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Report of the Senate Committer
on Federal Relation*.
The Action of South Carolina Declared
Revolutionary and Treasonable.
The Military Tower and Besourrfs of the State
Plnlseit to Put Down Insurrection.
The Rendition of Fugitive Slaves a
Constitutional Obligation.
*?., *?., a#?
A ijiAvr , Jan. 10.1861.
Tlie thild house lias rapidly filled up durlcg tho last
tw.'fitv four hours. The afternoon train from New York
yesterday brought quite an army of these patriots to
loofc after the interests of the people. They of course
jtt-v>T th.nk for a minute of their own a tin its, but are la
boritig to jnotect the people. The bc hemes that have
brought tli 'in here at tliH time are as varied as the
numbers . 'i attendance. First and foremost we have a
equad laboring for tho defeat of the City Chamberlain
bill now b. tore the .Senate, and another batch laboring
for it. The- ? gentlemen are as busy us bees in the sea
ton of flower.-, and bear upon their countenuuoee tho
consctouMic-s of great re^jwnsibility. No doubt the fa
bulous sums that it id said have been raised on both fides
i- the cau.- ? of this.
The numerous bills to anvud and repeal the grant* for
city r.ulio'uJa in New York has brought a score or more
to the capita), interested in those measures as well as tho
opponent... William Allen Butler has taken up his quar
ters at Oon;irets Ilall, snugly esoonsed with Win. Curtis
Noyes, the two looking down upon the gridirou patriots
With an apiiareut satisfaction of men who have
their antagonists under their feet Believing in
the itfOfcth of their cause, they are quietly awaiting
l'or the dovelopetnent of event#; whilst on the
other hsu.il. the railroad party are moving about like men
tliat had an importaut work on their hands which would
not admit of delay, 'llieir movements are those of shrewd
men, determined to carry their point. We arc promised
boiue interesting dcvtlopemouts in this line during the
pesdion 1 here may not be as many startling chapters
us we h id last winter, but they will be fully as interest
ii:g to the general public.
The oanai commission caucus List evening was a one
bided a!lair. irom the failure of the numerous canu: 'ates
aga.aai tv-uj. 1. Uruco to conccntrate their strength
upon any < tie man. Mr. Bruce hud every thing ha own
U ib i-?w understood that Weedonly departed tor
New York ivhcn ho h-iw tlutt everything wils duly ar
ranged nod In. mi.n would be nominated beyond a doubt.
The Senatorial question will not be settled as easily; it
be.ng a larger prise the struggle to obtain it will be much
> more earnest by the friends of the dill rent candidates.
The national crisis still continues to absorb tbe atten
tion of the public mind. All ejts are turned towards
Washington, it must bo admitted, however, with but
little h<ipi* oJ anytime practical being di>ne lo a\ert the
storm ponding over us.
Ibo .Senate t ommittee on Federal Relations made thoir
rcjiortthi morning. Every member signed the resoiu
tionr., bet two of the democrats refun d to sign the
report. . ?
fbo report goe- bark and reviews l)i? power over tlio
l*evorai Mate* embraced in the artirli-s of c mfe leration
?ud finds m tiiat the confederation had no power to en
rone the decrees of Congress. and to correct this weak
ness was < n? ?>t the mam objects of the franmi s <>i the
constitution: and the committee liudth.it the constit'itlon
of 17S7 artbrd* unmi-takoable evidence that, unlike the
articles oi confederation, it was ordained by and for the
peupie of tile United Slates; that it provides for the per
petnlty o' the luion, and that it establishes the para
mount authority of the general government; and
that Ui'-re no constitutional power whatever by the
4-.xerct-? ot w h.- h a Sta '.o ean w ithdraw froiu tho Luion, i
resume power irrevocably granted by the people to the
ge neral government, an 1 reloai-o its citi/ens from their
oaths < t aUeg ucco to it. The re|K>rt tm n cites the v iews
and epiuious ol the ruliug minds ol the Oou\cntiou, tv-pe- j
c tally ihm>e it Madison, and his remarks upon tne several
plans submitted to tho Convention. fhe report also holds
that the constitution provide for the perpetuity of the
IJuam, which may be shown negatively from tho absence
of any provision by authority ol winch II may conrtltu- I
tlonall} dissolved. On this they say thai thecitizen* of
fcouili Carol ma reuson as though the constitution of 1780 was
out a real it} . and as If we were till living under tho old
so t cie* ofronloderation. But the old sy.-tem with ail its
tleiects has pasted aw.ty, and in its place we have j
a national government .deriving authority from the peo '
pie and invested with power to make the constitution
and the laws made in pursuance thereof respected ati I
obeyed ll-en supposing the constitution to be a cum
pact liet? *en sovereign Mates, there would still be no
constitutional power ou the part of a Mate to withdraw
from its contract or eacape from the operation of us
The repo't declares the doctrine of soce-ion Irreeon
cila.de with the constitution, and that it is nothing less
than a deliberate attempt to substllulo for the decision
of the .supreme Court, whose .jurisdiction extends
to alt questions arising under the constitution and
laws, th? dangerous action of revolutionary tri
buna!.-. To pass an ordinance of secession may
bo aa eaay matter; but when it comes t o releasing
citi/en* from their oaths of allegiance to support a con
Htitutioii which the jieople of the I nitod Mates. by a so
lemn act of ratiUcation, maile supreme over all oth -r
constitutions When it comes to resist the laws of Con
gress.made In aroordanco th rewith, and to expel ?ie
gair.-oas fn>u the nation's forts and arsenal-; within
their territories, they will find no word to give a sanction
to such proceedings; and th.it it tvould be more magnani
mous for th? citizens of such States to come out ai onco
and couf"?K their acts to bo revolutionary.
The ordinance of ."outh Carolina contains nowrd of
complaint aga.nM the acts of government. It presents
to the world tho extraordinary spectaclo ol' a
revolution lor the overthrow of a government
against wiiiah no bill of tndictmeut has been
presented l>) those wlio are plotting its destruction.
They recommend that the Fugitive Slave law shs'.l bo
atripjied ol od'ous and ofleu.ivo features, if this were
done such nets of legislation a- have boon passed r.y
Northern Mate* with reterence to this law would he
cheerfully and promptly repealed.
The comm ttee deny that there is any considerable imr. ]
timi of tlie people of the North who al&rm the right, or I
who have any intention of encouraging, much less aidinr
o? abeltiag, any attempts lo interfere w )th Slav erf in the
Htates. tr tco the pn-aent coutrovoi y to tite re- I
jwal of the M;s-otiri cotnpK>ml>e nnd the repeal of the !
non intervention prineipfe thit liwl been cheerfully Mb I
fiiitliil to b; the jicopie up in the adept inn <x that p.\n I
clplo in l?:o on tlie ipiestion of tbe Terri
??>i "? they bold that Washington, New Mexico, |
K'">?- Nebraska nnd Ctah are already organized
undei Territorial government, fn regard to then- th'n I
the of slavery is fixed by organic law. Umvim* I
Arizona. lad.ni Territory and Daouh stIU to be p, '
vided fir and tb'S Include*; every foot of our ptlblle . I
mam now?before theee thrw Territories are organized
un ier ';etriU)rial govi-rmu. nt ihe opinion of the Pred
Fcott c?^e may tako tho character or decision, and this
would teti'ier the application of the principle inconsistent
with our constitutional obligations. In such a esse we
hbou.d h?ie to rest our hoj? i na the obstacles to t.tie in
troduetuw of slavwy olfrred by soil and cllmite. If n,i
decisioi aboold stand In tbe way. the application of the
priacip.e would be defeated during the next l'p -i
? lentia! term by the want of harmony in the co
-ordinala brai.i hes of the government. !/>o';.ng
still further in the future, and Judging from whatmiy
happen irom < xpcrli nee of the past, it e.numt escape
i*iiilon that the mutation of party make it extremely
iwotIth it ci1 what Is to be tho politldtl rumt'iexion of
the government after lKiU. If these views are of any
force, It inuoi loilow thai the apprehi>nsl<w of uto sUve
8tates in regard to the principle of exclusion are witliom.
foundation, and that as a pretext for with'rawing from
Ihe lnon.it is not entitled to tho weight whn:h is I
claimeil for It.
The;- alM? lielieve that a dissolution of tbe Union would
settle tne question of slavery In tbe Territories in fa- -r
of the tree stater The government of th? Pni'-d Prat, s
is a government resting on the consent of th pn.jjie.
Tlie cons!mtion pro, ides for ihe permanent authority of
all laws made in pnrmuwjce thereof for the perpetuity
ol the Inion, and lor the protection of all the
vsr|e<t interest" arising out of a diversity or i
soil, climate and production. That, in nil of
there re?|MVI* it hn Justified tho aQt tTip.it Kin
of Its iliiMrWi" founders, our astoTil-diftur progress as a
nation a turds the most nam*'ak'ablc evi lohce. It is
now to le- put u> a sevi ro ordeal. Hi'vBlg proved its
wteptatii a to all wsats of n p-Mpioof p <ae? within and
without, t* |siwer lo res,-it :? a internal rebellion is <?ti
to i>e pot lo ihe test Hi .ttnrtt intuitive wlsdooi of i
(mitTUli u in fne?l ami piot"Ot< d it at all points, for
the stortu as well as the simstoin and If In this, the '
boil! <>f t, ml, tin loum ation sfcAll be sapped and under j
Inltiad, ii will cover Willi uiispealMble mfatny all tho;?
