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WHOLE NO. 9075.
Inother Brilliant Victory of the Fnlon
Troops in Western Virginia*
Total Rout of the Rebel Forces
at St George.
Ben. Ckrnett, the Rebel Commander,
Guthire of the Enemy's Colors. Can
hod and Camp Equipage.
Ill Official Bulletin of the Victorious,
Ceil. McClellan*
MB?erection Quelled in Western
Interesting News from
Eton. McDowell's Column Strongly
Bght Additional Regiments and a Powerful
Battery Sent to Virginia.
AN Secretary of the Treasury Ordered
to Eiiploy Sufficient Force
<a InnnrMa Privtt??rinr.
Ac., Ac., Ac.
mm itbcul wasbuvcton despatches.
Washinotoh, July 16, 1861.
At Eleventh Massachusetts regiment embarked on
taqrdthf steamers Baltimore anil Philadelphia at the
Mary tlbd. aid proceeded to Alexandria yestcrdey.
, MmJ^gM|tafotmh regiment also proceeded to Alexin
dmySiterdaybySteamer. &. >
Veeterdsy afternoon tbe Massachusetts Ninth regiment
Mi Grifflge battery, etAtloned at the City Hail, departed
ftkr the other aide of the river. Tbe latter were prov ided
rifted guns, twelve pounders, an extra amount or
ammunition and an additional number of boraes.
Tbe Seventeenth regiment of New York vvluuteere,
Clodbyflbc Fourteenth regiment from the same
, left their encampment on the steamers Baltimore
and Philadelphia for Alexandria.
Tha Twenty first New York regiment, Colonel Rogers,
bssfts up their camp at Kalorama yesterday, and crossed
Mlong Bridge, and are now encamped in Fort Ritnyoo.
Tbe Garibaldi Guard changed their iositiou on Saturday,
and are now about one mile south of Alexandria.
lieutenant Green's fine bsttery of rifled cannon, and
Company G, of the Second artillery, have left Fort RunyoD
mm ft wmta *A *Km wri/?init.r of Al#Tlllfirib.
Colonel Milea' whole brigade is now, it is stated, south
Dm New Jersey Third paired over on Saturday after
tm, and encamped near Ruche's Spring yesterday.
Gokmei McLean s New Jersey regiment crossed the river
Md took ?p a position near the same point.
fltia morning the Twenty-seventh Pennsylvania regi sent,
Oolonel Cristiue, broke up camp and went into Virsteamers
to Alexandria.
Me Beventy flrtt Now York regiment have been under
> Bnarrihlng orders some days, and will perhaps go into Virginia
this afternoon.
The Thirty-sixth New York regiment, Colonel Cha*. H.
laaea, arrived in Washington at midnight on Saturday.
Captain Berry's battery arrived bore at seven o'clock
yesterday morning, direct from Fort Pickens. The bat
tsry consists'' of four pieces of twelve pounders and
?fhty four men. Artoiher battery follows the abo\ i> hero
The resolution adopted by the House to-day, author**
lag the Secretary of the Treasury to employ a sufficient
Itoroe to protect our commerce from the (urates that hum
Infest the seas, is considered as a step in the right di-1
Taction. It is hoped be will immediately send out a force
vrhich not only wi'l protect our commerce, but capture
the dastardly piratical thieves who have annoyed our
The British Consul at Richmond has laid before the
British Minister, Ixtrd Lyons. otHcial documents resiiectt?lg
recent van s where the blockade of the Chesapeake
Mad been broken by private individuals by permission of
be government. It appears, frotn the at'eg.-d facts coin
aaniraicd by the British Consul, that pastes have l*un
talced by General Butler, pernntiing private individuals
and vessels to pass through the blockade. Copies oi ilmec
passes, purporting to bear tfoumal Butler's signature,
wsto lakeo from the parlies, and are among thetiocuweols
Jstrd Lyons, it is understood, has called ifo- alien
tin of the government to these facts, and requests
sue esplnuntion. The questions involved are of the
highest imi<ortance. It appears that the British agents
a* the several ports at the South are keeping a most vigilant
match respecting the blockaded ports, nod intend
to give us f rouble w henever auy pretext or opportunity
naa-y occur.
U appears from official data that three seveial orders
f relative to the declaration of martial law have been
I by lb.s administration. On the 27th of Apiil the follow
; rug wee addressed to the coinmnntling gererai ?f tie
~ mtniy ?
You arc "iigugt,i in suppressing an wsurreuUeu agaiuyt
SBe law ? of the L'c.'ted f'lates. It at any point on or ,i>
bo vicinity of any military line, which i9 now or who b
wball lie utcd between the city of Philadelphia ami Die
?By of Washington, you will bnd resistance, wtmh ren
Mcrs it nocstsary to s upend the writ of habeas ccrp-.s for
Che public safotv you personally or through the oth er m
command at the point at which resistance occurs, are
bnthorijed to suspend that writ.
This tc signed hy tbc Preaident and coiwdersigned by
tbfc tfccrotsry of tate. This order was modifled on ti.e
fd of July, so that the above authority should extend on
the military bn? botween New York aud Washington.
Tbc third ease was under the proclamation of the Pre
Jeent ami made martial law operate in Florida, over Key
^ #eei, Torljgas and Pants Rosa.
thk ncaer, schooner sallie brake.
llui :im...r. r...r. I V. .:_a> t?_i.
