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raiumnii4jnmj?4u. ^ ^
Beofce kMTT hmwrl-ree* mw ?"e. My RaaJag
L^h| .-. , Hurra <W1. M ><N tou*d lUiiread,
Pf\ I Kailn-i. ?TH 5?ht Html*
Tar* MitttMP' ?**1 >*"?*?
Nk <>m ???, Jm. ?, 1M1
{ (?4W? at. art* *ai?- v Jar ?,*"
jbl li, IVV lilv *?fwr W?)M* a? 4r e??*e
Pa,*... lie a** 1-wh ir? ai $81 Wtor <uu
II>k? (w lnef|**?l Id ?? ll?>" >f
I b:rt?>? Jm t? 1-?1
I' l'?M! lib, *ad h.*?) II- mJ <%i". I* M.
LMill*. *63* ?b~?' tlrm.-r r~1 |1 W a
I, ?till - |l U i II W (\jr? ?eU?w,gic a
white, Mc a Ttk I'linik** im m*m ?urt ?t
_J. t-in<|?.|II M? l.rd US' CW??* steady el 11 V
ItHc Wbiahej dull at ?fc_
l*a>ixMaj-at, Jm it, 1M1
KW?or and and declined lltfc * pernio kl|l M?|d
? ?MM) ?L.W- *< tl 4??a|. 4-. "JM ? a
1 M Ore bra a?l*s IMO h MM el #*c oM
K TQc. !':<>% ia?na un<banned Wbiekey JcoIumhI. Ukio
t arTAIN MUM l??N? ?*???
Died January M, I*M, W bis rw4e**r ui Uu* crty, 1ST
Icel forty Ufth street, in U?r eeveuty eeveat* year at
111 age, of rof ftioo <* ***
Cbptain Samm-I (1.e*ter Ketd ru bom at New ism*m
nWclH'ul, Ul the year 1TM, Md dea*r?.?dly oosnpiw ?
I Ltlnfuished place an>'?( I he gallMt and adveftturouj
puite a ho aignaliirj tbrtaeslvee during lit* lael ?u
juth Great Br i la is Th??? I*, perhap*, ?o lnctd*et to
jhc^wbol- hislery of naval warfare *o full ef lb* thrilling
lad the terrible M tbe h-roic *"<? VMHM MM it
the private**, ti.'Oeral Armeliotjf ? Mi leiaed of Kayal,
[alike )ftr lDlt Never waa tbsce a ?*** 4r?pereU
tnggle, and lever a more bnlliMt victory achieved
lilut a vastly superior force, fur althoegh the ???
! otctcr of the vessel Anally a^andofted b?r, II
Lvaa not until ha had Main and again beaten
! mck an overwhelming body of Iba Hrltwh
jrbe General Armstrong waa a brigantiae uf only I wo
i luadml and forty all una, and carried a crt m >?( mn<4>
L)a^, iixlnJing offlrera, with M armanietii of only aeven
Ipita. While lying lb Uie neutrai p?>rl o< Kayal tbrar Hrl
[ ill men of war, rouul.ng in oua hundred au-1 thirty
I Huuiit- oul?red the barbor and rame to arx-bor withir,
I u2r a rable'u length of the (.rual.- r. A# aono a* the
" Irbuth Admiral ancrrUined thai th<- tnei-l which app-ar
a id to he alinoHt In bin pi?wer >n tbe <;<m??r.>l Armetrouc,
m made preparalioue for au m>nn-<) *i< ailatk, not*ith
Undiug the fact of bia l>eiui{ in a neutral port t ?ir
?vge launi-iit* were a|??<lily mai.tu-d ?nd wni ac?>n>-' lie
rig, th>- bravo comin-iiKlvr "f whk'h ?*a reMiUed t > r?
1re Ibem in a beeominc manner, lie made b? prepa
tonH accordicgty, and a* e?oo aa they pulled u|.. i>?i>
the \-wwel7unvlnn prtrbMlf warned tb?-m ofl. he
Jered bia mes to tu?, which they did atftb
rrible effect. The bo?U pulled dl tn a aiukinic
litlo", and with the grpati-r pait of t?ie atta-kiutt
uroe killed or wmul.-H Al- tbt-r *s-?..iilt waa liiiMie
ipon the brig, nni'thi time ?ilh a lai.- tl.-. t of t?ia'?,
I umber tux fourtoen, nach iM which had from I -rt) to dft>
in, but it WM M uiwiioer^ful aa till' lnet.aud btlMid
with foarful more lov to the E' glixb II iving failed in
th th<?e attempts, it wan resolved to make a third, and
Carnation, odv if tli?- lu.t carrying ei*lit<-M gun*
ad clone in ft>r the t.enerul Armetrouir, and i^mne-l a
^TT fire upon the little brtq Ibe tire waa returned,
d with Kuch procisii* that the Qirnatt.m wa? no cut up
to be obliged to withdiaw frotn a c?-uOict in wlucb
ww certain lo b?- ci"jD|>leU ly di-abW, if
utt?iely <*?troye?1 Finding. I?0we*er, tlial
was Ute determinat4<<i of the Kncliab Ad
liral tc get poearwiun of hi* veaeel, md yielding
I the BoHcitMinn* of tbe 0ov? rnnr of tb- bland na well
that of the Bmorican Oonrul at the port, Oaptalu Keid
cuttleo her, and went on nhore with the gallMt fellow*
nder hw command. The privateer waa aoon aft?*
?arded by tbe Eugliah aiul blown un Captain KHd
raa conliund to about a Inron men In killed and woun led,
rhlle the Knglleh had, ac<-ordlng to tbeirown oalcutettoo.
ne hundred an 1 twenty killed and one hundred aud
blrty wounded The news of tbia action waa received
II over tbe country with tbe greatest rejoicing Md aob
>. Maenth Captain Keid wa. preeent?-d by the M ite of
I few York wnb a gold aword, tn cnmpuiy with (Jeneml
|cl;tt l'eti* B. Porter and Kdmund V. I.ain<?. tn addili<w
> this gift, bo received from the city a service of silver
UOe. It waa Captain Reid who gave the (lag of the
nion ith i>r? WM r.rrtii hj placing ul: Ibe blara iu the form
f one large star, where** before they were scattered
Vibout order over a blue 11 dd. One o( tbeae, which
r* ma<ie hv his w iTe and eome of her lady fi i"?ds, he
?rtsented to Oongretui, and II wa* hoisted on the Oapltol.
lealso invented and crecUd the i-igual telegraph at the
Mten' wid the Nnrrows, communica'lng with Sandy
lo*k nt>d while Warden or tbia port regulated ud num
>efed the pilot h ats of New Yoik.
|Te should have staled th.it he entered the navy at ths
igk of '.hirtewi at- a midshipman, and in due time be
lime an acting lieutenant. Kor tbe past three years he
to been on leave, his laat active service ' ?ing on board
be recei. inc ship North Carolina, at the Brooklyn aNvy
,'ard (.ipUln Held, indoprnient of the high reputation
rblch he had acquired by his heroism and intrepidity In
he action nfered to. was deservedly rwp"Cted for his
nany estimate- qualities ss a citizen. He had a large
irele of friends by whom his death wil be sincerely re
retted, ud tc whom he had endeared himself by his
nnk ana manly character.
A Nkw PiisuT?Madame H. Hertz, n pianist of E iro
tean renown, will shortly give a concert in this city.
fte German aad Knglish papers speak very highly of
ilsdamt Herti.
Acinic.* > ov Mtsir.?rMiss II ink ley, the new AmericM
trima docra, who whs so successful la "Lucia" last
jreek, will sing the rtfr of l?oaora in the "Trovalorc
o night, supported by Miss A. Phillips, Mlgnorl Bngti-li.
?ep1 and Colettl.
rtrw at telwH"' y- ,,,,
uwums. Jm M, IMI
ne rw BsftM ?
I n 11 im mifi"*! iJttm ifm* p* ?- - - w **"
TW ^ tk* NM?b amv?4 at bar wharf at eight
>'cteefc U.D ifta| AH w?*i
httntl. Jm W, 1*1
The attww ?<???*? arrived U.4 evMiat
Clljr Intelligence.
KiRF i.n ^inK-vrr m.vth SraicKr ?lietween l?n and eleven
/clock c n Sunday n<nht a tre km discovered in a frame
|>uildtng Id Seventy-ninth atreet. war the Ivtsl rlrw. The
|>ulldiii? 1aa<1 ben occupied at- a liquor store and dwelling
Lj Andrew Mathews who own* thr building, bat for the
rwt thrcfl wix kx ha* !wn r limed. The inside of the
building win buiij burned. The uamage to th?" audi
kill be about IVOO, ami In the building about f'/wi In
hired for *400 on buiMina and $400 on stock In the Peter
Looper Insurance Company. The Ore I* supposed t?> be
[hp work of an incendiary.
I Fork at rmc Hfuith Pn-ARrvKxr?THiring the week
Hiding January 20, the following work was |?erfortu<d by
the employe* of the City lospector'a office:?I'dm mad
md t'lacviei-d meat* nei7ed at the various market#, 2.478
Uttda; ashes and garbage removed from the atreau,
'2,'At loada. sink* and water closet* cleaned, Tl leads af
tight no i removed from ihe city llmita, 4.16 dead boraea
finoved from the city limit*, Ri. dead cowa r?n?t ed
rtin the City limits, 4. tad hoe" fMMt i<d fr<*n tbe rlty
inlita, 2-. dead dog* ami otb> r small animaU removed
ram the cltv limit*. 30*2; number of barrel* of offal re
naved ftom tbe city limit* 660
f.Kw Yowt \\niMAM m-r Ixiwimrr Worn a.?n
Wut-KK.N ?Tli" annual meeting of thu orgauiaatkai look
il^re laf t evening at No 126 Second avenue?the \ ice
?rwiident, Mr. 8. B. Collin*, presiding Mr M Triable,
J* Reerdary, read thr aevaoth annual report, from
^rhich It appeared that the receipt* from various s-xin ??,
|D0lti*lrc of tbe pernuun lit fund, amounted to f 12,163 T3.
17.000 bad been paid in |utrt purctui** of the ho'iae in
rU<h th? Institution Is Its alert, and lite balance retnsin
?' In the treasury w** (I 7M SI from indications,
,000 a* a permanent fund would be nee. Ir-d, by Ihe
Hreatmetit of which the Infirmary could reat ?ip> n a Irm
iM>l*. I luring Ilia pa-1 year SM.1 |>alients na<l rearmed
he attentions and kind ? fTu??? of the Institution. Tie
4ectioa of otllcer* succeeded tbe reading of tbe traa
urer's report, and |ir? fc>ia*beth and Kmily ItUekwell
we re elected tba attending physicians for the ensuing
Tto> Hts-nmro 8t kh>* or Wb. H. Watt ?Ttia card with
Ee nam. of Vm. II. Watt on It, which waa found with
s clothe* of the suppmod su>< Ide by the polioe at the
it of tiansevoort sti?>et on Krlday laet, was given hj
Mr. Watt a few days previooalr to a man named John M
AtlUenwouf, whose clothi z alao corresponded with that
ound on the pier. Mr. Walt I* not ooly alive, bat wall,
Kav THR ItROVTT Of 1M. iRHTTnTIOR or Manor, ItiWn cm
Jovnmfi *M> Mi irwhv ttrRwrr*.? A lee lure on "Tbe Kama
ind Achievement* of the Irish Holdler at lloma and
Ibroad." will be delivered this evening by Mr. John Mai
nly, in Irving Hall, corner of Irving place and Fifteenth
Itreet, for the ben- fit of this excellent institution Apvt
?rom the interest nttoi< h'ng to the subject, the fact that
he lecture Is Intended u? aid one of the moat deserving
>f our ' It) charities, should, a? we trust it will, crowd
ii? bo?i*<*
Police Intelligence.
