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I programme is "emancipation or separation,"
nuiat be bold in check by the strong arm of the
government, or they will, probably, before long,
get up a dangerous und disorganizing agitation
in the North ou this very (piestion of emancipation.
As our Northern abolitionists for thirty
years have been the most useful allies to the
secession conspiracy, which has ripened into
this Southern rebellion, they should now be
vigilantly watched and severely punished in all
their luovemouts calculated to weaken the government,
to distract its councils, to divide our
people, and to render "aid and comfort to Uio
Thk Daily Nkws Sospknmcd.?We are gratified
to announce to the public that the Hon.
Jion. Wood's disreputable and unprofitable
peace organ, the Daily News, has given up the
ghost. It was all wrong, couldn't get right,
and public opinion was too strong for it. It
has died and made no sign, and doubtless that
oiuer mysterious secession peace organ, mo
J>ay Hook, will soon go the same way. The
Journal of Commerce, having got rid of its old
hidebound and bigoted Puritanical cotton patriot,
Ilallock, 19 now getting away from the
breakers of treason, and is learning as well as
could be expected how to "keep"Step to the
music of the Union." But this Ls not sufficient.
The unity of the Union cause demands something
more than the suppression of Northern
peace newspapers of secession proclivities. Our
abolition journals are doing uoh mischief. The
Anti-Slavery Standard, for instance, down to its
latest issue, advocates a war policy in violation
of the constitution and laws of the United
States, and the Independent is doing the same
thing, while tho Tribune and Times are steadily
drifting iu the same direction. For the sake of
harmony among our people all those rampant
w abolition organs should be lield to the stern
necessities of the war, or they should bo
silenced. *
Tub Noi:th in Eaisnkst.?The intelligence
from every soction of the State is to the effect
that the people are enlisting faster than at any
period since the downfall of Sumter. The administration
having shown itself in earnest, tbo
public are rallying to its support with an
eagerness worthy of the cause.
immediately after the attack upon Fort Sumter
we had a sudden uprising in the North, but
that was like effervescence, soon, in a measure,
subsiding. Not huving the murk of seriousness,
H wis mmii svwilml off l>v slow inurements
of the authorities, while the determined character
of the rebels made their own friends, even
in the North, arrogant and bold. It was by
virtue of the earnest, serious and energetic attitude
of the rebels that all their early success,
from Dig Bethel to Bull run, was achieved. But
the tables are now turned, while the ardor of
the South is cooling oft' and a reaction commencing.
The people in the North are just com"
tnencing to move in earnest, and with u seriousness
that carries all before It. The eulisl"
ments in several sections of the State, we are
informed, are now going on faster than at any
former nerlod. All is well that ends well.
Caught in a Trap.?Our possession of Fort
Hatteras is likely to le < 1 to the seizure of a
tgooil many of the vessels engaged in running
the blockade. Those that put to sea before the
fact or its capture became known are almost
sure to get entrapped. Four vessels, sailing
tinder English colors, two of them
from the British provinces, that innocently
put it.*o the inlet, In the belief that it was
still in the hands of the Confederates, were
immediately pounced upon by our war steamers
which were lying inside. Two of them were
laden with shoes and molasses for the use of
the rebels in Virginia?a fact that shows
the importance this position has been to them.
Beaufort once in our hands, they will be cut off
from the channels through which they mainly
received their supplies from foreign sources.
Notices of New I'tililloi?tlon?.
, Thk Gvpsv's Pkophncy. Jiv Mrs. Emma I). K. N.
Houthworth. T. H. Peterson <V Bros., Philadelphia:
P. A. Brady, Ann street, New York.
Although written 011 new a cunt! and cmbrnciinr n lirM
of observation widely different from tlial to which tin' has
tv?>n accustomed, this story is fully oi(ual to any of Mrs.
Smith worth's former tales. It displays lite same breadth
of views and close observation of character that distinguished
her preceding works. She is evidently as inurh
at homo lit English us in American sceietj , ai d cannot
fail to become as popular, us a novel 1st,abroad as she is at
Tim National Qcartkki.v Review. Edited by
Edward J. Bears, A. B. Vol. 3, No. 0. Scptciniht,
Wear? glad to SO? that this excellent periodica! sur*
, vivos the wreck of literary and political lourr.ais strewtug
the shore on every aide or firing to pieces In cons-Uttcuce
of tlieconvulslou produced by the war. Thai it
has 80 far weathered tlio storm in there hard tlmee is
proof of its morit and vitality. The number before us
contains several valuable articles, embracing n variety of
interesting topics; among th? in ' The Political Literature
of spam;" " Influence of Music?The Opern;" ''Mahomet
aad the Koran;" "Aristotle?Ills Life, labors and laflu
..o U C.rll.iu.11 >n.l Ihit CarlSmrlnlanc'l I. 11..,
itioii Rebellion utid itrt Sympathizers." The demand ou
our simre forbids our u>>ti- iff? Ilieso articles in detail;
but we may observe tb'it the last Is a Bound l*nlon paper,
in which the writer takes tlio right side, though he commits
an error of fact In Bui?pusiug that Mr. Holt is a tnemix>r
of the present Cabinet. He confesses his deepdbutppcintmont
at the small amount of ability or energy displayed
by Mr. Seward since h? appointment to office; and
tbU Judgment if the more candid becnuae, on a former occasion,
the Review eulogized Mr. Seward as a statesman of
.great ability?on opinion founded on bis writings and
speeches, which the rovicwer now thinks must consist, to
a considerable oxtcnt, of plagiarism#. Kuspell, of tho
ifa>udou Tinut,la handled without gloves. Altogether this
is an srcetlwK wupbar. ^
Ctt> Intelligence.
Ttm Xitw postam k aw re.?The new style of postage
clamps is now ready and for sale at the Tost Office. Kxclianges
will lx made for the old kind during the neat six
days, alter which the latter will not he received in payment
of jiostage.
Fatai. Fai.l Rowx Staii.'b.?Cure tier Schlrmer hold an
itxpicst ycaterday at N'o. 410 Water street upon the body
-J* U'iliiim Vitiivh.in ft. T.iil'vt> of Trt?lnrw! nmwl ttiirtv
years, who died from tho el&us of In jiirl-s accidentally
received on the 11th in-t. by falling down a lllght of
etaits. IVtceased whs intoxicated at the time of the accident.
Verdict, " Accklcutal death."
Cirr.?We learn tliat the City Inspector, Col. Deiavan, will
present, at an early day, to the Chat tor Commission, a
plan for a new sanitary system, which will entirely supersede
tho system now in operation. It is understood that
'. lie plan proposed Ih direct and simple iu it.; provisions
and entirely free from cumbersome machinery, and,
nlinuld it be adopted, ran lie put at once into practical
.-(hot. The opinion of gentlemen of experience, who have
for many years devoted themselves 10 the cause of the
public h'-aiih, is unequivocally In its favor. The Importance
of the subject will be sure to attract public attention;
Htui, believing that the plan proposed a ill stand the most
rigid scrutiny, it will, if adopted, entitle Col. Del a van to
the gratdi.de of his fellow citizens.
t it rims, of Fn.sa I'bitkn.'Gs.?Julia Borland, wife of
James Borland, a private iu Colonel Baker's California
THgimcnl, was taken into custody yestordoy byomcer
BooksUver, of the Twenty ninth precinct, on charge of
false prepuces under the follow ing circumstances:?The
p> hsuier, It Is alleged, drew upon tho relief fi nd of tho
Eighteenth ward for fh 60 per week, nnd then by mean.;
of false pretences sho obtained $3 a week from tho officers
of the Seventeenth ward. In this way sho collected
$0 50 weekly, whrnslui war railly entitled to only S3 60,
and the swmdle had been progressing several wesks boforo
the fraud was discovcrnd. Julia, who is only about
ninoteon years of age, was committed to prison for exu
Arrival of the Kangaroo Off
Cape Race.
&0., &c., &o.
Sr. Johns, N. r., Sept. 14,1861.
Tho steamship Kangaroo, from Llver|xx?l on the 4th
ln*t. via Qaoeuslown on tho 6th, nrrlvod offCupo Hace
Ml it afternoon. i
Th? dates per tho Kangaroo, aro flvo days later than
those por the Africa.
Tho political news is unim|iortant.
England was about to send thrco more regiments forth
with to Canada.