*?ho, ?mrigarouig then c.ittjH to supp it it, sitif
neglect to rail forth 4tho power and strength
ot ^ its provision In its defnoca. Ihat tlie
ronrse ot the administration en tins great
question will bo such as will receive the approbation of j
peot'e o| me free .xtat ". Irre |ssrtive of party, thero 1
rannntne lie shadow of a Oe'lbt. Nor is It less cert t in j
thai tbe jMv.il|?u or tbe tirst retiublicao Trsmd'nl will
""U,1 approval o. rnioti l iving men m s i
*ii' i ? ^ ^teyerhi; abstract opin.i us maybe, In- '
sill, win; l it,du-usl Into I,. i ,?ki 'iJJIce, bdin Bister Umi
I!' - - Lu. l.nR "l" r nstltttlion il l I tbe laws.
Vour eon.mHt-e believe th?'p...,p), ?r the l-mnire
5?"Z?,SZ'"U,"U( ',tw> htive bin half J!erS?
i III.3 r ilL'c-.'''" ,llt" mora I i ympartie
atid SIIHSTI. I He Hate ?( Npw Vi^msde
" "" f , in aece tin ( to t,,., ,;o?-lin,
t.M, Ml' saenfired for a pr..u?tbm win. h she did
n .' nee.i t.ie control of eommenv, who o gate- she dm
ars>ed. With a nrm di trrmlnniion to. nmpTv WMh >]l?r
con?tHut(wieI obligations, f ho cannot u<r a mmnont con
a< at thai o'hei Malts oil ??> |sel vtr.smh is liave be<<ii
frl\at*"d, tn ?> pti. .d to Uirwrt Uicui off, aud to tluseu.l
*' ? si -ml prep?*r*d, wb?-?-?' ? the Mum sh.?u nrfiw t*
k' ltxrlllk |{ih iJm tmw-cl Ht*iee, uot uoiy
? :ih h*r mora but with ber nater'ai pow<*r
TllOo. Hi: : UO? SK. republican
fi.'WJ T M\NrERRK, republic**.
rem: p Mi RPjn-, repjbiicaa.
ri'tiRAlti tiOeM. republican.
J. McLKOD MIUPHY, democrat.
Senators Coiviu Mid HjunoU refuted t*> sign the report.
Ihe lollos* IBf are the reseiotion* u(>peud<d?
Whereas, lbe 'constitution of the Iniled State* was or
daiued by a;id lor lUe people thereof; and, whereas, it
o-Uililitwitke paramount author, ty of the (;o vermm u?,
ta d provide* fur the perpetuity of the I'nion therefore,
Ktsulved (ii the Assembly mm urj, That the p<?>ple of
tills St-?U , ii ri>pect:\e of ) arty disliut liou^, do hereby
declare that the rights of the people of a single State or
s? Mjpfl Mates, to absolve thsiis siren at will from ihe.r
solemn obligations to the federal In ion JranMot be ac
kuo\> li-dged. The principle and the objects which the
geaerul gosetntaeut watt forme*! to secure, are repr.guant
to such authority and the exercise thereof, wheresoever
or hovssoevet attempted, i? treasonable and most be re
sk-ted by all the remedies provided in the constitution.
The liret duty, therefoi e, of the citizens of fNew York is
U) ??? directed to the preservation of the b'nion
Hesolved (if the Assembly coiicur), Tluit the l?gisla
lure will su>tui:i the Kxecutheof the State in the ofl?r
and pledge of the military power and resource, of the
Hate; and that they will ''provide tor calling tor the
tmlitia to execute the laws of the I'nion, suppress insur
notion and re;>el invasion*," whether within or without
the Mate.
Revoked (it- the \ssembly concur) Thai tlie State of
New \ ork s laithiul to the lederal l nion,aud will make
every ueeditti sacrifice to maintain it dl its iniogr.ty At
the same t imo Jic? York wlH make equal sacrifices to
support the siseial Slates m all their constitutional
Resolved (if the Apt embly concur). That Congress has
no power to interfere >\ ith slavery in the several Staler,,
or any of them.
Resolved (if the Assembly concur}, That although we
believe Congress possesses the power to abolish slavery
in the Histrict of Columbia, yet it is inexpedient to ex
ercise such power .unless upon the following conditions ?
1. That abolition should be on the vote of a majority
of qualified voters of the District, and with the tousen
ot the ijtate of Maryland.
'?. Th it should be gradual
U. Thai compensation should be made to unwilling
Resolved (if the Assembly concur), That Congress
should not inhibit or impair thu tutor State traffic ot
persons held to service or labor under the law* of the
several States or any of them.
Resolved (If the "Assembly concur), That while the
rendition of fugitive* from .service or labor is a plain
constitutional obligation, ami should be faithfully ob
served. the law of ltJiO contains provisions wliica seri
ous!) obstruct, if they do not prevent, its execution.
These should l>e modified.
1 sign"only as regards the resolutions, and in no man
nc r intend to endorse or opprove of the re|K>ri.
It is understood that Senator Spinola will make a
minority report at an early das.
'Ihe entire report, of which the foregoing is some or
the important points, will make from six to seven
columns 01 the Hmui.i>; it may bo said to be a well
ssruten and able document, aud shows in its citation a
large amount of research. Senator Hillhouse, the chair
man ot the committee, is us author. II was laid upon
the table and ordered to be printed. No actiou was tukeu
upon it by Ihe Senate.
'J'lio City Chnmberla.n bill in the Semite was again jKist
juried until Friday, when it comes up for Ann! vote.
A large number ot bills were introduced in the House
to-day. referring to all tnnnrier of subjects, many of them
of interest to the city of New York. Mr. I tare y intro
duced a bill to reduce the tare of the Union Kerry Com
pany 10 one cent, and Mr. Xesbitt a hill to provide for
a like reduction iu the Williamsburg ferries.
Mr. ilutclnngs gave notice of a bill for the relief of John
Clancy. This is a bill to bring the suit brought by Judge
White for libel againsl the b ado' to immediate trial.
Ihe prosecutor in this rase has token it to a court where,
if it takes its regular tut n, it cannot be reached for three
years after the term of oftlee lor which Mr. White is elect
ed expires. The object of the bill is to change Its position
on the c ilendar and have it tried at once. It will be
pushed by the defendant to an immediate vote, us he is
anxious to have the question settled at once; and on the
other hand, it is understood that Judge White desires to
postpone it us long as possible.
Mr. Walsh introduced a bill this morning, providing
that the gas companies in the city of New York shall noi
charge tor the use of meters.
Sir. Arcularlus presented the following resolution,
which lays over under the rules ?
Resolved, That the Comptroller of the city and eounty ot
N?w York, be, and Is hereby requested, to furulib lhl? bi4y,
at the earbeal possible moment, the following information ?
The ami mm paid to commmsionero l or opening atreet* in said
city aud < ounty in the iaal ten yeara: thenameHof theaeveral
i_i>mmisnouei?. and the amount paid to each; the title* ol the
wurkaon sshich they were rngaged; also the namea of the
eounael. aurveyors, clerks, and other pwrwin* engaged in auch
oi?nlnKv. ssith the amount naid to caeli of them; and also
the snitoua works waltlnc for oonilnnalion, together with the
amouutx tialm' d by the aeveral pers ins empl'iyed thereon,
and aueh other imonration connected with the subjeet as
can bu obtained lrom i in- book) iu hia department reluiive to
Kiicet op<'Uing, lor Ihe time .-peciflcd iu and eiubracrd la itiia
It is rumored that a subscription of $f>0,000 has been
raised to secure the confirmation by this l>egisLtture of
tbo&aleof the Middlo Hutch church to the government
for a l'ost Ottl?-e. It is to be hoped that this legislature
cannot, even with the application of that sum, be induced
to force that site upon the citiaens of your city. The idea
that the inliabiUutts of Manhattan L- land should be forced
to virtt that place l?r their letters, should n?vor be lor a
moment entertained by men acting in tho capacity of law
makers, in the first place the ground is too small for the
accommodation of the large mail that by necesmty
passe* through that office, and in the next place it is
cletir outside of the general tide of the business popu
lation. ihis will probably be about the tlrst moni sed
."clicmo tliat will be brought up for the action of the
House, and their vote upon this question will enable us
to form soine opinion as to (he virtue and honesty of the
lower house,and will enable the public, to form an opinion
a to th" result of kindred scheme* that will follow.
Jv-an Richmond, ex-Lieutenant tkivernor Church, fx
Cos ernor Seymour, Isaac Butts, of the Rochester f'nim,
ex-Marsh*II Jcwett aud J 11. 1'armelee, of the ItuOalo
I miri'T, are at Ihe l'elevan House to day. There is a ru
mor that a consultation is to take place muongst protui
wui deriiocrats to advice a* to the propriety or opposing
by all nutans in their power any j>olicy that will, under
aus circumstance*, lead to civil war.
Auusv, Jan. 16, 1341.
Mr. Milium m, [com the ,xe,e?, Commiltee on federal
Relations, pre >-m ? d s fiajority report?Messrs. hpuiola
and Oolviii di-v-enling. TIk resolutions accom|KUij :tig
lh<j report were read.
A motion to pruit cttra copies of the report ha.ing
been made,
Mr. Iupium ?-We bnve already pigged reeblutions
t< iideriuK the whole fo.ce of tbe government. towards the
Hetdemeut "f tbih- tuattcr, ana lie wa* opposed to any
action at the present time, thinking that ,-ecli course
w.'iiid rather retrrd than Uvten * settlement.
