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Buttoh's Sir, Potomac Rivm, June IB, 1861.
Oration in Faming a Dangerous roint?lh* Ditastreui
Attack on an Ohio Moment?Opinions of the Affair on
Boar* (kt Frvborn-LanMng at Blaclafne Island Lighthome
The Keeper Armed and Prepare t to an
Attack?Making an Interesting Aoquaintaneo? Magna
nimityqf the Chivalry?They Harry a Union Man, end
Driat Him from His Native StaU-Miyrationt of an Old
Oaptain He it OompiUed to Sell Out?Novel Definition of
Whig and Democrat?The Old Captain's Jbmily?A Degenerate
Washington?Obrioman Creel.? ?aptain Ward
Aide a Distressed Jtamily, etc., dke.
Leaving Nangemoy at sunset last evening, the Free
bora proceeded down the rirer. As the water was aome
what rough, under the lnfluenoe of a pretty freah breeze,
great caution waa observed in our crippled condition, especially
on passing botween Lower Cedar Point and
Upper Machodoc creek, where we went ashore on the
previous night. Although the veasel did not aiuwer her j
helm with her present steering apparatus as well as with (
the rudder, ahe did remarkably well, and ateered sulti
cientl/ easy for all ordinary purposes. The point of dan- (
ger having been passed, we anchored In the river about
midway between Nangemoy and this place.
This morning, shortly after we had weighed anchor, a
propeller waa seen atead of us, com tog up the river. We
met her near Blaclutone Island Lighthouse, when she
, was discovered to bo the Tempest, of Alexandria. The
captain came on board the Freeborn, and told us he had
seen and conversed with the engineer ot me train or cars
with the Ohio regiment on board, that had been so badly
cut up oa the road near Fairfax Court House. The locality
may not be correct, for the captain's information on the
i abject was somewhat vague. He said, however, that
according to the engineer, the locomotive was so crippled
by grapeshot that It could drag only one car of the
train, and hardly that, and, In consequence, all the rest
hni to be loft behind. The impression seems to be that
the entire regiment has been destroyed; but the Hkkald
lias, of coarse, received correct inloi matioti of the affilr
long ere this. There is but one sentiment on board this
vessel?namely, profound regret that the scouts had not
more carefully performed their duty before the attempt,
was made to execute the movement wli ch resulted so
disastrously to the Ohio uoopg. It is hoped among as,
however, that the mere rumors that have reached us
have been considerably exaggerated.
As the Tempest was on her way to Washington, Capt.
Ward embraced the opportunity to send his broken rudder,
In oraer that a new one may be maue by It and lie
In readiness when we arrive at the capital, ten or twelve
days hence.
The Tempest having left us, a boat was sont ashore at
the Blackstone Lighthouse, the keeper of which hid
been threatened with death by Bome Mary landers a week
or two ago if he did not put his lirht out. He said, on
this occasion, that he had received no furthor annjyauce;
that he had been supplied with arms since the threats
wore bold out against him, and that he was prepared to
repel any attack that might be made. All he wants is a
From Blackstone's Island we proceeded to Britton's
Bay, where we found one of our tenders, tbe Howell Cobb,
under the command of Master's Mute Frank, In charge
of the Identical schooner belonging to the oli man with a
face like a pine knot, whose family Lieutenant Mygatt
brouRbt oil from Virginia, together with their fornlture,
a couple or weeks since. Tbe old rellow came on board,
bringing with him another seafaring man, who was in
even a worse precicament than himself, in consequence
of bis Onion sentiments. This last man, wbose name I
conceal out of regard for his safety, said be rented a
farm In Westmoreland county, Virginit, having no land
ot his own. Bis wite, however, had same little means
of her own aiid two negroes, who were hired out,
The man himself owned a small schooner, with which he
contrived to make both ends meet through the oyster
and Ash trade. When the secession movement commenced
and Virginia declared herself out of the I'nlon,
subject to the vote of the people, he was asked ts take
the oath of allegiance to the reoel States, and on his
refuting to do so he was put in jail for two months,
during which time his schooner, whicn was worth $1 000,
was sold for $100; and immediately after he was r^leag-a
from jail he was hutrlea out of the State the day oetore
, the election, leaving bU wife behind, who bad to place
the (arm in the bands of another person and .join ber hus
band on beard the schooner She was the other woinin
oC whom 1 spoke In a former letter who accompanied tbe
Wile and ehiLCLren ot the old captain on bond when thuy
were taken oil by l.leut. Mygatt. On leaviog, tj?n p *>r
woman, unlike the old captain s wife, had left all ber
furniture and household goods behind, der husband
now begged Captain Ward to stand over for tbe Virginia
thwe and there land his wife with a force of men to
bring oQ their furniture, whica was a little way up into
the country. On inquiring bow much tha furniture was
worth, the man with much simplicity earn about $150.
Capt. Ward then told him that as he had already gji his
wile sale, he (the captain) could not reconcile It
w ith his duty to expose the lives of his men for a more
matter of dollars and cents. "There are," said he, "cor
tain things which would justify me in risking tbe lile of
every man on hoard, but 1 certainly cannot expose a sin
gle man to danger tor f 150 " The poor fello*, however,
presseu the mniter so hard, that at last Captain Ward,
out of humanity, agreed to take tbe schooner in tow over
to the Virginia coast, when the two captains could take
the woman on share in the schooner's boat, under over
of the Freeborn's guns, snould there bo any disposition
to mclest them, for both men declared thai their lives
wouia not be worth ten minutes'purchase were they to
be caught, while the woman, who wodld not be m nested,
should proceed to her late home and remorc all he: thiugi
as secretly as possible to the betcb?Captain Wd.nl promising,
on his part, to cad lor her and her thmgs, to
take thorn off to the hcliooner, on Friday afternoon. But
that I know the impossibility of this simple narrative up
pearing in the Hkkald in the interim, and thereby gt r
leg information to the enemies of th so poor, persecuted
people, I would not be so minute; but. in too interest of
justice, I think.tbe people of tne Uuited Sutes and oi toa '
world at large ou/hl to be made acquainted with ttie m inner
in which the reign of terror Is operating in Virginia,
and tbe persecutiuus to whica po,r men, womeu ant
children are feub.lected, for no other reason tnan loyulty
to the L'nicn for which their forefathers fought and btol
The old captain, who, by the way, cun neither read
nor write?a misiortune that seems to oo common amoog
Virginians of his c.ass?said he once owned thirty acrej
of land in Westmoreiand county, Virginia, wlilcn no cultivated
himself, with hired he p. Aoout twenty six
yeais ago heteinoved to Westurn Virg nla, opposite Cum
Derlaua, on the Maryland side of tbe l'otomac, and on-uie
western slope of the Alleghany mountains Twoymrs
ago he retarued to iVestueireland count) . but, during
that quarter ot a century the old man h>d seen tit tj
change his politic*. Believing thai white men ought to
labor ms well as black-:, he hau cbinged irom a deal lcra'.
to a whig Here be explained, in answer to a question
from Captain Ward, that in Kasterii Virginia the demociats
believe that only niggers are intended by the
Almighty to work, while the wings believe that if the
wb.te aim owns no nigger, he ought to work himself.
For this hetesy in politics tho cla man had oeea com
polled to remove liorn tne State, selling bin liitls h-me
stead at a groai sacrifice immeou'ely after his return;
ana since then he has been living in Washington
and picking up a living on the l'ot >mac His
wife 0*1 itturned to Virginia a coupio of months
go, on a visit to some of her iriends, tikiog
her household stull widi her. With the breakuig out of
the civil war the old own was naturally anxious to be rejoined
by his wileand family, who were latho very camp
of too rebels. How he succeeded, through the agency of
Lieutenant Mygatt, 1 have already stated, fbe old fellow
told ha Ule In a simple, arness, straightforward manner,
that bore the Impress oi nonest /.
The sell joner was soon piacod alongside the Freeborn,
and ic a short time we bad turned round and w ere runol'.ig
along the Virginia shore, the guns being shitted rr Jin
siarooard to pott, tor thetie mild persuasives a-e always
made to bear on the rebels, whether wu are running up
or Uown the river, so tnat in case of t sind;a utuet not
a moment wiu oe list in returning we compliment
While we were running up 1 went uu b urd tnc aohjo.-ur,
ana tound hor to be a una vessel, witn a very convenient
mm spacious cabin lur bur claw. I u*d a anurt jonve.-ixt
Con with ths old capum's wife, an elderlv worn m,,who
seemed to be as artless and simple as hor husband.
She confirmed the statement of tae old m&a in every
particular. Bow ntmiiiud ana wife nue been
twiue married, they have with thein a very good
looking young girl, about fourteen years of a#*,
the daughter or the captain's wire ny bar
Aral huaounu a boy or appircntiy too yeirs,
the eon of tho old in in l>y tin nnit wife, and little
Char.ey, as he told me ho ?<a called. aftnecDild or tire
years, We son of Dniu: tnerefore, tie pair mo pretty
equally balanced.
At. we proceeded on our way the old man Informed our
patty that ths white li m&e we saw on lue Virgini* aide,
ano into which a shell could lie cooiforta. il} pitched, belonged
to Mr. Miac * well, one of the hjitont of the lire
eating rebels in tiiat region. A little further on, up ?
bul| resides Mr. l*wrence Washington, the goutieuiai
who is principally engaged in running b:>t<g te-oss t'i
river, drawing sup^liuH lrom the Ma-yiand shore, an
who, through the wealth derived from ms wile, Is doln,'
all in his power to aid tbe rebel cause.