Spies iu tho employ of the government at Washington,
wore re|iortcd to be on board of all tlie transatlantic
Another terrlblo railroad accident had occurred near
I/m 'on, by which thirteen |ieisous were kit i d and flfty
The aalea of cotton in the Liverpool market for the two
days (Monday and Tuesday) were 27,000 bales, the market
closing unchanged.
Itrcndstuflk bettor.
ITovisions quiet.
Consols 02X a KJJf.
Pine Arte
In M ly last, shortly aftor tho capture of Fort Sumter,
an appropriation of one thousand dollars was tuudo by tho
Oimmon Council of New York for a portrait of its gallant
defender, Major (now Gone a!) Anderson. Tliere was
some (mostion as to the artist to wlmni the commission
should bo given, and, after considerable discussion, it was
awarded to Mr. W. II. l*owell,tho painter of the I'iseo
very of tlio Mississippi by Pi1 Silo anil several
other impor tant national works. Mr. I>< w II
Immeliatoly set aliout tlio task, and obtained
from Major Andorson the number or all tings requisite
for bis purpose. In order that the picture should he com
picle in a historical sense, he obtained drawings of Forts
Si inter, Moultrie and other points of Interest connected
with llie events that have rendered its gallant subject
The picture Is life sizu, and represents Major Anderson
standing on one of th? bastions of Foil Sumter,
looking seaward, Fort Moultrie and the semaphore
being seen in the distances The attitude, though one of
repose, is erect and spirited, and has nothing of thnt
wearied anil depressed look which characterizes the oth -r
portraits that we liave seen. In tlio llrm set of tho lips
and tho fire that burns brightly and steadily iu tho
eye, we recognise a decision recently arrive 1 at,
after a careful inspection of the enemy's works
through tho glass held in the right liaud. Nothing
can bo more felicitous than the potr an t mood of
the flguro. They are natural and yet dignified, having
nothing of that melodramatic ulillness which, in tlio hands
of an ordinary artist, would infallibly have been iinpurt
cd to them.
In color the picture Is all that can be desired. Al
though necessarily painted with a llrm body, tosuit the
elevation at which it is to liang, it is harmonious and
agreeable in Its tones, and conveys to the mind the
proper impressions of distunco and atmosphere. Altogether
the work Is a great success, and will add to Mr.
Powell's reputation in this branch of his profession. We
trust t hat before It is stowed away among the cobweb
covered celebrities that (he irate tlio walls of tlie Governor's
Room tho public will bo allotvo I an opportunity of
majiuviuig it ui suiuj more couvemcui au-i occcssiuiu j
The Drltlsh Ounbuat Htearty.
Every vessel of war, no matter of wh it class or country
sliu tnay belong, If sho but hail from a foreign port,
cn hor arrival In our waters at tn? present time is
looked upon with a certain degree of interest and impdsi
tlvenesa. Hor Brittanic Majesty's gunbout Steady arrived
from Hallfux yesterday inoruie.g anil anchored in
tho North rivor, oppnsllu pier No. 1. Whe.-o hi much
surmise and speculation is tbe order of ti c hour it is but
just that the object, appearance, kc., of our warlike visitors
should lie explained, as everybody Is on the qvi vitv
to understand tho purport of lh< ee accidental callings.
Tlio gunboat Steady loft British waters about three
months since and has been milling around Bermuda and
intermediate places for somo time. She left Halifax four
dava since, and arrivod at y-inrantino on Friday. Sho is
bark rigged, and carries an armament of live guns?two
Armstrong guns, oco 6S jmunder pivot gun and two
heavy howitzers. Sho was btilil for the service of llm
British government at Liverpool, in 18119, and her tonnage,
Ac., rates at 42u. she is iputo a taut
little craft, and Is manned by sixty nuiu
in all. A visit to tli? Steady at tho
present time, when she Is lining full service, will convince
one of the strict discipline and ciuo which is pursued
Iri (ho Kngllsh navy. Kverylhliig en board bogpcaks
that degree of essential rigor which can alone
cause the naval department of a country to bo clf-ctuul
na well an poworful. S'lio whole inovemcnis on board
are conducied with quiet and stoadiuosw. 8ubitlle:rin on
deck walk and do tlioir business a* if they foil the Inevitable
necessity of doing so with laudable despatch.
Tlio principal piece or armament which the Steady carries
is the sixty-eight pound pivot gun placed amidships,
aid which carries a shot and do- s goo I eocniiou at c distance
of 1,700 yards. Hie gun will throw either shot or
shell, grape or eannfster. This vessel expects 10 lay at
anchor in the North river until to-moirow, her future
destinut ion not y t b ing detcimined upon. At this poctilisr
time, when the country is immersed in tlio vortex of
a civil conflict, the vbl. ol a ifniis'.i war v cruel to our
waters Is loek-d ui>on with a goal deal of iutcn. I. As
slio lays in the stream hundreds star. I on the pi.e s, will
gszeat her for hours, while tUeDrltish flag flaunts itself
in the breeze from lier stern.
Tho following ire tho oilieers of llio Steady
Cnmnu:ntlrr?Honry p. Grant.
Lieutenant?Oxford A. CamTon.
Secmrt Mister?diaries Walton.
Afistrnt Suiijr.n?Ueni. II. McTulidy.
Asri.'tont Paymaster?Ebenczer Weymouth.
Master's As went?P. M. Prowue.
Kngituer? W. P. Grose.
At.~vt.nnt Rnyin en?Coo. Roe ami Ijiwrmce Steele.
Gunner?Edward Crow ley.
Tragedy on Mikcr'e Island.
Another dreadful military tragedy occurred on Friday
night on Riker's Ialnrid. Tho facta appear to be briefly as
Orderly Sergeant Gcnrgo I.ind?ey,of the Ytiles' Riflos.
had been put in oonflnomunt in tho gunrd house for an
act of Insubordination and disorderly conduct, and, it Is
alleged, was heard to threaten vengeance upon the authors
of his disgrace. On Fridaj- evening I.indncy managed in
some manner to break loose from his guards, and immediately
repaired to the sentries' room, where a quantity
of anna were stacked. The alarm was immediately given>
and Lieutenant Davis, of Company B, hearing the c.mnmotion
, hurried to discover the cause. On being made
acquainted with the cause Lieutenant Davis ordered I.indsey
hack to the guard house, and, by way of enforcing
the command, pushed the refractory sergeant aside. The
latter d! 'appear,id for a few seconds, eh ii he aaa.n
rushed out with a blyonet, charged tlio Lieutenant,"iiml
stabbed talin tlirongh the heart. I nvls immediately feil
to the ground,cry ing "My God, I am killed."
Llndaey wns subs* qttenlly secured and placed in irons
under a strong guard. Yesterday morning an Inquest
was held on (lie twdy by the Coroner of Queens county.
It is said that the prisoner had an old grudge against
Davis, because the latter cau sed hitn to bo degraded fiom
the rank of Sergeant to the position of a private. Among
the officers hi.) reputation is repressntcd as being anything
but desirable.
IJeut. Davis was only 22 years of age, and but recently
Special Sessions.
In ths long calendar of cases disposed of three times
per week In the Special Sessions, at tho Tombs, there are
often pome " rich " developements, which, together with
thccrurs llriug of the " learned counsel " for the prosecution
and tho defence (who frequently combat each
other like Kilkenny cats), in ike tlie mo. ning pass away
agreeably to those who have a penchant for litis kind of
entertalenient. On an average the trial and sentencing
of a prisoner arraigned at the bar of the .Special Sessions
consumes sevcnty-flrs seconds, so it w ill ho perceived
that tbolr " honors " In the course of a month mote out
justice and punishment to an army of oflbnders.
Yesterday the calendar was as large as usual, and was
expeditiously gone through with by Justices Kcliy, Connoily
ami ?tcers. lite nt"Sl interesting ere e w'as a charge
of an outrageous character preferred against a comtu'Slo
tiy a poor woman,whom lie came to dispossess on a
Saturday evening. He entered the room of the helpless
femaV. and w hile she remonstrated with him for electing
1 her out of the premises mid carrying Iter household
articles into the rtro?t, he struck her a. violent blow with
a eiub in the bosom, which might have proved fatal.
: Tlie name Of til" defendant was Lawrence Oberlr, ai,d
that of tho female upon whom tlie Inhnman assault was
committed was Mrs. Met'ami. The Justices tcm(ierr<l
ji.sti' e too mueh with mercy in impoping a line of $10 for
an offence which should have been punished by n heavy
line and Imprisonment in the penitentiary.
