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WHOLE NO. 9136.
Retreat of the Rebel
Army to Manassas.
Grand Balloon Reconaoissance
by General Smith.
Important Letter of the President
to General Fremont.
notification of the Proclamation with
Jteganl to the Libertaion of Slaves.
Transfer of Union Prisoners from
Richmond to Charleston.
Capture of Four Vessels Under
English Colors.
Recognition of the Confederate
Flag by Spain.
Organisation of the New Regiments
in Slew York,
At, Ac., Ac.
ova special Washington despatches.
WiSHMGTOH, Sept. 14,1S61.
The following letter from President Lincoln to Major
Ofsrtl Fremont was transmitted to the latter on tite
tob instant:?
Waphinoton, D. 0., Sept. 11,1801.
luoi GKXXRAL John C. Fbuont:?
tot?Yours of the 6th, In answsr to mlns of the 2d
tot., was just received. Assured that you upon tbo
yound could better Judge of tbo necessities of your po ttton
than I could at this distanco, on seeing
fssr proclamation of August 80, I poroelved no genern^
stgeotion to It; tbo particular clause, bowevcr, In roln.
tos to tbo conflfcation of property and the liberation of
tores appeared to me to be objectionable In its ncmc jiitamlty
to the act of Congress, passed tbo Oth
Wl last August, upon the same subjects, and
tome I wrote you expressing my wish that that
abuse should be modified accordingly. Your answer
tot received expresses the preference on your part
AM 1 should make an open order for the modification,
whtah 1 very cheerfully do. It is therefore ordered, that
Aw said clause of Mid proclamation bo so modified, held
nad construed as to conform with and not to transcend the
jrovielonB on the same subject contained in the act of
Oangress entitled "An act to confiscate property used for
iMnrrcclionary, purposes," approved August 6, 1H61,
nod that Mid act bo published at length with this
Sldui, Your obedii lit servant,
balloon reoonnoissance to-day dovelopos the fact that
the body of the enemy that advanced last night fell back
behind Munion's bill; that there aro also largo camps of
rebels at Contrevillo and Fairfax Court House, and that
Che main body of the rebel army has fallon back to
Manassas and Is now encamped there.
the enemy cannot move forward in sufficient foroe to
five battle earlier than Hen day morning, judging from
Che developemcnts made to-day.
there la no doubt that the enemy Is making an effort to
persuade our forces out of tboir Intrencbmeuts, fearing
CO attack ue, but preferring to be allocked, so that they
aan fall back behind their masked batteries again, a la
bub run.
the enemy withdrew this morning from before our
IkM rather more hastily than they came upon them last
?*bt. The opinion of our experienced officers is that the
enemy did not like the appearance of our works. They
re not masked, but present a bold front. Of course the
precipitate return of the enemy is a subject of spoculalatkm.
Some of our military chieftains assort that be
only dashed down upon our tines for a feint, to attract the
attention of Usn. McClellan away from a more formidable
demonstration In the direction of Great Falls or Edwards'
Jerry. Others tblnlc that the rebels are breaking up their
entire camp between here and Manassas, and mado a
movement forward to engage our attention while I hoy remove
their cannon towards Richmond and destroy their
earthworks at Manassas. This latter opinion Is entertained
by very few. The general belief is that the enemy
inteuda to give battle somewhere upon our line withiu
garty-eight hours.
The sudden approach of a large body of the rebels on
-aw lines yesterday was not tlie harbinger of an immediate
battle to-day, as was generally anticipated.
There is no doubt that the enemy uro in sotno force
mlnnff mts 1 in no ami tho n?rtnm < t r'? ?
?eo our pickets may at an early day be followed
,%f a general attack on the dofcncts of Washington.
The attack on our plekcts yesterday was by a
Jfcody of twelve hundred rebels, divided Into proper diKrleionsof
cavalry, artillery?four pieces?and infantry,
(fbls robei force started from FaU'? Church at about two
.Vclock Id the afternoon, proceeding toward! our pickets
lit. front of their centre, near Hall s Cross Roads, Qriug
Wfld discharges of grape, canister and sholl whercvar
they thought our pickets were postod, without counting
on an attack from any force that we might have sent to
^ oect them. They proceeded in quick time along the
of our line of pickets, driving them into camp, and
keeping UP * desultory Are with their artillery. The
enemy 's Vtillery were seen to cross a Held In full view of
tbo Union t.'Au'P8 CMr Iho Chain Bridge, proceeding in the
direction of (.'rent Falls. An the enemy proceeded they
committed vari0"8 acts of vandalism, burning the houses,
barus and corn .cribs of nil those people suspected of
being devoted to tbi* Union. Tool ay our line of pickets
was fiiHy rc establish-? 8&'J strong scouting parties s- n!
:E ne
out Into the country foe Several miles to observe the j
movements of the enemy.
Professor I owe end Brigadier General Smith made an
aerial reconnotesance to-duy, on the Virginia ride of the
Chain Bridge. The General made close observation of the
surrounding country, and obtained the exact position of
the enemy near our linos. Professor Lowe corroborates
all that portion of this despatch relative to the rebel fore*
that at Sacked our lines yesterday. Hosays he saw twelve
hundred men and four pieces of cannon moving out of
Fell's Church, and reported the Botne to headquarters.
pones OP THtt KEBEI.B.
The advance of a large rccounolterlng force of tbe
rebel troops In (be neighborhood of Ball's CrossKoada,
and tbe destruction of property of known Union men,
were renewed tbis morning. They drove in our pickets
to wltbin half a mile of tbe Roada, so as to get p ssesslon
of a bouse occupied by a colored man named Lem
Bennett, which tbey burnt to tbe ground. Ben"
nett and bis wife were captured two weeks
ago and taken South. Tbe names of those who bad suf.
fered by the torch of the enemy are Basil nail, whose
bouse Is located a mile and a quarter to the rlgbt of the
Croca Roads. Every thing peilfcbablc belonging to bim
wsa destroyed, excepting six cows which our troops snc oeded
In bringing away this morning. Mr. Hall's legs is
six thousand dollars This houso loif boon alia natolv
occupied by tbe Confederate pickets ond uor
own. Mr. Hall Bays that Uo bad previously suffered very
much from the destruction of bis furniture by tbe DeKoib
regiment, of New York, for wbicli he bag made out a bill
of damages against the government. Messrs. Whipple
and Thomas and Samuel Burch also sulfcrod by the flrei
tbe conflagration being extended to all known Union men'
The dwelling of Hon. C. H. Upton is spared yet. The
rebels occupy it and havo a largo force in that vicinity.
