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After a great deal of trouble and unnecessary delay, the
Second regiment of Firo Zouaves took their departure for
Washington yestorday evening. It was expected that thu
regiment would have left the city on Thursday, but owing
to trouble existing among the commanding ottlcore, tho
rogiment, after reaching tho foot of Canal street, was
Ordered back to the l'ark Barracks, to report to their
commanding officer the next m >rulng. Wo have already
published lite difficulty that sprang out of ibis order, aud
the uear approach to a riot that w is tho ooneu<|ueHc
But yostorday morning the men appeared to bo in hotter
burner, and tho order to march wan looked forward to
With pleasure, the men appouring anxious to go, as
long as they wore p aced under no outside re- i
attaint. Tho whole of tho morning was spent
In tho usual manner. Friends were collected in gruu|>s
discussing tiio dc|>arturo of tho regiment, and both
brothers and sisters were giving the last admonition to the
departing men. It was oxpoct ul that the regiment would
novo at two o'clock, but it was nearly five bcforo Uio
?olumn was ready to march. Owing to the detention tho
men had splendid opportunities to leave tho barracks and
visit the Dimerous barrooms in the vicinity. Tho consequence
wns that the soldiers grew quarrelsome, ant tho
-officers, assisted by tho p dice force present, had as much
-as they could do to preserve order. At uuc time there
was every reason to believe that a serious
disturbance would occur. Some of the pollcom n
present wore trying te arrest 0110 of the '//moves,
-when s me of the others interfered, and for a few
minutes there was some severe lighting, two or three of
ho policemen receiving some hard knocks. The S|ieedy
interference of the officers of the regiment, however, prevented
any furthcroutbreak. The men a .p arcd to have
a particular avo skiD to a policeman, and noots general y
accompanied his first appoarunco. Tins was owing to the
order tlia' was issued to the police to arrost any of the
2ouav.w that they might And in the streets.
At Ave o'cloi k the rogimcul Anally got under way, and
marched up Chatham stro t, when 111 y ciunterm ircli d
and passed in front of the City Hall. There they stopped
for a few in meuis, while they were addi eesed hy Colon-.
Fairman. Al ter which tliey n- shed on, and after marching
through some of our principal streets, they proceeded to
, pier No. 2 N'orthriver, win u the yemha Led on the steamer
Bed Jacket. It was after eight o'clock before I he boat
was able to leave he pier, owing to the numerous strag
that tcopt pouring in, lorg nftor tha hour was past,
and the most ol these foil decidedly "joily," though by
no moan is unpatriotic, were wu pi Judge from the n .tinal
songs that were sung, or rather shout d Ijy the sol .I rs iu
question. Although the boat wait -d Until the last mo.
jnent, several i f tho men we e left behind. A numlior
of tho friends of the regiment were or the pier, and gave
the mm as they left three rousing cheers, to which they
re*|Kjtided w iih u tv.1.
This regiment left fort Hamilton yesterday sftcrnoon
for Wash,n.'ton. The right wing had been delated l"
1 tho fort P) guard the Stat- prisoners in oonOnement there>
wrhtcb occasioned tho delay iu tho departure of the regl
Twenty m mbore of ho Anderson Zouaves, left behind
at tho time of tho du|>nrture of ti nt rogiiuent, proceeded
to Washington y sfrilay, under charge of Lieutenant 1>.
' H. Morris, of Company F. Tho sutler of the regiment,
Mr. E. Got 'man, accompanied them. 1
Tho Lincoln Cavalry, which now number between
twelve and Ofte n hundred, half being quartered at K'm
Park, and the other half at Bollovuo Garden, are P'start
this (Saturday) forenoon for Washington, where they are
to rrclvo their hoi pes, equipments, Ac., and enter tho
fluid for the preservation of th i Union. Th?y are to as
crable at ten o'clock iu Union square, where it ir expect
Od that the distinguished lady of the President
of the United Ftatea will present llum with a
splendid stand of colors?at least Colonel McReynolds has
received au intimation to that effect. Tho occaxinn will
'be quite an interesting one. After tho presentation the
regiment will get en raulc.
irtlt* TT? A TT A T1TITO HI* I T4TN / n i t? I T TTTTv
xnrj 11WI ii;iimiouuAlil' ^VilVAUVI/.
Tills rcglmflht has only been three weeks in existence,
and has already m'..sieved two companies into the service
Of tho United States. On Monday or Tuesday noxl four
more companies will be ready. Three companies aro u-so
expected from Gencssoe Valley, Itnehester, Utica, Bulthlo
and Albany, and one from Trey. Tho regiment is named
after Senator Harris, and this clrcum.-tar.ee lias materially
assisted recruiting in the Interior of the State. C'apinji
I). MeViclcar, late of the Ketv York Mounh d Rifles, has
been olfereil and has accepted the post of Ma or In this
corps. Captam McV. is a m<vt ollcloi.t olhc r, having
aorvod years lu Her Majesty's royal itiginu at of urtilloiy.
Ho also eerved a long term lu Canada, where lie Is well
known and esteemed.
llie regiment Is under tho command of Coh n 1 O. Pe
Torest. ??'ompiny A, under Captain Green?f. r a long
time the edlcienl manager of tho Park Barracks?has ah
<raadr ffotlrt into noart.ers lit. CVmn li.'i-i'iinn Sfnti.n [eland
txitwoou the first and second landings. wliero all recruits
*ro provided for in th? must efficient manner.
Captain McVickar lort for the interior last evening on a
recruiting mission, an 1 Lieutenant W. K. Nuwmiui hns
ojiened n recruiting office in Columbia street, South
Brooklyn, where candidates for enlistment arc requested
Co call.
Recruiting for tho Thirty-rovonth regiment New YorK
citato Militia, Colonel John II. McCann, has baon progressing
rapidly f >r the past week. This fine regiment Is.lievr
nearly filled to tho now standard of 1.0-16 men. A few
more can he tsken and mustered In Immediately, fully
?'lu!ppod, an ! sent on to Join the regiment, which is now
the advanc" guard in Virginia, holding the |?-st of honor.
Volunteers w ho join this regiment ae furnished with a
-ccrtlllcTUe oi membership before leaving, which entitles
their families to relief from tho City Fund. 1 he head
funrters of recruiting officers Lieutenants White and
Iradford are at the large tent inside ih? Park enciosuie,
opposite Heel.man street, where further infurmatmu can
tie obtain', d.
The com, c oh of this regiment is progressing rapidly
ml tliey will undoubtedly bo ready to leave for the seat
Of war on Toes lay. Colonel Cochrane has made arrangp
wonts to fully arm and equip every man before they leave.
Thi nId h company, it Is expected, will be sworn In
This regiment, commando . by Colonel Robert Bctge,
?ncampec! at tile old Ftnto Arsenal, at Hudson City, Now
Jersey, and ordered to proeeed Immediately to Washing,
ion, has boon compelled to again postpone their dcpar
iurc until Monday morning?a large number of tlio man
Hot ns yet being fully equipped. They have, however,
the full complement of men, who are all apparently
ilrong and solid Germans, many of whom have already
eon active service. The oilieers are ?!.- <? men of experience,
and have succeeded in bringing the regiment already
tip to the general standing of our leadh g regiments. The
following are the list of oilieers:?
JfatJ?Colonol, Robert S. Hetgo; Lieutenant Colonel, V.
(Gorbcr; Major, Kleedsih.
Staff? Adjutant, A. K. Wollmer; Quartormaster, L. Simon:
Surgoon, Louis Schulzc; Sergeant Mujor, A. Maschonzki.
Company A?Captain, ? Von Hoiuhausen; First Lieutenant,
TTortner V. Do Hollo; Second Lieutenant, V.
Company Ji?Captain, A. 7Jhren; First T.leutenant, ??
'Raising; Second Lieutenant, Am -lanti -n.
Company C?^Captain, V. IV Bosch ; First Lieutenant,
- Brandos; Second Lieutenant, (Jaiitermann.
Company ft?jCaptain, Voge ; First Lieutenant, P.
Vermont; Second Lioutcnant, lout) 'scher.
CompanyK-?Captain, Wo.ch ; First Lieutenant,
? Bernbaum; Second Lieutenant. ? J'iulcke.
Company F?Captfdn, Konig; First Lieutenant,
Volksliaus >n; S-cnniH,i"Ulenaiit, Spttz.'r.
Company G?Captain, Bocttrehcr; 1- irst Lieutenant,
.1 Brnuc; Second Lieutenant, Konig.
Company W?Caplain, lloirintn : First Lieutenant,
? Buhli r; fcfccond Lieutenant. KocImtIud.
Com/any T?Captain, C'attipo; First lieutenant,
liegei,; Seoona Lieutenant, Dnlilwig Bushman.
Company K?Captain, Sicbeneicber; First I.ieu'tenant,
? Isomer; Second Lieutenant, Wamroor.
BIOGRAPHICAL sketch or colonel oeoroe von
amsberg, or THK FIFTH german rifles.