Richard A. Fleming, who was convicted during tho
week of stealing a cart, tho property of Nicholas llealy,
w?s called up for sentence. The cuxumuUncev: developed
ou tho trial were of ^uch a nature as to warrant the Court
In Imposing a more nominal sentence, which waa Imprisonment
in tlie city prison for twenty-four honrs.
Other cases of minor Interest, wers disposal of, snd
the Court adjourned at noou.
I'oll^loua Iiift'lllgi lift".
' Tlio Moral Ajpi.t." ..f the War." TheKvangelicfit Alliance
will hold a mmauaf uu the above subject thlaevou>"K,
lu Plymouth Ansoh, Brooklyn. Speokors?Revs.
ITs. Tynif, Cheever, Itcochcr, Bellows. (Joss. Cool, man
and Strickland.
The Church of the Puritans will be open today. Pr. Clirevor
will preach at hall'pant leu A. M. and half-past
Boveu lu the evening. Subject for the evening?"The
Voice of Christian | iglund to America for the Ktuonclpatlon
of Slaves."
"Hie Her. H. A. Torev will preach in the Murray Hill
Baptist church, Thirty-fifth street, between Fifth and
Sixth avenues, n> half-past ten o'clock A. M. and at half|cuit
seven o'clock 1'. M.
The uervicca for installing the newly settled |u.stor of
tho Second I nivcrsallst Society?ltcv. (!. 8. Klanders,
fonnorly of Cincinnati, ?>.?will take ptooe this aftcrmon,
nt tbreo o'clock, at I heir place of worship, oomer of Second
avenue and Kleventh hi reel. Order of oxerclKc*?
I'rayer by Rev. Mr. Cravens, of Brooklyn, sermon, by
Rev. l)r. Sawyer, tbe former pastor; Address on Fellowship,
by Itov. M. Iiallou; Adtlrers to tlio People, by Rev.
Dr. Cbnpln; Itcnedlctlon, by tlio pastor. Preaching in
the morn In ir >< >. .....iii. t...r..?.o. n...
evening at half past seven o'clock.
St. Mirk.V church, Second avenue, comer of Tenth
street, Rev. Alexander II. Vinton, rector, will reopen today.
Morning gcrvico at half.past ten o'clock, afternoon
at four o'clock.
Tin. secoud set-men of the sore* on the "Military Heroca
of tin- llililo" will be delivered this ovenltg at the Rrooltlyu
Tat uncle. Boy. Wlllinra Alvln Rartlett, {uyU>r, will
pi each morning nml evulng. Scr\ ktw will oonuuence at
hilfpast ten o'clock In tie morning, and at half-past
a von o'clock in tlio evening. Subject In the evening?
"Ji ihna."
"Shall wo Stagger at. Cod's Promlam throughUnbelielT"
will be the a ih.'oct of discourse by the Bev. K. 0.
1 trot'ke-, at the Twintlcth street I'nlvervalist church, botweeti
Sixth and Seventh avenues, this afternoon. Servirut
at half past three o'clock. Sertniai In the morning at
half |uu<t ten o'clo. k.
Tlie Rev. Cliarles tricar and Mrs. S|a?ar, will deliver an
address this evening, at half past seven o'clock, at the
Histories! Ituilding, corner of Second avenue and Klevenlh
street. Subject?''Incidents in Prison Life."
In St. Ann's church, the Rev. Tlmmas Oallaudet, rector,
services as usual, with the voice, at half past ten o'clock
in tlio ui'iralng and nt half past seven o'clock In the evenlug,
and in the sign lattg are at half-]>ast three in the uftenuon.
Tho Rev. P. C. lCwcr will preach moruing and
even log.
Rev. Matthew Ilale Smith will preaeli In the North
Trinity church, COO Seventh avenue, tietwoen Forty lifih
ami Forty-sixth streets, at a quarter before elcvon in the
morning ami at half past seven in tho evening. Subject?
"'The llible."
Meetings are held every Sunday, at half-past ten in tho
morning, at room No. A Clinton Hall, where the "Cnspel
of tho Kingdom of Cod," as foretold by Moses and the
Prophets and taught by Jesus and his Apostles, is sot
ii> tun nniiiiriHi uiiiircu, iiRiumoua street, aimer or
Wavorlcy placo, the Rov. K. T. Remington will preach
this evening. Services at half punt ten la the morning,
hair past three iu the arternoon and hall poet seven in
tho evening.
In the Bhecker street Universaliet church, corner of
Downing etrcc t, Rov. 0. Cravens preaches at lialf pa-1 ton
In lb" m iming. At half-past seven ill tho evening Kev.
Muttes llailon will consider tho question?"If Cod Is Cood
auil Unchangeable, why l'ray to Ilim?"
In tho Uhr.'ll in (Iliapel, Seventeenth street, near Slath
avenue, sorvices at luilf-past ten In the morning and hairpast
seven in tbu evening. I'ri aching by tho pa:Hor, I rbari
Pro Ivor. Subject, morning?''The Three (Jraccs;"
evening, "(llirletiun Manhood."
Ornec church will he reopened for Pivlne service to day
at the nsuul hours, half |*ast ten in the morning and four
In the afternoon.
There Is now is tr.g held a camp meeting at Maspctli,
I/ji)g Island, three tnih-s Trom Willlamsbu-g ferries.
lb v. I mac S. Kallovh will preach In Imight street
church (St. John's par'.;), at hol'-j ust ten o'clock this
morning, and at half-) ast seven ju the evening. 8 thjrct,
for morning?"The Sea;" for evening?"l.lfc < f ra il."
The Kcv. Ih-nry Blacehard wHI prrach on "ltaplisrn?
its Worth and its Worthlessness," in lite Church of the
Restoration (First Universalis!), corner of Monroe place
and Clark street, Brooklyn, this (Sunday) evening. Tic
public are cordially invited to attend.
MuuulOiiv t Baptist church will dodicata tV#* new
hall,corner of Broadway and Forty seventh street, to"
day. Preaching at half-part ten this morning by Rev.
8. Remington, pastor; at half-past three In Ihe uflornoon
by Rev. Alexander TYltz, and in tho evening, at half-past
seven o'clock, by Hov. Dr. fowling. Keats lit a.
Rev. John yuini y Adams will preach the func rul s-'nn"u
<>f Mr. Stephen Hydo, in the Anttoch Baptist cb'nvh,
Seventh u\?nuo, near Thirteenth street, at throe o'cfccli
P. M. to-day.
Prrtunnl iHtrlllgrurr.
Mrs. Ward, tho wi l< w of the late lamented Commander
Junes II. Ward, who foil in lUo service of hi* country a!
Mathias Point on the 27th of June, arrival in the Africa
on Friday night. A.r wo plated at the time of l'*|>t. Ward's
death, Mrs. Ward was absent la Knropo, wlili ft r el.!<-t
and youngest son and her daughter, when Is *r (Vuiit
husband foil. Iter ivoord son. Frederick, was on hoard
the schooner Dana, a'ongslde IViuimaiul-r Ward's v.rscl,
tho Freobam, when ins father met his dual.ii wound.
Mrs. Ward is accompanied liy her youngest child, a Ana
Ikiv, and ? s Tvant. On lca'ninj of her husband's deaili
r.hb liurried lions'' immediately.
Major General Bullnr asid stair arrived at tiso Meirojio.
Hotel early yeatcrday morning from Washington, and
after a slay of a few hours I'rooceded by the eight o'clock
train to Boston.
lion. 0. A. Grow, of Pennsylvania; Hon. Daniel B. Dic'.Inson,
of Itingtiansl'm; Jodgo Hubbard and fuini'y, of
Wa'ertown; I., f. Woodruff, of Buffalo; T. Kearney, <>r tlsi
Ui.itod States Naval Academy; 15. A. (hapin, of New
Hampshire; I'. Dol'astro and fouilly, of Havana, and V.
c. winstow, or onto, are stopping at the m. Nnlm; s
.1. Tom|*on and wife, of ITavana; A Ma.\'i< kir, of.('lit
c?g<>; igs\vl.-< and John ftitlerlec, of (California; 0. W.
Grant and wife. of Hnmdeti, Conn., S. W. Willi'', of
Philadelphia; J. Part--, ! >. J. Monlu go, M. Gut-rano
f.i.i .1. Y. Hirvi'ii, of II-vaua; G. II. Urewst-r and l\
1>. Or roll, of New York, are h topping at thy Taifarg
Colonel A. J. Hollar and Colonel It. F. Fiflold,nf Porlrer'
Monroe: Governor Walker, of Washington Territory;
MnJor Orier, Captain Myers, Captain I>. M. Gregg, Captain
Ha: c irk and T. Lt. Alexander,of the Init'd rtta'iv Army ;
''aplain Koilett. of < In: Boston Flying Artillery, and K. H.