General MuClellan, aceomi>anied by General Burnside
and a corps of topographical engineers, proceeded tbis
forenoon to Virginia, by way of tbe Chaiu Bridge.
The position of affairs at Muuson's Hill remains un.
obanged. No large force Is visible from this side of the
In a skirmish last night near Ball's Cross Roads it is
feared that a lieutenant In tbe Third Vermont regiment
and three privates In tbo Ninth Massachusetts regunent
were taken prisoners, as they are missiug.
From a prominent position on the Virginia side of the
river "to-day, a dense column of smoke was seen ascending
Id tltc direction of Fairfax Court House, tbo confederates
evident!}1 burning tlio woods in tbut direction
around tbeir fortifications.
Nearly all tiie regiments in the neighborhood of Arlington
Heights and tho Chain Bridge woro out wider arms
during all lafll night.
Captain Thaddeus P. Mott, of New York, has or will receive,
in a few days, authority to enlist a full regl
ment of artillory for garrison and field purposes.
Captain Moil is a young Now Yorker, son of Dr.
Valentine Mott, and as an artillerist has no superior
cither for coursgo or skill. His battery has
boeu variously engaged with the enemy several times
within tho past week, and on every occasion ho has
received the commendation of his commanding G neral.
Captain James McMahtn's and Cuptain Dielii's
batteries, of tho Fourth New York State Artillery, will
be invited to Join Captain Mott's new rig ment.
To-day the Massachusetts Fourteenth infantry rdglment
of volunteers, Colonel Green, commanding, was deta iled
from Richardson's brigade and assigned to special duty,
and will bo hereafter known as a regiment of artillery.
' TTre men have devoted themselves to the exerciso of the
guns since they have been stationed at Fort Albany, and
have attracted the attention of General UcClcllanto a degree
warranting the promotion mentioned. This is consi
iered a high compliment to tho officers and men of the
regiment. At evening parndo this afternoon the men
were greatly dellgntca upon learning me news.
The IJncoIn Cavalry, cnmi>?sed of two companies from
Pennsylvania, one from U.chlgon, and uioe from New
York, Is now thoroughly organized, the field and staff
officers having been sworn In, as follows:?Colonel
McKeynolds, Lieutenant Colonel Yon Schlkfues,
formerly of tho Prussian army ; Majors?C. 11.
Ogle, luvo of tho regular army of dragoons j
A. Waldums, who raised two companies in New York, and
Angegte Howard, fbrtnerly of the Prussian army; Adjutrnt
Ballerstry, of New York; Quartermaster F_ II. Bailey,
formerly of Michigan, and (jbaplain Raleigh, latterly of
Ncwaik, New Jersey, and an old and Intimate friend of.
Colontl Mclioyuolds.
Leave of &bs <noc has been granted Second lieutenant
Wears, Ninth Infantry, to enable him to accept tho position
of lieutenant Colonel of the First regiment of Volunteers,
known as Sharpshooters.
It is the design of the General in command to establish
in this city a camp of instruction, in which to perfect the
recruits in skirmish and infantry drill.
Major Bayard, late of Van Alen's cavalry, has boen appointed
to command ono of the .Pennsylvania reserve
The artillery practice is dally continued at the forts.
Tlie Court of Inquiry in the case of Col. P. S. Miles,
Second Infautry, has boen adjourned by Major General
Mi Clellan uutil further orders?i. e., indefinitely. This Is
a peculiar hardship to Oil. Miles, if not a manifest injustice.
The prosecution had closed. Of course all its evl
dcnco ii on record. But flvo witnesses for the defence
had heen examined when the court wna adjourned until
the 16th inst. Witnesses from every sertieu of the country?clviliaus,
Scnatora and members of Congress, beside
army and volunteer officers?were present to give evidence
In favor of Col. Miles, when again the exigencies ef
tho servlco require a further postponement.
Gov. Curt in, since his return from hero to Ilarrlsburg,has
entered upon his duties with renewed spirit.
He expects to be able to send forward six thousand additional
troops next week. One of tho regiments is undor
command of Col. Kni|>e, tho celebrated rifle shot. K. C.
Williams will command a regiment of cavalry, and expects
to be uble to raise a brigade.
It has been ascertained that the iron rails of tho Baltt"
more and Ohio Railroad taken up l>y the rebels, and like
machinery removed from tho company 's sho(? at Marttusburg,
were intended to be used lu constructing and
stocking a railroad connection between Strasburg and
Winchester, so as to afford tho rebels a continuous line or
rai.road froai Richmond to Harper's Perry.
The following despatches have been received at th
Navy Department:?
nwrwn STATE* Straws PAWNXS, 1
IIattkra* Ixurr.Sopt. 10,1801. j
Sir?I have to state for tho Information of the department
that I have taken a valuablo prize this morning,
now called the Susan Jane, of Nevis, West Indies. This
schooner was called the diaries Mc< cos when slie cleared
at Newborn, N. C., two days before tho blockade wont
Into eff- ct on tins ccast. Si s took a cargo of spirits of
turpentine to the Wssi Indies, and at Nevis Island obtained
sn English register, but without n bill of sale or
endorsement ?<' any kind ou the part of the master or
agent, and without any other pnper required under KngItsh
law. The sailed from Nevis to Halifax, Nova
Scotia, and then took on board an assorted cargo
consisting of blankets, clotb, iron, steel, brog.ms, axes,
alii! which were purchased iu Now York and Boston,
as in shows by tho bllla of lading from diiTorent leading
boures in those cities. I send the prize to I'hiladcdphia
or New York, at the discretion of the prize master, l.ioutcnaiit
Crosby, so he may bo authorized to enter the poi t
most, accessible at this stormy period of tho year. I send
ail the i>apcrg found on bosrd tho prize In charge of I.leu.
ten.u.t Crosby, to be banded to the proper admiralty
officer; also Captain Ireland aud four of the crew. I shall
zletain for tho present two passengers, behoved to be
svperc.argoes, and also tho mate. Wh n his duty Is cotnp
at"d I have to request that I.iout- nant Crosby mny he
porRiltted to return to liis ltn;M>rlanl duties ut this place
as i\\ st Ca. tain, under the orders of Ocneral Wiol. I
send I.v"uteiiant Crosby on hoard the prize bocanso he ij an
Important witness of what occtirrc 1 after we boarded
the schoORer. This vessel, like tho three already captured,
stoo I In undor the bcliuf tlmtlh' forts w..-re still
| in tho liStidf of the enemy. The Pawns'1, showing n>
| colors, was ta^en for nn English crofter, ai d the ve * -Is
I wcro not boar K'd until they woro loskle too bar. Vt'c
! are beginning to sco signs of the enemy ou tuu s< ..a
western (Ids of the entrant, where It Is Believed picket
guard Is stationed to walch our movements. 1 enclose s
letter found among tho papers of the so called Susan
Jane, which may giva the department some Idea of the
policy pursued In Nova Scotia. I have the honor to be,
very respectfully ^ your obedient servant,
J. C. ROWAN, Commander, U. 8. N.
To Gidbon Wsllsb, Secretary of the Navy.
