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[iwrcvrnj m>* vikht paoe.i
w i. - ata. '?? 0, . i?' if hq qw >ioi ?? bo be di>ob?yod
fcw mstruciHiu*.
?Vrt Sumpter is seven tuttee frou O ie?t?n end ii is
>wy pr babui ib?( he comet oomim?teats w:tb the go
vernment.. all cjciuinuuioat.u. having b- >n cut off.
Th? Prothleiit lmc U't \-t J-iermiked what oouree be
will put-teae. it w 1 e ??*t U' Impossible for Ute
gem?out to pre '''Bt i collisjpn. W hen the Governor
of Sooth Oirol rw loarus, as he h?s ere th.s, lliat Major
Anderson his d-ds yed hie instructions, n\ attack will
h? mad. by p ople there to capture the forte.
At tee o'eka'k I*. M. tb" ? AbU.et whs still in session.
The Koveit-uoiit .6 without any oitioial InlcUiguuce of
?l.af has trail spired at Wrta Moultrie ml Suutpler.
rh. .i?t?i'.-.-iou is very general that alt m.'iuis of oorn
?.uMoctiun with the government have beee cut off.
It ? understood that th authorities of Charleston
o.i\> taken ponteaatm of the telegraph !u the absence
ottdlcial uformat am, the government cannot act intolli
sftiiy All tbe nformation tbua far received by the Pre
rut. i t * through th r.l parties.
Washivi "n, Hoc 27, lHtV).
The .uu-ltigcnco thai Mu. <>r Audereou iuul abandoned
and destroyed the chief materia! works of fort Moultrie
was tec. ihI at the seat of government yes
terday forenoon. At first it was discredited,
ainl upon the Hps of every pereou oov inet
on th'e avenue wore th? inquiries. "Has Major
Anderson abandoned fort Moultrie*" "Is Ihc news true
from Charleston Ac.. Ac. An I publio opinion was mil
nettled ipen the point unci the intelligence wis confirm
?<1 by tirrjuh lies received by the g<\ erumenl, the South
aiai"l?i.t Commissioners, and other person?.
The ronfirination of the important intelligence sprawl
grttfc crester rapidity und creased more intense excito
teeic than the publication and circulation of the tintt re
port It was ike topic everywhere, and various were
tho??>enjeotureK a* t?> the cause that led to the event,
??Hi d the Pre-ident ordered the act Pi lake plac" in any
?an'.agency. was one inquiry. A coil upon Mr. Du
eh-inau settled tb.it question in the negative. ''Ihtilthe
Bcwretary of War recommended It?" Inquiry in the pan
per quarter settled this Interrogatory also in th" negative.
"Had Hen. Scott suggested or^stactioned itt" invest ma
lien settled the fact that if t.cn. Scott haul suggested
X. it was the "pinion that the private ad\ ice of an e\pe
noticed soldier was to he acted upon w hen a certain
emergency arose. "Have the South Carolina Commie
?Hntiers connived at the inovomeat for the puriose of
(niM-ipitatiiig the a. lion of the government upon the
mbjoot of th' ir mission Hi s interrogatory was set at
rest peremptorily by a \ isit to the residence oi those
After an interesting interview with one of them we
learned that, so far from the Oommlsvooers apprehend
big any hostile movement of the kind, they were utterly
astounded when the intelligence first reached them Be
fore they left Charleston for the seat of government lliey
bad the authority of the South Carolina delegation in
gbngress for believing that the government had given the
mo-1 solemn assurances that the forts should romaiu as
the- wore, in statu quo ant, HI us. until the Coin
mloners had an interview with the President,
and bad ex planted their views to (V.ngress through the
medium of the Executive I'wler these assurances the
pr.'paiatii ti. which the citizens of Charleston were mak
ing for tin ir ? wn protection against the lire of the forts
were ctsyed. In fad, a mutual agreement was etiterod
ink that uothti g should be done either to "treng'hen the
f rtni atKU-or to capture tbern by the cltiz- iis ponding
11 negotiations bet* en the federal govcrnrncnl and the
when th fact of the, to th-nn. inexplicable conduct of
Hij< r Aiuier-on on Christmas night last was communi
cated to tle-ni to day. tlieir indignation may lie imagined.
They pronounced it unheelbit ngly a breach of fnltli on
the jsirt of tlie government, a violation of the
pladges of (he < dicers on the station, and declared
that the tran-f * of tire tnsipe to Korl 8uinpter was
oondurtid In a surreptitious manner iu defiance'
?.f tl."*.- pled.es. Moreover, they declared that
?nl. ? -the w iiolc afluir were satisfactorily explained, or
She ?et disavowed by the government, their negotiation
?bouhi cease, even before the initiative steps had been
takcu, and that they would return to their homes im
mediately, without making an eflhrt to accomplish any
thit.g of a pacific i h.uracier. Tn addition, th' y Mid that
ntiies- the act were repudiated, as the government of
th<- I nite.1 Mali* had ua timed the responsibility of com
wot'.ng the first overt act against th- sovereignty of
the r state, and that. too. tn d- tianrs of solemn pledges,
lley rettM appeal to Ihe pc ple eg the Booth fearless of
?. Ti?.qiKOCes, and with the rrru?~i thai they would he
sueuii.e.1 tn ahrupily breaking ?? negntiatiuos with a
C 'thW-sa govrnsnewt.
If the act of Ma>'r Auder ? Is disavowed, the Commis
rkvie* w it) remain t" treat With Hie government, al
ahcirh ?t ill smarting under the cowseqiicacea of whatthry
atlcge tn be a wanton breach of faith. If otherwise, thrn
war may he prftiamicd and the worst prepared for.
There aeenia to be no doubt of the fact that troops hare
Utterly been *mnpg ted into Fort Moultrie to rooetderable
i jaitfr' in the garh of laborer*. A party of thirteen
were detected by one of th- Cbarlwlaa vigilante a abort
Itrie ?lore thiol gh the O'Ibiiwhw of one of the number.
? *?re *11 reported ho laborer*, when, by the oonfe*
*k n ot iw ot their own number, they were in reality fe
deral trooye *ent from the North to menace the people of
Hoi*h Osrolitw. Tlte di?roTrry of tht* e rred to etaape
????? the pe. pie of fbarleaton. and it may not be
mi; il>b that acme act muy have been committed by
?lean whii h rendered the midden and unexpected move
Mot ef Mat** dudoretm war ran toil under the lawa of mi
l.tary strati fj. a* well aa of aelf prrwerrallon.
Twa o clerk tin- afternoon wan amtgoed by the 1'renl
?b nt reran interview with the Uommwaitononi, bat tbe
i* irtlttg mi front fbarWetan meantime arriving.
meeting did not occur
<'.<-?H ral lane. fntted Sinter Senator, pronounce* the
r-??*??? nf Mghf Aadereon In hare (tree without au Unity
r.?J u jiutlflaMe, and. furthermore, that be rhrnild lie
luimrtwirly cashiered or d tent treed the rerriee.
M t- | Uiu tube *eeo that while tboee who rympaUtlM
with -<mth Carolina and the aereiwton movement grab
? Ity itnreeei t ?dly i onirntn the proceeding* of M.y >r \n
d*t?m ff " en a ho entertain dlf^rent polttieal new?. en
pcriaily the t opublieaa*. regard hi* cuudnot aa that ot an
<n> I. otic and aagariou* oflteer.
The fottowtng heat* of aeitlwn' ntof dtffiwenee* bet we.-n
Die \ i th and tbe Smith wtfl go before tbe Senate ilwi
mMlae <4 Thirteen to morrow. It i* prajHwrd by Senator
RW', who w on the committee. ant It meet' the approval
of a large number of Senator* and member*. By th*
|.'an the Tarrttorial expruae* ant animyaieee will be
arotried and the elat eTJI nonet ion will he quieted forever,
IVrl ?j the p-opl,- , r I tali will be rcpgpgb <g by Slate K
gi*Utk>:i to abandon my or almndon tbe I nited
f1 ftt^p -mm
Wh? r?n?*, th#* T?rril^fif? of lb* rtiilwl 1*4**, Mt4 Oh*
? i "t>-1. ii' On- <iimia*t<m of te*w Statee into ibnCdm,
t re i -et if r if ,,, i ?>i t?,a ufltalt si iipmt the.j i. -
tl' i of av ? i nd ? heri , it ?? deelrtmle that that
i|Hewt*oo bnold be ' ?re<-wr ntwttwbrd from It h*II of
tiefrofilul i i it ?! i it eeww b*be ? polit at i h
ineat among I i |??i ? t ? I r.
Hem lt?<J II. if ?lt th t rr ? >rr lying n> rth if M d e
la u ti>. ho 1-1 be (?? a I'tei nto thr l"n>.'n aa .1
Mate, ipi n an rqnal footing with tb "rtgtna> tat ?. an I
I ?, .ii|.m ' of R >ln gtan and that a* 1 tbe i ? t ?
^ *? itb ??? . di'ig rtltirr 'h "i|.| aim b- a.tmitt > 1 ?- i
h 'at* i|- na? ? ,iihI t ? ti, ? u itb the origin.i st,?i ?. ant
t* Hed lb Met" t hit ft: mid la e:Kh r .. t ,v
, , b- It'e t id. that whenever any parti .1 of ?? '
I ,1 ? rhall euntam within .n *re? of not lam titan ?txtv
, and *on?r" m l-w one hundred md th r t ? ti t
i ,t t. ?i*it'. m new lb ite may ite (anted ami
? , n <1 Into th-' I t n. with roeh botind*
r. a " Wfr ftp-' mar nr.errlba ltd to nrtv
it*. . ?! *i ne >< tbl* feevvlutbin into etT..-l. alt irta
t . ? j .!?? * Terr torial gorernmebte Itotild be bfMM. to
? nt?t 'be ? and *!?> an .tppt 'pruti.in
t it tbe *?? 1 defray the e*pea*e* of the ponreo
tea. m th. ? ''' btate? Hi>.t thnt Ooogrea* boold pen*idn
' the l?Wtm Hive and j idb-?l etpeti?ee t< tw '? >t t
vh.nf. ' ?!, I IM'*f r I* I r imtt*?r n*.
tn.th i p?dtft ?i alien at., n ? *rr?d tkie rvegingp It
Iwumm>4 la tl.'? ^at'.eu! Hot' !, to tw ?w a ?eae|"tnnlet
wearing * rook . i* huiI .*tu anti' c* .i<.'.iat, the iatter
Ibrtwkming to eat tb? '?>'?? ? of dlmmwo frva? tbe t-wa
. tbe former. The pM regbtrqg Infer rtre- t n i a
i.ht .n. .d.nh nth- ** l">,? v? ? ? "ff?"ll*.th
I arti.-a T, ni-o . . but nana 4> ?? aUJ ' i A hti ;
vaatmed. No aiTfet.