The German riOe corpa, at present encamped at Hamilton
Park, baa already aevoral companies mustered into
tho United States ssrvioe, and is c?m;Kjsod o.tiluaivuly of
Germans. It is commanded by an ofllcor of great expcrlence,
who has fought a great number of battles in his
native country. As Colonef Von Amsberg is probably unknown
to most of our readers, tho following biographical
ekotch of this gallant soldier will not be unintoresting
Colonel Von Amsberg is a nativo of the city
of Hanovor, and having receivod s thorough
military education In the Polytechnic Institute
In that city, he entered the Austrian service as cadet In
1837, and advanced to Second Lie .t 'Bant la the Hohonzollern
Chovni.x Isyrrs (tho favorite mounted troops). In
1841 the subject tf our sketch ki< promoted to First
Lieutenant .nd at the sumo time transferred to the Fourth
regiment dragoons. In 1843 h" was apjiointcil as riding
master to the F'gh'b Hussars, ranking as captain, and in
1848 ho was np| oinled its Major. At the break.ng out of
the revolution in Hungary he went through the
entiro cnmiwign against Austria with liis regiment.
He was for somo time Adjutaut (Jenerai
to General Lembinzky, and in tho bottle of
Szoluok received threo medals for gn!l int and
meritorious conduct, in cutting up an entire riy.ment of
tlragorns with only four eseanrotis (eight companies) of
bit Hussars, in which engug' raeiit liu also oaytuii d six ,
pieces ot artillery. Col. V"n Atuslterg fought in twntyonu
battles, wris at last Coiouct a,id it igadier; and on the
21 of August, 1849, I* oppos ;d the ipti:o Kursiao amy,
with only 13.01KI tn?i, under Ocn. Nagy SanJor, at the
tattle near i.'eb.ocaia. After Ui? di.sutrous defeat and
surrender near Vliagoshe was sentenced toslxtoen year*'
imprisonment. Nine years of this term hi1 served, when
he received bis pardon on the condition of being exiled.
ltniurh <1 from Austria tuid Hanover, Colon. I Von Aidsberg
emigrated to this couutry, which liae ever been an
asylum lor the oppressed, iiud started life anew as riding
m 'Sier in Hoh 'keu. When the Fifth regiment, Colon-1
r-chwarxwaolder, marihi l to tho defence of the capital,
Colonel Von A. was elected Major of th? regiment. After
Ins return he was invited by the aullioritiestora.se a
regiment of ins own, and having acted upon tli sugges-'
t on, t|e is in a fair way of louimg a line reginieut of t erman
soldiers t#tho seal of v\ar in a short time. With
s ch ollice s as the Colonel of tho Fifth Rifles commanding
our a-my, wo are certain no such disaster as the Bull
run affair will ever happen again.
This regiment lias been accepted by the State authorities,
and Is rapidly tilling up. Tho men are in quarters at
Una>n Mill, N. J. The men comprising this command aro
of a superior class, and great care is exercised in their
reicomm oy we recruiting ameers. loung "ten wuuiru;
t'? enilst in a crank regiment can apply ?i the boa'u' art'-rs,
No. 4H0 Hroulway. Captain l'?naldi? n? c m >sny
will lie mustered into the United ritatea service on lionday
Recruits arc wanted Tor the Klrst regiment of this
brigade at No. 428 Itn alway, hy Captain Allen, and at
No. 119 Atlantic street, Rrooktyn, by Captain James MRed
ly. Pay and rations commence truss the day of enrolment.
This regiment of riflemen, which is now organizing in
this city, bids fair to ho a moat eflkelent curl*. large
bodies of rocruila from di(Tiir"nt secUuoe of ths country
are exported to arrive tho first of next week, who will immediately
be nrasfered in. An efticient force of sturdy
l'uiinsyivnnians aroaorn to join this regiment. Captains
wishing to ontur rogim.uts wiU llud this a au|>eriur opportunity.
Another recruiting rendezvous fur the new Twelfth loglrnent
of thn regular army luut been opened on Sixth ave
nu >, between Sixteenth end Seventeenth ?tre Is. It Is in
rhargsof Captain M. Mayer, of tlie above regiment, whe
was appointed by the rrosldent to tm present position on
nccoimt of hie distinguished military services during the
revolutionary war of 4S m t o, many. We approh i d l?mt
ih ? rrndozv >ur will do a flourishing business, tp i?| y
among ttie ilurmans. who would naturally pr t'er to on st
nnder an ollicor of distinction and of tiiolr own nationality.
Order* wore iBsut'd yesterday from Genera) Arthur's
ofllco to the following regiments to move at the times de
signaled after each-?
Fremont Rilt ?, Colonel Rosa, August 26.
Continental Guard, Colon -I Poirv, A igutt 28.
Ti> e letch regiment, Colonel Kwy, itguitt,
Tli" U u m| Ci|.,t->"J ( ,,).?in ! < o Jirane, have had their
time oi d i ariure extended to Tuesday next.
The odlcers of this rcg.ment will hold a meeting at John
Keefe's, corner of Seventeenth street and llroadw.iy, today,
at four I'. M., on business of importacco.
This regiment win go into quartets on ."talon Island,
mill tlm e.'imll ia tl> lift eelle.l Pane, VenOert.itl fterf)...
Commodore, who kin My granted Quarto: manor Taylor,
of this rogim nt, gratuitous'y, ilio iim of lils< pleusaul,
li ei'thy grounds for the bouellt of tho regiment. The
New York headquarters are at To Vurick street.
Governor Morgan, in tho following loiter, has authorized
tho (Jermai! Volunteer Committee, consisting of
M- ssrs. Hugo YVeseiulourk, Erod. Ka>ip, Charles Huuselt,
hid ward von dor Heyjt, l'r. C. 'fh. Meyer, 1'etor Wa-m"
k -ssij, Ernest lirciit, Figdsntund Kaufinann end Albert
I Titus, to propose u consolidation of tlio German volunteer
Albany, August 23, ISflJ.
Messrs. Hugo Wcscndonelc unl Fred. Happ and their
associates, already ap;?.|nted u rommitlee on the part of
their Gefman follow citizens to aid in raising and cumpiotii
g Uertnun vo: #r.toor ri giments, to tho end that (he
oig t izali >u of atn li re >ni i ts may be made in the lined
prompt and eff dive manner, are hereby anyli i. lzed liy
mo toconlur with all persona who are n *w ongigwlin
farming German ngtmei.ts, and also with Hi lgaiier tie.
neriti S a'es, cmnnuttulant of the New -York depot.
Aftor agreeing upon the proper plan of organization in
tho oily of New York and vi in.ty. M'-trs. Wesondom
k ur.'l Kapp will pit ate make a report to me in writ
tug of their doings, adding the recommendations a- tl.ey
deem proper, and procuring the approval of Brigadier.
General Yates. E. D. MOKGAN'.
This organizations* likely to had abundance of recruits
in other cith a bosid> s New Y'ork. Tlte fume which tho
Sixty ninth acquired in the campaign appeals to be In.
(Hii wiH tiinciM~H intui i xnor rrgnruius mi m won, rui aue;
I ha and other localities, to offer their services to the
Mity ntnth Volunteer#, Cap;. ITuniutt, of the Ninth
Mit-achusctts, now in Virginia, hi# just arrived here and
ton !vrvd his services to Col. Nugent. It is thought Uml
Massachusetts will at or.ee furnish a thou tan 1 no n to the
brigade, which is to be ccnimaniled by Ghn. Shields.
Tlio payment of tho Sixty-ninth commenced yesterday
morning at tho drill rooms of tho regiment, Essex market,
at half past nine o'clock. In the absence of Lieutenant
Colon"! Nugent, Captain James Kelly tilled bU position on
behalf of the Sixty ninth. The Paymaster was Mujor
I'att, of the United States Army. Tho men assembled in
their various companies at tne hour appointed, the companies
being paid in n p ir.betical order. The full pay they
ach recoiv.d was $32 51; but of Ihqpe who hal avail'-d
themselves of the clothing after volenti oring it amounted
to $29 nil. When Uiey have lie -n all jiad, we believe, on
the author i'y of Captain K-My, they will bo must'red 1
again into the service; and it is understood the regiment
(;^ least nine tenths of it) will again return to share in
the glories of the battle field, and join the great army
under ticnaral McClollan.
Some timi ago four Germ m companies were raised in
th a c.lty, under the ntispic. s of Colonel Shooning, Lio >
tenant Colonel Kimzlnskt, and other patriotic gentlemen
who have expended $2,300 from that time to tho pre. e t
In s .pporting thulium lili-.io corn pan lot w iluly m.nft
>rt-d into tho service* f tho Unite < States, but they never
rco -ivial a cent from tito Union I'efeuco Committee to h ,?!p
them along in their laudable object. It slim I'! h borne
in min i ill it there ore re.era! other regiments in lb s
city precise.y in loe raino preduv.i.i r.t. and we thit.k the
Union Defence Committee slruild do something towardB
placing th m in a proper inisilioa to serve their country.
Tho German Hangers, in particular, deserve prompt aid,
from tho fact that they ore a body of men who art most
anxious to light for Ilia Union. Their headquarter> ai e in
fourth street, botwi en First avenue and Avnuo.t, and
tho men are at present qbartered in Broadwuy Park, near
Ninety fifth street and the lilootuingdalo road.
The Central Park Concerts.
There will ho performed tins afternoon at the upper end
of the Promeuade or Mail of the Central I'aik, the follow*
ing selection of choice music, by Doilworth's Band, livery
on who has tho opportunity should take advantage
thereof, if only to hoar tho "Wild Woods lle-mriotlvn
Polka," in which the peculiar sounds of the birds and inserts
are so clearly portrayed. The music commences at
half-past four o'clock in the afternoon.
pro<;iu.k?iz?<mbt i.
1?Fchillor Festival March. Meyerbeer.
2?Overture to Oboron. Von Weber.