SUeveim and party, of California, arc slopping at the M-tropolUnn
Hon. II. FlUhngli, of Oswego-Captain .lani"" I.awV sc.
Of Wilmington: John I'. Sbankey, J. G. Stool utrl W. H.
Windy. of Philadelphia; G. P. Post, of Connecticut; \V.
Thompson,of Burlington; K. Ill-idle nnil II. Parker, of
Botdon; .1. 0. Abbott an.I wife, of Manchester, .V. H.; J.
W. King and (Hinily, of Cincinnati, M. C. Smith an t .1.
Kavmaii, of Ban Franeiseo, and R. Ball, of Worcester,
ore stopping at tint Atdor House.
S. G. Word, Esq., of Boston; A. Filllortou, of Liverpool;
C. Dnrand. Fsq.. of Mfllortt; J. II. Thompson, Faq., of
Springfield: A I. LeKoy.nf Fredonla; Mrs. John Stroud,
Jr..and sl-ler,of New Orleunr; Captain T. Denn and son,
of Cincinnati; Jatae* M. Townsend and lady and W. J.
Townsend and lady, of Xo.v Haven; Ml** Batiur and Mi s
Sheldon.of Hartford; M rs'.f. Conk,of Ste'ibouville.oh.o,
and H. Utah awl lady, of New York, are stopping at the
Albemarle Hotel.
J. if. (Indian and M. Yillnte, of N'nv York; J. Gould, of
Gotildtiborough: Captain Uttoda, of Havana; \v. Gr Is wold,
of Hartford; \V. G. White and G"org-? Baker, of Chicago;
Mr. Warren, Miss Roby and Miss K. Ruby, of Boston: Mr.
aiid Mrs. ihvlro ail I Si they S. Harris, of New York; Titos.
J. Hrowu.of Chl"ot"i; ('apt. fane, l'nile.l States Army;
Captain Oeoil Johns'at. B. A., of Iziudon; F, It. Gow n. of
l'ottsvllle. l'a.; Geo. Sh illleld, of London- Isionard Wldtnev.ofOoinmbws;
John A. Osborn, of Nnv York; Albert
Abbott, of Boston, are stopping Rt the Kvorett House.
Me,(or R. B. Glitz, I'nlted States Army;Clirles F. de Yivaldt,
United Suite: Consul to Brazil; Don Piatt, of uhio;
Rev. F. M. P. Wells, of Boston; Hon. 0. A. Morse, of Cherry
Valley; A. N. Brown and J. Carter ltnwn. of Providence,^;!.;
I. A- Spaalding. of Lock|>ort, S.Y., are
stopping in th > St. l enls Hotel.
The Rochester K-j r n publishes *n extract from a letter
from Mr. Ely to Ida wifo, dated the iMtli of August Ho
contrail lets all statement* to the effect tluit lie Is " ditchi
lug." doing " general kitchen work."' or employed in any
other kind of labor. Mr. Fly beam his irksome Imprison,
meat with ail the. patience ho can briug to bear, sud waits
the tarn of events for hat release.
[From Gal is u an i'a Messenger. Augr-sl 31.]
The /*witp Jo,of Milan, states that Cariltaldi is unwell at
Caprera, and that, notwitbsaudlng the advice of his
friends, ho has token to a quark rem"dy, whieh pofe-svt
considerable celebrity alsiut thirty years ago, nndi r tiic
i name of 1'medicine lyr >v." As it L? a most powerful ca
tlia: tic, its use has red tin d liiiu to a deplorable state of
j weakness, llu is described as having given np politics
! iiHogetli?r, and as having his thoughts bent exclusively
; upon the stale of his health.
1 Important to Shipper* to the Island of
. A short time since there appeared in the Havana papers
; u proclamation from the Captain General, stat ;ng thnt our
i American pilot and navy breads would, for the space of
fourteen months, be free of duty; but such Is tbo ease In
ouiy *ome ports ef Cuba. On inquiry at the Cnstnm
Ilr.use at Ms'anzus It appears that the only porta exempted
from the doty mentioned are Havana, Clenfuegas, N'u?.
I vitas tad Cuba.
Tin- t)li ^TniiriK
The California si -enor Champion win an object of meat
attraction to nnr Irish- American follow cittcen* all 1I 7
yesterday, from tlio faot Dial tho rouuins ol the lata
T< rcnoe Hollow McManus rioted on lior dork', surrounded
liv a guard of honor, consisting t>f twelve of I he Fhtmiiic
btlya lt' 7-ouavc*. Hundred* of in-ople crowded around
the pier during the day, and Hie deceased patriot's name
ran from lip to ijp.
At toil o'clock yesterday morning the committee on the
obsequies in t ut No. 6 Centre street, uud rouutluod In boseioD
until after ono o'clock, perfecting tlio arrangements
for tho cert to 1 mob to take pluco tomorrow. A letter waa
iccolfeil from Mr. Hart,*extoa of 8t. l'atrlck'* Cathedral,
slatilij: thai it wait the Archbishop's wish that the re.
mains should be Oonveyod to Calvary Cemetery after tho
ceiomouie* at the church, there to rent until their final
departure for Ireland.
Messrs. south and Kavann;h, the delegation which ar.
rlytsl from California in rlinrgu of tho body, were introduced
to tl.e onniniiltce, whtn the Chairman, Mr. .lohn
Malioney, welcomed them in an eloquent speech, towards
the close of which ho remarked that It wan the earnest
prayer of liis cellcai-oes and himself that tlio pious anil
s i'i tun rlpl N in which tlioy were engaged would lie to
th-in an i t rn il covenant and bond of love, and of bono
uml faith in i lie freedom of Ireland.
Mr. s^niith res|H>nd?d in n. fi w well-timed remarks, exhibiting,
itt llicir ,lose, 11 beautiful gold wutch ami ring,
the projierl) of the lamented McMonus, and which are In
Im envoy. il to hb; fnut.il> lu Ireland. On lite hack of the
watch was the ropri ! ontntlf n of it harp, gornmnded with
shamrocks. It was the gift of the lrl.ilt peo[il? at homo
to McM.ttius in At.v-t n. Th ring is of massive gold, and
hears the following simi le ind touching inscription on ilH
stone:?"My country." A letter accompanies the ring,
addrew-tld its follows:?"To the Kov. Kullier Hellow,orU>
the Stutter of McNUiius, the eucl. sod ring in delivered
it* a 8 >tt?etiir of the dec-used pulriol."
The remains were conducted front the steamer to the
Slovens' House in llroadwuy, where they will remain
until morning. To duy lin y will he conveyed to St.
Patrick's t'nlhedrul, whore high mass will lie cotehrutod,
and the iioocs,.ary ci rrmoulcs to the dead luke place. All
uilvertiseini nt in another |>art of to day's paper will ei
plain the whole programme.
The Central Park Converts.