We bad now arrived opposite we pl?ce whore tb
woman was to be put ashore. It turned out to ba tbe
Bpit of land behind which is Corlomau creek, wnere Lieut
Budd, of the Resolute, burnt the Bch>i>n;r a few day
ago. It is precisely as Lieutenant Budd described it?
wooded at its entrance, and at intervals algng tlm cnt'ri
length, and terminating at the otlur end in a (tens
wood on a hill side, with a sua I o^ea optce on th
mainland between tbe woo l and tbe cock. A'ou
midway of the length of the creek a large pier run
out into the water, with some white b iuscs At tb
ahore end, but no vessels were alongside, njr wore ins
slightest traces of troops or Inhibition of any k'nd i
to be seen. In fact, tbe whole beautiful laadscipe, in I
all its summer gliry. teamed deslltu'^ o' anlnutel i
nature. Near to tbe end of tne cre' k, where tbe narrow I
spit unites with the mainland, tho cb i -red and hi w t-tne 1 i
bull of the burnt schooner was distinctly vimble i
The two seamen who took the po it wjmtn ash iro !
were exceedingly indlclous m their choice of a landing. |
They might have put ner ashore beyond th j lie id of the <
creek, and thus have saved her a 1on< addition ti her c
walk up into tbe country, but th?y woul i there oy lnvo i
exposed themselves to danger shduld any rebel t, o >pi b) I
U the vicinity. They, therefore, Janded her a little ba- i
low th^rre.k of th) schooner, wbere tuey woull ba out t
uf mutiwt shot from tbe opposHealde of the creek, or i
at least out of leacbr of capture, for any parson intk<ug c
tbe attempt would/htve to pass ro inftne heed of tbe a
una oeiM* Jitt cuuia o? dkw is j ?-tu wvaia l
h ive f ulled far out of ru|t. With this prectuUoa, the
wcbjuq wu Rifely Landed, and we o>?Ud e?e hwror i
[wtimcerable time, even with the niked ?} , wuUttog
r*pk \y along the beach In the dkection of and beyond
the head of the creek. Xhetm moa the returned to
the schooner, when we started ba i.n d oo regilatof
liritton'a Bay we caat her off and awx>l tv 8t. iUr>'?
river, the mouib of which we enteral at half past teu
o'clock, and oaat anchor tor the night.
Nanouot, Potomac Rival, June 21, Ml.
VieU to JemtU PritUt?Vu PUthen Pray tor Poem
A Melic of Bygone Diyt?Vann mudinj ? K)op?3euure
of Baton from the Mebels?Signal L\gKU for Me tMxl*
m the Maryland Short?AUrged Plan to Capture the Kelionce?lhe
Mftilute't Mantruvret at Aquia Creek?Lieutenant
BuddPreunts hit OomplimmLt to the Cumnimd*n(
there?Bow they were Beceivei?H* t ire* on a Bth i Flag
<M aaWHU I WIi II9C WUUeU 'WW mi n XJ JS.? l'HI O'
Ms Damn?the Frtdtorn Fired 1 by the Hebelt at Mathiol
Print?& lie Hetuint Vm fire?Particulurt of the
Cannonade, ctc , etc.
While at anchor a* the entrance to St. liar; 'a river
yesterday, Captain Ward, with a few of hie oflioers, went
chore to pay their reepcete to the Roman Cithoiio priem8
or St. Inlgo's church, whoee mention houee is pleasantly
situated among some cherry trees, with a upmkus lawn,
fragrant with clover, reaching down to thn water's edge.
Your correspondent made one of the party. We were
cordially received by Father Nota and another priest,
both Italian Jesuits, who extended to us the hospitality
characteristic ot their order. While some of our buys
filled a few small casks from a spring of crystil clearness, |
and others climbed the cherry trees for their cluaterlag
fruit, the Captain's parly sat with the goad fathers in
the porch, where the breeze blew deliciously cx>l,and enjoyed
a leugthy and pleasant conversation The twopriests
expiesstd iliemselves fervently in favor ef penje, fur
which tbey said they prayed daily in their public ministrations
and lheir private devotions, and Father Not* expressed
a wish tt-ai tho forthcoming Fourth of July, on
which Congrefs would meet, would be aB memorable in
leading to the reuuioi or both sections of this great country,
and the putting an end to civil war, as was that of
the year 1776, when the American colonies declared their
independence of Croat B lta'n.
We were shown over the premises by our kind hosts,
wbeie we taw, among other remarkable objects, two long
twenty lour pounders th .t were cast about two hundred
ana titty yearn ago and wbich the British had mounted on
the fort, on a point of land a little further up, to protect the
eariy eeitius under lord Baltimo*e from the incursions
of the ludians. Ibey were quite corroded?in fact nearly
eaten through with rust, trom having remained for ages
in the salt water. At some distance from the mmsiou
Dome is a seminary for youog indies, and there the
annual celebration of tho landing of the first settlers is
usually held the Church of St. loigo's is atxwt a mile
trom the mansion, but dally macs is always said in a neat
little chapel attached to the dwelling. The good fathers
kindly promised to place horses and a buggy at our disposal
ou aoy Sunday when we may feci disposed to attend
divine service at the parish church.
Leaving St. Mary's, the Freeborn took her course up
the river, keeping close In to the Virginia side, to
which ilie guns were shipped?Point Lookout, at the
entrance to the Potomac from the Chesapeake, on
the Maryland shore, bearing en our staibjard quarter.
On coming abreast of Coan river a small sloop of which
Captain Ward had heard as engaged in violating the
blockade, was seen in ihe dim dLitanoe, anchored close
in under the shore, and the Captain determined to give
her a few shots, with the view of sinking her, if possible
Accordingly our I.odk fore, on the forecastle, was hrraurht
lo bear, when the Drat shot seemed to fall within about
a hunored yards of the stoop, and n little ahead of her.
Several more round shots were tired, a few going clear
over and others falling short, for the distance was too
great to insure accuracy of range or elevation. After
about eight shots had been tired, captain Ward, who hid
been on the hurricane deck, weut down on the fore
castle, and terved the gun himseir with greater accuracy,
the shots striking nearer and nearer; aad there Is
no doul>t, with a little more practice, the sloop might
have been hit, though with considerable expenditure of
ammunition. As this would scarcely pay. Captain Ward
gave orders to cease ttring and to continue on our csurse,
which we did till we reached our present anchoring
ground, wheie we found the Roeolute, returned from
Washington, alter having delivered up her prize, the
Uueua Vtata. j
Tins morning Lieutenant Budd Informed me that on
leaving Washington he proceeded in the direction of Budd s
Ferry, a little above Aquia creek, on the Maryland shore,
to keep a bright lookout there for certain vessels
that are said to be eDgaged carrying supplies
over to the opposite side. About this place he fell in, on
Wednesday evening, with the Reliance, and founi that
Lieut. Mjgatt had seized a vessel PMded with a quantity
of bacon, belonging to a Mr. Carpenter, a Virginian,
living on the Maryland side, who is deeply engaged in
the trade with the opposite oanl; of the rivor. The Reliance,
on being relieved by the Resolute, shaped her
course for WasbiLgton, while the Resolute ran cown in
the uirection of the Pawnee, below Aquia cree* on me
way down Lieut. Budd overhauled tw > scaooners, l'rom
one ot which be received iuiortnation thai Mr Carpenter
had keut signal lights burning ail nignt, and taat they
were answertd from the Virginia snore?tne purpo.t
being that the bacon had been seized, and that tne ferry
boat Ccorge Page should put out from Aquia creek. ro
capture the bacon, ami take tne Reliance herseit On
receiving tl's information, Lieut. Budd proceeded without
delay to tne 1'awoue, aid reported to Commander
Rowan, who, after a long consultation, ordered l.ieut.
Radd to return to Aquia crjjtk under cuver 01 ntgtn and
i.iitice the ferry l>oai out ot ner suug berth, l'he Pawnee
was then to be on hand and make short work of the
Pa^ewlth ber big guns. This plan was acted on, a id
alter dark the little Resolute stole softly m shore till slift
same quite cloee to the batteries, which wero
diat'.nctiy visible, and nearly within the mouth of
the cicek, out of whicn the (ieorge l'age was expected
to emerge, bin rhe did not make ber ap
pearance: ana alter waiting so long that it waserideut
the terry boid's people did nut intend u> risk their stolen
property, he prepared to quit. But how could ha leave
without pay U.g nrn respect pro form* lo Uie reoals in mat
quarter. There lay tee batteries .mat on His starboard
quarter, u'-tuallv taviting attach Ibe occaeiou was too
tempting not to be improved. Accordingly, Lieutenant
Budd sent his compliments to tee ootamanaaut m the
lortn of an iron missive, weighing twelve pounds, trom
nis Titled cannon No answer being returned, the Lieutenant
thought " perh.tpg the geatlemin is a-sieep; Ml
kni.ck ag?m. ' lie did so, letting flj another shot <a o
the miast o. the batteries, whUh was feebly answered
by the musket of the drowsy sentinel Lio-itcnani Be ?d
now ibougot, w ith the gentleman in black, when be beard
there was a eermcn to do preacbed in the ne<gaborao ><l,
that it w?s high time to be on, and,acting in tue promptings
of Ins mind, he was out of range ioug be ton- tiie
guns or ttie enemy could be brought 10 bear iu toe g!oon
on the tiny hull of bis baucy crati.
