T. Hunter, wno m ootu eppticauU (or favors '
nl toe hernia of toe cbarleetos Uuuionuoo, ore j tot now
wnetibf coltimne of spa w, which ui.gbl be nop.uy.ietrwl to
valuable new-, iu eMtoevar<ug to prove e* -b ober otn- j
oompneo The wnntorr in altogether ton warm in Virgtbin
m tbln Orhnoo ot toe year to en tor Into n totr end
*t(uere qu?rr*i with Ul drirae of onion
Primklrn Ultj Hewa.
Amm* ? On Tburacay it tbe Court of Bertiooa I yoon*
' bird <;-? ?? H'o-AioO vu breaght op for *ee?
truce, h? il^; phadcd gthty to inoa la he fourth do
nr. FlwNboff ?? a>< mher of a Are ooatpeny In But
Bo 'ki<i, alio delighted u rn >*iu* * m un- machine.
A I in* ?nr udliti) frequent, a i<. iu eon U?, rauiy hi*
kU.i'u> < lie em d inioc* of b rding* o?) (Iff win tm
* i vU< i tl)"Cl i>l n? i ti Uie Ur?i me U r" a ' 01 ami u
participate iu IV- KSOItMBMit Sf?. i*i i iv u;ou?i|ja <*uh
tie engine He ac*Dewle**ed tobavip;** t tire o iiereral
' nwaciipte t buliiliir'H for to>* p<irti i*?; aud it wr* ?'*<)
" " it til twain* b i. an t aa
Gberi - ">?l 00 waa tn. -- -~v. f.*g fflfeate i
alaito of i " we*crtt ? to milo# ? s*w >|Ml aTUM
wirURO ltd be WW walft"!! for*''II?"
tuallv detected He no fnc'iC^ "r* th* t?.
attach d gouty UI toe that** before me JW Vh?L^
, -? routeee d to ?h* auto pn.00 for too
Iunowiko * .'**T SrAJ,t*?* ">*" Wagef Joaepb
foul'*, tmrber and b?? ^O'rjg ba*lfk*i 11 Now
York, w?? on Thursday iiit io C-ttOaaisngei in the Brooklyn
City Ocurt to- throwing or paahlag as aged lady,
Dinted Li on It'lay, down ua ffnat rtoop of the bonao la
wiurt b-itb nwided. In Oonoord atreet, between Waihing
too a*ju viann It appear* that tfre. Tlllay ocouptee
| (be n> c/ nd floor an 1 Monte the flirt. On a Sunday after noon
aba wan aUu-iiiig In the front doorway waiting to*
the arrival t her w?ud-daugbter with a pall of water
when Moo I. came out and, violently alammlog the door
abut, caiiRao t>, r to fall down tbe atoop, a diatanoa of
vine rij l?ei, ui?ui <l>e sidewalk She wan picked up by
two ladiea and managed to get baok Into the bouae with
out aid. aud *u ct-eded la reaching her rouoa on tbe
eecnnd flo ,r, ?W. the remained for vome four weeks
under u? oare 01* phyrtclan. The oaaa being given to
the Jury, a verdict a* above waa rendered la favor of the
Tna tit it ?The Intenae heat of tha weather on Wed
otaday ix-mpeiied the employ da at tha new aroh oppaalto
Gr?eiiwoo't Cemetery entranoa to anapand work. O10 of
tbe unmoor, named Patrick Dunn, waa proetrated by tbe
beat and ued of tbe effect* on the *uoceedtng night at hia
riMuvncu .n iwei-ty sei ond aireet, near Fourth avenue.
A man nnincd O.nrer McMahon dropped down in Hamilton
avenue tbo*a me day from a like oaute, which ratal ted
UUI y. A Mvdor on board of the bark JObn Haurv. lav
inn ?t FV>rmw?E?'s store*, ?u struck down by the* Ibeai,
but to a a fir way of recevery.
Folk in ok July Uklkueaiion.?'Th? Common Council
oc t.'un?t*? uavj mndo arrangomenti to have (reworks iu
front oi llie c'ty Bull oa tbe evening of the Fourth of July,
also In tbe t'astern district of the dtv. the bells are
to to rung. An oration is to be delivered in front of u>.>
City Hall, and thorn will be a rmraie by four conpan'er
m tbe Koi'rti r tn regiment. No orders nave been issued
for a gcu-rui display of the military, MeauUmu, the
msvor ?? -tsved or'er te the police to arrest all pereoua
who indulge la exploding pistols, (re orackers, ha., pretk>ur
to ii .ejvjndonco i)sy.
The Albs< ro Malphaotvb Cabb.?Yesterday Mrs. Eoimn
In<!ge, who was arrested upon tbe Coroner's warrant. or?
the charge of causing the death of Mrs. Betsey Keener
eon two infants, by rualpraobce, was brought before tbs
' o-.niy Judge and admitted to ball to await the action ot
the Grsuu Jury.
ttnnoti.y* cm Mobtautt.?The total number ef deaths
u iiroukiyu last week was 100, being an inoreaas of three
'over the r eceding week. Of tbe whole number, 33 were
under '.-or year of age. Among the diseasos enumerated, 6
die'. of scarlet fever; 0 of ch olera Infantum; 2 of lockjaw,
rti.alipox, 1 bunstruuk, i suicide, &c. Vbere were
79 n?t-vr? of the United States, 12 of Ireland, 8 ot England,
ii o. Germany, and 2 unknown.
a! i-oiMKKffT or Watkr comxiuatomabi ?The Board o'
Water Commissioners held a meeting yesterday morning
and filled up existing vacancies by the election of William
b. i>w'.r, late City Comptroller, and Daniel l. Northup,
iale cuj Auditor, as members of tne Board.
iImu lambs at Bay Rnx.s.?a felonious entrance was
t fleeted through a back window of tne house of Mr. John
1. if itohee, on the Fort Hamilton road, about three o'clock
yv.terday morning. f.very drawer and closet in th<*
iouer part of tbo bouse was ransacked, but the burglars
contented tbemaeivea with the stiver ware. That which
(bey suspected was not the pure metal they broke np and
left oo tbr floor. Tbey took c IT tbe best they oould find.
The aamen'gbt a neighboring house, occupied by Mr
Gil1 ?rt, was entered through the second story window.
tb bnrglara entered the slaeping apartment of bis son,
an i took Ms watch and breastpin. There was a eonaide
table sum of money in an old vest hanging on chair
rnur tbe bod, which the thieves neglected to examine,
l'be robbery wss not dlroovored until daylight, when Mr.
Gilbert, becoming aware that his room had been most
trvatrrlousiy disarranged during tbe night, made an ex
;r.*i3f6n and found that his watch and pie had been
| widen, but nothing more.