3?Wild Woods I'olka (descriptive.) C. Rohm.
4?? male to Ln Favorita. Donlzotti.
part it.
fi?Central Park Grand March. TYidworth.
6?Grand Operatic Selections from Rigoletto. Verdi.
7?Daisy Medley. Podworth.
8?Russian National Anthem. LvoIT.
1 a hi hi.
9?March from 71 Polinto. Donizetti.
10??ong. May Hreep.es. Kreipi.
11?Duet from Krnani. Verdi.
12?Season P'Wiiholmsbad Galop. H ilar.
13?Medley National. IKslworth.
Police Intelligence.
Arrpnt ox a Ciuhu* of emumi.exrer.?.TelinDougherty>
a man thirty si* yea** of ape, recently in the employment,
as clerk, of Mr. M. W. Roberts, doing business at 313
Washington street, was arrested by cfllcer Holland, of
ti e Lower Police Court, on a warrant issued by. Justice
OFboraie.. J l is charged in the complaint of Mr. Roberta
clerk, has collected from various parties having accounts
with him (Roberts), sums of mosey amounting in tho
aggregate to $1.420, of which, it Is further charged, he retained
$700 31, and feloniously appropriated the same to
his own use, without the knowledge or c >Dsent of his employer.
PoBgherty was ttiken before the magistrate, and
| committed to the Tombs In default of bail.
Armor or a Voujrtvsh Oharufp with homircok.?Some
weeks ago Inspector I.ton: r l received a despatch from
the authorities in Georgetown, 1). C., requesting the arrest
of one Edward Rooney, ihm a member of the Fourteenth
(Brooklyn) regiment, who was wanted to answer the^.cvj
charge of homicide. As Ro< ney was kt < wn to have left
his regiment and come to this city, the matter was placed
in the hands of Sergeant Wash, ot llK' Sixth ward, who
was well acquainted with him. Th' Sere ant ma ie inquiries
of Mrs. RnoBpy. living at-13 Mtilhorry street, relative
to (lie whereabouts oi h?r son, hut she sn-mod to
know nothing cegiO'ming him. S?*rg ant Walsh, however,
st 1 continued Che s-aroh, hut wuhrmt -ucccs, '
till yesterday nfn-roc.n, wh n he dieafn r^d lto'jney
in tho ranks of tho Second reglr.i^nt of Mro
., Zouaves, then ihont to march from tho'park, "n their
way to Washington. H oney was j;y called "ide.
ami escorted to 'V Sixth waid gat o , hel'or. imii.g
in ".mod on whalcha.g lie had le v', arretted. 11 wi 1
1 e <l< tit it-"J to await in- fit ther y.wtx ot .hv a..',', jri..
dCaUihk hi arpubcueion.
i r
Prrionml Intc|HgMC?,
Lady Ceorgaua Fane, of England, and Major Clintz, of
the tinted htatoa Army, are a looping at the New York
Hon. C. R. Foako, of Illinois, and L. P. Murray, Paymaster
of the I'nliod Stales Navy, are stopping at tho
Metropolitan Hold.
Hon. C. B. Sedgwick, of Syraniso; J. F. Butter worth,
of New York, W. V. Stratton, of Washington; B.
Woodruff, of Hartford; H. 0. McGregor, of
Scotland; J. H. Kenslo, of Illinois; J. M.
Werner, of St. I.011U; Lieut. 0. 1'. Campbell and
Wife, auil A. D. Campbell, of Philadelphia; ,1. 11. White,
(J. U. Brown, and W. K Ir'wis and wife, of Boston, and
W. Colling and wifo, of Massachusetts, arc stopping ?t the
Fifth Avenue liotel.
Major E. M. Moment, and A" P. Woodruff,of the United
States army; B. NT. Webster, of Kentucky; W. II. V.
Smith, and 0. \Yhltrley, of Baltlmoro; J. F. Culo, o! Chicinnftl;
0. J. Johnson "and wife, of It' >s ton; C. A. Savage
am! wife, if (Jmncy, 111.; 1'. Holland, of Indiana; I'. C.
Head, of New Haven; C. Sharp and wil'o, of Pittsburg,
Pa.; tl. Sexton,of llartford, ami J. Van Noslwick, ol' Chicago,
aro stopping at the St. Nicholas.
Hon. Caleb flushing, of Massachusetts; Hon. It. Pcnnir.
ton, of Salisbury; Major Spruguo, of tho Unite I Stat ?
Armv: A. (i. Angell, of Providence; Mrs. Capt. Raymond,
of New JoiHoy; Albert Richards, of Troy; 11.
T. Wood and wife, of New Bedford ; W.
llodd, of Cincinnati; W. A. Scott, of St. Louis;
0. F. Gates,of Chicago; Albert Presley and Jicoh Todd
and wife, of itestan; W. Allen, of Anburg; J. Shafer and
family, of Albany; P. 0. Ellsworth and wife, of 1'lattst/erg.
W. FT. l/iwe and daughter and J. K. Palmer-, of
Poutisylvania; Col. J. Kalrman and wife, of flew York,
and K. Benrdsley, Jr., of Wlusted, Conn., arc slopping at
tho Astor House.
Judge If. M. Jackson and lady, of Madison, Wis .United
States Contul to Halifax : W. W. Chamberlain, of th i Unit,
edstst s Army; Mr. White and family, of Saratoga; K.
Hutching*, of IroulSvllle.Ky.; Major \V. 11. H. Hartley, of
llarlfi-rd; C. Jfort- n and two daughters. of l'hiladchihta
G. Jt. Stctaou, of liriditowatur; peter Nejfley, Maryland,
a- stopping at the 8t. Den'* litoel.
Thomas H'odgot Lincoln, who vu recently a-restnl far
treason in Cincinnati, la a native of Philadelphia, hot has
h-cu for Ktivor i! vent* a citizen of Texan, and wan President
of a railroad in that State. He Is a (lop-gun of tho
late Ktchard I'entt Smith, and a half brother of Horace
W. ami Richard ivnn Smith, both of whom are Uuulcmuitg
in the lh>ite ! States Army. Lincoln married a daughter
of the tale lion. SI. W. Ash, who la since deceased.
Arrivals anil I>ej>t?rturcs.
StH Vrascisco?Sleamaliip North Star?Oen So!!*, Mrs Dr
tVhln-ami < liiiil. <1 ltraxlon, Mo IV C Radnor and child, .las
M tVllile, Sand 1) Some A wife. R'*v W Mnylatt, ti Laniov, it
S Torrer, Mrs R illhia ami elilnl, W I. Wihx' n, w ife and elilld;
.1 H (la|' '.iittil Anderson and wife, J NmiMadt and
wife, K W i'r :e, it- Ml Dart,am, K Ihiffaluegcr, MrCl'aviin.
I ft", .Jamas Hill, Geo W Krirltey, K Kohn and wife, MIsaL
v Cutler, Mi s A T Poiter, Capt Batter, Richard Boulter,
tVil l David. 8 N HUton, roy, MrQhlvfonl and wife,
Grirritioldi, M;\ -.ilerii, \V HJnlinsoh, Mrs R.iile/and ehlld,
K Tnvlor, K Mati'iel, .1 C Nasi,, K nolo II, Peyton Mhtdleton.
Major 1) J. Floyd Junes, !.' s A; ilnnl J A If.it die, 1 . A:
t'.ipt Geo Crook, lT>A: Chipi It 1' Smith, 11 el A: C.ipt It fl
lindens, !i S A , fan' II V di llsrt, I' S A; Capt J It M.-Pherion,
U S A: Unit r! J Conner, IRA; Lieut J II Wilson,
I" S A; r.ilit \V |i Iviier, DSN; Mr Itlrka, A .1 Pyrin-, F
M Spring, T OS lilli li, G'Sti r \aiiiiuttt, M i * J Win'.*., Jitetdi
Letter, S *1 Randall, J S Randall, J I' Rimer, Win Vincent, O
W Miller, J Ml Kay, W S I n -I, A f Marrihti, Jos Ross, J A
I'rlnr. David Oodirey tV G Sildey, Mrs llrotvn, Isaac Mum
relms Rtilddns and wife, Sninner ItoM. na, \V 1' Pati-lel:,
tV I, Prltetiard, Jim A B O'Ucur, SA Miliar, Got Frhthlo,
Oopi W 1, Foster.
Movement* of Kx-l'rcaldcnt Pierce.
Auiasv, N. Y., August 23, ISfll.
Kx President Franltlln Pierce stopped In thiscit, to
day rn rotilc to Niagara Falls, lie pivil visits to Hon. FritsMis
Gtrning an I Mi the editors of th Altai and Argot. lie
leaves to night for the Falls and Detroit.
l i.jrjDKi i rnji, August 23, 1S61.
Stocks steady. Pennsylvania Stato 6'p, 77!?; lluadlng
llailrrad. 17 11 18; Morris Canal, 33; Ialujid Railroad,
Ot,'; lomtsylvanla Railroad, 3Tt|. Sight exchange en
Now York Rt par.
ITi t AmtiTHt.1., Aug??t 23, l'fil.
Flour quiet: supcrfln". $4 75. Wheat declining: r ,
$115 a SI 12: white, $137. Corn aclive ot 64c. a 55c.
Whiskey steady at 18c, alSj^c.
BcrPAJP, August 23?1 ". M.
Flour w?* steady and In moderate demand. Wheat?