Lieutenant BudC's next e?t?ay was upon thoes unfortu
Date devil* ol' rebels who havo been foolisn enough tj
loc&tc themselves on Mathlss Point Not a ttoiu does
either he or Lieutenant MygaU pai-s ttioae unlucky neights,
but they must send in (heir confounded caution build Ait
lor the Commodore of the flotilla, Captain Ward, he dieplays
toward8 them the magnanimity o( some old mijtul
^he will excuse the comparison) wno, conscious ol' his
strtDgih, disdains to reseat tho yeip<ng of a puppy cur, >
that is continually starlidg at him VnuR, the othar
evening, we plainly saw from the Freeoorn a
small blue Hag, the color of the rebels, waving ,
fiom a tarm house a little distance from ins bank of tne i
liver, a little aoove the point, and although wo bai heard
often rnot-gh thu*. the rebel soldiers are quartered about '
there, Caputta Ward pnxsod ttie emblem of se;eaeion by 1
with sovereign cm.tempt. Not so, Lieut Sudd. List I
evenlcg, <n Boeing the Hag Uat'enog in the breezs, he 1
leteroiinet. that it should be struck, aud, by way of a
Dioan hint, as 1'addy said when ho Itioked a sponging ac 1
i|uamiiinc< down stairs, he let <trire with Uis rilled can- I
aon. tie died several shots, most ot wnicb, he said, 1
took ellect, as be could hear the crushing of the woorj i
wutk ot toe buiidlDg, and prooabiy ot the <urnlturo. A.t
the lirst shot the rebels CJUld be seen running as usual, j
and alter a lew more had 'men lire 1 tlj.j umbiem ot rebut
liun was putled down, when the Keeoiuto haulei oil, and
anchored at N.mgomoy.
All this time Haster'n Mate My . of the sjhomor Paira,
baa not been idle. He h*>> overoaulel soverai veaseU, ,
which having been found hmcet, he released, at two 1
c'clock yesterday morning however, he saw a schooner
caking ' to wares Maihuu t'oiat, upic whicti ae male I
sail, and went uftcrhim. but finding tha1, ho was outsail
ed, he liatied the stranger. Receiving uo anawer, he lirei i
a p stol shot to bring ntm to, but as tms did nit nave
the desired effect, he opened fire with his twelve p Hinder ;
brat* howitzer, which bad beeu traasterreitrom tae hur- :
ricane aeck of the Freeborn to tne imu* No
notice was tsken of the auot, although Mr K.y
says he distinctly heard It hit tho bill of the '
tchoocer. A slurp chase now eusued, Mr. Kly flrtog
several shots at the schooner, whicn. ouieavoreil to get
ihc weather gauge of him Nearly every shot told At
length, Mr. Kly, suppojing tho schooner to be suili neatly
crippitu, euaearored to board him with bis boat; out
us soon as the stranger lound him betwoon tr.o Oaaa'a
l>un and his own hull, he openrd all sail, and went up tae
nvor at too rapid a rate for tha i'aoa to stuad any chance
Df ore'taking him.
As we anticipated. the a flair or the Mb to regiment bears
1'ute a ilitlereni aspect from the manner In wh;3h it was
originally reported to us. the I foghorn's are much gra
tilled to learn that the number of Killed was so vastly
Forbearance bis Its limits, and thev have J>ni b>en
reached. Wt left our ancborsga at Naugemoy aoout half
an hour ago (It Is now twenty five minutes to eleven
D'clock A M.), and on passing Mat bias Point three tun
<et shots from the shore were tired at us, in rapid sncceenon,
upon which we beat to quarters, when Capl. Ward
>cencd Are, with the forecastle gun, upon a wooaen
shanty tear the shore, one of which the recoonoitenng
urty visited three wor ks ago, and from which the snots
vere suppose. I to hare been flred, but ths shot went clear
>ver, in confluence of too great elevation. A couple
nore were tired, but with no particular results, wnen
euteuant U'o opened from the after gun, tae shot sir Ik
rg very near Several shots aud shells were now
hrown In, principally from the after gun, some at
uo shanty and others at the farm houee, on the flagstaff
f which the section flag bad boon flying, bit whlott
rss now b are. Towards the doae of the firing the house
l?u d .??pp4?reJ btiuua the point, frouMti* projrejsirs
d>o' on of the vessel; but, to judge by the direction of
the smoke, when the shells eiplo lei, Ue fragments may
bate gone near enough to do considerable mischief to the
persons who may have btea about the premises. At all
* \ ents the cannonade moat hare hu toe effect of ternp<
rarily otoarinc out the nbeta, ?a they did not venture
to fire another anal, although we were for a considerable
time quite within the roach of rtilea, the bullets of which
were distinctly heard to wfctz by ue when they drat
opened lire. At all event# Ohptain Ward baa taught then
not to be to ready to fire upon passing veeaela that do not
moleet then.
About a down abota war* fired in all, the moat of wtaloh
were round. The last two were sheila from the for?r*ri
gun. They were aimed right over the wood in the direction
or the farm houae, which waa then quite hid leu
from our view. this la the tret time the rebels in this
quarter have man Ifea ted them/olvea to the Freeowa,
though oven on thia occasion they took precious go jJ
csre to conceal themselves, either tu one of ths builllnga
I or ***** 010 tT^t .
Commencement of Columbia College.
The Academy of Musio wia yesterday the theatre of
very interesting exercises, the oae hundred and seventh
commencement of Columbia Collage having taken place
in that beautiful edifice. The audience waa not so numerous
as usual, but still quite a large auomblsge or ladies
and gentlemen, friends and relatives of the students,
were present, among whom we noticed Senator Hamilton
Fish, Dr. King, 1'resident; Peter Cooper, Gulian C. Verplanck,
and many other distinguished personages. A
i tpiendld band of musicians discoursed inspiriting strains
at Intervals during the proceedings
The exercises, generally speaking, were of a U gh order,
ond merited the warm approbation tney evolcei. twi of
the highest honors wore awaide'l to Mr. Wm A. Rici, of
ihe Ninth New York regiment, and Mr. Albert Mc.Vuity,
of u>e New York Seventh.
At the conclusion or the delivery of tin orations, tUe
I'rAuirlflit. r amH tho I'nllnarinw nnti.m r\i' ruip.nna tA arhnn
were awarded testimonials and |irizas:?
Stnxors?Fiedclck C. Wbliulioiise, Wm Alexander
Rice, Samuel B. Ward, Wm H. Caswell, Klishi Uirlon,
Juniort.?Chas. S'gourney Knox, Jno. A. Vaoderpoel,
Wm. A. 0. Hegexau, David B. Ulypbaot, Francis lUbcock.
Oophomore.i?Hiram A. Na/.ro Dau. Marvin, Jr., Fanning
0. T. Beck, Richard U Henry, RandUl C. Hill.
trettomu?theodore Frellngnuyren lleniarcst, Duwo
S. Evtrson, John M. Aoains, J. Duller Kxsam, C'uariea B.
frittt fir Geiwmn ?1 C K Ciugdon: 2, N. E. Corn,
Seminary Friut ? G-eek piize, I'homas H. 8111; English
I prize. Wilnam h. Vauldsgeueu
Alun t.i Atxxia ton rjui.?Gralz Nathia.
htbiruiory Prize oft ICO.?-ujiutl 8 Ward.
T1IK (ilMDCATUG <'l A*
The degree of Bacboior of Aciu was thcu con erred
upon tbe toilowiug meiuoera of tne lit"' Senior Class:?
.lames llenkata Jr , William A. B >yd, Ge >rgw H. Carey,
Wnt>am H CaRiveli, Henry Dudley, John Glhon, Jr.,
ljtcgouu Greeuwooj, ChuMss C liaigbi, Edward Haight,
Jr , WtfcUmR Hlliyrr, Eusba Hortou, Jr.. Reuben W.
Bowes, Jr.. Walter'B. lAwreoce, Vbert HcJJulty, Jr , Ktlward
Udcuel, Grtii/. Natbau, Kinck A <Kis, Richard C.
Ray, Wi'liaui A Rico, Krostus B. Ridd, William H. R .s
sell, Jr., ftiomas T Sab.ue, Ha ry A. Sehermerhcra,
rnoniat Henry Mil, George* (ant- UK fai lor, Benry C. Taylor,
Jobn A Tucker. Slrphtu H. Purnoull, J.'sepfl M,
Turner, William it Van Wageucu, 1x3vi 1*. W.iltoo, Isaac
J. Ward, Samuel B Ward. K. ?V<t!ler West. Froderio 0.
Whttthouse, Alb -rt B Wbltuey.
Tbeoegreeo' Uasiir of Aria was tben conferred upon
tlie following candidates lu course;?
MA'lkKo IK fMI'RS*
Rev Ceo W. Dearie, or ISfS; Rev. Henry C. Kenney,
Rev. Henry E * Jones. Wyille P Baxter, Chas. 11 Merakeli.
Harmar Heouricks, Heury W Ooopw, Jas; R. Mauler,
Jas. W. Rimevu, iuptieu B M. C'o uell. Jac.b A. Get*
wntialtcr, t. C Wainwrgbt, Gilbert T tot too, all of
1858; fraucu He nor :ck, Ambrose U Klngsland, aud Geo.
L. Kingsimd, ot leMJ.
The following honorary degrees were alto conferred:?
Abraham Lincoln, I'reslocuto! tue United States.
John aiithou, coi i.se.lor <>t law, and an alumnus of
Columbia Joiiegu.
Alexander \\ . BiaClcd, counsellor at law, of tbis city.
non'oRa oe oivuiriY.