1 This TArto* B?r<-rro% Cask.?The examination la tba
|?*e of Captain (Korge frank Lamon, who was a hanged
tlth having, under promiae of marriaga, sadmed the
Idow of the late '<>?eph S Taylor, Htreet Commlsaiooar,
suneoff yesterday morning at the lower I'otton Oourt,
I>efore Justice Welsh. Tlie fair complainant, upon being
ross euinHned, stated that what ahe swore to in her
trlglnal afn.iavit was untrue, and made at tba urgent
oltclUtion of an Interested friend. She fully exonerated
.ha gallant Captain Irom all biatna, saying she a ?, not
leduced under promise of any matrimonial alliance,
[ho widow wished that tbe complaint might be with
rawn and the magistrate rerv considerately granted
ha rsqueal Thus ended the Taylor seduction case
Dta?cr*Uc Coa?l|r ConvtBtlaa.
Ik* Democratic County Convention, to aeloot dele
fM*e to lbs gut* Convention, to imrmblo at A1
bany on the Slat Inst , coonocd at Tammany Hall last
evening. Thar* waa a full attendance of delegates from
the several Assembly district* and a numerous lobby.
Wtlaun Mmall waa aleetad Chairman, and K. C MtConneil
aad Q*orge Lynch Secretaries. The follow tug delegates
were unanimously elected to represent the democracy of
the city and sounty of New York la the State Conven
tion ?
nr* AttemUf Dittrui?Jobn Van Bureo, John MoKaon,
WiUUm Miner, A. J McCarty.
.Wend?John <1an< y, August Belmont, Morgan Jon**,
0*u P. BtckfurU.
T*tr4? Hiram Walbrldge, John Kelly, Andrew Clark,
Sanniel f Berger.
MwiA?Maiihew T Hreuuan, Oswald Ottondorfer, Wm.
B liurlbut, John Harriaon.
#VU-Jo?bua J. Henry, 3am'1 J. Montgomery, WUjoa
ii Hunt, Samuel B. tiarvin
Sutk? Hvjah K f'urdy. Ool. Michael Corcoran, John J.
Bradley, Utorge I* benbam
jfcweUA?ib lip W Ku#*, 6am'1 J. Anderson, John Nash,
Wir D Kennedy.
MM-Mm Taylor, Wm. M. Tweed, Gustavuf W.
smith, James J Reillv.
Am ? James T. Brady, James 8. Thajer, Ooorge Law,
hnaLMl B Hart
1*ntk--J Wiathrop Chanler, John Wheeler, Bernard
Ketily. Kuster
> v..*i?a?Sanuuei J TUdeo, Andrew Mount, John Hardy,
Nfr B Sweeny
IturlffA?Wilium A. Kobbe, Wesley Smith. Mansfield
1<<V*II, Charles K U>w*
ntftnrmk? Claudius 1- Munell, Michael Connolly, Peter
Mantel am. Ttu ?ua .turns, Jr.
F yirt-. J.bn T. HoiTtaaa, Isaac Bell, Jr., Kdward
Qwerr, Wm. McMurray
>'<W?0 lUrliaid H. Oinnmly, George W. Mcliean, 8.
I M Ihrltw lolin Murphy.
?tuSwwlA?Nailian K Crave*, Jeremiah Towle, Joseph
B Tully, Jotrn II McChbe.
fn<m*rmik?Charles O fc'<>o?r, Daniel E. Sickles, Hartlett
Smith. Tbomas C. Pic Id.
Hi. M m ik preamble and resolutions of instructions
were thereupon unanimously adoptod?
*l.fnw. we learn that an attempt will be made by an
irrrgnl't political a*H?ution of this city, to take advan
tage ?>f the afifWunchir.* HUte Convention, to obtain some
recognition as mi organisation in \ lolatioo of the rights of
Tutt. many Hail, as the regular representative t>ody of the
tlwnorrao <if the t it) and county of New York, existing
fur mm* than furt) years; therefore
Keewlved That while we moat earnestly unite In th*
patriotic M-LtiBietiis whi it originated the movement for
tin itfprou' I. ng Mat. <oi. vent ion, ati'l sincerely Iruat
that it* deliberations may be crowned with sucoeaa, we
uanni4 cia?ct to anrrirto* oaf rights a- an organisation,
Iti ? holr or in part, and thereby *lk>w a precedent to be
istablifbixl liauiagonly to p<-rp<!tual mischief and dia
t'lriiaiia* thtnfore tbts Oai\eutH?, an in duty bound,
to fully repnixtit the views and opini<?M of its oonstl
tueury, Ix-rwi'y instrut t? its Uen git.> aelected to re
p>. sent the democracy of tae county ot N'ew York at the
jftbany (>?ven*M?, to retipertiully but firmly resist any
? tt? mpt to ?! prive tbem of their jmi riffhts uud pnvi
l? fr~ as the r> prtwrnlatiTee of the refcular organization of
tlx deBK>-*i.iic party of thisonunt). aad to submit to
no surrender or C4>mpr<i?ni*c whatever of this
I <|thl aud t Uot i ?<K-h l epresenUtrou be not awarded to
tl*m tiiat tlie\ wfMM er.tirely trt>m kii>1 Convention,
and teke such ?< i*? in regard to the questions before
the countt) ??? Bfl| >? em e\|?~ii. m
Keeolrea That the dekfrateM elected by this Conven
ti< ii a/retuble at the Ik la \ an House, Albany, at nine A.
M. ui Um Slat day ol January mat.
BMOofciiry AcAiaxr o? Mt ??c.?The opera thrives in
Rroffclyn whilst it atarrea in New York last night the
"Sicilian Vespers" drew another crowded house, not with
standing th* doubts eipressed that another r<<pre*<?ta
t mki w close upon that of Haturday would attract II
Muaio has struck a rick musical mine and is determinel
to work it. He is more confident of his public than his
public are conMent of themselves I'ndetecred by th*
nppr*h ana tons uttered by many, that he will sibaust th*
enthusiasm of Uie BrotAlytiilM, be annonnses two more
representation* at the n*w h uae this w?*k?the "Tro
\atorr" oa Wednesday and "Martha" on Friday, tlia
latter with entirely now ou*t?mes aad aonery. On
Thursday the .Htynorina Kena makes bar debut in the
Lucreaia at the New York Academy . This will be the
only performance givwattiari agata this weak, as that
the metropolis bods itself in the humiliating poaitioo of
playing sreond eddle to Ibtsister city, which sapport*
op?ra thre* nigbta ta the week, whliat New York can
onh vupport two. So much for the policy of th* dtrec
tors in Irving place, who seek to saddle th* opera with
the extravagances committed la the oos*truction of their
building, and with their other faulta of maa^ement.
The "Va^an ' Inat tiigbt was ax?t effectively giv?a,
So?lni reappearing in his old mir of John of lTocida, in
aa One rotor as ever, notwithstanding bis meant lllnoea
Madame Cfaiann wbo sang charmingly?waa sa usual
well supported by Signora Brignoli and Karri -each ad
mirable in his pari. Altogether, the opeca was aa finely
represented as we have ever sees it given elsewhere
Hie n< it concert of the Brooklyn rhilbartnonic take
place on the Mb of next mouth The operatic artist
engaged are th* Mguorina llena aad t^ignor Susiui
r?rMwn' laqarata.
A Human K>nat?a? - la honday '? Ilea ui> are pub
Imbed nil woMunf (if the cigrmiry of wrote bumu re
ma Dh at llie fr> lit ile(*rt uf Ih New Jersey Railroad.
Tout ?f tVrrl'aiuli Mrart Yi-eterday Coroo'-i Jackuuta in
v retina tod the allair at H-IIi-tw lln*pit.ii, wbno lite fol
lowing facta, explanatory >4 tbcmyiil ary, were elicited ?
IwubC II. Ward, M p., a proleao.* at tbe Hoaeopalbic
CoHi'pe rorwr of Twentieth klrect >?<l Third ar aae,
directed the janitor of the laatHmkia to ooliarl all tli?
rrfwr matter from ibe ilai? riiiu; tallica, wbi< ti b^d been
accumulating for wr>-lu, at.d pack up tbe name la a
couple <4 barrek' fur Ibe purpoee of interment
Mr. Ward iirrd at Nrwark, V J , aad think
it.f be ooulil bavr U?- rmtua quietly hurwd
iu that ' .tv ue gave tin- urder above tt4m red to, aad
>te't ibnt tie barrel* nhoald be anot a* freight ia
the Urvy tit) ferry U>? laaitor did aa be waa re
quoted, an ! in a<MilKH> to tbe pwir<* of buaiaa 0<?b be
cullccied aome dec?> e-1 ?|? eimect of tbe feline tribe aad
packed th? m in the barrel* aleo ? or??e? Jarkaut. Iiaa
ant fuma-aied a jury jpet, aad aoa" ?d> kix.aa b<rw to act
In lb'' matter oatil be r.aifar* ailli the ?iM.raM Attorney
Ibe in v?>l l|fal ?? 41 alb probably le ne?i?ri1 to day
A l?ri?:Mi Ih 4T? -tfcfi r Xw rMK a nature of Oer
many, a#ed Uiirty yr-ara, <liod al tbe Vrw \ or* H<wf itaJ
veeterday from tlie elti "I# of lajartea received ia U?
mouth of July laat I?o* id, it tifwnl ?? ei^M
in blaellac r?*k? at Wi?ba?rkaa. We* ioreey whoa be
? ptiurk ta the thigh by a niaaa of atoae aad badly ia
jured. lie w.u maoved to Ibe reaideaoe af b* l>iatbm .
IB the immediate i.. i?hl?>rb->4 b it lailiti* tinipro*#
aijv M aae debated mm-< aeaiy to a?nd baa to the Ivaptnl,
?lier> be lirgerrd ia iioal pain for over BM*tb?
r?r??oer rwlii 1 Bin bel.: aa lacteal upon tbe body
ir-Thli Day.
r?riti> f*r?TW Ibarra* 1 Ox at rtaai* a- HaaiUy
Won f.n at?t'irttut - l*art 1-tMi aad Terminer
lilt 2~rka* ??l?ad?r aa ywdirday Jaa M am> eddi
ttt.e it Mm. 3X1 *?, n\ ?n. m m. m, m
fUM -l"art l_Koa M. M. t* 4T. M. m
to ??, W to Tt, T? to M. M fart t?*?? T?. M ??
M IMllMil?*.
Prawlaf* *4 m1
tor<ea -?IMif, MIDI A t*> . Ha
mu'iu. aaaweai aaa mm
ptutf Ian I'ua M Ja at. MM
m, 1.1.i?. 41, n a.1, it. n, ?Tm
f?u?<aa ||?I? Jaa K MM
li. in.nTn. Tirift. ?. m. n tt, u 4
?? ?W lf?? ml ?i>? ay Ulri?I^ laibar te
a ill. RI>Ut 4 T*? . ? Hi tea an.
a. Pl'Ut in?~ a> Lanta
f??aw * Oa.1 Bila
m% ??ai 'V mi 1 ua M, Jaa ? M
V>, 1?. i4. 13. IT, Hi. It. 71. li M. ? ? > :*
MMtuum U"*>at <-? *aa a?? Ma K MB
??. If 3. ?4. II. 4&, 1. 9K, U. 47. m, 4*. IT
OlrraWM aeat ' r?* af Atqp ??! aade^MOaa
k ruMi 4 m,
w?iy> a mam
Hay al Hataaa l^?l?ry ?Tb? Fa4lav
IB? i,<aM.ie i> 4rrm tbr (iTlarti*. >el?ai la tbe a??M| af Jaa
?" I, IM ?
Ml friaaa I Xa Mm i ?? ? "???