The motion to priut w a." referred
Mr. Phiky prnmM the eighteenth annual repot I of
tl.' niiiiutfrer* of tij<- \? York tUt<- Lunatic AMyhitu
Mr. retailso to High itridjr over Harlem
riv <.r.
Mt.i< ivn???>r?*i>. ?
Mr J. I Ton Mi'.h., t4 amend tho act roUti* to
the City Hnli, New York city.
Mr. It-wj:. making au appropriation for the Canal
rivtt Mid maintenance of the can. In lor the fiscal year
c? n:mcncinK t "etcher 1,1WI.
Hie bill relative to tho 1 mance Impertinent of th" city
of New York Coining up on th.rd reading,
Mr. Gu.Yik hhouki declinn voting for or mpiin.-it any
X< \v York city matter* without being fully saMrtnl that
tbe citu^w of Now York defur'-d It. He had not lor
i- IMS the mert.ii'---< charge ? made again;1 the members
of the Liiki 1 eglrflat'ire lor voting on tho New York, city
railroad bl!l? It they voted f?r, they w< re churned with
being corrupt, and if they voted against them the chance
W?-< the tine. At eomofature time he would endeavor
10 how that l.'iw in 1'. Morg ii ?*.s responsible for the
Irgii-Utiou on New York t ity l-allrcads lbit wax hid at
iho laat ts-rteion. This hill, ho rould not learn, met with
the approval of tho--'- wlio "uplit to be eonautted In that
olty * mcaanra of ti>it cluracter called upon rn?Inn
to i how until Ihe wudit-a Of tin- people wore obtained.
When due cltlaras ot New York?understanding the pro
visions Of the bill?' hall a-h for itk paw ige, he should
'.*? happy to vole for it Hot a iih the information he
now possessed he could n?t rot* fer the meiMire.
Mr. lUllLMUi?N?w York Henator* certainly -.vera
aware thet ovm piper in the city had advocated the
pii -.imp o, tic bill. He had no objection to the cour n
liro;?v#d b\ tlx Senator tr< i the Thirteenth.
Mr. :>? >i > favored the bill, and recited the history of
the ihmnbcilaui controveiay * hu h rendered it ne
c? Deary.
Mr f*wion*? wa* willing to vote for thl-< bill, #Ilh<>nirti
members from the rural d -tricts had oft- n been found
fault w ,tli tor voting for bii!.? routing to Sew York
Hie hill wa-> laid aside.
'ihe botir m twelve M. baring arrived, the Senate pro
i ceeded to th? nomination of a candidate for Cairn 1 tom
mt-lewfr W place of Samuel H Rarne?. de< ? 4.-ed, with
| 11k toUawiac re nit ?
j Wnjuniiii F. Bruce w>< notnln.-iteil hy twenty-two
i .^ natora, and W ra W. Wright by nin'-M-natora.
i M f rtt Munr<je nml Kelly * er< appointed to inlorro the
Houac tkat tlve t*e*ate m<* reidy U> meet the Hoiiee in
lOtat convent ten, which wuit done rcmilling in the elec
tion of Mr Kt ,ce.
> iv>M iinv-t.
r. ?1b;i* the l.< ^'laiature proceed to the olee
tii n of t nlt' d Htetea enator, in place of Hoi. llltam H.
Htwanl) on the f?tli day of I ebrttary.
laid over, i.mlor the r> !??.
Ad joiirtK .I te "lev en A M. In innri w.
AluUf, Jaa I#. 1 Mi 1
jn?i \< ks.
Mr. 1 MtM w To lay a r.?ilroi 1 tr:o k In Spring street,
N \v NorW.
Mr. lltt* him v. fer relief of .lok't (l.-incy.
Mr. Tm*?>. t, to inirnit ihj actautborlsing the BrnoV
lyn ' <-utr.il nd RraAl} n md .Inmaica Itailri udCotnpanm
to cou?olld -("'I " iitmii'- their ro^i- Alr-o, t? nntte>
rise ii, w tail; "ml ? in Brnoldya.
iw.om-cii"* ?>? aitt.t. 9
Mr, l'?a?T. in act in relation to ivi, i"|i between ?w
^ otk and Kro'-ltlj t> ?i-i? it Introduced In fhehteiito
lii?t > e r by Mr .-pui. i.i.
Mr, W.?ij*ii, In ndat.ou t-i-i* tn)> ill-?? In New Yorll
Mr. Naearrr, in relation to i urri>- h -tweeii Vew \ ,>rk
and llrortklyii Iik-Iii'Im both ' kt ni n' il Wl-'Wlt <H<
11 it t !? rr e? ui its prov
Mr \\n ?i,t to 4m od ii ** releti-. o I- I i u ii in New
I \ : k CitJ
Mr. MMiWoim, to provide for prop,- iperv\.-i<w of
\eW \ orl l' te meni In, i ?? h n/td for care mid iiHlriieti n
?>t tiimnt i lilliit eft.
titfc<Ho* ov i em, , >vn:- iom n.
At twelve o'clock tl?? lie e (miCHcii t<? vut#for *
oemt--* by the
fn S^c* !
h lc^r;rowr "fr"^ *>y <>"? d?oh ^ .^m?i
A^TLvifi. r?'"'r">'i ?otMr Chamber.
JourniS. motion ut Mr Wa..*, ii? ao^ *d
ProjKMc* Wew lork tMrmotrmtU Htmtt,
_ , Auumr, Jan T6, tMI
~vmU Prominent democrats held a me, ting here to I
night, and In eonsuitatitti thev were impressed ? itfa a
Kus* of ,bf Pre*1 that thr.-HM.us the Union, and
fcuggeste the calling of a Democratic S-tatc Convention
^,r"m 'ach a>rciubly
u <, . . ' v r :'i i! iv rt" u preliminary to a 1m>
cirUilivt *'UUUi fwention, to cunvone at an
i,t-:,,H . " toawWiTtt on thestat- ut ihi'c > in
>J *',w ^ni.-dy for the exiting distraction can
minor,? ^, ,.1, 18 N4iU ,k*1 wh,k> conceding the
1) take possesion ol the general government
c Vv r f .T^1 ?f lUe m,'nl election, the demo
f ni'n .k that as a majority of the p?opl? cf the
riKhtli? wU"'h *l thu.timei.hoaM b
BwlBkiueii, and that their etake ,? tne preserva
t.on o. the t nion is greater thai that of .<
minority party, although temporary.' miccoshIuI On a
ccmparuun ut vImi, they announce that the feelinn- of
the democrats ot thin Htate wn, t? t,e !U favor of nrmlv
maintaining the I nion and upholding Ih/ fw/ Ct '?
insisting. a* condition, that nJP ?i v? brunch shali ?o in
'uteX.ta c0, rrs l* M\ to ZnltTilTthS
' 1 ?.. ^"Ulcdorac} on the mm bai?.-> ?r aocurimr to
each it*, fuli constitutional rights ^
A c.,11 fur a convention will emanate probabh from the
repn-sentaUve, in the Legislature, and'^LTTort!?
Kew Turk Milltarj' A*?or|aUon.
Aj *.?.**, Jan. 18, 1381.
The Military Convention mot again th* morning
<.cner*l? llau and .spicer were in attendance. The re
commendation of tee Committee to revise the Militia
nss? rw- na-.-KTS
?s?I'r, . ss
?!.? i h 1'. . ?r *"mia* * b'" t" ?>?? iirivonted to
rrrr rt>f?;rr?l u> a Special Coin nut tec with
powu to ait a^ their judgment dictated.
Ki.un WH8 """I1'' "! member, the propo
bihon being received with appiauoe.
derT?n'w,W**S. t0t"Pli,1"'?t?O retioluti >118 to Major An
uerson were adopted^?uu?uiiuio\isiy.
xvifl?mTn.In,^Al0^ithe 11,1,1 Jivi?'on and Ufth brigado
w trumcd b/ the cumniittee.
A committee of iive was S)<pointe<], to report what
KwitteuffiritUnicewary tw iuu 6uM,to,,ur
Oihcers ior the cnauing year will be elected to morrow.
D> *.patcite* from Com. Htrlblln^?|itM Kx.
l>lorut ior.M In the ?? Inner Hra" ufJapan.
W tsniMiToN, Jan. 18, 1S81.
Kxri^iUTiox okthk '< mw: wi? ov japa\,
Tlie Navv Hepnrtment received this morning de
spatches from (lag officer Stribling, with date from lfing
Kotig to November 15. He oommunicntea important in.
formation respecting the dutcovery of a new clmnnol In
his passage" frcm Nangasaki to Kanagnwa. Heiays:?
In our pa^aao from the former p!ac? to the lattor, wo
went through the 'inner sea' of Japan. ThiH sea ha*
not been frequented l.y foreign shij* until the present
J < ar. It L- studded with many Islands, and bus several tor
tuoua struits. it i? frco irom diftlculiics, not well adapt
ed for sailing vessels, but Is perfectly safe for steamers. <?u
our pusago through it Ve anchored every night, n* tbo
pilots were not willing to run except by daylight. When
the seat is moro fre.juentcd, and shipmasters become ac
quaintcd with the proper places lor anchorage, it will, I
have no doubt, be the thoroughfare for all steamers run
ii.ug between Kanagawa and N.mgasuki, particularly
Mter the ports of Hcogo and Usaca are ojieiicd to trade.