Rev. Charles Bancroft, one oi tne canons or tbe Cathedral
or Montreal, Canada East, and an alumnus of tbe
Rev James Uisuo Knox, minister of tbe Dutca Re
formed church, Gerinautowu, Pa., and an aluuinus of
Rev. Edward N. Mead, of Sing S'tg, Westchester
county, ana an alumnus of the College
Rev. Sullivan Weston, assistant m nisler of Trinity
church and cba^*ain of the eJev-uth regiment
Rev. S. Chtpman Thrall, rcctor uf Trniity cliurch, San
Francisco, Cal.foroi.'i
Rev. Joseph 0 I'aismore, professor of Rhetoric and
Iniellectual Philosophy in St James's <Jotlegn, Maryland,
The valedictory addresses were ttien oeltvered by
Mews Henry A. J hertuerhotn, cl?ss poot, aad Walter
B. Lawrence, class orator, after which me College Chaplain
pn.u iui.ctii a benediction and the exercises closed.
Annual Rxamlnatlon at tne Dear and
bnmb Institution.
Tbe annual examination of the pupils of tho Deaf and '
Dumb Institution was commenced on Monday, and continued
till Wednesday, when the closing exercises took
place in the chapcl of the Institution, at Washington
Be'ghts. in the presence or the directors and a number
of tbe frieuds of tbe pupils. The exercises wore com
me need in tbe alternoon, when a selection from the
graduating clas* taught by l'rof. I .aw Is I'eet, ascended
the platform and proceeded to demonstrate to ihe audi
eucc the proflciency they hid attained tu literature and
comp~sltlen. While the students were writing on the
slates, Prof. I'eet rend some of the compositions of tbe
graduating c!a?s, all of which rellected credit upon the
mutes and their taleuleu an t amiable instructor. The
thoughts suggested by Church's picture of tne " North,''
written by Miss Montgomery, wns n beautiful production,
and showed that this Uuy s imaginative powers are
strong and highly cultivated. Mien Freeman recitwl
Urske's '-American Fli-tr,'' In tbe sign language, and
another young lady repeated an extract from ' Kvange
lice'' so eloquently as to convince thfre who wilneswl
tbe performance that th?y had reached the acme of per
fection in this departmeu' of oriitory.
The report of the directors?which was segued by Cyrus
W Field, Esq , and which is to be submitted to the t*t*te
authorities?expitsses their perifctsitisUctioa in >espact
to the attainment* und get oral koo<i conduct ol the pupils,
and 'ocommcnds the (i.-omotion of a number of pupiU
into bifher olajscB. Dlpi mas werr given n> seven *oung
men and teu young kid en. who nave graduated after a
term of eight yeainstruction.
Tilt: Turf.
\Ysi>mm>ay, June 20.?rur..e aud stoke, $*50, mile heats,
best three in five, in lumens.
J. Krgers entered blk. tu Suonyside .....1 1 1
<. Crooks entered s g What is It 2 2 2
H. Woodruil eotered b. h. Abdadah Cbief 3 3 3
Time: 136???2:88,'4?i:34>f.
Tbe above race was very extlting, although eafdly won
by the black maro. She showed a great turn of s|>oed
at the end of each heat, trailing for three iiuar'ers of a
mile, then making a burst, and going in a wionor quite
handily. What Is It proved himself a better hirse than
be was bargained tor in the pools, while the st\llion, the
favorite pieviota to tbe start, acted very bidiy
A match for a large slake will come oil' this aftornoon
over tne above course.
CK.NTRKvni.it Coirsi, I., I.?Tuesday, .'una 25, 1881.
Match lor $2,CC0, tiuee mi e heats and repeat, in hornets.
.1, McMann named b. in Flora Temple 1 1
J. Turner nam? o cb g John Morgan 2 2
Pin' miU OKuftd milt. Tnird mil*.
First heat 2:211 4 :56 7.47
Second beat i:j?\ 51-K 7:?
Penonat Intelligence.
J. G. Whistlor, ot tne Suited MtattM army; F. B. Hall,
ol Bartford, ami K <j Vlnol and wile, of OoSton, are
stopping at the Clarendon Hot-I.
W. R. InnsiDg and J Csmo. of New ?0'k; H. Hawe*
an? nr. \> twown, o California; Capt. F. 1?. Forreat, of
Mattaclmeeti*. A. I) Biooaru aud wite, and (> K. Wight
man, or Boston; C. Tir^oos anu wile, oi oaTaonnh, *ud
R A. torsytb, of Ne*burg, are stopping ai tne Astjr
J. W. (Irahaw, of Mexico; H. U Barney, of Philadelphia;
I.. B RemiogtOL, ot Saleai; C. P. Wuliamn. ot ottitago;
E. A. Keith, of North Carolina, N Rawinu, of Callfi
rma. and 1. B Sexton, or Boston, ore stopping at the
St. Niclio ae Hotel.
i. K D. 0 Leary, of Louisville, T. Whiting, or Biltimire;
K W. Bot,d ind C. Harsh, of Spriogtleld; B.
Shrove, of Boston, and F. F. Dorr, of Lea ax Ma88., are
stopping at the Finn Avenue Hotel.
Polite Intelligence.
Nv.w Vokk, .1 due 25, 1961.
You will do me justice by correct ng an erroneous 8taleowl,
published in >our paper jeatoraay morning, tn
which it was stated that I assaulted a deformed man,
whicb 1 assure you ?as not the oase. Mr. Kenay, the
Tenth waul policeman, had misuk-un me for another
ocTMm. and 'here win no demonstration of any kind in
fiont of the house ot Boee Company No. 16, as was stated
m yuur paper. As regards Mr. Doyle, of No. T Bowery,
iodine ar.y thing, that ir also false, for he hu told me so
bincsdr JOHN KKRRtGAN.
VVkdnksdat, June 26-6 P. M.
There ia no cLangc whatever in the rates of
money. Loans on call continue to be pressed
upon brokers a! f? per cent. Another commission
house in tho dry goods trade is understood to have
gone to protest to-day. The money news from
Europe id not encouraging for people on this side.
The British crops look very w?ll indeed. Hence
the pronpect is that the heavy ahipments of grain
which have enabled us to stand the present crisis
so weU, and draw gold from England, will not continue
much longer. If our imports continue even
on th* present reduced scale we shall be shipping
gold t? Guglaod in the course of sixty to ninety
days. *sThe Europa has 4959,000 in specie ou
freight. *
LP USD AY, JUISTK 27, 1861.
Nothing was done in foreign exchange to-day.
The market looks very steady. ||
Stocks were generally lower to-day. A fresh
supply of State stocks arrived from the West, and
Tennesaees fell 1% and Missouris Virginias l
were steady. An active business is being done in
railway bonds, which are coming over from Europe
for Bale by every steamer. The railway .
share market was irregular. New York Central
at the morning board fell off yt, principally on the
news of the melancholy event mentioned below.
Galena, on the other hand, advanced x/%, on purchases
by the ball clique. The Racine and Mississippi
road hi out with a card in the Chicago papen,
proclaiming war to the knife against the
Galena. This has been the fixed polioy of the
Racine road for some time; it is broken and bank- }
rupt, and cannot hurt itself, while it has the ,,
power to compel the Galena either to buy it up of 1
to conclude a settlement on most disadvantageous
terms. The other railway Bluires we he generally > j
steady. After the board the market fell off, aud | 1
New York Ceqtral was done at one time as low ;
as 72%. At the second board things were rather
owcr. The market closed steady, the following ;
being the last qnotations:?United States (i's, <
registered, 1881, 84% a ?; United States 6's, cou- !
pon, 1881, 83% a 83%; United States 5'b, 1874, 76% :
a 77; Virginia C's, 41 a 41%; Tennessee 6's, 37 !
a 37%; North Carolina (i's, 49% a 50: Missouri 6'b, i
37,% a 38; Pacific Mail, C.r,% a CO; New York Central,
73% a 73%; Erie, 22% a 23; Hudsou River,
32 a 32%; Harlem, 9 a 9%; do. preferred, 22%
a 23; Reading, 32% a 33; Michigan Central, 42%
a 43%; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana,
12 a 12%; do. guaranteed, 20 a 20%; Panama, 102 h
a ! 3; Illinois Central, 06% a C5%; Galena and |i
Chicago, 69% a 59%; Cleveland and Toledo, 23%
a 23%; Chicago and Rock Island, 34 a 34%; Chi- a
cago, Burlington and Qitincy, 55 a 57; Delaware, *
Lackawana and Western, ? a 75 ; Milwaukee aud *
Prairie du Chien, 13% a 14; Illinois Central bonds, ?
7's, 89 a 89%; Delaware an! Hudson C^nal, 79% ?
a 80; Pennsylvania Coal, 75 a 7C. C
The street was shocked to day by the announce- *
merit of the suicide of Mr. Gilbert L>. Wilson, of C
Albany, long well aud favorably known as the Jj
Treasurer oi the New York Central Railroad. It
seems that he threw himself from a tliree story f
nfedow, and was picked up in a dying condition. e
Nothing has yet transpired with regard to the 01
cause which led to the rash act. It is known, r
however, that Mr. Wilsou was in embarrassed cir- "
cumstances, and that recent heavy losses had ^
pressed severely on his spirits. The Examining -v
Committee of the New York Central Railroad $
Company have been in session for some days at *
Albany; it has not transpired, however, that they
found any fault with Mr. Wilson, though, of course, 41
ur;df r the circumstances, the street is full of the jjj
most uncharitable rumors. Mr. Wilson had borne i<
a high character for many years, and was impli- *
cicly trusted by Mr. Corning and the directors of
the road. Be married, only a^few days ago, a
daughter of the Hon. D. BaroaraV and started on a a
wedding tour, but returned abruptly, for some
reason not generally known. The recent bank )<
disclosures at Albany have leo the public here to 7
regard the financiers of that city with marked bub- j)
picion. and intensify the uneasiness which this sad
affair has caused.