I Rot Pbowsbd.?a lad, some five years of age. named
n-chard Dwjcr, was accidentally drowned by Tailing off
(bo dock at Jac It arm's wharf, on Thursday. The body was
recovered on Friday, and taken to his parents' residence
corner of Main and Plymouth streets.
Personal Intelligence*
From Hnrvitrg In (be brig Anita Owen?F Slmond, Anne
Mo'g, Vornrlo .Tlraungr. M. Quesada, Berr*be Heocbez, fcera
rloCeapr<l?? MIh* PitjiII* Sanchez, Miguel Oeapedea, (mill*
Sanchez- kennel Agnrio, Oregorte MMa, Feliclano uanrasbi
las, Carlo* Mela. Julian OulUoma, Joae Tarona, Kdwardo Valor-a,
C?ri> * 1}. Eg'rada, Frnrsiaco en Katrada, r>aaal*so V*
tary Caialiea Yeea?y, Fraacieco Bllantia, Uomlngo Baloi,
Lou!* Virona.
From Southampton and Hamburg In Ihn steamship Bavaria
?L Llppe rt, M I Ippert, O.Llppers, C T Schumacher, JC Wits, K
Behr, U 1 unpjohana.
From Few Orlears, In gteamahlp Oahawba?Mrs. A. O. Rem
met and daughter, Jaa. Qraham, lady, two children ar.d ser
rant; Mr cifcard lady, four children and servant; J. F. An
derson chile and servant; L. A. Stone, lady, child and servant
Mien Mayo, Mr*. O. Kirk and niece, Mrs. K. Jaoksen, Mm. W
8 Brown and daughter, Mia Oliver and daughter, Mia Fo
tune, B. Schwartz Mm. Arthur and ohlldrer, MMa Arthur, A
Birtry, Mr By man, O. Farrell and lady, W, F. Vredenburg
Mr*. Taylor, two children no torrent, J. u. Byrne, cajt. u.
A. Btorer, fell. Lloyd, W. Kirk.
For Liverpool, In itMmihtp Kangaroo?Bt Rev Joint Bony.
DD, Bev T J O'Nell, Savannah, <Ja; J Joyoe, X Lavlaon. O
Hewitt, Cant B Cooper, C C CTlark, W w Creevy, 8 Lireay, J
Bicberdeop, rbllidelphlA: W Henry, leJy ind child, O Ouibert,
F Tryrn, W 8 merlin and ladv. H Pllllchody, X Preger, Mn
McAuley. Vise Martin, Mew Orleani; Mn 8 Golden and two
children, Vn M Dntesn, Mn H M Lord, 8 Dlchaon, J Melrose,
I'T Wyman. Beaton; J Trimble Mew York; G Heglettl, fe P
Cow lee, Kenor Hevia, hearer of deipatabcito Lirerpool; Mn
Norman and three ohi'dren. Horace Ilay, G Yosts, Or Wm
Young, Philadelphia; Miss * A Cox and nitoe, Mn Blschoirand
infant. J Crampton and daughter, J A Alvee, H W Bales, a
Sherwood, lady and child, J Drain, T Arotnvar, W Tarrant, A
Y Kauti, P Herbert, F bherrard, B Thornton, P J Drew, J
Dale, hr, J Dain, Jr. and 130 in the iteerage. Specie, J76O.0CO.
In the steamship Ocean Queen, torSouthamptdo and TTavre?
Clemene Poppoie, George Law, of Hew Orleani; M 9 Leroux,
oflondcn; Jamea McMaeter, A Boucher, Joeeph Gideon, DT
Conderoy, Hneer Galcon; of Ramie, of Havana; Mr Kennedy,
Mr Lebeuae, Iraiah Ballon and lady, Amelle Bourolr, of N O;
Mrs Alger, Mm MoKean, Miae Kitten ne, of Pbila: Mr Baatln
and lady, of NO; Mr Zanebrano, of Havana; Mr Le Breton,
N O; MnK P Noah and infant, Mr Lngnourt, N O: Mr Biddle,
Mr P'isiacgc and lady. J B Stone and lady, li Stone, ot R I;
B H Angama', lady and ion; Mile Coaneau H O; Richard
Hlne and two children, Waterbury, Conn; Carloe Moye. wife
and two children, Mexico; Joseph Caeanova and friend, Harare;
Benrv feanhall and three daughtere, La; Gardner
Thompson, Mre A B Lafarge, NY; Mr Heemlth, K V Aabton,
Lordon; Alex Keplnos. Klcardo Meat, Cubit; Rmil Haas, wife
and child N York: Dr Roger Dubos, lady, three children and
torrent, Mexico; P Bernard, lady infects and nurae, HO;
J M Lablie, N 0; J Magna, do; Mr Trouble, Louis Muih,
Bev P Local, C Poubv, NO; Dr Geo Linger. Mobile; PCJUaacan,
Jose N bontlro, Cuba; Btcardl Stephen*, do, I) B Allan
and ron, 1 Ta'lnr and wife, Racine, Wis; Viu Martha Bradahaw.
Mile de Veer, W Montgomery K Hcheeffer, St LotiU; A
Talnoet, Mre fc tan ley and boy, Napoleon de la riace; Mate
Boaelgnal, Jollen Roaeljnal, Eugene Duekenla, J B Slrohesker,
W WCareteni JaaMcComb, George Go thelmer, Pa; Philip
Seeder, Banaom B Welch, Bdwin Kngllih, Mr Bourda,
T W B Hugtes, Pierre FSl'on, K L Beit and lady, of
Ctrtrnnatt; Charles Leinark and lady, Philadelphia: Jane
Wcoohanao Neale. Mr Barnard's nurse, Mme w llntnoulin,
Mn Johnion, Hew Orleani; John Bmydt, Charles
Wood, A Brodolr and lady, W Kiwarda, Cbarlea Kdwarda,
Joseph Gilbert, Paeealle Place, M 1 PeliUer, W W Bennett,
New York; L Duerot, 0 Jecquler, Mr T.alance,
Jacquee 8ervella, Louis Man. Nltal Lapeyroulerle, Hermann
Fust, Francois Clerger, B Botbfelder, lacy and three children,
W R Peters, T Peyrel, P MarttnetU, Lorenxo Pralo, Oataegia
Pencil, Bestin Baacadl, Joseph Marcanui, Joseph OaSePe.
Leon Pi sot. A Lagnean, Louis Loison, Carlo Tapptanl,
chn Leman, Gabriel Nicoio, L Celeite, SabaaUne Choen, Geo
Lampe. L Taft, D Dlscheralen, Mr Oogniee, Mewburg; Ma
thBtle. Guguenln. Hew York; Mn Mary Ann Locklevy, Mn.