Fair demand; mark"! a shade easier: sale*37,000 bush '.a
r*d winter at #1 04 a #1 O.'i: 17,000''hi'-nyo soring at 57 ','r.;
12,000 do.. 8?<!.; 12.600 white winter,T1 13 u $1 1 >. tent
tinner and hi good demand: rah s CO,000 bnshol* at 3do. a
.' 7c., mop!lv a( 88 V- Freight* steady. Inqiorte?7,8(0
I dt's. Hour, 77 coo bush Ms wheat, 20,000 busies coin.
Fxporta?2ocobhl?. Hour, 122,000 busliela whoal, and
87,000 bushels cora.
ihn'Atn, A'TB't 23,1381.
Flour uncharged. Wheat lower and m fretr dom md:
pales 10,080 bushel* Chicago *;iriitg nt 8Oh.; 27,800 t ush
t>!g red winter, 31 02: 12.000 bushels do., ?1 03, 15.000
bushel* whit i do., at (1 15 a ? I 18. Corn Armor ant in
fair demand: sales 13.000 buslieid at 36e.; 6.600 bush d.t
ai 38'.t'e.; 48,(00 bnah'ds at 30!{r..\ 7,000 bttsh-ds ut 37c.
Whiskey sieidy: sate* 00 bbts. city a' 16 ',e. (anal
freights, 1014c. on corn, T1 yic. on wheat to New York.
lAki- im)?)rt??10,000 Mil". tlnorr, 05,000 bashe s wheat,
218,000 In,sleds corn. Final export*?1,800 bbls. their,
125,000 bi.nLe s wheat ,152,080 bnsh'ds corn, 1C 00J leash
?'* oat*.
C nruton, August 23', 1861.
Flour fl:n?er. Wb*at 2c. higher: sales No. 1 at f.Stjc, r.
87c.; No. 2, 621?c. &C3Vfc. Corn, slight decline: sale*
mixes] at 23 %c. a 24c., a.'lout. Receipt:?-3,500 tit,I.-. flour,
122.500 hu.Jh'ds wheat,.169,000 rie. enrn, 7.000 dei out*.
ShipRt-tita?1,200 bills. Hour, 158,000 bushels wheat, 09,OOO
<1?. corn. Froight* easier ntid dull. F.xcluoge unchanged.
Oewuoo, August 21, l?fll
Floor tmswtled, ?t $4 50 for fancy from Fprirg w heat.
Wheat quir t- sales t int night, 3,500 bns'uds No. 2 Chicago
spring, ?t site. Corn utiiut and no aab-g. The break, at
Mini buck is net so gei-ling ya was at llrKt mi|?;xj*of). It
will bo repored on Sunday, 'until frciclit# firmer. I-akc
imiwt*?2,'tilO IiU'h. Hour, 32 .WO Imglis's when! , 62.000
do. corn. Cannl export;?52,400 bushels corn.
Fnmxr, August 23?G 1*. M.
Money is said to bo in rather bettor demand; but
wc cannot discover that bankers are (retting any
more for loans, or that paper is sadling any higlior.
There is so iflucb money here that,.in the present
stagnation of business, it is difficult to see how the
rate of interest can rise under any circumstances.
It is rumored thai a large proportion of the capital
of the banks of New Jersey is loaned "on call''
4o some of the boldest of our stock operators. In
times like these, when the stock market is feverish,
and the properties represented By fancy stocks
are depreciating daily, such loans cannot be reconciled
with the principles of sound banking. The
Now Jersey banks would pursue a wiser as well as
a more patriotic course if they le'tthe stock speculators
to take care of themselves, and employed
their means in tiic support of the government by
buying Treasury notes.
Foreign exchange is n siiade stronger. Bankers
ask f).2r> a 20 for franca end 107% a % for sterling..
commercial mus are pieKea up uy onnKera ;>j
106% a 107% for sterling and 5.35 a 36% for franca.
The course of tbe importing trade docs not promise
much for exchange. During the week ending today
the imports of dry goods were only $1,063,034'
against $3,408,782 name week last year, a;?d
$3,345.12S some week of 1869; and tiro (uao.jiit
marketedwasonly three-fourths of the importation.
A moderate business was (lone in stocks this
morning, the must active being Dock Island,
New York Central arid Toledo, which were a fraction
higher than at the close yesterday, but not so
high as tit yesterday's first board. The New York
Central books opened to day, and there was no
scarcity of cash stock; the bears made their deliveries
without difficulty, and 73% was at one
time the best price for the stock, though it sold
afterward at 73% a 74.. The other railway
shares, Illinois , Central, Erie, the Michigan
| shares, &c.. were steady at yesterday's price.
Slate stocks were all % a % lower. Oovern|
monts improved an eighth. At the close of
the lirst board the market was pretty eirong. and
continued so between the boaids. At the second
b(?ard the market was generally rather better,
and closed steady at the following quotations:?
United States G's, registered, Ifc&l, 87% a %; ,
do. 6's, coupon, 1981,.87% a 68; do. 5's, 1*74, 79% ;
a %; Indiana 5's, 75% a 77; V^giaia O's, 50% a,
51%: Tennessee G's, -12% a %; North Carolina G'a,
59; Missouri 6>,. 12 a Pacific Mail Steamslrqv
72 h %; New York Central, 73% a 74; Erie, 25
a %; Hudsorv River, 32% a 33%; Harlem, 10%. a
%; do. preferred, a Si: Heading, 35% :v %; \
Michigan Central, 43 a %; Michigan Southern und f
Northern Indiana, 13% a %; do. guarantees, '1'.) n
%; Parana, 10C% a 106%; Illinois Central, 04%
a %; Ualena and Chicago, 65% a %\ Cleveland
and Toledo, 26% a %; Chicago and Rock Isluad,
40% a 41; Chicago, Burlington and Quinoy, On a
Milwaukee and Mississippi, 14% a 15; Illinois
Central bonds, 7's, f S% a 90; He k.-are and Hudson
Canal, B3 a %; Pennsylvania Cor?, 76 a 77'.
Treasury G's, 67% a %.
The condensed abstract, pf the report* of t1 >
(l.ilcna road which were published in this morr.it::,'a
I Heram>, from Mcssi-S. 8. H.iilett & Co.'s circular)
1 Uioi a ulo whirls ta stockholder or bondholder ia
Western railway* shonld neglect. The Galem
ivad was finished in 1S.M at a cost of nearly rigid
and * i?lf millions. That your it enrmd $1,2-"2,<M2
net, and divided '22 per eoiit among Its Stockholm,
ere. It lias M#vcr doue so well since. T!ie stem y
progresae decline in its earnings tVoin the very
Lour of its completion is shown in the following
Fain. A'? An tiu??.
1866 t
1866 1, no,sol
1831 a.I 666
1868 V20 '.28
185 9 6,0,120
186 0 662,201
It la thus cli '\vii thai tlit' net earnings of the
(Ialo.ua fell nt) jo i cent in the live yearn which ensued
after it Was liist completed; ami this, notwithstanding
the steady itu reuse of population in
the country through w hich it runs, aud the economics
which experience und the decline in the
cost of labor have brought about in the
cost of running the road in the pus*
five years. Such is the natural, inevitable
consequence of our Western railway system, which
encourages the construction of any number of competing
railway lines for the sake of opening up the
country they intersect. The policy is a sound one
for the country, but plainly fatal to the instruments
titled?viz: the railways. A year or two since the
friends of the Ualcna used to explain tiie decline in
itu enrninea bv suvlm/ that the cnuntrv Lhruin.li
which it ruu* had had uo corn crop since l.v>53;
they wore fond ol' referring to the time when the
Galena alone carried ;!,5UU,0Ul) bushels of corn into
Chicago. Well, ill 1859 and IsOO the Galena country
had an unexampled yield of corn; but liow was
it with the earnings of the road? They show no
increase worth mentioning. The fact is, the business
which the Galena monopolized in 1855, uud
which enabled it to earn a million and a quarter
and to pay ti per cent dividends, is now divided
among hull a dozen roads, not one of which has
enough to keep it going; and the prospect is that
the pending war will reduce its dividends from ;>
pet cent, which they have averaged tor the past
three years, to V/t, or even less. Why people
should be willing to give 05 for such a stock as this,
when they cau buy excellent seven per cent State
stocks at to a 86, and United States sixes at
87, is one of the puzzles of the day. It Galena G
worth 05, New Vorlt Central should be worth I'M,
tad government sevens?which the ba iks refuse
uo take at par?-worth about 146.
The foliowiug was the business of the Sub-T'r<a.
Bury to-tiny:?
It! <\ ipta $7(0,023 03
?I'.u c. so ins 6,toil Oil
? i rot Bury solos 104,IK. u CO
P#J m cits tM,6M 5 1
BMMMi 0,898,298 $1
The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House thin
morning were $li,l(jti,0s4 85, and tue balances
$ >04,891 i 1.
The llank Committee having charge of the go*
verument loan nutter are still h.lduig meetings
for the arrangement of the details.
It is reported that the managers of the New
York Central ltailr< ad Company have determined
upon suspending the publication of the eurnidgs by
months. Neither the June or July earning* Lave
appealnl as yet.
The HartwujunFii Valyy lias heard of preparations
making to start iiji several of the mills in that
vieiniiy which hare been standing still for a time
past. Th. friMiufiicttire of cloth for the army is to
be the uiuuctiiute bo, in.-sa.
Stock Kulia igs.
V Ang iat 33,1801.