TbeCommitt ?? tf To. tjr-l ?r<Nt Were fe- > v>. thMe
bwn to-day. ? <gag 4 in ??*. 'i.a.dg" Vr. It pfW
?am. Sereral nn ndi.v?tltt were WW) *bl then th.' """
} ? to? wa* v< led a".
Nrvt b, <? hreanv di. \e"><4. ,* p" i- *t "in Ricahieb
b I ? v. t t Itm a it ? -i.it t CVNt<n loy !
j ? ? ,igp t .... .t,:> ftt jii , c t v-tjod T ? ? I
it <?
Waanvton, Dm. 87,1M0.
TIi.- Hoof* Select Com on U tee od the Crisis to-day re
jected Mr. Rust's proposition, which m been tamg under
consideration, by a vole of twelve against fifteen. All
the republicans and Mr. Davis, of Maryland, voted in the
negative, 'lhis proposition was for the extension of the
Missouri compromise line to the Pacific?slavery South of
it to be protected while in a Territorial condition but
btates formed on either side to be admitted into the
Union with or without slavery, as the people may deter
mine. Mr. Barstow offered a proposition to-day. The
proposition of Mr. Nelson is the next in order.
Colonel M> ots auj Captain Donovan, of South Carolina,
and M.yi Waj DC, of Georgia, have resigned their offices
In the army. The last named will accept the post of
Adjutant General of his State.
The l'ost office Department continues to receive re
?ignaitoos of Postmasters in South Carolina, who give as
their reason thai tbey are out of the Union.
The address pro|>. aiiig aCouveut.cn orthc border slave
States at Baltimore, moots with general apiiroval from
the representatives therefrom, and lias already obtained
U'.melons signatures.
The South Carolina Coinuiiseiouors, so fur, have re.
ci'ived no encouMgeiii. nt as to being received In au otH
clal rapacity. The mort) probable report latlii'. their
ease will be submitted to Congress by the President.
They do not apprehend an Immediate Go mutation to their
bi.sine- , ns they havo hired private quarters, with the
privilege of retailing thorn till the 4th of March.
A private circular has been issued for a caucus to mor
row night of ih. conservative members of Congress for
consultation on the attain, "f the I nio i. The imitation
is to members from Kentucky, Tenn.wtv, North Chro
lina. Vliglnui, Maryland, Delaware, Aikau-as, Missouri.
i, Jersey. Pennsylvania, obio, Indiana, Illinois an t
Iowa. '
WinsiWitoi, Dec. 27. lKfiO.
No new reports since niv last despatch. from Cuarle-.
lon have been received here.
This city Is qui. t. and the excitement about the evacu
ation of Port Mouline is subsiding, although the motives
<>f M ijor Anderson are still diseas ed at midnight.
Parlies of Northern merchants arrived here to night -n
rout, for bouth Carolina, will remain her., f.?r the j<r
sent o,i aceount oi the troubles.
OttRLKSmv, Dec. 27, lSfiO.
11,e military havo been ordered out to protect the
maga'/ines and arsenals In this locality. It is reported
that military corps from the interior are e*? i-ou/. here.
I have just had an lub rvi. w with (apt. Poster, now in
veniinand of port Moultrie. He says Major Anderson has
acted upon his own responsibility.
Port Moultrie has not been set on lire.
Capt. Poster is still in command of Port Moultrie, with
a few regulars.
Crarlubtov, Dec. 27,lkflO.
The t'onvintion reassembled this morning.
After prayer the journal was read.
ThcPmwiPKvr announced the reason why yesterday s
ordinance was not printed in tho journal.
Mr. Mtoni mm here moved that the Oonvent ion go into
Ster* t ess ton immediately.
Mr. P? Two ill k tried to get in a resolution declaring
that the Governor of South Carolina be authorized and
requested to take possession of Fort Moultrie, when he
was interrupted by the demand it at the motion to go
int" seel* t "eesion ha>l the precedence.
(kiMWKs, Dec. 27. lNgo
Tie Governor to-day has been tendered the services of
ti.<H" from Gnnrgtri Alabama and different portions of
Carolina and main companies may be here to mono*.
BtlTtSoRi, lie.-, 27. lsllO
TIi" abandonment and reported burning of Port Moultrie
cri.iieil ir tense excitement here to-day, and pnralyz-d
business Throng*of people crowded the new - niait- till
a late hour in the mglit. Very many approve of the
cour-e pursued in abandoning the fort, whilst verj f< w
condemn It.
A large 1 nion meeting of onr t><-st ritiseus nonvened
to night iu tlie I aw Building*, and resolved to c.tll a uni
versal towii meeting next week. Archibald Sterling was
Pre-id'Ut. William Odlius. Henry May, William Price
lanibert Gitiiugs, lleury Wurtield and others spok-w
Ih miatii.g ? i- tempo.-" d of all parlies, and there *??
Intern*- enthusiasm.
Another large meeting was also held at Barnnm'* to
eom-ider the propriety of calling the legislature tegetb r,
mde|> ndcut of the Governor, but nothing definite was
agn-ed i.pun. Governor Hu kt has been in Baltimore to
ilar. Ilr rent.:ic.? Arm in hut determination not to con
vic< tin I> g'.-iaturc. llo lus a letter from Govern' .
I eh her of \ irgtnln, and another from tlovcrnor Magi-fr.n,
of Kentucky, belli of ahich are highly Important end
imtMI) ctmteri alive, breathing unbending (kvtion to
the t'n en, and h< jiee of it* preservation.
the ? ling la rapidly strengthening here, far -ring a
central naMm y of the Xigtbcrn and Southern border
Malt - If the I'n.on cannot be c\ entually saved.
rnLAMtLTHta. Dec. 37, iMIO.
I" mi, kg fJtc /fun. Chart et .Summer i a LayfapXtt.
A eeraMi" Ui-ttirhatiee wan expected to have taken pl*c,?
to r< tli. evet ing fh eon: ? ijuenee of the drnirc of Mayor
fl- nry to mpj rose any 'Irtaig j?-lineal remark! being In
tri-doe. <i l y lecturer* ui their diacourMii upon oilier ap
parently irrele\ant aulijecil. The Mayor had on fanner
?rt t-K-tis, cxpr- nal bo- disapproval of certain p^nlar
poiitianl It 't <rt r-, addr' rslng audiences at litnea whan an
op5 ? ? let I ttg in |?>1iIk? had been manlf-at-dliy the i- <>
ple.Bltl.-"ghtom tlntaln the peace of the city, he had given
them the anpport t< a large police force tleuileJ forth"
purf?-->. .< ,t?ea ling sack I?lire*. It *?* gaspM-i- ?
tli il t f.oret i "I \ had heen formed In opjio-itt"U to the
Matt't, for lie ' p'irpo-e of tii iiata idag the t ight -?!
-pee- It. and to force tli* ret.> irk" of IntUtniualory !?
tnrer- ' I?n Ue pui-ltr. and in order the better to pet
part them - el rt m for tltat duty, lb-y hail tlet rtniii-sl to
aria tbeMi"'lM M and attend Sumner's lecture on "Ldrj
?tte." tin - ? t n i.s? wht h lecture, when deliver-4 in
V- * T--rk, t- --i tied many thing* derogatory ? - h>
gonth Vhrtonatdly, tm riot ea*.-d: hut that -tr- i g
mt an-tr- - ? ? <? Iff ted -.iay ba gathered from th-' ft-l
rmiar-urnu, I> . 37.1<oiO
tv-t<- I Ha. <?t er-v-!? d tbi* ever-ng w ith Qnaltsra,
ntr-n mindad *? men and aboliti-<al*ts. W i
llat -aw, an-1 oil- r a-1 atelu-s of that -rt, w? a ? a
pk -I- - th p' tfectn I tadNMMa of pdtee g-tardt d
all Iht d-?!#??'! th ?idt'Walks In th-' * it tatty, and a
ert'od al ttga.l r.-douisldt were anon neat temd
Mr f1, tare - ?enttmepU. which ww* r> markabiy t
perate teeotMd II alia -t unanimous applntiee of the
audit ? ml il. r- ?.re *?> tnani'ist itl-m* of di p
IV lt>l it -veilctnt-nl ,? eeiitend on the new* fr-i-i
il.-1ti.i- ihe.'Xilt i-ui of nil oth' r seasatkm*
ttKiiN-. rx piTTHwno, hf.latitk t??
Ihrtmn an, Pa, ive. 37, 1MK>
t- ?n ? n?? it" < Mr W: e belli to 'cy 111 lb--Irtrcrt. '?!?
I . f'o-ittll 1 e. rt lative l- the removal of'.-rl
- e- < 'h i ? w t.im Nih'iia.'i prtnlded. Ser--- I
rl t ?er- d-' ered. among other -'"o J. K Mo
rn m' . r of t mgrae* frt-m ihl- itMrtrt,
eral it-adnlltdi- aere a-h-ptt-l. atm-ni nnanitri" wdy.
?i ie? yaMa t" the I ninn. and ability m dcfonAhnr
f !u i( - >i a"- earn- ?* of the I'nion. .h-p-ttiling
at t itit--t ? , tvlf i, t||< -ihttaneat of arms tin it rgovtrn
mt nl tod- ra, !r. , -'ia->|>ptm.ine or lupnllilc the order
I; . I o|'|" ' -ring the "X. ting stale of th nga In
?*i w'k t ie ? Itnlnui ret-on of Important
department ? of the pubUe eervlee so at to
Us e -hnh- n oi.i ,i: Uia p--.-pii of the- frt
dtai?s il .1 wftil- IVcnsylranta ?nguar4 ?! Em Mural
-oj. 'al il i-- Iter - dial -Inly to )??& to the ddHNy of her
-? t?, and In thai t' \ rail on tie hi -dsnt, na a pttlson
o( il en i. tiv tilth, to see tin l tli ? pi-t-'c r wr'Tr h
? i mental h I . V- t hrh"v? Hi* p-t-i-.nt lo
pun?l.t*I .l i t if et-ry mw known k*- gtvaal-ln vl
finer! t< it >n ar way t uotenaitc ,m tha rev'? ??."
at y tdeai nut il (nl) lily of tfee t?aaiit-.tkm and
tie Hat Of ? I a.
A-I ? at? '? If- "i the Htm. !u*tert M? Kntght itilm t the
|? I-' ink no forth r -eel..anew, l-vrg ad| ft r >? 1
n i a rf Hie hlf-mewt of th ? g na <.ittu AMbW advh-e
. f?tt vt | i"tii th Mar (?? -e, wasgMia-"i p
WABBIM.iOV. Ivv 27, lWk>
A number of petitions were pros aited.