?>saca U the commercial emi>orium of .laj>an, where all
the capitalists reMde. In its vicinity are the principal
silk and tea districts, and on an island uotfar distant
are th? richest copper mine.. On our passage
through the "inner sea" wo anchored four times. At
tw? of tw? wo moj-w I.aw.j mien
parties of ofllcers landed th?y were pt>rmitted U> walk
around the towns, and were treated w ith the greatest
civility. At o?aca, which is tho residence of a Governor
of the highc-t order, 1 sent a message on . hore expressing
my w:, h to (my my resjKJtts to the Governor. Th?j
odlccr sent was informed that an answer would be sent
on board at a certain hour. Two messages were
sent on board during the night, deferring tho tim
for g v tug an ausuer to my request. Having no busiuem
at Osaca, and being satisfied tliat the object of deferriu'
to answer my request was to avoid permitting us by an"
thority to visit the city. I concluded uot t? await tho
< loveruor s answer.
"At all the places visited iu Japan we were receive I
kUidly and civily, cxcept at <>.-acn, and our merchants ap
peared to be carr> >i.g on their business successfully
without impediments of any importance from the Ja
panese autl.01 ities."
TIO: ?TV | Ki(i.lT>; mw.vouc.
Chief Kngineer Williamson, of the .vmmoie war
steamer, has been ordered home, ani Montgomery
Kletchcr, of W.ushington. luis orders to take hw place.
Chief Kn?!neer King, of New York, will probably boor
dcred to tho l'ensacola. now receiving her ea,;ui<'s ami
machinery at this nary yard.
Indian Trouble*.
rmui>?ij>ua,Jan. 10,1H61,
Mr. Bill, the army putler * ho \ ulunteerod hie act \ ices
to Col. Miles, to bring in a delegation of Indian.* to hoU
a council, has returned, having visited i.iu)|*? of
the Brule and i igalalu (.^ioux) Indians. 100 mil< k southwest
of the Republican Korku. He expects that he hM
delivered a im??a?!e, and that the'Valuta being tho as
;;r< etiise party, replied that they could not come, at: their
horses were too poor to travel lie also said they were
starving, and wanted peace, and would come uh soon as
they were able. Mr. Ilith report* their condition as moat
wrrtcbed and pitiable, many dying of tbn miu flee. Tb*
report greatly relieved the apprehension* of aettlcrs, ;<nd
ull united in returning thanks to Mr. Hitli.
South?rn Ofran Htramrr Norruirnti,
KtTAXVAH, .Ian 16,1101
Tlie team?hlp Augusta \rrl\ed at her wharf at half
l^tst Mi o'clock luirOiiy tuormi.g. All well
rtiB.ADF.i.rniA stock board.
I'uu j?nujntu, Jhji lit, 1H61.
BU^k* steady. ftwrrlvaiiia Mate 6 m, Htf >. Itc.idlng
Railroad, -0'4; Moms Caii.il, Ijooz l&jlruid,
C'-,; Penn-yUanl* Hailrosd, 37',. bu;lit oiciuuk* cm
Now York, ,, a >* percent premium.
Nr,w (?n< i ?vw, ,i?n. 14.1861.
Cotton -teady fltle* to-day 16 000 haie^ at II . a 120,
for mid'ilin/. Sugar lirm at 4;?c. a h.'4e. ft"' fair to fully
.fair. Klo'ir quiet :if $5 tVwn tlrm at 72c. a lie.
Kreicku have ?li|rhtly ml vain ed cotton to I.lverpool \d.
Nkw oauusa, Jail. 10, 1961.
Cotton quiet.-ale* to (toy 7,000 bal'- a. 11,'?C. a l'Jfi.
ior m Milling. tsugar steady at a 5 ,c. for fair to
lullv fair. MoUo^ok at 23c. ;i 'Mi . 1'k.ur liiiu at $>> i>0.
KretKhk?t'ottou to liwpcol (4.
Saw in:i? in*, Jan.116. 1M1
Tho * '-ather Lis beet veiy ?tl. C'oH'ju- Nliee to iiuy
2,000 ixtleK, .it Hlfc ? i2c. for middling filn of three
day*, 26,ooo balor. Receipt* at tbn e day*, 40,00u bale*,
a?ninst i/i.000 ba!'? the rami' time !?*t yi ur. lteoetpin
I?m than last yeaa, 2U,000 bah II' cetpfK at all gnutb
orn porti lew than >e,?r, AIM 000 bale". Hour de
clinuiK it |ft 3*. I*ork linn: me. fl* o0 a $10, 1 rei;?htM?
t'otton to Uvcrjwol, *4iL
Sr. IjM'M, .tun. 10,1M1.
Plflht exeliange on New York dechned 1 per omit, and ,
lr ii.ot- o at 6 per cent prcuni'im for Mivsourl P<t|x r.
Haj nvowc, J?8. 18,1461. :
Klour dull: Howard street and Okmuro h. Id at *l< ??J , |
i ity MilIh at f."> BO Wheat firm red. fl .0 a $1 on, j
white, |1 4f> i? tl 66. I'orn rtrm yello*, 67c. a 7(r '
white. 70c. ? 7JV-. i'rov islon.-; rti?d> : me-s port,, $17 60,
rump, II.; l^trdlOc. (MMluictatlljiC. :ili)c Whw- 1
key dull at 19c.
I'HII AIHC1JTIU. .Ian. 11. lHfil. J
Hour dull at .Vlaf.? 'i'.'lor su|wnme. Wheal quiet:
Hulrt 9 ,<K0 bu.ih' In ro?l at 1 .'Wall 36, white at |1 40 a
|1 r.5. (urn dull aak? u.ooo bu.diein.at 70c. a Tie. for
w Into and 04C. a lor yellow. Cofle.?-llio at 11 '4( a 1
luc. Whiskey dull at l?c. a liti,< .
I Ilii AI.O, Jsa 111 1161
m h.inge on Nev> York decliuod to t> j>cr cent pre
Omun ?n. .Ian. 16. ihai.
Hour?Male* unimportant and i|iiotstions uoiuuwii
tVlie.it a?H anei'd 9e. a lie., Wltli larse e*|??rt Inquiry at ,
|1 OA a |1 12 Whiskey declfte 'l ',r . but quoumuw
are nominal 'it Ull,c. Host* Sre lirmer aud in iinpro\ ? d de
mnnd at |6 10 a |4> 40. IUceipt? t.i day 4.f>00 Mee |>ork
l<iioy?t>t ;t> $16 .'>0. l/ird advanced to P "\r. Itulk in ? it a
hii' > ant at |<> a |6 li.'? for '-boulders, and fs a - j llir
sldi k Money market uuchunged.
Iii ||al Intrlll|(< ui e.
?l.iv 14 *ei motion of Hon t o Haker, "tvM H Col
M. l>i|., of California, was admitted an aHonvv ;ind
ConnHellor of thl< Conrt.
Ni . St. Mt<uel |?a\ t|.i, piniitt111" in error, v .'ey.ue Mow
ford 11 a! to error to th" IHntrti t tJourt of the I oiled
State* for tho U <-tern" IMatflct of Texn Mr. .Ij-Ur
Ne|i?? del'n ere't the i?'niet| of the Co irt. .tfllrmlur the
nt of the wild Dtntrn t Court In this cau?> .*ith
X. 4j. (korue II. Kvle et al pliiniitti hi ' vror, v
.John Marltae M al. Tih< arnnini it <A this eaeao Woe
?tuiMnrticfd by Mr. Aomaa forth" jMhtiift >u error,and
oeiitm i.l by vtr Coo. Wm Itrown lor the defeod.ri;- In
Till I vTiuum e? Caw n Cimhi JJerrlt Soilih d li .
ren <i h l?rture in Toroiuion Tnetday even.iig in bclnlf '
ot tkr f' f'\ e i.'are md m ir-.lerer, AnMsnou
AKRiui Hi mi: TLiiTtnu w cm'kick.
Cu'v. IU< ?, J;ia 16. 1HH.
The Uca.itSh.|> Teulou upfront llrcuieu vu? bouthain|i
t>n,on tho 7thinst., lutf arrived od' thin point. Her
dates are sis dates laU-r Uaa tho-e (>er the Bremen Ml
New York.
The Teutonia has e\p?r.enced uwleriU but thick.
weather, uii'l has $.?'>?,ih>o n gold.
The steamship New Yon B arrived oil Qow os on Similay
night, tith mat., and went o sou I hampton -hort of coal.
F<uus,%tu. s?3 r. m.
Ike Bourse ha; i><hn htavy in con ejxenceof the tie
eline in K.nglish funds, l'U. rentes opined today at
H't. 70c., and closed at 871' Tie.
PaXlit, Jan. t>, 1801
Tbe itmiiUvr publ'.-hes a decree modifying the duties
on the Importation jf raw and dry hides, skins of all
kinds, horse hair, olmffinemif fruits, ole igmeous seeds
hemp and other llhuaenlons \ egetahlc- Also o* copper,
pewter, lead, 4c.
llie MomHevr al >? contains a decree raising the interest
ou treasury bills to tjrec, three and it hall', and four per
cent respectively.
The Monitor also announces that ou areounl of the
death or the Kins of Prussia, the ball it the TuileriOH will
he po^ijioued.
(iuii, \ .a Marseilles, J.ui. 1, ItMJl.
Thirty gun., only hive been used in the bombardment
'to-day. A mortar luttery h ut been e Ubliahed in a vol
ley in a sheltered jhj, ition
1'aiuh, Jin. 0, 1SG1
Negotiations between France and Sardinia hu e been
o|x ned concerning tiaetu.