The list of vessels captured at Chpe Hatteras Is as follows:?Schooners
Susan Jane, Ocean Wave, Harriet Wyan
and Mhry Ware.
The "Confederate State" thieves are now engaged In
the laudable enterprise of using our old l*ost Office
stamp, which encloses the name of the place where and
date when the letter is deposited. I have seen one of
these envelopes, dated "Richmond, August 14, 1861."
On the up|<er left corner are the printed words, "Free?
Official Business." Following this is the written signature
of "B. Baker." On the right upper corner of tho
envolope Is the following, printed:?"Confederate Stales
of America, Post Office Department, Auditor's offioe."
The direction upon tho envelope Is as follows:?
' P. M., Mount Prospect, Obion county, Tenn." This
i* one of a package of one thousand letter* seised by a
government agent at Louisville, that neutral city being
the channel of communication for treasonable documents.
The envelope contained the following document, which la
more curious than Important:?
ComunHctuTi grnwor Amnio*,T
Ckncxsi. I'uer Umii 1 Irj'aktm knt, V
AVMion'eOKrica, Kicimosn, Va., August 12,1881. J
Km? Your attention Is called to the acts of Congress
autborlilng the transmission of letters, packages or
other matter, through iho mails free of |>ost
age. Tills privilege ie limited to the following
named persons:?The Postmaster Geueral and
bis chief clerks, the Auditor of the Trsasury for the
I'oet Olllco Department, the chiefs of the Appoiutm :ut,
fXen rue t and Finance Bureaus, and deputy postmasters,
and in every c..se the letter or package m ist relate ex
cluslvely to their i'01cial business, and deputy postin a
ters must endorse upon every letter the words "Post
tlUlce llusincHS," over their oivn signatures.
The Treasury presented an anltuatea sceno on
Tuesday night. Over two hundred clerks wore en
engaged In cutting and trimming demand uotcs>
of tho denominations of five, ten and twenty
dollars. Those were all engaged in one king room
of tho new Treasury extension, In which are placed twenty
tables, su|>plicd with ton pair of shears each. Every man
They must bo cut, returned, and Ida account
cancelled, beforo ho leave* tbo room. In another room
aro aomc twenty clerk* detailed for signing the demand
notes, who are obliged to work almost Incaesantly to supply
the pressing calls for this uational loun at Boston, New
Y nk and Philadelphia. The culls became ro urgent yesterday
that Secretary Chase found It necessary to largely increase
the force engaged In their preparation, llo,
onco notified the heads of bureaus to detail such clerks
as could be spared on this wmk. The reply was thai
all handa were busy on regular duly. The law
requiring the work to he performed by the regular ein
ployes, Secretary Cliaso immediately directed an order to
be issued for al! tbo clerks in the four bureaus to re|xirt for
extra duty uf or dinner and onlof olilce hours. Hence the
great force at work on the notes Tuesday night. The clerks
were given to understand that such of them as could not
devote a few extra houraof labor to their country In its present
exigency could bo dispensed with entirely. The result
was that all were on hand. U must be remembered that
each note must have two signatures?those of the Regis
tor and Treasurer?that three thousand signatures is a
large day's work for one man, and that Ave mitliou dollars
of five dollar notes requires two million signatures; then
one can begin to sen what Is required of the Treasury
Department In this branch. Besides overseeing
all this, and attending to the ordinary routine
business, the tor >'pondcnco of the Assistant Secretary
ooveis over threo reams of letter paper daily. These Jotters
must all be writlon, copied, signed and franked. To
accomplish all this Secretary ( hat e and his assistant.- are
obliged to work slxinen hours out of twenty four. It is
the determination of the department to to organize the
force that one and a half to two and a half million* of
notes per day can be placed regularly In the bunds of
the banks, until the whole one hundred and fifty million
of seven and three t uitlis coupon and fifty million demand
notes are in circulation.
The Thirteenth New York regiment, lately damaged In
reputation l>y a mutiny in its runlet!, ban been attached to
the brigade of General Kit/ John Porter. Under hie
management It promisee to becomo one of the beet disci
pliucd regiments In the service, uud to conduct itself so
well, that wIn 11 it returns home, instead of bcurtng hack
the odium of a mutiny, it will carry with it an bono; a do
fame. It is greatly desired that the Governor should
take measures to promptly nil up its ranks to the moilmum
n imber, and aflord it a fair opportunity to retrieve
its reputation.
The following is a list of tho Commissioners appointed
by the President to represent tho interest of American
exhibitors at the exhibition of the Indus'ry of oil nations,
to be held in the city of London, September, 1802'?
William II. Seward, Secretary of Slate; tal.-b B Smith,
Secretary of Inter.or; Edward Everett, of Massachusetts;
.Times Henry of tho Smithsonian Institution; Robert It.
Miuturn,of New York; J. Dawson Uoleman, of Pennsylvania;
John II. Klipliart, of (i .lames it. Psrtrldg , of
Maryland; R. P. John sou, of New Yerk; Richard Wu.lucb,
Mayor of Washington; W. W. i-Vaton, of Washington;
Joseph C. U. Ki.'uuedy, Superintendent of tho Census Bureau.
Provost Marshal General Porter arrested nine secessionists
to night, citizens of Washington.
A largo number of regiments buve been paid off w ithin
the last few days.
About the 1st of October tho Post Office Department
will substitute tho ruled envelopes for the unruled, without
additional charge to the public.