J? m p *ci > k, v Bunor, pbvh ruiiuyi, iim Duuor, ,/unn
Cook, Charles Hart, wife and fire children; Noah Hart, wife
and two children; Leonard Cooner and wife, Otaetamo Hurt,
F Devaux, I Uluilocbln, M MldbeUe, 0 VaJler, J SUmroort,
A Modlm, W W Ho'mes. F Bagglero. J Glemicbmidt, H Le
cent and wife, nieee and child; Kulbgera, O Klanvm. Bdward
Ward, O J H refer, B Benhoff and boy, J Frtcns, F Bignoret,
M laliliett, H Flrcunyi, of Havre; J uraeber, It all Griber. 8
Crenge. H Helricb, Lord Hesenlhoal and family, John Flammaney.
Mde Pabatler, Uerrnl Btant. Feter SlaosanoUy. Henlr
Kubn. Ferd Zimmermtnn, Clrkh lichlleeeer, Mloolnus Keller,
Mr Marshall. Nlcolava Smith, lady and Infant, Joaeph Bramond,
A maud Oumolln, B Shaffer?total, 227 cabin paatoogera
For Bavre, In the ahtp Mercury?Madame La Comet-use
Vespucci and Mi-Taid: l'r Leo A Truce and .ad/, Providence;
Bev Dr Ba rfcnbt rg, lady at d daughter, blew York; John U
Boa* ell, B*q.
For Savannah, In the steamship Alabama?T (? Kaven, R
Flnaie'n, H A Carter, Mr and Mr* D D Dean, Jno RJohardaon,
Mis* Bichardem, A Martin. J Rlchardion. Jr, Tbos B Hender
ion W A Little, Dr J J Sullivan, John Oieaolo, Jr, Mr aid
MrsLFTjler, Mm Holt Mrs Collins, Mr* Bure, A Flulay,
Miss KlusteUi, J Chamberlln and daughter, J F Paul, aud four
tn the ateerage.
City Intelligence.
BnrniT Etcr rmoxs for Twenty five Cents ?The Hstaib
bus advocated the cuuie of the business people tvho
labor for Fix days in the week, and has maintained that
Uicy should have facilities for taking their rutnilioa
on innocent rural exmrsions on Sundays. Wo aro glut to
f?-that one of tho Urst moves in this popular direction
baa been set ou foot towards Flushing, aud no doubt
many moro will soon follow In other directions. For the
excursion to Flushing, Newton, Win Held and Calvary Cemetery
tho cars lravo Huntei's Point, opposite Thirtyfouttb
street ferry (Fast r'ver), on Sunday! at every socond
hour from 9 A. M. to 7 P. M., returning at equally
convenient hourk
Liotrr on tiih Five Point*.?Street Commissioner Smith
ha! caused a miniature lighthouse to be ttationod In the
Five Tolnts, with Improved reflectors, so as to east Its
mys on Hnxtrr, Worth and Park streets, In order to ac?ltt
the poiicr men in protecting honest citizens and in having
a distinct view of rogues
The Street Department are preparing, with all po-.glblo
speed, tbc p'ans and spcciliest,ions for rebuilding th.i City
Dall. with the exception of tbo cupola. Thewvrkofrc
bull'llng will be commenced soon.
FinswoitKS in rrm Park,?To protect the remains of tho
City Hall trom accident from the fireworks on the 4th Inst,
a stcsm Ore engine will be kept in readiness in the Park,
ami men will be Btatiuned on the roof of that building to
preserve It from Ignition by the Oroworks.
CT. S. CoxMiawoNsa's Ornca.?John Vans Jsoobson,
ats of the ship AmjU Owen, was committed for trial on I
a charge or mutiny, m refusing to do doty on thi voyage |
, ft <*?> * TotkloCuba. * j
I'oOTuit o? H*tti>.n Rxrvxsn?'Tbo refusal of certain
Virginia |u?tuia?u-rs to seed roturtia of el'Ctioeo to lha
. 8eerotary of Htote without prepay meat of pust.tg?, bu too
to a oorreepoad-oc* wtn toe Pool Oifloo Department, ui
the oflendmg iioetmasuira ore directed to (urtt'l the
packagea, uhargiag the proper amount uf portage, hot out
to insist upon prepay neat. This to a prooedanl ftr eon
tag elect iota
N-cka.-Ka ?The Territorial P-naoorailo Oou.-u'lou o'
Nebraska for the aonlnatWtD Of Territorial ntttci r* aad a
dotegate to Ooi rrt eo, will ho hold at PotUnooth m the
)8la el August
On J Key port CetTMpondeaee.
Kxrroav, July 1, IBM.
Kypmi ai a Sumner lUicrrt?la fine U uh.ng ami Smp+
rur Adtunt \y. fiom Ut ftuctwi y to tftw Volk?Cktap
Hnt> t f.tei n</? A maw*. -ri.? Qui't Softy ftc
ThJ n en" of tbooe new watering p'areo which the
exigencies of ou' modern Babylon tare railed into ex at
enee to accommodate our increased and etili eoormotaiy
men'tauig population. The pUte la couveuicouy Minuted,
at the head of Rurltan lUy, in Ne v Jcre.y, bcyoud U)e
Narrows, and outside of Slateu Ia1aa1, and maintaining a
constant steamboat communication with New York, from
which it if diatt&i aoail of only one boor and half?faro
tnenly Ave cento.
If Keyport Laa not the stylo and fashion of Newport,
Rnckawsy and tang Branch, It has not their frivolities,
immoralities and extortions. It posMosos a splendid seashoro
of flno sand for several miles la extent, and
bouig so near the city Is aooewible to oar oltizens
without paying a costly passage or losing a great
oca I of Ume In getting there. The whole district
is healthy beyond compulation, being entirely free
from fevers, cholera aad epidemics of all kinds,
wbno colds and coughs are rare. It is a thriving
little town; has two good hotels, the Pavilion and
Muslon House, besides churches, n Post Office, and other
evidences of an advancing community, while Its proximity
11 the city puis all the Now York luxuries within the
reach of those who require them. The oyster business Is
carried on to an immense and profitable extent, and the
nii.e piuco is one 01 vo< Be portals through whioh the
berry trade sends Its millions or baskets annually to the
v..st metropolis. One boat alone was the bearer of 70,000 bassets
of strawberru s the present Beitson, and that, too, p
in one day. the boat making, we believe, double trips. Tbe
hotels are new, clean and commodious, the bedrooms
cool and comfortable, the charges fl M per day,
families, of course, making special arrangements. The _
buildlDgs are suriounuul with piazzas, and are well '
shaocd, while the living Hood lies at your feet, lnnting w
you to partake of its enjoyment, which is soaroeiy pistol
-'bet from your own windows Of course boating, Baling
and fishing is to bo obtained ad libitum, and tbe location *
being embayed, little is to be apprehended from swelh, 0
squalls or sudden gslrp of wtud.