Jlr Rut, (opp.) of Minu , presented a resolution and
asked 'or iUi r? fcr*M>t l'i the ><ol"Ct < 'onini'iee 01 Thir
teen It was so r* i?* red without reading.
oiifliMt/not o me T". i.krrot^ -o t au/O.xa.
Mr. i.tuKVfc, (opp.) of Mo., c ilh-d f< r tb<* order of Uw
day?Territorial business
A bill was r> (strted from tbs UmunMtee on Territories
U> prqx id'- for tbo forritoru.l g ernn??mt of \ri/ >tin, A<- ,
and taken up.
Mr. Uhkex explained the bill. lis sa'd it w .s in usual
form,and there was nothing oh.ect unable to it. it was
a necessity for the fwriks iai government there.
Mr. Bkowx, . opp.) of Miss., moved to add a section
that the act 01 the legislature of New Mexico for the
protection of slave properly he in force in this Territory.
Mr Txmatu, (rep.) of 111 , moved to amead that the
law which was ill force in the said Territory at the uiue
of the annexation remain in foree till It l>coomen a.State.
srKix.il ot mk. ihxi.ittik on thi: csism.
Mr. Dooirrn.i'. (rep.) of Wis., said wo have lived
together for eighty years in peace. Teace was based on
two ideas, "lie that tie federal government nor citizens
ol'nou slaveholdlns -fates -Irould make no aggi-emion ffti
slavery in the States, and ill ? other that neither the
federal government D"r 'he citizens of Kbtvchoidirig
-[,?(.should make any aggr?>-!oM or undertake to over
throw freedom id the territories, if these conditions
were broken there cannot be peace. He said the constitu
tion was the supr* inr Uw of the lund and of overy State,
and if the constitution contains any language which would
abolish slavery In a Territory it would ahaheh it in a
Mate, lie then referred to the i>rcd Scott decision, and
claimed that there was nothing in that decision to lead
any one to infer that the constitution establish n slavery
In any Territory; notbuifr th.it jurlitlcg men iu saving
that the couslitution enter- the Territory acquired from
Mexico and abolishes Mexican law and establishes a law
guar ante mg the right to take and hold slaves in this
Territory, lie argued that if we should annex Canada tho
constitution had uo power of its own force to re|ieal the
I iw there in regard to slavery which liiad lien
in force a hundred years. He said ;h? .Senator
front Temioeeee (Mr. Nicholson) had said there
was great alarm at the south from the
free States, and i-aid lie apprehended the time would
come when the free Slates would attempt to amend the
constitution so as to extinguish slavery. Why did nut
the Senator from Tennessee if he v.-ish"d to allay the
alarm, quote In hi* speech iMvrl of llie republican plat
form. which declares an essential principle to be the
main" i f rice of Mate rights in order to maintain tho
halance of power, aud denounced tho invasion of any
tale, on wnalcwi pretext? Why did not the Senator
quote trout the speeches of the President elect, when he
had declared o\er and over ugaln that he did not intend
or wish to interfere with slavery in the States? Mr
ltoolittle th> n read from Mr. Lincoln's speeches, where
he had ile larcd he had no purpose, directly or indirectly,
to interfere w ith slavery lit tot States, lie believed h?
hail no lawful right to tlj so, nor had he any inclination
to do s<>.
Mr. Nii not.so*, (opp ) of Tonn., said he had elated
that the republican party had expressed a determination
to regard the right.-; of Southern men in the states, but
he laid down a general principle outside of the States
which, if carried out, wouiu destroy their rights in the
Mr. Itooirm r said he understood tho Senator to say
that be apprehended the republican party would ao tu
rn use in (tower that a! Inst it would ami ud the constitu
tion so as to destroy the rights of thu South and emanci
pate the slaves,
Mr Nichoiiiox said the policy and principles of the re
publican party, if carried out, would extinguish slavery,
and he had expieased the apprehension I lut if the power
of the free States increased and they intended to carry
out their purpue* a, it would lead to the ultimate extinc
tion of slavery.
Mr. Doolittik said the republican party m he under
stood It, stood to protect and maintain the rights of
Stales to ull (lowers not expressly delegated, or necessary
to carry into edict tin-powers delegated. It was funda
mental with them to maintain the sovereignty of the
scleral Mates, awl the right to control domiflic iustilu
Done. Me would undertake to sav that no republican ex
pressed the desire or wish that ine general government
have power to interfere wilb slaveiy in the States. He
knew there was a book published by an individual named
Spooner. winch look grouud that the constitution of itself
itboli-hed slavery: but it found no supporters of any
weightr It was precisely like that other fanatical idea,
tin.i the consttttit i>4i uf its ow u force establishes slavery
un\ where on earth.
Mr. t'lrv-.MAN, (opp.) of N. C., fetid he had seen it pub
listed that the i^eiiator from New York (Mr. Seward) h id
r?c mriiefided the book. I>id the S-nator from Wisconsin
mean thai this was a forgory. or did bemoan theSena
tor from New York bad no weight?
Mr. IsVirm>.raid the Senator from Missiei-ippi (Mr.
Brown) recommended It. He believed the author was a
man of sound sense; but what he (Mr. It.) said was, that
the idea ihat the const it ut km establish) s or abolishes
slav ery had no shadow ul foundation. The constitution
wis tormed by men who knew the meaning "f the words
they employed. They recognised the right ot
sLi\< holding Mal<* to (?'i sous held to service, aud mad'
it tie duty of th-' free States to deliver up such persons,
but left em b State jwrfcclly sovereign over its own laws.
The law of tin' slave Males makes slaves property. The
law of the free states does not make tliem ivqnrty. Tlie
root Ittnt ion does neither. I'pon the Men that the consti
tution e-tnWIshes slavery we cannot have peace on the
slavery question. and we may as well know it Urst as
la-i. Tlie psplsol the 1'uitcd States will never consent
tl.at the cud itution he so altered as to become by Its
own force a -l*very extending constitution. But they do
not ask a ronstru<'tion pot" upon it which will make tt
abolish slavery in any Mate or Territory. We simply ask.
It t the constitution stand us our lathets made It?
I'ithir affirming or denying; then we ran have
peace. He read agulu from Mr. ldncoln's speeches to
show that he bad no desire to inlrtnge In any way on the
t 'ghts of the stale-. IP- s.iid ho dr-lred to-peak a few
lie incni-on what won alleged to tie tho causes of the
existing agitation tiurwas introduced by the S-nator
from K< mucky, which he very tuuch regretted to see
bi ought op. It was only recently that he hid of
it tu (WMib'in wIth this controversy. It If that some of
the bub -leveliolding Mate* rcfhai to surrender crmiiual-.
II*' mid it had gelo rally bt-?n admitted. a.* a ruW, tliat if
a crime roinniitied a crime within the law of the
Mat?' to which the criminal tied, then he should bo mr
rend-red. not otherwise. Ho clt?d tho cane of Virginia
refusing to deliver some negroes at au ?trl> d."
in tho lib-lot* of tb" country, an I tho caoo of Iho
Oorernor of InlHk/. Ilo said, lay aside tho
rirlii'tnobt tin the negro qntstiun, and ho did not tlimk
MB mm on that tloor would advo. ate the dsstrtos that
a Hlotorottld bv Its own law make what it c oncoiroa to
be a ci im<. and can by It* indictment oatabli.-h of noe< > 4
Bit> tho o\ idrnt " 01 guilt, an well an of escape rh.
(trustor from Kentucky mid it inn annoy Inf. Ho knew
It wa? aid oytng to hare negroes ktdmti |>o.l from Ohio
and Indiana, and annoying to *lavohoM?r* that their
al. i\?? may 1* < ntleed to ran away; but th< re wax a
high- ptinr:| l< involvi d. Another cause of trouble wao
raid tab' the nnu ienditlon <f fugitive slave* ilo admit
ted the validity of the clause in tho ronftltnttoB re
quiring rendition, lb' admitted that that waa 0110
< f ll.e rlauiaf in the I'ouotitutK'ii he had oworn to
rcppnrt; but he luuft far question* laid arisen af to the
eon-lrut lion of tbi* clause. lie bolievcd that the roa
stitii'.nn Should In- strictly 0<'Ustrued. and he (twilight
It ll.e dull of the ft ate* to iu.d.e provision* to fat*Be?uy
carry Into olti-ot Uila rUunr .a "ie eonotltntion, but bo
adniiilwt *?<?* oqnat franknes* that a major ty of the
pi .pie Of theVnlt"! Italrf lh"'i>?bt Cotjgr< *s pns -<?va d
the lower to legislate I.. 0 trry tliia Into 'diet. Ho said
v 1 inch, wn-tu fa r of giiing tha Houth the Kugi
tlvi I re I ii< and reu 1 fj"oeli? to import the a?*er
t.on. Tie South eoinpl.'in that they Uro a ureal deal
jij fugltiviw, and few am reels due l. I h* ar:w?o from
tie laet tlwi they poams* a nvcki 01 yrufwftt wiih a
w;" of lt? own. and kg* of It* own. ?M de*lri> of
It* own to g< I nwaf. Tbif I* im fault if our*,
and the North are not ie*|a*vi|i>|r for liiat. Tit
Mr,iter fM in Virginia (Mr. Mason), told u?
that a few y?nr ag" Virginia kid annually Slot' 000 and
he bi Itsved obr mat tho uiw now lie would ODBOade
that lor tl.e sale U argi lu nl. \ ugiuia had about .'>00,000
-la\ ??. worth, on on average. fMu (at !"*?( before tb
panic* ma kin* S4tm.tmo.uMi lite l"?? of lluo.ouo if only
uoe fortieth <f una percent, or nhtnil 000 quarter if a
tmll ?li BfM''?r. lb* to h*e than the risk Hw-'irrrd Is
MB other fpcel* ? if nr. |ieity Ip llie I'mled Huts*.
K ) l- o the | ' p'o of the bun.lir Slates re-udve them
#ol?>* into an ir?ur*nce company, bow *miiH
would I* the pi.nuuiu to eorer the low. Thia
special pr l?rt) has special idv.'iitapIt baa ad\ an
t p. -of r. p-'alien, and I* It strange that "n.'h pre
BerlJ -heuktb s'lt'j < to I to |> . uliur ri-kw Wb?lw::|
|i 1-r ?. am tuvn ga.n In si ietu g Ih. bond<t the I ukm
If tboy rvn 11 ? ii lit rlfk new ?hat rl-k w ill they ran
I wl 1, the N.-rtl rti -u'< * w el be under no obi if stains to
r* torn their pr. i? 1 ty ttonld ten p? r cent cover tho !<*.*
, ? . the at' Let U.e'"fid of I nlou b? broken, and slave
jeep. 1 tr ? eld .?] n?* e?#lt_v retti e f|..m the tu> der lie
! ? 11 ? tb. abidltNibtft* <4 tho North ftmt to
| day 1 l ug 0IU1 anvety and praying th.it tli<>
I 1 1 11 m i> be broken up, that the North
Itall i.o !'? gfk l-e compelled to return fttgii >0*.