The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this
morning were $13,49f>,197 73, and the balances }jj
.$1,018,00-1 49. it
The Bank of North America has declared a semi- r<
annual dividend of three aud a half per cent, pay- ,-i
able July 8; the Broadway Bank, a semi annual 10
divideud of five per cent, payable July I; the w
Seventh Ward Bank, a semi-annual dividend of five 0f
per cent, payable July 1; the Farmers'Loan and
Imst Company, u dividend of four per cent, paya- a
ble July 5; the Bank of America, a semi-annual K(
dividend of three anil a half per cent, payable tu
July 1; the Grocers' Bank, a seiui annual dividend al
of three and a half per cent, navable Jnlv 2; tbn ?
Long Island insurance Compiiny, a semi-annual
dividend of ten per cent, payable July 1. -n
The bids for the $700,000 seven per cent loan of *
this State, to meet a defu icucy in the(!enera
f und Debt Sinking Fund, were opened at Albany
yesterday, and the general results were communicated
in our paper this morning. The bid* were (j|
as follows:? 01
V. Ten Eyck $80,000 101 27 a 101.nl
K H. King V.60 000 ICO.8" a 100 5 ,0'
IJ.flrUKlOo 2100(10 1U1.0T a 101 28 *l
rbomas W. OlcaU 150 000 lOO.'.tO a 101.12 "a
,f. W tU'.ni|iscn 1ft COO 101 16 a 101.3" an
Wfg'ou. I>ciiu? & Co 30 000 100.07 a 101.57 ,J,i
.lames Wloblow 50 COO 100.25 a 100.37 ^
t&?h Bank 6 COO KO. ,b
Wmktli Bavk 5.C00 100 05 tl4
Herd, Iirexel & Co 000,000 100.10 a 101.Oi 1111
Jacob Ha It on 6,000 100. to >,u
<!. G. Taylor 6,000 102. ?'b
Itiggg &Co 1'i 600 101.' ri
'.U<>n:psoo Brothers tOO.OlO 101.6 7> ,tl
N Y CV'imv Bank 50 000 100. a 101.
Albert -Smith Is.000 100.25 a 100.7ft 1
Jami'S Naper f0 0C0 100.2o a 101.05 !
C. B. Merrinwn 1ft 000 100.35 *100.51 l,!>
H C. \ an Voist 10 000 JOO. a 100.146 ?
G. 8. X.bbiLB .V Son ltO 000 100.51 a 101.07
H. A Taylor 7 600 101.26 ^
A. Ca9?eis OO'ifl 102.00
K. K Wt&ilail f. 000 100."6
.1. fOOOO 100 28 a 101.26
lYadeMani'n Bar.k 50 00C 100.51 a lOi.O.i
Vtssau Rank 60 000 100. a 100.50
C. G William* IG0o<H? 101. a 101.28 *<,
Vbi'iuctMy liiiuiauce 10 0* 0 101. a 101.26
H H. Maitio 110 COO lC'0 50 a 101.38
HaUlou Bank 1.0 ( OJ 191.?6 a 102. >H
lijtysuo A: I)?y 2u.O(0 100. a 100.15 ia
Ooylot's Rank 25 (HK) IPO. Ur
Airtnuy K.xcLiAupe BiLk 15000 K0.07 a 100.58
'.burus W. ?mi<h 6,000 101. ^
J. A. Robfrifon 3^,000 1'K).06 rnl
.(obn P. Coffin lO.fHW 101.06 .n
H<?oiy M. heci't 6,000 ltO 60 im
H. T. Morgan & Co 8 100 101. ^
H. Thcmps<*n 10,000 100. (
rtrnvater, Swett & Co 60 000 100. a 103.60 ,
W. B Hooper 10 000 100 SO
Vunl, Caoiponll Co 8 000 100.:;fl ya.
B. V. Wtie?iw right 30 000 HO a 100.60 o,
V ?. Conkiiu.. 6 UCO 101.61
f. C Uoca 60 OeO ICO.08
S. Bronson 60 000 103.50 a 104.50
C H Do'avan 60 COO 100. a 101.
J. T. F*rru?t? o.ioo ltO. v||;
<1. Bar Blow 30,000 100.05 a 100.15
W. & J O'Brien 60,CftO 100,63
statu Babk, Troy o.COO 101.21
Totnl $2,435 ,(00 ;-e
The awatd was as follows:?
Thompeon Bros f?00,00 101.65
ifaustcn ?|>a Bamk SKO 102.00
I?> frOOO 101 Dtf ?.
Ho. 5 O'O 101.86 'n<
Do. 5 COO 101.59
Rufus H. King 50 000 101.67
T)c 60 000 101 41
Weston, Dortirt ft Co 10 000 101 67 0
CLus. R Taylor 5 OoO 102 00 "w
Mlas Bronson 26,000 103 50
Do 86,000 104 60 1
Vrciiibald Caml 6,000 102 06 *n
U. H. Martin. 9 000 101.38
_ ma
Total $700,000 ois<
The Chicago Tribune says:? tht
Tbe business of retiringtbe circulation ofDllnois banks ,l>n
*oe? < n briskly at Springfield. Auiitor l>ubois receives ma:
our half of one per cent, or five dollars, on every bond the
celivered D the bolder* of notes of those banks which aro but
'ind.T call trom the Commissioners. By toe torma of tbe the
?mfn<-ed Burnt law the Auditor himself is required to ma
make the calls on the banks after the lirst day of July, the
una if thtse calls are not responded to be is required to hai
put them In liquidation. His legal fees, In putting banks of
in liquidation, anl soiling their bonds, are one per cent, pcL
or it-n doPars, on each bond. nm
The business of tho Sub-Treasury was as fol,
. 8H1.
'owa to-day:? tin
Tot*] receipts $ SO 651 60 n?J'v
?lor customs 13,000 00 00
iMjmrnts 314,067 99 >"?>
'lalance 7,211,703 69 9c.
The following extract from a lettsr received
from the Secretary of the Treasury, under date
lune 21, 1861, is creating no little commotion r J
among Texan bondholders:? ran
It being understood here that a portion of the Texan
indemnity bonds, of which semi-annual interest coupons T
become oue on the 1st of July proximo, have beeu en- bio
dorsed since that State has passed under tho control of to
loaurgents, and that another portion remain in the Ureas wo
ury or that State, it has become the duty of this depart- qon
nient to stop the payment of the ooupons of both these curi
portions. In order to diatlnguian them from such aa have bigl
beeu taken from bonds heretofore negotiated in good faith mai
to innocent holders, you are hereby instructed to require
all persons who shall present to you coupons of Texan T1
Indemnity stock ror payment, to exhibit the booda with dur
tbe coupons ftcm which they were taken, together with coif
tbe affloavits of the present holders, taken before compe- Ing
tent authority,stating at what date, and from waom the Alt*
bjn <t i& qucslua vote fur?UMhed by tlt?n ? i
Stock EirhMge. <
Wbi>?kw?a? , June 28,1841. <
KOCO U 88'?,'81,cou &C* 3000 III Uen KB bda. 89* I
5?? 5i ? '? M SOOOChiiSWlaim. 36 t
WO U B 6'a, '74,oou T4* MOO N J Can 21 m. 101 I
WW Tiroa 10* pent* loo* 2000 Olort^rolafb. 78 J
?0 111 cou ba,'79.. 79 6000 CBirQIUWpcb 93 1
WOO Indiana 6'a.... 63 12 *hB B*n* of Am. 96 1
SSS do 6a 6 OooitaunUI Bank. ?i? \
55* d? ? 61 10 DaifctiudCanalCJo. 79
OWMichlganO'a.78 80* loo do 80
UtOOTenn 6'a, '80.. 88 10 Own Kx Bank.... 76 i
[555 8TX 18 Pacitto M ? 09.. 86*
fS 482 N IT Central KB.. 73*
??? do 87* 80 do 7 3* |
d0 47* 160 do 73 *
SJ? d0 37'? 100 4o 73* .
*0? do 87 200 do 7j\ j
WOO Virginia 4'a alO 40 100 BeadiDgB4...al6 33 I
|?5? do *3 40 10 MIohaoiN tod BR 12* <
***> ."i1 *?% 60 PanuntBBexdlr 102 ]
>000 Virginia (lib 34 60 111 CenBB aerip.e6 86*
600 Georgia 4's.... 66 1(0 do blO 46V
rOOO K Carolina 6'a. 60 86 do 46V
J000 Missouri 0'?.. 57* 600 Galena & Chi BB. 40
>000 do 37 2t0 dD *4 40 (
WO do 38 400 Clore&rol BB.alO 23*
)50? Louisiana 4'a.. 66 114 do 23* i
woowornia T'b. 77* 100 Chi h B-wk I BR.. 36*
3000 Kentucky 4'a.. 71 1G0 do 36*
MiOO NSf C b,18T4.. 101 140 Ohl.Bur&Q iiuRR 66
1000 Krie BB 1 m bd 101 ?0 Mill & P DuC KU. 14
$000 HudRsfbds.. 97 12 MlifcP DuCUtprf 6?
LOCO Bar 1 m bda.. 96
SOOO c S 8's, 1881 6 ftfv 105 aril Pac M SS Cj. a*
WOO do 8S* SO Gil k Ohic BR... 69*4
bOOO Tre*12 pc notes 102 ?0 <tu... SHik
ijOOO (ioorgla4'a.... 56 100 N T Cent BR..,. 78*
8000 do.... ,al6 66 60 do " 73'W
f000Indiana 8*... to 2C0 do.... .b.O 7**
ZOOOTeuG'a 'SO.... 3T 100 do b4 73 I
5000 do 37100 d? S3 73
1000 Virginia 6'n... 41 400 <to ?
7000 N Carolina ti n. 50 60 PauRR, Wi06x div 102
1000 Louisiana 6'?.. 64 200WCKR* feO t>6
DOOO Erie2dmbex'64 96Ji
Wkdnkkday, June 26?6 I'. M.