N\rats, Jan. 4?1". M.
A conapiracy of the BourlMiB party hu* been disco
cov- red, und it is without importance. Four royalist
Generals have been arrested, with some of the agents of
King VranciH the Second, who hud come from tiaita.
l'rince C&rignan is expectod here on the 15th inst
N.MM>jt. Jan 0, ISrtl
Several Neapolitan ollic< i s had been arrested.
The bombardment oi tiaclu continued
Turin, Jan. 6. lHOl.
Tlio Opinion* (ays thut Prince Carlgnan and M. Nigra
will probably leave for Naples Ok Tue-tday uixt
Jan. 6, lStll.
Ycsterilny disturbances took place at Koerekrempt
(Hungary), which necessitated tlte mte'rention of the
garrison. Ihe soldiers were compelled to make ut?e of
their lircarms, and live persons were severely wounded.
Ihe regular market report for the press has fmled to
eome to hand, and the follow ing is extracted from the
London Mi/rniiifi Herald ?
Lo.voox, Jan. 5?F\e?ing.
The funds opened with dnlness, owing to the expected
Indi m loan, and closed without revival. Consols, which
clfsod yesterday at 92 .l?, are quoted thin evening at 92
a'.*2ja. Por February accounts there were transactions
at 92>? a 92 sj. New three |>cr cents are at 92,', a 92 \t
I/D9IMM, Jan 5,18(11.
The cotton market opened to day quiet, but more busi
nesB was done than the demand indicated. The murket
closed steady, with sales of 8,000 bale', including 1,000
on speculation and for export.
The Liverpool corn market is active, hut prices are not
ko dear. Husincs-, is lm|ieded tin the railway s and canals
by frost.
Kon-Arrival of the t'SHSdian.
.Inn, m?Midnight.
There are nt> signs of the steamship Canadian, now
fully due at this port
Sailing of tfee Ktranmhlp Columbia for
Thi? litif steamer left her berth, pier 4 North river,
yesterday afternoon, at about hall-past three o'clock.
There were comparatively few perrons about the wharf
beyond those connected with the yewd or having biwi
nes? with the officers or con-ugnees.
gho ?ook oat about twenty four passengers, about half
of ?hem ? ero ladies. who were returning to Omriseton.
She had a very fair miscellaneous freight. among which
was a quantity of hay, boxes ol ilry faatfa, Hour, |*?tu
toe? :tnd pork, (tankages of hardware, &c. The la I things
sent aboard were a ho r e and light wagon
Tlio stoi ies about arms and monition* ot war being
snipped by her were fabulous. It w;n itat-'d
tlmt a reporter lor an excitel evening paper wa<* on
the lookout for homo dire weapon*, contraband
of war, and stumbled over a donkey steam engine iUe
consignees wero sending out to b*? employed ou their
wharf at (liarlenton as a hoisting machine, this the in
dividual in question mistook for some new kind
of bombshell appumtu?, and, had he not been
?indeceived iff the ABcer* or cnuigneas, probs
bly a sensation report would liav? duly hpi?;hi?1. Capt.
Kerry wlin h?*?een thirty year*' service at^a, on
hand, wfth hi* Varm hearted and frank manner/, ready
to impart informal.on to all who &<k.ed it concerning bis
t? autiful vessel and her cargo. Tho d nkey engine WHJT
however, left 19 go out by the ,'hih^h Adger.
learned from Mes-1<>. bpottord * Ttleston that they
Lad given out the cot tract for the consti vie t ion of another
steamer, in place ef the John P. King, to bear the same
zlmih" and to be of the same size. It proved a <iod send
to the ihip: ard taking the contrif t, as work was very
scarce As soon :in it wa.s known that the yard bad re
ceived the job about two hundred persona immediately
applied for work, only about eighty of whom cotitd bo
engagMI. The new vessel w ill in every respectfully
equal, if not surpass, its splendid predecessor destroyed
by in e.
The Fharlenten Rltamrn.
A tclerraphie despatch, received by Mesurn. Hpottord,
Ti)<- ton k Oj., dated Charles too, Jauuary It, state" that
the stinmship Marion left at ten o'clock on Tuesday morn
ing (15th!. The itNWMf NaihrlUe will be detained
until Thursday, 17th.
City InttUlfrnrr.
Tin Kiwi: i\? Si.uwtv.?As hm been |ue\ ejusly 40
nooa'ed. the Itev. l?v. Raphnll.at the request of many
of our di*tingu:lied citizens, wilt deliver hi- Fast Day
sermon upon Ute ? lhble View of Slavery," at tit" Hi
torical .-'oci'ty's room.-, Second avenue, to-sorrow i ven
trig. I>r. I'.ipball's sermon It very interesting, h?s
created unite an excitement in religions circle*, an<l
wilt amply repay a b'aring.
Ac< rti>vr to l-i-Set-K.n Wiujit.-?\n'infWtunate acci
dent. whi' b occurred to ex sheriff WlUst a f?w days
since, has proved more *?-riO'i* than \taB at lirst -upp ? d.
Mr Willet ?.'< i attending upon his childn n and -onie
ladies at a katng pond in the neighborhood of hi- rei
denrnatWashingtonHeights, when lie received a severe
fall, by which It proves th.it his left leg was brok< u in
two places, between the knee .?nd the ankle. The noc
tures liai o been successfully reduced, ?nd hia condition
is as favorable as possible under tin- cireiifn tan eel, but
he will neoewarlly be oonflued to his chamber for bomc
time to come Meantime the tei.-inevs of settling up his
affciii a the lab- sheriff will be conducted without in
b-rruption b> hia counsel. Brown. Hail and YnnderpoeL
Tmk WoMBt.nw's Mkktimi -in our re|wn <h' the aiiti
e?x rcion mu -< meeting at lirookV I In I) wo erronwifily
.-?tai<'I that the chairniaa's name wa>- IK W. I* 6reot. It
should have been p. W tirooi.
Kirk or Hra?a?w*v.?Hetween nine and ten u'cWi iat-t
night a Ore was discovered in the bavem nt of the build
ing No. 167, cccupevd by Itey nard k Ov. dealers is inite t
uiid vermin dentrnyuig powder. The flrcmeu were
promptly at the premises rnut e\tingiu?he?1 the Ore be
lore it extended into the fir- t tloor The diUBage tlone
to the stock and Uxtnrea v. ill amount to abo>it i-1,000
Said (0 fce in ured. The lU>t lloor i* oc upied by A. H.
Catch'I. dealer In India rubtxr g<tod??atock slightly
daanageu. iasered for tit uo0. The building ^is nwM by
l?r K Cmm'-e It ts damaged .ibo'tt f'JiO. ni cr<il. Th.i
origin of the tire U unknown at present.
The Case of UAiet-r tVllmn.
lit TMt. KtrtTOK lit TBK H Kit ALB.
In your i^mie of this <lay 1 observeii M article kswM
i-het by a policeman, ihi Monday night, about 12 o'clock ,
?" Mr. Taylor, of 'ijt gulllvan street, wa? returning home
from the hou?e of his cousin, 231 Sullt\ an ?tre<it, which is
nearly opposite his house, be met MMHv otttcer Wilson
who slmt htm rm the street as tie waa about to enter his
house. Mr. Tav lor did not suppose the shi't was tire<l
st li m nor wtt he nware of hat mg !>?' n abot for at le^-t
lut!f nn hour after the occirr< nee. until it was di>-enve/ld
by a fobce oiIle< r. Mr WllsOR !lve? In the nevt l ouse to
laylor and hits li' *d there for the last five yeors And
Mr Taj tor, has li\ed at his pr'vent residence and ibe
??Doming kt>uses for the p.i?t tweu ve*rs. and it t? h ml
ly possible tint detective Vt'ilsos diA net kimw him. Mr
Tin lor had no per-on wiih htm. nor bad he any bundle.
Mr. Taylor> friends only desire that m in?|tiiry may bo
made relative to the oeeuftvnee, aad thoiigh'thev .ire
Mtl< to prove tlmt Wil-ionshot him without oven fpc?k n
lb bim,fet titers are no st< fa taken la Investigate the
?tatter Mr Ta^ ler has mtt. beisi a porter, a.i you rt>|Te
wnt; lie hs* been for twe|\s M>?r? thy coods -'tile1 man m
some of the principle ?tores of this city, four yeer? of
which wss in the f tore of A. T Stewart 4 Cb tiiiioai i?
>?1 ill c>ii duty. |.i it poKSt'ile that a ret|te< tablenti/en can
tie ahot down in the pul>i.? rtrtSl ana p< MUM t<> pt '
)t?ll> i AVl/ilt, l!'l Irsirth street.
Tai N*W P*.a ?r Wa wh.ch hvi V?i? m pr
|MTat<oa fur aoine time. +<ut prol. <1 m Tb U) ?uM
belore a Urge and appreciat .e audieao.. The.t Uim
bt*cu no live uct drama that wen Btrobrr, ia U) of <**
m. trtipoiiun thfcatns, fin a long l.me, ilia: cm i?u?|?*rv
to the "lady of St. Tropei," in richnt'-aof iuo<t?ul ?a<l
el', otivo situation-1. The first art alone would afior I uu
lorutl enough for a good thr><- act play lite pia> U >
translation from the I'renih, and ha* certujily 1>* t u>m?