*fc* morning from Fortress Monroe. She brought up the
H-beUcboouer <tel!m Hears, which was captured by the
^ehbOAt Cuttbridge, coming out of York river. The Salbe
Mn? is shout three hundred tons burthen and it in bsl
? Tact, ^he has ?o her deck the cacttap of a thirty two
yeuuder ?ud , but it is not bored out.
raOSTIUKON OF bubinim. throughout thb southAn
English ,gent]en>?n, who has just returned from New
Orleans, (.topping on his way at several Southern cities,
namely, Mobile, 8tVaif0ab and Charleston, reports a comjpk*e
stagnating of tcsiBt*WM> tbt?e fi!i?t*p<) Uurn^bu^
the South generally. He also stopped several days in
Richmond. Notwithstanding be was supplied with the
Decessary passes by the British Consul at New Orleans,
be experienced great difficulty In getting North. A considerable
quantity of cotton, be stated, had recently been
sent to New Orleans and Mobile from various parts of
the South. He understood It *u the Intention of parties
holding it to put it on hoard English and French vessels
for transportation. Those vessels expect to elude the
vigilance of the blockading squadron, which they believe
to be aD easy matter. At Hichmond he saw an agent of
the French government, who had already, and wan still
purchasing large quantities of tobacco. How or in what
manner it was to be got to its place of destination, he did
not Jearn, although he asked the question frequently
of the agent, and also of the rebel government
at Richmond. '1 his gentleman saw Honorable Henry
Hay at Richmond, and accompanied him moet of the way
home. He did not learn the object of his mission, but
beard, while in Richmond, that it bad reference to some
plan of adjustment. The rebels talkod confidently, he
says, of their power to maintain their government for an
indefinite number of years. He says they have been assured
that there were from forty to fifty members of
Congress who not only sympathised with Ui|m, but who
would throw rvory obstacle' In the way of legislation in
^voting men aud money to carry on the war. V
The following letter from Secretary Cameron appointing
Alexander Cummings government agent at New York,
shows who is responsible for the Oataline contract and
other array Jobs at your city, and will be found important
at tins time:?
War Dxpaiitmbnt, April 31, 1861.
Alxxanokr Ccnirsns, Esq:?
Sir?This department needs at this moment an intelligent,
experienced- and energetic man on whom It cau
rely, to assist In pushing forward troops, ammunitions
and supplies.
You aro acquainted with the internal arrangement and
connections of the railroads in Pennsylvania, over Which,
for tbo present, they will have to corns; and while I am
aware that your private affaire may demand your lime,
J am sure your patriotism will induce you to aid mo, even
at some loss to yourself.
With thifi Viow I will thnnlr van i*t AAnoi.lfaHAw ?l(h I
the ullinrs of the army and navy' to'waist in getting vessels
or arranging with the railroad companies' for the accommodation
of the troops an fast as tbey are ready to
march to their destination, and also to assist them iti
making purchases or other arrangements, and to com
munteste, at the earnest possible momeul, any information
of serv Ice to this department. Very respectfully,
SIMON CAMERON, Secretary of War.
The question of the tariff seems to absorb a good deal of
attention. Tbe merchants of Philadelphia, New York and
Boelon are hilly represented bore, and are active in their
appeals to tbe Committee of Ways and Means not to interfere
with tbe bonded warehouse system. This appeal is
entirely unnecessary. The committee have no idea of revising
the tariff. In general they neither have tbe time
nor disposition. In order to represent the committee
fairly, and relieve the mind of the business community,
1 con Btate authoritatively?First, that tbe
bonded warehouse system will not be interfered
with; second, that the committee will not undertake to
make a general revision of tbe tariff; third, the oommittee
will provide that goods in the bonded warehouses will pay
the old tariff rates; fourth, that tbe new tariff will not
allect goods now on shipboard; fifth, the committee have
decided to accept the first section of Secretary Chase's
proposition, made in bis report relative to eugar, making
the duty on sugar two and a half cents per pound; sixth,
they will make the duty on coffee five cents; seventh, tbe
duty o^sij kinds will be fifteen ^nts. Jrop and
woei wtUuutTjc \
J Secretary (Wtfs iioaded warehouse Imposition lias
jnvuuwu >*m (iitmrrt ui^vuiuuil uu idq pwl or idc uusj*
bum men of the Northern commercial cities. Hlspropo itiou
will not he acceded to by Congress. Hie committee
is dow preparing a bU) which they will be ready to
report to morrow, providing for the railing of an internal
duty and direct tax, together amounting to 990,000,000. ,
ia'bk a key and navy cowtract investigating com- i
The Army and Navy Contract Investigating Committee
will meet to morrow. There will be Abort time for it to
work in, aa the business of the gees ion will be soon con
eluded, and if the investigating committee does not work
faat, it will not begin to break the crust of the gieat pot
pie of corruption. An anchor was thrown to the windward
to day by the chairman of the committee, Mr. Van Wyck,
in lbs shape of a fesolutioo, which was adopted, request
ing the stoppage of all moneys claimed for either the use
or the value of the steamer Chtaline, until the report of
the committee on the subject be submitted. If the
session should be suddenly brought to s close, this com
mittee should have ample power to continue its invest)
galieo*, either here or at Harrlsburg, or Philadelphia, or
New York, during the recess. The friends of the admin
juration bare a duty to perform in ferret ng out and ex
posing the men who live and move and have their being'
only in the midst of the corruption upon which ihey feed,
whatever may be the character of the administraton.
s the new secretaet of the senate.
The election of John W. Forney, as Secretary of the
Senate, has taken everybody by surprise, and has excited
as much indignation among the true friends of the admints
tralionas surprise, and still more apprehension that it is a
triumph ef the professional contract Jobbers. Colonel Forney
was nominated by one majority in the caucus, and
col more than an hour before two of the Senators who
voted for bim positively pledged their support to anolher
the course ok gen. banks in baltimore.