A.-:ik8.?The market wus h'c dv-. with nae>ol SO a 40
bta., includlLg pots at $6 60 a $5 56 Saul pearls at
5 68?4.
Ur*^imvvv8?Flour?The market was hea.vy an t lower
jr superfine Suite and Western orauda, while medium
nd higher grades were hoary and irregular. rbe Biiee
rf-re tolerably active a'. tne co.icet,sion In p-lcej Tnj
aid embraced about 80,0(0 bbls., In pjjrt for oxport,
losing with n the following raogn or prlceg;-uperfone
State $4 00 a 4 25
:xtra State, gctd to choice 4 CO a 6 CO
uperBne Western 4 CO a 4 25
< mmoo to choice Western extra 4 50 a 6 75
[is?d to btrvgtit Southern 0 70 a 6 30
traight to gi.?d extra do 0 ,15 a 0 00
home extra family and bake: 6' brands.. 0> CO a 0 50
ye llonr 3 00 a 8 75
om meal, Jersey and Brandy wine 2 80 a 3 10
-Csnaotan Hour was beavy and c&eaoer.for toe liwer
rsdes, nod Bales oridued to about 175 bbu. chit fly
Uhin the range ol' J4 f.O a (7 for extra Southrn
flow was less active and priced wa-e
lister, the sales embraced about C,0<;0 a 6 000
b!s , clcsli g wug.d the a we rargf of prioe*.
ye flour was heavy and toll at our quotations, witu
Hts 01' liO bit!* Corn meal wis quiet at our flsures,
ith salts of about 100 bow Jrroer nod Braudywiae.
'heat was again heavy and liwer, while the hu>es w?re
r.tive snd embracer. atw>ut 160 000 bufb^U ? $l SO for
3d Belawate, $i 18 a SI 20 for r?d Weptei u, $t SO ?
t 25 lor Interior tlaradian white, $1 55 lor Kestuckr
hlte, and $1 40 a $1 45 for Michigan wuite. Oura was
rm for g-wd thippitg lo's for export The **ls otn
raced about 40 000 oubhels, including hefcte& a< 43c. a
?c ; foi-n-j Western mixul at 48c a Mr. ; Wienie n ye'low
i 61c. a 5?c., and Western?hi'i> a*. 52,He R>e ?a? Arm
[inactive wnh sit'ei or 10 C0o bushi.is at t; ? a 68)^0.
ir Canadian. Barley and ha-le? milt were quiet 0*i4i
ere heavy and lower, witn sales ot t,*nadiiu aud Westm
at 26c 30c . and Stit-i at 80c ? 31c ,
Com?? he sales embraced 100 maty of .lav*. a'.
7>aC., aid about 100 o Moracaiao, at 14<-. a 14>iJ.
ttair. Fcott & iron give the following statement or tne
iovf n.ent a lid storks m ttis marKet for toe week wid g
le 25lh Inst.Htock of Rio ana on tbe lS'h June, '
Ml, 112.933 bagt; received since t? date. 14 860; total, ,
27.802; Bales ano shipments .or the w<etc eetimated at
523 Stock of Rio and .->uit0B on the 21'th diy ol June,
?61, ISO 279; karaciibo. do, 7,138; 1/iKoavra, 4.000,
*va, govt riment bags, 1,375; U.>iu*>ar. (KM); C wta Rioa,
:0; Sirg?por?, 2,213; total b iff?, 133,:-70 the stccc of
io on June 22. at New Oilcans, 6.000 bigt: Biltim irc,
> 0C0: 25th, New Vo?k, 120.279
CoiroM?rbe market wa?urm. witbsalt* o'abou'l 200
?.'e.?, in !ois,cl siugBtid oo tuebteisor 14?,,r. n li^n
ir mice itg uplands, with little to t>u bad mi xr the Ut,t
f x?i(,ui.s ? Rcom was 1- ts plenty andra'oa were lirmT.
) Liverpool about 40.000 bushels o< <?rn "od whjat were
)gaged, in bulk and bas?, *t 7K"i. a 8il., fin a sniill
tof wheat was it parted a> 8^d Flour was it is 63
is. 9d arked. ro London 18.0C0 a 30 OO ibmheU wiuat
eie ei'gn^ied, In bag*, at 8%d ; anil 2 000 bbis. 11 >ur at
i. fid. For AC werp 2^010 bu&hels wh at were cagagecl
. 7d , and to Havre 6.000 bifhels wheat at 16.1.
Bay was df-pres^ed aact nominal fur sbipmeut, at 35c. '
40c ' The only demand ot moment wal for city aud .
>vernzcent use at 60 a 55c
Naval t^Wfus?Tne snH"* embraced 360 bbis spirts ]
irpentinoat 81c . and i ,000 bbls ot common rosiu a'.
>out $2 37>i per 201 l?s . oelivered. '
Ons?ibe market w^a heivy for city liaseed. In
nsiderab.'e lots sales were rroorted at 62>(c. ?6fe , .
t-h, while In small jobbing lots s ilts were making at
la.. 8*j?H. Tbo I'ollowinfr statement oi tus New Ke Iford I
?iketlorthe week ending th<? 24th inst . is fro.n the
'hnUmon't N)ii)*pitig La si:?.Sperm has been very quiet
tee our it st, and tbe only sa cs wo have to no'e to.- the
ptk are about 100 bbls. for manui'acturing, at $1 22 par
illon. Whale is niore quiet rho triasicno-ic tor the
fk icclude sales o? about 2 7t0 b'jls In parcels at 3,ri
41c per ga li n, ecorcn g *. > quality?pirtlv tor export
Dcluaiog a tot of lf.O bbls. humobact. . at3>r, Whiio
?dc?The market is q'lie' ao/i without tz-nnnticHona
Provisions?Pork? bo wa'kol ?ai again beav? and
wer, with Mies of about 226 b*?ls.. iocmding men* at
4 60, Mid prime at $10 Bepf wan heiyy and iul., wuh
Its of 125 hb!a at $8 50 a $10 fO lor ropa-.ked idm 1
d $10 76 a $10 for extra. Heaf hams were henry aad
U at $12 a $15. Pac. u was q'llet und u.miiu .1 Cat
?atr< were rattier mr>fe a-.tj^e, wU-lo pncw were hiary i
e tales reported amoutited to TOG a ?00 ijU 1h aud
irces, at 4c. a 5j. frr Pbou'ders, an I at 6% fi'^o ior
mei. l ard wan 10 go"d pquett t ito i-n'eti of hOO b >?s
d litrci h a' 8,'4c a Oyc Butter w*a heavy aud
raper, and in tair <?emai d at ledut-rd prices. Ohio was
liDtf a? 9c aliic forje.liw, and 7c. a 8c far white,
d joliow Stale ?a? seliicg at 123. a 14c (JU o.-n
r.ged lron> 3c a 6c for Ohio, and ?t4c a 7c for State
Rick?A rale of 10 ca*ks was made a'. 5 ',.C.
-rCAiUi?rbe market was steady, with ; lies of3C0 a 400
ds.Cuba at uncbaDged prices, and 200 bai.'s at 4?.?c.
Wiu^kkv ?Tb* msrket was 1 >wer aad active, with
ts oi 1 200 Dbls. at 15>?c a I5??c
Wsii.v?SJ>AY, .lnoe 26, 1851.
The receipts mi tbe different yards for tte past two ,
ek3 are as foil .we:?
Sh'f.o and
Vardt. Be*vt. f<?'<;?. Vtilt. Lttm'tt. Si'in*
lertoo's, June 26..4<h 2f 6H# 685 6,"61
ht week 3,"OS 31 763 490 4.206
own'.Bd's, June 86. 43 24 74 SOil ?
t 101 o4 7S 3.69J ?
amneriui's, June 20 21 31 33 3,713 ?
at we?k 25 iO 52 8,5?t ?
Brief's. Jure 20.. 23 28 127 8*0 ?
?t we k 1? 47 212 1,450 ? 6
>pen,June 26 J00 ? ? ? ?
btwetk 600 ? ? ? ? [
Tho foliowjrjt were the correut rates at tbe dHloreat
rdstofay:? b
*f caU.e. choice quality, per 1C0 lbs.... $8 75 a $9 00
1)3 prime quality, do 8 00 a 8 60 B
Do jjnod q mi'ty, do 7 75 a 8 00
Do. O'riinury quality, do 7 00 a 7 76 E
Do. o man1 a qu?lity, do 6 M) ? 10#, B
Ich cows. cLotce, per head 46 00 a 50 00 w
P??. priaio, do 40 00 a 46 0 ) *
IH> do CO 36 00 a 40 0(1
1M>. ordinary, do S?l 00 a 36 00 "
1>0. inferior, co 20 CO a 28 00
al calves, choice, per (o 6<-. a 6>*c.