JIOOO DP S'a,'74,con 78yt 10 t!>< I'mh. Hank... *T
3000IJ h tt a, 'SI ,i !? t>H 26 sit-fit I, '.il Imr I.k '40
5.100 U ?9's,Sl, .eg. ?Vl it) Ptl.'iHui.Canttil'o til
23468 Tnvi* 0 p e 3 y r P.'J lo l'e.iu Coal Co 70
aw .:< o:?; 40Erlol.K 3.'.
lUAlO Cijo ti ?, 1300,, Pli.tj* fO ite. '2'>}c
ii.no Ulli" C'H, 1670.. Ill iSS Pac Mail JS Co... 73
1000 Kfiitniiky P ? IT* 6a do *10 73
WUIMig iS'Uflt 80 li lie 73'4
2000 Mi. h s w!; bits. 79 f.nN YCcn RK...C T4
1000 La,limit.,a ( Ml 400 ill) 77'.^
J. 00 . i. u s PS t() U>> vrwSc '7ii
WH O Tel.li s* Tfl's'UO 1*10 do 70;'.
4000 .1" bid 43V* l'O do |<3 7O'i
1000 d<> 43%' 10 Hud River KK... 33 7,
looo Virginiaii.'s.... Sl.V '-U do 53',
4.3,0 51V, 60 Mich S? it V J g s 3!)
11000 X Carol haul's. t'O 360 111 Oou KR scrip.. 0s1,
6000 <t<. 6? V 60 (In hio r,,Jf
11.00 MCsitl/V-Ul.H 46160 Catena & Che; Hit
22W.0 Missouri 6 *... 41*f. 400 Clov fc T >l ilo Kit '5J
2JOCK) ili. a 10 41 If 500 do 2JX
20C0 I'rodUIj a o w in ?3?f 75 Chic & Kk la! Kit. SOif
2000 Jlaiem lm Ixl* 90 ICO do. 40
leOO Mi' 3 rltrvtcb 97 60 do *10 40
i<'ooi;,i!vy!:K8|Mh uoj ji'o do i?io 4n'f
1MKJ N Ind lat nig>. MO 00 do 40'.
4'0.) I,!' \ W 2ui t>? 27 2">0 do;. _ 4')
30 f!w March Bit.... >6 100 do
50 A.I1.T K* Hk 7b loo do slO 40>;
10 Ilk <f IH'ohllc... 86 70Chlc,HiirfcyuyUK IMi
60 LK-tropohUti Kk.. at)
JlhOOO C S 0 s, 'tl; 88 K'O HliBCfcUI.ilItU.liOO #41
lidw 1/iuiainua 6>... 60 do 40?<
2000 do 57 60 do 115 41
1(0)0 N Carolina C's. 69 50 Ch;c,Hur &y UK. 60
?n. do r,8 600*1 ft Cblc RB... 68 w
ll'.ou T tin U'H.'Cl... 42?f 100 N Y Con R!?. .slO T'lf
C'iOO Jiod'Hll I 6'h... 40 600 dot 74
5000 ill! 1:60 42lf 11)0 do f7 735f
0000 do 42 >f 100 do 1.30 73 If
JO)00 42 360 II PoJeN Ind Kit. 13tf
2000Ctiliforn ,a 7' <.. 7fl 100 illCon Hit scrl".. "454
1000 SIlcU 6V. 1479. 7 I 2(0 do B.'.O 64!?
1000 Virginia 0'n... 61Jf 100 do *50 64>?
lOOBhaCfclU l.-IUtt 41 6CO Cloy At I'ill* Hit.' C>f
Friday, August 23?61'. M.
A>n?.?Tic mmkol wn* quiet, with small ralc-eOf jsits
at $5 26,.niid of jiruris at }5 37 if.
Ulis.Ai):-*.t n .?i lour?3ho turn t wus toloraliVy active,
v/hho pricos wore BUBia 'o 1. A fair export deiaati.l exists,
with r ; I .ii'.y di.mo.-lie trade. "Cm sales oiubrr.. o I
about 15,0(70 bids., closing within the following rang" of
prices ?
SuperfineState .....$4 30 a. 4.40
hxtm I tutp. pood to ciioico 4 00 a 4 70
.Snficrfne Western 4 30, a 4 40
C'omtvNUi lit i Ini|o.' Western extra 4. .ill u o 20
1.xIra1 "IiHiIh 4 50 a 7 50
Mixed t" straight tfnittlio u 40. 5 10 a .0 10
fir.iiglit ft; Kin d extra do 6 15 a H 50
Cii.l a extra family and bakers' brands.,. R .00 a BOD
lyi-ilT.ir 1 2-!50 a .'too
(i.-tn iiifftl. .lursi y aii'l llrandywiue 'I 70 a .0 20
?r.uja li.ui flour Wf i in fair '! tuiml anil closed v. illi CrmiiiThega>'4
< iji.bracoD abort 680 Mils, at $4 .05 a $7'
60. fVjoth 'i'n Hour wiut in gov: 1 demand and tho supply,
was moderate. lho sab. ? fjubmo. ilabout Cfib bbis.,closing
wltliiu tli.'r.ii.^u of tb" nbovc jiiicos. ltyc Hour ws j;i
fair dtftuuiiil st our fi oii'i ii, w.tii uuc.4 ot 100 lib's.
Ouii Muni w kv quiet, with small sales '>1 'W Jersey, and
l'raiulywiiio a'. iour,quotations. Wliea w;>s less buoyant,
and ck sod auadttxiy to low ft-prions. Hn san'i
tun bruited id out I fill ,01 J IiubIiO ? ul (1 If.'i a? $1 40 or
white I c Vy.Jl *$1 im' white Ohio, $1 2.0 a
#i i;P .!' atolH' M >'h fl 21 a |l 2L,l'or old fed Wi it1
U, at.il ;1 IS a if 1 20 dor ii w tin.; fl 22 fur re lit no
wtrtcr,{?O0.a$l 10 Ac Rucine spi *$l osiilt ic f .*
Nuitli-.Ti . l o el. b, ami $1 OS for (jungo spring. incI'Meri
' j IS v s.Vs s ? .i ': 0,000 I"' c in Mi w.ntkO" ' lob to,
arrive (si*.t ai fl 1- v torn w.iKlriiu ami In good oxl>oi
t Ot it I. 'ihe <; .* embrace 4.about 120.000 bushels.
'.I 42<*. a 44r. t r lit, '., it. 4ftr. a 4'7*,C. for Etwlern mi in- I,
auil 4dc. a 42 . fo t.iippii.g lotH 4 W-aster a mixed, 52c.
for v J :' WesUu i tin! at file. r?12' . fur yellow do. Ityo
v.- i'v held li.'-la. i 52e. ' Western, and at 86c. tor
hi i .i. t;.jlr wera tlrm, with rales of Canadian at 26c. a
2 , IV, utem .4i.32e. a 33c., turn State n.ti 33c. a 83}?c.
4. ii tji.?Tka ma ki I was ;vt- ady, v..Jilo the eaies ctnbt
alaou'e MivO hays of 1 io, luc'eMicd ill whi' li was
tVe .f. lv. Georges cargoof 2.ROO ba$s,poor quality,at
"it ,e. Tliv-rouiaiu iar en ?wd of f??r to prilue quality,
, art withia.tUe range of 1-viv'. a 16a.
'onus ?'i tie ma> kef ci alinued firm with salcr, of about
1,700 a V-"0 h l 'ttch'i.i'... pan e s to spitsiers, closing
on ilie 'tim e of IS' > . a ytj^e. for xiiUdllng nfdands.
1 iiw .jn* --Mates won rtliier Mr rflpr but sotnu It 'it licit
To Liverpool a'.titt CO,040 buslie.lt grain, iVily
rom ..wcro engaged lis. hulk am! Jage at $0d. Flour wna
; at 2i. Od. and lard ai 27s. 8d. To l/mdon ti.OC'O busliBlti
wiiwit. wete taker at .?Jid,, ami tD.Oifrt Stishtis ins do. at
lOd. In Uiirs, I.O0U.TI1.S. Hour at and 15 casks tab
li w M.d flPo bbts.'ul oil at 32?. Od. Sates to Havre vc- re
f'c. for wheat si Airto.-ivsh and J0c. a 29u. hi foreign
lUv?The lexispdVas ?<niflnc.d ivlnxv t oxcluaivcly to
wins oily trade; sow was t*..L::g at 40c. a 45c., a;.rt old at
5.V. a 05c.
Moi..vtn xvS3 steady, and sales light nt full prices.
nay*i. f r.'s.4i.?lie: market wai feverish aad Irregular.
5'al< s ?i'300 bids. of tarputilioo woro m:ul: nt
fi n); SotnolOU do. ??c s.hj, pari yi ate. day evening,
at f I 60, which la under the market price ii>r large lot.-.,
ar.il 460 bids. ?f ii-slu * <re s.ldal S7>f and $4 80
we r."l Icr ltirge lota and not taken.