t Th> rich musical treat offered for the delectation of the
public in the programme which was published in the
IIkiulii, drew a coucourse of jxople to tlio l'aik yesterday
outnumbering very considerably all former gal her
ings to the People's Concerts. II must almost seem liko a
stereolyp.il phrase to say that yesterday's wus the most
successful concert yot of tho season. Hut so the fact
stands, n.i shown by a rough estimate frum the goto
keeper's record. According to it, close on 40,000 peoplo
were congregated within the I*ark enclosures. An
ispially r-'liablo test, but one not o)h'u to publio
scrutiny, could bo found in the cash returns
of the conductors ol' the various railway cars
ruiu'iug up town. The ready statement, however, made
by some of tho conductors on these lines, and which they
gave wls'.c evidently laboring under r. plethora of receipts,
pUces beyond oil doubt tlio fact that yesterday's
was tho monster concert or the season. Tim weather
was all that could he desired, bracing, yet warm and cu
joyablo even to the close, Th# time for the commence
ment of the music lias been 1U. d a half hour earlier than
heretofore until tile end of the Beaton. This change Ls
rendered necessary on a. count of tho earlier approaches
of the night, whieh, considering tlio cxr-cllence ol' the
music suit the general Inducements of a prolonged nun
hie, might reasonably enough overtuke lis. mauy of tho
mors distant visiters, and thus lead, from the rushing
and crow ling iuia cars, and indeed for llic wonts "I a
sufficient number of conveyances, to many unpleasant
results. Tho necessity of the change in the hour was be
coining every week more obvious; and il may be as well
to state that the Inspector of the Park was the man for
nit; crisis, anu nan tnc ciutugo accordingly muac. ah an
notmccd (in* band took their positUm on llu* ( r 1*1*11 va
largo open space of preen ?w?ird hitherto well preserved,
now closely lihnmeil and hh hiuo dh as volvot. At tho
eastern end of it ,tic.ir u eopoo of Ire rs.but sulllcloiitly dotaut
not t ? mar llio m isle, tho platform was erected for
the bund, while ia the front?the apace unfortunately
being devoid of shade?an imuioFtgo crowd of lib
ttmera moved noise Us.-Is about. With the increased
ntloiidiuiec of ihjjestilaits there was also an
evidently In rye increase of ci|u?*tt inns ami carriage
people, among whnin?wfttof course, include the free and
ivisy boss who are never happi-T I ban when driving their
hall starved hut Incomprehensibly fast tings blend of I bo
stylish equipages, and cuttorhig thn dust in clou-la in
the fuccm of their aristocratic rival., on the road. All sort h
of vehicles were there, and a goodly motley of various
grades of persons from tlto staid < <|uipnge* strolled about
tlto grounds. As tc-ual, llio grvate.t ha: ?not>y, apa r t in
this i-onneclion front llio harinotiv of tho hand, prevailed
throughout the iiuim ubc conco i o, winch in front of the
platform was nlin.*t as thick as a crowd at a tnasj
meeting by torchhylit. tine of the advantage* derived
from locating the band on the green wu:. found
iti I lie removal of the cmso, the unce&siug and very 1111plc.'b'iiit
liofcc of the trump and tread of .so nruiy people
ui?c;i tU" gravelled mull, atid which detracted very much
from tho eiieeta M the music. The great expectation, as
it was resllv the gern of the evening, was tho |H*rformunco
of the NaUnual Medley. The program me vv<in fully
can led out, yet few or none b II the ground t:ll after the
performance of tho National Medley. Those who have
heard this unrivalled military muicnl composition, may,
no doubt, like to hear ii again; those who did not enjoy
that. |?le;.s?iro yesterday, we advice to go to tho Central
Pitrk eoncert next line Saturday.
Arrivals a ml Drpaidurri*
TTavatv ?Steamship Columbia?M de Curbiger,.f If Hu.lth,
.1 J K <1?- f ? n, A Itcyw ', Mrs S thine.>t?, K Harris,
S I'dull. .1 liuinll, K Tonrplor. J (' IVruentH, T C CHrboiod,
.1 M fori, n, V A I-Vr.mmie*, Al?-v Kvvtng, i' A C Verde, <i
Sli'ill/, Mrs C TJi?in.t< end two huh, F 8chbrhanji, K
Prowrie, Mr - A Mm'Ihii, Mr. F Aw?tv/., M Custcri, .1 FSirrmi,
T It ill. P l.i' ?rda Mid wifo, .1 s.udl, II tiihb*, I mud SUN
( ''.hisoil tit N uvlt.'iH, hear*'!* of ih-*pMt(-hcH; It I. UIiAh, ft !(
(Vrvl.K, Cjp? .1 ?' JO.f.s, K If lUayh-u n, I! .loncs, ,f ti CiulehioiM,
T |?ur V Dnnry, V ?*r, An' Uodrigeo*, M M? al
V Jucl, Ml** A Seelv. F F t.'.iiui and lady, 1. Mania, II (?
Danttn, (J P'* ?rlloi. Miim A Ilr^nnan, .1 A l<u<^, W Dunn, ii
i. re , M Sh'oIs, C 1, Martin, F !. , Win J I,listener", d
Fopii-h, C Fi;hti;/.? e, Juo Foster, p Duncan, J bidmana, J
rlored, t; t.: itic., it Creen, l1.1 Menicgo.
l?LP\ItTi ltF.;i,
11 wa N" V VIA N'Ai.S.OJ-Si??iri"i li;iiuak.?Jo?e|t!l Sehmllt,
,b.si?nh SchaiilU Jr, Jttlui ilanck, Fhilu; 11 y Fbetiey, fwt
hn l, Mr*; ,) H (? \V Hopjht, N V; I. Radel, HanIih/o
tie Culm; .) )'?tihtJtdii, l! polttii C.ilerii, A D'cohkoH.*,
lla.ar! ! I ?./ Port*' I I If !? !, H.vanv,
.las (J (jreen, I'a; Mi-- Wall: r?\ Symni?e; Mlaa Afcztpgui*
n*;d S' !". ant. II mini ; Clm? < * i:;?)?-It, N Y Aoi.eo Ctitnun y
Nnn #i, K Ap-'/t?fili'ii, Havana; K F Wallace, Svrat'lls"";
Coo Matthew. I n jr.fi. \V: Mr and Mis W II Pi.lrohilil and
ervent, MImi Oh!, N V; A \rm?!tl, Ba'h. Me; (let. K frit-hard.
N V; Mi and M X I, Smith and twoiMldrn N "S ; M: nod
Mrt Jt II Savr.MT, Sri! O ftoblnjum, Win P niacl. Mr nod
AI/'m if Rr:k? r, M Finlicit Kreit, Mrn St* Wulhii, Imhba' ; A
V Hi . , N V.
Our Witt- Mi? ]?*?Colored Id.Ulfon.
A new edition of t!? IIKRA 1.1) War Mayw, on rn'i-ndetvtl
papcii beautifully coiua'd, U now ready. Size of eneei iOxfiO
lri';!i?4$ con!vna thirty.two Mnpa;?A Laim.r Map or the
CrxitATiOK.s or thk Nine. Kri'Kinrto.v, showing I ho Coast
and/nl'taof X or ill Carolina, important rooginjih leal position
of Hatieras Inlet, Ac.; Tor Kajh.m Fne.n at WiLioVi
C;.m;k, M".f where General Lyti wrm kPted; Tiij*; Battms
! iKi.n at Hui.r. Rnx, from* the official drawing of General
McDowell; Larx* Mapa of Mi.-< ;ouri axp tiik Sv.it or Win
iv nil! VVriT iind tin* S'k'AT lie Vf in in Vimn.via. A IJihosHYU
Virw or the United States, hih! twenty-six others, tiliotvliig
st n glance tb? Whole Seal of War, awl marking clearly and
distinctly the armies' movements, isialtlnns, cnmpn, hnrlairs,
flirts, 4c., iiriutcd In superior style, on nan oldo of n largn
sheet, no lU.il they c.in 1st hong up In library, oftlce or workshop,
for prt urutlunand reference during the war. Tlaes
mil]is were drsiwt and engraved cxprc sly fur Hie NEW
YORK iJE RAMI. nr.d arc the most p- rfn t \V r Map- I -sin-1.
Shiftsc id'-*, IB cents; 0 for $1| It for 46, and 100 for $lt 99,
Agents wonted everywhere. Address EDWARD V. LLOYD
it CO., exclusive agents for thu colored edition, 2D3 Brood* ay,
New York.
I in port t> it t Victory.?The Slate Pair Just
closed at Chicago, after tho most thorough test and upon
tIn; report of n most a' le committee from all pans of tho
Hln'c of Illinois, have awarded to tho (HtOVER A JIAIvI-.lt
MACtlINJ4 the Urst premium over all other lnuchlmw. Alt
the loading machines were engaged.
To Wltnra It ""#y (iimriin.
ilM.OOU wolth "f l-'nll .tod Winter Cloth log. tint ?t?.lr of ,v
well known whotosah.' bo'.tso on Ilrosrtwsy, smashed by the
war. Is now Indnre solo At wholesale indritail, at b thou
00 I
and > Pulton street, betivoeu Gold and Cliff.
06 )
Wr Btfir tu an Advrt lli.t iiicnl In stir
eoluntns 'hnt M'olsme FI.Jl'X, lain of 41 Mm ray street, will,
on the ITtti of thism alh, open the spacious bourn No. ID
Win rloi place, us it liotc, anil Restaurant of lint b'.v cl.vs.
Cent! no-a or fuuillics will llinl it one of the most agreeable
locutions to the city, where, ftoiu the well know n ox p.. rlrn")
of the lady. they lire sum to meet xvlib ever) comfort on reasons
bio terms.
Uriitlriiirii's llHt??Xnt Style for Pall,
now ready, lit DOVE AX'S, No. 102 Nassau street, comer of
Trnssrs, Klasllr Ktncklngs, Slionltler I
Bran .So-! Xito ry K.soil i.o s, Ac. Drs. cl.oVKll AXUURN'E,
No. 4 Ann street, under Bixriutm's Museum.