Mtm. fnn?? *rn %.?m ?m> |u>?a
?.**!... a I i i r* ? ?ail
Suait?r*K?? im 1 tw nu *? *M? Viler- ?im ?aa
??a a>.\wrri nm atm a*H. wn^BTifm im itaat
i.v^*, i ?dir liaai iwm, imi i;hh. ina* ihm* r m ?-i?
i<?7t? .?-ia> k .v /1 *< nwiji Mt Mh Mi ipn.
nriT mm, rm. mrm mm mm, hm. mi nh
(I (**> ea<-k
r<# cirruUn *e ia <be ab *? Vawaa? idbw Ova Aad
rWari ea>e af rtty paai. i Uilaii n. fcml Uaaabaa.
?trinway A ????
ai>4 ~i"+r* rtaa<w are a - aata
kre earraaud far yaam >?
can.lar? aoal t ree mt
H <
H heeler dk Wllaaa a
Ik-etaa Mark'i ea. wMh lay?ia?i aaa? nail J at f?daea<
NaMarla Cresaa, Her fitacitlu ?m4
*>?auUlylaa tbe hair Mf aaiy at W A. Htl BILiik 4
aeal) lateatad Wl| ractory. 14 Bond ? raat
Dalrheler'a Malr Dy??NrllabK liaraa
Irw aad inetaataa** ?. Warh er hrewa. nag f har> u
?>reel n.4d and m i--d at lATTURLoa 4 Vfihaur). a
bond anal
f brlatadnm'i llalr Dy*-.VI l(a aai Tm.
pee??The he?i La iw ar-rtd. ? bateaale aad retail The uya
prtratrly applied. Ka 4 AMot Hmiea
??kith * Brother. Wat. I?? tad Weat
RlahMwath atraat. botaaea Meeeata aad Bt^tfe ??*??*
New Tort biaaeei af fale ( rraai A>>
Tha lafrtH af
or. ?OTint oopn iMrsnui. m*r ?tTTr?^
ta riirtnf COMtllMI'lltlN, l?01UB??ti?i? llTlftPHi
and lRhIUTV, ha? pcod'ired aa ..nparalleled 4 *aad for
llieia in all pane of the I'nloa. The rare nt Ur faartea M
Mm. droanat Iff Broailway, of arrere "ore ibn?t and ri
lirf debility, after all other rwne^ieo had laded. Mate
aiarkahle eirrometar.ee Depot 7* Wl I lam Mreet. hotd by
all dmairieu ___________
Hlll'a H?lr Dyr, IMI Ceata?Rlack or
brown Depot Ho. I Oarr'at atreet, and all dma|l*<a. Aretlt
_"w?r?itf ??
Jfce UM &W?kiUr H.wU|
?? be ha* trn m. at m
DHu.aan_MooM.-At Port Richmond, on Sunday
J?ouwj 27, by Um Rev. James Urowaiaa. Mr.
IVi.nna.v to Miss Jam Mooea, both of States Wland.
Ha*wt?MctmuM?On Saturday, January 30 at the
Church of the Immaculate OouoopUon. by Rev. J
MsfnlJh'toJ' 10 daughter of John
MitKBa?+"v*nik?.-n\* ?On Tuesday, January 8 at 8t
J:?6?- Lieut R
"Ufa McCaaa, of the Inited statea Nary, to Kmma
yoiinpat darter th? Ul. j p^e&on k?T Sf
N*wbus Grange, Durham, and Black Hall, NorthuSber
Itiiadelphta and Mtlwankoe papers pioaae copy,
oi ?Id thk oily, 00 Thursday, January
llSand t?mZ1 0u^Ur' Mr JoH>'s l"*"uuc, of Siaten
island, to Ml*s Jamtt \ a* Ajtv, of this city
Calif.>rnla paper* please copy.
.... k**-Hti*_Ou Snndav, Jauiary 2T. by the Rev
JdwUi HaUleld. Rcukkt Wick* to Mi-* Ia/cisa Hn>a
caughter of Jarnus Hyde, Kaq , of Hunter * Point, L. 1. '
rt>rt 11am papors pteiae copy.
?. Died.
Bi vrux ?In this city, on Mond?7LJauiun 28 WnjjA*
youngest ohiid of John C. and K. B. Buttre,a?ed6 months
and 18 days.
Ibe relatives and friend* are respectfully invited to at
tend tb? funeral, from the rt*i.i?noeof hii parent# 41
Frankhn street, on Wednesday afternoon, at two o'oioofc
biui>n)Ki>.?On Sunday, January 27, Iocs Biluwoko
agod 76 year8 ?
The relail\ e* und frieaUs of tli.? family ar? riwpoctfuUy
Invited to attend the luneral, th.a (Iuesdsy) afternoon
at one o clock, from the residence ol her son, ueortre I''
Invitation N? a8 %P8t Tll'rty a!^ street, without further
Coa*?Kit.?On Sunday morning, January CT, CiTHatuxa
Mj*ia Cohank.-, ngcd 7a years, 1 month and 8 daya.
Her itdalivce and friends are respectfully invitod to
attend the fuuetal, this fliwsrtay; afternoon, at two
o clock, from the residence of he eon, William H Oo
baukii, No. 247 .Ninth sweet
CAMi'iaoi ?(>ti Sunday, Januar.. 27, Maet, rel!:t of the
late Alexander Campbell, io the tWd ji^ar o( her age.
The friend* ol the family and of her sons, Thomas N.
.lames and W m. S. (hmpbell, are resjiectfully invited to'
attend the luLcrut, without furthor iuvitaliou, from her
late residence, 82 Went Fourteenth street, on Wedn<*dar
alternooc, ut three o'clock.
Cajutmu.?U? Brooklyn, on Monday, January 28, Hk.\kt
Wai ikk Cami-woj., youngest son of W illiam J and Bar
bara Campbell, a#od 6 months and 1 day.
The lri<nds of the Tamily are respectfully invit?d to
attend the luneral, from the residence of his parents, 311
l'ettraw stieet, tbis (Tueaouy) afternoon, at two o'clock.
Cuakk?In Greenport, ou V uday, January 28 Caot
Joh* Ci akk, aged S3 years '
Funeral 00 Vtodnesday afternoon, at two o'clock.
I'M.*ny.?In Fast Brw+lys on Monday, January 28 at
the reaidence of her ratlier, John Ik'Uny, Skill man it re?t
bis youngest daughter, Mak<- Ax.. Iha^T.agod 4 years
and 2mt'UtbH.
The fi .eui - and relatives of the family are invited to
attend the funeral. thi-> (Tueeday) afternoon, at half west
two o'clock, to Calvary (Vmetery
EniKHi.M.mv? in lliooklyn, ou Sunday, January 27
Wiu 1 am F'ihkkim.ion , aged 42 years, a native of London'
The friend* are Invited to attend the funeral, on Wed
nesday aiternocn, at two o'clock, from his late residence
hrai kliu avenue, third door south of Putnam avenue '
KuKlirb papers will pleaae copy.
Fun .ay?On Saturday, January 2?, Mrs. MARoaiuir
limav, widow oi John Fialay, in the 61st year of her
The relatives and fri??U of the family are respectfully
Irvlt.-d to atteud the funeral, this day (l'uesday) from
her late residence, 178 Fast Twettieth street.
Fwoua.M. ? At West Iloboken, N. J., on Sunday, Janu
ary 27, S*miA. Fkwci ami, aged 31 years, 8 months and 24
rbe relatives and friend* of the family are invitod to
attend the Tuners!, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at oue
0 clock, at the Baptist church ol the above place.
Gkua,.?In this city, on Monday, January 2S, Mrs. Aw
(?""?u, in tiw 87tb year of her age.
The re Jill VI* and friends of the fatally are respectfully
invited to attend her funeral, ou WedneK'av, at one
o'clock, from her late rMidence,t>8KJdridge street, with
out fuithei notice.
Haij ?Ou Sun 'ay, January 27, WnxiA* KowiA.v, son
of Thus. J and Josephine M Hall, aged 1 year. C mocths
and 21 da) i.
Tlie funeral will take place from his parent*' residence
No V IhxHmai. pltce, We^t Thirty third Btreet, between
lighth atid Ninth a>euur?, th'.? (Tuesday) afternoon at
tmoo'dwk '
j.,\?k?Suddenly, at lUsliord Institute, on Sunday,
January 27. Hbwhiktt* S. Jow*,, daught< r of Klward and
Flixabeth J? u??, aged 12 years, grai.ddaughter of K J ward
The relatives and friends of the family ?r^ respectfully
in\'led to alleod h< r funeral, from the renideuce of her
Is her, lfOlb i-treet, hetwe?i Flevcnth and Iwlitli
avenms, ManhattanrUle, on We>ln?*da) afternoon, at
two o'ciock (amazes ?ill be It waiting in I'nlver
rlty place, betwein Tbirteenlh ar.d lour teen Hi streets
Kmix ?<m Monday morning, January 28, of mem
brane croup, Kami ta Kctiikkiokii, aged 1 year, 1
month and 11 da)i, son of Andrew and Annabella U
lhe fi lendr of th? family are re?pectf<ill) lnvHnd to
atli nd the funeral, from the residence i f his parentn, 27.1
1 fhth a\ei ue, |!1U( (T11 sday) aKernoon, at one o'clock
Ku'Wt - "? Saturday, January W U>wau> A., son of
Fbilllp R Kearney in tbe 24th year of hLs age.
Tin friends and rolalives of the f.vn'Jv are respectfully
re.jina:?xl to attend the funeral, this (Tunaday) afternoon,
at balf pant lhr?-o'clock, at Calvary chiircli, corner of
Fourth avenue and Twenty flrat street, without further
I.aih ?In KnnAljn, 00 Saturday , January 26, Arthur
Hi an s, of the late (aptaln Burtus aud Margaret La
rev agivt Jl j oars, 2 months and 0 d %ya.
lb. ri IhIivc* and fnen<ia of the family ara respectfully
lev te<i t/i attend the funeral, from the residence of bU
no-ther, 42 Uar?aH4il avenue, this (Tuesday) morning,a
t? a o'cie< k Th? reoiaina will be removed toSouthport,
Gone., far ir.trrmeat j
l.?.>.?hii?in this city, on Sunday mirnir.g, January
ST. Fincaimi l->mi Ijimvar |
Ibr retailva? and irtends of tbe fam.lyara U-vitesl to
attend ibe funoral, fiotn h?r late residence, 81 Clinton
place, on Wedtetoiy morning, at ten o'clock, withoi.t
luriher 11 * fals i,
1>??? In Hmohlyn.on Sunday m rtlng. .Taauary27,
at iw?-<ity minul'? |sixt two o'clock of scarlet (Vrer,
J 1 , oldest m j of Jam<? anc5 Ma; ion Lewia, aged 10
yea a and $ daya.
Tt" relatirea and friends of thi fsmUy are respectfully
?ailed to attend tbe funeral, tins (Tuesday) afternoon, at
we n'ciu k, fitwn the r>?sli?>c<* of his imrenta, on Oean
street, war Cuu??? avec.ur, llroukiyn
??? ? Is t'na cily, Saturday, Januarv28, Kkiia
? 1. ' <n the late Hamuel Ma;cock, in the 5t?th year M
Ih-r 'f-ix* art thoae of the family are reapectfully
li.i iwd %t attend ihe Iuueral, this (1 u<sd:iv) afternoon, at
w.e n ,U* k tr"B. her r?-s?drnc<, No 2*\ Kast Thirtieth
street near >e< ocd avrnue, without further invitation
Mi 1a s?> la Jersef City, on -<tm<lav, January 27,
>* r ?|U?DI Mr* Masv Mi ui.nkt, formerly of coun
t) M* at<> Ir sajvl, air-d All I ears.