1 nut l? I1..V?Tit m t was h avy and prices
cni-h tngfl. Hi .ties embraced abo t 260 hbl? at $15
for ? ?* unit $o a $10 t'oi prime, liecf wis les active
?n 1 prl--. . iy, with hiI<?4 in Meet i me 12.1 t>!> tt
$i0 a tli at : r repack, d re st and a' $12 a$13 60
! r xt- . lioef hams worn tn.no stoa y, with si'*,
of I II oi at $11 50. Cut meets were in fnir r q 1 ,t,
vali s i' s cf 2i.O package's at 4'.fc. u 5o. lor eh"ul >rs,
I a. ' 'h ' a 0,f'.i. hams, inc el in which w 4- l.'O
ay 1'. ! lord was active, end prices si.gtani 0, w eh
W l'? U' 015 bliiJ, aui Uercvk at !wi. 4 3 We. SW 4 iiUtV.fi
IP* ?l to chiitrr i..| y ] i-nj i? jj>, t IV;., and Ohio
at 10b. u 'it. ' lie se whs unrhangM.
uim.?Sulm of 100 rusk* wore in a. ti Htjc. a 7c., the
' i'tor Itguro for muail lots of prime t 'mm quality.
,-m wK' >vore IIrm ifM active. T'? aaleo embraced 1.000
bh\n. Cubtui at fit'.I prim, 1 -'>o l>. xca ut p. l., and 1.S00
U' i nf Manila at 81,c
T?S*ucr>?i'liero i.f 'inure doing in Kentucky at (lrm
im-ti-b 0 In , ? iris .pilot. IH lihda. Kentucky at 71 tV.
t 11'. 83 batea Vara at p. t., !3i casos Bred leal at
Sc.. a 8c.
Wool?A hrlah Inquiry prevail* for low and medium
trades for army gnods, but the market is nearly bare of
ihi?; discript tons, and pries. therefore, very firmly
m untuned Tlieru is no t'e mind for the floor t,ualiii<s,
and pin *s are nominal. Kulia ? mprise 310 boos Califi r
nluat IX.-. aU8e., 60,< 0) l'>s. llvco at SCv. a iliic., and 16 )
bale* Mediterranean on private terms.
Wut-Mtv.?'the demand was steady, v?lth sales of tKXi
hl.l. ..t 111 - - IT t
The Orgiiiilr.itfloii ?.-t' tho (Julon PtH'cti?
Acfivliy of GeuM'Ml AlcClsilun ??il 111*
8(ufl~?Tliu Movement* of the Ue he lathe
IVur lu HliKiurioOiHitttiuiu of (He
Southern I'rlvnlien?Ari'nt of Kmlcmrlc*
of the K? l>cU?1The Lateit Newt?
Market*, dkc., dilo.
Tho W'kkklt Hk.uu>, fur the' pro tout wroek, wtll ho
ready tilts morning at ulnu o'clouk. lit Its pages will ho
foiiml:?Tli? Latest Despatches, giving 'ho Operations of
the Government ant the prosont situation of a/lairs in
Mint n-HUml Washington; An Account of tho Movements
and Doings of tho It ibels on tho Potomac; Tho Movements
of General Hunks' Division; important Intelligencefrom
Western VirKinia; An Interesting and (liuphto Acoouot of
tho ro :ont Grunt initio in Mo oiiri, from Ihipmof our
S|xjo al Cbrrosu md-ut; Tho Posliii n of llio ltobols in Missouri,
Account* of tho Arrest of Rebel \gcnts, Spies an I
Kuspecte I Pcrsoim; The Proclamation of Jolf. I>uvu allow
:ng Unionist* forty day* to leave tlio Rebel tilatea; The
I.tli'at Intelligence from the Southern Privateer* and Account
of their Depredations, New* from Fortress Monroe,
Account 01 the llomb ir linunl of Galveston, T' Vts, Ethel
f tho News of tin- Retreat of tlm Union Troops fismi Hull
run In Knglatd; aud much other interesting information
In regard to the progress of tho War.
Tho WriKKi.Y I Ik ha i.u will also con'tin tho Latest Foreign
mid I "Uiiestic News receive ! by Mall or Telegraph; Kditoriais
on tho Prohiinout Topics of the Tunes; Reports ol
th?Condition of the Commercial, M >imy and I'ati.le Mar
kef". Marriages and rvsaths for tl. j work, and all in ntors
'f Interest In Mio fading community. Single copies, In
wrappers,can be had at the olllee, corner of kullon and
N MS an street*. I'rlOO six cents.
Onr Wnr Msjn?tlnlorril KtlHInn.
A nriv edition of th - HKllAtJi War Maps, on calonderod
pi i r, b ivitiinlly colored, is now ready. Size of sheet
40x60 iiirbcs; contains thirty four maps:?Tiir lUrn.x
Fiimi at Br l.i. He's; A llmn's Kys Vttw or m Unitkt
Sr,errs; large maps of Missouri ami tut: Skat or Was is
run ffi'i and (he Skat or Waii in Viruinia, and thirty
ollntis, showing Hi a elanco the Whole Sent of War,and
muting clearly and distinctly the armies'movemonts
p. - it ii !! , camps, harbors, fuitn, &c , print's! in superior
f'y>, on ur.n si lo ol a large sheet, so Hut thoy can ba
liung up In library, office or work Imp, for preservation
ami reference during tho war. Th - u maps worn drawn
and engraved cxpro.sBly for Oil NKW YOKK Ill-Hal.I),
ivnil are thn tni-M iHirfocl War M i| leaded. SlngUi copies,
25 co Ma; 0 for Jl, 45 for $0 and 100 for $12 50. Agonts
wanted everywhere. Address KllWAHu K. I.t.OYIi &
CO., oxciiiaivc ugeuls for the colored edition, 204 Hroad
way, New York
Knv?];iii tr '1'ruln '1 o-JIorrow.
A spe. in li'uln w I I leiiv Now York on tlio Now llivvon
roal io ni'" row (Si.udey) morning, at an early Uour.ai
ri\ v.-x oi Now Have.! i.t uboui el,. lit o'oioi k. I'hu Son lay
mornti.g c I'.lh n of :U' Hkuald, with litest lul'lltivnco
from the ne it of war, will be for sale by ucwa ukuuIh at
i ll til Hut.. i a i n lVie r> at.
Official Drawiiifitef Wonil, Milrty iVi Co.'n
K KN 11 ' KV A Nil MlahUUKI blVik l.O'l'l I HI US.
Kk :Tt I KT , r.xim I i.ir* 4jl?August 2.1, 1SG1.
47, 111. 7-, . to, tin, Ill, J?, 7!, 6. 1'. 34, 33.
kj-ttt" ri.Cc.Ai*4'-2?August 2-'!. lkfll.
27, 57. 11. <4. 2-, 24. "1. 24. li.i, .,2, 17. M, 75.
Circular* aeus fr-rof charge l>y addressing oltlior to
Wo /!?, 1.1 >11V tc CO.,
CiirtQftoa, Ky., or St. 1/ijls, Mo.
Hoywl ll'tinva luillcry?Priim Cashed
an I i.'.:orui?ii."i f .rn Hied. Ailtiren Cdaau SOi., bankers,
10 Wall Mlro.'f. Now York.
lliUV ilnlr Dye, 5rt Ctrnti, lliurfc or
brown, ooRt in *?. in pot No 1 Iliiciuy street, and sold
by a.I druggleis.
Ci Ulailovn'a Hulr Ilyr, ii ign n ml Ton1
eon, tlm b.'il lit I be world; w!" I" 'lo aotl rolaii, and iho
nyc privately applied tit No. o Actor House.
ButcholofV: Tlnlr Uyr?'I'hc In (he
worm; r?,bible ami instantaneous. S>?!-l ami
apjili J ut HATCH kl.UK'S Wig Kauti ly, 10 Bond street.
D:..Tuml>li ty'tPlinple 1I.UIUhrr?Prlce
|l l>'r li itt i\ et,t by mail or express to uuy address.
Oilice 41111 Broad woy.
Hurry's Trfeoplierona is the Best anil
Cheapest Artlclolor ln-essing, Beautifying, Curling, Clcanag,
Pre serving ami lcAtoi'.ng tho ltalr. I sidles, iry it.
oli, ley all Druggists.
C?iii|>lullt CJi 'inial, win! A|?<>lli?riiry,
southwest co/iiit kn liili avenue Mid Twenty-dghlh
s ci t. Me Heine* warranli'ii ft, ir.t,y pure.
Di.kw.tku?1,'iuine.?At '.rmnlield, Mas., on Tliursday,
Aug 81 ?>, ley tho Hi:v. S. UuvsKll Jones, ifkvR/
1!, i'a:Tka,, I Ncv York, to Cn.it.to. ik,daughter of W. \V.
hi hi" r, of the formwr plooe.
Kaiuxax?Holms.?On Wednesday, August 21. at thn
rosienncu of lbs bride's unnla, Htugoii, N. .1., ley tin; Itov,
llr. Taylor, Ool. Jamm Faiiim ,-i, s rond Hr>' " res, to
sajuii Ki.iz.1,'jrrB Holdks, both of tins city.
n*<.t m?Jong ft km icy Hwuks. infant sou of Henry and
Amelia Ik'cki'l, ago, 1 year and. 'J days.
'Hi;'fi, a s ul tli" r.imliy are iuviird to att"n 1 tn fnnerul,
this (yatiirdi.y) iiltoriioon...?t half-past Ihroo o'clock,
Dora klA II, nry street,.-'oiiUnUrooklyn.
.^ltKN'.irn,?At l ift JIaini !" ?, oi. Thursday, August 22,
ni'M Hams.mi i.ict'XKTr, nged su yarns.
Tii: lolatiien and I'li. niis of tho family arc Invited to
alt, i (I t!i fail,-, a to tho residence <d la sou, Its laird
IWiiiett, l-'o. i.1 Ij.ii, Hon, this '.Atturdiiy) nit : ae-n, at two
o'clock, t: i mug, si" i v? Viiul si reel lurry, Brooklyn, at a
ilfai Co IkiI'oi ,' one o ol, ok.