i hero is unoiber and highly Important advantage In regaid
to key pert as a bathing place, viz: that it is not ha- ~
b e to, but entirely free, from undertow, or that remarkn- '
b'-e recession of waves which ii annually so fatal to no 0
many ef our citizens st other watering places. Children
and invalids can bathe here In perfect safety at all times. 0
We have no fashionable Intelligence, it being rather too
eatly for visitors, but this gives a good opportunity to
tele?t rooms to these who may contemplate a sojourn
Lei D. ~
Luring the warm season Uio city pours out its -rut po- 8
pah?tien in all directions, seeking country air, rural enjoyment,
a-.d above all era bathing. This last, the must de- ?
tirahifl, la tor the most psrt remote, distant and expensive {*
to reach: but Keypcrt has the bappy advantages of being *
near ana cheap to approach. 1/flt me tell you what can r
ho done. J
A person overpowered with the heat and fatigue '
of a day of business in New York can get on ?
beard the steamer Keyport, at Murray ...> wharf, Jj
cany at four o'clock P. M., sail down one of tbe *"
noblest bays In the world, and arrive at Keyport at half- JJ
pest six?a distance of twenty-two miles. In a few ml- ?
nutes be can land and enjoy the sea bathing, pane the m
night at a good hotel dose by, rise st five the next mora- *
ing, bathe again, breakfast at six, tall for New York st M
seven, and land at Mnrray street before nice, refreshed and '*
fitted for the business of another day, having pasned the n
night Id tbe pnre air of the ooontry and enjoyed a sail of .
nearly fitly milles. .,
I will now put down the cost of such an excursion:?
Steamboat fare to Keyport 80 25
Supper, bed and breakfast at tbe hotel 1 00 ?'
Steamboat fare back to New York 25 J
IVrtal ?7m 5
?Lees, probably than would be spent in passing the eves!ng
at the saloons or theatres in Bros 1 way. ^
Drawings of Wood, Eddy 6i Co.s' Lotteries.
Fell ware Extra Class, Po. 367, July 2. 18J0.
6, 32, 18, 52, 65, 64, 66, 72, 60, 62, 51, 36, 8. (
Dzlawake Class ho. 968, Jolt 2, 1890. t,
65, 9, 38, 81, 71, 22, 24, 47, 8, 42, 1. 20, 49, 29.
Geokqia Class No. 988, Jolt t, 1899- U
15, 38, 21, 28. 7, 19, 27, 25, 36, 8, 74, 48, 37, 64.
Bfasta Extra Class, No. 896, July 2, 1899. .
67. 39. 42. 1. 66. 5. 6. 55. 60 51. 56 dfi.
WOOD, IDDr A 00., Wilmington, Del. f,
O. A. Bills, Commission and Ewliange Broker.?Orders
punctually attended to. Office 176 Greenwich at. u
Bran tlretli's Pills Exert a Curative Infln- l'
race upon every form or disease Thus, by their power la re- ti
ststtag putrefaction, they cure measles, imallpox, worm*, and
an contagions fiat era. They penetrate into the Inmost recerres K
of the body, snd drive ont all malignant humors; and.
with all thia power for yood, thay have none for evil.
This quality of seizing holt and cauafcg the eipnision of de- it
praved humors I* possessed by no other medicine than the it
Brandrethnlll. Piarrhtea, dysentery, liver complalnte and all t
diseases of summer and autumn, are generally prevented,
and almost Invariably cured by their use. How detlra- T
Me to have a medicine by von whlih you may swallow at L
discretion, knowing It Is sure to relieve, may cure, and oaanot
injure Sold at the principal offloe, Ho. 19* Cut) street; Burn- V
ton's. No. M6 Bowery; Rushton'e, No. 417 Broadway and As- si
tor House, Mew 1 oik; sad by all druggists. f(
French Soft Hats, Just Received. y
8. J. PAHPK88T7P, scent fbr the manufaotursr,
(J. Couptn, AlxJ lft WUllam street, oornsc of Am. ai
wonainni Arra; 01 summer nau.?iw
style# to bearer felt, straw* and bearer,
At GENIK'B, 607 Broadway. N
Let ?l?e chapellers of Paris Touch Their *1
bat* to WHITE, >16 Broadway. They cannot ecllpae hta dress tl
csssiaere hat tor the protest eeaaon. In design, ttoUng, c
mount ng, and all the requisites of elegance. It la urapproached.
116 Broadway, under Barnum'a Museum. ^
The Hudson Hat Heads Genln's Uit of 100 ?
styles; price S3. GKNIlt, 607 Broadway, p
A Complete Furore for Cape, Created bp the J1
near sress and nndteas styles bronght om by WB1TB ike i,
hstter, la Impel log crowds of gentlemen, boys and ) out lis,
to his uew esisfclishment, >16 Broadway.
Summer* ^
We beg erreeKl attention to the peculiar character and style
of oar stock of 6'. kiUKli CLOTuiKU, together with su nn 'r
ususllj 'urge stock of s'l desorlgtlcns of stylish cheap sad 41
unen fabrics hue tots ecsson manufactured Into suits ?j
a..iey beatni'ul style* of light woelen fabrics, to ske'eton
in ska, so tost tbey are as light to weight sa linen, and much s
mote agreeable. lb?T have taken the public lute to that ex *
tent. Hot pel j here, bat In the other principal cities, that ire 0
have had to utcresie Iarr?I? ut-.r production of them. They are
l'pht, elecant and durable, and can be scoured as aaal'y as t'
linen. Ineysieojo a protection against the changes of the \
weather. ?
The prices?wMrb we hare pot down to the lowest mark?
vary tut .lUe trom duck and drilling goods, although they
have double'heIi trb ate rains , A
> the season will new be abort, we will put down the prices n
of tho whole of our ougc summer stock at once.
1>. 11RV1.1N A CX),
218, 2bi) and 260 ilroadway. ,
Tliat Ms|(?ts Feat of IJloT.din'a ivas not so
mlrsrn'ocB as the cb??pneta of summer artlc'esof rlothmg, p
ard ibe immenre sanely and stock, at UhCMOOLO A i
PhOCHbt, 211 Broadway *
AlpRr* Cnw?n SI HO. Sid r?0, $3, $3 50. SI and ?