Commander Porter baa been assigned by tbe Navy Department
to important duty In the Mississippi river.
Fortress Monros, Sept. 18, >
Via Baltimokk, Sept. 14,1861. /
fhe steamer 8. R. Sjiauldiug returuud from Huttoras
Inlet this morning.
the Susquehanna nod Pawn.": still remained there.
The former had sustained but little injury in the collision
with the gunboat Flag. The Bjiaulding brought tho remnant
of Colonel Weber's regiment and nearly one thou
ana stand Of inni, which war* captured from tho rebel*,
and doaen prima*! tafcan from tba prize*
made at Uatteraa Inlet. >v
Four vessels bad run Into the Inlet with English color*
flying, under the aappoaltlon that that place atill belonged
to the rebel*, the federal Oaf having been temporarily
hauled down. Pilot* were Oflerad the vessel* and
every facility for getting in. They did not discover their
mistnko until too lato. Two of the vessels?the Susan Jane
and IUrriet ltyan?were from the llrilish provinces and
lia l valuable cargoes, consisting of tnolassoa, shoe* and
Our troops at the inlet have mounted all tho guns, and
rendered those effective which bad been spiked by lb*
rebels before their surrender.
No intelligence of importance bad been received from
the Sound or from the mainland.
General Reynolds had arrived at Old Point, and will
proceed to-morrow by the 8. R. Spaulding to assume command
at Hatteras Inlet.
lUt-nuoKK. Sept. 14,1361.
The streets have been full of extravagant rumors all
day, put afloat by the rebels to keep their spirits up. Of
cuurse there I* po truth to them.
There aro rumor* this evening of additional arrests,
but In the absence of reliable information we forbear giving
the names of the parlies.
Avat'STa, Me., Sept. 14,1861.
ITicre is abundant evidence to c -evict Rubort Elliot, of
Rree-lom, Maine, of treason. One of Elliot's brothers
gave out that Col. Smart would bo lynehe I if he went to
! Freedom, but notwithstanding, he w- ut there with th ee
fri ik's i-n I i Iduy ill-lit. ?n ' duri ir ilie night obis ne l
, fa I testimony agib.st E lot, without mntuetatMi i.otn
I bis rebel inhltaiy com; any.
" -<m?i tM V ' '? ?
, SEPTEMBER 15, 18G1.
Uumviua, Bept. 14,1H61.
The Richmond Examiner at the 11th ssys ono hundred
and llfly-six Yunkee pnsoucrs, selected chlotly from among
those members of the New York, Massachusetts and Michigan
regiments who had evinced the tuctl insolent and Insubordinate
disposition, were yesterday afternoon despatched
by railroad to Castle Pinckney, a small fortiQuiliou in
Charleston harbor, for safe keeping. Included In the
number staled above are a number of officers, several of
whom are recovering from the effects of the wounds reoolved-at
the battle of Stone Bridge. The prisoners wer?
marched from tbe tobacco factories in which they bad
boon confined to tho depot of tbe Petersburg Railroad, in
double flies, guarded by a detachment of fifty men
fm.m |Na IaIT IV. > la I iiniakuttn tiollallnn i<nillllllUI(ifVl
by Lianteuaut C. W. Brockett, of the rebel army, who
re to accompany thorn all Hie distance to Charleston.
Tweuly-flve men of the detachmont detailed from the
Madison (lot.) Infmtry, marebed ahead of the prisoners,
the rear being brought up by twonly flvo men of tho
Notches (Miss.) It I Ilea. The party etnbaikod in three
car* aiecially provided for their accommodation,
each car being guarded by fifteen Southern
fldiers, very fully armed. The Yankoea
generally seemed quite de.s)>nndcnt at their change of
location, but few of their number venturing to cheut
their depression with a smile. They wore followed to the
depot by a very large crowd, who, nevertheless, entirely
refrained from the utterance of any remark which should
wound the foellugs of tho prisoners. Eight of tho cloven
Yankea mercenaries who escaped from the tobacco
factories In this city on Friday night have been arrested
uud brought back. The three remaining fugitives,Captaiu
Hurd and Lieutenants Murphy and Itaiuor, can scarcely
escape the vlgl aul pursuit which has been put upon their
we puo.isuuu ycsieruay a portion hi an account <n uw
?p<a|>e of Captain Hurd, Quarlerraaster Slur^hy anil
Lieutenant Ka) nor from Richmond, where lliey liud been
detained as prisoners of war biuco the battle or Hull run.
Al ter detailing the manner of their escape from Richmond,
and the Incidents or their toilsome Journey till the bank or
tbo I'otomuc was reachel, where they represented that
they were rebel olllcors, with despatches, Lieutenant Murplij
'h narrative continues :?
Tlcy were directed up to a creek, on nearlng which
they discovered a negro rowing in a boat. They watched
him until be landed, when they quietly stole his boat ami
rowed down the creek to the Potomac. They round tho
boat too small to carry them across the river, and mooting
another negro, they traded Tor a bettor though a small
boat, giving him tbreo dollars in addition.
Thoy accidentally started 011 their Journey across tho
Potomac Trum the mouth or Pope's creek, where they saw
the pla.n slab announcing the spot where Washington
was born. At tliut point the Potomac is wide, and they
ha I hardly started before a heavy storm arise, and the v
remained in th 1 greatest peril ror somo hours. One was
constantly kept baling, but by good fortune thoy reached
a Mtryland fishing smack. Even then thoy bad great
difficulty In reaching our vessels. They landed near the
residence or Mr. Burroughs, at Collar Point, a dutcrminod
Union man, who received aud kindly treated them. The
next day thoy proceeded to a point three miles distant,
and hailed tho revenue editor Howell Cobb, asking that
a boat be sent for them, they staling that they wero
prls'iuers escaped rrom Richmond. The request
was regarded as a snare or tho rebels, and it was
reread, and, much disappointed, weary and travel worn,
they mule their wiy again to Mr. Burroughs' bouse.
Captain Hurd, in tho meantime, having left the party,
was near being captured by the Maryland secessionists.
This morning, however, they succeeded in reselling the
Howell Cold., where they, were kindly received by her
officers, Mid were tin u transferred to the Resolute, which '
cotivcyi U tin m to tho city.
Of the condition and strength of the robe! army none of
the three gentlemen were able to come to any sall.ifactory
conclusion, although they are all intelligent, educate
1 and observing men. Their communications wore
principally with privates of the rebel army or citizens,
who, of course, wero only apprised of the movements by
popular ri.tnor. They conclude, however, that they have
a very powerful fou e, with an abundance of provisions.
