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The Latt Phage of Public Opinion.
[Kruot ibe rribuoe J
THK ?K.aT Lttrt-OS.
A bar been tho iepj oaco k| our ajje toat it la material?
Mtai u? irintnpbii art- over ibe blinu oruea or' uature, not
?m uiiuti aud npiri ?that >l * objective, not lubjeotive?
thai it ? yeai m na ?upr> oify of man over bin aiaideula,
auo tot over tnau biainif. Wo trust we are lucid.
but it e reproach > wiped out. It in iDiivptuala who
Mke ante Ueteraiiots die, but toe memory of toe
bt'i i it e gei-eraiiou lives at a waxm tue age. roue the
p*u bar lie Mourn P'?'o,Ootn?ti|, WtreuogLoo, Napouvui
aod otoi r ret" tentative then. We uavo dtoltle? We
liu.t ?c no dot put loo due a oo.ul upon it.
"bi vut ? nt fini ".meruito i pliyaical couraro?vir
Jua Tbacrowo ol i b> utliao .ivo.xatioo ut torglveue a ami
P ercy. Ibe bigOetl Cor.v iae im, ta reuou. d vd?u (be
atri ip'b at/0 v? or ol uiau t> <iiir.ed with U>e love aol enirri.un
o' ai -in u Tail in toe true hicr.a*e ol' tbe bu
man viki oivie aMch o airea tb? perfect humanity It
w ? luvrtro t?.r oe .0 at'io. it. Uur age bun Ita future to
Mb f p ..rotative tuao. I
utoy a uttm til.- ago a brail auil fallen woman c< otevM'
il to her oi.oaoin a lord" to.l tor icauy uio.ur.s Mie
bao be. o l.rbit e to ber mn riage v , we, ..(id uul oisbtooreu
tat o. it of tio tvOo aud ?o ub- r tu broad day
tig*-. ?be ha) guno ii.au', luxo a, I ilougu aa ?dralr.ii{
orowii, to be plar. o< avaigtiatluu, was ?ectivud m tbe
wui ot a (>ar?aioar, nut ouce, out m.ov tunes con ua.oed,
i . ' anoint rn *ul, uot by love, but oy uncontrollable
?t. <Voai ttald >oe biiaband t foe a una
planet couiu not b" d ibe paituer of our em aud b nrue f
So, on a "nwoct Sahbato," be Mjuchl au.i a lle-J ih"
man wLor.i utea "every ueg'0 m town *-a ta kitg
beat' ?kuitd lino off f'oto tbe lace ot inc earib, aod
vnl in.l.ihv In tho .iniuiri Li aobaiar if npod I1M L.I In.
SflMiCed lawn or hm country, b.il Oowc.J oowu iu'aa unutterable
bituny o?er Urn ' am? and too biu ol coo
Jugal loBiemy?the coulionut and failolul hiismtuil
> -urniug over too li.coutneui and faitdicss wife and
motier A jury of b* countrymen approved the d?ei.
k wan done ib tbe very arH of toe aeroiim of iho
Mioairic ag*?, wuicQ, conscious of tbe lot neat and sterneat
virtue, could uot hrooa eren tbe breath of ditboixj
and Boiiiu It wbb tea assertion of tbat divine juhIi m
bicb tbe ju- ye, ifepioitooenie aud pure, measures out
to the guilty aud tbe weak, oy a biKber law lb tu that em
boo let' id o>mao statutes. Ho "bo ha J uove. iiuiued, be
wbuee miui turned pe e at the thought of a wrong go bur
rible, wa? a m ui meter or ibis divme justice.
But bis au'j war uot couip<eted. Next tu divine justice
Mines (livne torsweut-rs aud mercy. Tuere is now bat
our t o-oui po wu'co tbe Ia> eu woman can lay her beau,
mo into woicb she may weep tears of peoiteoce and
shame, aud bud toe unutterable blessing ot forgiveness.
Be calls bar tbltber almost before tbe worms have begun
tber feast ou tbe form wnlcb she bad fondled, and ou
wbicb be bad wie-keu bis great revenge Cue dishonored
beets have beeu ?a>hou in blood, a new love, born of
tender(nt-b abd forgiveness, watt* ou tbe second nuptlaiB.
Tbe *' nrgroet" tuew before, and death wiped nut aisbo
for. No aiiDlsteriDR augeis watcn around tbo cuucb
where parouo is sealed, aud tne world let.-ns tbe great
In sou mat ' to tbe pu-e a'l things are pure," and that
mercy as nth ae nob -uuicni Is suiitme.
[From tbe Evening Poet.]
Several of tnr morning papers bat e situu raneousiy announced
a fact wtiir h bas btcu known tor Bunts tune in
tbit city?D*fit* ly, that tne he o ami bmoine of *' tbe do
mesne tra?eoy" at Washington bit concluded to forget
tbe ft tie at'aiis ol me bouse In Fifteenth street tbe extorted
coulreRion, me murder of Key, tbe cario s loci
dents of trie notorious trial, and live together again as
if nothing bud occurred. But ibero Is one small uiscrepaxcy
in the accounts of tbe matte-, aud that relates to
tii<* niHMif-f in irhirh LIih litkiinv u rM'iiiifMd hv \fr
thcso-a' frUbds roe TiiO*nc Mid:?
" <o?i? xi< iea Unit m <a.aiiig this remarkable step
Mr. Sickles has alienated tnrascif from most if not all of
thof permaal ana pouucai frieuds who devotedly adhen
dlo torn during his locint iinprlsou incut and trial.''
but the Tixl/uiu is not very good authority io such
cute, ahd Ilie public generally gave credit 10 Uiti counter
suiemi'iii ?f the heiuld, muio familur with topics of
this son, woie.u said:?
"Buiu parties save agreed to ti.is step, and it is said
their love is greater thaj ever. There is immense re
juicing amoLg weir fiieuda, who have written letters of
warm cooerauilaii' ti. "<s_ <
Not tisviDg the uiekSure or the bouor, if it may becal'ed
either, ot the aopia>iiutuoe of the pcrgous rtlerrtd to in
Ui.a diffcftnoc o . wv.cno ui, we awaited the appearance of
the Tirnn a mod ol '.flici*1 organ andde'eodcr of SicklGi,
to mm* tne u.llici.ity cleared up. Accord ugly, this morning,
we are furusiie i wuu what mt? be termed ah autho
rurtiee ft teiniuisian ot tee <iuvat.ua. We copy the pa-,
rsgrapb a fall;?*
" PitT'dhaL ?One of our coiitemporaries has been hi the
troubi" ot fier-dig to (VasuiLgtjo lor intelligence of tue
recotc. lat>< n of Mr SuCKlefc ?uti hm wtte, and hau ascertained,
wcat ?e believe to dc tue truth, that the most
resolute 01 aveuaert has approved nuneoil also the most
relthtl'g ol Uur.briiCi, and is now .iviag oucc moro witu
the vicl m of uie iau I'bihp Barton Key. Tdis, of course,
is a purely iH-rsnrial auo private matter, with which the
pud to date noit.iog to uo But a is auu to th? lead in
personal and po iticai frle. de of Mr Sickle*, wuo huuottly
believed b id in hr > maD maddened i y intolerable wrong,
and id rbst tii del mterposco meir influence between turnfcll
ano iD' nasiy rage ol public fueling at toe time of bis
trial at Wasoinytoo, that the* aboulu out ue utile responubie,
as u> tbe journal in qces'iou tbev are, for a step
taken entirely no toe impulse of Mr. Sick us btinaeif, with
ooi u.nr knowie g?, and m the face of tbeir puaitlve remom-tran.
e and d.rapproeai.''
Ibis is conciueive the friends of Sickles, wbo stood be
tweta him and tbe gaiiows. wbicb the Ttma euphoniously
describes as "the hasty rage of public tooting,'
wrenlgniy ociigbu.d with toe vengeance, but arc no
t? tbe forglvsatsn. lliey shouted lii i.o and Hangup
their cups alien "the must resolute of avengers'' sboi
Key In cold b.ood, but uiey turn tneir fac.ee from "tbe
m<et roleri'ibgof husbands." These "personal aud |iolltical
ritnds." we presume, are the chlvairlc Butter
worth, sue sain "Were waa but one course for a man of
boLorbai b-ior Brady, wbo was so solicitous about
the sanctity of the domestic altar; ihe Scriptural Graham.
wbo so giandlioqueutly demonstrated that tbe pis
lol was tbe ooly protection to female virtue; the pathetic
Meagher, whose picture of tbe desolated and bean
b.oki u hii'h tod brn.igbt tears to a tbouuud
ty. a, tbe editor of tbe Times, responsible or Irresponsible.
who poured forth such a vomit of vituperation
upor every body tost chanced to thiuic that Sickles was
bot tbe model bu-band uf tbo nineteenth century;
and some otoer*, lnc ud ng tbe judge and jury of the
Court at -Vwl/iogton. Trey shielded Sickles when be
acteo uiiod b e aavaeo and brutal instincts, aud tney
abandon i in wneu, with an equal want of principle and
in utter disregard ol all true and delicate feeling, be
ylelc s u> his more tender instincts
It la easy to uo, however, wny these gentiemcn arc
dissrueSeo m",u tne course of tbeir crony and client. A
yoou many of them, r.oubrlits, were long smci: disgusted
wub the port tbey bad played, and wun the uaeaviable
fsme it bad piocuied inem; but Way were euauled to
keep on a tolerable face by os-'erting that Sickles bad
be< d "inuddened by an imoleraole wrong," arlyon to
?ter persltcn by his s-nso of wounded honor and tho cub
couftucts of it borne made detoiaie forever. Now tnal
be shows (but Lis wtoey, i were ant irreparable, their
oniy ejf.uro it f' moved, snd LCej aoe tie late events in
tbo li(lbt in aMen they a ore seen at the liino by the
n uro oiecuruiua part of mankind. fbe luquiry everywhere
nun It, why Key wa' Itu.od ate.ll, or, miring been
kuie-1, why such exiraor.'in-try efforts were u*oe lo
BCtetn the Hlayei? It 12 tor those woo core ldttr union tal
la the result to answer the question.