>8 50. Ibe ln-grct, haodaomeat, cheapest stock of black and ,
colored alpaca coats, amy be found c
at HVgAri-, oo and 63Vulton street.
5CO Pair
While linen drill p . n, fl r.\ ?
a: ltVANb i and 16 Fnlloc street.
COO Whits 1.1 It en Sacks, at 30, 0
at SVaNb', 66 and 63 Fulton street. ^
SI 00 Bitch Alpaca Coats.
at SV AN8\ 6d and 63 Fultcn itreei. /
Complete Casslmere Stilt* to Hatch,
io, S3. >10. fH. >19,
at I
RVAM8', 66 and 68 Fulton street.
SI Dhtton, at ICvaus'. 00 ami OS Fulton 1
street. ______________
|1 00 Whits Vests, ,
st IVAW. 66 sad >8 Fnltoa street 1
Weed's Patent Family Rewire ? i
It*w style. fries WO. O?o? *77 Beeadwjy. I
TJ ? *f the Vwmcy Ogantf an
(. 01 w. i jouxJ i utiM) ot
Hi A?0?, H?ti?Ub|l*Tk ft OO.
kr<! >;>tin-wi r.f lid I utt o< UolforO, M Ho loot I' 'N
ht i, * i f Irtrtof. Hr*. 4 4>? ft ,f>IWt cnol-oot t
ion .? }? ??. i?o iin< or*i|n?4, f???#a?h>nor? ?opn<o?i
I 'th nvtfO' ui toul it o 1.1 ii|>rrtalo?<t *l?-> troolug*
..M Ul?) lit krrti I < crliij I(k| (he 'oUfttrtftft mi iho ooi
Ikftfr ot ill* I'll ?
f COC?TY-0| AM Mo. M. JVLr I aft
14, 46, U, 40. 6, 71, 10, 3D, '47, $1, ?4. 4J, 3.
t ?i*r Cob oliuated Lottbht-Clam O, Jolt 1, una
1?, 12, fiS, 7i, 47, j4( 4f jj( 3^ 33, 48,.43
J ,'?? * oLnta S(ftnnM?w
AtfftkD K WootTBif, S
WOMAttoft. owm.
BiWr'i nutaiMfftlt Uthtrlu, 3W Mi
M? Kooioti, Mow Tor* art MB PaorltiM
pBl (J. nowgrants <hhb>|ib mi'mi
ttM nwfti a* all Mm Br 'r ilw.
* ? ' tfr.Ji*;! *?. mrr?Mi aateattal MaM M
Mar. 'm?u? in ?nil?au Ureal oaraor of a?
Han lag's ftnwt (liaylii fiwi
u^b >|ly mot aalM. W Nrcattwar, mw af Mwnr
rhr Owwwr m4 BaBan Barring BmIiIm Op,
(in umotu nvotaai riu? m to
m noiofii.
Ptero Bar rN rwaiirar ?a ran B* tatotraiat aMaataaa
ra tty N?k|aMlkw (Ml anal Isaaly waaporary,
n ttoaq atert ttta* Bay nfll iptt tempi iriigi- aad
8lM(it Sewing BbdUnro.
rii iunumT mwenro
tor aU oaaaufaettirtar panosea Kill turh*ia an ua
cjnatVtt. ttey an <ep.be or d tar ?<afc ratt of sari
? rave aaoeey ilu aat otttar aaoctiae Tte aaa family
ia< Mm ?l ISO red f~& tevo become seea*altr wbefoear
My ara Irara I. B. ttlttOatt A CO , UB Broadway.
IMBaaaa Maaaattar IiBb nNh BMaai
aaaei proof loerr aatt oroaa ten?aJaa, ire ?ad omgn#
aof eerier trial Pop* O Bmrray Wool. otntr of naBwa
daso&snaarty IMPaari moot
tea Baal Spring IM la tMiteni llrwol
tear.arftaaoteMttfatBt ttnattway uattaaoeeaw.
Cilatottara'o Hair Dye, Wl|a ud Trapni.
'te Mai la tte world, ateieeaJo aatt mail, aatt tte ttra pit
ttt'.y applied do i Attar Uaute
Uattbelar'a Hair Dye, Mini and T?it|He..
hr hrai to -he world aurpaaeliig all made Bold and apo'dod
l Ua BMiihMar), US uroadway
Hair?laa Diana tap. Pall, Ckaiig* att Cain,
j?o la in 'ii lllatwiwl, iruood oeraraliy t>t a littAPUJaoJa
p Twotlih Wad wool ?V)1 aatt ?e?* Mr?Away
8?rry "a *Tlc?|ilkrraui la (ha lleaa ate Cteay
ai araato Mr drantig Iwaeliryla* o aaant. oaritar pre
ora<u^uitt r'awriap ta* tatr i<adt?e ?*? t H"** V a
llollouay't (Mntmrnt and Plila?After all
the r aopttcaoot a (all no'lowai'a o%tmeai a *ua ? md to
eal an ulceraiatf le* or toy niaotnp eon wttfe ><it pile or daa
or. IattjanopMaitepUwareapoattiTeapoallo.
Impurities ot the BUmd, Scrofula, BSMU
if mercury, aatt rteuai, aBeeiaaU) aad pemaaotttiy cured
>v *h? n? ?r
La compounded under the direct inner v1Mn-< of
Dr. JAK88 R. OBI .TOR, ( brmliv
It-has no equal, and ia tke only preparation that eaa bo re
cd on to per) onn a cure. Try It. and
Wholaaale and retail depot, f!Z Broadway, New Tort.
Hypopboapiiltra -.Cnre for Conaumptlnri?
Winchesters genome pceperaMow" aold at 13 Joil a'reei,
rterSZ; tkraa notilaa tor fa.
Biiown?Galloway ?On Saturday, July 3, by the Bey.
brg. S. Hastings, Ciuileb B. Brows to Lror am Galloat.
Euie?Goodwui.?On Saturday, July 3, by the Bey.
r Unacoll, Mr. J. H. On nun. son of A. J. Ellis, of San
ranclaco, Cel., to Mice Sarah C., daughter of Courier
coiwm, Esq., of thin city.
Calttori ta patera pleaae copy.
Kis.vut? Wilcox ?On Tnursday, June 30, at the Firat
tap tut ctiorcb, Brooklyn, K. I)., by the Hey. Or. Baker,
ir. Sainm L. Kkr?klt to Him Nirat L. Wilcox, eldest
aoibier of If. Wtloox, Esq., ell of that city.
Maryaville, Cel., and Milwaukee, Wia , papers pleaae
opj- ,
Bkrwjir?On Friday eyening, July 1, Thomas Brbblix,
nl) eon of John and Margraet Breabn, aged 4 month ?|and
The friends and acquaintances of the family are re
pectfully Invited to attend tha funeral, this (Sunday) af
lmoon, at two o'clock, from the reaidcnoe of hia parents,
to. 143 avenue B, corner of Ninth street.