Private advices show that the course of General Banks
in Baltimore, under the instructions and by the authority
1 of tlie government, baa given unfeigned satisfaction to the
Police recommended by him In the place of the rebel
sympathize whom he has under arrest, are gentlemen
of unquestionable integrity and loyalty. They are all
men of large wealth and high social position, and their
services, given gratuitously upon this occasion, could
not, under ordinary circumstances, he commanded u>
those positions at any price. Such appoiulmuiitg reflect
credit upon the line of administration 01 the Vnion men of
It appears that our antipodal friends, who were
lionised In oil our great cities a few months ago, are in
great distress about the consequences of (heir vigil to our
sphere A gentlemau in Japan, writing to a friend in
Wa.-diiugtou, says
News of anticipated sectional troubles in iho ('tilled
States has just reached this little empire. This curious
oeople, unable to comprehend foreign politics, attribute
the unfortunate state of atfairs to tbe visit of
their embassy, and entertain serious thoughts
ec Renin closing their ports to all foreigners
'ill rough the medium of an interpreter I have
wonversed with several dignitaries, aud eudeavored
' tc explain the true cause of the troubles. While they
: sympathize with President Huehanan, Ihcy lament thai
i)? v should have been the cause of so much distress to
h*.ri alter his "much big reception of tbetn. In RU| poi t
o: their belief, they qiidie parts oi their owu hirhoi). and
call my ntlent.on to the signlfltunt fact. that the dilflciti
tier eotntrieuced almost immediately after their visit
Tboir antiprs.al position certainly iDducee tins "heelsovei
beat : view of the approaching ttouhles in America.
ThetScnaio Naval Committee have bad under couaidera
lion for acme days the subject of completing tjlcvws
Cattery, now budding at Hobokeu, X. J. The committee
have authorized Seustor Thomson to report an amendmeut
making en appropriation to complete it, prov.dod
the report of the Board of Examinees should he sat i*
Corpora1 James Rankin.of the Second M.cbigai) rngirccnt,
charged with etealmg one hundredaralffic do.lais.
while engaged In searching the premises of one bull 1i ;y
zell, an awwen rCOfT, ?U :n beid a* a fflMMr
present by the Second Michigan regimto', ?hb to d?)
convicted ?c>> ??nt?cced to the pcDiieu.a y lor three
A deserter General Beauregard? r?be| force*.
Thomas B h'xw'kP, in'" our lm?a on Sunday.and
claimed the pkotectxio eur tmupr Ha *an biougbi ><
tUecily to i)*j\w?d ?1* '>Mh of allegiance, wearing
Um Uniterm of Oi^e i'irat South Carolina repionn'. a gr?>
blow and pattieApiS?J?a't n it li black, ami a dral> r*;t j
bat. He' i*aa "riru^v Tfyr, Jf?Ma?bnr&i(#, ai?l started
lb!B after mien to <d|yiAKli<le I bore.
TBi RkWJOi^T aitmuiRT comm.
AU ar (Diary Myo formed out of tlk> ?A?ttu?
oeinpaalet ot thHjfew Vofk Drrt regta^u ?h,oh
(W J? '<*$ $JW*H H tW Vwl. It jf W ?cty
W Y 0
jriw York, ttjese
with the regiment. By frequent drills fhe corps has b%
come quite proficient In artillery exercise. H iedesignated
as Comp iny 0. and will be a valuable auxiliary to the regiment.
Commander Dahlgreo, Superintendent ot the
yard, has given tho new corps the use of two handsomely
finished twelve pound bowitxers. He has also presented
each member of the drum corjfc of the Sevcnty-tJVst With
a rifle of his own invention.
The Tost OtDco Department has ordered that mall Blatter
for East Tennessee will go U) tbafttcmnetl distributing
During a skirmish near Ifartlnsfitirg, Va., on Thursday
last, between a body of rebel cavalry and two companies
of the New York Twenty-eighth regiment of volun
teers, Jacob Sklkel, one of the Twenty-eighth regiment,
was killed. Three of the rebels were killed and one taken
Mr. Henry Walters, Purser's Clerk to the steamer Fresborn,
was appointed to-day Master's Mate to the United
States steamer Reliance, Lieut. Mygatt commanding
Lieutenant Thomas Cash is to rejoin the Freeborn.
Lieutenant Edward P. McCrea lias also haeti nftaoiiited
^to the flotilla. It ia Mid he is to cenwimnd the Freeborm
i but lb ig jb not certain. Lieut. McOca is a Dative of I be
| Slate of New York, and entered tbe service of tapcountry
on the lath of October, 1841. During tbia period be nas
been eight years and two months at sea. and engaged two
years on shore duty. He baa been unemployed only Dine
months. Lieut. McCrea ia spoken of aa a deserving
officer. Commander Tbomac T. Craven commands the
flotilla, oo board the Yankee, which *, In faet, the flag
ship of the Potomac.
release op mb. bavorman.
J. W. Baughman, the Frederick editor who waa arrested
for disloyalty, waa to-day released on taking the oath of
allegiance, after It had been slightly amended.
Diarn op a new jersey volintebr.
Thomas Hagerly, of Newark, N. J., one of the members
of the First New Jersey regiment who was so seriously
wounded a few days since, during a difficulty between
two or three of his comrades and oue of the Fourteenth
New York regiment, died this morning. Joseph Craigo is
said to be the namo of the Brooklyn soldier wbo was attacked,
and who flred eeveral Ebola in self defence, one of
Wbich took effect In the body of Hagcrty.
tbb orders to tdk orand army.
By the indiscretion of some army officers, the correepon"
deDtsof one of your oootemporaries becaino possessed of
certain orders of General McDowell, in reference to the
subdivisions and movements of the grand army, upon tho
sccresy of which the success of tbo operations about being
commenced will depend to a great exteut. Should tho
information in question be prematurely published, con
trary to General McDowell's express request, all newspaper
correspondents will doubtlessly be excluded from
henry may's mission to richmond.
' Preident's name having been mentioned in the Home today
in connection with Hon. tlenry May's recent visit to
Richmond, there in authority for staling that be went
thither on no pa las ion for the government, nor was he entruated
with any business whatever on its behalf. On
the contrary be obtained a carefully prepared pass from
or through Genera) Scott, to enable bim to go into the interior
of Virginia on his own private business; thus huv
ing extended to him the courtesy due to a member of
Phe President has approved of the bill further to provide
for the collection of the revenue?in other words,
the force bill.