The rebels themselves appeared to be In excellent spires,
and anxious for another battle with the Yankees.
Mr. Murphy was surprised at tho large number of
Irishmen in tho robel ranks. They were itidiireroutly
cloiiiod, the materia] used being almost entiroly of a gray
homespun cloth. They wero well armed with Springfield
and o.h r Improved muskets, and Colt's revolvers seemed
to be us numerous umong privates as they wore In our
own ranks. A favorite arm w hich tliey wore was a hugo
bowle knife. No Hpccic was in circulation of any moment,
sliinp'asiots being tho only circulating medium in extensive
use. Merchants would not receive bills in juymciit,
except a certain quantity of goods were purchased.
The fiitiUcallous ubout Richmond, nn they learned by
the Richmond |ia|iers,bad been completed a few days bofore
their escape, and the negroes who had worked ujion
them were discharged. They wero done mostly by free
negroes pressed into the service, who hod been paid (11
per month in Virginiu currency.
Tho gcntl'-mcn desire to express their I hanks to Captain
Craven, Lieutonant Gash, Captain Foster, and others
of our fleet, for acts of kindness to them after they
bad reached the decks or tho flotilla.
PH!LADELI'HM,Sept. 14,1861.
The national loan subscription to-day amounts to nearly
Est Wkkt, Sept. 8, 1801.
Movements of Govtnunenl Vessels?1'roclanuUion rf Major
French, etc.
Tlie united stales steamship Richmond, Captain Tope,
having coaled and watered at this station,Balled at au
early hour of the morning of the 6th on a cruise. It Is
said that sho is ordered to continue her search for the
Sumter and lirlg Jelf. Davis. The United States storeshlp
Nightingale, Hand, from New York, with stores for th>
sqcadron, arrived on the Cth, nineteen days from New
York. Sho Is still At anchor off Fort Taylor, and will go
to aea at daylight to-morrow. The United States Guard,
Balls, from New York, also with stores, Ac., for the fleet,
arrived on the 7th, end is now st anchor off Fort Taylor.
?he Is bound hence to Fort Pickens. The schooner Trojan,
Stroud, snilol on the 7th for Philadelphia. Passengers?
3. II. Iteefeldl, of Albany, N. Y., and olhors.
Mainr KrAHrh (h? ?immsnHi?n? nHL hr nf Ifnw IX?. t>*
ha* pnbllshod the lollowlng fm|xirtant ord. r. Its promulgation
has caused a vast amount of commotion among the
sesosssonists bore, and thoy aro about to oommence
tbctr flight Northward or towards sac; ssla?anticipating
the slity day limit to their stay in this Union city by precipitate
and'hearty rotreat*. A large number leave with
their familier. and household goods and gods neat week.
All go to the first rebel port, Tampa?a poor and un
important town in the bay?a reedy filled to roi>iution
wiih hall' starred rebels from Key West, and unable to
sii|giort any considerable increase to her population. Tliis
ia Major French's order:?
Haanoi asm Hsittn Statu Troops, 1
? h'rr Wow, Fla., 8ept. 6,ISfll. f
1. Within ten days from this date aH mile citizens of
tho island of Key West who hare taken the oath of allegisnrewill
send their names to these headquarters to
he registered.
2. Within thirty days from this date all tho citizens of
this island aro required to take the oath of allegiance to
th" United Stales.
1. At the termination of sixty dtys, all citizens of this
island who have failed and refcaed to take the oath of
allegiance to the United States will be removed from Key
West This will also apply to the families of those who
bass loft tba island to join the rebel forces.
WM. II. FRENCH, Commander.
The grand salute In honor of Old Kentucky's Qdellty to
tho Union, and repudiation of tho bugua confederacy of
Jeff. Paris, was fired at four o'clock yesterday afternoon
tu the grounds of the I'arlc Barracks, In accordance with
the announcement previously made. Somo thousand enthusiastic
|K'0plo were assembled In the vicinity and
cheered lustily for Kentucky, the Union and the constitution.
Ninety-seven guns were fired In honor of the
seventy-one ro oi sentatives and twenty-six senators of
the Kentucky Legislature. The cannon used on this occai
ston was the four pound field piece Governor Morgan,
j Captain George Muwtey, of the Arsenal, officiated as gunI
Recognition of the Flug of the "Confederate
States" by the Spanish Government.
Ac. Ac., Ac.
The steamship Columbia, Captain Adams, arrived at
this |xirt yesterday from Havana, with ]>aar- ugcrs, fto.,
and dub* to the lot.li Hist.
Tlw most important Item of news la tho confirmation of
the report published In this morning's Hkhsui, In relation
to admitting vessels carrying tlw rebol flag to discharge
and receive cargo under tho same privileges ot ail civilized
nations, without recognition of NOiicMii/y.
Tho liritisb mall si earner Trout had arrived from Tora
Cruz, with dales from thero to tho 3d Inst. She had over
two millions and o half in specie. Ortega is said to have
gained a victory over Hanpicz. A re|iert prevailed that
Cemoufert had entered the republic aud was travelling tu
Saa Luis Potest. It needs confirmation. Heine of tho papers
are out strong for a lereign protectorate.
The British mail steamer Solent arrivo<l from Ft.
Thomas en the 7lli lust., to go Into dock for repairs.
Tho United Slates mail schooner Non; arid hail arrlvoit
from Key West, for malls, Sic., for the sipuuireu and
ITni.nS KI1H..1 oriiii
Two vessels hail arrived from Vow Orleans, running
the blockade?>uo mi tho tftli, tho oilier on iho loth?
British schooners, bringing rice, lurd, naval stores, and
eight par senders; also, one vessel from Newborn, Willi
rioc and naral stores.
The markets had been rather quiet for two weeks.
Sugars?Nob. 11 aud 12, ul 8,'4 a 8.', rials per arrobe.
Me lasses?No traiisactions.
Freights?No Improvement In rates, and no business
for American vessels.
Kxchanee?On Loudon, 00 days' sight, Ifa 17)4
prem. Now York, sales to day,small sums, 8 a prom.;
laigo sums, 7 a 7J? prem. Paris, 4a4^. United States
gold, 7. Money abundant und die. ouuU easily obtained
on business |in|ier.