Iter f' necat wttf tJie place from Trinity church, Vork
? J'?w) Tuy, tins (T tesday ) morning, at tee
? <s?k H?r frs vd? Sf requiai<<c to atteud bur funerai
a tit*.tit further invMatso
M M>. a? ?fliMM4ay%Jaauair 27, Ma?t K. M< Ma
*"?1 >g?-i ( ) ars, ? tnooibs and 2 da>s
elswHtif lie ftaili are rnapoctlully ii:v'ted to
aiui d her ouriai, lrv?i her late r?.dame, 1(M ha*t
Taei'ty thir.' s'reei, thai da; (Tue- lay).
? liefc'tii ta tt'ir.|?| e-aning, January 28,
at ??!?? n*. a.ajai <?? bar tntb?-r, i> K?t? Mjkw, tldeet
*a??bi'-r <t? Mi'l Abt>) M Maun, J IV
}~* ?
ru? ft f * M tba'?all) ?. ? InvlUd to
ni'fd h<r Iui?r?i fr?m -i ? . . hutch, Fl'utblng,
thM I > aflarrnoti. II two ??'??loft
* -416 Mowoat JaB'itrr W, K/ w*m. f" Mnro,
a?adfj?nr? 1 ???> !? day*. mJy cb:.4 of Ka,tljr
X alrf U.- tat* il?f|r H M ii*
TW tfi?t?**? aii Ir ? ait ? M tb? fi milf, and alar of bia
(rao4f?<ti#r tlnrtw |M ara IWpMfMy invited to
M? M U* f>n???a. <?a Hi d?art ay aft* rnv.o at two
? fk?t, ?fw tt? at ha iMllMf, No 110 Went
Hurt) MitkMrwt. w *h*?t fjrtbar aotir<
M< naai ?41 ltr?4 i? <? S' li.i .1 ?:< u? j ;i, Xna.
?.?? ?>H'I a|Ml It* )*ar?, n?ti?a of ih# count J Tf
<?** tmtmt. ?f ?>kb?*4
l?ar '*?a-a - It la*t> |>?r> rn?n It* raaidanc# of bar
4n??bfc" M a twa?wy, wreet ?f llatnrd and Flushing
ar Ma* :i?? * aM a** -naul aucaa. aud Umot of bar
!??)<? ara rnaf??M.i it > 'I' nttaod bar funeral,
at iw? ? . a *-4 , tfcw (Tuaadaf I a: w?wo?
ti km a <r M*&4aj> Mtu if .?nuu.rj J*, of rroup,
ni% 't a*t?d It mowUm, ?i* of hn and llan
?#a ti b*?aa
14 ? 11 war .1 m II tak- r>f ' - da) at I a 1 or ?k, from
br ? ?i?? at h nu *U I*4 fart T??ntv Bra. airaat.
U U*>ID *4Ma> HT) M, Widow hittam
('?MM1. af4 *1 av
tt? itMM at ifca 'ka? <a ?4 tbaa* o^ W Mw,
?>J i >aa < H? ?ft >ti4k (U?li4l tba
?? ???' K? t -a . ?t'Wraa'k at hti paat at* o'e Inct,
?% I* ??<*> tMMfM. *?<a. No k JaOM* atrial,
V '*? *?*?*. ?4 Mao<( U> ??r * l
*? ?aa ?? -? -4b ?> ? (V,J??unr tT at VjUVub,
I. . m a* a- .i ? ac I i'aa*M>
>v~ |i| a ?< ??f*i n. *? firat
. _!?* !)??> at Wliao A laJ-ama a* fMnr Uf,
||?Mt ? | i?, laM^i U) a U |t c x'aot rrMtivM
aaxt tf* a 0? Di?<n W Kaaa l*r ma?f rartwt
?i* l?a Nm4i at 1 ? w? ai^t?'t?f??ti<o( tba
?t#?<??a- ?At Mf Aa' a Hw4 *?
1^1* -mm* at lua raa ? ? ^a llf WaM ?? rtf
?ftl ?4?-t ?( <vif .. ?. >4 t?? ' a??a? '?ura
C ha * Ma I "tit ra? rfk?l>
rw tuta* ?w ba fit* >4 um> > *?.
Mto ?tft) Inoiwafi ' . atn 5m <?*
Tt? 'fllftl a?t BtUktt. W I ?* a*?Mt I>mg' So U, I
ii afti I ,ai- t?|w?t?4 t- t?-?t at iktu rwa, 1M
Waa??; . -m * <*m 4?jr tba Mb '.aat at t*? t rioek f
M la pat tba *at tr.t>?wi nt w^d |o ?ir ?'pafted
krtt^r JUlW I H/UK, N U
^ g M , to 1M4 ?4R ' W' WT
?* r+i-rmr tamtn M, nt ?U???, ??**
att* ,< ( hr a? a It M?a- a ???.' d*?Mt-tor
?( tbaUlatV?4*l. ? Hartr r, In th. 3tU )<*r i'hef
n># raw m ard ' aod* <H 4ba "??Jf ara inrMad to
ltua i tba tiytaaal f<wa bar NMlMI, IXM ?tr*at,
thud b Maarot- : 1t<>4 nt ? nu*, t * a (' aaadn> ) nltur
n<?n, ni i?? a rtrat
fba*?m ??'.!** Uk. lwi??i ?t f# (f law
'i hft^t Jtlt af fca? rga.
Ma) b.f aw.I rt?4 m pw??a .ito-a.
T a tHmt t m and fr -?^4? U tua f??illy n/a raapart
ftillf firm t. %ttrf H*? f?'i>a?n , rr.?n h?r lata raal
dan *? l?a Vaa' Th rt?tb ?tf?rt thta (Titaadny) aft^anwHi,
?t rna o h*.
H?trw ?in Mrtvkiyr,, m v iwUf, JMnnrf a, Mr*
M?WMK*r ??m?, ?(ad T$ ? mr*
Th* (Ttadi nAd alnt i aa <>' '.ba 'airnl/ ara rr^naatad to
nttattd tha fi<a?rnJ, Oi.a (Tuaaln)) nfiar*nr>?i, nt lam
a rlork.frtwii Ui* raatl-n.* of bar arm, Pnlrtrk H. Hatilb,
SO' Hlo*? fctr*r?, nnrn -r 'f flr?"4tjo
Mont ?Ob Wee ' ir, lu mrj at, Vnuia A?i? ??
ic tan egraf 7? fMUiM 11 teft
The fnf <i uh mrlT? o? ikr (mmt'j art r
IkVltrt) U' iIMH th fnaerel. ? Mtkn i. f?iv?fcM ??>>'(atM*.
fro? hi* UU rwlM', We XI Nu?Ui *ue?4 ot
We4??ed*y efVri*uoefc?i ?? ? ckuri
Tm*-It BreekJvu ?? rm^, J?u > 7T
Kin, <Uu?litw of li. ti; II mi A. T1' ee, t?e4
1 jvar *t?d l'> matte
The pelAU??? aid fTe ad* of tt .? lam. > irr fepf "?Ulj
iuviltd iv tltntl ibt ruMiil. fmu t>> r-*, w ? ' l?
grminifeUw John A. TVa>Uie.t.?q at f Mm eed
Clinton averuiee Ui? (V'ia?.iar? iitm? ml om? ? ctoek
T?rn*.?on M?uu?,', J?*u ,-y 2* 4 r a !h?vnt?
llln<v> HtRL* Nmiiix Ttan* .r\ A u?h* ?? ? "I
iiatm tiqrtor, ugtd -n >??>?. u Matte aai u *}?
? he funeral r<r\l<?v will t |r?.< .*i at a 1 Si. ?
&>i*cop*' church at Yobk.ta m. u?4u wl?> u rt .11*.
At muf o'cintk. li-'f remait.* wui be *1mi to Vo.???
on Wodniwl* tnoin'^g t* tt,a 7 *i ;re.n ?< th- II ,'.tea
Ktver KAilruMt
Womi-AI 1'erth Aa.l> y ot. s^iarita*. '??. ?
Mrs. Uakv Wm*?, wl/e of .' ?v;>h li Wood, li ?.er ilk
1fce fuiieral will lake pier* th.a (7u*mU>) u.vr? .i: A'
Uxi o'clock
lULuoui papere p'wtae Cup."
RkaX' ?On Suoi'.ey, Juuv; 2T, Mr* I^i< ? *? K ?.
sort of Mr BeojAmi* Keeri. I*rr?i,ient uf th* iW-*re H?nk
of New Jersey, sged r>8 year* anil 1 dty 'leMfMefll
Auu**a *o* ?r* roBA??iu "?r
T I'l I eooa aiw
# 13 | KM WATX*
Port of S(W \ ork, Jmaui '4*. l*.l.
KleenalUp R X Cuj'.er, Urooker, Mnunaii-M B Ct>vm atsj
t Oo.
Ship Ocean i'bartom Clai k. Liverpool ?h K Aionti
Hblii Emerald Ish*, Cornish, Mob lr t? H I t rain*'
bmk Hue Wing Heuch. Antwerp?M V schnuA
Bnrk E Koitei, lirtiwli, Maifcrlllpt-Minr? .1 llrnry
Hru; Saiitia^c (Brvm,, El? obiiK>*, 1'i.rt an 1'ialt-G? i? ' <?
Ki-ulfffii A linoh. ll
Hri? Njiuto* (gri, (AmptM>U, hi John*. N K?A Hiuithan A
g*4g w R Klbbjr Haratow, SaMnnnh J N smith A thi
8eh- Mlndora, tiitrgrnt, Lkgua. ra, Ao?Miller A ll<.nekton
Kchr K B r<irn?*ir L?w son, tlmnada?W i f Mdletun A t
Schr Ralpb Foal, Bo?lc\, Mobilo? K I' Hurihul A i o
8chr Maiibuwx-u, Wara, Cbarliuiluu?Waiarr. Slier* >od
A Co.
Hohr S J Waring Smith, CfcHrliuit.n?M^' ^a'l* Moll A Co.
Scbr K Kidder, Itarkiieu tVUuiIiulou NC- t> C Mu ra>
til'hr Wythe. 1 utile, Wchmc r.d -T I! I'lenon
dleaoier KllzauciU, Colnary, Sou'.l. AjiiIhi)
Hleamahlo Ktna (Br), Kennedy. I.nerjviol, Jan It. Viwwn*
town i?Ih 7 I'M, wilb md>e aud |nMn>'ii|tm'*, lu Jotiu U i>aJa
Has jPK'.WOIn upe. ie.
hteauiablpjohn Bell (Bri, Siott, illa>ga?, Dec 31, villi nidi.'
and paarenRerk. to KratKln Maodonald A Son Had ": oa* W
galea during the piuuiw.