01 it* ?-I >ge effect in the translation and adapl.it "ti t?<
boards. Mr. Wallack, as Ceorite Mam ic \ *<-vw aci^l
better. Tlili Storgt ViuriM In t satire of M Ti ?i?*/ i
btuad tishiug town on iho south coa.1 of France, uea,
Toulon. As (.upu.uof a privatMr h> Ihxmmk* nea.ihy ;
in the couroe of a few years. Visiting Paris ou b<< iu? , |
he accidentally sees Hortense (Mr f! cy), da igfcl* r <i j
the Count d'Auderive, acred tor of hi wh.io#e, Utw
an t uonnous sum of money. jju tails m love <?u (tit
Hvht, uiid when about lo biromt* th'* |H^M>^ir ol the j
Count's property in satisfaction r it the debt, discovers
that tho young lady is the Count's daughter, and #*??
rously refuses the deed of a-NSguuimi wh ch * vnli i r'ai
iibly beggar father aud daughter but the ii, w t,,, |
Ij insists on the surrender. As an cqtiU al< at : ,y ? ,, ?(
balancing the obligation?-Maurice a. l> Cue tUu.tiU'i *
hand in marriage, an Oder w hich the oMCount .u i?^.n ??,? y
i ej<<!-, but Mhich the young lady m et pts, soiely w ah >
\ lew to ta\ e hur father's property. Unfortunately, be
is deeply enamored of a young doctor Cfcarie
d'Arbcl.of which fact Maurice is entirely Ignor tut T'ie
married couple, like a grout many olhei*, aro not haft
pjr. The husband take* his bride home to .-t. Tn>p
Iler husbant.'s relations, who are naturally an&io< i i m
herit hi* vast wealth, plot his and his i?Kir young ?.fe
destruction, and manage so iidroitl) that the poisoning of
Maurice is traced unequivocally to Hortease. Nor doe
Maurice Mitertain any doubt of hia wife'K guilt unt l he
discovers liis cousin Antouio mixing the poiaoii with h.>
ineuK'iM. He 1ms in tl>" 'neantime discovered lh<* ae< ret
which preyed upon hfi ?uind aud was tu b a tuysterv to
him, and in the last scene, when about to die (for the
Mison lia.s worked too surely), joins th<< ha in is of tiie
overs and empires. Mrs. U^cy, as flortcn-e, play* her
part very well.
We predict that the play will !??' very popular and liare
a aucceBBful run. There ore tuiuiy tine sceues iu it, whii'h
would be weL worth noticing in a more particular man
tier, if we could alloi'd the gpac?; and il the audience i ist
niL'bt, which was large in spite of the disat'if ible
weather, was any iudcx lo what future audiences may
think. aro sure our predlctiou will be as we hope it
may. fulfilled.
Arrivals and IK-part urea.
LiVKKrooL?Hteanmlilp AUNtrala>ian KA l>aliiig. New Or
ban*; ,f )? Ditafan, New York. K M Xt'al'li,./ I^icltwootf, fa
lis, ,l Middietnu, HriKiklvn, .1 ti Roker, New York; <) Sharp
le*s, Wa f'riee, (> i'attoii, K Kyan, II !<<? Mnsurler, Quebec:
111.II >lr?.) Ktia?lui.. Baibadoen; 1' H f>e tlhalllnr. New Vurk
t? 1'ruiekshank, .1 It Kninclie, Havana; J \V Unit. \ at|Mraiao,
Win Luvaa, Londutr. S W limery, Woburn, Mu^, T ii Karu
uall, Hamilton; Mis Oeo ljtnib, New Vork.
t u tin.'sto.n?Hteam-hifi Columbia?Mr* II 1, Idoyd, J S
I I' ll, .1 Mill", lad* and < btld-.M |ltedinunil, (' t'ullni m Mi tt
Ilerberlin, I* <1 taingtey, M I.tiotsle, Mi hi K <1 Kenton, Mw? L
.1 $tudley, Miirft Moriiuand, .1 I> Kora, Mi?.- E Met viatu. Mi s K
Mareoueut, Mra MeKenzle, Mlm B?rbe?<oii, .1 W Del-'orrent,
iadt, child and aerrant; Mrs Yootig, ttud otli?u-.
Court Caleudar-Thl* Day.
FvthkmklV)t'jtT, Circuit?1'iirt 1?Oyer :iud 'ft'rm.ner.
I'art 1?Sos. 1004, i:??, 136.1, 'J4-I, '30, 5, '.>1 U5, XI,
(I". ?!!?, 68, 54, 63. 6r., *17, 73, 74, 77. 26d. -tH,
LOO, -OS. 7l>. S3, 85, HT, 8?.
Fi i'KJUtin OorKT.?I'art 1.?Nos. C19 (WT, 1017 1077.
10SJJ, 1085, 10K, 10U5, 1107, 1100 1111, 111S, 111.'., 381.
I'ait 2?Nos. KlO, S?4, is, M2. S10, 870, l'^4, W50 672,
754. 740. idi. 412, 4-J8. 488, 142.
I'\itu>hillM ihsrxwT Cotliri.?Vos. 54 58, &#. 02 to
67, M
A. 1>. Hunael,
(Oppoeitc Poat oflicc, i NBW K>KK
Drawing! of the Delaware State I.ot
terie*.?WOOD, KDDY A CO., Manaurraof th<
Dklawauk?Extbv Ci-v?77, Jau. 16, IH61.
35, 40,10, 31, 02, 8, 07, 11, 37, U, 52, 59.
Dri.AWABK?Ci.A.n7H, .Ian, 16,1801.
63, 18, 72,10, 67, 6'2, 53. 44, 'H. 39, 75, '20, 41, 15.
Otrculart sent free of rbarge by atldreHaing efiher to
WOOD, KDDY A CO., Wilmington. DeUwa.*,
Or to WOOD, EDDY i CO., HL lamia, Missouri.
Drawlngi of R. Franc* 4i Co.'i Dela
ware Lotlerir*;?
Btiasax Cocstt, Class Folkwum, J*n. lii, IM1.
18, 72, 27, 47. 43, 22, 17, G2. ::i). ib, i'i,
<;o.vsomdatkd liom?T, Cuu M, Jan. Id, 1861.
04,14, 59, 78, S8, 37. *0, l>6, ltf, 1, T.i, 71, 22.
Circular* wnt free of oharge bv a<Mrr?-<inx
) & FRANCE k CO.
Wllutiogr<m, Delaware.
(iMrury'i liallery.
The lage od i>?ri rait, Ju*t oomrdeted, nl
Wiilbeon cihlbition lorafew iLiynonlv; attiurney'* <J*1
1'i v. 3W7 Hro*dw*y, previous to it* deparitire 10 Burking iiaui
Paliicr. 'Iho public a<e rt-?pecli ully invited to a view ui . he
Kfrlnway Ai Son'i Ovcrnliunf Orand
vn<i K^uare Plana* are now nonnidrp'd tlii bc*t manuU'
tored; are warranted for five year*. Wmeroom* Xi *ud 31
Walker ?trr?L
Wheeler At Wilson's
Sewing .Machine*, with important impruwmruu, al re
duced price*. OOice Mi Broad as;.
The Ladd A Wtbitrr Stwln| Narhlati
*ut> now be bad for $60, at 600 Broadway.
W. F. George'* Stw Patent Ua? Stove.
'he only perfect g** ?to>e ?\*r cenatructcd, warranted to
give ?Hi*factint, or the money ref'iudid.
W. V. UEUIHIE A CO., Maoalactuivr*, .<tti Bi *<1 >ra r.
HoldavlB Cream, for Preaervtng and
beautifying the Hkir. Hold only at W. A. BATCklEI.OR d
be'Aly invented Wig Factory, 1C Bond street.
Batehelor'a Hair Dye?Keliable, Ilarrn
le*? *nd ln*t*nt;ineou*. bla<"k or brown. Factory M Barclay
?t-?*' hold and appUed at BATUHELUR'8 Wig factory, tg
Bond street.
Cflat??toro'a Hair Dye, Wig* and Ton
pees?The beat In the world. Wholesale and retail, mid the
dyo pilvateiy applied, at No. i Aator Hotue.
Nirih A Co.'* Rail leal Caif Trnn.
Office No. 2 Ven'-y itreet (A?tor House', erp>nit? the chut i.
Barry'* Trleopheroa* I* the Beat and
cheapest article for diesaina. beautifying, curling, cleajn.ng,
preserving and restoring thl Hair. ladle*, try li Moid by
*11 druggist*.
Ncrofalon* Dl*or?lera, Resulting In Sore
eye*, bad leg*, dry, scurvy ulcers, Ac , originate in foul blood
and vitiated in-ci-eiion*. IIOIJ/OWAi M P0!> will thorough
1y Heiinse the blood, and Ul* balsamic OWnnl hc*i the -v
temal eruption*.
Dr. J. Bovee Dod< ha* Resumed the
pricttroof hli pp>fc?*ion. Office 177 IivlngM n . ci", Hrwk
lyn, N, Y.
Hw*ini'v?fhi'?*i>.?In l.cf. Mm., on Safardwy, De
wmber 29 bf Kl>. P. i'gaii, PiTKitx i>. Bu * IoAnvi
Ht>i am?.
Philadelphia papers plw* copy.
Hkowkr?C*JtKT.?la thw city,"on Wednesday, January
Id, by Rev Kdward lathrof, 0. f)., RonitaT l> H*<>w?:k,
of Kanajmwa. Jap.to. k? Vt.ni? a. Ourr, ol S>-w York.
ItfMi?,?C'arrkmm.?<>n Motiday, .i*n'inry 14, *t ft.