Ocnin's Ornntl Ops t' lnp. 1
J sot. PALL si Vl.P.s. ML 1
ci;vr;,i-:wv.v> pelt iiats and cats.
Grand combination ol European and
Aiwronn vltus*.
Every style for the fall can lie
found In lb* assortment.
Hats that leant and yijxnali 'ti for;
Hats, tn I'tiell that ohfldren cry lor.
Balehrlor'A liatr llyc?The Best In the
world?Hamtle /r., re'iAble tutd tiiotuntanooiB. Sold and
applied at BAT'JHId.OK'B wig factory, 16 Hon d street.
ChrlatGciloro'a Hnlr Dye, Wtf* and Toupeev-the
'seat In tha world?wholesale and retail, and tho
dya privately applied, tt No. 0 Aster Hot:**.
Bowel Complaints, Fr cava, Sarei anil
^ Ulcers, to which snldter* arc Habgt are promptly oured By
[ UoUoway's Uiutuntiami I'Uta,
31. _ S
Offlflnl Drnvrlng* of Mnrr.f, Eu''' ^
t'o.'n k , i'?I Huuuiiirl riuti* LollrrtM.
Ki NTiviitr, Kxtha I*.?rtrptrmber 14. IS6I.
64, l!l, (i7, til, '.'ii, ;tl', 21, ds, 1H, 66, 4.
Ki aimki, I'l.asi 490?repp mlwr 14, I8CI.
22, ?2, In, It!, t'J, 21, A, 46, t',7, 12, 75, 35, 3, 60.
(.'trcuUm.t ut Irro ut rirari;i? til uiicliVKHtiij; iltlinr i >
, Oorin ton, K)'., or W LouU, *?
Koyal i'ttvuiin litiltcrjr.?Mdlrlal Drow4**1!*
of Hrpiombrr 4, will tio piit>ti?lo**l in liMimi ruw . lit I'aM.
TAYLOR Jr f>., Honker*. It! VY?tl mrwit.
Prlirj Cuiliril in ull liruiilUril Lottrrlr.
g VI-II, l v JOSKI'ir MATKM, Hmk.r, 19 Wall
reel, up Htiihw, Now York.
Saturday, Sept. 14-45 P. W.
The money market continues fliirly active. The
banks are unwilling lenders, but there ia plenty of
niouey necking employment at nix per cunt. The
indications arc that that rato cannot belong utaintained.
Tho foreign cxcliatige market closed ftrntly at
the qnotationa of yesterday; the advance gives
rise to much comment.
The stock market was feverish and unsettled
this morning; a generul Impression prevails among
tlie niemhers that a battle at Washington is at
haml, and neither bulls nor beara are willing to
operate freely under the circumstances. The tendency
of the market under these circumstances
was downward. At the first board government
sixes (registered) declined %, fives %, Tennesaees
l/4> Virginias %. Missouris %, North Carolinaa 1,
Illinois Central %, Erie %, Michigan Southern guaranteed
%, and Rock Island %. (lalena was
steady, with an active demand for cash stock; New
York Central was better, on tho rumor that the
quarrel with tho Erie is about to be adjusted.
After tbu first board tho market was dull. At
the second board stocks stiffened up, and advanced
% a % all round, closing steady at tho advnucc. j
Tho following were tho lust quotations:- -United
Statos ti's, registered, 1881, 88% a 80; do. C's,
coupons, 1881, 90% a %; do. fi's, 1874, 80% a %;
Indiana 5's, 77 a 78; Virginia 6's, 61% a 53; Tennessee
C's, 43 a %; North Carolina 6's, CO a 62%;
Missouri ti's, 43% a %: PaciAo Mail, M% n 82%;
New Vork Central, 73% a %; Erie, 25% a 26; do.
preferred, 46% a 48; Hudson River, 33% n%; Harlem,
10% a %; do. preferred, 25% a %; Reading,
35% a 3ti; Michigan Central. 41% a 42%: Miehiiran
Southern ami Northern Indinna, 13% a 14; <lo.
guaranteed, 29% a 30%; Panama, 110 a 111; Illinois
Central, 00 a 07; (lalena and Chicago, 09%a70;
Cleveland and Toledo, 29% a 30; Chicago and
R irk Island, 43% a 43%; Chicago, Burlington and
(Juincy, 01 u 02; Milwaukee and Prairie du G'hien.
I*; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 93 a %; Delaware
and Hudson Canal, 82% a 84; Pennsylvania
Coal, 70 a 77.
The number of subscriptions at the Sub-Treasury
to the popular loan to-day was as great as on any
previous day, but there were fewer heavy subscriptions,
and the aggregate amount is accordingly
less. The business of the Hub-Treasury was as
IP relpU $2,794,854 42
?Kor Customs K,(SX) oo
?Tie s iry Notes 865.0(3) 00
Payments 8,371,842 78
Unlit tier 14,293,222 82
The exchanges at tlio Hank Clearing House this
morning were $15,247,832 47, and the balances
$1,732,280 22. The exchanges for the week ending
to-day were $35,011,078 54, being a daily average
of $16,935,179 79, against $14,843,149 41 for tha
week ending Saturday last.
The following table will compare the ewporss of
the seven principal staple articles for the week:?
WrtUtn-ling , 1860. , , IBM. ,
,V?/4. 12. Value. Amavn'. I'd
Cot ton, bales 2,228 $111,538 8 $686
Hour, bbls M.IOO 340 061 41,927 200.089
(Wu meal. 1,424 6 218 1 ,8''2 6,324
Wheat, bushels....304,654 429,066 204,528 222.540
(Virn 41,020 29.473 329,218 189,597
Beof, bbls. anil Irs. 1,001 13 842 94n 10,87a!
Pork 1,828 81,720 2,918 37 271
ToUl ? $181,497 ? $872,859
Decrease of W(-ek as compiled Willi 1800 $233,028
The following is a oompsrulivo statrmcnt of the
value of oxports from the commencement of the
year to September 12: ?
18(10. 1881. /n.'ivrw. Dtcreare.
Cotton $7,481,177 9.403,529 1,910.352 ?
Hour 0,011,132 9,96' ,291 3,940,1 9 ?
Corn Meal... 187,860 228,480 41,100 ?
Wheat 0,441,697 17,205.979 10,854,282 ?
Com 1,193,511 4,819,240 3,425,729 ?
Beef 1,398,87 8 797,978 ? 800.900
Pork 1,142,872 1,100,437 17,806 ?
Total.... $23,862,327 43,450,914 20,196,487 800,900
Inrrawoas compared with 1-9I0 $19,604,68T
Tin' Secretary o! tlul I Ton stiry (ins HUUKH'i/.eii air.
Cisco to receive from 1lio hanks, in payment of 7,30
Treasury notes, the sixty day notes, whether due or
not due. There are about f7,OUO,()00 of these notes,
which iR equal to twenty per cent on the loan of
Ihirty-flvo millions.
Coleman's San Francisco circular says:?
Money Is In hell or demand, h it calls, Ihns far, have not
lieou pressing, and wo liavo no occii* on lo vary quotations,
wbtoh restate at l.1: a 2 peroeut por month, with a fair 4sprooof
flrinni .s. II has been supposed that the Increased
require moots, apparent of late,bat?boon owing somewhat
to an upprchenslon anionic importers that tic advanced
d ties under (ll.nuifKlou in Cot ?Tf ss wot I I he applied to
Roods in boud, and iqx>ii examination of Custom House
hook* wo tlud that tho withdrawals have lie.cn unusually
numerous since the 1st instant, bu| the nggreg to of
duties |mi I amouuts to only about ft!0,n00. This, however,
la in ove'-ss of the previous month l>y about $471,1100;
but so insi;<i.lHcarit a cum cr.n hardly iiavt caused any
l#rcu|itiblochange In the demand Tor money. Thee*
tensive ImprovehmnU going on in various parts of the
city occasion a continual drain, which passes Into gener.d
circulation, and \vi I. ultimately, no doubt, find Its
way bnek again to the coffers of the capitalist, in addition
to ilos, no h*am that considerable amounts have
been required for aiivau.es upon grain contracts.
The Harrieburtf Union says of the busmens of
tho Pennsylvania Central Railroad:?