Do. prime 4%\u6\ a
Do. fjooi 8^*. u ?;?e
D). Ordinary ?4C.
i?o. Inferior 2^ '. a 3c
jen azid lambs, choice, per hand $1 16 a $5 00 b
Do. co prime 4 25 a 4 60 (t
1*0. <10 good...! 3 t-0 a 4 25 u
Do. do. ord<r.ar7 3 00 a 3 tO
Do. do inferior 2 W> a 3 00 ?
ion. coro fed, por lb 4'4'c a 4K? "
l>o. stlll fed 3?iC a 3TjC
he ereat dulness and depression which have psrvatied ^
departments of trade during the past several mouihs ci
de tlielr advent at Bull's Head this week, and oxer ^
:d a very unfavorable Influence. fhis condition o-'
tigs there, however, is attributable to altegelhir diffe" *
it causes from tfcese which effect trace circles in like di
Dner, fof the prevalence of war has rather augmented
value or htet cattle than detracted fr .m it. B<it toe
'K yards at AilertOL\< AVoshiugton diove jards wero ra
ir kio iiomany supplied wi;n Deet oa. Uo to render tOn
i ket buoyant or prices remunerative, notwithstanding to
i cteeis ibere (.fibred 1 or Bile <*eio a* tine as any we
re seen iheie um season. The eupply wuh la exce?< p,
tie acaiano sod in consequence holders were com- pc
let to accept or lower rates in order to realize. tno ?
nter ?hich told on Monday whs small, notwithstand '1
tbe apparent cotct mlcatiou of the proprietors to open
is f n that aav. Ob Monday the ha as were campara- ?
civ Heavy, but the supply 'eft lor to day's inirket was PJ!
rrthelffs uaple. Puces were about half a cent lower ?i
the arerufrt?and about tbe suae on all kinds?the W
go being iron 7c. a 8}i., with a lew sale? of extra at >b>
The present soiling prices were7a 8'4c. lor gx>d 18,
Jlty. The Illinois cuttle were of a decidedly good '
lily, and many of them sold at the top price. hh
be market continues dm], heavy and altogether with vo
interest. ihe silos are generally made at within our
go above. Po
he market for veal calves retains the Eime uafavora bu
features before mentioned, and defers were unilie ?d
report any Improvement, as a general thinR, th.iuRlj ?*>
saw a few who reported rather better prices for prime
Ity. Our quotations above fairly represont tbe r?tea
rent to day at ail tbe yarns. Some lew extras sold at
aer rates, however, but these afford no criterion or tbe j
ket, and we do not insert them . J
HBIir AND 1. AMB8. 1
be market for sheep has been more or less Irregular be
tag tbe week,and prices liuctuaten according to tie re <
>U. Dealers were wide apart in tbelr estimate or the rul S*
prices, some reporting higher and aoae lower rates. 11
?r noting the various sales, we readjust our quotation* Bl;
is tQ oorrespond *? nearly as possible with th? rules ,
urreot it the varioun ymrds yesterday. There
aetooal aalee above oar ouUwle quotatlooa Lu
iboutttc lower. Tbe aalee of abeep in loU, p
w CbemtHflia1*, were:?126 Bbeep, nod lamb* a
it*M; 277 at $4; 147 at *8 87*; 284 at $) T
ISMiUtitUt 37X; 2W at *3 26; 816 at $1
n 76; 176 at $2 60; lO ltmb* at $5; 66 at St I
W V!%\ 260 at $4; 103 at $3 76: 123 at tSfifl
(8 60, 112 at $3 26 ; 210 at $8 12?; 226al$3;3l
Tbe market |raa quiet, with a moderate Arnai
ibote quotatkuna, wtiich are a ahade lower. 4
the total receipt*, or all atocic at the var*
'or tbe week and laet we*k, were aa follow#:?*
Bervet. Oowt Veot i Sheen <t
Mlerton's 4,446 27 6JO 6 So
drowning'*. 48 24 74 6 0i3
StUkmberiin'8... 98 31 33 8.716
D'Btieu'a 28 28 127 8?9
Bergen 300 ? ? ?
Total 4,846 110 873 >0,213
Lut week 4,611 131 l.lll 'J.ostt
Oattle 2.160 | Borma
Bog* \rH Ualrea
9beep 2,000 I
8UW JUKI'S 4 3'?1 MOOft
sck aits * 96{ uiua W4ti.it i
Port of ffew Vork, Jub* 18
Ship Cky of New York, Halter, Liverpool?D ft A.
ft Si.iun.
Sbip nimtfmur. Oxnord, Brimo!?C 0 Diidcan A <
Hmk himou (t-rua), l>?ucenb.ire. Looaoo?Kunc
A M-eudk.
Bark Vtilor. Divta, Harm?Bori! A Hincken
Bark J W Anaifw*, trench, Jfc'iuabeibport-Wa
K Cdui< ?
B?rk R B W alkf r. Kkiae*. Boston -Delmo ft Cm
Brig Uultcpi'iua ( uf, Nai<oa, /"aUrmo?CbKtt
, ??'P?
Btlffv6**11 Wavpi Jamli, H&vaoa?.1 E Waril ft
Bite .^pbl? ?r> fc'ainf. til John* NF?K Br?<ia
6cbrVronreaaiif>- Bennea Ou?en?<j>wn?a Kb
fxhr H A l^rSaif f l.bon-B f Smril
Srbr J A X-vlor, ten- ^ -??dy. Moil
? cbr ? Tli tue.fc tfi ae . bi.ia-vmlih.JoBM ft
fcbrEmmu, tr?rron, EI. 'Uhfra-J W Un'Mj.
Bcliri.au> t,Brj. iartigtn U?U ax?A
Scbr A B Jacob". ^u?_T.HlUJ"M.""'J
Ecbr C entuiou, Sianb'v f\
'cbr Telegraph Cocaob. G?pa.M 1^,7, ? i^.0Qt
8<br A>a Kldndgi-, looklic, ?V n 8 retry??
A Hook _
fcfirk Hendlt-y. ftr wn, Cacn->o'a J
rc'rO R'laylor. Banelt 1 pn H?rbtjr-> ?
echi U R l ucovrr U< mtu. j??-w HrncMr!.-*, ,
w hr H H-koln. i-awyer, t In b thpori?Hiias**.
? cor M>?n*u, Coillnn. b?rgni?T n r and nrd
Bitr Bsrd ebi'Kd tfcaliait-r I'ortlted?U L Hale
lchr * Iiet>. VeirimiLti, fortlai.d?Mutter
tftar Kofsutb, (ee, fort-.uiou'h?H <H I, w(h ft Oo
Ech Volcoll. faxer. Hoatoit?Daytou A Co.
tchr Tutbe.U, b"-ke% talmouih?Ma<.ii r
bchi f.ea bVToih, Brl ltd? I. Kenny
SVop i H Mo-fen, ' ..hiiiH, K?iU hUer? w Mm Jen
blnj|> I'.tu ki-t<in". *1180. Hiiatol?L Kenny
ttteamer OoLcoid. Norman, I'bt'aaelphw.
8<eam>hlo Kanca oo Wloibou-e. Llocpjol
Tib Quretrtuwu Utn, 6 I'M. with indue itnd :JH> paa,
> U l>aje. ltih luht, l&OiuUen W ?>t Ulear, pi
c?lll< je. rot ltd I. Ifrtb 1*1 NiUa. li n :'7 |l'. i??<s-d
ihit b Mnt-jmd. tifiK (ill i|i>? lor !-?? Korit,
U> *6 47, j-fchMffl a larp?? uuiuottr o Inrbervs; 2iih, at
nillf h K, ot l-Mdy ttrok, paired atMinealii Adrtitic,
Bt Jt Lnv i>nd
wtconmbiii Maianz?a. 1/eaeginR, Maianza*. 1 d?y
wllb mdw ann ptL^.Hng?-ra. t<> >oianru Naiarioi
iiifcl. I*'. UIH lun 711 ?p Ub atip 'Hrrri tiaci, :ioin
ivtiife lor Liverpool
' teamtbi'" < bt-t-pt'ake (T 8 trawtsort) wtll#ta. K
w n, .lute is. Ibt'i. lo rd a CHmsbtp i'krkt-roburg
v? r*i io tb;k ) on, the I1 l avittg On irii bee ehatt o
waid raifctge.
M'??niib:p ?ark^rt-buitr (?f K t-*n?po ti. Hoffn
r.ck.Pr, uie * and Key Meat l'.Hh. wast'iwedf
by feuanobut f'b?-h?ii-ikc.
< LtiT MiHfHHtpl (Italy. T-'Voneh, Genoa vlt
Uw !io dajn, who wine and iii pMvnt<?r?, tn oitl-r
Baik v irg'Biu Aon Mrjai i, ro deiux, -\piil ill,
i l'i litre Junes ?vi h ml ? 'o h<*tt K > i On >
pd eU : cm New Orb fen* by t' - tWrui irtuui' ttruok
txpcr<cu:fd ioiup btnvy ?eatb r, ?itb Oitmtfe lu*
[c tc vwi coinmoii.i
I'aik Kmbii |c, Y.criie Rl^.'4' pin, Mav :jl, wtib
Klr?|i jo ft \rn Snob. It ay Tl. itt In, Ion :>&, ?p..ko >
h klamb, hen* for Anatmlia. 1
ark. Clnra ttnxn hull), f>' ann?ilt. Iju-iityra and b
J.let ?iihroff? p ftr.. 10 k i'avrn"i"di ft Co
Bark M J Coloord, (k lenrd, i.?trdeu%n. 11 rtiiyn, w
U ul V. . ill ....
Rarlc i- b ? alker cliaae bondout for Ros'on.
Blip emtio (?> , o> IU If?i , OViowiMi, liavana
( Itfi HUg?, lb V< bilDiMi HiuR a. o
Hr<g Mi.ut'fctL sagie (o? Tr-mnotl, Brm'R?m
|.'. VN witn aupar to, to 14 K J -e'-tTi. l&'h inst
H 4ft. rpr,l.e wh>lli g rehr Qulckatitp, Took, of l'tvv
i monies out. lib ap.
br g ijcotlatc (rt?. of T'icWu) McKlnnun BermilC
in htu iibt to Arthur i.eary. Came Lett: foroiUcr
coortoiD the i o?ir bay.