Mnrtv church, by Hie Rer. .iirme? Hoyre. 1*. C. Ihcux, Ut
llunrK Oaiwk;*!*, eldcat dauKhler of P. Cariigaa. Jr.,
Msr| both of thw city.
?|nibliB papet ^ pleas* copy
M-oimvkk? FKs>nxT.~Ia w.i*iiii>gto*, l? v.. <? Wed
ne-d.iy, January 2, at Trinity >hureh.by the Rev. I?r.
Hlttler, Jons St. MiIAjmim-k. Jr., ol Baltimore. Md.,u?
Mi-h Kjiii* l n\mi, atep daughter of tien ia-i.-r
Brooklieid, Now York.
IU?i>ni ?Rajsh.?t ?n Monday, Ileeemhw 10, at the re
aideace of fapt. H. Wullen, L'n.ted Mafi Arrnr. bv the
R'*v. IT. Tyng, Uettt. C'has. H. R*m>?j i . Fourth'iiilaiilry.
tu JJtUL* ii. Kjha-, daughter of Lieut. Co) Kjiii.-, I n.f-d
States Amy.
TAyuiK?t Ran ? At Wuaker 11111, N.Y., <>u 1 ,??Uv.
luo'iarr IS. by ttw Rev. C ti. Acley, lir. (;ha.? I ^TK'n.of
N?? Milford, t'?ioa., to Miss inivu T C?ait, of u?ia?^T
?tm h'mulay morning, Jan iai v I :, the '.oly o<
loeephT l*reaton, Hdj- oT Brooklyn, ol^ fem*tetwin
Apaw?On Tuenlay, January 10 Mj <. Mtaf Aim??,
af d 91 years.
Ilcrft eudu and reiaivca are r?-*p,ctfii'1y iaviled In
attend the funeral, from the rteidence of her ilaughter
Mrt^ MaixareV Torrance, No. 1*1 Weat Twenty nmtu
*tr<H>t, on >Yldav atteruoon. at two o'aiock
Hr>.f<r>.?On Tti- nday. .lannarj II, ?ft< r a lingering li
tiBMH, lititRt Wiwnm.y BKrum n# d 2 9mn and 2 mouth
Th? ltirer*l will take plaoc from too ie-ideu> p of li.^
par ?nts', Robert F. and Ann K Iteebee. \? W (iroft
street, wracy City, thlK (ThuMdey) ?r:ernoou, ai tw ?
Calirornia paje-rs plea-e copy
Bt at.KH.?4Jn Wcdn<?daY, Jan iarr Id, of eaogvMfiion,
Aim Bi m.kk, tu the ? ?.<! rear ?f ?l?
The rrlattvis .ind friend., of Ifce family, aw* ?*?? mem
hei ?, of lY>mi?nv C. locrlher with th< ofllroi < and j?rt
\atc- of tli" K.ghth r?t ment. (rtMW'.dr ?a), sre i?
invlMHl lo 4iUnd 'ho fiilMTW, from fun U.tn
r. idciiPe. So. 115 Forsyth wtr<-?. on Mday ntterno?.n. it
one o'clerk The remsir-* will be taken to ? ypi <-?? iltl.t
for tauimcat.
ptllladetpkia and Baltimore papers pW e c.?t?y
Rri i ? in Hrooklyn. on W'dnoiolay ? v niun. .Tamwry
Id jawt Panwwnx. nf B<u;li aiad Kllea ie!?. ageit
3 y?ar*. 1? moatla and l?> -lays
the frieadf ?ad aomaUrta&c<^ <4 th" fam.lv ?r- re.
?pectfttlly invited lo attend the funeral on Friday art?r
Hta, at two o'clock, from the residence of ia p>raiut,
roraer of llndaoa www and PlytwrnUl atr'-et. Hi* re.
ipmuu> w ill be taken to I l*tlui-li (Vtni'tery tor internieut.
Owwn.-Oo T\n day muruinK, Januaiy 15, ol <i>n
mitf'iM on, t><mki 0*Hnrr,of Raaialyman, eminty Clire,
Irehwd, am I ft r many yeirs ro?etted witli MmUmmi*
??oi>"Ta ?f V'.migration of thb e ly.
Th? (rkeni-'a ml rehUv 'f of ieeaaaed, iT?d hit hr^t'i 'r
KMu.*1 i *?-V4 t* ?H -*4 ifeo
It'>??i L- a tw*?aMT "4#ae? A*
(""lr -?day> afUrtmvm. at m* ?? >? ? ?%r? to*
?rill br U. n It UhV}
WrttTf* p?f+ r ? Mr ??? i*1>2
Eu iiW U Mute, ?? *?????' j iwit-f U <?
0 ?a.ri k H> -n mf < 4LT ' "
TV dklKW t> ia?4e ?? tar f..? .y <*m m+ M
allrad b-r r .--tal. < u ???!?? ?,?#rwew at *m ? a < ?*
-u ?.114 I Wkll?*u >Mt'l I I . ? kw> ..'|4 H> "
r m
lit'iMe -la Br?*i>-a.ai v* SM 4. ~4 ??/??? F\A-m
W t Hi? , '?i ir >4 >??' 1< ??.. at M
ratal'. > aa a*.i fr> ad? t .>*? t%m > ar? t -apM %
is < M h> ttl'>i l iki 'ui> i f n?a '?* t 4 Ik ', Mm
(TS r?t .>> all* ?? . a? i? ? ..
k -4* Ti ?aia; . )mmti U lim IS*, a%
ih il i4 % i un .'?a I k..a ?? t H-r? ? hf-4 I yeaf, a
ni?mlia ai?4 Iti a. i *
"II*- ii ??!.<!? <4 'U?> Um&l ar. i. ??<4 MMl a I "J? 'a
arrV f'tnw llw t. - <!??>?? taarjr **d? ?*!? ?? Ura th*M
h >H I'll*** 7 N u.M> 4l?4 .1 <a. Utk. . '??
if i rrnomi, ?it U ? ' I '????* i* - , ?
Kmmui ?% * <1 -U, ..?< f W> M
of rwt' ' ln|'' n a^ad If -?
Her Ira-ad' al 4 rr:?t . . I M a* tw wmkII >?**
|a*t<.fct?- tin tt**l >?' ! Im I u -at !%<?> (* it
'i i ) af i'*? *hi <t i. if I* ?? r ai ??? im>
rtNMdfBM, llu tijt i*ra#, m r (V * an ?a, ha*
' I *? 4hWi4nr?i*fl immmry I* J >??? im Up <m
bvrd auM ut i 4Md m*a in a, ag J II a. a . i* aal i?
ltn? fr??4*l< iW a**?-.k?a4a<ic? ?* l|* tmmdy ar? Mart .?
h|?? tl?l > ii?V-4 !?? alt i.4 Mi- .mi, IW -'??I
ailmaMHi, .it ???<? wttaaifc, Ir ai r.?i4 ui? b
i?r'?t n.. ::
l m I*, aw I i?a
? aallVa uf 1u#?i4 ??????? ?rf 1>' tea
l?ii i.
?lli?l i? - *.<4 a<i .tintaami mt tfca f??l| a*" >a
*T<" Ifttll* ii ml a* in nil m4 iW faerrat, fraaI S# It
Owll} aliitl, Ikio t Wmtmf i ilto>?aai at IMtrtil
MOU "Id'til; , <?> . in. 4a ?? ?<? 1?. Ma
fitl<.i> Uih k, in (haMtk ??ar-4 t. *.fr
TLo frl'L'l i a..J i' *1. ' >4 l)f 4> > I, aa4 ? w 'la?
?l bvi' Itiilbar, I ?i ? i'>m|4< i . k>? <4 s -a t: ?*?**?
an* rt^jui ?l<"4 l?< uiiikI ll? l? m? aa ?. .?? ? ? .| mv ^
Mr. fpirf lltoi JCa Wl nh ik ? 'n" n> < I
|> , M IHli) ill'-riwa*. 4 l*"<> .
Ha fMNtij Jim*. 1 > . ? ? Mm
I'lOgs ?'.! I > < ? *?. tai-k ktrr ?4 rata* atai Mitaa m?4
1 r.ir add * dajK
Tlii* <|r|ar.4? <k tb^ f-<B ?r<* r. *i. ;iy ?*i? V I u ?i
f?? l Iha 1 u?>- iJ ! ???)) ilir ? 11. k> fi a*'.< W
NCM* akMl 1hk> (1h<it?4a) ) an?a niiaa a4
t&ci ((yi'-'U
Slot I ^ In i;-!<??'> n "? W ?*?' '* w> * ? la tt
o> <i-uUi)<li?B M un. i?M, la ?? < V .i. ? M -. -jr M Um
.4tn y? ?i >?i tier i* ? a Mtitr- .m U ' mar.ou?Mf?tf
\\ crtmiMtU, Irr-uid 0
Tliefri' ii ? tf llm hmilr i?4 ^W- ?* War >iata??,
AnllK'iiy .?u?l Malr-ok l'?nn?r - 4 Ii .?(? n iaa , *?