Daym.?In Biookiya, on Thursday. June 80, William
avis, a native of Monmouthshire, England, In the 08th
ear of bis age.
The relatives and friends of the family, together with
bote of bla brother, Benj. W. Davie, and bis son in law,
V#cr Bofckir, ?brwa Mh|NMt/nllj iricnt *! to mttsmd hto fUiaOal,
ibis (Sunday) afternooD, at two o'clock, from St. Mlbaei'a
church (Fp'scopul), Rev. Mr. Ooi, pastor, In
ligb street, between Hudson avenue and Gold street,
iitbout further invitation.
Domsoa.?On Saturday, July 3, Lacra, daughter o'
fargaret and the late Paul E. Dominge, aged 7 yean, 8
lontha and Z0 days.
The friends end re'aUree of the family ere respectfully
itiled to attend the funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon, at
iree o'clock, from No. 80 Barrow street.
Dobeoas ?On Friday morning, July 1, Mjchasl Dojtbix,
cf ccngrative apoplexy, a native of the pariah of Tulallen,
county Louth, Ireland.
Bin remains will be takon for interment to Calvary Co
ictery, this (Sunday) afternoon, from the residence of
lm. Jno Lynch, No. Ill King street, at two o'clock.
Folkt ? On Friday, July 1, Mr. Jorei Folst. aged 39
ears, 8 months and 4 days, father-in-law of Henry Hilei
The friends of the family, also the friends of bis son lniw,
are rirpectfully Invited to attend bis funeral, this
Sunday) afternoon, nl two o'clock, from No. 82 Frank>rt
How Ann.? On Saturday, July 2, Jonx W. Howard, in
be 34th year of bis age.
Tbe trends of the family, alao the members of the
ni dation and members of Marion Hose Company No. 1,
f Brooklyn, E. D., are respectfully invited to attend bit
intra!, ibis (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from his
ite residence, No. 672 Grand stroct, N. Y.
Jacobs.?On Saturday, July 2, Gbobgiaxwa, daughter of
is latu Abraham Jacobs, of tbis city, aged 69 years.
Tbe runeral will take place from her late residence. No.
12 Laui una street, ibis (Sunday) aOernoon, at half past
wo o'clock.
Keooa*?On Saturday, July 2, As.v, wife of Patrick
[ecgan, altera long and revere illness.
The friends and relatives or the family are respectfully
ivited te attend her frreral, this (Sunday! afternoon, at
so o'clock, irom her late residence, No. 212 East TwenKth
LiRfm.?On Saturday, July 2, of apoplexy, Hev*t
Uib fr'ends are respectfully invited to attend his funiral,
'bich will take place this day (Sunday), from his late redence,
No. 29 Hudson Terrace, Hoboken, N. J., without
irther notice.
Moos* ?On Friday, July 1, Sanaa F. F., wife of Wm.
[core, aged 42 years.
The friends of the family aro respectfully Invited to
ttend the funeral, thie (sonday) afternoon, from her huaand's
rn lence. No. 106 West Thirty-eighth street.
Baltimu- and New Orleans papers pleeee copy.
UcsraY.?on Friday, July 1, of consumption, Surer
[ntPBY, aged 19 yean.
Hor remains will be taken to Fiatbush, this (Sunday)
'tornoon, at one o'clock, from the residence of her bro
ter in law, Mr. William O'Briou, No. 136 BastffhtrtyI'
bth street.
limns.?On Sadutray, July 2, Ho!toiu;Mcuew, the boved
wife or John Mullins.
The l'tlcnae and acquaintances of the family are reX'otluliy
Invited to attend her funeral, from her late rodence,
No. 761 Second avenue, between Thirty nighth
ua FoiUeth atree's. Her remains wtll be taken to Calarv
Cemetery lor Interment, on Monday afternoon, at
all past one o'clock.
Nrcnrr?On Friday, July 1, after a short and tedious
Inees, which the bore with (hristlan fortitude, Aran,
be btloved wko of Edmund Nugent, in tne 40th year of
er age
Her friends, and those of the family, are reepectfaHy
ivtied to ulUod btr funeral, frr.m her late reeideuoe, No.
- Boom n itstwies.ih s (Bmiiy) aiumoon.u Ink dot*.
Icr remains will bo conveyed k- Calvary Cemotcry.
??'a mo'ni if, juiy a, tswas
nz< rr.jun o'CPtornu., ycunyaet sob of Michael and Mary
'Conneli, tgrd 1 jmi and 10 moDtba.
The funeral will take place thla (Sunday) afternoon, at
wo o'clock, frcm tbelr ro?l<J>nco, No. 10 Now Bowery,
be relatives and friends of the family are reepeotfuily
ivited to attend.
O'Laasr ? At San FrenrUco, orconsomptlon, on Friday,
prtl 29, Cobmuit s O'Lajir.tj In the J2d year or his age, a
ative of Skibbereen, county Cork, Ireland.
Cork papi rs pit we copy.
Bf.hi>?(>n Saturday, July 2, Joint Rod, late of Comlork
k Ret d. sged 46 j care and 6 months.
For notice of luneral see Monday's papers.
Starrs?Co Friday, July 1, alter a short and severe
liners, H*.>st 0. marts, only ton of Henry and Doris
'crimen strurs, sped 16 months.
1 to fr endi and ui qua ounces are respectfully Invited to
timo ins toners), lb tr (>und#y) afternoon, at two o'clock,
:> m U.e rtkidenco ol his parents, No. 5t>0 Water street,
oi tit r of Mt>ntg( nitry.
Sascrs ?At Orange, N. J., on Saturday, July 2, Vakia,
11 e of /rdekikh Sanger, in the 74tb year ol her aye.
Tl.o relatives end lucid* of the family are invited to
,ttcBd the ft neral, from her late residence, on Tuesday
liernoon, st half p?ai twelve o'clock.
A train leaves the foot of Cortlaudt street, at It,*4
i\1ock, s'oj p ng m tho Brick church sutiou.
Pcoiuifp, ? in this city, on Saturday, July 2, VartucK
koalard, in tbe S9th year of his age, late of Bandon,
oi nty Cork. In land, of a long and tedious illncts, which
te here with Christian fortitude.
Tbo relaUVM and frleuda of the family are respectfully
nvitcd to attend hie (uncial, this (.-lundey) afternoon,
j three o'clock, frcm hie into residence, No. CI KooeeveK
Cork and California paperpoloaao copy.