Steamalilp Mu tan tax. I.icMy.n* MaUaxaa. Jan U2. wilb
rndi-i and pat>M*ng?ry. to Mi r.i Bi.m. Navarro A I'o lla- 1 *
strong NK galea during ibe paMU^i
Hitamablp <<enrne ? t'reek, W u.etla. Suiauuab via Norfolk
7 d?y?, with nidhe. to H B Cromwell a Co
Hteaniibip Koanoke, Couch. Nortolk, Ao vwth indnu aud
Kotaiera to Ludlnm A llelnckcn. Paaacd 111 Hampton
Da bark Linda, at anchor: also, aleamabip (iwtye'* 1,'irrk,
from t'luu lealon, na\ ing put inln Norfolk fur coal
Utcaniahlp JaniraUiwu, ,-klunor. Kisluuoiid Norfolk, Ao,
with mrtw aud ptutK-ugrrs. lr I.udlam A ne.iiek. n
8bip Maguet (of Boalonl. King, Koochow. Weplti. S'liida (let
6. Java Head MOtb, do id llope l>ec S, rroined the Riiua
Uir'Z7th, with teaa, to I'an A Co Dec 7, lal i* to Ion 7 17
E dpi ke ahlp E Cushiug, o Newbury port, SI dayt I r in ( al
i utin tor Boalon; ^lai, lat 8 12 8, 'on ti apoke atilp Saonu?l
Appleton. 76 diivn ? ruin Calcutta lor lti st m
Nhip A'exandhne (ot Bathi, rileomh, Rotierdnm. V5 rt ijtk,
with gtu Ac, to I'dolpho W olle. O'li ln<t lat 'W -l, lm -t a.;,
aaw a brig altering K. ahowinji a lu'it green -i'tn.il sulli letter
F in cei.tre. 'Mu., la I3H Ml, Ion T.'. i6. apoke bark Topeta, 11om
I'orto Rico lor lirlatol Kl
Bark Aunie ll.iek' nm (of Bo?tin), Potter, 'long Konr Sept
1, Java Head (>rt 28, Cape (Inod Hope Dec S with te-ia Ar, u>
niim'iM Croo?<aJ "he Equator Dec *7, In loo 31 3ii W, n ,.nl
(iuadiiloui>e Hlh Inat; had no NK. trades liaa heon ui bin l.V>
mut* of -MUKly Hook the laat 8 dav*. Not 28. lal .11? ?, loo
26 E. Rhtnallnvl ahip laalah ClOOTll, of and for R'>?! u flora
Calcutta Dec 23, lai i .Ml S, Ion 27 4<l, abl|i llhaaoa, KteunQg
WHW; 17th In*'., la< 31 30. loa 72, pa?.'^Hl bark Murilia Tbonip
aou, steering <?sbowed a private algnal with tl Tin It The
A mile Buckn un lost two anchor* ana 7f> fttlli uii of (lia u In
HtralU of H?inda.
Brig hlatH'lie (Brl, Roy, Grand lurk, TI, 19 dnya, with salt,
u> J h Whitney A Co onlled in company wtlh brig Wind
ward for Ho? ton.
Sclir Nod Karlan 'Hr S:?i llog, Halifax, 8 daya, w!th flih,
to Whitman liro* A t o
Bchr Ducy . nies, Know lion. Rockland. 8 daya
Scbr l harle- Willium lleuh-y Uockbind, 8 day*
Schr Star, Crow ell. I'rov lncet >wn tor I'hiladafpbM.
SchrAnnr Salter Kmh. Brl<lol. 2 daya.
Sloop Thomas uanxoni. t lark, KllUklielbpor* for Bridgeport.
ItMinef k.*u>t, Crooker. I'hlladel^iHa
P!t MW
Bark Sir Ituutc New ton, froir Hambnr*
Brig Ada (Hry, frori Turku lalnoda, 17 day* ? V>j ale mlug
Rleami-hlp RRCuyl?r. Savannah, ships Rceolule. Liver
pool. I'lnclniiatu*. London Brilliant, Antwerp, Oonan, of
snd tor Hamburg; Sctb ^oraauc, Rotterdam; Creole Sew
Orleans; berk* AltLea, AmoorKlver. Ellr.a Harit(Hr), Ber
nm.la, brigt ticeiin Belle, An'lgua; Allaotlc <Br), Naauu,
NPi Kelpie (Br), HarS>r llrmpe, NK; >'a* M lieorpe, New Or
Wind at (uneet W.
Hrmld Mnrlat Corrupaadi)B??.
KEV W LS I, Jun a>?Tlie slave bark Marr J Klin ball htfv
I lift been condemned In the Admiralty Court lor bring en
gnK'-d lu tlif alave u ade.Jw a* aold by auvllou on tbe 17th lop
J i.K? With the cargo, atorea aud provision* the unlet of the
I ;? Man-bal evcn-di (I a*,tluu. unr nail of tula mini (joe* to
the oflkwr* and crew of the I'S steamer Mohawk T .e re
roeli.der, al ivr paying the expenaes of the court, will be pal I
icto the I S Treasury Tli? Hlave brig Tuocoa (ooadnrane I
klarer) will be Mild early In the week Hhe lias n c 'tnpleie fl
out, and quite a quantity ol dr?j good*, provlalona, liquors, A
the brlc la ? be auty mid will probabl v get a fancy price
lk>tb ol ilieao vessels were raptured by ( apt Craven, ol th
Mohiiwk In December last, near the cntinnw of the port of
II it van* The prize noae) accruiui: U lie oflioers aud crew
of the Mi haw k will amount to near UUil.
Tbe ship Ocean Kel e, ('apt l<io?ne, laMy ashore on the
Msrqulsah, wj>-tontd up to tlila u .rt l?y the atesinci Salvor
She wa* foip d to have received little Injur}, aud on a tlio
r.ugb < i.'nuneiloD n'onounned sctworihy and ub e to finla i
her vorase The ca'go taken out will aor'ralngly be ulace1
i n board, and a-mot an the "ihnge and expeuaea are paid
t >< alilp will .sail The Court have tried the rase, and reserved
ltd decl'ton lor a day or two
1 lie bark t-oplila. lately in collision with the brig 1'utnam.
undi'igoing lepalra, aiu will be rmljr for i*ea In a few
1 lie rr hr I. V nterbury haa been or the marine railway, and
will *oan be na<ly lot m
i be dry u ltuu wivt d I ram the abip Cerro (ionli haa been
xhlpped to New Vctk (excepting tbe w recke-a'aharel. Tne Mar
ahsl aoid the portion laid out (or salvage oo the 1Mb. Dry
nilddll'g-bri'iigln 'rum 9'.c to TUr The wet bale* were so d
on tbe Huh and brought Si'1 per bale
Hieililp' llfion lias bt eii hove out and her oopp-r tak"n
off Hi'- leak was In her gariioard streak. she will be
rompl-1< h o\eiliHulcd aod repaired aud be abln to take in
csii.0 In ri biuary
TV *-|ir Jo**ph W Webster, Carron, arrived the 15th
InM Irom New\i.rk, with a caigo tor Fori i'aylor and the
1he whr 1*. Ktlckney sailed for N?-? lork tbe 14th, with a
load of damagi d cotton
Stkamhhir < 'onmat*?Char i nton, .Ian 27?The third nnmie
re-s'ul attempt w?a ibin morning mule to rem ne the steam
abip Coluuibu from her position in Hcach Channel tUytel)
Hiir Noiu) ?&*, I'll Ich, fnan Ba aria for llocg Kong put
Into Singapore Dec 3 In dlnrea*. foremast i-priing, and would
probably have to discharge carg ; of rice to repair.
Siur CiMUIJ Raan, hence at Valparaiso, experienced
heavy weatber off Cape Horn, had deck* aw apt Ac
Biur 11 /UtTLrr, Muling, from Mobile for hoeton (before ro
ported loeti, with 17116 baloa cotton, ran ashore on Sandy Cay,
Ureal Ha-aim Ha' k, imimlngof <>Hh ult. during boi-ie/oim
and ne?vy weather. Hhe took Are the nlgbt alter the struck,
a ad all the ton i la a wltb about J00 bales cot too were burin <1,
and the balance of the cargo waa taken to Naetau, NP, by the
Hntr Ozri??i.di?The New Orleans Ptcavune of the 23d tnat
nays?^The ?hlp Daiibaldl from Kuropa for Penaaoola, went
aooon on Santa Itoaa UUnd on Thursday la*t, and the neit
day iihe had V leet of water Id her bald. It ia believed she u.
a total loaa
Sair DaaiKL Kluott before reported at Valpnralan from
Pup t Sound In dlstnfts, waa badly damaged, and would be
obliged to undergo heavy repair*.
Bnir Fohkct OlB, of HalloweL, before reported condemned
at \ ftlpaiaiiM), waa Hold there prevlnuat) l?ee 17 for $IO.tnO
Tbe I'll waa413 tona, aud built la :jM6 at likiluwell. where
she waa owned.
fiiur A*?ei4?The hull hnd cargo of the American abip
Arabia, before ? eported burnt !n Melbou ne harbor, wen sold
at auction Nor 19 for ?61*)
B?rk Cimhi.ui K t<KX. Almeida, from Mlragoane for I'hlla
delphla, with bag< Collet and lialan' ? o cargo of I 'ifw iod,
wat wrecked on the reef near Long > 'ay. Crooked Island, on
tbe night of Mb Inst Tbe coffee was*sved l<y the boats he
Isrilnl In Me?er? Savage, Williams and Scavrlla Tbe sehrs
I) fphln and Koarn t arrived Id time to assist to saving wme
of toe wood only tie (' k I. <ra* built at rbiladelphU in
ItVC, 197 u>ii* rated A2 and waa owned by T Wa'ts n A Soul
it thai place
Ri?i Kism Btrc*. (Irocliett from Messina for Mew Or*
lear.e, got down off the Karo I'olnt, where she met a change of
wind, w Inch berame a pert eel tornado She was carrld over
to tbe I aishrian side, but managed to get buck to Medina 4tb
lust, with loss of two anchor* aud U f alhoms chain, main and
main topaallyarda, Ac
Nasr Rsrk Kot.g sailed from Mesalna for New York 1st
Ir.st but put back to port same da* on account of heavy wet
ther .she Liad sailed once prtvioualy aud been obliged to put
Hhiu Aaav Fi iSARkTii fhinney, from Meesln\ for Nrw
% in a sld on He 1st Inat, hut was < bilged to return to port
..line day Hhe will be obligfd to dlacfo rge n?ri of herear^o,
hat rig oeen nan nue I by collision, but whrtaer la th- barb ?r
or at era I* u t swertaltied
in the same norm sevtral vcssi.? al Me?sl-a parted their
shore mooringa. and dra gr d their anchors ar-ruaa to the Clta
>1?! ? ldt? Among other* hark C> mb-ldge. HpsrTnw, from
.S f ? t 'anibvidge got her snehor bold of some heavy
riooeii'r* tl";*, andin trying to rala? It on the 4tfe lust., the
pan nl Mil truo nucliiue In'o which tbaeapslaa ban play
t ie bet ken. and ( apt Hparrow thinks lie will be oollgrd to
HIMMftr v-i I "'ore necaii go lo aea lie would tiy t. rai>e
hl> aie liora r tth light' ra on the ft(h, Bui thinks he may Inae
II ?I 1' I f l? W as very severe, aod those who have had
i . mt yrare eitierlence on tbr meat state that they hare never
k ?n? icl ad weat?or
-r a (??: IK**, Thatcher, fnm Matanias tth ln?t for Coi*
for order*, with a cargo of 2W hhda molaaaee, airuck on Hlark
w ? d Huso Cay Keef IIIUi inst and waa g >t off by wrerkeri
tw tbe Ut 11. Hae arrived at Naaaau for repair* Uta
?r?* Raaa< n. Maboay, of asd from H >*t<m, bound Ash
lug, during tbe thick suow storm on Thuraday evening, gut
j.nsiid I lose in between Norman'* Woe rocks and the ntdn
"and lioth anchors were let go, hut loo late to save tbe vea
?el. aa the at once dragged ash tre oa the point and became a
to-si lose The Kela-uea ?aa about IM tona, and valued at
?I.?U The crtw were all aavnd, but leet everything.
IkiieK* Know a, hence at Wilmlngtoa. NC, carried away
f< iv rna't head and main U-pmast on tbe IM Inat.
Ceooaaige, oan 10- The Amerioaii bark Kioneer, from Rich
mof'd fur IJverpool, ?i>n ported hare yeiterday as being In
lionnianua I'ay IB a ol |to?iti</0 wliea a tugboat then lying
fn till* barb* r went off to bet ansisiaaoe and !oiind bar ruif
tlet ess, witl h 1v>i of small hoata to tow her. TMateamcr
look h. r In ttfW *Od bri'iigM her Into Crmkliaven at 8 PM on
the 9th. wRhout any further loss. maater aod crew aafe (The
1 airlretl st Queenstowa Ml hi
(V *a (fa?safe Wtsti, .lar. II?The American hart (lree*k
land, ha> ng dixbaiged raigo Into tbe iHinded *tores of the
V'etwla l>ot+?, I.au ed Into d-ick for repaim.