I Mi .?,'iMVr Hi;'ikau;iiv?on Ki I lay, August 23, after
a short Imt ivvoro illness, )! . -iaklJ. laimi, agral 3 years
aud 11 months, gun,of I'aUi'ik 1". II. gg, of (his city,
i ariloi.lii. s in .to-morrow j pajKir*.
C/.iiiu'KV.?In Ir, land,on. Wo l.ickday, duly 31, after a
Huge g ithiiRS, Kkastis'C . br itlier ot Patrick and John
I.. Oubuy,.el tins < :Uy, aged30 years and 4 months,
t'niii ur.Oh?(in Tlui-s<M. August 22. Muti.iki. < KSlflll
Tin, a nalive of lilt '.my >.*' Dublin, Ir el.unl, ag"d2? years.
Tin' lriendsi>f urn inindy are respectfully invltoil toutten.I
liis funeral, from. b.aiate residence, No. 71 WoBbiugtui)
strecty.tb;s Jmtwj) afternoon, nttwuii <:l"ck
'ami-man?mil ijuirmiv evening, August 22, Mrs. anna
Cami mam,.aged r?S;wuiui*,2 ni< nilis and 7 days.
'Ill,; relatives m.'ii ft-inu'ls of the family ar? respectfully
iuviti-:l tu at binili U*j funeral, from bar kite residence,
N". 2*7'3ljtlh avenue, this (Saturday) nftarncoii, atone
1), n.-on,?On VmrmJny, August 22, Mr/. Is.innu.a Paw
bos. tincd 72 ya.irs.
Till- !Hi lids ot til# family are reH)x-r .fully Invited to
iittoii.l '.lie ii tioi'U, from her Into risid;ace, No. 1.74 l nut
TlJirty fouilli street, tliis (.-a.'iird iy) nairnlng, at chrvdn
o'c.ock, wnbi'ua I'u.-iIrt Invitation.
|i u it. Friday m< ridi-g, at'jtlf i>:ist tin o'elt ck,,
CmIi.iid.vii, dasgh.er of Simon and Cjjzn I olme, uged 2,
The friends if the I,unity are resj astfn'ly invited to tvj
ten t the 1iac;ti?I, from the l esideaBybl ltor parent*, '&
la. .,?./> stnot, Brooklyn, on Sum ay aftomuon, at tl^oo
knno..?At Mount Uyknn, Clieni.*?0 co. nty, on S'?tt)r
dny, Ayigust 17, Fua.mcjb LT-wn l.d.yxo, K?|., in the-42-1
ye u of te.aagv.
Ilr ik iioi-os.?Sudkjuily, on Thursday, August 2'^Mrs.
1/ cv Hi T tuKson, widow of '-#q lute liavid HutgJjjisou,
ago] K Tenia.
hie eeluivor aik.ifriends of 'he family aro re. .jcotfully
Invited to attend Wi funeral bis (Saturday) aftarhoon, at
two ociook, fn?n hor late .'rgstuouco, 191 tlrttifl street,
withoutfurihe; notice.
Hamot.? on Friday, Aug *$t23, Eugk*k, yaungcat son
of Patrick and tlatliarive H'trdy, a;jcd 11 invnthR and 23
th > relativo* and frieoj^.of the family are inv'ted to
attend the fiotorul, I roruvdw reanroncu of .his parents, li'd
Mulberry Bisect, this (t-Aturdny\aftcrnoan, at one o'clock.
H.sio.v..?In liror,ki/ji, on Friday, August 23, after a
th .11 b it pdinful tlliiwm, f'a-maiUMiHocAit, wlfo of YttltoVinu
Hinton, a nati ye or liaVymartlu, parish of Talion,
county ftaurford, ht> land, iigoi 43 years and C mouths.
TJir friends of t/u family ?ru regretfully invited tout
tend the fanera'., from liar late residence, No. 71 fourth
place,South lire tiiyn.on eouday uftornooa ,at twoo'clock,
with ait forth r. notice.
Hyatt.?On /gijlny, August 23, JosiK'A H. Hyatt, son of
Wnlinm and 'Augaret Uyott, Lge.l 29 years.
*lho 1'lynn tjahlvidga, f. a. M-.Tio. 149, also live Police
of th? Ninth "jfeeiuct. jjkI Uiu friends,are particularly iuvlteil
to at .(siii his fuscrat, on Sundhy. from Or. Adams'
church, in seven Ik avenue, between Twelfth and Ihir.
tc. nth si reels.
Kttss.flfv.?Ob Friday, August 23 at 114 Pearl street,
lirool.^is., J' -n: Kiak.- av, in the 32.1 your of bis ago.
The,7i i- lids 1 . 1,? family sn res; -tt'ully invited to at
true ^befiiito a\, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock,
tr/\? hts lii r >tdcnec, to f in!iK.sb c ni' ti ry.
Kt* Oli V'ri ny, August 28, at Iter la.e residence, No.
'A* hart Ko .rUeulUstreet,altor a long and pnluful 111is
*j, Maiiy K:ki.y, wile of Francis Kioiy, aged OS >earss
II remains will be taken to Calvary Cemetery, tin
Sunday ti ter, (.on, at two o'c ock.
Wat rli. a Ave taid) | a ots fileaso copy.
l.onr.?Ou Monday, August 10, Cham.cs I/>rx. V.ed 1ft
li s friends and relatives are invited tn attend tli" rttno
r;.l,ffoatUi?late i?idout;c. No. 1W West Thirtieth street,
this CS?tv,ir<i?y) afternoon, at one o'clock. His remains
will lot tiik 'O tn tiruunwootl Cemetery.
Mb.n.?(in i'li'li.y morning, August 23, Mrs. Mam
Msad, ?f;?il 73 ,*??.
The lrjt n<le ann r?tative?of the fumtly aro fMpoclfully
invltoil to altonil nr?l, In b? li Ul ut tlm roslili uce
of her son. Mr. (Jon. t'v Most,42 Jomlemou ?'ro >t, Brooklyn,
tliis (Satnriluy) at V'ttonn, at three o'clock,
makvisr?On l-'rliiay. lust 8i, Chasuss e. maims*,
111 the 2fith year of liin aye.
llie remains will t> -taken to Itetnwaro county, N Y,
for Interment. Bracers will 7" t|e|i| ill i t- lute residence,
81 Ninth street, tli a (-al'trila'4 > ulierii" n,nt iwooi lock.
I tin ..( Il.? ll.l.ll. I mill lie N.il.. ... r- ?
Howard I/>dg" F. find A. Masons id sli friends, are iu
v.l" I to attend ? t.'iout further n?'?
M ::ua On Thursday, Aukoh -J John VIuiiuy, the
hou or John uud Alien Murray, uked 4 V-ais, 6 months ami
is da) a.
Tho frlends of tho family are respectfully invited to atI
ti'inl the fun. rul,from the residence Ins parents, M
Nu.ih am n in, tli a (i-'nt'irday) afternoon, at I wo oYlot it.
Nimi .i?.?on I relay, Auiusl 53, idler a long lllucM,
fjEouoa Nn noi.s, i oil S3 v H.r. II inoidli.s Miit 8 days.
'0m relatives mid frl nds of Hi-* i study urs i o#i ctfilly
Invited to attend tho funoral, Oi.ui h a late i f sohun e, iBO
IVdineoy struct, on Sunday ut'oroooti, at (.'*? o'clock,
without further notice.
( si-hank ?In Boston, on Sunday, duty 21, of sons imptiuu,
|i?vui,Oyi'ii y ,f, rmmly a in mher of :tin Ninth
ward I'liilno, Now York, ?*'d '14 years
I Ruhkh. ?On T nirs.tuy moruini;, Annual 21, tins* f.tuanani,
daughter of William and Pauline Itugor, sgot l year,
11 mouths and 1.1 days.
Swas ?a>ii Thur-' l y, ana tut 12, flumcr jr.
His friends,and th. a of tho family, are r-sp-r.ifully
invited to attend Dm funeral, from Ins lain rmilnue.e, No.
140 Wont ! '' i ninth street, <><< N inlay iflornoou, at half
jiast one o'clock, withnnt inn her stvinlion
Sll.l.Ki k ?Oia Thursday, Annuel :fl, Si'san R. rhLLtc*.
belov d daughter of Hoitry (I and Susan K unlock, ?<v?
13 years and 3 months.
The relatives -an I fro'lids of Hot family are ..respectfully
Invited to iitiond the funeral, llua iTSvlurday) mo. ning. at
i. a o'clock . id No. K9 Wont I- r v iimh street 'Ibu remains
will i tat' n to Pbekskill.
Tavisiii ?On Friday, August 23, of onosumpliuu, Ma*?,
wile of William Tkylor, tiRod 3-ky?nv*
The friends of the Untidy are respectfully invited to attend
the funerut, fnun hor lath resl'limso,330 llreonwlch
street, thin (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock
Tayi.os.?Oli Thorsduy mommy, A-ufost 25, after ? never.
tlluoss, OiaKaii, wife of Walter Taylor, aged 4b year?,
2 months and H days.