V 1 Oar Havana Correspondent**,
Havana, Sept. 10,1801.
Recognition ef the Rhcl Flag When Uttd I y Met
chant VttseD?Furious Extracts from a Fetter from
N.'wbern, TV. C.?Rrjiriiats?Xews from St. Domingo?
New Postal A rrangeno-nt*?Statistics of Coolie Emigres
tion?News from Mexico, etc., etc. \bThe
most important event which has occurred since my
Inst letter lias been the determination of this government
to admit vessels bearing the (lag of the ''Confederate
States of America" into the ports of Cuba, to discharge
and sell their cargo's, to trade, purchase and load their
vessels, and clear therewith, with the sarno prlvileg ac
corded U> all nations, with or w itnout runs'iiar or commercial
representatives iu our porta, wIthout recognition
of their nationality?Ihe usual register, crew lints, Ac.'
being deposited villi tho ollicer of the Custom Hniae.
Tain decision van forced upon this government by llio
tribunuls of Justice, bruui;lit to bear liy the demands i>l
Consul General Shni'eldt, with charges against llio American
ship liuinbrg and her rut go, .mil a vessel which arrived
at Malaiizic. some vv oks since under flic llag of the
Confederate Stales, which was denounced nt> a pirate,
tbo courts buvo determined otherw ise, and against the
allegations of the consuls at Havana and Mnlanzas. ?
Arrived 30th of August, tli j British scliooner .sir Robert
Peel, Cage, master, from Newborn, No rib Carolluia, with
rice and naval stoi us. She reports tba t no vetseis of the
United States blockade fl-.-ot were in sight at her departurei'eihape
they will be on haud when rho returns.
Yesterday, 8th, arrirud the lirltish schoouerJ. 11.
T'xjup, Pennington, master,from New Orleans, with proTisious,
naval stores, Ac ; reports uo blockade vessels in
sight?thirteen days voyage?would i.iuko hor sailing day
27tli August. She brought three passengers, one of them
a distinguished Southern merchant, who comes here to
ooufer with two lloston merchants?II xiper A l-ewls?in
relalion to vessels in which they are interested?which,
by late edicts on your sito, are or have boon in Jeopardy.
They can meet on neutral ground here, and nut be hung
as traitors, they seem to think.
Wo have very singular secret Intelligence by the Sir
Robert I'eel,from Newborn, derived from private Ictteis,
said to be from person:' posted in tho mysteries of rebel
cliques. J give it for what it may bo worth. One of the
letters says:?"If President I.incoln does not accede
promptly to the common > of civilised nations iu a
slate ol war, by agreeing to no exchange of prisoners, you
may he assured that tho following bus been already do
oued u|x>n: Thai for all so called pirates of the Savannah,
or oilier crows iu like condition, who sillier by couline
nient, punishment, labor ur death, leu for each will bo
selected from the highest iu r-.uk on the pi it on list ol the
Goulederales. to ba treated precisely as such j risoners may
fare under the administration or judicial action of the
North. That for every negro winch lias' lireu captured
by Northern troops, or refugee protected and employed
by them, or tlml lias lied from the southern Mat 's since
tho coinm iicemuiit' I hostilities, by thn aggiosxive antiou
of President IJticoln, that a white man will be selected
for ouch and very one, and subjected to compensating
labor to tliu Confederate Mates lor the bom-ill of
those ? ho have boon wrongfully dcpi ived ol the Berviocs
of said negroes; that the uou combatant spectators, including
Mr. Kly, taken at Manassas, will bu hold to re
place the services, try e-povuieut lab ?r, for such female
slaves us uny lino received Norlbein protection or
been stolen by Northern troops. If the lieutenant General
should bo taken (styI 'd in the letter Ourlolauus),
which whs couUdetitly xatici|mtcJ, that he would l.?
immediately returned, as serving bolter tho cause of
Southern lights by h.s advice and command of the
Northern armies." Such are tho extracts. The name of
Ill" ? I 111. < hiin ill J mm I I, ..nil UI? mill
vidua! who gives mi the informalion is a Northern g, a
tU-inau, with Union KciilirneuUj, but complic-ilud in bis
affairs with Southern interests, so that 1 am precluded
tho use of bis name. Tbo name of Alt; slum I.inco.n in
tbo If tier lib 1 boon erased, uud hisfsto left blank.
Advices from tit. IKnmogo to 28tb August, report all
quiet, but a good deal of frickncss pravalts ainuug Spaulsh
troops. The artist (,'isneros returned by the steamship
(a denua on tin: 28th, having established the scenes aud
tableaux for bis historic |tainlings of the inauguration,
to lie devoted to Spanish glory, in bloodless conquests.
Lists of dlabondod ollicials of tlid Dominican
republic are being pre|>ared by Captain General
SanUna, for the revision of General Serrano, before
boing sent to Madrid for the bcnevolcnco of the Quocu by
a,),abutments to oltice <>f those who are competent, or tlio
awanlaor pensions where valuable services have been
ronuered to the Spanish government ainurg tbo people of
the late republic.
The iirltish royal yacht Goorgianaarrived on tbo 29th
of August from Nassau, N. 1'., with dosiuUchoa from Commodore
Dunlop to Oonaul Genoro. Crawford, bringing newa
also of several wrecks, wbicb you will liave by return of
Kamak, then In port (August S3.)
Koyul edicts in relation to jatstago fiora Cuba, dated
the 12th Of duly, lStil, atid published here August 24,
1801, have bocn tssuod, as follows:?
By steanicrfor F. ntiea or England, onc-quartcr to onehalf
ounce, it to 8 re.'ih; hall ouiico to one ounce, 0 real*?
by national vessel?including delivery to directiun.
Ho. by Knglixb vertrelB fur England, \ and 1 real,
Ac., inland posts jo only.
United Slates by vessels of tho Union, X to 1 real, Ac.,
according to weight, inland postage.
To coast of Africa and I'hilipinca, 2, 8)g, 6 and 6)?
reals, inland postage to delivery.
Fernando i'o and dependencies, 1 to 2, Ac., Spanish voa
eels, Inland postace to delivery.
Tho Chinese laborers wlnee terms have expired?not
being able lOugel away?are ut work upon our streets until
they find new masters?which is not easy of accomplishment
it Ah u mom ot?Asiatics sell lug new for sight
years' aervlttofe at cigiit ouocea, or-6136.