SmoMos?In Brooklyn, 4 Saturday, July t, at 11 P.
#., Mr. Km. 11 Sutowrort, in (no 49th year of hia age.
Particulars of funeral in Monday morning's papers.
War ?On Saturday morning, July 2, Jhabwaa Jam,
iuly and beloved child of Henry J. and Jano Elisabeth
West, aged 16 months end 18 days.
The friends aid acquaintances are reepectfolly invited In
ittend her funeral, without further invitaUon, from the
ewdeseeef Mr grandmother, ho. 081 Budeoa street.
4 For r?MlM wW be taken to w. at<4i**ter for tntarttWf,
tb'? (Sunday) metalwr, at tea o'clock.
*UMM -Dmkii Wioon, of Brooklyn, late of Market
Bill, county Atvagb, Ireland.
Tb- r? lativea ?ou frtvpn.'<f tb? family are lartted ta
tlirtii ibe funeral, from St Pan '? cn.iroh, Oarrnli atreet,
a, nrai Henry, tbia (Sunday) aftetrouu. at four o'oooi
rr i i . . i i, i
* rTJONE>' 10 aNI? ? Of NTBRBT, a mew ?A
01 aboea a ad I a' only ft VI, wu-T.oiar ?
faotloa; ala-> ?8 60and1> draw V la lk?* ? M
I * WRBiTiV, oaitna." motbr. *<Ji
J rf? orlabratrd aan)? elegantly eoeraend. one be had
Paly fa broaeway, eomw of IiuTce auat* tauMBEod IMfc
wb is To,
K?S:s insssiift
nz roe wins roCLa**.
viwb umr BuaoM?,
OB TO oknKR,
OB to oror*.
WABBAffTRD A* OtH-l, A hmiht AS ROLB Of B?
.?LBO, TBK VaRV fl?t aBlRM
TflaT CAN B1 MaPB.
V N.- ikoae who tkini I recant make a foot *rt fnr VA
T r-^- ?? mmmrmmrm Men V UM ?? <MIO tOM 9U AnO
VO j Aria of Tort Mills nalli, M14Wa pwjord 94 SI
3 rardu o'fc.r llua, *1 &0o per yardT. I m
?- ?.* -a'ltaa ... S3
lmnodrj. n.kiillu? Ih?.AA*'..'..'......'.'.U 1 M
Total Wff
Printed dlrrc-tjotia for ae.r >Mtucivgl Met free!* mt wn
of tbe country Thane dMokoBo are oo rim ole brat a bay a*
tee j??r? of ?g? can taka kit ..?? iftnn I nrrat m4
At or return the more/ 1 he owk lo ke paid to Hw Asirow
Coepaoy on rtoelut o'tbe Mode
S87 Pro-<! way, up ttaire,
Between WhBe end Wito HiA>
IIU AlBkKA Nt-W f.M.Ll a.Wlpt*M aUEUNU
Price $80.
Iba nwbrM^tird b keppy lo inform all irko btt m OmeO
?> ? urate family ?e?la| BKhl?t fan per neph ?ib?l ho b
>4tm <BkbW to &U ibetr.rdoro, and would nejM'i! i iM
D.J L*VT Oece'al Muparloieudeat
l 01 a 4nA Broadway, oornar of IroBinmi.
K|ijg aHigBkJiik tW lagc.
*n!a.riwe*?. o Ue RHia. v e u*e
ore* wohoa. bob tu loot ike root ei. ? euro aaa?*aawH
eber 6e,qrre*1ci altboui ibr )???; l?nn.Viia> Ir lb :#
.oeV k. Iir ?> OHe B1R. awpno' cbi rap Ob* iB nmedwore
ft**"* In Ik* ?b- Vetana and rra?e? *'*k* a'tr a
. 'OlPTtRFBIT n $. eOTiS
KJ Ak.VrMV r.lo-t PRW COM1Tk.BrB.Ttf
Co lb (our bandied ard Iklrtr two fa*, urn. ea o' yero%e
not. a In the flrat U.r*e Ddml?ri .4 Uia un.) 1k|ii?1U Ibetw
ere two but drad and ail')-an kforinu*. r. J and tkrid
i . t.. D. w I j ctraulelK. altrrrd to tbe ntaee end i catba ?d
lb* I'M t a.'rr*d Id lb* deiMKelBatl'fial rain* an* made la
a irirtnm leraice bJaa 'tr worthJeaeblllao'broken kaako
ann roiirali oolite lie ye-moa
If yon akb lo be kOfr from turb fraodo. bay lb*
IN' YttLOPXIilA CP >M?KI0aa l)Una*".,Y.
V** baa* ? n'y w? plana tbaaa fraudulent am#;a hawde tt
tar. i.tin a t dataot urn a. a blaoa*.
Tby ?<1! tmi da.aod npoo a prtrtad aranrlplion fu'laf *1'
ran red pnntrd la tba aaaalieat ijoaa. wbeo ?0" ana aava aA
bo rea tbtia rooanoj'd by ia?aaaora to a far alm'l* >1 U>?t?
i inea tu la iiwlf. which -equiree bat a *l*oe* of lb* a;? to ITrura
yec agaiDd any loa>:
inu era liable ataay moment to reseiee a tnn"oun uta
rabrd l"m $. Ir $VJ.
Tfca Wnay bi'md'a b broad Is weekly ouwbee*, e?eB
laluu r Ii r bno'.rei aod forty-four fee etaiibe, Ike wart It 14
r iri la-r? Id a year
F<r aala by ail MWadeaiara and perk die*) ayeeb taroopb
on* Iba CdUDtry 'til. ttlDr trl) 1 * ., - uOitrbera
Po B Raatau a'r*ot baa. Yri
Ail *na lt>e Fourth of JolY
Kncouroaed by the lively '.merest our Mer.de and tbe p?Mt?
at targe have taken Is the rc >u'Unt> of oul/ortcra eeue>xi b> be
ketn dteoount
OB Aurtiien rurree.v*
We bee* osoehided u> eeiena m mil our eiaret ead beet
sicesper dozen each
Sen! free of aharge to any part <; thte rt'j
170 Water etreet
Fifth avenub hotel.
boftrei!" ore of tbe large atom order d-tv cm osf*
locateu hotel, tbe eobeenbera invite tbe atteert ? of hreae
keepers to tfcor rxtenalve atoefc of wlnee teea, groeW* rvta
mures oondtwenti be . bo., of every (rede, aed ?nohee?*-(
rrery neeeaaary end luxury for tbe table, which tbey row abet
to oooaumers at very redured prinea
WM H JACKSON b CO , Groeera.
Broadway -ad tilth avenue, Maillew aqaert
Kra Tops, June Z8 1848.