Tbe American ing da* Gray, Plommer, hauled Into aaaa
d<?k (with f'ill ear*- ot cotton on ardi for repair*.
Tbe AbbmI' aa aaip Mlat k Warrior, after being In collision
? t Viieenstown, hauled la the Royal Vlct< rta dockyard wharf
for rafair*.
Iitii, Jan I*- Arrived and proceeded for the river, ah%>
Pdwsid O'Brien, f< untain, from New York Cleat Plymouth!,
ta tow o> lb- Nap< leoo steam'.ug, with lone of mlaeomaat and
aaalo tufuaat. Ac
DvaLia, .'aa The Katharine, from Bt John, ha* on hoard
Vie craw <f the O;ace rv ,4 tl t.? Bt.ftoo, which ahe fail la
"RtSiSTJeanP Al?rr reun^tTraed ship aa U?r
b^iEEwVith ??l? IwmmM etandiug, w aa p-ae-fln lat
1! *""r J.*V J-*?I .,k*Ung, arrived here "taWjul
?% rrixr sr St- fciy ?s-i skcws
KAM win til i>t but rikjuirisg do whIuUW*!, oj ?** *
H TfcThLt^Mantles? taw of??4 frwa ?e?VartC
duadrcry .u^?,UrJ Dae M, lat 4X.joa <*> Wittf/*?g
water la her led. kM of ruddw^d ^
< r*? MfH) ii? Ukf tiitp (linofit ftrrtvwl hW6 from w? . _. i
Ai the U*< bi>*t l*fi th? Marmlofi. *?d SJ^JJS 00
h* I *y>i % > lH# iktB'l bt*4l MllQoUIK^d NOW iMi. , .
Ihe Youig Mechanic. from New York m.*l?T
t* day grouaded op|?aMe the klug'a Dock, but waa
. t ai-d Into dock bT ?lr4u>.
)*i miii ra, Jab II- Timed In. the JUnfrl* ahlp Alice, of
Balk f.? ?. New for London. dtaanaated.
MoMRiti, J mi l?- The Iniaatan hark Auguata Jeuiette.
to l,?.n!f.-rarr. tn m M< w York, arrived Tceterday. leaky.
The black VuTHif, Murphy, Inm Altala. put In yeaterday,
tiit; I'oaa, abore.)
Anoktn, <M>
.Ii,p > ruwi! r< ml. hnlaht. from London for Calcutta^ IS
, h (n? Kaeteiu Channel?by the Urlon, Libby, a til
mTip Oueea of the Sena, Caxdner, from Bombay fur Liver
w. ' V. > UL 1*1 14 N. Ion ?ft K _
? hip Karlha -i a. d. liiacaiey. from NOrleanafur Havre,
"hi) Vl.'^ur,' L. OUU1. from Ha?ie for NOrtisiue. Deo 31.
'*>-hh speedwell, I mm Liverpool for Bu.um, Jan ft, ml'.e
* NW of Mine llrad
renin Porte.
Aarwaar. Jan U>?*rr at Fluahlng, Rooheater, fatten. New
' \Tv"**a, Jan 4?In port achr Retriever (Br), Sharp, for
Boatc-n wig ?-ml .. _ _ , ..
Hi ?u?i (I'lll', 'an 14 Kid (Venn Ranger, Avert!!, ( a de
14, taan ,i*ii 11 -Air New \ork tat. Von Santer, NYork.
It. ?-?ii>[ >01 I#- Arr ship lua Kuaaell, William*, Silica
T^ainr. Jaii II?Art Village IVWle, Blal?dell. London.
( imhom Janli?Sid Lord Seelou, Nalt, Savannah
t ,.>n m . i rt ., l?-c ? ^d Ua!le?o. V. aaliburn, Queen-.
t *ri U mil ??, Jai. l?-In (Kirt br% Cuba, tftraut, for t'l. n
.',.<? /I-1.1???ld bark Tom t'orwln, Norton, BoiUin.
1 i ei in lai? l>~Air Oeeau Hnile, I'rinK. NYort
In i> rt IMII, I later, K'nnedv. lor N Vol*, ld?.
Ku ? nt (H>n, .* ?j? 14 Ait Glow. Hoyt, Savmnnh.
K? kkoi lan Arr MarB?ri-t, Anderwui, Kaiannab.
(ii oi. a.-r? a. Jan 12-KM V ln?(.4f, H^rg. r, I'enaacote.
Hi i^joii .lan II?Ait Hoaeneath, Auld, _ Niirli?ana, lith,
i> (' \eaiou, I'ott, and J W Lovetl. t'ajii. NYork.
..ana.-a, Jan II Air, I nited Km?dom (a), ? ral*.
NVik. Jo(ii> K)'e. Lather, do; Treulou, Walker NOi
' i."iatui.T>U, Jau V Arr, NU?to Oeaixil Saunl. Trtiwtn
land rid for h Vorki, ?th. Kanny Kalt-i. Ludr-,
I ,i,d eld f? i N tiili-anai, MarlikUt, t mik, NYi>?; fttfc, Pedro
h?ruh. ? I .4r, Kl k?4l. Me??ln? for N\ork, Walter Howe,
1 f-.irw, ru4 Hyiug KnuI1*. I'ilermu.
Nov |A?Arr, HK' h*w, McOana, San Iran
'7U(1, , .fnn It Arr Mortimer IJvlnpbw, Sampnon, N
Voik. I'l a>un.. Biookn, Mobile. , _
t .(I 12th, A Bell, R' Wiaon, NOrUutna; Joacph Holmea
" lilolf ?.?J?ti I A?Arr ahlp I/vh hamar lampher, Matanraa
I liuiaii lib; tor I Pinion. IV' h ateanixhlp \\ m U llewja, U?
lena ^ ..III ??.VI* Jm, ? uide, do, i>rfc Redwood, MeirUle,
amUiv. h l??'k 'I bompwui, d< ; M-hi PIIA'a Mride, < <***? &*?
^Id loih, l<ark Litida llewlll, Clenfueuoa. Wh, bri*? AJfa
n.ia blboer, dn I mi in Hlni.-y, t ardi na. and Portland;
M-Lr K liKHiuid, ?ri)tht. Mobt e
fU' l^th. hark llow.rd, Htanwiaid, New Orleana; ?ohf? J A
ltr vii. liiWIiUnai.. Navaiinah Willie. Hrown. Keraedloit
llAtirm, Jan iEt-Arrwhr l ady *ul?r??a, tJrant, NYork.
t idifcW, ?< hr Lord Kaglan, Ht?rfln<. NVor*.
lauKioa, Nov In jairt l*rk MiarvUin (Br\ for Hoaton,
ldfiTmroot? Jan It-Arr Prlnreton. Warnork. and Invlnet
hi. Hi iiburn, N > ork , Hortenala, Atktna, I'bllart.-lphU; Ju
riini? v Hud WaliHisb, skalin Biltlmore; Mlnwvft,
M.Mil*. I'barlaatoii. Argo. Mallard, ^avauuah; Kortuua, U?
wara C.altrealoi., Hbntilan, Roaa.ll, Ntnl?aii?, Sarawak,
Vi.uithau, do; t.'aUeodat, nfc, di; (!<irintblaii. Hwetzer, do;
J .till, 1 ersla (?), .Judkiiia, N\.rk, llenr) Buck, tlrtflln. do;
\.ini MMliantc. Mcljoon, do; (iaribalill. Adama, do; ()blo,
Hi'tcMrK". do New York. Dewkurat, Oharieeton; Oondar,
tiiodna. do, L Uiimore, t.naae, do; N'lobe, latnderkln, Boa
ton 'mluMrle, lli ken, BalUmare, lleuiletta Marc*, heyaer,
M>rioana; V\ \ Moaea, Jonea. do: De ?olo, Heed, tiavannak;
imj i.t Hn<okl)n, rhaae. Mobile; Miinesota, biahon, do;
h.iai.?a, liirard. do, lift., un'at We.teni, ?
ucva, nTi). b, NS ork; (lerniania. Kranken, do; Roland, Wtcki-,
Hallin.oro, All*rt tiallatln, htoref. Mobile.
Md l:;th. i.evenue, Kiweil, and Benj Adama. Chaae. Ncw
Vo.k: Hi.?'ing Star, II >fhkli*, Boaioo; Oorondatea, I Ike,
New tirleauh 14th, .lohn .s llarrla, llarman liarana; Bll
Metra f, St. inon, i.nlf of Mexico; Kipr> *a, Alllaon, New Or
leant. Jehinni.l.ern, stlliihon, do; t'blna, Aylward, ^karlea
t n \V V Kent, Wliroi, do North.'rn t hief, \ eazie. Mobile,
UcrUiry, Alnaworth, N Yerk . W K htalTord. Letinon, Wiloitn*
t, . , N' , 1Mb, Hairs of the Weat, hme?y, N York; Monte
zutnv, Milia, Savannah. _ ?? .
I ..Mow, Jan 12?Arr Margaret Kvana Warner, NYork,
llth Irtvk t Bit- n, KounU n do; Ueuu'hlaud, \Aesaelboeft,
do; JW Piilgi', i'lnney, Wllaiinaum, NO. ,
kntout 12ib. A tbur White, Relly. Hoato*.
Arr ai t?tTV.acnd 14th, New fifteen". Sander*. MOrleaua;
V> atarl. y, lieury, NV ork ; Morning Star, I*ia?:heur. BoaUin;
ir.tl Court, r. Olnixiead, NYork.
Li'anoa Jan S? Arr Wm B Naali, Small, NYork; 4th, Laura
CnmtA). 1. I.u-klu. do. _
MiuK K*. lec. W?Arr Adeline Sprague, RtuMh, Ten-elra,
"'m Akj*itlLi Ka Jan 11?Sid Cotbemtone, TopHlfe, NYork.
M. LA04 J an 4?In port brig .xx-an Ware Janiea, une W
and NVV aliida lied prevail d for a long time, and aonie 7l?
v eaaela were detained along the ooaat in cimaciiienoe.
McaaiMA. "?n 2-Arr lmog.-ne tJrahtree Mara.ina.^JVt,
Amerlrua. Walter, Olrgentl, 6th, Yankee, l?ariing, Smyrna
M.I let. l arka ,-pccdaeil Mayo. NYork; l--agle '>aap>w^
hrlKAbby Hiiata-th, Phmnev, do. and laat two put haek
l-ee dleaaieia); previaua to Mb, barka Lan.y, Coleman, and
John ( ritlln. Treat, Beaton; loule, Hutcblnano, 1 klladetpkia;
brig Lliabel, Veaba. do. .
Mali a, Jan 'A?Sid Oiford, Wn-bbttrn. NYort
Monxot Ik, Dec- ll>?Arr bark Juatloe Siory, W?baler, from
Boa4 Ii
M *TANF.A*, Jan Ift? Arr ahlp Rlalto, Prince, Ha?ana; briga
M 1 I IU?oitb. I,awreiiee, Sydney, NS; Wm M l>"d4v liar
( y llavann . Ka?e? Slanotl, Baltimore, Wa-poo, W llfcaon,
St Jaao 19th Oueen of the Houth. Chapman, ProTidrnM:
?. br "cllpae lludolph, Hainan *Kh bark t^alalpa, llaiford,
FoeUMi. achr Keaci.e, l ettenglll. h.llad.lpbla, Il-t. hrlg
Arooetook, I'ltrce, Har.na. achr Oulndaroo, W alia, N\oi*.