! if i iuw what th> I'flbet wouhl be and desire d.-aob;
1 n lhr\ kt ? tho lime 1* coming when the sjare popu
id 11 of <n. of tie M^U's will preponderate *0 'hit
thi phi'halpow r "i th Mate will no longer ketM ttdl
in ubj'-dton. Hid they ir >al the I'nton broken up *0 that
' tb'i tnay nrtn tlio fodoral gorortiment. an<l not pe calh-<|
u|" 11 t.. put down tnmtrrrrtion llioy *te a* anxtoua for
dwdnlMa i ? the ? str<n<t*t* In the tielf Mate*, lie mid
111-ie wa? OB Oth' r inallrr bo Wlfhed to refer In
lb s'l' t ti^as the ? pri m. law of tho land, and
el . v.-n Mil. 1 fPst.ite law ti. the inntrary notwith
?aiH.it H < ? v i d *? 1 <rt the If't*al State*,*therefore.
owe I 'e allegt ?t'oe to the federal govertttrieot. *bm to
th< ode. and ma> iwgmiqrM troawon agilnst eitlcr or
gin ?i lauh. If t'l.ie-* g. ee tvyond ibo rontlltntion
|. ? no ? ing a l*w, tho 1 iw I* null tnd void and If a Stuto
ii. ki * a law BMiiiist tho r i.-titnti ui of the l*ulted State*,
it I* also null and wM.
"r M**/i?"i* ,i^>p of la . atk'd if a iillzon eon Id bo
Idae.d in "?dirt w twooa tliews two so bo innat tf no
rcfr.ti t*pMf of frea?w to one or the other, an I bo
>;? I "i n rtt d be ??oukl uot There w u* Bo act <f a
St.- I- Making troowi. v h|. h tf la e wf g 1 with the I'nited
si ? - 1, n't teiMwi l? it.- ? n? t nmke treason, though
the 'tat' declare an
Hi I km iiu nrkiHl what outaBtage tliat omM be to
the eltti' II
Mr. I>s nrtr ?iitd th" r titen niirnt set at bia own
porH, It.- aont on toarruo that it wan ton to tlie powror
?t. ? p ns of a state t? itoiutl an art of t> ngros*. If a
1 t?in ? .?ft dl" 've the rvnnerttun of the fedi ral rnvBrti
iiwnj if cBctMate cm Brrode front all th" root, then all
lis' f> -I <wt -e-?<' ir the ore, which giro* power 'o
e?.fw| a dtoto, th? 1 ;glit' f *o.'.-fion lavelv.f the tight
. t .-|.e ?ni He ? i? rr< I t.f wr of 1*1! ai d the
lUefi.-rd ''*weatton, and mid il tlw d>ctrh?e was
,*t 1 t| ?> n.w t igMtd dta?"? retid h ve r**?lvad
th*merit * out rt the 1 oio" an 1 irme orerto the et**u'r,
*t ! t *? a 'Iw f 'fro*?o? ia Ho*t?*i hmbof. and other
? ti 10 11nrMk*wtr wn gua* ??.iini?t its. Or. if now.
?,'i 1 t e of r?, h I'fe; Ivantt b'lnld w I'hdr.iW ?6e
i - 1 tea,a?d cr tonfd i*tg?? frwa
,h \ 11; t< ' g ut a tin Iru* ' ' fi t fjre-n'ty;
and w> with Illinois, people of the Northwestoocid not <?l
to New York. Ik' then argued that the Hlllw of HOfl I,
Texas. Louisiana and others, which the govern
llrlil bought, paid for, for tilled and admitted
into the t'uion, had no right to go out now
and tu'come h foreign Power. He claimed that he had
given the social institutions of the South a full share oflhe
territories which we had acquired. Ha claimod farther
tfiat * he constitution could not repeal the law of Mexico
in the territory acquired from Mexico and give the right
to take slave* there. He said if we wanted peace, we
must allow the free Territories to remain free. We must
have uou-interference in the State, and nan- interference
in the Territories.
Mr. Bwuasi* said b. did not desire to speak now, be
cause we should have the practical question before us in
a fi w days. The issue will ho plainly brought whether
we intend to recognize the withdrawal of, or make war
on a Flat*.
Mr. Bkow.v said it sec me I that Northern Senators over
look the main potnl at issue We claim there i* property
in slave*, end they deny it. Until we enn settle on some
basis this question, it is idle to talk of peace. He claim
?>d that the doctrine of non recognition of property in
slaves was a new doctrine. He said the Fouth had $400,
COU 000 in this kind of property. Is It to be supposed
that the Fouth would consent to live under ? government
outlawing this kind of property? Chn million* at the
Fouth consent to live under a government ss outlaws,
only recognised when the government wants tribute ? He
had no hope of changing the judgment or Senator*, but
there were h im stubborn facts which might well ooine to
the knowledge of (heir c< nstituents. He referred to the
treaty of tndepi nd< tig* us speaking of negroes as pro
perty. If gentlemen were willing to go back and live
under thsr treaty there would be peace. He referred to
the treaty of the war of 1 HI2 as recognizing the samo
property, signed by John Adams and J. Q. Adams. Were
gentlemen to day wiser than those statesmen. He rood
from a book publ shed in Boelon years ago, und eon
tended that the people then recognized the rights of pro
perty. Are men wiser now than our father!y "But if the
government continue to outlaw the South there are only
two ways?separate iu peace or by force. He said the
South could not take less than justice, and asked no more.
They rccgnlzed the right of the government to protect
the" property of the North, but the North would
n't recognise the tight of protection to the
property of the Fuutli. If they persisted in the
Idea that the government would not recognise pro
erty in slaves, and protict It, then standing In the high
presence of and belore Almighty tied, he deelared the
I Lien could not last ninety days. He then asked that
the statute of New Mexico, which win intended by his
aiuendiwnl to extend over this Territory of Arizona, be
pi iuted in the report so tlial the people "might see what
he meant.
Mr. (inn!* said his object was to organise a government
for Arizona, and he hoped these discussions of political
matters would ho postponed. He did not think the
amendment of the Senator from Mississippi practically
amounted to anything. Under present circumstances he
would vote for it. He quoted the law allowing slaves to
be sold for a government elatm, as reocgnizing the right of
property. But if this idea were intended to be forced
upon us of non recognition of properly, we had better go
heme, adjourn Congress and dissolve the government.
He ? enquired the Senator from Wisconsin's idea of equall
t> t<> the fable of the stoik and fox. The fox Invited the
stork (o dine, but had soup lu shallow dishes so the stork
could not get any. The next day the stork invited the
fox to dine, and had food in long necked jars. He told
the fox there was perfect equality and t elp himself. In
fact the r<>\ could not get anything. He denied the right
of nullification, but claimed the right of secession, and
argued against the coercion of a Stat" He argued against
the Miieiidmcut of ihe Senator from Illinois (Mr. Trum
Mr. Pooijrn.F said thai the Senator from Missouri as
sumed that the constitution repealed the laws, of Mexico
in this Territory, and took slavery there. This was con
trary to the decisions cf the Supreme Court He claim
ed that the doctrine of Mr. Calhoun, that the constitu
tion recognized slave property, found few supporters at
the time of its anncuoemenl.
Mr. Mawer (opp.) of Ya., said that Mr. Calhoun was
dead : but he did not understand him to say even that
the constitution establishes slavery, but claimed that
slaves were property, and therefore that the constitution
must protect it.
Further discussion ensued between Messrs. Green and
Dooltttle, and the Senate adjourned till Monday.
Hows* of Kepreaemtntlves.
WAsmxoroN, I>ec. 27,I860.
Mr Stxtkns, of Washington Territory, rising to a per
sonal explanation lu relation to a special despatch In a
Bost?n papgr, said that the despatch states that "it ap
pears upon investigation that the Indian Trust bouds
were stolen for the use of the Central Breckinridge Com
mittee during the late Presidential election, ' A-c.
Mr. Morris, (opp. J of IU., rose to a question of order,
saying that It hsd heretofore been decided that a news
paper article was not a privileged question.
MrJswAR, (opp.) of 111., said that bis colleague (Mr.
Met lernand) a few days ago asked IT read aii extract from
a newspaper published in Illinois, with a view to making
a |?ersopnl explanation in regard to it, but that the
Hpeaker ruled him out of order.
Ihe Snuuit explained by saying that m that case ob
jecth'ii was made as to its being a privileged question,
but that in this ease it was a personal explanation to
which no objection could be interposed. There was a dif
ference between the two cases.
?Mr Is siz.v?My colleague was treated In an indifferent
The gnuin?I i?m sorry if that I* true.
Mr. Hotwios, <opp.) ot Ala., raised the point that thla
was not a privileged i|uentlon, it not affecting the privi
lege of nny member here.
Mr. M<<Tkr\am>? I was cut off the other day ungener
oucly it ta true, but the example is not worthy of D'dng
?ollr'wed. I apjienl to my colleague (Mr. logsn) to
withdraw lit*-' objection
Mr. mcvrv*. of Wash. Ter . resumed, and reread the
New Yoi k lit haiji's despatch, and likewise that In the
\ew Yoik WmMtt December 34, ta which it is stated
that the rotd^rj of the Interior l>epartmeit has caused
aouc speciilalkm In Washington, and It la thought by
some vi ho are iteemed on fait that tno de
falcation of bond- has been going on since the commence
ment of the Presidential campaign; that the Breckinridge
Oub and secretary Cobb knew exactly bow the securities
were to be used, and for what purpose, that those boada
were deposited as collateral to rahc money In behalf of
the Breckinridge Club
Mr Wnmv sold his attention waa calk I to these des
patch! a last evening,and they seemed to be matter of
sufficient consequence to nrreat the attention of tbe
House. H was his fortune to be Chairman
of the tkeckinridge Club, and he did his entire
duty, according to the beat of bis ability, to
tbe premises. Ills heart was In the busman*,
for be believed he was striking n blow for
tbe honor of his country and the perpetuity of tta insti
tutions. But there was' a most false and calumnious as
sertion ou the Integrity of tbe Oub. Although he might
not be known to fame, for twenty years be had gone
through ii.hu> 1*1 lb and faiesl death In the di
charge of his* duty. He repeated, In the presence of
the men who knew the facts?who had seen htm in the
Valley of Mexico In the ran of victorious legions, he did
h.a part to plant our banner on the palaces of the Mome
nt mac. He bore the wounds of service which physically
had bnken him down. He had, In the great
Northwest faced a meet savage foe. and on
the l-acitkc ex. rted his utmost energy to make
the "wilderness bkw m as the ru?e." H" repeated here
we* a meet ran* and malic tons slander propagated against
an noei-raide body of ni?n. and which required the anal
severe rebuke He never knew these bonds had exist
ence till the fact ol the robbery waa made known this
n. rtilng. He celled on the < hairman ol the select com
mittee. s>king him to probe this matter to the bottom, an
that punishment may fall en the guilty. In relation to
lb. article Mi the Boston Htrubi. the *p<x?ker said?