[From tDe Sua.]
ths Bit-'KLJts TRaOi-comtnr.
It will Interest, thi uRh it will scarcely surprise our
readers to learn, thi-t r>ati>ei F. Sickles and bis wife hare
harmonized ibetr llttio oifllcuity?if a diitlsulty ever ox
ir -;.i between tbem?*na are again enjjying etch other's
retlned ami e.evatmgrociety. Mr. and Mrs. Sickles have,
w are Informed, been resoling tor Borne tlm<> pa?t in inu
Bloomlngoaii! district, ana, a few evenings unco, Mr. S.
two Bereed using Mrs S out In his boat Tor a sail 011
tbo beautiful waters of the Hudson. Yeeierday wo
learned from a source lmely ?o be well Informed, that Mr.
Sickles has no'tiled h's more intimate friends that bo and
f . S hate been reconciled.
Remaps the Uirisnao influence of the clergymen who raanif
so o snob a or, p int< rest in Daniel's wet'ceauring bis
lUCart't va on in Wa?bington,aod nm trial fir the murder of
ip It* n\e>,bwi ktooied in h's breast the spirit of
of-amy Or 1' ? raiiS'Ctii the young juryman's viodn may
hi. e te> *ivii6u those earlier rentlments of affection
which had bet o temporarily paralyzed by the supposed
'ti.aboi.or'Ug of his bed " The only regret that tho pu 1
Hi. u. ill b.ve Is, lb at bis vengeance proved so fatal, and
t? a Mr Kt:, Is no alive to witness Mr Sickles' rcstnra
t'oa to sanity, sod hi* lull cundooaiiuo of ?iwife's "lnn
act et Ions " bhe coinussed all, and her husband, It an
jmais, br.B forgiven all Would that be bad earlier learu
ea luv prcr, rur^vo ud uur wwjhwoob, as wo turgiyu
lhi.ni it at ttiBpase against us "
[From the Thnee.]
One of our eontrropoiane* bu3 boon st tlio trouble of
semilog to W seine g'ou for tuteliig'.'uce of tho re.mollla
tiou <)1 Mr. eioKk'H with Ula wilt, an 1 ha* ascoriamou,
?b?i wo beli*vt to be the truth, tout the uiost resolute o
?? igersha* approved huuB- U also lb* m st romutiug o
buso uos, ana i* tow living once more wttb Uiu victiai o
th la-e I'linlp fUrtou K<->. friui, ot cou-ie, ,a a purely
perronal anU private matter, Willi chlc.U the public have
notbmg ui no. But it la dun to toe 'eacni.' personal and
pnittical friends of Mr. Sickles, who roti-teliy believed
bun >o be a man maddened oy Intolerable wrong, and In
that Dfiit-f Interposed tueir 1'illueriuo betwatu himself and
lh? haety ruge of publio tueliag ?t lh? time of his trial at
KaeiuiiKto'i, that they eh iuul not on ui do res loiuutpe,
aa bv the join oal in <|? -stion tliey are, lor a slop taken
entne'yon the Impulse of Mr Sickles himself, without
their i no ?ie i)t , Hid it, tno face id thi ir poaitlvo remonstrance
sua disapproval.
[from t',o Sunday *tlas ]
The friends wb* tod'y at mpaib'z.'d wiLh Daniel E
Sickles in the tronblis which surrounded him after hi
killed Philip fUrum Key for illicit cohabitation with hit
wife?who held hnn up o the w-rid us Hie champion oi
social purity and in* a-.o.gcr ot marital rights, who shed
tears over the misery thai a "wlcsod wo nan." whom he
denounced es the vilest or prostitutes, entailed upon him
caueirg him to utter the "tin.-artuly groans," s.i graph'
rally described by ibo lion I to un ,|. Walker?have been
eoirpltb 'y disgusted by the announcement of the fact thai
n* baa taken Ihe pollnt fniuain again to hi* bosom at a
wife. It seems ihry have agreed in live together in ran
tlial love atd alt I tioo, biiry.ug the inst In the grave o'
ohdvion. aul ti at 'brir >ov.- is greater than it eaa he fort
ebe cot,ft uted hi do "a* other wicked toinen do "
flics lea, the " ihoaoretl husband," the weeded enck
old, tbo hiau slayer, and but shameless * Id appear to b
a well ir.airbed pair. Tbey are worthy or o*eh other; aod
cdiihtitee tbe blood of Key aud th? teara of h'ji orph*
rhiidrm giro 11 ?.rt 10 the regenerate love of lb<s prrutouB '
couple, us tbe wed Bluffed "ouinmy " of a deluded vtclia I
doin, to tbat or tbe common panel tbievee of homae
timet. It would term that dic?ie? bt? been holding clan I
defi ne mtercourir with bia publicly dino-rde-l wife for c
Borne time poet, but tbe pmmnlgulion at their complete
rrconciiiailou euu hie low debaetment waa only made In g
ib- emny pert ef the lael week. *
It eeeme ih?l l*aolel, eumr two month* ago, took u;> hi* r
reeidentr with hia trieod, Tbomae U Kiel e, wao reaeic* |
oo tbe Blooniingdale road, la ihe vcitnlv o( the houe* u:
rupud by !Vre?a Hugiola, a? the eigoeu ber Dane to tae
fumoae comerbii u of which a foe timtlir. was published
to llarjifr't WV.ily, aud lor the repub'ioatiou of which ^
tbe S?u Frmjotto pap-re were puoiecrd uador tbe Itw
apelret obscenity. accord uig to tbo d?|ly piper e, tte .
bovl ef tbe " chttalrlc taut"?ibe lo/gtviog a* Wdil a* tu
avrpg pg bueiirb j?bi-caoie s-tp>CiouB, in cooAe<|'i?oo? o.
the rir.ea:e<1 abaence ef Mr Sickl-v at uoenual bou a; an I
wbf ii be re<ne in very ear'y one morning, he w?* inter
roiap u by tbe bent and another fnend wno was prevent,
ena on Lie ictillvr)y denying iLtir r ght to quuBlioa hue.
and re'teirg to give an explanation, they ahoo< uncus
wltb him lor Ibe i.et time, an > bo withdrew, to erjoy the
tun rice oi tbe laerlvtcu* tyren wbo ;ed po'ir Key to bin
ceath He le in' ted " a model husband!"
-'ut' <quent j be toru aliy no'.itli d bin inlimate frlende
.,nd associates *>r -he resumption of bit conjugal relations (
with Texsa, acd on rutbcay last the particulars or bit (
Ceyia alien and tbe humiliation or big friends ra made H
public through 'he prets ,
rbit ? bolt hli-ir, f.om tbe commencement to this pit'a
bio teimiiiauoD, ban boeo monk Ungraceful to ttao age io n
wr i. h we l>ve but the lustful intercourse between Key .
and Mrs. Silkies, id tbe bed of bef husband?at tbe bouse ,
of the uegio Id Fifteenth street?10 tbe grave yards aud to
oer private can lege?the murder of Key by ibo disconsolate
urid inconsolable busbaod?the arqmital of tbe "die- K
honored," wbos< marriage bt d nail been defiled, on tbe
tbe giound tl u sanity, caused by overwhelming grief and
anguish, are all contemptible sircumstanses compared with
Lb is debusing act of coudimation on the part of Sicales, 11
which bas mortiQed and chagrined a boet of friends, wn.t
miw look upon him with utter contempt and deny hun the ^
-ivditlrs ot recognition in the street*. "
Of course be will male no claim i? social position here- '
after, and brazrn as be iB, we doubt If be will agtln at- ^
tempt to asrociate with men of bon tr either in bocibI or A
political life He bas forfeited tbe regard of those who "
e coa by b.m in bis darkwt bours, and s Bense of pro- 0
prlety should Induce him to resign his seat In Congress ^
and go into entire obscurity. Bts social friends have "c it A
Iilm dead," and bis political career is Ingioriously ended. H
What a sacrifice be has made for snob a woman! lie bad "
l? tier have been banged, as a majority of tbe pcoplo now *
tbiiik be ought to have been. ',l
[From the Lender.] q
In romtnon rases of matrimonial difference or recoaotlla y
tion, the public voico bas no equitable right to male itself ??