The reign of terror in I rod on county, Va., is at its
height, Notices of militia muster for to day were given
?jso Saturday last. When the citixens were told to be
ready to be drafted into the militialbran immediate march
to Manassas Junction, to All up the ranks of Gen. Bean
regard's rebel forces. All the Union men of Walcrford arc
determined to escape. Twelve fled night before lost and
evaded tbe rebel pickets for nine miles, arriving at the
ford at the Point of Rocks. They crossed the ford at that
point and got ineide the lines of the First New Hamjishire
regiment,at thePointofRocks. They were kindly cared
for by tbe New Hampshire boys, and came on to Wash
ingioB muay, arriving uere una evening. Forty mure
Union men were to run away yesterday and try to oroae
the above mentioned ford. Last night and during vet
terday evening the rebel pickets on tbe other tide were
seen to atop and drive back aeveral aquaria of men who
were coming in tbe direction of the ford, and who are
supposed to have been eoue of the escaping pai ly to
which allusion ie above made.
Tbe Secretary of State has made a reclamation on the
Spanish government for the enrrender of the American
' vessels carried into Cienfuegoa by the privateer Sumter,
and no doubt is entertained of their immediate release,
with their cargoes, and of the poohibition of the entrance
of the confederate privateers into West India ports there,
after. It is ascertained that the Spanish proclamation
which has been received here bad not at tbe I una been
received in Cuba.
ALRXANORIA, July 16, 1M1.
A bearer of despatches from Richmond, to Lord I,yout,
passed through our lines to day, escorted by the Black
Horse cavalry.
It Is reported that a Zouave, named Kelly, was caught
within the lines at Fairfax Court Houee, and during Ins
confinement attempted to fire tbe jail.
There are doubtless a couple of thousand rebel troupe
Still at Fairfax station. It is Slated that tbe troupe at
Fairfax include 100 negroes, besides a battalion of 400
others in tbe vicinity of Manassas.
Regarding tbe disposition among tl^ three months
troops to continue in service, about which there h?a
been some inquiry, it seems to be the pre
vailing idea among those troops to return
home before re enlisting unless the poeil Inn tbey occupy
may demand their service. The S.xlii audleuth will
doubtlessly re-enlist. In the Pennsylvania Fourth, six
out of (he ten companies are so disposed. From the Ohio
First and Second a regiment will doubtlessly be e ma led
under the command of Col. McCook. Col. Wilcox, or the
Michigan First, will also rnym a three year regiment our
of his ivesent lores, ami additional recruits uie now being
received at Detroit.
Five whites sought refuge in our lines to day, having
j escaped from Aquin creek, where they were unpmssed
j into the rebel nervier.
I Both of lie Rhode Inland balloon*, which ne e inflated
} anil ready tor aacenaion, exploded wb e bo,no takou in
I Fells' Church
Four Connecticut yesterday ??.?i,.,,r j, ?->
j boci.iMAtKtN.oi OhMiBAL HITRI.BUT lit iHKc.i I/KS8
t}CI>CT,lll 1' iv JS >k?|.
lit s-i'tter geucrnl H> ihi.t. of ti e Vc' iiteora h?? .-sued
a proclamation to the cl'.uens of rorlI.e.stem Miacoini,
denouncing tbe lalac and de, goiwy met. who air aeekmf
to ovet throw Ibe govsmmetil Ho warua ihetn that tin
time Tor tolerating treaton has parted and that the time
or hotly tf to'-o. win venture to eland .u d?
fiance "f !be * (irawte .v.thmie ,tf the It,. 1(.u
peril the r lne? :n the attempt. He m\r the
character of the rca-kUuou whicu ha.-, iieeti made
.* in strict con form .tv ? m toe eo .ice rrom wo h tor.
R unted. Cowardlysees-am w.t ?< tie oppcri'.iail.ee to
njiirder and Become .heroen among'heir ??*i. a ted hands
hy gtac.gbtevhg hy flealib lii"o- a hmnopenly they dare
roi meci Ah., rysVtn buto-rlo nknoivn 10 c.vi.'./.mt
warfare, jr t.be na!-."*' Unit wbien treetoo btaia Toe
process of the ttrinun*) com i?, ?e uilnvtmtered ic d.afTe t
v<I district*. wilgnoi r?w Ifcunyetem or aetasaiuatioo, but
Ibc Hero and lanptuaiiv* demand ? ( a m.lttary receasity.
attd the duly of ?A'f ("raeetfoto et/l lurnmh a 'hnrpaud
decisive remedy in giit puMi^e of s court nt?i ><?'.
Poiwe.sMn Mc . fitly is JtJdl.
Ti>c ihxlb Maine re??*Ri wen* afinetercd into service
to-day by Captain (f fhe tjfitted Stale* Dragoons.
They will tj^ paid to mbrrove ?Uyif bOfttity atxtttiate pay,
and will luava. fu.'lv enulnnrd Aft VCviitceiliiv men i.re n
a special tralti
Arrangemm t* *r?m*kit>g for ii,n ra<*>iion of our First
r?flimei)t, Cojonrl ttcirror) ?5flin.4k<l<e/r,' ffi'To tbr<<
wwtljfl' tcriB <?*p'ro|oij A *
'AY, JULY 16, 1861.
~-J :_ JL-i-i
The Defeat of the Rebels'
at St. George.
Death of Gen. Garnett, the Rebel
Official Despatch from General
too., Ac., tec.
yifMuxmv July 1^,
The following official dec patch hm been received at the
War JXparlueiit fioju G?D. ItcClcllan, and epeeke for itton:?!
HonoseviiLn, V?. July 14,1W1
Coloocl E. d. Towmknd, Assistant Adjutant General ?