It appaars on Inresttgatkm the young gentle
nan inhumed him to-day thvt these words
w. re interpolated In Bnetoti, showing a dispo
aition me t tail, to slander fo- base plitical nur
B.-e and to break down ,<n Organ tit on snppcarsl to
idvi rw to that of the riltor. In the Wor 1,1 the words,
"It 'a th<a glit," appear In connection with the aland-r
and tbit is to enquire the reputation of honorable men,
who were exposed fo the Irresponsible attaeks Of th"
foul and filthy herd of men. who endeavor to tat', their
slime on men, on whom th. y are rot worthy to look It
is the duty of the committee. If they can. to atop this
defan atlna of character
Mr Mm HI?. (opp t of HI , rvtd that Mr (McTen* called
on him thlt morning and exprened bts de-Ire thvf tV
subject l>0 tbomuf'hty tnvestitrated. lie ha<l, as the
< he mien, iiilorrueti htm lbat be had no control over thv
(patter hut would Iny tin- matter b.-fore the eolect com
mittce. leavlig it em to del* i mine w hat w a- proper to bo
dm- in tl.e premises
)?r. L'.s ? a. ioj>p.) of Vs., aaknd an! was excused from
rior an the c mm tier. -?? ,ng that It* b iwt.es,
sb uld be prumptlc transacted nnd l?e wis liable at any
time to h- call, d from the city in con*equanre Of buai
ne-s . ngagemeida.
Mr Mrgt*i*, (eppi) of 111 , < ,ff. r< d a resolution on he
ba'f < f the cciiimiltew, that tlx-v have leave to sit dor tug
the sitting* of tbe H.suie, either in this city or elsewhere,
a* may ta- iwmed ad\ ?u?bk . and employ a stenographer
at >1 ?ale of ? - iu|wnaal ton m*t exceeding that paid for the
r?| rls :< r the ' bwrvw'atiil f7U?
Mr M iui v (rep ) of 4th >. objected to Uie .ommittee
sitting eh. whert Hum m Washington. Tlio Select Kan
sas C. n m.ttee was Hie only exception. *
Mr W'CirsxAXi'aakl there muel I* Some special rea
ion lor nlm In Tote lor tw h permls-km.
Mr Moans replied that he had ho t a cantrersatlon with
the rkegetory 01 the Interior, who suggested that the
(ommittee might h.iTe to hold a sesame at some oilier
point Kim this It would not now be proper to give an
Up iination lie asked the lionar to cotiflde In the 41a
crct!? n of the . otnmtttee.
Aftar farther cnhversaHon the reaolntlon wag adopted,
wuh an timeiidm*'nt re?p.s ting the pay of the ri porter.
1b< House went into committee, and ln.dt up
nm ixtsAs srsnorniAyi 's au.
It frequently appeared that there was no quorum pre
si nt; .viid it was llnallr agreed thut the trill should b- re
|? rted to l!ie House on Monday, to which day the House
Democratic Mrrflwg lo Albany.
Aumxt, |tec 27, 1*U
Amectmcof about 1 AO prominent national dcm.ierat*
was held at l>?ngrce* Hail lo mcbt, gnnvem-1 by girt ulars
Waned by John A. t.re. n and Mr. McM iUan forme of
petit km e were adopted, requesting the logo lain re to re
peal the Per-onal Ijbertjr lew o( 1Mb and to restore the
nits months' slnv- holding law ol 1817, to he circulated ta
e^b count \
1 he llllnnta Demos ratle (lata Convention.
smrwistktiT. liu.Bm. 27, two
Ihe Iiemocralte Wate (Vimmillee ot Illinois haw* eall< d
c Mate conveid urn to be held IJ (Ml elty on the 17th of
.Isbt ary. to, onfer a* t i Hie ?xt?iing nntional crist*. and
to adopt some Ihte of policy relative thereto.
I'otra Mr ??ton of the Kentwehy I.eglsla
? nrc.
t/>u*VtUS, Bee. 37, 1*00
UWMMr Msgr ffiti ha* called an extra *e?Si.i? of the
Ki'itaekv Icgtria'npa or the 17th of January, to con
.iter 'lb di?tr?ctrd c twtit .? '4 thr e ?neiry.
iUUiC ro? ?KW TOU-tm DAT.
?m MKM 7 M I DOOM KISk.8 ?T? S 2 ?
?I'M -in 4 40 | HKiH WATKB WOTD 8 ?
Port of Now York, December 87, 1800.
Steamship HuuUvllle, l'oet, Savannah? II B CromwaU
A Co.
Ship Franklin, Freeman, San Francisco?Button A Co.
Ship Bantee, Parker, Liverpool?William* A Uuiou.
Bark Honduras, Man.hall, Brlixe, 'Jon?S Alexander.
Bark 8 W Uolbroek, Small, Portland?Delano A Capen.
Bark Telegraph, fillo*. Boston? McCrendy, Mutt A Co.
Brig 8 Peter., Biggin* Gtbon?C A PI J I etera.
Hri* Ellen Bernard, Gibb., Norfolk?H P Back k Co.
Schr K C Vltterey (Hr>, Hail. Uueei.*tuwn?O F Buller.
Schr Hound (Br), Peannan, Bermuda? Mtddleton k t o.
Srhr Hmeline Hates, I'.ockwell, Sabine Pas*?J k S Smith
k Co.
Schr My Borer, Hughe-, Wilmington?Met 'ready, Mott k
8loop Oregon, Rhode., Providence 1, Kenny.
Sloop Warren, Stoke., New Haven?8 L> Stannard.
Bteamabip City of Manchester (Br , Ilalescaw, Llrerpool,
Dec 12, and Qtteenaiown 13 th, with ti-.laeaud ISA pa Meniere,
to John U Dale. 20ih in?t, lat 12 :*), lou 70 40, saw .loaio.blp
I'nited Kingdom, bence for Glasgow.
Steam.hip Roanoke, Couch. Norfolk, Ac, with mdae a
passengers, to I.'idlam A Heinekeu.
Ship Flora (Norw), Falkenburg, Liverpool, 88 days, with
coal, to Nexmith A Sons. _T . .
Schr K.Ua, Warren, Port nti Prince, Dec 10. with logwood.
Coffee Ac, to Moore A Henry Been Iff .lays S of llatteras,
Willi he hi y weather, 1Mb tn-t, off Nlculamole, -I*vku schr
R 11 lliainor henee for (tanaive*.
Schr IlaxulU Winters, ltlrlimond, -1 day..
Srhr Maria A EHxabeUi, Wsguer, Virginia, 2 day*.
Schr Mary Jane, Smith, Virginia, 8 days.
Srhr D S Miller, Cribble, Virginia, II dnyB.
Schr Nile, William*, Virginia, 2 days.
Schr Only Daughter (3 tea. is), Falkenburg, Baltimore, 4
S. hr Christiana Keen, HabeCCk, Baltimore, 1 days.
Schr Ann . Falkenburg, Wllman, Baltimore, 2 days.
Schr.i B Litchfield, Crockett, Kliiabcthport for Aepinwall.
Schr Genoa, Bobbin*, Kllxa both port for Savannah.
Schr Fakir, lle.tb, Elixahethport for Newport.
Schr Dr Srunkltn, Arey, Elixahethport for Norwrleh.
s. hr Belle, Johnson, Mixabelbport for HuullngUm.
Schr Tanga'.a, Rrauiba'l, Vlnalaaven, 8 days.
Schr Howard, Baker, Bo-tun, 3 day..
Schr Grace Glrdler, Paine, Boston, 3 day..
Schr Stampede. Brand, Mystic. 2 <lay?.
Sloop Ilousat. nic, Phillip*, Kliiabcthport for Bridgeport,
sloop Senate, latmpher. F.liiabethport for Westerly,
sloop Mount Hope. Sullivan, 1 auutou.
Sloop Oliver Ame*. French, Taunton.
Steamer Wsm-ulta, Arry, New Bedford,
bteamsr Albalroas, June*. Providence.
Strum-hip Hunt-viUr, Savannah: brig. Mary Stewart, Ca
diz ; Atlantic, Hartwdo.; lanthe, Havana.
Wind tbl. morning N; at suiu-cl NNE.
Ship O.soks Howr.a at San Kraic buo, experienced very
heav y weather off Cape Horn, .prung main and foretupaall
yard., jib boom., broke off tlHer in t udder head, started
figure bead, or gainon knee, and .plit aevcral .alls; Aug ill,
lat 87 86 S, SS W, saw tire large Iceberg., varying from 101) to
.100 feet high, connected by a .olid body of Held ice extending
from 8SW to ESE; saw chip and bark about six mile, astern,
* rather thick and night turning on. it i* probable i hey might
)t have seen It till tney crock, a. tbev were leering dlre- lly
for It. Oct 12. dlud on board, Jobu Holland, seaman, native
of Baltimore, Md.
Ship Georgian*. Salter, of and from New- Orleans for Llv
erpool, before reported burned at ??;. Nov a), was owned 111
New Orleans. Ilu-rc la in-urauce In Boston on vessel and
freight for $64,000.
Snir Alleuhankak, bence at Panama, report. Oct 25, lat
lat 66 M) S, Ion ?, In the Pacific Ocean, had heavy W gales, in
which she split nils, shifted cargo, and reoeivea some other
Bam B Focstaik, before reported a.hote at Holmes' Hole,
baa been floated off.
Ba Bate Marietta?The brig reported ashore 24th near the
East Chop 1. the Marietta (Hr), Allen, from Baltimore for
Cornwallla, NS. She haa sustained no damage. i? tight, aud
will probably be get off In a few day* If the weather eoati
nnes moderate, she 1. in ballast with the exception of 150
bbl. flour.
Sen* J W Roche, from Savannah for New Bedford, pnt
Into Charleston 28tb Inst for repairs.
Sena Jack, of Blddeford. before reported ashore on Long
Inland, ha. been floated off and towed to Ka-t Boston.