QRKeT BKDUcnotv ik micro.
largest summer stock in pulton strut.
84 and86 Fulton, sad 4b,?' sad 49 GadbliB
ly curve tan, freckles, sunburn, pimples, eruption* aM
[ lowneee. andailekln blemRbea Poudre eubttle nprooM ib
from low foreheads, upper llpa, or nay part of the body. warn
ranted. Lib white, rouge. hair dye and reetiraUye, at the MB
depot, 67 Walker etreet, Aral store from Broad vay.l OaUaada*
Philadelphia; Mrs. Hayes, Brooklyn, be.
Gold pbnb.
Maanfawutar, IB'dreadwear.
^Qold pe? jaw^e jg^ortor) at froaa 8J te 846 per dee*. T*
el Ob, month of beaut* I amath of bloom!
Month of the sweetest twilight ekiea.
Of richest color end per 'time,
Cf taoet melof loo* harmonic* 1
The meadop lark rprtn^a up to hearen,
Tbeewai'ow utter* thrnugbTbe atr,
And all or fkra't wealh teem* ytrea
To deck thj radiant breaat and natr.
The poppy lifts its red cup high, ,
The wl d grape eceats each rtuMc hedge; i
And the bright bodied drag n fly
flklire restlessly acroe* the eerige;
The broad bay pant* beneath the aua,
The glutei log i bore bath aaada of fire.
To ahady nook* tbe cadi* mo,
had eoolneaa la the drat desireCxtlnon
for body and for brain,
Fureeaae of t->tl and zephyr clothes,
Buch a* at Pmllhe' we may obtain?
The ?3dltha, wboM gallant banner He in
From three Immeaee marmoreal pile*,
la FuitOB etreet -their atorea beh. Id.
Where lummer elrthra' in a l the styles."
For men and ooj a are cheapest told
SMITH BHOTHJSflb' one price wholesale and retail oiofe
lng warerooma hoe. 122,136 and 140 r nhon etreet, N. T.
Lxnrra uoino to tbk ocuftrt ik wajtt
bcote or shoes, go to OahJl'a, 577 Broadway, ahiaI
yon ran get any atyle yon want cheap; a'ao, a great aeeaad
ment of misses and chUdren'a. ceotiea en and boys' do. 0*m
and tee, at B. GaHlLL.'H, 371 oroadway.
Mrs wim3low,
An experienced cores and female physician, presents It
the alter ti?s of meter* her
For Children trelhiog,
Which greatly facilitates the procee* ol teething, by soften Inn
theguma, reducing all Inflammation?will allay all pain mm
ipaamodle action, and Is
Depend upon it, mother*, it win giro nr. to < ourselves, and
We bare put up and sold thl* aricln for over ten year*,
and can (at. in confldeace and.' truth of It, what we have net w
been able to amy of any otber_ ro?d vine-net* r bai it ral/t?
in a alngle Ingtance to effect a-'cure. wh?n tltnel* used. Stver
aid we know an Ina'ancedof d>ssaii*r?-urn bv any on
who tued 11 Cn tbe contrary,*.all are dtilgated with its op*
ratVme ard epeak In tertna ore highest coin mr.ndat.oo of Ri
magi al eilec a and Ei?uoal virtues We apeak tn this
matter "what * full',*' car ten yea ' ei je.-learw,
and pledg" oa* recutat' n i >r ~ lla .Hu.lmei.tot what we hem
itj?.!a>e In at *-.< * ...... I? ~ -V ? .V,. I.
frrfig fmui pain and eadbue - ten- r-'wf will be -coind I- ff.
Urn* tmeoly mtaetra after? ibe ayrup it adminletered
73* v ai?a ? preparation tefr-tbe prnanrtoilon of one of fee
Weieir-toured and ikti.fUoo'irwee In New Xnjtland, nod
hsn been ueed with never fa.] cleg no-em in
TI.C S 8AMiexo# IHaKB.
It not only relieve* the 3bI]I from uatn. but tcrtgoraten the
atomich and bcwela, eonecuo, aridity, won given tone am
erergy to the whole of the *> - >~at It will (timer. taeuatly
relieve ft
and overcome eonrnloon* ~ whleb If not rpeedfly row*
died ecultxleedL We believe ,t thebe?tmulture*remedy ta
life world, In all ramenfdvtm tery and dlarrro-a In " till drew,
whether djBV* fn in ieeihir,g""?r from ur outer oaune We
would i?fTc ever/ o oth?3 who turn a ohild miflering froo
any of the foregoing complain U?Do not let jour prejudicing
nor the prejm.iee* oi oth?-? tttnd between y iur tudhrtng
eti d end the re,let that will (? * (,re-yen abeolutely nure -tn
f Uow ue una of tklntseda-ti * *tf'Mnely need Putt direct tone
for ualng will icrdnpuj etch* Iw'tio. None genuine unlee*
the tno ?*rl!o of 11 hTId d I'-bliilNs, New Hurt, U on \
the on wide wrapper _
bold ' r dniggl ?te throughout the w arid
Principal office No. IS I'odar etrvet New Vorfc.
rs rjlOQk. A CO , hSPKBBAT. PtallCA.
Tb<? to * perfectly pure arm dellca r wine front the fM
yard of H'ru-a Ue Veoona A Co.wh.ee relit* lay* In tlx
eentrn of 'he far tamed tamper * dwtrtct of b ranee. It he*
hiLlirlo been c opt,red to the oeet 'en'en of Ing'aad and Itn
cen'lteat aid bee only very recently been IntrxSf. ed Into thfe
country, where he rare nuaJhy, o-unbtond with the moderate
price at whfrh It t* offered. t? a'ready arhlevtrg a nc.aree (fed
popularity unprecedented In the annate of the wire trade.
Bold in tine Mtv l>y g*
n. A. Kikr, 748 Broadway; J B Clinch S8S Broemrfepi
HO"nl j (o 6t>S ''roadway, Mtcv k < a, SIS With eveawat
Coawta A Co, porter of Broadway and Twente?b mreetfe
and by nearly every leading holel and dealer throughout gjj
country E. V. BaI UHWO0T, Bole importer,
Comer Broadway and Brooeae etreet,
WoLFA'6 celebrated Kohrdam aromattc achnamM tMU
be tn the aacdn of every traveller. Mo family nbould Mare DM
efty or be without a nnpply durfeg 'he warn weather. B fever
teNy oorrects the 111 alTnotn of change at water ed a#
beveragetit*theaerealttauormade tn lheworVL Pntnt|
quaitand plaXbotUea. held by all iruggtatn, groeeri and
1 refefl. W. B. ?Tio?W, jfo,1 WW4H Brefe, gfeMi i

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