General GarAett and bia forces bave been routed and bis
baggage and one gun taken. Hie army are completely
demoralised. General Garnett waa killed wb?lc attempt
mg to rally his forces at ( arracklord, near St. George.
We have completely annihilated the enemy in Western
Our ioee is but ll^irtoen killed and not moro than forty
wounded, while thd enemy 's loss is not far from two Inn
dred killed, and the number of prisoners we have taken
will amonnt to at least one thousand. We have captured
seven of the enemy's guns in all.
A portion of (jarnetl's forces retreated, hut 1 lock
for their capture by General Hill, who is in tot pur
The troops that Garnott liail tinder bis command ere
said to lie llie rraek regiroeulH of Eastern Virginia aided
by Georgians, Tennrasocaus and Carolinians.
Our success is complete, nod I firmly believe ihat se
cess j on is killed in tins suction of I bo country.
Major General U. f. A.
IkNoiNJUTi, July 16,1801.
A train arrived at Grafton at ten o'clock this morning,
lirinnino t)ir Vdiifa /if j.'t'tinrnl dnrniil I Into t Gn.innnitpr
iti Ch.ef of the rebel forcer at Lauie) Hill. He was killed
while attempting to rally bla retreat ir.g for. u* at Carruck*
ford, near St. George.
The rebels were completely routed by the column of
General Morris. All tbeir camp equipage was captured.
Fifty were killed and many prisoncie taken. The l<*?
on our aide m four of lite Fourteenth Ohio regiment
killed and a few wounded. The reliela scattered in
every direction.
Ho rebel forcoe are now witb'O Genera) tfcC'rilan'e die
Wtct. ? [ r
iNU>?Jn,.!oly 16,1801.
A tpecial despatch to the Omm*Kiul, from Oral ton,
says that the rebel* relreuted fioin Inure) Hill on Thursday
General Mori m' column vomineuccd tlie pursuit the neat
afternoon. After a terrible forced march, through rain
and mud, over laurel Mountain, our advance cauioupon
the enemy at Carrick's Ford, eight mi ire tooth of St.
George, Tucker county. The rebels drew up in line of
battle, and poured in a raking volley ou the right of our
column?the Ohio Fourteenth?which returned a hot the,
lasting twenty minutes, when Colom 1 Dnmont's Indiana
Seventh made a charge upon their battery. They broke
and ran, crossing the Kurd toward* St. Geotge
General Roberts Gainett, while attempting to rally
bla flying men, wa? Mliuck by a liail which patted
through his aptneandout at the right greatt. He fell
dead on the sand.
Colonel Pumom continued the chase two miles and
bivouacked. Tbo reel bivouacked on the battle ground
Wc captured forty loaded wagons, one rifled eantimi
and two stand of colore. We killed twenty, wounded
many, audtook more prisoners than we could fake care
of. The bight wee turned into a disastrous rout. Our
low wae two killed and Iwo mortally wounded.
Tbo rebele loat all their tents, catnp equipage, army
chests, clothing, one hundred muskets, knapsitks, and
large quantities of autmunilioo. They retreated up the
Horseshoe, but it is hoped General Hill will meet, and still
further rout them tear West Union.
Genera) Morn* was to return to day by St. George to
laurel Hill.
We bring General Garnett'e body here. It will he for
warded to his friends.
(iKAFTOS, Vs., July If. 1801.
A train armed here Una tnuiuing bringing the'bypy of
General Gametf, Adjutant General of tirgiuia, aiiid ?uin
mander of the rebel fosoee in Western Virginia.
The ruLsis were pursued from laurel Hill by General
Morris'command, consisting of the Fourteenth Ohio and
Seventh nnd Ninth Indiana regiment*
At Carrick'e Kurd General Gurnett attempted U>
rally his forces. A sharp skirriuah ensued
in which Geur-ral Garnctt was k'lied, and twenty of his
men left on the ground, white many bodies were car|
r :?d off.
I The rebels were completely routed and scattered
: General Morris'command captured forty loads of prnvi
1 a ons, all their horses, wagons *?
Genet el Garnett'i remu.ns will he emhaiined arid pinned
at the disposal of his friends.
Two men were killed and two im.Uv wounded in the
Oni< Ko-.'te. ntlt. There wa? no other ioas on onre.de.
( LAKKsai'KO. Vs., Ju:y 16 1801.
I'hc lott.i ei.trel.ohsd at laurel H' i ev.iu pe-l their jwi
i on on !: ?I Kririay tight, leaving the r ctin | eipupage
. and suit aud wm ndeil. li t ,ug the road towards Beverly
; Wueu w.lliin three mo - o| We.wiv Iliey met im: ,-ai ! g
j reta-ls from Geuem Mrl elhtn tionl ?t hMnur.'air.
1 They I lie c .tarted on the road 'o Hi
j liu.datitiday some twe.is hours alter ite rebels left
I then cainp at l.aurel H ! Gu ora. Shirs command, o.i>n
] sin nig of the Kourlei i th t mo, <ti d Heeenih aud Ninth In
| u.sna Voler teers. sta.'.i d n |..i?u t of the enemy. Thty
j succeeded in otertak.np their tear s'nard at < arrh k a
Kink I'he. sntsuty inade a stand, and a aharp Conflict en
I sued, which lasted 'or twenty lumutea.
IB* a clsi < r nunu'iis on Urn part of tien. Worrit of tho
Seionth Ind sua volunteers, the enemy wees outflanked,
j Mid toiwo a prevj.iiaie retreat. It waa then that 'here
l)"l Gouerai. Gar t?u in trying to ra'ly his forces, met
wWiVtCrall. hy a 'Mt wougil at (ho bands of ornate
ft full But imghame. or '^mpauv B, PeTentb ri% w?nt ut
Kti*t U.? ligln reU'fr
l.fffl Iff! 0?" tU 0*1.1,
vudva"~-i' zzx. ~. .:-. u.