beard. The relationship disturbed or reunited Is one only a
of Ibterest to the parties themselves and their immediate g
families. Fallible as humanity is, both male and female, a
tbis species of dirty linen has very often to be washed; Sj
but no eatibiy reason demands or justifies that It should T
be bung on poles from tbe front parlor and drawing room ?(
winaowi. Let It be cleaned and made up In tbe proper D
privacy of homo, and we warrant that no lnqosltive pub- L
lie will feel anxious about Its final whiteness But when Y
for an alleged wrong against tbe sanctity of bis couch, a J<
husband tskes counsel with a friend what conr'S bo p
should pursue; and wben, being answered that tbeie is 0
but one coursv open to bin as a man >! honor, be makes N
pistol magazines of bis pockets, and rushes out at E
the very moment wben tbe ' destroyer of bis peace" e
ctaniia iiifinht nf Iha >< ???*-J "
? V, ?M? IWI uo uon UCBCCrtlWI; " and p
when, tbua ending the alleged seducer, he produces pistol l?
ttter pistol end Inflicts wouiiu alter wound, as if never to L
bo appeared wltn sufficient ceriilnty of blood; and when, M
having done this, he surrenders himself lotbe law, pro- u
duces a flltby document signed by his wife as justifying a
evidence, and goes before a panel of hie country as the R,
representative defender of marital honor, an example to 5
he followed by ail husbands, and a wirning to be reared .
by all lamperers with female weakness?when this tejrl- V
bie publicity ban been courted, then the public Voice has ?
not only a right, but Is called upjn to m?k? Itself heard. .
ft will be remembered that during tne pendency of p
a certain formal trial for murder had in Washington, f
this paper carefully avoided any direot reference to v
the parties iqofe immediately Involved, the quel- ?
tion of ihUctdents was ruled out by the Court, as
Si pblfil not urrtiuent to me > xisltng issue; and, bowing to I
that declsim. and ta log governed merely by an abstract
oousiceraiiuu oi toe wrong Inflicted on the husband, wo
felt Justified In demanding that toe person ou isial fur wilful
muider should not be ouuvicted of that crime. Tne
g-jes'lon cfautccedmts, It Will be remembered, was discussed
In wL lepers; and, to this present hour, it is ODly
known to Ibn counsel lor the prosecm.on and the judge,
what condition uf past bab ts and associatious cuulu have
been provtd on beliaif of the people against the prisoner,
as tending to illustrate the cttcct which a disclosure of his
wife's infidelity would have been likely to produce on
Hich a mind.
ibe suppression of this important evidence, we believe,
In view ol tne wide publicity given to the trial boin in
this country and Europe, was lor the advantage of our
national character and In the best interests of morality.
The slayer was taken up by the press of England as a
model, though a somewhat truculent one, of delicate marital
srnsinttuy; he became a sort of representative husband
for the I'nlon, and as such owod a duly not only to himself
but to ibe circle of devotod friends who at onoe
pla ed themselves in the attitude of both endorsing and
lauding bin action. Clergymeu prayed for him and gave
bim Bibles; Jurymen look him as their model husband, ?
and being husbands theoaselves declined to serve on the *
ground ot prejudice in mo prisoner b tavur; bruquot* and i "
baskets of fruit wore throwo into bis coll, j use *e they are ; P
thrown at the foot of some enticing op. r* dancer on the ! 8
stage: and one or two bearded men even went so far as to i u
kiss fcim in open court when the verdict or acquittal had i "
been pronounced. 11
But now this representative husband has irifcc us ano- ! *
Ibcrhrron in domestic morals, and bos I oicby tiirown n
fully as much light on hie o vn antecedents as could have *
been daa-ored bad the damning evidence to which i he 0
counsel for the people alluded in opening the cose, been 11
shouted on the house tops instead of having been whispered ?
into the bh.thing oar cf ..n o w>^en;uiao judge. Having
given seducers the lesson of how blind a husband can be
under certain circumstances, and how tesrib y he can
avenge his wrong under others, this model husband now *
proclaims to all wiveu that no matter how abandoned they *
may he In habits, morais, tastes, and practiced; no matter Jj
how publicly and shameiesaiy they court the scorn of d
black mt ina.s and the pimp population of a degraded
n.igbborbood, no matter how they au-cp themselves in b
the infamous hypocrisy and disgrace of receiving a para- r
mour in their husband's very bed; no matter with wnat 1
nfroutery they may be able to write down under n
dictation all the odious details whioh coalil gratify a *
prurient curcsity; no mattor bow clearly tbey tr. jy prove, b
Dy forgetttrg the dead man In a moment and even fawn- b
log on lis slayer, that it was lust ana not love which led *
*i their fall; 1# matter by how many acts and agencies j.'
they aio enabled to repel horn themselves all sympathy, r<
all respect, all decent sentiment, allooieratiou, evoa at the r
hands of tne most tolerant. When all ibcBe matters have *
been proved against them, and arc of icoord, the hussand c
will still lake tocm back to h s bed add ombraco, still A
tsill them by the honored name of wife, and. to the best 11
of his ability, dr.maud for them recognition and ackuosr- 8
ledge meat in the circle of American matrons. b
Such 18 the second raorat lesson given to us by tb's new *
expounder of the pocial code, and we commend it t? the b
attention of all those who took interest in tnc trial before v
this last developemcnt was made, whicb threw*,-we con- 1
'(Ps, a strangely suspicious light ovor the whole traosac P
tfotl '
[From the Ilia patch.] *
The reported reconciliation between the Hon. Danio'. E. ?
Slcklts and his wife uaa been tha subject of varied cwm ment
by the pi ess and people during too p ist wool;. His ''
wannest personal and political triends bitterly denounce 1
bis course. We are assured oy ihoso who ought to be *
.veil Informed on tho subject, that tne recent action of (c
Xr. a Okies Will bring out a sequel to tho Washington J.
tragedy, which will put on entirely new face on this on 1
fortunate till'oir. We must confess that then is much that c
to us is merely unaccountable. If there were?as it has r
been hirted?other actors in this life drama?who bare so v
far been k< pv out of view?It may servo the cause of Ira- ?
; a'tial Justice to now bring them to th? bar of public
opinion. We Co not know that Mr. 8ick,os has oifered 1
my ixcusr to bis Irienrts for the course ho has lakeu.
Ihe comments of the press will, however, undoubtedly t
call for icmc explanation a' bis hands.
[from tho Sunday Courier.]
The theory was started during the Sickles' trial that '
there existet upon the part of Sickles and his wile a mo- J
tivc lor ti e deathcr Philip Qaitou Key. That thiu motive J
wig Bo -'.rntg that the wife contented to abide the odium *
tf a conli rsion of guilty intimacy Witn uim,and the has c
lanu the nsk ofa trial for nis murder And Una theory, 1
,t Is insisted upon by thcae who prmulgated it, is strength '
ened by Ihe reunion of the couple. '
Horrible as tbo suppes Men Is, It flnds many believers. !
The tnr'.bto act of vengeance that deprived Key of his 1
lite, placed Pickles la a most trying position, requiring J
great n* rve and determination on hm yart to overcome 1
the Miter'eis of feeling engendered by it in tho munis of "
a Inrpc and It lluentlal port on rf theonmrauulty. Sickles, !
throughout bis trial, and subsequent to It, had many '
iowtiiui Iruuds, who sustained niou manfu'ly and oju '
?apt ously, and he was deeply indebted to them tor their
ecunu nance and support. 1
Kejcci'rg Ihe theory that the Washington tragedy was 1
tbo result ofa plot between Sickles and his wife as rosurd, '
how can the resumed marital relations bo viewed? '
Wo have becD told that uegovations were In progress
for n legal separation between the I'lrnoa, wUich were J
broken oif owing to tbo extravagance of tho domand J
made by Mrs. Sickles for bor maiutmuauoo; Urn a 1
llUunry lady interested herself In arrangiog the -muter I
' SHtis aetorily, and tuat tne ooly method left io settio tho
dilllrultj wirn ro forget the past and reunite their fortune*.
In this arrungemtnl Mrs. Sickles w.is largely the gainer. 1
Sickioe w?a surrounded by friends, u.ion whoso good
opinion be was dependent. They must bo, ant have
been, sacrificed; Iiih political aspiration*, his career in ,
1 ufe, once so full of oucouraglng orlgnlooss, acrt his bu\ii
tosc picsrects, have all oceu blasted by ibis act: for tho f
' world, alwayn ready to pace the worst construction on I
I any deed the in,dive of whicn it cannot understand, will ,
brand lnm lor it as MM void of honor ami moral courage
i Mlcheltt, ou the contrary, would declaio tnat tt was tho |'
greatest sacrlilce to lovo that was ever made; and in tbo I
following paMuqirs iroin one of bis works Uiu husband c.ao ,
ilm enlace lor the los* b he bus siiutnuiod by his most roinailiable
outrage upon public rpiolon.? ,
" Have pity on bor?be kioo and guutle to her! Appro- !
elate her aitiiatiun, care ill' Iter, re vtmirs ?er. Is't tier ' I
i utow that yon are not her enemy, oti tUo contrary, a
nie?t Ocvoted irl'-nil, entirely al uer nervine. [in dlacn t, |
bill of laot, r.tuieraundlng an: leapieciiog hor sltur'iou; |
nd lUCouruge her pr 'he atin/*',. ! i
" Tell ber thi*;?