I extract from a Icllerof lUniou dela Sagra, datixl Paris,
July T (to the issue of the Uiaria de la Marina of August
Emigration of Eastern, Indian and Chinese laborers to
the Uritish colonics from 1848 to 1800,81,444?from the
following places:?
Island of Madeira .. .13,201 East Iudloa 44.892
Ft. Helena 8.620 China 4.749
Sierra l/tone "... 4,760 Not minted 3,320
hWhloh were distributed to
Jamaica 6,202 Trinidad ....-n 19,626
( uayama 47,799 St. I .una 2,334
St. Vincent 989 Granada 2,125
Antigua 1,213 Sau Cristobal 851
Tabasco 292 Error or musing 11
The einig ation to Mauritius was much larger for the
fame period. amounting to 203,000, of which from Kant
Indies 2h2,000 and 1,000 from the Eastern coast of Africa
and Asia.
The British mall steamer Trent arrived from Vera (,'rua
on the 7lh, with dates from the capital of Mexico, August
27, and sailing port 3d, with $2,622,062 of treasure, wo: tli
here for remittance S)< to lu;, premium, covering fie ght
and insurance. Kor repairs, 7th lost., the Solent arrived
from St. Thomas. No heller accounts from colonic
Mexico. The Mexican Ezlra/inlinnry (without any ho ly
beiDg hung) proposes boldly, as the only remedy of tie ;
notional evils, n foreign protectorate, without allecting
the integrity of sovereign jurisdiction and the n (iou.il
domain. The Pr"insto, 3d inst., stites that IV til u,nt
OunnaJ alo, and Comnnfort, at Monterey. are tol tip d
hy the lire authoriti g, against lie- i ='ructions of the
government. LueJ 2d ptenjber, at Vera Crux, a ve y ,
Ulcnled person, ariiI Colonel of P.nglncors?Antonio Rodriguez
lamias? regretted ax a national loss. Couzaies Ortega,
after routing Murqucz, had been ordered to disperse
tin- living burden of robbers of which hln army wua eompOK"d.
At tinanajuato news had been received that C.imnnfort
was expected at San laiis?tbat Mcjiu had given lu his
adli slim and submitted to the government, and that
Marques,'/.uloaga and other eblefa had retired from the
struggle agalnet the governmunt at Mexico?all of which
required eonnrmatiou.
In Tula the nailvea were In rebellion under the load ef
I oslcnue Montrjano. The letter conveying this says that
Maniiiex and hut c? an pan lone had arrived at Alfhacoan?
signille.int. I'tiebla lee. petitioned to b attached to noma
other diet'let, not deslrnig an independent in iimip tl Jurisdiet
Ion?Vol a Cruz or Oaiueo. Ol.ivmiu win debated 2nd
<d' August ut Vela lorn, district of Cuernava, ?>y the Commamlanl
Ignacin Kiguerra. A Spaniaid hy the inimo of
H anco, taken prisoner, wua Hied. The forces of Urdotiea
and Gutierrez wero threat niug Orizaba, but It was suppoaed
tin y would bo dofeatod by tlio government troops.
1 Altera from roluca state tlmt the Governor of Mexico
and the legislature were at open war with each other ou
account of dill'ervuco of political views associated with
ncent legislation.
We havn had tho usual lot of niurd re, siiicidos and
rohbeHiJs, but nothing otherwise din m beg our toclui
quiet. Health fair, with cool weather, 'juwaso, when
occurring, mild In type.
Our Nassau Correspondence.
NjtHeau, N. I*., August 14,1M1.
Kj'ittnrnl Regarding the Amenran Trin bl'i?M< v m r.' id
Itrituk H'ar .Vteom. it?Burim** Maltert, ifc.
Since the uccounis received of the ulUir nt Hull run wo
nro very anxious to hear further iiiloIHgcnco. Iler
Hrliutmic Majesty's slcunt stoop Spiteful, 0, having the
brou I p nni nt of C immodoro llunlap, ari ive I here on tho
hO'li July last, from Key West,bringing the disnatrous inUnilgeutc.
She had several cases of yellow fever on
Ix ard. Several of hor crew were sent to the ipiarantluo
slaiior at Athnl Island,where some have died. Shu Milled
for Halifax on tho Olh test., In order to get rid of the fever.
Assistant Surgeon Wise, who was lift at Nassau, died
of Iho same disease ou Saturday last, and was buried next
day with military honors. Commander Wilson and the
snri con, who both had tlio fever and remulued here,aru
con vah scent.
Ou the 31st ult. tier Britannic Majesty's screw steamer
Haeer, 14, Coimuandor I.yi fis, arrived and sailed on tho
2d Inst, for Havana. She is expected to return daily.
One of her midshipmen, Mr. St. Clair, died last Sunday
On tho evening of tlio 7th Inst, a large ship, under ful|
sail, was ubservod rapidly approaching our shores. Noticing
tho ('ommc.doro'K l!ag in port siio saluted it, and
evidenced tier warlike cho actor. It was aeco. taiuod to
he lior Majesty's screw corvette Chad--tiger, 21, Cominander
Kennedy. C. H.. from Halifax. Sho unto Innately
got ou shore the same evening. The bpilol d t .'dig iu
l*.i l ut the time, went, With two fulling v ss' ls Hum tlio
it irhur, to her assistance, and she wt< extricated without
tnjii y. She Is U' w at (Tehran s urn borage.
It is luleiiilcd to keep it Ik-el in tlio Ituliuiiia vva'O'B.
A in inic man-of-war cume tnio jiort last Thursday.
.Fho is called tho lhuiry W Johnson, rctnm .'nl< <1
'by Captain lloyt. bhu has two rifle 1 cm uD
and a howitzer, and is In the employ of tho Nov. Yoik I'ndervvrlteiK.
hlio has been visited hy tho naval authorities.