Ship Twilight, 1482 ton* regi-ter, 1* now on the large See
lionaf Dock lor repairs. She will be atripped, reeaulkcd aud
newly coppered.
Bbkkkm, Dec Iff?A man earn* lo re to-dav and stated that
be had been cook on board of an American brig, from Balti
more. Addison master: the brig, out AM day. rraru Rio Janeiro
for the Elbe, was lost on 6tb Inst, at 8 PM, between the We
lter and the Elbe. He bad drifted alone on shore on the deck
of the cabin, bun**, galley, or poop, and he wa* of opinion
the remainder of the rrew were drowned. I We are Inclined
to think the above a case of imposition, j
Hohpij.ii, Dec 11?("apt Patterson, of bark tola Wyllie, ar
rived here ftom NOrleatis via Portland, report* having been
struck by a heavy sea, and lost her chief other, Mr Emery
Kelleran, overboard on Nov 16 lal Ml 41, Ion 41 40. Gapt P
says that for twrntyfive years he never hadsuch a sue rsaiou
of bad weather lief ore.
Cxt.rt'TTA, Nov 8?The American ship Shswmtit. Hlggm*.
from Liverpool, which arr here ' let 29, ha* been aground la
Bel-re liotnitu:..'* Hole, but floated the same day. she has
been examined and appears to have sustained a< damage.
Hos.i Koto, Oct 29?Tbe carpenter, John Neville, and sea
man. T Ilowaid. belonging to American ship Mary Whltridge,
were washed overhoam mid drowned on the passage from
Hong Kong for Bangk. A.
LivtarooL, Dec 12?The Norway, from New Tat, In at
tempting to do. k in Salisbury duck, this morning, stiiek In
ihe g?iew ay for a short rime 'owing n> the heavy list she has,
but was towed nut into the river Just before high rater.
Dec 15? A ship, apparently Arueriean, between 000 and 709
tone, cotton laden, wss *een on Are aud burned to the water'e
edge, ut 8 A M on Nov 21, In lat 87, Ion 86, by the C (' Duncan,
arrlv.dbere lo-dty. lav by all night, burning blue lights
and rockets: but at .lay light uot dlaeov cring Any biuus, pre
sumed the crew had m en taken off by t o' vesaeL [The
above wss the ship Georgians, before reported.]
Mit'iuiico. No\ I?ship Norths. n t row n veiled hence 27lh
nil for t'ah iitU, having put In ? now n.lzi ninatl and bow
sprit, raulkrd topatdea. and done what waa necessary to ena
ble her to proceed on her voyage Her bllla hero amount to
fi.Mti The repairs of ahlp western Dee*n are going on ra
Mdljr: the ini/oumaat waa sprung and.* being replaced. all
th? laarkMay* and considerable ut the rigging gone, replaced
with nVw; bar top*idea badly atralned, and her beiworn deck
and low dark knaea all bodljr started, In many pi are* the
plank haa atarted trom the timber* Hba 1* bring thoroughly
rrfastened, and to do tbl* It ha* been necessary to discharge
half the cargo?<By latter to KUwood Walter, Esq, Secretary
of the Board of l'nder writer*, j
I'LTVOt'Tn, Dec 14?ArT, the American ahlp <?oodapeed,
from New York, with luaa of Jlhlioom, rutwater. he . having
leen In collMou w lib a brl( at 3 AM, yesterday, off the Eddj
I'ooitt, Deo 12?The Anal hark Fucetne, from Sew York,
with wheal, threw overboard 9UI qra wheat to lighten the Tea
eel. having e very rougn passage: aim lo*t pen of bulwarka
and lore boat. In letting go the anchor thr chain fooled
nndar the wtrdlaea, and the pilot bating unable to bring bar
up, ehe tan Into the s>Ipb. carrying away the latter a bul
SrtiiT? St Marv'a, Dae, 11?Tha derelict Amartoan ahlp
Ali<e, 627 tons, of Bath .wheat and floor; waa found abandon
ed on the 29lh ult In lat. 4* N . Ion. 12 W .. hf tha American
bark Rdwln, of and from Saw York for Antwerp, by the
report of Mr. ?. W Brown, mala of the Kdwtm. the foremast,
malntrimast, mlrtenmaat and boats were all *ona when he
proceedi d on board of the Alice, and tke had a aonatderable
list, and appeared to hare been thrown on her beam ends,
and the masts cut away before being abandoned. That be
tried the pumps aad found very Itlile water In tbe hole, and
tha hnll appeared to he In pood condition The Rdwln, there
lore, took her In low until the let Instant, when tha low ropa
parted, and Mr. Br wn and two ae-men volunteered and took
charge, to eodravar to got the Alteainm.me port tn the l ulled
Kingdom. The Edwin was lost sight of on the fld Instant, and
on The morning of the flth Ingtant, the Alice got the as
etatar.ee of the pilot cutter Ague* to tow her to
Stilly, If possible, and aba waa anchored to pt. Mania'*
Bay, Rdlly. on the following morning, and waa thence towed
by the Utile Western steamer tn tbe anchorage tn Rt Mary'a
Roods the some day. about f I'M. and la uow In the euatody
of Ihe reseller of wrrt k* at Rctlly. She I* making very Utile
water, hot It I* -urpneed the rorg" may be paittally Injured
from Ihe w alvr shipped on desk.
WATFarnen, Dee Irt ?Tbe bark fj.'.h-n Ace. Ptirntta, of and
for hew York from Uvrrpwd, which pnt In hen- leaky a* be
fore reported' la discharging.
?pekeg, fte,
Phtn Norwnter, 88 days from Boston for Ran rrancl*cn,
Sept M, lat 12?R. loaMtk
ship Shirley, Brown, from Boaton Sept li for Ran Pran
Cl*co, Sov I, lat 8 S, Ion .11 Rt
"Am ?hip Messenger. steering R," Nov I, lat 34 S, I, u 2? 23
W. lSh.PMearengrr.Manbin.hrt.ee Sept 12 for llong Kong
may ha the rruel referred to. If so the latitude 1* probably
Incorrect t
ship "Dolhl, for Hon* Kong* (perhaps the Delhi, Howard,
from Liverpool Aug 13 for Rlngapore., Oct 21, 1st 13 8, k>u
Ship Martha Rldeout. Poole, from Lamla?b Nov 23 lor Ha
vana, Nov 2?, lat 48, km II
Hh.p Xt*r?et. tlrt.ndle, from Lteerporl fBard*ey Oct tli for
Mobile. Nov 17. lai 24. Ion 33
Ship Mi an, Eusti-, from NOrleen* for Liverpool, Due 19.
off Uun Key.
Mg^PrppernLllin, from I on don for City Point, Dec 14,
Rbln ArkwvtgM, t>ev|a, from Mobile Nov T for Jlavre. Nov
13, off lion Kev
chip Leila, Allen, fiotn Urlvoot Nov tJ for Baltimore, Der
t. let ffhlon IP
ship llrlen ft I*. opor, 66 days from Orno* for Boaton. Dec
18, lal 38 OR, lor 77 ?'t.
Phtn Levant. .'rrrirg N, Dec 1" lat SS 4d. Ion 73 0(1
A ?bip pa nted black, w uh Pfi nrh flag flying with letter L
In tbr n rtrr, and American Bag art over, waa p?-*<*l Dec 17.
off Tortngaa.
Bark tin. d.necd, Denton, hence K..v 17 for Phm iuth, Bog.
XtA M. lat 40 27. I n A* 28.
Ilaikf.irrrti1.nti Pien. from Bremen for Charimtoa. Dec
13, lat 77 .if loo 72 IS
Hark ' lata R Pttto. from Msraeaibo for NYork, Dec 10. lat
f\ In. 73 4tt
An Am bark steering southward and westward, showing a
? flvaie signal, red flag w Ilk white ball, waa signal! ted Nov 1R,
lat 18 43 *, loo ,1ft tit! IV
Pi If 1- nterprtw. tlrtndle, RR day* from Buenos Ayroafitr
Then.*,. Dec 1, lat l\ len 6* H
Rrtg l.tdu rratvecw, Campbell. from Philadelphia Nov g for
Feman.lo I'n, N<? 21, lal SB W N. Ion M ? W
Hi Ig Volant, flout Itangnr for V. eat Indies Nov It, lat 38 PI
but 82 30
Rrtg W?| poik ? dara from B>~ion?had etperleoeed mttrh
bad weather?Dee 17. lal 11 fla?. ton HP 8A
A fag tigged brig Hooting 8, thowlng private signal A, Dec
1A lat 31 tXTion 72 fm
Scltr I irmplar, of HI John, N R, fpmi Rlellj for I'hiladel
phi*. Bee It )?? 28 71 )<>n 73 48
Sehr Knight, t.age. .Mld.ty* irum Laguavra for NYork, Dee
?4 off f apt ? ol Delaware
Rchr Monlnw. 1 mnrkin of and from NYork, IS day* out,
with kt?? ..f watar <a?k? fr nt derk. and malum**' n>ain'**<m
and how apt it spring, and supplied with water?by hark lrma.
arrived ai I lnla<lel|4iia.
For* lg[n Porta.
A a nan*** a, Dec 13?RH A II Kulfn, lovitt, Boetoa.
A*vs n.r, T?ee Mi-irr Julia <? Ttlrr, lywry, fallar.; 13th
P.icel, f t wsrd, New York. Sid KUh, I'atiiia, B tterlnc, H<x
sid from Pleah'ng l?th. Rami Wataon. Watwtn, NOrlean*;
Ellt. Ot'iia, Plrtei llavant.
Auiarowia. K, Nov 17?Wd Organ Btide, Bnrge*>. Rtelly.
Aa.'ltR. Oct 14 Pa*at'tl bt. Philomela Kllem*. from B xton
for Elnd.ro; Bertha, Tat k v. from Manila ft* Sydney, N8W.
l.Mh. M li grd Rarer, Tntndv. fr.in K.?*-hotr for NYork: 17114
Ann. Mui rn. from Amoy lord". lBh, Msgtiet, King, from
f t* el nw for do; Slat, yi ickat. n. tijell, trom Hingapore
for do ~
Akvas. Ori 24-*' I Ifkonlfliy ra, leitit.n
Ann ?ipa, XI, Vept ? Arr Mldnighk Brock. Melhourur ami
o'd <K1 II for faletiHa).
Aaaoto, I R, Dee lit?No Am rr?sel In port
Rai*ir.i inip. Dee 12?Arr MarT lli-Hand. B 'rrv, l?lp?tI
1.7th, t barle* fnnprr. Short, 8t John. NH ,an-l |.n?'e.ded for
Bristol), phi Uth, Pilgrim. IMehanl?..ii, sa inns'.. 13th.