" 1 am tbin> ?I ?ru a pari of Ibee. I euffier in thee,
'ake me m toy mother and u>y parse. Oontiie wnouy la
no. tcou an my wife and mv cniM alao."
The Pien'b * iter la pot quiie ?o fa'tldlou* aa our pub
!c It i* Irt o very ,y?*nx je <>(>ie weep over the mledeu'lH
f Mr* liaour. and I org 10 witu< ? ber recoocilialtoo nib
be n.)?<eriou* and br?aen vu'ori Sb-anaer, but tbej
Oerally outlive tbe reuliuieu'alom that exciiee 'hair
vppnlbteR In bebafof lb? guilty w>fe ami will view wllb
iirguat tee laat *rt?tbr lart, we tru*t, a* tar aa the pub
ic are concerned?it tbe Bicbta drapa.
|FroB tbe Sunday Mercury ]
In tbe claraic day* of Rogii?lt literature?tho days of
haiapere, Pen JobDaan an > Sprnrrr.aDd tbe later times
>f Mil Mm, Pry fen, Add iron. Pope el oin?epubammiuniH
gutert txorp'cui u*ly u'rotg the " fugitive pluc*" u( tbe
* n* of Boig. No !> ice and brldegtoyn of dlet'outloa
rtre aofl'rreo to mount tbe ruptuti bed without a lift from
be nauM* N'ow a nays, bowuver, the vereitt tng virgin*
re lamentab'y inetlrient to roonubiai b'ts*, and aeeimn
ondeeet na to raroi at a wednrng Tbm m wtoog. Happy
veil*, toii'blin' (.' in poe'rv, be- omn like ttlrg caged in
mbei, ' * beauty ana a ji < lor ever " I am decuertly
n iavr>? of 10 etDbaimug t - re delightful coup nigs of
rant to i?e the (nriom of , m?-tal>ziug luch events by
P'tbilini'iia-Hrevived,*L'I ml' the visortlou of the f vllow
tg by way of id " <n'ei",n? wedge." It roh noi refer ?o
bridal exactly, but to the re union of two devoted bcirU
Iter i separation of rome months. 1 bope you will hive
i?i objection to publiib it. u the parties concerned?bride
>otni, bride am- bard? bave been dead (don't kunw how
nany years, and rolling to It applies, or at bast is nmded
to apply, to my livlug person or persons. At the
ime it wa* written?so I bave heard my grandfather aay
-it was thought very graphic, spirited ana appropriate.
ciik'I'Hsta.nckm uvkk mum Mcniuot ok hum had any
lall! matchless pair. United once again
i new Into bliss forget your bygone pain.
Ian ! turtle doves, returning to a neat
eflled, yet near?(ictorminca to be bleat!
'bat though the world may say, "Wild bands all red,
on bride groom steals to a dishonored bed I"
r.d friends, estranged, exclaim on every side:
Behold I Adultery couched with Homicide !"
'bat though (Id dreams) a bleeding ipoctre Mings
our currams backward, like a demon s wings,
nd howls, exulutg, as entranced ycu no
eceath the glare of its sardonic eye:
Live on?live on ! each other's proper hell;
one but yourselves could dsmn yoursolv- u eo well!"
'bat though the daily prints, 0 precious pair,
lake your shame public?1'-general as one air "
ibat thougn your neighbors, shrinking, pass you by,
nd, quoting Hamlet, call your home a -'sty."
'hat though in every pot bouse In ibe land
our names are by words?cars no: for bomg banned.
Love rules" you know, "the camp, theoourt, the grove,"
nd love being heaven, your heaven, of course, le love,
mile, gentle bride, upon the public scorn,
nd cower not bridegroom, but "exalt your horn."
port once again the orange blossoms brignt,
bough drops of crimson sum tbeir modest white;
alder and piece the broken marriage ring,
t spite the abamethat to each tragment cling;
oik arms?the arm that clasped a lover's bead,
'lib that same arm (bat laid the lover dead;
aw lips?the pair that toyed In lawless base,
rets on hie lips who murder did lor this,
gle earh other?there s no sort of risk?
either have optics like the basilisk:
Ise when your glances met?no matter where?
ach should bave sunk beneath the other's stare,
lay lovers?pretty sport?be gay and free,
;nore the yedow bugbear, jealousy,
augh at the fools of husbands who, per'oroe,
ust, when dishonored, tue for s divorce,
not iLtngue the mother of Eclat,
nd murder much more popular than iawV
>odd tbe red purchase of vour love rcnursed?
our escond bridal sweeter than the first,?
loud your soft dalliance, thrum the thought away, 1
<l]oum reflection to some far off oay. !
rom Nemesis to Cupid fomliy turn,
ud sneer at cunrcienco while the passions hum;
:ut when decree t, sapless, wrinkled, gray?
a the grim twihght ot your closing day?
(ben Death you can't avoid or circumvent,
hen clasp your shaking fingers and repeDtl
from the Wasblt gton correspondence ot the Philadelphia
Press, July 14.]
All doubts have hren removed by the article In the New
fork Timer of last evening, as to the reconciliation of Mr.
inn Mrs. Sickles. You witl excuse me 1 am sure, if in Comnou
with otbeia I venture to express my own opinion in
egara to this occuncnce, and 1 ask ike pttllisgs of doing
:o, inasmuch as your readers will remember .uat I bavc
imittcd no opportunity to do justice to Mr. sickles himself
n his recent great trouble. He bad a perfect right to take
lis wife back to ? borom It was his own act, and I am
old be justlfleo It by the declaration that be ought not to
>e called to account for It. But those woo stood by him
lave a'so a right to rclu ve themscivi-s irom we respousiJiliiy
of bis actioo. In this community -ne Lamented Key
isd many worm sr.d devoted friends. Knowing him. as
Hd, intimately and weil, it was to me a source or deep re,ret
that his life should bave been sacrificed. An acoomilifthA'H
fffmJwriiin a tirrt liwccr a atviwl ttnrl atri.
ere friend, it was an extraordinary evidence of the popu?r
feeing In favor of Mr. Sickles, that in tne very city
rhere Mr. Key bad resided all the active years of his
ife, ana where bis supporters were most cntluwistic,
the blow that struck him to the earth should havo
*en forgiven hy a jury and applauded by the people,
lence, in everything that bus appeared iu my correspondnce
(and I am happy to say 111 everything that has ap
eared In TV Prest), pains were taken to avoid the
lightest remark tbut could be regarded as a reflection
pen Philip Burton Key. It did not become mo during
ae trial to discuss the point-whether or not Mrs. Sickles
lduoed and accepted Mr. Key's attentions?whether she
as more bis victim than be was hers?and however
inch a different feeling may be Inspired by the reooac.lilion
between herself and her husband on the pan of
Ibers, at the present time I am not disposed to discuss
lis ooualdt ration under the new aspect or the question,
be motive which controlled much ot the feeling in favor
ir. Sickles, grew out of tea fact Mr. Key hud accepted
le hospitalities of Mr Siokles, and that while enjoying
icse hospitalities, together with the contldence of
Ir. Sickles, had beWayod bis honor, and this
-an regarded by all gentlemen as a crime
ever to be expiated or forgiven. But It is impossible to
eny that tbc case baa assumed new importance Oil Mount
of this reconciliation. It was made a public matter
y the political position of the parties and their local oonections,
and vou may be well assured that It will oon
nue to bo maoe a public matter, especially in this comlunity.
All the feeling for poor Key has Dnen revived,
il the grief suppressed by the verdict in favor of Mr.
ickles bus been called forth anew by the forgiveness ex
?nded by Mr. rick ice to his wife, and Heaven knows
ihere it will end If Mrs. Sickk-8 was herself guilty be
ire tbo death of Koy she is guilty still, and if sne can bo
irgiven uow Key ought to have been forgiven in Februay.
It will be a long time before another such acquittal
rill uke place as that awarded by the late jury in this
ase. It will be a long time before an American court and
.merlcan citizens will again allow themselves to be contolled
by a one sided statement to applaud the blow that
ends a fellow creature into eternity with all his sins upon
is beat). Believe mo that I am not complaining that
Ir. Slcklea should havo taken his wife back to hi;
oscm. In the spirit of Christian charity this
.as probably well enough, and, however much
be taste of the thing may be questioned, I can only roret,
or tbc sake of Mr Kc-y, that be had not mootns ago
greed to forgive bis wife, and to spare a human life,
mich under the circumstances, as now developed,
ugbt to have been spared. Those who stood by Mr.
Ickles tn Washington (and they number some of our
rat. ntlzcnf) wore In no smglo instance the enemies of
Ir Key, and never allowed themselves to indulge iu aaaults
upon the character of the deceased. They havo
into placed in a most peculiar position by the recooctlla
icn, and fee) extremely sensitive in regard to it, and I
hink I express pretty nearly their feelings in tho renhtVa
T hnro marlp Of r/tiir-.* ?hnr opn nnnnfffntlv rt%.
nindcd by those who took the other side of the c 'ntro
erfy that they did wrong in t iking their stand; and in a
ouic'unity like this, where the tr?gedy and the trial
>oth took pl?ce, you may conceive what sort of disputes
nis condition of public opinion giv< s rise to. Ail I can
ay in conclusion Is, that I hope no further trouble will
;row out of this affair.