Sid 17th. l???k Luson. Heoii, < ork, t8tb, ihlp John i
Hallo well, Ilaoao1014 Head*. liKh, Kinprro*, Nk?hoK rnl
mouth via h. m. dloa. 'JOth, bark? Ar,d?a. Merrj-man, and B
t Olcord, eolco.d, NYoik; brig. J Ii? Lincoln. Webb.-r Port
laoe ; Cyrlni r yr< arty, Bi ?lon; 22d, achr lien Marikn, Urif
VXZWr* Jan 11?Sid Hnaan (1 Owena, Norton,
' ^::r.,.n ft-ln port hark Young Turk, Warding, for
Meaaina. t' loa.1 t< r Hoaton. , ?
NA?*At>, Nl, DectT?Arr achni KflHawrer, Itohhln, Boa ton
(and eld Jan 4 for .larkaoi.vlilei; Brlll?h t^ueen. Johnaon, Na;
TMuruih ?th, brign Lurf l?Hrllng, N ? ork (and eld J?n II
for Haltiniorr n* Ragged Island), MftHnie, Smith, do; ?cnr? A
( aruiif. h^eeting, rli*rlri*t??n . Jan 7, Time, A m^ <Jo;
tal, Hoyt, Key Weal; H * J Nelld, Moore Baltimore nind dd
llih lor Kaitg-d Inlandi; 14th, <Irianna, Thatcher, Matanzat
for ork (ae.Hglaceli; IWh, lirta <i?pray Cole. Jaekaonrtlle.
oromo. Uec 2.-Arr I retendido, ? oelbo.fj Yert
I-ai kkmo. Jan 1?In port brig Ortolan. M rartan.l, from
I I' M* ?rr Fk*c 26 load lor Hofltoa. Sid I>oc8, nchr Lnlo,
(foretRol Nf?rle?n?; IWh. larka t amllle, (Sle) do, Pojero.
mci N <Tk; bilgh Moonlight, Small, Baltimore; Lucrvlia
\\ allar*?, N%ork, i ourinr, of and for MMi*aiw?; I9in. bark
I'oahatian, ^Inimona, (from U-aUi Philadelphia; 10U, brig
nUabeth M'la-u. (?r? NYoik 2-at. birk K"*?b'lh. 1
N'i irlcani; brig Abt v Thaiter I.atoo. N York . ISth, erhr A L
Webb, Webb do; ?dli, it*l. re reported Zid) bak Kleoaora,
Aiuil.lt ?"o?lon _ ,. . ...
Oci tNtiTowk. Jan II?Arr Crem'-t.?. Fu'lmore Ntork, An
giieia .lei eiia. Schrood.-rt hger do, Blai k 1A arrlor, Murpky.
A.la a JUI liil'?k?; 14th, Ptoaeer, llooker, Kichmead; Jo
hanna 11* ndiika, vs ydwi. NYork.
i ?fl do Uth, Ktaisac**. Lftvltt, from New OrtflU for L?r?r
' "hirTfrwDA*. Jan S?In port, ;hiiw Kalaraatoo, Tavl?r, and
Juliet Irundv, for Nea \ork tdward Kverett, tlunby, from
tialiiinore, aiid the tollowlna foiilgn reaaeu -Saraiaoca.
pe Yriea iiii.ea.Haat, and Johanna Bariha. f enlnga, ail
I tut. hi, fi r Hoetun; Arnold Honlng.-r il'rua), llaaliageo, for
N>mk; WurKaiaillami, Beeket, lordo .
Si n IT, Jail 12?(Iff, J A Slam er. V.uug. from NYdrk for
St Mirn AitiJi, Jan rt- Sid Pert, chorrh, Brlato).
1-avnMA, ,<an 9? In port batjt ,-myrniole, Wataoo. Tor B??
TinanxP Jan !?? In port bar* ? Franklin, Mitchell, for Boa
ten ld?. Aliiah Nevena, lor I'hUiidelpbla or NYork ?w cargo,
Lyaander, (ilovei. from Bo?U n, dlag IiHbm Mafhlaa, Phopjjy.
lr. m and'or Nl/ork Idg. John W elah, Kldeld, for PhlladeJ
phia ?anil day. Carellue, Norton, from Curacoa for Mork,
"yaTV^kaiso. Dec 10?Sid ship John Wllla, Chad* I- k, ( aide
ra- bark I'ugh hlrrkhend, Pennett,Tongoy tThe laat two are
rt poind by an< thei wmnt io port Ibc f7.|
In port I ec 17, *Mpa Caroline Keed. Itotiglaa. and Harriot
Frvtog. Mai.olng. d'xg. rnn at ' ak. condemned H.vnlal
Ullott. Iti blr aon, une; hark Belaena, Reynolda, al?? aehr?
sheet Anchor, *?ay*ar.l, do. lo*naend, Jonea, aliandoued
Wa?KKro?f>, Jan 1?? An- J (lodirey. Clark. NVo.k
|P*k 8-r*A?nMir P.TKA?Tae Latiat |
QuKKatTOwa. Jan fr-Arr from NYork. Mercury, at llavro;
W IHirlmlna, at Hyde. Borneo, In the Clyde
Arr I mm Bonon. Hamlin, at Llrerpool.
Arr from Charleaton, Kophra?la at Uueenntoan
Arr from Savannah, Intrepid, and Emily A Hall, at Liver
P?Arrfrom Nfirleana, (JoMheo, at Liverpool; II .ughlon, at
Fleetwood; Ionian, at Havre, Mary, at Pan lance.
I Aaitricaii Porta.
APAl.A< 1II('('I.a, Jan IK-In port ahlp* Finland, ioDM:
' Alabama (Rr), (look ran. and laae (Brt, Duff, for LiveffwM
Ldg. I>?rk? Haonali l*co<ir, Br >?ka, for do; Fleetwlng Jaym.
fur Naw \ork do; Rogota, (iibba; hckforrl Webb, Wymaa;
IV.I lydyarfl, Button, and Areihuaa, Hooper, for Mixton do,
V H ? all, Parka, ford 'do, aelira rmellae. Deaataoa. and
D It Ra?l??, Jayne, for Boston Idg.
IWtfcloN, J?n Jo ?An hark (1 W Hall, Foiw, N'ltrlnana,
brig fMrr, lavender, Vonalvea; arbr* Moonlight. Htutaa.
I Ororgt tow n, h ); Magnolia, Nlckoraon. and Hiawatha.Small
PW'?. I'l-tooe*". loved NYork. Old. ?U'j?a Ha? we, An
druea, run Fmuilaco. Wild rat, M?r?e, Mtrleaaa, barka
Kva. (Hr) I'errr, Liverpool via Portland; O W llorton. Simp
?r, Ntlrieana; Zephyr, Sma'l, Wilmington, NO, achr Or ape
hbot. Mu>w, sa- nanah , Wulrott, Park'-r, NYork
'/7th- Arr bark Manhattan, (tray. Hmamnh; litln Lau
HIIIk, lllgglii*. Caw- llavtli-n. Saial (Jook, l?ver, Fi-reinie;
\m.iie America, Llbliy, < ardenu*, Roniiartc, su-warl Jark
aonvllle nth inat ; Fmdentk Kugrne llowea. Norfolk; Ml#
phen Young, Cliaae, Norfolk*!* New Bedford arha ran la
m< uut Darla, Wilmington, NC for Nrwburvport: William
\\ llw n. Kyan, Norfolk; <4e?>rgHKdward, Weeka, rkiiadalphM,
Auguata. Utegory, I'lty Point, M'Donald, and Mary Pleroe.
Dunton, Elllapetaport; hornet, Henley, Jerwy City, Il^rd
n-robble, l'*<kard. NYork. Signal foraahlp, a hark and a
brig Hid Saturday, wind NW to KNB. with Know at night,
..t?*mer Ken Detord; Sunday, wind W, ahl|> Raohal, aod from
the cii?d* where they anchor <1 on Mnturdaf. thin John A
Aibwt; bark A k J Fulton; brig Trial Hrtg A'Wrt Adama
Ml led on Kalur ay, but returned and anchor** I* Praatdrat
Road*, and w ent to aea oa Hund*y
RaLTIMORK, .'an 26 a tJ?('Id barka Winifred, Intnore
??lelimoml. Mr-nmel (Pm?), Maaka, Cadis. b*Vp Maid of ike
lalea tBr), Irf-aak, Penarth hoada. "one**? IMte (Hr), Kim
ball, Kuifatoa, jam achr \alerla, WUIae, NYork \rr
at< Mwm Thorn** Hwann, Raniaay. fttark. hid br1*? Mary
(new, m ton*), Wllaon, Klu Janeiro; I'krMliw (Bwadlatv,
Telnnri, I /inrlon . arbr John H (ranch, i roafcy, Hagt a.
I'll AKLKnlUN, Jan M_('ld brla W Maaoa, Oardner. NOr
lean*, arbr Paugaiaatt Kaaa. Dariea, Ua.
RF.V MTKBT l?n I 'orraapoade naa.
NKW OK1.RANH, Jaa It?Arrahlpa RaUa Wood. Ruah, Ur
?nrol Wan W ithcrlca, Atwood, Mclroci, Kllaa flood, Kllkfr
aud ilamhrldi <hrnm>. Duwaani, Hraaaarharaa. CM ahip
(jiurlaa Vard, Gould; Ht Prtcr, Sarin, Atlantic, Fleetwood,
.I' ha M? rrtrk, Crabtrra. Ht Loula, .lobnaoa; PlantaccnM(Br)
Corhran Hrlmmt (Hr', Uraot. t.artt Klina Hnire (Rr>, Wll.
liaaae' CTclatBr), Lochrad. Mlnnahaha (Hr), MaOrath; Maad
), Tajlrr NuMn, Large Walter U-fd. 1'erklna; CeaaaaM,
r?, ildanah. Bunker; <'hlmboraxo Mrhau; M R L'ldwtg.
Mllbr, aad llarekok, V. aag Liverpool PhlUnthraytai (???,
KiiratIV, Fleetwood. Cambria, farry, and L.udnda| Smith,
Uueeimt' wn for ort'em; Ofhclla. John*uIP, Thoa H*rwaa<
ROblnarin New Hampshire, I<erd, Aqutla, Oltrer; Toukm,
1 pahnr BtaUH-man, Le*enae ler, John fatten fatten, a*i
Horkawaf, Jam*. Harre; J P Whitney, Arery, and I'lara L
Preble, IWHiweU. t rmatadt, H Von t.agern ilrenti, Rnlaiiaaa.
and Albeit IHr*anl, Klarop, Bremen (Mrotuhir* (Rr) Pal
hotia. knd IJoa. <'oo|?r. < adit, barka K1 Uora<1o<Rr>, llaiaa;
Laura BUaa Vtaoello. Auguata Aurora Jl>aa>. KebMMal.
and KuhW tRrein), Paulxcn, Urarpool, Purtaa, (mywr and
Kea'na. Hooker <J ieeo?town for ordem, Amabl-- Tereaa l??),
Julia, Harwlnna; arrndal(Nori, Pauvaaa,Itakheatwara. amn
Rader, Kidrtdfe, aad t'etihaa HtaiixL Oregon Ronton At
laa, Hart.ieH a< d Mearn, l>e|?a* NYe($; hrte ItaMaOodtra
fiwe), R. empka. ?orkofdn(r, tMJmer MeniKhJRMrtdge. ??
noa: 9 Mrlatlre, Mclatlra, and Loth Vldndm., Roa
ion. arhra Vanny, Weeka. liartv; Jaa Miller. Carbonet, (!??
ooa la?ar i<mn>), .lanaon. Halite aad mkt, Mary 0 Tarb?lL
Thomaa. RTerk. '
?d- Old gteamahlp U^mia, McConneU, Harau; khlpa ftf
Galena-Learltt, Bt____ _ .