II ?u stated a farmer living in the vicinity or
where the fight took place, that many wagon loans or dead
and wounded passed bis house. The agonizing cries or
the poor fellows were heartrending.
# Tho Union troops in their pursuit captured upwards of
one hundred prisoners, forty wagon loads of provisions,
and a largo number of horses, wagons, clothing and arms.
Ttie rebels in their hasty retreat threw away their arms,
boots, shoos, shu ts, aud iudced many of them were quite
nude. Otisers fled to the mountains, where they w ill not
remain long, aa hunger will dt ve them out, and they will
ultimately surrender.
The Vfrginiaue wore the lirsl to retreat from the field,
leaving the gallant Garnett, with a few Gcorg.ans, w ho
were the last to leave the field. The \jody of General Garnett
wan brought into Grafton by a detachment of Indiana
troupe linger Major Gordon. It bag been boxed up and
covered with ice,aud a metallic coffin ordered from V\ bcltng.
afier which it will pe placed at 11 o disposal of LI*
friends. -j ' .*?lib
t^o exception of irregular detachments of rebels
0 the KaTiR\Uia valloy, tbere arc no rebels: In mi ce in
Wtttcrn Virginia.
Tbus ends the first c?i?i>aigi) of fleucral McClelliD. All
praise is due bun Tor bis .-kill and untiring energy. All
praise to bini and tbu brave troops under his command.
Pbhapkimiia, July 1ft, 1801.
According to Ibe Richmond Whiff, General Garnet t is
Robert 8. Garneit, late a Major in lbs Union ai iny, and not
a monitor of 0ougress.
The command of the brigade which so completely routed
tho rebels at St. George devolved ujxin Grnerul Morris.
Iho t'ullow mg art) the regiuicntul officers of the brigade us
fur as at present known:?
Colonel lames B. Stssdman.
I.iniiteuaul Colonel Goo. I'eabody Kale.
Miyor Paul Edwards.
Adjutant. K. 1>. Brapley.
Quartermaster Henry D. Kingsbury.
.Surgeon J. a. Coonu.
Surgeon's Mate M. 0. Daniels.
Co A?Moo. Co. 1'?Crawford.
Co. I)?ltlessing. Co. G?Snooks.
Co. C? Fisher. Cb. II?Barber.
Co. P?Sprague. Co. 1?llodd.
Ob. It?Bradley. Cu. K?Kirk.
Colonel E. Pumont.
1 ieutenant Colonel K. J. Spooner.
Major S. P. Mgdcn
Colonel R. M Milroy. j
lieutenant Colonel... ?.
Major ?
Tbe Napoleon of ibe Present War?What
den. HcClellan Accomplished In Three
Days?Bis Oflkial Despatches,
Ac., Ac., "Ac.
HBAIKII >btkrm, OKi'AKfMxar 01 Ohio, \
RICH MovkiajHjV*., July 12?V A. M. ]
(Joiouet K. P. Toirwmxj' ?
Wc Are in possession ol' all ?bc enemy's works up to a
point In sight of Beverly. W. have taken all hi. gun., a
vory'large amount of wagons, tenU, kr?everything
that he had. A large number of prisoner, were slso
Ukcn, many of whom are wounded, and several of whom
are officers. The eoeiuy lost mauy killed. We have lost
In sll perhaps twenty killed and forty wounded, of whom
all hut two or tlneo belong to the column under
General Raaencrans. which turned the position of tbe
enemy. Tbe mass of the lebela escaped through tbe
woods, entirely disorganized.
Among the prisoners is fir. J'syior, formerly of tbe
Ooloncl Pegram was in command of ibe enemy 's forces.
General Koeencruns rolnrmr left camp yesterday morn
lug, and matched eight tnuee tlirougb tbe mountaine.
reaching ibe turnpike two or three ro.ies in tbe rear of
tbe enemy, and deflated au advance force and captured
a couple of guns. 1 had a |K# it Ion leany for twelve gum
bear tbe main camp, and as the guns were moving up it
was usoertained that the i-fihny had retreated.
I am ifow pusnmg on to uewriy. a pari or oeoerai Ko
sencrMit' t loops are now w ubin three miles of it.
Our himx?*** in complete, and almost bldodless. The lie
bavioijr of onr troops in a?.iioii,anil inward* theprisouera,
in ad in liable. M. B. Moff.KIJ.AN,
Major General Commanding.
Hsvbrlv, ./nly 13, lsei.
Col. K. II. Towsasnn, Waehinglon. I>. C.
The success of to day is all that I could desire. We
< apturcd six brass c.amiou. of who h one is rifled, anil all
ihc enemy's camp winipape and Iransportatlm^even to
his cup*. Th" i)i no hoc of tent* will probably reach two
hundred, and mora lhau siaiy wagons. Their killed and
wounded will amount 10 ledy one hundred apd fifty. with
at least one hundred jc isouera, and more ctftpiuf'iij i^o
eiWjtly. 1 know already of leu officers killed and pi i
Their repeat wag complete. 1 occupied Beverly by a
rapid march, liftmen abandoned his camp early this
mbining. ieaVipa bd cV of hi*erjoipa^e. He came within
j a few miles of Beverly, but our rapjd march turned h.m
1 back in great confusion, and he :s now retreating ?u the
road lo si. (>.eoige.
I Genera! Morns is lo follow biui op closely. T have telej
graphed for ihe two Pennsylvania rex. men us at tkiruberI
land to join General fid) at Rowlesbnrg. The General 1s
conceutrutitg ?il his troops at Rov.leshi r* and will col
I off Garr.c(t's retreat near West l.'ninu, or, if possible, at
| Mt. Georgi.