[From tho Chicago Times.]
&1K. AND MBS. 8ICKI.Kt>.
Tho fact that ha;-just been made l.'owo throughout the
eogth tiud breadth of the land, of the reunion of Mi anJ
i1ie SUkles in marital relations, is made tho subject of
nucb sevcie comment in many of the newspapers. We
md hoped that, the public attention would never again he
ailed to this case The country had a surfeit of scandal
nihllo it was leg.innately before the eyes of the people,
is for ourselves, we long before the trial of Mr. Sickles
it Washington do- ed, acquired an indifference to the do
alls as brought out; and we doubt not that nearly everyxuly
else did the same. Tb? manner In which tho MM
ssr conducted was scarcely :o*B disgusting than the c.aso
irrlf waf revoit'Dg And now wo havo al. tho fart, and
urontmdKtccs ol libidinous scqualntancesblps, harrowing
umplclOES, homicide, an 100 forth, brought up fresh to minu
>y the trsnsp'rlng c*still another iact. We will an cnarac>
rice the living together again of Mr. and Mrs Sickles In
t rnis of harsh denunciation. This no one, not lmmedl
iteiy intrrested, has a right to do. And besides, we arc
w?t clear but that It is the best course the unfortunate (to
iso no stronger expresrlon) coupls could take It is car
istnly what we have alwam expected would occur. At all
iver.ts. its nobody's business nut their own. We regret,
boreinrn, the din position mauiteeteil by a large portion of
.he pn-ss, to deal sarcasm sn the head of Mr. Si e. a lea for
his act It is bettor for the public morula that he, and
larticularly his wife, be let alone.
Tbe ocean sweepstakes (/the New York Yacht Club,
shich wns to take place on the 20th inst. round the light
ihtp off Capo May, has been abandoned in consequence of
hero not being a fiifliclent number of entries to make the
ace Interesting, Somo did. not liks to risk such a rougb
mil, some did not like tho oourse, and somo deferred euterlng
so late that it was supposed thoy could not Intend to
The annual rendezvous of the Club squadron Is flxet for
Whltcstone, on Saturday, August 6, at four P M Thenoo
the squadron will proceed to Ertgartown and llartht's
Vineyard, where they meet August 18. Tbcy wiU proba
bly touch at Newport, auU jiossihiy haro a aril In the
BSD AY, JULY 19, 1859.
Ancther Great Battle Expected
in Italy.
Two Hundred Thousand Austrians in
Line on the Adige.
Defeat of the Austrians
by Garibaldi.
Austria Asks Germany to Send a Fe
deral Army into the Tyrol.
Progress of the Revolution in
the Papal States.
Excommunication of Revolutionists and Conspirators
by the Pope.
The Prussian Army Movement
Towards the Rhine.
| Anxiety of the Prince Regent for
Military Fame.
! Important Debate in the British
t Lord Lyndhnrst's Speech on England's
Defences and French Invasion,
Ac., Ac., Ac.
f The screw steamship City of Washington, Captain
i Petrle, which left I'verpool at two o'ciock In the afternoon
on WedLesday, the Otb of July, anc Queenmown.
Ireland, next day (7th Inst.), arrived at this port at 6.16
P. 11. yesterday.
Her advices are one day later than the news telegraphed
I from Farther Pont after the arrival of the Indian, and
published in the Hk&ald yesterday moraine.
We, have also ftiea dated at London on the 6th and at
Cork cn the 7th instant.
The war tews is not very Important
A gieat battle was expected on the Adtge.
Aocooa bad been dec'ared in a state of siege,
j an address to King Victor Emmanuel had been signed
by 306 dlgnlUrles and functionar.es among the clergy in
I lh? n'ovinr. nf Mllm whn ..... ....... ?._.?
1 Concordat and adop; ibe legislation of Piedmont.
I Ibe Berlin correspondent of the Loudon 7urws giro* an
; outline of ibe peace propositions of Prussia, which seems
' a'so to be known In France, as the main f> atures are
' adverted to by tb? Paris correspondent of tbe London Ad
I vertiser, who says King I^opold is desirous of proposing to
I the diplomacy of Europe that Venetia most be a eepvate
1 independent State. The erection of Venice into a separate
! kingdom be deems advisable; be even proposes to effect
i this settlement with the consent of Austria, which he en
gages to ohta n if tbe crown be bestowed upon tbe Austrian
Archduke 11 dctmillian, brother to the Emperor of Airstria,
and tbe bu^bsnd of King Leopold's daughter, tbe Princess
The London lYmr* correspondent says of tbe Prince of
Prussia that, although he has never givon proof of stategic
ability, be is nevertheless impressed with the idea, so
prevalent among crowned beads, of beiug a great cmptn'n,
and bis utmost ambition is to command as a general, suuo I
the army of the Germanic Confederalion.
The Ixxidon l'u*t believos it is corroct in contradicting
Its Windsor correspondent, who bad said that tho Qoeoa
will not viiit Scotland this year; but bcr Mujosty.ltis
thought, will not spend more than a week at Balmoral, as
a visit to Ireland is talked of.
It was reported that tho British mail steamers had been
requested to prepare to carry an armament.
lord HcDley has been rcturnod for Northampton withI
out opposition.
I Owing to the great pressure of goods for shipment to
the United States, the Hamburg American Packet Company
have resolved to send out a reserve steamer, in
order to furnish the Import trade the additional facilities
required at tills period. The steamship Tentonia will consequently
leave Hamburg on the 16tb of July, the flam
mon'.a an an extra boat on the 23d of July, and the
Saxocla as uiual on the 1st of August, making throe departures
from Hamburg In seventeen days.
Bfides the tenders sent by the Royal Mail Company, a
tender has been sent by Mr. lover for the Australian
mail servire, and the London Daily JVews says there are
ti?o, If cot three, other competitors, one being Sir S.
The overdue Calcutta and China mails and the Bombay
mall of the 4th June had arrived In England. the news
from India is unimportant. The disaffection among the
European troops was subsiding, but the men wcro not
satisfied. The Punjaub was qnict. Many robel loaders of
note bad taken advantage of the amnesty. A force of
rebels under the Nena and other leaders had been defeated
and dispersed at Irdwah Puss.
At Ilocg Kong, May 5, business was dull. Transactions
in tea were stopped by the exorbitant terms demanded
1 Excbengo rather higher.
At Shanghac imports bad much improved. Tea was
it active.
[From the London Poet, July 6.)
by the Piedmontesu troops. That measure has ocen antl
Ctpsted as the next and most natural step to too taken by
the Allies, as tan introduction to those strategical operatic
cs by winch they are destined, we trust, to become ore
; lorg the rr,s?tfrs of tho Quadrilateral The name of the
| fortrrss st the southern extremity of the I ago dl Gavda
! niay not bo so familiar to our readers as the names nf
i many other spots celebrated in Italian warfare; yet It is
I connected with the most spirit stirring associations of meI
d'lvval aDd modern history, and a chronicle of its successive
sieges would be found to retlrct very curiously both
the spirit engendered by the native factions and the con
diets arlsirg Irom the foreign Invasions of Northern Italy.
It will be Int-rssting to persons with ShakRperlan tastes
and sympathies to learn that lVschlera Brat flcurcs in me
(li.wal bisory as a stronghold of the M intoccbi?our old
Sbaksperian Jrlemls the Motitrgncs In t oe days when the
Capciettl and the Montecctu, when old Capulet and Montague
Wade Veton?'s ancient HMzena
Tail by their grave beseeming ornaments.
To sie'd old partisans, tu hru Is ?a eld.
Cat ker'd with peace, to part their canker'd bats.
Pescbicra played nn Important part iu the struggles of th
riyai i?otloirs. Die Monterchl held Penchtera and Girds
uhoi. Kzzelmo de Romano was driven by Axso of fisto
fron Verona, rhey snataiued two sieges, and at the c'os?
of the sccoed were com.ielied to witness too destruction
of boib town and for ress. But the great Veronese tamt
ly, Dells dca'a?the Sc iltgrrs?rebuilt the fortress; and the
Venetians, into whose possession it pasred, added very
oonstderahlc outworks When the republic of Venice
mode i-oace with Francesco sforza in 1441, tt retained,
o.ong with Bergamo, Brescia, Lotnaro, and Riva d'
Trentc, also l'cse.hiera and tho neighboring district.
Iu 16(9 It was within the walls of Pesohlsra that
Ibe ?r, en of tho Venetian army, led by Pitlgliano, beaten
at Agnai'ol'o, was enabled to take refuge. But Count Pitltliaro
bhnrtly attorwards withdrew to Verona, leaving but
at tmlgmfl-ant rorce to occupy Pcsch'era. It then leiinto
tbc hands of the French, but was transferred by
1 oulr XII to the Duke of Mantua as a componsatioti for
hi? iiVac* in the war. French t? xrps, however, w?j|t con
i'nrea te occupy the forlr. ee until the yee 161V when the
"I. i ' mm-'niler. R?ihjondo dl Cantons, o-mpe'lod
to r, ? truer. Hut us i" > Fm,ieror ? xi'c i?n
I -evee'tic r?l?ieot -re hit ? ' ?' is to till mot?.