The relatives ami friends of the fnmilv are Invited to
Sitend the innern, from her late residence, No. 3 Harrison
street, on Sunday at lernomi, at um (Fclotk, without
further notice
A T $3, DOUBI.K soldi FIIOIS; ALSO AT id 50,
1\. Quilted ('"iikiri his Uuitenr, a uew stylo, at JON US' 10
and 12 Ann street.
j\ th? elo apcRt and hem pric- 37c. por box, or thro*
for $1. ?ol<l at tho dru. sluro, dl.O i.ratal street.
Iir-.HK i, iluisi ply i.ii i 11 y; ,un CarpcU, lln s, ull
l'ii i a, llriiiu<"8. IaUw, Hutu, M mlng, Ae.,atut meu
docs reduction 111 prie s, at iijUaM ASDi-.HSoN'S, No U?
bowery. I ispiayod h. ten spin i us an.ewotnri.
\J Joints, ami all diseases o[ the'foot, cured without
pjin or inrMivmiioiiuu i iliu | ati.int, by Or. ZACUAIUK,
s : /'<,n Chiropodist, 7fo Knadway. Refon to physicians
urn! surgeons HI this ctly.
V/ act as nij' titM lor ilia groat national work, " Th?
Miiilli' rn it led.ion uinl I tin War for thu ITiinn," publish.-d
in we. tily p rts, larfi <ii t ivo, at lOcoius, wiil phuts addteta
iiiuii' d.alcly Er ik. Gerhard, box 4,001 Now York
I 'OS t OllllltJ.
j miti'ilit ify, durability mid lib iency Tor hi initios and
tu.iiiitlacturois. Agent* wanted at 510 Kroadway.
No. 8 Marion muskt, Nkiv.Yohk, July 20, 1881.
I N it 1 hnTint?I have bo n aiUn led with total ib itiionB,
ami thi.-. morning 1 w is iiiduond to pay you rx \ I alt. No
orio (-in imagine my dollirbt whan, after onu operation at
your bands, my hearing was sudtlonly, and withmit pula,
ii'stoiod to mo, for which 1 foul very grateful. After
lining totally il ;.f, almost shut out front tho p'otmtre ol
using mi necessary sense, to have it returned, arid to boar
ho distinctly, reboots great credit on you for tho iniwuaa
nmout t of skill you pobSias. 1 bog to ibnuk you for what
1 can s ) truly appreciate. I am, sir. your obedient Mrvan
Dr. VON MONTIZJSKER'K ollloo for curing tho iloaf and'
tho blind is at 101 Clinton place, between Fifth and Sixth
aveiui! s.
I J Altl'KR'S
v j'vvvtrri rna ri-'viv.' r^rrmytrnrn
rti'RA IF<iHI)-UI'OS'-.\Vo\ ?Illustrations :? Mtral.'ordupon
AV'fi?\V. st K)id of Trinity < bnrcb?Homo lu ll.gh
Sin- t?ho House 111 Henley rtreet, l.'O!?The House,
1 S?The House, 1801?It1 om In which Shukspcaro wm
1,1,111?fKd j-v (it? h.ikeii" ho'h Signet H or?Grammar
iehool and Guild CUapol-uauikspoare's 1>, sk?H,mania of
w I'lnro?Trinity Church?chancel of the Cliirch?
I'orch of the Church?Bust of 8hukni>eare?The Inscriptit.i;?Anne
ilalhuways ( otlnge?Coin lieu Chair?Charlecot'
Hal!?MrTlmiriis Lucy?The Avon at \\ ier B'like.
THE CAVtfAL OK THE CANADAS ? Illuatraliuna:?
Ottawa Citv?Harliuirieiit House, now building.
Ui-iirTHATiotir Winded Kcolt, /Of. 41?S'ackctt'g liar1)-?r,
1S11? I'.ufl.iio, 1312?-Queen,-ton # 1812~j-Eort Scbbssor,
18DO?Landing 1 1 ;< at Qu- enaton. 1380?Silo of
Vroonum'R Battery, 18C0?Brock's Monument, IHGO?
M ni.in et wlu>;o llio k l-'ell, 13?0 ?French Hagaxme. *
1300?Fort Niagara, 1313?Fort Jltissii-saga, 18(50?(Mil
Fort, Toronto, j wo?Ei rt W? lllngutn, 1380?Chrysler'#,
1356?Ruins of Fort Ei i?, lk'6C?Street's Creek Bridge,
1300?Mouth, of Lvon's Crock, 1800?At Lhmijr's Lane,
1300?W In field K ott, /Et. 76
'lHK lIF'JiK TELLS. Illustrated.
VALLAN I )i< .I! A.M.
OIB.K'V KAiUl. By Anthony Trollopo. IHuatruted bjr
J. K. Ml Hum.
Chapter XVIT. Von Baohr.
Chapter XVHf. The English Con Huuhr.
Chapter XIX. Tlie Slnvoiy Family.
UiipterXX. Mr. Boe.kw.ath Ln-bUiowaofllae.
Iliw-trations.?The German Van Batihri?41m Kngllah
Von Biiuhr
I ET'3.
THE ADVENTURES OK I'llILia By W. Ik Thackeray.
Cloipier XV'l ?Brevis esse lathero.<
chapter XVIII.?Brum irt'a ?o wohlimAr.ln dor Welt.
lu.iKTiunioNH.?Yuting Love?.A Fiigivjs?Charlutta'i
iiicnAFD joasoy.
EDITOR'S DRAWER.?(Willifourteen ihnli-atlons.)
lu osTKATio.vs.?Burner Toilet?ITotrvuufo Costume?
lace Fichu?Lace Undersleovi-s.
One copy for one year $8
Two cojiiefl for one year ft
Throe or more copies for one year (onch)... 3
Ami an extra copy, gratis, for over/ club of eight subscribers.
11,^.1.. ....11!......,.. 1I'....U. I ..I. .. ...
yoar.fi."" ' """Vi ?0?u3l?PaK'iaberik
T-UDC.E YE Wll'i that I MJL VitAVK HAJ) UY
bead split iu t ?o li ilyes and no vlaiblo
lit tln> ticsb Now rdl that W'Aikl wotciJipTn mn?t J"?p
ilio coiiim.iinliiioiri <>i iii*I jiii lie -isitA?f ./ -.< s Eur
tliiimmn moasuro 74 mtuuif t i '1*4*1* shah Isimnasuicd
to you at ain'. It y* dctUo .liners dam Alcis,
yi ?ir's (without 'i*y fly to lujuafot rrtvgr) gh&. ho iloll!.?i.
if ye doll* other's wives. vw.-ts .-ball hi .Ji Hied
1 Mth thorn th:i V ono protects. fin* all that inv. nut
mar names wjUm in l* IgcpJ-.a laouk of 1 j.w. look
>ut and got It ,
IYON'E 1' aff liUt. A Nil liifSiHiUi
_j All tliii aiRci't tril i w.U ! ;.!
1 Ail goiioij* Lynn'a iLignctu liswt I'owi'ar and jilt*
hear the f.&; similo r?\ E. l.yj* All othnra McoutitO
I frits or Ivr<i imitatiias. TK war*. ?f imprtmrtpk .1 imtjv.
j l ira. Solj liy 1). S. IIARNEj, Nul SOU Brn.'ajbruy, and Sj
all rrspi ^alile drale.-S.
r fig toad c.i #.l>inoi. Cubmt 01" War run sirca
UroaCjtHy; price gw and *&i, , *
V_y, tnoUiiitjdSwliu.A Lhiii.ii.nc. 'ihey art fart:!*h.tl
in diirty six bout A, <>a application to xnd by KIlWARD
R>Sl:l.I,, U. 3t l'assjK.'t A not. I, Ac., 271 Brood" way corner
Titk Tljllji
Foil SALE--TI1K TE.iTriNfJ IR1&E 1 /QyiyT rETSsi
Apply to UtfUM VOOBRlflflr.
TOO UT1 WR t l.\ssi ncATIOlL
few huudrcl iloilars is in mwd business of -oma
k,'ini where ho c!Ui ho tinjiloyod pf? It.'.h'y in miy
city. Can make himself useful < ai a.ilwman or
b 1-kkcoper and also in many of 'monul'iictnring
business. Bob no objection to l nlag out of the city. A
line addressed Avon, 11' raid ol' ,c? wiu bo attended to.
; Uto stream, will post llv0;y ^ morning, at
n.tttt ft>rtlrv.V lit wli . h hfiiif _ -a * _ . ... .
? SIVHrjIM'l.lt Will it.'V ' , ' re
North river. lo take ports' ^raters on board. He in t. r a
few muro ut the lowest rates. Apply to I'. M. LLMAKKST,
4?-South stroct.
10. OF 0. F.?IT j; HE.\fBERS OF F.K LORGE NO.
28,1.0. of O.F,.., nr?' hereby no'.lflod to ni -t at
their Lodge Room, Grand sire. t,on untlay, 25th lust.,
at < ne o'c'oolc, for th'- 1 urpi ; of paying the lrust tribute
of respect to 0111/ decease 1 brother, F.G.Geo. Nichola.
Alro. the riietn'Affi of tin Order in g< u ral are rosp-ct,
fully invited to, attead. I y order. THUlI.W f'AINF, N. U.
John K. DVM8aR,8MnM^
Well Tents. nine feet square, with lour feet wail,
with (Ilea, poles, Ac., all complete, for $22. Also Wed**
Tents,seven fl'el t>y eight feet, with poles, rod cloth anil
cvorything complete, for $10. Inquire of C. AN'JAVtNM,
171-smth street where the Touts caa be seen, aii.aujj
pitoUed fur tuspccitoto.

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