HilStness has been quite stagnant fern me time. Hieru
camo a g nlseud for wreckers and others in tlio wreck
of tho It. Itish (lately Ainorican) ship Wi.ham and Jane,
B ' vvu mast r, front Mulanzas, In Cuba, for Pit mouth,
England, with three thousand boxes of gar ft occurred
lust week. It is quite common now'for American vessel-)
la tli so troubles duo ling's to change the Stars and
Stripes for Uto Hi itIsh rod ensign, by mem s of a sale to
i'jit.rli owners. Two luivu done so In this port, bona
i suppose. Wo have lately soon tho Confederate
llag flykg in our jairt; but wc gaze upon it as vvc do upon
any foreign llug, and do not hail or greet It with enthusiasm,
its reported by sotno Inventive Southern captain
who was Ashing for sympathy. The fooling hero Is, for
tlic most part, in favor of tho North; but 11 must 'no confessed
there arc among us some?uud they aru Americans?n
died, secessionists, who are not ui all likely to
ret Nassau on fire w ith their views ami opinions.
last night it blew a fresh gale, and as tho wind was
boisterous from north 'ast this morn.'tig, and the barometer
fell. alllhn small craft iu the harbor have gone to
what is cailed tho white grouud, In anticipation of "a
Yesterday afternoon two gunboats were launched at
Brooklyn, attracting Immense crowds, who cvincoH considerable
enthusiasm at this manifestation of tho government's
determination to maim.ila the honor of the Stars
and Stripes.
Tills vessel was launched from Iho yard of Messrs. 0.
nt n. loiiiuii, o*'t ?ii nnugu pirvei. i no noiu was nanasotnely
decorated with tho flaps of different nations, for
tho display of which the fact of the Winona being
luuiiclicd with masts standing afforded ample
room. Among the national ensigns tho Russian
was missing, from tho circumstance or Mee> re. Potllon
not licln^ able to procure one, which thojr very much regrettod.
A fact of deep significance transpired just previous
lo the launch. Among the national flags wus llait
of Spain. A spectator observing It inquired of ono of the
Messrs. Polllon If he was aware th it Spain had recognised
the Southern Confederacy, llo replied lu the negative,
but being informed that such was the case, he Immediately
gi ve orders for the flag to be lowered, which whs
done. Shortly after the workmen b igan to remove
the chocks, which having been accomplish d, tho
Winona, after a slight seeming hosltatl in,
liegan to movo, atid slid Into the water with a graceful
movement, umldst tlio acclamations of tho multitude.
She was Immediately towed over to the Allaire Iron Works,
wh re sho will receive her machinery.
The Winona Is 105 feet In length over all, 25 feet beam
and 12 feet depth of bold. Sho is of 658 bins burden. As
already slated she was launch's),fully sparred and jdgg"d.
She bad also her propeller and main sharing In. Ifcr
timbers ore of live and white oak, and portions of her arc of
yellow pine and locust. She is fastened in accordance with
the government system. The contractors agreed to bnlld
her In Seventy Ave days, but she was finished In fhrfy.
six days from the signing of th" contract, and forty-three
days from the laying of the keel, on the 8th of July. She
Is built of good material, and the workmanship is of ex
eelient quality.
At the Allaire Works the Winona will receive two hack
action engines, of thirty inch cylinders and eighteen inch
stroke of piston. She will have two lobutar boilers.
The propeller la of nine feel diameter The engines will
be of three hundred and fifty horse pew r. Tho consumption
of coal wiil bo eight tons per <h.y Her total
weight of uiaehiucry will Is: one hundred anil thirty tone.
Stic w"l bo armod with I wolve thirty-two (icundors, Que
heavy pivot gun, wcinghing 7,1100 pounds, and a rifled
cannon on the forecastle.
Tlits gunboat waa launched from the yard of Messrs.
Webb fit ltcll,flroenpolnt,at the same time as tho Winona,
in the presence of a large multitude, among whom woro
quite a number of well dressed ladles. Tho launch wns
quite a success, the boat taking to the water almost ns
naturally as a duck, and floating thereon as grarofnlly as
a Rivnn. As sho moved off she was greeted with loud and
hearty cheers, and many kind wishes for her success.
Sho was towed over lo the Morgan Iron Works, to rocetvo
her machinery.
The Chippewa Is 158 feet long between the perpendiculars,
and 1G4 f ot over all, iier breadth of beam is
twenty-eight leot, and depth of bold twelve feel. Liko
tho Wfnona, she is pierced for twelve thirty two pounders,
and will have on lioard a heavy pivot gun, weighing
6,000 |>oundg. and a rifle bnwltxnr on tk for'cistlr. tier
tonnage In .'>30, KOvrrnmr.nl measure, Bh?, too; was
launched fully sparred and rigged, ami with propeller in.
Ilia frame of the Chi|>pewa is of white o. k, the prlncipal
timbers bed ig of live oak. Her bottom is solid to
two feci above the bilge line. The plank lug nnd ceiling
are of white oak, rail and plane shears of the seme material.
beams and deck are of yellow pine. The ma
chincry of the Chippewa will be similar to that of the
Winona,and thee at of both vess Is, exclusive of armament,
will be the same?namely, $05,000, of which the
contractors of each get $65,000.
Before Hon, Judge Shtpman.
9wt 14.?Stnut vs. The Brig Cuba.?This was a case of
recapture by the master and crew of the brig Cuba, otto
of the vessels captured by the privateer Sumter. Tho
principal questions raised upon the trial were whether
the crew could claim salvage for recapturing tb-dr own
vessel, and whether the captain could cl.itra salvage fr< m
the vessel and cargo when be was a part owner iu the
The Oourt held that it was a case for salvage. That under
the circumstances of the esse l he muster nnd crew
could recover, notwithstanding their relation to the vessel
and cargo. That although there was i.o g cat labor
performed, yet there was both merit and risk on the part
of tho sailors, and that they aro entitled to be laid twoBfths
of the value of the vessel and cargo, and directed
that the costs be paid by the remaining three filths, and
that a relcrence be had to ascertain the value of tho vessel
and or the cargo. The question of apiiortlonlng the
salvage was loft till the coming in of the report. Messrs.
Benedict, Burr H Benedict for the salvors; Mr. A. F.
Smith for the defence.
Mr. Woodrord Introduced John W. Leeds, Esq., President
of the Stamford Bank, Cbnn., hi bo sworn in as agent
for the collection ot subscriptions to tho national loan
fund. Judge Sbiimun administered the oath of office toMr.
Ixseds? which embraces Udell?y to the jprvorinm nt oC
th Unite I stales?and also swore In Irs soretl-w. Messrs,
C arl"s II. led' and Win. Gay, who justified in the sum < f
$100,000?oue of the s lien s lor $30.0ti0 an i the other
f r $.0,000. The latter gentleman wa cong'-atu ated by
t ,c Ju ign a-t being a vry fortunate individual.
.. J

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