No ono not thoroughly conversant with railroad affairs
ran form tho in out dislhnt idea of the immense amount of
business now nnlng en tho IVnnryIvanla Railroad, We
are Informed that IT the bosino.-s on the road does not
fall off between this sad the first of November, the end
of the flscsl year, that the receipts for J881 will bo up.
w-arils of seven mil ieus of dollars. It must be rouiemlisrert,
too, that a'l munitions of war aro carried at a dodueUonfrom
the roguhur rates, and tha (hire on tr. ?
transported is only two-f birds of tho current rates. With
nil tlie liusineivs d'jue no uccideut has occurred, and nut a
ninKl'i mun untune tho imnuriiM number or suldiera wjui
tther killed or malracxl through the negligence of uuy <.f
(be employes of the compauy.
The weekly statement of earnings of the Pt.
I/Oiiis, Alton arid Chicago Railroad for thu work
ending September 7, 1361, la as follows:?
Jssi. 1S90
I'nsrenperi $8,816 27 8,400 23
Freight 14,933 40 16 02S OS
Sundries 615 ICS Olio S3
T?UI $22,006 00 26.200 14
Hcrri'flso in I sill 2,226 14 ?
Tutul since 1st of January 867,110 28 022,667 28
SI Or js Itxrhange.
S,vrt aoev, Sept. 14, 1861.
$1000 ITSO's.'M.reg Oft $8000 Mich So s r bde 76!J
3000 U S 6 ?,'61,cou OO-ri 6 fdiaCntit'lal Bk... 67
20000 do U0)$ 5 Am Kxcti'mffo Ilk. so
1000 USS's, 74,eon my 60Paetllc MSoOo.s30 SI
6000 do 141% oO 111 (J RK scrip.slo M)
82S.ViIrcas0 p c 2 yr titty, loo do (50
1600 iln OS?, 100 Hudson Hiv Kit.. 83>?
2 IOOO Teun O's, '00.. <2 460 N Y Oatrol KR.. 7y;,
700ft do 431* 106 do b30 78
loo# Virginia Co... 68 loo (k>....ritwk 78
100* do 62^ 60 do slO 72?;
roan do 52 450 do 71
swo do 81); 160 Krie Rll 26i;
700(1 Miaaourl l'?... 48',; 100 Harlem Kit...... 10';
JL*OG0 no ?10 46601Iirlcmr.il prt*T. 86t?
VHOO do 42:'-; 6 Mich l>n UK ... 42
, (6000 do 1)80 43); 100 Hi A> ,V N I i: slk 80
I 6000 do tew 43'? !150 Cal fi Chi Hll.elO 80
I 70C0 do blO 43?, 150 do C 0*<
2090I.unluana6'*.. 6.? 36'1 do... e (57
OOf.O V Carolina tt'a. (to 20') do s? 8.1
2800 N* V(! rb'70. 100L; 10) da n? W;
6(X)01'.rloR2ml)?X'64 161 1(61 'id s8 <51>i;
6000 ! >(? llll 4thmb 71 260 Chi .'i Snclc 11 RR 48.
1000HSrlem 1*1 mb o.'> loo do... ..boo 4.2
6'SM> Ihirleiti 2d 111 b 00 40 (Id 42";
3000 N la 1,1 mtg.. 31H 300 do 42';
1000 III Ccn RR bds. 93,', 60 do ?30 42?,'
j 2000 C k Tol a f b Ja 73?;
1 $7000 Frf 6>, '74, ecu *0',' 100 r Uil'aciflcM S3 Co
8000US8'm*Uemi ooy; 26 do m
i Itooo lTS6s. "81, rxt 00 60Chi, llur 6c <1 RII. 01);
j looo Georgia B'u b3?< 60 NYCVn RR....?3 72
1000 lenu 6 s.'60... 48)2 100 do eiO 73
600 1.1 Cen Uk bde. ?:;); 100 do bio 78)4
I 15000 Muwvdrl 6'i... 48); 700 do 73),
I 13000 42); 66 Frio Hit 25),
j lOsbs Am Rich Ilk. 80 60 Panama RH ..880 110
100 I aClUc Mail S.H Co 81); 300 Ufl 81 I'ol HK. .ill) 30
1 60 do fcOQ 81 100 '<t 30
~ '" ' ' y
Hattiuiat, Sept. 14?a P. H
Fno* luie been In grxxl demand, aud firmer for shipping
brand*, winch are scarce. Halts, 18,000 lib!*., llrlodiiif
or.' ra State at 44 IHi a $0 10, aud round hoop Ohio at $0 2C
a?5 8)K
Wmur bos declined lo. a 2r , with salea of 100 C4C
bushels, |>a?.l to arrive, Including Milwaukee at Mc. a
$1 10, aud Chicago spring at $1 a f 1 07.
Cotia la a fraction dearer: sa'es 160,000 buehela at47c.
u 61c. for Vfeat era mixed.
Kya, oata, ashes aud cotton are unchanged.
Pkovimonh aro quoted a Utile Briner, but not active.
Whibhkt.?Salas 400 bbls. at 10c.
M tarried.
I.ATDW?8*mt.?On Tuesday, September 10, by Kor.
T. II. Smith, .Iauuh II. I,avow 10 CoHaawa Harm.
Srouat?lloeroa.?tin Saturday, September 7, by Rev.
W. T. Wat kins, Canada +roa?. u> Uittr Iaipcia IIoukmi.
both of the < ity,
Waktw?Pairs an On Wednesday, 8e|itember 11, al
tbu Unitarian church, In Philadelphia, by Rev. W. H.
Forties*, D. If., Mr. Jam*. S. WAUTaN, of New York, la
Miaa Carouhb A. Kaisman, of the former place.
Bomak.?On Saturday, September M.MaiuaC. Bona*,
nat ive ol Calm ir, Swe en, ng.-il 84 yeai?.
The friends ol the futul y aro reapectfiil'y invited ta att
ml th funeral, this (mi dayl afternoon, al 1 wo o'cloet
from lh? resilience of hcrilauKnler, Carolum sboruuin,S4a
Seventh avenue.
ItHUMi.?(in I rlday, September 13, Ciurijh T., infant
son of Charles T .nA u.?.i. 1
rrioimB family are respectfully Invited Is
attend the fi no al, at th> rt-Ridenceof bin |iaroDls, No. 23?
\\ ur>t Nineteenth itrflfil, thU (Sunday) afternoon al mm
o'clock. _
llijHtn**.?Suddenly, on Friday, September IS, IIams
II. Bjmoius, a nailve of Rilkinlien, )>ar,Bh of Clonics.
Oare,Irttlund, In (ho 28th yeur of hi* age.
The relatives anil f. Ion '? of tlio family are respectfully
invited loatii nil tlio funeral, this (Sunday) n'ton.am, al
one o'clock p risly.from 160 KastTwenty.dfth struct.
Misnor?on Saturday, September 14, (.'apt. Jims 8.
Donor, aged 48 years.
Kuueral H Tvirea af his lain resilience, 17 Fast Tivolflfc
street, on Monday afternoon, al ouo o'clock. Ills romakis .
will bo taken to Dover, N. H., for Intorm nt.
Connolly.?On Friday, Seplumber 13, kmma, daughter
of Mary and Win. H. Connolly,aged 2 years and 2 months.
The friends of. the family aro Invited to attend the fnneral
from the rctddruro tif Iter grandmother, 88 Kraakf
furl street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at cno o'clock.
Ciikkkt?On Saturday, September 14, Wn. Corrrr, !
eoonly Tippemry ,?ged 46 years.
Tlio frl ndsnnd acqn tint incca are respectfully Invlied
to attend the rciiera', from hli lute residence, 121 Washington
str >ct, this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock. ?
KknncicroN.?on Saturday, September 14. William
FrruncooN. youngest sou of Michael and Maria tulbersUm,
aged 14 montlis. ,
Yhei'iinorsl will take place from Ills parriila' residence, T6
Frankfort street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at (wo o'clock.
i .Orson.?On Friday, September 13. Mart Anns hon.
Mon, wife of .lohn Corm in, and daughter of Color and
Ante Moran, county Woiford, Irulaitil, aged 20 years, 1
month anil 18 days.
The friends of iho family are requested to attend lbs
funo.al, without further Invitation, from the house of hot
Hither, 160lh strict,Tenth avenue, this (Sunday) oftennwin,
at one o'clock.
Haoan.?On Friday ovening, September 18, after a
short but severe Illness, James M. Haoan, aged 27 years.
Tin' friends find retain es are respectfully invited ta attend
the fun 'ral, from Ills late resideuco, 36 Bowery, this
(Sunday) morning, at ton o'clock.