Time. Homer, do
i iff do llth. Talisman. Ifonge, from NYork, for Olooe~?ter
17th. "
PrArfrv ID ap. Drc 12?t?ff, A Ike, drey bo rw, from S "i
Pram lace.
Ban i.awATVR, Dee 11? tir |?. let.Js. Turner. Rev .in Rob.
Baoi ava m>< i?. I'ee 12?Arr t atro, lYooeter. lie h "|
Br?w? i MAvajt, !?ee 10?Arr t''art*?*. Novlean*; ilriiheoa,
OBkel, Het J.aow, Aanw and Nnrd Affrlka, RYork I lit* k,
yon Bewuiie", flaiveMoB; nein'M fl"*'* *' HeMcm, Now
Y'ork Off the j* ? t llth, v.'il I OA inn. w t?r
maw Bid3th, ?roe?ttre, ?RMBmm rot. sol koA*
pet*. BYrrt,
B a nci i d* *. l> ' A- \ii Sire it' HI l V, i
hsrleatoa; Wh.Aureli*. do; 9th, Hoenavenfura, and Cedm.
rtriean*. Kid 7tb, Venedor, NOri
Bombay. Nov 12?Kid Quueuul the Keaa, Gardner, Liter
Hatavia, Oel 26?Arr Cygnet. *'??, Manila.
Mom irk, D?c8?In port brigs C U Kennedy, for
Portland .1 days: St Agiiei<Br>, f..r do 5; A BlaarhadL from
Trinidad just arr; echrs J L Bowman, Wood, lur NY or* 9
day*; Oaaan Queea iBr), for Boeton 1
Oak birr. Dec10?Sid LUias. Gilm.re, Havana lHh. Oood
bub, Springer, Cuba; California, Darlen, New York Utb, N
Boyntoii. Mller, Havana.
Calcutta, Nov i? In port shlpc Ruthjrea, YVillltmt, ior
Boston.ldg, lnea, Page, and Brewster Clark, dlag for do
Clara, Know, ?nd T BWales, Lincoln, for OTork, ? Boe
ton Light. II ol? at, for Boat at $10 i#r Urn); Ugale Oak
ford, Kldridge, dlsg for Philadelphia; Jtadlth, Miyjw1*, for
NOrieaDM, Idc; Uti?OD. l ituii, tor do; Robt Hardin#. In
grain roc dual $10; Good Hope. Miller, for Jamah a and Ha
Vannah; William J Morris, .la.'kaoB, for London, ldg;
Albert Currier, Kay net, tor do do Ivnnhoe, lAiie, <t * ,orj*0>
Zingari, New begin, for china. Ida, fczponuder, knowloa,
for Rangoon, to load lor London at <1W 14}
Crocker, dlag for t olombo; Mfcrotillua, U?U''VJor Bombay,
at 1M,IKKI niiieea; Whlilwlnd, Glet, for do. al 22.HW rupeeaf
hbaw mut, niggins, unc: Portland, loatlil, irora M igapore,
arr 3d, unc. Fd 7th. Charger, Hatrh.Boeton.
Kid fin Bangor Oct 21. Abarillen, Hall, B"* tun; Granite state.
Week*, NYork; 26<h, National Kagle, Maihew a, and < ?mo
dona, Crow ell, for Baaton; 27th, Luck now, Gotham, lor Mo
Drai.itt, Dei U-Arr Plying Hah, Davie*, NYork.
DnomM, Dee 14?off, A dele, from N Y 'irk tor At* twerp.
Pai-MOt'TH, Dec II?Off, Cie-ar, fh'Ui NYork.
a Ki-soi arr. It;' |??v/u. * "v *?? , * ,,
Foot now, Oct It?Arr Or..ii?d?, Taylor, Mngpo.
" a. Drink
OlBkrirrti. lire It?Kid Almira Co inba. Drlolrtv.ter, Car
Ulaicoh, Dec.lt?Arr Levanter, Raymond; Abby Brown,
Curi i?; Ann Augusta, Loviu. Mart baa Vlneyaid. Won;
While Seu, Evans, ar.d One. n of the 1 laet, Welton, NYoHt;
13tli, Harts Mie, Iioane, do; Utb, Ida, Morrison, I'taUdelphla.
hid 13tli, Cniled States (?*>, NYork.
Ai r at (treenock 13th, Caledonia, Hamilton, NYork.
At r in the Clyde 14th, Palmyra, l?veU, NYork.
liom.sacBu. Dec 7?Kid Keying, Ladd, ?.
Oi No t, Dec A? Arr Highland Light, Tripp, NOrleans: Alex
lulor. Bain, City Point; Utb, Mary Bciuley, Heutloy, NYork..
i.iuuutak, Nov 30?Arr Mary R Barney, Lutbur, M t.-sclllea
for NYork.
Htvaa, Dee 10?Arr R imbei-g, W liner, New Orleans; 1 i.h,
I'ueld Toby, Konle, .Mobile; 13Ui, Admiral, Bllrt'ens, NYork;
Enterprise, McLean. do Cld 13th, Mariana, William", NOr
rsna; Amelia, MeKeueie, Charleston. Sid 10th, Hopp.tt.
Overrsrd, NYork.
llAHht'tio, Dec 11?Atr Sir R Peel, NYork.
Kb! from Cuxhaven Vtfc, Elioe, Now York; 11th, Humboldt.
Boy ten, do.
m noKT, Bee 11?Arr Beaver. I'tlev, NYork.
Honu Konu, Oct 14?Arr Fruiter, Stone, Bombay; 16th, A
Thorndike, Thnraplke. Pelho: Itith, May Queen, Jordan, Hwa
u.w; Tori-ent, (iove. Sbaiigbac; 19tn. Mary Whlirldge, Crasty,
Bangkok; 'Abb. Harriet A Jessie, Deshon, San Francisco;
Haze, Holmes, .sbanghae, 26th, " lilonlnger," NYork; Moon
light, Brock, Kan Krandaco.
Kid Oct 13 (not as before), shin Starr King, Elleir, Manila to
load sugar at $9 per ton for NYork twaa not at Manila Oct d,
aa reported I; 17th. Robert Paaaeuger, Robertaon, Sau Fran
cisco; 24th, Coquliubo, Knlpe, do.
H.ti.irAX, Dec 16?Arr bngs Acuilian, McKlnnon, ?w York;
17tb, Jaffa. Robinson, do; acbra Lima, O'Brien, do; 22d,Grey
hound, Carnage, Baltimore.
Litmmfli, Deo 11?Air Northern Chief, Btahl (orYen
xiei. NCrlean;; Jamea Neamith, "at a, do; Matilda, Connor,
< barlestoo; Air lc, Zeregs, NYork; lxth. City of B&itimore
- _ ._ ? " D
(a), NYork; Annie Hise, Sullivan. Mooilo; B D Metcalf, 8tot
son, Ntirleunk; hpltrd d, Trumbull, NYork; M C Pox, Good
ing, Card.naa. 14ih, lalestlne (a), Martyn, Portland; Atlan
tic, Liusjpore, NCrlean*; Star o the Wait, Mori iron, New
York; Albert Gallatin, Delano, and *enj Adama, Chaae, do;
William cutumlnga,? ope, Philadelphia: 16th, Alan "
am vuinuiiBgs, ? ope, Philadelphia: 16th, A lama, God
frey. Galveaton; Texlan Star, Loud, do; Mamabaa Webb,
tea, and Mongolia. Watta, Ntlrlcana; Sun-eas. Chaae,
I i rj. iinnraivwi itiwu "iwi , a
Huc'ics, and Mongolia. Watta, _ __
aiufcbiMnerden, Bennett, do; C C Duneaa, O'la, savannah:
til/a Bcnaall, Mlcbacla, Charleston, Laucaaver, lie can, Phi
ladelphia; Excelalv, Swift, and Marmion. Blankenahip, N
Kid Utb. Ironaidea, Chaae, Boaton; Neptune, Peabndy, N
York; Ktvini inunde, Laage, Hampton Roada; Conaul, llay
den, Kavannah; Kny State, ? roe ell, Apalachloula; Moon
be?m, Dow, SPranclaco; 12th, John Bright, Luoe, NYork;
William, Wlgner. Norfolk. Va; 13th, William Penn, Meade,
B.iltltuore; Pocahontai, Delano, NOrleana; Abbott Lawrence.
Patterson. KPrauckco via Cardiff; 14th, Angle sea, Hruce, N
Brleana: Ceylon, Plarty, do; Mountaineer, Wiloon, and Sham
ruck. Week*, do; Florida. Mortimer, Savannah; Lucy Thomp
son, Hubbard, NYork; 16th, Win Llbhy, Biabon, NOrleans;
W F Storer, Iraak, Mobile; Karanak, Rowland, for Philadel
phia; Belle Woid, Hush, NYork.
Cla 11th, < 'hai-r Kdwards, Havana; WUHaa Penn, Meade,
Baltimore; Ceylon, Klaitv, and tngleaea, Bruce, NOrleaaa;
13th, Tricolor, Price, Mobile; 14th, Reynard, Freeman, NYork:
Pilot Klah, Sedgley, Rio Janeiro. *
Ent for idg Ilth, curriinek, Knowlea, Baltimore: Potomar,
Feed, New Orleans; Senator, Coffin: Marquette, Watta;
Athens, Shields, and Constitution, Higgins, do; Govanni Ste
fami, Cappoid, N Y > rk; 12th, Shuotltig Mai, liot>-hk iss, Boa
ton- Harry of the West, Emtry, and Belle Wood, Bash, New
Yotk; Wallsie lane, do; Kangaroo (a), and Australasian (a),
for do; MHthlldr, Bomni r, Hampton Roods; K A KouUord,
Hetheringtun, and Montetuma, Suits. Kavannah; Lorenzo,
Mai w ick, Ni w Orleans: 13th, James Cbeston, Bryan, for Cal
cutta; W A Plutenlua. Bennett, Havana; J as NeainMn, Watta,
New I irleans: Old England, Delano, and Kterlingahire, |g.
vine, savannah; Websti r, Lawrence, New York; 14th, Julia,
, 4*1 * 44 y A" *5 w a Asa M ? A ? *411 as UllBy
Bjorkinsn, Baltimore; Biaudywlne, Puriuton, Mobile; Lady
Russell, M. -her, aud iib he, baker, N'Orleansj Hobt Parker,
Ab-meihy, Savnnnah: Manhattan, Dixon, NYork; W'm Cam
ming*. Cope, Philadelphia.
f cMos, Dec 11?Arr U B 1-amar, Bradley, NYork; Neato
1*11 Worth do; I2lb, Joseph Gilchrist, Jordan, Callao; Mary
Bradford, Tlitmpsoii, Bos'on; Achilles, Gallagher. Philadel
phia ; 1,3th. -It lisnt a, Kessenfell, NY'urk, 14th, Cmsar, Con
nnte. aad K D Kyaraon, Cns-by. do.