WiklliM'i', al<' ?|?< i:i.il> b iia.1 i? tUr*4 IU
ftini Uoi bit? icaHU-ac" , |:?4 I r??l irwrt, n<w Jay. ?a
Vriilijitllwti'Mi aiIiiui :?*t two ?e)ar4 ? tu-.t i?r
Uor iirHuiM llw rHMiMaul Ip ai irt??i >a ?l?a< a
torv <" ll<"> (W ' l 'll? . h
H. l4Mlw'lM|n-l I'll a ? ??!{?>
Ihn:^ ?(hi V iiliiCMht , J?aiur) 14, Cn wiaa. Mm
bflovad Wlfr of Williun (l*<-aa, a ?ain?- ?a I # rw?|
I oegtord, | ii ;.-n <4 iituimrti, lr> u>4, ci .. &*>?; ?
ol bi'i
Tti.i brown, JuUB, .u-rn.nl *? l I'aliKk R ? ?*?,
aa l tlio itwn.i- :-m4 a'^lu'auuKi ? ? >? i 4 ".?> ?.i ai
Uk? tiiuar.il, 141 I'ridaf iltrrtaa4l,al !???<** I* ' a?
ly, fn m .Ni>. 1.4 l?<-l Jaeiil.v liiulli -.r*'! am. * ??
t-eroad andIVrii Aveaut' lunn ;. a u*.
| OWvary CWiiaifirjr
1'ifK.?imTiMMlajr, Jauuanr !?*>. <>f i m fa***, 'a
HKiniM , iii" ?'u ,' <!it'ijcbler ?i I" - I ?.i4 * i?a ''a"^,
agcil 3 j ' in - '?n-i 1 di>v.
!vnra?in In Br<*'Wl> n, aa Wi-daawla; law ?'y I* af
? llu(4"r jij, iIIuk -41, |i k> ii> ?tik? khi. .n il?* 4.1 |??i u> i?a
H.- fr.eixl* and thoaa ?f ibi- idi!' ?* i .Bf
Invttfd t? iHanil Iii I mitral < ?>! Kriday all. una al i?a
o'clock, fuxii hiK lat' r< -4lruca, V i 104 w < ? x?af
btrwt. ,
Mkai rt.?Oa UitMtiy, Jaaaary 14, l!r >?--a 1
Phbacik, wife?/.l i'-aon It. s^raga# ?>t ut,
an<i daiiahtcr of Be^jxiaiu Baidtaf.'. k<i
Tba triradu are lavlted lo allmd iba fti u-ral, (Iim
(Thursday) no?n, at tardive o'clock ir<>"i u ? (a.ii r%
rrsideore, Woodbwn H/ni?d*-ay, rarurr lOti.h ?i'??i
('411 ia*?*s mli lie n uannit al iln- innaf <m Ii<i>k4wkf
ati"l 11i;rty iiitith Mreei, at lull puht ? laraa o < I ?.*
?ni(.Hi ikij>?lu lir<Kiil)n, on HMlu><ada> .'uioary 1*,
M.ui* J t*a, wife of Armatroag HurliSaM, la tl>* ..?b
year of liar ?(?'
IUh rt*lati*i"^ ;u?d trland* of th? family are ra^^rtf .ty
tuvite't 10 attend 1 lu< (nm-ial, limu til. l*?>nl<-i?c~ ol asr
hi'S'inad, corner vt VundrrhUl avennn and W ?/raij mm ,
lit two o'clock, lli.s (TUuimIu; > aft'Tbo. j, with.. u I ta>.?
1 notice.
Si THi.nikNU?'111 WeilnrtMlas , January IS, NuitiaV
i wifaof Jolm hutkerlaad, agr'liit )<wi, i m. :ii hj <
I <1.1 v -
The relative.* and friend.* of ih? tfcaailf are io?d?l te
?itend thr fun<'i it, from her late renutewce, <49 .-uu>
avenue, at on? o'clock on J'udsy aiteruooa. wnlbo'il ' ?
titer ju v jt<it on
'l'xiim?In Brooklyn. <>n Tneaday, .'inu.i-y li, C-??
AltoniihK, infiint daughter hi Waataey jud ISmimiI4'
Icr, nged 17 day*
Wauobc.?On Tiieeday, J.tntiry IS, after ? loo - mm4
severe illncaa, which alio bore with Chrlalian lortit- at,
Haham Av\, ?'Te Of llobert S. V> ikor, aged il y.-ai?
The relatives and (rend* o( the Unuly, :n><<nb*r* a(
Fon-ytk streetchurch and members of Hermit ><? Lain*,
So. lt>4 1. t?. O ??. ar* requested to at lead the l<c> raj,
from the residence of her hnsbujn, No. It Allan >li ?a,
ili& (Tu irxUay, mi.rn.og, at eleven o'clock, w.t!?ul lot
Ul'TDotli f.
riiiJjuMpli.'n anil Vew <iri- iim paper* plete* copy
Wajj ai k?i >11 ?l (may ??vfuiii^, January 14, ,u?a f.
W u iMX, a kind iitid afl'rctionaW- father, a**d 67 year*
The relatives miM friends of the taintly .u-e reepertfu^p
invited to attend the funeral, from Iiin late r>'aid*ace, IM
Bevnth avenue, at half jaiai tvu u'tUi thu (Th-u-aiajJ
I'hilaielphia puoers please ropy.
W'ikk.ki ?>?< >n Tuesday morning. Jani.iry i.'i, after a
rbort iIIinik* Wiujam l). Woonmm.
l)it< relatives and friend ? of the family are reapertfeBy
invited to atteud the funeral, (rum In.- tat* reaideuce, IS
Vandnm street, at ?u? o clock ttiu* (Tliur;>da.. > k'teraaua
W ruiAMB. ?4>n Btinday, January 13, on board arte???*'
Hcmditeb, from Tamjuco, of rooM.iaipiiua, J*mm Wa
iiavh, of Providence, K. I., an'd 23yearn.
Wvcvopv.?On Tnewday, .lanuary It, Ijbuh Wu>nr,
in the With y ear of iier age.
The relative* and Iriendo of the fanny are tun ted la
attend the i'unerai, this (Thur^d^y; afu-rnooa. at iw?
o'clock, from the Methodist Kpitttopal churiti, He*
street, oorner of lAfayette, Brooklyn.
VTA* P*ICE8 . ?
W nil* ehina Tea He'*, 44 p.?ce*. for. $3 Ttt
V. hiie i bina Dinner I'tetm, per 'lo/en. . _ I M
Wlme rtiina Hrrakiaat 1'lau-n, per&izen I M
Wlii'v chi i> 1r? r;*ir?, per down f M
Wnllr chin.i Dinner Itf pled* .Hit
Ool'l band cli lux 1>i .Self, 44 plecm ft M
tiold and mIwt4 chin* T. ? HeU, 44 |iw? 14 m
IVb 1' lored nod *nid chlnn Tea nets. 44 piece* U (W
Uwd bmnl < u.oa lrti.orr Meta, 167 piece* 44 7ft
lioid uiid < uiiiri d rinua Dinner it>7 puK ;? MM
Cut |ltaa OoMiti, Uw do^ra I 7S
t'/>lor?d Bohemian '_?]?? Ha* r Bcnrl*, 'he durrn I W
NtlTfr plwicd Cint^n, dent Bine* bottle* 4 Ml
silver plated l.ible Sihmmi*, Mirrad pattern, tbe u<ven . 4 M
Sliver plated Tib,e K'^Wsiliirad puitri n, ibe d'mro... . I IH
Silver puu-it Te? Hpooti", thread pattern, the doima " <?
Ivo v handle Liuaer Knivea, tlie dozen . 4 rat
Trory htnllr Ti-? Knlrea, the down . 4 IM
Mu . itl ilir-e *i 1 if lei are ofeird at
in- u aual jmIi e, ibe leuutinder at a dJacvumof i-toJi) par
1 Hilcr* 1 "in the rnviinrjp muil enc.one tbe cab. Willi ft ?af ?
flvie:!' KMin top*^ for pai-kagra.
W. J. r. VAII.KY A CO ,
<31 Brortdw**.
iV Eav*|i.pe?of the i?te?t aty ra. UM V *et. Haw
York. Exiftl) 'lied UOS
At w?napoleon t \p boot*, a nkw kttml
it JOKMH', Noa. lOfta'l U Ana iti?K I. B. fl>l mmi
tofi them.
Tor Making
bread, tka cake*.
4U KIND.S oir PAHTKr. ?<|.
Maaufartnreil (>7
M)W < ItAWHt.KMN a c?.,
MomiKToR* or fiHAWMUT oamicil, IrORU.
No ss hi01 a h'trret, BOHTO*.
roNrFrrrRvTBn f.Fxrr*
tft the remit! ?4 earei >il elientiral Bread rf?'
kind ? made by ueititf tt, J? light, more <1i**.itWe <t<i a?n4
tioiia, hfti an ayreeabie natural t?>ie u le?< tieNa '? mmr,
will retain its nratatura longei tkw b? ?ll. leher prnres ><4
tbe wln>!# prepajatlon tor tli? otvo ?*<?? 1 e?<?4 ???
RFF DIRrcTIOJId IN Mi II rtt'KAail far MUM
Break(a?< aail 1?a Roll*?!^?f Brea'i -llrowa Iww-j
i ?ke-yi.ri rn'ipu NtaV'i Breai-Har i *"*?
Wlrai t ake- *k?' i?- ?"V-*r , '"1J0*7 ffcU"T
tioid < ake -J-l??'<? ' ?k?? la/oi t ?ke?a-ij ererj variet*
" K11* ?a.e h? ail the pnnr pal driifltfMa and frnoert.
OtoH'fR H. H4TFS, \f*#W
nORN". ?"*,?"!*? INVER*RT> NAUJ4, ItXUMD
jntiiMand aU AUeaeeii*f the feei eired wHhmit pate w
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