1'is n:< ru. as well as Van- 'grin -'.tt-vd
-m d: nl? f
The Venetian Senate resolved greatly to Increase the
strength of the piace Imptrtint fortiOre ihns were ac
cordiogly erected >u 1515 sod th<- years Immediately foi
lowing, of whtcb the plans were furbiah<d ny a greal
master oI fortification in that age, Gnldn Baldo del la It >
vers, and of which the execution was entrusted to the
Duke of ('rhino Fro in lb lr per'oo. loo, the Venetians
In whore possession P?tch.era remit bed till the outbreak
of the 1-retch revolution, always kept a smu'l flotilla in
tre Ptschiera haroor. bv "hrb they oomtnaonol the
whole lego dl Oardi and the roads icadltg to V?
rona. When VYaxe ceded tbr lortresa to he sua
trlane in 119(1, at the outbreak of toe war, the
clarion was declared by Napoleon lo b- a vl>la
tmn of neutrality on tbeir part. It uxi not, Uuw
ever, remain long In toe band* of ih? Aunlrians,
lor Beaulieu gave it up at once after the batl'e of Led I
Instead of, as bis duty required, bolcing it to the last
Napeieou lost no lime lu placing Pesdhtera u au till., era
slate ot Crimea Wltn a strot K g.irmnn nmini,. rud bj
Geteral rbaaae oup, ami ibus cutting ntt the comtnuciirw
lion brtwren Mailua aou the road to be Tyrol, as ?-il a
lo the Lago di Garda The evila atieodaut upon the Ion
of Peacbirra were fell by Beaui'eo's sucooeor, furiheer
wb?n be again assumed tbe oflrnaive Tory w-re atil
nioretov>"eiy fe t when b? weeeeeapehad (pew s?
treat saints tbe midiki. Go tbe 6tb of April, 1799 l\*
clue a once more leil it to tbe hauua or the aineu K?nd a
auc aue'rian troops, but on lie 6t-j of January, hut
was incorporated wito toe Cisalpine reptinitc, and on
tinued till 1514 to he ihe ohiect of Ibe tame Care that am
n? stowed nil >ii other p acee of aoy strategical mv^rtan \
lo the kingdom of Italy
Pt-vcbitva, wbicb from the ilmn that tbe whole Uim iii
do Venetian territory became subject to -tu?'ri?, h?u o?c
Hie object of no lee* unceasing tate t>o >be part or lb
turn-urn government, naturally present'd Itself in 1848 t
K rg Charles Albert, ut at prefect to Oia coo ant) tbe Km
peror Napoleon, it* tbe brat corner from whicn tbe Quad
rliatrral inuft be a? failed. He accorolngiy invested la
torliese in tbe beginning of April; and on lhel3,b of April
alter IB uoaucccffful ailemptto arrange tbe term* til
capitulation tbe iiriog brgau U led, botrever, to do ioj
mrotste resuita klom 'bib Hay it wax heavily caaona
ued.lke siege being then prosecuted by tbe great body o
tktrMMMaHimf. In ice nlgnt of the 17th Way th
gurrbou made a desperate sally, attack ng tbe Picamon
it te camp, ueatroy ing mauy of the implement* for theS'Cgi
tpiking eight cannot, and at leugtb rututuiug to tbe turl
itH Tb ccooonading waa, botrever dauy continued
and, en the vfllh May, Prctnera was again formally bum
mi ben to surrender Tbe eommander reqneeten a acta'
of lour nnu twenty bourv before giving h.e answer, an
tbe turtber pertnlseion to seno an officer to Verona. Tn
last request Was retuaed, but an a* una lice was grauletl, V
expue at two o'clock on the afternoon of tee 27ch. A
every hope o* tbe place being relieved, or receiving fresi
supplies of provisions, w*t quite abandoned, tbe Austrian*
were regular' arved out, capituiuted at eleven o'cioci
atLigbtont tb May. At noon on tbe following caj
tbe Austrian t?ir)8on, reduced to one iDouxaud seven bun
dred men, marched out or toe fort reel by tie Bree.-t* gate
In accordance with the terms of tbe capitulation, thoL
Arms, with wbicb tbey marched out of I'eaobicra
were laid down on the share of the lake tn the pre
sence ot tbe Duke of Genoa?tbe officers alone reunmui
their swords?and tbe whole body tuej marched to Anco
d?, from which port toey were 'o el >a i for Croatia, fn
Pitdmonieae uoope lound in tbe fortress large gt-ires ?
arms and ammunition, a hundred cannon, a prooigiou
quantity ot cannon bails, bombs, and mo'tars of ever;
caubre, but scarcely any provisions. Almost all the aorve
bad been devoured. Saltpetre bad been used as a subat.
lute for salt.
YY ben Charles Albert was ere long overtaken by r<
veraea. and Kadetray, at tbo head of bis victorious troopi
re entered Milan, IV sublet a or course shared toe vary in
fortunes of war. It was evacuated by tbe Piedmonieae o
tbe 14th of August, 1848, and, moat amply provisioned, re
stored to its former masters, luueed, id addmon to tn
?? 1....A I.M i r. t>...
cmera at the time of ita surrender, tney touud on tneir rc
turn tlgbty cannon belonging to Mitt f leoatuniese.
We cave already bad occasion to remark tbat th
strategical position of lue Allies and toe An trims close 1
resemoled mat of Charles Albert and K&deteky in lb
| April ot 1Mb There is a vast dittereuce, however, b<
I tweet the eltects of lUe siege of Peschiera on toe cau
I paiyn of 1648 and tboee likt.y to how from the fact 01 ll
being now invested by the Pledmuntese. The woolefort
at the command or Charles Albeit was so email that t
could not attach from it a body of troupe to be emoloyt
solely 111 siege 011 ralionB without hopelessly cnpp> ng t
bis other movements and materially interfering witn tl
p an o( the campaign On the aame day oo whiun he w<
the battle of t.oito be received the news of the. ta I of Pi
Cbiera, and b'B troops, flushed by lb>s double tr ump
saluted hltn on the battle fie !d King of LomDtray. Yet il
siege of Pee nirra, by the delay which it occasioned, hi
been in reality a great disaster. Widely d.fiereut are U
P'ospeels of the Allied Sovereigns now. We aredest ned,
all ilkeliprod, to behold far greater changes elf cted
sieje opt ration by the new arUflsry ol theFreucb cmp
ror lb n any yet produced na the u atie field; ana in ti
begt intTiB'b ot humanity and peace ll were lar oeil
tint one sharp, short struggle should decide ai once tl
Austrian lecuro cf Northern Italy, than that inure shou
be protracted u rough a series oi years me auumpt
mainiain .lie detested role of a foreign lord. The r. a- ji
cUFummary uhich we have just given^if tbu fate at
fortunes of the very place now mveatea ny the army i
King Victor Emanuel?the chvckerud story of Peacuiei
Itself, with its traditiouNof mr x'tm feuds, of Freoch au
Teutonic rivalries, Venetian dominion, Napoleonic Mi
quests, and hnally Austrian rule, the reproduction, as
{ were, in miniature ot tbe sad story of Italian subjeotioncan
scarcely fan to point tbe morai that it were tar bate
to,leave these Italian strorgboldt as tbe proper safegurd* t
Italian independence than to leave tbem as the stakes in
stib recurring game or foreign aggression and nations
Tbe Paris MmiUui of July 4 published the full reporti
of tbe fcvtral commanders at too battle of Solferiuo Tbi
number and length of thoe documents preclude oui
giving tbem 10 day. The first is follows:?
kb'okt ok the M-vrsil4l OlKMAAblKU in chirk the nationa
Cav Riana, June 26,1859.
Fire?On the 24tb ot Juno the Imperial c.uaru wat en
camped, tbe two divisions of infantry at Montecntaro, to
eight batteries of artillery and the division of cayajy a
Your Majesty ordered It to set out from those two pos
tiers and repair to Cattigiione.
The infantry started irom Mootechiaro at fivo in tb
morning; the crll-.try left f'astenedolo at the same bout
and rejoined tbe lett of tbe two infantry divisions at M >c
tccbiaro about a quarter to seven o'clock
Tbe csva'ry division was not to start till nine in tb
morn'ng frem Castunedolo, and march freely, so as t
spare the horseB.
Atciui six in tbe morning a well snpi>or'.ed fire of artil
Iery was opened against the enemy, woo bk. taken on
position beyond Castigiione, and bad resolved on comio,
to an ( Ogagi ment.
Your Majesty then ordered the Guard to hasten it
movement The order was instantly transmitted to tn
Cavalry to set out before tbe hour appointed; by e'go
tbe mco were aule to mount, ano about bait pan nine the;
arrived on tbe place ol combat, wotre tdey were placw
i ndtr the orders ol Marshal McMabou, accorulbg tu you
Majesty s command.