Nineveh, RoMnsoe, Iwrorpoci. K*jf*. Hoimea. and New hrn
ptre, Randall, Havre. Lucerne, ArdLsou, Bordeaux, Gaa 73?"
J"ko WlnLlron, Kldridae, Laura Ruaa. Kim*, a.
H KUnbali Packard, sad Mary Adwu, Keller, Soatea;
Jba, Lynch, Ht .tames, Cr.ua, aid Kadroa, Terrell. icTuck;
bn?* H*bln* (Hp,, AigUmw, Bareeiona; Nahlim tMatao*. Ofe
BhuL TtuHptoo- vhrs Aid, doodlaa; JuiM I Day, toarrew.
w'T.rt aud KmeUaa McLean, KeklkC
Rufjaneiro **'' "h'p ()0r,L0 Laadon; bark PlItM,
^JMU,r ^B*
r?ifi Ji!?i!L r ' Jif8 '^~A,T ateszashipOeeWi Creek, WUM^
('Diriijtofl Tor Niork
NEW BBDPORD, .Inn 26?Arr schrJM fw?y Vnt.
Elizabeth port; J6tb SM l>w* Aior Burti Pa?P^
^EnXdOIsA, Jan li-a5Vtas bef?$ Bfflrta, Kearo*
FHILiDELFHIA. Jun SB?Ait i^aotf Delaware, Oaa
non, NVork; brt^j Caroline, Otbbe, Bwatuo; achr OA HaM-'
mond. Paine, do.
RICHMOND, Jan 2ft?Cld shin Pepperill, HHL nremai aid
ohra Lynchburg, Harris, Kk> Janeiro, Marshall "" "
VANWAH, Jan M?Old ship Zutotka, Glover, 11 imp Ml.
Thame*. Cullender, do.
LMINGTON, NC. Jan M?Arr Dutch bri* Vasoo da <W
arlira Lynchburg, Mani.t, Kk> Janek<t>; Marshall, Chicheatet,
bark Thai
WILMINGTON, NO, Jan M?Arr Dutch brl* Vasoo de a*,
ma, DeGroot, HoMton; achrs Marina, MeOee, aad Jota, Hidfc.
aow, NYork; 2bth, tui* Siiltan, Sutton, do: aohr* Wm 0 Met*
shun, Cole, do; 2tith, Corduroy, (trace, and K W Brow*, Oar
mow, do. Cld 26th, schr Fra Sattcrly. Ceoper Bonum.
J\ at JONES', III aad 12 Ann street, a new atyie.
At oimbkede'h-the gray card akd otbbb
novelties. A Hail a lie for wodding o?rda la perfeotie*.
/i Wedding Caida.?These elegant oanla *>M only A Mi*
Envelopes of tbe laics', styles. 104 Fulton slreei. Nai
York. Established 1815.
Tlie flrsl an Inferior Race?the latter ita Normal < otUUttna
1 vol. I2mo , pp. 390; Price $1.
Huch a work Wits demanded I>t all the friends of ralhiaad
proeress, t'ur tlie Influence It must exert In elevating the Una
Cualsii race to a proper conception of their inlulun -Hot, Bl
8. Dickinson.
iAn able and manly exposure of a fallacy which tMN
than all other causes has disturbed the trampilUlty at mm
people- -lion Jefferson Davis.
The work will be sent by mall, )>ostage free, oa reoetptdf
one dollar.
No 182 Nassau atreat. New Vork.
For sale by all ti<x.kseller>* The tride supplied br ail tiha
princi|ial jobbers In New York and Phlladeli>alsL.
Appear* la full
Of this week.
Brace kibif.nders are what im orba'
needed these tkatlng times, both by ladtea aad
white's patent lever truss
should be obtained by eveiy person alHlcted with
ahould be worn by all troubled with w eakness, &o. 8ea<
* Kild'by'tntEOORT A CO., 21V Bond atreet. New Tart
IIEOEM^N A CO'S Camphor Ice with Olyoerine. If uae<
as di "edKartll keep the skin soft In the coldeM weather.
Only WWntH Sent by mall for SO cents.
UEUt MAN A CO., Chemists and DruffilsU.
101, 3V9, all and 7M Broadway.
J Joints and all Diseases of the Feet cured, without pi
or Inconvenience to the patient, by I>r 7.ACHAK1E, Hui
Chiropodist. 7M Broadway. Refeia to phyatoians ? and
neons of this city.
197 Clinton place, between Fifth aad Sixth avaooa
is thk
a 4rden kta.tr or the west.
The Illinois Central Railroad Conpwf
HJtVK n>K tAl^t
1,200.000 ACRES
Ttra-ls of forty acres and upward,
mechanics, farmers ano.workino mrn.
The attention 01 the enterprising and induatrloua |
of the ruDmunilt I* directed to the following statements aaa
li be rid Inducement* offered them by tha
Which, aa they all! perceive, will enable UiNa, by preamr
energy, p'Twrcrmire and Industry, to profile comfsrteMa
and peim*nent homes for themselves and famille< wUfe,
cnmpanrlvely speaking, very little cxptttl :?
No Ktate In the valley of the Mlxxlsslppl off era no (real aa
Inducement to the settler aa the State or IlNnots There la am
portion of the world where all of the condition* of climate
and soli so admirably carabine to produce thoae two gr?at sta
ple*. coin and wheat, ax il. prairies of Hllnola.
Th< deep rleli loam ol the prairies 1* cultivated with sodt
wonderlul facility that the farmer* of the Eaalern and Mid
die Staler are moving to llUnol* In great n u in be ra The area
of IllJnola la about ei|ual lo that of Eugland, and the antl U
m> rich that It m 111 Hiipport twnnty mllllona ol people
Them- Untie are < ontlguoua to a railroad aevea hundred
mill " In length, wbl< h connect* with ot.'mr roads and n?v||pa
ble lake* hi id liver*, tbua affording an uabroken coeamuaioa
tlon with the Eastern and Southern market*.
Thus fur capital and labor have beon applied to devwlopiag
the Mil I, t he groat reHourraa of the Slate la ooal Bad I roe ai*
alrnoct untouched The itirariable rule that the inechaala arts
flourish brat where food *nd fuel are i heapnxt will faMow at
an early day I n Illlnota, and In the courae of tha neat lea
\ears tne natural lawn and neoeaelUra of tha case warrant Ike
belief that at Ii aai five hundred thouaand peojne will be ?a
gaged In the State of Nlinola Id the various inannfanl'arleg
employ menu.
Over $11)1,(11 ,11*1 of private capital have been expended Ml
the railroad *y*iein nf Illlnota Inumuoh aa part of the la
come from several of these work*, with a valuable publw
fund In land*, go to diminish the state eipenaee, the taua
are light, and tnual, unuxeuuentlv, e\eiy day aeoreaee.
The State debt I* oulv tlU.lifc.:** 14 and, wtthla the last
O ree year*, ha* been reduced $2 'M9,744> HO; and we mag rea
aonabl) eipect that in ten yearn It will lieeome eilluct
The Klate I* rapid I .\ filling up with population, Mtl.MI per
a.11* having been added ulnce 1MS0, making the prasem |>opk
latton 1,71#,40ft?a ratio nf lt? per cent In ten years
The agricultural pridurte of llllnolaaro greater than I
ot any other State. The products rent out during (he peel
year en*eded LAUO.OO0 toua. 1 he wheat crop of IW aa
Ciche* 3A00n,fln0 ounhel*, while the oorn crop yields, ast
than l*>,UU),IM> btiahela
Now here ean the Industrious fanner sec ure such Immediate
re-uilta for hi* labor ax upon ibeae prairie ?olui, they being
e?.ni|? ?ed of a deep, rk-h loam, the fertility of w hich Is uaeor
pa will iiy any on the globe.
Since I8M the 'lompany hate Soul I.VIUJJW) scree. n?ye?l
only to actual cultivator*, and every contract eoalslns aa
agrremer.t to cultivate. The road tins been ponatnaetsJ
tymnfth the*' Utela at an eip-iine of $.H.ifln,UU0. In 1HM tha
papulation of the lorty nine counllee through which It patnae
was only !M6.1'aV ainoe which ?7?,?0 here been added,
making the >? bole pi .pulatl< a Hli.SOT -a gain of 141 per eeat
Aa an evidence of the thrift of the people, It mar be at a ted
that iMUUi ton* of freight. Including K,flUl>.tm wish sis at
Btatn ?fjif 'I f <?JU barrels of fiour. wese lorwnrded over the
ae last year.
Mechanic* ai.d workingnten will had the free school systcas
?no iiiawa bj the Mete aad endowed with n lar?s reveaue
for the aumxirt of srh?>l< Their children nan live in sigMaf
the ' hurrfi snd whnolhonse. and grow up with the pro*petit#
of the lesding Siaie In the lirewi Wrater n Itnum
The pn<r* oi these lan<le van from $$ to per acre, aa
cording to hicaUob. uua t-.f, Ac First claas farming lan'W
sell lor about $W or $11 pM acres, ead the relative eipanae
of rulxftiing prairie laud, as compered e 1th wood la?<L In Ml
th< r*n. of ona to lea la fever ef u>e former The teems at
ante for tlie InUk of lh?ae taiuls will be
at *li per eent per uui?m, an<l *t> Interest notes at ?t ft
cent |>?|r*bly r?-*f?c?lvely la one. two, Urea, foar, fire aai
?Ii yeeia Irvm dale wf mle. aad four oetr? lor riaulpa^
payable In four, Ave Mi and arvea yaws* fmadala af aaMl:
ille contract ?tip .ijiung that one tenth of tha tract pOTMMM
?hall be fenced and eeltlvated. -a- n aad everr veer for five
yeaia from lbs data of aale. ao that at the rel of tvs y*asa
one ball .111.II be feacvd and under rnMtvatl-a.
frt Ol the valustien fu? caah, etoept the mmc ahouli he at mm
Si lla/* per m re, whea the larti prxa wtu b* hv? aailara
I'Maphlet* de*eiIptln of the leeaa all, rllr>?te ?
Uoaa, prwee aad tenaa af pe> mewt. sea ha bed <m spshea
tlon to
J. W. KtMTEK. LAMUf 'MMUal >wmL _
ilDnoih i^?mtCai. raii.S)a?.
* IWM llaMM.
For the ti*!ii'? nf the "vn< it legea asJoJa wmejed
upon the lluaola t'entrsl ftejlrnaA *ee pegaa MA IM IN Ma
pMViB'a Railway Uulda
I oflieees aa ihl* etc. o wtLp?aa*e .Jue day lav Da
"ember pay. I 11A RLAM_Mt MlLkF PafaMaMA,
oaANiOacAV and pic* ?iu>
n>e Seal inaaufastueM
?ane.?i Ml Bread was
rpti oitiHMium?i ooimjroB to orm i
1 ladaoeraente la aa? Mtm h? ta Dr?T1
inaa fecfueaery aad v* re?la aaaatft MUki *Wl
(lrataflsw Ail *alee for -?e4 before diflai Prtvae a
low eel raaas for prtaaa pads t k (lire
t?t nr.
It.4d Vy ali
yRKoiaiN A Qu ? hseals*, fer las lestafl mp ir
(fehse epota pa tele, he , ir ?? tm fdeaetaf
Sllhs. rtbbeoa is , r^uat Uaew, wtibal la jar; te cetar ar
fahrtr Sold bv di*aggi*t*. only li c?e < per bif * *ee thm
you gel the ?sautes articl% _
?-.*tt.r,- Olieetlie *??e^
Pelbaaivtll*, I
kf . >fc?** are |
sc-iber at hlsc
Vioodav. Tneaday aad
all back tease, which i

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