I id I2lb. Kllza Ann. logic, Mirleans; 13th. Rex, Grande,
Norlolk; Yai cluse, k< arm v, Ntork; 14lli, Otiawa, Crawford,
Km outward Hhh, James R Kaeler, Delano, for NYork;
13th, G H l.nmar Bradley, do; Mogul, Knaraer, for Bombay;
14th, Wild Ruver, Crowell. and KoUa ilood. Crowell, Port
Philip: Polled Ktates, Nicholaun (ur Blanehard), do.
Kid frcm Gravt send 11th. Bjolna. Berg, Boaton; Bhlne,
Moore, NY"oik
Lkkwick, Deed-Kid Koeratea, Hemmert (from Newoaetle
arr 2d. with salle split!, NYork.
Lsi.hohn, Dee l?Arr David Cbapln, Tucker, KYork; 2d,
Forest City. Axworthy, NOrleana.
Mspkiks. Not 23?Arr Kea Foam, Brlggs, NYork land aid
27lh *Or Palennoi. 2ffth. Nova Congelcmi, Rtbero, Bangor.
Msassti i.rs, Dee 8?Arr Imogens, Crablree, NY or*. BUI
6th, Ionic. Hutchinson, Messina.
Macao, Oct IS?Kid J Wakefleld. Young, HavanA
Kli.ionxi, Oct V?Arr Joshua Bates, Clark, NYork; 10th,
Golden West, MrKenxte, Loudon; Ilth, Clarissa Carrier,
Knapp, ami Guiding Star, llale Boaton; Kate Hweeflaad,
Thayer, NYork; 14th, Pneowah, Klrt.y, London, 26tli, Colon
Kkllllngs, do Also arr, no date. Kiting Bun, BkolQeld, ana
Franklin Haven, Bears, London. Abner nletaon, Htetem; C w
White, Prodleton; Kpsrkllng Kea. Ryder, Arabia, Harding,
and Western Chief, Wording, Urerdool.
Hid Oet9. Beverly, Cheae, Ca rutu; 17th, Bamarltan, Small,
Oallao; 18ih. E Kimball, Wilson; Alice Coonce, Singer; Cri
terion. Harding, and Bunker Hill, Smith, do.
bbwcamul NSW. Kept 19?Arr Evangeline, Bartlrtt, Mel
bourne (and aid Oct 12 for t lalcutla ; Get 4, AlmaIIa, Klehard
son, Melbourne. Kid Oct 1. W ild Oaxelle, Crowell, bourn
Nswroav, Drr li?Are Xarla Bartlett, Ollchriat, Dublin to
load for Galverlon. Sid Utb, Johanna, Damke, RTwtJM,
Cartotta, Crowed, Klo Janeiro; J W Ht?W, Leigh ton, 11 urn.
Ilk; l.Tlh, N let am. I>?rU, Nlirleana
1'i.thocth. liar 14?Arr 11, rid-peed, Dun ton. NYort
I'ooi.r, Drr 1?Ait Ferecto*. Tnoouut, NYort
r?k?-<t, <h*]*-Hld F.dkln Flye, Weaver, Calcutta.
Four*, Dee r?In port aebr Maty Alice, Welab, for KTortt
rTOKinwn, Dee IN?Arr AnlOla. I'hlUdalphi*. AM Uth,
Belle Creole, Crowell .from Callao., Antwerp, H booting Star.
Hotcfcklv (from N York), Uvrrpooh
Ronitr??, Dec U? In port Mitierva, Ommeron, far Boa
ton ready.
Km J 4 mil an. Hoe IS?In part ehlpa Aqnila, OUrar, and Bo
rodino. FVwrra, for NOrteai.a, brie- Oeranltun, Heron, and
Namcaug, lingers, for do Hid Utb, bark Campaaera, Dabet,
Mtlnarr. ?
liMflOi, Sept lb?Arr R B Forbes, fUltard, Burton.
B*u on*. Dee 14?<>k, Ialand Queen, Lockham, from NTorfc
for tendon.
Htiir Poigr, Dae 13?OF, Wlaoot siu, droit, from London
for SYort
Hiactroca. Oet K Arr Typhoon, Sal tar. Hong Kong: SDK,
Lucky Star, i'an Winkle, BaUsvla, Sfth, Onean Eagle, (klimi.
Melbourne (and aid Nov 6 for Caleutta), Ceylon, I/~-kje. Cal
lao; Bur J. Humboldt, Holmes, H.nderUod, Cth. Agnes, LIU
tie. BaUrta. Tornado, Mumfned. I'r.ho and Hong Eoag. Bid
Oct U. Spirit of ike Tlmaa. Klein, Bombay.
!n pi-rt Not 5 ships f.leard, Fruol, f..r Boston ?la Panangl
Been bar Roger*. for London; Typhoon, Bitter for Calcutta*
J N < nahing. Hwbil for Saigon; t eyioo. Larkte; lllndnotaa.
T1bt?'tla: llutnb. dt. Holm, a, and Ind*i>*odenr*, Tbrano,
nrr. bark Lucky Star, Van WlnUe. for NYork
sm am.no, (HI*?Arr Moncke, McCaelln, Kanagasra, 7th
Kale lliopcr, Johnann. Palbo; Hth. Fanny Mrllenry, Smith,
from the North; 17th, Seaman's Hride, Wyman, (t.nagawa.
Hid l*th, phant m, Hargent, NYork.
Hi nave*. Aug 5?Oti the I'epper Coaat, bark Tbotla. FtdlM
from NYurk
Hrrnnr, NHW.no dale Arr C E TUton, Brtard. Fooobow;
C.'lporfeur, Han rrknctaeo. *')d He|>t 3d, Hooorn, Briard, Cal
cutta; llet *, Id. ne. Falee CalUo: Utb. F.llra A Ella, Luat,
Wone ting; Imb, Tn.pic Hlrd. Hmttb, Manila; 1Mb, 0 K TIHon,
?Hard. HhHiighar.
At Doamoo, Dee 1?In port brig W R Klbbey, Harden, for
Ht .loime. NP. Dec IS-Arr hrins Alton, Randall, and Morn
log Star, knight. NYork. CM 7th. ?chr Petrel, Hklnner, Das
In port Pith, fllenee. for NYork.
Mr .loan. NB. I?ec It?CM brlj: Triad, Brown, Matanraa
Ht Hti rum. NB, Dee IB?t Id -chr Vienna, Mawulre. NYork.
Tmoob. Dec lb?Hid crotui. Wood, Havana.
Traas l?i a*n*. Dee 13?In put berk* Cordelia, Roberta, for
Philadelphia In a day or two: Marria, I landman from H?
Crot*. for Booton neat day; -ebrWeoonah, Nicker*, hi, from
Bneter Ju-I arr
Y*l*h<t*. IS-,V?Arr Enmpn. I! berU .n. Cellao
Vmu. Nov pv Arr Volant, Houford, Pernatnbuoo an.I aid
Derdfor Dp rto*.
W iTuuiu. fire Mk? In port Col den Age, Petrone. from Lb
verrool, <4 and for ?York, dl?g for repair*.
W H i?r?M. I let If?Bhl ?ar*h, An.lrewa, NYork; JOIh. Mau
ry, Paul, do. 13d Hen Serpent. ? Mimosa, do.
Amrrlraa Port*.
APAI. tcHiroLA. De. 10- Arr -hlpe Finland. looes, and
Jane, pi F. Lireip.?>l; hark- llnnvh decor Bro-k. N York;
?at, Bogota. K?y Weal Cld gist. Hreklp Portland ' igg, Li
In port (let, ship* ritiland, J ones, and Jane iRr), DuF.
dlsg he * k- Hannah Heeor. Br o. .k. I or Liverpool |.|g; Kleot
nlng. Jayne. for MYtwk do Bogota. from Key West wig, kite
Paul Xalom y Htlllraaa. for Pro. Meure id*
ALEXANDRIA, IS-c A- Arr Br b*tk hlTta Char', a^ Joam,
Richmond. Sid steamship Non'k. I n. (lager. NYork; -ckni
Reel Wind. Blirnetl, and F.liiale-tli Elca or, Kadi bins do.
MDPI1 F, Decli?Are ship Kitty Co>de?, Monssith, Llrer
t?ol; -cl.r l iving Flab, Fi-h, Boeton Cld Br anlpa rhorlan
( hal< Tier. Kendall, and I ali-'e llanee. Ha we-. Liverpool;
baik Hetre-s, 1 lark, Cork and a mkt; eebra Helena Helen,
Taylor, Vn.nkltn, la. smith Toeneend. Dandy. Aitakepaa.
KaI.kM, line 14?Arr ecbr? dulla Ann, Kogers. Bellimord
for Srar-poit. Valhalla, Daele, RlitabeUiport
BDMEIlBlsT, Dec 10?Arr whr Kequlma it. Brtggo. NYoOk
for Digbioii.
W All.II kM, Dee M?Arr aebr Angkor Beam. NYork.
Every body ah nil try <
Maaafertnred hy D. V SMITH,'M MnMati lane, an*
aoM hy growers and bouae f irnlehera.
Agent* wanted.
ehorl hierol, jn*i Imported for holiday 111 tiamilg:
siehea. P'-rkhlrd- Larks. Ih ; .faehee, M.wkfng Birds, and
all kinds of I goer Htola. ? L..1.-sale and rrmlL t agea, Ac.,
for mio. No. 7B Pnlton aire, ', r. rner of Odd atreei,
J? ronal ly broken Retriever, tram land and water, one
Italian (I Til ound Dog and two Pupa Inquire of DANIEL
FtrtFTRK. P Nadi-oa -irect, Urol thwir.
English ? Ireyhottnd* one pure heeed Bull Dog, too
walc'i Hog* ten 'cm**; ten Ncw'..nnd1and and Ht. BaHMWl
Pupa, of a mammoth hrerd, the largest In the city, from foe*
to . ight neck* "Id father nod uinih-r -an be aern, one Fog
llonnd. D ga of all breeds Addr? H. OARDNBB, corner
of Bneil.nv antl Fiftieth etreci, N. Y.
iallr's tdd Plgerti Ciin erPI i?ke (dace on FHday, roe
Wlhlnak, etc DKMARRhT'B RaOnmd Untie*, ott FilHm
atrane, op) . -It* the Brooklyn ( it> Railroad depot.
c. "rll traiVtr ef faner Bit . from *11 pur"
a, } r sal* " b"' -sle s- sU at CHARLEn
I r I' ll A a-t A., a L-Cb .1 f >

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