The two lDfantry divisions of the Guard had ad vine
from Oaat'gliobe aioog tbe road of Guiddizzoto; Out youi
Majesty having judged ibal the decisive point ot thi
battle was the carrying of tne position of Joifer.no, vigo
rousiy oeteuced by the enemy, g?ve orders for tbeGuari
to Ctlleet to tbe left, no as to tlud itself lu a position t
support the attack of Marshal Paraguay d'Hiliters upoi
The uivision ot Voltlgcurs, commanded by Gen?rii
Camcu, was placed in tu.e, deployed Debinl tn? Fir*
corps, and, at five hundred mitres behind, Melhoet'
div;*irti was formed in double column, with an iniervr
Forey 's division having sustained sensible loss in a
| larking the position Del Monte, Manequc's brigade, e n
I ssi.ng of Foot Chasseurs of tbe Guard, of the First aa
1 tona Votiseurs, was brought up to tie a?< stance am
earned tbcte pos-ilocs to the cry of "Vive rSmpereur.
At Uie same moment. two battalions of the Second Volt
geurB.sent igtinst the tower and convent of Solfenac
carried them wiih remarkable spirit
There battalions then occue od the ridges of the poe
tion Del Monte, and were snpuorted there by the Dorst
artillery of tbe Guard, wno came and l'oroied th-msi lv?
into a lottery ob tbo Ctvriana high toML The ece.n
Soon attempted to regaio this important post'iou, and 'h
small number of troops on this poiut would not bav
enabled it to be preaeived hvi not yrur Majesty, takin
things into accurate account irrmeoidimy ?>ni orders t
the grenadier divirion. comm. -riced by Ger?rat U dntei
to support the batteries of too Guard atd Manequd'
brgsoo Tb;s order, promptly executed bv ooneral Me
libet, enabled Maneque's brigade ana too artibory of to
Guard rot only to preserve the position moment aril
threatened, but ?iso to gam ground in advance, by succci
slvely carrying lie enemy s positions.
Mancqub's br'gade advanced in this way to with n som
distance of Cat nana, aii important position, surrouodo
with Old to< liticalions, w bare the one Dry could renew i
i tbe town and castle the long resistance bo bad o lie red
[ Solferino
j Your Msjtsty sent orders to the ai tillrry of the Guar
Id p'ay upon th.s position. and to Maucque's b- ga le t
I take it. This oroer was executed wnh vigor and uiteh
genre under tt? ryes of your M.ijetdy
Ti t vtl.sge or Cuvriana had jual been carried about flv
o'clock id the evening, * in n a vioknt etortu burst font
ai d euspended the operations (or an lufiaul. But u
to ner haditccsrid tban tlie voll'geurs of the Guar
rtvcmmenied the work tbiy bad h>guu, an I drov
the itimj from the heights overlooking the vi"ag-'
where jour Majcstj'? beaiquarUrs were to be esubiiah
eo, and so terminated the day.
Vni.t cpie s brigade has taken one flag, some prlsoneri
and 18 phccs of cannon from the Auetr i ua
During the whole of this afleir the artillery or IheGuarr
dittrgule hed Itself by the prejision of ? dec "J1 ""
successive choice of us pisittoue Wn-.everIt ha, n
play against the tnctny'8 batteries I', sllencsl their Urc It
a short time. . ? ,
The cavalry, commanded by General Morris, as sonc a
It rrnrhtri the tlc'd of batre, nod according to your Ma
irslj h command, -as placed under the command of Mar
rbat Mctlalion, who was rpcrn'ing on Hat greund, wber
in certain cases an opportunity could be found for It
dom* good sc/Vcc. ....
Until the arrival of the corps of General Niel, who wt
to tl'tct a junction with Mareha' HeMotion's left, it ?t
ftnr 'f tcd 'n cor, ring 'no right ot tho Secoud corps, and l
tb s t "d General Morris disposed bis three brgades 01
b, hind the other, and covered them with a line of shai
General Morris waltrd impatiently for ao opportunity h-ifg
I ?i.*\aii> "to act'ou. H present, d .irelf abot
| ' il l ; i' '"v 4 co cn.p of Austrian cavalry having l
I t .uJ he tbtrgc.' '0 'U-t.k v.Ut :v tutsv ch;;?*eurj. Tl
i Aurtriacs, driven back, retir? i ?n th r ,- ' >.. ,4Id< ltJe r
batteries, tbe Ore of which arrested our pursuit.
I have Just shown tte part taken ... ,?r'iMV|,
i batte of Bolferino. There, aa at Magenta, K acted under
the eyes and the direct Impulse <> >uu< , ?n. 1.4ve
1 been yourself able to judge of Uieowi*'' >ui 1 aoao.jto
, crvoit'tiieaa tbty have displayed in ust ox .cut.021 01 your
1 1 shall acquaint your Majesty later with the nanus of
1 the rUlcere who have mo*t particularly disnnguUhed
tbemaulves. and I snail pro, oen then, for rewards.
I am, with toe luOat prufouu) rrboect,
1 Your Wajoetj's, hx,
The Marshal Coramandinsln Tbief me [umeriai Guard.
, P. B ?I o?gbt io point out to your Majesty II. Moi.oglla,
, i Lieutenant ot too Knot cbo<eeiiit, who took to tbe village
I id Solfn 100 four haruea?ed guns, ooinontutled by a Ooiul
net, who sumno rue. to aim us waura.
Marshal Baragusy D'Uiinere, Commander of the First
corps, after irniiotitg ul? uiunmri, ados that "toey
?or? not hhlaint a without ??, tout toe? " Two generals?
" L-. dm'Tun It ?BU Di?u? wete w > nl-'d "danger."islyand
> (itoerkt Forty sligbtiy ; our colom-is?Taxis, Bpu'
court, l'mard and U>rrj?are w.iurdea, alto roor Lioutet
am (.olenitis?Vat* t, Voire Hemar end Sorter.
1 A UeuUKaiii I o m.'', ilucotu, ard tour rh-f it? bi(aii>i"W?
" Kieber, eairr Pi*', At atom and Guulaume are k lied.
' lib c/i *Jt ilr batu i' t?? n .ire wi ubdeu fna UMal cumber oC
iHi- era kil'to ?bd wounded U> tbe Ftrn corps la It34, of
* pr.vales about 4 WO.
0 Marsltal McMab .n describes the ion? of the Second
cot pa as "ublort'ioaiely very limvy; it could out beo>ner
w re ' (itocrai Auger, the cumuian'er of the urt.iery
u of the core#, bad bir arru torn oil at tne buttoning nf the
e rttgafi mi nt by a iam.cn ball, liree Co one is. Douay,
? Laure &n?l Hrrninit. are ki '?1; the total of officers kuleil
{ in 16: wounded, 96; pr.vaiea allied, 1V2; wounded, l,*6d;
notting, 310.
* Ibe I'Dird corbk had 3 officers killed and 13 wounded;
1 primies kilted and wouuued. 240.
" Tbe Kounb corps, under Marrbkl Niel, lost 44 officers
nil 686 private* Killed, '107 offic-rs and 3 417 privates
wounded, 7 officers and 641 men are returned aa missing.
A correspond ni, writing trou. 'tie neat of war in Italy,
9 says?I lave no iwillculwJS yet of ttio ligbnog in the
wing* I uboeialatid, boweve-, tbat all uid their duty
, nubiy. The Saraintao legiment or N.zza CavaUegterl
patti- ul&rly otstirgiinbrd ltreil, and a yjuDg officer, yet
t ccni derabty undtr twenty, won universal ?du>: ation by
ij bt* nia y coolness uuder Ore, and by his presence of
o mtud white suriuutdrd by the enemy, cuttirg hm way
o tornuyb tbim, and |ea> u.g bia men against them witb a
a dt>eb and gal.entry tbat any veteran might envy. Imetu
0 bin Royal Highness Li- uteoant tbe Huge de Chart res It
i, Is raid id one letter 1 have aeeo tbat be merits tbe milit
lory medai, but under present circumstances I should
1 very much question wbnher bia gallant conduct will
moot with reward or even acknowledgment.
[From tbe Louoou Fust, July 5 ]
* Court Wa'ewskt baa, we bope, eettlod tbe controversy
' regarcirg tbe righis and liabilities of Germany In ibo
* Italian war waged betwreo France and Austria. Prince
wuKUHikii UUL mug agi; uuu nnwu ?n*? mftllDl, m a CIT*
cular to tr.e Russian representatives it theGerman Couru,
y iba'. the fedoi ti c-y .i. zumn of Gtrniaoy wu P'liely 4e
* itDtive, both by us laws and in its objects. Totals asser'
Ik 11 Baron Brunt, toe Minister of Naxony, Issued s reals
Which wou'd u.ve beeu tolerable for its argumentalioo of
' s bad case bad it not tomewnat officiously slate t to itsnd
' forward as s rouod robin !r?m the German governments.
K M. lie Walewski bss now issued a circular to tbe French
" reprtsenutives st sll foreign capitals winch takes op tue
' point in cispnte between M De GortechakofT and k. De
e beust. ar- teive* is a rejo'nder Tbe ch ef me-tt of this
I document is that of showing that any a1:en>?t.vn between
tbr complete separation ct Lombtrrty from the Germanic
Gobtec oration, and Ma come let e inclusion witbin It, would
II be really impossible lather Germany is bound to gut?
rautce the integrity ol tbe extra-German territories of
3 her oan piccts, or tbe Is not. If abe be so bound, men
such territories enter practically into tbe ConfederatioQ;
' because in i me of war, the whole obilgatioo of the Car.