Ktr Somn Tbercm ton), Snoav, Menton
pasted OlbraliT tfay 24, wttb fruit to '"bainberUln
litb w t. liit :u> f.y, iiiifiU, apoks achr Loyal Scran
f alerno frr New Vokk
j?chr 1 oyfcl l cranti u, Lowrtcn. I'alctmo May 3, p
biaUar2ia', with trait. ?o mvint
krbr Lightning, r.anipls, nio lansiro, *iy 17 w
o lehrens & yVolfl. 1! kl lot t. 1?; :u 3.r>, ljn i';t 15. 8(
I'i o.a. utertrgSlS Mn? Oi n id ays H oi He-?n
igbt Hire mud ca'ms, sea bad pilot ou board for :< <
nchr oiest Jung (3 mv>ta), acting K&ater ru,,?
5e.ro, via <vey We* l :2 day* Wsa seized at Key We
iteairer Cru aider for violating toe bli>ck?ae.
ectrW H Sargent (of gwick), Davis, rieuvltai
?itb augar Ac, to Tbompeoo A Hunter.
t-cli' Annadi.pbU (.at), Thayer, Cat Island 7 da
iuit to .1. s f.bo+r
Hchr H D Pltis. Orsham Alexandria, I diya
?chr Maryland, Hall, ?a 6<:av?
febr Three c-tat< la Oiv?n, snow Hul, ! i?aTS
Schr R C hii'sci), Tupcer. Know Hill, 3duya.
frcbr P K Mr jdy Rail. Eilzabe'.hpirt.
Kr? r Marg-p Hell. GUkey Kllzabethport for
t>cbr <it.ij.ntic, Wast,, fclizabetaport r or ?")alem.
f^clir T H i ejmonr. Sells, Fltzabeibp .rt 'o-clmot
> cbr Cabot, Illicit, f*.ltzab*tbport tor few Hedtonl
tcl-.r Choctaw Harding J-.ltza.Mthport for New .'e
Schr V tarnei, Hr gg?. Kli/ubethnort for Nc?fcchrHump,
Phlnney. K'lzabetbport for Pravidenc
bclir U "tulth, rt?rber, * Jizaoetbport 'or 'JVni'ely,
8c?r Judge t opktni-on, Moreli Kllzabethpon'
fclii S v right, ^e'-man. EllzubftbDort t' r Bridget*
Sobr Uudaon. Wa'ernian. El.zabe'.hprirt f.?r /*:iy.ra
rcbr.l M Uiainaid, iija.duiaa, ivllz tbeUipart t
Bciw onvttrd, Brae worn, (ya'diner, 7 day*
I cbr beanetia, blanchurci, <?ait?iner. 11 days.
Schr J P Hen', KeycoiSa, c..herrjlietrt Sda\a. A
twnr A Powein, Kobtnaon, hockland 6 dayx
S< hi'Bura, i'carce, i.. ckiand, b anvi
fithr kiountalD fage, hendleton K-jok'and, f daya
hi hi tl K Uuntoo, i-he'tiisn Kuck'aod 5<Ufn
Hchr t'.orlaca m, J one a, Ulouceater, Jl d?ya ,
Si hr hnow Lritt, Mckerann. Harwloh, 3 days.
hi be- fJ JL, Love.l, bo?Uiu :tdayn.
cti-hr W R fiewcomb. Baco'o, Huston for Albany,
fecb' E?rc, fh'llip'. Taunt mj, S da;a.
tctir b Brown, .-mill, vv'ar ?< ..
Hchr.f L Darling, Howca. Provldiufe tl*ya
Rcir Pennsylvania, Monroe, Providence, 2 tta/a.
Bclir K Hurley, 1'rrmdence, 2 da>?
hchr J H lleputy, A len, Pro'idenct: lor vJiany.
Pcor Chafe Itavia PoitJetirfr^n
bchr belie of toe, Say- ComMock, (leorge* )'ank?
H.orp H tlrrckf r, A&hhy, Key V- est, 9 Uny*
Sloou Byron. Al.en, tuzaoolbpi.r' lor i^ugativk.
bloop Contrivance, JPerende. tiizibetb;wrt for b
( loop Mediator, Bo-,tank. Hlz t bfthp >rt 'or B4og fi
Hoop I'arveat, t or?tn, rovidi nne, t day?. 1
Bioop 1-bfeP <4B, Miillh, BrooUneven, 1 day a.
H> earner Del&u are. ('.auson. Pblladclcl"'
Mteamcr Ironaldcs. Vanderreer. Philadelphia.
Htnaioer haral. .lor.pg. pbiLvielpi.w. \
Steamer hetrel, Toun*. Providence
Steamer Pelican, Baker, f rovldtnoe.
6b!p nerc, from Bunder'ani!
Bark ranny Kit bner of ant.' from. 8rtmen.?8ot4
oat JW b UnmelL
Bark Ait ah. from Trinidad.
Brig Dcmarara, t'rum Cardenas, 9 daj s ?Bulb by p
avirt uiutell
bbipCrown Point, frcm Calcut a, "li data
Ship Monsoon, from Ba'limore, 'A hourj ?Both
>n*t Jan*, AO, 1.
Ship* J Morion, Liverpool; Sturfurit Constanti
itiru: B..utb -horc, H weorge.
2Mb?Shipi .1 Merrick. Giatg >w; Der .?ud (Prua), ?
lamlltin, Antwerp; I.itnitj, Que'iec barkv *: You
iriat^l; id (aor), <>al?vay; iylohide (Nor;, Hav.-e.
lardn (Prur) Ronentom, cir'ga Jaalf (Br), Socuhalii
. Plaber. Par*; Crawiutd. I'arlla. d
V> lnd durlnatbe day H.SW, at eunEel S3E, at 9 7
ith rain. ________
niitellaneuui, ^ j
Ship Bbutd8, tormerlv ot Warren, Kl. wsa fitted"
tiguit at new Bedford for a pretended whalios voyi
a* iht n auhpected ot being luteudea for tbe al*ve tn
ctalned, anfl hertalla unje&t; but alter lyinia ?'i
ley were bent a^aln and ahe wer>t to tea 1 he i'aftu
?4 aava ahe went to t je African c aat, t ok in litxi i
ut 100 cled on the Laai'age to Cuba where tb- remal
,ud the vesaei) wfiaold, and the crew dupcra^
nder a Hpanikb otpiuin.
Rnie MjiKioa, Orosa, arrived at Callao May 281 rjrr
ith SkOtoolKa on bosrd. nh* paoao-d iron thj
pudroti In be China anas, which bad order* to z
Snip Bakkkkg, from Liverpool f; e f ew urleara ha.
IiavaiM, having been ordered off from tbe i'aaae
laaiaaippi by tbe'blookauirg squadron It haa been i
'u?-ouii.uiiijr <ji iciir.iB i rum ani'.iaua nn mrnc <|i
mvskets ana munition* or war wew snipped ny it
;rg for the Southern ^onledenicy.
Ship 8yrkn, Green for Boston, which st?uck on Vi
hlle leaving (be fcarborot dan Fr*arl co mmn l.ni
?ving been thoroughly repaired, cleared again iith
Snip Rising 9un, ?ko'fl?Id, watch sailed from Call
, tor Cork, put buck uu th? l?th May, letklug billv,
perleticid beavy weather ween about 12 days ou
>k. apparently, wax above tflf copper, and It was si
' ligh>ulng and then caulking h?r Hides she would I
proceed. It wan twice done May 2V
Bark *ary R BiitNiy. Rob iln?, 'H da-* fr?ra H*v
liiuonlli. J-eg, with acagoot mi box s Hugar, be
ut?d put lam Bermuda 3th Inst, cprune loivvaid a
II* in a h? avy (rale of wind soon after ie?ving a atan
Iks a Utile in ber upper works.
Wrio Com 6ti-waut, (of HaipaweW wilsnn, from "
r Sydney, OB, struck on the tlaok begde umr Wbit'
tuning oi ih<> lflth, dmlnc a den?e fog Thsra bing *
a breaking ow vbe Ledge a', the time, u was mi
Diruliy >hat tbe master and crew ducted a linri
hire head island about 7 ajI lfi'.h 'I he vsscl brok
p>_j]ih. ?he was liu tons, and bulitat HarpiweU,
Spun Hoc no. Pen man, from Phllai'-lphli for IS a
rbored in Five I'athoni llote, Bermuda ?n ihe.r?Oi I
irt of medical aid for a s'ek seaman; which h?vu
red an ft the man declared lit for duty, she proceedbd
yegeon ihe Hih.
k i.ARva Sciir, outward bound, is aatiore on Georges
[iavmh?A handsomely modelled bark of 41!5 tons r
lit oi uelawaie while oaa and copper l aliened. was
J.'ith inhi fiom ( imp on A Nell a wnarf, rblladei)
> m( kt beautiful sivie, amid tbe plaudits o.' a vaai a?
ti>eclaluiH nhe M 1.1/ leel long, 28>j feet Otain, 12
9 hold. She Is up lor sals
?ee nort arrivals above
Sid at Mew Hearom, 28th Inst, bark Jo in Wells, 1
lanlic and Irdian oceans.
loucnfcd at Beimuda Wth Inst, bark Union, Baxter, i
Is oIL
Called off Rt Georges, Bermuda. 10th Inst, schr G W
>ln.e?. (in a cruise; and proceeded a'tercomrnunlcatir
p tthoro.
at Valparaiso 17U nit, bark Cschelo' Wilson, KB. f<
17th, baik Mcramento, D? fries, of westport, to croi
siTuff sua oa at fayva M*t W, kfelp rf**1

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