1 may say that we have driven out acme ten thousand
j Poops, strongly inii et.that^. wirli the Iras of eleven kdled
i and thirty five woutuled. Provision?rtiurm found hers
show Garnett's foils to have been ten thousand men.
f'bey were Eastern Virginiana. t.eoig.-ns ffttllc-eeyifi^,
and, I tbiok. ( Moboiaos. To mot iw j ffl! jlTyT'Tri details
as to priaooe's .*c. I irist lh?t o'"h(.ta/ Cox hue by
this t me d'Bvc Wise out. ot ine Kanawha Valley. In
that case I shad hav e accomplished tbe object of ImsraPng
Western Virginia. I hope the General .u chief will approve
of my operations. W. H Mo* EKIJ.av.
Major 6*u*<*l fiepartrrett efOh,o.
Nt?. three.
th tj ft'It KIN libit (it t'OLObKI. PHGHAM.
Hsaom sun s* Bsvianr, Vi., ,fi|y i] en I
Co!ou?l K. I' 101?V?>NI>, *Y*Ml.U(jlon, II c. ?
1 have rfyfiviit I'lH.i I'uioliel Pegr&m pronoaitlobt for
the >utren<iw, w !;'i ? ofltm a sud r*mnanl of b " <:?mmanil?s?j
flOO 1110' I'bfy *ro *ti?l i? be pwil
; ioni ?*<i datormiii'!"! tjfvt " to f*k? op Arms agninat
' th<- geiornl g ivcromnQt. 1 ?h?!) have Dear POD or 1,000
J pi iioneik W l?*i cu? it v,l,on Colonel Tegrim comti in.
1 V>e fat?*t fonnnta m?Wf tbe lo?? of lb? rcbeh in killmt
, K-m.i 150 H p M^f KLUN,
ikjor <^u?-r?l JJopn'-inwot of Qbio.
?0. KOf'H
ifi_ .>. .? nr. iji <r. onoRUK.
Hpncwvfii*, Vn . .lulj u, Ida)
toionsi fowMfto, AwiriMii ddjuuat General ?
OObgrni Gfroetl *nil hir b*r? '*}!> routed and bin
Utggufle oufl on* gun <nV?i). H.r arroy art complete j do
roornl&a^. fJanarai flarorU v?? killed wfctla attempting
to rally (lit fore* at Carrackford, uearst cwrge
We ha>? vW'ple'air arm.Jninted tb? ?n?my ,u w^tr-m
<)Wr loan ijb b"1 tl"rl??b kii!?u apil not mere ill an fWly
wounded, wbiki tlio cuo? y'n \-tis i| D< t far from two buni?i?*J
?n^ Hbv wn/ii" ?' '< prk^nvrn \?t -rbbtp
will amount to at least ono thousand. We have captured
oven or tbo enemy s guns in all.
A portion of Garuett'a force* retreated, but I look
for their capture by General Hill, who Is in hot pursuit.
Iho troopa that Garnett bad under bis command ar?
said to bo alio crack regiments of Eastern Virgiuia, aide*
by Georg.ana, Teunemiueans and J>'*
Our aucec*H is compieto, and I (Irmly bellevs tbat ?eceislon
is killed in this section of lbs country.
Major General U. 9. A.
Our telegraphic despatch, e report the death of General
Garnett, of the rebel army, at the battle fongtit on Sunday,
at St. George, Virginia. General Robert 8clden Garnett
whs a nativo of Virginia and about forty five yearn ot
age. Uo entered Wwj Point in the mouth of September,
lMl,anda^bser,ueniU)tl?caJ::"w0 1W? appoint*# brevet
second lieutenant in the Fourth Artillery, on the flteC
or July, 1841. From July, 1843, until October,1844,he
was assistant instructor of infantry tactics at the Military
Academy, and from January to September, 1848, was abide
camp to Brigadier General Wool. He was promoted to
first lieutenancy August, 1848, and served with much
distinction in the buttles of Palo Alto atul Resaca
do la Palma. From June, 1846, to January,
1849, he was aid do camp to General Taylor and wan breTottedC'aptaln
''for gallant and meritorious conduct lot
several conflicts at Monterey." Subsequently he wan
bre vol i) J Major "for gallant and meritorious conduct at
tin. buttle of Bnenu Vista," and In August, 1848, wan
transferred to tbe Seveuth infantry, where, In March,
1851, he received a full captaincy. The last army register
mention* linn in the Ninth infantry, whore he held
| ihe rank of lull Major, his Commission dating March 87, j
1856. Tbe'nexl account which we have of him is hh t'onitnHuder
uiChief of the rebel forces at laurel Hill, at
whose head lie fell on Sunday at the engagement of St.
There appeal? to las considerable doubt as to the eaart
identity of Colonel I'egram, of the rebel forces, who surrendered
Ills command to General McOcllan. There aifl
two Pegrsms who have been connected with the United
States Army. One, John I'egram, was a First Lieutenant
in the Second regiment of dragoons, and whose name- still
appears In the official army register. Tbe other, George
Jf. Pepram. is, almost beyond nil peradventure, the individual
who has surrendered his penitent regiment to our
victorious Genera). Ho was born In Virgtuia, and entered
the Military Academy at West Point, in 1829, in 1883 ha
was brcv< tied a Second l.iculcuani of the First,rcgimenf
United States infantry. For two years?from 1888 to
1838?he was Adjutant, and in July of that year was promoted
lo a First J.ieutenantcy. Soon after?in September
, of the same year?he was appointed Ald de Camp to General
Scott, wh.ch position he held till August, 1840, when
he was made Captain. On ttie 301 h of April, 1830, after
the < |n?e of Hie Mexican campaign, he resigned bis commission,
Ho then turned his attention to civil pursuit*,
and subsequently was chosen Secretary and Treasurer of
(ho New Jersey C'eutral Railroad Company, which office
ho held for several years.
Tire Wheeling Intrlligeiuer says.?