D HL body prime < ?.. rd? its own comia.Deat States ooc\l
sit's id making wai in t'.'.r suppoit and defence. If she
^ Is u .i bound, then L/ mhardy it no more German-than any
oiber ccuDiry is Geiinan Now, no one pretends that
G>rmany is uounrt to enter upon war; and, with tbe
J? obligation, lie right of makibg war, in n federal
bo j like the German, cettea alto This k V De
*' Walewtkl'k a gunieDl. "Neither ber rights nor her in
tetests," nr tars, "treat suite; but in mixing n-r*ef
. up in the coillict me wouiu depart from tbe lice rubric-d
w out fcr her by liretie#." This is pieciee'y what Prince
10 Gorucnakofl pointed out as cooftinittig the uurely de'en
10 o'ter tai.J. M. I> Walt-wtKi mows ibat the principle
10 thin laid oowd in the Russian Chancery cannot b?, inJO
vaoea without going the length of unibng lg>rabardv witn
eT Ite German I'onleoemcy "riucb a doclnue," be says (M
tbaf of IQft JAxon government), "would lead, In (act, lo
' bulbing lets ttniu Ute iucorporat'cn of the dod German
, provinces of Austria iuto tbe federal territory; and in
that rerpact it wcoid be as contrary to tbe intercuts of the
other German Slates a* to toe sp'ru of tbe kuropeuo trea.
tics wtiicb nave rat tie 1 tne c tiduiooaol their existence "
* Indeed, It is clear tbat if Austria were allowed to enter
the Germanic Confederacy in teipentol ber noc-German
1 territories, the rtsn't would be to desuoy ibe uaUoce of
11 Germanic to*' e with b tbe confederacy. Tbe population
~ of the wbole coule-ierscr, exciusisely of A'tstr<a, is bat
"* about tbrty iwo miilioos, wnereas tbe popniation of the
" Aus'riun rnp'ro is about lorty millions We bare soan
a ibat, to exclude Lombardv from a direct share in tbe
J federal aamiMs* ration at Frankfort, aud yet to establish
tbe doctrine tbat Germany, if sbe p eased, would be at
liberty to go to war for tbe sake of Lombard;,
would, yvnd-nfe beli", be a mere quibble ; foe
. LombarSy would gain smi'ar advaaUgee with Hivana
or Wfrtinibeig It Is, therefore, to prer.sfly
this subversion of tbe ba'ance of power be'
twrcn tbe Getmattic States tbat tbe argument of the
' Austrian part; on tbe subject of German obligations
r uude Tb'8 conviction hr.6 beeu so generally entertained
lit Germany dung past years tbat in 1818, >s Count
L Walrwski reminds us, it was formally acknowledged by
fbe Confederation itae f. ''When tbat assembly" (i. e.,
tbe Pitt), says tbe French Funster for Foreign Alfa.rs,
l" "bad to occupy Itself with tbe military organizatiin of
? the Germanic Confederation, the m-miers or the associ*,l
tion wbo have German poseets'oos were ca^ed on to
muke known nominatively such of their provinces as
' tfcty understood should Itkc part in tbe common charges
end obligations Thus, as is proved liy the minutes of
,e tbe aeioers'ions of the 6th of April, 818. Austria, after
'? bavirg enumerated her German terruo-ies, spoke oi tb<?9
1 of I'aly, and dec'ared io posdlve terms that it did not
ciiter into brr vie*? to extendi tha line of dttfencA of ihn
6 Conteotration bsyAod the Alpe.*'
0 lbe object of uus ueeia. .vou w.ib, in a word, to dedne
lie bouLdarn t ot Germany in a military ieuse. ".'ho
qneeticn under discussbn was," continues M. Do Wa*
leweki, " to fix the bare* of'he Germanic military ayg.
15 ten. ibo dispersion possessed all the Imp.iriiuce bclongit
g to a subject eo c'osely connected ? ih the most etsen*
tiai interr*t.s of Germany No voice waa raised to pree
in d that the Lombuioo-Venetian kingdom, nor the Po,
* nor ssy ot i s tributary stream', nor eten the Adige, woro
F i eeeseary to'be st ciirity of toe Confederation; ana It IS
1 pd the Ad* th&', a-cori ng to the proyostiia of Austria,
r irt Diet agreed to place the iroct.er and th.i line of defen jo
ot Gitm-.tiy " This is certainly the ceanst statenaeai of
' the military dcmar-ati'D cf Ueiumoy b> Germany herself
ih?t has ye; been put forwtrd. M De Vilssnti is fally
e ei'tu'ed to the anguage which he boldg, that the opooelte
aigument :s "euucu solely for the wants of present clrcumstatcae."
M de W.iiewtki bar added the testimony of the French
11 government to the authoritative statement which we
. were enaoled 10 make a snort per.od ago, in reference to
" the purely deletimve oti>cte of the Court of Berlin in
mobilizing a Ui go put ct her at my. He oesrrioee the
: me&ture as sitnply one which is calculated to enable the
Prussian goveriiu. nt to ism me teat Influential poeitioa
in any artangetntuis wcich may be;-, niter be entered
into between Frsme a 1 Austria, whicn is due to the
'' rank and trail tiots of one of the great Powers
ot Eutope, and to enable Germany to asaumo a
,, b gh place in ns de'ens-ve military organ izaiou.
. Re are g'ad to tie that France entertains just
ibatvlew cfthe objects ol Pruss-a that ig entertained to
> this tioe of the channel and ib .1 she by no means cxpeileDces
the jealousy of the military deveJopemena ot that
[' dime which was m or- ilme en.u lained among the public
mdivicuiily. y<r u A ife Wal'WrJci less accurate when he
* xf.rrtia hu Mi / Mime yrevaUto >/ European .ym/iUhy
* for the cause whuhlhe French Emperor has under tcA< it to
'' >vppvrt. * hat is hardly lees rtasmring to Germany is
" the recognition of the integri'v of her terrlional rigcts
* which ibis cucuiar makes without reserve; and it is grati"
tying to Europe to perceive that, alter repeated vi ;ory,
,, tee some ilt?i(H to locai.cr the is still exuresred, and
s ibe rume intis one it'.on to trench ctea apon tho Austrian
soil ol Cn.ro.aiy is cousiHently manifested?
[rarma (Junt 2b) Ceirispondiuci of London Times J
Ki truth come to Puma on Sun. ay last, un.i had a long
I tote*\ sew vnib the lTdico. Ho fpu 'itiae a pottuia'-e, Una .
? obewhotoda f oiti HtiLgary and u>? troopa 11 that na.
twi tB Iht AQHtlUI f Vh 0 Jtock#t> to bo pla j e i off
ttb'bfct the out. u> Vit lli *?utje*er it may suit it ? purp
tc. I am at a of* to unit retain: what be can p te* ibly
" >??', euher {r n. the (trecch <.r tte Pie. monteee governoeot!
It he cu> rff < t Utter the revolution of buiigary
or lie ottertlon >n m. c of thi n'ih|tari?t,B, why, ho ta
master ot ibi fit canon attJ mi'lttr rleech tor Pi-dmone
use cab In p h'? 'n ,p* matter, whatever ben- :i a may
' ?, i rue to it.m tn tu the succ-es of hla schemes. It re)
n itidf "te of th?t a!ib>mi?t who Buhaiu-a a reearil from
{ me i >i? eel X'T. lor b.s U'BOovery of the art of turnin;
p fioutf Into god The witty Pope gave him a very, very
' eig toife bay it. i. . luit a ui?rt weo had it in his power to
d.hKo gold only wanted a puree to put it in.
? *"oi nt Oeonr't i r? uia? Lote, la whicti he exp'atni the
i vn >? of the Ssrdh iao govcrrmcnt on the hopes of Italy,
l t ?* la-m i re lowed hv a a.milar document, winch tne Fore
tri Mitig'er of the Ptedmontese kingdom devotes cspoB
* My *o ?he quest oh o* the Duchies
* Tt e text of tt*is tetocd circular, which is dated Turin,
' Jure 1ft, is us fohowv; ?
Menvimr? In my eucnisr of yesterday I Informed you
? -tat It e Ductile* tf Moileiaand Parma,as also Lombardy,
were toscnuitr delivered bom the presence of tho aus*9
t***i trOoi r, tfau tbey proclaimed the fall of the oin govts
i tn tit slid their acm xs on to 'iedmooi, ?hu? rem- nng
to t i uCt if surrender ut the Hhi?e ot Sivoy which tb^f
io three for the fl"*t tltn* eleven yoare ago
p rre excetiticnal ivtlr-u *f 'b e country obliges me to
etter Into a deiaiis on tbi* head with rospeot to lha
o" Kby's trgat'i ua,
it li te e wIdeal that at the beginning of the war Piedmont
p Cfuitit I'Ot have rtcoi 7 *1 toe Lwutralit* of too Duehld",
10 Off* t.td it bceD tyrniall/ prO.'.!."Tvt' In irrt, the 'J '.1.4

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