Hiul.?On Saturday, September 14, Rats FTuil, infant .
daughter of Andrew J. Hull, aged 0 mouths and 20 <laj*
The friends and acquaintances of the family aro Invited
to attend the funeral,from her |iarents'residence, Beitford
avenue, fourth house froui l'utnam, on Monday afternoon
at two o'clock.
Khans?On Friday, September 13, Maroarrt Keaiml
the beloved daughter of Nicholas and Bridget Reane, agM
3 years and 6 mouths.
The friends and acquaintances aro respecthilly invited
to attend the funeral, from tho residence of her parents.
No. 0 Hamilton street, this (Sunday) afternoon, al Urw
Kip it.?On Saturday, September 14, Michael Kjuw,
aged 36 yesrs.
'Ihu members of Kntcrprlxo Ixslge No. 36,1. O. of Q. W?
are requested to meet at their room. Odd Fellows'
this (S.inday) afternoon, at one o'clock, to pay the Ian
tribute of respect to our late brother. By order.
Isaac SvmKKRR, Secretary.
Ij:.nunc.?On Friday, September 13, Frederick J., Ml
lam con oi i*ic<stick nnatutnaruio lMiing, ageu i yibj
1 month unit '24 days.
The friends aud acquaintances of the family are tavit-irt
to alt-ml the funeral, from corner of ttu binond
r<Hi<1 unit Wright atroet, KiapUtou, Htaleu Ialuud, AM
(Sunday ) afternoon, at two o'clock.
I.vnam.?On Wudhuffday, September 11, Hakoha Limb,
after a lone dimes.
'ih# friends and relative* of the family are respootfndr
invited to intend the funeral, from lior lata rcsidiHiCo. 7M
Forty ninth street, corner of Third avenue, this (Sunday)
afternoon, at two o'clock.
M.I.kav John R. MhIjian, son of tho Into Clinton MoIa'uii,
of the Colled States Marine Oorpa.
Ills remains will he taken to Washington for Interaeat,
ou Monday afternoon at six o'clock.
Mo.nmiiian.?On Friday, September 13, after a Ion*
liltiess, Hit. Mosauiian, aged '28 yea: a, 6 mouths and IS
Th frh nda of the family aro respectfully invited to at- 1
tend tlm funeral, from his late residence, 12 Hamilton
avenue, Smith Hrooklyn, this (Sunday) afternoon, at
tliroo o'clock.
Mt'tKAia.?On Saturday, September 14, Mart Tiiws
M 'Ikair, only daughter id Thomas and Margaret Mulkalr.
aged c months and IS days.
1 ho friends of tho family aro respectfully Invited to
altnnd Ilia funeral, from tho residence of her [.areata.
No. 158 I hull street, Crook lyn, this (Sunday) allonnoua,
at I wo o'clock.
Oast.?On Thursday Septemhor 12, Anna (Iathsna Oast,
\vH"e of I*elor .lacoh o.tst, aged "23 years and 11 months.
The relatives ami friends, also Company H, 1 ifth regtmont
Now York State Mill!la, the cormau Hroih Tly Society
and Knh-kcrbockor So iety,aro rospeetrully Invited
to attend the funeral,from her lain residence, 77 Wort
Twenty-seventh strut, this (Sunday) afternoon,' at halfI
Mist one o'clock. lior remains will be lakcu to the La- f
tliorn Cemetery for Uiterment. |
O'Nkbu?On Thursday atiurnoon, September 12,after a 1
long Illness, Bkhm.it O'Nksi., native of tbecity of Cork, Ire
laud. agod '24 years. I
The relatives and friend* of Timothy Crowly aro re- I
s;>octfully invited to attend thu luuuial, this (Sunday) I
ufturnuou, at two o'clock, from his residence, Ou Vcsey I
struct. f
I'aikrk.?On Friday morning, September 13, after a "
protruded illn ss, Mast Kmna, wife of Samuel K. I'acker,
In I lie 36th year of her ago.
Tho funeral service* will tako place at her lato residence,
310 West Twenty third street, this (Sunday) alter[
noon, at two o'clock. Tho friends and acquaintance* of
the family are respectfully invited to attend. '
I'i ikioid.?On Friday, September 13, Cathakina L. Pnuoiji,
wile of Oeorge F. l'urgclil., aged 39 years.
Ti.o friends and acquaintance a of the family are respectfully
invited to ottoud the funeral, this (Sunday) afternooa,
nt two o'clock, from the I.utheran Kvangelical church, la
Schorinorhorn street, lflitwocn Court and Hocrum street*,
Member* of fjormiui Union laslgo No. 64, F. A. M., also
fierman Oak I .odge No. 82,1. O. of O. F., are also respectfully
invited to attend.
Iti/MHiK ? At Aurora, Illinois, on Sunday, September I,
afl'T .? short and severe lib ess, Thomas Kiksi-k, of Sail*
bury, England. late of Tarry town, aged 66.
Shankon.?Ma?y Eijkn Shannon, daughter of Ilugh and
Eliza Shannon, agod 16 months.
Tlie frleuds and acq ua in lances of the tamlly nre resnoct-fully
tnviUul to attend the funeral, on Monday afternooa,
at I wo o'clock, from the residence of hor parents, 240
Spring st|ss!t.
siiftiwimiii.?On Friday evinbig, September 13, Ax.vn
Fmz a Fuvawoon, daughter of the late Jam<* Sherwood,
iu the 23d year of her age. *
..# ilia rmult' nnH mpmliArR nf th<* Tj?<ltra Cm
Antiquity No. XI, F. atid A. M. are respectfully invited la I
attend the funeral, from her Lite reeidouco, 81 Wc*t I
Thirty tilth street, 'hi.4 (Sunday) afternoon, at lira I
o'clock. I
W'is?.w*i'iHT.?On Thursday, September It,of bemorr- I
lug of the fmiwhy QMm Wm.xi.wiuctir, aged M I
yen re. I
The relative* and friendn of the family aro respectfully I
invited t" attend 'he funeral, thia (Sunday) afternoon, at I I
three o'tM>tnaii hie into residence, No. ins Washington I I
street, Urooklyn. I
New '?t leans uiel IV.-1- n papers please oopy. m
MI?JKhhA>K,()US. I
Ml I.IKS. .
bltANDY IN BOTTI.nS, IN BOND or duty paid, vartoea
vintage*. Inipiirted i iptei.lv for medlral use.
Imported erpmaly for private huh, B
All the above ninued wince mid ll.iuore were imported B
for private and medical use, and ate watranted pnro and at B
the Vet quality. B
I ain now selling off lily elisk of old bottled wince and B
liquors, at a much lest price than they can be luqiortcd for B
Iinilrrtba present high tariff. Persona who tc-e w Iocs aaA B
Honors should give lite preference to the above. H
I'DOLPHO WOLFE, tl Beaver street. B
At -IXII'IILK f'l.K t:ilo?r, at .ioni.s', pi \ni? u I
A nn street; at $3 Atl, tltfltfti eote Cougre,* Caflcra, a B
bralr I engraved r?rd , sold only at SWJ Broadway, B
i i t.or ot Duui.e street. B
mnteaee on Monday, 16th, at 11 and 4 o'clock, ltoouta B
No. 6 Fourth avenue. B
BjdBhinouehleEe will make eeee iron aiiKiea ihau any B
\ f Al.l.KN S. 413 Brotdwsy, one iloor Istlaw Canal
street, f. tRM i N ' H W..: ft. B
- - . .i.,.ts..i u f/.?. . iwlr-j hreikd. rakci. I
u Will IW IWlog HI>VI unman.
> ., Hii'l are entirely free from tho iiijurioui Itisrrdi.'iu. of ? h
Poiv.fere, hfln* n?b ,f pure b?(*, only. Sold In I I
pai'LeU ot ano (Vixen oacb, SI II cents, by grocers generally. 1 B
J All il<? maeot tnlm will kill. I B
All (funnlne Lyon's XagBstiu Insert Powder *nd Pills baar I B
the far simile of 11. U/ou. All others at* v-mutm fella or 1 B
base Imitation*. Ho? art of uniVinrlplco ImlHttom. Sultl l>r I B
U. S. UAltNLs. Mil Broadway, and by all ror|w?et*ble deal- | B
Mb __ I B
O MMri MMMv OHM of Warren aUfol Slid B
lit. MM $17 a'ztl $23. B
?U?dt,:l71 Broadway, lorurr of Cb?iAl*i*?Uevb W

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