It is stated thai laurel Hill, where General MvClcllaffi
bad the lalo engagement, Is nol a more knob, but a Ion4
ridge or rib of the AI leg hemes, extending for at leant a
hundred iniic* in length. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
pierces it by moans of (he celebrated kipgwood tundel.
nslretches down in a direction a IRtJo west o4
Hunth. in the head waters of the Kanawha, there callM
the Greenbrier rlvor. The main turnpike leading to
Staunton, over which Wtee's army passed from Rastcra
Virgmin. runs string laurel Hill's base. Leadsville, Beverly
and Muttonsville are Situated on that turnpike. Tho
Vuginia troops wbleh Wcf'lcllan defeated were a portion
of Henry A. Wlie's army, and commanded by Captain Pea
gram, who resigned his commission in the army soon aft
tor the Mexican war. Caption IN gram is supposed to have
reireatcd to llottonsville, ten miles distant, where Majoe
(3afcell's divisiou of Wise's army was Intrenched. Governor
Wise was at last accounts at Charleston .Kanawha
county, over one hundred inflw from Laurel lint. witUf
alKiut'two thousand men, and 0 Jennings Wise at Ripley,
about oue hundred and fifty miles distant, with seventeen
hucdred men.
ISpeciul despatch to ihc Cinclnnuli Gixctte]
Roxaikc Rcx^Va., July 13,1861.
Our forces acLieved s gieat victory over the enemy
yesterday afiertmon at Rich Mountain. The latter weiw
repulsed with a loss in killed of one hundred. The number
wounded bus not been ascertained. Klght were killed
and sixteen wounded on our aide, two of the latter mortally.
Croat credit Is d m to General Rusencrane, who, ol
tba head of three thousand men, outflanked and routed
the rebel* 'ibe Tenth Indiaoa regiment di(f great Mention.
light'bg desperately and coirageouily. Colonel
Bryant and Major Wilson wore slightly wounded. Oaptainl
Miiler. of Conipany A, was hum (ally wosnded, leaving tl>?
l"ir?t lieutenant m commsnd. Company K look one conuon.
The battle lasted throe hours altogether. We cap-;
tared six cannon, two of them rifled; also a large amount
of baggage, tents and two hundred hordes. We have alsa
a largo number of prisoners. .
The Wheeling /n!<llipn<.tr of ibo l.'ilb ir?t. has the follow
Mr Star, of Mason oonuiy, who arrived in Ibis city la*C
evening, reports that it in reliably ascertained that Henry
A. Wise, if not actually dead, in so badly wounded thai
then* i* no liope of bis recovery. Wise and bin body
gourd as before slated, were going to till an appointment
at Slseonai die. Some forty Union men wbo, not feelinm
rare at their homes. bud boon spending meet of their tnu9
in tlie woods, armed with ordinary rifles, beard of Wiac'^
coming, ami secreted tbemaelves?nmbuBcaded in tb
regular waj ?and upon their approach eaob man Orod at
bis man, when the assailing party retreated to the top ot
a high hill. Wise and ration, together with about thirty
or forty others, were wen to tall The Union men, alter
reaching the top of the bill, saw those who escaped carry-'
:tlg off the dead and wounded. Several persons recently
arrived from ( harleufown say thnt there is no mistaka
about Wiso being wounded! and as he has been -juflhriny
from disease, it is supposed be cannot recover.
~wv ^
, Borrow. July 18, l&fll. ,
Captain White, of the bark Louisa Kllhnm, captured by;
the privateer Sumter, writes to his owners here that ha
wag captured July 8, the day be sailed from Cieitfuego*.
w (h 560 iocs of sugar, on Spanish account, ami boning
for Falmouth, Fnglaot), for order*. He also state* thai if
is the opiotou of (he Governor there that the^pnnish law*
will not let the privateering party hold the captured,
vessels. We expect to hear from Havana today.
A letter from Cabusao Brothers, dated Havana, July 10J
after stating the^eapture, says they (the prizes) arc now In
I the port of lienliiegos, but will not be allowed to remain
( there. No more Americans can at present And charter?
I h og the island. Of course this has caused great exette
ment. j
A letter dated Havana, the 10th ins! ?ayr that (h^
Captain General bad ordered the privateer Sumter off*
and retained the prizes, the caxgoes being Spanish proper!,
ty. The vessels had been held for the action of the hem?
government. *
A latter from the captain of the brig Albert AdamVa
dated Clehfiiegog, on the evening of the 7th, taclfeverj
states that ttie Captain General has retraced all the Some
ter's prizes and tbey would sail next rnoreirg. a
Nsw York, July 16.1861.
Whan at Loando, ou tho African coast, id Itibp-ttf, I eat?
tua fallow I'oeteil, reported commander of the pirat?
Jeff. Davis. He is a (all, thin, long nosed, sandy bairtxf
man, with that peculiar air and appearance belong tig t<l
the pirate and slaver. This was ao marked m bisons?
that f wa? tnornily rertain at the time that he had bet*
ou the coast "for no good." as, indeed. not meny are^
The fellow's looks betrayed bis real character. Here?
Cfifitd himself rich, atd seemed well "posted up" of? i.
affairs aioBg (m slitT tZZt t!tf * ? v?rj?
tila!n one as to bow be Oecame rich. ' / jj
Thus, you se?, slavers and pirates are one in cd*raclef?
Ti e man who will engage in tltb aluvc trade will tufa i*.
pirate *s opportunity offers: anil yet, strange to say, fflj
though under the name "pirate," he is considered all
awful charac ter, the biavci s crime?from the way it u?
winked at?seetns looked on as a minor peccadillo. Got?
who has scon It can form route estimate r.f tp: enormia
ty. Vo ooe else can. f. C W
! ?.<,oa, pa., July 16, laoi I
1 he colour Is . onifuaiidiug the reg inc-nl at tau.p Wm.iif
digit? have \>e*n notified by telograpij ty hold tin. .?*
mam!* to re*t ??* to p arch at an hoars aotwe

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